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Walking On Glass

Posted on December 07, 2023 by

The response of the Scottish media to yesterday’s momentous events in the Court Of Session has been illuminating in terms of who is and isn’t even attempting to do proper grown-up journalism, although as far as we can tell The Times is alone in having NO coverage of the hearing whatsoever.

The National’s “Politics” section has 54 stories on its main page, many of which are embarrassingly trivial, and mentioned that the hearing was taking place, but the actual outcome is in a completely different section, buried 30 stories down in the “News” category, 29 places below the return of David Jason to “Only Fools And Horses”.

The Herald has the barest skeleton of a report, while you have to turn to page 14 of the Daily Record for a similar piece that conveys the basic facts with nothing at all about the significance of the ruling, and STV News – embarrassingly – just runs an agency release despite having the estimable Colin Mackay and Bernard Ponsonby on its staff. (They also had nothing on air last night.) Maybe they were busy.

The Scottish Sun is by far the best of the print media on the subject. It first ran a extensive but very strangely-timed article that included reporting of actual events at the hearing but NOT the verdict, even though the court delivered its judgement mere moments after hearing the counsels’ submissions.

(The piece finishes “The appeal at the Court of Session is expected to last one day, with a written judgement taking weeks or months”.)

It followed up a couple of hours later with another substantial story including the reactions of the Scottish Government and the Scottish Information Commissioner (the opposing parties at the hearing). But the only actual analysis was done by the BBC.

In addition to covering the events in the courtroom, the state broadcaster carried a short column by its political correspondent Philip Sim, attempting to at least touch on why the case was important.

But it did so in only the vaguest terms, and readers may be wondering why the press – not traditionally shy of enjoying discomfort and embarrassment on the part of the SNP – is so reluctant to get properly stuck in.

And the understandable reason for their reticence is that it’s very difficult to do so without running the very real risk of getting yourself sent to prison.

The contempt law in Scotland is applied extremely selectively – if it were not, a significant number of Scottish hacks would have done time already over the Salmond case – but nevertheless it’s a big gamble to ask people to take.

The Crown Office – answerable to nobody, and headed by a minister of the Scottish Government – is perfectly happy to threaten even the most august organs of the media establishment if it takes a mind to.

It has already issued similar threats to this site, so we’re going to be very careful indeed in attempting to explain just why yesterday’s verdict is so potentially explosive, and we’re going to do so mostly by directing you to things which are already in the public domain in order to protect ourselves.

To start, though, we’re going to simply ask a question.

Now, to say that the original inquiry “cleared [Nicola Sturgeon] of wrong-doing” is something of a misrepresentation. The two parallel investigations conducted by James Hamilton and an SNP-dominated committee of the Scottish Parliament found that she HAD misled the Parliament about when she knew of the allegations against Salmond, but were unable to prove that she’d done so deliberately, having had a huge amount of key evidence withheld from them by the Scottish Government.

And we know that James Hamilton was so unhappy about how much the Scottish Government cut from his report that he took the extraordinary step of effectively disowning it on the day of publication, saying it presented an “incomplete and even at times misleading version of what happened” because of his inability to name “certain particular individuals, some of whom had a significant role in certain events”.

But for the sake of argument, let’s imagine for a moment that it was true, and that she HAD been cleared. Because in that case a startlingly obvious question arises: why would the Scottish Government go to so much trouble and expense, all the way to an unprecedented appeal in the Court Of Session, to prevent the evidence that led to her being cleared from being released?

The government had almost no hope of winning its case yesterday. The 20-second public huddle of deliberation which the three judges undertook before producing their decision – when they’d been expected to take weeks – was so cursory as to make one suspect it was a piece of performative trolling designed to indicate their disgust at having their time wasted.

The awkward, stumbling and stuttering performance of the Scottish Government’s lead counsel, James Mure KC, when being questioned by the judge panel wasn’t the result of incompetence on his part. As a senior Scottish legal figure told Wings yesterday, “[Mure] is a mega brain. If he can’t answer a question, it’s because it is unanswerable”.

Now, admittedly the Scottish Government does have something of a track record of putting its legal representatives into impossible and intolerable positions. But even so, why would it spend a load of taxpayers’ money on getting itself humiliated in court, gifting front-page headlines to the right-wing Unionist tabloids and being slapped down in public by the Scottish Information Commissioner, if it had nothing to hide?

So that clearly isn’t the case. In order to establish what it IS trying to hide, we’ll direct you to a 2021 blog post by experienced lawyer Gordon Dangerfield, who is acting for Alex Salmond in his recently-announced case against the Scottish Government.

If you haven’t previously done so, Wings strongly recommends reading the entire blog linked from that image, and the follow-up here. But we needn’t concern ourselves with all the finer details in them right now – the part pertinent to this post is in the pic.

Because the only rational explanation for the Scottish Government’s actions in fighting so hard to conceal the evidence provided to James Hamilton is that that evidence would suggest the existence of a conspiracy – or as Alex Salmond put it, as reported by Philip Sim, “blow apart a cover-up”.

What else could they possibly be so desperate to hide? It’s already a matter of official record that Sturgeon misled the Parliament, so there’s no point trying to keep that on the QT. She’s already resigned, so it can’t be an attempt to protect her job. It’s not a general principle of secrecy, because the Scottish Government endlessly tells us how committed it is to transparency.

And it’s not that the evidence would reveal the names of Salmond’s false accusers – we already know that those remain protected by Lady Dorrian’s anonymity order, and so anything that could identify them, if it existed, would be redacted no matter what.

Even a recently-arrived visitor from outer space who knew nothing of the events of the Salmond case could therefore discern that the only damaging material the documents could possibly bring to light that isn’t already publicly known would be evidence of criminal perjury and conspiracy at the highest levels of the Scottish Government, civil service and legal system.

Wings has trodden very delicately here. But we’re not the only ones standing on fragile ground, and the Scottish Government just got thrown another anvil.

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0 to “Walking On Glass”

  1. Tartan Tory

    Wings said:

    “The Scottish Sun is by far the best of the print media on the subject”

    Now there’s something I never thought I’d read on this site!! 😀

  2. Stephen OBrien

    Again, Great work Sir! ?

  3. Patsy Millar

    Nail very firmly on head.

  4. Ian McCubbin

    Thanks again for filling the redacted gaps and it looks like the cover up is blown.
    With AS now on brink of a civil case I hope there will be enough to get said conspirators in case against AS brought to justice .

  5. robertkknight

    Thank you Rev – propper journalism!

  6. 100%Yes

    One individual has been a complete and utter disaster for Scotland, the SNP and every single thing she’s ever touched. I ask anyone with a functioning brain cell what has SHE got thats worth destroying all we hold dear?

    The quicker she out of politics the better.

    Why would anyone buy The National, I got a free subscription for a years and cancelled it with two months, come folks lets get rid of the propaganda machine that puts the rotten SNP before Indy.

  7. Geri

    An absolute scandal that no official minutes were recorded on a whole host of topics.

    Why were they allowed to get away with this?

    I believe Robin hit the same brick wall over Scotwind deal/auction?

    Thanks for covering this story. She’s just been allowed to be a law unto herself for so long.

  8. 100%Yes

    She being protected! The only body able to do this is the British state.

  9. Wulls

    Now this is exactly why I cough up a tenner a month to wings.
    You don’t need to like Stu Campbell.
    You don’t need to agree with him.
    You just need to not ignore him because he will tell you the things other outlets can’t, won’t, or don’t have to tell you.

    That’s investigative journalism

  10. Al Dente

    What I cannot understand is why the English media are not more aggressive. Scottish law applies to Scotland but not England, and I can remember when Scottish newspapers happily revealed the identities of people who were protected by superinjunctions issued by English courts.

  11. Ian

    Good reporting as ever, however, and being pedantic, according to Philip Sim’s article it wasn’t Alex Salmond who said “blow apart a cover-up”, it was his lawyers.

  12. WingsOverFrance

    Outstanding journalism. Again.

  13. 100%Yes

    Geri, While she was blocking every single route for Scotland to leave the UK, she was a asset the British state seen worth protecting, but now she done her job, will she be hung out to dry.

  14. Dundee Scot

    The corrupt SNP leadership deserves to be jailed.
    But, given past experience, they won’t be.
    We’ve had the “ring-fenced” robbery: the camper van caper; the sex and covid lockdown scandals; and now this.

    But they’re still in office. Still not jailed. And according to the latest IPSOS poll, they’re set to remain the largest political party in the next Holyrood election.

    Perhaps that’s why most of the media is soft-peddling this story. Becasue they’ve seen it before, and seen it come to nothing.

  15. jaf

    You would think that sooner or later a whistle blower emerges. Not out of any sense of integrity but out of fear.

    These people deserve jail time.

  16. Gordon Keane

    Regards the Media reporting of this story yesterday, it was interesting reading the comments in The NATIONAL (website), well a good few of them, complaining most bitterly about this decision and that Alex Salmond is fighting a new Legal case against the Scottish Government.
    They think he is quite wrong, and is damaging Independence!
    Anyone who supports him, is a “yoon” or a tory!!!
    They simply cannot/will not accept, Nicola Sturgeon has done more damage to Independence.
    ALso, when it was announced ALBA might consider standing candidates at the next Westminster election, there was equal howls of outrage against Salmond.
    Now, while I can see merit in some of the concerns raised,like splitting the pro Independence vote, others were just way over the top.
    We don’t get those same howls of outrage when the Greens stand candidates against SNP at either London or Edinburgh Parliament elections.
    And all the complaints against MSP Ash Regan going to ALBA, miss the simple but important fact, she and ALBA are still very much for Independence.
    We can’t say the same of Greens, certainly not these days.
    However, as more than a few sensible folks have noted, the latest case by Alex Salmond could do a lot to help Independence, if it can be proven, there was a conspiracy set up against him, by mainly a Westminster controlled Civil Service.
    However, such a situation would never got half as far as it did, without Scottish Government support.
    We wonder if that is what they are trying so hard to hide?

  17. Sideshowmanny

    “SNP the most transparent party in Scotland”
    Indeed, we saw through them years ago…

  18. John C

    My wish is it does blow the whole thing apart & that it results in people facing a load of difficult questions, if not criminal proceedings. My fear is it’ll be such a huge scandal (and like Stu I’m being very careful here as I’ve got a rough idea of what may be coming) that it means Holyrood grinds to a halt and that the cause of independence is so crippled that it’s done for a generation.

    I’m not a ‘wheesht for Indy’ type as all this needs to be in the open as one of the positive results is a cleansing of Scottish public life, but that during a time when people are struggling to eat and our civil liberties are under threat we have to deal with this when we should have had so much more.

    And there’s a handful of people to blame for this. Some of this, some of them will hopefully be answerable for their actions very soon.

  19. David Hannah

    Sturgeon’s only being protected by an Edinburgh elite.

    Lady Dorian. Dorothy Stain. The former Lord Advocate James Wolfe. Her CIA groomed special advisors Liz Lloyd. Lesie Evans who got the contract extensions and pay rises.

    It’s a wee cabal of rotten snooty nosed rats in Edinburgh. There’s no British State involved.

    Just a rotten cabal in the SNP. And a rotten group of bent cops like Sir Ian Livingstone of the mysogynistic, sexist, homophobic and racist police Scotland he left behind. As self described.

    There’s no British State corruption what so ever. The wee ned from Ayrshire brought this on herself.

    At least the court of Session. Like the 3 court cases so far. Has sided with truth. With Alex Salmond x2.

    All we have to do now is telephone James Hamilton and ask to sent a copy to Westminster. And David Davis can read our the unredacted bits we’ve all been waiting for.

    Make sure the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out.

  20. David Hannah

    Make sure the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out Nicola. Lady Dorian and all of your ilk.

    The auld triangle. Goes jingle jangle. All along the banks of the royal canal. Lock them in the tool booth.

  21. Sven

    I was ever so tempted to confess enjoying a few moments of schadenfreude at the thought of the sleepless nights I devoutly hope certain politicians and (ex) civil servants may be currently experiencing.
    In view, however, of the enthusiasm on this site for the usage of our mother tongues I’ll just say that the thought affords me great epicaricacy.

  22. David Hannah

    I’d be checking the airports as we speak.

    There’s always interpool if they escape to Portugal or Vienna.

  23. Jacqueline

    It’s not the dog in the fight
    It’s the fight in the dog
    Thanks Stu

  24. John Main

    It’s only money they’re burning with their endless legal cover-ups and seemingly it’s only us colonised Scots who care about that.

    In other news today, the Continuity Incompetence Candidate is reported to be having his second crisis meeting in a week to discuss the billion pound black hole in Scotland’s finances.

    Seemingly the promise to freeze council tax may have to be ditched.

    It’s Scottish Budget Day on the 19th. Hopefully HY will be around on that day, and not absent on another international jaunt to throw wads of Scottish taxpayer’s cash at the audience.

    That would not be a good look, but increasingly I’m thinking he doesn’t care.

  25. David Hannah

    It’s time we take our country back. The great only seem great. When they keep you on your knees.

    We need to ride up and stand up. And speak the truth without fear. We don’t want to live in a corrupt country. We want to be free. We want Independence. And we can’t create an Independent Scotland built on corruption.

    Under Sturgeon. James Wolfe. Dorothy Stain. Jury Hater. Journalist jailer. Freedom of the press hater. And Stuart hogg rapist enabler. Lady Doughball Dorian.

    There is no freedom. Her and her bent cop Ian Livingstone. And her corrupt civil service.

    In bed with the gutter press. Liz Lloyd the chief of staff. All the jolly boys and girls eh? Daily record trial by media. David Clegg.

    Kirsty Wark retrial. Sarah Smith overheard to her cameraman. “They’ll never believe her (woman H)”

    Arm in the cast. The dream shall never die. Nickers on nickers off. Perjury of the highest order in the biggest political conspiracy this country has ever seen.

    Heralding in an era of secrecy. Corruption. Sleeze. Bullying. Aggression. Violent threats. Beta bullies. And all round incompetence.

    It’s time to rise up. And stand up. And take our country back from corruption. We’ve got to take back control ourselves.

    Thank you for giving me hope Benjamin.

  26. Ian Brotherhood

    This is worth revisiting – the Newsnight Wark/Sturgeon interview.

    Check her from 8.23.

    Wark had to ask the question and Sturgeon was very probably pre-warned.

    ‘There was no conspiracy, that’s just a heap of nonsense.’

    If there was a conspiracy, why would she know about it if she wasn’t involved? Being so adamant and dismissive just made her look even shiftier than usual.

  27. James Che

    Laddy dorian and the crown courts should receive a gentle reminder that their existence in Scotland is tenuous as Article 1 and 11 of the treaty of union explicitly inform us that the succession to the Crown and monarch on who the descent rests only according to England under the Act of settlement in the parliament of England, on

    The parliament of England also passed the Act to further limit the Crown against papist.

    What the treaty of union Articles comfirm’s is that the CROWN of England, France, and Ireland is settled by descent by Monarch and Crown to England all these years, and Scotland agreed to that,

    However there is no mention at all by “name or reference to the “descent of Crown of Scotland” in Article 1 or 11 .
    There is no mention of where the Scottish crown was united as one Crown with the crown of England (in the treaty of union articles)

    It refers to and repeatedly mentions Scotland agreeing to the succession line of the throne and crown of England.

    That Scotland averted by “sleekit” means, omitted mentioning that the Crown decent in Scotland would the same as Englands in the treaty of union articles.

    The crown, Monarch and throne of England is secured in the treaty of union articles,

    That being the case in the treaty of union Articles there was no union of the Crowns. Between the Crown of England and the Crown of Scotland, nor between the crowns to the said kingdoms to unite as one kingdom of Great-Britain.

    An (error) overlooked by Englands parliament in Articles 1 and 11 incorporated into the treaty of union agreement which Scotland agreed to,

    So laddy dorian and the crown prosecution of England are on a slippery slope in making the Crown of England hold any crown courts in Scotland in the Alex Salmond Case.
    And if I were AS, legal team I would quote articles 1 and 11 of the treaty of union that the Crown prosecution has no jurisdiction in Scotland if need be,

    The same law of separate crowns and kingdoms applies to independence in Scotland,

    Go read article 1 and 11 for yourselves,
    As they are repeated in their mentioning that the crown, its descent, and monarch are agreed upon as the Crown of England,
    And in the Coronation oath taken from 1707 onwards it is to govern the people of England.
    No union of crowns heads , with the crown heads of Scotlands kingdom.

  28. David Hannah

    Alex Salmond 3-0 Nicola Sturgeon

    If only she was a better woman…

    If only she told the truth…

    If only she wasn’t a conspiring wicked and truely evil woman. She’d be able to look at herself in the morrior. As she rolls over on the bed of a missing 600K and lavender.

  29. David Hannah

    Tell James Hamilton on the phone.

    Tell him to send the unredacted copy over to you Wings Over Scotland.

    Courts orders. Has to be released. The documents have to be released.

    We here at wings over Scotland. Believe in law and order. Yesterday the legal system told the cabal.

    To fuck off.

    Stand up. And rise up.

    Let’s see the truth.

  30. David Hannah

    It’s time to restore law and order in our country. It’s time to take back control. It’s time to take our country back and cleanse Scotland our beautiful people from our corrupt leaders.


  31. Moray Jim

    Sven at 2:10pm. Thank you for adding a beauty to my lexicon.

  32. Ian

    The only thing that is transparent about the SNP is their dishonesty, destruction and hiding of evidence, misrepresentation of the facts, and contempt for basic rules of democracy and accountability.

  33. Ian

    Sounds to me like a super-injunction is part of this process of secrecy in the Scottish government. Of course that is pure speculation, since the existence of one cannot be revealed. Such is our ‘democracy’.

  34. Kenny

    Very good article, satisfying and encouraging. Also pretty damning of certain of the SNP, in fact, all that were involved in what we all know took place.

    All the people involved read this site – probs to see how close they are to being arrested and jailed? Mm-hm.

  35. Geri

    Gordon Keane 1:58

    **Now, while I can see merit in some of the concerns raised,like splitting the pro Independence vote, others were just way over the top.**

    They’re not splitting the pro Indy vote. Holyrood isn’t designed to have a majority.

    & If they’re interested in int law/int community advice (As Alba have sought already ) – it’s the more the merrier. Self determination has to be a collective effort. It can’t be just one party. Hence the Scotland united offer & Ash proposing this during her leadership bid)

    So if they’re really Indy supporters, & not cult followers of Nicola & her minions, they need to wise up to the path that’s been repeatedly laid out that they seem intent on rejecting because of some misplaced loyalty to the tyrant who has squandered six mandates already & has done hee-haw in 9 years for Indy despite unprecedented support to call it.

    I think most of those are fake accounts. SNP HQ has already been caught trolling twitter. I expect the fanzine to be no different.

    100% Yes – Aye, she’s protected.

  36. Merganser

    John C @ 2.06pm

    Those ” in the know” at least know what they can or can’t say for fear of the repercussions. Those “in the know” include all the politicians at Holyrood and Westminster, all the Scottish and English press, all the legal establishment including the judiciary, the police, and determined people who have made their own discoveries.

    Pity the poor people not “in the know” who could blunder inadvertently into saying something which they couldn’t know or suspect would put them at risk of losing their liberty. How on earth could you know that the one piece of information you have would complete a jigsaw if you didn’t know what all the other pieces were? Madness.

    So the “great and the good” have an umbrella of protection through their knowledge of what they can’t say. Whilst the ordinary citizen is left floundering in a sea of uncertainty and is either too frightened to say anything, or blindly walks over the cliff edge.

    Such is the magnificent transparent state of affairs which has been imposed on Scotland by the SNP, and tarnishes it in everything it does, and will continue to do so until a way is found to burst the bubble and set Scotland free again.

    This is the legacy for which Sturgeon will be remembered in the history books.

  37. James Che

    David Hannah,

    Salvo and paying more attention to articles 1 and 11 of the treaty of union over where the crown rests in England,

    For Scotland agreed with England that they could choose their monarch and crown in England,
    But slyly forgot to mention the line of descent of the crown of Scotland, and it has not been crowned or worn by any monarch of England since Charles 11.

  38. Frazerio

    Within that BBC article I felt it let itself down with the wee snide comment about it becoming known as ‘The Salmond Inquiry’. This is a devious mislabelling of the whole grubby affair. From the Scottish Parliament website;

    A report by the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints on the actions of the First Minister, Scottish Government officials and special advisers in dealing with complaints about Alex Salmond.

    It was not an inquiry into Salmond. It was an inquiry into Scotgov & the FM’s mishandling of it all. It would more correctly be called The Sturgeon Inquiry.

    I propose, since that label hasn’t yet been taken, that we start using it from now on whenever the above court proceedings and all subsequent developments are discussed and take place. Because ultimately thats what all this is from now. The Sturgeon Inquiry!!!!!

  39. David Hannah

    I’ll be calling it the Sturgeon inquiry from here on in.

    #Male #Me #Too.

    “If only she’d been a better woman.”

  40. James

    Will it soon be time for marmalade on toast?

  41. Sven

    Frazerio @ 15.00

    If WOS had a “Like” facility I’d have pressed it. Definitely the “Sturgeon Inquiry”.

  42. Anton Decadent

    Having a quiet chuckle at the “there’s nothing happening” phrase being used a couple of weeks ago. Kudos, Rev and everyone else involved.

    Re British State, I agree but I believe that it is bigger than that seeing as England is a burning midden. Any kind of nationalism, be it civil or ethnic, in the West is frowned upon by Globalists.

  43. David Hannah

    I hope the super injunction cost £250,000.

    I hope Alex Salmond successfully sues Nicola Sturgeon.

    For £3 million. I want Nicola Sturgeon to hand over the keys to the showroom in Lanarkshire. I want Peter Murrell to hand over the keys to the Portuguese bolt hole.

    And the secret SNP love nest at Beautiful Craobh Haven… the perfect place to spend summer holidays or even Hogmanay!

    You that time when you did the covid press briefing from the cupboard?

    Yes. Nicola. We know about that too. Or what we think we know. We know.

    We all know. We know what you’ve done. Who’s going to talk first?

    David Davis? I hope he does. That would he amazing.

  44. David Hannah

    #The Sturgeon Inquiry. #Male #Me #Too.

    If only she’d been a better woman.

    If only!

  45. aLurker

    @James Che said:

    For Scotland agreed with England that they could choose their monarch and crown in England,
    But slyly forgot to mention the line of descent of the crown of Scotland, and it has not been crowned or worn by any monarch of England since Charles 11.

    Could you please to be more clear in your meaning when you write.
    I try, I really do, but sometimes your sentence construction is unintelligible. 🙁

    Please reread your posts before you press submit, and think to yourself “how would that read to someone who is not immersed in this subject?”
    – like the 10s of thousands who pass through here are not.

    Now, onto the substantive point.
    You mention King Charles the 2nd.

    Are you aware that the auld Scotts Parliament passed an act offering to recognise the inheritance of Queenship of Scotland to Queen Anne of England after the death of King William of Orange in 1702 ?

  46. Jamie Stuart-MacMillan

    Should the SNP continue to drag their feet in releasing this information, and they are kicked out at the next election, can the incoming party of government subsequently release the document in full? Can anyone comment?

  47. Den

    Round of applause Stu.. btw the Gordon Dangerfield article is dynamite and sums this up perfectly. It was without fear of contradiction a conspiracy at the highest level, Putin , Kim, and the mad ayatollah,s would be proud of of the Scottish government and their civil service enablers.

  48. Merganser

    A further thought. Super Injunctions Do they exist in Sotland? How would we know if the press cannot event report on their existence, never mind what they ban you from doing or saying or probably even thinking?

    See how cagey the Rev. is about what he says and how he says it?

    We are living in a climate of fear which enables wrongdoers to operate with impunity.

    “Man is born free but he is everywhere in chains”. So said Rousseau in 1762.

    261 years later Scotland is still bound by those chains,

  49. Chas

    Nobody in Scotland really knows what happens behind the ‘closed doors’ of Scotland’s Government. But, we can all take a pretty good guess.

    When will people realise that there is no point of having individual ‘POWER’ if you cannot abuse it. Sturgeon being a prime example of this.

  50. A Scot Abroad

    If there were a Pulitzer prize for blogs, I think WoS should be on the shortlist.

    I’m not convinced that Scotland would be economically viable (an opinion not held by many here), but I suspect that the vast majority here would agree that if an iScotland were to come into being, it shouldn’t be run by the SNP, because they’d run the place like a banana republic.

  51. Merganser

    In other news, johm swinney is made an honorary professor at glasgow university. They wanted to make him a professor of “reductio ad absurdum”, but he asked them to alter it to “redactio ad absurdum” as that is what he is best known for.

  52. James Che


    Read article 1 and 11 of the treaty of ( non) union of Crowns.

    When we talk of Crown prosecution and courts in Scotland there under, they can only be referred to as Crown courts of England under the agreed act of settlement passed by the old parliament of England pre- 1707 placed in Scotland under Colonialism.

    We do not have a united crown kingdom of Great- Britain,

    And we must remember The name Britain was used pre 1707 , only the egotistical word “Great” was added by the parliament of England, and the two names of England and Britain have always been interchangable from early time in history, it is often referred as one and the same England/ Britain in treaties.
    The treaty with Ireland 1800/ 1801 was created by the parliament of England for example, as was the Anglo- America treaty of trade, all after the fallacious 1707 treaty of union,
    Egotisically Tagging Englands country as Britain many times in history,
    But no actually union of crowns running both Countries as one,

    The past monarchs over both kingdoms still ran them as two separate kingdoms, countries, with borders, kingdoms with two separate parliaments,

    The fallacious 1707 treaty of union favours no better, in fact probably more seriously compromised as one monarch of England now resides with entitlement in England. Of England, of Britain.
    With no resident monarch of the territorial kingdom Scotland entitlement. And no monarch of England has worn the Scots Crown since Charles 11.

    The Crown of Britains England refers only to one kingdom of England as and in the act of settlement, and also ” to further the act of limitations” to the Crown in England both passed by the old parliament of England, pre treaty of union,

    Scotland agreed to Englands acts of the old English parliament for the the succession to Englands throne line descent of Monarchy.

    And that is repeated in the articles of the treaty of union 1 & 11.

    No mention in any of the articles in the treaty of union of the descent of the Scottish throne or crown of Scotland or that the monarch of England Was able to be crowned monarch of Scotland.

    Slip up, error or the deliberate ommittance of avoidance by Scotland?

    But it leaves the Scottish crown vacant, and the monarchs of Britains England line of descent, as monarchs of England, are offered the Scottish crown, in a separate ceremony in the kingdom of Scotland a teasing manner, , but the treaty of union does not allow them the monarchs of England to be crowned monarchs of Scotland,
    Pre fallacious treaty of union and post fallacious treaty of union, from Queen Anne to king Charles in the present day none have worn the Scottish crown of Scots,

    So where or how does the “crown prosecution” of England take its place in Scots law legally.
    Simple, Colonialism

  53. Geri


    When will you realise that an independent country has such a thing as a constitution?

    Not able in a Westminster diddly branch office.

    What Sturgeon has done would’ve had her sit with Trump in the courts.

  54. Antoine Roquentin

    Another superb piece from an obviously gifted journalist!

    O/T The very first time I heard it claimed the Salmond stitch-up was an all Scottish conspiracy, it was from the mouth of a unionist, so from the get-go, I knew it was pointless asking him for evidence or from whom he’d heard that particular take on the story. I have my own theory regarding what actually happened, of course, but I’ll await the outcome of the case and how it was conducted in order to test my theory.

  55. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “What I cannot understand is why the English media are not more aggressive. Scottish law applies to Scotland but not England, and I can remember when Scottish newspapers happily revealed the identities of people who were protected by superinjunctions issued by English courts.”

    Being in England offers you zero protection against contempt in a Scots court.

  56. Old Jim

    So far, so good. Do we have any idea of the timescale involved in waiting fr te bif qaiig for

  57. Old Jim

    So far, so good. Do we have any idea of the timescale involved in waiting for the big question to be answered?

  58. James Che


    If you are a original since it began you would be aware that I personally have admitted on wings a number of times that I am Dyslexic, like many famous entrepeneurs are today,
    It does cause hiccups in my post no matter how many times I reread it,
    Most wing over Scotland are very understanding readers, however that hiccup in writing does not effect the thinking process,Or the research ability of a dyslexic,
    So therefore I give manual links to where you can read the information for yourself and others so you can read and study it unterrupted by my dyslexia.

    Then it is up to “your brain” to digest the information to the best of your ability.
    The above comments regarding “Crown of England” line of descent mentioned can be found in Articles 1 &11 treaty of union 1707,
    I hope this helps you overcome your problem,

  59. Dundee Scot

    Stuart Campbell says:
    “Being in England offers you zero protection against contempt in a Scots court.”
    Does this reach extend to other nations, such as Ireland, Canada or the U.S.?
    What’s to prevent a leak of the names/unredacted text to a media outlet in those nations?

  60. Merganser

    Jamie @ 3.29.

    That’s a very good question. Any new administration would be likely to abide by the terms of a court order preventing identification, but could well have a less severe approach with the old redactor pen on matters outside that remit.

    To get it all out in the open would probably require legislation to countermand any court orders in existence. Whether there is the bottle for that I doubt, but you never know.

  61. A Scot Abroad

    James Che,

    the name anglicised as “Great Britain”has been in use since at least 900 AD. It didn’t originally refer to a country, but to geography. England at that time didn’t exist as a unitary country. “Grande Bretagne” was what the Viking Normans referred to, while they lived in “Petite Bretagne” and further east, or (anglicised) “Little Brittany”.

    The inhabitants of what is now England called those living in northern France “Normans”, which means men from the north. North as in Vikings from Scandinavia, who had successfully invaded Bretagne, as well as what is now called Normandie.

  62. Stoker

    Rev wrote: “But the only actual analysis was done by the BBC. In addition to covering the events in the courtroom, the state broadcaster carried a short column by its political correspondent Philip Sim, attempting to at least touch on why the case was important.”

    Well, that’s considerably more than what they’ve put on their teletext pages for Scotland. Which, at the point of typing this comment (well over 24-hours later), is absolutely zilch. Why? They could at least have put a mention of the hearing taking place and the quick findings of the Judges. There is no risk of prison by doing that. A total disaster of a so-called “national broadcaster” failing once again to properly serve the Scottish electorate.

  63. Vivian O’Blivion

    The “longstanding engagement in the US” that kept Kate Forbes from attending the recent SNP annual conference was delivering a series of lectures at Wheaton College “For Christ and His Kingdom”, Illinois.
    £4,000 expenses all in.
    Wheaton is a faith based further education establishment.
    Its syllabus purports to teach the standard range of science subjects. I seriously wouldn’t entertain this. Wheaton is hardcore Creationist.
    Still, no more preposterous than women with baws I suppose.
    If predictions on the next FM come to pass, why when the pendulum swings must we go from one science denying extreme to another?
    The kindergarten of the Enlightenment risks becoming the knacker’s-yard of rationality.

  64. Young Lochinvar

    The Who’s “Who Are You?” seems an appropriate song for us interested members of the public regarding those hiding behind Dorian Gray’s anonymity ruling; but jeez, whould hae thought David Jason wis involved making a sitcom out of the whole palaver?!

    Would have thought he was a bit wee to play Big Eck..

    This just gets weirder and weirder!

  65. David Holden

    Take a bow Rev as this is one of your finest articles in my opinion. Add serious journalist to your list of awards alongside vile cybernat and Pete Wishart’s favourite demagogue. Keep them coming.

  66. John H

    Thanks for all your hard work for Scotland Stuart.

  67. John Main

    @A Scot Abroad says:7 December, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    Off topic I know, but there are plenty of people living in these islands today who have a fair chance of seeing the thousandth anniversary of the last really big attempt at introducing diversity in the teeth of local opposition.

    Every time I hear somebody signing the praises of the most recent attempts to change our ethnic mix, I like to shut them up by asking them how the 1066 effort is coming along, and when they think that might be done and dusted.

    I guess it’s early days – give it another 1000 years – see if it can be made to work amicably for all!

  68. sam

    @ John Main

    “I like to shut them up”

    Bully boy.

  69. Ian Brotherhood

    @Vivian O’Blivion (4.49) –

    I C&Ped your comment into a tweet.

    Have just received this, by e-mail:

    Hi Ian Brotherhood,

    Your post was detected by our systems and has had its visibility limited for violating the X rules. Specifically:

    We have determined your post violated our rules against Hateful Conduct.

    You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

    First time I’ve ever been reprimanded for a tweet.

  70. David Hannah

    Scotland’s school kids are suffering from the SNPs curriculum for excellence.

    National 5s etc. It’s been a disaster since the SNP brought that in. They don’t sit exams like everyone used to do. And there’s no support teachers for the mentally challenged children anymore. Like myself! Ha ha.

    Oh dear. I think they should go back to end of year exams. And bring in Christian values. For God. Family and country. Kate Forbes would do a good job. Unfortunately failed transport ministr Jenny Gilruth had just taken over from Shirley Anne Somerville.

    Hey teacher. Leave them kids alone. That’s what I want to say.

    Sturgeon of course never had kids.

    She’s the destroyer of women’s rights.

    #Male #Me #Too. If only she’d been a better woman eh Nicola?

  71. David Hannah

    Bring back white boards. IT free classes.

    Get rid of John Swinney’s creepy schools sex survey. Where John Swinney explains with the peanut butter and banana.

    And the gender petal. And the gender neutral toilets. And the TIE lanyard group they all wear in Holyrood.

    It’s time to enforce mandatory Maths. English. science. Chemistry. Biology. Psychics. Technical. Modern Studies so kids know to vote before 16. LIFE Skills. How to save fuckin Market investment etc.

    Life skills to help you live.

    And then they scientists. Engineers. Footballers. Commonwealth games champions.

    It’s time to bring back desks in primary schools. Get rid of all that fucking sitting about on bean bags and sticking fucking crayons up your nose.

    They’ve gone fucking woke. And they are Fucking thick.

    Time for an overall and a return to the old ways of success.

  72. David Hannah

    Teach children how to buy a house.

    How to save.

    How to he happy.

    How to learn to drive.

    All the life skills.

    And Independence. Scottish history.

    Why not fucking Scottish history. And not by some anti white woke prick on youtube who wants us to apologise for the British Empire or the industrial revolution.

    The invading force to a country always disrupted the natives. Yet Steven Flynn wants us to be loyal to Johnny Foreigner. Fuck off Steven Flynn. Go and live in Rwanda yourself.

    I want Scotland for the Scots. The UN Charter says nations have to hold the indigenous population in a higher regard than the invaders. The natives should be getting housing. Jobs. Homes. Benefits. Before Johnny Foreigner. Or it’s a crime against humanity.

    Personally. I’m glad the Tories are raising the immigration threashold.

    Enough is Enough. The people here are suffering. Control the borders I say.

  73. David Hannah

    Teach children that the British Empire was a disruptive force to the natives.

    And that we need control over immigration and our way of life. Jesus. And Christmas time. And easter.

    Today is Honnika to all the Jews in Scotland. Happy Honnika to our diverse and outward looking and inclusive and progressive civic nation of Scotland.

    God bless you all.

  74. David Hannah

    First and foremost.

    We need to take back our country from the corrupt and conniving Nicola Sturgeon.

    #Male #Me #Too.

    “If only she’d been a better woman. “

  75. katielass04

    @James Cha

    To be VERY honest, James, there has been no King/Queen of England since 1649, when Oliver Cromwell declared England was from that time on, a Republic. The Republic’s existence was declared through “An Act declaring England to be a Commonwealth”, adopted by the Rump Parliament on 19 May 1649.

    And with that act, what basically happened was that the union of the crowns was dissolved & England, Ireland and Scotland were also declared Republics. That Parliamentary Act was never, ever rescinded.

    After son, Richard Cromwell’s death, Charles II was invited back to London from the continent & parliament declared him the legal monarch from the time of the death of Charles 1st in 1649 and the Cromwell Republic years were treated as though they had never occurred. No legal paperwork was put in place to cement the fact or to legally recognise Charles II’s monarchical line as the legal English monarchy once again. And certainly not as Irish or Scottish monarchs! So to all intents & purposes, even ENGLAND is still a Republic.

    As is Scotland. NO monarch is the ‘legal’ monarch. And if we are going to fight over ‘sovereignty’, and quote and use this ‘Act’ or those ‘Articles’ etc., then we have to recognise the fact that there has been NO legal monarch in this Island of Britain since 1649.

  76. Republicofscotland

    I we all need to see this dealt with before we can move on, I’d imagine that right now the SNP government are in damage limitation mode, but it sounds like even that won’t save them this time around.

    The shredder at Bute house must be red hot, lets hope that Sturgeon and her clique are now held accountable.

    Sadly further damage to the SNP will in the yes of some damage the indy cause even further, hopefully folk switch to the real indy party of Alba.

  77. Republicofscotland

    Not a peep on the Court of Session finding on the head in the sand blog WGD, its like it never happened.

  78. A Scot Abroad

    Dundee Scot, @ 4:34pm,

    Do you recall the publication of the book “Spycatcher” in Australia? At that time, the book was banned in England, but not in Scotland, and the Australian courts declined to ban publication.

    These days there’s also VPNs and anonymous websites, including on the dark web. So it’s perfectly feasible for publication to occur extra-jurisdiction. Whether somebody would go to the trouble of that I don’t know. Most lawyers in Edinburgh are probably gossiping about it anyway, either at the New Club or at one of the bars in the Cally.

  79. sam

    @David Hannah

    Some useful information.

    65% The reduction in exclusions nationally between 2006-07 and 2018-19.

    22.3% The proportion of pupils achieving five or more awards at Higher or equivalent by the end of S5. This has almost doubled since 2009-10, when the figure was 11.3 per cent

    44.4% Proportion of school leavers in the most deprived areas of Scotland achieving at least one Higher or equivalent in 2017-18. In 2012-13 that figure stood at 34.9 per cent

    62.2% Proportion of school leavers gaining at least one Higher or equivalent in 2017-18, compared to 55.8 per cent in 2012-13.

  80. James Che

    There is nothing like living your ancient guff history on a regular daily basis and calling it tradition, instead of ancient guff,

    Lets talk about the ancient guff history origins of the Black rod in Westminster still active to day. Or the bank of England still in operation today as the bank of England.
    It never fails to amuse that union minded people only accept part of ancient guff history of The Country of England that suits their particular story line and fore bears with great patience a god forbid attitude to Scotland , Ireland and Wales for having a related history to the same events from a different perspective from Englands story line.

    To not be deterred from the subject of where the “Crown” rests in Englands Britain.
    The treaty of the union articles 1 & 11, along with many Acts of the old parliament of England pre union states that the descent of the Crown is to govern the people of England from Does the coronation Oath that is taken.

  81. David Hannah

    “The UN Charter, which is the foundational document of the United Nations, establishes the sovereign equality of member states (Article 2). This principle is often interpreted as affirming each country’s right to make decisions regarding its internal affairs, including immigration policies.”,equality%20of%20all%20its%20Members.

    See here. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.

    They UN will not intervene in matters belonging to the natives. Including immigration policy. I interpret it as that.

    Stephen Flynn has been saying we need to let Johnny Foreigner come in. While Humza gives Africa all of our money.


    Scotland for the Scots. The UN says we should be held in higher regard by our own government.

    We don’t want invaders coming to disrupt the natives of Scotland now do we?

    I think that they should teach children that fact. That Scotland was the land of enlightenment. And invention. We kickstarted the industrial revolution. There’s nothing wrong with being white. Or a man. And you’ve got nothing to apologise for. Nor should you have to reconcile yourselves for the successes of the people of your native land long before you were born.

    I’m sick of immigrants coming here and getting our houses. I’m not racist. I just want fairness. And our woke first minister is Africa first. Native scot last.

  82. Sven

    Interesting to learn that the SNP received only £4,000 in donations during the first 3 months of this year, 2023.
    One wonders if Mrs Murrell was aware of the drying up of contributions prior to her unexpected resignation. And what, one wonders, must their current financial situation be like.

  83. James Che


    Funnily enough I just researched that topic yesterday morning on the republic of England during the Cromwell period,

    It is also of note that during that time period without royal assent being given in the parliament of England any Acts passed were only Ordinance Acts of the parliament of England,

    Ie, held no authority with out royal assent.

  84. David Hannah

    We’re Scottish. Not British. Not European.

    We’re Scottish and this is Scotland.

    We are distinct in our own right. We are not loyal to the EU.

    We are not loyal to the global south. We will not be reconciled for matters outwith our control.

    Our kids must not be told to grow up ashamed of who they are. Their white privelege. The reverse racism that’s creeping in. That boys should be allowed to be boys again and that they don’t need to be ashamed. Male XY and female xx.

    Gay children should not have to be marketed as a rainbow. Or told they are in the wrong body by a green haired art teacher.


    The attack on the working class indigenous man will end.

    When this rotten SNP Government come crashing down. And all of their puppet entities and lobbyists rinsing the tax payer like creative Scotland. The Byres Road gentrified mafia.

    It’s time to drain the fucking swamp that is Holyrood.

  85. Mark Beggan

    The Scottish Daily Express runs a detailed story on this topic.

    The walls come tumbling down.

    Rats in a barrel.


    REVOLUTIONS have occurred for less.
    The scales are now balanced in favour of one, or something equally existentially momentous.
    The interminable «Scotch whinge» has to stop sometime and «the system», as is, does not appear to offer the means to stop the plaint.
    Also, the deckchair arrangement permutations on the sinking SS Ukania must surely have been exhausted.

  87. James Che


    Ordinance acts of the republic of Englands assembly/parliament come under local/ localised Acts, not pertaining to all of England,
    And the rump parliament had no Authority in Ordinance localised acts to reinstate Charles 11 as the king without the “royal assent” being given in that rump republic parliament.
    So from a entirely different angle, along with your appreciative analyses once Cromwell had declared a republic away from a Shared monarch of the varies kingdoms , of England Scotland and Ireland there was no going back,
    Your expertise and research in this matter is much appreciated

  88. Muscleguy

    @Gordone Keane
    The SNP were warned last HR election that if they had not moved towards Independence properly the gloves would be off. So they only have themselves to blame if ISP & Alba stand against them.

    Expect them in the constituencies as well as the Lists next Holyrood as well. As I said the gloves are off.

    In a properly plural democracy this is just normal politics.

  89. John Main

    @sam says:7 December, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    Sure Sam, make everything easier and more pupils will pass.

    Condone more bad behaviour and fewer will be expelled, or “excluded” to use the terminology better suited to classing delinquents and trouble-makers as no-fault victims.

    Any figures for school stabbings, sexual assaults (physical and electronic), physical assaults on teachers, etc? They may provide a complementary viewpoint to the figures you already supplied so that we can all reach a more nuanced view.

    Any grown up response? You’ve already used “bully boy” on this thread, so dig deeper.

  90. George Ferguson

    Given Stus advice it’s probably safer to comment on another SNP Court defeat. Tomorrow I expect Alistair Jack’s intervention on blocking the Scot Gov GRRB to be upheld.

  91. ross

    If it was hiding criminality surely Hamilton would mention that in his report?

    And if it was censured his already strong words would have been even stronger.

  92. Tommo

    I have some sympathy with the MSM in not avidly reporting the SNP’s latest battering before the Courts; Court of Session is the supreme Civil Court in Scotland. The legal protection orders around this case were made by Lady Dorrian in Criminal proceedings, using as I understand it both her Common-Law and Statutory (Contempt of Court Act) powers in relation to non-disclosure of the identities of complainers/victims in sexual offence cases. I am unclear whether automatic protection of identity is now in place in Scotland as it has been for some time in England and Wales but I don’t think it was at that time.
    I guess this means that anything in the ‘inquiry evidence’ publication of which might breach those Orders can/should still be ‘redacted’.
    ‘Section 159 Criminal Justice Act 1988 provides that a person aggrieved may appeal to the Court of Appeal, with the leave of that Court, against an order made under S 4 or S 11 Contempt of Court Act 1981. The appellant will usually be the press or a broadcasting authority’.(CPS Guidance England and Wales)-no idea if this has application in Scotland. Anyone ?

  93. John Main

    @David Hannah says:7 December, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    Sturgeon of course never had kids

    She did describe herself as Chief Mammy.

    That kinda suggests she saw us all in a certain light. Not a favourable one either.

    Still, we all lapped it up during the Covid Years, when to the faithful, she was all that stood between us and a hideous death.

    Take a wee trip to WGD and you’ll find that plenty of the faithful are still pinning their hopes on her returning to save them a second time.

  94. James Che


    I have made a copy of your post if you don’t mind, as it had not infiltrated fully as to the importance of that said “republic time period” of history as it should have done with myself yesterday morning,
    As I was to busy checking the differences between legislation and statues acts and Ordinance Acts,

    Its a keeper.

  95. David Hannah

    Sorry for the rant boys.

    Hands up. If you’re a victim like me.

    Of Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Independence neverendum and Tory cost of living? #Male #Me #Too.

    Hands up. If you’re a victim. Of Nicola Sturgeon’s woke ideology that says to gay and lesbians that they should reframe their bigotry and accept a man is a woman? #Male #Me #Too.

    Hands up. If you’re a victim. Of Ukrainian refugees being given houses before you. Or African healthcare workers paid for by the NHS and given houses, before you?

    #Male #Me #Too.

    I’m am a victim of Nicola Sturgeon’s wokeism. For being born a white male. And simply existing and want to live freely.

    #Male #Me #Too. #The Sturgeon Inquiry.

    #drain the swamp.

  96. David Hannah

    John Main:

    “Sturgeon of course never had kids

    She did describe herself as Chief Mammy.

    That kinda suggests she saw us all in a certain light. Not a favourable one either.”

    Satan takes many forms John!

  97. David Hannah

    Gender self ID Judgement ruling tomorrow:

    “A judge is expected to rule on Friday whether the UK government’s veto of on Scotland’s gender self-identification bill will be allowed to stand.

    Legislation making it easier for people to change their legally-recognised sex was passed by MSPs last year.”

  98. Stoker

    Roll on tomorrow! Hopefully we will see the second part of a double-whammy for Sturgeon’s Nasty Party when the ruling on the gender self-ID Bill is expected.

    “No child is born in the wrong body and no child should be put on a pathway towards irreversible medical transition.” Badenoch tells The House of Commons.

    Not often i agree with Unionist politicians but HEAR! HEAR! to that. And i’d go even further, anyone putting any child on such a pathway should be heavily jailed for child abuse.

  99. David Hannah

    #Nicola Sturgeon.

    #Male #Me #Too. #The Sturgeon enquiry

    #The destroyer of women’s rights.

    They say bad things come in threes.

  100. Agent x

    A landmark court decision on whether the UK Government can veto “Holyrood gender reforms is expected tomorrow.

    Lady Haldane is scheduled to give her judgment in the case after taking evidence over two days of hearings in September.

    Barring any last minute delay, her written judgment is expected to be published around noon.

    It will be a key moment for Humza Yousaf, who launched a legal challenge against the UK Government’s action as a matter of principle.”

    another big Court decision tomorrow.

  101. George Ferguson

    I am seeing a turning point in Scottish politics. Just under a year ago my wife was greeting at the Scottish Parliament staying up all night to pass Leglisation to reduce the rights of women. I know its Lady Haldane sitting in Judgment tomorrow but the big boys have reset the dial. Section 36 will be upheld. And that will be indictment of the entire Scottish Parliament not just the SNP/Green Government. Holyrood will no longer be the play doh of Scottish politicians. Times are a changing.

  102. dasBlimp

    I have made a copy of your post if you don’t mind, as it had not infiltrated fully as to the importance of that said “republic time period” of history as it should have done with myself yesterday morning,
    As I was to busy checking the differences between legislation and statues acts and Ordinance Acts,

    It’s comments like this that keep me coming back for more. Hilarious!

  103. sam

    Make everything easier and more pupils will pass.

    In England,165 schools and 4763 pupils took part.

    In Scotland,117 secondary schools participated in the survey, representing a school response rate of 96.4 per cent.


    “When reading this report, it is important to keep in mind that England’s sample of
    participating pupils may not be entirely representative of all 15-year-old pupils in England. This is, to some degree, always the case with international studies such as PISA, but in this case the sample for England did not meet 2 of the 82 PISA Technical Standards. Analysis of the characteristics of the pupils who participated revealed that the final sample had somewhat higher academic attainment on average than the general population and a somewhat lower proportion of pupils who had been eligible for free school meals in the past 6 years. In other words, higher performing pupils may be overrepresented in the final sample and some of the PISA results may therefore be somewhat higher than they might otherwise be. This issue was also a challenge for some of the other participating education systems including several OECD countries. Given that the sample may not be entirely representative of the population, caution is required when interpreting the analysis that is presented in this report, though this does not necessarily translate directly to a particular score being a certain number of points higher than its ‘true’ value, and the OECD itself makes no adjustments to the scores in any education system in which some of the PISA’s Technical Standards were not met.”

    “England’s secondary school pupils have risen up the international rankings for their attainment in maths, but there has been little comparable improvement in reading and science.

    And this year’s landmark Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results are also likely to overinflate scores for England as too few schools took part in the study.”

    “Too few students from England took part in the study – meaning the results could be up to eight points too generous, as more higher-performing pupils took part.

    This big caveat led to academics urging caution on interpreting the findings.”

    I learn from a former teacher that most Scottish students chosen for these PISA exercises, which themselves need to be treated with caution are from S2, mostly 14 years old.

  104. Mia

    The biggest problem I have with all this is the blatant abuse of power displayed by ministers of the two successive Scottish governments (the one fronted by Sturgeon and now the one fronted by Yousaf), and by the crown.

    I am absolutely appalled that these people have been allowed with impunity to use the public purse as if it was their own, basically throwing our cash around wasting it in absurd court case after court case instead of investing it in what it was meant for.

    But these court cases have nothing to do with the government per se, do they? Just like the position of the Scot Gov in the Keatings’ case had SFA to do with the actions expected of a nationalist government pursuing independence and all to do with protecting the interest of the crown and the union, it is now obvious our public funds are being thrown around in court cases to protect a set of individuals from seeing their political/civil service careers completely ruined and their reputation trashed.

    Individuals abused their positions of power to actively and forcefully suppress from the public information of high public interest during Sturgeon’s tenure. But Sturgeon’s government is over, so this infamous suppression of information should have ended the day she resigned.

    Yet, it continues with the same if not even bigger intensity. Inevitably, one wonders how many of the culprits are still hiding inside the guts of government and UK civil service within that government.

    Our public funds appear to be used as the neverending source of funds for potential criminals to actively suppress information from the public so they can continue avoiding much deserved (and awaited) scrutiny. This is ludicrous. There is not a single structure in Scotland that can/is willing stop this happening. Nor the government, nor parliament, nor the judicial power and, by the look of it, neither is the crown. It is all left to individuals of the public.

    Every single high structure in Scotland appears to have failed. It is ludicrous that there is nothing, nobody at high level who can/want to stop these people abusing the public purse to protect themselves to the detriment of the public. If these crooks want to avoid jail because of their actions, they should be using their own cash, not public funds.

    Committing criminal acts was not part of the manifesto we voted for, therefore there is no justification to use public funds for that purpose. If those criminal acts were not done in our name, why on earth do we have to pay to protect these crooks?

    The judicial system in Scotland has proven to be absolutely worthless too. Since 2015 there has been violation after violation after violation of the Treaty of Union and Scotland’s Claim of Right and yet, out legal body has done SFA to protect Scotland’s interests. They only appear to be interested in protecting the interests of the crown (and their own).

    The behaviour of elements of Nicola Sturgeon’s government, of the SNP and of the UK civil servants in control of the Scottish government has been embarrassing, atrocious and unethical, and, judging by Mr Salmond’s civil case, unlawful. Yet, nobody was disciplined, never mind sacked for gross misconduct and for misusing public funds. To add salt to the injury, it looks like the misuse of public funds to suppress information and protect the crooks continues at pace under Yousaf’s tenure.

    But then, the institutions the public expect to uphold the law in Scotland have spectacularly failed us too. We have Lady Dorrian effectively ensuring anonymity per life for potential perjurers. And not just that. By doing so, she appears to have offered a wonderful loophole to the crooks hiding in government and civil service to use her ruling as the justification to suppress, on industrial scale, information of high public interest, which would help expose the crooks. So, in practical terms, it looks like such ruling has been helping them to hide from public and legal scrutiny. If that is not a spectacular failure of the judicial system, what is.

    Then we have the colonial relic of the crown agent figure sticking their fingers in the pie too to break protocol and throw the police force into wasting millions of our public funds on bogus investigations to fabricate a criminal case against an innocent man.

    Since when the life of this innocent man and the interest of the public are worth less than the reputation of a bunch of criminals, and who got to decide that and on whose authority?

    If this was not enough embarrassment, we have senior members of the judicial system admitting cases of malicious prosecutions as if they were little blips like forgetting to pay the phone bill. Those malicious prosecutions inflicted totally unnecessary and eyewatering costs on the public purse. Yet, not a single one of those senior members of the judicial system was ever disciplined or, heaven forbid, sacked or prosecuted. So we have crooks in the judicial system too.

    Again, who got to decide that the reputation of a few crooks hiding in the judicial system is worth more than the lives of those who were victims of malicious prosecution and than the many millions those crooks made us pay?

    Then we have the police, transformed into the crown’s and government’s very own tool to suppress political dissent and enforcing thought control.

    Then we have the joke that is Holyrood. Full of people, alright but, because of the straight jacket that is the Scotland Act, less than a handful of them are actually working for Scotland. The rest are either working for their own benefit, for the benefit of pharma and perverts, for the benefit of the crown or for the benefit of England and its allies. Scotland is always the great loser.

    The parliamentary inquiry led by Fabiani had to be the biggest farce the world has ever seen. In a magnificent display of the monumental absurdity that is not having separation of powers in Scotland because the crown has its fingers on them all, we had the crown agent and the lord advocate basically gagging and putting that parliamentary committee into a straight jacket so the information could continue to be suppressed from the public to protect criminals.

    So we had the elected government of Scotland, the unelected UK civil service running (wrecking?) that government, the crown via the crown agent, lord advocate and the judge handing forever anonymity to potential perjurers and banning the release of the incriminating whatsapp messages, and the SNP throwing all their weight and our money to suppress information from the public.

    But what can we expect? Scotland is treated at all effects as a colony. Because only in a colony we can have an unelected representative of the crown sitting in the middle of the elected Government cabinet effectively handing to the crown control over both, the executive and the legislative powers and ensuring the three powers are not held by the people of Scotland.

    In Scotland we have a mock democracy where we may have the democratic structures in place (executive, legislative and judicial bodies). But these structures appear to be empty vessels, because the crown has its fingers on them three. This is not a democracy. This is a joke.

    Meanwhile, Westminster, and in particular most of those 56 individuals who are meant to represent Scotland in the union parliament, look the other way and do NOTHING to correct England MPs’ and lords’ deliberate mistake of leaving a door wide open for the crown to waltz in and steal from the people of Scotland control of the three powers.

    This is why Scotland desperately needs independence. This is an intolerable situation that would have never happened if Scotland was a real democracy rather than a colony controlled by a foreign crown with a vested interest in keeping Scotland under the control of England, which appears to be constantly abusing its position of power to steal sovereignty from the people of Scotland to hand it to itself.

    The only reason why this union survives is because the judicial power has turned a blind eye to the violations of the treaty and because Scotland’s popular sovereignty has been deliberately suppressed since that day Sturgeon handed over the dentures of the SNP to the crown by claiming a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence.

    The SNP has been infiltrated to suppress Scotland’s popular sovereignty and will to end this union.

    The legislative power has been hijacked by the Crown, in the form of its unelected representative sitting in the middle of our gov cabinet stopping our bills entering parliament.

    Our judicial power has been hijacked by the crown office. It seems the figure of the crown agent gets to decide first what political, disguised as criminal, cases should be prosecuted and then throws the police into wasting millions of pounds of public funds finding “evidence”, not matter how flimsy or ridiculous, so the case can be built up and brought to court to ensure the waste of taxpayers’ funds continues at pace.

    We have the absurd situation where some crown representatives, some elected parliament members, some government ministers, some SNP individuals, some special advisers and some UK civil servants are all colluding on the same side to actively suppress information from the public. Some of those elements should never be on the same side. Yet, bizarrely, they are. Some of them represent the executive power, others the legislative power and others the judicial power. There appears to be no boundaries left between those powers. If this is not the clearest sign yet that Scotland is being actively, deliberately, and unconstitutionally subjected to absolute rule, what is.

  105. GM

    ross says:
    7 December, 2023 at 6:56 pm

    It is hard to make head nor tail of the report Ross.

    The SG had people fielding FOI requests on Salmond who were involved in the creation of the complaints process and supporting the original complainants.
    That is how blatant this thing is and how weak and contrived the Press effort has been to get to the bottom of Scandals that are 3 4 5 and 6 yrs old now.

    When you consider this alongside the obvious truth that the press in Scotland widely despises the prospect of a Scottish nation state then there is much much more to come from this.

  106. Wullie B

    I reckon A Scot Abroad should take a hit for the team, if he truly is abroad and post names of the Alphabetties, wouldn’t need VPNs etc
    ASA, I saw you posting before about serving in Op Granby, what mob were you with, just wondering if you wore the Blue Hackle

  107. sarah

    @ Mia at 7.58 p.m. – very well expressed, Mia. We are indeed at the mercy of collaborating bodies – parliamentarians, civil servants, judiciary – who have no respect whatsoever for democracy, truth, independence nor the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

  108. Shug

    It us always interesting to watch what the MSM in Scotland does not report and consider why they do not report it.

    I wonder is Dorian the only one that can lift the annonimity of the vietnam group.

    Can the perjurer be prosecuted in private. She’s the one that that can really point the finger at Sturgeon

  109. Shug

    Westminster could use theis whole debacle to close the Scottish Parliament

    Look at the mess these people gave caused.

    It all stems from a night in the Balmoral

  110. Highlander

    Excellent Stu.

  111. A Scot Abroad


    I’m a white hackle man.

  112. Alf Baird

    Mia @ 7:58 pm

    A brilliant analysis.

    As postcolonial theory confirms, in colonial societies all the institutions are colonial in nature and purpose and work to protect the regime. As you say:

    “The only reason why this union survives is because the judicial power has turned a blind eye to the violations of the treaty”

  113. John Main

    @Mia says:7 December, 2023 at 7:58 pm

    A block buster of a post, with much to agree with.

    This stood out for me:

    as if they were little blips like forgetting to pay the phone bill

    In Yousaf’s Scotland, phone bills can turn out to be anything but little.

    Joking aside though, as Yousaf and his minions meet to agree how to fudge the Scottish budget £1 billion black hole, he’ll be hoping nobody remembers the tens of millions splashed on the malicious prosecutions, the ferries, the GRR, the recycling, the overseas publicity tours to throw our cash away, etc.

    Not forgetting Matheson’s phone bill. “Only” £11,000 but hey, that amounts to a great Xmas for a couple of dozen Scots families.

  114. David Hannah

    Well if Lady Dorian wants to save herself… She’ll have to lift the anonymity order. Before David Davies and the Alba MPs do. By reading out the James Hamilton report proving conspiracy.

    Tik tok. My lady.

  115. David Hannah

    She wouldn’t want her legal career to end as, conspirator protector, now would she?

    Journalist jailer and freedom of the press hater. It’s not looking good MAM is it?

  116. David Hannah

    Lady Dorian should do the right thing. And tell the truth. She’s running out of time. Before she goes down in history as Lady Dorian. The gatekeeper of corruption. And jury hater.

    tik tok.

  117. David Hannah

    You might even say that. Lady Dorian’s name could finish as, rapist enabler. You know. When she gave convicted by Jury rapist Stuart Hogg freedom on technicality.

    Lady Dorian. The woman that hates juries… How the tables have turned.

    I can hear the thumbing garvel of liberation from corruption as we speak.

  118. David Hannah

    #lady Dorian #the sturgeon inquiry #male #me #too…

    The winds of change are blowing retribution and a day of reckoning.

    Chilling isn’t it? For you that is.

  119. George Ferguson

    @A Scot Abroad 8:33pm
    RHF with your Perthshire connections I had you down as a red hackle man. The white paper on Scottish Independence in 2014 called on 15000 regulars and 5000 reservists. Wouldn’t cope with a Friday night out in Dundee. So a long standing Independence supporter ie me thanks you for your service but I am still voting for Independence despite the shitshow at Holyrood. They can be replaced. One way or another.

  120. GM

    If anyone is interested in getting an insight into how FOI worked in Scotland until recently(I’ll pay the new info commissioner the respect I would to anyone moving into that important job- the benefit of the doubt) go to John Smythe Investigates and take a look at his blog

  121. David Hannah

    “If only she’d been a better woman.” they say!

    If only!.. Nae maar posts fae me. I’ll let history take its course. Before I sound like a nutter ahaha.

  122. David Hannah

    “IF only all of these high profile women in positions of power.

    Hadn’t abused their positions of power.

    IF only her BEHAVIOUR . IF only the behaviour. If only she KNEW. How to behave!$£”!

    They’ll say.

    #male #me #too

  123. Dundee Scot

    ASA says (regarding publication of the redacted report abroad, to evade Scottish court restrictions):

    “These days there’s also VPNs and anonymous websites, including on the dark web. So it’s perfectly feasible for publication to occur extra-jurisdiction. Whether somebody would go to the trouble of that I don’t know.”

    Exactly! Whoever has the text, just mail it anonymously to some Irish or Australian newspaper. Or maybe to the Isle of Man (don’t know if a Scots court order applies there).

  124. Merganser


    Many wonderful phrases in your last posting.

    I particularly liked “..a spectacular failure of the judicial system” (for that is exactly what it is), amongst many other gems.

    The judicial system must find a way of resolving the impasse which it has created before Scotland can be set free and regain its reputation for honesty, fairness and openness, all of which have been trashed unmercifully by the last eight years of SNP

  125. Geri

    Mia & Sarah

    That’s why a convention needs to be called at the earliest opportunity & never, ever disbanded.

    If Scotland had had that still in place throughout the term of the Union, overseeing the shit coming out of WM & performing all the necessary scrutiny, checks & balances of where it overstepped it’s remit regards territory & resources in the Act of Union, Scotland wouldn’t have tolerated it’s status being watered down & doff capping serfs in high office collecting baubles from London.

    Holyrood has been a complete fail for the exact same reason. Those Yoon cross party coffee mornings are supposed to check, double check & triple check bills through various stages of readings before they are passed & they’ve completely failed to do their job.

    Same goes for all the so called government lawyers who have squandered copious amounts of money on bad advice.

    It’s all by design. The Tories & Labour despise devolution. They never wanted it. Labour grudgingly gave it due to EU pressure but Dewar made sure it was hog tied in the Scotland Act. It’s not permanent either so the stripping of powers has already started under Sturgeons watch & she did absolutely zero.

    Sometimes I wonder wtf Joanna never stepped in & blew the lid on her bullshit a long,long time ago starting with the Brexit/internal market bullshit..

    We need independence & a permanent convention to bypass Holyrood completely.

  126. A Scot Abroad

    George Ferguson,

    There’s a tale there, and it’s all to do with wanting to stand on your own feet and not in your famiily’s shadow.

  127. Kcor

    I wish you would heavily redact photos of the biggest tractor in Scottish history from your articles.

  128. Breeks

    Mia says:
    7 December, 2023 at 7:58 pm

    …. By doing so, she appears to have offered a wonderful loophole to the crooks hiding in government and civil service to use her ruling as the justification to suppress, on industrial scale, information of high public interest, which would help expose the crooks.

    Somebody made the rather chilling observation recently that Dorian’s precedents regarding the lifelong anonymity for the Alphabetty conspirators accusing an innocent man of sexual misconduct, further embedded the UK Establishment’s known predilection for smearing and stigmatising its perceived enemies or whistleblowers as sex offenders.

    All it would take is a gratuitous accusation from an anonymous female to be bounced through a Scottish Kangaroo Court, to a conviction without a trial by jury, or indeed right of appeal, and yet another “enemy of the state” is taken out of circulation.

    I won’t repeat the list of UK “undesirables” the Establishment has tried to smear as sex offenders, but it includes Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, and Julian Assange to name just three. I have a notion they tried to go after Rev Stu too, didn’t they?

    Create problems for the UK Establishment, then brace yourself to have your reputation trashed and integrity destroyed, and to add to that, we can witness the level protection afforded to the malicious accusers by “Establishment players” like Lady Dorian.

    It’s encouraging to see Sturgeon’s regime “apparently” coming under some long overdue scrutiny, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. I have pretty much zero faith in Scotland’s compromised judicial process studded with Unionist “gatekeepers” who do nothing to challenge these grotesque abuses.

    Scotland is routinely shamed, such as with Craig Murray, a journalist, being imprisoned for trying to tell the truth, and yet champions standing up for justice and probity? There came forward none… a pattern we’re all too familiar with, as you say Mia, with the countless unchecked abuses of Scotland’s Constitution. Every battalion of Scottish lawyers wracked with greed and cowardice.

    I’ll wait until I hear the fat lady singing before I celebrate the demise of Sturgeon… hopefully as she’s shutting the cell door on Scotland’s Benedict Arnold, Nicola Sturgeon, and all her shitey wee pals.

    Sturgeon’s sins against Alex are ugly enough, but they are dwarfed by her abdication of Scotland’s Constitutional integrity and the damage she has done to our Nation.

  129. Geri

    Have David Davis use parliamentary privilege to read it.
    Or a Scottish MP.

    Obvs just the bits not naming anyone.

    No need to go abroad or break the law.

  130. David Hannah

    Welcome to Glasgow. Sir Kier Starmer. How many more Palestinian dead? He’s arrived by train and is receiving a warm welcome at the Crown Plaza in Glasgow.

    That’s the thing about New Labour isn’t it?

    Once you take off the mask. They are the same as old labour!

    Solidarity with the Glaswegians tonight. Sir Kier. How many more Palestinian dead in your name?

  131. David Hannah

    Whoever is in the Alba Party PR btw is absolutely fantastic. I loved the fangs of ricki 2 snacks. It’s Scotland’s oil.

    And now. That’s the thing about New Labour. Once you take off the mask. They are the same as old labour. Brilliant stuff.

  132. Kcor

    “And it’s not that the evidence would reveal the names of Salmond’s false accusers – we already know that those remain protected by Lady Dorrian’s anonymity order”

    What is the maximum jail term for someone revealing the names of all the false accusers?

    What would me the maximum jail terms for the false accusers for perjury and their other crimes?

    It would be a good idea for a Scottish patriot of sound mind, ninety nine years or so of age, prevented from seeing independence by the biggest tractor in Scottish history, revealing all the names.

  133. David Hannah

    His evil face looked worried. His secret police were horrified. Our imperial masters are never welcome at Glasgow Central train station.

    Especially the war mongers.

  134. Iain More

    I have no doubt if there ever was one that the Traitor Sturgeon is being protected by our colonial English Lords and Masters

    Like Trump I doubt she will ever see the inside of a Jail Cell for several years. There is more chance that Trump will though.

  135. David Hannah

    The Avanti west cost. How many more dead children in your name Sir Kier?

  136. Kcor

    “the only damaging material the documents could possibly bring to light that isn’t already publicly known would be evidence of criminal perjury and conspiracy at the highest levels of the Scottish Government, civil service and legal system.”

    Cannot wait for all the criminals involved being sent to lengthy terms in jail, whatever they would like to identify themselves as.

    As others have said, excellent journalism by the one and only Rev. Stuart Campbell.

  137. Kcor

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    7 December, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    “Being in England offers you zero protection against contempt in a Scots court.”

    What about being in Ireland or any other EU state or anywhere else in the world, except the UK extensions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand?

  138. George Ferguson

    @A Scot Abroad 10:08pm
    Understood. My grandfather served in WW1. I was named after him. Unfortunately he was of an age to be in WW1 and young enough to be recruited in WW2. He didn’t want to go back so gassed himself in 1939. Buried in a paupers grave in Balgay Cemetery in Dundee. Typical, I was researching with a Internet acquaintance in New Zealand about the MoD silence on this issue of the so called Golden Age to be born. 1898 to 1900.18 to join WW1 and 44 to join WW2. We were making progress on the Stats but we moved within Scotland and lost our Internet Service Provider and the connection with my New Zealand contact. So it’s not just Holyrood that are blocking the facts and debate the MoD are not far behind. My hypothesis that a significant percentage of the Golden Age committed suicide.

  139. David Hannah

    She’s not being protected. Not at all. Sturgeon is going down. And down she goes.

    She’s served her purpose to the British State. She is of no material value. She’s got nothing to offer.

    Not when the Courts have ordered the Scottish Government to release the information.

  140. A Scot Abroad

    George Ferguson,

    I have heard of that generation. My grandfather (father’s side) was one, born in Dennistoun Street in Glasgow in 1900. He joined the Navy in 1917, having been turned down by the Army’s recruiting Sergeant for being too young. He was an engineering midshipman, and got sunk twice within 4 months, and in the second war he took command of a searchlight battery in Edinburgh. It was my mother’s side who were all Perthshire, and all Black Watch going back a long time. I wanted to forge my own path.

  141. David Hannah

    Labour of course backed gender self ID.

    Monica Lennon. And Jackie Baillie. She voted for gender self ID. Labour stalwart. If only she’d listened to Joanna Lamont.

    The Labour Party. Unfit to govern in Scotland.

    I suspect that the entire parliament tomorrow will be embarrassed and disgraced by the court verdict.

    No to self ID.

  142. David Hannah

    I suspect this image will be appearing on Wings Over Scotland tomorrow.

    They make it so easy for us.

  143. George Ferguson

    @A Scot Abroad 11:01pm
    I wish you well. You are a Unionist and I am an Independence supporter but we should be able to discuss matters on a free speech blog. Normally my voluntary work is confined to a Monday. But tomorrow I am helping put up the village Christmas Tree. So I am off to bed. 9am start.

  144. Bernard de Linton

    Thats a lineup PT Barnum would have been chuffed with. Oor ain wee Holyrood freak show.Roll up !Roll up!

  145. Willie

    This proposed UK policy to send migrant to Rwanda might have more to it than meets the eye.

    What if we could send English migrants seeking to settle in Scotland to Rwanda. Could that be a policy that would be suitable. Many I suspect would say yes.

    I mean you can’t just have wave after wave of southern migrants rocking up in our towns and villages around Scotland.

    Just saying like. The parallels are so similar.

  146. Geri

    Dumbza has a nerve..

    **Scotland can only thrive when all women and girls can live free of violence, abuse and harassment. **

    As he flings open the doors to women & girls spaces to every freaky fake deviant from rUK with a golden pass to Self ID.

    I hope it’s a double later today..

    They’ve zero public mandate for this shit & I dunno why they’re not reminded of that fact every day in both parliaments.

  147. Geri

    I can think of a few for the flight.

    We could even bump them up to 1st class.

  148. twathater

    Can any ALBA members help me, I asked Roddy McLeod of Barrhead boy “As an ALBA official Roddy can I ask if Ash Regan’s proposal of every election is a plebiscitery election when she was contesting the snp leadership election has been adopted and applies to ALBA’s policies and manifesto , or has that been replaced by the DRAFT proposal for a holyrood referendum”

    Roddy responded that he was no longer an official and that he was just an ordinary member now

    I responded “Thanks for your response Roddy , can I ask if anyone else within ALBA who attends Roddy’s blog can throw light on my enquiry , it would be good if ALBA has included Ash’s plebiscitery proposals in their forthcoming policy mandates , if her proposal has been dropped or sidelined it would be educational and informative to know who done it and the reasons behind that decision”

    Roddy responded “As I have pointed out to Mr E above it is to give authority to Holyrood to negotiate independence post a Scottish GE. Not a referendum”

    Mr E’s comment “She is proposing a referendum on whether Hollyrood should have the legal right to hold constitutional referendums. A referendum on referendums.”

    Roddy’s response to Mr E “Wrong it is to give Holyrood the right to negotiate independence post a Scottish General Election. You didn’t read the first time nor the second time when you are advised to do so.None so blind as those who will not see or are too fucking lazy!

    This is what was written on Roddy’s blog
    “The ALBA Party’s Holyrood Leader, proposes to introduce a DRAFT Bill for a Referendum to consult the people of Scotland on whether the powers of the Scottish Parliament should be extended to include the power to legislate for and negotiate independence”

    I must be as stupid as Mr E because my reading of it SPECIFICALLY states that it is a referendum

    I ask anyone on WOS who is an ALBA member if they know officially whether Ash Regan’s original proposal of every election being a plebiscitery election still stands or if it has been dumped in favour of a referendum to decide if HR can call a referendum, and if it has on whose authority was it DUMPED , I am frightened that we are falling for SNP 2

  149. David Hall

    The Times carried the story of the courts decision, albeit buried at the end of the article about Sturgeon’s use of personal phones.

  150. GM

    Twathater, I am confused about that as well. I think that might be because the policy is itself a bit confused because there is no clear consensus yet what will work if the desired result has been achieved at a GE or Scots election and a mandate for independence achieved. Eventually, we will have to just declare it I think. a few things have to be established first. A majority desire amongst Scots for their nation to be free. A rapid build up in competencies of the institutions we currently have. The money is actually the easiest bit once the new reality is established.

    But aye, I think they need to clear the thing up. folk genuinely seem to believe different things at the moment.

  151. David Hannah

    “What if we could send English migrants seeking to settle in Scotland to Rwanda. Could that be a policy that would be suitable. Many I suspect would say yes.”

    Anyone caught crossing the English Channel should be deported on the day and on the hour by the royal navy. We’re full.

  152. David Hannah

    Britain supports the Rwanda policy 42% vs 38%.

    If the cost of living wasn’t so high. I would say let them stay. If you ever look at Scotland from the plane. Then there’s areas where whole new towns and cities could be build in the future. So much farm land.

    But until such times. We’re full. And if you youtube Mega Projects Rwanda. You’ll see a thriving and beautiful country that’s building itself up massively. Thanks to all our money.

    Its cruel that men in the UK can’t get houses.

    I’ve got nothing against our beautiful Muslims, Sikhs hindus. Love so many of them with the glaswegian accents.

    But for those who haven’t arrived. We won’t want Scotland turning into an alien culture.

    I’m so annoyed about the housing situation. The migrants are illegals.

    The ones we take in are legal. The ones that cross the channel. Illegal.

    They are leaving save France. The French are giving them boats.

    And instead of fighting Vladamir Putin. Urseloa von der Leyen should send her money into Northern Africa. And wage war in the people traffickers. If there’s a will there’s a way.

  153. David Hannah

    We don’t need to apologise anymore. To anyone. There’s nothing wrong with saying.

    We’re full. Enough is enough. The language of the Tory party.

    It’s astonishing that the 350 mile English channel. And 18.2 miles of water at Calais can’t be successfully patrolled by the royal navy. Migrants scooped up and immediately taken to a detention centre and sent to Rwanda.

    All faiths. All religions. All ethnicities.

    My opinion is not popular here. But. When they start building enough houses for Scottish men. Then they can stay.

    But I want a Scotland first approach.

    Yes I would build a 96 mile wall in an Independent Scotland. The great wall of Scotland and include residency status to English say 7 plus years.

    Simple as as that.

    Our woke SNP will getting cancelled today I suspect. We shouldn’t have to apologise for the mess the country is in it’s the SNPs fault. Their loyalty to the false green agenda and the globalist EU over ordinary Scots.

    They are destroying my life. Time for change.

  154. David Hannah

    42 per cent of Britain. Yougov is supportive of Rwanda.

    38 per cent against.

    Therefor. The Tories are simply. Enacting.

    The will of. The people.

    Meanwhile Steven Flynn says.

    Come on over. Have the houses. That Scottish guys aren’t allowed. It’s not fair. Have the future. That Scottish men. Aren’t allowed.

    42 per cent vs 38 per cent. I will always stay on the side of public opinion.

  155. David Hannah

    If you’ve been to Europe recently. You’d be mistaken for thinking that you were in the middle east. We’re it not for all the. Christmas markets and baby jesus.

    That will be Scotland if we keep our borders open.

    We need to build up our own people. Our own skills.

    I’m not ashamed to say it. I want people to save Grangemouth. To save Scottish jobs for Scottish men.

    Scotland first. Yet Humza wants to give all our money away – 36 million – to Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

    He wants to shut down the oil and force us to use Willie Hughey’s heat pumps. He says don’t work in Scotland?

    I’m sorry. I won’t accept a heat pump and a perishing home. I want a publically owned energy company. Oil and gas. Scottish jobs for Scottish workers.

    Nothing to be ashamed of. I want Scotland first.

  156. stuart mctavish

    Sturgeon going down could be a revelation too far for ANY of the pally pants down headlines but in a week where Amour Endwar could do considerably worse than take a long look in the mirror and reflect on whether it’s his own dumb clients that need to apologise to Boris – ie for projecting OUR lies, fears and sickie nonceness onto the most loveable Tory PM (excluding Liz Truss and dishy out rishi) since Theresa May – a promotion back to health secretary in time to apologise to the witches of Haddington in person at next week’s travelling cabinet might go down very well indeed, and for all manner of good reasons.

  157. Ruby

    The 20 mph speed limit has nothing to do with safety it’s all about ‘hurt feelings’.

    If you post my comment I’ll let you into the secret about these speed limits.

  158. David Hannah

    I’ve gone full donald duck. Believe me. I was on the all under one banner marches. “Scotland loves EU” “Independence, will be progressive, outward looking.” “everyone is welcome here. Refugees”

    And despite the fact that the political elite disinherited us long ago. And Britain is essentially a toxic two class system. We’re stuck in where the rich don’t lay their fair share of tax. And we’re treated like peasants essentially. My dreams and hopes for the future are being crushed.

    Until such times as we’re building more housing, rent controls for the obscene costs of living in Glasgow. Salmond actually did a documentary on the 600 empty flats at Wyndford. They should go to Scottish men. Not to be demolished for mid tier let to gentrify Maryhill. Not the next wave of Ukranian refugees. Until such times.

    I want a pause on immigration a change of course as the cost of living bites.

    Only Independence we can take on the billionaire beasts but we need to help ourselves first.

    We are Scottish. We are not British. We are not European. We are loyal to Scotland our many faiths creeds and communities that are here. We look after Scotland first. We need to vote in Scotland first politicians who will save our jobs at Grangemouth. And save our way of life.

  159. Ruby

    Breeks says:

    I have a notion they tried to go after Rev Stu too, didn’t they?

    I think they did!
    Three letters of the alphabet involved!

  160. John Main

    @David Hannah says:8 December, 2023 at 6:12 am

    I would build a 96 mile wall in an Independent Scotland

    Wouldn’t you need immigrants to do that?

    Haha, just my little joke.

    But your post is unclear. Is the wall to keep the English (and their unwelcome “guests”) out? Or us in?

  161. Ruby

    David Hannah says:
    8 December, 2023 at 6:50 am
    We look after Scotland first.

    Unfortunately that isn’t trendy!

  162. John Main

    @twathater says:8 December, 2023 at 3:55 am

    I ask anyone on WOS who is an ALBA member if they know officially whether Ash Regan’s original proposal of every election being a plebiscitery election still stands or if it has been dumped in favour of a referendum to decide if HR can call a referendum, and if it has on whose authority was it DUMPED

    Good question. One I asked a few days back too.

    Regan’s plebiscitary election proposal was a popular one, and it almost got her the position of FM of Scotland. It was certainly that policy that got her my support in the SNP leadership election.

    So if it was a good policy then, it’s still a good policy now.

    Has she taken it with her to Alba?

    It it’s been dropped as an idea, why?

    And yes, clarity about the referendum on a referendum idea too, cos that’s what I understood it to mean.

  163. Ruby

    Oh fuck I wish I hadn’t read his
    ‘dark sarcasm in the class room’

    Hey teacher leave us ‘kids’ alone!

  164. Robert Louis

    Does all of this not tell us that something is very, very seriously wrong with democracy within Scotland? This is what we might expect in a dictator nation, or a country controlled by a military junta.

    The jailing of the journalist Craig Murray, because, seemingly he was ‘the wrong kind of journalist’ as ruled by a single person (who has zero concept of justice, and should be nowhere near any court in a democracy), was outrageous. That was NOT justice.

    Now we see that the Scottish government are fighting tooth and nail, in the most ridiculous manner to withhold information that MUST in a democracy see the light of day.


    Scotland’s court of session, the highest civil and constitutional court in Scotland, did the right thing this week. All of those in the highest levels of Scots law now need to step up to the mark, and stop Scots law being abused by miscreants within corridors of power, fuelled by puppets and spooks from another country, England.

    It must stop. At some point, Lawyers and sheriffs and law lords from Scotland need to say ENOUGH! We either live in a civilised country, Scotland, with a fair Scottish legal system, or we exist under tyranny. The jailing of the Scottish journalist Craig Murray was the thin end of the wedge, to the point we see ALL journalists feart to speak out against corruption and craven abuse of the Scottish legal system.

  165. Breeks

    twathater says:
    8 December, 2023 at 3:55 am

    I must be as stupid as Mr E because my reading of it SPECIFICALLY states that it is a referendum…

    The problem isn’t a Referendum, but a Referendum administered by Westminster, or its subordinate assembly, Holyrood.

    Since it is unequivocal that both Westminster and Holyrood both interpret the Scotland Act as “proof” of Scotland’s unconstitutional subordination, then in my opinion, neither of these institutions have any constitutional authority in the realm of Scotland where the people, the Community of the Realm, are sovereign.

    To my knowledge, bar one or two isolated commentators, there is only SALVO making proposals which take the appropriate initiative and do not rely upon Westminster’s consent to happen.

    There is big “however”.

    We Scots need some mechanism, yes, even a deeply flawed and unconstitutional mechanism, to establish and register there is majority support for Independence, which can then shed all the conflicting and unconstitutional detritus of Unionism, and leave us in command of a sovereign mandate for Independence.

    We have only ourselves to blame. SALVO has been banging the drum for months to establish a groundswell of public opinion which would give Scotland more purchase in International affairs, but too many of us would still rather quibble about their “preferred” strategies and not stand full square behind Scotland’s Liberation Organisation so that SALVO can demonstrate it’s own authority directly from the Community of the Realm and then act..

    What we NEED is a grassroots movement doing for SALVO style Liberation, what YES did for Independence back in 2014. That means filling our streets with SALVO banners and energising our disenfranchised voters who don’t typically vote, and building a movement that’s unstoppable whether it’s fighting a General Election, a Referendum, or dare I say it, manning barricades on our streets.

    All these supine charlatans in the Scottish “Government” are doing, is drinking from the poisoned chalice of UK government, and swallowing gallons of utter crap on all of our behalves.

    For this to be happening when Scotland is in very real existential danger from constitutional insurrection, economic destruction, plundering of our resources, social engineering and displacement of our young folks, … is frankly unforgivable. It’s disgusting.

    It is terribly, terribly nice of us to be so patient and take so many years to establish incrementally whether Nicola Sturgeon lied to us. Traitors who have sold out their nation, and its people, typically come to a more sticky end in a much shorter timescale. It seems “The Force” is weak in all of us.

    I’ve said it before; it reads as a glib sound bite, but the first Nation which needs to extend Scotland International Recognition is Scotland’s own Government. It’s not fkg rocket science, but currently they’re too busy championing the interests of delinquent pervs and weirdos, while Scotland screams in silence and dying agony.

    May these tossers NEVER be forgiven.

  166. President Xiden

    So not only do the smooth brains in Holyrood want us to abandon fossil fuels, they want to shut down Torness as well. The future is looking pretty bleak folks. #clownworld

  167. Ruby

    Not a single pair of rainbow laces to be seen!

    White Ribbon – White!

    Violence in any form is a something to take seriously but
    sorry I just can’t take these people with their ridiculous posters & slogans seriously.

  168. Robert Louis

    100% YES at 1 37pm,

    Exactly. To me it is obvious that England’s filthy corrupt ‘security services’ hands are all over this. THAT is why Craig was jailed. That is why their is this endless cover up.

    England would dearly have loved to destroy Salmond with their trumped up conspiracy against him, as by doing so, they incorrectly believed it would kill independence. They really, really do know nothing about Scots.

    One Scots word, thrawn. These things only strengthen our resolve to be free of English rule.

    The whole things stinks. It astonishes me that we do not have serious investigative journalists from across the world pouring over this. Are they unaware of this going on in Scotland, or are they being told by London to just ‘look the other way’?

    Reference for thrawn

    (part 3, relating to persons)

  169. Mia

    “She’s not being protected”

    She certainly has been very well protected until now.

    She has been indirectly protected by a judge who gave life long anonymity to potential perjurers to seemingly facilitate, in practice, a loophole for industrial scale information suppression;

    she has been protected by a crown office which delayed investigations and abused power to enforce the above anonymity by gagging a parliamentary inquiry, witnesses and pro-independence bloggers;

    she has been protected by a farcical parliamentary inquiry which let this liar waltz out scrutiny by claiming more than 50 times she did not know or couldn’t recall, and by letting key witnesses avoid proper scrutiny by giving “evidence” through a phone call (so potentially anybody could be in the room coaching them in what to say) or through a statement;

    she has been protected by each and every single one of the SNP members of both parliaments – it took a Tory MP to actually use the parliamentary privilege each SNP MP could have used to lift a little bit the lid on the whole disgusting matter – only, of course, for Westminster (and the crown) to turn a blind eye and do absolutely nothing about it.

    She resigned months ago and since then, the business of the motorhome and other unsavouries have came to light. Yet, both her and Murrell are still firmly in the SNP despite other members having being ejected from the party for far, far less.

    “Sturgeon is going down”
    Is she? I will believe it when I see it.

    What about the perjurers, are they going down too?

    What about those who have been protecting the perjurers? Are they going down too?

    And what about Sturgeon’s masters, are they going down too or what we saw this week in this court ruling was just a sign the masters might be starting to consider cutting the rope?

    “She is of no material value”
    Personally, I think you got that wrong. In my opinion, she only has to open her mouth and expose the whole conspiracy herself, from top to bottom, passing the bucket of accountability right up to her masters. What other reason than what she knows can possibly be there for her being protected by the establishment, parliament and SNP for so bloody long allowing her to get away with so much crap?

    Why have the conspirators been given lifelong anonymity when their case failed?

    Why were witnesses in the parliamentary inquiry allowed to get away with submitting a statement or a phone call?

    Why are judges willing to make complete fool of themselves, their professions and a mockery of the courts, for the sake of enforcing that anonymity and allowing information suppression to continue?

    What do the infamous whatsapp messages hide? Why were they refused as evidence? Are they being suppressed just because they might expose a conspiracy or are they being suppressed because they would reveal involvement or an allegedly politically neutral individual/entity?

    Why is taking this branchform investigation so bloody long to actually progress? Who/What is stalling it?

    Why is the establishment (including the press) going so soft on Yousaf when everybody and their dog among the public knows the ludicrous charade his “leadership” coronation was?

    This can only be because she (and Yousaf) still retain a hell of a lot of value for the establishment. I very much suspect that value might be, like the anonymity granted to potential perjurers, lifelong.

    – “Not when the Courts have ordered the Scottish Government to release the information”

    I might have completely misunderstood, but I did not see or hear the courts “ordering” the Scottish government to release the information. I distinctly remember the judge giving the verdict saying something down the lines that Yousaf’s government may still attempt to pursue other routes to keep suppressing the information from the public. Cynical as I am, it appears to me this ruling was only given because there might be enough confidence in the establishment that critical information can still be suppressed through other means.

    If I am not mistaken, Lady Dorrian’s court facilitated the suppression of information by this rogue government, its collaborators and the crown office with its ruling. It would be rather farcical if this other court were now to open wide the floodgates of compromising information, don’t you think?

    In my personal view, what we saw this week was just another performance to add in to the long list of this saga. This looked to me like a mere attempt to distance, in the eyes of the public, the crown from Sturgeon and the aftermath of her ruling.

    The problem with that performance is that, for as long as the crown keeps its fingers on the three powers as it has now, the courts, the government and parliament are all in the exact same side, which is the diametrically opposite side to where the people of Scotland sits.

    Let’s not forget, the crown could trash the referendum bill before it even entered parliament because an unelected representative of the crown snatched control of the legislative power of Scotland from the people of Scotland and handed it to the crown.

    And let’s not forget either that this was only possible because Sturgeon invited this unelected representative of the crown to the executive cabinet.

    It stands to the obvious that the only real beneficiary of snatching control over the legislative power (and sovereignty) from the people of Scotland and handing it to the crown, is the crown itself. From this, the evident conclusion is that Sturgeon has been a crown tool all along which abused her position of trust by pro-independence voters to turn that trust right against them.

    We see the exact same with Yousaf, whose first job was to keep that unelected representative on the crown in the executive cabinet, the second was to hand over Scotland’s stone of destiny for the coronation of the English king and, as we saw this week, the third is to maintain the information suppression.

    The real question is how far the people of Scotland can pull down that rope of accountability before it breaks (or is cut from above) and how many dodgy links we could bring down in the process.

  170. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Mòran taing a-rithist, a Mhia.
    Many thanks again, Mia.

  171. John Main

    Why is the establishment (including the press) going so soft on Yousaf when everybody and their dog among the public knows the ludicrous charade his “leadership” coronation was?

    Amen to that.

  172. Den

    @Mia says: What about those who have been protecting the perjurers? Are they going down too?
    What the courts giveth (anonymity ) they can also take away. If the accusations are proven categorically to be untrue / false they have that power. I suspect the AS legal action is the first step on that road. So in answer to your question mybees.

  173. Stoker

    David Hannah says on 7 December 2023 at 9:13 pm: “Nae maar posts fae me…Before I sound like a nutter ahaha.”

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that ship sailed long ago. Not only do you come across as a “nutter” but you also come across at times as a racist and misogynist.

    And you can add selfish to that too because it is hard enough for folk to get their own comments on to this site, with delays etc, without someone constantly posting a barrage of anywhere between 3 – 10 comments at a time to all basically rant about the same thing.

    For example, yesterday when the comment count was at 101 your contribution was 21 of those comments. FFS! I think you’ve probably since doubled that. As soon as folk see your username all over the place they’re clearing off because it’s not worth them adding a comment that’s going to get buried by you.

    Your constant posting is cutting the chances of others getting their comments read by having them shoved further up thread by your deranged ranting contributions. You also post direct links to Unionist rags, including scummy right-wing Tory rags. You don’t even get the hypocrisy between that and some of your rantings, do you?

    Advice, take it or leave it, no skin off my nose. But i noticed just the other day someone being driven to comment on your actions. You need to practice controlling your impulses better. Put more thought into your post-preparation instead of just repeatedly firing off a series of thoughts as you get them, it’s not a good look. For your sake if not for anyone else’s.

    Don’t say nobody warned you.

  174. Republicofscotland

    Good points Mia, I too am not that confident that the SNP House of Cards will come tumbling down.

    We had Craig Murray the only person EVER to be imprisoned for Jigsaw Identification and his trial (if you could call it that was farcical), whilst several MSM journalists DID name some of the Alphabeties but faced no charges or consequences whatsoever.

    Gordon Dangerfield has an excellent articles on the “Report of the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints”, where as you say Sturgeon refused on numerous occasion to answer when questioned, preferring to use the can’t recall, can’t remember, or not the best of my knowledge routine at least fifty times.

    AS for Operation Branchform, the original complainer Sean Clerkin must be disheartened with Police Scotland, its been over two-years since Branchform was launched and no one has been charged with anything, and to be quite honest it doesn’t look like anyone will be charged.

    And as you have mentioned scandal after scandal has saw absolutely no one resign from the SNP/Greens Scottish government, there’s just no accountability anymore.

    I feel since 2015 when Sturgeon became FM that the judiciary and the COPFS are too closely linked with the SNP/Greens Government in Scotland, and its been terrible for honesty and clarity.

  175. Alf Baird

    Robert Louis @ 7:05 am

    “ENOUGH! We either live in a civilised country, Scotland, with a fair Scottish legal system, or we exist under tyranny.”

    In a colonial society it seems pretty clear where we are, and that ‘there is an infinite distance between colonialism and civilization’ (Cesaire).

    The Scottish legal establishment need to finally decide which croun thay ser – either the foreign English Imperial Crown which renders Scotland a wee pouerless colonie and Scots subordinate, or the Scottis Croun and the Community o oor ain Realm as soverane.

    Much as we see, fowk cannae ser twa maisters – thay aye luve ane an laith the ither. That is an ever downward spiral in which ‘a colonised people ultimately perish’ (Memmi).

    The Scottish judiciary (still) has the power to end this corrupt violated Treaty of Union and its endless deceitful and unlawful protection of England’s numerous colonial agents and functionaries sent among us. Failure to do so will consign themselves, Scots Law, and all Scots to oblivion, which is the current trajectory.

  176. Molesworth

    Journalism of the highest order. Thank you Rev.

  177. Effijy

    I have every faith in the degree of corruption in this country where anything and everything can be covered up.

    I recall that there was a file relating to evidence that politicians, members of the judiciary as well as senior civil servants having illegal relations with persons under age.

    This was to be opened again and a friend of the Tory Party was to head up an enquiry.
    It transpired that this file was the one and only one that went missing and it was never discovered who had taken it.

    There were complaints about the lady in charge being a close associate of the Tory Party so after time she was replaced with another close ally of the Tory Party.

    After a time I believe she was replaced by a lady from far off New Zealand.
    I believe that lady gave up after seeing the hurdles put in front of the case.

    Now the Tories don’t need to accept any decision made in the Supreme Court.
    They like the many say Rwanda is not a safe place to be.

    The Tories now making a new law to establish that they can overrule the truth or facts to suit their own purpose.

    If they wish to charge you for a dog license when you only have a cat it’s just too bad.

    And there where those who said Orwell’s Newspeak and Doublespeak could never happen.

    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength! We in the U.K. it is.

    Let’s get involved more than any other European Nation in the Ukraine, Palestinian, Syrian and Yemen wars while the country is flouring and no one goes hungry or cold and where public services are flourishing and the NHS has enough resources to keep us healthy?

  178. Ian Brotherhood

    @Mia (9.06) –

    It does feel hopeless at times, as if these bastards have all bases covered. What you describe i.e. that lack of accountability in almost every public sphere we can think of, appears to go right to the top every time, coalescing around the most senior offices in the country.

    We’ve all been trying to get our heads around this for a long time now. FWIW, my gut-feeling is that we’re not looking at people abusing their ‘power’. They have no power to begin with, they have handlers who give them instructions. And the reason they have no choice but to follow those orders is because they’re blackmail victims. All of them.

    As to the root of the most serious charges which make that blackmail possible in the first place (and then cascades down though the ‘ranks’) we could be looking at territory which hasn’t entered mainstream speculation because it’s just too much for people to take.

    Yes, I’m talking about elite ‘interests’ of the kind catered for by Epstein and his ilk. We’ve known about them for years. Ghislaine Maxwell has been in prison how long now? Still no names, no charges for any of the VIP clients she was handling.

    I don’t have any ‘privileged’ information, just trying to offer a logical conclusion based on what we know. I hope I’m wrong and that it all boils down to straightforward greed and power-struggling, backstabbing etc but it could end up being very nasty indeed.

  179. Geri

    Maybe we should hold a referendum on the King.

    When was the last time we were asked?

    He’s not our King. He has no sovereignty here so we shouldn’t have a parliament seeking his approval on anything.

    He is here by consent. Let’s test it..


    They’re still using the 50% + 1 & invite others to make that clear in a manifesto.

    Ash Regan’s bill is in addition to that. It’s to give the power to the people of Scotland to hold a referendum on whether Holyrood SHOULD hold the powers to legislate for independence.

    Westminster ruled we can’t via Holyrood. Well Ash seeks to ask the sovereign people of Scotland about what they think.

    That along with 50%+1 is a clear message.

    It is to be held on the anniversary next year. Sept 18th 2024.

    Watch the latest Alex Salmond Speaks episode for further clarification. I believe they held a press conference.

    I’m surprised Stu hasn’t done an article on it yet.

  180. Agent x

    Humza Yousaf loses landmark court case on Holyrood gender reforms

  181. robertkknight

    Ash Regan’s Bill will be a litmus test for the SNP, if nothing else it’ll expose the troughing Devo-maxers who don’t want Indy if it means their gravy bus grinds to a sudden halt.

  182. stuart mctavish

    Dem @ 10:19

    What courts giveth(anonymity) they can take away..

    Not without a trial or, in this case, several.

    First that needs to happen might be imprisonment/ judgment of the name that we do know (Alex Prentice of “sexual predator” infamy).

    Next might be private prosecution of the Justice Minister (McAskill?) responsible for the legislation as delivered (in order to get a formal record of its true intent if it’s not yet been struck from the statute book

    An appeal by Salmond or an aggrieved third party (ie we the people in pursuit of our £3million each :)) would then be required to show that the judge had misconducted themselves over and above all the other shenanigans (doubtless a formality by that stage given the so called contempt(s?) of court that DID get noticed and inappropriately dealt with in consequence)

    At which point, for anyone still curious, a judgement overturning the anonymity order could be sought but would probably be refused on grounds of having dishonoured ourselves enough without bringing broken promises to attractive women into the mix (whatever that might mean to the contemporary speech police)

    None of the above is necessarily difficult but all of it would be time consuming and doubtless even more demoralising than it has been so far.

    David Davis on other hand, a man who must have been reduced to tears of laughter many a time by his good friend Boris and will surely be as appalled as any right thinking mind at the thought of the person least responsible for the seasonal flu nonceness taking ALL of the blame, can presumably now blow the doors off as early as this afternoon (if he hasn’t already done so)

  183. Geri

    In short..

    50%+1 at every election. Invites other parties to also make this clear in a manifesto.

    In addition

    A ref to be held in Scotland on whether Holyrood should have the powers to hold referendums. She’s seeking to ask Scots if they think parliament should have them. (It’s not for SC to decide)

    That will also sort the wheat from the chaff in Holyrood if they vote against it.

    Neale also has a Devo bill in WM.

    Alba are the only ones doing anything. SNP are too busy with deviants to care.

    Why has Roddy left? Was it the recent party elections or did he step down?

    I’m not a member btw. SNP scunnered me off joining party again. Tho they do need funds to keep going.

  184. Republicofscotland

    The UoG shibboleth gets a few new unionist members, the UoG has been a Britnat staging post for years now.

    “Former Deputy First Minister John Swinney is to join the University of Glasgow as an honorary professor.

    The veteran MSP is to take up a role at the university’s Centre for Public Policy.

    Ken Thomson, former director general of strategy and external affairs at the Scottish Government, will also become an honorary professor.

    The pair join a team including Chris Stark, chief executive of the UK’s Climate Change Committee, and Carnegie UK chief executive Sarah Davidson.”,john-swinney-takes-up-university-of-glasgow-role

  185. Breeks

    I know I’ve been guilty of it myself, and I don’t want to suddenly be all Po faced about it now, but we need to watch our dialogue so we don’t inadvertently undermine or prejudice Salmond’s legal action.

    These are slippery bastards we’re dealing with, and they will be sure to exploit every indiscretion or careless remark to their fullest advantage.

    Just remember Craig Murray, and the hair-trigger nature of his prosecution and the ever present issue of Contempt.

    We can set the stage for what we think is coming, but we should all be careful not to become players in it.

    I know the frustration, and yes, it often gets the better of me too, but this shit is getting important now. Let the Boss win his Court Case unhindered by our roving conjecture, and trust that he’ll know what to do with the leverage it gives him.

    I’m gonna redouble my efforts to bite my tongue. We should all do likewise… for now.

  186. Red

    Mia – Why is the establishment (including the press) going so soft on Yousaf when everybody and their dog among the public knows the ludicrous charade his “leadership” coronation was?

    You can tell who the goodies and baddies are by how the establishment press reacts.

    Hated by Western media = probably a good guy.

    Humza Yousaf is a deliberate insult to the Scottish people. Very important they keep him in place to demoralise and discredit Scottish nationalism. Nationalism and patriotism require confidence and a feeling that you’re not alone, that your countrymen will give you haunners. The assurance of an Alex Salmond.

    Yousaf and the rest of the nuSNP aim to alienate you, to make you feel uncomfortable and unsettled in your own country. A depressed, divided nation can’t defend itself against globalism.

  187. Geri

    Great news they’ve lost.
    It’s been a fabulous week so

  188. Geri



    Cross posted there as I’d meant to add that bit.

  189. Tartan Tory

    Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be thankful for Westminster winning a battle with the (Nu)SNP, but there we have it.

    Two shocks in one thread:

    The Sun is tops of the media and Westminster is the good guy.

    This is a feckin deep rabbit hole I’m finding myself in. Guess I Should have taken the blue pill……

  190. willie

    Ah dear, so many comments, so many observations about just how rotten and corrupt the Scottish Government and the arms of the state are.

    Scotland is truly a colony of banana republic proportions. No one, and I mean no one from the most politically deaf to the most politically astute can be in any doubt about how rotten our system is.

    Truly with the behaviours of the SNP aided, abetted, and encouraged by the colonial masters they are the ipso facto Nasti Party in action and deed.

    Secrecy, a sectarian and biased police force, a with a sectarian and politically biased Crown Office, and senior civil service, Scotland is little different from apartheid South Africa or the partisan and apartheid Northern Ireland so well looked after by the Royal Ulster Constabulary ( Catholics need not apply ) and the B Specials.

    But people are waking up to what is going on. And they need to know. The Vichy SNP have had their palms well greased. And when criminality and bias sit at the heart of government even the deafest know that the country is on a downward spiral.

    And that is why in colony after colony the Brits had to be kicked out. And in the case of America, they actually amended their constitution to allow civilians to keep arms lest the British tried to return. Such is the Brits legacy around the world many ex colonies are now seeking reparations.

    But back to Scotland we need to kick the Brits out. Maybe a wry joke about deportation of Anglo Brit settlers to Rwanda but the obscenity of that policy does reflect in relation to the now accelerating ” plantation of Scotland ”

    And division through ethnic engineering, ethnic seeding is absolutely not what we want in Scotland. Northern Ireland know that only too well. And they know only too well that in relation to the hard won Belfast Agreement that Britain would break that agreement at the drop of a hat and put the troops back were it not for international intervention.

    And international intervention is maybe what we need. In the meantime, the old slogan of Brits Out may have a lot to commend it.

    Peace, progress and fairness is what Scotland wants not division and inequality. And that is what colonialism Brit style brings in large measure.

  191. Merganser

    So another bucket load of our cash squandered on a court case about an idiotic policy that nobody voted for or wanted – except all the idiot troughers who sit in Holyrood.

    The SNP is behaving like Harry and Meghan -trying to make out they and Scotland are victims all the time when it is all self – inflicted.

    Just get independence done.

    But if the SNP carry on like this they will put people off independence good and proper

  192. PacMan

    I see the Scottish Government has lost their case about Gender reform.

    This isn’t a defeat for Yousaf but one for all the parties in Holyrood including the Tories who had voted for this bill.

  193. Geri

    I’d propose another bill in Holyrood.

    Any personal hobby horse that’s not stated clearly in a manifesto is funded by the individual.

    It was absolutely bonkers to not only pass this defiantly but to then waste copious amounts on legal challenges while they had no mandate to do so.

    Self ID was mentioned nowhere.

    It was a despicable thing that the SNP did by transferring Indy votes to an unelected fringe party to trash Holyrood, schools, hospitals, police, universities etc with deviant shit & no mandate to do so while they totally ignored the mandate they DID have; independence.

    & Why I’ll never vote for them again. They simply can’t be trusted on anything. They’re totally lost to me now.

  194. dasBlimp

    After the SNP lost their case on Holyrood gender reforms HY said..

    “The only way to guarantee we get true self-government is through independence. Sovereignty should lie with the people of Scotland, not a Westminster government we didn’t vote for with the ability to overrule our laws.”

    Well, that will strike a chord with everyone here so now will you support him? … erm

  195. ABruce

    Hannah, stop your obnoxious ranting. It is getting very tiresome. Go on a holiday to Rwanda and become an overstayer.

  196. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “What about being in Ireland or any other EU state or anywhere else in the world, except the UK extensions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand?”

    Scottish courts have no jurisdiction regarding contempt outwith the UK.

  197. A Scot Abroad

    Rev Stu, @ 3:56 pm,

    Is that actually the case, re Scottish jurisdiction outwith Scotland, but in the rest of the U.K.?

    It wasn’t in the Spycatcher book case back in the 80s, where E,W&NI laws didn’t apply in Scotland. This would be the reverse of course. Does Scottish jurisdiction apply in E,W&NI?

  198. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 4:23 pm

    “Scottish jurisdiction” seems rather a misnomer whilst key decision makers all look to London for direction, as per this decision and others. The same with “E,W&NI”.

    Judgements tend to align with the dominant cultural values in force; in a colonial society it is only the dominant ‘values of the colonizer that are sovereign’ (Memmi).

    If the Scottish judiciary acted in Scotland’s interest they would have long since rendered the corrupt and violated Treaty of Union void.

  199. A Scot Abroad


    as soon as you realise that Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England are simply just regions of a larger country called the United Kingdom, life will make more sense to you.

    I’m very proud of my Scottish ancestry and heritage. Just as a Yorkshireman would be, or a lady from Wessex, or an Ulsterman or a Londoner or a Welshman. But it’s ultimately meaningless. We are all of the United Kingdom. It’s people like you who want to drag things backwards, to the detriment of all of us, who impede life.

  200. JockMcT

    An email just in from Alex Salmond states;

    “Firstly, there is Ash Regan MSP and her St Andrew’s Day announcement of a new referendum Bill on the powers of the Parliament and independence. This is the most important initiative in Scottish politics for years and finally offers a way to break through the logjam on progress towards independence, where Scotland has been stuck since 2014.

    Combined with ALBA policy on all our candidates seeking an independence mandate at each and every election, this offers a democratic dynamic duo of proposals which presents ALBA as the only Independence Party with a strategy for getting us there. The most important aspect of ALBA’s plan is that there is no more going cap in hand to London. It takes Scotland’s future back into Scotland’s hands.

    Please watch this week’s episode of Scotland Speaks for a full explanation of ALBA’s new independence initiative.

  201. ronald

    And on another page English supreme court ( WE DIDNT DO IT FOR U BETH ).


  202. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 5:39 pm

    “Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England are simply just regions.” “I’m very proud of my Scottish ancestry and heritage.”

    I wouldn’t have thought there was much to be proud of keeping Scotland a dependent subordinate region and the Scots as ‘a people’ subject to the whims of a dominant foreign culture and political ideology.

    You must be aware that no former British colony that decolonized ever wanted to return to London rule. Why don’t you try independence? If you and other ‘proud Scots’ don’t like it you could always campaign to return to the warm embrace of the mother country.

  203. David Hannah

    “ABruce says:
    8 December, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    Hannah, stop your obnoxious ranting. It is getting very tiresome. Go on a holiday to Rwanda and become an overstayer”

    Rodger that to everyone. I know you are all right. Thanks.

  204. twathater

    @ GM and Geri thanks for your responses, Geri @ 12.13pm the reason I had to ask posters btl on WOS and Barrhead boy if Ash’s plebiscitery proposal is still active is because there is no sign of it anywhere on ALBA’S policies or standpoints which is TBQH pathetic, and Roddy insulting people because they ask for clarification just reminds me of snp diehards and sycophants pushing the wheesht for indy mantra and we all know how that has turned out

    I take the point that Ash’s new proposal is to solidify that Scots voters believe HR has the right to call a ref on indy BUT a plebiscite election does exactly that and can be argued irrespective of the unionists bleats that it is a referendum of the people, all a political party has to do is STATE that a vote for them IS a vote for independence , if you don’t want independence don’t vote for them and as long as they get 50%+1 votes of the electorate it will be enacted
    Geri I did read the latest press release from Alex and ALBA and unfortunately I still cannot find any reference to a plebiscite policy or mandate

    This referendum to see whether Scots have the right to hold a referendum is only playing into WM hands and playing by their rules, which you have said many times Geri that as soon as you reach their rules they just change the goalposts again, afaic this is just another can kicking exercise until the next obstacle presents itself

    @ Breeks 7.07am I share your enthusiasm for SALVO,Liberation.Scot and SSRG but I would ask you to check out Roddy McLeod of Barrhead boys responses when SALVO ,SSRG, or Liberation.Scot is mentioned on his blog, his denigration and disgust is palpable , whether Roddy is still an official within ALBA or just an ordinary member as he claims to be I believe past interaction with the ALBA hierarchy and SALVO indicates that the political class are not interested in a PEOPLE’S CONVENTION they are firmly in the middle and upper class greater good of Scotland the ones who have sold Scotland and Scots out repeatedly, your Kirsty Warks and Sarah Smiths

    I note the multitude of comments and commenters here and on Barrhead boy rushing to elaborate and explain Ash’s proposals and confirming with proof that ALBA has adopted the plebiscitery route as outlined by Ash and it will be the mainstay of their manifesto for every election going forward

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