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Contempt of justice

Posted on September 07, 2020 by

We’ve had another letter from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

And slowly, painfully, we’re starting to get at least some answers.

The reply maintains the snippy, condescending tone of the previous one, and you can read it in full here:

So let’s strip out the waffle and see what we’ve been told.

“However, contrary to what you assert, that safeguard does not in any way prevent or prohibit the Law Officers from being accountable to the Scottish Government. In that regard you may wish to consider section 48 of the Scotland Act 1995 in its entirety rather than just the subsection you were referred to. In particular I would specifically draw your attention to section 48(1) which states:

“It is for the First Minister to recommend to Her Majesty the appointment or removal of a person as Lord Advocate or Solicitor General for Scotland; but he shall not do so without the agreement of the Parliament.”

An interesting use of “he” there, by the way. But none of the above constitutes “being accountable to the Scottish Government”. The Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament are not the same thing, and being able to recommend someone be removed is not the same thing as having the power to do so.

For example, the First Minister could recommend to the Queen that her government conduct a second independence referendum, but that’s not the same as being able to make it happen.

“Further, and perhaps more importantly in this regard, section 48(2) is in the following terms:

“The Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland may at any time resign and shall do so if the parliament resolves that the Scottish Government no longer enjoys the confidence of the Parliament.” 

Finally in this regard I would also suggest that you refer to section 44 of the Scotland Act 1995 which makes it clear that both Law Officers are members of the Scottish Government, and as such Scottish Ministers.

What that says is that if the Scottish Government loses a vote of confidence, the Lord Advocate and Solicitor General would be booted out with them. That, staggeringly obviously, is not even remotely the same thing as being able to sack just those two people if they fail to do their jobs properly.

“I trust that this will assist to clear up the apparent confusion.”

And of course it does absolutely no such thing. The Lord Advocate is either a normal minister – and as such answerable to and sackable by the First Minister – or he isn’t, and we’ve just been told that he isn’t, because the FM can’t even recommend his resignation to the Queen without the approval of the whole of Parliament.

So we’re no further forward there. The next passage was a little more fruitful, though.

The next issue you raise is to question why COPFS deals with complaints about the service it provides. In my previous letter I referred you to the COPFS complaints procedure on the COPFS website, and I would respectfully do so again.”

Since all of my letters have been sent to the COPFS complaints address, I’m not sure what else Ms Miller thinks our correspondence represents, but she continues:

“If you look at the procedure you will see that it makes it clear that if after receiving our final decision on your complaint you remain dissatisfied with our decision or the way we have handled your complaint, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to consider it.

It is by no means uncommon for public services to have a complaints procedure which will look to resolve complaints in the first instance as is the case in COPFS. Indeed it is my understanding that SPSO will ordinarily expect a complainer to have exhausted the public service’s own complaints procedure before they will consider it, but you may wish to check that position with SPSO.

No definition is given of “final” or “exhausted”. But in any event we already know that the SPSO is a purely advisory body with no actual power to do anything.

In my letter of 11 August I’d asked this question:

“Is it really the case, as these responses would suggest, that COPFS is simply and quite literally a law unto itself, in all meaningful and practical senses answerable to no-one?”

So now we do appear to have a definitive if reluctant answer to that, and the answer is “Yes it is”. If nobody has the power to “change or overturn” your decisions, then you are answerable and accountable to no-one.

This may explain the otherwise scarcely-believable situation that the head of COPFS, the Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC, is still in his post at the time of writing despite recently admitting to personal responsibility for several “malicious” prosecutions in the wake of the collapse and death of Rangers FC in 2012.

The story has been covered in the press, but with remarkably little prominence given that astoundingly, in addition to the injustices suffered by several individuals, the fiasco stands to cost the Scottish taxpayer up to £40 million in damages alone.

Wolffe is also ultimately responsible for the failed prosecution of Alex Salmond, a huge operation which got as far as the High Court and will undoubtedly have wasted untold millions more. Yet as the head of COPFS he feels no apparent inclination to offer his resignation for such extraordinary catastrophes – for Scotland’s prosecution service not to merely have gotten things wrong, but to have done so out of malice – and the government shows no sign of having sought it.

(We are, of course, yet to officially discover whether the prosecution of Mr Salmond was also a malicious one as well as a fiasco, and who else may have been driving it, but in any event the buck stops at Mr Wolffe’s desk.)

The rest of the letter is yet another blunt evasion of COPFS’ responsibility to protect the anonymity of complainers:

Specifically in relation to contempt of court it is not accurate for you to say that COPFS is the sole authority which makes decision. It is the court who makes all decisions on such matters. Whilst COPFS can refer allegations of contempt of court to the Court for it to consider, the Court can initiate such proceedings of its own volition or indeed on the application of any interested party.”

What that says is that if you ask COPFS for guidance on whether something you’re about to write might identify anyone protected by a court order, their answer is that they don’t care. They simply won’t tell you if they’d refer you to the judge for it (and therefore for prosecution) or not, and they have no interest in protecting the witness by preventing it, only with punishing anyone who does it after the event – and only then if they hold certain kinds of political views.

(They note that the court can act without their recommendation, but there’s no official way to contact individual judges and alert them to possible breaches. It apparently relies on every judge in Scotland being a regular reader of Wings Over Scotland.)

The above makes for a horrifying and frightening case in any supposed democracy. It speaks of an arrogant organisation that has the power to ruin people’s lives but is literally beyond the law and doesn’t care that you know it.

It speaks of public servants who don’t consider the confessedly malicious wasting of tens of millions of pounds of public money to be a resigning matter, because they know that there’s nobody who can MAKE them resign unless they can also take down the entire government to do it.

That, of course, is also the reason Leslie Evans is still in a job, having also wasted a fortune of public money on a biased and illegal persecution of Mr Salmond. And the common thread linking the continued employment of Ms Evans and Mr Wolffe is that their highly-paid positions are at least notionally in the gift of the First Minister.

We can only invite readers to speculate as to why, at such astronomical cost to both the public purse and to the reputation of some of Scotland’s most distinguished and important institutions, Nicola Sturgeon is so desperate to keep them both in place.

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    389 to “Contempt of justice”

    1. Dave Somerville says:

      Following this very closely Rev.

      Keep up the good fight, and I will be only too willing to contribute to any crowdfund if it is ever needed.

    2. kapelmeister says:

      Sturgeon, the FM who maintains flaw and ordure.

    3. Breeks says:

      And if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re about to take two more ‘arguably’ malicious prosecutions too… Craig Murray and Mike Hirst.

      …. You begin to realise why populists revolutions historically seek revenge on the Bourgeoisie which kept them oppressed.

    4. macbeda says:

      This is a real can of worms,
      I’m hoping you will continue to pursue the truth of this or have you reached the proverbial brick wall?

    5. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Very few areas of “public service” operates without effective oversight.

      Regardless of the background of this story COPFS has huge power and really should be under the scrutiny of an oversight body.

      The COPFS and the court system is in need of reform it is very inefficient and costly.

      Most importantly is the need to review decisions to prosecute or fail to prosecute, they must be required to explain such decisions.

    6. Kenny says:

      Great mischief, Wolffe, such a dirty look for Scotland.

      Good work, Stu.

    7. Willie says:

      And the malicious prosecution and incarceration of Manny Singh.

      Or the justified dawn raid on the home of Sean Clerkin last Friday for the crime displaying a protest banner in the vicinity of the public concourse outside Edinburgh airport.

      Salmond, Murray and Hirst are not the only recipients of the blunt instrument of suppression that Police Scotland and the COPFS have become. The apparatus of state are now weapons that are being widely used to destroy political opponents.

      Gulag Scotland under commissar Sturgeon and the rest of the politburo.

    8. Polly says:

      Even in England should court cases like the Rangers one fall apart and be admitted to be malicious by the state there would I believe be far more outcry for heads of those responsible to roll. That there isn’t here, despite the controversy and the money it will cost, tells us a lot.

      Is it that there’s no wish to further undermine our judicial system in case it gives Westminster more rope to hang it by interference or overrule/overlay with English law or is avoidance of addressing this failure being used as a means to allow them to do so? Or are the people concerned so important they can’t be let go. I’d always heard Wolfe was very clever and I was shocked when I read he had kept pushing ahead with this and I’m curious about Carloway’s role and motivation too last October.

    9. fillofficer says:

      i recall the lambasters questioning your journalistic credentials, rev
      your recent work shows them up for the sycophants & presstitutes that they are
      this exposee would never see the light of day in a ‘serious’ broadsheet
      keep it up

    10. Beaker says:

      I’m going to read up on quantum mechanics. It’s easier to understand.

    11. Astonished says:

      We live in ‘Occupied Scotland’ – COPFS is a disgrace and I believe an honourable man in wolffe’s position would have resigned long before now.

      The first minister must act and, at the very least, say she has lost confidence in wolffe. I do not have any confidence that the justice minister will do the right thing.

      If only we had a media who would report this.

    12. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Taken together with this…

      …there’s more than enough evidence that the legal establishment in this country is not fit for purpose (if the purpose is, indeed, ‘justice’).

      The prosecution of Craig Murray and Mark Hirst must be stopped – does anyone have the power to do that?

    13. dramfineday says:

      Major restructuring required of COPFS by the looks of things….good work.

      I’m also interested in the wording around the sentence to do with initiation of Contempt of court –

      “or indeed on the application of any interested party”.

      So presumably if the Alphabet women complained they would be considered an interested party and could trigger action, but what of Alex Salmond? He has an interest too. Could he initiate Court action against (say) K Wark or indeed the Alphabet women for their contempt of Court both of the jury and the due process?

      And what if a jury member decided to chip in, fed up by having their integrity traduced by virulent parties, would the Court action on that?

      Mmmm, I could have a very good guess at the answers .

    14. Patricia Spencer says:

      Not at all surprised but getting extremely angry at the continuous squandering of tax payers money by the cabal that are playing their ‘fiddles’ as Scotland burns.

    15. Jan Cowan says:

      It’s fortunate for us that you are able and willing to uncover their foul trickery.
      Sturgeon and friends have to go.

    16. Breastplate says:

      That was the same sentence that had me thinking too.

    17. Dave Somerville says:

      If you think this list of accused is long, just wait until Sturgeon pushes through her Hate Crime Bill.

      She is one nasty lady.

    18. alwi says:

      Do the clowns (apologies if I do a disservice to clowns…) realise that over 670,000 people a month read this blog!!! That’s a lot of people. COPFS would be a laughing stock if not so serious. Just shows how arrogant they can be with the ‘stenographers to power’ (© Craig Murray) so firmly under the thumb.

    19. Patsy Millar says:

      dCOPFS sending you down the rabbit hole again!

    20. Patsy Millar says:

      Sorry, COPFS no d!

    21. G H Graham says:

      To the best of my recollection, after reading through a number of Acts over the weekend, The Lord Advocate can only be removed with the approval of the Parliament of Westminster – Scotland Act 1998.

    22. Ian says:

      “the Court can initiate such proceedings of its own volition or indeed on the application of any interested party.”

      Forgive my ignorance in this matter but can you not make an application to the court directly to investigate the journalists? I don’t understand the bit about needing to contact judges individually.

    23. Ottomanboi says:

      How can you test for something when you do not know what you’re testing for.
      It does not stop the social engineers from re-forming humanity.
      STURGEON & crew’s lack of enthusiasm for pro-active measures re independence suggests they’re part of this. Who needs nation states, democracy…..?
      Enabling useful idiots all.
      The weirdo english health minister blames people of my generation for the spread of covid….
      Just like some horror movie! Get the flame throwers the kids are on the block!

    24. cirsium says:

      Two quotes from your article (my bold)
      “The Lord Advocate, James Wolfe QC, admitted in court this morning that two administrators of the liquidated Rangers FC had been the victims of malicious prosecution by the Crown

      “the current Lord Advocate continued to fight the current cases even after documentary evidence showed that the prosecution was wrong

      an extract from the COPFS letter (my bold)
      “constitutional safeguards which ensures that prosecutors can make decisions independently of any other persons on the basis of a professional assessment of the evidence

      Is this statement from the COPFS an example of satire? In no way, shape or form does prosecuting a person when there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing constitute professional action or behaviour. The correct noun for this type of action is persecution not prosecution. The public knows about this wrongdoing because the defendants had the resources to take action. What happens to people without the money? Is the Scottish public safe when such officials have the freedom to act so unprofessionally? Will the First Minister or Justice Minister take remedial action?

    25. John H. says:

      You are obviously getting to them Stuart. Be careful. What would we do if you met with an “accident”. I don’t think that’s being melodramatic the way things are going.

    26. This guy “Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC”, am I right in thinking he is the one who has represented the Scottish Government in the UK Supreme Court on a number of occasions?

      If it is him he was crap.

    27. Effijy says:

      So we do know that no one is allowed to question
      Absurd rulings and there is no limit on how much
      Public money they can waste.

      We also know the weave a web so complicated and
      Lengthy that the ordinary citizen they are suppose to
      Serve has no chance of understanding anything they do.

      The whole system stinks from top to bottom and we obviously
      Do not have accountability, transparency or justice in our legal system.

    28. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Who is due to appear before the ‘harassment’ committee tomorrow?

      The more of us watching, the better. No single one of us can catch everything or work out what’s being omitted.

    29. Vivian O'Blivion says:

      I think Ms Miller may be mistaken. If the Scottish Parliament passed a vote of no confidence specifically against Wolffe then his position would be untenable. This is precisely what was attempted last month with Swinney. If the FM stepped in to save Wolffe then her jaiket would be on the proverbial shooglie peg.

    30. pa_broon74 says:

      Anyone else remember the days when the something like this would be leapt upon by the Scottish press so they could batter the SNP?

      That they’re not tells a story…

    31. iain mhor says:

      The ‘Problem’ of the Lord Advocate has been exercising legals for a couple of decades now, certainly since devolution, so take some heart about that. You may well be exasperated, but they’ve been tryin for reform longer – though perhaps with less, umm urgency?

      The Office of the Lord Advocate’ and its (his) abilty to pursue and stick his neb into legal cases with impunity, remains an irritant to the profession (as was highlighted during the Miller case) but perhaps it’s high time it became an irritant to the general public as well.

      In saying that, reform of the office of the Lord Advocate falls into the same mire as achieving Independence, or getting an S30 – it’s the same circus of ‘competencies’ and (as @GH Graham mentioned) gets you a front row for the Scotland Act and Westminsters Parliamentary Sovereignty.

      So yeah, we could push for reform, but we’d be as well just trying for Indy and holding the office of the Lord Advocate (and reform of COPFS?) up as yet another reason.

      I’ll ask him his personnal thoughts on the matter, if he trots round with my winning Tesco hamper.

    32. Douglas says:

      That was a decent, time consuming and well thought out reply by COPFS. Looks like this is going to be another malicious prosecution case for the SPSO to wriggle and squirm over.

    33. Willie says:

      I wonder of the Lord Advocate sleeps soundly in his bed at night.

      He’s clearly a man who thinks he can do malice. Maybe he thinks he is invincible or untouchable.

      We play fast an loose when we disregard the rule of law in favour of blunt political suppression.

    34. deerhill says:

      Something that has been intiguing me for some time.

      If a MSP, perhaps standing down at the next election,were to make a speech naming the Alphabet women in the Scottish Parliament, would he or she be guilty of Contempt of Court, or be protected by Parliamentary Privilege?

      I imagine that the Speaker would jump in pretty sharply, but the cat would be out of the bag.

      People have been named in Westminster, and the MP has claimed immunity because of P P. anyone know if this would be the same for H R?

    35. leither says:

      nice little blog you’ve got there……..shame if it were to get…..broken 🙁

    36. leither says:

      some of my best friends are lord advocates…..

    37. Republicofscotland says:

      “We can only invite readers to speculate as to why, at such astronomical cost to both the public purse and to the reputation of some of Scotland’s most distinguished and important institutions, Nicola Sturgeon is so desperate to keep them both in place.”

      Probably because they’re compliant, Craig Murray estimates that in the Alex Salmond fit up, which had 22 police officers searching for 4 years on dirt on Salmond, even up until July this year, along with civil servants costs and judicial review costs, lawyers costs, high court costs, court of session costs, parliamentary inquiry costs, British security services cost, and the £500,000 already awarded to Salmond due to the tainted process by Leslie Evans, and he reckons it will be close to a £10 million pounds bill for the taxpayer.

      Wolffe and Evans, and several more have failed Scotland miserably in their respective roles, and there should be a way of removing these people once and for all.

    38. Stan Broadwood says:


      Is one of your best friends called Cubby???

      He was another Sturgeon fanatic like yourself.

      Or will we just call you Cubby for short???

    39. ahundredthidiot says:

      leither @ 15:37

      ‘nice little blog you’ve got there……..shame if it were to get…..broken’

      Tough talk. Might even be grounds for dismissal.

    40. Garavelli Princip says:

      “The above makes for a horrifying and frightening case in any supposed democracy. It speaks of an arrogant organisation that has the power to ruin people’s lives but is literally beyond the law and doesn’t care that you know it.”

      This gets to the nub of the matter. The crucial term being “supposed democracy” because we don’t have one.

      We have ‘Her Majesty’s Advocate’, Her Majesty’s Government’ and ‘Her Majesty’s Ministers’. The real power in this kingdom is the residual feudal power of the Chief Landowner of the realm. All exucutive power exercised is at the ‘pleasure’ of Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It is a family racket – a mafia if you like.

      Recall that we address the bewigged balloons and buffoons operating the Windsor family racket as “my Lord/Lady”. These are residual feudal functions. The system is deliberately constructed and maintained precisely to PREVENT PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILTY.


      You continue:

      “It speaks of public servants who don’t consider the confessedly malicious wasting of tens of millions of pounds of public money to be a resigning matter, because they know that there’s nobody who can MAKE them resign unless they can also take down the entire government to do it.”

      Of course, they are NOT ‘public servants’ – they are Crown servants – supervised by Her Majesty’s civil service.

      And the whole government is appointed at “Her Majesty’s pleasure” – and she can dismiss any of them at any time she wishes (subject to ‘advice’ from the Prime Buffoon and the Privy Council – named very appropriatly after Her “Majesty’s” cludgie – where the whole stinking system belongs.

    41. Bill Craig says:

      Thanks Stuart. It’s a very worrying situation, and I’m not sure what the best next step might be. We can’t just pretend we don’t know there’s a big problem (which may have been around for a long time), but we may have to wait till we’re at the stage of discussing and adopting a national constitution.

      I know that’s no consolation to anyone on the receiving end of a malicious prosecution, now or in the past (I wonder how many there have been). A genuinely professional attitude would lead to Crown Office staff not acting as if they are the law and answerable to no-one. The least we can ask for is that the government, or the governing party, or even an opposition party, admits there is a problem.

      That would be a good first step.

    42. Ronald Fraser says:

      Just a wee observation regarding ITV, BBC and Sky News.

      Have you noticed how reporting of the Covid19 cases has changed?

      At the start of the crisis the four individual Nations fugures were reported as separate figures?

      And now the infection fugures are going through the roof, we seem to be getting all lumped in together.

      They now report it as “across the UK” figures.

      Now the SNP health department must be listening to the same news I listen to, so can you please tell me why the hell don’t they protest against the use of the way these figures are reported?

      This just doesn’t happen regarding Covid19, this happens right across the board, without hearing a peep of protest from our incompetent SNP government.

      Incompetence seems to be rife within this SNP administration.

    43. susanXX says:

      You’re getting to the heart of things Stu – well done!

    44. Achnababan says:

      here was me just wanting an independent Scotland (all my life) and now wondering what sort of characters are lining up behind Sturgeon…. masters and mistresses of the dark arts for sure.

      I am no longer SNP and will never rejoin but will join a local YES group if there is one in my area – how do we find out about where our local Yes groups have formed?

    45. Republicofscotland says:

      Outright lies from the Union Jack suit loving British nationalist Ian Murray, and here’s me thinking the Tories are a lying bunch of bar stewards.

      “SCOTLAND’s only Labour MP said that London should ask for its “money back” when campaigning against Scottish independence, it has emerged.”

    46. Elmac says:

      So much on here today to stir the blood. Like many others will feel, this goes further than the immediate goal of independence. There has to be a day of reckoning when the crimes (and they are crimes!) of Woolfe, Evans, the alphabet women, and others are investigated and put before a court in the new Scotland.

      There must be justice for all those who have suffered from these corrupt toadies, even if it has to wait a little longer. Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold.

    47. Grendel says:

      Achnababan (4.58): Use the Indy App.

    48. callmedave says:

      @Ronald Fraser

      UK Gov web site gives daily figures.

      Hmmmmm! But not today which makes me suspicious.

      Menu on the left lets you keep tabs on all the figures.


    49. mike cassidy says:

      Also worth keeping in mind

      This is the Kafkaesque legal system that will be responsible for prosecuting people if the Hate Bill becomes law

    50. twathater says:

      TBQH It appears we are NOT living in the 21st century we have NEVER left the 17th century , only our goods and technology has advanced but our place in society has never progressed , we are still just worker bees beholden and at the bidding of our own queen bee
      We are at the lower order of society who can be ignored or manipulated according to the whims of our betters and ANY individual bee that tries to question or challenge the ruling entity the soldier bees will be sent out to protect and destroy the miscreant

      So is this the BETTER FAIRER SCOTLAND that we were all looking forward to bequeathing to our future generations

      Is this current omnishambles of corruption and lies in Scotland worse than what has governed us for 300+ years , my answer is unfortunately yes , because they nurtured a belief in our hearts and minds that putting our TRUST in them would energise and stimulate their endeavours to deliver and build a more socially responsible, caring and equal society where the rich resources our country is blessed with will be utilised for the benefit of our nation

      Instead all we have is welcome to the new boss’s graft , corruption,lies and inequality , Same as the old boss’s graft,corruption,lies and inequality

    51. Ronald Fraser says:

      Callmedave 5.46pm

      The point I was making was our national News bulletins Only tell us of UK figures now.

      Before it used to give you the individual figures for each nation.

      My point being, they don’t want to show the England Only figures because they are so bad.

      And by the way,,,had a look at your graphs and can’t make head not tale of them lol

    52. callmedave says:

      @Ronald Fraser

      I agree with your general point that UK figs are pushed on he new & radio. I was posting the figures daily but stopped when WM told the NHSE to apply new rules and then they got the heave.

      PS: You can click on the graph columns etc for a breakdown 🙂


      Scotland play Czechs later:

      Here is a link:

      Choose your game: I’m going to watch our lot again. 🙂

      Mind their EU clocks are an hour ahead so don’t be late.

    53. Beaker says:

      I see that Susan Aitken is “only human”.

      Nothing to do with the fact she’s SNP and not an Aberdeen footballer…

      So Glasgow and some surrounding areas – now extended – must observe social distancing, but the leader of Glasgow City Council can do what the fuck she wants?

    54. John Alexander Ferguson says:

      Just finished “The right to know” by Clive Pointing Re the sinking of the General Belgrano. Reading the letter from the prosecution service was like reading the book all over again. Politics, lies and more lies.

    55. EL Cruden says:

      I am amazed that Peat Worrier has been so depressingly silent on all of this. There was a time, he’d be the first place we’d all have gone. A sorry, volume-speaking silence.

    56. MaggieC says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 2.49 pm

      Get the popcorn out for tomorrow’s committee meeting as it’s Leslie Evans and The Lord Advocate James Wolfe and it starts at 10.15 am .

      Here’s the link to the information ,

      And to the Public information and Agenda for tomorrow ,

      It’s makes for Interesting reading .

    57. defo says:

      I’ll knock you up a couple of swanky new primary schools, community hubs & all weather pitches included, and still have £ spare.

    58. MaggieC says:

      Rev Stuart Campbell ,

      Do you need a crowdfunder for a bigger shovel because it looks a though there’s a hell of a lot more digging to be done over this ? . LOL

    59. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Lord Advocate strikes me as being a legal official who is more than happy to place his politics above the law. This is what pretty much the entire British political order is want to do, and are encouraged to do so by our lack of a written constitution.

    60. Republicofscotland says:

      Over 40 human right organisations not even allowed to view Assanges trial, as judge throws out defences plea for an extension to January. This isn’t happening in some tinpot dictatorship, no its happening in the UK today.

    61. Elmac says:

      Republicofscotland @ 6.50

      This is happening in a tinpot dictatorship. How else would you describe the political cesspit in which we are forced to live?

    62. Famous15 says:

      You would think that the opposition would be all over this.

      Alex Cole-Hamilton reads this blog and he is also a member of the committee questioning Evans and Wollfe tomorrow. Given his skill at histrionics will Cole cause fireworks?

    63. Republicofscotland says:

      This is quite entertaining I think.

    64. Kenny says:

      This is very concerning indeed. It seems that Scotland inhabits a sort of grey zone in which the rule of law does not apply or the laws are so badly made as to amount to the same thing.

      I wonder if this is deliberate? To try and reduce Scotland to similar grey zones, such as Transdinistria, the east Ukrainian breakaway republics?

      If we become independent, this will still remain in place. That is why I have personally always advocated for us holding a referendum in which we choose which country to be in union with: England or Norway? Not really practical, of course, but I actually do think we need to automatically enter under the auspices of a Scandinavian country for a period of 5-10 years, so that the laws of a modern European democracy can function. Scotland by itself, under its own Scots law, is simply not fit for purpose.

      It should be noted that Nicola Sturgeon is a lawyer. Surely this would be top of her list to sort out after being in power since 2014. The mind boggles. It is actually very depressing.

      Top marks for Stu for pursuing this. I really think he should hold a separate crowdfunder on this matter, both for future research and a reward for exposing and entering into such bile.

    65. Contrary says:


      Wolffe QC is directly responsible for all the delaying actions on the Martin Keatings sec30 case – the case brought by the Scottish government, and the Scottish Parliament – are him – it’s him that is running interference. They’ll be trying to get it to eat up money – like they are doing to Craig Murray – to ensure justice isn’t done, and to keep delaying it because… Why? I’ve yet to hear a plausible excuse from their side (‘now is not the time’ isn’t plausible). Meanwhile the uk government is scrabbling around trying to change the laws (affecting ours too apparently) so people don’t have access to judicial review. Nope, can’t imagine why our pal Mr Wolffe would be trying to delay things.

      I would have thought the unionists and MSM would have leapt on these news stories – it’s the Scottish government that’s haemorrhaging money after all, and it’s their favourite sport to blame everything on the SNP (government) – surely this is a slam dunk? Can’t imagine why they are so quiet about it.

    66. Kenny says:

      PS I have just remembered that, historically, citizens of Scotland were also automatically citizens of France and Norway. Now, I believe the French thing was annulled around the time of the signing of the Entente, possibly in 1903… but Norway was not actually independent back then… is there a loophole? Can it be that we are still de jure citizens of Norway?!

    67. Republicofscotland says:

      “This is happening in a tinpot dictatorship. How else would you describe the political cesspit in which we are forced to live?”


      That’s the point I’m making between the two.

    68. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MaggieC (6.40) –

      Cheers aplenty. Appreciated.


    69. Mountain shadow says:

      You could ask the CPS whether they are legally bound to act upon an upheld complaint to the SPSO.

      If the answer is no, then they are clearly accountable to no one.

    70. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think it would be more accurate to describe the FM as a solicitor, rather than a lawyer.

      The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law and the Legal State (Rechtsstaat)

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      It is such a pity that those trained in Scots law, and allegedly at the top of Scotland’s legal profession, would not seek to secure and maintain Scotland’s civic society.

      The rule of law beyond the state: Failures,
      promises, and theory

    72. Breeks says:

      Kenny says:
      7 September, 2020 at 7:27 pm
      This is very concerning indeed. It seems that Scotland inhabits a sort of grey zone in which the rule of law does not apply or the laws are so badly made as to amount to the same thing.

      I wonder if this is deliberate? To try and reduce Scotland to similar grey zones, such as Transdinistria, the east Ukrainian breakaway republics?

      I think the entire UK is a complete grey zone, because anything laid down in explicit terms which tries to be definitive falls foul of the two distinct Constitutional entities which were once the separate Kingdoms of Scotland and England, mysteriously merged into one without anyone taking the trouble to address their fundamental and unalterable incompatibility.

      There is no written UK Constitution because the UK is a total fudge, and needs innumerable ‘conventions’, workarounds, and impenetrable sophistry to obscure the realty and perpetuate the 300 year illusion.

    73. robertknight says:

      Scotland getting a raw deal yet again!

      The vast majority of banana republics get decent weather. Why not Scotland?

      Piss-wet through in Glasgow today yet Caracas, for example, basks in 30° heat in light winds from the east.

      Bah humbug! Off to dry my socks over a candle…

    74. Stan Broadwood says:

      The SNP of 2012 is completely unrecognisable to the SNP of 2020.

      It’s as if it has been over run by evil demons from another planet (england for instance), and is ruled by a Cult leader called Sturgeon.

      She seems to have brainwashed the remaining cult members into believing she alone will lead them to the new world.

    75. ahundredthidiot says:

      Pretty embarrassing for Scotlands footballers getting down on one knee for the Marxists………Czech republic didn’t……they know communism when they see it.

    76. Stan Broadwood says:

      robertknight 7.48pm


      You snobs sicken me.

    77. Stan Broadwood says:

      Can I assure readers that any rise in support for Scottish Independence is NOT because of any recent campaigning by Nicola Sturgeon or Daisy Walker.

      I can assure you all that Boris Johnson and his English Tory Party and Brexit are the sole reason for any rise in the Polls.

      Any other reasons given are absolute out and out lies.

    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      “….getting down on one knee for the Marxists……”

      I do enjoy the occasional bit of blt prejudice, if only to point and laugh at.

      Communication, Culture and Critique, Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 147–165
      The Populism of Online Communities: Constructing the Boundary Between “Blameless” People and “Culpable” Others

    79. Derek J Spence says:

      When people speak of “the establishment” in political contexts, this is a prime example.

    80. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      ‘Republicofscotland says:
      7 September, 2020 at 7:21 pm
      This is quite entertaining I think.

      Didn’t need the hyperbolic yank voiceover, though I do get the fact that that stupid voice is the main one you will hear in cinema ads. Makes it look as if America is pro-independence. Which, as we know from Obama’s wanky, Cameron-induced anti-indy whining on the subject, is absolutely not the case. Need someplace to park their worthless Trident missiles, after all.

    81. Stan Broadwood says:

      The Scottish football team and the Scottish rugby team and Sir Andy Murray are nothing but play things for bbc Scotland.

      It keeps the House Jocks and ProudScotButs happy.

      It lets them think they are “real Scots” for a short while.

      The patronising Yoons at BBC Scotland exploit this for all it’s worth.

      I couldn’t give two hoots about any of them.

    82. shug says:

      Last week I heard Johnny Beattie interview a woman from “them to us” pressure group which is a front for conservatives promoting children going back to school and not wearing masks. It struck me as odd at the time that Johnny Beattie would interview, on prime time 5-6 pm. Such a person! It was only when I followed up the organisation and realised what it was that I was shocked.
      Today I see the BBC interviewing people promoting non mask wearing.
      Why I thought would the BBC take such a stand against a clear public health message.
      I then heard the BBC new on the radio saying in Scotland there is a big surge in Covid (I think 150 was mentioned). At the same time England is reporting 2900.
      With ten ties our population England should have 1500 so they are clearly in a worse position.
      This all came on top of “why is Scotland Wales and Ireland taking a different approach to foreign holidays and people returning?
      Is the BBC now actively reporting miss-information to sow confusion?
      Do they have a policy of spreading confusion up here to make the Scottish figures as bad as down south
      Is anyone else picking up on the “having different responses around the UK is bad and confusing

    83. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      And actually, that is something worth considering. What would be the USA’s worthless opinion/position on Independence? Would it have shifted since Obama’s neggy dross? Would Trump just want to build more ecosystem-destroying golf courses here to retire to, bafflingly babbling aboot his ‘seriously Scotch’ mother? Would the country get involved in Scotland-undermining subterfuge, as have they have in so many other locales round the world? Would they stop selling us rubbish superhero films and put loads of the populace through withdrawal symptoms because of it? Would they put narcotics or laxatives in their shit fast food they sell us and poison us all? Would Beyonce refuse to play here, making every Scottish female newspaper columnist weep? Chuckling here, but it’s not really funny.

      It’s hilarious.

    84. MaggieC says:

      Latest letter from John Swinney to Harrasment Complaints Committee , this has only been added in the last hour or so .

      The latest tweet from Mark Hirst , “ It’s becoming increasingly apparent the Holyrood inquiry into the unlawful biased complaints process against Alex Salmond is not going to get to the full
      truth “ etc .

      The whole thing stinks and gets worse as every day goes by just the same as Rev Stuart trying to get information from them .

    85. bipod says:

      Nicola sturgeon said today that the Scottish economy needs to “step up” to stop the supposed spread of the virus. I wonder if it has ever occurred to nicola that this is a highly infectious virus and there is only so much that can be done, we don’t all live in perfect little islands where you have no contact with other human beings. You have as much chance of stopping this virus with government policy as you do with stopping the tide with chicken wire. This is now been shown across the world by countries that have imposed severe lockdowns but are still dealing with the virus. Indeed the only countries in Europe that aren’t dealing with this alleged “second wave” are coutries like sweden which didn’t impose a lockdown, just light voluntary measures.

      Another curious aspect of this “second wave” is that nobody is dying. Nicola says its only a matter of time before the deaths “catch up”, but she has been banging on about this “second wave” for more than a month now, how long do we need to wait before we can say she is wrong. The only thing this alleged “second wave” is actually doing is causing the IFR to plummet.

      It now seems to be widely accepted that this virus is no more lethal than swine flu, so now the narrative has moved onto the assumed unknown longterm affects of covid. Its is such a transparent attempt at scare mongering, it is just like the switch from the daily death count to the daily number of “cases”. I can’t believe people buy into it so easily.

      One thing that is certain is that nicola is planning on unleashing a second wave of economic devastation onto the people of Scotland. We haven’t recovered from the first lockdown, the second one will be fatal to sectors like the hospitality industry. She will of course blame it all on westminister for not providing an endless stream of free cash, its nothing to do with her restrictions of course! I don’t know how anyone could think that a politican that is this dithering and risk averse could lead a nation to independence.

    86. stuart mctavish says:

      Setting aside whether the Lord Advocate would need to prosecute himself for high treason (or risk resigning his fate to a more or less competent deputy), one upside of Salmond’s prosecution being deemed malicious might be that the malicious prosecution of a former FM would necessarily constitute a fundamental breach of the mutual respect clause (article 30) in the Edinburgh Agreement thus rendering further S30 agreement definitively redundant.. 🙂

      That said, inclined to agree with Ian Mhor earlier that COPFS reform just became another selling point for indy but, before all that, the question arises whether the ambiguity in the chain of command allows Lord Wolffe sufficient leeway to restore some dignity to the respective offices by prosecuting his UK counterpart (& why not also for high treason) in light of the appalling treatment of Julian Assange for publishing undisputed truth..

    87. Effijy says:

      Scotland’s football team are playing a Czech reserve team just
      Cobbled together this week as the first team are in isolation.

      We trailed them 1-0 in the first 20 minutes as they adopted SNP tactics-
      No attack and No defence.

      They appear to have made some savings?
      The old 1-2 passing game is now just 1.

      We have drawn level but the reserve team seem to have better tactics, ball control
      and passing technique.

      Still my team and still living in hope!

    88. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wish folk who lack competent understanding of public health management and due legal procedure, would stop using btl to promote their unhealthy political agenda.

      Precautionary Environmental Protection and Human Rights

    89. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Go the Scotland! 2- 1

    90. CameronB Brodie says:

      Folks, it’s right-wing arseholery that has wrecked Britain’s democracy and economy. So do you feel lucky with regards maintaining your biological integrity, living under a constitution defined through populist, right-wing, English nationalism?


    91. Js says:

      Bread n circuses.

    92. Ronald Fraser says:

      Sturgeon has picked up her techniques of how to stitch up a public enquiry from the way the English Establishment run all their enquiries.

      Just waffle and obfuscate,,, works all the time.

      Name any english enquiry into anything and tell us of anyone who ever got hung as a result of being found guilty of anything?

      Sturgeon has been advised to do the exact same in Scotland.

    93. Asklair says:

      Great work, thank you.

    94. Tannadice Boy says:

      Well done Scotland. A much needed victory and some hope. Andy Robertson my favourite player.

    95. callmedave says:

      Craig Burley, commentator’s assistant, there on the link showering the Scots with less than faint praise.

      When I was playing etc etc. 🙁

      A win is a win. 2-1 🙂

      But nothing to write home to your mother about.

      Good news: Israel 1 V Slovakia 1

      Scotland top the group…. FGS nose bleed.

    96. Dave Somerville says:

      English think.

      They told us that the Scottish economy would collapse after Independence.

      But tell us that the English economy will only have a few bumps in the road after Brexit.

      The shear hypocrisy of the English is mind blowing.

    97. Republicofscotland says:

      Thank God Scotland’s national football team didn’t come up against the Czech Republic’s first team, we’d have been hammered that’s for sure.

      Maybe we can formulate a plan to play B teams from now on.

    98. Stan Broadwood says:

      I remember the mighty Tartan Army totally disowned the Yes Movement during the 2014 Indy Campaign.

    99. auld highlander says:

      Justice? It seems to me that it’s only for people that are very well connected and have very deep pockets.

    100. LeggyPeggy says:

      That’s Maureen Watt another SNP Msp who has announced that she’s standing down , so that’s now fourteen Snp Msps standing down .

      Why would they stand down when Independence is supposed to be so close , you would think that they would want to be part of the Scottish Government that delivered that Yes vote and for the ones that are saying they are close to or over retirement age surely they wouldn’t be serving another five years as there would need to be new elections as we couldn’t have the English registered Tory’s , Labour and Libdems in an independent Scottish Parliament .

      Interestingly enough she is also on the Harrasment Complaints Committee same as is Linda Fabiani who is also standing down . They either know that the Snp have no intention of holding a referendum anytime soon or they know exactly what is going on within the party and don’t want to be a part of it .

    101. McDuff says:

      L P

    102. cirsium says:

      @bipod, 8.35
      I don’t understand why is the FM talking about a second wave. SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus and so the epidemic follows a Farr’s curve “Farr showed that epidemics rise and fall in roughly a bell-shaped curve (a normal distribution) shape – see Whether countries shut down or not, their statistics show a Farr’s curve. The UK peak happened just before the shutdown.

    103. Tartanpigsy says:

      You can tell reading that letter that a multitude of establishment brains paced rooms getting the wording right before the reply was sent.
      We live in a truly bizarre phase in the freeing of Scotland.
      There are going to be casualties along the way as ‘the parcel o’ rogues’ MkII brigade lash out in all directions before they’re exposed for all to see.
      I’m just wondering how long it can go on in the meantime.
      One thing that is for certain as far as I can see.
      There’s going to be no Happy Clappy #indyref2 that mirrors our wasted opportunity of 6 years ago.
      Which is a shame because in many ways it was, despite the result one of the happiest experiences of my life. We need to prepare for the same but expect something very different to get over the finish line.
      Who knows we might even have to play dirty?

    104. kapelmeister says:

      The vacate rate for Holyrood SNP members keeps scooting up. It’s like it’s no fun in the SNP no more…..unless yer a wokie.

    105. Tartanpigsy says:

      And briefly, can all you obvious troll tossers just fuck the fuck off!
      Your as obvious as a nun at a Larkhall Lodge meeting

    106. CameronB Brodie says:

      We got lock-down because Whitehall civil servants were most probably ignored, by Tories who are ideologically opposed to the “Precautionary Principle”, which is part of international law.

      The precautionary principle:
      protecting public health, the environment
      and the future of our children

    107. Tartanpigsy says:

      Stan Broadwood-liar
      Ahundredthidiot- site idiot
      I know there’s heaps more but fuck the lotta ye
      Muerte a Brigade 77

    108. kapelmeister says:


      You make mention in your 10:51 pm of unionists lashing out in all directions. Which is something you appear fond of doing also.

    109. robbo says:

      Stan Broadwood says:
      7 September, 2020 at 10:15 pm
      I remember the mighty Tartan Army totally disowned the Yes Movement during the 2014 Indy Campaign.


      Oh ffs .In the name o the wee man.

    110. Tartanpigsy says:

      Robbo, I can categorically say this is untrue as UK Gov had security in Dortmund the last match before indyref1 in the stadium taking Yes flags off the Tartan Army.
      I know because I supplied the flags. G4S were in the stadium confiscating them and threatening those who had them with eviction
      Kapelmeister-bullshitter you know who you are and who you represent

    111. Stan Broadwood says:

      Sturgeon has ordered a Troll invasion.

      She sent her troops in early.

      They are never usually drunk enough to attack until after midnight.

      But anyway,,,a big Wings welcome to you all.

      Nicola will be pleased…

      You done good chaps,,,you done good.

    112. Stan Broadwood says:

      Tartan Pig Sty

      Are you another Sturgeonista.

      A fully paid up member of the SNP…


      The Spineless Numpties Party.

      Your a bit of a stranger round these parts Mr Pig Sty are you not???

    113. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s one that folk can safely ignore, as Westminster considers itself above international law, including international human rights law. Westminster is, subsequently, an accountable legislature.

      Sustainable Development Law & Policy Volume 2 Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2002 Article 7
      The Precautionary Principle in the International

    114. cirsium says:

      Rev – I was reading John Pilger’s report on the start of the show trial of Julian Assange and came across this section.

      “Freedom of the press now rests with the honorable few: the exceptions, the dissidents on the internet who belong to no club, who are neither rich nor laden with Pulitzers, but produce fine, disobedient, moral journalism – those like Julian Assange.”

      Fine, disobedient, moral journalism – a good description of your work.

    115. Tartanpigsy says:

      Mair weel kent than you’ll ever be Stan 77 Fat twig, agent bawbag heid numero zilcho skwat

    116. mike cassidy says:

      As we pass the 25th anniversary of the release of that Mel Gibson film

      Here’s a 2015 interview with a real Scottish braveheart who died last year

      “Independence will come, whether it comes now or in 20 years. It’s like the tide you cannot hold it back, it’s going to happen.

    117. robbo says:

      Tartanpigsy says:
      7 September, 2020 at 11:21 pm
      Robbo, I can categorically say this is untrue


      I know Tartanpigsy.

      Stan the bam thinks he’s DT across the watter. Rinse,repeat utter dribble on a daily basis.

    118. mike cassidy says:

      Bedtime story

      The Tory MP for Kensington

      wherein stood the Grenfell tower block

      has voted against implementing the fire safety recommendations of the Grenfell Inquiry

      Pleasant dreams.

    119. Stan Broadwood says:

      Tartan Pig Sty

      Thanks for your well informed contribution tonight.

      It was worth waiting on.

      See you at the same time tomorrow night chaps

      Your input was priceless.

      Nicola will be soooooooo pleased.

    120. Beaker says:

      Grant Costello, Digital Manager for the SNP putting himself forward to replace Linda Fabiani’s East Kilbride seat. He’s an SNP suit so guaranteed the slot. I live in East Kilbride for years until 2016 and never heard of him.

      Neil Gray, MP for Aidrie & Shotts, putting himself forward for the MSP slot. Wonder what Joanna Cherry thinks of that. A few on Twitter asking the same question. He’s said he will resign Westminster seat around March if selected. Wonder where he fits into the Sturgeon clique.

      Anyone know of other candidates?

    121. Tartanpigsy says:

      Thanks for the love Stan, unfortunately it’s unlikely I’ll be here tomorrow night as I’ve real employees in the real world that take precedence over twats like you that I need to look out for. No doubt you’ll be waiting to prove what a wonderful yesser you are when I can be bothered

    122. Ronald Fraser says:

      robbo and the guy Tartan puget

      The two of you launched an unprovoked attack on other contributors to Wings tonight.

      There was absolutely no need for what you done.

      If this is your only reason for posting on Wings, then quite frankly you two thugs don’t deserve to be on Wings.

      The two of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

      I have heard there is a site called the Wee Ginger Dug… that might suit your Political views more than Wings does

      The two of you should drop in on them.

    123. Tartanpigsy says:

      So before I head off to bed I can safely add Ronald Fraser to the ("Tractor" - Ed)ous clique, cheers Ron, you fud

    124. Ronald Fraser says:

      Is that me also in your “hit list” me Tartan?

      Not a very pleasant chap, are you Mr Pig?

      Let’s hope we never see you again, no place for your types on Wings.

    125. Ronald Fraser says:

      Peace and Love everyone.

    126. Ronald Fraser says:

      Let’s all prey.

    127. Ronald Fraser says:

      Love thy neighbour.

    128. Ronald Fraser says:

      The Cross is mightier than the sword.

    129. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. the Grenfell tower block. I doubt the inquiry will examine the political roots of the disaster. English Torydum’s ‘morality’ does not accommodate the concept of “environmental justice”, and Britain’s social fabric has been under sustained attack from the radical right, for some time now.

      Capitalism, Nature, Socialism Volume 29, 2018 – Issue 2
      Global Capitalism, Reactionary Neoliberalism, and the Deepening of Environmental Injustices

    130. CameronB Brodie says:

      Remember now, I’m not stroking my ego in public.

      Environmental Politics Volume 23, 2014 – Issue 4
      Neoliberal environmental justice: mainstream ideas of justice in political conflict over agricultural pesticides in the United States


      Numerous scholars have used political philosophy to characterise the US environmental justice (EJ) movement’s conception of justice. I build upon that work by identifying and critically evaluating the ideas of justice that manifest in mainstream (non-EJ) environmental politics. I do so through a comparative analysis of two groups of activists concerned with the threats posed by pesticides to human health in California.

      Mainstream agri-environmental activists’ narratives and practices evince libertarian and communitarian ideas of justice that support the neoliberalisation of an already compromised regulatory system, as they motivate and legitimise policies, practices, and discourses that undermine the state’s environmental protections and shift environmental responsibility to individuals.

      In contrast, California’s EJ activists, like the broader EJ movement, marshal a pluralist notion of justice as distribution, recognition, participation, and capabilities, which rejects the neoliberal project and explicitly criticises the social inequalities and relations of oppression that help produce environmental inequalities.

      environmental justice, theories of justice, pesticides, utilitarianism, libertarianism, communitarianism, neoliberalism

    131. Tartanpigsy says:

      Last comment for the 77 Brigadistas.
      I’m such a bad person I employ Unionists, and Tories, and they actually fuckin like me!….and laugh at and with me.
      A world you will never know, the real world.
      Adios bendejos

    132. LeggyPeggy says:

      Beaker 12.14 am
      This is a list from Bbc showing what Msps are standing down and has been updated tonight since
      Maureen Watt announced that she is standing down .

      I remember reading this at the time that where an Snp Msp is standing down that it would have to be only women who could be put forward for selection as a candidate for the Snp ?

    133. Beaker says:

      @LeggyPeggy says:
      8 September, 2020 at 1:34 am
      “I remember reading this at the time that where an Snp Msp is standing down that it would have to be only women who could be put forward for selection as a candidate for the Snp ?”

      Perhaps it will be altered to allow the appropriate candidates an opportunity. Costello worries me a bit. He is an activist and apparently is the digital “guru” for the SNP. Does that mean he is the technical architect or simply the content manager. “Digital” is an overused term these days.

      His Twitter feed is predictable. He’s pure SNP machine. He’s also a product of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

    134. CameronB Brodie says:

      Does the Scottish Youth Parliament endorse the GRA amendments? I get the fact that heteronormativity is a problem, but it wont be solved by subordinating the rights of biological women and demising their safe access to the public realm. Expanding the social realm of men in order to conform with the psychologically disordered is simply not rational, nor coherent or compatible with existing legal doctrine. It also completely lacks any sense of legal proportionality and is simply the embodiment of misogyny

      You won’t destroy sexism by pandering to sexist stereotypes. Biology maters, as it is the source of all law, which articulates the moral consciousness of a shared bio-social identity. Or culture in other words.


    135. CameronB Brodie says:

      sorry….by subordinating the rights of biological women and diminishing their safe access to the public realm.

      Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy Volume 1 Issue 1 Study Space IX Cape Town, South Africa Article 6 2017

      The Concept of Sustainable Development in the European Union
      Policy and Law

    136. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Interesting to see the ignorance displayed tonight by certain newbies, in respect of Tartanpigsy.

      His contributions to the Yes movement, both in 2014 and last year are well documented. I’d suggest he has more right than some here to question the motives of a certain element btl.–11#/
      (Click on the “Read more”s to get the full story.)

    137. Lizg says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 3. 58
      Every right Brian and then some….. but as you say interesting…. there were a few wee gems in there too, a turn of phrase and the odd double tap of the same kind that makes it seem like someone answering themselves.
      Mibbi they’ll mess up and double post again….noo that wiz hilarious .

    138. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Aye, LizG. You develop a realisation of a repetitive “style” of some contributors, iye?

      Onnyhoo, I’ve been having a disturbed sleep sequence, hence my commenting at this ungodly hour.

      Just read this at The National. QI.

      “Scottish independence is neither childish nor a fantasy”

    139. leither says:


      some of my friends are wee gems….. 🙂

    140. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi leither.

      Why is it that none of your comments have eff-all to do with what is being discussed?

      You’re a bot, iye?

    141. Northman says:

      Once in a generation

      Alex Salmond marvelously dribbles his way to the goal of independence,
      smashes the ball at the corner of the goal,
      and the britnat goalkeeper punches it out with the narrowest of margin,
      the game is on,

      Nicola Sturgeon is on the run, the ball rolls in front of her feet,
      the goal is open and the keeper is in a heap beside it, brexiting,
      people is ecstatic, the hole stadium is on its feet, ready to go ballistic,

      and she picks up the ball and run away from the goal
      six years strait, hurting every independence player she can get at as she goes.

    142. Big Jock says:

      Northman – Are you saying Nicola is the Harold Brattbakk of the independence movement! LOL

    143. Ottomanboi says:

      Lawyers, a lawyer’s own assessment of the type.
      Get yourself a good plain Scotch lawyer….they’re the finest.
      As we well know.
      The legal mind operates under textbook constraint of imagination.
      Imagination is the essence of productive politics.
      Politics and lawyers, like oil and water an unstable emulsion.

    144. Stoker says:

      Another well presented article Rev, thank you. Off to tweet it to Sturgeon & Co just in case nobody else has bothered. Not that they’d lower themselves to read such factualness but worth a try.

    145. Lukas Scholts says:

      Dear Wings, it would be great if you could look at all this and investigate it from a ministerial code standpoint where I think you’ll find the contouring is much better defined.

      I never ever believed they were simply out to scupper Cherry’s chances in Edinburgh. Everything suggests their concerns went well beyond that… I suspect they were concerned about bigger fish getting fried.

      Everything is awesome.

    146. Ottomanboi says:

      As Scotland is got ready for more suppression ie repression of that deathly virion.
      Should the suppressors tire, a few more viral toys to play around with.
      To which Scotavirus sturgeoni might be added.
      Stay safe, stay in, stay inert!

    147. Ronald Fraser says:

      Tartan Pig Sty

      What a horrible pair of thugs those two nasty chaps were.

      Wings Over Scotland is better than that.

      The last thing Wings needs is bully boys coming on here and lowering the whole tone of the place.

      I personally think they don’t like their Nicola being exposed as a fraud, which she certainly is.

      So my advice to them would be to frequent places like Wee Ginger Dug, who holds the First Minister dear to his heart.

      Hopefully these thugs will never be seen on Wings again.

    148. Tony Little says:

      O/T: Trial of Julian Assange continues and UK Justice is as corrupt as we all thought. read repots from Craig Murray, Bridges for Media Freedom, and on Twitter by Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola).

      We are most definitely in a Racist/Totalitarian state rivaling Russia for its control of the Media and information “acceptable” for the Establishment for us ordinary plebs to hear or read about.

    149. Breeks says:

      Is it this morning Leslie evans is back deflecting questions at the salmond inquiry?

      Keep hoping in vain for “something” to break which escalates into blowing this whole carry on wide open and toppling the rogues one after another. I don’t think it will be on her watch. No remorse or guilt to betray her teflon veneer.

      It’s a wee bit troubling that some folks are losing faith in the inquiry. I don’t know enough to comment, but Gordon Dangerfield’s comments seemed to be asking the right questions…

      But for all of that, I have this wee clock in my head which keeps reminding me about December, and that losing the protection of the EU’s Transition Umbrella will be upon us in no time…

      Why is it Independence these days seems so linear… We move from point to point, delay to delay, obstacle to obstacle. Back in 2014, it felt like we were progressing down 100 paths all at once, and delay or obstruction on one path was lost and rendered insignificant by the progress made in other places.

      I’m sincere in asking the question. It may be that progress is slower because the events we are waiting on to happen will be more profound… namely Martin Keatings, and the conclusions of the Salmond Inquiry…

      But putting on my SNPbad cap on, the veracity of a Section 30 Agreement and the Smear Conspiracy against Alex Salmond are issues which are only on the radar because of the SNP’s enigmatic actions. These issues by themselves are not Independece issues. There is currently NO direct action to furthering Scottish Independence.

      As Kenny MacAskill said, we need some new initiative to keep Independence on the boil… My hope is for something urgent, something ’emergency’, and something Constitutional, – like a legal challenge to Scotland’s subjugation which puts the UK Union under constitutional scrutiny at the UN.

      I know, I know, I know, the Rogue UK will just flick ‘V’s for Victory at the UN, but if the UN was even to recognise a constitutional dispute in Westminster’s Parliamentary Sovereignty, I don’t think Europe could sign off on any Brexit deal… We would be in limbo pending settlement of the constitutional dispute which in all probability would leave the UK Union untenable.

    150. ahundredthidiot says:

      Tony Little 09:11

      ‘We are most definitely in a Racist/Totalitarian state rivaling Russia for its control of the Media and information “acceptable” for the Establishment for us ordinary plebs to hear or read about.’

      That’s a bit harsh Tony, in Russia, if you refuse to pay for the pleasure of having the State pump their heinous propaganda into your home – you can actually get banged up for non payment!

      Oh shit, no, that’s ‘great’ britain I’m thinking about, sorry…

      I wish Assange would have more than a snowballs chance in hell, but he doesn’t.

      We bring shame on our forefathers who fought fascism.

    151. Breeks says:

      Ronald Fraser says:
      8 September, 2020 at 9:10 am

      Tartan Pig Sty

      Dude, Tartan Pigsy supplied half the saltires, probably more, you see on all those YES and AUOB marches… He is one of the good guys who’s intentions are sound and legit.

      Just generally, can we all try to be a little less trigger happy with the abuse?

    152. Famous15 says:

      As obvious as a nun at a Larkhall Lodge meeting!

      Love it. Can I borrow it?

      Only for Stan and any other idiots?

      Independence is normal, thinking a nun at a Larkhall Lodge meeting is normal is abnormal . Perhaps you are not familiar with our kultur?

    153. Sharny Dubs says:

      Breeks @9:21.
      What we lack is a focal point. In 2014 we had Alex, he was not the only one but he was the main one, now we have a mish mash of “could be’s” but no single reference point.

      Totally agree, why is it these days everyone has to be “outraged” or “triggered“ what ever happened to live and let live without all the angst and aggression?

      Come on guys we are better than that!

    154. Lukas Scholts says:

      Breeks “ Keep hoping in vain for “something” to break which escalates into blowing this whole carry on wide open and toppling the rogues one after another. I don’t think it will be on her watch.“

      We don’t know what will wash up on those shores, but the signs are good. The best indicator that someone has something to hide is that they don’t let you see all the “evidence”.

      Why did they throw in the towel at the first trial?

    155. Robert says:

      But, but, but …. if the Lord Anvocate were not independent, who would you have him answerable to?

      The First Minister? Be careful what you wish for.

      What we have may not be good, but I believe it’s the least worst solution. If the FM could over-rule the Lord Advocate, he/she becomes an all-powerful dictator.

    156. Ronald Fraser says:


      Tartan pig Sty is a cheeky, ill mannered bully.

      I don’t care what he done in the past.

      He wants to learn how to communicate with people better.

      I have never heard of him, and will hopefully never hear of him ever again.

      He is one of these Sturgeon fanatics who are lashing out at anyone who exposes Sturgeon as a Fraud.

    157. Josef Ó Luain says:

      In the days of my long gone youth, there was probably a more refined comprehension amongst at least, some sections of the working-class regarding the inherent corruption of the State and, by extension, its servants. That newspapers lied, that cops “had to be watched” and that dissidents weren’t shot, but starved to death in this country, seemed to be common-knowledge. Everything changes but fuck all changes, could be added to my wee list, too.

    158. Oneliner says:

      Notable victory for Scotland yesterday evening.

      I refer of course to the hapless yoon Dross being interviewed on STV’s Scotland Tonight. Now I see why he fell over the ball which was coming towards him (check the video). He has, as we say in the trade, two left feet.

      Unfortunately, just as he was unable to avoid the football, he failed to avoid looking like a prize numpty against the eloquent logic of Mike Russell.

    159. Sharny Dubs says:

      O/T I’m seeing utube about the BBC licence being decriminalise by the end of the year, then the intention to “restructure” financing within the constructs of the existing financial cycle.

      Anyone hear anything?

    160. MaggieC says:


      It’s Leslie Evans and the Lord Advocate James Wolfe and it’s starting now .

    161. cynicalHighlander says:

      @ MaggieC

      Do you have a link please

    162. Ottomanboi says:

      Population trends.
      What might the cultural implications of this rUK immigration be?
      Scotland’s indigenous cultures are ‘at high risk’. Unfortunately, culture is the ‘macular degenerative condition’ of modern Scottish nationalism. Culture is the backbone of national identity. Weaken it at your peril.
      Ireland, ought not to be the model.

    163. Beaker says:

      @cynicalHighlander says:
      8 September, 2020 at 10:20 am
      @ MaggieC

      “Do you have a link please”

      It’s on BBC News website.

    164. Polly says:

      “I remember reading this at the time that where an Snp Msp is standing down that it would have to be only women who could be put forward for selection as a candidate for the Snp ?”

      As Campbell Gunn said ‘logic, what logic?’ about NEC decisions on all women shortlists in Aberdeen Donside not held by SNP. No logical reason given for their choices. Not much logic for anything it seems.

      ‘Why did they throw in the towel at the first trial?’

      Indeed. Wasn’t there also meant to be someone called to give evidence then just before the towel was thrown?

    165. cynicalHighlander says:

      Many thanks guys

    166. Robert Graham says:

      A bit o/t
      Anyone watching this pantomime referred to as The Inquiry into harassment complaints

      If anyone is can you describe what f/n language is being used because I haven’t a f/n clue what the government witnesses are talking about

    167. Margaret Lindsay says:

      Brilliant job. Keep up the good work, and mind, if you need a crowdfunder, we’ll be happy to oblige.

    168. MaggieC says:

      CynicalHighlander @ 10.20 am

      Sorry I missed you asking for the link , thanks to the others posting it .

      Robert Graham @ 10.50 am

      It doesn’t always make a lot of sense when listening to them but later on today the written report of what was said is published and it’s sometimes easier to see it written down on paper .

      It should be published later today , usually after 6.00 pm and when it’s published I’ll post a link to it here .

    169. Robert Graham says:

      Back to the Pantomime
      Totally irrelevant pish being discussed , the inquiry is about one case not a multitude of bloody cases , and not current circumstances ,Just one case that was Royaly f/cd up Evans happy to avoid being asked about who thought it was appropriate or more to the point Who started it all off to make changes that made sure Alex Salmond was the subject of this change,

      A load of pish meant to produce enough Fog to baffle any normal persons ability to get to what actually happened , all of a sudden Evans has selective memory loss , the I know nothing defence

    170. MaggieC says:

      Dear God , How much deflection can Leslie Evans get away with here ? , She should have all the details in front of her today .

    171. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Parliamentary committees are, technically, a form of ‘court’, aren’t they?

      So why on earth is Evans allowed to get away with this behaviour? Surely it is, as the title of this post refers to, a kind of contempt to be so inexcusably ignorant on matters which are of obvious relevance.

      ‘I don’t remember’, ‘I can’t give you that’, ‘I don’t know’ so many times now, and another raft of promises to deliver material which should’ve been at her fingertips.

      It’s a fucking disgrace.

    172. Breeks says:

      MaggieC says:
      8 September, 2020 at 11:08 am
      Dear God , How much deflection can Leslie Evans get away with here ? , She should have all the details in front of her today ….

      Yes, very evasive. Remarkable how she can hold down a good job with such selective memory loss.

      Jackie Baillie seemed to latch on to a conversation about an iteration of the complaint policy before the iteration of the policy was introduced. Remarkable coincidence? Or is “somebody” lying about who knew what, where and when?

    173. Ronald Fraser says:

      Advice from Sturgeon to Evans this morning before Evans entered the ring:-

      Waffle, Obfuscate and repeat.

      Waffle, Obfuscate and repeat.

      And so on…

      It wins hands down every time.

    174. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘What’s the time Mr Wolfe?’

      Well don’t bother asking that stammering fanny, he doesn’t know if it’s New Year or New York.

    175. MaggieC says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Well said ,

      Just thinking about Rev Stuart looking for answers from James Wolfe , maybe Stuart could send an email right now via Scottish Parliament seeing as he’s in there right now . LOL

    176. Big Jock says:

      Trying to find an answer to every bit of shit that has happened recently. Is like trying to work out how Scotland managed to beat the Czech C team last night.

      Even worse than that. There are shades of Craig Levein in Steve Clark. I think we are in for a big disappointment if he thinks that was good football last night. I can see the players questioning what the feck they are doing.

    177. MaggieC says:

      Big Jock @ 11.31 am

      Interesting column from Tom English on last nights game .

    178. robbo says:

      Ronald Fraser says:
      8 September, 2020 at 9:51 am

      Shut up ya clown.

    179. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ron Fraser.

      As you deemed it necessary to repeat your sentiments from 12:28 am at 9:10 am this morning, I will repeat my input from 3:58 am this morning.

      Interesting to see the ignorance displayed tonight by certain newbies, in respect of Tartanpigsy.

      His contributions to the Yes movement, both in 2014 and last year are well documented. I’d suggest he has more right than some here to question the motives of a certain element btl.–11#/
      (Click on the “Read more”s to get the full story.)

    180. Stan Broadwood says:

      Big Jock

      I stand by what I said last night.

      The Scottish football team, the Scottish rugby team and SIR Andy Murray are all just play things for BBC Scotland.

      ProudScotButs just lap them up.

      I don’t even know what the score was last night.

      I treat our Scottish national football team as a wee junior football club from some wee quiet toon in remotest Scotland.

    181. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Wolfe and Evans both saying ‘this committee will get as much information as we want to give you as and when we want to give it to you and not before’ and Wolfe’s openly laughing about it.

      Fabiani no happy? Tough – they don’t give a fuck and they don’t care who knows it.

    182. Robert Graham says:

      Thanks MaggieC
      The only reason for the Inquiry is because the Scottish Government along with the Civil Service in Scotland totally mucked up a change that was implemented for whatever ever reason most people suspect this change had only one Aim that was to Neuter Alex.

      A lot of confusion around who exactly are the Scottish Government , is there a Scottish civil service and who are they answerable to, or is there a English Civil Service operating inside the Scottish Government , this is also further confused by the introduction of the legal fog we don’t release any Legal advice in fact we don’t admit asking or getting Legal advice.

      All will become clear with Murdo asking probing questions , oh help me stay awake during this mind numbing load of pointless pish that is meant to hide and true answers to any Questions in other words Whitewash is too vague a description it’s a bloody Farce of Epic Proportions , whatever shade of Lipstick used on this Pig it’s still a bleedn Pig , and seeing it in print won’t change anything it’s still a load of pish , what is very entertaining is the Verbal Gymnastics in order to avoid simple Questions these people are Experts in saying absolutely hee Haw

    183. Oneliner says:

      A succession of ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ from Scotland’s Lord Advocate during his interview – not a good look.

    184. Ronald Fraser says:

      Brian toon

      I don’t give two hoots what this thug Tartan Pig Sty done.

      I know he is a bully, a thug, and should be ignored.

      Because you sell somebody a flag doesn’t give you a license to come on here and insult people.

      Hopefully we never see this ignoramus again.

      And if you condone his actions, then maybe you should join him.

      Thus is not a meeting place for thugs and bullies.

      Try Wee Ginger Dug, he is also a mad Sturgeon fanatic like you and this Tartan guy.

    185. Elizabeth Stanley says:

      So the Lord Advocate is saying not me gov.

      I expected better than this.

    186. Ronald Fraser says:


      Are you harassing me???

      This site us full of bullies and thugs.

      It’s not my fault Sturgeon is getting exposed as a Fraud.

      Take that up with her.

      It must be frustrating being a Sturgeon Fanatic.

      Your Cult leader Sturgeon is a proven liar.

      Don’t take it out on me.

      Wee Ginger Dug might be more sympathetic to your feelings.

    187. Breeks says:

      Fascinating to see Evans and Wolfe trying to downplay their loss of £500k to Alex Salmond. Can’t help thinking Mr Salmond’s lawyers will see things from a different perspective….

    188. Grey gull says:

      Breeks. Exactly and the thing that sticks in my craw was the weasley smiling from yer man.

    189. Big Jock says:

      Stan – My father in law and brother and law are in the Tartan Army. Both no voters , one a Tory. I left the Tartan Army a long time ago , because of people like them singing Flower of Scotland and then voting no.

      90 minute patriots the lot of them!

    190. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ronald Fraser… bullying and thuggery.

      Looked in a mirror lately?

    191. This site is full of bullies and thugs ???this site is full of people who will not give their real names and expect us who do to take them seriously while they shout behind their brick walls mon brav

    192. robbo says:

      Ronald Fraser says:
      8 September, 2020 at 12:12 pm


      Shut up ya clown.You’re fooling no one.Beat it.

    193. Stan Broadwood says:

      Big Jock 12.17pm

      The Scottish Rugby supporters are the worst culprits for singing the words to Flower of Scotland, then campaign for us to remain a Colony of England.

      BBC Scotland manufacture this great bitter rivalry between the home Nations.

      When all along, they know this is false rivalry to let our House Jocks and ProudScotButs feel a little bit better about themselves.

      They do give you that sick feeling in your stomach.

    194. Maggie says:

      At least Jackie Baillie is trying to get some answers just now but what a lot of deflection in Evans and Wolfe’s answer .

    195. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Is Jackie Baillie the only one of the committee who hasn’t drunk bromide and tries to actually ask questions and is quite sharp..!?

      Please dear God/buddha/Allah, have mercy on us and deliver indy so that we can be a normal living country again.

    196. Clydebuilt says:

      Big Jock

      “I treat our Scottish national football team as a wee junior football club from some wee quiet toon in remotest Scotland”

      Thats exactly what Westminster and the BBC want you to do. Steve Clark won’t play their game. As soon as they can the BBC will work to undermine and drive him from his post, as they did with George Burley and Gordon Strachan. It’s not by chance that our national broadcaster can’t find the money to broadcast Scotland’s games. They don’t even mention there’s a game coming up in news bulletins sports reports. Last week at 8.25am (week day) phil good lad spent 5 mins interviewing a sky broadcaster working to build support for American football in Scotland, in the last seconds at the end of the bulletin Goodlad said ” steve Clarke is holding a press conference at 12.30″ that was it 8 words and 4 digits.

      Success at our national game builds moral. They don’t want that.

    197. Lizg says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 12.34
      He won’t do that Brian Stan looking back at him would be just too much 🙂

    198. Ottomanboi says:

      Dr Knute-Sturgeon deploys her forensic skills once again.
      I shall not rest until I have conquered death, whatever the cost to mental health, livelihoods, social relations, the economy, the nation, the planet, the universe (and beyond).
      Time the coffin chasing media handled the big questions “how much will all this cost and who’s got richer?

    199. Ronald Fraser says:

      Usual bullies gathering.

      Usual cowards

      Usual Sturgeonistas

    200. robbo says:

      That’s it for me tae. Can’t take anymore of Stan & Ronaldo’s pish.

      You’re divorced bawheids.

    201. Polly says:

      ‘Stan looking back at him would be just too much’

      Stan and a couple of others. They’re enjoying the game too much recently, you can almost hear the laughter in what they write. Of course I’m referring to them as plural but also in strict non binary terms. 🙂

    202. Beaker says:

      @MaggieC says:
      8 September, 2020 at 11:08 am
      “Dear God , How much deflection can Leslie Evans get away with here ? , She should have all the details in front of her today .”

      If that had been a Westminster Select Committee they would have torn her apart. They would have been just as nice and polite, but there would have been real teeth behind the smiles.

      I got bored watching it as I couldn’t fathom what the hell could be determined from the answers.

    203. leither says:

      devastating hearing this morning, blood on the floor, heads will roll, the day the earth stood still, we’re doomed, entombed, marooned ah tell ye, thus far and no……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    204. Big Jock says:

      Anyone who asks anyone else on here to reveal their real name , is working for the man. Either M15 or SNP HQ. They want to know who we are so they can cause us problems.

      Someone was posting SNP membership numbers and asking others to do so. This is so blatant , I doubt anyone fell for it.

      Never give anyone your details, as the banks are always telling us!

    205. Ronald Fraser says:

      Definition of a coward,

      Somebody who is too frightened to face their enemy alone.

      There are plenty of cowards coming out if the woodwork today.

      Keyboard warriors.

    206. Big Jock says:

      P.S I am a 30 year member of the SNP , for any fifth columnists working on this site. We know you are on here , but guess what. We are much smarter than you give us credit for.

    207. MaggieC says:

      Well that three hour session at the committee was a total waste of our time today .

      Reminds me of the words of the song ,

      “ There are more questions than answers “ by Johnny Nash

      There are more questions than answers
      Pictures in my mind that will not show
      There are more questions than answers
      And the more I find out the less I know…

    208. Vivian O'Blivion says:

      Reading between the lines, what are the (informed?) lines of questioning?
      1) The legal advice given to the SG in preparation to fighting the Judicial Review was NOT to resist the points raised by Salmond. Wolffe is determined not to reveal legal advice.
      2) The FM sat in on the preparation of the SG’s case against the JR on at least two occasions. How could someone tasked with “running the country” find the time to input to a “esoteric” legal procedure? Very odd!
      3) Contrary to Evans’ assertion, Special Advisors DID contribute to preparations against the JR.

    209. Ian Brotherhood says:

      To be fair to Linda Fabiani and the members of that committee – this morning was a so-called ‘exploratory’ session, so perhaps we shouldn’t have expected any real nitty-gritty stuff (or ‘granulated’ as Evans might prefer to describe it).

      It did further expose Evans in particular as a shady can-kicker so perhaps there was some value to it.

      Can’t wait until it’s Big Eck’s turn.

    210. Polly says:

      The Lord Advocate was reckoned a very clever man, though I agree he doesn’t always come across like that. And with his unfortunate habit of seeming to do an impression of a lizard testing the air it creates an unnerving experience watching him at times.

      Considering how much has been redacted, how much time has elapsed, which should have been enough to produce their documents, which they say they will go away and try to get ready, or thought had already been included, their policy is we’ll delay and delay again. Will frustrate anyone without the patience of a saint.

    211. Beaker says:

      I got that bored with watching the enquiry I got creative with my lunch.

      Omelette sandwich with ketchup and honey. No cheese.

      Try it 🙂

    212. Ronald Fraser says:

      Sturgeon has had All those appearing in front of this committee to be trained to Waffle, Obfuscate and bore

      Sturgeon is a little snake in the grass.

      Salmond wants to take them to court to get them to release documents they are withholding.

      Go Alex.

    213. Breeks says:

      Another remark that was singularly unconvincing was Evans texting after Alex Salmond won his damages that she’d lost the battle but would win the war. Did that mean she was “at war” with Alex Salmond?

      No, no, no, she meant the war ongoing with getting her complaints policy right…

      Aye. Sure you did. All those months to think up replies and that’s it???

    214. Ian Brotherhood says:

      re the ‘Harassment Committee’ – don’t let the waffle put you off. They count on that. Wolfe and Evans wouldn’t be in the jobs they have unless they were really good at it.

      And they *are* very good, but it just means we have to recalibrate the way we listen. I find it helps a lot if you can watch the proceedings right from the start so that when they refer to previous answers you have a rough idea what they’re on about. And when they do the whole ‘let me first address…’ and ‘I feel I should clarify such-and-such before…’, you soon pick up on these as clear indications that they’re going to avoid the question for as long as possible, perhaps even blank it entirely.

    215. leither says:

      devastating good ol’ btl wings critique. i plan to print out this thread onto leaflets and distribute them on street corners. Indy’s in the bag

    216. Stan Broadwood says:

      Hands up if you were up partying all night after that historic Scottish football team victory in (don’t even know where they were playing)???

      No,,,me neither.

      Did anybody even know they were playing last night?

      Does anybody care what tournament it was in?

      Does anybody know who they were playing against?

      The Scottish football and rugby teams are also known as the BBC Scotland play things.

    217. mountain shadow says:

      If you do write back Rev.

      Maybe ask what is the process by which a Lord Advocate can be removed from office if they refuse to resign?

    218. leither says:

      re the Stan and one Ronnie show, love yer stuff guys

    219. Robert Graham says:

      A very appropriate header ” Contempt of Justice ”

      When asked to confirm that he the Lord Advocate would tell the Truth , he laughed almost as if the Pope had just been asked to confirm he was indeed a Catholic ,the light hearted manner in which he the Lord Advocate answered questions gave the impression of I am untouchable and beyond any of you small people’s contempt or indeed opinion , you don’t matter ,

      Evans who I believe although she apparently represents the Civil Service inside the Scottish Government in the end is only answerable to the English Government and indeed has sat in the English cabinet has a very selective memory and should be questioned in a particular manner she is obviously a hostile witness and very selective with her answers , she should be presented with the threat of prosecution if she was party to or involved in the destruction of internal communications that so far have been withheld from the investigation , in short I wouldn’t trust her to answer her name honestly that’s how much I trust that individual,

      It’s on the BBC website so must be true no laughing now , anyway it’s reported that Alex might make a return to Court to realise documents that have been withheld by the Scottish Government , who the f/k this government is who knows is it English, Scottish, SNP ,Westminster ,Tory who the f/k knows and who is being obstructive and who is calling the shots,

      Eh Nicola what the f/k is going on inside your government why the secrecy why is your government through the prosecution service only pursuing anyone involved in the independence movement this really in getting into strange Machiavellian territory and the smell is overpowering in my opinion

    220. Polly says:

      Some of my best friends are blind faith SNP optimists…

    221. leither says:

      you have “best” friends ?

    222. stonefree says:

      @Big Jock 2020 at 8:32 am

      Northman – I though it described Gordon Smith

    223. Polly says:

      Indeed. As opposed to all those best enemies. Now why don’t you do something useful for a change instead of playing with words?

    224. Willie says:

      Lesley Evans knows fine well that she can treat the Parliament committee with total and utter contempt.

      And with a corrupt Police Force and COPFS as a blunt instrument to suppress political views you realise just how little functioning democracy there is.

      But we know that, and like 1930s Germany we, for the most part, march haplessly into the jaws.

      As for Evans, Liz Lloyd and Sturgeon they laugh at what they have done. Poor wee Alec. They certainly stopped him, put him in his box, made his life a misery. Ho, ho, Ho. And let that be a message to Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, Manny Singh too.

    225. leither says:

      love yer links cameron……….

    226. Polly says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      I agree what he’s describing is horrific, perhaps made even more so when written in Craig Murray’s mellifluous prose. He’s a very good writer, just a pity he has to write on present circumstances.

    227. Gregory Beekman says:

      Makes me angry reading this.

      How can our legal system have as its head someone who acts maliciously? Does malicious also mean illegal? Is our Lord Advocate acting criminally?

      If he can get away with behaving in such a nasty, spiteful fashion… – well, does that mean we all can?

      Why should the Lord Advocate have more rights than I?…

    228. MaggieC says:

      The latest addition to the Parliament inquiry committee is this letter from Alex Salmond’s representatives ,

      It was published on the list this morning ,

      And I see there has also been a written update from the FDA union after their evidence session on 1st September ,

      Taken from the written evidence page ,

      And the link Mark Hirst’s twitter page with some interesting comments about this mornings session .

      Also the tweets from Philip Sim ,

    229. Republicofscotland says:

      Ian@ 2.20pm

      Just like the Salmond trial Craig paints a very vivid picture, a picture of injustice and a lack of fairness by the judge and prosecution.

      As usual it will come as no surprise that the hand picked compliant corporate journalists will paint a completely different picture to the one he (Craig) painted. By lining up to aid the demise of a fellow journalist Assange, these compliant journalists who care not for the truth, and only write what fits the narrative of the day, they’re effectively destroying any hope of real investigative journalism making a comeback.

      It doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway Assange is being persecuted for revealing the truth on American war crimes, nothing else.


      More on Assange’s kangaroo trial.

    230. Colin Alexander says:

      To me, within the first few minutes of being questioned, Leslie Evans came across as the stereotypical dishonest British professional giving the stereotypical dishonest answer when asked about events under investigation:

      “I don’t remember”.

      That was enough for me.

    231. iain.mhor says:

      @Big Jock 1:27pm

      Laudable advice generally, no need to make it easy.
      For BTL here though, effective only against casual arseholery and nutcases.

      Unless registering with Wings, one was trying for anonymity with disposable email addys and accessing via some seriously hardened OpSec browsing – then the Spooks (their wives, all their wives friends, their families, their families servants, their families servant’s tennis partners and some chap they bumped into in the mess the other day called Bernard) already have the site database and jarsful of cookies to dip into (thanks RIPA)

      That’s if they care about ID’ing anyone at all, which is probably only en-passant. Though I dare say any talk of armed insurrection, civil distubance, or threats against MP’s, would have them wiping the Doritos off their fingers – however many proxies one was hiding behind.

      Security is hard.

      *waves cheerily.

    232. Ottomanboi says:

      Watch out! Bill & Melinda are probably behind it.
      Gotta stretch that global reach folks.
      Vaccinate to accumulate, as they say in the Valley.

    233. Republicofscotland says:

      Colin@ 2.43pm.

      It was enough for me when Evans said this.

      “We’ve lost a battle, but we will win the war”. That was how Leslie Evans, the head of the Scottish civil service, messaged a colleague in January 2019 after Alex Salmond won his victory in the Court of Session.

      They set out to imprison Alex Salmond for the rest of his life, Evans should’ve been sacked on the spot after the “tainted process” which cost the taxpayer £500,000, but she wasn’t.

      What does that tell you?

    234. Lizg says:

      Breeks @ 1.36
      That statement alone should damm her.
      It’s borderline criminal to try to put a man in jail for sex crimes when your not absolutely sure the policy is absolutely right.
      Is there even any awareness of that…. that’s actually a horrific concept

    235. Ottomanboi says:

      Why culture matters.
      When it’s gone, it’s gone….but not quite thanks to this guy.
      Like my Scotland, my Assyria will be free! but no thanks to the bureaucrats.

    236. Jock McDonnell says:

      ‘Finally in this regard I would also suggest that you refer to section 44 of the Scotland Act 1995’ – eh ? 1995 ?

    237. Achnababan says:

      I detected a subtle change today in the AS enquiry in Holyrood.

      I sensed the Committee becoming slightly more agitated by MS Evans and her dumb blond routine…. I cant remember, dont know the details etc etc – very obvious obfuscation on her part me thinks.

      More documents are being requested – things are gently hotting up. If you hope for or expect fireworks forget it, but if you are interested in observation of body language and choice of words and nuances in both question and answer then (while a slow burner) these proceedings have got me hooked. Could there be a resignation or 2 around the next corner – cant wait for the next episode!

      P.S. For those of you with a Netflix contract try watching ‘Occupied’ – a rather good tense drama from Norway that covers a fictional account of the military occupation of Norway by Russia while the EU and USA stand by and do nothing ….. could this be what could happen to Scotland if we don’t toe the line….?

    238. crazycat says:

      @ Jock McDonnell

      Yes, I wondered about that, too!

      There was a Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act in 1995 (, but section 44 deals with the detention of children and does not refer to either of the law officers mentioned.

      Section 44, of the 1998 Act, however, does:

      So Lindsey Miller doesn’t proof-read.

    239. holymacmoses says:

      Such a great piece about Justice in the UK today.
      Dicken’s ‘Circumlocution Office’ in ‘Little Dorrit’ has nothing on this lot.
      These are ‘difficult’ times Rev, so do take care. I enjoy reading your work. I miss Twitter:-)

      Wolffe is part of a trickiness of truth in action in my reading today

      I’ll simply give quotations from the other two.:

      From Mr Murray we have Magistrate Baraitser in action:

      “Baraitser went on to say that it was important that the hearing was public, but she should only agree remote access where it was “in the interests of justice”, and having considered it she had decided it was not. She explained this by stating that the public could normally observe from within the courtroom, where she could control their behaviour. But if they had remote access, she could not control their behaviour and this was not in the “interests of justice”.”

      And Swindler for the Scottish Government:

      “He said handing over the papers would “undermine this ability on future occasions when ministers and officials choose to seek legal advice”, which would “not be in the interests of good government and the upholding of the rule of law””

      Clearly the ‘Rule of Law’ in the Scotland and England has developed a life of its own and is akin to the mutable rain forest frog of Ecuador.

      The Law is returning to its role as an instrument of ‘abuse’ not ‘use’ in this brave new world of Boris and the SNP.

    240. Republicofscotland says:

      A fine article on the persecution of Assange by the seasoned veteran John Pilger.

    241. CameronB Brodie says:

      My links are intended to help inform a healthier social consciousness. I think you’re dead wrong about Polly btw.

      Judges and the Common Laws of the Environment — At Home and Abroad


      Judges have long had a central role in developing and enforcing effective laws for the protection of the environment and ensuring access to justice for its champions. The response of British judges to the problems created by the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, using the tools of the domestic common law, has been mirrored in recent years by the responses of judges round the world to the environmental challenges of their own countries, using a range of legal mechanisms, derived from their varied constitutions or statutory codes.

      In developing and enforcing those laws, judges have needed to temper principle with realism, and progress has often been slow. They have sometimes been criticised for not respecting the proper limits of the judicial role, when dealing with issues of political controversy or allocation of economic resources.

      With the support of United Nations Environment Programme, judges have been at the forefront in programmes for improving judicial capacity in the field of environmental law, and for sharing skills and experiences. Although the legal frameworks may differ, many of the problems and their solutions are of universal application. The emerging principles can be seen as the foundation of a system of ‘common laws of the environment’ suitable for the daunting environmental challenges of the modern world.

    242. Stan Broadwood says:

      FFS Sturgeon,,,

      Just call indyRef2, this legal jargon is killing me.

      We’ll pick up these bastards on the other side.

      With a full criminal trial.

    243. leither says:

      the tartan army should be ashamed of itself for jailing Julian Assange, I’m sure Nicola’s fingerprints are all over this fiasco. all will be revealed when she comes up in front of the committee in the coming weeks……….

      the tickets are already selling like hot cakes:)

    244. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Nature” has managed to gain legal protection for its identity, so why not Scotland? Racist patriarchy and authoritarian legal practice, that’s why.

      The Implementation of Earth Jurisprudence through Substantive Constitutional Rights of Nature

      To date, international processes associated with sustainable development have not led to an internationally legally binding framework that adequately addresses the challenges we face. Human influence on the planet has led to the adoption, although not universally accepted, of the term Anthropocene to define our new relationship with nature.

      This paper aims to look at the role and rule of law in the making of society and, more importantly, the arguments for a shift in the paradigm from an Anthropocentric ontology to a more Earth-centered one. We critique the current approach to sustainable development and environmental protection, review arguments on the Rights of Nature and explore the potential for the concept of Earth Jurisprudence building on current literature.

      In particular, the paper outlines that a constitutional right of nature is needed to address the challenges that we now face globally. To this end, we also examine in detail the case study of the constitution of Ecuador where the rights of nature have been codified. We outline some of the key issues involved in this proposed approach to new legal frameworks and make recommendations for future research.

      Earth Jurisprudence; rights of nature; rule of law; sustainable development

    245. Breeks says:

      With both Alex Salmond and Julian Assange, there comes a point surely when a Justice system stops being a Justice system, and becomes something else.

      This judge Baraitser administering Julian Assange’s extradition proceedings seems an extraordinarily nasty piece of work who shouldn’t even be hearing the case due to her personal connections…. and she is beginning to remind me of Roland Freisler, where defendants were routinely humiliated and had a 90% chance of life imprisonment or execution, (Baraitser apparently has a 96% rate for approving extraditions), and infamous of course for providing the would-be assassins of Hitler with oversized clothes to wear without belts to hold up their trousers, then berating them for fiddling with their trousers like perverts.

      How can this be happening in a modern and developed Judicial system?

      The UK my friends has lived too long. Our society is rotten and needs purged of this decay and degeneracy. Scotland needs its Independence, then switched off and on again, then rebooted from first principles.

    246. Ian Brotherhood says:

      200 years ago today, Hardie & Baird executed.

      When you consider that the average life expectancy of a ‘royal’ is kicking on for 100 years, it’s really not that long, is it?

    247. callmedave says:

      Northern Ireland Secretary admits new bill will ‘break international law’

    248. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Breeks –

      Hear hear.

      Independence won’t be worth having if the same wretched characters end up retaining their status. That applies across the board, from Pacific Quay to Bute House – they’ve got to go.

    249. Dan says:

      Looks like I picked a bad week to give up drinking…

    250. iain mhor says:

      @Ottomanboi 3:19pm

      A feelgood story in a grim week, ta.

      One of my bucket lists was Assyria – Nimrud, Nineveh et al.
      I was captivated in my youth by an old book of Austin Henry Layard’s ‘adventures’ in the region. It led me to the work of Hormuzd Rassam, the writings of Rawlinson and Sayce and the ancient history of Mesopatamia and Asia.

      Captivating stuff for an adventurous youth choking in the cold dampness of Scotland; where culture was Proddies and Tims, tartan giftshop tat and stereotyped and anodyne BBC Hogmanay shows.

      Later I did eventually get as far as the Gulf, but then the balloon went up and that was pretty much the end of all that. Sold my motor to some Armenian boys who were headed for Oman and came home.

      Unfathomable wars and conflicts always curb our freedom to travel and discover the peoples and cultures of this world.
      Now even more fuckwits have decided I should be consigned to this little damp enclave; revoking that citizenship, which once freely took me across Europe to Asia, as far as the Bosphorus. Utimately, I am now constrained from travelling further from my own home.

      Warmongers, Iconoclasts, Tyrants and Thieves – fuck em all, we cannot let them prevail.

    251. twathater says:

      @ Iain Mhor 5.19pm you have the opporchancity Iain to right these wrongs all you have to do is align with Breeks, Lorna Campbell, Bailey and others who identify that our independence can and will be won based on the Treaty Of Union breaches of which there have been many, but only the EU forcible removal would possibly be needed

      If you guys could find a way to encourage Joanna Cherry to fight our case in the ICJ and the UN I am convinced we would win as it is logical and sensible

      Surely Joanna must be as SICK as the rest of us that we are being held in this lunatic ASYLUM when there is a legal method whereby we could extricate ourselves from this madness

      And judging by the feedback coming from posters re the SG investigation a legal challenge from NS and the SNP SG is about as likely as WGD posters coming to see Nicola’s fraud

    252. MaggieC says:

      That’s the official transcript report published now from today’s committee meeting ,

      Enjoy reading it .

    253. CameronB Brodie says:

      Rampant cronyism is a sign of a dysfunctional and authoritarian government, so is a good indicator of fascism.

      “Competition Law and Sustainable Development” Legal Experts Panel

    254. shug says:

      Republicofscotland says:

      Why do you think the unionists on the committee are not asking Evans to clarify what she means by “winning the war”

      When I think about how unnaturally silent the unionists have been on this case, when they have a wide open goal mouth to sock it to the SNP and what do we hear – nothing

      This is the one thing that makes me think Nicola has been compromised. However her tactics for increasing the SNP vote seem to be working!!

    255. Dan says:


      Aye, when you think of the remarkable mileage of SNP Bad generated when a bit of ice fell off a bridge in adverse weather, it’s rather odd that spaffing 40 million green queens of taxpayers’ dosh doesn’t seem to be so important…

    256. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wouldn’t want to defend Evans, as she is most probably the one who instructed the ‘Scottish’ civil service to stop following a gender critical approach to law and public policy. However, she could possibly have meant “winning the war” against SEXISM. Which may have been present everywhere, from her point of view. Though you won’t resolve sexism by using the law to undermine the social position of women and children.

    257. Effijy says:

      What Evan’s meant was she was still targeting Alex Salmond
      and she was determined to win!

      Would you fall for she meant the lost battle wasn’t 3 points
      in the football match against Israel?

      Aye Right!

    258. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. She may also have been using feminist concerns to cover more nefarious motives. Gulling her support to undermine Scottish democracy, which is what she has done if she is the one who ordered our civil service to follow other than “best practice”.

    259. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.P.S. I obviously can’t say who was responsible for undermining the ability to govern Scotland effectively, but I’m not selling a dud. The GRA amendments are poorly drafted, would not have survived proper scrutiny, and have only proceed because the law appears to have been broken by someone.

      Science-Policy-Society Interface Policy Paper
      Practical Guidelines to apply Sustainability Science Frameworks

    260. Beaker says:

      @callmedave says:
      8 September, 2020 at 4:59 pm
      “Northern Ireland Secretary admits new bill will ‘break international law’”

      What they are trying to do is use “Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which enables a state to get out of its treaty obligations when circumstances change radically.” (copied straight from the BBC website).

      However, reading further and checking other searches, it is really meant for radical changes, not minor tweaks. The fact that Jonathan Jones, permanent secretary for the Government’s onw legal department, has resigned is telling.

      Well it appears that justice is fucked in Scotland and England. How are Wales and Northern Ireland doing these days?

    261. Cath says:

      An interesting use of “he” there, by the way.

      OMG, did the Lord Advocate just MISGENDER Nicola Sturgeon? ‘Cos that is literally a hate crime.

    262. mike cassidy says:

      If you need a break

      Check out what this guy did when he drew trans twitterflak for saying he supported JKRowling

    263. CameronB Brodie says:

      The potential for justice is most definitely ‘rigorously challenged’ in Brexitania, both in the horizontal and vertical dimensions of government. The rule-of-law is lost, if Scotland does get removed from the EU, and a legal respect for biology is made a hate-crime in Scotland.

      Gender Equality in Academia and Research
      What is a Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

      A Gender Equality Plan can be broken up in different steps or phases, each requiring specific types of interventions:

      An analysis phase, in which sex-disaggregated data is collected; procedures, processes and practices are critically assessed with a view to detect gender inequalities and gender bias;

      A planning phase, in which objectives are defined, targets are set, actions and measures to remedy the identified problems are decided, resources and responsibilities are attributed and timelines are agreed upon;

      An implementation phase, in which activities are implemented and outreach efforts are undertaken so as to gradually expand the network of stakeholders;

      A monitoring phase, in which the process and the progress are regularly followed through and assessed. Findings from the monitoring exercise(s) allow to adjust and to improve interventions, so that their results can be optimised.

      In need of inspiration?

      Have a look at the following real-life examples of Gender Equality Plans (in English):

      Autonomous University of Barcelona

      National University of Ireland Maynooth

      Stockholm University – Department of Political Science
      University of Helsinki

      University of Vigo

      Uppsala University

      Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

    264. CameronB Brodie says:

      There’s a comment in moderation Rev., with more links than normal.

    265. Beaker says:

      @mike cassidy says:
      8 September, 2020 at 7:33 pm
      If you need a break
      “Check out what this guy did when he drew trans twitterflak for saying he supported JKRowling”

      LMFAO 🙂

      I’ve just had a good read of his Twitter feed. Glad to see that some people are still on this planet.

    266. Helen Yates says:

      Great work, I can’t help but think there must be some in the Scottish government really regretting starting this farce in the first place, and Alex played a blinder today stating that he’s prepared to go back to court to get the secret papers released to the parliamentary inquiry, interesting times.

    267. Helen Yates says:

      “Anyone else remember the days when the something like this would be leapt upon by the Scottish press so they could batter the SNP?

      That they’re not tells a story…”

      Doesn’t it just, even the English media are falling over themselves to praise Nicola these days.

    268. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “Northern Ireland Secretary admits new bill will ‘break international law’” What they are trying to do is use “Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which enables a state to get out of its treaty obligations when circumstances change radically.” (copied straight from the BBC website) @Beaker says at 7:22 pm

      Mmmm, like say for example:

      A Country which is one of the founder members of a Bi-Lateral Unitary State whose electorate vote 62% to 38% to retain its membership of the EU but is dragged out by the other founder member whose electorate votes 51.9% to 48.1% to leave?

      Because that sounds a lot like a radical change to me!

      And yet there are still those who still labour under the misapprehension that winning an Independence Referendum, held following the grant of a S30 Order is required for Scotland to annul the UK Union!

    269. Beaker says:

      @Helen Yates says:
      8 September, 2020 at 7:49 pm
      “Doesn’t it just, even the English media are falling over themselves to praise Nicola these days.”

      Ever get the feeling that they want her to remain as long as possible, ie April next year, then they are going to hit her with something they have been keeping warm?

      Journalists are VERY good at finding out things.

    270. Beaker says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      8 September, 2020 at 7:54 pm
      “Mmmm, like say for example:
      A Country which is one of the founder members of a Bi-Lateral Unitary State whose electorate vote 62% to 38% to retain its membership of the EU but is dragged out by the other founder member whose electorate votes 51.9% to 48.1% to leave?”

      I did think about that, but I would imagine we would have to be independent in the first case for that to apply. Otherwise I’m quite sure that Ms Cherry would have jumped on it earlier.

      But, the idea has merit.

    271. mike cassidy says:

      Beaker 7.43

      Thing is

      I’m not techsavvy enough to know if you can make that leap

      from discovering an ip and general location

      which is reasonably straightforward

      to identifying an individual

      He might just be telling a good story to wind them up

    272. CameronB Brodie says:

      The British constitution is a political agreement with legal clauses to inform best practice. It does not bind Scotland for ever and ever, as it is a voluntary agreement in INTERNATIONAL law, between equal nation states. Each is free to remove themselves from this arrangement if it no longer fits.

      Human rights and natural law

    273. iain mhor says:

      @twathater 5:55pm

      Little old me? well, not so little, but I am flattered.
      What should I be doing exactly? Here are a couple of thoughts before I get my hat and coat and book the train to London.

      First you have to identify the relevant Treaty between two indeoendent Kingdoms, which is no small thing, as it was initiated by Anne and her commissioners – no indeoendent parliaments directed their representatives for that purpose – it was in effect a Royal Prerogative.

      But let’s take it as read, that any Treaty resides in the Articles of Union. which were instituted by the respective parliaments of two independent Kingdoms, guving witness to amd assent of the ‘Treaty’
      Then you must identify which part, more than the other parts, was that part which constitutes ‘The Breach of Treaty’ – for innumerable parts of the Acts of Union have been repealed, amended or replaced – Well, not so much inumrable, you can look ’em up and count ’em – it’s a lot.

      I doubt there is any mileage in calling a ‘breach of treaty’ based in a breacch of Acts – since Westminster already calls parliamentary sovereignty to alter, amend, repeal or otherwise line the cat tray with the Acts of Union and does.

      It’s not some kind of locked in contract that you need to seek a ‘breach’ in, to free you from its terms anyway; it’s either a voluntary Union, or it is not (it wasn’t even then but that’s besides the point for now) It is either a Treaty still extant, or it is not.

      If it is a Union, whose Treaty stands (it does because the Acts of Union and their parts, directly refer to and require it) no ‘breach of contract is required – one nation withdraws when it decides to withdraw – It moves to repeal its Act of Union.

      The thing exercising people is the right to withdraw. Either there is a Treaty, a Union and therefore right to withdraw – or there is not. Whether there is legislative machinery in place to facilitate this is immaterial.

      Speaking of legislative machinery – what machinery is being withdrawn when an entire Act of Union is repealed? Well in the case of UK legislation a hell of a lot hangs off the collective Acts of Union.

      So, the UK and certainly also Scotland, has a bit of a problem deciding whether its Act of Union is totally repealed, or remains until all the legislation hanging off it is amended. So not necessarily a case of repealing the Act of Union in the instant.

      We are familar with this in microcosm, with the amendments across swathes of UK legislation pertaining to its Union with the EU.
      I believe in Ireland, the Act of Union was still on the books for a good six decades after independence, before it could be repealed in its entirety. Conversely, the Indian Independence Act of 1947, though repealed in India, still resides (much amended) as part of the UK’s statute legislation.

      So Scotland’s Act of Union could be repealed, or it could remain – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it remains in a Union, it could probably hold an amemded provision to that effect. Its designation Scotlands ‘Act of Union’ would remain as (continually amending legialation) but anything binding Scotland to the UK would no longer stand.

      So much for repealing the Act of Union, more prosaically it is likely to remain (as amended) however temporarily. Perhaps slowly dissolving is indeed more accurate, whether of a Treaty or Act.

      The second part of the equation, is where does Westminsters authority reside? Does it reside in the Crown in Parliament, or if itself, of its legislation?

      There is of course the Crown in Parliament at Westminster, just as there is quite emphatically a Crown in Parliament at Holyrood.
      There is the Crown in Right of Jamaica, The Crown in Right of the UK, the Crown in right of Scotland?
      The Crown does, or does not, hold a Royal Prerogative and the Royal Prerogative, may, or may not be a reserved right (it isn’t, to save you looking it up)

      Royal Prerogative may have been enough to institute the Treaty of Union (and consequently the Acts) and therefore may, or may not, be the same mechanism invoked to resile a Treaty, or Act.

      Pick a question, pick them all if you like. We already have representatives who can ably pick and ask questions – up to and including Privy Councillors and even a Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland. Does it need me to rock up and do it?

      But I’m not going to cover all the old ground again, except to say; there is too much focus on the bottom up and not the top-down.

    274. Republicofscotland says:

      The Council of Europe slates the UK government for failing to meet key treaty obligations on promoting Gaelic. One wonder just how many treaties the Tories are prepared to break or renege on.

    275. holymacmoses says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      8 September, 2020 at 4:48 pm
      200 years ago today, Hardie & Baird executed.

      When I was readfing Walter Scott’s letters and put information alongside Lockhart’s life – it became clear that Walter Scott’s future son-in-law John Gibson Lockhart was in the militia that caught, hanged and/or deported those men. As you say – no time since at all really. My next door neighbour is 94 years old:-)

    276. Republicofscotland says:

      Joanna Cherry pleads with Scotland’s Advocate General to grow a backbone.

    277. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Breeks 4.47: ” She (Baraitser) is beginning to remind me of Roland Freisler, where defendants were routinely humiliated and had a 90% chance of life imprisonment or execution, (Baraitser apparently has a 96% rate for approving extraditions), and infamous of course for providing the would-be assassins of Hitler with oversized clothes to wear without belts to hold up their trousers, then berating them for fiddling with their trousers like perverts.”

      Strangely enough, Freisler came into my mind too, a cowardly little bully, prepared to do whatever his masters told him to do.

      Amazing to think that Baraitser, a lowly and ultra-obscure magistrate, is hearing a case which would normally be heard by a senior judge, so she has probably been selected for her ability to take “advice” and for her “background”.

      Both this case and Alex Salmond’s clearly show The Law in the UK is broke and is there merely to serve the so-called “Elite” (was it ever any different, really?). We also know our Free Press is a farce and that, with few exceptions, almost all journalists are just stenographers for the state.

      At Ian B 4.47: a welcome reminder of how things never change when it comes to state oppression and let’s not forget James Wilson of Strathaven. Btw, dear readers, The 1820 Society is always looking for new members.

      We are really in grave danger at the moment of losing the freedoms so many brave men and women have fought for over the centuries.

    278. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Light Entertainment time:

      British Labour Party’s Scottish Accounting Unit Blairites proving that London Rules are the ones that matter!

      Writes ‘Scotland Editor’, Severin Arsehole


    279. cynicalHighlander says:

      I see is still down.

    280. cynicalHighlander says:

      But not for the Guardian weird

    281. CameronB Brodie says:

      Severin Carrell? Ah, the “Semiotic Kid”.


    282. mr thms says:

      The BBC article goes on to give an example..

      “Brandon Lewis told the House of Commons that “there are clear precedents for the UK and other countries needing to consider their international obligations as circumstances change”.

      That may suggest, says Catherine Barnard, Professor of Law at the University of Cambridge, that the government is looking at Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which enables a state to get out of its treaty obligations when circumstances change radically.

      But those changed circumstances have to be pretty dramatic – something like the dissolution of Yugoslavia, when a recognised country ceases to exist.”

      Makes more sense to give the “pending” dissolution of the UK as the example.

    283. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Anent UK Gov and Article 62:

      This from MARCH 14 2019!

      “Brexit deal latest: Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned using Vienna Convention to get out of backstop is a ‘complete non-starter'”

      No issues I can see with @cynicalHighlander says at 8:36 pm

    284. Beaker says:

      @mike cassidy says:
      8 September, 2020 at 8:03 pm
      “Beaker 7.43
      Thing is
      I’m not techsavvy enough to know if you can make that leap
      from discovering an ip and general location”

      I asked someone who is an IT bod, well part-witch he’s that good. You can do it with the right software and knowledge. But it is a legal minefield especially with GDPR in place nowadays.

      Still gave me laugh though.

      Makes me wonder what will happen if video message boards become the norm… imagine what Wings would be like? 🙂

    285. Fireproofjim says:

      The Tories are only following the dictates of both Jonathan Swift and Josef Stalin who both used the expression. “Promises are like pie crusts, made to be broken.”
      Same with International treaties, obviously.

    286. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker

      Aye it’s started working for me now thanks but it had been down for a while previous.

    287. CameronB Brodie says:

      Brexit really should be viewed as an assault on the international legal order and rule-of-law. You won’t have heard of that much, as most folk are looking for a resolution to our predicament, within British constitutional practice. Which most folk consider as a “just” framework for justice, if they consider it at all.

      Scotland either does or does not have a legally defensible identity, which it is Scotland’s natural right to determine. If it does not, then Westminster does not consider those living in Scotland to possess legal rights in Common Law.

      Fordham International Law Journal Volume 1, Issue 1 1977 Article 1
      The Emerging Moral Framework of
      International Law

    288. Fireproofjim says:

      Hitler and Stalin’s “Treaty of Eternal Friendship” in 1939 lasted less than two years when the Nazis invaded the USSR in 1941.
      The Tories signed an International Treaty with the EU only nine months ago. Less trustworthy than Hitler.

    289. Beaker says:

      Some good news:

      Denmark 0 – 0 England

      Oh dear oh dear oh dear…doesn’t help when two of their team mates decided to get laid instead of social distancing. Gary Neville says the two of them “need love”. Erm, that’s exactly why they were sent home in the first place. Iceland have also fined them each £1,400 to be paid personally. Small beer for EPL footballers but an expensive shag all the same.

    290. CameronB Brodie says:

      It looks like the Rev. might be busy, so here’s that link from earlier.

      Gender Equality in Academia and Research
      What is a Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

    291. holymacmoses says:

      I was delighted to read the Letter from Alex Salmond’s legal team offering to assist the inquiry wherever and whenever it could.
      I really would like to know if anyone was given a large cheque for delivering information to the Record, given that Mr McWhirter said that there were blank cheques all over the place just waiting to be filled in should Mr Salmond be caught out.
      If NOBODY took any money, then it is clear that he was betrayed by the Nicola Sturgeon et al.
      Always ‘follow the money’:-)

    292. Hatuey says:

      Shug: “However her tactics for increasing the SNP vote seem to be working!!”

      I’ve heard a few people say stuff like this, most of them party loyalists.

      The truth is that we should be completely baffled at the lack of support for the SNP in the polls today. With the shambles of Brexit, Boris, the farcical handling of Coronavirus, the marginalisation of Scotland, and a million other things, that support should be above 80%.

      To be clear, though, all we are talking about is polls — hot air, in other words.

      Scotland has been systematically humiliated on Sturgeon’s watch and the SNP has much less than nothing to show for all the electoral success experienced since 2014. There’s no prospect of that changing.

      Sturgeon’s strategy, which has her approval ratings at its core (and little else), has been to grandstand and then quickly back down on everything of substance. The only things she has pursued with conviction are her perceived enemies on the same side.

      We come out of all this chaos in 2 or 3 years in British chains, a sort of beast in the British cellar. We won’t even have anyone to complain to.

      Sturgeon might be there and she might not. Who cares?

      She represents nothing. She reminds me more and more each day of the Lieutenant (played by Alec Guinness) in ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’. It’s crackers.

    293. Ronald Fraser says:

      The panic within Scottish Labour is because arseholes like James Kelly and Co know there is a Scottish list Party getting set up and they also know they will more than likely lose their seats.

      And I doubt very much if replacing Richard Leonard will save their seats.

      They are finished no matter who is the branch manager.

      It just won’t work in Scotland,,,an Englishman telling a Scottish electorate that he alone will block their Democratic right to hold an Independence referendum.

    294. Northman says:

      @stonefree at 2.03 pm
      @Big Jock at 8.32 am

      No. I’m saying, if she tried to push independence Scotland would be free now.
      Scotland had the easiest (remaining) path to independence of any nation I’m aware of, ever, after Alex and many other had done basically all the job. I choose an open goal in the allegory for this very reason.

      With nearly half of the votes in a referendum already, and basically all the opponents claims being provable lies quickly afterwards. A semi-literate monkey could have done mince of the unionists arguments. And referendums isn’t even necessary for independence. She could have cashed in the victory and be world wide famous for as long as history exists.

      But Scotland didn’t get free. Nicola/SNP choose a very different path.

    295. kapelmeister says:

      As Boris Johnson wilfully gains an international reputation as a treaty breaker, how long can Sturgeon persist with the line about Johnson’s position on S30 being untenable?

      Her position on an indyref is the one that becomes untenable.

    296. call me dave says:

      Boris to give a speech tomorrow to set out new rules and getting tough on the numbers that are meeting up and stretching / breaking the covid-19 rules within households in England.

      Starting next week Monday.

      (why not before the weekend? we all know what will happen)

      BBC radio 5 now says 80%/90% infections occurring within domestic environments in England.

      Police to be given extra powers.

      Yes the numbers of infections are getting too big again.

      (In spite of the additional testing)

    297. robertknight says:

      If ever we needed an example of how a Johnson led Government at Westminster would behave in the event of a majority voting Yes, we have one now in relation to the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

      If Johnson has no qualms in breaking international law in respect of dealing with Brussels, he’d be only too willing to do the same with Holyrood in respect of an Edinburgh Agreement MkII and the granting of a S30 Order. (Not that such a move would get past Westminster anyway IMHO).

      This man would sell his own granny for glue and NS would have us trust him in respect of a the granting of a Section 30 Order and the abiding by the outcome of any IndyRef2?

    298. holymacmoses says:

      kapelmeister says:
      8 September, 2020 at 10:51 pm
      As Boris Johnson wilfully gains an international reputation as a treaty breaker, how long can Sturgeon persist with the line about Johnson’s position on S30 being untenable?

      Great point kapelmeister. WM can hardly complain about Scotland going ahead with a referendum after they’ve made it clear that the making and breaking of Treaties at International level is fine when it’s part of the plan. .

    299. Stan Broadwood says:

      Disappointed in Denmark,,, they should have gubbed the pathetic engerlanders.

      But will settle for a 0-0 draw.

    300. stonefree says:

      @ Northman at 10:41 pm

      @stonefree at 2.03 pm
      @Big Jock at 8.32 am

      I was only reacting to the open goal comment,Smith was playing for Brighton, and on the tele Smith is left with an open goal , the Commentator Says “and Smith must score” and he misses,
      Brighton took the comment as the title of their fanzine
      Sturgeon had and open goal for independence, and she screwed it up

    301. Effijy says:

      The Tories say that no sovereign nation should
      Have laws imposed on by the EU, an external body.

      Well that of course excluded Scotland who it seems
      can have everything and anything imposed by England
      an external body.

      The UK Bank is called the Bank of England.
      We are in an equal partnership, but Scotland
      Has no right to the shared bank if the 2 countries split?

      England has said Scotland’s oil is running out
      But they have been saying that for 50 years.
      A new pipeline has been laid that will bring ashore
      Our oil for the next 50 years.

      Westminster says we have the most powerful devolved Government
      in the world but now advise they can remove any powers at any time?

      Special Brexit deals can be made for N Ireland, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and
      The Channel Islands, but not Scotland.

      England says that an independent Scotland would be immediately out
      Of Europe but they would be in it.
      Now England wants out of Europe, why wouldn’t Scotland still be in it?

      England says Scotland has too much debt but not having been able to borrow
      For 300 years and Westminster acknowledge they have over £2 Trillion of debt?

      Westminster threatens not to pay their Brexit leaving dues if a no deal is agreed.
      Westminster advised Scots in 2014 that if we didn’t play by their rules and make payments
      for debts ran up by England, no one would trade with us.
      So England say they can go against the UN regarding the Chacos Islands
      they won’t pay the EU and they can take illegal actions to suit them?

      Wish someone in the SNP and media would raise these points!

    302. leither says:

      neil oliver gets it in the neck towards the end

    303. cynicalHighlander says:


      Lol fairies don’t exist lol

    304. CameronB Brodie says:

      I don’t know if I’m fortunate or not to have studies this stuff in some depth. On the one hand, I can understand what is happening so can seek to improve my circumstances. On the other, there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do to prevent my social vulnerability from deepening as a result of a hard covid-Brexit. So I’m not sure if it would be better if I had a BBC world-view. I know one thing though, Scotland has too many judges who are ambivalent towards the rule-of-law. And I’m being kind in my description. 🙁

      An Introduction to Law and Society

    305. Stan Broadwood says:

      Why are all the SNP MPs, MSPs and councillors so silent???

      Surely ONE of them can break ranks and tell us what they really think.

      I think once one makes a move, more will follow

    306. Big Jock says:

      Stonefree- classic “Smith must score”. It all comes back to me now.

    307. Big Jock says:

      Breaker. I heard it was safe sex. Both England players wore masks.

    308. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. A post-colonial world-view is not essential to being unimpressed by Scotland’s judiciary, or Britain’s state broadcaster. And it is rather unsettling if you actually understand how Scotland is being robbed of democratic hope. Still, the polls, eh?


    309. boris says:

      One particular recommendation comes to mind.

      “Misconduct Regulations state that the subject officer must receive immediate formal notification of the misconduct allegation once it has been determined that an investigation is required and an investigator has been appointed but before the start of an investigation so that the subject officer can be provided with an opportunity to address it if it is their wish.”

      But recent revelations are uncovering a “can of worms”

    310. Beaker says:

      @Big Jock says:
      8 September, 2020 at 11:46 pm
      I heard it was safe sex. Both England players wore masks.”

      Gimp masks…

    311. Hatuey says:

      It has nothing to do with the schools, honest… nothing at all.

      “Our Test and Protect team is carrying out COVID-19 contact tracing in the following new schools within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. There is currently no evidence of internal transmission within the schools but there are positive cases:

      • High School of Glasgow (Ind), Glasgow
      • St Thomas Acquinas Secondary School, Glasgow
      • Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire
      • Crookfur Primary School, East Renfrewshire
      • St Peter the Apostle High School, Clydebank
      • Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow
      • Caldercuilt Primary School, Glasgow”

    312. Clapper57 says:

      Has Douglas Ross resigned yet….there’s a fake principle with his name on it….mind you if he resigns it may have to be a VERBAL resignation as opposed to a SIGNED statement….as being a Tory he could retract it after SIGNING his resignation statement…’s a TORY thing apparently…who knew…well us obvs….and now the rest of the world too….oops.

      Ross resigning what a TREATY that would be…..sorry meant TREAT that would be….Baroness Ruth seems to have shut her big mooth…so silver lining and all that….heard they were both searching for a diversion….or rather another road to nowhere…..HQ once again f**ks over branch office…..I believe there is a recycling wheelie bin emergency Douglas could deflect attention upon…..rubbish being his speciality… can take the boy out of the council but you cannae take the councillor out of the boy…..they picked the wrong Ross it should have been Ross Thomson as leader……at least he felt something……….apparently.

    313. Beaker says:

      Latest from BBC on Hate Crime Bill.

      “The Scottish Conservatives are to table a vote at Holyrood in a bid to bring down the government’s controversial hate crime legislation.”

      But the Greens are describing this action as “an attempt to “score cheap political points”.

      Wonder if any of the retiring MSPs will grow a (metaphorical) pair and blow the Bill out of the water.

    314. twathater says:

      @ Iain Mhor 8.13pm Thanks for your response Iain, I do understand what you are saying in the difficulty of challenging the Treaty through the Acts of Union and what act or acts to challenge . I agree that it seems so simple to JUST assert a challenge without going through all the minutiae of the various acts , but let’s be honest this lot (the SNP) are woefully incompetent in pursuing any avenue towards independence despite NS saying that she would consider a legal challenge

      I read one of your previous posts where you indicated basically that a challenge would have to be made to the crown currently lizzie that she was now deposed by the Scottish people as she had failed to protect Scotland and Scots , but we can’t even get this lot to arrange an indy ref so what chance do we have of getting a republic vote

    315. CameronB Brodie says:

      The British constitution is not a legal constitution, i.e. a set of codified and binding rules. It is a POLITICAL agreement justified through Natural Law, which was articulated through the Common law. That was before English Torydum got all up-itself. Your chances of success are slim, if you attack British constitutional practice through legal facts, without attention to legal principles.

      Problema anuario de filosofía y teoría del derecho no.7 México ene./dic. 2013
      Proportionality in Constitutional and Human Rights Interpretation


      In this article the author, in a context in which principles and the principle of proportionality are at the heart not only of jurisprudence but also of constitutional and human rights interpretation, claims that when there were those ready to raise the hand to declare a unanimous winner, some critics and skeptics appeared.

      In addition, to the traditional objections, they worry that proportionality invites to doing unnecessary balancing between existing rights, inventing new rights out of nothing at all (in detriment of those already well-established ones), and even worse in doing so balancing some rights away.

      In order to answer to such objections and to reject them, as well as to reinforce the importance of this development, the author: first, revisits the constitution of principles and of the principle of proportionality, which per definitio contradicts each one of this objections; and, then, restates the constitution of the principle of proportionality as a principle of principles not only in constitutional and human rights interpretation but also in legislation, including constitutional reformation, and adjudication.

      Interpretation, Principles, Proportionality, Rights.

    316. CameronB Brodie says:

      The SNP needs a new perspective on the law, or else Scots are only going to receive more constitutional abuse from Westminster. And women will become second class members of a second class nation.

      Constitutional Law in an Age of Proportionality

    317. Breeks says:

      robertknight says:
      8 September, 2020 at 11:14 pm

      If ever we needed an example of how a Johnson led Government at Westminster would behave in the event of a majority voting Yes, we have one now in relation to the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

      If Johnson has no qualms in breaking international law in respect of dealing with Brussels…

      I still think this brinkmanship. Boris Johnson is trying to play hardball for the benefit of his ERG type lunatics. I think Europe will see it for what it is. Boris capitulated over the Irish Border and Irish Backstop because he had no choice. He still doesn’t have any choice but doesn’t like it.

      Don’t forget, the US has a powerful Irish American Community, which was warning the UK there’d be no Trade Deals if the Brits dishonoured the Good Friday Agreement. That’s not a bluff.

      How frustrating it is that Northern Ireland had a backstop derived from small (but important) section of the Good Friday Agreement which secured the backing of the International Community, but poor old Scotland, which suffered a gross violation of it’s Constitutional Sovereignty and democracy, and was forced out of Europe by the colonialism of different Nation being imposed upon it’s people is sold down the river by it’s own “pro Independence Government”.

      – All contrary to International Law and modern protocol, but instead of a Scottish Government tenaciously fighting to defend Scotland’s Constitution with a Scottish Backstop derived from the International Treaty that the 1707 Treaty of Union actually is, we get Nicola Sturgeon deciding to ski off piste, inventing her own “Nicola Sturgeon” Constitution, where Holyrood can arbitrarily overrule the popular sovereignty of the people, set aside Scotland’s emphatic and sovereign Remain mandate, and then capitulate without a fight to the aggressive colonial opportunism of the BritNat Establishment.

      If only Scotland had a Backstop… or rather a Scottish Government with enough of a spine to assert a Scottish Backstop… It breaks my heart to think about the commanding position we’d be in, presenting Westminster with an ultimatum between Brexit OR the UK Union. The Union untenable, Independence inevitable, European Citizenship saved, no deregulation or break up and asset stripping of Scotland’s NHS… If only…

      Getting back to Boris Johnson however… Stabbing Europe in the back will wreck the chances of an EU Trade Deal, a No Deal will cause problems with the Irish Border, which will cause problems with the Good Friday Agreement, which will scupper a US Trade Deal due to the Irish American lobby.

      I reckon the powerful money men in grey suits will recognise that the UK needs a Trade Agreement with both the EU and the US, and throwing a hysterical Boris Johnson to the wolves is a small price to pay to reset the negotiating agenda.

      Boris Johnson is expendible, and coming to the end of his usefulness. His strategy is now putting Trade Deals with Europe and the US at risk for no gain at all … His days are numbered.

    318. stuart mctavish says:

      Toss up between Ronaldo and Baillie for player of the week..

      In the matter of gross negligence, the high level officials obstructing the parliamentary enquiry on handling of harassment complaints may wish to reflect on the possibility that consultants happy to hide their contribution to meetings, etc from the committee will have been less shy when it came to invoicing for same.


      In the matter of criminal negligence, if it has not already done so, the committee should be obliged to establish whether the purveyors of any advice found to be disruptive, deceitful, or even incompetent, count among their principal clients any larger institutions, countries, or corporations that might reasonably be considered (potential) enemies of Scotland, devolution, UK, EU, justice, people(!) etc. to assist in developing better legal oversight in future.

    319. Rm says:

      Nows the time for Scotland to go all out to stay in Europe, close the border between Scotland and england to halt the virus, take all our MPs from london, their not doing anything there anyway, tell Westminster the unions ended because the way the way one partner has treated ( england) the other partner Scotland they’ve broke the union, then see if it’s possible to stay in Europe on our own, the Scottish people are still in The EU at the moment.

    320. Dorothy Devine says:

      leither , he’s good isn’t he. A lively presentation of fact after fact.

      Normally Prof Devine is my fact check but he would be a depressing presenter, this chap is superb.

    321. Effijy says:

      Hancock’s half dour.

      What a remarkable chain of sheer incompetency from Hancock again.

      I’m sure that man was the camp manager in the comedy show Hi Di Hi.

      A man who lost his father to Covid recently had a 2 hour drive to his nearest
      test centre in England with 2 coughing children.

      The test centre had ran out of testing kits so it’s 2 hours back home
      and continued worry the kids have Covid.

      Step in Handcock- This is all due to too many people wanting tests

      It seems people who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive
      want tests even when they don’t show symptoms?

      Isn’t that very issue the very, very expensive Tory Backers Track and Trace system, that still doesn’t
      Work, is supposed to do.
      Find out who has been in contact and have them tested?

      This incompetent imbecile will I guarantee become a Lord shortly to confuse people and question
      If he did ever do something right.

      He hadn’t! No one thing!

      Resign and save lives!

    322. Effijy says:

      Ignoring the Cignus Exercise warning about lack of epidemic resources.

      Ignoring the advanced warnings from Covid in Spain and Italy.

      Letting 250,000 attend the Cheltenham racing festival and 10,000 Spaniards visiting Liverpool FC

      Not having enough emergency PPE Kit in stock.

      Ordering the wrong type of PPE Stock.

      Not being able to distribute the PPE Stock they had.

      Killed medical staff by not supplying PPE Kit.

      Twice Refusing PPE Kit from the EU.

      Refusing offers of PPE Kit from small UK manufacturing facilities.

      Cancelling ventilator orders from ready to manufacture in the UK G-Tech
      In favour of Tory supporter James Dyson’s unprepared Singapore factory.

      Michael Gove jumps the queue over front line medical staff to get a test for his daughter.

      Tory Advisor Cummings breaks the lockdown to travel to a second home.

      3 x Tory MSP’s break lockdown to go hillwalking together.

      Tory MP beaks lockdown to go to a second home.

      Billions pocketed by Tory supporting companies without tender under emergency powers.

      Billions wasted on non existent or substandard PPE.

      Indecipherable Covid guidance from Tory Government.

      Pensioners with Covid sent out of hospital to Care Homes.

      Counting a pair of gloves as 2 items to cheat supply figures.

      Counting posted out test kits as a completed test to cheat the testing target figures.

      Charging foreign front line doctors £1200 if they wish to stay here.

      Charging medical staff for parking at work.

      Losing thousands of medical staff due to a pay cap that was equal to a 15% pay cut.

      Stopping bursaries for training Nurses.

      Anyone want to join in as my fingers are sore and my GP can’t see me?

    323. Gregor says:

      Essentially ‘THEY’ systematically engineered this grotesque saga and its weaponised infliction (of most timely societal inconvenience).

      ‘THEY’ own the culpability (& unmitigated criminality ?).

    324. Big Jock says:

      FFS – Every one of us warned about this over the last 2 years. It’s happening. WM is bi-passing Holyrood. It’s a takeover by stealth. Wake up SNP this is happening under your watch!

    325. Oneliner says:

      @Big Jock

      Coloured beads – just what we want. Will there be bongo drums and DDT?

    326. Breeks says:

      Rm says:
      9 September, 2020 at 7:51 am

      …the Scottish people are still in The EU at the moment.

      Technically we’re not. Scotland’s exit from Europe was marked by Sturgeon’s inglorious capitulation back at the end of January.

      So we are already out of Europe, but until the end of December, we are protected under the umbrella of the Transition Agreement, a years grace for our on going protection under European laws.

      I believe it is already too late for radical action to keep Scotland in Europe, but that radical action is needed to ensure Scotland doesn’t tailspin to total disaster with the Brexit Catastrophe, but finds a soft landing in some buffer status, either the Transition Agreement continued for Scotland, comparable status to Northern Ireland, (though Boris Johnson seems determined to undermine that status), or better yet, the “holding pen” status first mooted by the EU in 2016, to protect Scotland’s European interests until Scotland gets it’s Constitutional Independence sorted out, and can enter into Sovereign agreements independently.

      In simplest terms, Scotland needs it’s Constitutional Sovereignty to become a component of the Brexit debacle BEFORE the end of December. Scotland should declare a state of emergency, formally dispute our colonial subjugation, declare the 1707 Union breached and at an end, and demand the UN and Europe recognise Scotland’s existing and extant Constitutional Sovereignty.

      We are fools if we expect the SNP to do this, and time is just slipping away. We need to do it ourselves, and step one is to codify a Scottish Constitutional body which will take this fight forward… either a Martin Keating’s type initiative, or a breakaway Joanna Cherry type initiative, or a Constitutional forum established to defend the rights and integrity of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty.

      We have four months, but in reality three, because offices close and Revolutions don’t happen during Christmas festivities.

    327. Effijy says:

      Big Jock link

      A power grab it is in every instance.

      If money is available in Scotland then Scotland’s
      Democratic government decided on our priorities
      For spending it where and when required!

      Tories say councils can apply for replacement monies that were given by the
      EU. Translating that it means they will get less from Westminster than from the EU
      and their application may fail all together and they will get nothing.

      Without a crystal ball I predict any Unionist controlled council will get some funding
      and SNP controlled councils will get nothing but insults.

      The Scots have democratically voted for an SNP Government both in Holyrood and Westminster and in the majority of councils while never having given the Tories a majority In 65 years.

      What they propose is not democracy it is dictatorship.

      Line in the sand right now!

      We must regain our independence now!

    328. Ottomanboi says:

      @Effijy 08:22
      And then there is this.
      Conspiracy theory on rocket fuel or the beginning of the Global Reset?
      Things have altered for everybody on the planet and not in a good way. The rich have got richer and the poor considerably poorer. Jobs are disappearing, education hamstrung by restrictions, socializing discouraged, doctors unreachable, hospitals turning away the ‘non-Covid’ sick.
      Testing is not reliable as the genome of this virus is ‘mysteriously’ still not 100% sequenced.
      Covid symptoms are those of any respiratory condition provoked by the common cold or flu.
      Any underlying condition will exacerbate that condition.
      Pharma companies push drugs, expensive drugs. They are the biggest drug dealers on the planet.
      And governments are the addicts. And we trust governments, their agents and advisers….
      Time for a ‘trust reset’.

    329. Dogbiscuit says:

      An SNP run committee will never point the finger at Sturgeon.

    330. Famous15 says:

      Righty ho! You want a whelk stall in George Square, we will pay for it AND the 100metres squared Union Jack beside it.

      Embra,you want a new flower clock, WM will pay for it AND the Union Jack the size of the Mound.

      Aberdeen , that giant Union Jack you always wanted WM will pay for it along with the painting of the Union Jack along Union Street. In fact WM will paint Union Jacks on everything.

      WM will pay for Union Jack tattoos for everyone and fly a Union Jack over your house to remind you at election time that Tory WM paid for it.

      What they will NOT do is give Scotland a fair do.

      Independence is normal,but countries,whole bloody countries,breaking the law is not.

    331. Big Jock says:

      Famous – Exactly.

      They will make sure the natives know that the Raj funded the projects. Expect a sea of Union Jacks shortly.

      What government sits back and allows another parliament to take away their powers , when they have a means to prevent it. Nicola needs to go. Every little thing she lets go, allows the enemy to dismantle our country piece by piece.

      We are at the point where it’s now or never. If we don’t act within the next few months it’s over.

      Scotland will never be the same.

    332. Scottish questions (11.30) at UK parliament before PMQs,


      Ian Murray – ” is Scotland shi@e ”

      Alister Jack – ” yes ” .

    333. Breeks says:


      Scotland needs actively defended, with the battle fought and won before the years end, not merely ‘maybe’ started next Summer ‘if’ you can just have another mandate. Dear God, the poverty of ambition and dearth of initiative is insufferable. The state of emergency is now, it is already here and upon us. Fight now, while we have important allies, finite windows of opportunity, and precious capacities worth defending!

      The SNP has sat on it’s hands year after year and done nothing to defend the Scottish Constitution, not one single thing, but instead thrown their weight behind Westminster’s colonial misadventure. Scotland’s had three centuries of that shite, sold out by our ‘leaders’, and who’d have thought the SNP would be the 21st Century delivery boy for our fresh subjugation? The disgrace of it.

    334. Republicofscotland says:

      Tory council controlled Scottish Borders town, Tories order all Saltire flag to be pulled down from the towns high street, resident s furious at the move.

    335. Famous15 says:

      But are we shite in a very specific and limited way?

      Independence is normal but tearing your hair out in frustration is,well normal too.

    336. Dan says:


      Talking of flags on everything I turned up this FOI request the other day.
      I wonder in light of recent UK Gov behaviour, does having the Union Flag on our driving licenses mean we are afforded some exemptions and it’s ok to break the road traffic law when it suits…

      I also note the reason given for not providing certain information was due to maintaining good inter governmental relations which in the scheme of things would seems a bit of an uphill struggle.

    337. Breeks says:

      Breeks says:
      9 September, 2020 at 9:26 am

      Seriously angry about this. Boris Johnson’s Bill to break International Law is happening now, and Sturgeon’s reaction is to announce another lame and tepid fight back in May next year.

      Do us all a favour and just step aside.

      ”You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

      Never thought I’d be quoting the murderous Oliver Cromwell.

    338. Republicofscotland says:

      Well there you go the Tories admit the power grab breaks International law, but they don’t give a monkeys its only Scotland after all.

    339. jfngw says:

      Nicola Mañana has responded to the latest UK Gov illegality, ‘we will do something in the future….believe me’.

    340. Big Jock says:

      Mike Russel continually tweets about the “Disgraceful Tories”.

      Very good Mike, how about you stop watching them and try and stop them. You are not getting paid to tweet. You are paid to protect Scotland. Yet so far not one step has been taken to stop this.

      The Tories are breaking international law and you are afraid to have a democratic referendum in case it breaks WM rules. It’s time to just tell them the referendum is happening in January.

    341. Nell G says:

      I do get the feeling that there will be a flood of activity in the next few weeks as I can sense the tide turning against Nicola, is it too late in the day though? We would need radical intervention to get things moving.

      If Alex speaks now and puts us out of our misery we might have time (just) to turn this round before the end of the year. All revelations would need to be made public and Nicola’s reputation will need to be destroyed in the process to remove any doubt of her scheming and criminality. There will be collateral damage to the movement but for the greater good it needs to happen.

      I think if another dissenting voice such as Kenny M comes forward that could open the floodgates. Things could escalate quickly following this.

    342. Robert Graham says:

      A wee comment on Flags
      I was listening to a broadcast last night on Indy Live ” Twa auld Heids ” and flags came up particularly Edinburgh and Stirling castles one of the speakers had previously raised the question about why the Union flag featured prominently on both locations , the first answer he received from the Scottish Government was both were under the control of the MOD , on investigation it turned out to be not true , both are under the control of The National Trust for Scotland so he pressed for the Saltire to be given a prominent spot , not to remove the Union Flag but add the Saltire this was rejected by our Scottish Government , the government that we elect ? .

      I am beginning to wonder who exactly our government are working for and who’s interests they are protecting because it doesn’t look like we are top of the list of priorities

      A wee snippet was revealed regarding this Inquiry and it could actually give serious problems for the current SNP management not embarrassing problems more serious than that unless the information that is presently being held hostage by our own government as to who ordered this Malicious vindictive pursuit of Alex Salmond unless that is kept secret this can of worms is going to seriously damage this SNP government , the Lord Advocate and the English Civil Service are implicated throughout , the Lord Advocate has previous with the balls up on the Rangers Case (millions) due Alex Salmond ( both failures) again Millions due to vindictive prosecutions , someone will break cover and then the whole rotten pile of shit will come tumbling down , only a matter of Time .

      The English are not the problem it’s their compliant little helpers our own folk who are the enemy the Tory ones are obvious and easily spotted it’s the ones who profess to be on our side who are causing the problem the real block to our push for Independence , our own side , Disgusting .

    343. kapelmeister says:

      Sturgeon actually posted a tweet today in which the word independence appeared 3 times. And just for a few seconds you think yeah…maybe its genuine. But it’s just to make the right noises today. Next week, indy won’t be mentioned.

    344. Ronald Fraser says:

      Big Jock

      The Tories have got the SNP sussed out.

      They know they can do as they please with Scotland.

      Blackford reminds me of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

      The Lion had no courage (Like Blackford) and would run a mile the minute somebody shouted at him.

      Exactly like that toothless bastard Blackford.

      Just the way Sturgeon likes all her men.

      We’ll see what the reply from Sturgeon and Blackford will be at the end of the day.

      Any other country would be up in arms at powers being taken away from their Parliament,,, watch and see how committed Sturgeon is towards Independence.

      No doubt she’ll remind us Instead of the latest book she is reading.

    345. Lukas Scholts says:

      Everything that happens is about the next election and there’s always some next election to fight.

      “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. … The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact…”

      Meanwhile morgues are springing up everywhere.

    346. Big Jock says:

      Robert – Unfortunately until we get rid of the British military , we are stuck with the Butchers Apron.

      “Edinburgh Castle

      Edinburgh Castle is managed by Historic Scotland, but it still has a military garrison of the British Army. Like all British Army bases, it flies the Union Flag (in ratio 5:3) and the Army flies it every day from the Clock Tower. The Saltire is flown every day at the Half Moon Battery.[2]

      The flying of the Union Flag at Edinburgh Castle has sometimes caused controversy. In 2001, a group of 20 Scottish National Party MSPs called for the Union Flag to be replaced by the Saltire.[3]”

    347. Republicofscotland says:

      Douglas Ross sees nothing wrong with his boss Johnson breaking Brexit Agreement

    348. Ronald Fraser says:

      Re, new coronavirus rules that are coming into law in england from Monday.

      Kay Burley caught Matt Hancock with a cracker today when she said to him,,,”If the government are going to break the law (EU Irish Protocol), then why can’t I break the law?

      He muttered back some senseless answer.

    349. Bailey says:

      @Twathater at 5.19 pm and 1.30 am. You were right the first time. Someone replied to you at 8.10 pm suggesting that we would have to repeal the Treaty article by article and that it had something to do with the Royal Prerogative and English Parliamentary sovereignty. We have never acceded to the wholly English concept of parliamentary sovereignty and the Union of the Crowns is different. Queen Anne would have had to have signed the Acts but she envisaged the new state to be one of an equal partnership not the colonized status we seem to have today.

      Both Scotland and England have the right to resile the Treaty through the modern UN Charter. We would be doing so on the grounds that England acting as the UK has breached the treaty on numerous occasions and always in its own interests. As the legal successors of the Scots of those days we have a right to bring a case. The Vienna Convention doesn’t cover older treaties but the UN have tribunals which deal with them. Going through the Supreme Court is a non-starter as England uses it as an enforcer court for the concept of parliamentary sovereignty. The reason it couldn’t in case against the prorogue of parliament brought by Joanna Cherry is because the Court of Session had already deemed it to be illegal. We are going to have to take the case out of England’s remit to the international arena.

    350. Lizg says:

      Dorothy Devine 7.56
      Second to none Dorothy, we’re lucky to have him.
      The other blogs must be pea green with envy 🙂

    351. robertknight says:

      Robert Graham & Big Jock

      Edinburgh and Stirling castles are managed by Historic Environment Scotland:

    352. Bailey says:

      Some people believe Andrew Tickell’s supposed view that we can’t go down the treaty route but he appears to adhere to the concept of English Parliamentary Sovereignty which has never been conceded in Scotland. He also rigidly sticks to the 1998 Scotland Act and suggests that we can’t do anything outwith the devolved settlement. I think some people in his position have to do this because of their jobs.

      A poster at 8.10 pm put forward a view that we would have to somehow challenge the monarchy. The 1603 Union of the Crowns is a different union which is why Alex Salmond left it out of the 2014 referendum. The Royal family’s grip on Scotland is unlikely to survive the tumult of the dissolution of the Union. I think we have a natural majority for a republic among indigenous Scots and, with or without a referendum on the monarchy, I think a republic will follow on very quickly from independence. We can’t effect real land use change without breaking up the big estates like Balmoral. The titles held by a lot of the big landed families are tenuous to say the least anyway.

    353. MaggieC says:

      Republicofscotland @ 9.37 am

      I see a petition has been set up against the removal of the Saltire flags in Coldstream , so we know what to do folks , let’s get it signed and support it .

      Time to let the councillors and all politicians know that they are supposed to work on our behalf .

    354. Lothianlad says:

      Robert Graham 10.05

      ‘it’s the ones who profess to be on our side who are causing the problem the real block to our push for Independence , our own side” , Disgusting .

      Tes, as I have repeatedly posted, the SNP is infiltrated and influenced by the british secret service!!

      This goes right the way to the highest levels of the SNP Scottish Government.

      Sturgeon is controlled by the people. That’s why independence is so down played by her when we should be pushing it to the hilt.

      The doubters and sturgeonite granny’s who doubt this are as thick as shite!

      Who can doubt that the british state would not infiltrate the greatest enemy to the union? Take a look at Ireland and their struggle to be free from british rule.

      The enemies of independence are hard at work in the SNP Scottish Government.

    355. Big Jock says:

      Bailey – Andrew Tickell has a very narrow opinion of constitutional law. He seems to have very fixed ideas about things.

      I always like to think that law and in particular constitutional law is open to interpretation. He is offering his opinion only , based on his perceived knowledge. Another lawyer could have a completely different opinion , as could a court or judge.

      Hence he keeps telling everyone that the Keatings case will not succeed! Is he working for Nicola?

    356. Lothianlad says:

      Sorry predictive text.. replace tes with yes and these people for the people

    357. Robert Louis says:

      So, now it has been confirmed that Westminster is stealing most devolved powers and will not respect either international treaties (such as that of 1707) or laws, why the f*ck are we not holding indyref today???

      What is holding us back?

      Oh, I remember, we are being held back by Nicola Sturgeon, and her section 30 rubbish – and let’s face it section 30 really is a joke after this week.

      May 2021 will be too late. More and more people are starting to grasp the urgency of all of this. If only the SNP Scottish Government were not being lead by a spineless coward, surrounded by spineless cowards.

      What are you doing SNP?? Seriously, look at what is happening, yet still your leader sits dithering, making out she can do nothing unless ‘Boris lets her’. It is pathetic. The SNP, the ‘we can do nothing’ party.

      I now believe Wales will be independent and N.Ireland returned to Ireland, before Nicola even starts getting her act together. It is all very well setting out a ‘roadplan’ that you want to stick to, but events have overtaken all of that.

      For heavens sake, wake up SNP and nicola Sturgeon. THIS IS URGENT. The way things look, we might have to bypass both Westminster AND Holyrood to save Scotland from Brexit hell.

    358. Robert Louis says:

      Lothianlad at 1115am,

      Spot on. Esecially this;

      “The enemies of independence are hard at work in the SNP Scottish Government.”

      And right at the very highest level. Why else would we still be waiting on indyref, given what London is up to.

      The silence from Nicola Sturgeon is deafening. Not a surprise.

    359. Robert Graham says:

      Robertknight thanks for the Info

      The point being made was it isn’t under the Ministry of Defence control so it’s academic what exactly the organisation is called , the relevant point is its not the MOD , that was the excuse given as why the Saltire was not (a) in a prominent position or (b) not in any position because the Union Flag is positioned where our flag should be , the fact that the obstacle is our own SNP Government is troubling ,

      What organisation controls both sites is in this case irrelevant as a simple check as to who or what organisation this comes within their remit would have given the relevant departments the information required and possibly removed the blockage ,This could have been done in much the same way as you kindly did to correct any misconceptions as to what department has authority

      I am not being cheeky and I do appreciate being corrected if as in this situation I was Wrong

    360. Big Jock says:

      Lothian – Nicola is obsessed with public image.

      Everything she does is calculated to protect her carefully manufactured marketing strategy. That’s why independence falls off the radar. It doesn’t fit into her marketing model.

      She will mention independence , but is afraid to make it the only show in town. Because she fears it will damage her image and scare people from voting SNP.

      It means she has a very thin skin when it comes to media noise. Notice how often she is swayed by perceived public opinion! Notice how disloyal she is to colleagues who may tarnish her squeaky image. She disassociates herself from them as soon as they drop a bus ticket on the street.

      That’s why she is the wrong person to lead the independence movement. The leader has to carry out the campaign because it is the right thing to do, regardless of any backlash. You have to be hard as nails like Salmond. You have to ignore the media. You have to be strong willed and have absolute belief in independence.

      Faint hearts will never win the day.

    361. Northman says:

      @stonefree 11.28 pm

      @breeks 9.26 am
      Yes. It is urgent. Independence after november this year will be a struggle.
      I suspect that’s why march and information people is targeted extra harshly now.
      Though it might not get better when many protections end at years end.

    362. Ronald Fraser says:

      I wonder when the mad mental english nationalists will begin telling Boris to dump N Ireland.

      N Ireland offers england nothing.

      They are a drag on the UK economy and I bet you that it will be getting seriously considered by Johnson.

    363. Stoker says:

      Robert Louis says on 9 September, 2020 at 11:19 am:
      “now it has been confirmed that Westminster is stealing most devolved powers and will not respect either international treaties (such as that of 1707) or laws, why the f*ck are we not holding indyref today??? What is holding us back?”

      Nicoli Sturgeonovsky! I believe her place in England is already reserved.

      (anyone who’s seen Winter On Fire will get it)

    364. Lizg says:

      Robert Graham @ 11.25
      I think the MOD do control those castles and they are primarily a military base…. Historic Enviroment Scotland only manage them as Scottish Monuments to care for them in an advisory role to preserve them.
      I’ll find out for definite in a couple of hours …. ( lunch with someone who does actually know for sure:-) ) and get back to you Robert.

    365. MaggieC says:

      I’m watching Scottish Questions just now before Pmqs and there’s more bloody English Tory and labour MPs asking questions to union flag A Jack and I Stewart (supposed Scottish ministers ) than Scottish Snp mps and it is all Scotland “ bad bad bad “ in the questions and answers .

      Time for the Snp Mps to grow a spine and stand up and walk out of Westminster for good and never return .

    366. Alec Lomax says:

      PMQs Johnson does slaver a lot of pish.

    367. Willie says:

      Big Jock@11.26am

      You are right, absolutely right. when you say Nicola Sturgeon is not the one to lead us to independence. And it is not just me or you who is saying this.

      Quite where we go next year when out of the EU, our Parliament is stripped of all powers and an alternative UK Government in Scotland office takes over I don’t know.

      Because make no mistake Scotland Is headed for direct rule. The new UK hub, the removal of powers via the U.K. Internal Market Bill, the neutering of Scots Law, it’s all in place.

      As a strategy by Cummings, Gove and Johnson they have planned well. As an independence strategy predicated on having your army wiped out, its armaments destroyed, and an occupying force in place does not strike me as the best way to secure your freedom.

      But that’s the plan. Sometime in the next year or so, when the country is under the occupation of direct rule with our Scots Parliament and institutions shredded, we ask for a S30 referendum.

      No thanks Nicola. Whose side are you on?

    368. MaggieC says:

      Link to the times article about yesterday’s inquiry meeting where “ civil servant misled parliament over Alex Salmond “

    369. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MaggieC –

      Thanks for that link.


    370. MaggieC says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Your welcome I’m not on twitter but read a lot of people’s twitter including yours but found it on Mark Hirst’s twitter ,

    371. Clapper57 says:

      LBC is launching a brand new schedule for the AUTUMN, packed with big-name presenters and agenda setting programmes.

      and ….BARONESS RUTH DAVIDSON…is one of the big-name presenters……and so it begins….never mind AUTUMN…seems Winter is coming……….again….for Scots anyway.

      See that’s the problem with Tories…as far as Scotland is concerned it is only a PART TIME exercise that they give but the minimum of time, consideration and effort …..hence why we tell them to GTF on a regular basis……which IMO is fair.

      Her show will be called ….The Baroness is Barren-Less …in principles.

    372. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 12.28pm

      It gets worse…her first show will feature….Tony ‘war criminal’ Blair….FFS.

      Hmm wonder what they will talk about….

      In it for the money is Baroness gimme gimme gimme Davidson for sure……greedy besom….snout in a trough …not just one trough but many it would seem…she certainly follows the money.

    373. CameronB Brodie says:

      Scotland’s problem is that it is lead by politicians who lack an appreciation and respect for the rule-of-law, and who value their judgement as being superior to that of international law. In other words, narrow minded and parochial authoritarians.

      Being Proportional About Proportionality. Book
      Review Of: The Ultimate Rule of Law. by David M.

    374. CameronB Brodie says:

      Politics should not be placed above the law, as that kills democracy. There is ample law with which to defend Scotland from authoritarian English nationalism, but the SNP leadership is making up their own rules.

      Proportionality and the Rule of Law
      Rights, Justification, Reasoning
      Part III – Proportionality and Justification

    375. CameronB Brodie says:

      The party’s management might not be responsible for the direction of travel, but the buck ultimately stops at their piss-poor management.

      European Governance 2 : The Principle of proportionality
      The Principle of proportionality

    376. Woodside Wullie says:

      Watched yon pish fae the the harassment enquiry yestreen. I’m still trying tae get mah heid roon something that was unlawful, ‘apparent bias but not actual bias’ and ‘shades o’ grey’.

    377. Woodside Wullie says:

      According to Leslie Evans, “the war is not over” was misrepresented. Was it misrepresented apparently or actually?

    378. Robert Graham says:

      Thanks Lizg I was doing other stuff so couldn’t thank you ,
      I might well go back and watch the clip again that references the Flag bit , I know it’s pretty mundane and a little petty probably , but it’s a Whole series of could have done better SNP events , a lot of the management seem content to let things just slide for a easy life and it’s bleedn annoying

      The clip was on Indy Live last night and it was around 1:30 ish in a 2 hour show it was made by Mark Hurst probably well known for his frequent pissn off the Scottish government and Judicial service .

    379. Woodside Wullie says:

      During the Harassment Committee yestreen the gadgie Wolfe stated that there is often shades of grey and that governments need legal advice. Weel, as far as the Hate Crime Bill is concerned, can Humzah get some proper serious legal advice affa quickly.

    380. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s some free legal advice for the Lord Advocate and Justice Minister. If law lacks coherence with the doctrine of proportionality, it’s unlikely to be compatible with international law. So it is unlikely to be compatible with the Common law, which provides the legal justification for Westminster’s constitutional authority. Or did before Brexit, allegedly.

      The Principle of Proportionality
      in International Law


      Whilst the principle of proportionality indisputably plays a crucial role in the protection of fundamental rights, it is still unclear to what extent it applies to other fields in international law. The paper therefore explores the role it plays in selected fields of public international law, beyond human rights.

      The examination begins in the classical domain of reprisals and in maritime boundary delimitation and continues to analyse the role played in the law of multilateral trade regulation of the World Trade Organization and in bilateral investment protection.

      In an attempt to explain differences in recourse to proportionality in the various fields, we develop in our conclusions a distinction between horizontal and vertical constellations of legal protection.

    381. Gary says:

      What I find extremely jarring (although not unexpected) is that the press aren’t calling for the resignations of either Evans or Wolffe. Were these two working for Westminster rather than Holyrood they’d have been out on their ears after a concerted press campaign.

      Our newspapers, on the other hand, are tamed and owned by those who mean us harm..

    382. twathater says:

      @ Bailey 10.38am Thanks for your response Bailey that is why I have been pestering you to get together with Breeks,Lorna Campbell and now Iain Mhor, as well as others who are conversant with the Treaty and Articles of union which IMO would DEMOLISH the union
      Please could you contact Joanna Cherry and ask her if she would be willing to HEAD a challenge to the ICJ and UN declaring that in england WM acting as the uk parliament has basically ridden rough shod over the Scottish sovereign people’s representatives in denying and FORCING withdrawal from the EU against the expressed wishes of our citizens

      I obviously don’t know all the terminology but I also agree that this is outwith the biased supreme court and obviously relates to INTERNATIONAL LAWS, if JC were interested, either crowd funding could be considered or more importantly the SG could be FORCED to fund it , AFTER all they can find £3 million pounds to fund the hated MSM who are opposed to independence so surely they WANT independence ?????

      At 69 years of age Bailey I need you to take on the challenge

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