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True faith

Posted on December 18, 2022 by

This is a quite extraordinary thing for a grown adult to say.

When a reader quoted it in a comment earlier today we were reluctant to believe it. Googling the words produced only a broken Facebook link and a Scottish Daily Express story (and the Wings reader’s comment), which obviously did little to disperse the scepticism.

Facebook is essentially unsearchable (which in itself is a pretty good reason not to trust anyone who does the majority of their work on it), and even when we went to the Believe In Scotland page and scrolled down and down and down and down for an eternity, it was impossible to find.

But eventually we had a brainwave and searched the site’s pictures for the one used in the Express and found the post. He really said it. And it needs some examination.

Because anyone who tells you to unquestioningly believe any particular source, rather than assess every piece of information on its own merits, sets all of our klaxons and alarms off at once. And even more so when we found out that McIntyre-Kemp was using Wings as his example of an unreliable outlet.

But it’s curious that McIntyre-Kemp chooses to attribute the claim in question to us, because the article it appears in didn’t originate here. It was written and first published by Paul Kavanagh on his Wee Ginger Dug site in October 2013, and we republished it a few days later as a favour to give it a bigger audience, and because the thrust of it is all true.

We billed it as a Comment piece and as such didn’t fact-check it exhaustively. But even then, the supposed inaccuracy is barely detectable. This was Kavanagh’s claim:

That statement in fact agrees almost entirely with what McIntyre-Kemp said:

McIntyre-Kemp concurs entirely that the duty on any Scotch sold to foreign customers by exporters in England is counted as English revenue. Indeed, it’s hard to discern exactly what he’s objecting to, except perhaps the phrase “duty paid by our whisky industry”, (it’s paid by the buyers) or the precise definitions of the words “much” and “large”. But he doesn’t make any of that clear, and that’s the only paragraph of the original article that makes any reference to whisky.

(The actual error, which McIntyre-Kemp DOESN’T specify, is that there’s no duty charged on exports that go out of the UK. But the taxes on whisky produced in Scotland and then sold in London are still classed as English revenue, which was the underlying point.)

So it’s a pretty shoddy basis on which to accuse everyone but yourself of telling lies 90% of the time. Particularly when the source you’re cheerleading for – the Scottish Government – has a disturbingly extensive record of untruth under Nicola Sturgeon, and when your own record is somewhat questionable.

Will it, aye? Seems like we’ve heard that one before.

Now, that’s a low blow. Even the best of us can get predictions wrong. But what we hear from grassroots groups about things like Believe In Scotland’s claim to have distributed a million mini-newspapers is more unsettling. And the organisation’s recent fundraising drive, frankly, stank to high heaven.

Wings has been running fundraisers for a decade now, and every single one (and every one we’ve seen anyone else do) has followed exactly the same pattern. The graph of donations invariably forms a mirrored and elongated J shape, with the vast bulk of the money arriving in the first 48 hours, rapidly dropping to almost nothing with a bump at the end.

But we checked the BiS one throughout its run, and the graph was more or less a straight line from start to finish, taking in a roughly identical amount every day before neatly hitting its target the day before closure. Unlike most fundraisers there was absolutely no visible information about the size or number of donations, let alone who’d made them, and no way of verifying if either the trajectory or the claimed total bore any resemblance to reality.

And quite where BiS was getting the £50,000 to supposedly double the supposed contributions isn’t clear, given that McIntyre-Kemp is the only shareholder and it has never filed any accounts, while his other indy-related company, Business For Scotland, has assets of only £4,544.

(The only other company listing him as a director, Scotianomics, has even less, with capital and reserves of just £212.)

But we’re making no allegations here, because the above is only gossip and uneasy feelings. Wings doesn’t ask its readers to accept rumours or hearsay, and we only state something as a fact if we can back it up with links and sources.

We’d never dream of saying “Believe everything we tell you without question, everyone else is lying”. We actively invite readers to disbelieve us and check for themselves, like we did in the foreword to the Wee Blue Book.

“Belief” is a liar’s passport. Our faith is in the truth, whoever tells it. Perhaps that’s an approach that BiS – the self-styled “engine of the Scottish independence campaign” might like to adopt for itself. But either way, “only believe what the government tells you! They’d never lie!” is a really, really terrible basis to build a country on.

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149 to “True faith”

  1. FionaN

    A shocking thing to say, but the very fact that MK claims to offer the sole or almost sole means of finding the truth is very suspect. Of course everyone should always check their sources and look for evidence of honesty and perhaps also impartiality to soem extent. My only experience of MK has been through his endless begging emails when I was trying to build a business. His writings were always too far right for my liking and too far up the Turdgeon behind.

  2. Astonished

    You have to be a true believer to continue to stomach Sturgeon, her transcult and her idiotic policies.

    The truth no longer matters to the transcult.

    Although I am still shocked.

  3. Garrion

    As the lady says, “I smell….”…

  4. Alastair

    The £50k is woven through there accounts.

  5. Robert Hughes

    Truly laughable conceit .

    The 10% of * facts * that are true ( the 90% being our auld mate Conspiracy The Theory , presumably ) are the sole property of the Troika of Truth , yip , Big Gordie McKempie’s two gigs n that paragon of probity n honest dealing – SnP .

    Glad that’s sorted , aw that thinking for masel was becoming onerous ; best let onanists do that on oor behalf , eh ?

  6. paul

    just got a message from paypal:

    This transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *WINGSOVERSC WI

    but I am still unable to see your page on kofi.

    Maybe time to move to a portal without ‘ethics,humoratily and stuff’

  7. Dickie

    MK castigated me on social media when I challenged his assertion that there would be Indyref2 in 2023 telling me that he knew for a fact that it was going to happen and that he was so well connected that a minion such as me should just bow to his superior knowledge.

    Arrogant git proven wrong again.

    I will try to find it as I kept it knowing I would right and he would be wrong again

  8. 1971Thistle

    I confess I’ve never heard of the chap. Who is he? Doesn’t appear I’ve suffered unduly

  9. Confused

    Fake nats are a pestilence, and our movement is riddled with them, and with many tells.

    The bad guys being well funded is a well known tell.

    – nice use of the qualitative statistics (bell curve v straight line) to infer dodginess; we need more of these forensics. Like say, in elections, arrival times of voters vs “late surge from the silent majority” (has that ever happened?)

    Numbers don’t lie, and if they do, they have been fiddled – but that leaves a trace.

    When they don’t want you to know something, they often just don’t provide the numbers – there have been changes made to what the gov export stats provide over the years, then a recent tweet about the census not providing certain breakdowns of population (by country of origin); certain covid stats were not reported because “anti vaxxers were misusing the data”.

    Or sometimes they just make things up like “ex regio” – there you go folks, all our hydrocarbons come from ACCOUNTANCY NARNIA

  10. George Ferguson

    MK a sole business proprietary unrepresentative of Scottish business. 15% of Scottish taxpayers provide 60% of the tax intake. So fair do, Swinney you have tried to protect the golden hen. But has it worked?. Only time will tell. And we have the evidence of a 1 billion loss to the Scottish economy of Sturgeons 4th lockdown. We haven’t forgot.

  11. Robert Hughes

    971Thistle says:
    18 December, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    ” I confess I’ve never heard of the chap. Who is he? Doesn’t appear I’ve suffered unduly ”

    He’s a big * playa * in the Scarrish Independence Industry .

    Made his money initially in Turnips before diversifying into the Carrot Trade . Nowadays he mostly sells free leaflets n generous portions of pie-in-the-sky . He’s the optimum Nu SNP kinda guy

  12. Republicofscotland

    GMK hasn’t gotten behind the collapse Holyrood route out of the union, we could be out of it by next year yet he and his Yes groups have been remarkably quiet on this way out of it, this leads me to believe that GMK and the Yes Groups aren’t interested in Scottish independence, but are merely using it to further their own agenda.

    Any independence body or group that claims to be for Scottish independence and doesn’t jump on the collapsing Holyrood route that could see us out of this prison of a union by 2023, isn’t interested in Scottish independence. GMK appears to be one of those folk.

    Slowly but surely we are beginning to see the true faces of those people and groups that claim to support Scottish independence, but when a route out of the union is shown to them they refuse to take it, these people and groups do NOT support Scottish independence, but pretend to, to further their own self-interests.

    GMK has been a very big disappointment to the indy cause, any good work that he has done for the indy cause, and he has done some very good work, has now been undone, and if you ask me he has severely damaged his own reputation in the process, what a shame.

  13. George Ferguson

    @Paul 7:15pm
    My contribution to wings has came off on time. Ko-Fi who cares what they have done?. The money had gone to the right place. I spent an hour yesterday on Ko-Fi perhaps trying to access the page, they have been got at?.

  14. Big Jock

    I have stepped back from Twitter and my 8 hours a day devotion to following every twist of the indi saga. I think for my personal sanity I had to do it. I realised I had wasted 8 years going over the same old ground , year after year.

    I now only read Wings for my updates. There are many excellent commentators on Twitter and blogs. But it is the absolute epitome of Groundhog Day for all of us.

    I couldn’t care less about anything Sturgeon or the SNP do or say. Until they go, then we will be having the same conversation 5 years from now.

    The SNP are a party of devolution , not independence.

  15. paul

    the posting rate is exhausting yet invigorating.

    The comments have yet to catch up.

    I had a terrible feeling though, that someone suggested that angus robertson would be an improvement.

    Would he or his nutcase spouse be the visionaries to lead us anywhere but the westminster toilet roll?


  16. Liz

    George Ferguson says:
    18 December, 2022 at 7:39 pm
    @Paul 7:15pm
    My contribution to wings has came off on time. Ko-Fi who cares what they have done?. The money had gone to the right place. I spent an hour yesterday on Ko-Fi perhaps trying to access the page, they have been got at?.

    I emailed Ko-fi(16th Dec) about the fact that I couldn’t find the WoS page. I claimed I wanted to change my membership category (I don’t) but couldn’t find the page. Told them I wanted to know my money is still going where it should.
    They came back telling be the WoS page is ‘underreview'(which can take 7 days) during which time it is unable to be viewed.

  17. Carolneill

    My paltry contribution has still gone through ( monthly) but the ko fi page has disappeared

  18. George Ferguson

    @Liz 7:53pm
    In modern SNP Scotland we expect the shutting down of dissent. I have no care for Ko-Fi a website normally I would give a big swerve to. But somehow the money has gone to Stu this month. And if I have to drive to Bath to hand him a brown envelope then so be it. Isn’t that the SNP way?

  19. David Hannah

    This guy Kemp – whoever he is – sounds like another bought up government lackey on a Scottish Government get rich quick scheme. A puppet man with no principles and unable to think for himself.

    I can only imagine he’s getting paid handsomely by the Scottish Government to tell us to discredit Wings over Scotland who hold the establishment to account.

    Fortunately when it comes to Scottish Independence. I trust Wings over Scotland. I don’t trust our bent political ruling class in Edinburgh.

  20. Albert Herring

    “Any independence body or group that claims to be for Scottish independence and doesn’t jump on the collapsing Holyrood route that could see us out of this prison of a union by 2023, isn’t interested in Scottish independence.”

    And if that fails, use the next Westminster election, and if that fails, then use the next Holyrood election, and if that….

  21. David Hannah

    So, Kemp, being the only shareholder is now 100,000 richer.

    If I could speculate, I imagine he’s received public money from a Governmental department as a friend.

    He won’t need to worry about spending it because his friend Nicola has cancelled Independence. She’s cancelled the £20 million.

    He can use his £100,000 to heat a new West End apartment perhaps. While the SNP tell Scotland that we’re not allowed Independence. We’re not allowed to collapse Holyrood because the Tories wrecked the economy.

    Keep up the good work Wings Over Scotland. If a believe in Scotland leaflet comes in my door, I’ll be able to use it to heat the fire with the central heating switched off.

    Thank you.

  22. David Hannah

    I wish I could make myself filty rich Kemp so easily. It’s a shame I can’t write a book about Vienna, then promote it with Government funding from my own department.

    This is an example of why the Scottish Government can’t afford to pay the workers a fair wage. We need a voice. Wings Over Scotland can be that voice.

  23. Benny

    I don’t give to rats dangling bits who is right. Alex Salmond and any one who has enough brain matter knows how treacherous sturgeon is and an abysmal excuse of a human never mind a gravy intreviened example of how public service salary suits her lavish taste for power and popularity. Popularity should be infamy tho

  24. Tinto Chiel

    All this just reminds us that The Good Ship Independence has picked up so many barnacles on its hull that its passage has been severely hampered.

    Most of these barnacles have had cosy wee gigs “writing” for publications like The National or the achingly right-on Belladonna Caledonia and getting lots of nice exposure while in reality doing very little but bumping their gums and inflating their egos pumping out vapid fact-free opinion pieces.

    Yes got close because of a) the ordinary foot-soldiers who did the trudging and persuading, b) Stu’s fact-based output on Wings, c) his creation of the WBB and d) Alex Salmond’s energy and political nous. Unsurprisingly, the official campaign, headed by Blair Jenkins and N. Sturgeon was uninspiring and flaccid, hence the need for a).

    It’s going to take a huge effort in the dry dock to clean off the detritus and then get up a real head of steam from a reinvigorated movement. That can only happen once the main obstacle, the SNP “leadership”, is gone.

    Easier said than done, since we sorely need a leader and the obvious candidate has been shamefully smeared by political pygmies.

  25. Kenny

    The Scottish Government is about to give the full force of the law to men lying about their sex. We will all be compelled to accept, endorse, support and even celebrate the lie. Telling the truth may become a criminal offence.

    I think I know who to trust and, more importantly, who has lost every scrap of trust I ever had in them.

  26. robertkknight



  27. Iain mhor

    The only thing I believe in is the power of SSEB

  28. ScottieDog

    I unsubscribed from that ‘organisation’ back in October after receiving a flyer from them which stated..
    “Even if a referendum was not granted before a general election, there is simply no way it can be denied of the SNP forms the official opposition and is the second largest party in the House of Commons”

    Purely and simply an SNP proxy.

  29. Stuart MacKay

    I carry both the Believe in Scotland and Business for Scotland feeds on Voices for Independence. If you look at the outpost of GMK* then it’s a rather weak cross between Wee Ginger Dug and The National. Most of the content is likely watered down press releases from the SNP,

    *there are a few gaps in the output since the Business for Scotland feed was broken for a large part of the late summer / autumn. The list of topics covered is pretty sparse because the posts are rarely worth reading I’m too lazy to tag them comprehensively, or even tag them at all.

    The two sites are symptomatic of the “NGOs and Think Tanks are an extension of government” tar-pit that more or less every western democracy finds itself mired in nowadays. The problem is likely more acute here because their ability to raise money is pretty limited, i.e. non existent, and so are utterly dependent on handouts from the ruling party. That makes them totally susceptible to whatever the person writing the cheques wants.

    I’m going to be harsh here – as far as getting the independence message out, GMK could literally stop what he is doing and it would instantly be an improvement.

  30. PhilM

    The SNP and their satellite organisations have been in charge of Scotland for fifteen years but as each year goes by they seem to like ordinary Scottish people less and less.
    We plebs don’t even get bread and circuses to keep us malleable…there’s little bread on offer and even when we have the constant promise of a circus, it never actually makes it to town.

  31. Wilson McBride

    PhilM 12.04am

    The SNP Cult membership don’t even care anymore that they are powerless.

    They just want to ride the Sturgeon wave.

    They just want to go with it and are happy to have absolutely no input regards Party policy or direction.

    They seem to be in a constant state of euphoria at an up and coming referendum that never actually materialises.

  32. DavidB

    Irrespective of the ins and outs of the ongoing arguments here, there are no export duties on whisky. If the exports are from a bonded warehouse in the UK to a place outside the UK all the taxes due are levied by the importing state. If someone was to purchase a bottle retail while we were in the EU then distance selling rules applied and the purchaser would pay UK taxes then, but the rules are different now. There is a case for looking at profit taxes on whisky companies, and as most are multinationals who will use the usual tricks ( like brand fees in NL for example ), transfer pricing, routing profits through head offices in third jurisdictions, the main benefits Scotland gets, and will get, from whisky are jobs and local supply chains.

  33. PhilM

    @Wilson McBride
    Agree 100%.
    With the best will in the world, it is near impossible to be young and understand how the world works. You need decades of disappointment and disenchantment finally to shed your political romanticism.
    It seems to me that these young ‘uns look at the SNP, the way fans look at their favourite sports team. Each SNP thrust into the opponents’ box etc. is experienced as something ‘we’ have done, our team. Each day spent annoying normal people on Twitter is like match day after match day. Winning elections is like winning league titles. The promise of a referendum is something like eventually getting to host the World Cup finals or the Olympics.
    Like people from the Home Counties supporting Man Utd or Liverpool, the SNP attracts young mobile graduates only too eager to get on the winning bandwagon. With little or no connection to Scotland, they have the satisfaction of looking down at the relegation zone and laughing smugly at the losing teams. Cross the road to see Norwich City? No way!
    They have no real skin in the game. They don’t see the centuries of neglect stemming from being attached to our cannibalizing imperial neighbour. Should Labour get back in with seats to spare dahn Saff, we won’t see the heels of these beautiful young souls for dust.
    A bit careworn but correct I think.

  34. Breeks

    It seems impossible to believe that the SNP hierarchy (let’s stop calling it leadership), can be unaware that their incompetence and deceit has done irreparable damage to the SNP and Independence campaign. Anybody who doesn’t acknowledge that fact is simply deluded, isn’t checking or paying attention, or else they’re addicted to the SNP Koolaid.

    The sad thing is, some of these fellas “were” good guys at one point. Colin Dunn (good guy), put out a lot of terrific graphics which often quoted Business for Scotland data, and while our resident Unionists were never convinced, I don’t recall a major discrepancy being exposed.

    Even Wee Ginger Dug man himself, Paul Kavanagh, I formerly considered a “good guy” for his contribution to the London Calling program, and how the BBC stole the referendum. That seems a lifetime ago now.

    You “think” of these people as good guys, primarily because you trust their powers of deduction and reasoning. It helps the cause along when pro Independence rhetoric stands up to scrutiny.

    But I cannot account for their free fall from respected status, even affection, to their current status, where they are no longer discriminating sources of information, but simply boot boys pedalling the SNP’s increasingly dishonest tripe.

    Were they always the gullible idiots they’ve now become? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

    (I don’t include Colin Dunn by the way, as far as I know he’s still a rock solid good guy. Just beware that his old Twitter account was taken over by a Unionist bellend.)

    So I dunno. “Something” seems to happen to people when they start writing columns for the National. It surely can’t be our spokespeople being bought and sold for English gold. It would seem the wages in English gold are so meagre you can’t even afford to buy yourself a refurbished laptop.

    But if MacIntyre-Kemp is also skint, you do wonder whether our herd of wild horses of 2014 have been corralled into a paddock, drip fed SNP Koolaid to mask the pain and discomfort of having their nuts cut off.

    The big question for these folks now, is whether they’re determined to keep fiddling as the SNP Titanic goes down, or whether they expect to be taken seriously by the “real” Independence family who look set upon a Constitutional route to Independence.

    Do we need their endorsement? No, I don’t think we do, BUT, as the walls close in around Sturgeon’s treachery, the Koolaid is gonna taste increasingly bitter, and there could be an exodus of the broken hearted.

  35. Geoff Anderson

    The fund raiser graph is the “smoking gun”. Absolutely no fundraiser has ever followed that trajectory. From the smallest local football team fundraiser to those that bring in millions.

    Sadly Independence is now a Business like PPE supplies during COVID and the sharks are circling to get their share.

    Follow the money…..that will be the story!

  36. Wilson McBride

    Mhairi Black:-

    Herald Scotland.

    SNP urged to set out independence case as Yes wins sixth poll in a row
    18th December.

    The SNP’s new deputy Westminster leader has said her party must do more to explain why they want Scotland to be independent as a new poll revealed the sixth straight study in favour of separation.

    Mhairi Black was elected alongside new Westminster leader Stephen Flynn earlier this month after long-time incumbent Ian Blackford stepped down.

    Speaking to Scotland on Sunday, Ms Black said it was only after hearing Mr Flynn’s vision for the SNP group in the Commons that she considered running to be his deputy.

    The MPs, she said, have three key goals; holding the UK Government to account, representing their constituents and explaining to Scots why independence would be positive for the country.

    “They know we support independence rather than why. We need to do more to explain it’s not just some random hobby, it’s for a purpose,” she told the newspaper.

  37. George Gannon

    My money has gone from my account today to WOS, so that’s good.

  38. Geoff Anderson

    Remind you of anything?

    Heresy…….”even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them”.

    The Independence movement, now known as the “Cult of Sturgeon” will not accept heresy or the denial of HER revealed truth.
    The TransCult shall inherit the Earth and Sturgeon shall reign forever…..

    What next “The Scottish Inquisition”

  39. Alf Baird

    Wilson McBride @ 7:00 am

    “Mhairi Black:-Herald Scotland.The SNP’s new deputy Westminster leader has said her party must do more to explain why they want Scotland to be independent”

    The penny is mebbe finally staertin tae drap on whit independence means (decolonization) and why it is necessary (liberation)?

  40. Karen

    An excellent, proper, grown-up email from Salvo out this morning, and NO requests for money, how refreshing!

  41. Dorothy Devine

    Rev. Stu , I am more than delighted you are back and firing on all cylinders – thank you.

    Regarding the article in the Times by some silly professor , maybe someone should introduce her to the Biology department of some much admired University ( not Glasgow – obviously)

  42. Stuart MacKay

    Alf Baird,

    I fear you have it precisely backwards by not considering the messenger. The why of independence is going to be more helpings of vision of the wokiest society anywhere and why that is important. Alternatives will need to be purged from people’s minds, otherwise the hierarchy won’t be able to deliver. Only by creating a pure society can Scotland elevate itself to independence.

    Sort of off topic but very entertaining. If you thought politics in Scotland was a mess, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Take a peek at anthropology in the USA:

    “Anthropology in ruins” by Elizabeth Weiss,

    The progressive agenda? Well it’s just starting to get warmed up. Scottish independence? Well, that’s yet another manifestation of white supremacy.

  43. stuart mctavish

    Now that the worlds elite have doubtless allied with US postal to master vAR in real time and decided nothing can interfere with their fatermined

  44. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “They came back telling be the WoS page is ‘underreview'(which can take 7 days) during which time it is unable to be viewed.”

    Ko-Fi have finally gotten back to me, confirming that the page was unpublished for supposedly “anti-trans” content but saying that this does not affect subscriptions which will continue to be honoured even though the page has been removed. I sent them a very firm response citing Maya Forstater’s case and they replied saying they’re escalating it to more senior staff and external legal counsel. I’ll update everyone properly once that response has been received.

  45. stuart mctavish

    ..predetermined fairytail endings (indeed VAR not even important when rules such as the 20/21 one for deliberate arm in the box to stop a goalbound shot/or for commuting half way around the world and letting the mask slip during covid season), who else is there for us newFrenchwomen to believe in than Scotland..

    Of which, Elon Musk’s presence at final was arguably more, far more, intriguing than that of the extraordinary Manu Macron (who managed to miss the rather suspicious refereeing decisions, presumably for political expediency, despite clearly being a huge fan).

  46. stuart mctavish

    More apologies, probably still doesn’t make much sense but there’s a “can be applied at random/ ignored with impunity” that managed to escape from inside the brackets

  47. Cuilean

    Stu, it’s unbeleivable that Kofi took down your page without even telling you. Absolutely terrifying how free speech is being shut down on the internet. How did we sleepwalk into this? You have been ringing the alarm bell for years now and still people just seem to shrug. It’s only when it starts to affect them personally that people wake up and how much harm will be done by then to women including lesbians and also children. Men will be the last to wake up to this and iot will only be when their daughters are abused in school toilets or they take their wives for intimate care say during pregnancy and they are BOTH gaslit that the big bloke in a beard is a ‘real woman’.

  48. Dorothy Devine

    Just watched Adult Human Female on Barrhead Boy – a must watch.

  49. McLaurin

    Stu – hope your mention of Maya Forstater to Ko-Fi (and her case’s possible implications for them) sort out this cancelling nonsense.

    Ko-Fi have processed my WOS subscription so hopefully you’ll get all the money you are due this month, but it’s a shame other readers who might want to contribute can’t do so through that link.

    Hope it gets sorted soon.

  50. Dave Llewellyn

    If GMK is saying that everything they are us the truth according to the Scottish government then it makes sense not to believe a word Believe in Scotland say if fact given thevSNPs honesty with cash donations maybe the recent fundraser by BiS should be gone over by a forensic accountant

  51. Lenny Hartley

    Im no accountant but im confused by both wgg and gmk’s statements, they seem to suggest that Vat is double counted when its not, the next in the chain claims back any previous vat paid so for example if the producer pays vat on the sale of whisky to a dealer then that dealer will claim back the vat previously levied, and so on and so forth and its the consumer who ends up paying the vat on the end price which will be significantly higher than the wholesale price leaving the producer!
    Also there is no vat or other duties paid on exports!

    Or have i got it wrong? Any accountants out there?

  52. velofello

    “There is no evidence that men transitting{?} to claimed female gender are a threat to women – well because no evidence is collected in countries already with GRR it seems. The incident in Brazil does look like evidence collected though.

    If it looks like one and acts like one…

  53. McDuff

    Another brilliant piece rev journalism of the highest calibre.

  54. Jeannie the Vth

    Republicofscotland says:

    18 December, 2022 at 7:38 pm
    “GMK hasn’t gotten behind the collapse Holyrood route out of the union, we could be out of it by next year yet he and his Yes groups have been remarkably quiet on this way out of it, this leads me to believe that GMK and the Yes Groups aren’t interested in Scottish independence, but are merely using it to further their own agenda.”

    Not all Yes groups that affiliate are there for the love of GMK. Some are there for the freebies that sometimes gets given out and some are in it for access to the canvassing database that’s been promised.

    Our group certainly won’t be wearing those hiviz jackets and we tell folk we’re a party neutral Yes group, not a Believe In Scotland group.

    We’ll share facts from any good source, although we need a lot more neutral material out there. Believe In Scotland have the market pretty much cornered in that regard at the moment.

    But don’t assume we’re all up his arse or the SNPs, because we’re not.

  55. Grendel

    I have long since given up trying to post on GMK’s Believe in Scotland facebook page, because virtually every topic of conversation which isn’t back-patting echo-chamber monotony is blocked from publication.

    GMK has gone full Indytruck Davie, believing his own rhetoric and refusing to countenance other people’s views: ‘I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to independence except through me…’

  56. gregor

    LinkedIn (2022): Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp:

    “…has led/contributed to several Thought Leadership programs…”

    “There really is a choice between two futures now, the neo-con disaster capitalism of Westminster or the Wellbeing approach to building back better…”

    (Shared by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp):

    World Economic Forum (2020): The Davos Agenda:

    To build back better, we need to…:

  57. gregor

    Rockefeller Foundation (2022): The Rockefeller Foundation Announces Grants to Organizations Supporting and Defending LGBTQ Community:

    “…As we mark Pride Month and at this time of heightened risk and fear for LGBTQI people, we at The Rockefeller Foundation believe it is vital for philanthropy to stand with – and financially support – organizations that are working to defend and assist the LGBTQI community,” said Rockefeller Foundation Vice President, Global Communications Neill Coleman…”:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Rajiv Shah: President, Rockefeller Foundation:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Stanford University:

  58. gregor

    Stanford University (19/12/2022): Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative:

    “The goal of the Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is to eliminate* many forms of harmful language, including racist, violent, and biased (e.g., disability bias, ethnic bias,
    ethnic slurs, gender bias, implicit bias, sexual bias) language in Stanford websites and code…

    This website focuses on potentially harmful terms used in the United States, starting with a list of everyday language and terminology. Our “suggested alternatives”…

    *Content Warning: This website contains language that is offensive or harmful. Please engage with this website at your own pace.*:

    Ableist language is language that is offensive to people who live with disabilities…

    Addicted: Hooked, devoted

    Basket case: Nervous

    Blind study: Masked study

    Committed suicide: Died by suicide

    Crazy: Surprising/wild

    Culturally appropriative language misuses terms that hold meaning to a particular culture in a way that often lacks respect or appreciation…

    Brave: None/do not use

    Spirit animal: Favorite animal, animal I most admire or would like to be

    Gender-based language includes a range of words and phrases that are not helpful, and, in many cases, are exclusionary…

    “Preferred” pronouns: Pronouns (The word “preferred” suggests that non-binary gender identity is a choice and a preference)

    Chairman/chairwoman: Chairperson, chair

    Fireman/firemen: Firefighter(s)

    He: Person’s name or “they”

    Ladies: Everyone

    Landlord/landlady: Property owner

    She: Person’s name or “they”

    Shemale: Transgender woman, trans woman…”:

  59. gregor

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon: Destroyer of child innocence & woman’s rights…:

  60. gregor

    BBC (20/12/2022): People aged 16 and 17 to be allowed to change gender:

    “Young people aged 16 and 17 will be allowed to change their legal gender after the Scottish government rejected moves to keep the minimum age at 18.

    Some SNP MSPs were among those who argued that 16 is too young to make such a “profound change”…”:

  61. gregor

    BBC (20/12/2022): FBI warns of explosion in sextortion cases targeting teenagers:

    “The FBI is warning of an “explosion” in cases of teenagers and young boys being tricked into sending explicit pictures online.
    It said there had been a sharp rise in the blackmail scheme which it linked to at least a dozen suicides in the US this year…

    The scam typically consists of someone posing as a woman on social media and luring people into sending explicit images of themselves. The scammer then threatens to make the images public unless the victim sends money…”:

  62. gregor

    Christian Post (20/12/2022): Parents accuse Church of England of child abuse after school shows 8-year-olds gender identity video:

    “Parents are accusing the Church of England of child abuse after learning their primary school-aged children were subjected to a video that promotes the idea of being born in the wrong body.

    Calvin and Nicola Watts of Kent in southeast England pulled their children from St Michael’s Church of England primary school when they discovered their 8-year-old was shown a video titled It Feels Good to be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity without their knowledge or consent, according to the United Kingdom-based watchdog group Christian Concern…”:

  63. gregor

    Telegraph (20/12/2022): 15-year-old children will be able to begin process of changing gender under SNP trans law:

    “Teenagers as young as 15 will be able to begin the process of legally changing their sex after MSPs blocked a last-ditch bid to exclude children from Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms.
    The SNP government on Tuesday rejected pleas to make meaningful concessions to critics of its controversial proposals, as a minister confirmed that Scots would become eligible to apply to change their legal sex on the day of their 16th birthday.

    Shona Robison, a close ally of Ms Sturgeon who is steering the bill through Holyrood, confirmed time spent living in an “acquired gender” as a 15-year-old would count towards a six-month minimum time period required by the legislation…”:

  64. gregor

    NSPCC (2022): Child Abuse: Our services in Scotland:

    “We provide services across Scotland to help give children and young people the support they need to thrive.

    What is child abuse?

    Child abuse is when a child is intentionally harmed by an adult or another child – it can be over a period of time but can also be a one-off action. It can be physical, sexual or emotional and it can happen in person or online. It can also be a lack of love, care and attention – this is neglect…

    Worried about a child?

    Contact our trained helpline counsellors 24 hours a day: 0808 800 5000…”:

  65. gregor

    Kim DotCom (20/12/2022): Twitter:

    “They called me crazy and a conspiracy theorist for warning you about the deep state. Have a look at some of my past tweets. I’m here to serve you with knowledge so that our children can have a future. We must fight them or they will destroy humanity.”

    Elon Musk: Twitter:

    “Why has the mainstream media refused to report on this?”:

  66. gregor

    WashingtonPost (21/12/2022): No conclusive evidence R(redacted)a is behind Nord Stream attack:

    “…world leaders quickly blamed Moscow for a brazen and dangerous act of sabotage…

    But now, after months of investigation, numerous officials privately say that R(redacted)a may not be to blame after all for the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines.

    “There is no evidence at this point that R(redacted)a was behind the sabotage,”…”:

  67. gregor

    Edward Snowden (20/12/2022): Twitter:

    “The worst people in politics from both parties have teamed up to demand Congress rubber-stamp a 4,155-page blank check—many times the length of the Bible.

    A check for $1,700,000,000,000 of your money.

    And they want it stamped before anyone can actually read it.

    Sounds legit.”:

  68. gregor

    Telegraph (19/12/2022): Grandparents more at risk from Strep A than grandchildren, warns minister:

    “…Maria Caulfield, speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, said that “the vast majority” of those who have died of Strep A this year were those aged over 65. ..

    She said: “There isn’t a shortage of antibiotics to deal with Strep A. There have been pressures on supplies. There have been five to six times the amount of prescriptions that are normally issued at this time of year.”…”:

    BBC (21/12/2022): Flu rates in Scotland at highest level since 2017:

    “Scotland is dealing with its highest rates of flu since 2017, according to new figures.

    Public Health Scotland (PHS) data shows confirmed cases and hospitalisations from the respiratory illness have risen sharply in recent weeks.

    In the week ending 18 December, there were 1,358 confirmed influenza cases across Scotland – up from 423 in the week ending 4 December.

    The “extraordinary activity level” of flu is the highest since 2017…”:

  69. gregor


    “Very unusual, special, unexpected, or strange.”

    “An extraordinary coincidence.”

    “She was an extraordinary woman, and no one will ever forget her.”

  70. gregor

    Simple Minds (2010): Don’t You (Forget About Me):

    “Hey, hey, hey, hey…

    Will you stand above me?
    Look my way, never love me
    Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
    Down, down, down…”:

  71. gregor


    “An occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising.”

    “You chose exactly the same wallpaper as us – what a coincidence!”

    “A series of strange/amazing coincidences.”

  72. gregor

    WashingtonPost (21/12/2022): First came a viral storm. Now, we have puzzling superinfections:

    “…in recent months, cases related to a rare invasive form of the common bacteria have been popping up across the United States, as well as Europe, often in connection with sometimes confusing symptoms…

    The rise of invasive strep A is one of a number of unusual ways pathogens have been interacting with us — and each other — amid the end of coronavirus-era social distancing and masking this year.

    Both the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they are investigating the cases, including whether the viral storm that has been keeping many people sick may be at least partially to blame…”:

  73. gregor

    BBC (21/12/2022): Ambulance strike: Blame game escalates between unions and ministers:

    “Ministers and unions have clashed over who would be to blame for preventable deaths during ambulance strikes.

    Unite boss Sharon Graham accused Health Secretary Steve Barclay of telling “a blatant lie” when he said ambulance unions had “taken a conscious choice to inflict harm on patients”…”:

  74. gregor


    “To hurt someone or damage something.”

    “The government’s reputation has already been harmed by a series of scandals.”

  75. gregor

    Gun (2014): Better Days:

    “Yeh! I heard about the trouble last night on the radio
    Seeing is believing now tell me do you like what you see
    Cause I’ve been holding on to promises now yeh for too many years
    It’s happening all over the world to people like you and me…

    But I was taught that there’s a time in your life
    When you’ve got to stand proud
    So tell me don’t you think that it’s time we put an end to it all…

    Where you gonna turn when it all goes wrong…”:

  76. gregor


    “Not suitable or correct, or not as it should be.”

    “She’s the wrong person for the job.”

    “Not considered morally acceptable by most people.”

    “You didn’t do anything wrong, – you should have a clear conscience.”

  77. gregor

    Stonewall (2022): The Truth About Trans:

    A Q&A for people who are hungry for real info:

    “If you read a newspaper, go on the internet, or turn on the TV, you may well have seen some …headlines about trans people lately….

    How does a person know they are trans?

    Many people know they’re trans from a young age. Some trans people might not have the language or understanding of what it means to be trans until later in life. Other trans people do not know until they are teenagers or adults…. what is clear is that it’s not something that’s a fad or a ‘lifestyle choice’ …

    How can I support a trans young person?

    When supporting a trans young person, the most impactful things you can do are:

    Refer to them in whatever way they prefer and be willing to changing the pronouns and names you use for them – they may try out several different names and pronouns to find the one that is right for them.

    Let them know that:

    …it’s OK for them to change their mind as many times as they need to…

    …you can also check out Gendered Intelligence who work with young trans people aged 8+.

    What can I do to be an ally to trans people?

    More and more people are recognising the importance of stepping up and being a vocal ally to trans people. Prominent individuals in politics and in the media are already doing it, as are leading organisations and businesses…”:

  78. gregor


    “The real facts about a situation, event, or person.”

    “But was he telling the truth?”

  79. gregor

    The Wendys (2021): Gobbledygook: Something’s Wrong Somewhere:

    “There’s something wrong somewhere
    Cos that scar on your face
    Didn’t used to be there…

    Sorry, sorry for fools
    It’s going down…”:

  80. gregor

    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1973): The Faith Healer:

    “If your body’s feelin’ bad
    And it’s the only one you have
    You want to take away the pain
    Go out walkin’ in the rain.
    You watch the flowers go to bed,
    Ask the man inside your head
    Your spirit never has to grieve
    All ya got to do’s believe.

    The miracles, they will come to you…”:

  81. Grendel

    Can someone get Gregor and his spam tae f*ck please?

  82. gregor


    re. “…someone get Gregor and his spam tae f*ck…”

    Why don’t you do something.

  83. gregor


    “A man-eating monster defeated by the hero Beowulf.”

  84. gregor

    James King & The Lone Wolves (1985): Swamplands: The Angels Know:

    “…Treat everyone like dirt
    Love is a feeling – you’re not fit to share…

    Feeling sorry for yourselves…

    Watch them walk away – didn’t have the guts to stay…”:

  85. gregor

    Times (22/12/2022): ‘Sturgeon out’ demand protesters at 1,000-strong parliament rally:

    “Trans activists drowned out by opponents who say battle may be lost but war could be won…

    In all about 1,000 protesters came to the rally… Their defiance was clear…

    As a mother who breastfed both her children and as a breast cancer survivor, I find it offensive,” she said. She was also angry at the response to women like her — from critics, the government and society. She pointed at the words on her banner. “Stop telling us to shut up,” she said…

    Regan told the rally that being a woman was not a feeling, it was a material reality grounded in biology, which meant she could not support the bill. “I will never ever vote for a bill that puts women and girls in danger,” she said.

    The protesters liked that message and made their feelings known in a succession of chants. A popular one was: “Sturgeon out!” Several of the banners also had mock-ups of the first minister in a lurid green face. It was Nicola Sturgeon as the Grinch, stealer of women’s rights…”:

    Wikipedia: Grinch:

    “…The Grinch is depicted as a green, pot-bellied, furry, pear-shaped, snub-nosed creature…

    …Grinch is misanthropic (general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species), ill-natured, and mean-tempered…”:

  86. gregor

    Snowgoose (2020): The Making Of You:

    “…I’ve God on my side…

    I’m old enough for the ride…
    …I’m tall enough for the ride
    Are you hungry for the prize

    …It’s the making of you…”:

  87. gregor

    HeraldScot (2022): Gender reform Scotland: Majority of responders ‘opposed to law reform’:

    “Controversial proposals to reform the process by which transgender people are legally recognised in their preferred gender are opposed by most of the people who responded to a Holyrood committee.

    The Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee received more than 11,000 submissions when it asked for views on the Scottish Government’s plans.

    After duplicate submissions were removed, analysis was carried out on 10,800 of these – with the results showing 59% disagreed with the overall purpose of the proposals.

    Meanwhile, fewer than two fifths (38%) of those who responded said they agreed with the Bill…”:

    BBC (22/12/2022): Live: Robison: We must lead popular opinion, not follow it:

    “Cabinet secretary Shona Robison is getting the final word for the Scottish government.

    She says it was important for SNP members who are against the legislation to have their say, but the government must lead popular opinion, not follow it.

    Robison points to international developments in best practice…

    The session is temporarily suspended during Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison’s closing statement after heckling from the public gallery…”:

    BBC (22/12/2022): Controversial Scottish gender reforms to become law:

    “Scotland has become the first part of the UK to approve a self-identification system for people who want to change their legal gender…

    There were shouts of “shame on you” from protestors in the public galley as the result was announced…”:

  88. gregor


    “To control a group of people, a country, or a situation.”

    “To show the way to a group of people, animals, vehicles, etc. by going in front of them.”

    “The main part or actor in a film or play.”

    “A piece of rope, chain, etc. tied to an animal, especially to a dog at its collar when taking it for a walk.”

  89. gregor

    “Zal Cleminson (2018): Sin Dogs: Guns of God:

    “…Fresh demon is back in the game…”:

  90. gregor

    Medium (2017): Do Demons Have A Gender?

    “When we hear the word “demon” we all think of evil, darkness, the devil, Hell and others just to name a few… they can be classified under as supernatural and paranormal beings.

    One thing that never gets questioned or brought up is what is the gender of a demon?…

    Well while they can inhabit either gender I think a demon itself could be one of two options. They could actually be a male or female demon however when it comes to inhabiting a body I highly doubt demons care which they possess and I’m sure they don’t stereotype…

    The other option is that a demon may have no gender at all and it’s simply an entity that when it surfaces to Earth is simply looking for a vessel aka a body to control and it doesn’t care which gender it takes on. Both these two options seem possible…”:

    Brill (2022): Demons in Early Judaism and Christianity: The Gender and Sexuality of Demons in the Art of the Aramaic Incantation Bowls:

    “…Most of the paintings are of demons, both male and female, depicted as hybrid creatures or humans, which may be identified according to particular traits, including beastly anatomical additions such as horns, claws or a tail, or wild hair and a naked body seen from the front.

    …a more interesting feature of some other figures is the difficulty in distinguishing their gender clearly. This is either due to their lack of any sexual characteristics or because their sexual characteristics are ambiguous. The figures can therefore be classified as either a) hermaphrodite, or b) entirely asexual….”:

  91. gregor

    SkyNews (22/12/2022): Strep A: Five more children confirmed to have died in England from the bacterial infection:

    “Three others are known to have died in Wales and Northern Ireland, bringing the total who have died since September to at least 24…

    The children’s age group that has seen the most cases of iGAS is in those aged 1 to 4. The number of iGAS cases since September in that age group has now risen to 126, from 111 seven days ago.”:

  92. gregor

    Reduxx (22/12/2022): EXCLUSIVE: Two Survivors Allege They Were “Groomed,” Sexually Exploited By Staff at Scottish LGBT Youth Charity:

    “Two men who had previously accessed services at LGBT Youth Scotland as minors have come forward to speak to Reduxx about what they describe as a nightmarish involvement with the charity – one they allege involved child grooming and sexual exploitation. Sam Cowie and Daniel Nechtan, two abuse survivors, are demanding an inquiry into the organization and asking why no investigation was launched after the CEO was imprisoned for raping a baby.

    LGBT Youth Scotland, formerly the Stonewall Youth Project, is known as Scotland’s national charity for “LGBTI young people.” The organization works with youth aged 13 to 25, and delivers programs to schools, organizations and businesses. The charity was founded in 1989 and renamed in 2003, the same year a notorious pedophile, James Rennie, became the Chief Executive Officer…”:

  93. gregor

    A real woman (22/12/2022): Video:

    (caution: video not suitable for trans-human-snowflakes):

  94. gregor

    FinancialTimes (22/12/2022): FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to be released on $250mn bond:

    “Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, will be released on $250mn bond after returning to the US to face a raft of criminal charges…

    The former billionaire had “achieved sufficient notoriety” to make it difficult for him to flee the US or commit further crimes, Gorenstein said in a packed hearing that lasted just over half an hour.

    Bankman-Fried, who appeared in court in leg cuffs wearing a dark suit and tie, will also be fitted with a location-tracking bracelet and has already forfeited his passport. He will be restricted to his parents’ home and the district of northern California…”:

  95. gregor

    World Economic Forum (2018): Agenda: What Davos taught me about supporting my transgender child:

    “Last year when I was in Davos, I received a text from my 11-year-old saying “I’m bi.” The next text said, “Never mind, I’m too young to know.” A month later, my child made it very clear that she was straight and transgender. Although assigned male at birth, she had known for a long time that she was female. And so our family’s gender journey began…

    I was not expecting Davos to play a role in our personal challenge. But this year it did…”:

  96. gregor

    World Economic Forum (2019): Agenda: What my transgender child can teach us about the workforce of the future:

    “…I was attending a luncheon at Davos 2019 on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) inclusion, sponsored by LGBTI advocacy organization GLAAD and the Ariadne Getty Foundation.

    I had opened the luncheon by sharing my family’s journey parenting a 13-year-old transgender daughter, and our commitment to create a world where she is safe and accepted. On the same day, that daughter Jordyn was starting at a new school – a small, private one, because the anti-LGBTI culture in her public middle school had threatened her mental health…

    One of Jordyn’s icons, social media superstar and transgender woman Gigi Gorgeous, was sitting a few seats away from me at the Davos luncheon. I asked Gigi to text my daughter while she was still on the bus. A few minutes later, instead of a disdainful response to a mother’s platitudes, Jordyn texted me “Omg omg omg, do I text her back?!”

    The magic of Davos in bringing global leaders together meant my daughter was off to a good start on her first day of school…”:

  97. gregor

    Gerry Rafferty (1978): The Ark:

    “See the dark night has gone down on us
    The world is living in its dream
    But now we know that we can wake-up from this sleep
    And set out on the journey
    To find a ship to take us on the way…

    If you travel blindly, if you fall
    The truth is there to set you free…”:

  98. Jeremy Dawson

    (quotes from the article)

    “using Wings as his example of an unreliable outlet”

    “Wings doesn’t ask its readers to accept rumours or hearsay, and we only state something as a fact if we can back it up with links and sources.”

    Well I certainly don’t trust anything written on Wings to be accurate. (I look at it for amusement – and like the style of writing). But when things are stated without being backed up with links and sources, and when commenters who courteously and rationally correct the information in the post are banned, it hardly indicates a factually reliable website.

  99. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Well I certainly don’t trust anything written on Wings to be accurate. (I look at it for amusement – and like the style of writing). But when things are stated without being backed up with links and sources, and when commenters who courteously and rationally correct the information in the post are banned, it hardly indicates a factually reliable website.”

    There are no factual statements made on this website which are not backed up by facts and sources.

  100. gregor


    “From the Hebrew Yirmiyahu meaning “sent by God” or “appointed by God”…”:

  101. gregor


    “The belief that you can trust someone or something.”

    “A relationship based on trust and understanding.”

    “We were obviously wrong to put our trust in her.”

  102. gregor

    Times (23/12/2022): Nine Nationalists defy Nicola Sturgeon on gender reform in record revolt:

    “Nicola Sturgeon faced the biggest rebellion of her premiership as nine SNP MSPs voted against her gender recognition reforms amid claims they would rank the rights of rapists above those of women.

    The revolt is larger than that which accompanied the first vote on the bill in October, when seven backbenchers defied the whip and two abstained…”:

  103. gregor

    Annie Christian (2012): Nothing’s Real:

    “…Death is all around and it’s the one thing
    To count on when life is too impure

    The only things I know are real
    Are the things I can touch, taste and feel
    The things I know I won’t regret
    Are the things that help me to forget

    Nothing is real…”:

  104. gregor

    CornwallLive (23/12/2022): Potentially fatal form of Strep A found in Cornwall:

    “A rare and potential fatal form of Strep A has been identified in Cornwall.

    The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has confirmed there have been 94 deaths from iGAS (Invasive Group A Streptococcus) infections across England between September 12 and December 18, including 21 children under the age of 18.

    This is a rare, but severe and sometimes life-threatening infection caused when Strep A …

    Analysis of these reports …shows that doctors in Cornwall have identified seven potential cases of invasive group A streptococcal disease since the start of this year. In the past week alone the UKHSA received 25 iGAS notifications – the highest number received during a single week, including one of the suspected cases in Cornwall…

    UKHSA says the number of Strep A infections identified is unusually high…”:

  105. gregor

    BBC (23/12/2022): In pictures: Scotland’s amazing Christmas trees:

    “They are one of the biggest symbols of the season and Scotland does not disappoint when it comes to Christmas trees.

    From beautifully decorated royal Christmas trees to lavish restaurant trees and trees that are not trees at all…”:

  106. gregor


    “Someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something.”

    “The golden autumn light provided the inspiration for the painting.”

    “He went to church, perhaps seeking divine inspiration.”

  107. gregor

    NewYorkPost (23/12/2022): English bishop pushes back at rewritten ‘woke’ Christmas carol sung at ‘inclusive’ church:

    “An English bishop is pushing back after a church choir sang a “woke” version of a popular Christmas carol injecting LGBT and “inclusive” language into the song…

    The amended U.S. version, written by Jeffrey Wilsor and used by the progressive Hollywood United Methodist Church, retains only the first two lines of the original song, which dates back to 17th-century England. 

    “We are striving to be an inclusive, eco-conscious and intercultural worshipping community (IWC) engaged with issues of social, racial and climate justice,” the church’s website states…

    “Absolutely disgusted an act of worship to our Lord & Saviour is being used to push political ideology contrary to @ChurchofEngland teaching,” Sam Margrave, a member of the Church’s General Synod, posted on Twitter along with several other users who took issue with the song’s rewording…”:

  108. gregor

    DailyMail (2022): Four out of 10 transgender criminals in prison are guilty of sex crimes, new data shows:

    “…Some 97 of the 230 inmates – 42 per cent – living under a different gender identity are in jail for sex crimes. They include 44 jailed for rape and 14 who forced under-age children into sexual activity.

    Another 11 were convicted of sexual assault and seven for possessing or making child abuse images…”:

  109. gregor


    “Responsible for breaking a law.”

    “The jury has to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent of a crime.”

    “A person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

  110. gregor

    Times (2022): Half of Scottish trans prisoners changed gender after convictions:

    “Half of the transgender inmates in Scottish prisons began transitioning after they were convicted, it can be revealed..”:
    An undisclosed number of trans women are under consideration for a move into the female prison estate…

    Kenny MacAskill, the former SNP justice secretary who is now an Alba MP for East Lothian, said:

    “This is extremely worrying. The statistics confirm the anecdotal evidence that some male prisoners are opting to self ID as females not through any desire to transgender but to avoid being imprisoned in the male estate.

    “That is an abuse of the system and a threat to vulnerable women. It’s one thing protecting the rights of transgender prisoners but quite another to be facilitating what’s a fraud and extremely harmful…””:

  111. gregor


    “The fact that someone is not guilty of a crime.”

    “She pleaded her innocence, but no one believed her.”

  112. gregor

    NationalScot (23/12/2022):Shona Robison to ‘vigorously contest’ Westminster over gender reform:

    “The Scottish Government will “vigorously contest” any attempts by Westminster to block new gender reforms, the Social Justice Secretary has said…

    “The bill as passed is absolutely within legislative competence and of course was backed by an overwhelming majority with support from all parties,” she said on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday…

    Maggie Chapman said:

    “…fanned the flames of prejudice and spread the most vicious smears and disinformation. Any attempt to block this bill would be an attack on devolution and democracy and on the rights of trans people. …Gender Recognition Reform is a small change that will make a big difference.

    It puts Scotland closer to following international best practice…””:

  113. gregor

    The Proclaimers (2012): Redeemed: Born Innocent:

    “…The sun came rising up
    And it drove away the darkness
    The morning air is clean

    I’m redeemed…”:

  114. gregor

    WorldBulletin (2013): Survey shows decrease in ethnic self-Identification:

    “In the fifth Turkey Social and Political Trends research conducted by Kadir Has University, 54.8 percent of participants identified themselves as “Turkish” and 6.3 percent as “Kurdish.”

    A striking feature of the research is that the remaining thirty-plus percent did not identify themselves with an ethnic identity. In previous studies, over 60 percent of participants identified themselves as Turkish…

    According to the study, the number of people characterizing themselves as conservatives is rising. …On the other hand, there is a decrease in people characterizing themselves as “Nationalists.” The number of people considering themselves “Nationalist” has decreased from 23.5 percent in 2009 to 16 percent today…”:

    AmericanProgress (2018): Is Turkey Experiencing a New Nationalism?

    “…Center for American Progress finds broad consensus among Turks about the dimensions of Turkish national self-perception and the nation’s relationship to the rest of the world.

    —rising nationalist sentiment among much of the Turkish population. Compared with the more secular nationalism seen under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s presidency and earlier governments, this new nationalism is assertively Muslim; fiercely independent; distrusting of outsiders; and skeptical of other nations and global elites…”:

    HeraldScot (23/12/2022): Ferguson Marine misses out again as ferries deal goes to Turkey:

    “…The Scottish Government agency had previously confirmed that the new ferries will be built to the same specification as those which are being designed and built in Turkey for Islay…

    Scottish Conservative shadow transport minister Graham Simpson said:

    “This contract won’t go to Scotland because of the SNP’s appalling mismanagement of the building of ferries 801 and 802.

    It is scandalous that the SNP has put Scottish shipbuilding in the position where it cannot be considered suitable for such a job.”…”:

  115. gregor


    “The feelings of affection and pride that people have for their country.”

    “Nationalism is also the desire for political independence in a country that is controlled by or part of another country.”

  116. gregor


    “…it is almost impossible to come up with a uniform definition of nationalism. In its historical context, it is an ideological movement aimed at attaining and maintaining the identity, unity (through social cohesion) and autonomy (through national self-determination) of a “nation,” or a peoples united under a “national” banner. In other words, it is the most potent ideology in nation state building and consolidation. However, as we will seek to illustrate, nationalism, particularly in the contemporary era, has also been a vehicle for disaffected ethnic or cultural communities to voice their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

    …qualities of nationalism in its modern historical expression reside in the fact that it has served several conflicting purposes. It has acted as the principal ideology which enabled nations to seek self determination and political statehood. It also provided the subsequently created states with the ideological justification for holding “the nation” together. And third, it has enabled dissatisfied minority or ethnic groups within the nation states to challenge state authority by questioning its claim to legitimacy which, in a democratic system, formally rests on the doctrine of self determination and popular sovereignty. Hence, nationalism, in this sense, has ironically contributed to the formation, and survival as well as to the dismemberment of nation states…

    …It would appear then that the drive for self determination, which has acted as the principal inspiration for many modern day nationalist movements, challenges the legitimacy of the state by placing in question its claim to represent the popular will of the nation…”:

  117. gregor


    “Existing or happening now, and therefore seeming modern.”

    “By providing a historical, intellectual and cultural lineage, she is able to clarify contemporary debates about regulation and cultural authority.”

  118. gregor


    “A sign of something existing or happening.”:

  119. gregor

    Orange Juice (1984): What Presence?!

    “It may be my imagination
    And of course I’m prone to exaggeration
    But in the moth-eaten gloom of my shabby room
    I saw the strangest manifestation
    One possible explanation
    Is that it was merely a trick of the light
    But that’s little consolation
    ‘Cause it’s gotten so that I can’t sleep at night…

    What you gonna do when the river runs, river runs dry?
    (What you gonna do when the river runs dry?)
    And there’s a harvest moon in the sky…”:

  120. gregor


    “The fact that someone or something is in a place.”

    “A quality that makes people notice or admire you, even when you are not speaking.”

    “He stood there in the corner of the room, a dark, brooding presence.”

    “Presence is also a person’s ability to make his or her character known to others.”

  121. gregor

    CumbriaTimes (2022): Christmas Eve Edition: The Sturgeon Moon Is The Last Supermoon Of 2022:

    “…The Sturgeon moon rounds off the supermoons of 2022…

    …the Sturgeon Moon as it is the time of year when an abundance of the largest American freshwater fish can be caught in the lakes and rivers of North America.

    What is a Sturgeon?

    …is a greenish-grey colour with a pointed snout and two pairs of whisker-like tactile organs dangling near the mouth. …sturgeons can live for a long time, males for 55 years and females 150 years…

    Why a supermoon?

    A supermoon is when you look up at the night sky and the full moon looks so close you feel as if you could almost touch it, although sometimes the difference is hard to spot with the naked eye.

    This is called a moon illusion as the full moon appears much larger when it rises behind a distant object on the horizon.

    Full moons in 2022:

    …Sturgeon Moon – 12 August
    Corn/Harvest Moon – 10 September
    Hunter’s Moon – 9 October
    Beaver Moon – 8 November
    Cold Moon – 8 December…”:

  122. gregor

    AngelicalBalance (2022): 7 Sturgeon Moon Spiritual Meanings and Powers in 2022:

    “…The sturgeon moon brings good luck. Whenever you see the sturgeon moon, expect good luck to unfold in your activities, decisions, and results.

    Generally, you will enjoy the favor of God, and protection from every negative attack…

    By taking advantage of the sturgeon moon, you will enjoy good luck, transformation, and inner stability…”:

  123. gregor

    The Waterboys (2021): The Whole of the Moon (Remaster):

    “I pictured a rainbow…
    But you saw the plan

    I saw the crescent
    You saw the whole of the moon…”:

  124. gregor

    Jethro Tull: Christmas Album (2000): Ring Out Solstice Bells:

    “Now is the solstice of the year
    Winter is the glad song that you hear…

    Sing a song those bells will loudly chime

    Ring out these bells
    Ring out, ring solstice bells
    Ring solstice bells…”:

  125. gregor

    Maddy Kearns (2020): Christmas in George Square:

    “…I thought that Christmas
    Was meant to make you glad
    Then along came an old man
    With a black toothy smile
    Who, pointing, said to me:

    “See how tiny the hands
    And the feet of our Saviour Oooo”

    “That’s just a story,”
    I told him right there,
    “Look, you are homeless and nobody cares”
    Then he laughed like a drunkard
    Threw his arms in the air
    And shouted at the sky:

    “How blessed am I
    That you’ve come down here to save me
    Gloria in Excelsis Deo”…”:

  126. gregor

    NationalReview (2019): The Tragedy of the ‘Trans’ Child: By Madeleine Kearns:

    “…the case of James Younger points to a disturbing trend in the treatment of gender-confused youth…

    Spectator (2021): How the SNP wrecked Scottish education: By Madeleine Kearns:

    “The politicians aren’t listening to us,’ an exasperated teacher tells me by phone. ‘There’s nothing left for us to do but get on with it.’ The despair felt by Scottish teachers is a notable shift from the anger I encountered in the staffroom when I trained among them five years ago…”:

    Madeleine Kearns Retweeted (2022):

    “26.5 million women and girls in Scotland and Spain lost their rights today.”

    “National Review: We’ve been sounding the alarm for years and have no intention of stopping. Men aren’t women. Women aren’t men. If you agree that journalists ought not to compromise on basic facts, please consider supporting our webathon appeal.”:

  127. gregor

    Dark Isle Bagpiper (2022): Facebook:


    “The Great Highland Bagpipes are the key to unlocking the soul of those who listen and transporting t…”:

  128. gregor

    Dark Isle Bagpiper (2019): Angels We Have Heard On High:

    “Angels we have heard on high
    Sweetly singing o’er the plains
    And the mountains in reply
    Echoing their joyous strains
    Gloria in Excelsis Deo!…”:

  129. Dan Watt

    GMK is a businessman through and through. The BIS facebook page is full of links that point to the BFS website. It is very clever that he has managed to get the group so large by promising a “family friendly” debate area (which is bollocks because its only an SNP echo chamber, nothing more), but it is also quite obvious that, come success or failure of the SNPs independence drive, GMK will ultimately win as clicks and engagement are the only metrics the likes of google care about. Basically its like a lawyer today. Win or lose, they still get paid. I have no doubt traffic to the BFS website etc generates some revenue.

    The worst thing about the BIS facebook group is the moderation of it. No sweary words allowed and anything even remotely doubtful of NS or the SNP is instantly nuked. You can’t even freely post there, everything must firstly be approved (at least for me, perhaps it was something I said?)

  130. gregor

    Tom Walker (2018): What a Time to Be Alive: Angels:

    “…I’ve drink all the remedies…

    There must be heaven in this hell that I’m living…

    Lost hope, keeping dreams afloat…
    Got faith but I’ll never know
    See wings when I look through my telescope
    It’s a long road and you’re on your own
    Take care of my broken soul
    ‘Cause there must be
    There must be angels, guiding the way
    There must be angels, saving our grace…

    So don’t give up
    I won’t give up
    No, don’t give up

  131. gregor

    Critic (26/12/2022): Sturgeon turns her back on women:

    “I am not a Scottish woman and can have only a fraction of the anger of the brave women there, who have battled First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as she arrogantly pushed through the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) bill. It is an unforgivable betrayal of every woman and girl in Scotland…

    How did Nicola Sturgeon behave in the debate? As feminist women were removed from the public gallery and threatened with arrest for their objections, she turned her back and kept it turned. Women will not forgive her but we will fight on…”:

  132. gregor

    BBC (28/12/2022): Taliban university ban: ‘I wish God never created women’:

    “…”Animals can go anywhere on their own but we girls don’t have the right even to step out of their homes.” she said.

    Read more about the policies targeting women and girls…”:

  133. gregor

    Times (27/12/2022): Send Nicola Sturgeon’s gender act to judicial review:

    “…Many women are making clear that they already resent the presence of male-bodied trans women in changing rooms and other single-sex spaces. In Scotland even convicted sex offenders can now change their sex and demand to be housed in women’s jails — a practice that not only places female prisoners at risk but also skews crime statistics.

    Sturgeon has disingenuously claimed that gender reform is merely an administrative exercise and poses no threat to single-sex spaces. Yet she must know that this is not the case. Women, or people with cervixes as the Scottish NHS sometimes calls them, are no longer defined by their biological sex in Scotland. This was made clear by Lady Haldane’s landmark ruling this month in Scotland’s highest court.

    Trans women are now women, in Scotland at least, “for all purposes”. The legal category of “woman” has been changed to include those born male. They cannot be excluded from women’s spaces on bodies such as public boards.

    Gender reform has been hugely controversial…”:

  134. gregor

    Wikipedia: Rachel Levine:

    “…has served as the United States assistant secretary for health since March 26, 2021…

    Levine became the first openly transgender four-star officer in the nation’s eight uniformed services.

    Levine was named as one of USA Today’s women of the year in 2022…”:

    Megan Brock (25/12/2022): Twitter: re. LGBT/gender ‘misinformation’


    Rachel Levine advocates for information censorship, asking healthcare professionals to stop “health misinformation” and “collectively advocate for our tech companies to create a healthier, cleaner, information environment.”:

  135. gregor

    STV (28/12/2022): Two Scottish children die from Strep A infection amid serious outbreak:

    “Two Scottish children under the age of ten have died after contracting Strep A amid an unusual surge in cases.

    Public Health Scotland confirmed that seven people had died among invasive Group A Streptococcus cases between October 3 and Christmas…

    The deaths of 21 children under 18 have already been confirmed in England.

    In the week up to Christmas, there were around three times as many scarlet fever cases compared with the same time in previous years…”:

  136. gregor

    Nature (09/12/2022): Why is strep A surging — and how worried are scientists?

    The tragic deaths of 13 children in England and an UNUSUAL RISE in autumn cases have put researchers on alert:

    …“To my knowledge, we’ve never seen a peak like this at this time of year, at least not for decades,” says microbiologist Shiranee Sriskandan at Imperial College London…

    “There are a lot of things that seem to be a bit strange happening after the lockdowns,” she says. “But it’s hard to say whether that’s causing the surge right now, especially given that we have had surges prior to the pandemic.”…

    Those numbers don’t show the true extent of strep A infections in the country, says Sriskandan. “Scarlet fever is the tip of the strep-throat iceberg,” she says. “It’s a very visible marker of what’s going on in the community.”
    Almighty surge

    A similar pattern of off-season strep A infections is being observed in other countries, too, says microbiologist Nina van Sorge at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. “It’s definitely not just a UK thing,” she says. “Cases are still remarkably high in the Netherlands.”…”:

    MedScape (28/12/2022): Three Deaths in France Linked to Group A Strep Infections:

    “…are probably due not to the emergence of a more virulent strain, but rather to an UNUSUAL INCREASE in the number of cases, in conjunction with different strains.”…”:

  137. gregor

    BBC (28/12/2022): Deaths of two children with Strep A ‘not unusual’:

    “The deaths of two children in Scotland with the Strep A infection is not unusual at this time of year, according to the national clinical director.

    Professor Jason Leitch said Scotland was experiencing the highest number of Strep A infections since 2017…”:

  138. gregor

    Elon Musk (28/12/2022): Twitter:

    “The legacy media should worry about its reputation. We have only just begun.”:

  139. gregor

    NationalScot (29/12/2022): Twitter:

    “The National’s website is experiencing technical issues…”:

  140. gregor

    Guardian (28/12/2022): Editorial: The Guardian view on pandemic recovery: we have only just begun:

    Three years after a new coronavirus began to spread through Wuhan, and at least 6.6 million deaths later, the world is just beginning to understand its impact. The pandemic is not over, of course…

    For many, however, the frustration or even despair comes from the realisation that there can be no simple return to pre-Covid life…

    As Sir Michael Marmot noted in a report commissioned by the Health Foundation, action across sectors from all levels of government is needed to “build back fairer”…”:

  141. gregor

    Wikipedia: Build Back Better Plan:

    “The Build Back Better Plan or Build Back Better agenda was a legislative framework proposed by U.S. president Joe Biden…”:

  142. gregor

    UKGov (2021): Build Back Better: Our Plan for Health and Social Care:

    The government’s new plan for healthcare, adult social care, and our new funding plan:

  143. gregor

    ScotGov (2021): What Scotland Learned:

    Building back better:

  144. gregor

    Deloitte (2022): Deloitte and the World Economic Forum: Making an impact on the global agenda:

    “Deloitte is a long-standing strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    WEF is an international organization that connects leaders from business, government, society, and academia, to shape global, regional, and industry agendas. WEF and its strategic partners work collaboratively to address issues of global importance…”:

    BBC (29/12/2022): Deloitte cuts UK office temperatures by 2C to save energy:

    “Deloitte is reducing temperatures in its UK offices in a bid to cut costs and carbon emissions.

    The thermostat is being lowered by 2C across 22 sites, some of which were also temporarily closed over Christmas, to reduce energy consumption…”:

  145. gregor

    DailyMail (30/12/2022): Sam Bankman-Fried had four White House meetings THIS YEAR: Bombshell report reveals disgraced crypto mogul met with top Biden aides as recently as September:

    “…what prosecutors say is one of the biggest financial frauds in U.S. history held talks with senior White House advisor Steve Ricchetti on September 8, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. 

    He has had at least two other meetings with Ricchetti on April 22 and May 12 and another with top aide Bruce Reed…

    The latest report is further evidence of the deep ties Bankman-Fried had with Washington before he was charged with swindling investors out of at least $1.8 billion. 

    The White House has refused to say whether Biden will give back some of the $5.2 million in donations from the fallen FTX founder gave to his campaign and connected groups in 2020…”:

  146. gregor

    Scotsman (01/01/2023): 2023 begins with the First Minister in rough waters:

    “…the party is split over Sturgeon’s plan, drawn up after the Supreme court confirmed the Scottish Government does not have the power to run a second independence referendum without the agreement of UK ministers.

    Those who are sceptical about its chances of success have good reasons… if nationalist parties fall short of that 50 per cent target, be sure their Unionist opponents will say, well, you had your second referendum and you lost. Not fair? Tough. Politics is a rough old game and that’s how it’ll play out and Sturgeon won’t be able to cycle back.

    Sturgeon has never been a collegiate leader. Rather, she surrounds herself with a small clique – comprising the SNP’s chief executive (and her husband) Peter Murrell, deputy First Minister John Swinney, and a few trusted advisers – and then rules by diktat…

    As the SNP’s special conference approaches, Sturgeon will have other issues to deal with, not least the ongoing fall-out from Holyrood’s pre-Christmas decision to make it easier for people to change their gender in law.

    The UK government may yet block the introduction of self-ID for trans people on the grounds that it may collide with aspects of the Equality Act, including the provision of single-sex spaces for women…

    And so 2023 begins with the First Minister in rough waters. …mounting chaos surrounding Nicola Sturgeon…”:

  147. gregor

    The Exploited (2003): Fuck The System:

    “…Future is chaos and anarchy
    The misery continues
    It’s the government way

    So fuck the system
    You can bring it down
    So fuck the system
    Chaos will bring it down…”:

  148. gregor

    DailyExpress (01/01/2023): Nicola Sturgeon shamed as Scottish children more reliant on food banks than five years ago:

    “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have been warned she must act now after damning new figures showed the number of food parcels distributed by poverty charities to children in Scotland has skyrocketed since 2017.

    Food poverty organisation Trussell Trust has released mid-year statistics that reveal the total number of food parcels handed out over the last five years has surged 65 percent, while food distributed to children has jumped by 77 percent…”:

  149. Cringe

    Note the advert from SNP donors Springfield builders on his site:

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