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Anarchy In The UK

Posted on October 20, 2022 by

The only major prediction this site has gotten wrong in the last decade is that we didn’t think Theresa May would be so stupid as to call a general election in 2017.

And while the prediction itself wasn’t vindicated, the reasoning behind it certainly was, because she duly lost her majority just as we said she would, and limped pitifully into oblivion over the next two painful and shambolic years. (While Nicola Sturgeon ponced around hopelessly trying to stop Brexit instead of saving Scotland by getting it the hell out of the UK before it was too late.)

So it’s in that spirit that we’re going to stick our necks out once again and predict that despite the opinions of most political pundits Liz Truss is going nowhere any time soon, because as incredible as it seems, she’s almost certainly the least worst option for the Conservative Party right now.

If the Tories force Truss out – and they’d have to rewrite their own rules to a fairly spectacular degree to do it – they have two dreadful options:


Go through another bitter and divisive leadership contest just weeks after the last one, with the country in the grip of a massive economic crisis and possibly a winter of blackouts that’d make the infamous Winter Of Discontent look like an office Christmas party. The idea is inconceivably irresponsible and mad and would make the Tories even more of a laughing stock than they are now, as hard as that is to imagine.


Somehow get the party to stop fighting like drunk weasels in a brothel and agree on a candidate who could stand uncontested and be quickly ushered into Downing Street. The problem with that is it would involve picking someone who the party’s own MPs and/or members had very recently deemed unsuitable for the office of Prime Minister.

The current frontrunner (and seemingly the de facto PM) is Jeremy Hunt, who in July came JOINT LAST in the ballot of Tory MPs.

The only other candidate anyone seems to think has even a remote chance of being agreed upon is Rishi Sunak, who was comprehensively rejected by Tory members in favour of Truss throughout the summer.

Either man would be an extravagantly-wrapped gift to Labour, whose jibes would write themselves for the next two years, the country would still be in an almost irretrievable mess and the party would continue to rip itself apart behind a PM who at most 20% of them actually supported.

The least awful choice from a Tory-MP perspective, then, seems to be to stick with Truss, avoid causing any MORE self-inflicted damage, screw the country for every penny they possibly can until 2024 while exploiting their positions to line up sweet new jobs, and just pray for some unforeseen miracle like a nuclear war in Europe or Keir Starmer (who after being completely ineffectual for 18 months has suddenly managed to get himself a 36-point lead by basically doing nothing) actually opening his mouth and reminding the electorate how useless Labour are.

Of course, this is a rational assessment and we do not live in rational times. Frankly we’d barely be able to raise a weary eyebrow in surprise if Christopher Biggins was Home Secretary by tomorrow lunchtime and whoever was Chancellor by then had just announced a plan to replace Sterling with used tissues, while standing on top of the London Eye wearing only a pair of Union Jack socks and a burning hat.

(Or even more ludicrously, Boris Johnson could return.)

So by all means quote this post back at us in three hours’ time when Truss has been dragged out of No.10 by men in white coats and the Tories are deciding her successor with a Royal Rumble live on pay-per-view TV.

(TBH, if we were Truss we’d probably quit now before they’ve got their coup together, and watch the chaos while trousering the fat payoff for a resigning PM, enhanced pension and £115,000-a-year-for-life additional bonus.)

After all, we said that sanity in UK politics had ended in April 2017, and while a couple of the specific details might have been off, we’re pretty sure we weren’t wrong.

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68 to “Anarchy In The UK”

  1. Breeks says:

    I hope Nicola has the patience to wait for all the fuss to die down before she decides to fire the starting gun on…. Oh wait a minute…

  2. James Che says:

    All the party scuffling and shuffling are series 2 episode 23 to keep plebs occupied along with regular fear mongering paid MSM

    The SNP do this with those that do not conform to NuSNP policies and with Alba,
    Labour do this with corbyn and the tories,.
    Greens do this with everyone.

    Its a regular soap of entertainment. To Keep the other classes of society busy while the NON elected run your governments
    Puppets in the punch and Judy show, with fingers up their behinds by bigger players.

  3. James Che says:

    Playing the game of distractions, look squirrel.

  4. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Rev. You forgot Dreadful Option 3 – Bring Back Boris.

  5. Jim Tadgercock says:

    With the platoon of fighting squirrels in the limelight I wonder if Rees Moggs hedge fund has made any money out of this? There was talk that he was selling up but rest assured some city slickers will be coining it in behind all the chaos.

  6. Breeks says:

    Straight copy from old thread to new one… with a big thumbs up from me.

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    20 October, 2022 at 10:09 am

    ALBA PARTY LEADER ALEX SALMOND has called for Holyrood to recalled so that a Bill for a Scottish Independence Referendum can be tabled in the Scottish Parliament immediately to take advantage of the chaos in Westminster.

    ALBA Party say that there is nothing to stop the Scottish Government, or any back bench MSP, from doing so.

    Salmond has urged the Scottish Parliament to act whilst Liz Truss is focused on saving her premiership and her Tory Party is immersed with infighting stating that “this is the ideal moment to use Holyrood’s pro-independence mandate to ensure that Westminster’s difficulty is Scotland’s opportunity.”

    It was confirmed at the Supreme Court last week that Scottish Government Ministers could in good faith bring forward a bill without the Lord Advocates consent, and further that any back bench MSP could table an independence referendum bill without requiring to seek the advice of the Lord Advocate.

    At his Party’s Conference at the weekend, Salmond confirmed that Alba had commissioned an opinion from one of Scotland’s top KCs on the real legal basis of Scotland’s right of self-determination. A case he says, “has to be ready to take to whatever court when it is required – domestic and international, and the case we shall take to the people.”

    The Alba Party leader has now called for members of the Scottish Parliament to be ordered to return from holiday and for Holyrood to be immediately recalled so that an independence referendum bill can be tabled.

    Commenting ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond said:

    “Westminster is in chaos. Last night there were even reports of Members of Parliament being manhandled to ensure they voted with the Government. The entire British establishment is in a state of disarray. This current lot make David Cameron and George Osborne look like political titans.

    “As the Tories attempt to burn their house to the ground we have the absurdity of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland.

    “Just as we saw with the replacement of Boris Johnson with Liz Truss, Scotland will gain absolutely nothing by replacing one unelected Tory Prime Minister with another.

    “The Scottish Parliament should see Westminster’s difficulty as Scotland’s opportunity. The Scottish Parliament should be immediately recalled so that an independence referendum bill can be tabled. There has never been a greater time to ask Scots to grasp the opportunity of regaining their independence, but for that to happen we need the Scottish Government to give the people the choice of choosing their own future.”

    Can somebody please calm down those horses? Where the hell’s Sturgeon? What are we paying her for?

  7. Mosstrooper says:

    I did not know that weasels (drunk or otherwise ) frequented brothels, Every day is indeed a schoolday. Thank you for the information.

  8. mike cassidy says:

    That thing about Starmer opening his mouth

    He was speaking at the Pink News Awards last night

  9. Derek says:

    I’d be happy with Christopher Biggins.

    Truss currently talking to Graham Brady, I believe.

  10. Colin Moore says:

    ‘…while standing on top of the London Eye wearing only a pair of Union Jack socks and a burning hat.’
    That’ll be Bojo for chancellor, then?

  11. Andy Ellis says:

    With your past betting form I’d hesitate to bet the farm that you were wrong, but I have a feeling the 1922 Committee will make her an offer she can’t refuse and try to install an interim until the next GE in hope of losing fewer seats then than they would now.

    We certainly live in interesting times….

  12. wull says:

    I have no qualifications to foretell anything, but my prediction is that they will rip Truss out very soon, and sink further and further down into the depths of their own Self-Destruct Ripper-land.

    To get to this conclusion I consulted Dracula.

    He just smiled through his fangs, and said: ‘Once you start ripping. you never stop ripping. It’s so lovely, and delicious – you simply can’t resist it.’

    They’ve been at it since 2017, if I read Stu rightly. Why would they stop now?

    Suggestion (if you have old stamps to waste before they run out of validity on 31st January, and hoping that Westminster is exempted from the mail strike): Send a postcard to every Tory MP, saying:

    ‘Hope you are having a ripping time, old chap! Wishing you jolly holidays in the near future!’

  13. Itsagoinwrang says:

    Maybe spoke too soon?

  14. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “So by all means quote this post back at us in three hours’ time when Truss has been dragged out of No.10 by men in white coats and the Tories are deciding her successor with a Royal Rumble live on pay-per-view TV.”

    So I was about an hour and a quarter out 😀

  15. Haud says:

    She’s gone. Stop betting Stu..

  16. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Well I’ll be dipped next.

  17. Confused says:

    politics, bloody hell

    this is what you get with people leading the country who should really only be running personnel departments

    if I was PM, I would never resign – I would call martial law and start firing nukes

    Tony Montana “say hello to my little friend”

    no backbone these cunts

  18. Shug says:

    How long till Nicola says “now is not the time”

    If Truss is out who does Nicola have to ask permission from

  19. Mike says:

    And she’s gone!

  20. PhilM says:

    Will BoJo throw his blonde wig into the ring…oh please, please…

  21. Brian says:

    Pete Wishart for PM next?

  22. Andy Ellis says:

    Hmnnn…. So looked at from a Scottish context, I wonder what impact the bùrach that is the Conservative party will have on opinion in Scotland? Whether we have a GE sooner than expected or not, is it too much to think that some Scottish Tories and other unionists might be thinking it’s time to head for the lifeboats, and if that’s reflected in the polls will it make achieving a referendum or plebiscitary election more likely?

  23. Confused says:

    “Lady Jane Grey”?

    It’s an amazing world we live in, no matter how bad things get, they can always seem to get worse; a lot of people thought Boris Johnson was hitting rock bottom – Liz Truss says “hold my coat!”

    I see they are sticking human brain cells into rats now (what could go wrong?)

    – the next leader of the tory party will be one of these monstrous chimeras, or rather, dozens of them, all their tails twisted, knotted together into a RAT KING

    govt policy will be made on gigantic checkerboard, each square containing a policy

    govt actions will be made based on where the monstrous rat king takes a shit



  24. Bob W says:

    I had an athletic truss that lasted longer than The former prime minister.

  25. Andy Ellis says:

    So does this mean we don’t have to bother with what the SC says about S30 Order sanctioned referendums?

    I mean Sturgeon can just say the SNP is going to treat any snap election as a plebiscite right? I’m sure Alba and the Greens would back that up right…?

    Stuey….! I know you’re betting credentials have taken a bit of a knock, but what are the odds? 🙂

  26. Wally Jumblatt says:

    She’s gone now, and you look at the entire house of commons and there isn’t a single MP of any party that would attract confidence.
    Not a potential PM and barely a handful you would consider competent enough to hold down a potfolio.

    These clowns -all parties, repeat all parties, will continue to vote in weak leaders that they don’t agree with.
    Seems to me the solution is to break the control of the party central offices behind the scenes.
    The constituency parties should seize control of the candidates, and if they don’t want clowns and crooks standing, then make sure the local parties have representative memberships and not just nutter activists.

  27. James Che says:

    Ahh but hunt is there to bring everyone under lock and control, investment interests in China behind the scenes, why not copy their draconian policies if you have a horse in the race.

  28. Cuilean says:

    Still spot on. She’s told them to GTF, the gemme’s a bogey

  29. Haud says:

    Boris is to stand…ffs. start the revolution, I’m in.

  30. Andy Ellis says:

    Reports that BoJo is taking soundings about standing in the upcoming Tory leadership contest.

    History does indeed repeat itself, first as tragedy than as farce!

  31. Dave Hansell says:

    Someone earlier mentioned Starmer’s performance at last nights Pink News awards.

    In that context I picked up this link on GETTR an hour of two age:

    With a link which more or less sums up the present multilayeredclusterfuck:

    “The country is in chaos. Ministers are having punch-ups in the Commons. The electorate is crying out for grown-ups to take charge. So what did Keir Starmer do last night? He announced he’ll make it a crime to refer to these two as ‘he’. What time’s the first flight to Mars, Elon?”

    It seems the Labour Party has now gone beyond declaring in public that it will introduce legislation to make it easier to self-id and is now committed to making all subjectively defined ‘Hate-Crime’ and aggravated offence.

    Which suggests that ‘misgendering’ someone may very likely get you a jail sentance under a Labour administration.

    A two edged sword given that. on the present trajectory, for a sizable proportion – if not a majority – of the populace, going to jail is likely to be the only way they can get a roof over their head and at least one square meal a day.

    The small print details of any proposed Labour self-Id legislation will be awaited with eager anticipation by anyone like myself who is at present self identifying as 120 years of age in order to obtain 52 years back pension.

    A similar self ID opportunity exists for those who self-Id as “furries'” As legally bona fide animals they can avoid the NHS queus and obtain treatment from local vets.

    Jesting aside, Starmers stance on this issue is likely to impact on voting intentions. Not necessarily in terms of members of the reality based community voting for someone other than Labour or the equally barmy SNP/Greens*. More in terms of a significant increase on an already high level of registered voters either not bothering or spoiling their ballot paper at the paucity of genuine options.

    * The Green publication ‘Bright Green’ recently reports that the Scottish Greens have broken off formal ties to the English and Welsh Greens on grounds of them not being woke enough.

    This report was hot on the heels of another report of elected Green Councillors and some members in Sheffield have openly declared they will not vote for their chosen Parliamentary Candidate in Sheffield Central on grounds she is “transphobic.”

    If, as likely, Eddie Izzard gets the LP nomination for that seat we are likely to see Green Party members and at least some Green Party Councillors campaigning and voting for the LP whilst GC LP members will either sit it out and not bother voting or campaign/vote for the Green candidate.

  32. Vestas says:

    If Boris Johnson is re-instated as PM by Tory MPs then you can all wave goodbye to any pretence of democracy in the UK.

    He was dangerous enough before but if he’s re-instated then he will believe its his “destiny” to rule.

    There won’t be a GE in 2025 because he’ll pass and invoke “emergency powers” to prevent one happening long before then.

    Fascism – REAL fascism beckons.

  33. Ruby says:

    Totally brilliant post Dave Hansell

    Standing ovation & shouts of encore! encore! encore!

  34. Robert Hughes says:

    Thanks Ruby . I never noticed this new post by Stu . Yr right , it makes more sense here

    ” The Alba Party leader has now called for members of the Scottish Parliament to be ordered to return from holiday…..”

    It truly defies belief that when the English Tory Gov are a global laughing stock and visibly crumbling into utter , frantic disarray * our * representatives are on FUCKING HOLIDAY !!!

    So much for the ” Truss premiership will be advantageous to Indy support ” fantasy – her head has rolled and not a single advantage has been gained ; the SNP/GOV could have a basket of such heads and all they would do is ask them if they could have a S30 , please .

    Again , it won’t matter a damn what sociopath is next up on the Tory leader conveyor belt , the SNP are cretinous cowards and this , current , priceless opportunity to walk the fuck out of WM and hold a Holyrood PE will go ungrasped .

    In essence , they are no better than any of the Brit Parties . In some ways they are worse

  35. Jim Thomson says:

    re BoJo – Peston reckons he’s making far too much money on the American talk circuit to want to come back a PM.

  36. Ruby says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    20 October, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    Thanks Ruby . I never noticed this new post by Stu . Yr right , it makes more sense here

    I wanted to save you from being part of the ‘fuckin playground shit’ going on back there.

    I can’t say that I’m too interested in what’s going on at Westminster.

    The comments however are all bloody good!

    Shame about the backend failures!

  37. Iain More says:

    Yet Sturgeon dithers. in the face of corrupt incompetent English Tory Rule. Sturgeon should call a snap Holyrood election but the ("Tractor" - Ed) wont. Further proof if any is needed that she and the SNP leadership are M.I 6 Plants. Sickening!

  38. Breeks says:

    So was that interminable Tory leadership campaign actually longer than the life of leadership which won it? Do we now have to sit through all that crap AGAIN?

    That’s almost as grim as Scotland, where all the political discourse we get is the Test Card with Sturgeon’s face on it.

    Has Alex Salmond had a reply to his appeal to recall Holyrood yet? Asking for the Nation… Don’t worry, I can guess the answer.

    And STILL Sturgeon the Betrayer does nothing.

    London has a Parliament where a Leadership campaign never ends, while Edinburgh has a Parliament where the Leadership never starts.

  39. Confused says:

    I think the tories need a “unity candidate”

    “DON’T KNOW” is the front runner and should appeal to centrists.

    – the candidate for stability.

    Could be stiff competition from




    “Random Cunt” got a double first in economics at oxbridge and might avoid the pound being worth less than the albanian zloty.

  40. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Ruby

    ” I can’t say that I’m too interested in what’s going on at Westminster. ”

    I’m only interested in the WM lunatic asylum in the same way there is a natural – if morbid , compulsion to look in the direction of a car crash if yr passing one .

    What we’re witnessing now is a multi-vehicle pile-up and * Scotland * should be in the other lane , heading North

  41. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Westminster is in chaos and every day we remain tied to the sinking ship more and more Scottish households are being plunged into poverty.

    We therefore call on the Scottish Government to act now.

    Recall the Scottish Parliament
    Present the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill
    Give Scots the right to choose a better future
    The people of Scotland can’t afford to wait any longer.’

    Please sign and share as a matter of urgency.

    (Currently has 421 signatures.)

  42. Ruby says:


    Sturgeon is speeding down the motorway heading South in her big yellow bus marked ‘Scotland’s AA Road Rescue’.

  43. Ruby says:

    Pete Wishart sends out an SOS

    Save our slippers!

  44. Ruby says:

    While we are all having a laugh please give some thought to the Shetlanders who can’t join in the with the fun.

  45. Stuart MacKay says:

    I see Sturgeon is calling for an early General Election. That would ensure there wasn’t enough time to get the details of the plebiscite sorted out to make it a shoe-in. Then with the Supreme Court giving the thumbs down, case closed and it’s time to start all over again.

  46. Gregory Beekman says:

    And to cap it all, Dr Who regenerates on Sunday – what a year of change!

  47. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    Well well well, fair play for putting it out there. I think by the end of the post you had started to talk yourself out of it. Certainly right to say domestic politics has been on a permanent house-of-horrors loop since 2017. Each time the train goes around the slightly more vacant expressions of less and less competent conservative cabinet ministers lunge awkwardly out of the darkness. Now the vision for the country is to double down on the winning playbook of the golden years: 2008-20. Here, only a global pandemic halted the strangling of instituions and services people actually need and care about in favour of a more efficient approach, directly transferring 10s of £Bns of public money in covid contracts to any old Etonian with a LLC.

    No worries though, the short monies still flowing where it needs to go. The talking shop at the bottom of the Mile will be declared off limits to plebs shortly. Re-education has supplanted actual education. Jury trials on the way out. Mind the complete communication blackout in Shetland will odds-on roll down to the mainland soon, so best withdraw a bit more cash from the hole-in-the-ringfence like the rest of us. Cheery-bye!

  48. James Che says:

    The two remaining constants in Westminster is the wars must go on, and shovelling finances out of Britain to foreign Countries.
    No matter which party is in,
    Its been the two constants of Westminster through out the decades.

  49. Willie says:

    Time to recall the Scottish Parliament, bring back the Westminster MPs and take control of our country.

    Time for Sturgeon to act a d exercise the mandate. This utter shambles and democratic abscenity cannot be allowed to continue.

  50. Republicofscotland says:

    There MUST be a GE now, the shambolic Tory party cannot be allowed to get away with appointing another PM like they did in Truss, and we must call Sturgeon’s bluff and make sure the GE in Scotland is used as a plebiscite, and not just to elect SNP MPs to Westminster.

  51. twathater says:

    So who in the Sick Nasty Perverts party has the gumption or even THE BALLS to follow through on Alex’s proposal , if no one steps up or comes forward they should ALL be named and shamed for the craven cowardly scum that they are


  52. Breeks says:

    ALBA has a petition circulating calling for Holyrood to be recalled.

    Don’t see a link on the ALBA website yet, but I’ll forward it if I see it.

  53. Republicofscotland says:

    RE my 5.40pm.

    And if Westminster/Tories refuse to put the question to the public via a GE, Scotland’s MPs must (the unionist ones won’t) walk out of Westminster.

  54. Breeks says:

    There you go Peeps. You know what to do…

  55. Breeks says:

    Wondering how fast a march / protest can hit the Edinburgh streets around Bute House… Though I think our freeloaders are all away on holiday, more days off than Santa Clause, but it’s the thought that counts.

  56. Skip_NC says:

    One good thing about the USA is that, in most elections, there is an opportunity to vote for a write-in candidate. If the Tories allowed that, I would happily part with a few bob to get a vote and write in the lettuce. It’s time for stability.

  57. Ruby says:

    It’s a great word and everyone knows what it means
    whether it’s written in full or with the vowels replaced with an asterisk,in text as ‘see you next Tuesday’ or Jeremy in Cockney rhyming slang.

    Well done Krishnan! Big shout out for all cunt callers!

  58. Merganser says:

    A prime minister’s pension for Liz. Not long after she announces that the triple lock will remain…

  59. Dan says:

    @ Skip_NC

    In the UK climate with potential energy shortages affecting heating, a cabbage would be the hardier, longer lasting option, and locally sourceable too which should keep both the eco-warriors and “Brexit”eers happy.

  60. Ruby says:

    A cabbage isn’t very Scottish I vote it should be a tumshie.

  61. Skip_NC says:

    Dan, as compromise is, allegedly, the word of the day, perhaps a walrus would be acceptable to the Tories:

  62. Ruby says:

    Oh hang on we’ve already sent a fair number of ‘tumshie-heids’ to Westminster.

    I’ve changed my mind.

    Why not a sackful of these wee cute fellas?

    It turns out they can even have a human brain transplant which may or may not prevent them from fighting like ‘Tories in a sack’.

  63. Kemi Badenoch would be the sensible choice for the Tory.
    Whoever it is Douglas Ross and the lickspittle Bowie will be unflinching in their support.

  64. Dan says:

    Ruby says: at 6:24 pm

    A cabbage isn’t very Scottish I vote it should be a tumshie.

    I would have hoped by now that you and considerably more than 49% of the population would have noticed that London Rule from Westminster really doesn’t give a flying fook about what Scotland votes, thinks, wants, or needs for.

  65. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Merganser: “A prime minister’s pension for Liz.”

    I believe it’s £115,000 per annum. Not bad for 44 days “work”. No free school meals for the children, though, while the MPs (of all parties) all enjoy subsidised food and booze in The Mother of Parliaments.

    Sorry, I think that’s what Tories call the politics of envy.

    Must thrash myself with birch twigs.

  66. Stoker says:

    Rev wrote: “and watch the chaos while trousering the fat payoff for a resigning PM, enhanced pension and £115,000-a-year-for-life additional bonus.”

    WOW! And just for 45-days work. In the words of ‘Yosser Hughes’ – Geez a job, ah can do that. FFS!

  67. Catherine says:

    If I have learned one thing in the past few years, is that you can never overestimate people’s stupidity. Which mean anything is possible, even what appears extremely improbable

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