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Three shots, three goals

Posted on February 28, 2014 by

Let any dispute be over. Wings Over Scotland has the best readers.




We’re not taking all the credit, of course. Yes Glasgow and Labour For Independence were already much of the way to their targets. But we’re super-proud of you for the Borders campaign – they started the day with only £900 or so, and we weren’t expecting to take them all the way, only to give them a wee boost.

But once again our wonderful readers dug deep, and for what’s now the eighth time (four of our own and four others) heaved an independence fundraiser across its finish line, two of them from quite a distance. You’re really something, folks. Take a bow.

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    78 to “Three shots, three goals”

    1. Rod Robertson says:

      Mr McColm’s column should be interesting this Sunday.

    2. KillieBoab says:

      You think?

    3. You and My Comb says:

      I don’t think Euan will give this any attention unless it is a Mail like sting in the tail. Where is the Sheikh? Has he worked since the demise of the NOW?

    4. Garry Henderson says:

      Great news and more proof if ever it was needed of the effect of providing the truth! We’ll done Wingers

    5. Macart says:

      Jeez, I’ve actually got a big smile and a wee catch in my throat typing this.

      Wingers are just the best. 🙂

    6. Rod Robertson says:

      Killieboab ,my tongue was firmly in my cheek as I typed that

    7. haartime says:

      On behalf of Yes Berwickshire I would like to thank both you Rev and all the readers and others who donated to the Yes Scottish Borders fundraiser. It makes it easier for us knowing we have such a strong community supporting our efforts especially where I am on the east coast. We are quite a distance from all the big meetings and debates so blogs and Twitter are lifetime for me, feel I’m really involved albeit virtually. I think there may be a potential yes vote of about 25-30% where I am. But it is an uphill struggle.

    8. Scott says:

      Be nice to get this over the line as well;

      This campaign is to raise funds for a play written by Alan Bissett, to be staged at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, which aims to rally for a Yes vote in the referendum:

    9. HandandShrimp says:

      I am sure Euan will find some other explanation, aliens, goblins, something to do with a plot by the Russians to annex Ullapool…who knows. What we do know is that he would rather stick pins in his eyes than believe that this site is anything other than Stu and a lame pigeon from Central Station.

    10. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Well what do you know, Stu puts out the word and lo and behold the answer comes flying along. This is getting embarrassing, but for the RIGHT reasons. Congratulations to everyone who was able to dip into their pockets today to help out some of our fellow independence fighters! 😉

    11. jingly jangly says:


      Looks like your area may be increased soon!!!

      Note that the Daily Heil is saying that the SG is being cynical trying to get back the sea area stolen by Tony Blair in 1999, obviously the International Law of the sea does not count!!!

    12. Morag says:

      The Yes Borders fundraiser was discussed at the Yes Tweeddale meeting last week and we were worried the target had been too ambitious. Now look!

      You guys are wonderful!

    13. Calum Ker says:

      Phenomenal performance today. On behalf of Yes Scottish Borders a massive thanks! The other thing to note was at the start of the day £600 of that starting figure was from two people so it was not only the amount given, it was the number of contributors that was “astonishing”, if I can quote she that puts her political party before the Scottish people.

    14. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Sorry for going O/T so early Stu but was alerted to this over on Twitter. I think it just ADDS to all the good news that keeps on coming these days. 🙂

    15. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Damn it!

      Looks like you beat me to the link there jingly. 🙂

    16. themadmurph says:

      To be fair, wings readers are fucking awesome. Rev you provide the vehicle for all this awesome egalitarian movement!

    17. HoraceSaysYes says:

      Well done, all.

    18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Judging by the formatting that Mail piece is a few years old.

    19. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The usual ‘Scottish’ MSM suspects will ignore this.

      What does that make them?

      They’re ‘journalists’, right? So they know at least all the vocabulary most plebs do.

      And we all know what vocabulary is involved. It shouldn’t be aired in a respectable site like this – they know it, are feeling it, and must surely, for their own sanity and self-respect, DO something about it.

      Okay, there are Cochers and McColms and sundry others beyond salvation, but the hitherto silent majority of decent folk working in Scottish MSM must realise that time is running out – Yes will win, and they know it.

      How much longer before we see panic in MSM hubs across Scotland? Regular ‘backroom’ BBC/STV Herald/Scotsman staff shouldn’t have to endure this shite. The relevant Unions are quiet. Too fucking quiet.

    20. Marcia says:

      Here is another photo – the audience in Irvine tonight at the debate between TS & BD

    21. NorthBrit says:

      Hat tip to alexicon and thepnr.

      This article highlights the key issues on the legal position.

      Points out that if the other side plays hard ball Scotland has the ability to challenge the questionable claim that the state formerly known as England can claim that it is still the UK post indy. Which would cause rUK (sic) a lot of problems.

    22. Marcia says:


      I think that article is from 2007.

    23. Les Wilson says:

      Sorry O/T
      John Kerry warns Russia over the Ukraine.
      In hi speech he said this –

      ” We view it as an example of people within a sovereign nation who are expressing their desire to choose their future. And that’s a very powerful force.”

      He should be saying that to the UK as well, over our referendum. What, NO!?????

    24. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Apologies Stu the article I linked to was from February 2008.

      Consider the wrist well and truly slapped. 🙁

    25. Alba4Eva says:

      Wings inspired me to contribute to YES Glasgow yesterday. I might be skint after the last few days… Stu, you have that effect on folk 😉

      …but I feel better than I have done in a long time. 🙂

    26. bookie from hell says:

      Is 5k a standard for target areas,i know nothing about canvasing?

    27. Les Wilson says:

      Rev this will spread the communication between groups i friendship, that is a great thing, something that will share the excitement. Something momentous coming, I am more sure of it now, we are all growing you can almost feel the pulse.

    28. Bruce Wallace says:

      Good catch Stu, The reporting from our MSM is lazy to say the least.

    29. Morag says:

      Bookie, it depends what people plan to do, and what they have the manpower to accomplish. No point in sitting on 100,000 Yes newspapers if you don’t have the activists to deliver them.

      In Peeblesshire we’re hitting places we’ve never been near before. I’ve checked the electoral register and found houses I never knew existed. I can get the material there, but we need the material. The material on its own is useless though.

    30. PatrickJB says:

      It’s great to see my single contribution being re-used for so many campaigns 😉

    31. cynicalHighlander says:

      Twitter feed has gone as has that dead button.

    32. KillieBoab says:

      At the Irvine debate tonight plans to film the night’s proceedings had to be dropped after Brian Donohue (local Labour MP) refused permission. You can however get a flavour of the proceedings from this twitter thread

    33. Alba4Eva says:

      Morag, you are spot on. Its about making the best use of your resources. What we all recognise is the power of Wings and the other Pro-indy sites as absolutely essential media to combat the propaganda on the traditional (read old) media.

      If any request for funds fails to reach its target, it is most likely down to the perception that the allocation of funds could be better placed elsewhere. The issue we have now, is that there are so many YES causes, but only so much in folks pockets.

      In the last few days, I have donated to here of course (wouldn’t have missed that for the world), but also NNS and Yes Glasgow. Others may choose Labour For Indi… or The Common Weal… or Bella… whatever your flavour is.

      Point being, that we are as a movement, better manned… we have better arguments… and we are better funded… oh, and we have cooler music too 🙂

    34. bookie from hell says:

      thx morag

    35. Graeme Reid says:

      I wonder if he can back up his claims with a wager? If he is so sure of his claims,the money

    36. StevieMcB says:

      We live in interesting times. People are getting excited about politics. & so we should, we canny escape from it.
      I would like to thank the rev & co for giving us this platform & galvanising all us genetically unprogrammed poor stupid people into a formidable voice.
      Oh & thanks to Willie Walsh for putting his Wings over Scotland.

    37. hetty says:

      regards Berwick and the border, it doesn’t’ matter too much regards timescale, it would still be very interesting to know how Berwickshire folk feel about the whole thing. Last time I visited Berwick it looked to be very dowdy and let down, not thriving in fact it was like an English town that has not had the money and infrastructure pumped into it as it deserves in recent years. It is in the county of Northumberland, one of the richest counties in the land no? Where is all the cash in that case? It did not look to be being supported really or a thriving place, the border town of Berwick to me felt like a sad place, tell me I am very very wrong.

    38. Fireproofjim says:

      Great efforts everybody. I have contributed to all the above, but there is one we should not forget. There is a huge rally planned for Dunfermline in August under the auspices of “Yes in the Glen”
      They have only about 60 hours to raise the £5000 for the preliminary bookings etc. and are stuck about £1300. Let’s do this as well! my contribution is already there.
      The rally is just a month ahead of the referendum and will have a huge impact.

    39. Eddie Anderson says:

      How would I organise a mini version of this crowdfunding? We are Yes Kirriemuir, we have a wee shop thats been kindly donated for the duration, and we want to get wifi in and a tablet to show graphics and clips to visitors. We need a coffe machine of some sort to offer people a cuppy when they visit. We just need funds to make it a much warmer place, and drag it into the 21st century. We have done loads of work delivering papers and organising public meetings and we have done this with next to nothing. Ho do you organise a wee fundraiser to make our wee shop what it needs to be?

    40. Alba4Eva says:

      Fireproofjim. Can I just suggest that the marketing maybe wrong for the Dunfermline March in the Glen. Im hoping not to bebout of order here, but the bang for the buck is to reach those who have not been reached yet. Might it be that the idea of a march in a glen of Yessers is not going to achieve that… or at least, that might be the perception. Im honestly sympathetic and wish and hope Yes Dunfermline (YD) every success, but maybe the marketing is wrong? If im proved wrong, then YD can choose which condement I put on my hat before I eat it.

    41. Garry Henderson says:

      @Eddie Anderson

      I’d love to help out round Kirrie. Working away at the moment but when I’m home I want to be involved. Have been passing the shop regularly to see when it’s open but was told from Yes Forfar there was no heater?

      Anyway Rev can you pass my details to Eddie?

    42. Morag says:

      I’m getting a strong impression that Yes Scotland doesn’t want big marches in the immediate run-up to the referendum, for strategic reasons I’m not privy to. I’m also not really convinced that it represents value for money in terms of reaching the undecided at that stage of the campaign.

      It’s all very well getting hooked on seeing these green bars creep to the right, but we have to be selective to some extent.

    43. Eddie Anderson says:

      Thats brilliant Garry. Email me. p2eaa [at] btinternet [dot] com
      No heating in the shop atm, its the bills that are the issue. Anyway, get in touch and we can meet up when you are home.

    44. Alba4Eva says:

      Im not privvy to anything either Morag, just a Winger like you, but again spot on.

    45. Tam Jardine says:

      Great effort all round. Good to hear the borders campaign getting a boost. I was impressed with their vocal support in the Kelso debate.

      I don’t know the area but know Dumfries and Galloway and how removed it can feel from the central belt and its politics, perhaps Edinburgh in particular. I hope the campaign is gathering pace down there, and when we regain our independence the investment she has been starved of for decades

    46. hetty says:

      Now call me crazy, paranoid, daft whatever. I went to buy a few first class stamps today, all well and good, I was sold a book of six, and all with the queens head on them.

      I am used to seeing the ones with the lion on them, and when I looked online, the lion ones are selling for more than the usual value or price as far as I can see. Am I mad? Does the queens head on the first class stamps I bought today tell me that a) my Scottish stamps are worth more as they are no longer in print/circulation? and b) that I will no longer be able to purchase stamps that have a direct relevance to Scotland or to Scotland’s flag? Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

    47. X_Sticks says:


      Posted this next door, but probably more appropriate here.

      A wee round of applause for us a’

      I hope this is really where we are – it looks increasingly like it..

    48. hetty says:

      Sorry that last post and chorus was rather O/T…I am truly riled now though.

    49. Alba4Eva says:

      Hetty… don’t get mad… get even. 😉

    50. beachthistle says:

      Had good fun putting together one of my most RT’ed tweets to date, based on progress summaries of #indyref crowd-fund-raisers…

      The sad and hilarious UKOK one has now been deleted from Indiegogo, about 10 minutes after I tweeted..

    51. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Wonder how the great and the *cough* good at Better Together Headquarters are feeling about that wee picture X_Sticks. 🙂

    52. hetty says:

      Thanks Caesar!4eva

      getting even would be great, I have a few tiny stamp paintings which would be a helluva lot better than the queens head ones. But to have the one or two Scottish stamps taken out of circulation?
      That is really taking the biscuit as well as a kick in the teeth at this point in time.

    53. Macart says:


      That’s brilliant. 😀

    54. X_Sticks says:


      Just linked to your pic above, but should’ve given credit where it’s due beachthistle – didn’t mean to steal your thunder 🙂

    55. SquareHaggis says:


      You could be onto somethin there, I wonder if Willie Walsh could be persuaded to put a WoS logo on one of his planes…

    56. beachthistle says:

      Nae bother @X_Sticks.

      Actually hadn’t noticed/realised you’d already posted a link to it when I posted mine. Wouldn’t have minded – the whole campaign, never mind the crowd-funding and info-sharing, is 1 huge team/collaborative effort in my eyes – which is one reason why Yes is going to win!

    57. kininvie says:


      Retweeting that as fast as possible – wonderful!

    58. SquareHaggis says:


      You’re not crazy nor paranoid, the mystery of the Rampant stamps is simple, the Germans are buying them as collectors items, I’ve been asked to source them for sending abroad several times since xmas.

    59. X_Sticks says:

      Aye beachthistle – there’s a warm feelin’ in this hoose. That’s the Scotland I want 😀

      Back on the music front it isn’t beyond the bounds for that Paulo Nutini track to go to No1 with a wee shove – it really is a cracker.

    60. Alba4Eva says:

      yup,the Revs democratic process has definately led to the clear winner tonight…

    61. Yesitis says:

      You Wings people are just…salt of the Earth.

    62. Calum Craig says:

      Re Berwick- I used to work with a girl whose mum had a holiday cottage in Berwick. When she went there she always talked about “going to Scotland”- I would point out that it wasn’t really Scotland and she would reply “well, it feels like Scotland”.

    63. bunter says:

      just staggered home after a session, put on the state broadcaster, and theres Willie Walsh again. Good stuff and mon the Irish!

    64. chicmac says:

      LFI was only at about two and a half K when it first got a mention on Wings on the first day of the Wings fundraiser, so great effort.

    65. neil mackenzie says:

      “Yes in the Glen” is only at 27% of target with hours to go.

      Let’s make it happen!

    66. StevieMcB says:

      Paulo rocks,imagine choirs of Scots video’d on the chorus & spliced up nice. nite peeps

    67. Appleby says:

      Fantastic! Keep it up and list any more if there’s some worthy causes and projects!

    68. Alba4Eva says:

      …and a very very happy St Davids Day (not that i’m religious, but happy day and the very best wishes to our friends in Wales)

    69. Seasick Dave says:

      Here’s an uplifting one from today’s Herald…

      ‘Independence would not bar Scotland from EU membership’

    70. Patrick Roden says:

      Could it be that people are buying the stamps, in anticipation of independence turning them into collectors items?

      In fact there’s probably quite a few things that will become valuable in a few years time after Scotland votes Yes.

      So wingers get out there and buy these little ‘Scotland as part of the UK’ momento’s…

      You can sell them to people like Duncan Hothersal in a few years time, when you meet him in a pub all misty eyed and waxing lyrical about how although Scotland was broke as part of the UK, we had enough international clout to be able to kill hundreds of thousand of brown people.

      Oh such fond memories Duncan will have.

    71. Patrick Roden says:


      A panelbase poll commissioned by the SNP has shown that 30% of people in Scotland now say they are less likely to vote Labour as a result of Ed Balls siding with Osborne in the currency debacle!
      7% said they would be more likely to vote Labour (Tory Gits)

      Even better…18% of Labour voters in Scotland now say they are less likely to vote Labour as a result!!!

      Shoot yourself in the foot? No Labour, you have put a landmine under each foot and blew them off!


    72. haartime says:


      I share your views on Berwick. It is stuck in a bit of a time warp and the Civic Society has a big hold over the town. Proud of it’s historic buildings and so they block any new development. Someone once told me the town is effectively run by a small cabal of old Berwickers who are very resistant to change. The single carriageway A1 also stifles investment.

      We moved up here from London in 2007 and originally planned to live in Northumberland but I prudentially did a business plan and after comparing with south east Scotland, Scottish borders had more potential. Eyemouth is a much more vibrant place than Berwick.

      I came up with hardly any knowledge of Scottish politics and went from undecided to yes in two years. To my mind the best thing that could happen to Berwick would be joining Scotland and being in the gravitational pull of Edinburgh.

      A telling point about the Berwick mind set though is the location of the High School. Built at the time of activism in Scotland it was deliberately located south of the Tweed to protect it.

    73. Truth says:

      Posters please note, the Daily Mail article is an old one re-dated to today for some no doubt calculated reason.

      You can tell this by the reference to Gordon Brown as PM.

    74. Muscleguy says:

      @Patrick Roden
      That will be behind the uptick in SNP support for Westminster elections making them the most popular party for the first time ever. People disgusted with Balls switching allegiance to the SNP.

      It’s good, we will need people in the last Westminster parliament for Scotland who have the interests of Scotland foremost in their minds to watch the negotiations from inside the chamber. We have already seen that Labour MPs do not have Scotland’s interest first or even second.

    75. JAN CURRIE says:

      I am not very computer literate. Someone sent me a link to a news program in America where the English journalist Melanie Phillips was soooo inflammatory about independence that I am sure it would boost the YES vote. She was super smug, ignorant and uninformed. Her tenet was that it all boiled down to the fact that we hate the English! I don’t really know how to send you link.

    76. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “it all boiled down to the fact that we hate the English!”

      Ace, ta. Link didn’t work, but I managed to track it down and have captured it and uploaded to YouTube. Good find 🙂

    77. beachthistle says:

      @JAN CURRIE Great find! Wow, incendiary stuff!

      Here’s the link i got to work:!8D276611-6530-4056-9EB9-F34629F5CEDA

      Some of Melanie Phillips’ nuggets/land-mines:

      “Scots really resent and loathe the English”

      “The real crime of England is that it is run by the English and the Scots really hate the English”

      “(Independence) is a fantasy, a romantic fantasy fueled by fantasy (sic) and resentment.”

      There is 1 moment of light relief, just 1 statement which is lucid and correct, and it a mistake from Phillips’ point of view: instead of parroting the unionist view that that currency union and EU membership are 2 sticks in the spokes – she said that they are “spokes in the wheel”. 🙂

    78. Meindevon says:

      Oh I really wish I hadn’t watched that video of Melanie Phillips! She should be had up for inciting racial hatred! As a Scot in England I hear undercurrents of this ‘you all hate us English’ all the time because of these journalists mouthing off this garbage. How on earth do those of us married to English folk ever get over this intense hatred I’ll never know!

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