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We’re going to need a taller page

Posted on March 01, 2014 by

February full stats. No comment.


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    1. Peter mirtitsch says:

      If you break my Android phone by poking bits out the top, can I claim you?

    2. DonnyWho says:

      O my god even google are fixing the figures, you faked the fundraiser and you now shamelessly fake the stats. LOL. Just getting that in before a UniTwit says it. WOW!

    3. Seasick Dave says:

      These are not real people, you know.

      I can see that you have just taken the made up figures from the starting month and added them to the current month and so on and so forth.

    4. Albalha says:

      Well have to say you’ve a very impressive bounce rate, who beats it I wonder and how close to 0 can it actually be?

    5. K Mackay says:

      I’m astonished! 🙂

      The more folk read wings the more confident I am we’ll win.

      I think there’ll be a big crowdfunded holiday in store for you after the referendum Stu. And maybe a statue (but only if you do a really good dictator pose for it).

    6. Hopefully mainstream media’s continues to head the other way due to everyone seeing right through their views

    7. Seasick Dave says:

      Being inquisitive, I have just wandered across to Labourh*me to see how things are progressing.

      It seems like nothing has been posted since 29 November last year.

      Maybe the lead article was the final nail.

      Read it, if you dare.

    8. heraldnomore says:

      As Wee Things this is brilliant. I think you should try crowd funding and aim higher.

      Now if BT ever try to head hunt you Stu, aiming ot turn you over to the dark side, just let us know and we’ll up the deal

    9. john king says:

      sorry dave, got as far as
      “Our very good friend Kate has now retired from her job, which was with a small NGO that did irreparable good by promoting the rights of workers”

      and couldn’t see for tears of laughter

    10. Stephen McKenzie says:

      Those advertisments in the Daily Mail have really paid off..

    11. iheartscotland says:

      Seasick Dave,
      I love a dare and went ahead and read it…
      It’s so cringe worthy, no wonder it’s the last post, how can you top that shite? …..oh wait there’s still the bbc

    12. Derick faeYell says:


    13. G. P. Walrus says:

      You could use a logarithmic scale. There are not many readership stats where you start to think in terms of “doubling time”.

      Congratulations Stuart. Wings is splendid.

    14. Albalha says:

      O/T Ivan McKee coming up on BBC Scotland’s GMS.

    15. Donald says:

      Excellent feeling to start the weekend with. Big smile on my face as I ‘accidently’ leave some print outs I’ve made in various cafes in town.

    16. X_Sticks says:

      Ach, that’s just Rev Stu logging in and out tae fix the stats! Ah mean, whit diz he dae a’ dae onywie? 😉

    17. Grahame case says:

      can’t read it, is that 3,000,000 page views ?

    18. Famous15 says:

      Labour Hame is irrepairably absurd but the three comments following are brilliant. Those who look down on what is happening in Africa in particular forget that the indigenous people were often denied higher education and entry to the professions. In South Africa however there was a further ironic and unfortunate twist in that the ANC in fighting white supremacy decided to boycott the education system. We can feel superior by forgetting the damage colonisation does to people but beware there are subtle manifestations of this in those with the Scottish cringe in their psyche.Just think of the Unionists who do not wish Scottish history or literature taught in Scottish schools or forbid the saltire to be included in any art work.
      I am not really into flags but rebel at their being forbidden the choice of the saltire by those who wish.

    19. scottish_skier says:


      I remember when this place was like Labourhame in the wee small hours of a Tuesday. 😉

      How times have changed eh.

    20. twenty14 says:

      O/T and don’t know if its already been mentioned but ” another Labour stalwart joins YES – over in The Herald

    21. G H Graham says:

      Rev, you cheated.

      All you’ve done is take the chart that shows the rate of growth in British net public debt & changed the legend & the colours!

    22. twenty14 says:

      @ Albaha – hard trying to keep up with all this excitement 🙂

    23. X_Sticks says:


      Great start to the morning – another one sees the light!

      BTW Happy St David’s Day to all our Welsh supporters 😀

    24. alexicon says:


      Bob Thomson a Labour member for 51 years.

      He said:”I have been swithering on how to vote in the referendum and have been waiting in vain to hear something positive from Better Together to help me make up my mind.”

      Says it all really.

    25. G. P. Walrus says:

      Quite a good debate on GMS this morning until the papers review lowers the tone. Ho hum, time to switch off.

    26. galamcennalath says:

      Rev, I hope you have a good relationship with Wing’s hosting company. If you haven’t got a dedicated server, you will need one.

    27. scottish_skier says:

      I reckon the Rev is using the fundraiser cash to buy lots of cheap laptops so he can simulate unique visitors.

    28. SquareHaggis says:

      O/T but this has been niggling me for a few days now

      Cameron says he will back Scotland joining the EU – why the sudden change in tact?
      Cameron says he’ll back Barasso to become head of NATO – giving effective control over the nukes to a man who openly opposes Scotland joining the EU!

      It’s not making sense to me at the moment but I smell something…

      Is it possible to boycott such an appointment?

    29. SquareHaggis says:

      Just flip the android on it’s side and voila! Taller page 😉

    30. Elizabeth says:

      Re GMS review of the papers, Angus MacLeod of The Times talked about a new YouGov poll showing Yes had stalled. Something else about women not being keen on Yes either. His own paper? Don’t think he said. Is there not some issues with YouGov methodology?

    31. Albalha says:


      Re You Gov poll, the Sun I believe.

    32. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      All this is thanks to Geoff B and that real 110% stalwart Nat and alround wummin, Pickety Witch, Kate Higgins.

      I think we should raise statues to them.

    33. alexicon says:

      Maybe this will help you a bit squarehaggis.

      Especially this part:

      “there was some good cheer for pro-independence supporters yesterday when a senior French Conservative accused the UK Government, along with Spain, of pressuring European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso into talking down Scotland’s chances of joining the EU.

      Two weeks ago, Mr Barroso declared that it would be “difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the EU. Mme Joelle Garriaud-Maylam called those remarks inappropriate and not credible. She acknowledged that some EU countries that had concerns about independence movements within their own borders would not seek to ease Scotland’s accession, but questioned whether these would trump the practical considerations of excluding Scotland from the EU. She spoke as former Czech president Vaclav Klaus accused the EU of arrogance to suggest Scotland could not be a member.”

    34. scottish_skier says:

      Is there not some issues with YouGov methodology?

      Yes. Problem with methodology (relies on correct 2010 recall) and base is too British for some reason (sample has too many people born in England / too few born in Scotland and this is reflected in wrong natID numbers). Biased towards No for this reason.

    35. Patrick Roden says:


      240,000 unique visitors a month!

      Who are you trying to kid Rev?

      I think you have paid the Russians to bombard Wings with comments, to make it look like there is real people reading here.

      Euan McColm will be on to you soon.

      No one…and I mean no one, pulls the wool over his eyes.

    36. SquareHaggis says:

      Thanx alexicon, that shows they’re opposed to his views in Europe but will they also follow up by declaring they won’t agree to him heading up NATO? I feel this would be a bad appointment for everyone, especially Scotland.

    37. scottish_skier says:


      In a recent very large 2235 sample of its ‘Scottish’ panel, Yougov get 74% of respondents from Scotland saying they were born in Scotland. Yet the correct figure is 83% according to the census.

      18% said they were born in England, Wales or NI. The correct figure is 10%.

      That’s a massive error.

    38. Ian Anderson says:

      Time to switch to a log scale 🙂

    39. scottish_skier says:

      Rev – if you are reading…

      When you poll again ask country of birth if possible. This would be rock solid in terms of checking the base. NatID can be asked too. People do sometimes tell little white lies here depending on who is asking and why, but nobody ever gets their country of birth wrong nor lies about that.

      Yougov and MORI both have a big problem here (too British). I’m not sure to what extent other pollsters do. Seems less.

    40. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “can’t read it, is that 3,000,000 page views ?”

      3.8 million 🙂

      You can always click the images to zoom.

    41. gordoz says:

      Now come on Rev you know at least half of the page views are by GCHQ & CIA

      On Polls – think they are totally useless and massaged personally ( been on panelbase books for 2 yrs and only ever been asked to do TV, shopping and Tech gadget surveys.
      Nothing remotely political of any kind.

      Accuracy at last Scottish Election ??

      Surely these things can be ‘fixed’ to suit big brothers needs – people must realise this ? Come on?

    42. Stuart Black says:

      Shirley Williams over on the Herald banging on about forced entry to the Euro and Schengen, amongst oodles of other tripe. How the UK are so good for us regarding the Common Fisheries, and CAP, and such like.

      No comments so far, but there are plenty of things some of our more erudite posters could have a field day with. 😉

    43. Les Wilson says:

      Ref labour stalwart decides to vote Yes, I cannot help but feel that come the last month or so prior to Independence, Slab will be having a complete breakdown, and be in total disarray as all but the hierarchy move en masse to a YES vote.

      The older, more respected labour people of the upper echelons are recognising the huge mistakes made by Slab in slavishly following Westminster’s instructions so willingly to the letter, it is against Scotland’s social aspect.

      Ordinary members are listening, I think there will be an exodus over to a YES vote, in time for the referendum.

    44. caz-m says:

      I would love to know where Yougov get these results from.

      This is not a true reflection of what is happening in Scotland at this moment in time. Better Together are not 18% in front of the YES Campaign.

      But even Yougov polls are showing a move to YES.

      01/03/14 Yes -18%
      05/02/14 ” -18%
      27/01/14 ” -19%
      09/12/13 ” -19%
      16/09/13 ” -20%
      22/08/13 ” -30%
      24/10/12 ” -26%

      Just a wild guess, but I don’t think Yougov are too keen on Scottish Independence.

    45. Edward says:

      Elizabeth – Angus MacLeod, is a well know SNP/Scottish independence hater, yet the BBC insist on using him for comment and newspaper review.
      This morning’s GMS was no different. GMS had been fairly reasonable until the newspaper review. When they mentioned that once again they have Angus MacLeod reviewing , I knew what we would be in for and sure enough not disappointed as he took delight in highlighting a YouGov poll which conformed to his view.
      But that wasn’t part of the review, for if you listen carefully, the lead in from the BBC presenter was for another story entirely.
      The format is the BBC presenter leads in to the paper and article, to which MacLeod is supposed to give his take on.
      Except on this MacLeod, ignored the lead in and did his own thing!

    46. Ivan McKee says:

      Great result Rev.

      O/T Does anyone have the numbers on the SUN YouGov poll ?

    47. themadmurph says:

      Rev. Stu bought new crayons from the fund raiser!

      To be honest, isn’t Febs figures more to do with us all refreshing the fundraiser page and being “astonished” as the amount just kept going up? (Or would that be in indiegogo’s stats?)

      No matter, it’s great the news is spreading. I send everyone here. My daughters do the same. Keep up the good work Stu.

    48. Tattie-bogle says:

      another poke in the eye for Team BT

    49. HandandShrimp says:

      On polls, we have had over the last month probably the biggest most concentrated attack on Scottish independence on every issue since this began. Presumably because the polls were indicating that Yes was gaining traction. In the face of that onslaught have we lost ground? No I don’t think so but we may have slowed our progress. However, over the last few days it seems to me that the united front against us is weakening. Standard and Poor undermined much of the gibberish that passes Darling’s lips as “economic realities”, more Labour stalwarts are moving over to Yes and BAE and Ryan Air have thrown a curve ball into the mix. We have weathered the storm without losing our gains now it is time to go on the counter offensive.

      On female voters, the Yes side need someone to connect with them. I don’t think the No side do particularly so that is an open goal should we find the right person to take the shot. Sadly the debate the other night won’t have helped. I know a few people at work on all sides of the fence said they turned it off. Fishwives was the most commonly recurring comment. Lamont in particular has set the role of women in politics back 50 years.

    50. scottish_skier says:

      The inherent methodology problem with Yougov means it can readily show No up to 9% higher and Yes 9% lower than what people are actually saying to pollsters.

    51. Edward says:

      Interesting package on BBC Breakfast News this morning about the referendum, which highlighted the different campaigns of Yes and No

      They explained that Yes is grass roots driven and featured the recent RIC campaign in Easterhouse. Comparing against No’s computer based campaign of profiling and direct mail shot, with interviews with Blair Jenkins and Blair MacDougal .They also featured a No campaign street visit, which they highlighted was using politicians.

      The package was followed by a discussion with a lecturer from the University of Lancaster

    52. Tattie-bogle says:

      google wings over scotland and i get
      About 2,120,000 results (0.17 seconds)

    53. alexicon says:


      Maybe this will answer your question.

      YouGov’s former Chief Executive Officer Nadhim Zahawi resigned from the board to stand in the 2010 General Election and is now a Conservative Party MP for Stratford-on-Avon. The current CEO, Stephan Shakespeare, stood in the 1997 general election as the Conservative candidate for Colchester.

    54. auslander says:

      Yeah, right. We know your F5 button is worn down to a nub.

    55. Croompenstein says:

      well done Stuart, mirroring the swing to Yes as more of us get better informed, keep it up

    56. G H Graham says:

      Looks like LabourHame is sitting in a retirement home, staring wistfully out the window, hoping the postie will arrive with a card or something.

      Even the vitriolic Ian smart gave up posting 6 months ago.

    57. Grouse Beater says:

      I trust my donation is not paying for long blue lines!

    58. ronnie anderson says:

      As somebody said at the top of the page, it a fake

      just different shades of Woad,( bit ah like woad ),

      but Woe,d are the BTers keekin roon the door,tae see

      whit Wings are up to.

      Hiv they wee Blue books hit the printer,s yet.

    59. Edward says:

      Also on this mornings GMS was a discussion involving Business Scotland’s Ivan McKee and Tory MSP Murdo Fraser and discussing negotiations or pre-negotiations
      There was someone else who also was a yes supporter, but didn’t catch his name (sorry)
      What we learned was that its not as cut and dried as the No campaign and the media would like us to believe. Though that did not find acceptance with Murdo Fraser, who vainly tried to fight his corner.
      New phrase of the day ‘Hard Anchor’, something I will drop in when trying to persuade the wife when ‘discussing’ why its good that I should watch my favourite programme which clashes with her favourite programme! 🙂

    60. call me dave says:

      Great numbers and it is likely to get even busier as word spreads.


      Guess who?

      “The gym and walking are good for my mental health. The job I’m in, there’s a lot of pressure and sometimes your head feels as if it’s exploding. I found with running that I’d write speeches in my head. I’d be worrying about something and by the time I’d come home, it would be written. All the stress just falls away.”

      All the same dropping 4 stone is good, so well done, but pity about the policies… Oh wait! They don’t have any either.

    61. Tattie-bogle says:

      after indy sutherlands statue should be ripped down a replaced with a big set of ass cheeks facing south toward WM

    62. Grahame says:

      O/T but just ordered 15000 Aye Right postcards for distribution around Edinburgh West. – A6 on thick 300GSM card a rather cheap £203.00 –

      if anyone wants to order some please contact yesedinburghwest [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll see what price our friendly printer can do for you

    63. caz-m says:

      @Ivan McKee

      Great job on GMS this morning. I met you the other night at Gryffe High School. As soon as you know Ivan McKee is involved in any debate then you can be sure you will get an honest and forthright answer.

      Keep the great work up Ivan, we are all right behind you.

    64. call me dave says:

      Aye that other YES person never got in at the end to correct Murdo’s rant, BBC just ran out of time… oh dear.

      ‘Hard anchor’ is the new buzz word, Murdo always forgets that a telescope can be used the other way round. He thinks the UK has all the power and little Scotland will capitulate soon.


      You have no chance mate… 🙂

    65. Croompenstein says:

      @call me dave – Can’t get the picture of JoLa joggin wae the pink trackies and a sweatband oan, JJJEEEEZZZZUUUSSSSS wonder if she thought up the genetically programmed pish while joggin

    66. G H Graham says:

      I don’t believe any of the polls because most are biased in their sampling or the output is corrupted to produce the narrative sought by the commissioner. Even those answering the questions don’t always tell the truth.

      And there seems to have been a reluctance to show one’s voting intentions due to social peer pressure, exacerbated by pervasive British/English media propaganda.

      The analogy I use is a married couple in which one or both have realised that the relationship is all but over but neither is willing to actually take action & formally renounce the marriage.

      Economic & social pressures work to maintain the status quo thus people refrain from revealing their true feelings & intentions.

      The effect of 300 years of British propaganda cannot be underestimated. Some amongst us know full well that voting for independence is the right thing to do but they are deeply worried about the consequences, even though they, like divorcees are usually better off in the end.

    67. Edward says:

      call me dave

      “I found with running that I’d write speeches in my head” What she has Paul Sinclair in her head!

      I have a feeling that she didn’t actually write that

    68. Barbara Gribbon says:

      Re female voters (but not me, the other ones) I would like to see a breakdown which included a phenomenon I hadn’t accounted for, which is the Don’t know, Don’t cares. I knew they existed but I came across one recently who surprised me as she is well educated with considered positions on other issues, she just thinks Politics is a waste of her time and absolutely refuses to engage, to the point of (historically)falling out with people who talk politics(?!) Is this a widespread thing among the Don’t knows and/or women. I really don’t see how someone like that can be approached. She’s not even registered.

    69. Croompenstein says:

      Ivan is quickly becoming the poster boy for Yes..

    70. yerkitbreeks says:

      Just as well. Piece on Out of Doors this morning on Land Reform – I sent in a comment ( actually on the fact the New Zealand rugby team is invincible because of the pick of all those strong farmers who own their land cf to here where 450 men or so own the bulk of the country ). Anyhow, merely said one 18000 acre estate was owned by a MSM editor ( no names * ) and of course this bit was censored.

      * Paul Dacre of the Mail

    71. Alba4Eva says:

      I’m pleased that Bob Thompson or anyone else comes out for YES, but a comment of his about the SNP being centralising and authoritarian doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

      Labour are far more authoritarian than the SNP as can be seen quite graphically here from 2010…
      …and although the SNP might be perceived as having moved slightly more authoritarian due to the power the overall majority gave them in 2011, their policies havn’t really changed. They are still both less authoritarian and further to the left of Labour.

      It seems Bob Thompson has made the right decision, but doesn’t fully understand the political context.

      Also, get fed up with the comment; “I’m not a nationalist”.

      Every single person who steps into the voting booth on September 18th is a nationalist. Whether that be British Nationalist or Scottish Nationalist, the vote placed will be just that and it won’t matter a jot what party your allegiances might be for.

    72. ronnie anderson says:

      AS auslander say,s 9.36.

      So it wiz you REV that payed the hacker,s tae attack the

      site,so us lot hud tae keep re freshing the page

      (increasing the site traffic,visitor numbers )

      your a rite sneaky,devious,bas Brilliant strategist.

      another great week had by all, much merriment,

      And on catching up on the all poster late into the

      early hours, you,s lot were doing some serious

      celebrations,Merlot,Lambrini,and stronger tipples,

      and just so,s yous know not a drip passed ma lips

      ( ya greedy bas )but ah loves yous awe.

    73. Simone says:

      Knew what this would be as soon as I saw the thumbnail on FB! Had to turn the tablet 90 degrees to see the graphic
      Absolutely fantastic. I know I now check you before I read the ‘news’.

    74. SquareHaggis says:

      O/T Sorry for any typos

      North Sea ‘can’t compete on world stage because of tax’

      by Ryan Crighton – Business Editor Press & Journal friday 28 Feb 2014

      An international oil boss has claimed that the north Sea can no longer compete with the rest of the world because of George Osborne’s tax regime.

      CND International managing director James Edens said the firm now sent it’s experienced UK staff elsewhere around the globe.

      He siad authorities were “not getting it right” and, as a result, the firm has cut it’s spending in the UK dramatically over the past decade.

      Last night Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney seized upon the comments, saying the industry needed long term fiscal stability.

      But the Treasury has already hit back – claiming its incentives helped the North Sea attract record investment last year.

      “Ten yars ago’ we invested 10% of our corporate capital in the UK basin” Mr Edens said. “Today it is 2%”

      “We still think we are a significant player and a significant interest in investing here. But the fiscal environment does not compete on a worldwide stage”

      “The UK is a brilliant training ground and we have certainly gained a tremendous amount of international offshore experience working in this basin – but we have looked to deploy that into our basins around the world”

      He added “I have to stress the opportunities here are there for the taking. It’s a mature basin and the price is robust. But it is now the only mature basin in the world that is not in a growth projection today.

      So we have to say we are not getting it right here, and I have to say that it is the fiscal attractiveness which is causing that.”

      Mr Swinney said “If we are to realise the North Sea’s full potential, then we need long-term predictability and stability for the industry, somethingthat the UK government has failed to achieve over the years.

      “Sir Ian Wood’s report into the future of the North Sea has confirmed that fiscal instability has been a significant factor in basin underperformance.

      “In contrast to the approach taken by the UK, the Scottish Government is clear on the need for close co-ordination and co-operation between the industry and relevant bodies.

      That is why we have called for the new regulator for the North Sea recommended in Sir Ian’s report to be based in Aberdeen, and why we have proposed that the new energy department to be formed in an Independent Scotland should be co-quartered between Aberdeen and Glasgow.”

      The treasury spokeswoman defended it’s record, saying ithad helped attract record investment in the basin.

      “The government has introduced a number of incentives to support investment in the North Sea, including field allowances and decommissioning certainty, and, as the Oil and Gas UK report confirmed, there were record levels of investment in 2013” she said.

      “But the government is committed to maximising the North Sea’s full potential and following the Wood Review, we will work closely with the industry and the new agency to do this.”

      A Better Together representative said “The best way to make the most of this declining and volatile resource is using the broad shoulders of the larger UK, rather than taking all the additional burdens and risks on scotland’s shoulders alone.”

      Make of this what you will, had to type it myself from the printed edition because the P&J online version only tells half a story …

    75. Scaremongering disnae work says:

      @Ronnie Anderson 1 March at 10.03am

      Luv yos too, so say all of us’s Yessers

      : – ) ‘s

    76. Alt Clut says:

      Just want to add my wee bit to a few growing trends in comments.
      It’s time for a big counter attack!

      Labour voters need to be helped by all available means to see the slavish duplicity of their ‘leaders’. Nail each and every one of the big lies used by BT/BBC et al over the last few weeks. Ramp up the social justice aspects of independence in our conversations. Re-emphasise the immorality, ineffectivness and huge cost of Trident and successors. We can swamp BT, on the ground, easily.

      Felt tears of joy and pride welling up this morning at the few TV seconds given to our YES friends in Easterhouse – that’s the road to victory.

      Off out now to meet up and get started.
      Forward Together !

    77. Albalha says:


      Re GMS the other Yes supporter was Peter Curran, Moridura.

    78. caz-m says:


      That explains why there is such bias in Yougov polls.

      A right shower of BritNats at Yougov.

      I think polling companies as biased as Yougov should be taken out of any statistics regarding the Independence debate.


      Angus Macleod completely impartial and unbiased Times reporter. This is how he likes to ALL his paper reviews on GMS,

      “and just to finish Isobel, on page 48 of the Gaurdian, Joe Bloggs says Alex Salmond is a fat nationalist bastard. Thanks Isobel.”

    79. Edward says:

      Thanks Albalha , appreciated

    80. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “To be honest, isn’t Febs figures more to do with us all refreshing the fundraiser page and being “astonished” as the amount just kept going up? (Or would that be in indiegogo’s stats?)”

      Those would be in Indiegogo’s stats, not ours.

    81. Appleby says:


      Amazing stats. Lets hope we can keep this kind of growth going as long as possible!

    82. Bill McLean says:

      Happy St David’s day to all our Welsh friends!
      Cymru am byth!

    83. Alan Gerrish says:

      Thanks for flagging up LabourHame guys – through it I had a look at our friend Anas “Working Hard for Glasgow Central” Sarwar’s site which tells us, according to Hansard, that his last contribution to a debate in HoC was 10 January 2012, in which he said:

      “Clearly the SNP won a mandate for a referendum, but now that it has won that mandate it is no longer the SNP’s or Alex Salmond’s referendum, but Scotland’s referendum, because Scotland’s political future is way more important that any political party or individual politician.”

      So if it’s not Alex Salmond’s referendum, Anas, why do you keep telling us it is? What? Oh, I see, it’s not a referendum, it’s his Vanity Project. Glad you cleared that one up, but while I’m on, could you try to work a bit harder for Glasgow, please? I mean to say, there’s a lot been needing your attention since January 2012, don’t you think?

    84. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      The Calton Cybernat Chapter celebrate the Wings web stats this morning on Glasgow Green …

    85. Andy Drynan says:

      Obviously us simpletons are just too gullible, how very dare wings ensnare me with their wicked seperatist ways.

    86. Elizabeth says:

      re GMS this morning -Thanks for the info re YouGov. The person on with Murdo Fraser (and cut off as it was getting really interesting) was Peter Curran aka Moridura, fantastic campaigner for a Yes vote and he who records all the political bits for his YouTube channel. He’s in The Wings blog roll under TA of Moridura

    87. Flower of Scotland says:

      When I first came to Wings last year , I could read the comments quickly .
      Now I seem to spend hrs reading Wings and all the great articles that people put up .
      My border collie also knows that there will be no toy throwing when I’m reading Wings .
      My only complaint is , that if I go away for a few hours , all sorts of things happen and it takes me hours to make up time !
      Well done Wings ! YES !

    88. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @Barbara Gibbon

      she just thinks Politics is a waste of her time and absolutely refuses to engage, to the point of (historically)falling out with people who talk politics(?!) Is this a widespread thing among the Don’t knows and/or women

      I have the same problem with two women I know. They are my daughters so, perhaps it is something to do with genetic programming. Whatever Dad says, do the opposite.

      The one in London sees it through that prism but the one in Scotland has come over to the dark side but doesn’t admit it outright. I am pretty sure that my son-in-law and his family are also now on message.

      I have a feeling that we are very close to a Tipping Point.

    89. ronnie anderson says:

      @Ivan McKee, Ivan can you no get on a program, with Flipper

      ( an I don’t mean that Intelligent Dolphin ),but I would

      love to see You gut A Darling,( financial forensics ).

      Your a joy to listen to,keep it up.

    90. You and My Comb says:

      Alan Gerish

      Thanks for that quote. I can feel the need for it to burst some britnats bubble at public meetings

    91. You and My Comb says:


      Talking to my daughters, you would think I was wanting to discuss their sex life. My youngest has just approached me in the past couple of days wanting more information. It’s difficult not to drown her in verbiage. I did manage to get her to take some of my Wings business cards for her friends. The eldest lives and works in London and puts up with the ‘sweaty socks’ and ‘jocks’ stuff but doesn’t get what it’s all about yet. I live in hope

    92. gavin lessells says:


      Bre News

      Bob Thomson former Scottish Labour Chairman joins Yes campaign. Good News for Milliband?

    93. Barbara Gribbon says:

      @BtP, @YouandmyComb

      All the very best with your efforts. I think with family it is more likely get there in the end as we have time and an incentive not to fall out permanently, but some people just aren’t open. I got slightly worried what proportion of the Don’t knows are never going to care but I suppose pollsters and campaigners take this into account

    94. heraldnomore says:

      Peter Curran it was, of Moridura, on GMS, doing a brilliant job on negotiation tactics. Clear concise, and plain common sense. Then there was Murdo…

    95. ronnie anderson says:

      JoLo in the of chance that your looking in. & from a person

      who knows a wee bit about Brain damage, bouncing about as you

      appear to do, with a empty scull, your brain has no cushion

      from impact ( have to much fluid in mine,I would gladly

      give you some ) naw on second thoughts you might develop

      some intelligence from my Jeans ( the wans ah kin afford

      oota Primark ) jist stop bouncing aboot, ah dont want

      beside me in the Sth Gen Hosp,ah wuld never recover,

    96. Appleby says:

      Indiegogo, Google, you name it – Stu has them all under his control as the evil MASTER CYBERNAT.

    97. gavin lessells says:

      A new Aye Right PDF on the stocks and will be launched next week. Now includes cmon scotland, radical independence and wee ginger dug. derek bateman updated.

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Flower of Scotland 10.47, and your complaint IS, am sitting

      here day hour efter hour, day efter day,month efter month,

      ah ave run oota wee trifle,s,an that includes the nite time

      hours tae, an that Rev has the cheek tae caw me a lightweight. is live no grand on here lol.

    99. James123 says:

      Rev, in the beginning of February you said that you were looking at 300,000 uniques in the last few weeks leading up to the referendum. You’re not far of that total now, you’re looking at possibly half a million readers in the final weeks!

    100. Boorach says:

      @ Tattie-bogle

      Quite agree about removing Sutherland’s statue but it should be replaced with one depicting the crofters he shipped out in ships which wouldn’t have been licensed to carry slaves.

    101. bald eagle says:

      seasick dave @6:52am

      had a look at that site could you hear the wind blow in the distance or was it just my imagination waited for the tumblweed to pass by but nothing might pop back later just before i die of old age

    102. Douglas Thomson says:

      Suspect you will be invited onto BBC Question Time.

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