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The Wrong Answer

Posted on March 14, 2023 by

He’s not our man in the contest, but a free bit of advice for Humza Yousaf anyway.

When just about everyone with eyes and a brain in their head thinks the vote’s being rigged in your favour, and there’s tangible evidence of its dodginess, and the party’s track record in this area is in fact somewhat less than immaculate, then “just shut up and let it happen” is a really, really bad response.

Here’s what you actually say, if you’re not a TOTAL idiot:

“I have absolute trust in the professionalism and integrity of both Mi-Voice and the National Secretary. However, I have nothing to hide and would of course welcome any independent third-party scrutiny of the process to ensure absolute transparency and confidence in the result.”

It’s not your decision to make, so you can rest assured that if it IS being pochled for your benefit, the party hierarchy will simply ignore the calls while still leaving you with your hands clean. But to sneerily wave away any suggestions of impartial oversight as a “conspiracy theory” just makes you look guilty as sin, even if you’re not.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Bill Cowan

    Panic is very tangible in the upper ranks of the SNP.

    If Yousaf does not make it as leader (as he will NOT!) then all of their jaikets are on shoogly pegs.

    All the secrets will come out.

    We might even find out where the missing £600,000 went!

  2. sarah

    Good advice, as ever, Rev. Will he take it? Probably since he takes up other people’s good ideas e.g. Alba’s policy of taking a share in windpower etc companies.

  3. Geoff Bush

    Further evidence, were it required, of Mr Yousaf’s level of political and intellectual competence.

  4. James Che

    What burgh Council is Humsaf or for that any member of the SNP meant to represent?
    As Burgh Councils are not mentioned in the Scotland Act.

  5. I hope Ash Regan has done her homework on these debates there’s a lot of lying to expose many by Humza .

    Take the brakes off Ash everything to gain nothing to lose at this stage .

  6. Confused

    oversights, audits, counting the money … don’t you trust me? we are all friends here

    rig an election, steal a country

    think of the security efforts casinos make just to protect a measly couple of million in cash; what is Scotland worth by comparison, trillions anyway

    casinos were behind the early efforts in facial recognition algorithms, they also built their own “people database” long before facebook

  7. Etticus

    So in corrupt lawless England a woman from Barrow In Furness has been jailed for 8 1/2 years for making false rape claims and perverting the course of justice.

    Meanwhile in Scotland, a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice was conducted to jail Alex Salmond for various crimes including attempted rape and the individuals involved in that conspiracy have been protected by the courts and the media and rewarded for their conduct by Nicola Sturgeon.

    Wha’s like us!

    Maybe England should be campaigning for independence from the corrupt mess that Scotland has become.

  8. Republicofscotland

    This is the problem no one with any scruples will accept Yousaf as the winner due to the clandestine approach by Murrell, he (Murrell) is currently part of a live police investigation he shouldn’t be within a hundred miles of this contest.

    Of course Murrell had no problems hiding the party’s books from those appointed to scrutinse them the man shouldn’t have been allowed to handle this leadership contest.

    Murrell has even called in GCHQ a known enemy of Scottish independence why? (and don’t give me the Russian interference BS). This contest isn’t open it has no clarity, the time scale is inappropriate the level of funding £5,000 is also irregular, there’s nothing clear about this contest except its one-hundred percent clear that Murrell should’ve played absolutely no part in it.

    The SNP belongs to the membership not Murrell or Sturgeon, at the end of this contest when Yousaf is declared the winner the membership will be seen as will the party, as a laughing stock on the domestic stage and the international one.

    To think some SNP MSPs actually attended the vote in Catalonia to oversee clarity and fairness yet back home the MSPs and the membership has allowed secrecy and deceit to prevail within their own party.

  9. James Che

    There are legally no Councils mentioned in the Scotland Act,

    The areas that these MSPs sitting in Hollyrood are meant to represent are council ares,
    The last time Burgh Councils existed was just before Burghs in Scotland were repealed in Westminster legislation.

    Alex Salmond was the person whom pointed this out to myself.

    The repealing legislation regarding the Burghs in Scotland breached the treaty of union, as they were meant to be retained,

    However the fact was the legislation came into effect through Westminster UK legislation.
    The result being there are no legal Scottish Burgh Councils and neither are they mentioned in the Scotland Act.

    So what, whom , and which non existent Council burgh area do they connect to their name as a politician representing any of US?

  10. Jim Bo

    Sage advice given freely to the other side?! Very good Stu.

  11. Ian McCubbin

    Good advice Rev. He won’t pay heed and so hope he loses to either of the other candidates.
    Discussed him in my art group this morning and most agreed he was a useless candidate. Scotland will be poorer with him at the helm.

  12. Geoff Anderson

    Several NEC meetings had voting on key issues using SurveyMonkey. The small voting base would deliver a result instantaneously. Yet McCann took up to 30minutes to “announce” the result. Several key policy changes came from these votes. These led to major directional changes.

    I have not the slightest doubt in my mind that manipulation is taking place. We have clear evidence that the only person with access to the data is part of the HQ campaign to provide support and membership data to the Humza team. This data includes live data daily on voting by members.

    To have a person under investigation for fraud running an election is hardly a good look!

  13. Ottomanboi

    Have we not had enough of this enervating legalistic prattle about «sections»?
    Should the victor reboot the Sturgeon system the SNP will effectively commit hara-kiri, with much blood letting before a pathetic expiry. The British state will never voluntarily sign up to giving away its territory, will never be so asinine as toj stab itself in the vitals.
    The Union «Anschluss» is the will of their English god and as solid.

    «English history, and indeed much English historical writing, is strikingly self-referential. References to ‘English exceptionalism’ are legion, and reflect a widely accepted orthodoxy that state and society developed differently in England»

    (G. E. Aylmer, ‘The Peculiarities of the English State’, Journal of Historical Sociology, in (1990), 91-108)

    How many Scots, regardless of political outlook, unquestioningly accept this perception, a perception at the core of Unionism.
    And more, are prepared to accept the extensive damage done to Scotland’s integrity as merely collateral, worth the abuse by a «superior» serial abuser. In effect, be grateful for having been «chosen».

  14. Antoine Bisset

    Mi-Voice Ltd is a dormant company, 06059852. Democracy Technology Limited is a company currently trading, 06397657. Mi-voice is a director of Democracy Technology. The human directors are identical for both companies.
    Democracy Technology looks financially healthy, with money in the bank, a turnaround from 2017. However profit and loss accounts are not filed for small companies.
    The Mi-Voice website gives the company number of Democracy Technology, and boasts the SNP and the Police federation as customers. Just saying.

  15. Confused

    ‘The English are great lovers of themselves and of everything belonging to them; they think that there are no other men than themselves, and no other world but England’.

    Andrea Trevisano, Venetian Ambassador to England, 1500.

    americans are latecomers to exceptionalism

  16. tamson

    “…we’ve done well in those elections…”

    That’s a bit of a Freudian slip, isn’t it? Who is “we” in the context of winning internal SNP elections?

  17. James Che

    We are under English law and legislation in Scotland.
    You need to do more research,

    Here is a good reference to start you of.

    Burgh Reform ( Scotland ) Bill,
    HL Deb 13th August 1833
    Vol 20 cc563-76.

    The devolved parliament is not Scottish but is run under Westminster legislation from England,
    You need to study and research the speeches and committee meetings in Westminster on proposition of allowing a devolved government branch to Scotland,
    The devolved government legislation is Westminsters baby.

  18. Breastplate

    “Maybe England should be campaigning for independence from the corrupt mess that Scotland has become.“

    Yes Etticus, it should.
    I’m sure there will be a feeling of accomplishment once you and your country can stand on its own two feet.
    I wish you the best of luck in your venture.

  19. James Che

    The purpose of Repealing the Burgh’s in Scotland was to take control of Scottish laws and votes, as was the Reform (Scotland) Bill.

    It is in disbelief and amazement that we find the SNP not owning up to the legal fact that there are no Scottish Councils mentioned in the Scotland Act.
    They are payed and funded for by Westminster to the devolved government Legislated to Scotland by Westminster legislation.

    The Burghs used to select the local Councils,
    These is now under Westminster legislation.

  20. Beauvais

    Aye it’s just conspiracy theory isn’t it Humza? Because conspiracies never happen in the real world. Aye.

  21. Ottomanboi

    James Che 1:49

    Holyrood is Westminster’s spawn, with all of its DNA intact.
    That, of course, was the aim of the designers.
    It is a colonial talking shop.

  22. Republicofscotland

    Does the membership need to cast all three votes? I don’t think it mandatory to cast all three votes, but I’m not sure.

    “I have been approached by a party member that Mi-Voice required them to vote for one candidate that they didn’t want to. After casting vote 1/vote 2 they could not submit until vote 3 was cast. I will be taking this up with
    – but I place this for the benefit of others 1/2”

  23. Republicofscotland

    I can’t access the link in the tweet to see the content, maybe someone will have better luck than me.

    “Some people with lapsed SNP memberships have been handed a vote in the leadership contest ”

  24. SteepBrae

    “…we’ve done well in those elections…”

    Here’s the full list of winners in the SNP’s internal elections 2021
    (published in The National 29th November 2021):

    National Office Bearers
    President? Michael Russell
    National Secretary? Lorna Finn
    National Treasurer? Colin Beattie

    Organisation Convener? Stacy Bradley-Davidson
    Policy Development Convener? Toni Giugliano
    Member Support Convener? Jonathan Mackie
    Local Government Convener? Kelly Parry

    BAME Convener? Graham Campbell
    Women’s Convener? Jen Layden
    Equalities Convener? Kirsteen Fraser

    Disabled Members’ Convener? Jamie Szymkowiak

    National Executive Committee

    NEC – Regional? Danny Aston? Eleanor Bird? Christina Cannon? Tracy Carragher?Ian Cockburn? Rob Davidson? Kirsty Jarvis? Alex Kerr? Findlay MacGregor? Graeme McCormick? Laura Mitchell?Siobhan Tolland? Sophie Traynor? Maureen Watt

    NEC – Parliamentarian? Chris Law? Alison Thewliss

    No nominations were received for the National Executive Committee Mid Scotland and Fife (Open) and South Scotland (All-female) and those positions are vacant.

    Conferences Committee
    Malcolm Balfour? Declan Blench? Laura Doherty? Chris Hanlon? Emma Hendrie? Patrick Grady?Anouk Kloppert? Fiona Robertson? Munro Ross? Kairin van Sweeden

    Policy Development Committee
    Ann Ballinger? Alexander Belic? Shelly-Ann Brown? Peter Cairns? Summer Chen ?Lynne Copland? Ian Gallagher? Qaiser Habib? Chris Hanlon? Mhairi Love? Russell McLean? Cameron McManus?Timothy Rideout? Stephen Thompson? Susan Wilkinson

    No nominations were received for the Policy Development Committee (All-female) in Highlands & Islands or in South Scotland, and those positions are vacant.

    Member Conduct Committee
    Malcolm Balfour? Ann Ballinger ?Declan Blench? Sinéad Collins? Graham Leadbitter ?Fiona Robertson? Owen Thompson? Ruth Watson ?Elaine Wylie

    Conduct Appeals Committee
    Kenneth Andrew? Marco Biagi? Michael Blackshaw? Roderick Campbell? Summer Chen ?Ewan Hamilton? Lachlan McNeill

  25. FionaN

    Yousaf isnt even a good liar ‘he doth protest too much!’

    But perhaps time to let him get on with finalising the painful death throes of a mortally wounded party.

    OT but not so much OT, this is a very positive poll, especially since yougov tend to bias their polls in favour of the unionists:

    It is also telling that this result is coming from NE Scotland where Alex Salmond is probably best known so that it suggests the continued mud-slinging from the turdgeonites has less effect there due to AS being known as a courteous and kind-hearted real gentleman by the people who have lived alongside him and close by for many many years. North-east folk dont have the wool pulled over their eyes very easily.

  26. James Che

    If time was taken to read through the legislation, Acts and Bills passed or passing through Westminster, you would be utterly disgusted how many times the HL and the HC refer to Englands position on Running and altering the UK treaty of Union legislation as belonging to England.
    Scotland is hardly mentioned except to change “The Laws of Scotland” to bring them under the umbrella of English laws and legislation,

    The treaty of the union is defunct. It has been Colonised by Englands Westminster It is owned, run and changed to suit England..

    Westminster was supposed to protect the integrity of the union, on behalf of the kingdoms of Scotland and England under joining the parliaments,

    However we now find that our voting system and our laws regarding Council Burghs have been Repealed and made obsolete, and not mentioned in the Scotland Act.
    We have Westminster funded Councils in Scotland, manipulating our voting system,
    We have a Westminster authorised devolved government overseeing our voting system,

    We find no evidence of Scotlands burgh Councils as was promised in the Treaty articles, as representatives, in the Scotland act,
    No members from the 1707 defunct Scottish parliament able to send Scottish representatives for 300 year,
    We find the (Scotland) Colonials Bills being passed in and under Westminster legislation.

    Are we in a Treaty of Union that has been Colonised by Westminsters English Laws and legislation imposed upon us here in Scotland,
    There are a multitude of breaches and indications that Westminster does not consider Scotland is in a treaty of union with them, but rather admitting that Scotland is a Colony under the pretense of a union.
    Somewhere I once read that this Colonising treaty method, has been carried out in other Countries by Westminster and the so called British parliament,
    The SNP work for Westminster under Westminster legislation and there is no such body as the [Scottish burgh] Councils in the Scotland act.

    Its looking like a busted flush.

  27. TheSNPLeftMe

    No conspiracies in HQ operations…Stop it…my sides are hurting.
    The cliques have meetings before the meetings! Peter Murrell was, and is, the champion of manipulating the Membership. He will consider that a compliment.

    Ask any Branch official.

  28. FionaN

    Just posted a link to a yougov poll without having fully read it first so apologies for that. Turns out it shows indy support as having fallen, BUT Alba support in NE has risen to 6% which would be enough to get AS re-elected to Holyrood. AS has lived here in NE for decades and people know him. I think this makes them less likely to have fallen for the lies and muck spread by the turgeonites and their tame msm.

    Re Yousaf, it all sounds like the fix is already in and he will be elected leader, in which case, perhaps there will very quickly be a trickle of support from snp to alba, growing to a stream and then a river and a flood, sweeping the nusnp and the wokists away at last. Hopefully Yousaf is too thick to take Stu’s advice!

  29. James Che


    I wish you the best of luck too in trying to regain your Parliamentary sovereignty from the EU, from America politics, and the global agendas of Davos, WEF, WWF, WHO.and the big corporations and pharma,

    Because the parliament in England sold its sole to the devil a long time ago, and perhaps regaining independence for Englands people to survive the political policies set against its people would be a excellent idea,
    There are groups in England already waking up to the realisation that the original England has nearly disappeared and been buried,

  30. Doug

    @FionaN 2:31pm

    Agreed. Alba’s good showing in the NE could not just be because it has fond memories of AS, or because people there now recognise the Sturgeonite SNP as being fundamentally unionist, but also the increasing awareness of the continuing anglicisation of Scotland, especially in the NE.

    We must hope support for Alba continues to rise, and not just in the NE.

    Kain yersel.

  31. Paulk

    His answer in the National in relation to the monarchy was also a bit of an own-goal: “Let’s absolutely within the first five years consider whether or not we should move away from having a monarchy into an elected head of state.” There’s clearly a discussion to be had in relation to that topic but it’s beyond naive to go there when you’re in the middle of an SNP leadership contest. A prime example of a politician out of his depth and unable to think on his feet. It’s a pretty easy question to kick into the long grass for another day. Speaking of the National, its circulation was a paltry 3,210 last month. Fingers on the pulse.

  32. Etticus

    Just to clear something up folks…. I’m not English. Both sides of my family are a couple of generations out of being non English speaking Gaels from the islands. I’m probably one of the most Scottish people on here. Sorry if this upsets you. Lol.

  33. George Ferguson

    You have been firing on four cylinders Stu. I have taking a back seat on the SNP leadership contest because I am no longer a member. But I have a stake in my Country and would agree it has to be a fair contest to be FM. Have we fallen to such low standards that democratic elections are unveriable?.

  34. James Che


    It seem rather strange and sadly amusing that someone from another country can see clearly what the devolved government to Scotland purpose was,
    While Scotlands people sleep with its eyes open.

    It is the devolved government and its parties therein and Councils are all under Westminster legislation.
    The changing of our burgh Counties, to funded by UK, councils in Scotland pretty much control and perhaps knobble our voting intentions.

  35. Mac

    Considering that the election of the next SNP leader is likely to amount to the election of the next FM then it elevates the ‘fixing’ of the vote in favour of Humza Twoface.

    It elevates it to the same level as a coup d’etat.

    Because Team Sturgeon are subverting the democratic vote of SNP members and replacing the true elected leader and new FM with a false one, a stooge.

    What is that if not a coup?

    That to me should be a crime and a serious one. If Humza Twoface wins this you know it is a fix.

    And then we will have a Prime Minister of England and a First Minister of Scotland that the general public did not elect and neither of whom would have stood a snowball’s chance in hell of ever wining a general election as leader. That seems very odd to me.

  36. Big Jock

    I don’t know about anyone else , but I will never vote SNP again if he is in charge. I simply couldn’t ever vote for such a thin skinned , pompous fool.

    The true measure of person , is whether they can laugh at themselves. When he fell off that scooter in Holyrood. Which was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He didn’t see the funny side. Instead he went on a faux outrage crusade against the media. It made him look vain and humourless.

  37. barelybare

    Ah, pochle. There’s a good word.

    How many polls could Peter pochle,
    If Peter could pochle a poll?

  38. Den

    Wasn’t Useless also transport minister when they launched the Glen Sannox at FMEL (remember the painted on portholes one that is still no finished and there is no outlook on setting sail yet) all so Nicola could get a selfie, I don’t see him stepping forward for that one. Also looks like audit Scotland has boaked at the fact £78,000 of taxpayers money was awarded as (wait for it) Bonus payments 🙂 wtf is Jenny Gilruth doing ? She is another fraud.

  39. Dorothy Devine

    barelybare, I like that!

  40. TheSNPLeftMe

    ALBA result in the NE.

    Have people forgotten the last Scottish election?
    The NE was at 2% the same as the rest of Scotland. Give the actists some praise for good work.
    Alex stood in the NE at the last election on the Regional list

  41. JockMcT

    What makes me boil is that this could be first minister of Scotland, how TF does that work, where’s the democracy? I don’t have a say and none of us other than the leftovers in the SNP, surely that’s not right. We all get to watch as sturgeon/murrel puts the next big fix in on us. Big job, big house, big bank balance will all ensue no doubt, and perhaps even a gong or other honour from her paymasters. Curious the haste and timing, I wonder if the reasons for that will ever hit the light of day.

  42. Ruby

    Did we ever find out why Sturgeon resigned?

  43. James Che

    Repeal of the union (Ireland)

    HL Deb 4 march 1831
    Vol 3 cc21-2

    Sir Robert A, Ferguson presented a petition from the Apprentices of Londonderry, against the Repeal of the Union England and Ireland.

    An hon, member, under the Gallery, said, That Repeal of the Union would so completely separate England from Ireland, That the latter would no longer form part of the Empire.

    My take on this passage from Hansard, is that it is England that has a union with Ireland, Not Scotland or the British parliament,

  44. JGedd

    re Ruby @ 4.34pm

    Did we ever find out why Sturgeon resigned?

    I’m beginning to think that we never will. Perhaps in 100 years? But considering all the other dark matters that our elite overlords have buried over decades, perhaps not even then. By then it will be historical and judging by the way historians manage to frame things according to the prejudice of their time, the truth about this episode in an unimportant part of the Imperium that used to be called Scotland might be only of minority interest to a few PhD students. Where would they get any reliable material anyway with the industrial scale obliteration being allowed in SNP HQ now while Murrell is supposedly under investigation?

  45. Red

    More deaths than live births in Scotland in 2022.

    Our nation is dying. If we can’t solve the fertility crisis, there won’t be a Scotland for very much longer.

    I expect the SNP to continue doing nothing about this, while encouraging more of our children to get sterilised.

  46. Karen

    More deaths than births due to retirees coming up from Engerlandshire?

  47. Chas

    Does anybody else see a posters name and immediately fast forward to the next comment?

    I have a recurring nightmare. I am stuck in an empty room with James Che for company. After a few hours I am sent to the nearest hospital with blood streaming from my ears!

    Independence is DEAD for the foreseeable future. Sad but true.

  48. Smitty

    HQ does have full visibility of Myvoice and further updates have been given to Humza’s team today. I was not given figures but I was told that Humza is ahead of Forbes but nowhere near enough to win outright.Regan doing better than expected. Turnout rate was higher than expected on opening but a higher amount of votes are uncast than predicted at this stag. I asked for the percentages but this was refused.

    Someone close/with knowledge of the Humza team say that it looks like it is over as Regan/Forbes votes wont go to him. She said that there is not a good mood in the team now and there are already mutterings of blame.

    Without knowing the gap between Regan Forbes, whose voters have likely done a 1-2 for each other. It likely that Forbes will win overall but with so many apparantly undecided maybe she can get ahead of Forbes who has slipped. Without the percentages it is anyone’s guess.

    However, it is not yet know if HQ will mobilise the ghost votes as there may not be enough to get Humza the overall win.

  49. North chiel

    How can you “ devolve” a limited powers Parliament under the treaty of union to one signatory of the treaty ( Scotland) without an equivalent “ England Act” devolving to England the exact equivalent powers under the exact same PR system of elected members . ? Surely unless a simoultaneous “ England Act “ was passed then this legislation breached the 1707 treaty ? Where is the English Parliament ? ( Westminster should not have been allowed to be both the UK and English Parliament after the Scotland Act was passed ).

  50. gregor

    Doune the Rabbit Hole (2013):

    (Video Directed by Ross Fleming with animation by Alison Campbell, Ross Fleming Andrea Murray & Kerri Target with Music by Adam Stearns and arranged by Ross Fleming):

  51. Geoff Anderson

    North Chiel 5:47pm

    I think you are onto something! An excellent point!

  52. Doug

    @Chads 5:45pm

    If unionist Yousaf “wins” the SNP is DEAD for the foreseeable future. True, not sad.

  53. Red

    Karen – it’s because of our suicidally low birth rates.

  54. Mia

    “Red says:
    14 March, 2023 at 5:22 pm
    “More deaths than live births in Scotland in 2022. Our nation is dying”

    Yes, and Sturgeon the political fraud has known the perilious state Scotland’s population is since at least January 2018. An imbalance between births and deaths in favour of the latter combined with a large proportion of immigration than births accelerates the suplantation of Scotland’s native population. But she clearly did not give a shit about it, because instead of accelerating the handing to Scotland the opportunity to exercise its self determination while there is still enough native population to cast a meaningful vote, this fraud has systematically and consistently denied us that opportunity while dangling the carrot of indyref. Despicable, dishonest and unforgivable are an understatement of her actions.

    This is from the brexit speech the political fraud delivered on 16 January 2018 at the David Hume Institute. You can access it here:

    “The figures are very clear. If you look at population projections for the UK as a whole, over the next 25 years, 3/5 of the predicted population increase is due to immigration, and 2/5 is due to natural change – to births outnumbering deaths.

    However, in Scotland the picture is different. All of our projected population growth is projected to come from migration. Births are not expected to outnumber deaths over the next 25 years.

    So without inward migration, Scotland’s population will start to fall rather than to rise.

    That will, inevitably, affect overall economic growth. More importantly, however, it will also have an impact on living standards. For example as the proportion of older people in our population increases, the proportion of people in the workforce is likely to decline – that will make it more difficult to fund vital public services. That’s something the Scottish Fiscal Commission warned about in their economic and fiscal forecasts last month. They’ve predicted reduced Income Tax receipts in Scotland as a direct consequence of less immigration and a lower working age population”

    ,,,end of quote

    Yes, you read it right. This fraud delivered a speech in 2018 saying the prediction was for deaths to outnumber births in Scotland for the following TWENTY FIVE years.

    So there we have it. She knows and has known for quite some time the perilious state Scotland’s demographic is in. Yet, instead of pushing for independence, she grabbed the handbreak with both hands to stop it and force Scotland to remain instead in a toxic union that is actively shrinking its population year after year.

    Now we know why this fraud did not yet released Scotland’s last census.

  55. Tom Kane

    Fab @barelybare

    How many polls could Peter Pochle if the polis Peter pochled pochled polls?

  56. Wally Jumblatt

    Sturgeon and Murrell are not finished yet.
    Assuming one of the ‘others’ get sin, it will just be like Trump’s administration. Nicola’s deep state controlling everything, and every new appointment made, from a shortlist of compromised candidates.
    There are not enough ‘innocents’ in Holyrood to form a competent government.

    I think the SNP needs to go into Opposition, to clean out the stables.

  57. Wullie B

    Hearing ruomors that constituency are going to try and remove a certain female MSP who his widely disliked by the CA, only the pronoun preachers support her by all accounts, just wish the SkyeBadenoch and Lochaber would do the same to the humble crofter

  58. Wullie B

    Hearing rumours that a North East constituency will try to get a certain MSP deselected who is widely disliked by the local party members, with support coming only from the pronoun preachers in Aberdeen which won’t save her. I just wish that Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch would do the same to the humble crofter

  59. Big Jock

    Wally. In a funny sort of way Humza is essential. He will ensure the downfall of the SNP. The question for all of us, is whether we want to save the SNP.

    Forbes has probably got enough popular support to maintain the SNP. If she’s smart she will appoint Ash as her deputy. That way she brings over people like us, along with her own supporters. It might be a different SNP.

    However with Humza. He brings nothing but the continuation of the Murrell regime. He has been groomed like the Manchurian candidate to follow orders. I will welcome the end of his SNP. I will loan my shovel to help bury them.

    It’s up to the members now. Or is it?

  60. Den

    Wee Harvie (the irrelevant Green) having a go at Forbes over conversion therapy is a show of desperation and will surely drive votes in her direction as most SNP voters I know think he is a total prick .. Bring on a snap GE at HR let’s get rid of these charlatans.

  61. Xaracen

    James Che said:

    “If time was taken to read through the legislation, Acts and Bills passed or passing through Westminster, you would be utterly disgusted how many times the HL and the HC refer to Englands position on Running and altering the UK treaty of Union legislation as belonging to England.”

    They don’t normally talk about amending the Treaty of Union, actually, they talk about amending the English Act of Union. Westminster has no authority to unilaterally amend the Treaty of Union, because it doesn’t belong to it, and technically neither does England’s Act of Union, because that was passed by the Parliament of England, and that parliament ceased to have any more relevance than the old Scottish parliament has.

    The Treaty is not defunct, it can’t be while the United Kingdom exists, it is the authority vested in it by the two kingdoms in 1707 that founded the Union and its parliament in the first place. If it is defunct, then so is the Union.

    The Treaty is owned by the two kingdoms, not by Westminster. The two ratifying Acts of Union basically only notarised the signatures on the Treaty, allowing it to come into force, but they came with conditions, essentially religious, but in Scotland’s Act imposed a guarantee of the continuation of Scotland’s constitution. The English establishment crap about the English Act of Union being the key document rather than the Treaty is down to some seriously abusive shit-stirring by one Albert Venn Dicey in the 19th century, and the English establishment lapped it up, because it purports to give them the power to amend the English Act while ignoring both the Scottish Act and the Union as being no longer relevant!

    The fly in the ointment for Westminster and the Union is that it is the UK Parliament, not the English Parliament, and valid UK legislation should require majority votes in favour of any matter from both England’s MPs and Scotland’s MPs, because only both together represent the UK in the Parliament.

    If England’s MPs vote in favour on a matter, and carry it by simply overruling a vote against the matter by Scotland’s MPs, then that outcome is not a ‘UK’ decision, it is only an English decision, and England’s MPs do not and cannot represent the UK by themselves. A unilateral English decision therefore cannot be binding on the UK, because England isn’t the UK, and Westminster has no business allowing the matter to be carried by them alone.

    Naturally, neither England’s MPs nor the Westminster establishment has ever been able to understand this key distinction for some reason. Maybe England’s establishment simply aren’t genetically programmed to understand politics, nor democracy.

    What all that means is that even if Westminster did try to amend the English Act of Union, it would still require majority votes in favour from both England’s MPs and Scotland’s MPs because it cannot be an English-only decision except in an actual English parliament.

  62. Alan Mackintosh

    Christine Grahame pulling no punches here re Humza…

  63. barelybare

    Seems to me the SNP members need to play this one like an Ebay auction. Wait till the last moment before submitting their vote so that Murrell doesn’t have time to add a couple of Humza votes to counter.

    Of course Murrell might have added the winning votes well ahead of the vote deadline so there’s no guarantees.

    In any case it would be foolish to vote early, giving Murrell information he can use.

  64. North chiel

    “ Geoff Anderson @0604pm “ this outcome has ensured Scotland has a “ subservient Parliament to the “ so called” UK Parliament formed via the 1707 treaty at the same time this Scotland Act ( solely) ensured no subservient “ devolved” Parliament for England . My thoughts are without “ equivalence” this equates to a major breach of the 1707 treaty . Where is the English devolved ( subservient) Parliament !!!

  65. Kcor

    Is there any mechanism for Regan, or an SNP member, to challenge the result in court?

  66. Mac

    Ash Regan needs to orally slow herself down. It has been commented on here by several people already, she is racing at times, in her speech (and ultimately in her mind).

    Not surprising considering how adrenalized she must be facing all this for the first time. Very steep learning curve…

    Find your inner calm and speak from there Ash. You have the arguments but relax and let them do the talking / punching.

    You are down on the judges score cards so fuck it, use the remaining opportunities without fear nor nerves. You have to go full zen here and find yourself.

  67. Geoff Anderson

    We are in trouble…..Beth is backing Humza. He knows Humza is going to get 55% on first preference votes.

  68. laukat

    As much as I would love Regan to win I just can’t see it happening. Forbes looks the most likely to get there and that should be enough to end the deal with the Greens. If the Greens are no longer in government with Forbes as FM it will lead to quite a wide ranging cabinet shuffle.

    One of the smart things for Forbes to do would be to slim down the cabinet in a similar way to what Alex Salmond did when he first became FM. That would allow her to get rid of some dead wood and some of the more conniving MSPs whilst stressing its to create a leaner more focused team.

    I suspect Ivan McKee, Michelle Thomson, Jim Fairlie and some other Forbes supporters might get rewarded for their support by getting Cabinet or Ministerial positions. Always thought McKee would be Finance Sectary at some point.

    I also expect and hope Forbes puts Regan in the cabinet, ideally as deputy FM but perhaps Forbes may send a message by putting her in at Health. Don’t see how Yousaf can continue there or anywhere in a Forbes government given Forbes comments about him.

    Hopefully that means its end of the road for Shirley Ann Sommerville, Keith Brown, Shona Robinson and Angus Robertson. If Forbes doesn’t get rid of them quickly she may well find herself completely undermined.

  69. Pete Barton

    Voted online.
    Ash Regan 1
    Kate Forbes 2.
    No 3rd choice ticked.

    No problems doing that.

    Do NOT attempt to subvert our democracy.

    Touch not the cat, but a glove.

  70. Chic McGregor


    Mainly, IMO, she needs to lower the pitch of her voice. The Americans well understand the importance of this and have classes on it,

  71. Chic McGregor

    Voted Regan, Forbes, blank

  72. Geoff Anderson

    Chic and Mac

    Would you prefer the slick snake oil seller Sturgeon to come back?
    You would get quality presentation then…no substance though.

  73. wull

    Surely KF and AR must be allies behind the scenes. They both want to win, and they both also want to prevent Humza from getting (away with) it. They must both know that for one of them to win, it will almost certainly be because their own voters cast their 2nd Preference Vote for the other one. If 2 and 2 is 4, whoever wins should become FM, and should appoint the other one as her Deputy.

    In that case they will have to come to some agreements, compromises even, on the policy points on which they differ. I expect they, and their respective teams, have already talked about this behind the scenes.

    In that case, on the Section 30 question which has upset some people on here, Ash is simply putting it out in public beforehand she will be willing to work with KF if KF wins, and she (AR) is appointed her Deputy. Let the new Scottish Government go ahead with trying to get a Section 30, to begin with.

    Having lost the vote to KF, AR can hardly dictate to KF (the overall winner) that she (KF) abandon her plan for achieving Scottish independence and adopt hers (AR’s) instead.

    It is obvious that that is not going to happen. How could it?

    So, on that scenario, AR is simply being realistic. She is not a headbanger saying to KF ‘My Way, or the Highway’, in which case would have to drop her and instead keep Humza!

    But, at the same time, I can imagine AR putting a condition, one on which KF will be able and willing to accommodate. In other words, there will be a kind of compromise between the two.

    The condition would be this: if the Section 30 is not forthcoming from Westminster within a certain timeframe – say a year, or 18 months at most – then the Scottish Government will change its policy, and take up AR’s original plan instead.

    Plan A obtain a Section 30 within a specific time; if the time runs out and the Section 30 has not been obtained, then Plan B (AR’s original proposal) comes immediately into effect.

    If the Westminster Government knows that that is going to happen, it puts more pressure on them to agree to the Section 30. Of course, Westminster will try to spin it out, kick the can down the road for ever etc. But if these two women have an agreement like that, and stick to their plan, it’ll work. It won’t be long before things start moving, and the genuine independence movement – wider and greater than the SNP – revives.

    I think there is real hope.

    Although it is a 3-horse contest on paper, in reality it might not be. Maybe it’s really ‘2 against 1’, the ‘1’ being the placeman bully who thought he could walk it, and the ‘2’ teaming up to outflank him.

    Among the two, one of them has to get more votes than the other, in which case it is normal that the one who gets less goes along with the one who got more.

    Yet, at the same time, it is also normal that the one who got more will have to accommodate the one who got less. Almost certainly, KF can only win on account of most / almost all of AR’s voters giving her (KF) their 2nd preference vote.

    KF would be a fool to ignore AR after that, and – despite the potential for foolishness never being lacking in politics – I don’t think she will. Who would First Minister Kate Forbes rather work with – Ash or Humza?

    In fact, I think KF and AR would make an excellent team.

    Whatever you think of their respective policy proposals, and you don’t have to agree with all or any of them, they both come across as fundamentally honest and decent people. In the sense of having real convictions. Each in her own way may be a bit naive. While that has its dangers, isn’t it a quality rather than a defect, compared to the kind of chancer they are up against?

    KF and AR 1 and 2, in whatever order you prefer!

  74. robertkknight

    Kinda funny that SNP members are coming on here to let us know who they’ve voted for, and in what order of preference, like it’s some kind of badge of pride they’re flaunting.

    You’re still in the SNP FFS!!!

    Given everything that has and is still going on, if that’s not dirty great a badge of shame you’re sporting I dunno what is!

  75. Alsx

    James Che, you don’t half spout utter pish. You try to think you understand law and are a maverick by figuring this out. You do know you can have legislation covering different things? You don’t need to have it in one act that you think you’ve read and understood. Or what has superseded / repealed previous legislation.

    The Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 set the current structure of local government in Scotland. The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 establishes many local authority powers and responsibilities.

    Shocking I know, but this is the law around councils. Not something from bygones year where you badly read a bit of law and think you have found a hidden secret to then Scotland independent.

    If you had such abilities you’d be shouting from the rafters. Outside parliament shouting on a soapbox / getting meetings with ScotGov. Because if it was true you’d be listened to.
    Instead you just post repetitive pish.

    I don’t believe MI5/MI6/GCHQ has infiltrated Scot gov but someone has clearly got you on the conspiracy bandwagon!

  76. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi wull at 11:02 pm.

    You started off (I truncate),
    “Surely KF and AR must be allies behind the scenes. They both want to win, and they both also want to prevent Humza from getting (away with) it.”

    A rather fine comment for this time of night!

  77. Alf Baird

    Mia @ 6:29 pm

    “Now we know why this fraud did not yet released Scotland’s last census.”

    Gove’s great plan: Scots-identifying population declining, Brits-identifying increasing, job done. Despite hidden census I hear we may now be 6 million (or more), a rise of 1 million (20%) in a little over 20 years, all thanks to uncontrolled in-migration mainly from the big neighbour.

    And we wonder why the Scottish NHS is knackered, and GP surgery registrations accelerate, and property demand/prices still increasing, and English voices awhair…..and the ‘No’ vote rising.

    Who said demographics is a determinant of Scottish independence:

  78. Chic McGregor

    HTF does a continuity candidate become the candidate for change over a three week leadership contest?

  79. Big Jock

    The scale of Humza’s brass neck knows no bounds.

    Last week he basically said independence wouldn’t happen till 2050. On telly tonight he said he hopes it would happen in 5 years. The truth is. As soon as he got in that FMs seat he would ditch independence like a hot potato.

    He is telling the audience whatever they want to hear.

  80. twathater

    I watched the debate??? on the despicable bbc tonight and it was clear that mentorn were up to their usual tricks with audience selection , it was also clear that Hazmat Useless has been coached within an inch of his life, every answer was prepared and some were even polished

    I also watched the bbc Scottish news at lunchtime and when they were talking about the leadership contest there was an underlying banner footnote proclaiming Humza for FM , this constitutes psychological messaging or in common parlance brainwashing which is showing extreme bias , not that we will be surprised

    I would hope that Ash Regan and Kate Forbes will report this egregious despicable behaviour to the electoral commission , but there again it is obvious that WM and the establishment will want a serial adulterous consistent failure to become FM as that would just be a continuance of the previous serial failure sturgeon

  81. Smitty


    It is all over for him now. The numbers do not work in his favour and his campaign has failed. He is wanting to cancel the rest of the hustings and most of the planned media. He will now go into damage limitation to preserve his cabinet secretary job. Much anger in his camp with much blame being directed Humza and Neil Gray for pushing an aggressive, masculine campaign. Maree Todd still in denial and she has not grasped yet the consequences of smearing and bullying her former friends saying he will win it.

    The gravy train is over folks.

  82. Breeks

    Smitty says:
    15 March, 2023 at 3:44 am

    It is all over for him now. …

    Hope you’re right Smitty, and hope you’re taking care of your anonymity too.

    I wonder too about the anger. Way back, early doors in all this, I thought it odd that Humza’s nominee was Mhairi Hunter, rumoured to be Sturgeon’s best pal. It seemed odd that Sturgeon’s camp would divide itself backing two horses, so despite being an odd choice, Humza was evidently “their” man long before Air Miles Angus and other possible candidates had withdrawn themselves.

    That kinda resonates with what you said about Humza being the substitute bit-playing candidate because the preferred Robertson wouldn’t play ball… but quite clearly there was a curious back story to the succession. If Humza has blown it, there must surely be some acrimonious recriminations and backbiting going on, and not just with Humza.

    I hope it’s Ash, but if it’s Kate, I hope the Indy fuse which Ash has re-lit encourages the membership to raise the temperature around Independence and that even if Forbes wins, she is strongly encouraged to embrace Regan and Regan’s Indy plan. There must be unity and magnanimity in order to get a constitutional convention, or convention of the Estates which everybody, and I mean everybody, can throw their weight behind.

    There has been too much soft pedalling and squandered opportunity to advance Independence. Can you imagine the collective groan there will be if the new Leader announces yet more “bold” procrastination?

    And anybody whining divisibly about Regan “channelling ALBA” needs to get their jotters tout de suite, and a Christmas Tree on their file for future reference.

    Perhaps the SNP had finally had a wee sniff of survival instinct smelling salts… Not before time.

    Do we dare to hope?

  83. SteepBrae

    Beware the Ides of March…

  84. Geoff Anderson

    The risk to Women from GRR has been solved…..
    All we need do is fit “Humza Detectors” in Female Safe Places.
    These devices will alarm if someone enters who is “at it”.


    We could just go back to Biology. For example, People with a Penis should not have access to female changing rooms, Rape counselling centres, Women’ Prisons, female toilets, etc etc

    Sporting bodies and Politicians should pay heed to the Public mood.

  85. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:14 March, 2023 at 11:53 pm

    And we wonder why the Scottish NHS is knackered, and GP surgery registrations accelerate, and property demand/prices still increasing, and English voices awhair…..and the ‘No’ vote rising.

    Of course.

    Haud oan, naw, some of us on here don’t wonder why at all. Too excited about the contest to elect a new deck chair re-arranger.

    Has anybody asked or even shown any interest in the views of the candidates towards the encouragement of “New Scots”, as per current SNP/ScotGov policy? Haha, I crack me up.

    Myself, I wonder at ScotGov having to come up with policies to combat witchcraft and corrective rape. Neither of these have ever been a problem round my neck of the woods.

    But that’s me being wacist, whereas Alf’s singling out of the English strand of immigration is right on.

    See the “English voices” you write of, Alf. Are they only a problem if the owners are white? Do tell.

  86. Ottomanboi

    The British army exists to protect and defend the British state.
    Does it also exist to maintain it?

  87. laukat


    Thanks for the updates and its great to hear Yousaf is in trouble. However even if Forbes or Regan win the SNP won’t be on a path to recovery until Peter Murrell has no role in the party and the Cabinet, MP and MSP cohorts are cleared out of deadwood and careerists.

    Whoever wins is going to have to be ruthless or suffer constant undermining.

  88. Mac

    Geoff, I seem to be in a minority of people who thought Nicola Sturgeon has a horrendous presentation style. Her voice is flat and droning and it always sounds like she is talking down to whoever she addresses. Anytime she gets challenged she does the old Tony Blair trick of acting like ‘Forgive them Lord they know not what they do’. Totally uninspiring orator.

    Ash Regan just needs to become aware she id doing it. She gets caught up in it like we all would if we were engaged in a feisty debate but she needs to eliminate it.

    Forbes and Yousaf don’t tend to do this. They have been coached. Humza in particular is being coached like f**k. Someone is really working on him. It is very noticeable in all his answers.

    Forbes seems to be much more of a ‘natural’ but she is still pretty slick for someone so young.

    I think Forbes has decided that the average SNP member right now is feeling unsettled and scared and not inclined to taking an aggressive stance on independence but instead is seeking a ‘safe pair of hands’ and a unifying leader.

    Seeing the reaction to Sturgeon stepping down has revealed just how delusional many of her supporters were. The truth is we are in exactly the same situation today that we have been in for the last 5 years at least.

    They were so sure they were being led into the Garden of Indy by this charlatan that when she stepped down and the spell was broken like a bubble popping they instead found themselves in the middle of a desert and a long way away from the nearest oasis.

    So I think a lot of them are in a state of shock and are looking for someone to cling to. Ash Regan is too scary for them. And even though they are not the brightest they can sense Humza is electoral suicide. So they are going to go for Forbes is my guess.

    Problem is given the softly softly catchy monkey approach of Forbes, we don’t really know what we are getting. But she is doing what she (she thinks she) needs to do to win. I.e. don’t frighten the horses. I think it is going to be a winning strategy assuming the Humzafix is not in already.

    I am supporting ABY. Anyone But Yousaf

  89. DMcV

    I do hope the general public don’t read this site’s BTL comments as they’d get the impression that independence supporters, especially ALBA members, are hysterical, bitter, tinfoil-hatted, mildly racist conspiracy theorist blood-and-soil nashnalists with much in common with Covid Deniers, Antivaxxers and other loons.

    Just saying, as an outsider, like.

  90. Republicofscotland

    Thanks for that Smitty, I hope you are right, I also hope Ash Regan wins.

  91. DJ

    DMcV @ 8:47 am…what a stupid comment.

  92. Dorothy Devine

    We seem to be attracting the diversionists , keen to throw crap and who sit back and wait for a response . I issue my plea to leave them where they land like a dull thud , step over them and continue informing and debating.

  93. Stuart MacKay

    Breeks @5:13am

    Forbes might well be Plan B for the Sturgeonites. Perhaps they think she can’t be lent on or coerced because of all the controversial things she said about issues dear to the hearts of the progressives. Forbes would be well advised to put some clear distance between her former self as Sturgeon’s servant and her new role – somewhat like Regan has done. Perhaps a promise to start each session of Holyrood with a sermon from some of her old pals out west would create sufficient fear and loathing that Forbes could be her own woman and beholden to nobody else. She certainly needs to lop a few heads to dispel that “nice” image she has. Forbes and Regan might never stand shoulder-to-shoulder but they certainly need to stand back-to-back.

  94. Ottomanboi

    DMcV. 08:47

    Careful where you’re going with that «Covid denier, anti-vaxxer» theme lest pecksniffian self righteousness get the better of you.
    Just saying as a free thinking person unvaccinated, very healthy and free of tinfoil.

  95. Breeks

    Stuart MacKay says:
    15 March, 2023 at 9:05 am

    …Forbes and Regan might never stand shoulder-to-shoulder but they certainly need to stand back-to-back.

    Aye, well said.

    But I wonder. I mean we know, the trouble makers and carpet baggers are going to girn and cause trouble, but both Forbes and Regan will have the opportunity to recognise an ally in ALBA, and hopefully put an end to the “both votes SNP” attitudes and stupidity.

    The fiendship of allies, not just ALBA, but all the YES Commuity which Sturgeon has alienated, could give a new SNP Leader a lot of leverage and helpful co-operation.

  96. Eric

    A lot of conspiracy theorists spouting that Humza is getting preferential treatment and extra exposure.

    If I were Humza, I’d want less coverage. Its incredible he made the starting line, even more bewildering that he’s still in the race.

    Says a lot about the shallow talent puddle available.

  97. panda paws


    I sincerely hope you are right and Yousaf has lost and can’t win. But I remember what Stalin said about counting the votes.

    If it is Forbes then she needs to be ruthless. Ditch the carpetbaggers from cabinet. Expel those who undermine her and the party, reintroduce good governance and let Ash be constitution secretary in charge of uniting the Yes movement.

    Otherwise she will be under attack from day 1. Ditch the Greens too. Dare them to vote in a Unionist FM. If they abstain she’ll get the votes unless the SNP are suicidal. Then the process of reselection needs to be reviewed. Time past to deselect the gravy trainers/bussers.

    It’s a tall job – is she up for it? I think she’s ruthless enough. Don’t let the lilt and gentle manner fool you, she’s not got where she is this young without political savvy and/or “help”. Let’s hope it’s not “help”

  98. Dan

    Has Humza resorted to the #WokeWinning technique of simply body checking Ash or Kate off the stage yet?
    It’s the sort of thing mediocre wokey blokes do to try to beat women these days.

    An example from the cycling world.

    8 second clip of incident.

  99. Alan Mackintosh

    Aye, one of the best things about being a questioner of the covid vax narrative is not having myocarditis…

    Just sayin…

  100. Robert Hughes

    @ DMcV”

    ” blah blah blah blah zzzzz ” then , the big reveal…….

    ” with much in common with Covid Deniers, Antivaxxers and other loons. ”

    As opposed to braindead zombies who believed every piece of shite fed to them by wankers like M Hancock – have you read his diaries , have you seen the utter contempt in which he and the others held/hold the public ? ..quote ” when do we release the next variant , lets scare the pants off them ” – and nice obedient little children like you duly obliged , swallowing every bit of hysterical , cowering behind closed doors , wearing useless masks , effectively , confined to yr bedroom lest you do something naughty , like think for yr fckn self .

    If ( when ) it happens again , people like you will still be following the commands of YOUR superiors , lining up for the next ( Pharma enriching ) chemical faux-panacea , happily donning yr wee masks and generally being a useful idiot , moulded n manipulated by forces you couldn’t even begin to understand , let alone question – despite them pissing all over you on a daily basis

    Take yr laughable self-congratulation and ram it . Just saying , like

  101. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 7:31 am

    “English voices”

    As Joyce wrote of Dedalus when facing his English director of studies: “The language we are speaking is his before it is mine. His language, so familiar and so foreign, will always be for me an acquired speech. My soul frets in the shadow of his language”.

    And so it is that peoples in self-determination conflict are linguistically (and hence culturally) divided, with plentiful examples past and present. This is because the (imposed) socio-economic hierarchy in colonial society is linguistically (and hence culturally) determined, with native language(s) and culture intentionally made subordinate and rendered ‘invalid’ by the colonizer, resulting in socio-linguistic prejudice, inequality, and reflecting a dominant racist ideology.

    On the matter of the imperial relationship itself, Professor Edward Said wrote that: “Irish people can never be English any more than Cambodians or Algerians can be French. This it seems to me was always the case in every colonial relationship, because it is the first principle that a clear-cut and absolute hierarchical distinction should remain between ruler and ruled, whether or not the latter is white”.

  102. Southernbystander

    Question: independence is achieved so finally something can be done about all the English coming to and already in Scotland, but what exactly?

    Hard border with passports required for those travelling to Scotland from r/UK?

    Selectively stop / severely restrict immigrants from England moving to Scotland (all or just ‘actual English’)?

    Visas for longer visits from England and a required check when going on holiday / visiting relatives and restrictions / ban on employing English in jobs (including those already in Scotland)?

    And for those colonial occupiers already in the country – a programme of ‘ethnic clarification’ leading to (voluntary) repatriation?

  103. sadscot

    “Says a lot about the shallow talent puddle available.”
    It raises serious questions about why so many “big hitters” are backing him and behaving so aggressively towards the others. Yousaf’s own aggression towards the others has been shameful. Listening to his “I don’t do mudslinging” lies has been nauseating. He attacked Forbes from the start claiming she couldn’t be “trusted” and his backers did the rest. For Yousaf, of all people, to call out anyone as untrustworthy would be hilarious if it wasn’t so outrageous. The lies he has spouted prove that.

  104. John Main

    @DMcV says:15 March, 2023 at 8:47 am

    much in common with Covid Deniers, Antivaxxers and other loons

    We prefer “moon howler” to “loon”. Just saying.

    There’s lots of Covid stuff more widely known now, than at the time. It was known at the time too, but suppressed for the masses so that the mega-transfer of cash and resources to the already super-rich could continue uninterrupted.

    And to justify the trashing of our rights. How you getting on with getting them back? Another question nobody is asking the deckchair arrangers. When will ScotGov take its remaining Covid emergency powers off the statute books?

    Meantime, gonna have to quote Stewie at you:

    “Educate yourself, dude!”

  105. John Main

    @Southernbystander says:15 March, 2023 at 9:47 am

    We will be in the EU/EFTA and so subject to Freedom Of Movement regulations which will result in unstoppable uncountable migrants from the EU (and further afield, from across the EU’s porous borders).

    And we will turn all English away at Gretna.

    Haha, just my little joke.

    But a summary of the “thought processes” of many on here. So maybes not that funny.

  106. DMcV

    Yup, the responses to my previous comment prove I was right. You lot are the antivaxxer UKIP of Scotland. I don’t want you anywhere near the Scottish Government.

  107. Dan

    @ Southernbystander

    It’s not rocket science. Other countries / states manage their immigration policies and borders. They develop systems that best serve their specific needs, rather than have policy foisted on them by an outside source that often has very different interests and motivations.
    How does the UK deal with being out of the EU’s freedom of movement obligation. EU citizens residing in the UK could apply for settled or pre-settled status.
    There’s the Common Travel Area too.

    Here’s a question for you. What will England manage if Scotland returns to self-governing status.

  108. Garavelli Princip

    Southernbystander says:

    “Selectively stop / severely restrict immigrants from England moving to Scotland (all or just ‘actual English’)?”

    No need bystander. Once they are not longer top dogs in their northern colony, lording it over the natives, they’ll lose interest and go home.

  109. Rogerborg

    It’s going to be the most “fortified” election ever. Voters will be rising from their graves in their eagerness to show their loyalty to Mammy’s Boy.

  110. Shug

    If the SNP back of the deposit return scheme now will the Scot gov be responsible for all the costs incurred to date by the firm’s running the scheme

  111. Confused


    when I was at ed uni, everyone hated the “YAHS” as they were known; but then they hit back by claiming this was a “racist” and offensive term – you have to admire the chutzpah of this.

    Scotland’s “oxbridge” churns out our middle class; half of it is already anglo, and the rest pretty much aligned with them, plus a trace element of nationalists trying to create a weak-piss civic nationalism that guardian readers would approve of. Generally though – fuck the middle class, they ruin everything.

    the SCUM had the story too, but then scrubbed it
    – the Sun has a history of scrubbing stories BTW, they have done quite a few regarding Nikki.

    re: the “YAHS” problem – this was a bit of a joke for a while, until people no longer found it funny; it had the smell of “pogrom in the making” in the air and little incidents potential flashpoints – a group of “new town students” had the police called as they had hung a dead bird outside their flat. Well, easy explanation – toffs like to eat their meat almost-rotten and “hanging” a game bird is just what you do … you fucking peasant.

    I think that story made the Evening News.

    Tunisia, eh?

  112. Shug

    So if the SNP proceed with the DRS the UK gov will stop it and if they no not proceed they could be liable for the losses and Costa of the management firm.

    Murrell has control of the election to ensure the chosen patsy gets elected. Somone challenges the election and wins and the whole thing crashes.

    I do hope Nicola got a good deal for the betrayal

  113. Ottomanboi

    The vaccination industry, in decline until the discovery of «covid», has made billions on the back of government compliance.
    At the same time the very fabric of the global, free market capitalist system has been put under severe strain. A new banking crisis probably looms. But the rich just keep getting richer, national governments more irrelevant, the people more powerless bystanders.
    Hope the authoritarian, «must vax» evangelists are happy.
    The science you get is the science the pharma medicalizers’ money pays for.
    Which math model can we confect that suits your message O Masters.
    Rather like the kind of ScotGov you get.

  114. stuart mctavish


    Setting aside your projected approval for the forced injection of our kids with experimental drugs for common cold;

    Whats your view on the gaystapo allowing Humza to humiliate them by hurling racist comments about Starmer being a pale imitation of Rishi Sunak and lie about his religion/ sexuality rather than, say, putting forward a suitable candidate for leader themselves?

    Same question re the SNP MP that complemented English commentators* in parliament whilst appearing to criticise a Tam Cowan joke.

    *Especially those that want YOU in mask of the day, and football on its knees over disputed contracts, but have no scruples about bullying the children of successful immigrant families by calling THEM the nazis.

  115. Bob Mack

    This election could be a record breaker. The election that holds the record was in Liberia in 1927 where the incumbent president won by 234,000 to 9,000.

    Given the population of eligible voters was 15,000, this was quite a feat.

    Still we hope for the best.

    We actually need a revitalised SNP to fight for Indy. Personally I have joined Alba, but I will still hope to keep Uninonist parties gaining control of anything.

    We do this united.

  116. Doug

    @Garavelli Princip 10:58am

    “No need bystander. Once they are not longer top dogs in their northern colony, lording it over the natives, they’ll lose interest and go home.”

    Wi the same greetin face they hae whan we didnae wave oor wee butcher’s aprons every time a waste-of-space windsor gangs tae the loo.

  117. Geoff Anderson

    Another comfy slipper, good salary and pension telling us to WAIT

    “independence is the Ultimate Goal”. Get your big juicy carrots here.
    Flynn the Sturgeon puppet, new puppet….same puppet master.

  118. Scotsrenewables

    I see the racists, homophobes and science deniers are crawling out of the woodwork in increasing numbers.

    I can’t help but wonder how many of these posters are here to try to deliberately discredit this site. It’s a cheap and easy trick.

  119. James Che


    Its the other way around.

    Were getting to the stage where, ” We ” don’t want the Devolved Scottish government anywhere near us,
    As it is not Scottish by Legislation.

  120. Doug

    If Yousaf has lost [according to Smitty] and Forbes has won how will all those devolutionist supporters who backed Sturgeon’s favourite react? Some of them, like Black, were/are vehemently anti Forbes. Will extreme Sturgeon/Yousaf supporters in Holyrood refuse to vote for Forbes as FM? Will it lead to an early Holyrood election?

  121. Johnny

    On Ash Regan’s delivery etc etc, consider the following:

    In the current SNP in trying to move independence along sharpish, she (ridiculously) has the hardest argument to make, because questioners are determined to act dumb and pretend they don’t know what she’s proposing; AND

    all this is the case because (ridiculously) the audience for an SNP leadership election (at least the audience we are being shown) is HOSTILE to getting on with becoming independent.

    I believe what I am saying is accurate, when you think about how things have played out, but it doesn’t make it any less MENTAL.

    This will all be contributing to her steep learning curve; it’d be a lot easier to learn if the hostility did not exist, because the audience would be more forgiving of the inexperience.

  122. James Che


    Nice to hear you being proud of you’re nationality, thumbs up to you,
    And that is not meant sarcastically,

    It has been for a long period of time that under Colonialism Scots were made to feel ashamed of being Scottish in there own Country, their language, there national Costume, their Laws, and robbing them of their lands and resources,
    That Scots will be outcast from their country Scotland to be replaced by the coloniser with their own people.
    Or it buys their leaders with promises of gold and ermine.
    This is what colonialism does, it is the slow constant drip of changing the population demographic and natural incumbents of their country for the favoured coloniser.

    So Etticus, stand up and be proud, you are Scots, maybe one of the few remaining Scots before the elimination of all ethnic nationalities and Countries, as planned by one world government,

    Or as Boris Johnstone enjoys repeating the poem in a MSM paper there is nothing wrong with Scotland, its the vermin living there that is the problem for him,
    Racist and colonial

  123. Stuart MacKay

    This is for Lorna, Sarah, Susan, dare I guess, John C and anyone else with a concern on why teenage girls are embracing trans and mutilating themselves, It’s long and you’ll need to concentrate, but I think it’s worth it.

    tl;dr; they’re depressed and social media, with it’s black and white thinking, catastrophising and emotional reasoning is making it worse.

    For everybody else it’s worth reading only so you realise that the “there’s nothing we can do to gain independence” outbreak that is currently sweeping through the SNP is the same thing. The sense of lack of agency is what will kill the independence movement or at least reduce it to a level where only the self-empowered will hang on – Alba?

  124. James Che


    If you do not want to discuss the treaty of union that Scotland is supposed be in with England, on a Stu’s site that supports Scotlands independence from that treaty of union,
    Be a adult and scroll by.

  125. Ottomanboi

    James Che.

    Devolved power is like pocket money, be a good boy and you may possibly get more.
    Be a bad boy and we shall stop it. The old Ottomans usually sent in the cuddly Kurds, the Tsars the dancing Cossaks…aren’t we fortunate.
    I pray Scotland turns into a fearless, very bad boy and then we shall be rid of the posturing, condescending martinet and the racist* mind games that reek of colonizer.

    *English history which covers «everything that really matters» promotes the notion of a racial exceptionalism ie superiority to the world. England is the measure of all things, it is indeed the best of all possible countries. Ref Jeremy Chunt….
    Even God might pay homage, though being foreign, he would not get full membership of the club.

  126. Stuart MacKay

    DMcV @8:47am

    Seeding comments with questionable views so the site gets added to the list of deplorables that need to be banned is a very common tactic. You just need to visit some of the sites that deal with the big issue for Europe right now and you’ll see far more extreme examples. The other favourite technique, is of course, being a concern troll.

    We see you.

  127. James Che


    I tend to agree with you that ” Dicey” has a lot to answer for with regards his philosophical ideas and his patriotic nationalism for his old Empire values within his speeches among politicians

    Sadly that ideology has spread and festered within the parliament of Westminster, for many a year,
    Not so long ago and still within memory, we see the then prime minster BJ holding idea’s of Racism towards Scots being considered vermin, while still within the treaty of union,
    The entrenched ideas of hating Scots and being superior to them within that treaty brought about the Colonial Stock ( Scotland ) Act after the treaty of union was signed.
    Along with the Agriculture and Fisheries board colonial ( Scotland) Act,

    The set up of the treaty of union and its out comes over the years have often found committees for Scotland and its future by non Scottish members in Westminster.
    We also see repeatedly in ” Hansard” Westminster parliament referring to ” Englands” position time and again.

    The recent example I gave above regarding the, Repeal of the union ( Ireland ) refers to Repealing the union between England and Ireland, not between the Westminster British parliament (which should include Scotland) and Ireland is one of many such references from the records of Hansard. That ignores the Actual position of Scotland within the treaty,

    Another instance is on record in the UK parliament site at present. Whereby it states that by signing the agreement to the treaty of the Union, Scotlands parliament Canceled itself in 1707,
    However it does not also state that Englands parliament should and was also cancelled by that agreement, on the UK parliament site.

    Upon investigation in Records it is discovered that the last parliament of England 1707 was prorogued, and the members from the 1707 English parliament were transferred by the monarch directly into the new British parliament without being elected for the new parliament, whereas the Scots had to be selected and go through a form of election to the new British parliament.

    This is perhaps why England retains the feeling that it still the owner of the treaty of union, as the parliament building from prior to the treaty of the union was Westminster, the same parliament building as after the 1707 treaty of union.
    The English parliament members were the same in Westminster before and after the treaty of union,
    And the old English parliament members never had to leave their Country of of origin (England) to miles to be in Westminster.

    I am not surprised that the “old” Westminster parliament of England and its members whom sat there, automatically thought it was “still” Englands Westminster parliament that now, runs both the Extinguished parliament of Scotland in “Englands treaty” and retained the English parliament of Westminster in the same instance.

  128. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Is there any mechanism for Regan, or an SNP member, to challenge the result in court?”


  129. akenaton

    Stuart Mackay has a point “The people” really do have a muddy brain, clear thinking is almost obsolete and only a handful on this site, who have the benefit of an open forum and relative freedom of speech, are able to grasp what is really going on.

    Seems to me that Independence is not the be all and end all. Social media and numerous bloodsucking ideologies are removing independent thought from the curriculum and turning our population into mindless political cannon fodder.

    Why did the majority on this forum scream for an early referendum while Murrell& Co were still in full control and will still be in control after this charade is played out?
    Independence First under the present political conditions is dangerous madness.

    Independence will not repair a badly damaged society it will simply prove more divisive.

    We need to tackle the alphabet people head on, as because of social media and brain fatigue on the part of the electorate, they are being allowed to punch well above their weight.

    They are Orwell’s Pigs and should be bacon if we wish to inhabit a free and just society.

    Yousaf is Murrells placeman and if he wins the whole devolved assembly needs to be wound up and a new start made with real people in control
    Reagan as I said at the beginning, is a political lightweight buoyed along by Bravehearts and the so called “true believers” she is no saviour.

    Our only chance, and it has gone now, was to promote Kate Forbes to clean out and reform the Scottish administration and introduce some reality and inspiration into the equation. Within five years Independence may be attainable, but the people, loaded with wood stone and bugbears vain, have yet to be awakened and activated.

  130. Chic McGregor

    I think whichever one wins there will be a significant exodus of membership.

    Indeed you would be hard put to pick three more divisive candidates in one way or another.

    It is passing strange that other candidates who would have been pretty guaranteed to keep the party together, if only in a caretaker role, John Swinney and Angus Robertson are two that spring to mind, almost immediately ruled themselves out.

  131. Kcor

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    15 March, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    ““Is there any mechanism for Regan, or an SNP member, to challenge the result in court?”


    That will have to be the next step then.

    It is as clear as daylight that the election has already been rigged.

  132. James Che

    These are “Hansards” records from the UK parliament,

    Twisting the story does not really detract from the fact it is Westminsters words, legislation and committee speeches.

    Not mine.
    I am simply putting them up here for all to read,

  133. Alastair

    Sturgeons name in a future Scotland will be used to frighten small children that wont do as they are told. The boggy woman betrayer of her own kin,all for the colonial masters pat on the head and a job at the UN.
    Once we loved her, now we hate her. This cameleon of our parictical oppressors has played us for fools. Politicians who lie should be brought to book . Those who tell lies and hobble our democracy and persecute fellow compatriots should go to jail for a very long time.

  134. Alastair Bryan

    Sturgeons name in a future Scotland will be used to frighten small children that wont do as they are told. The boggy woman betrayer of her own kin,all for the colonial masters pat on the head and a job at the UN.
    Once we loved her, now we hate her. This cameleon of our parictical oppressors has played us for fools. Politicians who lie should be brought to book . Those who tell lies and hobble our democracy and persecute fellow compatriots should go to jail for a very long time.

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