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The snivelling beggar

Posted on June 19, 2019 by

A crude clip of this segment from Shelagh Fogarty’s LBC show yesterday is doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment, and it deserves both better audiovisual quality and a wider audience. If features Regan Morann, a rather confused Tory from Scotland who has quite an opinion of himself.

But for some reason, that swaggering self-confidence deserted him when confronted with the reality that Tories in the rest of the UK would throw Scotland (and Northern Ireland) under the bus in the blink of an eye if doing so was the price of Brexit.

An incredulous Fogarty, speaking for just about everyone listening to the show, asks “Where’s your self-respect?” as Morann burbles about debasing himself desperately in front of his English colleagues who don’t want him or care about him, and his eventual answer was enlightening, in a tragic kind of way.

Morann claimed that they didn’t really mean it and had just answered the poll “out of anger” over recent events. But the only problem with that reasoning is that we already know they’ve ALWAYS thought that. They thought it 12 months ago, when the UK still expected to leave the EU on March 29 this year and there’d been no “betrayal” for them to be angry about, and the percentages haven’t moved since.

As yesterday’s poll showed, English Tories are willing to destroy their own party and the UK economy to carry out Brexit, and it may be that those are recent developments.

But ditching a bunch of irritating Jocks and Micks is something that we know for a fact they’ve always been happy to do, and listening to poor Regan struggle to come to terms with it is almost enough to touch even the vilest Nat heart.

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    250 to “The snivelling beggar”

    1. William says:

      Why would anyone Beg to Ruled by another Country?

    2. jimnarlene says:

      Pure undiluted cringe.

    3. Dr Jim says:

      They’ve been unsuccessful at the breeding us out plan, they’re not allowed to kill us anymore like they used to, so now they’re admitting defeat and just want Scotland dumped

      They’ve only got the one problem with their plan

      How do they keep Scotland’s wealth after they’ve done it

    4. Ian Paterson says:

      “it is almost enough to touch even the vilest Nat heart” ….ehm, no.

    5. Inky pic says:

      Maybe Regan should head to Ibiza and carry on running his business. What will Brexit look like there I wonder?

    6. Bob Mack says:

      Deluded. Suppose if you think everybody loves you after one meeting it must be hard to reconcile yourself to the fact that they still look down on you after 300 years.

    7. orri says:

      Beg to stay in?

      Sure his name isn’t Reek?

    8. Jim Watson says:

      If he does go done on his hands and knees I’m pretty sure there will be an orderly queue formed waiting to boot him up the erse…the term fawning servility just does not do him justice.

    9. Yerkitbreeks says:

      Well DrJim, they could do a 1914-18 job and get rid of lots of us (send in the Jocks first) if they toady to Trump

    10. starlaw says:

      Compare Regan to some highlanders from Sutherland who sat among the ruins of their crofts unable to accept that the Duke would do such a thing.

    11. robertknight says:

      Anyone have a spare spine this wretched invertebrate could borrow?

    12. Mogabee says:

      I have absolutely ZERO respect for folk like Regan.

      Begging ffs!!!

    13. Arbroath1320 says:

      Shelagh Fogarty asks “where’s your self respect?”

      He’s a Tory Shelagh … Tories have NO self respect … they expect, nay DEMAND, that others show them the respect they so obviously can not show themselves! ?????

    14. kapelmeister says:

      Please please no No Deal please!
      All of them beg on their bended knees
      For Proud Scot Buts and Uncle Jock
      Boris is coming, tick tock tick tock

    15. Effijy says:

      I’m so sorry that this person has no self respect nor confidence that
      He and his Tory friends couldn’t run their own lives without rich Tory Toffs
      in Westminster Deciding what he is allowed to do and take any fees
      They like from our resources to fund their London centric priorities.

      Really! Bojo the Clown please rule the Scotland you hate and you can direct all
      Future investment into Croydon.

      Pathetic just isn’t quite enough to describe him or the Tories.

    16. JLT says:

      By God …aren’t we going to have a rare old time post independence; not in trying to establish a new Scotland in the greater world, but dealing with delusional fools like this Morann as well as the knuckledragging idiots who pretend to be part of the Orange Order but who (…and I am willing to bet any OO member a serious amount of money should I come across them in the street) by challenging them to name the first three books within the Bible! You know …since they hold their own religion up-on-high …they must know the Bible inside out.

      Aye …it’s going to be fun and games. Funny on one hand watching them have a complete meltdown on the day of independence …and completely unfunny trying to teach them proper history as well as the values of equality and inclusiveness of the 21st Century rather than the retracted doctrines of 17th Century Scotland.

    17. Kris says:

      Why did you do this ?

      “Why did nobody tell me Kezia Dugdale was on Call Kaye today? I’d have quite liked to ask her a couple of things”

      You must have read the article, including the part about her not talking to her dad anymore? That story had nothing to do with a BBC radio show and your lack of fair representation.

      It was in poor taste using it. You could have used a multitude of stories on KD on the tweet but you choose the one that leads with the fact she is now estranged from her father.

      Did she deserve to lose the case ? Yes. Did she deserve to pay the court fees? Yes. Did she deserve to lose her father over this? No.This felt cold Stu.

      (sorry for putting this here, Don’t and have never posted a thing on twitter, Feel free to delete)

    18. Luigi says:

      Well, we all know that is what the proud scottish tories are really like. This puffed up BritNat “pride ” is nothing more than crude compensation, eh? From Ruthie and Mundell down to this pathetic indivdual.How sad. All the way down the Tory food chain. I’m glad that they are finally beginning to come out. Mundell was outed long ago – has he resigned yet.

      “I would get down on my knees”! Sickening.

      Well, Mr Morann, you would get down on your knees and beg, would you? Just as well, mate because you are going to have to (and still they won’t care). My heart bleeds. 🙂

      Thanks for the coming entertainment though. It is going to be real fun watching Ruthie, Snackbeard and yourself grovelling to the Big Blond Buffoon in a few weeks time.

      BTW: How is Project Arse going, Ruthie?. 🙂

    19. Breeks says:

      In these times of emergency, shouldn’t we be setting up some kind of shelter for lost and abandoned Unionists who are no longer loved by their owners?

      I know some will not be properly socialised and could be difficult to re-home, but it’s so sad thinking about these poor wee souls and their unconditional love being taken for a ride, just to be cruelly abandoned by their wicked and heartless masters, and suddenly expected to look after themselves.

      I’ve heard some of them have been taught to do tricks. They can lie, (not really a trick, most of them do that instinctively in fairness), but they can sit down and shut up when they’re told, and some of them can even beg… like Regan.

    20. bobajock says:

      Dictionary definition of the Scottish Cringe.

    21. Luigi says:

      The English Nationalist genie is now well out of the bottle. it aint going back.

      Our poor wee “Scottish” tories are progessing from shock to denial.

      The genie is not for turning. It aint going back. 🙂

    22. Luigi says:

      Mr Morann said what most of them already feel.

      Still, its nice to have it on record. 🙂

    23. Muscleguy says:

      I was standing behind the till at the charity shop I volunteer in this week when two white haired little old ladies I’d never seen before asked how much I was noting there was a spare seat on their bus.

      So I can compete with Regan in his ‘everybody loves me at first look’ stakes.

      To spoil the tension, I declined to be bought. After all I was committed to be there until 17:00 and could not desert my post. However my manager was focussed only on the money she could have made from me 😉

      Lots of people come in and smile at me while I’m there as well. No, I do not let it go to my head. I simply report the reality of it as an interested observer of phenomena as the scientist I am.

    24. Athanasius says:


    25. galamcennalath says:

      The problem for BritNats is that their ‘Brit’ construct is evaporating under their feet. Decades ago it meant all sorts in real world terms, like UK wide state industries and services, but that’s long gone. Now it has very little real meaning outside their heads.

      Down south there has always been confusion between UK and England, but I genuinely think that is changing. Usually now, when they say England they mean it. Most know Scotland is a different place (of which they know little and care even less). The establishment and ruling classes what to keep hold of Scotland, but ordinary folks everywhere are moving on.

      English Nationalism is rampant, and for some this means an imperial nationalism where the covet lands beyond their own, but I would opine for the majority their English Nationalism is for England.

      Scottish BritNats needn’t look south for help. They have their own ‘brave new world’ to get on with.

      So what is to become of BritNats like this sad guy?

      I am wary of drawing parallels with Ireland. However on the creation of the Free State, a sizeable portion of the southern population wanted to remain ‘British’ and part of the UK. What happened to them? Some left, but the majority stayed and made the best of the new reality.

      BritNats in Scotland need to start coming to terms with the imminent changes.

    26. Artyhetty says:

      Wow, admitting, in public, you would ‘BEG’ to stay shackled to your masters, how low can you get! Can’t be good for the soul, to have that low a level of self respect.

      Not much you can say in response to that, just absolutely cringeworthy.

    27. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      This interview should be played to everyone who claims to be a Proud Scot But. To show what The Cringe comes down to. Not so proud at all.

      Contemptible groveller, more like.

    28. iainmore says:

      It sums up the Yoons in Scotland – Nae Self Respect at all. It is all too believable unfortunately. I meet at least one every day of my life. Even worse I have to deal with somebody once a day who voted for Douglas Red Card Ross. Give me strength!!!!

    29. Luigi says:

      “Our poor wee “Scottish” tories are progessing from shock to denial.”

      Ooops! Correction: Mr Morann is already in the “bargaining phase”.

      Things are unravelling fast if some of the proud uns are already willing to trade their self-respect. Wot a time to be alive.

    30. Bobp says:

      What a sad sad excuse for a ‘scotsman’ no shame no pride no respect for itself.

    31. HandandShrimp says:

      Ruth was spitting tacks yesterday and declaring that some Tories need to take good look at themselves.

      I think Mr Morann could take that advice to heart.

    32. Graeme says:

      an Blackford on fire at PMQ today

      FFW to 12:21:00

      I put this on the last thread as well

    33. galamcennalath says:

      Luigi says:

      Mr Morann is already in the “bargaining phase”.

      Indeed. Thanks for reminding me of that model … Initial shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance .

      They will little choice but to face reality and accept the inevitable.

      For them it’s a death, for us it a joyous rebirth.

      As they say, the UK has reached a good old age, it’s time is up.

    34. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 13:42,

      Aw, Breeks, you are all heart. As I always knew. =laugh=

      It’s certainly going to be hard going initially for the Scot Tories without Big Nanny in London to give them the heft they otherwise would sorely lack. They will just have to “man up” and earn their keep by working on all that self-reliance and enterprise that they constantly assure us is all we need.

      I’m sure it will work wonders for their self-esteem to actually practice what they preach.

    35. Gordon Forrest says:

      Someone should remind his lordship of Churchills quote about a country that lives on its knees does not deserve to exist! so get off your knees, stop begging, grow a pair and stop thinking that you represent anyone other than one pathetic snivelling little cur

    36. Lenny Hartley says:

      Breeks @1:42 brilliant 🙂
      OT see the NHS in England has last nov published a price list for some procedures .
      Wonder if these are for private consultations or are they planning to start charging at point of need?

    37. Golfnut says:

      Why don’t we just give him his bus fare, he won’t be missed.

    38. admiral says:

      Remember wee Ruth at the Tory party conference going on about “the Scots in England are usually here to rob and vandalise everything”. Desperate to be liked by someone, like a puppy rolling over to have its belly rubbed and do tricks for its master. No wonder the English despise them! They must think we’re all like Ruth and the other craven Britnats that come from Scotland (yes, David Mundell – I do mean you).

    39. Jedburgh says:

      Yeugh! The whole exchange makes your skin crawl even the presenter seemed embarassed for the wretched soul.

    40. Andrew Davidson says:

      wtf… that was flat out repulsive.

    41. Paul Wilson says:

      What would England do if it had folk like this Clown willing to get down on their hands and knees to a foreign power?

    42. Stuart MacKay says:

      Begging to stay in a relationship is only going to generate the strongest form of contempt. Combine that with Ian Blackford’s quite remarkable attack on Boris Johnson in Westminster and I expect that renovation work on Hadrian’s (renamed to Boris’) Wall to begin within the week.

      The potential for “be a Pict for a day” tourism is almost without limits.

    43. Scozzie says:

      FFS beg? He should seek asylum status with his imperial masters. He might get a cold hard shock to see that he is as unwanted as those ‘foreigner’ types. What an utter embarrassment of a so called Scot. . If this is still what we’re up against – the Scottish Cringe we got a hard slog ahead. How can people still be this subservient? Fucks sake his and his ilk will be offering to lick boots just to be accepted. So scunnered to still hear this kind of talk especially since what’s happened over these last 5 years. Despicable!!!!

    44. Den Cairns says:

      That poor dolt is cringeworthy indeed just like The Mooth who could join him in Ibiza selling flip flops.

    45. Ottomanboi says:

      Scotland gets one question in that Tory thingy, Wales & N England got nothing.
      I would not like you to think it was a BBC London stitch up.
      Just a coincidence then? A matter really stoking Scotland’s electorate.

    46. mike cassidy says:

      This guy’s twitter page suggests he lives on Love Island with a megaphone through which he shouts BREXIT in between the shagging sessions.

    47. Davo says:

      Thanks for sharing a glimpse into the mindset of a craven Scottish qUnionist.
      I guess the last question “Where is your self respect?” was rhetorical.

    48. North chiel says:

      “ Stuart Mackay @0247 pm “ , wow Ian Blackford did not hold back here in this HOC exchange , an absolute blistering attack !

    49. Dr Jim says:

      Nowhere alse in the world would you get this behaviour except for cringy Scotland

      Would a Frenchman beg to be German, would a German beg to be Dutch, would a Spaniard beg to be Italian, absolutely would never happen ever, yet here in Scotland the Yoons are begging to be English

      People the world over try to be proud of their Nation and why shouldn’t they, just not for viewers in Scotland who have their own programme called *On bended knee with no self respect*

    50. Jack Murphy says:

      Here’s yesterday’s STV News on-line reporting of the YouGov Poll:

    51. Republicofscotland says:

      Mr Moronn, is typical of the die-hard Scot north of the border, who would crawl on their hands and knees to appease their London masters.

      Now as Scottish independence nears, his ilk are in a right old state, and will go to any lengths of debasement to cling on to the dying union. What an embarrassment.

    52. dakk says:

      Who is it this luvvie Morann would beg to keep Scotland from becoming a normal independent country?

      How far would he stoop to curry favour from those he wishes to persuade?

      Would he suck them?

      You know? By the sound of him I think he would.

    53. Liz g says:

      The British Nationalists no longer want to be up to their knees
      They want to go down on their knees….
      Wonder how that song will go???

    54. Terry callachan says:

      This is what it’s like to be british , Regan Morann considers himself british he actually believes he is valued as a Scot in the so called UK family of nations haha the strongest devolved parliament in the world that actually can be swept away with the flick of a wrist

      He expected Shelagh Fogarty of LBC radio to praise him and welcome his begging as an ultimate show of Britishness but instead received the facts which are shown in the recent poll highlighting how little the Tory party that Regan worships , actually care about him or his views.

      What an absolute idiot Regan is , he will suffer from all sides for sure , people in Scotland will ridicule him people in England will ridicule him and in Ibiza where he lives he will be laughed at as the fool he is.

      What about his relatives and friends , it’s embarrassing for them too.

      There are others like him , as said in an earlier post they are being weedled out as we get closer to the deadline for brexit and a change of PM one by one they beg for continued fake cammeraderie

      Regan reminds me of Theresa May curtsying in front of the queen a similar begging .

      These kinds of people stink of self servicing aggrandisement

      They embarrass me I don’t want anyone begging for Scotland to stay under England’s control

    55. Jedburgh says:

      C’mon BBC get him in to the QT audience next time they are in Scotland

    56. frogesque says:

      That was cruel, great fun but cruel.

      The Cringe writ large all over his tone of voice.

      Where’s your self respect?! ROFLMAO!

    57. Abulhaq says:

      The ‘Scotch cringe’, Gaelic, Scots and independence.
      A cultural issue of course, consider your cultural achievements to be lesser than those of your neighbour and you got ‘the cringe’.
      300 years of bogus British nationhood, that thing with Englishness all the way through it, and everything you do is second rank or worthless. However, those things you ‘do right’ are not thanks to your skill but due to the influence of ‘superior’ third parties.
      All colonized peoples have been through this. It is proof positive that Scotland, despite the fancy UK political terminology, is de facto a colonial possession.
      The fact that this aberation possesses the minds of so many in Scotland, proud Scots to a fault, is indicative of its narcotic effect. Llke cultists they believe the lie and would die in its defence.
      “What did Arabs do for the world”. “They invented the burqah and the suicide vest”.
      Neither true but who cares in the great game of colonial put down. It’s the first strike that counts!

    58. Proud Cybernat says:

      Makes you wonder what’s going on in their heads – there must surely be something?

      I can see that the next rallying-cry of the OO/FFG is ‘Britains Unite’ to drive out these Scots and English from their country, Britain. They really do believe Britain is a country and their nationality is ‘British’. There’s no Scotland, Wales or England. Just Britain. So they must unite with the British in these other parts of ‘Britain’ (UK) to drive us, Scots AND English out of their ‘Great Britain’.

      Good luck with that.

      They simply do not ‘get’ that England and Scotland are separate countries bound together only by a POLITICAL UNION; that ‘Great Britain’ is merely the Monarch’s personal ‘Union’ of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. Which, ironically, won’t actually change after the political Union ends. At least, not until such time as Scots votes to become a Republic.

      Maybe one day it will sink in?

    59. Welsh Sion says:

      Almost a perfect anagram:

      Regan Morann = an eag’r moronn

    60. Scott says:

      How many people have seen this it could open a hornets nest and the person did not have to beg.

    61. Stuart MacKay says:

      Poor Regan Morann who, in 35 seconds, single handedly destroyed the unionist movement. All together now…

      Where’s your self respect?
      Where’s your self respect?

    62. galamcennalath says:

      BetterTogether and all it’s hingers-oan were adamant that Scotland had not stay in the UK to also stay in the EU. Many Scots clearly accepted that proposal.

      Now, we have the situation where Scotland leaving the UK is considered an acceptable price to allow England to leave the EU.

      That difference between what was said in 2014 and what is being said now is utterly astonishing. To say it’s the opposite doesn’t quite match the shift in logic.

      What matters, though, is how does it make those who accepted the proposal in 2014 feel?

      Manipulated? Lied to? Betrayed? Played for suckers? Abused? Sold a pig’s head in a poke?

      We shouldn’t rub ordinary NO voters noses in it, just let them quietly consider the reality of the UK so called union. Everyone deserves a second chance. They should use it wisely.

      And as for those BritNats, like Morann, who still cling to their union …. really?

    63. Mac says:


      Well done to Ian Blackford for calling out Boris for being racist!!!


      And May’s response was pathetic. “Any Conservative would be a better PM for Scotland than the SNP”

      Absolutely brilliant.

    64. Giving Goose says:

      This question should be asked of all BritNats in Scotland.
      “Would you get down on your hands and knees and beg to stay in the UK?”
      Ask Labour supporters.
      Ask LibDems – I bet you anything Wee Wullie What’s-his-Name would be on his knees in a flash.
      Blue Tories – well they just have an inbuilt hierarchical view of the world.
      All those Twitter BritNats should be asked this question.

    65. Cactus says:

      It is written…

      6. Then we keep laughing at them
      7. Then we win

      It’s time for the Britnat Breakdown:

      Them ukUnionist politicians are Pretty tied up:

      Get in the ring Boris:

      Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha haaaaar!!!

    66. Cubby says:

      Where is your self respect?

      Britnats in Scotland don’t have any. They have been conditioned to feel inferior and only have any sense of self worth when they can grovel to their superiors (their prison guards).

      Britnats in Scotland are pathetic creatures that need help.

    67. Terry callachan says:

      To Galamcennalath…your post at 4.28pm

      Agreed , but no second chance TIL it’s in the bag

    68. Colin Stuart says:

      Accepting even for a second the proposition that there are such persons as vile Nats (which I don’t) – why should any of us pity someone who is so terminally deluded as to crave subjection, exploitation and callous domination?

    69. Luigi says:


      Let’s stop calling it the “Scottish Cringe”!

      Scots don’t cringe.

      Its the North British Nationalists that do all the cringing.

      Actually. 🙂

    70. Bill Cockburn says:

      I listened to part of ‘Call Kaye’, between 9.35 and 10.00 am this morning. The topic was last night’s ‘debate’. A call came in from an ‘Alan from Stonehaven’ who despite the subject matter of the call launched straight into an anti-SNP rant. His accent was definitely not local. Indeed Adams actually asked him if he was from the area. I sort of recognised the voice. It sounded very much like ‘Scott from Edinburgh’ with the style and contents of his comments very much on a par with Professor Arthur’s previous contributions. I might be wrong but, there again, I wouldn’t put it passed him.

    71. Macart says:

      Oh my…! 😮

      No. That’s pretty much it. I don’t think there’s anything that anyone could add to that clip.

      Also? I didn’t realise my toes could curl in that particular direction.

    72. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Bill Cockburn @ 17:11

      Doesn’t that SiU regular Alan Sutherland who has had letters in The National (before being “outed”, anyway) not nominally hail from Stoney? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was him.

    73. Bill Cockburn says:

      Robert J. Sutherland @ 5.22

      Yes – you’re probably correct. It’s my suspicious mind working overtime, I suppose.

    74. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Bill Cockburn @ 17:27,

      Don’t listen to that programme, Bill, for health reasons (!), but the accent is interesting. Ach, they probably all went to the same private school!

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Remember to brush up on your Gaelic for the Scottish girls football tonight, yes indeed because it’s on BBC Alba while BBC Scotland has England playing Japan, of course you could tune in to the new Scotland BBC channel, but sorry it’s not on that either even though that’s the brand new for Scotland all Scottish channel that’s supposed to show all the Scottish content in the world to adapt to what all us Scots want in our TV programming from the BBC

      So there you have it 3 Scottish BBC channels and the BBC troll the nation by showing England on the main one, I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that most of us in Scotland don’t have it within us to get down on our knees and beg like Regan Morann for the great Empire of the power that is England to please allow us to watch England play football on the BBC that Scotland pays for, but I suppose the saving grace is the only *Scots* who’ll be watching BBC 1 aren’t actually Scots they’ll just be lots of little Regan Moranns

      I’ll be watching our girls do their best for Scotland on Alba, but I wouldn’t care if it was Nepalese telly, that’s what I’ll be watching, and I don’t care what language it’s in, when it comes to Scotland I understand them all

    76. Dr Jim says:

      That’s a bloody stupid filter when you’re talking about the Telly

    77. Clootie says:

      Although it makes you want to hide in embarrassment it does have a touch of reality that shocks.
      “I don’t care how badly you treat me. I don’t care if you beat me. Please let me grovel at your feet”
      The Unionist Master has them begging, pleading and grovelling. This cretin cancels my vote – it would make you sick.

      Please pass on the link and show this servant / slave to a wide audience.

    78. Clootie says:

      Footie is on BBC4

    79. HandandShrimp says:

      Actually Mr Morann is so embarrassing I’m surprised SIU haven’t claimed he is a 5th columnist Yesser trying to make them look like pillocks.

    80. DerekM says:

      Aww poor wee hun he was cringing so hard he tripped over his quivering bottem lip and fell on his s”ass”h.

    81. Breeks says:

      Jedburgh says:
      19 June, 2019 at 4:06 pm
      C’mon BBC get him in to the QT audience next time they are in Scotland…

      Hahaha… The big joke is that it’s perfectly credible that a BBC researcher is already on the case…

    82. geeo says:

      Out goes Rory the Tory.

    83. geeo says:

      Buffoon 143

      Hunt. 54

      Gove 51

      Javid. 38

      Rory t tory 27 (oot).

    84. Welsh Sion says:

      Boris Johnson – 143
      Jeremy Hunt – 54
      Michael Gove – 51
      Sajid Javid – 38
      Rory Stewart – 27

    85. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ach, the gomeril had quite a “Gerald Ratner moment” there.

      While his attitude probably exemplifies the innermost feelings of all Unionist political types in inferiority complex and extreme dependence on London for validation (and siller), I suggest it’s not typical of ordinary PSBs, who still wallow in the comforting delusion that they are all equals in a “togetherness Britain”, heretofore quite ignorant of the fact that they are entirely irrelevant to the thinking of our southern cousins.

      It is this delusion that we have to shatter. The plain facts are all there. And the “icing on the top” is this demeaning grovel. Even ordinary PSBs would surely be embarrassed by this.

      “Where’s your self-respect” is surely a slogan that will stick.

    86. HandandShrimp says:

      No great surprise that Stewart is out. With Boris looking home and dry MPs are looking to ingratiate themselves and secure Cabinet and junior ministerial posts. Ross Thomson is no doubt eyeing up Fluffy’s job as we speak.

      The year of the Toady commences

    87. Cubby says:

      The last time Scotland was really really hammered by a Tory PM (Thatcher ) was in the eighties. The majority of Scots held on to the believe that Labour would save them – sooner or later. This bubble has been well and truly burst. Labour are seen as just another Britnat party that puts its members and the party first.

      If a PM tries to hammer Scotland again then Independence will quickly follow.

    88. Scotland will not be out of the U.K. until Scotland decides to become a republic. We would be out of the Parliament of Great Britain which go back to being the English Parliament.

    89. Lenny Hartley says:

      Just done panelbase poll on politics usual questions but asks to rate tory contenders , may ,corbyn Nicola, tank commander and the wee dick. Asks for views on indy and when and also if Boris is pm .
      Will be interested to see results

    90. Bobp says:

      My sister and husband who live in Scotland had always voted Tory until the 2016 election when they voted SNP.this was after a year or so of sending them lots of u tube videos showing them the anti Scottish rhetoric of the Tory scum in Westminster. They are now SNP and yes voters, and also lurk on wings. Last night I sent her the link to boris calling us verminous etc, she immediately texted me back saying she had already seen that,the barsteward! I did laugh cos I never hear her swear. Her dander is well and truly up now. Lol. Independence is coming.

    91. galamcennalath says:

      Luigi says:

      Let’s stop calling it the “Scottish Cringe”!

      Scots don’t cringe.

      Agreed. No Scot I know cringes, only ‘North Brits’.

      The North British Cringe it is henceforth.

    92. Bobp says:

      The north britnat cringe, i like it ,that makes sense

    93. Capella says:

      Pathetic. I don’t know anybody who would behave like him. Nobody.

    94. Bobp says:

      Or henceforth the NBC.

    95. galamcennalath says:

      Boris Johnson – 143 – up 17
      Jeremy Hunt – 54 – up 8
      Michael Gove – 51 – up 10
      Sajid Javid – 38 – up 5
      Rory Stewart – 27 – down 6

      Becoming a farce as Boris pulls so far ahead with MPs. Polling suggests he’s even more popular with members. Nobody is a serious challenge.

      Just appoint the bu99er then Scotland can begin its future planning!

    96. Bobp says:

      I’m gonna get a t-shirt printed with ‘ I dont have

    97. Ian mhor says:

      Dear God, that was pitiful – must have coined a hashtag right there

      But interesting none the less. I’ve asked Unionists before, if they’ve ever considered that we have had to labour under a Union we despise, lived full lives and just got on with it, while still campaigning to change things. A degree of reluctant acceptance of current reality if you will. No tears, no howling and definitely no getting down on our knees begging for Independence!

      It begs the question “what is it about them that the world will end in absolute hysteria if they had to live in an Independent Scotland? Surely they could function the same as us and maybe just get on with campaigning for a new Union if they fancied?” – Well, that seizes them up.

      Do they really, deeply, at a fundamental level of their psyche care more than us for their “Country” – On that showing (and the basis of a few apoplectic responses I’ve received) it’s certainly an argument. Though taken to its conclusion the position is really: ” Not Scotland, never Scotland, there is no Scotland, I’m not Scottish”
      There’s something no richt in the heid there though.

    98. Bobp says:

      Liz g 4.03pm brilliant lol.

    99. Giving Goose says:

      Isn’t there an NBC suit from cold wars days?
      It protects you from Nuclear, Biological & Chemical attack.

      There is a joke or meme in this somewhere!

      Look out it’s an NBC attack!

    100. Bobp says:

      Dr Jim 3.17pm absolutely, would an Englishman beg to be a scot. No give them their dues WTF.

    101. Capella says:

      Clip of Ruth Davidson telling her Tory colleagues to take a long hard look at themselves. They’ve to sit on the naughty step for defying mummy. Dearie me.

      I hadn’t noticed before that Ruth doesn’t have earlobes. Just an observation.

    102. Capella says:

      @ Bobp – lot of English men and women begged us to stay, not go, lead the union not leave the union etc etc.

    103. Dr Jim says:

      Just found out I was wrong, Scotland’s women on BBC 4 if you’ve got it

    104. North chiel says:

      Reporting “ North Britain” displaying tight editorial control of today’s blistering attack by Ian Blackford by surprise surprise not broadcasting his actual words spoken in the HOC ( “ Does the Prime minister agree ( with BJ) that the Scottish people are a verminous race that should be placed in ghettos and exterminated”?) . They made absolutely sure that only T May’s answer was heard. Obviously although Catrina is now the “ front person “ at Pathetic Quay , Jackie must be “ pulling the strings” behind the scenes in her “ new role”
      Slightly better on STV Grampian with Colin Mackay , as “ slur” against Moslems and blacks was actually heard , however despite the title “ Scottish television news” , the disgraceful remarks against the Scottish people was of course censored by “ our” broadcaster.

    105. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      William Purves @ 18:23,

      Don’t know where your first sentence comes from, William. Sounds like just another of these artificial hurdles to me. After our main goal is reached, we’ll have plenty time to evolve as it best pleases us.

      As to your second, that transition should indeed be trivial. Get rid of EVEL and they’re away, since in practice (if by no means in theory) it has really been the English Parliament all along. (As you can readily tell by the crass behaviour of many of the current MPs.)

    106. call me dave says:

      Aye! Panel base poll today. My partner gets them.

      Independence Q asked if voting in GE tomorrow who will you vote for.

      She won’t tell me more… 🙁

      Swear box handy and supply of 50p’s… Scotland V Argentina soon.

      Ceasar channel or BBC 4.

    107. crazycat says:

      @ various posters round 5.20

      Allan Sutherland lives in Stonehaven but comes from Linlithgow – he’s a real charmer:

    108. CameronB Brodie says:

      Well, what do you expect from a devote of a political ‘cargo cult’, i.e. British nationalism. Btw, it’s not kind to mock the afflicted. 😉

      Political Cults, Leadership, Idealism, and Totalism: A Discussion with Dennis Tourish Ph.D.

    109. call me dave says:

      Caught that wee clip of Ruthie on WoS twitter re the tory poll that Brexit is worth it even if Union is broken.

      She genuinely (IMO) seems surprised and sobering response too, no happy smiley, no nothing to see here move along you jolly people. Penny dropped?

      Footie calls.

    110. Gary says:

      Low self esteem, depression, all reasons why someone would think themselves ‘not good enough’

      I feel sorry for him, I really do. Imagine even SAYING that you’d beg to remain!!

      It’s hard enough to credit that there are Scottish Tories who aren’t either landed gentry or orange, but there are probably one or two…

    111. chicmac says:

      BBC Scotland still at the video editing.

      On the London based News when May said ‘any Conservative PM would be better for Scotland than the SNP’ Ian Blackford looked defiant.

      On the BBC Scotland version when they showed that clip Ian Blackford seemed to have a slightly cowed reaction which must have been spliced in out of context from some other moment.

    112. Graeme says:

      I’d bet even the most ardent unionists are cringing at the arse licking little creep

      Regan Morran arse licker of the year

    113. geeo says:

      Dr Jim 7.14pm

      My missus says she checked all the BBC channels earlier for the footie, and she reckons BBC 4 never had it listed earlier, just on BBC ala-baba.(ha!)

      Added later after a bit outrage maybe ?

    114. Scott says:

      Have anyone else noticed on BBC news the furore about this.

      The BBC has defended its vetting process after it emerged a guest on its leadership debate show had shared allegedly anti-Semitic tweets.

      We have had to put up with this for ages but it never made the main news.

      What about Jeremy *hunt the would be new PM saying we meaning the British had the same values as Saudi Arabia and this is what seems to have been done by them.

      Jamal Khashoggi killing: Saudi crown prince ‘should face investigation’
      Not on the main BBC news but the world site .

    115. Giving Goose says:

      An NBC suit, as worn by soldiers, was known as a Noddy suit.

      NBC = Noddy.

      North British Cringer = Noddy.

      Cringing Noddys the lot of them.

    116. CameronB Brodie says:

      Some folk are neither religious nor political, and might be a little surprised at the relationship between religion and politics. To others, Westminster’s rule is like God’s hand and they would be lost without it.

      The Religious as Political and the Political as Religious: Globalisation, Post-Secularism and the Shifting Boundaries of the Sacred

    117. Mike cassidy says:

      First look at women’s football.

      Scotland in pink.

      Now where’s that book I’m reading.

      Stuart Cosgrove/ Harlem 69 in case you were wondering.

    118. McDuff says:

      England`s women`s world cup game on BBC1 of course, all commentators involved are English.
      Scottish game on BBC 4 of course, in the studio two Scottish accents and one English. Live commentary , one English one Scot.
      Reporter out and about talking to Scottish fans in one Kelly Somers, English.
      The English game, all involved are English . Scottish game 40% English.
      They just have to let us know that they are in charge and will never allow anything completely Scottish.
      Petty. I wish it was.

    119. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s one with Joe in mind. Remember his horror at Britain being swamped by non-Cristian religions? This was code for Muslims, IMHO, as British nationalism has always been an exercise in defining “us against them”, the white Christian against the non-white, non-Christian Other i.e. “Orientalism”. Those who support Scotland’s self-determination threaten this form of blood-and-soil identity, one that is inseparable from old-skool nationalism.

      Btw, is the Church of Scotland still wedded to British nationalism?

      Christianity and nationalism in nineteenth-century Europe


      The ‘imagined community’ (famously defined by Benedict Anderson) could not be created out of nothing. It built upon previously existing identities. And though nineteenth-century nationalism is often seen as essentially secular, the most powerful of these identities were frequently religious. Indeed the clergy often played a major role in promoting a national consciousness.

      While a ‘national church’ readily saw itself as the embodiment of the nation’s past history, present identity and future aspirations, religious minorities usually had a more ambivalent relationship with a nationalism that was always in some degree exclusive. And even in the case of a ‘national church’, the interests of politicians and ecclesiastics were not always the same.

      Moreover some nineteenth-century nationalisms were defined in ways to which religion was largely irrelevant, or were in explicit opposition to the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, in ways that varied in kind and degree from country to country, nationalism and Christianity came to be intertwined in nineteenth-century Europe. National identities were to an important degree defined by reference to specific Christian traditions, their history, their forms of worship, and their heroic figures.

      At the same time nationalism often came to be seen as an integral part of Christianity. Readiness to die for the motherland was presented as a Christian duty and, in particular, Christian preachers of this era were strongly influenced by the concept of a God-given national mission, which justified nationalist claims and might sometimes justify war.

      Keywords:: nationalism, nineteenth-century Europe, nineteenth-century Protestantism, nineteenth-century Catholicism, World War I

    120. Calum McKay says:

      Back the abused spouse again, sadly, Regan and his ilk are forever destined to be humiliated, scorned, spurned and laughed at whilst they pledge allegiance to people who know they are needy, lack self worth and are chronically ashamed of who they are!

      Time for some self examination Regan!

    121. galamcennalath says:

      The Irish Central Bank is reporting that with a deal like the Withdrawl Agreement, the will be 20,000 fewer jobs in Ireland. However with a ‘no deal’ Brexit there will be 110,000 fewer jobs.

      AND, they aren’t the ones actually leaving the EU. That sort of estimate seems much worse than anything I’ve heard for Scotland (or the UK).

    122. Dr Jim says:

      1 – 0 to Scotland and a couple of olympic diving medals for Argentina

    123. Brian Lucey says:

      “The Irish Central Bank is reporting that with a deal like the Withdrawl Agreement, the will be 20,000 fewer jobs in Ireland. However with a ‘no deal’ Brexit there will be 110,000 fewer jobs.

      AND, they aren’t the ones actually leaving the EU. That sort of estimate seems much worse than anything I’ve heard for Scotland (or the UK).”
      COMPARED to no brexit. We will still show a significant positive increase in …well.. every indicator. Just not as positive.

    124. Capella

      re ear lobes

      I noticed the exact same thing about (T)Ruthless – she has no earlobes – how odd!!!
      I’m now looking at every politician to see if they have earlobes or not and is this a specific Unionist trait that we might have overlooked…. ‘by their earlobes shall ye know them..’

      Haven’t reached any conclusions yet!!!

    125. TYRAN says:

      Guys the game’s on Alba as they have Scottish rights on that game. They showed all qualifiers, so it’s only right. 2-0. Yipee.

    126. robbo says:


      Yeah the auld nooddy suit.Wore it many a time.
      A horrible charcoal based suit mixed with some other crap material was/is supposed to protect you in a Nuclear ,Chemical, Biological attack- Aye right so it will.

      The respirator was an S6 then a S10 .That did work in the gas chamber, but for CS gas drills only-if you had it on right – mask in 9 secs was the old adage. Whether it worked 100% with a blood agent or nerve agent would be a risky, risky gamble.

      Porton down which they now call a science park LOL was where they tested the poor mugs who volunteered for a tenner a day extra in your pay packet.

    127. Capella says:

      @ Meg merrilees – Well other life forms don’t have earlobes – lizards for example. Just sayin’.

    128. Lenny Hartley says:

      Trip advisor have stopped publishing reviews of this place in Oban apparently they have had a large nflux of reviews since the artlce was published in the National 🙂

    129. call me dave says:

      Reaches for the popcorn. 3-0 Phew!

    130. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      When I’m in Oban, prior to the Campbeltown march, I will be samplimg “Nories” which has had good reports on Tripadvisor, an’ thah.

    131. Lochside says:

      Talking of Scottish cringe….when did ‘fitba’ become ‘footie’?

    132. Malcolm X,

      (a sort of Rev Stu of the US Civil Rights movement)

      spoke about this type of `snivelling beggar` in his speech,

      `the house negro and the field negro`

    133. CameronB Brodie says:

      Cultural exceptionalism is the root of contemporary (white) British nationalism and the full-English Brexit. This “cultural turn” in British politics will harm Scotland’s political economy.

      Multiple Modernity, Nationalism
      and Religion: A Global Perspective

      ….For the social and political sciences, this worldwide parallel development of nationalism and religion has come as a surprise, challenging the received disciplinary frame theories and analytical orientations. The common theoretical foundation, though questioned by Marxist and postmodernist counter-currents, has been the modernization paradigm assuming with modernization, social differentiation, individualization, national integration, democratization of national societies and also the decline of religion (Müller and Schmid, 1995; Zapf, 1971).

      As a consequence, the development of nationalism was to be expected, but rather in a civic and secular form than as a combination of ethnic and religious nationalism (Casanova, 1994; Smith, 1998). From that perspective, the contemporary parallel growth of nationalism and religion presents a basic theoretical dilemma for the still predominant mainstream positions in the political and social sciences. This dilemma is even more obvious since the transformation research on post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe as well as the developmental sociology in non-European societies have been accompanied by a renaissance of the modernization paradigm (Bönker et al., 2002; Müller and Schmid, 1995; Dube, 1990).

      In order to solve this dilemma, globalization theories – often inspired by Marxist and postmodernist counter-currents to the modernization paradigm – have promoted an alternative approach. In a critique of the nation-state framework of the modernization paradigm, the predominant globalization theories attempt to explain national phenomena primarily as a consequence of the growing impact of global forces or the emergent globality of the current world (Albrow, 1998; Beck, 1998; Loch and Heitmeyer, 2001).

      From that perspective, the main features of the modern age in the form of nation states, national economies, cultures and societies are structurally transformed by the growing impact of economic global forces, transnational political structures and a global secular culture. As a consequence, the present worldwide revival of ethnic nationalism and religion, religious fundamentalism and religious nationalism is primarily seen as a defensive reaction against the forces of globalization or the emerging world system.

      Thus, the parallel global growth of nationalism and religion seems to be the general rule of the day, whereas the formation of civil and secular forms of nationalism as in western and particular Western European societies appears to be rather the exception.

      From my own comparative, historical-sociological perspective, both macro-paradigms share a common methodological bias: they essentialize either the nation-state system or the global system and directly correlate within each unit political, socioeconomic and cultural phenomena and dimensions, instead of considering the local, national and transnational macro-micro linkages, relations and interactions (see in a similar critical direction, Arnason, 1990; Robertson, 1992).

      In such a one-sided system perspective, modernization theories falsely generalize from the Western European experience of secular nationalism in the modern era, instead of considering the varying religious foundations and components in Western and Eastern European nationalism. Inversely, globalization theories falsely generalize from the current phenomena of ethnic and religious nationalism in the non-western world, instead of considering the simultaneous phenomena of secular and civic forms of nationalism.

      In between, so to speak, I propose to analyse and explain the current growth of ethnic and religious nationalism particularly in the non-western world as the consequence of multiple forms of modernity, modernization and democratization (Eisenstadt, 1999a, 1999b, 2000; Knoebl, 2001; Spohn, 2001) in reaction to the former worldwide imposition of state secularism either by western liberal or eastern socialist regimes.

      In the following, I would like to substantiate this historical and comparative sociological approach by (1) outlining a multiple modernity perspective on the relation between nationalism and religion; (2) reconsidering European exceptionalism of secular nationalism; (3) exemplifying my approach to the rise of ethnic and religious nationalism in the non-European world; and (4) concluding with some summarizing remarks on the impact of globalization on the worldwide rise of ethnic and religious nationalism.


    134. Scotspatriot says:

      Thon chip shop in Oban, they’re all talking about. We have bigger Fish tae fry !! Don’t go there anyway, the chips and stuff taste like they’ve been dipped in pig slurry !!
      Just saying !!!

    135. call me dave says:

      VAR !! Penalty… 3-2 maybe 3-3 Popcorn back in cupboard.:-(

      There are many Scottish ways to snatch defeat.

    136. Terence callachan says:

      To McDuff your post of 8.18 pm

      Well spotted I look for this kind of thing all the time now it’s so blatant and so many Scots willing to be the only Scot in the room , if it were me I’d tell them to stuff it

    137. Robert Peffers says:

      It’s becoming a farce match now.

    138. Bobp says:

      Lenny hartley 9.17. When i go back home regularly to the wee bigoted ayrshire village where i was born. I never give my money to any local who i know is a britnat. I would say to yes locals Boycott john stewarts shitty we establishment. If he hates scotland so much then f**k off to blackpool or scarborough with his business.And dont give me the jobs lost to scotland shite.some real scottish entrepreneur will soon step up to the mark.

    139. call me dave says:

      There was no real extra time as the 90+ minutes were already up during the stramash.

      Only a very short ‘actual footie time’ was left. 🙁 FGS!

    140. chicmac says:

      Non penalty as clear in VAR.

      Saved. Re do, of course.

      The rules are different for Scotland.

      Free kicks given and not given and YC’s throughout.

      Scotland won the football game.

    141. Dr Jim says:

      I cannot believe I just saw that

    142. Capella says:

      I haven’t watched the football but read the tweets and comments. Is it possible that these matches are fixed? Only the countries with the biggest TV audiences, therefore rights, can win?
      is FIFA corrupt?

    143. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “An NBC suit, as worn by soldiers, was known as a Noddy suit.”

      “North British Cringer = Noddy”

      Is a North BritNat Cringer Suit that Union Fleg style one that Ian Murray (BritNat Labour in Scotland MP) can be seen wearing in the article below, @Giving Goose says at 7:44 pm?

    144. Dr Jim says:

      Rangers fans Trolling the FM are very happy Scotland lost

      I wonder if they were begging to make that happen

    145. chicmac says:

      Of course FIFA are not corrupt.

      Qatar is the perfect venue for the World cup. Great footballing nation, ideal climate and exemplary human rights record.

    146. Bobp says:

      Capella. Thats why in the champions league, teams from scotland netherlands portugal belgium austria switzerland denmark norway always get shafted in the draws. And the likes of spain england france always make the finals. Money money money tv rights by population.

    147. Bobp says:

      Dr jim . Aye and on their scabby knees no doubt. Ugly vile people. The real scotlands shame.

    148. Balaaargh says:

      From what I’ve read online tonight, I’m glad I don’t pay the bbc propaganda tax anymore or I would have probably put something through the telly watching tonight’s game!

    149. Effijy says:

      The corruption of Teresa May, the Tory Party and Westminster’s speaker is breath taking!

      Ian Blackford used Bojo the Clown’s own words when reading out how he would put Scots in a ghetto and eliminate them, how muslem women look like letter boxes and African’s have Watermelon smiles and they warn Blackford that his quotes are out of order and that Bojo is fine and he would do more for Scotland than an SNP Politician????

      When May suggested she listens to people from all corners of the UK, Ian should have said that she isn’t listening now, she never listened to the Scottish Government over 3 years of Brexit and she never listened even to her own party who have just put her out to pasture.

    150. Gary45% says:

      Kind of sums up the term “I’m a proud scot, But…”
      The thing is we all know one of these.

    151. Bobp says:

      Capella 7.11pm. Aye but you are talking the likes of the luvvies. Judy dench, the gardener on bbc, bill something or other. Begged us to stay, but not sincere.

    152. chicmac says:

      If Scotland becomes independent I wonder if the officials will still be as anti Scottish or will they still consider us patsies?

    153. Bobp says:

      Gary 45%. Aye, see you next tuesdays.

    154. geeo says:

      Ok, some facts on that farce tonight, after much rewinding to check timeline.

      North Korean referee completely out her depth tonight.

      She played 1 minute 52 seconds after the pen retake was scored.

      Yet play stopped at 86:00 (4 minutes to go) for original VAR review.

      So she only played 87:52 of the 90, and STILL should have added 2mins 30 for 5 subs (30 secs is added per sub)

      So gametime should have ended AT THE EARLIEST at 92:50

      She played 87:52

      Stopped game 4 MINUTES 58 SECONDS EARLY !!!

      What a fucking farce.

    155. ben madigan says:

      here’s my requiem for the forthcoming demise of Mr UK Britain

    156. Capella says:

      @ Bobp – well we got a better class of person to beg us, not total cringers like Regan. Regan? Perhaps he was named after the great American sage, Ronald.

    157. geeo says:

      Sorry, end game time should read 92:30.

      Time not played = 4 mins 38 secs

    158. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The latest from Jason Michael is worrying:

    159. Silverytay says:

      According to the front page of the National the Rev has a million copies of WBB2 ready to rock&roll

    160. Capella says:

      Stu has tweeted about the offside decision in the previous match. If you look at the stripes on the grass it is clearly not offside.
      Even I know what the offside rule is. Perhaps I’ll offer to referee next time.

    161. Robert Peffers says:

      Anyway, after that fitba match can we change the subject- quickly.

      Here’s tonight’s Broadcasting Scotland youtube address:-

      It is quite brief but it does, just by chance, mention something I was on about on the last Wings topic.

      The difference between GDP and Per Capita GDP. Neither they or I explained the difference – so here it is now:-

      “Real GDP per Capita measures the average level of national income (adjusted for inflation) per person. … GDP, (Gross Domestic Product) measures the national output/national income of an economy; this is a measure of the volume of goods and services produced in a given year.”

      Thus, as I quoted in that previous topic, in normal years the Scottish Per Capita GDP is higher than that of both England and the UK as a whole.

      Which means that the truth, using Westminster’s figures, is that every one of the people of Scotland subsidises every person in the 3 country Kingdom of England.

      So much for English taxpayer’s money subsidising Scotland which is just a bare faced lie.

    162. Essexexile says:

      Jeez, that’s a freak result. The game was just a disjointed mess for the last 15 minutes. Disrupted Scotland’s momentum and it all felt depressingly predictable after that.
      The officials were shite (at least they’ve been consistent), but it WAS a pen and Alexander WAS off her line when it was taken unless you’re looking from the wrong angles.

    163. Capella says:

      Stu has also tweeted about the penalty fiasco. She had at least part of one foot on the line. See, I could really referee next time.

    164. Essexexile says:

      He’s calling you a c*nt mate. Sorry to break that to you.
      It’s a clever little phrase I use frequently when I meet the regional director!

    165. Essexexile says:

      Apologies, no he’s not. He’s referring to a third party!

    166. chicmac says:

      It was most definitely NOT a penalty. She got her foot to it first and flicked the ball back to her teammate. No foot up. Even if the Argentinian had not gone down she would not have got to it before the Scottish defender.

      Re the save, a toe over the line at most. Every penalty I have ever seen saved like that and nearly all are, has counted.

      1.5 mins extra playing time after all the stoppages in the second half I find difficult to put down to stupidity.

    167. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland must not be allowed to win at anything, it’s bad for the UK

      Now I just made that up, but can you believe somebody would’ve said it, I bet you can

    168. Shug says:

      Did anyone hear the kiesa dugdale show on the bbc this morning, or was it call kaye
      Complete and utter pish
      The hardest part was spotting the daftie

    169. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – yes this Jordon character seems a right liability. Alyn Smith needs to have a wee think to himself IMO.

      But I doubt it would be AS who leaked the info. Why would he have it when people like Joan McAlpine don’t? I suspect it is someone else driving this runaway beach buggy. Perhaps someone in the civil service who is part of a group containing that Leeze person from the BBC.

      Let’s see what is actually announced tomorrow. SNP members need to get on to their Branches and MSPs if they have one and make their views known.

    170. kapelmeister says:

      Ruth Davidson’s political career is pretty much finito. She’ll probably get some gigs presenting daytime TV shows darn sarf on the back of her marginal fame.

      Things like DIY Challenge or Do Up That House! etc. Then she can tell people to take a long hard look at them shelves.

    171. Capella says:

      @ kapelmeister – was she not on Bake Off?

    172. Essexexile says:

      @chicmac at 21.22pm
      1. Stone cold pen. Our player didn’t get near the ball.
      2. She’s miles over the line. Check the in goal camera angle.
      3. With you on the time. The ref lost the plot at the end. Mind you, possibly saved us from conceding a fourth.
      We played well though and our goals were from good moves. Plucky losers and all that sh*te.

    173. chicmac says:

      In that case the Argentinian must have used telekinesis to flick the ball to the Scottish defender because she certainly didn’t touch it.

      As the rev says, one foot on the line, it wasn’t even illegal under the new rules.

    174. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Capella –

      Cheers for response.

      Yes, of course, you’re right, we just have to wait and see, but the level of denial around this subject generally is a real problem.

    175. Essexexile says:

      You need to watch all the angles. Our player got nowhere near the ball as can be seen from the angle from behind our player. She just kicks the Argentine’s foot after the ball has already been touched forward.
      The Rev’s just wrong about the goalie. Alexander is in the air well in front of the line as the ball is struck. The in goal angle shows it clearly.

    176. Cubby says:

      Reporting Scotland, STV News and Scotland Tonight – NEWS CENSORSHIP

      Not one of these so called Scottish programmes mentioned Blackfords words (never mind show the footage) on Johnstons published derogatory words re Scots and Scotland at PMQs. News censorship at its worst. Worthy of North Korea, Soviet Union and China. You would think that it should be at the top of the programme what Johnstone has thought acceptable to publish about Scots. Exterminate vermin ghetto. Not worthy of letting Scotland know what the likely Next PM has thought and may still think about Scots.

      What did they make the headline story. Scots and booze – surprise surprise.

      Controlling the news in Scotland for their masters in Westminster. Get off your knees – where is your self respect.

    177. geeo says:

      I have a screenshot of the re-taken pen at moment of contact and keepers left foot is absolutely on the line.

      And again….ref only played 87:52 of the 90 mins.

      The game was NOT FINISHED.

    178. Cubby says:

      Reporting Scotland

      Colin Clark Tory MP (part of Truthless Davidson mob ) defends Bojo by saying he is not a racist he just uses ” fruity” language. The guy is just an apologist for an anti Scottish racist.

      So what does fruity mean and does that make racism ok in toryland?

      Anti Scottish racist (Bojo) – anti English racist (yeh that’s you Callachan) – just different flavours of racism. Neither are acceptable.

    179. Kangaroo says:

      Ian Blackford getting tore in to PM about the racist Oaf

    180. Camz says:

      Thinking of a book title. “Uncle Tam’s Bothy” sounds about right.

    181. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I can remember, as a seven-year-old, already into fitba, watching us losing 7-0 to Uruguay back in 1954. So, I reckon I’ve endured more Scottish World Cup hurt than most Wingers.

      It was a penalty, you could put up a case for the retake decision being wrong, but, the one foot on the line rule is newly-introduced, Scotland would not be Scotland if we didn’t get caught-out by new rules. Shite happens at World Cups, often where Scotland is involved.

      Maybe, Scotland and the World Cup, it isn’t meant to be. They did well to get there, given how, in the eyes of the Hampden “suits”, they are second-class citizens. But, at the tournament, we needed at least nine out of ten performances from our big players, and, at best we got eights out of ten.

      No team should surrender a three-goal lead; but, if any team is going to do this, the chances are, it will be Scotland. As I said above, shite happens – usually to Scotland.

      Final word from Jock Stein, who always insisted – referees are human, they will make mistakes, so, the best plan is not to give them the opportunity to make them.

      Last night, the girls gave the refereeing team (including the VAR team) the chance to make mistakes – they took that chance.

      We get over this latest kick in the teeth, and we go again.

      At least, they will be happy along Hampden’s sixth floor Corridor of Power this morning. The girls went out with yet another Scotland hard luck story, but, they didn’t show-up the eight men’s squads who went to World Cup Finals and didn’t get out of their groups either.

    182. Breeks says:

      Capella says:
      20 June, 2019 at 12:01 am
      @ Ian Brotherhood – yes this Jordon character seems a right liability. Alyn Smith needs to have a wee think to himself IMO.

      But I doubt it would be AS who leaked the info. Why would he have it when people like Joan McAlpine don’t?….

      I thought it was a good article too.

      Big sigh…. I’m losing the will for this.

      I’ve never considered myself a radical or unhinged extremist, but here in Scotland everything external to me seems so dilute and watery, while everything inside of me is like super-concentrate.

      The UK is in a tizz because Ian Blackford called Boris Johnson a racist. Why the tizz? Boris Johnson should start doing backflips of delight to merely be called a racist. He is a dangerous, warmongering Narcissist with desperately weak judgement, a pathological liar and populist rabble rouser, with no respect or apparent conscience or empathy, which begs the question whether he is a sociopath fashioned by Eton or a psychopath fashioned by Mother Nature. He is so much worse than merely racist, and incredibly, he’s on course to becoming UK Prime Minister. And we laughed at America over Trump!!!

      Ruth Davidson is an absolute nobody, a top drawer charlatan who is oblivious to her own self image and dishonest inconstancy. She is a deluded politician without a political principle or scruple, a Princess of the British media, but with a realm as fanciful (and cheesy) as Brigadoon. She’s a cat with nine lives; nine attempts to wreck her political career but resurrected after every abject humiliation by foreign propagandists as the saviour of a cause which her own Billy Bunter idiocy makes a laughing stock in the first place. Yes, I know she she’s a grand recruiting sergeant honorary Colonel for YES, but she’s even a tiresome bore in that capacity now.

      Brexit? Jesus H. “Don’t waste this time” warned Donald Tusk. Imagine if he’d said that to Scotland in 2016. We’d have had 3 years to work on Scotland’s “UK” Withdrawal Agreement, Scotland’s EU Membership Terms and Conditions, and even negotiate a Benelux type bilateral trade deal with England to create a Scottish buffer zone to circumvent the problem with the Northern Irish Backstop. Instead, we’re stalled in starting blocks waiting for October with the same enthusiasm and preparedness as we were stalled in starting blocks waiting for Brexit in March… Don’t waste this time… Not you Scotland.

      And this self ID war against women??? WTF? We can’t even promote a persuasive case for Independence under Brexit, but yet we can apparently spare the time to resolve a biblical suspension of logic over biological absolutes, and do it without polarising the YES voting electorate weeks before a unified platform might actually be critical? Who the fk had this brilliant flash of inspiration?

      Head in the sand over Indy, head in the sand over Brexit, head in the sand over BBC propaganda, head in the sand over Sovereignty, head in the sand over YES and AUOB… But yet we’ll brave the snipers and run across the courtyard for self ID, the choice of Tory Leader, and an Indy-busting People’s Vote on Brexit. Lesser men might begin to think you’re heart isn’t really in this Independence malarkey.

      There is nothing wrong with the Tories that Scottish Independence doesn’t cure. There will be nothing of interest happening in Westminster once Scotland has recalled its government home. There will be no more fretting and hand wringing over Brexit when an Independent Scotland is committed to staying in Europe. Independence means indulging in Scottish politics and extricating ourselves from British politics. Do it.

      Let’s give it a try eh? It’s Scotland we need to win, not Westminster, not the Home Counties, not the glowing approval of the UN or the wider world, just persuade 5.6 million wee bods in Scotland, and we’re already half way there. The SNP can do it’s “self destruct implosion” thing afterwards if you like, maybe 2022 or 2023 perhaps… you know, once you know the final details.

    183. Capella says:

      @ Breeks
      And this self ID war against women??? WTF? We can’t even promote a persuasive case for Independence under Brexit, but yet we can apparently spare the time to resolve a biblical suspension of logic over biological absolutes, and do it without polarising the YES voting electorate weeks before a unified platform might actually be critical? Who the fk had this brilliant flash of inspiration?


    184. robert alexander harrison says:

      Think ive worked out the perfect chant to taunt the British nationalists with it goes like this. Wheres your self respect wheres your self respect England doesnt want you so wheres your self respect.

    185. Capella says:

      The “international best practice” in gender identity that some people say they aspire to may be the Yogyakarta Principles set out in Indonesia by the International Commission of Jurists.

      The ICJ was set up by the CIA in the 1950s and continued to be directly funded by the CIA until the 1990s.
      See Wikipedia.

      Although these principles have no force in international law – in fact the UN did not accept them – various states seem hell bent on delivering them.

      The Principles have never been accepted by the United Nations and the attempt to make gender identity and sexual orientation new categories of non-discrimination has been repeatedly rejected by the General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies.

      This was not originally a Scottish Government initiative. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 was a Westminster act brought in with a Labour Government in Westminster and Holyrood. There is absolutely no need for the SG to do anything to “update” it. It can’t repeal it though.

    186. Effijy says:

      Final whistle and Red Card on Scottish Women’s Football.
      Positives- Scottish Women’s team make the World Cup finals for the first time ever.
      The team scores their first ever World Cup goals.
      The team take their first ever wild cup point.
      The team now have experience at the highest level.
      Young women and girls here have been encouraged to try and reach this level.
      The game here is making great progress and we have world class players.

      It’s sport. We had some bad luck and that happens in sport and in life.
      Pick yourself up dust yourself off and keep working on improvement.

      PS Well Done ladies for some gargantuan efforts during last nights game.

      That’s not so bad now is it.

    187. stu mac says:

      @Essexexile says:
      20 June, 2019 at 12:43 am

      We played well though and our goals were from good moves. Plucky losers and all that sh*te.

      Thought our manager takes some of the blame. Argentina made 2 subs when still plenty of time left and that gave them new energy. After they scored we should have done the same soon afterwards – first to renew our energy, second to slow down the game for a few minutes, to give our players time to get their heads together, and slow down the opposition’s impetus (which you get on scoring). At 3-0 and even 3-1 you should keep the head and manage the game; we didn’t so can have no real complaints. A dodgy late penalty wouldn’t have mattered if we’d done that.

    188. Footsoldier says:

      I want the SNP to promote the benefits of independence as nothing else matters (indyref2 is the vehicle not the message) and also how badly we are doing under the UK.

      Are the soft No’s blind to the excellent infrastructure they see when they go abroad on holidays and just how badly we compare here in Scotland – time for SNP to become much more aggressive on the message.

      The SNP needs to revise its policies quickly as so much time has been wasted since 2014.

      I also believe there are far too many different independence organisations which further dilutes our effort and causes confusion.

    189. Abulhaq says:

      Pro independence media are struggling for ‘news’. All media feed is coming from the other side, Brexit is just one long bore, the Tories and their ‘leadership’ contest equally so.
      Why this ardity? Has the national movement gone to sleep? Awkward spats in the London parliament about racism look like mere petulence and mounting political frustration not serious strategy.
      What is Sturgeon doing? Has the SNP become her personal fiefdom? During the nearly three years of Brexit she’s delivered little more than scraps and sound bites from here, there and everywhere to the hungry and remarkably loyal faithful.
      Alternative voices? Pro-active voices? Are there any who do not follow her party line? If there are, do us a favour, grow a pair and come out of the ‘closet’.

    190. Capella says:

      What is Sturgeon doing? Well today she will be answering FMQs.

      Thursday’s business in the Chamber
      Thursday’s business in the Chamber starts at 11.40am and includes:

      First Minister’s Questions
      Ministerial Statement: Update on Scottish Government Review of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act
      Stage 3 Proceedings: Planning (Scotland) Bill

    191. Dorothy Devine says:

      Effigy , dead right! Our girls played their hearts out and a big hurrah for them from me – first time I’ve watched enthralled since Iceland and their glorious chant!

      Well done ladies! And that’s from someone who isn’t in to fitba’ at a’!

    192. Footsoldier says:

      Women’s World Cup – England win and Scotland out and BBC Scotland discusses it this morning in the Call Kaye slot with Jackie Brambles.

      Good idea?

    193. Undeadshaun says:

      Check bbc I player 850 this morning.

      Nicky Morgan mp gove supporter “we would register union internationaly”

      Interviewer “so you would try to frustrate Scottish independence”
      Morgan “absolutely”
      Interviewer “that would go down well” (in Scotland not)

    194. mr thms says:

      #Abulhaq @ 8:41 am

      “During the nearly three years of Brexit she’s delivered little more than scraps and sound bites from here, there and everywhere to the hungry and remarkably loyal faithful.”

      There are 3492 ‘scraps and sound bites’ listed between the 23rd June 2016 and the 20th June 2019 on the Scottish Government’s news website

    195. Giving Goose says:

      Robert Alexander Hamilton

      “Hey Noddy Noes
      The backbone goes”

    196. Cubby says:

      There was an excellent performance by Nicola Sturgeon at last weeks FM Questions. Will she repeat it or even improve on it?

    197. robert alexander harrison says:

      Giving goose its harrison no Hamilton geez are you like the British nationalists unable to even read a name properly.

    198. manandboy says:

      ON IAN BLACKFORD on Boris Johnson in The Commons.

      The British Establishment, spearheaded by the Conservative Party, is indifferent to Boris Johnson’s speech and conduct, for the same reason that no one ever enquires about the lifestyle of the pilot at the controls of the jet taking you on holiday or on a business trip. Can he fly the plane is all that matters.

      Can Boris Johnson keep the Tory Party in the air and the Establishment in control, is all that matters – to The Establishment.

    199. Footsoldier says:

      Cubby @ 9.22am
      “There was an excellent performance by Nicola Sturgeon at last weeks FM Questions.”

      Unfortunately hardly any of the general population watches it apart from political anoraks like me and even then only occasionally as it does little to promote independence.

      The independence movement at large needs a full time orator to push the case – the current part-time approach is not working.

    200. Hamish100 says:

      Abdul hacking again.

      You are quite subtle but still obvious.

      I take it you will vote for Davidson as she is pro indepence for Scotland? No? Stop greetin about the FM. ……… you won’t!!! Lol

    201. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 20 June, 2019 at 8:41 am:

      What a load of balderdash from, Abulhaq. You don’t make a single point that is based upon actuality. Whether you do so in an effort to damage the cause of independence or simply from total ignorance is neither here or there it most certainly damaging the cause.

      Here are indisputable facts. The SNP has a rule book and thus no member can be in any doubt that Nicola Sturgeon has no powers to dictate, change or ignore those rules. Furthermore these rules have fairly often been pointed out here on Wings.

      The SNP is totally different from every other political party in the United Kingdom in that it is run from the bottom up. The so called leadership does not lead as do all other parties and here’s why.

      The only way that any SNP policy can be made, dropped or amended is by a debate and vote by delegates sent to national conference by the rank & file membership in the branches. Furthermore no one in the party has any more votes than anyone else. Branch delegates do not speak for the leadership or for themselves. They speak for the members of the branch that chose them as delegates.

      Thus Nicola Sturgeon can neither arbitrarily make or change the party policy than any other member of the party. She can propose a policy but must do so at her branch just like everyone else and she must sit at conference and see her proposal be debated and voted upon just like everyone else. That, Abulhaq, is democracy.

      Nicola leads according to how she is told to lead by the membership – it really is as simple as that and unlike any other UK party where the leadership dictate party policy.

      BTW: Nicola has two jobs. She is elected as First Minister by the entire Holyrood elected members of all parties and is elected as SNP Party leader by the entire membership of the SNP.

      So, there you go, the ignorant claims you make in that comment are utter claptrap. The proof of what I have just explained isn’t hard to find – it is why Nicola insists she requires a definite mandate from the people for the things she does.

      She might get away with some of the things she does as the First minister under Holyrood parliament rules but she cannot do as she pleases in relation to being leader of the SNP.

    202. galamcennalath says:

      Just watched Rev Stu on the Alex Salmond Show.

      Very good. Worth watching is you can.

      Will it appear on YouTube?

    203. chicmac says:

      Headline from Aussie news service:

      “Scotland eliminated from World Cup in cruellest circumstances

      The football world has been left “raging” over an “absolute farce” that saw Scotland denied a historic achievement and booted from the World Cup. 20, 20199:14am”

    204. Footsoldier says:

      mr thms@9.13am

      “There are 3492 ‘scraps and sound bites’ listed between the 23rd June 2016 and the 20th June 2019 on the Scottish Government’s news website”.

      I had a brief look at only a few of the 3492 items listed and it looks good but these are simply the results of being in government. It reinforces competency but such competency does not deliver independence as voters expect their elected government of whatever political persuasion to be competent otherwise their chances of being re-elected are reduced and it could be argued that lack of competency is why a party ultimately will lose out.

      That the SNP are seen as competent is why they keep getting re-elected but it still does not do a lot for promoting independence which is why forward movement for independence is painfully slow in what should be a favourable environment for us. Should that environment become less favourable for us once the current UK parliamentary shambles levels out, as it will, we will be in a much more difficult position.

    205. Harry mcaye says:

      Cubby – STV News at six DID show Ian Blackford’s comments on Johnson at PMQs, although it was well down the running order. As usual, I didn’t watch BBC Reporting Scotland.

    206. Dr Jim says:

      Sooo many people Sooo happy Scotland’s girls lost but pretending to be Sooo pragmatic about it as they delight in linking it to Scotland’s failures as a Nation

      Success in sport is not a reflection of greatness as a Nation or countries like Norway would be world champions at everything instead of just world champions at being a better country than England and America combined on every conceivable level of societal and social aspect

      Not since Greece has there been a country to rival Scotland in the invention of the modern age, so kicking a ball, while great fun and an achievement in itself if successful does not come even close to Scotland’s gifts to the world

      May of Scotland’s people don’t realise who we are and what we’ve done to improve and educate an entire world, and it’s high time they were sat down and told

      I’d do the the list but it’s endless

    207. Footsoldier says:

      Robert Peffers 9:55
      “The SNP is totally different from every other political party in the United Kingdom in that it is run from the bottom up.”

      Absolutely correct apart from the fact that it is really only on paper these days. As a member for over 50 years, I can testify to that.

    208. Ken500 says:

      The SNP is successful because it is funded by the members. Concerned citizens. Not interest groups. This give the SNP the power to pursue policies which benefit the whole economy. Build up a better economy.

      No other political Parties in the UK are funded by it’s members. They are funded by interest groups with an agenda.

      The Tories will be gone in two years. Just keep on voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other person to vote as well.

    209. Ken500 says:

      SNP IndyRef 2020?

    210. Flower of Scotland says:

      Really enjoyed the Alex Salmond show today. I have the RT app so watched on line.

      Well done the Rev! And the bird!

      I listen to LBC. Usually James O,Brien and can’t get over the snivelling jocks that come on the show. Mind you any Independence minded ones are probably weeded out. It is a show for England.

    211. Al-Stuart says:

      Thanks Chicmac,

      I was rummaging around Youtube to find a link on the internet to watch Alex Salmond and Rev Stu.,

      Luckily it is on Youtube but not “premiering” for 8 hours (6pm tonight).

      Chicmac, your RT link is live now, so the kettle is on to make a cup of tea and then enjoy a debate between two of my favourite people.

      I have one question:

      Given the fact that 45% of Scots are SNP/Indy minded, why, oh why, are we having to watch these two titans on RussiaToday?

      Why does BBC Scotland NOT fulfil there legal balance requirement under the charter that grants the corporation millions of pounds of taxpayers money? The BBC have failed and continue to disrespect 45% of Scotland in this matter.

      Kettle now boiled. Off to enjoy the debate…


      For future reference, here too is the Youtube link…

    212. Ken500 says:

      The Tories self destructing as usual. Just let them get on with it The sooner the better. Out within two years. Forever? Into oblivion.

    213. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. Racism. BoJo is certainly guilty of using racist language and metaphors, in a racist sort of way. That sort of conduct generally suggests the individual holds racist views, so can quite correctly be considered a racist, IMHO. Time for a bit of Evolutionary Psychology and stuff?

      Cross-cultural Research, Evolutionary Psychology, and Racialism: Problems and Prospects


      Philosophers defending evolutionary/cognitive accounts of racialism argue that cross-cultural psychological research has discovered similar patterns of racial reasoning around the globe. Such research, they hold, simultaneously supports the existence of an underlying cognitive mechanism for essentialist thinking while undercutting social constructionist accounts of racialism. I argue that they are mistaken for two reasons.

      First, evolutionary/cognitive researchers are unfamiliar with constructionist accounts of global racialism which explain similarities and differences in racialism. Second, evolutionary/cognitive accounts that make cross-cultural claims shoulder probative obligations for showing the independence of the cultures being compared, and these obligations have not been met. I argue that further evolutionary/cognitive research on racialism must account for constructionist models of global racialism while meeting the argumentative obligations of cross-cultural research.

      1. Introduction

      This essay is a defense of the social construction of racialism. I follow a standard definition of “racialism” which is the belief that “there are heritable characteristics, possessed by members of our species, that allow us to divide them into a small set of races, in such a way that all the members of these races share certain traits and tendencies with each other that they do not share with other members of any other race” (Appiah 1990, 4-5).[1]

      In particular I want to defend the “radical” social-constructive thesis that holds “the concept of race is exclusively the product of historical and cultural causes. It claims that humans do not tend to classify people into races when groups with different phenotypes meet, save for particular historical circumstances” (Machery and Faucher 2010b, 1015; see also Mallon 2010, 272). The quoted position is the consensus view among historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and other social scientists who study racialism but has recently been criticized by philosophical defenders of cognitive/evolutionary psychological (CEP) approaches to racialism.

      Drawing on developmental studies as well as historical and contemporary cross-cultural research, CEP philosophers point to similarities of racialism across time and space. They hold that social constructionist (SC) approaches to racialism cannot explain these similarities. I hold that SC approaches do explain these similarities and that such similarities actually pose a significant challenge to the proposed CEP research program on racialism….;c=ptb;c=ptpbio;idno=6959004.0008.002;g=ptpbiog;rgn=main;view=text;xc=1

    214. Capella says:

      Just watched the Alex Salmond show and interview with Stuart Campbell. Brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend everyone follows the links to RT to hear it for yourselves.

      I particularly liked the fact that it’s Willie Rennie who is responsible for WoS, not Nicola Sturgeon. Come on Willie, step up and confess.

      More Wee Blue Books on their way – much more.

    215. Ken500 says:

      Re Alex Salmond show. Rev Stu interview.

      Thanks for posting it. Excellent interview. Great.

      Keeping posting Alex Salmond interviews. Even more coverage.

      Alex will be back better than MSM.

    216. Ken500 says:

      Alex Salmond Show goes worldwide. Greater coverage than the BBC. Alex has friends all over the world who support Independence. On redial to world leaders. Great Statesman respected worldwide. Influential. Friends at home and abroad.

    217. chicmac says:

      Very good interview Stuart.

      What came across to me is that you are clearly primarily motivated by a sense of outrage at what political parties and the UK Government does to people, how they mendaciously manipulate tings toward their own or their party’s or their benifactor’s ends.

      In that respect, your motivation is well aligned with that of most folk in the grass roots indy movement. Yes we all have egos but our prime motivator is outrage, a sense of injustice and a desire to not let them get away with it. The main thing that stops us stopping is our blood pressure.

      This is in contrast to the career politician.

      Career politics has a great tendency to attract those who are innately narcissistic. In any grouping of narcissists, after a period of mutual backslapping and assuring themselves they know better, they come to actually believe it. The ensuing hubris is characterized by an etntrenched belief that they do indeed know best and those less blessed, i.e. everyone else, therefore needs to be ‘managed’ accordingly.

      Even a party largely born of a grass roots movement, like the SNP, is not immune from the ‘H’ word. Despite only existing because of a grass roots movement, there are some who not only think they know better than their support but some who become so delusioned that they think they can distance themselves from that support.

      They forget from whence they came and what they are there to do.

    218. schrodingers cat says:

      the national saying the wbb2 is written and ready to go

      can you confirm that stu?

    219. CameronB Brodie says:

      It should ring alarm-bell that the prospective PM is a narcissistic, supremacist, Tory. That spells danger for all but the privileged, IMHO.

      Extending the Social Psychology of Racism: A Framework for Critical Analysis

    220. Robert Peffers says:

      @Footsoldier says: 20 June, 2019 at 10:26 am:

      ” … As a member for over 50 years, I can testify to that.”

      No you can not. Here’s the facts to prove you can not.

      Whatever branch you belong to you have the power to go there, with a seconder, and when the chair asks for, “Any other competent business”, you propose a motion. Your seconder then seconds that motion and that must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

      If it isn’t you have the perfect chance to throw the cat among the pigeons at the next branch meeting by raising a point of order that the minutes do not record a properly made, and seconded, motion.

      However, that is not the main point but here is what is. If people, like you, think that the branch does not represent the wishes of the rank & file membership then explain how that can happen against the wishes of the majority of the branch members?

      It is the members branch – not the branch officials and that goes from the branch right up to Nicola Sturgeon herself.

      It isn’t hard for a majority of members to rid a branch of elected officials. Propose a vote of no confidence and elect those who represent the majority. Mind you if you are not a majority then democracy prevails and they get re-elected.

      So don’t come here complaining that the leadership of a democratic organisation does not represent the majority use the majority to change then for officials who do represent the majority.

    221. Capella says:

      SA reminder for those wondering what the First Minister does all day. FMQs will start soon on the Parliament TV channel. Better to watch it for yourself than through the BBC talk over filter:

      That will be followed by a statement on the planned update to the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

    222. Confused says:

      – just received the mail … one an A3 double sided glossy effort from


      – uh, huh?

      so, thats for Scottish Independence, eh?
      – NAH, it says YES to a United Kingdom

      “there should be a law against it”
      – let see

      No to the Euro – we’re not in the euro, and no one has plans to – but still, you have to be sure

      No to EU fisheries policy – fair enough, but that was sold out then, and will be sold out now, by westminster as part of the ultimate whatever deal

      this “direct democracy” looks suspect – someone should huckle them about it
      – most folks in the UK don’t know what that is, but will LIKE the idea
      – it conjures, to me, the swiss canton model, but I dont EVER see such a thing being implemented in the UK – if this is not outright LYING, it is tantamount; put it this way, if you are trying to call

      Rule by Westminster = Direct Democracy

      – then youre just a lying cunt

      the fold out center page is saltire heavy and borrows from the iconography of the YES movement – again, misleading

      – has “europe” in the title, but is anti-europe

      the meat of the text is some private polling results they are spinning to their own message

      but its from Big Nigel the F (wee photie of him at the end), the BBCs favourite son and deepstate operative, so … nothing will ever be done

      I think I have worked out where the dark money behind Nige is coming from, for in the same mailshot were two sheets from



      Anglian Windows

      MI5 fronts obviously – they are attempting to leech our vital fluids by making us eat shitty food we then vomit down the u-bend

    223. Hamish100 says:

      Robert Peffers

      You are correct to a point. My experience is slightly different in that my branch proposed various changes to SNP policy. Could not get through the ” vetting” system despite having approval from other branches. At conference top down proposals appear without hinderence.

      Obviously this happens in all parties but sadly only PC type proposals supported by the top arrive from branches tend to make it through.
      MSP’s in particular complicit.

      Sad but true.

    224. Proud Cybernat says:


      Iain Macwhirter

      Interesting. Perhaps Gove looking for the U.K. Supreme Court to rule that secession is illegal in international law. Which technically is (though nations have the right to self determination). See Canadian Supreme Court ruling on Quebec.

      Like to see what happens when Gove’s wee ruse comes up against the Treaty of Union?

    225. Footsoldier says:

      Robert Peffers @ 11.28.

      Sorry, I do not agree with your rant.

    226. Dan says:

      Hamish100 says:

      Robert Peffers
      You are correct to a point. My experience is slightly different in that my branch proposed various changes to SNP policy. Could not get through the ” vetting” system despite having approval from other branches. At conference top down proposals appear without hindrance.

      Obviously this happens in all parties but sadly only PC type proposals supported by the top arrive from branches tend to make it through.
      MSP’s in particular complicit.

      Sad but true.

      Was it not the case that one of the amendments to the implementation of aspects of the growth commission report voted on at the recent conference had some difficulty getting to that final stage?
      I understand it had to be initiated through an alternate branch as it was rejected by the first.
      NB: Happy to be corrected if that information is inaccurate.

      What Robert Peffers states may well be correct as per rulebook, but the reality is one would have to have significant support to enter into an adversarial contest with the existing elected personnel of your branch.
      It’s one thing to step up and make an individual proposal, but quite another to then have to effectively takeover the running of a branch to progress it.
      It’s a pity personal indifferences in a particular branch or CA can hinder and prevent a more consensual process.

    227. Gary45% says:

      For those of a certain vintage, Colonal Ya Daftie suffering from “Maurice Johnson” syndrome?

    228. Hamish100 says:


      I think the horse-trading has been biased towards not rocking the applecart.

      For me I am still against nuclear weapons on our shores,
      believe in more radical land reform
      Would be as content outwith the EU (Norway model) as in it. In part due to Spain’s suppression of Catalonia
      £ or Euro- ambivalent.

      as opposed to shhhhh!

    229. North chiel says:

      “ Harry McAye” @ 1010 . STV news last night did not broadcast the comments from Ian Blackford ( re BJ) attributed to the Scottish people . They only broadcast the comments relating to Moslems and blacks .

    230. Al-Stuart says:

      Stuart Campbell,

      You have a beautiful mind.

      I just watched the RT programme with you and Alex Salmond. Two of my favourite people talking positive, decent and real politics.

      Unexpectedly, I was moved to tears when you referenced the welfare reform deaths as some of my friends are on the wretched…

      Thankyou for that grace. Thankyou for caring enough to mention deaths of the disabled when the BBC et al couldn’t give a fig.

      Stuart, I do have one complaint about the RT Alex Salmond programme… aye, there is always one with a moan…

      Your interview with Alex Salmond was TOO SHORT.

      Please can you, Alex and Tasmina have a chat about a regular “Wingers On Salmond” segment in the RT broadcast?

      Seriously Stu., I think an addition to WoS website + WBB + WBB2 + Television broadcast with the resultant access to massive Youtube podcasts would maybe add 5% onto the IndyRef2 YES result.

      Food for thought for that beautiful mind 🙂

      Thank you again chief for a brilliant television presentation with Alex Salmond.

      For those who have not had access to this rare treat yet; here it is…

    231. Jack Murphy says:

      Thankyou Stu.

    232. Peter A Bell says:

      Many will testify to the vileness of my “Nat heart”. However, it was not my heart that was affected by Regan Morann’s obsequiousness, but my gag reflex.

    233. Cubby says:

      Harry mcaye@10.10am

      Sorry Harry but you have missed my point. None of the broadcasters commented on or broadcast the comments made by Blackford in his first question at PMQ. This question related to Bojo’s offensive publication of comments about SCOTS. This included calling them vermin, putting them in ghettoes and then extermination.

      STV broadcast his second question which related to Bojo comments on Muslims/Africans etc. and calling him a racist.

      The point I perhaps failed to get across adequately was that surely in any normal country it would be the comments about Scots that would be highlighted. The fact that all the broadcasters chose to try and hide the disgraceful comments published by Bojo shows IMO collusion to hide the most damaging ( from a Scottish independence point of view).

      If you watch the actual footage of what Blackford said and not the British media in Scotlands cut and paste excerpts you will see what I mean. STV by showing the non Scottish part tricks people into thinking they have seen what Blackford said and excludes the more damaging Scottish part. News censorship and manipulation.

      Bojo is a clear Scotland hater. The Britnat media in Scotland do not want you to know that.

    234. Cubby says:

      North chiel@1.47pm


    235. Hamish100 says:


      And the collusion stretches to the NUJ and linked trades unions and professional bodies.

    236. Cubby says:


      Sadly it does but as each year passes more and more Scots are getting wise to what’s going on. A tipping point will be reached where enough people will just not accept it. A bit like the Communist party in the Soviet Union.

    237. Cubby says:

      I never watch the Nine on the new BBC Scotland channel last night so I never included their coverage in my comments on Blackfords comments at PMQ’s

      So for the sake of completeness I forced myself to watch it. Would this new dedicated SCOTLAND channel be any different and include the comments made at PMQ’s on Scotland and Scots by Bojo.

      It’s a big NO. The exact same coverage – just the second Blackford question re racism for muslims/Africans etc. They even had the same Interview with Tory MP Clark saying it’s not racist language it’s “fruity language”.

      It’s collusion to manipulate the news.

      BBC Scotland channel just the same as the rest – Britnat propaganda channel.

      (Did have some sympathy for Beattie when he realised his daughter had failed at the football in Paris.)

    238. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      It is actually worse than collusion @Hamish100 says at 4:01 pm

      They are following the doctrine of the Nazis when covering ANYTHING to do with Scotland or her people:

      Think BBC, think British Nationalist Politicians then read the quote below:

      “Deprive them of their national consciousness, treat then as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly”

      No not Tory Policy or part of the BBC Royal Charter.

      It is a quote from SS Gruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heidrich.

    239. Thomas says:

      Honestly cunts like that make me puke, get off your fucking knees. arsehole.

    240. John Kirkwood says:

      Oops. Thought this was about Alyn Smith.

    241. Cactus says:

      Thomas said:

      “Honestly cunts like that make me puke, get off your fucking knees. arsehole.”

      Aye second yours Thomas, cheers bud

    242. Cactus says:

      Check this one out non-Winger Regan

      Pick up yer pieces and go home (watch oot for yer shadow like 2)

    243. Joe says:

      @ CameronB Brodie

      Regarding your comment on June 19 8:19 PM

      I didnt say this. If your only way to argue with someone is to make up things they said then you are really struggling. Typical social justice mindset. It would be pathetic if it wasnt dangerous

    244. Joe says:

      As an addition:

      Anybody who automatically compares criticism of a religion and its followers to a racist remark is in need of an infusion of brain cells. Or is guilty of profound dishonesty. One can stop being of a certain faith almost immediately by choice, not with race.

      The Abrahamic religions are all based on superiority. Each claim to be the chosen of the creator of the universe. The more closely the followers of those religions adhere to whats written in their books the more they resemble utter arseholes. Anyone can read these books and see it there on the pages.

      Christianity was the main culprit in Europe up until the middle of last century. Now its a different one.

      This is a fact. I know – lefties utterly hate facts. Facts interfere with dreamy eyed delusions and pose as obstacles to the kind of neo marxist ideologies that have infested the educational systems.

      Just look up Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Maajid Nawaz for anyone who wants to listen.

    245. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “It was in poor taste using it. You could have used a multitude of stories on KD on the tweet but you choose the one that leads with the fact she is now estranged from her father.”

      Um, because that was the only story that mentioned her appearance on Call Kaye.

      “Did she deserve to lose the case ? Yes. Did she deserve to pay the court fees? Yes. Did she deserve to lose her father over this?”

      I didn’t make her lose her father. She did that all by herself.

    246. Richardinho says:

      If you want to get to the bottom of Scottish Toryism, it is this: They are not sane. It’s as simple as that.

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