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It’s not just angels who have wings

Posted on June 20, 2019 by

My interview on this week’s Alex Salmond show:

Click the pic to watch.

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    It’s not just angels who have wings | speymouth

295 to “It’s not just angels who have wings”

  1. manandboy says:

    I loved it.

  2. Robert Peffers says:

    Good interview. Says things that have been said already by some Wingers but now we have them right from the, (proverbial), horse’s mouth.

  3. Clootie says:

    I watched it on RT. Good interview. However you may be responsible for several Yoon heart attacks if they watch it.

  4. auld highlander says:

    Top notch.

  5. ScottieDog says:

    Bloody miss AS

  6. manandboy says:

    In a UK steeped in widespread political corruption and criminality, and with perhaps the most comprehensive Government propaganda network on the planet, Stuart Campbell provides an absolutely vital service to anyone, but particularly in Scotland, who is interested in knowing the truth that is deliberately and systematically buried by the British political and media establishment.

  7. bobajock says:

    Thnaks again Rev, you might block me on twitter, but you sure are the most essential resource for anyone who wants to see the diseased side of the union.

  8. manandboy says:

    Seeing this interview by Alex on RT and how you came across so well, Stu, makes me want to hear and SEE you more often doing the same kind of thing on camera. And I suspect plenty more would agree. Give it a thought, would you.

  9. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Well done Rev. Excellent interview, but, Wee Eck will never get a gig with the BBC – he never once interrupted you.

    Willie Rennie will be beelin’ when he hears about it and your support for the Lib-Dems.

  10. winifred mccartney says:

    Well done great interview. Looking forward to WEE BLUE TWO

  11. Sharny Dubs says:

    Cool beans Stu, good to see you on form. Let’s hope your heading home soon!

    Form a new political party! Now there’s an idea, I have been giving the political landscape post Indy some thought and that would definitely be a move in the right direction. Give it some thought man!

    I would love to see parliamentary sessions from some of our similar neighbors, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland and the like, hopefully to give some alternative views of politics and how it should / could be done

    It was good to see AS to!

    The dream shall never die!

  12. Morag says:

    Good interview. Of course we know why they never invite you on to mainstream TV. Can’t have a measured, sensible and intelligent person actually revealed as such, can we?

  13. Frank Gillougley says:

    Brilliant. What a debt Scotland owes to the rev and WoS.

    A small note: i had a penny drop moment there. I had never before in all this time associated the title, ‘wee blue book’ with the little red book (or, to give its full title, Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong). I wonder if the title connotation was fully intentional. It’s just I’m a bit slow.


  14. Joe says:

    Anyone who watches the BBC for their ‘information’ need to be aware of 2 things

    Jimmy Saville

    Decades of coverups.

    Indeed any news that comes out of your TV should be taken with the following question ‘Why the fk do I even keep a TV anymore?’

    As for RT and the Russian bogeyman – if Putin had opened the gates of Russia to exploitation by western financial interests the guy could literally eat live babies every day and you’d hear nothing about it. Because western financial powers (particularly those well disposed to a certain non-muslim middle Eastern country) were thwarted from exploiting the place every time so much as the toilet gets blocked in a U.S or U.K government building its obviously Russian interference.

    Free speech in order to get at truth is a pillar of our civilisation. Western media is undermining that.

  15. Den Cairns says:

    Two Top Notch Titans of Scotland.

  16. Robert Pollock says:

    Thank you. Good work fella.

  17. Betty Boop says:

    Brilliant interview Stu. It’s great to hear lucid, sincere conversation on the screen. Was surprised to see my face appear on screen along with OH & WBBs; would be more than happy to help again!

    I love the way Salmond interviews in a manner which allows people to state their point of view.

  18. Maurice Taylor says:

    Where can I get a copy of the Wee Blue Book? Amazon don’t have any left. I need it to hit my brother over the head.

  19. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Rev

    Enjoyed the interview. When Alex asked about your plans after independence, nothing to worry about. Your contribution to our struggle is momentous. You’ll be the first recipient of whatever honours we choose to give out.

    You’re that good. (PS, I love the sweary stuff too.)

  20. Margaret Wilson says:

    Enjoyed the relaxed format of the interview. No strident questions or interruptions from Alex. Really miss him from politics as he’s such a great politician and could wipe the floor with the lot vying for Prime Ministership just now. Hope when we get independence you will form a new party. I’d vote for you.

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “A small note: i had a penny drop moment there. I had never before in all this time associated the title, ‘wee blue book’ with the little red book (or, to give its full title, Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong). I wonder if the title connotation was fully intentional. It’s just I’m a bit slow.”

    Alex actually asked that in an unbroadcast piece of the interview, but I pointed out that we were really channelling the Wee Red Book, the football bible 😀

  22. ronnie anderson says:

    Good to see that interview come to fruition I sowed that seed years ago as Marmite on Marmite lol.

  23. katherine hamilton says:

    Ah, the Wee Red Book. Evening Times production. Essential reading pre-season.
    Christ I’m getting old!

  24. Stoker says:

    Nice one Rev! The only thing missing was the comparison of the Wings logo with many other similar badges. Otherwise good stuff!

    Now to spread this around Twatter etc.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    I find it incredibly ironic that all the people who oppose Stuart Campbell as a *bigot* (he was actually found NOT guilty of being) are themselves bigots

    Stuart Campbell *suffers* from being a smarty pants and again the people who most oppose him are people who are NOT as smarty pants as him so that makes them sort of failed smarty pants, which is embarrassing for them ergo—jealousy and bitterness is bound to follow

    When you speak the truth followed by *so F..k you liar*

    Liars don’t like it so they gang up

  26. dakk says:

    Watched first half of interview and it came across well.

    Liked the somewhat irreverent manner which you threw the dog collar down.

    You could be struck down for such an unholy deed in John Knox’s day.

  27. Frank Gillougley says:

    Rev Stuart

    Must be my age – I had wholly forgotten about the national cultural fitba reference.

    Of course, Scotland’s current path would want to be anything but associated with China’s cultural revolution. I daresay we already had ours with the reformation.

    I had another thought. Has anyone heard anything from Tom Devine and what he makes of the sea changes taking place now in terms of Scotland’s history? He’s been noticeably absent.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    What are the media for if they don’t question and oppose lies on behalf of the people?

    In Scotland the media hostiley scrutinise the truth as if it’s a lie on behalf and in support of a government in another country

    Scotland is not a free country, it’s a country living under the pretence of freedom

    The velvet glove covering the iron fist is exposed

  29. findlay farquaharson says:

    nice bit of trick photography there, could hardly make out the horns and fangs

  30. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Just a thought in this latest wee stushie about the BBC “censoring” the line in FoS about us being able to still rise now and be a nation again: the BBC does not control the pictures from France, that is the responsibility of the host broadcaster, the French TV service.

    I cannot see French TV taking the side of any BBC “plot” to undermine Scotland and the Scots. Indeed, I would hope there is still some remnant of the Auld Alliance

  31. Maureen says:

    Maurice Taylor

    Here’s a link to download in pdf form. Hope it’s what you’re looking for!

    I converted it to go on my kindle for easier reading

  32. Wullie B says:

    Aye Stu, you smashed it, and Wee Willie Wanker Rennie will be up in arms seeing as you linked yourself to the fibdems, something any reader of this site has known for years

  33. Robert Peffers says:

    @:Joe says: 20 June, 2019 at 12:15 pm:

    ” … every time so much as the toilet gets blocked in a U.S or U.K government building its obviously Russian interference.”

    You got that right, Joe. What McCarthyism began in the USA has never really gone away and they are still seeking to find Reds under their beds.

  34. Jack Murphy says:

    Thankyou Stu.

  35. Robert Peffers says:

    @Maurice Taylor says:20 June, 2019 at 12:33 pm:

    ” … Where can I get a copy of the Wee Blue Book?”

    Go to the top right of this page and scroll down a wee bit till you see a picture of a Wee Blue Book and click on it. I’m not sure if you might need a printer or if you can only download it to your computer.

  36. Terry callachan says:

    I would love to see Stuart Campbell and Alex Salmond as MP,s in the Scottish parliament
    Maybe one day

    They would be invaluable in helping to shape Scotland’s future immediately after Scottish independence

    Both are hero’s to me

  37. manandboy says:

    Inclusivity is, as everyone in Scotland knows, a major policy position by the Scottish government. And yet, for aw that, Wings and AUOB haven’t exactly been embraced by the SNP. Maybe that’ll change in the near future.

  38. Liz g says:

    Well done Rev… Great interview…
    I absolutely love the idea of you keeping Holyrood on their toes after Indy!
    I have to admit I was a bit worried when you said this fund raiser was your ” Last Call”, about how we would stop a mini me Westminster forming.Especially if lots of prominent Yes supporters felt that the “job” was done!
    Please give it lots of thought. 🙂

  39. Capella says:

    Loved this interview. So rare to hear an intelligent discussion on politics these days. A long way from the Festival of Tory Britain over on the conventional channels. Brilliant idea by Alex Salmond.
    Wish it was a weekly fixture.

    After sitting through some lengthy business on the Scottish Parliament TV a timetable has now appeared. The discussion on the review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 will now take place at 15.35.

    Derek McKay currently baffling us with figures.

  40. Robert Peffers says:

    @Socrates MacSporran says: 20 June, 2019 at 2:08 pm:

    ” … I cannot see French TV taking the side of any BBC “plot” to undermine Scotland and the Scots. Indeed, I would hope there is still some remnant of the Auld Alliance.”

    Ah! Socrates, I’ve explained this one before. All so called, “Live”, broadcasts aren’t live. This is best noticed as how the broadcasters can, “beep”, our sweary words from, “live”, broadcasts. No editor has fast enough reactions to do so as in live broadcasts no editor knows what is coming next.

    In the old days they used tape loops that recorded the signal on a loop of tape, sent it round the loop, and played it back on a playback head and out to the transmitters.

    Now they do it digitally and can easily vary the delay in the signal. So an edit out of a bit of a signal is very simple.

    So the BEEB can edit out part of a song especially as the know the words coming next.

  41. Al-Stuart says:

    Al-Stuart says:
    20 June, 2019 at 2:39 pm
    Stuart Campbell,

    You have a beautiful mind.

    I just watched the RT programme with you and Alex Salmond. Two of my favourite people talking positive, decent and real politics.

    Unexpectedly, I was moved to tears when you referenced the welfare reform deaths as some of my friends are on the wretched…

    Thankyou for that grace. Thankyou for caring enough to mention deaths of the disabled when the BBC et al couldn’t give a fig.

    Stuart, I do have one complaint about the RT Alex Salmond programme… aye, there is always one with a moan…

    Your interview with Alex Salmond was TOO SHORT.

    Please can you, Alex and Tasmina have a chat about a regular “Wingers On Salmond” segment in the RT broadcast?

    Seriously Stu., I think an addition to WoS website + WBB + WBB2 + Television broadcast with the resultant access to massive Youtube podcasts would maybe add 5% onto the IndyRef2 YES result.

    Food for thought for that beautiful mind ?

    Thank you again chief for a brilliant television presentation with Alex Salmond.

  42. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says: 20 June, 2019 at 3:05 pm:

    ” … Inclusivity is, as everyone in Scotland knows, a major policy position by the Scottish government. And yet, for aw that, Wings and AUOB haven’t exactly been embraced by the SNP. Maybe that’ll change in the near future.”

    There is very good reasons the SNP doesn’t identify too closely with YES, AUOB or with any other Scottish independence movement for that matter. The greatest value of the YES movement is that it, WASN’T linked officially to the SNP but just arose spontaneously right across the country. Mind you I’d guess that many YESSERS are also SNP. AUOB’s greatest value is it has people in it who are actually from parties that would expel them for supporting the SNP. Labour for Indy for example for it is against Labour Party Rules to support any other party.

    Now answer me this question – how many times has Nicola said, even in the Holyrood chamber, that the SNP is prepared to work with any other party both to govern Scotland and/or to gain independence?

  43. DerekM says:

    Was that a wee chuckle i heard from oor Eck when you said that somebody needs to replace Willie Rennie lol

    Great interview Rev knocked that right out the park mate 🙂

    Indy or bust aint no going back in the box we burned that sucker in 2014.

  44. Hector says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in conversation with Alex Salmond in what was an interesting and impressive interview. Perhaps Alex might one day agree to you interviewing him in what would be a must watch interview. Thank you for all you have done to keep Wings going since 18 September and consistently inspiring and informing independence supporters. The prospect of you returning to Scotland and establishing a new political party is intriguing, you would definitely have my vote!

  45. Hamish100 says:

    Do you think Alex Salmond would interview David Clegg? Clegg would brick it!! How about Torquil Crichton? Leonard? Or unionists from the shipbuilding unions explaining why they were duped or are complicit in doing down Scotland.

  46. Dorothy Devine says:

    I too thoroughly enjoyed the interview and much admire your garden!

  47. Gullaneno4 says:

    Very good professional job.

    I am now waiting for Wee Willie to condemn the vile independence supporting Lib Dem cybernat.

  48. geeo says:

    Dr Jim@1.48pm

    A comment highlighted by the latest BBC QT line up.

    2 x Tory MP’s

    1 x Labour MP

    1 x Lib dem MP

    Tim Martin (wetherspoons owner and QT regular).

    Hard to believe EVERY politician from the UK’s 3rd largest representation in WM were unavailable yet again huh ?

    As for Politics live (apart from SNP politics) farce….no words needed.

  49. heraldnomore says:

    And has the quaich been used, or is it waiting for that special day we all know is coming?

  50. schrodingers cat says:

    Sarah Wollaston MP
    Once the 0.25% have crowned Boris, suspect we will see a Boris/Farage alliance with Farage promised a seat at the negotiating table in return for Brexit party endorsement & free run for Boris at a snap election

  51. Big Del says:

    Ruth the mooth flip flopping again…..
    Now it’s Gove she loves….

  52. galamcennalath says:

    Interesting Tweet …

    Two votes between Gove and Hunt. Frantic chasing of those 34 Javid votes. Hearing that Javid supporters splitting between the three camps, but most going to Johnson/Gove, less to Hunt. Too close to predict….. “

    … if true, then the last two will be Johnson and Gove.

  53. galamcennalath says:

    ” @annemcelvoy
    Lots of MPs telling me @michaelgove now overtaking @Jeremy_Hunt in final ballot for 2nd place. But this may be one of those rare days on which you cannot absolutely trust last thing an MP said “

    “Rare days”? Which days can you trust what they say?

  54. Ken500 says:

    Blue and white is the Saltire. Quite appropriate.

    Excellent interview going far and worldwide.

    Thanks Rev Stu for all you do changing people’s lives for the better. Thanks a brilliant effort.

    Could folk give links to all the Alex Salmond interviews. Spread them far and wide. Increase interest and support.

    Great to see Alex doing fine.

  55. Ken500 says:

    Boris will be an absolute disaster. Oblivion for the Tories. A total embarrassment. They could not make a bigger shambolic mess. Reminiscent of Thatcher’s downfall.

  56. Ken500 says:

    SNP members 120,000. SNP/YES supporters 2Million+

  57. Ken500 says:

    SNP members and reps support Wings, AUOB and every YES movement etc.

    The SNP Scottish Gov govern for all of Scotland. There is a distinction and a Code of Conduct which is supposed to be followed by all political Parties.

    First line of the SNP Constitution/rule book.

    The name SNP and support for Independence/YES.

    There are 120,000 members they can’t do everything and be everywhere. Others can help and do. Other people should join and help and fund.

  58. Capella says:

    Watched the statement on gender recognition. Interesting in that the SG is going to withdraw the advice to schools which was written by LGBT advocates and produce their own.

    They are also going to do a proper consultation this time. They are also going to to an Equalities Impact Assessment this time. So that is all good.

    However, they are still committed to introduce Self ID. Also, they are still conflating sex and gender and talking as if they really believe it is possible to change sex. That is worrying in a legislature. But at least there is the possibililty that reality will intervene.

  59. schrodingers cat says:

    Boris Johnson – 162

    Jeremy Hunt – 77

    Michael Gove – 75

  60. Welsh Sion says:

    Boris Johnson – 162
    Jeremy Hunt – 77
    Michael Gove – 75

  61. Welsh Sion says:

    Beaten again! Grrrrr LOL

  62. ElGordo says:

    Who will davidson support now that gove is out? fourth attempt.

  63. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 16:43,

    What “negotiating table” would that be? Do these Tories still not realise that they can blether about this as much as they like, and fantasise about non-existent “technological solutions” to the Irish backstop as much as thei like, and even sit down at as many tables as they like, but there will still be no-one on the other side!

    May essentially failed because she insisted on so many red lines it made “the deal” unworkable. Now it seems there are many Tories who are supporting Boris precisely because he is so untrustworthy and will betray whatever promises he makes to become leader of their party! Can an outright wangler reach any acceptable agreement with the EU and also save the Conservative Party from self-destruction?

    The only deal most shire Tories will now accept is no-deal, but if he tries that, there’s enough pro-Remain Tory MPs in the current HoC to support a successful vote of no-confidence, and if he betrays no-deal there’s enough other Tories to help bring him down.

    Boris could go down in history as the UK PM with the shortest ever period in office.

    Provided of course that Corbyn has sufficient gumption to do the actual deed. Another troubling question to ponder…

  64. Al-Stuart says:

    Schrodinger’s Cat,

    Thankyou for that news.

    I loathe that smug, odious, lying, devious little excumentum spouting backstabber Michael Gove.

    He must be crying that he will NEVER EVER be prime minister and unlikely to hold meaningful political office ever again.

    Gove lost it by just 2 votes and because BoJo asked five of his voters to lend their vote to Ceremy Junt. Machiavelli at its best and worst.

    Schrodinger’s Machiavellian Cat 🙂

    Not nice of us to intrude on private grief, but watching Tory ferret’s tear each other apart in a cr@p sack is particularly enjoyable.

    Tories are murdering barstewards and deserve all they get.

  65. jfngw says:

    Rumours are Jeremy Hunt has pleaded for Ruth Davidson to back Boris Johnson. He has spotted her track record, seven lost elections, everyone she has backed for leadership has eliminated.

    The bookies are waiting to lengthen the odds on whoever she comes out for. Who will be the man for her this time?

  66. geeo says:

    So there it is, the buffoon camp has completely stage managed a final 2 between him (leaver) and Hunt (remainer).

    In doing so, there has been payback on Gove for his shafting of the buffoon last time round.

    What is the pro rabid leave % amongst tory members again, about 78 ?

    Its another well engineered coronation.

    A sure sign of what is to come from the lying racist scumbag.

    A dream recruiting tool for Yes cause mind you.

  67. Scotspatriot says:

    I’d be willing to bet, Gove will be the next Sec of State Scotland !

  68. geeo says:

    jfngw says:6.39pm

    “Rumours are Jeremy Hunt has pleaded for Ruth Davidson to back Boris Johnson. He has spotted her track record, seven lost elections, everyone she has backed for leadership has eliminated”.

    Imagine if Davidson opted for Johnson and ‘seer’ McTernan opted for Hunt….then what happens ?

    Eternal confusion !!

  69. Lizzie says:

    Never posted before but watched the Alex Salmond and wanted to say great interview. Keep up the fantastic job.

  70. HandandShrimp says:


    Boris doesn’t like Gove…Northern Ireland for him 🙂 Gove may not serve under Boris though.

    Ross Thomson has been suitably toadyish. I think he will take Gove supporter Fluffy’s job.

  71. Lizzie says:

    Never posted before but watched the Alex Salmond Show and wanted to say great interview. Keep up the fantastic job.

  72. geeo says:

    Final thought on football last night.

    Cameroon just beat NZ 2 – 1 tonight.

    A result that would have guaranteed Scotland progressing with ANY win last night (by one goal on Goal Difference).

  73. Essexexile says:

    Gravitas, integrity and mental dexterity. Any politician would be envious of your qualities Rev.
    Enjoyed AS interviewing too. His questions got the best out of you and avoided the whole thing being a rather worthless puff piece.

  74. schrodingers cat says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    20 June, 2019 at 6:14 pm
    schrodingers cat @ 16:43,

    What “negotiating table” would that be?

    I think what is meant is if a no deal boris wins, farage would come to an agreement to not stand brexit candidates in a ge against tory candidates

    I’m unsure this would happen, maybe, maybe not. when ukip won the eu election in 2014, cameron adopted an eu referendum in the 2015 tory manifesto and the ukip supporters switched back to tory.

    i hope the brexit party do stand, in scotland anyway

  75. starlaw says:

    Tory leadership election now between Mr Toad and Hissing Sid, hope they both choke.

  76. jfngw says:

    @Robert Peffers

    There are no ‘delay lines’ in BBC Scotland transmissions. All live interviews are live, hardly any are actually ‘live’ as most are recorded.

    BBC have deficiencies but inventing things that don’t actually happen is just misinforming people.

    The delay line was common practice in commercial radio as they were very wary of their licences and swearing on air was something they could be censured for, don’t think that is still the case though. I’ve never known it to be used at BBC Scotland, even on radio. Doing this on video is not simple as it would be visually obvious an edit had happened.

  77. schrodingers cat says:

    bojo will win, no question

    a ge is a certainty now

    hope stu has the wbb2 ready to go to the printers

    more importantly, i hope he has enough funds for 1 million copies

    (£250k if my info is correct, not a small amount 🙁 )

  78. schrodingers cat says:

    Robert J. Sutherland

    you are correct about the present make up of the hoc, that is why a ge is certain. it would enable bojo to

    1. deselect remainer tories or anyone who doesnt support no deal

    2. head off the bxp threat to the tories

    3. win the ge and ensure he can get no deal through the hoc

  79. Phil says:

    Dr Jim says: 20 June, 2019 at 1:48 pm

    “What are the media for if they don’t question and oppose lies on behalf of the people? …”

    Business. Business is what it is all about. What does business mean? Business means PROFITS. Political success in the United Kingdom means PROFITS.

    They concieve no profit in proper analysis and proper care for the livlihood of the population. Nor in proper journalism. Proper journalism is a threat.

    Wings is a threat.

    Well done Stu and thanks Alec + Tasmina for the interview.

  80. jfngw says:

    Maybe the better way to frame this is which of the Tories in Scotland will Ruth Davidson get behind, will she fall behind the Hunt or the Johnson contingent. Not so much of a leader but a follower who is late to the party.

  81. jfngw says:

    The Tories have given Michael Gove a message and ‘sent him homeward to think again’, they probably enjoy the irony of it.

  82. Phil says:

    Gove ? ! Do actually he can really ‘think’?

  83. Robert Peffers says:

    Ian Blackford having a great meeting in Dingwall:-

  84. Liz g says:

    Shrodingers Cat @ 7.22
    And dump the DUP… They don’t really give a shit about N.Ireland anymore now and would quite happily give it back to the Republic in the next few years
    That’s probably why they keep it So poor!
    I think that what they really want to do is put the border in the Irish Sea and then think that they can deal with how that breaks the Trade agreement in the Treaty of Union with us.
    Mainly by hoping not enough of us notice and that most Scots would just put up with it anyway. Not an unreasonable assumption it has to be said!!

  85. manandboy says:

    Transgender legislation put on hold apparently pending further consultation.

    The right decision to be sure.

  86. Cubby says:

    Good to see Andy Murray back playing and playing well.

  87. Ken500 says:

    The ConDems (Libs) introduced fixed five year parliamentary term. Johnstone cannot call a GE without HoC consent.

  88. Ken500 says:

    The Tories would lose a GE

  89. Ken500 says:

    Well done Andy and Jamie and the other winners. Great tennis.

  90. Phydaux says:

    What a treat…a civilised discussion between 2 inspirational, intelligent and compassionate men. Thank you Stuart for keeping on fighting the good fight, for your incredible resilience, courage and outstanding journalistic integrity. I am inspired to donate again. Shine on Stuart, you deserve our gratitude and support.

  91. Gary45% says:

    Good wee interview Stu.
    Nice One.

    Will Colonel Ya Daftie give her full backing to “Cartoon Coupon” Nigel, when the current Tory dross implodes.
    Or will she simply keep shouting ESEMPEE BAAAD, while the country dies under Westminster mis-management.

  92. call me dave says:

    Aye! Murray looks fit and keen watching him on the sports stream with the sound off. sets 2 – 0.
    Spoiled by all those flag wavers at the end. 🙂

    Thanks to Hot Chilli Peffers for the link to the Ian Blackford meeting enjoying it as I send this.

  93. jfngw says:

    BBC Scotland have two channels that they can transmit on, BBC 1 and BBC Scotland. They chose to put the final Scotland game on neither but leave it on BBC 4. It was on BBC Alba but this channel has no HD service, BBC 4 is in HD but is on a marginal frequency in Central Scotland (channel 55 or 56), not everyone can receive it as not all transmitters broadcast this channel, plus even from Blackhill it has a lower power output than the main channels (some days I can receive it some days I can’t depending on the weather).

    So in effect the powers at PQ decided an inferior service coverage was good enough for Scotland, I think that pretty much sums up BBC Scotland.

  94. TheItalianJob says:

    Watched you on the AS show.

    Well done and you put your points a across very well and coherent.

    As usual AS let his interviewee speak without interrupting and this is why it’s good to watch the AS show.

    Keep up the good work Stu we are all with you.

  95. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 19:22,

    Yes, a GE does sort out the HoC dilemma. One way or another! And might indeed pre-empt the Faragists. If they can trust Boris enough. (But who can, eh?)

    However, most of the Tory MP chatter in the debates has clearly shown that they are unwilling to go for a GE until after Brexit has been delivered. I don’t think that’s deliberately diversionary either, they do seem to be genuinely afraid of an election right now, and for good reason. Which is why they’re so dead set on Boris, of course. He’s their last chance.

    Like you, though, I really would like the Brexit Party to stand again in Scotland, whatever the GE timing.

    (And of course a full-on indy manifesto by the SNP. Which I believe it will be.)

  96. Ahundredthidiot says:


    Ever thought of a Rogan style pod cast approach?

  97. Cactus says:

    Cheers to Stu and Alex, excellenty

    Every time that bell rings like…

    Scotland wins oor wings

    Wur West End, burp!

  98. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Liz g @ 19:50,

    I think that what they really want to do is put the border in the Irish Sea and then think that they can deal with how that breaks the Trade agreement in the Treaty of Union with us.

    That would unblock the logjam without a renegotiation, so it’s eminently plausible. And as the polls show, there would be no political price to pay in England. (Might backfire in Scotland, but they don’t care too much about that. So sorry, stalwart Tank Commander.)

    And maybe they would be quite content for the DUP to dump them so they could call Corbyn’s bluff.

    But could all that happen before October? Is that why BoJo has mentioned an extended transition period?

  99. Bobp says:

    Enjoyed the interview, I taped it so have just finished watching it. Excellent.

  100. Capella says:

    @ Robert Peffers – thx for the link to Ian Blakford’s meeting. I just caught the last 5 minutes but it was a good crowd. More people there than at the Tory Party conference.

  101. Essexexile says:

    Just typed out a long comment about how great it is that the GRA revision has been canned and that indy has potentially been saved but my phone crashed as it was being posted.
    Anyways, the important bit to re-type is a huge well done to the Rev for (co-) leading the online assault to get it ditched.
    The trans agitators will froth but that is the end of the matter I hope.
    Note to other Wingers, it really is important to acknowledge and engage in these issues if they are a threat to indy. Too many were sticking their head in the sand.

  102. Terry callachan says:

    To essexexile ..your post of 8.52pm..

    If GRA revision is being cancelled it would be beneficial for all to know why.
    After all the time and effort put in to the review I’m surprised
    Perhaps it was just too complicated or too controversial

  103. Dan says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland & Liz g

    Leo Varadkar earlier today. Short 1.30min vid

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 20 June, 2019 at 8:47 pm:

    ” … I just caught the last 5 minutes but it was a good crowd. More people there than at the Tory Party conference.”

    Hi, Capella, if you click the YouTube link to Broadcasting Scotland after it starts and then click on the start of the broadcast, (the red line along the bottom), the broadcast begins at the beginning again.

    Matter of fact I had missed the first 10 minutes myself as I was doing something else when it started. Which was why I was late posting the link. It really was very interesting. Ian is a very good speaker. Like all the better politicians he can think on his feet and needs no script.

    Another thing was the audience were really clued up too.

    Anyway the link remains up on YouTube so you can go and view it at anytime after the live stream has started.

  105. JohnBobJovi says:

    Ach I think we should all be staying well clear of Kremlin propaganda TV. I know the MSM treats us like shite but lets not jump into the arms of a murderous enemy state.

  106. Terry callachan says:

    This is a good independence website…see link at the end of this post

    If you want positive information about what the SNP and the Scottish government are doing this is the best place to look

    The fantastic job that SNP and the Scottish government are doing in the face of a hostile Westminster government and a hostile lying propaganda filled BBC and STV is absolutely incredible.
    What’s more this website also shows which Scottish government MP,s ask for information through the freedom of information regulations and it details what it is they ask about and what the results are.
    You will be amazed at the sneaky sly actions of the Tory labour and Lib Dem’s in Holyrood for example just this week Monica Lennon has been asking about how many patients in Scotland have been poisoned by listeria etc from hospital sandwiches obviously hoping to dig some dirt and blame the SNP and obviously doing this digging because of the listeria poisoning crisis currently being experienced by patients in eight English NHS hospitals.
    Of course she has not stood in Holyrood to speak about her findings but that would be because there have been zero patients poisoned by sandwiches in Scotland.

  107. Liz g says:

    Dan @ 9.01
    Thanks for the link Dan…
    Westminster might have to go for a General Election just to get an extention….. Ye couldn’t make this stuff up … LOL

  108. Essexexile says:

    Terry Callachan

    ‘Perhaps it was just too complicated or too controversial’

    Well, I commented that I wasn’t happy about the Rev suggesting Sturgeon would be a rape enabler if the reform went through. I still reckon he went too far, but if that made the difference in getting the whole thing dumped…..?

  109. Terry callachan says:

    To Cactus…your post at 8.36 pm

    Well said, fantastic too ,what a film ,the story is truly wonderful
    Your post just brought images from it into my mind
    All those folk in his downstairs hall and living room putting money in the hat and
    singing “auld lang syne “

    In those days before tv people really did burst into group singing so readily

    My heart flutters when I think of the day Scotland declares independence and picture people in the streets all over Scotland and elsewhere in the world singing flower of Scotland or auld Lang syne
    waving Scotland flags and celebrating the country that is Scotland

  110. Proud Cybernat says:

    There’s just not the numbers in HoC for Johnson to move any further forward than the Maybot. He’ll hit the same brick wall as she did.

    So–he will maybe trust the recent (YouGov??) poll which says he’d win a 140 seat majority if he went for an early GE.

    You know–he’s daft and bullish enough to go for it. Deselect the Tory Remainers, dump the DUP and pretty much do what the hell he likes.

    It’s not impossible that’ll he’ll go for a really early GE, wrong-footing just about everyone.

  111. Cactus says:

    Aweright Terence ~

    Ahm headin’ back in for the guidness

    LOVE Scotland X

  112. Cactus says:

    Fucking Wings!

    It don’t get better than THIS…

    Stay tuned readers mwah!

  113. Dr Jim says:

    If Scotland were Independent our FM would be putting Westminster in its place exactly the same as Irelands Boss is

    Ya see what could happen if we were in the EU

  114. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “I’d be willing to bet, Gove will be the next Sec of State Scotland !” Don’t waste your money with that bet @Scotspatriot says at 6:47 pm

    It’ll be Ross Thomson MP the BoJo Fanboy Zoomer.

  115. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dan @ 21:01,

    Thanks for that, Dan. EU solidarity is impressive (and ever more necessary with a twister like BoJo in charge).

    Would a second Scottish independence referendum count for a delay, d’ye think? =grin=

  116. Cactus says:

    Indeed Dr Jim

    “Ya see what could happen if we were in the EU…”

    By being under Scotland’s remit… fuck Westminster like, knot

    By OUR command

  117. Cactus says:

    That fact that oor Alex spoke about the swearage with boss…

    The passion comes in many many many many many forms

    Many have yet to learn the etiquette of the way

    Lost the friends, met others on the way…

    Then to understand

    Fucking 42

  118. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “What “negotiating table” would that be?” you rightly ask @Robert J. Sutherland says at 6:14 pm

    There is NO EU Negotiating Team.

    They disbanded months ago.

    The BritNat media KNOW THIS.


    It is not just BoJo who is bullshitting the UK Electorate (as we on WoS know).

    Depressing to think we are weeks away from “GSTQ & Her Openly Fascist Regime”.

  119. Lenny Hartley says:

    Proud Cypernat the Rev’s already explained the plan in a post weeks ago, basically once he is choosen as PM then between the five weeks holiday and Conference season he only has to sit out a month kicking the can for no deal to be implemented. The HOC can do nothing to stop it, the Government decides the business of the house, a recent attempt to give Parliament control of the business failed.
    Remember it is already enshrined in law that if a deal with Europe cannot be agreed then out on our bare arses on October 31st is the default, it does not need Parliamentary approval.

  120. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 21:18:

    It’s not impossible that’ll he’ll go for a really early GE, wrong-footing just about everyone.

    Not least everyone in his own party. He is reckless enough, it’s true, so you (and the others) could well be right.

    But there’s a potential Catch-22 in there. He would evidently need a GE to get an extension, but as things stand, to win an election in England he would surely have to go to the country on a “no-deal” manifesto, for which an extension would be quite superfluous…

  121. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 20 June, 2019 at 6:00 pm:

    ” … they are still conflating sex and gender and talking as if they really believe it is possible to change sex. That is worrying in a legislature. But at least there is the possibililty that reality will intervene”.

    I don’t believe it is a question of people changing their sex. I already posted that I know little about the subject but I also posted that in my teens I had a friend, (I always seemed to attract people who were ill, disabled or had problems, often mental problems).

    I am a good listener and have always empathised with those who were troubled. This person was born and the medics couldn’t determine the person’s sex. Unfortunately nether could the person themselves.

    This is actually not as rare a problem as is often assumed and I believe it is somewhat easier now for medical science to reach a conclusion than it was back then. The person was a very gentle and nice person and also very vulnerable. In the end the person took their own life.

    Now I believe what the SG are attempting to do is to make life easier for such people who at birth are classed wrongly to declare themselves as other than the sex assigned them at birth.

    Somehow I cannot believe that a fully fledged female or male who just decides they are the opposite sex is what the SG is really concerned with by this legislation.

    In the first place, during today’s debate, it was made abundantly clear that Holyrood were not going to change the original Westminster act but were rather going to attempt to add something to it to clarify its deficiencies.

    Somehow I suspected the rather more lurid claims being flung about on social media of rampant males declaring themselves as female without any medical evidence being needed for their claims in order to perpetrate forced sexual attacks upon ladies in toilets was just a wee bit exaggerated.

    My impression gained from today’s Holyrood debate seems to bear that impression out. It seems like the idea is to subject would be self declarers of sexual change to be subjected to stringent, and prolonged medical and phycological investigations to prove their claims are genuine.

  122. Cactus says:

    Ah’ve just met the excellent Gordon Hodgekiss frae Celtic Music Radio

    IndyLive & Celtic Music radio be twinned like


  123. Well done Stu and well done Alex and good to see Tasmina,

    had the makings of a regular spot for the show,

    `Stu and Alex, Speaking truth to power`, debunking the MSM lies and propoganda,

    the yoon hacks at the BBC/Herald/STV/Daily Record would be beelin with impotent rage.

  124. Cactus says:

    Ach it’s Thursday night aye

    Anything goes like


  125. Cactus says:

    Ah wee hi tae mah LOVEly lady Liz g xx

    How do ye do babe?

    We are

  126. Liz g says:

    Cactus @ 10.08
    And a big HI right back at ya my friend
    I’m good how you been?

  127. Cactus says:

    Hey Celtic Music Radio… we can do ah shout out for you if you could do one for us like IndyLive radio

    Indy’s comin’ Scotland…

    Et fuck

  128. Cactus says:

    Been guid Lg… headin’ back intae the madness

    Donnie’s blowing da blues honda 17

    Honda harp like

  129. Liz g says:

    Cactus @ 10.17
    Have fun X

  130. Cactus says:

    The gig has finished downstairs Lgx…

    We’re going upstairs NOW like

    Haud meh back baby

  131. Macart says:

    Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview. 🙂

  132. asklair says:

    worth watching

  133. Capella says:

    @ Robert Peffers – the condition you describe is known as “intersex”. It is a medical condition which affects c 1.7%. Even so, they are definitely either male or female.
    There are three aspects to consider
    1 chromosomes – either xy = male or xx=female
    2 gonads – either testes = male or ovaries = female
    3 genitals – the visible outer bits. In intersex people these are usually different. Nevertheless if you have xy chromosomes and testes producing testosterone you are definitely male.

    Intersex people are mostly not trans and resent being used as cannon fodder in this battle.

    Hope you have all enjoyed the biology class!

    But this is not what Self ID refers to. That means biological men declaring themselves to be women without having to go through the process of getting two doctors to confirm “gender dysphoria”. Never mind the impossibility of changing sex, this will have many implications for women who really are women. It also defies a billion years of life on earth (side issue).

  134. Jock McDonnell says:

    2 Tory MPs on QT & no SNP. It’s just a joke show now.

  135. auld highlander says:

    “Tory MP blames ‘whinging Scots’ for results of YouGov poll”

    and he goes on to say………….

    “We think Northern Ireland is special. And it doesn’t whinge the whole time about wanting to leave the United Kingdom.

  136. schrodingers cat says:

    most of the Tory MP chatter in the debates has clearly shown that they are unwilling to go for a GE until after Brexit has been delivered.


    the reality is the arithmetic in the hoc, it doesnt add up, there’s no majority for anything.

    the hoc will block a no deal and the revoking of a50.

    the only way to inblock this impass is a ge

  137. schrodingers cat says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    It’s not impossible that’ll he’ll go for a really early GE, wrong-footing just about everyone.


    that’ll be me PC, 🙂

  138. robbo says:

    Oh QT good the nite. Couple of mothers and grans ripping right intae them on panel about knife crime.They’re praising Scotland getting off their arse and doing something about it. Good on them.

  139. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 11.04
    Not to mention the condescending claim that men feel like they are really woman….
    How the hell do they know what it feels like to be a Woman, anymore than I know what it’s really like to be a man?
    What they are really sayin is they have an idea of what a woman is and that’s how they want to live!
    Now that’s absolutely fine anyone can live how they want to, and Governments should be making sure that people have that right.
    But why is there no acknowledgement that they are only interpreting their version of Womanhood ?
    Usually as far as I can see based on appearance!!!
    While Woman have been sayin for year’s we amount to more than what we look like.
    Then they wonder why we have questions!

  140. geeo says:

    Beat me to it robbo.

    That woman’s blistering attack against the panel, and the woman in yellow beside her, were brilliantly passionate and totally shamed the politicians.

    The audience are very aggressive v the MP’s on panel, English folks getting really pissed off with their politicos, finally awakening to them at last maybe ?

  141. kapelmeister says:

    Whit? Jackson Carlaw is Holyrood Magazine’s MSP of the Year. He gets an award for standing in for Davidson for a few months, during which he did nothing memorable.

  142. Morgatron says:

    I’m ready for my close up Mr D Millie! Great interview Rev SD Campbell.!!

  143. Ghillie says:

    Aw well done Rev Stu. Smashing interview =)

    You came across really well, not too scary at all (but then I’m not a unionist!)

    And not a hammer in sight. Just a wee robin.

    So unusual and so refreshing to see such an interview where you weren’t interrupted, goaded, taken out of context, talked over with spurious nonsense but were asked interesting and salient questions.

    In short, how refreshing to hear a normal, engaging and informative interview (so well done Alex Salmond for that!)

    Well. If winning Independence will bring you home Stu, then that’s just what we’ll have to do 🙂

  144. Capella says:

    @ Liz g – I once knew a male colleague who identified as a woman and his (sorry I can’t bring myself to use the wrong pronoun) idea of a woman was a very stereotyped version of the daffy female – capricious, unreliable, emotional, incapable etc. This was years ago, before it became an issue, so I took it to be a mental health problem.

    But he kept firm control of the techy side of work. Not completely daft.

  145. Footsoldier says:

    Liz G @ 11.28 pm
    “Not to mention the condescending claim that men feel like they are really woman…” and “Usually as far as I can see based on appearance!!!”

    Could not agree more. How many can be found wearing “twinset & pearls”? Usually high heels, short skirts and piles of mascara for starters.

  146. Cactus says:

    Hey ah couldnae post until recent like…

    SO wherz the party bitches…

    Et in all seriousness

    Cheers Rev… the truth is comin’

    Ahm l9vin’ angels instead

  147. Cactus says:

    Hey Scotland…

    Everything you know right NOW is goin’ 360

    Turn around every NOW & THEN

    Lift ur Wings…

  148. Cactus says:

    Ah love Alex

    Ah love Stuart

    Ah love like, if ye didnae what would ye?

    We are

  149. Cactus says:

    Tis raining the beautifulness in Central Glasgow right NOW

    Dance within it bonnie ayes

    Smallaxe knows

  150. Cactus says:

    Check out the cringe like


  151. Cactus says:

    Fuck that

    Try this

    Go black

  152. Cactus says:

    Ah’ve goat baws…

    They be big

  153. Cactus says:

    Send me an angel like, Wings…

    “In the land of the morning star”

    Reverb it

  154. Cactus says:

    Hey iScotland…

    Watch THIS space…

    When you wake up TODAY…

    Things will be different…

    Life goes on WITH somebuddy else like… hehe 😉


  155. Cactus says:

    DO you like ice cream like?



  156. Oor Linda says:

    You’ll be getting your own show next! Hopefully! *fingers crossed*

  157. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 12.20 & Footsoldier @ 12.20
    I’ve not known any Trans people personally and have only come across them in public spaces.
    I have to say that, while yes, I have always found them to be portraying the stereo type of a woman and clearly a man.
    I have also always found them more friendly than frightening.

    As to mental illness… I never really saw it that way.
    It seemed to me more of an attraction to the stereo type,the dress,the mannerisms ect.
    Not in a weird way either,more like an expression of something that pleases them. In the same way others live they way that they do…..being into their ” thing “!

    E.G. To me, dressing up in a football top and screaming and chanting at 22 men kicking a ball,paying to do this and …. well …you know how much is involved in being a fan… Is not a behaviour I really understand either…
    Yet many are passionate about this and would feel something missing in their life if they couldn’t do it. Infact the Courts remove the ability to do so as a punishment.
    There are thousands of other examplestoo, Pets,Religion,Music,the British Royals and especially Dress!!

    So,I don’t quite see it as a mental illness, anymore than I think being “that” into football, ect, is crazy and most definitely not for me!
    I see it more as an expression and am happy to let them get on with it.

    But a Woman, no,I cannot see how at all…
    I am willing to listen and see if I could be convinced at least part of the way and to accommodate where I can…
    I have to accommodate football ect, in many areas because others want it in their life,so why not?
    Biology though is non negotiable
    I won’t be told how to think either,that’s all mine.

    As to how we are to reference Trans people… Well..
    We expect to be able to have the use of our married name and change to Mrs if we want to despite our birth certificate.
    So I guess it’s a two way street.
    I don’t see any reason to be offended when old school friends forget and call me by my own name,because that’s how they think of me, and they would certainly be being rude, but not derogatory by doing it to make a point.
    So I don’t have a problem with addressing people in the way that they want,it costs me nothing and seems to mean a lot to them!
    Either way it has not a thing to do with the law so I would object to it becoming an offence to misgender someone.

  158. Cactus says:

    Hey Linda, exactly Lg, what you say, we could do THIS on our IndyLive radio…

    Linda knows 😉

  159. Cactus says:


    Mais oui

    C’est ce bon bon

    Hey sweety!

  160. Cactus says:

    Mon favourite song on IndyLive radio…

    North Sea Holes

    Audio-visual just for YOU fine Wingers

  161. Capella says:

    @ Liz g – I’m more of the Monty Python school of gender politics as in “Loretta”:

  162. Cactus says:

    THIS one was a request for and on IndyLive Radio

    Cheers you the requestrian

  163. Cactus says:

    Neutral dedication

    Cheers Rick

  164. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat23:23:

    the hoc will block a no deal

    It can’t, it doesn’t have that power. It has repeatedly dodged the issue anyway, thanks to rebel Labour MPs, but any such vote is purely indicative.

    Because of how it got here, to progress a managed Brexit, it has to pass May’s “deal” (with whatever face-saving minor twiddles added on the side). If it remains deadlocked on that, the default is no-deal. So if BoJo really wants that (or blunders into it), he doesn’t need a GE, he just has to sit tight and wait. And after going through some barely-convincing motions, blame the EU for “intransigence”, an alibi that Raab already prepared a couple of days ago, as other Tories have aired before.

    If BoJo really wants something slightly less drastic than no-deal, then either he has to charm enough of the current HoC into passing the current Withdrawal Bill, or the “nuclear option” is necessary as you mention. But a GE has its own multiple risks for his party, pre- or post-Brexit, but rather less with the latter.

    The only alternative the HoC possesses is to pass a motion of no-confidence in the government and if it does so twice, trigger a GE. BoJo himself might quite like that, of course. He’ll just blame the MPs.

    And it’s only the PM who has the power to revoke Art.50. Another of those wonderful little quirks of being a (vaguely-)constitutional monarchy.

    He won’t do that. Will he…? =grin=

  165. Cactus says:

    There be angels amongst us

    George knows


  166. Cactus says:

    Ahm in love…

    Ahm in tears

    Are you baby?

  167. Petra says:

    I’ve been really busy lately and have been doing my utmost to catch up on here. I’ve just listened to your interview with Alex Salmond Stu. Excellent overall. Interesting to find out that you ain’t a “Rev” at all and living in Bath, England have been / are a Libdem voter.

    I’ve never met you. Just “know you” from your blogs and input in relation to btl comments on here where you come across as being very loud, sweary and angry. Now I find out that you have a lovely, calm and very modulated voice Stu. Kind of, very, sexy sounding in fact which would set you up real well for a key position in our future Independent media (as a successful actor in fact). More so of course, other than sexy sounding lol, you come across as being politically knowledgable, passionate in relation to truth and justice, compassionate and sincere.

    From my point of view (from my experience on here / your Twitter account) I was totally amazed that you managed to get through your interview without swearing in line with Mr Salmond whom you never hear swearing at all of course. He asked about this which tells me that he feels that the issue is important. To my mind it’s where you let yourself down, Stu. 100% amazing talent ruined to some extent by 1% of abysmal sweary and angry behaviour. Just my point of view. Freedom of speech and all that etc, etc.

    And then I’ve just noticed that Nana Smith has been putting up with one obstacle after another on here in her attempt to post her MOST informative links over a number of weeks. It doesn’t surprise me as I’ve said before that she is a clear threat to the Establishment too. So who is trying to bomb her out? Figure that one out taking account of the fact that we don’t all zip up the back. Continue to keep your eye on the ball folks. All may not be as it seems.

    To my mind you were extremely harsh with her Stu. Left her sad (with me raging). Why was that? Do you want to put her off of posting on this site? This woman elderly and infirm (with clearly the heart of a young lion .. better still unicorn) has worked her bl**dy butt off for the Independence movement and has been a MAIN attraction to this site. For me at least. Anyone worked out how much time she spent on finding and posting links on here? No? Yes? I reckon that “humble” isn’t exactly in your frame of reference Stu, but why not just shock us all and hold out that olive branch to Nana. In other words man up man. Better still time to show some loyalty to those who have been EXTREMELY loyal to you.

  168. Cactus says:

    Hey Petra, long time since we last, how you been?

    Rev Stu knows what he’s doing

    Bed, Bath & beyond

  169. Cactus says:

    Hey, it is good to RAGE, it’s healthy like!

    How else would you feel that feeling

    Thenafter we channel that rage


  170. Cactus says:


    You want some RAGE…

    THEN do it in the name of:

  171. Cactus says:

    Hey, Nana knows, Petra ~

    Ah ken ah’ve dedicated many tae ye mah dear (some in the heat of passion) an ah was gonna dedicate this song one day to you Petra

    But NOW seems better for everybuddy:

    “All the things that we’ve been thru Petra” 🙂

  172. Cactus says:

    Here’s a tune tae level it awe oot… ah know it’s June like but

    An it’s not even November 19 yet!

    NOW is the time for GnR education

    It’s a never-ending phase

  173. Cactus says:

    You’re not the only one

  174. Petra says:

    The thing is that we (I) do know you by now. The Unionists best wee night owl pal. Another one to keep your eye on, IMO.

  175. Cactus says:

    Haha, cheers me dears, you make me smile 🙂

  176. Cactus says:

    Feeling Estranged like?

    This one is a stormy belter Petra…. tis just for you IMO

    It’s Friday babe

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    Gonnae dedicate ah song to me like…

    Ladies choice

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    You’re up

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    Hey Tinto Chiel like elo ~

    Cheers for introducing me to THIS excellent song dude…

    The mornin’ is gonna wake up tae THE madness (aye well nae wunder livin’ in this fucked up prism)

    In. My. Fucking. Opinion.

  181. Cactus says:

    It’s late Petra… it’s early… try this:

    Maybe ra treble Wet’s wae Marti Pellow fur afters

    Is it the Word?

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    Welcome to Clydebank:

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    “HOME and away”

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    HOME or away?

    Get on yo train!

  185. Cactus says:

    Returning you to the top-I-cal art-i-cal…

    Like Scotland

  186. Breeks says:

    geeo says:
    20 June, 2019 at 6:49 pm
    jfngw says:6.39pm

    “Rumours are Jeremy Hunt has pleaded for Ruth Davidson to back Boris Johnson. He has spotted her track record, seven lost elections, everyone she has backed for leadership has eliminated”.

    Ruth “Kiss of death” Davidson backs Jeremy.

    Heads it’s Hunt, tails it’s Corbyn….

  187. Willie says:

    Just watched the Tory MP Mark Davis propel himself from his dinner place at the Mandion House to assail a red gown clad lady who was making a protest on climate.

    And what an animal Field is setting about the woman. He now says he was fearing for his life as he marches her out of his plush dinner.

    Seems quite clear from this guys actions is that in a more private setting this is a man would have beat the living daylights out of this woman. This guy is a woman beater no ifs, no buts, and you know what – woman beating is OK because this guy will walk Scot free.

  188. skintybroko says:

    Petra @2:31 Well said, Nana has been a constant source of excellent links and I know I looked forward to seeing what she had come up with every morning on my daily browse. Hopefully Stu and Nana can resolve their differences and we can see her posting again.

  189. Golfnut says:

    @ Petra 2:31am.

    Well said.

  190. call me dave says:

    Maureen, spokesperson for Scottish Pensioners, on shortbread along with Lord George Foulkes campaigning against the >75s having their free TV licence cut.

    She wants the DWP to take back responsibility again and mentions that UK pensions are the lowest in Europe. 🙂

    Lord George has introduced a private members bill saying that “the Tories have broken a manifest pledge” (and their doing it deliberately) 🙂

    BBC2 & 4 & Radio 5 & Scottish 9 might all be lost.

    Scorching morning here in Glenrothes!

  191. Golfnut says:

    @ Liz g

    I’m afraid I sit very firmly in the cynical camp on this issue. That timing suits the UK gov as a distraction, and targets the most important demographic to both the SNP and the Yes movement. So, definitely cynical.

  192. Heart of Galloway says:

    Nice to see the soul of the Tory party laid bare in tooth and claw with Mark Field’s Bodyguard impression. He feared she was armed? Aye! Richt! As our esteemed RP would say.
    The incident evoked memories of Greg Stillson’s career-ending moment in Cronenberg’s political thriller The Dead Zone. It’s over Mr Field – and for your leader’ ‘precious union.

  193. call me dave says:

    Kevin McKenna on shortbread wringing his hands over many Scottish local publications closing.

    He had a bit in the Guardian about it.

  194. Wee Chid says:

    Willie says:
    21 June, 2019 at 7:17 am

    “Just watched the Tory MP Mark Davis propel himself from his dinner place at the Mandion House to assail a red gown clad lady who was making a protest on climate.

    And what an animal Field is setting about the woman. He now says he was fearing for his life as he marches her out of his plush dinner.”

    If the gobshite had grabbed me like that he would have been right to fear, if not his life then his manhood. A guid knee tae the nuts would have been my response while citing self defence. He saw her coming – he could have put his arm out and barred her way at any time – and she looked peacable enough that she would have turned away rather than confronted him. Big bully.

  195. Ken500 says:

    Nanna is sometimes busy. Where are Nanna’s links? They will come again. Even a few sometimes.

    Hope you are keeping fine Nanna. Best wishes,

  196. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana has already indicated that she is very busy working on other independence supporting activities – so let’s not nag her or Stu!

    CallmeDave , could you send some Glenrothes sun westward , I have a big washing waiting for just such a thing and we have big grey followed by wee blue followed by big grey etc.

    Cactus , a wee wave to you!

  197. Baldeagle58 says:

    Dorothy Devine says:

    21 June, 2019 at 8:45 am

    CallmeDave , could you send some Glenrothes sun westward , I have a big washing waiting for just such a thing and we have big grey followed by wee blue followed by big grey etc.

    Dorothy, we have plenty of sun here in Falkirk.
    Hope some of it gets to you and your washing line! 🙂

  198. Cubby says:

    Wee Chid@8.04am

    Saw that clip as well. Disgraceful. Grabbing her neck. ” Big bully ” not strong enough description IMO – bad publicity for Tory party. You could easily see that that Tory MP being a wife beater. Violence and aggression come easily to him. However would he he have reacted the same if it was a man?

  199. admiral says:

    Cubby says:
    21 June, 2019 at 9:02 am
    Wee Chid@8.04am
    Saw that clip as well. Disgraceful. Grabbing her neck. ” Big bully ” not strong enough description IMO – bad publicity for Tory party. You could easily see that that Tory MP being a wife beater. Violence and aggression come easily to him. However would he he have reacted the same if it was a man?

    Given that men who assault women are generally cowards, I guess he would have hidden under the table.

  200. admiral says:

    Heart of Galloway says:
    21 June, 2019 at 7:59 am
    Nice to see the soul of the Tory party laid bare in tooth and claw with Mark Field’s Bodyguard impression. He feared she was armed? Aye! Richt!

    She was wearing a sleeveless, floor length dress. Where was she hiding the weapons?

  201. jfngw says:

    @Wee Child

    Yes, I thought I had accidentally tuned into ‘The Boys From Brazil’, it’s hard to tell what you are watching now.

  202. mike cassidy says:

    Don’t tell the Tories!

    UK has vital Irish Border commitments even in no-deal Brexit, new EU paper says

  203. Dorothy Devine says:

    Baldeagle, thanks – could you get out there , puff out your cheeks and blow it westward?

  204. call me dave says:

    Margaret Mitchell MSP couldn’t form an answer as to how any new Tory PM could change the mood music in Scotland and possible oncoming independence.

    On shortbread ignored the question and stuck with ‘bringing the country together’ etc!

    She’s so out of touch she’ll be ‘gone with the wind’ at the next Scottish election unless on that list thing.
    (for older film goers) 🙁

    Sun still shining here…but willing to share!

  205. Gary45% says:

    Whatever the outcome of the Tory shambles, there will be a useless “Hunt” in No10.
    Dorothy Devine@8.45
    Have a look at a company called Rotaire, they do covers for rotary driers, its a cover that allows you to leave your washing out in all weathers without the clothing getting wet. We have had one for years.
    look up “Rotaire Dryline” on the internet.

  206. Willie says:

    Yes very much agree with earlier comments that if it had been a man then big tough Mr Mark Fields would have cowered out of the way. Out of all the people sitting quietly this guy has to jump up and assail the women.

    This guy is a women beater, a guy who anger and violence comes easy to, as long as it’s someone he can beat.

    I can see a “ try me “ response developing to this piece of shit. Like, ho, you, tough man, try me, go on, show me how tough you are. And you know what, he’d deserve it. And especially since the law will take no action against this privileged piece of shite.

    Woman beating is OK when your a Tory. Do not forget that.

  207. kapelmeister says:

    After the Tory candidates in the televised debates pretending to have caring credentials, Mark Field has provided a reality check and shown what the modern Tory Party is all about.

  208. Robert Peffers says:

    @auld highlander says: 20 June, 2019 at 11:18 pm:

    ” … and he goes on to say………….
    “We think Northern Ireland is special. And it doesn’t whinge the whole time about wanting to leave the United Kingdom”

    Fortunately, auld highlander, it is very easy to prove that such views are idiotic and those who hold them are idiots. However, we do not want to change their idiotic views for the very good reason that those idiots who hold such idiotic views are already of the opinion that Scotland is a burden upon England/UK/Britain and they are ready to cut us loose in order to free England/UK/Britain from the burden of subsidising those work shy Scots. The more of the idiots who believe that idiocy and are in the position of being elected to power and who spread their idiocy to others the better.

    It’ll only take about 10 minutes of English independence for the idiots to find out that their long held beliefs are idiotically wrong.

    It will warm the cockles of my heart, (whatever those cockles are), to point out to them, (after England/UK/Britain becomes independent), “Well we told you so and you didn’t listen – and no you cannot reunite the United Kingdom – go sling yer hook”

  209. Capella says:

    @ BDTT 6.51 – thx for link to interesting article. She did say that the Scottish Parliament has 59 seats which, as we know, is wrong. I also drifted off on a Robert Peffers style inner rant when she said that Scotland voted differently to the UK over Europe. Why can’t they bring themselves to say “England”? Again – doff cap to Robert Peffers and his consciousness raising posts.

    @ Petra – good post and I agree about Nana but hope she will return soon with links.

  210. call me dave says:

    What about al this ‘monetary support’ the BBC are supposed to be giving to the newspaper industry that nobody talks about.

    Will that money for TV licences be cut too?

    Asking for my Daily Mail reading Tory of >75 :-))

  211. Republicofscotland says:

    Very f#%king enjoyable, and a great explanation of the use of f%&king swear word, and how they have their place when f-ing needed.

  212. Hamish100 says:

    Big issue on Ulster radio just now about the DUP having a strategy to “hurt” Steven Nolan and remove from his radio show. Sammy Wilson Mp allegedly attacking bias.
    The BBC are anti-Brexit according to the DUP.
    Nolan hounds the DUP.

    The DUP and its sectarian mindset. We think you hurt us we will hurt you.

    Dark money anyone?

  213. lumilumi says:

    Great interview. Very pleasant to watch two people discussing important and interesting matters in a relaxed, civilised way. No interruptions, no shouting.

    My only gripe is that it was too short! I could’ve watched it for an hour or two!

  214. hackalumpoff says:

    @Petra, thank you for that but hey, less of the “elderly and infirm” Those who have met Nana know she is neither elderly or infirm. She does suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and it’s associated conditions. Due to nerve damage in her hands and fingers, copying, archiving, pasting, linking and then finding none of the links have appeared can be somewhat frustrating.

    She is busy with other Indy projects right now, of which finding links for Wings was just a small part of her day (actually mostly nights)

    Therefore rather than risk Stu’s wrath again, and getting increasingly frustrated at posts not appearing and not knowing whether her computer skills are at fault or ?? she is understandably reluctant to attempt any links.

    Now, some of you may think that Nana is a wizard with computers but really she is not. She does however have some black magic for finding links.

    For weeks she has had trouble posting links to this site. It looked like they were loading but she could see that the page was stalling and not refreshing.
    At other times she was getting the duplicate message comment yet neither the original or duplicate post had appeared.
    Other times, she got the “comment in moderation” response to which she was telling readers to check back later to see if they would appear.

    One morning it was so bad that she apologised, saying she didn’t know if it was her computer or the site filters.
    She mentioned this in a post hoping Rev Stu or whoever moderates the site would respond, she got no response.

    On Monday morning she attempted to post and nothing appeared. Later that afternoon she tried again with different links and mentioned this later in the thread, here is what happened:

    ” Nana says:
    17 June, 2019 at 3:48 pm
    Tried to post a few links this morning before heading for an early appointment. They did not appear and I’ve tried again just now and got this

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I can’t see any banned words so there is no point posting any more.”

    To which Rev Stu replied

    ” Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 June, 2019 at 4:56 pm
    “They did not appear and I’ve tried again just now”

    Seriously, how many THOUSANDS OF FUCKING TIMES do I have to tell people not to repeat-post? If it gets held up in the filters for whatever reason, I’ll deal with it when I see it. Comments don’t just vanish. They go in a queue that I check manually whenever I have the time. Sometimes that can be a while.”


    ” Nana says:
    17 June, 2019 at 5:06 pm
    I did not repeat the original post, I swapped a couple in order to see if I had done something wrong the first time.

    Rest assured I will not post again.”


    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 June, 2019 at 5:08 pm
    “I did not repeat the original post, I swapped a couple in order to see if I had done something wrong the first time.”

    How did you imagine changing the order of the words was going to alter whether they triggered the filter or not? Are you honestly telling me you haven’t seen ANY of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times I’ve explained how the filtering and moderation works and told folk just to be patient, and now you’re in a sulk? ”


    ” Nana says:
    17 June, 2019 at 5:18 pm
    I swapped a couple from another lot of four I had to post later, so not from the original post.

    Anyway I don’t sulk, but I do hurt. My reposting of articles has not happened in a long time as I tried to avoid but lately I have had a lot of trouble linking and switched computers in the hope the problem was fixed.

    I’ve supported this crowdfunder as I have done all your crowdfunders and likely will continue to do so as well as plugging the blog to all I meet.

    But now I’m done.”

    So, thanks to all Wingers for their concerns. If the posting issues could be resolved Nana is always willing to do whatever she can to support Indy.

  215. Dr Jim says:

    Sorry folks watched the clip umpteen times and the *person* was not assaulted or manhandled at any time, she was quickly and efficiently ejected from where she wasn’t supposed to be as she was making her way towards someone she shouldn’t have been anywhere near and nobody sat at that table knew exactly what her motives were or weren’t

    It’s really easy to cry woman assulted when you want results to go your way because that’s the side you’re on but this man removed a potential unquantifiable threat, just because it’s a woman is no less a threat, to complain of violence either means you don’t know what violence is or you’re allowing the emotional nature of your own case to mask the facts

    Tories are what Tories are but this won’t even get to court and neither it should as no violence was employed whether you consider this man horrible or not

    We’ve seen the milk shake stuff and everybody laughs, but suppose the next one’s acid, suppose this woman had stuck her pencil in someones neck, nobody laughing then

    People are demanding protesters being allowed to protest and that’s right and proper when there are police around to police them and keep them under surveillance in case of people who are NOT peaceful infiltrate them

    Just because this man’s a Tory and people don’t like him doesn’t make him automatically guilty, the woman who infiltrated the event is the guilty party

  216. Cubby says:

    Another Tory Sir Peter Bottomley has been on the telly defending his colleagues assault on the climate change protestor. Nothing but an apologist for assault – he says she could have had a knife. Any of the waiters could have had a knife. A license to assault anyone on the basis they might be carrying a weapon according to this Tory.

    Tories like to say they are tough on crime but not when it is a Tory criminal.

  217. kapelmeister says:

    The thing is, when we watch the clip of Mark Field we see a Tory MP. When people in Europe and around the world see that clip they see a UK Foreign Office minister.

    Yet the brexiteers still assume other countries are desperate to sign trade agreements with post-brexit UK.

  218. Cubby says:

    The National today.

    Front page headline.


    Subheading 1

    New Scottish bill to move 50,000 more on to the electoral role in time for indyref2.

    Subheading 2

    Change to franchise would make Scotland one of the most inclusive countries in the world.

    Callachan must have spat out his cornflakes this morning when he read this.

    Yes INCLUSIVE – none of this Bojo type racism in Scotland.

  219. Cubby says:

    Kapellmeister @10.43am

    Good point well made.

  220. kapelmeister says:

    Maybe Mark Field was hearing the words of Colonel Ruth and he thought the woman was a Scot come to steal the silver cutlery.

  221. mumsyhugs says:

    Excellent interview – and discovered you’re actually quite cuddly and not at all scary! 🙂

  222. winifred mccartney says:

    Mark Field was certainly rough in his handling of the demonstrator – but he would be being hailed as a courageous hero if she had had a weapon. Peaceful protesting is one thing, being somewhere you should not be is another and everyone has a right to defend themselves.

  223. ScotsRenewables says:


    Protest that inconveniences no-one is no protest at all.

    The woman was obviously unarmed, so your comment is meaningless.

  224. cassandra says:

    And finally, there will be further consultation which is a start.

    My role in this is minimal, many other women played a bigger part taking huge risks with their careers and personal safety.

    We needed to bring attention to the SG’s intransigence in places where they normally had unqualified support and have done that. In doing so I have ruffled a few feathers, it needed done, you don’t listen otherwise here.

    The sensible voices have taken it on board, the know-it alls have a lot to learn and probably won’t change their minds that there are other things worth discussing.

    So I am bowing out as we have a lot of work to do to get this next consultation right.

    Keep doing what you are doing, Stu.

  225. Graeme says:

    This should be in the last thread so it’s a bit OT now

    Thinking about that grovelling little arsewipe Regan Moran on LBC,saying he would get down on his knees and beg to stay in the UK, makes me wonder is he really any different from any other Scottish unionist, who when given the choice of dependence or independence chose dependence, they chose to be on their knees and the only difference between them and Moran is Moran was at least truthful enough to come out and say it

    Moran exemplifies the Scottish unionist perfectly and we wonder why as a nation we’re treated with disrespect and utter contempt by our so called partners in union, We will never have their respect until the day we get off our knees and take our country back because as long as we allow ourselves to remain in this state of servitude we don’t even deserve their respect

  226. A C Bruce says:

    Mark Field MP, Minister of State at the Foreign Office AKA Thug and Bully.

    Manhandled an unarmed woman, pushed her against a pillar, grabbed her forcibly by the back of the neck and marched her out of the venue. She was walking quickly past the seated guests. There was no threat and no sign of any weapon.

    There were, however, plenty of knives and other implements visible on the table which, surely, by *brave* Field’s thinking, could have posed a threat to him and other guests. No reaction from him on those.

    How do we know she wasn’t supposed to be there? How do we know she wasn’t an invited guest – and also a climate protestor (she could have been both)?

    He should be sacked and made to stand down as an MP. He should also be charged with assault since that’s what it was.

  227. Proud Cybernat says:


    The more important aspect of the new Franchise Bill is this bit:

    “It will seek to extend the right to vote to everyone permanently resident in Scotland, regardless of nationality or citizenship.” (My emphasis).

    ‘PERMANENTLY resident’. Which is excellent news as it will prevent holiday home owners and students resident in Scotland only for duration of their studies from voting on matters that will barely affect them.

  228. jfngw says:

    An MP looks like he assaulted a woman, some defend him that he could had been stopping a more serious attack. I wonder if he had spotted a man with a actual weapon he would have behaved this way, or the more likely outcome, he would have hid under the table.

    It’s very easy to be ‘brave’ when you are under no actual threat.

    I was on a jury at a trial where someone was found guilty of assault with less evidence than this, of course the man charged then was not a Tory MP.

  229. Cubby says:

    Dr Jim@10.38am

    I enjoy reading your posts but have to disagree on this one.

    I didn’t laugh at milkshake throwing or even eggs at Murphy. Violence vandalism etc is no laughing matter.

    When the prankster handed the Maybot her p45 at the Tory conference I didn’t see any of the men jumping up and forcibly grabbing him on the neck and taking him away – no – they waited for security.

    It would have been easy for Fields to block her path and politely ask her to leave. If she refused or acted aggressively/violently then that would be a different situation. He jumped up and grabbed her neck in an aggressive fashion with no words exchanged. She offered no resistance to justify his approach.

    As a separate point this does not say much for Tory competence as they seem to have a security problem.

    I would hold the same opinion if it was an SNP minister at an SNP dinner who behaved like this. You clearly have a different threshold for no violence being involved. If someone grabbed me like that I can assure you I would not like it one little bit.

  230. Sarah says:

    @Dr Jim and Winifred McCartney: I am surprised that you think the woman in a flimsy sleeveless dress could have had a weapon on her person thus justifying a heavy man pushing her into a stone pillar and then applying a paralysing grip to her neck.

    There is law about what is permissible to do to someone in your own house and this behaviour by Field breaks the law, I believe.

    I am chilled by the kind of attitude and behaviour that is being shown, and supported in the press/media. The Conservative leader contenders are terrifying. If the public everywhere in Britain lets this continue we will see previously unimaginable outcomes.

  231. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Haud oan a meenit. I know there is no off-season on hating Tories, but, a wee bit of sense please in the Mark Field case.

    The lady was wearing a sash which clearly identified her as a climate protester, therefore, she was likely to be an unwelcome “guest2 at that function. She appeared to be heading for the top table, and, as a protester, at the very least be about to cause a scene.

    Mr Field, probably correctly, identified her as unwelcome, he halted her progress, he over-powered her and escorted her away.

    As a former “bouncer”, I would say, he dealt with a potentially awkward situation, calmly, with the minimum of force and speedily.

    You might not agree with Mr Field’s politics, but, I thought he got ride of her very well and does not deserve the abuse he is getting for his actions.

  232. A C Bruce says:

    The climate protestors have a right to peaceful protest since England is still – though perhaps not for much longer given the way it appears to be going – a democracy.

    It’s a pity she never had the presence of mind to knee Field in the goolies when he first assaulted her and she was, at that point, facing him.

    That would not have been assault; that would have been self defence and the thug would have deserved it.

  233. Sarah says:

    @hackalumpoff: see O/T last night. 🙂

  234. Dr Jim says:

    The weight or size of the man ejecting someone from a premises has no bearing whatsoever on what is or isn’t violence or protection, also no one seems to want to mention how happy the woman was at what she thought she’d achieved

    Good luck to her for doing what she thought was right, that’s not the issue, the issue is she was where she wasn’t supposed to be and who knew exactly what she had planned no one knows until after the fact when everybody decides to become outraged because no one was harmed

    The hated Tory didn’t know that so he diffused any potential threat and removed it in case it was

    I’m on her side (after the fact) but I’d have done the same as him at the time

  235. Proud Cybernat says:

    Why didn’t Field simply stand up, put his arms out to block her path and then calmly ask who she was, why she was there and then ask her to leave?

    Why all the matcho man-handling? Was it really necessary?

  236. Proud Cybernat says:


  237. Cubby says:

    Proud cybernat@11.31am

    I agree re the permanent residency point. It is good news.

    Will it prevent Scots, ( using their parents address) who now live in England on a permanent basis but retain ( Wrongly IMO ) their voting rights in Indy ref2?

    I have never been against tightening up eligibility to vote. Only against blanket bans on foreigners
    ( as some people describe them ).

  238. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Will it prevent Scots, ( using their parents address) who now live in England on a permanent basis but retain ( Wrongly IMO ) their voting rights in Indy ref2?”

    That probably works both ways tho. There will be many Scots working/living elsewhere in UK that want to keep their voting ‘rights’ to vote YES in IndyRef2.

    Not sure how this can be remedied? Scottish tax code used perhaps??

  239. Cubby says:

    Proud cybernat@11.57am

    Difficult to estimate the scale of people doing this. No doubt it works both ways but if I had to guess I would say more people in this category would vote no. No evidence for that – just how I feel.

    The main point is if you are not a permanent resident in Scotland then no vote available should be the position. How to ensure that is the problem.

  240. Proud Cybernat says:

    “The main point is if you are not a permanent resident in Scotland then no vote available should be the position. How to ensure that is the problem.

    The change may not get through Holyrood in any case:

    “Holyrood now has the ability to set the franchise after powers were devolved as part of the Scotland Act, though change requires a “super-majority” in the Scottish Parliament, and needs approval from two-thirds of MSPs. That could mean reform is only possible if supported by Labour or the Tories.”

  241. robin says:

    good interview Stu
    I am confused however as you seem to be a reasonable sort of chap.
    Not at all like the satanic monster the yoons portray you as.

  242. robbo says:

    Well no matter what we think (Mark Field) has been suspended

    Oh well, move along now nothing more to see here.

  243. Cubby says:

    The Mark Fields incident has identified that people have a very different idea of what is violence and what level of violence is appropriate in varying circumstances.

    There is too much violence in the world. Violence should only be a last resort. I have seen incidents of what bouncers have thought was an acceptable level of violence to people who were annoying but harmless drunks. It was not a pretty sight. It is too easy to accept violence in our society.

    Being annoyed with someone is not an acceptable reason for agression/ violence. Even if you think it is low level violence.

    I doubt Fields would have acted like that if it was a man.

  244. galamcennalath says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    I had a Tory woman make an open admission to me. Her Scots husband retired so they had recently moved back to his home area. Her son was born in England, lives in England, and works in London. She said her son was registered to vote at their Scottish address because “his vote would do more good here”.

    We can assume that is one more NO voter for IndyRef2 who has not right to vote at all.

    I am quite sure this is illegal. The question is how to weed out people doing this.

    Perhaps random checks on the electoral register against other info, like tax code. Then perpetrators identified have the maximum weight of the law thrown at them, with considerable publicity. This would act as a deterrent because for the most part we are talking about people with careers and status to protect – they don’t want to be criminalised.

  245. Robert Kerr says:

    I watched the clip of Fields intervention from Craig Murray and the Guardian.

    He flared up in anger and accosted the woman.

    How dare she be here!

    He showed the Tory way. Watch out we can be next to suffer the Tory red rag flare up.

    The clip is available to view. View it as many times as you like.

    And think for yourselves!

  246. Cubby says:

    Proud Cybernat @12.15pm

    Yes I read that in the National this morning. Perhaps some of the Britnat parties will do the right thing for a change.

  247. Robert Kerr says:

    Oops.I linked to youtube.

    Sorry ref.


    look at the White Fox blog.

    and the youtube embedded doc.


  248. Abulhaq says:

    Regarding extending the vote franchise, further down the National article we have the following:

    “At the last independence referendum – according to an academic survey of 5000 people carried out shortly afterwards – 57.1% of those born outside the UK voted No.”

    In common with much of the off-topic, idle hands tinkering the SG engages in these days this raises the question, for whose benefit? Certainly not for those who support independence.
    Maybe a Sturgeon groupie might elucidate. As I really cared!

  249. Dorothy Devine says:

    Gary45 and all the sun sharers concerned with my washing , thank you and by the way my part of Glasgow is still grey and ominous – you can’t be blowing hard enough.

  250. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim @ 11.50
    Are you sayin that that when thinking someone is armed you jump up and get within striking distance?
    He checked her out on her approach.
    Any potential threat wasn’t coming from her neck,it was coming from her hands.
    Which he left free for the whole of the incident and therefore put the people he pushed her past at risk of her breaking free and using this “weapon”!

    As four of my lot have had an SIA badge in the past,I’m pretty confident when I say that …. He should have barred her way,ordered her to leave, and then and only then put his hands on her.
    He was in a venue that had security and he knew it,yet he didn’t wait for them to come and deal with her after stopping her…. No, he put his hands on her and pushed her out because he chose to,and when ye do that you bear all the circumstances of the indecent and it turns out she wasn’t armed.
    What he “thought” was irrelevant,ye take yer victim as ye find them…
    That’s the law and ignorance of the law is no excuse.
    Even a police officer can’t/isn’t supposed to just immediately to go physical force!
    Also,as of starting to write this I’m hearing he has apologised…. You don’t apologise if you’re sure your right?
    And if you would have done the same thing Dr Jim,you would have been wrong too!

  251. Proud Cybernat says:

    “I am quite sure this is illegal. The question is how to weed out people doing this.”

    Just hope ScotGov has thought this through and have a solution. Perhaps publicity campaign as you suggest, letting folks know that anyone on the electoral register in Scotland when permanently living elsewhere may face a fine of up to £5,000 with possible imprisonment.

    They’d be removing themselves quicker than snow aff a dyke.

  252. Golfnut says:

    @ Socrates McSporran.

    Sorry Socrates, you don’t grab someone by the neck to restrain them or try to control them. Wrist and elbow should be the first points of contact. In law you are only allowed to use reasonable force,that was way over the top.

  253. geeo says:

    Dr Jim @11.50am

    The problem with an assertion the Tory twat “didn’t know” who she was, is blown out the water by Sky News anchor Ian King, who was at the dinner, and stated on Sky news earlier that it was pretty much immediately obvious who the protestors represented well before the woman got to where he (Mark Fields) was sitting as not only did they all have suffragette style sashes saying CLIMATE EMERGENCY but they were also chanting CLIMATE EMERGENCY slogans.

    By the time Fields attacked the woman he KNEW why she was there, KNEW there was ZERO violence involved in the protest and KNEW there was ZERO physical threat.

    Not just Ian King saying that btw, other guests also saying his reaction was completely inappropriate.

    Clown trying to claim she could have had a knife ffs…yet there was an AIRPORT STYLE security scanner at the entrance.

    Utter tosh.

  254. ScotsRenewables says:

    Well, I made one comment on Twitter about the transgender legislation issue – pointing out that six countries have already implemented self-identification and asking what problems had been encountered – and I have now been blocked from Stu’s Twitter account.

    That seems a bit unreasonable to me. Is the blocking done by some sort of fierce alorithm?

  255. ScotsRenewables says:

    No more contributions to fundraisers from me util the block is lifted I’m afraid. I can be as petty as the next man.

  256. Cubby says:

    Liz g@12.32pm

    Totally agree with your post. But that’s not a surprise to me as I find your posts are consistently the most agreeable to me on Wings LOL. A good bit of sooking up there. Anyway excuse my ignorance but what is an SIA badge? And do I need one?

  257. Robert Peffers says:

    @winifred mccartney says: 21 June, 2019 at 11:11 am:

    ” … Peaceful protesting is one thing, being somewhere you should not be is another and everyone has a right to defend themselves.”

    Thing about that defence is the lady may well have been an invited guest at the do. She wore full evening wear and the only indication she was a protester was the sash she wore proclaiming the fact but why then did she wear that sash if not to specifically proclaim she was a protester? Why though come wearing evening dress?

    As to the bully boys right to defend himself there wasn’t any sign whatsoever the lady was in any way threat to him personally. She had, after all, walked peacefully past many other seated guests. Where was there any signs that anyone, much less her assailant, was in any danger whatsoever?

    Did you even bother to view the video of the event? There was absolutely no signs the lady was a threat to anyone yet this bully decided to suddenly spring to his feet and physically assault an obviously defenceless woman. I’d bet if the lady had pulled out a knife the bully would have been first out the door, pushing others aside, to escape.

  258. Capella says:

    @ cassandra – interesting. good luck with sorting this mess out.

    @ ScotsRenewables – Stu has stuck his head over the parapet on this trans issue and has suffered massive abuse for it. So it is quite possible he has a blocking system in place.

  259. Dorothy Devine says:

    What puzzles me is how she made her way right up to the top table without someone arresting her progress and ushering her , gently out.

    The handling of the lady is something with which I would not put up – my big brother was a bobby and taught me a few nasty wee tricks which do not demand too much strength , so watch out!

  260. geeo says:

    Dr Jim @10.38am

    “the woman who infiltrated the event is the guilty party”

    Guilty of what exactly ?

    A crime ?

    What crime exactly ?

    What offence did she commit ?

    When did peaceful protest become a crime ?

    What law allows an unprovoked violent assault to be carried out on a perfectly legal and non violent, non threatening protester ?

    Its like saying that i felt threatened by someone running fast towards me in the park, so i pre emptively smashed them in the face then claiming, “the jogger could have pulled out a weapon”.

    It is ridiculous as a defence, as i KNEW it was a Jogger and they were obviously no threat.

    I would be arrested and charged with assault, and rightly so.

    However, even allowing him leave to ‘defend’ himself for a moment, the next aspect is REASONABLE FORCE used to self defend.

    His reaction fails that aspect of law.

    There is no defending this utter prick.

  261. SOG says:

    Cubby – it’s a door person’s ID and proof of training, I guess it functions as a licence too. It’s from when the business got cleaned up.

  262. Liz g says:

    Cubby @ 12.46
    Aye Cubby that’s enough sookin up for the day,but pay attention tomorrow may need more 🙂 .

    An SIA badge is what people who work officially as Stewards now have to have..
    They sit a course and learn the dos and donts of Stewarding.
    You can work as security in general without one but to deal with the public (putting your hands on someone) you have to be a badged steward.
    And not following the protocol can lose you your badge even if you haven’t broken the actual law!
    You will have seen the badge on the arm of Stewards.

  263. Ken500 says:

    Bullying thug. Criminal. Like most of the Westminster Tories, They thing they are above the Law and the are. They break the Laws that they make. One Law for them another Law for the rest. Into Oblivion they go. How low can they go. Even lower. A complete and utter shambles. Good riddance.

  264. Ken500 says:

    Electoral roll. Gerrymandering, impersonation is a crime punishable by prison. People have gone to jail because of it. Anyone breaking the rules just report then to the council/police or official electoral organisation. It is a low take up rate in any case. They have to be on the electoral roll (checked) before they are issued with their polling/voting paper. Check as to their identity and address. The Scottish Gov/Council did a voting reorganisation quite recently. The information is relevantly up to date for requirements,

  265. Ken500 says:

    Those born outside the UK only have limited voted rights at present. Unless they apply for citizenship. Small proportion of the population. Many prefer to keep their own or joint citizenship. That is why free movement can overcome obstacles to citizenship. EU citizenship for all in common rights. Not discriminatory.

  266. Ken500 says:

    People can have only on electoral address in the UK for GE. Only one electoral address in Scotland for Scottish election. Or they would not be living in the house. They are living elsewhere. They cannot be put on the house address because they do not live there. It is breaking electoral Law. The person giving the information is in breach of electoral Law. Just report it to the Council. They Council tax payments could be out. Illegal.

  267. Ken500 says:

    They would not be on the electoral roll. When they vote there address/Postcode is checked. They would not be issues with polling/voting paper. The Councils keep the records.

  268. Dr Jim says:

    Well my goodness we’re all making up stuff I didn’t say now
    This woman was where she was not supposed to be or allowed to be, and this carry on was going on all over the room, it makes no difference whether you like Tories or don’t the woman was disrupting lawful proceedings unlawfully and the man moved her out, he didn’t assault her in the slightest , he held her and moved her out of the room (as she’s leaving take a close look at the smile on her face she was happy she’d got what she wanted) and his suspension will be for the short time they take until the faux outrage subsides

    I don’t like Tories anymore than anybody else but reverse the situation of a bunch of uninvited people crashing your own event what do you do, just sit there and let them do what they want whether it’s men or women

    You can’t shout equality then say women can disobey the rules just because they’re women and therefore weaker because that justifies protesters using women to break the law in the hope a man touches one then they shout assault

    I owned and ran my own restaurant and entertainment complex for a number of years and when people enter to cause trouble you move them out as rapidly as you can in the hope of avoiding risk to your customers and the reputation of your establishment because the longer you leave them the worse it can become and in an ongoing situation nobody knows the outcome until it’s over

    That’s when all the second guessers and faux outraged become experts in how to handle situations that most folk have likely never had to deal with

    I have and the number one rule is don’t allow it to escalate, get rid of the problem talk later

  269. Cubby says:

    Liz g and SOG

    Thanks for taking the time to explain. Hope I haven’t overdone the sooking up Liz g

    I don’t think I need one of the badges. But good to learn something new.

  270. Dr Jim says:

    The full video is now available of what happened, take another look

  271. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dorothy Devine says: 21 June, 2019 at 12:53 pm:

    ” … What puzzles me is how she made her way right up to the top table without someone arresting her progress and ushering her , gently out.”

    Yes, Dorothy, It is the point I’ve been making. The lady was wearing evening dress. This suggests she was an invited guest, you don’t normally go to protests in evening wear. She also wore a sash proclaiming she was a protester. Both of which suggest she was both an invited guest, with every right to be there, and a protester too. Not impossible I’m sure.

    We do not know when she put on the sash but that is not the point. How did she even gain entry to the room? One suspects there were either tickets if it was a sort of fund raising do, or invitation cards otherwise. One thing for sure, she didn’t get as far as the dining room without having been through security checks or by presenting an invitation or paid for ticket.

    They do not run such occasions with government ministers attending in London without security measures but the lady was calmly walking through the room. Now I cannot believe she walked past the security wearing a sash declaring she was a protester.

    Even the many suggestions she could have picked up a knife from the table is daft. Table knives are not exactly sharp. Try it yourself – draw the blade of a standard table knife across your finger – it would take considerable strength to actually cut yourself and they do not normally have points for stabbing your food with. I suppose the lady could have hit him on the head with a soup spoon, though!

  272. Cubby says:

    Tories have a past when it comes to getting aggressive with people they do not like.

    One of the previous Tory MPs in my constituency East Ren but I think it was Eastwood then – called Alan Stewart took a gun and his son and a friend of his son along to scare/ discourage the environment protestors trying to stop the construction of the M77. It was a Sunday afternoon and he had been drinking. On what planet can an MP think this was an acceptable way to behave.

    He was lifted by the police. His career finished.

  273. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    I believe that The Scottish Government are going for the:

    “No representation without taxation” to play on the words of the 18th Century American Colonials @Proud Cybernat says.

    “You pay Scottish Income Tax if you live in Scotland. It’s paid to the Scottish Government.”

    So MAIN home in Scotland = Scottish Resident = Scottish Tax Payer = Voting rights in Scotland.

    Don’t pay your way here?

    Then no right to vote here!

    Some rather clever Bills being brought before our Sovereign Parliament lately.


  274. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim @ 2.12
    You might very well have moved people in that way Dr Jim.
    But things have moved on and now the law says you can’t.
    He is one of the Law Makers is he no?

    Even those who still believe they can because someone shouldn’t be there can’t now do it in front of a camera if they want to claim it was reasonable to do so.
    Because it begs questions like “Which part of her neck did he think was a bigger threat than her hands and might have had a weapon ” ?

    As for shouting about equality…. Yes we do,and part of that equality is recognising physically men are stronger and so therefore have a greater responsibility to temper that strength…. And I know that you do Dr Jim because of they way you speak of your Granddaughter,you know better than to use that strength against her…. This man knew fine well he was rising to confront a woman and didn’t meet her in an equal footing…. So equality yes I’ll still shout for that..

    Also the grabbing by the neck thing is a particular male on female thing. Males don’t tend to do this to each other unless they are chest to chest,mainly because it leaves the hands and feet free to do damage,this is not such a concern with a much weaker woman.
    Take a look at any crime drama and see how much women are grabbed by the neck in comparison to men.
    We all saw a real life version with Nigella Lawson too.

    The guy said it himself ” he reacted instinctively “!
    Damm right he acted instinctively,instinctively towards a woman,after taking a few seconds to weigh his chances.
    Had that been a man and he decided to act he would not have gotten physical till he had both his feet under him!

    He also said for a split second he thought she was dangerous,well this went on for a fair few seconds!!

    So one thing I’d ask you Dr Jim… When you dealt with the people you speak of,did you keep thinking and assessing the situation the whole time you were doing it ?
    Before during and after you had acted ?

  275. geeo says:

    Dr Jim@2.12pm

    “when people enter to cause trouble you move them out as rapidly as you can in the hope of avoiding risk to your customers”

    1. Define ’cause trouble’ ?

    2. You accept by that comment, that responsibility to ‘move them out’ falls with the owners of the establishment, rather than a customer deciding he has right to remove someone.

    3. A ‘risk’ has to be identified, before acting on it.

    What was the risk here ?

    A woman with a phone in one hand and a thick pile of papers in the other was a threat how exactly ?

    What was threatening about her ?

    Absolutely nothing.

    See that restuarant you had, if a customer stood up and attacked a customer causing YOU problems but NOT BOTHERING the customer who jumps to intervene using violence of any kind, what happens when the cops arrive and the troublesome customer says “i was out of order with the restuanteer, but that guy assaulted me for no reason”

    What happens next to that interfering customer when assault is claimed ?

    He gets arrested and unless he can prove HE was threatened by the other customer, he is on sticky wicket territory.

    No self defense = liable to prosecution for assault.

    Mark Field is said customer.

  276. wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:

    That’s not how you pronounce “Lerwick”. I’m voting “NO” now.

  277. Breeks says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    21 June, 2019 at 2:42 pm
    @Dorothy Devine says: 21 June, 2019 at 12:53 pm:

    ” … What puzzles me is how she made her way right up to the top table without someone arresting her progress and ushering her , gently out.”

    Yes, Dorothy, It is the point I’ve been making. The lady was wearing evening dress. This suggests she was an invited guest, you don’t normally go to protests in evening wear. She also wore a sash proclaiming she was a protester. Both of which suggest she was both an invited guest, with every right to be there, and a protester too. Not impossible I’m sure…

    I’ve seen other YouTube footage of similar protesters in what looked like the lobby outside the event, with at least half a dozen women in red dresses with a sash, and it looked like they were… I don’t want to use the word “harassing” guests, but evidently protesting. It explained a query I had initially how Field would have known she was a protester, but it is pretty unambiguous that a protester had somehow got passed management and into the main event.

  278. Alba Woman says:

    While visiting a local charity shop I chatted with two older woman…The events at the Mansion House came up for discussion…..the friendly tone of the chat changed when I said the MP should not have manhandled the woman protester. They thought he had done nothing wrong….She might have been a terrorist they both said.

    So it seems it is considered acceptable for a guy to grab a female’s neck ..push her against a pillar, physically turn her round and forcibly move her out of the room by her neck. We agreed to disagree.

    I was so sad that these women thought it was acceptable for a woman to be treated in such an offensive way. What cultural messages have they absorbed?

  279. Liz g says:

    Alba Woman @ 5.40
    It is indeed sad and down right tragic that women themselves refuse to see that when another women crossed lines society has demanded many men feel entitled to “correct” it.
    I also noticed that the one telling thing in the footage was the reaction of the woman in black who approached to take over from Field’s.
    If anyone acted “instinctively” she did….
    She got close presumably to fulfil her role as staff and reached out to the Greenpeace woman….. Then pulled back …
    Why did she just give way like that? Probably because of the male aggression on display that’s why!

    It’s very telling about what was happening in the moment….

  280. Cubby says:

    Dr Jim

    I have seen footage on C4. The footage shows a considerable number of woman wearing the same dress and sash and just walking in with other guests through the main door up stairs etc and in to the room. No security at all it appeared. Are these the same people that are in government in charge of our security – bloody hell.

    Anyway it also showed more civilised Tories gently dealing with the other protestors. Asking them to leave etc – talking to them. Not all Tories acted like barbarians with the protestors. Not all Tories thought they were dangerous. As the protestor assaulted said ” he needs to attend an anger management course. ”

    In summary I remain of the opinion Fields vastly overreacted and his aggression/assault was unjustified. The fact he has apologised says it all. He knows he was out of control.

  281. HandandShrimp says:

    I think Field knows the footage looks awful and is seeking to limit the damage. Guff about being armed is just ludicrous she was in a sleeveless evening dress with a sash proclaiming climate emergency.

    He has apologised but at the moment his career is on a shoogly peg. There was something less than savoury about the way he manhandled the protestor that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Not a good image to have emblazoned across the internet and TV.

    Just watched the interview with Stu. It was very interesting and entertaining. Lovely day in Bath too by the looks of things.

  282. geeo says:

    Liz-g @5.59pm

    Thats a great spot!

    Had another look at that and you are bang on the money with that observation.

    Also, it is a different perspective when shown with the audio on.

    That gives an indicator of Fields being an angry gammon, rather than the ‘saviour citizen’ he probably imagined he would be hailed as.

    The over riding impression i got was, “how dare you interrupt my expensive dinner”.

  283. Cubby says:

    Liz g@5.59pm

    Yes great post. I m not having Geeo being a bigger sook than me so your post @4.03pm was superb as well. LOL

  284. Silverytay says:

    I was reading one report that Fields actually manhandled her down the stairs and pushed her out of the door . By doing that people can no longer claim he was restraining her . What he should have done was hand her over to the police who were in attendance or over to the security people . Watching the video I cant understand why people think he was only restraining her .

  285. geeo says:

    Nice try Cubby @8.04pm

    But we both know that I am the main character in our dual personality here, so you can never ‘oot sook’ me…!!

    Oh wait….dear old terence (used his banned name there..har) will now be convinced about us being one and the same.

  286. Liz g says:

    Cubby & Geeo
    Careful all this praise will be going to my head LOL 😉

  287. geeo says:

    Liz-g @9.17pm

    Ok…shh…ya daft bint !!

    And ying met yang on equal terms once again 🙂

  288. geeo says:

    2 weeks later…..”anyone heard from geeo, hooe something bad never happened to him…”?

  289. Artyhetty says:

    The Mark Field assault just shows what you need to know about these priveleged Tory types, they would have done same to a fox, a rabbit, a badger, or a hare, to them, poor people, or those who question them, in public, are all the same, and they treat people as vermin, especially women in fact.

    These people think that they own everything, including rights, including the law and justice. To them these things exist only for their benefit, and they do make sure they benefit from exploiting others. Colonialism, and the ‘Empire’ , are really alive and well in the minds of the Britnats. They are like those scary dogs whose jaws clamp and do not let go. To them, everyone outside of their club is vermin, or a prostitute, or both, same thing.

    Let’s ditch the gits asap.

  290. Liz g says:

    geeo @ 9.44
    Ok… And worries, I don’t think anybidy noticed !!
    Jist mind The pestal wi the metal has the blue that is true.. 😉

  291. Petra says:

    @ hackalumpoff says on 21 June, 2019 at 10:33am .. ”Petra, thank you for that but hey, less of the “elderly and infirm” Those who have met Nana know she is neither elderly or infirm. She does suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and it’s associated conditions. Due to nerve damage in her hands and fingers, copying, archiving, pasting, linking and then finding none of the links have appeared can be somewhat frustrating.”

    Thanks for that info hackalumpoff. Always chasing my tail on here and ready to get off to bed right now but felt that I had to respond to your post ASAP.

    Nana, or to anyone else who will relay my message to you, I offer my SINCERE apology. I’m sorry that I reckoned, misconstrued from what I’d read, that you were elderly. To my mind the term elderly meaning being beyond middle age. I apologise too for using the term ”infirm” in relation to you. I used that term because I knew that you had arthritis in your hands which made posting on here really difficult for you at times, and you were additionally attending hospital for one reason or another.

    I don’t know what else to say Nana, other than that I miss you on here and more than anything I miss your TOTALLY invaluable links. I’d love to think that following Independence you and I could get together and have a wee chinwag over a scone and a cup of tea whereby I could apologise to you face to face. Meanwhile all of my best wishes to you Nana X.

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