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The lowest of the low

Posted on January 16, 2023 by

…by which we mean “IQs in the history of the Scottish Parliament”.

Put a cushion on your desk before you start listening to this, gang, or you might hurt your jaw. Because surely nobody quite as paralysingly, catastrophically thick as this clueless, bumbling, deranged and dangerous imbecile has ever been allowed to make the laws of Scotland before. We wouldn’t let her make orange squash, to be honest.

And yes, we’re including Kezia Dugdale and Jamie Greene in that reckoning.

(If you weren’t aware, the UK government HAS now decided to use a Section 35 order to block the appalling Gender Recognition Reform bill. We support it wholeheartedly.)

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0 to “The lowest of the low”

  1. Andrew Morton says:

    Insanity collides with reality and collapses.

    As usual.

  2. Linda McFarlane says:

    She’s as thick as mince, wrapped in concrete at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. George Ferguson says:

    I am happy the UK Government have decided to block the bill to gain Royal Assent. Where is your red line?. The recommendation of the Expert Advisory Group? Lower the age of transition? Lower the age of sexual consent?. I am delighted the UK Government have blocked this legislation. So are the women in my life.

  4. Rab Dickson says:


  5. Grendel says:

    Much as I disagree with the GRA bill, on principle I cannot support the UK government intervening in what is already devolved.

  6. MrMilkshake says:


    I love it when interviewers let them talk ?

  7. Meg+Merrilees says:

    Welcome to the rabbit hole.
    I didnae realise it was quite this deep – have we reached the bottom yet?
    I’m delighted this law will will be challenged – however, I cannot believe that our FM and Parliament has allowed this precedent to be set. We are in a very dangerous place.

    If people begin to see and think that the UK Parliament is providing the answers then it will be a harder task to make the case for Independence. But maybe that is what our FM really wants….

  8. Andrew says:

    Thank goodness we’re not independent or this would be passed with no hope of common sense prevailing

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Much as I disagree with the GRA bill, on principle I cannot support the UK government intervening in what is already devolved.”

    Sigh. It isn’t. What’s happening here is that the Scottish Government is interfering in what is reserved. This bill would PLAINLY impact on the law in the rest of the UK and the Scottish Government simply does not have the power or the right to do that.

  10. Cris Thacker says:

    Maybe this was the plan all along? Put something so bashit crazy into law that even the Westminster moon howlers have a moment of clarity and move to block it, thus creating a constitutional crisis. They are that clever or longsighted though.

  11. Arthur+Martin says:

    Christ Almighty,

    How did it come to this? We have to get rid of these deranged, delusional imposters.

  12. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m so f*ckin angry at the SNP/Greens, for they had me (on the unamended GRRB) actually taking sides with those b*stards at Westminster on it, something I never ever want to do again, shame on the Greens/SNP and the other useless tosser MSPs who voted to pass the unamended GRRB.

    No doubt Sturgeon and Harvie will use this grievance to muster support from the indy masses, even though the majority of Scots don’t want the unamended GRRB.

  13. GrahamG says:

    Arrant bollocks from our girl there.
    That’s what you get when you have to either parrot the party line or genuinely believe in it – a load of fantastical mince. You really have to ask how we got this bunch of delusional/moronic clowns in a position to legislate. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; if I wanted to derail any chance of independence in a hail of bullshit and incompetence, this is how I’d do it.

  14. sarah says:

    Do you believe the Westminster government, Rev? Their track record isn’t great.

    I do hope they block the GRR Bill, of course, but I don’t think it will help the independence cause – no-one with any sense will be outraged at the intervention, they will be grateful. It almost makes me think the whole GRR Bill etc is a cunning plan by Unionists.

  15. Kenny says:

    Interesting that a Member of the Scottish Parliament should refer to “GCSE or O Level biology.” Only people at expensive private schools in Scotland have ever done a GCSE or an O Level.

  16. Garavelli+Princip says:

    I’m appalled that the WM government is overturning an Act of the Scottish Parliament.

    I am DELIGHTED that they have blocked THIS appalling disgusting Act.

    Talkn about the Caledonian Antisyzygy!

    I am angry that this is the ditch that the demented Scottish Government has elected to die in.

    Sturgeon really has to go!

  17. alan_b says:

    Excellent news. And even UK Labour appear to be at least thinking about the issue, if only for self-preservation.

  18. Tam Norrie says:

    Entirely predictable for everybody outside the Green/SNP coalition. Imagine whipping your MSPs over a bill like this. Utter numpties.

  19. George Ferguson says:

    @Kenny 6:54pm
    Agreed it’s an O Grade in Scotland.

  20. Kevin Cargill says:

    I hate to say I told you so but I’ve been saying on Twitter for some time that the Unionist Sturgeon has had all of this planned for quite some time. Pass a ridiculous anti-women, anti-science law which is opposed by more than two thirds of the population and wait for Westminster to ride to the rescue and block the legislation. That way all those fence sitting in the subject of Independence have their minds made for them. That was a close one! Thank god for Westminster. What if we’d had Independence, our women and children would not be safe. Etc etc. That’s it for Indy in my lifetime. Sturgeon is the epitome of duplicitous. She is an evil self-centred shit. Look out Bath. I might be moving soon!!

  21. Mike W says:

    She couldn’t answer when a person has changed biological sex, because it has never happened. there are many variations of X and Y chromosomes, in how many copies there are, but every one that has a Y chromosome presents as biologically male and just X as biologically female

  22. Just followed a link here,from!
    Congratulations to everyone who took part in Fair Play For Women’s campaign to lobby your MPs to pressurise the Scottish Minister.
    And congratulations, Wings, for being so far ahead of the curve on this one.

  23. Eileen Carson says:

    Even those with learning disabilities know the difference between males and females. Alas Maggie Chapman seems to have a lower IQ.

  24. StruanBorn says:

    These people are running our fucking country ffs. I consider myself a republican nationalist always have always will but I support this block this legislation & it’s supporters including Maggie Chapman MSP, Nicola Sturgeon are off their fucking rockers excuse my language Stu but this pish has went to far & to think I voted for this shyte on a 6th promise of independence that’s not likely to happen in the next twenty years due to procrastination & lies by the SNP it’s a tragedy & it’s really really pissing me off.

  25. Giesabrek says:

    sarah says:
    16 January, 2023 at 6:53 pm
    “It almost makes me think the whole GRR Bill etc is a cunning plan by Unionists.”

    Do you mean the SNP leadership Sarah? Because they fit the suspect’s profile.

  26. Jim+McIntosh says:

    That is so embarrassing.

  27. Themadmurph says:

    MC “if he’s a man…”
    TS “how would you know?”

    That’s the insanity summed up in that short exchange.
    These people are insane!

  28. SusanAHF says:

    I don’t know how Chapman can show her face, spouting tha absolute shite she does. Does she have shit for brains? Her and the vast majority of the Scottish assembly, who are either idiots or cowards.

  29. Vestas says:

    ” Kenny says:
    16 January, 2023 at 6:54 pm

    Interesting that a Member of the Scottish Parliament should refer to “GCSE or O Level biology.” Only people at expensive private schools in Scotland have ever done a GCSE or an O Level.”

    She was born and educated in Zimbabwe, claimed she had a PhD (she doesn’t), was part of the Smith Commission and had some seriously dodgy supporters in the past (and probably the present). Identifies more with the Shona people than the Scots.

    Enough said really.

  30. Giesabrek says:

    Kevin Cargill says:
    16 January, 2023 at 7:00 pm
    “I hate to say I told you so but I’ve been saying on Twitter for some time that the Unionist Sturgeon has had all of this planned for quite some time. Pass a ridiculous anti-women, anti-science law which is opposed by more than two thirds of the population and wait for Westminster to ride to the rescue and block the legislation. That way all those fence sitting in the subject of Independence have their minds made for them. That was a close one! Thank god for Westminster. What if we’d had Independence, our women and children would not be safe. Etc etc”

    Nail bang dead centre on the head Kevin. It’s the most obvious explanation, the other being that the SNP government are so incompetent to try to pass such terrible legislation even after being warned that WM would block it. No surprise that the obvious unionist parties voted for it so that this outcome would occur.

  31. Willie says:

    So the prentendy parliament has had its wings clipped.

    And what an issue to have its wings clipped on to. Moody people, or at least everyone I know will be saying we’ll done to the striking down of the GRC bill bitterly resented up and down Scotland.

    And what a superb opportunity for Westminster too stamp down on an opportunity to intervene on a bill that has no public support whatsoever.

    This is the end of Sturgeon.

  32. Willie says:

    Another post just dissapeared into the ether.

    What’s wrong with your site Rev?

  33. alan_b says:

    @George Ferguson @7.00pm
    It was O-grades half a century ago when I sat them, but it? been Standard grades for about 15 years now.

  34. Craig Watson says:

    Listening to this I’m reminded of the quotation attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte – “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake”.

    I seem to be amongst quite a number of people who simultaneously support independence and oppose the GRR Bill. The NuSNP deserve everything that’s coming to them in terms of the political fallout from this debacle AND the de-facto referendum clusterfuck.

  35. Milady says:

    He gave her enough rope, she duly obliged by hanging…her arguments out to dry. Daylight truly is the best disinfectant. But Sturgeon has totally and royally f*cked over the independence movement. Lord, how I despise her and her gross Green minions.

  36. sarah says:

    @ Giesabreak: “Unionists – do you mean the SNP leadership?”

    Certainly. Aided and abetted no doubt by the Official Unionist establishment’s “intelligence”.

  37. fran says:

    “If he’s a man he can’t be trans” what the feck does she think a transwoman is? she’s the thickest of the thickest. Maybe 8 year olds would actually make better MSPs

  38. 100%Yes says:

    The SNP knew before they passed this bill that it would be challenged by the UKG, so why didn’t the SNP pass the referendum bill and allow the UKG to challenge that?

    Sturgeon is supposed to be a former lawyer, so I wonder why would someone who has legal knowledge take a referendum bill to the British supreme court who ruled that Westminster was sovereign, knowing that if you lost it would affect any future referendums and would also affect Sturgeon gender reform bill as well.

    The SNP are talking about defending the UKG decision when we already know that any challenge by the SNP would once again fail in disaster, but what would the cost be to our devolved parliament.

    The gender reform was Sturgeon only success which benefited less than 1% of the of the population, so we can add this to the list of failings by Nicola Sturgeon and I wonder how much damage is this onewoman band going to cause before someone steps in and says GO you’re not worth the trouble.

    If someone could point out the benefit of having Nicola Sturgeon as FM or even leader of the SNP, do tell.

  39. Alisdair says:

    Kenny at 6.54

    I will stand corrected but the fragrant Chapman is Welsh and therein lays the problem, no-one without a Scottish education should be in a ‘Scottish’ parliament or civil service. That would include anybody who attended the ‘English’ educated Private Skools.

  40. Alastair says:

    So were distracted from Independence again again again again……

  41. Doreen Milne says:

    Fuck sake! She’s disgusting!

  42. Alf Baird says:

    Willie @ 7:18 pm

    “This is the end of Sturgeon.”

    Lat’s aw howp sae, Willie.

  43. Heather+McLean says:

    Totally delusional! Maggie Chapman is wired to the moon! If she thinks this is going to cause an anti Westminster rebellion they are delusional as most sane people oppose this bill.
    The SNP/ Green ScotGov meekly accept the Supreme Court veto’ing an indyref bill every Yes supporter wouldve got behind and which they had a mandate for, but they’ll die on the GRR hill that most Scots oppose? This tells you all you need to know about Sturgeons NuSNP priorities and it isn’t independence.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but this is where #BothVotesSNP got us and why they tried so hard to silence Alba which was jam packed with female voices warning people of the danger of gender ideology and the erosion of womens rights and child safeguarding.
    I hope folk are beginning to see the full picture now!

  44. Dave Llewellyn says:

    I support it. Today my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Tomorrow will be another day where I will rejoin battle can be trejoined against the union . Devolution has failed.
    We need independence. Nothing less. Well maybe less Sturgeon and Robertson .

  45. Aunty Flo says:

    ‘(Two) 200-year-old skeletons were found in September 2020 by Scottish Borders Council workers carrying out repair work at Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders.

    Forensic experts revealed the remains of two human skeletons discovered during renovation work at a ruined 12th century abbey belonged to a man and a woman.’

    How do they know?

  46. Lekraw says:

    Good Lord, what must it be like living in her head?

    How do people get through life without being able to string a logically consistent series of thoughts together?

    She can’t even answer two questions without contradicting herself.

  47. crazycat says:

    @ Alisdair at 7.34

    (see Vestas at 7.12)

  48. AC says:

    “How do you know theyre a man” what what what what excellent question dodger, total politician.

  49. George Ferguson says:

    @alan b 7:26pm
    I should have said ‘was’ O grades but an argument against the Chapman statement. But now you bring it up you the think the NuSQA are capable of developing a qualification that is superior to the O grade?. I have the paid invoices struan aboot the hoose. I wrote engineering qualifications for them. Our educational attainment has collapsed with the resultant deterioration of social mobility. But let’s pretend the Scot Gov are not responsible. Let’s rebrand the SQA as a inclusive organisation. That’s sure to work.

  50. laukat says:

    I understand Maggie Chapman studied Zoology. I wondered how she knew that and Elephant was an Elephant and which Elephant was male and which was female without testing their chromosomes?

    We have a real problem in Scotland with Student Politicians not realising that student politics isn’t actually what matters to folk and parliament.

    Used to be that student politicians would have to rise through a trade like the shipyards or coalmines. If she had ventured this sort of nonsense in that setting she would soon find her backside being handed to her. Westminster had politicians that have too many jobs, we have politicians who have never had to work.

  51. Owen Mullions says:

    A Ah’m best pals wae Nic
    B He tried tae steal a kiss
    C He sat near me in a car
    D He pinged ma hair in lift
    E Case dropped aff the list
    F We’d a cuddle in the dark
    G He touched ma bum Ah swear
    H Ah wisnae even there
    J He told a dirty joke and laughed

    It’s fun to wander through the Alphabetty crew but what are we gonna do about H?

  52. avalanche says:

    I thought this was a cunning trap by the Scottish Government to do something the UK Government were bound to block but I’m actually not so sure.

    Ok it will raise Nationalist outrage amongst the SNP faithful particularly in the TG camp, but I’m not so sure this is the hill the average Scot is willing to die over.
    Heck I suspect the average Scot is just as likely to support the UK over this one.

    All this will do is create mock outrage and fire up Nicolas base and have no effect at all on overall independence.

    Oh maybe that was the point ……

  53. David Holden says:

    That is the first time I have heard this person speak and god I hope it is the last.

  54. Dorothy Devine says:

    Good God almighty! Who is this woman? Where did she learn her biology?

    She has no point to make other than she is singularly silly and endangering women and girls.

    She has learned the art of talking but saying little of sense or involving herself in proper debate where listening skills are required – not to mention knowledge , logic and reason.

    Utter balderdash and piffle – congratulations my old homeland for voting for yet another misplaced village idiot.

  55. Andrew scott says:

    So this creature has no actual constituents to answer to but is paid north of £65k
    Doubt if she could get a job in the outside world at half that pay
    Cant snp not see the damage all this cr@p is doing??

  56. Ross says:

    Did Dorothy Bain or whatever the legal law officer agree that the law was competent?

    Interesting if she agreed this was but Indyref wasn’t.

  57. Kcor says:

    “If you weren’t aware, the UK government HAS now decided to use a Section 35 order to block the appalling Gender Recognition Reform bill. We support it wholeheartedly”

    The UK government rescues Scottish women and girls from the biggest betrayer in Scottish history.

    When will she be forced to resign and put on trial?

  58. Lorna Campbell says:

    No, Maggie Chapman, nobody is saying that all ‘trans’ people are predatory – but about 90%+ of the present wave of ‘trans’ identified men are men with a paraphilia/fetish/autogynephilia. The range of fetishistic behaviours is huge and includes, rape and sexual assault, unwanted touching, voyeurism, public masturbation, exhibitionism and showing the sexual organs in public, paedophilia, bestiality… Yet, you still think it is fine and dandy for females and children to be exposed to this. I am really beginning to seriously believe that many of the people who are in positions of power and influence are themselves deviants. There can be no other conclusion unless they are all certifiable or so low in IQ that they are unable to distinguish between reality and delusion. We now know that many of those powerful and influential people who affect political policies are sociopaths and psychopaths, and the harm they cause is immeasurable. Are we seeing the same thing with sexual deviants?

  59. The Scottish Green Party were voted in to try and protect the environment and climate.

    The SNP were voted in to achieve independence for Scotland.

    A couple of men flash their trans ankles and they abort every thing they stand for and all common sense.

    We are living in a time of madness and lies.

  60. ViscountEnnui says:

    There appear to be 2 constants on this site in terms of the host:
    1) A passion for independence
    2) Good governance.
    Fair play to 1). Self-determination and all that.
    2) WTF
    Never, ever, will I vote for independence if it means transferring powers s to the dog’s breakfast of the SNP.
    Moronic, woke, thick, and having intercourse with Maggie Chapman. Let us hoope that no bodily fluids were transferred.
    Indy is dead.
    Just accept it.
    Dead until the passion and the vision are resurrected by true believers.
    10-15 years from now.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  61. President Xiden says:

    This is what happens when you have a Parliament filled to the brim with over emotional , hysterical members.

  62. robbo says:

    Why don’t you put put the GRR to a Scottish referendum Sturgeon?

    You would lose by 95% to 5% I have no doubt.

    Fucking clowns the lot of you in that parliament and yer embarrassing us.

    Take yer 5% of dafties and fuck off.

  63. Kat says:

    She has all the debating skills of an infant – Tom ran circles round her…very entertaining LOL

  64. mike cassidy says:


    Instead of asking a court whether any potential referendum bill would be legal

    Let’s pass a referendum bill – and leave it to Westminster to block it if they dare

    Nah, let’s not. That would be clever politics

    But let’s pass a bill pretending people can change sex – and leave it to Westminster to block it if they dare

  65. Lorna Campbell says:

    Grendel says: “Much as I disagree with the GRA bill, on principle I cannot support the UK government intervening in what is already devolved”.

    It is not devolved, Grendel. It is reserved. The 2004 GRA which is being reformed is UK-wide legislation. It was ratified in Scots Law by the Scottish administration and can, legally, be changed only in Westminster. We bleat and shout about Westminster interfering in specifically Scottish legislation, so, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Personally, I’m glad Westminster is taking a stand on this because it must qualify as the most pernicious piece of legislation ever to have been passed by supposedly sentient people. The really shaming thing, apart from the legislation itself, is that many English people actually believe that the Scots voted for this bilge.

    Furthermore, if this passes, so will the ‘conversion therapy’ stuff, then every law that hinders the full expression of ‘trans’ will be attacked and replaced with totalitarian, illiterate rubbish to force the rest of us to go along with this bilge to its logical conclusion – which is paedophilia and a sexual free-for-all on all females. Almost every academic and philosophical proponent of Queer Theory in Post Modernism, embraces so-called sexual ‘freedom’ for all. These people know human nature only too well and know that the most vulnerable will always be prey for the strongest and most ruthless predators.

    The SNP, Green, Labour and Lib Dem MSPs who voted through this stuff need to be prised out of their warm seats and ejected before they can do any more damage.

  66. GMac_Dod says:

    The whole studio must have been pishing themselves laughing.

  67. Allan Faulds says:

    And with the way Keir Starmer has been talking I don’t EVER want to see another smarmy Scottish Labour prick activist telling people who support Independence they aren’t progressive.

    I’m so fucking furious with this, disgusting, vile, hateful, bigoted country. It needs to die.

  68. Maureen says:

    Never thought I would see the day that westminster have to protect the people of Scotland from its own government and be happy about the outcome of their involvement. That interview with Chapman is incoherant. Loved the questions and the floundering about as she tried to answer. I don’t think she was making sense to herself.

  69. Ross says:

    Following on from question about the agreement from Dorothy Bain to proceed..

    Will this Lord Officer be used again to argue the case v UK Govt ? And it’ll be interesting to see how animated she is on it.. in comparison to the wet, snoring blanket we had defending Scotland’s right to call a referendum.

  70. Alf Baird says:

    Alisdair @ 7:34 pm

    “the ‘English’ educated Private Skools.”

    ‘Colonial schools’?

    The reason colonies are said to suffer from a ‘mediocre meritocracy’, much as we see in Scotland, is because of ‘the narrow stream from which it is drawn’ (Albert Memmi). Ours appears to consist of approx 50% native ‘elites’ who went to private schools/elite uni’s, with much of the remainder recruited from the ‘mother country’. I suppose this reflects the fact colonialism is ‘always a co-operative venture’ (Fanon).

  71. clemfandango says:

    That’s a car crash, that’s ran into a car crash.

  72. Thomas Potter says:

    The irony of the Men in Tights Bill inadvertantly delivering Independence?

    Now that would be priceless.

    The outrage churned out by the GRA crew is a sight to see?

    If only they had the same passion for delivering Independence.

    We’d have been Independent years ago.

  73. Kenny says:

    Dear god almighty. That was both excruciating and delightful all at once. If she had a JCB on performance-enhancing drugs she could not dig a bigger hole. A liability to her own nonsense, she’s a brammer. Get her on again, she’s brilliant!
    “How d’you know that they’re a man?” – that was some moment.

  74. stuart mctavish says:

    Fascinating accent, is that newBuckie (pronounced bouquet)?

    Spotted a comment from Gary Smith elsewhere that suggested good practice would have been to have Westminster debate any bills its representatives considered worthy of intervention so had a closer look at S35 and the referring S32 only to discover that (surprisingly) it doesnt matter a whit if Secretary of State complains..

    ie the presiding officer is only prevented from submitting the bill for Royal assent during the 4 week period in which the Secretary of State is allowed to complain:

    32Submission of Bills for Royal Assent.
    (1)It is for the Presiding Officer to submit Bills for Royal Assent.
    (2)The Presiding Officer shall not submit a Bill for Royal Assent at any time when—
    (c)an order may be made in relation to the Bill under section 35.

    Ergo presiding officer can still submit the bill following a rejection by secretary of state and force the Crown to choose the alleged express will of sovereign Scots, in this case to dress in skirts and self identify as women* , over the objection from the secretary of state (see Joanna Cherry’s prorogation victory for reference as to why the opinion of the Secretary of State for Scotland cannot constitute sovereignty of UK parliament)

    *Left to the scottish courts then to decide on the extent to which, pursuant to international precedence on mandatory medical interventions, ladies in women’s spaces (and, eg, prisoners or husbands or fathers in general) will be allowed (or better yet trained in part) to identify as Orchidectomists and veterinary surgeons with the sovereign rights to ply their trade at time and place of their choosing, on subjects of their choosing exhibiting need for same, and without needing to hang around for the full paperwork, psychiatric evaluations, police or other such etceteras.

  75. Gordon Bain says:

    Thank fuck mate. I heard that & prayed that someone more savvy than me would have. You’re a hero. These people are a disgrace to Scotland!

  76. mike cassidy says:

    He missed a trick there not pursuing his ‘how do you know you’re not trans’ question

  77. LaxardalrNeil says:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone say ‘LGBTQIA-plus’ out loud.

  78. smithie says:

    The first time i heard Maggie speak was when she and John Swinney were doing the rounds before the referendum….had never heard of her before.She spoke first, ffs i thought wtf who is this, she rattled away and called the then Tory Government Fascists……her exact words.

  79. McDuff says:

    The MSP/MPs who voted for this are sick.
    I can`t believe this trash are running this country.

  80. Susan Forrest says:

    So you can be a rapist but you are definitely, completely and believably NOT going to lie and make a false statement about wanting to change your sex (ahem… Gender) because Maggie genuinely believes you won’t

    Of course not – unless you have realised that once you have your GRC (“Two furra pound, get them at Crazy Maggie, two furra pound”) no-one is ever, ever, ever allowed to ask you who you were before, your PVG won’t show your Man-crimes and you won’t have to tell. All this, and you get vto hang onto your dangly bits too.

  81. John Main says:

    To be fair to Maggie Chapman, I once bought a DVD from a charity shop in Aviemore, and the nice lady behind the till was in even more of a guddle than Maggie.

    She kept telling me it was her first day and there was lots of buttons she didn’t understand, she was having to use somebody else’s sign-on, and she was supposed to get training but the trainer had called in sick so they were short handed.

    But I can’t otherwise recall a more incoherent, cringe-making ramble than Maggie’s one.

  82. David Hannah says:

    Now that the gender Bill has been blocked. Let’s get at Westminster.

    Big Eck:

    The Westminster Government thinks that Scotland are politely and meekly going to hand over the Stone of Destiny – the symbol of Scotland’s democracy – so that King Charles can be coronated this year.

    Why should they assume that in the backdrop of Scotland’s democracy being denied.

    Let’s put the Coronation in doubt and ensure King Charles has nothing to sit on!

    Hail Alba. Make Ian Hamilton smile in the sky.

  83. Mchaggis69 says:

    Shes a fucking liar.

    She gave an interview shortly after GRR passed where she was unequivocal.
    She wants the age reduced from 16 to ‘6 and 7 year olds’.

    A fucking dangerous liar.
    A danger to children.

    It screams to me as a father and grandfather that this childless woman has no clue WHATSOEVER and should be kept as far as possible from kids and legislation concerning kids.

  84. Mad As Hell says:

    Maggie Chapman looks like she has never had sex in her life. No wonder she’s confused about which parts go where, and what you do with them. She’s clearly mentally unbalanced, like her fellow narcissistic, smug, delusory, self-important Greens insane asylum escapees. Listening to that radio clip was a broadcast straight from the cuckoo’s nest. Feathered by taxpayer’s money. And why do all these weirdos with no kids obsess about child sexuality? Bizarre and creepy.

  85. Steve Mulligan says:

    This woman needs chased from Scotland, NuSNP/Odious Greens hijacked a unified, strong Independence movement for their own warped ends!

  86. John Main says:

    Pitchforks being waved and logs being hurled on the bonfire over at WGD.

    For some of the regular keyboard warriors on there, looks like this is the hill they intend to die on.

  87. PhilM says:

    @Stuart McTavish
    Unless you’re a constitutional lawyer you need to tread carefully and just looking at a few sections of a bill is not going to be enough to clarify the law. Quoting two sections from a part of the bill that contains twelve is not going to be adequate when it comes to statutory interpretation.
    The Scotland act 1998 does not say anything about the SoS ‘complaining’. You can’t just make up your own words for a legal process enacted in legislation. The word used in section 35 is ‘prohibiting’ and the four-week period is for the SoS to act, not for the Presiding Officer to wait it out. The SoS is exercising a statutory power enabled by the 1998 act. It doesn’t run out after four weeks. As I read it (very quickly I admit) the Scottish Govt now has to decide if it can amend it or if this bill gets referred elsewhere.
    You’re dead wrong in your original analysis, I’m afraid.

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    Reading comments on social media and in the comments section of Sturgeon’s fanzine the National on the UK government blocking the rapist/paedo enabling unamended GRRB, and most are calling for an indyref from Sturgeon the Judas.

    These people are as thick as shit if they think Sturgeon the Judas will in any way attempt to get Scotland out of this prison of a union. The Judas will latch onto their desire/desperation for independence and use it to her and her party’s advantage, and the dumb f*cks won’t even know what’s hit them until its too late, even then the utter braindead will still believe that she has a cunning plan for indy.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the SNP out.

  89. Willie says:

    Alf Baird makes a good point about the ruling elites in a colony drawing from a narrow band, thereby delivering a second rate meritocracy.

    Could not agree more. In genetics they have a concept called regression to the mean.

    Put simply in a Scottish context the analogy is that ability and cerebral excellence is widely spread, and that in consequence, if you don’t draw widely, then you end up with a second rate ruling class.

    The wealthy and the connected most certainly do not have monopoly on brains. But we know that. Look at the Royal Family and King Charles in particular who despite all the advantages, struggled to get a few O’levels.

  90. Derek says:

    “Alisdair says:
    16 January, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    …no-one without a Scottish education should be in a ‘Scottish’ parliament or civil service. That would include anybody who attended the ‘English’ educated Private Skools.”

    That’ll be me, then. I got a reasonable education out of it, nonetheless, and my political viewpoint isn’t standard for the People’s Republic Of Morningside.”

  91. Ebok says:


    Rules: Records began on 8 October 2018. Any current serving Scottish politician is eligible, regardless of party. A contender is deemed to be the new champion whenever they defeat the current holder with actions or utterances so unimaginably thick as to prove themselves worthy of the title, by our sole and final judgement. The notional initial holder was Jamie Greene, because, well, obviously.

    When the current standings are updated Rev, perhaps give some thought to amending the rules.
    Some utterances are in a class of their own and surely deserve extra points.

  92. Stoker says:

    FFS! As car crash interviews go that one’s on the catastrophic scale. But what more do we expect, the fact she’s an adult using this recent irritating trend of starting replies with ‘So!’, tells us all we need to know about her intellect.

    This whole debacle is now going to cost the Scottish taxpayer more millions. And it will cost us *millions*. Someone needs to keep a running tally on how much money has been lost/squandered under Sturgeon’s reign.

    There’s another point to all of this. Sturgeon has once again been played and outmanoeuvred by the UKGov. They know, as well as most of us know, that for as long as Sturgeon hasn’t delivered this, her baby, she will not prioritise indy.

    She thought she was home and dry after getting Holyrood support. Now she’s realising that was a false alarm and that she has delivered nothing, she’s still in labour, with the UKGov standing over her preparing to perform an emergency C-section on her phantom pregnancy.

    I’ve never felt so conflicted in all my life thanks to that Skank Sturgeon but for now i will take solace in the thought that it appears as though Harvie and Sturgeon are not going to get away with railroading this through against the wishes of the majority.

    One thing’s for sure, another bulk delivery of juicy carrots is on its way to Scotland as we speak. It’s enough to make anyone a carnivore.

    PS: Anyone think Harvie’s “Greens”, and Stonewall, will help contribute to the massive legal bill Sturgeon’s about to run up? Nah! Me neither!

  93. Neil+in+Glasgow says:

    I actually read a fair number of the comments here and on twitter before I was able to fully listen myself. Thought surely it really can’t be that bad? (In Jeremy clarkson’s voice) It was.

    The thing that just struck me was that she was an influential figure on that committee. The 80 odd MSPs that voted it through must surely have heard her speak, in similar ways, about it. And didn’t think for one minute what a load of shite? Unbelievable.

    “Don’t put words in my mouth” was a cracker. You literally just said that you want to explore 8 year olds being allowed to change sex (in her view anyway) and being allowed to vote. Nobody putting words in your mouth at all I’m afraid.

    Afraid the Scottish Parliament has officially lost the plot. Good while it lasted (sometimes).

  94. John Main says:

    @ clemfandango says:16 January, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    That’s a car crash, that’s ran into a car crash.

    To borrow from No Country For Old Men:

    If it ain’t a car crash, it’ll sure do til a car crash comes along.

    [sound of gob hitting spittoon 10 feet away]

  95. wull says:

    The MSPs are not sovereign in Scotland. The Holyrood Parliament is not sovereign in Scotland. The people of Scotland are sovereign in Scotland. The Holyrood Executive and the SNP members – indeed all thinking and properly informed people in the SNP – know fine well that such is the case.

    They also know fine well that if the details of their GRRA were spelled out openly, and put to the test of a referendum, the Scottish people would without a doubt throw it out, moreover by a massive majority.

    The SNP – and their green allies – have been taken over by people who neither recognise nor respect the foundational assumptions of Scottish constitutional law. On these grounds alone, those who have seized power in Holyrood and now strive to lord it over the people of Scotland, are NOT the legitimate government of Scotland. Lacking the authority to govern, their attempts to impose laws on the Scottish people are therefore invalid, and completely and utterly null and void.

    Scotland needs to have its constitution – with its long-established basic constitutional principle, which has already been in place for hundreds of years – written down in black and white, and all those who actually exercise governing authority, or claim the right to do so, must be held accountable to it.

    It is about time that all our constituency MPs and MSPs strove to represent their constituents, and not walk all over them. They are not our lords and masters.

    As for unelected list MSPs, the system is in need of radical reform.

  96. Astonished says:

    Only Sturgeon and the transcult (the transcult now includes every member of the nuSNP, looking at you Angus, Joanna, Kate and Kenny) could let westmonster look good interfering in Scotland.

    This will cost the YES movement votes. And everyone knows it although many are still in denial.

    Sturgeon must go – She made the Tory liars look like the good guys. How dumb is that ?

  97. Andrew Gordon says:

    I understand the section 35 order of the Scotland act and Westminster is well within the rules to block the Scottish GRA bill.
    I despise the bill, it is ill conceived and does not protect the rights of women.
    My naive question is , how does this affect or interfere with English/UK law and civil liberties, surely as piss poor as the law passed in Scotland is how does it affect England, Ireland and Wales, the latter of which agrees with the Scottish government ?
    It may be a devolved matter but how would it affect the rest of the UK ?
    Answers on a post card or just in the comments column

  98. William Habib Steele says:

    She should read the website of the Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine.
    “Founded in 2006 as a continuation of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine, Inc. (FGSM) is the first organization of its kind: it was established in response to the new interest in the direct investigation of women’s health that began in the early 1990’s and which revealed that the differences between men and women were not only completely unexpected but more than had been even imagined and involved every organ in the body. As the first studies began to be published, it became apparent that men could not be considered normative for the entire human race, but that direct testing of both sexes was necessary for an accurate view of not only normal physiology but of sex-specific experience of the disease. A new science of gender-specific medicine emerged and continues to expand. Gender-specific medicine is not the study of women’s health; it is the study of ways in which biological sex and gender impact normal human function and the differences in men’s and women’s experience of disease.”

  99. Tommo says:

    What on earth have you lot (I generalise) done ? Blaming it on Westminster is the political equivalent ‘Oh miss-a big boy done it and ran away’.

  100. Ann says:

    The only time I have ever wanted and agree with Westminster intervention.

    There is something so morally wrong with the gender Reform Bill that goes way beyond any human comprehension.

    Maggie talked about statements about what or when Trans people felt they were different

    Did the Committee listen or take statements from women and children’s groups/charities about their fears. I bet not.

    I honestly feel that the Transgender issue has done so much ill to the gay and lesbian communities they even they don’t feel safe and has damaged what the original LGB movement represented.

  101. Breeks says:

    Posting this not so much for Alex Salmond’s statement, but look at unhinged vitriol these bampots are coming out with.

    ALBA siding with the Tories… is typical of the level of response. Fucking unbelievable.

    The Independence Movement has been ripped apart by these petulant prepubescent wankers with a flatlining intellect. They haven’t even the rudimentary concept of how totally fucked up and sick in the head that they, and their Pervert’s Charter actually are, that yes, even the vilest of the vile Tories are less batshit crazy than these deranged delinquent fuckers.

    What are the chances of the deranged delinquent fucker in chief resigning because her disgusting pervert’s charter has been blocked by the grown ups, but only after Scotland has been humiliated before the eyes of the world, (again), and made a global laughing stock, (again), thanks to her and the rest of the dysfunctional Holyrood vegetables? Yeah, I know. Pretty negligible chance of the Sturgeon Collective ever doing anything decent like resigning on a matter of decency or principle.

    A better question for the YES Movement would be how you physically go about getting rid of actual shit that’s stuck to an actual blanket…

  102. Astonished says:

    Tommo – No one is blaming westmonster.

    Every sane person is blaming Sturgeon, the transcult and ‘Dr’Maggie “o-levels” Chapman.

  103. robertkknight says:

    So, the UKSC decides that Holyrood has about as much clout in constitutional matters as the Auchtermuchty & Strathmiglo Community Council, and barely a whimper of protest from the SNP.

    Yet when the UK Govt. decides that the SNP, in allowing anatomically intact males without any medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria to access female-only spaces, have gone a step too far, mushroom clouds start appearing all over Edinburgh.

    Speaks volumes as to the priorities of Sturgeon’s rancid SNP.

  104. John C says:

    I don’t think she’s entirely all there. Several times there she sounded genuinely unhinged, especially the stuff where she was talking about sex. She’s also astonishingly inconsistent.

    But what stands out the most is how she’s clearly not prepared or not used to being questioned which as an MSP with a large amount of power is terrifying. MSP’s should be able to argue their case, not throw out anti-scientific gibberish, which scares me as if they’re unwilling to listen to facts in order to create their own reality then that isn’t a way to make laws.

    I spent a long time supporting the Greens in some shape or form and while there was always a fringe element, they were a good, solid alternative to the main parties. I do not recognise what the likes of Chapman have done to the party as it races away from what they were set up to do.

    Also, I despise how there’s an entire political class of people and activists who have jumped on the tails of the cause of independence to hollow out parties and the entire concept of independence to push personal political gain, not to mention their own financial and, in this case, what seems like a cause that allows people to abuse others within the new laws they’ve devised. I still want independence but I want this lot gone as they neither govern well or really want independence, or at least, an independent Scotland that would actually transform the lives of the millions of people struggling in the country.

  105. Astonished says:

    Brilliant interviewer : Asked the hard questions and knew his stuff.

    How unlike the home life of our own dear Scottish shit media.

    If I was a Scottish churnalist – I’d be very ashamed. Because if they had done their jobs – Dr ‘o-level’ Chapman would never have been elected.

    The transcult would have had to face scrutiny. And hundreds of Scottish children would not have irreversible damage through medication or , even worse, elective surgery.

    No one should let Scotland’s controlled media ever forget this.

  106. Alex says:

    I haven’t read every comment so forgive my ignorance if it’s cropped up.

    SNP have played what they think is a blinder here. Try and placate their members with this knowing they have over reached and Westminster will block. They get to say “we tried” and shout “Look Westminster stops us. They will do it again.”
    But they have never done it even for some other legislation they will have different opinions of.

    It will make 0 difference to polling or the like. It’s just Nicola wanting some attention. Plus got to distract from Crown Prosecution Service delaying Police Scotland being allowed to question the senior leadership under caution or as a witness to missing money now. Sweep sweep.

    Until the SNP get new leadership or implode we will not get indie before 2035. They are incapable of moving this forward because the gravy train lines their pockets.
    But maybe, just maybe the cult will see the refusal to deal with Humza for example shows they aren’t up to the job. Time for new blood!

  107. Stoker says:

    Lorna Campbell says on 16 January, 2023 at 8:17 pm:
    “I am really beginning to seriously believe that many of the people who are in positions of power and influence are themselves deviants. There can be no other conclusion unless they are all certifiable or so low in IQ that they are unable to distinguish between reality and delusion.”

    For a person who usually contributes intelligent and enjoyable comments on WOS you’ve taken quite some time to arrive at this conclusion. What’s kept you? 😉

    And just to back up your statement, history is littered with examples.

  108. Wilson McBride says:

    Sturgeon is an expert at playing “grievance politics”.

    This dent in her pride is right up her street.

    Just watch how she musters the gullible flock.

    I don’t know who’s the thickest, Maggie Chapman,,,or those remaining SNP members. (Check out the comments section of the National).

  109. Geri says:

    The wheels have came off..

    ‘Transwomen are women. It’s not up for debate’

    And that interview is exactly why it was never up for debate! 😀
    Whit a car crash.

    & Starmer the liar there. He was all for this nonsense. Now he always had concerns.

    Aye, sure he did.

  110. Ian C says:

    Andrew Gordon @10:14pm

    how does this affect or interfere with English/UK law and civil liberties?

    I understand that there will now be 2 processes for obtaining a GRC which is, and will remain, a UK document. The process in Scotland will, of course, now be much less rigorous if you are resident in Scotland.

    Why someone who is so fixated about adhering to the gold standard of UK law would choose to circumvent it in this way is beyond all reason.

  111. Effijy says:

    Can we state clearly that as England’s Colony in the North has no powers that do not fit in with Englands permissions.

    I do not agree with the Bill as it stands and I do not agree with SNP sitting in Englands parliament like traffic cones but less useful.

  112. alan scott says:

    Alisdair says:
    16 January, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    Kenny at 6.54

    I will stand corrected but the fragrant Chapman is Welsh and therein lays the problem, no-one without a Scottish education should be in a ‘Scottish’ parliament or civil service. That would include anybody who attended the ‘English’ educated Private Skools.

    No Blacks, Irish or Dogs in the new Scotland.

  113. Ruby says:

    I don’t believe Nicola Sturgeon has done this to pick a fight with Westminster I believe she is as crazy as Maggie Chapman.

    It seems all out politicians have been caught up in this gender madness.

    Every single political party in Scotland & the RUK believe that men/woman can change sex.

    They are all nuts.

    The only party I would vote for is the
    ‘Kellie-Jay Keen party’ hopefully they will stand in Scotland and also be a yes party just in case we have a referendum.

  114. Big Jock says:

    It’s telling that she introduced a potentially illegal bill about gender.Yet didn’t put the referendum bill through , before clarifying it with the SC and WM.

    She is simply playing games with us.

  115. Ian Maclaren says:

    Phew – haven’t Edinburgh Napier’s students had a narrow escape from being taught by the intellectual powerhouse that is Maggie C!

  116. Cherrybank says:

    Having read Wings over Scotland for years I have developed my personal litmus test for the innate ability of politicians If they support Trans rights they are fundamentally a dud despite superficial skills Left wing voters of Britain/Scotland sit and weep. I give you Keir Starmer,Nicola Sturgeon,Ana’s Sarwar,the Labour Party,the SNP,the Labour Party in Scotland,the Liberal Party and finally the Scottish Green Party.

  117. stuart mctavish says:


    cheers! Would that I were such a lawyer – let alone entitled to the perks.

    Might want to ask yours whether SoS represents UK government or UK parliament though (and, if they contradict my interpretation, how) before worrying about what the word prohibit might mean in context of a contract document thats had plenty revision time to account for any repercussions of the unlawful prorogation I referred to.

    Depending on which team you’re on, whilst they’re running up the barnet consequentials/ being careful with the crowdfund, another one you might like them to ponder is, given the supreme court has already ruled on its relationship to reserved matters, whats to stop holyrood pushing through the referendum bill anyway knowing that

    (a) there was nothing in the written ruling that said they could not,
    (b) S32 (a) and S32 (b) and S32 (c) are now obsolete

    and royal assent can be obliged immediately thereafter 🙂

  118. Ruby says:

    It sounds as if it will be illegal to detransition in Scotland.

    The followed was written by Chloe Cole

    When you transition, your dating pool is primarily a small group of fetishists. This is one of the dangers of transitioning as a minor — you become fetishized in ways a kid can’t even begin to understand.

    Who do transwomen date?

    Who would be interested in a 16 year old transgirl/boy?

  119. msdidi says:

    Andrew Gordon says:
    16 January, 2023 at 10:14 pm
    My naive question is , how does this affect or interfere with English/UK law and civil liberties, surely as piss poor as the law passed in Scotland is how does it affect England, Ireland and Wales, the latter of which agrees with the Scottish government ?
    It may be a devolved matter but how would it affect the rest of the UK ?

  120. Peter A Bell says:

    This got me banned from Mastodon. The gender zealots are waging war on truth and reason.

    Utter drivel. Sex is biological. Gender roles are social constructs and so are mutable. A human being can choose their gender. They can even make up new genders for themselves as has been demonstrated. It is impossible to change sex. There are two biological architectures, one to support large gametes and one to support small gametes. Sex is thereby defined at a cellular level. Go read a book.

    The “you people” remark reveals your bigotry.

  121. willie says:

    Comments aplenty – but until we have toilet time when we flush this entire shit show of SNP down the tubes, they will continue to block and frustrate the path to independence.

    High time we treated each and every one of the elected shit eaters the absolute utter contempt they deserve. Absolute guttersnipes in the pay of the establishment.

    And flush down toilet time is coming.

    Folks know two things. They detest the GRC legislation introduced by Sturgeon and the creeps. But they will also detest the UK government stepping in to block the GRC legislation albeit that they detest the legislation of itself.

    Folks now know beyond a shadow of a doubt why Sturgeon and the SNP are not the mechanism to deliver independence. They will be gone and with their going, a new invigorated independence movement comprised of the people and not a tribe of elected rats.

    She’s gone.

  122. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I will stand corrected but the fragrant Chapman is Welsh”

    She was born and raised in Zimbabwe to South African parents.

  123. Cath says:

    The only positive I can take from the entire last 5 wasted years – half a fucking decade – is that whenever the truly batshit crazy in all this speak, they usually don’t have Scottish accents. They’ve also usually arrived in Scotland very recently, certainly after our fantastic indyref where we so almost won independence. It was to be expected we’d have an influx of wreckers. The wider their voices are heard the better.

  124. George Ferguson says:

    @Peter A Bell 11:49pm
    The argument against GRRB was won a long time ago. The undeniable fact is that the SNP Scot Gov didn’t reflect the wishes of the public. Read the Chris Law twitter feed. Thousands of responses and not a single reply from him. I spent days getting this guy elected in 2015. I totally regret my efforts. A Laird owning Castle no better than previous occupants of the feeble fifty Labour troughers. So much for the fire engine. I voted for him as the Independence campaigner of 2014. The Spirit of Independence my arse.

  125. smithie says:

    Stuart @12;11am…yeah…how anyone can say she is Welsh with that accent ffs…i feel for you having to correct such crap

  126. Geri says:

    Andrew Gordon 10:14

    Re the impact on the rest of the UK..

    A Gender recognition certificate would be invalid at the border but for more serious reasons of UK law.

    The UK would have had to rewrite all their laws on benefits, pensions, employment laws regarding pregnant *transmen*, discrimination etc & laws on single sex services.

    It would also create gender woo tourism to Scotland. Especially for criminals to requests to move to Scottish prisons.

    The cost & the headache of two separate systems.

    All the teeny bopping rage induced arseholes wouldn’t be telt this wouldn’t fly until ‘Scotland was an independent country’

    That was always met with ‘ fk Independence! Trans rights first!’ & Sturgeon duly pandered…

    I’d hate to be in her heels tonight lolz!

  127. PhilM says:

    It’s hilarious to watch SNP types get all exercised about the SoS’s intervention in devolved affairs. You lot need to have better arguments that amount to more than “‘snot fair!” It is totally fair – even normal – for a higher political body to intervene when a lower public body is f***ing things up.
    Govts can legally intervene and suspend the powers of corrupt or disastrously run councils, a govt can do the same in Scotland if a health board is failing, poorly run or utterly corrupt as is currently the case with NHS Forth Valley (which is failing, poorly run and corrupt to its very core), so it is rather pathetic to get all exercised about something that is legal, was easily foreseeable, and which you’re not going to challenge (watch the climbdown unfold over the next few weeks).
    Time for Nicola Sturgeotti to go. Fifteen years in govt is too long for a serial failure. The SNP are well on their way to becoming Scotland’s version of Italy’s Christian Democratic party. Time for La Diva to sing her last aria and then leave us aw in peace!

  128. Michael Chang says:

    Well,I think I’ll just pop off and get my chromosomes checked.I may be some time.

  129. Geri says:

    The Equality Act is a reserved matter.

    Outside of Holyroods remit.

  130. Willie Clark says:

    Chapman is utterly, utterly unhinged…that interview on LBC was a multiple pile up on the M25,compounded by a derailment of a high speed freight train carrying toxic waste.

  131. twathater says:

    Peter A Bell coming on to WOS to edumacate people on the difference between sex and gender, thank you for that Peter but have you forgotten all the years you railed at people and called them all sorts of fuckwits etc who even broached the subject on your blog, YOU deliberately PROMOTED the wheesht for indy shite which showed your ambivalence to the dangers women and girls faced

    Do you forget telling anyone and everyone that ONLY your heroine sturgeon can get us independence ,and YOU still peddle that shite , you’ve went on for years praising that fuckwit for being a great FM when she has presided over MORE FAILURES than any liebour FM clown

    YOU admit it took you 7 years to see through her betrayal of Scotland and Scots and yet you still push for people to vote snp for independence, you would be better commenting on paypal pauls along with the other Nicla apologists and sycophants, they also are too stupid to see the deviant has NO INTENTION to fight for INDEPENDENCE

    Ye list yersel as a Thinker Listener Talker,is that a slow thinker , a bad listener, and a shite talker

  132. ScottieDog says:

    The reaction amongst the gravy trainers is an order of magnitude more emotional over this than the Supreme Court decision. That tells us everything.

  133. Breeks says:

    Look at the brass neck on this… Have you ever seen anything as transparently cynical in your entire life? She’d even give Sturgeon a run for her money.

    What an absolute joy it would be to see all of these treacherous, duplicitous grifters impeached.

  134. Ian says:

    ‘It’s not really surprising that people with personality disorders are drawn to political power – narcissists crave attention and affirmation, and feel that they are superior to others and have the right to dominate them. They also lack empathy, which means that they are able to ruthlessly exploit and abuse people for the sake of power. Psychopaths feel a similar sense of superiority and lack of empathy, but without the same impulse for attention and adoration.

    But pathocracy isn’t just about individuals. As Lobaczewski pointed out, pathological leaders tend to attract other people with psychological disorders. At the same time, empathetic and fair-minded people gradually fall away. They are either ostracised or step aside voluntarily, appalled by the growing pathology around them.’

  135. Robert Louis says:

    OMG. Like, seriously, how thick is that person from the greens??

    I am gay, and I wholly agree that this daft legislation needs stopped.

    I NEVER, ever once thought that London should control the Scottish parliament, but well, here, we are. My personal preference would have been for the scotgov to have prepared sensible moderate legislation which reduced administration in the GRC burden, but which also recognised dangers to women, and the fact that CARELESS dogma driven legislation would activel lead inadvertently to discrimination against women, Gays and lesbians.

    It is a tawdry piece of legilsation. Sturgeon was repeatedly advised to listen and make sensible amendments, but she simply REFUSED to listen to anybody, even legal opinion.

    So, now we see Sturgeon’s end game. Her plan to destroy the indy movement has come to fruition. Eight years of trying to destroy the independence movement, cause and those who genuinely want indy (e.g. Mr Salmond). She has single handedly trashed the indy movement, and the SNP, with her ridiculous obsession over gender nonsense.

    This was NOT in their manifesto, this is NOT why folk voted for the SNP. We voted for INDEPENDENCE, not this utter freakshow, with legislation driven by nutters like the one above.

    Honestly, look at where Sturgeon has brought us. Look at the mess she has made of the independence cause. Timid, misguided, head-in-the-sand, dogma, ideology driven pish.

    Sturgeon really should resign. The sooner she goes the better, both for independence and the SNP. And the gender woo woo nutters and freaks should be NEVER again be allowed near the drafting of legislation.

    So, so angry at the SNP. So very, very angry. THIS IS A MESS OF THEIR OWN MAKING, AND THEY WERE REPEATEDLY WARNED OF SUCH. Utter clowns.

  136. Walter Fleming. says:

    Best turn the volume up and listen ti the viagra boys.
    Thought that was my you tube.
    Seriously that is a shocking interview.

  137. Peter A Bell says:

    twathater says:
    17 January, 2023 at 3:48 am
    “Peter A Bell coming on to WOS to edumacate people on the difference between sex and gender, thank you for that Peter but have you forgotten all the years you railed at people and called them all sorts of fuckwits etc who even broached the subject on your blog, YOU deliberately PROMOTED the wheesht for indy shite which showed your ambivalence to the dangers women and girls faced”

    All lies.

  138. Mac says:

    This is a damaging event for the independence movement from a psychological, confidence and a self belief perspective.

    Again zero surprise this calamity comes out of the Sturgeon stable… it really is full spectrum to undermine the Independence movement and has been from the instant Salmond handed her the keys.

    For many, many ardent, life-long, completely committed supporters of an Independent Scotland this will be the very first time in their political living memory that they will be feeling relieved that Westminster was able to veto this shitshow, or to put it more starkly, they are feeling relieved that we were not an independent country when this legislation was passed, because that is what it amounts to. That is a worm she has introduced to people’s heads that never existed before…

    It took some doing for Sturgeon to cook up a piece of legislation so fundamentally repellant to so many people that she has genuinely made them feel grateful for Westminster.

    If this was a one off mistake fair enough… but mon tae france folks, its Sturgeon and this has been full spectrum from day one.

  139. Frank Gillougley says:

    The cult of the personality. Democratic means long gone. The banal leading the banal. This is where politics by committee leads. Post 2014 and into a very long dark night I am afraid.

  140. Luigi says:

    Sigh. This is the wrong battle. Can you imagine the amount of time and effort (and taxpayers’ money) that will now be spent fighting this in the courts? How much will now be left to spend on Scottish independence? Not a lot IMO. Based on the SNP and Green fury unleashed last night (compared with the muted response to the SC referendum decision last year), it’s easy to see where their priorities lie. The fury and determination on display last night was impressive. If only we saw something similar following the SC decision, we would be all but independent by now.

  141. Davy Smith says:

    Scotland’s body politic truly needs a cleansing fire ..

  142. Mac says:

    This just clearly demonstrates what the SNPG could have been doing all along but chose not to.

    Introduce contentious legislation giving us the right to call a referendum at our choosing, anytime it is clear it is what the Scottish electorate support, and as often as they support it.

    Then when Westminster veto that legislation we go to political and constitutional war over it. That would have built genuine resentment and rage and increased support for YES. Especially with the backdrop of BREXIT and a never ending Tory fiasco.

    But nooooo.

    Instead the Sturgeon SNP ‘trans’planted the cause of Independence for some illogical poisonous garbage, that hardly anyone supports, and indeed that a great many find repellent, anti-logic, or just plain evil.

    This is what we are meant to become ‘outraged’ over…. Legislation most folk are happy to see scuppered…. instead of what we should be getting enraged about… the denial by a foreign state to self determine our future national direction.

    Who they fuck are they to tell us if we can have a referendum, or how many or when. That is the argument that people should be getting enraged over… not this gender woo woo shite.

    This is just Team Sturgeon leading the gullible masses down yet another dead end valley to waste more time, more passion… and of course, if in the future we do go down this path again (making Westminster veto and referendum bill), the public will be half bored by it before we even start and will actually have a ‘positive’ memory of why it happened this time.

    It is like a preemptive way to neutralize that very threat.

    Team Sturgeon throwing up endless political softballs for Westminster to hit out the park… every time.

  143. Breeks says:

    Mac says:
    17 January, 2023 at 8:44 am
    This is a damaging event for the independence movement from a psychological, confidence and a self belief perspective.

    Yes and no Mac. It is excruciatingly damaging, but, if this leads to change and a purge of these imbeciles, there will be a nett benefit going forward. Maybe even a huge nett benefit.

    Sadly there’s no way to claw back the 8-9 years of wasted time and squandered opportunity, nor a decades worth of resources plundered from our Nation.

    I despair that people are already giving up on ALBA, because we are in a bizarre situation where most people will not appreciate the importance of ALBA until we are seeing all “this” retrospectively.

    Whether ALBA goes from strength to strength, (as I very much hope it does), or stalls because of the SNP’s hatchet job and ongoing hatred, ALBA has been the jettisoned escape capsule for the essential first principles of the “real” Independence movement; the hardcore believers in the Independence project, not the frauds and string along carpet baggers. The “dream” is in safe hands.

    Are we starting from scratch? Maybe we are, but don’t despair about that. There has ALWAYS been a point coming when the pursuit of Independence through the domestic UK legislative process was going to fail, and Scotland would be compelled to weaponise the Nation’s sovereign constitution and constitutional rights under International law. Independence is ALL about the binary issue of sovereignty. It is an absolute condition. It has always been thus.

    In that respect, I think on the balance of probability, even all the work done in the 2014 YES campaign was abortive, essentially doomed, because it fought the fight as Scotland the Region seceding through hallowed democracy, not as Scotland the lawfully Sovereign Nation asserting its Constitutional Rights. We fought on their battleground, using their rules, and their systems. They don’t write their rules down, because they cheat us, and their system allows them to change their rules with impunity.

    It’s a glib throwaway line, but it’s also true. If Scotland wants International Recognition of Independence and the legitimacy of our Constitutional Sovereignty, the First Nation to grant that recognition that must be Scotland itself.

    That we Scots are content to abandon our Constitutional Rights and heritage, and be so easily indoctrinated and hoodwinked into embracing Westminster’s colonial exploits, whether that’s a Devolution process which by definition is a violation of Scotland’s sovereign integrity, has to change. We Scots need to “see the rabbit”.

    Devolution wasn’t always a forlorn exercise. As I described in my Red Sovereignty / White Sovereignty argument, the Devolved Holyrood Assembly fitted exactly the Cherokee fable about everybody having a good wolf and a bad wolf inside of them, and the wolf which gets stronger is the one you feed.

    That fable also describes Holyrood, with the good wolf Red Sovereignty of the Scottish people, and the bad wolf invasive White Sovereignty of Westminster Parliamentary Sovereignty. For the best part of 25 years, it is only the false white sovereignty of Westminster’s lies and unwritten conventions which was fed. Scotland’s Red Wolf sovereignty has been starved.

    I believe Holyrood is now lost to us. It’s over. Sturgeon has capitulated on so much, so often, that Holyrood is now unquestionably a white sovereign institution, quite literally a Vichy “government” administering to Scotland’s subjugation, which is subordinate to Westminster, Westminster’s Scotland Act, and Westminster’s Supreme Court. These are all white sovereign doctrines which do not belong here and have no place in the Realm of Scotland.

    But have hope. ThevSovereign Red Wolf didn’t starve to death. It escaped, and made it’s way to SALVO, and for the first time in over 300 years, the Sovereign Rights and Constitution of our Nation were suddenly given vital nutrition and sustenance. SALVO started feeding the Red Wolf, the Good Wolf that will deliver Scottish Independence, and the more we feed it, the stronger it will get. Do you see that now?

    So, are we broken by the feckless Sturgeon and her lousy SNP? That’s debatable. But if we now, at last STOP feeding the doctrines, instruments and institutions of Westminster’s false sovereignty, and instead, under SALVO’s direction start believing and feeding up the belief and faith in the Claim of Right and Scotland’s Sovereign Legitimacy, then my friends, we have turned an important corner, and we are finally on the correct path to Scotland’s resurrection.

    Keep the faith people, but take care to put that faith in the right people.

  144. Davy Smith says:

    This imbecile is a classic example of what Dimitry Medvedev described in the Western political class as ‘Cosmic Cretins’.
    In Scotland’s case this is what you get when you allow colonial incomers into power in your country.

    No one should be allowed to hold legislation creating political office in the Scottish Government unless they were born here.

    We have enough fucking idiots of our own without importing them from the south.

  145. Andy (not Wightman) says:

    I guess that if the GRA does become law, London PC David Carrick, who pled guilty to 49 serious sexual offences yesterday, will apply to serve his sentence in a Scottish Women’s prison.

    I never thought I’d see the day when we need an English Tory PM to save us from deranged allegedly-independence-seeking MSPs.

  146. Chas says:

    The ‘actors’ in the Scottish Political Film are simply awful, but thankfully it is just a film and does not reflect real life!
    What??-it is not a film, what we see before us is a true reflection on how things stand in Scotland!

    It does not bode well for the future if our current crop of MSP’s and MP’s is the best we have. I know it sounds incredible but some people actually want Independence with this shower of shite in charge of EVERYTHING!

    How bad can it be for Scotland if the Tories do the country a huge favour?

  147. Socrates+MacSporran says:

    It’s all part of the Sturgeon master plan. Keep enacting badly-drtawn-up, unpopular or downright crazy Scottish Laws, so the UK Government feels forced to intervene and keep us subjugated.

    The thing is, neither Gopvernment – the Tories at Westminster or the SNP at Holyrood could run a bath. There is no viable alternative in Edinburgh and an Official Opposition in London who are equally useless.

    I am afraid, Private Frazer was correct – we are all doomed.

  148. Dramfineday says:

    I enjoyed that, excellent interview young man. Pity our local journalists weren’t up to the job but I suppose pipers and tunes is an appropriate response. I’d like to have thought that, had Scotland a reviewing chamber, this madness may have been stopped or at least heavily modified to include numerous safeguards. Meantime Westminster will have to do (and I’m glad they have stepped in, Mrs Dram was delighted).

  149. Shug says:

    Listening to radio scotland this morning, I know what am I like, but the anti GRA sounded like right wing fundamentalist, included a South African accent, ok I am being judgemental here, but, are the anti’s the same people that were disgusted as seeing a woman’s ankle 100 years ago.
    Just asking

  150. Geoff Anderson says:

    Reading the Twitter output of our political class today it appears that I am to be outraged, angry and disgusted by Westminster. I find it truly amazing that people who take up Politics as a career can be so inept at reading the room.

    I am angry. I am outraged. However it is because the SNP ignore the campaign for Independence and railroad through a perverts charter. An Act that puts vulnerable children at risk.

    Sturgeon has destroyed democracy within the SNP and forced through a Bill opposed by the Public and the Spin Doctors at SNP HQ are trying to make it about the Sovereignty of Holyrood.

    In 2012/14 we worked togethet despite various political differences to focus on one objective – Independence. A common understanding was shared that the only thing that mattered was that goal. Everything else would then follow….shaped by the Sovereign Scots.

    Sturgeon does not represent my vision of an Independent Scotland and I have no desire to have such a basket case running my Nation.

    Anyone who buys into this pathetic spin of undermining Holyrood has just become a fully paid up member of the Nicophant Cult.

  151. stuart mctavish says:

    Scotty Dog @ 6:23 am

    That tells us everything

    Could tell us that I am not the only person who, upon hearing of a rules based new order, eventually gets around to reading and/or understanding them. If so I’d fully expect the brilliant Lord Advocate to be among those who has done so.

    In that respect its worth noting that another interesting fact falling from Section 32 of the Scotland Act, now that its been tested more robustly, is that it has always been there.

    ie, setting aside the preposterous possibility of 11(?) Supreme Court judges interpreting UK parliamentary sovereignty differently in different circumstances, it was clearly the intent of the Scotland Act SINCE ITS INCEPTION to empower Holyrood to pass a declaration of independence whenever it considered itself mature or confident enough to do so 🙂

  152. Alf Baird says:

    Breeks @ 10:08 am

    Yes, Holyrood is/was always a non-“sovereign institution, quite literally a Vichy “government” administering to Scotland’s subjugation, which is subordinate to Westminster”.

    Fowk cannae ser twa maisters – thay aye luiv ane an laith the ither.

  153. Liz says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
    Magggie Chapman is a deranged lunatic.
    She should be barred from public office.

    She’s either as thick as mince or lying, or probably both.
    Sex is binary and immutable.
    Biological experts have stated catagorically that 99.999% of humans are male or female, the tiny, tiny percentage of people with difficulty is defining sex is due hormonal or genetic differences that cannot be explained.

    Emma Hilton, a research biologist checked 64,000 new borns and found 1 where the sex was unexplained.

    PS @alfbaird meant to reply yesterday on the other thread, thanks for your reply.

  154. Liz says:

    @breeks good comment.
    I also now think Holyrood is a millstone and we need to let it go.
    Sturgeon should resign but won’t go easily.

    I hope the woke extreme TRAs turn on her cos they accept no compromise, they, IMO, the Frankensteins monster, have the capacity to destroy her politically

  155. ronald says:

    A new round of Exploration licences 115 have been submitted for the Nth Sea resources / ah wonder if Sturgeon can fit in a comment in her busy schedule

  156. Colin Alexander says:

    The British Imperial overlord prevents their colonial administrator MSPs from making colonial law. Well, who’d have thunk it?

    Devolution has always been power retained at Westminster.

    British Labour in Scotland also whipped their MSPs to back this Bill.

  157. James Brown says:

    Dearie me!
    Maggie Chapman makes Kezia Dugdale look like an intellectual giant.

  158. Heather says:

    So many wrongs and all the Govts and clowncils falling for this crap.
    1. Grooming and peer pressure (which apparently is as bad)
    2. A generation with a high proportion of sterility and resulting mental health problems and possibly suicides from realising they have been human (child ) guinea pigs.
    3. Cavalier nealth professionals hoping to get more dosh from a paer they just invented. ( or in America lots of dosh from private treatment.
    4. Drug companies ..customers for life… bet the Govts involved and you’ll also have that on a scaled up version.
    5. Did I say mutilation and multiple health problems.
    6. The fringe wannabe bullies and mainstream lobbyists demand this for all bow to their power.
    7. The crowd question the Emperor’s New Dress and say it’s man and get criminal records.
    8. No such thing as childhood where children develop intellect through innocent play and dressing up noe had an agenda as does everything else, books, animation…more grooming. More speculation has kids explore buzz words and the brainwashing rubbish they have imposed on them.
    9. Child a d youth victims of “minor attracted” MEN.
    10. No such thing as women and girls spaces.
    11. Already happening predators in female prisons, hospital wards .. it was ok for Jimmy Savile cos he was connected, he had long hair and liked to wear his mother’s clothes but whilst I think Psycho, he could self ID (other than u touchable celebrity charity runner friend of Royalty thug DJ rapist).
    12. A future where Monsanto are in charge of Maternity a d Human Fertility..
    13. Transhumanism tweaked the unsexed damaged work drones with a few intravenous nano bots. New clockwork lone gun-“they”
    14. Or stop this lunacy cult NOW.
    By the way you don’t have to have children to have an opinion on this, plenty people who don’t have children might have wanted to be parents, but for an unequal run doen economy a d society that doesn’t house single women who offer well paid or equally paid jobs.
    All of the above because women as not treated equally.
    All of the above because of misogyny
    All of the above because of homophobia
    All of the above because men and women are not Barbie and Ken. Or sterotypes of two sexes.

  159. Heather says:

    Folk who have detransitioned are not getting listened to by governments.
    Despite being the onky ones who know what harm the process of puberty blockers wrong hormones and the surgical worse.

    They are saying don’t do this to children and young people.

    Don’t encourage it.

    The exponential rise in self ID corresponds with the rise of social media and also access to online porn by children.

    Safeguarding doesn’t make a profit.

    I agree about student politicians … for me they are always the vain and ignorant intent on a rise to the top, as my mum used to say scum also rises to the top.
    You need intellect reasoning and life experience to represent people.
    Dissolve the Scottish Parliament now and go for independence if this is as good as it gets on representing the people.

    Instead of atrracting the talentless rejects like her to be big fish in a wee pond cos we don’t matter for their vanity and salary.

  160. John McGregor says:

    Deary Deary me Lunatic n Asylum springs too mind

  161. Mr+Blue+Sky says:

    Is the penny finally starting to drop. The SNP under Sturgeon do not want a referendum, less so Scottish independence. All it is for Sturgeon is a lever to get re-elected in spite of their appalling record in power, and to rinse more money out of Westminster whilst blaming it for all it’s ills.

    If you really want independence, vote ALBA.

  162. Ian says:

    Peter A Bell: ” Utter drivel. Sex is biological. Gender roles are social constructs and so are mutable.”

    Yyyyes the problem is that the rationale for separate bathrooms is actually sex not gender — naturally penissed folk rape easier etc, and are stronger, etc.

    But even then gender is not independent of biology — it’s like how language is mutable but the language *instinct* is not, and makes for universal regularities in language. Gender is a facet of the culture which snowballs closely around biology. Bit like race and ethnicity.

  163. willie says:

    Just watched coverage of the wee Greta Thunberg getting lifted by police for demonstrating.

    I’ve no disagreement with the concept of our living a greener more environmentally sound existence. But the wee Thunberg is a sensationalist.

    That said she has has a message and like all messages she should have the right to say it.

    Shock then hen the wee girl was carried away by heavily tooled up militia who wore the badge of police and it couldn’t but help me think about how future Independence or anti Sturgeon campaigners

    Aye they’re tough hombres these police militia when they are all tooled up and lifting campaigners. Wonder how tough they’d be when they meet angry men with the same weaponry as them.

    To every brutal force their is a reaction. Just look at Northern Ireland where the brutal RUC and their sidekick B specials found themselves staring down the same gun barrel that they so happily dispensed.

    Ah, Police Scotland, they are one set of tough tough hombres. They know how to kick ass on behalf of their political masters.

  164. Charlie says:

    Beautifully done interview. Ms Chapman does wonders for our side in this debate.

    As for her particularly daft claim that she cannot say with any certainty what sex she is, because she hasn’t had her chromosomes tested, it’s a woeful display of ignorance. That she doesn’t understand human biology at all is obvious here anyway, given that she can’t answer the simplest question, but her argument is so so easily countered, too:

    Sex chromosomes are the starting point of sex differentiation. Not the end point. The end point of sex differentiation is either a male or female body.

    If you have a female body, congratulations, Ms Chapman, you are a woman.

    If you have a male body, congratulations, you are a man.

    It couldn’t be simpler.

    (This applies even in the extremely rare cases where a woman has xy chromosomes or a man has xx chromosomes. Female body = woman. Male body = man. And it applies even if you have a reproductive system that doesn’t work for any reason. Infertile men and women don’t suddenly turn into another sex.)

    But I have a feeling even if someone explained all this to her, it wouldn’t matter. After all, she was instrumental in passing a law that removes all safeguards from the process of getting a GRC, but managed to claim here that if a man applied for a GRC, it would be fraudulent, implying that it just couldn’t happen. Based on what? No proof is needed for a GRC via this Bill.

    All one has to declare is the decision to live as the opposite sex. Sincerely. No one can check if you are insincere. No one will report you at this point either, because no one can look into your head. (Unless you are phenomenally stupid and inform the notary that you are lying, of course.)

    So if a man applied (who other than men or women are going to apply anyway?), that man would lawfully change his legal sex to be that of a woman. This Bill explicitly allows for just this to happen. It has nothing at all to do with identifying as trans. If it did, the words trans, transsexual and transgender wouldn’t be so glaringly absent from the entire text of this Bill.

    There’s a lot more here to take apart, she offers such rich pickings, but I think it’s particularly brazen she brought up the situation in Scottish prisons after a report was published recently providing evidence of male prisoners identifying as women just to get into the women’s estate and then dropping that newfound identity as soon as they are released. Maybe in Ms Chapman’s world things she doesn’t want to believe just don’t exist.

  165. Paul Davies says:

    So the Nationalists are relying on this current crop of woefully ignorant SNP MSP’s to tell them how wonderful the Scottish world will be after independence. Really??

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