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Taking a stand

Posted on July 24, 2017 by

Click pic to go to the Indiegogo fundraiser page, or click here to use PayPal.
All-sources total as of 9am, Tuesday 25 July: £11,640.


Most of you have probably seen this by now:

And most of you probably already know what it’s about.

For the last six years, the supporters of independence have been relentlessly abused, smeared and vilified by the Unionist parties and the media. We’ve been called Nazis, bullies, terroristsfascists, Stalinists, thugs, viruses, racists, human sewers and just about every other slur under the sun. The most innocuous remarks have been blown up into shock-horror hysteria, and on the occasions when there haven’t even been any innocuous remarks they’ve simply been invented.

Perhaps it’s time to fight back.

When we originally ran the Dugdale/Mundell story in May, after Dugdale had blanked an attempt to settle the matter out of court, we asked you to decide what we should do about it – whether we should bring a court case or just let it go, and whether if we pursued it we should use existing Wings funds or do a separate fundraiser

Your response was clear-cut. By an overwhelming 70-30 majority you wanted the case brought, and of the people who wanted it done there was an almost 60-40 majority in favour of a new fundraiser specifically for the case.

So we’ve done it. It’s initially for a small amount to cover the expenses that have been incurred to date in professional legal advice from counsel and filing the case, though more will likely be needed in future if and when it actually gets to court – if for any reason should donations end up exceeding costs, any surplus when the case is over will go into the Wings Fighting Fund.

(We’ve taken it to the Sheriff Court rather than the Court Of Session, so it should be relatively inexpensive – and certainly nowhere remotely near the sort of levels of the Orkney Four’s challenge to Alistair Carmichael.)

If we win, it may set a precedent that makes Unionist politicians and newspapers at least pause for thought the next time they want to demonise independence supporters with outrageous and disgusting falsehoods. But we don’t think we can afford to go on any longer without at least trying.

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340 to “Taking a stand”

  1. Patrician says:

    Go for it.

  2. Lollysmum says:

    Done with pleasure & yes it is time to fight back.

  3. Nana says:

    Sent some dosh through paypal Rev, good luck!

  4. Christopher Whyte says:

    Just a suggestion:

    Once the case is won, as I assume it will be, might it be an idea to use any surplus (or even another fundraiser) in order to better publicise the result beyond Wings Over Scotland?

  5. jimnarlene says:

    Done, good luck.

  6. Fergus Green says:

    Proud to donate to a noble cause.

    The bigger the donation, the stronger the message we send out.

  7. Ronnie Young says:

    What’s the best way to get funds to you Stu? I know Paypal ain’t cheap and those funding sites take a chunk too AFAIK. Would it be better to send a cheque or better still bank details?

  8. Paul says:

    Go for it and hope you win. But have lost all trust and faith in UK institutions so I hae ma doots.

  9. Angus Anderson says:

    Time we fought back. Delighted to contribute and good luck!

  10. Bobby McPherson says:

    Donated! Good on you Rev maybe it will help Kezia to think twice before she spouts any merr shite.

  11. desimond says:

    Payday Wednesday so cheques in the post…honest guv!
    Best of luck and prepare for sever mud rakery. I’m sure any attempt at “and he also said THIS!” will be well prepared for.

    This could be pivotal in opening some folks eyes.

    Just wish folk angry about SFA/SPFL Res12 cover up would do the same.

  12. Jon says:

    Absolutely, go for it. Fed up of their pish.. 50 quid coming atcha.

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “AFAIK. Would it be better to send a cheque or better still bank details?”

    Bank transfers cost nothing in commission. Our bank details can be found on the Donate page 🙂

  14. John Moss says:

    Behind you all the way ?

  15. Frank Halligan says:

    Let’s show them Rev they think they are a law unto themselves

  16. thingy says:

    Reaches for the groat jar…

  17. John Moss says:

    …sorry about the question mark. Was meant to be a smiley.

    Go get the besom.

  18. Sarah says:

    Donation winging [geddit] its way to the fundraiser. I really hope that the case will affect the wider media behaviour.

  19. Lisa says:

    The time for a counter offensive was 2014. The problem with allowing lies and insults to go unchallenged is that the perpetrators quickly arrive at a place where they think they have a right to go unchallenged.

    It’s time for ALL lies and slurs to be challenged by a common effort from all yes groups and media outlets. They’ve had the velvet glove, now the iron fist needs to punch them squarely in the face!!

  20. David McFeeters says:

    …..tae think again! Donated!

  21. Snode1965 says:

    Contribution made, let justice be served.

  22. Craig Evans says:

    That’s a tenner transferred over to your account.

    Go get her Rev.

  23. Capella says:

    Tuppence worth added. Good luck.

  24. Geoff Huijer says:

    First time in my life I can afford to donate & I’m so pleased.

    I work 5 days p/w for Fife Council in a school as a PSA & as my council rent & council tax accounts for circa 65% of my wage I generally can’t do things like this.

    My colleagues had a collection for me pre-school holidays & gave me £130 for bills which was amazing (and used). But I have also managed to get some money from my book (sold in local cafe) so am able for once to be able to contribute.

    The demonisation of independence supporters has been incessant & if this fundraiser leads to even just a little bit less then it is totally worth it.

    As we all know it takes money to get ‘justice’ in this country and even then it’s not guaranteed.

    Well done Stu for having a spine & standing up for your beliefs and integrity.

  25. Rick Guthrie says:

    Yip.!! Lets go .

  26. Andrew Davidson says:

    Who takes less fees out of your end, Paypal or Indiegogo?

  27. Conan the Librarian says:

    @ Christopher Whyte 9.09am

    Hi Chris, it’s your auld librarian here 😉

  28. fillofficer says:

    well done rev. here, ye can have some of my tv license money, heh

  29. Marie Clark says:

    Bunged you a few quid through paypal Stuart.

  30. Melvin says:

    Well done Stu go get em..

  31. Jim Thomson says:

    Deed done.

    Paypal states that what I pay you get. No hint of commission.

    Go get ’em.

  32. Scotrock says:

    Happy to have donated. Keep up the good work Stu.

  33. BJ says:

    Listening to KD and seeing the idiot Iain Grey supporting her it’s clear these people will never change. They honestly believe that the public will return to them in their droves.

    I will never vote for anyone who shows such disrespect and hatred for Scotland. Kezia, you should just join the Tory party, if they’ll have you! You and the fools that surround you should be ashamed to call yourselves Labour Party supporters. You are an insult to those who fought for a better life for the poor and democratic socialism.

    “”No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. As far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin””

    I’ve donated,

    Nye Bevan

  34. Macart says:

    It’s about that time right enough.

  35. Flower of Scotland says:

    Always got your back for the outstanding work you do for Scotland and it’s people.


  36. Dan Huil says:

    With you 100%, Rev.

    Looking forward to hysterical britnat media headlines accusing you of bullying poor wee Dugdale. Maybe some future litigation for us there?

  37. Morag says:

    You go, Stu.

    You know, the one that enrages me most is Neil Hay. An innocuous tweet made under a pseudonym three years previously was used to accuse him of wanting to bar the over-65s from voting. Allegedly because they were less likely to vote SNP.

    The tweet actually questioned the rationale of old people who were so demented they didn’t know what day of the week it was being on the electoral register. That was it. He didn’t offer a solution at all, never mind calling for advanced dementia patients to be removed from the register. If anything, it was an expression of concern that these votes might be misappropriated by carers or relatives.

    In what universe is that a hate-filled stance? But newspapers simply reported that he had called for all OAPs to lose the right to vote, without quoting the tweet. ANd Nicola Sturgeon didn’t defend him, probably felt it would only make matters worse.

    As far as I can see Neil Hay is a mild-mannered inoffensive soul who wouldn’t say boo to his granny. He could conceivably have unseated Ian Murray in 2015 if it hadn’t been for this incident. The Edinburgh Evening News was full of how he had insulted all pensioners.

    I don’t know how we stop this, but this is worth a try.

  38. Muscleguy says:

    Done, and waiting for the next call for funding for Andy Wightman too.

  39. Fred says:

    A good cause, “Engage brain before opening mouth Kezia!” allegedly by her faither! Paypal-ed.

  40. RogueCoder says:

    This is fantastic. Any way that we can hit back at the lies is a good thing, and will hopefully make others stop and think before launching smear campaigns.

    Quick update on the perks being dispatched from the Wings annual crowdfunder earlier this year (I run ayeMail, the wee not-for-profit that is dispatching the perks):

    All the UK domestic Sexy Badge packs have shipped and should have arrived (or be about to arrive) by now. The Sexy Hat and Badge packs are being dropped off at the Post Office today and will likewise land on doorsteps this week.

    The international Badge packs and hats will take a few days longer as we have to provide customs forms for them.

    Finally the Sexy Umbrella, Hat and Badges and upwards packs (including Wings silver, Gold, and Works packs) are being assembled now, but due to the somewhat more involved level of packaging required probably won’t ship until end of this week or beginning of next – but they will all be delivered via courier!

    Thanks to everybody for their patience. Over the years working with Stu we have grown both the complexity and shear number of perks shipped for Wings fundraisers. We’re really delighted to help him give something back to his loyal and generous donors, so we hope you love your badges, hats and brollies as much as we loved packing and dispatching them! Some days we get to feel a bit like Santa Claus, and that’s a special feeling that never gets old 🙂

    Best to all,


  41. orri says:

    Might be worth pointing out that MSPs don’t generally get the same protection against being sued for defamation whilst engaged in parliamentary business, even if the statements are made in Holyrood.

    As such it might have helped if the Presiding Officer were to remind MSPs of that fact when they make contentious allegations that they are liable for them. Amusingly enough given that retractions and apologies can be required to be made wherever the original offence was committed you might be justified in insisting that Dugdale do so in Holyrood.

  42. Scott says:

    The BBC is wilfully ignoring positive Brexit stories and shows a clear pattern of unbalanced reporting.
    Liam Fox “Quote”
    I wonder if he will get the same stock answer from BBC as we get we are not biased,fight back on all fronts I say the SNP should take the bull by the horns and tell BBC Scotland they will no longer appear on any program of thiers ITV is not quite so bad give them all the interviews.
    As for Dugdale go for it.

  43. JLT says:

    Yes. If the facts are correct and there is proof that Kezia definitely overstepped the mark, and in the time given, she has not apologised, then yes, I would say go for it.

    For far too long, Kezia has got away with murder by allowing her mouth to speak before allowing her brain to engage. She’s been warned time and again about just speaking out and claiming certain arguments as ‘fact’, when upon analysis, everyone can clearly see that it isn’t. If you continually play against the odds long enough, then sooner or later, you’ll come a cropper. Seems this might be her time for her to learn the hard way. Even being publicly chastised by her father isn’t sinking in.

    So yes, a broadside warning to some of Scotland’s politicians who think it is OK to verbally attack their countrymen, who in essence, are doing nothing more than protecting the interests of the Scottish nation. So, yep …go for it. Time for Kezia to learn some harsh truths.

  44. James Sneddon says:

    Good move Rev about time someone put the pressure on Dugdale and sent a message to those would make defamatory statements.
    One wee comment is it just me or is anyone else having problems using Indiegogo and Paypal. The first doesn’t recognise my ‘zipcode’ and the second declines ,my card. I’ve double checked postcode and my bank account.(all Paypal said was it must be a fault at my bank, Bank says everything ok)
    ach well! bank transfer it is , a shame as I really fancied the badge but as my gran says ‘See Dugdale, see defamation )

  45. John H. says:

    Glad to see this Rev. It’s about time we stood up to their lies.
    SNP take note.

    £20 donated, and more if needed.

  46. Ken500 says:

    The only way these lying politicians, making people’s lives a misery, can be brought to book is now through court action. The Westminster unionists are repeatedly being taken through the Courts and losing for their illegal activities. More of them should go to jail because of their illegal sctivities. It might be a deterrent. International criminals.

    The BBC is beamed all over the world. It can’t be blocked but held to account. That is being done. It is being sued. The full accounts should be published. It is a publicly funded body. It is a laughing stock. Propaganda. £3.7Billion for nonsense.

  47. Ken500 says:

    I-pad? Problems with payment. Bank donation. Regular payment.

  48. skintybroko says:

    Payment made, glad you are able to make a stand, wishing you every success.

  49. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Best wishes, Stu. Hopefully at least one Unionist lie can be well-and-truly nailed. Oh, and you can add “bully” to the charge sheet, can you not?

    (NB: Payments by PayPal are set up as personal ones, peeps, so there’s no loss incurred in funding that way.)

  50. Vestas says:

    Done. Go get her 🙂

  51. Wulls says:

    That’s my tenner in ??

  52. colin alexander says:

    To Stu Campbell,

    I don’t like bullies.

    Some people try to bully others on here cos they don’t agree with their views. In my case, you stuck by your rules, you gave your opinion I talk shite, but I was entitled to speak, as I wasn’t breaking the rules.

    I don’t agree with everything you say either and don’t always agree with how you say it.

    But I’m with you that people shouldn’t be allowed to falsely accuse people of being things that they aren’t and declare it as fact, when it’s not true.

    So, donation on it’s way.

    May truth be established and justice be done.

  53. Valerie says:

    Done. Very glad to support this stand, just as with the Orkney 4 case against the liar.

    What is notable, imo, is Dugdale went all out allegedly to defend the Tory Mundells, with an agenda about WoS.

    Didn’t see the Mundells defaming the Rev, so not as daft as they look.

    It makes me sick that any politician thinks they are immune to challenge when they lie.

  54. Edward Freeman says:

    Only a small donation, I’m afraid, coz I am decrepit and on benefits. Sending it gladly because I am also an independentista who is gay, and old enough to remember what REAL homophobia is.

  55. Stan Wilson says:

    Have set up standing order to you, hope every little helps.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Hail Alba

  56. Socrates MacSporran says:

    \now steady on there Rev. When you win the case, Dippity Dug will almost-certainly have to resign.

    I know it is, at the moment, a very long shot, but, they just might then get someone capable in to replace her.

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    Cash sent, Rev. (via PayPal).

    The colonial media can defame if that is what they want to do. They should remember though that it will cost them to do so.

    Get ’em tiger!

  58. Petra says:

    Well done Stuart. I for one am sick and tired of being lied to and trampled on by Unionist politicians / the Unionist supporting media. More so that they think we’ll continue to accept this despicable behaviour. Dream on. The DAYS of this Union are numbered in three figures now.

    @ Muscleguy at 10:43am …… “Andy Wightman.”

    Spot on Muscleguy. When the might of the Tories / rich landowners falls on Andy if we care for this country of ours and those who have been at the forefront of attempting to expose exactly what’s been going on we’ll have to get behind him. Meanwhile Scots here AND abroad should get on to Amazon and order some of his books, such as ‘The Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got It.’

  59. Steambam says:

    I’m in, Stuart

    In three years of following this site, I’ve yet to read a homophobic comment.

    As an American pal of mine is wont to say “There are three types of people in the world – those who learn by reading, those who learn by observing, and the rest, who just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

    When it comes to finding where the boundaries are, I guess our Kez is in the third group.

  60. Skip_NC says:

    Just to be clear, I’m being mischievous here, but I see from the Scotsman article that WoS is described as combining support for independence with staunch support for the SNP. The former is undeniable, but the latter, as any regular here knows, is pure unadulterated tosh. Do we need another fundraiser?

  61. Skip_NC says:

    There was supposed to be a wicked, evil grin instead of a question mark.

  62. John H. says:

    Socrates MacSporran 11.55

    With a brass neck like hers, there is absolutely no chance that she will resign. Besides, who would replace her?

  63. Sorry I am not in a financial position to give a donation,
    though I wish you success in your legal action against Kezia Dugdale.

    For too many years the unionists have gotten away with abusing those who couldn’t afford the expense of taking legal action against them.

    If you win this case will this change the attitude of the unionists and the media? I would like to think so but,doubt it.

  64. Andrew Coulson says:

    Just a point of information/question: Has Kezia Dugdale smeared you on this outside the Holyrood chamber? And is what she says in the chamber covered by parliamentary privilege?

  65. theMadMurph says:

    ach pish! I’ve used Paypal, but could have used bank transfer.

    I wish I’d read the comments before sending.

    I’ve marked it with mob of Justice, as I’m a sucker for a badge!

    Hope that’s acceptable Stu?

    Do Paypal take commision off the money transferred? I didn’t mark it as goods or services.

  66. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    theMadMurph @ 12:31,

    Then it will go as a personal payment and there won’t be any deduction. So no worries, you’re OK.

  67. twathater says:

    Done Rev BTW shouldn’t the daily wrecker be included as they published the shite

  68. Highland Wifie says:

    Payment made. Well done for standing up.

  69. Helena Brown says:

    Time to start fighting back and as other’s here have said SNP please note. Stop letting them use you as a punching bag.
    Much as as I dislike George Galloway, nobody now lies about him, he takes them all the road.
    Money in it’s way this evening.

  70. SandyW says:

    My £10 added. Go get her, Rev.

  71. Lenny Hartley says:

    Andrew Coulson, your obviously not an alert reader are you 🙂

  72. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Donated. Yes, we fight. That’s my opinion.

  73. Fergus Green says:

    £10 winging its way to you Stuart. if you exceed the target, treat yourself to a pot noodle 🙂

  74. HandandShrimp says:

    The former is undeniable, but the latter, as any regular here knows, is pure unadulterated tosh.

    I think as far as the Hootsman is concerned, anyone who doesn’t say SNPbaaad 15 times a day is a staunch supporter of the SNP.

    It is a while since I first saw that Tweet from Stu and my reading of it is no different than the first. “Ouch” on behalf of Oliver and his oratory.

    Wishing someone had embraced anything sooner cannot be taken as a slight against that thing which they have embraced no matter which way you cut it. There was a will a to misread this in order to virtue signal and nothing more.

    Still “Ouch” for Oliver 🙂

  75. packhorse pete says:

    Donated and happy to do so. Dugdale goes on about bullies – I see her in this regard, as she used her position to attack WoS, both in print and in Parliament, thinking she was safe from retaliation.
    Anyone who reads Stuart regularly will know that the charge of homophobia is absurd.

  76. Proud Cybernat says:

    Kezia (and others) should learn to understand that when they make defamatory comments then it’s not just the Rev (one person) they are taking on but a substantial part of the YES movement. Carmichael learned that lesson too late and it cost him a considerable sum.

    Don’t mess with YES. You tell lies about us we have the will and the means to take you all the way, to the highest court in the land if need be.

    Keep it in mind, Yoons.

  77. harry mcaye says:

    Donated. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Clearly, whatever that remark was (personally I thought it was very funny and clever) it was not homophobic.

  78. Scotspine says:

    £10 from me Stu. Get stuck in.

  79. Richard MacKinnon says:

    You want to let this go, but I know you wont. You love the attention. It promotes your web site. I understand that. Dugdale is no better, she craves attention. Its the business you have chosen as your career.
    Whether what you said (about Mundell) is homophobic or not will now be for the courts to decide. Lots of nice cheques for the lawyers, paid for by the donkeys that follow this site. Lots of nice publicity for you. You cant loose.
    But before you do go to court, you should reflect on what you actually did say.
    What you said, boiled down to undeniable facts is, ‘I wish David Mundell never had children’. Think about that.

  80. Xaracen says:

    Tenner in,indiegoget’em 😀

  81. HandandShrimp says:

    What you said, boiled down to undeniable facts is, ‘I wish David Mundell never had children’. Think about that.


    That is exactly what Stu said. However, it was in response to a particular dire speech and such things can be said for humorous effect. Humour…you know, that thing that donkeys like you don’t have. 😉

  82. yesindyref2 says:

    “Perhaps it’s time to fight back.”

    Definitely. Too much loose talk by politicians amd too much unjustified slander / defamation, in general, and sometimes to the actual person. Politicians are as subject to the law as everyone else, and should indeed set an example, specially when they’re actuall the leader of a political party (branch), specially to a general member of the public.

    Personally I didn’t like the comment, I don’t think anyone should be denied their life, even in jest, but “should have never been born” or like that is very commonly used.

    But homophobic? Not in the slightest.

  83. Tinto Chiel says:

    Every little helps, I hope.

    I’m fed up with Yoon smears and lies and anything which lessens their sense of impunity is a good thing.

    Good luck.

  84. Calum McKay says:

    Go for it!

  85. Effijy says:

    Romour has it that Jeremy Corbyn has

    My money is with you after work today!

    We are nice people who didn’t want to go this way,
    But there comes a time when the big mouth bully
    Has to learn the hard way!

  86. yesindyref2 says:

    @Christopher Whyte
    With any luck it’ll be publicised anyway. I’d say keep it for a legal fund, publicising that will send a clear message – wha daur meddle wi’ me – as in the royal coat of arms of Scotland (in latin though).

  87. Fireproofjim says:

    Only a tenner, but if everybody gave a tenner………..
    Easy by a credit or bank card.

  88. ScottishPsyche says:

    Happy to help. There is a part of me hope she doesn’t settle so that she has to try to justify her comments. I would love to hear her without the benefit of spin or Parliamentary privilege.

    Disappointing to see the usual Yes Twitterati spewing their bile and deciding who is ‘good for the Yes Movement’ and who is not. Certainly, most of them seem set on protecting their media appearances rather than helping a movement. It is interesting that a large part of their effort is put towards trying to silence the biggest internet voice for Yes. New media indeed.

  89. Liz g says:

    Did that Richard McKinnon jist call us all Donkeys
    He Haw, He Haw,He Hawught to know better!

  90. mike cassidy says:

    Rev. At least you made the Pink News!

  91. Suzanne says:

    Go for it. Throwing in a few squids to boost the coffers.

    The comment was rude but not homophobic, but there’s no mileage for Kezia in calling someone rude, is there!

  92. AnTeallach says:

    Duly donated and happy to help. Also donated recently to Wee Ginger Dug and IScot magazine but that’s what my ex-TV license fund is for 😀 Let’s hope IScot reaches its target too

  93. Fred says:

    Mebbes a wee bit OTT but if James VI had resisted the pressure to provide a viable heir & spare & followed his sexual inclinations, there would have been no Charles I, no Civil Wars, no death toll of 200,000 peeps, no Union, no Jacobite Rebellions, no British Empire, no impecunious German lairdie’s taking to the boats, no thick Guelph’s & Saxe Coburg’s, no Kaiser, no carnage of the Great War, no Communist Revolution in Russia etc’ so no Hitler & the carnage of W.W.2.

    Instead of which, the wee duke of Hamilton who carries the crown at Holyrood would be king of Scots! 🙂

  94. Ian McCubbin says:

    Goid luck any kegal challenge is frought with diffuculties. I know from experience hope it succeeds.

  95. Balaaargh says:

    Mr McKinnon is wrong. What the tweet boils down to saying is,

    Oliver Mundell is incompetent beyond any measure of usefulness to the human race.

  96. yesindyref2 says:

    I’d imagine the court would be analysing the actual tweet: “Oliver Mundell is the sort of public speaker that makes you wish his dad embraced his homosexuality sooner.”

    So let’s try it. “Oliver Mundell is …” THAT’s the object of the tweet, it’s aimed at him. “… the sort of public speaker” so the subject is Oliver Mundell’s speaking ability. Well, is it good, or is it bad, in the opinion of the tweeter?

    “… that makes you wish his dad embraced his homosexuality sooner.”

    So what does this descriptive phrase mean? Clearly if his dad had embraced his homosexuality earlier, much earlier, before Oliver was born or in fact, conceived, then oliver Mundell would not have been born.

    So removing the reference to his dad, the simplification of the tweet amounts to this:

    “Oliver Mundell is the sort of public speaker that makes you wish he hadn’t been born”.

    If I was you Rev I’d make sure you have an expert witness in semantics available.

  97. Stoker says:

    If you’re in the right then you’re in the right, but only justice can be twisted to say you’re in the wrong. Re: Alying Carbuncle.

    Count me in!

  98. John H. says:

    Richard MacKinnon 1.39pm.
    I might be a donkey but I can spell lose.

  99. Clapper57 says:

    Your significance in respect to your success as a political blogger is constantly highlighted when those usual suspects and certain undeserved politicians seek to challenge what you say and how you say it…..yet conveniently they seek the right to their own freedom to speak as they may….hypocrisy is indeed exceedingly strong with them I feel….proof to be found in their constant harping against you.

    In life we learn that those who are of no importance or threat to us are generally….. ignored…. and tis obvious you , to them, are the opposite…..if not….why so much attention do you draw among the supporters of unionism ?

    There is a mirror to which they should look into when they voice their opinions upon others who they seek to falsely accuse …..perhaps then they might consider reflecting on the language, tone , bias and closed minds that they themselves represent….one thing is for sure they most definitely resent your exposure of their political parties, their media, rabid followers and seek only to censure you and degrade you as an individual.

    The sad thing is there are some in the Yes movement who are colluding with this opinion by trying to demean both Wings and wingers as being frothing lunatics who they see as somehow diminishing their positive message and try in vain to belittle what we contribute via our opinion on this site. What THEY have in common with Unionists is this : SNP are not Scotland….The YES movement is not the SNP…… statement by unionists and one by individuals from the Yes movement…..but both in harmony…are they not.

    AS to Keiza…she should stick to the day job….i.e. pretending to support Corbyn….pretending she knows what to do should she be FM…..pretending she opposes the Tories and yet she and her party speak with the same voice as Tories………..that is….Unionism….or as some on this site would say BritNat.

    I hope your case is successful as one does need to stand up for what is right…..does one not….old chap…..what…..that’s me writing BritNat style….Yah.

  100. yesindyref2 says:

    @ Richard MacKinnon says: “What you said, boiled down to undeniable facts is, ‘I wish David Mundell never had children’. Think about that.”

    Indeed, though that’s only half correct, the actual purpose is to have a go at Oliver’s apparently poor speaking abilities, you too understand that the tweet was NOT homophobic in intent, and that therefore anyone who alleges the Rev is homophobic on the basis of that tweet in public is, indeed, creating a defamation.

  101. yesindyref2 says:

    Errr, in my non-judice opinion of course.

  102. Juan P says:

    Donated and good on you for fighting back.

    They smear and lie everyday without consequence. Hopefully Dugdale gets her comeuppance on this occasion.

  103. Neil Mackenzie says:

    That’s a wee punt done with the PayPal link.

    I won’t ever be using Indiegogo again after losing hundreds of pounds through them on a ‘project’ that they’re still fraudulently promoting many months after it became obvious it was a scam.

  104. Macandroid says:

    Stuck my hand down the back of the sofa and am sending what I found there – although I’m not sure what Stu will do with half a set of wallies and a comb with three teeth missing!

    Now we fight back…

  105. Thepnr says:

    What bothers me about this is that a single tweet from the Wings Over Scotland twitter account is deemed to be so important to the Labour party and Kezia Dugdale that she felt it necessary to spend all her allotted time at FMQ’s to raise this tweet with the FM and make accusations that .

    Just had a look, the Wings Over Scotland twitter account has posted 272,700 tweets. Yes more than a quarter of a million and this single tweet is supposed evidence of homophobia? I’m pretty sure that to make the case against someone you accuse of homophobia it would require more than a single tweet from over 1/4 million.

    Maybe not, we’ll see how British justice works once it gets to court. Kezia Dugdale used this tweet not really to attack Wings, that was secondary. The main purpose of course was to attack Nicola Sturgeon and the Yes movement.

    She actually said in her rant at FMQ’s “Presiding Officer, when my colleagues do something I disagree with, I take action. I’m asking the First Minister to do the same.”

    What does she mean? Is Stuart Campbell a colleague of Nicola Sturgeon, is he even a member of the SNP. No on both counts, this was a smear attempt of the FM, the SNP and those that support Independence.

    Whatever, I think it’s right to stand your ground it’s clear enough to me at least as I’ve been around Wings blog and twitter for a while now and know for definite that Rev Stuart Campbell is NOT homophobic. I’ve no idea if Wings will win this or not, suppose it depends on the judge.

    It’s the principle though and making a stand is the right thing to do. Remember this all the “evidence” for the defence in their accusation of homophobia is a single tweet from more than 1/4 million. I rest my case.

  106. Slackshoe says:

    Best of luck with this Stu. Hope everyone’s ordered an extra large bag of popcorn. One wonders how the Scottish media are going to twist this.

  107. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    yesindyref2 @ 15:34,

    One of the oddest aspects of the whole indy business is that we have all become (apart from one obvious exception =grin=) devoted fans of the legal challenge, what with Carmichael the Liar, Brexit, the upcoming Andy Wightman defence and now this one. We Scots have always had a penchant for vigorous discussion and =ahem= fighting, and it seems these have come together with a vengeance in the legal arena over independence!

    And we are not done by any means. Next along: The Grandiose Power Grab Bill. Perhaps we will finally get the necessary and long-overdue constitutional showdown, one way or another.

    As for this one, my (entirely amateur) guess is an out-of-court settlement. Kez the brave but fragile virtue-signalling victim of the vile cybernat bully? I don’t think that will play in or out of court somehow. She has nothing to gain from the publicity and Stu quite a lot. But then, what do I know about such things?

  108. Brian Powell says:

    Interestingly Wings is one of the few consistently taking a stand against the Tories/Lab and the ant-Ind forces.

    I noticed in the National there is Carolyn Leckie (former Scot Socialists), Cat Boyd( Labour), Kevin Mackenna (anti-SNP, all mainly slagging the SNP.

  109. Mark Fletcher says:

    Donation now made.

    The original tweet was far from homophobic.

    Kezia and others need to see that a joke at the expense of a person who also happens to be homosexual cannot properly be construed as homophobic, especially when that same joke accepts and even encourages homosexuality!

    Kezia was too ready to indulge in those cynical and unfair smears levelled at high-profile supporters of independence. This sort of thing is an attack on all of us.

    I hope and expect that Stu will take her to the cleaners.

  110. Suzanne says:

    Dang it. For some reason I’m having trouble donating. Won’t accept my postcode. What’s wrong with my postcode. It’s a LOVELY postcode.

    Will keep trying.

  111. annie says:

    Good luck with this, time to take a stand. Donation made.

  112. Suzanne says:

    Phew. Done.

    Good to see that a certain Colonel appears to have donated twice … hahahaha!

  113. Joybell says:

    Donated, Stu. Wish you well.

  114. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland
    Yes, I think with something important to us like Independence it’s made us more assertive, and more aware of the rights of Scotland and therefore our own rights. Which is a good thing.

    I was strangely just thinking about it, and all this posting has made me better able to handle situations. Times when I’m not getting what I should do, perhaps what I’ve paid for. But also able to wangle a bit more at times. I’ve developed a technique in real life I call “boring into submission” by being pleasant of course, where they’re so desperate to get rid of you they’ll agree to practically anything. Mmmm. But it works.

    I’d encourage any and all LURKERS to have a shot at posting in Wings. You may get mauled at times, but it’ll toughen you up for real life.

  115. yesindyref2 says:

    @Brian Powell
    Yes indeed. But I look at it another way. If Independence is too closely associated with the SNP, then for people who hate the SNP, Indy is off, it’ll be a NO then. But if they see the likes of Cat Boyd, Carolyn Leckie, all having a real go at the SNP, inclduing Kenny MacAskill they can identify with that and reconsider their position on Indy.

    So, perhaps, the more the merrier on the anti-SNP bandwagon, as long as they’re pro-Indy.

  116. Proud Cybernat says:


  117. geeo says:

    Dugdale talks about not giving in to bullies, yet she uses her priviliged political position to try to deny democratic choice in a democratically mandated indyref, given BY THE PEOPLE.

    Elements of bullying right there.

  118. galamcennalath says:

    ” For the last six years, the supporters of independence have been relentlessly abused, smeared and vilified by the Unionist parties and the media. “

    …. and they don’t end up in court having their asses sued off anything like as often as they should.

    The Rev is 100% right here.

    It all has a paradoxical bright side … the more of a target you are for their lies and smears, the more successful in opposing their Union you must be!

    The fact that all they have to offer in their case for their Union, deceit and falsehood, should tell everyone all they need to know!

    There is no, nor never has been, a positive case for their Union.

    IMO SNP politicians and other pro Indy folks have on many occasions not gone down the legal route when they should/could have.

    There seems little recourse against the media other than the courts. Scotland would be a much better place if they were forced to think carefully about releasing their fake-anything for fear of punitive legal action.

  119. Col says:

    Suzanne, sometimes needs a space to work. I had a similar problem before

  120. galamcennalath says:

    yesindyref2 says:

    perhaps, the more the merrier on the anti-SNP bandwagon, as long as they’re pro-Indy.

    IMO it is absolutely essential that YES2 is not seen as synonymous with the SNP.

    I am a member of the SNP and have respect and faith it their approach. However, Indy is much bigger than the SNP.

    Indy won’t happen without the SNP. However, the SNP alone won’t achieve it.

    Firstly there are the Greens whose pro Indy stance is essential in parliament and beyond. The perfect outcome would be for enough Labour and LibDem voters, and maybe even some Tories, to also conclude that Indy is their best hope for the future AND not just all about the SNP and party politics.

  121. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Donated my few pennies,have not made a comment for some time but I would not get through the day without my read of ‘Wings over Scotland’
    Good luck Stu.

  122. The Isolator says:

    Done via PayPal Stu,

    Get right intae them.

  123. ScottishPsyche says:

    Should this come to court, any defence may well involve a rehashing of the litany of out of context or made up tweets and quotes seen directed at WoS on a regular basis. How fortunate that this can be countered by the Rev Stu’s unparalleled archive.

    That the smears and accusations could, at last, be challenged is an opportunity not to be missed. It will be interesting to see how far the establishment will go to damage a reputation and silence a voice they hate and fear. Dugdale represents a whole host of media and unionist political voices who use every means available to them to try to shut down the Independence option. She will get a lot of support.

  124. The Isolator says:

    Done via PayPal Rev.

    Get right intae them!

  125. Fairliered says:

    Donation made by direct bank transfer from an evil cybernat’s secret stash of ill gotten gains.

  126. Skip_NC says:

    Isn’t “evil cybernat” a tautology

  127. Scottish Steve says:

    I suggest any surplus should go to charity.

  128. Phil says:

    Done, good luck for a good cause.

  129. Craig Macinnes says:

    Donated with pleasure. Totally sick of pig-ignorant unionists thinking they can make any slur they like just because I want my country to run its own affairs free from London rule.

  130. velofello says:

    I’ll head off to the bank tomorrow to transfer a donation. Dugdale is a very foolish person, way beyond her station – that term again. Any surplus I propose should be held in a Litigation Fund, who knows what might crop up next, and remember the rich love money, so prising it from them would be very satisfying.

    This Tory dark money business is a concern,funding an investigation to expose it would be interesting.

  131. ronnie anderson says:

    Scottish Steve . If you had cared to look at previous Wings Fundraisers monies not required go into the Fighting Fund as Stu has said , believe it or not Stu has experience in explaining things clearly . Charities have been supported on this site for a long time

  132. heedtracker says:

    Got to be worth a pony, on pay day:D

    Get in to them!

  133. Robert Peffers says:

    @Skip_NC says: 24 July, 2017 at 7:20 pm:

    “Isn’t “evil cybernat” a tautology”.

    No, Skip_NC, but I do believe it may be taught in the English Public Schools system.

    I’ll get my coat.

  134. Arthur Martin says:

    Donation made by PayPal.
    Good luck with the Court case Stu, Dugdales cheap point scoring is gonna blow up in her face.

  135. heedtracker says:

    What you said, boiled down to undeniable facts is, ‘I wish David Mundell never had children’. Think about that.

    Why, does thinking about it make them do something interesting?

    Tories are scum of the earth.

    No point in beating about the bush, not exactly where Fluffie likes to do his beating right enough:D

    I dont know how anyone even remotely leftie can vote SLabour goons. Sure they’re BBC Scotland’s gang but they’re as much socialists as the actual tories, worse really, trying to pretend otherwise.

    That’s been likes of Colonel Ruth’s and Fluffie’s big break through, nicking the SLab yoon vote because ultimately, keeping our country in the control of tory UKOK zone, is far more important to your average SLab vote than anything else. But there’s not an infinitely supply of them though.

  136. HandandShrimp says:

    Was chatting to chap on the train at Lochwinnoch a couple of days ago, very pleasant chap who introduced himself as Alan Bisset. I was heading home having left work early, celebrating having laid the accounts by buying a couple of vinyl albums but still half my brain whirring on work stuff. I thought I recognised him. The penny has just dropped which is why this is randomly off topic. Doh!

  137. Iain Gray says:

    Modest donation sent.

  138. Robert Peffers says:

    @Richard MacKinnon says: 24 July, 2017 at 1:39 pm:

    You want to let this go, but I know you wont. You love the attention. It promotes your web site. I understand that. Dugdale is no better, she craves attention. Its the business you have chosen as your career.”

    There always has to be at last one on any Wings thread. Usually more that one but this one is really gyte.

    For those who don’t speak the Lallans the Lowland Scots term, gyte”, has a rather loose definition but includes such as :-

    adjectives – daft, crazy, mad, inflamed or lovesick.

    As a noun – lunatic.

    Will donate tomorrow as I’m in process of changing my small current account that I use just for one of bill paying and cash transfers.

    The system I use is to only keep enough cash in the small account to keep it open. When I make a payment I have to transfer cash into the small account.

    So I’ll need to check if things have been properly changed and there is enough cash in the account to cover it.

  139. Cactus says:

    We’re almost there.. less than £400 to go!

    Let’s hit the target by sunset.

    Will there be a public gallery too?

    Wear your WOJ badge there.

  140. Cactus says:

    Anonymous brings the total up to £4,666.

    What the de..

    Cheers to you anonymous person.

  141. Croompenstein says:

    Wee paypal donation Stu.. wishing you every success

    You must be over the threshold now when you add in the paypal donations.. 🙂

  142. Aikenheed says:

    What velocello said above.
    Plus donation tomorrow when I get home.
    In the fifties was bullied when first went to primary. After 2 years dad taught me to box. Problem solved, bullies have to be faced down.
    That’s Yoon bullies of all colours

  143. colin alexander says:


    “British justice” ? Is this BritNat talk?

    It’s a case that is going to be considered under SCOTS LAW.

  144. Athanasius says:

    One of the problems I have always had with the SNP is that they are too damned “reasonable”. They don’t like confrontation because it makes them look “divisive”. They seem to forget that they are actually trying to be divisive; they’re trying to divide United Kingdom and good for them. It is an honourable and worthy cause. For the longest time, the independence movement has needed to show that it is not afraid to stand up and fight and damn the consequences. Well done, Stu. Never give in.

  145. Petra says:

    £300 to go (round one?). Will KD settle out of Court?



    The Sun’s been running with the Ruth Davidson article (if it was written by her?). Basically concluding, ha, ha, ha, that RD has just admitted that her party’s sh*t and it’s time for change. Kind of backfired on smart erse.



    @ HandandShrimp at 8:32pm …. “Alan Bisset.”

    Just out of curiosity HaS. Nosiness in fact, lol. Did you and Alan get round to talking about Independence?

  146. Cactus says:

    I reckons we’re about to get a taking a stand update, it’s imminent.

    The press are drafting their headlines as we speak!

    I Love Wings projects.

    I Love people power.


  147. Cactus says:

    On yerself Jeff Dugdale contributor!

    Can you see the sunset?

    One for the team.

  148. Capella says:

    £4,981 ATM. Somebody put in a £20 and get this done and dusted. Ta.

  149. Rock says:

    “If we win, it may set a precedent that makes Unionist politicians and newspapers at least pause for thought the next time they want to demonise independence supporters with outrageous and disgusting falsehoods.”

    The likes of Dugdale need to be taught a lesson they will never forget.

    However, in my view, the Scottish legal system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

    If in the highly unlikely event they rule against Dugdale, it will be a precedent which the independence moment must relentlessly pursue with countless more cases.

    Shame on the SNP MSP in bed with Dugdale, the SNP’s sworn enemy.

    She should be thrown out of the SNP immediately, in my humble opinion.

    Truth Always.

  150. colin alexander says:


    If Nicola Sturgeon removed the SNP whip from the new girlfriend of Kezia Dugdale and kicked her out the party, Kezia might accuse Nicola of being homophobic.

    Kezia seems to have previous form for that. Just ask Stu, if you don’t believe me.

  151. Petra says:

    Wow now over the mark! Well done folks.

  152. heedtracker says:

    However, in my view, the Scottish legal system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

    You should back this up, at least a bit Rock.

    Boloc Always.

  153. Morgatron says:

    Stu, Mrs Morgatron and mysef get paid on Friday and already earmarked a few bangers of our payday treat slush fund to the cause. Its time to show the yoons the gloves are now off .

  154. colin alexander says:


    Very sensible comment. Independence is for anyone that wants it, not just for SNP supporters.

    To put it another way: you can support independence, without being an SNP supporter.


    If there’s an indyref you vote for independence; it’s not a vote for the SNP.

  155. Proud Cybernat says:

    My guess here is that Kez doesn’t give a hee-haw about this case coming to court and potentially, if the case goes against her, losing £25k.

    IMO someone has her back covered with this. Ever wonder why Kez hasn’t backed down, settled out of court? Because it’s not about 10k or 25k. It’s ALL about damaging WoS. The colonial media are running with the narrative the Kez is calling out the Rev for being homophobic. Now, if Kez wins you’ll hear all about it in the colonial media. If she loses you will hear diddly-squat. If the Rev wins there will be precisely NOTHING in the colonoal media–NOTHING.

    It’s about damagng WoS (even if it means they may have to pay out £25k). It’ll be worth it to them.

    Discretion, valour and all that. I just hope if the Rev wins this case he can ensure the outcome does not go unnoticed. Very difficult when the BritNats own the colonial media. The ‘damage’ will have been done even if the Rev wins.

  156. Ghillie says:

    Well done Rev Stu =)

  157. Rock says:

    colin alexander,


    If Nicola Sturgeon removed the SNP whip from the new girlfriend of Kezia Dugdale and kicked her out the party, Kezia might accuse Nicola of being homophobic.”

    Nicola can follow the Rev. Stuart Campbell’s example and sue her for defamation.

    But it must always be borne in mind that the Scottish legal system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

    Truth Always.

  158. Thepnr says:

    Felt a flea bite at my mentioning of British Justice, painless but irritating.

    For the avoidance of doubt though, think I should mention that despite there being Scots law. Currently a decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the highest civil appeal court of the United Kingdom, is binding on every other court, including those decisions made in Scotland.

    We’ll see how British justice works once it gets to court.

  159. Rock says:


    “Boloc Always.”

    Centuries of reading The Guardian has left its mark on you heedtracker.

    Truth Always.

  160. Rock says:


    “For the avoidance of doubt though, think I should mention that despite there being Scots law. Currently a decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the highest civil appeal court of the United Kingdom, is binding on every other court, including those decisions made in Scotland.”

    The pretendy “sovereignty” of the Scots.

    Truth Always.

  161. Ghillie says:

    Cactus @ 9.29 pm

    A really bonnie sunset = )

    Bodes well for all our days to come 🙂

    ps Could well have been Jeff!

    Have a lovely evening folks = )

  162. Gfaetheblock says:

    This seems to be an odd fight to pick. If Stu wins, it will most likely bring up any previous unsavoury comments that he has made on the website or twitter, and these can be taken in or out of context as much as the media wants to.

    The comment re the Mundels, irrespective of any reference, prejudice or stereotype of sexual preference norms, is basically a joke wishing that an elected representative had not been born. I would be surprised if that was to win many converts to the independence cause.

  163. Thepnr says:

    The midgies are so annoying at this time of year, you squash one and another takes it’s place and sups of your blood.

    Midgies are the lowest of the low.

  164. heedtracker says:

    Rock says:
    24 July, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    “Boloc Always.”

    Centuries of reading The Guardian has left its mark on you heedtracker.

    Truth Always.

    So why cant you tell us why… “But it must always be borne in mind that the Scottish legal system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.” Rock?

    Bollox Always.

  165. HandandShrimp says:


    Yes, Alan was talking about setting up a Yes Group in Lochwinnoch.

  166. Undeadshaun says:

    Rock is either thick as mince with his comments that he continually makes or i suspect more likely, he is a 77 brigade agitator.

  167. colin alexander says:


    Like this?

    TODAY’S SITTINGS 24 Jul 2017

    Supreme Court
    Court 1 – 11:00
    Scotch Whisky Association and others (Appellants) v The Lord Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland)

  168. meg merrilees says:

    Proud Cybernat

    You may be right that this is a put up job re Kez trying to bring down Wings BUT there is no such thing as bad publicity and it could all go spectacularly wrong for Kezia!!!

  169. velofello says:

    Rock: “The Scottish legal system is rotten to the core”. That is simply an outrageous statement. To be blunt with you, don’t be so bloody stupid.Have you lost a case in court? is that what causes you to state this nonsense?The legal system is there to protect you, and when necessary, bring you to account, simples.Have you any knowledge of the founding principles of Scots law vs English law?A clue – an Englishman’s home is his castle, go read.

    ps. I’m not a lawyer.

  170. heedtracker says:

    colin alexander says:
    24 July, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    Like this?

    Awe. Rock’s made a new friend, a meeting of whatever it is you two are up to, a union, if you will. Rock really doesnt need your help Co. Sweeping generalised bleh, is Rock’s thingee:D

    Bollox Always.

  171. Stoker says:

    I would just like to add a very important fact that may or may not be helpful in Rev’s case.

    I for one, as i would imagine the vast majority of Wingers would be the same, would not be committed to the promotion of the WOS blog if i thought for a split-second Stuart Campbell was a homophobic.

    That sort of stance would have put Campbell out the game long ago and he would be seeking work via other avenues. The fact that he commands a readership fast approaching half-a-million tells the real story.

    I’d say he has some crappy rules, or even lack of them, regarding censoring certain words and not enforcing a strict archive policy on BUM outlets, but a homophobe? His income would be severely restricted, if not terminated, if such guff was true.

    It would be good if someone with the know-how could start an online petition in support of the Rev, it may help enforce his case.

    NOTE: Not a commercial petition from 38_Degrees or etc

  172. Thepnr says:

    Rock and the man from C&A LOL.

    I doubt a better tag team has been seen since Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy were last shown on Saturday afternoons on World of Sport.

    Wrestling might be making a comeback, you two could be there. Star quality, that’s what’s needed. You could call yourselves “The Midgies” or “Lowest of the Low”.

    With your wit, strength and agility it’s promising and you never know.

  173. Dr Jim says:

    Seems odd that the Tory person who was the butt of Stu’s humour is the only one not complaining about it

    Is Kezias case based on her own sexuality which wasn’t mentioned by anyone or does Kezia feel the need to ride to the rescue of all those she feels are defamed, or is it because he’s a Tory and therefore part of her alliance party but can’t speak for himself in these matters

    Or could it be that Kezia tried at a wee political shot of embarrassing the First Minister got it completely wrong and has driven herself up the blind alley of stupidity of her own making, the very thing her own father has warned about not doing on numerous occasions

    So is Kezia motivated by righteousness or political tactics
    Well, I’d have to guess at the latter, but given her record as a strategic political tactician I hold out no hope whatsoever for her chances

    Unless the Judge happens to be a Unionist slimebag who is prepared to overlook all evidence of Rev Stuart Campbells clear on the record statements and actions to the contrary of Miss Dugdales claims

    If Stu wins it will rate 15 seconds of airtime and miniscule print coverage, if however Dugdale wins the Unionist TV and press will run it alongside pictures of the First Minister and link the two as intertwined Besties forever, and well, you know the rest

    So Stu, far be it from me to question your case, because I agree with every bit of it…..BUT….
    And I’m sure you already know this, you have to WIN for a whole lot of other reasons

  174. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Thepnr @ 22:38,

    It’s the predictability of the wee pests that is so annoying. You sit down to have a nice blether of an evening, and they turn up in their hordes just to spoil the fun. All that whining and biting. Drives everyone to distraction.

    The only thing that seems to keep them at bay is a good stiff breeze, then they can’t fly. (As you all know.)

  175. colin alexander says:

    The Supreme Court is the highest appeal court in the UK for Scots civil cases.

    It it not a court of appeal for Scots Law criminal cases. (It is for other parts of the UK).

    I think this is because the ( House of Lords)HoL used to be the highest court of appeal for Scots Law civil cases and the SC took over this role.

    They judge the appeal as Scots Law, not English Law, if it’s a Scots Law case.

    So, I think that’s the way the fudge it by making it a UK appeal court even though the independence of the Scots Law legal system was supposed to be protected by the Union.

    Whether the HoL should have ever been the highest court of civil appeal for Scotland is another matter. Scotland never had a HoL. England did.

    I would say there shouldn’t even be a HoL.

    Strange how similar the UK parliament is to the English one that preceded it. So many of these unwritten and written constitutional coventions that the UK operates on are English conventions pre-dating the UK.

    Maybe we should be crowdfunding legally challenging all these, starting with the Union Treaty.

  176. Contrary says:

    Well done, good, and I hope you win this case. And I hope it is publicised well.

    I agree with Thepnr at 4.41, particularly,
    “What bothers me about this is that a single tweet from the Wings Over Scotland twitter account is deemed to be so important to the Labour party and Kezia Dugdale that she felt it necessary to spend all her allotted time at FMQ’s to raise this tweet with the FM and make accusations that .”

    I am fed up of time-wasting from Kezia and Ruth at FMQs, it’s a farce. Glad that they are revising parliamentary procedure. But Kezia bringing up a tweet as something the FM should condemn was astounding even by her normal newspaper-waving standards, let alone her taking the time to write an article on what she thought. She’s a senior public figure and no one holds her to account for anything she says!

    I am curious about the news article above, it says ‘controversial’ independence blog – am I missing something? What is controversial? The blog, or independence? Definitely WoS got a bad press during 2014 & I didn’t read it then thinking it might be far too extreme,,, but since finding & reading it over the past year, I am struggling to find controversy or extremism (I do not include the comments section in that assessment 🙂 ). I’ll keep searching though, maybe there was something said way back?

  177. colin alexander says:


    I just thought people would find it interesting that today it was a Scottish case that was on the Supreme Court’s legal agenda.

    As I’ve gone on to discuss, I don’t think the SC should be sitting on judgement on Scots Law as it followed on from the HoL doing that.

    There shouldn’t have been a HoL for anything involving Scotland; that was an English Parliamentary institution.

    Don’t worry Wingers, Rock and myself aren’t going to form a gang or clique that harasses other commentators, we leave gutter stuff like that to some of the others on here.

    We all know who they are with their snidey and often defamatory remarks, or how they falsely represent what the person is supposed to have said, solely with the intention to discredit the person rather than challenge the validity of their comment.

    How’s that for being topical?

  178. Graf Midgehunter says:


    “The midgies are so annoying at this time of year, you squash one and another takes it’s place and sups of your blood.

    Midgies are the lowest of the low.”

    No prob, I’ve got 17.000 notches on my colt…. (spit)

  179. Still Positive says:

    Stoker @ 11.05

    Totally agree. I’m pretty sure there is hardly a family in the land who is not touched with a gay member or friend.

    My own first beloved grandchild came out as gay 18 months ago and I told her nothing had changed and I stick by that.

    You should also read the Wee Ginger Dug on this subject. Hope he is going to speak on behalf of Rev Stu at the court case.

  180. Thepnr says:


    Your comment was interesting to me and I’ll tell you why.

    “What is controversial? The blog, or independence? Definitely WoS got a bad press during 2014 & I didn’t read it then thinking it might be far too extreme”

    I first read early in 2013 and thought “do I really want to go there” then after lurking for a while I realised that there is absolutely nothing extreme about it either in the articles or the comments.

    It is open, it can be blunt, people might swear at you. Well this happens in everyday life. I think it’s the most honest blog out there, at least the sources for any article are linked to and at least he will back up his statements with evidence.

    I don’t know of any other site that is like this, as for the comments. Well there are an awful lot of informed people commenting here, you will find links to subjects you might not have ever found by yourself.

    So what if it can be a bit “robust” that’s the nature of humans and there is minimal censorship, very few other sites like that exist. Extreme? Far from it 99% of posts are mainstream as far as I can see, there is no racism here or sectarianism or any other form of hatred that you can read btl in the Mail or Express and day of the week.

    I’m glad I found Wings and I’m glad I stayed. I’ve learned much.

  181. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 22:08:

    If she loses you will hear diddly-squat.

    =groans= Don’t hit me with them negative waves, Moriarty.

    I’m sure as part of the eventual settlement, the Daily (Stuck) Record will be obliged to print a retraction. The others maybe less interested, agreed.

    It seems to me that thanks to typical MSM omerta there are still a lot of people around who have no idea whatever about WoS. Which is why Kez’s petulant little outbursts in Parliament and in cold print were so spectacularly clueless. (Wrath of the gods, etc.). Soon people will. And come to have a look-see. What’s not to like? =grin=

    Or maybe she’s really an SNP mole at the top of the BritNatLab Party in Scotland…

  182. heedtracker says:

    We all know who they are with their snidey and often defamatory remarks, or how they falsely represent what the person is supposed to have said, solely with the intention to discredit the person rather than challenge the validity of their comment.

    How’s that for being topical?”


    But you and Rock make a lovely couple of whatever that word is, what you and Rock don’t like, rhymes with hole, starts with t, Co.

    Anyhoo, its nice to make new friends isn’t it Co, even with Rock, who doesnt do Q&A’s.

  183. Capella says:

    @ RJS – they don’t annoy me. I never read their posts and I never read the replies to their posts. I recommend everyone else does the same.

    Has anyone else noticed the blitz of British Nationalist nostalgia dominating the media nowadays? Photos of Wills and Kate in Poland and Germany, Prince George’s birthday, Wills and Harry remember Diana (though the anniversary is some weeks away so it will all have to be done again). Dunkirk, though the anniversary is some years away so will all have to be done again. Do they mention St Valery, I wonder?

    Is it because “Britain (i.e. England) stands alone”, in Europe?
    Be more Patriotic, like the BBC!

  184. Ken500 says:

    Blair set up the ‘London’ Supteme Court with Devolution. Trying to control the Scottish Law system. It didn’t and he couldn’t. Although it can stop people in Scotland making an appeal to the ECHR, if the Scottish courts have denied it. Leaving people in Scotland without equal right of appeal to ECHR. Breaking their equal rights as European citizens. Some fancy Lawyer should appeal it. The ‘London’ court has to agree the decision of the Scottish courts. The sovereign separate Law system forever. Or break the terms of the Act of Union. Ie break the Union. Without agreement of both countries representatives. People in Scotland not being treated equally once again.

    The unionists parties just agree with other unionists parties. Entwined. Push anything through from Westminster. They compromise Scotland’s position. The SNP don’t. They do what’s right and stand up for Scotland, because they are financed by their members. Independently. Not by black illegal money. All declared as required. Unlike the Unionists. Breaking the Law with impunity.

    It was the lying mass murderer.

  185. Capella says:

    From Stu’s twitter – a week after cancelling rail electrification in Wales, the Westminster Government announces a £30 billion Crossrail 2 spend for London. Scroll down for a graph of the monstrous inequality in transport infrastructure spend in UK.
    The colonial backwaters are Scotland and Wales.

  186. Robert Peffers says:

    @Athanasius says: 24 July, 2017 at 9:16 pm:

    ” … the independence movement has needed to show that it is not afraid to stand up and fight and damn the consequences.

    You obviously do not know what the consequences are, Athanasius.

    Not surprising because the Westminster/English/British Nationalist have been suppressing such inconvenient historic facts, (and not just from we Scots but from the normally decent people of England too).

    Here is just a wee sample of how they have spun history for centuries. In 1603 they claim there was a Union of the Crowns. There wasn’t. What there was amounted to both crowns being placed upon the same person’s head while both Kingdoms remained independent.

    Then, in 1688, the English Westminster Parliamentarians rebelled against their still independent monarchy but claimed that this affected the only two still independent kingdoms of England & Scotland but it could not as they were still independent kingdoms.

    They deposed their rightful monarch and imported King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange to be the Monarchs of the Kingdom of England but also forced them upon the still independent Kingdom of Scotland. Then they claimed that the Jacobites were rebels, but as Scotland was still independent, they could not be rebelling against a monarchy that was not the monarchy of Scotland.

    Now here is the really brutal bit. The forced a Treaty of Union upon Scotland in 1706/7 but, if their claim of a Union of the Crowns had formed a united Kingdom in 1603 why did they need a Treaty of Union in 1706/7?

    So all that bloodshed that began in 1688 as the so called, “Jacobite Rebellion”, and did not end until almost 40 years after the Signing of the Treaty of Union was unnecessary and included the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 which saw the English troops killing every living thing they got their hands on right across the Highlands including not only innocent non-combatant women and children but any livestock they could kill.

    But did they teach you in your school history lessons that according to Westminster the people they were slaughtering across the Highlands had been United Kingdom Citizens from 1 May 1707 until Culloden on April 16, 1746?

    Did they also teach you that the so called British Army was killing women in Scotland in the 1800s? Read up on the Glasgow/Clydeside Rent Rebellion when Westminster turned the troops on mainly widows and wives of Scottish soldiers.

    Read up on, “The Battle of The Braes”:-

    Westminster will not think twice before suppressing any form of opposition they can call rebellion.

  187. Ken500 says:

    Aidan O’Neil is the one supporting the whisky industry to poison people with cheap drink in Scotland. He was totally against Independence. He said the Indy Ref would never be allowed to happen. A Tory who donates to the Party, Is against Brexit because he would lose his £Million practice being a fancy ‘human rights’ lawyer pocketing loads of public money. He is going on about completion. ‘Competion to kill’? What a disgrace.

    The Scottish Courts have already agreed to ‘minimum pricing’.

    It was the mass murderer’s 24 hour drinking culture that caused problems in the first place. What a shower.

  188. Dr Jim says:

    Inbred imperialism in a few words

    I’m at the news stand in Morrisons beside me is an Inglish woman who lives near me, we say hello and mention the weather
    I’m perusing the National, she says I don’t like that Nicola Sturgeon she wants to bring more immigrants here, I say what’s wrong with that? she says, that’s the last thing we want here, more Immigrants

    I say, why not, you’re here, and walked away to the fag counter with her indignation burning a hole in my back

    Why do Unionists think being in a Union gives them the right to own other places, French folk don’t go to Belgium and think they own it or Germans to Spain just because they’re all Europeans
    Now some might say I was slightly rude to the woman but if she hadn’t commented on my choice of reading material or my political choice of person, which I thought was rude I would never have been quite so blunt

    We’re all foreigners when we’re somewhere else it’s time they got over themselves

  189. Petra says:

    Thanks for the JP Morgan link Ronnie (10:28pm) and it’s interesting to note that their latest prediction following the GE, with all that entailed, hasn’t shifted one whit from the prediction that they made previously.

    Strange that so many people, even outwith Scotland, can see that Independence is coming but T May (et al) continues to bury her head in the sand. The House of Lords has produced a report basically telling her to buck up and ‘respect’ the Scottish Parliament because even they can see that this could lead to the end of the Union, but she continues to treat Nicola Sturgeon / SNP / Yessers, in fact all Scots, with utter contempt. Her lack of insight, arrogant behaviour and sense of entitlement is truly staggering highlighting her many narcissistic traits. One actually wonders who she’s been taking advice from in relation to the Scottish ‘question’? Ruth ‘sit down’ the Mooth? The so-called Scot that promotes Scotland far and wide as being a country of ‘vandals and thieves’. Great, eh! Another nasty, blinkered Unionist loving narcissist out to further her own career?

    Between one thing and another the situation isn’t looking good for England at all. There’s Brexit of course but worse still, if that’s possible, is the loss of Scotland and to my mind that will finish them off. They don’t have a great deal to export other than Arms, their financial services are going to (are) take a hammering, the situation in relation to their car industry is dire and of course the Pharmaceutical Agency is saying ta-ta, too. Then there’s a couple (or dozens) of biggies to deal with such as what will they do with Trident and an irate population absolutely scunnered with the NHS, education, Policing, housing etc fiasco? How will they deal with the reaction to toxic US food impacting on their produce / health in fact? Trump escalating privatisation of their NHS? Fracking being carried out all over their green and pleasant land? More than anything how will they deal with a population that’s been duped in relation to immigration, that is when the penny drops and the plebs see that there will be no reduction in immigration (of the type they don’t seem to like) as Westminster continues to desperately seek to recruit doctors / nurses / carers from countries like India, Pakistan and the Philipines: and May has to dole out visas hand over fist to strike trade deals.

    I don’t relish any of this at all, other than Independence, as having an unstable country on our doorstep is far from ideal. On the otherhand this may lead to a real shake up down south resulting in a more equitable and just society. Let’s hope so meanwhile tell yourselves that after 310 years of subservience we’ve got around 560 days to go to get our freedom. Roll on.

  190. Cactus says:

    Excellent also goes out to RogueCoder (Lindsay / ayeMail)

    Cheers for sorting out all of the perks Santa. Will be keeping a keen aye on the streets of Glasgow, looking out for all of the badge, beanie and brella backers.

    Remember, you can put your brella’s up in any weather, come rain or shine… ye know, ye might have left your sunglasses in the house.. yer brella would make an excellent sunshade and help you from getting sun-burnt. Try a little eccentricity, it’s electric, it’s fun! 🙂

    Good luck with the case.

    Standing at £5,550.

  191. Petra says:

    @ HandandShrimp at 10:46pm ….. “Alan Bisset.”

    Let’s hope that he does set up a Yes group in Lochwinnoch. He really knows his stuff.


    @ Capella at 11:54pm …. “They don’t annoy me. I never read their posts and I never read the replies to their posts. I recommend everyone else does the same.”

    Spot on Capella. Don’t fall into their trap folks.

    And the blitz of British Nationalist nostalgia is pronounced right now to help dumb down the masses to the reality of the hell that millions are living in with no hope for the future and of course play down the fact that a pack of donkeys, Tories (and in future Labour), are running the show at Westminster.

    When Queenie passes on, in the very near future I reckon, that’ll be another body blow for them as it’ll probably lead to the demise of the Monarch overall. What then for them?

    When all’s said and done the UK is so sh*tty currently, and for some great time now, that they have to rely on dredging up emotive incidents from the past. It’s just too bad that they hadn’t had more foresight and includied Scots in their movies etc instead of everything having being achieved by stiff upper lippers from south of the border. Shot themselves in the foot with that one, imo.

    And Wales. I would love to see a massive oil field being found off of their coast enabling them to bail out too.

  192. Thepnr says:

    There’s an article in The Scotsman about the vile blogger from Bath.

    In it Ms Dugdale is quoted as saying:

    Speaking in the Scottish Parliament in May, Ms Dugdale said: “I stand firmly by my comments. I’ve never kowtowed to a bully and I will not start today. “There is a catalogue of evidence that demonstrates the bile that Stuart Campbell appears to believe is acceptable.”

    I can just imagine the defence that Ms Dugdale will be using to justify her accusation of homophobia. I’ll bet you this, little else other than that single tweet which was not homophobic will be provided as evidence.

    I see potential fireworks here “catalogue of evidence”? Can’t wait to hear it then, although I’m pretty sure if there was a “catalogue of evidence” I would have about heard it before now.

    The Unionist press would not have been able to contain themselves if they had the slightest evidence of whitaboutery by Wings Over Scotland.

    This will probably end up being a damp squib, what a mistake to make for the leader of a political party. Doubt it was worth it.

  193. crazycat says:

    @ Petra

    And Wales. I would love to see a massive oil field being found off of their coast enabling them to bail out too.

    I’ve long been a supporter of Welsh independence, but the problem with an oilfield off the coast of Wales would be that if it’s massive, a lot of it would be in someone else’s territorial waters!

    They might need to find something else. That should surely be possible.

  194. Ghillie says:

    Hallo Crazycat !

    Thank you for the article yesterday about the Scots who married into indigenous Native American tribes and their influence in their history.

    So much of our history here and outwith Scotland yet to learn =)

  195. William Wallace says:

    The Stugdale Incident.

    Gotta be a book in there somewhere 🙂

    I’ve decided to invest in popcorn. 🙂

  196. Fergus Green says:

    In the midst of all this, it is worth remembering that oor Kezia was facing an awkward situation with the Labour Councillors in Aberdeen going into coalition with the blue Tories to freeze out the SNP. They had their Labour memberships suspended and the FM correctly called out Kezia for putting up a smokescreen to deflect comment away from her local difficulty in the North East.

    Perhaps we should be keeping an eye on these ‘suspended’ councillors, just to see how soon Labour try to re-instate them. My guess would be Christmas Eve, when politicians sneak through stuff that they think the public won’t notice.

    OK and, good morning Kezia. I hope you are enjoying this thread.

  197. Contrary says:

    I agree with everything you say, Thepnr at 11.49pm, I was joking about the comments (just trying to get some attention 🙂 ). There is a lot of information on here and it has helped hugely with my enlightenment, often you get more from the comments than the article – though when there is a long bickering section I usually skim or not bother with comments at all – and I am grateful, and you do get used to recognising the pseudonyms of opinions you like – or more clearly expressed, perhaps. (Macart and Thepnr being two of my current favourites). There ARE an awful lot of comments though, and time to go through them is not always available.

    I still wonder at the bad press the Rev gets, I mean, he has a particular humour that not everyone is going to enjoy – I personally find his Twitter highly entertaining – but this blog is always written in a professional manner (few exceptions) and can find no fault. As for the Twitter, I have never seen any evidence of him ever dishing out abuse – in fact I have been impressed that he has such a strong character that he stands up to it himself – bluntly, yes, certainly no shrinking violet, but never resorting to anger or incoherence. I really hope his case against Kezia gets a fair hearing, and I believe he will win if so. It is time to bring sense and sensibility into public discourse!

    The double standards and hypocrisy shown by unionists makes me grind my teeth, but it is impossible to know how to deal with the unreasoning intolerance they show towards anyone with a different opinion – the hypocrisy of being extreme and close-minded while accusing others of being just that. I think the Rev has the right balance of being able to deal with it. He’s a brick.

  198. yesindyref2 says:

    Idly browsing around, found this:

    The first HMS Glasgow (1707) was a 20-gun sixth rate, previously the Scottish ship Royal Mary. She was transferred to the Royal Navy in 1707 and was sold in 1719.

    A bit more about the Royal Mary here:

    HMS Glasgow is to be the first of the T26.

    (later) Jings, just found this article on UKDJ – the author is back to his old ways, ignoring facts and using his misinterpretation to have a nonsense go at the SNP. I wish I’d known at the time, but I was kind of busy 🙁

  199. Macart says:

    You’re a star Nana. 🙂

    Break time and reading.

  200. Robert Peffers says:

    @Thepnr says: 25 July, 2017 at 1:50 am:

    “There’s an article in The Scotsman about the vile blogger from Bath.

    I see the pending court action has already had an effect. Going by the achieved Scotsman article it is notable that most of the usual, “vile cyberbritnat”, comments that are the Scotsman’s btl normal output is tagged as, “This comment is under review”. Seems the Scotsman is thinking twice about publishing their usual anti-Scottish abusive Britnat bile.

    I’ve news for The Scotsman, so is the future of The Scotsman by the readership under review. Readers are deserting the vile anti-Scottish rag in droves.

  201. Macart says:


    Yes, that piece in the New European does ask a few pertinent questions, not least on Mr Corbyn’s weekend howler over single market access.

    How does he square that circle with those who put him in a leadership role? By various accounts the majority of Labour membership and most especially the more left leaning membership are decidedly pro EU and single market.

    Mr Corbyn’s proposal, near as I can see, differs very little from Ms May’s. Hard Brexit is hard Brexit. Out of both single market and customs union. Perhaps Mr Corbyn proposes using the word ‘regretably’ to preface every statement made to his party faithful and probably with a ‘sad face’ kinda thing happening.

    It may be an idea if the fella could expand on the major differences between his hard Brexit and PM May’s. Just so the rest of the UK public could understand clearly the world of ideological differences between each version of appalling harship, short termist policy and zero lack of forward planning (administrative, societal or economic) being visited upon the constituent nations of the UK and their populations.

    Every little helps. 😉

  202. Nana says:

    Anyone got a sub to the national, can only read a little of the article here

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is due to meet the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) early next month, as part of her plans to engage with the “wider independence movement”.

  203. Capella says:

    @ Nana – I have a sub but it won’t let me archive the page either. But you can read it without a sub until you reach their limit – three articles if you register.

  204. Ken500 says:

    The Scotsnan had to pay out £6000 to Rev Stu for offensive comments. There comment section will be interesting. Objectionable. Offensive and actionable? Some money for good causes and more publicity. Set a precedent.

  205. Nana says:


    No difference that I can see. I do wonder at the youth who voted for him recently, did they not realise he is anti EU or have they been carried along on a cult wave of hope in their desperation to be rid of the tories. Corbyn the soft brexit saviour, nope.

    @Capella, thanks. You would think having a sub would let you archive. Hubby gets the national later, I’m just impatient!

  206. Capella says:

    @ Nana – It does sometimes let me archive and sometimes not! I’ve no idea why. But as it is pro-independence giving them some traffic is fine IMO.

  207. galamcennalath says:

    Brexit chicken ad …


  208. Ken500 says:

    Clorine chicken. Mad cow came from Alabama. That cost £Billions. Still a lack of recording in the US. The UK can still trade with the US and does, The US puts up protectionist tarifffs. It is the EU bloc which can negotiate trade deals and standards because they have the clout. Some US multinational roam the whole making vast profits, charge what they like and pay no taxes. Ignore company Law. US protectionism. Through copyright and patent Laws they create a manoploy and pay no taxes at all on vast profits. Ruining the world economy and free trade. US subsidiaries have to embrace EU standards,

    It is only the EU en masse that can negotiate to alleviate. They have done. That is why the UK politicians want out of the EU. So they and their cronies can continue to tax evade. At the public expense. It is all about lining their own pockets with masses of public money. Costing £Trns. Syphoned off for them and their cronies. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Ruining the world economy. The UK/US corrupt politicians and warmongers.

    Westminster unionists are warmongers with their hands in many divisions. Brexit is just another reason to line their own pockets. In quangos and false placements. Brexit will cost more for less. The Westminster unionists are incompetent ignoramouses. Costing Scotland £20Billion a year in mismanaged policies. Lies and deceit. Their criminality kept hidden under the Official Secrets Act. Most of them should be in jail.

  209. Ken500 says:

    There was a chlorine chicken scandal in the UK. A scheme was set up recycling condemned chicken meat. It was sold to Tescos, M & S etc. The offenders were put in jail. Horse meat etc.

    Tesco financial managers were cautioned and charged with false accounting. Falsifying the accounts. Extending the company fake value. They paid a fine and got away with it, Double standards.

    The UK/US warmongers. The illegal relationship. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Ruining the world economy. Causing misery worldwide. Costing £Trns.

  210. Valerie says:

    @Dr Jim

    Well done, and I don’t think you were rude, I think you were restrained. I probably would have asked if she was a racist.

    She started any rudeness with her unnecessary snark, so too bad if she can’t take it being handed back.

  211. Ken500 says:

    The Scottish Gov should publish the amiount of CAP payments. In the interest of openness and fairness. The MSP’s from the NE shoukd be held to account for lying about supporting education. When their Party is trying to cut £Millions from education. They have cut the additional needs, specialist teachers, bases and the One Stop Shop. Etc.

    There is now a shortage of teachers. Pupil ratio. Creating misery for many families. They plan to cut rural schools and creat havoc in schools. For pupils and teachers. Building houses without proper essential services provision. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Public money being syphoned off. To be fit them and they’d cronies. Rather than put up Council tax slightly for the wealthiest – them. They are habitual liars. Greedy beyond belief. Standing up in the parliament telling lies. Liars always get found out.

  212. gus1940 says:

    Stu’s defamation fundraiser seems to have attracted the attention of our beloved colonialist media.

    As far as The Scotsman is concerned a few minutes ago their version had attracted 149 comments from their band of swivel headed loonies who surprise surprise don’t seem to be on Stu’s side.

  213. Just donated,

    absolute disgrace from Kezia to use FMQ`s to defame someone/anyone,

    total abuse of power and privilege,

    with no ability for a instant rebuttal,

    about time the establishment were shown they can`t buy/control everyone.

  214. galamcennalath says:

    Ken500 says:

    Brexit is just another reason to line their own pockets.

    Exactly. The UK has had 35 years of selling out and selling off. What sort of tin pot half arsed state gives away its railways, electrical system, water supply (in England), oil and gas, etc etc? Nowhere else in Western Europe!

    And now Brexit is their next step down this neo-Yankee road.

    Scotland needs to set off on a different route.

  215. Roseanne says:

    Made a wee donation (finally payday) good luck. We all stand with you Stuart

  216. gus1940 says:

    Beanie and badges received this morning – Thanks.

  217. Legerwood says:

    Nana @ 8.38

    Corbyn, EU and Student debt

    During the GE it was noticeable that any reporting of Corbyn and Labour concentrated on the numbers turning out fir him compared to May and the youth element. Labour bigger up the tuition fees and student debt and kept pretty quiet about Brexit and Corbyn’s near identical policy to that of the Tories.

    In his most recent interview on the debt subject he claimed Labour did not know the extent of the debt and had written the manifesto in a hurry so had not checked yet they made great play of the manifesto being fully cisted!!

    Two minutes on the Student Loan Company web site would have given them all the info they needed. They publish annual reports for each country in UK. The report published in June 2017 shows student debt in England totals £89.3 Billion. In Scotland the total is £4.4 Billion.

    Average individual debt for students graduating this year is: England £32k. Scotland £11.7k

  218. Andy-B says:

    Here’s the link to Mobilise.Scot, set up by the SC and the SIC.

    They want your ideas to help gain a independent Scotland.

    I’m sure there’s a few bright sparks in here.

  219. colin alexander says:

    @Thepnr Said:

    “I should mention that despite there being Scots law. Currently a decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the highest civil appeal court of the United Kingdom, is binding on every other court, including those decisions made in Scotland.

    We’ll see how British justice works once it gets to court.”

    The most famous /infamous defamation case of modern times, is of course Tommy Sheridan’s case where he sued the News of The World.

    The Tommy Sheridan libel case went to an appeal at the Court of Session. The appeal refused the application that the trial decision be set aside and a refused that a new trial be allowed.

    The News of the World’s owners tried to appeal to the Supreme Court.

    The SC refused permission for an appeal

  220. gus1940 says:

    Virgin are blocking access to

  221. K1 says:

    Labour there and here kept schtum about Brexit during the GE, there, as Nana says they emphasised stealing snp polices and here they mini me’d toried no surrenda on referenda, snp bad…removing all mention of Brexit.

    Having initially been on side with Scottish government on ‘any and all means’ to fight for Scotland’s remain vote to be honoured, Labour had obviously changed course between then and the GE, Kezia got her orders, Brexit was binned as the wave of propaganda swept England emphasising snp policies as Labour good.

    Ye couldnae make this stuff up. But they do…as they go along, it’s a simple and effective con: pull them in, then pull the rug.

  222. heedtracker says:

    The most famous /infamous defamation case of modern times, is of course Tommy Sheridan’s case where he sued the News of The World.


    That award has to go to the demented troughing toryboys of teamGB Colon.

    Up there’s the toryboy’s toryboy Jeffrey Archer, there’s one staggering neo fascist crackpot, brought down by his own tory hand and ended up in the slammer

    “The disgraced peer Jeffrey Archer has settled his libel debt with the Daily Star, 15 years after he won £500000 by lying in the high court, ..”

    Then there’s the toryboy that used the sword of justice, the shield of something and the ability to believe that neo fascism is above the Law,

    “Jonathan Aitken: ‘I lost it all – except my £33,000 MP’s pension’
    Fame & Fortune: The disgraced former Conservative MP on divorce, prison, bankruptcy – and how he can still afford £15,240 for his Isa each year”

    11 April 1995: Jonathan Aitken unsheathes his sword of truth
    Tory cabinet minister on path to disgrace

    Diary of disgrace for ex minister
    View more sharing options
    Friday 5 March 1999 03.48 GMT First published on Friday 5 March 1999 03.48 GMT
    April 1992: Aitken becomes minister for defence procurement.
    December 29: Said Ayas sets up an offshore company, Marks One Ltd, for Prince Mohammed.

    January 9 1993: Aitken travels to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with Prince Mohammed and Ayas about arms deals between British firms and Saudi Arabia.

    January 15: Ayas flies to Geneva to set up an account to receive funds for Marks One, on Prince Mohammed’s behalf.

    Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate – sent direct to you
    Read more
    January 28: Aitken escorts the prime minister, John Major, to Saudi Arabia. They meet King Fahd, who promises to buy large quantities of British weapons.

    February: Aitken visits British arms manufacturer VSEL, urging it to do business with Saudi Arabia.

    July 28: VSEL agrees to pay 10 per cent of any contract with Saudi Arabia into the Ayas-controlled Marks One account.

    September 17: Ayas arranges a secret meeting in Paris with Prince Mohammed and Aitken to discuss arms deals. The meeting is cancelled and scheduled for the next day.

    September 18: Aitken, Ayas and Prince Mohammed meet in Geneva. The prince agrees to exert his influence on the Saudi government to promote the arms deals. Ayas pays all the hotel bills over the weekend.

    October: GEC signs an agreement with Ayas. For each frigate sold GEC is to pay 3 per cent, more than £4.5 million, into the Marks One account.

    July 1994: Aitken joins the Cabinet as chief secretary to the Treasury.

    May 1 1995: British helicopter firm Westland signs an agreement with Ayas to pay 9.5 per cent of sales to the Saudis via a Panama-registered company, Phillimore Holdings.

    July 1995: Aitken resigns to fight a libel action against the Guardian and Granada’s World in Action over allegations made about his dealings with Prince Mohammed.

    June 20 1997: Aitken’s libel action collapses after evidence is produced to show he lied in court about the events surrounding the Ritz weekend in September 1993. Aitken claimed his wife had been in Paris and paid his bill at the hotel. Statements signed by Ayas and Aitken’s daughter, Victoria, supported his version of events.

    December 9: Prince Mohammed issues a writ against Ayas for $231 million allegedly siphoned from the prince’s bank accounts.

    May 1998: Aitken and Ayas charged.

    September 25: Phillimore Holdings closed, three days before Aitken required to swear an affidavit disclosing his worldwide interests.

    January 19 1999: Aitken pleads guilty to perjury and perverting the course of justice.

    March 4: charges against Ayas dropped.

    Beat that Colin?

  223. caz m says:

    K1 11.05am

    Nailed it.

  224. Robert Kerr says:

    The website is deemed malicious by BT web protect.

    Either virus infested or phishing site trying to steal personal info.

    I quote.

    “We have found that this website contains potentially harmful content. This means it may contain a virus or be a phishing site designed to steal your personal details.”

    The game is truly afoot!

  225. heedtracker says:

    The most famous /infamous defamation case of modern times, is of course Tommy Sheridan’s case where he sued the News of The World.

    No crushing comeback Sheridan wise?

    I raised you two pretty average toryboy crooks, to be fair, in the UKOK toryboy scale of things, Archer’s only real crime against humanity is his books, but surely Colin you can dig up a n other Scots leftie to smear, btl WoS?

    Balls in your court Colin. That’s not a typo:D

  226. gus1940 says:

    For ages our colonialist parties and their fan club in the colonialist media have been boring the population with the same old chestnuts such as:-

    Say No to Indyref2.
    Once in a Generation.
    The same old attacks on NHS, Police, Education etc.

    No matter how boring this non-stop boreathon onslaught is it seems to have worked and continues to do so given the recent GE results in Scotland.

    Should we in the Independence movement not follow suit and start our own boreathon and indulge in continuous spouting of the same or similar things on,for example, the following:-

    If Scotland is such a parasite living of massive subsidies from WM why are they so desperate to hang on to us given that the Tories are not famed for propping up lame ducks.

    If Scotland was currently Independent what arguments would our unionist parties and media put forward as to why we should give up our Independence and hand over control to WM and how we would benefit from same.

    Explain the decline in Scotland’s population in proportion to that of England since 1707.

    Build up a catalogue (at 2017 prices)of all the Infrastructure Projects completed or planned (eg £30Billion N-S Crossrail announced yesterday)in London and SE England since say 1950 and draw comparisons with expenditure elsewhere in particular in Scotland – and keep hammering
    away on this. e.g. It took over 100 years to give us an escalator at Waverley.

    Constant repitition works even if what is being said is untrue but where we are concerned if what we keep repeating is true and can be proved to be so it will be even more effective.

    We must go on the attack and if we make enough noise it will be difficult for the colonialist media to ignore our arguments to the same extent as they do currently.

    Hammer them with facts continuously and slaughter them with the truth when they try to deny what should be staring everybody in the face.

  227. Graf Midgehunter says:

    I have no problem with entering the site.
    My anti-virus software (Kaspersky) which is very, very good at detecting anything dodgy has no problem with it when I run an extra check through it.

    It sounds to me as if the providers have been “leaned” on or something fishy’s going on.

    Looks like the pressure’s getting to the yoons again…!

  228. Hamish100 says:

    Rock and co are infiltrators.
    Having said that it is a wee while since Rock has told us to stop buying the National – although he fully accepts he doesn’t read it. Is he a thwarted Journalist?

    As for Dugdale and MSP it’s their business. Rock is trying to stir up homophobic comments.

    Hi low can a yoony rock get?

    Based on evidence as low as possible

  229. colin alexander says:


    Nice bit of work about the Tory defamation cases.

    I’m not smearing Tommy Sheridan. It’s the opposite:
    Tommy WON his defamation case against the NOTW.

    That verdict has been upheld.

  230. Dan Huil says:

    Well done to the Rev and all wingers for reaching the target so quickly, yet again. The britnats don’t like it up ’em!

  231. call me dave says:

    Jings! You go away for the day and then this, this morning.

    I’ll be popping in a contribution too.

    Beanie hat and badges by Aye Mail just now! 🙂
    Winter is coming so much needed attire.

    Thanks Rev. 🙂

  232. Capella says: works for me. No dire warnings. Mind you, I wouldn’t buy broadband from Virgin or BT if you paid me!

  233. heedtracker says:

    colin alexander says:
    25 July, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    You are smearing him Co. Is WoS btl the forum to smear lefties though, big T wise?

    You’re new bestie Rock likes to hit other WoS readers hard, then the National, then the LAW, or Scots law only rather. Everything is terrible, Scots wise, in Rock world, me included. You’re much more tangential. whatever that means.

    Considering just how many toryboys nutters have perjured themselves Colin, I guess its nice that you’ve trawled/trolled:D up an SNP candidate for this kind of smearing WoS btl.

    Anyone Co, Sheridan didn’t win, Murdoch’s goons won, what they lost was not being able to “strike down” court ruling that had refused said goons demand that their defeat in court last time, to have Sheridan’s win struck down, has failed, or something.

    Don’t mess with neo fascists basically Colin. Or at the very least, keep your nose clean.

    Keep up the good work Co. With every comment, you make your “position” on Scottish democracy and indy more than clear.

  234. Ken500 says:

    Tommy Sheridan was denied the right of appeal to the ECHR. The ‘London’ Blair court upheld the Scottish Court decision. They have to or break the term of the Act of Union. Sovereignty and the right to a separate Scottish legal system forever. Unless there is agreement by both countries representatives. People in Scotland right to appeal to the ECHR is being blocked. People in Scotland are not being treated equally under their rights as EU citizens, because of Blair. Breaking Scottish/UK/EU/International Law. Maybe a fancy lawyer can fix it.

  235. Petra says:

    @ Nana at 8:16am …. ” Anyone got a sub to the national, can only read a little of the article here.”

    Nana I hope this helps. Sometimes if you copy the heading and paste it outwith the National’s search box (online in general) it comes up in full.


    ‘Nicola Sturgeon to meet with Scottish Independence Convention to discuss how to move indy forward.’

    Nicola Sturgeon plans to engage with the wider independence movement.

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is due to meet the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) early next month, as part of her plans to engage with the “wider independence movement”.

    The SIC confirmed the meeting to The National yesterday, but neither they nor the SNP were willing to say much about the get together. Campaign sources said the meeting was to discuss how best to “move forward the case for independence in the current political landscape”. The Convention also has plans to meet the co-convenors of the Scottish Greens.

    The SIC had initially invited SNP chief executive Peter Murrell to meet with them, after Sturgeon announced plans in June to delay asking the UK Government for a Section 30 order, the legislation necessary to hold a legally valid referendum.

    The First Minister said in Holyrood at the time she would wait until the terms of Brexit were clear before making any further announcement.

    The SNP leader also used that statement to call for the arguments for independence to be strengthened. She said: “Many of us already believe independence is the right and the best answer to the many, complex challenges we face as a country – and also the best way to seize and fully realise our many opportunities. “The challenge for all of us who believe that Scotland should be independent is to get on with the hard work of making and winning that case – on all of its merits – and in a way that is relevant to the changes, challenges, hopes and opportunities we face now and in the years ahead.”

    The First Minister then acknowledged the need to work across parties and beyond party politics. “We will engage openly and inclusively with, and work as part of, the wider independence movement,” she said.

    “We will seek to support, engage and grow that movement, and build the case that having decisions made by us – not for us – offers the best future for our country.”

    The SIC was relaunched last year, holding its first conference in five years, bringing together representatives from the SNP, Scottish Greens, and the SSP, and organisations like Labour for Independence, Women for Independence, Radical Independence Campaign, Business for Scotland and Common Weal.

    The convention’s co-convenors are Elaine C Smith and National columnist Pat Kane, and the vice-convenors are fellow National columnist Lesley Riddoch and National consulting editor Richard Walker.

    The SIC, who rely on donations and the work of volunteers recently tweeted that they were “working on research and events at the moment”.

    The National understands there are plans for another conference later on in the year.

    Immediately after Sturgeon made her statement in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP launched the website, asking supporters to “help the movement grow” and to “send us your ideas”. A previous website, Scot.ref, was taken down after the General Election, having raised about £500,000 in donations.

    The SNP has said that money is “ring fenced” for an independence referendum and won’t be used for elections or other party business.

    A spokesman for the SIC said: “We believe it is important that we offer activities, advice, research and a forum for discussion for the Yes movement in the months ahead. To do that we must build broad consensus across the movement including the pro-independence parties before we make any of our plans public.”

    A spokesman for the SNP said: “We are part of the convention so there’s regular contact.”

    Meanwhile, former First Minister Alex Salmond used an interview with the Press and Journal to say he thought the future was still “rosy” for independence. “The SNP lost seats because of the timing, when Nicola first announced a second independence referendum she did so in the faith that an election certainly wouldn’t be held this year,” he told the paper.

    “It’s hugely easy to explain the necessity of independence, which is only going to steadily grow stronger in the wake of Brexit.

    “Scotland needs an insurance policy, but sometimes people can’t see what’s right in front of their nose, a lot of people are going to be bumping their noses in the months to come.

    “I still think the future for independence looks rosy and the time for independence will come.”

    Recently, former minister Alex Neil said the SNP had focussed too much on referendum processes rather than making the case for independence, and called on the party to engage more with the wider movement.

    “One of the things that we need to put right is that we’ve put the process before the substantive case,” the MSP argued.

    “The referendum’s a technique and independence is a strategic objective, so let’s stick to the strategic objective and let’s use that technique

  236. Famous15 says:

    Now that the haggis hunting season (tehee) is over is it open season on Yoon baiting? First the Rev and now iScot with the Three Disgraces and wee Mundell cherubically looking on .They are going mentally mental man.

    On a more serious note , I think Scotland would be much better as an Independent normal country.Much better and with a future for our children.

  237. Ken500 says:

    Tommy Sheridan did finally win the damages. Upheld by the Scottish court.

    Blair and Murdoch’s dirty work. Both of them should be in jail.

  238. colin alexander says:


    I was discussing defamation cases and appeals in Scots Law. Tommy Sheridan won his defamation case. That’s all I said.

    “You are smearing him”. How is that a smear?

    A smear is a defamation. Please prove where I’ve defamed Tommy or withdraw the remark with no hard feelings on either side.


  239. heedtracker says:

    A smear is a defamation. Please prove where I’ve defamed Tommy or withdraw the remark with no hard feelings on either side.


    Smearing is not defamation! If it was, our court rooms would be stuffed to the rafters with defamation cases.

    Why did you select that particular case to back up your chum Rock?

    Colin, you’re probably under the yoon delusion that people around are all idiots.
    We’re probably not, other than me:D

    Good luck with whatever it is you think you’re up to btl WoS, love and best wishes to your bud Rock too.

  240. One_Scot says:

    Donation made. I would gladly give the shirt from my back to defend Scotland or WOS.

    The sooner abusive unionists know that they are not untouchable the better. As far as I am concerned, I will always back you no matter what.

  241. colin alexander says:


    Stu’s case will be Scots Law. Defamation law in Scotland is different from English Law.

    So it will be a Scot’s Law case on defamation.

    Tommy’s case is the most high profile defamation case in Scots Law probably ever- at least since the 1960s.

    I was not muck raking about Tommy. I never said a single bad word about TS.

    So, come on Heedtracker, calm, sensible discussion: Have I smeared Tommy? If you believe I have, explain how?

    I’ve answered you as to why I mentioned Tommy’s defamation WIN.


    Most people on here seem to favour indy, so they are clearly not idiots. That’s a sensible decision, in my opinion.

    But people get carried away at times and sometimes say things they shouldn’t. Sometimes, I think views are misinterpreted.

    I admire it that people are angry about WM injustices and passionate for Scotland’s freedom. More power to people like that.

    But that passion and anger has to be channelled constructively, bad mouthing people does no good.

  242. Petra says:

    I see that Peter Thomson who submitted his brilliant article ‘Sovereignty for Dummies’ to Wings has thrown in the towel now. What a shame. A REAL shame.

    His many excellent blogs are archived, some relating to Sovereignty, so still well worth a read.

    I’m sure that we all wish him well for the future. His last post so to speak.


    @ boris says at 12:58am ……..

    Boris I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you put into your work. It’s REALLY appreciated. I save ALL of your posts and would like to let you know that I use a great deal of the data to go on to ‘enlighten’ others. I’m saying this because I see that people rarely leave a comment (like Peter Thomson’s site) and I’m sure that this must be very disheartening at times. Anyway keep up the good work Boris and once again a big thank you from me (and many others no doubt) X

    I also see that Francesca Osowska has moved on, eh! I wonder what she’ll get up to next?


    Crazycat says at 2:00am …. ..’’I’ve long been a supporter of Welsh independence, but the problem with an oilfield off the coast of Wales would be that if it’s massive, a lot of it would be in someone else’s territorial waters! They might need to find something else. That should surely be possible.’’

    I’m a great supporter of the Welsh people too Crazycat and would love to see them dumping the great leech. Let’s hope that something turns up for them.

  243. Robbo says:

    Seriously wtf is it wae aw this mince about chlorine chicken from America(possibly post brexit) Why the hell do we need to import chicken anyhow? Surely there’s enough chicken in UK ,why do we need to import them? After all it’s the most basic of poultry food.

    That’s it, I’ll get my own fecking chickens without the pesky cockerel dain ma heed in every night and morning.Only need them if you want mare chickens anyhow. So get a few chickens and get free eggs everyday and all that and when i fancy a chicken TAE EAT i’ll kill it masel!

    Never buying chicken ever again from supermarkets. Jesus mary takes 3 weeks for ship from America anyhow if it doesn’t go through China first! Stupid carry on it is.

  244. Thepnr says:


    Read all the links this morning and glad to see you up and well, it is much appreciated. This link though I thought particularly interesting discussing Corbyn’s atraction for Yes supporters.

    You see I had a friend staying last weekend, a friend since childhood. He was my best man at our wedding and I was his, he has lived in Liverpool for the last 25 years and when he was here at mine we argued non stop about Corbyn or the SNP and Independence.

    Not good really, you see we’re both basically the same and want the same but having been away so long he just doesn’t get the Independence thing. Wish I could have shown him that article, very well put together piece by whoever wrote it. Ta, I’ve sent him the link in an email.

  245. Thepnr says:


    “Archer’s only real crime against humanity is his books”

    Don’t think I’ve told you recently but your still a nutter LOL

  246. Dr Jim says:

    It’s not where you start it’s where you finish

    The medias motto when reporting the good news about something Scottish they don’t want to report in case it makes the Scottish government look good

    So first report the good news whilst filling it up with caveats against it being permanently good then bring on ten members of the public to finish with pointing out how bad it is

    Today it’s how good and Baad the trains are

    You’d be forgiven for wondering if all the media people in Scotland are Bi-polar or just a nasty bunch of Unionist Bastirts

    By the end of the day someone will have accused the SNP of definitely being Nazis now that the trains are running on time, bets on for the Daily Mail? or are the SNP just doing something good deliberately again

    They are an evil twisted bunch that SNP and they’re racist
    Humza Yousaf must answer for that, Ooh wait he’s foreign, well Scottish foreign, all right Scottish, well, don’t you just hate them, well because, well, something

    Now here’s the weather Haa! It’s going to rain Haa! the SNP can’t make that better, Oh dear God can they?

  247. theMadMurph says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland says:
    24 July, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    Then it will go as a personal payment and there won’t be any deduction. So no worries, you’re OK.

    A day late, but thanks for the info Robert.

  248. Petra says:

    It seems that the House of Lords and the Tories / Theresa May are totally out of sinc.

    ‘House of Lords report favouring tailored immigration policy for Scotland welcomed by SNP MP.’


    If anyone fancies sending off a wee card of support to Brian Quail and Angie Zelter the adresses are as follows:

    Brain Quail, HM Prison Low Moss, Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G64 2QB.

    Angie Zelter, HM Prison Cortion Vale, 823 Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5NU.

  249. Valerie says:


    Quite a lot of cyber friends have taken on ex battery chooks. They look poor souls at first, and then flourish and come on very quickly.

    You need to read up a bit on good varied diet and healthcare, but everyone seems to really like having them, and the eggs!

    Food safety is a very big concern of mine if we leave EU, I’m dreading any deregulation or non labelling if Tories get their way.

  250. Hamish100 says:

    Scotrail satisfaction improves.

    What does bbc northshire on radio concentrate on a story of high frequency sound being used in a railway station to deter vandals. A story that’s been around for some time but just appears today. Coincidence.

  251. Chas Anderson200 says:

    Will put an extra bit in with my next standing order Rev.

  252. Col says:

    Did I not hear on the BBC this morning that the trains are 50% late on a third of the lines? How’s that for spinning numbers?

  253. colin alexander says:


    Mr Mundell said the Scottish Parliament would get “a bonanza” of new powers when they come back from the EU.

    So, what you worrying about?

    He also said Scotland would get the Barnett formula equivalent of what what N.I. got – and that was a load of mince ( food safety, mince, get it? ).

    No wonder you are worried!

  254. Maria F says:

    We are right behind you Stu.

    For the sake of democracy this psychological blackmail, bullying and continuous demeaning of the independence supporters by those pushing the unionist movement must stop. These people surely must understand that if they take democracy away from us there will be nothing worthwhile left in the Union to fight for.

    Best of luck!

  255. Street Andrew says:

    Tenner on the way. Wish it was more.

    25K on the way (I wish it was more too). Should be a cert KD has an indefensible position and clearly much more money than brainpower.

    I’m not in favour of snipping dogtails, but for this Dogtail I’m prepared to make an exception. Snip away, Stu.

  256. scottieDog says:

    Ref chickens. Absolutely can make the choice. It’s called import substitution. It’s one of the things that neoliberal no voters wont mention.
    An argument against a scottish currency is the devaluation risk, making foreign imports expensive. Yet where possible a country simply can choose to produce the same product at home or do without – which affects the trade balance of the country exporting to you.

    Of course one thing corbyn can’t substitute is energy if scotland leaves. This is why he needs scotland so very much.
    They can brew their own gin but they can’t power their economy.

    Of course corbyn will undervalue us with comments about turbo charged austerity. You tend to play down the value of something someone has that you desperately want

  257. Scott says:

    I note with interest BBC Scotland have allowed comments on the Rail figures and reading some of them I would have thought they would be blocked as they are more distasteful than some I made round about the time of Brian Taylor’s blog.

    Are offensive
    Trolling: This means saying deliberately provocative things just to stir up trouble
    Flaming: This means posting something that’s angry and mean-spirited.

    But then again these comments are slagging off the FM and the SNP so that is ok with the BBC.

  258. Fred says:

    @Petra, sad anent Peter Thomson, excellent last post! hopefully not awa tae bide awa!

  259. Douglas Guy says:

    Got ma bunnet in the post today. Good grief, man, did you have to knit it yourself?


  260. cearc says:

    re. chickens.

    If you’re keeping a few hens in town (sans-cockerel), when the hens go broody you can always get some fertile eggs from elswhere to put under them. Then you can get chicken dinners as well!

    Breeds bred for batteries rarely go broody or even moult naturally. They just lay eggs until they die, quite young, unless you forcibly moult them once a year.

  261. chasanderson200 says:

    Last comment appears to have vanished into the ether so i shall repeat it here.
    I shall put a bit extra on my next standing order to back you in the case against Kamikaze Dugfale.

  262. ScottishPsyche says:

    Another case which comes to mind is that of Frankie Boyle who was called a racist by the Daily Mirror and successfully sued for defamation. His explanation of his choice of language and the context were extremely important in his defence.

    It’s not hard to see why this would be something you would want to bring to court if it was your own reputation on the line. Using strong language or making a rude remark does not mean you you hate and despise a particular group and this needs to be addressed.

  263. Robbo says:

    Valerie and Scottie dog

    Yup kind o ridiculous situation this is.

    Bit annoyed we would need to import basic poultry like chicken.

    Well at the moment we’re importing some from Netherlands,which I suppose not the end of the world as it’s just across the watter and can be on the shelf in a day,but the US wtf is that Liam Fox tumshie on about?

    So now he wants us to accept chlorinated chicken from the us in any deal-is he fecking nuts!? Why the hell would I want a chicken that tastes like a swimming pool 3-4 weeks old . Lost the plot the twat.

    I wish this bawbag would get in a relationship with fluffy and do wan as far a way as possible from our land.

  264. yesindyref2 says:

    Here’s a link I got from a comment in the National, haven’t had time to look.

  265. harry mcaye says:

    I wouldn’t mind betting Stu’s train of thought when posting that tweet went something like this…

    “Careful now, Stuey, could this possibly be misconstrued as being homophobic in any way… (reads it one more time). Nope, you’d have to be a complete dimwit to conclude that.” *presses tweet button*

    Two seconds later – “Aw shit – Dugdale!”

  266. Thepnr says:

    Apparently China has the most number of chickens in the world at almost 5 Billion in 2014. Roughly 3.6 chickens for every person in China.

    No where near the largest though in Chickens/head that goes to Brunai with 40 chickens for every resident.

    Just this May, President Trumpet has done a new trade deal with China that means cooked Chicken can be exported directly from China into the US, in return China will buy US beef.

    Great stuff, the US will export their chlorinated chicken to us meanwhile they will be enjoying already cooked chicken fried rice and barbecued wings directly on the slow boat from China.

    I think Scotland is getting a raw deal with these shenanigans.

  267. call me dave says:


    Aye read that this morning. The Welsh will love it…not!

    Edward the 1st ‘Longshanks’

    Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

    One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 🙂

  268. Thepnr says:

    @call me dave

    OK I had to go and look that up being quite thick. Loved it though 🙂

  269. OT On the subject of battery hens, I once worked for a poultry company, there were usually five battery hens to a cage.

    They had no feathers on them except around their head and neck, some carried injuries on their bodies caused by the chickens pecking at each other.

    Their life span was about eighteen months, before the squad which I was part of, came and loaded them on lorries for to be processed at the company’s local factory.

    I would never do that job again.

    On trade deal with the US its not just chlorine washed chicken but also hormone laced beef we should be worried about.

  270. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Robbo @ 15:42,

    Oh, the irony will prove endless. Those doctrinaire EU-rejectionists too high-minded to vote “yes” for indy who would apparently now help usher us into an ultra-crap least-common-denominator trade deal with TrumpCo (formerly known as the USA). The worst neo-liberal globalisation nightmare made real.

    I still live in hope though that ordinary people will soon begin to agree out loud that Emperor Brexit has no clothes, and Scotland needs to urgently escape his deluded clutches.

  271. Moonlight says:

    My wife “Sees” things.
    She sees the rump UK as a sort of chilly Puerto Rico.
    Sends a shiver down the spine.
    Menatime, even if you can’t stand the sight of Nicola, vote for the SNP. Plenty of time for party politics after independence.

  272. Robert says:

    I worry that Ms Dugdale doesn’t seem to have said: “Stuart Bremner is homophobic”. She said: “Stuart Bremner made a homophobic remark”. There’s a world of difference there. While I myself now agree that the remark in question isn’t homophobic, I had to read it several times to convince myself – and I was wanting to be convinced.

  273. Robert Peffers says:

    @gus1940 says: 25 July, 2017 at 11:05 am:

    “Virgin are blocking access to”

    Aye! Nicola has really upset the entire YoonYoonist cabal with that one. The resultant reaction points to her having hit a very sensitive YoonYoonist nerve. I believe the adverse reactions indicate that she has cause a storm of sheer YoonYoonist terror.

    There may be a few cases for the SNP and the SG to take similar legal actions as has the Rev Stu.

    Here’s the absolutely hysterical reactions to

    But do not just click on the link as I can’t archive things just now. Suffice to say the Express have gone way over the top.

    Microsoft’s Windows Defender finds nothing wrong with and neither dose any of the other trusted security measures I use.

  274. Maria F says:

    My blood is literally boiling.

    I have just come across this:

    This is disgusting. We must not allow this to happen.

  275. Gary45% says:

    Peter McCulloch@4.26
    The health issues rising from “hormone laced beef” are just one part of the potential destruction of the “quality produce” that comes from all parts of the UK.
    Just look at the amount of prescription drugs Americans take just to survive on a daily basis, food additives everywhere, etc.(could the additives be a part of the cause/)
    If this is “Boris the wukfits” idea for world commerce we are totally fluffed.
    The again when we all start coming down with ailments I am sure the good ole USA will have a prescription tablet to counter the effects. American “Big Pharma” KERCHING.$$$$$

  276. yesindyref2 says:

    @call me dave
    Yes, seemed very appropriate 🙂

    Bit of a pain the petition is on 38degrees, do I swallow my aversion to it or not?

  277. mike d says:

    O/t 86.000 nhs posts vacant in engerland. No foreigners need apply

  278. yesindyref2 says:

    I get through my open port zen BB.

  279. Legerwood says:

    On the subject of hens – which is a pleasant change from football.

    Here is a link to a recent article in the Guardian about mega farms in the UK

    Although the UK seems to have lots of chickens there also seems to be a lot of imported poultry as well – all those wee white trays of chicken fillets labelled produce of Britain. Usually means it is imported then re-packaged here which allows them to label it as Produce of Britain or so I am told.

    As to cattle in the USA, there is a film called Home – think it is on Youtube – at one point it shows a vast area full of cattle pens packed tightly with cattle. Not a blade of grass to be seen just a constant procession of trucks with feed for the beasts.

    In any trade deal with USA the UK will no doubt have to agree to take a certain amount of beef and chickens from them and that will be to the detriment of our own farmers.

  280. mike d says:

    Legerwood. Fu*k the Scots tory farmers. Hate these tory barstewards with more than a passion now. And their fishermen brethren in the N. East. F**k em.

  281. mike d says:

    O/t seeing Diego Maradona saying his goal wouldn’t have stood up to technology nowadays. Whahaaahaa,what a crying shame. Pmsl.

  282. mike d says:

    And for the benefit of any tory scots tory farmer/fisherman reading this. As a “scot” in engerland. My family don’t buy any your butchers apron produce. I’d rather buy Vietnamese. F**k you toryproudsbuts.

  283. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah, keeping a “promise”.

    Wales is NOT a principality, and it’s a bit of an insult. That was news to me. See Mabon ap Gwynfor’s comment in

  284. Legerwood says:

    “”mike d says:
    25 July, 2017 at 5:36 pm
    Legerwood. Fu*k the Scots tory farmers. Hate these tory barstewards with more than a passion now. And their fishermen brethren in the N. East. F**k em.””

    Well that should convert them to YES…not.

    By the way what are you going to eat come independence? Ambrosia?

    This trade/Brexit should be seen as an opportunity bring the farming community into the fold not alienate them further

  285. Robert Kerr says:

    Further to my earlier post re BT web protect advising being unsafe I note that the phishing refers to the personal info wanted.

    The earlier website Scot.ref was identical in format but no phishing alert was given then.

    So either the rules have changed by the Britnats or malign code has been inserted in the website for Mobilise that wasn’t in the earlier one.

    There is a story here for any competent journalist.

    At the very least the SNP must complain. to the internet providers.

  286. Rock says:


    “The legal system is there to protect you, and when necessary, bring you to account, simples.”


    “Anyone Co, Sheridan didn’t win, Murdoch’s goons won”


    “Tommy Sheridan was denied the right of appeal to the ECHR.”

    The rotten to the core legal system is there to protect the likes of the right honourable Carmichael, MP.

    Anyone who thinks that it is there to protect the “plebs”, that is the vast majority of the Scottish population, is extremely naive.

    It will be a turning point if a Scottish judge rules against Dugdale.

    Truth Always.

  287. Tam the Bam. says:

    O/T…..STV NEWS ….6pm

    Well there you have it.If ever proof were needed that the broadcast media’s glass is always ‘half-empty’ re ‘good news’
    stories concerning Scotland/Scottish Gov…this is it.New surveys reveals 90% passenger satisfaction with Scotrail..yet STV go out their way to turn it into a ‘bad news’ story.Spitting feathers.

  288. Ken500 says:

    Tommy Sheridan won in the Scottish court. His own Defence.

    Ist class honours degree in economics
    1st class honours degree in law

    Fought the Tories and the Poll Tax. Stopped warrant sales in Scotland. Labour tried to take him down for taking votes. Blair and Murdoch. They should be in jail.

    He will be campaigning in Indy2.

    Carmichael was recognised as a liar by the Courts. Left to pay expenses.

    Limited broadband?

  289. Capella says:

    @ Maria F – you’re right. That is a dire warning about what may happen to our resources. Should be spread as much as possible. I haven’t checked out the info yet, especially about the investment in English infrastructure to take over the North Sea but hope someone with better technical knowledge can do it:

  290. Maria F says:


    I apologise in advance if this comes across as tinfoil hat nonsense, but a chilling thought has just crossed my mind. What is the likelihood that all those non Scot British oil workers could have had a serious impact on the last GE vote? I must admit that I find really hard to believe that so many people in Gordon voted Tory when the two figures of choice were a very knowledgeable and politically experienced person of high political status and stance as Salmond and a rather junior, political wannabe with multiple jobs and not much of a commitment for politics tory one.
    I also find rather incredible that after Carmichael was publicly recognised as a liar, he went on and won again with an even bigger majority! So, my question is, could the votes in Gordon, Moray or Shetland have been tilted to the ‘right’ unionist candidate due to the ‘imported’ oil workers?

    Are our elections being rigged by importing voters from down south?

  291. Legerwood says:

    “”Tam the Bam. says:
    25 July, 2017 at 6:16 pm
    O/T…..STV NEWS ….6pm

    Well there you have it.If ever proof were needed that the broadcast media’s glass is always ‘half-empty’ re ‘good news’
    stories concerning Scotland/Scottish Gov…this is it.New surveys reveals 90% passenger satisfaction with Scotrail..yet STV go out their way to turn it into a ‘bad news’ story.Spitting feathers.””

    BBC Reporting Scotland did exactly the same. Kept mentioning the poor figure last year but never mentioned the figure – 83%. Also implied that the upheaval last summer was down to Scotrail when the work was being done by Network Rail. They did say in passing that it would lead to an improvement in service. All finished of with an uninterrupted rant by a Tory MSP

    Herald has buried the story in its on-line site. Now if it had been a fall in satisfaction…..

  292. Petra says:

    @ Maria F @5:15pm …… “My blood is literally boiling ……”

    Maria I can’t access the data. What’s it all about?

  293. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The easy pickings for the Scottish MSM is that most of the public don’t understand the difference between Network Rail and Scotrail.

    Network Rail looks after the infrastructure – the rails, signalling and so on. It is a UK-wide organisation. Scotrail run the Scottish trains that aren’t UK long distance or Sleepers.

    No point in blaming Scotrail for delays caused by infrastructure problems – like the wrong kind of leaves on the track. Or whatever.

    Obfuscation is a powerful tool when wielded against those who do not know the facts.

  294. Shinty says:

    As you say Rev. every pound is a thorn in their flesh.

    A wee donation made. All the best.

  295. colin alexander says:


    A Borders solicitor sued a grandfather for defamation after the grandfather handed out flier stating the solicitor was a liar, because the solicitor presented untrue information about the grandfather in a family case.

    The untruths were not lies, but “unintentional errors”.

    I don’t need to tell you the result of the defamation case, I think you’ll have a good idea on whether the court found in favour of the solicitor or the grandfather who was subjected to the untruths.

  296. Capella says:

    @ Maria F – it’s not tin foil hat theory but a perfectly reasonable explanation for the unionist majority in coastal North East, along with collusion of the Liberals, manipulation of the fishing community vote and the traditional conservatism of the farming voter. Banff / Buchan used to be the stronghold of the SNP. I’m sure Westminster has been planning a reversal of that for some time.

  297. Maria F says:

    @ Petra

    It is a video from IndyCar Gordon Ross about what is going on in the North Sea that we are not hearing about from the press because they do not want the Scottish public to know.
    Gordon suspects that the tories are planning a massive asset stripping from Scotland with the excuse of Brexit and by means of the Repeal Bill, which is going to be the tool to neutralise Holyrood in order to proceed with the asset stripping without political resistance from Scotland and without the protection of the Scottish Government.

    Gordon also explains, on the basis of the information he has received from his sources, what happened during the oil crisis. The price of the oil was initially high, but it fell due to saturation of the oil market by the Middle East countries. Right before that, oil companies in the North Sea invested a lot of money in new technology to extract deeper oil. They invested with money that they borrowed from hedge funds. Unfortunately, when the oil crises took over, those companies found that they could not pay back the loans and the hedge funds took over those companies. While they were not pumping a single barrel of oil, those hedge funds still made a killing on the back of the taxpayers because with the take over, they inherited all the tax breaks. These aggressive companies are taking money away from the Scottish oil sector without a drop of oil being pumped.

    Another aspect Gordon talks about and that was mentioned to him by somebody that has been working in the oil industry for 10 years is a tendency that started a few years ago to hire more and more English oil workers and fewer and fewer Scottish ones. He says that the further south you go, the more is the exaggeration in number of English workers compared with the number of Scottish workers, to the point that in some areas there are no Scottish workers. He thinks that this is affecting the Scottish workers that are getting less and less work in the oil rigs, because it is going to the English ones. Worryingly though, Gordon highlights that this is now not happening just in the south fields but also in the north ones.

    Gordon also talks that in the English North Sea coast from Hull north to newcastle, all harbours there are getting massive investment from Westminster central government and he believes it is in preparation to get all the north sea oil contracts. Contracts for supplying workers, food and provision, shipping, for repairing and decommissioning oil rigs. Basically strip SCotland of the full benefit of the Oil industry. Asset stripping by stealth.

    Gordon sees the displacement of Scottish workers and the development of these ports in England in preparation to supply all those services to the oil industry as serious warning signs that something is going on and that Scotland is going to be seriously hurt.

    Gordon says that the tax evasion in the North sea oil industry is happening in a gigantic scale and the uK government is allowing this to happen. Gordon also highlights the apparent replacement of the Scottish workforce in the industry with the ‘compliant’ British workers from the south.

    Gordon bases his reasoning in the information that he has received from two people linked to the oil industry, but that understandably wants to keep anonymous.

    Another warning sign for Gordon is that Theresa May has cut diplomatic relations with Scotland by effectively forcing the FM of Scotland to contact central government via Mundell. He believes diplomatic ties are being severed and everything is being put in place for the stripping of the NOrth Sea asset from Scotland into England.

    Gordon believes that, while all the nations of the UK are going to be asset stripped, Scotland is going to be the one that suffers the most and have its pockets emptied just for a simply stupid mistake the tories have made.

    Gordon encourage us all to fight for our assets our workers, our democracy and our country. Gordon says that the tories are effectively going to re-invade Scotland and bring down Holyrood and a parliament that costs us so much to get back in, and all to cover the tories’ own stupid mistake.

    Gordon recommends to read the Oil industry magazines, which are a wealth information. Gordon says that the vultures (asset stripper big companies and hedge funds) are circling around the north sea to asset stripping these small oil companies and keep fleecing the taxpayers, due to the ridiculous negligence in managing the industry by the UK government and their ridiculously low taxes for these oil industry and tax breaks that do not benefit anyone apart from those hedge funds and asset strippers.

    Gordon believes that without this oil asset the UK will not survive Brexit and that is the reason why it is moving this way. But if the UK gov is allowed to do this is going to leave Scotland with nothing, because they will not stop at the oil industry, they need control over all assets to survive brexit.

    Gordon thinks that we must stop that brexit bill because it will mark the beginning of the asset stripping of Scotland and that indiref and independence is the only way Scotland can come out of this and save its North Sea Oil asset, our parliament and our country.

    Apologies for the length of the comment and I am sorry that you cannot see the video, as I think it is worthwhile watching.

  298. yesindyref2 says:

    @Maria F
    Thanks for that summary, great work. I’m not much of one for watching videos, prefer reading and absorbing.

    My quick opinion – should not be dismissed as a loony tune.

  299. yesindyref2 says:

    @Maria F
    Quickly doffing my tinfoil hat, I think asset-stripping has been going on in a quiet way since 2007, when the SNP got in. Nothing totally tangible I can put my finger on though. But I do read the business news, and drive a lot around Scotland – and blether to a lot of people. Hat off now, and back to normal! Whatever that is …

  300. highseastim says:

    Donation made via bank transfer, go get her!!

  301. Al Dossary says:

    @Maria F, Petra,

    Excelled piece on the North Sea. The region has been Asset stripped for years.

    We had the largest dry dock in Europe at Nigg. Big enough to build anything that was ever likely to go in the North Sea. Bought by KBR / Halliburton and left to rot. Eventually sold to Roy Magregor, but it lay idle for a decade or more. The last rig to be built in Nigg was the Elgin Franklin I think, completed circa 1999.

    Further facilities at Ardisier, Methil, Burntisland and Kishorn were closed over the years.Scott Lithgow in Greenock and John Brown’s in Clydebank also moved to rig building in their later days before the inevitable closures.

    Now the companies prefer to build them in the far east. Korea, Singapore – even the new Shetlands gas plant was fabricated in module form in UAE and Kuwait before being brought over to Shetlands to be put right by the largely Irish workforce employed there. Unfortunately for the oil companies the old adage about monkeys and peanuts usually holds true – the quality of build they get is disgraceful. Hence the reason the Shetlands gad plant was 18 months late in starting up.

    And as to the Anglicisation of the oil industry – it is and always has been there. In the boom time, the construction workers largely came from the shipbuilding industry, steelworks or pits. These industries were sacrificed provide the much needed trades for offshore.

    The problem is that there is long standing tradition of “postcode blocking” whereby the manager or senior engineer actively recruits only from his own area – always Teeside for the instrument guys, Newcastle and Teeside for the Mechanical guys and the Electrical guys from Teeside, Newcastle and Hull. Another squad I was in had 2 of us Jocks out of around 24 blokes.

    Last project I was on had 22 year old Instrument Techs fresh from college, never worked a day in their life straight onto a high paying rig job in Spain whilst Scots Techs old not get on the job. There were about 20 Scots total in a squad of about 120 trades.

    A great many of the offshore and onshore workers in Aberdeen are all self employed and not a penny to the Scottish tax from them. Even those directly employed from down south will not pay a penny in Scottish tax as their home address in not in Scotland.

    Most rigs have about 50% or more of the staff – operations and maintenance from south of the border.

    One final point to ponder – the choice of offshore center in the 1970s was between Dundee and aAberdeen. It was felt that Dundee was just too militant union wise so Aberdeen got the jobs. Hence the reason you find very few Dundonians, likewise Scousers offshore.

  302. Rock says:


    “Carmichael was recognised as a liar by the Courts. Left to pay expenses.”

    It is perfectly legal for a politician to lie in this rotten to the core system.

    Those who took Carmichael lost the case and had to pay their own costs, if I remember right, forced to sell their homes.

    The legal system exists to protect the establishment not the “plebs”.

    Truth Always.

  303. Rock says:

    colin alexander,

    “I think you’ll have a good idea on whether the court found in favour of the solicitor or the grandfather who was subjected to the untruths.”

    In my view, the Scottish legal system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

    That is the truth, not defamation.

    Truth Always.

  304. heedtracker says:

    Those who took Carmichael lost the case and had to pay their own costs, if I remember right, forced to sell their homes.

    No it was all covered by crowd funding Rock.

    Bolox Always.

  305. Rock says:


    “No it was all covered by crowd funding Rock.”

    And who paid the crowd funding heedtracker?

    Surely not the unionists?

    I had predicted the outcome long in advance:

    Rock (2nd July 2015 – The member for The Vow),

    “Given that the Scottish justice system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low, Carmichael will almost certainly win the case.

    That will be 60,000 pounds of independence supporters’ cash down the lawyers’ drain, while people in Scotland are starving.”

    Truth Always.

  306. heedtracker says:

    Rock says:
    25 July, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    “No it was all covered by crowd funding Rock.”

    And who paid the crowd funding heedtracker?

    Surely not the unionists?

    I had predicted the outcome long in advance:

    Rock (2nd July 2015 – The member for The Vow),

    I dont know who all paid into the Orkney 4? crowd fund. But it was all covered by the funding. I threw in a pony or two.

    Carmichael got away with it because, the Law stated that he has two personalities, his MP personality and whatever it is that makes up his non MP personality.

    As an MP, he can legally lie his arse off, so no case.

    And then Orkney voted him back in too.

    Life is often nasty and corrupt Rock, SOME people don’t play fair, some don’t care who their MP’s are, as long as Scotland never becomes a nation state again.

    Also, you clearly pick on the Law, Scots Law, to boot around btl WoS because no one really likes lawyers, they’re too expensive for starters. This is especially true in the USA.

    But you need to be a lot more specific as to why you hate Scots Law so much.

    All the Scots lawyers I know are are wealthy ferocious tories, not City spiv rich but you know what I mean. They’re extreme NO’s to Scots indy and will bleed you dry just for walking into their practice.

    But if recent and past toryboy UKOK conduct teaches us anything, its that they know the Law and the Rules perfectly well.

    In doing so, they’re then more than willing and capable of sailing as close to the wind/breaking the Law as they can get, without actually getting convicted of anything.

    Anyhoo, you need to double up with your new bestie Colin A, Rock. You make a lovely couple. I’ll put a word in for you:D

  307. heedtracker says:

    heedtracker says:
    26 July, 2017 at 12:06 am
    Rock says

    Forgot to mention the actual point, that Carmichael’s duel legal personality might well be used by Dugdale here too. Its more than just a law is blind justice in the scales kind of nicety, or is it?

  308. yesindyref2 says:

    Yeah my term for “it” is GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    £216,590 GBP total funds raised
    102% funded on June 25, 2015. Second-last front-page message:

    Target Reached, 19th July 2016!
    The total needed to settle all our legal bills has now been reached, and donations are no longer needed. Any excess we receive will be donated to charity, as promised. The fund-raiser will remain open temporarily as a precaution, and will be closed down once we are certain it is no longer required. Many thanks to all our supporters for helping us in our fight to hold our elected representative to account.

    Latest update posted by Fiona Grahame Oct 24, 2016 • 4:46PM:

    Foodbank Donations Accepted

    I am delighted to announce that Orkney Foodbank has agreed to accept our donation. This means that the Foodbanks in both Orkney & Shetland have each received £750 to use as they deem appropriate. Many thanks again to all our supporters without whom none of this would have been possible. Your generosity and faith in our campaign has been amazing. Alba gu brath Fiona Grahame

    Doesn’t sound to me like they “had to pay their own costs, if I remember right, forced to sell their homes.”

  309. yesindyref2 says:

    Yeah my term for “it” is GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    £216,590 GBP total funds raised
    102% funded on June 25, 2015. Second-last front-page message:

    Target Reached, 19th July 2016!
    The total needed to settle all our legal bills has now been reached, and donations are no longer needed. Any excess we receive will be donated to charity, as promised. The fund-raiser will remain open temporarily as a precaution, and will be closed down once we are certain it is no longer required. Many thanks to all our supporters for helping us in our fight to hold our elected representative to account.

  310. Cactus says:

    SO, just to remind y’all…

    Collected during the first 24 hours:
    “All-sources total as of 9am, Tuesday 25 July: £11,640.

    Impressive stuff once again, an even spread between.
    That’s doubled the Indiegogo total over the same period so far!

    For the first day it was also interesting to see lots of Wingers pledging just the £10 or less which made up the bigger total. Many hands make light work. Also noticed many persons didnae opt furra badge and were quite happy to join in perklessly. What a team!

    It could be up to fifteen fow for the fighting fund by 9am this morning.

  311. Cactus says:

    Raised via Indiegogo page so far…
    as of 1am, Wednesday 26 July:

    Standing at:
    £6,650 GBP raised by 349 backers

    Only 2 months left to go!

  312. Cactus says:

    I believe there are one of three things that make you a Winger:

    1) You comment now and again.
    2) You contribute towards the campaigns.
    3) You come and join us at the Wings social events.

    If you don’t do any of them, that makes you a regular reader.

    Nothing wrong with that mind.

    But there is a cure.

  313. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, I tried posting this all in a oner, the oner half appeared, . . . AH! It’s that alb* word!

    Latest update posted (the Carmichael crowdfunder) by Fiona Grahame Oct 24, 2016 • 4:46PM:

    Foodbank Donations Accepted

    I am delighted to announce that Orkney Foodbank has agreed to accept our donation. This means that the Foodbanks in both Orkney & Shetland have each received £750 to use as they deem appropriate. Many thanks again to all our supporters without whom none of this would have been possible. Your generosity and faith in our campaign has been amazing. **** Fiona Grahame

    Doesn’t sound to me like they “had to pay their own costs, if I remember right, forced to sell their homes.”

  314. annie says:

    Was just checking my bank online and discovered indiegogo have charged £1 for my debit card payment. This is certainly new, have contributed to quite a few and never been charged before. Anyone else out there noticed this, couldn’t find any mention of this on their site.

  315. heedtracker says:

    Doesn’t sound to me like they “had to pay their own costs, if I remember right, forced to sell their homes.”

    Rock knows that too.

    Its why his “Truth Always” thingee is amusing.

    But he is quite a sophisticated Scots indy btl blitzer. And its probably a rolling open slot too.

    Isnt it Rock/s.

    Bollox Always.

  316. Joseph says:

    Rev Campbell, do you perhaps have details of the court where this action is being raised as I enjoy reading details about cases and would like to follow this.

  317. Tony Little says:

    I am having a Blocking explosion on Twitter getting flak from all sides when asking for proof of claims that WoS is full of bigotry, homophobia, misogamy, etc. People can’t provide facts just spout unthinking sound bites.

    Social media has a lot to answer for – people are becoming stupider. (Though that’s probably what the powers that be like to see – set us all ff against one another as they clean up in the background).

  318. SOG says:

    Rock mentioned the Carmichael case.

    As I seem to remember, the Orkney Four started it at the risk of the loss of their homes, and for one at least, their career. An initial appeal raised enough, quickly, to get papers lodged with the Court. I think this was about £6000. The subsequent crowdfund appeal raised £200k. Carmichael squeezed through, but wasn’t awarded costs. The judgement included the term ‘Blatant Liar’ which I believe anyone can now use, freely*. Stated in open court, no less*.

    Cameron’s subsequent appeal result was embarrassing small. He was then supported by the Rowntree Trust, which raised a protest, to their regret.

    I believe the result, a £200k crowdfund with an average contribution of about £15, should have attracted the attention of other politicians. Maybe Kez has a short retention span. She did have a chance to say sorry.

    *Can anyone confirm, please?

    And I’ve sent a tenner from Wessex to Bath. I trust the figures will show a small average contribution. I’ll add more if needed.

  319. ScottishPsyche says:

    I want Independence for Scotland.

    With regard to independence, as in every aspect of life, I share some views with some people. I do not speak for anyone except me. I do not share the same views or opinions of everyone in the SNP or the Scottish Government. Similarly, I do not expect WoS to represent me on every view I have yet I support this site and this campaign.

    I did not play a part in the first Independence campaign because I felt no connection to Yes and felt, on the whole, it did not represent me. Is it so hard for the Left/Rise/Bella/CS crowd to understand that they do not speak for everyone who supports Independence? Why do they seek to silence other voices?

    I know WoS does not represent everyone in the ‘Yes Movement’ whatever that is, why do they not?

    I agree with others who say let people do their own thing next time – no unified voice as it is impossible for some people to allow a different view.

  320. One_Scot says:

    Annie that have charge me a pounds as well. Not sure what it is for. Will contact them to see what is going on.

  321. misteralz says:

    I know that I’m late to the party on this one, but can anybody send me the .ttf for the type on the banner, please? It’s really similar to Volkswagen’s early ’90s offerings and I’ve been searching for it for ages!

    streetrodal at hotmail dot com

    Thank you in advance, whoever can help!

  322. misteralz says:

    I’ll be donating, obviously.

  323. Andrew Davidson says:

    Seeing the latest line of bullshit coming around, aimed at you and anyone who isn’t part of the kumbaya singing circle jerk collective and it’s got the blood boiling in my ears. Throwing some more your way. This NONSENSE has to stop.

  324. Espanol Escoces says:

    Happy to contribute my pittance and thanks for the badges.

  325. Karmanaut says:

    I’ve been slow to come to this whole thing, but I finally read the common space piece. Jeezo. Pretty arrogant stuff. Essentially it seems to be: “Doesn’t matter what the law says, if I’m offended people should be allowed to defame you without having to worry about repercussions.”

    That, and trying to delegitimize and dehumanize supporters of Wings by calling them a “cult”. Again, the arrogance shines through.

  326. CmonIndy says:

    Prompted to donate by idiocy being shown by some quarters.

  327. Kate says:

    Donated towards the Court case against Kezia.. No way should she have done what she did in the Scottish Parliament by trying to lay blame for something the Rev said at her door. It was utter stupidity, she thought using the homophobic argument she was onto a winner with publicity for herself of course. She made an arse of herself that day, & is still seen as an arse today.. Go get her Rev..

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