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The ambulance chasers

Posted on January 11, 2016 by

We called it early.


In the end it took almost exactly four hours.


The corpse of the pop star, who died of cancer on Sunday, was barely cold on the slab before the Daily Record descended, ripping its limbs off to use as a club to bash independence supporters with.

Evidently the delay was as long as the paper could bear to wait in its frustration as “cybernats” stubbornly refused to actually say anything outrageous about Bowie’s passing. The best it could dredge up after hours of diligent trawling was a pitifully small handful of the sort of dry jokes for which Scots are famed the world over:


At least one of the comments cited is actually from an SNP-hating Loyalist/Unionist well known to many Scottish political Twitter users as such, not a “cybernat”.


To try to pad out the “story”, which no reporter was prepared to put their name to, an “SNP insider” was located to provide a convenient line, which rather curiously referred to the SNP as “they” rather than “we”:


(Why this “insider”, fearing another media attack on “their” party at the hands of the press, would actively and eagerly assist in that process by handing the Daily Record a ready-made quote was not explained.)

The last David Bowie song this site liked came out 33 years ago, and his half-arsed second-hand intervention in the indyref debate was an embarrassment for a starstruck media, who wrote a thousand times as many words about it as Bowie actually got someone else to say for him. But he was entitled to have an opinion on the subject like anyone else – we doubt he swung a single vote, and it would be below anyone to express joy at his death for such trivial reasons.

As it happened, nobody did, so the Record just went ahead and made it up, to God knows what end (they surely can’t imagine it’ll save Scottish Labour). By anyone’s lights David Bowie was an artist of incredible significance and impact who deserves better than to have the graverobbing scum of the Daily Record defile his memory by using him as a political weapon while the tears are still wet on his family’s cheeks.

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300 to “The ambulance chasers”

  1. Dan Huil says:

    Yet more desperation from the BritNat Record. Maybe they feel embarrassed by Fluffy Mundell’s praise.

  2. Murray McCallum says:

    Is “JournoStephen” an SNP insider? I don’t think he is though.

  3. Richardinho says:

    This crossed my mind too. Poor stuff from the Record but to their usual low standards. I look forwards to the death of the Record newspaper then they will really have actually nasty quotes to print.

  4. handclapping says:

    I reckon that piece is a worse insult to Bowie than anything said by the “cybernats”.

  5. Macart says:

    Not so much ambulance chasing, as rolling out one of those polis spike traps.

    Good grief.

  6. One_Scot says:

    The Daily Record, predictable, ‘Soft, Strong & Unbeatably Long’.

    Only really good for flushing down the toilet, where it belongs.

  7. Joemcg says:

    Thought the MSM yoon media had stooped as low as it could. Evidently not. Sick bastards.

  8. NiallD says:

    Desperate stuff by the Record. Somebody in that rag actually had the thought ” Bowies dead…how can we use this to attack the SNP?”
    Despicable shithouse rag!

  9. Richardinho says:

    For any Record journalists scouring this page for quotes, by the way, my view is that you are the absolute dregs of humanity. Print that in yer rag.

  10. Macca73 says:

    I think this sais a lot about the Record and it’s readership…forgettable and embarrassing.

  11. heedtracker says:

    DR hacks are extremely nasty historic liars but if they’re prepared to go as low as this, where do they go next?

  12. Bob Mack says:

    I liked the mans music ,but not his opinion on Scotland.

    I could say the same of Michael Jackson. Great music,but not acceptable in other ways.. Sometimes you have to separate the two ,but it is a matter of personal viewpoint,and not a stick to beat anyone with.

  13. Dr Ew says:

    “To be insulted by these fascists is so degrading –
    And it’s no game…”

  14. Giving Goose says:

    Ooofff! That was good; just wiped my bum with the Record.

  15. HandandShrimp says:

    It is the Record so they are bound to lie (it is some sort of rule or something).

    RIP David. Loved your music went to see you at Murrayfield back in 83. A great (if wet) concert.


    I’m a massive Bowie fan and like millions of others feel his loss as a personal bereavement such was his impact throughout my life.
    Bowie taught me to be fearless, truthful, independent and creative.
    All attributes I long for in a future independent Scotland…. and ironically all are missing from the ‘news’paper you cite.

  17. Ian Guild says:

    Giving Goose – there’ll be more clart on your erse ater than there was before then

  18. Effijy says:

    An insider at the Daily Rancid told me that he was ashamed at having to work for a corrupt, lying, devious propaganda pamphlet
    that is gradually killing of the paper and its workforce.

    His sister works there too and she can’t believe that anyone who can spell SNP would consider answering the phone to a Daily Redcoat enquiry, let alone give them inside information.

    She feels that their Horoscope section is just about the only thing in the paper that you might consider to be true.

    Her supervisor at the Daily Rabid said that he never read anything other than factual statements and sympathies about David Bowie on the WoS site.
    He goes on to say that he thinks some of the Editors themselves post disruptive comments on WoS in order to generate a story line?

    It could be said that some less well justified posts are made on WoS by a very very small percentage of supporters, but Every single Rancid Journalist is obliged to maintain the vile abuse and lies against those who no longer wish to be 2nd class UK citizens.

  19. yesindyref2 says:

    I see the Mirror has a story too about the vile cybernats. Best it could come up with is this:

    Nationalist [X] even suggested that supporting the Union may be linked to cancer and said she was “sickened” to see some fellow Yes supporters “crying like babies” about Bowie’s death.

    Which, ummm, kind of defeats the object of their strange self-gratifying exercise.

  20. Rookiescot says:

    I think we are all aware of the Daily Records agenda.

    What shocks us is the depths to which they will go in order to accomplish it.

    Scotlands champion my arse.

  21. R-type Grunt says:

    I just hope to God he’s remembered for his early music rather than the absolute garbage that is Deathstar. Sorry, Darkstar.

  22. Taranaich says:

    Daily Mail seems to have the same inability to distinguish between “cybernats” and unionist trolls.

  23. Greg Drysdale says:

    He wasn’t standing on any stage at the brits. He wasn’t even there! Idiot

  24. Grendel says:

    The sad thing is there are good, decent people out there who are still being taken in by the Record and their ilk.

  25. raineach says:

    Evelyn Waugh was a ghastly man who wrote magnificent prose; Wagner’s music can be enjoyed without endorsing his beliefs; Caravaggio’s non-artist life was a bit dodgy. There is no connection between the art and the artist. Did I mention J.K?

  26. Kenny says:

    And this, dear readers, is what is holding the union together!

    This is unionism, this is “better together”!

    My condolences to Bowie’s family, I always liked his music, images, inventiveness.

  27. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Mind when David Bowie stood on stage at the Brits …”

    Did he really stand up on-stage? Really? I remember Kate Moss standing up on-stage to accept the Brit award on behalf of Bowie and speaking Bowie’s words.

    Another sabernat numptie.

  28. I was talking to an `insider` at the daily record and she says that the general staff are totally embarrassed at the standard and morals of journalists at the paper and think the editor is a horrible human being.

  29. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Giving Goose

    “Ooofff! That was good; just wiped my bum with the Record.”

    I’d rather use sand paper than that utterly loathesome rag.

  30. Richardinho says:

    ‘cybernats’ : aka. ordinary folk expressing their opinion on the internet.

  31. MerkinScot says:

    H&S : “RIP David. Loved your music went to see you at Murrayfield back in 83. A great (if wet) concert.”

    Yes, ’83 Murrayfield was indeed wet but well worth it.
    Liked his music, never liked his politics.

  32. carjamtic says:

    David Bowie good song and dance man,the video of Dancing in the Streets with Mick Jagger always brings a smile.

    Old school entertainers,over the top,performance on par with Alex Harvey’s Delilah…will live long in the memory.

    The DR,sad old rag… forgotten.

  33. Giesabrek says:

    Call me suspicious, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the only people I’ve seen use the word “vile” to describe “cybernats” are unionists, not “SNP insiders”. Surely claiming their quote is from an SNP insider is a blatant lie, unless they can prove otherwise?

    And regarding Bowie, I was annoyed and very disappointed with him comments, given how much time he spent outside the UK, and anything he’s done since the 80’s has been mediocre. However, I was very saddened to hear he’d died, very sudden for a public not aware of his cancer, and it marks the sad passing of one of the great musicians.

  34. Tam The Bam says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    I was talking to an `insider` at the daily record and she says that the general staff are totally embarrassed at the standard and morals of journalists at the paper and think the editor is a horrible human being


  35. Greg Drysdale says:

    By “Record Reporter” is it? Do they mean the current ‘record holder’ of ‘The Biggest Bullshitter’ award? Congratulations to them, it’s a tough market these days!

  36. Beverley Khan says:

    “Bowie dead…meh” So, simply not caring that a celebrity singer has died and voicing that opinion is vile abuse, now? Dear christ what is the world coming to?

  37. @raineach

    I agree some of the great works of art,music and engineering were done by people of questionable political beliefs,

    I remember reading about the founder of Adidas (Adolf Dassler) being a German soldier in WW1 and being in the Nazi party later on, making millions on boots for the Wehrmacht ,

    not a lot of people know that the `Adi` in Adidas is short for Adolf,and das for Dassler,

    i still like my Sambas though.

  38. blackhack says:

    I can honestly say that David Bowie or his music never really “Did It” for me….There’s no doubt that he was extremely talented and I’m sad that he as a human being has passed away, But as usual the daily rancid manages to find a “Story” where there isn’t one.
    How sad that the mainstream media have stooped to such a low standard….I honestly thought that they couldn’t stoop any lower.

  39. Greg Drysdale says:

    …and another thing! 😉
    Dry, sick jokes have followed the death of celebrities and stars ever since I was at school. They’ve been there for decades and they’ll be there for decades to come. No one is immune. No matter how sad or upset we are at their passing. We all die, I think it’s just a part of how we cope with our own emotions in the face of that reality.

  40. thoughtsofascot says:

    I’m not sure what’s worse. the gutter media making political capital out of this, or a bunch of RISE types running with this on social media for political capital.

    Let the man rest in peace FFS. Talented musician and the world of music is a more empty place without him. Screw anyone who tries to score political points with this. Screw them to hell and back.

  41. De Valera says:

    Sad to hear of Bowie’s passing., I will not be sad the day this disgraceful “newspaper” becomes history.

    Nothing from Deerin or Massie yet?

  42. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ thoughtsofascot

    “Screw them to hell and back.”

    Back? Can we no’ just leave them there?

  43. David Mills says:

    Some personal comments from a SNP member
    The passing of David Bowie is a sad day.

    He had a music career that ran for 50 year release his last album with in the last month.

    Though he took a alternate stand in the indy ref that didnot make him the or now a valid target for abuse.

    Everybody, on both side of this skysum, please leave his memory & allow and those that survive him to morn in please.

  44. Bob Mack says:

    Just a thought but the one from Alex Hood sounds more like a Unionist gloating comment than a vile cybernat .

    I think whoever cited this has misread its meaning. Oh dear.

  45. Richardinho says:

    Have to laugh at the line; ‘Many Twitter users – hiding behind anonymous profiles’ in an article that is er.. anonymous!

  46. Karmanaut says:

    That is soooo low, even for the Record.

  47. MJS Dundee says:

    I was at the Ingliston “Sound & Vision” concert in about 1990. As a sort of ‘greatest hits’ tour it was probably as good as Bowie got in terms of having the bulk of his output – and running to about 2 and a half hours he got in virtually everything you might really want to hear. (And it wisnae wet like Murrayfield). The band he brought with him was insanely good, some of the best session players on the planet.

    I’ve no issue really with his supposed anti-Indy stance, he’d been living in Switzerland for years by then and no one had seen him in long while prior to that. If he, or anyone else, so detatched from UK inc. had nothing to go on other than the BUM decrying Indy and us as fascists one minute and the loony-left the next – they couldn’t have much perspective really and their words would be worth what? Not a lot, on the specific.

    And there were so few words and no follow up. Whether he ever really said them, or whether he was pressed to say something supportive of UKOK in the BUM vacuum, or whether Moss (or one of her handlers) simply made it up …, we’ll never know.

    And in the end it doesn’t matter. Why do people place so much weight on what celebrities from irrelevant fields say in any case? At least DB was a genuine talent – unlike most of the shower of celebrity non-entities the BUM deluge us with (cheaper than opium I suppose).

    As for that BUM-wipe the DR …, aye well. As someone half said above, you’d be better off with the nasty shiny scratchy stuff they used put in school lavvies back in the ’70s.

    David Bowie – RIP

    DR – RIP can’t come soon enough.


  48. dakk says:

    Another good post Stuart.

    Highlights perfectly the sad,tawdry desperate nature of the Daily Record using Bowie’s death in this way.

    Particulary it’s editorial ethos and obsessive lying,smearing and attacking anything associated with Scottish self governance.

    The DR article has all the hallmarks of Bearded Tit Productions.Nice work Crichton.

  49. Dr Jim says:

    You will worship David Bowie today because we say so, and you are evil if you don’t

    What’s it got to do with the SNP whether, or if, somebody’s unpleasant about somebody’s death or not, if they liked the person or didn’t

    Is it now the responsibility of the SNP to deploy the thought control machine to all citizens of Scotland and not just those who support them

    Because if we had a thought control machine I could think of plenty of uses it could be put to

    How about a BBC programme being aired this week called “Scotland Investigates” which of course Scotland isn’t investigating anything it’s the BBC inventing a cover story to smear the SNPs road building projects, the implication being the SNP are killing us all with pollution instead of well doing whatever it is the BBC Labour party can think of that’s something else

    I’m all for thought control “Exterminate” the not subliminal BBC and Daily Record…Ach and all the rest of them as well,…….. Therr ye are Ahm Pure Evil.. Pit me Doon

  50. Richardinho says:

    Anyone else notice the pattern emerging of editors denying responsibility for the contents of their publications? Recently there was the Herald and it’s ‘SEO headers’ re. Ann Begg; Labour Hame and it’s endorsement of ‘rape apologist’ (their words!) George Galloway; now we have the Daily Record apparently disclaiming responsibility for stories that appear in the Daily Record because they’re from ‘respected agencies’!

  51. Dr Jim says:

    @Scot Finlayson

    Funnily enough Scot I was speaking to a high ranking senior figure at the Daily Record and he admitted to me quite openly the paper was in so much trouble they had to make up most of what was in it just to sell copies

    How awful is that (and that’s the absolute truth)

  52. Bob Mack says:

    Just finding out that several of the above comments have nothing to do with cybernats at all. No doubt the Rev will enlighten

  53. HandandShrimp says:

    Dr Jim

    There is nothing subliminal about the Record. Timmy Mallet’s Whackaday was more sophisticated and carried considerably more intellectual clout than the average Record story.

    The difference between the Beano and the Record was that the Beano was funny.

  54. call me dave says:

    “Did ye no hear me the first time”? shouts Mundell

    Kezia also joins in the SNP bad message.

    Oh wait! SNP spokeperson says…

    “Until Labour’s sums add up, they can’t be considered as a credible opposition – never mind a credible government in waiting.” 🙂

  55. Andrew McLean says:

    Dr Jim says: @Scot Finlayson

    3:04 pm

    Wonder if we know the same people? I was told that they just pick stories from AP, no real investigations left, too expensive so its just cut and fill.

    Now that their “in” at Holyrood is relegated to sniping from the wings, their limited badly written content just reflects that fact.

  56. crisiscult says:

    a few days in which Lemmy and Bowie die: music icons both. RIP

  57. Jamie Arriere says:

    Farewell to an extraordinary musician, who kept producing right up to the end. I missed his heyday, and it was mostly girls who were into him at my school. He didn’t rock my world

    Didn’t pay that much attention to what he said last year, and I doubt many did. And given his tendency to transform himself, into new modes of expression & thinking, if you’d given him another ten years, he might have arrived at “Scotland, aim for the stars”

    Rest in Peace, Mr Jones

  58. Jimbo says:

    By anyone’s lights David Bowie was an artist of incredible significance and impact who deserves better than to have the graverobbing scum of the Daily Record defile his memory by using him as a political weapon while the tears are still wet on his family’s cheeks.

    Says it all really.

    One of my favourite David Bowie moments was when he dueted with Mick Jagger singing Dancing In The Street for the ’85 Live Aid.

  59. Bob Mack says:

    He did refuse a knighthood. My respect for that act at least.

  60. Free Scotland says:

    I can think of one death which will cause a twitterstorm of jokes and general celebrations among sane and clear-minded people the length and breath of Scotland: the death of the Daily Record.

  61. HaggisHunter says:

    The SNP are the enemies of the Brit state, and so they will use every dirty trick to try and alienate the SNPs supporters from society.

    Mind the wee Blue Book? I got called a Jehovna witness after the Brit media likened wee blue book deliverers to members of a Christian sect

  62. Grouse Beater says:

    I like the satirical term ‘ambulance chasers’. There must be a newspaper equivalent. Can’t think of it at the moment. Here’s my general thoughts:

  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Dr Jim.

    You typed,
    “How about a BBC programme being aired this week called “Scotland Investigates” which of course Scotland isn’t investigating anything…”

    BBC Scotland produced an excellent series along the same lines in the 80s. Episode 1 was a non-investigation into ‘Death’, strangely enough.

  64. Gizmo says:

    An absolute icon. Gutted.

  65. yesindyref2 says:

    I wonder what he’d want played at his funeral?

    I’m having “Another One Bites the Dust” at mine. Seriously.

  66. Skooshcase says:

    There will be no tearful eulogies when the Daily Record dies. It will, indeed, be the perfect time for Dancing in the Street:

    “Calling out around Scotland,
    Are you ready for a brand new beat?
    The Record’s gone and the time is right
    For dancing in the street.
    They’re dancing in Glasgow,
    Down in Newton Mearns,
    In Dundee City….”

  67. Jimbo says:

    HandandShrimp wrote: “The difference between the Beano and the Record was that the Beano was funny.”

    Aye, and the Beano was more believable.

  68. If the Record says Bowie is dead I don’t believe it.

    Journalism my mars.

  69. ScottishPsyche says:

    It is obvious that,for traffic, MSM journos are now deliberately looking for cybernat hits. The content is becoming more and more sloppy with anything now labelled abuse. The Telegraph piece on Sturgeon was even more blatant with the writer even asking how to get noticed.

    That piece on Bowie looks like it was written even before they found any quotes and due to the lack of real abuse they went with any old tweet they could find. The DR went with it just to get the story out first.

    Their response is interesting. They have a real problem with Wings being crowdfunded. I suppose it is so improbable to them that people might want to pay for actual content. Years of filling papers with utter rubbish has turned so many away from the MSM version of a newspaper. Advertisers and compliant editors determine the content instead of providing proper news and analysis. But ‘we’ don’t understand the business of selling newspapers or proper journalism, do we?

    Years ago in my English exam (the days of O Grades, Highers and SYS) there was always an essay to write in the style of a newspaper report. We were advised not to do it as it showed a lack of imagination! The temptation to use ‘journalese’ also meant good writing was sacrificed for trite phrases and misleading headlines (SNP accused) More true now than ever.

    I think these rules have been lost in time.

    I would love to ignore these stupid articles but they are so blatantly irresponsible that they need addressing.

    Sadly it means that we are more and more the source for these articles as they struggle to find real content.

  70. desimond says:


    And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

  71. Skooshcase says:

    Talking of cancer, the Daily Record and the rest of the sick Unionist media are a veritable cancer on Scotland.

    Scotland, though, still has a fair chance of survival, heavily reliant on Scots performing their very own Unionist-media tumourectomies on every last one of these aggressive malignant Unionist-tumours harming their country.

    These cancerous media-growths will be expunged from body-Scotland one-by-one. Then Scotland really will be alive and kicking.

  72. heedtracker says:

    Mirror creeps also trying to use celebrity death to monster cybernats/people who wont vote how they’re told to.

    Surprised to see Mirror sink as low as the DR though, not.

  73. drawdeaddave says:

    Whatever the popular story of the day is, you know the thing that has everybody’s attention, the one we are all talking about, if it is at all possible to get an SNP bad or a cybernat bad angle linked to it, then you can bet your mortgage (minus 6K) on the fact, the Daily Liar & the MSM will be bursting a gut to report it, whether it’s true or not is merely consequential for the establishments bought & paid for puppet journalists..

  74. Chic McGregor says:

    I think David Bowie must genuinely have liked Scotland. After all he sent his son here to school and Bowie is a Scottish name (chosen not given).

    Bit shocked as I only heard a track off his new album on radio over the festive season and resolved to download it at some point.

    Don’t know if I will now, well not soon.

  75. Jim Mitchell says:

    Oh well at least it makes a change from articles about folk having their boils and blackheads removed and when you think about it only the unionist press could go downhill from there!

  76. Petra says:

    No journalists name attached to the article and not naming the ‘SNP insider’ either? Using the same old ploys that we can see all see through now. The SNP should call them ‘out’ on this one.

    Just another all time low from the lowest of the low such as frightening sick people off going to the Southern General and now using the death of a celebrity to score brownie points. What a way to garner support for the SLab party.

    And who’s to say that ANY of these people are Independence supporters at all? Notice that they haven’t made any mention of the number of Independence supporters that HAVE posted their condolences either. At least 50% of Scotlands population have no time for this newspaper and that figure rises every day. In light of this it’s a strange hara-kiri approach for them to adopt.

    Just signing their own and Scottish labours death warrants.

  77. Andy-B says:

    I always liked David Bowie, he was a charismatic character, who didn’t need to try too hard.

    For a certain news rag to use his passing for political gain, is nothing short of disgusting.

  78. geeo says:

    Here is the thing for me.

    Never a fan of his music.

    Not interested in his politics.

    As for his passing, i am completely non affected due to my personal indifference to the guy.
    I feel for his family though, they must be devastated by this, and hope they get through the next stage into grief and beyond.

    As i said, ambivilent to him but i recognise his cultural influence in his early days in particular.

    He will indeed be missed by many.

  79. One_Scot says:

    The Daily Record gone beyond being an embarrassment to Scotland, and has clearly passed its sell by date.

  80. Effijy says:

    It’s a god-awful small affair
    To the paper that doesn’t care
    But their owner is yelling “No”
    And their readers have told them to go
    But freedom is nowhere to be seen
    Now it talks through a drunken dream
    To distort with a clouded view
    And they’re crooked on the silver screen
    But their lie is a saddening bore
    For we have heard it ten times or more
    They are complete with a team of fools
    As they ask us to focus on

    Britnats lying till their paper falls
    Oh man!
    Look at those cavemen go
    It’s the Westminster show
    Take a look at the lawman
    Never Beating up the right guy
    Oh man! Wonder if they’ll ever know
    He’s defeated and it’s all on show
    Is there life on Mars?

  81. mealer says:

    I was never a fan of Bowie,though I do appreciate some of his stuff more as I mellow.I found his overt support for the union during the referendum quite revealing and interesting at the time.Whilst the vast bulk of the creative community in Scotland was supportive of Yes,those viewing events in Scotland from or through London just seemed so out of touch.Billy Bragg was an exception.Anyway,my condolences to all Bowies family,friends and many fans.

    The gutter press,such as the Record,have no shame.

  82. Dr Jim says:

    I keep getting this mental image of Custers last stand with the Scottish press as the 7th Cavalry getting smaller and smaller as the encircling Indigenous People with their determination and eventual overwhelming majority tighten enclose and then extinguish the Nasty Bastirts

    Mibbees Cameron and all his buddies might learn a little something from this too

    No more Fukcing beads Ya Bastirts we’ve got more than Bows and Arras
    We’ve got “Nuclear Internet” Deterrent is it!! We’ll give ye Deterrent!!

  83. Desimond says:

    Nice on Effijy

    Is there life on Andrew Marrs?

  84. Iain More says:

    I find myself not caring. I wasn’t a fan of his music and I was even less a fan of his acting. It is all a matter of personal taste I suppose. The Brit Nat Press and Media though will always resort to what I consider nauseating hyperbole though.

  85. louis.b.argyll says:

    And anyway..

    The SNP (insiders and outsiders) would prefer passionate, involved, members and supporters and their families.

    The party are the leaders of, not the heart of, the independence movement.

    Conservatives ( all the other parties) would prefer us all to be politely dumbed-down…

    ..Watching only itv and bbc.. reading the record.. eating processed or blue above all…die younger than your parents…taking voting preference as if an inheritance.. sell out your parents pension rights..give up on your own heavy industries..blame johnny foreigner..blame the SNP..

  86. Proud Cybernat says:

    Keep it up Daily Redcoat. 11% sales drop last year and much more to come this year. Just keep trying to marginalise half the population of Scotland… see where it gets you.


  87. Dan Watson says:

    The MSM will never recover from their disgraceful behaviour during the referendum.
    They cannot face up to the fact that for millions of people they are no longer a first choice for news.
    They are as irrelevant as the Betamax video recorder.

  88. Craig P says:

    Given the non-offensive nature of the tweets, I commend the Daily Record for their honesty. They have only made a laughing stock of themselves, when it would have been the work of moments to create some troll Twitter accounts purposely to insult Bowie’s memory. Let’s face it, who here doesn’t think them capable of such News of the World type behaviour?

    So hats off to the Record for at least not stooping that low. Next time maybe eh?

  89. frogesque says:

    I have just re-watched a recording of Mhari Black’s Maiden Speech

    I feel cleansed!

  90. yesindyref2 says:

    Those in London see Scotland through the prism of the media, the London media which was and is so hostile to Independence for Scotland, but also through the Scottish media, such as it is.

    What they saw from that was the SNP – the Nationalists – the Nats – leading a blind Scotland with false promises and lies, a cult, a religion almost. People being fooled by the dreaded Nats and their followers, thinking they’re all off to a land of milk and honey. That’s why they hate the SNP so much, they’re leading Scots astray and heading Scotland for a disaster, wrenching Scotland against its will, from the bosom of the Union family. Save the Scots!

    That’s what the likes of Bowie saw, they don’t see Scotland as it is, they see it as the media wants them to see it. They don’t come here and talk to us, even if they do come here they talk to their Unionist pals, their media pals, and the false image of Scotland gets reinforced. They believe in it.

    These people are victims, just as much as we are, of a false media.

  91. mike cassidy says:

    Bowie was an admirer of Adolf Hitler in his drug-addled days.

    At least that was Bowie’s excuse.

    Right, that’s solved the Daily Record’s front page for tomorrow!

  92. Vestas says:

    Bowie was the ultimate media chameleon – everyone I know likes something he did (Video/audio) & hates something else. I’m no different.

    Many people didn’t even know they liked his music as over 50 years its sort of become a background to life via adverts etc.

    A lot of people who didn’t “conform” to “normal” sexual stereotypes in the 70s/80s have a lot to be grateful for to David Robert Jones.

    I have no idea what the new album is like but you have to respect his sense of ego/determination/humour – recording an album to say goodbye to the world, delaying that release until you’re totally fucked AND having the Lazarus song on it? Top that x-factor/whatever twats 🙂

    The Daily Record is beyond parody these days, as is pretty much all of the Scottish press. If they were horses then you’d do the decent thing and shoot them.

  93. skozra says:

    “They are as irrelevant as the Betamax video recorder.”

    True, but i’ll say that I do have a fondness for Betamax (and VHS) video recorders. For the MSM I have absolutely none – they cannot go under fast enough for me, especially the Daily Record and their disgusting articles.

    Hopefully the MSM will vanish as suddenly as stray polythene bags blowing around on the streets did.

  94. Gary45% says:

    What’s the Daily Record????

  95. DerekM says:

    That is just nasty Daily Record using a story like that have you not got at least one iota of common decency amongst you?

    Sad day for music regardless of what he said,musically he was a genius politically he was a nobody,sometimes i wonder why stars cant see past these political spins they get caught up in by egotistical politicians out to use them.

  96. Iain says:

    Well done daily record that story went down splendidly!

  97. Gary45% says:

    I have a mighty Betamax vido recorder.
    Bought it in the 80s and it still works.
    Also have a couple of VHS machines.
    I have the old programme Absolutely on Beta, but now watch it on DVD.

  98. skozra says:


    Good man, look after them !

    You can’t beat a bit of Beta(max) 😀

  99. geeo says:

    Sorry to go o/t, but had this conversation with a prospective labour MSP candidate Monica Lennon.

    Went like this….
    Monica Lennon, prospective MSP candidate for labour in Central Scotland.

    I have asked Monica (very politely) if she is comfortable with the online behaviour of (Del Rashid) one of her “team monica” .

    The EXACT conversation went like this….judge for yourself if she condemns del rashid’s behaviour…

    “Are you aware that one of your supporters is a horrible person who constantly posts ignorant bigoted rants at everything SNP ?

    The full natzi stuff and horribly aggressive attacks on nicola sturgeon etc.

    This happens on a daily basis, he is a desperate troll, and to be frank, if this is the company you keep on “team monica”, then you are NOT fit to sit in the Holyrood chamber as a representative of decent people who are subject to his disgusting actions online.

    You are pictured with him on his profile page, complete with “team monica” posters.

    Do you intend to keep “del rashid” (profile name) as part of your team, or will you continue to associate with an utter scumbag who will drag your name through the gutter in the build up to the election ?

    You may wish to take a look at some of the garbage that Mo Hitchcock puts on the labour pages also. Lie after lie after lie.

    The question is, do you condone this behaviour” ?

    “Gordon are you the same guy who blackened the name of Anne Begg” ?

    “The anne begg who campaigned with a National Front leader ?

    She blackened her own name, she knew who he was.

    I can post the pictures of anne begg with the person in question if you like, and the picture of her campaign buddy with his NF friends if you like ?

    Still not as disgusting as calling 1.6 million Scots “blood and soil” nationalists as per Alistair Darling.

    Now i believe the question was…

    Do YOU condone the behaviour of ‘del rashid’ (team monica) and the many others like him, but him in particular” ?
    I then produced the photo of anne begg and dave mcdonald (National Front) campaigning together, a photo of dave mcdonald at a NF event and Dave Mcdonald at a labour BT campaign stall .

    “Dave McDonald has been active in politics in aberdeen since 2003, even standing for election.

    Are you claiming she would not know who this scumbag is” ?
    At this point someone linked to the story where anne begg tried to defend herself by blaming WoS for bullying(?).

    “Shame on you Gordon, shame on you”

    “Seriously” !!

    “So she did not campaign against independence with Dave McDonald then ?

    Are you now claiming the photo of them campaigning together is false ?

    What would you say the photograph of them laughing together holding Labour says NO paraphenalia represents, Monica, if not campaigning ?

    Serious question” ?
    As yet i have still to receive a response, but isn’t it strange how a labour MP can clearly campaign with a high ranked National Front member, yet when you question it you are accused of trying to smear the person doing such a thing, and by a prospective labour MSP candidate no less.

    A labour candidate who refuses (so far) to comment, far less condemn the online behaviour of one her so called “team monica” !

    Go figure.

  100. handclapping says:

    The DR piece is just shoddy, but what about the BBC home page with a banner that would have been over the top for Princess Di?

    The media are all wanting to be the news not report it; well the best bit of news in Scotland would be the death of the BBC in a car crash with the Record. There’d be dancing on the ashes of Pacific Quay.

  101. One_Scot says:

    Ruth Davidson apparently wants us to sign up for the following crap,

    ( We, the undersigned, are opposed to a second independence referendum, and call for Nicola Sturgeon to abide by the will of 55.3% of Scots who voted to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom, and to keep her promise that the referendum was a ‘once in a generation’ event.)

    “Once in a generation’ event.”

    That was before you cheated and changed the goal posts a few days before the referendum, and after thousands of people had already sent their votes in by post, many of which you had illegally checked, you horse manure for brains monkey.

  102. Bill McLean says:

    Puerile, infantile rubbish not fit to be called journalism – not fit for a world still composed mostly of human beings! The Record is an abject disgrace in the ranks of a pretty rotten press, which is already low enough. Imagine being seen reading that tripe? And they still don’t get it!

  103. Iain More says:

    I was wrong in my original post. the Brit Nat Press and Media was even more nauseating with its hyperbole than even I thought they would be. Britannia TV Aberdeen just had to mention the Referendum, it naturally didn’t mention he used to be an admirer of Hitler though, even if he was out of his tree at the time.

  104. mealer says:

    Why isn’t Jackie Bird presenting Rip Off Britain.

  105. galamcennalath says:

    One_Scot says:

    “Ruth Davidson apparently wants us to sign up for the following crap”

    Yes, I got something through the door today from Davidson full of anti-Indy rhetoric. Plus an invite to sign the petition.

    They must be in full panic mode if they believe that is necessary. Probably part of the same campaign as Mundell’s announcement that Smiith is being delivered.

    Very few, and that includes most NO voters I’m sure, believes that the pre vote promises including The Vow have been delivered.

    OK if you are BritNat-to-death character then you don’t want another IndyRef. However pretending that meaningful levels of devolution are being delivered and it can be UKOK business as usual, is just not facing up to reality.

    Canute and the incoming tide comes to mind.

  106. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    My condolences to Mr Bowie’s family.

    However,in terms of music and whilst giving him credit for his – and I am guessing without concrete evidence – massive musical/performance influence, I was and am more of a Lou Reed man.

    This is simply my musical preference and not an ad hominem attack on Mr Bowie and his memory and is offered in the same spirit as the passing of Lemmy of whom I was not a great fan but who my wife still adores regardless of the on-off-the-public-record factoid that there does not seem to be any hard, referenced evidence that Lemmy was or was not manipulated to seem to be voicing any anti-Scottish re-independence sentiment.

    Personally, I could not give a whit as to each of these gentlemen’s past views or lack of past views on the Scots sovereignty subject, but would defend their rights to comment on the subject if they were still with us.

    Ditto with the Daily Record if it were attempting genuine debate instead of persistently spewing out a a pack of toilet bowl stirring lies and smears.

    May David Bowie’s and Lemmy’s respective families find succor in these dark hours.

    May the backroom and print staff find new jobs when the Daily Record is finally and soon cremated (a difficult task given the soon-to-be competition from the Herald and Scotsman).

    And may their respective pseudo- journalists not as they merit no further positions in a field of journalism which at least pretends an attempt at a semblance of reporting balance and which cites sources and interests of quoted “experts”, as WoS does, up to the hilt.

    In the meantime, I remain a Lou Reed and Jimmy Shand & His Band and Pogues and Alex Harvey et al fan as well as a Scots re-sovereigntist regardless of the attack dog slabbers of the BritNat MSM.

    PS Let us not forget Frankie Miller and Janis Joplin nor the once fabled Burns’ Howff venue.

  107. Hamish100 says:

    I see Murray Foote editor (allegedly) is commenting on twitter over wings over scotland. He must have one of his hacks keeping an eye on proceedings.
    Foote claims to be the leader of the Vow and states

    “And so The Vow was born.

    The intention was clear from the off: It was a joint offer that would be presented as a binding document.

    Brown negotiated with Cameron, I negotiated with Miliband and Clegg fell into line.

    Who penned the actual words?

    It was written by a committee of politicians and their aides and the original draft was amended at different times and by different party leaders.

    Not one word was composed by any Daily Record journalist.”

    Now to say it was not composed by a DR journalist I can believe considering the dross emanating from Clegg and Crichton surely the most toe licking supporters of the uk Labour Party.
    Always worthwhile to remind us of the lies

  108. liz says:

    @ David MacGille-Mhuire I had completely forgotten all about the Burns’ Howff – thanks for the reminder.

    Liked all the bands you mentioned, except Jimmy Shand, but was also a big Bowie fan

  109. seanair says:

    Iain more
    That wee pretendy TV channel (STV if you hadn’t guessed) managed to get someone speaking for DB to come out with the “Stay With Us” line.

  110. ScottishPsyche says:

    The updated DR article has added Facebook conversations between a few people with quite uncompromising views. I would not have seen these remarks had it not been for the DR.

    In order to prove their point that a very few people have said things that they consider to be unacceptable, they have reprinted these comments and perhaps now brought them to the attention of family or close friends of Bowie. To what end?

    To hurt his family and friends? To show that All yes voters/supporters harbour evil thoughts? To lure Nicola Sturgeon into condemning yet more people she has no influence over?

    Do I now report any comments I consider unpalatable to the DR to prove…something? And all the while they look for links to Independence support and the SNP.

    It really is quite sinister and they accuse the SNP of being controlling?

  111. Effijy says:

    Ruth Davidson:

    (We, the undersigned, are opposed to Trumped up Tories thinking that Scotland could give a damn about their corrupt policies which have stripped us of our Industries, Jobs, Natural Resources, and our Finances.
    I call for David Cameron to abide by the will of 90% of the Scots Electorate, who have made it clear that they want nothing to do with their immoral party who have not had a Scottish majority in over 60 years, and who have no chance of gaining a majority over the next generation, to quit Scotland and allow it to form a fair and just society.
    Tories represent a resounding and abject failure over 3 generations and it is time they left for good.)

    “Once a failure and always a failure.”

    The people of Scotland will decide on the date of our UK exit,
    Not you, Not the Westminster parties, and not the UK Media.

    PS Ruthie Krankie Tank Commander, remember how your party was going to wipe out UK debt in the last parliament? Well we are
    well into your 2nd term and your party increases the UK debt levels every second of every day.

  112. Dr Jim says:

    This might surprise a few but I played at the Howff in the 60s and 70s many times
    Yes indeedy hair and everything, many friends some sadly no longer here like wee Jimmy Diamond and others

    Norman Solomon’s “Picasso” remember that
    My pal and I did the naked ladies luminous naughty bits mural on the walls, we were still painting knickers on the ladies ten minutes before opening time


  113. caledonia says:

    My wife said she does not believe Bowie is dead

    When i asked her why she said “I saw it in the record”

  114. Bean an Tighe says:

    The Daily Hate Mail’s item is even worse – and some of the comments after it are shocking – eg expressing hope that all Scottish Nationalists ‘die in agony’ or suggesting we should be used for medical experiments. And many indiscriminately anti-Scots, the usual Jockophobia. Stirring up hatred, it’s what the Mail does best. Yeah I know I shouldn’t look at it, but as CS Lewis said, if there’s a wasp in the room you want to know where it is.

  115. Calum McKay says:

    the daily record, an organ of utmost probity and absolute integrity!

    This could type of journalism could see a reverse in the recent press job losses in Scotland, i.e. full time posts for the record trying to trawl up dirt on the SNP.

    That said, this story appears to have no truth or substance and is entire invention that will be counter productive for the record and so called Scottish journalistic standards.

    On Bowie, I was perplexed at his message at the brits, but he is perfectly entitled to his opinion. Strangely. I thought him very very English, England at its best and most wonderful, a huge loss, so inventive and irreplaceable. A sad day, but he has left so much!

  116. Dr Jim says:


    That was Kate Moss (model) and spokesgit for DB coz he wizny there tae collect his prize, but his words were carried for him such was their importance and gravity

    Am I sounding too sarcastic?

    Only asking

  117. Saor Alba says:

    Brilliant comment at 7.54 Caledonia.
    That brought a smile. Ta!

  118. X_Sticks says:


    Excellent article in the National from George Kerevan.

    “Osborne’s financial house of cards ready to collapse about our ears”

  119. Clootie says:

    How can the Daily Record claim to have spoken to a SNP insider? It is such obvious nonsense that it would insult even the thickest die hard unionists intellect…and yet they belief we will buy such utter pish!

    Why bother even considering an education in journalism. All you have to do is make up stuff and claim a key insider provided confirmation in great detail.

    The Daily Record is the cesspit of unionism. An amazing feat within such tough competition it slime slides lower than any other part of the gutter media.

    An insider at the Daily Record has confirmed my assessment.

  120. Onwards says:

    The Record is an total embarrassment.
    An old man’s paper trying to stay relevant with recycled showbiz content from the mirror.

    They must be desperately disappointed that most sensible people can separate music and politics. Personally I was disappointed by Bowies’s referendum intervention, partly because it went against his image and made it seem like he was now just another establishment figure.

    But no-one can deny he was a music legend, especially his seventies stuff before it turned shite. But every artist has their heyday. His classic songs will long be remembered, and it would be churlish to deny that.

  121. Tam Jardine says:

    What a sad day- Bowie was a total legend. Lucky to have caught him inadvertantly at the SECC back in the 90s when he was touring with Morrissey (who called off of course).

    The DR? Nothing if not predictable. The SNP are to be held responsible for about 1.7million people which is kind of ridiculous. Slab aren’t even held to account for their few thousand party members. Imagine the Republican party being held to account every time a voter sends a tweet slagging Obama!

    They were hopelessly, endlessly partisan in the indyref and if anything it is getting worse.

    As soon as I found out this morning I expected the DR treatment. Silent when Andy was getting all the abuse under the sun. They can’t fold quick enough for me- when that happy day finally arrives the world will be a better place- and by no small margin.

  122. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I believe the main problem is a cultural psyche that has endured in England, since the UK was created.

    The short clip below provides a CLASSIC example. It’s taken from tonight’s ‘Reporting Scotland’, right at the end. David Bowie speaking about his gig in the Glasgow Apollo, on “the first tour of ENGLAND” he’s done for many years.

    I guess it’s a case of this is what is fed to English children by their parents and reinforced by the various media. Because it is fed to them by those they have been brought up to trust, it must be true.

    The truth is that the island of Great Britain is made up of England. There’s an area called “Scotland” but it is in the far north and has mountains and ‘locks’, which may, or may not be visited. It doesn’t really matter…

    Glasgow is in greater England and that’s it. I don’t blame Bowie – I blame the whole rotten propaganda system dan sarf.

  123. David Wallace says:

    I notice that wee gobshite Aiden Kerr is now touting his wares – no doubt hoping for a permanent gig with the DR or as the STV Digital replacement for Daisley – claiming to have found a BookFace site calling for a boycott of Tunnocks with 20,000 likes…

    Holds breath and waits for more SNPbad…

  124. Macart says:

    @Tam Jardine

    “They can’t fold quick enough for me- when that happy day finally arrives the world will be a better place- and by no small margin.”

    Couldn’t agree more Tam. A title that has spread no small amount of pain and division.

    Well said.

  125. heedtracker says:

    David Bowie fans reacted with fury today after Scottish nationalists celebrated the singer’s death simply because he had asked Scotland to remain the United Kingdom.”

    Historic perverts of the Heil pile in too. Using a dead celebrity to attack Scottish democracy, or indeed any democracy is pretty spectacular to watch in action. Their readers comments rather sum them up too.

    C4 news tonight also mentioned Bowie’s one line telling Scotland to stay with us, but they also had a Welsh Labour dude explaining that in the coming Welsh elections, Welsh voters would not tolerate English candidates standing for election to the Welsh assembly. He was having a pop at UKIP but it was very weird listening to open bigotry on C4 news completely unchallenged. If any YES or SNP candidate repeated what the Welsh Labour dude was grinching about, etc etc…

    TeamGB is a fcuking loony bin sometimes.

  126. Tam Jardine says:

    Bean an Tighe

    Maybe take some screenshots and forward them to the Record, the Herald, Scotsman and the BBC: they’ll be all over it! Nae agenda there, no siree!

    You could post on the mail comments that you want the firstborn child of every yes voter sacrificed and it would never get a mention in the unionist press, but a yesser uses the word “sugar” inappropriately and there is he’ll to pay. Yawn.

  127. Peter Barjonas says:

    Bowie said in an interview that growing old did not bother him, it was death that concerned him.
    Perhaps the Daily Record is displaying the same concern.

  128. jdman says:

    Just received a letter from Swansea, asking me to fill in a form for a new driving licence, and we all know why don’t we, I wonder how much we as taxpayers are forking out for replacement driving licences that no one needs just to let those bastards rub our noses in it?
    anyone care to remind me where we get those little saltire stickers?

  129. seanair says:

    Dr jim
    Thanks for the info about the speaker, who would perhaps not realise she was being used. My wrath is directed at STV for showing it again as if it was the most important thing in his life.

  130. Tam Jardine says:

    Sad thing is, I can imagine the record bugging Bowie’s family and friends for a reaction. It seems impossible but that is where we are.

  131. jdman says:

    OMG I think I’m having palpitations, the bastards want me to PAY for the privilege of them imposing a butcher’s apron on my licence to drive,
    anybody got a brown paper bag?

  132. Petra says:

    @ Effijy says at 7:46 pm …. ”Ruth Davidson:

    (We, the undersigned, are opposed to Trumped up Tories thinking that Scotland could give a damn about their corrupt policies which have stripped us of our Industries, Jobs, Natural Resources and our Finances.

    I call for David Cameron to abide by the will of 90% of the Scots Electorate, who have made it clear that they want nothing to do with their immoral party who have not had a Scottish majority in over 60 years, and who have no chance of gaining a majority over the next generation, to quit Scotland and allow it to form a fair and just society. Tories represent a resounding and abject failure over 3 generations and it is time they left for good.)

    GOOD ONE Effijy. She’s got some brass neck highlighting that 53.5% of people didn’t want Independence (if that was the case) when 86% of people in Scotland made it clear that they didn’t want her. I can just see her now standing wafting Tory smoke signals in a southerly direction hoping that Unionists from all over England will sign the petition.

    I posted the following, Joan McAlpine’s comments on INdyref2, on the last thread and wonder if Ruthie, in initiating this petition, is actually breaching the Human Rights Act?

    Joan McAlpine: ”And if you prefer hard legal facts to poetry, the UN have several declarations we can turn to. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) both say: “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” David Cameron has acknowledged Scotland as a nation – so he can hardly turn round and deny us the right to self-determination as defined by the UN.”

    Additionally has anyone else received her panic-stricken flyer pointing out that Labours Dugdale and Libdems Rennie have given their MSPs permission to campaign for / support Independence? It’s a great advert for us in a way with her informing EVERYONE that Labour and Libdems have changed their minds … are seemingly not against Independence at all.

  133. Al-Stuart says:

    Maybe we can hope the Daily Record does another 1964 switch!

    Up until 1964 the Daily Record supported the Conservative & Unionist Party.

    Maybe the red top will see the light and leave the sinking HMS Labour for the party that 50% of Scots vote for….

    Daily Record supports the SNP.

    Woa, a pig just flew past my window 🙂

    Meanwhile what really says it all about the dire state of lies and guff printed by this turgid rag are in their circulation figures…

    Daily Record Circulation

    2010 – 323,831

    2012 – 306,872

    2013 – 291,825

    2014 – 214,914

    2015 – 190,985

    Anyone notice a trend here?

    For sure the Daily Record management and shareholders are oblivious to the FACT that when their newspaper lies, insults and goads 50% of the Scottish electorate, it’s once commanding circulation of 323,831 in 2010 droops to an impotent £190,985 in 2015.

    Will anyone here mourn the passing of the Daily Record when it closes?

    For sure if that newspaper inexorably continues as it is going then close it will.

  134. crazycat says:

    @ jdman

    I’ve just bought a sheet of those stickers from the Bonny Badge Company.

    They sell lots of other nice stuff too.

  135. Clootie says:

    …just received my “vote for Ruth Davidson on the list vote” political leaflet. A bit strange given I live 10 miles North of Aberdeen?

    Has she changed region again?

  136. Big Jock says:

    The SNP are responsible for every single independent individual who supports independence. Yet Slabour are not even responsible for their own senior member Ian Smart. Go figure!

  137. Thepnr says:

    I’ve no idea of for how many years newspapers have told only one side of a story in order to suit their own (or anothers) agenda. Might have been 5, 10, 20 years or forever for all I know.

    What I am certain of now though is that since the SNP outright majority in the Scottish Parliament in 2011 it’s bias has been all one way and that is against the SNP.

    No longer can I be blinded or fooled by these ridiculous articles especially since I no longer read the rag that it has become. I suspect that there are still many reading this newspaper who too must be starting to have their own doubts as to the quality and accuracy of the reporting.

    What I can’t get my head around though is why you would put in print the equivalent of signing your own death warrant and then ask people to buy it? Bizarre.

    When your writing becomes irrelevant to your readers then your very existence also becomes irrelevant. The Daily Record is heading that way. That much is certain.

  138. jdman says:

    Oh-oh-oh I might need to lie down I looked at my driving licence and it appears they have an expiry date, mines is 2011 so its been out of date for 5 fucking year, who the fuck knew? They did apparently,

    Hence the wee reminder 5 FUCKING YEARS LATE, I have no choice, because I need a picture licence to hire car in Tenerife in March, if I had known I could have ordered a new one before they decided to redecorate it, I swear they did on purpose!
    Mind you looking at my picture I look about 12, hmmm braw laddie. and Ive got hair and its black 🙂

  139. dakk says:

    ‘Imposing a butcher’s apron on my license to drive’

    ‘Over my dead cold fucking body’


    Think ahd rather hae a black flag wi’ wee white squiggly writing oan it than the butcher’s apron oan ma license.

  140. Dan Huil says:

    @ Driving licence

    Don’t forget you can stick a wee picture of the Saltire on the left hand side of your car’s number plate. Perfectly legal; and perfect to get up the noses of BritNats like daily record “journalists”.

  141. Pentland Firth says:

    The Daily Record will never die. It will become, in effect, the Daily Mirror with added articles from Torquil Crichton and whoever reports on the “Rangers” nowadays. All flagged as “Scotland’s Champion”. Some poor sods will continue to buy it, but not many.

    I pity the journalists working there who, like their counterparts in the Hootsman and the Herald, will face the sack as their mad proprietors pursue an insane political agenda rather than attempt to engage readers with balanced stories.

  142. heedtracker says:

    Big slab of UKOK hypocrisy in the rancid Guardian there

    “Our best shot at avoiding chaos comes from reinvigorating the institutions whose neglect lie at the root of the situation: the UN, the International Criminal Court, the Geneva conventions and national democracies encroached upon by arbitrary power and hereditary elites. And principles – such as privacy, the rule of law, restraint and proportionality.

    Even as I write that, I realise how meagre these forces have become when ranged against the emotive power of revenge, hatred, racism, and the public celebration of ignorance and irrationality. But they are all we have.

    Paul Mason is economics editor of Channel 4 News.

    Has anyone told the massed ranks of teamGB media about stuff like” And principles – such as privacy, the rule of law, restraint and proportionality.”

    especially proportionality. We have BBC 24 tv news on in the back ground all day at work sometimes and its all a party political broadcast on behalf of George Osborne and David Cameron, shock.

  143. Petra posted ‘Additionally has anyone else received her panic-stricken flyer …”

    Yes, ours came this morning, urging us to vote for her, and we are in the Borders. The Tories in Scotland obviously think they can take a leaf out of Nicola’s book and promote Ruth as the next FM.

    Bit funny though when voters trot along to the polls in May and can’t find her name on the ballot paper. Wonder who they’ll vote for then?

  144. Tackety Beets says:

    H&S & others

    Yes ,The Serious Moonlight Tour ’83 @ Murrayfield .
    We arrived early to see Icehouse , T Twins , I remember it as a nice afternoon ? maybe a shower or 2 ? Bowie came on circa 7.30 and played to late o clock always seamed to be finished then pulled another hit. He put in a good shift that night.

    Credit where it’s due.

  145. Cadogan Enright says:

    BBC r4 10 o’clock news still on about Bowie after 25 minutes “He taught a whole generation to make their own choices and pick their own identity – not just to do what they are told”. Yes indeed.

    And after 5 days of coverage, tonight the BBC is beginning to note that there are other towns starving in Syria – not just their chosen town of sole coverage. I wonder how many people phoned in and complained?

  146. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @heedtracker –

    Paul Mason seems to be widely respected, but, hey-ho, he’s working for CH4 News.

    CH4’s Alex Thompson was in ‘George’ Square on Sep 19th 2014, looking rather bleary-eyed, but with a fair-enough summation of what he’d jut witnessed, and the lessons which a UK audience might want to consider from it all:

    The very next evening, here’s how Alex’s colleague and co-presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy described what had happened just hours after Alex’s report:

    The difference in tone and use of language may be obvious to us obsessed cybernats, but would’ve flown over the heads of the ‘average’ UK viewer – there were ‘clashes’, with Police having to ‘separate’ the Yes and No supporters. We all know that’s not quite what happened.

    Alex Thompson was, at the time of indyref, probably about as well-acquainted with Scottish (well, Glaswegian at any rate) life and politics as one could expect any metropolitan journalist to be (largely because he’d taken a special interest in the Rangers Tax Case). But when it came right down to the nitty-gritty of ‘explaining’ what immediate reaction to the ‘No’ victory had been, he wasn’t considered reliable enough to give a first-hand report.

    That said, Thompson is well-placed to put his colleagues right when they repeat the same old BTUKOK shite. One has to wonder if he ever does, and what difference, if any, it might make if they listened to him.

  147. Marie Clark says:

    Just catching up with the posts as I’ve been out.

    Not a David Bowie fan, in fact I couldn’t stand some of it, but I’m sorry to hear that he has died, aged 69. Not much older than me, it fair pulls you up and makes you think.

    On the subject of Ruthie, I too received her vote for me guff today, and I’m in Dumfries & Galloway. Whit’s a’ that aboot then. Is she gaun tae be staunin up and doon the country in the hope that some mad buggers will vote her in. Brass neck or whit.

  148. SMURR says:

    I wonder how many of these supposed Nats are not Nats at all? Could even be Tories hiding under the Saltire? More than likely imo.

  149. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Twitter reporting that Willie Rennie and Jackie Baillie will be on Scotland Tonight.

    Yay! The Laurel & Hardy of Scottish politics, guaranteed to spread mirth and warmth where’er they go.

    *starts panting and sweating*

    Can someone please provide a running commentary for us non-box-owners, or undertake to provide clips asap?

    (Hopefully they will discuss ‘coal-carries’!)

  150. Gary45% says:

    Murray Foote has no Sole,
    The verruca on decency.
    He just toes the line of his masters(what a heel),
    He will never be a leg end,
    Lets hope he reads this site, as he will realise, we have the measure of him.
    If the shoe fits. e.t.c
    Karma is a great thing.
    Still lucky to have the EU flag on our licences, up in 2023.
    Will be Independent by then and will have a big F**K OFF Saltire on it.
    Stick your Apron up your A**E

  151. Les Wilson says:

    Felt I had to say this,I think the postal votes will once again be an issue in May.
    They need to subject to much closer scrutiny and security.

    I wonder if they will be batch sent to London again, to be fiddled with before coming back to the count as seems more than possible previously.
    If so, anything could happen. Same goes for EU ref. We just cannot trust them on anything.

    We need international observers in place that have no liking for Westminster and will play a straight game. Or we might be in for some shocking surprises.

    It really needs done.If the SNP have a referendum in their manifesto,and get the majority they need, then I believe we will not need Cameron’s sanction to hold it, as such the SNP would be in charge of how it is conducted.

    Let it be so. SNP x2

  152. Ken500 says:

    Imagine the MSM using people’s death to try and score cheap political points. They are despicable. They criticised celebrities, illegally phone hacked, harassed people and bribed publc officials. They pursued people who helped homeless people and caused car crashes. Smashed people’s lives.

    A slow, lingering demise of cuts. Austerity leads to sanctioning vulnerable people.

  153. heedtracker says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    11 January, 2016 at 10:38 pm
    @heedtracker –

    Paul Mason seems to be widely respected, but, hey-ho, he’s working for CH4 News.

    They’re merely the BBC with ads, that lot. Are they as powerful as they believe though? Maybe.

    England simply refuses to accept Scotland becoming a devolved state and that’s that. As YES voters, each day of UKOK media is continual insult to our intelligence for starters, aswell as being openly insulted by what ever charmers it is that crews teamGB news rooms.

    Ultimately our neighbours are so nationalistic, so self righteous in their England controls the Scotland region forever, its blinkered them to what’s actually happening to Scottish democracy, thankfully.

    Project Fear could only work once. The real task now for dudes like Mason at C4, is to bullshit Scotland that The Vow has been delivered. Good luck to them, they’ll need it.

    Scotland becoming a nation state will ofcourse diminish England in several ways but that’s just the way it UKOK goes.

  154. Ken500 says:

    C’mon DR put your foot on it. Is this the best you can do? Tragic.

  155. Grouse Beater says:

    Two years to the week since I started my essay site. It’s read principally by people in the UK and Ireland, but an impressive number from around the world, including expats in Australia and New Zealand. It attracts a surprising number of new visitors each week – the marvels of modern technology.

    I’ve no idea what good it does but occasionally somebody says thanks for articulating what they also think and feel about the issues affecting Scotland’s delayed maturity. That I like, the knowledge that there are others who have come to similar conclusions. I’d like to think a few waverers got converted having read one essay or another but that’s wishful thinking.

    Anyhow, many thanks to anybody here who takes the time and trouble to read it. Even once. I’ll have a wee dram to celebrate the anniversary, infinitesimally minor as it is.

    I think I have the balance right between political polemic alternating with film and car critique, the thoughtful and the entertaining…. oh, relax.

  156. Thepnr says:

    Enjoy your dram Grouse Beater. I read your blog the first night you put it up and you immediately went on my “suspicious” list.

    Too many articles uploaded on the same day (first day?) made me raise an eyebrow or two.

    I resolutely state I was wrong and apologies for the hard time I threw in your direction back then. Your blog is very good and if it helps convert just one more person then I’m all for it.

    More power to your pen.

  157. Joemcg says:

    Just to confirm a huge number of those comments on the Daily Heils coverage of this story are definitely verging on the racial hate crime scale. Some of the worst I have ever seen. Any decent Scottish newspaper would cover it on their front page tomorrow but we don’t have one do we?

  158. Ken500 says:

    Cameron can’t stop a Referendum in Scotland, because of Scots Law. Scotland was guaranteed a separate legal system/Church forever by the terms Of the Act of Union.

    Under Scots Law (Latin?) the people are sovereign. (Cooper 1955). Equal, horizontal society. King, Nobles, Church and the fourth estate the People. Clan system. A strong ruler was chosen, down through the female line. A family.

    Under English Law (Roman?) citizens are subjects of the Crown. Hierarchy. Class system.

    Cameron will be gone in four years. Why does he cheat, lie and bully to hang on? The EU Ref will finish him. The Tories are fighting like rats in a sack. They always fall out over the EU. It gives Scotland a convenient opportunity. The Unionists politicians control will be gone or seriously deminished in May. Baker knows the game is up.

  159. John Young says:

    A feast of utter, incomprehensible pish from James Kelly on BBC Scotland’s 2016 tonight, unbelievable gobbledygook. Much of Labour’s present political terminology quoted but not at all in the correct order.

  160. Grouse Beater says:

    The pnr: I read your blog the first night you put it up and you immediately went on my “suspicious” list.

    Ha, ha! Caution is healthy. I now throw caution to the wind because I need my weekly fix of Winger’s thoughts.

    I wrote six, I think, in three hours – a test run – advised to compose ‘a few’ by a friend, and left them there on the mistaken assumption no one could see them because I had not made them public. But like the idiot I am, I had hit the ‘publish’ button. And worse, I hadn’t corrected grammar or typos – eek! Double embarrassing.

    I enjoy the intellectual discipline, but I soon discovered readers are voracious for material. Forget to feed them and they wander off, or get very angry.

    The greatest delight is to find comments attached to essays, and from those I consider friends yet I’ve never met them. It really is as if I’m shifting glasses of wine to friends, from one transportation pod to another.

  161. Ken500 says:

    Jon Snow wrote a column about the Referendum. Dan Snow, his nephew, was a ‘Royal’ spokesman on behalf of the British/London establishment. Dan Snow’s father-in-law is one the richest men in Britain. The Duke of Westminster. His wealth went up £1/2Billion last year.

    The wealthiest are tax evading. Vulnerable people are being sanctioned and starved. More equal societies are more prosperous and secure.

  162. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Grouse Beater –

    Just to echo the good wishes of others – here’s to ye mister.

    Scotland’s ‘Christmas Tree-ers’ maun hing thegither!

    Slainte! 🙂

  163. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The “Scottish” Daily Express, an entirely infantile publication, is in such trouble that it has halved its purchase price to 30p. It is only a matter of time till its follows the Mirror and stops producing a Scottish edition.

  164. Grouse Beater says:


    I hope we all meet one day …

  165. Clapper57 says:

    John Young says :

    “A feast of utter, incomprehensible pish from James Kelly on BBC
    Scotland’s 2016 tonight, unbelievable gobbledygook”.

    Yes John , I could not believe how baaaaaaad he was. As he was ahem ….answering the questions…. I was unable to translate the meaning of what he was trying to say (badly IMO) in my head as it seemed to bear no relation to what was actually being asked.

    It was almost as if he was quoting something he had memorised and was getting the words all mixed up and pretty much out of context.

    However ,I was not going MAD and I soon realised that what was happening was an example of someone totally out of their depth….I pity his constituency as he is clearly a man of few intelligent words and few brain cells.

  166. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill –

    ‘Hell gets a bad press’ may prove to be a statement of fact, eh?


  167. schrodingers cat says:

    Cameron can’t stop a Referendum in Scotland, because of Scots Law.

    complete bollox, he can kybosh a referendum when ever he likes. he can refuse to recognise the referendum and ask the unionists in Scotland not to vote

    what will you do then?

    better start saving up yer ciggie coupons to buy a fuckin daktari gun sonny

  168. Grouse Beater says:

    Hell gets a bad press’

    I asked: When you’re in Hell and people annoy you, where do you tell them to go?

    A smart blogger answered ‘London.’

  169. schrodingers cat says:

    …just received my “vote for Ruth Davidson on the list vote” political leaflet. A bit strange given I live 10 miles North of Aberdeen?

    Has she changed region again?

    bollox clootie, she’s standing in fife, A’ ken, I just got a leaflet fae the postie sayin’ so

    so there……. 🙂

  170. Marco McGinty says:

    One minute, Daily Record journalists and unionist politicians criticise the SNP for acting as a coherent unit and as a “one-party dictatorship”, then the next the same unionists are criticising the same party for not controlling the entire population of Scotland.

    Do these people want the SNP to act as dictators, or not?

  171. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Rennie/Baillie on Scotland Tonight?


  172. geeo says:

    Flicking between the 2 “politics for morons” channels.

    James Kelly on Moronic 2016 stating categorically that Labour WILL raise the top rate of tax (on its own it seems…?) which WILL raise……£70 million ! ???

    Emm…..stop laughing, wait for it………

    APD ……(I said STOP laughing!)

    APD will come in 2 tranches….(TWO ???, yup, he really did say that!!)……

    C’mere….and there’s more….which will, “in it’s lifetime” (wtf ?) raise £500,000.
    Unbelievably, this steaming pile of nonsense was accepted WITHOUT QUESTION !!!!!

    I shall spare you what rennie, carlaw, and bailie came out with since your sides must be hurting….

    Oh go on…just one then…JA-BA stated that the only people still going on about the referendum are the tories….and the SNP !!

    This was after several minutes talking about it !!
    Honestly, this all happened in way less than 10 minutes…??????????????

  173. dakk says:

    Happy second anniversary Grousebeater.

    Rarely have time to read links but have enjoyed a few of your essays,particularly the article on John Rae.

    Keep up the good work.

  174. jim.watson says:

    Not that I am, but if I happened to be a Daily Record reading, Orange Lodge frequenting, Labour Party voting, GB/Union Flag car sticker wearing, Sturgeon/SNP hating zoomer that we all know and love, what would prevent me from going online and calling the late Mr Bowie (RIP) everything under the sun, for having asked voters in Scotland to put an X in the box next to the word “No”, simply in order to give the BritNat press a stick with which to beat the SNP?

    Answer = nothing!

  175. yesindyref2 says:

    @Grouse Beater
    Even I’ve read articles from your blog and I don’t really read a lot of the blogs or articles around. They’re your opinions and are provocative, and even if I don’t agree or find they go very close to the edge at times, they do make people think. Keep ’em coming. You can get plain vanilla articles at an ice cream van.

  176. call me dave says:

    Scotland 2016 BBC iPlayer now up.

    First 10 mins of Bowie

    Mundell at 10mins 30secs

    Mr Kelly at 18mins (if you can understand what he’s on about)

  177. Tam Jardine says:

    Grouse Beater

    I echo the comments of others on here GB – you make a great contribution to this site and your essays deserve a far wider audience. Am raising a pint to yer health as we speak brother.

    Keep the faith- we are well down the road.

    My question to the unionists tonight is: if we accept the premise that Ruthie is a formidable leader, a visionary, and Tomkins is a genius, Fluffy is capable and his son is one for the future- if we accept all this: would you be able to run a country like Scotland and make a success of it?

    If so- you concede indy is possible. If not: why in God’s name should anyone put their ilk anywhere near the controls?


  178. call me dave says:

    May as well post STV Scotland tonight.

    Political intro all the party stuff election coming. The suspense 🙂

    5mins 15secs for the fun part…

    Rennie and Baillie etal! 🙂

  179. Tackety Beets says:

    geeo@ 12.07. A la Jimmy Cricket LOL

    You missed out the “Labour or We … Are very clear” and then they talk more $hi£e !

    …… Are very clear on da da da is now over used.

    The reality is , the only people ie SNP are the only people who do not use the phrase and they articulate themselves and their point clearly !

    It’s nae real!

  180. yesindyref2 says:

    Good to see STV had Patrick Harvie on, something he commented on of course comparing it to the BBC. There was a difference, Con / Lib / Lab basing their campaign on the SNP, and Green putting an actual point of view, without knocking the SNP. That’s the way to do it. I’m still and will be SNP / SNP of course, but Harvie keeps it clean.

  181. Chic McGregor says:

    Real Scots Deride the Record!

  182. Almannysbunnet says:

    So it looks like the tories election plan is to blanket the country with Ruthie leaflets without actually mentioning which party she is affiliated to. It worked for Murray in Edinburgh so why not give it a try? It will be interesting to see how she converts this strategy into getting anyone other than Ruthie elected.
    A Stronger North Britain Scotland with the Ruthie Party
    Support your local Ruthie candidate.

  183. Chic McGregor says:

    One message for the Ruth lass.

    No Tanks!

  184. Groue Beater says:

    You can get plain vanilla articles at an ice cream van.

    Ice cream is one of my weaknesses. 🙂

    Thanks all, Dakk, Tam, yesindyref2.

  185. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @callmedave (12.22) –

    Cheers for link.

    Kelly, at 19.13:

    ‘Shelter are telling us that a million days are lost through living in homelessness…’

    Before and after that astonishing statement (and the transcription is a relatively ‘tidy’ version) he supplies a stream-of-consciousness dribble of nonsense. Eventually he runs out of steam and the SNP’s Mark McDonald is given the chance to respond – he keeps a serious face and starts explaining what the 50p top tax-rate would mean etc etc, instead of saying:

    ‘Sorry, but I don’t understand what James Kelly just said. Can you please ask him to explain it?’

    This is why people get so hacked-off with the quality of MSM ‘debate’ – the ungifted Kelly is an extreme example, but when faced with outright stupidity and/or dissembling, our representatives must confront and highlight it, no matter how uncomfortable it may make the host and/or viewer.

    None of us here would expect to go into a television studio and get away with talking gibberish on a live broadcast – why do we tolerate it from so-called ‘professionals’?

  186. yesindyref2 says:

    @Grouse Beater
    My favourite isn’t Nardini’s, even the proper stuff from the one at the pier in Largs, but ironically the £1 plain vanilla cone from the hatch in Newton Stewart.

    Other than that luckily, the cheap big tubs of plain soft scoop you get in supermarkets.

  187. Chic McGregor says:

    Best ice cream I ever had was late last year in St Petersberg in the park opposite St Issacs.

  188. mike cassidy says:

    Scotland needs to be more ruthless.

  189. Richardinho says:

    ‘Shelter are telling us that a million days are lost through living in homelessness…’

    I wondered about that too. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Where do these days go?

  190. Still Positive. says:

    Still think that Slab’s big problem was that they put forward their ‘jumped up’ cooncillors for the Scottish Parliament elections in 1999, with the exception of Donald Dewar and some others, and many of them are still there.

    Whereas the SNP had most of their best people at Holyrood and only a few at Westminster since 1999 until this year

    Now we know, since May 2015, SNP have a talented bunch at Holyrood and Westminster.

  191. Stoker says:

    mike cassidy wrote:
    “Scotland needs to be more ruthless.”

    I see what you did there, very clever, i likey lots.

    David Bowie? Pan breed? So whit!
    His music was pish and thousands of better people die every day.

    Lots of independence supporters will like his music and many more will probably not, just as i like some of Annie Lennox’s stuff but many more folk will probably not.

    Aye, his music was pure rank rotten but the Unionist scumbags will struggle to find any independence supporters gloating over the man’s death.

    To the SCUM at The Dirty Redcoat – Your ship is going down, 🙂

    SNP X 2

  192. Still Positive. says:

    First post disappeared into the ether.

    The problem with SLab is they put up jumped-up cooncillers up for election in 1999 – with the exception of Dewar, McLeish and a few others – and these cooncillors are still there to a large extent.

    Whereas the SNP, with few MPs, put their best people up for Holyrood. That has reaped rewards.

    Now the SNP has a formidable team in Westminster,as well as a competent government in Holyrood.

    And where are SLab? – lost their MPs who never stood up for Scotland and looking into the abyss for Holyrood.

  193. willie says:

    The Daily Record sales are going down the toilet.

    And over in Edinburgh the Hootsman croaks its dying breaths as even more staff are axed. Kind of puts things into perspective. Toilet paper, toilet time.

  194. Still Positive. says:

    Should also add these formidable MPs at Westminster are the result of the IndyRef and the huge support for SNP after it.

  195. jdman says:

    Jim (DR)Watson
    “Answer = nothing!”

    Very interesting theory Dr Watson, but I’m sorry to ruin you theory, put simply we’re mad they’re not, they would never dream of doing such a thing,… OH?
    Call me Dave
    thanks for the link
    “Answer = nothing!”

    What the hell was Mark McDonald thinking, he had his head up his arse, My granny could have scored that open goal,

    “So Mr Kelly in these straitened times your party is for putting up the bottom rate of income tax for the poorest people in out society then? put simply, put up one band put them all up, so there you have it folks, vote labour lose free prescriptions free elderly care, pay more income tax and that shiny new bridge? forget it, the labour party will take it off you for not doing as your told”

    See Mark? you could have ruined that little shit and you sat there gulping,
    And for Gods sake stop letting a hostile media set the agenda for you, you’re in charge, PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE AND STOP KOWTOWING TO THEM!
    Ian Brotherhood
    “‘Shelter are telling us that a million days are lost through living in homelessness…’”

    I listened to that, or rather it entered my head and out the other side like a Homer Simpsonism and it didn’t hit the sides, all I could hear and see was a monkey repetitively clashing symbols together until its batteries ran out.
    yesindyref2 (I come in peace)
    “Other than that luckily, the cheap big tubs of plain soft scoop you get in supermarkets.”

    Maggie spat in it.
    “I wondered about that too. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Where do these days go?”

    Into a vortex in a wormhole in the space-time continuum,
    Don’t worry Dr (UKok)Who’ll get them back,
    that answer makes more sense that the comment itself.

  196. Wuffing Dug says:

    @Grouse Beater @10.56pm

    ‘political polemic alternating with film and car critique, the thoughtful and the entertaining’

    A potent mix.

    Really enjoy reading your essays.
    Your article on Sean Connery was fantastic.

    I love Wings in the morning.

  197. Dorothy Devine says:

    Grouse , happy birthday to your site I have enjoyed popping in – I don’t necessarily leave a comment ,I like lurking!

    Wuffing dog, I like wings in the morning , afternoon and evening – what’s wrong with you?

  198. ronnie anderson says:

    Michellee Dueberry SKY TV interviewing a JuniorDoctor [why cant yous get it sorted out without striking] .Cause the Gov wont give the Junior Doctors decent working conditions Muppet.

    dueberry (she could have been a contender Apprentice ) shoosh ,what makes these TV people think us ordinary people give two shits about the views of Reality TV non excistant stars.

    Great to hiv a rant in the morning gets the blood pressure going, Commoan the Junior Doctors.

  199. JLT says:

    For the Daily Record editors to post an article like that, shows that they are twisted, bitter fools, who shouldn’t be allowed to run a newspaper, let alone a bath.

    For those of us from a certain generation, David Bowie was a musical genius. I didn’t care at the time when all these ‘UK celebrities’ begged Scotland to stay. I think most of us knew, that deep down, most of these famous folk didn’t give a monkey’s if Scotland left the Union. At the end of the day, if David Bowie, Eddie Izzard or Adele wanted to do a concert in an independent Scotland, then what was going to stop them? They would still be well rewarded, stay in the best 5 star hotels, and be lauded by their Scottish fans. The end of the Union would do no damage to the careers of the famous. It wouldn’t matter a single iota to them!

    But this! For the Daily Record to pursue Nationalists over the death of a musical genius, when everyone was saddened at the death of Bowie is a disgrace. I heard no-one …absolutely no one yesterday, condemn David Bowie. Even the youngsters in my workplace were asking us ‘oldies’ about him. And in a room dominated by nationalist minded folk, no one uttered a word about the Referendum or Bowie’s point of views. Why? Because (1) everyone had forgotten (2) no one was really bothered about Bowie’s views at the time (3) everyone has moved on from the Referendum.

    …Except the Daily Record.

    And once again …we find that the only bitterness and rancour that exists …seems to continually emanate from the Unionist camp. This is all on the same day, that David Mundell handed us mickey mouse powers with an open sneer and literally spat at us with ‘there’s your new powers. Be thankful that the British State has decided to give you something. Now shut up!’

    Yep, the Scottish Unionists …Proud Scots. Proud Brits. The flower of the British nation.

  200. JLT says:

    Effijy says:

    He goes on to say that he thinks some of the Editors themselves post disruptive comments on WoS in order to generate a story line?

    That my friend …I could very well believe. I’ve often wondered about some of the folk who come on here and pretend to have questions, but they’re real intentions are, that they are really spoiling for a fight.

  201. Tam Jardine says:

    ronnie anderson

    I thought today would have been the perfect day for vacancies in the Scottish NHS to be advertised in the press down south. It costs plenty to train doctors.

    BBC radio Scotland pushing the balance story today-the EIS strike in West Dunbartonshire (which, although serious enough is affecting 5 secondary schools). Aye- don’t get any funny ideas just because the Scottish junior doctors are no taking to the street up here.

  202. Ged says:

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but I recently read the article in the record online and it would appear that the comment revealed by WOS as being made by a unionist, has now been removed from the story. At least someone still bothers doing actual research.

  203. Dorothy Devine says:

    Cracking cartoon in the Independent should anyonecasre to peruse that publication.

    Their news top spot goes to the demise of Mr Bowie and the fact that , unlike any other human being , he only told close friends of his illness.

    No harm to the entertainer ,but this dribbling ,drivel from the corporate media is too over the top for my delicate stomach.

  204. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Tam Jardine The Scottish Junior Doctors dont lead Champainge lifestyles ( they canny offord it , neither can they,re friends down south ) but dont worry scottish news will no doupt catch up with some Champainge swilling Junior Doctors (bupa), EIS story is only a stop cap measure .

  205. Meindevon says:

    The hundreds of comments BTL on the Daily Wail article (online England) are ten times worse that the ones ( a handful) from ATL re ‘Scottish Nationalists’ nasty comments which everyone has been led to believe are all from SNP Members.

    They don’t do irony these DM readers.

  206. Ken500 says:

    Get more Scottish students into Medical school. That will increase because now Scottish students from households of average earning now get a full loan. Labour/Unionists were means-testing loans on household incomes. Scottish students couldn’t get enough funding to go to Uni.

    Cliques get in control of selection. Students from IR were getting priority at Forresterhill. Incomes were not being declared (land not declared) and some students were getting full support, illegally. Background checks were not being properly carried out. Uni authorities, loan companies were not carrying out due diligence, under Unionist legislation.

    West Dumbartion Council is controlled by Labour/Unionist they will be cutting the allocated Education funding and spending it on other non essential grotesque projects. Labour 12, SNP 6,
    Independent 3, 1 SSP. The decision will be political motivated. Cowboy strike,

  207. Ruby says:

    I live in Edinburgh Central but I haven’t received a leaflet from Ruthie.

  208. Ken500 says:

    Junior Doctors are going on strike in Emgland because Cameron has cut NHS finding. In Scotland the Scottish Gov Increased NHS funding (pro rata – a benefit of Devolution – running Scottish public services) Junior Dr’s and NHS in Scotland get better funding.(pro rata). Scottish Gov has integrated social care with NHS. It lets the elderly stay in their own homes and saves public money. Social care – £60 a week, Residential Home Care £600 a week, Hospital care £600 a day. better run facilities. EU regulations cut Junior unreasonable long hours.

    Cameron elected to protect NHS and reduce the debt. Lied. Cut NHS Funding (£20Billion over five years) and the debt is increasing. 5 day NHS with facilities for week-end emergency facilities suits the majority of people. People can have medical care, operations when their children are at school. People who need aftercare can be at home at week-ends, when there is more (family) care available. It suits 9-5 society.

    Doctors are well remunerated. Students are queuing up to get into Medical School. Over subscribed in applications. Students from difficult to fill medical posts codes should receive priority, with equal qualifications.

  209. Ruby says:

    Ged says:
    12 January, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but I recently read the article in the record online and it would appear that the comment revealed by WOS as being made by a unionist, has now been removed from the story. At least someone still bothers doing actual research.

    Ruby replies

    It still remains in the hard copy of The Record.

    The Record is for readers who do not get their ‘news’ from the internet.

    How many people read The Record on a tablet/computer?

  210. Ken500 says:

    It is irresponsible for Medical School lecturers to tell medical students not to become GP’s and go into general practice. That is why they are training. . Most GP’s do not work excessive hours or unsociable hours, unless from choice. They get more money. There is a lot of (excessive) paper work.

    Qualified GP’s get £110,000 on average. More if they specialise or work extra hours from choice. Dependant on patient load. They are paid per work load. If they are overworked, they can get in extra help but their average remuneration goes down. Consultants etc who specialise get more money, larger salaries.

  211. Effijy says:

    call me dave says:
    12 January, 2016 at 12:22 am
    Scotland 2016 BBC iPlayer now up.

    Thanks for the link Dave.
    Quite unbelievable that Mr Kelly could be a “leader” in the Cubs, never mind a so called political party.
    Several times you can see him gulping between the garbage that he spouts.
    He isn’t sure about what he is trying to say, he knows it sounds awful, and he seems embarrassed that viewers can see right him.

    The EBC’s occasionally invites someone from the duely elected majority SNP Government, but there is no way that they will allow
    their representative to respond to fantasy figures presented as
    source of income by Labour, APD-again.

    Any foreign visitor to our country watching that show must this the Labour Party and the BBC are half-wits.

  212. Ken500 says:

    BBC Scotland topic. Some irrelevant Football ‘Law’. Importance? Zilch. No mention of a Junior Doctors strike or a teachers strike, affecting people’s life.

  213. ailsa craig says:

    Just got my second glossy leaflet in 4 days from wee Ruthless. I live in SW Scotland so what is that all about for a List candidate?

    Leaves me with a big decision.

    One trip to the Blue Bin with the leaflet beside Sunday Herald and yesterday’s National – direct contamination – or a special trip along with junk mail.
    Luckily rain has gone to pause mode so think the second is best.
    But keep ’em coming, Ruth. Good to see you waste your money.

  214. Ken500 says:

    Murdoch is such a whore. Marx said ‘Marriage is prostitution’.

  215. Molly says:

    Ken from what I understand the junior doctors have been offered a pay rise. Which is fine but not if it means taking away the unsocial hours they’re paid for.

    The UK Govt has been very divisive in what band gets what amount of pay rise but just imagine, if the Junior doctors accept I think it was 11% but give up being paid for unsocial hours , whose next?

    Why would you want to give up your Christmas Day or be working at 3am on a Saturday night when you could be sitting at home getting the same rate of pay ?

    There’s more than junior docs working unsocial hours , it would be the start of the slippery slope for many

  216. Effijy says:

    Richardinho says:
    12 January, 2016 at 1:35 am
    ‘Shelter are telling us that a million days are lost through living in homelessness…’

    I wondered about that too. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Where do these days go?

    I think that I can help with translation.
    Labour representatives are advised by McTernan what they have to say. Dippity Dug can at least memorise the hand full of lines supplied but very often her response is completely unrelated to what the question actually was.
    With Kelly, he can’t even remember Labour joined the Tory party.

    He was told to say that Shelter claimed to add up the number of kids classed as homeless and multiplied it by the number days that they have been classed as such. The total allegedly was 1,000,000? If its a Labour figure it can be discounted immediately!

    Kelly seems to have that memory issue again where he seems to have forgot that Labour agreed to the next round of swinging cuts that harm these families. His former leader, Dim Jim was all for Food Banks, rather than a reasonable level of welfare support.
    He forgot that the last Scottish Labour government only built 6 homes in Scotland, you know Mr Kelly, those buildings that you require, if you are not to be homeless.

    Labour didn’t seem to have a problem with the Bedroom Tax either.
    Some 81% of those who saw their standard of living ripped apart were registered Disabled.

    Perhaps if Labour hadn’t borrowed £50 Billion on PFI for new Schools and Hospitals the £255 Billion in interest payments would have been more than enough to build everyone a decent home.

    the Tax that ripped app

  217. Ken500 says:

    Independence/SNP supporters should stop slang off the SNP. Acting as fifth columnists. It helps the Unionists. Counter productive. Own goal. Concentrate on scoring and winning.

    Mark McDonald is an excellent MSP.

  218. Sassenach says:

    Please, please, SLab, keep putting Kelly up for as many TV interviews as possible.

    He is worth his weight in gold to us!!!

  219. Molly says:

    Where are the Tories in Scotland getting the funding from to leaflet what seems all of Scotland, promoting Ruth Davidson?

  220. heedtracker says:

    There’s more than junior docs working unsocial hours , it would be the start of the slippery slope for many.

    NHS England costs over £99 billion a year. Tory cuts have gone after the wage bill, like what all cost cutters do to businesses. Is NHS England a business?

    Binge drinking in England costs NHS England over £5bn a year, smokers even more.

    Crash Gordon’s NHS England new build hospital PFI’s, £11.8 billion, then £79 billion to pay back over 31 years.

    A nation of boozers and smokers, a bunch of very poor managers in Whitehall, Treasury etc.

    Its only money.

  221. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Slightly O?T, but, I was speaking to one of my Scotsman contacts at the weekend; the 32 redundancies announced on Friday are across all the Johnstone Press titles in Scotland. Some will come from the weeklies and free titles.

    That said, a lot of the good, experienced old hands at The Scotsman have already gone – some taking deals and leaving in disgust at the way the paper was being managed.

    The Herald has, apparently, recalled some experienced local subs, they were so-disgusted by the dog’s dinner the work experience kids at Newport, South Wales, were making of subbing the paper.

  222. While my condolences go out Bowie’s family over their loss.

    I think the media coverage over his death has been OTT,

    As for those poisonous rags delving through twitter to find anyone saying anything derogatory about Bowie,
    given their record would we expect nothing less from them

    Meanwhile OT it has been reported that the deputy Labour leader of Fife council Cllr Lesley Laird who is also a List candidate for the Holyrood elections, sent an E-Mail to local labour politicians telling them that the party is neither ‘electable’ or ‘credible’.

  223. Chic McGregor says:

    “Where are the Tories in Scotland getting the funding from to leaflet what seems all of Scotland, promoting Ruth Davidson?”

    APD (Anonymous Personal Donation)? 🙂

    An anur hing, whaur dis Osborne get the dosh for a they bibles in the hotel rooms?

  224. galamcennalath says:

    Torrance in the Independent.

    “Tony Blair … stored up trouble for the future by failing to aim for the logical conclusion (a federal UK). A federal UK should also be echoed by a federal Labour Party, the only possible way to neutralize SNP claims that Scottish Labour is “controlled” from London.”

    Federal UK, Federal Labour. What utter nonsense.

    Rebranding Labour branch offices as ‘federated states’ isn’t going to change the fact the the Scottish branch cannot have different policies from HQ on reserved issues. It is impossible!

    As for Federal UK … DevoMaxMinus or AlmostFFA? Jeez. We just had a rejection of a second ref question, followed by a de facto vote on DevoMax, followed by reneging by WM, followed by pathetic Smith which ignored most submissions, followed by all SNP amendments to SB rejected, and we still haven’t got a fiscal framework.

    The time for Federal UK, DevoMax, FFA has gone! It can never happen!

  225. Ken500 says:

    The NHS in Scotland is devolved, that’s the difference. Cameron cut NHS spending in the UK (£20Billion over 5 years). The SNP Scottish Gov prioritised SNHS and increased funding (pro rata) Junior Dr’s in Scotland get a better unchanged deal. Another benefit of Devolution which would increase with FFA/Home Rule/Federalism as promised. Independent /SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. Cameron is a dangerous liar, who sanctions and kills vulnerable people.

    Went to see Bowie in Aberdeen over 10 years ago? Had forgotten.

  226. call me dave says:

    Sturgeon to put £54M extra into mental health care… Must be all us supporters needing our heeds examined.

    I’ve had mine examined a while back but I’m better now! 🙂

    SG must be more Ruthless…says Mike further back… Excellent

    She’s fronting up the whole Tory campaign in all Scotland
    Vote for Ruthie… With a week note on the bottom saying “Tory”

  227. Capella says:

    Ruth sent me a leaflet too – here in the wilds of Aberdeenshire.

    The gist seems to be “If you don’t want a second referendum sign the scottishconservatives petition”. Vote for Ruth in the regional list because Labour and Lib Dems have dropped their opposition to independence.

    So she must be standing in Aberdeenshire too. Maybe she has become omnipresent.

    I think it shows that the Establishment has written off Labour and Liberals in Scotland. They forget that we wrote off the Tories decades ago.

  228. Ken500 says:

    Where are the Tories in Scotland getting money? From tax evading £Millionaires/Bankers who fund the Tory Party. So they can keep on illegally, secretly tax evading.

  229. call me dave says:

    Wee not week (last post) but hey! Looks better.

  230. Ken500 says:

    Why would anyone join the Tory Party or vote Tory in Scotland? The only Tory in the village.

  231. Molly says:

    I fully support the junior docs not just because of the pay rise but just imagine if the junior docs give in to the terms / conditions and give up being paid unsocial hours ?

    The U.K. Govt will quote and use them as an example to every person who works unsocial hours.

    Besides as you say, it’s only money so let’s see what its costs NHS England while they’re out on strike?

  232. galamcennalath says:

    There is some sense to the Tory approach.

    They know something like 25%, maybe more, are totally opposed to Indy. If they can get a lot of the non Tory voters among them to back the Tories as THE anti Indy party, then they could be well on their way to second place and official opposition.

    That would be an enormous achievement for Davidson.

    There is an up-side for the rest of us. It keeps Indy to the forefront of discussiion. Also, it does no harm to have the toxic Tories as the main voice of the Union!

  233. Effijy says:

    Who would you trust, the large majority of Doctors, who have sworn
    then hippocratic oath to protect us, or slimy, lying, corrupt politicians who are in it for their own ill gotten gains?

    A representative of the Doctors explained that the so called pay rise would actually cut her income by over 30% as she loses all payment for additional works that she carries out.

    This combined with even less sociable hours seems like a very good reason to fight for their wellbeing and our health.

    I know of 2 people who sell photo-copiers and earn more than a qualified Doctor. They work 9-5pm Monday to Friday, and although
    intelligent, they could never qualify as Doctors.

    If you were considering becoming a doctor, but knew that you would be forced into disruptive shift patterns, have limited
    weekend time to spend with your partner, kids, and friends,
    would you take the better paid sales job, or the hassle?

  234. heedtracker says:

    She’s fronting up the whole Tory campaign in all Scotland
    Vote for Ruthie… With a week note on the bottom saying “Tory”

    Its only the blue tory party cashing in on the appalling, relentless BBC/MSM bias selling Ruthie babes to Scottish voters.

    When’s the last time you ever say Ruthie babes even interviewed or queried on any BBC politics show, our hideous press, STV?

    Never. Its one of the greatest electoral frauds perpetrated by the BBC anywhere, at least outside of the USA. Certainly nowhere in northern Europe is a state broadcaster like the BBC, this corrupt.

    Will we fall for it all Scotland? Google “ruth davidson bbc scotland”

    First up

    then list after list of

    Vast BBC vote Tory propaganda, now they make their move.

  235. HenBroon says:

    I see comments that the Record are suspected of making comments on this forum and others to troll and agitate.

    It has been blatantly obvious to me at least that this is a fact of life on every forum, especially political forums and also nuclear enrgy, renewables, and global warming subjects.

    Nuclear energy is one of the most powerfull lobby groups on earth. The reason? In the UK as elsewhere it is inextricably linked to WMDs, and as such by having these willy waving toys, keeps the UKs elite at the top table, so they can pretend they are still a world dominating imperial force.

    Occasionaly before I have a bath I dip my toe in to the Telegraph and DT forums on Scotland. You see the same dreary tired old hackneyed abuse and lies on there from the same sad people, droning out there pathetic state sponsored propaganda.

    Snowden blew the gaff on GCHQ who like the USA have a specific section that does this on line trolling and abuse and propaganda.

    It can be read on shocking stuff.

    So don’t let anyone fool themselves that this forum and every other forum is infected by the Yoonatics agents, it is. Bear that in mind when you decided to reply to some of the garbage that spills out.

    Also bear that in mind when you read offensive remarks by aledged Cybernats. They are almost certain to be made by a Yoonatic agent. Probably the same one who will then go on to report it in banner headlines.

    Be carefull out there.

  236. Robert Peffers says:

    I’ve never rated Bowie, neither as musician nor entertainer, his opinions meant less to me than those of real, non-‘Celeb, people.

  237. heedtracker says:

    Besides as you say, it’s only money so let’s see what its costs NHS England while they’re out on strike?

    All the professions in the yew kay start off with low pay and long hours. Within a decade max, they are they highest earners. Its the deal.

    GP’s retire with £2 million pensions. Sore throats and coughs n sniffles, have some pills.

  238. Ken500 says:

    Figures can be manipulated or not properly analysed. Homelessness could be totally alleviated if local Authorities put their minds to it. e.g there are no homeless overnight facilities in Aberdeen. Willy Young wants to be beggars in jail. Grampian Health Board are the only Health Authority in Scotland who do not fund/provide primary care for drink/drug abusers. No proper rehab with total abstinence counselling. It causes greater problems. Prison costs more.

  239. heedtracker says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    12 January, 2016 at 10:58 am
    I’ve never rated Bowie, neither as musician nor entertainer, his opinions meant less to me than those of real, non-‘Celeb, people.

    He was a glorious pop star, of his time, early to mid late 70’s, across Europe and the US, in one probably the last great socio economic cultural revolution decade of the 20th century. Look what at what succeeded, Stock, Aitken and Waterman style Thatcherite hell on English pop earth.

    After that, he worked really hard to cash in, keep himself in the money. He probably did succeed in making money, with awful 80’s pop and certainly couldn’t act but remember Bowie for his incredible 70’s cultural impact, that got ripped by all kinds of chancers.

  240. Petra says:

    @ JLT says at 7:53 am

    ”For the Daily Record editors to post an article like that, shows that they are twisted, bitter fools, who shouldn’t be allowed to run a newspaper, let alone a bath ….. And once again we find that the only bitterness and rancour that exists … seems to continually emanate from the Unionist camp. This is all on the same day, that David Mundell handed us mickey mouse powers with an open sneer and literally spat at us with ‘’there’s your new powers. Be thankful that the British State has decided to give you something. Now shut up!”

    We all know what motivates newspapers like the Daily Record and that doesn’t include the well-being of Scotland / the Scots at all. It doesn’t even seem to include making a profit anymore. They are controlled by Westminster and one wonders if newspapers like this are being supported by Westminster funding?

    The ‘nasty cybernat’ stories are a real boon for the lazy, inept provocateur (journalist?) with an axe to grind. Wait for something ‘conducive’ to happen, search for a few odious online comments posted, by so-called Independence supporters, and then make a meal of it.

    And who’s to say that the nasty comments are posted by Independence supporters at all? The expose by Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowdon highlights that Government operatives are being used to impersonate individuals online, in particular those who are deemed to be a threat to the State.

    Tactics used by such operatives include “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” in general on various forums.

    Journalists at the Daily Record are aware of this too. Are also aware of the horrendous level of venom directed at Independence supporters online but conveniently ‘omit’ to mention this (another propaganda technique). The Daily Record is now one of the main sources of causing division in this country and in fact verges on inciting harassment. In many ways their use of propaganda is reminiscent of the tactics used by the Nazis against the Jews: the targeting and demonisation of one group of people.

    Strange that it’s against the Law for an individual to attack or smear another online and yet newspapers in the UK using ‘sweeping’ libelous chicanery are immune to Legal ramifications. Enforcement of validation of individual identity should be in place before publication of wholesale smearing is sanctioned.

    And whilst we’re all being distracted by the Daily Records journalistic detritis they’re getting away with the VOW scam: One of the greatest deceptions ever carried out against a Nation of people.

  241. X_Sticks says:

    600 North Sea jobs to go at BP.

    A lot of folk will be so glad of the broad shoulders of the UK to see them through this. A lot of people in the industry voted NO believing it would protect their jobs. Wonder how they feel now?

  242. carjamtic says:

    Totally O/T

    Best FB joke of the day

    Moves like Jaggers’s wedding night

    ‘like trying to pierce a capri sun with an earthworm’


  243. Effijy says:

    I tried to find out a bit about the background of Murray Foote, but very strangely, he does not have a listing?
    First time I’ve ever come across a newspaper editor without one?

    I was curious if he was from a formerly Left Leaning family with money who would send him off to boarding school.

    Also expected family connections would have opened doors for him
    while leaving better candidates outside.

    Is he a Trotskyist like Darling who wants to fight to increase the lot of the working classes, but makes a £1 Million Flipping Tax Payer funded homes, pockets £250,000 on after dinner speaking
    to support the No vote, and kits himself out with the title Lord,
    an Ermine Robe, and a wee £300 per sleep job in the HoL.

    Why no pictures, no DOB, no education listings????

  244. uno mas says:

    On the subject of the Scottish Printed Media (ya gotta luv em!) I have always been of the opinion that the beginning of the decline in the fortunes of The Scottish Conservative and Unionist party was when in 1974 the Beaverbrook Organisation closed the office and printing plant of the Scottish Daily Express in Albion Street Glasgow making 1,800 workers redundant.

    At a stroke the Scottish Tory´s lost their principal publicity and propaganda medium as the Express was (I believe) the biggest selling daily newspaper and appealed to “blue collar” aspirational type voters and the space in the market place was never really filled by The Scotsman or Glasgow Herald but instead by a much improved and Labour supporting Daily Record.

    Those of you with long enough memories will remember that the buildings and plant were bought out by a worker´s co-operative who launched the ill-fated Scottish Daily News as a left wing alternative to other existing titles.

    I have included the link to the Wiki entry and suggest that the more senior “Wingers” have a wee read through and take a small walk down memory lane.

    To younger contributors to this site who are maybe unaware of the this chapter of the Scottish publishing industry I strongly recommend that you read, learn and then share with your peer group through social media.

    My girlfriend at the time worked in the advertising department of the new paper and told me that the principal reason for its failure was the unwillingness of large companies, especially those with London head offices, to take out advertising space in the paper with a view to depriving it of income and forcing it´s closure, which of course they ultimately did.

  245. Luigi says:

    RE: that leaflet: It seems the blue tory discussion groups have decided that the power of the tank commander’s personality, charisma and popularity in Scotland is their best bet for getting second place in May. The best laugh I have had this morning. 🙂

    I do agree though, that the establishment seem to have already written off the red and yellow tories’ chances. 🙂

    But take nothing for granted folks – this is not over until it is over. 🙂

  246. heedtracker says:

    Why no pictures, no DOB, no education listings????

    Because if you were a spook handler in London, placing your boys in the exact spots you need to keep UK control of your Scotland region, where would you plant them?

    Watch his online data change now.

  247. call me dave says:

    The BBC will review its news service in Scotland, the boss of the corporation has told a committee of MSPs.

    In his opening statement, Tony Hall said that, in the light of increased devolution to the nations of the UK, it was “time to make changes”.

    Lord Hall is appearing before the committee alongside the head of BBC Scotland, Ken MacQuarrie, and finance director Anne Bulford.

    He said the review of the delivery of news on TV, radio and online would report in the spring.

    Too late Auntie by at least 40 years and by the spring might not be worth doing.

  248. woosie says:

    I notice David Dumbell pops his head up every six weeks with some political advice to the Scotch people; the tory writers must be passed around on a rota basis. Well he certainly couldn’t write them on his own accord!

    Babe Ruth wasting more tory money ( they can get more from next year’s intake of peers ) asking people who aren’t interested to vote for a party which effectively doesn’t exist up here.

    We missed out on a great party after the referendum defeat ( still a shock to me, no matter what anyone thinks ) but we can look forward to a good one when the Daily Redcoat folds. I think that should be our next big event!

  249. mr thms says:


    I got distracted and ended up posting this on a very old link.. sorry about that..

    Where does the money in BBC Scotland go?

    “61% of (BBC) Scotland’s local output is news, whereas it is 15% in the network.”

  250. Truth says:

    As a cybernat, the only death I will cheer is that of the Daily Record. Well, maybe the Scotsman…oh the Herald as well. Fuck it, I forgot the BBC. You get the picture.

    It can’t come soon enough I might add.

  251. Grouse Beater says:

    Happy birthday, sucker!:

  252. Wuffing Dug says:

    @Dorothy @7.42

    I like wings in the afternoon and evening too, I like wings at dawn, in the twighligt, in the dark of the midnight hour and under the bright midday sun (as if). 🙂

  253. Joemcg says:

    Think Ruth is believing her cheerleader MSM with that leaflet. Received in the borders yesterday. What’s that about?? Ruthie hen you are not in salmonds league.

  254. Fred says:

    Cat Boyd in todays National cannae make her mind up on Europe, it’s mebbeys aye-mebbeys naw! fur oor Cat and if she ever does comes aff that fence it’ll be with no enthusiasm whatsoever. See decisiveness, see leadership!

    Meanwhile Gordon Wilson demands that Scotland stays in, ah jist hate agreein wi Gordon Wilson so ah dae!

  255. Petra says:

    @ Effijy says at 11:34 am ”I tried to find out a bit about the background of Murray Foote, but very strangely, he does not have a listing? First time I’ve ever come across a newspaper editor without one? ….. Why no pictures, no DOB, no education listings????”

    I’ve tried to find out about him too Effijy … to make sense of what makes him ‘tick’, to no avail. Another is David Clegg who seemingly comes from Ireland … North or South? No information about him online either. Two men (along with Chrichton) who influenced the outcome of the Scottish Referendum and we don’t know a thing about them. Strange right enough!

    @ Molly says at 10:20 am ”Where are the Tories in Scotland getting the funding from to leaflet what seems all of Scotland, promoting Ruth Davidson?”

    Osborne millionaire, billionaire Tory donators or the Lordies? A free delivery from Royal Mail? Whatever the case, I wonder how much this has cost? Does anyone have any idea? Is it something we could think about doing or too expensive?

    I just hope that the SNP are going to send out flyers too informing the Scots that the Smith proposals lacked in relation to the Vow, the Scotland Bill proposals lack in relation to Smith and that every amendment they put forward was knocked back …. all to the detriment of Scotland. I would also like to see them quote figures that are meaningful for the ordinary, say non-politically minded, person such as Westminster still has control of 70% plus of Welfare etc etc.

    PS FMQs should be interesting this week as Ruthie will no doubt have p*ssed Dugdale and Rennie right off (have they got money for flyers?). Tories probably in line to ‘pinch’ the last remaining Libdem supporters and maybe even some from Labour. Dugdale’s worst nightmare … in third place.

    She’s also pointing out that if Libdem and Labour supporters don’t join her they’d be as well voting for the SNP (well done, Ruthie): Basically highlighted in her flyer what the ‘A Better Britain … Unionist Party’ is saying … No right or left anymore (as they’re all the same). Just Unionists versus Nationalists!

  256. Flower of Scotland says:

    I got my wee bit of cardboard from Ruthie here in N E Fife. My cat loves sitting on it and scratching it!

    David Bowie was never a musician or artist that I rated. Neither was Mick Jagger! I can’t like everyone! Getting a bit fed up of all the news programmes still going on about his death and Daily entertainment shows.

    Never mind Westminster Parliament TV is more entertaining and so far they haven’t mentioned the death of David Bowie.

  257. Petra says:

    Yeah Happy Birthday Grouse Beater x Thanks for the great articles and for your most constructive input on this site.

  258. Capella says:

    @ Effijy perhaps he (Murray Foote) has evoked the right to be forgotten. Happy to oblige.

    re Bowie, the torrent of media angst about his passing confirms for me that he is essentially an English dandy in revolt against much of the collective action of the 60s.

    The Civil Rights movement, the Womens’ Movement, the Anti-War protests, Trade Union protest etc fuelled the political changes of the 60s which ended in the 1968 “Year of Revolution” and, of course, Woodstock.

    Many right wing commentators lash out at the 60s “baby boomers” complaining that things went downhill because of them. This is a common logical fallacy, that because something happens after an event, it must have been caused by that event. Living conditions worsened because the Establishment, under Thatcher, reversed the gains which ordinary people had made during the 60s.

    Glam Rock emerged as a glorification of the individual, the style icon, identity politics. Gary Glitter was, of course another example.

    I did like “Heroes” however, possibly because Brian Eno, who was a great musician, worked on it.

  259. Harry Shanks says:

    Joemcg has hit the nail on the head – the MSM has brainwashed Ruthie into thinking she’s “it”, and that she has some resonance with your average Scottish voter.

    Fact is she has been personally rejected by voters on each and every occasion she has stood as a candidate

    The biggest laugh of all would be if she were further persuaded to have the Tory candidates add the tagline “Ruth Davidson for First Minister” on the ballot papers, as SNP candidates did with Alex Salmond.

    If she took that particular bait then she would then be quickly disabused of any notion she may harbour that she’s anything more than a nonentity regional list MSP leading a rejected party – one which wraps itself in the Union Flag and thus receives far more MSM coverage than is decent.

    You can just imagine the puzzled looks there would be on voters faces next May as they scanned the ballot paper, saw Ruth’s name being punted for FM and either burst out laughing, or scratched their heads saying “WHO?”

  260. FrankMc says:

    Fabulously written piece Rev. A concisely and clear illustration of the cretinous nature and journalistic (I use the word loosely) abilities of those working for what used to pass a newspaper!

    RIP The Daily Record. It won’t be missed by many!

  261. Dr Jim says:

    London spooks in Scotland don’t exist according to HM Government, so if we find them and kill them did we commit a crime?

    Murphy the Spy… Ooops!

  262. X_Sticks says:

    I notice the loss of 600 jobs at BP doesn’t even merit a mention on the bbc website front page. Headline on the Scotish page.

    Just hammers home how little it matters to London.

    If they can’t make an SNPbad headline out of it, it just gets ignored.

  263. Valerie says:

    I really admired Bowie. Of course he was fiercely English being born in 1947, but so what? He was anti establishment, anti conforming, androgynous, incredibly creative, provocative – what’s not to like, and as manynote, he encouraged individuality.

    I too saw him on the Serious Moonlight tour at Murrayfield.

    Bowies opinion on indyref are pretty harmless ffs, compared to an ex PM threatening pensions, and transplants. Let’s point the finger at the real arseholes, that happily sell their principles.

    In other news for non members

  264. heedtracker says:

    Joemcg has hit the nail on the head – the MSM has brainwashed Ruthie into thinking she’s “it”, and that she has some resonance with your average Scottish voter.

    For UKOK careerists in their Scotland region, what voters think is pretty irelevant. Red or blue, tories that work hard for UKOK control of Scotland are rewarded with stuff like life time slots at the Lords trough for example.

    Ruth knows that giving it everything she’s UKOK got will see her all rightee, like Lord Darling of Mayfair, or Lady Mone, Baroness Goldie, Sir Daniel Alexander, libdem boot boy’s like


  265. Dr Jim says:

    The older you get more people die that never died before
    I’m Bowied out, hope there’s nobody else this week

    67 year old man staring mortality in the face and don’t need reminding the days are fair drawing in and nobody will remember me as my contribution to world music was minimal
    although everybody knew me up my street, so that’s a comfort eh

  266. heedtracker says:

    Bowies opinion on indyref are pretty harmless ffs,

    Were they?

    Torygraph headline after stating his opinion on Scotland

    “David Cameron: ‘I let out cry of joy over David Bowie’s Scottish independence comments’
    Prime Minister admits being filled with glee at Bowie’s Brit Awards acceptance speech, delivered by Kate Moss, where he called on Scotland to “stay with us”

    Which is why UKOk hackdom’s gone apeshit using a dead celebrity to monster vile separatists.

  267. ArtyHetty says:

    Watched the stuff about people crying and laying flowers in London for Bowie yesterday. He was a one of the favourites in the 80s when we were students, but his later music left something to be desired. A teensy bit sad yesterday, but he had a good life, though relatively short.

    The media coverage is just so typical and quite sickening, how to distract from the real destruction going on in the world.

    I was reading about the situation in the U.S? having announced at New year that they are sending back 1000s of refugees from S. America. Countries like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, where there are ”undeclared wars’ going on against the populations.–why-is-the-us-deporting-refugee-families

    Guatemala have just arrested 18 officials, some military who have been murdering, torturing and raping the people for years, at the behest of the US as well. I didn’t know about this case in particular. It is a disaster in many South American countries where law and order just dies not exist, and one we should all know about and share.

    I think these things are a tad more important than the death of a pop star, but it is blanked in the news.

  268. Onwards says:

    The one thing that can be said for the Tories flyer is that it’s effective as a mailshot. A thick, glossy piece of card with a simple clear message. They are the party of the union.

    I think the SNP also needs to be strong on the constitution, not just day to day issues.
    When the unionist parties are split, keeping the 45% on side is vital.

    Many who voted No also expected far more powers, not the betrayal of the Scotland bill.
    Independence is still the ultimate aim, but in the short term the SNP should keep up the pressure for more powers for Scotland.

    I hope to see big spending by the party.. no complacency because of the current polls.

  269. ArtyHetty says:

    The ? after US was not meant to be there in my last comment, it is happening and I was reading about it, not in my imagination.

  270. Grouse Beater says:

    Petra: “Happy Birthday Grouse Beater”

    You meet a really nice class of people here.

  271. Clootie says:

    Murray Foote

    I just had a look at his profile on LinkedIn. No history, no background, no photo, no interests?
    I’ve never seen anything as sparse as this. When you look at his 400 plus connections who “attest” to his skills they are a bunch of people seeking wok / contracts or sucking up from photographers etc.

    No senior contacts / no politicians / no senior personnel across civic Scotland.

    An unusual background cover up right enough!

  272. Petra says:

    I’ve held onto Ruth Davidson’s flyer and just love looking at it! A wee reminder of the Tories, once again, stabbing the duped Labour and Libdem parties in the back …… just as the three of them, when United, did to us. Chickens coming home to roost!

    Remember the halcyon days when they walked side by side, smirking and laughing, stood together, castigated the SNP, lied through their teeth and made false promises to the Scots?

  273. Kevin meina says:

    Incredible Union Jacki bird must have had a bet on how many times she could mention British in a ten minute news programme she hit the double figures with a sneaky British bake off to finish .

  274. Valerie says:

    Well heedtracker, not often I disagree with you, but you seem to be under the impression that anybody in Scotland gives a flying fck about what a pig botherer says.

    Bowies comment is more an affectionate plea, and Cameron exploits it? Folk can’t see through that?

    I would also say that those south of the Border are now being rudely awakened -finally. They are seeing and hearing the doctors being demonized. Their hero Corbyn getting a kicking.

    I’m sure lots in the south we cried wolf over media bias, so I wonder what those thousands of doctors think now about the media

  275. heedtracker says:

    Petra says:

    Remember the halcyon days when they walked side by side, smirking and laughing, stood together,

    Takes you back! 9.30 mins in to that staggering conman Estler news conference with Ruth, Rennie, Lamont

    “Why then are you putting new devo proposals on the table after 200,000 postal votes have been cast?”

    Ms Lamont, “Well…”

    Because BetterTogether were checking the postal vote daily and could see they could lose Scotland, to the er Scots, so up they came with their 3rd option devo-max bullshit, deliberate kept off the ballot paper, via that newsroom at the Record, with assorted conmen bashing The Vow out.

    Only in the Scotland region.

  276. Joemcg says:

    heedtracker-surely if they were checking the postal vote daily they would see they were well ahead. No? Thought the final tally was 70/30 for no. (Pre stuffed ballot boxes!)

  277. Capella says:

    If Murray and Foote come from NI and have an invisible background we can conclude that they are spooks.

    About rampant individuality (Glam Rock era): it is socially disruptive as when promoted by Margaret “there is no such thing as society” Thatcher.

    In the early Womens’ Movement the mantra was “the personal is political”. So instead of asking your doctor to prescribe anti-depressants because you don’t seem to be able to fit in, why not join a group and change society instead?

    So with Scottish Independence. Instead of being depressed about the poor state of our country, join an Indy group and change society instead. It cheers everyone up.

  278. Chic McGregor says:

    “The biggest laugh of all would be if she were further persuaded to have the Tory candidates add the tagline “Ruth Davidson for First Minister” on the ballot papers, as SNP candidates did with Alex Salmond.”

    The thing is, she has already said she would never want to be PM, not up to it – her own estimation.

    So how come she can be FM of Scotland where she would not only still have to govern a country but also have the added stress of dealing with a hostile Londonia?

  279. Effijy says:


    Bowie’s comment is more an affectionate plea, and Cameron exploits it? Folk can’t see through that?

    He has a team of spin doctors and researchers looking out for any
    photo opportunity that might make a filthy rich toff sound like one of the minions that he rules over.

    When asked what his favourite Ziggy Stardust song was he said
    “My coo ca choo” and he loved the Quiff and leather glove?

  280. heedtracker says:

    No? Thought the final tally was 70/30 for no. (Pre stuffed ballot boxes!)

    I had one but I didn’t use or rather didn’t post it and delivered it by hand to the Aberdeen city council HQ, the old office on Broad Street. Keep in mind Aberdeen is owned by SLab who do stuff like ban Scotland flags from all council property and Alex Salmond, then Scotland’s First Minister.

    The ballot box in the council office was lying on the floor next to their main stairs, like a waste paper bin, unattended and the hole what you popped your vote was so big you could stick your hand, if need be.

    So that’s how UKOK unionists in Aberdeen treated our historic vote on the future of our country, region.

    and then there was this

    Ruthie babes said they won on the BBC ref coverage night, before they finished the count and maybe before the ballots closed. The whole of the BBC coverage outfit knew the result before the result was publicly known or announced and so on.

    Not very funny but next time…

    If they can cheat like this in May, they will, if it was cheating.

  281. Bill Hume says:

    Murray Foot, the only national newspaper editor who is invisible on the internet (history wise at least). Someone, somewhere has done a pretty decent job of removing him.

  282. Bill Hume says:

    Yes, yes I know it’s Foote….typo here (but not in the search engines). May try some dark net later.

  283. galamcennalath says:

    heedtracker says:

    “BetterTogether were checking the postal vote daily and could see they could lose Scotland, to the er Scots, so up they came with their 3rd option devo-max bullshit, deliberate kept off the ballot paper, via that newsroom at the Record, with assorted conmen bashing The Vow out.”

    I was told early summer by an academic from London that Camerion’s plan was to wheel out DevoMax if things got close.

    When I first heard this, I thought it wasn’t a bad consolation prize. However by Sept it was obviously just a con.

    Also, I have repeatly heard the rumour that Cameron was given a large scale private poll around 5th Sept. The figure I have heard was 53% Yes.

    8th Sept BT/CorpMedia/Broadcasters went ballistic with the dodgy ill defined offer of DevoMax-ish.

    From a Cameron perspective, it all went to plan at the time, although close!

    I am also certain a Tory sub plot was to totally screw Labour in Scotland.

    However, the reaction in Scotland as the months passed isn’t what they expected. Mundell/Davidson’s anti-Indy campaign right now is their next step.

  284. Effijy says:

    Congratulations to Rupert and Jerry Hall!

    I’m sure that most women dream of marrying an 85 year old £Billionaire?

    Could Jerry’s American lawyer have included this as part of a phone hacking settlement?

    What difference does a 25 year age gap matter when a whole series of Zeros binds you together.

  285. call me dave says:


    It’s all these sweet nothings …££££ 🙂

  286. Cherry says:

    @ uno mas re: scottish daily news

    My dad was the art editor of the sister paper to the express, Glasgow Evening Citizen.
    He was with many of the other employees…keeping the presses rolling. If my memory serves…had just had a baby…they all put their money into it…and their hearts and souls…but they were getting bombarded by Maxwell and cronies…it was a very sad time for my dad.

    He was part of the lock in when they were going to be evicted, he went from management to father of the chapel…bit of a radical lol. He never really got over being made redundant. Started as a teaboy, then copy boy to assistant art editor then art editor. His whole life was flushed away in a stroke. Went to the Herald as a lithograph artist till he retired.

    Died age 69 far too young, very much missed.
    Any ‘old newsmen’ remember him. George Matthew.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane uno mas 🙂

  287. Grouse Beater says:

    “Bowie’s comment is more an affectionate plea”

    I found his comment the oddest of all the ‘stay with us’ interventions. It seemed way out of character, late in the day, unexpected, and delivered shabbily second-hand.

    As Heedtracker said, Cameron duly exploited it for all it was worth. Was Bowie comfortable with that association? Who knows?

  288. michael diamond says:

    Just got my sheet of mini saltires from the bonny badge company.

  289. hardy bamboo says:

    Murray Foote was a pal of mine at School, Harris Academy in Dundee, (same school as Kez & Donald Findlay in fact). He will be 50 years old now & I haven’t spoken to him for a long time but seriously doubt he is any kind of spook..

    If you are desperate to dig there is a start for you but my guess is it will be pretty fruitless.

  290. Thepnr says:


    Brilliant story, thanks for sharing. WoS is different, you prove it.

  291. schrodingers cat says:

    during the ref, I was in charge of affixing our own security tags in my area, 1/3 of a ward, 5 wards in my constituency. about 10 ballot stations, about 20 odd in the entire ward. We didn’t have enough polling agents, our fault, but even if we had been more orginised, we still would not have had enough polling agents to cover every polling station.

    for those who unaware, a polling agent is allowed to enter the polling station at any time during the election, check empty booths to see no one has left a vote labour/tory/no leaflet in the actual polling booths. at 10pm they can witness the ballot boxes being closed and tagged(in the case of the indy ref, we had our own security tags we could affix to the outside of the ballot box)

    you can also contact the district polling agent wrt problems, eg, ming Campbell put up a sign 3m x 2m saying vote no in the car park outside the polling station. (signage size outside is regulated…find out about it)police intervention threatened by me and the senior polling agent was why it was removed.

    -true story- a long time ago- in 2011, at 10pm, 2 men in a car, started the tour of all polling stations in my constituency, removing all snp signage outside all polling stations( a legal requirement, failure to do so is a fine for all respective parties)..they finished at 5am????-

    Even legal yes/snp signs are frequently removed/stolen from in front of polling stations during the day. once the ballot boxes are closed, they are loaded into vans and taken to the counting stations. I followed it to the central counting station.

    inside the counting stations is not something I have ever been involved in, that goes for the postal vote too. however, the polling agent side of things is something we can do something about, in the indy ref, I couldn’t be in 20 places at 10pm, so not all tags were fixed, not everything was verified. not every van was followed to the counting house.
    Im not sure what we can do about the postal vote and the count, but if you are reading this, make sure that you are a polling agent in your ward, ensure every polling station in your ward not only has people outside but that they are registered as polling agents too.

  292. Morgatron says:

    I felt the same feeling of great loss yesterday when we lost David Bowie as I did in losing the referendum .Many tears shed as the news sunk in that my childhood hero for the last 41 years no longer shared the same earth .He may have wished us to remain in the union and a view which I was suprised and disagreed with ,but still loved the guy . I waited for this shit to kick in. These so called news papers , editors , journos and buyers of such vile lies should be truely ashamed with themselves. Bastards the load of them.

  293. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ruthies’ little card has even made its way up here to Inverness. Not that it’ll do her any good. The Highlands are not fertile Tory ground.

  294. Effijy says:

    hardy bamboo says:
    12 January, 2016 at 7:52 pm
    Murray Foote was a pal of mine at School, Harris Academy in Dundee, (same school as Kez & Donald Findlay in fact).

    Thanks for the info above.

    It does seem strange that 3 Ultra Britnats came from the one school which currently has less than 1,000 pupils.

    All 3 seem willing to do anything to keep the Butcher’s Apron
    flying high above their Northern Colony.
    Wonder if any teachers in there nurtured the Scotland comes second to the UK culture?

  295. hardy bamboo says:

    There is a 30 year age gap between Donald Findlay & Kezia Dugdale so an awful lot of pupils would have been through the Harris during that time scale. While Findlay is an undoubted Britnat I think both Dugdale & Foote are probably just following the “Company Line”, (I dont condone that by the way).

    As far as I can remember there werent any Teachers promoting a Scotland comes second point of view & the vast majority of former pupils that I know were Yes voters.

  296. Effijy says:

    Just picked up multiple doses of SNP Bad this morning, as predicted!

    It is all very well co-ordinated with Heart Radio, Clyde, BBC TV and Radio, Hootsmon, Dire Redcoat, all announcing the “disabled campaigner” Gordon Aikman has discovered, under the freedom of information act, that 270 disabled Scots died while waiting for
    Social Care Packages.

    For disabled campaigner read died in the wool Red Tory Director and Better Together Campaigner.

    ” After graduation he worked at the Scottish Parliament for the Scottish Labour Party.[1] In September 2012, he was appointed as Director of Research[1] for the Better Together campaign in the Scottish Independence Referendum”.

    I’ve cut and pasted the next paragraph from his Wikipedia listing

    “After meeting Gordon Aikman in November 2014, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that there would be a review of Motor Neurone Disease care in Scotland.[12] Nicola Sturgeon later announced she was honouring her promise to Gordon Aikman and that the NHS in Scotland would begin to fund specialist nursing, and double the number of MND specialist nurses.”

    What the hell does this guy want for fellow disabled Scots?
    If I knew how to use freedom of information, I’d be very interested to know how many disabled people in the English and Welsh nations died waiting for those same packages.
    My bet is on it being much greater there is looked at pro rata.
    The number explains nothing! How many died very soon after applying, how many were borderline as to qualifying for a package

    This is like the recent smear SNP spin that claimed 3,000 Scottish operations were cancelled last year. Although UK Media wouldn’t reveal it, this represents 1.5% of all operations which is roughly a third of what it was under a Scottish Labour Government.

    As Wings discussed, it is almost impossible to better these cancellation figures as Surgeon, Theatre Staff, and the patient
    can suddenly develop other health issues that force postponement.
    Many other factors such as transport and equipment failures will inevitably play their part, as does patient No shows.

    So in summary Mr Aikman, Your Labour Party in Scotland Cancelled
    Triple the amount of Operations that the SNP Government does, your Labour Party was looking to Close NHS Hospitals that the SNP
    Gov saved, Your Party signed up to the ridiculous and crippling PFI interest rates that built some smaller hospitals, Your Party was indifferent to the Bedroom Tax, a Tax where 81% of those adversely affected were registered disabled. Your Party agreed on this latest round of Tory welfare Cuts. (Poll Tax anyone?)

    Having seen the commitment given by Scotland’s First Minister to
    assist those suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, by doubling the number of Specialist Nurses, Why, Oh Why,would you, or any disabled Scot have anything to do with a Labour Party who have declared that their Party comes first before everything else
    and who feel that we must be controlled by corrupt Westminster???

    Good luck with your own health issues but from the Facts above you are doing a great disservice to your fellow sufferers and Scotland in general.

    If anyone uses Facebook or Twitter, I really would like to see him respond to the above?

  297. Andrew McLean says:

    How many disabled people in the English and Welsh nations died waiting for care packages,?
    Well not exactly what you are asking but in 2015, 223 died every week after their disability benefits were stopped in England and Wales and in 2011 over 10,000 people died within six weeks of being placed in the work-related activity group or being found fit for work.

    As for MND it is a terrible disease in that life expectancy form onset is 3 to 5 years, given the lack of early symptoms care packages are essential, so I welcome the heath ministers commitment to look closely at the figures to see what can be done, and as you rightly state how lucky we are to live in Scotland with the government we have than that under our neighbours, or the one wished on us by the Labour party or the Conservatives.

    But the cost of this is constant vigilance so keep fighting Gordon!

    The question is how many of the 270 would have died anyway, after all there was a very good reason they needed care packages at this stage of their lives. And as you say how many die in England and Wales?

  298. Effijy says:

    Thanks Andrew McLean 11.06am

    From the stats that you supplied, we can see a similar number of deaths, but the Scottish annual number is England and Wales weekly one.

    For those Trolls not so good a Maths, England and Wales has less than 12 fold the Scottish population but with 52 weeks in the year, we around 4 times better off than than those in the South.

  299. Effijy says:

    Moray’s Tory Council unhappy with Westminster Tory Cuts-SNP Bad.

    Tory Mundell living a lie for 40 years and counting. SNP Bad.

    Labour’s Gordon Aikman disabling the disabled. SNP still Bad.

  300. Fred says:

    Mebbes Moray’s too wee & too poor & would be better off pooling & sharing with either of its larger neighbours!

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