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A letter to the editor

Posted on December 02, 2014 by

…of the Press & Journal.

Nicola Sturgeon called to distance herself from Wings over Scotland website

Dear Mr Bates,

In a little over three years of monitoring the Scottish media, I’ve ceased to be surprised by the publishing of blatant mistruths, nor by the inadequate journalistic standards that see people made the victim of inaccurate smear attacks without being asked for a comment on the story. Nevertheless I must make the effort to give you the opportunity to correct your error.

Our petition was in fact launched in September as a satirical response to Gordon Brown hijacking another petition in order to call for the people of Scotland to demand something that Mr Brown had already pledged to personally guarantee them.

It used the caustic, irreverent tone and language that’s a commonly-noted characteristic of the people of Scotland, and plainly reflected the feelings of at least 13,000 people who signed it. I couldn’t give any less of a toss what Willie Rennie, a fourth-placed regional list candidate from a minor fringe party without a single mainland constituency MSP in Scotland, thinks about it.

Nevertheless, while people are perfectly free to selectively object to certain words from the dictionary being used to hurt the feelings of a man partly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings and who spent the referendum campaign touring Scotland to frighten pensioners and the sick with lies, that does not give your newspaper the right to publish lies.

Wings Over Scotland has never carried an article on the Hillsborough disaster, nor has it run ‘highly contentious pieces directed at unionist supporters’. We freely attack politicians, who are fair targets, but not ordinary members of the public. We’ve already extracted thousands of pounds in damages from other Scottish newspapers for publishing similar defamatory falsehoods about us on these subjects.

Finally, I am not a member of the SNP and never have been, and have never even voted for the party. Nicola Sturgeon has no responsibility for or control over me whatsoever, and would be told where to go if she tried to dictate the contents of my website. If you must smear me with lies, kindly at least do not drag the First Minister of our country into them.

I look forward to your published correction.

Rev. Stuart Campbell
Editor, Wings Over Scotland

Still, it’s nice to know that petitions actually work sometimes, eh?

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    232 to “A letter to the editor”

    1. uilleam_beag says:

      Nicely put. It will be interesting to see whether the P&J responds.

      No, I doubt it, too.

    2. crisiscult says:

      Well, if you were momentarily low in morale post referendum and wondering whether to retire your website Rev Campbell, I’m sure you’ll be invigorated by this one. More power to you.

    3. donald anderson says:

      Waffle yer way oot o’ that Press & journal.

    4. Lollysmum says:

      1.As usual, Willie Rennie is miles behind the rest of the population-no wonder people say politicians are remote from the people they are supposed to serve. This one certainly is.

      2. The Press & Journal demonstrate yet again that they will distort anything to create smear stories.

      3. It also demonstrates that P & J are struggling to find something, anything to smear Nicola Sturgeon & SNP with-definitely scraping the barrel on this one given that most posters & yourself have no political affiliation to any party.

      Do you think P & J has a problem with the fact that Wings has more readers than they do? Sour grapes maybe.

      Onward & upward

    5. Kenny Campbell says:

      Cyber Nationalists….. who puts guff like that in a newspaper article.

    6. MajorBloodnok says:

      Hit them where it hurts I say. Pathetic journalism from the P&J.

    7. Greannach says:

      When I was in school, the P&J’s slogan was “Start the day with the P&J”, or as we dubbed it, “Start the day with the Poop & Jobbie”.

    8. Macart says:

      Does that qualify as an ooft? 🙂

      Neatly put Rev.

    9. Sandra says:

      That’s telling ’em, Stu. I’d rather be a hardline cyber-nationalist than a Do-Anything-For-Power-Not-Quite-Changing-The-Face-of-British-Politics-Libdem-Also-ran.

    10. X_Sticks says:

      I like that Stuart.

      I have an abiding hatred of the despicable P&J and the endless lies they tell the people of the North-East.

      I doubt you will get any apology or correction out of them. Like the bbc they consider themselves untouchable.

      They aid and abet the terrible mismanagement of Aberdeen and have the full support of the british establishment up here in Aberdeen.

    11. BrianW says:

      Oh, there’ll be steam coming oot his lugs in the Ebirdeen office the day.

      Fa’ dis ‘at Rev mannie hink he is, sending shite like that..

      I’ve always seen the P&J as a read for the more elderly paper buyer. The ones that scare easy when their pension is threatened and the lies they are told are done so with a good glug or Brothers Grimm.

      Most buy it for the deaths page to be honest.

      It can’t surely be for the worthy, referenced and balanced news they print.

      Be interesting to see what reply you get.

    12. Kalmar says:

      Cracking letter! Nice one.

    13. Dan Huil says:

      The press and journal is a particularly odious publication.
      Its narrow-minded unionism and obsequious praise of the unionist establishment – especially the royal family – is truly sickening.
      Feart cringing on every page.

    14. luath says:

      Well, Stu, you are doing a power of work.

      Don’t swear at them though… they’ll focus on your curses and not your decency, philosophy, analysis or genius.

    15. pa_broon74 says:

      Willie Rennie is an intellectual cripple and his mandate reflects that.

      That said, my petition about that colossus Gordon Brown only got about fifty votes, I should’ve been more profane.


    16. Linda McFarlane says:

      Aberdeen Journals are afraid – very afraid. They see SNP and Green support rising in the North East. They will now seek to vilify the yes parties at any opportunity.

    17. Cath says:

      When newspapers and politicians – who are in positions of power and leadership – stop denigrating anyone who disagrees with them as Cybernats and fascists, they may regain respect from some of us.

    18. Grouse Beater says:

      Conformity, conformity, an entire nation told to conform.

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      ‘Hard line nationalists’ from the people who successfully keep the people of Scotland subservient and poor. Jeezus!

    20. Macandroid says:

      @ Dan Hull

      “obsequious praise of the unionist establishment – especially the royal family”

      P&J will be delighted about this then:

    21. Maureen Robinson says:

      Well said! Respect. Keep going

    22. Ken500 says:

      More Wings readers

    23. Swami Backverandah says:

      Hey Willie.
      We’re waiting for the LibDems to ‘disassociate’ themselves from the Tories.

      Till then, save us the lectures on ‘obscene abuse’.
      You’re becoming even more of a laughing stock. If that’s possible.

    24. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Sue the rear end off them. I’ll happily chip in towards legal costs fundraiser.

    25. Clootie says:

      At least you will get a wee holiday paid for by the P&J.

      I live North of Aberdeen and this rag does not reflect the views of the people of the NE. It is a Unionist rag – probably the worst.

    26. Darren Ferguson says:

      I am having fun with Carol Lindsay at the moment, seems it is ok for the sun to print an offensive photo but not for the Rev to make a satirical petition. Quote “That is typical Sun misogyny”.
      Have asked her if I can phone that quote to the P&J.

    27. ronnie anderson says:

      Oh ah ( Press & Journal )shower of Fibbers an thats puting it politly. Rev lets know when you want the Wallets opened or its jaikets aff Cmon P n J put the dukes up square go,but mind We Wingers uase the Heid.

    28. Oh dear I thought Willie Rennie was a third rate idiot but it turns out he is really a forth rate knumbskull. All those adverts between Kelty and Dunfermline must have cost a fortune too, I suppose he will get that back by fiddling a few expenses though.

    29. Greg says:

      Ha ha, yes, I think I can hear the sound of backpeddling coming from the P & J offices

    30. Nana Smith says:

      Had a P&J rep at my door during the summer, offering free dining vouchers for a P&J subscription.

      He wasn’t amused when I told him where to shove the P&J.

    31. Moira Currie says:

      More power to your keyboard Rev. At one time, many years ago, I used to have some respect for the P&J as it had journalists worthy of the name whose interpretation of national and international news items was sound, judicious and usually relatively unbiased. It is been a matter of sorrow to me to see the decay of that newspaper into a right wing, anti-Scottish, pro-unionist, lickspittle, ideologically bankrupt mouthpiece for the UK state.

    32. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

      Don’t sue! — lol (do)

      I hate that the press is hostile to Scotland.

    33. X_Sticks says:


      They don’t like the scrutiny of the plebs, eh? All good when we fawn over them, tug our forelocks properly and give them our money but we mustn’t question the owners of the establishment firm.

      I wonder if the smell of evil coming from Westminster goes all the way to the palace.

    34. csinclair185 says:

      While the P&J piece is awful and needed challenging, your response churlish in tone and has no small measure of that other Scottish verbal tradition, whataboutery.
      Is this a serious political blog or a satirical website, I am beginning to wonder.

    35. The Dons says:

      Depress and Churnal as i call it. Unionist and Royalist arse licking rag of the lowest common denominator. Hate that paper.

    36. Anne Roberts says:

      Excellent letter Rev Stu. Power to your keyboard ????. But will the rag publish it? Probably not….

    37. fred blogger says:

      lying to people is far more offensive than’s one’s responce to this.

    38. ronnie anderson says:

      @ X Sticks kin you run roon tae the P n J wie a bucket of Caustic Soda it needs a good clean oot,cancel that stupid comment Colin ah dont want you burned, weil just uase oor Caustic Wit.

    39. Clootie says:

      Macandroid says:
      2 December, 2014 at 11:06 am

      Thanks for the link. The LibDems get upset about an open website yet support secrecy for the Royals while people are forced in ever greater numbers to use food banks.

      “…how the Queen can spend the £38.2m handed over by Parliament each year”

      The hidden funding via the RAF flights/ building maintenance / estate and land rentals etc.

      Let’s have welfare cuts for the poor. We can use the media to make them look lazy, idle and getting money for nothing …meanwhile over at Buck Palace!!!!

    40. Mac an Sealgair says:

      An SNP spokesman said: “As the SNP and the Yes campaign repeatedly and clearly stressed during the referendum, there is no place in Scottish politics for the denigration of others.”

      Wonder who said that, when they said it and in what context. I bet it had nothing to do with the rest of the article. Get the impression its only a part of a statement too. Conveniany iserted into the end of their article to make it look like the SNP agree with them, giving this pile of “Poos and Jobbies” (lol Greannach), some kind of credence.
      Between their rag and their council Aberdeen are fast being turned into the joke city of Scotland. The good people up there will hopefully let these fools know how they feel and put them back in their place.

    41. Training Day says:

      Willie Rennie and his scabrous party ‘dissociated’ themselves from principle and integrity a long time ago.

    42. Ananurhing says:

      You can’t argue with results. After Broon’s announcement yesterday, I’d say the petition was a success. He’s f’n off.

      Sue ’em Stu. (That would make a great Wings T shirt.)

    43. Wee Jonny says:

      “I couldn’t give any less of a toss what Willie Rennie, a fourth-placed regional list candidate from a minor fringe party without a single mainland constituency MSP in Scotland, thinks about it.”

      Rev Stuart Campbell I LOVE YOU.

    44. Mac an Sealgair says:

      An SNP spokesman said: “As the SNP and the Yes campaign repeatedly and clearly stressed during the referendum, there is no place in Scottish politics for the denigration of others.”

      Wonder who said that, when they said it and in what context. I bet it had nothing to do with the rest of the article. Get the impression its only a part of a statement too. Conveniany inserted into the end of their article to make it look like the SNP agree with them, giving this pile of “Poos and Jobbies” (lol Greannach), some kind of credence.
      Between their rag and their council Aberdeen are fast being turned into the joke city of Scotland. The good people up there will hopefully let these fools know how they feel and put them back in their place.

    45. Luigi says:

      If Master Bates declines your offer to publish the WoS correction in full, then perhaps the National would. A full explanation that the P&J don’t want people to see would certainly cause a few chokes over at the Lang Stracht office. The National is selling quite well in P&J land.

    46. Lanarkist says:

      Like the footer statement under the photograph referring to “webisite”!

      Is that akin to a plebiscite published on the web!

      Wee Willie using distraction squirrels quite well.

      WOS is obviously read regularly by the dishonourable opposition and they pick up tips, hopefully this one will cost them am apology or a nice Christmas bonus for the Rev!

      Seasons greetings one and all!

    47. One_Scot says:

      You know what is laughable about these unionist knuckle draggers, they are so stupid they don’t know how stupid they are.

      How do these people get through a day without seriously injuring themselves.

    48. I wonder just where the P&J would print any such retraction – I suppose on whichever page is considered its arse hole.

      I don’t know if lodging £25,000 with the Court of Session for an interim interdict, prior to seeking damages for defamation against the P&J would be a good investment, though. You would be better to go after Willie Rennie and the author of the piece.

    49. Dan says:

      The P and J is a truly horrible paper.It tries to play the couthy role but in reality is a pretty right wing nasty piece of work.Not to worry though you might be getting another cheque from an editor.

    50. Marcia says:

      I am sure the knock on effect will be an increase of internet traffic to this site from the area the newspaper circulates in. The new visitors might actually read some good journalism for a change.

    51. Willie G says:

      I am unfortunate enough to live in the north east of Scotland.
      It is actually a great place to stay and I have never regretted moving up here.
      However the area is blighted by two excuses for newspapers the P&J and the EE fron the same stable.
      In no way do they reflect the popular opinion of the people in the north east..
      How the doors are still open is beyond me.

    52. Ali says:

      I think when we’re talking about wobble-chops’ involvement in illegal wars not enough mention is made of that government’s role in extraordinary rendition and routine torture of prisoners

    53. Mealer says:

      I think occasionally you use coarse and vulgar language to good effect.So too do those who comment on here.There has been the very occasional time when you’ve denigrated a person rather than their policy,but with justification.Keep at it.Its good stuff.

    54. muttley79 says:

      I can recall Willie Rennie trying to get Martin Compton the sack as a Commonwealth Games ambassador type because he was involved in the Yes campaign. Of course Alastair Darling and co constantly accused the Yes campaign and its supporters of intimidation. What a squalid, nasty campaign the unionists ran.

    55. Murray McCallum says:

      Wee Willie Rennie is a formidable farce in Scottish politics.

      Like all those true to the Liberal tradition he will never cease until the internet is censored and wiped clean.

    56. ClanDonald says:

      I’d just like to say welcome to all the new readers that the article has brought to this website today. Hope you all find this site as informative, entertaining and fun as we do. Stick around, you won’t regret it.

    57. muttley79 says:

      If this is the standard fare from the P & J, then the National should sell well with Yes supporters in the north east.

    58. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Kenny Campbell says:
      Cyber Nationalists….. who puts guff like that in a newspaper article.

      And here was me fretting the other day that being a Cybernat didn’t seem to be a hanging offence any more.

      I shouldn’t have worried.


    59. Swami Backverandah says:

      Hey Rev.Stu.

      You’re obviously not the kind of LibDem voter that the likes of the Rennie’s prefer.
      You’re the wrong kind of LibDem voter. 😀
      Think he’ll understand the irony?

    60. mary vasey says:

      X-sticks well said, I totally agree with you ‘re p &j.
      I feel ashamed by them and our joke of a council who never listen to the voters but go steam-rolling ahead with outrageous plans ruining our beautiful city.
      Well said sir it’s time they were telt what for.
      I agree until politicians stop denigrating others why should we not give them a taste of their own medicine.

    61. Lollysmum says:

      A blog on FOI & the Royals attempts to gain exemption Stu?

      I’ll chip in to any case should they not print a retraction

    62. ronnie anderson says:

      P n J hiv Willie Rennie stuckup they’re arse,soon the’yll hiv ah lot more Willies stuckup they’re arse fae this WOS & thats no just the Men of this site the Wummen tae & before the Rev bans me for being smutty am reffering tae Scotlands Industrial Heratage in Weaving.

      Sticky Willies were used in the Carding machines to seperate the wool,we dont need tae wait till the Willies grow,just stick it to them the noo.

    63. mary vasey says:

      Sorry that last sentence should be well said stu

    64. grahamlive says:

      Well said Rev. More and more of these “news”papers need to be called on their shite. As for Brown, all this fawning over him lately is sick making. If I hadn’t already signed your “go fuck yourself” petition, I’d be over there signing it right now.

    65. Muscleguy says:

      On the subject of newspapers I’ve just had a phone call from a nice man peddling the Guardian. Probably just a call centre operative on minimum wage so I was nice to him. However I did inform him that since I have taken out a digital subscription to The National (works fine on the Mac Stu, but not my new Android phone) I have even less reason than normal to read the Guardian. He was not at all put out and said ‘fair enough’. We then wished each other well.

      Selling the Guardian in Scotland, a thankless task that one.

    66. Wullie says:

      I would have thought that the PnJ would be running a story about the bridge into Queenies Balmoral estate being refurbished at this very moment must be costing us a fortune, Im sure the PnJ would prefer and campaign that the money should be spent on the more needy in our society.
      Aye morals right enough

    67. Bill Cruickshank says:

      As a North East loon, I say well said Stuart Campbell. I am sick of unionist lies. They distorted, skewed and destroyed democracy with their lies the independence referendum. Chav on loon!

    68. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:


      Of course they read WIngs.

      For instance the Rev pointed out its possible to use a 0% taxation band to raise the limit befroe effectively paying tax.

      Willie Rennie was immediately twisting that to say that Nicola wanted control over tax free allowance so as to cut it(Tartan Tax – or some other such stereotyped pish).

      They know we’re talking sense on the Smith proposals and they want to shut us up, prevent the spread of information, and hide behind the wal-to-wall media spin of ‘Vow Delivered’ before the General Election.


    69. schrodingers cat says:

      on the day WWII was declared in 1939, the p&j missed their dead line and ran with the front page scoop

      “Huge neep fund in Dyce”

      note to rev, these people are not to be taken seriously lol

    70. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      you will get fuck all back from the cowards, hiding behind the title of a shit newspaper, great to on the same side as wings. say what you mean, mean what you say.

    71. mary vasey says:

      MuscleguyI I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on the guardian at the weekend on Alexei Sayle’s article.

    72. Stoker says:

      To the P & J = Fancy doing a wee article on your rags approval of right wing nationalists within your beloved Bitter Together mob? You know the one, aye, that filthy Labour ("Tractor" - Ed) working side by side with the BNP neo-nazis. Aye, that wan.

      To Wee Willie Winkie Rennie = What say you, ya ("Tractor" - Ed), to your parties involvement in the greatest deception ever foisted on the people of Scotland? Aye, that’s right ya ("Tractor" - Ed), ‘The Vow’. Where are these new substantial powers? What say you, ya ("Tractor" - Ed), about the BNP’ involvement in helping to destroy Scotland’s future?

      BTW, Rennie, i’m a member of no political organisation and one of the joys of not being associated with a political organisation is that i do not have to show restraint when addressing utter ersewipes such as your rancid self. Now answer my questions then go and join chief ("Tractor" - Ed) Broon on that petition.

    73. X_Sticks says:


      Take more than a bucket of caustic soda Ronnie we’d need a tanker (or two) of hydrochloric acid to clean out that nest of vipers. These reptiles have thick skins.

    74. schrodingers cat says:

      not a parocial publication……no no

      however, the day the titanic sank they ran with the headline

      “North East man lost at sea”


    75. heedtracker says:

      Its a bit weird how WoS has raised their hackles now. Don’t envy you having any contact with this crew. Its like concentrated Daily Mail/BBC gone insane with royals worshipping. Their “Sturgeon urged to turn back on divisive web site” headline is usual very weird, very creepy stuff but its next to extreme UKOK bias P&J grovel puffery for Crash Gordon, across page from extreme vapid three Labour in Scotland leader candidates are the best ever, because we all hate Nicola Sturgeon don’t we, headline.

      Their vote NO or else Project Fear no depths unplumbed campaign was extremely effective in the North East of Scotland though. In no particular order, these far right UKOK liggers want the following horrors of Scottishness (eurgh)scrapped, 1-Holyrood, 2-Gaelic language,3-wind energy, 4-Speed cameras on A9 Christ knows why this lot hate road safety on that one road so much, probably one of them got a speeding ticket

      Scrap Holyrood, turn Scotland region into absolute monarchy, because the Royals are amazing and wonderful and brilliant and proud Scot buts are lovely but other Scottish types are annoying and divisive.

    76. Helena Brown says:

      Good for you Rev, and I am sure we who were also signatory’s to the self same petition are also right behind you and the P&J should remember that.
      It sticks daily in my craw that when Rennie lost his seat as my MP I was a teeny bit sorry for him. He did his best but how can I put it. Holyrood is not Westminster and the poor wee lad may have been able to hide his inefficiencies in Westminster but they are well and truly on show in Holyrood, Mr Murphy take note.

    77. Paula Rose says:

      Yes, this will no doubt bring many new readers to the site – so let’s all be on our best behaviour.

    78. Macca73 says:

      Divide and conquer tactics designed at trying to throw the site into disrepute and hope that people swaying thier votes would start to badmouth the site before the GE. If there is to be a new wave of people using items from this site and the possiblity of a new WBB then they can dismiss it. They forget our resolve is stronger than that!!

      On the subject matter of Gordon Brown. People have EVERY right to be angry at him for the reason mentioned in the Rev. Stu’s letter. THE NO CAMP WAS NOT WINNING up until the VOW was mentioned and many were and still are duped by this nonsense that Brown then spouted. I mean not one of them (including the Record that published it) want’s to lay claim to it. This vow delivered nothing and the First Minister of Scotland has her own duty to perform in upholding Westminster to what it first promised of a full federial state for Scotland. If they don’t then this site is there to support that and take people to task.

      This site supports independence and not a party and it monitors the press for it’s downright lies. Perhaps if YOU the press members read it more you’d find out why it’s support is larger than any daily newspaper!!!!

    79. Cag-does-thinking says:

      I never really think of myself as hardline anything but the Wullie Rennie description is brilliant. I tend to think of a missed opportunity that in another era he would have made a great character actor as a foil to Mrs Mack in Take the High Road perhaps as a parish councillor.

    80. annie says:

      I wonder how much in advertising revenue P&J get from Aberdeen Labour lead council. Willie Young certainly has a gripe with Wings.

    81. afc1903 says:

      Depressing Churnal, utter scumbag of a paper-unionist/royalist to the core. Another unionist stalking horse that does its britmasters bidding at the drop of a hat.

    82. ronnie anderson says:

      @ X Sticks ah ken ah Manny wie ah big tank on the back o his engine & Paula Rose kens how tae work the Hose n Nozzle wid that dey the job.

    83. Stoker says:

      Macandroid says:
      2 December, 2014 at 11:06 am
      @ Dan Hull

      “obsequious praise of the unionist establishment – especially the royal family”

      P&J will be delighted about this then:

      How convenient!

      Only last week a new breaking story about child abuse at Bucky Palace was very quickly brushed under the radar after a very brief mention on BritShitTV.

      What say you Wee Willie Stinky?

    84. HandandShrimp says:

      The P&J has long been the butt of parochialism jokes, with good cause. It is a comfort blanket for those terrified by change.

    85. stewart fae stoney says:

      many a letter I have sent to the P & J and only very few have been published on the independence issue, however after the next few budgets and with the biggest con trick masquerading as “THE VOw” going to fail to get through parliment I will be back at them telling them who was right with predictions pre indy vote, the P & J are so pro unionist it beggers belief, they claim they are the voice of the north, ha thats the biggest joke of all time

    86. mumsyhugs says:

      Hmmm – SNP win in Aberdeen last week, attack WoS this week. Do you think P&J is feart it’s losing its mind control over its readers as we pick up new curious readers?

      As for Mr Rennie – does anybody actually pay any attention to what he says? Probably feels he needs to raise his profile – somebody should tell him he should follow previous attention seeking politicians then and head for either the Big Brother house or the Australian jungle!

    87. Macandroid says:

      Cameras on the A9

      Perhaps an Aberdeen cooncilor was ‘rear ended’ on the A9 somewhere and they fret about any cameras!

    88. Lollysmum says:

      @ Paula Rose


    89. Wee Copey says:

      Well said Rev, more power to your elbow!

    90. proudscot says:

      Get in there, Rev Stu. If the P&J fail or refuse to publish a full retraction, sue them. Like most if not all the others on your website, I’ll willingly contribute to any crowdfunded legal cost you may require.

      Re Greannach’s hilarious “Poo & Jobbies” childhood nickname for this unionist rag, when I resided in the North-East for a time, I heard it nicknamed “The Coos’ News” because of its coverage of the lists of cattle market prices it published on certain days. No insult meant to the farming community, but that nickname seemed appropriate for the average IQ of most of its pro-unionist readership.

    91. Bill McLean says:

      Willie Rennie is as disgusting a hypocrite as his leader at Westminster. When he was my MP I asked him why, if he was against war and nuclear weapons, he sat in Westminster with those warmongers. His reply was to “stop the English from being so aggressive”. A silly, nasty, dishonest little man who can say what he pleases but doesn’t like it back!

    92. cearc says:


      re A9 cameras. I saw somewhere that Danny boy had been told that he should campaign on local issues for the GE, like the ‘unpopular’ A9 cameras.

      Great idea! MP fights for right to break the law! Polis shouldn’t prevent crime! Lib-Dems support road deaths!

      Should be a sucessful campaign, eh?

    93. Captain Haribo says:

      “Without a single mainland constituency MSP” seems an odd caveat. Are island seats worth less?

    94. schrodingers cat says:

      good stuff

      if the msm continues like this we will no longer even need to crowd fund wos

    95. Haggis Hunter says:

      Alex Salmomnd resigns, so the BBC and all the rest of the media calls in the big guns like Alan Cochrane, the pathological hater of the SNP, to put the boot in.
      Gordon Brown resigns, the BBC call in the Gordon Brown fan club to sing his praises.

      UK media is the British government is the UK media.
      Sick of hearing lies and propaganda, only the sheep follow

    96. Macart says:

      @ Macca 73

      “Perhaps if YOU the press members read it more you’d find out why it’s support is larger than any daily newspaper!!!!”

      Oh I think they do, in both senses.

      The media would dearly love to shut this site and other pro indy sites down and if they could would do it over night without missing a beat. This site and others are independent in both thought and action. They cross political and non political boundaries and find common ground with an electorate that puts people, social justice and need ahead of party political agenda.

      The commentary both above and below the line exposes the lie in the narrative that the media would have everyone swallow. There are no monsters here, no frothing xenophobes, no racists, but there are angry people.

      They are angry at how they have been portrayed, demonised, marginalised and ignored by people they one time put their trust in both in politics and press. They are truly pissed off with an establishment that would rather have them sit down shut up and pay their taxes like good little sheep, without asking too many questions. They are pretty much outraged at how they’ve been used and abused, made scapegoat for the complete clusterfuck of big government and subjected to serial austerity and welfare reform. But what they are not, are right wing kneejerk, might is right, little empire loving flagwavers.

      We leave that to the establishment rainbow alliance at Westminster.

    97. X_Sticks says:


      Aye, get Mr Law back up here with the Spirit of Indy and, as you say (though I wouldn’t know) Paula can probably handle a nozzle. 😉

      @Paula Rose

      “let’s all be on our best behaviour”

      That, coming from you, made me laugh out loud! 😀

    98. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      If Rennie or The P & J had any sense they would not be providing Wings with publicity. As far as the former is concerned it looks like it will be expensive publicity.

    99. Fairliered says:

      Gordon Brown is a nonentity.
      Willie Rennie is an irrelevance.
      The Queen, and her dysfunctional family are parasites who have no place in Scottish society.
      None of them are fit to wipe Stuart Campbell’s arse.
      Hope you are reading this Master Bates.

    100. cearc says:

      Whoops, the edit in response to Stu’s letter didn’t go to well..

      Stu wrote, ‘nor has it run ‘highly contentious pieces directed at unionist supporters’. ‘

      They wrote, ‘or run contentious pieces directed at unionist politicians.’

    101. schrodingers cat says:

      p&j scoop

      “wullie rennie caught dive bombing folks unfinished breakfasts in the Tannochbrae cafe in Muchty”

      as Dr Findlay often used to say, “get yer tit oot o’ ma porridge Morag”

    102. Howard says:

      It’s not for nothing that the Press & Journal is referred to in Aberdeen as the “depressing journal”.

      As for Willie Rennie – well others have described his character more eloquently than I ever could. He’s just another self-serving rat from the worst mainstream party of all – the one that has so few scruples they’ll hijack any cause and tag onto any agenda just to try and scrape up a few extra votes to keep them in the luxury to which they firmly believe they are entitled.

    103. Haggis Hunter says:

      The thing that really p!sses off the unionists is that the do not have an army of cyber Brit Nats.
      Concocted tales and half truths of Cyber Nats was a very common attack method of Belter Together

    104. bjsalba says:

      The P&J and The Inverness Courier ran what looked to me like a smear campaign against the SNP government up here from early June to mid August. It was a string of articles all about “routine armed police” patrols – but the only photographic “proof” they had was of an armed response team sent out specially to the scene of a report of a drunk with a knife. That didn’t stop them larding that article and the others with “routine armed” all over the place. That didn’t stop them printing that the SNP Highland councillors were satisfied with the police explanation (without mentioning what the photo really showed) and printing lots of comments from many other part and independent councillors expressing concern.

      The inference was that this was because of the creation of Police Scotland. Such patrols respond to incidents where arms are involved all over the UK – but these Unionist papers forgot to mention that they operate in England and Wales too. The armed officer policies are UK wide.

      Check out:

      They implied that the SNP was interfering in police matters with political intent whereas I understand it the single force objective was to eliminate duplication of back office services. Do they think we too need a jobs-for-the-boys-scheme-for-elected-police-commissioners like they have in England? Well maybe they should look in yesterdays Guardian which reports on the IPCC investigations into complaints. – one of which was looking at expense claims.

    105. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Lollsmum.
      Paula Rose says:
      2 December, 2014 at 12:14 pm

      Yes, this will no doubt bring many new readers to the site – so let’s all be on our best behaviour.

      Paula Rose says:
      2 December, 2014 at 12:14 pm

      Yes, this will no doubt bring many new readers to the site – so let’s all be on our best behaviour.

      We were out over the Weekend speading the word of WOS Edin/Dundee. A warm welcome to all newcomers to WOS, dont be a Lurker be a Lurcher lets hear yous.

      RayLemon n MumsAssociate fae Dumbarton.
      KiwiKevin n Katy fae the Ferry.
      DizzyDonna & friends fae Dundee.

    106. bob sinclair says:

      Hope you get enough out of them to kick start the production of ‘Wee Blue Book too’ the GE Edition. We really need something which has the same weight as the ‘Wee Blue Book’ for use prior to May.

    107. HandandShrimp says:

      I find Willie Rennie difficult to take seriously. Who can forget his attempts to avoid saying that Scotland is in the North Atlantic? He invariably looks like a sheep in headlights.

    108. GrahamB says:

      How about another petition “F@@k off P&J”? If it worked for liar Brown it might rid the North East of the farmers’ propaganda paper a bit more quickly.

    109. Neil Ghani says:

      Keep it up mate … we need to call these people out for the self-centred harlots they are! You articles are informed, funny and to the point. Don’t change a thing.

    110. heedtracker says:

      P&J isn’t all powerful. They really went after Mark MacDonald MSP at the last Bridge of Don Holyrood by election but they still lost badly. The BBC did all they could too, but they weren’t helped by their Labour man Wullie Young turning into a right numpty everytime he was asked any Labour policy. But by christ, that little chunk of Surrey up on the Lang Stracht was absolutely furious that Wullie lost so badly. They even accused AlicSamin of being a threat to young children for days afterwards in ways that only reprobated UKOK hacks can get close to. Wullie Young then went on to ban all SNP MSP’s from Aberdeen and then sent me a letter a formal Aberdeen City Council telling me to vote NO, with my last council tax bill. Good times.

    111. john king says:

      I dont see any attacks from P&J on the odious Steve Bell?

    112. Schrodingers cat says:

      Paula Rose says:
      2 December, 2014 at 12:14 pm

      Yes, this will no doubt bring many new readers to the site – so let’s all be on our best behaviour.

      thank goodness for that edit button…..

    113. Baheid says:

      This is the guy, (Bane), who when editor of the Evening Express made later to be Trumps mouth piece in Scotland the face of Aberdeen.(A beauty contest in the paper).

      Then during the height of the debate about Trumps golf course he became editor of the p&j. He then barred any reporting associated with the Trip Up Trump group.

      He married last March,I’ll give you one guess who he married.

    114. dandydons says:

      This trojan horse rag just oozes hatred for the SNP government and loves all things Brit and Royal its never off with kissing the establishments arse, its basically the hootsman with a larger circulation. Depress and Churnal indeed.

    115. Chitterinlicht says:

      I do not buy the P and J would appreciate update on their response.

      Excellent letter

    116. hadrianswall says:

      Superb Stu. Get intae them.

    117. Scott says:

      Sturgeon accused of “Tartan tax”motive over new-powers quest
      This in yesterdays P&J did not take them long to use the word accused on NS,I had a bet with myself to see how long it would be using the same language they used against AS.
      P&J one of the worst anti SNP papers there is.

    118. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent response from yourself, Stu.

      Shows though, a lot of poeple don’t follow WOS or they would actually know what goes on here.

      “Hardline nationalist” … if there is one thing more than anything else which came out of the referendum campaign, it is that hardline nationalists are much more likely to be found among Unionist ranks.

      I prefer the term pro democracy activist anyway. That seems to be the term used everywhere else in the world to describe those seeking a fairer and more just society, is it not?

      I admit it, I’m a hardline pro democracy activist !

    119. robertknight says:

      Huzzah! Petition will be 13,000+ and climbing as a result. Perhaps the biggest conduit of effluent amongst the parcel o rogues that is the Labour Party will finally appreciate how ‘highly’ he is regarded.

    120. Scott says:

      Sorry Rev forgot to say good on you for getting stuck into P&J who did not have the guts to come out and say they were for the Union.

    121. Giving Goose says:

      Apparently I am a “hardline cyber-nationalist”

      Well, if a desire to end child poverty, to redistribute wealth, a desire for an ethical foreign policy, no nukes, free education, free health care, a balanced economy, an end to the elitist social system, defines me as a hardline cyber-nationalist, then Mr Rennie, I’m proud to be a hardline cyber-nationalist!

      Rather that than a failed political hypocrite.

    122. gerry parker says:

      Oh dear, and me just sent them off a letter then them that the “powerhouse parliament” was just another big timeshare type con.

      I somehow don’t think they’ll publish.

      Maybe some of the other Local newspapers I sent it to will.

    123. Murray McCallum says:

      “hardline cyber-nationalists”

      What about the ones that use Wi-fi?

    124. Doug Daniel says:

      The Press and Journal: a conservative rag that acts as a mouthpiece for the whims and opinions of the obscenely-rich oil wankers and other millionaires that unfortunately infest the North East, and who think their disgusting wealth gives them the right to dictate what happens in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. Put a rich businessman in front of them and they’ll cheer-lead whatever his cause is (so it’s hardly surprising which side of the referendum debate they were so blatantly on). To this day, they still take any opportunity they can to bang on about Union Terrace Gardens not being bulldozed to make way for the Ian Wood Concrete Memorial Carbuncle, presumably in the hope that it will one day be resurrected.

      Interesting thing about the P&J is it shares something in common with Wings, in that both have provided outlets for me to publish my opinions. Therefore, when will Nicola Sturgeon disassociate herself from this vile rag?

    125. PJ = Pish Journalism

    126. Inky pic says:

      They are obviously worrying to write such a tirade!!!

    127. Jack Murphy says:

      OT.BBC Scotland on-line.
      2 December 2014 Last updated at 11:44
      ” ‘Unworkable’ plans dropped from final report, Lord Smith tells MSPs “.
      NOWHERE is there a readers comments facility!!
      One of the most important moments in Scotland’s recent history,and the ‘Powers That Be’ at BBC Scotland c/o Pacific Quay,decide we’re not interested in your views.

    128. Willie Rennie? Not the sharpest knife in the box. Willie suffers from foot and mouth syndrome. Everytime he opens his mouth, he puts his mouth in.

      I understand he is seeking to be a candidate in North-East Fife. Not sure of it’s the GE or the Holyrood one. I suspect he has a better chance here, than in his own constituency of Dunfermline.

      He was here supporting Jim Murphy. Rennie and Murphy shook my hand. A very stange experience.

    129. Stoker says:

      Dear Wee Willie Stinky,

      Remember that cartoon you obnoxious wee maggot.

      You’re obsessed with the SNP – envy can be extremely negative.

      Tell me, Stinky, how warm is that Tory bed?
      Dae they leave the electric blanket oan fur ye?

      Here’s a wee reminder of what your Lieberal colleague thinks, but first – a wee quote from said article:
      “To date, Rennie’s attacks on the SNP leadership have been weak and play directly into Salmond’s hands while making our party appear small-minded, tribal and idiotic.”

      How’z that dwindling LieDem membership coming along, btw?

    130. Harry Shanks says:

      Willie Rennie (the only Rennie ever to GIVE me the boak) states : “If any person in public life was to run such aggressive personal campaigns against their opponents they would rightly face criticism,”

      Funnily enough I do not recall Willie Rennie leaping to his feet in the Scottish Parliament when Johann Lamont repeatedly and cynically alluded to the childless-ness of both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. Was that not personal?

      Seems like double-standards to me – but no more than I expect from an over-promoted representative of a party of political prostitutes (no offence intended to prostitutes).

    131. ronnie anderson says:

      15 billion to be spent on roads in Engerland

      2.3 billion to be spent on flood defences in Engerland

      cross rail/sewers/airportrunways/HS 1 2 3

      How many Public Works are there in Scotland ?

      Engerlands rapeing Scotlands wealth before Independence as they have been doing & it will excelerate before we gain Independence.

    132. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John King request yer added.

    133. caz-m says:

      So it’s the Press & Journal, I could have sworn that P&J stood for Pricks & Jokers.

      The North East’s answer to the Daily Record.

      Is it not in the same stable as the Scotsman?

    134. Luigi says:

      ronnie Anderson says:

      15 billion to be spent on roads in Engerland

      2.3 billion to be spent on flood defences in Engerland

      cross rail/sewers/airportrunways/HS 1 2 3

      How many Public Works are there in Scotland ?

      There’s always Barnett, or are the above massive projects exempt, for some strange reason?

    135. “An SNP spokesman said: “As the SNP and the Yes campaign repeatedly and clearly stressed during the referendum, there is no place in Scottish politics for the denigration of others.” ”

      Tell that to Willie Rennie, MSP, who along with Ruth Davidson has made a career of doing just that.

      Both are beneficiaries of Holyrood’s assisted places Scheme, wherein a failed candidate like Ms Davidson can come in 4th with just 1845 constituency votes and less 7.5% of the total vote in a general election (a personal record high for her in four elections), yet deign to dictate the boundaries of devolution and self determination to the entire nation.

      The verdict of the electorate cast upon this pair of discredited chancers has consistently manifest itself in the form of a giant reverberating raspberry.

      It is the case that I could run my cat Mitzi for Parliament and she’d do better simply on the basis of being cute, than either of these two perennial single-digit carnival-barking failures.

    136. Graeme Doig says:


      Did you have to go reminding us of how we are being royally screwed by WM? I was busy enjoying Stokers kind words and encouragement for Rennie. Dinnae miss him Stoker 🙂


      Nicely done. My wallet is at the ready if the war chest needs it but hopefully the PJ will be helping out too.

    137. caz-m says:

      Jack Murphy 1.31pm
      “NOWHERE is there a readers comments facility!!!

      Our right to ask any questions anywhere at all is being diminished. No public debates by Unionists. You can’t get near a Scottish Labour politician. BBC Scotland don’t reply to us, the press are gradually cutting out the comments sections on important issues.

      We are being told what to think by our state broadcaster and our Unionist press.

    138. schrodingers cat says:

      “It used the caustic, irreverent tone and language that’s a commonly-noted characteristic of the people of Scotland”

      and the effin tores, especally effin cameron

    139. DRDWoodward says:

      Email sent ~

      FAO: Damian Bates.

      BattyBoy … I have a neighbour, an old lady actually, who isn’t even a fourth-placed regional list candidate from a minor fringe party without a single mainland constituency MSP in Scotland,…..( not that that matters to you eh?) who wants to create an online petition, calling for a national advertisers and readers boycott of the P&J ! She asked me to help her out with some of the text. In particular she wanted to know which phrases might best describe your publication… one’s that might resonate with the people of Scotland … the 60% plus, who feel that its time to rid ourselves of our foreign colonial masters, whom it appears the P&J are in league with!

      So of the following which do you think best applies to your publication?

      1: The Highland Daily Record.
      2: The Voice of Trump.
      3: The Shite Paper
      4: The Fucking Shite Paper
      5: A local Tory rag, that supports the fucking greedy self-serving rich kiddy-fiddlers of Westminster and that obscene monarchical system of peerage and privilege that is arse fucking the entire Nation of Scotland! (Ok .. That I know needs condensing,…. maybe into The Journal of Obscenities )
      6: or like the level of integrity and accuracy of you journalism,The Pish & Jism !

      Hoping you get your just deserts.

    140. manandboy says:

      UK debt is as nothing compared with Scotland’s debt to you Stu. Great letter – just brilliant!
      The P&J is just an odious stain on Scotland.

    141. schrodingers cat says:

      @james caithness
      “He was here supporting Jim Murphy. Rennie and Murphy shook my hand. A very stange experience.”

      hope you counted your fingers after….

    142. gordon browns beard says:

      Not a day goes by without the Depress and Churnal spouting some ludicrous nonsense against the Scottish Government, notice how it tows the line with its Brit masters. Its just as big a trojan horse to Scotlands entitlement to be a free independent country as the Hootsmon/Rancid/BBC etc

    143. desimond says:

      Mac an Sealgair says:
      2 December, 2014 at 11:26 am
      An SNP spokesman said: “As the SNP and the Yes campaign repeatedly and clearly stressed during the referendum, there is no place in Scottish politics for the denigration of others.”

      Perhaps that was for Jim “FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF” Murphy

    144. ronnie anderson says:

      I recommend Wee Wullie Rennie fur (Elivation)ah mean a manny of his stature should have a elivated position, top of Christmas Tree in Aberdeen should meet the requirment.

      Paule Rose would you have a spare Tu Tu fur oor Wullie,naw no the Dundee wan the Aberdeen Wullie,awe am confuddled theres 2 Wullie, stick the 2 of them up 2 Tu Tu,s required Paula.

    145. galamcennalath says:

      A lot of Unionists and media running dogs must have thought after the referendum all sorts of issues in their lives would dissappear. Among them, they probably thought that deeply irritating Wings website would go away.

      Well, it didn’t, did it!?

      We have to remember that both sides will have had time to reflect on where their weaknesses lie. The Unionist’s biggest deficiency was perhaps online presence. The P&J attack didn’t just come out of nowhere, I guess. Expect more!

    146. Paula Rose says:

      Two tu-tus on their way ronnie anderson and some wings to sit on their shoulders.

    147. chalks says:

      If they are after us, we’re doing something right.

    148. RMAC says:

      Perhaps you should ask Willie Rennie and the P&J to send a similar request the Grant Schapps and Nick Glegg asking them to do the same thing regarding Cameron’s use of the offending word (albeit paraphrased)during the referendum campaign. Yet another example of the double standards employed by the Britnats when it suits them.

    149. Joemcg says:

      Were any WOS readers at the parliament the night of the vote? There was a few thousand of us waving saltires and only 3 daft wee lassie in shell suits with flags and over on the far side 5 orange order knuckle draggers with the butchers apron.Yet we lost.Just can’t get that image out of my head.

    150. John O says:

      I buy Andrex not the P&J or the E&E, mainly because my backside stinks less when using the Andrex.

    151. Calum MacRae says:

      I used to buy the P&J on a daily bases up till the Referendum but stopped afterwards due to the Editorial bias of the paper.
      I now read the National which I enjoy and will never buy another P&J in my life.
      Thank you Rev. for an excellent site.

    152. David Stevenson says:

      Rennie must still be hurting after you linked that ridiculous footage of him trying to explain to Gordon Brewer why interest rates would go up in an independent Scotland. “That’s what the experts tell us…..”. Muppet.

    153. Lollysmum says:

      @ ronnie anderson

      Now, now, Ronnie-play nicely-best behaviour remember & you too Paula Rose. Don’t encourage Ronnie:-)

    154. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Graeme Doig you know how ma memory is ah need tae keep it refreshed. Great day oot on Sat ah hope the Good Wifie was lenient on You,Next Sun in Dundee if you can make it,might meetup with the Delightful,Delectable,Delicious, Paula Rose an get wan of her Stroking Badges & she is looking forward to meeting You.

    155. Marcia says:

      Political life in 1977 – an interview – Mavis Nicholson and Margo MacDonald.

    156. tombee says:

      They don’t like it up em, do they?.
      The Rev’s response to the FM’s influence, and lack thereof, upon ‘WINGS’ general commentary is enough, and no need for the likes of me to comment further upon it.

      However, I cannot recall Mr Rennie ever challenging the unfavourable remarks cast upon our former FM Mr Salmond. There were plenty of them to have afforded him the opportunity to do so.
      Such is the even handedness and social liberalism of the modern day Liberal Democratic Party.

      You have to admire there ardent pursuit of truth and social values and by how much they consistently fail to achieve their aims.

      ‘Pledge to students on tuition fees’ springs to mind.

    157. Macandroid says:

      Luigi says:

      I think most of the projects you name do not count to Barnett and as a double benefit to us Scots we get to contribute 9% or so as well.

      Thanks again NO voters.

    158. Cag-does-thinking says:

      Yep they seem to forget that “F**k off Murphy” has kinda established the political tone which Stu was merely following. Didn’t see any mention of that or the nine year education as part of his leadership campaign in the MSM.

    159. JimF says:

      Two mentions for WOS on the Google news (Scotland) section. Great work Libdems, keep it up.

    160. a supporter says:

      Great to see your still sticking it to them. Wings does scare them! I suppose they hoped you’d go away after the NO vote…and you WERE a bit despondent. But there they are, attacking you again because they know Wings will be a tour de force in the coming GE2015. I hope it has given you new enthusiasm and aims, because the YES people need Wings and its critiques.

    161. ronnie anderson says:

      @ LoollysMum. Whit Paula Rose leading me astray ha ha ,Paula stop that stroking, its tickly.

    162. Rev, you understand that between now and next May, you will be the Great Satan? There is a lot mair of this mince coming your way.

      Having said that, all of us are right behind you!

    163. JWil says:

      I they think they are going to put the WoS back in the box, or the Yes campaign for that matter they are up a gum tree.

      The implication is they are extremely worried about what will happen in May 2015.

    164. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah dont think the P n J jounalists hiv goat a grip of this Hinternet thingny as ah research tool,ah LapTop tae thaim must be a tray wie a TV Dinner on it.

    165. Albaman says:

      Aye Stew, you must be hurting them right enough, good keep it up, do one on the Scotsman now, see their front page today?, never have bought it, ain’t gona start now, but the front page is clear for all to see laying on the news paper stand.
      How can they get away with a lie as blatant as their headline!!.

    166. Garylee says:

      This is ridiculous… whatever happened to a free press, he should take account of his own words on people in public life being open to criticism. You have the full support from us here at the Scottish Statesman.

    167. Nana Smith says:

      Sorry to go off topic but I’m bloody furious. Looks like the cbi got its way using their puppet lord smiff…

      Unions, employers and accountants strongly rejected proposals to give the Scottish Parliament control over corporation tax, according to the architect of a cross-party deal on devolution.

      Northern Ireland is expecting an announcement on the devolution of corporation tax to Stormont tomorrow.

      But Scottish politicians have been told to stop coveting their neighbour’s “bag of sweeties” by Lord Smith of Kelvin, who brokered the Smith Agreement on Scottish devolution.

    168. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Puala Rose . Thepnr hiz that big set of Wings from Arbroath Seafest should be big enough fur 2 twats thegither.

    169. Douglas says:

      Och! The P&J is just a parochial rag and wouldn’t know what professional journalism is. There is a often told tale, that when the Titanic sank, the P&J’s headline was “Aberdeen man lost at sea”………………..

    170. Macart says:


      Well, there’s only one answer to Smith and the three monkey’s that call themselves our representatives isn’t there?

      We kick their collective self interested arses out of power in May and make Scotland effectively ungovernable by Westminster. They deal with representation that knows the meaning of the word or we turn their commons chamber to mince at every vote.

    171. arthur thomson says:

      Any Scotsman who allows himself to be called ‘Willie’ needs to question the image he is presenting to the world. Isn’t it nice thought that the ‘Poop and Jobbie’ (I just love it) want to give WOS publicity. I signed the petition and I stand by it. Brown is a scumbag.

    172. Margaret White says:

      Very well put Wings. I come to this page to hear the truth. Don’t change and leave our First Minister out of this.

    173. Kenny says:

      Nice one, Stu! Now tell us what you really think about calls to wee Nicola to distance herself from WoS!!

      “a minor fringe party”…. ouch! but i’m not sure what party you mean, limp dems, tories or…. labour post 2016… ?!?

    174. Nana Smith says:


      Roll on May, can’t come around soon enough.

      According to the latest poll 63% of scots want taxes and welfare controlled by Holyrood. A few lobbyists etc do not so their voice carries more weight.

      Democracy my —-

    175. Lollysmum says:

      The petition stood at 12,867 (or thereabouts)last week so clearly more have seen it & signed it since.

      They wouldn’t have done so if they didn’t agree with its sentiments. Well done folks!

    176. Kenny says:

      To be honest, to this day I had never even heard of the P&J. Is it a sort of downmarket version of Town and Country or Dog and Hound?

    177. chalks says:

      P&J’s readership is 66,000 a day I believe?

      Pretty strong, but not that strong, the Evening Express is bigger up here but they also tend to have more pro indy news and their political editor Jennifer McKernan is pretty even-handed and I gather, was a yes vote going by her tweets anyway around the time of the ‘vow’

      P&J has farming supplements, which cater to the rich toff’s who in the very near future are going to lose their land to people like me.

      The estates ain’t going to know what’s hit them.

    178. valkyrie says:

      P and J? Don’t get me started! Damian Bates himself asked me to write a piece for the Yes campaign on the benefits of independence from Orkney’s perspective and strangely my killer last lines on the lack of a grid connexion were dropped from the published version despite the piece being within the word limit set.

    179. SquareHaggis says:

      Tell them you used to be a LibDem voter, watch wee wullie distance himself from that one PDQ 😉

    180. seanair says:

      Don’t want to click on the Scotsman if it means them getting some money from it.
      Can you enlighten us please on what you saw on the newsstand?
      I won’t get upset knowing the rag is on its last legs.

    181. liz says:

      Well done Stu, you are definitely getting on their nerves.

      No matter what happens at the GE I’m certain the LibDums will be consigned to the dustbin.

    182. Lesley-Anne says:

      Go get ’em Stu. 😛

      Gawd I LUV this guy. 😉

      Never ever let it be said that our Stu was ever backwards in coming forwards. 😀

      I sincerely hope that the editor of this *ahem* newspaper is currently rushing around looking, in vain I hasten to add, for a suitable fire extinguisher to put out the fire storm currently emanating from his earse!

    183. big jock says:

      Brilliant Stu!

    184. fred blogger says:

      i usually use a forceful “how dare you be so rude, now get lost”, take it as said, now i really don’t care if you are offended or not, that’s your problem not mine, as i mean it.
      is that obscene?
      but the other might not see it as being meant.
      so to be sure that the message was received and understood i might simply precis this to 2 words, but the meaning would be the same, and still NOT be obscene, but a response to the offence received, a brush off, that is universally understood by all.
      no! get lost! also works well.
      the obscenity, is in the offence being caused that needs firm short thrifty unabiguous rebuttal.

    185. David Anderson says:

      I grew up in Aberdeen and had a lot of respect for both Aberdeen Journals publications. In the early days of the oil industry they quickly developed a clear understanding of a new market whilst remaining committed to bringing news about ag & fish. Having rediscovered them online I can’t believe some of the rubbish they print and pass off for news. Banal, tabloid-based, establishment promoting worthy only of a mealie and chip supper. Sadly, my dad (92), believes everything he reads in it!

    186. Swami Backverandah says:

      @ Kenny
      “To be honest, to this day I had never even heard of the P&J. Is it a sort of downmarket version of Town and Country or Dog and Hound?”

      Did you mean Horse and Hound?

      Perhaps the P&J fancies itself. Ponies and Jack Russells perhaps? 😉

    187. Graeme Doig says:


      It will just get your blood pressure up bud. I’ve just seen it in the newsagent. I really despair sometimes.

    188. Robert Louis says:

      Double standards as usual from the ‘press and journal’, as is now typical of the way in which the pro London ‘news’ papers in Scotland behave towards pro independence comment. Elsewhere on the web, the comments against Gordon Brown, the man who claimed to come from North Britain (not Scotland), are much much worse. A recurring theme.

      As an example, just take a quick look at how Guide Fawkes blog dealt with the subject;

      And the comments are much closer to the bone than would ever be found here.

      I don’t expect the editor of the P&J will be rushing to condemn the Guido Fawkes article however, as Guido Fawkes is not a Scottish nationalist.

      Scotland will never forget the truly treacherous behaviour of Gordon (Britin, Britin,Britin) Broon. The P&J, it seems, already has.

    189. jimnarlene says:

      Brilliant, go get em Rev.

    190. Nana Smith says:

      Fife: TONIGHT 2 Dec
      Fife People’s Assembly will be setting up stalls outside Job Centre’s offering assistance and advice to those under benefit sanctions, and to offer solidarity to striking PCS workers. Contact:

      From the Dunfermline press…

      STRESSED OUT council workers at “breaking point” have been in tears at cost-cutting measures put forward by Fife Council according to trade union Unison.

      A one per cent pay cut across the board, withholding sick pay, reducing the business mileage rate and scrapping lieu days for working public holidays are just some of the proposals in a leaked dossier detailing proposals to help the authority claw back some of the huge £77million hole in funding.

      The Fife branch of trade union Unison say this “flies in the face” of the council’s anti-poverty agenda and branch secretary Debbie Thompson said Unison would “strongly resist” any attempt to change the terms and conditions of its members.

      Is this a labour controlled council?
      Better together not bloody likely.

    191. Andy-B says:

      Nice one Rev, I particularly liked the wee jibe at willie Rennie@s expense

    192. Jamie Arriere says:

      Dinnae give Willie Rennie the magic wand for his new ‘job’ – every time he waves it, some more of his party disappears

    193. gus1940 says:

      A few minutes ago, after reading the above article and comments here, I went on to the P&J web site.

      Clicking on the Nicola/Wings Story I was presented with a screen saying that I had exceeded my quota of free articles and should subscribe at 99p per day.

      As this was the first time I had visited the P&J site for over a year and this was the only item I clicked on I wonder if perhaps they have suddenly become over sensitive re said story.

    194. drawdeaddave says:

      First time on WoS, overheard guys in work talking about the site and the reply to Wullie Rennie of three wummin and a little Wullie fame. Decided to have a look, they refrained from mentioning what a wonderfully exquisite wordsmith the Rev Stu is, you have one more dedicated daily reader and occasional poster right here Rev. Must also in all fairness thank the team & P&J & Wullie Rennie for bringing WoS to my attention…

    195. K1 says:

      I too went to the P&J website which I have never visited. I was able to see the article, it has 4 new paragraphs at the end. I tried to archive it but it came up blank as Gus1940 points out I too got the screen asking for subscription as I had run out of my ‘free article’ quota’.

      Here’s what’s been added at the end, this isn’t in Stu’s linked archive copy atl:

      ‘Wings over Scotland editor Rev Stuart Campbell said the petition was launched as a satirical response to Mr Brown “hijacking another petition” asking for voters to call for Scotland to demand something he had already guarantee them.

      Mr Campbell said it used the “caustic, irreverent tone and language” commonly used by Scots and “plainly reflected the feelings of at least 13,000 people who signed it”.

      He denied the website had ever carried an article on Hillsborough, or run contentious pieces directed at unionist supporters.

      “We freely attack politicians, who are fair targets, but not ordinary members of the public,” Mr Campbell said.’

    196. K1 says:

      Here is the article (unarchived):

      Then see if anyone can click on it to see if they too are getting no more views irrespective of whether they have ever viewed their website before. Also to see the add on paras…seems like they’ve been reading this hardcore nationlist website. D’ya think they’ll catch somethin’…smirk.

    197. Bill McLean says:

      gus1940 – I have just had exactly the same experience and I have NEVER visited the P&J site before! That’s what I like about unionists – their love of democracy!

    198. Capella says:

      As everyone knows, the P & J is a parochial rag which serves the NE (different edition for Highland) and is mainly read for its small ads and births, deaths and marriages But mainly deaths. It does some farming and fishing news too. Politics isn’t its area of expertise but cosying up to Unionists is. Well done Stu for rattling their cage. Shows yuo and the YES campaign still give them nightmares.
      @ Marcia Thanx for the link to the Margo Macdonald interview. It’s a great blast from the past.

    199. donald anderson says:

      Are none of these “apolitical” objective businessmen going to advertise in the National Newspaper?

    200. Nana Smith says:



    201. K1 says:

      Welcome drawdeaddave, the more the merrier…love it when the unionist rags do the advertising for Wings!

      Highly recommend reading through previous articles and passing Wings on to others who haven’t succumbed to having their minds washed with ‘there is no alternative’ consensus politics.

      Switch off the telly, don’t buy the papers (‘cept The National) and fly wi the Wingers. We are the change we want to see, and it’s fair pissing them off, cause we are not going away.

      Fyi unionist rags and party hacks alike who are reading these pages: I’m not in the SNP…but I will be voting for them in May 2015. It’s not up to you to decide my future. It’s up to me and hundreds of thousand like me, we are not going away. No matter what you throw at us. Stick and stones…will show your desperation for all to see.

    202. drawdeaddave says:

      Thank you for the welcome Nana Smith..

      That felt weird…

    203. YESGUY says:


      Brilliant stuff and a good laugh too . You are pissing the unionists off so it;s working. Onwards 🙂


      Welcome to Wings Dave. You are most welcome .

      Free advertising from even a small rag just builds the Wings family up more and more.

      Wallet on standby 😉

    204. Lollysmum says:

      @ Drawdeaddave

      Welcome to the Wings family-it’s addictive mind 🙂

      I’ve not been on that site before but I could see the article. Mind you the first time I tried I got unable to connect error message.. I think the P & J site is struggling as everyone tries to see what the fuss is about.

      You’ve got them on the run Stu & yes they are worried. Wonder if it’s anything to do with the Record having to pay you several thousands after they did the same to you. Ha ha!

    205. Croompenstein says:

      Willie Rennie, what’s the point of him ?

      Keep it up Stu

    206. Robert Costello says:

      Stuart, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for support from the SNP. Can I tell you a wee story and don’t get me wrong I think the SNP is by far the best and more able political party in the whole of the United Kingdom. However this could be because they are a big fish swimming in a pond of political Minnows.
      Now here is my story, I together with a team of wonderful people ran the “Scotland’s Dragon for independence” campaign in Dundee in the lead up to the referendum. Now most of the time we campaigned in the City Square in Dundee. It became apparent to me that there was several problems with some of the main questions, such as monetary union ,pensions , oil reserves, the NHS and a few more. Now there was perfectly legitimate answers to all of these questions but the problem was that they were sometimes pretty technical answers and to compound this problem, many of the people asking these questions were asking several questions at the same time, which made it difficult to give the answers in such a way that people would be able to go home and digest them. Now about this time the Wee Blue Book was published and it was brilliant. There was all the answers that the people could take home with them and sit and read it at their leisure. We couldn’t get enough of them. I went to the SNP and had a meeting with some of the politicians at the SNP offices in Dundee. I spoke of what I saw was the problem and offered a solution. I suggested that we should get a copy of the Wee Blue Book to every one in Dundee, or at the very least to every prospective no voter ( I believed the SNP had a data base of these people).Not only that but I offered to finance the operation either my self or by getting together some of the pro independence business community in the Dundee area ( I had already spoken to one of them and expected several more to support this idea) This exercise was not to cost the SNP or the Yes campaign a single penny. They had a short discussion and told me they did not think that this was a good idea. Well guess what ? it was a bloody good idea. It only makes me suspect that the thinking process in the SNP is somewhat suspect. So as I say Stuart don’t hold your breath

    207. K1 says:

      @Lollysmum, yes I can see it too, but when I went to archive it…it came up blank and the screen message saying your’ve reached your limit in article vewing, though it was my first time on the site. So yes, they may well be having tech problems…just love the thought of them sending more people to Wings…thick doesn’t even cover it.

      As for wee willie, prat hasn’t understood how far out the loop the fibdems really are: if they say they object to anything, one must immediately support what they reject, it’s the only principled response to them! 🙂

    208. Doug Archibald says:

      Just sue them Stuart.

    209. Johnny says:

      The best thing about this, for me, is that the Press and Journal can imagine that not publishing the letter would mean people wouldn’t find out about it all they like…..whilst more people than read their rag see it on here anyway.

    210. Gallowglass says:

      Good on you Stuart.

      If they don’t retract and make an apology, you know what to do.

    211. Fred says:

      Appropos of nothing, has anybody else noticed the striking resemblance between Anabell Goldie & the late Finlay Currie?

    212. K1 says:

      I think they may think they have addressed it Stu, as they have added those last 4 paragraphs; they may think they have produced a more ‘balanced’ piece because they have utilised some of your comments in your letter to them, to give the impression that you ‘have’ been asked for a comment on the story?

      Ah, I see now, a third edit, they have admitted and withdrawn accusations from the earlier article:

      “In this report earlier today, we stated incorrectly that Wings Over Scotland had published material about the Hillsborough disaster. In fact, site editor Rev Campbell wrote an analysis of the disaster, and comments about Liverpool fans, on another website, Wings Over Sealand, on September 13, 2012. We are happy to clarify the matter.”

      So they have had to amend their article twice…ooh…well done Stu. They didn’t want to pay the money!

    213. Stoker says:

      @ Robert Costello (7.13pm).

      First of all Robert, thank you for your story and thank you for the efforts you committed to the cause.

      Secondly, of course it was a good idea so can i suggest the next time, and there will be a next time, that you proceed with your idea along with your business associates and any WBB Rev might produce, without approaching the SNP.

      The only reason i can think of behind the SNP’ stance on your approach may be either they didn’t want to run the risk of being associated with the negativity the Unionist propaganda machine would create out of their association with WOS and/or the WBB.

      Or there may be some laws broken, data protection perhaps, if the SNP were to furnish you (or others) with the details of individuals without their consent.

      Could possibly even be a combination of both these reasons?

      However, as i said, if you have the will i would recommend you start working on a plan, now, in preparation for/if Rev creates a new book because your idea was and is a good one.

      btw, Robert, i am not a member of the SNP and i am in no way trying to defend their decision but data protection would be a very good reason for refusing your excellent suggestion. I just don’t know how you could legally get your hands on such vital info. All the best to you and keep up the good fight.

    214. alistair thomson says:

      One thing you can sy for certain; the P&J will not publish your letter. they are the most partisan of newspapers, in a world of partisan. Unlike the National, and indeed WoS, they present themselves to the local readers as the epitome of reason, when in truth they stifle debate. Whether its Trump, Union Terrace Gardens, or the Referendum, the P&J did not offer itself as a platform for debate. The most fundamental principles of news publishing is representing the readership- especially through the Letters pages. Sadly, the P&J has deserted a large section of its readership through its conservative, hard nosed, and deeply cynical editorial line. It rival’s the loathesome Daily Mail in that regard.

    215. Tackety Beets says:

      Using a NE phrase
      ” Michty me , god aulmeldrum ”

      The P&J was delivered by the postie to our hoos since the 50’s ,you might say I was brought up on it .It is still a daily in my maternal home so I browse it on visits .
      It wont be cancelled there due to the ” deaths ” section .
      Perhalps the P&J may soon write their own obiturary ?

      I have viewed from a distance , its gradual shift to drivel .
      Nota Bene ;
      My mid 80’s mam is a strong YES , nae that daft !

      In MSM , the quality of Journalism is as poor , as they are not challenged often enough .

      Go Getem Rev.

    216. Tackety Beets says:

      I’m amazed having read the thread , how many posters who like me have not joined the SNP . eh YET .

      @ Stoker to Robert

      I agree they may have been reluctant as they need to keep their side squeeky clean .
      It also shows in many posts since Sept that they were seen by some at times ” too polite ”

      Hope you are not too despondent , we are in it to win it .
      I note the ” Wings family” being used tonight .

    217. Inbhir Anainn says:

      @ schrodingers cat

      as Dr Findlay often used to say, “get yer tit oot o’ ma porridge Morag”

      Surely an oversight on your part as the housekeeper / receptionist was Janet MacPherson played by the lovely actress Barbara Mullen.

    218. Robert Costello says:

      Yes Stoker I had thought of the data protection act but I was not looking for their list of names ,all I was asking them to do was themselves use their data base to send out the wee Blue Books and I was to pay the postage . They have the facilities and manpower to do that , stuffing envelopes and franking the mail etc. To me it seemed a good idea at the time , hopefully our time will come again

    219. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Re the Dundee SNP/wings WBB anecdote. Another possible reason is that they may have been wary of registered campaigners acting together which means their respective spending limits would be counted. I only offer this as a suggestion as that was discussed in our InverYESs hub. In the end we did have them there, but in terms of handing them out unsolicited through doors, that was viewed as acting together wheras if people came into the shop and asked for or picked up that was different.

    220. Swami Backverandah says:

      Not only have P&J amended their initial report to make it look as if they solicited comment from Stuart Campbell, they’ve now(is this their 3rd or 4th edit?) removed their erroneous references to the Hillsborough claim, which was printed in both the first and second copies.
      “In this report earlier today, we stated incorrectly that Wings Over Scotland had published material about the Hillsborough disaster. In fact, site editor Rev Campbell wrote an analysis of the disaster, and comments about Liverpool fans, on another website, Wings Over Sealand, on September 13, 2012. We are happy to clarify the matter.”
      They might be ‘happy to clarify’ that particular matter, but in not putting an editor’s note against their initial edit to state that they had amended the copy, and in fact that the additional paragraphs added in to the second copy were from a letter of complaint to the editor, is disgraceful.
      If I missed the editor’s note re the initial amendments, would someone please kindly point me to it.

    221. Clydebuilt says:

      Rev…your the main torch bearer. Really look forward to reading your articles these days.

    222. Stoker says:

      @ Robert Costello.
      Have you considered writing to them asking for an explanation.
      If nothing else the reply may help form your future planning.
      Just a thought.

      @ Tackety Beets.
      Nah, seriously hacked off but not despondent.
      I’ve been chasing this dream for 30+ years –
      I’d rather die than even contemplate giving up.
      For me it’s all about the Yes Movement – its a way of life.

      Interesting suggestion Alan (@ 10.56pm).

    223. Tackety Beets says:

      @ Stoker

      LOL , 30+ a way of life , FFS , for me after 40+ years it’s become addictive . Cheers.

      I too have been thinking , maybe I’ve missed something .

      If we all vote in secret , Local , MSP & MP etc how come there is any data on who votes for what ?
      Or is it just DATA , going on votes for each catchment area where the voting takes place .
      Sorry ,probably I’m asking the obvious .

    224. Josef O Luain says:

      I had issues (as a mature student) with the scumillion of an education correspondent who used to work on the P&J in the early nineteen-nineties.

      When he found-out that I intended approaching the local oil companies in Aberdeen looking for funding for a phD on offshore safety, the despicable fucker announced to all-and-sundry that I was a “leading Communist” in the Aberdeen area. (I was a CP member, but apart from the Presidency of Communist Student, I held no “leading” role in the Party.) Well,you can imagine how that went down with the traditionally right-wing oil-mob and what it did for my funding chances.

      I phoned him to ask exactly what my politics had to do with my proposed researches. Predictably, he had no answer worth the name. The fact is, he took it upon himself to politicise the situation and re-cast it to the requirements of his own and his paper’s political agenda.

      The fact that I’d spent many years working in the offshore industry, and that I may have been able to bring something fresh to the subject of offshore safety, just didn’t cut-it.

      Nothing’s changed then, egh?

    225. highseastim says:

      Great letter Rev. I have wrote many a letter to them over the years, with very few being printed, on the subjects of independence and oil majors treatment of their workforce. Unfortunately the powers that be in this newspaper are firmly in the pockets of unionist politicians and the oil majors!!

    226. Ken500 says:

      There are averse comments on Gordon Brown etc on MSM. The Guardian, Telegraph, Herald etc. Why was Wings singled out? Hypocrites.

      The WBB was distributed by SNP members. The majority who supports Independence embraces Wings. Just another attempt at division.

    227. dandydons says:

      Depressing Churnal are in my opinion up there with the Rectum,Hootsmon etc as disgusting Unionist trojan horses masquerading as newspapers. Its pro Brit and anti SNP bilge give me the boak. Another inside enemy of Scotland that needs dealt with.

    228. Calum JM Duncan says:

      Belter Rev Stu.

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