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Sir Brian Donohoe: A Life

Posted on June 08, 2019 by

We were rather startled to learn this morning that Brian Donohoe, the former Scottish Labour MP for Central Ayrshire, had been awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s latest Birthday Honours List.

Not by the award itself, but because we assumed he must have done a lot of unsung charity work in his community or something. But no, the title was conferred purely for “services to Parliament and politics”.

So we thought we’d do a recap.

Because for years, Donohoe was our go-to example if we wanted to illustrate the sheer seat-warming uselessness of Scottish Labour MPs.

One of his high points was the shocking 2015 revelation that apparently the Russians had already invaded Scotland and were sailing submarines up the Clyde at that very moment (which somehow proved the effectiveness of Trident as a deterrent):

When asked in 2014 about the fate of the disabled and handicapped under the welfare reforms of a Tory government if Scotland voted No to independence, he replied:

In so far as that word-dribble even makes sense in English, readers can judge for themselves whether it turned out to be true or not.

In the same year he proudly asserted that the UK had not been invaded by “a foreign body” for more than 750 years – despite only having existed for 307.

In 2013 he proposed to “celebrate” the start of World War 1.

Later that year he was one of the 47 Labour MPs who failed to turn up to a vote on repealing the bedroom tax, which was defeated by just 26 votes.

He consistently opposed equal marriage:

In 2014 he became briefly infamous as “the most embarrassing MP of all time”, after making a video for his much-mocked comically awful website.

The website itself was later revealed to have cost taxpayers £2,300.

Donohoe also made a series of inflammatory remarks about travellers:

And raged against police investigations into the use of Prestwick Airport by the UK government to facilitate CIA torture flights.

Readers will no doubt be surprised to hear that he’s a keen “Rangers” supporter, and advocate of a UK national football team.

From which they can draw their own conclusions.

But Donohoe’s most significant contribution to UK politics in a 23-year career as an MP (indeed, as far as we can establish his only one, unless you count the 17 days that he spent as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Andrew Adonis in 2009) was to be one of the decisive Labour voices of opposition to a proposed anti-Tory alliance following the 2010 general election.

Donohoe bitterly rejected the idea of working with either the SNP or the Lib Dems, the latter primarily out of his lifelong opposition to electoral reform which might threaten his “safe” seat of Central Ayrshire.

The furious tribal resistance of Donohoe and some other Scottish Labour hardliners ensured that David Cameron entered Downing Street in a coalition with the Lib Dems instead, and we all know how that ended.

Ironically, Donohoe reaped the electoral whirlwind in 2015 anyway, when his 12,000 majority was crushed by a thunderous 28% swing to the SNP’s Philippa Whitford, who romped home by more than 13,500 votes. But Donohoe’s reaction to his defeat wasn’t to vow to fight back to regain the seat for the good of the people of Ayrshire.

He opted for a rather different attitude to their democratic choice:

(Let’s just take a moment and mull that last line:

Sorry, whose time? Are you by any chance referring to the time for which you’re very generously remunerated by the taxpayer at a then-rate of around £65,000 a year plus allowances, in order to help those people with their problems? How positively saintly of you to allow the ghastly oiks to impinge on your golf schedule for a moment or two.)

In the 2017 election, Labour dropped to 3rd place behind the Tories, in a seat which Labour had held since 1959. Donohoe’s predecessor as MP had bequeathed him a Labour vote of 27,438. After two decades of enthusiastically sucking up wages and expenses (he always voted solidly for more money for MPs, even when that meant rebelling against his own party whip), he passed down less than half of that – 13,410 – as an inheritance to his Labour successor, ensuring that despite a reduced majority the conscientious and admirable Dr Whitford held onto the seat.

And at the end of the day that IS a worthwhile service to Parliament and politics, even if it took a while coming. Sir Brian, we salute you.

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      Sir Brian Donohoe: A Life | speymouth

    380 to “Sir Brian Donohoe: A Life”

    1. Alastair Ewen says:

      Sir Brian fell on his sword for Philippa Whitford, a selfless act worth more than a mere knighthood?

    2. Gary45% says:

      What’s a knighthood???
      I do not register any “pat on the back” from Brenda.
      If you are not good enough without a title you are not good enough with it.SIMPLES
      Once an erse always an erse even when you put sparklers on it.
      Arise Sir Fud of the Fuddery.

    3. Ronnie says:

      Elevation to Lord Donohoe in January then..? I also note we are blessed with Sir Boyd Tunnock, presumably for services to the Union.

    4. MerkinScot says:

      He puts the O into odious.

    5. Marcia says:

      The demise of Donohoe in 2015;

    6. call me dave says:


      Excellent 🙂

    7. Dr Jim says:

      Is Boyd Tunnock not the man who lined up his employees in 2014 and told them if there was a yes vote they were all unemployed

      Another prince of a man

    8. Donald anderson says:

      Knight a numpty.

    9. Colin Alexander says:

      Oh dear. The other Red-Tory Union Jack-waving servants of the British Empire, like former Glasgow North-West MP John: “I did not vote for the Iraq War” (when he did) Robertson will be miffed.

      He and the others were equally as bad at representing the interests of their constituents and Scotland’s sovereignty.

      Equally good at selling out Scotland for personal gain.

      Mr Donohoe has earned a trinket for services rendered to the British Empire.

      He’s had a career of bending the knee to the Crown of England, so will be well practised come the knighthood ceremony.

      Mr Robertson, and the rest, must be wondering why they never got one too.

    10. Legerwood says:

      Would it be safe to assume that since the citation stated ‘politics’ that his name was put forward by Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party?

    11. Jedburgh says:

      Whoever ‘put him up’ for this award – clearly had mischief in mind. To utterly destroy any remaining credibility for the tawdry baubles handed out by the British state.

      Pity they should have gone the whole hog and elevated him to sit beside Ffoulkes in the House of Shame.

    12. AllyPally says:

      During the indy campaign Donohue said in a debate, “There is no longer a gravy train.” I take that to mean that there had been.

      He was supported at the debate by a union official who spoke very poorly, Richard somebody.

      Oh, that’s right, Richard Leonard. I wonder what became of him?

    13. Mac says:

      This is exactly why Westminster politics and the Establishment stink. It always has. It always will until something significant happens.

      The above story makes me furious because it’s ‘invisible’ to most people. This and much more go unnoticed by the electorate. And this simply due to media control and incompetence.

      This is just another reason to double the efforts to break away from this corrupt and rotting union.

      Queen’s Birthday list? My ass. Who put his name there and why?

      The United Kingdom is a sick, dysfunctional, nationalistic, pompous aberration of anything that is just, fair or normal.

      The People will rise up one day, when their bread and circuses stop, in the meantime, the informed and the disgusted can only feel their bile rise at such sickness.

    14. William gavin says:

      O/T just bought a bag of ice from the local Coop with made from British water written on it WTF. Surely this is desperation.

    15. Robert Peffers says:

      What really irks is that while this useless numptie will think himself above the common people, in the UK the old, sick, disabled, homeless and just simply poor people are needlessly dying from neglect and many children go hungry to school.

    16. Mac says:

      Dr Jim @3.33 pm

      Don’t get me started on wafers..

    17. handclapping says:

      Tunnock’s politics are at least as bad as Donohoe’s but at least he has done something, even a teacake, to earn his K.
      It is a bad look for the Union when Stu with all his forensic and investigative journalistic powers (SOOK SOOK) can find nothing K worthy in the life of BD

    18. Iain 2 says:

      I wonder if after Scottish indy will England still keep these rats in the house of lords.

    19. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Can I suggest, henceforth, rather than “Low-Flying Jimmies we refer to worthless, useless MPs representing the British Labour Party in Scotland BLiS as “Low-flying Brians.

      The great man deserves more-lasting recognition than a mere tap on the shoulders from Wee Betty Windsor, Charlie or Wills.

    20. kapelmeister says:

      Walter Scott gave us the inspiring story of Sir Ivanhoe and Richard the Lionheart.

      Labour have given us the dismal tale of Sir Donohoe and Richard the Leonardpratt.

    21. Clearly being high up in the Masons helps.
      When we are free, this shit stops.

    22. Iain 2 says:

      Oh dear me I have got my gongs mixed up with my baubles, he would need to wait until he gets ermine collar or some other shite.

    23. Iain says:

      For many years, the ‘honours’ system has appeared to exhibit a strong element of inversion: people of intellect, integrity, selflessness, and useful contribution to society get MBEs, OBEs or CBEs, while time-serving dolts are rewarded with knighthood or enoblement for nothing more than a self-sought public profile.

    24. TheItalianJob says:

      Unbelievable. What is that buffoon done to deserve this.

      Oh wait it’s the Unionist give each other gongs time.


    25. Giving Goose says:

      He’ll need a plank nailed to his soles so that he can be retreived from the arsehole he crawled up.

      And anyway, “Donohoe”? – what sort of name is that? Sounds Kafflik to me. Does he have an ancestor who was Kaflikk? His “loyal” friends should know about this little historical pecadillo methinks lol.

    26. Calum McKay says:

      I do hope there are labour voters reading this article. Imagine their rage at dutifully voting for someone they respected, not knowing he had contempt for them and was more of a self serving tory than a champion of the down trodden and working class!?

      Sadly I am not surprised at this story, you can hear the right wing views of Tom Harris on Saturday morning radio and of course Gorgeous George the anti Semite and Hoey, Nandy, Corbyn and Mann all facilitating a tory brexit.

      labour pretend to be left wing, scratch the surface and they are brit nats!

      Encouragingly, labour’s ability to hide whilst holding onto power in Scotland is finished, they have been rumbled!

    27. Bobp says:

      Wonder how the voters of central ayrshire feel after years of voting for this self serving pr**k. To be told to f**k off. Then again probably water water off a ducks back in orange county.

    28. mosstrooper says:

      And from personal experience I know that his union rep. abiities were of the chocolate teapot variety. Humble apologies to all chocolate teapots.

    29. kapelmeister says:

      The question is where will Sir Brian and Sir Boyd choose to be knighted? Holyrood Palace or doon tae Buck Hoose in the irressistably glamorous – if you’re a hardcore Britnat – imperial capital?

    30. Liz g says:

      Handicapping @ 4.27
      Actually all Boyed Tunnock did was inherit his father’s factory.
      The business and the brand was already up and running.

    31. ronnie anderson says:

      Sir Brian Donahoe a Life .That i’ll be a Socialist LowLife Rev .

    32. msean says:

      How did this happen?

    33. K1 says:

      Lowest ranking English title. Appaled that this no mark has received any kind of ‘title’, for what exactly?

    34. Marie Clark says:

      Dear god, I’d forgotten about this creep. What in the name of the wee man did he do to get a knighthood.

      Sums up labour in Scotland for all of those years, and what a lovely expressions and turn of phrase, when the voters kicked his sorry backside out the door. A real charmer, not. Then again, he was not unusual of the SLAB MP’s. Keeping Scotland down at ever kick and turn.

      No wonder they are in the position of going down the stank. Best place for them, the sooner that they’re swept from the face of Scotland the better.

    35. Hamish100 says:

      1000 sir dunderheids couldn’t wipe Philippa’s shoes.

    36. Corrado Mella says:

      When I saw the blog title I thought he died and this was an eulogy.

      I was wrong.

      Yes, this is an eulogy, but sadly he’s not dead.
      Labour is.


    37. Famous15 says:

      I think they made a mistake and that Liverpool street sweeper should have got Donnahoos knighthood.The sweeper was certainly a greater contributor to the sum total of human happiness.

    38. Ghillie says:

      This puts knighthoods into their rightful perspective.

    39. ronnie anderson says:

      Think towards the future and Independence , those useless titled people wont be bowed & scraped too by Sovereign People of Scotland .

    40. Greannach says:

      If Mr Donohoe can become a sir, may we look forward to other giants of Labour being similarly rewarded?

      I’m hoping to see Marquess David Hamiton, Lord Frank Roy, Duke Thomas Docherty, Baroness Fiona O’Donnell, Marchioness Gemma Doyle and Lady Sandra Osborne being similarly honoured for their work in advancing the high ideals of democracy and political thought in our land.

      Titans one and all.

    41. RM says:

      Aye such a parcel o rouges in a nation, but hopefully nae for much longer.

    42. Macart says:

      So typical of mindset that brought Labour to its current state and not just in Scotland.

      Tories and Labour timeservers… Two cheeks of the same arse.

      They’re not missed.

    43. Ahundredthidiot says:

      and when eyes were on prestwick, weegie airport was used for their rendition flights

      The airports MD got an OBE shortly after

    44. dakk says:

      One can tell just by looking at his red slimey inbred face what kind of man he is.

      With a rap sheet like that the corrupt british system of patronage was tailor made for him.

      I also think he would be a perfect role model for a sinecure in the John Smith Centre for Public Service with his british nationalist Labour comrade Kezia Dugdale.

      Yes that would be quite fitting for them all I feel.

    45. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Got to hand it to Donohoe though, that website is an unbeatable classic. Whoever trousered over £2k for it must’ve been laughing for months.

    46. Republicofscotland says:

      Brian Donohoe, awarded an obedience gong for services against Scotland

    47. Legerwood says:

      Well if you think this is bad then what about this – the architect of the ‘hostile environment’ policy which caused the Windrush scandal has also been given a knighthood.

      Sorry but could not get it to archive.

      By the way Brian Donohoe remains Mr until he is tapped on the shoulder by the sword wielded by a Royal of some description.

    48. mike cassidy says:

      This award was surely an exercise in trolling.

      Like the commentator mentioning 1966 within 20 seconds of the start of the first match in the Womens’ World Cup.

    49. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      He must have something on somebody.

    50. uno mas says:


      So Mikey Gove, charlie is your darlin eh?

      Horrible ingrate of a man.

      Posted it before somewhere and will doubtless post it somewhere else again….

      Michael Gove, runt of a litter of one!

    51. CameronB Brodie says:

      Brian Donohoe, the epitome of the neo-liberal (Blue Labour/Tory) politician. Howled-out of all human virtues yet rewarded by the state for his loyalty to an outdated political concept, i.e. One Nation Britain. Remember, contemporary British nationalism is not compatible with the principle of universal human rights (see the full-English Brexit).

      Anti-Discrimination Exceptionalism: Racist Violence before the ECtHR and the Holocaust Prism


      Over the past years, the European Court of Human Rights has significantly developed and strengthened its Article 14 non-discrimination jurisprudence, including in a number of ground-breaking international law cases establishing increased state responsibility with regard to ethnic segregation in education and gender violence. However, in the type of cases that constitute a large part of its non-discrimination case load, namely physical violence against racial minorities, the Court has so far failed to adequately address Article 14 discrimination claims raised by the victims.

      We posit that this could be caused in part by what we call the ‘Holocaust Prism’. Put briefly, the experience of the Holocaust has shaped the manner in which continental European courts understand racism and race discrimination, at least (or especially) when it is combined with violence.

      Paradoxically, this entails that in the most heinous cases of race discrimination, the discrimination threshold is raised to the level of criminal conduct. Moreover, to the extent that it is, only the ethnic dimension of such discrimination is foregrounded even in cases that present obvious intersectional (for example, ethnicity plus gender) dimensions.

      We exemplify this phenomenon by discussing recent case law on forced sterilization of Roma women and argue that the Court should become aware of this issue, recognize intersectional discrimination and align its case law on racist violence with the discrimination doctrine emerging in its gender violence and educational race segregation cases, both for the sake of internal consistency and to better capture the structural nature of racial discrimination in Europe

    52. Breeks says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      8 June, 2019 at 8:03 pm
      Got to hand it to Donohoe though, that website is an unbeatable classic. Whoever trousered over £2k for it must’ve been laughing for months..

      For some strange reason it reminds me of the Jack Dee advert for John Smiths… “Yeah that’s right Jack, we’ll put the pub in later…” as he disappears up a CGI penguin’s arse. They’re really just rippin’ the piss.

      “Yeah, don’t worry Mr Donohoe, leave it to us… it’ll be terrific. Trust me…..tsk.”

    53. Robert Peffers says:

      I’d venture the though that when, “The Establishment”, sinks to rewarding such deadwood then all they achieve is to devalue the award system.

      I suppose we could say it has become the reward system for those who have furthered the , “British Nationalist”, system.

    54. call me dave says:

      The highs and the lows and the highs of footie! 🙂

    55. Dave tewart says:

      Just to remind you all.

      The maybot’s resignation list still to come.

      That should be interesting as I think she carries a grudge well.

      I was brought up to respect these so called betters, in later life I now realise that it’s just a wee gong for being flexible.

    56. jfngw says:

      Obviously a reward by the Tories for helping to make Labour virtually unelectable in Scotland, he has surpassed all their expectations. How better to taunt Labour than by making someone who appears to be a complete arsehole a knight.

      Reading this eulogy would make you think he is a self centred, money grabbing bigot who detested his constituents, maybe I’m just reading it wrong and he was the perfect example of a unionist politician.

    57. Sandy says:

      An aside:
      Listening to Cyprus game. Can somebody tell me if the commentator, MacLeod, is married, stays with mother, is partnered, or is sponsored by Kelvin Klein. The amount of underpants he must go through must be mouth-watering.

    58. Robert Louis says:

      Legerwood at 811pm,

      Brian Donohoe remains Mr Donohoe. I refuse to pander to the knighthood nonsense, especially wen it is given to vacuous wastes of space who have done sweet f all for Scotland.

    59. Ian Brotherhood says:

      A good few Wingers were in the Citadel in Ayr that night when Donohoe came in with his entourage. They’d obviously been ‘celebrating’ elsewhere and were in buoyant mood.

      It’s hard to describe how disgusting it was to watch this poundshop Capo and his squad striding into the room where we’d been watching results coming in for hours. They *knew* they’d won. Some were so ’emotional’ they could barely walk. Other reps for the BTUKOK side had, for the main part, kept themselves to themselves, as we had, but the arrival of Donohoe marked a real change in mood. It became nasty. ‘Gallus’ doesn’t even begin to cover his behaviour – he ambled around the space as if he owned it.

      Clan Destiny Films managed to get him after a pre-Indyref public meeting in Irvine (Volunteer Rooms) where he shared a stage with Tommy Sheridan but refused to allow any camera crews inside. I can’t find the link but that footage has appeared on this site previously – anyone who isn’t familiar with Donohoe, or perhaps feels he’s being harshly treated here, should view it. (Hopefully AllyBally or her man will see this and oblige with a link!)

      If Donohoe did anything positive in his political career, he exposed the quality of candidate that Scottish Labour has been shatting out for decades. It’s not just that he simply didn’t have enough self-awareness or shame to bother concealing the contempt he has for those who elected him – he didn’t even have the gumption to feign modesty or gratitude.

      This isn’t the place to recount any of the stories I’ve heard about him since moving to Ayrshire two decades ago, but I’ve never met anyone with a good word to say about him. Not one.

    60. Dan says:

      Maybe Brenda had a crazy notion to keep the tone light and rather than honour high achievers, she’s now started to acknowledge the low to mediocre performing individuals within our society.

      Brace yourselves folks, David Hamilton could be next!

      And I’d hoped my seaweed fed tattie plants would produce the biggest roasters in Scotland…

    61. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s the link to the Clan Destiny film mentioned earlier, featuring Tommy Sheridan and Brian Donohoe.

      Make of it what you will.

    62. kapelmeister says:

      Wasn’t it Brian Donohoe who was involved in some daft row during the indyref1 campaign when he tried to stop Yes activists filming a public debate?

    63. robertknight says:

      This neatly sums up in one package all that is wrong with the British Establishment. ‘Odious’ doesn’t come close…

    64. Old Pete says:

      Is this not fake news ?

    65. robertknight says:

      Do they not publish details of the person(s) who nominate those who receive gongs of this sort?

    66. Morgatron says:

      I know people cant help the face their born with, but you really would end up with repetitive strain injury slapping a coupon like his. #faceofashit.

    67. Capella says:

      @ Marcia – good clip of Phillipa Whitford. Raises the tone far above the head of the pathetic Brian Donohue.

    68. Cumoangerraff says:

      Looks like a simple case of mistaken identity. Who was that Ayrshire Labour MP who was a government minister, involved in a West Highland newspaper? Supported a big football team from Glasgow. Brian something?

    69. Morgatron says:

      Thank Ian Brotherhood for the link of Sir Brian Do’nought. What a git he is.

    70. Clootie says:

      This was Labour! this IS Labour!

    71. crazycat says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood at 9.58

      I’ve never met anyone with a good word to say about him

      I met his wife once; I assume she liked him at some point.

    72. kapelmeister says:

      Ruth Davidson endorses Javid for PM “in the secure knowledge he will defend Scotland’s interests….”

    73. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @crazycat –

      I’ve always said it – ye’re a natural-born diplomat!


    74. crazycat says:

      @ Ian

      Aye, right!

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Tricia Marwick was offered an honour and declined

      Total massive F…..g giant respect to the lady

    76. schrodingers cat says:

      Corrado Mella says:
      8 June, 2019 at 6:58 pm
      When I saw the blog title I thought he died and this was an eulogy.

      I was wrong.

      Yes, this is an eulogy, but sadly he’s not dead.
      Labour is.




      i hope he is the new leader of better together 2

    77. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Establishment don’t want to swell their ranks with anything other than dolts, especially at a time of great uncertainty. Morally grounded rational thought can be considered revolutionary at time of institutionalised treachery and deception (see the full-English Brexit).

      Humanity as the A and ? of Sovereignty


      The article argues that the principle of sovereignty is being ousted from its position as a Letztbegründung (first principle) of international law. This trend is welcome. Sovereignty must and can be justified. The normative value of sovereignty is derived from and geared towards humanity that is the legal principle that human rights, interests, needs, and security must be respected and promoted.

      State sovereignty is not merely limited by human rights, but should be seen to exist only in function of humanity. It has thus been humanized. Consequently, conflicts between state sovereignty and human rights should not be approached in a balancing process in which the former is played off against the latter on an equal footing, but should be tackled on the basis of a presumption in favour of humanity.

      A humanized state sovereignty implies responsibility for the protection of basic human rights and the state’s accountability. The humanization of sovereignty also suggests a reassessment of humanitarian intervention. In contrast to sovereignty, non-intervention is constitutive for the international legal order and must be upheld as a rule.

      Moreover, the independent principles of human rights protection and self-determination constitute additional shields against unilateral interventions. But when human rights, needs, and interests are acknowledged as the systematic and doctrinal point of departure of the legal argument, the focus is shifted from states’ rights to states’ obligations towards natural persons.

      A state which grossly and manifestly fails to discharge these duties has its sovereignty suspended. Starting off from human needs leads, in a system of multilevel governance and under the principle of solidarity, to a fall-back responsibility of the international community, acting through the Security Council, for safeguarding humanity. In that perspective, the Council has under very strict conditions the duty to authorize proportionate humanitarian action to prevent or combat genocide or massive and widespread crimes against humanity. The exercise of the veto by a permanent member in such a situation should be considered illegal or abusive.

      The ongoing process of a humanization of sovereignty is a cornerstone of the current transformation of international law into an individual-centred system.

    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      WordPress don’t handle Greek, apparently. That should read the alpha an the omega….

    79. kapelmeister says:

      What’s the secret deal between Davidson and Javid over her endorsement of the man who thinks that as PM he can take away Scotland’s right to self-determination?

      Has he promised her a place in cabinet as a minister without portfolio?

    80. S.Perspective says:

      In all fairness, this is what it takes to make the Tories look good, and believe me, that’s no mean feat. So if I were a Tory government doling out the honours this suck.. I mean gentleman can simply not be passed over.

    81. chicmac says:

      CammyB, the new Greek parser app is in Beta I believe. 🙂

    82. JaMur says:

      A total tadger. A balloon of a man.

      Can’t wait to see the back of these knuckle draggers when we get Indy.

    83. Hamish100 says:

      BBC news press review show both Daily Mail editions. The so called scotch one has Davidson with the glaiket grin with her new mate javid. Both press reviewers back Davidson as if she were the messiah when in fact “. … she’s just a silly erse..”

    84. CameronB Brodie says:

      If only Scotland’s democratic deficit and Westminster’s medieval-ism was a laughing matter. 😉

      The Concept of International Legal Personality,
      An Inquiry into the History and Theory of International Law

      This book offers a solid and detailed inquiry into the doctrinal evolution of the concept of international legal personality (ILP). Its main purpose is to show in what socio-political context and with what legal-political aim a certain understanding of ILP has been advanced by a specific author or group of authors at a specific time. The concept of ILP is not only a theoretical notion, which underlies the construction of international law.

      It is also a political notion, a locus of change or of conservation. It is a locus of change when new subjects are postulated or admitted to the arena of international law; it is a locus of conservation when international law is shielded from the penetration of new subjects into its body. It is these dynamics which the book seeks, in the first place, to uncover. The keyword for the book as a whole could thus be ‘context’….

    85. chicmac says:


      Yeah but sometimes you gotta laugh or else you’ld cry.

      Cry freedom.

    86. geeo says:

      So, while others in toryland indulge in a Dutch Auction to hardest ever ukexit, Davidson has pledged her backing to the most anti Scottish one.

      Oh dear, never mind eh, as when we vote Yes to indy, Davidson will be not only out of a job as a politician here, she will not be allowed to even be a tory MP in England unkess she moves there and they let her stand.

      The future looks bkeak for davidson and co.

      Hence why they oppose even holding a referendum.

    87. Petra says:

      The bottom line is that ANY Labour politician who is happy to receive a Knighthood is an absolute rat. A rat who has been duping the electorate within his own country and additionally making megabucks whilst doing so. Any wonder that the Labour party in Scotland, Wales and England is going right down the stank?

      More than anything that people like Keir Hardy must be turning, no absolutely birling, in their graves. All of their hard effort and hellish sacrifice was all for nothing it would seem.

      And on a personal note ALL of my great grandfathers (and mothers), grandfathers and fathers (and myself) were shouting our mouths off (key folks in the Labour party / Unions) over decades, going to Court and doing our utmost to protect Scotland to no avail whilst the Labour party enemy was always within. That became clear at the onset of every issue / case that we were involved in. And just to point out that at least one Equal Pay Case that I was involved in had Donald Dewar as a partner in the Legal Company involved in the case. He bailed out when the cases were initiated. Covering his tracks. He, Blair and Derry Irvine made a point of scuppering the Scottish Equal Pay cases in the 1980’s and 90’s in Scotland. A mischief of rats, imo. Blair, Brown, Dewar, Irvine and ET AL LABOUR all involved in handing over 6000 squ miles of seas to Westminster and hiding the true facts of the McCrone report. Our wealth.,_Baron_Irvine_of_Lairg


      And for newbies on here:

      Our Stolen Seas.

      McCrone Report:-

    88. Petra says:

      In moderation so splitting up as I have to get off to bed now.

      The bottom line is that ANY Labour politician who is happy to receive a Knighthood is an absolute rat. A rat who has been duping the electorate within his own country and additionally making megabucks whilst doing so. Any wonder that the Labour party in Scotland, Wales and England is going right down the stank?

      More than anything that people like Keir Hardy must be turning, no absolutely birling, in their graves. All of their hard effort and hellish sacrifice was all for nothing it would seem.

    89. Petra says:

      And on a personal note ALL of my great grandfathers (and mothers), grandfathers and fathers (and myself) were shouting our mouths off (key folks in the Labour party / Unions) over decades, going to Court and doing our utmost to protect Scotland to no avail whilst the Labour party enemy was always within. That became clear at the onset of every issue / case that we were involved in. And just to point out that at least one Equal Pay Case that I was involved in had Donald Dewar as a partner in the Legal Company involved in the case. He bailed out when the cases were initiated. Covering his tracks. He, Blair and Derry Irvine made a point of scuppering the Scottish Equal Pay cases in the 1980’s and 90’s in Scotland. A mischief of rats, imo. Blair, Brown, Dewar, Irvine and ET AL LABOUR all involved in handing over 6000 squ miles of seas to Westminster and hiding the true facts of the McCrone report. Our wealth.,_Baron_Irvine_of_Lairg

    90. Petra says:

      And for any newbies on here:

      Our Stolen Seas.

      McCrone Report:-

    91. CameronB Brodie says:


    92. CameronB Brodie says:

      This is the sort of stuff I’ve been looking for. It really does make you want to weep when the state ennobles individuals who appear limited and prejudiced.

      Anne Peters. Jenseits der Menschenrechte: Die Rechtsstellung des Individuums im Völkerrecht [Beyond Human Rights: The Legal Status of the Individual in Public International Law]

      Anne Peters’ most recent book is an equally important and topical contribution to the international law discourse. At the core of her voluminous œuvre lies, as the subtitle indicates, the question of the ‘legal status of the individual in public international law’. At the same time, the title Beyond Human Rights conveys the idea that the co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg and former president of the European Society of International Law does not cover the subject matter in its entirety but, rather, has opted to leave aside, or rather to presuppose, the very area of international law where one would be inclined to look first for insight and inspiration, namely international human rights law.

      As the author acknowledges herself, international human rights are ‘the pivotal and completely undisputed element of the international legal status of the individual’ (at 27).1 In contrast, Peters’ own study sets out for the more open and uncharted territory of so-called ‘simple’ rights and duties. It is with this peculiar perspective that the book seeks to tackle its guiding question – that is, how the phenomenon of a strongly increasing number of individual rights and duties that may be observed in contemporary international law ‘can be described, systematised, and evaluated in a legally sound manner’ (at 2)….

    93. Fergus Green says:

      Slightly OT, but very disappointed to see Elvis Costello accepting an OBE.

      He tries to justify it in this article:

      but his argument is far from convincing.

      David Bowie showed a good example when asked on the Jonathan Ross Show if he would accept a knighthood.

      He replied ‘give it to someone who gives a damn’.

    94. ronnie anderson says:

      Ur you’s aw forgetting another candidate for the dishonourable titles list .

      Least you’s forget .

    95. Breeks says:

      Right now the UK seems hellbent on destroying itself. A monarchy that can’t decide if it’s a gimmick or an anachronism, a Supreme Court that exposes the principle of law as secondary to the subjugation of Scotland, an “Honour” system that rewards nobodies like Mone or Donohoe.

      The proud military is blighted by its involvement with illegal war, extrajudicial assassination by drone strike, while at the same time made a laughing stock, with vanity projects like two aircraft carriers without aircraft or a fleet to support them. It pisses on Scotland’s regiments, then whines about falling recruitment.

      The UK’s reputation for level headed diplomacy and negotiating prowess has been vaporised for years, if not decades. The UK treats the truth like Play-doh, and farces like the white helmets, Syrian gas attacks, Skripol poisonings and all the other state inspired outrages absolutely stink of false narrative propaganda. Respect for international peace Treaties? Only when it suits.

      The BBC? Guffaw! The BBC is to propaganda what Vidkun Qui-sling is to trea-chery.

      Great British music?? Yep can’t find points in Eurovision land even from its dubious friends in Europe’s Israel or Australia. How nice to be so popular, yet not a soul stops to wonder why. How ironic that the UK comes last for “Euro” – “vision”. If only they’d called it “Blinkered Imperial Narcissism” the UK would hosting it every year.

      Car factory workers and steel workers seeing their careers disappear in a puff of smoke and swearing blind it has nothing to do with the Brexit they demanded and voted for. Not even the turkeys who vote Christmas are buying that self delusion.

      UK sport is English sport, never as good as it should be, and the Establishment media is as ignorant and bigoted as the English fans throwing bottles at foreigners. British when we win, Scottish when we lose.

      The UK goes out of its way to disrespect and belittle its immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, and refugees driven out of their homes by UK made bombs and missiles, then in the same breath, the UK reaches out for new Trade links abroad without a hint or trace of irony. Reformed and enlightened by modern ethics? Chagos Islanders don’t think so.

      What the fuck are we Scots doing here being part of this shitzone? The only Scots getting anything from the Union are the Orange Order Rangers fans having wet dreams beneath their Union Jack duvets and the craven lackeys who rise above themselves to bend themselves double to help the BritNat Establishment impose its rotten will and colonial exploitation upon Scotland, and in true British doublespeak they’re given a reward call that an “honour”.

      We need a vote to end this Union??? Wouldn’t a wee dose of penicillin do the trick? Can’t we hack it off with a penknife?

    96. galamcennalath says:

      Boris says he won’t pay the EU what the UK owes. OK, part of it is to cover a transition period, but some will always be owed even with a ‘no deal’ withdrawal.

      And if money is owed then there can be no future EU trade deals until it’s settled. The EU has already said that a precursor to trade talks is effectively the contents of May’s day anyway.

      He also says he would simply scrap the Backstop.

      So what’s Boris playing at? Probably telling Tory hordes what they want to hear – complete with batshit lunacy and magical potions.

      This Tory leadership competition appears to be contest of who is the biggest bullshitter!

      Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson certainly appears to be a huge asset to the cause of Scottish independence. Boris for PM, I say 😉

    97. Malcolm X covered the Brutish Labour party in Scotland in his speech,

      `The house negro and the field negro`

    98. Abulhaq says:

      Truly, there is nothing about this man’s career, see his Wiki profile, suggestive of ‘chivalry’. Although he is a big fan of Rangers FC and the soap Coronation Street, and when he lost his seat told his former constituents to F/off. Knight petulant! Knight most unionist!

    99. Abulhaq says:

      Davidson backs Javid…what’s happened to the Davidson-Gove axis, the fantasy ‘dream ticket’ supposed to leap frog her into Downing street sometime?
      Just watch it Sajid! She’s right behind you.

    100. Terry callachan says:

      Who could ever vote labour in Scotland now, fewer and fewer people.

      The tories in Scotland have lost ground too , hugely, Davidson seen as the untrustworthy politician she always has been and Westminster tories seen as opportunists who can’t be trusted either none of them have any principles.

      But the resistance to ending the union is still strong I wonder if the hard core will ever change, many of them have moved to Lib Dem’s they’ve forgotten how the Lib Dem’s abandoned their principles to team up with the tories to get into government and many have moved to the brexit party because they hate “ foreigners”.

      We see SNP taking more and more seats in all elections as the unionist british nationalist vote is split but It’s sad that the number supporting Scottish independence is not where it should be which after all that has happened since 2014 should be about sixty or seventy percent.
      Tactical voting is here to stay the british unionists will huddle under the same umbrella once brexit happens

    101. admiral says:

      bulhaq says:
      9 June, 2019 at 9:15 am
      Davidson backs Javid…what’s happened to the Davidson-Gove axis, the fantasy ‘dream ticket’ supposed to leap frog her into Downing street sometime?
      Just watch it Sajid! She’s right behind you.

      So Flip Flopper in Chief has flip flopped again. She’s gone from Operation Arse – anyone but Boris – to Operation Arselicker – I support Boris as PM – to Operation How Many Arses Can I Lick at the Same Time with my Forked Tongue.

      Tomorrow’s exciting flip flop – “Ruth says Dominic is the one for me!”
      Next week’s exciting flip flop – “Ruth says Andrea’s got what it takes!”…

    102. geeo says:

      I see callachan is back with his negativity/all hope is lost mantra.


      Because opinion polls are not showing 60 or 70% Yes…!!

      Newsflash , they will never show over 50% never nind 60 or 70%.

      These polls are designed to make people think indy is dead as there is no support for it.

      Utter nonsense.

      If anyone thinks indy support has not risen over the last couple of years, considering the ukexit shambles and the fact 62% wanted to REMAIN IN the EU, is snorting with Gove.

      In a world where ALL media bar one paper is anti indy propaganda and lies, we are expected to believe polls reflect the views in the country accurately, and that accuracy is that indy support has not moved despite the ukexit shambles ?

      Fantasy land thinking.

    103. HandandShrimp says:

      Did Ruth get Javid’s permission to back him?

    104. James Barr Gardner says:

      IRVINE Unionist Club fined £400 by Electoral Commission over £100000 donation to Tory Party 2018 ! DARK MONEY

      Brian Donohoe former Scottish Labour MP for Central Ayrshire, awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s latest Birthday Honours List, lives in IRVINE.

      He is the secretary of Rangers Supporters Club.

      Donohoe backed a Team GB football team.

      Donohoe was a Special Constable with the British Transport Police.

      He likes children and touching animals.

      HE VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR !!!!!!!!

      Was he ever LieBore ? Closet Tory !


    105. Abulhaq says:

      @Terry Callachan
      Resistence to the ending of the union is a hard core ultra-unionist minority surrounded by a collection of ‘unsures’ and politically naïve floaters. The latter two are the ones susceptible to state propaganda from Brit media, a constant flow of London centred ‘news’. They may live in Scotland but their minds are elsewhere in the ruritanian trooping-the-color world of “comfy Union Jack Britishness”.
      I would be happier with the SNP were that fake world of “comfy Union Jack Britishness” under constant assault.
      I would be happier with an assertively, republican National party.

    106. robertknight says:

      Brian Dunnowho – Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle up the Jacksie.

      Perhaps he could order up a Coat of Arms showing a red white and blue shield emblazoned with an inverted backside with a weed growing out the arsehole. Donkeys for Supporters would set it off nicely.


    107. shug says:

      When independence comes can we cancel all awards given to unionist place men (and women) and demand all remuneration that have received as a result of the award be returned.

      Kind of fits with not profiting from a crime

    108. Scott says:

      Sorry O/T but I had to laugh.
      SKY news reporter says that Javid has been endorsed by a big beast Ruth Davidson,words to that effect I don’t know but I think he was saying this with tongue in cheek,Have a look if you can worth a laugh.

    109. Legerwood says:

      It is being reported that the Spanish Consul in Scotland has been sacked. That letter to the Herald may have had something to do with it but not the only reason

    110. galamcennalath says:

      James Barr Gardner says:

      IRVINE Unionist Club fined £400 by Electoral Commission over £100000 donation to Tory Party 2018 ! DARK MONEY

      The small fine was for not registering properly …

      ” A spokeswoman from the Electoral Commission explained: “Unincorporated associations, such as the Irvine Unionist Club, must register with the Electoral Commission when they make political contributions of more than £25,000 in a calendar year and must report any relevant gifts that they have received. …… Irvine Unionist Club failed to comply with these rules and the Electoral Commission has fined them £400.”

      However, the actual source of all this dosh has never been identified, as far as I know. This is happening far too often now. Every election and vote now seems to have some occurrences of the far right handing mysterious donations. LARGE donations, serious money.

      If donations remain unaccountable then they should be confiscated AND a fine imposed. Treated like proceeds from crime.

    111. gus1940 says:

      The question that must be asked is ‘Out of the dozens of Scottish Labour MPs who were given the boot in 2015 why has this individual been singled out for a K and not any of the others many of whom were more prominent?

    112. Legerwood says:

      Herald online today has a story which says Ms Cherry sees herself as a potential leadership candidate.

      Did not know there was a vacancy.

    113. galamcennalath says:

      Another Robert the Bruce movie about to be released…

      … with all these historical dramas about Scotland, you’d think someone was trying to raise our national profile across the world 🙂

    114. Brian Powell says:

      We are very fortunate to have so many high quality leaders, Nicola, Mhairi, Joanna, Michael, Derek, Ian.

      Other than that, it has all to do with the Herald, or any other shabby wee unionist propaganda organ.

      Rejoice in our choice.

    115. jfngw says:

      So we have three parties in Scotland that opposed leaving the EU until they are over-ruled by head office in England. They are really just England’s representatives based in Scotland it would seem.

      All three will drag Scotland out of the EU at England’s demand, why is anyone but rabid Europhobes still voting for these parties?

      It’s Hutcheon in the the Herald, I would take any story with a pinch of salt regarding the SNP, it will be a story made out of virtually nothing, possibly even just gossip. Technically I’m a potential leader of the SNP.

    116. DerekM says:

      Another “socialist” bends the knee for baubles.

      I never knew they had a gong – for unionist dogma,you learn something new every day.

      I see the fib dems in England think that we vile nationalists hell bent on a independent Scotland should join with their little diddy party in a grand remain coalition of UK parties to fight the Brexit and save the UK(England).

      I see okay only one question where were you 3 years ago you morons?

      The answer is no,not now not tomorrow not ever,you can ram your brexit you can ram your westminster and most importantly you can ram the UK,we have more important plans to take care of independence for Scotland.

      Either get with the program or watch us take your party to pieces bit by bit like we did with the Labour and the Conservative parties.
      Up until now we have considered you an irrelevance but your stance with better together has NOT been forgotten in Scotland or will it be.

      Oh and you can thank us for getting you lots of new English members since it is us that are taking down the two big parties and spitting your dumb asses to the four winds.

      Should have let us go in 2014 cant say you were not warned.

    117. jfngw says:

      Javid declares seven times election loser Ruth Davidson a ‘real election winner’ hence continuing the Tory devotion to fiction over fact. He must be in with a chance as delusion seems to be one of the prime requirements to be PM recently, Blair, Brown, Cameron & May.

      It would also seem the current administration is inhabited by a group of ex junkies, that could explain a lot. Just waiting to discover the current PM wasn’t walking through wheat but smoking weed, you don’t want to be the odd one out at the dealers.

    118. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 9 June, 2019 at 11:20 am:

      It is being reported that the Spanish Consul in Scotland has been sacked. That letter to the Herald may have had something to do with it but not the only reason …

      Yes, Legerwood it has been reported – but it is a load of bullshit in tying the Sacking to his letter claiming Spain would not veto a Scotland EU bid for membership.

      The reason being that the Spanish government has stated they have no plans to veto Scotland from EU membership. The Spanish PM said so long ago and here is a more recent Reuter’s report from November 20, 2018 / 5:46 PM. (that’s from 7 months ago),

      It has long been Spain’s official stance in regard to this matter but you would never know it by paying heed to English/British/United Kingdom propaganda.

      Whatever the man was sacked for I doubt it was for repeating Spanish official policies.

      BTW Wee Ginger Duck Dug did a very good article explaining why it would be very harmful politically for Spain to do so and would actually be harmful to Spain’s opposition to the Catalonian claims for independence.

    119. Robert Peffers says:


      Here’s that Wee Ginger Dug bit about the Spanish Veto. I thought it very good indeed but would add that Spain would be daft to veto a Scotland from EU membership and have the EU’s largest fishing fleet barred from Europe’s biggest fishing grounds in Scottish Waters.

    120. Jock McDonnell says:

      No.. but, 7 years for taking coke ? Really ? Did I misunderstand that ?

    121. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “I wonder if after Scottish indy will England still keep these rats in the house of lords.” you ask @Iain 2 says; 8 June, 2019 at 4:31 pm

      I seriously doubt it which is why folk like Union Jack McConnel are pushing for a second chamber in Scotland.

      They earned their £300 a day (plus expenses selling out Scotland and her people and don’t want to lose it).

    122. starlaw says:

      So Johnson if becoming Prime Minister will refuse to pay the EU any money owed and just ignore the backstop. Mr Johnson needs reminded that most imports/exports enter and leave Britain on the backs of lorries. What are Mr Johnsons plans if these ferries are no longer able to run. How does Mr Johnson plan on filling our supermarket shelves. The EU will make the rules Mr Johnson will obey.

    123. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “What’s the secret deal between Davidson and Javid over her endorsement of the man who thinks that as PM he can take away Scotland’s right to self-determination?” you ask @
      kapelmeister says at 12:11 am

      I suspect the role of Media puff piece front person for the UK Union Unit/Office that they have been pushing as a replacement for the Scotland Office.

      It’ll be a UK Union spend/policy (broad shoulders etc. etc.) = Scotland Good


      EssEnnPeeBaaad = Scotland Shite.

      Colonel Yadaftie as the new Fluffy, claiming credit for all the good stuff in Scotland ably backed by the BritNat Media.

    124. galamcennalath says:

      Just thinking, time will run out for BritNat troughers to collect their British Empire thingies and knight/damehoods.

      iScotland will have her own honours system for charitable and non political public service. People who get them will deserve them. Working to stighmie Scottish democracy and self determination will no long be rewarded!

    125. Hamish100 says:

      Politics Scotland BBC style. Labour represented at each segment of the programme.

      In the press review there was even a lib dem.

      For Labour Tony Blair’s ex researcher aleshya whatshername is described as both a comedian and Labour Party member.
      I thought a comedienne was supposed to be funny.

      Fair enough on 2nd thoughts.

    126. James Barr Gardner says:

      gus1940 says:
      9 June, 2019 at 11:26 am

      The question that must be asked is ‘Out of the dozens of Scottish Labour MPs who were given the boot in 2015 why has this individual been singled out for a K and not any of the others many of whom were more prominent?

      Wee Tam Clarke must be feckin’ biellin’…….

    127. cyril mitchell says:

      Well well well what a surprise the meritocracy is alive and well and/or freemasonary as well

    128. kapelmeister says:

      Given the revealed track record of drug taking in the Tory top level shouldn’t they be redubbed the Tokey Party?

    129. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      You ask a very good question @gus1940 says at 11:26 am

      “Out of the dozens of Scottish Labour MPs who were given the boot in 2015 why has this individual been singled out for a K and not any of the others many of whom were more prominent?”

      Would be interesting to find out who nominated him and what their connections are (possibly a job for The Ferret or Rev Stu) but a fair few ‘nods to BritNat Dark Money’ seem to be doing the rounds (see comment from @James Barr Gardner says; 9 June, 2019 at 10:30 am) which might explain the “less prominent”?

    130. Gary45% says:

      Rumour has it that when Javid was told the Northern Branch Manager was supporting him, he said “Ruth Harrison, who’s that?”,and when told, replied – “Oh! Her! – well that’s me F**KED !”.

    131. HandandShrimp says:

      So if Javid doesn’t make the last two will Ruth transfer her support to Hunt or Boris (think Gove may have spiked his bid…possibly deliberately?)

    132. Giving Goose says:

      Maybe Mr Donohoe has been given a big thank you for work as a recruiting sergeant for Orange foot soldiers, who will be available for attempted disruption of any activities deemed anti-British e.g. voting, waving Saltires, being Scottish.

    133. Robert Louis says:

      Honestly, what an absolute shower of class ‘A’ w*nkers, each and every one of the contestants for Tory leadership are. With the exception of that vile creature Esther McVey, who is clearly inhuman, and a borderline psycopath, with not an ounce of compassion. Even spook boy (MI6), Rory the Tory, has gone awol, with his plans for compulsory national service, FFS.

      But given they are all now ‘fessing up’ to taking a variety of hard drugs, or worse, their is one who really stands out. Michael Gove, the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy, condemning and jailing those caught with drugs, yet now openly admitting he took Cocaine on at least several ocasions (that IS a habit, btw). As RevSTU rightly points out, their is no statute of limitations on such crime in England, therefore he should be arrested and duly prosecuted.

      I watch with absolute amazement as Gove says he deeply, deeply regrets it. Does that work for everybody else too?? Up before the sheriff for cocaine posession and use, can you get off just by saying you ‘deeply, deeply regret it’?

      I await the metropolitan police duly arresting Michael Gove, MP and charging him with his crimes, which he has openly and repeatedly admitted. I think lawyer types call that a confession.

      Or are politicians like Gove above the law?????

      Not one of them is fit for office. Not one.

    134. schrodingers cat says:

      gus1940 says:
      9 June, 2019 at 11:26 am
      The question that must be asked is ‘Out of the dozens of Scottish Labour MPs who were given the boot in 2015 why has this individual been singled out for a K and not any of the others many of whom were more prominent?


      leading light in bt2?

      behind the tory think….he is, after all, common as muck and would appeal to the working classes 🙂

    135. Jack Murphy says:

      It’s a quiet Sunday so I’ll just post the recent ‘Journey to Yes’ No. 24 from Phantom Power Films.

      WG Saraband is an EU National from Portugal who has made Edinburgh his home since 2015.

      When the time comes, it will be an emphatic YES from WG Saraband. [smiley emoji]


    136. kapelmeister says:

      Is the Tory Home Secretary now to be called Sajid Javidson in honour of his new ally?

      Someone should tell him the Tories have averaged only a modest 19% in the 7 Scotland-wide elections under her leadership.

    137. Abulhaq says:

      When England is left to its own devices as in the Tory beauty contest and Labours problems with Jews we see it in all its king’s new clothes glory.
      The notion that without the Scots the British Empire wouldn’t have survived so long has much in its favour. Scots in Britannia’s boiler room kept the lights on in that kiplingesque world.
      The modern British state still puts on a good show for its rheumy eyed faithful. Tsar Nick II would recognise the performances and the stage sets.

    138. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – that’s an interesting clip from 2014. Firstly, how positive and articulate Tommy Sheridan is. Second, how completely obstructive and dull Brian Donohue is.
      Thirdly, so good to see there are MENS and LADIES toilets in the foyer. None of this woke nonsense in Irvine then.

    139. Confused says:

      when I look at this guy I think

      – his nose and chin they threaten ither …

      and then

      I wonder how old his granny is?

      maybe he can become an associate professor at the new john smith la di la retirement home for the careerless – or maybe not, theres not many a “woke” take in that cranium



      – oldskool labour vintage, matured in a sewer of its own grafting mediocrity

      then by synchronous happenstance, this appears

      roosting chickens, hopefully

      corruption in glasgow/lanarkshire makes chinatown seem a model of transparency
      – all transactions are done using an untraceable currency – the FAVOUR
      – and the “books” are kept, unwritten, a distributed ledger, a copy kept with each member of the club, in their heads, telling
      – what is owed to whom, favours given, owed and repaid
      NB for the geek, this organisational method predates “the blockchain” by many decades
      – anyone who does not pay his dues, or has a big mouth, transgresses in some way, takes but does not give – finds themselves very quickly ostracised – contracts are not reneved, customers dry up – and if you have pissed off the wrong people, an audit might come your way, or licenses essential to your business are not forthcoming

      it is a “club” which runs things, in an offhand admission by one of its ex-members, a “mateocracy” – NB the SNP are NOT in the club, which explains the viciousness of the labour opposition; sure, its “our jobs, by right” but its also a lot more

      and while we all might like to fantasise about secret societies doing their rituals in the catacombs of council offices and masonic halls – its mostly done openly, this corruption, in various restaurants, nightclubs, golf clubs, always on the move, hard to pin down

      to the anthropologist its a group survival strategy – lets face it, none of these guys is ever going to make it in the meritocracy, all those high achievers and brainy cunts, with their ideas and principles, striving – its unfair … this “so called graft” is merely a welfare state for dunderheads; why should the talented get all the good jobs?
      – thats racist, or summink, if stupid is an ethnicity

    140. Terry callachan says:

      I see geeo anonymous is still talking nonsense
      Mind you he’s not well so don’t be too harsh on him

      To geeo, get well soon

    141. Confused says:

      – by even stranger synchronicity – the article in the evening times I linked to previously is by …

      LEASK !!

      – its not bad, actually, credit where its due.

      Notably, some of the comments are deleted.

    142. Dr Jim says:

      My Daddy used to say Socialism comes in a brown envelope gets you foreign holidays a hoose and a job for life

      Nothing changes eh, they’re still getting it

    143. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Maybe it’s my huge reserves of cynicism, but: I cannot help wondering just how awful the post-Brexit shite storm is actually going to be, now half the contenders for Toerag Party Leader are going out of their way to confess to law-breaking which will almost certainly rule them out of contention – if they get as far as the final ballot of the entire membership.

      Your average Toerag Party member is a Baby Boomer. I am one (a Baby Boomer – not a Toerag). We may have brought sex, drink and rock ‘n’ roll out of the closet, but, compared to those who came after us, we were quite tame.

      Those of us who have grown-up to be respectable Toerag Party activists will not, I am certain, be willing to vote for drug-takers. Of course, they will vote for Boris, who will deny ever having had anything to do with drugs.

      Just as he will deny we will be in over our heads in shite post-Brexit. We are all doomed, doomed Ah tell ye – unless we get Independence.

    144. Breeks says:


      Braveheart 2 Preview is out.

      Looks mince. Hope I’m wrong. When it’s got the 20th C Eilean Donan Castle in the trailer… well,… after 2 minutes of footage, alarm bells are ringing….

    145. galamcennalath says:

      All the Tory leadership contenders trying to out-nasty one another because they know if they get to the last two and it goes out to the full membership, their nasty credentials need to be thoroughly nasty. Isn’t called the nasty party for nothing!

      I do keep wondering how popular each of them is among MPs. Tory MPs have history in manipulating who ends up in the final two. It really is, what and who do the MPs want?

      Some have left, but it’s still over 300 I believe. The Far Right über Brexiteers are less than 100. That isn’t enough to push one of their guys into the last two without outside help.

      I think the last two could be a surprise.

    146. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      6th of April next year is the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.
      As it will have taken a few days to reach the pope I suggest we have our referendum on the 700th aniversary (probably) of the Pope getting it ie Thursday 10th April 2020.

      In the meantime we can all listen to our national anthem again I am going to start a campaign to get all our branches of the SNP to inist that we listen to this as we finish our annual conference (as we did for 50 years)

    147. Muscleguy says:

      I agree that he was a terrible, pointless, feeble MP like most SLAB MPs.

      To give him an honour is very stupid. Maybe if we become independent and a republic we can strip him of it, deport him or simply ignore him and title much like we could with the ‘aristocracy’.

    148. gus1940 says:

      I enjoyed Gove self immolating on today’s Marr Show.

      If you thought Trump had a high opinion of himself he has a close rival in Gove.

    149. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think someone suggested up-thread that this ennoblement might be party of a Tory strategy to undermine the credibility of British Labour. This appears feasible.

      OK, I’m no international lawyer and it is a very long time since I was conversant with International Public Law, but I think the direction of travel Britain is taking requires a little extra effort from us all. So please fill your boots if possible. This is not a time to be ambivalent towards the law, frankly.

      Retrieving the ‘subject’ of European integration


      In this article, a critical reinterpretation of citizens as subjects of European integration moves the focus of EU law from EU citizens’ subjection to their subjectification. This analysis draws on post-structural social theory in arguing that the law is instrumental to securing the material conditions for transnational political subjectification because it regulates both EU citizens’ access to transnational social relations and the perception of difference between them.

      However, the law also reinforces constraints on the process of transnational subjectification. Systematic obstacles, which must be taken into account, are not limited to economic status, but include other variables like gender or age. It will be argued on this basis that EU law needs to develop a more coherent politics of subjectivity. Towards this goal, the law must carefully attend to what is (and is not) depoliticising in EU citizenship rights.

    150. ahundredthidiot says:

      Fergus Green at 7:24

      re knighthoods/awards… mean David Bowie the paedo??

    151. Robert Peffers says:

      Really hilarious but it says it all. BBC Scotland and the international between Scotland and England and BBC Radio Scotland announcer says, “And now the teams wait for their National Anthems. Minutes later we hear The United Kingdom’s national Anthem, “God Save the Queen”, this is followed by, “Flower of Scotland”, and I’m waiting to hear the English National anthem but there is none.

      Now every Scot knows that, “God Save the Queen”, is no more the English National anthem than the UNION Flag is the English national flag. Thing is not one of the BBC Scotland commentators said anything about it nor did any of the BBC Scotland football pundits.

      Says it all really. Do these BBC Radio Scotland numpties not realise this is meant to be a British Nationalist insult to Scotland but hardly anyone in Scotland thinks of it as insulting and no more wants God Save the Queen as the Scottish National anthem than they want the Butcher’s Apron as their national flag.

    152. Sinky says:

      Commentary on BBC Caesar! much better than BBC1

    153. Sinky says:

      BBC ALBA .. predictive text worse than new handball rule . A farce of a penalty

    154. Lenny Hartley says:

      Ledgerwood, Nicola was being interviewed on telly recently, cant remember channel, the interviewer cast aspirations that she would not be FM or leader of SNP come Indy ref2 due to the Alex Salmond case. nicola said she could not comment on the case, so i suspect the Brit Nats have a plan. Cannot see Nicola making a basic procedural mistake so there will be no substance in their allegegation so she will ride the attack out, but I imagine it will be a full blown assault on her from the BBC and MSM . So they (the MSM) will be trying to undermine Nicola at every opportunity and hope that the Salmond investigation criticises Nicola.

    155. Abulhaq says:

      @Robert Peffers
      As you will realise there is no more an English ‘national’ anthem than there is a Scottish one. National anthems in the modern sense are a 19th century notion. Pity they can’t be returned there. They’re so ‘mines bigger than yours’.

    156. CameronB Brodie says:

      The thing is, International Public Law is a gateway to a deep understanding of democracy, so here’s what a proper structural/institutional analysis looks like. As I said, the EU has its’ problems but the aim of EU law is to emancipate the individual from harms caused by arbitrary power. The same can not be said for the practice of British constitutionalism (see the full-English Brexit).

      European integration, social democratic Europeanism and the competitiveness discourse: a neo-Poulantzian approach to discursive policy analysis

    157. Dr Jim says:

      The United Kingdom of England’s Great British precious Union versus Scotland

      Given the population difference the score should be 10-1 anything less will be seen as failure for the above 3 titled England surely

    158. Robert Peffers says:

      @Sinky says: 9 June, 2019 at 5:36 pm:

      ” … BBC ALBA .. predictive text worse than new handball rule . A farce of a penalty.”

      It isn’t predictive text, Sinky, Rev Stu has a banned list of words and that is one of them.

    159. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I’m truly gobsmacked. Just when you think that Unionism couldn’t get any more self-destructive, off at the deep end it goes and trumps it.

      A promo by Corbyn? Some kind of socialist Baldrickian cunning plan to discredit the honours system, or (as DMH wonders upthread) does he have the key to some skeleton closet somewhere?

      Incredible. Tricia Marwick is right, avoid such tarnished baubles like the plague.

    160. gerry parker says:

      Won’t make any difference to me, I call everyone Sir, or Sur.

    161. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry for the length of this post, but I am extremely agitated and not in the slightest ambivalent towards the rule-of-law. Perhaps that is because I am poor and vulnerable, so I might value my civil and human rights more than some of Scotland’s judiciary appear to. The full-English Brexit rejects natural law and is the essence of legal discrimination. Unfortunately, the wealthy in Scotland will be comparatively unaffected, such is the banality of British fascism.

      UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. CCPR Commentary
      The Procedures before the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies. Divergence or Convergence?
      Non-discrimination and Equality in the View of the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies

      The entire United Nations system for the protection of human rights is undergoing major changes; this holds true for both the Charter-based supervisory machinery and the treaty-based machinery. The reform of the Charter-based machinery has led quite rapidly to concrete results. The heavily criticized Commission on Human Rights has been replaced by a new Human Rights Council, which is to be more effective and efficient than its predecessor. At the same time, though receiving much less attention from the press, the treaty-based system has been subject to calls for substantial reform since at least the 1980s, leading to many ad hoc improvements in the functioning of the various committees.

      Such reforms make in-depth studies of the work of the treaty bodies all the more indispensable. Of all the treaty bodies, the Human Rights Committee has received the greatest share of scholarly attention. It is the body with the longest history of examining individual complaints and, as the Optional Protocol to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has been ratified by 105 states parties, it thus has the largest collection of case-law.

      Further, the Human Rights Committee has often taken the lead in innovative working methods. For example, the Optional Protocol to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights does not provide for a mechanism for follow-up of the Committee’s views. The Human Rights Committee was the first to develop a specific mechanism, which has now been adopted by other committees. States have accepted the competence of the treaty bodies to establish such a procedure, as is evidenced by the fact that the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women contains a provision codifying this competence.

      Compared with the European Convention on Human Rights, however, the amount of academic work on the UN treaty bodies still lags behind. This is probably due to the fact that many European scholars long considered the treaty bodies as less relevant than the European Court because of the non-binding nature of the outcome of their work. In the past decade, nonetheless, a slowly rising number of publications on the various committees and their work have appeared.

      The books currently under review address the treaty bodies from different perspectives. Nowak focuses exclusively on the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Human Rights Committee, while Wouter Vandenhole focuses on the procedures that treaty bodies have in common and the issue of non-discrimination, which cross-cuts all the human rights treaties. The latter two books constitute part of a research project undertaken by the author to study the convergence of procedural and substantive law….

    162. Cubby says:

      To Callachan – you are an arrogant phoney independence supporter. There is no chance of you getting well soon – you tosser.

      Still waiting for you to back up your phoney figs for percentage of English in Scotland and Wales. 30 % English in Wales you said. LOL Your figs are always the nice round numbers that are the mark of figs that frauds use.

    163. Cubby says:

      A union flag spotted at the England v Scotland match. What sort of tosser would bring a union flag to this match. Callachan must be in Nice.

    164. McDuff says:

      After Scotland got a goal the Scottish commentator on BBC said “they did deserve the goal although I don’t think they would deserve to be level” that’s more or less his words. England got their cheesy first goal on a hand ball penalty.
      What’s wrong with these cringy Scots.

    165. gus1940 says:

      All the media is reporting that Gove confessed to taking cocaine when the truth is he was exposed and forced to admit it which is very different.

      We are expected to believe that he just decided to confess voluntarily.

    166. Phronesis says:

      There are 8 reasons why Tories keep getting it wrong highlighted by Brexit(the 9th is that a gullible electorate vote for them in the first place and other unionist supporting parties enable their incompetencies).

      ‘Many Tories are cynics faking it. They publicly back no deal, knowing it would be a disaster, but are counting on the rest of parliament to stop it.

      The corollary: there is no political advantage in grasping reality if your voters don’t.

      Widmerpoolism. Kenneth Widmerpool, the creation of English novelist Anthony Powell, has become a byword for the blind will to power.

      An inability to admit past error.

      If your genuine beliefs contradict reality, deny reality…A related Tory trait is what the French call volontarisme: the notion that willpower can change reality.

      Denying reality proves your fanaticism to other fanatics.


      Stupidity and ignorance’

      Their close ally across the pond who they persistently fawn over and want to engage with over trade deals also displays the same traits,a denial of reality about the life circumstances of the majority of the electorate. Giving more money to the extremely wealthy, taking more money back by increasing health care costs for most hard working families.

      ‘From 2017 to 2018, the estimated average corporate tax rate fell from 23.4% to 12.1% and individual income taxes as a percentage of personal income fell slightly from 9.6% to 9.2%.
      Real wages grew more slowly than GDP: at 2.0% (adjusted by the GDP deflator) compared with 2.9% for overall real GDP. Such slower growth has occurred in the past. The real wage rate for production and nonsupervisory workers grew by 1.2%’

      ‘President Trump’s 2017 tax legislation cut the tax bills of most middle-class wage earners in 2018 — a fact that the president and his allies in Congress have been trumpeting ever since. Nonpartisan estimates show that the bottom 80% of taxpayers by income received, on average, about $795. But that money wasn’t in anyone’s wallet for long. Their pockets were being picked by other Trump policies…Tariffs lead to higher prices, so they wind up being paid by consumers like a hidden tax. Study after study published by economists this year has confirmed that the new tariff payments coming into the U.S. Treasury are ultimately coming from the pocketbooks of Americans, not anyone in China…Here’s where the tax law did deliver what it promised: It weakened the mandate to carry health insurance that was the crux of the Affordable Care Act. The knock-on consequences of that will be higher monthly premiums for most. For families in the bottom 60% of the income distribution, this increase in health insurance premiums is estimated to be many times the size of the tax cut. In Kansas, for instance, a middle-class household of four in that income bracket got $510 in tax relief; on the private insurance market that family will pay an additional $2,070 a year’

      ‘So far, the number of Republicans reassessing their support for the Trump tax cuts is, give or take, zero. What this suggests is that the alleged growth-incentivizing secondary effects of the plan were rationales, and the primary effect — giving business owners more money — was the hidden main goal all along’

      Scotland has a real opportunity to emerge from the failing British State run institutions as a small, independent outward looking nation that is hard working, intelligent and politically engaged and doesn’t take its advice from stupid, lazy leaders that have no interest in progressing Scotland ,the country.

    167. Lenny Hartley says:

      Gove is now in breach of Visa obligations for visiting the USA because it asks on the application form if you have ever taken drugs or have been a Nazi. He lied on both counts and if your found to have told a porky on a previous visa application. Could be a bit embarrissing if he beco,es PM 🙂

    168. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 9 June, 2019 at 5:53 pm:

      ” … Pity they can’t be returned there. They’re so ‘mines bigger than yours’.”

      Actually, Abulhaq, you miss the point. God Save the Queen is not even the Official United Kingdom National Anthem as there is no such thing as you will read here:-

      There is no such thing as a British National Anthem either as there is no such country as Britain. Some considerable time ago O visited the official Royal Family website, (I’ve no idea if it even still exists now), and to my surprise it stated there was no official National Anthem but by custom and practice GSTQ was regarded by people to be the UK national anthem.

      Which is what I found so funny when they played GSTQ as the English National Anthem when GSTQ was regarded as the UK anthem.

      Anyway later, after my comment, I though a little more about it and it occurred to me that the error would most likely be by the stadium staff at NICE who probably just didn’t know any better but however my comment was more about how BBC Scotland staff should have known better – but didn’t.

    169. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland says: 9 June, 2019 at 6:00 pm:

      ” … Tricia Marwick is right, avoid such tarnished baubles like the plague.”

      Actually, Robert avoiding being, (cough!), elevated to the House of Lords is official SNP policy but I’m not sure if avoiding all official, “Honours”, is, or is not, SNP Policy but HOL is definitely out.

    170. Terry callachan says:

      Haha geeo and now cubby one and the same both lost in a trance
      Get well soon guys
      Remember to take your medicine it helps

    171. Terry callachan says:

      To cubby , you’ve had one too many for a Sunday afternoon haha

    172. frogesque says:

      Tricia Mawick.

      “I have had many meaningful honours in my life. To be one of the first MSPs when our Parliament was reconvened in 1999, to be elected as MSP for my home constituency of Central Fife and then to serve as the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament. That is recognition and honour enough. I have no need for further rewards or honours.”

      A woman of fine principle, she was also my MSP

    173. Dr Jim says:

      Remember when it was Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon who were going to *steal* the keys for 10 Doping street, now it’s Jermy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon who are going to get the keys handed to them to run *our* country, and that of course would be a disaster according to Gove and the Tories

      It never seems to occur to Tories that any vote not for them might be democracy and not an outrage against them who are the God given leaders of everything they behold

      If you vote against the Tories they see it as a message that they must continue doing what they’re doing but just do it better

      If there happened to be a GE Corbyn would just bring in the Lib Dems anyway, and they’d do it *reluctantly* to save R precious Union from that dreaded Scots pickpocket the Sturgeonater

      Independence must be taken not waited on hoping for circumstances or for someone else to lend a hand because that won’t happen, and certainly not Jermy Corbyn

      Corbyn’s just another Tory branch office pretending not to be, you can’t ever trust the *many faced man*

    174. jfngw says:

      All these Tories outing themselves on drugs, luckily they have a Ross Thomson portrait in the attic.

    175. HC says:

      The figures of 30% English in Wales sound right to me. Immigration has been a curse to Welsh nationalism and the Welsh language. Every time ex-Plaid/Labour-lite leader Leanne Wood welcomed immigrants, it was a nail in her own party’s coffin.It is worth Nicola Sturgeon bearing that in mind, but because there is no linguistic nationalism in Scotland, it is probably of no consequence until your next referendum occurs.

    176. jfngw says:

      He joins the upper echelons and now has an affinity with Sir Jimmy Saville, Sir Fred Goodwin, Sir Robert Mugabe, Sir Benito Mussolini, Sir Nicolae Ceausescu, Sir Anthony Blunt, a role of British honours to be proud of.

    177. Terry callachan says:

      So Scotland’s exports to Europe increase dramatically once again
      More proof that brexit will damage Scotland severely if we stay in the UK

      and proof that staying in the UK deprives Scotland of its wealth
      no wonder England want to maintain the fallacy that devolution is good for Scotland

      no wonder England want to continue to keep a tight grip on Scotland’s politics and its economy
      by continually saying now is not the time

    178. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cubby says: 9 June, 2019 at 6:30 pm:

      ” … A union flag spotted at the England v Scotland match. What sort of tosser would bring a union flag to this match. Callachan must be in Nice.”

      Many, many years ago I was on my way to the Scotland vs England so called, “Home Internationals”, at Hamden. As I came up to an area where the English Coaches were directed to park and there was a coach spewing out its load of English Fans.

      They were bedecked in English colours and most carrie4d union flags and they were all singing God Save the Queen. I thought to have a bit of fun with them. Now I have the capacity to come out with the most outrageous things while keeping a perfectly straight face so I asked them who they though would win the match and, of course there was a chorus of, “England”, of course.

      So with the straight face I then innocently asked, “And guys, which team is it you are supporting today”, there was a brief instant of stunned silence and looks of incredulity before there were comments like, don’t you see the flags, didn’t you hear our National anthem, and so on.

      Still with the straight face I said, “Of course I saw them and heard the National Anthem too, but the thing is, it is our Union Flag and our National anthem too. So, as I didn’t see any St George’s flags of England, I didn’t know which United Kingdom Country you were going to support”.

      Back then they took it in good part – I don’t think I’d try that on these days – and not just because I can’t run so fast these days either.

    179. Terry callachan says:

      Comparing Scotland’s independence campaign with Quebec’s independence campaign
      I just do not see this as a reasonable comparison

      Scotland as a country has existed so much longer than Quebec
      Quebec is made up of many people with french ancestry and British ancestry it is those with french ancestry who want independence both groups are not indigenous whereas
      a greater part of Scotland’s population are indigenous people

      In Quebec it’s a contest between two groups of colonisers
      In Scotland it is not

    180. Terry callachan says:

      To Robert Peffers..your post of 8.16pm

      so have things changed ?

      Don’t england fans now tend to wave st George flags at England football games ?

      I don’t have a picture in my mind of England fans waving union flags it’s always the at George flag isn’t it ?

    181. Cubby says:

      Still no answer from Callachan as to where he gets his figures for the numbers of English in Scotland and Wales. Made up figures to bolster his anti English racism comments. The sort of thing a Britnat posing as a phoney independence supporter would do.

      Britnats lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything. PS that’s you Terry old boy. A Britnat liar and a tosser.

    182. geeo says:

      Callachan obsessing over me i see.

      The only meds needed will be to stop your tears when Scots dissolve your stinking corpse of a union.

      Those meds will probably cost you a fortune, if you can source them at all, that is.

      43 schools and still thick as pigshit, you would think at least one could have educated that rattling brain cell at least a wee bit.

      Alas no.

    183. Essexexile says:

      @Dr Jim

      Given the population difference the score should be 10-1 anything less will be seen as failure for the above 3 titled England surely

      We ought to knock 5 or 6 goals off that for England having to put up with Neville P as manager.
      Inexplicably made 60 odd international appearances then gifted the England women’s job despite a CV the size of a postage stamp.
      Only marginally less annoying than his equally average brother.
      Maybe we should follow England’s lead and give the Scotland women’s job to Alan Hansen.

    184. robbo says:

      Terry callachan says:
      9 June, 2019 at 8:51 pm
      To Robert Peffers..your post of 8.16pm

      so have things changed ?

      Don’t england fans now tend to wave st George flags at England football games ?

      I don’t have a picture in my mind of England fans waving union flags it’s always the at George flag isn’t it ?

      The butchers apron is flown with regularity at Ibrox and somewhat to a degree at Tynecastle. There’s your England fans right there.

    185. Terry callachan says:

      Cubby I know you, get a life ,too much of the sauce again today
      Sleep it off haha

    186. Terry callachan says:


      Keep taking your medicine
      You’re hallucinating again ha ha

      You will feel better in the morning
      Get well soon

    187. Terry callachan says:

      Robbo your post at 9.24 pm

      Don’t know about them being England fans but it’s certainly strange seeing all these non Scottish flags at Scottish games same with the Irish flag flown at Celtic park
      Tribalism I think

    188. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dave McEwan Hill at 4:29 pm.

      You typed,

      “In the meantime we can all listen to our national anthem again
      I am going to start a campaign to get all our branches of the SNP to inist that we listen to this as we finish our annual conference (as we did for 50 years)”

      I’ve replied to you ‘off-topic’ re ‘Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce’.

    189. Dan says:

      Ya Dancer!
      Picked up another motorbike a couple of days ago so Oban AUOB via Glencoe here I come.
      Hopefully there will be an added bonus for YES Bikers as I’ve also found my tin of Castrol R, so with a wee dose in the tank the glens should smell braw!

    190. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Terry callachan @ 20:47,

      The main difference between Scotland and Quebec that people don’t seem to get – not least those who use the Quebec “failures” as yet another excuse for indefinite prevarication – is the very distinct reactions of their “host” nations,

      After its win, Canada, already being a substantially federal state, reacted positively to the challenge by relinquishing further powers to Quebec (and also granting country-wide concessions to francophones), whereas the UK basically reneged on everything its stooges had promised, and continues to persist dogmatically in its centuries-old tradition of obsessive centralisation. The exact same greed for absolute power as lost the American colonies.

      It’s very clear that London can never be trusted to honour any concession of significant powers (only deliberate tax-traps), and besides it makes a whole lot of sense in an European context for us to be able to exercise our own foreign and defence policies. (Neither of which are in any way constricted by EU membership, BTW.)

      Mind you, after an indy win, I could see the UK attempt to forestall independence by some kind of 11th-hour “maxi-devo-max” offer. Such an offer might tempt some, but would always leave us at the mercy of London, and would therefote inevitably be unacceptably second-rate.

    191. Cageybee says:

      Paul on fire tonight with some epic lines(see what I did there) on the candidates

    192. Cubby says:

      Callachan posts a lot but cannot answer the questions put to him.

      Made up your figures Terry old boy to support your phoney racist views – didn’t you.

      Nothing but a lying phoney independence supporter.

    193. mike cassidy says:

      A urinal in a Scottish pub reveals why toilets matter in international politics

    194. Gary45% says:

      Just noticed the medja punting “How Boris Johnson 2.0 was born.
      I take it this will be the same fuckwit as Boris Johnson1.0
      The Boris memoirs “The Bumper Annual of Fuckwittery”

    195. Lenny Hartley says:

      Dan make and model of bike please ?

    196. Effijy says:

      Brian Donohoe a Sir?

      A thoroughly nasty man through and through.

      No intellect and always in politics for his own gain financially.

      Sir Chancerlot of Orangeshire!

      Just as Boris has proposed that the EU will not get a penny of the £39 Billion that Westminster would owe the EU on Brexit, I will be delighted to see an Independent Scotland walk away from
      Westminster’s £2 Trillion of Dept “Scot Free”.

      When independence arrives-No Westminster pension for the likes of people of Donohoe, no £300 per day for a quick kip in the House of Lords, just the 4th
      worst Pension rate in the 28 EU countries that he and his party
      have landed honest hard working Scots with.

    197. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. the practice of British constitutionalism and how it fails to ensure natural justice for Scotland (see the full-English Brexit). Should Scotland’s residents consider themselves Brexitanians or domestic “aliens”? I thought this one relevant given the Islamophobic nature of contemporary (white) British nationalism.

      Access to Justice, Denial of Justice and International Investment Law


      The development of investment arbitration in contemporary international law has helped to consolidate access to justice as a principle of both customary law on the treatment of aliens and human rights law. This development has also contributed to the emancipation of individuals and private entities from the traditional institution of diplomatic protection by opening to them direct access to international dispute settlement mechanisms.

      At the same time, this development has raised questions whether the far-reaching penetration of foreign investment guarantees into areas of national regulation of public interest should not be counterbalanced by corresponding opportunities for access to justice and the availability of remedies for civil society in the host state. This article examines the relevant recent practice on this matter and argues that access to justice may be a unifying principle to afford protection, both at the substantive and procedural levels, to investors and peoples negatively affected by the investment, both in the territory of the host state and abroad.

      Issue Section:
      Symposium: Issues of Globalization

      1 A Brief Historical Introduction

      Denial of justice lies at the heart of the development of international law on the treatment of aliens and of foreign investment. At the same time this notion is inextricably linked to the broader concept of access to justice, understood as the individual’s right to obtain the protection of the law and the availability of legal remedies before a court or other equivalent mechanism of judicial or quasi-judicial protection. Intuitively, this type of protection is a sine qua non for any type of constitutional democracy, where the rule of law and the independence of the courts, rather than the benevolence of the ruler, provide the fundamental guarantees of individual rights and freedoms.

      Yet, historically, access to justice has remained problematic for aliens. Even before the formation of the modern nation state, the need for a minimum degree of protection of the life, security, and property of aliens established in or visiting a foreign land had emerged in the late Middle Ages, especially in the context of the flourishing trade between the Italian maritime Republics – such as Venice and Genoa – and the Mediterranean areas under Muslim dominion. In these areas, foreign merchants coming from the Christian world could not expect the protection of the universal system of Roman law which had guaranteed the political and legal unity of the ancient Mediterranean world.

      On the contrary, they encountered diffidence and marginalization by local authorities and, more fundamentally, they had to deal with the difficulty of reconciling their need for personal and economic security with the rigid system of the personality of the law in the Islamic world. This system, informed by the close interpenetration of Islamic law and religion, was a powerful obstacle to the application of legal guarantees of contractual and property rights of non-Muslims under the lex loci.1

      The pragmatic response to this normative and jurisdictional mismatch was the development of special extraterritorial legal regimes for commercial establishments, trade centres, and warehouses maintained in Muslim lands (fondaci) by foreign merchants and the gradual recognition of a system of in situ protection of foreign merchants by agents of the foreign power of which they were nationals.2 This practice constitutes a predecessor to the modern idea of ‘free zones’ and, more importantly, formed the basis of the early development of consular relations and of the later emergence of that special branch of customary international law that goes under the name of ‘minimum standard of treatment of aliens’.

      History tells us also that this early model of international protection of foreign economic interests later degenerated into forms of sheer economic dominance and of colonialism by the European Powers. The most radical manifestation of this development was the system of ‘capitulations’, an extreme form of extraterritorial imposition of foreign law and jurisdiction in the receiving state, which served to exempt their citizens from the sovereignty of the host state. Capitulations were gradually eliminated in the first part of the 20th century and became incompatible with the principle of de-colonization later implemented within the framework of the UN Charter….

    198. Hamish100 says:

      Wonder how long the brutish press had dirt on Gove but chose to hold onto rather than report possible criminality to the Police.

      yip wonder what other information they have on the other candidates but will keep stoom!

    199. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      me @ 22:13,

      James Kelly (our one) also has something pertinent to say on the same subject:

    200. TJenny says:

      According to Murray Foote’s tl, re Gove fessing up:

      ‘He had little choice. It was coming out in a book’.

      Didn’t say whose book, maybe Cameron’s?

    201. Dan says:

      @Lenny Hartley

      It’s a nice original low mileage Yam TDM900 twin which has a decent spread of torque and a comfortable upright riding position.
      My last bike was a BMW650 Funduro single which to be fair got me round an 1100 mile tour of Scotland without missing a beat. The TDM will be a nice little upgrade.
      Not really interested in hypersports bikes with crazy power and clip on bars.

    202. Cubby says:

      The Tories tough on crime except when it’s a Tory criminal. What hypocrites.

    203. Cubby says:

      Deputy FM Questions

      Excellent and passionate performance by Swinney. My favourite line was “Ruth Davidsons moanfest”.

      Swinney totally wiped the floor with Davidson, Leonard and Wee Wllie. Reminded me of the Salmond days.

    204. Still Positive says:

      For those of you watching the football on BBC ALBA Suzanne Lappin was interviewed at the end. I taught Suzanne when she was in 1st year. She has not changed a bit. Still a lovely girl.

    205. North chiel says:

      “Starlaw says@1241pm “ .Also , If Johnston becomes p.m. looks like he plans an economic “ war” against Scotland also to “ bring us to heal” , as per the “ telegraph “ plan to cut income tax for those earning over £50000” ( by raising the 40 per cent tax threshold to £80000). What else is he and his cohorts planning , to “ target & undermine” the Scottish economy if he gets the keys to no. 10 ??

    206. Breeks says:

      Anything happening with Scottish Independence this week or will I just check in again on Friday?

    207. Ken500 says:

      SNP politician gets 18 months jail.

      Unionists crimes, including drug use, gets swept under the carpet. Given knighthoods.

      Farague the biggest crook of all gets away with it. The Brexit fraud. The illegal payments, embezzlement and lies. Costing £Billions. Johnstone another lying crook. In fact all the Tory candidates are crooks or failed bankers.

    208. Petra says:

      We haven’t heard from Nana for a while. I hope you are just taking a wee break Nana and all is well with you and yours X


      Professor John Robertson’s site which includes an article on Bertie Armstrong, who’s due to retire, still stirring it up:-

    209. Abulhaq says:

      The associations of the royal song with Culloden and the Hanoverians plus that stuff about crushing rebellious Scots sets the Unionist tone.

    210. Dorothy Devine says:

      Petra , was asking a couple of days ago about Nana – I hope nothing is wrong and that she is just taking a well earned break.

      Castrol R ! Someone mentioned Castrol R ! Like ‘Ah! Bisto !’ but better!

    211. galamcennalath says:

      Breeks says:

      Anything happening with Scottish Independence this week or will I just check in again on Friday?

      Certainly feels like that. Politics has ground to a complete halt. A metaphorical laxative is badly needed. The Brexit clock is ticking and all that’s happening is potential Tory leaders are trying to out-loony each other.

      On Indy, now would be the time to launch some initiatives, get some campaigning done. Get Indy talked about. Make everyone aware that soon they are almost certainly going to have a binary choice – isolationist far right UK or Indy in the world as part of the EU. A straight choice of two Unions.

      All sorts of things get campaigned on in this world without a specific date to work to. In fact, few campaigns do know when they will achieve their goal – they just get on with campaigning for what they believe and to attract more followers.

      Everyone is waiting on the SNP to kick something significant off, perhaps some of the leading non partisan Indy folks should kick something off, getting together if necessary.

    212. Abulhaq says:

      From the National:
      [THE SNP has begun “ramping up” its attack on the Tory leadership contest’s Brexiteers – especially bookies’ favourite Boris Johnson, according to the party’s depute leader Keith Brown.
      The National can reveal that the first strand was planned some days ago and takes the form of a leaflet that will be dropped through letter boxes across the country by the SNP.]
      A LEAFLET, that’s really ‘ramping it up’….do hope something more punchy is planned. SPLATT! KPOW! ZONK! etc.

    213. Lenny Hartley says:

      Dan, ive got a trx850 which inhave had since new, not on road this year needs stuff, got a couple of classics on road. If your ever down on Arran gives a shout.

    214. galamcennalath says:

      Mundell tells us, new PM has to defend a union under threat. From a yoonist perspective that’s fair comment.

      That isn’t difficult, of course, the cause of Scottish independence could be slowed down significantly by simply ensuring Brexit is stopped. Of course, given the rhetoric from London, that seems unlikely.

      ‘Have cake and eat it’ seems to be the Tory mantra in all things. They want Brexit and they want to ensure the integrity of their UK. They almost certainly can’t have both.

    215. ScotsRenewables says:

      Free website for a deserving Indy group.

      I did the United4Yes.Org website last year after meeting people at the Glasgow March. Sadly the group has no time to do anything with the site and it is currently pretty much a blank canvas.

      I am happy put it on a new domain, rebrand and repurpose it and host it for free for a group who would use it. Let me know if you are interested.

    216. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Dorothy Devine

      Mentioning and being able to recognise the smell of Castrol R Dorothy.

      You shameless temptress you. You’re my kind of girl.

    217. Welsh Sion says:

      Anyone else notice that “our new friend of indy” (aye, right) Dan Snow was awarded an OBE, too?

      And on a personal level that very patriotic Taff, Griff Rhys Jones, has also got the same gong?

    218. chicmac says:

      Has to be said he’s looking pretty good for a 70 year old.

      There’s no justice.

    219. Dr Jim says:

      Matt Hancock delivers his pitch for PM and certainly puts himself in contention for the Oliver Mundell award for worst public speaker, sounding like a university student who’s never worked a day in his life and who was helped to write it by his wee sister in primary four

      A cringefest of waffling childish blurb from start to finish

    220. Ian mhor says:

      Breeks @7:48am
      Yeah… hmmm.
      Nothing political ’til after the schools go back.
      In England I think that’s about Sep 3rd, Scotland about Aug 19. The next political event is due to be Brexit, I’m led to believe around October.

      There was some talk of an Indy referendum, but there’s no date for that. Outside chance it could be slotted in between the English schools going back in September and Brexit in October, but that’s unlikely as there is no date set to campaign, nor have these “bills” we hear of been implemented.

      After that the slot would be November – again unlikely as history tells us winter campaigns don’t end well. Then it is of course Xmas/ New year holidays – It’s dreich in February and everyone is more miserable than usual and without hope, so perhaps in March 2020 there might be some political overtures.

      So any Friday in March 2020 might be worth a look in 🙂
      Perhaps a referendum date for May when everyone is a bit cheerier. By the 1st July the Schools will be out for Summer Holidays again and the chances of getting anyone near a polling booth before they go back in August, is slim to hee-haw. Then we’re back to a possible Sep/Oct 2020 slot, then there will be nothing until March 2021 again, because winter.

      Of course we’re looking at Scottish Government elections in May 2021. How you slot an Indy referendum in there I don’t know, so it would need to be held in March. Which means there would need to have been a date set prior to that. But then you’re asking for a winter campaign and of course historically, they end badly.

      Yup, pretty much look in around March 2020 for a spring campaign and May referendum or an announcemet in May 2020 for a summer campaign and Sep/Oct Indyref – or it’s a disastrous winter campaign for March 2021. Or it’s not at all and Scottish Elections if Holyrood still stands.

      Other than that, there will be plenty of campaigning via YES hubs and other orgs throughout the remainder of 2019 and 2020; That’s if you’re looking to pass the time while we are shuffled out of the EU amidst much vacant political chuntering;)

    221. mr thms says:

      “Fall in car production hits UK growth”

      The new figure is 0.3%.

      Down from 0.7%

      Scotland does not manufacture cars, so it is safe to assume when it’s growth rate is published, it will be higher than 0.3%.

      Chances are, it could be more than double the UK rate!

    222. Capella says:

      @ ScotsRenewables – that’s a very generous offer SR. I’m guessing that U4Y found it too difficult to manage a website as a group. It really needs one person to co-ordinate the project. Someone like Stu for instance.

      So is the question – who might take on a co-ordinating role for Indy Groups to develop a website?

    223. mr thms says:

      “The Royal Bank of Scotland’s PMI report for May saw new orders fall, with cost pressures leading companies to raise selling prices at a quicker pace.

      This means the modest pick-up in activity in April has been reversed.”

      Since it is a BBC Scotland article you need to scroll down to the bottom to find the good news.

      “Meanwhile, small businesses appear to be more positive.

      New figures from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) suggested that business confidence had bounced back into the black for the first time in a year.

      In the second quarter of 2019, FSB’s Scottish Small Business Index (SBI) increased by a record 37.5 points to +3.3.”

      It continues…

      “In contrast, the UK Index has fallen further into negative territory, down to -8.8 points from -5 last quarter. This is the fourth straight quarter in which the UK index has been below zero, a first in its near 10-year history.”

    224. Legerwood says:

      Welsh Sion says:
      10 June, 2019 at 9:59 am
      Anyone else notice that “our new friend of indy” (aye, right) Dan Snow was awarded an OBE, too?””


      Yes, and posted about it on 7th June on ‘The news you wont see’

      Think ot was an MBE though.

    225. Cubby wants figures well 80per cent of Incomers voted no in the 2014 ref., thus helping to defeat the true Scots who had voted yes and that is on record and a fact .,all of you on here who want everyone living in Scotland to have a vote are helping to defeat independense and you must know it people like Mr., Callachan and me are trying to close the loopholes that exist postal votes Etc., and we are called trolls you are the real trolls we are Trying to make sure we win this time while you will use the first sign of madness by abiding by the same rules again and expecting a different result

    226. kapelmeister says:

      Caroline Nokes, the Tory minister who reckoned Holyrood should only have powers comparable to those of Lincolnshire County Council or somewhere, has endorsed Saj Javid for PM.

      Javid, who thinks Scotland should be prevented from ever having another referendum on independence is supported by a minister who is on record as regarding Scotland as some type of extra-northern English county. And Colonel Davidson is part of this TeamSaj.

      Alternatives are Raab who wants to be the 21st century Oliver Cromwell and prorogue parliament.

      With Boris Johnson relishing the chance as PM to take the EU development money and spend it all in Croydon and places in the Home Counties.

    227. Dr Jim says:

      Don’t worry folks Boris says he’s going to have a word with Ireland and they’ll toe the line because well, we’re England
      so there

      And in a funny sort of way I believe he believes that

    228. Dr Jim says:

      Michael Gove Tory leadership and PM hopeful admits to being a criminal and surprise surprise all the Unionists find a way to defend the indefensible

      Those same Unionists demand nothing short of the death penalty for Alex Salmond who has been found guilty of nothing and has denied any wrong doing

      What is the point of shows like the Kaye Adams radio programme when they ask any question on politics when the replies to all political questions in Scotland are the same because there is only one politic in Scotland

      Yes or No,

      There are really no party politics in Scotland, there is only the question

    229. call me dave says:

      Heard MP ‘Scot Lab’ Paul Sweeney on radio shortbread this morning getting totally confundulated trying to explain why their twig office in Scotland is not at odds with Jeremy’s Brexit leave policy darn Sarf! FGS 🙂

      Maybe Dick Leonard should come on and explain it a bit better, maybes aye maybes naw!

    230. Dan says:

      Peter Bell’s latest post seems appropriate for this thread, what with Labour also being a significant factor in why Scotland finds itself in our current position.

    231. Abulhaq says:

      I’ve noticed that ethnic minority Brits tend to be BritNats. Given the colonial in their background you’d expect more understanding. Such mentality demonstrates how the British managed to keep hold of the sub continent for so long.
      The history of the current governor of Panjab and his ‘Scottish’ Labour son make the point.

    232. bjsalba says:

      galamcennalath says:

      Everyone is waiting on the SNP to kick something significant off, perhaps some of the leading non partisan Indy folks should kick something off, getting together if necessary.

      I think that until the Brexit farce comes to a head, there is little point in kicking something significant off.

      And not everyone is sitting waiting on SNP. There are many YES groups round the country are organised and working steadily, out and about holding stalls and leafletting. They are countering the Unionist MSM lies on a regular basis.

      When the time comes they will be ready. Anyone who is interested should be out with them now, not waiting for SNP to fire the gun. Running the race without prior training and practice is not the way to win.

    233. kapelmeister says:

      The new Tory PM will be in no hurry at all to call a general election. A sobering statistic is that by 2022 when the next GE is due, the Tories will have been in power exactly double the time Labour were in power in the preceding 7 decades.

    234. Golfnut says:

      @ anybody.

      There was an England flag/badge on the Scotland women’s team shirts, why?

    235. Cubby says:

      Blair Paterson@11.20am

      Try a paragraph break and some full stops.

    236. heraldnomore says:

      Golfnut – it’s the thang now with international sports – get the match details on the shirt – opposition and date. Good for swapping shirts, or even for charity auctions in due course.

      New kit every match – no austerity in footie, or rugger…

    237. Golfnut says:

      @ Heraldnomore.

      Thanks, New to me, presumably England had the same, just didn’t see it.

    238. Abulhaq says:

      @Dan 11:59
      Truly, it is the Union. There is no such thing as soft Unionism. If some in the SNP leadership fancy there is the stark reality, Scotland marginalized and peripheral as never before, should shake them out of that fantasy. The Union and its agents are enemy #1.
      British politics is raw and coarse, nice guys, with leaflets, ought to keep out.
      We can and must initiate the mother of all constitutional crises.
      With all guns blazing, Good riddance UK.

    239. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Blair Paterson @ 11:20,

      I think he meant figures that weren’t just made up by you to suit your well-known prejudices.

    240. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Heraldnomore and Golfnut

      I don’t know if it is the same for the Women’s team, but the Men’s team get two strips per game – one to keep and one to swap.

      Oh for the good old days when, after fighting his way through World War I, losing an eye in the process, Jock Wemyss turned-up for the first post-war rugby international and asked where his strip was, to be informed by James Aikman-Smith, the SRU’s secretary – a man who made Jim Farry look like a diplomat, to be told: “You should have one Wemyss, we gave you it when you were first capped before the War.”

    241. kapelmeister says:

      The Gammons are now publicly berating Esther McVey for not being hard brexit enough.

      Of course it could have been a stunt by McVey’s team to make her appear more moderate.

    242. Lenny Hartley says:

      Since its the season to admit past indiscrections and fessing up , i better admit that several times in my 20’s I listened to the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Sound Story Albums whilst heating up Castrol R in An adjacent Camping Gas stove, total heaven ! who needs Cocaine or Heroin? I have a gallon of Castrol R in the shed, think I may relive my youth 🙂
      Have also tried Cocaine when I was at Primary Skool, all it did for me was make my mouth numb
      And Heroin whilst I was in Hospital due to have an Emergency op the next morning, got to say it was nearly as good as Castrol R 🙂

    243. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 10 June, 2019 at 8:43 am:

      ” … The associations of the royal song with Culloden and the Hanoverians plus that stuff about crushing rebellious Scots sets the Unionist tone.”

      Indeed so, Abulhaq, but how many Scots know that what they wanted God to save their king from was the Jacobites and their Prince who were deep into England and marching on London?

      They have good reason to suppress the real history of the United Kingdom and that even from before any treaty was signed.

      How many Scots know that the person who was responsible for the birth of the Bank of England was also responsible for setting up the Darien Expedition that led to the Treaty of Union and that he, and his friend Daniel Defoe, were both in the pay of Sir Robert Harley who was the English government’s spy master.

      The union was a stich-up from long before the Treaty of Union was even signed. So there is much to show why Scottish history is still being suppressed today.

    244. galamcennalath says:

      Dr Jim says

      Yes or No,

      There are really no party politics in Scotland, there is only the question

      Exactly. However that is exactly the narrative they want avoid at all costs. Their preferred line would be if it was about personalities. Failing that, it’s SNPBaaad, but not in a party political way because then people might start looking too closely at the BritNats parties. SNP is a cult, don’t you know? Not like ‘normal’ British Nationalists.

      There are definitely limits to how long their bullshit is given any credence beyond the hard core UKOKers.

    245. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: to Breeks who said:-

      ” … Anything happening with Scottish Independence this week or will I just check in again on Friday?”

      ” … Certainly feels like that. Politics has ground to a complete halt. A metaphorical laxative is badly needed. …

      So how come neither of you know that Nicola has already fired the starting pistol and I posted the link to it here on Wings.

      Yet here you both are having no idea that the FM/leader of the SNP told everyone to get on with campaigning?

      If you expect the SMSM and the British/English propaganda to inform you of what is really going on you will wait a bloody long time.

    246. Doug says:

      Britnat bbc now saying pensioners of all ages [except those on state credit] will have to pay the licence fee.

      Is now a good opportunity for the Scottish government to support a Scotland-wide non-payment campaign?

    247. Patrick Roden says:


      BBC scraps blanket ‘free licence’ for over 75’s.

      Only those who are in receipt of certain benefits will now get a free licence.

      Seems like the Tories have decided they can’t squeeze much more out of the poor and disabled without being challenged over the deaths they are causing, so are now looking to squeeze the pensioners.

      It goes without saying, that the Tories will not even stop to think for one minute, that it would be fairer to tax the mega wealthy!

      I’m sure that genuine socialists like Neil Findlay, James Kelly, Richard Leonard, will be re-evaluating their support for allowing decisions that effect the pensioners in Scotland, to be made by mega wealthy Tories in Westminster, and will come out for Scottish Independence any day now!!!

      Unless they’re a bunch of useless hypocrites, in which case they will demand that the SNP somehow find the money to pay for Scottish pensioners to continue getting a free licence.

    248. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 10 June, 2019 at 9:07 am:

      ” … A LEAFLET, that’s really ‘ramping it up’….do hope something more punchy is planned. SPLATT! KPOW! ZONK! etc.”

      Well what do you expect? Nicola announced that the campaign had begun and asked for pledges. Seems she needn’t have bothered for all the response she is getting. I posted the link here on Wings and it looks like I needn’t have bothered either.

      Here is a link that was also put up at the time – how many of you bothered to go and respond to it?

    249. Patrick Roden says:


      you say: “Is now a good opportunity for the Scottish government to support a Scotland-wide non-payment campaign?”

      That would require the SNP to grow a pair and stop being so

      Not going to happen!

    250. geeo says:

      BBC announcing that automatic Free TV licenses for over 75’s will be scrapped.

      Must be all those people refusing to pay to be lied to and degraded, having an effect and the WM gov are not prepared to keep funding the state propaganda at the same level when their (WM’s) telly/propaganda tax revenue, has been reduced massively.

    251. Ron Maclean says:

      ‘The fact is here we are in the summer of 2019, five years on from the 2014 referendum – tonight will be the first time that I have delivered a speech on independence in five years. The SNP’s not campaigned for independence for five years, the Yes movement has to some extent been on the sidelines.’

      Ian Blackford in an interview with Greg Russell – ‘The National’ – 8 June 2019

    252. mike cassidy says:

      The Rev drew attention to this on Twitter.

      Frankie Boyle from 2015

      The sheer range of opinion on this planet means you can’t be inoffensive

      You’ve been warned!

    253. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Patrick Roden @ 14:14,

      “Unless”, Patrick, “unless”? Heh, heh. My first reaction on starting your posting was your last sentence, but without that word.

      Its about as predictable as the sun coming up that there will be demands for that cure-all, “mitigation” from the Scottish money tree.

      The irony is, if all these 75-plussers stop watching telly, they’ll no longer be subject to all that BritNat propaganda. =laugh=

      Maybe the SG should buy each of them a tablet instead with a preset bunch of links to the likes of WoS. Now that would be something!

    254. Bobp says:

      Patrick roden 2.22pm. Im onboard with that. If the SNP told people not to pay their licence fee if they were unhappy with the bias of the state broadcaster, that would certainly open up a can of worms.

    255. call me dave says:

      What! Old auntie taking OAPs to court shurley schome mishtake!

      Going along nicely… 🙂

    256. Effijy says:

      many of you bothered to go and respond to it?

      I signed on the same day!
      Come on 20,000 more required.

    257. Lanarkist says:

      Golfnut, to signify the match, England v Scotland

    258. call me dave says:

      Ooops! Meant to say.

      Yes effigy I signed it too. 🙂

    259. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      the FM/leader of the SNP told everyone to get on with campaigning

      And? What’s happening? Where’s it happening? Who’s making it happen?

      I see the name level of activity as the last year or two. Marches arranged months in advance, occasional public meetings. Good stuff, but that’s now become baseline noise.

      In our SNP branch we show a presence and campaign in elections. There are no moves from on high to start Indy campaigning. I have not been asked to deliver, nor have received through my letterbox, any specific Indy materials since 2014. I see no billboards. I hear about Yes hubs/shops, never seen one. The only cars with YES stickers seem to be from 2014.

      The BritNats talk more about Indy!

      I’m not a leader nor an organiser. I just want someone to show me an objective, blow the whistle, then I will go over the top into the fray along with 1000s of ordinary activists.

    260. geeo says:

      So, the latest ‘advice’ is to have the Scottish government TELL PEOPLE to break the law ?

      Make no mistake, THAT is how the wholly all but one media outlets, would report it.

      Followed by “if you do not like SNP Laws, simply refuse to accept them, thats what THEY did with tv licensing”.

      Scotsgov would be crucified and lose all credibility as a ruling government.

      But hey, you only have to look at who endorses such action to see the reasoning /agenda behind it.

      Must think we are daft.

    261. gus1940 says:

      RE The Tory Leadership Farce everybody seems to have forgotten that delightful paragon of modesty Gavin Williamson.

      If he hadn’t blabbed about the Huawei deal and got himself sacked as Defence Secretary he would have had a starring role in last week’s D Day Circus and would surely have thrown his hat in the ring for PM and Tory Leader.

      Poor wee soul – Ha Ha.

    262. gus1940 says:

      If The BBC go ahead with scrapping the Free OVER 75’s TV license I have no intention of paying them a SINGLE PENNY.

      However, like many people I previously paid by Direct Debit.

      Does this mean that they may have retained DD Details and may just reactivate payment?

      Would this be legal?

    263. frogesque says:

      @ galamcennanlath: 3.08

      One pretty painted stone left in an appropriate (or even inappropriate!) place is worth a hundred leaflets the go in the bucket.

      4000 of us and rising are producing stones, some of which have phenomenal artwork to be left in shops, public places, gardens and roadsides. Each one is a talking point and we are busy getting the message out. Just look for “YES Stones” on Facebook. Its a closed group but pretty well anyone can join.

      Same goes for Bridges for Indy. Very public displays do have an effect

      The wider YES movement is bigger than the SNP who have to be PC and work with the system.

    264. frogesque says:

      @gus1940: 3.31

      No, it would not be legal if you have withdrawn your permission for the bank to pay it.

    265. ronnie anderson says:

      Patrick Roden Bbc Bias protest is on the 14th July 1-3pm your welcome to come along , give me a shout & I’ll make sure you get the mike & have your say .


    266. geeo says:

      Gove trying to talk himself up on Sky News…failing completely.

      Spew inducing propaganda.

      I have more chance of being PM than that utter rocket.

    267. mike cassidy says:

      If our resident cartoonist did live-action depictions of the coming of brexit.

    268. gus1940 says:


      They just stopped taking payment and started to issue a free license.

      That means that I am still on their files and if they have retained my DD details what is to stop them just reactivating payment.

      I would have to instruct my bank to cancel the DD .

    269. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 10 June, 2019 at 3:08 pm:

      ” … the FM/leader of the SNP told everyone to get on with campaigning
      And? What’s happening? Where’s it happening? Who’s making it happen? …

      You still don’t get it, galamcennalath. If your branch is doing nothing it means your branch, note I called it your branch, is full of branch members just exactly like you. It is your branch and everyone else’s that are in it and if you all sit dumb at branch meetings, or worse don’t bother to attend, just who is it that will make anything happen?

      Do you expect Nicola to come along and tell you what to do? I’ve said it on Wings before now, many times, that what was so wonderful about the YES movement was that no one particular person led it. It was a spontaneous rising in every corner of Scotland and the SNP most certainly did not lead it.

      People, all over the kingdom of Scotland just did it, no one led the Yes movement and no one needed to. It just happened. Leave the politicking to the politicians, that is their job and they have their hands full doing it.

      Everyone in an SNP Branch has exactly the same number of votes on branch business. Everyone in the branch has exactly the same right to propose a motion, to oppose a motion or propose an amendment to a motion and branch officials are elected by branch members. Anyway that’s just the SNP branches but the SNP is not led by the top down – it is led by the bottom up. That’s you and the rest of the foot soldiers and they don’t, as a group, lead the Yes Movement.

      If you want things to happen then make them happen – someone has to do it.

    270. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. Gove. I just saw a bit of him on the BBC, explaining why his time of Education Secretary was well spent, but only if you are a raging neo-Conservative intent on creating a nation of narrow minded utilitarians, unable to think outwith the neo-liberal boundaries of their politically shaped education. Such a narrow education is not supportive of economic pluralism of thought, so there will be no alternative in the long-term, for viewers in England anyway. Time for some Educational Sociology?

      The Comparative Context for Educational Reform in England and Finland

      Paper presented at the BERA97 symposium on A Comparative Analysis of Curriculum Change in English and Finnish Primary Schools: the York-Finnish Project


      The York-Finnish Project was a comparative research project investigating the processes of curriculum change in primary schools in England and in Finland during the period 1994-1996. This comparison has a special interest because in many respects the educational policies of the two countries were moving in opposite directions. Thus, whilst England was revising its detailed and prescriptive National Curriculum, first introduced with the 1988 Education Reform Act, Finnish legislation in 1994 dismantled its national curriculum which had been in place for over twenty years and encouraged schools to develop curricula which were more responsive to the needs of their local communities and to individual pupils.

      The idea for the project arose during a week-long visit in April 1994 by Graham Vulliamy and Rosemary Webb to the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Jyväskylä in Central Finland where they were teaching a course on qualitative research methodology. A few months previously, the National Board of Education in Finland had approved new guidelines, to be implemented from September 1994, requiring schools to move from centrally imposed curricula to school-based curricula accompanied by more active- learning pedagogies. As this appeared to be a move towards that which English policy-makers had recently abandoned, the possibilities for comparative research were potentially very fruitful.

      As with other comparative analyses of two countries where trends in national policy- making for primary education were moving in opposite directions – notably the Anglo-French comparative analyses conducted by Broadfoot and her colleagues in the Bristaix and STEP projects (see Broadfoot & Osborn, 1993; Broadfoot et al., 1996) – such research is peculiarly suited to investigating the relative impact of national legislation on teachers’ practices, on the one hand, and that of teachers’ prior beliefs and culture on the other.

      The potential contribution of such comparative analyses for theories of educational change is enhanced by the fact that the imposition of statutory curriculum change presents different conditions from those arising from the study of voluntary innovations on which most of the influential curriculum change literature of the 1980s was based (see, for example, Fullan, 1991).

      The period of fieldwork for the York-Finnish Project (September 1994-July 1996) was characterised by a time of very marked, even unprecedented, changes in the primary schooling systems of each country. While the focus of the research was ostensibly on curriculum change, those changes – in Finland the move to school-based curricula and in England the introduction of the post-Dearing new National Curriculum and revised assessment arrangements – were embedded within wider educational developments which had a profound impact on the policy and practice of curriculum change.

      Thus, for example, the Finnish curricular reforms were accompanied by radical shifts in power from the national to local level and a corresponding change in management culture throughout the educational system; in England, the changes coincided with the introduction of the OFSTED inspection system and increasing attempts by both OFSTED and the government to influence teaching styles in addition to the curriculum….

    271. CameronB Brodie says:

      I know folk can’t get enough Educational Sociology, so fill your boots. 😉

      CHAPTER 1
      What Is Sociology of Education
      Theoretical Perspectives

    272. Dan says:

      Lenny Hartley says: at 1:36 pm

      Since its the season to admit past indiscretions and fessing up , i better admit that several times in my 20’s I listened to the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Sound Story Albums whilst heating up Castrol R in An adjacent Camping Gas stove, total heaven ! who needs Cocaine or Heroin? I have a gallon of Castrol R in the shed, think I may relive my youth.
      Have also tried Cocaine when I was at Primary Skool, all it did for me was make my mouth numb
      And Heroin whilst I was in Hospital due to have an Emergency op the next morning, got to say it was nearly as good as Castrol R

      Haha Lenny. If you’ve got a gallon in the shed, don’t you be coming over onto “my patch” with your gear. I’m thinking of dealing vials of my “R” at The Green Welly on Saturday to other bikers so when we all head up to Glencoe with the engines working hard there should be a fine aroma.

      Now I admit, I’ll do a little R now and then, but unlike this recently discovered footage (3 mins) of a Conservative Leadership hopeful, I do not freebase cocaine!

      Head over to OT later tonight for some motorcycle inspired tuneage.

    273. Bobp says:

      Geeo 3.13pm. Whats the odds? If mother teresa had been an snp member she would have been portrayed as baaad. I know you have a point, but i’m so sick of us having to pussyfoot around these lying gits. When they lie about us with impunity.

    274. Abulhaq says:

      Do we actually care what these Tory hucksters set out on their stall?
      As far as Scotland is concerned their goods are toxic.
      We need to crash and trash their little party.

    275. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bobp says: 10 June, 2019 at 4:28 pm:

      ” … i’m so sick of us having to pussyfoot around these lying gits. When they lie about us with impunity.”

      I do not believe they do so with impunity, Bobp.

      However, This only becomes apparent when the voting returns or the opinion poll results come in and they find themselves getting nearer and nearer the bottom of the results.

      The voters are finding them out for what they are.

    276. frogesque says:

      @gus: 3.57

      Probably safest to get bank to delete the DD details. That way you have given your bank specific instructions and if it goes wrong you should have a claim on the bank.

      Always pays to be safe rather than rely on the system. You can of course just cancel the licence as well but you will get a wad of threatening, but meaningless, letters.

    277. auld highlander says:

      r.a. at 4.07

      today equivalent are seen dusting white powder off their ties and sniffing as if they have a bad cold.

    278. Footsoldier says:

      Indyref2 is the mechanism not the reason for independence.

      We (the public at large and especially soft No’s) need to hear about the benefits of independence from both a sovereign and economic viewpoint. Many want independence so we can be sovereign country again, others just want to know we can do it.

      I hear very little about both apart from comments that Scotland needs to be an independent country – please add on AGAIN.

    279. geeo says:

      Meanwhile at the SNP Scotsgov “day job” (apologies if already linked to).

    280. Ken500 says:

      The SNP are delivering leaflets. Listing 100 things the SNP have done. After just been campaigning and delivering leaflets for the EU election. An IndyRef in 2020.

    281. Gary says:

      Political parties are allowed to nominate for knighthoods and life peerages. No doubt they like to ensure that even in the provinces they have a local ‘lord’ or ‘sir’ So, when the numbers are few and the quality is low, we see them scraping the VERY bottom of the barrel for tribal, sectarian, lazy seat warmers…

    282. Abulhaq says:

      Oh, what a lovely, cuddley British Empire….that never was.

    283. Petra says:

      It’s really embarrassing to come on here to find so-called adults complaining about the SNP and lack of campaigning. Everyone knows that IndyRef2 is forthcoming. Nicola Sturgeon has mentioned this on a number of occasions and asked the Scots to get out there and get on with it, as was done in 2013/14. But no, some are waiting for God knows what? It’s like a crowd of shi**y weans posting on this site all waiting for mammy Nicola to come and change their smelly nappies and wipe their ar*es for them. THOUSANDS of people are campaigning, including SNP politicians, with some never having halted in years, however it’s clear that the SNP Baad crew don’t seem to be aware of any working group. Why’s that?. I just wonder how many of these moaners have actually got off of their butts to do anything for our cause at all? In fact I just wonder how many of them actually support Independence.

      ScotsRenewables (9:38am) has a free website on offer, but needs someone to run it (plus support). There’s a job for you Breeks plus some of your mates on here. I’m sure you’ll jump at it …. NOT.

    284. CameronB Brodie says:

      Still not connived the full-English Brexit is an attack on the potential for rational democracy and effective international jurisprudence. Time for some more International Public Law? Don’t be ambivalent now. 😉

      The International Right of Rights? Article 25(a) of the ICCPR as a Human Right to Take Part in International Law-Making


      Most international legal scholars consider that although the inclusion of civil society in international law-making would be desirable, it is not yet legally required. In this article, I argue that civil society groups already do have a right to participate in international law-making. Although I believe there are various paths that can be taken to defend this idea, in this article I focus on only one. I hold that the right can be derived from Article 25(a) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which grants every citizen ‘the right and the opportunity … to take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives’.

      Specifically, I interpret Article 25(a) in accordance with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. I argue, first, that the article can be interpreted as applying internationally (considering the ordinary meaning, the context, the subsequent practice and other rules of international law) and, second, that it should be interpreted in this way (if read in good faith and considering the object and purpose of the treaty).

    285. Giving Goose says:

      Stephen Kerr MP on Sky news discussing the Tory candidates.
      Kerr couldn’t wait to get his pitch in about threats to the Union.
      Clearly a very worried man but has no insight.
      It’s Stephen Kerr and his ilk who threaten the Union. It’s called “Torism” Stephen.

    286. jfngw says:

      The BBC now basically just the broadcasting arm of the Tories, huge swathes of the news devoted to something only Tory MP’s can vote on. Then a public debate by the candidates that hardly anyone can vote on (only party members).

      Whoever is chosen they have no mandate, according to Boris Johnson anyway, without a GE. They are still basically stuck relying on the DUP.

    287. Famous15 says:

      TV Licence.

      My age stopped my spat with the BBC and now its back on.

      They will not get a penny from me.

      I Do not pay for biased propaganda against my own beliefs.

      Bring it on!

    288. Gary45% says:

      TV Licence, expect “F**KWIT Johnson to dangle the “bringing back the free licence” to simply get the selfish old Tory scumbags to vote for him.
      Yes a Tory will sink that low.
      Then again the elderly breaking free from the matrix is a good thing, but maybe a bit late for some of them to rebel against an establishment that have conned them for generations.

    289. Capella says:

      Broadcasting Scotland live webcasting now. Discussion with Keith Brown.

    290. CameronB Brodie says:

      Abulhaq @ 6:21pm
      Thanks for that article about British imperialism underpinning the full-English Brexit. It kind of supports my suggestion that England’s post-colonial malaise is driven to a large extent by racial and cultural chauvinism fueled by delusional, nostalgic, collective narcissism. Not a healthy direction of travel for a constitutional unitary state, especially given the weakness of the British constitution and UKOK plc’s social economy, traumatised as it is by the effects of ideologically motivated austerity. IMHO, this is not an political economy that Britain’s ‘liberal democracy’ can survive, without the further intensification of social inequality and the further undermining of civil and human rights.

      How right-wing must the Tories become before people appreciate that Tory philosophy and resulting world view, ARE FUNDAMENTALLY IRRATIONAL AND INTENSELY ANTISOCIAL? This may appear a subjective opinion, but it is not rational to undermine social cohesion. Then again, who ever said neo-liberalism is rational. Quite a lot of quack-economist and right-wing philosophers, actually.

      Tories tend to be short-term thinkers and economically illiterate, as well. They tend simply to lack the brain architecture to handle complexity and change, finding comfort and ‘truth’ in tradition instead. They don’t handle difference well, either, so are prone to racism. That’s proper brain science, that is. 😉

    291. Capella says:

      Broadcasting Scotland has now ended its 7.00 pm news and current affairs broadcast. This is a new feature. Might prove interesting for instantly debunking what the MSM put out.

    292. Petra says:

      Channel 4 news has been outlining Boris Johnston’s plan, if PM, to raise the level at which people pay 40% income tax from £50,000 to £80,000, at an estimated cost of £10 billion. This has to be part funded by cash currently reserved for a No Deal Brexit plus by increasing employee National Insurance payments in line with the new income tax threshold.

      ***** They highlighted however how this would impact on the Scots, that is that the level won’t be raised to £80,000 in Scotland but the Scots will be forking out more for their NIC’s in line with the English, as NIC’s are reserved to Westminster.

    293. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. You could say the Tory intellect is structurally limited, a bio-medical fact that the low-flying Jimmies inhabiting British Labour in Scotland, have worked tirelessly to cover-up. 😉

    294. Patrick Roden says:

      RE BBC:

      I worked in the field of mental health and it would surprise some people just how vulnerable a large portion of our population is.

      This is why it is illegal to send letters threatening people that they need to pay a sum in case they ‘may’ face a large fine or even prison.

      because if this was allowed to happen, many vulnerable people would pay, just because they feared the consequences expressed in the letter, and they would pay regardless of whether they had did/not did the ‘crime’ they received the letter about.

      Even the police could not send you a letter saying that they may fine you , or send you to prison, if you can’t prove it wasn’t you who has been breaking into houses near where you live.

      So, why are the BBC allowed to send letters threatening a fine or prison, without first having any evidence that this person has committed an offence?

      This is the kind of thing that we should be exploring, (any legal eagles out there?) because if the BBC can’t threaten people, you would see quite a few less paying the ‘Propaganda Tax’

    295. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Ronnie,

      Thanks for the offer, but I’m not sure that standing with some banners shouting at the BBC is going to scare them into changing tact. (Although i don’t in any way want to leave the impression I’m not supportive of the people who choose this way of campaigning)

      I have long thought that we need ‘local’ ‘Wings’ campaigning groups, and once mentioned it on a Wings comment page.

      Getting the information straight into the hands of people, at a local level, would be more effective, with local campaigning groups printing off articles from the Rev and distributing them around our communities.

      If people are told they are being lied to, it might come across as just another political argument, but if we show them the evidence with a well sourced article we do two things:

      1. We give people the shock revelation that a lot of their beliefs might be based on lies from the media in Scotland.

      2. we introduce them to Wings Over Scotland, and I’m sure a lot of people on here can testify to the profound difference reading Wings has made to their political beliefs.

    296. Footsoldier says:

      Petra @ 6.30pm

      You want people to act like adults, so here are 2 adult questions faced on the doorstep to which I am not aware of the answers:

      1) My savings are with an institution based in England but covered up to £85,000 by the UK government in the event of default. With independence England will be a foreign country. Where can I find out how my savings will be protected and up to what level?

      2) My mortgage is also with a company in England. Will my payments increase if rates go up in England but not in Scotland and where is there information I can check this out because I am worried?

      Answers please.

    297. Scotspatriot says:

      On the subject of non payment of the TV, don’t by Warburton’s loafs and stuff either.
      Massive Tory Donors. Mothers Pride is better anyway !!

    298. Bobp says:

      O/t michael gove says brits should trust him because he’s reflected on his mistakes. Yes your honour after burgling those houses i have now reflected on my mistakes. Can i go now?. Is this geezer a grade A c**t or what.

    299. Robert Peffers says:


      Broadcasting Scotland was excellent tonight with Keith Brown.

      Get it here:-

    300. Robert Peffers says:

      @Footsoldier says: 10 June, 2019 at 8:11 pm

      ” … 1) My savings are with an institution based in England but covered up to £85,000 by the UK government in the event of default. With independence England will be a foreign country. Where can I find out how my savings will be protected and up to what level?
      2) My mortgage is also with a company in England. Will my payments increase if rates go up in England but not in Scotland and where is there information I can check this out because I am worried?
      Answers please.

      Oh! for heaven’s sake! As Petra said, grow up. This, in both instances, is just the very same scare story the unionists used to scare old people with little or no powers of thought in indyref1.

      Like the idiotic story by Gordon Brown that old people’s pensions would instantly stop on Scotland becoming independent and the answers are exactly the same for both your (cough!), adult questions.

      Both are legal deals made between you and those operation the schemes. Just as pension schemes are legal agreements between the pension companies, or governments, and the pensioners. You pay into the scheme and they invest your money for profits and on maturity the pensions organisation are legally bound to pay the pensioners the agreed pension.

      So all Legal deals must be legally honoured. It is as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if they are governments or private companies if they signed you up to the deal they must pay out as agreed.

      Just to prove it My mother and father got their UK pensions paid by the UK government until they died in Australia and my sister gets her UK pension paid in Australia now and she emigrated in 1962.

      These deals take no account of countries as the deals were agreed under Scottish Jurisdiction they are subject to Scots law.

    301. Abulhaq says:

      @CameronB Brodie 7:38
      The French also had an empire. They had their mission civilisatrice. Some of my widely scattered, numerous forebears benefited from that at schools and lycées run by Catholic religious orders. They turned out more French than the French. That, of course, was the grand cultural plan.
      Those who resisted French rule were generally very well educated.
      Not sure if the British had an equivalent. In Africa there was primary education in local languages but beyond that education became more ethnically ‘exclusive’ and for anglophones only.
      In India, money bought the right kind of education modelled on the ‘public school’ mens sana in corpore sano principle, so loads of sport, not much brainwork and plenty of know your place in the imperial hierarchy.
      The French have moved on and got over their empire, the British seemingly haven’t. They still yearn for conquest.

    302. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Robert Peffers at 8.40

      First class indeed

    303. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill says: 10 June, 2019 at 9:41 pm:

      ” … First class indeed”

      What I have never been able to come to terms with, Dave McEwan Hill, is that someone like Keith Brown can do a show and give straight answers and explain the why and wherefore clearly.

      Yet someone like Gordon Brown comes on TV and simply states an obviously very wrong thing as a fact, makes no effort to explain why his claims are correct nor gives the logic of his thinking and half the population of Scotland believes as fact Gordon’s wrong facts but rejects Keith’s truths and then they go into panic mode and vote against their own best interests?

      It just defies belief.

    304. Patrick Roden says:

      Very Interesting editorial piece by David Clegg, editor of the Daily Record, in the on-line version of that paper.

      He’s talking about the Tory leadership contest, and mentions that a senior Tory source told him (DC) that he (Tory source) wasn’t sure if he himself would vote for anyone in the Tory Party leadership race!

      Clegg goes on to describe why he thinks the leadership race is a six weeks advertising campaign for Scottish Independence.

      Although he doesn’t say he now supports Scotland’s self-determination, reading that article along with a few others over the past wee while, it really is feeling like ‘The Worm is Turning’

    305. Footsoldier says:

      Peffers @ 9.11pm

      Thank you but what a pathetic response. Next time I am out canvassing and get asked the question (again) I will simply tell them to grow up. Get real!

      This is the problem with some of you lot on here, you think you know it all and dismiss difficulties with insults even although we are on the same side.

      These questions are genuine concerns we face when out canvassing. They were raised at the SNP road seminars and no answers were forthcoming.

      These are reasonable concerns that are raised on the doorstep – what are the answers and where can we direct people to find out more? That is not unreasonable.

      If people like Gordon Brown used them as scaremongering, we need to counter – not insult them, it’s not something that gets rebutted, it’s a request for information.

    306. Phil says:

      Footsoldier says:
      10 June, 2019 at 11:20 pm

      Peffers @ 9.11pm

      Thank you but what a pathetic response. …

      Have to agree a bit with Footsoldier. The people coming out with these false-scare stories are reported here not because they hold something against me or Footsoldier or Independence. They don’t know. They are frightened.

      I know what Peffers says is right but how does one rapidly assemble an argument to deploy on that doorstep in the face of someone who could possibly turn ‘Yes’ or if wrongly handled turn antagonistic?

      Not everyone finds that easy.

    307. Famous15 says:

      Footsoldier Peffers answered your question very well I thought but by the time I read the casual slights and sarcastic insults I would if face to face with him be in the mood for assisting his path to heavenly enlightenment.

      Peffers would you kindly take your own advice and grow up. You do not annoy people on the same side .EVER!.

    308. Petra says:

      Footsoldier (8:11pm).

      The two questions that you put to me were addressed in the Indyref1 White Paper, Footsoldier, and are in line with Robert’s response to you (9:11pm), in particular the question relating to your mortgage. Also specifically mentions the £85,000 limit.

      However the £85,000 protected limit was an EU ruling and as you know we still don’t know if the UK is leaving the EU or not. Moreover if we do leave will the Westminster crew maintain the status quo? I’m sure they will, as per Robert’s explanation, and of course even they don’t give a fig for the Scots they have millions of English banking customers to consider. So no problem there either.

      I also reckon that I can see where you are coming from and that is that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the SNP not proferring this type of information at this moment in time. The reasons for this are firstly that the White Paper is now defunct, for one reason or another, but in the main due to the EU fiasco (that White Paper constantly relates to England remaining in the EU), which also highlights in turn why Nicola Sturgeon has to wait for this situation to be clarified. Secondly, imo, Nicola Sturgeon is not going to be as foolish as to set out an updated IndyRef2 type White Paper right now to afford the Unionists the opportunity to rip it to shreds long before she announces an IndyRef2 date and the debates commence.

      Additionally as a concerned adult you could think of becoming a Business for Scotland Ambassador, led by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, whereby they are discussing issues such as this which assists greatly when “faced with questions on doorsteps.” Costs £5 a month to do so. Hope that helps.

    309. Hamish100 says:

      David Clegg may be moving towards independence!! Give us peace. Clegg beats his drumbeg drum every time he is on the radio or tele. He attacks the SNP and independence at every opportunity.

      Next we will hear that the Record was always pro Scottish.


    310. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s some stuff, though not exhaustive. It’s a start anyway, as sales pitches are always personal, so you’ll need to provide your own script. I suppose you already know that though. 🙂

      Pensions in an independent Scotland

      This article has been updated

      Both the Scottish and UK governments agree that pension provision for current pensioners (and those reaching pension age before April 2016) wouldn’t be affected by a yes vote.

      Future arrangements are less clear. Some pensioners could receive more pension at an earlier age in an independent Scotland, where the Scottish government has said it will continue with elements of the current pensions system that the UK government is discontinuing and intends to review increases to the pension age that are planned for the UK.

      However, questions remain around how these more generous policies would be funded, particularly as Scotland has a population that is ageing faster than the rest of the UK.

      If Scotland becomes independent, changes to the many UK-wide pensions systems would be necessary, and EU rules may affect private pensions….

    311. Petra says:

      Ooops, I should have added that although that White Paper will have to be “revamped”, in the main due to the EU situation, (and I’ve heard it may be shortened) there’s still loads of valid information, therein, that may prove to be helpful, Footsoldier. Again in line with Robert’s explanation.

    312. CameronB Brodie says:

      A bit more stuff, which I doubt has changed significantly. I’m no pensions expert though and the full-English Brexit kind of puts a new shine on everything. Anyway, I’d hope someone was foresighted enough to achieve the Pensions Secretary promising in 2014, to honour pensions contributions made in Scotland. 😉

      Pensions in an Independent Scotland
      September 2013


      On independence, everyone currently in receipt of the Basic State Pension, Graduated Retirement Benefit, State Earnings Related Pension Scheme or the Staten Second Pension would continue to receive these pensions as now, on time and in full.

      This Scottish Government commits to uprating the Basic State Pension by the Triple Lock from 2016. This provides protection for the value of pensions over time, meaning that pensions increase by average earnings, CPI inflation, or 2.5 per cent – whichever of these is highest. This commitment is initially for the first term of an independent parliament. The UK Government has only made a commitment to the Triple Lock until 2015.

      The Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, which tops up pensioners’ weekly income to a minimum level set by government, would also be uprated using the Triple Lock from 2016, initially for the first term of an independent parliament. This provides an improved safeguard for low income pensioners in Scotland compared to their counterparts in the rest of the UK where the only requirement is for Guarantee Credit to be uprated in line with earnings.

      The Savings Credit element of Pension Credit would be retained as additional support for those with low incomes and increased in line with earnings. This element provides a credit for those aged 65 or over who have made some financial provision for their retirement but are on a low income.

      Those people who are not yet retired but who will reach State Pension Age before April 6 2016 would benefit from the same arrangements as existing pensioners.


      From April 6 2016,new pensioners would receive a Scottish single-tier pension, similar to that proposed by the UK Government, but with important improvements. In line with UK Government plans, the main outline of the Scottish single-tier pension is as follows.

      – The single-tier pension would be paid in full to everyone who reaches State Pension Age after the introduction date and has 35 qualifying years of National Insurance (NI) Contributions or NI credits.

      – There would be a qualifying requirement of 7-10 years of contributions.

      – All Additional State Pension rights accrued prior to April 2016 would be retained and paid to individuals on retirement.

      – As a result of the abolition of the state second pension, contracting out of NI contributions for those currently in Defined Benefit pension schemes would cease.

      In addition, this Scottish Government commits to make a number of improvements to current UK Government plans.

      The single-tier pension would initially be set at a level of £160 per week (£8320 per annum). If the rest of the UK (rUK) rate for the single-tier pension is set at a higher level, the Scottish single-tier pension will match this figure.

      The rate of the single-tier pension would be increased on an annual basis in line with the Triple Lock, initially for the period of the first independent parliament. The Triple Lock provides protection for the value of pensions and is based on whichever is highest: average earnings, CPI inflation, or 2.5 per cent. The UK Government, in contrast, has only committed to uprate the single-tier pension by earnings.

      Provision would be maintained for those expecting to receive a State Pension based on their spouse’s contributions. This protection would be in place for 15 years after the introduction of the single-tier pension, unlike in the rest of the UK.

      The Savings Credit element of Pension Credit would be retained for new pensioners who are on low incomes and increased in line with earnings. This would ensure that those pensioners approaching retirement who would have received Savings Credit are not disadvantaged by the move to the single-tier pension. The UK Government is to abolish Savings Credit for those reaching State Pension Age after April 2016.

    313. CameronB Brodie says:

      Archived, not achieve. Some more stuff.

      Scotland referendum 2014: the impact of independence on pensions

    314. Dr Jim says:

      Im not so sure that people don’t believe what we say about Independence, I think most of them don’t want to believe it because it’s easier than making decisions other people have told them they’ll regret so they leave those decisions to those same people who they’ve always depended on to F..k things up, then carry on blaming them all over again, because they’re used to that and they don’t have to take the blame themselves

      The stupidity of human nature’s a bitch

    315. Petra says:

      @ Patrick at 7:49pm …..”BBC threats.”

      Good point Patrick and well expressed. If the BBC and their bully boy henchmen have no idea if you’ve been watching your television, without having a license, then they have no evidence to go on, so where do they get the legal right to threaten people? Time for us to turn the table and start threatening them for threatening us, lol.

      I would also like to see some research being carried out to establish if they are contributing to the levels of depression and anxiety in Scotland via their constantly negative propaganda news items. If so we could then sue them personally or collectively. And the same applies now to STV.

    316. Patrick Roden says:

      @Dr Jim,

      We started the campaign on less than 25% the first time around and so we managed to convince a lot of people.

      There’s no doubt it will take more effort to convince the last few percent of people we need to get over the line, because the law of diminishing returns, but as I read the Revs Twitter feed tonight, yet another person who voted No in 2014 said they will now vote Yes next time.

      Hamish 100: I made a point of saying that David Clegg did not say he had moved towards independence, but that his article was interesting as it was far softer than we have come to expect from him, hence ‘the worm was turning’ I doubt he would still be in a job, were he to declare support for Yes.

      This also happened with Dan Snow, as rev declared that Dan had softened his resistance to us having a second referendum, and many people wrongly interpreted it as saying that he had declared support for Yes.

    317. Dr Jim says:

      David Clegg would rather eat his own flute than vote Yes

    318. Petra says:

      Wee Wullie Rennie will be raging!

      Professor John Robertson:- ‘SNP funds Police Scotland to increase detectives by 12% and solve 100% of murders.’

    319. Brian says:

      Well respected Campbell Gunn has told it like it is….there will be no indyref2 until 2021 at least and then ONLY if the SNP poll a majority vote very unlikely)

    320. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Hamish 100 @ 12.13am

      If David Begg has a drum, it is more-likely to be from LAMBEG, in County Antrim, rather than Drumbeg, in County Down.

    321. Petra says:

      BBC (not where you are) news reporting on Nicola Sturgeon having talks with Junker and Barnier today to keep Scotland in the EU. Ruth Davidson, whose first priority is Scotland not England (aye right) responded by saying that, “Sturgeon (not the First Minister of Scotland) refuses to accept the result of the EURef.” She seems to have conveniently forgotten that 62% of Scots voted to remain in the EU with polls showing that figure is now around 70%.

    322. Breeks says:

      Brian says:
      11 June, 2019 at 7:15 am
      Well respected Campbell Gunn has told it like it is….there will be no indyref2 until 2021 at least and then ONLY if the SNP poll a majority vote very unlikely…

      Some of us have faith the Westminster Government will drag Scotland out of Europe, and the act of doing will constitute unlawful colonial subjugation, which will tear apart the Treaty of Union. Scotland will be free and Independent by default. As Rev Stu observed, the best hope for Scotland is Nigel Farage and the nastiest possible No Deal Brexit.

      Hopefully all this chatter about IndyRef2 next decade or whenever, is just padding out the timeline, and will prove to be superfluous to the demise of the United Kingdom that will be instantaneous upon Brexit. The promise of ratification plebiscite will hopefully be more than adequate to tick the democracy box, and get international recognition over the line.

      ….Unless of course the SNP intervene with a last minute compromise.

    323. Capella says:

      OT Interesting BBC article on women’s football and why the USA dominates here but not in men’s football. In short, the USA equalised funding in sport in 1972 since when participation rates for women soared. Contrast with Brazil where women’s sport was illegal. Brazil still struggles in women’s football.

      But the women’s game had a much different trajectory thanks to Title IX – a federal law that in 1972 established gender equality in the distribution of funding in high school and university sports, and which still forms the basis of professional sports in the US.

      By the time the first Women’s World Cup took place in 1991, the US had a larger talent pool than anyone else. It took advantage of the fact that in many other countries women’s football remained for years underfunded and with low participation rates.

    324. North chiel says:

      Of course “reporting” Scotland will lead tonight with the exact number of “ Scottish over 75’s “ who will have to pay to watch the “ Britnat propaganda channel “ , ( including Scottish D Day and other veterans ) . ??

    325. Breeks says:

      … and Indy in Europe by October, a Ratification Plebiscite in 2021 sounds fine, but why the rush?

    326. Capella says:

      Nicola in Brussels today to meet EU leadership and give a speech.

    327. Breeks says:

      Capella says:
      11 June, 2019 at 8:18 am
      Nicola in Brussels today to meet EU leadership and give a speech.

      Come on Nicola. Prove me wrong. Make me eat my words and grovel in the dust for ever doubting you… No more saccharine platitudes, no more mealy mouthed compromises, but finally, at last, a doze of “Here we stand!” Defiance.

    328. Abulhaq says:

      The Brits and their exceptionalism, their hubris, their tiresome anglocentrism, their notion that they in their high conceit can dictate to the EU the terms for leaving.
      The incontinent memory of British empire lives on in those atrophying, greying little cells.
      Political wisdom of the day: The Tory party needs to elect someone who can sort out Brexit….yes dear.
      Truly, les Anglais sont fous et foutus.

    329. Abulhaq says:

      A glorious opportunity to fire continuous broadsides at the hulk Britannia.

    330. Hamish100 says:

      So the new gas field in Scottish waters are being piped straight to England. Nice one son.

      The Total representative on radio it will account to 10% of UK needs. Later on Radio Scotland cuts that bit out and repeats its only 5%.

      Still, what’s 5% amongst £billions. Scotland’s cut of its own gas resource? £0.

      That’s it I’m off to Rockall to defend us from 6 Irish fishermen.

    331. Capella says:

      Meanwhile, over on RT, Mike Pompeo is caught promising to prevent a Corbyn election win in the UK. Interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries is just fine as long as it is the USA which is interfering, apparently.

      Well we all knew that anyway.

    332. Capella says:

      @ Hamish100 – So the new gas field in Scottish waters are being piped straight to England. Nice one son.

      That’s interesting because a few days ago the BBC had an article explaining that the reason why energy bills in the Highlands are c£100 higher than in the rest of the UK is because there is no gas available.

    333. Ken500 says:

      An IndyRef in 2020. Leaflets being delivered. 100 good things the SNP have done.

      It does not matter who the Tory leader is they are toast. They will never be elected again and have destroyed their Party. A total waste of space.

      UK Gov pensions and benefits paid in Scotland are raised from tax revenues in Scotland, itwas £16Billion. It will be lower because of lower unemployment. Pensions £6Billion are lower pro rata than the rest of the UK because people died younger. Pension funding is raised from current taxes. There is no UK Gov fund.

      If Scotland sold it’s excess fuel and energy it would raise £8Billion. Scotland pays 10% more because it is colder. Scotland should pay 10% less for parity and being nearer the source.
      Scotland could pay better pensions (benefits) by no paying for Westminster illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

      How many people have £85K in the bank? The average person lives from month to month. It is easy to guarantee nothing. Scotland pays £Billions into the BoE. It was Westminster unionists who crashed the world banking system. Thatcher and Brown. Taking away guarantees and collateral. Decreasing leverage from 25% to 13%. It did not happen in Scotland. The property boom which caused it was in London and the Midlands.

    334. Ken500 says:

      ‘Nicola prove them wrong’.

      Like May has gone and there is no exit from the EU. Hardly likely to be. The Tories will just stagger on until a GE.

      Car production down 50%. Lower growth rest of the UK etc.

    335. Socrates MacSporran says:

      All this Boris Johnston as the next Prime Minister is pish. He may well be the next leader of the Toerag Party, but, to be confirmed as Prime Minister, does he not have to be able to command a majority in the House of Commons?

      Given the current state of play there, if, immediately he is named as Leader of the Toerags, Jeremy Corbyn tables a motion of no confidence in him as PM – could he be certain of winning the vote on that?

      Certainly, if the Opposition parties voted against him, there just might be enough disgruntled Toerags prepared to abstain, which might see a no confidence vote passed.

      So, really, Corbyn is the man who matters. Boris for PM it is then.

    336. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      RE: Pensions.

      I think the SNP should argue the benefits of “the pension” when we get into indyref2 campaigning mode. What we could do as an independent country.
      If the SNP pledged to raise the OAP to the European average within the first session of our independent Parliament, we’d walk it.

      These two graphics would make a useful double-sided leaflet for distribution to pensioners, wherever.

    337. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Energy is currently RESERVED to Westminster

      Fishing is currently DEVOLVED to Holyrood (at least until Brexit happens)

      Just in case you were unsure @Hamish100 says at 8:51 am

    338. Lenny Hartley says:

      Socrates good point however cant see any tories effectively voting for a GE.
      But will be interesting, wish it would stop, i have put on about fifteen kilos with all the popcorn im eating.,

    339. Robert Peffers says:

      @ootsoldier says: 10 June, 2019 at 11:20 pm:

      … Thank you but what a pathetic response. Next time I am out canvassing and get asked the question (again) I will simply tell them to grow up. Get real!”

      Oh! Aye! But then perhaps while out canvassing you should have known the answer long before now.

      ” … This is the problem with some of you lot on here, you think you know it all and dismiss difficulties with insults even although we are on the same side.”

      Well no – no one here claims they know it all. We just have the good sense to do the research before attempting to pass lies on to people. It is as simple as that. If you do not know then say you do not know and then find out the answer and go back and answer it correctly.

      ” … These questions are genuine concerns we face when out canvassing. They were raised at the SNP road seminars and no answers were forthcoming.”

      And rightly so – if the people asked didn’t know the answers. Faced with questions you cannot answer is to note the person asking the question you do not know the answer to, go find out the answer(s), then being now wiser yourself, return and give the right answers. It isn’t a crime to not know but it is wrong not to then find the answers.

      ” … These are reasonable concerns that are raised on the doorstep – what are the answers and where can we direct people to find out more? That is not unreasonable.”

      That is correct but there are more lawyers in the SNP than you can shake a big stick at. That includes the FM. Wings is not the place to ask legal questions.

      … If people like Gordon Brown used them as scaremongering, we need to counter – not insult them, it’s not something that gets rebutted, it’s a request for information.”

      Not if, Brown did use false information as did the unionist canvassers and the SMSM and broadcasters. The correct answers were then given by people in the SNP who were qualified to know. So why are these questions still going unanswered by Indy canvassers today? That’s the point being made.

      In any case the important point that applies to any such question the canvasser needs to remember is that Scots law is independent and any transaction, like pensions, mortgages, insurance and so on, is subject to Scots law as the deal was made in Scotland. So Scotland gaining independence doesn’t change the deal made and the non-Scots people making the deal have to honour it if Scotland becomes independent or not.

      Mind you many such companies, (that includes the BBC and TV Licences), will try to use English law to enforce, or apply, English law in Scotland. Unfortunately they, more often than not, get away with it as many people do not know the truth but Wings is not the place to be asking these questions.

      There are proportionately more lawyers, or people with legal training, in the SNP than in any other political party and in all the time I’ve been an activist I have never had a non-reply when contacting any SNP elected person.

    340. frogesque says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker: 10.17

      Correct but as things stand, defence of our waters, that is the ability to do an Icelandic type cod war, remains with Westminster.

      We can use diplomacy but have no muscle to back it up. Westminster know this full well.

    341. Abulhaq says:

      England’s finest:
      Raab is sinister, Gove is creepy, McVey is bossy, Stewart is jejune, Javid is a friend of Ruthie, Leadsom is May2, Harper ‘who’?, ‘Union Jack’ Hancock, the top third ranker, Hunt is hawkish and vulpine, Johnson, the jolly guy who’ll deliver….Scottish independence…..actually they all could.

    342. Patrick Roden says:

      RE Pensioners:

      One of the Yoons main points of defense of the Union, is to point out to pensioners that ‘We’ fought (and won) together in WW2 and we are safer together etc.

      As war footage of brave Brits landing on the beaches of Normandy, with Spitfires flying overhead, to the tune of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ The auld ains are reminded that they are that special generation who showed how strong the UK is when ‘We pull together’

      This begs the question: If we appreciate the pensioners so much in the UK, why do we treat them so badly by giving them a pittance as a pension, and why do the German, Italian French and every other European countries pensioners get paid so much more than those in the UK?

      Re BBC: I noticed an headline about how the BBC scraping free licences for over 75’s, and saw one comment about how for a lot of people at that age the only source of information and contact with the outside world is through the TV.

      So, the next time anyone wonders why the media persist with their lies (because we will expose them in cyberspace) there is the answer.

      Yoons are fully aware that the over 60’s or the ‘cyber-phobic’ generation, can be ‘persuaded’ if you control the media and control the political output of said media.

    343. Liz g says:

      Patrick Roden @ 11.25
      Well…. Since there’s not much we can do about it,and now, not enough time to do it in anyway.
      We should mibbi look at a “young” campaign,to target the young and get them to actually vote!!!!

    344. Capella says:

      @ Patrick Roden – quite so, which implies that the manufactured outrage of the BBC pensioners licence fee has some other purpose. They could be creating this furore so that the incoming Tory PM can cancel it and rise in popularity.

    345. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Marine Scotland could defend our fisheries @frogesque says at 10:33 am

      “Marine Scotland’s Compliance division monitors and enforces marine and sea fishing laws in Scottish waters. It reports as appropriate to the Scottish prosecuting authorities and provides intelligence on fishing activity in the seas around Scotland”

      “Marine Scotland also have a Scotland-wide network of offices and field stations and support assets including 3 research vessels, 3 patrol vessels, 2 surveillance aircraft and a fisheries monitoring centre responsible for remote monitoring”

      More than one way to do it.

      Maybe the Scottish Government could invest in some Coast Guard Cutter type vessels for Marine Scotland to protect our fisheries (also giving Scottish Government contracts to our Ship building industry helping to negate the “Separation Shuts ShipYards” of the Unions and BLiS at the same time).

      They could also hire vessels in the interim possibly with helicopter support capability (think supply vessel) to monitor and provide launch of smaller rigid inflatable type to intercept.

      Think of it as a back door to a Scottish Navy.

      Our defence expert YesIndyRef2 (I think) might have a better idea?

    346. Breeks says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      11 June, 2019 at 10:31 am

      There are proportionately more lawyers, or people with legal training, in the SNP than in any other political party and in all the time I’ve been an activist I have never had a non-reply when contacting any SNP elected person…

      The massive irony there Robert is I’m the very reverse. I’ve even had to threaten a serving SNP Minister with breaching the Ministerial Code by refusing to give me an answer. Alternately I was given sophistry and evasion by another different Minister on a different matter, who ignored my question, answered a different and irrelevant question I didn’t ask, and when challenged, told me he had nothing further to add to the reply I’d already been given. Did it stop there? No. I could present cases 3 and 4 if you want me to, but I’m guessing you’d rather I didn’t.

      You often berate me for doing my dirty SNP laundry in public, when the truth of it is, you have no idea of the extent this disgraceful misconduct has not been aired in public, nor will it be, ever, but I won’t take lectures from you or anyone else on how “magnificent” the SNP is. As far as I’m concerned, the SNP is profoundly lucky I do believe in an Independent Scotland, and recognise that outing these tossers for the charlatans they are, would only serve the interests of the Union… not that the SNP seems to care mind…

      Picture if you will, the archetypal rotten Council with nepotism and corruption running rife, and out of that cesspit, there emerges the complicit, parochial local Councillor types who get lucky and step up to the big league of “National” government at Holyrood. They don’t suddenly turn into saints. They have one redeeming quality in that that they profess to back Scottish Independence, but as far as I’m concerned, there is but a whisker between them and any other rotten wee crook looking after their pals in the Council.

      If they break their word to me over Independence, and yes, I think the odds on that are less than evens, but if they break that covenant whereby they secured my vote, and shirk that singular distinction which marks them as different from all the other shitheads on a ballot, then there becomes nothing to choose between them and any other lying chancer working their ticket.

      Take it up with local SNP branch you say? Not in a million years friend. Not going to happen. You were elected to deliver independence. That’s all. Beyond that I want nothing to do with them. Get the finger out your collective arse and get on with it. I am a devout Independentist, and will be from cradle to grave, but I honestly don’t give a flying fk about the SNP. Give me an alternative YES Party to vote for and I’ll prove it.

    347. Footsoldier says:

      Petra @ 12.11am 12 June

      Thank you for your comprehensive reply and you interpret my thinking correctly. Although long retired, my entire career was in finance, so I am acquainted with the existing rules.

      I note that some of the other responses to my original post have replied on what happens to pensions, not something I raised. My questions related to savings and mortgages.

      All of those involved in the independence movement need to know the answers to many questions now, not make up their own responses. I can readily formulate answers to my own questions but these would only be my interpretation.

      Not wishing to “wash too much in public”, I can say that at one of the SNP road shows, we formed groups based on a posed question. I joined the large group which posed the question “Why should we remain in the UK” which did bring a slight gasp from the assembled company. The group comprised a lot of people who were experienced canvassers and we filled 2 x A4 sheets with such questions compiled from canvassing queries. The feeling of the group was undoubtedly that we must have ready made answers to these queries well ahead of whenever the next indyref2 was to be held.

      My feeling is that the period since the last referendum may not have been used to resolve these issues.

      The questions I posed in my original post were simply two of the many questions raised in our seminar group.

    348. gus1940 says:

      As a 1940 model who would not qualify for a free license if the BBC proposals go ahead there is no way that I will pay again for a license.

      I suspect that this whole thing is a con and that the government will announce before the proposals come into force that they are going to resume funding free licenses for all over 75’s to wild acclamation from their tame friends in the media.

      Notwithstanding the above it is high time that The BBC were subjected to the Tories’ favourite treatment – Privatisation.

      Light Entertainment and Sport should be sold off to be funded by advertising just like the commercial stations.

      The BBC would be left with News and Current Affairs plus Documentaries financed by a much reduced license fee and it could even be argued that those functions could also be privatised as a separate exercise.

      I can see no reason why under threat of prosecution anybody, not just over 75s, should be forced to pay for rubbish such as that Dancing program and all the cookery crap

    349. CameronB Brodie says:

      My mistake.

    350. CameronB Brodie says:

      What about individuals who have no savings or pension plans, how will we be affected by the full-English Brexit?

    351. Jack Murphy says:

      Today’s Front Pages Papers as displayed in Scotland on-line:
      Sorry,but it’s a direct link to the BBC.

      1. Boris Johnson’s tax plans will have a knock on effect in Scotland to put it mildly!

      2.The BBC and it’s Regions turn to the struggling elderly in Scotland and elsewhere.

    352. CameronB Brodie says:

      I am not a nationalist, I support Scotland’s self-determination as I understand a bit about the significance of human rights and international law. I also know a bit about British nationalism and British constitutionalism, and how they work against the principle of universal human rights. Perhaps those concerned about their savings need assisted to see there may be more pressing matters to concern themselves with?

      The Changing Fortunes of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Genesis and Symbolic Dimensions of the Turn to Rights in International Law


      The article explores the genesis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the turn to rights in international law. To this end, it focuses on how international lawyers have received the Declaration in their contemporary doctrinal and political contexts. The fact that the political and moral importance of the Declaration from the very beginning outweighed its concrete legal significance invited intriguing scholarly reflections on the symbolic dimension of the document. I also understand how fascism works. Perhaps folk concerned about their savings need their focus shifted to more fundamental matters of significance?

      Despite early sceptical voices about its legal and moral value, international lawyers welcomed and reaffirmed its significance during the 1960s and 1970s. While attention turned to human rights treaty law in the 1980s, the Declaration embodied the hope for a new era of human rights protection after the end of the Cold War.

      Throughout the 1990s a new scholarly defence of the universal character of the Declaration could be observed, later being accompanied by new insecurity and soul-searching in the face of institutional limitations. In general, the Declaration became synonymous with the turn to individual rights in international law, and whenever there was a sense of crisis because of institutional blockades or challenged foundations, the Declaration received new and increased attention.

      It symbolized unity in an increasingly fragmented and contentious institutional and political environment for international human rights protection. The story of its scholarly reception is therefore also a story of the failed and perhaps unattainable attempt fully to institutionalize international human rights in a cosmopolitan legal order.

    353. CameronB Brodie says:

      I know, we live in the real world and political choice is largely shaped through self-interest. Well, IMHO, the protection of my human rights is about the only thing I have to look forward to. The same goes for a lot of folk who voted for the first time in 2014, to support Scotland’s democracy. Our patience and support is not endless.

    354. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, I’ve polluted my source again. I wondered where this bit had gotten to. 😉

      “I also understand how fascism works. Perhaps folk concerned about their savings need their focus shifted to more fundamental matters of significance?”

    355. Camz says:

      – must give a certain amount to Scotland

      – must give some in field of politics

      – can’t give to SNP

      Best of luck with that.

    356. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry again for the double post, I stuck this on the wrong thread. Time for some more International Public Law?

      The International Law of Recognition


      International society in the aftermath of World War II was faced with demands about culture and identity that placed renewed strain on the principles of legal equality and cultural difference. The less-favoured states – those which felt stigmatized – together with indigenous peoples, ethnic groups, minorities, and women all aspired to secure recognition of their equal dignity and of their specific identities and rights, with some even seeking reparation for the violation of their identities and the confiscation of their land or property.

      To cater for these new demands, the subjects of international society have developed a new branch of law, which is referred to here as the ‘international law of recognition’. The aim of this article is to highlight these developments, to identify the legal practices arising from this new law of recognition, and to submit them to critical scrutiny.

    357. Petra says:

      @ Footsoldier at 12:16pm ….. “Answering question.”

      Footsoldier MANY of the questions put to us on the doorstep can still be answered through data to be found in the White Paper, as it covers just about every subject under the sun. That paper of course will have to be altered, somewhat, to take into account changes that have come to pass over the last 5 years, oil, EU and so on. Nicola Sturgeon will no doubt be on top of this, that is having a paper ready to go, with blanks to be filled in, when the Westminster Unionists make their last move … in or out of the EU and type of deal.

      This country has been in a state of absolute flux over the last few years, a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP however this has led to them being unable to answer many questions due to the ever changing Westminster programme. This won’t go on for ever of course.

      As you can see Stu is also ready to go with his Wee Blue book which will also help. You say that your entire career was in finance and that you are acquainted with the existing rules. I’m surprised to hear that and would have thought that rather than put the questions to me (who knew the answers) you could have used this site, over the last few years, to enlighten others by outlining questions that have been put to you on the doorstep along with your educated response.

      Business for Scotland’s Ambassadors are working on condensing data and I reckon that’s something that we could do on here. Put forward the question, wait for responses and then construct a decent, short answer that will get the message across effectively.


      Jeezo Breeks what a depressing post (12:12) and one wonders why you “believe in an Independent Scotland” at all: one that’s going to be run by a bunch of “crooks and shitheads.” That’s if you agree that the Scottish Tories, Labour and Libdems fit that bill too. You say that you’d vote for an alternative Yes party but where will they come from? Who would form that? Even more Scottish “crooks and shitheads?” You mention a situation that you were involved in, but don’t name names, as others like myself have done on here previously. Why not? Why not clarify the whole situation, in more detail, and out the chancers instead of beating around the bush with comments that come across as sheer innuendo?

    358. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was denied diplomatic support on her visit to Brussells by the instructions of the UK government, the First Minister commented on the UKs childish behaviour and the European leaders who she was visiting noted the behaviour also

      Once again the UK government redefining who is the UK and who in their opinion is not, and for those who haven’t noticed they keep telling us that England is the UK and Scotland is not

      Some of you may remember when Arlene Foster DUP went to Brussells diplomatic support was provided, fortunately for Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks fluent democracy so had no difficulty being understood very clearly by EU leaders and officials

      The UK just keeps digging and digging

    359. Liz g says:

      Dr Jim @ 3.12
      Aye Dr Jim…. And while they gleefully announce that UK diplomatic support is being withheld.
      They forget the people in Scotland can see that once again we have to pay twice.
      We pay our share of the UK diplomatic service.
      And then we’ve to pay for our own Government to travel!
      So it begs the question… What good is the UK diplomatic service to us??
      We should just stick to our own as we’re paying for it anyway!
      One more example of pooling and sharing that doesn’t work for Scotland!

    360. geeo says:

      Breeks true colours shining through now. (12.12pm)

      Innuendo and smears, the MO of unionism and anti indy/SNP propaganda outlets over the last 10 years.

      Name these people you are bitching about. Oh wait, you prefer to smear ALL the Party, thats how you operate.

      The SNP delivered an indyref in 2014, or did you forget that ?

      The SNP, rather than go all huffy at the No vote, immediately set to work to engineer ANOTHER indyref in the very next parliamentary term and are AGAIN in the process of delivery.

      They even told us WHEN.

      So what is actually your problem ?

      Ah..wait…they never listened to YOUR constantly punted ideas…!!

      Maybe you could ask your churnalist chums, Leask and ‘uncle’ Tom Gordon at the Herald if you can deliver a ‘scoop’ about “essenpeebad/useless” ?

      Pretty sure they would massage your ego for you.

    361. CameronB Brodie says:

      More on how unjustly Westminster is addressing its international treaty obligations and how the British state lacks democratic legitimacy (see the full-English Brexit).

      The Rise and Fall of Democracy Governance in International Law: A Reply to Susan Marks


      Although going down a different path, this article reaches similar conclusions to those formulated by Susan Marks. It starts by showing that the years 1989–2010 can be hailed as an unprecedented epoch of international law during which domestic governance came to be regulated to an unprecedented extent. This materialized through the coming into existence of a requirement of democratic origin of governments which has been dubbed the principle of democratic legitimacy. However, this article argues that the rapid rise of non-democratic super-powers, growing security concerns at the international level, the 2007–2010 economic crisis, the instrumentalization of democratization policies of Western countries as well as the rise of some authoritarian superpowers could be currently cutting short the consolidation of the principle of democratic legitimacy in international law.

      After sketching out the possible rise (1) and fall (2) of the principle of democratic legitimacy in the practice of international law and the legal scholarship since 1989, the article seeks critically to appraise the lessons learnt from that period, especially regarding the ability of international law to regulate domestic governance (3) and the various dynamics that have permeated the legal scholarship over the last two decades (4). In doing so, it sheds some light on some oscillatory dynamics similarly pinpointed by Susan Marks in her contribution to this journal.

    362. Dr Jim says:

      @geeo 3:36pm

      It’s why many turn off from reading Wings because of the nature of some of the posters, then again maybe that’s why they do it, to turn people off supporting the only people who are actually helping, or as you say it’s their own ego fest, who knows, but it’s not pleasant

    363. Breeks says:

      Petra says:
      11 June, 2019 at 2:54 pm
      , but don’t name names, as others like myself have done on here previously. Why not? Why not clarify the whole situation, in more detail, and out the chancers instead of beating around the bush with comments that come across as sheer innuendo…

      Because I believe in Scotland’s Independence, and holing the SNP below the waterline, whether they deserve it or not, will not further that primary objective. Secondly, the damage is done, and cannot be undone. I’m kinda at peace with that now. Not really much choice otherwise. But forgive the bastards? Nah, don’t have it in me. May they rot in hell.

      And both yourself and Geeo can bump your gums all you like, because I don’t actually care a jot whether you believe me or you don’t, and there is nothing whatsoever which I need clarified.

    364. Jack Murphy says:

      I’ve heard today that Tory Ross Thomson MP for Aberdeen South is giving his full support to Boris Johnson as the next Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

      Ross believes that Boris can unite us and make us believe in ourselves again.

    365. geeo says:

      Look at that ego on breeks !!

      He thinks if he names names on his alleged issues, that it would “hole the SNP below the waterline”..

      Much better to be an insidious smearmonger, trying to paint ALL the SNP instead..

      Fooling nobody.

    366. geeo says:

      Jack Murphy 4.32pm

      Ross loves his bestie, Boris, its a proper modern political love story 🙂

    367. twathater says:

      Dr Jim & Liz g , yes I noticed the GLEE that Glenny & jockland press outed the news that the FM of Scotland would NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE UK DIPLOMATIC SERVICES , how very fcuking dare they , they even used the example that she WOULD NOT be able to use the diplomatic cars for transportation .

      I agree that this exemplifies the pettiness of the UK govt to the rest of the EU but the question has to be answered ,just who or what jobsworth made the decision to denigrate the First Minister of Scotland in this manner , this ABSOLUTE SLUR should be raised vociferously and angrily in both parliaments and should be highlighted as the outrageous contempt for the people of Scotland’s representative that it is

      ALL members of the Scottish Parliament irrespective of party should equally be outraged at this openly calculated denigration of Scotland’s First Minister ( I know unicorns )

    368. Patrick Roden says:

      Ross Thomson supports Boris?

      I’d have been more shocked if he didn’t back Boris!

      Can anyone in the know, explain the financial structures in place at the BBC. I’d been lead to believe that it’s whatever Westminster government that is in power who collects the TV licence, then distributes the financial package that it thinks the BBC should enjoy.

      This gives the Westminster elites ‘leverage’ over the BBC head honcho’s and therefore the Political/News output.

      It has been the UK governments, starting with Labour then continued by the Tories who have always funded the ‘free licence’ enjoyed by all over 75’s, so how would the BBC cancelling this, be of any financial benefit to them?
      Surely the BBC are already receiving this money if it is subsidized by the Government?

      Ruth Davidson was the first Tory Politician to ‘break ranks’ and support the ‘Good Morning Britain’ campaign to have the free licence reinstated.

      Piers Morgan read out a letter reminding us all that the over 75’s were the generation that won the war and who we have just been celebrating/commemorating.

      Ruth Davidson Breaking Ranks??? Flip-Flop Davidson growing a back-bone? is somebody having a laugh?

      Something very fishy about it all.

    369. Petra says:

      @ Breeks says at 4:28 pm … ‘(I don’t name, names) Because I believe in Scotland’s Independence, and holing the SNP below the waterline, whether they deserve it or not, will not further that primary objective. Secondly, the damage is done, and cannot be undone. I’m kinda at peace with that now. Not really much choice otherwise. But forgive the bastards? Nah, don’t have it in me. May they rot in hell. And both yourself and Geeo can bump your gums all you like, because I don’t actually care a jot whether you believe me or you don’t, and there is nothing whatsoever which I need clarified.”

      Give us all a break, FGS. In not naming the so-called culprits you’re smearing the whole party, and totally undermining our cause, by describing them as being, “rotten, wee crooks and shitheads” … and the rest … tossers; charlatan; nepotism; corruption; cesspit; complicit; lying chancers working their ticket; b*stards; may they rot in hell etc.

      Additionally there’s hardly a day goes by where you aren’t running Nicola Sturgeon down to the ground in an attempt to ”hole the SNP below the waterline.” What if we all followed suit on here and emulated your behaviour, in particular taking into account that around 300,000 people are said to visit this site? Where would that get us?

      You say that you support Independence, however for someone who comes across as being fairly intelligent you’ve got some way of showing it, for example in case you haven’t noticed the SNP is the ONLY party that’s actually capable of getting us our Independence. You must surely know that but make comments such as, ”I honestly don’t give a flying fk about the SNP” and of course we see that type of sentiment being expressed in your posts on a daily basis. If people like you spent as much time on here discrediting Davidson, Leonard and Rennie, as you do Nicola Sturgeon, it would no doubt help our cause. Seems that’s not part of your plan though, is it Breeks?

    370. Dr Jim says:

      The Scottish taxpayer pays for the foreign office and the diplomatic service and the excuse the Tories have given this afternoon is they withdrew support from Scotland’s FM because she doesn’t want what they want

      Jeremy Corbyn recieved diplomatic support and he says he doesn’t want what the Tories want
      Arlene Foster wants religious persecution and oppression of womens rights and she gets diplomatic support plus a £billion quid pocket money

      No taxation without representation I think the saying goes
      Scotland pays so Scotland plays, because if that’s not the case we can do hostile environments too

      Keep it up UK and when you next want to see any of the Scottish team they might very well not be available because it suits us not to be

    371. Patrick Roden says:

      Just to add to my post about BBC finances above:

      Another way to look at it would be that even should the BBC desire to cancel the free licence goes through, the government of the day will collect these new licences, and it will be up to them if this extra money is passed onto the BBC.

      All we need to hear fro the Westminster Parties, is that they will not pass any extra cash onto the BBC if they cancel the free licence, and that would be the end of the matter…SIMPLES!

      So, Why haven’t we heard from Jeremy Corbyn, all potential leaders in the Lib Dems leadership race, or all those in the Tories leadership race?

      Instead we have the woman who wouldn’t confront her own party about the Rape Clause, but see’s the cancelling of a TV licence as worth risking her future career over?

      Give me a break!

    372. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “….just who or what jobsworth made the decision to denigrate the First Minister of Scotland in this manner”? you ask @twathater says at 6:01 pm

      It was allegedly one of the candidates for the Tory Party Leadership:

      Jeremy “The petty wee C*nt” Hunt

      “JEREMY Hunt has taken the unusual step of refusing Foreign Office support for Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels as she steps up her campaign for Scotland to become an independent nation in the European Union.”

      “But it is understood the Foreign Secretary is opposed to the UK Government facilitating a visit believing it is focused on furthering the case for an independent Scotland to join the European Union.”

      “A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed Hunt had told the Scottish Government to provide its own “logistical support”.”

      “A UK Government spokesman said: “…..However a balance must be struck to avoid supporting activities intended to campaign for policies contrary to HMG’s position.”

    373. EDavid says:

      OH MY GOD

      I actually met this clown at a charity do in Irvine. It was amusing watching him try and figure out who I was and did he have to be nice to me. I was there with my partner who was something significant in the N Ayrshire education system. It was fun watching him squirm for ages trying to decide whether he should network with me, or brown nose me then failing to work out who I was, seriously confused he slithered off. a True NON ENTITY is our Brian I hope he was better signalling the choo choo’s

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