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The scum at the bottom of the sewer

Posted on January 28, 2016 by

As it happens, one of the things that we’ve been occupying ourselves with during the current news drought is pulling together a post called “The SNPBAD Files”, collecting all the desperate smear and innuendo of the Unionist press as it systematically tries to discredit every one of the 56 SNP MPs elected last May.

Until last night we hadn’t been sure which had been the most pathetically dismal. Was it the MP who still did a few haircuts in his barber shop on Saturday afternoons? The one who bought a derelict London house many years before he was an MP, renovated it with his own hands and now sometimes stays there when working at Westminster, rather than charging expenses to the public for accommodation? Or perhaps the one who tweeted that he was opposed to the concept of monarchy, the foul monster?


Now, though, we have a clear winner.

This morning’s Scottish Daily Mail carries a quite vicious piece attacking Dr Philippa Whitford, a breast cancer surgeon and the MP for Central Ayrshire, on the grounds that she’d done a few days of work over the summer and Christmas holidays covering for other surgeons who were ill or on leave.

Roping in the extremist so-called “Taxpayers Alliance” pressure group and worthless Scottish Labour rentahonk Jackie Baillie (we assume Alex Johnstone MSP was out), the Mail harangues Dr Whitford across the front cover and two inside pages, in some deeply pejorative language, for neglecting her constituents, lining her pockets at the expense of a “cash-strapped” hospital, and daring to keep her professional skills up to date so that her years of costly training and life-saving expertise aren’t lost to society.

(The General Medical Council requires doctors to do so, or be struck off the register and no longer able to perform surgery.)


The inescapable conclusion is that the Mail, the TPA and Jackie Baillie want to hound Dr Whitford into letting those skills fall into disuse, reducing the number of breast cancer surgeons working in the NHS, lengthening waiting times for women with the disease, and therefore quite possibly causing them to die.

(The article having been written by a woman is especially pungent in that context.)

Further comment from us seems superfluous, but we’re not sure we trust ourselves to carry on anyway.

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199 to “The scum at the bottom of the sewer”

  1. Steve Bowers says:

    It must be a deliberate provocation to ignite some trolling, let’s try not to bite ( and make the fucking arseholes’ day)

  2. Nana says:

    Yes they are

  3. David says:

    Dr Philippa Whitford has been the most impressive new MP for me. Great speeches and deeply knowledgeable. She is an asset to the SNP and the Scottish public.

  4. Iain says:

    Prostitution is famously called ‘the first profession’.

    In that surmise, journalism too easily fits the description of the second profession: the first journalist would have been a peeping tom who observed the first act of prostitution and sold his story about it.

  5. Nick hobson says:

    I wonder what the daily rate is for a newspaper hack to write drivel

  6. steveasaneilean says:

    So a leading breastfeeding cancer surgeon does a few paid days to help out a hospital where colleagues are off sick and in doing so probably saves the life of some women.

    But the Daily Mail is offended by that? And offended that someone with this level of skill should dare to ask £60 an hour?

    And Jackie Baillie agreeso with them?

    Yup – it’s official – UK2016 is stark raving mad.

  7. Nana says:

    Sticky fingers, meant to say Yes they are truly vile scraping the barrel, making up any old stuff now.

    More folk are becoming wise to their carry on.

  8. David Smith says:

    I don’t wish to degrade myself by exposing my eyes to the offending article.
    I wonder if the content is actionable?

  9. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Iain

    Journalists are prostitutes, just with pens and lies for sale to the highest bidder of the moment.

    There were many who were not, in days gone by , and the Herald last one of them quite recently. Today they are rare on the ground within the MSM these days but do exist, outside that madhouse, in the blogosphere.

    We are the luckier for that.

  10. Alastair Wright says:

    Would love to know if the earnings were donated to charity, perhaps cancer research?

  11. r baxter says:

    we truly live in a sick society. (propaganda SICK)

  12. Sassenach says:

    What pathetic BUMs they actually are.

    We knew that the torrent of SNPBad was coming, but it’s still a shock to see the depths of idiocy they will sink to.

    So glad to hear you are compiling “The SNPBad Files”, will my computer memory be big enough to hold them??

  13. Jim says:

    God forbid Ms Bailie or any member of her family was ever unfortunate enough to develop breast cancer and were unable to receive prompt treatment because good people like Doctor Phillipa Whitford had to let their license to perform surgery lapse because of muppets like her.

    Be careful what you wish for Ms Bailie, you and yours will only have your own twisted logic to blame.

  14. Brian Powell says:

    Presumably any other doctors who are Labour MPs or MSPs will rush to put Baillie right on this matter.

    And other journalist from from the likes of the Scotland’s champion will do likewise, especially as they were complaining there are too few doctors, even though the numbers have in fact gone up.

    Ms Baillie will then, like any decent person, issue an apology.

  15. steveasaneilean says:

    Oh, and believe me, if Philippa didn’t do this work it would have cost Crosshouse Hospital a damn sight more to employ an agency locum so she is actually saving them money whilst reducing treatment delays for women with breastfeeding cancer.

    The Daily Mail is the pits – and the people who buy must surely be little better.

  16. Hugh Barclay says:

    Project Smear in full flow, disgraceful disgusting article, Wouldn’t it be great if oor Stu returned the favour, not just slating the written article but do an in-depth piece on the low life scum who write these articles, give them a shot of their own medicine so to speak.

  17. steveasaneilean says:

    I am an idiot – breast surgeon not breastfeeding surgeon. My fault for not reading before posting but I blame my outrage at this scandalous attack. Grrr.

  18. Sinclair Macleod says:

    I don’t comment very often but this made me so angry.

    I don’t know what they hope to achieve with this. Is any reasonable person going to condemn a doctor for helping to save people’s lives?

    If Dr Whitford had stopped using her skills the headline would have been ‘SNP doc leaves patients to die’ and of course Eleanor Bradford would have told us about the crisis in the SNHS due to a shortage of breast cancer surgeons.

    As for Jackie Baillie, if SLAB want to make a comeback they should shut her up. She is the best recruitment agent the SNP could hope for.

    Hopefully, as a result of this ill-advised piece a few more people will stop reading this excuse for a newspaper.

  19. Dorothy Devine says:

    Barrel scraping doesn’t begin to cover this odious DM article .

    As for those who comment from the Labour party , what can one say?
    Are they out to prove they are empty headed , maliciously stupid wastes of space ?

    Perhaps someone should tell them to stop as they have convinced a large number of us that they are indeed wastes of space and there is no need to continue.

  20. Jim says:

    @Alastair Wright
    Would love to know if the earnings were donated to charity, perhaps cancer research?
    It would certainly put their gas at a peep but whatever, Dr Whitford is worth every penny she is paid potentially saving the lives of cancer patients and no sane person could grudge her that.

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    Another female SNP MP as target for smear – I see a pattern.

    (Hugo Chavez had a similar right-wing gutter press to contend with. The press owners were protecting their wealth. No wonder he frequently had a fit and demanded heads roll for the sheer brazen lies they printed.)

  22. heedtracker says:

    British hackdom certainly targeting women MP’s but this is another display of British fascism in action.

  23. De Valera says:

    I would rather my children spent their whole day, every day on an ipad than spend even one minute of their lives exposed to this deeply unpleasant, fascist “newspaper”.

  24. Jim says:

    Today, your breast surgery will be performed by Jackie Bailie.

  25. skozra says:

    It’s a disgrace.

    I pray that enough people see the media for what they are. If they don’t already, I pray that they very soon start to. What on earth is it going to take ?

  26. Sassenach says:


    That’s an image that has me rushing for a bedpan!

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Anybody who reads a newspaper any newspaper is responsible for contributing to what’s in it

    If you’re going to pay them money for this, then that must be what you want to read

    The only thing them and their advertisers understand is no sale no profit no business

  28. Hugh Kirk says:

    That Fine Pulitzer prize winning piece of well grounded objective journalism is going to be tough to beat but I’m sure the hacks of the arse end dying MSM will surprise me.

  29. Sassenach says:

    Noted the sidebar with Camilla and “Scots killer”, talk about reinforced messaging.

  30. June Maxwell says:

    Dr Whitford – outstanding MP, makes articulate speeches without notes. Great surgeon. Worked in Gaza as well to help out. I just wonder what Jackie Baillie would do if she needed breast surgery over Xmas and the only surgeon available was Philipa Whitford? She (JB) needs needs to be expelled from Holyrood asap, useless and spiteful indivudual, be gone.

  31. Effijy says:

    This despicable Westminster propaganda pamphlet incredibly manages
    to sink to new depths on a daily basis.

    As you quite rightly say the Doctor must maintain her hard earned skills of be struck off.

    As we face a major shortage of Doctors and Surgeons, due to mismanagement by the procession of Westminster wasters, are these
    people suggesting that it would be better if the Doctor didn’t practice her life saving skill and those suffering from breast cancer can manage fine without an accomplished consultant?

    I also believe they yet again missed out the fact that SNP MPs
    agreed to donate the Westminster politician’s 10% pay rise to charity, so Dr Whitford does not take that £74,000 for herself.

    In researching that fact above, I could not find one national paper who reported this charitable act. I found many sites reporting that Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham suggested they might give the pay rise to charity??
    Strange that they could miss a whole party making this gesture, particularly those Unionist loving “Scottish” rags such as the Hootsmon and Dire Redcoat.

    I had a look at what sort of money the Mail’s Editor,Paul Dacre,
    earned. In 2014 it seems this retirement age Doctor of media deception earned £2.4 Million, a rise of 25% on 2013’s pay.

    In summary this horrible disciple of Goebbles style propaganda
    pockets the MP & Medical Consultant’s annual combined salary every 2 weeks.

    Paul Dacre earnings up by nearly 25% to £2.4m in 2014 …

    Swearing isn’t big and it’s not clever but what a Dirty Bastard!

  32. Nana says:

    The hack is a muckraker, the kind who trawls through rubbish bins and asks others to do the same.

  33. Macart says:

    Remember now all you lurkers and especially new lurkers who had hoped for a better outcome from a no vote.

    Partnership, respect, building bridges, taking our place at the forefront of UK politics, economic and societal security through political unity, better, faster, more sure delivery of devolution… better together.

    That front page, along with so very many others over the past year, is the reality.

    No partnership, no respect, no building bridges. Relegated to second class representation in Westminster, our industries and resources asset stripped and control of our own fiscal levers denied us. A devolution settlement forced upon us by a commons which voted down EVERY SINGLE AMENDMENT put forward by 56 out of 59 MPs (Including FFA) and that same representation hounded by every single mainstream title and broadcast outlet.

    Not ‘mounting evidence’, but a mountain of hard evidence. There is no union of parliaments. There is no family of nations, no ‘partnership’. There is no better togetherness with that house on the Thames and its system of government.

    We could use some help about now to try and rectify this situation.

  34. Doug Daniel says:

    Absolute scum. Just when you think the Mail can’t sink any lower, it goes and proves you wrong. They’ve just jumped the shark in a space shuttle.

    When you think of all the greedy, self-serving, useless MPs from the Mail’s favoured party – with their dodgy non-executive directorships and taking cash for questions etc – and then compare them to Philippa – who seemingly uses her spare time to save lives and help ease the burden on the NHS, while being easily one of the most impressive new MPs in her day-job – then you can see exactly where the Mail’s morals lie: in the gutter.

    No SNP politician should have anything to do with this scumbag rag ever again. They’ve gone too far this time. And shame on that smug idiot Jackie Baillie for having anything to do with this ridiculous smear attempt – I stupidly thought even she wouldn’t sink this low.

  35. MJack says:

    Probably the only Surgeon I’ve met that I’ve liked, they usually act like demi-gods but Philipa and her husband are really nice and an asset to Scotland.

  36. Effijy says:

    I bumped into an old friend from way back, that I’d lost touch with. Typical of me these days, I tried to bang my independance drum, but subtly.

    I was very pleased to hear that he was outraged at the Westminster
    and UK Media injustice cast against the Scottish people.

    I mention one of the Rev’s recent reports on WoS, but astonishingly, he had never heard of the web site????

    We really do need to crowdfund some type of Bill Board advertisement or force an ad into a national paper that promotes wings and some of the breathtaking media deceptions.

  37. Martin says:

    I already know the press has no floor but I’m actually surprised Jackie Baillie got in on this. I know she’s a self serving moron, but I didn’t realise she was devoid of even the most basic decency.

    Politics in the UK, where cutting cancer out of someone is a disgrace, but abusing children will be covered up. Proud Brit.

  38. jimnarlene says:

    They (the BUMs and Slab etc) are afraid, very afraid.

  39. Ochmabobe says:

    An evil SNP surgeon, cancer surgeon at that?
    How dare she not moonlight as a consultant/director to big business as Mps are supposed to do!
    Working for only £500 a day too; she’ll bring parliament into disrepute.

    I have often wondered how Con/Lab/Lib MPs get away with 2,3,4 or more “other” paid jobs without any scrutiny at all.
    Often these “jobs” are no reflection on their talent or skill but purely down to their position as an MP.
    Don’t get me started on second homes and expenses!

    It must be great when you make your own rules and have no-one to challenge them!

  40. IvMoz says:

    Will Jackie Baillie posthumously condemn Sam Galbraith of the Labour party who after his election as MP in 1987 continued at times in his role as a neurosurgeon?

  41. Chic McGregor says:

    Bottom feeders in the World’s worst media cesspit.

  42. Thank you Daily Mail and Jackie Baillie for furthering the cause of Scottish independence again. At this rate, with all the SNP bad stories it is only increasing our popularity with the Scottish people. When we get our independence and the kids are studying it in modern studies and then history – it will be fascinating to see how the SNP bad campaign helped us get independence.

  43. orri says:

    Is there and actual SNP policy that no MP or MSP should have a second job? I strongly suspect not.

    However it’s not unreasonable to have a policy that their first job should be representing their constituency and any conflict of interest be decided in favour of that.

  44. IvMoz says:

    Quite so, IvMoz. Amusingly SLAB might be in a better position if they had people of his calibre now. Neurosurgery and MP work continued even after he had half his lung chopped out. Didn’t agree with him on everything but when he was my MP you knew he worked hard for you.

    Baillie is just a fud. An absolute fud. She contributes nothing to society in any way shape or form. The sooner she is in her rightful place of obscure nobodyness the better

  45. Chic McGregor says:

    Disgraceful to have medical professional as a shadow medical minister.

    Whatever next? A chancellor that can count rather than fold towels?

  46. Iain says:

    The nazi rag stoups to a new low. Independence is inevitable and and they are the greatest recruiting sergeant the freedom movement has got. Are those dickheads seriously thinking that they are journalists, checking facts is obviously too much trouble. I don’t envy independent England’s future democracy prospects, with such a substandard msm.

  47. And still some Scottish people don’t want independence. Of course, that wouldn’t stop this rubbish being published, but it would mean that we would be in complete control over our own destiny. The anger I feel at the attempted demonization of this very fine woman will be channelled into my weekend leafleting and canvassing, trying to convince even more people to convert to our cause, firstly to vote S.N.P in May, and then next year, to end the Labour party control over our local council.
    I.M.O yesterdays front page in the paper whose name I won’t mention, was even more offensive. A blatant attempt to scare people, especially elderly people in my age group, into believing that their G.P services are falling apart. I’m aware that this is all these despicable publications have to offer, but the truth is that all a lot of people still see only the headline, and don’t read any further, although even that wouldn’t help with these articles.
    Although their sales, and readers, are declining, it seems that they are determined to continue on their downward path which make me suspicious who is continuing to fund these failures. It wouldn’t surprise me, since they are doing the establishment’s work for them, that funding is being provided to the unionist media to cover their losses.
    And while their influence is on a downward spiral, they still have an effect on our opinions, unfortunately.
    One effect of their continued attacks on Scotland, and by implication, it’s people, seems to be one they didn’t intend to happen, and that is that more and more of the electorate don’t believe what they are saying. This is certainly borne out on the doorsteps, as despite their best, or worse efforts, it isn’t having the desired effect.
    So no doubt tomorrow, the same rags will be full of how the warmonger Cameron has been in Aberdeen to save our, in 2014 at any rate, worthless oil industry, their lies and deceit are being believed by less and less Scots, and whatever they say will make no difference to our eventual destination, an independent Scotland.

  48. Cadogan Enright says:

    I worked on Phillipa’s campaign for several weeks until it was obvious she was winning and canvassing was finished – before moving to East Renfrewshire and Kirsten Oswald. Spent election day at a booth near Prestwick in Whitford’s constituency.

    She is a wonderful person and was an excellent candidate bringing in voters from all demographics. Her mum is a stalwart and husband (who is German I think) a kind and thoughtful individual.

    All the scum at the Daily Heil have done is to guarantee that this constituency will be loyal to Phillippa and the SNP indefinitely.

    Lots of people who were not even in the SNP Helped on her campaign including lots from the NHS a and women’s movement activists.

    This will simply make all those work harder for Phillippa the next time

  49. heedtracker says:

    “She was paid £1000 for only 17 hours work” That “only” is extremely nasty, even for historic perverts of the Heil. Fair enough neo fascists are not exactly nice people, especially Britnats but considering life saving surgery’s involved, the reprobates have gone as low as they possibly can.

    And yet, its the appalling hypocrites and liars of rancid The Graun that really know how to stick the UKOK boot in.

  50. Training Day says:

    You have to be one messed-up individual to work for this Fascist Britnat rag. Some deep seated trauma must require expression in hate and malice.

    As for Baillie, let us remove her from public life in May.

  51. DerekM says:

    Doctor helps out her colleagues shocker,i can kind of get why they would want to discredit the good Doctor she is an advocate of the national heath service,where as the mail is an advocate of privatization and if you are poor then you should die without medical treatment as you are no more than a burden on the rich.

    What is the mail in England saying about this i would check but my Doctor told me off the other day when he checked my blood pressure ,he said Derek you have been reading the express and mail for SNP bad stories again havnt you (he is a big indy supporter lol)

  52. Iain says:

    Does the Nazi rag think that we are going back to supporting Jackie Bailey and slab? Do they have any concept of what is going on in Scotland? We are not going to go back in our boxes. Independence is inevitable, it will take as long as it takes. People in Scotland are not content to have foreign rule any more. I wonder why the dead tree press is dying?

  53. Anne Roberts says:

    Filthy article, not even worthy of comment.

  54. Ghillie says:

    Surgery by moonlight!

    Westminster’s cuts really are hitting the NHS hard!

  55. Grouse Beater says:

    The reporter’s distortion of truth is vile extremist right-wing hatred.

    Let’s not forget the English mail’s editor has financial investments in Scotland’s land. Better his money is safe than a surgeon practice her humanitarian vocation.

  56. woosie says:

    Well, it kept the ” bunch of migrants ” scandal on the inside pages ( if it’s in there – I wouldn’t read that shitrag for free ).

    I suppose if she did this work for nothing she’d be destroying the NHS!

    All credit to SNP MPs for donating their raises to charity. I’d like to see that mentioned more often. Especially commendable as none of them are interested in the peerages and board memberships on offer for complying with the establishment and keeping your mouth shut.

  57. cearc says:

    A thoroughly shoddy bit of journalism.

    Where are all the outraged patients?

    Surely they could have found at least one who was shocked and would have refused their operation if they had known the surgeon was being paid?

  58. Can you imagine the furore from the unionist press if Dr Phillipa Whitford hadn’t covered for other surgeons who were ill or on leave over the summer and Christmas holidays.

  59. Grouse Beater says:

    “Bunch of migrants”

    That won’t include over a million Brits living happily and cheap in Spain.

  60. Rolf says:

    I was out canvassing for Joanna Cherry QC (now MP) in Edinburgh last year, a woman came to a door I’d knocked and she was clutching a copy of the Scottish Daily Mail. I spotted the paper, smiled and said “I’m canvassing for the SNP but have just seen the paper you read, so I’ll not waste any more of your time,” then turned to walk away. She then confirmed the bias behind my lazy assumption and launched into a stream-of-consciousness SNP/Salmond/Sturgeon/Scotland-bad rant that is probably still ongoing to this day.

    I don’t know how many thousands read that paper but it’s thousands of people with a really sick and twisted world view.

  61. scav says:

    Why is a Labour MSP falling over her dwindling dignity to pander to a far-right extremist newspaper when they attempt to smear a doctor and attack the NHS?

    Kez should start acting like a leader and put Baillie on notice. If you want to be a Tory, it’s a short walk across the room, see you at the by-election.

  62. Helena Brown says:

    I just wonder what effect they thought that this would have. There must be many people in the West of Scotland who have benefitted from Phyllipa Whitfords skills or had a family member treated by her.
    This is not obvously working and more of what is not working seems to be what they are trying.
    Perhaps they should try telling people what the opposition are going to offer rather than SNPbad. Though maybe that is the problem the opposition have nothing to offer.

  63. winifred mccartney says:

    Jackie Baillie has to be the most vile member of labour party in scotland – she is running scared and will stop at nothing to smear snp.

    To do this to the excellent Dr Phillipa is horrendous and shows more of her ignorance – since many professions have to keep up with changes and practise to stay qualified.

    I just wish I could hear some labour mp’s speak the way she does without notes with truth and eloquence and certainly for the people of scotland – something labour seldom if ever does.

  64. jdman says:

    What’s their next trick?
    pulling the wings off flies?
    torturing kittens?
    pushing people in wheelchairs off a cliff?

    what part of “your not doing your cause ANY good” do they not get?

    Keep it up chaps!

  65. galamcennalath says:

    Just read the full article.

    We expect no better from fascists like the Mail and TPA, let’s be honest.

    However, Bailley? How can her constituents accept being represented by someone who takes this line on healthcare?

  66. Golfnut says:

    £60 an hour, if you are on the minimum wage it will sound like a lot of money, and in reality that’s the demographic they are trying to push this drivel in front of.

    In the real world, any banking, commercial, etc consultant would not get out bed for that kind of pay rate, particularly in London and the southeast. Just how much do government consultants and advisors sell their services for?

    This is a despicable article, no if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s, these people are sick.

  67. Sassenach says:

    Wonder if Nicola will be able to slip something into FMQs today – presumably Kezia will be leading on the NHS crisis.
    God help JaBa if she decides to!!

  68. Alison Rollo says:

    Will the National put the public right about this deplorable smear? Apart from Wings they are our only hope!! I get so frustrated with what is happening in the MSM against the SNP!!

  69. Training Day says:

    Mustn’t be forgotten that the ‘leader’ of ‘Scottish’ Labour was only too happy to connive at a front page cybernat smear with this abhorrent rag. So Baillie is merely following established Labour policy.

  70. Macandroid says:

    Which companies advertise in the Mail and can we email them our concerns about the lies and smears and say we will be boycotting said advertisers’ products unless they stop placing ads?

  71. paul gerard mccormack says:

    Matthew 7:20 King James Version

    ‘Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.’

    Hopefully Baillie and Dugdale will be shown for what they are today.

    Time to up the language. Good headline.

  72. Valerie says:

    I caught this filth on FB last night, and it was so sickening, I switched off, and went to bed.

    Some days, you just feel you have had a bellyful of this shite, you feel its a world you don’t belong in, it’s so extreme in its bile, aimed at the wrong people.

    When I think of how many have died at the hands of this fairly new gov’t, either via welfare or bombing, or proxy, I feel ill. Yet Cameron et al, glide through their week. Cameron simply refused to apologise for his migrant comment yesterday, so it was dropped.

  73. Effijy says:

    The surgeon/consultant Dr Whitford can earn almost £500 per day
    saving lives!

    How dare she, that is almost one tenth of what wonderful parasites
    like Malcolm Rifkin and Jack Straw get for each letter of introduction on behalf of dodgy companies.
    (One day only special- £5,000 per page from your local Tory MP)

  74. Capella says:

    You’re right, this is the bottom of the barrel. Drivel. The voters of Dumbarton will have an opportunity to redress this smear very soon. Do they really want to be represented by the type of person who condones this witch hunt?

  75. cearc says:


    ‘pushing people in wheelchairs off a cliff?’

    Nah, that’s the blue tories job, SLAB just push them up the hill for their masters and cheer.

    (Are you two managing to get to the Aberdeen Wings knees-up on saturday?)

  76. Bill says:

    Royal College of Surgeons don’t do exam resits, you’re chosen by Consultant to go for exams when you’ve been an SHO for many years. And indeed as you point out, if it lapses your out!

    God I hate Scottish Labour.

  77. gordoz says:

    I’m sorry if others don’t agree but in their propensity to fabricate ‘Gutter’ headline pieces like this, isn’t it time reasonable Scots of all persuasions (but particularly those looking towards a new model for Scotland), stopped utilizing this dreadful bigoted westminster propaganda machine.

    This ‘Daily Mail’ is not a newspaper by any manner of means and its readers should be challenged on such gutter press and disgusting filth as its regular bigoted ‘anti-scotland’ content.

    Particularly this distressing guff story – chances of a brick batt counter piece featuring the depths of such storylines as Dr Whitfords CPD , spun in the Daily Mail, being a topic go on Call ?. ( Aye sure)

    The BBC & STV should be harangued for utilizing any material content, opinion or so called journalist narrative of this inflammatory offensive right wing / right on UK rag.

    In the name of common decency and offence, this paper should be challenged out of all Scottish circulation.

  78. Cadogan Enright says:

    I work full time as a councillor. But as a Chartered Accountant I must be able to prove and log 40 hours of professional development and training on the job annually to show I am maintaining my skills or risk being removed from the register of approved accountants. I find that this connection to the real world makes my work as a councillor all the more relevant.

    How much more important is this for a surgeon looking after people whose lives depend on her maintaining her skills within her local NHS?


  79. gordoz says:

    The ‘cludgie’ content of the ‘Scottish Daily Mail’ is best described as –

    The ‘Labotory’ press

  80. Puzzled Puss says:

    I think the SDM ‘journalists’ have shot themselves in the foot with this one. It would surely take an ultra-hardcore, wedded-to-the-union No voter to regard this vile rubbish as an acceptable expression of a point of view.

    Maybe we can console ourselves with the thought that stuff like this often has an effect opposite to what was intended. More articles like this and the SDM will sink without trace!

  81. Macart says:


    It can be fairly grim day in, day out. Best thing I’ve found is that when it gets a bit heavy, take a few days away from the interwebby and news for a few days, get some distance and recharge the batteries.

    Works wonders. 🙂

    Haven’t looked at a keyboard in anger for about a week myself and feel all the better for it.

  82. frogesque says:

    Let’s rewrite this story from a Mail perspective.

    Hero Conservative MP, Mr Bullingdon Pigfarmer performs emergency operations during Christmas holidays to save lives because of staff shortages and disruption by junior Doctors.

    No doubt better minds than mine can elaborate but you sort of get my drift. Conservative good, SNP very very baaaddd.

  83. galamcennalath says:

    Remind me again, someone.

    Exactly why is the Unionist media and their tame politicians trying so desperately hard to bring the Union to an end?

  84. Andrew McLean says:

    We are at war, it was declared evilly by the pig shagger one second after they got the result they extorted. The weapons are the media, social or cooperate. But to quote Voltaire, ” battles are not won by the big battalions, but by the best shots”. And the Rev is an Olympian when it comes to aiming on target.

    Very good suggestion. I know the Glasgow trams are out but surely if we had stickers we could stick up?

  85. dakk says:

    The Daily Mail and the rest of the corporate media/BBC are like a cancer on the people of Scotland and the UK for that matter.

    Their daily torrent of disinformation and smearing keeps their minions dumbed down fearful vote fodder.

    The closest we have to a surgeon capable of excision of these malignant tumours on our democracy is Rev.Stuart Campbell and Wings Over Scotland.

    More power to your scalpel Stuart !

  86. galamcennalath says:

    Sassenach says:

    “sidebar with Camilla and “Scots killer”, talk about reinforced messaging.”

    Not coincidence! Pathetically intentional.

  87. Nana says:


    Wondered if you were ok. It is good to take a break now and then.

    I watched pmq’s yesterday for the first time in a long time to see how Cameron would respond to Angus’s question on the waspi campaign.
    Disgusting carry on how Margaret Ferrier was treated and then came migrant slur. I won’t be looking in again, left me feeling too low.

  88. Oscar Taime says:

    I increasingly think they are going with a version of the “Gish Gallop” i.e “the (…) technique of drowning an opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that the opponent cannot possibly answer” combined with a “no smoke without fire” / “if you throw enough shit some of it will stick” approach.

    That is isn’t working (very well) may be a testament to how responses can be found and easily propagated online e.g.:

    However, while the online battle may be ours that still leaves the unconnected exposed to the paper press.

    Here’s hoping the proposed “SNPBAD Files” will join the WBB in helping with these crucial offline discussions.

  89. Craig Dunain says:

    Did any of the the daily retard print media run the same shock horror stories, or Labour MPs/MSPs bother their collective indignant arses when Sam Galbraith continued as a surgeon after his election? An expert surgeon in his field, he continued to work for several years until he deemed advances in the field had overtaken him and he decided to stop practicing. There truly is no hypocrisy like a Labour hypocrisy! Why can’t they just concentrate on getting some policies and representing the people instead of this constant seeking to smear the SNP at every small minded opportunity? Is this what Branch Labour is finally reduced to?

  90. Socrates MacSporran says:

    At school, the only job I wanted to do was be a Sports Journalist. When I left school, I could not get my foot onto the bottom rung of the ladder, so, I had to do other jobs, but, i kept at it, writing part-time, as a freelance, until I proved myself and got a full-time job as a journalist.

    Forty years later, in retirement, I still write part-time, I am proud of my job, but, the antics of some of our newspaper owners and editors, and yes, some of today’s hacks, disgusts me.

    In particular, I am disgusted with the BUMS of the Mail, the Telegraph and the Record, doing their utmost to belittle Scotland. These people have no shame, just like Jackie Baillie and her like.

    Dr Whiteford is a professional, a member of a profession – a job which requires minimum standards of education, training and experience for admission to its ranks, and which has draconian penalties which can be imposed on those members who fail to meet the required standards of behaviour and competence expected of the profession.

    Maybe it is time journalism truly became a profession: minimum standards of education and training; the need to continually update each member’s competence and knowledge; draconian penalties for those members who fail to maintain standards.

    Mind you, if that happened, quite a few “journalists” in the Mail and similar publications, would surely be stripped of membership.

    Also, maybe there should be some means whereby publications such as the Mail, which repeatedly print pish, could be closed down.

  91. This is possibly as low as it gets for the unionist press in this country. Words cannot express my absolute contempt for the Daily Mail. How can any Labour politician can allow themselves to be associated with that paper? Jackie Baillie, you should hang your head in shame this morning.

  92. Senlac88 says:

    I REALLY hope Nicola goes for Dugdale and Baillie over this at FMQs today. What’s the betting Kez’s question isn’t about the NHS?

  93. Tamson says:

    Of course the DM also did a hatchet job on Dr Dan Poulter Mp, a former Tory health minister, back in 2011. Back then he spent the summer recess working in the James Paget hpspital’s A and E department (it’s on his wiki page).

    Oh no wait, they didn’t.

  94. JaMur says:

    Dr Whitford, you animal.

    That’s me back to labour folks.

    SNP baaaaaaaaaaad……

    Seriously tho what a load of pish.

    May can’t come quick enough.

    Times twa for me.

  95. Socrates MacSporran says:


    I forgot to say in my earlier rant; scum is found on top of liquids: hence the old saying: “Scum rises to the top”.

    The terrible Mail “splash” on Mr Whiteford MP should therefore be something like the sludge or slurry at the bottom of the sewer.

  96. gordoz says:

    Have to say –

    Ashamed of the dreadful state that has befallen the so called rump idnetified as the ‘Scottish Press’ & media core.

    Gutters usually discharge into something along the lines of a septic tank and that appears to be the head office of the Scottish Daily Mail.

    Those involved in the Dr Whitford article should be ashamed, very ashamed.

    But lets see how it plays out on tonight on TV right ??

  97. Breastplate says:

    Ah, The Daily Mail and Labour politicians, you’ve got to admit that they do go well together.

  98. Macart says:


    Just needed the break Nana. The current train of party politics and media isn’t the most attractive to spectate and yeah, PMQs recently has lowered the bench by a considerable degree.

    ‘Sides plenty of new folks on site getting their say, so now’s as good a time as any to read rather than write. 😉

  99. velofello says:

    Phillipa Whiteford? Not only did Phillipa do surgery over the Christmas holiday period, on Boxing Day to raise money for CLIC Sargent cancer charity she took a dip in the sea,with a hospital colleague, at Prestwick beach. Me, I had to “dip” into my pocket and contribute.

    Phillipa and husband Hans are fine people.

  100. GrahamB says:

    Capella at 10:11
    I don’t think she is brave/daft enough to be humiliated as a constituency candidate this time round. She is *second* on the West of Scotland list and I don’t think Labour allows them to stand for both votes.
    I’m not getting worked up about this story, it’s only in the Mail with a small and blinkered readership in Scotland anyway.

  101. Earl says:

    How much did Jackie Bailey receive for playing the part of the Gungan King in Star Wars Episode 1-The Phantom Menace and how many days did she neglect her constituents during filming???

  102. stonefree says:

    Baillie’s remarks show more of character than anything else, her Private education ,her upbringing and not much of a human being, the last says it all

  103. Almannysbunnet says:

    Dr Philipa Whitford regularly makes a chump out of Jeremy Hunt at Westminster. I wonder if there is a connection to this truly feeble attempt to tarnish her reputation?
    Barrage balloon Baillie jumping on the bandwagon is predictable.
    SNP baaad -2 2

  104. heedtracker says:

    UKOK fascists are a dreary bunch but if its getting to you, Australian Open tennis men’s finals may well be dominated by Scottish athletes, who will all be either blacked out by our ghastly UKOK press, or shamelessly appropriated by our ghastly UKOK press.

    GO Gordon!from Helensburgh, Scotland
    GO Jamie!from Dunblane, Scotland
    GO Andy!from Dunblane, Scotland

  105. Bill McLean says:

    Totally sickened by this article. Labour in Scotland and Jackie Baillie, in particular, is unworthy of the deepest gutter. We must wipe them out for the sake of decency and sanity!

  106. Lenny Hartley says:

    It should not be forgotten that Dr Whitford took a pay cut almost equivalent to her salary as am MP to serve her constituents. I have never met her but know people who’s lives have been saved by her and also those who have worked with her. She is held in the highest regard , I’m confident this will be an own goal for the scum.

  107. HandandShrimp says:

    The Mail is desperate. I don’t think it can even begin to comprehend why the SNP are so popular and are reduced to spewing out incessant pathetic propaganda.

    However papers like the Mail and the Express are where journalism goes to die the seediest of fashions so it isn’t a surprise.

    I am surprised that Jackie Baillie has been so stupid as to align Labour with this drivel. She talks some appalling nonsense but I thought her political radar was better than this.

    SNP MP saves lives
    Cameron and IDS destroy lives
    Jackie Baillie throws her lot in with the Tories (again)

  108. K1 says:

    Remember SNP/SNP on the ballot paper in May.

    Let’s show the bastards what we think of their phoney war. You’re merely strengthening our resolve you shower of scum laden fuckwits.

    Bring it on.

    Philappa Whitford? You really picked the wrong horse here…and Bailey…you’ll never scrounge off the public purse in our parliament again after this. Mark my words you have gone too far with this.

    You No voters…wake up! If you continue to support a Labour party that stoops to endorsing this pathetic level of smear, what does that say about your own values and sense of decency? Or are you too brainwashed to care anymore? Do you want your children raised in a poisonous and bitterly twisted political union wi the only means by which the larger country can hold the smaller country is by systematically attacking your fellow citizens’ democratic choices?

    This is a democracy, we are taking our democracy and wielding it to correct massive, overt and covert injustices that have been deliberately wrought upon Scotland, for generations.

    In the name of sanity. Wake the hell up from your slumbering stupor and enable our future generations to live in a society where this destructive propaganda aimed at ruining the reputations of our representatives is no longer seen as an acceptable form of political discourse.


  109. Brian Powell says:

    Just for information , it was February 2015 when Pete Wishart said no SNP MP has a second job. 4 months before the GE.

  110. Giving Goose says:

    OT apologies

    I thought it might be useful to give you a very brief snapshot of life in London.
    It’s on the understanding that we are in the depths of an economic slump, e.g the Scottish oil industry is on a down turn; evidence the piece on Sky News last night about Invergordon and the Cromarty Firth, where jobs at the base have dropped from 3000 to a couple of hundred, with lots of drilling rigs anchored in the Firth with no work.

    I was staying in a hotel last night, slightly east of the Shard, so in Southwark. The room window on the 5th floor looked West. Vision was obscured by many buildings but in the view available I counted 26 tall cranes occupied in building projects just in a small degree of arc of vision.

    North of the Thames, the same applies, cranes in evidence across the skyline, major construction work viewable from major roads into/out of the city. It’s a builders Mecca!

    At Victoria station, the whole place appears to be one huge building site with high visibility signs crowing about all the modernising work currently on going. Transport for London have very deep pockets, it would appear. I wonder where the funds come from? (answer – Scotland, courtesy of Sir D Alexander and a very long list of well known names !)

    You jump in the tube and there’s many a building project, either open to the air, or quite obviously on going.

    If there is downturn, it’s not in London; and while steel works close across England and Wales; oil workers go to the wall in Scotland, London merrily fiddles away; same old tune….”We’re Alright (Union)Jack” (Chorus – “and we don’t give a fig for anyone else!”)

  111. Anne Lawrie says:

    The summer and Christmas parliamentary recesses are beyond imagining for the ‘hard working masses’. Rather than swan off to spend leisure at the expense of a rich pampered Tory donor, she spends her time keeping her skills up-to-date and helping those in desperate need. The bottom line is that all our SNP MPs have the ultimate aim of putting themselves out of a job. They’ll each require something else to do afterwards!

  112. Luigi says:

    Very few people buy that filth. However, another big SNP BAD headline splash in the shops – everyone passing can see it loud and clear. Job done.

    That, I’m afraid is the Daily Mail take on it.

  113. Tamson says:

    @earl 10:42

    Wait – Jackie Baillie played 2 roles in Star Wars part 1?

  114. Bill McLean says:

    Mr Powell – Filling in over the holiday period to ensure life saving services and maintaining the required skills for surgery in order to not to lose her licence is hardly having a second job. Just broaden your horizons a wee bit and take a look around you and then GROW UP!

  115. Maurice Taylor says:

    Has anybody else noticed the subliminal message on the ‘Camilla’ article, or is my paranoia showing?

  116. Marcia says:

    Dearie me, the Dr Goebbels School of Journalism is thriving at the Daily Hate Mail.

  117. Colin says:

    I just hope Kezia Dugdale or Jackie Bailey brings this up at FM Questions, then we can see the FM rip them to shreds !!!

  118. starlaw says:

    Delighted to see people of the calibre of Dr Phillipa Whitford representing SNP and the people of Scotland. Thank you Daily Mail for advertising this across the length and breadth of our wonderful country.

  119. DerekM says:

    deep breaths K1 its only the wee nasty mail nobody except the real nutters read it,but well said lol

    I wonder if we could get them categorized as a disease and like my Doctor(who was joking but i like that about him)have GP`s warn people of the danger of reading such inflammatory nonsense,maybe even a health warning they have to stick on their front cover like cigarettes,reading this paper could seriously rot your intellect and cause you high blood pressure.

  120. Breastplate says:

    Dr Whitford earned £1000 for 17 hours work.
    If she had a few naps in the House of Lords she could have got as much as £10,200 for those same 17 hours

  121. Big Gav says:

    Does she have any legal avenue for attacking the paper, slander, defamation etc. The article is downright disgusting and there should be some way to make the bastards retract it, apologise and if possible give some reparations to Ayrshire hospitals.

  122. Luigi says:

    Ochmabobe says:

    28 January, 2016 at 9:12 am

    I have often wondered how Con/Lab/Lib MPs get away with 2,3,4 or more “other” paid jobs without any scrutiny at all. Often these “jobs” are no reflection on their talent or skill but purely down to their position as an MP. Don’t get me started on second homes and expenses!

    And that, my friends, is the fatal flaw in the unionist SNP BAD strategy. People remember and nothing infuriates folk more than the sanctimonious bullshit currently on offer by all the unionist parties and their media chums. They can’t fool all the people all the time and each time they try this nasty little trick, a few more people see right through it. And once someone has seen through one of these pathetic fabrications, he or she will never trust that particular source again. It may be a trickle, but with each SNP BAD story, a few more decide to support independence and/or the SNP.

    As folk have mentioned, the insane response of a unionist strategy that has failed, has been for the protagonists to try even harder. Utter madness, but no complaints. They are doing a great job for the cause (our cause that is). We owe them so much. 🙂

  123. Jack Murphy says:

    The Daily Mail Owners,Editor,Journalist Victoria Allen,Scottish Labour and their MSP Jackie Baillie are scared of a breath of fresh air into their cosy Bettertogetherland.
    The Daily Mail and Scottish Labour are peas out of the same pod. 🙁

    Below is Dr Whitford’s Maiden Speech in the Commons last year—temperate,kind and focussed with a gracious response from Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley in which he refers to Dr Whitford’s voluntary work in Gaza.

    The Daily Mail and other hacks,eg The Daily Record seeth with fury at such graciousness and compassion!

    Mainstream Media and Scottish Labour bow your collective heads in shame.

    YouTube of Maiden Sppech and response:-

  124. One_Scot says:

    If only Scotland had its own neutral News station/programme to present the positive side to story’s like this, people would quickly see the unionist media for the scum that they are.

  125. Also remember the lawyer Labour MSP Gordon Jackson who continued with his law practise after being elected.

    He seemed to spend more time in court than he did attending Holyrood.

  126. schrodingers cat says:

    re-wos not seen or known by many

    We really do need to crowdfund some type of Bill Board advertisement….

    stu could stand on the list for some region….. he would win, the media couldn’t ignore him then 🙂

  127. call me dave says:

    @Jack Murphy
    and others

    Just read the thread. That will do for me!

    You keep your pecker up! 🙂

  128. K1 says:

    Agreed DerekM, re blood pressure…just sick of it. As others said though it’s on the shelves of every supermarket and newsagent in the country…this is the technique they have successfully deployed for years to sow division, it works Derek.

    We all know it’s utter pish but the next thing we know it’s on the fuckin’ national news…and that smear along wi aw the others feeds into the ‘division narrative’ that is fuelling the ‘division narrative’ and those who we cannot reach are having their ‘worldview’ strengthened. Which Is the point!

    This starts to generate ‘real’ division, which is their aim.

    And it’s all being completely manufactured…in the fevered imaginations of political strategists attempting to undermine democracy in Scotland. They are a shower of contemptible bastards. If this stuff ‘didn’t’ work…they wouldn’t do it.

    It’s like advertising, people kid themselves that they are ‘immune’. Rubbish.

    It’s not a billion dollar/pound industry because a handful may delude themselves that it doesn’t ‘influence’ them, it’s the vast majority that it works on that ensures its success. Advertising being a synonym for propaganda here.

    It’s the very ‘whiff’ of our representatives being ‘less than’, that can sway even those who voted yes. They’re counting on these stories having an impact if enough of them can be ‘put out there’. And let’s face it, if we don’t literally ‘slam dunk’ the elections in May.

    Job done, for the Unionist’s.

  129. Col the Viking says:

    Been a good while since I posted on Wings.

    Dr Philipa is my constituency MP and I had the pleasure of campaigning with her and others in an excellent team in Ayr during the referendum (I only did a wee bit, what I could with the kids, etc, I’m not blowing my own trumpet here)

    She struck me as very articulate, thoughtful and professional – for the Daily Mail to actually run that piece of ‘journalism’ beggars belief – I though the ‘SNP MP £650 K property empire’ headline was tosh (one relatively expensive house worth of Empire that!) but this takes the biscuit and is a kind of UKOK-fascism which seems to be perfectly OK but woe betide any counter view put forward by any ‘cybernats’ or the ilk and they all go running for their Mums and Dads…truly pathetic and deplorable

  130. Bill McLean says:

    o/t – anyone know what has happened to Craig Murray – nothing on his blog since 7 Jan?

  131. The Rough Bounds. says:

    Jackie Baillie is obviously having trouble with her weight. Want to lose 50 pounds of ugly fat Jackie? Cut off your head.

  132. ahundredthidiot says:

    How do articles like this come about, and worse, why do some people believe them?

    Well, it’s like this, no matter how far down you shove that tractor shame or how deep you think it’s buried…….it ferments, acidifies, turns to bile, start to repeat…….then the cretin starts to gag on their own past mistakes, they find it harder and harder to contain their own anger at themselves because deep down they know they fucked up big style.

    Ultimately they puke this poison back up and out, there for all to see, whether it is in a rag newspaper, an outburst at work or a verbal attack on the smiling yesser.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the staunch No Voter.

    SNP X 2

  133. Al-Stuart says:

    Well that Daily Mail article has managed what I couldn’t.

    For years a friend of mine persisted in buying this newspaper. I couldn’t shift her.

    I’ve been buying it since I was 20 and there are still some good bits in it” was her constant mantra.

    Well today I got a telephone call. It didn’t need me to persuade my friend to dump this disgusting paper. She was incandescent. Having had a double mastectomy she has every right to be.

    Not only is my friend ditching the Daily Snail, she surprised me by saying that front page attack on a decent and honourable surgeon has persuaded her to vote SNP. Knowing my friend this was a bit of a shocker. It got better. She has bought her first ever copy of The National. Result all round. 🙂

    The odd thing is, when I saw that vile bile of a headline in the newsagent this morning my heart sank. But now I think it is all to the good.

    People are not as stupid as these rags think. There is a wonderful irony that the Unionist press are actually doing our jobs for us.

    The Daily Mail and it’s ilk are persuading no voters to go yes, and others to start voting SNP. So their stunts are back firing. Evidenced by the plummeting circulation figures.

    Keep it up MSM. Last time I looked we had gone from 45% voting yes to 48%. Now all we need is a 6% swing to take us to 60% and the game’s a good un for IndyRef2.

    Thank you Daily Snail for being so utterly wretched. People see right through you now.

  134. call me dave says:



    Kezia just keeps digging! God bless her whinging cotton socks.
    Marwick calling order order! Uproar and derision!

    An utter rout so far for ‘Scottish’ labour… time to go Kez!

  135. Wuffing Dug says:

    Lower than vermin.

    Looks like there are no depths the rabid Yoon press will not plumb.

    Yoons condone people dying unnecessarily on the roads now this.

    This state sponsored poison needs to be eradicated.

  136. Alan Gerrish says:

    Brian Powell says:
    28 January, 2016 at 11:03 am
    Just for information , it was February 2015 when Pete Wishart said no SNP MP has a second job. 4 months before the GE.

    And….? You did say: 4 months BEFORE the GE, so how does that relate to the situation AFTER the GE?

    Think you’ll need to try harder, Brian, but on second thoughts, don’t bother.

  137. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    The Daily Fail are fucking scum. I seriously hope that none of them ever need the services of people like Dr Whitford. This woman is desperately needed in the NHS, (remember how they unionistas all complained that the SNP don’t provide enough resources for NHS Scotland?), as she SAVES LIVES, and GIVES HOPE to many people.

    To equate her with brickies or plumbers doing a homer, or even the rest of the LIBLABCON crooks who rip the NHS off for MILLIONS with their links to assorted PRIVATE companies who are making inroads, is simply indescribable.


  138. Des says:

    Total vile pish an attack on civilised behaviour more than anything. I didn’t think it possible but I am more committed to the cause then ever after casting eyes on that pus passing for journalism.

  139. Cuilean says:

    Dr Whitford was a trauma surgeon working for ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’ as a volunteer. As a volunteer she worked in a hospital in Gaza, Palestine. She worked with trauma victims (men women & children/babies) in the most appalling circumstances and she carried on working in the operating room on civilian victims of Israeli bombings, whilst her own hospital was being shelled!

    Dr Whiteford was a volunteer and therefore received no remuneration for putting herself in harm’s way to save others. THis woman is a Scottish hero, who, in any normal country, would be lauded for her courage and selflessness. I am very proud that she is a country woman of mine.

    But then Scotland is not a normal country. Only when we are independent can we become a normal country.

    Until then the right wing, nasty press will laud not people like Dr Whitford but people like Prince Harry, who went to a war zone for some excitement and the rest of his useless, sponging family. A Scottish Republic for me.

  140. call me dave says:

    Sturgeon dealing with Ruthie in a similar vein at FMQ. Ruthie bowled a kepie (or keepie) not like her.

    Must post the link later.

    Fiscal framework crashed deliberately says ‘Scottish’ labour.

  141. Macart says:

    @call me dave

    The pecker is just fine. 😀

    So Labour are saying that the SG are deliberately crashing the fiscal framework talks? Those halfwits are aware that it was the HoL who first pointed out the flaws in the deal to commons surely?

    Not a hoose commonly associated with or friendly to the SG, but even they could spot the other shoe waiting to drop if this settlement is enforced.

  142. galamcennalath says:

    One_Scot says:

    “If only Scotland had its own neutral News station/programme to present the positive side to story’s like this”

    It’s not just bias over Scottish constitutional affairs, all the UKOK broadcaster report news with remarkable consensus on all sorts of issues.

    Middle East being the obvious. The situation in Syria and the rise of ISIS could be presented in all sorts of different ways. You don’t have to look far online to see this. However, tune in to any news bulletin in the UK and you get exactly the same spin. Why? How?

    An alternative Scottish outlet could break ranks on all sorts of issues. That is threatening to the cosy consensus.

  143. Chic McGregor says:

    They don’t need a proper fact hunt when alternative sources more in keeping with their bizarre world view abound.

  144. Neil Cook says:

    I heard that wee Jackie went for a summer job at a well known bakers as Chief Pie & Cake tester but they knocked her back as they didn’t have enough production capacity to keep her going!!

    She’s only miffed that the Dr actually has a qualification and intelligence to go with it.

    Anyway good luck to Jackie with her liposuction I heard that the Company who did the crossrail tunnels have won the contract?

  145. Graf Midgehunter says:

    I don’t think any self-respecting sewer rat would want to have anything to do with or be associated with these gutter hacks and their editors.

  146. Fred says:

    Jackie Baillie, words fail me, I’d end up in the jail!

    Aberdeen academics are to recieve instruction on how to use a revolving door at Robert Gordon’s. Douglas Alexander could teach them a thing or two!

  147. ScottishPsyche says:

    When you see what Philippa W. went through in the lead up to the election, being called a liar for highlighting proposed closures in Newcastle and now this, I am amazed at the fortitude of the SNP MPs.

    The proposed closures she spoke out about were abandoned for that reason. She spoke out when the Newcastle staff could not for fear of their jobs. Her courage backed the management into a corner. Of course the DR then vilified her.

    Every decent person knows that there is a marked difference between holding a Directorship of a security company or arms manufacturer whose shareholders are more important to you than your constituents and doing work outwith the sitting parliament.

    In fact due to EVEL should we not be positively encouraging our MPs to take up part time work?

    As for the taking money from ‘cash-strapped’ hospitals. Give me strength. is she to do it for free? How do the Health Board run that through their books? Health Boards often keep known doctors on their locum list rather than go to hugely expensive agencies. They are paid a different rate, usually mid pay scale rather than top of scale as Philippa would have been previously paid.

    Jackie Baillie, the worst Health spokesperson there ever was versus Philippa W. No contest.

  148. Chic McGregor says:

    £1,000 for 17 hours of saving lives by Dr Whitford versus £10,000 for 17 minutes self-agrandisement by Mr Darling. Tough choice.

  149. Breastplate says:

    @callmedave or should I callyoumrmoderator, I”ve read over 300,000 comments on here over the years which is far too many meaning at times neglecting what what I have to do.
    So pardon me if I didn’t get a diploma from the Callmedave school of Fuckwittery.
    You may now jog on.

  150. Proud Cybernat says:

    Who the fuck do these clowns at SLAB and the SDM think they will win over with this utterly contemptable ‘article’? I mean – REALLY? Have they ANY idea the damage they are doing to their own cause? Eejits the lot of them.

    Come on, Scotland. Send these fuckers packing.

    First Step: SNP x 2, May 2016

  151. G says:

    Big Jackie doesn’t like doctors much, does she. Prefers the alcohol industry.

  152. G says:

    … and the Daily Heil.

  153. Bob Mack says:

    Very personal subject as my mother had a double mastectomy many years ago. The surgeon did a remarkable job,and my mother would not have cared if (he) had twenty jobs.He extended her life by many years,and she was grateful throughout the time she lived.

    I am utterly appalled by the article,and by Jackie Baillie attempting to make political point scoring on a subject that is indeed a matter of life and death.

    My faith in humanity sinks yet lower. This is no faux outrage.
    I have nothing but utter contempt for the contributors of this bile.

  154. Karmanaut says:

    If, God forbid, Jackie Ballie ever needed life-saving surgery herself, I wonder if she’d demand that Phillipa Whitford DID NOT come in over the Christmas holidays to perform it?

  155. Morag says:

    “Nearly £60 an hour”??!!

    That’s peanuts. It’s chickenfeed. I even wonder if it’s been misreported.

    Twenty years ago I had a brush with private medicine (I had BUPA coverage through my work). The consultation fees were £300 an hour.

    Admittedly this wouldn’t be take-home salary, it had to pay for the consulting-room premises and the support staff and so on, but even so….

  156. Scott Borthwick says:

    Iain says:
    28 January, 2016 at 8:22 am

    “Prostitution is famously called ‘the first profession’.

    In that surmise, journalism too easily fits the description of the second profession: the first journalist would have been a peeping tom who observed the first act of prostitution and sold his story about it.”

    Based on recent evidence, the first journalist would have heard about the dirty bedsheets from an unnamed source and made up all the details of the participants and the act.

  157. Gusmcg says:

    She declared it in The Register of Members’ Financial Interests, what a non story.

  158. ArtyHetty says:

    Dr.Whitford is to be totally applauded for her skills as a surgeon and SNP MP.

    If we ever hear of a unionist MP putting in hours to save lives, it would be a miracle. They do the opposite, disgusting self serving troughers.

    Maybe the right wing rags think Dr.Whitford should be working for nothing like those at the bottom of the pile, the vicitims of tory austerity.
    I wonder what the rich Eton boys do with any extra cash they take, from earnings outside their MP’s wages. Maybe they give it all to charity.

  159. galamcennalath says:

    Bob Mack says:

    “My faith in humanity sinks yet lower. This is no faux outrage.”

    Don’t get angry, don’t get even …. destroy that Union which drives them in their ‘anything goes’ campaigning!

  160. steveasaneilean says:

    Far fromore screwing money out of a cash strapped hospital here’s what the local NHS had to say:

    Liz Moor, director of acute services at NHS Ayrshire and Arran, said: “Dr Whitford is a skilled and valued breast surgeon who remains with the board on a bank contract basis. She was able to provide services for the benefit of patients in Ayrshire and Arran during the Christmas period due to unexpected consultant absence.”

  161. muttley79 says:

    I honestly cannot say I am surprised by this smear by the Daily Heil and Jackie Baillie/SLAB. I genuinely believe there is almost no barrier/boundary to how low they are willing to go to smear the SNP and its representatives, and members. Of course for SLAB it is all about protecting their careers. I wonder if Lord Dacre is concerned about land reform in Scotland! 😀

  162. Jack Murphy says:

    OT. Scottish Parliament TV.
    Today’s First Minister’s Questiona with FM,Kezia Dugdale MSP,Ruth Davidson MSP and others.
    Now Archived and ready to watch.

  163. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bill McLean says: 28 January, 2016 at 11:15 am:

    “Mr Powell – Filling in over the holiday period to ensure life saving services and maintaining the required skills for surgery in order to not to lose her licence is hardly having a second job.”

    Aye! Bill, I had thoughts along the same lines but decided it was futile to reply to anyone inclined to support such low, despicable garbage.

    The lady’s weekend fill-in could hardly be described as a second job. My hobby used to be re-furbishing classic cars and I thus had skills in that field. My second hobby was touring around Britain. I would never consider passing a follow driver in trouble at the roadside but would stop and offer help.

    I didn’t, for a moment, consider I had a second job. I consider Mr Powell’s post says much more about Mr Powell than it does about the Good Doctor.

  164. Gary45% says:

    So Dr Whitford works over the holidays to help her fellow citizens.(She gets my vote)
    What was Jaba Glumbo doing over the holidays? probably eating 10 jumbo tins of Quality street going by the size of her.
    Apologies if anyone is offended by the comments about Jaba, other sweetie manufacturers are available.

  165. chic thomson says:

    Dr Whitford is my local MP. I voted for her, and since I did so she has made me immensely proud to have a person of her skills and insights working for the people of Scotland. Her maiden speech was stunning, google it. Every contribution, both at WM and here in Ayrshire, has been positive and appropriate. The lady is a star!

  166. Neil Anderson says:

    Gulp – if there was ever any doubt about how despicable the Daily Mail could get they finally even gave our chums round at BBC Scotland reason to spray their metaphorical tea round the staff room

    Just heard both Stewart Cosgrove & Eamonn O’Neill kicking lumps out of them on the Media show. If this gives them enough of the dry boak to risk the ire of Broadcasting House by condemning it live on the wireless in a show where they accepted a seismic shift towards social media (including such household names as Bella Caledonia Derek Bateman & – whisper it – Wings over Scotland) there’s hope for us all (well not Alistair Carmichael or Fluffy Mundell but you catch my drift)

    Is it just me or were they somewhat more reticent to see that broadcast media is losing out too. I think it was at least clear to them that young Scots were voting with their collective mice in considerable numbers

  167. Just seen on HoC tv Dr Phillip Lee Tory MP tell the house that he will still practice being a Doc and that he supports Philippa and condemns the Scottish Daily Mail.

  168. louis.b.argyll says:

    We could.. Crowd-fund to buy up ALL misleading headlines in newspapers and instantly deliver them to recycling centres.

    ..we’d be accused of censorship.. But without a balanced media we’d be doing
    the AVERAGE voter a favour.

    Also, if, for example, all SNP members bought 2 COPIES, of say, record and demonstrating.mail, PUBLICISE THE FACT THAT THEY WILL BE DESTROYED “UNREAD” HOW COULD THEY SELL ADVERTISING BASED ON CIRCULATION?

    We need to use our numbers to our advantage.

  169. Paul says:

    @schrodingers cat (11.53am)

    I’m sure the Wings Over Scotland Party could comfortably attain at least 1 list seat in each region!

  170. Andrew Coulson says:

    ‘ The scum at the bottom of the sewer…..’
    Dregs, not scum, surely?

  171. Bill McLean says:

    Thanks for that Robert – can’t understand the mentality of people who think like Mr Powell – unless he is an out-and-out bigot!And Scotland going forward needs none of them! Bill

  172. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bill McLean says: 28 January, 2016 at 2:07 pm:

    ” … can’t understand the mentality of people who think like Mr Powell – unless he is an out-and-out bigot!And Scotland going forward needs none of them! Bill”

    Well, Bill, I think the obvious point about such folks is that the vile media hacks who produce such dire work can only exist as long as there is a market for their vile writing.

    Mr Powell would seem to be part of that, seemingly, shrinking market of readership.

    There isn’t a single media outlet publishing such views that isn’t pandering to a fast shrinking clientele.

  173. fletch49er says:

    [face palm]

  174. jdman says:

    “Are you two managing to get to the Aberdeen Wings knees-up on saturday?)”

    Yup we’re coming. 🙂

  175. Iain More says:

    That is some front page. Equating an iPad to Brit Peers of the Realm and former BBC employees and Brit Establishment figures is a bit much. I hope the makers of iPads take legal action

    I guess we will also have to expect the Daily Mail to get increasingly rabid in its anti Scottish bigotry between now and the election.

    Just when you think they cant get any deeper into the gutter they surprise us by plummeting to new depths.

  176. Les Wilson says:

    Shocking stuff that will make yessers dig deeper, perhaps we need to look at the second jobs the Unionist MPs have, compile a list to put on all the Internet sources we can.

    A video on youtube showing and going through it all would be great too.

    The Doctor is a good person who does her bit for our NHS when they are stuck, she gets this shit from them????

    BUM, scum of the earth.

  177. ahundredthidiot says:

    ….and that was the final draft

    Can you imagine what the first few drafts were like?

  178. Sonia Wilson says:

    Don’t remember “The Daily Mail” ridiculing Sam Galbraith, employed as a Locum Doctor in London during his time as a Labour MP for Bearsden.

  179. jcd says:

    K1 11.00am

    Bang on right.

    SNP X 2.

  180. DRD WOODWARD says:

    What I find a little worrying, though not surprising, is the lack of supportive comment and voices for her from the medical profession. The informed professional middle class who’s silence and lack of ‘action’ or ‘ opinion’ gives those in westminster free reign to do as they please.

  181. RedStarTrout says:

    1.5% of operations postponed? SNP BAD!
    MP steps in to avoid operations being postponed? SNP BAD!

    I’m seeing a theme here…

  182. Allister says:

    Jackie Baillie and the Mail pond life that deserve each other.

  183. AFewHomeTruths says:

    I know a Daily Mail reader very well who looks for angles on news that suits / confirms their high earning, self serving, prejudiced world view of the undeserving poor. That’s the market this drivel is aimed at. Impugning the ethics and integrity of those who champion people on the other side of the divide makes them feel better about themselves and their own standards which they are incorrigibly delusional about.

    Another readership segment being those who (usually with no good reason or realistic hope) aspire to be such a person and go against their own interests. The former laughs all the way to the bank and eventually to their overseas retirement home. There they will get their Daily Mail delivered to keep up with the patsies back home who helped make it possible.

    The bonus is the passive or secondary reader who catches an utterly misleading headline as they pick up something else. They won’t read the article to self-censor it.

    I think if you see the Editor’s reviews of the other papers on TV it seems that some of what he says he doesn’t even believe. Unfortunately juxtaposing him with someone of an opposite viewpoint brings in a kind of flippancy that aids the indefensible comments and his readers will see only the views (objectionable to them) of his fellow reviewer.

    They see what they want to see and are reinforced in their beliefs by reaffirming what they are not. If something offends even them the flippancy takes the edge off it. The have you no sense of humour defense. If you muddy the waters about what is meant and what is not then nothing is off limits. They are all Trumpties.

  184. Sandy says:

    Slip up or not, STV News stated this evenng that Cameron arrived by helicopter in Aberdeen & was immediately whisked by convey (speeding) to the docks & met no members of the public.

    Noticed Alex Johnston appeared absent from Holywood today. Brown nosing,no doubt.

  185. Robert Peffers says:

    @Iain More says: 28 January, 2016 at 2:42 pm:

    ” … Just when you think they cant get any deeper into the gutter they surprise us by plummeting to new depths.”

    I imagine, Iain, they have long ago, “plummeted to new depths”, by having lang syne gaed wheechin awa alang the sheuch an doon the cundy, (long since gone whizzing away along the gutter and down the drain).

  186. Petra says:

    The SCUM plus the other type of scum, Jackie Baillie, at it again!

    Can you imagine what the SCUM would have to say if a number of breast cancer operations had been cancelled over Phillipa Whitford’s summer and Xmas breaks due to lack of staff? The SCUM would have made a meal of it ”Phillipa Whitford goes shopping as mother of 10 has breast cancer op cancelled”. Phillipa Whitford ”Ignores dying mothers plea.”

    Phillipa Whitford probably had to make one of the most important decisions of her life when she forfeited her job, one that she loved, to become an SNP MSP (and taking a pay cut). She did so because she could see the ‘big picture’ that is that our NHS in Scotland was / is under threat. She works unstintingly as an MSP and then gives up some of her holiday period to cover doctors absent through ill-health …. and that’s a crime in their eyes even when they have no idea what she actually did with the money that she received …. would HAVE to accept for work carried out.

    I notice that the SCUM never mention that she spent over a year (15 months) in Gaza working as a volunteer consultant at a United Nations hospital following the Gulf War and during the first Palestinian Intifada. She then spent time working in Southern Lebanon doing project planning for the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians.

    What’s wee Jackie Baillie been doing other than lying?

    @ vMoz says at 9:12 am ”Will Jackie Baillie posthumously condemn Sam Galbraith of the Labour party who after his election as MP in 1987 continued at times in his role as a neurosurgeon?”

    Spot on vMoz. I also wonder what Jackie Baillie has to say about people like Alistair Darling Labour who can sign on at the House of Lords three days a week and commandeer £900 TAX FREE plus claim for travel expenses and lodgings.

    Or what about the following SCOTS … LABOUR …. such as Baroness Adams, formerly Paisley Labour MP Irene Adams, who has spoken in the Lords just eight times since joining in 2005 yet between March 2012 and February 2013 claimed £37,500 in daily allowances and £26,700 in travel. Now see that she’s bucked up since being ‘outed’.

    Or what about Lord Kirkhill, Lord Elder, Baroness Smith (widow of John Smith), Lord Howie, Lord Leitch claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds for doing nought?

    Or Lord Irvine (Tony Blair’s former flatmate) who picked up £41,000 (2012/13) for speaking in one debate ….. surprise, surprise ….. to question Legal Aid reform.

    Or John Dalrymple, the 14th Earl of Stair and a second cousin of Prince Charles, who last spoke in the Lords in October 2011 on a debate on aviation (he is the owner of a small airfield) for which he claimed £4500 in daily allowances and £19,106 in expenses (2013/14).

    Or Lord Watson – former Labour MP Mike Watson – who was jailed in 2005 for fireraising at an Edinburgh hotel. Following his release from prison he retook his seat in the Lords in July 2006. Since then he has claimed almost £250,000 of taxpayers’ money.

    And well I could spent all night listing Labour politicians, such as Jim Murphy and Anas Sarwar, / ex- Labour now sitting (more likely not) in the House of Lords who have been / are robbing us all blind.

    Serving themselves unlike Phillipa Whitford.

  187. liz says:

    Just adding my small voice.
    Great respect to Phillipa Whitford and all the hard work she does for her constituency and the NHS.

    There is no doubt there is a concerted attack on particularly female SNP MPs.

    This might be to try to demoralise them, many female MPs in other parties have resigned over the years.
    It must take guts and the hide of an elephant to keep on going.

    Also what about that parasite on the front page, how much cash does ahe and her hubby get from the public purse for doing SFA?

  188. Linda says:

    I picked this up last night and was truly disgusted. Went to bed and when I re-read this morning I was angry, I mean really angry. So much wanted to tell that lowlife of a pretendy journo Victoria Allen what I thought of her. Wanted to tell Jackie Baillie what a fool she is. Most of all I just wanted to tell Dr Whitford that she has the support of much of Scotland behind her and please keep doing what you do.

    And as for the daily rate – well, I have taken on 4 specialist IT contractors recently. Their daily rate is £1250 plus vat plus expenses capped at 10% per day. The NHS would have had to pay local fees of £1800 plus if Dr Whitford hadn’t provided cover.

    Tonight popped into my very elderly mum’s, showed her this article and she just looked at me in horror and was really upset. She was upset for several reasons 1) people like Dr Whitford saved my life 2) people like Dr Whitford saved her life 3) people like Dr Whitford saved her graddaughter’s life. A daily rate of £500 – she prolonged someone’s life, probably more than one each day and they (DM & JB) are saying people are not worth £500!! She was also upset for the reason she voted labour since the 40’s, always did until the GE last year, but I know she still had doubts as ‘labour (as she once knew them) was for the working people, people like her who worked in fishmongers, cleaned people’s houses and did miracles on a wage when minimum wage didn’t exist. People like my old (late dad) who worked over 50 years in ship building all weathers, walking 5 miles to work and back to save bus fare. Labour were their saviour and I get that, but now she’s angry at Jackie B’s arrogance, Labour’s Tory policies and what they have become. Tonight she declared she is finished with them for good and only SNP now. Told her Humza’s her candidate and showed her a photo of him so she doesn’t get conned by Lab.

  189. VALERIE RETTIE says:

    I tweeted that ‘reporter’ with my disgust. She has just tweeted me back to assist her piece on hospital food…she saw my posts of photos of the awful food I got while in Southern Gen last summer. Fecking cheek! Obviously she is out to destroy our NHS any way she can!

  190. Moraganna NicLeoid says:

    Respect, admiration and thanks to Phillipa!

  191. Big Jock says:

    It’s malicious,degrading and an affront to journalism. But let them carry on. The smearing hardens the SNP support. They are only talking to the 20% of hardline unionists who believe it. They ain’t winning back a single yes voter and are losing the moderates to the SNP. One thing we know about unionists by now is that they are feckless.

  192. Just hope all those associated with this DM article never need the skills of someone like Phillipa Whitford. I am immensely proud to have spoken with her at a Business for Scotland event, and even prouder that she gave up so much to fight for Scotland’s independence. None of these people associated with the article are fit to clean her shoes.

  193. Clootie says:

    I have heard so many wonderful stories about the lifesaving work of this top surgeon and yet she gets subjected to this.

    Every time I recoil at the level of abuse by the gutter press attempting a SNPbad spin thinking “…this must be the bottom of the pit” they manage to sink even lower.

    This is Better Together in action. The rabid dogs of the unionists set free.

  194. Bill Fraser says:

    Disgusting.The doctor has to keep her skills honed and to put this rubbish on the national press is Pure bitterness.I am waiting for an operation On a tumor.

  195. TomW says:

    Dr Philippa Whitford, a breast cancer surgeon and brilliant MP for Central Ayrshire, has by medical Law, keep her skills honed and in doing so saves life’s but also receives unwarranted comments from the gutter press, and supported by Jackie Baillie, absolute disgrace.

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