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Safe as houses

Posted on January 28, 2023 by

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  1. FionaN says:

    Sums it up beautifully, CC.

  2. robertkknight says:

    Back of the net once again Mr Cairns. Well played.

  3. Patsy Millar says:

    One of your best ever.

  4. Marie Clark says:

    Ha ha Chris son, that’s a belter. Nail squarely smacked on the head. Well done.

  5. SusanAHF says:

    Wonderful art Mr Cairns.

  6. EdinScot says:

    Haw Nikla yir teas oot! Her latest howler on the not a blqnbkwt ban approach to rapists is just too much . Chris sums it up here perfectly here .

  7. Bob Mack says:

    The Japanese word Kitsune describes the fox like creature ( trickster) who can change from man to woman and back again among his repertoire. He is also a disrupter, unaccepting of norms and a bit of a wild card.

    He had a propensity to inhabit toilets to look up womens kimonos.

    That is from centuries ago ( or is it ?).

  8. Astonished says:

    Brilliant stuff.

    I see a man called Burns now self-identifies as a transwoman and is pencilled in to be moved to the woman’s estate. He is regarded as one of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners. I wonder if the stonewall-captured high heid yins are worrying about signing off this transfer ?

    The yoon media have a problem – They can no longer protect Sturgeon from her own actions. What will the lickspittles do ?

    Not long now.

  9. P says:

    Jeez, there’s another one waiting to be moved
    Scotgov hates women.

  10. Dave M says:

    On point as always, Chris!

  11. Luigi says:

    Fantastic, Chris. This picture is certainly worth a thousand words. Every time I think you have reached your zenith in creativity and message power, there ye go again surpassing it. Very well done. Help! I’m already imagining that burly fox wearing a tight dress and lipstick with big dangly bits swinging between his legs. Aaaargh! I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s breakfast.

  12. rogueslr says:

    The Emperor’s new clothes, now the greater public, beyond these walls, are laughing and pointing. The end of Saint Nic can’t be far away.

  13. smitty says:

    My informants at the Stasi HQ at Holyrood inform me that it was ministerial intervention and NOT the SPS which led to Isla Bryson going to Corton Vale. Whilst being driven to Barlinnie a call from the Justice dept was made to the redirect him to Corton Vale. Spads have been asked to bury this and Keystone Comms have been put on high alert. If it breaks then Keith Brown is being lined up for the boot. The whole gov is now being set up to protect one woman; Sturgeon, although officials and Spads along with some ministers are distancing themselves as much as they can.

    There are concerns for the health of a few MSPs and one minister who have had a torrid time during the recess break from disgruntled voters and members.

    My sources also tell me that a further 10,000 members have left SNP after the GRR vote. They lost 20k in the previous year, which they blame on the cost of living crisis but in fact over 80% have left over the GRA. The party is in a bad way financially, indy further away than ever and Sturgein throwing careers other than her own to get this on the statute books.

  14. Ottomanboi says:

    I’m vegan, anyone here a no-chicken chicken?
    Risk and safe are the top official newspeak/doublespeak words.
    It’s not what’s on the label, it’s what’s in the can.

  15. Effijy says:

    Brilliant Chris!

    The Daily Fascist going strong today.
    Hunt will look at tempting retirees back to work by increasing the maximum pension pot beyond the £1,000,00 limit.

    What percentage of us have that sum saved up and what lower percentage thinks they just can’t get by on £50K per annum for 20 odd years and £10K state pension and Winter Fuel Allowance.

    2 leading companies in Artificial Intelligence are based in the U.K. and this is going to create growth that will pay off £2.8 Trillion of debt and increase wages?
    Like Tory Donor Dyson, I think you will find any manufacturing will be move to a cheap Labour country in the Far East and Tax moved off shore just like Zahawi.

    Next the put the fear into Labour voters by saying that SNP seats may be required to give them a Westminster majority.
    Can you imagine those nasty Scots having any control in England’s government.

    Carol Vorderman attacked former friend Tory Michelle Moan on TV – poor Gold Digger, failed business woman, and fake slimming pills and PPE peddler wasn’t there to defend herself.
    Yes that’s because she escaped the country in case her accomplices imprison a scape goat.

    Alan Cummings the Scottish actor has returned his OBE as has Welsh Actor Michael Sheen
    Theology Prof Nigel Tory Biggar says this is due to ignorance relating to Britains Colonial past
    There you are, we just never thought the 100 Million deaths in the making of the Empire was all for their own good. What did these savages know about spending their resources and forced Labour and taxes.
    Let’s join Boris Army and take back America.
    Can you imagine the wealth of reinstating the Tea Tax in Boston.

    Can’t take anymore so I’ll just to the sports pages to hear how well the King’s 11 are doing.

  16. McDuff says:

    Just brilliant Chris says it all.

  17. Lorna Campbell says:

    They are caught in a bind, between a rock and a hard place: either they put these men in with other male prisoners and risk having them beaten to a pulp, or worse, or they put them in with women and risk having the women sexually assaulted or raped, or beaten.

    Eventually, they will have to give in and house these dangerous men – dangerous to women, girls and children, that is, and probably abject cowards when it comes to their own sex – in special units, where they will be able to try and con each other into believing who is the most womanly, although that would be to risk being taken at their word.

    Repeal of the 2004 GRA and the strengthening or rewriting of the 2010 Equality Act are now essential. No biological men in female spaces whatsoever. None. Start building third spaces, Nicola Sturgeon, because disabled people do not want to be confronted with them either, and unisex toilets and changing rooms are still open to predation.

    The beautifully wrought cartoon captures exactly the problem: both the concept of ‘prey’ and the concept of ‘predator’ are precisely the same as those that pertain to the wild animal world. In a zoo situation, you wouldn’t put a lion in with an antelope, for reasons that should be very evident.

    Nor should men be allowed into female spaces where females are vulnerable or where their privacy and dignity are threatened. That means no men at all. Nary a one, or single-sex spaces and rights no longer exist. As for the GRC argument, it should be obvious to the SG that men who want unfettered access to all female spaces and rights, sex-specific jobs and services, etc. will want a GRC when it would be cheap, with no medical diagnosis of dysphoria because it would afford them almost total legal status with women, and make the protected characteristics within the 2010 EA more or less unworkable and redundant. Duuuuhhhhhhh.

  18. socratesmacsporran says:

    Risk assessed – Aye Right!!!

    Another winner Mr Cairns.

  19. stuart mctavish says:


    To be (un)fair to the fox, due to the fascinating judicial branch policy of introducing procedures that run ahead of the law* we cannot know for sure if his road to the henhouse was paved with hens, transhens, cockerels or even other foxes – and since we only have one uncorroborated word of the Daily Mail to confirm a jury was involved, the lowering of the beast bar in the matter of heinous violent sexual assault, from unwanted feather plucking to consensual cross breeding not ending in multiple clucks* (something which may not even be feasible for most transhens), might also be something for livestock to get concerned (/excited!) about as far as future law is concerned.

    *not to be confused with the nono of cluck clucks

  20. Jontoscots21 says:

    Sorry but when I hear the “fascist” word bandied about I wonder if one of the rainbow rockets has wandered into the thread. I don’t know what the daily Fascist is so perhaps you we can be enlightened. As for Alan Cumming that’s a speeding bandwagon being jumped on at the last minute. He had his gong for 8 years till he decided to . As Julie Burchill says I give no more weight to the opinion of those who delve into the dressing up box for a living, than I do the opinion of my postie. As for the empire read some proper history, don’t default to the anti colonialist mince which refuses any sense of balance or perspective.. Slavery was a joint enterprise between African rulers and European slavers . Slavery is bestial but its existence is as long as humanity itself. Read the brilliant “The World:A Family History: by Simon-Sebag Montefiore. For a bit of perspective.

  21. Frank Gillougley says:

    Sitting here, miles away, oh how I hate all of their self-appointed sheer and utter arrogances.

  22. Liz says:

    Thanks Chis.
    The arrogance of the ‘fox’ is very true to life.

    @smitty it had to be a ministerial intervention.
    No way would the SPS overturn a court decision.

    The worrying thing is, that a minister was allowed to do so.
    They keep saying its up to the institutions to sort out the risk, so basically, they’re lying.

    I have ZERO sympathy for any MSP under pressure, good.
    They won’t be under as much pressure as the women incarcerated with rapists.

    I, like many others, emailed all my MSPs against self ID.
    Of course the arrogant tossers didn’t listen but the interesting response was that everyone who replied, some didn’t bother their arse, all said the same thing, they had never had so much correspondance on a single subject.

    I was told each individual MSP received about 1000.

  23. panda paws says:

    Andrew Burns aka Tiffany Scott is more dangerous than even the double rapist. He’s so dangerous he’s in isolation in the men’s prison. NO WAY should he set foot in a women’s prison or any women’s space. If true this needs a publicity drive to match that generate for “Isla” in order to stop it.

    Ash Regan has tweeted about the possible transfer. If she’s angling to replace Sturgeon, she couldn’t have picked a better leverage issue!

  24. James Che says:

    Chris Cairns.

    Hat off and bowing, Excellently drawn, and One picture can write a thousand words,

  25. Ottomanboi says:

    A view of contemporary education for those whose schooldays memories are somewhat distant.
    Due to political «circumstances» i was, thankfully, mainly homeschooled. Might political «circumstances» equally apply in this case?

  26. sarah says:

    Perfect, Chris. Instantly understandable even by the least aware voter. Let us hope the effect will be indelible.

  27. George says:

    When presented with an open goal, you shoot, you score.
    Excellent Mr Cairns. Sums this nonsense up.

  28. Mia says:

    “The whole gov is now being set up to protect one woman”

    And that leads to question:

    why and under the orders of whom?

    This woman has proven to be absolutely useless as Scotland’s FM, never mind as leader of a pro-independence party. She has completely destroyed the party and transformed the SNP into a laughable joke. This only benefits the British establishment, not Scotland.

    Once this woman is ejected from the seat, she will have no power to give jobs and rewards to all those SNP MPs/MSPs who will lose their careers/reputation or seats protecting this lost cause.

    Those jobs/rewards/etc can only be granted by the entity pulling her strings.

    So who is the entity which has been controlling Sturgeon, the SNP and Scotland’s executive since 14 Nov 2014?

    Is it the same entity which decided it was acceptable to eliminate the boundaries between executive, legislative and judicial powers in Scotland so they could all collude into character assassinating Mr Salmond, stopping information of great public interest to ever reach the public, and protecting the identity of perjurers?

  29. James Che says:


    Perhaps it menstrual l intervention. Not ministerial 😉

  30. auld highlander says:

    Elastration, that would sort them out.

  31. Geoff Anderson says:

    At the moment SNP HQ will be like Hitler’s Bunker in the last days of the Reich.
    Do you die with the führer or slip out in civvies and deny any involvement.

    The last defence Sturgeon has is that all those concerned Women, Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles are all evil Transphobic People… our current batch of MSPs and MPs really want to die on that hill? I assume they have seen the polling like the rest of us.
    Predators are using her policy
    Women’s data is being assigned their crimes

    It was a dreadful Bill, acknowledge that.
    Why have the Police, Courts and SPS taken advice from Stonewall and Trans Scotland ahead of any Law change?

    Perhaps I am foolish….I thought the People of Scotland should decide such things.
    I must be foolish because I still believe Independence should be Sturgeon’s Priority!

  32. James Che says:

    What have the Tories done about the grooming gangs in England, was a good point made yesterday,

    A political party that has run Westminster for a long time period. “Young kids”Victims of horrific attacks.

    Scotland is not the only Country that is letting rapist, murderers, and assaults take place, where changed legislation, justice and laws are put before victims,

    This is our rulers failing society, our rulers and political parties across Britain. May be the actual perpetrators,

    It was rolled out and trialed in Scotland for women and children to loose there rights under new laws,

    But in England they have been ignoring women’s and children’s rights for a awful lot longer in the local councils, police and justice systems. All of which, including MPs ignore it if they are not part of it

    This increase in male violence, in Britain being allowed to take place, wether its assaults or raping is systemic across Britain. Across police forces, across councils, across political parties,

    It beginning to look a lot like America, where you have a get out of Jail free card, [unless your a law abiding citizen.]

  33. Ebok says:

    How do you manage it Chris, to keep coming up with a brilliant, perfect summation of the week’s events?

    This week, you scored a double whammy for me, as I see the cartoon alternatively as it is, and with a few tweaks, Sturgeon lording it over her terrified minions at HR & WM.

  34. James Che says:

    Whom is running Britain, never mind Scotland if rapists and murderers alike are being aided and abetted by politicians turning the other way, or introducing laws of equality that are anything but equal laws.

    This is across the board including in sports.

    And a policy across the world, who are funding the think tanks behind the policies of Britain?

  35. James Che says:

    Is it Time for Scotland to turn the other way, do we want these think tanks changing our laws, that make society vunerable in Scotland.
    Is it time to set a new standard, where common sense of what is right and wrong on laws is returned in the justice system, including ensure everyone has the right to a publicly open and lawful trial with a jury.

    Aiding and abetting criminals used to be against the law.
    Let us bring that back into law, even for politicians.

    We need to separate our nation from the corruption of secret funding taking place inside our own government.

    Where democracy and a fair justice system is not something to be laughed at, but to be admired by all the other nations looking at Scotland.

  36. David W Ferguson says:

    Anybody help me out here? Just a few days ago the BBC published a story about a woman who had been killed by a man just a week after his release from prison. He was “no longer a threat”. On the say-so of exactly the kind of “experts” who will be sending these foxes into the henhouse (I think weasels are actually more vicious Chris). I meant to bookmark the story but didn’t. Now I can’t find a trace of it on the internet for love nor money. Anybody know who was he, and who was she?

  37. James Che says:

    If Scotland had one of the fairest open legal systems because it was independent Country, it would shine like a beacon to other nations,

  38. sarah says:

    @ James Che at 2.13: “…law, even for politicians.”

    You describe Scotland’s Constitution as it worked before 1707. To get that constitution reinstated it seems the only way is to sign and join in campaigning/educating our fellows.

  39. Republicofscotland says:

    Nice one Chris, it sums up the rapist/paedo enabling SNP/Greens to a tee.

    Here Sturgeon the Judas bemoans that the Tories wants to shut down Holyrood, they probably do, but the Judas is only now voicing this because her unamended GRRB has had the brakes slammed on it by the Tories.

    The Judas also claims that the Red Tory Keir Starmer will be falling over himself to work with the SNP after the next GE if Labour gets into office, because Labour will NEED to work with the SNP, what a utter load of bollocks from the Judas.

    “She suggested that if Labour wins the next UK-wide ballot, they will have to work with the SNP, particularly if they hold the balance of power after the next General Election.”

    “Sturgeon added: “And incidentally, I don’t believe Keir Starmer on that. I think if we get into this scenario, he will be biting the hand of the SNP leader to try to work together.”

    Whatever happens at the next GE we MUST vote out every single SNP MP, Sturgeon’s MPs have completely betrayed the people of Scotland, choosing to settle in and make a lucrative career out of being a MP instead of fulfilling the remit we gave them that was to further the cause of independence.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the SNP/Greens out for the sake of our women folk and children.

  40. Bob Mack says:

    @Dzvid W Ferguson,

    I think you mean Jordan McSweeney who killed a young trainee lawyer Zara Aleem

  41. Republicofscotland says:

    As Sturgeon the Judas and her treacherous SNP/MPs/MSPs plus the Greens continue to do their very best to destroy the Scottish independence movement whilst lining their own pockets, the Welsh are beginning to get their own indy act together.

    “THE first-ever Welsh independence summit is taking place to bring people from across the movement together to discuss key issues such as strategy.

    The sold-out event will see political representatives from the Greens, Plaid Cymru and Labour as well as campaign groups gather in Swansea today, with topics on the agenda including finance, the economy, environment and the nature of democracy.

    Speakers include Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price, Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter and Councillor Rachel Garrick of Welsh Labour for Independence.”

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the SNP/Greens out.

  42. stonefree says:

    @ Bob Mack at 9:57 am
    Do they not send their maws and girl crew noo

  43. David+Ferguson says:

    Bob Mack says:
    28 January, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    I think you mean Jordan McSweeney…

    Thanks Bob that’s the one.

  44. Ruby says:

    David W Ferguson says:
    28 January, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    Anybody help me out here? Just a few days ago the BBC published a story about a woman who had been killed by a man just a week after his release from prison. He was “no longer a threat”

    Zara Aleena’s family may sue over murder by released prisoner
    The Guardian
    Zara Aleena killer wrongly assessed as medium risk by probation

    Is there any law that says Jordan can’t transition while in prison?
    Any law that prevents him demanding women’s clothes, make-up, a wig and a transfer to a woman’s prison?
    He does have a unisex name.

  45. Robert Louis says:

    Great cartoon.

    It is madness. Utter, utter madness.

    What on earth are the SNP on??? ‘think of the poor rapist, though..’.

    Aff their heads. Completely aff their heads.

  46. Ruby says:

    The dangerous thing about men masquerading as women is that women believe that they would be safe with a woman.

    ie sharing a cab
    maybe even taking a lift from a nice lady
    if you are out at night feeling a bit nervous and you see a woman you might cross the street to join her.
    Feel safer walking through a quiet street with ‘her’

    Cross dressing should be made a hate crime.

    Not only is it dangerous but it is offensive to women.

    Repeal the GRA 2004, no more sex changes, no more men dressing up as women.

    All these so called genuine trans people are men with a fetish commonly known as ‘cross dressers’

    Is it not totally mad that the government have made a law that allows ‘cross dressers’ to change ‘sex?’

    By allowing ‘cross dressing’ they have opened the doors to a whole host of men with a variety of weird fetishes to enter women’s spaces and deny women’s rights.

    I really want to know who these so called ‘genuine trans people’ are and why I should sacrifice my rights for them.

    We must not continue hiding behind “no debate” to avoid the legitimate questions that need to be asked, questions which were not asked when the GRA was passed.

  47. Merganser says:

    How dare Sturgeon slag off 95% of the Scottish people by accusing them of being transphobic, homophobic, misogynystic, racist and goodness knows what other filth she will spew out.

    I am sick to death of being on the receiving end of these ridiculous false cruel jibes by someone who rejoices in the title of First Minister of Scotland, someone who should be representing all of us, not just a tiny percentage.

    If anyone has a phobia it is her – a phobia of ordinary, decent, hardworking, men and women (in the true sense of those words.)

    I’m struggling to concoct one word to encapsulate all this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Sturgeon: You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing. Depart I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God go, and let the Scottish people have some peace.

  48. SusanAHF says:

    Absolutely, Ruby. Let’s dump “be kind” and take up “be real” sick of these freaks denying reality and trying to compel others to do so also. No more.

  49. JGedd says:

    Maureen @ 4.21pm

    Thanks for that link, Maureen. Yet another instance of those in administering authority (in this case, sport) having been captured by this transgender denial of biology, whereas the grassroots are against. Again, this is a top-down project based on a belief system sprung on most of us seemingly out of the blue, fully formed and bolstered by and institutions already captured.

    There is nothing democratic or grassroots about this movement but why has it happened everywhere – at least in western countries? It isn’t as if there is a surge in revolutionary fervour coming from a broad base of people( except for the characteristic of class, usually, in the past) and tends to be confined to one country despite the international dreams of communism.

    This is driven in a way which does not fit with revolutionary politics of any kind since it depends on the authority of established institutions to implement it. The grassroots of society are on the receiving end of dogma inflicted from above and in several countries at once and are not involved in decisions which are already made, often without their participation or even knowledge. It is very like revolutionary social change co-ordinated and ordained from above.

    The motivation for this is extremely undemocratic and sinister. It’s the international authoritarian movement of the elite, it seems, against the unsuspecting citizens of all these countries. Their ultimate purpose might soon become known but perhaps too late for the ordinary citizens many of whom are unaware of the reach of this movement to impact on their lives at many levels.

  50. Republicofscotland says:

    About time as well, as some poor wee lassie would’ve ended up dead.

    “Scottish rugby chiefs are to ban biological males from full contact female matches after conceding that their previous “trans-inclusive” rules were dangerous.”

    “A new policy, to be introduced next week, will bring Scotland into line with England, Ireland and Wales, where the participation of trans females in women’s games has already been stopped due to safety fears.

    “A review carried out by the federation found that transgender women had “retained advantages in strength, stamina and physique” compared to “the average cis-gender [non-trans] woman”.

    “Biological males could previously participate in competitive female games in Scotland if they took female hormones.”

    “However, a committee set up to review the policy found that “testosterone suppression does not negate this physical advantage over cis-gender women and so cannot guarantee competitive fairness and safety”. ”

  51. PacMan says:

    Lorna Campbell says: 28 January, 2023 at 11:19 am

    They are caught in a bind, between a rock and a hard place: either they put these men in with other male prisoners and risk having them beaten to a pulp, or worse, or they put them in with women and risk having the women sexually assaulted or raped, or beaten.

    I know criminal justice is a complex issue with for example balancing deterrence, recidivism and justice for victims but for a decent, forward looking society, in principle prison should only be the only option for those who are a physical danger to society.

    If we weren’t locking up so many people instead of using other options, vulnerable people wouldn’t be in a system that they are not equipped for.

    Saying that, how many genuine trans who are going with full physical transition are going to go to prison?

    As others have said, we need to stop ‘being kind’ and be realistic. These aren’t trans people. These are manipulative men who are abusing the system to get moved to woman’s prison in order to get an easier time inside and/or getting access to vulnerable woman to satisfy their sexual needs.

  52. jockmcx says:

    From Scotland to the snp leader

  53. PacMan says:

    As to Nicola Sturgeon, GRR has spectacularly blown up in her face.

    In her time as FM, she has worked on an image of a shining light/beacon of progressiveness against the rising tide of right wing populism that is sweeping across Europe.

    With GRR, she had thought by taking the most laissez faire approach, it would endear her to the English liberal elites by portraying it as a ‘culture war’.

    We all know whatever the SNP government does, the unionist establishment is ready to ponce on it. Given that male prisoners having been abusing the system for years by self-id’ing to get into womans prisons, it is as plain as the nose on your face that GRR was an obvious trap.

    Now guess what? This practice has been going on for years but just nearly a month after Holyrood passes GR, it is all over the Scottish and British news that a double male rapist has self-Id’d and went to a woman’s prison.

    On top of that, Nicola Sturgeon goes on the offensive any practically says that anybody who opposes GRR is a bigot. It isn’t one group or politicians but everybody.

    Also, given the noises from senior individuals in Labour, they are distancing themselves from this and throwing their Scottish branch under the bus. The likes of the Guardian also doesn’t seem to throwing their weight behind Sturgeon as well.

    Lastly, Nicola Sturgeon looks tired and she is increasingly sounding dictatorial as seen with her latest rant. This is not something that the public likes.

    Whether Nicola Sturgeon goes or not is up to her. I see she is falling back on the only course available to do in that is it not good to get replaced in the middle of a crisis.

    The problem is can Nicola Sturgeon persuade the Scottish public to continue to vote for her and the SNP under the narrative she is shaping that Holyrood is under serious threat from the Tories?

    Never mind GRR, given how disastrous Holyrood has been lately does the Scottish public in general actually care what happens to it?

  54. Dan says:

    @ jockmcx

    Seeing as we have so many absolute rockets in our “government”, I’ll drop this track.

    Public Service Broadcast – Go!

  55. SusanAHF says:

    Ever since Sturgeon took over “dictatorial” is EXACTLY the word for the SNP and scotgov.

  56. David Hannah says:

    One of these SNP MSPs should come out and say I’ll collapse Holyrood, change the standing orders to 50 per cent and call referendum in October 2023.

    They’d be calling Nicola’s bluff of course because she will not do it. Which is why she’s employed all the architects of the vow as her policy writers.

    The SNP MSPs and MPs that want Independence should just all ignore Nicola now and come up with the plans for Independence and have it ring ready and good to go.

    Sturgeon can carp from the sidlines all she likes.

  57. Alf Baird says:

    JGedd @ 6:10 pm

    “The motivation for this is extremely undemocratic and sinister”

    Postcolonial theory tells us that sovereign nations/peoples represented the bulwark against imperialism. National sovereignty depends on ‘a peoples’ national identity and national culture as forming the basis of national consciousness.

    Gender identity ideology may be aimed at diminishing national identities and national consciousness thereby opening up nations to new forms of cultural assimilation which, like colonialism, is aimed at facilitating their economic and political exploitation.

    Gender identity ideology may therefore be about creating a new form of identity, which is not national, leaving national sovereignty and aspirations to reclaim sovereignty weakened.

  58. jockmcx says:

    @ Dan
    almost sounds like he’s saying sturgeon GO!

  59. Nice cartoon! Some of us have been cancelled by rl newspapers for very similar cartoons on this issue. Me (the Morning Star, February 2020) and Xavier Gorce (Le Monde, January 2021).

  60. Ruby says:

    PacMan says:

    Saying that, how many genuine trans who are going with full physical transition are going to go to prison?

    Who are these genuine trans?

    Are they men with autogynephilia?

    Am I sacrificing my rights & safety to make cross dressers more comfortable?

  61. Big Jock says:

    Isn’t it telling that this government want to take the Gender bill to Europe over the blocking. Yet meekly accept the SC decision to deny an entire nation the right to self determination.

    I don’t think I need to explain the dignificance of this.

  62. Ruby says:

    Had the fox put on a chicken suit he could have said

    ‘Relax ladies I’m a chicken just like you’

  63. gregor says:

    We’ve got the (New Woke Order) script for the next 50 years…

    It doesn’t have your script, Scotland.

    What will you do with this unique and unprecedented golden opportunity ???

    Gifted to you by NWO fuckwits…

  64. gregor says:

    We’ve got the (New Woke Order) script and strategic plan, for the next 50 years…

    It doesn’t have your script/plans, Scotland.

    What will you do with this unprecedented golden opportunity.

    Gifted to you by NWO fuckwits…

  65. gregor says:

    Apologies for the double post.

  66. Viscount Ennui says:

    Not trying to be funny here, but does anyone else think that the order may have gone out from WM that NS is now dead and that even the Scottish media can publish stories that 2 years ago they would not have dared?
    Has she been stabbed in the back by her own people?
    If so, there must be a WM succession plan because they will not tolerate chaos.
    Hypothetically, Starmer will get in in 2024. WM have already accepted that but can do a double-whammy now by deflating the independence movement through support for the Toerags and Labour. Starmer out after an ineffectual 5 years and it’s back to the status quo but with the bonus of a fragmented SNP.
    Whereas NS was once the bulwark against passionate nationalism, she has now become an asset in causing long-term reputational damage to it by capitulating.
    She was hoist on her own petard just to fail, and by creating a cult following (which is what the SNP is), she has destroyed the very essence of the independence movement.
    Now is the time. But what follows will be a long period of blood-letting.
    My grandchildren may see their country free off the shackles of WM, but I now know that I will not.

  67. Roger says:


    They will never accept third spaces cos that would mean accepting that they are not women.
    Remember all this crap is built on denying reality. And don’t celebrate too much you – the grr may be doomed now,but from next year it will still be a hate crime not to address a cock in a frock as ‘mi lady’s

  68. Bob Mack says:

    Could this be Sturgeons ” The lady’s not for turning” moment.

    We all know how that ended up.

  69. Mia says:

    “Yet meekly accept the SC decision to deny an entire nation the right to self determination”

    Personally, I do not think this was just a matter of “accepting” the decision of an English court issued by English judges. In my opinion this was more a matter of this coward getting an English court and English judges to clean up her mess and preserve her fake pro-indy PR persona.

    This coward could not possibly delay that referendum bill any longer without exposing herself for the political fraud she is. For the same reason, she couldn’t possibly whip her MSPs to vote against the bill, and giving the distribution of seats, if that bill entered Holyrood it would have passed comfortably. She could not have that.

    So, in what has become her repeated modus operandi for over 8 years, she, helped by another crown minion, handed over to the British establishment another free veto, so they could do the dirty work for her of stopping the bill before it entered Holyrood.

    Conveniently, this move would give her another carrot dangling opportunity by means of another fabricated grievance to criticise Westminster, and the safeguarding of being able to deflect attention from the fact it was her who refused to bring the bill to HOlyrood and pass it, and instead direct it to the English court and judges.

    It is this political fraud who opened the door of our gov cabinet to a representative of the crown, allowing the crown to meddle with our democratic process, defying our democratic mandates and dictating what laws we can pass in our own effing parliament.

    When it is no longer the people of Scotland who decide what laws get passed and it is instead a crown who appears to have broken down all barriers separating the three powers, you can no longer talk about democracy. This is a full-blown dictatorship in everything but name and as such a direct violation of the Claim of Right 1689. I wouldn’t be on the least surprised if our elections have been rigged for quite some time.

    I think what is really telling in all this is that after the disgraceful level of hypocrisy, dishonesty and contempt for democracy this woman has displayed by refusing to enact our democratic mandate and bring that bill to HOlyrood, she still think it is appropriate to continue insulting our intelligence with her latest tacky move.

    Worse even, since the brexit vote, this political fraud has allowed England MPs and the crown (by means of the Supreme Court and by stamping of laws without the support of Scotland) to violate the Treaty of Union over and over and over and over again. Yet, this coward never lifted a finger to bring those violations of the treaty of Union to the attention of the EU court or any other international court for that matter. Hell, she didn’t even have the balls to withdraw the MPs from Westminster. BEcause doing so would effectively render the treaty of union void and null.

    If that level of betrayal was not enough, she opened the consultation of the GRR bill to the entire world, pretty much inviting every external vested interest to interfere with Scotland’s democratic process totally undermining our democratic rights.

    The last straw was forcing this GRR nonsense through despite being opposed by the majority of the people of Scotland and despite openly endangering women and children. That after, of course, banning demonstrations around Holyrood suggesting this coward and her masters already knew what was coming and already knew the majority would oppose this legislation.

    It is all this what makes her latest time- and money- wasting charade of going to the EU court because WEstminster is exercising its right to block this aberration, look so disgustingly hypocritical, and, frankly, insulting.

  70. McDuff says:

    What are you talking about read my post.

  71. Merganser says:

    Viscount Ennui @ 8.39.

    Something is going on for sure. Sturgeon’s ravings get more bizarre every day and she now seems totally exposed and hung out to dry. Perhaps Westminster have deemed it’s time to pull the plug on her. I don’t think the Tories have given up yet as you suggest. They need something big to base their campaign on, and being the saviour of women’s rights might just do it for them.

    Even one of the most committed independence seekers has expressed a view preferring them rather than having Sturgeon’s madness imposed on us – only as a means to an end until a genuine independence party with sensible ideas emerges.

    I feel the same way about not seeing independence in my lifetime. So very, very sad when I think what could have been.

  72. JGedd at 6:10pm is so right when he says:

    “The motivation for this is extremely undemocratic and sinister. It’s the international authoritarian movement of the elite, it seems, against the unsuspecting citizens of all these countries” in the West].

    From the pinnacle of the Sturgeon/Murrell cult in the SNP, the SG and Scots Parliament are so corrupt … but it’s been happening for years.

    I yearn fro the days of Salmond. At least he was 95% honest!

  73. Masslass says:

    Big Jock. 7.43pm

    Very telling.

  74. robbo says:

    Now here’s a thing

    It’s too late to say I’m sorry.

    60 years on it some’s it up.

  75. Effijy says:

    For pity sake Sturgeon wake up and smell the prison coffee-

    Another trans prisoner has been given the green light to transfer to a women’s jail in Scotland, Sky News understands.

    The latest controversy follows double rapist Isla Bryson being removed from an all-female prison near Stirling this week after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was forced to intervene in the row.

    Bryson, a serial sex offender who attacked vulnerable women when she was known as Adam Graham, decided to transition while awaiting trial, which provoked outrage among campaigners.

    It is now understood prison chiefs have in recent weeks approved the move of Tiffany Scott, who stalked a 13-year-old girl while known as Andrew Burns.

    It is believed Scott will switch from a male wing to an all-female unit.

  76. Maureen says:
    Just think they could have have given any young athlete that spot to show off their skills but an entitled man in a dress had to have it instead.

  77. Maureen says:

    Roger says:
    28 January, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    They will never accept third spaces cos that would mean accepting that they are not women.

    My eyes are tired, I read that as they will never accept third species cos that would mean accepting that they are not women.

  78. David Hannah says:

    The conspirators set up Alex Salmond in the failed criminal conspiracy of disproven false allegations. I suspect there’s plotting going on by the very same people against Nicola.

    Nicola’s closet allies will be worried that bodies going to be unburied. They must be shitting themselves that SNP fall into the wrong hands.

    The Edinburgh elite, establishment. Panic setting in.

  79. gregor says:


    “The fact or state of not being strong or powerful.”

    “Any change of policy will be interpreted as a sign of weakness.”

    “A particular part or quality of someone or something that is not good or effective.”

    “A smart management team knows its company’s strengths and weaknesses.”

    “There are definite weaknesses in their security arrangements.”

  80. Holymacmoses says:

    I suspect that prison may not be the only place where the hens are anxious Mr Cairns.
    As for foxy, I suspect she’s to arrogant to notice the warning signs that people outside the coop have noticed:-)

  81. akenaton says:

    I dont think anyone in the Conservative and Unionist Party has the brains to think up these convoluted sinister plans. It was simply a personal power grab by the Murrells who worked out that they could use culture wars to their benefit.
    The fact that they fooled so many people for so long and created such damage says quite a lot about the intelligence of the average SNP voter.
    Wipe the slate and start again I’m afraid and this time be open and honest with the Scottish people…they will respond.

  82. Jaggy says:

    Cornton Vale was a terrible institution that failed the vulnerable inmates, it has needed rebuilding for years, if you believe in prison for most women at all.
    When we have a problem of social deprivation and lack of access to housing and jobs.
    Don’t get your hopes up . The Tran$ idealogues that captured the SPS and Tran$gov are obviously getting all their modelling from America and if you look at California, for example, womens’ prisons were changed to shared prisons.
    So they may still try to house the deviants in a womans prison.
    The wider agenda is being followed, undermine society divide families, erase women from legislative, social and medical.
    Groom and treat children like guinea pigs until they have no fertility and no identity. Compliant lost worker drones.
    Anyone surprised there is a strong connection between Tran$ lobbyists and giant pharmaceutical companies, medical services providers in USA giant tech companies and other profiteers and dark actors.
    When woman want to speak up about this as it affects everybody in the long run. And they plan to on 5th Feb in Glasgow they already have received death threats of the most vile possible. If misogyny was made a hate crime then grooming kids to reject their female bodies would be outlawed, as would the mimics. For a small minority who have never been unprotected their voices and power are overshadowing all our civil liberties.
    Is it arrogance or accident that Tran$gov pushed this through before Christmas a. To capture 16/17yr olds vote ? b. In time before any of the public got wind of the trial of double rapist in pink matching luggage.
    I’m female I’ve never owned a handbag myself.
    I used to think that the SNP stood as a party of independence
    That was some time ago most members voted with their feet and left long before this fiasco but none of us voted for self ID or the indoctrination of children into a non fact cult that mutilates and sterilises the young. Finally gay and lesbians are demanding that Stonewall be abolished over this. I hope men will stand with women and come to Glasgow on the 5th for sure as hell if there is any violence against women who want to speak the police will just stand and look the other way.

  83. Jaggy says:

    Male violent and sexual offenders who claim to be women should not only not be anywhere near a womens’ prison.
    But also NEVER be eligible for parole, because if you take their claims that their “former self is dead” then they are denying the crimes they have committed, denying culpability and therefor never rehabilitated.

  84. Fiona says:

    Big thanks to you SC, WoS, CC & all who contribute to Wings. If not for you ALL..I don’t think I will or can or indeed ever want to finish that phrase! There’s mountains to climb but at least the sree is slipping and the ground is firming. Our view from the top – oh my… SO WORTH IT! Well done ALL.

  85. Bob Mack says:

    Are the SNP trying to clean the stables? I hear “Kate Delatowski” the 6ft 6 inch trans predator who tried to rape two (12 and 10 year old girls) has been released from Corton Vale rather than transferred to a male estate.
    Vile what politicians can do in time of need.

  86. Geoff Anderson says:

    Are People waking up?

  87. Effijy says:

    Zahawi sacked !

    Oh dear what is happening to Tory corruption and cover up.

    They cover up Dominic Cummings driving 150 miles to test his eyesight that’s failing.
    Grovelling Gove backs him up to say he does that too.

    Boris gets to physically restrain his then girlfriend in her own home where her screams
    brought in the police
    He has made 5 different women pregnant and affairs in office with American Jennifer Accura
    among othered
    Stated that Scots were Verminous, Blacks have watermelon smiles and Muslim women living
    Life looking through a letterbox.
    Graylings £150 million for Brexit ships that never existed
    £350 million per week to the NHS after Brexit
    Indy ref the only way for Scots to stay in the EU was to vote No.
    £375,000 to civil servant to drop proved bully against Priti Patel
    MP Pattersons lobbying back hander
    The MP in the house watching tractor porn.
    Emergency Covid contracts worth billions to Tory supporters
    PPE order to Tory supporters who delivered useless kit
    Rishi not understanding his wife should be paying tax
    Rishi making fortunes on the Moderna order
    Hancock giving contracts to his pub landlord
    Boris not understanding that having drinks and making toasts in a room full of people drinking alcohol eating snacks and playing music might constitute a party
    Truss throwing the economy over a Cliff like nothing seen before.
    Bullying claim against Rabb by many civil servants

    10 years of austerity, 2 years of mismanaged Covid and at least 2 years of recession.

    And England will vote Tory and they want Boris back and some Scots want to stay in the Colony they never voted for.

    PS Apply for Question Time in Glasgow now

  88. John Main says:

    “extremely undemocratic and sinister”

    “rising tide of right-wing populism”

    Two wee quotes from the last few BTL posts.

    Neatly encapsulating the bind western democracies find themselves in.

    For far too many, people’s democracy is great, but only when it delivers the result the writer wants. If it does not, the writer will fight against it to get that result overturned. Meantime, utilising every personal insult in the book.

    But to be more on topic. Everybody here is counting down to the “inevitable” demise of NS. I personally think she is finished too, but not over this hooha. Covid is taking down western democratic leaders, one by one, simply because Covid is what has wrecked the lives, jobs and prospects of western voters. The voters want sacrificial blood on the floor.

    Here in Scotland, once NS is gone, somebody equally uncharismatic, incompetent, and unable to lead will arise magically from a closed-doors consensus and the Punch and Judy show with WM will continue, as will the gender woo woo. As plenty of informed posters have observed, this stuff is everywhere.

    A truly independent Scotland could in theory stand against the global madness but as I am told every time I post about that, Scotland’s best hope is for pretendy Independence within the European community, so Scotland will just have to go with the flow.

    Besides, by really pushing back against the global madness, Scotland would be exhibiting the rising tide of right-wing populism in action.

    And we can’t have that.

  89. Dan says:

    Is this another clusterfuck in the making? A read of this twitter thread does seem to suggest a overly complex administration process. Especially when there are already existing recycling systems in place in all 32 of our local authority areas.

    The Deposit Return Scheme, DRS, is fast approaching introduction by the Scottish government. There is next to no public awareness of how badly this would affect Scottish business, the Scottish and UK economy, and the general public.

  90. Ottomanboi says:

    I suspect that the democratic «deficit» is a consequence of the wide reach of this.
    It is no longer possible to refer to government and its agents, globalist organizations etc without asking who manipulates, who pays…

  91. John Main says:

    @Effijy 9:36

    The Tories are toast at the next GE. It’s Starmer’s turn next.

    Boris is long gone. Surely you must have noticed?

    I do understand that for a significant chunk of the Indy community, Tory bashing is the protective colouration that is needed in order to blend in and not stand out, but online and from behind a pseudonym?

    Look at things from the POV of a new reader on here. She is going to see posts eternally harping on about things rapidly being lost in the mists of history. Quite irrelevant to the problems we face now. How does that help the case for Indy?

    Cutting and pasting your saved list of past Tory misdemeanours over and over is not going to stop Scots from turning to Labour at the next opportunity.

  92. Effijy says:

    Is Zahawi sacked as a Minster and an MP?

    Just had that answered on Sky News.

    He is still an MP and still there to have an active roll in Tory Party sleaze and corruption.

    A nice long custodial sentence may have dissuaded others from these practices but no we still pay him monthly and contribute to the pension of a fraudster worth hundreds of millions seeking more as he watches millions go hungry in freezing and dangerous homes.

    A new minister must now be found.
    Candidates with no traces of morality, experience of bullying and financial greed should
    apply forthwith

  93. Effijy says:

    John, My horror is that a majority don’t seem to notice these crimes against the public nor the frequency they occur.

    Why change government if you don’t think there is anything of concern going on?

    A few weeks ago I see a poll on Conservative voters where 33% wanted to bring Boris back as he is a winner.

    I listen to many on LBC who think the man is great and see him as the UK’s saviour.

    There are more Boris supporting MP’s in Westminster than there are independence supporters.

    Least we forget we need to fly the true colours of the most fascist government ever seen in the U.K. and one that just declared Scotland a Colony with powers only England permits

  94. Effijy says:

    Just seen it declared that the vaccine roll out was all down to Zahawi?

    Strange as each time I got mine it was an undervalued NHS nurse working extra shifts who did it with the help of volunteers.

    What would have done without him?
    Well we would have been vaccinated like the rest of Europe

  95. John Main says:

    @Dan 9:55

    I read a review of the doomed DRS in the (don’t laugh) Guardian last year.

    One of the proposals/requirements that tickled me was that businesses that do home deliveries will be obliged to take back the empties. All well and good you might think, but, because the empties are classified as waste, they can’t be carried in the same spaces as food and drink for hygiene reasons.

    Meaning that a large delivery organisation will have to subdivide its vehicles, thus losing delivery space, and profitability.

    And a small organisation, perhaps relying on cyclists or mopeds, will have to make a second trip!

    Mind boggling.

    Or, maybes everybody just breaks the law. Probably the only feasible workaround.

    NS declares war on Iran Bru! Yup, sounds about right.

  96. Ottomanboi says:

    Re Nadhim az-Zahawi this alliance ought to have raised concerns
    Coming from an Iraqi background, you have a keen sense for this kind of opportunism.
    However, the British state seems to be open to such, provided you play the game like a native.
    Sorry Nadhim old chap!
    Scapegoat and all that.

  97. Mac says:

    Interesting reading those tweets about the Deposit Return Scheme.

    That indeed looks like another total disaster.

    It shines through in everything they do like this, how anti-business the Sturgeon SNP are.

    Another student politics level scheme designed by incompetents and implemented by more incompetents without a thought nor care as to how damaging it will be to small businesses in particular and the competitiveness of Scottish industry versus our economic neighbours.

    Because most of these woke arseholes have never had a real job, never mind started or ran a successful business. Much like how the SNP weirdos so keen to indoctrinate peoples children are mostly childless themselves it seems.

    Personally I detect a lot of jealousy and resentment behind it. They resent success as it reminds them of being failures. They want to tear apart the wholesomeness of family as it makes them realise what a sordid mess they have made of their own lives.

    The hate the oil & gas industry as it is full of successful white men making excellent money and its culture is far from woke. So let’s just close it down…

    What is happening in the Netherlands with forced farm closures is outrageous and shocking. Holland is one of the highest food exporting countries in the world despite it being tiny. They are incredibly efficient and productive. This is just economic vandalism and self immolation on a national level.

    The Greens and the SNP are really dangerous from an economic perspective, to add to the huge threat they pose to our civil liberties and freedoms, with their sinister perverted legislation and Orwellian named “hate crimes” which we all know is not their to actually stop hate but just to enforce their repellant woke ideologies.

    Everything they attempt to do like this will be fucked. Because they are incompetent idiots who think their shit does not stink, that they know better than everyone else. And these idiots are in power not because anyone voted for their rubbish policies but because people voted SNP… how did that happen Nicola?

    Sturgeon wanted the coalition with the Greens as it gave her the excuse to implement all the extremist gender shite she wanted all along. People blame the greens but who invited them in and went along with all their mad ideas.

    The damage these business hating morons are doing in little incremental steps really starts to accumulate and businesses who can choose just realize Scotland is not worth all the cost and hassle.

  98. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum Trans-Mi5-GIMP

    AHAHA !!!!

    What a pathetic Mi5 SISSY (ultimate British ("Tractor" - Ed)).

  99. Dan says:

    Re. Deposit Return Scheme and waste in general which I have wittered on about before…
    Just had a rake through the 3 packed to bursting bags of litter I picked up along a 1/2 mile stretch of C road the other day.
    An empty 500ml aluminum tin weighs 20g, whilst the 330ml weighs 15g.
    An empty 2 litre plastic bottle weighs 50g, whilst the 500ml weighs 25g.
    Am empty 2 litre ice cream tub weighs 80g, whilst Chinese takeaway tub weighs 40g.

    So 20 x 2 litre bottles weigh 1kg. (1kg is approximately the same weight as a litre of fuel).
    Plastic has a high calorific value and it sits just below other petrochemical derived products such as petrol and diesel. It contains a 25% higher calorific value than ethanol (which is often produced with the help of subsidies).
    There is therefore a significant inherent value to waste plastic due to the stored potential energy it contains, which is an amount just about equivalent to a litre of oil derived fuel such as petrol, diesel, or kerosene / home heating oil, which we all know how much they cost. Fuels which also take an incredible amount of effort and energy to produce ultimately only to be burnt.

  100. Willie says:

    Effigy at 10.23am. Interesting that you note how the public do not see. They certainly don’t but that’s no accident. But that’s because of the manipulation and misinformation that pervades all our lives.

    Over on Calton Jock today there is a good investigative summary of how the dark arts establishment security services have hollowed out the SNP.

    The British state is good at that. Covertly conducting dirty war is its stock on trade.

    Media control, censorship, disinformation, taking out political opponents ergo Salmond, Hirst, Murray et al, voter Interference, its all in play.

    And like lawyer Willie MacRae in Scotland or lawyers Pat Finucaine and Rosemary Nelson in NI, the establishment will kill.

    It’s Britain’s way as many many counties around the world found out trying to secure their independence.

    Indeed, even in lesser matters than fighting independence this weekend’s Mail on Saturday reported how a whist blower who had worked for the military 77th Brigade was monitoring and using AI to compile files on people with high Internet follower numbers who were commenting on Covid policies and restrictions.

    That they were also co-ordinating and releasing misinformation propaganda whilst interfering with platforms the extent of how the public are silenced and mislead is truly frightening.

    Fascism is alive. Suppression is real. And yes, it’s all around.

  101. Geoff Anderson says:

    Common sense is no longer Common

    Alice J Edwards UN Special Rapporteur

  102. ronald says:

    Jaggy 2.47 am .

    Stop trying to frighten people if there’s any trouble on the 5th the police will take action to stop it .

  103. Maureen says:

    Ex-prisoner was ‘shaking with fear’ while sharing shower block with violent trans inmates at Scots prison

  104. Bob Mack says:

    Stu’s twitter has a great article from Holyrood magazine by Alex Salmond. Great read and chillingly accurzte.

  105. gregor says:

    Rogue British banana deep-state can’t do shit to stop the public (national and global laughing stock).

    WEF Scot Gov Ltd (fuckwit) has missed its opportunity.

    The public deserves far better.

    You’ve got unlimited resolve and the integrity to determine your own future (thank God).

    Hold your heads high…

  106. Bobo bunny says:

    Following his arrest for suspected rape, Adam Graham / Isla Bryson has been out in the community for the past 3 years, as he’s been on bail. Nobody really knows what he’s been up in all this time. There is a story there.

  107. Gordon Currie says:

    Bob Mack

    Which feed, there are 3 Wings related and I can’t see it there anywhere. Is it recent?


  108. Cactus says:

    Risk assessments are calculated via likelihood vs severity.

    The male actors that played trans television characters such as Lily Savage, Dame Edna Everage and ‘Lesley from Benidorm’ didn’t want or ever need to impose on lady-spaces because what they were doing was “for entertainment purposes only!” Some choose this being as a lifestyle which has now transgressed into aggressively pushing, promoting and actively encouraging this outrage upon our real women and children (in close partnership with the tSNP.) The originally flamboyant, respective and non-contact T folks were cool, but like the sign of a rainbow, they too have had their own non-threatening identities stolen from them by their troublesome brethren and associates.

    Scotland can’t wait for another Sturgeneration:

  109. gregor says:

    NWO devil cannot escape our reality…

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