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Quotes Of The Year #8

Posted on December 31, 2013 by

Sob. (Previously: JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune, July.)


“Labour for Independence is a sham, a tawdry little con in which some of the party’s most bitter rivals are complicit.” – Euan ‘Scoop’ McColm uses all his top investigative skills to identify the terrible secrets behind LFI by, er, reading the captions on their photographs.

“I think one of the difficulties a Labour Party member would say to you, and I would say to you, I have difficulty knowing what we stand for now.  – Labour MP George Mudie.

“Defence ministers have admitted the UK has been forced to pull out of key Nato naval defence groups in a sign of just how stretched the Royal Navy has become. The MoD has acknowledged it has not provided a frigate or destroyer for Nato’s maritime group defending the North and East Atlantic since 2009.” – David Maddox in the Scotsman. But remember, it’s independence that’ll leave Scotland defenceless.

You just can’t have a vastly divergent immigration policy without a strong border. I represent more of the land border with Scotland than anybody else in Parliament and I can tell you that it would be a complete nightmare.– um, shouldn’t then-Scottish Secretary Michael Moore be talking about the land border with England?

We take part in debates with our opposite numbers all the time but, for the avoidance of doubt, we won’t be taking part in any event organised by you.” – No campaign director Blair McDougall (eventually) rejects our offer to put on a debate, with a neutral host approved by both sides, between his chairman Alistair Darling and Yes Scotland’s chair Dennis Canavan. The two chairs have yet to appear on the same platform.

“I think it is, in a sense, fraudulent to give the impression that if there is a No vote, Scotland will still get greater powers. The prospect of further powers is ridiculous.” – Scottish Labour grandee Tam Dalyell tells the Sunday Times that abolishing Holyrood entirely is a better, and more likely, idea.

Wings Over Scotland is not some Paul McCartney outfit with mullets, platform soles and a pipe band but a supposedly serious, non-party-political website backing independence. So, having interviewed 1,000 Scots for its Panelbase survey, what vital facts did it uncover? That Scots are less scared of space monsters than of a Tory Government.” – the Scottish Mail on Sunday, with the most extensive piece of media coverage of our groundbreaking crowdfunded Panelbase opinion poll. We’ve quoted you nearly all of it.

Labour’s senior figures, notably Ed Balls, have assuaged their contortions of guilt with much sound and fury, but little by way of alternative policies. Miliband and Balls have concentrated on noisy performances in parliament, with some effect, but have failed to emerge as plausible national leaders. Their programme has been a pale imitation of the Tories. They are for cuts, but not too deep, for glamour projects, for monetary caution, for the Afghan war. A fear of seeming too leftwing has led them to fudge every opportunity the ineptitude of the coalition has offered them.” – Simon Jenkins joins the ranks of Guardian commentators unimpressed by Labour.

“Historically, in any Yes or No vote in a referendum, it’s actually the No side that tends to grow over time, people tend not to default to changing the status quo.” – American pundit Nate Silver, accidentally forgetting all the times when they tended the other way.

It seemed the days of booing national anthems had passed. But old habits die hard against the Auld Enemy so Flower of Scotland got the treatment and God Save the Queen was booed in response. Pretty unsavoury all round.” – the Daily Mail reports on the formalities preceding the England-Scotland friendly.

“The sing-off was generally good-natured but the Scottish contingent let themselves down badly at the start as a cacophony of boos drowned out God Save The Queen after respect was afforded Flower Of Scotland.” – the Scottish Daily Mail, meanwhile, hears something rather different.

The idea of Scotland winning some version of ‘devo max’ in the aftermath of a no vote is fantastical. The term as understood by most people is ‘just independence light’ and will never be accepted by Westminster.– the Telegraph assesses a book written by Prof. Jim Gallagher, former Secretary of the Calman Commission.

With Scotland’s strategic sea position, it is ludicrous to think that Western allies would refuse to help defend Scotland against a major foreign attack, even if NATO did not exist.” – Professor Michael E. Smith, Chair of International Relations at the University of Aberdeen in an exclusive Wings interview.

Alex Salmond can’t be trusted on the BBC and hasn’t answered some of the most basic questions over the past year. Will Scottish TV viewers be able to get all the content they currently enjoy, for free?” – Margaret Curran on the BBC, which in fact costs £145.50 a year.

“Atos do indeed make a mess of many of their assessments. But it is the Tories and their Lib Dem stooges who put them to work in the first place.” – the Daily Record on August 28.

Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to write. I agree the leader column should have said Labour introduced the policy and we are printing a clarification.” – the Record’s editor-in-chief in an email to us that evening.

If we were to leave the United Kingdom it would inevitably mean one set of rules and regulations in Scotland and another set just across the border in the remainder of the UK. Different financial regulations, different employment laws, different insurance requirements, different tax authorities, different accreditations and qualifications with which small companies would be obliged to contend.” – should we tell Ruth Davidson that Scotland alread has different laws, regulations, accreditations and qualifications (due to its centuries-independent legal and educational systems), or do you want to?

Four to go, folks. We can do this.

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    30 to “Quotes Of The Year #8”

    1. bannock hussler says:

      Should auld dependence be forgot…
      A toast to the Rev. for this (though it can maybe wait till the takeaway’s finished).

    2. AnneDon says:

      “should we tell Ruth Davidson that Scotland already has different laws, regulations, accreditations and qualifications (due to its centuries-independent legal and educational systems)?”
      Honestly? I think you could spend the rest of the year telling Ruth Davidson there are differences between Scotland and England. But as we have more important matters to attend to, just treat her like any other troll. I’m sure she’ll enjoy her safe seat in England, or whatever it is UKOK have been promised in return for participating in Project Fear.

    3. Juteman says:

      How will some of these ‘journalists’ feel after a Yes? Don’t they worry about how history will judge them?
      Their children and grandchildren will be ashamed of them.

    4. faolie says:

      “Historically, in any Yes or No vote in a referendum, it’s actually the No side that tends to grow over time, people tend not to default to changing the status quo.” – American pundit Nate Silver.
      Excellent, Rev. I’d forgotten about him. Wonder if he’s monitoring the No slide while bashing buttons on his calculator thinking “this can’t be happening, I am a respected international pollster who knows these things”?

    5. gordoz says:

      Seems they dont worry. Maybe they know the result already (cynical?)

    6. turnbull drier says:

      “Margaret Curran on the BBC, which in fact costs £145.50 a year.”
      mibbe she claims it on her expenses… Anyway Rev, keep it up..  You’ll almost be able to see the light though the mire of turgid havering.

    7. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Not sure if anyone has seen this yet.
      I’ve just found this link over on Twitter and think it might be of interest to some folks, in particular page 9 which discusses the outcome of various referendum results vote in September 2014.

    8. Barontorc says:

      If there’s one thing this excellent review has brought to the table it’s the definite lessening of outrageous statement from the NO mob.
      As the months have flown past, the drivel it seems has become a little less fetid, one wonders if an almighty push is on the cards as the creative-ions of the unionist wonders awake, refreshed and ready for the big run-in.

      Or, are they spent, a wasted and dried up force, now looking for a leader of determination guile and wit to be appointed by …. and who is it? You’re joking!! – it’s to be …. !
      Keep up the great work Rev and do try to get some of your daily five into that cardboard box.
      All the best for the New Year – it’s gonna be a topper AND Ladbrokes is offering 9-1 that YES will  get over 55% of the vote!

    9. Training Day says:

      Love the contradiction between the ‘Scottish’ Daily Heil and er..the only one that actually exists.  

    10. naebd says:

      a strong ‘Yes’ vote could give the Scottish Government the confidence to formally explore the possibility of adopting a separate currency—perhaps called the ‘groat’, as suggested by Prof John Kay, but here termed the ‘Scot£’.
      Aye, perhaps.

    11. art1001 says:

      O/T but just watched the Hunger Games. Those of us that have seen it may see the amusing parallels between Scotland as a future ‘District 12‘ is there is a NO vote.

      For those that have not seen the film, District 12 is a dirt poor mining region/community where wild squirrel is a main source of protean. It is of course kitted out with giant tele screens where a distorted, propaganized ‘history’ is used to keep the population compliant. That and grotesque reality TVs beamed from the opulent Capital hundreds of miles away. Which is where all the wealth is sucked. Sound familiar? Pass laws to get there of course unless you have been ‘selected’ of course to represent District 12 in the Games.

      A bazaar unreality of course but there have been examples before in human history where one community lives parasitically off another. Maybe ‘Vote NO for District 12’ Vote YES for Scotland could be a good slogan to bring the movie going teens on board.

    12. Gin says:

      Well done for all the hard work Rev and all.. 

      And if you’ve not yet seen the latest NewsNet Scotland article (no not that bland and predictable David Torrance one) we have this:
      Dominated by three sites – Newsnet Scotland, Bella Caledonia and Wings over Scotland.  All three have their own unique approach to the independence debate and all three approaches are vital.

    13. gordoz says:

      Mags – the gift that keeps on giving !!

    14. O/T: So much for Remembrance being the hallmark of the 2014 WW1 Commemorations / (Celebrations?): Have you seen the commemorative coin?
      Happy new year Stuart and fellow Wingers.

    15. ronnie anderson says:

      Sos Rev, Ma Wee Sheds hud a makeover by the Scottish Mutant Ninja Turtles on there site,
      work in progress, throughtout the year,

    16. X-Sticks says:

      gordoz says:

      “Maybe they know the result already”

      That’s the one that worries me, gordoz. We cannot underestimate the establishment’s capability of outright cheating. Viz GB Dunfermline etc.

    17. Roddy, in the name of Gawd, whit are they thinkin of?

    18. ronnie anderson says:

      SOS, Scottish Militant , its meant tae be.

    19. Ken says:

      Is it not a wonder to behold, the haverings of so many of the Better Together shining lights ( I think that’s what I mean) all at once? I’m off for a few beers, but will definitely reserve a toast for the rev and all his ilk. They keep us informed, giving us the means to challenge the ever flowing stream of unionist disinformation. A very happy new year to you all! 

    20. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Surely these unionist “journailsts” can have no children and logically no grandchildren as they are all eunuchs?

    21. gordoz says:

      X-Sticks says
      Seen too much in my life not to be cynical about this coming vote.
      Look at GB’s track record for manipulation.

    22. Les Wilson says:

      Arbroath 1320
      Well done, this document is absolutely helpful, I have not yet read all of it, some of things I have read could be open to manipulation but other parts are very sensible in what SHOULD be happening right now, but isn’t. However to full digest the implications needs a sharper mind than mine, one with a legal aspect of thinking. To me it seems important in respect of what can be expected in either a YES or NO vote, this needs to be well examined.

    23. KOF says:

      @Roddy MacDonald 15:33
      All sorts of wrong, that coin. Interestingly they also got the dates wrong on the coin. The First World War end in 1919, not 1918.  Idiots!

    24. Chickenhawk 2 says:

      Gin @ 2.57.
      At the end of the previous para you quoted, did you see the exclusion of Wings. Quote ‘The Yes Scotland campaign team could do worse than engage with the more thoughtful online outlets such as Newsnet Scotland and Bella Caledonia.  Too many good stories suffer from a lack of exposure, and another news outlet running an article can’t but help.’
      I get the distinct impression, Hello Morag, that Wings is, in their estimation, a bit beneath Newsnet’s stature. Maybe too many hoi polloi comments. Sort of, L. Times and the Sun. The Rev not thoughtful, well,well. And, of course, the lack of links implies just that.

    25. gfaetheblock says:

      Kof, Armistice was 11/11/18, which ended the fighting.

    26. KOF says:

      @ gfaetheblock
      Yes, the Armistice was on 11/11/18. However, the First World War did not formally end until the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28/06/19. Therefore 1914 – 1919 is the correct date.

    27. Chickenhawk 2 says:

      Memorial drinking fountain in Newburgh, Fife. 1914-1919

    28. RoughMan says:

      @ Chickenhawk 2
      WoS was mentioned with the other two.

    29. KraftyKris says:

      already missing the y – last quote.

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