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Bullet points

Posted on August 12, 2013 by

The crowdfunded opinion poll this site commissioned from Panelbase last week was a wide-ranging one which covered numerous aspects of the independence debate in some depth. We had to break up our reporting into several pieces to keep it a manageable read. Here, however, is a quick summary of the top ten major findings.


The full data tables can be downloaded directly from Panelbase via this link.

36% of Scots voters are currently planning to vote No in the referendum, with 34% planning to vote Yes and 30% undecided.
(14% plan to rebel against the position of the party they support.)

67% of Scots do NOT believe the Scottish Parliament will be granted any additional new powers if there is a No vote in the referendum.
(And over a quarter of those people believe Holyrood’s powers will be REDUCED.)

If Scotland was currently an independent country, only 18% of Scots would vote to join the Union.
(With 55% against and 28% undecided.)

Not one of the prominent members of the Yes or No campaigns is believed by a majority of Scots to be “always or mostly telling the truth” about independence.
(But the No camp’s leaders are three times as distrusted as the Yes side’s.)

Over 80% of Scots who have heard “Better Together” campaign director Blair McDougall speak think he’s always or mostly lying.
(The most trusted figures are Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.)

Only 6% of Scots think the Scottish media is doing an adequate job of giving them the facts about independence.
(Almost six times as many think the media just prints what it’s told.)

Only 13% of Scots think the Scottish media is unbiased.
(Over three times as many think it’s biased AGAINST independence as FOR it.)

20% of Scots might switch parties after a Yes vote. Only 5% might switch after a No vote.
(22% are unsure, leaving only 53% definitely committed to their current party.)

Scots think it’s more likely that Scotland will be attacked by space monsters than by Russia or China.
(But their biggest fear, by an enormous margin, is of having more Conservative governments imposed on Scotland by English voters.)

Only 18% of Scots believe nuclear weapons protect Scotland from attack.
(Specifically from North Korea. If the threat is China, the number who believe nuclear weapons are a viable defence/deterrent falls to 12%.)

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24 to “Bullet points”

  1. Roger Terrett

    Some useful pointers for the Yes campaign; I hope Blair and Dennis are making notes.

  2. Captain Caveman

    Fascinating reading, thanks for sorting out this poll.
    From my POV it is galling to note that the mainstream media is not reporting this. Many have criticised this site in the past for being too heavy on snarking and too light on serious, hard-headed, fair-minded debate, myself included. And yet, when the site DOES (uniquely?) provide top-quality information such as this, even if the interpretation was discarded (which I don’t think it should be btw) – it is apparently still blackballed? Folks can’t have it both ways. As uncomfortable reading as this might be, the info is important and should be disseminated as widely as possible!

    (Btw, haven’t forgotten my little task in case anyone’s wondering; just been stupidly busy and will continue to be so for the next few days. But I had to lend my brief support/comment to this).

  3. Macart

    Cool, snack size.
    I’ve tried the old punt and push on a few sites in the last few days, be handy if I can just use bite size chunks. In fact I’ve seen a lot of WoS regulars punt this poll on other sites. Hope you got some through traffic Rev.

  4. Susan

    I just sent my e-mail before reading your bullet points, sorry.
    Here is a copy of my e-mail:
    I feel badly let down by BBC Scotland as it has chosen to completely ignore the latest Panelbase poll on attitudes to independence,this poll was financed publicly and published on Wings over Scotland

    This reeks of political bias and damages the BBC’s reputation for neutrality.

  5. Luigi

    The BBC have been tried and found wanting.  There is no more ambiguity.  The BBC is a government propaganda machine, dedicated to protecting the union.  The great lie must be maintained.
    Anyone surprised?
    Keep up the pressure though, it’s getting to them!

  6. Braco

    Any one of those bullet points would make the basis of an interesting and informative political article and at least half are worthy of front page headline status, going by some of the offerings we have had from the MSM and public Broadcasters in the recent past.
    ‘Succulent lamb’ served up on gold and silver platters doesn’t even seem to interest our Scottish/British journalistic profession anymore. Makes you wonder just what kind of diet they have become used too, when it comes to working on the Independence ‘debate’ ?
    Captain Caveman,
    I wouldn’t worry about any delay in forming that considered and positive argument for the Union. As you can see, I hardly think you will be scooped by our hard hitting betterNO campaign and their allies in the press rooms.
    Take your time pal, I am just happy someone out there (who is a believer) is willing to do some work and actually publish something that we can honestly debate.

  7. The Man in the Jar

    @Captain Caveman
    Glad to read that you are still working on your “project” perhaps Rev. Stu could post it as an article. Now wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books! (Comments would be “enlightening”) Anyway good to see that you appreciate the good work carried out by Stu. Cheers for now!

  8. The Rough Bounds

    It would be nice to think that the Yes campaign would be looking at this poll and making use of the findings, but they appear to me to be too interested in pushing the LGBT agenda than getting on with the job of regaining Scotland’s independence.

  9. Ivan McKee

    email sent

  10. Albert Herring

    No mention on The can’t be censoring comments surely?

  11. Braco

    The Rough Bounds,
    oops, I think your own non ‘regaining Scotland’s Independence’ agenda got pushed a wee bit there too.  I wonder how that happened?

  12. Richie

    Joan McAlpine has shared this blog on her Facebook page.
    A bit less important but so have I 🙂

  13. Eoin

    Brilliant stuff – thanks for sharing

  14. Melissa Murray

    This certainly shows that despite a highly unionist press, the YES campaign is making great strides in getting the positive message out for independence. 

  15. Marjorie

    I sincerely appreciate all your hard work Stu, thank you.

  16. Bugger (the Panda)

    12 August, 2013 at 9:36 am
    You mean you are not LGBT?

    What site did you think you were on?
    So sad, but never mind.

  17. scaredy cat.

    Thanks Stu. I shall cast this pebble into the facebook loch and watch the ripples spread. 

  18. LukeSultan

    Email sent.
    Absolutely scandalous bias from Auntie.

  19. Arbroath 1320

    Excellent work carried out by your good self over the last week Stu, congratulations on your sterling work. I think you deserve a well earned rest in the “darkened room” for some total relaxation. 😆
    I think I know why NO ONE in the media has taken up the challenge to produce any coverage of this poll…….the MSM or BBC do NOT do TRUTH these days!

  20. Peter

    36% of Scots voters are currently planning to vote No in the referendum, with 34% planning to vote Yes and 30% undecided.
    (14% plan to rebel against the position of the party they support.)”
    I have looked at the panelbase site & I dont see this?

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “I have looked at the panelbase site & I dont see this?”

    Click the link you just quoted.

  22. Peter

    I did. Where was the question asked?

  23. ScottishThinker

    “36% of Scots voters are currently planning to vote No in the referendum, with 34% planning to vote Yes and 30% undecided”
    Reading this, I’ve noticed an interesting comparison to a YouGov/BT poll from October last year:
    Support Independence: 30% 
    Strongly Oppose: 37%
    Tend to oppose/Unsure: 33%
    Interesting. When the referendum question is asked outright, 8%/9% of the people “Who tend to oppose” say no. 

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