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Part of the problem

Posted on July 29, 2023 by

There was an independence rally in Ayr today. They got a fairly nice sunny day for it. But in the supposed “summer of independence”, the self-proclaimed “First Activist” wasn’t there. That’s because he was here instead.

As far as we’re aware, LGBT Youth Scotland remains under police investigation for the suspected grooming and sexual exploitation of children. It’s impossible to imagine any other sort of organisation that could still expect to enjoy the patronage of a First Minister under such circumstances – especially when there were obvious other places he could be reasonably expected to show his face – but that’s how the SNP’s priorities roll in 2023 and there’s no getting away from it.

For any question to do with independence, folks, Humza Yousaf is not the answer.

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  1. Ruby Tuesday

    I’ve run out of things to say about the SNP Humza and LGBT.

    It’s only so often you can say ‘this is bollocks’

  2. DebzoHighland

    Exactly what I though earlier when I saw a clip of him speaking.
    Glasgow AUOB…..other engagement.
    Stirling AUOB….arranged other engagement!
    Ayr AUOB… a pride do.
    Skye AUOB…..?

  3. Mairi

    The so called Minister for Independence wasn’t at the Independence March in Ayr today either.

    I unfortunately caught that dreadful Anne McLaughlin MP on Talk TV. What a cringeworthy embarrassing creature trying to represent Scotland. I had to switch off after 60 seconds.

    Get this crowd of idiots off the stage sharpish.

  4. Sven

    DebzoHighland @ 19.07

    Skye AUOB … Hires a catamaran to attend, just to keep up appearances with Ms Slater ?

  5. John Le Scot

    How is it possible that the First Minister of Scotland can be so closely associated with such people !! Unbelievable.

  6. Derek Spence

    On his attendance at SKYE AOUB, sorry does not post to Highlands and Islands

  7. Mike

    The guy’s a fanny. The sooner he’s chased, the better.

  8. Confused

    humza gets it thrown to him underarm by the media, any half decent journalist could destroy him as he is not too quick on his feet and expects to get it fed to him …

    – someone must ask him

    do you support LGBTQ+ all that
    – yes, absolutely

    are you a devout muslim, strong in your faith?
    – yes, absolutely

    so, how do you “square the circle” between these incompatible beliefs?
    – flounders

    read out some verses from the koran about “the people of lot”

    now ask him where do the trannies sit in the mosque

    – by this time his head is exploding; even if he were clever and pulled some smooth sophistry out of a hat, he is still toast

    “is this an example of taqqyiya?”

    that would finish him, but his handlers would have ended the interview after the third question.

  9. Cameron Lochiel

    I first met HY many years ago. I made two clear judgements about him:

    1) He was a footsoldier, never a leader. He was a rather mediocre footsoldier to boot

    2) He lacked any commitment to independence. He never talked about it; and I do mean NEVER not RARELY

    Those who voted for him are either effective unionists or just very, very stupid!

  10. David Hannah

    Nice T-shirt Humza. Straight outta office!

  11. duncanio

    A picture paints a thousand words.

  12. John Main

    Oh gie the man a brek.

    He’s already eradicated Scottish poverty.

    He’s earned a day off.

  13. Republicofscotland

    Youseless has taken over Sturgeon the Judases mantle, and continues to run with it the way she did, which means anything to do with Scottish independence (such as AUOB marches) that the SNP doesn’t control from the top to the bottom are snubbed, and they are snubbed because, the likes of the AUOB really does want to see an independent Scotland, and that frightens the current SNP heirarchy.

    Anything to do with the LGBTI+ community comes first and foremost, infact everything comes before Scottish independence in the minds of this current SNP heirarchy.

  14. Jason Smoothpiece

    Odd the SNP have one job to do get us independence nothing else.

    The FM shouldn’t be near these creepy odd things.

    I don’t agree with personal abuse however I would offer that the FM is an arse.

    The whole team at SNP are heading for the door.

    Then we get Scottish Labour dear god help us.

    Only hope is Alba rises fast.


    Tell me Barbie about the evils of patriarchy….

  16. Captain Yossarian

    “Then we get Scottish Labour dear god help us”. Scottish Labour is the Cassandra Crossing for all of us Scots. If they are elected, and that looks more and more likely, then we’re all dead. I would rather be dead frankly than ruled over by these vapid mongrels.

  17. John C

    Yousaf at this point clearly doesn’t want to associate with the wider independence movement outwith the SNP, assuming of course the SNP actually still stands for independence which it doesn’t. He’s playing to his activist supporters as I assume that’s the advice he’s being given because right now the activists are running the show and doing what they can before the SNP loses the power it has now.

    However things are turning against Trans ideology the more the general public are exposed to the realities of it, and I do think we’re in the beginning of the end, especially as more people realise that young people are being carved up to keep the pipeline going because like any cult, they need to convert them while they’re young.

  18. Andrew scott

    Why on earth is he anywhere near these creeps
    Certainly against his religion -must be
    Dooomed i tell ye dooomed

  19. John Main

    “I would rather be dead …”

    Naw, that’s a rare lapse into hysterics from you.

    Under SLab in HR and WM I doubt anything will change very much. The problems are too big and entrenched, and the politicians are too puny, clueless and powerless. It’s managed decline from here on, and one colour of rosette is as good as the next.

    I carry no torch for SLab, but how can they be measurably worse than the current lot?

    Heck, at least their electoral success won’t be flawed and fraudulent. Legitimacy still counts for something, even today.

  20. Geoff Anderson

    The carrot chasers only hear what they want to hear…….They will continue to vote SNP for a TransCult Utopia.

    Independence is now a distant dream.

  21. James Murphy

    LGBT Youth Scotland is not only dealing with current allegations that its staff were involved in child sex abuse, its previous CEO James Rennie was convicted for 13 years in 2009 for some of the worst child sex abuse crimes imaginable. What is useless doing associating with this organisation, given the above? More insanity from the SNP.


  22. duncanio

    Ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

    The SNP leadership and much of the remaining membership seem to have been replaced by alien duplicates. Only these duplicates are transvestites from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania.

    Only this is for real … and much more scary.

  23. ScottieDog

    HY is wholly owned by the SNP which is wholly owned by the U.K. establishment

  24. Lorna Campbell

    The lies he has to tell himself will catch up with him. As for the Muslim-trans axis, it is actually homosexuality that is forbidden, and, as in Iran, he can square his conscience because the men are ‘women’, and who cares about them. The SNP is lost. No point in wasting energy and time on it because, even if we were to vote for them, they would take that as an endorsement of ‘trans’ and still do sweet fanny adams about independence.

    It is not Islam and ‘trans’ that is at odds, but, rather, independence and ‘trans’. Basically, they will not allow independence to come anywhere close to fruition until and unless they get their own way and push aside 51-52% of the population, and independence is dead in the water, anyway, if they get their way. It is a ‘British’ thing and the UK, as a whole, is the target. It is all about power and the doors that will open for the people pushing this ordure. The people who are pushing it are in America.

    America will not allow an easy transition to independence for Scotland because they would lose the UK as America’s closest ally and cringing dogsbody. The billionaires who are financing the ‘trans’ movement everywhere aim to make squillions out of medicalization, technological advances in ‘trans’ medicine, AI, pornography and a host of other converging industries, all part of the American industrial complex which is worth far more now than the defence and military complex. The American government will always back them. The Scots, like women, are nothing to these people.

    This parasite could have been halted in its tracks in 2015, except that the ‘#justbekind’ brigade of misguided people, and the downright malevolent bar stewards in the SNP and Greens, backed by Labour and the Lib Dems, who also, like the Taliban (the Transiban) support the removal of all rights from females, allowed this parasitical malevolence to gain power throughout the public services and institutions and encouraged it to occupy private institutions, such as the banks, as well, which are around 40% owned by the public.

    One chink of light exists – in England – where thousands of female, traditional Labour voters are refusing to vote Labour in the forthcoming GE, so it may not be the slam dunk they think it will be. Any party that takes this parasite aboard as its host can expect to be killed off by it, or by those opposing it.

  25. Beauvais

    Instead of Love Not Hate the shyster’s t-shirt ought to bear the slogan Devo Not Indy.

    This electoral fraudster isn’t even the nominal head of the indy movement. The true movement has moved on and left this punk and his band of troughers to await the verdicts of the voters.

  26. Shug

    Be kind to Humza. if he went to an indy event Alistair Jack would stop his expenses

  27. Chris Downie

    Without wanting to bring any sectarian divisions into the independence debate, I’m just curious as to why the media and establishment won’t challenge him on the fact he professes to be a practicing Muslim (and has played this card many a time) but also an ally of the Alphabet Mafia. The two are mutually exclusive, unless his hatred of White European culture is deeper than his rant in Parliament suggested and he is pushing the latter on us, whilst ensuring none of it for those who share his strictly conservative faith.

  28. I Wright

    Humza self identifies as Nicola Sturgeon.

  29. 100%Yes

    The NUSNP has been sticking two fingers up to the Yes movement for the last nine years, Sturgeon never went to one single AUOB and now Yousless is doing the same, the leadership couldn’t be any plainer about there feelings towards us Scots.

    The certain idiots on here where stating Kate Forbes was the next messiah, but she another Tory who’s no interest In marching or Independence.

    What a disaster the Next Westminster election is going to be, the Tories should call it now, so we can all have a laugh.

  30. Confused

    lorna campbell, I have 2 opinions from muslim scholars to refute you!

    Q 1: What is the ruling concerning a man who wears women’s clothing in secret?

    A: It was authentically reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Allah has cursed women who imitate men and men who imitate women.” In another narration, he (peace be upon him) said, “Allah has cursed effeminate men and mannish women.” (Part No. 24; Page No. 95) Men wearing women’s clothing falls under this prohibition. Thus, this act is Haram (prohibited) even if it is done in secret, due to the generality of the prohibition.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.


    There is a hadith that says Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam cursed women and men who imitate each other by wearing the opp. gender’s clothes. Is it haram for me, a Muslim girl to wear men’s apparel for the sake of modesty as men’s clothes are baggy?

    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


    This is a very intelligent question; may Allah keep guiding you.

    The hadeeth that you have mentioned is found in more than one source, a few variations are quoted below:

    ?? ??? ????? -??? ???? ???- ???: ??? ???? ???? -??? ???? ???? ????- ????? ???? ???????? ??????? ??????? ???? ???????? ?????. [1].

    Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) cursed the man who wears women’s clothes and the woman who wears men’s clothes.

    Another Hadeeth mentions:

    ?????????? ????????? ???? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ??????? ???????????????? ?????????? ????????? ??????????? ???? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ???? ????? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????????????????? ???????????? ???? ?????????? ??????????????????? ???????????? ???? ?????????? ?.?[2]

    ????? ????? ?????? ????? ??????? ?????? ???????

    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas r.a.:

    “The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. cursed the women who imitate men and the men who imitate women.

    Allah has created men and women with individual traits and qualities and characteristics that identify each gender. There are many similarities between genders but there are also many distinctions such as physical make-up, beauty traits, the capability of childbirth, even the voices of women are different from that of men most of the time.

    The above Ahadeeth tell us that Allah curses the people who imitate the opposite gender by either way of dress, habits, etc. because this shows a great disregard for the decree of Allah and it is a bold opposition against the decision of Allah to place a person into one of the gender categories. Such a curse falls upon the person who shows displeasure with their birth-assigned gender and tries to be identified as the other gender.

    If however, a woman uses men’s clothing such as baggy pants or loose shirts with the intention of properly covering their awrah[3] this will be permissible but with certain conditions.

    That she is not mistaken as a man because of her dressing
    The majority of women in that area also dress like that (urf/custom of the area)[4]
    The dressing has to be modest and not revealing or attract the attention of strange men
    Feminine alternatives such as Abaayas are hard to come by or they are difficult to wear in that society
    If the above conditions are met, then it will be permissible for you to wear the style of men’s clothing.

    Only Allah knows best

    Written by Mufti Naieem Mohammad

    Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

    Darul Ifta Birmingham

    [1][????] – ???? ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ??????? ?????

    [2]Tirmidhi #2784

    [3]Qawaaid Fiqhiyya pg 12

    [4]Qawaaid Fiqhiyya pg 46

  31. Black Rab

    I had a personal run in with this little fanny some years back. I should have sorted him out then. Now, he’s a big little fanny.

  32. robertkknight

    Would “just fuck right off you useless arsehole” be too strong?

  33. Confused

    aw, wordpress doesn’t do arabic; you need to read the original to get the nuances, still, you get the gist.

    point is, humza is down the mosque saying

    – don’t worry about the tranny shite imam, that’s just for the kuffar and stupid


    and I don’t see any muslims getting screwed over for hatecrimes about “transphobia”

    is he too dumb to notice the contradiction or think no-one else does?

    remember the shi’ite(!) kate forbes got for her (dangerous) “christian” beliefs?

  34. Merganser

    Debz @ 7.07.

    For the SNP, AUOB stands for ‘All Under Our Banner.’ They will never agree to be in an umbrella organisation, and Humza will continue to shun any independence rally if it is not organised and completely controlled by the SNP.

    His hypocrisy in using the event he attended as an excuse for not being at Ayr demonstrates the measure of the man. How he can continue to pretend that he is a devout Muslim defies all logic.

    Such pretence cannot last for much longer. I don’t know how he an sleep at night.

    Actually, he looks like he doesnt sleep in recent photographs. The pressure is getting to him, and he will be dispensed with when the people pulling his strings decide the time is right (for them, not for independence).

    What a disaster the SNP has been and continues to be. It is poisoning the well of independence and needs to go under before progress can be made.

    Sadly, there are still too many people who can’t accept that they have been deceived, and who will cling to the hope that the SNP will deliver. Their taste for carrots is undiminished.

  35. Wullie B

    DebzoHighland says:
    29 July, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    Exactly what I though earlier when I saw a clip of him speaking.
    Glasgow AUOB…..other engagement.
    Stirling AUOB….arranged other engagement!
    Ayr AUOB… a pride do.
    Skye AUOB…..NOT FUCKING WELCOME (Sorted that for you)

  36. Ebenezer Scroggie


    Buggah! Ya done bust the code.

  37. Geoff Bush

    I was at the AUOB march in Ayr today, and all of the other marches so far this year. Humza definitely wasn’t there but . . . there were lots of SNP members there, albeit without SNP banners – so there’s a serious disconnect between what the members are doing and what the leadership are doing and saying. It is time to reconcile these 2 positions – and the members’ views need to prevail

  38. Shug

    If rumors are correct, and Nicola is about to be given a job at the UN, a position that can only be approved by Westminster, then it is clear to me anyway, that she was compromised, persuaded or blackmailed into crashing indy campaign and a real life tractor.

    There is part of me wants this to be correct as it will provide some explanation as to when happened and perhaps the SNP will see sence.

  39. Morgatron

    Just seen the latest news that useless has declared that the new saltire will be fully blue , with the ….. Cross removed for race reasons

  40. President Xiden

    Humza, carrying on the true political objective of Sturgeon, that of gender politics.

  41. Michael Laing

    @ Shug at 11.08pm:

    I can certainly believe that Sturgeon is likely to have been subject to blackmail by the British state, given that there are said to be certain issues and incidents concerning her that are covered by gagging orders. But surely, if she ever had any firm principles or truly believed in independence, she would have resigned and let someone with fewer skeletons in their cupboard take over? That she carried on paying lip service to independence while doing everything to wreck the movement leads me to suspect that she was always a secret unionist. Also, did Salmond really not know about the skeletons in Sturgeon’s cupboard? Given his evident people-skills, I’d have thought him to be an excellent judge of character. Is Sturgeon such a skilled liar that she had him fooled all along? Was Salmond not aware of Sturgeon’s record in the legal profession? Did nothing strike him as fishy (no pun intended!) about Sturgeon’s relationship status?

  42. David Hannah

    Look at all the vapes in the shop window behind.

  43. Between block and follow

    How very disappointing.

    I see LGBT Youth Scotland have deleted their Twitter feed now.

  44. David Hannah

    This man dodged the gay marriage vote and lied about it. With the Parkistani ambassador. Remember?

    A disgrace to LGB. And the office of First Minister. And not a saltire in sight.

    Away go and chuff a vape with Phillip Schofield with your grooming propaganda.

  45. Geri

    The SNP won’t see sense. They’re completely captured by Sturgeons yrs long equality drive of fuckwits, yoons & perverted deviants in equal measure & stuffed in every orifice of Holyrood & the MSM.

    There is no saving them. They’re not indy.
    They need totally eradicated from all manner of public office.

    Dumbza is deliberately trolling the YES movement & AUOB. I dunno his motives. Maybe Westminster will rig the election to keep him in place as the obvious shoo-in of leadership was. There is some reason he is being so brazen. He thinks he’s fckn British Royalty now & if we thought Sturgeon would never go, buckle up! We’d need to physically prize his dead cold fingers off his shiny new British title as FM one by one..

    Holiday rep moron, Robertson (it wisnae my idea) & Daddy bear perv used to take to the MSM after an AUOB march at how cybernats were evil, vile & stupid looking. They’ve grandiose notions of themselves.

  46. Geri

    Michael Laing

    She’s a psychopath. She mirrors ppl & that’s how they can be undetected. They like everything you like, they like the same music as you, etc etc

    She’d have mirrored Salmond when Salmond was FM.
    Then she moved on to mirror Harvie the eejit.
    Then shades of Clinton/Merkel with the old suits.

    She’s also a narcissist as evidenced by her rage with Alex & her Scorched earth attitude to the YES movement & Holyrood, imo..

  47. A Scot Abroad

    I’m not really conflicted by any of this total nonsense by Yousaf – and it is all total nonsense – because the longer it all carries on, the more destructive of Indy, in practical terms. It’s a fact that the SNP are in HR government, and that the useless one is the FM.

    Long may it continue.

  48. North Chiel

    “ Michael Laing@ 1230 am “ . Is Sturgeon such a skilled liar ? On the face of it yes especially when she is continually given an easy ride by the Britnat state MSM . However, anyone that “ studied her” throughout the Holyrood enquiry would have noted when put under pressure she came across as decidedly uncomfortable even “ shifty” . Compare & contrast with the “ statesman” Salmond who came across as sincere, truthfull and completely relaxed under probing questioning .

  49. twathater

    The hypocrisy of this moronic clown (NOT my FM) knows no bounds , if you look at the t shirt he is wearing it says “Love Not Hate” yet he is the self same loonball that stood up in HR and uttered his WHITE hate rant, so is that “Love NOT Hate” reserved for everyone apart from WHITE people

  50. Robert Louis

    I’d love to know how humza feels about the fact that so-called ‘muslim’ countries around the world are truly among the very worst, most evil, when it comes to gay people. Not blaming him (or other muslims here) for it, just asking the question. If I had a religion, I’d condemn it being used for such barbarity. As the First Minister of Scotland, has he? I mean we all know he dodged the gay marriage vote, so where does he really stand on this and related matters?

    All eight countries where state sanctioned, pre-meditated murder (so-called ‘execution‘) is the punishment for homosexuality, are majority Muslim nations (the exception being Uganda, which recently dragged itself back into the stone age, using americanised ‘born again’ ‘christianity’ as their pathetic excuse for murdering gay people). In each, Islamic teachings are the basis for their hatred of homosexuality.

    In Iran they hang you, slowly, often in public, in Saudis Arabia (the new home of football and golf, apparently! ‘count the money and ignore human rights, eh? cha-ching’), they cut your head off in public with a sword, in Afghanistan, under the Taliban, they either crucify, or throw gay men off tall buildings (if they they survive the fall, they are then stoned to death). In large parts of Malaysia, Gay folk (including lesbians) are publicly whipped or caned (which is truly barbaric), imprisoned and fined. In the UAE, including oh so ‘trendy’ Dubai, the treatment of gay folk is horrendous.

    If a christian like Kate Forbes had been made First Minister, I would have asked her the same question of poor treatment of gay folk by her ‘religion’ – although it is nowhere near as barbaric as Islamic nations.

    As for independence, here in Scotland, I find it just so pathetic that people like Sturgeon and Humza are so very reticent to attend indy marches. They should be at the front, always. That they are not tells me everything we need to know about their support for independence.

  51. Robert Hughes

    I try not to waste any breath/thought on political trash like Sturgeon these days ; but if – as has long been mooted- she waltzes into some lucrative ” look at me , Ms Hick from Hicksville schmoozing with the top globalist playas – O Queen Hilary , please allow me to be your footstool ” gig , the suspicion of treachery will be confirmed , surely ?

    You don’t get jobs like that without having shown total compliance with the worldview & political aims of the global elite/s ; to whom all Nationalism – even the so-called ” Civic ” variety – is anathema . A sense of national identity being the last line of resistance to the homogenising intent of Globalism

    She shat on Scotland in order to further her personal ambitions.

    As for the patsy Yousaf , he was clearly shoe-horned into position to ensure the poisonous legacy of his predecessor continued , act as the punchbag when the inevitable collapse of the SNP vote occurs , when he’ll thrown aside to make way for some other , more – superficially – credible crypto-Unionist placeman …….

    Heeeeeeere’s Angush ( sic ) , or – god NO ! – Hammer of the Goldfish slouching Drag historian M Black .

    At the end of the nuSNP * rainbow * a crock of shit awaits

  52. Sven

    And to remember that September 2014 was less than 9 years ago.
    Who then would have imagined that we would have a First Minister, “elected” as SNP Party Leader in flagrant defiance of their own rules, who is best known for his infamous “White” tirade in Holyrood, failure in every administration post he has held, complete failure of a “Hate” Bill which is so incomprehensible that it has had to be paused whilst the Police and Crown Office attempt to interpret it and total embrace of Trans Woke philosophy.
    And it only took a certain A Salmond, genuinely elected Leader of his Party and First Minister of a minority devolved administration initially, 7 years of competent governance to bring Scotland to the brink of independence.
    Anyone else feeling depressed this morning ?

  53. Stoker

    Humza’s T-shirt, in that picture, is surely missing a key word placed between “LOVE” and “NOT”? That word being MYSELF.

    John Main says on 29 July 2023 at 8:26 pm:

    “I carry no torch for SLab, but how can they be measurably worse than the current lot? Heck, at least their electoral success won’t be flawed and fraudulent. Legitimacy still counts for something, even today.”

    You’re wrong! They repeatedly attempt to masquerade under a totally autonomous “Scottish” party banner free of any control from their London masters. Sure, they’re allowed to introduce policy that doesn’t fly in the face of headquarters’ policy but they’re as far from “legitimacy” as Sturgeon’s Nonce Party. They also have the backing of a huge BritNat propaganda machine to help them achieve that deception. Legitimacy may still count for something but Labour in Scotland certainly don’t posses it. Just ask the Electoral Commission, LOL!

  54. Red Wall

    Maybe in future you could blur out the faces of individual citizens in these kinds of posts? Not only may they regret in the future that they ever associated with the horrific Progress Pride flag, but right now there are all sorts of whack jobs viewing this on the interweb who might take actions you would sincerely regret.

  55. Stoker

    A Scot Abroad says on 30 July 2023 at 1:44 am

    “I’m not really conflicted by any of this total nonsense by Yousaf – and it is all total nonsense – because the longer it all carries on, the more destructive of Indy, in practical terms. It’s a fact that the SNP are in HR government, and that the useless one is the FM. Long may it continue.”

    Correct! And every bit as corrupt and useless as the scum who masquerade as your beloved UKGov, all shades of red, amber or blue included. The only difference being Yous have been at it for hundreds of years longer than the current Scottish administration. And btw, the SNP are not in “HR government”. They have proven to be nothing more than an administration the minute they sat back and allowed the UKGov to take a load of powers that didn’t belong to them when we were taken out of the EU.


    In the context of Scotland’s projected population decline how might you positively engage with the problem?

  57. John Main


    I didn’t factor in what you have just written about SLab.

    Sometimes it’s just too difficult to keep up.

    Does this mean the Tories are the only big, legit party left in Scotland? I’m ignoring the glib dumbs and the greeps for obvious reasons.

    By legit, I mean not under investigation for various criminal or civil infringements of the laws.

  58. Ron Clark

    twathater 3.50am

    …”yet he is the self same loonball that stood up in HR and uttered his WHITE hate rant…”

    Add to that the SNP’s hatred of all ALBA members and you can see we are never going to have a united Yes Movement any time soon under the present leadership of the SNP

    Because being a “White Albist” in Yousaf’s world is probably the lowest form of life known to man.

    As it is, we are all bouncing along the bottom of a society we have no control over, and worse still, a society where most of us have given up all hope of even trying to have any control over.

    What a fuckin mess we find ourselves in.

    All created by one evil, selfish, self centered narcissist, Nicola Sturgeon.

  59. John Main

    A pretendy FM in a wee pretendy parliament.

    Heading up a pretendy Indy party.

    Three ‘P’s in a pod.

    Nice pod though, cost in excess of a billion of hard-earned taxpayers dosh, back in the days when a billion was still something.

    Outsourced design though, maybes establishing a new tradition of outsourcing for the new Scottish era. Sometimes the writing is clearly on the wall right from the beginning.

  60. Effijy

    Sheer stupidity to support a tiny group under criminal investigation while thousands March for the cause that is supposed to be the reason for SNP to exist.

    Can you see the number of people who signed up on the forms that sit on the front table.

    He must be terrified if he was asked to lead anything related to independence.

  61. David Hannah

    The big picture: Since 2000,leaders who left office have been jailed or prosecuted in 78 countries — that includes democracies like France, Israel and South Korea.

    Since 1980, around half of the world’s countries have had at least one such case, and that’s not counting impeachments or coups.

    South Korea – former President Park Geun-hye was sentenced to 24 years for corruption. She served 5.

    President Nicolas Sarkozy had his home searched after leaving office. He was convicted in two separate cases in 2021 and sentenced to prison for illegal campaign financing.

    Correct me if I’m wrong? But has oor Nikkla not been charged as a suspect in a massive scale fraud police investigation?

    She says she’s innocent and she can’t speak for hubby Murrell. Ha ha!

    What about the covid inquiry, is she not under investigation for corporate manslaughter?

    If she gets a job at the United Nations. It will trigger immense grief and despair for so many people in Scotland.

    Surely not!

  62. David Hannah

    If Sturgeon gets the UN job. In whatever gender role. She’ll be telling her friends across the office in the decolonization committee that were not a country.

    She’ll destroy Scotland on the world state. She’ll take us apart bit by bit.

    I despise her. I hope new incoming woke chief of police from England and chosen Lord Advocate don’t try and interfere with the honest officers of police Scotland their investigations.

    Scotland will suffer in the global stage if she gets the job.

  63. akenaton

    The sad fact is that many in the SNP are more disgusted by Mrs Forbes support for family values than the views of Stonewall and their deluded followers.
    I was heartened by Salmond’s address at Winnie Ewing’s funeral, it appears that a little of the old fire and confidence may be returning.

    We must keep reminding ourselves that “conservative” does not necessarily mean “Tory” and without a portion of conservatism, the independence movement will fail.

  64. Republicofscotland

    Youseless out trying to drum up the 10% to remove Ferrier, Youseless isn’t out trying to drum up support for Scottish independence.

    “ALEX Salmond has said Margaret Ferrier was “thrown to the media wolves” by a disloyal SNP, though Humza Yousaf has dismissed his views as being in a “minority”.

    The Alba Party leader said that despite Ferrier’s “serious mistake” in breaking coronavirus rules, there should not be a by-election in her constituency.

    There is currently a recall petition ongoing in her Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat after the MP was suspended from the House of Commons for more than 30 days.

    If 10% of the electorate choose to sign the petition – some 8,113 people out of 81,124 – a by-election will be triggered.

    Originally elected as an SNP MP, Ferrier now sits as an independent after having the whip removed when her rule-breaking came to light.

    The First Minister was campaigning in the constituency on Saturday, saying support for the SNP there is “solid”.”

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Down with the union.

  65. Republicofscotland

    A bit more on Salmond, Ferrier and Youseless.

    “The Alba Party leader said: “The reality is that Margaret Ferrier was thrown to the media wolves by a then first minister anxious to divert press attention from the other public health failings of her administration and sentence pronounced by those with a vested interest in a by-election.

    “The current First Minister has carried on this disgraceful lack of compassion to a woman who has devoted her life to furthering the cause of Scottish independence.

    “If SNP members need to understand what has gone wrong with their party they need look no further than this totally depressing display of disloyalty.”

    Salmond said Labour were “like political vultures” and called for pro-independence parties to put forward a single candidate under a “Scotland United” banner if there is a by-election.

    However the SNP leader said it is right that the recall petition goes ahead.”

  66. Republicofscotland

    As if the millionaire knight of the realm Starmer will take any heed of Flynn, who heads a group of SNP MPs that have absolutely NO power at Westminster.

    Of course everyone and their grannies know that Westminster is sending millions in aid and weapons to 404, and is spending billions on renewing Trident.

    Yet the bedroom tax and the two child benefit cap along with the severe cost of living crisis is hurting families but it looks like under Labour and the Tories, (two cheeks of the same arse) they’ll remain in place.

    Flynn is a gadfly, a mouse squeaking at an elephant, trying to score points for his party he knows it, we know it, and the opposition knows it, Scottish MPs are insignificant at Westminster they always have been.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Down with the union.

  67. Dan

    @ RoS

    Worth also highlighting the hypocrisy that there are MSPs, some serving as ministers in the Scottish Administration of Devolved Powers, that also broke covid rules.
    But how do you trigger recall petitions for someone that obtained their position through the regional list vote system rather than winning in a constituency…

  68. Antoine Roquentin

    TURABDIN says:
    30 July, 2023 at 9:43 am
    In the context of Scotland’s projected population decline how might you positively engage with the problem?

    Like everything Scotland needs, none of it can be achieved outwith independence. How might you positively engage with that overarching prerequisite? Aspirational bullshit, reassuring though it may be for some, will go the way of all the abstract blathering of this administration and be quickly forgotten about, due to its absence of real-world substance.

  69. John Walsh

    This only goes to prove that the nuSNP are infested with the dangerous wokeratti .
    And the tentacles of Leslie Evans MI5 are still manipulating the SNP hierarchy.
    HY should be no where near this pride **** especially with LGBT Youth Scotland .
    The grifter bricks need removed from the wall McLaughlin , Grady , Oswald, Blackman . Ect
    Once isolated he will crumble because he is useless at every position he has held.
    But the nasty LGTFQT have a stranglehold of SNP and will destroy it very soon.
    Unfortunately Salmond is not the saviour he should be his reputation destroyed by the same establishment people who do not want independence .
    Autumn GE looming ?

  70. Stoker

    Johnlm says on 30 July 2023 at 10:25 am:
    “Ron Clark jailed for pixieporn.”

    LMAO! 🙂

  71. David Hannah

    I agree with Alex Salmond.

    I agree with his words that Sturgeon was “anxious to divert press attention from the other public health failings.”

    Sturgeon shows a “disgraceful lack of compassion.”

    She’s got her back to the wall now at least. The cops are on her. Their surrounding her. They are closing in. They’ve even raided her closet. Goodness know what cobwebs lurk in there.

  72. Ian Brotherhood

    On the last train from Glasgow last night, a loudmouth from Lancashire doing the full ‘deep fried mars bar’ routine, trotting out all the cliches for the amusement of his pals. He wasn’t even very good at it, kept repeating the same line about the mars bar disintegrating.

    Imagine any of us going on public transport in say Preston and shouting our heads off about how shite their hotpot is, why the people are so fat and unhealthy and hard to understand? How long would it be before we got a well-deserved slap?

  73. Lorna Campbell

    Confused: indeed, but they have got round those strictures by surgery for the men. The women have no rights anyway so would not even be considered, since any expression of lesbianism would be stifled by the conditions under which women labour. Do we really believe that so many of our young are ‘trans’ or do we know, as all the evidence shows, that they are likely to be either gay or straight and will grow into their true nature? It is fascinating that, in most cultures and religions homosexuality is/was condemned by men themselves. Why? I may be very wrong, but almost all known religions regard men as having been created in whatever God’s (they worship) image. God is pure and omniscient, therefore cannot be anything other than perfect. Homosexuality is seen now, in liberal societies, as a minority sexual orientation. The underlying theme, of course, is reproduction by heterosexuals as being God’s purpose. I don’t think females, gay or straight, have anything to do with it, and were forbidden men’s attire to keep them from gaining the slightest advantage in male doings.

  74. Johnlm

    Obviously, I wouldn’t want to reprise Ron Clark’s sordid history on this site.
    Feel free to use google – just type in his name plus favoured perversion.
    Probably since abusing pixies online, he is blocked from such sites and has to cum here.

  75. James Che

    Scots, but no Scots is the manifestation of Colonialism.
    But there are many Scots, even in independence Scotland group leaders that still accept the old Colonial mantra from 1707 even when the Coloniser in 2023 prints that the population of Scots were not allowed to join the treaty. Were not asked and they decided against putting a vote to them,

    Scots, but no really Scots still pretend the Scots are in the treaty, even although the Coloniser states they are not.

    The fight for independence is thwart by the very colonised brains of Scots willing to “want” there to be a union to fight against.

    Even those whom want Scottish culture, Country and language to survive need and want to be victim of the union scenario.

    But it can be proven that Scots are not in the union,

    This is one of those things that Scots but no really Scots fail to recognise that they accept Colonisation first readily and with open arms.
    Rather than with open eyes.

    When the Colonisers tells you in print you are not in the treaty. But you do not want to believe their 2023 latest statement.
    Because you want it to be untrue,

    Old warriors fighting for Scottish independence would be horrified at letting this information slip past them. And ashamed of the Scots that do not really want to be free with little battles turning into a maelstrom of larger battles were they could win,

    Being told you are “not” in the treaty, but as a colonised Scot wanting it to be untrue, shame on you,

  76. James Che

    You have been offered the independence of Scots on a printed platter,
    But your colonised mind refuses the offer.

  77. Anton Decadent

    I just looked up who was Justice Secretary when it was decided to grant anonymity to the imported grooming gang which was operating at the Four Corners area of Glasgow city centre the details of which have actually been removed online by official sources such as Glasgow Child Protection. Before being removed from public view the only information available was the nationalities of the offenders, almost sixty men from around seven countries all of whom were either asylum seekers or had been granted asylum in Scotland and less than a third had been deported with the rest still believed to be resident in Scotland. Some of the girls had been prostituted to almost thirty of these men who were Kurds, Afghans, Iraqis, Egyptian, Moroccan, Pakistani and Turks.

    As all of the details, what little were available, have been removed, what we don’t know won’t hurt us, I am having to assume that the decision to grant blanket anonymity to the offenders was taken under the watch of then Justice Minister Michael Matheson who was in the role from November 2014 until June 2018. His assistants in this role were Paul Wheeling and Annabelle Ewing. Humza Yousaf took over the role in June 2018, I cannot find who his assistants were, he continued the cover up and brought in the Hate Crime Bill to make complaining about imported organised gangs shagging/prostituting children in Glasgow a criminal offence.

  78. Anton Decadent

    @Ian Brotherhood

    On Wednesday night, 10.45pm, whilst a block from my house I overheard a conversation. A woman, on the verge of tears, was talking to a man in a 4×4. The man spoke heavily accented English, clearly not his first language. The woman was clutching a bag to her chest and said “please, please tell me that he is in there” to which the man replied “when I give the order he will be released.”

    All part and parcel of living in New Glasgow in Govanhill.

  79. A Scot Abroad

    Antoine Roquentin, at 10:54,

    given Scotland’s existing demographics, the only practical solution is immigration of perhaps a million 20-40 year olds. You cannot just magic up native Scots of that age group. There could be a drive to get Scots women having lots of babies, but those new children aren’t going to be paying taxes for 20 years, they’ll instead be costing Scotland.

    I wonder how popular Indy would be if people realised that it meant losing most political power to the EU, and having a million immigrants just to pay the bills. At the moment, it’s rUK that does that heavy lifting.

  80. Breeks

    TURABDIN says:
    30 July, 2023 at 9:43 am
    In the context of Scotland’s projected population decline how might you positively engage with the problem?

    Give young folks somewhere to live would be a start.

    Kinda hard to start a family when you’re sleeping in a van or on a pal’s couch, or shelling out a kings ransom on fuel and transport instead of rent or a deposit.

    Put a crucifying tax burden on second home ownership and Air BnB, and take control over housing away from the corporate house building racket.

    Encourage Social Housing and cheap tenancy rents, and deliberately undercut the housing racket by an over supply of housing which brings the eye watering price of a home clattering down to an affordable rate, and takes away all the incentive to be a property developer or buy to let speculator.

    If we were really clever about it, this non-NeoLiberal approach to housing might throw a lifeline to Scotland’s traditional Trades and Crafts, and provide these young Scottish families with a conventional skilled trade and means to earn a good living as part of the package.

    There’s a saying that refers to Architects, Planners, Engineers, Surveyor’s, etc; that if none of them existed, you wouldn’t need any of them, but because one of them exists, you need all of them.

    That’s how I feel about Corporate House-builders, Corporate Banks and Lenders, Estate Agents, and Local Authorities who make a fortune from the racket. Remove them ALL from the housing equation, and get back to reality when we’re tackling the scandal of Scotland’s crippling shortage of accommodation.

    “Find” a way to make it work in Scotland, and start treating our younger generations as our valued future.

    If a Town needs more Common Land for the purpose of building Social Housing for the Common Good, then that’s what should happen. Not be held to fkg ransom by Toffs with more land than they know what to with, and more property than they can afford to maintain.

    Hopefully we stop filling our kid’s heads with shite like all this Transgender bullshit too, and reclaim the traditional values of common sense and rational intelligence, and objective tangible rewards for working hard to make something of themselves.

    Give Scotland’s kids some hope of a future that doesn’t involve fkg off to Australia. Let’s focus on colonising our own Nation, and introduce a points based immigration criteria on incomers to Scotland, which includes English retiree’s.

    Then, in the second week after Independence… lol

  81. Frank Anderson

    Yes, as First Activist, he had shown where his and the SNP’s priorities are and it’s not Indy.
    Has every ex use under the sun not to speak or appear at any AUOB march but can speak at BiS event in Sept.
    Would I be cynical in thinking that BiS have been set up to promote marches by the SNP. After all, they have had at least 8 years to do so, but never. However, seeing that people are still supporting AUOB( who have kept Indy at the forefront over those weary 8 years) and marching, the SNP want to now control events. BiS could’ve done a one off big demo, like the Chain of Freedom, if they wanted to add to the ongoing events.
    What came first, Humza speaking at the event or the SNP setting up the event?

  82. SusanAHF

    Women are not considered important, even in their child bearing role, to the religions. Why is masturbation considered a sin? “Spilling the seed” by men, the progenitive factor, while women are simply “vessels”. This underpins all organized religions and explains women’s subservient status. While religion is a protected characteristic women will never be seen as equal


    True, without independence all is illusion, delusion and overheated brain mirage.
    I imagined the FM posing a rhetorical question concerning the future demographic deficit to the >LGBT lady in the picture.

    Love not Hate..the self referential vacuity of «got-the-T shirt politics»

  84. A Scot Abroad


    from where are you going to get the finance to build this over-supply of new housing? And from where are you going to get the builders? There’s not enough as it is, ditto the roofers, sparkies, plumbers and so on.

  85. Johnlm

    Re demography.

    This strange site predicted a 51mill. drop in UK population.

  86. James Che

    Excellent common sense,
    Nice to see someone thinking of solutions instead of constant critecism.
    Second home owners are bound to baulk at the idea,
    Yet they are part of the problem in Scotland,

  87. Alf Baird

    Breeks @ 2:11 pm

    “stop filling our kid’s heads with shite”

    Well said Breeks. The evidence does suggest that UK/ScotGov policy seems largely about destroying indigenous Scottish families combined with fuelling immigration mainly from England. In most other countries they would call this genocide. Our oppressor has a substantial track record:

  88. Republicofscotland

    Good point Dan, it appears also that its only certain ones that are targeted such as Ferrier, Joanna Cherry etc, I recall Sturgeon the Betrayer bumping her gums over perceived threats to the trans community and that punishment would we swift, and all the while her own party staff were threatening Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry online of which Sturgeon the Judas ignored, whilst bleating that she was a protector of women’s rights.

  89. Alastair Naughton

    Michael Laing:

    You pose the question how it could have escaped Alex Salmond’s notice that Sturgeon was compromised (as looks increasingly to be the case). Let’s not forget there is precedent here. Scargill’s depute throughout the miners’ strike in 1984-5 turned out to be a mole for MI5. The British government knew their every move in advance, and nobody suspected a thing. I’m sure there are others, but that’s the one I always remember.

  90. A Scot Abroad

    James Che,

    have you done the sums on how much second home taxation would raise, and how much that’s a drop in the ocean as to what is needed to solve the housing crisis? It’s just gesture, it’s not a solution.

    Alf Baird,

    grow up. Do the demographics. Scotland as a native population is already fucked. Immigration is the only way out of the mess for an iScotland. If you don’t want that, then there is only non-Indy open to keep Scotland as a functioning society from 2050.

    And I can guarantee that Scotland would lose another half million productive taxpayers between referendum and Indy day. So iScotland would be doubly fucked.

  91. James Che


    A review on how Council tax is implemented in Scotland for second homes and houses sitting empty.
    Corporation Councils should have to pay a heavier Tax on sales of public owned buildings ( until the council became a corporation) in which they make big profits, such as schools “they” close and “then sell” this would include town halls, libraries, community centres, etc,
    The blind steal of properties and land through the Councils becoming a (for profit corporation) in Scotland has be one one the biggest scams bestowed upon Scots resulting in you will own nothing and be happy

    I hear that Council tax in general is appalling in the house band categories.
    That someone in Scotland with a two bedroom is paying equivilent as a three or four bedroom down south,

    Empty second homes should have a highest tax band,
    And land owners of houses that tear these properties down should be fined heavily.
    A lot of private estates around us took the roofs of the buildings of good houses that could have been rented to many Scots,
    The housing shortage seems to be a managed affair in Scotland.

  92. Michael Laing

    @ Alastair Naughton at 3.03pm:

    It so happens that I read The Enemy Within by Seumus Milne quite recently, and it was indeed quite an eye-opener. I think most ordinary people are blithely unaware that governments do not represent and protect our interests, but actively seek to undermine and disempower us and keep us in our place by any means necessary. I’m reminded of the old anarchist slogan, ‘Whoever you vote for, government wins’. With regard to Scargill, perhaps he was too honest and principled a man to suspect that such a close and trusted colleague could be his nemesis. Perhaps the same was true of Salmond, too.

    As for Sturgeon, so many things have been done under her watch to harm the cause of independence that I began to suspect quite a few years ago that she was actually working for the opposition. I remember thinking at the time of the Brexit referendum that there would never be a better moment to demand and campaign for independence, yet Sturgeon did nothing. If she wasn’t prepared to seize the moment then, she was never going to. Everything that’s happened since then suggests to me a deliberate plan to destroy the SNP and undermine the cause of independence.

  93. George Ferguson

    @Alf Baird 2:51pm
    We need to compare notes on which part of Scotland we live in. I do not see any evidence of genocide in my daily routine. I see muscular Unionism and MSM conditioning but I see no genocide. The muscular Unionism is unsustainable and leaves open a way forward to any thinking Independence supporter. Keep the Independence argument simple like Salmond.

  94. James Che


    Time you grew up enough to understand as a adult,

    It might not have been suggested by myself that that main purpose was to collect just taxes, but to penalise those who own two or three houses preventing Scots actually having a home at a very reasonable price,
    As Breeks says these second home owners are pushing up local housing prices.
    Receiving tax revenues is a added bonus,
    I thought you would be one of the first to protest the loudest on the idea, seeing as you are in that category of multiple home ownership in Scotland.

    What is that smell coming from that second home,….Hypocracy.
    Here you were suggesting today where would the money come from to build house,

    1: you do not have to build homes that already exist in Scotland as second holiday homes,

    2: revenues from higher taxes on empty Council buildings that could be changed into flats, revenues from second, third, B&B, holiday and empty homes would increase the ability and possibility of higher House building finance % within the Councils, thanks for that suggestion

    3: Heavy fines imposed on those who deliberately and needlessly tear down houses that could provide Housing for single parents or houses for the homeless at lower rental prices.

  95. James Che

    “The enemy within” = Devolved Government to Scotland.

  96. Ian Brotherhood

    Regardless of how you feel about SALVO/Claim of Right/Stirling Directive etc, it’s plain that the people involved stand for something and are prepared to act on their principles, not just pay lip service to them as and when it suits.

    Here’s the text of Sara Salyers’ resignation letter to Alba, as published on Iain Lawson’s blog.

    Dear ——-

    Aside from the disastrous adoption of the English principle that elected representatives become the custodians of the sovereignty of the People, to which I will return shortly, I wholeheartedly endorse and support every one of Alba’s policies. They are clear sighted, principled and urgently needed and I shall continue to support them and to publicise them. I cannot continue as a party member, however, for two reasons.

    Firstly, I am the Director of an organisation, Salvo, which is in non-party affiliated and which now has many SNP members as well as Alba, ISP and non-party affiliated. While our members are welcome to belong to any party at all, it is unsustainable for me to be anything but party neutral.

    Secondly, the sovereignty issue presents a fundamental barrier to my continued membership.

    Scottish popular sovereignty derives from the Scottish Crown which, as an institution, comprehends the whole nation, any monarch only representing it. No Scottish Parliament could ever have taken ‘custody’ of that sovereignty from the monarch, as the English Parliament did in 1689, because no monarch ever held it to transfer! And, as it turns out, the Crown, ‘the sovereign’, of Scotland has remained in place to this day. The legal power to remove or alter the institution of the Crown – and the locus of absolute political and legal authority – therefore, remains with the People.

    This means no Parliament ever could assume sovereignty, final authority, lawfully. (Though, of course, our Scottish representatives and government could always act without the knowledge or consent of the People in the way the Anglo British state has done for 317 years …) It is why popular sovereignty cannot be handed to the ‘custody’ of elected representatives, who give it back only at the ballot box! Instead, it is the power to govern that is given into the custody of elected representatives, a power devolved from the Crown, the whole people. And no elected Scottish representative should ever pretend to the custody of the Crown itself, the nation, rather than custody of the power and trust granted by that Sovereign.

    And, because sovereignty remains with the people at all times, in principle that devolved power may be withdrawn, not by an election permitting a new flavour of political party to replace the old, but by an act of sanction and dismissal by a representative, non-parliamentary body. On what grounds? On a whim? No! Clear limits for what a government may and may not do, on pain of the forfeiture of power, are already established in the Claim of Right and only require some thorough updating to provide a ’contract’ for the conditional devolution of power from the Sovereign People to the elected representatives and government. Something that would see the end of the Westminster kleptocracy in Scotland tomorrow were it already in place, as it should be.

    On the other hand, were sovereignty transferrable to elected representatives/Parliament, whether from a monarch, as in England, or, as the Alba wording would have it, the people of Scotland, as soon as it is transferred to ‘the custody’ of those elected, what you get is Parliamentary sovereignty. Given what this has enabled historically and is enabling today both in Westminster and Holyrood, that’s something we should all be absolutely determined to avoid.

    Popular sovereignty in Scotland must be real and not a pretence. It must mean practical mechanisms for expressing the authority of the people over their elected governments and representatives at all times and not the sham of our present, representative ‘democracy’. It means a Scottish and not a duplicate English political system dressed up in flowery language like ‘custodians of the sovereignty’.

    I have written at length here about the reality of popular sovereignty, versus lip service to the principle, because the opportunity has slipped past to explain to the Alba NEC why the wording of the policy motion of September ‘22, and the position it reflects, is wrong. It is a direct contradiction, in fact, of the constitutional provisions of the Claim of Right – which Alba says it supports. (You cannot, by the way, support the 1989 Claim of Right without endorsing what that is based on. The clue is in the name.) This letter is likely to be my only opportunity to set the record straight.

    Even more problematic is that Salvo, Liberation and now the Stirling Directive are challenging as unlawful the position that Scottish popular sovereignty is transferrable. This makes it impossible to remain a member of a party whose position I will be campaigning to prove unlawful both in the ICJ and the ECHR.

    I will continue to support Alba’s exceptional vision and policies where I can and will continue to hope it becomes obvious to those designing Alba policy that there will be no real change for Scotland without an indigenous, Scottish political establishment and real popular sovereignty.

    Yours for Scotland

    Sara Salyers

  97. Alf Baird

    George Ferguson @ 4:16 pm

    “evidence of genocide”

    With respect, rather than what you ‘see’ in your ‘daily routine’, you might wish to consider the definition of genocide, especially points b, c and d, and ongoing ‘policies’ in this regard, within Scotland, in line with other relevant evidence and their consequences (e.g. birth rate, immigration, housing market, employment/wages, education, justice and gender policies etc):

  98. James Che

    A lot of the carnage that is happening in Scotland could and would dissolve pretty quickly. And old morals of true equality would resurface

    The housing situation,
    The gender wokery.
    The oil revenue and licencing permits
    Unequal Council tax,
    Womens hard won rights.
    Climate change ideology..
    Political parties.
    The Barnett formula,
    The lack of Scottish media.
    Big Corporations running government
    Police Scotland. And the justice system. Or lack of.
    A halt to rewilding Scotland ideology.
    Safer and better education for our children.
    Free speach,

    The first problem is that we not seeking a independent Country as the first and most important Criteria.
    The second problem is not having a peoples Scottish parliament,

    At this moment We are being run and managed from outside Scotland, by politicians often on the payroll of the likes of Stonewall, big banks, big pharma, and big corperation shopping facilities,
    Along with all the problems that the fallacious treaty brings to Scotland overseeing and changing the laws and family morals in Scotland,

    It can not be said often enough, that Westminster cannot sue a extinguished old Scottish parliament any longer for leaving the treaty of union.
    That Scottish parliament does not exist to sue,
    Any Scottish politician with a slight modicum of intelligence that avoids this reality is not a politician that really believes in a Scotland becoming independent,
    How often can they dangle carrots before the truth comes out.

    We need to walk away,

  99. sarah

    @ Ian B: Sara Salyers resignation from Alba Party over the practical application of the People’s Sovereignty.

    I totally agree. I am dismayed at the Alba Party’s leadership and MPs attitude that elected politicians should be the final power in the country.

    That attitude is what has kept us in the mess we are in. We need the mechanisms back in place that ensure politicians cannot inflict damage on us ever again.

  100. George Ferguson

    @Alf Baird 5.00pm
    I am not buying it Alf. Genocide means to me people and their wholesale slaughter as an indigenous people. Now we have listening ears in the Scot NHS. The increase in avoidable deaths and excess deaths is a function of mismanagement of public policy and not genocide. If we want to win Independence we need to temper the rhetoric.

  101. A Scot Abroad

    This place gets more enjoyably mental every day. Given the standard of logic and argument in the BTL comments, it’s becoming vanishingly unlikely that the intelligent people of Scotland would ever support Indy.

    As for that dreary and very overlong letter from Sarah Salyers, she’s almost certifiable. Best ignored by decent people.

  102. twathater

    @ Ian B 4.41pm I commented on Iain’s blog that Sara resigning from Salvo (what she is NOT doing) only ALBA would be a travesty , she has singlehandedly given real independenistas more hope and other avenues to explore routes to independence

    I was one of the ones on here vociferously begging Alex Salmond to return to the independence fight which gratefully he has done, BUT he does not own independence, his insistance that any convention would consist of the great and the good rather than a cross section of Scots is anathema to me, as again his insistence that the 2014 franchise would be the one used in any future referendum , I have had it with politicians TELLING us what will happen rather than ASKING the electorate what they want to happen , I don’t want an independent Scotland run on the mirror image of the corrupt clusterfuck of WM , SCOTS are SOVEREIGN not just some Scots I want politicians to LISTEN not just to do their own thing

  103. Republicofscotland


    Thanks for the link, I have lot of time for Sarah Saylers, she gave many of us hope and she still does, Alba needs to adopt the Claim of Rights principles, and understand that its not any parliament or political party that is sovereign but the people themselves.

    Without the Claim of right to defend us Scotland would be in far worse position than it is now, every Scots should know about it, even if our politicians blank it for their own personal gain.

    The Alba hierarchy MUST take heed of what Sarah says below.

    “And, because sovereignty remains with the people at all times, in principle that devolved power may be withdrawn, not by an election permitting a new flavour of political party to replace the old, but by an act of sanction and dismissal by a representative, non-parliamentary body. On what grounds? On a whim? No! Clear limits for what a government may and may not do, on pain of the forfeiture of power, are already established in the Claim of Right and only require some thorough updating to provide a ’contract’ for the conditional devolution of power from the Sovereign People to the elected representatives and government. Something that would see the end of the Westminster kleptocracy in Scotland tomorrow were it already in place, as it should be.”

    “I have written at length here about the reality of popular sovereignty, versus lip service to the principle, because the opportunity has slipped past to explain to the Alba NEC why the wording of the policy motion of September ‘22, and the position it reflects, is wrong. It is a direct contradiction, in fact, of the constitutional provisions of the Claim of Right – which Alba says it supports. (You cannot, by the way, support the 1989 Claim of Right without endorsing what that is based on. The clue is in the name.)”

  104. Captain Yossarian

    Adam Tomkins was a decent parliamentarian as was Ruth Davidson. Both driven out of Holyrood because they found themselves outnumbered 20:1 by numpties from the SNP, Labour, Greens and Lib Dems. I’ve read Sara Salyers name from time to time, probably on here, but her letter was a fuss over nothing. It looks to me as if the Nationalist movement is directionless and all that Labour need to do is shut-up, say and do nothing and they will be forming the next Holyrood government. If that prospect doesn’t scare you then nothing will. There was a time when Scotland voted for the Liberals and that changed overnight when they got into coalition with Labour. The same will happen to the SNP because 1. They have been crap and 2. Because they are in coalition with the Greens.

  105. Lorna Campbell

    A Scot Abroad: but they do support independence by a majority – a thin one, but, a majority. They’re all mad except me and I’m bonkers, eh ASA? Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho…

  106. Effijy

    Labour so good for the ordinary citizen then way did they steal 6,000 miles of Scottish water for England before Indy Ref one.
    Why is the no Scottish Labour Party just England’s North Accounting Unit that cannot fund itself or make its own policies.
    Why did Blair take the U.K. to an illegal war in Iraq costing Billions and destroying lives.

    Why did Labour uphold Thatcherism?

    Why did Blair, Brown and Kinnock become Labour multi millionaires?

    Why did Labour Council in Glasgow spend £100’s Thousands to stop equal pay for women.

    Why after 24 years in power at the Welsh Parliament have they the worst performing NHS on the U.K. mainland?

  107. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 7:15pm
    I would agree with your analysis with qualification. You could have went further back a generation to complete your study. Scotland is a socially conservative country only 8% of the population are LGBTQ***. Source Scottish National Health Service. We wasted Independence on 8% of the population. In the fullness of time we will understand why. Of course if we ever get the Scottish Census data?

  108. Republicofscotland

    “Adam Tomkins was a decent parliamentarian as was Ruth Davidson.”

    They are a couple of treacherous b*stards doing a foreign country’s bidding, good riddance to them, hopefully their branch office at Holyrood will follow suit on independence.

  109. James Che

    Keeping the purse strings of a political party going is more important to these people than listening to the voices of the people,

    Listening to the people does not line their pockets so quickly,
    We have every right to be angry at a simple change of face but not policy on independendence,

    I feared that the Sovereign people would be lost, under the weight of politicians
    Whom are acting as if they are sovereign in party and in a devolved to Scotland branch office of Westminster,
    The enemy within.

    Sara Salyers did bring hope, but Alba are acting as if its full of Snp, grees and labour, in attitude.
    I had a conversation a long time ago with AS face toface and he mention back then there were other ways that Scotland could be independent besides a referendum,
    He knew the treaty did not hold full legality.
    In fact, he elaborated on my hypothesies.
    I listened for that moment in time and gave support to Alba in its early days.

    Alba is closing the book on all options and reducing opportunities of all avenues towards independence.
    Humsaf would be as well joining Alba for all the distance it will go towards the Sovereign peoples goals rather than politicians.

    It is the people that must hold the politicians to account or get rid of them,
    Independent Scotland first, political parties second.

    The last thing the independence movement needs is a copy cat, of the carrot dangling Snp walking into The devolved branch office giving them a high five as they change shifts.

  110. Ian Brotherhood

    @sarah, twathater and Republicofscotland –

    Thanks for the feedback, we all seem to be in general agreement that Sara is a good ‘un and what she’s doing is important.

    Alex Salmond was a student of Scottish history, right? I don’t understand what his beef with Sara is. Scots are sovereign or they aren’t. It must be one or the other.

    If it’s the former then what possible harm is there in stating it loud and clear and repeating it until the electorate cannot say they weren’t aware of that fact. How we’re supposed to act on it outwith the current constitutional/electoral constraints isn’t something I have any answers to – that’s why we need these high-profile figures to get their heads together and simplify it as far as possible.

    A statement that Scots are sovereign seems like the most obvious and simple starting point. If that can’t be agreed then it’s hard to see how any further movement is possible. Denise Findlay has been having an interesting exchange with Sara on Twitter about her resignation and has admitted that she misunderstood Sara’s position. That kind of openness is a refreshing change from the obfuscation and secrecy of the SNP heid yins.

  111. James Che

    Scottish politicians for independence are impersonating Gate keepers for the Union more and more.

  112. A Scot Abroad

    Lorna Campbell,

    (and I’m a MacDonald, so we may not see eye to eye ?)

    There’s a trope on WoS that states that if only true Scots were counted in the last Referendum, not incomers or migrants or people with brown skin, or whose forebears hadn’t fought at Bannockburn, then Indy would have won the day. No doubt about it.

    Well, that isn’t how democracy and the franchise works. You have to go with what you’ve got. Narrowing the franchise to achieve a result isn’t going to be accepted by the grownups in the world.

    Looking to the future, given demographic trends and migration, Indy is getting less and less likely.

  113. John Main

    It’s 2023, even here in Scotland.

    By and large, we train, teach and pay professionals to grow our food, provide our energy, drive our trains, fill our teeth, extract our appendices, balance our car wheels, fly us on holiday, stock our supermarkets, etc etc the list is endless.

    I am just not seeing how when it comes to governing our country, the roles should be reversed, so that the professional politicians do what we tell them to.

    Sara Salyers is undoubtedly a deeply committed enthusiast for the idea that we Sovereign Scots get to tell our politicians what to do. But that is not the terms and conditions for which these politicians signed up. It is therefore entirely reasonable that they should refuse to play ball.

    The obvious answer is for Sara and those who think like her to stand for office as members of their own new party. Work out how the mechanics of always doing what we Sovereign Scots would want will work in practice, write it up as a manifesto, and put it to the people.

    The entire political scene in Scotland needs torn down and re-built. It’s a mistake to believe that any existing party, or any established politician can change. We need a new party with new policies and new personalities.

    Over to you, Sara. Find 128 like-thinking individuals and get organised. You have til May 2026 to make this fly, and that is ample time.

  114. Captain Yossarian

    George – I’m surprised it’s as high as 8%. I would have guessed at a couple of percent. For example, I don’t know any and only 2No live locally to me. However, it’s no use blaming it all on that. There’s much more wrong with the SNP than just that.

    By the way, talking about the Greens, did you know we have wasted over £80m on Slater’s DRS. That’s exactly the type of issue that will drive voters away for ever from the SNP.

    About 30-years ago, it used to cost £1m per mile for a new motorway. It is probably 4 or 5 times that now. But, the point is, that £80m could have paid for duelling a large part of Fergus Ewing’s A90.

    People in the Highlands will see that for what it is and will vote Conservative. That’s what I reckon will happen now. By the way, the Conservative Party are the only party that I have never voted for; I have voted for all of the others. But, when’s all said and done, they are the most competent at Holyrood by a mile.

  115. George Ferguson

    @ A Scot abroad 8:11pm
    My recollection is that indigenous Scottish males voted for Independence. Women that were indigenous didn’t vote for Independence. The result was No. We all know that. How are women’s rights going, my wife voted for Independence. She’s furious at GRR and the Scottish Labour stance. Maybe she will vote for UK Labour if any of their policies were articulated and transparent and honest.

  116. Geoff Anderson

    ACH lies….A LibDem so not a surprise!

  117. Stuart MacKay

    Ian Brotherhood @8:04pm

    That whole “people are sovereign” thing makes politicians uncomfortable because they don’t like the idea of being “servants” who may be booted out on the street whenever the mood takes us.

    In any case it’s good that there is at least a little clear water between the political parties and any independent effort on securing independence. Particularly when Holyrood’s ability to repeal or annul the Treaty of Union is probably close to zero if not downright illegal.

  118. Dan

    @ A Nu English aka A Scot Abroad

    Aye, but the trouble is your beloved UK does disenfranchise some folk, presumably with good reasons that you could please explain and justify.
    Would “Brexit” have happened if EU Nationals that live, work and pay taxes here in the UK had been enfranchised.

    @ Ian Brotherhood

    Cheers for bringing up the reminder to politicians that really shouldn’t need to be done. I recall the matter Sara has resigned over rearing its head back end of last year.
    Politicians are meant to represent their electorate. If they somehow think once elected it’s cool to do something else which is at odds with their electorate then they can get to feck with that.

    I’ll keep repeating that anybody worthy of standing for election should do so on a manifesto that states a straightforward declaration that they will vote as instructed by their constituents, and that they’ll step down in a simple recall procedure should they ever fail to represent the expressed wishes of their electorate.
    Party politics and whipping is what has got us into this sorry mess. Begone with it aw and start afresh.

  119. John Main

    Stuart MacKay

    The whole “people are sovereign” thing makes politicians uncomfortable because they recognise that you can’t get wisdom by harnessing the collective stupidity of millions of uninformed, poorly educated, eejits.

    However, as I posted above, it’s time for a change. Sarah and 128 other would-be Scottish leaders can work out a solution and put it to the people.

    We’ve tried everything else. Make it sound plausible and maybes we Sovereign Scots will vote for it.

  120. John Main


    Define “as instructed by their constituents”.

  121. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 8:31pm
    We have to be clear in what we are talking about here. 8% declare themselves as LGBTQ+++. Trans ID are likely to be less than 0.5 %. But we can’t say because the Scottish Government are withholding the Census results. Since biblical times it has been known a minority choose another route. But laws are made for the majority.

  122. Beauvais

    Humza Chamberlain, the arch appeaser who voluntarily marched in ridiculous, self-conscious pomp behind the Stone of Destiny as it left on its journey south for a rendezvous with English power. This union jackass, this fraud, is presiding over the destruction of the last vestiges of the SNP as the party of liberation. Completing the dirty work started by his evil mentor Sturgeon.

    Love Not Hate he proclaims. But we know what he loves. Money and status. We know what he doesn’t hate. Scotland’s subjugation and humiliation.

  123. Ian Brotherhood

    @Stuart MacKay (8.41) –

    ‘Particularly when Holyrood’s ability to repeal or annul the Treaty of Union is probably close to zero if not downright illegal.’

    That’s the whole problem. Catch-22 from Hell – how can you declare your sovereignty via institutions which are fundamentally unionist? It’s impossible. Salvo/Liberation Scotland/Stirling Directive can only reiterate legal precedence, not ‘campaign’ or access normal election platforms. That’s why Sara’s resignation makes sense.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Operation Branchform gets back in the news soon – another Sunday passes with no gathering outside Castle Murrell. Ho-hum…

    (BTW, I noticed OTS now has RSS button.)


  124. A Scot Abroad

    Ian Brotherhood,

    Scots aren’t sovereign. Haven’t been since 1707, and in reality, they weren’t for hundreds of years before then. Prior to 1707, it was the Scots aristocrats and lairds who made the decisions within the scope of what the King allowed, and they didn’t bother with consulting the people.

    And now Scots are citizens of the UK, and there’s no exercisable “Claim of Right” in the UK.

    The Claim of Right is nothing but meaningless pageantry for meaningless ceremonies. People can bump their gums about it all they like, but they are fools, and bumping their gums doesn’t affect anything whatsoever.


    How the hell did the green recycle scheme cost us al 86 million? Seriously 86 fukking million,,?

  126. Alf Baird

    George Ferguson @ 5:19 pm

    “Genocide means to me people and their wholesale slaughter as an indigenous people.”

    That might be what it means to you, but it is not what it means to the UN or to international courts who understand that it is perfectly possible using a range of different techniques and policies for a state to obliterate ‘a people’ and their culture without exterminating them.

  127. Ian Brotherhood

    @George Ferguson (9.04) –

    Those census results, if honest and accurate, will show a hefty % of respondents stating ‘Believer in Biology’ in the gender section.

    That could be the reason they’ve been shelved.

    It’s outrageous.

  128. Captain Yossarian

    George – I was watching Scotland Speaks there. The difference between Alex and Humza cannot be put into words, can it? The Nationalist movement need him back in the saddle. He has work to do because he’s not as popular as folk on here think but is a renewed SNP possible under Salmond? Yes, I think it is.

  129. Dan

    John Main says: at 8:59 pm

    Define “as instructed by their constituents”.

    For someone that spends so much time on here you should really take in and recall more of what folk have said. I’ve explained a way for this to be done previously and can’t be arsed having to endlessly link back to prior conversations or repetatively type the same old stuff because folk act like they have the memory of a goldfish.
    Suffice to say I have more faith in the public determining their future through a series of engagement / discussion / consultation processes with the engaged electorate than I do in a bunch of what are clearly a majority of self-serving Party politicians pushing bullshit ideas most likely dreamt up by globalist shills and initiated into policy through UK civil service bods.
    Seriously, in the middle of all that is going on with post covid economic recovery / cost of living “crisis” our leaders are pissing around with genderwoowoo, trying to procure just two ferries, and some half arsed idea about recycling with the DRS, but we do get someone’s preferred pronouns printed on their work ID cards, and solar panels fitted on north facing roofs.
    Is that really the brightest and best these overpaid cunts can come up with in representing their constituents’ best interests.

  130. Ian Brotherhood

    @ASA (9.28) –

    This is – yet again! – the last time I’m responding to you.

    Don’t address me directly on here. I have no interest in what you have to say about anything.

    As and when the franchise is tweaked to become fair, you and your ilk will have no further say in Scotland’s affairs and if I ever have the chance I will gladly tear up you and your friends’ ‘ballots’ in front of you.

  131. George Ferguson

    @Alf Baird 9:33pm
    We will agree to disagree. The UN are an organisation I have no trust in.

  132. George Ferguson

    @Ian Brotherhood 9:34pm
    Hi Ian, you cannot plan and organise public services without Census information. We have a new local school that’s too small for the new intake and another school needs to be built. We have a nursery that has places available but SNP shenanigans are preventing uptake of places. And so it goes on.

  133. A Scot Abroad

    Ian Brotherhood,

    on the contrary, you’ll find that it’s the majority of people who’ll find that they’ve got no interest in what you are saying, because it’s minority stuff, poorly argued, and with no logic or future benefit. And I’m entirely correct in that.

    Don’t bother replying.

  134. McDuff

    Interesting that today BBC2 showed the cup final of the Ireland Senior football final live from Dublin. It was networked across the UK including England. Its interesting in that despite Scotland being part of the UK and Ireland not, Scottish football cup finals are never shown in England. And its odd because the Irish type of game is not played in the UK. And we in Scotland are also forced to pay a licence fee to the BBC unlike the Irish, yet they seem to have preferred treatment to Scotland.
    It reeks of respect for Ireland and contempt for Scotland. Ireland left the UK giving England a bloody nose and it has been afraid of the Irish ever since.
    As with our national team games, no UK coverage and pay to view while England free to watch on BBC/ITV. Why.
    When you think of Denmark , NZ, Norway, Finland you automatically think country but not so Scotland which has been industrially, financially and culturally raped by England leaving it a nothing region.
    This land is rich yet we own nothing ,our acres of soil bought by the thousand and owned and controlled by foreigners, and the saddest part is so many Scots don`t care. England spits on us and all these proud Scots do is wipe the spittle from their faces and walk away, indifferent.
    What will it take???

  135. John Main

    Hey Dan

    It’s a simple question and will take the same length of time to answer as it will take to vent an ill tempered rant.

    Define a workable mechanism by which a politician, elected, say, for a 5 year term, will always be acting “as instructed by their constituents”. Enlarge that mechanism to include all elected politicians in a Scottish governing assembly.

    It’s not good enough claiming that you and a few like thinking mates already know how it will work. If you are at all serious, you need to communicate it to the mass of uninformed thickos, like me.

    You forget I’m a Sovereign Scot too.

  136. John Main


    Fighting talk!

    You looking at ma ballots?


  137. Mike d

    Mcduff 10.19pm. proud Scots eh,
    Wha’s like them.they love licking the hand that feeds them.

  138. Dan

    Ooh, how not unexpected that a devout contrarian and ever so keen “Brexiteer” now chooses not to comprehend or envision what “taking back control” means when it’s expressed in more than three words… and also lacks the ability or is just too lazy to use a search function…

  139. Brian Doonthetoon

    hi Dan says on 30 July, 2023 at 8:45 pm.

    You typed,
    “Politicians are meant to represent their electorate. If they somehow think once elected it’s cool to do something else which is at odds with their electorate then they can get to feck with that.

    I’ll keep repeating that anybody worthy of standing for election should do so on a manifesto that states a straightforward declaration that they will vote as instructed by their constituents, and that they’ll step down in a simple recall procedure should they ever fail to represent the expressed wishes of their electorate.
    Party politics and whipping is what has got us into this sorry mess. Begone with it aw and start afresh.”

    I see it as simple. If it’s in an elected candidate’s manifesto, then it is there in black and white. If the elected member is then faced with a voting choice that contradicts his/her manifesto, then public meetings in the constituency, with a vote, should be held to determine the electorate’s wishes. Like Switzerland.

    And then this whole citizenship/franchise argument.
    For voting on constitutional issues, there should be a minimum residential (first home) qualification. I would suggest 5 or 6 years.
    This residence period could also be taken as a prerequisite qualification for citizenship.
    If anyone is found to be on two or more electoral registers, the book should be thrown at them.

  140. Confused

    hard numbers destroy all false rhetoric and weasel sophistry … I’m a numbers guy

    A helpful citizen put the 2011 CENSUS DATA online, displayed visually as a collection of heatmaps.

    – the first and most serious matter is to look at


    country of origin

    national identity


    you do this by selecting from the drop down menu on the top right

    shown like this it tells you everything you need to know and also annihilates a lot of stupidity

    “independence fur orkney cuz we’re aw the sons of ragnar lothbrok”!


    – my fucking arse.

    Look at orkney then do the white other british/ white scottish switcheroo – and what do you see?


    so get them to fuck. Honestly.

    Now, I know what you will say – WHERE IS THE 2021 DATA – it’s a good question; I reckon they are trying to sit on it while they work out how to fuck with it in various ways to stop people doing web apps like this one, which tell you in obvious terms, what you need to know. For example, they may simply merge certain categories – white, scottish, british – so you wouldn’t be able to see, in certain places in the highlands and borders, even in 2011, its already 30% english (which means political power if they bloc vote, which they do, at least on indy – its 80:20, about as unanimous as political questions get); they may do data scrubbing in england too, but for different reasons, e.g. “we can’t break down the data in certain ways as it will be MISUSED BY THE FAR RIGHT”.

    This should unnerve you, these english people saying – we sold up for a better life and to enjoy the scenery, we’re “new scots” too …

    back in the 30s over in palestine I expect there were a lot of jewish s3ttl3rs saying things like – we just want to be in the land of our faith, study the torah and grow oranges … sure thing shlomo we cool … (60 years later)

    Point is, the anglo is an infestation, and more are on the way. And it is worse than you can know, later than you think.

    Anyway, never mind all that serious stuff, there is also fun to be had – there are about 100 other things you can look at, sometimes spelling out the obvious, or throwing up some mysteries

    – there’s a lot of catholics in coatbridge

    – west of pollokshields east station, it is 60% muslim

    – just south of Giffnock it is 16% jews; this is interesting – everyone knows these guys are great at lobbying with an international reach, so why not tell the world “scottish indy is GOOD FOR THE JEWS”, and stop hiding in the attic; once we have support for the union included as an instance of antisemitism under the new rules, all our enemies become hate criminals. There is even a stupid book, full of delusional interpretations, called “when Scotland was jewish”. Use what you got, we need all the international friends we can make, especially if they have influence.

    – mental illness is very high in Govan, i.e. Rab C Nesbitt country; but also mental r3tardations is very high in a ward west of tullybelton and the isle of mull – there may be a reason for this, lead poisoning, an old chemical works, who knows. But once you have the data you can investigate.

    There is even a category for central heating and type of, if that floats your boat, dan, dan the offgrid-man …

    also, speakers of Scots/Gaelic/English

    a good dataset, especially a novel one, can open your eyes, but when you start to merge them, truth appears unvarnished; when the EU put up a geomapping satellite with a fancy camera (hyperspectral) it identified, for one thing, the crops being grown … and with the subsidy receipts in the accounts dept, in doing so identified a massive amount of agricultural fraud going on, all that CAP, guaranteed prices. Farmers, will always tell you they are skint and when on telly, looking for “compensation” – while one or two might be having it hard, as a collective, they are all just lying bastards on the take and should be ignored, and audited to 10 times their current levels.

    getting good data and visualising it properly can be amazing, but the next step up in analysis is looking for correlations – how one thing is associated with another (not necessarily directly or causally). The simplest example is 2 things, plotted an an XY diagram; if its a random cloud, then there is no connection, but patterns can appear – can you put a line through them, are there clusters, outliers. Correlative analysis is more commonly known as “noticing things” and “seeing patterns” or “being a conspiracy theorist” – the woke bureaucrats are currently trying to ban this as it leads to e.g. “racial profiling” and “tropes” and also “canards”.

    – then at the next level, you add in the full spectrum machine learning goodstuff.

    another good map, rich, poor and inbetween

    people are always trying to fiddle numbers, hide them, lie with statistics – companies, governments, anyone – but when you combine data from different sources, fiddling is very hard; you get these “anomalies”. Mismatches, crazy outliers, or violations of well known statistical properties.

    Watch and learn, people – once you know this stuff you can get a job for 70K a year as a “data scientist” drawing scatterplots for chinless twerps in stockbridge, the kind of folk who went to fettes and got one U at A level (100 grand well spent, but at least they know which way to pass the port)

  141. David Hannah

    McDuff. The all Irish final is something we should bring into Scotland.

    The players born in the county represent their community and only them. It gives everyone a sense of local pride.

    In Scotland. We can’t even get the national football team on the television.

    You see kids walking about with Jack Grealish T shirts on. Even Ronaldo in his Saudi T shirt.

    We need a sport similar to gaelic football where if you’re born in the area you compete for your town. Shinty?

  142. David Hannah

    We need people to be proud of where they come from.

    We need new sporting heroes. Like Quigley the cyclist.

    We need to Bring the commonwealth games back to Glasgow. Back the bid.

    We need an all Ireland final, football is in our DNA.

    The very least we need our government to get it on television and make accessible so kids are wearing the Scotland jerseys and wanting to emulate their success.

  143. David Hannah

    We need Scottish patriots from the cradle to grave. So that our language culture and history survive.

  144. George Ferguson

    @Confused 11:39pm
    Good stuff but what is the percentage of LGBQT+++ and the trans lobby?. The Census figures will provide the evidence.The entire Scottish Government and policy resource is based on the unsubstantiated evidence of the lobbying of minority groups. Ordinary parental Scots know this. A reckoning to be had. I am watching World War Z or some such movie. Appropriately made in Glasgow. Unrepresentative of Scotland.

  145. A Scot Abroad

    David Hannah,

    I’d offer salmon and sea trout fishing as being things the Scots are actually very good at. The football and the rest, not so much. Even the rugby isn’t up to world-class standards.

  146. Geri


    I knew it!

    There was no way they were vikings Lol at the crops..

  147. Stephen O'Brien

    It’s almost as if, Devolution suits their needs, as professional seat warmers. Some folk actually believe independence is the goal of the Scottish National Party, conditioned to believe a vote is meaningful. UK security, in complete control politically. Legal action by the people, the only hope.

    SNP played its last hand, when approaching the supreme court. Having now trapped Scotland in devolved politics, bypassing Scots Law, in favour of London Rule. SNP’s disregard for Scottish sovereignty, now manifests in circular argument, intended to bore voters into submission!

  148. Robert Louis

    McDuff at 1019pm

    You make a good point about the Irish football shown yesterday all across the UK, yet Scottish interests in sport are almost or completely NEVER shown in England.

    It shows the utter contempt shown to Scotland by those in positions of authority in England. They will show an Irish sport from Ireland to all across the UK, yet Shinty is relegated to BBC Alba, and just shown in Scotland.

    Of course the reason WHY Scotland is getting such sh*t treatment by England and Westminster, is because under Sturgeon, London came to realise they could do anything they pleased, and all the Scottish government would do is whine.

    If England can, upon a whim, forcibly remove all Scots from the EU and strip them of their citizenship wholly against their wishes, then of course they treat us with contempt.

    Their was a time, when Alex Salmond was leader, when London was feart to do such things, but now under the wishy washy current SNP, London KNOWS it can do anything it wishes to Scotland.

    We have a supposedly pro Scotland SNP government, yet WHERE is their strategy to push Scottish culture and language, where is the drive to push ALL Scottish hisotory to the top of the agenda, and to ENSURE that Scotland national sporting teams can be seen on TV?

    The current SNP seem to think it is ok to just drip on, business as usual. They have forgotten what England has done (and still is doing) to Scotland with brexit, they have forgotten the endless snears and insults against our country.

    Today an unelected English Prime Minister will come to Scotland to wank about, and basically piss all over the people and government of Scotland. I do not doubt that Humza and his coteris of ‘green’ nobodies will happily greet the wee Tory sh*t. The Scottish Government should be furious. Like seriously angry as hell, but they won’t. They just won’t.

    Their is an old saying, ‘if you are not attacking, you are defending’. Under Salmond we were attacking, but Sturgeon and Humza have just defended. No fight. Day after day, we are treated to headlines of ‘SNP outraged at Westminster interference’. Yet they do nothing. They have no political guile whatsoever. None.

    It is a fight, and the SNP sit on their hands, pretending things are just OK.

    Having said all that, and as pathetic as the Scottish government now is, those in London, the wee unelected tory sh*te coming up today, and all his English Tory and LABOUR chums who despise Scotland, they should take note. People in Scotland are sick of them, they despise them, and do not want them. I despise the unelected English colonial government.

    Scotland really needs a champion right now. We really need a leader with fight and guile. Humza is not, nor ever will be that person. A good start, would be to get the Scotland football team on the telly.

  149. Luigi

    Nicola Sturgeon may have been seriously compromised IMO. The British establishment certainly seemed to have something big on her. I wonder what the deal was.

    Humza Yousaf, on the other hand, just seems to be completely out of his depth. Not a clue. It’s getting embarrassing.

  150. robbo

    Woke ideology is all about the money.

    Woke cosmetics firm Lush pays £5million in bonuses… After its £5million government bailout.

    It’s known for its highly-perfumed fizzing bath bombs and a supposedly cleaner-than-clean social conscience.

    But Lush may not come out smelling of roses after forking out £4million in bonuses for its top brass last year – despite profits falling by 90 per cent.

    Bonanzas were handed to its directors, including 71-year old chief executive Mark Constantine who co-founded the business in May 1995, and his wife Mo.

    Awards were also dished out to six top bosses, despite the firm’s poor performance for the year ending June 30, 2022.

    The windfalls also came despite Lush receiving £5.1million in government support, including a reduction in business rates and furlough for staff.

  151. John Main

    Hey Dan

    Brian DTT has taken a stab at answering the question, so you can stand down.

    Make sure you read his post so you will know the answer if anybody asks again.

  152. Stephen O'Brien

    SNP has openly accepted political entrenchment, under the terms of the Scotland Act. What is the point in voting for SNP? It’s not only inane, it’s public endorsement of the current political stalemate!

    The Scottish Parliament failed to enact the Scottish Referendum Bill.

    Holyrood beyond compromised, proven to be unproductive, futile to the Scottish electorate.

    Court action must ensue against the offenders, to enable specific performance & restoration of democratic process.

    The Stirling Directive representatives must identify the Scottish National Party, in legal action, as the main offender! Neutrality, only within court domain.

  153. David Hannah

    2 snacks is in Scotland to announce hundreds of new oil and gas licenses.

    I bet Scotland gets fuck all from the deal.

    I despise the Tories.

  154. David Hannah

    2 snacks up in Scotland. To steal our fucking oil. His party has collapsed. He’s stealing every last drop of black gold for his mates while he can.

    We are are powerless as the just stop oil nutters. Who I don’t support.

    I want us to keep drilling our oil to improve our living standards.

  155. John Main


    The logic of your post is, ahem, confused. You have jumped to the unevidenced conclusion that no Orcadians, possibly with roots reaching back for generations, would ever classify themselves as WHITE, OTHER BRITISH.

    Makes perfect sense to me why they would. Why would I regard myself as Scottish, just because some Norwegian landed toff handed my land and my ancestors over to a Scottish landed toff in the ancient times?

    Worth pointing out to you your colonialist leanings, too. You look at a group of people, the Orcadians in this example, and presume to tell them to forget how they see themselves – according to you they are Scots, and they must just suck it up.

    Freedom! But not if you say No.

    Whoops, not a good look.

  156. John Main

    I’m betting Scotland gets lots of jobs from the Carbon Capture Scheme, plus an even bigger jobs bonanza from the new offshore exploration licenses issued today.

    There are endless debates to be had over the environmental rights and wrongs of this, plus endless more over the fairness or otherwise of Scotland’s share.

    But in the never ending Herculean struggle to keep things just a wee bittie real on here, the claim that we will get “fuck all” needs to be shot down in flames.

  157. A Scot Abroad

    David Hannah,

    Scotland gets more £ spent per head than England. The oil revenue is minor.

    If the oil revenue was given to Scotland directly, and there wasn’t a Barnett payment, Scotland would be net poorer.

  158. John Main


    You need to spam Boab The Builder too.

    Chop chop.

  159. Den

    Great news for North East Scotland this am, can only wish for this sort of investment on the West coast, measured and sensible approach to de-transition from fossil fuels over a period of time seems the most sensible approach. I believe the SNP would have backed this approach had they not been hitched to the pretend greens via the Bute Hose agreement.

  160. Captain Yossarian

    When we all voted for a Holyrood Assembly (it was called an Assembly back then) we already had a functioning and impartial public service civil-service, legal profession, police service, education, health service, ferries were ordered on time and all the rest of it. Now, after 20 odd years of interference by these vapid folk, most of that has all gone. I’d much rather close Holyrood and re-open a Scotland Office. There are a small number of MSP’s that are worthwhile, but no-one from the SNP or Labour or Greens. So, best close the place as it’s been a failure.

  161. David Hannah

    I disagree A Scot Abroad. We get nothing from oil and gas. British Gas is Spanish owned isn’t it?

    They’ve just made 2.1 billion profit. All the Spanish shareholders will be buying new homes. New cars in the sunshine. While Scots suffer.

    2 snacks is in town to steal Scotland’s oil, from Scottish waters. For his VIP lane. And making a quick exit through his Free Ports.

  162. John Main

    Captain Yossarian

    Over those 20 years, the annual crop of Scottish shoulder chips has grown by several orders of magnitude.

    It has all cost umpteen billions of hard-earned taxpayers dosh, but it’s defo a result of sorts.

    The growers and nurturers of the shoulder chips are now rich beyond the wildest dreams of those with similar talent and ability who continued to labour in less fertile environments.

  163. David Hannah

    Get the Brits out Now. Britania rules no waves. Scotland’s oil. SIPHONED off by a Prime Minister from a foreign country – England. That no one votes for in Scotland.

  164. Dorothy Devine

    Cap’n Yossarian, as opposed to the rousing success of Westminster?

  165. John H.

    Do you need any more proof that Sturgeon is still in charge? Humza Yousaf isn’t much more than a puppet.

  166. stuart mctavish

    Wonder how much love or hate it’ll take to reserve new powers on the basis that only an (ahem) viking* can truly define what makes a Scotsman – or if there’s still value to be had in insisting on the denial of Scottish citizenship to everyone (still) not sovereign enough to differentiate between reckless endangerment , seasonal flu and a surprise hangover (the bollocks part of the problem)!.

    *Unfortunately a recent jump in the likelihood of veterinary surgeons being required (or not) in definitive definition of what makes a (Scots) woman an honest woman renders the insult far less a preposterous a thought experiment than it ought to be (the fannies part of the problem)!

  167. David Hannah

    Scots can’t afford a slice o’ mother pride or porridge oats.

    British gas are stuffing their faces with paella in the sunshine.

    All thanks to Margaret Thatcher and her sell off of Britain.

  168. President Xiden

    Dear Humza, maaate !

  169. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “Ian Brotherhood, Scots aren’t sovereign. Haven’t been since 1707, and in reality, they weren’t for hundreds of years before then. Prior to 1707, it was the Scots aristocrats and lairds who made the decisions within the scope of what the King allowed, and they didn’t bother with consulting the people.

    And now Scots are citizens of the UK, and there’s no exercisable “Claim of Right” in the UK.

    The Claim of Right is nothing but meaningless pageantry for meaningless ceremonies. People can bump their gums about it all they like, but they are fools, and bumping their gums doesn’t affect anything whatsoever.”

    ASA, you keep generating the same baseless and increasingly ancient guff day after day.

    Scots are sovereign because their constitutional and legal systems treat them as such. The Scots aristocrats and lairds made the operational decisions, but nevertheless were obliged to respect the rights of the people as set out in those systems. Even the monarch had to tread warily, and more than one found out the hard way that breaching those rights wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    Your big mistake is thinking that because the people don’t directly govern themselves, then they are not sovereign, because others make the governance decisions on their behalf. But that is down solely to the impracticality of any large body of people to govern themselves directly, making delegation of governance the only practical game in town. Delegation is of the power to govern, not of sovereignty itself because the key point here is who does the delegating.

    You also ignore the fact that representational democracy is a relatively modern institution, and applying a modern perspective to historical contexts is essentially an exercise of ignorance.

    In addition, you impute far more power to the Treaty of Union than it actually supports, and in that regard you are as bad as your bosses, the English establishment, who carefully present the Treaty as giving them carte blanche to treat, and frequently mistreat, the Scots and Scotland in any manner they please, with no comeback.

    Just because they’ve got away in the past with breaching the Treaty and the Scottish constitution it guarantees, doesn’t in any way validate their pretensions to do so. They are badly in the wrong, and they will come to regret it. Boris found that out the hard way, too.

    As Breeks put it recently, Westminster has spent centuries dismantling the linkages between the rights of the Scots, and their means to enforce them.

    Westminster cheerfully accepts we have those rights, thinking it’s safe because it stole Scotland’s house fuse, so we can’t power them up.

    But we are building a new fuse with a Salvo logo on it, and once we pop it in, the sparks are gonna fly.

  170. A Scot Abroad

    David Hannah,

    I suspect that you are in denial.

    Scotland receives a lot more in Barnett funding than the tax revenues from oil and gas that go to the UK.

    But no, you won’t accept that, even though it’s the truth. So what would you like? Edinburgh to receive the revenues? And what then? A big reduction in Barnett money?

    You are a blinkered fool.

  171. David Hannah

    100 new oil and gas licenses. What giant conglomerate gets the money?

    This new oil boom will of course help to make the case for Scottish Independence.

  172. Stuart MacKay

    John Main @8:54am

    I’d want to see the small print on that Carbon Capture announcement. Storing CO2 in oil wells is not, shall we say, a proven technology. This article from the Journal Of Petroleum Technology, Mature Wells Given New Carbon-Storage Purpose With Subsurface Data,, though pretty jargon filled, goes through a list of what’s needed and reports that not all wells will be suitable.

    In addition the announcement, reported on several news channels, was pretty specific about heavy industry. The Northeast is not exactly known for it’s heavy industry so how is all that CO2 going to be transported assuming the idea ever makes it to fruition.

    This, Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCS),, from Equinor is a much easier read and shows what the Norwegians are up to. It’s still early days and while there’s potential, it’s still only forecasts, not reality. From the Equinor (unfortunately there’s no date on the article):

    We’re leading studies on behalf of Norwegian authorities to develop full-scale CCS in Norway.

    Leveraging our R&D and innovation capabilities will be key to developing new energy solutions at an acceptable cost.

    Given the “levelling up” rhetoric from this Conservative Government is long on fantasy and short on reality (Gove recently announced 1 million new homes would be built in the next 2 years), I would exercise cautious optimism.

  173. Karen

    Re Scotland’s population decline, the world is over populated with rich humans. Give our young people homes and jobs definitely, but also let older people work part time and pay tax – they still have a lot to give in knowledge and experience if not physically (although they are healthier than past generations). A basic income scheme would give people flexibility to childcare, return to study, volunteer etc.By the way why don’t Scots get their pensions earlier since we live shorter lives that those in the South East of England (where they also get cheaper heating, while not needing so much because it is warmer)? These used to be SGP policies until they were captured by the traniban.

  174. ScotsRenewables

    <i? Scot Abroad says:
    31 July, 2023 at 11:21 am
    David Hannah,

    I suspect that you are in denial.

    Scotland receives a lot more in Barnett funding than the tax revenues from oil and gas that go to the UK.

    But no, you won’t accept that, even though it’s the truth. So what would you like? Edinburgh to receive the revenues? And what then? A big reduction in Barnett money?

    You are a blinkered fool.

    And you are a leaching lying parasite. But heyho, you meet all sorts of scum on the internet.

    Yours is a heid in dire need of biling . . .

  175. Robert McAllan

    Wullie B, YE BEAT ME TAE IT. Yousaf bide awa. Skye already has two elected SNP representatives, liabilities in the form of Forbes and Blackford neither of who have publicly campaigned for our Independence within this constituency. They see Skye as a great backdrop for where they can get their pictures took, nae mair than that. AUOB IS AN ORGANISATION COMMITTED TO THE FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE WHICH IS MAIR THAN CAN BE SAID FOR THAE THREE STOOGES!!

  176. David Hannah

    I want Independence. We won’t be needing to be spoon-fed the bairnet formula we will be in control of our own affairs.

    Once we tear up the ScotWind contracts.

    And end our relationship with the bank of England. We’re paying nothing to them.

    Well be taking the oil for ourselves and turning Scotland into Saudi Arabia.

  177. Garavelli Princip

    Xaracen says (11:19):

    “ASA, you keep generating the same baseless and increasingly ancient guff day after day”.

    What followed was true and cogent.

    ASA is by his own admission a former(?) army man and (he says) a current military dealer (technology of death and destruction).

    By his own admission he is – by definition – amoral and unscrupulous.

    He (and others similar here that I do not need to name) are only here to propagandise and spoil on behalf of enemies of Scotland, particularly those who purport to be Scots, but give the game away when they try to write in what they fancy is the Scots language.

    Their aim is to break our morale.

    They need to be ignored. Waste no more electronic ink on them.

    Let them fart into the ether!

    Ignore them!

  178. David Hannah

    Last thing I’ll say on the oil. The Unionists can never say to us again it’s running out. Not after today and the 100 new licenses in Scottish waters making England energy Independent.

    They will never let us go so the time now is for war against the English. To fight for our equal rights through Independence.

    Through Independence. Scots can achieve parity. And prosperity.

  179. Robert Louis

    A lot of folks really miss the point about the Scottish oil and gas reserves. It is not merely the tax revenue, or indeed the huge wadges of cash for licenses. The real benefit, as any economist would tell you, is in the economic Strength and energy independence it gives a nation.

    It is akin to trying to get a big bank loan from global banks, and they would ask you, what kind of collateral can you offer? An individual might say, oh, I could use my car as collateral, or I already have guaranteed income from my investments for the next ten years. And THAT latter point is key when it comes to countries. As an economy, England has billions in stolen Scottish oil and gas reserves alone. It is like they have a giant vault of gold, sitting in the North sea. It is not just the revenue right now, but the proven reserves and how that strengthens the English economy. In addition it also ensures that unlike other countries, England does not need to import (at great expense, and damaging to the balance of trade) oil and gas, like other countries do. THAT alone has a huge impact.

    So, it is laughable when folk on here try to make out the oil is worth very little to England. It is simply not the case. Indeed, if the oil and gas is genuinely worth so little to England, why don’t they stop stealing the license fees, revenue and economic benefits from Scotland, and hand it all to Scotland? Aye, right!

    Indeed Iain Duncan Smith gave the game away today by insisting that the new stolen oil and gas licenses in Scottish territorial waters, would give ‘britain’ england energy security for years to come.

    Any sane person, who thinks that London desperately clings on to Scotland and steals its oil and gas reserves, out of some kind of largesse towards the Scots needs their head examined. Yet time and time again, we see clowns trying to claim that Scotland gets oh so much more money than England, using dubious sources like GERS (which from the outset was designed by tory boy Iain Lang to make it look like Scotland benefited from being run by an English colonial government).

    Honestly, the very thought of English Tories insisting they undemocratically control Scotland, purely out of compassion and the desire to give Scots more money than their own English voters is just soooo absurd it beggars belief.

  180. David Hannah

    The Scottish oil in Scottish waters should be coming to the Independent bank of the replbic of Scotland.

    We don’t need the bank of England now with the 100 new oil and gas licenses in Scottish waters now do they to help us borrow?

    We’re paying nothing. Let our colonial masters manage their own debt ceiling.

  181. Confused

    exactly, Robert Louis, but ASA etc don’t know how it works

    the pound is effectively an oil backed currency, which makes it far stronger than it should be

    this is great if you are a net importer and this is not just amazon toys, 40% of england’s food is imported

    you need some kind of “real wealth” to act as collateral for all the “claims on wealth” airy fairy funny money you create out of thin air, from the magic money tree

    the accountancy tricks have been explained at length, elsewhere – they are designed to hide Scotland’s wealth and our true contributtion

    note also, a bit like “fractional reserves”, a little bit of real wealth can act as collateral for an entire pyramind of derived assets

    oil is THE commodity – if you have it, your money will always be worth something; the only problem Scotland might have post indy is if its own money is too strong for people to buy whisky, or come to visit here

  182. Confused

    Main misses the point as usual in his desperate attempt to spam at everything that moves – even when pretty pictures can be drawn that a child could process; I think it is a novel cognitive impairment, let’s call it “yoon brain” – when the cognitive dissonance kicks in, the anglo exceptionalism rises in response to suppress the obvious conclusion.

    2 things about orcadian independence

    – it only “is a thing” whenever Scots indy is on the rise
    – the large number of anglos who have moved up there “might have something to do with it”

    so, go figure, if you can. The -correlations- of timing are suspicious, no? – or is that just conspiracy theorising?

    Orkney never was a country on its own, has been part of Scotland for twice the length of the union, and it is the vikings who were the col0nialists, since they drove out the indigenous Picts. So, yet again John, everything you say, is a bunch of CONFUSED, dissembling, shite.

    The outskirts are often suppressed wrt to the centre – look at the maps again and look at Edinburgh, it is doing rather well, insulated in its own bubble of wealth and the associated trickle down; you might say a plague on both Edinburgh and London – but never forget who is the senior partner. If indy did happen, the natural response by Orkney would be to “see what happens” – an indy Scotland needs a massive generational infrastructure program, one which will certainly “join up” our country. Alf Baird sees a shipping hub as a good idea – London ain’t building that. Indy Scotland would be the best deal Orkney could ever get. Also remember there will be a boom in subsea mining using drone technology, not for oil but for the exotic metals that all this green tech needs; there is no better place to base this industry.

    Orcadian independence is mischief making.

    The lack of substance here is telling – has there ever been Scots-Orcadian ethnic violence? Has “viking culture” been suppressed, the old orcadian language written out of history, any specific grievance which Orkney can lay at Scotland exclusively, not at the UK? No, there is nothing to this, nothing at all.

    If people want to go back to the interactive map, overlay presbyterianism, british-only, and high levels of mental illness, and in that overlap, Main will be tapping away at his keyboard.

  183. Robert Louis

    If Scotland were independent, it would keep the oil reserves, and money and economic benefits, plus it would also keep its own taxes instead of paying them to London. Any idea how much in VAT, or insurance tax, or other taxes come from Scotland direct to England every year?? Thought not. Independent Scotlanmd would not require anything like a barnett formula, since we would stop paying anything to England. Indeed, given England’s repeated theft without payments of our oil and gas, England would be paying back to Scotland.

    It is not just the oil and gas revenues per year. The proven reserves are like an enormous bank vault full of future gold. Economic collateral you might call it. Without it, London would be sunk overnight – indeed within just a few hours. That is why they panicked in 2014. That is why London still refuses democracy in Scotland.

    Arguments about the annual revneue, and barnett are just fluff.

    I repeat, it is not just the value in revenue per year that matters.

    I see no reason why England feels this compulsion to control Scotland as a colony of England, whilst thieving our assets, including the proven oil and gas reserves.

  184. Den

    @robert Louis , not sure how you would square current government policy of not supporting new licences with the economic strength of a nation. The SNP/Greens would not achieve one thin dime for an independent Scotland from it current energy policy from North Sea oil and gas they would rather we imported expensive oil and gas whilst sitting on huge reserves.This is we’re the SNP/Greens begin to look even more foolish than we thought.

  185. Robert Louis

    Scots: Hey Rishi, ya wee jobby, what are you up to today??

    Sunak: I’m travelling up to our Scottish colony, to tell the Scottish people how England intends stealing more of their natural assets for years to come.

    Scots: GTF!

  186. A Scot Abroad

    North Sea oil is just as good as oil from anywhere else, but it’s more expensive to extract than most, what with it being under the North Sea and other countries can drill their’s out from under solid land. In other words, the cost of production is higher than almost anywhere else.

    As world demand for oil subsides (it will never go away entirely), which oil fields will be shut down first? The ones with the higher costs of production, or the ones with lower costs? Already we see the Americans closing down their wells in Alaska, as they are more expensive than the wells in Texas, or the Canadian shale fields.

    People banging on about iScotland supporting itself with oil revenues are absolute idiots. There’s 20 years left in it, at the most.

  187. Robert Louis

    And let’s not forget that England is also dependent upon Scottish renewables for electricity. England does not generate anywhere near enough electricity of its own, and takes Scottish electricity 24/7 for free. Interestingly, it also imports electricity from the Isle of Man and France, for which it pays commercial rates. Nothing for Scotland though, just steal it, eh Rishi?

  188. Confused

    Another little mentioned fact is how the thatcherite program totally re-engineered this UK economy away from any “real capitalism” (- it couldn’t compete with Germany and Japan and was unwilling to take the steps needed to do so)

    the UK got shrunk – it became money laundering and cheque kiting, funny money shenanigans down in that London, all backed at the bottom by the real wealth, the oil in Scotland, with nothing much in between; coal mines, factories, fuck all that shite; there would be a residue of high end activity in the “golden triangle”, but they decided not to do real capitalism anymore, there was less risk to this.

    – but an indy Scotland pulls the rug out from underneath all this, our indy is their existential crisis; they act like it is a “gun to their head”, because it is … and I can’t wait to pull the trigger.

    (This needs a long essay going back to Thatcher, but I need to go out.)

  189. David Hannah

    Alex Salmond would have granted the 100 new Scottish Oil and gas licenses in an Independent Scotland but we’d have been tied to the bank of England.

    The 100 new oil and gas licenses will make the case for the new Independent of Scotland bank, currency and borrowing powers.

    We can at least thank 2 snacks for helping to make the case for Scottish Independence stronger before he’s kicked out.

  190. David Hannah

    Today’s a game changer. And everyone knows it. Even plebs like myself are able to understand that Sunak has shifted the Independence dial up 10 notches today by intitiating the infrastructure required to help build the new, prosperous and fairer new Scottish state.

    Big Eck, he would have done the same. He’s an oil man. He’ll let us know in due course just how much theft will be going on for us to digest and embolden the nation.

  191. James Che

    It is only the Scots aristcrats in the treaty of union, they signed the document.

    Those aristocrats discussed and debated if they should ask the Scots if they wanted to join the treaty of union.
    The aristocrats decided against asking the rest of Scot to join the treaty in a vote because the Scots would probably vote No.

    This tells the Scots that those around the world aristocrats did not think they ruled Scotland or it territory,
    That Scots and Scotland were considered a separate entity from the aristocrats by the aristocrats themselves,
    And they did not hold superiority of Sovereignty,

    However they went ahead and joined themselves,

    There is a distinction between who joined the treaty of union and whom did not join in 1707.
    Made by the aristocrats and recorded by the aristocrat themselves.
    They did not consider themselves as Scotland or as representative of Scots,

    So the decision was made in 1707 not to ask the “Scots” to join the treaty of union.

  192. David Hannah

    Thanks to the Tories initiating the theft of our Independence oil in Scottish waters.

    The Alba Party doesn’t have to!

    Only the SNP want to turn Scotland’s economy into an anarchist hell hole of gender woo woo and low wages. Second class citizens in the British State.

  193. James Che

    The aristocrats ARE in the treaty of union,

    The Scots are NOT in the treaty of union.

    Charlies is not king of Scots. Was NOT crowned king of Scots,

    Charles WAS Crowned king of England and Wales in a televised Ceremony in England that did not include Scotland.

    It took awhile for Scots to catch on to what Sara Salyers was saying. Which I agree with totally because it is also backed up by,

    By the Aristocrats decision after debate ” NOT TO PUT THE VOTE TO THE SCOTS OF SCOTLAND TO JOIN THE TREATY OF UNION IN 1707″with them, they considered themselves as a separate entity from the Scots,

    The Scots have never been asked yet if they want to join the treaty of union,
    and those with a background in history know this elephant in the room. Mentioning no names in particular,

  194. Geri

    Agree with what’s been said..

    Spoilers are gonna spoil. 77th & green brigade just to irritate.

    The way ahead is Salvo/Liberation.

    No political downfalls.
    No corruption.
    No Yoo Yoo elections.
    No personality contest..
    & More importantly
    No top dawg ruling the roost putting the fckn brakes on any progress cause they deemed fit.

    The SNP is dead. Completely captured by Unionists & Holyrood trashed by Green unionists. This will always be the UKs modus operandi. Yoons took over the moment Sturgeon stepped into power where we’ve wasted eight yrs & six mandates on a fckn treacherous britnat. It’d only happen again, and again.

    The UK government will NOT grant a ref. They will not recognise election results. They couldn’t give a shit about Scots. On a domestic level it will always be rigged.

    I hope Stu will get on board & start reporting passed the never ending failures of the now Unionist SNP & mad ultra Unionist Greens & get behind the *union guff* because that is where this fight will take place. The constitution.

    Not arguments on domestic shit but where we actually stand in law & where it’s been continually abused.

    Only educating the masses of what they actually OWN & what the UK is plundering illegally will stir ppls anger of why *The bank of the North sea* is paying out £billions to another country while they’re munching lentils from a fucking food bank while looking at pretty windmills & seeing absolutely fuck all benefit to them for wasting our landscape while they have a final demand & a quid in the meter.

    Holyrood has been captured. Yoons know how to rig the system so the house always wins & we’ve a constant stream of fckn dullards in parliament who don’t actually know if the original claim of right is still sovereign cause someone had the bright idea to remove that vital bit of info from the original! FFS!

    Sara has done the right thing in removing herself from politicians. The Yes movement needs to get back to being completely neutral & apolitical. Just as it was before Sturgeon turned it tribal for her own power. Bastard.


    What gets me is that £650,000 of taxpayer’s money was given to this organisation. The Woke agenda moves from prohibition, to permission, to promotion. To be gay is permitted and legal, so why is £650,000 being spent on this minority pressure group to promote their agenda. We are moving from toleration to imposition.

  196. Robert Hughes

    Robert Louis says:
    31 July, 2023 at 12:36 pm

    ” Scots: Hey Rishi, ya wee jobby, what are you up to today??

    Sunak: I’m travelling up to our Scottish colony, to tell the Scottish people how England intends stealing more of their natural assets for years to come. ”

    ( still too many ) Scots . Aye , nae bother , help yrsel . Any chance o a wee dram fur ma wee maw´s heater .

    Sunak . Sorry old chap ,my chums in The City need all of it – that new estate in your dreary part of North Britain won´t pay for itself . Can I interest you in some of this lovely ,new convenient CBDC ?

    Scots . eh… sure she really needs any that hash oil at her age , but , aye , geez a dod anywiy , might help her sleep

    Sunak . * sigh * .

  197. John Main

    @Confused says:31 July, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    the large number of anglos who have moved up there “might have something to do with it”

    What’s this then Mr C? A retraction?

    Cos here’s what you posted at 11:39 last night:


    So now you are making my exact point. There might be a connection with inwards migration. There might not. That’s quite an improvement from you. Thanks Mr C.

    Our panel of alert readers will ponder over your inability to just fess up and say you got it wrong.

    They might also look at your outbursts of Yoon-calling and allegations of mental illness and wonder just what it is about facts, reality and logic that you find so upsetting.

    Orcadian independence is mischief making

    Nah, it’s a matter for the residents of Orkney. Right now, they don’t want Indy anyways. If they want anything, they want returned to their original home, the country now calling itself Norway.

    Maybes, like Norway, that exemplar for Scotland that is always been dangled in front of us, they want little to do with the undemocratic, anti-Indy EU.

  198. John Main

    Stuart MacKay

    I agree with most of your post.

    CCS is unproven, and problematic really long term as a safe way of CO2 disposal. But it punts the problem so far into the future that like nuclear waste, we can wash our hands of it.

    We can’t just run off the cliff edge of fossil fuel use though, or rather, I don’t want to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

    The Tories have woken up to the fact that most people don’t want to make those changes either. Could be an election game changer!

    I have already been out and about driving today. Roads choc-a-bloc as always. Sometimes I have fun trying to estimate the tiny percentage of the vehicles I encounter that are electric. It’s like sudoku for drivers, staves off the onset of Confused-like confusion.

  199. Karen

    Drive around, say, Argyll. Look at all the huge Vistorian houses (owned by who?). Look st the vast acres of land (Scotland is a 3 dimensional country unlike 2 dimensional Engerland). Look at the millions of mature trees. The hundreds of lochs. Scotland is a very, very rich country even without oil and renewables.

  200. Sven

    Must be interesting for Orcadians to cast their eyes North to see how their neighbours in the Faroe Isles are doing.
    With one of the highest GDP ratios in the world, thriving marine and fishing industries, their own native language ( were this native Scot to return, as some would desire, to the “ mother tongue” of my paternal grandparents and beyond) it would be Faroese I’d have to learn, rather than pidgin Scots. Complete autonomy to set and administer their own laws and seek worldwide Trade Agreements … gosh, never mind the Orcadians, mayhap a few more Scots could cast their own eyes northwards.

  201. Cuilean

    The UK Govt obviously see no danger of Scottish independence any time soon. Sunak is openly discussing new oil & gas permits to drill in Scotland’s North Sea Sector so that the UK can be independent of gas and oil from abroad.

    Does anyone remember how in 2014 Scots were repeatedly warned that North Sea oil & gas was about to run out and therefore oil and gas would be no benefit to an indy Scotland? Furthermore, we were warned our oil & gas would be a mill-stone round our Scottish necks, as Scottish tax payers would have to pay to decommission and dismantle all the oil rigs?

    Can’t even begin to describe my anger and despair at the current state of affairs. The weak and ineffectual SNP under Sturgeon are entirely responsible for the open contempt now shown to Scots by a rapacious and desperate UK Tory Govt. Labour will be just as bad.

  202. Confused

    not much of a “rebuttal” john – take one point, nitpick at it, then claim I changed my position so “you win”. I don’t think so – your reading comprehension is faulty.

    – these outburts of orcadian independence are almost certainly instigated by -english- unionist middle class, incomers, who as is their way, like to throw their weight around, i.e. mischief making by non-orcadians. That is the likely correct general interpretation, outliers excluded – if you want to be pedantic.

    as for facts – numbers, is the facts. That was the whole point of the post – the 2011 census, in all its glory. You can just see what is happening, it is unarguable. The orkney matter was a side issue, something you seized on, unable to grasp the overall point.

    Numbers cut through noise, and I encourage everyone to look at the data for themselves. But beyond all that, the real point is – what does 2021 census say?

  203. James Che

    The unionists do not have the sole intention of Colonising Scotlands resources, but colonising
    Scotlands land.
    Scotlands sea,
    Scotlands housing.
    Scotland governing bodies,
    Scotland genders.
    Scotland justice system.
    Scotland children.
    Scotlands immigration

    Nope they are not content with that.

    Now they are Colonising Wings over Scotlands media site that supports Scotlands independence.
    It would appear that Colonisation is not complete until they completely obliterate the Scots that linger in small ethic numbers in Scotland protesting against the tactics of the Coloniser,


  204. A Scot Abroad

    Every day, more and more mental BTL on WoS.

    Scottish oil and gas is finished within 20 years. The new licences run for 20 years. The world is winding down oil usage: it’s been essentially flat per capita for the last 10 years. And the first wells to get decommissioned will be the ones that are expensive to operate. Like Scotland’s.

    Anybody hoping that oil and gas will bring significant revenues to an iScotland is an absolute idiot.

  205. James Che


    If they openly disgustingly lied to us about Oil and gas,
    About better together
    Why do you believe “THEIR” version of the fallacious treaty of union?
    You only have their word for it being accurate and all emcompassing.

    The Coloniser looking for bigger and better assets will always tell you lies, even about a contract in the small print.

    You recognise a new lie,
    Why not the old one?

  206. Geri


    Aye & there goes Flynn saying ..

    *Oi, UK government – don’t forget Scotland’s next big *gold rush* The potential of Scottish renewables. Don’t forget to take them too! I’d hate for you to miss out!*

    What a fcking wanker. The *dregs of society* Scotland elected to represent us in that cesspit.

    But then we knew that in 2015 when 56 rode into WM town & took a seat to take the absolute piss…

  207. Northcode

    Scotland is a colony of England; according to the English. And has been since the ice receded following the last ice-age, apparently.

    “The oratours of Ingland … intende to preue that Scotland vas ane colone of Ingland quhen it vas fyrst inhabit”

    The Complaynte of Scotland (1549)

    The Complaynte of Scotland is an anonymous political text written around 1549, though often attributed to Robert Wedderburn (1510 – circa1560), a Scotsman from Dundee and graduate of St. Andrews university.

    The text is part of the political history of Scotland, a manuscript written in opposition to the unification of Scotland and England that was being pursued by England at the time.

    In the manuscript, a personification of Scotland, Dame Scotia, argues for Scotland to retain its identity and cites aspects of Scottish culture as reasons for remaining separate.

  208. David Hannah

    The Tories are on their way back to corrupt us all again with their VIP lanes and Kate Forbes free ports.

    Sir Kier Starmer has only just discovered what his genitals look like. And Sadiq Khan has just turned London into a low emission zone.

    The Labour Party are no friends of socialists with the banning of MPs supporting trade Unions.

    All policies to be made in London according to Sir Kier, God Save the King Starmer.

    So when we all vote for Scotland United and Independence in the next few elections.

    Better together and the bank of England can get their filthy dirty theiving hands off Scotland’s prosperity.

    Get the Brits out Now. Of government that is.

  209. James Che

    The colonisation of Wings over Scotland,

    The must think it is one of the only places left that ethic Scots and Scottish independence supporters need Colonising yet,
    They have Colonised all of Scotland except the resistant minds of the Scots,

    Here is a wee gem for Scots to remember.
    They the “Colonisers” have not succeeded for over three hundred years through many Scots generations,

    This tactic has not successful in many other Countries either, infact it has a opposing effect,
    It gets the Colonised riled up to persist generation after generation,
    It happened in Africa, India, for example and many other Countries that were Colonised.

    Many of those Countries never forgot, and still do not forget, many have left the oppression of that old empire because the oppression and the stealing of their land, homes and resources continued while their nations became impoverished until they said enough is enough.

    The over all long term view of this is that after many decades of mind suppression it is the Coloniser themselves that inadvertantly keeps the heart and heat of a nation burning true to their origins and their own native land,

    The added addition of death for defying the Coloniser instilled more hatred towards the coloniser, not less.

    This is the position of Scotland,
    At this point in time they have recognised for the first time, they have been Colonised rather than a equal treaty of union partner that only a few aristocrat signed into,

    The yoon Colonisers on this site continue to remind us, in their attempts to colonise our thoughts, oppress our minds and dam the growing tide that ethic Scots have always felt generation after generation just like other colonised nations around the world.

    That the only way to change oppression of the Coloniser is to leave a abusive relationship of the Coloniser,
    That remains the solution for Scotland as it did with other nations that were suppressed and taken over against their will,

    It is with gratitude towards those yoons that are here, that we (Scotland and Scots) are still seeking Scotlands independence from the Colonising oppressors that continue to mock our thoughts and nation.

    Thank you for your constant daily reminders of how “you” believe that Scots are to Wee, To stupid, To poor,
    To remove themselves from you, the Colonisers,
    Keep fanning the flames ,
    the fire in our hearts that has lasted for centuraries of reclaiming the land of Scots, is growing due to your actions and motives, and derogatory attitudes towards Scots, as your die in the wool empire attitude fails more so from Scotland point of view than for yourselves as unionists.

    You are excellent as yoons at keeping the home fires burning towards Scottish independence for Scots under Colonisation,

  210. A Scot Abroad

    James Che,

    you seem to have moved on from moaning and whining about 1707, and are now moaning and whining about colonization.

    Alf Baird is completely wrong about that, but you seem to be easily misled, and are now banging on about it endlessly.

    The Scots are the greatest colonisers in human history. Not only across the British Empire, as was, but of England as well. Look at how so many Scots achieved fame and greatness both abroad and within the UK.

    Maybe you should feel empathy for the poor and mentally feeble Scots, and their descendants, who were too afraid to venture beyond the border.

  211. James che

    Ian brotherhood.

    Salvo is correct on the Sovereignty of the Scots,
    And it is the Scots Sovereignty that pushes forward the the politicains or not as the case maybe, if that does not happen then Sovereign Scotx can chose to ignore the politicians.

    But I was more than a little confused about the reference to getting our Crown back,
    As far as 2023 goes two separate ceremonies took place in two separate kingdoms apparently,

    The Crown of Scotland and the regalia does not and cannot sit in Westminster or England as a Sovereign Crown of Great Britain, due to the Claim of right that has been acknowledged by the Westminster parliament latterly in 2018.
    And by king Charles of England and Wales in 2023.
    Westminster parliament therefore has acknowledged that the Scots Crown and the English crown are separate,
    Indeed it has always required two separate ceremonies,
    This does imply and indicate that the Crown of Britain is a false claim.
    These two separate ceremonies also took place in two separate Countries, at to separate time scales.

    The Crown of Scotland not being destitude . But active,
    With the crown of Scotland being active in 2023 and in a separate ceremony, from Englands, we must presume that there are still two separate kingdoms under two separate Crowns.

    It also activates the question are there three Crown heads in Britain?

    The king of England and Wales,
    the king of Scots.
    The king of great Britain, a constructed entity.

    But that constructed entity of Great Britain holds no legal position under one crown and one kingdom if it retains two separate annointing ceremonies for becoming one kingdom,
    Especially as the king of England and Wales has no permit to be crowned in Scotland due to the Claim of Right.

    In Scotland in 2023 King Charles of England and Wales was not crowned king of Scots, neither was his mother before him,

    This avoids a second question that should be asked in Scotland. But is not.

    Does the king of England and Wales uphold the treaty of union of one united kingdom of Great Britain?
    And with regard to Sara Salyers mentioning of the returning the crown of Scots physically or metaphorically it appears from all evidence that it did not leave the extant kingdom Scotland physically metaphorically.

    A third question arises, due to the anomaly of two separate Coronations in two separate Countries at two separate times,

    If nothing but lip service ceremony took place in Scotland in 2023, not a actual crowning, and as we witnessed, no Scots Crown on either Charlie or Camilla’s heads during the ceremony then king Charles of England and Wales has no Crown in Scotland or in the Scottish justice system either,

    We would be referring to the king of England and Wales ruling Scots by a falsified Crowning by Westminster government.

    So the biggest and last question of all is why does the Westminster government of a supposed United kingdoms and the monarch of one kingdom require two separate ceremonies for one supposed kingdom of great britain?

  212. James Che


    You seemed to have moved on from being a Scot to being a colonised Scot with ease.

  213. James Che


    In fact it appears you willing take up the roll of the empires new employee
    You would gel quite easily with those old Scots Colonisers,

    You want more than one property in Scotland,
    You constantly berate Scots for wanting there independence.
    You don’t wish to pay higher taxes for the multiple properties,
    You think colonisers and outsiders should decide wether others in Scotland should free or not,
    Infact you went as far as suggesting you would juggle where you would live in future to have a effect on future vote results in Scotland,

    Yep, you would fit right in with those old Scottish colonisers, only in this instance you wish to shit on your own nation,

    Attitude of the Coloniser never Changes wether old Scot or new Scot coloniser.

  214. Geri

    Isnt she referring to the crown as in belonging to sovereign Scots?

    They owned it. They said who’s head it sat on. They said who it should be removed from etc.

    Not politicians or a parliament.

    Politicians owning parliamentary sovereignty is an entirely English concept that had no counterpart with Scotland who’s sovereignty lay with its ppl. That’s why it remained incompatible.

    A few arsehole politicians don’t own our sovereignty – that’s what got us into this mess in the first place & it doesn’t lay with parliament either because we see the absolute clusterfuck that causes with GRR forced through against public opinion.

    That is my understanding of it but I could well be wrong.

  215. Geri


    He isn’t a Scot.

    No self respecting Scot allows itself to be shafted cross eyed & cheer on its own erasure.

  216. James Che


    Regards the position of where the Crown rests in Scotland was not well defined, therefore thought it should be clarified.

    However it still a case of two kingdoms in the Isles of Britain actively extant in Ceremonies, in separate timing, and one where the monarch was only crowned king of England and Wales.

    Two separate existing kingdoms does not make one united kingdom.

    As to your latter post. There is a well known word for someone whom goes against his own nation and Country to align with benefits from another opposing Country to prevent his own Country winning.
    it starts with T.

  217. James Che

    From now on it is impossible to not think of the above without the other word popping involuntary into my head.
    Gone is the old thought of new Scot coloniser to be replaced with the letter T.

  218. Alf Baird

    James Che @ 5:03 pm

    “Attitude of the Coloniser never Changes wether old Scot or new Scot coloniser.”

    Yes James, colonialism always depends on the debasing of the colonized and everything about him, which is exactly as we see with most anti-independence btl comments. In this the native’s abilities, resources, culture, language, even his nation itself is never good enough for the colonialist. And as Albert Memmi wrote:

    “This always brings us back to racism, which is the substantive expression, to the accuser’s benefit, of a real or imaginary trait of the accused. Racism appears then, not as an incidental detail, but as a consubstantial part of the colonial system and one of the most significant features of the colonialist. Racism sums up and symbolizes the fundamental relation which unites colonialist and colonized.”

    And in this relation the central role of culture (incl language) figures heavily because “Colonial racism is built from three major ideological components: one, the gulf between the culture of the colonialist and the colonized; two, the exploitation of these differences for the benefit of the colonialist; three, the use of these supposed differences as standards of absolute fact.”

  219. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    Indeed Alf it seems that the gulf between what was supposed be a Scot in Scotland , and a Scot that has moved away from his/her former homeland but also becomes re-indoctrinated by the offices of war machines of the Coloniser or is supplied and bank rolled in some manner by the Coloniser never envisages himself as a toolfor the oppressor,
    The original Coloniser encourages the useful ex pat to go against his own Inheritance, his own background and perhaps his own Dna,

    It appears that praise and a pat on the back with a wad of money is all it takes, wether that was in 1707 or today,
    The nearest that I could explain this in a way that my education has been limited,
    Is it is akin to watching a drug dealer drawing in a potential client that may take the drug he has been offered at first for free, but with the ulterior motive that that client will get hooked enough to take the drug himself or continue to pass it on to others.
    The drug dealer just like the Colonial dealer first must detatch the potential client from his family, his home ground, from what he knows or knew to be successful.

    When witnessing how the new drugged up ex- Scot copies the actions of the drug dealer/Coloniser tactics and behaviour once caught.
    For his need for a fix becomes stronger than family ties, community, culture or language.

    That is a sad, but very true parallel.

    The drugged person never sees himself as others do when he tries returning back home, for he has changed and it takes a long time to regain trust that was taken for granted.
    The Scot that left home and became addicted to the Colonisers drug habits and tactics without going through rehab, may constantly back slide and kick out at those whom used to be his family and friends,
    We see this here, in “I am a Scot,” “but, syndrome.
    The constant want and need to be accepted back into the fold, while metaphorically kicking and punching and verbally abusing those he wants the affection from.

    This scenario is “Colonisation of the mind” no matter what the drug offered was, or the feeling of power that drug falsely supplied.
    When the drug is ebbing and wanning what corner does the Colonised mind find himself in, standing alone, not accepted by those he had forsaken and not accepted by the Colonial mafia world.

    This is the same the world over, in every Country that was ever Colonised, there are those willing to take the Colonial drug, and those that stay true to their families , their Communities, their traditions, their culture and their mother tongue.

    And refuse the free easy route offered as bribery to succour in the unwary and weak, the name of the Colonial drug,
    It is the root to all evil,
    Depending on the education offered.

  220. Lorna Campbell

    A Scot Abroad: I don’t know what you are on about. I don’t care if you are a MacCludgie. We have an overall majority for independence. Stop listening to propaganda. Any future referendum would be stymied. It is no longer a viable option except after independence. We need a United Scotland election approach. The SNP will not agree. Ergo, we need to organize ourselves without them.

  221. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    When my children were young and I feared for there safety , I read up on many subjects, drugs and addictions was one of the many things I educated myself on,
    Thankfully they never did part take,
    But the parallels of capture are not unlike how the wrong education can be just as dangerous, and this is rife in Schools just now with the gender indoctrinations being taught in the schools now,

    But if we view the long term mind control games being played out at present and with the memory fresh in my head of my old education and the less subtle attempts to indoctrinate me with only the queens english.

    Then I have no doubt really that some other education system like the army or Councils as examples also the same.
    My daughter is going through the brainwash indoctrination process at her place of employment, certainly all the gender woo woo and the Climate change nonsense,
    She sits in the room when they dish it out, otherwise be demoted, and she is quite high up in office status.
    When I see, The ” Iam a Scot, but,

    I have witness the Colonisation of Minds,
    And like many on here they do not even know that happened to them.

  222. Willie

    The cononisation of minds has been the go for a long long time.

    It starts with disparaging of our Scots language as uneducated corrupted slang and continues with the process of rewriting history proclaiming the British nation at the exclusion of the Scots.

    Inferior inferior inferior, never really a nation, always part of Great Britain, and a Scotland with a tradition running back to Magna Carta.

    And now how the plunder continues and accelerates under the English colonial way.

    Yes James Che it is insidious and all around. And as the colonial master’s flush bursts on the world stage the importance of its last colony Scotland becomes ever more important.

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