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Boab The Builder

Posted on July 29, 2023 by

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  1. Morgatron

    Spat my coffee all over the screen. Thanks Chris! Belter .

  2. Alice Timmons

    Yep. A picture paints a thousand words…

  3. Geoff Anderson

    That sums it up!

  4. SusanAHF

    Curtains blue, pink and white, surely? Good one Chris

  5. stuart mctavish

    Hopefully Boab been down the grand old opry enough for this to mean Barbie world & no more waiting for permissions – ya dancer!

    Certainly now the criteria for what renders Scots Scottish post indy is agreed, easy way to mitigate further delay must be to get as many registered as still want to be considered as such – and ask all Scottish citizens present at next national election to respond to the question “should Scotland be an independent country ? ” whilst they’re at it. 🙂

  6. Beauvais

    The only Grand Designs Humza Yousaf ever had was becoming wealthier and becoming First Minister. The only building he was ever interested in was Bute House.

  7. Jan Cowan


  8. Willie

    Post the next election this could be Humza searching find where his SNP is buried

  9. Robert Hughes

    ” kin he fix it ? ” : kin he fuck .

    Just when most of us had written HY off as , let’s say , less than magnificent , he astounds us all by – despite previous assertions to the contrary – indeed having something ” to pull out of his arse ” – oops , …. hat . Burgundy coloured passports . Genius

    That’s a game-changer, for sure . Independence * will be a canter now .

    * ie ….Independence within the EU; W.H.O; NATO ;U.N and all those other impeccably democratic altruistic collectives .

    As usual , a Bobby D lyric seems apposite

    ” I started off on burgundy , but soon hit the harder stuff
    everybody said they’d stand behind me when the game got rough

    But the joke was on me ( edit : us ) , there was no one even there to bluff,
    I’m goin’ back to New York ( edit : faw’n tae fck ) City , I do believe I’ve ( edit : they’ve ) had enough ”

    Brilliant work C.C 🙂

  10. Stephen O'Brien

    The National newspaper, an instrument of the state. Headline after headline conspiratorial propaganda. An illusion of advance to independence, when In fact, maintaining the status quo is the objective of those involved!

    The National newspaper continues to aid The Scottish National Party, to remain in a Devolved, pot licking, spiral of compliance!

  11. Luigi

    This latest initiative to set who can apply for citizenship in an independent Scotland seems to be a sneaky attempt to make Humza and the SNP look like they are doing something while not actually doing anything at all. All show and no action. How typical.

  12. Marie Clark

    A real LOL moment Chris. Aye that’s about the size of it right enough. Well done.

  13. Jeremy Wickins

    That made me laugh out loud, Chris!

  14. Ronnie McNeill

    Right on the money, unfortunately.

  15. SusanAHF

    We should be giving indigenous Scots reasons to have children eg decent State support and encouraging a range of jobs to be available IN Scotland so people don’t have to leave. Instead we look to immigrants. How does that make sense?

  16. President Xiden

    Maybe less of the hypotheticals and more of dealing with the actual responsibilities you have Mr Yousaf. Just a thought.

  17. Captain Yossarian

    Can I suggest Humza gives Dan a call?

  18. Antoine Roquentin

    100% on-the-nail, a brammer!

  19. robertkknight

    Humbug Yousless taking the Monkeys+Typewriters+Time=Complete Works of Shakespeare approach to Indy.

    If he and his chocolate teapot of a party survive long enough he’s praying that at some future point, someone, somehow conjures up a workable plan for Indy that the Yoons can’t pick apart in 3 seconds flat.

    In the meantime they’ll keep milking Devo for all its worth, so don’t hold your breath, don’t buy into their bullshit, and don’t vote SNP.

    PS… Loving your work Mr Cairns!

  20. John Main

    “We haven’t got a …”

    Usually “clue” comes next.

    However, in Mr Yousaf’s case, I will accept “legitimate claim to the top job”.

  21. John Main

    Innarestin article on Unherd this morning:

    “Police Scotland stands by as gender-critical feminist is attacked”.

    I used to believe there was no such thing as bad publicity, but the news coming out of Scotland lately has caused me to re-evaluate.

  22. Republicofscotland

    Ha, Ha Chris an absolute belter, Youseless has no intentions of holding any form of indyref, the recent bumping of gums by Youseless is just to fool the masses into voting for his MPs at the next GE, and to try and claw back those ex-members who are completely disillusioned by party’s carrot dangling on independence amongst other things.

  23. Ruby Tuesday

    That is one of your best Chris.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in Humza’s Scotland will be legally obliged to have pink curtains.

    Not having pink curtains will be a hate crime!

    Everything in Scotland will be turning pink. Labour will ditch the red ties and have pink instead. Richard of the red scarf will instead wear a nice barbie pink one

    Everything will be pink except the ‘adult human females’ who will be forced to wear grey and keep out of sight.

    Hot tip for those who fancy being ‘pretty in pink’ and can’t afford new stuff.

    Red sock in the white wash does the trick. For those with a large wardrobe of ‘red power suits’ just add some bleach to the wash.

  24. 100%Yes

    I’m fed up with the SNP and their Yousless announcements at every opportunity on Independence when it isn’t announcement on Citizenship we need, it’s a solid direction for the next Westminster election.
    You have got to be a complete and utter stupid fuck not to realize this moron isn’t going to achieve us Independence, he and his pathetic party is going to lose the next Westminster election unless we can now unite with a viable plan how every single vote for Indy will be used to deliver Independence.
    If the moron and his party continue on 1 vote for the SNP is a vote for Indy only, people will finally realize that the SNP once again through poor judgment lost us Independence again and this time it was deliberately done.
    How we need to show the state of the Indy movement by the means of a carton is a sorry state of affairs, its hard not to be disappoint in every direction of political life Scotland.
    I mean how the SNP membership could have elected such a tit is beyond me, I don’t dislike the guy I just hate how we have a moron leading us as a FM.

  25. Doug

    Curtains for Yousaf after the Rutherglen and Hamilton West byelection?

  26. Antoine Bisset

    “Sun AHF says
    We should be giving indigenous Scots reasons to have children ..Instead we look to immigrants.”

    It does not make sense. In 1912 Scotland had a population of 4.7m. We now have 5.2m. A big increase.
    In 1912 agricultural machinery was relatively primitive and there were many farm workers. Heavy industries , like coal, steel engineering, shipbuilding employed tens of thousands as did the downstream industries suchas general manufacturing, and the support industries such as printing.
    The notion of our needing immigrants came from a former first minister, Jack McConnell, I think, bandying around a figure of 600,000.No one challenged it. No one pointed out that we no longer had industries region requiring lots of manpower. We do not need more people. The need for people to come here to work to pay the pensions of retirees is a canard. A simple Ponzi scheme.

  27. John Main

    Antoine Bisset

    Do we have 5.2m people?

    The figure of 6m is bandied about, with some justification.

    It’s a UK-wide issue. The population growth of recent years has been massively under-reported, and for obvious reasons.

  28. Shug

    has grousebeater got the story??

  29. Lorna Campbell

    Ay, curtains will be right! Coughed myself a nice shade of blue rather than pink with laughing so much.

  30. James Che

    A very good cartoon Chris considering the subject is very bad,

    Safe guard immigrants and old people.
    Not women, children or the ethic minority population of Scotland,

    Usless should have stated there would be new protections for Scottish people in Scotland and he may have been onto a winner,If as a Snp politician he could remember what he had said and promised within a 24 hour period,
    Two of the Criteria requirements on yer application form to be a MSP or SNP in Scotland seems to be short term memory loss and the abilty to lie as good as Carmicheal and NS.

    We need a new real “Sovereign Scottish peoples Parliament,”
    The treaty of union may have united to the old parliament of Scotland at one time,

    There is NO Article in the treaty of union that states or prevents Scotland opening a new Sovereign Scots parliament.
    After all the Sovereign Scots were not allowed in the old 1707 treaty of union.

    And Charlie and his consort was not Crowned king of Scots in 2023

    One day the ethic population of Scotland will wake up to how they are put upon by Colonialism rather than actually being in a treaty,
    Denial of self affliction of circumstances, will become past history.

    A few pointers to help along the way.

    1: With no crowned king or queen of Scots,
    2: With two ceremonies required, but not having proceeded in 2023.
    3: with no Crown in Scotland due to “Scots Claim of Right,” acknowledged by Charlie and Westminster,
    4: the Crown of England and Wales, having no authority or having jurisdiction in Scotland.
    5: the Crown prosecutors Courts of England and Wales or of GB no longer have jurisdiction in Scotland.
    ( they have separate Crowns) ceremonies and separate time scales between Scotland and England, so not acting as one crown of GB.
    6: this belies the true status of of England Claiming that the monarch is a monarch of Britain, other wise you would only need one ceremony of the monarch GB.

    In this instance it is the Scots not questioning why the need?…. for two ceremonies in one supposed kingdom in GB
    Is this inability to question the status quo of Crowns of Great Britain a self inflicted imprisonment of Scots so used to being guided by a Colonisers that they no longer think as Scots, but as Englands educational government.

    Ethic Scots need to become like children in there persistent questions of the world about them.
    Learning and discerning what is real and which are stories they have been told.

  31. Johnlm

    Pink, white and blue curtains surely.

  32. Astonished

    Braw cartoon.

    Humza is a (brain) dead man walking.

    Everyone sees the nuSNP/transcult carrots are imaginary.

    If you don’t agree to ‘Scotland United’ candidates then, Humza, you will be hated as much as the Uddingston Judas.

  33. Antoine Bisset

    “John Main says:
    29 July, 2023 at 11:21 am
    Antoine Bisset

    Do we have 5.2m people?”

    That is also my question, as well as needing more?
    Newspapers have recently been posting photos of our cities’ streets in the past, 1950s and the like, what is striking is how few people there are, compared to today.
    (Also we know that supermarkets use their own figures which are higher than government statistics.)

  34. Astonished

    Regarding Scotland’s population :

    We might have a much better idea of Scotland’s population if the Sturgeon/Transcult census had obtained any meaningful statistics.

    The registrar in charge has quietly left, and an interim registrar is in place.

    I’d like to personally thank Scotland’s many, foreign controlled, journalists who continued to take the English shilling and under-reported this scandal.

  35. James Che

    Westminster and yoons will always encourage you, to be blind by poking yourselves in the eye, on a regular basis here, ethic Scots are Scolded to close down subjects and topics like naughty children,
    They tell you that you should not ask questions or attempt to use curiousity to discover who or what lineage is The roots of your true parent.
    Be more curious, work things out by raising questions for yourself.

    Being told who or what you are, you are is not always the truth and does not make it true, by authorative parents,
    A good example right now is those authoritave parents are telling us we have more than two genders in the Scottish humans,

    This does not automatically make it true. And needs to be questioned with evidence and proof.

    The Crowns, the treaty of union, the devolved Westminster government to Scotland, the change in our Scots laws,
    and what does the treaty articles actually say, does it restrict us?

    Does the treaty in any article tell you that because in England they closed and extinguished the Scottish parliament to create The Great Britain parliament.That they did not have the authority to close it in Scotland.
    And that the Scottish parliament Closed it- self in Scotland under our Scots law of Sine Die later than the opening the British parliament….
    Or are there large loopholes by what is not specified and by ommittance in those articles.

    We must loose this ability we have, to think of colonising Westminster, being our dominating abusive parent, controlling us like three hundred year old teenagers.
    Wr need to grow up and ask questions,

  36. PhilM

    Yep…top cartoon…riffing on the politician’s love of a hi viz photo opportunity…
    Can’t say the same for the comments…usual suspects trotting out the usual obsessions at the first opportunity…
    Before the home computer, you lot must have spent a lot of time hingin aboot at bus shelters…am I right?

  37. Johnlm

    OT. Who the hell is hashbury Stumble?
    He is a gatekeeper on independenceLive and blocks the stream.
    No wonder there are no viewers.

  38. James Che

    This nonsense with the Snp and Green ideology and the devolved Scottish government could all be ended in the snap of our fingers.
    By creating a Sovereign Scots ethic parliament.

    Those that are in the treaty of union with Westminster are recorded on records in Scotland and England by name and signature.

    Those “Scots” that are not in the treaty of union with Westminster are (also recorded) in records in Scotland and England.

    There are two separate Crowns active and still in existence in Isles of Britain,

    Therefore there are two separate kingdoms still in existence in the Isles of Great Britain.

    The Scots Sovereign Crown, under the Claim of Right.

    The Crown of England and Wales with its other dominions,

    There are two separate Countries within the Isles of Britain, with one of the oldest borders between them, Scotland and England.still in existence.

    There are two separate sets of Laws in those two Countries mentioned

    England constitution as a per population of Country does not hold Sovereignty, it rests with the Crown in Westminster parliament in England,

    Scotlands Constitution as per population of Country hold the Crown out-with the parliament of England and out-with the Scottish devolved parliament and out-with a non devolved parliament.

    Obviously there are two separate Constitutions within the Isles of Britain, due to the positions of where Sovereignty lies with the people in one Country of Scotland and Sovereignty claimed by Westminster parliament in and for the Country Of England.

    No one in the Country of Scotland in 2023 saw a king Charles of England and Wales coming to Scotland in 2023 being Crowned king of Scots.
    As England did their king.and was televised,

    When he came for the Crown of Scots, we witnessed him walk in a door and out the door again,
    He could have been having a cup of tea,
    He certainly is not allowed to wear the Scottish crown of Scots.

    Just a quick squint at the priceless Scottish jewels and regalia and he off for his next cup of tea,

    I like the way Scotland does this Ceremony,
    Kind of like….see this, you can’t have it, nor can you wear it, its not yours, you, you are not Sovereign in Scotland, nor are you our king.

    Fancy coming all the way up to Scotland just for us to tease him and Camila.

  39. A Scot Abroad

    Scottish women aren’t having enough children to even replace the population. The population replacement number used by demographers is 2.1, because there’s a 5% chance that some may die, or emigrate, before they are adults.

    There’s no published Scottish census yet, so no data, but the 2021 rUK figure was 1.57. Scotland has been below that for the previous 30 years, and there’s no obvious reason why that long term trend will reverse itself.

    Young adult Scots are the ones who tend to move away, mostly for work reasons. Better opportunities in England, or elsewhere in the world. And that removes a source of tax revenues. If they come back after retiring, it’s as pensioners and placing burdens on the health care system. Certainly not having any more children in the 60s and 70s.

    Unless Scottish women start having a lot of babies (sounds like lots of fun!), only significant levels of immigration are going to be paying the bills in an iScotland of the future. And what’s there to attract them in sufficient numbers?

  40. James Che

    Ethnic Scots are not in the treaty,

    Ethnic Scots do not share a crown monarchy with England.

    Ethic Scots have no Crown in their courts of law at the moment in Scotland.

    Ethnic Scots cannot be legally be charged under a crown prosecution of England on presumption that that Crown rests and covers Scotland.

    Ethnic Scots have no government of their own in Scotland.

    Ethnic Scots cannot be hauled crown by the supreme Court under the Crown resting in English parliament or the English crown resting in English courts of Law.

    Ethic Scots cannot be charged with walking away from a treaty that Westminster parliament admits the Sovereign Scot is not in.

    Ethnic Scots require a Scottish government.

  41. Captain Yossarian

    James Che – “Ethnic Scots require a Scottish government”. This is supposed to be cartoon day and it is an excellent cartoon. Can you not lighten-up and change the record even for a day? We have a government at Holyrood; they call themselves a government even if you don’t agree. The trouble is it’s a delinquent government isn’t it. So many rules have been broken by so many and for so long that there are no rules left any more and many of us can see that.

  42. James Che

    I read a american paper saying that they removed iodine from bread, and replaced it with bromide,
    My father was a medic in the army,
    He said bromide was given to the soldiers to prevent sex drive,
    Perhaps our modern bread should tested to find out if this is true,

    Beside the pill given to women having a long term after effect in reducing womens ability to conceive after they stop taking the pill,.
    Along with women having to work outside the home to support there families financially nowadays,
    many women do not have time to be the bromide breadwinner,
    the laundrette,
    the taxi service,
    the nurse.
    The peace keeper,
    Go to parents nights,
    the mother rearing many children,
    the cook,
    often the gardener,
    The mother at school board meetings.
    the store keeper for food cupboards,
    the house cleaner.
    The accountant,
    OftenThe painter and decorator.
    The buyer of school uniforms.
    And go to work all day often miles away from home because there is no longer local employment that pays a decent equal wage to keep a family,
    And then try look after a second man child who thinks having a family only means having sex to multiply the nation.

  43. Shug

    I have been watching the campaigning activity of Humza and his team this week and I am left with the impression that he is following some 1st year book on running for election, ignore the press and negative comments continue with your own positive message and keep going.

    He seems oblivious to the empty room where activists are almost as absent as the bank account is empty.
    There is a sense of being detached from the reality around him.

    He really needs a complete reset and a movement, that can only be created by crashing the Holyrood parliament and maxing the yes vote by pulling green and alba together.
    If he does not move soon he will be toast.

    Funnily the Nicola yes team around him will all be out a job fairly soon so the SNP team seem to be fighting to lose their jobs at the moment.

    Irony is a funny thing.

    I missed the Hepburn interview/car crash where he thinks using the pound or euro is an option. if the top team don’t wise up and start thinking like an independence movement they will lose and indy will be set cack 10 to 20 years.
    oh and we haven’t reached
    fraud charges
    court cases
    perjury charges
    court cases
    bank account closure once you are labelled a criminal organisation.

  44. robbo

    A Scot Abroad says:
    29 July, 2023 at 2:00 pm
    Scottish women aren’t having enough children to even replace the population

    Wits that tumshie?

    ———-We’ll be fine dumb dumb. Weil huv our ain wee clock.

  45. Casper1066

    and no Potter wand either.

  46. Skip_NC

    James Che @ 2:34pm, was this paper on a roll perchance?

  47. John Main


    Using the pound isn’t an option.

    As this week the SNP confirmed (once again) that they see EU membership as the preferred (only) option for iScotland, we should use the Euro from Day 1.

    The enormous wasted expense of setting up a new Scottish currency, only to ditch it for the Euro in next to no time, would make that policy a non-starter to rational folk.

    Whoops, that probably makes it the preferred SNP choice! It’s only taxpayers money after all.

    BTW, re the Great Replacement plan. I heard a professor of “population demographics” on the radio discussing the wide-spread problem of population decline that affects much of Europe and the Far East democracies. According to her, the obvious source of our New Scots (and indeed our New Europeans) will be sub-Saharan Africa.

    I plan to familiarise myself with the geography, culture, customs and religions of this region, so that I fit right in.

  48. James Che

    Women cannot afford to be mothers, baby sitters to husbands that are to immature to realise it takes more than sex to have and upkeep a family,

    It also needs to recognise that government inequality in wages still exists,

    A recent error just realised …ahem after many years have passed by Westminster government is that women’ national insurance contributions was not taken into account towards child benefits assessments and many women were under paid child benefits when raising their children,

    Another difficulty for women raising children was the uneqaul pay between men and women for years and is still going on,

    Anther instance of womens finances being thwarted by Westminster government of maladministration is the issue of womens pensions suddenly being bought into line as the same age range as men without given these women any notice during their working lives as mothers,

    Not only do they ignore the fact that the government did nothing to implement wage equality on the bill they passed long ago,
    But those women now have extra years to pay than their menfolk whom payed in when the eco ony was more stable and the value of the pound was higher.

    These women that have been repeatedly targeted could have been at home raising bigger families and financially able to raise more children without going to work,
    However many went to work and were struggling mothers,
    Many now cannot afford to stay at home and help raise the new next generation of Scots, while their mothers have to go out to work.
    Bringing up a child nowadays incurs on a new mother, being penalised for extortionate child care costs.

    Targeting the pervious baby boom mothers era has ripple effects on whom is financially able to stay at home to look after their grandchildren.
    This used to be one of the rolls that grandparents for centuries could afford to do.

    The decline in finances and family support by the government dismantled the support for bigger families.
    The lower wages for husbands and males that have children is also in goverment decline.
    But these babyboomers parents all contributed direct from their wage packets into the goverment coffers.
    God help the next generation that think the government will provide a never ending money tree to pay their universal credit in future,
    For at the moment they are paid from our past contributions.
    The next generation may feel entitled to a never ending stream of money from the government without working or putting anything in.

    But that old supply is fast running out failing.

    A Magic economy.

  49. MaryB

    ASA @2.0pm
    Scotland should make more effort to employ young Scots so they don’t have to move away to find employment. Alf Baird will tell you how many (and why), professional jobs in Scotland are advertised in the English press. Why not some positive discrimination in employment opportunities for indigenous Scots?

  50. twathater

    @ James 1.17pm that hashbury stumble moniker on utube along with a few other posters on there is a nicla turd polisher and sycophant, I used to call them out on utube but their responses were always Scottish Nonce Party tropes
    They haven’t changed only it’s snp still great instead of nicla or useless great, I consider them snp supporters rather than independence supporters and unfortunately there are still TOO MANY of them , and unfortunately it appears that peoples gullibility and god worship is back on the increase


  51. Johnlm

    I think you’re correct. – IndependenceLive appears ‘broad church’ but if their moderators are just SNP devolutionists then it’s probably just as well that they have no viewers.

  52. Shug

    @John Main

    Using the pound is a failed idea and we need time before the euro. The pound leaves London in control of economy, the euro leaves Europe in control.

    while using the Euro sounds straight forward the Euro is a bad idea in any case as you do not have control over all the leavers of your economy.

    Setting up our own currency can be done in 6 months and the process can start during the initial transition period.

    any proposition other than own currency will be shot down by the unionists and MSM easily.

    The SNP needs to grow some balls and state the case.

  53. John Main

    James Che

    Nothing is “paid from our past contributions”. Our past contributions were spent in the past.

    No government has ever invested our taxes or NI so that there would be a lump sum for a rainy day.

    Quite the contrary in fact. Not only do receipts get spent as fast as they come in, but vast sums are borrowed to hide the fact that yearly spending is not even covered by income.

    It’s a classic Ponzi scheme and always has been. Sorry to break this to you on the weekend.

  54. Shug

    John main

    A Scottish pound would of course leave ruk with a problem as their current debt to asset ratio will immediately show at least a 10 percent drop in assets but also all the oil, gas and other significant Scottish assets going forward.

  55. A Scot Abroad


    you need to wise up. Without replacing the population, a country goes bust, because pensioners are expensive, cost a lot in healthcare, and most don’t pay enough tax to cover those costs. It’s either done by a reasonable birth rate, or by immigration. That’s the two options.

    So what’s it to be for Scotland?


    under the law, that’s discrimination. Can’t be done.

  56. John Main


    I fully expect the money markets will extract their pound of flesh with each currency change.

    They will snaffle a chunk of my dosh if we transition from pound to euro.

    They will snaffle twice as much if we go pound to ScotCurrency to euro.

    On a personal level then, while I don’t want the euro or eu at all, if we are destined to end up there, it will be cheaper to do it in one step.

  57. Chas

    6 posts already from Che on this thread. I wonder if anybody has read any of them or, as the sane people do, move swiftly on to the next one.

  58. Alf Baird

    Captain Yossarian @ 2:26 pm

    “The trouble is it’s a delinquent government isn’t it.”

    Actually it is far worse than ‘delinquent’. How could you describe any colonial administration when colonialism itself is regarded as a crime, albeit never a ‘minor’ crime. The treatment of Scots by Westminster and now its Holyrood subsidiary is much more than ‘delinquent’.

  59. Republicofscotland

    “6 posts already from Che on this thread. I wonder if anybody has read any of them or, as the sane people do, move swiftly on to the next one.”

    The same could be said of your buddy Main who has also posted 6.

  60. sarah

    Spot on, Chris, as usual.

  61. sarah

    O/T: Rev, do you know why your twitter is only showing ancient tweets from you?

  62. Shug

    John main
    we need to have control of our own currency end of.

    we need to rebuild our economy and country and that can only be done with our own central bank and currency.

    efta is an easy choice, EU might offer substantial new member incentives but that will require time, the EU does not require us to use the euro, either give unrestricted access to England’s markets

  63. James Cheyne

    John Main,

    You will have to forgive me for having a memory good enough to remember that my spouse paid these contributions out of their wage packet until 2018 when he retired, I also paid in these contributions as did my father, brothers, and my sisters, mums aunties and uncles.
    We are the older generation that remember being taxed so heavily,

    That does not include overtime taxation, house tax. Car tax, road tax etc as these were separate and above what we payed out of our wages direct,

    So where is the taxation gonna come from on universal credit, it will be a cyclic catch 22.
    Government hand out, hand it back to government, government give it back,…

    There is no industry created or sustainable for a growing economy or a growing family population.
    No taxes are can be be created for funding government departments from the unemployed.

    But there will be future street beggers with children in tow when the government cannot sustain a flagging economy and pay out freely.
    Or decides to stop paying freebee’s for people to sit at home doing very little other than having a very very long holiday with pay while not contributing to their own future, to the future of their families , or to the future of the economy of Britain.

    If the Westminster government spent our money we payed in, in our generation, their is no return for the next generation except something akin to slavery.

    Did you think all the last generation were on freebee universal credit too,
    The fact that the government over spent, mismanaged and maladminstrated these taxes or converted them to politicians wage increases in westminster does not mean that our generation did not fund these contributions for the future of the people across Britain
    It is more a case of greed and maladministration in Westminster running parallel to the oil fund revenues maladministration in the thatcher years.

    Have you read up on why there are no funds,

    The names, Lawson, Blair and Gordon Brown pop up among a few others.

  64. Captain Yossarian

    Alf – “Delinquent” – “failing in one’s duty” – I’ve applied that description to the Holyrood devolved administration. Police Scotland are carrying-out criminal investigations there just now. Holyrood is the “locus” if you like (I believe that is the correct use of the word) of the investigation. If “colonialism” has broken any criminal laws (and I’m not sure that it has) then it can be reported to Police Scotland, although at their glacial rate of progressing anything attaching itself in any way to Holyrood I would give it a good 15-20 years, by which time you and I will both be dead. Personally speaking, I have done OK out of colonialism, if that’s what you want to call it, and I have worked with Indians and Australians that say the same. Nothing wrong with it and it was the banking crash that bust this country and we may never recover from that.

  65. James Che

    A bit of juggling could soon return the billions of tax payers contributions money funding another countries in war if the Westminster government has not maladministrated again and given money without tracking and getting receipts for those British tax payers contributions.

    Or perhaps we could track some of those contribution from the others wars Britain voluntary jumps into.

    Perhaps from the virus payments to selected individuals in corporations,

    All money paid to the government through the taxes imposed on us.

  66. Republicofscotland

    The unelectable and thick at two planks SAS jumps in, and gives her tuppence worth on Humza Youseless non-starter indy plan.

    “AN independent Scotland could have a migrants commissioner to champion the rights of those who have moved to the country from other nations.

    The proposal was included in the latest Scottish Government paper on independence, which focused on citizenship.

    Social Justice Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville stressed migrants were an “important part” of Scottish society, as she confirmed the SNP would seek to create such a post if Scotland leaves the UK.”

    Of course 404’s are already getting plenty in Scotland with their own minister to make sure all their needs are met. If however you are Scottish, and especially if you want independence you f*ck right off.

  67. Sven

    Oh dearie me, first Ms/Mr/Whatever Che (did she/he not promise they were leaving a while back) endlessly vents on this thread, now Ron Clarke is off on one with the links again.
    Threads on WoS do sometimes seem to take on some of the aspects of a rather surreal black comedy.

  68. Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Youseless is talking shite again.

    “THE Scottish Government will “seriously consider” slashing the limits spelled out in its land reform proposals, Humza Yousaf has said.The First Minister told The National: “That is our proposition at the moment [a 3000-hectare trigger] but I’m more than happy to look at what Calum’s published and the Jimmy Reid Foundation have published, and anybody else that has a view on this.”

    Andy Wightman must’ve had a wry smile on his face if he’s read the above shite, Youseless is very unlikely to upset the owners of Scotland, like Sturgeon the Judas, he’s more likely to employ them, such as Benny Higgins.

    The current SNP are desperately spinning as much shite as they can, to get ex-voters and members back on side, the carrots are dangling furiously once again.

  69. Republicofscotland

    Honest men and Bonnie lasses as the saying goes in Ayr, the AUOB had their march in the toon today, some pictures included.

    Down with the Union, vote Alba, join Alba.

  70. Dorothy Devine

    RoS , thanks for the photos – looks great.

  71. John Main


    Sure, I’ve posted 6 or more, but they’re all braw.

    See the Migrants Commissioner job. Do these “other countries” include England?

    Seems to me it would be discriminatory if England is excluded.

    What a shambles.

  72. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Chris Cairns is consistently brilliant!

    A national treasure!

  73. Alf Baird

    Captain Yossarian @6:12 pm

    “Personally speaking, I have done OK out of colonialism”

    Yes, postcolonial theory confirms the native bourgeoisie (and much of the proletariat) do not fare so badly under colonialism, many even embrace the supposedly ‘superior’ culture of the colonizer to create as much socio-economic distance between them and the native population/culture. Colonialism is always a co-operative venture with native elites. However, life is not so good for the mass of the colonized people mostly living in or close to poverty and unable to share in their nation’s resources or access decent opportunities. The colonial nation itself also remains largely under-developed with its resources stolen and/or rents intercepted and with goods sold back to the colony at high prices.

    ” If “colonialism” has broken any criminal laws (and I’m not sure that it has)”

    The imposed law and justice system of the colonizer suggests one thing, international law another. Colonialism is regarded as force, and a crime against humanity incl theft of territory and resources.

    “it was the banking crash that bust this country”

    Scotland is still a very wealthy resource-rich nation tho its extensive resources are plundered and exploited by another (bust) country, which is the main objective of colonialism.

  74. Captain Yossarian

    Alf –

    1. I worked with a number of Indians in KSA and when they want government corruption rooted-out, they call in the Met to do it for them.

    2. It was largely Scottish banks that left us bust, wasn’t it?

    3. What makes you think I’m a native elite? You could hardly be further from the truth. Educated “yes” but elite “no”.

  75. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Will somebody puhleeze explain to me why it is regarded to be both well educated and bad?

    I come from a Scottish well educated background and I succeeded in life. What is wrong with that?

    What is wrong with being elite?

    What is wrong with speaking English clearly in a way that is understandable by anyone in the UK?

  76. Alf Baird

    Ebenezer Scroggie @ 10:48 pm

    “What is wrong with speaking English”

    Thars naething wrang wi speakin Englis, tho hits nivver Scots, is hit. If ye want tae bi Scots, spik Scots. If ye want tae bi Englis, spik Englis.

  77. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    you are going beyond parody now with your absolutely fucking dreadful pretence to speak Scots. It’s a shame on anything professional that you might think that you’ve ever achieved as an adult. It makes you look fucking stupid.

  78. twathater

    Alf Baird you are obviously inflaming ArSA and his fellow Scots buts, or unionists as they are usually called, the ones who like to spread their negativity about EVERYTHING in Scotland, the ones who celebrate Scotland being tied to a corrupt, thieving and grossly incompetent neighbour, the ones who relish suffering from the jockhome syndrome, the supposed educated individuals who are too stupid or conditioned that they REFUSE to dissect the truth that the brutish state is morally repugnant and despises their desperation to be considered english

    Unionists have been asked time immemorial to produce evidence that supports the benefits of union, instead all they ever do is cite the incompetence and corruption of the current WM owned Scottish administration, without referencing the decades of incompetence and corruption Scots suffered at the hands of the unionist parties in Scotland

  79. SteepBrae

    This idea that education makes you one of the elite does not hold water. Yes, you can be well educated, do well in your working life, achieve social status and feel that you belong amongst the elite. But that is not always true. You can also be well educated, do well and prosper without losing your native identity and becoming elitist.

    That sense of being Scottish, rooted in the culture that nurtured generations of us, runs deep. It is not something that’s washed away by academic success, by moving in different social circles or having a bigger hoose than your folks. Nor does speaking clearly in grammatical English rob you of your Scottishness. Speaking Scots is something you might retain while being perfectly at ease conversing and writing in English but it’s not essential. It’s not an either/or.

    You only have to turn this on its head and look at groups who would not class themselves as highly educated. Do they not have their share of folk who feel British rather than Scottish and are against Scottish independence? And speak Scots.

    There are enough areas of polarisation to deal with without creating a new one of “education = elitism”. It doesn’t. It actually plays into the hands of those who would divide and conquer. In fact it’s the dumbing down of education that could be said to rob young folk of the ability to understand the iniquities of colonialism. It might also be said that free education for all helped enable large numbers of us to grasp the importance of independence.

    We have more in common than what divides us. It doesn’t matter how you speak, where you trained or studied, what you work at, who your friends are, where you live. You know if you are Scottish.

  80. A Scot Abroad

    People keep talking about there being no benefits to the union.

    There are two ways of looking at the equation. The internal, and external thinking. The main benefit came in 1707, and apart from a brief blip in 1745, the peace that endured. The peace that allowed both nations to combine into a global force (“the greatest empire the world has ever seen”), and the individual benefits for Scots, the chance to make a great and grand life, or commerce, on a global stage. And many did.

    That wasn’t on offer to the Scots in 1700.

  81. Alf Baird

    twathater @ 3:18 am

    “Scots buts”

    Aye, postcolonial theory reserves a special place for the mostly complicit and mostly educated native bourgeoisie in colonial society. As Cesaire wrote:

    “One cannot say that the petty bourgeois has never read anything. On the contrary, he has read everything, devoured everything. Only, his brain functions after the fashion of certain elementary types of digestive systems. It filters. And the filter lets through only what can nourish the thick skin of the bourgeois’s clear conscience”.

    Cesaire also reminds us here that “colonization is based on psychology” and that some of the native people suffer from “a dependency complex, that these groups are psychologically made for dependence; that they need dependence, that they crave it, ask for it, demand it; that this is the case with most of the colonized peoples..”

  82. Northcode

    Who would think the French “fucking stupid” because they speak and write in French?

    Who would think the Italians “fucking stupid” because they speak and write in Italian?

    Who would think the Spanish “fucking stupid” because they speak and write in Spanish?

    If anyone were to give a moment’s thought to any of the above questions they would quickly arrive at the ugly answer.

    To think of any people anywhere on Earth “fucking stupid” for speaking and writing in their own language is, I would suggest, racist.

    Further up this thread Alf Baird wrote this:

    Thars naething wrang wi speakin Englis, tho hits nivver Scots, is hit. If ye want tae bi Scots, spik Scots. If ye want tae bi Englis, spik Englis.

    Every word of which is genuine, bona fide, Scots.

    Check for yourself using the online Scottish National Dictionary.

    What kind of person, then, would describe Alf as “fucking stupid” for writing in his own native language?

  83. Alf Baird

    SteepBrae @ 7:31 am

    “It doesn’t matter how you speak”

    It disnae maitter hou ye speak? Really? Postcolonial theory, which is developed upon analyses of colonialism and decolonization globally, has a great deal to say on the importance of ‘a peoples’ language, not least because language domination is a key tool of colonial oppression. For example:

    “Language and culture intersect to form our identity (Lipski)
    Linguistic Imperialism marginalises and destroys indigenous language. The aim of Linguistic Imperialism is linguistic genocide/linguicide (Phillipson)
    Loss of language undermines our sense of identity and belonging;
    The Establishment’s aim is to destroy the Scots language (Kay).
    Language policy in Scotland deprives Scots of the Scots language.
    The language of my education is not the language of my culture (Thiong’o).
    Native tongue is neither written nor read, leading to poor oral development.
    Entire bureaucracy hears and uses only the colonizer’s language.
    The colonized participates in two psychical and cultural realms,two tongues in conflict.
    The colonized’s tongue is least valued, has no stature, is discarded.
    Yet, language is the means humans claim diversity and define their identity (Shaw).
    Language defines and unites a nation (Scots-English Dictionary).
    The Scots language is a crucial and integral part of Scottish culture and identity (Open University).
    Language determines national attachment (Medeiros).
    Scots have an identity with and loyalty to the Scots language (Kay).
    Language and culture is what give us our national consciousness (Fanon).
    Language is the common rationale for self-determination of peoples.
    The most urgent claim of a group about to revive is the liberation and restoration of its language (Memmi).
    The crushing of the colonized and his language is included among the colonizer’s values.
    Torn away from his past and cut off from his future, the colonial condition cannot be adjusted to, it can only be broken.
    Recovering his autonomy and separate destiny the colonized immediately goes back to his own tongue.
    In the process of self-recovery, the colonized must find the tool with the shortest path to his soul, his language, because it comes directly from it.
    Liberation is about regaining possession of himself, passionately demanding the return of his language, essential for self-recovery”

    Aye, fowk ken fine if thay’re Scots.

  84. John Main

    Given the number of languages spoken by the different ethnic groups currently residing in this geographic area we call Scotland, I find Professor Baird’s constant focus on just one of them (Scots) problematic.

    If he ever gets his way, the speakers of all of these other languages will be forced (colonised) into speaking and writing a foreign tongue (Scots).

    Yup, it seems that colonialism has its tentacles everywhere, and nowhere more so than in us Sovereign Scots.

  85. twathater

    @ John Main 4.00pm so John you have changed your stance on people coming from outwith Scotland demanding that we accommodate their culture, ethnicity, language , religion,or is it just that no matter what people say or write you just like to be contrary and muddy the water, or is it I suspect you’re not a real independence supporter you’re just here for the bants and laughs, or are you in ArSA’S gang that is definitely not 77th brigade but just happens to be on here 24/7

  86. SteepBrae

    Alf Baird 12.07pm
    I’m grateful for your response to my earlier comment, not being a connoisseur of the true significance of our native tongue or the ways in which it’s come under attack over the years.

    In particular, the quote “In the process of self-recovery, the colonized must find the tool with the shortest path to his soul, his language, because it comes directly from it” is touching because it speaks of something precious that is being lost and another reason why independence is so desperately needed. It’s clearly not only about the material benefits.

    “Recovering his autonomy and separate destiny the colonized immediately goes back to his own tongue” chimes with what I’ve noticed recently when talking with friends even though we’re not yet liberated. I’m sure that Scots words are appearing much more frequently in conversation than they used to, at least amongst my friends – words familiar as we were growing up. And it’s not forced in any way or some kind of affectation. It’s natural and you feel a connection to your past and to those you knew and loved. I once heard my mother and her elderly sister talking to each other in Scots and it was beautiful. Would love to have had a recording.

    The point I was making this morning was that knowing you are Scottish is not something that, in my experience, is lost by speaking in English. That sense of Scottishness endures regardless and you do ken fine that you’re Scots.

    There are occasions when it feels natural to enjoy the words and sounds we grew up with and others, including formal writing, that require standard English. That seems fair enough. Scientific articles are written in English by people from all over the world who won’t go on to lose their cultural identity nor is their native language lost.

    However, reading these quotes, alarm bells certainly sound. “Loss of language undermines our sense of identity and belonging” and “The Establishment’s aim is to destroy the Scots language” are worrying. Much food for thought. Thank-you for these and for your other comments which are always enlightening and always worth reading.

  87. Dan

    @ SteepBrae

    The subject of language has been brought up many times btl over the years.
    I searched the name Heydrich as recall Capella who used to post here had looked into the subject.
    Link back to a post by Tinto in 2016 who appeared to have found some text re. Heydrich and language.
    It’s actually quite interesting reading btl comments from old articles, the one linked to is particularly interesting as contains discussion re. greens with some pretty forthright and astute views.

  88. John Main


    Once Yousaf is gone and Scotland has a legitimate leader acceptable to and supported by a majority of Scots via a democratic process, I will cut down on the bants.

    Until that happy day, it’s all a wee bit academic, isn’t it? Scotland’s Indy movement gifted us HY. Scotland’s Indy movement therefore owes all of us Sovereign Scots an apology.

    Until that happy day, feel free to selectively pick on those you dislike whilst ignoring the outright lunacy of some of the regulars you continue to favour out of habit, nothing more.

    The alert readers aren’t as daft as you think.

  89. Alf Baird

    SteepBrae @ 6:53 pm

    “Scottish is not something that, in my experience, is lost by speaking in English. That sense of Scottishness endures regardless and you do ken fine that you’re Scots.”

    Think I may have mis-interpreted a wee bittie, thanks for clarification. However, so long as a peoples language is not taught and is used less over time their culture is in the process of dying. Clearly the matter of indigenous language has been rather put aside in the independence debate, which is precisely because it is of such critical importance. I agree with you that many Scots are naturally returning tae oor ain mither tongue, often in subtle but nonetheless significant ways given its rustit state.

    Scots langage is the maist endurin faitur o oor naitional cultur an naitional waukenin an withoot hit thar wad bi nae leeberation muivement.

  90. SteepBrae

    Thank-you for your response, Alf (9.05pm). Good to read and reassuring that oor mither tongue is not taking this lying doon.

    Also, Dan (7.33pm) for yours and for the link to Tinto Chiel’s comment from 2016. Definitely to be followed up. His comment in your link is well worth posting again:

    “Deprive the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”
    Maybe he knew someone in the BBC?
    (Tinto Chiel 2016)

  91. Brian Doonthetoon

    Two phrases I use regularly…

    Fair ferfochen

    Ca’in’ awa’.

  92. Brian Doonthetoon

    Forgot to mention…
    I also gained Higher English at school.

  93. SteepBrae

    Wonderful phrases! Will make a point of using them now.
    And Higher English in our day (when teachers were free to teach) fair broadened the mind…

  94. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi SteepBrae.

    Another word I have been using all my life, which I picked up from Shakespeare in 3rd or 4th year, is “anon”, meaning at some indeterminate time in the future.

    It’s so handy! “See you anon.”

  95. Alf Baird

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 11:27 pm

    “Higher English”

    Is a requirement for teaching in Scottish schools.

    There is (still!) no ‘Higher Scots’ language course. There is now a ‘Higher Gaelic’.

    There is also no Degree in Scots Language. There is a Degree in English and now a Degree in Gaelic.

    This raises (or should raise) serious questions about language policy and education in Scotland, and especially why the indigenous language is not taught, i.e. is intentionally excluded, and rendered ‘invalid’ by ‘educationalists’. It is difficult not to see this as part of a colonial policy and legacy given what we know from colonial history.

    This is important not least because:

    “Language deprivation occurs due to a chronic lack of full access to a natural language during the critical period of language acquisition (when there is an elevated neurological sensitivity for language development), approximately the first five years of a child’s life [9,10]. Language deprivation during the critical period appears to have permanent consequences for long-term neurological development [11]”

    “investigations showed that children educated early and intensively with cued speech or with sign language display more evidence of left-hemisphere specialization for the processing of their native language than do those who have been exposed later and less intensively to those languages.”

    “The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts.”

    ‘Language Deprivation Syndrome: A Possible Neurodevelopmental Disorder with Sociocultural Origins’, (2017) Wyatte C. Hall,1,3 Leonard L. Levin,2 and Melissa L. Anderson3

    There are various other adverse social, economic and psychological impacts due to language deprivation, some of which I covered in my book ‘Doun-Hauden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence’

  96. John Main

    Alf Baird

    The first 5 years of a child’s life are traditionally seen as the period when a child’s development and caring are mostly in the hands of the child’s mother or parents.

    I guess that these parents, by your logic, are implementing colonial policy and legacy, if they fail to teach their child to speak Scots.

    Perhaps no Scot should be allowed to breed without first undergoing a course of certified decolonisation. Failing that, maybes Scottish children should removed at birth and undergo the necessary 5-year period of intense exposure to Scots in approved institutions, to be released back into the care of the birth parents when suitably imprinted.

    Good luck selling these policies to the nation.

  97. Alf Baird

    John Main

    I am merely citing scientific research evidence on the importance of (and discrimination against) indigenous language. You appear to make up your own ‘theory’ whilst ensuring you avoid the key points. Mischievous.

  98. John Main

    Alf Baird

    One of your key points is that the first 5 years of a child’s life are, well, key.

    I have pointed out that the first 5 years of a child’s life are mostly in the hands of parental shaping.

    If pointing out fact is “mischievous”, so be it.

    The little Doric I still retain, I learned pre-school at my mither’s knee. You now claim that by not inculcating in me proper specialisation in my native language, she was, hopefully unwittingly, implementing colonialist policy.

    Obviously we can’t travel back in time to rectify this. But for those Scots being born today, and about to be educated for that crucial 5-year period at their ain mither’s knees, what is your suggested solution to this “problem”?

    I trust you won’t find my question a mischievous one.

  99. Southernbystander

    Obviously it has been mulled over for a long time I would have thought but is not one of the ‘issues’ with Scots that it is so very like English? I don’t often encounter it but in the written examples here I can understand 90% of it with ease and 95% with more effort. So it is in effect, a form of English to me. This is not to demean it in any way but explains why it does not get the same kudos / attention as Gaelic, a clearly totally distinct language.

    What, in principle, differentiates Scots from this Yorkshire dialect? Here, the key features are many unusual pronunciations for ordinary English words (neet for night etc) and dialect words, but ultimately it is English. Like Scots I find this great to listen to but much less easy to understand than Scots, though some of that is due to the technical millworker talk.×000006

  100. James Che

    The aristocrats are in a treaty of union with the parliament of England.

    They signed their own names,

    Historical educated politicians are aware of the anomoly.

    They historical educated politicians are aware that the Scots as a nation of people are Sovereign.

    Historical educated politicians are aware that king Charles and his mother before him could not have the same ceremony for Crowning a monarch as king of Britain,
    That it required two separate ceremonies and two separate oath allegiances to two different kingdoms Countries.

  101. Alf Baird

    John Main

    The first 5 years is well-established as important, however learning over the period of childhood is also emphasized:

    “investigations showed that children educated early and intensively with cued speech or with sign language display more evidence of left-hemisphere specialization for the processing of their native language than do those who have been exposed later and less intensively to those languages.”

    As you imply, language learning also occurs outside state institutions.

  102. Cactus

    Boab The Builder.

    This ground-zero site is much akin to the Scottish Government building at Holyrood. Under the NuSNP, the foundations for independence have gone and there’s no structure left in place there anymore, let aloney any perimeter walls. It would be more appropriate to refer to the NuSNP government within Holyrood now as ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

    I wonder what was in that small miniature uncorked bottle of potion now lying spilt on the ground… was it poison… maybe truth serum?

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