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Out in the open

Posted on September 11, 2014 by

This is astonishing. From tonight’s BBC 6 O’Clock News:

Nick Robinson claims Alex Salmond “didn’t answer” his question at a press conference earlier today. That is a brazen and quite spectacular lie. The First Minister gave the BBC man a detailed and direct response which lasted for over three minutes BEFORE raising the matter of the Treasury link. You can see that response for yourself below.

Robinson had asked for a specific answer on RBS and also a more general one on scaremongering by business chiefs. Salmond explained the RBS situation, referring to Corporation Tax and to the letter sent by RBS to employees assuring them that it had “no intention of moving any operations or jobs”. He then dealt with the more general scaremongering issue by pointing out that such warnings were repeats of ones which had been made, and responded to, months ago.

(And the second part was a rhetorical question in any case. There is no factual answer to “Why should we trust you rather than X?” – trust is emotional, not logical.)

So we’d rather like to know why Nick Robinson told viewers of the 6 O’Clock News that Salmond “didn’t answer”, when anyone can see for themselves that he answered both parts of Robinson’s question, in so far as it was humanly possible to answer them, at considerable length. Robinson might not have LIKED the answers – we must assume he didn’t – but to claim that no answer was given is a mindboggling reversal of the plainly observable facts.

Robinson rudely harassed and heckled Salmond after his answer. He’s now lied about it on national television. The BBC’s open contempt for its legal duty of impartiality is no longer acceptable. It’s the people of Scotland who will now be demanding answers.

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    522 to “Out in the open”

    1. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Could be great to push the Beeb into the open, away from their self appoint “neutral stance”

    2. murderburgh says:

      Download the vid before it vanishes

    3. G H Graham says:

      Nick Robinson is a liar. I can’t recall how many others you also called brazen, bare faced liars Stu, but perhaps it’s overdue that a Premier League of Liars was published on these pages before the 18th.

      In no particular order of proven shameless liars …

      Jackie Baillie
      Gordon Brown
      Anas Sarwar

      etc …

    4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      (Toes) Nic Robinson is simple a Unionist liar, he has the balls to

      No more need be said.

      I am quite happy to furnish his lawyer with my details if he the balls to sue me?

      What a stooge?

      C’mon Nic?

    5. Dcanmore says:

      Right that’s it send the BBC THOUSANDS of complaints … lets go!

      100,000 complaints should do it 🙂

    6. muttley79 says:

      British Brainwashing Corporation.

    7. Banock1314 says:

      What lies, I am seriously loosing the plot
      I do not believe my fellow Scots will vote to be associated with such individuals
      All my life, you were brought up to believe that the BBC was unbiased and would seek out the truth, well now we know differently
      How many lies are out there
      How many things did we think were right, are now wrong
      Maybe, now you know why certain parts of the world are so against the “west”
      It’s a joke, based on lies

    8. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Start again, sorry

      Bugger (the Panda) says:
      11 September, 2014 at 9:10 pm

      (Toes) Nic Robinson is simple a Unionist stooge and liar.

      No more need be said.

      I am quite happy to furnish his lawyer with my details if he has the balls to sue me?

      What a stooge?

      C’mon Nic?

      Step up

    9. G H Graham says:

      Silly me; I forgot about

      Kezia Dugdale
      Ian Smart
      Margaret Curran
      Ian Davidson
      Richard Baker
      Blair McDougall

      & one of your very own favourites, Brian wilson.

      See, there’s easily enough of them to form a Premier League of Liars.

      And there’s still over a week left for newcomers, not fully conversent with lying, telling fibs, porkies or just being slighthanded or deceiptful.

      Heck, there’s over 1,400 potential candidates at Westminster to choose from. This competition might have some legs you know.

    10. gillie says:

      Nick Robinson got a good kicking in the gonads. He will be sitting on a cushion for a wee while.

    11. Indigo says:

      BBC bias protest this Sunday, they have gone far too far

    12. Training Day says:

      The BBC, the agents and mouthpieces of the most corrupt, mendacious, hypocritical, self-serving and fundamentally base political campaign it has been our misfortune to encounter in our lives.

      They will never – can never – be forgiven.

    13. Les says:

      I will never again belive a word the BBC say…about any subject world wide…I am so sad … many lies have they been telling. .over the years.

    14. Thomas Barrowman says:

      What a complete shower of BASTARDS!

    15. Bill MacF says:

      The way I see it, the BBC now know they are finished in Scotland. It no longer matters what they say or do because they are facing the ultimate consequence. Like this perfidious Union, the BBC is dead, and now only requires a decent burial.

    16. Adam Strange says:

      Surly this can not stand! Who do we need to complain to to get this man sacked? It’s one thing to not report the truth, but to blatantly lie simply because he was rightly made a fool of, is just disgusting.

    17. JLT says:

      Shameless barefaced lying!

      I am absolutely praying we win next week. We have GOT to get out of this stinking, corrupt joke that they call a ‘Union’.

    18. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Since the BBC have given up all pretence of being impartial it’s far easier and quicker just to tell the scottish public the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation are a part of the No campaign.

      Funnily enough, almost all of them agree. 🙂

    19. If Scotland votes Yes (as I believe will happen), we need to build the new public-service broadcaster (the SBS) from scratch rather than using BBC Scotland as a starting point.

      If Scotland votes No (which is sadly still a possibility), we’ll need to demand that broadcasting gets devolved. If that is denied (as it almost certainly will be), the Scottish people will need to create a completely new Scottish TV channel, perhaps through crowd-funding. (It will not need to be a traditional broadcaster but can use streaming and all that instead.)

    20. Donald says:

      I can not believe what I’ve just seen. We are truly living in a corrupt state. This is touching on Orwellian 1984 stuff, utterly utterly shocking. I am disgusted by the BBC.

    21. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:


      Holy shit! 😀

      Patrick Harvie smacks down the hatman, HARD!
      Poor old twat in a hat (who once thought he was a cat) is losing it completely now.

    22. Erchie says:

      Technically he can point to the John Lewis question not specifically being answered I suppose, but the general one about prices rises could be classed under “we’ve heard this before”

    23. Robert Peffers says:

      Someone posted they had recorded the original answer Robinson got and they intended to load it on YouTube.
      I have not seen anything about it since.
      Please! Please! Pretty Please, can we have some info.

    24. Indigo says:

      Not a Murdoch fan, but hope he seizes his moment to go for the BBC’s jugular via the Sun for its betrayal of Scotland

    25. Paris Rose says:

      The BBC should be banned from any news conference!!!

    26. Lesley-Anne says:

      Good old wee Ruthie. Why tell the TRUTH when you have the IFS, a LABOUR supporting institution, to fall back on!

    27. Capella says:

      I’ve known they lie for a long time. It’s quite liberating. Dump your TV and stop paying the licence fee. Get your information from trusted online sources which you can check. Newsnet is compiling a list of blatant BBC deceptions during this campaign. Hope they are loaded onto Youtube soon so that we can enlighten the poor fact-starved TV viewers. Many of them live in London, “metropolitan media” central.
      ps I believe Nick Robinson was a member of the Young Conservatives which probably explains his attitude.

    28. Andy smith says:

      O/t Great to see Patrick harvie getting right under George Galloway’s thick skin . and what part of the world did Galloway originate from, accent sounds part saltcoats,part Cairo,part Klingon .

    29. anne Gorman says:

      There should be a full and rigorous investigation of the conduct of the BBC after Thursday. We as licence payers should refuse to give these double dealing b****** another penny in payment to a company which is a disgrace to public service broadcasting.

    30. Geoff Huijer says:

      I saw that. Absolutely beyond belief!

    31. paul gerard mccormack says:

      i hear and see tumbleweed… as I pick up my jaw

    32. Douglas Gourlay says:

      The heckling he did was in front of international press. I am hopeful they will report it, at least as a byline. The BBC are held in esteem throughout the world. This may have brought that to an end as they see what we have seen over the last couple of years.

    33. Jon in Chicago says:

      Dude got pwned so badly we can smell the charred remains of his credibility from here.

      By the way, can we please have Eck when you’re done with him?

    34. Geoff Huijer says:

      Incidentally, the SKY bloke in the street reported much the same.

    35. Jim Mitchell says:

      The BBC have now reached the same point that the press did some time ago, that is they now make no pretense of their bias!

      However that is no bad thing for Yes!

    36. G. Campbell says:

      BBC Scotland has employed a retired Top of The Pops sound mixer to edit and adjust the audience reaction on The Big Big Debate in attempt to make the Unionists look less shitey, but there’s only so much an audio whiz can do.

    37. galamcennalath says:

      If there a No win by a few percent, can we declare foul play by the state broadcaster?

    38. GrahamB says:

      Just been reading an indictment of the BBC on Newsnet. Apologies if it’s been highlighted before but it’s a fascinating read – set aside about 20 minutes to get through it all, at
      Can someone in the know confirm that the protest at PQ on Sunday is still on?

    39. paul gerard mccormack says:

      nick robinson when at Oxbridge was a member of the tory party. oh dear oh dear George Galloway the sad death of a salesman.

    40. Murray McCallum says:

      I still love Nick Robinson’s announcement that David Miliband was the new leader of Labour 10 seconds before Ed won it.

      Nick, as BBC news Political Editor, has his finger on the pulse. What little he knows he says and what he says is [edited out].

    41. Quentin Quale says:

      i don’t think I am the only one phoning the BBC complaints number 03700 100 222 as there was quite a wait. If you haven’t made your complaint about the most brazen lie of the campaign so far, then please do it now. It is a simple process. There is also an email link.

    42. CalumCarr says:

      One of Robinson’s questions was, ‘Why should people believe As rather than those who are running massive companies?’ AS didn’t answer that question directly and I think it is this to which Robinson refers.

      But AS demolished the premise underlying the question and so there was no question to answer.

    43. Sue says:

      Nick Robinson = the Mouth of Sauron
      It’s almost worth getting a TV just so we can refuse to pay the licence fee.

    44. David Cunningham says:

      Andy Smith

      GG sounding part Saltcoats, part Cairo, part Klingon

      Could be he is fae the USA – the Uther Side o’ Ardrossan


    45. cockney lad says:

      Quite amazing, especially when it’s all on tape. BBC has so much form, just glad the rest of the world can now see what we’ve had to put up with all these years. I’m ashamed my DNA is linked to these scumbags, thank god I’ve got a welsh grandparent to console my boiling blood. F-ing shameful.

    46. Kenlike says:

      Yes or no, there needs to be a campaign of civil disobedience with regards to the licence fee. Mass non-payment of this unjust and iniquitous poll tax will bring this wretched propaganda outlet to its knees.

    47. Training Day says:

      George Galloway nodding along to a Tory.

      You’re reminded of Lowell’s poem ‘Ezra Pound’: ‘He began with swelled head and ends with swelled feet’

    48. Mealer says:


    49. fred blogger says:

      quite right, the final part of the question become redundant.
      so it came down to credibility, and salmond has it in bucket loads.

    50. G. Campbell says:

      Spoon @KeirWotherspoon · 3hours ago
      #bigbigdebate the YES supporters drowning out the NO voters at every turn. You’ve got the money, we have the passion.

      Spoon @KeirWotherspoon · 21minutes ago
      #BigBigDebate BBC have made the YES supporters quieter and NO supporters louder when editing the debate.

    51. G. Campbell says:

      Aaron Kelly ?@Aaron_Kelly97 23m
      The amount of editing in this #BigBigDebate from what it was actually like is crazy?

    52. msean says:

      Worlds gone mad,Galloway has turned Tory.

    53. Marie clark says:

      This is totally beyond the pale, but you know as well as I do that nothing will be done about it, for the moment that is. Once we get the result next week things might be different.

      Just seen that that other toilet paper Huffington Post telling the world that Salmond ( how disrespectful) packed the news conference with yessers to applaud him. I was under the impression that it was the international press.

      Will no one speak the truth world wide. It truly is monstrous this behavior.

      They must be shit scared the way that they are behaving. Scum of the earth.

    54. Betty Craney says:

      Surely the international press who were present and heard the answers must see that the BBC are misrepresenting what happened. Maybe some of them will ask themselves ” If that’s what they say now – what else have they misled us on?” Perhaps a good investigative journalist with no axe to grind would report on this and other misleading stories from BBC.

      We live in hope !

    55. JimnArlene says:

      Can’t say I’m surprised,British Bullshit Corporation.

    56. cearc says:

      If anyone could get a list of who was there from the international press and send them this item to comment on.

      UK and BBC have lost a lot of friends from their delusions of grandeur and self-importance.

    57. Grouse Beater says:

      The media hate us, and when I say ‘us’ I mean most Scots who are assertive, and those who we elected to represent us. None are docile, not the democracy they are used to.

    58. fred blogger says:

      where are the infestation of mp’s going to canvass, any thoughts/ideas please?

    59. call me dave says:

      Stopped paying last year.

      It’s official my home is under surveillance. They would like to visit me for a chat. Aye right.

    60. Shahid Naveed says:

      The BBC and other Westminister sewer pipes continue to spew bovine faeces faster than the masses can lap it up. However those of us who do not “fit” into the Etonian utopia being of a different colour or social class have long known the BBC to be the hose from which the foul putrid lies of the governing classes flow. Whether it’s the war on the disabled, cheerleading during the Iraq genocide or the teabagging of Israeli criminals justifying the biennial Gaza bloodbaths. I’m just glad that my brothers and sisters across the border have come to realise this fact. As an 3rd generation “ethnic minority” Brit (when will I simply be referred to as British I wonder) I really really hope my Scottish brethren will sieze this moment to forge a future free from the tyranny of our imperial masters and instead build one based on freedom, equality and justice. Please don’t fall for the lies.

      Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.(Malcolm X)

      And as for all the horror stories of the corporate parasites who are threatening to flee and starve the people into obedience and put them in their place, I’m reminded of the words of Emiliano Zapata;

      “It’s better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.”

      Vive La Revolution!

    61. HandandShrimp says:

      I suppose we have to be realistic, Robinson was never going to lead with “I got my arse handed to me on a plate today”

      The BBC News is corrupted and heavily spun, it isn’t even that it annoys me any more I just can’t believe them on any topic so it becomes pointless watching it.

    62. Lesley-Anne says:

      Good old George Galloway getting booed and jeered over that last answer. What an absolute self centred pompous ignorant MUPPET! 😛

    63. Lindsay says:

      I don’t normally waste time on complaints, but this has me utterly gobsmacked. My demand for an inquiry into his behaviour has been sent via BBC’s online complaints form.

    64. FairiefromEarth says:

      Can anybody give the details for the BBC protest this weekend? thx

    65. Pierre says:

      Staggering. Having watched the “live” press conference in full earlier today Robinson’s report is a lie. Complaint, for what it is worth, made to the BBC but I’m not holding my breathe for a correction later this evening.

    66. joe kane says:

      The North Korea Broadcasting Corporation.

    67. nigel says:

      Even the bbc weather shows Scotland as half the size it actually is! This is all part of the establishments subliminal message to the Scots to remind them that we are too wee and too stupid to count.

      They believe that the white heather club illustrates the Scots height of ambition.

    68. BrianW says:

      A parcel o rogues indeed..

      A parcel of lying BBC rogues at that. They’re just flinging them out without consideration now.

      My arse wid’ve been weel skelpt by ma mither if i telt that mony lees.. ( doric isna fit it use tae be..)

    69. Grouse Beater says:

      Dave: ‘They would like to visit me.’

      I have such a letter. I told them to come back after the Referendum, then we can talk.

    70. Patrick Roden says:

      I’d love to complain, but think you’d need to have a licence to do that so that counts me out.

      Don’t pay for propaganda!

    71. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Worst yet.
      cancel you licence
      complain to BBC
      and complain to BBC Trust
      and go along to the demo on Sunday at PQ.

      They are a disgrace to democracy.

    72. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      Jaws galloway does not have the foggiest just how little respect he has.

    73. Jimbo says:

      Just finished watching the FM’s response to Robinson on Facebook the checked in here ans saw this.

      Unbelievable – an out and out blatant lie. The evidence is on record. Robinson should be sacked.

      The BBC is crapping on Scotland. I no longer pay my licence fee. I urge every Scot; stop paying the BBC to lie to you.

    74. Stone_Truth says:

      My complaint
      Your Complaint
      Type of complaint:
      Choose channel:
      BBC One
      Programme title:
      Six O’Clock News
      Transmission date:
      Broadcast type:
      Incident time:
      Complaint category:
      Factual error or inaccuracy
      Contacted us before:
      Complaint title:
      Nic Robinson blatently lied to the public
      Complaint description:
      The BBC reporter Nic Robinson stated on the 6 O’Clock news that the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, did not answer the question posed by Mr Robinson in relation to RBS and other financial institutions claims today that they would register their headquarters in England following a Yes victory in the upcoming referendum. Not only did the First Minister give a comprehensive answer lasting over 2 minutes he then repeated it following Mr Robinson’s rather unprofessional conduct in his attempts to heckle the First Minister during the conference. Mr Robinson’s assertation that the First Minister failed to answer his question is completely untrue and stating so on national television at such a crucial time in a referendum is entirely unethical and completely unacceptable. The BBC has clearly failed once again to maintain any standard of impartiality or integrity in it’s reporting and has shown itself to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Better Together campaign. I look forward to a full public inquiry as to why Mr Robinson clearly and deliberately lied to the public and why the BBC continues to allow such gutter journalism to permeate from within it’s ranks.

    75. G. Campbell says:

      heisenburger @wxkeup · 22m
      funny how you can’t hear the audience booing Ruth Davidson at the end of everything she says cause believe me, they were #bigbigdebate

      taylor @t4yyyy__ · 1m
      they edited out the boos at the end#BigBigDebate

      Lauren ?@lrnclrk 11 mins
      How did they cut out all the booing?? Loool #BigBigDebate

    76. Grouse Beater says:

      The British Establishment and many of their subjects have for a very long time regarded Scotland and its inhabitants as inferior.

      Back in the day I got ridiculed even when I quoted Chapter and Verse from my own experience, but now we see it in full view, in all its ugliness and intolerance.

    77. CM says:

      Latest YOUGOV Referendum Poll 52 % NO 48% YES

    78. gillie says:

      BBC edits out George Galloway calling Yessers “SNP Nazis”

    79. scotspine says:

      Scotland 2014

      Michelle Mone says she will leave Scotland after a Yes vote.

      Why wait Michelle……..

    80. bookie from hell says:

      would love to see bbc bigdebate UNCUT version

    81. Black Douglas says:



      You mean like this 🙂

    82. Tony Baregi says:

      This needs to be sent to the international media who were there and know the truth so that they can then report on the bbcs reporting.

      Maybe then the watchdof will be foorced to actually do something.

    83. Lie repeated on 10 O’Clock news.

    84. Graeme Doig says:

      I’m in a long queue on ebc complaints line. How many of you lot are in front of me:)

    85. Ian Boa says:

      O/T I heard this tonight and thought of the referendum and all the workings of BT/BBC campaign:

      Where The Mind Is Without Fear
      by Rabindranath Tagore

      Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
      Where knowledge is free
      Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
      By narrow domestic walls
      Where words come out from the depth of truth
      Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
      Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
      Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
      Where the mind is led forward by thee
      Into ever-widening thought and action
      Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

    86. HandandShrimp says:

      How many times has Mone said that? How many of us care? If she doesn’t love living here then she should go. Her choice.

    87. gillie says:

      Despite NO campaign’s panic measures and last minute efforts YouGov poll shows it is all to play for. We can do this.

    88. fred blogger says:

      Grouse Beater
      they are so used to being wrapped in their insulated world’s where only their words have power.
      that’s IT, that’s what they don’t get, 2 way traffic.
      and they want to teach us a lesson, do as you are told.
      we’re standing up to them and they hate it.

    89. Dcanmore says:
      11 September, 2014 at 9:10 pm
      Right that’s it send the BBC THOUSANDS of complaints … lets go!

      100,000 complaints should do it


      Dcanmore I made my complaint this morning, which I added I am stopping paying the licence fee. The phrase being ” Withdrawing my implied rights of access ”.
      There is plentry of advice and comfort all over You Tube and internet. On you tube type in ”Dealing with TV Licence goons”

      Now there are 1.3 million YESSERS signed the declaration to vote yes. Now if even 1,000,000 people refused to pay their Licence fee that would deprive the BBC of £144,000,000.

      Do you think that would get the BBC’s attention?

    90. FreedomLover says:

      Despite the likes of a “Categorical skullduggery” or the occassional “ubiquitous raggamuffery” or whatever shite Galloway sprinkles into his verbiage- has he been possessed by the ghost of Ally Darlin? He must have been coached: mention college places, mention the banks, mention the currency, mention borders- prompted by an ear piece? It was very forced & rehersed. Very very predictable- then at the end he goes all fedora maverick & shoots himself in the foot with screeching “Nazi!”

    91. Jim Thomson says:

      @CM 10:02pm

      Just wondering how these pollsters will salvage their “reputations” after the 18th.

      Also wondering how Curtice will spin his trail of appallingly biased analyses.

      BBC (that means you and I) has contributed hugely to the Curtice household budget this year.

    92. col says:

      If nick Robinson doesn’t apologise for his lie which I just witnessed on the news at ten then the yes campaign should stop all dealings with them. That guy is too big for his own boots. What an arsehole. Quite shocking actually

    93. BTW, why don’t we all have a go? One of us may get lucky:

    94. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      “Latest YOUGOV Referendum Poll 52 % NO 48% YES”

      The out of touch Britnat twits are cheering that MOE draw on deliriously. I don’t think they quite grasp how huge the poll swing was in the last 48 hours in 2011 to cause the landslide.

      The No campaign are panicking like lunatics for a reason. Their private polls are showing a comfortable Yes lead.

    95. tonymac says:

      o/t sorry if mentioned yougov 48yes to 52no on bbc scotland2014

    96. in google go to WHATDOTHEYKNOW, send a request for FOI to BBC in search box and enter, a list of previous requests come up, lots of info there and then yiou can make your own request.

    97. Thepnr says:

      This is the straw that breaks the back of the No campaign.

      The answer to Robinson is on record, they have now proven themselves to be liars. Not maybe liars but outright liars and a disgrace. Show this to everyone you know.

      They have shot their bolt.

    98. davidb says:

      Guido Fawkes – no friend of ours in this campaign – has the video on his website. I understand that site is widely read by the chattering class. So at least some other jounos will see through Robinson.

      I am for – and I have never done this before – a licence fee strike. Mass non payment. Sign me up.

      Oh, on the shops colluding with politicians to raise prices. Is that not something the competition authorities should address?

    99. @col

      Stop paying your tv licence.

    100. Lesley-Anne says:

      scotspine says:

      Scotland 2014

      Michelle Mone says she will leave Scotland after a Yes vote.

      Why wait Michelle……..

      Hang on a minute!

      Is she STILL here in Scotland?

      I’m sure she said that she would leave Scotland if the SNP ever got into power in Holyrood. Now I know I’m only the village idiot but even I know that the SNP have been in power since 2007! So Michelle you have had SEVEN YEARS to leave Scotland. What makes you think that a) we believe a word you say and b) we actually give a damn! 😛

    101. Thought I’d put up a second piece tonight following some of the scare stories and nonsense.

      God Will Withdraw The Sky From Independent Scotland …

    102. Indy_Scot says:

      The BBC is effectively the mouth of Westminster. There is no reason why anyone should pay a politically corrupt organisation.

    103. Luigi says:

      The crude, blatant editing of BBC footage of Alex Salmond speaking today was quite astounding. BBC are no longer even trying to be subtle about it. They just don’t care, they are really going for it now. All or nothing seems to be the strategy. Desperate stuff.

    104. ewen says:

      Me and the wife are convinced that Galloway was half cut tonight. We also had a laugh at his foreigners jibe. I reminded the wife and kids that they are Lithuanian foreigners….

    105. Stephen says:

      Nick Robinson is a member of the Conservative Party

    106. Clootie says:

      Annoying…but reflect on this. People are aware of the bias. People are laughing at the unionist politician’s scare stories.

      We continue to smile and we win in 7 days time 😀

      The polls will be closed in 7 days time and we deliver the best revenge possible.

      Focus on delivering a YES vote – after that it is all history.

    107. joe kane says:

      The grassroots strike back!

      It’s changed days when the Telegraph makes attempts at trying to defend the Labour elite from the voters in the middle of the British Labour heartland of Glasgow. With nawbags Galloway on the same side of the BBC debate tonight as the Tories, going on about Britain fighting the nazis, you really have to wonder about the state of Labour in Scotland.

      Here’s an excellent account by the Telegraph of the smug London Labour elite running the grassroots Buchanan St gauntlet today. Significantly, the Telegraph doesn’t describe supporters of independence as “cybernats” but as “Yessers”. When the enemy are even using our language you know they’re on the run –
      Scottish independence: Glasgow, the friendly city, turns demented
      The Telegraph

    108. thomaspotter2014 says:

      What must be realised is that all their focus in these blatant distortions of the truth are designed to plant the seeds of doubt in the Yes voters minds that somehow their threats and scares are worth voting NO for,and everyone’s now convinced…. LOL
      And that these alone have suddenly made everyone decide to go from seroiusly swinging to YES to- overnight- we’ve all changed our minds and seen the light!!!! then let’s jump on the ‘NO BETTER TOGETHER THANKS’bunch of lies and empty promises

      DO ME A FAVOUR!!


      WE HAVE 7 DAYS TO GO!!!

      LET’S DO THIS!!!



    109. Grouse Beater says:

      Galloway’s detestation of the SNP runs so deep, so violently antagonistic, we can take it as indicative of England’s political parties, and their poodles in Scotland.

    110. sinky says:

      By inviting george galloway BBC and labour non show treating young voters and viewers with contempt as he has even less support or relevence.

    111. Croompenstein says:

      Michelle Mone says she will leave Scotland after a Yes vote

      Mone by name Moan by nature, a tit making money out of tits 🙂

    112. Faltdubh says:

      Moan saying she’ll leave. Didn’t she say this too in 2007 and 2011? Hahaha.

      As for the poll, it’s alright – was fearing a lot worse. i think we all expected a slump, but if you average up those last 4 polls we’re on 49% and that’s with people who do these surveys/polls.

      I doubt many of these 150k new voters or ”missing million” have answered many Qs on this.

      After a hellish few days. We’re on 49%.

      We’ve got the fun and games of Farage, OO, plus hopefully a wee bounce from an excellent performance from Harvie and Sturgeon tonight.

    113. gordoz says:

      Scotland 2014 : Dear God – Please Scotland vote YES and get rid of that big Muppet Beaker,

      The least talented and most boring Scot ever produced.

      BBC Scotland now patting itself on the back about edited
      debate where Scotlands youth were presented with the weird world according to chairmen Galloway (lots of Georges bile & bollox cut out). The BBC what a pile of crap .. really

    114. Graeme Doig says:

      Still in the queue. Somebody hud ma coat NR at it again on his ‘summing up’. What a complete w####r.
      Patronising shister demeaning at least half the Scottish population.
      This lot are getting it whether it’s yes or no.

    115. Papadox says:

      So the Bank of England has no problem helping out the independent Irish Republic in a financial problem.

      However Scotland can go f*ck itself according to Westminster, the establishment and the EBC. If that’s the kind of love Westminster has to offer they can go f*ck themselves.

      You obviously get better treated as a foreigner, so let’s become foreigners.

    116. sinky says:

      Gremlins galloway less relevant to scotland than ukip

    117. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Technically he can point to the John Lewis question not specifically being answered I suppose”

      No. That was included in what Robinson himself identified as the “more general” part of the question.

    118. Grouse Beater says:

      Oh dear, Obama began by sounding like Abraham Lincoln and ends his tenure sounding like George W. Bush Jr.

    119. gordoz says:

      FFS Michelle Mone on now – TV will suffer damage.

      Probably last night watching BBC ever !!!

    120. Bob Sinclair says:

      I really fear for the future if we don’t win. The BBC has shown itself today to be unequivocably biased but they seem to think they have the right to do this.

      I really hope we can get a massive turnout at Pacific Quay on Sunday. So big that the World takes notice. We have fought honestly & fairly and honourably, and we need people around the World to know what stealth dictatorship via the mainstream media looks like.

      Today I have never been so proud to be Scottish or so ashamed that my passport says I’m British.

      Today I met total strangers that I would be honoured to call my friends & saw what I once trusted – the BBC – totally betray me.

    121. Martin says:

      Complaint sent. See you all on Sunday then. I’ll be the one with the Father Ted inspired placards. Feel free to approach for a chat, I was involved in the recent letter to the Lancet so if you’re wanting to talk nhs too that’s ok

    122. piggy says:

      People are revealing a great deal about themselves.

      Scotland is crying out for change and is filled with hope. The great work by YES campaigners is a true reflection of this. People are working for a great future and it is this purpose which strengthens us.

      To oppose this great change for good, Westminster and their supporters demonstrate to the world that they are incapable of government as they lie to and deceive the people of Scotland.

      Voting YES will rid the country of these liars and receivers.

    123. call me dave says:

      Surely Galloway is an agent provocateur!

      Every time he appears he must add to the weight of votes cast for YES.

      The actual debate was this afternoon so the BBC will have had their technical staff put it through the rinser.

      boos for Ruthie turned down
      no nazi remark from Galloway
      and things we don’t know about.

      Good old auntie!

    124. Stone_Truth says:

      I dont use twitter but could someone who does get #treasurytips trending 😀

    125. Joe says:

      you tube has AS answer in full to nic r , search for nic R bbc news , not sure how to put link on here but am dl it for fb

    126. Croompenstein says:

      When is that twat Nigel Farage(pronounced garage) blessing us with his presence, it would be great if the empire stikes back guys were there to greet him. Or they could got to the Better Together Orange Order march to celebrate life in the 17th century

    127. Robert Peffers says:

      @James123 says: 11 September, 2014 at 9:28 pm:

      “You mean here?”

      Great! Thanks, James123, That’s it. For some reason I couldn’t access that link before. Neither play it or copy the URL.

      Will it be o.k if I upload it to Youtube after adding some other bits to make the point and the whole case?

      I couldn’t believe it when Robinson came on earlier on the news and brass necked it as if he had never been humiliated. I’ll try to edit the brass neck denial and the original humiliation of the numptie and upload them to YouTube and link to it on wings. Too late tonight to do more than download it to my hard drive and also record the the brassnecking clip I assume will still feature on the 23:30 News24 news repeat.

    128. Justin Ross says:


      The BBC’s Robert Peston confirming that Cameron is sitting in Downing Street trying to orchestrate scare stories.

      If enough people know about this, it’ll help them see all these random business announcements” for what it really is

    129. Justin Ross says:

      Oh, and 2 more complaints sent from this house about Tory Robinson

    130. Papadox says:

      In the unlikely event that Cameron/Osbourne win the referendum they might just discover they have win the booby prize. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

    131. john ferguson says:

      Re John Lewis, will the higher prices include on line buying?

    132. Harry McAye says:

      Utter scum. Licence fee getting cancelled tomorrow.

    133. Dal Riata says:

      Nick Robinson embodies all that is rotten in the UK’s farce of a democracy. Here is a right-wing, pro-Establishment goon in the guise of a journalist [sic] given air-time by the BBC to spout his (and the BBC’s) lies, misinformation, smearing and scaremongering about Scotland, its decision-makers, general populace and hopes for independence.

      He surely hates being away from his natural home of Westminster and London to ‘report’ on something which he absolutely abohrs – the cheek of those uppity Jocks to even think about leaving the motherland and her Mother of all Parliaments [sic]… He never hides his disdain and dislike for Alex Salmond: notice the aggressive and semi-sneering style of questioning.

      After Salmond handed him his arse previously in the day, what else does he do, with full collusion from the BBC, but lie that his question wasn’t answered…

      A despicable, horrible individual. And no more than the BBC deserves.

      The BBC crossed the Rubicon long ago. Scotland MUST vote Yes to enable it to rid itself of this Establishment mouthpiece. It will be worth it for that alone.

    134. h_johnny says:

      Who thinks these bastards could actually try to rig the vote?

      People should be keeping a close eye on the count.

    135. jamie says:

      My complaint to the BBC has been submitted

    136. G. Campbell says:

      More twitter reactions from people who attended the debate.

      Jess…..x @jessralston138 2 mins
      hilarious how they have quietened the booing in the audience for the no campaign #bigbigdebate

      itseve ?@_evepeacock_ 1 min
      Really shady that all booing for the no campaign got edited out..just shows that they know they did shite today #BigBigDebate #VoteYes

    137. horacesaysyes says:

      They aren’t even trying to be unbiased now, but what can realistically be done about? Even if everyone in Scotland complained, nothing is going to be done about it, or at least not before next Thursday.

      This is why we really need the right result next week, and the return of accountability for our public broadcasters.

    138. cearc says:

      @bbcnickrobinson is on the worldwide trending list.

      Not good news for him.

    139. Big Jock says:

      48% let them think they are ahead.We know which way the newly registered voters are going to go.They are worth at least 6% to yes alone.Its these guys they are panicking about.But the scare stories about businesses will only alter a few middle class voters opinions.Working class and poor don’t give a ferk what big suited bankers say.

    140. caledonia says:

      This is the full Salmond V robinson not the cut off one

    141. YESGUY says:

      Well that goes down as a win for YES.

      The young team did us proud, Someone should explain about editing. They will get the gist quickly. Tweets speak volumes , shame the BBBC had control to hide it all.

      Michelle MOANY is taking a right tantrum, Vote Yes and i’m off , Mind your erse on the door on your way oot then.

      Bloody propaganda extravaganza . South Korea does this . Are we as cowed as that poor lot ??

      I think not.

      Note to self


    142. Derek R says:

      So Nick Robinson has replied to one of the many tweets calling him out…

      Tripe. Utter tripe. Proud of my fellow Scots for taking him and the Beeb to task over it.

    143. heedtracker says:

      Nick Robinson claims Alex Salmond “didn’t answer” his question at a press conference earlier today. That is a brazen and quite spectacular lie.

      Imagine what it must be like for Salmond watching that appalling travesty. The BBC are finished in Scotland.

      Keep calm. Vote Yes.

    144. Graeme says:

      He didn’t answer the question. He answered a question of his own choosing. Journalists are under no obligation to give politicians air time to ramble on.
      He was asked why Scots should believe a politician over business leaders. He retorted that it doesn’t matter where a bank is based and then added to his long list of conspiracy theories about everyone being out to get him. That question and answer bear little relation to each other.
      Yes pride themselves on being critical thinkers in this campaign, but so many now seem to accept what Messrs. Salmond and Campbell say without question. It’s become like a cult. ‘Keep the faith’ and all that. Give us the answer Stu and we’ll go out and preach it…

    145. ScotFree1320 says:

      The article about ASDA disappeared from NewsDrive. Why?

      Here’s why! (Huffington Post)

    146. Grouse Beater says:

      Considering our prejudicial press deemed the last Salmond-Darling debate as a ‘shouting match’ so that no one need think more about it, we can expect them to say the same of the youth debate, even it ninety percent is civil and clarity itself

    147. Tony Little says:

      They haven’t got a clue. There were 1,000 (?) kids there. The first thing they will have done when they got home would be to watch it again to see if they see themselves or their mates. They will see how it is being presented, and the more energised will be tweeting and Facebooking about the manipulated presentation. If anything will improve the YES vote among the young, it’s being treated with distain by their “betters”.

      Massive error by BBC and NoBetterTogetherThanks

    148. @horacesaysyes – stop paying your tv licence !!!!!!

      Salmond being accused of stage managing the press conference with yes people.

      The absolute cheek of the NO campaign when you think of all their stage managed appearances.

    149. Buzby says:

      Thanks for the heads up – I saw both live feed and the news wrap and couldn’t believe it. An online complaint gas been lodged via the website.

    150. Stewart says:

      Stuart – I couldn’t agree more with your article above. I’ve never seen such a dangerous and misleading account of factual events that I witnessed happening. I watched the debate and saw the 6pm news report, which was again repeated at 10pm. Nick Robinson – You should be ASHAMED. Whether your a Yes voter or a No voter the public expect impartial and fair accounts of what has happened. Stuart, I hope that everyone reads your blog and knows to mistrust the BBC and Nick Robinson if they are willing to televise news reports like that.

    151. Chic McGregor says:

      As I just posted over on NNS. This is different.
      This is a Hall full of international media who were first hand witnesses to the reality.

      That will later watch open mouthed at the BBC’s distortion of events.

      Thee BBC’s worldwide reputation for fairness is in tatters.

      But before you cheer, consider what this means. That they are even willing to sacrifice that to hold on to Scotland.

      London’s desperation to keep Scotland fast, just moved into another league.

    152. heedtracker says:

      NO MORE WATCHING TELLY. Awe I just watched my Slovene Bettertogether girlfriend at Glasgow uni Law lying through his teeth to Sarah Smith there.

    153. Clootie says:


      Cult isn’t the four letter word I was thinking for you …but it’s close

    154. pipinghot says:

      I think the idiots in the Scot BBC are cannon fodder, their necks will be on the line regardless of the vote. Camoron said he would do anything to save the union and sacrificing the BBC as the baddie is an easy way out. Hayley Millar’s mum should be ashamed of the way her daughter has turned out.

    155. Graeme Doig says:

      Just come off the phone to ebc. Poor Irish guy that had to take my call stated there were a few other calls regarding bias and NR lies in particular 🙂

      Now need to speak with Mrs D about cancelling license.

      Unionist establishment in its death throws.

      Come on Scotland lets finish them and their corruption off.

    156. heedtracker says:

      Yes pride themselves on being critical thinkers in this campaign, but so many now seem to accept what Messrs. Salmond and Campbell say without question. It’s become like a cult.

      No Graeme, Salmond made the point that all the scare stories today were old news cobbled together in the attack by the BBC on Scottish democracy. Cant see how that means its a cult.

    157. heraldnomore says:

      Presumably La Mone will be taking the train out of town these days.

      And RBS, with the accumulated losses it may be some time before corporation tax becomes an issue, wherever the transfer pricing/group/subsidiaries/holding company issues fall

    158. Jim Thomson says:

      OK – it’s waaaay too late for me and I really need some sleep. If, however, there’s someone out there in the Wings Wonderland who has a bit of time on their hands, how about crafting an FOI request for a copy of, or access to, the full, unedited, version of the Big, Big Debate?

      It will have to be worded in a way that will get round the nonsense of “Ahh but we had dozens of cameras there all being recorded and that will mean hundreds of hours of material that would be impractical to provide”.

      Seems to me that all they have to do is provide a single, uncut, long shot of the group on-stage accompanied by all the audio.

      No excuses BBC. There are a LOT of people on Twitter who attended the gig and are complaining bitterly about how savagely edited the broadcast version is. Specifically, no mention of GG using the word “Nazi” against the SNP.

      Hope there is someone here who is creative enough to craft the appropriate FOI request.

    159. HandandShrimp says:

      We have been subjected to virtually non-stop propaganda. Cameron has pulled favours from banks, shops, businessmen, journalists and the BBC. Labour has been…well God knows what Labour is doing…that is a bit weird…and Gordon has offered us a free calendar. Yet 48-52 as opposed to 51-49 is within sampling error, especially as TNS face to face poll was 50-50. In other words all that and maybe nothing has happened.

      What next? Will Cameron lean on Labour to up the offer on more powers to something more attractive? Are they even serious, an hour of waffle from Gordon and all we have had is non-stop Vote No or Die.

      The coming week is going to be interesting. I think we can do this but it is going to be tight. The monster that is the establishment is not going to let us go easily.

    160. heedtracker says:

      @ Graeme, is the head of ASDA an SNP cult member too? one of us one of us in Huffington post, a noted Naw Thanks voter too.

      The Asda chief’s latest comments come after supermarket rival Morrisons suggested its food prices could fall in an independent Scotland, with a spokesman saying: “If an independent Scotland increased or decreased regulation or taxes we’d have to take a second look at our pricing. Clearly that could work for or against Scottish customers depending on the direction of travel.”

    161. The guy is obviously hurting at getting his erse booted in front of all his colleagues. Must’ve been severely humiliating for him. Let’s hope so anyway. 🙂

    162. Jim Thomson says:

      Don’t feed the Troll, folks

    163. ronnie anderson says:

      Nick Robertson press pass should be withdrawn for any future Interviews/Conferances as should all Bbc reporters work it up them,what aq embarrasment in the glare of the whole world media.

    164. Lesley-Anne says:


      It looks like the news has not yet reached Westminster about those nasty pesky Scots are refusing to pay their TV tax. This is one of the sub headlines:

      Independent Scotland faces doubling of licence fee.”

      Hell why not quadruple the TV tax Westminster, cause guess what? NOT paying FOUR times the TV tax is even MORE satisfying than not paying just the simple TV tax. 😛

    165. jules says:

      If we can use this example to bring home the reality of BBC bias then it may just be enough to win the referendum. Usually it’s somehow hidden. But this was a) in front of world media and b) all recorded on telly.

      Come on you creative types. Something clever!!??

    166. Nana Smith says:

      The lie is being spread on twitter.

    167. EdinScot says:

      The ebc, sky and the rest of the unionist media are heavily censoring their tv output to make the bt shambles look passable and its not working as its coming over like the shambles it is. Thanks to people here who have posted links to the scenes of Labour getting barracked today in Glasgow is really astonishing stuff. The msm look dazed nay punch drunk. They thought they were coming up for a commonwealth takeover mark 2 and put us back in our place beneath their shoes. Its not working and their panic is clear for all to see.

      The ebcs Nicky boy got a bitch slapping from the maestro Salmond in front of the worlds media at the EICC. Ouch! How we whined and bleated. They sure as hell dont look like theyre on 50 odd % of the vote. The ebc are making collosal mistakes in front of a world wide audience and are collapsing their own selves in spectacular fashion.

      It has been announced that there is record levels registered to vote. Its being touted that 97% aka 4.2 million of the Scottish electorate are about to vote a week today! Surely not! Incredible stuff if true. And i dont think theyre all coming out the woodwork to vote for the same old Westminster rule.

      If i were the unionists i too would be shitting bricks. Only time will tell if there is indeed already a Scottish revolution underway. Vote yes to be rid of the corrupt anti democratic disgusting propagandists that is the British state.

    168. fred blogger says:

      no, answering the final caveat of the questions, depended on basics of those questions being credible, they were not.

    169. heedtracker says:

      The absolute cheek of the NO campaign when you think of all their stage managed appearances. Its not cheek, its very real desperation. This Tory stuffed shirt says

      Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw told the Huffington Post UK: “Considering the eyes of the world are now on Scotland, this was an utterly embarrassing episode.

      “The foreign media must have wondered what was going on when the activist corps joined the press one. The First Minister looked like a man in danger of losing the plot, and his conduct – and that of organisers – transformed an opportunity to interrogate Alex Salmond into a laughable circus in front of a global audience.”

      Wonder why they gave Carlaw’s job to Ruthie babes, after she’d been a Tory MSP for 5 months too.

    170. heraldnomore says:

      Newsnet reporting Cameron pressured Supermarkets to make statements; and finishing with a petition for a Scottish Broadcasting Service. Get signing boys and girls.

    171. Stevie says:

      Today has made me angrier than anything I’ve seen in the whole lead-in to the referendum. The BBC got caught red handed; the Treasury says the BBC reporters asked them so they answered (illegally), Nick Robinson lies about it.

      Never felt the urge to make a complaint to the BBC before either, but gave them both barrels tonight. Official complaint made, for what it’s worth. This whole sorry episode is an absolute disgrace.

    172. heedtracker says:

      BBC has to double Scots licence fee because at least half of Scotland will not pay for them.

    173. BB says:

      The BBC have gone all out for BT without being honest enough to declare themselves as BT campaigners. As the pressure builds they’ve got more desperate. The BBC’s reputation after this referendum will be in tatters and an international laughing stock. How did they think they’d get away with this?

    174. Training Day says:

      Cancel your direct debit on the licence fee – as others have said, it’s bloody liberating.

    175. Col. Asdasd says:

      I’ve complained to the bbc via their website. Been an impartial half-Scot (descendant) living in the UK and following more out of interest in Stu’s writing than anything else, but this really has me incensed.

      This is what I told them:

      “Earlier today the BBC’s 24 hour news channel covered a press conference of assembled international media hosted by Alex Salmond. An excerpt of this can be seen here:

      In it, Nick Robinson can be heard asking questions regarding RBS and the upcoming independence referendum. One of the questions he asks is: ‘why should a Scottish voter believe you, a politician, against men who are responsible for billions of pounds of profits?’

      Later, on the News at Six, a segment is run in which Mr. Robinson claims that he received no answer for this question. However, reviewing the BBC’s own footage of the press conference shows plainly that Mr. Salmond did answer this question and others Mr. Robinson put to him.

      I am astonished to see a reporter of such seniority as Nick Robinson – though seniority shouldn’t come into it – mislead the BBC audience in this way. It also seems to violate the the Ofcom Broadcasting Code:

      “Opportunity to contribute and proper consideration of facts

      7.9 Before broadcasting a factual programme, including programmes examining past events, broadcasters should take reasonable care to satisfy themselves that:

      material facts have not been presented, disregarded or omitted in a way that is unfair to an individual or organisation;”

      That Mr. Salmond might not have answered Mr. Robinson’s question in the exact way he wanted does not change the fact that Mr. Robinson’s assertion no answer *at all* was given is misleading and unfair.”

    176. Chic McGregor says:

      The ‘UK’s reputation was already teetering worldwide, illegal wars, institutionalised paedophilia, food banks, casino/ponzi economics, massive total external debt etc.

      The Beeb’s reputation was all they had left. If they are willing to sacrifice that to hold on to Scotland, I fear for what else they might do. I really do.

    177. Tony Hendrix says:

      If Alex Salmond by any chance happens tae read this,I implore him tae get shot of the English Broadcasting Corporation asap.
      Goebells would have been proud of this little toad called Nick Robinson,I would like tae call him something else but realise young folk read on here as well.

    178. Nana Smith says:



    179. Murray McCallum says:

      Complaint submitted. Await standard bullshit response. Can only hope it detracts from their time to produce more broadcast crap.

    180. piggy says:

      The decision is already made, but the vote is yet to come.

      We are being entertained by a seemingly endless cast of people who are simply unable to stop humiliating themselves. These are people who hold senior positions and live double lives.

      The association is now firm;





    181. heedtracker says:

      Press and Journal collapses under weight of YES vote oil industry, shock. Not shock at the YES change by a bettertogether campaigner but that the Fit Like Times has reported it at all

    182. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      So the Asda chief actually said this,

      “I am not saying prices have to rise in an independent Scotland.”

      So there’s your answer for anyone campaigning or in a Yes shop who is now asked about it.

      You can then point out that the No campaign’s broadcaster the BBC clearly lied through their teeth about that scare story.

      Just like they have lied about so much else. Like Iraq having weapons of mass destruction for instance. The scottish public certainly remember that rather enormous Lie. 🙂

    183. Indy_Scot says:

      Seriously, imagine trying to combat these F’ing clowns without the internet.

    184. Jimmy the Pict says:

      Best thing we can do is persuade more people to vote yes. Then bbc bias is no longer our problem.

    185. Indy_Scot

      The day will come, brother, when they won’t be able to pull this kind of crap at all.

      But you’re right, of course. Doing this ten, even five, years ago … we’d have been beaten before we even started.

      With everything they’ve thrown us, the lies they’ve told, the smears, the intimidation of the electorate … we’ve got this thing on a knife edge.

      What a victory this would be.

    186. Thepnr says:

      What we are witnessing is the last breath of a once great power. Their lies are the words of a dying man clinging desperately to power.

      Let’s all get together and put him out of his misery on 18th Sept.

    187. Mik says:

      Nick Robinson must have been sleeping he’s a pathetic excuse of a journalist (“journalist” used loosely to describe his alleged profession) he was answered not once, but Twice and the 6 o’clock Version cut and edited to make him look as though Salmond didn’t answer, ridiculous the BBC are now affectionately known as “Biased Bunch of C**ts!” they are finished

    188. G H Graham says:

      The main costs of any business are energy, labour, materials, distribution, SG&A, deprectiation and finally taxes.

      SG&A includes sales, general & admin and includes all the back office expenses like IT, telecoms, HR, H&S, auditing etc.

      Assuming no immediate & substantial change in the cost of Scottish energy, labour, materials or fuel, the only additional costs MAY be but not certainly, some extra fees for operating in another regulatory regime.

      But a world class business usually operates with an SG&A cost of around 5% to 7% of sales. And remember, SG&A includes ALL the back office costs, many of which won’t change.

      So even if there are additional costs, it is a fraction of at most 7%. More likely, an English company operating in Scotland will suffer a fraction of one percentage point increase in the cost of sales.

      That’s noise level. Any business that thinks it can just add 10% to its prices because of a miniscule additional costs on its SG&A line is bonkers mad. In summary then, more Unionist scaremongering bullshit.

      How do I know this? Easy. I used to run multiple business units across international boundaries for years. Helps when one knows what one is talking about instead of depending on peurile shite from the London based propaganda channels like the BBC.

    189. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well said Thepnr. 😉

    190. Andy says:

      The first tv licence man that turns up at my door will need an op to get his balls removed from his throat

    191. Mary Bruce says:

      Licence cancelled as they are clearly in breach of their charter. The evidence against Robinson is overwhelming, he should be instantly dismissed.

    192. jacksloan2013 says:

      Nick Robinson founded the Macclesfield Young Conservatives, became Chairman of the National Young Conservatives and President of Oxford University Conservative Association. That the BBC could uphold its Charter where “impartiality lies at the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences” and employ a man so openly affiliated to one political party as their political editor is a disgrace.

      My letter of complaint is in, TV licence stopped and I will again be attending the anti-BBC event in Glasgow on Sunday.

      (Details of the demonstration some feathers on Wings have been asking follow – taken from Independence Live site:

      Times are 2pm – 4.30pm 14th Sept BBC Pacific Quay Glasgow. BBC Bias Propaganda & Coverups, Peace Protest V, with this being just 4 Days before the Independence Referendum it will be the finally chance for a HUGE YES before #YES following on from the Wallace March at Stirling 12th Sept then the Freedom Convoy from Stirling to Glasgow 14th Sept, the convoy then ties up with this final protest at the BBC let’s show them we are going to win this referendum by a Proverbial Mile. Confirmed performers so far are: Steve Atkinson, Callum Baird, Billy Bates, Ken Godwin, Kevin Gore, Bobby Nicholson, Insectaways, Shaun Moore, Citizen Smart and Jock Scott (Yew Choob) Speakers:Tommy Sheridan(to be confirmed), Joshua Brown & Veterans for Independence Pat Lee (MC) Cheryl Scott”)

    193. Lesley-Anne says:

      As if putting up with Smackdown Nicky isn’t enough we now have to put up this as well. 😛

    194. Fletcherpost says:

      I registered my complaint regarding the BBC’s Biased referendum coverage:Case number CAS-2912609-YKPVGL?
      It takes five minutes to go through the simple process.

      To give an indication of how many complaints consitutes a news story, here’s a link to a Telegraph story regarding complaints for an episode of Jamaica Inn

      “…viewers struggled to make out what was going on, with many resorting to subtitles or abandoning the episode altogether. The BBC said 117 people had contacted the corporation to complain, while many more registered their displeasure on Twitter and the BBC website.”

      That’s 117 complaints for mumbled dialogue, a serious offense, but not as serious as biased and or unbalanced reporting.

      BBC Drama Quirke drew 243 complaints for poor sound.

      “…The BBC has confirmed it has received complaints from viewers over the sound quality of BBC One crime drama Quirke.

      The corporation said Sunday’s episode, which was watched by an average 4.2 million people, drew 243 complaints.”

      Both shows were broadcast earlier this year so one would expect to be newsworthy after a similar amount of complaints.

    195. Betty Craney says:

      I cancelled my TV licence months ago – much to the horror of my family – and I don’t miss it one bit . I can get lied to for free and I’m ,sure as fate ,not going to pay to be lied to . Got a nice wee cheque for £60 refund .

      YouTube tells you how to do it and how to deal with anyone who calls to ask you why you don’t have a licence !

    196. Graham says:

      Well I have the clips practically side by side for easy viewing.

    197. heedtracker says: Now they’re really angry.

    198. tonymac says:

      RUSSIA today
      more balanced ?

      rt on youtube
      UK: Watch Miliband-and co get photobombed at ‘No Campaign’ rally
      RUSSIA today more balanced than bbc surely not lol

    199. Dal Riata says:

      George Galloway’s final words to convince an undecided voter to vote No was an act of out-of-touch, buffoon-like stupidity. Going on about “foreigners” and “fighting wars together” and “If it wasn’t for them [those who fought in WW2] we’d be here speaking German.”… Way to go George! That’ll swing it to No, oh yeah!

      The guy is a total embarrassment, to himself and to whatever cause he is supporting – although it is comforting to know that he is shilling for BetterTogetherUKOKNoThanks!

      He was roundly booed, jeered and laughed at by the young audience from beginning to end, and rightly so. Oh, how the mighty (in his own viewpoint anyway) have fallen…

    200. heedtracker says:

      Ed Miliband Useful As A ‘Boil On The Scrotum,’ Says Radio Caller

      Eh no at least a boil on the scrotum shows up at and doesn’t leave it to a bawbag carpet bagger in a silly hat, like the big teenage Scotland tv debate tonight for example.

      How can 100 Labour MP’s come all the way up to Glasgow and not one of them goes on the biggest BBC debate in the biggest indoor arena in Glasgow.

    201. Democracy Reborn says:


      Well buddy, since (as I suspect) you’re a No voter, how about these vacuous phrases that the No side all invariably “preach” on a daily basis:-

      “Better together”
      “Pooling & sharing”
      “Strength & security”
      “Best of both worlds”
      “Strong Scottish Parliament within the UK”
      “Guaranteed new powers”

      Who’s in the “cult” now, Graeme?

    202. Betty Craney says:

      Wasn’t RT the only media outlet which showed the first demo at Pacific Quay? Neither BBC or STV reported it .

    203. Joe says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      11 September, 2014 at 10:35 pm

      New petition just been started. just put my name on this petition , still needing more names added tho.

    204. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      FFS don’t hand the tory twat Robinson the ‘victim’ card by tweeting inane threats at him. Anyone doing that is a fucking idiot doing more harm than good, END OF STORY.

      Use complaints, stop paying the license fee or spread the word about his excruciating ‘performance’ today.

      Just let Robinson fester angrily on his own as he has to contemplate how he can possibly be seen to ‘report’ on the Independence Referendum fairly now after his embarrassing car-crash and blatant display of westminster No campaign bias.

    205. George Quin says:

      This is a slur on journalism and a mockery of democracy this must be illegak they have no limits i thought they were low but this is a thing called the BBC is an insult to the intelligence of us all they do know about the internet right we can actually see that the question was answered disgusting, i take it that the UK goverment will not answer the serious allegations of market rigging bu disclosing this information as well as violating PURDAH we need to do something about this.

    206. fred blogger says:

      Iain Gray’s Subway Lament
      well said.

    207. manandboy says:

      So, which member of the No campaign failed to show for the BIG BIG DEBATE ?

      Odds on it was Douglas Alexander.

      And the reason ,odds on, is that Dougie is so insecure in his position, that he needed to be with the Labour leadership yesterday afternoon, lest if he wasn’t there, nobody would notice his absence.

    208. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      TV licence direct debit cancelled.

    209. DervalDam says:

      Did I just witness Nick reassuring us on the BBC news that its ok, the treasury did nothing wrong. He knows that because a treasury spokesman told him so…. off to hit my rewind button. Need to share in case I am going mad as I just watched George G saying we need to vote no to stop a second nazi coming. What is going on?

    210. Big Jock says:

      Nick will casually walk away now.He has Cameron and BBC England on his side.BBC is not a state broadcaster its the Westminster broadcaster.There is only one way to win against them and that’s to cut them off their life support of black gold.Its worth voting yes just to see their faces the day after and how they can go from hating Scotland to begging Scotland for help.I would imagine pacific quay will be lost as to how to report the news without Westminster instructions.The missing millions are going to vote yes 3\1 and they will win this.That’s why the polls don’t matter!

    211. Graeme says:

      @heedtracker fair enough, cult is OTT. I just don’t believe in some conspiracy against yes.
      BBC news is not the saintly, neutral arbiter it’s made out to be. It’s made up, like every news organisation, of lazy reporters looking for sensational, easily presented stories. Simple fact is that the three no parties have decades of experience in this and consistently hand the news easy stories. Big business moves south is an easy headline story. Yes offered them nothing today. They always let no set the agenda and then react.
      As for Nick Robinson, if a reporter asks a politician a question and said politician makes you look like a dick and tries to implicate you in a criminal conspiracy, you’re hardly going to give him a glowing write up.
      Personally I’d privatise the BBC and make them work a bit harder for their money.

    212. Gary Hanton says:
      Above link is complaint form to Ofcom….. GET YOUR COMPLAINTS IN FOLKS – mine has been sent

    213. Papadox says:

      @George Quin says: 11:32pm

      George this is a classic example of Westminster democracy in action, from the mother of parliaments. I don’t want anything to do with them, nothing.

    214. Rev. William Steele says:

      Please tell us what we can do to expose this and have the BBC apologise to Mr Salmond and the people of Scotland. I’ve shared it on FB, but I want to do more. Is there any immediate legal action that can be taken? Can Mr Slamond go on TV and have shown the video of the incident

      I’m so angry and I feel helpless.

    215. liz says:

      @heedtracker -some of the comments on huff are amazing.

      AS brought in biased supporters to the press conference.

      For biased supporters read international journalists.

      You couldn’t make this up.

      AS has obviously decided to go for the BBC jugular because he now has nothing to lose with vote 6 days away.

    216. Big Jock says:

      Yes Derval Nick did just say that on BBC.He is clearly rattled and anxious and been thinking about it all day.He added it in at the end out of context and in requested.Must be worried of legal ramifications.Salmond was just superb in slapping him down.Met his match snide little twerp!

    217. Stevie boy says:

      Emailed my complaints away to BBC, Asda and John Lewis.

      After we are an independent country let all of Scotland boycott these scaremongering companies. We will not forget them.

      I have banked with RBS for 23 years but as soon as we are free I will be changing.. probably to the Airdrie Savings Bank (as someone posted on here as a good alternative).

      YouGov poll out tonight with Yes 48%.. let’s face it if the biased YouGov poll still says that then we are obviously still right in there.. keep up the hard work folks and keep reassuring EVERYONE not to believe the bullshit.

    218. P.R.D. says:

      What did David Cameron offer the supermarket monopolies in return for their indyref support, maybe free Scots labour via the work programme.

      The power of the British State is being used to crush and subvert democracy in Scotland.

      God help the Scottish people if their is a no vote.

    219. No no no...yes says:

      Galloway was the replacement for Jim Murphy!It was either Scotland 2014 or Scotland tonight.

      Murf in a huff..

    220. YESGUY says:


      Signed the petition.

      Chic 10.40

      I never had any doubts they would go to any lengths to keep hold of us. But we’re a slippery lot and the scares are not working with most now. Still , Bang goes the BBC reputation

      What have they in store next. 10,000 marching in Edinburgh. Hope everyone stays well away.

      Going by the twitters No is taking a kicking.

      Quick with all the tech , these young uns . Proud of them.

    221. Jim McIntosh says:

      I notice the campaign INDEPENDENT ENQUIRY INTO BBC BIAS REGARDS SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM has gone from 20,000 signatures 12 hours ago to over 35,000 now. People are pissed off.

    222. DervalDam says:


      Ge over yourself, my bad, it wasn’t a treasury spokesman… it was the Westminster Government, phew, all stable, for a moment there….

    223. Rod Cameron says:

      I hope you are all aware that there is absolutely no requirement to pay for a ‘licence’?
      It is called a ‘TV License’ – but is actually a ‘BBC’ licence.
      They say that if you have any equipment capable of receiving BBC media you must buy a licence! That is nonsense.
      In my last telecon with them, about 15 years ago, I admitted I had a TV but insisted I did not watch their channels, so was not liable for their bill. The conversation ended with me ‘pleading’ them to take me to court.
      I have never had a call or a letter since!

    224. M says:

      First post, usually just a reader – complaint submitted to BBC.

      Regarding George Galloway – Lest we forget:

      Somebody had to…

    225. heedtracker says:

      Just watched Kissinger tell BBC newsnight that America can live with Scotland as a nation state, England need not be diminished as world power but its going have an effect across the world. Be interesting how BBC spin that UKOK vote No style.

    226. Training Day says:

      No more complaints to the BBC only for them to fob you off in the knowledge that no one is holding them to account.

      Just stop paying.

    227. Chic McGregor says:

      One thing that has not come out, or at least not that I have noticed, is that EU regulation requires financial groups to be domiciled in the country where they conduct most of their business.

      Fairly salient re RBS and Lloyds I would have thought.

    228. Nana Smith says:

      I don’t see any threats on twitter against Robinson, just people retweeting the lies he told and linking to the above.

    229. thehairyhaggis says:

      First time poster, long time lurker! This finally incensed me to write my personal complaint to the BBC Complaints team. I would urge everyone else to follow suit – it will help build a case against them.

      I don’t hold out much for a decent response but having been to every BBC Pacific Quay Bias demo thus far I am now heartened by the fact that others are now really starting to see the true blatant and disgusting bias the BBC is exhibiting.

    230. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If now isn’t the time for Stuart Cosgrove and Media-Studies profs/experts to step-up, when is?

      They know who they are. Their students know who they are.

      Why have they all been so silent?

      There’s still time for them to draw their baws back from the mangle…

    231. A.Hamilton says:

      This is exactly what makes/made me spend the last 8 hours inputting canvass data . Lie as much as you like, only makes me more determined to change the world. And I will not stop.

    232. YESGUY says:

      Jim Thomson

      I agree buddy … But he was nice about it and Heedtracker sorted him out nicely.

      Big nod for HT. Superb counter. TKO

    233. Training Day says:

      Oh, and ITV are going big on the ‘heart ruling the head’ argument next Thursday which gives the pollsters a get out clause from the lies they have spun to date.

    234. Stevie boy says:

      Training Day

      Yep agree, I have cancelled the Beeb licence as well.

    235. CameronB Brodie says:

      Section Five: Due Impartiality and Due Accuracy and Undue Prominence of Views and Opinions


      Meaning of “due impartiality”:
      “Due” is an important qualification to the concept of impartiality. Impartiality itself means not favouring one side over another. “Due” means adequate or appropriate to the subject and nature of the programme. So “due impartiality” does not mean an equal division of time has to be given to every view, or that every argument and every facet of every argument has to be represented. The approach to due impartiality may vary according to the nature of the subject, the type of programme and channel, the likely expectation of the audience as to content, and the extent to which the content and approach is signalled to the audience. Context, as defined in Section Two: Harm and Offence of the Code, is important.

      So what is more important, establishing the truth or maintaining the Establishment? Is it not pretty obvious which side the BBC is working for?

    236. Scott Wallace says:

      That’s my complaint sent to the BBC

    237. Robert Kerr says:

      Great interest here in Co Clare re indi. Cheers from crew of Aran Isles ferry when I said the pound was in free fall. Most important comment was re land ownership. Mentioned Blossom by Leslue Riddoch.
      Be of good cheer.

    238. A.N.Surgent says:

      Not one of the BT faction would have the balls to stand up in front of the international press ,due to the fact they couldnt
      control it.

      Reflecting on the conference high points apart from the slapdown.
      Scotland would not have been involved in an illegal war with Iraq
      because there was no UN mandate.
      Indian visa question(which I didnt know about)
      Spanish fishing rights question.

    239. ErmBell says:

      I agree whole heartedly with most comments here, however if Banks move their registered office to London will they not be subject to corporation tax duties in England? Is this not exactly what the furore with Starbuks and Amazon was about?

      Sure, taxes will be paid on the day to day trading – VAT, NI and Income Tax – but Corporation Tax would be due in the country the business is registered and if the banks change their registered address then that would be England. No?

    240. DougtheDug says:

      The BBC have nothing to lose by now siding openly with the No campaign.

      If No win then who’s going to punish the BBC for helping out?

      If Yes win then the BBC know they’re out of Scotland anyway and no-one in the rUK will complain about their coverage.

    241. westie7 says:

      @ian brotherhood
      Cosgrove was on with Beattie at lunchtime on the radio and was basically bigging up the efforts of all the local yes groups. It sounded like a watch this space comment which was also critical of the No camp.

      Also, a viral post tonight on Yes Aberdeenshire about a 16/17 yo being asked to say she was a no in the debate as they had too many yesses!!

    242. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Radio Scotland’s midnight news leads with a rejection of Alex Salmond’s ‘insider dealing’ allegations…by this dude:

    243. HandandShrimp says:

      Signed, now at 36,168. I think it is going to make its 40,000 target easy.

    244. Rod Cameron says:

      If you pay the £145?, you are depriving yourself (and your partner?) of a nice weekend up the west coast (or other great places in Bonnie Scotland), unless your pockets are big of-course!

    245. tonymac says:

      A darling says “not about brass plates..”
      Well how about the BRASS NECKS of the fleeting Hit and Run BT visitors to Scotland

    246. Joe says:

      ErmBell says:

      11 September, 2014 at 11:59 pm

      I agree whole heartedly with most comments here, however if Banks move their registered office to London will they not be subject to corporation tax duties in England? Is this not exactly what the furore with Starbuks and Amazon was about?

      Sure, taxes will be paid on the day to day trading – VAT, NI and Income Tax – but Corporation Tax would be due in the country the business is registered and if the banks change their registered address then that would be England. No?

      And presumely the debt , let Westminster and London keep them

    247. DervalDam says:

      @ Big Jock

      ty. xx

      You couldn’t make this up. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but getting a tad perturbed by what is getting reported. I do fill in yougov polls. Filled one in yesterday about how I voted in the 2011 election, how I will vote in future, what is important to me, yadahyadaa…

      Today I get request to update my profile on how much I agree with karl marx, an 85% tax rate for the rich and ground strikes by the us on IS in syria and iraq….. based on my responses I think they may have discounted me and my ilk.

      Happy to be viewed as a commie irrelevance if that skews their polls at this stage. But actually I’m not. Roll on next Friday, yey holiday (east ayrshire), yey up yer for not recognising me and my ilk as being worth counting.

    248. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I recall hearing that during the troubles in NI that a very high percentage of the nationalist population refused to pay their TV license. I think that there was a D notice on reporting this in the media. need to check this out for curiosity sake.

    249. tonymac says:

      Sorry if that was O/T

    250. liz says:

      @heedtracker – that’s brilliant – we all know that HK is well……….? but, they do not want animosity in the rUK and iScotland – they want harmony.

      I would say that’s a shot across the bows of the rUK.
      They given them free reign up till now but I think that’s ‘enough is enough’.

    251. Taranaich says:

      He didn’t answer the question. He answered a question of his own choosing.

      no, the First Minister absolutely did respond the question of “why Scots should believe a politician over business leaders” – by quoting business leaders right back at him. The FM is effectively saying effectively “no, don’t believe me, a politician – believe what these business leaders are saying.”

      It’s an idiotic question, because it assumes that there is nobody else on the planet who agrees with the First Minister’s statements, when he just quoted industry giants and minds who did.

      Journalists are under no obligation to give politicians air time to ramble on.
      He was asked why Scots should believe a politician over business leaders. He retorted that it doesn’t matter where a bank is based and then added to his long list of conspiracy theories about everyone being out to get him. That question and answer bear little relation to each other.

      Except the report did not even mention the First Minister’s retort at all: all Robinson said was “he didn’t answer,” and then went on to talk about a later subject (media bias), no mention of corporation tax, giving the clear impression not that “the question and answer bear little relation to each other,” but that the First Minister did not give an answer at all. Which is, of course, not the case in the slightest.

      Let’s put it this way: IF this is how you say it is, and the FM didn’t answer Robinson’s question, then why didn’t they show this “non-answer” on TV and prove the FM couldn’t answer the question? Why did they constantly and freely cut and edit the FM’s responses to string together an entirely different narrative?

      Yes pride themselves on being critical thinkers in this campaign

      I’d like to think so, especially when we see a clear-cut case of a reporter not saying “that response doesn’t answer my question,” but “there was no response.”

      but so many now seem to accept what Messrs. Salmond and Campbell say without question. It’s become like a cult. ‘Keep the faith’ and all that. Give us the answer Stu and we’ll go out and preach it…

      “You can’t have a currency union” – why? Because the three Westminster parties say so? Even though the likes of the Adam Smith Institute, economists, the Financial Times and more say otherwise?

      “It’ll be nearly impossible for Scotland to join the EU” – why? Because Barroso says so? Even though other EU commissioners, groups, and former presidents don’t agree with that sentiment?

      Come now.

    252. Lesley-Anne says:

      I sent a tweet to James Cook earlier tonight.

      @BBCJamesCook why did you LIE at start of BIg debate audience was NOT balanced we ALL know this cause we’ve been told BBC tried to FIX it

      Here is his response.

      I didn’t. It was. We didn’t.

      Hmm. So everyone who has seen tweets from people saying they were YES supporters but had been requested to say they were NO or UNDECIDED must all be lying then I reckon.

    253. P.R.D. says:

      New blood, social mobility, professional competence and competitiveness.

      What have the on-message job for life journos at BBC Scotland got to be afraid of?

    254. Taranaich says:

      He was asked why Scots should believe a politician over business leaders. He retorted that it doesn’t matter where a bank is based and then added to his long list of conspiracy theories about everyone being out to get him. That question and answer bear little relation to each other.

      They bear little relation to each other because you – and the BBC – conveniently ignore the fact that Robinson asked two questions. This was the first:

      Two if I may: one, specifically on RBS, you raised: are you suggesting that the decision of RBS has no consequence, or do you accept that by moving their base to London, tax revenues would move to London – in other words, Scottish taxpayers would have to make up the money they would lose from RBS moving to London?

      The FM’s response about how it doesn’t matter where a bank is based is thus perfectly accurate. Secondly, I love how you call it Salmond’s list of conspiracy “theories” when it’s a matter of public record that Westminster politicians have acted against him and the SNP at various points, from Cameron courting Putin & Merkel and other world leaders to undermine Scottish independence, all the way back to suppression of the McCrone report designed to “take the wind out of (the SNP’s) sails.”

      It’s not conspiracy “theory” when it’s staring you right in the face.

    255. TYRAN says:

      Thousands signed up to complain about BBC on 38degrees during the early days of Newsnet Scotland. Even though it was the most active, nothing ever happened as IIRC the guy behind 38degrees said he was a BBC love man and it was great.

    256. Brian Mchugh says:

      We always knew the MSM were institutionally corrupt and in the pocket of the establishment… stay strong folks, hope over fear wins.

    257. Deontas says:

      Keep strong and focused one and all.

      bit O/T here just going back to the polls, keep in mind we have silent Yes voters also, like my old man, never speaks about it much to folk at all just gets on with a simple life. He cant be the only one like that.

      YES we will do it all by ourselves the true way no need for myth legend and lies!

    258. caledonia says:

      where is this poll please link i cant find it

    259. A.N.Surgent says:

      Someone posted earlier about Pravda Scotland and the dirty dozen.
      Quite shocking the things BBC and Slab got up to discredit the SNP
      in the eyes of the electorate. Person shouting about AS and his
      conspiracy theory should look at this. Will look back and try and find link

    260. caledonia says:

      can you do a freedom of information on how many complaints the bbc have had over bias in this debate

      would love to know

    261. liz says:

      On twitter, wee Nick is trying to suggest that he has been threatened by someone saying – karma is coming your way

      Some supporter of Nick calling all complainers neds – an english person – so he says – is saying why are you calling me a ned – what is a ned.

      Wee Nick saying he wasn’t lying – what will happen next?

    262. Graeme Doig says:

      Newsnet has only 380 signatures for an SBS.

      Come on folks.

      Clootie has link at 10.37pm

    263. Twenty14 says:

      We need one last final assault on those that wish us to be tied to this cesspool of a Westminister Government – Why not on Monday ask every YES voter that looks on Wings to hang/dislay the saltire ( or any Scottish symbol on their door/window/garage/flagpole at the 18th hour till we vote. At 6pm on Monday we all – in unison – put our colours to the mast. Emotions will start to kick in – and then we win

    264. A.N.Surgent says:

      Dirty dozen

      Worst thing is they are not accountable to anyone in Scotland

    265. YESGUY says:


      i served over their and your right they didn’t pay for the BBC there. It was so bias they all refused. Mass.
      Don’t know if it’s changed nowadays. Gerry Adams voice was banned. Saw him on film but never his voice. interpreters where less than accurate methinks.

    266. liz says:

      @caledonia – according to the BBC they don’t classify complaints – like we believe that

    267. Marcia says:


      You will find all the poll details on the Scot Goes Pop website – the link is on the main page of this website.

    268. alistair says:

      Just a personal note on all this BBc pish.
      I have just spent the night (as I have done for last 3 uears) going round every pub in Stirling that doesn’t throw me out and now backed up with the wbb. I have had lads from 18 to 50 tonight grabbing the wbb for some nugatory uncle or aunty that they cannae get through tae. The wbb is working. Everyone needs to be out.
      Then tonights BBC shenanigans. Our next protest is on Sunday at 2pm . Every time I come on here I get some comment like we need to be canvassing, there might be trouble blah blah. Get your erse oot there for 2 HOURS ONLY and let them know we are watching. The protest is not some silly diversion. We have done 4 of them and we will kepp going after a Yes vote to get the broadcasting we deserve. Please help out.
      Oh and another unnecessary canvassing diversion is the walk from Stirling Castle doon tae Stirling Brig tomorrow night at 6.30. The guys and girsl who are commited to a Stirling monument just thrown out by the lottery will all be there.
      So sit in your sofas or get along and join us.
      Rant over…..
      Back to campaigining with Nicola in Stirling tomorrow !!

    269. A.N.Surgent says:

      Goodnight one and all.

      Cant wait to see whatscoming next from the imperialists

    270. Arabs for Independence says:

      Stop paying the license fee and keep watching tv – simples

      How many millions of people in the UK don’t pay since Jimmy Saville/paedo v BBC cover up?

      We, in Scotland have an additional range of reasons not to pay.

      Just stop paying

    271. Anthony Armstrong says:

      I want to know why the BBC edited GG’s NAZI slur out of the big big debate.

    272. Lesley-Anne says:

      You and about every other single person who was either at the BIG debate live or saw the edited 1 hr highlights at 9 p.m. A.A. 😉

    273. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      Banoch1314 Are you sure you want to describe them as “your fellow Scot’s”

    274. Chic McGregor says:

      We are running out of WBBs and receiving requests from neighbouring groups. At least we have targeted ours to undecideds in the main.

    275. Chic McGregor says:

      Could there be app versions, text and audio? Or maybe there are?

    276. Stevie boy says:


      Yeah I hear you mate.

      I was at the last BBC protest and myself plus 3 others going to this one as well.

    277. Lesley-Anne says:

      Chic the link is at the top of the page. 😉

    278. Anthony Armstrong says:

      Did Wings ever get enough volunteers to man the ballot boxes?

      I’m having serious doubts about the establishment after recent goings on.

    279. Brus MacGallah says:

      Here’s a buzzfeed article showing screen captures of the numbers of BBC viewers complaints

      Note the complaints about the second debate. However it will give you and idea of the number of complaints the BBC receives, surely we can beat the “Pointless” total of over 1,200

    280. bookie from hell says:

      I’m happy YES 48%

      Westminster MPs must be sh^tting bricks

    281. watty says:

      Not only that, but BBC Scotland was reporting all day in the headlines that RBS was removing its “operations” to England. We need a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation – How could we possibly arrange that?

    282. Roll_On_2014 says:

      muttley79: at 9:11 pm

      British Brainwashing Corporation.

      Aye Muttley79 the British Brainwashing Corporation

    283. Sunshine says:

      Dcanmore at 9.10pm.
      Thank you for the link, complaint away to the BBC about Nick Robinson.
      Its not much, but another little thing I can do and I will be attending the demonstration at the BBC on Sunday

    284. h_johnny says:

      @bookie from hell says:
      12 September, 2014 at 1:05 am
      I’m happy YES 48%

      Westminster MPs must be sh^tting bricks


      Exactly mate for a poll commissioned by the Times and the Sun to be that close, what is it like in reality out on the streets of Glasgow,Aberdeen and Dundee. Westminster must be holding onto their arses.

    285. Natasha says:

      Graeme, it’s better to say nothing and look like an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it beyond all possible doubt.

    286. h_johnny says:

      @Anthony Armstrong says:
      12 September, 2014 at 12:56 am
      Did Wings ever get enough volunteers to man the ballot boxes?

      I’m having serious doubts about the establishment after recent goings on.


      I agree we need people manning the ballot boxes, i don’t trust these bastards at all.

    287. G. Campbell says:

      sinky says:
      “By inviting george galloway BBC and labour non show treating young voters and viewers with contempt as he has even less support or relevence.”

      Labour intend to bring tuition fees back, and an audience of 16 and 17-year-olds would rip the hapless Slabber apart. It’s little wonder they stayed away.

    288. G. Campbell says:

      sinky says:
      “By inviting george galloway BBC and labour non show treating young voters and viewers with contempt as he has even less support or relevence.”

      Labour intend to bring tuition fees back. An audience of 16 and 17-year-olds would rip the hapless Slabber apart. It’s little wonder they stayed away.

    289. David Stevenson says:


      100% on the money. Labour Party apparatchiks shat it from the young voters. My daughter was on work experience in Glasgow city centre today and went along to join the Yes campaigners face down Her Majesty’s Imperial Labour Party. Her and her pal did us proud. I only wish she was a year older and could vote!

      The Empire Strikes Back video on youtube has over 50,000 hits now. Great to see the Labourites humiliated on the streets of Glasgow. Wonder how many of the bodies on the steps of the Concert Hall to welcome the Westminster Masters were payroll Labour: Cooncillors, MSPs, full-time officials…?

    290. Footsoldier says:

      First problem is that NR loves to say NR from the BBC. Second problem is that NR loves the BBC. Third problem is NR loves NR. Fourth problem is that BBC loves NR. Lastly BBC is God.

    291. boris says:

      Dirty Tricks Campaign Organized & Co-ordinated by David Cameron. This is the latest scam he is behind just about all of it yet insists it is for the Scots to discuss and decide

    292. Dannyp215 says:

      I posted a while back about a poll I took part in in January where I was paid £150 and told to be undecided, leaning toward no.

      Well check this out: Given my experience, I totally believe this.

    293. Gallowglass says:

      Does anybody have a link for the BBC hack up Salmond’s response to Robinson after Rev’s video from youtube cuts off?

      It’s still on the BBC news a few minutes ago.

      That in comparison to the full event is way more powerful, I would like to find it if I can.

    294. RR71 says:

      Complaint made to BBC about the ridiculously biased editing which made up Robinson’s news report. Not that it’ll make a blind bit of difference, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they suppress the number of complaints received. The sooner we’re rid of this pathetic propaganda machine the better.

    295. Fiona says:

      “why should a Scottish voter believe you, a politician, against men who are responsible for millions of pounds of profits”

      How many things are wrong with that sentence?

      1. The inclusion of “a politician” is a straightforward importation of the neoliberal narrative that politicians are necessarily liars, and implies that businessman are not. it also suggests that those who make a lot of money are founts of integrity and knowledge, and that rather ignores the fact that they are self serving to at least the same extent as everyone else. Yet we have, at least in theory, the power to hold politicians to account, and we have no such power over business people.

      2. Men who are responsible for millions of pounds of profits does not really describe RBS: they are responsible for billions of pounds of losses, rather. Losses which you are paying for.

      3. As I mentioned in another thread the retailers have no made their profits through legitimate business but rather through the operation of cartels. Cartels are difficult to prove but easy to recognise and there can be no doubt that the big supermarkets have been ripping us off for a very long time. I have no doubt that this is also true of other parts of the retail sector though that is harder to demonstrate

      The question is not just rhetorical: it is a political statement in itself

    296. bookie from hell says:

      8,000 scottish school pupils debate, and labour have a no-show

      any ideas?

    297. macart763m says:

      Well, old aunty trying to convince that day is night and black is white. I’m not really seeing how they expect to get away with this one though? I mean the evidence is literally there for the entire world to see and recorded by a fair chunk of the worlds press to boot.

      Not only is Nick Robinson lying, but the Beeb itself has been compromised by his lie and its actions with the treasury leak. It truly is an open and shut case in living technicolour.

      Best of all, they did it to themselves.

    298. Onwards says:

      O/T – Just reading an interesting article on the BBC website on a breakthrough from Glasgow university researchers.

      They can now extract hydrogen from water, 30 times faster than the existing method:

      Researchers claim energy advance

      Fast, clean, green, cheap: Is this our hydrogen fuelled future?

      “This could be the first step towards a cheap, green, stable and reliable way of fully exploiting Scotland’s renewable energy potential.”

      When you look at a map and see the large area of Scotland’s sea territory suitable for offshore wind and wave power, then it’s easy to see why the UK government doesn’t want to lose control.

      Long before the oil eventually runs out, Scotland could have an huge abundance of electricity – Generating hydrogen that effectively acts as a battery or fuel source, can solve the problem of intermittency.

      Eventually we could have cheap electricity and fuel for everyone in Scotland, if we wanted..

    299. David says:

      Why is there no reporting of Catalans being inspired by Scotland and marching for indpendence? There was a massive turnout!

    300. malcontent says:

      Complaint emailed to the BBC who will reply within two weeks- oh great.
      Robinson got owned in front of his peers and responded like a petulant child. And the non biased BBC let him get away with it.
      Robinson is an odious little turd who was shown to be out of his depth and didnae like it.

    301. Kevin evans says:

      I’ve got a theory to throw at you’s – am thinking (since better together and the bbc are obviously working out deals between each other) ya see George Galloway wearin that hat? Do ya think he’s doing an audition for the next dr who?

    302. Grouse Beater says:

      On BBC journalists doing the work of the British Emnpire to demean a nation and its elected representatives – did anybody hear Eddie Mair’s interview with Salmond?

      I was quite insulting.

      He asked him why some women find him ‘ambitious and dishonest.’

      Neat coupling of words.

      An earlier interview wit Darling didn’t get the same treatment.

      A previous Mair gamble was to ask an American ‘expert’ in politics about to belittle Scottish aspirations if his view of independence was “objective.”

      “Yes. I am neutral,” came the expected answer.

      The USA stooge was trained at the neo-con training camp: the Chicago School of Economics. Mair forgot to state that key element in his ‘expert’s’ thinking and attitude.

    303. Another Expat says:

      Re George Galloway, I noticed a few folk earlier on this thread asking where he comes from.

      He comes from the same place as me and quite a few others on WoS.

      It causes me great pain to admit that he comes from Dundee. Aye, I know. You don’t need to say it. There’s always one, I suppose.

      How he ended up on the same side as Cameron and Farage is pretty unbelievable.

    304. bluedog says:

      Fiona says, ‘Yet we have, at least in theory, the power to hold politicians to account, and we have no such power over business people. ‘

      Well at least the utterances of businessmen mainly relate to facts which are quantified by the audited report and accounts. If a businessman misrepresents fact and makes false claims in a prospectus he is likely to go to jail.

      On the other hand for a politician, one could argue that dissembling is at least a way of life. Certainly false claims can be made without being bound to maintain any semblance of adherence to a prospectus. As we so often see.

      For example, let’s pretend you are an ambitious and capable individual who wishes to persuade his shareholders to sell out of a company in which they have an 8% stake and buy into another company, much bigger, where they will have just a 1% stake. Do you tell them that in the new company the rules are rigged so that on some occasions you don’t even get a 1% vote but the big shareholders work out what’s best? For them. Do you get told that most of the other shareholders in the new company are actually losing money? No. Will you be told that the new company has not yet had its accounts signed off? No.

      Sounds like a great deal. Where do I sign? Will a cheque payable to the ECB for all I’ve got be enough?

    305. Kevin evans says:

      The guy on the bike in Glasgow has got over 146,000 YouTube views in just one day and it’s all over Facebook.

      If it goes over 500,000 it’s a massive blow to bettertogether.

      This could be a game changer – the bike guy could over throw the media. Love it.

    306. Fiona says:

      You are touchingly naive, bluedog.

      But in fact you have no power at all over businessmen: and they have captured the politicians who now work in their interest against the rest of us. We live in a plutocracy where both narrative and law serve the interests of the elite. And this is because we, the electorate, have surrendered to them.

    307. Grouse Beater says:

      How he ended up on the same side as Cameron and Farage is pretty unbelievable.

      Not really a mystery – when you present your self in youth as the infante terrible you can’t maintain that mantle all your life if the changes you wanted in youth took place but not as they should have – that is, the Labour party secures long-term power only to turn itself into the Big Business party, same as the Tories.

      If you choose to keep that political stance spouting outrage at all times, in all circumstances, the only place to go is to denounce rebellion and demand conformity.

    308. Grouse Beater says:

      Bluedog: If a businessman misrepresents fact and makes false claims in a prospectus he is likely to go to jail.

      That’s an affectionate opinion not borne out by the character and life style of our banksters and fraudsters. But I presume you are making a hypothetical case.

    309. Ken500 says:

      George Galloway is a thieving liar just like the rest of them. Milking the Parliamentry system for £millions and the rest the connections bring it. They are just plain criminals who are above the Law. Most of them should be in jail.

      The prima donna reporter becomes the story, again. The BBC is paid £2Billion a year to lie and misinform on behalf of Wedtminster and cover up Wedtminster’s criminal behaviour. The Press can’t tell the truth in the UK or they will be put in jail. Westminster can’t control the Internet no matter how hard they try.

      Vote YES to get rid of the lot of them. One more step for freedom.

    310. Ken500 says:

      Wonder who will report the resignation of Cameron and Robinson.

      They have even gerrymander the UK Parliament to fix terms.

    311. Grouse Beater says:

      Wingers should stay alert for television and radio interviewers asking their pundits and ‘experts,’ what can we do about it?

      Meaning, how do ‘we’ [the power elite] combat the menace of democracy spreading in Scotland?

    312. Grouse Beater says:

      I enjoyed the comical diversion of The Scotsman newspaper coming out for No.

      Whenever I feel I need a tonic I reread the editorial.

      A national newspaper with plummeting sales cannot bring itself to back full democracy for Scotland that is made secure by regaining sovereignty.

      They must want to lose all their readers.

    313. Ken500 says:

      ‘Producers of £Millions of profit’, a BBC business reporters. Where has he been?

      BP and the RBS are the worst run companies in economic history. Their management should be put in jail. BP have just been fined another £Billion pounds and their shares have fallen because of their unethical negligent policies.

      RBS is 80% owned by the taxpayer. Bankrupted under Westminster governance. Tory bankers who fund the Tory Party. The Tory Unionist Parties would not exist they were not funded by Bankers/retailers to screw the public. Everyone of the companies declaring NO has lost profits under Tory governance.

    314. Wee Jonny says:

      Stuart Cosgrove on the John Beattie Show yesterday
      (Apologies if it’s already been posted, I had an early night last night)

      On the bbc’s coverage of the referendum-
      “I just think there’s been a failure of an understanding of the nature of balance and due impartiality. And it’s simply wrong and not acceptable.”

      Anybody got any jobs for Stoo Pot?

    315. Ken500 says:

      The Head of BP was nearly put in jail in Russia for fraud. Greedy unscrupulous people who cut corners for profits and cause death and environmental disasters. They have secretly colluded to defraud Scotland for years.

    316. David Webb says:

      Good morning all. Just fired this off to the BBC, will await with bated breath the considered and accurate reply!
      In regards to your “political” reporter Nick Robinsons report on yesterday’s news bulletins. I sat and watched the original broadcast with Scotland’s First Minister and the questions Nick Robinson asked. As far as I could see and hear Alex Salmond answered all the points raised. Despite this Mr Robinson then heckled the First Minister which is totally unacceptable and, may I add, totally unprofessional. To compound this he then blatantly lied on the subsequent news reports by saying that the First Minister had NOT answered his questions. This is totally unacceptable and also a total fabrication. This, however, is not the first case of this I have noticed from the BBC. I am an undecided voter, but, disinformation like this brings to mind state television from Russia and Germany in the not too distant past! It’s time the BBC, and also the other media I have read and listened to of late, got it’s act together, it is just not acceptable at all in a “democracy” that the broadcaster we all have to pay for to access the TV or radio should resort to Prada like control of what is broadcast. What next? censorship?

    317. Kevin evans says:

      Just incase anyone is in doubt – THE BBC TALK UTTER RUBBISH

    318. Ken500 says:

      The Scotsman group is carrying £300Million of reconstructed debt. Based in the North of England. The only way it keeps going is selling off assets and printing Labour Party literature/propaganda.

      The few companies declaring NO have massive of UK debt and are in trouble in or out of the Union.

    319. Mealer says:

      I was discussing this with a good friend who is of the No persuasion.He is very embarrassed about the BBC

    320. john king says:

      Complaint to BBC duly sent

      After asking what was an extremely biased and argumentiative question of Alex Salmond when he asked “why should the public believe you, a politician over the people who are responsible for billions of pounds of profit”? the first minister then went into a three minute response to which he gave a reply (in detail) to each part of Robinsons questions, and made his response quite plain by revisting the questions after Robinson with amazing rudeness “heckled ” him as the 1st minister was taking a question fron a foreign correspondent, The later new item where Robinson did a reprise on the exchange said “he didnt answer” This level of lies and obfuscation is unaceptable as the response from the 1st minister (if it had been aired)would have proved as Robinson was metaphorically speaking “disembowelled” by Alex Salmond! So it would seem to this veiwer that Robinson quite disgracefully chose to lie about the 1st ministers reponse rather than show the detailed answer which was actually given Robinson has proven (if proof be needed) he is a 2nd rate hack. The BBC is showing a level of bias generally which would be beyond the pale for a privately funded television company but for a publicly funded company it is outrageous!

    321. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Nick Robinson in 2010… Complete Asshole.

    322. Grant says:

      The damage is already done, your average Scot sees and believes.

      What happens in the event of a NO vote and Scotland being punished, rioting .. I dread to think.

    323. Arabs for Independence says:

      So Sir Jeremy Heywood KGB CVO did not leak sensitive confidential financial info to the BBC. He claims the BBBC asked first. Sir Jeremy is also known as Sir Cover-up and has previous.

    324. David Stevenson says:

      The humiliation of the Imperial British Labour Party on the streets of Glasgow now at over 148K views. Spread the link far and wide. Combined with their refusal to engage with the young voters at the Hydro, it is an epic fail on their part. No wonder they need the state broadcaster to lie for them while Downing Street orchestrates the Fear campaign. We can win this. People hate being lied to by power.

    325. Arabs for Independence says:

      Have I really just heard the Better Together spokesperson in Dundee just say on GMS that the Jute Mills improved the life of Dundonians?

    326. Arabs for Independence says:

      My final link on Sir Cover Up and an indication why this whole collusion issue between the UK government and the BBC stinks

    327. john king says:

      Hows this for a classic case of cognative dissonance?

      “We should not forget that, throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Labour connived with nationalist opinion in demonising the Conservatives and, by implication, the English.”

      John Major

      It goes without saying Mr Major it had absolutely nothing to do with the total destruction of Scottish industry while Thather paid her unemployment bill from Scottish oil did it?

      see it here

    328. biecs says:

      From Dundee (on GMS), young man who wants to become a teacher voting no because he is worried about education in an independent Scotland.
      Referred to recent cuts in education funding.

      FFS, any cuts made by present Scottish Government are as a result of cuts in money coming from Westminster!

      Why do they keep claiming SG ‘already has control over xyz’ when SG does NOT have control over the money to pay for xyz?

    329. Fair play to all those posters who have, or will, complained to the BBC about Nick Robinson. If it makes you feel better, good.

      However, it will make no difference; your complaints will either be ignored, or, you will be fobbed-off with platitudes. The BBC has had long experience of doing this, and, they do it well.

      I know he lied, I know a bit of skilful editing backed-up Nick Robinson’s position, so do all of you.

      This hoo-hah is a kind of campaign ribbobn/medal to the likes of NR.

      The best way to get him back, to really hurt him, is to work even-harder for a Yes vote.

      The rise in the No vote, once the BBC and the anti-independence mainstream media cranked things up after last weekend’s YouGov poll simply demonstrates the monster we are fighting here.

      I know, one or two soft Yes voters have switched back to No, we have to keep plugging away, show them the error of their ways, we can still win this.

      Many years ago, I agreed to cover a sporting foreign tour, as a freelance, for several news organisations. No written contracts, it was all set-up, word of mouth, with journalists I had worked with for years.

      Every organisation paid-up, as agreed, except BBC Scotland; who fobbed me off with less than half the agreed fee.

      Being a simple ex-rugby player, I kicked the wee so-and-so who duped me up and down Queen Margaret Drive for ten minutes. Still didn’t get paid, but felt better and have never worked for the BBC since – no great loss.

      As I was told at the time, your average BBC promoted journalist – they guys who make the decision – has about six knives sticking our of his back at any one time, it’s how that organisation works. Liars, back-stabbers and sycophants to a man or woman.

      As a journalist of over 40-years standing, the conduct of my media colleagues in this referendum campaign has greatly saddened me. We have done our already tarnished trade incalculable harm by the pro-BT bias of the Scottish media.

      Richard Walker and his editorial team have been, of course, an honourable exception.

    330. john king says:

      Patrtick Roden says
      “I’d love to complain, but think you’d need to have a licence to do that so that counts me out.”

      I cant see why not patrick,
      its not obvious because you saw the report that you must have seen it live, you could have seen it on the internet, and if your not watching LIVE tv they cannot charge you a licence fee, besides the complaint form doesnt ask for your address.

    331. CanWeHAveOurDemocracyBack? says:

      Even by the biased BBC standards that is just shocking. Robinson has shown himself to be without any integrity whatsoever. He now has no credibility whatsoever

      Let the BBC know that they are NOT fooling all of the people anymore. Robinsons lie is an easy one to expose as the original video is now online

      Please sign the petition, its already gathered a couple of hundred signatures overnight

    332. G. P. Walrus says:

      Here’s my complaint to the BBC:

      Nick Robinson reported on Alex Salmond’s press conference with a short clip showing him asking Salmond a question followed by the statement “He didn’t answer.”
      A full video of the press conference can be easily found online wherein Robinson’s full question can be heard along with Salmond’s 7 minute answer. Not only did Salmond’s answer fully address the substantive (rather than rhetorical) elements of Robinson’s question but it also touched on the serious matter of advance leaking of financially sensitive information by the Treasury through the media, including the BCC.
      By omitting the substantive elements of Robinson’s question and all of Salmond’s response, the BBC presented a partial view of the interchange, biased away from the substantive political points under discussion (namely banking and business operations post independence) and suppressing issues of potential legal impropriety where BBC involvement may be subject to inquiry.

    333. EphemeralDeception says:

      This morning the BBC still reporting all the banks and RBS may move operations South : “Five banks – including RBS – have said they might move operations out of Scotland”

      Scot gov needs to demand a retraction.

      Meanwhile the treasury now saying their staff on confirmed their understanding, out of trading time. However the legal entity move was not public knowledge prior to the treasury interference, so can maybe be considered as insider information.

      RBS and others are at fault here too. It is considered good governance and standard practice to announce to journalists and political institutions organisational changes internally first or in parallel.

      Staff in these banks should be complaining to their top management about the way they are leaking information prior to internal announcements.

    334. Proadge says:

      The events of the last couple of days bring to mind the words of Roy Hattersley, quoted in The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against The Miners by Seamus Milne: ‘Never underestimate the British establishment’s ruthless determination to destroy its enemies.’

    335. Ken500 says:

      Major and the rest colluded with Thatcher to keep the Oil revenues secret. The Tories also had to stab her in the back to finally get rid of her. Like Dracula she would lie but not lie down. Thatcher whose privatisation/deregulation took down the Banking sector. Thatcher is responsible for the £Trillions of debt and the corruption and decay in the UK. Thatcher demutualised the Building Societies owned by their members and deregulated the Banks. Taking world leverage down from 25% to 13%. Destroying the world banking order.

      Blair/Brown continued the process Thatcher had started. People are being sanction and walking to food banks. Basic services are being denied so the wealthiest can gain. Westminster is killing vulnerable people, at home and abroad. Major is hallucinating, rewriting history to cover up for his collusion. Major a hedge fund banker is as culpable as Thatcher.His attacks are a form of defence to protect his tax evading portfolio.

    336. john king says:

      Graeme Doig says
      “I’m in a long queue on ebc complaints line. How many of you lot are in front of me:)”

      Why do you think I get up at ridiculous oclock? 😉

      Handandshrimp says
      “How many times has Mone said that? How many of us care? If she doesn’t love living here then she should go. Her choice.”

      I’ve lost count how mant times Michelle Moan has said that
      Im going,
      thats it Im off,
      no really, thats it,
      Im leaving,
      me and the boys ;)are out of here,
      I mean it guys,
      hey dont mess around guys,
      I’ll wear that pushup you like 😉

    337. Grouse Beater says:

      Washed up former political editor of the Guardian, Michael White, postulates that Salmond never meant to secure independence but rather always hoped for Devo-Max.

      White’s notion is summed up: He found himself elected against his expectations ‘saddled’ with independence on the SNP’s manifesto.

      This is yet another ludicrous attack on a man’s integrity, this occasion trying to have us believe Salmond is a dupe and a dope, as well as the rest of us.

    338. Edmund says:


      From the HMRC website, a summary of the current UK rules:

      “If your company isn’t based in the UK but operates in the UK – for example through an office or branch (known to HMRC as a ‘permanent establishment’) – you’ll only have to pay Corporation Tax on any taxable profits arising from your UK activities.”

      So unless RBS or Standard Life move their entire operation south of the border they will still be liable for Scottish taxes on their business in Scotland.

      Starbucks managed to dodge UK taxes because they used accounting tricks to pretend that their UK operations were not making them any money.

      Any tax system where you can dodge the tax by moving a plaque is one that should be reformed, anyway.

    339. Grouse Beater says:

      Socrates: it will make no difference; your complaints will either be ignored, or, you will be fobbed-off with platitudes. The BBC has had long experience of doing this, and they do it well.

      Correct in all respects.

      Grouse Beater
      Former Miserable BBC Executive – resigned

    340. manandboy says:

      Spotted 3 members of the local Yes/SNP group
      at Airdrie Station this morning
      distributing material for the Yes campaign at 7am!

      I take my hat off to them.

      With dedication like that, we can’t lose.

    341. allan thomson says:

      Never mind. All is fair in love and war. A week today when they get their way we can all hug and shake hands and nick can get his bonus. Don’t think he’ll be coming north for his holiday though. I on the other hand will continue with my beliefs. I will also be highly selective where I shop! It’s time also that we can be selective where we view without paying for where we don’t want to view.

    342. Ken500 says:

      Boycott the BBC. Watch as little as possible. Just to check out the enemy. No viewers = no programmes. Low viewing figures will mean heads will roll. Low viewing figures cannot justify the licence fees. BBC engineering itself out of a job. When Scotland votes YES the set up will be changed.

    343. Brian Powell says:

      I complained to the BBC over the 45 minute uninterrupted party political broadcast when Brown was announcing the ‘time table’, and got a standard reply. I wrote to that reply but nothing since. That was the same evening I saw the broadcast.

      I informed them in my reply I was writing to the Electoral Commission to complain. No reply or acknowledgement from the EC.

    344. north chiel says:

      Great statement from successful businessman Tim Wetherspoon on BBC 1 AT 0755 this morning stating that there was no reason whatsoever that Scotland could not be a successful independent country.Completely “stumpted” the interviewer who was expecting him to say something completely different,
      Stu get this uploaded onto the website.
      Off for a “pint” to “spoons” later today .CHEERS!

    345. Ken500 says:

      (Foreign) multinationals tax evade through the City of London because Westminster illegally let’s them. Westminster and their associates want to illegally tsp evade in the City of London. They break the Law with immunity. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Westminster and their associates break the Law with secrecy and immunity. They cover it up.

    346. Fiona says:

      @ Ken500

      Not quite. The scandal is not what is illegal: Like the MP’s expenses the scandal is what is within the rules.

      Those who benefit from those rules also write them. Plus ca change….

    347. highseastim says:

      I actually e-mailedASDA- last night informing them theat despite being a consistent ASDA shopper since their superstore opened in Elgin around 30 years ago, if they carry out their threat of higher prices(after being nobbled by Cameron and co), I will no longer be shopping there, and would urge everyone who shops there to do the same!!

    348. bjsalba says:

      Why should I a Scottish voter believe the First Minister above businessmen who control budgets worth billions of pounds?

      Here is why.

      Mr Salmond was elected to his office by us, the voters of Scotland, and is answerable to us. His repeated election to office indicates that we, the voters, are satisfied with his performance of his duties.

      Businessmen are not answerable to the voters of Scotland, but to their shareholders. They are not responsible to voters ad they have no duty to be truthful. The voters are their customers not shareholders. The public has no direct way of affecting their actions.

      Mr Robinson is employed by the BBC which is funded in part by the licence fee. He is therefore responsible to us all voters ad non-voters. The fact that he posed this question in the way he did indicates that Mr Robinson does not understand the functioning of a democracy or the job of a journalist working for a publicly funded body.

      Having seen the original event and the way the BBC chose to portray it,it is my assessment that Mr Robinson is as devious and as untrustworthy as the businessmen he holds in such esteem.

    349. Sinky says:

      As Ian McConnell points out in Herald this morning,the removal of RBS / Lloyds brass plates to London would be bonus for YES as the No campaign can no longer use the bailing out the banks argument as the 100% liability would be bank where it always rightfully belonged in the city of London.

    350. north chiel says:

      Reports of cabinet disagreement between PM and Hammond over “airstrikes” against IS .If YES vote then perhaps Hammond(Tory get out clause if Yes vote) will prevail.
      A no vote will be the “green light” for “UK” MILITARY ACTION.

    351. Robert Peffers says:

      @Patrick Roden says: 11 September, 2014 at 9:59 pm:
      “I’d love to complain, but think you’d need to have a licence to do that so that counts me out.”

      Err! Patrick, you don’t need a licence to watch TV in your friend’s house nor in Curry’s shop. Matter of fact I did watch it in my pal’s house. A TV licence is to allow you to receive any TV signals in your licenced premisis. It is not to watch, or pay for the BBC. The BBC is finance by a government grant and it is the government that gets the money.. I’m entitled to a free licence but refuse to renew my licence. I do not watch it at home anyway as it is dire. My pal asks me over if he thinks there is something I might want to view. I also gather clips from his recording box or from iPlayer to edit for YouTube. So get your complaint in

    352. Paul says:

      Scotland’s shame,
      The Hootsmon, The Daily Retard, The Edinburgh Evening news, Standard life, Royal bank of North Britain, The Bank of North Britain, The BBC( also known as The MBC OR THE EBC. Can anyone add to this list.

    353. highseastim says:

      Brown with his big. “soapbox” rant yesterday saying everybody cannot be wrong all of the time, he didn’t seem to have a problem with people letting him know that he was wrong before the Iraq war despite hundreds of thousands of people telling him differently!,

    354. highseastim says:

      Paul, I would never buy the Daily Ranger anyway, so what they say is irrelevant to me!!

    355. john king says:

      I think this ridiculous lie by Nick Robinson is a false scent being laid to draw us away from the real fox, lets move on and keep our eyes on the real game and not be distracted by nonenitites like him who are legends in thier own minds.

      North Chiel says
      “Great statement from successful businessman Tim Wetherspoon on BBC 1 AT 0755 this morning stating that there was no reason whatsoever that Scotland could not be a successful independent country.”

      Its a pity he didnt tell his staff of his relaxed attitude to independence,
      since the manager of the Counting House in George Square made his opinion perfectly clear when he personally stood over my wife and myself when we were handing out prizes (donated by other wingers) to raffle ticket winners as some of the prizes were bottles of alchohol he was making absolutly sure no one opened them on the premises and had his (unhappy) security guards escort the (un)lucky winners out of the building as they collected thier prize,

      Paul Kavanagh gave me 6 beutiful maps of Scotland written in both Doric and Gealic to use as raffle prizes, (wee jonny won two and gave one to a very grateful recipient, me 🙂 ) and when I brought out the roll, the manager leapt on me saying “you cant put posters on the walls”, I replied that they are simple raffle prizes and I had absolutely no intention of putting them in his walls, again the security men were behind him shaking thier heads in bemusement at his attitude,

      Im afraid no matter what Wetherspoon thinks of independence, he seems to leave his staff to decide for themselves who will be made to feel welcome in his premises and who will not,
      I for one wont be back in a Wetherspoons pub.

    356. Edmund says:

      They are really ramping up the ‘market uncertainty’ angle.

      In my opinion the markets could do with a bit more ‘uncertainty’. The way that society is run for the benefit of the money men is disgusting – to the point that our taxes are funnelled into the stock-market casino to ensure the ball never lands on zero.

      As the markets rise, our living standards fall, as our wages stand still in the face of rising prices. And I don’t know about you but I am tired of working hard just to have the benefits skimmed off by the ‘markets’ and never seeing any benefit for myself.

      The only worry for these parasites is that the government money tap might have to be turned off, or the printing presses silenced. This is what they ultimately mean when they talk about the ‘lender of last resort’.

    357. Brian Powell says:

      Complained to BBC online about Nick Robinson.

    358. john king says:

      highseamstim @8.22

      Good one,
      hat tip. 🙂

    359. heraldnomore says:

      Right, enough of this. Diary cleared. What time do we turn up at PQ on Sunday? I’ll park miles away and walk if need be.

    360. Fiona says:

      Beyond belief: we are being invited to take a warning from the IMF about the dire consequence of “market uncertainty” should we vote yes. Can anyone give me a clue as to why I should listen to this intellectually and morally bankrupt institution, or why I should sacrifice what is in my best interests so as to keep the financial elite happy?

    361. galamcennalath says:

      The way to stick it right up NR and rest of the rotten BBC, and all the MSM for that matter, is to win a big in their face YES!

    362. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland are now telling us that the RBS story was leaked to “journalists” after trading had stopped for the day.

      There is no mention of the fact that it was BBC journalists that the story was leaked to.

    363. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      already tried a FOI request into BBC trust on numbers of complaints against Bias and the reply was it was against their impartiality to divulge this information!

      from BBC…

      The information you have requested is excluded from the Act because it is held for the purposes of ‘journalism, art or literature.’ The BBC is therefore not obliged to provide this information to you and will not be doing so on this occasion. Part VI of Schedule 1 to FOIA provides that information held by the BBC and the other public service broadcasters is only covered by the Act if it is held for ‘purposes other than those of journalism, art or literature”. The BBC is not required to supply information held for the purposes of creating the BBC’s output or information that supports and is closely associated with these creative activities1, including information relating to the subject of editorial complaints. The BBC’s independence and impartiality would be at risk through disclosure of information on editorial complaints, which is discussed in detail below.

      I also have a complaint in about how they divulged information about the 130 complaints by the No side on the second debate. Contrary to this above. Still waiting for an answer on that one…

    364. highseastim says:

      Excuse my ignorance folks, but how did the BBC big debate go last night, the wife and I were out at friends last night and missed it.

    365. Fiona says:

      Does it matter if trading had stopped for the day in London? Are shares not traded in other markets 24/7? Does it make a difference to the principle involved? I think that is even more pathetic

      “It wisnae me; I didnae mean it; and anyway I didn’t cause any damage so you should let me off”

    366. No no no...yes says:

      Michelle Moan is not happy because a Yes vote would mean a drop in sales of her new autumn bra collection.It is named the Better Together bra- solidarity and support,available in red and blue.

    367. Capella says:

      Ditch the telly. Here’s Matt Lygate welcoming our Imperial Masters to Glasgow, ie the trainload of Labour MPs.

    368. Fiona says:

      I am going to have to ask: who is Michelle Mone?

    369. highseastim says:

      I would love to be part of a wider campaign to decide wether you pay a BBC licence or not, personally they could remove BBC from my TV at any time as there is plenty of other alternatives.

    370. Macart says:

      They are so shitting themselves. The pressure they’ve applied over the past few days and which they will continue to apply for the next five gives you an indication of just how afraid they are. We are winning people. 🙂

      The only way to beat this level of intimidation is to face it down.

      Two words for Her majesty’s Government and Her Majesty’s tame meeja after yesterday’s performance.

      NAE FEAR!

    371. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland under orders not to mention “The Walk” tomorrow in Edinburgh.

      Are better Together ashamed to be associated with the Orange Order.

      After all, the want the same outcome in the referendum.

      And don’t forget that Nigel is in town today, along with his EDL/BNP minders. No doubt their Scottish equivalent, the SDL, will be tagging along somewhere in the background.

      Vote YES and rid Scotland of these racists for good.

    372. cearc says:

      It is good to do it but nevertheless futile to complain to BBC, electoral commission or any other british establishment body.

      Pointing out things like the NR edit and the market ‘leak’ to other news organisations is more likely to have a result.

      On the home front HMG can pull all the strings but internationally they can be made a laughing stock.

      Anybody seeing crews from overseas broadcasters should be making these points to them. They are around in our cities now.

    373. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      There is no point in complaining to the Electoral Commission about the BBC. It is not in their remit and they will do nothing about it.

      There is no point in complaining to OFCOM about the BBC as news and journalism is not part of their remit

      The Is no point in complaining to the BBC as they are regulated by the BBC Trust.

      The is no point in complaining to the BBC Trust as they retain the right to ignore you on impartiality grounds.

      So go along to PQ 2 – 4 PM on Sunday. Hopefully some of the worlds press will be there to cover it.

      Then if you want to do something about it – Vote YES on Thursday.

    374. Doug Mcg says:

      Will the Scotsman change its name to the SCOTCHEDMAN? Demise soon , well deserved.

    375. Brotyboy says:

      A Yes vote @ 5.3 on Betfair now. This won’t last long, so Get On.

    376. Brotyboy says:

      @ Capella

      The guy is a hero. An honour awaits him in Indie Scotland.

    377. Marcia says:


      Have a look up this thread you will read the comments about the programme.

      A good article about conversing with BT volunteers in Dalkeith.

    378. kalmar says:

      highseastim: the big big debate thing was “ok” – the panel members were allowed to answer properly for the most part.
      The audience questions were the usual partisan soundbytes, but that’s how these things are.
      Did seem positive for yes, massive booing after some of galloway’s comments. The fact that he was on there next to Ruth Davidson, wearing his black hat, was totally bizarre. Got to have won us a few votes I reckon.

    379. highseastim says:

      Capella that’s an absolutely brilliant video, they were chaffing at the bit to have a go!!

    380. john king says:

      Fiona says
      “I am going to have to ask: who is Michelle Mone?”

      Michelle Georgina Mone OBE is a Scottish entrepreneur and former model. She is CEO of MJM International Ltd, which owns the Ultimo brand.

    381. Sinclair Macleod says:

      Michelle Mone owns a company that produces lingerie but her main skill is self promotion.

    382. Ken500 says:

      (Foreign) Multinational, companies are issued with UK licences to trade. Companies which illegally tax evade should not be issued with licences to trade. It damage British businesses (monopolises) through lack of competition, and puts up prices.

    383. kalmar says:

      Complaint made. I chose the “journalistic standards” option rather than bias, just for variety.

      I was absolutely bloody furious after watching that clip, having seen the first speech earlier. Can’t get rid of these bastards too soon.

    384. highseastim says:

      Kalmar I find it really puzzling why they invited Galloway, but no place for Tommy Sheridan!!

    385. Ken500 says:

      Michelle Mone lives in London. She had to set up a new company. Possible her husband retained rights to the joint company in the divorce settlement, or the company was dissolved. A non entity,

    386. Now's the Hour says:

      What time’s the PQ demo on Sunday?

    387. kalmar says:

      highseastim: ach it would have been an absolute barney if Sheridan was there too. Nicola and Patrick did well and kept it civil.
      Apparently he was only drafted in because nobody from Labour (Miliband was asked I believe) would show their face, despite practically every labour bod in the country having a field day in Glasgow yesterday.

    388. Nana Smith says:

      Postie tells me he is now a YES. Last week he was leaning towards No even though I pointed out to him the scotgov plans for royal mail with independence.

      As I didn’t have any wbbs left I told him where to go for info which has done the trick.

      Also my hubby tells me there are a lot more YES badges on show at his work and people are really engaged now and talking to their colleagues about the benefits of a YES vote.

    389. alistair says:

      @Nows the hour
      Its on at 2pm on Sunday at Pacific Quay

    390. highseastim says:

      I’m really disgusted by the way the Labour Party has conducted itself during this campaign(you can accept it from the Tories), thankfully my union has unanimously voted to remove the words “the Labour Party” from our rule book this year as we see them as a branch of the Tory party!!

    391. mr thms says:

      Swedish Documentary on Scottish Independence [subtitled]

    392. mutters says:

      How long until “Can pay won’t pay” campaign?

    393. heedtracker says:

      Neo fascism no likee any talk back. If FM Salmond ranted at that BBC ligger, maybe rant means something different to neo fascists. When is the Mail doing another attack expose of normal who vote YES in Scotland.

      The Yes campaign had filled the auditorium at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with pro-independence supporters, mingling with journalists, making it unclear who was applauding as the attacks continued on the BBC and the ‘metropolitan media’.

      Yes supporters have waged a bizarre war against BBC ‘bias’ in recent months, holding protests at the corporation’s Glasgow headquarters. A website popular with conspiracy theorists, NewsnetScotland, even suggested that shows such as The Great British Bake Off were designed to ‘subliminally promote’ Britishness

    394. Fairliered says:

      Has anybody produced a comprehensive list of all the businesses that have threatened to pull out of Scotland or put up their prices when we win?
      I.e. A list of the businesses to boycott.

    395. highseastim says:

      What I find extraordinary is that I have had no phone calls, no door knocking from either Yes or No campaigns (maybe the Yes sticker on the living room window scares then off) , I keep visiting Elgin high street to have a barney with No campaigners, but can never find any!!

    396. Marie clark says:

      Morning one and all.
      @SocratesMacSporran 7.24, fully agree.

      @Ken500 7.57. Aye, just switch off. Don’t watch them don’t listen to them on radio. It’s very liberating. I did this a while ago and the telly and the radio seem happy that they are not threatened with physical violence any more.

      As for Michelle Mone, yer aye bliddy leaving if we don’t dey whit you want. Away ye go then hen and gie the rest o us peace.

      There’s mair shit tae come yet. Steady as we go boys, no long noo.Fight the buggers a the road. Lying arrogant utter scum.

    397. Ken500 says:

      Matt Lygate video is great. Never laughed so much. The guy is a hero.

    398. Nana Smith says:

      How wonderful it must be to hop onto a train for a jolly boys outing to North Britain. I mean what could possibly go wrong when we can claim on expenses…

    399. Indy_Scot says:

      I watched the Big Big Debate last night specifically to see George Galloway calling Yes supporters “SNP Nazis”, clearly it was edited out to protect the No campaign. There is now no hiding the fact that the BBC is in bed with the No camp. No matter what the outcome of this referendum, any slight claim that the BBC had of being impartial, has been torn up and ripped to shreds.

      Do not be fooled for one minute and think you have to pay these people, because you don’t.

    400. alexicon says:

      Call asda and protest.

      Tel. 08009520101

    401. Ken500 says:

      The BBC pushes up the YES vote. A sublime campaign for YES. Non entities.

    402. John Brown says:

      Yesterday I cancelled my TV license. I believe that it is the only way that I can make my protest against this biased BBC.

    403. john king says:

      ” Right, enough of this. Diary cleared. What time do we turn up at PQ on Sunday? I’ll park miles away and walk if need be.”

      Right there with you Heraldnomore, right after I do a thing

      Irene (wife) can barely walk these days with athritis and she plans to crawl to PQ if she has to, I’ll be wearing my wings tshirt

    404. heedtracker says:

      This BBC report from Robertson and this one from the Mail should go down in history for a whole host of reasons but primarily they show just how corrupt UKOK press really is
      The BBC lies at Scotland, the rest of them insult and denigrate Scottish people.

    405. Jim McIntosh says:

      It’s the sleekit way they do it.

      Was watching John Swinney and Beaker, last night and the interviewer questioned JS on the supermarkets putting prices up in an indie Scotland.

      To paraphrase she said -“so supermarkets from Asda to Waitrose will put their prices up after indie”. This makes it sound like ALL supermarkets starting with letters between A and W will be raising their prices.

    406. Jean-Loup says:

      Just sent a complaint to the BBC. If you read their disclaimers they seem to find all sorts of way to cover their tracks and make sure they won’t do a thing about it but we’ll see…

    407. DougtheDug says:
      11 September, 2014 at 11:59 pm
      The BBC have nothing to lose by now siding openly with the No campaign.

      If No win then who’s going to punish the BBC for helping out?

      If Yes win then the BBC know they’re out of Scotland anyway and no-one in the rUK will complain about their coverage.


      If you want to punish the BBC stop paying your BBC Licence fee. If million people plus do that it will severely hurt them.

      Stop complaining do something.

      ”Withdraw your implied rights of access” NOW.

    408. john king says:

      this is Michelle Mone Fiona

      has a bit of a Carol Kirkwood look about her dont you think?

    409. Jim Mitchell says:

      A lot of people are annoyed this morning after Nick Robinson Claimed that Alex Salmond didn’t answer his questions, when as everyone knows he did, not once but twice, but there was another BBC style ‘nasty’ last night. they showed a clip of Salmond addressing the International media, it was short but it was clearly when he was talking about the Ukraine situation and criticising Putin for his actions. They then looked for one of the international media to ask his opinion of the First Minister, and who did they pick, a Russian journalist!

      BTW As this is the weekend when for the last time before the referendum,Unionist weekend papers have a chance to distort things, lookout for some truly startling stories.

    410. David Stevenson says:

      Radio Scotland interviewed two of the youth from the Big Debate. Yes guy was confirmed in his view. No lass still voting No but said a lot of her friends who were there moved to Yes, who definitely won the debate. She was disappointed with Galloway and Davidson.

      Also, as reported above, lots of twitter comment from young voters who were there that the sound was edited to make the response to No contributions seem better, i.e. Booing edited down or out. Also edited out allegedly was a comparison of SNP to nazis by Scotland’s most famous living carpetbagger.

    411. Stevie boy says:

      BBC protest is on at Pacific Quay between 2pm and 4pm.

      I expect quite a few people might be there.

    412. Stevie boy says:

      .. obviously this Sunday, incase anyone wasn’t sure.

    413. Tackety Beets says:

      Yip , its time to cancel your BBC licence & Standing Orders .

      Thought for another day . Maybe someone else can confirm ,I understand , in Scotland ,BBC collect £320M and BBC Scotland spends £80m . I think I read Ireland only pays about £22m to include the BBC in their transmissions . If those figures are accurate we then have a clue as why the BBC is behaving the way it is ?

    414. Kaspar says:

      Did anyone else see breakfast time this morning with the head of Wotherspoons.The parting question by the journalist was about the referendum and he didn’t quite get the response he had obviously hoped for(as could be seen from his face)
      If anyone has a clip of this the head of Wotherspoons basically refutes many of the other scare stories and says if vat was reduced in pubs to the level it is in supermarkets prices could actually drop

    415. No no no...yes says:

      RE the big big debate.It was meant to be Jim Murphy but he bottled it, so Galloway was bought in. To have no Labour party rep for a the biggest ever debate with the next generation of Scots is an insult to everyone.
      They will not be forgiven..

    416. Jim Mitchell says:

      Yes things are really coming to the boil now and it’s obvious they are really scared and want to make us look bad to the International media as well as the public, therefor it;s time for us to be honest but a bit careful as well, let the comparisons be obvious, They will make a mistake that cannot be hidden-they are that scared !!

    417. packhorse pete says:

      mutters says:
      12 September, 2014 at 9:08 am
      How long until “Can pay won’t pay” campaign?

      It needs someone, a good organiser, and trustworthy, to take money intended for the BBC License fee, to hold it in trust…some one like Stu, for example…

    418. Stevie boy says:

      I take great heart as last week on here many Wingers stated that this will get ugly and the establishment will through the kitchen sink at us.. how true u all were!!

      The polls are obviously distorted so if the YouGov poll still shows us almost winning that is a great sign. Also am I the only one that thinks ‘two’ YouGov polls in the space of a week is a bit odd?
      Even after the barrage off lies and abuse and the ‘Imperial Masters’ coming up from London.. I have yet to speak to anyone who have changed their mind or I haven’t seen any Yes posters been taken down from windows etc.

      We have them on the ropes.. keep punching away for 6 days.. then they will be down.. and out !!!

    419. alan Dawson says:

      Did I imagine it or was George galloway drunk during the big big Debate

    420. John H. says:

      Is it any wonder there are shy Yes voters?.Early this morning on bbc’s 5 Live I heard part of an interview with two Scots men of Pakistani origin.The interviewer, whose style was amiable enough, asked one “I believe you’re a No voter?” “Yes” was the reply.

      No more questions.He then turned to the other one.”And you’re a Yes?”The Yes voter was then asked to explain exactly why he intended to vote Yes. Hardly fair treatment.Some folk will think it’s better to keep quiet and avoid any hassle.

    421. maybe says:

      Some here may find it useful to view the original BBC report on iPlayer

      You may still feel there is bias there, but at least you will be judging based on what was actually reported instead of a version brutally edited by wings over Scotland, (somewhat ironically given that the topic is biased reporting).

    422. Will Podmore says:

      Attacks on the messenger are not good. Still, you have now got the oh-so-internationalist Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (aka, Rapist Support Group) supporting Scottish nationalism. It says Vote Yes and get Cameron out. And who would come in instead? Why, George Osborne. Some revolutionary call – Osborne in! The SWP has lost every campaign they’ve ever tried to infiltrate: they are the kiss of death.
      The fascists of Siol nan Gaidheal also say Vote Yes. Siol nan Gaidheal was officially expelled from the SNP in 1982, and described as ‘proto-fascist’ by the party’s then leader, Gordon Wilson. However, Bruce Ogilvie, one of its leading activists, was active in its Bannockburn branch in 2005 and was pictured with Alex Salmond and local SNP election candidates in 2009. Siol nan Gaidheal also provided stewards for the last major Yes independence march and rally last year.
      Nice company, Trots and fascists.

    423. Jim McIntosh says:

      I’m not sure these polls mean anything. I contributed to the YouGov poll last week but didn’t get an email to participate this week. So I’m guessing a different 1000 people were polled. What would have been the result if they had asked the same people or even just the undecided.

      If they take both polls together it would be 50.5% No 49.5% YES – I can live with that.

    424. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Re the Scotsman.

      Twenty years they ago the had a wonderful, multi-storey City centre building.

      Two years ago they had a share in a building on Holyrood Rd.

      Now they have a large room in Orchard Brae.

      Opposing independence has cost them dear…

      …and the nearest bar is a bus ride away.

    425. Linda McFarlane says:

      38 degrees Is running a petition to get Ofcom to launch independant enquiry into BBC bias

    426. Capella says:

      The International Pres have noticed!

    427. Jamscot says:

      Anyone who has any doubts that Yes will win, and more importantly, WHY Yes will win, should read this.

    428. donnywho says:

      daddy sarwar is coming home to help anas

    429. Capella says:

      and here – more Imperial Masters

    430. I detest the BBC from 1982 in The Falklands War.

      I was there in the Falklands and the BBC World service had John Nott the defence minister broadcast to the world that British troops were 5 miles from Goose Green. Looking on the map the only place the troops could be was Camilla Creek. @ Para then endured a whole day of bombing and straffing before they attacked Goose Green.

      The BBC world service not happy with that gaff informed the world that the reasons the bombs, that were hitting the ships and not exploding, was because they weren’t dropping them from a high enough height to fully arm the bobs. The bombs went off after that gaff.

      Lots of sailors and soldiers paid the price for the BBC. Coventry, Ardent, Galahad, Tristram. Lots killed and horriblt wounded.. Today we need a charity ”Help for Heroes” to help our people because the UK Gov has abandoned them.

    431. Capella says:

      Hilarious! Someone is resurrecting Siol nan Ghaidheal. MI5 has entered the debate at last. It’s going to be an exciting week as this must mean that panic has escalated to max warp.

    432. Greannach says:

      Just received confirmation from the BBC that they received my complaint, as below. Direct debit for TV licence just cancelled.

      Complaint Summary: Nick Robinson lying

      Full Complaint: Nick Robinson announced on the BBC 6 o’clock news that Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond had not answered a question on tax and finance asked by Robinson at the FM’s press conference in Edinburgh yesterday morning. This is a lie. BBC News channel broadcast live the detailed answer given by Salmond to Robinson in which the FM had to explain the basics of corporation tax collection.

      I am aware that the BBC is the broadcasting arm of the state and as such must follow the government’s line but could you please make your bias less blatant? It is now becoming insulting, and you should not insult those who pay your wages.

    433. HandandShrimp says:

      Will Podmore

      Away and polish your sash*, you have a big march for No Thanks tomorrow or are you are going to spend your time supporting the Britannia Party or UKIP or the BNP or the Ulster Loyalists all of whom are staunch No supporters….not to mention the Tories.

      So literally a handful of people on the political fringes support Yes and you see fit to smear us by association but ignore the 10s of thousands of wing nuts on the No side. Will, you are being profoundly dishonest.

      I know which side I am comfortable on and it isn’t watching the unedifying sight of George Galloway and Ruth Davidson arm in arm.

      * Of course Will, I don’t think you are a right wing extremist but you seem ill disposed to extend the same courtesy to the Yes side, preferring to go for the cheap smear by association negativity that has been the hallmark of the No campaign.

    434. Cag-does-thinking says:

      The Big Big debate may have been a serious own goal for the No side. Showing 16/17 year olds that what you saw with your own eyes will be edited completely differently on TV a few hours later may wake them up to the reality of this campaign and how it has been spun, notwithstanding that despite their being more Labour politicians in Scotland yesterday than perhaps any time since WW2 none of their big hitters, in fact none at all thought it important enough to represent their party in the debate, leaving it to the tories and creepy guy in the hat (as it was explained to me….)

    435. north chiel says:

      REF John King comment,
      Unfortunately John sounds as if this individual was “unsympathetic to the cause”, however as you point out with decisions “devolved” to management,there is always the possibility that you could engage with a more “friendly” individual elsewhere?

    436. Chic McGregor says:

      Thanks Lesley-Anne. Yes I guess that is the same thing for text effectively, but would it appear in an apps store?

      Also, re the audio book, I’m thinking there must be some app that kids use to send each other music and such, that could be used. But maybe there isn’t. Not up on those things.

      How easy would it be to create one called ‘Referendum Radio’ or something like that, which could have the WBB audio, selected Michael Greenwell podcasts and the like?

      IF it is quick and easy to do AND kids would share, might be an idea.

    437. HandandShrimp says:

      On the radio this morning they had two of the pupils that attended the debate, one for No and one for Yes. The lass that supported No expressed her disappointment at the No panel whom she thought were very poor and did nothing for the No side. The lad supporting Yes was obviously pretty happy with the outcome.

      I know we have given the BBC a kicking but I would like to thank however thought the Davidson/Galloway combo was a good idea. 🙂

    438. BB says:

      It’s got to the point where we’ll need a Nuremberg Trials equivalent or else nothing will be settled afterwards. “Only following orders” was never excuse enough.

    439. StephenS says:

      What i most shocking about Nick Robinson’s approach here is that he clearly doesn’t understand corp tax. The FM answered Robinson (astutely as you point out) but I don’t think Robinson eve understood the answer! What is this guy, head of economics at the BBC or something. Dumb dumb dumb and dumber

    440. desimond says:

      Saw Ian McWhirter bemoaning English media coverage and saying they could do better.

      Ive been down here all week and can say newspapers really do not get it. They spin out every Government lie ( they wouldnt know any better I suppose) and champion the union cause and silly Scotlands impudence and future impotence.

      Im now starting to think there are other games in play. I await “We backed the Union but you lot messed it up!” and cue scapegoats and rolling heads. I doubt Cameron or Miliband will survive, Clegg may have to go if they can find a candidate under 65 and cheerio Danny Alexander as Gideon eyes a move next door. The BBC will have a review and Nick Robinson will “resign” but he will no doubt soon get a cosy job as a reward for effort.

      This along with Gordon Brown threatening to charge into New Scottish Labour causing utter mayhem at leadership levels.

      I also see fear talk of an immediate General Election if its YES to help with negotiations, and all the while Farage, Boris and Murdoch sit there smiling in the win-win corner.

      We really do live in interesting times.

    441. Terry says:

      I was a police officer for 30 years and have finally been ground down by the lack of accountability of the BBC and its whitewashing of complaints. I have cancelled my direct debit for my TV licence and will deal with the consequences of that. I no longer wish to sponser the lies, and unaccountability to the public it is supposed to represent.

    442. JWil says:

      Whatever the true facts are, it’s now a question of trust.

      The unionist parties have prevaricated all along firstly with Calman by not assuming the full decisions of Calman, then the attempts by the House of Lords to emasculate the Scotland act. The refusal to have Devo max on the ballot paper and the last minute, feeble offerings on more powers when the three parties have come up with different solutions. Now they have offered a common agreement and a timetable, but noticeably not until after we have voted.

      The Labour party are the least sincere of the three.

      Lamont’s initial, more generous offer on tax was ditched by the big boys in London. If the three parties tried to get a common agreement Labour will still be fighting, like ferrets in a sack, over how little they should offer and after that there are negotiations with their sworn enemies. There will be plenty of opportunities for them to find ‘difficulties’ and the timetable will slip.

      I do not how any Scot who has the interests of Scotland at heart could possibly want to embark on such a vexed path when we know that a YES vote will give us the powers we want. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

    443. jack anderson says:

      I hope the BBCs outrageous NO bias is punish by the Scottish people after we have won. They should be kicked out of Scotland and replaced with an honest and trustworthy news channel that we Scots can depend on to be true to the people.

    444. Kid Spotlight says:

      Following meekly in the footsteps of the BBC, I see the Andrew Sparrow in the Guardian is stepping up the impartiality in his rolling blog this morning. Paragraph after paragraph quoting Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Rory Bremner, Nigel Farage, George Galloway… Where’s Boris when you really need him?

    445. gerry parker says:

      U tube hits on Alex are currently at 175,000.

      I’m no expert, but I think that’ll sting a wee bit for Nic.

      Share far and wide.

      I did Houston texas,California and LA, and Victoria Austrailia.

      That should improve the BBC’s worldwide reputation.

      Well done Nic!

    446. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “You may still feel there is bias there, but at least you will be judging based on what was actually reported instead of a version brutally edited by wings over Scotland, (somewhat ironically given that the topic is biased reporting).”

      “Brutally edited” to exclude what, exactly?

      (You’ve also linked to the 10 O’Clock News, which is not “the original”. My clip is taken from the Six O’Clock News.)

    447. gerry parker says:

      Oh, I also circulated the six o clock news report, to show them what a state broadcaster was like in full propaganda mode.


    448. Ken500 says:

      Boycott the firms that have come out for the Tories. Morrison’s/Sainsbury refused. Go there and Lidls Aldi’s etc. Boycott M & S, John Lewis.

    449. Ken500 says:

      After Scotland votes YES. BP (greedy environmental, economic and ethics disaster) and Shell’s North Sea licence will be up for scrutiny. The greedy Fraudsters briefing against Scotland will not find it easy. Especially with new prospects on the West. Cutting corners and safety guidelines, endangering workers for excess profits. Helicopters are falling out of the sky because of non compliance with proper Health & Safety rules. They are getting away with murder.

    450. David says:

      I saw this go out on the 10 o’clock news and was gobsmacked. Agreed with flatmate to never pay the licence fee again, put our TV into storage and get our news in other ways.

      I have always known the BBC was biased, but assumed it was a necessary evil – better than commercial channels, or worse. But now I realise I have been deluding myself. I was going to phone up the Licence Fee Dept after the referendum, but lo and behold, this morning I get a letter through saying it is up for renewal. I took a note of the phone number, and promptly put the letter in the recycling.

    451. James D says:

      In answer to his “Why should we trust you …?” question someone from the press shouted back a Nick Robinson – “Why should anyone trust the BBC?”! – it was a joy to behold the international press’s contempt for the BBC. The myth is bust!

    452. Tamson says:

      @David 3,46am

      The BBC has covered the Catalan demo. However, it’s buried in their Europe subsection of World news, and hilariously biased. Apparently ‘thousands’ took part – most reputable media sources pur it at 1.8 million.

    453. G H Graham says:

      Fact: a Television license is required ONLY if one is watching “LIVE” television broadcasts on ANY medium or or ANY platform.

      You do not need a license to OWN equipment even if it has the capability of receiving LIVE television broadcasts.

      The license is a TAX on viewing LIVE television, regardless of broadcaster. But you can watch any recorded programming at your leisure on BBC iplayer or ITV’s catch up or indeed on any platform that replays, something which has already been broadcast without a license.

      However, that does not include repeats on the telly. So if you are watching the miserable Eastenders for example as a rerun on the BBC at midnight, you are effectively watching LIVE TV so need a license.

      The BBC has a contract with a company to harass people at their front door for money but they have no right of access to you home unless they have a court order. And that would only come from a court which has already made a judgement against you from which they must have had incontrovertible evidence that you were watching LIVE broadcasts without a license.

      Without a court order, no one has the right to enter your property for a casual inspection. Nor do they have the right to ask for and receive any information about you either. they can ask and will but you are not legally obliged to provide them anything.

      I don’t pay the TV tax cos I don’t watch LIVE propaganda so if someone comes to my door asking for my personal details or demanding an internal inspection of my house, I’ll politely tell them to piss off.

    454. brightsparking says:

      So I complained to the BBC about their bias regarding the referendum.

      Since their own editorial guidelines are publically available I remended them of their own policies.

      Complaint sent to the BBC:-
      Subject Independence referendum

      The BBC service is clearly in breach of its charter to present clear, truthful, unambiguous, and unbiased reporting.
      The BBC is clearly giving a one sided view in its news reporting and is skewing the news reporting to such an extent that quite frankly it’s embarrassing.

      To take one particular example shown at 6pm and 10pm on 10th September 2014, giving your reporter Nick Robinson’s versions of events concerning a a question he asked at an international press conference in Edinburgh yesterday.

      I therefore refer you to your own Editorial Guidelines, Section 3:, Accuracy, Avoiding Misleading Audiences.
      sub section 3.4.11

      “We must not knowingly and materially mislead our audiences with our content.”

      Clearly, the broadcasted shortened version for the main news broadcasts of the day was not representative of the version covered on your live and therefore non editable news feed on the BBC news channel, AND YOU ARE THUS CLEARLY MISLEADING AUDIENCES.
      If the BBC is the purveyor of our national news, why should it be so biased in its strategy, operations,reporting and be clearly in breach of its own guidelines?

      The BBC has been leaking trust for some time now, and this latest bias towards the UK government is scandalous and needs to be stopped, apologised for and independently investigated.

    455. brightsparking says:

      sent it today – everyone please quote the guidelines above

    456. Brian Fleming says:

      The BBC has always been a propaganda organisation. It’s just that Scotland has changed and now it sticks in everyone’s craw. It’s time to storm the Bastille, physically. Take it over.

    457. highseastim says:

      Everyone needs to get on to the website and sign the “ram your TV licence” petition!!

    458. brightsparking says:

      In the same guidelines I mentioned before

      “Commentary and editing must never be used to give the audience a materially misleading impression of events or a contribution.”

    459. lochside says:

      Will Podmore: how about Orange Order, Ukip, EDL, SDL, Brittanica, Tories, House of Lords, New Labour?

      There’s a nice rag bag of War-mongering fascists to start with you trolling prick!

    460. highseastim says:

      Re Will Padmore

      Have you got your black armband on, seeing that one of this country’s biggest bigot’s has passed away?

    461. Juan P says:

      Perth Gazette has picked up on the bias BBC editing:

      It’s also running a story on the big debate with young ‘Yes’ voters being asked to pretend they were ‘No’ or ‘Undecided’ because too many of those in attendance were Yes.

    462. sydthesnake says:

      sent my compliant online
      shower of Corrupt Biased Buffoons

    463. liz says:

      Re everything – all the ‘meetings’ with the BritNats have been orchestrated and are full of MPs, all the meetings with the Yes are spontaneous and full of members of the public.

      The Buchanan St one covered by Empire Biscuits, is a case in point.
      Last Saturday it was with the Yes generation and looked great fun, the Ed Millibore one was a set up with parachuted in MPs.

      The reason, which is now clear, why the MPs were shouting ‘Scotland votes No,’ was to drown out the Yessers and the Imperial Death March.

      All the No posters seen are Lab products.

      Complaint to the BBC, I know it’s a waste of time but in the future the no. of complaints re bias will come to the surface.

      They can try as hard as they like but with the internet, they do not control information as much as they used to.

    464. liz says:

      @Nana Smith – do they think we’re stupid, they could triple it if they want cos we’ll not be paying any license fee.

      @Juan P – strange comment at the end of that article – a ‘user’ edited it out??

    465. Tony Hemphill says:

      Is anyone who’s voting yes still watching the MSM? i know i stopped a long time ago,you have a better chance getting the real facts online, my mum and daughter 2 years ago were no especially my maw who is in her 70’s one afternoon spent checking out what bt and the yes campaigns were planing to do and BAM it hid my ma maw like a bolt of lightning, now the 2 of them are YES,i ask my maw “what changed your mind?” “well son the no people are offering nothing while yes are giving the country a future, a future for my grandchildren and great grandchildren”. That’s a good enough reason on it’s own.

    466. Brian Fleming says:

      As Gil Scott Heron sang about the USA: “The revolution will not be televised.”

    467. Tom Foyle says:

      G H Graham.

      Thanks for that info, I was reasonably sure I was OK, but you’ve now put any lingering doubts firmly to bed. For ever!
      I gave up on TV months ago, I can get everything I need on my mac. Newspapers are only good for one thing, and it’s not reliable news!
      I did send an e-mail to the beeb asking if they knew of any channel or service provider that broadcasts unbiased referendum reports, but haven’t yet had, nor do I expect to get, any kind of answer.

    468. highseastim says:

      Capella, just showed the wife your Star Wars video, she hasn’t stopped pis sin’ herself laughing, she says you deserve the freedom of Glasgow!!

    469. Brian Fleming says:

      Perth Gazette (in link provided above) seems to be claiming Wings edited the BBC news footage to mislead ES voters into thinking the BBC had edited out Alex Salmond’s reply.

      Could you respond to that, Stu? have the BBC re-edited to include AS’ reply in order to play funny buggers?

    470. Brian Fleming says:

      YES voters, not ES. Got a sticky keyboard.

    471. Hrh says:

      The truth is that Scotland can always walk whether you get a YES Or a rigged NO vote as the Treaty of Union 1701 was signed by Queen Anne who also signed the Act of Settlement 1701 which forbids any protestant monarch from reconciling with the Church of Rome and all things papist – have a letter from 2010 from the Constitutional dept saying that the present kween is subject to that Act . As she has dinned with the Pope many a time then the Act of Treaty of Union is nullified. see it here article 3 . No kidding .

    472. Hrh says:

      sorry article 2

    473. Will Podmore says:

      When you boycott the BBC, and boycott all the businesses warning of the dangers of voting Yes, you’ll end up with very little to see or buy with whatever currency you might have – or have not.

    474. JWil says:

      However, the BBC and the businesses are treading on unproven ground. They do not know what the consequences of their outpourings will be. I seem to remember a certain jeweller who rubbished his products in public resulting in his company closing down.

      The lesson was that when you insult peoples intelligence. They don’t like it. They will react the only way they can.

    475. Now's the Hour says:

      Just watched the Big, Big Debate. Was Galloway lagered? And what was with the hat? Could only have boosted the Yes vote, the way the buffoon blustered on and on. Good to hear wee Ruthie being booed – they couldn’t mute it completely.

    476. john devine says:

      Sent My Complaint in To The BBC this morning about all the lies. Expect A speedy reply to my new Independent country address soon…

      Vote Aye.

    477. Albert Herring says:

      Hah! “Would I Lie To You” is on BBC1 tonight.

    478. biggpolmont says:

      sent in my complaint enough complains and they cannot ignore this odious little creature. a copy of mine below but first o/t the bigbigdebate with the 16 & 17 year old young people ne young lady texted her mother before the debate saying that the BBC wanted some of them to say that they were no’s or undecided as the Yes voters were outweighing the no’s More BBC BIAS !The young lady concerned then texted her mum to say that she had told them piss off! Mum would normally have told her off for such langauge but just said Thats My girl !

      In his news report Nick Robinson quite clearly lied, He said that Alex Salmond refused to answer his question during this press conference. I watched the press conference and have saved it. I can easily send you a copy if you need one. Alex Salmond spent more than three minutes answering Nicks question who then proceeded to heckle the first minister! it was a shameful display of bias and rudeness the like of which I have never seen before. He would certainly not treat Messrs Cameron, Clegg , Milliband or Farage like that . So what was up ?
      Was it something rascist? anti Scottish? Or was it just” watch me boys This is how you treat the jocks!”
      International press were also present .not one single member of the International press corp had difficulty understanding what was being said so what was Nicks problem ?
      Was this a deliberate attempt to upset the 1st ministers speech ? When was The BBC motto ” and nation shall speak unto nation” replaced with “And nation shall berate other nations with our propaganda?” where does the BBC get off treating its license payers as idiots? in your report which I also recorded the cutaways were so poorly edited that it was almost painful to watch. Given the BBC’s record of bias & abuse towards Mr Salmond (The Kirsty Wark Fiasco ) I think that we the Scottish people and Mr Salmond personally deserves an apology Before next Thursday’s Referendum anything else would be contempt!

    479. gerry parker says:

      Not only is the bottom falling out of their world, but I suspect the world is falling out of their bottom too.


    480. Hugh Haggarty says:

      If the Yes gets through. We must just forget about having a BBC in Scotland. I never watch it anyway far to biased and never allowed to make comment on there web site. So much for unbiased reporting. Democracy is a word that the BBC know the meaning off.

    481. Hugh Haggarty says:

      Should read Democracy is NOT a word the BBC know the meaning off

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