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What passes for subtlety

Posted on September 12, 2014 by

Former Labour spindoctor Charlie Whelan in the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald:


Click to enlarge as Whelan segues seamlessly from terrible Scottish “nationalism” to racial genocide in Auschwitz, because, you know, Yes voters are all basically Nazis*.

*George Galloway’s comments (made in his capacity as a nominated representative of “Better Together”) from yesterday’s BBC “Big Big Debate” were edited out of the broadcast version. We’re sure it was just to keep the running time tight.

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    169 to “What passes for subtlety”

    1. Seasick Dave says:

      Its designed to be provocative; just ignore.

    2. kendomacaroonbar says:

      More shock and naw ?

    3. andy says:

      I have noticed a lot of no campaigners seem to keep bringing up the Nazis and Auschwitz (though they rarely spell it right).
      I don’t really understand why. But then they are running out of scary things to say and Nazis are pretty scary. Maybe next will be BetterTogether – because ghosts are terrifying.

    4. cadgers says:

      What a loathsome man.

    5. fletch49er says:

      He says it himself he doesn’t unederstand, “why on earth Scots would want to break away from such a sucessful union.”

      ‘Successful Union’, not any more it’s not

      I’ll leave it at that.

    6. Doug Daniel says:

      I bet he’s thinking “I’m soooo clever, this is so subtle.” What an arse.

      As for Galloway, I think they also edited out him saying “we’ve heard enough from the ladies”, or words to that effect. Either that or I just missed him saying it. Patrick Harvie certainly referred to it in one of his answers, and I was a bit puzzled until I read later what Galloway had actually said.

    7. mr thms says:


      Just another 800 signatures needed

      Independent Enquiry into BBC bias regards Scottish Independence Referendum

      44,186 of 45,000 signatures

    8. yerkitbreeks says:

      For me the subtlety was lost a long time ago when the legal opinion from ” dahn saff ” from Crawford and Boyle said that in 1707 Scotland was ” extinguished “.

      Can’t really believe though at this late stage this sort of abuse is being peddled – says something about the people who’ll take time to read the piece.

    9. Big Steve Chisholm says:

      I think the Gandhi quote needs updating –

      First they ignore you,
      then they laugh at you,
      then they rig the polls,
      then they make up stories,
      then they call you Nazis,
      and THEN you win.

    10. Stu says:

      At least it was only the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, but what a disgraceful article.

    11. Colin says:

      Thank goodness, if my wife and I don’t get called Nazis at least once a week we begin to feel like Cameron’s big society isn’t working and nobody cares about us.

      Nothing about the 10,000 Orange Order and UKIP storm troopers marching through Edinburgh this weekend trying to intimidate people in to voting no.

    12. JLT says:

      Pravda is alive and well in 2014. Orwell was right. This is getting more like 1984 with each passing day.

    13. benarmine says:

      It really will take time to recover from the referendum when we have so many anti-democratic, intemperate asses like this that we have to forgive while we get on with building our old nation anew. I for one won’t forget though.

    14. Indy_Scot says:

      The BBC is an affront to democracy and free speech.

    15. Macart says:

      Leave them to their sewer. They’re happy playing in the crap by themselves.

      Let’s keep talking to people and win this. 🙂

    16. Greannach says:

      Nice to see that Highlander, Charlie Whelan, likes going home. I’m trying to remember if this is the guy who was an adviser to Gordon Brown and who – on being asked if Labour were worried about the effect of their policies on the poorest – responded, “Nah, they don’t vote”.

      A nice Highland attitude there.

    17. dramfineday says:

      If Whelan and Galloway imagine that I am a Nazi,I would imagine that that makes them Holocaust deniers. Comfortable in forgetting, and thereby denigrating, the dead to make cheap jibes.

      Cheap – just about sums them up.

    18. galamcennalath says:

      Just all highlights what stands in the way of Scotland’s road to democracy … Dark forces!

    19. heedtracker says:

      One more really desperate ligger but why do the liggers keep calling Scottish democracy and Scotland running Scotland a fascist divorce and why are they so desperate to stop an actual democracy in Scotland anyway? Will it hurt them or will it be good for Scotland?

      Fascism in wiki, an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule, Nazism, rightism, militarism; More antonyms: democracy, liberalism (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.

      Rule Britannia

    20. heraldnomore says:

      KwithanE’s three second delay not working again – WBB gets a mention…

    21. john king says:

      jaw hitting floor,
      the line has been crossed,
      the line is a dot to him.

    22. Camilla Kaczinski says:

      Honestly, I don’t see him making a comparison.
      As I see it this is a three-point column, like the horrid whatsername’s in The Daily Hate Mail.
      So first Scotland, then Auschwitz, because he is in Poland, and then at the end a gripe about internet speed and cost.

      Did I miss something?

    23. john king says:

      how many people will bet “bottled” on the royal mile before the BBC reports on the OO parade, by the same token Im sure they’ll manage to report about the handful of abusive cybernats causing trouble outside PQ.

    24. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      Big Steve Chisholm,

    25. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      John King

      I.ll take my chances at PQ.
      I’d rather run into MI5 than the OO!!

    26. heraldnomore says:

      Over on Sky News, which I’m not linking to out of principle, there are stories of postal voters regretting their early Naws, now that the goalposts have been moved.

      What will the EC have to say about it?

    27. Alasdair Reid says:

      Can we crowdfund a doctoral student to prepare a thesis on the media’s ‘performance’ in the referendum ? This would also help to counter the stupid No camp’s claims that higher education funding would fall in iScotland…

    28. john king says:

      @Gillian Ruglonian

      If you’ve never been to a protest at PQ dont worry, you’ll not meet a nicer bunch of people than the protesters who go to the protest,

      come up and introduce yourself Gillian I’ll be in or around the (INEVITABLE) Wings stall with a tshirt advertizing wings, (you wont miss it). 🙂

    29. yerkitbreeks says:

      @ Alasdair Reid There will be masses of what the Americans call ” Monday morning quarter backing ” and most of it will certainly dwell on the dirty tricks department – yesterday’s RBOS debacle being typical.

    30. desimond says:

      I feel the class of the piece is summed up with a “Free WI-FI’ advert in the middle of such a sad image.

      In the balance of the Universe, the number of people telling us we are silly to leave this ‘glorious’ Union will be perfectly balanced out by the band-wagon jumpers who will instantly change their for-sale opinion and shout “Always here if you need me for advice dear Alba Mata”.

    31. heraldnomore says:

      Still think the three amigos can get their nonsense proposals through England’s backbenchers and the Lords? Try this, from BfS:

    32. Auld Rock says:

      Doug Daniel, Galloway did say, “we’ve heard enough from the ladies”.

      Auld Rock

    33. msean says:

      This is why we need ‘seperation’ or ‘divorce’ or ‘break up’ in a nutshell.The NAW campaign seem to be spending all their time firefighting,trying to present as fact a reality that does not exist because this time the poor WIL be voting.

      All this media stuff is to try and herd the poor into not bothering to vote yes by creating the myth that they have already lost,to present this myth as fact. They fear the poor and their votes as should any government.

    34. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      John, I was at the one during the commonweath games, and I’m currently organising a wee group of pals for Sunday. We’re all so busy canvessing and whatnot that we are treating it as a wee day off! I’ll definitely seek you out, and regards MI5 that was just a wee joke they’d probably be as subtle as the secret service guy in Taxi Driver anyway!!

    35. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I would like to think that supporters of independence in Strathspey demand an apology from the newspaper.

      On the latest YouGov poll I would think it is likely that last weeks YouGov poll was crafted to allow them to show a drop in support for YES in yesterday’s poll.
      They can produce any result they like by their very flexible weighting.

      48% is still over 10 points up on the YouGov poll in early August and their credibility is at stake so they have to be in the vicinity of the final result at this stage. They did this in 2011 having shown us miles behind for much of the campaign

      I would also say that a YouGov poll showing us at 48% means we win. An astute person said to me yesterday that we should be confident. “The train has already left” he said “and the destination is not in doubt”

    36. muttley79 says:

      Charlie Whelan is just one of those in the Labour Party (or formerly in it) who have smeared the Yes campaign with the Nazis/fascists tag. I see Duncan Hothersall continues this nonsense with his tweet today about Yes getting the vote out by saying it is anti-democratic, that is just a sneaky way of getting the fascist/Nazi smear in. How the fuck can it be anti-democratic to organise for Yes supporters to get to the polling stations and vote?! They really are in a massive panic.

    37. GrahamB says:

      Perhaps it was just an unfortunate juxtaposition of two unrelated articles but you’d have to be very naïve to believe that. He is correct about recovery time from the referendum however. If the result is NO it won’t go away but YES or NO, the NO voters who have been duped will be forgiven but all those liars who duped them will never be forgiven.
      More lies through the letter box this morning in the form of a “Scottish” Labour NO booklet. Usual rubbish with lies about pensions prominent, but the good news is there is a Freepost address on it so bundle up your recycling papers and post to
      The Scottish Labour Party, Freepost GW4863, 290 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4RE
      Do your bit to bankrupt these lying b******s.

    38. IheartScotland says:

      Watching this as a member of the Scottish diaspora, I honestly can’t believe what’s happened in the last few days. I’m genuinely shocked at the behaviour of the msm and the bbc. It may not count for much,but remember that the rest of the world is watching, and the ‘brand’ of the uk and the bbc is being damaged forever. Btw…loved the star wars bike guy…..champion….

    39. Nick Heller says:

      Only a few days left to frighten the natives but ‘m sure htey’ve got a “grid” at work;

    40. Gillian_Ruglonian says:


      The bike guy is my pal. A proud Scot in action!!

    41. Haggis Hunter says:

      That article is a fekkin disgrace. If this was a country where press regulation existed, instead of unionist free for all, he would be up in court.

    42. Calgacus says:

      They only call us Nazis to please their Zionist masters

    43. Black Douglas says:

      The bike guy has 2 million new pals.

      He will never have to buy a pint again. 😀

      Is 160,000 hits in a day classed as viral? 😉

    44. msean says:

      Former Scotland rugby captain campaigns for a naw vote. Says it all.

    45. M J Grant says:

      Right, that comment about no Europeans understanding why Scots want independence needs a bit of rebuffing:

      I live in Berlin, travel a lot to international conferences, and talk to people a lot about Scottish independence. If people don’t understand the motivation, it’s generally because they don’t really understand the political set-up in general in the UK, and overstate the role of the monarchy. Otherwise, they may not understand the motivation for independence, but generally ask about it, are interested, and listen intently. Once I have explained that it is not about nationalism, is not a right-wing movement, and that there are food banks in Britain for families who are too poor to feed themselves, that we don’t want the nuclear weapons we are forced to have, and are fairly pro-European, they generally get the point.

      Then they get excited about the political implications and say “Oh, that’s interesting, there’s so little comment on it in the media in my country” at which point I now reply, “It could be worse, you could have the BBC”.

    46. Arabs for Independence says:

      See link to photo – guess what country’s national team this is?

    47. No no no...Yes says:

      heraldnomore 10.05am

      The early Naws are now having some regrets them, hmm, let me think. I recall Darling and others saying that people should get their postal votes in early, particularly the first batch that was sent out. Being a cynic, is that because they knew there would be a full scale assault on the democratic process, and that they wanted soft No’s to commit to vote early, thereby not having an opportunity to change their minds?
      We still have 5 days and 20 hours to go before the polls open, brace yourself as there is more, much more to come.

    48. Alasdair Stephen says:

      Sir Martin Sorrell going off-message here. Says independent Scotland could be ‘Singapore of Europe’ :

    49. bookie from hell says:

      did galloway actualy say YES are nazi?

      surely someone has film of this

      can me stupid,Poland is independent

    50. Robert Louis says:

      Let’s get out and win this referendum . Doing so, is THE single most effective means of defeating the British Media, the BBC, the corruption of Westminster. Whinging about it will achieve nothing. It is quite clear, the BBC couldn’t give a flying you know what about how Scots regard them.

      I just hope YES supporters ignore Farage today. He is not here to win votes, he is here to stir up trouble, so the media can blame ‘that alicsammin’. Likewise the Orange Lodge. Both designed to kick up trouble, to be blamed on YES group. This is how the british establishment work. There will be agents provocateurs everywhere, trying to goad YES supporters into reacting.

      Meanwhile, Scotland is on the up, despite the London media lies and corruption, people have realised they CAN have a better future if the people of Scotland are running our affairs, instead of the Westminster elite in the South East of England.


      The guy with the imperial march music in Glasgow yesterday, deserves a medal. These pompous, self-centred, conceited and arrogant Labour troughing MP’s coming up from Westminster to Scotland to tell us how to vote, need ridiculed. So thanks to whoever did it. Time we stopped taking these Labour clowns seriously. 🙂

    51. Luigi says:

      100 Labour MPs in Glasgow and they couldn’t find one for the Big Debate yesterday.

    52. Indy_Scot says:

      George Galloway. I have been divorced twice, do as I say, not as I do, or I’m comin tae git yi, with ma wee creepy hat on. The man is an utter fud.

    53. HandandShrimp says:


      I think most of them would have been shown up as a tad under-briefed.

      Did anyone hear the manic Farage mechanic on the radio? I missed it.

    54. IheartScotland says:

      I watched the whole 10 minutes at work and loved every minute of it.So great to see so many chancers look so uncomfortable for so long.Please thank your Pal for me.Again, he’s a champ….

    55. Onwards says:

      Wow, Peston is it again:

      What Price Scottish Independence?

      (Comments Open)

      Scottish food producers couldn’t label their products as British !!


      “What Scots people have to decide is whether the prize of self-determination, self-government and self-expression is more valuable to them than a bit of economic growth and future financial prosperity that would be lost”

      No mention of the fact that we could become far MORE prosperous, backed by our huge resources !!

    56. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Lonesome Hermit ?@kinghoopy 2h

      Well done to the owner of Weatherspoons on BBC, honest opinion at last and they didn’t like it

      Recurve ?@curexcomplex 2h

      Chairman of Weatherspoons just got Q about iScotland lobbed ahim by the BBC and he tore into them. Brilliant.

      If anyone has a youtube or capture of this from BBC News it is WELL worth posting.

      Reward Weatherspoons with your custom for their level headed commonsense approach amidst the BBC No campaign hysteria. I know I shall. 😉

    57. Alex Smith says:

      100 labour MPs and MSPs – all being paid what, an average of 55 grand a year? PLUS ALL THE EXPENSES THEY CAN FIDDLE – to stand like a bunch of eedjits and chant nonsense?

      wait till the next film – Return of the Electorate!

    58. HandandShrimp says:


      Also, what future financial prosperity? It is also a fact that most Scottish produce is marked as Scottish not British because it pitches in the quality market.

    59. gillie says:

      George Galloway flopped last night in front of 8000 young voters.

      They realise he is yesterday’s clown and not the future.

      That was a big mistake by Labour to put up George.

    60. KaMate says:

      So much entertainment being served up by Project Farce. Keep it coming !!
      Thanks for coming, hope you don’t get too much trouble from the border guards on your way home.

      Yes we can !

    61. Gillian_Ruglonian says:


      Like you say, I don’t think he’ll be short of a pint for a while!
      I think that the reason that kind of action works so well is because it’s in good humour so any opposition looks even more ridiculous. I echo the sentiments going around about ignoring farage though, cos attention of any kind is exactly what he craves!

    62. desimond says:


      Thats a great point. I dont think anyone minds anyone voting NO, to each their own and a YES voter would simply ask “WHY would you?” and then listen to answer and agree to disagree etc

      BUT for those in The Establishment who will NEVER be forgiven the question is: “HOW could you?”

      I likened Scottish Labour to Freddo in the Godfather last night on Twitter, someone else suggested WormTongue from Lord of Rings trilogy. Im sure theres many more examples.

    63. GrahamB says:

      Bummer! Prof Curtice just been interviewed outside his house again, he stays just along at the corner of my street. It is beside the bottle bank and I had a few empties to get rid of but I was not quick enough as he finished about 20 seconds before I could get to it. Still the cameraman did get some good shots of the YES stickers in the windows including a 2m by 1m one at one of my neighbour’s.

    64. Luigi says:

      Did anyone hear the manic Farage mechanic on the radio? I missed it.

      You didn’t miss much. The Naughty man gave him an incredibly easy time. What any decent reporter would do is ask him if he agrees with the three stooges that Scotland should be given more powers. He may be keeping quiet about this now but he will soon be going back to England and his first line of attack will be that the stooges must not spoil those subsidy junkies in North Britain any more.

    65. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      @ Nana Smith,

      Are we all agreeing to adopt the “imperial masters” shorthand as demonstrated by yourself, cos I can’t help but smirk every time the phrase runs through my head. It could just be the collective tonic we need to see us over the finish line!

    66. Indy_Scot says:

      The BBC moderating out Yes comments again. I really will not miss them come next Friday.

    67. Derek M says:

      what is it with these people and their fixation on Nazi stuff
      and anyway who cares what this bawbag has to say anyway ,hello numpties earth calling come back to ground zero we believe you have been licking the windows to long.

    68. Paul Murphy says:

      I don’t have a problem with that BBC article by Robert Peston (its especially moderate compared to some of the clear bias shown the BBC in recent months). Once again it helps to read the whole thing – he does make it quite clear that the whole point is that a future Scottish Government would have the powers (if independent) to manage its own economy – if it chose to make decisions which kept the regular prices at supermarkets down, it could do so, likewise it could work to increase the living wages so that the price of a regular shop would remain in line as a % of average wages.

      I do worry that rather than brand everything as scaremongering and try to dismiss it (which must get to some people, and certainly doesn’t appease people who crave details) the Yes campaign might try to say “yes that’s a good point, certain things might go up, however due to x,y,z any additional costs would be more than mitigated”

      In other words rather than saying someone’s wrong, we can accept their argument and re-assure the voting public that its already been considered and either we have plans for it or give the upside. Same could be said for the banking – as already pointed out, reduced exposure to banking meltdowns if they all flit south of the border.

      This approach can often render the other side completely impotent, and seems to be working with the whole “oil dependency” track (i.e we either have lots, or lots and lots – either way it’s a benefit)

    69. Brian Powell says:

      A phenomenally important bit of news on Business for Scotland:

      “Gordon Brown’s Devo Timetable unconstitutional according to House Of Lords.”

    70. heedtracker says:

      It is rather strange being called a nazi for voting YES to democracy in Scotland and by socialist workers like labour stand in George Galloway or a reprobate like Wheelan but if you’re in the mood for some more UKOK disorientation, connect up Bradford Respect party Galloway’s fantasy economics as he’s boosting up super rich bettertoghter oil tycoons like Ian Wood.

      Given the fairly feudal distribution of land in Scotland, you can perhaps see why the big landowners are nervous. Cries for independence and modernisation from more urban Scots in Glasgow and Edinburgh have rattled them. New Scotland is probably safer. Not only are they insulated by their immense wealth, the fact that they’re foreign means they can’t be blamed for notorious historical events like the 18th- and 19th-century clearances when peasants were forced off their land. But Old Scotland is definitely panicked, as if they can already hear the tumbrils approaching. ‘England used to be our Auld Enemy,’ says a worried Scottish peer. ‘Now we really must stick together.’

    71. GrahamB says:

      KaMate at 1058:
      Anyone manage to get the earlier version of the Guardian before the “erroneous reference to David Miliband” was edited out?
      They did not want to be seen as a crocodile, maybe Miliband’s Millipede would have been appropriate.

    72. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      For those who haven’t seen it yet, give it watch and reward wetherspoons with your custom.

      The BBC No campaign’s scaremongering utterly destroyed! 😀

      Rab McEwan ?@McEwanRab 40m

      Tim Martin supports independence for Scotland:


      Here’s the context for why he was invited on to the No camapaign broadcaster the BBC. (since it sure as fuck wasn’t for him to say that LOL)

      Buzdugan Andrei ?@InterHrs 1h

      JD Wetherspoon bucks UK pub decline: Group’s profits at upper end of forecasts with pub numbers increasing as …

    73. Auld Rock says:

      Heedtracker, you should add to your list, Daily Fail, remember owned by the family that thought that Hitler and his gang were the best thing since ‘sliced bread’.

      Auld Rock

    74. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Slight error with the youtube link sadly.

      I’ll try again as it really is worth watching.


    75. Brus MacGallah says:

      The “Strathy” is my local paper and unfortunatley this clown is a regular “feature”. Of course white settler Charlie Whelan was part of the war mongering Blair/Brown cabal and is responsible for the 100’s of thousands of deaths of various brown people. But always nice to hear about genocide from an expert.

    76. desimond says:

      @Paul Murphy

      Its a fair overall point but is it fair when David Cameron calls up Supermarket chain heads and calls in favours for them to get scare stories out there? Aldi, Lidl and even Tesco are laughing their heads of at this nonsense.

      Also to be fair, the YES Team have always said this is no easy road trip into the Land of Paradise and even concede that mistakes will be made along the way but I dont think they need to be considerate at such pathetic scare ploys.

    77. ailsa craig says:

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As a History/Politics graduate I used to read all about it. It is still a shock to the system to watch the Establishment cling on to power ‘with every fabric of their being’. Disgusting. Corrupt beyond belief.

    78. heedtracker says: is a very worthwhile watch even if your completely neutral. Last night socialist worker George Galloway boosted up billionaire Sir Ian Wood’s Scots oil will run out in 15 years forecast and SNP Scots are nazi liars of course and etc

      So within 50 seconds of this one BBC interview. Sir Ian not only explains the £40+billion Scots oil balance of payments contribution, he states quite clearly

      “if we look ahead,we could still produce 25 billion barrels and at $100 barrel thats two thousand five hundred billion dollars. I mean the figures are staggering”

      But last night George Galloway, under a silly hat, lied and lied over and over to a huge audience of Scots teenagers.

      “The North Sea most eminent oil and gas tycoon has delivered a devastating blow to Alex Salmond’s independence campaign by warning there are only 15 years of reserves left before its decline starts wreaking major damage on the Scottish economy.”

    79. call me dave says:

      Woke up this morning and found my top lip a bit hairier than usual and my right arm a bit stiff and wanting to elevate to a high angle.
      OMG! The scare stories and the propaganda must be working.

      Another two WBB given to folk discussing the vote. Magic.

    80. Colin says:

      @ Nana Smith
      12 September, 2014 at 10:49 am

      “Imperial masters at work….”

      Jim Murphy is being looked at for renting his London home out to another MP whilst renting another home for himself.

      The taxpayer winds up paying the interest on the first homes mortgage, and the rent on his rented accomodation.

    81. john king says:

      Derek-M says
      “,hello numpties earth calling come back to ground zero we believe you have been licking the windows to long.”

      like this you mean?

    82. Auld Rock says:

      Forgot to add and it’s a bit off subject but any of you in Edinburgh tomorrow please, please try and give the OO a wide birth, a very wide birth because if their is trouble, what am I saying, there will be TROUBLE started by ‘undercover security service people – remember the miners strike’, then no matter what way it looks ‘YES’ will be blamed. MSM and Bittertogether Broadcasting headlines, “SEE WE TOLD YOU WHAT THESE NASTY NATS ARE LIKE, ATTACKING THE PEACE LOVING OO”.

      Please, please be careful especially for your families and your own safety. Up here in Lerwick we are having a gathering with music etc on ‘The Street’ tomorrow lunchtime and you are all welcome if you are in Shetland.

      Be safe, be careful.

      Auld Rock

    83. Indy_Scot says:

      The real Irony of the BBC is that, one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. No matter what happens next Thursday, the BBC in Scotland is finished.

    84. GrahamB says:

      Good to hear about Wetherspoon’s but will it get much of a mention on MSM/BBC.
      I have it from two sources, both Germans living here (one a NO voter on the doorstep last night and the other a fellow canvasser on Monday night) that Petra, the owner of the WEST Brewery has moved from D/K to YES. So we have a fine choice of Glasgow pubs to celebrate in next Friday.

    85. Alistair Sheehy Hutton says:

      I their a transcript of what Galloway said, there is claim and counter claim going about what the nutter said and it doesn’t seem clear cut either way.

    86. fred blogger says:

      19 1 14; “Last week, the Sunday Herald newspaper quoted the Russian state news agency, Itar-Tass, as saying in a report issued on Hogmanay: “Great Britain is extremely interested in the support of Russia, as holder of the G8 presidency, in two vital areas in 2014: the Afghan pull-out and the Scottish independence referendum.”
      The agency cited an anonymous source in the office of Mr Cameron as the basis of its report.’No approach’
      A Downing Street spokesman responded: “We don’t recognise these claims. The prime minister has been clear on many occasions that this is a decision for people in Scotland to take.”
      the UK govt, that weren’t elected, has clearly stated that it will NOT interfere with a fully consented hard fought, hard won scotindyref.
      they have done nothing else BUT interfere, and to constantly redefined the definition of interfering, by using their imperialist powers to do so.
      the diktat is that the people of scotland, will please their imperialist governors, if you vote no.
      we will do all in our power to ensure you peasants make the correct choice.
      every argument thrown @ us has been firmly rebutted.
      martin neimoller “first they come for the socialists.”
      WM have demonstrated above all by their recent and historic actions, they are NOT socialists.
      it is the democratic right of the scottish people to freely choose it’s own destiny.
      that democratic right is clearly being interfered with by others who have no interests in democracy.
      this is being done, because we have won the argument, as people now in their droves, decide independence is the only viable way forward.
      WM politicians go home, and leave us alone to make our democratic choice.

    87. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Asda backtracking furiously as it dawns on them that 97% registered voters and 50% or more scots who support Yes might just decide to take their business elsewhere to Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons or any number of alternatives.

      Alexandra McArthur ?@Alexx_McArthur 19m

      Well, didn’t @asda change their tune quickly?! Unable to speculate to prices will rise in the space of a few hours ????

    88. Helena Brown says:

      Auld Rock, I would walk a thousand miles in the other direction from any march by that lot. I second your advice, having been caught in the middle of one in Stirling many years ago. Thugs in polyester suits who were mostly drunk.

    89. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      My mistake. That tweet was how fast Asda CHANGED their position after the Asda Chief met with David Cameron for a jolly lunch that certainly didn’t involve any ‘favours’ or backhanders.

      By all means please continue to swamp Asda’s complaints department with a simple request for clarity on their position while taking your custom elsewhere.

    90. Jim says:

      Watching the big debate on stv I was astounded by George Galloways closing statement about making breaking bonds by making other people foreigners, someone quite rightly, I think James Cook or Patrick Harvie, said, “what is wrong with being foreign, foreigners are not bad people”.
      He then went on to say united we stood alone against Hitler and Fascism during the last battle of Britain? What about all the other European countries that fought against Hitler and Fascism, what about Canada and the United States.
      If he was talking about the Battle of Britain why does the the RAF Roll of Honour for the Battle of Britain recognise 574 pilots from countries other than the United Kingdom?
      The countries of pilots Who fought during the battle of Britain:
      Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland!
      The guy is basically a cunt who should have been brought to answer these horrendous lies!

    91. call me dave says:

      Geez! One of the group who I gave a WBB to rushes back and asks where he can get a few more.
      Directed hinm to WoS for a start and the nearest YES shop.
      He’s labour but has lots of pals who would like reading it.

    92. heedtracker says:

      Galloway boosted up his new billionaire hero Sir Ian Wood but he also forgot to mention stuff what Ian Wood stated a year ago, before he decided not to get involved with BetterTogether and not try a bullshit our whole nation either

      Here’s neutral Sir Ian at his own award ceremony, the NOT Scots oil industry oscars!

      “My headline message for the youth of today – get involved. The North Sea oil industry will see you through your lifetime.

      “We’re undoubtedly the UK North Sea oil capital, but we mustn’t fool ourselves that because we’ve got critical mass in the North Sea, we will automatically graduate to become a major Eastern Hemisphere oil and gas capital.”

      To be fair Sir Ian did make this oil jobs for life to young people a long time ago, a little over a year and a half ago.

      A year and a half is a long time in teamGB UKOK propaganda too. So listen to the drunk old man in the silly hit Scots teens and then check out the facts:D

    93. Helena Brown says:

      Two things came to me this morning. How little our masters like Democracy and how much I feel like someone’s unloved pet.
      I keep hearing we belong to this wonderful family,then why do I feel like the red headed step child nobody really wants.
      This morning we were patronised once more on Sky News, and I am sure we will be patronised all the way to the Referendum. We get a diet of fear then we are told they are frightened of us. So why if the NO’s are winning is this happening?

    94. FatCandy says:

      I particularly liked how he highlighted how backward Britain is in terms of modern infrastructure which is always one of the key reasons I’ve been for independence. What an utter tube.

    95. Jim says:

      Anybody think Galloway with each passing day looks more and more like the Crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt?

    96. Graeme Doig says:

      Anyone know the time the OO plan to make an erse of themselves tomorrow. I might have to fight (literally) my way through them to get to work.

    97. galamcennalath says:

      I keep saying …. The best way to retaliate against Galloway and all the other scum who have attacked Scottish democracy to viciously, is to shove a big Yes win right up their noses in a week’s time. Absolutely nothing will compare with that as retribution.

    98. msean says:

      Lol,here comes the energy price rise/telecoms prices up scare/price increases for Scottish customers. Right on cue. 🙂

    99. P.R.D. says:

      My Better Together Scotland a few square meters of precarious social housing the threshold of which has to be constantly defended against the threat of eviction.

    100. Jim says:

      I loved the story about the Guy playing the Darth Vader theme from star wars when the Politicians came up from London to Glasgow Central.

    101. heedtracker says:

      Very hard vote NO save BBC in Scotland blast again. Why are Scotland matches never shown in Scotland, like the last one in Germany? No money. Why can we never watch Scotland’s greatest ever athlete Andy Murray competing abroad? No money.

      Or as Crash Gordon puts it

      Could an independent Scotland lose BBC programmes?

      Some certainly think so. Gordon Brown, the former prime minister and a prominent no campaigner, said Scottish families could lose shows such as EastEnders, or faced paying higher costs for watching them. A future Scottish Broadcasting corporation would be charged for screening them and would lose access to £4bn-worth of BBC programming, he claimed.

      Crash claims many things

    102. Colin says:

      Breaking on SKY News now.

      Loch Ness monster says “I will relocate to Windermere in the event of a Yes vote”.

    103. Derek M says:

      lol John you know the strangest thing when i googled window licker pictures up popped a picture of George Galloway in there lmao

    104. GrahamB says:

      Thanks cH, it’s only the usual Grauniads poor sub-editing then but goes to show that Ed is still not recognised as leader.

    105. fred blogger says:

      “Up to 2 million Catalans march for independence.”

    106. heraldnomore says:

      Interesting, that report in the Manchester paper about the Labourites on the Save the Union Express. I read it all the way to the end; all the way to bit they said that David Miliband had joined Darling and Lord Winston (he of the £200 to see your Doc type of socialism).

      I’m sure it was Ed I saw dancing to the Imperial Death March, but if David’s coming too, and Gordy’s going to be FM – then I’m out, Vote No…

    107. Jim says:

      To all those economic migrants in Scotland whether you are voting no or are undecided, remember, George Galloway, representing the no campaign just wiped from the history books your descendants part in fighting Hitler during WW2.
      This is the kind of scum we are dealing with, the kind of scum that says Independence would make us foreigners.
      This is the kind of xenophobic excrement that is bubbling to the top of the agenda for the no campaign.
      A progressive Scotland welcomes people from around the world, we have no irrational fear of all things foreign as these scum so obviously have.

    108. David Stevenson says:

      With reference to the England team photo giving the nazi salute, I would forget that. Our own team played in the Santiago stadium in Chile 4 years after it had been used to coral socialists, communists and trade unionists and was where many were tortured and murdered. SFA chose to ignore many protests from the Scottish trade unions and broader left and liberal organisations. Ironically, yesterday was the anniversary of the 9/11 that never gets mentioned in the mainstream media. Not “our” finest hour.

      Hopefully that will have come by this time next week.

    109. Derek M says:

      @ colin its been spun Colin i spoke to nessie she says its just for a wee holiday after all the campaigning she has been doing for a yes vote 😉

    110. Sandy says:

      “The best way to retaliate against Galloway and all the other scum who have attacked Scottish democracy to viciously”

      You appear to be confused.

      Using your democratic right to free speech to express your disagreement with the SNP’s claims is not an ‘attack on democracy’.

      An attack on democracy is attempting to intimidate, harass, drown out and suppress the views of anyone who dares to question or criticise the SNP’s claims.

    111. boris says:

      Referendum Wrecking Tactics – Supermarkets – Banks & Retailers The Tactics of the man who never was, (David Cameron)

    112. Kenzie says:


      Tesco and Asda are both part of the Walmart group.

    113. thegooseking says:

      Because wanting to democratically choose not to be a British minority, given the way Britain treats minorities, is exactly the same as oppressing minorities through genocide.

      It’s hardly surprising that the No campaign exhibits this kind of 1984-style doublethink. After all, INGSOC’s slogan in the book: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” is actually a long-winded way of saying, “Best of both worlds.”

    114. Tamson says:

      Just a thought about the OO parade in Edinburgh. There’s plenty of advice about Yes supporters staying away from the parade, but frankly I’d be giving the city centre a bodyswerve for the whole day. Some if these knuckle-draggers will be keen to provoke trouble, anytime, anywhere.

    115. piggy says:

      The union has been revealed as something filthy, grotesque and repugnant.

      It offers nothing but denies everything. It seeks to hide truth and promote fear. These are the catalysts of humiliation and destruction.

      The people of Scotland want rid of the abomination which seeks to rule them and take from them. Which seeks to force WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION into our glens and lochs.

      There is no doubt whatsoever, that the process which is currently underway will conclude next week when both the people and the nation rise as one to implement change for good.

      Westminster and their supporters including the press and THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION continue to humiliate themselves before the world. It is they themselves who have turned on the spotlight and the sight is pathetic.

      Weak and confused leadership. A prime minister who can’t speak to the people he governs. He is empty.

      But, the people of Scotland have a true collective voice that he has heard, and it is one which HE KNOWS WILL SUCCEED. His actions and his words reveal that.

    116. heraldnomore says:

      I see our favourite WGD’s in fine fettle. Foodbank donation for this one.

    117. George Quin says:

      I was just thinking about the instability of the pound and wondered if it was really independence that caused the markets to fluctuate and then it hit me what about the new round of uk us euro sanctions on russia effecting the value of the pound and actually has more to do with this as in the new sacntions just started are having a detrimental effect on the stock markets what do you guys think?.

    118. Wee Jimmy says:

      I’ve noticed an increase in fascist references to the Yes movement on Facebook in the past couple of days. Basically, these people are committing the reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy. It’s used in theism debates by theists who try to compare atheists to Hitler in a desperate attempt to discredit all their previous arguments. Atheist debaters refer to this as the big red Hitler panic button – the goto argument when you are desparate and completely out of any rational arguments. Best not to let it get you down. There’s a graphic on google images if you search for “project fear” which compares BT tactics with the Nazi propaganda machine. I’m having a moral dilemma about posting it on my Facebook feed – I’d like to on one hand but feel guilty that I’d be stooping to that level. However the graphic is quite relevant.

    119. John Young says:

      Are my family the only ones who are suspicious of the news of that incredibly high figure, 97%, of the eligible population are now registered to vote?
      We know about all extra postal vote forms which have been printed. We think this is how they could rig the referendum and explain the voting figures.

      Is it possible to view lists of all these potential voters to randomly check names?

    120. fred blogger says:

      the best ways to put a fire out is to deprive it of fuel and/or oxygen!

    121. Ian Ketchin says:

      BBC page has a side bar that says REFERENDUM LIVE….I’ve just been reading it….should really be called REFERENDUM LIES.
      More froth on the top of the sunami wave of total shite that continues to flow, mopping up the truth as it makes its way through our airwaves. Where’s ma wellies?

    122. Wee Alex says:

      Man with megaphone (David, oops sorry, Ed Milliband), allowed to disrupt street, man with Yes Saltire warned he would be lifted if he shouts back.

      That’s Democracy?

    123. Nana Smith says:


      I think that is a fine idea.


      Perhaps this is why Murph didn’t want to appear at the bigdebate last night.

    124. bookie from hell says:

      Andrew neil roasting Darling


    125. thegooseking says:

      @George Quin

      I don’t think it’s independence affecting the pound so much as George Osbourne threatening no currency union. The truth is, rUK needs a currency union more than Scotland does (particularly to maintain the contribution of Scottish oil revenues to Sterling’s value), and denying a currency union, while good for his position as a No campaigner, is shooting himself in the foot in his position as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

      Bottom line: The markets don’t trust Osbourne not to be a complete incompetent. Say what you like about the markets, they do talk a lot of sense.

    126. Jim Campbell says:

      So we are going to put all “different” people in concentration camps, shave their heads and send them to the showers? all because we believe that we are getting a raw deal and could do a better job on our own? So in essence then, every other country in the world who either, rejected the advances of the British empire, or removed themselves from the clutches of that same Empire, through independence, are in fact nothing more than fascist states? if we are to believe Charlie Whelan and his unionist, parliamentary, bedfellows….

    127. Cuilean says:

      Read a tweet yesterday by a parent whose child attended debate. Apparently some kids were told that they were ‘No’s’ or ‘Undecideds’ as there were too many kids declaring for YES! But why DID Jim Murphy refuse to debate? This is disgraceful and must be pursued. They (BT) are terrified to speak in public at all, as they know, all the time, that at any minute, they could .let the cat out of the bag’, just as Darling did, when he angrily ‘let slip’, ‘YES OF COURSE WE CAN USE THE POUND’. That’s why Murphy would not speak publicly as they ARE on the ropes. They keep all interviews to safe environments & hand picked audiences to avoid fatal faux pas. I switched on the TV this morning to BBC reporter Andrew Kerr saying that the RBS was moving its HQ to London. That’s a lie. They are moving their registered office. He then went on by referring to the ‘notorious’ YES poll on Sunday! How pejorative of the BBC! They really have thrown away all pretense on impartiality in the last week of the campaign. I have of course complained to the BBC where all such complaints are filed straight away into their shredding machine. Hate, hate hate them. We must get rid of this institutional mouthpiece for the British Establishment. BY the way check out Whelan’s twitter account. Absolutely no-one tweets him. He is a nonentity. Just ignore him folks.

    128. muttley79 says:

      @Brus MacGallah

      Don’t bring up that white settler shit talk please. This kind of a rhetoric is unacceptable. Get a grip of yourself. Leave the xenophobia with Farage and others.

    129. AndyC says:

      Is the star wars bike guy not like something from an Orwellian novel…all marching up Buchanen Street like pre-programmed robots to the big statue in front of the steps. They didn’t have a clue where they were going but just obeying their master’s orders….brilliant!
      All the torn faced arschlochs waiting on the steps holding up their stage managed ‘NO’ cards…..priceless!

    130. All Yes Morning Press Briefing

      Press Conference: Senior London-based economist to say independence could be better for financial security for Scotland in the long-term than staying tied to the UK’s City of London James Meadway, senior economist at New Economics Foundation(1), will tomorrow say at a grassroots independence Press Conference that the long-term threat to Scotland’s financial instability comes from staying tied to the UK’s vulnerable financial system in the City of London. The #AllYes Press

    131. Jim says:

      Kenzie says:
      Tesco and Asda are both part of the Walmart group.
      Asda are indeed a subsidiary of Walmart. Tesco are nothing to do with Walmart.

    132. P.R.D. says:

      Are there any international observers monitoring this referendum?

    133. john king says:

      Brus MacGallah

      Way to go banana heels
      why dont you fish out your 18 inch belbottoms and your cheescloth shirt while your rummaging in the back of you 70’s wardrobe?

    134. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Stu says:
      At least it was only the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, but what a disgraceful article.

      This is a better product from the Spey Valley, and featured in the Strathy in July:-

    135. Patrick says:

      Hi folks, please have a look at my petition. Trying to instigate the suspension of Nick Robinson. Most likely won’t work, but if we share it widely enough some maybe voters could be swayed by it:

    136. bookie from hell says:


      Andrew neil to SNP lady about banks moving

      “this is not a bbc interview”

    137. Bob Sinclair says:

      Next person to call me a nazi will be dealt with firmly and swiftly.

    138. john king says:

      Here a cream that will lance that pustulating boil on the back of your brass neck Brus

    139. Clarinda says:

      Leaving aside logic, reason and ambition for a moment – the power of humour is remarkably contagious. To see the ‘Imperial Masters’ unable to avoid strutting in step to the theme tune was possibly an unintentional bonus to characterise this crass attempt to quell the natives.

    140. S.McLaughlin says:

      Wish to hell people would stop posting about polls .
      Says it all when sky news and the beeb constantly showing them on the tap leftside a the screen.
      Do a bit of searching its no hard on who or who this lot work for.

      YouGov for example has tory written all over it ,The man in charge of this mob, have a look at who his wife is .

      Ipsos MORI’s Social Research Institute works extensively for the Government of the United Kingdom. Says it all

      Nae doubt come Wednesday they will have the naws @ 70% the ayes 30% or some bogus figures wae the naws ahead.

    141. liz says:

      @John Young – that worries me also, we might see a razor thin No vote but I wish the postal votes were kept seperate

    142. lochside says:

      Charlie Whelan is beyond contempt as is the rag printing the Nazi image for trying to smear ‘Yes’.

      Hope he continues living in his heilan hame (wonder which local he made homeless as a result?) after a YES vote, it will be good to see his shiteating smile fade when he has to apply for dual nationality.

      Regards tomorrow’s OO march….please all stay away..particularly Republicans of any colour….let these scum march to their own drum beats alone.

    143. thegooseking says:


      Apparently some kids were told that they were ‘No’s’ or ‘Undecideds’ as there were too many kids declaring for YES!

      And they’ll get away with it because they were polling kids who aren’t eligible to vote, so it was “just a bit of fun”.

      Except that it’s not “just a bit of fun”. As the unionist mouthpieces never tire of reminding us, independence is a long-term proposition, and therefore we who are eligible to vote have a moral responsibility to consider what those children want. They are, after all, the ones who’ll have to live with our decision. Misleading us on what the children want is interfering with that responsibility.

    144. the Newington shop in Edinburgh was recently covered in nazi slogans and no thanks graffiti.Its the likes of charlie whelan and George Galloway stirring up this hatred.
      As to the orange march saturday well we are all keeping well away!
      No stalls setting up in or near the centre of Edinburgh,but I do worry for the shops in Morningside and Newington.
      Hubby is putting on a live music YES event the next day,2-6pm,but intends to arrive earlier armed with a paint stripper to remove all the stickers before hand.

    145. Gizmo says:

      I am absolutely fuming about this. He thinks he’s being clever with three supposedly disparate pieces when in reality this lying (because yeah, that’s what spin doctors are – liars) sack of shit is directly equating the Independence movement here with Nazis, Auschwitz, intolerance…

      He encapsulates EVERYTHING that was wrong with New Labour and, like most of the dinosaurs of the establishment trying to fend off their impending obsolescence they tantrum, they lie, they bully. No introspection, no sense of culpability, no remorse…they may as well be holding umbrellas up as shields for an incoming asteroid.

      Well Mr Whelan – know this. Labour will NEVER be electable again in Scotland if there is a NO vote. And the very fact that you spin-doctors infested ‘New Labour’ demonstrated to me and the electorate long ago that Labour were no longer the party of the people.

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Your whole career has done nothing but ruin the Labour party and contribute to bringing this country to it’s knees and helping us enter illegal wars by spinning lies to the press. I’d go as far as to say you have blood on your hands for playing ANY part of that – Bliar didn’t get his way without your help.

      Hopefully your time is over and you and your duplicitous, lying, filthy, rotten brethren will be consigned to the scrapheap where you belong, to reflect on your legacy of dirt.

    146. Tom Foyle says:

      As Wee Jimmy says, (he got there before me, the damn nazi!) this is JUST the sort of propaganda spouted by Goebbels before and during WWII. Pictures of Jews juxtaposed with swarms of rats…and far, far worse.
      Not a lot of difference to Scots being called “stupid, lazy scroungers.”
      Wonder when the bbc will get round to screening clips of Tartan – fleas – Thistle – rats – Scotland – Mushroom cloud – yes – death – no – safety. And so on and so forth.
      Hope I’m not giving them ideas.
      Minitrue, alive and well. Just 30 years too late.

    147. ianbeag says:

      John Young says at 12.14
      Are my family the only ones who are suspicious of the news of that incredibly high figure, 97%, of the eligible population are now registered to vote?
      Scotland’s population at 2011 census 5,295,000
      Registered to vote 4,285,323. I make that 80.9%
      Registered for postal votes 789,024 – 18.4%

    148. GrantMacD says:

      With reference to the Nazi thing, I notice that Project Fear seems to have transmuted into Project Terror with the recent big business announcements.

      It all struck a chord and I finally realised I’d read about such tactics before. It was a book about Jo Stalin and his methodology to intimidate. Thankfully, Project Terror seems not to have got to chapter 7 of the book on his methods.

    149. Cag-does-thinking says:

      I do criticise Peston when he feeds us the establishment line as many BBC journalists are likely to do but I thought his piece on foreign-ness was pretty balanced. There will be an anti Scottish backlash in England if we vote for inependence. The sad truth is their will be repercussions either way, but if we vote No then the official sanction will be given to it whereas in time they will grow used to having an independent neighbour when they will find a new bogeyman, be it Europe, polish builders or Romanians or perhaps socialists.

    150. Gary says:

      Seamless, Salmond, his wife being ‘abused’ in the pub, Nazism, Holocaust in Poland but hey, they’ve got great WiFi!

    151. Stephen Armstrong says:

      REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY! It was the British Nationalists who invented the Concentration Camp system, in South Africa, during the Boer War.

    152. tonymac says:

      Black Douglas says:
      12 September, 2014 at 10:34 am

      The bike guy has 2 million new pals.

      He will never have to buy a pint again. 😀

      Is 160,000 hits in a day classed as viral? 😉

      Aye Right says: on youtube

      2 hours ago

      Voting YES! I am

      be independent we will !?

      Spoiler : Doesn’t end well for the Empire

    153. GrantPotter says:

      @ianbeag 2.31pm

      Children under 16 make up the majority of the difference

    154. wullie says:

      Ah the old nazi ploy, would that be the same britishers who cleared people off their land all over the uk. Who wrote out their own titles deeds to other peoples property, who caused the deaths of thousands of people and still do today via atos. Thats the thing about the nazis,. I often wonder, did the allies fight the nazis because they did not want Hitlers nazism usurping their own,

    155. Franariod says:

      Maybe he should remind people that it was the British who invented concentration camps during the Boer War. Yes , this greatest union of whatever we are. The Europeans dont understand why we want to govern ourselves? Obviously he missed the German supporters chanting during the resent match. And why do they keep banging on about fascism? Scotland is a natural centre to left country, we aim for balance. I dont see nationalists marching down the street in military uniforms but there will be unionists doing it tomorrow in Edinburgh, thats ok apparently.

    156. Ken500 says:

      What will crawl out of the wood work next. Thatcher out of the grave.

      Some folk thought Liddell was a Thatcher impressionist. ‘Is that Margaret Thatchet’, was the call.

      Shame about shouty Paisley. Didn’t get to have a say. Non.

    157. Ken500 says:

      When one person tried to register to vote. They had moved. They were told they had to have a postal vote. They have voted YES. Plenty of stickers/banners and flags flying high. There is a shortage of YES flags. Difficult to get. Otherwise there would be more on display.

    158. stewartb says:

      British nationalism (of one sort) on display in Edinburgh on Saturday – plea to all Yessers, leave them to it, let them make their impression on the citizens of Edinburgh and see what good it does them. If we ignore them, stay well away despite a natural inclination to protest and respond, any agent provocateurs will be isolated and dis-empowered.

    159. Mike says:

      Charlie Whellan’s admission in the third of his pieces in the newspaper clip that “he has just joined the 21st Century says it all… perhaps he will get up to date by next Thursday and vote YES.

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