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One-nil to justice

Posted on August 17, 2018 by

A couple of months earlier than we were expecting it, we’ve had the Sheriff’s decision on our court hearing a month ago against Kezia Dugdale.

tl;dr version: we won.

This doesn’t settle the dispute over whether Dugdale’s comments in a Daily Record column last March were defamatory. Last month’s proceedings merely determined whether there would be a case. Dugdale spent a very large sum of the Labour Party’s money attempting to have the claim thrown out before it got that far, but the Sheriff has completely rejected that plea and adjudged that our case should go ahead in full.

It isn’t likely to take place before next year, because the wheels of justice famously grind exceedingly slowly, but Dugdale will now be required to answer for her smears in an environment where – unlike the typical political interview – she can’t just dodge the questions and waffle pre-prepared soundbites until time runs out.

Which should be worth seeing.

The matter of costs is yet to be settled. The normal practice is that expenses follow success, but alert readers may recall the case of Alistair Carmichael vs four Orkney constituents, where – despite being found to have told a “blatant lie” and been “at best disingenuous, at worst evasive and self serving” as a witness – the former Scottish Secretary won on a narrow technical point of law, but then had the judges deem it a “divided success” on account of his dishonesty and order him to bear his own costs.

Nothing like that has happened here – the sheriff rejected every aspect of Dugdale’s claim and declined to strike out any of our “averments”, so our success was in legal terms complete – but it’s simply not possible at this point to say with certainty what the final situation re costs will be.

(The Scottish court system is currently also quite harsh on litigants in this regard, with the statutory claimable hourly rates set far below what any lawyer actually charges, so that even the most favourable outcome on expenses may leave us out of pocket.)

Our costs to date have been considerably in excess of what we raised last year to fight the case, and it may well be that we need to have another fundraiser to cover the final stage rather than deplete the Wings Fighting Fund.

(It is of course up to readers whether or not to support any such appeal. If you’d rather we quit, you can always say so in the comments and we’ll take it on board.)

That’s about all there is to say for now. We’ll keep you posted.

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    242 to “One-nil to justice”

    1. Peter Johnston says:

      (It is of course up to readers whether or not to support any such appeal. If you’d rather we quit, you can always say so in the comments and we’ll take it on board.)

      I think I speak on behalf of pretty much all of us when I say don’t quit: the British Establishment fear Wings more than any other blog because of how effective it is. If you need to set up and appeal I’ll gladly chip in.

    2. Malky says:

      She was a fool to start this whole idiocy. What she sowed in haste she will reap in uncomfortable leisure.

    3. Donald MacKenzie says:

      I think it’s very unfair to have Ms Dugdale,”… will now be required to answer for her smears in an environment where – unlike the typical political interview – she can’t just dodge the questions and waffle pre-prepared soundbites until time runs out.”

      She doesn’t know any other way to talk.

    4. David McCann says:

      Go for it!
      Ill back you with a donation

    5. Go Ahead says:

      Go ahead, Stu. Put me down for £10.

    6. Croompenstein says:

      We’ve got your back Stu..

    7. Indy Hoos says:

      Well done. The truth will out

    8. Marco McGinty says:

      “she can’t just dodge the questions and waffle pre-prepared soundbites until time runs out.”

      She’ll give it a good shot, though.

    9. Robert Black says:

      Congratulations to you and your lawyers. This important hurdle having been jumped, I suspect you may get settlement feelers. You and your lawyers should be considering (you probably already are) what type of settlement would be acceptable (retraction, apology and expenses, of course, but what about damages?) Worth insisting or not? Small contribution to charity of your choice instead, maybe?

    10. Bill Glen says:

      As soon as you pull Back, They Will try and Put it over as a Victory And That under any Circumstances Cannot be Allowed,, Continue as you Alway’s Have And fight For Truth

    11. One_Scot says:

      My pockets are very deep, and once they are empty you can have my shirt.

    12. Stephen says:

      It’s a good cause, happy to help!

    13. Confused says:

      Kezia delenda est

    14. Martin McKinnon says:

      I’m in.

    15. galamcennalath says:

      Nemo me impune lacessit, as we say 🙂

    16. Thepnr says:

      I said this at the end of a long post prior to the original fundraiser more than a year ago and I’m standing by it, if you need the funds then I’ll chip in what I can spare.

      “Whatever, I think it’s right to stand your ground it’s clear enough to me at least as I’ve been around Wings blog and twitter for a while now and know for definite that Rev Stuart Campbell is NOT homophobic. I’ve no idea if Wings will win this or not, suppose it depends on the judge.

      It’s the principle though and making a stand is the right thing to do. Remember this all the “evidence” for the defence in their accusation of homophobia is a single tweet from more than 1/4 million. I rest my case.”

      In light of the above, I’m not surprised that her QC argued for throwing the case out. Maybe he believes they barely have a case?

    17. Highland Wifie says:

      That is indeed good news.
      It seems to be far too easy for politicians to throw unsubstantiated accusations around in the media with little opportunity for recourse. The costs of pursuing a case like this are punitive but some things are worth fighting for. I can only speak for myself but I’m sure other wingers will also be happy to contribute what they can afford.

    18. Roseanne says:

      Go for it stuart, let us know when you need to crowd fund ?

    19. Fran says:

      Crack on Rev you have our backing, moral and financial.

    20. ScottishPsyche says:

      Happy to contribute more. Hopefully, she will be reflecting on the recklessness of her remarks and subsequent actions.

    21. Pat says:

      To have a legal judgement that you are not homophobic would be an ideal weapon against some unionist mouthpieces(and some yessers) in the next indyref.

    22. Amanda McGinley says:

      Am in, more power tae yer elbow stu

    23. Gizzit says:

      If it discourages politicians and organisations from making blatantly false accusations in the media, then it’s worthwhile.

      Count on a contribution towards out of pocket costs from me.

    24. Morag says:

      Go for the jugular, Stu. I’m in for a contribution. Let us know what you need and see how it goes.

    25. Alistair Robertson says:

      If we can’t support you in holding our unionist politicians to account we might as well All give up.
      Go get her.

    26. Phil Turner says:

      Aye. Go on, I’m sure we can cover it.

    27. Sarah says:

      There’s some interesting information here, Rev, e.g. that the winner doesn’t get actual costs, only a set rate. That makes it difficult for the ordinary person to take a case to court.

      However I vote to continue the case and will contribute to any fundraiser idc.

      While you’re about it, can you tackle the Scotsman about their refusal to print a rebuttal of Prof Dr Councillor Arthur’s letter?

    28. Wulls says:

      I’m in.

    29. call me dave says:

      Well done Stu. Good to hear there is indeed a case to answer.

      Longish time to next year though 🙁

      I will contribute to any fund raiser.

      From the previous thread.

      Some ‘person’ at my local shop has started to cover up copies of ‘The National’ with copies if the ‘I’ every day this week.

      FGS they might have chosen a decent paper to do their dirty….
      Hmmm!!… Aye I see their problem.

    30. Stoops says:

      Both barrels please Sir. I shall dig deep if required.

    31. Arbroath1320 says:

      What is it with all those Unionists?

      I mean it is not like the warning signs were NOT out there in the internet domain for anyone to do their research on. Oor Stu does NOT go to court without some serious clunk behind him. ( no NOT that useless clunking fist) Let’s face it his court case against the Scotsman did get some serious coverage at the time. Stu is WELL known for WINNING his court cases!

      Congratulations Stu on winning stage one.

      Let’s face it folks if the Sheriff handed Stu a 100% victory at this stage then surely, not tempting fate here by the way, we are quite clearly looking at the REAL possibility of 2nd round win as well.

      She has had so many chances to settle out of court BEFORE we even reached this stage and she REFUSED! Will she, through her legal team consider seeking an out of court settlement now?

      If memory serves me right here Stu offered her at least TWO chances to settle out of court:

      1) pay £12,000 out of court
      2) pay £24,000 out of court after initially refusing inital offer.

      IF she offers an out of court settlement I’m all for taking nothing less that £36,000. 😀

    32. John Hamill says:

      I’m in. Sick of what the Yes folk have had to put up with over the years.

    33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “There’s some interesting information here, Rev, e.g. that the winner doesn’t get actual costs, only a set rate. That makes it difficult for the ordinary person to take a case to court.”

      It’s more complicated than that. IF we get awarded costs – and we should, because we won, but nothing is guaranteed – we should do okay, for a variety of reasons that are specific to our case. But the system is, as stated, harsh on litigants and it’s not untypical for even successful claimants to only get 40%-60% of their costs back.

    34. thingy says:

      My dosh stands ready. 🙂

    35. cearc says:

      Furthering your reputation as someone who sues can only be good.

      Plus the publicity it will attract is valuable in itself.

      So as long as you are willing to deal with the stress and hassle, we’ll handle the money side.

    36. Zed says:

      Defo go for it!

    37. Vestas says:

      Sorry really does seem to be the hardest word 😛

    38. Robert Louis says:

      Well, look, as long as we are not bang in the middle of the indy referendum that the FM will be calling soon (Autumn, she said), then go ahead.

      Meanwhile, can I urge all onb here to read this article from REV Stu’s twitter. It really nails the problem with England – or ‘britain’ as they like to call themselves. It really nails their colonial attitude to Scotland too. Maybe, just maybe a few of the rabid unionists should read it too.

      Here is just a wee snippet (and something I think we can all agree to be true);

      “..the English refuse to think of themselves as a nation in the same sense as Scotland or Ireland and have constructed a constitution for their United Kingdom which denies the obvious. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have their variously titled national assemblies, but England has none – not out of self-effacing modesty nor out of an altruistic desire to spare taxpayers the cost of supporting another stratum of politicians, but in order to claim for itself the exceptional position of anonymous master of its now diminutive empire.

      The absence of a separate English parliament reduces the nations granted devolved assemblies to the marginal status the English gave them in the days of glory, as those slightly comical regional variations on a Britishness of which England – invisible and characterless in itself – was therefore alone representative. The decision of June 23, then, was not a decision taken by ‘the British people’ because ‘the British people’ do not exist: ‘the people’ is not a meaningful political concept and ‘Britain’ is a figment invented by the English to disguise their oppressive, indeed colonial, relation to the other nations inhabiting Great Britain and Ireland.”

    39. Bill Glen says:

      Followed you for Many years Although Not a Winger, Do what i can To support, And along With the Rest, More than happy to Donate to Any Costs

    40. SandyW says:

      As others have said, keep going – we’ve got your back with another fundraiser if/when needed.

    41. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ready to donate when necessary.

      ” Up wi the bunnets o’ bonny Dundee’ -I’ll be there in spirit!

    42. Craig says:

      I’m in, set up the fund raiser, Kieza thought she could get away with this, time she was taught, you can’t just get away with saying what ever you like, there always costs to smearing someone.

      Kieza isn’t in primary school anymore.

    43. Arabs for Independence says:

      Never give up.

      Jenny Marra next

    44. Ken Rooney says:

      If it comes to the crunch, count me in for a donation.

    45. Robert Louis says:

      Actually I’m going to revise my comment above. It actually irks me as a gay person when people accuse others of homophobia, when it simply is NOT the case (otherwise I would be on the side of Kezia). No, the REv’s comments were not homophobic, so I back him 100% on this.

      Just because a person does not have the English language interpretation skills to understand a subtle comment, does NOT give them the right to just call it ‘homophobic’. The Rev in his comment made a subtle comment, based around a well worn joke that comes in many guises.

    46. Ian McCubbin says:

      This is good and sorry to hear about the costs.

      I am heading the same road against Nationwide Building Society for basically what is fraud, and refusal to compensate me when they were complicit in protecting the busines initiating the fraud. Same type of people.

    47. hackalumpoff says:

      Take them to the door of the court, then 5 minutes before the hearing settle for full costs and a complete retraction by her on Youtube and RT.

    48. Calum McGaw says:

      I’ll chip in.

    49. Macart says:

      I’ll throw in a thrupnney bit.

    50. Ticktock 1320 says:

      Thats round 1 to the good guys, happy to chip in when required. Need to teach these people a bit of a lesson

    51. vlad (not that one) says:

      It’s a sair fecht, eh?
      Count me in, Rev.

    52. ronnie anderson says:

      As I said at the time of the Records story Win against Dugdale then go for Clegg as the facilitator .

      Whenever your ready Stu .

    53. ElGordo says:

      Happy to contribute and would like to see it taken through to its full conclusion, but given the possible timing of the case, take a call nearer the time (tho fully pursue for now), as it may be a distraction from the big event.

    54. TJenny says:

      Go for it Stuey. Happy to donate to uphold your reputation and that of WOS (and by association we Wingers) too. You label Stu, you’re labelling all off us.

      Let the yoons know that with all the wealth of a yoon party, and Unions’ money behind Kez, Stu and all of us Wingers are a force, for truth, to be reckoned with.

      Nemo me impune lacessit, as we say in the schemes.

    55. Winifred Mccartney says:

      We are all with you ready to fund raise if needed just say the word.

    56. william black says:

      Chip in what I can can’t let crap win

    57. Dorothy Devine says:

      macart , is that a ‘wooden thrupny’?

      My Glaswegian husband refers to them that way , I’m assuming it is a strange west coast phenomena.

    58. Iain Gray says:

      Good result so far, and if you need some more dosh to carry on, give us a shout.

    59. Thepnr says:


      Yeah and it has to be on the Alex Salmond show 🙂 Just kiddin and we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. “Justice” works in mysterious ways.

      Look at the result of the Ben Stokes case the other day, there was a bit of a surprise considering the video evidence.

    60. Lenny Hartley says:

      Count me in for a few quid.

    61. Andrew Brown says:

      I’ll chip in too if necessary. Never back down.

    62. Angie Connor says:

      I’m in, happy to contribute to the pot

    63. ScottishPsyche says:

      As the Labour Party appear to be footing the bill for Ms Dugdale we can, therefore, assume they are fully in support of anything she has said?

      Bring it on I say – that alone should raise a few more donations.

    64. Black Douglas says:

      Go yer sell Big Stu
      She’ll get whit she deserves.
      I’ll gee ye ma last bob to see her have to apologise.

    65. Black Joan says:

      Rev Stu says: “IF we get awarded costs – and we should, because we won, but nothing is guaranteed – we should do okay, for a variety of reasons that are specific to our case. But the system is, as stated, harsh on litigants and it’s not untypical for even successful claimants to only get 40%-60% of their costs back.”

      This seems to mean that the super filthy rich can get away with defamatory statements if they happen to defame people without the cash (or the Wingers) behind them to pay for the court case to establish that defamation took place.

      The “system” seems to decree that fighting to clear one’s name after defamation carries a financial penalty for the one defamed. Can this be right?

      Ready to support the fighting fund (which is also about the proper understanding of A JOKE), but the system has some odd priorities.

    66. Marie Clark says:

      Get wired right in there Stu, you gave her a couple of chances to withdraw the remarks and she refused. Well, hell mend her.

      Say the word, pennies at the ready.

    67. Ian White says:

      Keep up the good work, Stu. There’s a tenner I’ve just lodged to your account. Worth every penny to see Dugdale in a courtroom and having to speak the truth. A’ ra’ best, pal. Lang may yer lum reek.

    68. SOG says:

      I’ll add a small donation or two. This needs doing. Then, perhaps, the mouthy councillor?

    69. Dan Huil says:

      Good news. I can hear the britnat howls already.

    70. Wilma Watts says:

      Go for it. Can’t give much but as they say, mony a mickle makes a muckle!
      ( or whatever version you like)

    71. Iain says:

      I would say, get it right up them.
      You know it makes sense.

    72. Fergus Green says:

      This can only end well Stuart along with massive publicity for Wings.

      Can you sneak in the Independence Live crew while they are not looking?

      Count me in.

    73. Cuilean says:

      I have a hammer in one hand and my piggy bank in the other.Just give the word.

      [She’s a nonentity, get us out of here!]

    74. Roadie58 says:

      ..You have to keep going with whatever legal advice your given. If you need to get funding, you’ll get it, just like the Orkney four..

    75. Dr Jim says:

      I’d lke to say sorry to Jeff Dugdale and Mum Dugdale but this has to be done, Kezia’s had this coming for a long time although not alone in her behaviour she represents the Labour branch office and if there’s mud to be dragged through then they’re the very ones who deserve to be dragged through it

      On a happier note see you all in Dundee

      Oh and apparently SIU are going to be filming us because they say there aren’t as many of us as we say there are and that we keep running around joining the back of the marches to make ourselves look like we’re more than we say we are

      What a shower of (add description here) W……

    76. hackalumpoff says:

      @ Thepnr, 17 August, 2018 at 7:24 pm
      Stokes was English criminal court. Rev Stu’s case is Scottish civil court. Totally different.

      Hope to catch up with you tomorrow sometime.

    77. dramfineday says:

      What’s that song I hear “stand by your man”. Too true Tammy. If we (the drams) can stand by the Orkney 4. Carla Ponsati and other worthwhile causes drawn to our attention / supported by this site, then we’ll be standing by you Stuart. No worries mate (as the Australian equivalent drams might say).

    78. John Sellars says:

      I’ll happily support you Rev.. Set up a fundraiser whenever you need too and I’ll chip in.

      Best. J

    79. Andy Anderson says:

      Good progress. Happy to help if needed.

    80. Meg merrilees says:

      You have my backing Stu. The truth must never be hidden.

      The more times the truth wins the more people will think twice about challenging you and all you stand for.More power to your elbow and your legal team.

    81. Bill says:

      I’d actually pay to see Kez squirm, let’s do this.

    82. Macart says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      Heh. Might as well be Dorothy. Wooden that is. 😀

      Still, whatever can be scraped together? More than worth it. Politicians count on their deep pockets, the pockets of their party, parliamentary privilege and thur meeja chooms in order to get away with making the most appalling statements.

      If our institutions won’t hold them to account for their actions, it’s mibbies long past time the public did.

    83. Tinto Chiel says:

      What pleasant news.

      I will cash in my extensive investments in Fleurie wine when push comes to shove, Rev. J’attends toujours, mon vieux.

      Oh, Kezzers, what a Silly Billy!

    84. dakk says:

      Not flush with cash at moment,but you are so good to us Scots I can’t deny you.

      The rare opportunity to hold a bit of britnat unionist Scotland to actual account cannot be passed up.

      Sign me up again.

    85. Hamish100 says:

      Maybe Ms Dugdale will rethink her position?

    86. jfngw says:

      If the case is being funded by Labour then it has effectively become Stuart Campbell vs UK Labour. If found guilty the defamation is just as effectively against UK Labour as it is any individual. UK Labour in effective would be found to be involved, using lies and intimidation against a online media outlet. I hope they have considered their position and reputation, although that by the day is being shredded in most other areas.

      It has been an interesting few weeks, the BBC being exposed as biased and a UK Labour party member being forced to defend her accusations. It symbolic of the UK state, crumbling at the seams.

    87. Albaman says:

      £10 Stew, and if necessary +,+,+,+,+,+,+,+,+====

    88. Brian McHugh says:

      Count me in.

    89. louis.b.argyll says:

      Good going Rev,
      Keep up the GOOD work.

      Politically embarrassing for Labour.

      Kezia can’t claim she’s being victimised by a judge, that would be silly. Wouldn’t it?..

    90. Gordon Maclennan says:

      Willing to help as required. Go for it.

    91. Nana says:

      Stand your ground Rev and don’t back down.
      From the comments above it seems wingers are happy to donate so count me in.

      Just going through hubby’s pockets now that he’s off to Dundee 🙂

    92. Jon Musgrave says:

      Go ahead, if costs mount I’ll add bit to your kitty.

    93. Hamish100 says:

      ………and the BBC identifying a labour councillor for asking allegedly to take down of posts bbc interviews — many involving Ms Dugdale. Conspiracy ? lets make one up!!

    94. Arthur Martin says:

      You can count on me Stu. Just say the word.

    95. I’ll back you to take this one to the finish. A line drawn under this one will hopefully put off any further attempts to shut you down.

    96. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Hi Stu,
      take it as far as you care to. To see her in the glare of the court would be better than to let her skulk away from the door at the last minute, but it is your call ultimately. If and when you need some support, it will be there.

    97. jfngw says:

      Remember the point of the exercise was to marginalise the Wings site, this was to stop independence supporters referring to it as they could then be classed as homophobic supporting. This has spectacularly backfired on them, Wings I would think now has more people aware of it than ever.

      With the bunk off from parliament and the TV company bung it puts the Wendy Alexander finance funding into the shadows. What we should be asking now is whether any SNP members should be associating with Ms Dugdale, looks like a thoroughly tainted character from where I’m sitting. Even more so when trying to use parliamentary privilege to attck an individual, and would have probably gotten away with it without the newspaper article, not only malicious but a dunderheid.

    98. One_Scot says:

      The bottom line is this, these people need to realise, when they take on one of us, they take on all of us.

    99. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      Wait until you see the whites of their eyes.


      On the subject of fundraisers..

      Build it and they shall come.

      Mair power tae yer elba, Sir.

    100. Keep after her I will be happy to support another fund raiser if it is required

    101. Eddie Macdonald says:

      Go for it Stu, this is a game changer, I’ll back you financially, I have already and will do so again, with pleasure …… I won’t be alone.

    102. Scotspatriot says:

      Rev….pension going to get raided. Just ask !

    103. Ron Wilson says:

      Stu, the Yes community will back you. You’re doing a great job, all power to your elbow

    104. David says:

      I will donate. Just say when.

    105. hackalumpoff says:

      Nana says:
      17 August, 2018 at 8:16 pm
      “Just going through hubby’s pockets now that he’s off to Dundee”

      He told me he felt something vibrating and put it down to another PPI call for the Detective Chief Super…

    106. Bill McLean says:

      Ready to contribute! Ms Dugdale needs to grow up – then teach the rest of the Labour politicians how to!

    107. Sheryl Hepworth says:

      Go for it Stu. I’ll gladly chip in a few quid!! Go get her and them!!

    108. Bobp says:

      Will be making my contribution. Time these unionist liars were taken to task.

    109. Richard Clark says:

      Tell her you’ll drop it if she joins the SNP and comes out for independence! In a way that won’t get you into trouble of course.

    110. Clootie says:

      …do you really need to ask? YES, go for it! 🙂

    111. Lollysmum says:

      Count me in Stuart. Donation will be winging your way once fundraiser is posted. No way can you quit nor should you even think of it.

    112. Jim says:

      The strathendrick ‘kerry gill society’ has plenty funds available for this wholesome and noble cause.

    113. Melvin says:

      Great work again Rev you are the guardian we need the real fourth estate holding all comers to account a true libertarian. Scotlands champion laser like precision and you have the Unionists on the run

    114. Effijy says:

      Je suis Rev!

      You have my pledge for any fundraiser.

      The UK thanks to Westminster is entirely corrupt.
      We have Fake News
      Fake Democracy
      Fake Politicians
      and a Fake Justice system as a sports star and Liar Carmichael can testify.

      Taking on the UK establishment reminds me of a famous Scottish Boxer’s comment about fighting an American in America:
      “You have to actually kill your opponent to get a draw”.

      None the less we fight on and we know we will win.

    115. schrodingers cat says:

      kinda feel soz fer kez, i always held out for her as a possible convert to yes, and as a yoon, she always came across as less foam at the mouth than many others i could mention

      then again stu, this is big league. kez was scottish labour leader, not some unknown anonymous troll, you are taking on….. and winning.

      but sometimes you need to take a stand, if you win, it will send an important message to all politicians, and social commentators,no matter how important they think they are.

      unionist lies, slander and defamation are no longer cost free. there will be a price to pay.

      ps. if kez does have to pay costs etc, will a FOI request reveal who is paying her fine?

    116. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Letting this one go isn’t an option.

    117. JaMur says:

      Go get her rev,

      Will be worth every penny.

    118. Phil says:

      You’ll know where we stand – re: costs. Bring it on. In the matter of her publishers The Daily Record, where would they stand?

    119. Meindevon says:

      Obviously we’re behind the Rev 100pc. But, sorry I didn’t quite understand the detail, although the Rev says he won it seems it’s not gone to ‘court’ yet. Does that mean he could still lose the next stage? Could it be very costly, not financially as I know we would probably cover it but mentally stressful?

      It’s easy for us to say go for it and we know the Rev is a tough cookie but it could be really tough for him. After the arrest as well. I hope he considers that no matter what we want. Scotland needs him fit and concentrated next year I would think.

      Also as someone said are ‘they’ trying to keep him occupied in what could be a crucial time for the Yes movement?

      Where do I donate? Is it a special fundraiser or the general one?

    120. vlad (not that one) says:

      O/T In the last few days I stupidly wiped a Wings comment link (one of Nana’s?) to a post (?article) arguing that the late summer of 2019 would be the best time for an indieref2.

      Regrettably I failed to locate the text again, but the gist of it was that by then:

      a) post-Brexit fallout will become obvious, and

      b) the divisive factor between yes-remainers and yes-leavers will no longer be an issue.

      I could not think of a downside to that argument, so what do you folks think?

      NB.Do not get me wrong, I am sure the Scottish government has its ears to the ground, so I do trust them to to do what is necessary a

    121. Skip_NC says:

      I’m in for a few dollars – at a favorable exchange rate too! Ta very much, Brexit.

      As an aside, I got my perks from the last fundraiser. May I take this opportunity to thank US Customs and/or the US Postal Inspection Service for at least attempting to re-tape the package and for my local mailman for making sure it was delivered intact?

    122. Cubby says:

      Happy to support any case taking on Labour in Scotland but even more so when it is a total diddy like Dugdale attacking Wings. Count me in.

    123. Capella says:

      Count me in. It’s important to reject smears such as “homophobic” and challenge politicians who use parliamentary privelege to attack private citizens for expressing an opinion.

      Kezia Dugdale is given MSM column space and air time to broadcast her opinions. Newspapers and politicians are irresponsible. Go for it.
      I will certainly support a fundraiser if you need one.

    124. Meindevon says:

      Obviously we’re behind the Rev 100pc. However, I’s easy for us to say go for it and we know the Rev is a tough cookie but it could be a really challenging period for him. Scotland needs him fit and concentrated next year I would think.

      Also as someone said are ‘they’ trying to keep him occupied in what could be a crucial time for the Yes movement?

      Of course I’ll donate as soon as the fundraiser is up and running should he go ahead.

    125. schrodingers cat says:

      Effijy says:
      Je suis Rev!
      not a bad idea effijy, some twitter #tags and promo material highlighting this case would be in order, lets face it, the bbc wont report it.
      eg #justice4rev #payupkez #labourliescostscotland #kezlies4money #revisinnocent #freethescottishsix

      pls add suggestions

      twitter #tags, mugs, t shirts, badges, banners, biscuits and cup cakes etc

    126. Fillofficer says:

      You MUST take it all the way
      Withdrawal is weakness
      We stand behind ye
      & we will win
      Not long now

    127. Morgatron says:

      Stu, you’ve made my night. Finish the dimwit off, delighted to empty the piggy bank once again to put my money where justice is! Just sitting smiling now. Im sure i can smell the reindeer dung from here all the way from Fife. Hehehe.

    128. Helen Yates says:

      You must not give up and it will make others think twice before trying to slander you again, more than happy to donate if necessary

    129. Cubby says:


      As I have said many times – Ross Thomson is a total Tory Bampot.

      Can you imagine having to go to him as your MP for help or assistance. Mega embarrassing.

    130. Scotspine says:

      Just set up the account and I will add to the fund. As in the film Tunes of Glory, “Scotspine is no the lad tae let ye down!

    131. David Morgan says:

      we will, we will… back you. to the tune of that queen song

    132. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Well Done Rev Stu – right behind you on this.

      Courts look like the only way of getting a fair hearing out of the Scottish media these days so vital that you win out in the end.

      It will be interesting to see if Labour keep supporting Kez?

      We will be supporting you either way.

    133. Mark Fletcher says:

      It’s only money after all. I’ll bung you some.

    134. This is a battle between Wings and the British Labour Party in Scotland,

      Stu has a blog,

      the British Labour Party in Scotland has the British Labour Party in Scotland,BBC,STV, all newspapers,Trade Unions,a dozen Labour `Socialist` Lords,Gordon Brown,Muriel Gray and a hundred other Blairite luvvies …,

      Stu has one other thing that the British Labour Party in Scotland has never had,

      `the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.`

      hopefully we can say the same about the Scottish Legal system after the final verdict.

    135. ScottieDog says:

      Aye I’ll be up for that.

      Off topic, we have a lovely person staying with us from Catalonia. We were talking tonight and she informed us that ALBA in Catalonian means dawn or first light.

      Great name for a new campaign!

    136. Ghillie says:

      If this teaches our MSPs to watch what they say and do, that they WILL be held to account, then it will be worth every penny.

      On a human level, I feel sorry for Kezia. She has been incredibly stupid and even spiteful but as an individual, laying aside her politics, I think she is a good person in heart.

      Professionally, and as a mouthpiece in our Scottish Parliament, her behaviour was utterly disgraceful and will now hopefully be corrected.

      As for defaming a good man. That is unforgivable.

      …Until she makes clear that she recognises her stance was wrong and there is genuine regret for the harm done.

      There are plenty other MSPs who would do well to pay close attention to where THEIR deliberately untruthful words and dishonest actions could lead them.

    137. ronnie anderson says:

      Macart Ah hope thats wan of they 1937 widden thrupennies Edward V111 its worth £30,000 Thank E kindly Sir lol.

    138. Gordon Griffiths says:

      Happy to donate.

    139. Tam Dennett says:

      I’m in. Go for it.

    140. Capella says:

      @ Robert Louis – just read the excellent article you linked to from The New European: The problem with the Englush.
      Well worth rwading. Thx

    141. Another “back of the net” moment.

    142. maureen says:

      Tenner on the way when needed

    143. Take it all the way.. I would make every effort to be in court in public gallery (if thats allowed) to see her give evidence.

    144. ronnie anderson says:

      Fergus Green we could ask Kevin Livestream to apply to the court for permission to stream the the trial as a matter of public interest

    145. Mike R says:

      I can for sure bung you a few quid as & when needed…

    146. Fred says:

      Me tae! She’s as daft as a box of frogs!

    147. Stan Wilson says:

      Ready and willing to support and donate. Appreciate all your hard work and commitment. Keep going Stu.

    148. ronnie anderson says:

      James Caithness Angus cafe roon the corner diz ah nice latte I join you in the gallery lol.

    149. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      The Centre will not be comfortable with this this sort of nonsense.

      You have to be very careful when challenging the Regime.

      But of course its up to you.

      For what its worth my own view after some thought would be to ……get after them like a dug with a burst ball.

      I happily await the appeal for the crowd funder I shall throw a shekel or two in.

      On a slightly more positive note many from the regimes security services are engaged bugging the EU therefore less of the chaps are available to arrange a wee misfortune for you.

    150. Elmac says:

      ‘re Ghillie @ 10.27

      Well said, if a little kind to Kez. With the passage of time it is easy to forget just how much spiteful rubbish and lies she spouted. Probably right to assume it was mainly due to stupidity coupled with being in a job that far exceeded her experience and capabilities.

      However, a modicum of pity only goes so far. If she is not willing to grovel in public then she should suffer the full consequence of her lies as a warning to other unionist liars.

      Happy to contribute to that end.

    151. Iain mhor says:

      Not so much because it’s Ms Dugdale, but merely to help in any way in stopping abuse of position, whoever it may be.

      Having been on the end of a false fraud accusation by a local authority, I have a loathing of the system.
      Any local authority, civil service, or government claim is rubber stamped by the Fiscals in Scotland. Whether there is cause or not. It’s not even glanced at.
      Doesn’t matter how you pursue it,, or what evidence you place before the Fiscals for consideration, it will automatically proceed.

      Having expended a fortune and almost losing my job attending several diets the case was dismissed.
      Reason. No-show at any diets by local authority legal representatives. No papers lodged with court, or received by my solicitors at any stage – Due of course to the entire thing being a fabrication naturally. At every stage this was laid before the Fiscal.
      Finally the Fiscal was forced to dismiss the case. On enquiring if I had recourse to pursue damages I received an ‘auld fashioned look” – Effectively “If your pockets are deep enough and you have patience enough, by all means attempt it…”

      Nemo me Impune Lacessit? Actually anyone and there’s heehaw you can do about it. Well, perhaps not individually no, but collectively maybe. I for one want to see it right roon them!
      I’ve short arms and deep pockets but I’ll cough for this and any similar cases anywhere.
      Anyone doesn’t believe in rubber stamping?
      Refer to Carmichael…

    152. sassenach says:

      Like a dog with a bone – go get her, Rev.
      Count me in for any fundraiser.

    153. Neil Anderson says:

      This has to go to court in order for those who don’t read or know about Wings to be made aware of your existence and to get a chance to check Wings out.
      Into the bargain, we need to see this chancer make a fool of herself in public. I will happily contribute to any fundraiser.

    154. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, take it all the way, and I’m in for a tenner, that’s 5 for the Rev, and 5 for me as I’ve been a poster here, and by reflection, if there was any truth in the allegation it would reflect on me too, for continuing to post and hence support the blog. That would be the same if the Rev was racist, sexist, anti-English, anti-any of those bad things. But neither his blog articles or his tweets show any of those things.

      I feel sorry for Kezia, she either had bad advice or didn’t listen to it. All she had to do was retract and apologise, and that would have put the Rev in the wrong if he continued the case. But she didn’t.

      I also feel sorry for her because she was clearly under a lot of pressure, single-handedly trying to take Labour in a different more open and modern direction. But she was trying to move a dinosaur and one single ant can’t do that, it would need an army of ants such as the whole or most of the Labour party. As it is they stuck in the mud and didn’t budge from their old ways.

      But that doesn’t excuse her calling people on the wrong.

    155. McDuff says:

      Count me in Rev you deserve all the help you can get.

    156. Robert Peffers says:


      Sorry to interrupt but I’ve been getting medical tests today so apologies if anyone else has posted this already.

      The Westminster Propaganda Wing, The GMB, Dick Leonard and London Labour in Scotland today had the feet knocked out from under them after slamming the SG and SNHS when the Nurses, Midwives and Paramedics IN SCOTLAND OVERWHELLMINGLY accepted a minimum pay rise of 9% over three years. The deal, for those earning under £80,000 a year is linked to terms & Condition reforms.

      Members of the GMB union voted to reject the deal and Leonard and Labour in Scotland got the help of BBC Scotland to do their usual SNP, SNHS BAAAD! outrage thing about it. However it will go through after being overwhelmingly backed by all the other Scottish NHS unions.

      Facts:- The SG deal of 9% over 3 years is well above that of NHS England where more than a million NHS workers in England are receiving only a three-year pay deal worth 6.5%.

      Let’s face it the Scottish NHS must rank among the top health service workers in the World and they deserve every penny we can afford to pay them.

    157. Johnny Hunter says:

      Don’t worry Stu. Go for it and we’ll fund you.

    158. call me dave says:

      Nothing on big Auntie’s health section web site darn Sarf about the 9% SNHS pay agreement. Funny that innit! Maybe tomorrow?

      Vaping is the big health issue in England, but I see they have Swinney defends the new P1 Tests on their politics section. 🙂

    159. Flower of Scotland says:

      Well done, Stu! With you all the way. Crowdfunding, absolutely!

      Sorry for her Dad who I follow on twitter, but we can’t let Kezia or her compatriots off with this. Silly girl!

      See you all tomorrow at AUOB in Dundee

    160. Arthur thomson says:

      Good that the first hurdle has been overcome.

      This is a very serious matter.

      I will contribute if a crowd fund is needed.

      Dugdale and others in the unionists camp apparently think themselves to be invulnerable.

    161. Fairliered says:

      Happy to support and contribute.
      Maybe you should ask for a public apology on Reporting Shortbread in lieu of costs?

    162. Cactus says:

      It’s a good news fur justice on the seventeenth!

      Mick n Chris n Dundee ra morra.

      In 12 hours time we…

      Aye, what will the papers say?

      Have FUN today x. 🙂

    163. James Barr Gardner says:

      Shoulder to Shoulder !!!!!!!!!!!

    164. Greannach says:

      I had actually forgotten the silly person had ever existed. Imagine! She was once a Branch ‘leader’. Wow!

    165. mike cassidy says:

      Kezia Dugdale explains her stupidity.

      It was the phone that did it!

      “We follow those we disagree with only to rage at how wrong they are. Few people tweet their indecision or comment on the grey areas of life. These formats force us to pick a side, a team, a tribe and hate the other.”

    166. DebzoHighland says:

      Happy to contribute to a court case fundraiser, just give us the word……plus we need a revised Wee Black Book to distribute too. Before the end of October would be ideal. I have a feeling we may need it on the ground.

    167. Clapper57 says:

      Hey amazing thing happened tonight…David Byrne Psycho Killer himsel was in Captains Bar & Royal Oak Edinburgh at Kevin Gore’s wee session….I checked Kevin’s Facebook page and he has pictures of him at Royal Oak & Captains Bar….see I told you all the other night on off topic to get along to Captains Bar…..where Kevin usually plays on a Wed/Thursday night.

      He is on at Royal Oak Edinburgh throughout festival ( Kevin not David Byrne) with Bobby Nicolson at 6.30pm ….he’s a good lad hoping to catch up wae him the morn in Dundee….he’s on first as needs to get back for his gig in Edinburgh.

      Sorry Rev but hey David Byrne..come on cut me some slack !!!

    168. boris says:

      I am getting closer to providing readers with the blog-buster post which will reveal the relevance of my posts and Liam Fox. Meantime this read asks the question Just who is running the UK??/

    169. Aaron says:

      Take it all the way – if you need more funding you’ll get it – best wishes

    170. Rock says:

      Rock (19th May 2017 – “Becoming the squirrel”):

      “I would love Dugdale to be humiliated in a court.

      But the Scottish justice system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

      Carmichael libeled Nicola Sturgeon before the last Westminster election and got away with it.”

    171. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, pretty much.

    172. Tackety Beets says:

      Like Dr Jim, Ghillie & others I do feel sorry for KD on a personal level for the reasons already stated. As for her Ma n Pa , as a parent I feel their pain.

      This is not just about hounding KD, this is about correcting a wrong.
      Bigger still its about letting the smugg shits on that side o the fence know that we are “scunnered” o their shit & will see an action thro’

      In away, I’m glad KD has Labour at her back hopefully picking up her tab.
      This is not so much about KD now but a matter of principal and the bigger picture, and it needs sorting.

      I’m in, ready when you are.

      As an aside Mr Campbell, I had to engage a QC in a civil matter many years ago, she was good IMHO.

      An applicant had raised an action against me, the defender for a large sum of money.
      My QC persuaded the court that as the Applicant had no means to cover my costs should I win, my QC urged the judge to have the applicant deposit/lodge a substantial fund to the court, before the case could contiue.
      This deposit would go a long way to cover my costs should I win.

      BTW, as the action was a complete fabrication I did win, however I have only ever received the deposit from the court as the applicant never had any funds for me bother to persue the matter further.

      I only bring this forward as KD would have to verify to the court she can fund your costs(in the event of your win) , and would have to confirm Labours involvement.

      Clearly like others I am not a Legal beagle, I merely impart what I had experienced.

      Wish you well, & reading above looks like you have good support to continue.

    173. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It doesn’t actually matter who the NorthBritLab leader is, though Mr. Redscarf Whatsit seems much worse at the job than Kez ever was. (Her main problem was not being “in” with the union people who are now running the show.) Both of them were/are out of their depth, which is no surprise, since all likely successors would be also, because too many people in NorthBritLab (leadership and membership) have no imagination or foresight, and are scared motionless by the prospect of having to stand up on their own two feet and be relevant and self-sufficient in an independent Scotland.

      Even if it were simply Kez losing the plot under pressure from her own party and turned on Stu as (she thought) a convenient pro-indy whipping boy, her accusation must be refuted. All the way. Just like everyone else upthread, I would back Stu to the hilt, because I can understand English, I can get a joke, and I believe he was vilely traduced.

      Not the first time the old BT club have tried to smear opponents with the ever-willing help of their pals in the media.

      If Kez has any sense at all, she would cut a deal now. But it’s her call (or that of her backers in NorthBritLab?), and past Labourite judgement doesn’t inspire confidence in their decision-making, even though they have the financial resources.

      As one of your predecessors said, Kez, “bring it on”. If you dare.

    174. boris says:

      If only to please the two people closest to her in her personal life (her father and her partner) she should backtrack on the accusations she unfairly attributed to Stu.

      If she persists in pursuing Stu he should hit back with the full force of Scottish law.

      I would be pleased to contribute to campaign funds should these be necessary

    175. Confused says:

      This will never get to court – they will stonewall you, give it “NA NA NA” … run down the clock in case you screw up or shite it, then settle with one day to go.

      If it ever did go to court then … wow … that would be a real “feet up, popcorn, milkshake” best-show-in-town scenario.

      The only thing to be wary of is if “they” really go after you – Kez turns up with a way-over-the-top star studded legal team

      – Anthony Julius
      – Alan Dershowitz
      – the OJ Simpson guy
      – Lord Handlebars of Boyne himself, Sir Donald of Findlay, the Prince of Darkness

      Then you know someone’s really putting up the dosh to see you get fucked up. You are an “enemy of the state” and this is “defence of the realm”.

      These legal fuckers man – they are slippery, for them its a fulltime job – we know what the situ was – Kez called you homophobe when you did that joke tweet about carmichaels lad BUT already theyre putting a spin on it that you ARE a HOMOPHOBE because of something you said about Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower-tranny dude/person/trans-pronoun-thing …

      Kez is really -deficient- for any sort of legal or political role – primary school teacher for infants, maybe – she is so dumb there is a very good chance of her perjuring herself on ths stand. Then maybe its down to Cornton Vale, hopefully where Michelle Mone is by then – and the question is then – “who will be Top Dog?”

    176. Macart says:

      @ronnie and dorothy

      Heh. Haven’t heard it called a widden thrupenny in a looooooong time. (and yes, I remember pre decimal coinage…. dammit!) 😀

    177. Andrew Davidson says:

      Fully behind your actions here and while it’s not much, I’ll throw in a tenner in any needed fundraiser.

    178. mick mclughlan says:

      wings of justice badges!..i have lost my original.

    179. Thepnr says:

      Rev I think by now you will have had your answer. When they throw shite at you they are throwing it at us.

      Well it’s time we just threw it back it them. There is no backing down and especially when you are in the right.

    180. twathater says:

      i’m in again Stu , Sorry Kez’s parents , as for the sympathy bit for Kez ask ANY of the people who have suffered eviction , foodbanks ,and untold stress trying to feed , clothe , and keep a roof over their family’s head , how much sympathy they have for the former leader of a party who was complicit in inflicting untold horror and misery on their family , whilst she can go on a jaunt into the jungle and earn tens of thousands of pounds instead of PROTECTING the people she is supposed to represent

      My sympathy lays with the people who are facing the incompetence and inhumanity of these elitist self servers

      It is hypocritical in the extreme to be outraged at a joke , but to ignore and deny the atrocities committed against the innocent children and the disabled by her and her party’s incompetence is the real OUTRAGE

    181. Masslass says:

      Be glad to donate to any fund to help Stuart.

    182. CyberMidgie says:

      I trust your discretion on this one, Rev.

      If you put up a fundraiser, I’ll be happy to contribute money or tinned food, whichever is worth more in the run-up to Brexit…

    183. Skintybroko says:

      Good news on phase 1, am in for the long haul and will contribute to your legal fund for phase 2 – here’s to justice, the media won’t be able to ignore this one

    184. Street Andrew says:

      Win Win Win for the legal eagles who coin it. Every time.

      Makes ya sick, but well done for pursuing it and making the case stick this far.

      The time delay is ludicrous, and further delays ahead. The wealthy can ignore the courts if all they want to do is slander. Just drag it out so the other party risks ruination on a judges decision.

      Turns justice into poker where the player with the most chips can nearly always win because the risks are not balanced fairly.

      Strange that with all those politicians having lagal careers they don’t want to make the system work more fairly…isn’t it? Not.

    185. The Isolator says:

      I’ll be investing (he said in a Dragons Den type voice).

      Good on ya Rev.

    186. Ken500 says:

      Most of them should be in jail. Especially the UK cabinet. Standing up in Parliament telling a load of lies.

      Standing up in Holyrood and down cried Wings. Trying to be smart.

      The criminals who have ruined Aberdeen City.

      A total disgrace.

    187. Mike says:

      Sorry Off topic but does anybody else think that the timing of the Brexit demonstration in Edinburgh is coincidently timed to interfere with the momentum of the AUOB Indyref march in Dundee?
      Who arranged this demonstration in Edinburgh and when?

    188. Daniel Hargreaves says:

      I will donate to this worthy cause.

    189. Ronnie Young says:

      Deffo go for it, your fighting for all those who can’t afford to take action too.

      I’ll support for sure.

    190. ROBBO says:

      Congrats and from previous comments I think you will have already got your answer about pursuing this. We are all behind you 100% and ready to dig deep. You cannot put a price on justice and I’m sure you will prevail. Good Luck

    191. Aldo_macb says:

      The First Minister said she condemned your comments and that they are unacceptable. This court case is, in my opinion, a waste of time and money, when we should be trying to win the independence arguement.

    192. Ghillie says:

      twathater @ 3.01 am

      You make a very good point.

      Kesia LEAD the branch office of the party that allowed all of that hardship to happen and even in Scotland did everything they could to decry the efforts of our Scottish Government to run our Country, for the benefit of the people, as well as possible. Kesia and Labour in Scotland have a hell of alot to answer for.

      But surely by now, on rereading Rev Stu’s tweet, she can see that she made an awful mistake in her interpretation of his words. That’s me being kind again. Surely her lawyer, who should have a good grasp of the use of words, has advised her to accept that. (Of course that would truncate their fees!)

      For me, this is both the spiteful defaming of a man who was very clever in his use of his words, too clever for the then leader of Slab, and the runaway hatred for and fear of the movement for the Independence of Scotland.

      Rev Stu, take this wherever you think this needs to go.

    193. Brian Powell says:

      Will support further action by Wings.

    194. T C POTTER says:

      Please proceed with this case as it’s a lesson your opponents need to learn.
      Scotgov./SNP/Nicola Sturgeon also need to take note how to deal with the relentless shite they’re given can be countered. I’ll be donating as long as is necessary.

    195. Nana says:

      Brexit: spoon-feeding the babies

      A very reliable source has leaked details about the UK government’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit plans and it is basically Armageddon for the UK road transport industry. THREAD

      Tories accused of ‘hiding’ government WhatsApp messages revealing how they keep Theresa May in power

      Revealed: asylum seekers’ 20-year wait for Home Office ruling

    196. Nana says:

      Watch today’s Dundee march here

    197. Tom says:

      “The First Minister said she condemned your comments and that they are unacceptable. This court case is, in my opinion, a waste of time and money, when we should be trying to win the independence argument.” (18 August, at 8:32 am)

      Whatever the First Minister said was ‘in the round’, about behaviour generally, and not directly in relation to Stu’s comments.

      As to the wider point about trying to win the independence argument, when our opponents spout rubbish, they need to be held to account, which is what Stu’s doing here. Turning the other cheek won’t do us any good, especially given the hostile media environment we face.

      Stu will get whatever funding he needs to see this through, and leave his fighting fund intact.

    198. Macart says:


      Helping the kids move today. You can bet when I get back, I’ll be checking out that last link. 🙂

    199. BrianW says:

      I’m in. Happy to donate to any fundraising. All about upholding the law, an aw that

    200. Nana says:

      Morning Macart

      Good luck with the move and mind those rusty bones but don’t worry I think I’ve found the very thing for our creaking joints 🙂

      We may need to crowdfund as it’s a wee bitty expensive 🙁

    201. Duncan Gray says:

      I have more pity than scorn for the Dug, but make no mistake this is the British establishment on trial here. And that battle I’ll happily fund.

    202. stu mac says:

      @Dorothy Devine says:
      17 August, 2018 at 7:23 pm
      macart , is that a ‘wooden thrupny’?My Glaswegian husband refers to them that way , I’m assuming it is a strange west coast phenomen

      I assume it’s an old expression down to the days when the brass dodecagon threepenny piece replaced the old silver threepenny (as old coins remained in circulation for a while you had two types of threepenny around at the same time). Since the new coin looked clunky compared to the old one and the brass colour could be imagined as wood, I’m guessing that’s how the expression came about, as a humorous way to distinguish them. BTW when I was a really young kid I could get a Beano plus a penny chew for my ‘Thrupny bit’.

    203. Al-Stuart says:

      Congratulations Stu.,

      Count me in for a donation.

      One wee observation…

      Kezia was an over-promoted, third rate, political hazard heading a dying party. She is now a ‘D’ list celebrity touting for work on reality tv.

      Wise words were written: there is nothing more ex, than an ex MP. That applies to MSPs.

      It may be an idea NOT to kick this person too hard when she is on the floor, lest you be painted the villain of the piece.

      Am sure you have the measure of extracting the appropriate apology and remorse at her vile slur.

      Stuart, thank you for running Wings Over Scotland. It is the first media I read every day now. I cannot bear to watch the BBC since the pedo bias propaganda unit became so well exposed. Good luck with the court case. Well worthwhile.

    204. Artyhetty says:

      Good, go for it Stuart I think enough of us would chip in to get this where it needs to go. Kezia Dugdale, arrogant, jumped up Labour messenger needs taking down a peg or three.

    205. Calum McKay says:

      Good luck to wings, Dugdale is the very epitome of why labour stink, she’s shallow, thick and puts herself first above the concerns of the people.

    206. Alex says:

      I say carry on, Mr Campbell. And take the fight – for war this is, unfortunately; for the soul and psyche of Scotland – to whomever has allegedly defamed you.

      You will not agree with me, but I also say – having reported extensively on the Scottish court system – be careful with relaying too much at this stage about alleged defamatory actions on the behalf of one individual. The courts can be litigious.

      And say hello to Bath for me! I used to live very close to there, and it is a beautiful city!

    207. Daisy Walker says:

      I backed the Orkney 4. Was it worth it – yes it was. On paper it was a partial victory. In reality it sent a powerful message, it put Carmichael the Liar fair and square in the hot seat, answering for his behaviour, not his party’s.

      To take this one to court, was your shout. No-one would have thought less of you if you had decided that you couldn’t fight all the battles, all the time, on all fronts.

      Well done for pursuing it.

      Not for the first time thinking KD is a silly, silly girl. But she was in a position of power and responsibility, she should have known better. For her to misuse her position in the SG to ‘grandstand’ on this issue was beyond the pale. Bringing our parliament into disrepute. And she has had 2 chances since then to rectify this.

      Will back you all the way. Looking forward to the fund raiser total being breached within 1/2 a day;)

      Kindest regards. Best wishes to all on the march today also, with you in spirit.

    208. Richard MacKinnon says:

      Dont you realise you are being played like the puggy in a bowling club. “Our costs to date have been considerably in excess of what we raised last year to fight the case, and it may well be that we need to have another fundraiser to cover the final stage rather than deplete the Wings Fighting Fund”.
      And then the ultimate master piece of manipulation;
      (“It is of course up to readers whether or not to support any such appeal. If you’d rather we quit, you can always say so in the comments and we’ll take it on board.)”
      Every time The Rev plays he wins the jackpot. I have to admit I dont know whether I am more impressed by his skills or astounded by the blind stupidity of his flock.

    209. Proud Cybernat says:

      Oh dearie, MacKinnon. You seem a tad upset here. Aye, it surely must wrench you that the high and mighty can actually be challenged by us wee folks. Days gone by, the poor didn’t have lawyers ’cause they couldn’t afford them. Now, with the advent of the wired world, we can; we CAN hold truth to power (unlike some I could mention).

      You seem pretty upset about that. And that puts a big, BIG smile on my physog.

      Now, jog on. Tee hee….

    210. James Barr Gardner says:

      Kezia to change her name to Karma ?

      The Sheriff’s decision a couple of months early ? The establishment clearing the decks for mid-October ?

    211. Benhope says:

      Carmichael technically won in court.
      What word now defines Carmichael for the rest of his life?
      Victory for The Orkney Four!

      Jenny Marra`s political career is probably now defined by her false statement about the Tayside Health Board payment.

      In recent weeks the BBC has been exposed in it`s attempt to take down WOS U tube account,the false reporting of the growth numbers and attempts to hold John Swinney accountable for a special needs pupil soiling herself in an Edinburgh school.

      Victory comes in many different forms and movement of public opinion is our ultimate prize.

      Continuing with this case is fundamental to the integrity of this magnificent blog.

    212. Foonurt says:

      Get mae Dowdell!

      Thee, thee, thee, Robert Black. Waaahw, ifif iz.

    213. Neil says:

      I’m in.

    214. Richard MacKinnon says:

      Proud Cybernat,
      You are wrong. Im not upset. I am always impressed by Campbell. He runs a very successful website. He keeps himself in a very conjested media spotlight and makes a living out of it. More impressive is his ability to keep his unquestioning devotees, always happy to dig deep to fund his latest fight with the nasty unionists.
      Please let me explain something regarding this present dispute between Campbell and Dugdale. Neither of them will loose regardless of the result. It suits both of them to get involved. They are both savvy media operators and both will generate support from ‘their’ side for taking each other on.
      The whole thing is manufactured. Think about what started it. Campbell makes a snide reference regarding Mundell. It would have been forgotten about but for Dugdale’s reference to it in a newspaper article, calling it homophobic. Step up The Reverend nursing his hurt and determination to clear his name of this massive slur (note Campbell’s comment that kicked the whole thing off. He can dish it out but it appears he cant take it).
      Whether the original Mundell comment is or is not homophobic will now be decided by the courts, but the result is not important to Dugdale or Campbell, they both win. She is gay and so will win support from her community and from unionists for taking on Campbell. Campbell wins through another nice little earner plus all the plubicity.
      Cybernat, I am probably Stu Campbell’s biggest fan. I love a good puppetmaster. How does he do it? You cant even see the strings.

    215. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Please let me explain something regarding this present dispute between Campbell and Dugdale. Neither of them will loose regardless of the result. “

      LOL. Trust me, if she wins the case we’ll definitely “loose”. Someone else is paying her costs, she’ll be fine either way. But if we lose the bill will be huge, and far far more than we’ve raised to fight the case. It’s incredibly difficult, murderously expensive and very scary to bring a defamation action anywhere in the UK.

      If we’d lost this round instead of winning it we’d likely have been looking at total costs in the region of £80,000 or more. The legal fundraiser made about £13,000.

      Do, of course, be careful about committing defamation yourself in these comments. You’re on pretty thin ice already with cretinous troll pish like “He can dish it out but it appears he cant take it” – I get called a lot worse than a shit public speaker 100 times a day, every day. That is NOT analogous to a defamatory claim like calling someone a homophobe, as I’m sure you know fine well. If I’d said Kezia Dugdale was a paedo or some such thing, her lawyers would quite rightly have been on me like a pack of starving dogs.

      Consider that your warning.

    216. Richard MacKinnon says:

      I rest my case. He can dish it out but he cant take it.

    217. Meg merrilees says:

      Richard MacKinnon – stop stirring!

      Rev – this whole legal case is yet another diversion to try and take your eye off the ball. They will continue to try and snare you, trick you, call you out and use every other trick in the book as a diversion.

      Only you can decide the best way forward and none of us will think any the less of you if you decide against the defamation case.

      As I have thought on more than one occasions, to have true Justice in this country you have to be rich. The system is loaded against anyone whose pockets are not deep enough.

      We have to use our money wisely and the prize is Independence – only you can balance the scales and make that call.

      We’re behind you on either shout.

    218. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I rest my case. He can dish it out but he cant take it.”

      You had your chance. Cheerio.

    219. One_Scot says:

      Man, you’re such a Dick.

    220. Anne Forte says:

      Happy to donate to such a worthy cause. Politicians need to know there is a limit.

    221. Confused says:

      I’m your biggest fan – BUT … ( lot of snide criticism and sneering )
      I’m a PROUD SCOT – BUT … (god save the queen, rule britannia and there will always be an england)

      Tommy Sheridan inflicted Thatcherism’s first defeat – from outside party politics. They never forgave him for that – and, its what they do in this country – they don’t come round with the lads at 3 in the morning, they just “mark your card”.

      Tommy seemed to fall for “the libel trap” – as a public figure, doing your job depends on your reputation, so if someone makes serious allegations against you, you are forced to fight them. But in this country the courts are for the rich and no area of law is more favourable to them than libel. Going to court can be a trap.

      We all know about the Tommy trial – but the one thing I take from it is – he is the only guy who has WON his case and been done for PERJURY for doing so. Then there’s the matter of those who testified against him being proven as liars in other court cases – celebrity spying and phone-tapping; but this was seen as “irrelevant”. The whole thing stank of being a cleverly set-up political “ambush” (- which failed, at least partially.)

      I am making a comparison here, but it’s not that tight – Kez doesn’t have the right connections – she just opens her big gob, runs off at the mouth and believes in her naive way, that as long as she believes in what she feels about what she is saying is “right”, in the moment – then that makes everything okay. She thinks about things in her own, slack, way – a joke which uses homosexuality as its operative crux, is not homophobia – but she may genuinely not understand that. Again, the woman is not bright. But sincerity is no defence.

      “Subtle people” could be looking at this case and think “here’s an opportunity to fuck this guy up – he’s a pain in the arse”. They put a lot of effort and money into running their state propaganda operations – then find a geezer with a fucking website is messing up their shit!!

      The idea of the Rev, diabolical master criminal, using a court case as a propaganda vehicle is an absurdity – there’s the risk involved for one thing, but given how LONG these cases take to run … INDYREF2 could be called, done and dusted by the time this case is over.

    222. mogabee says:

      Well, avoiding t’internet I seem to have missed a few things!

      I hae no doubts about backing you on this. And that you seem to have upset your ‘biggest fan’ fills me with absolute delight. 😀 😀

      We’ve had your back before and so it will continue.

    223. Foonurt says:

      Richard MacKinnon – nivurr hud wan, tae stert wae.

      Awaw, tae yurr mingin huvull.

    224. Thomas says:

      Carry on Stuart,
      We will support you!

    225. LesRoches says:

      Count me in Stu, another fibber found out in court, priceless and well worth another fundraiser.

    226. mumsyhugs says:

      Backing you will never be in doubt 🙂

    227. Thepnr says:

      @Richard MacKinnon

      I rest my case.”

      You don’t have a case and neither does Kezia Dugdale.

      A single tweet from 270,700 does not a case make for accusing someone of homophobia. She’d rather it would just go away, well it can’t and that’s the price you pay.

      As far as I’m concerned this it not just about Wings or it’s author. It’s about US and it looks like you’re in the minority here.

      We’re no listening any more.

    228. Madir Mabbott says:

      Fight it! I for one will be putting more cash to the cause when you ask for it.

    229. Gary says:

      Stick with it Rev. I’m in your corner!!

    230. Tom Platt says:

      Well done so far and many thanks for your continuing efforts! I will certainly want to chip in to any necessary fund-raiser. I see it as an investment in my grand-children’s future.

    231. Alan Crerar says:

      I’ve never taken your for a quitter.
      Neither am I.
      I’ll be contributing what I can when the need arrives.
      Take it all the way, Rev.

    232. Neil Paterson says:

      I also think you should let her off the hook, but only if she joins the independence movement and encourages Scottish Labour to follow in her footsteps.

    233. Dave Taylor says:

      Rev. You will get all the backing you require for this, I have no doubt

    234. ScotsCanuck says:

      … I’m in for 25 pounds if you call a fundraiser

    235. Lisa c says:

      I would be happy to donate from New Zealand when money is required.

    236. Lisa c says:

      I will be more than happy to contribute from New Zealand when fundraiser is set up

    237. Foonurt says:

      Jist hid ah wee poke, amang thoan daurk coarnurrs ah Scoattish law.

      Aye, it wiz thoan Robert Black, richt anuff.

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