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On a dark desert highway

Posted on October 26, 2019 by

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    1. 26 10 19 08:56

      On a dark desert highway | speymouth

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    1. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ha! ha! But damn you for sticking the song in my head – an ear worm for the rest of the day!

      Greetings to all Wingers and particularly the solid , sovereign citizens of last night – good to see and reaffirm!

      Ronnie , have you released the lovely , kidnapped Germans yet?

    2. starlaw says:

      Well done again Chris sums the pantomime up exactly.

      Has anyone else noticed the overnight disappearance of all the EU flags from outside Westminster, what was the reason for this or did they all decide to up sticks and go at the same time, or were they ordered.

    3. Tackety Beets says:

      That’s up there “een o yer best”

      Thank you Mr Cairns.

    4. Capella says:

      You can check out any time you like,
      But you can never leave!’


    5. Peter A Bell says:

      Briefly, I was unsure whether this cartoon was about Brexit or indyref2.

    6. Morgatron says:

      Hahaha, magic’s a shame we ain’t living it up. Cappela you got there 1st – love that line but I feel it’s like more like life in a slow lane and Boris’s lying eyes. I’ll get my 70s cape.

    7. R4 says:

      Brilliant. It reminds me of my favourite Scottish song , Hotel Caledonia.

    8. Muscleguy says:

      They stab us with their Beeby News
      But they canna kill the Beast

    9. mr thms says:

      The EU recently postponed enlargement talks with candidate countries until “sometime next year”?

      Could it be because of something happening on the 31st October?

    10. Abulhaq says:

      Shouldn’t that be Hotel Caledonia?
      At least, unlike the opposition, Johnson wants an end to this wearisome play,
      The Brexit Trap..pace A. Christie.

    11. Right on the money, again.

    12. carjamtic says:

      You can never leave but at Halloween you get to dress up as true early Patriots, maybe as the Barons who imposed Magna Carta on John Plantagenet or even as William the Conqueror (none of them even spoke a word of English or were Englishmen, still don’t let that spoil the party, it could have been worse,Napoleon/Adolf).

      And welcome one and all, to the Barmecide Feast that is Britain, where your plate maybe empty (let them eat ping pongs) but your tablecloths have been woven in the finest gold fibres and you get to admire the silhouettes of the constables on the walls (18-30 only).

      Still I ould rather (die) be a poor man in England than a rich man abroad, they chanted till the end (and don’t cry for me Corbynina’s , the truth is we kept our promise,you…..).

      ‘En ma Fin git mon commencement’

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      P.S Cactus , thanks for my Elvis exit!

    14. Gary45% says:

      Nice One Chris,
      WoS perk arrived woohoo.

    15. Effijy says:

      Mrs May Vows 86 times that Brexit Delivered by April Fool’s Day?
      Bojo the Clown matches her by vowing Brexit Delivered by Halloween?
      Now we have a Tory promise of an election and Brexit date before any
      Sanity Clause comes into the room?
      Easter Bunny has hopped it before Bojo brings his good name into it.

      Fools trick or treating on the night of the dead appear to be Scotland’s Xmas gift from Westminster

    16. Col.Blimp IV says:

      The strict application of the technical minutiae of offside and handling rules in RU can be infuriating when they go against your side – HAHA HAHAHA… Did I hear the commentator say that the TMO was called Junker?

    17. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent cartoon. And of course Scotland doesn’t actually want to check out, we want to stay.

      This CNN piece is a fair summary of exactly how the Tories got into this mess. Why they can’t easily check out. It’s all of their own making (no surprises).

    18. Bob Mack says:

      Indefinite occupation would be another way of saying it.

      A worrying development I have noticed in Westminster is the tendency of various policicians inclucing Rees Mogg to talk about the Sovereignty of the people but not necessarily just applying to Brexit.

      Is this an attempt to counteract the SNP position by claiming now ALL UK citizens have this same right?

      They know every dodge. I have always been taught the Queen devolves her Sovereignty go Parliament, rather than the people devolving it to Parliament, . I mean England specifically.

      We have to be careful of moves like this.

    19. Rob says:

      Ah, the all day every day party that is the Brexit process, how could we even want to leave it? The gammon buffet, the twittering of the Hartley Brewer, BoJo the jolly clown, the party games, the £-roller-coaster, innovative jamming from the spinners…

      Europe will need a pick-me-up once they’ve stumbled out of the mayhem, perhaps in their hunt for aspirin they might recall a common medieval saying… “Verily, the Scots are well-known as an antidote to the English.”

    20. mr thms says:

      Yesterday the Guardian reported,

      “No-deal Brexit contingency plan implemented on Kent roads

      Operation Brock to cause major disruption around M20 despite likelihood of extension from EU”

      It also says, at the end of the article, that the UK Government Brexit leaving date ads have not been withdrawn.

      If No Deal goes ahead, Nicola Sturgeon’s attendance at the George Square rally becomes very significant..

      Would George Sq be big enough to hold the event if that happens?

    21. Scott says:

      Maurice Golden MSP
      Verified account

      18h18 hours ago
      MoreMaurice Golden MSP Retweeted Scottish Government
      As long as you are not English or a @ScotTories or disagree with the SNP!

      Can this be regarded as a hate crime or racist.??

    22. defo says:

      Just a quickie this week CC?
      Satisfying all the same.

      Dorothy. Kidnapped Germans?
      Visions of Enid Blyton, featuring Rab C Nesbitt & Herr Flick.

    23. jfngw says:


      More like Hotel Britannia, you can’t even check out, never mind leave.

    24. Effijy says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice for the First Minister to announce to a packed out George Square, Glasgow that her Independence petition had reached its 300,000 target

      Currently at 289,612 signatures

      Who do you know who hasn’t signed?
      Even Colin Alexander says that he has signed it.

      Do you have a brother in Anstruther
      Or an aunt in Trennant who hasn’t signed?

    25. kapelmeister says:

      Writing in the Scotsman, Brian Wilson has a go at Val McDermid for having a go at Laura Kuennsberg for having a go at Nicola Sturgeon.

      Brian just has no sense of the absurd.

    26. Footsoldier says:

      Letter from Nicola Sturgeon the first paragraph saying “Now more than ever, it’s clear that the best future for Scotland is as an independent nation”.

      I would suggest it is far from “clear” as the SNP have done nothing over the past 3 years to promote what an independent Scotland will look like or the vision for the future.

      Little wonder polls are still hovering on 50% as those still to make up their minds have zilch information on what our future may look like out of the UK. With a GE looking imminent, do they really think they can get the benefits of independence across in only few weeks? A real wasted opportunity and still silence.

      I know a lot of people who are still going to vote No but could be persuaded otherwise. Badly handled.

    27. Pete says:

      Absolutely true and really brilliant.
      Well done.
      A superb article in today’s Telegraph by Juliet Samuel on the boringness of Blackford who my wife refers to as a 1960’s assistant bank manager. Equally brilliant.

    28. ALANM says:

      “You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.” It’s such a good line that the EU appears to have formally adopted it into their membership rules.

    29. Colin Alexander says:

      In indyref1 there was an underlying tactical failure wthat made the YES campaign reliant on what the UK state and EU would say and do.

      This created huge uncertainty about the Pound and Scotland’s continuing EU membership. The debate and uncertainty about the Pound was the result, not the underlying tactical failure.

      Has that primary lesson been learned? No.

      Ever since, the SNP have followed exactly the same procedure: waiting to see what the UK state / agents of the UK state ( Unionist parties) decide about Scotland.

      Likewise, exactly the same about Brexit / Scotland’s EU membership.

      Absolutely no assertion of the sovereign / legal right of Scotland to remain in the EU.

      The whole conduct of the SNP has been passivity and empty rhetoric.

      The only fights have been with regard to Sewel Convention ( devolution); Continuity Bill ( devolution) and Crown / executive powers v UK Parliament.

      Not once has the SNP made ANY attempt to assert a sovereign / legal right that Scotland’s people should not be dragged out by UK Parliament / expelled by the EU Commission from being equal European EU citizens with the same fundamental rights in law as other EU citizens.

      There is no legal precedent for EU citizens to be dragged out of the EU against their will. That this did not face a legal challenge speaks volumes.

      The SNP simply did the same as UK Govt and the EU: they accepted English Crown in UK parliament is sovereign. Thus, UK Parliament has the legal right to kick / drag Scotland’s citizens out of the EU against their democratically established desire to remain EU citizens.

      As in Indyref1 the SNP have capitulated our fate into the hands of the UK state and EU.
      They then seek electoral success based on blaming others for what they did without accepting ANY responsibility for what the SNP has NOT DONE.

      Their failure of duty in failing to make any attempt whatsoever in defending and upholding Scottish sovereignty within the UK and European Unions.

    30. Clive Scott says:

      Pete, when the banks got rid of “boring bank managers” look what happened to the banks. Boring people usually get things done. The puffed up exciting people usually crash and burn.

    31. Tackety Beets says:

      Clive Scott @ 12.22pm

      Aye maybe, the exact opposite/exception being Federal Broon.

    32. Famous15 says:

      I think Stu should make Colin Alexander the campaign manager for his new list party.

      Colin knows everything about allsorts of political endeavours. Man with all the answers.

      Sign him up unless he is already signed up.

    33. Sarah says:

      @ Pete at 12.05, Clive S and Tackety B: I wouldn’t be in Ian Blackford’s position for anything – having to face down a crowd of 620 odd [sic] MPs every single minute in Westminster and educate them into hearing Scotland’s voice.

      He is doing extraordinarily well. He does so many interviews for the range of media that what worries me most is whether his health will stand up to the strain.

      Ian is my MP and he responds very promptly to any communication despite the huge amount of work he is doing at Westminster.

      The financial sector in UK is just a 21st century version of the South Sea Bubble i.e. founded on nothing, worth nothing, and the cause of great damage to most of the population.

      The Telegraph is hardly the most reliable source of information or opinion, is it? Owned by ex-patriate, tax-evading Barclay brothers, who bought it from Conrad Black – he wasn’t a saint either.

    34. J Galt says:

      Kilmarnock Halloween by long tradition was last night.

      Does that mean Kilmarnock has now left the EU?


    35. Bobp says:

      Footsoldier 12.05 ” zilch information on what our future may look like out of the uk”. Well one things absolutely certain, it cannot be any worse than remaining in their rancid uk.

    36. Scott says:

      Ruth Davidson urges MSPs to refer her to standards commissioner

      Why no comments allowed on this story by BBC

    37. Bobp says:

      Message for all the south ayrshire yoons,wont be long now till the maybole new bypass is finished. You waited how long for former labour govs in Scotland to build it for you?.

    38. ScotsRenewables says:

      Footsoldier says:
      26 October, 2019 at 12:05 pm
      . . . . the SNP have done nothing over the past 3 years to promote what an independent Scotland will look like or the vision for the future.

      Little wonder polls are still hovering on 50% as those still to make up their minds have zilch information on what our future may look like out of the UK. With a GE looking imminent, do they really think they can get the benefits of independence across in only few weeks? A real wasted opportunity and still silence.

      I know a lot of people who are still going to vote No but could be persuaded otherwise. Badly handled.

      Oh dear. This nonsense again.

      Last time there was a 600 page document, and it provided a rich array of targets for the establishment opposition.

      This time cards are being played very close to the chest. Tell them nothing, Nicola, until you can see the whites of their eyes.

      A study done before the EU referendum showed that a third of voters would not make up their minds until a week before the poll. No reason to think undecided indy voters are any different.

    39. ScotsRenewables says:

      And anyway, Footsoldier, it simply isn;t true, is it?

      We know that an independence Scotland

      ~ would welcome immigrants
      ~ wants to be in the EU or very close to it
      ~ would support higher pensions
      ~ would guaranteee the future of the NHS against privatisation
      ~ would be net-zero by 2045

      So – I would say there is already quite a lot in the prospectus for an independent Scotland, wouldn’t you?

    40. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      ALANM @ 12:17,

      Don’t confuse the sound principles of the EU with the utter incompetence and duplicity of the resident drunk Albion, which hasn’t been able to walk in a straight line through the open door. It’s easy to leave, if you actually know where you’re heading and are functionally capable of doing it.

      Easy to forget among all the irrelevant smokescreening and blame-mongering that this is the worst self-imposed UK policy mistake since that unfortunate disagreement with the American Colonies. (Which along with the rest of the old Empire just ain’t comin’ back, BTW.)

      And if we have any sense, we’ll follow the example of all the others, and also never look back.

    41. Cubby says:


      Posted like a true Britnat. Just what Wings needs – a poster extolling the virtues of the Torygraph. What next the Daily Mail.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It’s easy to leave, if you actually know where you’re heading and are functionally capable of doing it.

      Exactly. Those have been the two UK/Tory deficiencies – cluelessness and incompetence.

      Hard to say what the first big mistake was. A major failing was to ignore NI in the run up to EURef. Despite all the rhetoric then, it was understood that England couldn’t have the hard exit some dreamt of, and take NI with them. A special arrangement was going to be essential. Belatedly Boris seems to have accepted that.

      The problem of a special arrangement for NI is, it was going to make the union between Scotland and England even more strained.

      So for me, the first big mistake was to not make all this clear to the masses up front.

      Then May jumped before she knew where she was going to land with her premature Article 50.

      I posted a link above which covers Tory misrule rather well….

      Personally, I don’t see the EU as having either made mistakes nor been unreasonable.

      Perfidious Albion is completely to blame for its own shite storm.

    43. RM says:

      What Scotland has contributed to the world, still is contributing to the world the intelligence is still here with our young people, our good nature is still here, we’ve maybe lost a bit of our fighting spirit but when we’re independent when we’re not shackled anymore we’ll be one of the greatest free countries on earth and hopefully get on fine with our neighbors we’ll trade with them and they can trade with us.

    44. Betty Boop says:

      @ Dorothy Devine, 7.25am

      Ronnie , have you released the lovely , kidnapped Germans yet?

      I think one made an early escape attempt only to be re-captured on the lower level. I have a feeling that the second one suffered the same. For all we know, they may be in a tunnel now somewhere under the station, LOL.

      Very pleasant couple of guys who are probably scratching their heads wondering exactly where they were last night!

      Good to see you there. Was a very good night 🙂

    45. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Sarah @ 13:18,

      Your comment about finances is right on the button. This whole farrago is about creating a little wheeler-dealer outpost skimming off on dodgy money transfers, and for the benefit of a privileged few, while the rest of us have to earn a few crumbs servicing the whims of our gracious masters.

      And the saddest aspect of this is all the suckers who think this is being done somehow for their benefit!

      Not to mention the educated dotards who think that staying attached to this utterly dodgy enterprise is somehow still reversable and capable of being turned into a latterday Nirvana. Wake up!

      Getting out while we can is the only practical way of protecting what we have, and growing something decent for everyone, whatever our individual politics.

    46. Colin Alexander says:


      Page 1 of a Wings Party Constitution / and Wings manifesto:

      1. The people of Scotland are sovereign.

      2. Sovereignty always remains with the people of Scotland.

      3. The people of Scotland shall have a Parliament of Scotland that represents the sovereignty of the people of Scotland. That Parliament of Scotland must always be located in Scotland.

      4. The members of that parliament must be democratically elected by the people
      of Scotland.

      5. The members of that Parliament of Scotland shall be elected to represent and
      serve the people of Scotland.

      6. The members of that Parliament of Scotland must take an oath to serve the
      sovereign people of Scotland.

    47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 15:01:

      Then May jumped before she knew where she was going to land with her premature Article 50.

      I think you have got to the very heart of it there. Cameron jumped ship, but it was May who set it for the rocks. She was the one who turned an advisory referendum into a mandatory one, and before she had the least clue as to what she was getting into. It was her arrogant English absolutism and unwillingness to consult and listen that poisoned everything that was (all-too-inevitably) to follow.

      It’s been a rough ride since then till now, but who knows, one day we may even come to thank her for revealing so well the suffocating reality of London dominance and thereby convincing enough of us to take our own road again.

    48. twathater says:

      7 The members of the parliament of Scotland MUST sign a declaration that they at ALL times will uphold truth , honesty , and integrity in their duties to the people of Scotland

      8 The members of the parliament of Scotland will be subject to a recall LAW where a committee of 100 citizens will determine if standards in office have been breached , with politicians having no influence on the outcome

      9 Any member of the parliament of Scotland found to have committed a criminal offence against the people of Scotland will be excluded from holding ANY public office in perpetuity and depending on the severity of the offence they will lose any and all parliamentary privileges including enhanced pension accruals

    49. Col.Blimp IV says:

      !0. Anyone who expresses an interest in becoming an MSP is automatically disqualified from ever becoming an MSP.

    50. Colin Alexander says:

      10. Referendums may be used to decide issues of
      national importance. The Parliament of Scotland must
      respect and abide by any decision made via a referendum,
      as the people of Scotland are sovereign.

    51. Sarah says:

      10. All candidates must have a reasonable degree of empathy i.e. no sociopaths allowed to stand for any elected office.

    52. RM says:

      Hello Colin Alexander how often do the 100 citizens stay in the committee, be good if the committee and the politicians are changed every few years. And a equal split of blue collar and white collar workers and a 50-50 split men-woman.

    53. Colin Alexander says:


      The citizens’ committee is no my idea. Also, I don’t favour quotas.

      But increasing input from all sections of Scottish society -not just middle class men – is something I would tend to agree with.

    54. TJenny says:

      The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph have been put up for sale by Barclay brothers owing to a family split. Wonder who will buy. Some sort of set up as a front for the Tories?

    55. Colin Alexander says:

      Question to Wingers:

      If there is another extension to A50 Brexit process:

      Should the Scottish Parliament use this time to hold a Scotland-only referendum about Scotland remaining part of the EU?

    56. What is independent being in the e.u.. ??? Unelected people making. Your laws and those people cannot be removed if you think that is independense and democratic then I don’t you can kid on that getting rid of 1master and taking on 27others is freedom but it is not but as I said before you guys seem to know something I don’t and if you are intelligent thank god I am ignorant

    57. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      twathater @ 16:12,

      That committee thing does rather tend to recall the French Revolution. Didn’t they have some such? And who gets on it becomes The Big Thing. And who don’t, well, they tend to kinda lose their places (not to mention their heads).

      I fear we’re getting well into pointless displacement activity now.

    58. dadsarmy says:

      In all fairness England have been the best side in the World Rugby since their first match in the pool stages (and before), and the all blacks weren’t that great in the only pool match that pushed them at all.

    59. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Blair Paterson @ 17:27,

      Instead of trying to think and making your poor head hurt, just ask the Irish. They will wise you up PDQ.

      (Funny how none of them are aching to emulate your ignorance, eh?)

    60. Colin Alexander says:

      Blair Paterson

      The referendum question should have been about Scotland having a parliament that represents the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

      Especially when the YES campaign was arguing that Scotland would retain EU membership, so staying in a Union, so not independent.

    61. mike cassidy says:

      Blair Paterson 5.27

      Name three laws inflicted on us by these unelected people.

      Just three.

    62. mike cassidy says:

      Who needs Hotel California in Scotland?

    63. mike cassidy says:

      And as the btl is based on The Eagles

      I think its safe to say hell will freeze over before anything worthwhile is said by the usual kiddyon independence trolls.

    64. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      1 – EU migration laws supercede national laws

      2 – thousands of trade regs/laws

      3 – health/safety, employee regs/laws etc etc

    65. mike cassidy says:

      Robert J Sutherland 3.38

      Re financial shenanigans as being the root of all brexit!

    66. mike cassidy says:

      Joe 6.07

      Name three laws inflicted on us by these unelected people

    67. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      Thats not to mention – no freedom to trade outsidethe block on own terms. No control over monitary policy (eurozone). Migrant quotas. Tax minimums. A proposed EU defence force. It goes on. I lived in the EU 10 years. Theres a reason im back in Scotland and anti EU

    68. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      Want me to invent a portable backpack mounted brain for you also? Ok example- working time directive

    69. Clapper57 says:

      If you want to see a smug Tory MSP in the form of Maurice Golden get his arse handed to him on a plate for the following tweet in response to a tweet by our FM Nicola..then go to Prof Tanja Bueltmann twitter a/c…her response is long and gets him well telt…..burned…yes…he must be on fire.

      Nicola’s tweet was :

      ““Whether you have lived here for months or many years, Scotland is your home, you are welcome here, and we want you to stay.”.

      Tory MSP ( currently nursing a well skelped arse courtesy of Prof. ) Maurice Golden’s tweeted response to FM’s tweet :

      “As long as you are not English or a @ScotTories or disagree with the SNP” !

      Perhaps message he should take on board via his public humiliation on Twitter is the following :

      Twitter is a public forum…which means others CAN read your tweets….and comment..or in your case usually criticise your warped logic and skewed view on current affairs.
      Don’t try to be smart when there will always be someone else much much smarter than you on twitter.
      If you dish out some shite expect the shite that you dished out to be thrown back at you…big time.
      Think again about adopting the Ross ‘Toucher’ Thomson style of ‘How to do politics badly’ and thus enduring the inevitable backlash which in turn will result in leaving yourself vulnerable to well deserved ridicule and justified criticism…..24/7.
      Tories and Twitter do not mix…your forum as a Tory should be via the other currently available propaganda outlet for all Tories ….the MSM aka your Publicity agents or rather your PR Representatives…PR as in Ruthie’s new lucrative sideline .(As in Ruthie D that was your OLD boss who jumped ship when she foresaw the tide turning …against her).

    70. dadsarmy says:

      The Three Laws! Ah! I know this one!

      1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

      2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

      3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

      So to any robots posting on Wings – stop it immediately!

    71. mike cassidy says:

      The workingtime directive was not inflicted on us by unelected people.

      It was passed by the elected members of the EU Parliament in which this country is represented.

      Two goes left.

    72. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dorothy Dveine –

      Great to see you last night.

      Just to let you know, after you left, I went back upstairs, located your tablet, and had two lumps. My teeth started screaming so I went around the place offering it to abody else and the rest was snaffled in no time.

      Excellent stuff!


    73. Iain mhor says:

      Robert J Surherland 5:30pm

      Talk of revolution just reminded me of some interesting facts – besides the synchronicity of the better half watching Alice in Wonderland and I keep hearing “Off with their heads!” :
      The last public execution by guillotine was 1939 and there is grainy footage I won’t link to (Christopher Lee was apparently there)
      The last execution by guillotine was in 1977 and execution by guillotine was still a French statute until 1981.

      I’m not sure about the next revolution, but if there is any talk of setting up a “Committee of Public Safety” following Brexit, I’d be a tad concerned lol! They might adopt the French solution. Perhaps, following modern trends, there would be a new design, with 5 blades and a nice aloe vera lubricating strip.

      Who will be the first politician to stand up and decide the best way to quell civil unrest and revolution, is to instigate its own reign of terror? Oh wait, the Spanish are already off the blocks on that, ha!

      “Let’s make terror the order of the day”
      “If the basis of popular government in peacetime is virtue, the basis of popular government during a revolution is both virtue and terror…”
      (Barere & Robespierre 1793/94)

      Robespierre’s ‘On the Principles of Political Morality’ is worth 20 minutes of anyones time. If only to recognise that which must be guarded against.

      All I ask of a republican revolution, is that we adopt Thomas Carlyles proposed renaming of the calander months :
      Vintagearious, Fogarious, Frostarious, Snowous, Rainous, Windous, Buddal, Floweral, Meadowal, Reapidor, Heatidor, and Fruitidor
      Brilliant ! 😀

    74. Joe says:

      While im here I just wanted to expand on a point I made a few articles back.

      There’s a lot of concentration on trying to convince ‘soft no’ voters of the arguments for Scotland being independent. It mostly revolves around Scotlands economic prospects (which I find even most proponents of independence underestimate), the standards of law/regulations, infrastructure etc.

      The elephant in the room isnt the prospects that Scotland has. Its that the Scottish nationalist vision is very largely left leaning, pro globalist, ‘progressive’. Its ‘open’ and ‘understanding’. Its diverse…unless you mean diverse in opinion. In which case not many are very tolerant at all.

      You simply will NOT win over many more people by promoting this type of thinking. However since the water around it is the last thing the fish will ever consider you are also mostly all missing this important point.

      Yep. I get it. You probably dont want to see it. But as a former Yes voter and sort-of activist I am very much torn between making do with Westminster and risking the kind of regressive, mindless liberal shithole Scotland could quickly become unless people smarten up.

      You know, the kind of place that champions womens rights by opening up every space they have to fkwit males in fishnets? Or the kind of place that doesnt see the contradiction of promoting 3rd world Islam AND championing gay and womens rights?

      If the SNP’s recent performances have come as a shock to you then you are behind the curve and need to get your finger out otherwise you will never win over the more alert members of our society. We see whats going on. We are not impressed.

      To finish with an example – WOS has spoken nothing but sense on the gender issue and on the SNP not living up to its potential (even if you might disagree) and seems to have been met with a wall of absolute fkng hysterics by the fanatics.

      Thats not the kind of independent Scotland many have in mind. But its the kind they fear they will get. Rightly so.

    75. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      lol. How nuanced of you.

      Which one of our elected representatives actually brought the suggestion forward to the parliament? Which one of them got to do more than recommend amendments after it came down to the parliament?

    76. JGedd says:

      Sarah@ 4.45pm

      ’10. All candidates must have a reasonable degree of empathy i.e. no sociopaths allowed to stand for any elected office.’

      Unfortunately, the catch is, that sociopaths are very good at pretending to be what they are not. That means that they can present themselves as empathetic and engaging while studying you, their target, for ‘tells’ which indicate how successful they are being in winning you over, and altering their approach accordingly.

      So, while you might be trying to divine whether someone is sociopathic or not, you can be sure that they will have already figured you out and decided how to play you.

    77. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Joe @ 18:59,

      You never stop trying to confuse, which may of course be a natural consequence of your own internal state, as well as whatever else you are up to, but when we finally do possess a sovereign government of our own that we can select without outside interference, unlike you it seems I’m fully confident that the people of Scotland will select from a healthy spectrum of political views, a collection of sensible representatives.

      You seem to be falling into (or arming?) the usual BritNat trap of asserting that the sorry situation that we are having to endure at the moment due to imprisonment in this UK nightmare is somehow going to persist after we gain our rightful freedom.

      Nothing could be further from the truth, and to use this kind of ploy to imply we shoudn’t even bother to escape is the kind of cynical demotivation tactic we are coming to expect from our enemies, not our friends.

    78. Joe says:

      Before i go for a pint. Here’s a little experiment:

      Find a regulation imposed by the EU whether its work or whatever. Then see how if you were a member of the EU parliament (or leader of a party) you might propose to repeal or modify that legislation.

      Then realise just how much is not up for negotiation and is the basics of EU membership.

    79. Joe says:

      @ Robert J Sutherland

      Sorry if I made a confusing point. What im trying to say is that the Indy movement has to have a broader spectrum of political leanings to gain more votes. A centre right party to soak up those not of a left-leaning disposition would work I think. Thats about it. Cheers

    80. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Joe @ 19:34,

      I don’t disagree with that basic premise, it’s just that we don’t have the time to build up a convincing second pro-indy party right now (even if it were to offer some promise as yer standard “cornflake repackaging” sales strategy).

      Like it or not, for present purposes we are obliged to invest in the SNP as the only available way forward. “Eggs in one basket”, maybe, but with an election looming, there it is.

      In return, the SNP manifestly owes the people of Scotland a moderate political viewpoint consonant with public opinion, not the prospect of some radical do-goody nanny state that only a small extreme minority crave. That is the danger the party is getting into, to all our potential cost. In that sense we may possibly agree?

      Afterwards, it will be back to normal political business, and then let the chips fall where they will. I don’t expect though in that healthier process the zealots of any kind will prevail.

    81. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Joe (6.59) –

      You claim to be a former Yes voter.

      If that’s true, you’re the first Yes-to-No I’ve ever encountered, on here or anywhere else.

    82. Col.Blimp IV says:


      The thing about constructive criticism Joe, is that the Zealots do not believe that any such animal exists, as no criticism of their world view can be in any way valid.

      When the SNP embarked on their “left of centre” pro EU journey. They were doing so from a relatively small voter base, going up against a seemingly omnipotent Labour Party who were yet to be exposed as having betrayed every principle that they ever allegedly held.

      There can be no disputing that it worked out well for them, but I fear that they may fall foul of the political priorities of the greasy-pole climbers that this shift and the subsequent electoral success that ensued attracted, as well as a short-sighted “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” syndrome.

      They will fail to recognise that the persuadable “still British” voter pool that continuing to hammer this tack to death may appeal to, is ever-shrinking.

      While it is becoming increasingly more wearisome to long-time actual Nationalists who bought into it as a tactic, without being particularly enthusiastic about it as a philosophy … and totally alienating a substantial proportion of the population who despite considering themselves to be Scottish, see little common ground between them and the now front and center policies of the electoral arm of the independence movement.

      For my money, the SNP is long overdue a “back to basics” review

    83. HandandShrimp says:

      Back in 2013 I made the Hotel California reference when our unionist chums said that the EU would kick an independent Scotland out. I think it holds good today.

      In other matters I wonder if Labour will back an early election. They are struggling to achieve 25% in the polls.

      An actual election needs to look at all the issues such as the Tory inclination to raise retirement age, the economy, the environment and the NHS. However, will Labour be adept enough to steer the discussion onto these matters? They seem incapable of forming a line on anything and the media are not friendly to Corbyn.

      I do wonder what sort of utter clusterfeck we will be in if England (and it will be England) gives Johnson a majority. The latest poll gives the Tories a 16% lead. It puts the SNP on 5% which I think will translate to a near wipe out of Tory and Labour seats in Scotland. We will go one way England another. Wales and NI possibly two other directions.

      We live in exceptionally interesting times.

    84. Defo says:

      Kapelmeinster at 12:03 pm
      “Writing in the Scotsman, Brian Wilson has a go at Val McDermid for having a go at Laura Kuennsberg for having a go at Nicola Sturgeon.”

      All that’s needed now is for NS to have a dig at Brian for his sleight to Val…
      And the circle’s complete.

      BTW Vilifying TK should be compulsory by now surely

    85. Col.Blimp IV says:


      I’ve never read any of Val McDermid’s books, but if she includes a thinly veiled Brian Wilson based character in her next one, and gives him a particularly gruesome and horrible death.

      I will be first in the queue at the book signing, hardback in hand.

    86. Iain 2 says:

      Joe, Who gives a monkeys about gender issues or whatever, the important thing is that Scotland becomes a normal country and escapes the brittish empire by becoming free.
      What is the problem with that?

    87. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Val Mc Dermid

      How about having Brian Wilson, Geoge Robertson and Jim Murphy boiled alive in a big vat of porage?

    88. MorvenM says:

      My Wings perks arrived this morning. Thank you and I will use them with pride.

    89. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Col Blimp IV –

      Too many Yoons spoil the broth.

    90. Defo says:

      Toss Lord Foo in the pot, and you can call it Cranachan Col.

    91. Defo says:

      On reflection, tossing a whole Foo in the pot might be a bit much for some stomachs
      Maybe best to just grate a bit off, to taste/Volume

    92. Bobp says:

      Ian brotherhood 8.05pm. Yes even though i live in england, all my family in Scotland including the ones who have now switched to yes, will never go back to no.

    93. Colin Alexander says:

      Anyone guess the tune?

      The Nats are talking mince again,
      aw naw, aw naw
      They act like slaves, no sovereign,
      aw naw, aw naw
      Stopping Brexit disnae make sense
      All we get is intransigence
      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      They’re begging for British indyref
      Aw naw, aw naw
      We say: “we’re sovereign”, but they go deaf
      aw naw, aw naw
      We want our freedom, we want it now
      But devolution’s their sacred cow
      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      Dissolve the Union, is what we say
      anaw, anaw
      But Nats do things the British way
      aw naw, aw naw
      As long as they get their MSP pay
      The Nats don’t care we’re a colony
      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      Brits voted Leave and we’re Remain
      aw naw, aw naw
      The Nats’ idea: we’ll vote again
      aw naw, aw naw,
      The sovereign people voted to stay
      but Scotland won’t get an equal say
      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

      And the SNP sell us out for power at Holyrood.

    94. Colin Alexander says:

      Remember to turn your clocks back one hour tonight.

    95. TJenny says:

      Colin – The Campbells Are Coming?

      Could ye no use yer lyricism to be a wee bit more positive though?

    96. North chiel says:

      “ Colin @1215 am “ ‘Its yourself Colin that’s “ behind the times” , as the clocks move forward to an Independent Scotland . We have “ no time “ now for “ doubters” .

    97. jeff says:

      I find as an ex-Uphallian that “Hotel California” is especially lovely as played by the Pumpherston Steel Band?

    98. Breeks says:

      Col.Blimp IV says:
      26 October, 2019 at 8:33 pm

      …..While it is becoming increasingly more wearisome to long-time actual Nationalists who bought into it as a tactic, without being particularly enthusiastic about it as a philosophy … and totally alienating a substantial proportion of the population who despite considering themselves to be Scottish, see little common ground between them and the now front and center policies of the electoral arm of the independence movement.

      For my money, the SNP is long overdue a “back to basics” review…

      To an extent I agree, but my main beef with the SNP is they are failing us over Brexit.

      Brexit split the Union democratically; Scotland wanted Indy, England wanted Brexit, but Westminster goofed up big time, because they inadvertently offered Scotland a chance to say no to Westminster’s great misadventure, and suddenly, the routine function of UK government had a massive obstacle to overcome, specifically how to get around the rejection of Brexit by a sovereign component of the Union. David Cameron had slid down the bannister without a care in the world, but this time, he got a massive splinter in his arse. Scotland said no.

      When we rejected Brexit emphatically, we gave our Nation the democratic mandate to stay in Europe which was not ‘just’ democratic, but further underpinned by Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty.

      We do not need a recount, second referendum, new election, or compromise. None of these will reconcile Brexit in our favour, but some of those options could undermine our ‘perfect’ mandate.

      The problem for Scotland is not a democratic deficit, but a Constitutional deficit, and the Constitutional anomaly of a Sovereign Nation being denied it’s sovereign recognition.

      A sovereign nation being denied sovereign recognition is blighting our democratic will over Brexit, and it will blight our democracy at the next referendum, the next General Election, and time and time again after that in perpetuity. Don’t you see? Without Sovereignty, you democracy is cut adrift.

      The SNP are proving themselves adept at the politics of devolved Government, but having all the faith in the cosmos to believe in democracy will simply not address the Constitutional deficit of a sovereign mandate which isn’t recognised as sovereign.

      Our way out of Brexit is 100% Constitutional. Any appeal to further democracy is forlorn because the roadblock isn’t democratic in its nature, it is constitutional, and needs determined in a law court, not a polling booth.

      The SNP is losing this Constitutional war because it’s only comfortable fighting a political war, and is both too stubborn and blind to appreciate we can win democratic victory after democratic victory, (which we already do incidentally), but it’s just a treadmill we are doomed to repeat. ONLY a change in the Constitutional status quo can break the cycle. Nothing will change for Scotland until our democracy is backed by lawful recognition of our sovereignty, and we cannot secure that just by voting for it.

      All the SNP offers is a new political campaign. Another GE, or another referendum, vote! Vote! Vote!. What we actually need, is our Constitution properly recognised in law, so that when we do vote, it actually counts.

      Until and unless we have our sovereignty recognised on international statute, then Westminster has a “UK Backstop” to prevent Scotland ever securing Independence.

      We can no longer afford to live in this comfy paradox of a Nation which believes itself sovereign on paper, but then allows itself to be dictated to and the Claim of Right undefended. WE MUST FIGHT AND WIN RECOGNITION OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LEGITIMACY. That is the real Plan A, and it’s the only way we can proceed towards Independence.

      Be in NO doubt, we ARE sovereign. The broken link in the chain lies in recognition. That’s where the fight is, but we’re nowhere to be seen.

      I think it was Wellington said on Napoleon, “they came on in the same old way, and we stopped them in the same old way”. Scottish Independence Strategy in a nutshell.

      It’s the constitution stupid.

    99. Ghillie says:

      Chris, is the lamp significant? It’s like the one in Narnia.

      Does anyone know when the new EU tax laws take effect?

      THAT is when the shit really hits the fan for Boris. His chums won’t be best pleased.

    100. Sinky says:

      Ludicrous front page story in Sunday Herald. Don’t remember front page stories about Jo Swinson not declaring all leaflet expenditure as some were not delivered which is apparently within the rules or Alex Cole Hamilton claiming his office expenses were mainly for the Lothian region campaign

    101. ahundredthidiot says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      I know a yes-to-no. He has a mental illness.

      I know plenty no-to-yes and they are as sane as the day

    102. Robert Louis says:

      Breeks at 0546am,

      Totally agree, especially your last three paras. Of course one step towards consitutional recognition is the First Minister referencing the fact in every interview, as it truly is already enshrined in consitutional law in Scotland and, via the treaty of union and claim of right, at Westminster. And, this is not the wishy washy, westminster-style ‘pretendy’ ‘unwritten’ constitution, it is written in black and white, via the Westminster-recognised and Hansard-documented Scottish claim of right and in Scots law.

      I’m of the opinion, that it needs stated at all times by the SNP, to the extent it becomes like a broken record. Interviewers need to be so fed up hearing it, that it starts to annoy them. Only then, will the likes of Kay Burley, even begin to understand what is being done to Scotland via this brexit calamity, is wholly wrong and forcing a sovereign people out of the EU against their clear wishes.

      Scotland has an absolute democratic mandate to remain within the EU, and the consitutional right to enact that. You don’t need another vote or referendum.

      Looking forward to Saturday, in George Square Glasgowe, for the indy rally. Trying to look at it positively, as a step forward by the SNP and, especially its leadership. Keen to hear what the FM says in her speech.

    103. Golfnut says:

      @ Colin Alexander.

      Johnny comes marching home. Old Scottish marching tune.

    104. Golfnut says:

      @ Breeks.

      First class comment, as always, and you are absolutely correct, the real battle to come will be fought on the Constitutional Sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

    105. RM says:

      SNP MSPs have to go about things in a different way, most of them are university educated the same as Westminster MPs they all represent people who mostly weren’t university educated they look at things in a more down to earth way, think differently and have more sense than university educated people think, politics is a closed shop always has been they should open up in Scotland and let people know what’s really happening start being different from Westminster.

    106. Breeks says:

      HaHa… Freudian slip in that comment… Scotland wanted Indy… Scotland actually wanted Remain.

      Jumping the gun a wee bit…

    107. Joe says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Im not a yes to no. However 1 thing more important to me than Scotland escaping Westminster is independence being used as a vehicle by leftist radicals and their globalist backers. Happily people are more aware than they were. However you might find it surprising how many share my thoughts on it

    108. Heart of Galloway says:

      SNP and Lib Dems move for GE on Monday Dec 9 if EU agrees extension to Jan 31.

      IndyRef2 and our right to choose will be front and centre of campaign.

    109. Colin Alexander says:


      That’s a really good guess. It does look like The Campbells are coming. Same sort of era also, but it was:

      “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again”.

      Thanks for the positive suggestion too.

    110. Colin Alexander says:


      You got it right. Well done.

    111. Ghillie says:

      What an amazing amount of back paddling going on with the in fear Unionist posters here 🙂

      We see you. It is ok.

      Come out. It is ok. We won’t bite.

      It is ok. Come here. We can talk.

      What would you really like for Scotland, for your families?

    112. Rob says:

      Rev. Stu,

      I may misunderstand one of this morning’s tweets and you may be in agonies over a potential brexit date coinciding with your birthday, but if it is in fact today… Happy birthday sir!

    113. Old Pete says:

      Andrew Marr having a wee rant at the SNP, BBC at their best.

    114. Sarah says:

      @hackalumpoff: thanks for the links. It is pouring here so I will have leisure to peruse!

    115. Sarah says:

      @Rev: have you read Ian Blackford’s Twitter an hour ago responding to Kenny Farquharson? It might cheer you up.

    116. Colin Alexander says:


      The SNP only win the right to administer British devolution.

      The UK-wide elections aren’t won by the SNP:

      35/650 MPs isn’t a win.
      3/73 Euro MEPs isn’t a win.


      British democracy / Scottish devolution means playing by the British law book that has only one two real laws:

      1. UK Parliament is sovereign ( from UK Crown in UK Parliament).

      2. Scotland Act 1998: Section 28(7) states: that the establishment of the Scottish Parliament “does not affect the power of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to make laws for Scotland”.

      Meaning: Scottish Parliament = rule by UK Parliament.

      For example: Continuity Bill: passed by the Scottish Parliament, almost all legally competent. Except it tried to uphold Scottish Parliamentary democracy. That was ruled out by the Supreme Court.

      In my assessment, the Supreme Court and House of Lords confirmed:

      Devolution is administration of British Empire power OVER Scotland.

      The SNP have become administrators of the British Empire. To do so,requires acceptance the UK Crown is sovereign.

      So, if you are looking to the SNP to uphold and defend Scottish sovereignty, you are wasting your time.

    117. sassenach says:

      My scroll wheel is almost on fire because of all the Coco garbage I have to by-pass. They are in panic mode right enough!

    118. Bob Mack says:

      Happy birthday Rev

      Happy Diwaii to all who celebrate.

      Yet another twist in the Brexit tale.

    119. Effijy says:

      Many Happy Independent Returns Rev!

      New EU Tax laws come into effect in Jan 2020.

      Not quite what some people have presented it to be but yes some tightening
      Of dodgy tax loop holes, but not enough.

    120. Kenny J says:

      Very Happy Birthday, Stuart.
      Live Long and Proper.

    121. Bob Mack says:

      OK people . Looking for answers here.

      The opinion polls if right tell us the Tories are way ahead and will win an outright majority in any election. They will probably be backed up by Farage and his Brexit party who are going to take a few seats given they are at over 10% in polls.i

      Any election soon will most definitely see us out of Europe via the Tory majority.

      We have prospects of winning more Scottish seats, but how does that help us in any way ?

      We have lost this battle to stay in Europs. That is now certain.

      What next? Hope the Tories wil! relent to decency re Section 30?

      There had better be a hidden plan or we have real problems for Jndy as far as I can tell at this time.

    122. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Heart of Galloway says:
      27 October, 2019 at 8:47 am

      “SNP and Lib Dems move for GE on Monday Dec 9 if EU agrees extension to Jan 31.

      IndyRef2 and our right to choose will be front and centre of campaign.”

      If politics was like that cooking show that does the “heaven and hell” thing – that may well be a candidate for the SNP Manifesto heaven option.

      But prepare yourself for the possibility of “Kicking out the Tories” and BrexieRef2 being the central planks of what I would see as SNP Manifesto Hell.

      Though as the prospect of an early election is dependant on Labour casting themselves in the role of Turkeys voting for Christmas, I think there is still time to nudge the Party back on to the Yellow and Black Road.

    123. Colin Alexander says:

      Bob Mack

      Just keep voting SNP / SNP, the British Empire will respect Scottish democracy.

      Look at the Continuity Bill for proof haha.

    124. Jack Murphy says:

      OFF TOPIC,and before Tory Ruth Davidson MSP rides off into wherever, here’s a piece today in The Holyrood Magazine where Editor Mandy Rhodes has a wee keek at Davidson and her jobs.

      Article begins:

      “The former leader of the Scottish Conservatives is described on her Twitter feed as someone who doesn’t ‘write the headline’ but today Ruth-‘I used to be a journalist’-Davidson is certainly hitting them.
      And for all the wrong reasons……”

      A 2-3 minute read.

    125. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian , glad you enjoyed it – sorry about the teeth!

      Dadsarmy , re kidnapped Germans hope you read Betty Boops explanation.

      And good to meet you Betty Boop!

      To whomsoever sited the Telegraph as some sort of oracle – awa an bile yer heid.

      Just back from a lovely overnight in Perth – weather was superb and the countryside looked breath taking , we have such a beautiful country!

    126. Dorothy Devine says:

      Whoops ! Just re-read that and it was Defo not Dadsarmy who was perturbed by ‘kidnapped Germans”- but Betty Boop has given the comprehensive explanation!

    127. Gary says:

      You can check out but never leave??

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