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If you want to know the facts

Posted on May 02, 2024 by

…just read Wings Over Scotland, folks.

A year ago, when he was red-hot favourite with all the bookies, we told you that Angus Robertson wouldn’t even run for the SNP leadership, let alone win.

And this time round, a week ago when SHE was still the red-hot favourite, we told you that Kate Forbes wouldn’t even run for the leadership, let alone win.

(We did get one detail wrong, in that John Swinney is now going to take the “safe pair of hands” caretaker role for two years, rather than for a few weeks or months before passing it to Neil Gray to do the same thing. But the thrust of everything we told you last Thursday was bang on the money.)

It really would save a lot of time if people just believed us straight away.

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  1. duncanio

    Is it The Deal, Scottish version (

    Forbes gets the economy and finance so is free to pursue Freeports, economic liberalism, avoids the ‘progressive/social engineering’ agenda and SNP/Green transgender ideologues’ abuse ?

    Swinney gets everything else?

  2. ross

    It does sound like Forbes will get deputy. Rather than the Neil Gray / Mhairi McAllan thing.

    This running things “from the mainstream” may be mince but willing to give it a chance.

    I think it could stem the tide slightly but they need this criminal stuff out the way.

  3. Mark McGregor

    “.. for reasons we’re not going to disclose here.” Oh the intrigue, you tease!

  4. Wee Crabbit Bas

    Begs the obvious question why wouldn’t she stand – for obvious reasons to those in the know, that can’t be divulged. Yet?

  5. Ian McCubbin

    Sounds like Forbes will be depute FM and tees her up for leader of party after 2026 election. Whether then she is minority government or in coalition with Alba/ISP , or in opposition.
    Swinney will retire on a fat pension.

  6. ScottieDog

    Forbes offered accepts tye sweetners then, and we are victims of her libertarian Freeport project. We are Donald ducked.

    Brits will be raising their glass.

  7. Harry Dunlop

    I don’t think many people didn’t believe Wings…

  8. 100%Yes

    Money, money, money. British state thinks its won, AYE for now. I doubt the Unionist NUSNPBAD will be here in 2026 and beyond.

  9. Tom Halliday

    Duncanio, do you think Forbes has acted unilaterally in regards to Freeports? Some basic research shows she was carrying out the duties she was tasked to do by her superiors, Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney. Ushering in Freeports and SEZ are 100% the responsibility of the SNP, so every SNP supporter and voter (including me) is responsible for that.

  10. Livionian

    The Neil Gray succession plan I don’t think is as nailed in as that. Forbes is ambitious and I think is gearing up to take the job after the SNPs disappointing next election, with her reputation in tact. I think for her ATM it’s just ‘not now’ rather than not ever.

    I personally think if she can get through the Swinney era unscathed then she will be more likely than gray to takeover, after the membership finally realises that continuity candidates are a terrible idea for them.

  11. Charles (not the R one)



    It looks like that from here.


    The makings of an absurdist play,

    «Miscellaneous Characters in search of a Purpose»

    If only we could see in advance all the harm that comes from the good
    we think we are doing.
    Luigi Pirandello

  13. Jim F. McIntosh

    The folk in Scotland must be the thickest and most apathetic in Europe but they might have a little excuse when they have to put up with such a corrupt police and legal and media system along with same civil service.

  14. Doug

    The SNP are deliberately shafting the independence movement. Tractors. Lots of them. All covered in sheep shit.

  15. Sven

    I do believe I may make up a wee, “I Believed Stuart” label to pin onto my fleece with a WOS “Hate” pin badge at each corner.
    All I can hope is that the new candidate gets enough support to put a bitof a dent in the Party machine.
    Two years of Nutella & Banana approving Mr Swinney supported by Ms Free Enterprise Forbes is just too depressing.

  16. Louise Hogg

    So Kate’s job is to implement the Partition of Scotland? Great, not.

  17. Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

    Be fair – you did say last time that Humza Yousaf definitely wouldn’t become leader. Wish you’d been right that time, too.

  18. orri

    Something that most of you may go D’oh with but I only just realised. It’s not just that the polling auguries aren’t good, and you’d have disembowel a certain angry ferret to check on how too improve them. It’s that the dodgy weasel in charge of the party went to great lengths to mingle their entire finances into one interlinked mess. Not sure how likely it is but not only would a Holyrood or even a Westminster likely result in a drubbing that even then wouldn’t wake them up but that there’s a possibility that they’d have their accounts frozen too.

    Meanwhile I wonder just how much painting a helicopter costs assuming they didn’t buy it outright and the only reason it’s not been found is no one had a lawn or roof big enough to park it on? Also if the sky really could be falling how many will try to either join Alba or form their own party so as to stand a chance of raising campaign funds that won’t be snatched away from them due to greed / incompetence / stupidity , take your pick, of those at the top of the SNP.

  19. Iain More

    Forbes knew she had no chance as the Alphabet Queers would also bring down any Govt she headed up. The Quisling Alphabet Queers need to be purged from Holyrood.

  20. BroughtyBoy

    Where does this all leave Stephen Flynn for 2026?

  21. Lorna Campbell

    I agree. No way does Kate Forbes want to face down the ‘gender woo woo’. Nobody does. So, Scotland’s female population – at least, the sensible part of it – will be betrayed yet again. Oh, we won’t forget this. What will they take from us next? The vote? Better not give them ideas.

    I also think you are right about Neil Gray – the grey man – after listening to his spiel on Debate Night last night. His little stabbing motion at Mr Salmond’s ‘rehabilitation’ was ripe for reminding him that convicted felons are entitled to rehabilitation and those who are not convicted do not require it. The man is a decent enough sort outwith politics, but a nodding donkey.

    I once wanted to be an MP. Thank the Lord that I never did become one. I wouldn’t trust myself not to turn out a right barsteward. Something happens to too many people when they go into politics.

    That lot have all signed their own death warrants, speaking metaphorically, because the party will not survive 2026 except, maybe, as a vestige of itself, never again to taste power. Thank God. Where the independence movement goes from there, I hate to guess. Where is our modern Bruce, Wallace, de Moray, Lady Buchan, where?

  22. tommy box

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss
    The Who

  23. Scottydog

    Swinney has been the mastermind of nearly all of the SNP’s worst policies, he will snuggle up to the greens and the poisonous double act will continue to run Scotland. It will enable himself and all his mates to get another couple of years at the trough followed by nice pensions at the end. SNP are done!

  24. Izzie

    So it looks like SNP 1 and 2 in 2026 the Greens and Alba have proven to be untrustworthy.

  25. desimond

    Anyone any idea whatever happened to Joanna Cherry..remember when we thought she could be the next Alex Salmond?

    There she was was shouting loudly about how :

    “The ending of Bute House Agreement is a huge opportunity to reset our Agenda”
    “The next leader must deliver change” ( and be selected by Members not grey Men in suits)

    “We must go forward not backwards!”


    “I applaud Kate and Johns decision to work together for SNP Unity!”

  26. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “for reasons we’re not going to disclose here”

    Is the reason anything to do with Sanjeev Guptas GFG Alliance (which French authorities and the UKs Serious Fraud Office launched investigations into misuse of corporate assets and money laundering into in late 2021) and the Lochaber aluminium smelter which apparently got a by on state aid rules?

    Wasn’t Swiney (no typo) Scottish Finance Secretary then Deputy FM when the Scottish Govt gave GFG a £586 million guarantee?

    Current UK Foreign Minister Lord Cameron’s former employer Greenshill gets a look in too regarding financials of GFG.

  27. duncanio

    Tom Halliday says:
    2 May, 2024 at 2:57 pm
    “Duncanio, do you think Forbes has acted unilaterally in regards to Freeports? Some basic research shows she was carrying out the duties she was tasked to do by her superiors, Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney. Ushering in Freeports and SEZ are 100% the responsibility of the SNP, so every SNP supporter and voter (including me) is responsible for that.”

    I don’t know Tom it may well have been collective but she was the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy at the time and she said this:

    “I believe the agreement that we have reached, as reflected in your letter, is a fair and balanced one. I am pleased that you are now proposing to provide funding for two green freeports in Scotland, to be selected jointly by the two governments, at a level equivalent to that available in England”

    when responding to the oleaginous, odious and cringing House Jock Michael Gove in February 2022 (see

  28. John C

    Not that Forbes would be radical enough to improve things economically, socially and push for independence, but the idea that Swinney will do that is laughable. We’re in for a few more years of what we’ve had since 2016/7 & as I’ve said, the concept of independence as a viable political idea is well and truly over for at least a generation.

    Swinney will bend his knee to the Greens & we’ll see Holyrood limp on for two years though the aftermath of the general election will decide how bad things may well be for the SNP.

    All of this while Scotland’s economy tanks, people can’t find housing they can afford, & the small minority of middle class Scots who want to prioritise identity politics over economics & a wider social program that benefits all, not a few, will be ecstatic. It’s telling SNP loyalists gush praise on Yousaf on his position on Palestine (which is at best, dubiously simplistic, at worst deeply antisemitic) but can’t find a good word to say about how he’s managed Scotland in his brief time as First Minister.

  29. Stitch-Up

    How many members will the SNP haemorrhage in the next few days and weeks?

  30. John C

    Ushering in Freeports and SEZ are 100% the responsibility of the SNP, so every SNP supporter and voter (including me) is responsible for that.

    One of the things often missed in discussing the SNP post Salmond is the swing to neoliberalism under Sturgeon. Sure, she did throw a few bones out but the agenda she was pushing was very akin to late era New Labour & things like the Freeports (rubber stamped by The Greens) could well be the PFI of the devolution era.

    I’d be happy with some competent social democracy for a decade or six rather than what we’re going to get from now on.

  31. PhilM

    From gradualists to glacialists to Sturgeonite tectonics, all ‘moving’ on top of an asthenosphere of public sector corruption.
    Still, it’s quite a nice day out…

  32. thothScot

    I’d be a bit surprised if Forbes gets/ wants the deputy position.

    1) Too close to the inner circle, who will never want anyone who is even slightly against them to have access to inner secrets – finances and other buried skeletons.

    2) Should the police visit Mr Swinney at any point, or some other scandal mean he has to fall on his sword, then Forbes would be FM going into an election. One that will hopefully not go well anyway, but which woul end her leadership quickly.

    3) She couldn’t retain any credibility and deal with the Greens. It would quickly become a resignation matter, with Swinney backing The Tail That Wags The Dog over his own deputy, or face more no confidence huff’s.

    She would be far better placed with a non green based brief. One with prominence, where she can do wel. And no doubt further her own post political endeavours.

    It’s been so long since the SNP did anything successfully, anything she does well, will be a stand out moment.It might even inspire others.

    And I was nodding in agreement with the below.

    2 May, 2024 at 3:28 pm

    Swinney has been the mastermind of nearly all of the SNP’s worst policies, he will snuggle up to the greens and the poisonous double act will continue to run Scotland. It will enable himself and all his mates to get another couple of years at the trough followed by nice pensions at the end. SNP are done!

  33. Quietly Festering

    I am, as I have said before, English, a Unionist and a Tory. I’m also disappointed in Kate Forbes. Maybe she doesn’t want to inherit the cup of cold sick that is Holyrood right now. Maybe she doesn’t think that she can face down the watermelons. Maybe she wants to untainted by whatever Branchform finds out.

    But maybe, just maybe, she should have tried. Maybe, just maybe, she should have gone out there and said to the Scottish people “I don’t care how badly this Party is holed below the waterline, I know that I’m going to be the person whose name will be appended to the car crash of two upcoming elections and I don’t care because I’ll tell you what I believe to be the right and proper things to do. If the Greens don’t like that, then so be it and I’ll make deals with whomever I need to on an issue by issue basis. I will not allow the tail to wag the dog, ever, and if I can’t find those people then you can bring me down.”

    A coronation is in the offing and it will not be pretty for the next few years. I admire Kate Forbes, for all that I disagree with much of what she says, but she has diminished in my eyes.

  34. Towbar Sullivan

    Martin Kettle in the Guardian has been giving us his political wisdom on the SNP:

    “A new SNP needs to concentrate on being a competent nationalist party fighting Scotland’s corner in a devolved UK, not a campaign-obsessed independence party. This may point to Forbes rather than Swinney. But whichever of them gets the job, the task is now to do things very differently from what was tried – and which failed – before.”

    And there you have it. The musings of a great British gobshite.

  35. John C

    No way does Kate Forbes want to face down the ‘gender woo woo’. Nobody does. So, Scotland’s female population – at least, the sensible part of it – will be betrayed yet again. Oh, we won’t forget this.

    Nor should you. I fear what’ll happen in the next few years in Scotland is that the SNP double down on gender ideology even if it seems now that Labour are making a hard turn away from it. Certainly Wes Streeting seems to regret his position in the past & is now saying all the right things, though how much of this is triangulation remains to be seen.

    With Swinney as FM it means The Greens have an ally again in power & they know that if they don’t rush through more laws based on gender ideology now, they’ll never have a chance to do it again. Labour say they won’t push it, and there’s lawsuits coming, not to mention more and more of the general public are being affected by it & do not like what’s happening.

    I do fear as to what might happen in Scotland in the next two years, though the general election may well provide a clue as to how the electorate are reacting to gender ideology.

  36. Redacted

    How will certain legal events in the near future proceed now?

    Will you find enough crisp/snack based content to review?

    Has anyone answered Craig Murray’s questions about the other financial slights of hand?

    Will Scotland be sold off via Temu?

  37. Doug

    Swinney called himself today the “continuity candidate”.

    Laugh? Cry? Puke?

  38. Hatuey

    Not so fast, Wingsy boy….

    You didn’t predict how desperately soul-destroyingly boring the whole escapade would be.

    I believe some genius oracle-type guy in here called it though…

  39. Mac

    I find this a bit strange. KF ran for leader just over a year ago and came a close second, probably won minus Murrell, and so why now Yousless is out the picture is she not the shoe in leader. You don’t even need to run an election it is so fresh still.

    But no, and instead we get John Fucking Swinney. What!

    I am guessing Swinney is in there to resign if and when the real shite hits the fan… then Forbes will take it to rebuild.

    She seems nice enough but even ignoring all her ‘trips’ to the USA etc I just don’t see how she is the one to clear out the shit hole the SNP is today.

    Two years of Swinney a.k.a. Sturgeon. She never really resigned.

    Just look at how fast Yousless was out the door the second he showed a sign of thinking and acting for himself. His feet hardly touched the ground.

  40. Andy Anderson

    Freeports firstly are against Scots law.
    They will reduce the common good fund, reduce tax intake. Corporations get 25 year deals. They do not even have to obey employment laws.
    They are not green, are not ports and are not free.
    The Edinburgh freeport covers the land from Falkirk to Leith, had 70% of Edinburgh, all of the airport, Grangemouth and several miles inland. Scotgov has little control in these areas. Ineos had already applied for a fracking license and will turn Grangemouth into an LPG plant under his private Freeports contract.
    They are criminal as they will break us up into little statelets.
    Do not believe the lies. The SNP have sold Scotland out.

  41. Hatey McHateface

    I am quite confident I couldn’t pick Swinney out of an identity parade, even given unlimited time.

    But he still has a number of advantages over Yousaf. I won’t list them in case that would be hateful.

    So I’m taking the win.

    As for Forbes, if there’s one category of politician comprehensively and consistently worse than a Scottish male politician, it’s a Scottish female politician.

    Sturgeon, Cherry, Slater, Oor Kirsty, thon Green besom, even Forbes’ record is outshone by the dimmest stars in the firmament.

    When people say that Swinney is the best candidate for the job, I sadly see no justification for finding fault with their assessment.

    Please don’t shoot the messenger.

    Find those who have consistently and continually voted this shitshow into reality for the past 15 years or so, and have it out with them.

    They made it happen. Ask them nicely to make fecking sure it goes away. And soon.

  42. Haagsehighlander


  43. Sven

    Wouldn’t it make a wonderful hypothetical plot to imagine that Ms Forbes ran for Leader last year not to win, but to damage the chances of Ms Regan winning. Thus allowing Mr Yousaf to slide in, albeit in violation of the SNP’s own electoral rules.
    Which would account for her joyous grin and Ms Regan’s torn face when the result was given.
    This year, the (failed) blast from the past, Mr Swinney is planned to inherit the position unopposed (kind of a deja vu feeling I’m having here) quite prepared to take any flak connected to Nutella & Banana illustrations for school children and to work with the Greens on any idiocy they seek to continue to introduce.
    Ms Forbes on the other hand would be allowed to avoid any involvement with trans or woke policies, possibly even being allowed to abstain or even vote against the more extreme measures.
    That way both wings of what remains of SNP support have their very own token figurehead to applaud, whilst our poor, broken country stumbles on as best it can.
    But, it’s all just hypothetical.

  44. David Hannah

    I wish I’d believed you straight away. Fearty Kate Forbes can take her place in the ministry of chickens. But when the election comes, Let the chickens come home to roost!

    Forbes legacy will be the trashing of the East Cost workers rights with her Tory free ports. She’ll never be First Minister.

    She just wanted to split Ash Regan’s vote! She’s playing the same game as crooked Sturgeon the JUDAS.

    I will never vote for the SNP again. I am spoiling my ballot. I wish the party the gravest of ills and pray to god for some outside forces to action change.

    Swinney was down in London getting his orders. 2026. We’ll have to look at his dour face. All he’s missing is a jester hat to cover that big baldy napper of his.

    I listened to First Ministers questions – Lorna Slater said she doesn’t want the A9 built – she’s horrible. And we’re stuck with her.

    We need a revolution. Smash and burn the entire building the ground until there’s nothing left.

  45. Peter McAvoy

    Is Kate Forbes waiting till after the widely predicted heavy defeat at the Westminster election.

  46. David Hannah

    I take everything I said back about free ports Forbsy. BUCK. BUCK. a chicken playing the game.

    I hope he enjoys her place in the cabinet of Chickens.

    I hope there’s an early general election and that Stephen Flynn loses his seat.

    I hope the SNP go bankrupt.

    I hope the SNP are liquidated. They are a stain on the fabric our nation.

    The men in the grey skirts have taken over from the men in the grey kilts.

    The woke agenda survives for another day despite being utterly and absolutely rejected by the public. Tin earths. Cloth ears.

    The flat earth anti science green party – who hate the Scots – continue to wreck havock on our beautiful country in chains. Scotland in chains. The unicorn chained. Muzzled and gagged by a British lion. Suffocating to death under the weight of corruption and sleeve from the Irish Independence Party 2.0.

    Free Scotland. Wha’ would be a coward’s slave? Let HER (FORBSY) turn and flee!

  47. sarah

    What’s the betting on the dark horse, Graeme McCormick, being suspended from the SNP before the vote?

  48. dearieme

    “advocate for”???? I thought the lass was meant to have had a decent education.

  49. Izzie

    Davidhannah @5.18 Oh dear. I don’t think that you are quite well. The people on this site all want independence some through the SNP some by other means. Please stop emailing yourself

  50. Northcode

    Lights, camera, action; bring out the clowns, the show must go on.

    So, the SNP, along with its latest colonial continuity candidate, will bravely continually continue, face makeup and all, to take its political rubber stage-knife to a constitutional gunfight.

    Is the SNP untouchable, though? Maybe not as much as it thinks it is – the audience is getting restless and beginning to show signs of boredom. When you’ve seen it ten times you’ve seen it ten thousand…or what feels like more.

    To paraphrase one of history’s most famous political actors:

    Never, in the history of political theatre, has so little been owed by so many to so few.

    …and soon the SNP might be exiting stage left to the sound of boos and hisses and shouts of ‘rubbish’ as the curtains slowly close across the stage.

  51. Campbell Clansman

    You’re all wasting your time analyzing the SNP leadership race in terms of what the SNP desires.
    That race will be determined by the Greens. They have an effective veto power over SNP policies. If the SNP does something the Greens disapprove of, the government falls, and the SNP MSPs mostly lose their sinecures.
    As will (hopefully) the Green Party MSPs, who’ve also shown they value office over principles.

  52. 100%Yes


    I have no idea what planet your on if you think the SNP deliver anything other than Scotland dead sole to England.

    Waken up if the NUSNPBAD was ever going to deliver Indy it would have been done by own and we’d be back in the EU.

  53. Onlooker

    Towbar Sullivan:

    Martin Kettle in the Guardian has been giving us his political wisdom on the SNP:

    It’s been a bumper bonanza of Scottish stories from those London-centric cunts recently. Normally you will never find a single Scottish story, political or not (except “Tarquin, come up and see this lovely Scottish loch village for the weekend” middle class tourist shite) in that deranged fucking rag. Not one. You hear more about obscure African countries than you do about Scotland in the Guardian. They don’t care about Scotland AT ALL. Fuck them and their hyper-woke ultra-liberal poor-people-hating, Scotland-free rag. Forever.

  54. Andy Ellis

    The thing is, it’s not just that Kate Forbes doesn’t want to take on the Continuity Sturgeonistas and TRA zealots or be subjected to a couple of years of rank misogyny and abuse for her religious beliefs which Humza Yousaf never suffered for his faith or much more questionable associations with and fluffing for nutters like Erdogan.

    Kate and the minority – for we have to accept they are now a minority in the SNP – left in the party who aren’t crazed wedge issue extremists and Sturgeonite winnets, simply lack the political balls to do the right thing, leave the SNP and start to construct either a viable alternative, or join one of the existing alternatives.

    Faced with the alternatives of staying inside a devolutionist party which will contentedly wallow in the shallows of devolution, or striking out for the deeper waters of real independence, we know they’re going to keep their water wings on.

    The cadre of SNP office holders, activists, SPADs and bright young thing Researchers / Office Managers / Policy Development Wonks and Media handlers all have too much political capital invested, mortgages too big to risk, pensions too promising to pass up.

    Theirs is no longer a movement of radicals or even progressives in any meaningful sense: their a statist party who will happily settle for the current devolutionary settlement, never mind even try to push for devo-max, and still less full independence.

    Most of those who still can’t see it are probably beyond help or reaching, which is why going forward those opposed to the cult have to be focused on denying them power even if it means settling for being the minority who hold the balance of power. We can’t expect the SNP to disaparate overnight (more’s the pity!) but we can help ensure they are never in a position to do what they’ve (not?) done in the decade since 2014.

  55. Alf Baird

    Pretty much as the Rev predicted, return of the colonial gatekeeper, tho in reality he has been lurking and active in the background all the time.

    Irrespective of who is handed the colonial heid bummer post the price of colonial plunder is still costing Scots £150 billion+ every year; so well worth whatever the imperial power is paying its numerous ‘colonial functionaries and watchdogs’ to keep independence at bay:

  56. Hatuey

    “We can’t expect the SNP to disaparate overnight (more’s the pity!)”

    I agree 100%.

    What does it mean though?

  57. Izzie

    100%Yes@6.15 Stop it. If you are as your nomenclature proclaims you should not be doing the unionists job for them. The SNP have been at this for 75 years we have come from being dismissed as kilt wearing rabid Tories into main stream politics. I have been in the Party since the days of Wendy Wood Billy Wolfe and DR Malcolm Sessor. Why would the Party not support independence

  58. Chris Avery

    I think we might as well give up and come back in ten years.

    Independence is done no matter how much marching we do.

  59. Agent x

    First Minister of Scotland:white!

  60. Campbell Clansman

    The most recent MSP elections were 2007, 2011, 2016 and 2021.
    How many of the commenters here voted for the SNP in at least one of those elections? And if you did, you share the blame for the fiasco that’s currently going on.
    Come on, ‘fess up. Admit the truth. Don’t pretend otherwise. Don’t lie about it.
    Confession is good for the soul.

  61. Republicofscotland

    Sturgeonism is alive and well with the coronation of the latest continuity candidate John Swinney in the near future, it will be a quick coronation to save time and most of all money.

    Another two-years wasted by the looks of it.

  62. Mia

    So there we have it. Mr Black Pen teams up with Ms Freeports to ensure the plunging of Scotland’s assets and territory continues at pace.

    Frankly, I never understood what was the great appeal of Forbes. She is part of the S30 brigade, in other words, do nothing to progress independence. I do not remember her even once actively campaigning and speaking for independence with the passion I have heard Mr Hanvey or Mr Mcaskill. The only thing I associate her with is her begging for “full fiscal autonomy” at a point when the SNP had an absolute anti-union majority in Westminster and control over a pro-indy majority in Holyrood. How pathetic and unambitious is that?

    It is my personal opinion that she only run in the SNP leadership race last year to divide up the non-yousaf vote. And yet, she still needed those 8,000 dodgy votes or so to win.

    Now, the hyenas who continue to strangle the party to stop it returning to becoming a pro-independence party, don’t want to reveal the number of members who can vote or heaven forbid, giving them the opportunity to vote so they can trash their continuity candidate.

    So another coronation it is. Another unelected and inadequate FM foisted down our throats. And we are expected to just take it. At least yousaf went through some sort of leadership quasi=contest. With this cold fish of a candidate they could not even risk that.

    Forbes appears to be as much a devolutionist as the Sturgeonites are and by the look of it, judging how quick she was to sell out chunks of Scotland in the form of “freeports” (free for everybody else other than Scotland, that is), she clearly does not give a fig about the abuse of Scotland’s resources and appears to be as happy as the Sturgeonites are to facilitate the plunging of Scotland’s assets.

    I hope this pair of devolutionists plunge the SNP to even lower levels and to the point of political relevance. Because a political party who claims to be pro-independence but does nothing to progress independence and everything to stop it and to facilitate the plunging of Scotland’s assets, resources and territory deserves to become an irrelevance.

    I think it is time to forget about politics. It is clearly a con that is taking us nowhere and very much deliberately so.

    We need another route.

  63. Andrew scott

    If swinney is the answer
    What on earth is the question

  64. Agent x

    Swinney is just a fall guy for the crap result the SNP will have in the GE. Forbes will then stand in to “rescue” them.

  65. Mia

    “you should not be doing the unionists job for them”
    Just change the record already. The ones who are doing the unionist jobs for them are the SNP itself since the parasitic Sturgeon took over. If she was a proper nationalist instead of a political fraud whose mission was to stop independence, Scotland would have been independent by now.

    Who is fragmenting Scotland in chunks and selling it out in the form of freeports, some of which may actually facilitate fracking by external entities who will appropriate, yet again, of Scotland’s resources and Scotland will see not a penny from it?
    That will be your party, the SNP.

    Under whose watch is Scotland losing its only refinery?
    That will be your party, the SNP.

    Under whose watch brexit was foisted on Scotland despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly against it?
    That will be your party, the SNP.

    Under whose watch, despite Scotland being energy self-sufficient and being sending electricity to England for free, the Scottish people were paying at points even higher prices for energy than England?
    That will be your party, the SNP.

    How many millions have your party wasted in court cases directly or indirectly aiming to stop independence?

    How many pro-independence supporters were arrested and subjected to malicious prosecutions and even imprisonment under the SNP?

    If you are in the SNP then shame on you for allowing these criminals to abuse and sell Scotland out for 10 years, instead of delivering independence which is what they were elected to deliver.

    “The SNP have been at this for 75 years”
    And when they were given by the people of Scotland 3 majorities of MPs which they should have used to end the union instead of lining their pockets, being “at this” for 75 years is no ringing endorsement. It is an embarrassment. It is a testament to how useless as a party of independence the SNP have become.

    “we have come from being dismissed as kilt wearing rabid Tories into main stream politics”

    The last 10 years of toxic Sturgeonism and enforced devolutionism by Sturgeonites mean the SNP will not come out of this. They are finished, and about time. 10 years wasted, fascist policies pushed down our throats, millions if not billions of taxpayers’ money wasted in stupid projects and court cases which were lost even before they started, the suppression of our democratic mandates, the continuous plunging and sell out of Scotland’s assets during that time due to the SNP’s deliberate inaction and pandering to the gender agenda instead are all unforgivable and unforgettable.

    ” Why would the Party not support independence”
    why don’t you answer that question, because we would like to know. You are a member of the party, aren’t you? So why isn’t the party pursuing independence and instead is pursuing keeping criminals and perjurers out of prison, lining the pockets of MPs and MSPs, generating careers for airheads and charlatans, facilitating the plunging of Scotland’s assets and destroying women and children’s rights?

    When you have been given 3 absolute majorities of anti-union MPs and anti-union MSPs, supporting independence is not enough and it falls well below expectations. What you are expected to do as a party of independence is TO DELIVER independence. The last thing you are expected to do is to prolong Scotland’s misery for another 10 years while your MPs and MSPs line their pockets and accrue nice pensions.

    So the next time that you consider offending someone who seeks independence with your claims that they are doing the unionists’ jobs for them, think for a second what exactly it is what your own party has been doing for the last 10 years other than doing the unionists’ and colonialists’ jobs for them. Don’t forget about the role of your party in Mr Salmond’s stitch up.

  66. Agent x

    With a “friend” like Blackford I wonder who Forbes thinks her enemies are?

  67. sarah

    @ Mia: Have you forgotten that somebody else is aiming to stand for the leadership?

    Graeme McCormick is gathering nominations – he had 40 this morning. He put his email on Yours for Scotland’s latest post today so that SNP members can contact him to nominate.

    Graeme will be fairly well-known by the members as he has been on the NEC for years as rep for the West of Scotland [if I remember correctly]. He has also spoken at many party meetings on the subject of Annual Ground Rent [a means of raising income for the government].

  68. Bortwiskels

    Andrew Scott at 7:32

    “Who had the Sharpie last?”

  69. Hatey McHateface

    Mia says

    “I think it is time to forget about politics. It is clearly a con that is taking us nowhere and very much deliberately so.

    We need another route.”


    From the majority of Scots who want Independence, finding 100 or so who look presentable, have the IQs and confidence to answer simple questions in front of the cameras, don’t have an internet history of perversion and National Socialism, and are of sufficient integrity to not sell out the first time somebody offers them a bung, is an impossible ask?

    Finding 100 or so decent, rational, committed, grounded Scots and standing them in most constituencies as “Independents for Indy” is beyond the capability of this country, nation and people?

    I honestly don’t know how to square this level of defeatism with the supposed hunger for Indy and the supposed riches that would be ours if we just made the effort.

    It’s like looking at a drawing by Escher. It just doesn’t make sense.

  70. Big Jock

    It’s so wrong headed by the SNP. Elderly man gets FM gig before retiring. SNP continue their slide in the polls. Elderly man takes the hit for the GE humiliation.

    Then Forbes steps in for Scottish election 2026. For a supposedly free hit at the Scottish election. Probably loses badly, but blames the previous regime.

    It could have been so different. Forbes gets FM gig now. Starts the turnaround, refuses to get involved with the toxic Greens. Gives the Scottish people what they actually want. Maybe loses 15% of MPs, but builds credible momentum for 2026.

    The SNP are terminally stupid.

  71. socrates macsporran

    Mia @ 7.47pm.

    Gaun yersel’ Hen, that is possibly your best post on the site. You nailed it.

  72. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Izzie at 3:31 pm.

    You typed,
    “So it looks like SNP 1 and 2 in 2026 the Greens and Alba have proven to be untrustworthy.”

    In the Holyrood Parliament, the SNP, with most MSPs, form the government. All the other parties in the parliament form the opposition to that government. It is the opposition’s job to oppose. You don’t seem to understand that by assessing the Greens (not a pro-independence party) and Alba as “untrustworthy”, you are suggesting that you don’t understand the function of an “opposition”.

    Alba is pro-independence party but, with no independence campaign on the horizon – thanks to the SNPs interest in vote-losing policies, like gender self-ID, and not dualling the A9 and the A96 – any Alba representation in Holyrood is, currently, as part of the opposition. Them’s the facts, ma’am.0

    If you want your vote to be wasted in 2026, by all means vote SNP/SNP. A million regional votes for the SNP were wasted last election.

    However, if your primary interest in politics is independence for Scotland, then your vote in 2026 should be SNP/Alba, to provide a pro-independence supermajority in Holyrood.

    Alba can be trusted on their pro-independence stance. Don’t let petty “revenge” blur your view of the bigger picture, which we all want to see.

  73. Mia

    “@ Mia: Have you forgotten that somebody else is aiming to stand for the leadership?”

    I was not aware of this, my bad. I wish Mr McCormick the very best of luck and success in his pursuit. I have no doubt he would make a better leader than Mr Black Pen. But if I am to be realistic and honest, I do not think he stands a chance to win.

    And I do not say this because of lack of ability. I say he does not stand a chance because the Sturgeon cabal appears to have now become desperate and they need their man in, so they will not let anybody else anywhere near the podium.

    By the look of it, the cabal also have the press on their side, so it seems Swinney is also the candidate the British establishment wants to see as FM of Scotland for the next 2 years. I wonder why.

    The cabal had to be desperate to somewhat force Yousaf to resign. He clearly was not jumping on the lid strongly enough for their liking and perhaps he was too much pro-Palestine for the establishment’s liking.

    Despite all the huff and puff from Harvie with regards to the Bute House Agreement, everybody seems to have forgotten that if Yousaf had kept that agreement in place, the VoNC against Harvie would have moved forward. So I am not sure until what point what we saw from Harvie was just theatrics, collusion and an excuse to bring Yousaf down and swap him for Mr Black Pen. For the cabal the tantrum of the greens was convenient, as the deposition of Yousaf could be blamed on them.

    That they are desperate is also evident for how they are organising this leadership context. The conditions and the little time they are giving to gather nominations.

    Forbes was, in my opinion, the most popular candidate in the last leadership context and should have won. At the time the results were released, and speaking from memory, I looked at the votes each received and the second preferences and I noticed something odd on around 8,000 single votes for Yousaf. These single votes is what gave him the victory. If it had gone to second votes, he would have lost. Bizarrely, none of the other two candidates appeared to have a comparable figure of single votes. Also, at some point during the contest, Murrell announced the percentage of votes they expected, but at that point, the belief was that the membership was much higher than it really was. Turns out that the percentage of votes obtained remained the exact same despite having lost tens of thousands of members and the number of eligible voting members being much smaller. It did not add up and at the time I had the suspicion the vote had been rigged to push Yousaf to the post.

    I think we all know Swinney is not that popular a candidate, and given his nefarious record as leader of the party, he should have never been endorsed again to stand for leadership, unless those who are endorsing him want the party to lose at the upcoming election.

    Yet, to ensure he is the man fronting the party during the GE, they have somehow got Forbes to endorse him by teaming up with him. At all practical effects what the cabal appears to be doing with this is to use Forbes membership votes to endorse Swinney, in other words, ensure he wins. Frankly, shame on Forbes for playing this coronation game.

    I have not a shadow of a doubt that if this is still not enough to secure Swinney the leadership, another 8,000 single votes for him will appear out of nowhere to secure his win as it happened with Yousaf.

    Sad as it is, I think participating in this leadership contest when you know you are being set to fail does nothing else other than giving legitimacy to this coronation and the foisting of another member of the Sturgeon cabal down our throats without voters being given the chance to choose.

    But that is just my opinion.

    What I do wonder is what is coming when the Sturgeon cabal and the BE are so desperate to have Swinney in place.

  74. Hatey McHateface

    After swallowing whole the stitch up that gave us Yousaf, it really is a bit rich to complain that his successor might be the result of a second stitch up.

    None of it matters now. The first fraud set the precedent. Every subsequent fraud will just be met with “meh, whatever – it’s just what they do”.

    I was really hoping Swinney would be the only candidate, just to avoid yet another stitch up.

    Scotland’s honour has been trampled in the mud for too long. It would have been good to draw a line under the Yousaf era and be able to say, whether you like Swinney or loathe him, at least the process that put him there was technically above board.

  75. George Ferguson

    @Brian Doonthetoon 8:51pm
    Good to hear your very much alive and kicking for Independence. Your team is doing well. My team has been promoted so the Dundee Derby is back on. I am rather depressed about the political scene in Scotland. If John Swinney is the answer we are asking the wrong question. Mainstream policies until they get elected again then the pervy stuff will out again. A broken 33 record.

  76. Anthem

    If anyone happened to watch “Dopesick” you will understand exactly what is going on at Holyrood.
    Corruption and greed on a scale that’s incomprehensible.

  77. sarah

    @ Mia: I agree with you that the SNP internal procedures are rigged – I wondered btl what the betting was on Graeme McCormick being suspended from the party before any vote was held. Already HQ are putting obstacles in his way – his 100 nominations have to be delivered to SNP HQ by Monday. Scanning the forms isn’t acceptable apparently – they must be the originals. Well at least Graeme is on the mainland, I believe, so it is just about feasible – but it will be difficult and who would be surprised if some of the nominations were deemed irregular in some way, or suffer an accident in Jackson’s Entry?

    Nothing that Scotland actually needs to be done, will be done by the current incumbents. Every single MSP [and MP] knows that something criminal has been done by some people, and that the party’s raison d’etre has been abandoned – yet only 4 have left the party. No-one is kicking up a stink in any way whatsoever. Oh apart from Joanna Cherry and that is mainly apparently on the one personal issue.

    As it stands the SNP aren’t worth voting for or paying attention to. The current parliamentarians and staffers must be cleared out.

    Yet I know there are still many decent members and there is a sizeable number of voters who will vote SNP at an election so it would be good if they could possibly be retained as part of an electoral compact. And they must also brought into the campaign – this direct democracy route will end the power of politicians and thus improve the quality of all our lives.

  78. thothScot

    “The cabal had to be desperate to somewhat force Yousaf to resign. He clearly was not jumping on the lid strongly enough for their liking and perhaps he was too much pro-Palestine for the establishment’s liking.”

    I had bthinkingeen thinking that listening to Patrick Harvie speak for the government, while denying reports from clinicians, as they didn’t suit his agenda, caused the upset.

    Alongside having a party countdown to a vote on whether *they* wanted to keep the agreement together. Far more the first, as all the senior folk were releasing sound bites on wanting to keep troughing together for years to come.

    I thought MSPs sitting there being asked, by constituents,if there were any other bits of science or evidence gathering they’d like to deny, would be a bit much to take.

    What I thought was an unheard of bit of initiative from him, to placate parts of his own party, seems to have been set up by Flynn warning him of the impact of having evidence denying loons running things. The cabal pulled ranks and dumped him sharpish.

    I agree that the election for Humza doesn’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny. It’s alarming and shameful that it not only just gets hushed away, but that the latest hider of skeletons will be in place.

    I wish any other contender well, but they are against massive odds. The inner group have spent years centralising power and eliminating dissent. It’s shown little bits of fraying, but only at the edges.And it pays off when you want to either keep power or promote like minded puppets into it.

    The party only know to close ranks. A smooth transition, rather than the horror of anyone standing up and honestly point out someone’s record, or asking awkward questions. Fine in debates against other parties, but not against one of your own. Closing ranks to protect their chosen ones, regardless of the disgraceful actions. More shame they should live with, not that they care.

    Lots of excellent points @ 7.47 Mia!

  79. dearieme

    “Mark McGregor
    Ignored says:
    2 May, 2024 at 2:42 pm
    “.. for reasons we’re not going to disclose here.” Oh the intrigue, you tease!”

    I wouldn’t be astonished to learn she’s pregnant. In pig. Bun in the oven. As I understand it she already has one baby and three step-children. She lives three hours from Edinburgh. I could quite see her not wanting to be FM just yet. She’s presumably intelligent enough to know she might never get another chance and also to know that careers are overrated.

  80. Shug

    List of Nicola’s SNP failures

    Removing internal party democracy.

    Failing to implement direct conference votes & just choosing to ignore them. TWICE. Even ignoring feedback from Growth Report assemblies.

    Failure to provide every household in Scotland her economic plans for Indy.

    Failure to use SIX mandates with a clear instruction to leave.

    Stop Brexit campaign

    Case against Salmond

    Parliamentary review of Salmond case

    Education and Pisa figures

    Attainment gap

    Asking children about their sexual experience

    Failing to role out super fast broadband as promised

    Drug deaths

    COVID and old folks

    Infyref2 times 20

    Turning a party of 120k into a party of 30k

    Total lack of fundraising campaign

    Growth commission paper

    Use sterling not Scottish pound

    Papers for independent scotland that could gave been written by the Broons

    Gender recognition

    Doesn’t know what a woman is

    Approved person for children


    £600k missing

    No support for AUOB

    Failing to call a Scottish convention

    Jailed AUOB leader

    Jailed Craig Murray

    Tried to jail another journalist Mark Hurst

    Treatment of Margaret Ferrier,Joanna Cherry, and others

    Both votes SNP

    Hate speech to shut down those that criticised her

    Supreme court case designed to fail

    Failing to support king Charles’ oath to uphold the claim of right

    Failing to push the claim of right

    Bottle return scheme failure.

    Defacto ref where Westminster control all the strings

    A9 dualling

    No movement in the polls in 6 years

    Recent polling crash

    National energy company

    Taking on Dept Work and Pensions payments

    Letting London take the stone of destiny back without a word

    Failure to disrupt westminster

    Giving away the Berwick bank for a song

    Supporting Freeport’s without comment about workers rights

    National investment bank

    National census failure

    National care service

    Police crime and protest act banning protests they don’t like

    Vietnam group being exposed
    Somone going to jail

    Extreme protected fishing areas

    The continuity candidate

    Humza got his family out of Gaza and I don’t blame him but now westminster can control him

    Mackay and his Ipad. A false claim should be immeduate dismissal.

    The hate and public order scotland act – it will be used by the woke lobby to shut down pro indy voices – the snp has introduced a law that will allow unionists to silence wings and anyone else they dont like.

    Closure of Grangemouth making scotland dependent on english imports.

    The Greens catastrophy.

    Allowing freeports to undermine safety, worker rights and rax raising

    Another continuity candidate.

    Failing to unite with Alba

    I suppose in determining if nicolas team are failures one has to consider what their objective truly was.

    Is it conceviable that they could make so many errors in judgement. If they tossed a coin I am sure they could not have got it so wrong!!

  81. Gary Gardner

    After 30 years of voting for the SNP at every single election, (I’ve been a party member for last 20 years), for the sole reason of gaining independence for Scotland.

    I’ve decided to join the ALBA party, as I’m convinced they show more ambition and determination to drive the 10% vote swing we need to achieve this.

    I’m so sick of what Holyrood seems to have become; full to the brim of self- serving chancers with their snouts in the trough of the public purse.

    Who, in their right mind, would choose to be a politician??

  82. Northcode

    Here’s a light-hearted distraction from the misery of Scotland’s political scene. One which might offer a glimmer of hope for the beleaguered Scots.

    What signs, what natural phenomenon do you think are commonly observed when empires near their end?

    Comets appearing in the skies? Erupting volcanoes? Cataclysmic earthquakes? Devastating tidal waves? A host of angels blasting out their message of doom on heavenly trumpets?

    Or could it be men like Gavius Apicius of the Roman Empire and Guillaume Tirel of the French, appearing on the scene?

    Well, apparently it’s the last of the various options listed.

    But what did these men have in common? What power did they wield that could bring down powerful empires? Well, I’ll tell you. Because it’s good news for Scotland…and possibly the rest of the world.

    Gavius Apicius and Guillaume Tirel wielded the power of…wait for it…the celebrity chef.

    Gavius Apicius and Guillaume Tirel were the celebrity chefs of their respective empires.

    And throughout history celebrity chefs have heralded the end of empires.

    Believe it or not when celebrity chefs appear on the scene any empire they might be a part of is done for. Finished. Over.

    The proliferation of celebrity chefs in the UK almost certainly marks the end of the British Empire.

    And if you think I’m joking, Google ‘why celebrity chefs herald the end of empire’.

    I can’t be bothered with celebrity chefs, or celebrities in general, and I would never have thought I’d welcome so many of them in a single nation, but now that I know what their arrival signifies…I hope a whole bunch more arrive on our TVs soon.

  83. Ian Smith

    Like everything else, the SNP took the concept of Freeports, and whether good or bad, they managed to make it even worse, by clagging on misanthropic and poverty crushing climate scam bullshit on top.

  84. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi George.

    Yes, good to have both teams in the Premier.

    Does this happen in Glasgow or Embra? A pub, 5-6 minutes walk from either stadium, is one week a Dundee pub and the following week, is a United pub. Pictures of both teams adorn the walls. The Hogmanay lock-in has fans of both teams.

    Sorry, jiss digressin’ an’ thah’.

  85. Alf Baird

    Mia @ 9:18 pm

    “so it seems Swinney is also the candidate the British establishment wants to see as FM of Scotland for the next 2 years. I wonder why.”

    Ex MSP Campbell Martin explained why in his books suggesting that Swinney helped remove people from the SNP parliamentary groups who were serious about independence, replacing them with useful idiots content to maintain the colonial racket; that has been one of his main roles it seems – as gatekeeper:

  86. J0ckCrypt0

    There is one glaring thing that stands out to me in both examples, Stu.

    They threw some names to the press, made them favourites, then the outsider on the big odds, swoops in and takes the job(and the bets)
    Perhaps it’s an elaborate betting scam ?

  87. BLMac

    I’d love to know what the British Establishment has on Sturgeon to turn her from an independence firebrand into a ("Quizmaster" - Ed) lackey of the Unionists

    There’s got to be a story worth exposing there.

  88. Frank Gillougley

    Here’s a fact. The universe is 99% dark matter, apart from Holyrood which has a concentration of 99.99%.
    Pray tell sire, what is yonder dark matter?
    It is stuff that has mass, but does not reflect light.
    Just putting Scottish politics in context.
    Think on’t.

  89. Lynn

    I actually can’t believe anyone would still be able to have loyalty to any particular part . I listened to the VONC debate and was left bankrupt of any hope . Still undecided about independence but placing that issue aside it felt as though all intelligence had left the building .
    I was looking to hear some reasonable debate with the Scottish electorate at the core . But not a hope .
    We are being ran by people who have no real work experience or life experience. Live in echo chambers and sole goal to be popular.
    They seem so far removed now I think they might get a surprise at the turnout .
    Democracy seems to have slipped away , evaporating before our eyes .
    Minority parties deciding the leadership of majority parties !!
    Now a coronation not a selection . All of this suits leadership only .
    Then we get to embezzling and corruption. My hearts belief this entire show is a smokescreen . Well placed people to prevent justice . Why would I vote for corruption, career politicians or popular seeking celebrities. I don’t wish to see them get fat pensions on my deep disappointment in their capabilities.
    Something is deeply wrong about current politics at every level .

  90. Hatey McHateface


    So it’s the “British Empire” holding us back now?

    Here’s some fun facts for you.

    The British Empire now exists in only two places: the history books, and some people’s heads, the latter group of which you are a superb example.

  91. Willie

    Mainstream media is in a tidal wave reporting that John Swinney is the man, that he is to be the next First Minister.

    So there you have it. His appointment within less than 24 hours of him saying he will stand is confirmed as a done deal.

    Tells you all. Tells you that he’s the Brit placeman. Tells you why the SNP is an utter charade.

  92. Hatey McHateface


    Surely another story is how Sturgeon, by sheer force of personality, charisma and persuasion, and/or Machiavellian cunning, turned her entire government of Indy firebrands into wet sponges.

    Kept them in that pathetic state for 10 years. And continues to soak them still.

    If the progress of an entire movement is balked by one wee (frankly unimpressive and quite annoying) woman, technically not even in office, then it’s not much of a movement, is it?

    Now there’s the real story.

  93. Rob

    Disheartening and depressing. You can’t blame Robin McAlpine for his latest very downbeat assessment. I nearly abandoned plans to join the AOUB march in Glasgow tomorrow, but there’s an element of “stuff you SNP” in my attitude now.

    Can the members/MSPs change anything at their conference – yes, clutching at straws, I know.

  94. Sven

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 23.41.

    Off topic also, nice to see you popping back in BDTT, hope all goes well with you.

  95. robertkknight

    Hatey mcwhatever…

    Clearly you’ve never been to Gibraltar.

  96. Mac

    “There is a Karl Lagerfeld quote by which I live my life: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.” John Swinney is a sign of defeat.”

    Here sure is Robin. Sweatpants Swinney. Yesterdays man when the yesterday was 20 years ago…

    Time to destroy them.


    The mega cockup so called pro independence politicians have made ought to make people «blaze with positive, productive anger».
    It does appear that too many prefer to moan rather than take direct charge of the matter.
    Looking to those who caused the cockup to resolve it is the response of the supine.
    The politicians and their cliques have had their chance, and not just in Scotland.
    Intelligent democracy or the headless mob?

  98. Alf Baird

    Hatey McHateface @ 6:58 am

    “The British Empire now exists in only two places: the history books, and some people’s heads”

    Unfortunately, British imperialism and the ‘scourge of colonialism’ (UN) still exists as far as several unfortunate island peoples are concerned, as well as the ‘internal’ colonies here.

    The colonized native who sees through the hoax and seeks for freedom is already in ‘self-recovery’ (Memmi), whilst the more assimilated among the colonized still ‘crave dependence’ (Cesaire). The only remedy for both is liberation, i.e. decolonization.

    We should try to read more in order to better understand ‘the colonial mindset’, which is a psychological condition that holds a people back from their own liberation:

  99. Geri

    Anyone following world politics & events will know why puppets in the SNP suddenly became stupified & dropped independence when Salmond was defeated in 2014.

    The UN security council. The UKs veto & the Americans hegemony.

    Wouldn’t matter what dud was elected next to run the glorified talking shop in Holyrood. The result will end the same. Another puppet who will do as they’re told to derail independence even if they had 100% support for it.

    Indy will only ever be used to buy elections & kill everyone’s time reaching for the never ever.

    Indy folks needs to drop the politicians. They won’t deliver independence. They’re just collecting a salary on the never ending gravy train.

  100. Stoker

    Note how Swinney’s rhetoric refers to “uniting the SNP” and not the indy movement? He’s a greedy self-serving loser. Wonder what Useless thinks though of being replaced by someone “WHITE”?

    Swinney is in it for one thing and one thing only, despite the utter shite he spouted in his recent waffle. Swinney is as self-serving and greedy as the rest of them. His eyes are on that extra pension and other financial benefits. He simply oozes greed.

  101. Richardinho

    I’m disappointed that Forbes isn’t going to run. John Swinney has been at the heart of the SNP leadership for decades, and so must receive a large amount of blame for the problems there’s been. I don’t believe in rewarding failure. not that Forbes is that much of an outsider – she was part of the cabinet until last year – but the leader is always going to be an insider of sorts. last time around, I was swayed by the notion that Yousef was a ‘safe pair of hands’ and that turned out to be a chimera. I don’t believe either in the notion of a “caretaker leader”. I want the SNP to stay in power, and I believe that with the right leader, that can happen. there’s more than enough time for someone to turn things around

  102. Luigi

    Strange! As a potential supporter of Alba, can someone explain to me Ash Reagan’s decision to support the VoNC when all she had to do was abstain? Talk about handing a big stick to your opponent. A gross political miscalculation or 4-dimensional chess? Brave or brash? Jury’s out IMO.

    Disappointing! Jury’s also out for Kate Forbes. Yes, perhaps giving the awful John Swinney a free run was a wise political maneuver for long-term personal gain. It is, however, a disaster for the country. Sometimes you have to be brave. Learn from Humza’s mistakes. I do wonder if the media have built up the still untested Kate Forbes to be Wonder Woman 2 (after Nicola Sturgeon) – something she may struggle to live up to when the pressure is really on?

    What now?Well, I hope that Ash’s and Kate’s decisions this week don’t come back to haunt them. They don’t want to be forever tainted as Ash the Brash or Katie the Fearty, after all.


  103. Geri

    The “British Empire” was taken over by another Empire. The American one. In every country. In every election. In every military operation. In every currency. In everyone’s face with over 750 “bases” throughout the world.

    They seemingly won it from the Brits for WW2 even tho they didn’t fcking win us WW2 LOL!

    Why do you think the Brits are still half way up their arse looking for scraps & favour?

    Looking at the willful destruction of the EU nations, at the behest of American interference, I believe Brexit was already decided before a vote was even cast for it.

  104. Geri

    Forbes won’t run because of her personal beliefs.

    The gender woo is an instruction, not a natural event. So is against the grain for her. Rather than admit that, the coward would rather take the easy option to keep her salary. She’s also a paid plant who’ll still be collecting info in the background.

    The West has a real problem with pedophillia, human trafficking & sexualising weans. As Larry Johnson (Judge Nap) said, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The West is corrupt as fck & everyone is to be just like them or else..

  105. Mac

    It is tempting to be downhearted. We are in a shit situation that is for sure.

    But I would say we are far from alone.

    Do you really think the people of England have a real choice at the ballot box. Look what they did to Corbyn, not dissimilar to what they did to Salmond.

    Is there any Western leader that is remotely representative of their populations… Hungary maybe but for how much longer…

    We are just not allowed democracy anymore, it has been taken away because things like truth and justice are poison to their little project. So we have to get rid of them along with free speech.

    It should be a sobering thought that the SNP’s so called hate bill, were it in the US, directly contradicts the first amendment of the US constitution .

    That is how shitty and insidious that bill is. The first amendment no less. But what did the founding fathers know about freedom and democracy eh… The SNP knowz better.

    I think this is a democracy deficit that is endemic throughout the West as the sponsor of it all is fundamentally undemocratic. (The US is also a victim.)

    We are really seeing the mask come off now. Because of the lens. Everything is coming into focus for those who don’t look away. But many will…

  106. Vivian O’Blivion

    Robin McAlipine’s analysis in his last two posts is almost flawless; the Party is being run by and for the benefit of the salaried functionaries at Jackson’s Entry.
    Robin however fails to fully address the dire financial situation. All revenue streams other than British State, Short money have dried up. Membership subs are way down (and that’s the official figures), wee Peter’s ahem … creative accounting techniques are under the Polis spotlight.
    Short money comprises £21,438 / MP and £43 / 200 votes (this second allocation is a minor element accounting for only £300k of the £1.3m the SNP receives annually).
    A reduction to say 20 seats at the upcoming UK GE would see the Party reduced to £530k in Short money, a brutal 60% loss.
    Robin foresees the Party limping on to Holyrood 2026 under Swinney. In a few month time, the Party will be unavoidably insolvent.
    At this point, the smallest unanticipated stress could bring the whole edifice to collapse.

  107. Ebok

    Vivian O’Blivion @ 9.41am

    ‘At this point, the smallest unanticipated stress could bring the whole edifice to collapse’

    I have to agree that this is a far more likely outcome than Andy Ellis’s ‘We can’t expect the SNP to dissipate overnight (more’s the pity!)’.

    Your post on the previous thread pointed to the latest YouGov WM poll where SNP is on 27%, which would give them just 8 seats. That polling suggests that they will get around 500,000 HR votes and a LOT of seats. But that was 2 days ago, and since then SNP has gone from shooting themselves in both feet to doing similar to kneecaps.

    And with so many negatives yet to be revealed, the points you make on the loss of short money, further guaranteed losses of membership dues, and Swinney, it all amounts to an irresistible assault on 3 fronts: more revelations of potential criminality to come, financial woes, and incompetent leadership.

    After the WM GE results are known, I cannot see any circumstances that enable SNP to continue until May 2026.

  108. MaryB

    For those wanting to learn about US interests in Scotland, there’s an article in the US Journal ‘Foreign Policy’ 08.03.2021, Scottish Independence Poses Security Problem for US. Tells it all.

  109. Geri



    The UN security council is the veto they’ll not risk losing.

    It gives free reign to those other lunatics.

    If ICC & ICJ fail to act on recent events the whole empire will come crashing down & the UN will fall along with it.

    Best thing that could happen. It’s also corrupted & the courts may just show they are too. The tail owns the whole shabang. Even to the point a foreign political party now thinks it can interfere in the USA constitution & it probably will because money talks.


    You are correct. No one seems to get what they voted for. Not just Scotland but everyone else in the west too. That’s by interference & design. People are finally seeing the manoeuvres because they’re so arrogant they hardly attempt to conceal it any more. The EU also seem on a mission to eat itself with craziness lol despite their mandates, public opinion & even the damage to their own economies.

  110. sarah

    ICUMI: David Robertson has reported Kenny Farquharson, Times “journalist”, for a hate crime on the grounds of religious belief for his article about Kate Forbes.

    Popcorn ready.

  111. Luigi

    Ignored says:
    3 May, 2024 at 10:12 am
    Vivian O’Blivion @ 9.41am

    ‘At this point, the smallest unanticipated stress could bring the whole edifice to collapse’

    Agreed. The dam is seriously cracked now and it will definitely burst sometime. It’s holding for now (they are trying hard) but it’s unsustainable, and when it finally goes, it could be spectacular. Popcorn ready and waiting.

    “it all amounts to an irresistible assault on 3 fronts: more revelations of potential criminality to come, financial woes, and incompetent leadership.”

    Agreed (all three). The financial woes in particular may have been behind this massive effort to avoid an election. Do the SNP have anything left in the piggy bank to fight one?

    PS: A fourth front? The independenistas. The SNP have failed spectacularly to do what the people elected them to do (not even close). They focussed instead on what people did not elect them to do (and hate). Many genuine independence supporters won’t even look at them now because of all the unpopular woke green nonsense they have been pushing.

  112. Tommy Sheridan

    There is a world of difference between a vote to actually bring down an independence supporting government and/or First Minister and a safe vote to openly express your distaste and anger at that government’s woeful failure to advance the cause of independence and dangerous assault on the basic rights of women and girls. Adults know what Ash Regan did on Wednesday was use her vote to give the Scottish Government a metaphorical kick in the arse for it’s incompetence and inaction on independence. There was no chance that her vote was going to result in the government collapsing or a First Minister resigning. The Greens have caused the First Minister resignation not Ash Regan. My comments were made at the time when Ash’s vote could have decided the fate of Humza and the Scottish Government. That was when the Greens announced they were voting with the unionists unless Humza was dumped. They forced out an SNP First Minister not Ash Regan. Adults know these facts to be true. They recognise what happened. They know the gender obsessed identity politics zealots in the Greens forced Humza to step down. Only immature and/or ill-informed individuals believe Ash Regan threatened the existence of an alleged independence supporting government. Ash took the opportunity to protest the inadequacies of the SNP/Green alliance in government and she had plenty of justification for that decision. She is 100% committed to Scottish independence, defence of women’s rights and prioritising fighting poverty and inequality across Scotland. The SNP/Green coalition do not share those priorities unfortunately. Informed adults know this to be true ????????

  113. Boyce Frank

    And this leaves their so-called raison d’être (independence) exactly where in the scheme of things?

    Its been a decade of SNP broken promises and laws criminalising people for thought crimes! Scotland is a legal basket case now.

    I will never vote for them. They can put indy front and center and make it the first word on their manifesto but I do not believe them to deliver anything except distractions,failures, and front page indy-carrots.

    There are members of the Labour Party who think its a workers party and don’t realise that the Labour is so far so the right that Margaret Thatcher’s government is currently to the left of them. The SNP is in a similar situation. Their supporters don’t realise they are now a fully fledged unionist party touting for peerages and expenses in London.

  114. fruitella the hun

    Mary B at 11.03

    That article about US attitude to Scottish independence

    There are many more.


    If you should want to know who & what really pulls the global strings read the book reviewed below.
    Those in Scottish politics who fail to intellectually ingest the true nature of this new order are purblind to its dehumanizing effects.
    Ought to be on everyone’s reading list.

  116. Northcode

    I see the Commonwealth, that comfort blanket dear to the the shrivelled remains of the British Empire, has had enough of England’s hubris and is refusing to play its pretend game of ‘global power and influence’ anymore.

    Not one of the Commonwealth’s member states wants to endure the embarrassment, or indeed the costs, attached to hosting the 2026 games held in its name.

    And so England is trying to palm of the holding and associated price tag of hosting the anachronistic flag-waving nonsense to Glasgow and the Scots.

    It’s long past time even more celebrity chefs appeared on the British Empire’s BBC to join the plethora of show-cooks already filling its TV and radio channels.

  117. Mia

    “Do you really think the people of England have a real choice at the ballot box. Look what they did to Corbyn, not dissimilar to what they did to Salmond”

    I do not think the people of England, Wales or NI have a real choice at the ballot box because I do not believe the UK is a democracy. Until 2015 it was a pretend democracy. For Scotland, all pretence was abandoned the day the political fraud announced that, despite having polls showing the SNP would win by a landslide, “a vote for the SNP is not a vote for independence or even for a referendum”.

    Everything we have seen since that day points to the SNP having been deliberately used as a wrecking ball thrown against the independence movement and as a tool to frustrate, rather than deliver, our anti-union mandates.

    The political party system is not being used to deliver democracy. It is being used as a tool to deliberately frustrate democracy while keeping voters thinking the disgusting policies forced down our throats and the denial of our democratic rights are somewhat our choices.

    I find it very revealing that the three major political parties: Conservatives, Labour and the SNP have been subjected to a very similar, if no identical, infiltration process which follows the same modus operandi to get rid of the popular choice and which results in the exact same outcome: a party shell.

    In the case of the tories, they go rid of Johnson so they could install puppet Sunak. Members never got the opportunity to elect Sunak as leader.

    In the case of labour they got rid of Corbyn so they could install puppet Starmer. I do not remember a contest where voters could actually elect Starmer, although I may be wrong.

    In the case of the SNP they got rid of Salmond so they could install successive puppets like Sturgeon, Yousaf and now Mr Black Pen. Given how delicate the situation is in Scotland and that any perception of frustration of democracy will result in further support for independence, in the case of the SNP they tried to pretend the process was democratic. But Sturgeon stood unopposed for the leadership contest, so there was not a choice. In the case of Yousaf, we all know how it went. They had Forbes to divide the pro-independence vote and still had to bump up Yousaf’s vote with some 8,000 rather dodgy votes. Now we have the coronation of Swinney, whose track record proves is a very unpopular choice as leader. To get him to the podium, the cabal are exploiting the membership’s support for Forbes so they can effectively transfer Forbes’ votes on to Swinney. A dirty move aiming to frustrate democratic choice and secure the coronation of their inside man under the guise of “a leadership contest”.

    The three parties are experiencing the exact same process of “regime change”. These three parties, which should be in diametrically opposites sides of the political spectrum, are now occupying the exact same area and their policies, particularly foreign policy and neoliberal economics, are virtually identical with only minor cosmetic variations between them so they can keep different brands.

    Incidentally, the “regime change” applied to the political parties has resulted also in a “regime change” being applied to the UK. This cannot be any more obvious than the regime change we are seeing in Scotland since Mr Salmond stood down.

    That the three political parties are effectively selling the exact same toxic product tells us two things:

    1. this isn’t a democracy, it is an autocracy, absolute rule
    2. There is an entity superior to political parties that is actively manipulating and controlling, possibly via infiltration or blackmail, those political parties so they effectively become the exact same product with the exact same flaws and as far removed from what the public actually want as possible, but sold under different brands to maintain the illusion that voters have a choice.

    The immediate question to ask here is who/what is that entity that is manipulating and controlling UK political parties against the interest of the voters and that is deliberately frustrating democracy.

    There aren’t an awful lot of entities that can be above the political parties. So it either is an internal high profile actor, like the crown, or an external one, like a foreign government or secret service.

    So who has destroyed our political parties for its own benefit, who is currently controlling and coordinating them, who is making the UK a dictatorship and who/what is the entity that is actively frustrating Scotland’s independence?

    Who is the entity MPs and MSPs are working as useful idiots for?

    Is it the crown, is it USA, is it TelAviv, are the three of them working in collusion, or is something/someone else?

    If there is something clear is that Scotland will never restore its statehood through a rotten to the core political system which has been totally manipulated under the control of an external entity and has been deliberately repurposed to work as a tool against popular choice.

    If we want independence, we are going to have to bypass this corrupt system, this dictatorship in disguise, and more importantly, we are going to have to bypass the evil entity that is frustrating our democratic choices.

    We cannot bypass what we don’t know what it is. The first step is therefore identify who/what is behind this “regime change”.

    They say light is the best disinfectant. So let’s use it. For starters, let’s start demanding answers.

  118. James Che


    I managed to reply to you today,
    But it is in yesterdays Volkssturm John post so as not to sideline Stu’ new post today,

  119. Itsagoinwrang

    Anyone advocating SNP 1 and 2 on here is deluded.

    At least make your second Holyrood vote for an alternative Indy candidate whether independent, ALBA or ISP.

    Otherwise, you’re simply ushering more unionists.

    Hoped Ash would have burnt (pun intended) this current shambles down.

  120. Northcode

    My apologies for the couple of typos in my previous comment.

    Although it is a poor excuse, I was in a rush when I wrote it and neglected to proof-read my own comment until it was to too late to rectify.


    fruitella the hun 12:05
    It would appear that Scottish independence is in no ones interest except China and Russia. An iScotland would become Albania.
    May explain why the SNP is no longer really interested and wants to make babies with Nato.
    A collection of plump turkeys waiting for Thanksgiving?
    Azeem Ibrahim, a Scot, founded this

  122. Bob

    Swinney’s just a puppet, Sturgeon has her hand up his arse controlling his every movements. Sturgeon is still controlling the SNP from behind the scenes. Hopefully Useless Polis Scotland will arrest and charge her.

  123. James Che

    Mi a,

    Of course the one solution to the lack of democracy in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland is the “Great Reset button” , perhaps not in the way Globalists imagined.

    The binding connection is the treaty of union, If that falls, all four Countries are released from the farce of Britains styled political democracy.

    Treaties and agreements made under the logo of Great- Britain and the united kingdom would be Scrapped.
    The gender policies, the WHO treaties which steals Sovereignty of a persons body and sovereignty of their Country, the Hate Crime bill, the Ulez schemes, the war treaties,
    The finance and austerity rip off, the global finance structure, the climate change ideology, the restrictions on our Countries farmers growing that want to grow our own foods supplies, including all our fishing returned, the Nato wars, bye bye to free ports, borders and lack of immigration control, it would be would returned to each of the four Countries,

    Just about everything we object to as people in our own countries right now on these Isles , could have a new beginning, a political reset to democracy for the people,

    Nearly all of it is linked to the united kingdom/s of Great Britain, the Old British Empire, and the dodgy treaty of union,
    Britain needs a great reset button for the sake all the people.


    AZEEM IBRAHIM responsible for this is one of those USA based «international» consultant types.
    He is a Scot, solid UK unionist, «progressive» Muslim, advised Imran Khan in Pakistan and seems to have various rather obscure business interests. Prolific commentator on anything and everything.

  125. James Che


    Have you read the parliament of Englands Act of Settlement, on the UK parliament site 2024?
    Both Englands bill of rights and England Act of Settlement are still Still in force today as Englands constitution,not Scotlands, or Irelands.

    The Crown of England, ( not a shared or united Crown with Scotland ) but the crown and parliament of England (EXTENDED) their Crown- to- Scotland in 1707.

    The problem here is that it was the Crown of England (not a shared monarch) that did both sides of the negotiation treaty of union, and gave Englands Royal assent to both sides,

    It was only suspected that something was amiss, but the UK parliament admit here that the Monarch of England was not the shared monarch with Scotland,

    The crown of England rules present day Britain.

  126. willie

    Having turned the SNP into an anti independence party the existence of the SNP as a real political party is now a charade.

    Without a shadow of a doubt there will be a cull of SNP MPs at the next UK general election. The resulting cut in the short money aligned to meagre membership money and zilch donations will as V O’B say bring the SNP to absolute financial penury with no money to fight elections.

    The Brits, together with their helpers, and comfortable troughers have done their bit. SNP out in Westminster, out in Hollyrood and on their absolute knees.

    And meanwhile Mr Swinney steps forward as the continuity Brit placeman

  127. Geri


    “Is it the crown, is it USA, is it TelAviv, are the three of them working in collusion, or is something/someone else?”

    The last two.

    The reason all parties sing from the same hymns sheet is because of the NGOs & lobbyists. They’re in all camps pushing the same bullshit so that no matter who wins the hot seat it’s the same bullshit but under a different colour rosette.

    Yvonne Ridley wrote about this a few years ago when Corbyn was given the push & the UK government signing up wholesale to the IHRA & Sturgeon was pushed to do the same in Holyrood though she never officially made any statement in Holyrood that I’m aware of but she did to the media. That’s another problem we have. Governments signing up to secret shit. Who knew the UK government signed us up to a 2030 roadmap for bilateral relations to *you *know *who now stepped up to ‘an accord’ lol

    Not put to parliament. Nope – just signed up to by whom??

    As for Starmer – he was elected by the membership. A wolf in Corbyns clothing to win. Then promptly ditched the policies & the membership once he did to sing from the same hymn sheet as the Tories.

    This is a common theme happening across the EU too. Eejits winning mandates & then promptly ditching it to go off on a tangent no one voted for..

    Interesting times ahead because the EU thought they were buying into the protection racket..LOL. That protection has ended up being sweet fck all lol. The great Oz has been revealed to have nothing but a big mouth. As all bullies do.

  128. David Jones

    Come the General Election which SNP MP most deserves their very own “Portillo moment”?

  129. James Che

    That of course does not unite two kingdoms,

    And the treaty of union did not unite two kingdoms,
    It only Extended , the bill off rights and Act of settlement into Scotland to make a Englands Crown monarch the monarch of Scotland after the treaty of union was signed.

    Between 1701 and 1707 Scotland refused to acknowledge the Hanover monarchs of England as their monarch of Scotland,
    That was what the Scottish Act of Security was about,

  130. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi James Che.

    There were no “Hanover monarchs” until 1714.

    From the link below:-
    “In 1714 George I, prince-elector of Hanover and a descendant of King James VI and I, assumed the throne of Great Britain and Ireland, marking the beginning of Hanoverian rule over the British Empire.”

  131. Northcode

    From the BBC:

    The second ferry being built in Turkey for Scotland’s west coast routes will be launched on 8 June, ferries agency CMAL has announced.

    It’s a sorry state o’ affairs whin the Scots hiv tae ask anither country tae build a haunfu o’ wee boats fer us

  132. sam

    In recognition of his greatest achievements and a constant reminder, I think it appropriate to call the new FiMi -in-waiting, Jo Swi.

  133. Stuart MacKay

    So who is going to be Starmer’s puppet in Scotland? Sarwar or Forbes?

    Tony Blair and His Associates Are Waiting in the Wings to Take Back Power in UK, by Nick Corbishley on Naked,

  134. Big Jock

    I listened to GMS this morning. They had some members of the SNP on. From their voices it sounded like the Yoof Wing. They all agreed that Swinney was good and Kate was not suitable.

    When asked about the divisions in the party. They said ” What divisions”? Well in a roundabout way they were right. All the argumentative long term members have left. To be replaced by these clones of Sturgeon.

    One way to solve division is to force all the good people out. Then the Yoof can run the party as their minority gender driven whacko club.

    This is why the SNP will die , and must die. It will not be reborn. The ship of Theseus (Greek legend) had every original part removed, but still called itself Theseus. But it’s not the same ship.

    The SNP exist in name only.

  135. Dan

    @ Northcode

    May need to call in some foreign assistance to sort this broken village sewer pipe…
    It’s been 10 weeks today since the fault was reported.
    It’s a total fucking comedy observing the various organisations involved in attempting to resolve the matter, which a couple of blokes and an excavator could have done in a day.
    Quality Polis stylée “Engineers” wondering why the river level has been dropping significantly but the backwater level was rising… Hey lads, you may want to walk a hundred yards and you’ll see the beaver that undermined the sewer pipe foundations causing it to fail, has now built a dam which is why the pipe is still under 18″ of water…
    It appears someone who isn’t me has removed it for you so you can maybe get on with fixing the pipe seeing as you’ve spaffed away over 1/4 million quid and achieved nothing positive so far.

  136. Republicofscotland

    “So who is going to be Starmer’s puppet in Scotland? Sarwar or Forbes?”

    Starmer as well as being the leader of Labour, is also a deep state member he has close ties with the English security services, Starmer is a known member of the Trilateral Commission (as is Sturgeon) you can’t join it you need to be invited to join.

    Starmer has close ties to Israel as well and he even has ex-8200 Unit personnel managing his social media accounts.

    As head of the CPS he failed to prosecute Savile, he threatened the Swedish authorities when they attempted to drop the false charges against Julian Assange.

    He played a significant part in bringing down the socialist leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, in what was one of the biggest ever smear campaigns/character assassination in the world never mind the UK.

    Starmer is on record saying that it is right for Netanyahu to push his campaign of starvation in the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

    The above is just the tip of the iceberg on what Starmer is capable of, in my opinion there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories anymore.

  137. Izzie

    Willie@ 1.31 “turned the SNP into an Anti independence party” Oh come on . That is utter rubbish. Independence is why we activists get up in the morning. Incidentally if Alba were pro independence why did Ms Regan vote against the largest pro independence group in Holy rood

  138. Big Jock

    I think Robin articulates exactly how all of us who are not part of the SNP cult feel. The cult will say exactly the opposite, and that we are bitter and lack faith.

    I don’t do political faith. My beliefs are evidence based. The SNP are a failed experiment.

  139. Republicofscotland

    “So who is going to be Starmer’s puppet in Scotland? Sarwar or Forbes?”

    Starmer as well as being the leader of Labour, is also a deep state member he has close ties with the English security services, Starmer is a known member of the Trilateral Commission (as is Sturgeon) you can’t join it you need to be invited to join.

    As head of the CPS he failed to prosecute Savile, he threatened the Swedish authorities when they attempted to drop the false charges against Julian Assange.

    He played a significant part in bringing down the socialist leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, in what was one of the biggest ever smear campaigns/character assassination in the world never mind the UK.

    The above is just the tip of the iceberg on what Starmer is capable of, in my opinion there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories anymore.

  140. lothianlad

    You are Allways correct Wings!

  141. MaryB

    Turabdin @ 1.13pm
    Do you think Azeem Ibrahim is accurate in what he says?

  142. Mia

    “why did Ms Regan vote against the largest pro independence group in Holy rood”

    Which “pro-independence group” are you referring to? At the moment, the only pro-independence party represented in Holyrood is Alba. SNP and Greens, despite having since 2016 a combined majority in parliament, did SFA to progress Scotland’s independence. Instead, they abused that majority and our anti-union votes to foist on us brexit, to foist on us fascist legislation and thought control, to force feed us with their stupid anti-biology policies and to putting the interests of perverts, fetishists, rapists and paedophiles ahead those of women and children.

    In fact, under Sturgeon and then Yousaf, an unelected representative of the crown was parachuted to the cabinet so it could hand control over executive and legislative powers to the English crown. Goodness, Yousaf even insulted us all by handing the stone of destiny to the English king. That is not what a “pro-independence group” does. That is precisely what a group actively fighting against independence does.

    The SNP and the Greens have become, at all practical effects, another pro-devolution colonial administrator.

    So well done, Ms Regan. More power to your elbow. The first step in progressing Scotland’s independence is to clear out the decks by ejecting from our parliamentary seats all those SNP and Green shysters, time-wasters, troughers and devolutionist charlatans.

  143. Big Jock

    Lizzie – Alba voted against the SNP government for the very reason that they are a pro-independence party. They wanted to effect change. You don’t do that by propping up the devolutionist party. The do nothing party need to be removed. Or we will still be having this conversation in 2030!

    This idea that it’s mandatory to vote with a so called independence party just because they are in power is wrong. You vote with the evidence presented to you. Not the hypothetical mirage of ‘Jam Tomorrow’.

  144. Republicofscotland

    Fervent House Jock Brillo, aka Andrew Neil is getting it in the neck after sharing a cartoon piccy of ex-SNP FM’s being hanged including Alex Salmond.

    If anyone shared the likes of Sunak or Starmer being hanged you’d have the Scottish Stasi (armed to the teeth) knocking in your front door and frog marching you into the police van.

    Brillo is a of course ashamed of his Scottishness, he once railed on a BBC2 Politics Show that he had lived in England for 25 years when one English politician called him Scottish.

    The Cringe (force) is strong in Neil, almost Boswellian.

    “I do indeed come from Scotland, but I cannot help it” said Boswell.

  145. Iain More

    Going by the English Local election results so far it is obvious that the English haven’t rumbled the Greens there yet. The English better get to buying up the Vaseline.


    MaryB 3:43pm
    In so far as he reflects the AngloAmerican view of the world, yes.
    Whether an iScotland would be a disaster for the Scottish people would depend on how assertive those people were in the face of the hostile environment supporters of that worldview might confect.
    Independence would be like moving into rough sea. You would need exceptionally skilled people at the helm, effectively ruling out the current régime.

  147. Stoker

    Alf Baird says on 3 May 2024 at 12:16 am:

    “so it seems Swinney is also the candidate the British establishment wants to see as FM of Scotland for the next 2 years. I wonder why.”

    “Ex MSP Campbell Martin explained why in his books suggesting that Swinney helped remove people from the SNP parliamentary groups who were serious about independence, replacing them with useful idiots content to maintain the colonial racket; that has been one of his main roles it seems – as gatekeeper.”

    Not that long ago an article appeared on here by Kenny MacAskill (i think) where he referred to knowing of one SNP stalwart who, at the end of a working day, would have 2 BritNat journos waiting outside his/her office for her/him. And all 3 would head off to some pub for drinks on a regular basis.

    I wonder if that was Swinney? The implication in the article seemed to be that the individual in question, whoever it was, could not and should not be a trusted indy operator. For various understandable reasons that person was never named in the article but i regularly wonder who it could be. My hot favourite would be Mike Russell, he loves a blether and he’s fond of a dram or two. But who really knows, eh? So many to choose from.

    Although the person was never named in the article i got the impression it was a male (a real one, LOL) but i could be 100% wrong. Either way i’m reminded of that old saying which rings very true today; Loose lips sink ships.

  148. JGedd

    I don’t know why posters are responding to Izzie’s comments regarding the SNP. Izzie comes on this site but she shows little sign that she actually reads the articles.

    She just keeps reiterating unsubstantiated assertions in support for the SNP. Her views have little to do with the reality of independence politics over the past ten years. She is, unfortunately, very representative of supporters of the present SNP. Stuck in a time warp somewhere around 2014, it’s as if the horror show of the SNP government under Sturgeon had never happened in her parallel universe. All the evidence of the lax and corrupt governance of Scotland, the shameless incompetence of its leadership has passed her by.

    Like Izzie, the blind Stakhanovite loyalty of those remaining SNP supporters is being shamelessly exploited by the charlatans who run the SNP. It’s sad but perhaps it’s better to tiptoe quietly away and leave them to slumber in the alternative dream world in which they are becalmed. There it will always be 2014 and disturbing reality will never be allowed to intrude.

  149. James Che

    Brian doonthetoon,

    Yep yer right, and I really should nt be doing this for everyone while I have so much on my plate.
    Thats when mistake happen especially on a old computer system that cannot copy and paste,

    Stil over the two years most of you will be curious enough to start your own investigations by now and hopefully a little bit further than the Snp, and small time chaos they create,
    Glad to see you still on here Brian and seemly doing well, We had our first visit from the MicMillin nurse this week, and questionaires from nurse on whom has powers of attorney when the time comes, (spouse refused operation and chemo,)
    The toe and partial foot amputation though is healing better and quicker than iI thought it would

    I am away to strim the grass, cut the hedge and see to the washing, before seeing to tea,, then feed the dogs and take in sticks to light the fire cos spouse often feels the cold,
    Beside trying to banks and getting the Car sorted, blue badge forms etc,

    Just too much on my plate right now to focus on details out with our enviroment of chaoes,
    Hold the fort, to a future date Brian, and nice to see you back on wings,
    This year will be full of ups and downs I have no doubt politically and personally for us,
    Wishing you a full an good recovery,

  150. twathater

    @ JGedd 5.46pm thank you for your comment about izzie you have saved me typing the same thing, izzie??? also comments the same way with the the same snp greatness over on Yours For Scotland and nobody else there believes her either

    I don’t want or like to be cruel but izzie is either a prankster or a very deluded individual if she believes the current snp is a independence party

    TBQH it appears quite common nowadays when people REFUSE to recognise the FAILINGS of our politicians and continue to believe that they are REALLY working for the benefit of Scotland and fighting for independence

    Politicians are the reason we are in this mess, everyone of them have LIED to the electorate regarding Scots SOVEREIGNTY
    Even now they AVOID telling the TRUTH and AVOID the people and the organisations trying to EXPOSE the TRUTH

  151. Alf Baird

    Big Jock @ 3:30 pm

    “I think Robin articulates exactly how all of us who are not part of the SNP cult feel.”

    Yes, fairly wide analysis of the dominant national party goings-on, however Robin and other Scots political intellectuals still need to better understand and acknowledge Scotland’s colonial reality; postcolonial theory explains why we are where we are and what is needed. If you fail to identify the ‘condition’ you are unlikely to find the ‘remedy’:

  152. MaryB

    Turabdin @ 4.2pm
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s a reality check. There are talented, competent people here in Scotland who could handle these complex issues, but not wanted (or needed) by the SNP.

  153. George Ferguson

    John Swinney will become the new First Minister. But for how long?. The Greens will bring him down. The human condition of the need to exercise power. The Greens tasted power and have already proven by their intervention on the A96 they ain’t going away. Boredom will force a VONC. I give Swinney less than six months.

  154. Sven

    In view of Mr Swiney declining to say whether he believes a transwoman is a woman on Thursday at his Leadership announcement, it seems that he’ll fit seamlessly into the Green & woke agenda currently being imposed upon our (amongst other countries) poor, broken Scotland.
    The programme where women and children have no safe or private spaces, school children are indoctrinated without their parents’ knowledge and there are some 56+ self recognised genders.
    How anyone can support this SNP administration or this Leader & FM elect defeats me.

  155. Republicofscotland

    The current SNP is stuffed full with idiots and grifters who are an embarrassment to Scotland.

    “An SNP minister has echoed The Thick of It by saying John Swinney is “the right man for the moment”.

    Mairi McAllan used the same words which provoked panic when used by fictional politician Nicola Murray used in the satirical political comedy.

    In the programme UK cabinet minister Murray blunders saying “the prime minister is the right man for the moment” instead of “man of the moment”.

    The gaffe sparks outrage in Labour spinner Malcolm Tucker as it suggested that the prime minister could be replaced in the future.”

  156. Rab Clark

    @Tommy Sheridan and Mia –

    Just to let you know we’ve used your comments (re the attacks on Ash) in our latest.


  157. Northcode

    I’ve been reading an interesting book on Celtic mythology.

    I came across these passages, which seem incongruous within the context of the book’s subject matter but are there nonetheless:

    The English broke the Treaty of Union, the written constitution of Great Britain, almost as soon as the ink was dry.

    “Have we not bought the Scots and the right to tax them?” demanded the Speaker of the House of Commons in 1714. “We have catch’d the Scots and will hold them fast.”

    The latest clear breaking of the Treaty of Union was by Margaret Thatcher in her imposition of her notorious Poll Tax (called Community Charge by her Government) in Scotland a year before its imposition in England.

    Yet the British Parliament still pretends the Treaty of Union runs in Scotland, allowing Scotland its own judicial system and, until recently, its own educational system.

    But the Westminster Parliament breaks the terms of the treaty with apparent impunity.

    extracted from The Dictionary of Celtic Mythology (1992) by Peter Berresford Ellis

    I don’t think the author’s description of the Treaty of Union as the written constitution of Great Britain is correct, though. I’m sure there are some on here who know.

  158. Dan

    @ George Ferguson

    Have you considered a bet on whether the SNP will manage to beat Labour for number of leader changes in a given time period.
    And which SNPer will be the equivalent to Labour’s Rhubarb Lichen?

  159. dasBlimp


    Re Thatcher and the Poll tax…

  160. Breeks

    Sorry troops. Mini disaster… I can’t do the AUOB tomorrow. Nothing actually disastrous, just a bad combo of life circumstances, – but I really wanted to go. Just can’t.

    Good luck to all, and I really hope the numbers smash it. Probably not the momentum to be huge one, but I hope it is, and I’m there in spirit.

  161. Effijy

    Quite a surprise on the latest English Council elections.

    There are currently 451 LibDem Councillors to the Tories 449.
    Labour are over the 1,000 mark.

    Every Party that you have heard of has made significant gains on the back of the Tories.

    The most terrifying piece of data from all this is that 25% of English votes are for more of the same 14 years of recession, cuts and corruption.

  162. George Ferguson

    @Dan 7:28pm
    Hi Dan the short answer is No on that bet. I will say that in my whole life I have seldom seen politicians frightened of an election. Whether that be Conservatives, Labour or the SNP. When we hear of politicians wanting to postpone an election to get six months salary it’s as grotesque as it gets. I have a bet on 40 plus Labour MPs in the GE for Scotland. Looking good with Branchform to come.

  163. JB

    One minor issue for the AUOB march tomorrow may be the train trikes and engineering works.

    I guess we shall see.

  164. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi James Che.

    Thanks for your good wishes.

  165. Alf Baird

    Stoker @ 5:41 pm

    “I wonder if that was Swinney?”

    ‘Gradualist’ Swinney’s track record is one of (a) hounding fundamentalists out of the national party and (b) losing seats in elections.

    Postcolonial theory suggests a very close correlation between these two variables.

    Of course, liberation of ‘a people’ by necessity requires fundamental changes to their circumstances; hence targeted removal and marginalisation of fundamentalists is counter productive to an independence struggle.

  166. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi JB.

    I like the idea of “train trikes”.

    I see a row of carriages pulled by a three-wheeled locomotive, with a flat track in between the usual rails, for the front wheel, purpose unknown.

    I guess the RMT would have something to say about the driver’s duties.

    A whole can of worms.

  167. Neep the Veep

    Just had both my boys confirm they will be marching along with the grandkids tomorrow – hope the weather stays fine.

  168. James Barr Gardner

    Tories and Labour have failed to stop the march for Independence, to halt it the Brit establishment have infested the SNP to do a proper job, it’s what they do !

  169. Alf Baird

    Northcode @ 7:22 pm

    “I don’t think the author’s description of the Treaty of Union as the written constitution of Great Britain is correct”

    The Treaty of Union created the Parliament of Great Britain, hence is the founding document of that particular entity.

    Its articles set out the conditions, such as Scottish representation and the Claim of Right Act 1689, the latter forming elements of the separate Scottish constitution and hence Kingdom of Scotland as a signatory party.

    In other words:

    “The Claim of Right Act 1689 regulates and constrains the (UK) executive’s power” over Scotland; i.e. the UK Parliament is a subordinate entity to Kingdom of Scotland.
    (p. 7)

  170. Northcode

    Alf Baird

    Thanks for the clarification Alf. And thanks for the link – very helpful.

  171. Xaracen

    Northcode said;

    “I don’t think the author’s description of the Treaty of Union as the written constitution of Great Britain is correct, though.”

    It isn’t; it does have constitutional significance, but it didn’t extinguish either of the existing constitutions of Scotland or England. The Treaty does guarantee the continued authority of Scotland’s constitution as cited in Scotland’s 1689 Claim of Right, but there is no such guarantee for England’s constitution. That doesn’t mean England’s constitution ceased to exist, just that some of it became irrelevant where it clashed with the Treaty, or with Scotland’s constitution.

    What the Treaty didn’t do was confer governance authority over Scotland to England. More specifically, it didn’t confer it to England’s MPs! It delegated governance authority over both kingdoms to the new Union’s parliament, and that delegated authority turned up as a physical delegation of Scottish MPs and a physical delegation of English MPs.

    Those two bodies of MPs are the sole formal representatives of the two Treaty Principals in their Union parliament, and both Principals being equally sovereign, neither body of their MPs can have any formal authority over the other, and nothing in the Treaty provides for any such asymmetric authority.

    England’s establishment has never bothered to understand that, and it suited that establishment much better to pretend that Scotland’s sovereignty didn’t really exist, and that England’s far greater MP numbers than Scotland’s should be deployed in a flat vote in the parliament, thus giving England a huge but entirely unwarranted power advantage over Scotland on any matter of governance of the Union’s two territories.

    Scotland’s MPs had no obligation nor authority to accept this unwritten, unratified and unconstitutional voting arrangement, but somehow they did accept it, utterly betraying Scotland in the process.

    The Treaty wasn’t a fraud, but its implementation by Westminster’s English establishment was and is absolutely fraudulent!

  172. Geri

    James Barr Gardner


    & No one does ‘regime change’ better than the Americans & their little spies at turning a population against its elected representatives. Divide & conquer.

    The SNP should no longer be a topic of conversation amongst indy folk.
    They’re finished. Gone. Deid. No resurrection. No 2nd coming.
    DNR under any circumstances. They’re all tainted or they’d have revolted & walked by now. Only three did & we seen on full display the contempt they were each shown for doing so.

    The gender woo killed it. There are no survivors. Robin needs to come to terms that they’re a lost cause & move on. Sold out under Sturgeons watch who only wanted grifters & sycophants. Not professional candidates that would threaten her position & we can all see the results. Eejits who can’t even conduct an appearance on TV never mind negotiate indy.

    Swinney should be short lived. He buried & blocked his way through the alpabetties saga.


    “(a real one, LOL)”



    “The programme where women and children have no safe or private spaces, school children are indoctrinated without their parents’ knowledge and there are some 56+ self recognised genders.
    How anyone can support this SNP administration or this Leader & FM elect defeats me.”

    Any I’ve had the misfortune to interact with on X have turned out to be rabid Greens looking to keep SNP in power or, in the case of at least four accounts on X, turned out to be SNP spads busted for tweeting the exact same tweets as each other & how wonderful Sturgeon was.

    That only leaves the rainbow crew.

    James Che & Brian doonthetoon

    Sending my best wishes x

  173. George Ferguson

    I was thinking about the role of John Swinney as a caretaker in charge of the managed decline of the SNP. I always thought of Swinney as a Janitor not a caretaker. Driving the bus with welded doors off the cliff. I will never forgive him for his role in the Named Person scandal.

  174. sarah

    To all going on the march tomorrow – thank you. Enjoy the day, recruit others to and add the AyeApp to your phone!

  175. Kcor

    Tommy Sheridan

    3 May, 2024 at 11:53 am

    “There is a world of difference between a vote to actually bring down an independence supporting government and/or First Minister”

    “Adults know what Ash Regan did on Wednesday was use her vote to give the Scottish Government a metaphorical kick in the arse for it’s incompetence and inaction on independence. There was no chance that her vote was going to result in the government collapsing or a First Minister resigning.”

    Tommy, have you become that unprincipled? Shame on you.

    The SNP government is NOT an independence supporting government.

    It is a preventing independence at all costs government.

    The sooner it collapses, the better.

  176. Northcode

    Xaracen @ 10:44pm

    Thanks, Xaracen.

    It’s a big help having the language used in such legal instruments as the ToU and the Claim of Right (1689) explained in a way more comprehensible to layfolk like myself.

  177. PhilM

    I am pleading on my knees to the SNP that when John Swinney becomes First Minister that Maree Todd is elevated to DFM. Please SNP, please do this just for me. I’ll shuffle round the garden a 100 times if needed…

  178. Big Jock

    Swinney will make Kate his deputy. That was the price for him getting a free run. She will take over when he loses the GE in the autumn.

  179. Ian Brotherhood

    Does anyone have solid dates/details re Alex Salmond’s legal action? Not easy to find via normal google search.

    Probably about time we all started refreshing our memories by way of preparation. At least that would be something positive.

  180. Big Jock

    Ian justice would be the best outcome to finally silence the Cabal in the SNP. Salmond needs to expose every last one of them. Fundamentally important. Because it’s the same corrupt Cabal running our government.

    The SNP will not change until they are brought down. We need to stop this madness.

  181. Ian Brotherhood

    @Big Jock (8.48) –

    Kin right.

    It’s worrying that Sturgeon is still doing her Gallus Alice routine, swanning out to meet ‘journalists’ as if she’s still a player, posing for the cameras with Big Val, opining on the solving of problems she created in the first place.

    There’s a wee poll ongoing:

    Luke Warm Dave @DaveLukewarm

    “Exclusive: Nicola Sturgeon warns of ‘push back’ on women’s rights and misogyny ‘on the rise again'”

    Question: Is Nicola Sturgeon

    Lacking self-awareness 17.8%

    Gaslighting 26.2%

    Trolling 7.6%

    Psychotic 48.4%

    673 votes

    10 hours left
    7:47 PM · May 3, 2024


  182. Tinto Chiel

    @Ian Brotherhood 9.02: can you vote for every option?

  183. James Barr Gardner

    Big Jock
    Ignored says:
    4 May, 2024 at 12:05 am
    Swinney will make Kate his deputy. That was the price for him getting a free run. She will take over when he loses the GE in the autumn.

    When Kate Forbes loses the HE in 2026, she will be replaced by Marmalade ?

  184. James Che


    Thank you for your good wishes,

    I will return to wings with better focus on the research subjects, in a better and more appropriate time,
    TO all those who may not understand what dealing with Colon Cancer is with a loved one, whom is not taken an operation or chemo,
    These are a few explanations, but not in great detail,
    Between changing sheets bedding and throwing out what were was once good mattresses, running back and two with sick buckets, disinfecting everything two or three times a day, washing soiled clothes mutiple times in a day, reorganising dietary intake means changing the household shopping menu, and cooking meals,
    Washing Disinfecting floors over again that have just been done, and still trying to do the basic fundamental house work, like cleaning cooker, fridges, hoovering etc,

    And now doing extended chores for of two people, the male and female, seeing to the car mot’s and paper work, seeing to banks, having multiple appointments and visits to different hospitals in different towns, surgery appointments, chasing up and form filling for help to obtain a wheelchair or benefits,

    Chopping kindlers, taking coal in and lighting the fire, filling hot water bottles, strimming and mowing lawn, cutting hedges, and felling some trees that were overgrown this year, repairing a fence ater winter gales,

    And all the odd things you do not anticipate, but have to deal with, like DWP having lost all your records from the start of your working life to present day, runs to citizens advice,
    Looking after my old dog who cannot get about, but remembering to walk the other dog which we inherited from sister in law that passed away two years ago and learning how to groom him,
    District nurse every second day to dress spouses foot, which I do when they cant make it

    I presume this is similar to most people lives whom are looking after and caring for a loved one at home,
    The odd thing is that this illness is slow but sure and obvious to see, but the private grieving before someone passes is a strange scenario to go through, most greiving takes place after a loved one passes, but you cannot share this with your spouse,

    Hopefully this discription of what happens will not only help others to cope daily with terminal illness,
    but help the rest of their families understand that sometimes you may forget the odd birthday or Christmases, or not be up to visits, or not be able to visit them,
    My family is rather good at understanding as my mum passed away last year, although gangerine took her before her Colon Cancer,

    But focus on other issues, well latterly…. you know the rest,
    I will post on wings again soon , But on days when I have more time to do it right and once again can focus,
    Many thanks Geri for your kind wishes.

  185. sarah

    James Che, I would like to think the health service/local authority could send some help – what you are dealing with is too much for one pair of hands. I was with my sister in her last weeks – I find the mere fact of trying to help, and of her knowing I was there, is a comfort afterwards.

  186. James Che


    Aye it would be nice to think that the system would automatically be in place, but have to organise and chase everything up myself,
    The only thing I did not, have to do was our first appointment with the MacMillan nurse end of last week,
    The district nurse whom changes spouses dressing on spouse foot suggested she would would notify the macmillian nurse to contact us,
    And I had to enquire if we could get some adult pants for through the night,
    Rubber or plastic bedsheets you have to supply yourselves,

    There has been no offer of any other help in two years I suppose I will have to instigate and chase this up myself too,

    Basically the surgery here is mainly a private ,enterprise receiving part NHS patients, so it is about money for them, they do not share all medical supplies with each other as we discovered with the Dressings for Spouse toe and foot,
    Spouse’s doctor from that surgery only stepped into help last week for the first time since Spouse was diagnosed two years ago, he offered steriods to reduce swelling,
    The NHS system is broke and here in particular certainly on its knees,
    And the two systems are not cohesive, under the one roof,

    Family are indeed a blessing and supportive but not able to help much as one lives in New Zealand and the other 50 miles away working one full time job in the day, ( office hours) and a part time job,
    In the evening and weekends while raising her daughter,

    Scotland needs to be independent away from the Barnett formula away from this corrupt political system, the DWP and benifits,
    Nobody even answers the phone at the DWP down south, it took myself and citizens Advice two working days to get through to them and then they required me to supply over forty years of proof of my work records that they had lost, misplaced, deleted and mis-managed. Plus they had no records of my ever having a family,
    All this is on top of my spouse being terminally ill,

    We need these systems to be in Scotland, from driving licences, to the national health, Scottish pass ports, licences for business and corporations need to be here, and change the police the councils, bus and railways Councils from corporate bodies back to public domain, and the politicians need to Scottish in our own parliament,

    We need to be independent Country away from all the mess and chaos of the failing British empire.

  187. Andouilette

    James Che, putting aside all politics (on which I am sure we would never agree), I am so sorry to read of what you are going through. If you can summon a little energy please stamp your feet and demand better help. Other than that I have no helpful suggestions except this; HMRC should have all your work records and are a great deal more efficient than the dreaded DWP.

    Having seen my dearest friend go through this with her husband I have some idea of the horrors you are facing and I send yu mt very best wishes and hopes that something can be done to make things a bit easier for you. Laughable though it sounds have you contacted your local MP and MSP? Doesn’t matter which party they are, some of them can be surprisingly helpful.

  188. sarah

    James Che, yes independence really is the only answer to getting the social services back up and running properly.

    Andouillette’s suggestion is worth trying.

    Is there a church and/or community charity where you are? Volunteers from them would do some cooking, shopping, housework etc for you. They will help anyone not only congregation members.

  189. Xaracen

    James Che said;


    Scotland did not have a shared Monarch with England from 1701 – 1707.

    And the Uk parliament site 2024, explain the “English parliaments Act of Settlement” regarding Monarchy was…..Extended…. to Scotland after the signitures on the treaty of union was still wet in 1707.
    Which has the effect that Queen Anne was not a shared monarch between Scotland and Englands kingdoms.
    The Scottish parliaments Act of Security also confirms that Scotland did not except the new Hanover monarch of England to replace the Scottish Stuart line as the monarchy of Scotland,
    It still remains the monarch of England in present day, and is part of the constitution of England,
    Not the constitution of Scotland,”

    No, James it had no such effect! King William III was monarch of both kingdoms, from 1689 to 1702, and Queen Anne was monarch of both kingdoms from 1702 to 1714, and no sensible interpretation says otherwise.

    “Scotland did not have a shared Monarch with England from 1701 – 1707.”

    Don’t be silly, James, of course it did! England’s 1701 Act of Succession did NOT remove Scotland’s monarchy from Scotland’s kingdom! It hadn’t the faintest authority to do anything remotely like that, and couldn’t enforce it even if it wanted to. In fact it changed absolutely nothing regarding either of the existing monarchies in 1701.

    The very point of the Act meant that it wouldn’t have effect until the circumstances it was predicated on actually happened, which didn’t occur until 1714. And as I’ve previously explained to you, Scotland was mentioned only twice in the entire Act, and both times it imposed nothing at all on or over Scotland; it merely imposed restrictions on England’s monarch’s movements, and eligibility for official positions in England.

    In 1701 both Scotland’s and England’s Crowns nominally shared the head of King William III, and had done so since 1689, and various previous heads going back to 1603. The 1701 Act merely proposed a hypothetical future in which Queen Anne died without a living heir of her body, leaving the succession to both kingdoms unclear. It then said that in that event ‘England’ would choose to settle ITS succession on Princess Sophia of Hanover, or her line.

    As an English Act it possessed no authority to settle Scotland’s succession at all, if there was a credible alternative that Scotland could select instead. As it happened, there was no credible alternative unless Scotland was willing to accept a catholic monarch, and that was certainly not the case in those times.

    Neither did any English Act possess the authority to extinguish Scotland’s existing monarchy from the existing King William in 1701, and leave the Kingdom of Scotland a de facto republic. This just didn’t happen, and nothing in that Act made any attempt to do so.

    Your analysis and conclusions are therefore incapable of acceptance as they stand. In 1702 William died and Anne, being next in the merged line of both successions, inherited both kingdoms, and not solely the English one. She took the Scottish Coronation Oath in front of witnesses who formally attested that this had taken place in accordance with Scots law. Scotland’s parliament then formally accepted Anne as Scotland’s new Queen; so no, Scotland was emphatically NOT a republic over this period.

    “The Scottish parliaments Act of Security also confirms that Scotland did not except the new Hanover monarch of England to replace the Scottish Stuart line as the monarchy of Scotland”

    No, James, it says no such thing, it doesn’t even mention England’s choice of successor. It just sets out that in the event of ANY unclear succession, Scotland’s parliament would decide for itself at that time who the new successor would be, and what conditions the candidate successor must meet to be so. But events made this irrelevant when it was superceded by the Treaty of Union in which Scotland DID accept the new Hanover monarch, who would become monarch of Scotland and England IF the succession became unclear.

    Despite the alleged merging of the two monarchies by the Treaty, this did not formally subordinate Scotland to England, nor subordinate Scotland’s monarchy to England’s monarchy, nor subordinate Scotland’s MPs to England’s MPs in the new Union parliament, simply because nothing in the Treaty nor Acts of Union asserts these as formally agreed conditions. The Union monarch still possesses no powers beyond those of the prior separate monarchs. That is to say that the Union monarch has no powers over Scotland that Scotland’s own pre-Union monarch didn’t have, and the same restriction applies to the Union monarch over England. You have to be very careful in how these powers are interpreted because the English establishment has a really nasty habit of overegging the authority of the English half of the Union while scorning any authority of the Scottish half of the union.

    “the “English parliaments Act of Settlement” regarding Monarchy was…..Extended…. to Scotland after the signitures on the treaty of union”

    True. This just summarises what I explained above.

    So, James, you haven’t SHOWN HOW Scotland’s monarchy was extinguished, nor have you SHOWN that Scotland WAS RUN as an actual republic during the gap years, nor have you SHOWN HOW exactly Scotland’s parliament was able to formally accept Queen Anne as its true Scottish monarch in 1702 despite there being, according to you, no Scottish monarch at the time even though she was still formally next in line, and then took the Scottish Coronation Oath at a formally witnessed event; nor have you SHOWN HOW Scotland’s so-called ‘extinguished’ monarchy reappeared in time for, or by, the Treaty of Union.

    In short, James; you’ve presented no actual evidence, no actual working, no actual constructed arguments; therefore no valid and sound conclusions can follow from them. You presented us instead with a dog’s breakfast of unsupported inconsistencies. I reject them because they have no epistemic authenticity.


    On a separate and more personal note, though, James, let me say I sympathise with your circumstances, it certainly can’t be at all easy to cope with all that you have on your hands just now, and I have no wish to add to them. It makes me a bit reluctant to challenge your assertions, but I’m going to assume that you wouldn’t be posting on here in the first place if you weren’t already comfortable with receiving challenging responses such as mine can be.

  190. James Che


    Thank you for your advice,
    Here how the situation it stands at the moment,

    I first approached the DWP away back in the beginning February myself as I was due my state pension in April,
    DWP said they had no records of me,
    I enquired why not as expected, because In I always worked and lived in UK ( Scotland) had never a passport or been abroad even for a holiday,
    They inform me there was nothing they could do about it as the information they get comes from HMRC, I would have to get in touch with them,
    I tried this on several occasions, but got no response.
    So then I made an appointment with Citizens Advice so they could help me.
    Meanwhile I was sent a letter at the beginning of march saying that I had not Contributed anything to my State pension, so therefore not entitled to any unless I could proved the information.
    The Citizens Advice were told the same when they eventually got through after two days trying,

    So Luckily I had kept most of my records working records with with my NI number, I photo copied 40 years of records each one three times,,
    I kept one set, gave one set of Copies to Citizens advice, and sent one set myself to DWP, with notes of any changes of address, or change of circumstances over the years,

    The return letter from them to citizens advice, stating that when DWP contacted HMRC and there seems to be two NI in my name but not for more than four years,

    I needed to prove I am who I say I am,
    In had just sent them forty years of my records, change of circumstances addresses P45s etc,
    How else do you prove who you say you, I have never had a passport,
    The letter also stated there was no evidence I had ever had a family,

    The citizens advice could no longer help being as HMRC were telling DWP that they had no records of me,

    But they had over taxed me in 2010, and returned £;1500 to me, and the same in a previous employment,
    So they do have my records, but are simply denying it,

    In disgust and frustration I turned to my local MP at the end of March this year hoping they may help, they said they would try helping as they had access to information that other bodies did not, but I would have to allow 21 working days before they would be back in touch,
    So far I have heard nothing and should have been collecting my pension by now,

    If my spouse passes away I will immediately become destitute at retirement age, so there is a urgency to this matter,
    As long as HMRC tell DWP they have none of My records and that I do not Exist.
    of course I will be unable to claim any benefits whilst I am waiting for my records and the pension to be sorted out,

    This will effect rent, council tax, keeping my car, food on the table, heating and energy costs,

    Any way enough of this For today, spouse is now awake, and nothing can be done during Mayday hols, I am away to put the kettle on while it still has the capability of boiling, thanks everyone for the suggestions, help and advice, it was duly noted and payed attention to,
    Much appreciated as always,

    I cannot say say it enough, we need to run our own Country and systems,

  191. James Che


    Basically Not doing the record research stuff right now, as I have had enough to contend with with Uk system politics affecting our lives. personally, and presently as I mentioned to Geri earlier.

    I have been unable focus on the Great – britain research subjects and project for a few weeks past now and it causes errors,
    Plenty of paperwork at home,
    So no hard feelings, perhaps we can debate back an too in the future, Wishing you all the best in your efforts meanwhile.

  192. James Che

    keep on posting on wings, don’t give up,
    As I can still read your posts over a quick cuppa,.
    And hopefully everyone else that is holding the fort while I pause for awhile.

  193. Andouilette

    Oh dear, that is even worse. You may need to get a lawyer involved. Some of the universities have law clinics, they can be very helpful and don’t cost anything, my daughter had to use the Glasgow one once and they were excellent. In the meantime I really hope things change for the better.

  194. JGedd

    James Che @ 4.59pm

    Sorry to read about your problems, James Che. I can sympathise personally about your efforts to try and access support from what everyone imagines are services set up to deal with someone in your husband’s situation. It is exhausting physically and emotionally coping with your husband’s deteriorating health only to find that there is very little help for your situation.

    It isn’t until people find themselves in that position of seeking help in caring for someone that you discover how much the health service generally as well as ancillary services have been undermined. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find a way to improve things for you and your husband.

    (Do you have a Carer’s Centre locally? If so, they might be able to offer some help in the form of respite care.)

  195. Duncan Strachan

    Mia at 7.47

    Mia for FM

  196. James Che

    Mulling over what the next step are as I go forward with this, some funny thoughts come along with that process,

    1) I am one of the women who was born in the 1950s, who was never informed of the pension age change, and the maladministration errors,
    Now there is word that these women will be in line for compensation for those errors,
    One way to avoid paying these women compensation is by the government bodies involved conviently deleting, loosing or confusing or acknowledging that women are “entitled to State pension at all” is by wiping womens pension records clean,
    When none of the 1950s women were informed of state pension age changes it took a while for women to realise that the maladministration errors were not just individual but were across the board, not just the odd person, there were thousands of women in that situation,
    Are there other women of this age group now applying for there pensions finding there are no records of them in HMRC and DWP?
    Maybe I am not the only one in this situation,

    The money saved by the government on not paying out pensions when women were due to collect state pension for those 6 extra years of Thousands of working women was colossal, and a easy target,
    Paying out compensation for their past maladministration and errors wether deliberate or not, now that women are due to collect their pension would cost the government millions,
    Perhaps “their solution” is to delete these womens working records, and not recognise them at all,

    Besides waiting for my MP to get back to me until the 21 days has expired, and it being Mayday holidays, it might be worth my while finding out if there are other women having the same problem of their working records being deleted.
    At the moment I do not exist for my state pension, nor would I exist when it comes to claiming benefits while my spouse is ill, having no records of me, apparently that includes me not having a had family,
    The onslaught against women does not stop with gender issues and trans people, it is a trend deep within the government policies.

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