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Now sometimes offensive

Posted on July 09, 2020 by

The rapid regression of civilisation continues apace, readers.

Because it ought to be noted that it’s not the concept of homosexuality that’s being deemed offensive there, nor the word itself, but specifically the definition of it.

In other words, a dictionary just said “some people are offended by facts”.

There are no prizes for guessing who’s responsible for this, of course – the transcult. We already knew that they considered the words “lesbian”, “gay” and “bisexual” to be “transphobic”, along with just about everything else on the face of the planet, so we suppose it makes sense that the umbrella terms had to go too.

(Alert readers will have spotted that the “T” which only attached itself to “LGBT” five years ago has now declared that all of the “LGB” part is evil bigotry, like a baby cuckoo throwing all the other chicks out of the nest to their deaths so it gets all the food and attention to itself.)

The concept of homosexuality is so problematic to trans ideology – and therefore has to be obliterated – because it implies that sex exists, and if sex exists then the whole foundation of transgenderism collapses, which is why JK Rowling was subjected to such a mindboggling barrage of abuse recently for saying no more than that sex was indeed real and maybe it was a bad idea to pretend otherwise.

These aren’t even nearly the worst:

Yet as we’ve previously noted, under the Scottish Government’s proposed new “hate crime” laws, it’s Rowling herself who would be liable to prosecution in the wake of such tweets, for “stirring up hatred” in unarguably gigantic amounts with such “offensive” comments as the suggestion that homosexuality is a real thing and that lesbians are allowed to reject people with penises as sexual partners.

(The same thing applies to gay men and people with vaginas, of course, but for some reason nobody is ordering gay men to sleep with women in the way that TRAs demand that lesbians sleep with men or be attacked as “genital fetishists” and bigots.)

The fact that a dictionary is now reinforcing that possibility by saying that facts in and of themselves can be offensive – not even when they’re being quoted by people in an argument, but merely by existing – is a new and worrying development for anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together.

And as ever, if you still don’t grasp why the outlawing of reality and its replacement with idiotic gibberish enforceable by law via the magic power of “offensiveness” could have a catastrophic impact on the cause of Scottish independence (here’s a clue: think about some other words that might be redefined as intrinsically offensive), we urge you to start paying attention and figure it out before it’s too late.

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    1. 09 07 20 16:56

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    97 to “Now sometimes offensive”

    1. Capella says:

      Twitter will have suspended all these accounts I’m sure.

      It will indeed be JK Rowling and her ilk who may end up with a 7 year prison sentence for saying that sex is real and women exist. Those sensitive souls whose tweets you post above are protected under the Hate Crime Bill whereas women are not.

      There is still time to comment on these proposals. Humza and Shirley-Anne would love to know what you think. Be polite:

    2. susan says:

      Straight to the point again Stu. This will be state-sanctioned abuse whereby the recipient is more likely to tried in court, if humza’s clusterfuck hate bill is passed.the SNP need to get their house in order and throw out this genderist crap.

    3. Gregory Beekman says:

      As a gay man, this really pisses me off.

      As a scientist, this really pisses me off.

      And why have they picked on homosexuality? I see the same dictionary hasn’t done this with heterosexuality.

      I also see they haven’t said the definition of slavery is offensive.

      What bunch of idiots work at MW? The definition of slavery is not offensive but the simple act of homosexuality existing is deemed to be offensive but only sometimes. When is it offensive and when is not? Some clarity on that would be nice.

      Of course, they should just remove their stupid addition.

      Merriam-Webster Dictionary – now sometimes offensive!

      Let’s hope that is now how everyone refers to them!

    4. Ian says:

      It’s odd really that the lesbians with penises and beards always seem to insist that real lesbians should sleep with them, never another lesbian with a penis and beard.

      Almost as if being a transwoman is transphobic in itself.

    5. John D says:

      Spot on as per.

      Never had a Twatter account but think I will for the craic , though doubt I will be allowed long . I refuse to be intimidated by this cult much as I refuse to be by the equally disturbing Anti-semitism cult .

      I for one am prepared to face up to the trans cult bollocks (see what I did there) even if it leads to court . Hell, I will self ID on alternate days as what I want if it suits me too.

      Good job Wings

    6. Astonished says:

      This idiocy has got to stop.

      I hope (and think) this idiotic hate crime law will not pass.

      However you could do us all a favour and find out which SNP MSPs and MPs support transgender supremacy.

      Pretty please ?

    7. Astonished says:

      P.S. Care to guess why the Anti-Scottish media are not reporting this GENUINE split between SNP activists and the SNP glitterati ?

      I am certain it is being saved for indy2.

    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “P.S. Care to guess why the Anti-Scottish media are not reporting this GENUINE split between SNP activists and the SNP glitterati ?”

      It’s largely because they’ve realised that their best bet to preserve the Union is to keep Nicola Sturgeon in office. They know there’s absolutely no chance of a Unionist FM for the next five years, so the next best thing is an SNP one with no intention of actually delivering independence. They’re worked out that if they damage her too much she might get replaced by someone a lot more dangerous.

    9. Michael Laing says:

      I think this post sums up the very essence of what’s wrong with politically-correct ideology, and I entirely agree with it. As someone who has always been at the extreme progressive end of the political spectrum, I believe in science and facts. I also believe in using concise, accurate language, calling a spade a spade, and in freedom of expression. That’s impossible when you can’t say this and can’t say that in case certain people take it upon themselves to be offended. I don’t understand how words themselves can be offensive. True, they can be used inaccurately and in order to cause offence, but so what? Why should people have the right not to be offended? People are stupid. They have odious and repugnant opinions. They’re ugly. They’re incompetent. If we take this to its logical conclusion, we won’t be able to say any of these things, regardless of whether they’re true or not.

    10. Anonymous for obvious reason says:

      Sorry if this is confusing – I’m confused.

      I’ve previously thought that the word ‘transphobic’ was an inaccurate term because it implies *fear* of transgender people, rather than *hatred*, in the way that ‘anti-semitism’ implies ‘hatred of Jewish people’. (‘Islamophobia’ means *fear” of Moslems, but, again, is often used to mean *hatred*.)

      I don’t think many people actually hate transgender people as a broad category, but I’m starting to think that ‘transphobia’ is in fact an accurate word for a totally rational fear of a subset of abusive transgender males within the broader category of transgender people.

      They are denying reality and we should indeed fear them.

    11. Liz g says:

      Twilight zone stuff Rev.
      They’re not trying to update the “Blasphemy Laws” they’re recreating the Blasphemy Laws to direct them towards human sexuality where we’ll all be born “sinners” under them again!

      Honestly the parallels between this Trans nonsense and the methods of 16th century religious dogma are uncanny.
      We just about got the Religions stopped making us believe stupid stuff or face punishment and a long come this lot to start demanding we disavow the evidence of our own eyes and instincts , believe and behave or pay a price.

      As usual, as with almost all the Religions since humans came down from the trees and walked upright…. it all centres around the dominance and control of woman’s bodies.

    12. susan says:

      Well said Liz g!

    13. Freshmint says:

      “under the Scottish Government’s proposed new “hate crime” laws, it’s Rowling herself who would be liable to prosecution in the wake of such tweets, for “stirring up hatred” in unarguably gigantic amounts with such “offensive” comments as the suggestion that homosexuality is a real thing and that lesbians are allowed to reject people with penises as sexual partners.”

      It really is striking how closely this resembles an abusive relationship i.e. ‘It’s YOUR fault for making me do these things. If you hadn’t upset me, I wouldn’t have to.’

    14. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I’m too old to understand this madness, just don’t get it.

      What I do notice is the trans types appear to be very aggressive and all appear to be fairly mentally ill.

      However if beardy men want to be ladies and they are not going to
      behave like the poor creatures we see on twitter etc then I have an excellent suggestion.

      When a “trans” person, type states that they are now a lady a mobile medical unit should be promptly deployed and when the bearded lady, thing confirms their new status, signing on the appropriate document of course, the tackle should be whipped clean off then and there.

      There would be two benefits to this public health approach, one: men who want to be ladies get their wish very quickly, there then is little argument that they are indeed a lady.
      Second: those who really are not ladies will withdraw any such claim on seeing the tackle removal unit.

      Sorted, you are very welcome.

    15. Harry mcaye says:

      Tried to report these tweets, well the most abusive ones anyway. Entering key words in the search, I could only find one. Reported it.

    16. Stuart MacKay says:

      Homosexuality is a specific term to describe same sex attraction in any animal species. Does that mean male Mallards will be required to self-id too?

    17. liz says:

      Could John Nicolson get more disgustingly offensive. He’ll be all for the Hate Bill being passed.

    18. liz says:

      PS you have to copy the link I sent and open it yourself.
      I didn’t want to include the http

    19. Juteman says:

      Is it offensive to say men have knobs and women have fannies?

    20. Boudicca says:

      I note this is an American dictionary – they are already more than halfway to barbarity.

    21. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Jason Smoothpiece 4.39pm says:
      “There would be two benefits to this public health approach, one: men who want to be ladies get their wish very quickly, there then is little argument that they are indeed a lady.
      Second: those who really are not ladies will withdraw any such claim on seeing the tackle removal unit.”

      This gets to the heart of the “Cult of the Nuts”.

      The men want to pretend that they’re ladies, but no way will they be prepared to actually BE one. 🙂

    22. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Juteman says:
      at 4:57 pm

      Is it offensive to say men have knobs and women have fannies?
      Not really, but while these men do have knobs a lot of them are fannies. 😉

    23. Andy Ellis says:


      Last time I was in Glasvegas they seemed to think almost everyone was a pure fanny.

      It’s obviously the weegies fault all this started then…? 🙂

    24. Polly says:

      Thank you for once again being a clear, but forceful, voice of reason on this. I saw that it had changed and though the claim is that dictionary definitions change regularly or new meanings are added, as you say this is different.

      This is what so many people, even some of those opposing self ID, seem to fail to get – it has potential to affect all of society as we know it. It is capable of reorganising everything, especially when we know the powerful forces involved in pushing it and how quickly they have succeeded so far. And far from being a’non issue’ for independence it is at the very heart of the independence movement now in Scotland. The SNP has opened the door to that by starting this and not insisting on steering a middle course of more help for genuine transsexuals but insisting on safeguards, and with their policies written interchanging sex and gender, confusing everything, badly worded, badly drafted, badly thought out. It’s not enough that it might not get through Holyrood, even if it doesn’t look at the damage already inflicted.

    25. Mike d says:

      Is it offensive to call a man….a see you next thursday.

    26. This is one of the main reasons not to give the regional vote to the Scottish Greens,

      the Scottish Greens (like some in the SNP) are up to their necks in enabling the misogynistic transcult,

      the regional vote must be given to a party that protects all the citizens of Scotland equally, and that includes transpeople.

    27. CameronB Brodie says:

      Where to start? Perhaps be putting on my post-colonial feminist high-heels? Btw, genderwoowoo isn’t only misogynistic and homophobic, it is inescapably racist as well.

      Beyond Determinism: The Phenomenology of African Female Existence

    28. CameronB Brodie says:

      Just in case folk think I was trying to go OT.


      In this paper I explore the intercorporeal phenomenologies of Jean-Paul Sartre, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Simone de Beauvoir by thinking through their views on being-with-others and sexuality.

      For Sartre our being-for-others is always revealed to us in conflict as shame and we are stuck thinking of the other as either a freedom or a body. Merleau-Ponty, however, offers us the notion of sexuality as an atmosphere of meaning we can undertake that affects our entire lived being (body-subject). Beauvoir reveals to us the gendering of the erotic encounter and thus a new way of phenomenologically experiencing ourselves and others as bodies.

      freedom; erotic encounter; intercorporeal phenomenologies; sexuality

    29. defo says:

      Will ‘deviant’ be one word lost to wrong think doctrine?

      As someone once sang Stu
      “Such a little thing…”

    30. Alasdair Stirling says:

      “They know there’s absolutely no chance of a Unionist FM for the next five years”

      Wrong. They know that Nicola is a devolution Unionist and, whilst they don’t care for the occasional statements she has to make about Indy to keep her troops quiet, they know that when it comes to Indy Nicola is all bark and no bite.

    31. callmedave says:


      Figures today:

      N. Ireland…….today……..00……..Total……554…SUN

    32. vlad (not that one) says:

      @liz 16:49
      Who is the poor girl interrogated by the slimy Nicholson?
      (I am not much into contemporary sport, more a Jesse Owens fan.)

      She was clearly terrified in case she utters a non-politically correct syllable and ruins her career.

    33. Capella says:

      @ callmedave – something has been puzzling me for a while. How come the totals of the four countries is always way smaller than the UK total? 24 in the four countries and 85 in the UK.

    34. Bob Mack says:

      The world of politics gets shackled than ever. It seems it’s only the rest of us looking in who have common sense.

      It’s inconceivable that the SNP do not know how many feel, but even with that knowledge are determined to apply what they consider fairness to some whilst simultaneously applying draconian legislation to the majority to force them accept these ideas as normal.

      Which they aint.

    35. vlad (not that one) says:

      Addendum: Wake me at 3 AM, and I can rattle off: 1936, 10.2 and 8.13.

    36. jfngw says:

      They are effectively defining the word ‘no’ as offensive, if you don’t have sex with them you are transphobic. Down the line when the country eventually opens its eyes this is going to make the seventies and the Jimmy Savile affair look like child’s play (which is in effect what I believe many of these activists are interested in).

    37. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think I might have mentioned it all boils down to semiotics? 🙂

      Semiotica | Volume 2011: Issue 185
      Justice unmasked: A semiotic analysis of Justitia

      Values such as justice, fairness, reason, and truth permeate the cultural fabric of societies. A key image of these values in many Western democracies is the legal icon of Justitia or Lady Justice as she embodies notions of justice.

      Examining such cultural constructions promotes discussion of assumed values and meanings pertaining to iconic representations. Semiotic analysis of Justitia and her compositional elements – the sword of justice, scales of justice, and blind-fold reveal tensions between the rhetoric and reality of our interpretations of justice.

      This paper makes explicit the iconic representations of societal values imbued in Justitia and raises questions about the invisible power of cultural reproduction.

      Icon; values; justice; right; semiotics; Law

    38. susan says:

      And once you can’t say who you’re willing to have sex with it’ll move on to not being able to refuse any sex act.

    39. callmedave says:


      The daily posted figures are in hospital deaths.

      The additional numbers I presume are deaths outwith hospital, like care homes or at home.

      But what bugs is that the BBC don’t post the daily deaths in England but do in the colonies.

      The England daily deaths or scarce and sometimes only spoken on the BBC news or appear without comment on the scrolly thing on the bottom of the screen.

      Then at the end of each day the four UK cards in the pack are shuffled and through sleight of hand ‘voila’ they all disappear and become one card, the UK death card.

      It’s all true right enough but it’s not transparent enough for me. 🙁

    40. Beaker says:

      Those attacking people who define themselves as gay, lesbian or homosexual are actually being homophobic. I have relatives and friends who are gay / lesbian, and I even know a genuine transexual (who had the op etc 20 years ago, and isn’t the slightest bit militant).

      As for those publicly attacking JKR in the manner above, I’d love to see her take some of these idiots to court, and see them try to justify their behaviour.

    41. Lothianlad says:

      It’s largely because they’ve realised that their best bet to preserve the Union is to keep Nicola Sturgeon in office. They know there’s absolutely no chance of a Unionist FM for the next five years, so the next best thing is an SNP one with no intention of actually delivering independence. They’re worked out that if they damage her too much she might get replaced by someone a lot more dangerous.

      100% correct Stu!!

      You’ll have noticed the number of Sturgeon supporting trolls on this site recently despite all the evidence, and it is evidence you have supplied of sturgeon turning her back on Independence!

      Unfortunately for them, there is enough people now aware of sturgeon and her nature deniers agenda.

      I’m keeping my SNP membership so I can vote her and her ilk out when the time comes. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

      As you and Craig Murray rightly point out, sturgeon is the unions safest bet. She had a shit storm coming her way, that’s why she is suddenly the darling of the unionist media.

      Britain’s chief administrator in Scotland will soon have to face the membership. That’s the ones who campaigned tirelessly for independence, not the ones who sought a gold plated pension in an un-natural world!

    42. Davie Oga says:

      Teenage lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality- Labelled as a bigot and pressured and coerced into taking cock by groups with the moral and financial backing of the Scottish Government.

      Cross-dressing, femicidal rapist and murderer-victim of white male patriarchy, housed with vulnerable women, and anyone who objects can be sent to prison themselves as a hate criminal.

      Bravo SNP bravo.

    43. CameronB Brodie says:

      Those who seek to shape our laws and public sphere, must be competently qualified if they are to impartially determine the potential for social justice, though many are not. The latter group would appear to include our Justice Minister, who apparently wants to destroy the potential for justice in Scotland.


      Legal Standards related to Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in the Inter-American Human Rights System: Development and Application

      Legal Standards related to Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in the Inter-American Human Rights System: Development and Application Updates from 2011 to 2014

    44. liz says:

      Eniola Anuku, I’ve never heard of her. I’d like that odious creep to take on Sharon Davies or Martina Navratilova, they’d wipe the floor with him.

    45. Andrew Morton says:

      Just wait until Joe and Jane Public find out about this.

    46. Tinto Chiel says:

      Rev, I’ll admit I had to read those definitions a few times to let the full enormity of that M&W crapola sink in.

      In the past I would have jokingly said things must be bad if JK Rowling is right for once but the abuse she has endured over this is vile and my mind turns to the comments which cost Grouse Beater and Neil Hanvey their membership almost instantly because their comments were wrongly construed as being anti-semitic by some artfully contrived definition which means any criticism of Israel is de facto anti-semitic. This must have come as a shock to left-wing Jewish members of the Knesset who oppose Israeli policies in Palestine, for example.

      Why isn’t the SNP instantly disciplining members who abuse others in such a disgusting fashion?

      Presumably Humza Yousaf will be all over this and advising the FM. Mind you, since he seems quite keen to have no-jury trials, recorded testimony without cross-examination and no automatic right of appeal, probably not.

      When did they morph into an authoritarian, one-rule-for-some-but -not-others party?

      And perhaps more importantly, why?

    47. Breeks says:

      Liz g says:
      9 July, 2020 at 4:32 pm
      Twilight zone stuff Rev….

      Never saw it like that before. What a brilliant perspective Liz g, and you’re right on the money.

    48. SilverDarling says:

      One of the most exhausting aspects of this nightmare is having to constantly go back to first principles for every new high profile player who enters the debate. For example transatlantic showbizzies like Stephen King and George Takei who dip their ignorant toes in a technical debate that JK Rowling and her concerns about GRA reform and the Hate Bill has tried to keep on track. The tippy toeing around definitions is where the moral cowardice of those who should know better eventually leads.

      Meanwhile some in the the SNP are capitalising on ignorance to promote and obfuscate what is going on here. Everything is becoming muddied and muddled with false equivalence and clownfish analogies. The lack of technical scrutiny is frightening and inevitably descends into screeching about feelings and emotional blackmail about suicide.

      If Godwin is the lowest point in political debate then supposed suicidal behaviour in trans teens who don’t get the drugs, surgery and medical collusion is a close second. It is repulsive the way the nightmare of mental distress leading to suicide is used as currency for those who want to promote their argument and should know better. Remember the GRA reform wants to remove psychiatric assessment for vulnerable people wanting to use gender reassignment to get away from their distress.

      Newcomers to the debate often confuse the lack of workplace and civil rights and discrimination of gay and non binary people across the world with our legitimate right to scrutinize the proposed legislation in Scotland. The new hate Bill rides roughshod over years of hard won equal rights that already exist in Scotland with safeguards. Our laws are not for example, US laws, and the way they are constantly conflated is deliberate and malicious.

      At the centre though there is always a group of entitled cry man-babies at the root of most of these attacks amplified by women like Rhiannon Spears and Fiona Robertson who crave their approval and enable their misogyny while telling us they are representing us. People like Billy Bragg who dazzle with their ignorance and rigid adherence to the idea that because they marched against the Poll Tax they must be right on this.

      That video of John Nicolson really shows he is becoming nastier by the day in his opportunistic attacks. How could we have been taken in so easily by these people?

    49. vlad (not that one) says:

      I expect that inciting someone to murder a named person ought to count as being an accomplice to such murder, should it actually happen.
      There may well be the odd unstable person amongst the general population who might be influenced by irresponsible and/or malicious writing/rhetoric and driven to murder.
      I have no issue with prohibition of that pernicious kind of speech/tweeting.
      But “insulting” should firmly remain in the realm of good/bad manners only .
      East European ommunist regimes used “verbal crimes” to keep plebs under control. Make a joke, that’s you away for 2 years, if you are lucky.
      Roll on, SNP.
      (And I write this as a member, Nicola please take note.)

    50. CameronB Brodie says:

      British nationalism and genderwoowoo are basically cults, with pretty much the same outlook and practice. Both deny empirical and phenomenological reality. Both use force as a means of gaining political acceptance. Both can be considered as coherent and supportive of eugenics, though not the bio-neurological liberty of individuals.


    51. Allium says:

      The silence from official SNP spokespeople (and the same goes for Labour) over the abuse Rowling receives is quite deafening. It smacks of condoning the abuse, which is actually ranks amongst some of the worst I have ever seen directed against somebody online. It is quite horrific and however disturbed and pathetic these individuals are, it must devastate and frighten JKR. Yet her abusers are only emboldened by the lack of condemnation from those who should be trying to set the tone of the debate they chose to start over GRA.

    52. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I don’t think many people actually hate transgender people as a broad category, but I’m starting to think that ‘transphobia’ is in fact an accurate word for a totally rational fear of a subset of abusive transgender males within the broader category of transgender people.”

      Phobias are by definition IRRATIONAL fears. It’s not phobic to fear being shot in the head or attacked by a lion.

    53. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. Both seek to subourdinate and colonise the legal identity of a perceived legal inferior.

      Hypatia, Volume 21, Number 3, Summer 2006
      Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference: Husserl, Merleau-Ponty, Beauvoir (review)

    54. mike cassidy says:

      This is one of the earliest uses of the word ‘transwoman’ which the Oxford English Dictionary could find.

      From 1997

      R. A. Wilchens Read my Lips 119 Straight men are afraid that by f##king transwomen they become fags… Lesbians are conflicted about what it means to sleep with transwomen who..may still have masculine characteristics

      Maybe this is a culture war that was always coming down the line.

      And so it has.

    55. vlad (not that one) says:

      iz says:
      9 July, 2020 at 6:44 pm

      Eniola Anuku, I’ve never heard of her. I’d like that odious creep to take on Sharon Davies or Martina Navratilova, they’d wipe the floor with him.


    56. vlad (not that one) says:

      Lost an “l” in “liz”, apologies.

    57. McDuff says:

      There is no doubt that the Scottish government is deliberately trying to lose votes

    58. Robert Louis says:

      The clowns in the SNP pushing this absolute hateful HOMOPHOBIC gender nonsense should be booted out the party.

      I am gay, a homoSEXual male. I am not ‘queer’ or trans or cis, FFS. No, none of that. I was around when being gay was still effing illegal in Scotland (legalised, with caveats, in 1981), and it was a long hard fight to get equality. Now, we have clowns telling us that I do not even exist.

      Until very recently, it was gay pride (as it was when started), not ‘queer’ pride, not ‘LGBTQQIAA+++’ pride. It is such utter p*sh, it is hard to understanmd how the SNP could even think about going down this route.

      Gay men everywhere need to wake the f**** up as to where this will lead. You are literally being erased, and this idiotic Scottish SNP government, are about to introduce a new law, which will mean defending youself as a gay or homosexual or lesbian will be considered hate speech and could see you in jail. It is that real.

      People – especially gay men really need to wake up. For heaven’s sake folks, wake up.

      Now that all the gay rights organisations have been taken over by the transcult loonies, they do not stand up for gay folk. Only the LGB alliance is now actively defending gay rights. Stonewall is now the enemy, obsessed with silly cis/trans rubbish, to the absolute exclusion of gay men and lesbians.

      And lesbains is what I do want to talk about. They have benn utterly abused and treated in the most appalling fashion by groups that were previously or are still supposedly standing up for gay rights (looking at you stonewall). Let’s never forget the rock solid contribution which lesbians made in the early 80s, when AIDS was an epidemic. When young gay men were dying each and every day (and back then, death came very, very rapidly), often abandoned by their families, it was LESBIANS who stepped up to the mark and worked to help gay men. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

      So, SNP, I used to be a member of your party, but hell will freeze over before I even give you the time of day (ditto the ‘greens), because of this stupid illogical, science denying, homophobic, reality denying gender rubbish. You are being duped, big time, and seem too damn stupid to even realise what is being done. It is a nasty, nasty duplicitous agenda.

    59. Cath says:

      “The concept of homosexuality is so problematic to trans ideology – and therefore has to be obliterated – because it implies that sex exists, and if sex exists then the whole foundation of transgenderism collapses”

      This is so bonkers it defies belief.

      I have what gets termed “gender dysphoria” (I have an issue with that term as really, now I’m older, I realise it’s not about “gender” in the sense of gender stereotypes, it’s much more complicated than that. It’s about the relationship between, for want of a better description, your inner and outer self.). The one thing that *is* critical to it, whatever it is, is sex. It’s a feeling your inner self, internal monologue, whatever you want to call it, doesn’t match your outer body. Where it comes from, I have no idea. It started with me long before I knew anything about gender roles and stereotypes and persisted despite the ’70s and ’80s being remarkably free about gender presentation. (It started before I even remember, with me apparently making my family laugh by insisting I was going to be a man when I grew up). It was a gradual, horrible realisation around the age of 7 or 8 that the man I imagined myself growing up to be couldn’t possibly exist.

      Obviously in the ’80s, none of this was trendy or known about, so I just donned jeans and played with the boys and got called a tomboy. Teens and early ’20s were hell, and in my ’20s I researched transition and seriously considered it as an option. In the end, for a variety of reasons (what it would do to my family; how difficult it would make my own life later on; how much more difficult it would be to form friendships etc) I decided it wasn’t the right course and I would live with it.

      Now, as a mid-40s woman (and it’s taken this debate to make me use that word for myself) I’m so glad that’s the decision I made then, and so glad I had the time and space to grow up, experiment, explore, “find myself” in the old terms no one seems to have time for anymore. And myself is a woman by biology – something which is fact, reality, and has so many implications for health, safety, day to day living etc, it shouldn’t even need stated – who is nevertheless deeply uncomfortable with that, and has no truck with any of the social roles and stereotypes expected from it. Which is hell in your teens and ’20s, but liberating by the time you’re in your 30s and 40s. It’s perfectly possible be a non-transitioned, gender dysphoric person who is perfectly happy that way.

      If sex didn’t exist, whatever GD is, and whatever makes anyone trans – ie someone who is one sex but it doesn’t feel right to them – would not and could not exist. Trans is literally about sex, and feeling so strongly about the factual reality of your own sex you want surgery and medicine to try and appear and feel the other one. The end result of abolishing sex would be abolishing trans and ending the entire debate. Which would be lovely, but sadly sex cannot be abolished because it’s a reality. And it’s the foundation of genuine GD and transsexualism. These new activists appear to be neither of those, and have zero understanding of either. They’re just pink and blue sexist stereotype zealots. It’s the most regressive ideology I’ve come across in my lifetime.

    60. Cath says:

      Sorry for that stupidly long post! Hadn’t quite realised the length it reached. Should add though: it’s probably much harder for GD men to happily exist *for now* because men aren’t so able to cross-dress as women without making a major statement, eg a woman can wear trousers to work in a way a man can’t wear a skirt. That’s where the fight needs to be, and in killing with fire pink and blue gendered toys and clothes.

    61. CameronB Brodie says:

      Thank you for your humanity and honesty. I hope I haven’t been insensitive towards those who genuinely suffer GD, as your lived experience has been weaponised as a means of undermining open democracy, and the potential for social justice.

      Full text.

      estetica, 72 | 2019 : Briding traditions. Chinese and Western philosophy in dialogue
      Sexual difference and self-understanding – a comparative perspective on the liberation of bodily conditioned human beings

    62. Cath says:

      Not at all Cameron. It’s important to understand it’s a real thing (if weird and difficult to explain or understand) and does cause distress. But the distress is mostly from being forced into roles, dress or behaviours you’re uncomfortable with. The only people causing issue for me now are those demanding words like “cis” be used, and asking questions like “What’s your gender identity?” rather than sex. And that’s entirely the TRA crowd and our organisations which are bowing down to them.

    63. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m glad, and yes, this stuff is weird and difficult to get your head around, but the issue is massively important, with enormous significance to our ability to “be” free citizen within pluralistic society.

      Remember, British nationalism and genderwoowoo are pretty much identical in terms of their ideological nature. Both seek to empty our cultural consciousness of a respect for authenticity.

      Being Sexual: Existential Contributions to Psychotherapy with Gay Male Clients

      This paper outlines the existential-phenomenological (E-P) approach to psychotherapy and considers some of its core concepts, the stance taken to understanding sexuality and the implications for therapeutic practice with gay male clients.

      Three previously published case studies are reviewed to provide illustrations of the approach and the paper concludes by arguing that a non-pathologising view of sexuality is useful in assisting clients in therapy and in assisting therapists and services in understanding their clients with out problematising them.

      Authenticity, construction, Dasein, embodiment, existential,freedom, gay, HIV, homosexuality, phenomenological, psychotherapy,sexual minority

    64. CameronB Brodie says:

      There’s a reply to Cath in moderation Rev., I may a triggered a filter.

    65. Muscleguy says:

      I am tangling with both some woke idiots and a supposedly Biologically trained American woman who is against abortion (surprise, surprise) and euthanasia on Twitter. The stupid, it burns! as our Rationalist American cousins say.

      The anti abortionist wants to run away since she is losing the argument. The woke bro has also not replied realising he is outclassed by an actual Biologist. I had to cite both my PhD and my Nature paper at the woman who questioned how much Biology I knew. She deleted a tweet calling me a liar or an idiot.

      She claimed to know more about embryos than me, a Developmental Biologist yet she can’t give me a definition of an embryo. The arrogance of some when you have the temerity to bring reality into their dream lives.

      Reality is far more interesting and wonderful than their myopic and reality denying philosophies will ever know or realise. Those of us who do not deny reality may have to build reservations for these people while the rest of us get on with building the future.

      Just like we may need to fortify our border to keep the increasingly feral English resident Brexiters out. Is suggest that post Indy anyone wanting to travel here to shoot grouse should be denied entry in perpetuity. Those wanting to angle for salmon may need IQ tests and we may need to set a minimum level of face redness (purely so our NHS doesn’t have to deal with their coronaries).

    66. Sarah says:

      @ Cath: thank you for your post [not too long, by the way!]. It is good to hear from a person with experience of the matter under discussion, explained clearly and calmly.

    67. Muscleguy says:

      It reminds me more of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Academics were arraigned in kangaroo courts by their students accused of teaching ‘bourgeois’ subjects. Had signs hung around their necks and forced to grovel to be allowed to keep their jobs let alone their lives. Many were countrified presaging the Khmer Rouge’s pogrom against the educated when wearing glasses could get you shot outright.

      It took more than 30 years for Chinese universities to work their way back into reality again using people sent overseas for their PhD’s. Those who did not have to stay away because they wrote letters supporting the Tiananmen protests. It was during my PhD and people were being found positions to keep them so they didn’t have to go home. I saw the fear in their eyes. We had two Chinese students connected with our lab.

      Fortunately Woke is a purity cult and they never last since NOBODY can be pure enough. Remember even Robespierre went to Madame Guillotine. They will self destruct if we can hold them off long enough.

      We are doing better than they are in the US. Our Feminists are more organised, more used to organising. I am in awe of many of them on Twitter. Twitter has stopped me liking posts as I find myself doing so on their threads so often.

      I have tweeted things which have gotten women in twitter gaol or banned and nothing. Because I’m male and a declared Biologist. I don’t have a job to lose so I have no fear of them. I’m 6′, very fit & broad shouldered so TRA’s with pink baseball bats do not scare me.

      Warning to anyone wanting to fight me. Don’t let me get my hands on you. I’m an Anatomist. I know where the nerves in the body run and where they come to the surface over bone where they can be given a nice rub or a good bump. I am VERY dangerous.

    68. Liz g says:

      Cath @ 7.55
      Brilliant post Cath thank you.
      Sadly I think whom ever and what ever is behind this activism are using Trans people and using them badly.
      They have nae real interest in advancing all of us forward to a more human and accepting society.
      They are dividing us all and doing real damage to the group they claim to champion.
      I’m glad you were at the stage in your journey when they came along that ment you could really see them and not think they had rocked up to help.

      I do wonder if you could tell us what you think of the current attempts to have this “Gendered” stuff in school’s!
      I see it very much as the same tactics that the Religions use to gain and keep believers,the faiths always want to be in the school’s and given my own way I’d keep them out altogether!
      But your view about what could be taught,if anything, would be speaking from a bit of background that may create more light than heat about it!

    69. Liz g says:

      Muscle Guy @ 8.53
      Saw a brilliant post somewhere aimed at the religious ( is there any other kind ? ) anti abortion mob…

      “If pregnancy is Gods will and taking a pill to change it is wrong!
      Then logic dictates Viagra should also be banned and you must campaign for that ASAP ” 🙂

      Thought it said it all really.. LOL

    70. Sharny Dubs says:

      Where does this leave kilt warning “persons”?

    71. Liz g says:

      Muscle Guy @ 9.08
      I see your point,but,I’d argue that they too were using the tactics of religions.
      Even Hitler did.I
      It all goes way back to pre history.
      It’s just more easily referenced in the Abrahamic writings because our culture is so littered with the concepts of those particular three!

    72. Liz g says:

      Sharny Dubs @ 9.28
      Still the best dressed man in the room 🙂

    73. Thomas Valentine says:

      If Self ID comes in can I sell my ten year old Nissan as a five year old Mercedes?

    74. Cath says:

      Thanks Liz

      I do wonder if you could tell us what you think of the current attempts to have this “Gendered” stuff in school’s!

      It’s awful. Kids don’t need loads of confusing nonsense about gender: kids are girls or boys, that’s their sex. What they need is not to be constricted or differentiated by their sex in what toys they play with, how they’re treated by others, what they can aim for or achieve, what colour clothes they need to wear. That won’t cure or prevent gender dysphoria, because the real thing is just not that simple. But it will stop so many “gender non-conforming” kids (eugh, that we even have that phrase in the 21st century 🙁 ) thinking they’re in the wrong body, and allow genuine GD kids to live happily in their own skins as children. No kid should ever be told they’re playing with the “wrong” toy, or can’t wear that because it’s for girls/boys.

    75. Ian Kemp says:

      As a human I don’t give a monkeys genitals what or how people want to define themselves as, people are people, I do take serious exception though to being told how I should view this and I do not like the prospect that a minority of persons should be able and feel empowered to offend and denigrate other peoples views.

    76. Liz g says:

      Robert Louis @ 7.52
      I don’t think many people realise how relatively recent,and therefore no that solidly established Gay ,Lesbian and yes Female rights actually are.
      Trade Union rights are older and look how fast they can be rolled back.
      As much as you wish Gay men need to wake up and step up,I feel the same way about Women who seem to think “job done equality achieved” and have stopped paying attention.

      The brunt of this has fallen on Lesbians and like you described they’ve stepped up and warned us all.

      We really do need to refuse to go the way of Canada and to not buy this attempt to dictate our sexual choices to the proscribed one’s….
      And to warn Trans Woman that the first time they pull the same shite on a heterosexual male could likely be their last….Christ Robert this stuff is scary!

    77. Col.Blimp IV says:


      If independence comes before the SNP de-wokes its self. It will not be long before the Salmon are banished from our rivers due to their unpardonable transphobia and replaced by the more politically “on message” Barammundi.

    78. Col.Blimp IV says:

      or Barramundi even.

    79. Liz g says:

      Cath @ 9.55
      Aw thanks again Cath,it’s good to know from someone who actually was a kid not comfortable with the “norms” ( I know it was more than that) that letting kids be kids up to and including moving away from the rigidity of roles across the world of a child, is roughly all it would take in “general” to let them just grow. ..
      I do hope you manage along to one of the Wings nights out it would be great to hear more of your views.
      In the mean time….long, extra long and super long posts would be very welcome….we are all trying to grasp the issues and we do like to get in-depth here 🙂

    80. SilverDarling says:


      Thank you. Your post was so informative and illuminating.

      Would that we could all just live and let live without the oppressive stereotypes and belief systems that our young have been condemned to adhere to. Being comfortable with who you are, ‘Bien dans sa peau’ is something we all seek. However as you say, you knew what you were feeling was more than that. We are learning all the time from people like you who speak out about how their personal and individual lived experience is hijacked by those who seek to make it an ideology.

      I’ve read some accounts of detransitioners – children who both feared and hated the way the world reacted to them in their body or had abusive life changing experiences that they associated with their sex and therefore sought to divest themselves of that ‘skin’ so that it would not happen again. Children for whom puberty was not just the uncomfortable experience most of us feel but a terrifying unwelcome metamorphosis that they were not allowed to adjust to.

      Their individual stories were often harrowing and I wish them the peace you have achieved.

      In the 70s we were probably more liberated than we realised if only with regard to appearance. We wore flares, college jumpers, had feather cuts that grew out and so occasionally it was quite difficult to tell who was what. Did we feel less female? Absolutely not. Were our male counterparts any less male, again, No.

      This recent overly sexualised exaggerated drag type idea of femininity, slavishly followed by many young women – almost ‘performative femininity’ – must sit really uneasily with any young women who feels she does not identify with any of that. How easy it would be to feel that a male or androgynous body would be more comfortable and to be encouraged it was more than that?

      It might seem trivial but I was first aware of the regressive return to pink and blue when Lego started making ‘sets for girls’. I was reminded again recently when I saw a programme about Lego and they had realised that girls left Lego around 8/9 years old and devised special sets to keep and capture the ones who didn’t just want to build stuff anymore. A marketing decision that possibly had far reaching effects.

      The rest is history and and now look where we are.

    81. Willie says:

      To each and every force there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      Not true when it comes to trans legislation. Trans legislation will be rejected, be resisted by the majority. Ordinary people do not like this legislation and the micro minority Trans Gender ID brigade will push this to a point where there is a huge kickback.

      Their online attacks on JK Rowling were outrageous, and ordinary people know it. This is no anodyne cult but rather a bunch of vicious sickos.

      Cruising as they do, spewing their bile, this not going to be pretty. But at the end of the day, I think it is clear who will prevail, especially when parents children are put at risk.

      And pity help the politicos who are pushing this vile agenda.

    82. Willie says:

      @Silver Darling.

      A thoughtful post. But I did smile at your recollection of pink and blue Lego. Was there ever such Lego sets. I only remember brightly coloured reds, blues, greens, blacks, white and yellow, which on reflection in today’s over complicated over sensitive over analysed world suggests “ rainbow “ as opposed to “ binary “

      But the pink and blue Lego of your youth. That’s interesting, because I was a Meccano set child myself. But was it the boys or girls version?

      And what gender too was my Mamod steam engine?

      Left to its own devices (a vote 1&2) for a Sturgeon-led regime in 2021 is a vote to preserve the Union not to end it.

      Campbell says:
      in answer to: “…why [UNION] media are not reporting this GENUINE split between SNP activists and the SNP glitterati ?”

      ‘…they’ve realised that their best bet to preserve the Union is to keep Nicola Sturgeon in office…an SNP [FM] with no intention of actually delivering independence.’

    84. I wonder how committed these trans people would be in this scenario.

      A woman at birth but wants to be a transman. Now this new man breaks the law and is sentenced by a court to a spell in prison.

      Will she to he be prepared to serve the sentence in a male prison or would she to he be petitioning the court to allow she to he to serve the sentence in a woman’s prison?

    85. Craig P says:

      Cath – thank you for your long post. It was the best thing I have read on this subject for a while. We’ll never get anywhere if the debate is reduced to people shouting at each other on twitter.

    86. Mike Lothian says:

      OK BLOGS at Edinburgh University was an LGBT society back in 2000 – yes the letters didn’t fit any more, but we were definitely inclusive. Stonewall Scotland was an LGBT Society back in those days too. LGBT Youth was definitely an LGBT group at its inception. Stop rewriting history that you’re clearly not that familiar with!

    87. Mike Lothian says:

      @Cath, I’ve just read your post, I’m glad you’re happy with your journey. I’m sorry that you felt you couldn’t be yourself when you were younger. To me it sounds like your were afraid of losing family and friendships due to transphobia. That’s what we need to fix, whether people choose to transition or not.

      The huge fight that has kicked of due to the proposed GRA changes is doing nothing to help reduce transphobia. Name calling on both sides has been hateful and unproductive.

      I’m curious to know if you consider yourself a transman? Transmen have barely been mentioned in the debate so far and are often overlooked in the usual arguments.

      Any thoughts on how we can improve the GRA that would keep both sides of the debate happy?

      Personally I think improving safe spaces so the users are safe and feel safe no matter who’s using them. So changing rooms with ceiling to floor walls and a solid door. Individual toilets etc

    88. Cath says:

      Mike, no offence but, “To me it sounds like your were afraid of losing family and friendships due to transphobia. That’s what we need to fix, whether people choose to transition or not.” sounds to me like someone with no knowledge or understanding of the condition trying to speak for and over those who’ve lived it. And that is the massive issue in this debate.

    89. Cath says:

      By far the biggest issues are sexism, misogyny and demands people “conform” to some kind of gender stereotype based on their sex. That affects gender dysphorics worst, but it also affects every single person, especially kids. So look at fixing that, rather than fixating on “trans” issues, which have just become another, and hugely toxic, form of that

    90. Mike Lothian says:

      I have no personal experience of gender dysphoria, I only have the second hand accounts of my friends that have transitioned. You are the first person that I’ve communicated with that’s told me they felt they might have transitioned under different circumstances and I’m trying to further my understanding. If you don’t mind me asking, how would you describe your feelings about transitioning when you were younger? As I said, it sounded like you were afraid of people being transphobic so I’d like to better understand why that isn’t the case.

      I consider myself an ally to my trans friends, I’ve seen the painful steps in their transitions, physically and emotionally. Medical procedures going wrong, finding love after their transitions, dealing with transphobic abuse.

      I agree there are a whole raft of issues with misogyny and gender stereotypes that are still being enforced today – have you seen children’s toy adverts, they basically haven’t changed since I was a kid

    91. Cath says:

      No Mike. I said I might have transitioned in an attempt to ease GD, considered the benefits and drawbacks and decided to live with it a different way. It wasn’t circumstances, it was a personal decision. Others make a different one. It had nothing to do with “transphobia” but reality.

    92. Mike Lothian says:

      Hi Cath, I read your reply but it didn’t answer my question. Again, if you don’t mind sharing, can you explain your personal decision regarding transitioning. You mention benefits and drawbacks, if it’s not too personal would you mind sharing that? I will totally understand if you don’t wish to though. Thanks again. Mike

    93. Cath says:

      Hi Cath, I read your reply but it didn’t answer my question. Again, if you don’t mind sharing, can you explain your personal decision

      I’ve said everything I want to say in my original post.

      However, by way of analogy, imagine people with, let’s call it cancer X started to say ‘We have certain needs that aren’t being met, and it would be great if people listened to those.’ But, rather than actually listening, an entire swathe of people who’d never had cancer X and had no clue about cancer treatments all decided that *this* was the one cause they must all leap on and ally themselves to.

      And, after a few years, for every person trying to speak who had cancer X, there were 100 people who’d never had it and knew nothing of it shouting over them, speaking for them, telling them they’re wrong and just don’t understand their own condition and are actually “cancerX-sufferer-phobic” if they don’t go with the prescribed lines of their “allies”. If people were demanding over and over of them “BUT YOU HAVEN”T ANSWERED MY QUESTION ON WHY EXACTLY YOU FELT…”

      Do you think those people would be useful allies? (That analogy only scratches the surface of how this debate harms actually gender dysphoric and transexual people, as well as kids who are neither but are being sold “trans” rather than allowed to simply be gender non-conforming), but it might help you understand and think about your own actions and questions.

    94. Iain says:

      Wings, I know that you are new to this debate, but as a gay man who has been dealing with tirades of abuse for the past 4 years over this subject, I would recommend doing some more research.
      You stated –
      “The same thing applies to gay men and people with vaginas, of course, but for some reason nobody is ordering gay men to sleep with women in the way that TRAs demand that lesbians sleep with men or be attacked as “genital fetishists” and bigots.”

      This is categorically untrue. I draw your attention to a page called – The Boxer Ceiling. It was created to share with the world the abuse that gay men are currently receiving from TRAs. The same attacks that lesbians are under, so are we. Except I don’t remember ever seeing “all cis lesbians should die” plastered all over the Internet in the same way that I have for gay men. Search twitter comments for Cis gay males and prepare to be shocked. I have come off of twitter in protest as they themselves refuse to ban any of these commentators for what they’ve said.

      I’m glad to see that this has come to the general public’s eye recently, But please do some more research into it. The radical feminists will say it’s all men’s fault, but after some proper research you can see that it’s across the board. The problem is who’s controlling the conversation on this in the U.K. atm, and it’s the same people who believe that misogyny is a hate crime yet misandry doesn’t exist.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    95. Gregory Beekman says:


      Just trying to see how many dashes are needed to underline Gregory Beekman Says:

    96. Gregory Beekman says:



      Just trying to see how many dashes are needed to underline Gregory Beekman Says:

    97. Gregory Beekman says:

      Oh dear, looks like my testing hit the Wings buffers 🙁

      Anyway, think about 32 will do it, lol!

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