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Moodievision: FruitFest

Posted on June 10, 2015 by

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  1. 10 06 15 13:18

    Moodievision: FruitFest | Speymouth

63 to “Moodievision: FruitFest”

  1. handclapping says:

    What can one say? Fruitcakes the lot of them! 😀

  2. Lollysmum says:

    Just made mistake of watching that in full screen mode. Never again-my eyesight will never recover!

    Funny though -thanks Greg & I suppose thanks must also be due to the ONLY Lib Dem MP in Scotland for the unending supply of hilarity he’s been sending our way. Cartoonists like Greg would be lost without it 🙂

    Mundell’s turn next week is it?

  3. MajorBloodnok says:

    “Don’t you wish your LibDem was hot like me?” There are no words… though perhaps this is prophetic if he burns for all eternity and damnation in the dark fires of political obscurity (fingers crossed).

  4. cirsium says:

    Enjoyed that. I’m glad Corky still has a role.

  5. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

    Whenever I see Gidi outwith these cartoons, I’m always disappointed that he doesn’t have his cloak on!

  6. galamcennalath says:

    Excellent as always.

    Dave putting on a bit of weight, per chance? 🙂

  7. mary docherty says:

    Youse’ll need tae see a Doakter !! Brilliant!! Cheers !!

  8. Swami Backverandah says:

    I remember that fruitfest. The day on which, on behalf of the goodly people who chose not to attend, the weather blew a raspberry.

  9. MARY VASEY says:

    Brilliant Greg, this almost makes me feel sorry for koalacarmichael…AMOST 😎

  10. Cuilean says:

    Now that the demonic being (or is it EVEL)? inhabiting Corkie (the not so dummie) has flitted from Milliband to Carmichael, the penny has finally dropped, regarding who instigated’Frenchgate’.

    J’accuse Corkie: the unknown un-civil servant & memo-writer.

  11. heedtracker says:

    You’d better watch out for Mike White, he’s got a temper AND he only grew that bizarre tash to make his small mouth look bigger in the great news rooms of The Guardian, y’see.

    Other British cartoon news, bettertogether satire is dead as this very creepy The Guardian satirist gets UKOK Children’s Laureate award or president for life. So one more English Hammer of the Scots rewarded, the beastly horrid Scots, not the nice pretty ones in Scotland flag skirts, clutching her Devo Max thing.

    Hate Salmond.

    Love the union.

    This one’s creepy in the extreme but its nice that he’s so in touch with children. Yuck.

  12. fred blogger says:

    weep, writ large the loneliness of lofty office.
    da da da da da X many, bratman!! (or if preferred, britman)!
    glad that the sun is shining today.

  13. galamcennalath says:


    “… in Scotland flag skirts, clutching her Devo Max thing.”

    That Chris Riddell cartoon from 21/09/2014 in the Guardian. Interesting perception that the NO win was bought by the offer of DevoMax.

    I can only assume Scotland was clutching an IOU ‘I promise the bearer one DevoMax delivering Scotland Act’.

    We are still waiting to be able to cash it 😉

    Funny how parchment scrolls are never worth the paper they are printed on.

  14. jackie g says:


    The Arches venue in Glasgow has gone into administration.

    This is due to GCC curtailing its drinks licence to 12pm.

    Well done GCC you have effectivaly help close down one of the citys best nightclubs and arts venue.

    Way to Go.

  15. heedtracker says:

    @ galamcennalath That Chris Riddell cartoon from 21/09/2014 in the Guardian.

    Riddell’s a weird choice for children’s laureate, what ever that is, if only because he’s a very hard core Britnat propaganda children’s laureate and he cant actually draw.

    Fair enough he just piles in to their routine Salmond/Scots democracy monstering in England but he’s just as much a nasty racist thug as the likes of Steve Bell. That’s no doubt why he got it, he’s the right sort.

    Does Riddell’s fair maiden in a union jack dress clutching Scotland to her ample bosom look anything like the one that shat Project Fear on Scotland, or the one that told Scotland to fcuk off with “their” sterling share, or the one that tried on their historic federal UKOK shyste with her colossal Devo-Max fraud, her BBC that monsters Scottish democracy day in day out, stuff like their armed border check point charlies at Berwick, etc?

    Putting a creep like that in front of kids is clearly a pat on the head for another UKOK goon but hopefully he wont quit with his Bettertogther stuff.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    OT New academic study suggests Thatcherism failed …

    … now there’s a surprise (not).

  17. Wulls says:

    @Jackie G 3.17.
    Please tell us exactly what closing a nightclub that has suffered excessive anti social behavouir issues has to do with this thread ?????
    I’m stumped.

  18. Scunterbunnet says:

    @Wulls @3:53

    I assume Jackie is pointing to the utter ineptitude of a cooncil who forced the closure of a major arts venue, whilst allowing a celebration of bigotry, xenophobia, and pseudo-protestant jihadism to occupy the main square of their city.

  19. Andy-B says:

    Anyone notice that it rained cats and dogs during the Orangepest,but as soon as the sectarian soirée was over the sun came out.

    God’s definitely not on their side,and that’s comforting to know.

  20. Chic McGregor says:

    “OT New academic study suggests Thatcherism failed …

    … now there’s a surprise (not).”

    Well it only failed if we assume their only goal was not to increase the wealth gap.

    It has worked spectacularly in making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  21. Robert Peffers says:

    @Andy-B says: 10 June, 2015 at 5:07 pm :

    “Anyone notice that it rained cats and dogs during the Orangepest,but as soon as the sectarian soirée was over the sun came out.

    God’s definitely not on their side,and that’s comforting to know.”

    Ah! Andy-B, that was because the Orange Order got their dates mixed up and booked their ‘Fest when it was the Catholic Christian God’s turn on day-shift.

    You see there’s three of those Christian Sectarian Gods. There’s the Catholic God, the Church of Scotland God and the Wee Free God. Have you not heard of, “The Blessed Trinity”, before? They work rotating shifts – Day-shift, Back-shift & Night-shift.

    It was the RC God’s turn on Day-shift and hence all the rain and wind. while the Wee Free’s God was on Night-shift and that’s why the weather only changed when the Church of Scotland God came on back-shift. If I remember right it got unseasonably cold when the Wee Free God came on shift later that night. This is also the same reason the Scottish weather is so changeable.

    I’ll get my pack-a-mac!

  22. heedtracker says:

    Another hammer of the Scots says goodbye, about 2 minutes in he grinchs about buckets of shit dumped on him by horrid media, this from a progressive liberal editor that did everything possible to annihilate Scottish democracy, painted swastikas on Nic Sturgeon, dump reprobates like Riddell on Scotland and British satire like this

  23. Paula Rose says:

    Off topic and outer limit – the UK government’s “re-negotiation” may be an EU acceptance of TTIP, what then?

  24. Legerwood says:

    Jackie @3.17 and scunterbunnet @4.33

    This article by Kenneth Roy in the Scottish Review gives a lot more of the background to the Arches story. Puts the decision to curtail its opening hours into context of what was actually going on there.

  25. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Andy Bat 5.07

    Do you remember Milo o’Shea in the TV series “Me Mammy” and his mammy’s wee shrine to “St Pluvious: Patron Saint of Wet Days for Protestant Outings”

  26. HandandShrimp says:

    Giddy is truly disturbing….the cartoon isn’t much better

    ahem…I’ll get me coat.

  27. Graeme Doig says:

    Just watched sickening display from Osborne and pals at Mansion House.

    FFS. It’s becoming more and more difficult to tolerate the excesses of these bastards as they steal from us.

  28. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Posting this here as it’s the latest thread, but it’s really in response to Grouse Beater’s comments about J. K. Rowling on the previous thread.

    At a time when all the book festivals are about to start trumpeting their wares, we should pay close attention to their content, especially those being hosted in Scotland. One has to wonder – what are the chances of hearing any writer, even in the current climate, daring to say something like this?:

    ‘Scottish history is not nice history. It’s the history of subjection. We are so used to tipping the hat to our superiors. And that’s still the way things are, unfortunately. How many other countries do we know, how many cultures in the world do we know where there’s a debate about ‘should we determine our own existence or not?’ Such inferiority, it’s shocking. Independence is not an economic decision, it is a decision to do with self-respect. How we determine our own existence, this is what we do as adults for goodness sake, it’s our culture, ultimately it concerns survival. And we’ll see it literally, if the independence movement is set back again, emigration as usual, for those able to do it, spiritual demoralisation for others.’

    James Kelman, from this 2012 interview:

  29. call me dave says:

    Pete Wishart and Angus MacNeil are to chair the two SNP-led House of Commons committees, it has been announced.

    Perth and North Perthshire MP Mr Wishart will chair the Scottish Affairs Committee.

    Mr MacNeil, the MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, will chair the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

    Mr Wishart said he was “delighted” at his appointment, while Mr MacNeil said he recognised the challenges ahead.

    Both candidates were the SNP’s sole nominees for the chairmanship positions.

    Following the SNP’s success in the general election, which saw them win 56 of the 59 Scottish seats at Westminster, they were given the chair of two House of Commons select committees.

    The two SNP MPs will assume their responsibilities next week when all other Select Committee chairs are announced.

    Mr Wishart, who succeeds former Labour MP Ian Davidson said: “There is a huge range of work to be done by the committee with a Scotland Bill progressing through parliament, English votes for English laws and a whole range of reserved legislation which directly impacts on the people of Scotland.

    “I intend to return the committee to its original purpose of scrutinising the work of the Scotland Office and looking at legislation that affects Scotland as it goes through the House of Commons.

  30. heedtracker says:

    And we’ll see it literally, if the independence movement is set back again, emigration as usual, for those able to do it, spiritual demoralisation for others.’

    James Kelman, from this 2012 interview:

    Its not set back and spiritual demoralisation never happened either.

    If Scotland’s history teaches us anything, it never happens the way you expect,

    Also, everyone knows JK Rowling’s a fcukwit.

  31. SquareHaggis says:


    SOZ if posted previously but seriously WTF is going on here? Why is Carmicheal and Wayne David amending the Scotland bill? Under what authority?

  32. heedtracker says:

    Another day in teamGB kicks off

    English side of border

    “Economic growth (GDP)
    North Sea oil rebound fuels UK GDP growth
    Economy doubles growth rate to 0.6% as NIESR predicts annual growth of 2.5% but drop in manufacturing deals blow to George Osborne”

    Their Scotland region side

    “Oil and gas companies
    North Sea oil price slump puts industry confidence at an all-time low”


  33. Cadogan Enright says:

    No Snp MP’s quoted on today in parliament despite Scotland Bill

    Lots of mocking of SNP covered however from other parties – I am sure the BBC can be trusted on balance, just like question time

  34. bugsbunny says:


    I thought I recognised that cartoon? Something similar was used against the Irish Land League in a Punch cartoon over 130 years ago.


  35. john king says:

    Pete Wishart is the chairman if the Scottish Affairs Committee
    Angus McNeil will chair the will chair the Energy and Climate change committee.
    get in there!


  36. john king says:

    Will be the chair I mean. 🙁

  37. john king says:

    early bedder,
    sorry call me dave. 🙁

  38. Grouse Beater says:

    Another day in teamGB kicks off:
    English side of border
    Scottish side of the border.

    Brown didn’t say British newspapers pool and share – they’re free to make whatever propaganda suits Westminster’s agenda that controls either end of Great Britain.

  39. Grouse Beater says:

    Fitting to see Mo Farah – Glasgow’s Commonwealth games too Mickey Mouse for him – uncomfortable to ‘discover’ late in the day (and only when made public) his coach allegedly dispenses performance enhancing drugs.

  40. jackie g says:

    Ledgerwood @8.01pm

    Thanks for that link will have a read of it later i have fond memories of the Arches theatre so am very sad it has come to this.

    Ian 11.25pm

    Mr Kelman is spot on as usual, i have met him and he is a fiesty wee bugger and well worth listening to.

    Dont get me started on book festival’s especially the one in Edinburgh, Pippa and Jeremy do the book festival aagh

    A Middle class love fest for folk wi money some have never read a book in their life..

    Although i did once hear Irvine Welsh there one year and he was very entertaining and insightful.

  41. Alastair says:

    SquareHaggis at 11.56

    Its a device to give a drowning man political oxygen.

    The 56 must find a way to quell him.

  42. Grouse Beater says:

    Jackie: Irvine Welsh there one year and he was very entertaining and insightful.

    Irvine has the monopoly of stories about life in the schemies.

    Don’t mock the Edinburgh Book Festival – it takes on all sorts of writers and audience members, and tries different themes each year. Everything can be improved one way or another, and everything that starts with a writer is worthy of support!

  43. jackie g says:

    Grouse Beater @8.45

    Don’t mock the Edinburgh Book Festival?

    Gimme Peace.

  44. Fireproofjim says:

    Jackie g
    Among the speakers at the Edinburgh book festival this year are Val McDermid, Alan Cumming, Alasdair Gray, Ian Rankin, and some up and coming politician called Nicola Sturgeon.
    There is always something for everybody and it is ridiculous to call it a ” middle class love fest for folk with money” .
    Your implication is that it is “not for the likes of us”.An inferiority complex if ever there was one.

  45. Grouse Beater says:

    Gimme Peace.

    Okay. Parade your prejudices all you like and take the hits coming. I’m sure you’ll deserve them.

  46. ScotsRenewables says:


    Anyone else noticed the BBC have purged any vids showing the SNP in a good light from YouTube? Bercow and Rees- Mogg vids both gone.

    (Though the one of Bercow chastising the SNP is still there . . .)

    Has anyone squirrelled copies away somewhere?

  47. call me dave says:

    The SNP will table an amendment to the Scotland Bill for FFA

    Interviewee mugs the presenter and his labour accomplice on GMS.

    Oh what a scurrie whurrie when Christine Graham (justice convener) refused to take the usual crap from Garry and Hugh Henry about police crime statistics. She talked over them and interjected constantly, giving Hugh Henry no quarter.

    Loved it, although some of the details were lost in translation, it was a good start to the morning.

    You’ll have to get up earlier than that to ambush her. I wish some other MSPs would be a bit bolder.

    (scurrie whurrie) in yesterdays X-word National. Got it right but I never got ‘eesks’ Scots for hiccups! Never heard of it! 🙁

  48. Marcia says:

    Scots Renewable

    you can find all the maiden speeches here;

  49. Valerie says:

    Hard to believe that the useless piece known as Ian Davidson used to be Chair of a Select Committee, no wonder we have had nothing from WM. We have had more info tweeted and posted in the last few weeks from SNP, than in the previous 5 from Labour.

    @dave, I knew Hugh Henry when he was a local councillor in Paisley. I was a lowly council minion, but even then, I felt there was something of the night about HH.

  50. Craig Murray says:

    My new book not out till Christmas, so not doing the book festivals this year. But my favourite ever corporate media appearance was the Financial Times’ story on the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2008:

    “Gordon Brown enjoyed a respectful audience, but two days later Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, elicited passionate support.”

    The lady in charge of the festival had asked me not to be too controversial. I opened by saying it was strange for a nobody like me to follow Brown and Prescott on to the stage, but I supposed they wanted a speaker who wasn’t a war criminal.

  51. Chic McGregor says:

    I haven’t watched any of the sports where drug use is likely since the days of Johnson. What’s the point? I think they are all at it.

    I do still watch and enjoy sports where innate skill is paramount, like football, golf, snooker, shinty, tennis, bowls and curling.

    Not because I think the participants are any less likely to take drugs if they thought it would help but simply because it doesn’t.

    I dare say some are stupidly putting themselves at risk even in those sports but I don’t think to their advantage, probably the opposite.

  52. Robert Peffers says:

    @call me dave says: 11 June, 2015 at 9:29 am:

    “The SNP will table an amendment to the Scotland Bill for FFA

    That’ll put the Secretary of State Against Scotland’s gas at a peep. My thoughts upon hearing the numptie come out with that at Scottish Questions was, “Sheesh! The SNP are calling for FFA what’s this idiot on about”?

    “Interviewee mugs the presenter and his labour accomplice on GMS.”

    My radio alarm is set to Radio Scotland and I awake to that as I had slept in this morning. It was hilarious and Garry lost out to Christine by attempting to lead Hugh Henry into the usual SNP BAD theme and Christine had the measure of them both and she made them both seem a right pair of daft diddies.

    There is no doubt that Christine’s point was right and the BBC/Labour mantra was utter guff. Mind you I remember someone asking Nicola why she couldn’t shut some of her MSP’s up and Nicola replied, “Are you kidding? Have you ever tried to shut up the likes of Christine Graham”?

    “(scurrie whurrie) in yesterdays X-word National. Got it right but I never got ‘eesks’ Scots for hiccups! Never heard of it!”

    Me neither and I’ve spoken, (and written), “wir ain Lallan’s leid”, all my life. I assume both expressions are a quite localised dialect use.

    Neither expression is to be found in the CSD, (Concise Scottish Dictionary).

  53. call me dave says:

    Thanks for that link.

    The dug is in good form in the National this morning.
    Murphy and Kezia with a double !! Oh and the other chap from labour that nobody remembers…Mac..something.

    Ho predictive spelling (Media) for Kezia

  54. Robert Peffers says:

    @Chic McGregor says: 11 June, 2015 at 10:09 am:

    ” … Not because I think the participants are any less likely to take drugs if they thought it would help but simply because it doesn’t.”

    Going by some of the greatest exponents of those team games, Chic, I’d say that fact could be due to the brain not being paramount as a measure of skill in those games”.

    Some of the real greats in those team games were really, really thick as proverbial short planks while some others had degrees, or even Doctorates, in some complex fields. I had assumed that instinct & practice, rather than intellect, had most to do with their sporting skills.

  55. Jim says:

    How refreshing it is to watch these US interviewers interact with Nicola Sturgeon.

    I have just watched her “Morning Joe” interview on MSNBC; the interview was calm, respectful and with a noticeable lack of bile and hatred which nearly always rears it’s ugly head when being interviewed in her own country or the UK as a whole!

  56. bookie from hell says:

    I was very critical of SNP yesterday waffling on FFA,calling them a joke

    now I understand a amendment asking for FFA will be put forward Scotland Bill

    did Nicola make the phone call from USA to WM SNP MPs,we have to have a clear decisive message

    great thing is,all the Unionists will now have to explain these denied powers

  57. Dr Jim says:

    Some scientist says women cry and it’s “off with his head”
    It’ll put women off going into science

    The Daily Mail says Nicola Sturgeon’s a Nazi, Fascist, basically the font of all evil in the world

    But that’s OK because they’re allowed freedom of speech

    Example 1 I can’t believe how much bigger Trivia can get
    Example 2 Eh? Whit? Well done these newspapers for encouraging women in Politics Eh
    I’m talking my grand daughter into this career as we speak
    She canny wait (sarcasm)

  58. Luigi says:

    The GMS Labour press release was incredible this morning, even by their low standards. Crime is down, more crimes are being solved but ah, the number of crimes solved per officer has fallen (more officers + less crime = well, dough?) so it’s SNP bad bad bad again. Hugh Henry didn’t have a clue, all he could do was rabbit on about crimes per officer. When they attack the SG this way, they attack the police. But hey, anything to throw dirt at the SNP, who cares about collateral damage (policemen vote, by the way, as do many other public service workers who have been slurred by Scottish Labour).

    Either Scottish Labour is full of innumerate numpties, or they are despicable, deliberate deceivers. I hope it’s the latter, because the thought of Holyrood being populated by people that cannot understand basic arithmetic is rather more frightening.

  59. Blair paterson says:

    O.t. I believe the reason the Afro American president Obama never met Nicola was he was ashamed to look her in the eye after telling the Scottish people that they were in effect better staying slaves than seeking freedom

  60. Cadogan Enright says:

    Rev should appoint a Parish Council or a curate for when he is recovering his strength. heedtracker’s post at 12.12 would qualify for a post on Wings normally.

    BELLA AT 93% WITH 22 HOURS TO GO – need less than £5K PLEASE HELP

    Indy Live 69 hours left and only need £3000–2#/story

    NEWSSHAFT has 22 days to go and

    Possibly the Carmichael appeal sucked up all the money?

    WE NEED INDY MEDIA – please Facebook and tweet these appeals

  61. Fred says:

    “Outstanding Success at Scottish Hospital” by Eleonor Bradford.

    Pigs Might Fly!

  62. Petra says:

    @ heedtracker says @ 12:12 am

    Another day in teamGB kicks off. English side of border

    “Economic growth (GDP)
    North Sea oil rebound fuels UK GDP growth. Economy doubles growth rate to 0.6% as NIESR predicts annual growth of 2.5% but drop in manufacturing deals blow to George Osborne”

    Their Scotland region side

    “Oil and gas companies. North Sea oil price slump puts industry confidence at an all-time low”. lol.’

    Thanks for the links heedtracker. Just typical! Keep on going with the UK brainwashing mantra why don’t you …. Scotland …. too wee, too poor and the Scots too stupid.

    They’re right enough in one respect. Many individuals in Scotland are ‘stupid’ due to the propaganda machine in action; for one the Guardian.

    I see it every night on the news such as STV reporting the ‘negatives’ and then ‘dumbing’ us all down by spending the best part of the time giving us an update on football. As an example constantly reporting ‘disasters’ at the new hospital but no mention of breast cancer research findings from Edinburgh University … they reckon they have found the means to stop the illness traveling around the body and setting up new secondary tumours.

    Broadcasting being devolved to Scotland has to be our number one priority surely (the 56 at HoCs) to put a stop to this.

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