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Levelling the field

Posted on March 03, 2017 by


1 day remaining. Total at noon, April 2: £132,072 (Since last update: £975)
(Including non-Indiegogo donations via PayPal, bank transfer etc.)

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    387 to “Levelling the field”

    1. Macandroid says:

      Now where did I leave my credit card?

    2. Scotsrenewables says:

      Can’t see any posts after about 11am yesterday on the previous thread ?.

    3. Reluctant Nationalist says:


    4. George Gannon says:

      Cheers my day up every morning looking at the total rise.

    5. Reluctant Nationalist says:


      And now nana’s links lost, like tears in rain.

    6. Smallaxe says:

      We can beat the labour amount in 29 days no problem if we all just put in another few pounds each over that time, just add a pound for every lie that is told.

      We could all have an away day to Westminster to laugh, he- haw and Bark at the Yoons with what will be left over in that case!

      Peace Always

    7. Contrary says:

      Can you tell us the total number of people contributing too? I think this is just as important as the amount of money – we are constantly told by certain politicians that there is ‘no appetite for a 2nd indyref’ , the number of people contributing (of whatever amount) gives additional clear evidence that this is patently not true.

    8. Smallaxe says:

      More money in, if we find out that someone has hacked the last Topic from 11am. I haven’t read it yet. #No Happy

      Peace Always

    9. Free Scotland says:

      There’s the making of a newspaper story here.

      Pro-independence website takes more in donations in a few days than Scottish Labour’s entire membership receipts for 2016.

    10. Capella says:

      Talk about incentive. It worked. That and hearing Ruthless being interviewed on R Scotland this morning. Imagine Ruth Harrison as First Minister!They’re creating a wasteland and calling it BREXIT.

    11. Artyhetty says:

      Some gremlins have been messing just now. Reading comments from this morn, about to comment, page went completely blank, now comments have disappeared. 100s of them?

      Here is mine, copied it.

      Re;Cadogan Enright@7.50

      So, the Scotgov should shut up and ‘get on with their day job’ says T.Mayhem, This seems to be a tory favourite doesn’t it. ‘Day job’. Hmm, is Mayhem intending to sack the ScotGov? I think we all know who is actually working for their wages in government, and working in the interests of the people who voted for them to do just that.

      T.Mayhem was not voted in by the people, she should as you say, get on with her job, stop dictating to the Scottish government, and sort out the utter shambles that her party have created.

    12. stu mac says:

      Posts from previous blog seem to be muddled up date wise, something odd has happened.

      Some folk have been posting about iScot. Don’t know what their situation is but their March issue is out – I subscribe but have no idea of their finances or plans beyond that. I simply hope they survive long enough for me to read the issues I’m subbed for. I guess that’s sort of an ad for them. I’m off to read it now.

    13. Artyhetty says:

      try again;

      Some gremlins have been messing just now. Reading comments from this morn, about to comment, page went completely blank, now comments have disappeared. 100s of them?

      Here is mine, copied it.

      Re;Cadogan Enright@7.50

      So, the Scotgov should shut up and ‘get on with their day job’ says T.Mayhem, This seems to be a tory favourite doesn’t it. ‘Day job’. Hmm, is Mayhem intending to sack the ScotGov? I think we all know who is actually working for their wages in government, and working in the interests of the people who voted for them to do just that.

      T.Mayhem was not voted in by the people, she should as you say, get on with her job, stop dictating to the Scottish government, and sort out the utter shambles that her party have created.

    14. Nana says:

      Blimey, hope it wasn’t one of my links that caused the last thread to crash.If it was there will be hammers coming down on my head I tell you!!

    15. Proud Cybernat says:

      Nice to see the crowdfund is still motoring, Rev. Another £25 chipped into the fighting fund (via PayPal to avoid IGG fees).

    16. Fergus Green says:

      A wee message to those agents who caused this page to crash:

      Your actions have inspired me to make a further donation.

      Love and peace.

    17. Old Highlander says:

      Last night I threw some more rupees into it too.

    18. Alistair D says:

      Re messages after 11.00 am – check archives for March.

    19. Macart says:

      Nope, not just me then.

      Most of yesterday disappeared.

      I often have days like that myself. 🙄

    20. sarah says:

      @Alistair D – I can’t see where the archives are. Was settling down to catch up on the comments and there they were, gone…

    21. Scotsrenewables says:

      It’s another one of Stu’s amazing talents – keeping this site up in the face of what I suspect are daily and ever more ferocious hacking attempts, ddos attacks etc.

    22. John H. says:

      Sabotage or not, it’s pushed me to put another £25 in. Certain Unionists will say we are gullible.

    23. heraldnomore says:

      The fragrant Ms Hartley-Brewer focussing on May attack on SNP this morning. Angus McNeil on right now. Talk Radio,

    24. Proud Cybernat says:

      The Power Grab…

    25. Alistair D says:


      Sorry I jumped the gun. Seems to be a big gap between posts at about 12.30 yesterday to the back of nine pm. Not normal for this site.

    26. Proud Cybernat says:

      tRuthless getting on with the day job…

      Nicola getting on with the day job…

      Today is #national-hug-a-yoon-day

      Hugged two already today. It was funny as hell. They wondered what the hell was going on until I told them.We all had a laugh. (Real nasty, nasty debate here in Scotland – NOT!)

      The best way EVER to counter their Project Fear II.

    27. DerekM says:

      Somebody playing silly buggers or just a wordpress glitch?

      New vid from phantom 🙂

    28. Meg merrilees says:

      I still have the original page open with all the comments still visible.
      They vanish if I refresh the page.

      So far, I’ve copied them and saved them in an e-mail to myself but is there someway I can do a screen grab?

      I have an Apple mac

    29. Vhisky says:

      Here is another 55 for the kitty via PayPal Stu – No need for pins and hats, use the money to rid the world of tunnel vision.

    30. vhisky says:

      @Meg: cmd + shift + 3

    31. Roboscot says:

      Free Scotland says:

      ‘There’s the making of a newspaper story here.
      Pro-independence website takes more in donations in a few days than Scottish Labour’s entire membership receipts for 2016’

      Indeed, and in proportion to population, this is the equivalent of a lone blogger in England raising a £1 million in two days. THAT would get on the news.

    32. Macmina Macallan says:

      After realising not my fault I couldn’t use Paypal I’ve managed to chip in £25
      Not often so flush so liked the suggestion of price of a pint/dram/coffee to encourage more frequent small donations on the spur of the moment rather than putting off till tomorrow.
      We just gotta trump Labour!

    33. Ken500 says:

      The Tories cut education funding and introduced £9000 fees in England. Cut NHS funding. They are spending £500Billion borrowed on HS2, Hinkley Point, Heathrow and squit Trident. Sanctioning and starving vulnerable people. Cutting welfare funding £3.7Billion. There have been more unexpected elderly death in England because of social funding cuts.

      Brexit is a total mess. It will ruin the world economy. EU Grants and ECB investment equal trade with the rest of the UK. Scotland would earn more from Renewables than Oil and Gas.

      The Tories deregulated Banking causing the Banking crash. Westminster illegal wars have caused the biggest migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. The Tories are a disgrace. Labour are useless. The UK debt £1.7trillion.

    34. Macart says:

      @Meg merrilees

      Shift – command – 4

      Draw box with cursor, take snapshot. 🙂

    35. sarah says:

      @Alistair D – thanks for telling me. I’m expecting the Rev to pitch in shortly, telling us all not to panic – he’s got it under control…

    36. Meg merrilees says:

      The whole thread for ‘Pushing the Accelerator’ March 2nd has vanished also large chunk of March 1st ‘A Remarkable feat’

      I still have 2nd March page open on an apple mac.

      How can i save it on an Apple mac?

      Off out shortly, won’t be back till about 9pm. (I’ve copied it all into an e-mail and sent it to myself so we have a back up for march 2nd).

    37. freedo says:

      Like others, I noticed that yesterday’s thread “Pressing the Accelerator” had disappeared. Last night, or early this morning to be exact, I placed my other machine in hibernation and on restart the thread in question is still available in Chrome. The embedded links appear to still exist. I have not exercised the page except to scroll. If this data, which is complete up to crazycat’s post at 1.23, is of any use, please advise how to package and transmit. Meanwhile I will leave the page alive and untouched.

    38. Vestas says:

      Was going to do this on previous thread but fortunately hadn’t yet 🙂

      STV voting in Scotland :

      1) Calculate the quota required to be elected based on votes cast and seats to be filled. The formula for that is the Droop quota and is (votes ÷ (seats + 1)) +1. Eg for 2000 votes and 4 seats it’d be (2000 ÷ 5) + 1 = 401 votes to win ;

      2) First round voting – if quota at 1) is exceeded then candidate(s) is/are elected & winners second preference votes are distributed. If no quota exceeded then candidate with least votes is eliminated and their second preference votes are distributed;

      3) All ballots from winner/loser examined and second preference votes transferred. If no second preference listed, then no transfer;

      4) Second round voting – repeat stage 2) with the winner (or loser) removed and their second preference votes transferred to remaining candidates;

      5) Continue voting rounds until all seats are filled. Note its entirely possible that candidates are elected who do NOT meet the quota to be elected. This would happen in the very last round of voting where the number of remaining candidates equal the number of available seats;

      If you only indicate 3 preferences in a 4 seat consitituency then you do NOT have a vote for the 4th seat.

      This means you can’t ensure that someone other than a yoon gets a transferred vote from you for that fourth seat.

      Transfer of second/subsequent preference votes are distributed using WIGM (Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method) in Scotland. WIGM is a method of transferring all votes at a fractional value. This has the effect of making it very difficult to game the system by (for example) voting for a no-hoper as first choice in the hope your later preferences have more effect on the outcome. This is a problem in some Australian states and is why some of them have moved to WIGM.

      If you want to know the nitty-gritty then look it up – its main problem is infinite recursion which means you really have to use computers to calculate the redistribution of the second/subsequent preferences.

      Hopefully that helps a bit?

      The tl;dr is fill in ALL the preferences with yoons at the bottom…..

    39. BJ says:

      How many more shots of Gerbil Jaws Murdo are we going to get?

      Are they so short of an audience that they have to keep panning over one section that is full of suits?

      May did not look comfortable. No idea what she was saying my neighbour had the sound turned off 🙂

    40. Smallaxe says:

      Proud Cybernat:

      I will need to get new specs, I thought you wrote “Mug a Yoon”. Oh
      well, more money for us. 🙂

      Peace Always

    41. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Nicola Sturgeon obsession with independence is harming Scotland, says Theresa May.” (The Herald)

      Let’s be clear. Theresa May’s hell-bent obsession with hard independence from the EU is what will harm Scotland. May’s ideological austerity-max programme is what IS HARMING Scotland. Utter hypocrite.

      Cognitive dissonance gone batshit mental.

      tRuthless telling Tory Scottish conference that Sturgeon doesn’t have a mandate for a second indy ref. When the NewIndyRef bill is passed in the Scottish Parliament, Nicola WILL have her mandate. So tRuthless – STFU.

      Now tRuthless – what mandate does Theresa May have? Oh, how we laughed.

    42. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Meg merrilees.

      If using Firefox, go to the File menu at the top and choose “Save page as…” and select “complete page”.

      If using Safari, go to the File menu and choose “Save as…”, then select “Web archive”.

    43. Thepnr says:


      There’s an extension for chrome called “Full Page Screen Capture” that does a pretty god job, the entire page is captured and not just the visible part on the screen. Very easy to use, just a single click once the extension has been added to your toolbar.

      You can find the link here:

    44. Smallaxe says:

      I went to O/T and refreshed the page then came back here and everything is back!

      Peace Always

    45. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Smallaxe.

      The page from yesterday at,
      is returning,
      “Error 404 – Not Found”.
      Are you sure you’re seeing it?

    46. Proud Cybernat says:

      Mayhem telling Tory Scottish conference “…SNP are twisting the truth…” about Brexit.

      Are you fecking KIDDING us Mayhem?

      YOU LOT are the ones who were telling the whole of the UK not so long ago that voting LEAVE in EuroRef would be a disaster for the UK. Twisting? Mayhem – YOU are the one who has twisted around to perform a complete volte-face. Sturgeon is the one who has been entirely consistent with her message about Brexit. Indeed, not so long ago, Mayhem, YOU supported her Brexit disaster message.

      So now we know, Mayhem, who is TWISTING THE TRUTH. The truth is there for anyone to read for themselves, Mayhem.

      Now get your ass down to London and get on with the day job and stop obsessing about the SNP.

    47. Vestas says:

      @Contrary 9:30 am :

      “Can you tell us the total number of people contributing too?”

      2102 on indiegogo + however many did it direct or via paypal (150-200 is my guess).

      So somewhere about 2300 or so….

    48. Meg merrilees says:

      Thanks to all advisors.
      Have managed to save March 2nd thread Pushing the Accelerator as a PDF complete up to 9.08 am this morning, March 3rd.

      Substantial chunk of March 1st thread missing, from 11.55am effectively up to 9.27am March3rd – haven’t got that one.

    49. stu mac says:

      @Proud Cybernat says:
      3 March, 2017 at 10:46 am
      Cognitive dissonance gone batshit mental.

      Actually not that. Cognitive dissonance only comes when you actually believe in something (which is provably mistaken but you can’t accept that it is). May and other similar politicians of various hues don’t get cognitive dissonance because they don’t really believe any of the keech they spout or in any of the things they do. All they believe in is promoting themselves and their position in society regardless of the harm their actions might do. Conscience dissonance is maybe more like it.

    50. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can you tell us the total number of people contributing too?”

      The Indiegogo page tells you the number of donors. In addition there have been around 400 donations through other sources.

    51. Patrick Roden says:

      Re: Labours Membership.

      One of the things that baffled me about Jim Murphy was that, no matter what I thought of his politics, I knew he understood how the media would report any story.

      So when he said he would take £1,000 per mansion tax from mostly London/South England folk to pay for 1000 nurses in Scotland, it was a baffling intervention by an experienced MP who had risen to the level of Front Bench Westminster MP in his career.

      But thinking about the bizare secrecy that surrounds the issue of the branch office membership numbers, has got me wondering if Murphy’s behaviour was part of a turf war between the Branch and their betters at Westminster.

      Was it all about the branch getting more of their own money back! and was this why they made what we all thought was a huge mistake of choosing Jim Murphy as leader?

      I can imagine the branch members getting ignored and looked down upon for years and far more money spent on Westminster MP’s, so they saw Jim Murphy as their possible Messiah…”surely Jim will be able to use his influence to get them to send us some of our own money back”, and you can bet that this would have been Jim’s main ‘selling point’ in the ‘backroom chats’ he would have had with MSP’s

      You can see why they would never ever want this to get out!

      There’s no way around this for the branch office, either pound shop Davidson has been telling huge lies about their membership, or if she is telling the truth, they are being short changed by Westminster Labour, who are taking all the Scottish members money and giving Labour in Scotland small change as Westminster see fit.

      Oh the irony, or should that be Karma

    52. heedtracker says:

      Proud Cybernat says:
      3 March, 2017 at 11:10 am
      Mayhem telling Tory Scottish conference “…SNP are twisting the truth…” about Brexit.

      Are you fecking KIDDING us Mayhem?

      Red tories in similar Brexit action.

      George Foulkes? @GeorgeFoulkes 13h13 hours ago
      The only parties who didn’t help defeat the Government in the Lords on EU citizens were UKIP and SNP

    53. Nana says:

      I’m very wary of posting any more links until we find out what happened with the last thread.

      Comment I heard a wee while ago “looks like the bbc are bringing us a new hammer house of horror. Latest episode entitled Tales from the crypt”

      I think he was watching the tory party conf.

      I’ve been told Adam Boulton’s face was a picture when a lady told him May is a hypocrite. Can not find anything about it online. I think from his twitter he is not a fan of the snp.

    54. Smallaxe says:


      O/T WORKING! I have just spoken to Tinto Chiel. Go to O/T and refresh, everything comes back!

      Peace Always

    55. heedtracker says:

      In fairness, Lord Foulkes was having a jape, or something.

      George Foulkes? @GeorgeFoulkes 2h2 hours ago

      CyberNats clearly can’t read.
      By not nominating Peers they cut off their nose to spite their face & not able to help defeat Tories in Lords

      0 replies

      George Foulkes? @GeorgeFoulkes 1h1 hour ago

      George Foulkes Retweeted Ross Leslie Guy
      Yes. And the CyberNats fell for it!George Foulkes added,
      Ross Leslie Guy @RossLeslieGuy
      @GeorgeFoulkes you totally meant that didn’t you. You wily old fox!
      3 replies 1 retweet 3 likes

      Hilarious times for Labour.

    56. Meg merrilees says:

      RE my post @ 11.16- about March 1st thread;

      Stu had posted March 2nd thread early wed. morning so that probably explains thread running out about 11.55am. There could be a few comments missing but not certain.

      Let’s hope it’s just a glitch and nothing more serious/sinister.

    57. Proud Cybernat says:

      “The only parties who didn’t help defeat the Government in the Lords on EU citizens were UKIP and SNP” – Foulkes

      So Sinn Fein were in there were they, Georgie-boy? Or have you been having a sherry or ten too many this morning?


    58. Smallaxe says:

      Only the Accelerator page missing, something Stinks!

      Peace Always

    59. heedtracker says:

      Patrick Roden says:
      3 March, 2017 at 11:20 am
      Re: Labours Membership.

      One of the things that baffled me about Jim Murphy was that, no matter what I thought of his politics, I knew he understood how the media would report any story.

      I thought it was Murphy’s last throw of the desperate dice. His life is entirely middle class, his constituency certainly is, so he had no real idea of why people have deserted Labour. Its two worlds out here, in the real Scotland world, Murphy didnt stand a chance with trying to kid us all on this hard.

    60. Meg merrilees says:

      You know it’s fascinating comparing the different headlines on same newspapers north and south versions!!

      The ‘i’

      South: Pay as you learn: Schools ask parents to pay £600
      North: Politics is not a game, May warns Sturgeon


      The Daily Mail

      South: Plague of the Fly-tippers
      North: May savages failing SNP


      Daily Express

      South: New tax on Inheritance – Outrage at plans to solve the Social care crisis
      North: Stop Playing Games Nicola pm -Obsession with Indyref2 damaging jobs and economy.


      Daily Mirror
      4 in 5 Hospitals are no longer safe.

      TM claims that Nicola and the SNP are wrecking Scottish education and NHS.

      Yet, the Tories ask English parents to cough up extra money for a basic school education, run down 4 out of 5 hospitals to a state where they are considered unsafe, want to tax inheritance to pay for Social care and she accuses the SNP of playing games and not getting on with the day job…

    61. Smallaxe says:

      A new post from the Rev. just up and working!

      Peace Always

    62. Meg merrilees says:

      Good news about the move to start up a HUGE aluminium car-parts factory in Fort William.
      see BBC Scotland website.

      I noticed an article from Nana’s disappearing link this morning to Business Insider.

      Apparently, Nissan has said that the UK needs to invest millions in car-parts manufacturing just as Scotland has announced exactly that…

    63. heedtracker says:

      More Lord Foulksian levels of SLab comedy, this time from Aberdeen, currently owned by councillor Wullie “don’t call me stupid” Young,

      “A councillor has defended a tweet in which he claimed setting up a publicly-owned bus firm in the city would be for “political lunatics”.

      The Labour group on Aberdeen City Council this week called for all options to be explored to allow the authority to run its own bus company.

      In 2013, Labour’s Mr Young tweeted that only political lunatics would support similar plans.
      Mr Young said the situation had now changed.”

      “A councillor,” is pretty good from beeb gimps, in that “a councillor” like Wullie, is a spectacular and ongoing SLab catastrofuck, costing Aberdeen hundreds of millions in tax payers hard earned.

    64. Smallaxe says:

      Now that post has gone even though I commented on it?

      Peace Always

    65. freedo says:

      I have Accelerator page up to and including crazycat’s post at 1.23am available as HTML and could make it available for download if required.

    66. Smallaxe says:


      That would be very kind of you, my Friend, Thank You!

      Peace Always

    67. heedtracker says:

      Fluffie currently waffling mad as hatter at Ligger Neil BBC 2 Politics lunchtime right now. He’s not exactly a handsome lad, so they’ve placed some good looking young people right behind him, on camera. Good old tory PR.

    68. geeo says:

      Note the difference in aggression levels by brillo towards Angus Robertson and Mundell..

      Mind you, that will be brillo getting upset at getting handed his arse..!

    69. Conan the Librarian says:

      Who is that waving a Wings flag outside the Tory conference? 🙂

    70. Breeks says:

      Utter pish and lies currently on BBC Radio 2.

      Tomkins claiming we knew there would be a referendum on Brexit in 2014.

      SNP bad, SNP obsessed with independence, the usual pish, Sturgeon being unreasonable,…

      Not impressed with Lesley Riddoch either, on the phone naturally, but what we all want apparently is EFTA membership, not the EU membership which we have the clear and unambiguous democratic mandate to defend. Speak for yourself Lesley,… oh yeah, you did.

      The other spokesperson for Indy was a former Liberal who did well in fairness but sounded like he was 100 years old, and interrupted repeatedly but a foaming at the mouth anti SNP former YES voter who doesn’t want Scotland changing the shackles of the UK for the shackles of Europe. Absolute pish straight from the Brexit handbook.

      Not a word or contribution direct from our elected government.

      Usual BBC stitch up and faux impartiality.

    71. Lollysmum says:

      Conan the Librarian says
      “Who is that waving a Wings flag outside the Tory conference? ? ”

      Whats the betting that it’s Ronnie Anderson lol 🙂

    72. geeo says:

      Contender for idiot of the year…

      Claire Fox, from, and i kid you not, The Institute of Ideas…!!

      Here is her reaction to the Angus McNeil interview.

      “It’s galling to keep hearing this, Scotland voted Remain, there is something dis-ingenuos about that.

      The Uk had a referendum, and just on the figures, you’ll know that 62% is still less numerically..emm..errmm.erm…than actually voted..(inaudible)”..

      At this point brillo rode to the rescue by saying..”they voted differently”…

      Unwilling to be rescued…she stumbled on….

      “They voted differently in the sense that it’s a different place, but it doesn’t, thats..thats not a constitutional mandate”.

    73. Conan the Librarian says:


      My thoughts exactly 😉

    74. Jack Murphy says:

      heedtracker said at 11:20am today:
      “………Red tories in similar Brexit action.
      George Foulkes? @GeorgeFoulkes 13h13 hours ago
      The only parties who didn’t help defeat the Government in the Lords on EU citizens were UKIP and SNP ”

      Giving him the benefit of the doubt,I think Labour in the House of Peers and Privilege,Labour in Scotland’s Baron Foulkes,is getting a bit muddled up.

      He knows FULL WELL that the SNP wouldn’t go near that House of Labour and Tory Prime Ministers’ appointed,unelected and unaccountable Peers.

    75. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scotsrenewables says: 3 March, 2017 at 9:21 am:

      “Can’t see any posts after about 11am yesterday on the previous thread?.”

      Wings may be under attack. My measured speed for wings is a slow, slow crawl and has been so since last night.

      My speed on other sites is as normal.

    76. X_Sticks says:


      Amazing response folks.

    77. Robert Graham says:

      SKY News – A short clip of Mayhem at the Tory conference , for all to see News manipulation at its most sinister, what we have is a millisecond of what looks like a massive crowd with Mayhem framed in the background accepting tumultuous applause from this crowd, all the tricks in the book being used to project a totally false impression of what we have seen in previous images.
      These b/bstrds will use anything at hand to try and convince the unwary to support their poisonous cause Lying is just par for the course, it goes with the Territory.

    78. Vestas says:

      @Robert Peffers 1:06 pm :

      “Wings may be under attack. My measured speed for wings is a slow, slow crawl and has been so since last night.

      My speed on other sites is as normal.”

      Its not “under attack”. Most likely your ISP has a problem with peering at Telehouse London – specifically with Level3/AboveNet. Who’s your ISP?

    79. Ed t head says:

      BBC must have a wildlife cameraman on the floor to get the close ups 3 happy clappers.

    80. freedo says:

      Msg for you O/T

    81. yesindyref2 says:

      Posted this on the other thread by mistake.

      So Anonynmous put it over the 200% of target. Quite right too!

    82. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Spondulics gladly given.
      Thank you Rev, Wings and Wingers for resiliently exposing all the lies.
      If wings did not exist, it’d be a desperate state of affairs.

    83. heedtracker says:

      geeo says:
      3 March, 2017 at 12:44 pm
      Contender for idiot of the year…

      Claire Fox, from, and i kid you not, The Institute of Ideas…!!

      Here is her reaction to the Angus McNeil interview.

      First time I have ever seen her in the er, flesh, having heard go nuts on BBC r4 talk shows for years, Moral Maze, always felt like a BBC oxymormon, OED style.

      Ligger kept using Spain for the blocking of Scotland, at Angus Robertson but the other and more pressing tory Brexit real world is out there.

    84. Dan Huil says:

      Why is the prime minister of England in Scotland? Who invited her?

    85. Vestas says:

      @Dan Huil 1:50 pm :

      “Why is the prime minister of England in Scotland? Who invited her?”

      Ruth Harrison I believe 🙂

    86. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dan Huil says: 3 March, 2017 at 1:50 pm:

      “Why is the prime minister of England in Scotland? Who invited her?”

      Maybe it was ?Donald Trump.

      Yes Wings seems under attack – my Netgear Router App is reporting a DoS, (Denial of Service), attack on Wings while other sites are coming in about their usual speed.

      This’ll likely be the work of the 77 Brigade.

      It won’t make a bit of difference. I had not contributed due to the bother with getting the report that my email address was not valid so I hung off as I’m contemplating a change of ISP.

      Anyway I had bee putting money by for contributions but yesterday I had a wee windfall and just to spite the attackers, and hopefully embarrass the Yoons, I’ll chip in a bit extra.

      After all, if they think Wings fundraiser is important enough to do a Denial of Service on then it proves to me that it is worth chipping in a bit extra.

      We do, after all have a month to reach the final hurdle.

    87. John Gibson says:

      I’ve a feeling that I’ll regret asking, but if those donating £5 get “sexy thoughts” beamed to their aura – I gave a tenner. What do I get? (please don’t say ‘a feeling you’ll regret asking’)

    88. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Lollysmum Ok ok ah wiz at ah loose end the day so ah wee bit of Promotion of WoS’s isnae ah bad thing is it lol, + speaking to the Police Liaison re BBC Bias Protest 26th March.

      Toodle oo the Noo diznae like ma rendition of Cauld Winter Wiz Howling , ah like winding that wee feker up.

    89. Nana says:

      Ronnie, you’re a star xx

    90. Les Wilson says:

      three times I have posted Theresa’s speech from youtube.
      three times it has not came up???

    91. Vestas says:

      @Robert Peffers 2:17 pm :

      “Yes Wings seems under attack – my Netgear Router App is reporting a DoS, (Denial of Service), attack on Wings while other sites are coming in about their usual speed.”

      There is no way your Netgear stuff has ANY clue at all about what’s happening to Wings service provider Robert.

      What you are probably seeing is (as I suggested) is a problem between your ISP and Wings. That will be causing packet loss which is probably what your router is “seeing”.

      If you are with one of the big ISPs (BT/Sky/TalkTalk/Virgin) then your connection to Wings will be going via a building in London called Telehouse. Your ISP will hand your traffic to a company called Level3/AboveNet who in turn will hand it on to Wings’ serive provider (the people who host the website).

      I know for a fact PlusNet (they’re BT as well) have issues with L3 peering today because I can see them re-routing. I can also see that the workaround link is overloaded, hence me asking about ISPs.

      Wings isn’t under attack mate 🙂

    92. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Peffers

      If it is a DDOS, it’s the most pathetic one in history. I’m alright, Jack.

    93. Vestas says:

      Actually its L3 at Telehouse having issues. I can see latency exceeding 3000ms now & route flapping (not a good thing).

      Still nothing to do with Wings….

    94. Contrary says:

      @John Gibson – I am wondering how quickly this perk: ‘you’ll receive our warmest regards by way of gratitude, delivered psychically through the ether direct to your aura’ ,,, is going to arrive. I would have thought as close to light speed would be acceptable, there are no postal delays in the ether. Or are there? And I have to say, no warm regards have been received by my aura yet; very disappointed.

      But it appears you may have to claim lots of separate ones to get more than one, so if you gave a tenner and only claimed one… This is SO unfair, but maybe we can receive a bigger dose, or perhaps a denser psychic projection for the value of the contribution?

    95. Smallaxe says:

      ronnie anderson:

      The next time we meet, I’m buying you a large wan’. 🙂
      YOU THE MAN!

      Peace Always

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana 2.40 am just one of the firmament amongst the many Wingers, like Your good self XXX.

      Wee interview with french channel RT if anybody comes across it.

    97. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Smallaxe Chist ma luck i’ll probably be driving that day lol, no doubt we’ll share ah wee dram or two in the not to distant future.

      Hi to the Mrs hope you’s are both looking after yourselves.

    98. Conan the Librarian says:


      Thought it was you, but I couldn’t see the wee dug.

    99. Lollysmum says:

      Pleased you enjoyed yourself Ronnie 🙂

      When’s the next Wings get together then?

    100. yesindyref2 says:

      Traceroute for me to wings (without last hop) gives:

      3: []
      ( 25 ms) ! ( 25 ms) ! ( 25 ms) !
      4: []
      ( 32 ms) ! ( 33 ms) ! ( 35 ms) !
      5: []
      ( 32 ms) ! ( 32 ms) ! ( 32 ms) !
      6: []
      ( 32 ms) ! ( 32 ms) ! ( 32 ms) !

      I haven’t had problems. But Zen in Rochdale is via Manchester – is that MANIP or MINX these days?

    101. David says:

      why is this the last post/page now what has happened to the more/most recent post?

    102. Thepnr says:

      The error given is Error 404 which means the server is responding (so not a DDoS attack) but is unable to find the specific file requested. We’re all accessing the server right now so no problems there.

      Either the file or link has been corrupted, accidentally or purposely. It may even have been deleted. Pretty sure the Rev will have a backup though stored somewhere on another server.

    103. shug says:

      bring on a wee white book

    104. Vestas says:

      @yesindyref2 3:52 pm :

      “Traceroute for me to wings (without last hop) gives:

      (Snip tracert)

      I haven’t had problems. But Zen in Rochdale is via Manchester – is that MANIP or MINX these days?”

      I dunno what their routing/infrastructure is like these days but they’ll be peering on LINX too. Your tracert shows a connection to a Cloudflare server and the latency is normal so no dDoS.

      I left Zen more than a decade ago when one of their guys ripped off my CC number & used it to sell dodgy Steam accounts. The MD (Richard Tang IIRC) wouldn’t even say sorry despite him being the person the complaint was referred to back then. Basically I got a “shit happens, fuck off if you don’t like it” response.

      So I did. To Easynet (brilliant guys, built Sky’s network) and then Sky. I get 80/20 speeds regardless of time of day and unlike BT the routing/peering is top-notch. Sky pay well for network engineers as the TV business depends on it more and more now.

      We digress 🙂

      Its clear as can be via a German VPN, Sky’s connection at THL with L3 is spiking but no appreciable PL.

    105. Smallaxe says:

      ronnie anderson:

      Thanks, ronnie, a wee poem for you!

      Wee sleekit, lyin’ treacherous Tory
      The MSM won’t tell this story
      Thou needna worry aboot photie’s neither
      Cause the Bast*rds wilnae show them Either

      I’m truly happy that oor Dominion
      Will soon be oot yer twisted union
      And justifies that ill opinion
      Which maks thee startle
      At us,thy rich earth-born companion
      And fellow -mortal!

      I doubt na, whyles, but thou may thieve
      What then?poor beastie when we leave
      A daimen icker in a thrave
      ‘Sa sma’request:
      I’ll get a blessin’ wi’ the lave,
      And never miss’t!

      Thy wee bit housie,too,in ruin:
      Its silly wa’s the win’s are strewin’!
      And naething now to big a new ane
      o’ foggage green!
      And bleak December’s winds ensuin’,
      Baith snell and keen

      Thou saw the fields laid bare and waste,
      And weary winter comin’ fast,
      And cozie here,beneath the blast,
      Thou thought to dwell.
      Till,crash! the Yes vote past
      Out through thy cell.

      And we,we could na’ gie a damn,
      When ye’s land in HELL.

      Peace Always

    106. bugsbunny says:


      I got a call on my mobile 2 hours ago from whom I assume is the BBC Licencing Board. It was an 0300 number. It went like this.

      “Hello Mr Stephen R*****, (followed by 15 seconds of really bad line). I said, “Can you speak up?”, (followed by 10 seconds of really bad line). I said, “Hold on a second I’ll go to the door to hear you better”. She said in a Northern English accent, (Lancashire I think), really rude and sarcastically, “Oh, I suppose you need a deaf aid an all you great Lummox(sp), and I suppose you’re sending £12 odd a month by mistake to the Birmingham Bowling Club” (BBC). Followed by sarcastic laughter. I told her to go and do one, i thought I hit the red button but I hit the speaker instead. I heard her say. “TYPICAL TIGHT SCOT’S GIT”. At that I hung up. Unless that is a hoax call, (BTW put that number into computer….No info, put 141 followed by that number…number doesn’t t exist – invalid number). I got that new phone with new mobile last week, so God knows how they got it, unless the Doctor sells your number on? I have never been spoken over the phone by a so called professional company like that in my entire life.

    107. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, I’ve got Sky on the home network and as a backup in case though it’s dynamic IP. But with Zen I’ve 8 static, one for my business internet services (FTP / SSH + email) I tie to it, and sometime or other if I ever get time with all this Indy nonsense I’ll set up a home Linux webserver and change to a no-NAT.

      It’ll never happen of course 🙂

    108. Flower of Scotland says:

      Why is there hardly any coverage of the N Ireland election on Unionist TV or radio.

      Maybe it’s because Sinn Fein are doing well!

    109. Golfnut says:

      @ Proud Cybernat.

      Excellent rebuttal to ‘ Nicola should get on with the day job ‘ over on Craig Murray’s blog.

      A reminder of just how good our SG is.

    110. Dr Jim says:

      Not really a great day for the master race on their visit to Scotland today

      We used to like the EU but we don’t like it now, it’s Baad they say…but we still want a free shot of it whenever we want, we just don’t want to follow the rules of that Union or pay to be in it, but about that free shot?

      Scotland doesn’t want to be in the Union of the master race, we like the other one, the EU one with the safeguards and workers rights and stuff

      It turns out the Norn Irish are close to telling the master race to go and take a flying fun at themselves as well

      The GB pound dropped as Theresa May was speachifying as well as the good old US of A dollar

      Ford are on the verge of jottering up to a thousand workers in the UK of England and they don’t seem to care about Frau Mays ambition secret plan that she wont tell anyone about including her own ministers

      The one thing Frau May is very clear about is that no matter what, Scotland isn’t going to be allowed to count and as many commentators have now said this behaviour is rank hypocricy and arrogance of the worst and most bitter kind from a Prime Minister who has never been elected and her party has only one MP in the country she is determined to break to her will because she knows like all of her ilk

      Without Scotland England is a close to zero option for any 1st business choice and if they wish to remain in these Islands the Republic of Eire will be the preferred option unless Scotland votes for Independence and Liberty Steel for one are banking on just that happening

    111. Liam says:

      When we meet the target might this be a suitable submission for one of Private Eye’s ‘Number Crunching’ boxes?

    112. Flower of Scotland says:

      N Ireland election on British Parliament TV if anyone,s interested.

    113. willie fae kilwinning says:

      Smallaxe says:
      3 March, 2017 at 9:26 am

      We can beat the labour amount in 29 days no problem if we all just put in another few pounds each over that time, just add a pound for every lie that is told.

      ffs Smallaxe, you won the lottery?

    114. Vestas says:

      @yesindyref2 4:34 pm :

      Yes, I’ve got Sky on the home network and as a backup in case though it’s dynamic IP. But with Zen I’ve 8 static, one for my business internet services (FTP / SSH + email) I tie to it, and sometime or other if I ever get time with all this Indy nonsense I’ll set up a home Linux webserver and change to a no-NAT.”

      Well O/T but fuck it 🙂

      I remember filling out the form for a /28 for Zen in 2003 or so – all the machines were named after Pokemon (daughter was obsessed with them). No excuse really for having more than one IPv4 static though – not for a long time, since SSL didn’t require a unique IPv4 address.

      I use a lot of Ubiquiti wifi stuff now (very good engineering, unlike your SR101/102/Qbox – I beta tested them & they’re crap) but the yanks just don’t get IPv6. Ubiquiti now have the guy who ran the pfSense project working for them now so proper IPv6 PD stuff will be in the UI. CLI is fine but json formatting is a PITA if you have to prevent future updates buggering it up 🙂

      We now return the rest of you to your normal channel 🙂

    115. Shug says:

      Having looked at the pictures of the Tory conference there is no way they had more than 200 people attending including press

    116. The impeccable logic of the Loons.
      Why would Scotland not want to leave the EU and join a single market of 58 million, rather than stay with a market of 500 million?
      Oh yes, and if there is a Second Indyref and we Scots vote Yes, EngWaland will stop trading with us, and only negotiate a trade deal with our 27 partners in the EU that excludes us.
      May would insist that EngWaland will not trade with us, as a punishment for exercising our democratic right and choosing Self Determination.
      They really have gone stark staring bonkers.
      BTW Treeza. Trump is pulling out of the WTO. Where are you going to run to now?

    117. Smallaxe says:

      willie fae kilwinning:

      Naw willie, ah thocht you hid won it.

      We will all feel like lottery winners when we get our independence willie, even if we are all a wee bit poorer for a while moneywise we will be all the richer just to get our Dignity back again.

      Peace Always my Friend

    118. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Looking at that first photo again, the “Union Flag” jackets on those women in the foreground seem to be missing the blue. I can’t believe it’s coincidental fading in the wash, so I assume the black is a deliberate fashion choice.

      So are we getting a subliminal message from these Tories that they don’t anticipate – or even positively don’t want – Scotland remaining in their glorious Brexitania, and this is the somewhat fascistoid flag they will be adopting once we depart…?

    119. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Re last posting:

      Oops, wrong thread! (Should have been the previous one. But you probably get the point anyway…)

    120. bjsalba says:

      @Meg merrilees

      I see a new website. North south headline comparisons.


    121. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I find myself continually laughing at the nonsense the Yoons spout around how much bigger the UK market is to Scotland than the ~EU market.

      The subliminal message is: if we leave the UK, England will stop buying Scottish produce. They will not be buying our whisky and gin, our smoked and fresh salmon, our prime Scotch beef and other meat, our fish. No, they will say, we are not energy self-sufficient, but, we will cut the cables and definitely not use Scotland’s excess green energy.

      Aye Right.

    122. Smallaxe says:


      I hope you got all your birthday greetings on A Trivial Omission page.

      Peace Always

    123. Socrates MacSporran says:


      Sure did, touched that people whom I have never met other than through these pages should take time to wish me well.

      Thanks all – Wingrs are something else.

      Here’s tae us – wha’s like us etc.

    124. Iain More says:

      @Socrates MacSporran

      Will a bankrupted England have the coin to buy Scottish Products since they are presently thieving from us at Westmidden to buy all kinds of stuff from Nuke Stations to well Nuke Subs and Weapons?

      Indeed would we want to take their worthless Brit UKOK Pesos?

    125. Robert Graham says:

      Any known defects or technical issues attributed to Mayhems ugly mug being presented on every news channel every 15 minutes ? , changing channels doesn’t help as this image seems to be constantly present, will it interfere with the Pixel Array of my new TV ? .
      I guess the Nuclear option might be the only solution, ( pull out the f/n plug idiot ) mm sounds good.

    126. Smallaxe says:


      Damn few, and their a’ deid!

      Peace Always

    127. Les Wilson says:

      No wonder we have heard little of the Northern Ireland vote,
      Sinn Fein has made historic gains,while vote counting will not finish until tomorrow (wonder why so long?) They are expected to emerge the NI biggest party, unheard of result.

      Maybe a united Ireland is finally on it’s way.
      Could be the the rot for the UK is beginning.

    128. Dan Huil says:

      @Les Wilson 6:57pm

      If you’re right about Northern Ireland’s election results, Les, and I hope you are, I believe it will have a significant impact on the independence movement in Scotland. Even if Sinn Fein does not emerge as the largest party the fact that support for it has risen just adds to the notion that the so-called united kingdom continues to disintegrate.

    129. Bill Hume says:

      Maybe a united Ireland is finally on it’s way……
      Give Ireland back to the Irish, as John Lennon once wrote.
      Funny he never said Give Scotland back to……Scotland.
      I forgive him. He was from Liverpool……can’t really describe him as English. Liverpudlians…not really English…. really nice people.

    130. Craig P says:

      Smallaxe – love it!

    131. Nana says:

      I’ve been following today’s event in NI from this link

      Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has said Nationalists in Northern Ireland have voted to oppose Brexit. He said the results were “a re-assertion of our position on Brexit, that this part of Ireland should have a special designated status.

      “Whatever your position is on the constitutional issue, that the only way to stop a land frontier between a European state and the British state on this island is to make sure there is a special designated status within the European Union for this part of Ireland.”

      He said Sinn Féin’s strong performance “is a vote for Irish unity, a vote for us together as a people.

      “As Ian Paisley famously told Martin McGuinness, we don’t need Englishmen to govern us.”
      Mr Adams said: “It is a vote and a mandate, and it will have to be respected by the other parties and the two governments, for a step-change, for an end to the old status quo, for a new beginning to how we do our business.”

      UUP deputy leader and defeated candidate Danny Kennedy has said he is “too tired to laugh, too old to cry”
      He added the “electoral tide produced by Sinn Féin swept everyone away”.

    132. North chiel says:

      TM to ” collaborate” with devolved administrations to
      “improve outcomes”. Apparently TM is under the impression that
      the Scottish gov is ” failing” as regards devolved responsibilities
      ( probably advised badly last night by JB , as propaganda channel
      never stop telling us how SNP bad everything is.)
      Think you will find our FM’s reply over on SNP website . Perhaps
      NS should take over at No. 10 and TM should attend a devolved administration
      FM ” training course” , to perhaps enable her to bring her health and education services
      up to ” Scottish standards” at some time in the ” distant future”?

      Footnote : I note that elements of the ” British army” from south of the border bases
      are on ” manoeuvres” in the western Isles . ( just a coincidence that
      TM arrived earlier with ” the advanced party” ( conference). I hope that the local MP is
      aware of this incursion? Perhaps he should offer to provide local interpreters & guides in case they ” get lost”.

    133. Iain More says:

      Being cynical don’t jump the gun on those NI Results just yet. I am following it on RTE like Nana and not any Brit Press and Media outlet. Still not half the results counted yet.

    134. Tinto Chiel says:

      Nana: even the BBC’s Ireland correspondent on Pravdasound4 warned that the election could remove the historic (1921) Protestant majority, with unpredictable consequences.

      Another mega-problem for Praying Mantis May in the offing.

      Oh dearie, dearie me…..

    135. Nana says:

      @Iain More

      Aye you are right Iain, call me Mrs Cynical!

    136. Golfnut says:

      @North Chiel
      I think the improved outcomes Mays after is the introduction of Uni fees, all that lovely debt owed to her pals. Rooth the mooth has been banging on about this for long enough.

    137. ScottishPsyche says:

      Days like this when you see the Tories unfettered make you realise how much help they get from editing on TV and in the press. If you watch the news you get Ruth Harrison’s overly rehearsed questions at FMQs. Selected quotes in the Yoon press omit the utter pish they spout every other sentence.

      Then you see the cringe fest that was their awkward and juvenile ‘awards’. Murdo is given far too much time to ramble on about nothing and Tompkins spouting garbled pseudo academic gish gallop. Mundell quivering with incoherent rage and shrieking about Independence was a highlight and Andrew Neil was being easy on him. They are so far from being competent it is frightening.

      NI today is becoming very interesting. Sinn Féin maybe getting closer to be able to call for a unification referendum?

    138. Nana says:


      I’ve seen a lot of comments mainly young folk saying they voted Sinn Fein for the first time because they want change and to move with the times.
      I’m hoping they get their wish.

    139. heedtracker says:

      Colossal UKOK tory BBC led media hysterics all day, luckily missed most of it, bar future Lord Fluffie’s strange display at lunchtime with the Liggger, so what other news is their for the Scotland region?

      Scottish sugar consumption leads to cancer warning
      6 hours ago

      From the Scotland section 61 comments too.

      Why BBC Scotland gimps, you spoil us.

      It still doesn’t explain what actually came out of future Baron Fluffster’s mouth this lunchtime, no matter how often you watch it.

    140. Tinto Chiel says:

      Nana: that’s interesting about the “Young Uns” in parts of NI.

      Another “unintended consequence” of Batshit Brexit.

      “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”

      Memo to May: Yeats, ya bass!

    141. Dan Huil says:

      Nearly 65% turnout in Northern Ireland btw.

    142. David P says:

      Northern Ireland election latest:

      After 49 seats decided, Sinn Fein 21, DUP 14!

      No wonder BBC news staying very quiet…”DUP vote down slightly and Sinn Fein up”, with no methion of seats won so far.

    143. solarflare says:

      “On the issue of Brexit, Mrs May told the conference that she was “determined” to ensure that “we leave the EU as one United Kingdom and prosper outside the EU as one United Kingdom”.”

      Surely that’s the absolute, final, definitive, confirming-what-everyone-already-knew-ages-ago comment, from Theresa “I use a lot of words without ever saying anything” May, that ensures that the UK Government has no intention of considering the Scottish Government’s proposals for even half a heartbeat?

      Nice of her to do it before the SNP conference, as well.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      I quite liked Peter Robinson, in spite of him clearly being against Indy, and the stories about him – there’s always stories. Arlene Foster – not so much!

    145. Nana says:


      I emailed Cadogan earlier about the elections. I told him I was surprised Foster was re elected. I don’t think he will mind my sharing his reply

      The Torys have sectarianism well embedded

      Forster could eat baby’s and still get it

    146. North chiel says:

      Noticeably ” glum faces” on BBC news 24 between Yoon
      broadcaster and correspondents discussing Northern Ireland
      election situation. Guess T Mayhem will be ” speaking” over there shortly
      with her ” Union Jack” enterauge .
      ” broadsword to Danny boy” . Come in Danny boy?

    147. frogesque says:


      The ‘Red Hand of Ulster’ is looking a tad anemic at the moment. Only something over half results in but SF in the lead by some margin.

      Don’t know if they could get the magic 46 seats but could well end up the biggest single party

      Currently on 22 to DUP 14 with 50 out of 90 declared.

    148. Big Phil says:

      O/T The power of this site is amazing and lang may it continue, I mentioned an auld friend of mine on here a wee while ago, and a regular Winger responded said he knew who I was talking about,the auld friend of mine is housebound and doesn’t get out , I told this regular winger this , I thought not too much about it , tonight I had a nice surprise, my auld friend thought it was his birthday when said Winger paid him a visit. It really made his day.
      yesindyref2 Yer a Gentleman. Thank You.

    149. Phronesis says:

      Ruth Wodak Emeritus Distinguished Professor and Chair in Discourse Studies at Lancaster University writes (‘The Politics of Fear)

      ‘Right-wing populist parties successfully create fear and legitimise their policy proposals (ususally related to restricting immigration)…with an appeal to the necessities of security…as can be observed with respect to the financial crisis and the Euro-crisis…both politics and the media tend to reduce complex historical processes to snap-shots which allow constructing Manichean dichotomies-friends and foes, perpetrators and victims and so forth…We are therefore confronted by a contingency of factors that serve to facilitate dichotomist perspectives, create scapegoats…traditional and new threat scenarios, real and exaggerated crisis as well as related horror and moral narratives, real and exaggerated security issues, media reporting that reproduces fear scenarios, and all political parties which instrumentalise all these factors to legitimise exclusionary politics. It is evident that all these factors are related to each other ;that they are in fact, interdependent’

      The PM today in Glasgow – speech penned by UKIPs speech writer who is evidently moonlighting

      ‘The national security of the Union in a changing world has never been more important.The United Kingdom has led the world in developing a strategy for preventing violent extremism, and we are working with our allies to take on and defeat the ideology of Islamist Extremism’

      ‘In the oil and gas sector – a vital industry on our east coast, from Aberdeen to Lowestoft – the broad shoulders of our wider economy have allowed the UK Government to take unprecedented action to support the sector following the decline in the international oil price’

      ‘They oppose our nuclear deterrent, which keeps us all safe, and on which tens of thousands of Scottish jobs rely’

      ‘The simple truth is their policies are not in the best interests of Scotland, but in the political interest of the SNP’

      ‘Starving the health service by refusing to match the spending increases on the NHS in England’

      The conviction rhetorician holds to the demands of logos, ethos and pathos to achieve the goal of critical persuasion.Factually incorrect assertions, ambiguity, veiled threats,a retrospective on the greatness of the empire are not going to keep the ‘precious’ union intact,(Wodak’s topoi of urgency, threat, the saviour and history) when you have an educated electorate in Scotland that no longer rates the language of intolerance and illiberalism and who really do want another independence referendum.
      Deus ex machina

    150. HandandShrimp says:

      Just seen the interview with Fluffy…what on earth is eating him? He sounds upset and the way he is twitching and rubbing it is like he has fire ants in his pants.

      Obviously really enjoying the conference 🙂

    151. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Hi Rev Stu – how about posting up Phantom Powers latest Perspective film?

      Most excellent!

    152. yesindyref2 says:

      @Big Phil
      I’d have made it the day after you posted it, had my schedule worked out for the 2 week nearly solid job I just finished 1 a.m. today after 2 weeks, but my Clarke I use foe a 12V supply turned out not to hold much charge any more, so a 2 hour job dragged over 3 days with a few recharges and up and down to the unit. Ah well, business as normal! Anyway, first time after the years I couldn’t just go for half an hour and leave “work to do”, it’d have been rude, whereas next time I can.

      The WBBs by the way are ones left that I got from Graf Midgehunter who paid and got them sent to me. I’ve got about 3 left of a double batch, for emergencies.

    153. meg merrilees says:

      57 seats declared.

      Republican:- Sinn Fèin 23; SDLP 4;

      Unionist:- DUP 15; UUP 8;

      Centre:- Alliance 6; Independent 1.

      Arlene Foster saying she won’t stand down as leader but Sinn Fein saying her position is untenable until the RHI investigation is over…

    154. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

      Arlene Foster of the DUP must have known about these dodgy funds that were being used to prop up the Brexit vote in Northern Ireland, as well as the heating energy scam that was happening on her watch.

      Oor Arlene sounds a right cracker.

      Not the type of girl you would bring home to meet mummy, is she.

    155. Big Phil says:

      Honestly mate you made his day. It was great tae meet you to, and trust me I thank you for the WBB’s , but it goes to show ,I read this blog(life saver) everyday and if i cant get WBB’s(handed to me) and I’m informed what chance has the un-informed. I Know for a fact that my nawbag pals will read it , Because I’m placing it in their hands . Something needs shouting because its only us thats hearing it. In my most racist cybernatic view you understand. 😉

    156. yesindyref2 says:

      Think I get this NI thing, stayed away from NI politics for years. So basically the top 2 parties have to agree to power share, which means it’s not so much who comes first as second. If the UUP or SDLP beat the DUP (which is unlikely now) there might be a chance of SF and UUP, but there seems to be little chance if it’s SF and DUP. Or SF would have to come 3rd which is very unlikely now. Think that’s it.

    157. yesindyref2 says:

      @Big Phil
      Well, if Graf wants to do the same thing for the next WBB, or if I get any myself, I’ll bring you round a few. I don’t get out much these days to give them to friends – too busy with the business and finances crap, I give mine to YES customers around Scotland for them to give out.

    158. Meg merrilees says:

      N. Ireland elections


      Republican:- SF 26; SDLP10; PBPA 1;

      Unionist:- DUP 21; UUP 10; TUV1;

      Allance 8; Green 1; Indy 1

    159. yesindyref2 says:

      So that’s definitely SF and DUP the two biggest parties for power-sharing, and they’ll have 3 weeks to get themselves sorted or it’s direct rule from Westminster and the aptly named Brokenshire who I doubt has been much help brokering. Pretty shit for them.

    160. meg merrilees says:

      84 out of 90 seats declared.

      SF 26; SDLP 11; PBPA 1.

      DUP 25; UUP 10; TUV1.

      Alliance 8; Indy 1; Green 1.

      So many Unionists getting elected at stage 9 of the STV process!

    161. Graeme Doig says:


      Don’t do twitter but enjoying your current compare and contrast ‘outrage’ with the Mundell’s.

      They just don’t get it.

    162. bugsbunny says:

      Does the two biggest parties in Northern Ireland ALWAYS have to share power? I know it’s called power sharing for a reason but could SF share with the SDLP or DUP share with the UUP? If so then SF and DUP would have to form a coalition whereas for 8 years the largest party in Scotland controlled the Parliament with the 4th largest party.

    163. Meg merrilees says:

      Looking increasingly that for STV election in May use as many of your options for parties that are PRO indy and don’t put any against Unionist parties.

      DUP just got 4 seats at stage 9 and 1 at stage 6. Now neck and neck with Sinn Fein on 26 each!!!

    164. Meg merrilees says:


      Terms of the power-sharing agreement says that they have to share government between Irish Nationalists and Unionist.
      One is automatically First minister and the other automatically becomes deputy First Minister.
      The worry now is that DUP gets majority throughout the last few stages of the STV.

      Arlene Foster will become FM again, SF will refuse to accept that. No government formed in the next 3 weeks; Direct rule imposed by WM – which is probably what the unionists are trying to force upon N. Ireland…. take back control etc.. Brexit

    165. bugsbunny says:


      With Nationalists at 37 MLA’S and Unionists at 37 MLA’S and with 46 being the passline does the 2 largest parties ALWAYS have to form a coalition? If this is the case I would call that Gerrymandering of the worst kind?

    166. bugsbunny says:

      Cheers Meg,

      Both your answer to my first question and my second question directed at you just appeared at the same time. I’ve had a hell of a day. i honestly thought i got the most obnoxious call from the TV licensing folks that made me fume at the mouth because of my unpaid tv tax. It truly was obnoxious. I was then told by my “friend” that he set me up for a prank call. To say I’m furious is an understatement. I have not paid it for 8 months.

    167. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Meg merrilees @ 00:03

      Looking increasingly that for STV election in May use as many of your options for parties that are PRO indy and don’t put any against Unionist parties.

      You’re darn tootin’. I wish more indy supporters understood that. It’s as much about keeping your opponents out at the “bottom end” as (hopefully) winning at the “top end”.

      If you miss out any pro-indy lower preferences, you could let a BritNat squeeze in. That’s what the Tories are hoping for on their side, so that they can trumpet their headcount as an “anti-indyref” signal.

      Important then to get over to voters that they are not required to give a preference to every candidate on the ballot.

      But a challenge for pro-indy parties, especially the SNP as main contenders, to somehow convince electors of the need to include a later preference for pro-indy candidates from other parties. In narrow elections, it could even make the difference between which side takes control in some local areas.

    168. HandandShrimp says:

      Yes, with STV put your party first 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2, if there are only two candidates and select anyone thereafter that you think will be an OK candidate. Avoid all the Unionist candidates so they can’t get any re-distributed votes should one of your choices fall by the wayside.

    169. yesindyref2 says:

      OT – defence.
      5 or 6 worrying articles in UK Defence Journal. You’d need to read them all.

      Well, it is budget time, so I’m not rushing to any conclusions until after that, just speculation.

    170. Grouse Beater says:

      A wonderful week for racists:

    171. meg merrilees says:

      Sorry you had such a trying day – maybe tomorrow will be much more relaxing.

      Thing to realise about N ireland elections is each party standing has to declare whether it is Nationalist or UnionIst (as that can be crucial in cross-party votes).

      So the terms of the Agreement with WM are that the largest nationalist and the largest unionist have to form a coalition gov. If they can’t agree to that, sometimes there might be another election called but more likely it will move to the next stage of direct rule from WM.

      The biggest stumbling block to devolution just now is that Arlene Foster doesn’t see why she should stand down!

      She’s just presided over a massive financial scandal which will cost the government hundreds of millions at the expense of Hospitals, schools, roads, education and her party has also acted suspiciously in facilitating a conservative/unionist group to unduly influence the Brexit vote to the tune of hundreds of millions pounds and she can’t understand why she should stand down!!!

      Nationalists currently have one more vote than Unionist through the PBPA party but if the unionist scrape any more seats through the final divisions then it will be a tricky call.

      As a precursor to our May elections, it’s great to see an STV election unfold for real and understand how the different stages of the count affect the vote.
      Have a look at the N.Ireland election twitter feed as it is really quite an eye opener to see how each constituency’s seats are allocated.

      More importantly, it’s worrying to see how the last seats can dramatically affect the final tally. In this case the Nationalists have had a 5 seat lead wiped out by people’s last preferences. Who would have thought it? DUP now on 27 seats through a stage 11 count…aargh!

    172. Sandy says:

      Watched 3-4 interviews with Mundell today. Has he a key in his back? Has he an 8 track somewhere on his person? Same deflective answers. What a source of information. Reminds me of some sort of carrion animal, sleeked with its tail between its legs. One cannot believe a single word he utters or understand it for that matter, such is the garrulous nature of his statements. What a waste of space. Obviously, he has been well tutored by his former boss, Carmichael. This, to me, personifies his answers to the question as to whether he knew of Carmichael’s lies. He never has said directly, when asked, that he knew of these lies, only that the matter was cleared up.
      Trust this character at your peril. Would you engage him as your solicitor?

    173. Alistair says:

      Been fscinating listening to Bbc on emerging results in NI.
      Its 1.30 and with 2 seats to go they still cant bring themselves to say this is ground breaking stuff. The latest news bulletin just said Dup hold their vote. Unbelievable as any foreign observer would recognise this as seismic.
      What a shower….
      Guess whats coming our way with indyref2….

    174. William Wallace says:

      @ Meg 12:10
      Direct rule imposed by WM – which is probably what the unionists are trying to force upon N. Ireland…. take back control etc.. Brexit

      I had some concerns about it myself tbh. We need to change the way we elect 2nd, 3rd and 4th candidates.

      I think a FPTP system is required in both countries until we kick these bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeps out tbh. If that is the electoral system that “Britain” has at Westminster, then why are our respective democracies being bit around the ankles and knobbled at the knees with this shit?

      Let’s change how we vote for now. We can bring in more representative democracy later. When we are shot of these bleep bleep bleep bleeeeps 🙂

    175. meg merrilees says:

      William Wallace

      Couldn’t agree more.

      FPTP is good enough for WM where the tories are wrecking the country on some piddly figure of 27% of the electorate. Is that the right sum – not sure. I know its low.

      Meanwhile, the DUP is on the cusp of pipping Sinn Fein on seat number 89 of 90 to make it 28 seats DUP, 27 seats Sinn Fein purely because their last 6 seats have come from the STV system.

      Look what happened with the SNP under d’Hondt or more outrageously, look how many seats the Scottish Tories gained through d’Hondt.

      I think they were only on 5 or 7 actual seats and then the list votes were counted and now the whole country thinks that its all because (t)Ruthless is so wonderful that she can be FM next time round.

      Really, however, the most important thing is to get the vote out. Only 63/65% turn out in N.Ireland on a really crucial election.

      An extra 3/5% could have made all the difference on the Sinn Fein vote.

      That’s what is behind (t)Ruthless’s strategy to get people thinking about a postal vote this early on. Too busy, too old, too lazy to come out and vote – no problem, have a postal vote. We’ll sort that out for you… What nice, friendly, helpful people, I’ll just vote for them then. Simple.

    176. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Cannae sleep. Smallaxe my friend, is that enjambment I see in your poem for Ronnie? Lovely.

    177. William Wallace says:

      @ Meg


      This imposed system of democracy only works when we have a functioning democracy.

      We need to change the way we represent ourselves and we need to demonstrate to these bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeeps that they are doing it all wrong.

      One thing this week has taught me is that I am going to fight much harder for Independence than I did the last time. No more leaving it to fate and destiny.

    178. yesindyref2 says:

      This is too cool to leave in off-topic

    179. Michael McCabe says:

      yesindyref2 No it’s not

    180. Effijy says:

      Its slower now, but so close to the WoS Fund Raiser reaching £100,000.

      What Joy to go through £108,000 and exceed all monies raised by the Labour North Accounting Unit.

      As the time shows, I can’t sleep.

      My mind is running through todays propaganda and I am questioning my own sanity in an attempt to persuade myself that talentless Fluffy just can’t be Secretary of State for
      Scotland, that May, Thatcher 2, didn’t say that SNP health policies are letting down the people of Scotland, while her own cuts are killing people by neglect in NHS England,

      The Tories refuse to acknowledge that the Scots have been voting against their rule for generations, never once giving them a majority in any form of election.
      If they believe listening to the people, listen harder.

      I am so upset that yet again we have all media pictures and videos suggesting a busy and interesting Tory Conference in Glasgow, when we know that the place was more than half empty with a few rich Grammies bolstering their beleaguered number.
      Well it gets the Chauffeur out for the day.

      Sick to death with UK corruption and deceit at every turn.

      George Orwell’s 1984 terrified me, and now I seem to living in its prequel. We must breakaway from Westminster now. Before it’s too late!

    181. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist:

      I’m afraid Rab the Ranter did most of that, my Friend, as it says
      on every page “There’s no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

      So I’m willing to take the credit.

      Peace Always

    182. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Yesindyref2 Dint listen tae Mr McCabe that was ah nice start to ma day .

      U philistine U Michael ah’ll need tae hiv ah serious word wie U LoL.

      Stay safe indoors everybody am braving the ele mentals on your behalves , unless some of You’s Wingers are going to the SECC.

    183. Effijy says:

      Great News! The House of Tory Lords announce that Westminster can leave the UK without paying a penny.

      Obviously that same logic applies to Scotland leaving the Bankrupt UK without paying a penny.

      We are about to become the only country with Zero Debt.

      “The Future Looks Bright, The Future is Scottish!

    184. Effijy says:

      Sorry-Should read:

      Effijy says:
      4 March, 2017 at 8:10 am

      Great News! The House of Tory Lords announce that Westminster can leave the EU without paying a penny.
      Obviously that same logic applies to Scotland leaving the Bankrupt UK without paying a penny.
      We are about to become the only country with Zero Debt.

      “The Future Looks Bright, The Future is Scottish!

    185. Fred says:

      @ Sandy, “Would you engage Munnell as your solicitor?”

      Morning Smallaxe, Hot Javalava this morning, off oot to get the new National Magazine kid.

    186. Smallaxe says:

      ronnie anderson:

      I hope you got the wee poem that I left for you @ 4;22pm.

      Peace Always

    187. Smallaxe says:


      Do you take sugar?

      Peace Always

    188. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Effigy
      Scotland has no dept we are well in credit, the arrogance of May/HoL know no bounds , the days of the Empire biscuit are in crumbles.

    189. Brian Powell says:

      Northern Ireland now has a pro-EU, proUnite Ireland majority grouping there with SDLP on 12 seats and Sein Fein on 27. Tories must be shitting themselves.

    190. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Smallaxe: “…rabbie..”

      Ah yes, I knew that. I was just testing you, and you passed the test.

      It wasn’t that my knowledge of rabbie is so poor that I thought you’d made a whole new poem up on the spot to look a little like ‘To a Mouse’.

      Really, I didn’t. REALLY.

    191. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist:

      It’s in my blood, half of my family hail from Ayr, “Where ner’ a toon surpasses for Honest Men and Bonnie Lassies”.

      Peace Always

    192. Hamish100 says:

      I heard May saying in her day trip vee are… (sorry) Wir sind ein Volk……. was I dreaming?

      Is this right wing extremism from the britnats? I think fluffy should tell us.

      Scotland is made up of many people or can May not count?

    193. Robert Peffers says:

      @bugsbunny says: 4 March, 2017 at 12:21 am:

      ” … It truly was obnoxious. I was then told by my “friend” that he set me up for a prank call. To say I’m furious is an understatement. I have not paid it for 8 months.”

      Listen up, bugsbunny and please pay attention. You set yourself up for being scammed because you do not know the legal position in regard to these debt collecting scum. Who, by the way are presently under investigation for targeting vulnerable persons.

      They are actually often breaking criminal law under Scots law. They have absolutely NO legal powers of any kind. So let’s just examine what legal powers they DO have under Scots law.

      Unless you put have put up a notice at the entry point to your property that says something like, “No Hawkers”, “No cold Callers”, or something similar, then they have no more right to come onto private property close to your actual home than any member of the public.

      If your home is in a private large area of land, (like a farm or estate), then no one is allowed in Scotland to invade your privacy but is allowed to legally roam across your land as long as they do not invade your privacy.

      There is no English style trespass laws in Scotland but there is a law that legally safeguards your privacy. Not even the Prince of Wales could get that law set aside. He attempted to prevent people from using rights of way across the Balmoral estate but had his case thrown out.

      Only the close proximity of the actual dwellings is deemed to be invading your privacy under Scots law. However, if there is no notice posted that hawkers/cold callers at the entrance, then anyone has legal right to enter the property in order to contact the occupier but they have no further rights.

      So let’s examine how these evil people are actually breaking Scots criminal law, (criminal law means the police can be called, civil law means you have the right to take them to court).

      In the first instance these people do not know who actually lives on the premises. Hence all their letters are addressed to, “The Occupier”, who may not be the owner.

      So they do not know who you are unless you have volunteered to tell them who you are. i.e. contacted them to tell them you do not watch live broadcasts.

      There is no legal requirement for you to tell the BBC anything – so do not do so.

      So now let’s see where these would be debt collectors are breaking the law.

      They are NOT the BBC but are a private company employed by the BBC.

      So the first thing is that they are breaking the law by accusing you of criminal activity without any evidence that you are. (that is watching live TV without a licence). You are presumed by law to be innocent until found guilty.

      So unless they have a search warrant and are accompanied with a police officer or a bailiff they have no right to do anything other than make contact with you at your dwelling place. Even if they do try to make contact you can legally tell them to leave.

      They cannot get a search warrant unless they can either name you or already have evidence that you are breaking the law. Even if they get a warrant they cannot use it but can only ask the police or a bailiff to do the searching.

      So they are illegally threatening you with legal action and that is the Scottish legal equivalent to, “Blackmail”, and is called, “Coercion”. Then, by constantly sending you threatening letters and by couching those letters in a pseudo-legal manner they also are legally, “stalking you”, impersonating officers of the law, (their letters claim they are, “officers”, but all that means is they work from an office and not that they are Officers of the law.

      Furthermore, if they ever do get round to calling upon you, they come mob handed and adopt an attitude that they are in charge of any exchanges between you and them.

      As they only have legal right to come, by the marked paths, to your main door they are breaking the law if they as much as look through your windows.

      So your first act is to ask them who they wish to contact. If they cannot name a person you have every right to tell them that the named person is not available. Unless, of course, you have volunteered your name already.

      Even if they do have your name you are within your rights to tell them to allow the person in charge of the group to remain and the rest to get to hell off your property.

      Then you tell that person you, not they, will be directing proceedings on your property and they will not be doing so.

      Under no circumstance tell them who you are. Ask, politely, what they want. If they accuse you of watching live TV then tell them you are calling the police as they are breaking the law. By the way – their identity cards have no legal rights and are not warrant cards as would be carried by a real officer of the law.

      You can believe me that they will have scuttled off long before it has got to that level. As already stated they are under investigation for illegally threatening vulnerable people. It seems they have a set number of successful hits and get a bonus if they hit their targets.

      So they are stalking you by sending you lots of letters: Illegally threatening you with unfounded legal actions: Illegally accusing you of breaking the law: Illegally invading your privacy: Attempting to coerce you to buy a TV licence when they cannot prove you watch live TV: Attempting to impersonate officers of the law.

      They are the criminals – not you.

    194. David P says:

      A friend of mine had to attend the Tory conference in Glasgow, representing the
      business he works for.

      He reported that there were less than 200 people there, and the average age was
      well over 60.

      Another case of BBC misreporting Scotland?

    195. John H. says:

      A great video of Alex Salmond over at MUNGUIN’S NEW REPUBLIC, against a know all BBC interviewer.

    196. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      That’s some comprehensive legal advice there, Peffers. Nice stuff.

      But keep it simple if possible, bugs. I made one call to TV Licensing to tell them I don’t watch live broadcasts and don’t use iplayer five years ago, and they accepted it. I haven’t had a letter since. It of course helps that I was telling the truth, but I don’t know what witchcraft they use to detect usage (maybe Vestas might know).

      I mean, the ideal thing would be to lay bear-traps in your driveway, but presumably you’re an animal-lover.

    197. ScottieDog says:

      Even if Scotland does have a deficit, the way out of that is NOT to make cuts. That belief is down to thatchers comparison of the economy with a household. It’s a fallacy of composition.
      In the aggregate economy, my spending is your income. If I reduce my spending, your income falls and so does your spending.

      That leads to less jobs and less tax take – hence an even bigger deficit tomorrow.

      A good demonstration of this is in London/SE and the jobs associated with banking. Of course they have a lower deficit today -their overinflated salaries and bonuses they were backed by public bailouts.

    198. Fred says:

      @ Smallaxe, wan broon sugar, nae milk & occasionally a wee jag.

    199. Ian Foulds says:

      Proud Cybernat 3/3/17 10.18am

      Many thanks for this link, which I believe should be spread far and wide to counter those talking from the Union’s ‘facts and figures’

    200. yesindyref2 says:

      I was born in Ayr 🙂

    201. Smallaxe says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      “I was born in Ayr”


      Peace Always

    202. Dan Huil says:

      Britnats strangely quiet about unionist parties losing their overall majority in Northern Ireland.

    203. Robert Peffers says:

      @Effijy says:
      4 March, 2017 at 5:59 am
      ” … We must breakaway from Westminster now. Before it’s too late!”

      Sheesh! Effijy.

      It was far too late over 3 centuries ago. It has taken that long for most Scots to realise it was a bad idea in the first place.

      It was not only engineered by London Scots buts, like William Paterson, who not only started the Bank of England but instigated the Darien Expedition designed to bankrupt the Scottish parliamentarians and landowners. Paterson was a close friend of Defoe and both were in the employ of Sir Robert Harley, the English Spymaster. The Union was forced upon Scots by English subterfuge on the part of the English Parliament and by the personal greed of, “The paircel o Rogues”, in Scotland. Not to mention the massed English troops on the Scottish border and the English Royal Navy lying off the Firth of Forth.

      Little has changed in the past three centuries. Except, of course, the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Soldiers of the Queen are firmly based now on Scottish territory.

      The subterfuge has been maintained thereafter by succeeding groups of Scottish born rogues kept there by succeeding generations of Scots Buts.

      Most of the present batch of rogues now reside in the very best retirement home in the entire World – “The House of Lords”. In spite of the Scots buts now down to two elected Members we still find ourselves under the rule of the de facto Parliament of the country of England.

      The Lords and both Commons MPs do so at our expense, our tolerance and our laziness to prevent their exploitation of our democratic wishes.

      With careful management by our Scottish Government that subterfuge and forced subservience to Westminster is now in the process of drawing to a close.

      As to Westminster – a pox on both their houses.

    204. Donation sent yesterday by Bank Transfer – hope it helps!


    205. Vestas says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist 10:33 am :

      “But keep it simple if possible, bugs. I made one call to TV Licensing to tell them I don’t watch live broadcasts and don’t use iplayer five years ago, and they accepted it. I haven’t had a letter since. It of course helps that I was telling the truth, but I don’t know what witchcraft they use to detect usage (maybe Vestas might know).”

      For iplayer? IIRC they’ve set the packet size to a strange value which no other streaming software uses.

      In theory that should allow them to detect someone streaming iplayer over wifi even via a VPN.

      In practice they’ll use the same as they do to detect TV signals – bugger all except a list of addresses which don’t have a license 🙂

      I’d recommend writing to TV Licensing stating that their implied right to access your property is revoked.

      In England that leaves them open to a charge of aggravated trespass if they step foot on your property (there’s been a few successful prosecutions) but I’m not sure about Scots law. Pretty sure there’s a similar charge & right to roam doesn’t affect that for residential (urban) property.

      tl;dr TV Licensing is a huge con – they don’t in fact use any equipment other than a laptop with a list of addresses. The days of the TV detector van (if they ever existed at all) are long long gone…

    206. bugsbunny says:


      Thank you. You have explained my position to me better than anyone has so far. Cheers old pal. 🙂

    207. bugsbunny says:

      I hadn’t read past Robert post when I replied my thanks to him. Thanks to everyone else who has replied to me as well. Cheers.

    208. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist:

      TV detector vans exist, but they do not detect anything. They are just for show. TVL have a database of addresses in the UK with or without a licence. It is just assumed that anyone without a TV licence is guilty, and so a campaign of harassment begins by letters and visits to intimidate people into buying a licence.

      Peace Always

    209. Robert Peffers says:

      @David P says: 4 March, 2017 at 10:13 am:

      ” … Another case of BBC misreporting Scotland?”

      Why would the, “British”, (sic), Broadcasting Corporation bother reporting things in the foreign country to them that is Scotland?

      Their paymasters are, after all, the Westminster de facto Parliament of the country of England. It legislates for England using English Law. It finances only England as, “The United Kingdom”, (with United Kingdom funding), and it decides the levels of block grants that England is prepared to grant the other three countries that it treats as English Dominions and it then further regulates the block grants in relation to its spending in England.

      With the sneaky exception that it classes a great deal of the, “United Kingdom’s, (sic), funding that is spent on English infrastructure as, “National”, assets such as the, “National”, Galleries and Museums, et al, that are quite obviously only really of benefit to London or England and have little or no benefits for the Scots, Welsh or N. Irish, (or in fact the people in the North of England), yet the rest of the United Kingdom has the pleasure of paying to benefit London & England.

      So there’s the truth. The BBC is Mainly London based and is mainly London orientated and pays scant attention to other parts of the United Kingdom and actually have nothing whatsoever to do with Britain as such.

    210. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Nice one, Vestas.

      Smallaxe, I knew that about the TV detector vans. I was just testing you, and you passed the test.

    211. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist:

      Any Prizes?

      Peace Always

    212. stu mac says:


      You’re quite right. That’s exactly why the Tory’s extreme austerity policies have resulted in the country’s debt more than doubling while failing to remove the deficit (or even getting close to doing so). Just about everybody who wasn’t a Tory in 2010 said this is exactly what would happen – that cut backs showed be lower and spread over many more years to allow structural investment to boost the economy.

    213. Robert Graham says:

      Just listened to some of the folks protesting outside the Unionists get together at the SECC I believe it’s changed to some events campus or other, anyway far from the frothing at the mooth nationalists as the media usually present them, what I saw were ordinary articulate people making a very relevant and justified protest against a Rabid Tory Government and their misguided followers, not one delegate was seen entering or leaving by the front door, now have these people suddenly become shy ? , This lot are more than happy to spout pish at any camera presented to them but when presented by ordinary normal people they hide behind security and police, what are these creeps scared of, the mood presently up here , of total disgust towards them maybe that is the best approach . I used to get more than a little irritated by Maggie , This lot takes it to a whole different level, and without swearing I can’t express my utter revulsion towards this Government.

    214. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      I don’t want to give any prizes out yet, Smallaxe. I think there may be a few more tests where I pretend not to know something but it turns out I did know all along. Remain vigilant.


      I see The Sun have made a meal out of your Mundell joke tweet, Rev. There’s a handy link to your twitter. No publicity is…

    215. yesindyref2 says:

      And bonnie!

    216. Vestas says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist 4:21 pm :

      “I see The Sun have made a meal out of your Mundell joke tweet, Rev. There’s a handy link to your twitter. No publicity is…”

      Its been noticed elsewhere. WGD calling it “shooting yourself in the feet”. Stu is how he is – I doubt he’d be any sort of diplomat but that usually involves lying.

      Not one of his best moments but TBH if people waste their time analysing/reading Twatter twittery then they’re going to find crap.

      90% of Twatter is white noise – “look at me, look at me!” or “you’re a c*nt because I say so”.

      The rest have extensive blocklists I assume.

      /me is not a fan 🙂

    217. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Aye, twitter’s a big stinky fart mostly. Last time I saw anything good on there was when Limmy announced that the Queen was dead. Or more precisely, the Palace confirmed that she had ‘succumbed to death.‘

    218. James Westland says:

      Vestas, Reluctant Nationalist

      Re Twitter. I know exactly what you mean. I only use Twitter for my geology stuff. I only follow academics, professionals and “citizen scientists”

      By focussing on a narrow field, I find it very useful – I am extremely fussy about who I follow and never post anything to do with politics, sport or religion. Just hard science.

      Thats just my personal take on it and it works for me. 140 characters simply isnt enough to make any sort of nuanced statement. Fine for finding out about the latest peer-reviewed papers or info on conferences, events or stuff like that

      Also useful for sharing and getting feedback on ones own research and activities.

      But thats as far as I take it. Absolutely no interest whatsoever in “twitter spats”

      JW @geologymull on Twitter!

    219. Vestas says:

      I just don’t do twitter/facebook at all – intially because everyone I saw on both platforms were clueless narcissists (not much changes over the years), but mainly because I KNOW I’d end up posting drunk/whatever 🙂

      Now I just don’t bother looking at either. Saves me a LOT of time from what I can make out….

    220. Stephen McKenzie says:

      David P 10:13

      I noticed today on BBC Shortbread while highlighting Ruths wee pep talk, that there were black curtains now in the hall just after the last row of folk and down the sides to block out all the empty seats from view.

      Guess taking another shot from about 6inches above the floor was a bit obvious!

    221. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Aye, saves me a lot of time too. Which I reinvest in free movies and porn.

      I KID I KID

    222. Reluctant Nationalist says:


      @ Vestas, not Stephen

    223. frogesque says:

      Have read WGD’s blog re Stu’s comments on Fluffie’s son.

      Now, the guy is an incoherrant twerp and his dad is no better. But, big but coming, to make comments that could be interpreted as homophobic (whether they were or not is open to debate) is utter folly.

      To do so in the middle of a high profile fundraiser makes it doubly so.

      I haven’t donated yet ( pension day next Thursday) and before I do I will give it a lot of thought.

      Shakes head and wanders off muttering.

    224. Bob Mack says:


      There was absolutely nothing homophobic about the comment. They desperately want it to be,but it is not. Look at the comment yourself.
      Nowhere is homosexuality criticised by the Rev.
      I challenge anyone to point out the homophobia in that remark.

    225. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ frogesque

      It’s not really worth a debate, though. Rev jokingly wished that a homosexual man had come out as homosexual earlier, therefore wanting more open gayness in the space time continuum. If anything it’s Oliver Mundell-phobic; but only if you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘phobia’.

    226. Bob Mack says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist,

      Mundell phobic ? He certainly was when he voted against same sex marriage.

      He certainly was not about voting for every Tory policy that deprives the poor and sick whilst telling them it was for their own good. He certainly was not when voting to disenfranchise Scotland from the EU, and conceding even an inch in the Scotland Act.

      He is a repulsive human being regardless of gender,creed sexual orientation, or any other consideration.

    227. frogesque says:

      @Bob Mack & Reluctant Nationalist.

      I still feel the ‘ joke ‘ was in poor taste. There are plenty of other ways to insult folk. Now, I don’t equate the comment with the tripe spouted by Khan or the verbal and physical threats meeted out to our FM and others or the George Square intimidation by the knuckle draggers after IRef.

      Stu’s comment was ill advised although I respect he is his own man and has done as much if not more for the Indy movement than any other.

      We all want Indy, to get there we need to convert soft NOs. I just don’t think this helps.

    228. frogesque says:

      @Bob Mack 7.10

      With that I CAN agree!

    229. Bob Mack says:

      I try sometimes to put myself in the Rev’s position. Daily threats of violence, intimidation, abuse in all forms ,some of which we have seen posted on these forums. Every day for the last few years.
      Does anybody make it news? Do unionists actually care?

      The Rev must have the courage of a lion and the constitution of an ox to put up with it all. Only last week an SNP councillor Ms Zambonini I think had to stand down because of the constant intimidation and abuse from unionist fellow councillors. The unionists do it constantly but cry foul when they get some of their own medicine back.

      WE post here in safety. Nobody is threatening to come to our house to sort us out.
      I literally despise these Tories and everything they stand for.

    230. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ frog – Aye, fair doos.

      @ Bob – I meant it in the sense that perhaps Phobos wasn’t the best Greek God to go for. I don’t think Rev is afraid of either Mundell.

    231. ScottishPsyche says:

      Scottish Libdems next week. I wonder what will be the next prejudice or false accusation levelled at the SNP.

      I’ve liked the information on framing the argument from some posters. I do feel the SNP are allowing the terms of reference to be determined by the Tories more than SLab who just look like a spent force. Is there a real resurgence of the Tories beyond a Loyalist/Yoon core and some bitter Slabbers who will hold their nose for the Union in the council elections?

      The message from NI must have dented that good game they were talking up in the last few days but the result for NI and the message ‘anyone but the DUP’ using STV is a warning that similar tactics can be used against the SNP if we don’t get the vote out.

    232. Ghillie says:

      Hey Rev Stu, see you made it onto the STV news.

      Their coverage states the events but does not come across as condeming, interesting.

      I read your tweet as pro-homosexuality.

      And dispairing at the awful drivel coming from Oliver.

    233. Graeme says:

      Bob Mack says:
      4 March, 2017 at 7:10 pm

      “He is a repulsive human being regardless of gender,creed sexual orientation, or any other consideration.”



    234. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi frogesque.

      I posted this on 1st March at 8:31 pm.

      “I recall reading a quote from Rev Stu a couple of years ago. I’m paraphrasing but it went something like,

      “Twitter is my playground; Wings Over Scotland is my place of work.””

    235. Legerwood says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 12.16 am

      Unfortunately some of the things you get up to in the playground can impact on your place of work.

      Remember the UKIP blogger who said Ms Sturgeon’s legs should be tied together? The subtext being it would stop her breeding.

      It was an outrageous comment and as I remember Michael Crick on Channel 4 news gave the person who made the remark a very hard time of it. The comment by the Rev is in the same vein and is similarly unacceptable.

    236. geeo says:

      N.Ireland causing a stooshie now..?

      I day after declaring Uk will NOT be liable for £60 billion EU exit costs, this gets announced.

      Co-incidence i’m sure…!!

    237. Effijy says:

      Have the Yoon Hacks blocked WoS?

      I can never recall a period of 5 hours passing without stimulation comments being posted?

      So far today, there doesn’t appear to have been any donations to our Fund?

      MI6 or the Rev testing our metal to get a little more momentum for these much needed monies?

      I’ll need to add something else just to test this theory.

    238. BJ says:

      Reading the mention on twitter about newspaper sales and it reminded me of relatives who bought 1 Sunday paper and it got shared between 3 households. A readership of about 10 people.

      A demonstration on circulation and readership but not sales 🙂

    239. Smallaxe says:


      Try moving across to “The Fine Print”

      Peace Always

    240. Effijy says:

      Good we are open for business again!

      Wonder who will be to person to make that last payment to reach £93,000 on the Indiegogo Fund raiser?

      They could also be the 2,222nd person to contribute.

      Fluffy-O, son of Fluffy, should chip in as the Rev has given cause for his name to be known outside of his Mummy’s House.

    241. Smallaxe says:


      £93,000, well I’ve done my bit £92,999.Who put the other £1 in?

      Peace Always

    242. Dal Riata says:

      FFS, Stu takes a five-out-of-ten Vile Cybernat-esque dig at Mundell and his son on Twitter – repeat, on Twitter, not an any official capacity – and the Unionists dive in like starving, mangy Yoon-dogs looking for anything Scottish independence – anything at all – to feed their sick, dying UK body-politic.

    243. gus1940 says:

      Re the Great Stu/Mundell Controversy.

      While I agree that Stu’s comment was NOT homophobic in any way I am surprised that he did not foresee that in spite of that fact it would be picked up and twisted by The Guys In The Black Hats and their fans in the media and then shouted from the rooftops.

    244. gus1940 says:


      Re the following I am going to be very careful what I say in the hope that my words and motives are not misinterpreted.

      The loss of the Brown’s little daughter was a tragedy worthy of every sympathy possible.

      The fact that his wife set up a charity as a result and that the work funded by it save the life of John Smith’s beautiful little granddaughter who seems to be thriving is praiseworthy.

      However, the timing of the release of the story immediately following Dugdale’s conference speech which suggested a future role for The Old Clunking Fist in the REF2 Campaign together with the link to Smith’s grandddaughter in particular and the saturation media coverage has a slight smell of being manufactured for political purposes about it.

      Is it possible that Labour are contemplating a resurrection of Brown’s long discredited political career to lead their anti Independence campaign?

      Surely they aren’t that stupid.

    245. Brian Powell says:


      It’s not so much the Guys in Blackhats but the Ind Guys in White Hats who are rushing in with their agendas that are the problem.

      Abbeys and Convents were full of self punishing purists then the Viking came along and wiped them out. A useful lesson for Ind V Unionits when looking at many of the ‘issues’ that come up.

    246. Dal Riata says:

      Stu is not officially affiliated to any political party, so why the fuck are the SNP asked to make a comment on Stu’s tweet?

      Stu was not officially a member of the Yes campaign in IndyRef1, so why the fuck is his tweet being made ‘a big deal’ by the Unionist demons in the written and visual MSM?

      Of course, we all know the answer.

      WOS is THE most important blog/website on the internet for those who only wish for Scotland to be, rightfully, an independent country; it provides truthful, fact-laden information; it rips the constant Unionist lies to shreds; it is the most viewed pro-Scottish independence, most commented on BTL, most commented upon in social media and, most importantly, the most influential blog/website for Scottish independence supporters and possible waverers… beyond question.

      It just goes to show the importance of WOS that the Unionist MSM will go to any means to attack it, its viewers and commentators, and, especially, Stu.

      Their putrid, rotten UK is barely on life-support. They are so, so afraid that WOS is, and will be, the one which will act as the catalyst to the people of Scotland hitting the off-switch.

    247. Dal Riata says:

      A guy with a blog/website makes a comment on Twitter which makes a dig at Mundell’s son because his delivery and talking style are boring as fuck, joking that if Mundell senior had followed his admitted homosexual instincts in his earlier years the result could well have been that Mundell junior would not have been there at that time to bore everyone to tears.

      And that’s it… There were no insinuations whatsoever of homophobia.

      The Unionists of all foul flavours know this. They know it damn fine.

      Ah but. They use their coke-filled nostrils to sniff out an attack on Stu. Why? Because his is the most read, commented on pro-Scottish site on the internet – a site that exposes their lies, theft and evil ways mercilessly on a daily basis.

      And so the tweet gets deliberately blown out of all proportion by the British establishment and all its actors in an – yet again – obvious coordinated and collaborated attack.

      Meanwhile, an ex-university professor of history from Edinburgh can make threats of attacks on Stu with the use of deadly weapons… And can call SNP MP Mhairi Black “a foul-mouthed slut”, both on Twitter… is given airtime and article-writing payment in the MSM….

      The UK/Scotland’s Unionist MSM: scumbag hypocrites one and all.

    248. HandandShrimp says:

      Mundell’s peevish squeaks say more about how much the Unionists fear the radical and free Independence movement, and in particular Wings, than anything else. Unfortunately for them the Tweet doesn’t say what they are trying to say it says. More #fakenews

      On other matters, I heard Kevin on Bill Whiteford this morning and a lady whose name I didn’t catch reviewing the papers. At point where they were taking about Ruth being ready for the post of FM there was much chuckling when Kevin said “of course there is absolutely zero chance of that ever happening”…I’m guessing stern words are being sent to the BBC as I write. There was also talk of Humza re-regulating buses and noting in the Times that someone had observed that the stalling of life expectancy in Scotland was predicted years ago and was not the SNP’s fault…which Kevin noted must a first for the Times.

      All in with two pretty poor conferences from Scottish “you are all racists” Labour and The Scottish “you will obey your imperial masters” Conservatives all the SNP have to do is have a lively well attended and interesting conference in Aberdeen and the stage is set for the May elections. 🙂

    249. Robert Graham says:

      This manufactured outrage about a Tweet , if i was to post my thoughts on this Tory party and its ultimate aim of a final solution for us pesky scots , in this current politicly correct time Bobs keyboard would be taken from his little handys .
      This nutjob Mayhem will take the gamble of doing real damage to the Scottish Parliament , if she follows the line in the same way as Labour are by listening to their respective branch offices who have never called it right ever , well carry on dear .
      This manufactured pish of a Tory resurgence is all in their heads backed up by a willing media , look at the attendance of their conference does that look like a ground swell of mass support , Aye f/kn right , seen it all before it was pish then as it is now .

    250. Robert Graham says:

      Oh f/k sorry for posting again so soon but Ruth the Tory talking pish in the background, here she is representing the will of the Scottish people and with a straight face , well one of her faces anyway , all this with backing of 20 % of people here .
      We are now being presented with the usual SNP bad stuff , this week as predicted Education , well who would have thought that .
      Some clown has somehow convinced Ruth she can be First MInister oh f/ck its comedy hour , oh i am away to cut the grass .

    251. Marcia says:

      The manufactured twitter outrage will give the site free publicity. I found it rather witty but then that is me.

      In other news;

      May and Davidson hinting that Holyrood be stripped off powers post Brexit will be like a red rag to a bull. Many people voted No in 2014 believing that ‘The Vow’ was genuine. It was not but then we knew that. Are they wanting to lose the Referendum with this approach? Please keep going with that approach.

      The other was a tweet to an article in the Sunday Post that the Buses in Scotland might be brought back under Public ownership. About time to.

    252. HandandShrimp says:

      I think there is a fair bit of mileage in the Tories plotting to strip Holyrood of power. Few want to go back to direct Tory Westminster rule and a new Maggie. FFS! just look at the protests in London over the state of their NHS.

    253. gus1940 says:

      Given the remarkable success of the latest WOS Appeal and the fact that it has several weeks to go would anybody object to bunging £10k to The iScot which for anybody who hasn’t seen it is an excellent magazine.

    254. Dan Huil says:

      I have a feeling Northern Ireland will cause a lot of problems for britnat Westminster in the near future. The so-called united kingdom crumbling away.

    255. crazycat says:

      @ Dal Riata at 10.26

      Pedantry alert

      Stu was not officially a member of the Yes campaign in IndyRef1

      He was not part of Yes Scotland – which I assume is what you meant – but he was registered with the Electoral Commission as an “permitted participant” on the Yes side.

      There’s a list of all such participants, on both sides, here:

    256. ScottishPsyche says:

      The Sunday Herald is doing itself no favours with the Haggerty and Whittaker articles.

      What Haggerty doesn’t appear to understand about that Guardian article was the outrage at the sheer intellectual dishonesty of Heuchan’s writing. Heuchan has documented British Nationalist/ Better Together political views before she moved into her version of academia. These views were shoe horned into a shoddy, superficial article that attempted to conflate racism and Scottish Nationalism (and by implication Independence support).

      She also appears to have a group of racist trolls, who having seen how to get a reaction from her, follow her wherever and whatever she publishes. That and the wider audience from the Guardian piece allowed her to garner more material for her ‘research’ which is “… researching Black women’s use of digital media feminist activism”. Almost everyone could see that and that is what rankles so much.

      Regarding the comment about Fluffy, I thought it was quite funny and not homophobic. I have nothing to add that GA Ponsonby hasn’t said already and the point about the person who got thousands of likes for his comment about the condom, the time machine and Katie Hopkin’s dad shows the utter hypocrisy around this.

      What it boils down to is that with social media it is not academic debate or intellectual rigour that determines outrage, it just depends whose side you are on and nothing else.

    257. ScottishPsyche says:

      Also if women in academia want to be taken seriously – and I say that as a woman in academia – they have to be prepared to take on board criticism of what they write and not deflect any criticism because of what they are. To constantly dismiss concerns about the quality of your output is to ask for favour where none is deserved.

    258. Dan Huil says:

      Glad I stopped buying the Sunday Herald.

    259. Effijy says:

      Headlines for Indy Ref 2 Are:

      Tories to step up a gear for the next 10 years of Austerity!

      Tories to drive up privatisation of UK NHS.
      Already more than 10% of NHS England sold off.
      This automatically cuts the budget for NHS Scotland.

      Tories to expel Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers who originate from the EU!

      500,000 Elderly ex-pats with medical issues to be returned
      to the UK for NHS treatment, while NHS Budgets are cut.

      Tories to cut Disability benefits again!

      Tories to take powers away from the Scottish Parliament, and further reduce Scottish MP numbers.

      Tories planning to erect a Statue of Fluffy in Edinburgh.

      All Finance Companies in the UK to relocate to the EU.

      Asda and Tesco Bosses say groceries to increase by up to 20% on Brexit.

      All UK products exported to the EU subject to a 40% tariff.

      Exchange rate with the US Dollar and the Euro to be lower than at any point in the last 18 years.
      Less than 1 for 1.

      Tories to abolish all workers rights and minimum wage.

      Tories to abolish old age pension and retirement age.

      Tories plan to invade Irish Republic as it’s theirs!

      No difference to what Scotland was subjected to at the trial run Referendum.

      Unemployment benefit to be replaced with a batch of Big Issue magazines to sell on a weekly basis.

    260. Smallaxe says:

      Effijy says:

      “Tories to abolish old age pension and retirement age.
      Unemployment benefit to be replaced with a batch of Big Issue magazines to sell on a weekly basis”

      Gies a joab, ah kin dae that, gies a joab.Eh Gonnie?

      Peace Always

    261. Robert Graham says:

      Effigy – for f/is sake don’t give them ideas, or have you had the opportunity to view their agenda ? , was it left on a train or Taxi amongst the other stuff they guard ? .
      I read that list again and every single thing on it they would do, This loon Mayhem is going for the big one, what does she have to lose, the English seem to approve of her actions , and she will be playing to a very receptive audience that will cheer her every move when she sticks it to the Jocks.

    262. Garles says:

      Local paper Thursday.

      30 years ago
      David Mundell quits council
      “A councillor quit the region- in the second local govement resignation in three months.
      David Mundell was elected to the Mid Annandale seat on Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council on an SDp ticket.
      The 24-year old said “personal and business” commitments ,coupled with committee changes,had forced him to stand down.
      Mr Mundell had quit Annandale and Eskdale District Council in a blaze of controversy the previous October.
      He condemned that Council for “drifting along”.and he accused it of failing to meet people’s needs.”

      How times change he is drifting along and fails to meet people’s needs.Glad I voted for Emma in GM.

    263. Robert Peffers says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist says: 4 March, 2017 at 10:33 am:

      ” … That’s some comprehensive legal advice there, Peffers. Nice stuff.”

      Hope it helps folks, Reluctant Nationalist. I’m up to my ears just now so sorry to reply so late.

      They don’t have any magic. They only have the information there is an address without a licence. Which is why they address their mail to, “The Occupier”, but have no idea who, or if, there is anyone living at the address.

      Furthermore you have been lucky that they are not bothering you. I also, over five years ago, informed them I do not watch live TV. At around two years later they began to send threatening letters demanding I pay for a licence.

      I got fed up with it and began to keep the letters. The file is about an inch thick at present and gets more and more threatening. They use every trick in the book to frighten the old, sick, poor and stupid into buying a licence.

      Thing is I do not frighten easily and I can bite back.

      Next time I called upon my lawyers I asked them about it and that is where I got most of my information from. Seems that if you inform them it only goes for around two years and then they start bothering you again.

      They do not know anything except what an, “Occupier”, chooses to tell them but by doing so the unwary have given them information, even if it is only that there is an, “Occupier”. at the address.

      No one has a legal duty to tell them anything and by not doing so you cost the British Biased Clique a little money in legally hounding you. I was not kidding – they are now under investigation. (Probably only under English law), but if it was under Scots law they could be up in court on criminal charges.

      ” … It of course helps that I was telling the truth”

      Aye! So am I. I haven’t watched live TV broadcasts since 2012 except in my pal’s house and that only because his wife is a compulsive picturkist watcher and the set goes on in the morning and stays on as long as she is not in bed. For all I know she may also watch it in bed as they do have a wee TV and a video player in their bedroom.

      Nah! Nae bear traps. Why would I want to stop them using up manpower and resources to threaten me? Anything that costs the BBC is a good thing in my book. Why would I want to help the BBC?

    264. Wullie says:

      TV Licence
      I’ve gone through the same scenario lots of threatening letters. I ignored them all in the hope that one day someone would turn up at my door. I would more than likely have been in trouble with the law. Ah well , I lived in hope the wife found out and just phoned the Beeb and they have never bothered us since.

    265. Robert Peffers says:

      @bugsbunny says: 3 March, 2017 at 4:34 pm:

      ” Hi, I got a call on my mobile 2 hours ago from whom I assume is the BBC Licencing Board.

      I think that would NOT be the BBC debt collectors, bugsbunny.

      I’ve never heard of them phoning anyone. Just as a matter of fact I got a call on my answer machine from what claimed to be the HMRC tax man. I have a hearing problem that means I cannot clearly hear most voices over a phone line.

      It means, though that I have a recording of the message.

      It said that HMRC were, “We are raising a court Case in your Name. Press button 9 to speak with your case worker.”

      It was, of course, a scam. HMRC do not phone you. At least not unless they have sent you letters first and any calls are pre-scheduled or instigated by the taxpayer. I checked it out with my lawyer just in case and I was right.

      Furthermore, the government and such like don’t use mobile numbers to contact anyone unless the mobile owner contacts them first. The Scammers are the lowest of the low.

      It is the biggest increased crime in the UK these days. I suppose it goes along with the austerity measures. Desperate people sink to desperate measures to survive.

      Drive people into poverty and you drive up the crime rate.

    266. twathater says:

      I watched I Daniel Blake at the w/end and must admit my wife and I were both moved to tears , If this were played on TV IMHO it would move even more people towards indy Scotland .

      This is the REALITY of what ALL blue , red , and yellow governments have brought to the ordinary working people of these islands . Fluffy and Co get upset at a joke about birth control , when every day there are people committing suicide, and families with young children starving and freezing and having to attend food banks , and OAPs starving and freezing ,this is the REAL OBSCENITY not some joke words .

      But as usual the MSM all together , especially the bias broadcasting conservative (BBC ) broadcaster will adopt it’s diversionary tactics and froth at the mouth over some assumed slur at an ineffective, boring talentless twat and preach from the moral high ground .Instead of proper journalism and highlight the gigantic fuckup that all of these amoral reprobates have subjected us to.

      As many have said on this site repeatedly, we in Scotland MUST get away from this debacle ,we don’t want to abandon other folks to these pirates but they continuously vote for these scum ,to me it is a form of self harm which cannot be cured .

      Most Scots believe in a more equal and caring society which is impossible under the current situation , we want to be able to at least TRY to better people’s hopes and aspirations , and even if we cannot attain utopia at least we will have tried

      Nicola get us out of this lunatic asylum

    267. Les Wilson says:

      With Mahem’s speech of how Great Britain really is,how good it is for all of us, every word used top promote what the Tory’s want us to believe.

      Despite what they have done,despite what they intend to do, it does not ring well with Scots who are derided as incompetent on every level. We are a non people to Westminster, and despite or requests to try and make our lives better, nothing is heard.

      So this is how I think will pan out. They will love bomb us again, but they will also threaten us daily, especially with that very old nugget of our trade with England will be under threat.

      THe truth is, WE buy more from then than they do from us, it is barely spoken about when this comes up.
      So do you think they will effect our trade with them?.
      It seems very unlikely indeed, as it would hurt them and thousands of English jobs. So, in truth, despite the threats and bluster, trade will continue simply because they need it to.

      All their threats have been heard before, we are used to them, and they no longer disturb us. We can take this Union apart on the basis that is is no longer any use to us. We can highlight where they have lied and cheated us. We can now prove what they think of us because they themselves have told us.

      When Indy2 is called, they are going to find it very very hard to defeat us, we have right on our side, we have the right arguments, we have the valid reasons. We can debunk their lies easily. They have little ammunition left but to repeat the old ones and we know them well.

      On top of that, they will be tied into an economic war on several fronts at the same time, the cracks will become more evident. The angrier they will get, the louder the media will shout. They forget though, that we are used to that too.

      Westminster is going to have it’s hands full like never before.
      At the end, Scotland will be free, with the usual caveats when dealing with them. Count your fingers after every deal has been concluded, if one is missing go back and do it again.

      Westminster, we Scots know what you are, we no longer want to be in your corrupt Union. This time we will win.

    268. gordoz says:

      Absolutely disgusting ‘racist’ gutter attack on Robert J Somynne (Englishman of colour – Scots Indy supporter).

      Robert – I feel physically sick when I see and read this hateful bile. Whoever sent it; Scotland is better than this normally.

      So, so sorry for this Robert – I read his Guardian piece in response to the Claire Heughan nationalism = racism guff manufactured by Khan and others, online and was so proud of Scotland.

      See details below from Nick Eardley BBC (surely will be reported now ?)

    269. Dan Huil says:

      Westminster britnats, and their creepy cronies in the britnat media, continue to treat Scotland with contempt. Sadly there will always be some pathetic Scots who like being treated in this manner. The rest of us must stand up and tell Westminster to get lost. The current Scottish government must act as if it is already independent – and to hell with Westminster’s opinion.

    270. Smallaxe says:

      I have moved my reply to you from the other thread.


      I have just followed your link, I have two Afro/Carib/Scot. grandchildren living in England and I find this beyond disgusting and to be honest a little frightening. I do not fear the “Thing” who tweeted this, I do as a pacifist fear for the “Thing” and anyone else of this persuasion who thinks like “IT”.

      I’m afraid my beliefs would be put aside while I dealt with them, my anger even now shames me but I can live with it.

      Please convey to Robert my utmost regret that a so-called “human being” like this can exist in the 21st century and tell him that I send my love and fraternal support to him in Peace and solidarity always.Thank you.

      Peace Always

    271. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Robert Peffers

      Aye, you’re right; I think I have been lucky with the BBC. I didn’t mean that you weren’t telling the truth, btw! Good to know you’re a fighter, though. Life’s just grand without TV, eh?


      @ Smallaxe

      Don’t be frightened by that troll’s tweet, he’ll never do anything but talk or write about it. I’d imagine he’s the one who’s frightened.

    272. Effijy says:

      Robert Graham says:
      5 March, 2017 at 4:11 pm
      Effigy – for f/is sake don’t give them ideas, or have you had the opportunity to view their agenda ? , was it left on a train or Taxi amongst the other stuff they guard ?

      As the UK media always say:
      Our source, always proven to be reliable, at the heart of number 10 spoke to me in confidence, that these are the main objectives for the Tories over the next 10 years!

      The Queen, Betty, to our source, also gave me a wink, when asked about her knowledge of these matters!

      Says it all! The sooner SNP accuse the abusers the better!

    273. gordoz says:

      Concur Smallaxe 🙂


    274. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Smallaxe

      “Don’t be frightened by that troll’s tweet, he’ll never do anything but talk or write about it. I’d imagine he’s the one who’s frightened.”

      Hi, my Friend, I think that you may have misunderstood my post, I fear no one.My fear is of losing my temper and acting out of character. I am a Nidan (Black belt 2nd Dan)and an exponent of Krav Maga and would hate to shame myself and my family
      by using my skills inappropriately and probably ending up back behind bars.

      I have experienced police and prison cells in the past because of my activism for causes I believe in and have no wish to repeat my incarceration for the sake of some “clown” who may threaten any member of my family or friends.

      Peace Always

    275. Robert Peffers says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist says: 5 March, 2017 at 7:17 pm:

      ” … I didn’t mean that you weren’t telling the truth, btw!”

      I didn’t think you were, Reluctant Nationalist.

      “Good to know you’re a fighter, though. Life’s just grand without TV, eh?”“.

      I actually have several Smart TV sets, Reluctant Nationalist.

      Thing is they are all part of my hardwired home network. This network includes four, three computers, (I’m pensioning an old one off). The system includes a Blue-ray player/Recorder, a DVD Player/Recorder, an Xbox 360, a DVD player, a good digital camera that can do video, a Hi-Def Camcorder, that can do stills, and a photo quality printer/scanner. Not to mention some audio stuff and a few other USB plug in attachments.

      Under normal circumstances I make and edit videos and YouTube stuff but I’m re-doing the home net wiring at the moment and building, (into a former inglenook space), an Entertainment Centre.

      It’s turned out to be a far bigger jab than first intended as I found a damaged mains cable which meant a bit of ring-main rewiring too. While I was at it I decided to rewire for the replacement of my old gas boiler.

      As you can imagine I have little time to watch TV even if I wanted to. BTW: Although I do play computer Games the Xbox 360 is mainly used to stream-video and audio around the network. I have a lot of cinema classic films and raw footage going back to 8 and 16mm film and the older video formats that have been moved onto new mediums as technology has changed.

      Put it this way – I don’t get stuck with time to sit idle watching BBC bullshit and propaganda.


    276. Smallaxe says:


      Thank you, my Friend.
      Peace Always

    277. Graeme says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      “I actually have several Smart TV sets, Reluctant Nationalist.

      Thing is they are all part of my hardwired home network. This network includes four, three computers, (I’m pensioning an old one off). The system includes a Blue-ray player/Recorder, a DVD Player/Recorder, an Xbox 360, a DVD player, a good digital camera that can do video, a Hi-Def Camcorder, that can do stills, and a photo quality printer/scanner. Not to mention some audio stuff and a few other USB plug in attachments.”

      I also have several TV’s connected to a hardwired network, I could very easily dispense of any TV networks especially BBC but there’s no way the missus could do without Eastenders or Coronation Street,

      I’m a firm believer in open source and all my PCs are Linux based including a NAS box running openmediavault, I have an old Xbox softmodded running XBMC to stream media to my TV and sound system,

      I don’t think my setup is as sophisticated as yours but it’s done to the best of my ability and I also enjoy photography, video & picture editing but it’s mainly just family stuff.

      Scottish history is also a interest of mine and has been since 1980 I’ve read a mountain of books on the subject and I thought I was quite an expert till i read your posts on wings, keep up the good work Robert our country needs you


    278. ScottishPsyche says:

      Heuchan’s new bestie, Rowling, having another perfect moment on Twitter calling out Roger Stone, the Trump adviser, for his language towards women.

      Someone had better not let her see what Spanner says about women.

    279. Robert Peffers says:

      Oh! Well! I managed to get the damned page to recognise me at long last. The total in the fund has just reached £93,710

      I wonder why they didn’t recognize me before but I had to change my password even although I had contributed before under the one I used?

    280. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Ah, sorry Smallaxe! I did misunderstand. Oh no, no, what I meant was – you passed the test.

      I did Krav for a while. Marcus Houston was my teacher in Edinburgh (he got trained by the great Eyal Yanilov). Gives you confidence, eh? You still remember how to get out of a headlock and end up controlling your attacker like a puppet with your fingers in their eye sockets, after crushing their family jewels?

      Man those classes hurt, never fun to be the pretend attacker. Thank God for jockstraps.

    281. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Peffers

      Wow, that’s some setup.

      I’ve got to stop putting so much ass in my assumptions.

    282. Robert Peffers says:

      @Graeme says: 5 March, 2017 at 8:30 pm:

      “I also have several TV’s connected to a hardwired network, I could very easily dispense of any TV networks especially BBC but there’s no way the missus could do without Eastenders or Coronation Street, “

      I’m now a widower but my late wife was more into classic films than soaps. She had her own TV and DVD player, connected to the home net. While I had the classic Films collection and lots of it on DVDs. anyway.

      “I’m a firm believer in open source and all my PCs are Linux based including a NAS box running openmediavault, I have an old Xbox softmodded running XBMC to stream media to my TV and sound system,”

      After the bother I’ve had since the upgrade to Windows 10 I’m seriously thinking of taking that route too. I feel like Microsoft think my computers belong to Microsoft and not to the owners. I suppose it is better for the usual users but I get annoyed with the constant Microsoft claims that I haven’t got permissions to this, that or the other.

      It is not too hard to get round that problem but it sure as hell disrupts the flow of work. I’m getting on a bit now and I’m a bit disabled. It makes the task of crawling about under floors and around the roof-space a bit of a toil for me and I’m limited in how long I can work on it at any particular time. I could have done without the need to rewire one of the house ring main circuits and upgrading the number of mains sockets around the home. I also live in a poor radio reception area and have to use a rooftop Ariel and amplifier system.

      As the Home network includes Ariel sockets and thus cables that also means more wires to run.

      It’s as my old Granny told me when I was wee :-

      The Butterfly has wings of gold,
      The firefly wings of flame. (said in her very best English).

      Bit the puir wee flech haes nane ava,
      bit he gets there jist the same. (said in a very broad Lallans Scots).

      “I don’t think my setup is as sophisticated as yours but it’s done to the best of my ability and I also enjoy photography, video & picture editing but it’s mainly just family stuff.”

      These systems tend to grow as your needs grow. I’ve been into films since around the late 1950s and into video as soon as it became available. However, as I spent over 50 years in electronics at a high level I didn’t have too much problems progressing as technology moved on. I was with the MOD, (Admiralty), and we were never done with going on courses to keep us ahead of the game.

      “Scottish history is also a interest of mine and has been since 1980 I’ve read a mountain of books on the subject and I thought I was quite an expert till i read your posts on wings, keep up the good work Robert our country needs you”

      Ah! The history thing began with a really outstanding history teacher. That was back in the days when they belted the learning into you but I never saw that lady ever need to punish anyone as she held her classes enthralled with her teaching. She made what was then a matter of learning to parrot strings of dates into an interesting and enthralling subject.

      Then there is also the fact that my own interest was in Scottish independence since around 1946 while I was still a schoolboy. It is thus somewhat limited to that subject. It was aided by the political scene in the capital around that time. The likes of Canon Kenyon Wright, Wendy Wood, William Wolf, Willie MacRae, Arthur Donaldson and so on.

      As to Scotland needing me – Scotland needs all of us and the newer recruits are more than especially welcome.

    283. sarah says:

      @Robert Peffers and Reluctant Nationalist plus everyone really – just like to say it is a pleasure reading the conversation. What civilised, amusing company Wingers are [tho’ electronics chat leaves me none the wiser, but don’t let that stop you!].

    284. HandandShrimp says:

      How many times do we have to see some Unionist flounce off Twitter claiming fear and loathing only to realise that they are addicted to the interwebs and they can’t keep the pretence up for more than a week before their heads explode.

      It is a well worn path and it is only a matter of time before someone writes a satirical piece recounting all the so-called “hounded off the internet” people that are still posting like anybody’s business. It is all a bit insulting to those people who live in Russia, China, Iran and the like who genuinely do take their lives in the hands when they turn on a computer.

      Yes supporters have absolutely no record that I am aware of regarding stalking and attacking people. That is the preserve of the creepy right wingers. If Claire were to fear anyone she might better look amongst the ranks of fellow No voters in the SDL or BNP etc, and most certainly not us. Yes we are sarcastic and call pish for what it is but that is the length and breadth of it.

    285. Graeme says:

      “After the bother I’ve had since the upgrade to Windows 10 I’m seriously thinking of taking that route too.”

      Do it Robert set yourself free you wont regret it


    286. Robert Peffers says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist says: 5 March, 2017 at 10:40 pm:

      “Wow, that’s some setup.
      I’ve got to stop putting so much ass in my assumptions.”

      Ach! Weel! These things are like warts – they grow on you.

      You start out with a couple of units on a wireless network and then you find things are just not fast enough for streaming big video files. So you run a couple of cables and fit a couple of sockets and that’s it – yer hooked.

      Thing is I spent my working life in electro-mechanical engineering and begun before most folk even knew what electronics were. However, the system is still growing.

      I had an electricity mains problem, (It’s an old house), and when I went to repair the bit of cable that had been damaged I found it ran behind a fancy alcove that had been built by a previous owner. Trouble was there was no way of replacing that length of cable without ripping out the fancy, useless, alcove.

      This had once been a useful display unit with cupboards, drawers and shelving built into the inglenook.

      I decided to install an entertainment centre into that alcove space. This was to contain a Smart TV, an Xbox 360, a Blu-ray PVR and the Router. To provide more ways it needed an active, 8 way Gigabit Switch unit too. So there was joinery, cabinet making, bricking, plastering as well as the electrical and electronics.

      It sort of just grew and grew as if it had a life of its own. Anyway the worst of it is now done and what remains is just the fancy wooden edging, a few easy to install wires and sockets and a wee bit of plastering.

      Of course you realise there will have to be a bit of paperhanging and painting afterwards. Fortunately my step-son is a dab hand at paper hanging and painting.

      As My old Granddad used to say on the farm, “Leave the wee laddie alane wi whit he’s daein – it keeps him oot o the road o the cairts”.

    287. Grouse Beater says:

      Some late night reading

      Forget a hanky, take a beach towel to this movie:

    288. Les Wilson says:

      Let us know the face of the high level UK spy now helping with the strategies of the Tory party in Scotland. He was working with them in Indy1 too. I would really like to know what he is organising now. I wonder if postal votes are one of his targets.
      He is not here for his health.

    289. sarah says:

      @Les Wilson – just Googled Andrew Fulton and his photo comes straight up on Wikipedia. ExFCO. Age 73.

    290. Smallaxe says:


      May I commend you for your immediate readiness to contribute to our cause.

      Peace Always

    291. Effijy says:

      Great news about the Rev’s Fund raiser!
      One man’s quest to deliver truth, justice and
      Democracy in Scotland, has seen him gather
      A group of like minded followers who have
      Raised more money, in just a few days, than
      Labour’s entire membership fund for the year!

      Labour are dead, long live Wings over Scotland!

    292. Sinky says:

      BBC FOUR Analysis prog at 8.30 this evening dealing with IndyRef 2

      On IPlayer later

    293. Smallaxe says:

      Effijy says:

      “Labour are dead, long live Wings over Scotland!”

      Agreed, seconded and motion passed!

      Peace Always

    294. sarah says:

      Smallaxe – Good morning from the sunny North-West. I’m not usually functioning as early and am pleased to have been helpful for once!

    295. Smallaxe says:


      Thank you for that piece of information.

      Peace Always

    296. Smallaxe says:


      I very much doubt that statement, we all can only do whatever we can.

      Peace Always

    297. ballevullin says:

      With the abundance of empty seats at the Scottish Tory and Labour gatherings it should be funny to see if the Scot Lib Dems can outdo them.

      Or has the Lib Dem conference already taken place and it wasn’t noticed?

    298. Robert Graham says:

      everyone asleep ? No posts since 9.31 , or is this the silent protest that was used to good effect outside the BBC .

    299. osakisushi says:

      This time, we must win.

      Last time, I’d incredible pride driving up to Dunoon in the evening and seeing folk waving our flag along the way.
      I knew we had it in the bag.
      But somehow, Argyll voted no.

      If we don’t win – against a backdrop of similar positive sentiment – I fear some form of civil disorder may follow.

      Hopefully the speed with which WoS has filled the chest signals the mood of our country.

    300. Brian Powell says:


      Weird, BBC, 1,2 3, or 4 doesn’t know the first thing about IndyRef2, of course that doesn’t stop them talking about it.

      Presumably they will have Gordon Wilson as the SNP expert.

    301. fionan says:

      I am shocked at the appalling racist tweet sent to Robert Sommyne, who is someone I have never heard of before nor read any of his work. Nonetheless, this racist filth is totally unacceptable no matter who it might be aimed at. The nasty little bigot responsible for this should be named, shamed and brought to task throughout social media and msm alike.

      Strangely, I see next to nothing about that abuse aimed at Robert Sommyne, and yet everyone seems to be frothing at the mouth about a harmless little jibe tweeted by Stu, which is not racist, not homophobic, not sexist, not bigoted in any way, but just reflects the disgust of many at the way the mundells are attacking their own country,their own nation, their own people, like the nasty, mean-minded little people that they are.

    302. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      osakisushi at 1.13

      Yes indeed. But all the signs are that traditional Argyll and Bute voted YES and polling stations in Cowal and in Lorne recorded huge YES votes at the count. Helensburgh and Lomond may have skewed things however but harder to explain is a nearly 97% take up on postal vote in Argyll and Bute which is all but physically impossible (as it was in four other areas).

    303. clipper says:

      Dave McEwan Hill,

      “but harder to explain is a nearly 97% take up on postal vote in Argyll and Bute which is all but physically impossible (as it was in four other areas.)”

      What’s “harder to explain” about it? The postal vote was obviously rigged or tampered with in some significant way. If the SG doesn’t get its finger out and do something to counter this then don’t be too surprised when No wins again.

      Of course WE have a chance to do something about it in May when we get the chance to clear out much of the unionist trash from the councils.

    304. @Robert Graham

      just in case you have not already noticed,

      there is a later post by Stu than this one,

      but seems to be second on the list of posts,

      A flock of albatrosses`

    305. Clapper57 says:

      @Dal Riata says:5 March 11.02am

      Hey Dal….spot on and well said.

    306. osakisushi says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      Well done for ‘the dug’ thing btw. “Gonna need a bigger hall” next time.
      That postal vote thing must surely have deserved investigation by whatever UN body monitors elections. Why did it not happen?

      Willing to bet the Kilmun – Ardentinny belt was quite vividly NO. Hopefully that will change next time in light of experience since the dress rehearsal vote in 2014

    307. Quakeawake says:

      @clipper 2.37pm

      Agreed, the postal vote at Indyref1 was rigged.

      Why is no-one talking about the potential for the same thing at the local government elections this year though?

      May has already tried to make this about independence. Why wouldn’t they fix this one to a) keep unionist power in town halls across the country (think about it – who is it runs all elections? Local councils) and b) to try to weaken the case for a second referendum.

      The fact that everyone is expecting the SNP to do well in May makes rigging more likely in my view – they may well decide what have they got to lose.

      We need as many safeguards in place at these local elections – if not more so – as we do at any new indyref.

    308. HandandShrimp says:


      The unbelievably high turn outs in postal and over 65 vote did beg a lot of questions. However there are two things

      1) The Tory electoral changes regarding registration were primarily aimed at Labour and in relation to “assisting” voters to register/vote but it will help Yes

      2) Gaining control of some key Councils will undoubtedly help. There are serious skeletons to be uncovered in some of there Councils.

    309. Cadogan Enright says:

      BBC Radio 4 doing a ‘detailed analysis’ on politics in Scotland

      Essentially Sillars writ large

      Unusually the BBC does allow that joining. The EU is now easier for an independent Scotland

      Not exactly honest about the requirement to join the Euro

      Banging on about 4 times as much trade with UK as EU and economic picture, deficit etc

      A Guy called Andrew Wilson challenging all this – saying us oil as a bonus – not using oil for any projection

    310. Andrew Wilson is a good guy and was one of our first MSPs. He is now a financial consultant and an adviser to the Scottish Government

    311. osakisushi at 4.51

      The Holy Loch Ward was the first ward in Argyll and Bute to elect an SNP councillor.

    312. Sandy says:

      Football, rugby, big international occasions, appoint referees, linesmen, etc.from other countries to officiate so that there is virtually no doubt as to their possible bias.
      What is bigger than national political elections. Shouldn’t this be the norm.
      Might I suggest Norwegians, perhaps the most upright, honest, sensible people globally. that is, in my experience.

    313. Richard MacKinnon says:

      Levelling the field? more like Filling the Pockets.

    314. orri says:

      The reason there’s less chance of the postal voting being “rigged” is that with sufficient determination some of what might have gone on in 2014 would have been perfectly with in electoral law. Assuming you have a legitimate right to register a vote in more than one location you can vote in any one of them in a given election provided you only do so in one of them at any given level.

      Absurdly that means you could vote in a local election where you live and a devolved assembly election elsewhere on the same day. All local elections are being held on the same day this year. Which means that anyone registered in both Scotland and the rUK will have to choose where to vote or risk being caught breaking the law and prosecuted for it. It’d remain to be seen where the criminal activity was deemed to have taken place. If in Scotland then Holyrood would have some limited control over procedings.

      Compare and contrast the referendum result and the GE afterwards where as well as a reaction to the introduction of EVEL there was a reduction in the permitted electorate which might have made the result less SNP friendly if it wasn’t for the fact that those more likely based in the rUK were voting where they lived in order to secure a Conservative victory.

    315. osakisushi says:

      In reply to orri
      “The reason there’s less chance of the postal voting being “rigged” is that with sufficient determination some of what might have gone on in 2014 would have been perfectly with in electoral law.”

      But how the heck could Argyll manage a 97% ‘turnout’ in postal voting. I’m obviously no expert but the implication is that absolutely no-one took ill, moved house, died, forgot to post their letter, etc.
      Given the ageing population in the region, this is impossible.

      I didn’t know that number until DMH mentioned it but having checked, it appears correct. The only conclusion must be the vote was somehow rigged.
      Or, of course, no-one died or took ill…

    316. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Congrats Stu on passing the SLab 2016 funding mark. (Little wonder, this is far better value for one’s hard-won dosh.)

      Onward and upward!

      Our very survival as a nation is truly at stake now.

    317. Norman Martin says:

      Monthly payment set up as an early 70th bd present to myself. Thanks for your work and clear thinking, keep going!

    318. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Up yer pipe, Labour. Whaaaaay! Haha.

    319. JaceF says:

      I have been looking at the figures from the electoral commission website for First Past the Post election results, using the General election data for 2005,2010,2015 and the EU referendum 2016. I was interested to see how they compared to the Independence referendum 2014 data. Using the data for Electorate, valid votes,postal votes, proxies and emergency proxies I found the following:
      Electorate: 4283938 is around 336542 or 9% above the average
      Valid Votes: 3619915 is around 1022504 or 39% above the average
      Postal Votes : 722223 is around 248857 or 53% above the average
      Proxy votes : 30944 is around 15114 or 95% above the average (only 7282 in 2005!)
      Emergency Proxies: 6690 is around 1436% above the average (only 709 in the EU referendum)
      Polling station: 2860058 is around 36% above the average
      Postal and Proxy votes amount to 270225 accounting for about 7% of the total vote
      Not claiming this shows anything but found it interesting.

    320. JaceF says:

      *Slight correction to above

      Emergency Proxies: 6690 is around 1052% above the average (only 709 in the EU referendum)

      Postal and Proxy votes amount to 270080 accounting for about 7% of the total vote

    321. Cadogan Enright says:

      Does anyone know why the Paypal button under ‘donate’ on wings throws up the email address ebayjimmy [at] f2s [dot] com at the top of the page ????

      The receipt comes back OK

      but it looks a bit dodgy and might put some people off

    322. Bob Mack says:

      @Cadogan Enright,

      That is the Rev’s pay pal moniker I have been using it for a year or so without problem.

    323. Undeadshaun says:

      I arranged proxies for my children and will do so again as 1 will be out of country in May and other is at uni.

      Its not just no voters or unionist parties that have proxy votes cast.

    324. gus1940 says:

      Given that Sillars and Gordon Wilson have chosen to embark on a Divide And Rule Campaign in the near immediate aftermath of the Precious Unionist Conference am I alone in questioning where their ultimate loyalty resides as regards Scotland’s future?

      I have always had my doubts about Sillars and recent utterances by G. Wilson lead me to have similar suspicions.

      Unless my memory fails me when he was a Labour MP he was violently anti-SNP and it was only when he fell out with Labour and formed his own Vanity Scottish Labour Party that he appeared to have undergone a damascene conversion to the cause of Independence.

      I have always regarded him as a political opportunist only interested in the greater political glory of Jim Sillars.

      His current ("Tractor" - Ed)ous outbursts follow on from his support of RISE last year which no doubt contributed to the SNP losing their overall majority.

      The SNP have shown commendable patience with the spanners Sillars and G.Wilson have thrown in the works for ages and I reckon it is now time for a generous application of Tar and Feathers followed by their booting out of the party.

    325. I wonder with the previous utterances of Gordon Wilson, if he is going down the same road as Jim Fairley?

    326. Robert Peffers says:

      osakisushi says: 7 March, 2017 at 11:31 am:

      “… I’m obviously no expert but the implication is that absolutely no-one took ill, moved house, died, forgot to post their letter, etc.
      Given the ageing population in the region, this is impossible.”

      Actually, osakisushi, it is the opposite way round. From around 11 years old I’ve done volunteer work around homes, hospitals and organisations for the disabled, old, ill or those with learning difficulties.

      Even way back then I knew how they fiddled the vote. I’ve witness them visiting the old and infirmed in institutions and, “helping”, the inmates fill in their postal votes. Often also volunteering to post them too.

      Sometimes they even had the inmates give them the right to vote for them. Strange thing is you never saw them visiting these institutions between elections.

      Even back then, when it was not so easy to get a postal vote, they were fiddling it. There is no doubt, though, that such a high figure of postal voters in a specific area is highly suspicious.

    327. Shinty says:

      Cadogan Enright – never noticed this when I made my donation – only a few days later on checking my bank statement. For a brief moment thought I’d been had.

      Ebay Jimmy lol. At least they can’t accuse the Rev. of not having a sense of humour.

    328. shiregirl says:

      o/t here…just turned on C5 to see Siobhan McFadyen spouting opinion on Prince Andrew and Fergie…

      There is no escape! TV now off 😀

    329. Robert Graham says:

      Ronnie Anderson- Thanks for posting the link to Stephen Lyalls story, a very disturbing read involving at lot of well known people, the ones mentioned are probably the tip of the iceberg, what about the ones under the radar, At the end of the day what the F/ck is going on in this country, who is manipulating who here, are we all being taken for mugs by people who we trust,
      It’s a long read but stick with it you will be surprised by the names mentioned.

    330. dakk says:

      If Jim Sillars is prepared to vote against Scotland’s Independence,then like all No voters he is an enemy of Scotland.

      Sadly for Scotland,he is just one of many contrary treacherous tossers.

    331. Inbhir Anainn says:

      James Kelly in his SCOT goes POP website sums the position of Mr Sillars up nicely.

    332. scottieDog says:

      Folks here is half an hour of really goood discussion about the finance sector.
      The city guy is simply mesmerised (but takes it all well I must say) as he is told how his sector actually works.

      Definitely one to send soft NO folk.
      At the end werner states correctly that the city is not really part of the uk

      Please watch…

    333. LesRoches says:

      Nice one Scottie dog,
      I watch RT a lot but I missed this one. Great idea and statistic regarding the German bank model and one that would work with Scottish citizens after Indy also a good discussion point before…
      Best regards

    334. Jim Morris says:

      SNP Local Election Appeal 2017 card includes the line “I wish to make a domation to the Referendum Campaign Fund” Looks like Game On to me.

    335. Jim Morris says:

      Of course it should have said donation

    336. cirsium says:

      @scottieDog, 10.25

      thank you for posting the link to the discussion involving Professor Richard Werner regarding the function of banks. Very interesting. It is not just for soft Nos. It has very useful information for Yessers.

    337. Effijy says:

      Jim Sillars doesn’t like the Tories, or Labour, or Lib Dems, or SNP, or the EU, or the UK,

      Why is it that he has been thrown out of every party that he has been involved with?

      He is now just a patsy for UK Propaganda channels!

    338. Cadogan Enright says:



      Fundraiser header says 2014

    339. LesRoches says:

      Call me old fashioned, but our second target has been met, was 108K, now we have 111K great but why are there no updates and a lot of stuff getting wiped off comments..MI5.or shoddy software?
      Can someone clarify why so many new targets and why no wreath has been sent to SLAB yet.
      If the reasons are explained, I will be happy to keep donating.

    340. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi LesRoches + Cadogan Enright.

      Various targets have been set since the original target was met.

      The last two have been to get past the total raised by BLiS’s annual membership fees, then to beat the total for the WOS 2014 fundraiser.

    341. Cadogan Enright says:

      Indy Live seem to hide their fundraisers – only just seen it with less than a week to go

    342. CmonIndy says:

      Wee Ginger dug has been saying this for years.

    343. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Cadogan Enright.

      I linked to that fundraiser in a response to “Rock” on the 8th.

    344. Grouse Beater says:

      Okay, Stuart, just shoved some crisp new notes in your Indiegogo letterbox. And many thanks for allowing me access to your domain, and for all your dedication.

      Hope we can meet one day over lunch in Bath.

      Grouse Beater

    345. William Wallace says:

      @LesRoches 10:51

      MI5.or shoddy software

      Are they not one and the same? 😉

      stuff getting wiped off comments

      Had the same thing happen to me the other night with a fairly benign comment. Didn’t really think it was Stu as I tried to post it twice. I certainly didn’t see anything in it that would be deemed to be detrimental to the cause.

      What strikes me as odd is the indiegogo interruption and the subsequent slow down of funding. Followed by the disruption to comments at roughly the same time as all the unionist parties are holding conferences (and I use that term loosely) in Scotland.

      Maybe I am too cynical for my own good but the fact remains – I thought it, however briefly.

      This is a sad reflection of the current state of affairs.

    346. Economic Refugee says:

      Keep up the good work. Investigate, challenge, expose, debate, convince ….WIN!

    347. Stoker says:

      The Rev recently announced we now have 330,000 readers (that’s up 30,000 from the previous official figures I think?). If every one of those readers threw in a bin lid (a quid) we’d have a super-duper-whopping war chest.

      I wasn’t going to donate directly this year because i was going to focus on my own plans to promote WOS etc but up crops this little move by the Scottish Government earlier than expected and suddenly it’s officially game on.

      I’ve just taken in my first order of 5000 WOS/Cairnstoon promo cards and am now prepping them for doorstep delivery around my patch and beyond. Our First Ministers special announcement today has forced me to chuck a few quid at the dandy highwayman (Rev) also.

      So, c’mon all you readers (including you Eddie 😉 ), stand and deliver, your money or your life. Let’s smash all previous records.

      (wanted to post supporting link to Adam and the Ants’ Stand and Deliver song but can’t from the device i’m on)

    348. TheItalianJob says:

      Put in my contribution last night. After today’s announcement by NS will be adding some more.

    349. James Galt says:

      Hi, has there been some problem with the site over the last day or so?, I’ve noticed the number of comments have stayed the same for a day or two considering the latest news . Jiggery pokery going on ?.

    350. Ghillie says:

      James, there are new articles every day and that’s where we all are = ) Just scroll down a wee bit further.

      Everyone delighted and excited!

      Yes! We are on our way = )

    351. Scott says:

      Next goal: we have run out of goals.

      No we haven’t – we have to win the referendum!

    352. Cadogan Enright says:

      I see Indiegogo is £103,670 – does that mean we can start to push Independence Live?

      75% delivered with only £2,200 to go

    353. Cuilean says:


      do we have enough smackeroonies now to print a new wee blue book for every home in Scotland, before the Scotland Referendum in 2018 or 2019?

    354. ScotsRenewables says:

      And here we go . . .

      Just been banned from a forum I have been a member of for 16 years because I had the effrontery to argue cogently and politely against the unrestrained and manic parroting of SNPBaaad headlines by other posters.

      I didn’t break any rules, I argued politely and cogently. Others posted vile abuse of the FM, but were not upbraided for it.

      We are going to need some outside help this time – I hope Europe will make encouraging noises once May triggers Art50, but everyone seems to be predicting she is going to deny a Section 30 order so not sure where that leaves us.

      On a brighter note, loved the Next Goal: We have run out of goals statement. I gather money is also pouring in to the SNP and other organisations today.

    355. Angry Weegie says:

      After making a small extra contribution via PayPal, I was redirected to the old Wings site.

    356. Footsoldier says:

      Having watched Tommy Shepherd on Politics Today, his reply to Kezia Dugdale’s comment about the alleged £12Bn deficit was weak.

      This deficit under the stewardship of the UK and after an oil bonanza of 25 years needs some explaining away. We need to ask why there is a deficit and also point out this is as part of the UK and not as an independent country.

      I am really quite surprised that a referendum is been sought when we are already on the defensive after 24 hours with no “ammunition” to fire back.

    357. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      “Next goal: we have run out of goals.”

      Not so, Stu. There is one very obvious one still to reach, is there not? =grin=

      But renewed congrats on getting thus far at least with the funder. And still 20 days to go.

      Onward and upward!

    358. IAB says:

      Please get Chris to light the candle again

    359. Cactus says:

      Impressive stuff.

      Try for: £125,000 people of Scotland (or people from anywhere)

      “There be a candle, we be the flame”

    360. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “do we have enough smackeroonies now to print a new wee blue book for every home in Scotland, before the Scotland Referendum in 2018 or 2019?”

      No, we’re a long way off that. There are somewhere in the order of 2m households in Scotland, so we’d need about £400K – maybe a little more as Brexit has bumped the price of most raw materials up since last time.

    361. David says:

      Seeing a lot of ‘We must win this time or we are doomed’ type of talk.

      Nah we are not, although I strongly recommend we do get out this time. We need to calm down and tell Westminster that we will have a referendum on this subject anytime enough of us feel sh*t on and disrespected.

      If we lost this time then thats fine, just dont promise us shit and then not provide…or we’ll have another. And another. And if necessary – another.

      If they ever win on honest terms it will be game over for a while. But they cant and wont.

      They wouldnt have an issue if they possessed an ounce of respect for Scotland

    362. Al-Stuart says:

      With great and genuine respect Stu.,

      I voted Yes at IndyRef1, but am not 100% decided this time (due to having a very poor constituency SNP MSP). In effect I’m currently a floating voter.

      The thing that is keeping me sane, and indeed moving me back in the “Yes” camp is your Wings Over Scotland.

      You forensically debunk pretty much all of the “No” vote arguments. The quality of your research and eminently readable articles are incredibly powerful at washing away the No vote literal diarrhoea. We need more facts from WoS in order to make an informed choice for voting at IndyRef2

      The Wee Blue Book 2 is key to this process.

      Whatever my temporary frustration with a local SNP MSP, I CANNOT stomach the prospect of 10 to 20 more years of Tory Government. They are killing people with disabilities. Just Google: 81,140 DWP Benefit Deaths & Suicides.

      Far better we make our own mistakes. In fact, since Devolution, our government has made far fewer FUBARs than the rampant Tory idealogues in London.

      Better that our own – varagen Scottish Government runs our country. Better we get a Scottish tranche of MSPs elected by us than Tory Raj rule. Frankly whatever beef many of us might have with a small number of SNP elected officials (and you get a few of these bad apples in all political party), an independent Scottish Government of whatever hue is 100 times better than any Westminster Tory Rule.

      May I respectfully make a suggestion – not sure if many folk would agree, but…

      I am a person leaning to Yes but not quite there, PLEASE can I ask you start the £400k Wee Blue Book 2 to every household fundraiser? Of course timing for the WBB2 is vital. We don’t want to peak too soon as happened at IndyRef1. But for waverers, and we do exist, WBB2 WILL make a difference in getting us back from “floating” to firm Yes.

      Stu., You must have the funds for WBB2.

      I, for one, would sponsor 10, maybe 50 or even 100 WBB2s.

      The deliverance of a WBB2 to every household in Scotland is so important. Between WoS and WBB2, this is likely to swing the 3% from No to Yes that will win Indyref2.

      All of us on here and beyond might like the opportunity to help you fundraise for the WWB2 effort.

      Please keep up the good work Stu., Wings Over Scotland WILL make the difference in winning that 3% swing from No to Yes that will set us free from the decades of morally bankrupt Tory rule. We can do much better than those disgusting killers of the weak and Disabled

      Best regards



      Rev. Stuart Campbell quotes: 14 March, 2017 at 6:53 pm
      “do we have enough smackeroonies now to print a new wee blue book for every home in Scotland, before the Scotland Referendum in 2018 or 2019?”

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says: No, we’re a long way off that. There are somewhere in the order of 2m households in Scotland, so we’d need about £400K – maybe a little more as Brexit has bumped the price of most raw materials up since last time.

    363. David says:


      With respect im not sure that how likable the SNP are, or are not (I am not a supporter at all now) is so relevant. Scottish independence is about the people in Scotland holding sovereignty over Scotland, not the SNP.

      One of the main unionist strategies is to equate an independent Scotland with whatever they can dig up, imagine or fabricate with the SNP.

      Its basically a kind of straw-man argument – the SNP are much more easily attacked (more than they needed to be, given some of their nonsense positions) than the basic concept of independence.

      Sorry, I know you asked someone else but this is a pretty big distinction that independence supporters need to point out loudly at every opportunity.

    364. Clive Scott says:

      For goodness sake Al and David get over yourselves and vote SNP at every election until indy is achieved. Then vote for whatever no chance tosspot takes your fancy afterwards.

    365. Cactus says:

      Eighteen going on seventeen days left to go.

      £105,275 on indegogo and ever-rising…

    366. Clootie says:

      The SNP has a great deal of talent and in my view proven to be very effective in Government.

      However the main reason to support ONE party at the moment is to achieve the right to decide our own future. Take a look at how many times this week May used the term a “minority” government. The only language Westminster understands is strength and strength comes from unity.

    367. David Arnott says:

      @ Clive Scott and Clootie

      Totally agree. When it comes to times like this I do support them as the main ally in the cause.

      I just think its important that representing a broad scope of political views on Scottish independence actually makes the argument more robust, though electorally fighting under 1 banner makes sense.

    368. Steve says:

      Best of luck – hope it goes well. Meanwhile if anybody fancies a laugh (admittedly from the other side) try this funny piece on Sturgeon insisting that all future SNP publications refer to England as Mordor‘mordor’-in-all-snp-publications/

    369. Cuilean says:

      Just back from spending the day canvassing one ward in Ardrossan.

      Lots of people were out (about 30%) but of the 70% we did poll only 3 said they were not going to vote SNP. Many we spoke to were very, VERY angry at Theresa May wagging her bony old finger at us. This was in an area, too, where we were warned by a resident to be careful as a huge number of Rangers/Orange Order but everyone was very welcoming, taking all our pens, badges and stickers.

      It is true though that a lot of folks have no idea that you mark the ballot paper 1, 2 etc, not X.

      When we stopped at a cafe for lunch the owner said she was just closing up, but then when she spotted our badges, said it’s OK what do you want and made us all great links rolls and the best lentil soup I’ve had in years. It was braw.

    370. Sandy says:

      What fuckwittery is this ? Cannot enter Scotland as my country on the donate page.

      Shipping country cannot be blank or is invalid

      Get them telt.

    371. faolie says:

      Ok, I did it! I invested in our future 🙂

      Now stands at £107,900 on indiegogo

    372. TheWasp says:

      Just put on the #scotref debate, can anybody tell me who that complete tory roaster was that just spoke before Alex Neil was interrupted by the security alert. The Tory drone faction at their best again

    373. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      TheWasp @ 14:57 on 22.Mar,

      It was Maurice Golden MSP.

      But it could have been any of the Tories, actually. I was in the public gallery for the event, as it happens, and the sighs of disbelief among those present when any of them spouted forth were palpable. It was hard not to burst out laughing sometimes.

      But Andy Wightman had a great put-down to Burnett when it was his turn (and I mean that in the theatrical as well as the everyday sense), when he read out the several times from the plummy-mouthed twat’s own election literature the claim that the Tories wanted to remain in the single market. Oh how we all laughed!

      Incidentally it was not Alex Neil who was speaking when proceedings were halted, but Kate Forbes.

      You can get the full details of what was said, if you wish, at:

    374. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      TheWasp @ 14:57 on 22.Mar,

      It was Maurice Golden MSP.

      But it could have been any of the Tories, actually. I was in the public gallery for the event, as it happens, and the sighs of disbelief among those present when any of them spouted forth were palpable. It was hard not to laugh out loud sometimes.

      Andy Wightman had a great put-down to Burnett when it was his turn (and I mean that in the theatrical as well as the everyday sense), when he read out the several times from the plummy-mouthed twat’s own election literature the claim that the Tories wanted to remain in the single market. Oh how we all laughed!

      Incidentally it was not Alex Neil who was speaking when proceedings were halted, but Kate Forbes.

      You can get the full details of what was said, if you wish, at:

    375. Effijy says:

      I cannot believe the contempt of Sarah Smith
      Lead Scottish propagandist for EBC Shortbread.

      The woman is slabbering as she tells Scotland
      That their parliament and their wishes are worthless
      as Teresa May, Westminster, and England will tell us what
      We will get, how we will get it, and when we will get it.

      Never has my resolve to smash this tie with the
      worlds most corrupt government been greater!

    376. Kenlike says:

      Have contributed

      Keep giving ’em hell, Rev

    377. mike d says:

      Done my bit from bournemouth rev, more power to your elbow. As my old mayo dad used to say.

    378. HandandShrimp says:

      Contributed on day 1 and have taken my off the ball on this…£130,000? Amazing – Wings is going to be around and fully funded for the battle ahead.

      This is good. 🙂

    379. Albamac says:

      Not doing much of anything, these days, other than caring for sick and recently severely injured wife.

      Just got round to contributing to ‘Fundraiser’ by bank transfer. Should be with you by now.

      No praise high enough for Stu and a tremendous show of solidarity from everyone else. So lucky to count myself among you and, although mostly invisible, always with you.

    380. chasanderson200 says:

      Rev, found another tenner down the back of the sofa so have paid it over to help reach the 300% mark.

    381. Richardinho says:

      Phew! Just less than half an hour to go and I donated the modest amount I’ve been promising for weeks!

      Hopefully I wont be the last though!

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