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A remarkable feat

Posted on March 01, 2017 by

So it turns out that this:


…is even more amazing than it initially appears.

Firstly, though we launched at 9.00 yesterday morning, it doesn’t even represent a full day’s total – an Amazon Web Services crash last night saw the entire Indiegogo site down for over an hour, so the above figure is for only 23 hours.

Secondly, despite that it’s still almost £20,000 more than the same period last year.


And lastly, the sum was achieved despite Indiegogo no longer taking donations via PayPal, which means it’s been much more faff for people to donate than just the single click of previous years.

(We’re very miffed about that. As far as we can tell Indiegogo didn’t actually notify us about it, and the first we knew was when people started asking where the button had gone. Sorry, folks – if you want to donate through PP, or via a direct bank transfer which doesn’t have any commission taken out of it, you can do so through our Donate page. You’ll still be eligible for donor perks, but you’ll have to email us and let us know your address and donation reference. Mark your emails “PERKS”.)

We ran out of superlatives for our amazing readers years ago. Although some people are never short of things to say about you:



And your continued support has surprised others:



We know different. But the job isn’t done. Even yesterday’s incredible total is just a fraction of what we really need to effectively combat our millionaire-funded opponents. There’s still over a month left to build the total into a serious fighting fund that’ll terrify Unionists already running scared of the speed with which indyref 2 is approaching.

And as other Twitter trolls love to point out obsessively, the money comes from just a tiny minority of readers actually putting their hands in their pockets.

flaps1 flaps3 flaps4 flaps5 flaps6 flaps7 flaps8 flaps9 flaps2

Imagine what we could do if you proved them wrong too.

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    424 to “A remarkable feat”

    1. Malky says:

      Great stuff.

    2. Thrawn says:

      It’s amazing the number of galactic class cuntwits out there willing to throw their money away

    3. Ignorance an lies seem to be the qualifiers for British rule in Scotland.

    4. X_Sticks says:

      I hope a few more chip in this time around. We are going to need that fighting fund ready to go.

      Thanks for all your efforts Stuart, and all the backroom team too.

      As for all you lovely Wingers out there, you’re quite something. Look forward to seeing you all at the coming events this year.

      The british establishment is going to throw everything they can at us. They really are running scared. Don’t rise to the bait (and there will be a lot of it) stay cool-headed and let them show themselves up for the small-minded creatures that they are.

      Onward and upward.


    5. One_Scot says:

      The knuckle dragging Twatter Yoons really can’t stand the fact that they will never amount to anything in life, while others are giants amongst mere men.

      The pain and mental anguish they feel about being so inferior and irrelevant, really cannot be good for their health. In a way it is quite sad that they have nothing better in the life to do with their time.

    6. Greg Beekman says:

      Perhaps a “donate the price of a pint” button would help those less well off? Or even just a “donate a quid” button?

      Every little helps, to steal a phrase.

    7. Thrawn says:

      And personal insults and rampant misogyny seem to be qualifiers for the independence movement

    8. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Mr Thrawn!

      £100 just sent to you, Mr Stu. For crisps and biscuits. I will probably regret this ‘investment’ at some point in the future, but that’s the chance I take. I take a chance getting up in the morning, crossing the street, or sticking my face in a fan.

      Time for a name change now. What do you think smallaxe?

    9. Sania says:


      You gave me the inspiration to donate. Done.

    10. Andy Anderson says:

      I think you give the indyref movement a great service Stu. Keep up the good work. As for the extreme yoon detractors best to ignore the morons. I dream of leaving the UK in 2001/2 and have full EU membership by 2003. Then we will see the rUK in a mess as we are on the up.

    11. ScotsRenewables says:

      Well, that’s me signed up for the badges – wish I could have afforded the hat, but I look forward to buying one from the Wings tent at the next Indy rally.

      Stu, what do you reckon to Robin McAlpine’s article on Commonspace telling us we are doomed if we go in 2018? It needs commenting on, I feel. The last thing we want if a new campaign does kick off soon is half of us thinking we are doomed from the start.

    12. Bob MACK says:

      Thrawn. Your right. I am a total cu#*wit who will now donate a further £10 to Wings for medical reasons.

      Wings is the only cure I know for sickness such as you.

    13. Capella says:

      It’s remarkable that the critics can’t detract from the obvious huge support for Stu and WoS, but instead try to make capital out of the fact that not EVERY reader donates.

      Although, if everyone donated £10 that would be 10 x 300,000 which would make …

      I’ve already donated but would be happy to chip in again towards WBBs, leaflets, posters, stickers etc for a campaign.

    14. Johnny says:

      Thrawn says:
      1 March, 2017 at 9:50 am
      “galactic class cuntwits”

      Thrawn says:
      1 March, 2017 at 10:03 am
      “And personal insults…seem to be qualifiers for the independence movement”

      Irony and the concept of hypocrisy obviously lost on you.

    15. Thrawn says:

      @ Reluctant Nationalist

      Wow…if a bit of blatant misogyny is all what it took for you to move from reluctant to committed then the fanationalist cause is welcome to you and your money..

    16. Nana says:

      Well done Stu, I’m thinking there will be many more donations after the guardian article and especially now Cochrane’s wifey has written in the courier. That’s another two fake ‘news’papers of my watch list.

      @9.50am Deary me such venom is not good for you, can raise the blood pressure to dangerously high levels. Take care of yourself.

    17. Thrawn says:

      @ Johnny

      oh johnny…poor johnny…it was almost too easy…you should get your coat

    18. Ali says:

      Contributed. Only perk required is the raise in blood pressure of the likes of Hothersall.

    19. H Scott says:

      Thanks for the motivational comments Thrawn. Donation duly made.

    20. BiIl McLean says:

      You are not “thrawn” – you are bitter. Bad for your health you know!

    21. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Capella: “Although, if everyone donated £10 that would be 10 x 300,000…”

      If that happens I want £90 back.


    22. Ali says:

      For what it’s worth you’re too big a target to fall into blatant bear traps by using intemperate language. Every word you say will be examined to see whether it can be twisted and misrepresented so don’t hand them the bullets.

    23. Takeour blueback says:

      Donation planned for next payday – remember folks it’s open a month and in that time we could be facing a lot more clarity on any plans for Brexit / NewIndyRef.

      & remember if you have a good Banking App, it’s easy to Donate via direct transfer


    24. dramfineday says:

      That’s another few quid chucked in for the pot……how’s Duncan’s BP this morning, do we know?

    25. Bill McLean says:

      Andy at 1012 – you mentioned being in the RN in the early 60s! Shot in the dark but are you the Andy Anderson who worked with Campbell Allan?

    26. Robert Peffers says:

      @Thrawn says: 1 March, 2017 at 9:50 am:

      “It’s amazing the number of galactic class cuntwits out there willing to throw their money away.”

      Indeed, Thrawn, but then you must remember that a goodly portion of Wings readers never comment and they are by no means all independence supporters. Then Wings is like a magnet for idiot Yoon, Loon Goons like yourself.

      These are are drawn to Wings in order to get themselves shown as the total clueless numpties they have always been. I cannot recall a single comment by you that was not very easy to not only refute but easy to turn back upon the Unionist blatant British/English, (sic), nationalism, racism and bigotry that it always has been.

    27. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist says:

      “Time for a name change now. What do you think Smallaxe?”

      Reluctant Nationalist it’s time to change
      A new name is easy there are many to choose
      The list is without end you have nothing to lose
      But until you change and your Reluctance does end
      I will just call you a Winger and a brand new

      Peace Always

    28. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Worth every penny just to read Thrawn’s reactions!

    29. DerekM says:

      Haha so funny i seen this and funnily i thought of you Davy boy.

    30. Bob MACK says:


      Why not ? You have just described every man and woman who donate as c**twits. Goose and gander etc.

      Every time you post I am going to give another £10. I think you are probably very nice,but somewhat excitable and unionist. Good luck with that combination.

    31. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Thrawn

      Whether you think the cause is welcome to my money or not is immaterial. They have it now and there’s nothing I can do about it. Good DAY sir.

    32. Capella says:

      @ Reluctant Nationalist – think of it as a down payment on “living in a better nation”.
      And by “better” – we don’t mean better than any other nation!

    33. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, The National in its article about this used a great word: “Pugnacious”. Perhaps we should call you Captain Pugnacious …

    34. Johnny says:

      Thrawn: no it wasn’t ‘too easy’.

      I made no claims as to the purity of the language of Stu or anyone else.

      Merely pointed out you whining about language whilst calling other people names.

      That’s hypocrisy.

      Ya dafty.

    35. Alison Rollo says:

      Brilliant result — hope heaps more donate. If every YESer gave a £1 we’d have £1.6 million at least!! We’re going to need a million wee blue books this time!!

    36. Quinie frae Angus says:

      I won’t be able to donate as big a sum as I did last year but I sure as hell would if I could.

      That psflaps troll’s got his knickers in a right old twist about the “1 per cent” thing. What an idiot – he’s obsessed, and yet so fruitlessly ineffectual.

      I agree with the reader who suggests a £1 button though – it would create an extra layer of satisfaction for us all on a number of levels! Maybe too late this year as the Indie go go thing is already set up. But a good idea for next year, Stu – when your most excellent site will be needed more than ever!

      (Btw, to the above-mentioned troll who reckons Stu’s got “another year at most”, you’re on tae plums, mate. The Rev’s got years of crucial ground-breaking journalism ahead of him yet. His antennae (and crucially, his highly-intelligent and diverse alert readership), will be required in an independent Scotland just as much as they are now.)

      However after the Yes vote the Vile Cybernat General will be no doubt taking a few months off on a luxury holiday. Somewhere hidden, far, far away from tbe relentless media bollocks and faux-outraged holier-than-thous. All well-deserved expenses paid, courtesy of us Wingers. Ha.

      That is all for the future. In the meantime we all have tons of work to do. We don’t just want a Yes vote, we want a decisive landslide.

      Every single individual on this journey is invaluable – whether they can manage a £ or whether they just read, digest, share and discuss with family and friends.

      And yes we are entitled to get a wee laugh at the frothing frothiness of apoplectic Unionists. That, for me, is the best perk of all.

    37. Robert Graham says:

      I notice the Leper from Bella is on the morning shift , it needs food so dont interact with it will go away , and the only remedy is to starve it , i am surprised it hasn’t changed its name yet .
      Its easily recognised it spouts pish ALL the time.

    38. Johnny McM says:

      Excellent. I think a lot of people will be motivated by the forthcoming campaign, that might’ve seemed like a bit of a pipe dream a year ago.

      Regards only a small % contributing. I don’t think it is surprising – the target is reached so quickly that I’d imagine many potential contributors rest easy knowing that their money is not a necessity. Here’s hoping they do so anyway, let’s pull out all the stops this time around.

    39. Proud Cybernat says:

      Divisive British Nationalism…

    40. Capella says:

      Please just ignore this obvious provocateur.

    41. Bill McLean says:

      Would “Thrawn” not be better calling himself “Bitter” – and append anything else he wants?

    42. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Btw, to the above-mentioned troll who reckons Stu’s got “another year at most”, you’re on tae plums, mate. The Rev’s got years of crucial ground-breaking journalism ahead of him yet.”

      (Also, that tweet’s from 2015 and we’re now funded until at least 2018 🙂 )

    43. Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop says:

      I see we have a resident idiot on this board now…Why do these people always have a problem with rudimentary punctuation, by the way?
      Anyway, Mr Thrawn, that’s an extra tenner to the fund from me, prompted by your imbecilic disdain, on top of the “Hothersall Surcharge” already pledged. Such entertainment is well worth paying for!

    44. DerekM says:

      I said it years ago bitcoin,you guys need to look into bitcoin it really could be an alternative donations system and sending bitcoin is easy.

      It is a source of free revenue if you can tap into it.

      oops is my capitalist streak showing lol

    45. Robert Peffers says:

      @Thrawn says: 1 March, 2017 at 10:03 am:

      And personal insults and rampant misogyny seem to be qualifiers for the independence movement.”

      Oh! That’s easy to explain, Thrawn.

      It is very, very mild in relation to the, “personal insults and rampant misogyny”, that emanates from such Yoonery as the Lords in Westminster, the yoonerisms of such as the comments on, for example the Scotsman, Daily Mail, Daily Express. et al.

      Have you ever read the homepage of, Councillor Terry Kelly? Take a look at the outpourings of Brian Spanner, and many, many more unionists who regularly spit out such things as a matter of course on a daily basis.

      There is no more racist and nationalistic people in this World than the British, (sic), nationalists and the USAsians they begat. The peculiar thing is not a single one of them, including yourself, seem to realise they are nationalists of the worst possible kind.

      Remember too that there are two distinct kinds of nationalism and the idiocy of such as you pointing the finger at the inclusive and outward looking form of nationalism that has not shed a single drop of blood when the UKsian form of nationalism, as we speak, are killing innocent people and they have been doing so for thousands of years.

      You do realise, don’t you, that they were slaughtering innocent, non-combatant, people across the Scottish Highlands, in just such a manner, after the Battle of Culloden that happened almost 40m years after the Treaty of Union?

    46. heedtracker says:

      Why cant you and say a tory clown like Severin Carrell just say out loud, do not use bad language in front the ladies, you relentlessly ball aching tosspots?

      Thrawn says:
      1 March, 2017 at 10:03 am
      And personal insults and rampant misogyny seem to be qualifiers for the independence movement

      Severin Carrell?Verified account

      Am email arrives from Stuart Campbell @WingsScotland. Apparently I am “a despicable coward”. He who describes women as “cuntwit” on @twitter

      From UKOK hackdom that expends endless perving hours pouring over photos of the ladies, trying to get the right pic to work for their creepy as fcuk tory UKOK message.

    47. Liz Rannoch says:

      Great response folks, lets keep it going!

      Ordered my badges, wish I could have given more. Anyway, better than a slap on the belly wi’ a wet fish!

      Talking of wet fish…. don’t do it folks, don’t engage, leave them blethering to themselves.

      Wonderful work from Wings, take care Rev. we need you.

    48. Daisy Walker says:

      Indigogo keeps telling me my e-mail address is invalid (I don’t do Facebook) How do I fix this?

    49. Glamaig says:

      wonderful. The bitter comments by people determined to stop their country running its own affairs just motivate even more donations. Another one just gone in 🙂

    50. Robert Graham says:

      yep Jack it used to frequent Bella , even people their got fed up and told it to GTF , I said a few posts back that the National comment pages was starting to resemble the Scotsman on a bad day I can see the same happening here , I hope the management are noting this increase in attention .

    51. Breeks says:

      Thrawn says:
      1 March, 2017 at 9:50 am
      It’s amazing the number of galactic class cuntwits out there willing to throw their money away”…

      It’s amazing the number of Brexiteers out there willing to throw their country away, and do it with such class and integrity too….

    52. Martin says:

      I hear you’re a racist now, Stu. For….em, suggesting that someone who wrote a load of tosh about Scottish people and failed to declare competing interests might be a dishonest twit.

      Apparently that’s how 2017 works.

      Money on its way.

    53. Maureen says:

      Don’t often comment but read Wings every day and I am delighted to contribute to the fighting fund. During indyref1 I saw the difference the WBB made. People read it and made up their minds to vote for independence. Some folk I know even changed their minds from a No to a Yes. I hope something similar can be put together and distributed widely before indyref2. Also love the No to Yes videos that are on the go and wish they could be on mainstream TV.

    54. Sandy says:

      Just donated £10 by Paypal to save the Indigogo commission. Too late to help you reach the target but I hope it will go some way to you getting double. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

    55. Morag says:

      1% of readers? I think it’s rather more than that. Consider.

      I access Wings on three separate devices – my own computer, my office computer and my phone. I believe the system counts that as three separate readers. Some people will use fewer devices but some will use more, and I don’t think we have the data to know what the multiplyer should be.

      OK, this all means that the “readership” numbers are inevitably less than the headline figure but it does mean that a larger proportion of real readers contributed.

      Still only a small minority though. It would be nice if more were even able to give “a pound for Wingsland”, in the words of the 2013 fundraiser.

    56. Thrawn says:

      @ Robert Graham

      Actually I got banned from Bella…and you can believe me or not but I never once used abusive language …all i did was express opinions you and the site owners didn’t agree with…

      And that from site supposed to represent a beacon for a progressive, inclusive independent Scotland…the unintentional irony would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing

    57. Roughian says:

      SNP membership is only 2% of Scottish population but they are the Scottish Gov and 56 of 59 MP’s inc. those currently suspended. So if Wings only gets support from 1% of readers it kind of reflects the national support, if you get my drift.

      We’ll go into next Indy ref with 5 times the number of SNP members that we had in 2014 and the SNP coffers must be much healthier as well.

      I’m sure when the time comes people will dig deep to support the cause.

    58. Bootsy81 says:

      You know what? I’m one of the cheapskates who’s never actually donated before, mainly because I’ve been skint during the lifetime of WoS (setting up a business doesn’t make you rich quick sadly. Maybe I should have been a Tory. I kid, I kid.).

      But I’ll donate this year, mainly because I know that psflaps character is a right fud. Interestingly my phones autocorrect tries to change psflaps to prolapse, suggesting once again it may be becoming self aware and possibly a nationalist.

    59. uno mas says:

      Re Thrawn

      I suspect that Thrawn is a nom de plum of Stu´s and he posts these inflamitory missives to encourage us all to contribute more.

      Got to say it certainly works i´m already waiting at the door for my Beanie Hat to arrive.

      Sharp as a new tack is our Rev.

    60. Lollysmum says:

      Final paragraph very funny 🙂

      Thanks for the laugh

    61. Proud Cybernat says:

      The number of backers shown on the Indiegogo site are not the total number of backers as many pay by other means (direct transfer, PayPal etc). These transactions will not be counted by Indiegogo so there are in man, many more Wings donators than these mumping moanies realise.

    62. bonron3258 says:

      An amazing effort! You have to admire Stu and his team.

      The MSM must be desperate to dig up some dirt on Stu and he will be under constant scrutiny 24/7. I can’t imagine what that is like but I know we all owe him a huge debt for all the sacrifices he has to make.

    63. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, this is the time I get my supplies for the season and every penny goes on that – hence just a £5. Maybe more in a week or three though. Or by the next funding I’ll be rich beyond my wildest dreams, and I can be pretty wild at times.

    64. Bob MACK says:

      @Bootsy 81,

      Still laughing. Sounds like a (Smart)phone right enough. Has him well marked lol.

    65. Holebender says:

      I pay a monthly subscription by direct debit so do not contribute to the annual fundraiser. (Also because I’m living on a pension these days.)

      That’s one reason some regular readers don’t necessarily contribute to the annual spree.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @BiIl McLean says: 1 March, 2017 at 10:30 am:

      “You are not “thrawn” – you are bitter. Bad for your health you know!”

      The Scottish word, “Thraw”, is very hard to define in the English language and really has no direct English translation.

      From that we get, “Thrawn”, which means, “Thrown”, but this is where it begins to get complicated because it also means, “Crooked”, Twisted or, “out of alignment”. This meaning can be found as used by Robert Louis Stevenson in the short story, “Thrawn Janet”.

      It basically means, “Throw”, but to be, “Thrawn”, is rather more complicated to explain in English and must always be seen in context to get the correct meaning.

      In context one such meaning is, “to be hanged”, or throttled.

      Anyway the story, “Thrawn Janet”, has much Lowland Scots dialogue and is well worth a read.

    67. Capella says:

      My 10:51 comment was aimed at you-know-who and not Proud Cybernat. I hope that was clear!

    68. John H. says:

      Rev. Stu. Are you Thrawn? Is this a tactic to get more donations? If so, it’s working.

    69. Coolheads Prevail says:

      Donation made. Primarily to keep this vital resource open, but also because tweaking Dunc and Spanner’s noses is so much fun.

    70. gerry parker says:

      Robert at 11:32

      Maybe Thrawn has the skitters too.

      They can make ye awfy grumpy.


    71. takhisis1 says:

      O/T Whenever I see the word Thrawn, can’t help but visualize a blue skinned, red eyed Imperial tactician whom is now officially canon

    72. ewen says:

      Front and back brake disc replacement means only a wee bit of dosh but every bit counts.

    73. Daisy Walker says:

      Have used the PayPal account to pay – the old Beeb’s shilling is on its way. More on pay day next month too.

      Thanks for all your efforts and hard work.

      If there’s to be an updated WBB, can I suggest it is also printed in Polish, since we have the time, and hopefully the money.

      Apologies if you’ve already thought of this.

    74. heedtracker says:

      Graun guys really want to get to that BBC trough of tory greatness.

      EU referendum and Brexit Opinion
      More than politics, Theresa May’s true strength is her grasp of British culture

      Rafael Behr

      While John Major and Tony Blair struggle with their Brexit defeat, the prime minister has read the national mood and is successfully navigating it”

      Rafael is a great name too, but its hard to conceive of a more powerful swing to the hard right than what Graun’s gimps have done.

      Maggie Thatcher must cheering away rule tory Britannia, in her pyramid.

    75. John H. says:

      Sorry uno mas. I hadn’t seen your comment.

    76. ewen says:

      They have badges…….
      I now have badges.

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Daisy Walker says: 1 March, 2017 at 11:04 am:

      “Indigogo keeps telling me my e-mail address is invalid (I don’t do Facebook) How do I fix this?”

      Aye! Me too, Daisy Walker, but I’m having long term problems with my ISP and their email account.

      There is a donate to Wings link at the top of the page, on the black coloured strip, that you can use.

      I’ll be using it myself later if I can’t sort out BTYahoo Internet today.

      I’ve just about had enough of their needless troubles so may just sign up with another ISP today.

    78. Proud Cybernat says:

      The Skype Family…

    79. Andy Anderson says:

      To Bob McLean ‘re 1030 note.

      I was in the RN from 66 to 74 but Campbell Allan means nothing to me. Sorry.

    80. Laura says:

      I wonder just how much of Wikipedia’s users actually contribute financially to the upkeep?? Probably less than 1 percent, and I bet pissflaps (damn autocorrect, I meant psflaps) uses Wiki and doesn’t contribute so I am not sure what his point is.

      I had never contributed to either Wikipedia or Wings before.
      Now I have only never contributed to Wikipedia.

      Apologies it’s not a huge amount Stu, but I feel better having sent something.

    81. Robert Peffers says:

      @Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop says: 1 March, 2017 at 10:52 am:

      “I see we have a resident idiot on this board now…”

      Och! Wee Jock. We have several of them. The seem to work some kind of shift system. Mind you it could be the same person with different names.

      You didn’t, for a minute, think that the Westminster, “Security Services”, were not monitoring us did you?

      It may be they also have a, “Bot”, set up too but there is a definite presence on Wings by them.

    82. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ smallaxe

      Cheers! But I lack the imagination for a new name. So creatively bereft am I, that Thrawn’s ‘Fanationalist’ seems quite appealing as a title.

    83. Scott says:

      Donated!!! Not as much as I would like but it helps.

    84. liz says:

      A remarkable feat indeed and we’re going to need every penny.

      That Vonny one is added to my mute list.
      Yesterday she was ‘hounded off twitter’ and we have Sev’s tweet to tell us how bad we are.
      Today she’s back on, no doubt missing all the attention.

      The more Sev screams, the bigger the hole he is digging.
      He supports Claire H but ignores Rosa Z.
      He pulls up the Rev for swearing but ignores Spanner.

      He has no credibility

    85. Suzanne says:

      What psflaps conveniently ignores is that the amount raised was just in the first SEVEN HOURS. There’s a month to go.

      Will be chucking in more quids shortly and am so grateful that we have such a fighter on our side. Thank you, Stu. Your research is phenomenal – no wonder the unionists are so keen to undermine you.

      Highly amused to see Duncan jumping up and down and demanding that people not donate. Hilarious!

    86. Proud Cybernat says:

      Ripped apart…

    87. Robert Graham says:

      A wee item on The Canary , it headlines the Electoral commission are investigating funding during the Brexit Campaign , The Canary goes on to mention CRC and its funnelling of dubious money through Ireland and thereby circumventing disclosure requirements ,
      It now appears CRC are turning their sights on Scotland now , I hope someone ,anyone, in the Scottish Government is paying close attention to this lot as the chairman appears to have links to Saudi Arabia , I thought it was Illegal for foreign sourced funds to be secretly used to influence any political organisation in this country , I think Wendy Alexander kind of forgot about that one , and rightly paid the price .

    88. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      ~10,000 folk pay to support Tory membership in Scotland and yet they control the country with 1 MP.

      I reckon that is 0.25% of the electorate.

      I think that is what is called a democratic deficit.

    89. Famous15 says:

      A theme coming from Scottish Questions and PMQ’s is this matter of the UK single market being more important to Scotland than the EU single market. The suggestion is that if Scotland were independent that this market would be denied even though we import more from rUK han we export to it.

      Yet in Brexit dealings they suggest that the similar situation vis a vis the UK and the EU will magically not be an issue. They lie and lie about the Scottish economy and lie and lie about the wonders of Brexit.

    90. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert Graham says: 1 March, 2017 at 11:06 am:
      ” … I hope the management are noting this increase in attention.”

      I do not know about the management but I know the commenters have. The thing is that it is not an unwelcome thing in some ways. Specifically it indicates that the Yoons are very, very, worried and afraid of us. If they were not they wouldn’t bother.

      Another factor is that we can use their stupidity to make points that can be used by Wingers out on the streets or in political discussions with unionists, Brexiteers or just idiots at large.

      After all it is the kind of things we often get confronted with by Yoons we meet off-line that these numpties are posting. It follows that we need to know how to wrong foot the same sort of thing in real life situations as on-line.

      Now I know most of us, if confronted with a Brian Spanner in person, would be inclined to use a Stilson Wrench or Club Hammer in reply but they put you away for such abuse.

      So we need to be armed with the right tools to hit back with and Wings is as good a place as any to practice.

    91. Peter Macbeastie says:

      I always understood thrawn to be stubborn, but that’s just an aside.

      Thrawn appears to be making his or her own attempt to make the general population think it means bitter unionist.

    92. Robert Peffers says:

      @Maureen says: 1 March, 2017 at 11:12 am:

      “Don’t often comment”

      Why ever not, Maureen? We dinna bite ye ken.

      ” … Also love the No to Yes videos that are on the go and wish they could be on mainstream TV.”

      Well they may not be on mainstream TV. Maureen but the newer, “Smart”, TV’s usually have YouTube at the press of a button, as well as the BBC iPlayer, STV Player and lots of other video sites like, “Daily Motion”.

      As older TVs get junked there will be lots more Smart TVs in people’s homes.

    93. JLT says:

      1% …10% …100% …doesn’t matter.

      The fact remains that the target was reached within half a day, and it’s still going. By the time we are done, it will hit around the £100,000 mark.

      If Stuart wanted, he could do another fundraiser in a month’s time, and once again, he will get a substantial figure. He could do one each month for the next year and a half and the final tally would still be staggering.

      I bet more money was raised in half a day yesterday, than from all the donations given at the Scottish Labour Conference over the weekend there.

      Something is always better than nothing …and this is really something.

      As to Unionist opinion …who cares! Stuart now has a war chest to plan ahead for. That is all that matters. If he needs more …he just needs to ask.

    94. Vestas says:

      The troll is more than a little stupid – thanks to something he posted elsewhere (more abuse basically) its trivially easy to work out who he is in real-life & where he lives.

      If anyone wishes to make a complaint to Bournemouth police about him (and has been the target of abuse by him) then contact Stu, who in turn can contact me & I’ll provide the details.

      For obvious reasons I’m not putting his name or address on here. Personally I’d just advise ignoring him but if you’re getting sustained abuse its probably best to report him.

    95. Bill McLean says:

      OK Andy thanks for response. I knew Campbell a wee bit earlier than you were in and often wonder what happened to him. He had a mate Andy Anderson, from Kincardine I think. Thanks anyway!

    96. Dr Jim says:

      On behalf of the “Russian National Orchestra” the usual envelope will be deliverd to Cybernat general headquarters by courier on wire transfer from Moscow

      Dasvidaniya Tovarich

    97. Darrin Hall says:

      Mr (or miss) “Thrawn”.
      Even though I’m just up, nae showered and in the process of having my morning movement (I live in New Hampshire, USA), I’m going to chip in as soon as I am decent.
      How’d you like them apples ?
      Keep up the good work !

    98. Richardinho says:

      The Paypal thing was a pain in the arse and stopped me quickly donating yesterday – although I’ll still sit down and sort it out today (promise!)

      Suggest everyone who donates tweets Hothersall about it.
      Who knows, he may even be able to turn it into a ‘My Twitter nightmare..’ article for some newspaper. Everybody wins!

    99. Arbroath1320 says:

      Apparently this was shot last night.

      Rumour has it that it was a collection of Yoon’s reacting to not only Wings latest wee fund raiser but also the news that it has raised £20,000 MORE than last year in the first 24 hours. 😀

    100. Richardinho says:

      Feel obliged to comment on the ‘1% claim’: It is a GOOD thing that less than 1% of Wings readers contribute: Why? Because it means that the vast majority of readers are casual visitors, probably similar to how I’ll visit the Guardian, the New York Times, the Mail (very rarely) just because a search engine turns it up on a story that I want to read about. This is what you want!

    101. Smallaxe says:

      Reluctant Nationalist says:

      “‘Fanationalist’ seems quite appealing”

      This name to you may quite appeal
      But I urge you my Friend to keep it real
      This name was suggested by a Pesky Troll
      Think on my Friend and keep control
      Use imagination to find your name
      Self-control for Wingers
      Is the name of the Game

      Peace Always

    102. Les Wilson says:

      You have to ask yourself just why are the Yoons going bonkers?

      They keep saying that they are fed up subsidising Scotland,so if that is really true (we know it is not, they don’t) based on the economic reports that they read from The Mail, Express and all the rabid Yoon media. They really believe what they read from these shit sources.

      Why the fuck are they not supporting Indy?
      If they gave us assistance, it would help us sail it, and they can get rid of us, to our great satisfaction.

      So again, just why do they not support our leaving! They then have no subsidies to Scotland. Scotland will not need to send any down south either, but they do not believe that anyway. So support us dear Yoons, to depart your glorious Union, and indeed help it come about.

      A win win, for you there.
      Yoons out there, answer please.

    103. heedtracker says:

      Famous15 says:
      1 March, 2017 at 12:29 pm
      A theme coming from Scottish Questions and PMQ’s is this matter of the UK single market being more important to Scotland than the EU single market.

      My gorgeous pouting Slovene girlfriend sets out her UKOK stall, you’re all racists, Mayor Khan of London says so, and England wont trade with you either.

      or in precis,

      Adam Tomkins MSP?Verified account @ProfTomkins 14h14 hours ago
      Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit deal ‘would lead to fracturing of UK trade’

    104. Big Jock says:

      One of the Tories said you only had 12 months left. Is individually ref 2 next March then! He obviously thinks we will lose, but that’s blind panic.

    105. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 1 March, 2017 at 11:44 am:

      ” … More than politics, Theresa May’s true strength is her grasp of British culture
      Rafael Behr”

      And that quote, heedtracker, is the sign of a true racist, nationalist bigot.

      If someone was to ask the numptie to define, “British Culture”, I’m certain the numptie would make at least as bad a job of it as Westminster and Theresa May are making of running the de facto parliament of England.

      There is no such thing as British Culture for Britain has eight distinct separate legislatures. Only four of which comprise the United Kingdom, (sic).

      The United Kingdom, (sic), also does not have a single form of culture as it too has four distinct countries, (in two Kingdoms), as its constituent parts and their cultures are remarkably different.

      Not only that but the very regions of England are very different one from the other. There are even linguistic differences within England itself. Devon is markedly different from the North East of England for example. The difference in culture across the Scottish/English border is more marked that any other border in Europe, startlingly so in fact.

      As the late Bill McLaren said, “There is nowhere more Scottish than the Scottish Borders”. He was right.

    106. Vestas says:

      @ Peter Macbeastie 12:36 pm :

      “I always understood thrawn to be stubborn, but that’s just an aside.

      Thrawn appears to be making his or her own attempt to make the general population think it means bitter unionist”

      Its a character in Star Wars – grand admiral Thrawn. The troll is a star wars fanboi….

    107. Arbroath1320 says:

      heedtracker says:
      1 March, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Famous15 says:
      1 March, 2017 at 12:29 pm

      My gorgeous pouting Slovene girlfriend sets out her UKOK stall, you’re all racists, Mayor Khan of London says so, and England wont trade with you either.

      I’m not really convinced that any of the Yoons currently crying into their bowls of cereal have really thought this “we won’t trade with you” argument through properly Heedtracker.

      I mean even they can not be so stupid as to cut their noses off to spite their faces … can they? 😉

      NO Electricity
      NO Whisky
      NO Oil
      MINIMUM Gin

      If they ARE serious about cutting their noses off I really hope the have stockpiled candles, Whisky, Gin, Oil etc otherwise they are going the be rather dry mouthed cold and unable to read the fantastic articles in Wings about themselves. 😀

    108. Robert Peffers says:

      @Reluctant Nationalist says: 1 March, 2017 at 12:07 pm:

      “Cheers! But I lack the imagination for a new name.”

      Ach! Dinna fash!

      How about just use a first initial letter?

      as – “R Nationalist”. Get the play on words, “R (are), Nationalist”?

    109. heedtracker says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      1 March, 2017 at 1:05 pm
      @heedtracker says: 1 March, 2017 at 11:44 am:

      Mayhem has merely kept her head down. She’s an ultra Con tory protected by the most bias tory BBC led media in the western world. That’s been her talent, keep out of the way, pop up when required. Except its not a talent, its learned the hard way, when she tried to out Thatch Snathcher Thatcher, as a cabinet minister of ridiculous outfits and stuff that only makes your average Hootsman roaster in Embro go all funny in that special tory place.

      Rafeal is just another tory hack sending tory BBC gimps his CV, are you the right sort Rafael and can you take your tongue out of our jacksie now, we get the message.

    110. Arbroath1320 says:

      I haven’t donated … YET! 😉

      Don’t panic though … donation will be forthcoming. 😛

      I just wish I had won the EuroMillions last night cause I’d now be sending Wings a cheque, BLANK but signed, to be filled in by his winged Godliness himself. 😀

    111. heedtracker says:

      Arbroath1320 says:
      1 March, 2017 at 1:11 pm
      heedtracker says:
      1 March, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      BetterTogether core strategy ref 2,

      1. You’re racists.

      2. You’re bankrupt now, what’s it going to be like without England.

      3. England will not trade with you anymore.

      4. Whole myriad of the above, all mixed into a nice big sludgy mess of Bliar McDoughball’s 2014 production.

      So vote NO Thanks 2.

    112. jfngw says:

      I think over this weekend it has become clear what the No side tactics will be. It is not aimed at any Yes voters last time but those who are considering changing from No, the message is by changing to Yes you are becoming a racist.

      It’s not subtle as the recent Courier article displays, by pointing out that large areas of spending are still controlled by Westminster reveals your racist credentials.

      Like allowing all residents to vote in Ind Ref = racist
      Excluding non UK citizens in EU ref = inclusive

    113. Cactus says:

      Can ye feel the new indyref new momentum building..

      Onwards, upwards and outwards.

      Welcome to March ’17.

      30 days to go maX.

      It’s time to go.

    114. schrodingers cat says:

      Reluctant Nationalist

      how about Staunch AYE ?

      the crowd fund

      the wbb was the best literature we had in indyref1, 90k bought 250 wbb’s (I think)

      with no yesscotland2 or yesleader, we dont have sufficient leaflets or literature to deliver
      to that end, we intend to make the wbb2 the bases of our indyref2 campaign.

      no more multiple leaflet drops, only door to door canvassing where we can personally hand over the wbb2. it is too expensive to drop through a letter box.

      btw, NEF constituency has 60k voters
      stu is not wrong, we really need a lot more money to do this

      btw2 if you need badges flags and other merchandice for your local yes group, they are available (£20 for £700 worth of stuff)

      join natyesreg here

    115. Clootie says:

      The unionists miss the whole point of civic nationalism. Some can afford to give because they scan afford it, some because of a driving passion for an Independent Scotland, some see it as value for money as accurate data to balance a corrupt media OR all of the above.

      African proverb: “If you think you are too small to make a difference then you have never spent a night with a mosquito” ( midges can have the same impact). 😛

    116. Malcolm says:

      A big, big thanks to Duncan Hothersall for spurring me (and many others, no doubt) on to make a donation!! A special note of our appreciation to Dunc for doing so much for our cause!!!! Keep up the fuckwittery, its a sure fire vote winner for Independence.

    117. Smallaxe says:


      The Green Cross Code inciDENT!

      I know that you were not badly hurt but how is the car?

      Peace Always

    118. schrodingers cat says:

      just a point about the wbb2
      it will need to address the issue of the EU

      I support efta/eea membership, rather than eu membership, followed by an euref2 in the first session of an independent holyrood. Now I know the rev supports the idea of an euref2 in the first session of an independent holyrood, as does eric joyce, but none of the above is presently snp policy for indyref2.

      point is, i not sure why this is a problem as I cant think why the rev should be constrained by snp policy, isnt he entitled to write whatever he wants?

    119. Arbroath1320 says:

      The best bit about Better Together #2 Heedtracker is that it will draw the likes of McDougall back oot from the woodwork where he has been hiding ever since 2014. Not only that but we will have the “pleasure” of seeing wee Johnnie McTernan backing up McDougall and wee Kez! 😀

      TWO of the biggest LOSERS in political history … together … again! They both worked on Better Together #1 which had a whopping lead over YES in 2014 yet ended up with 10% win 55% to 45%.

      I wonder if either of them put down their ability to LOSE 20 odd percentage lead on their C.V.’s 😀

    120. JET Jockey says:

      Visiting a friend of mine working on a wind turbine project in West Aberdeenshire and staying in his mobile home, he had a leaflet popped into his letter box, the leaflet gave details of MSP Mike Rumbles as being the most pathetically useless politician to set foot in Holyrood but it also made a excellent ref to Wings Over Scotland which my friend had never heard of . I was not aware of his political standing, but after having visited the website he made it very clear to me he had been a no voter but now regretted his decision WOS was penetrating the clouded vale of the Better Together campaign. well done STU, another convert.

    121. Proud Cybernat says:

      “We want independence, not for any flag or anthem, but for the opportunity to create a better, fairer society. Not because we are inspired by a great past, but because we aspire to a better future. Not because we regard Scotland as superior, but because we refuse to accept that it is inferior.” – Peter Bell.

      From here:

    122. Ann says:

      Who cares if its one percent or 100 percent. If less than one percent of the readership gets the fund over the target, then there is not much more you can ask for.
      Everytime Stu runs his annual fundraising request, the target is smashed within hours.
      A lot of other political fundraising requests would love to have that kind of backing.
      It simply shows how important Wings is to Scottish politics and unlike some of the above tweets, I think wings has a lot to offer Scotland if / when independance is achieved.

    123. Marker Post says:

      A few more quid on its way now, Stu. Keep up the good work, we’re going to need it!

    124. Robert Peffers says:

      @Vestas says:1 March, 2017 at 1:09 pm:

      “I always understood thrawn to be stubborn, but that’s just an aside.!”

      Literally, in Scots, it means, “Thrown”.
      From thrown it becomes, in English, “out of line”, or twisted, warped, bent or slanted.

      It also has apparently, from the twisted bit, connotations with rope, as in twisted fibres, hanging and the gallows which leads to throttled, strangled and such like in English.

      There are some Scots words that really have no direct translation into English. “Dreich”, being another, but every Scots speaker knows exactly what they mean.

      Thrawn, however, has now more than one meaning in Scots.

      Indeed, though, it does also mean, bitter and twisted, Ill Natured, bad tempered, “conter”, contrary out of kilter. et al.

    125. Muscleguy says:

      I agree that multiple devices can also contribute to the unique visitor numbers. I use both this laptop and my phone and in the last year may have used the desktop though not of late.

      Also if my devices are online via a different Wifi network so with a different IP address will that not only add to the figures? I may well have loaded the site from my phone while on two different Wifis in Edinburgh this last month.

      So, Dunc’s calculations may well be off.

    126. Vestas says:

      @ Macart 1:52 pm :

      “This is pretty good. <snip url)"

      I do read the canary but they are no friends to wings – or indy.

      They're buddy buddy with Mike Small (Bella) and all the main players live in the Home Counties/London. Also not clear where the funding is coming from – not the right anyway, but someone is bankrolling it.

      They view indy voters the same way they viewed brexit voters – ill educated and probably a wee bit racist.

      They drive the twat running order-order mental which is in their favour 🙂

    127. cadgers says:

      Thank you Thrawn, just bought myself some badges!

    128. heedtracker says:


      McTernan, McDougall and Murphy. Three horse men of SLabour’s demise.

      Its probably going to come to the bucks though, BetterTogether 2 wise. They’ll be looking for next gen polico hucksters, just like Bliar McD, but skint ones, ready to do and say anything UKOK, for a quarter of a million quid. That’s enough to get you a nice deposit into Bearsden and Newlands maybe, plus any speaker fee spinoffs, loyalism, rewarded in and by top PR jobs with big loyal outfits, quangos etc. Don’t need to roll up trouser legs anymore, you’d think.

      Its all looking pretty UKOK 2 tasty from the last crew of sneary spivs, so we probably haven’t even heard of the next gen Bliar McDoughballs yet.

    129. Vestas says:

      @ Robert Peffers :2:02 pm

      “Vestas says:1 March, 2017 at 1:09 pm:

      “I always understood thrawn to be stubborn, but that’s just an aside.!””

      I was quoting someone earlier in the thread 🙂

      Thrawn in this instance means Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Star Wars series/franchise. Troll is a Star Wars fanboi.

    130. Capella says:

      Would it not be your router’s IP address which contacts the internet? So all devices in your house would be using the one IP address?

    131. Dr Jim says:

      While Theresa May hurtles towards the unknown outcome of Brexit amid questions of the state of the destination and how it’s to be achieved and will it be better for AhUK financially or otherwise and still refuses to answer except to say she will be keeping her cards close to her chest, which is another way of saying she’s not going to tell us

      When the next Independence referendum is called will Scotlands First Minister then be perfectly justified in telling the UK of England government in answer to any questions regarding Scotland that she too is keeping her cards close to her chest, meaning

      It’s none of the UK of Englands business, sod off, Independence means Independence and we’ll make the best of it for Scotland and get the best deal

      Cheerio the now!

    132. Bill Dale says:

      Robert Peffers, I expect that Thrawn is happy in the sheuch.

    133. Arbroath1320 says:

      I have to say JET I am not surprised by that story.

      I have been witnessing a regular trail of former NO voters who have all turned their backs on NO and are now proud YES supporters.

      Not only that but, thanks to Mayhem and her inability to see our European friends for what they are, human beings NOT bargaining chips, she has pushed practically every single European living in Scotland from a previous position of supporting NO because of BT’s threat of being out of the E.U., to now almost all supporting YES.

      Every day I see someone directly, or indirectly, telling about how they or someone they know has turned away from NO. WE have not even started yet this is all down to the “excellent” work of Mayhem and her xenophobic Tory cronies!

    134. Angus Bell says:

      thanks Thrawn, I was impressed but not quite motivated.

      £100 to the Rev!

    135. Robert Graham says:

      O/T _ it’s encouraging to see the Scottish Government are opening a London Hub for business and Tourism north of the border, and will be based in Scotland House in the heart of London .
      Silly Question isn’t this Fluffys job? Oh I forgot he is busy representing Scottish interests in a different way , how naive of me, to question his commitment.

    136. Cactus says:

      Aweright Smallaxe ~

      Aye, me good, white van person just kept going after hit n run.

      Yeah, I gave the van a doing, they’re gonna need a new wing mirror. I’m made fae girders me.

      Tis good to be alive..


      I’m gonna guesstimate the total will go to, say.. £117,000.

    137. Liz g says:

      Vestas @ 2.09
      Mair like a fucking space cadet!

    138. Betty Boop says:

      Fantastic as usual – weel done us 🙂 Haven’t had time to read through all the comments, so, apologies if someone has already said the following.

      It might not be clear to folks when they click on the crowdfunder that you can donate amounts other than those for the perks. It would be useful if Indiegogo actually made it more obvious beside the “Back It ” button.

      Every single £1 would be appreciated. So, when we are sharing/promoting the crowdfunder, we should make it clear that folk can donate smaller amounts or however many millions they want!

    139. schrodingers cat says:

      Independence means Independence


      stealin’ that

    140. Vestas says:

      @ Capella : 2:10 pm

      “Would it not be your router’s IP address which contacts the internet? So all devices in your house would be using the one IP address?”

      Depends on a couple of things :

      1) Who your ISP is. Sky for example rolled out IPv6 a couple of years back so every mobile/lappie/PC will have a unique IP address;

      2) Even if your ISP hasn’t rolled out IPv6 then it’s usually trivially easy to “fingerprint” a client behind an IPv4 NAT router. By that I mean your web browser gives out a LOT of info which makes it easy to identify whether a user is on a lappie or a PC (screen resolution/type/size can be exposed. Google analytics do exactly this;

      3) Even if you use a VPN the same browser data is exposed – TOR for example suggest you never resize the TOR Browser window as that immediately makes you trackable on that session.

      tl;dr its more complicated than you think. Pretty much everything is now I find 🙂

    141. heedtracker says:

      I know some WoS readers are wary of this .org but there are some big issues for Holyrood and the stripping away of Scots devo, Brexit wise.

    142. Arbroath1320 says:

      Apologies for O/T but came across this piece from the Guardian. I think it is quite a good antiseptic to all the “racist” chants about independence supporters of late.

    143. Cactus says:

      Ps, aweright dare Quinie Frae Angus 🙂

    144. starlaw says:

      had bother donating until I found the FACEBOOK route.
      Job done

    145. Proud Cybernat says:

      Yoons and their selective memories…

    146. schrodingers cat says:

      if slab has 30k members and only raises 100k, then only 0.3% of its members are willing to contribute anything to slab?

    147. Vestas says:

      @Arbroath1320 2:23 pm :

      “Apologies for O/T but came across this piece from the Guardian. I think it is quite a good antiseptic to all the “racist” chants about independence supporters of late.”

      The BTL comments on the Guardian site for that article are, as always, filled with hatred towards Scots. Not sure about “antiseptic”, more a case of another unionist boil appearing.

      The article itself is decent but to me it feels like the Guardian were thinking “shit, we’ve gone too far, do something”…..

    148. HandandShrimp says:


      Not Sebby from the Guardian Shirley? :O

      He is a huge fan of Wings 😉

    149. Nana says:

      @Macart 1.52pm It is pretty good.

      The canary’s editor Kerry Anne Mendoza supported our independence referendum. She stayed up all night tweeting and was disappointed Scotland voted No.

      I have followed Kerry Anne from her early website Scriptonite daily and will continue to follow The canary. From Scriptonite I learned about the scale of child abuse and the earliest signs of NHS selloff, corruption in westminster and many other things which were not covered by the msm.

      I’m not saying there haven’t been a few times when I’ve despaired at the reporting of Scottish issues but it’s been tame in comparison to the herald, daily record etc etc.

      I’m glad to see Wingers posting articles from The canary. I won’t be needing to post so much from now on.

    150. Vestas says:

      @HandandShrimp 2:39pm :

      Oh I doubt he had anything to do with that article. Probably still frothing at the mouth 🙂

    151. Breeks says:

      Vestas says:
      1 March, 2017 at 2:06 pm
      @ Macart 1:52 pm :

      “This is pretty good. <snip url)"

      I do read the canary but they are no friends to wings – or indy.

      Yeah, I agree, but while I'm not a regular Canary reader, in addition to that impression, I get the funny idea that the Canary might think differently about Indy if it was much better informed. I get left with the impression if you washed all the Britnat / London Bubble propaganda out of their heads, and they actually spoke to more YES people, they might give Scottish Indy a fair hearing.

      However, I think too, that given a fair hearing, Scottish Indy would drop right down their running order, because it's such a no brainer and not edgy enough for the Canary. The BritNat skullduggery and and anti Indy propaganda however… I don't know.

      But since that isn't going to happen, as you imply Vestas, handle with caution…

    152. heedtracker says:

      UKOK outlyer money here, out liar? but BetterTogether 2, fronted by Lord Sewell of Banchory, worth a punt surely, who had money on a Cammers majority 2015, oik oik?

    153. Nana says:

      For the record: I had no role in commissioning @ClaireShrugged, but I did recommend @RobertJSomynne wrote for us in response

    154. Vestas says:

      @Nana 2:43 pm :

      “The canary’s editor Kerry Anne Mendoza supported our independence referendum. She stayed up all night tweeting and was disappointed Scotland voted No.”

      Thank you for that, I shall revise my opinion somewhat.

      I do have to say that comparing them to MSM in Scotland isn’t valid in any way though as they’re supposed to be the antithesis of the MSM 😉

      They do a decent job from a SE England perspective. They (in general) have no more understanding of Scottish politics/life than my wife has – and we’ve been married more than a couple of decades now..

      There is simply NO understanding in England that Scotland is different. A friend of my daughter who is a legal graduate thought she could just go to Scotland & setup shop. Laws are the same right? 🙂

    155. Arbroath1320 says:

      English Scots for YES have written a wee response to Sadiq Khan for those interested.

    156. stu mac says:

      @Peter Macbeastie says

      Thrawn means something more like being stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn; sometimes even stubborn when it’s not in your own interest. At least that’s always been my take on it.

    157. Jack Murphy says:

      Great news on the Wings ‘Levelling the Field.’
      My Mum and Dad have pointed me to this news item from the General Election in 2010:

      Gordon Brown on a visit to Rochdale speaking to an elderly woman pensioner outside his car:
      “It’s very nice to see you”.

      Inside his car:
      “……she’s just a sort of bigoted woman that said she used to be Labour,I mean it’s just ridiculous.”

      The Labour Party hasn’t and never can change.

    158. HandandShrimp says:


      🙂 Not the article just the Star Trek bit

    159. Arbroath1320 says:

      To be honest Vestas I never read the comments in the Guardian. I was warned, on health grounds, to stay well away from all comments in the Guardian. 😀

    160. Robert Graham says:

      Nana – Thanks for the link to the Canary, one of these days I will get the link thingy worked out ha ha, never to old to learn.

    161. Nana says:


      Actually I had written Telegraph and Guardian and then thought our own media can be as vitriolic.
      I don’t recall if Kerry Anne came to Scotland during indyref, maybe I will suggest she visits.

      My cousin down south had little understanding of life in Scotland other than holiday pursuits. He was a lawyer & thought the same as your daughter’s friend did when looking to buy property. Got a shock.

    162. Capella says:

      @ Vestas – shouldav known 🙂

      re ClaireShrugged – maybe she’s a fan of Ayn Rand who wrote “Atlas Shrugged” a long time ago and is the inspiration for much of the right wing, neo liberal, libertarian, free marketeer, survival of the fittest rubbish which has poisoned political debate for the last 40 years.

      There used to be a website called Atlas Shrugs which was very right wing and anti Obama. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and a Democrat, played a trick on it during the 2008 election. The algorithms made sure that the website didn’t come up on a search until page 40ish. The site owner, Pamela Geller, was incandescent.

      Obama then invited Schmidt into the administration.

    163. Arbroath1320 says:

      Especially for you Jack. 🙂

      Oor wee Gordie and his “meeting” with Gillian Duffy in Rochdale in 2010. 😀

      The interesting part, from your point of view start at around 4:40 in … Enjoy! 😀

    164. Vestas says:

      @HandandShrimp 3:03pm

      Oh the Star Wars Thrawn stuff?

      If so then no its not who you’d like it to be. Its a nobody.

      The moral of the story here is not to post things on platforms where you had a “profile” – even for an expired domain which has had multiple owners. Its all public records once you stop paying them, especially US registrars…..

    165. Dal Riata says:


      Thanks for the info regarding the Thrawn fuckwit troll! Have come across that post made elsewhere that you speak of. Now that you’ve offered up mention of IP addresses and the Bournemouth police it has all made sense! Thanks again!

      So, what say you now, abusive fuckwit troll Thrawn?

    166. heedtracker says:

      Mayhem threatens Scotland today, PMQ’s, Angus Robertson, what’s the deal tory Brexit wise, with Scots fish, farming and Holyrood in all this PM?

      Shut it, or you slags or the English will stop trading with you, in the greatest UK zone market ever in the empire, ever,

      “A market, I might remind the honourable gentleman, that is more important to Scotland than the EU is.”

      Rule Englandtannia.

    167. crazycat says:

      @ Vestas/Arbroath1320

      After the publication of the dubious rubbish (I’m being polite) by Claire Heuchan, Robert Somynne offered to provide an alternative.

      I’m slightly surprised the Guardian took him up on it; I suppose they deserve some credit. Shame about the comments – which I haven’t looked at – though.

    168. liz says:

      I think it’s fab having the Canary on our side.

      One more blogger with a different catchment

    169. Big Jock says:

      Challenge by House of Lords today over guarantees for EU citizens already in the UK. Ruling at 6pm. If they ask for amendments it will get kicked back to WM to amend. It will delay article 50 by a week. I think March 17, the SNP conference is still going to be INDI 2 announcement though.

    170. HandandShrimp says:


      Didn’t think so. 🙂 Our Sebby is one of the remaining Scottish Labour Stalwarts – with a total sense of humour bypass on the rise of the SNP. He is a Trekky though 🙂

    171. jfngw says:

      Who are the racists?

      Those who want everyone in a country to have self determination


      Those that want to deny self determination and impose their control over another country.

    172. Andimac says:

      You’ve just gotta love Thrawn – immense entertainment value. I loved his new portmanteau word “cuntwit” and he should take credit for the fact that the first part of it so adequately describes himself. As to the second part, well he’s 50 percent of the way there – halfwit. Keep up the good work, Thrawn: you must be boosting Wings’ donations hugely. My dosh on its way.

    173. Big Jock says:

      Also why does Hothersall have to state that he is a Gay Husband. As if it makes him special and immune from being a bigot!

    174. Macart says:

      @ Nana, Breeks and Vestas

      Came across the article purely by accident and don’t (didn’t) know much about the canary site.

      Still a good piece tho. 🙂

    175. Vestas says:

      @Dal Riata 3:14 pm :

      “So, what say you now, abusive fuckwit troll Thrawn?”

      Get a grip of yourself.

    176. Andy Anderson says:

      Just read from an article published yesterday that the latest opinion poll puts YES at 52.5%

    177. LesRoches says:

      What a result for Wings and everyone involved…Bella take stock!
      Incidentally, I made a contribution via PayPal yesterday and I have had confirmation that it went through..£10 a month on DD..I hope that you guys have confirmation of this also!!!

    178. Vestas says:

      @Macart 3:23 pm :

      “@ Nana, Breeks and Vestas

      Came across the article purely by accident and don’t (didn’t) know much about the canary site.

      Still a good piece tho. ?”

      They do good work in what is basically a journalistic cesspool of racism/zionism/right-wing lunacy.

      ie London.

      Treat with a level of caution is my advice – they don’t understand Northern England (outside Manchester/Leeds) at all, never mind Scotland.

    179. shug says:

      Can I suggest all groups now forming start by going to their library and getting a nite of the numbers of people on the election register.
      We must be see if the number changes running up to indyref2
      Those in control of the register need to know we are watching

    180. Hermodr says:

      Great story from JET above. As a new reader of WOS (I discovered it a couple of days after the EU referendum, canna mind how), what are you guys like wi’ fliers? It’s very powerful to actually find WOS on your own and get hooked that way, as I can personally testify.

      I’d certainly take some time to hide a few in copies of the Times in my local ASDA. 🙂 Just getting them from places they might nae be expecting; think folk are often resistant to literature put through the doorbox, for example.

    181. crazycat says:

      @ Nana

      Interesting to see Severin claiming that he suggested the article by Robert Somynne.

      I assume that means that when the Guardian panicked a bit (if they did) and conceded that they needed to publish a balancing view, SC came up with the name – Robert himself was tweeting an offer, but saying he doubted they’d accept it, right from the start.

      (He’s such a prolific tweeter I’ve given up trying to find the offer, but I’m sure I’m remembering correctly.)

    182. Proud Cybernat says:

      Brexit on Steroids…

    183. Dr Jim says:

      Politics Scotland with Prof Poultice explaining how voting Green had no effect on the SNP not getting an overall majority at Holyrood then goes on to say well the SNP might have got just two more MSPs

      Big giant Feckin “Eh”!!! Just two more? Oh well not important then!

      Nicola Sturgeon just like Trump says Adam Arsehole Tomkins
      of course powers will be coming to Holyrood says Tomkin and that’s just it isn’t it powers over what? Because it won’t be Agg and Fish or they’d damn well say it but they can’t and Ruth Liar Davidson said that Holyrood shouldn’t have more powers anyway

      The FM is dead right, these Bastirts are going to shaft us worse than before and if the bitter Numptie half of Scotland don’t wake up there wont be any point in being awake anyway

      I don’t mind hugging an open minded No voter but I’ll be damned if I’ll hug a Numptie

      If Scotland votes No again we will be the most divided country in the world for all time and stuff will get worse into the bargain

    184. Bob MACK says:


      You are correct. Mr Somme wrote and offered to put a counterpoint. He was not asked unsolicited.

    185. schrodingers cat says:

      ruk exports to scotland. they make nothing that cant and wont be sourced in the EEA by scottish retailers, why would tescos in sotland import cans of coke, kellogs cornflakes, heinz beans etc from england when they are 20% cheaper from Eire?

      that goes for all english exports to scotland, cars, BMW’s IPHONES, all electrical goods. indeed, it is only items that are unique and that can only be sourced from england that will survive. that list is very very small, jellied eels, quality jams :), yarmouth bloaters and cornish pasties, all of which will no longer have the protection of the eu regarding copywrite, eg, forfar bridies could be sold elsewhere in the EEA as cornish pasties etc

      scotlands trade with the ruk is mainly raw materials, thatcher sacrificed our retail economy years ago for londons benefit
      87% of our trade with ruk is made up of petrol, fish, oil, whisky, gas, stud beef, electricity, seed potatoes and water. none of which can be sourced in the ruk, they have no choice but to buy these items, even if 20% more expensive

      our biggest losers will be edinburgh and glasgows financial services which will lose its trade in the ruk but at the same time will pick up the trade the ruk loses in scotland. the formation of a new bank and indy scot currency coupled with a campaign to encourage scots to switch providers would mitigate scotlands financial services losses

    186. schrodingers cat says:


      the bounce has definately gone out of sebby’s and rider’s bungie though 🙂

    187. Thepnr says:

      O/T Do you still have No voting members of your own family? I know I do, they still believe that everything from the BBC or what they read in their daily newspaper is gospel

      Disabuse them of this belief and give them their own personal copy of the London Calling DVD. You can get a pack of 5 including postage charges for just £5 from Ayemail.

      Convert just one person and this £5 is a very small price to pay. Be quick only 163 packs left in stock.

    188. Robert Graham says:

      Scottish Questions should be shown by the BBC Scottish branch , instead of them simply repeating The English national news, then the good folks up here will see how their MPs are treated and how their interests are being looked after in what is really for want of a better word The English Parliament , then they will see Their Union in all it’s glory. F/k me it’s a depressing sight.

    189. Lenny Hartley says:

      Andy Anderson any chance of linking to that article showing a new poll. nothing on James Kelly’s website about a new poll.

    190. Vestas says:

      @liz : 3:20 pm

      “I think it’s fab having the Canary on our side.”

      It isn’t.

      By that I mean most of the contributors (journos/hacks/whatever they’re called now) paid by the Canary do NOT support independence for Scotland.

      Most have no clue about England outside metropolitan areas (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds) and view anyone voting SNP as an ill-educated racist moron from the sticks.

      Don’t get confused by the decent work they do in exposing stuff, its mainly all in the SE of England. That doesn’t make them bad or good, it just makes them ill-educated to comment on anything outside the Home Counties.

    191. Proud Cybernat says:

      “I don’t mind hugging an open minded No voter but I’ll be damned if I’ll hug a Numptie.”

      Remember folks, Friday 3rd March 2017 is:


      And eh, do it with feeling!

    192. Dal Riata says:

      The Guardian was, once upon a time, my ‘go to’ site of a morning.

      I was naive then, ignorant of its true political leanings. I actually believed it’s boast of being “left-leaning”, something that wasn’t to be said of any of the UK’s other broadsheets, as they were.

      IndyRef1 changed all that. I just couldn’t believe the misrepresentations and misinformation that was being passed off as ‘news’ or ‘comment’ about Scotland and the Scots, never mind the SNP, Alex Salmond and Scotland’s independece hopes.

      And then the lies and vitriol started – and never stopped.

      It was a real awakening to the reality of the Guardian’s total lie about it being left-leaning. It had been just another member of the UK’s rabid right-wing press after all.

      As the IndyRef1 campaign swung into action, the Guardian would open most of their anti-Scottish independence articles up for BTL comments. After being ‘naughty-stepped’, or basically banned from commenting BTL no more than five times by the moderators through the IndyRef1 campaign and onwards, I just said Fuck this! and haven’t been back there since.

      The thing is, if I had been even the slightest bit abusive or derogatory then I would’ve accepted the odd ban, but I never was. Once, I tried to repudiate what heedtracker’s girlfriend from Slovenia had said, only to find myself banned within ten minutes! What a farce! Yet, pro-Union, anti-Scots were, and still are, allowed to post bile-soaked abuse without a here nor there.

      Naah, fuck the Guardian! It is now no more than a British Nationalist, right-wing propaganda, fake news organisation.

    193. Dorothy Devine says:

      55 quid in your account Stu – I just want badges , I look slightly challenged in a beanie.

    194. schrodingers cat says:

      an indy scotland as a member of EFTA/EEA would have complete control over fishing and agriculture, we could cut a deal with norway to exclude all eu and ruk fishing fleets from scottish waters. indeed the norwegians would be falling over themselves for this to happen

    195. Dal Riata says:

      @Vestas at 3:24 pm

      You said:

      “Get a grip of yourself”

      Did you direct that at me? If so, why?

    196. schrodingers cat says:

      banned from commenting BTL no more than five times by the moderators

      18 times before i ran outta lives……and deaths

    197. heedtracker says:

      Thatcher spins in her pyramid, she only ever ate mice rolled in gold. She heard the queen does that too.

    198. Conan the Librarian says:

      The Graun has shut down comments on Robert Somynne’s counter to Khan and the wee lassie.

      Strange that, in an article that is in favour of independence, the comments get closed…

      Was it all the knuckle-draggers wearing down a moderator?

      We should be told. 😉

    199. heedtracker says:

      I’d do it. As long as prozzies and coke are included in the £300 a day expenses.


      Lord Sewell.

      Its very close to Lord Sewer that.

    200. Christian Schmidt says:

      I give gladly. And that’s despite thinking that sometimes you go over the top. But firstly there is probably no website I’d agree 100%, and secondly, just imagine where we would be without wings, someone needs to call the stinkers out.

      Still, like many of the trolls I do hope this is the last fundraisers … ’cause I hope for a yes victory within the next year 😉

    201. Dal Riata says:

      @schrodingers cat

      “18 times before i ran outta lives……and deaths” Lol! ?

    202. heedtracker says:

      Conan the Librarian says:
      1 March, 2017 at 4:10 pm
      The Graun has shut down comments on Robert Somynne’s counter to Khan and the wee lassie.

      Guardian gives a The Guardian pick, to this commenter’s first ever The Guardian comment, from a Guardian reader who signed up to the Guardian cif, as long ago as today, and then got a Guardian Pick. today. He left out , user gnome de plume, SCarrell_is_a_god_among_vile_seps.

      mikey009 4h ago
      Guardian Pick

      I am a 20 something English male who moved to Edinburgh 3 years ago. I have experienced prejudices’, discrimination and persecution from many since I moved here because I am English. I hate the commonly used derogatory comment of being a Southerner, which every thinks is okay to say. I am from the north of England. I have now had enough and feel it will only get worse as nationalism is increasing in popularity. I am moving back to England where people are more open towards outsiders moving in.”

      Graun twerps really do think we’re this stoopid. Still cant believe just how shite Graun is now.

    203. Chick McGregor says:

      My interpretation of the ‘modern’ meaning of ‘thrawn’ is of course subjectively dependent on my own personal interaction.

      In regard to it being used as an adjective about someone, my English definition would be something like:

      A person who exhibits extreme obduracy on a stance they hold, even in the face of contrary evidence supplied or when presented with a majority contrary view. In many cases a thrawn individual is predisposed to actively seek out a view contrary to conventional wisdom at the time of forming their stance and to incorporate that view into it, if possible.

    204. Conan the Librarian says:

      Noow they have also stopped comments on the “Hate Crime” article (The one with the photo of the even wee-er lassie with a saltire face paint conflated with hate in the title).

      Does anyone here think of a wee boy shoving his fingers into multiple dykes?*

      *Yes, I know.

    205. Scott says:

      No mention of this on BBC.

    206. Sandy says:

      Is here a hint of jealousy in the tweets?
      Incidentally, assuming these tweeters reside in Scotland, what are they going to do after our independence. No self-respecting employer would consider them, taking into account their “high profile” & their unpopularity.
      Will they be part of our welfare system being unemployable. Being a proven ("Tractor" - Ed) is, I believe, still a capital offence.

    207. Vestas says:

      @Dal Riata :

      ““Get a grip of yourself”

      Did you direct that at me? If so, why?”

      Re-read your post which I responded to & see if you can get a clue?

      Thrawn is a nobody. He trolls and if nobody responded he’d be off elsewhere.

      There are fuckwits like him all over the world with ignorant opinions/who like to troll and provoke people like you. You respond with abuse/intemperate language & its game on for them. On things like reddit they don’t even give a fuck about the topic, its all about getting a response – which you gave them.

      So get a grip of yourself yes? Good man.

    208. Conan the Librarian says:


      A Student who cannot understand that Northern England is to the south of Scotland?

      Is he one of those “snowflakes” we hear so much about on campuses these days?

      In my day, the Agrigs would have used him as a chew toy.

    209. Mike O'Donnell says:

      Happy to donate. Looking forward to my badges. Means more when I know it upsets a bunch of haters!

    210. john young says:

      We should challenge the likes of Hothersall to give us something positive about Scotland,challenge them at every turn,nobody ever really gets in their faces they get an easy ride.

    211. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bill Dale says: 1 March, 2017 at 2:13 pm:

      ” … I expect that Thrawn is happy in the sheuch.”

      Sheuch? Yon sleekit an thrawn, Thrawn gadgie maun bi lang syne awa ben the brander.

    212. Glamaig says:

      hmm Ruth Harrison and Adam Tomkins today both describing Nicola as ‘shrill’. Would they describe a male politician as shrill? I dont think so. I’d be interested to see the response if they described Claire wotserface as ‘shrill’. Oh, and they didnt have an answer to the substance of the speech – powers over devolved areas coming home from Brussels might go to Westminster instead.

      Radio Shortbread headline at 16:45 – Fluffie Mundell apparently ‘absolutely guarantees’ that ‘more powers’ will come to Holyrood with Brexit, not saying what, or how much, and never mind that Mundell is not in a position to deliver anything except perhaps tea and biscuits to the Cabinet.

      Unfortunately for Fluffie, his boss Theresa today in parliament point blank refused to guarantee anything.

    213. harry mcaye says:

      I am positively choking for my Wings beanie hat. I’ve now donated twice and asked for perk both times, different levels, but feel free to give one to someone else and the extra badges too!

    214. Glamaig says:

      Thrawn hasnt been back since we started donating more every time he commented 🙂

    215. Bill Dale says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Brander? He’s awa doon the stank then?

    216. sassenach says:

      Politics Scotland this afternoon was the most biased I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying something!).

      In studio, guest was a former Tory spinner, then off to Holyrood to watch debate which had 3 unionist speakers to one SNP, then a complete section with Tory Liz Smith (and no ‘rebuttal’, straight back to studio).

      Brewster then has his ‘line-up’about independence (of course), again Lib/Lab/Con versus SNP (no Green). But always ensuring the Tory Smirky, gets the final say, naturally.

      Similarly with the Westminster line-up (Carliar in it AGAIN), so it’s the usual 3 agin 1, and, of course, the Tory gets final say!!

      Then on to the rambling poultice (as described by Dr Jim, earlier) and ends with the Tory spinner guest – all in all simply a ToryFest – well done BBC, ratcheting up the game against indy already. Bastirts.

    217. Vestas says:

      @Glamaig 5:25 pm :

      “Thrawn hasnt been back since we started donating more every time he commented ?”

      He’s probably still at work/commuting. Bournemouth/Poole traffic is a bastard.

      How do I know? My daughter is in student halls right next to the main police station in Bournemouth 🙂

    218. Glamaig says:

      Im not sure about this Prof Curtice character sometimes. On TV this afternoon explaining how voting Green with regional vote didnt cost SNP their majority, oh no it didnt he says. He says it maybe cost the SNP ‘only one or two seats’. Whoa, hold it right there Prof Curtice! One seat is exactly the difference it would make to have an absolute majority… 64-63 remember? duh.

    219. Meg merrilees says:

      Scott @4.41pm

      Well spotted!
      Will be interesting to find out exactly when the ‘BBC et all’ decide to tell us that Trump has postponed his visit to October.

      Can’t afford to show any weakness anywhere so how will it be sold to us?

    220. galamcennalath says:

      Yoonery is truly a mystery.

      It is perfectly obvious why they hate Wings. It is a huge threat to their Union. I can understand why they wish it didn’t exist and why they wish we didn’t contribute.

      What I can’t understand is why they say Wings articles aren’t accurate. Everything is backed up with links and sources, which is something you can very rarely say about the msm.

      The Yoon critical language is all about ‘calling out’ and ‘this shit’ etc., never ever do they quote an example of what they believe is wrong and give counter sources. It’s just name calling with no alternative story.

      If it’s all just Yoon pretence aimed at the gullible, then it’s a nasty unsophisticated tactic, but that is how the Union defends itself.

      But here’s the thing – do some of the Yooneratsi actually believe Wings is false simply because it ‘does not compute’ as part of their world view. A blind faith. “Don’t confuse me with facts” argument? If so, there are some terribly sad people out there.

    221. schrodingers cat says:

      Meg merrilees
      the reason the snp lost their majority is because 30% of their voters in 2015 didnt show up

      gotv is the only game in town in may this year to stop a unionist resurgence, the snp voters exist, convincing them to show up, will decide whether we win or lose, not the greens or curtice or anyone else

      these elections are the unionists last line of defense, labour voters are unlikely to be motivated to turn out and vote, hell, slab couldnt even convince 50% of the present councillors to show up 4 their conference

      tories and libdem voters will show up, no question about it. The greens arent even at the races, sorry if you are a green, but c’est la vie

      the holyrood election divided the yes group, which is why curtice brings it up now. dont be his lacky, focus on the game in hand

    222. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      England where people are more open towards outsiders moving in

      Brilliant. Made me laugh. 🙂

      That character is not for real. There is absolutely no one in this planet who now considers England is a country which welcomes incomers!

      It is kind of reminiscent of the early Vote No Borders forum where they had people pretending to be real Scots expressing NO views. They could be seen through and were probably unpaid interns sitting in an office in Essex with virtually no knowledge of Scotland. Basically, none of the so called posters were credible.

      In IndyRef2 we will see much more unbelievable pretend people. Hell, there’s even one on this page!

    223. Dr Jim says:

      Hungry for Brexit:

      In America they have cheese that contains no actual cheese but they munch it down in great quantities on everything from burgers which contain actual pharmaseuticals to spaghetti which has no wheat and which contains genetically modified hormone as does the cow that some of the beef came from for the burger

      Under EU regulations they wouldn’t be allowed to call the cheese, cheese, it would have to be redesignated as maybe yellow plastic substitute or some such other name
      The burger would have to contain a certain % of real documented meat free from hormone additives
      Spaghetti, well there’s no need to go into that with the EU because we’re lucky enough to get that direct from folks who know what they’re doing with that stuff, Spain and of course Italy and because of these regulations in the EU we shop for these things pretty safely most of the time and don’t worry about it because the EU tests stuff and looks after the whole of Europes health in that way

      America however is slightly different in that it does look after health but not Joe Publics physical health Oh no, it looks after big corporate Americas moneys health and woe betide anyone who wants to challenge that because you’ll have to be a multi billionaire to do it, and you’ll still lose

      These products I have mentioned are but a tiny fraction of the ever widening pipeline of what I’ll loosly describe as “goods” being frozen for our delectation right at this moment in time and soon to be clinging on to our cholesterol till the ends of our lives or the bursting of our hearts and waistbands whichever is the quicker

      So get ready to feed your guts Brexiters, Oh, and your children and your elderly relatives on arguably the cheapest and shittest fare on the planet and while you’re doing it spare a thought for the folk who convinced you to commit this heinous crime upon yourself

      While they’re NOT eating the shit they’re making you eat
      because they’ll be able to afford to eat in exactly the same expensive restaurants they do now, y’know like Italian, French, Spanish, Greek

      While your takeaway, tasty though it may be will be loaded with, well cheap crap because it’ll be all you can afford on your new fruit pickers salary

    224. izzie says:

      I have been a supporter of independence since the 1950s. dont like the bad language used on this site. I dont like some of the unkind remarks made and I don’t like the’ don’t suffer fools’ attitude of the Rev However This site is the only thing that kept me going in the dark days of September 2014. I have donated again and hope and pray it is not needed by the time we reach the next decade.

    225. Glamaig says:

      gotv is the only game in town in may this year to stop a unionist resurgence

      Spot on. Tories are going for the postal vote, and we know their target demographic are more likely to vote, and Theresa has told them its all about independence…

    226. Valerie says:

      @Dr Jim

      I shudder at the thought, I really do. America’s kids are in the grip of an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and all manner of allergy and behavioural issues. The numbers are horrific.

      You may remember Jamie Oliver went over a few years ago to look at the sugar, and the unadulterated shit put into fast food. He broke down in tears arguing about it, and I totally understood him, they are poisoning their children. That’s not hysteria.

      We at least have decent food labelling here, so if you do care what goes into your body, you have a decent chance.

      The Tories will deregulate not only tax and banks, environmental protections, but this very lucrative, big money trade – food.

      Do you think the Tories care about food safety or standards?

      BTW, Scotland has a Fair Trade status, which we should be proud of.

    227. schrodingers cat says:

      that is why our focus in may will be on local issues, not indyref2. we intend to avoid the issue, i hope that from the end of march, a50 brexit button time, for the 5 weeks after till may, nicola holds off announcing indyref2

      bear in mind, we are in the heart of yoondom, and this tactic may not suit other areas

    228. Dal Riata says:

      WTF do you think you are, the internet police?

      I responded to a post you made about the Thrawn troll. I thanked you for the information it contained (and got shit back from you in return).

      I then put a dare towards the Thrawn troll to come forward and give a response. And yes, I used the noun, fuckwit, as an adjunct to his name: a troll who has form himself in ‘nouns’, such as today’s “cuntwits”, which, as a contributor to the WOS fund is directed to me and all other contributors.

      And now here you are with:

      “Thrawn is a nobody. He trolls and if nobody responded he’d be off elsewhere.”

      So then, why the fuck did you do your big write up about info you had on him/her? It’s ok for you to respond, is it? But nobody else, oh no?

      “There are fuckwits like him all over the world with ignorant opinions/who like to troll and provoke people like you.”

      When the hell was I provoked? Sorry, whit, cannae hear ye…? Oh, it’s *you* that’s doing the provoking! Oh, aye, right enough, eh! Tsk! And here was me thinking you weren’t one of those… whit d’ye cry thum again? Oh aye, trolls, that’s it, trolls, aye!

      “You respond with abuse/intemperate language & its game on for them. On things like reddit they don’t even give a fuck about the topic, its all about getting a response – which you gave them.”

      You were the one who brought up the subject of IP addresses and the Bournemouth police – you – no-one else did.

      Reddit? Who gives two fucks about Reddit.

      “… which you gave them.” “them” So, there’s more than one, then. That’ll be Thrawn and you then, eh, a wee double-team and that. Sort of good troll, bad troll routine, eh…

      “So get a grip of yourself yes? Good man.”

      No. So you can go and fuck yourself ya condescending prick/troll, yes? There’s a good boy.

    229. clive Scott says:

      Glad to support the fundraiser. Hope it continues to grow and even surpass Scottish Labour’s membership fees disclosed in their latest accounts.

    230. Bill McLean says:

      Izzie – agree with you on some of your criticisms of this site but it is by far the best we have and is, in behaviour terms, streets ahead of the unionist blogs I used to read – I couldn’t believe that the comments were from human beings. So, please continue to soar with Wings.
      We’re nearly there!

    231. K1 says:

      Think we’re aw a bit tetchy after aw the shit thrown at us over the last few days…chill guys…we’re gettin’ there, we really are 🙂

    232. crazycat says:

      @ Valerie / Dr Jim

      Many years ago, before the Common Market transmogrified into the EU but there were probably already some food standards, I nearly bought a pizza at the Fine Fare supermarket in St Enoch Square.

      I changed my mind when I read the label and discovered it contained “cheese analogue”.

    233. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’d hoped the PP button might have re-appeared but will happily contribute through the Donate page. Badges, who needs stinking badges?

      Pre-indyref2 admission – I didn’t manage to get around to contributing to the Great Leap Forward. Still managed to score a set of badges though. Nice. 🙂

      A big thank you to whoever brought that about.

    234. Iain More says:

      So which one of you evil racist separatist galactic class cuntwits let the glekit one oot o his cage? smiley face!

    235. G4jeepers says:

      Brexit bill has been bounced back to the commons.
      Gov defeated 358 to 256 – 102 majority.

    236. HandandShrimp says:

      Oh well, the Lords will have the right wing swivel eyed ones foaming at the mouth and venting their spleen. A bit of peace and quiet for us to continue to hatch our plans and plot our escape


    237. jfngw says:


      Agreed, they are trying to get knee jerk responses to use against Yes supporters, some are falling for it. We need to calm down and not let them manipulate us like this.

      Suspect the Guardian has lost a few Scottish readers this week, I have removed my account. After all if I want to be debased by a newspaper, there are plenty better at it than the Guardian, in fact you are spoilt for choice on that front.

    238. Vestas says:

      @Dal Riata 6:31 pm :

      “WTF do you think you are, the internet police?”

      Far from it.

      I’m one of the people who can identify trolls through PUBLIC records because I know what RIRs & LIRs are (Google is your friend on those acronyms BTW because I know you’re clueless here) and how to tell who had domains registered through “Indentity Protect” type crap for .coms

      I also know what the effect of exposing that info on the internet is likely to have.

      You on the other hand appear to be one of the “pitchfork mob” who are no friend of indy.

      You have based your (clueless and abusive) response to Thrawn on my post. You have NO IDEA who I am but you launch into abuse against him on the basis of what I say.

      You need to grow up or shut up because based on your posts you’re an idiot or a troll.

    239. Juan P says:

      @Thrawn says:
      1 March, 2017 at 9:50 am
      It’s amazing the number of galactic class cuntwits out there willing to throw their money away

      Aye, amazing how many daft pricks are still paying for the tv licence.

    240. Rock says:

      I can confidently say that the Rev. Stuart Campbell is the messiah that will tip the balance in favour of Yes.

      I also repeat my advice that he should move to somewhere safe and secret outside the UK as soon as possible.


      “Rock, whatever you’re up to on WoS, listen up, the author of Wings over Scotland is not the messiah and he’s not going to win ref 2.”


      “Maybe every YES voter should do that Rock. Dickhead.”

    241. Gary45% says:

      There was a programme on BBC2 a few years back(when we still paid for the licence).
      It was called the “The men who made us fat”, it gave you a real insight into what the “money men” get up to in the name of profit.
      I would not promote the EBC but if you can find it, have a look at it, I it was a 3 part documentary.
      Also have a look at “Planet oil” another 3 part documentary from a few years back.(it tells you what the Empire will do to get their way)

    242. heedtracker says:


      “Rock, whatever you’re up to on WoS, listen up, the author of Wings over Scotland is not the messiah and he’s not going to win ref 2.”


      “Maybe every YES voter should do that Rock. Dickhead.”

      Ok Rock, He is the Messiah, he will lead us to the promised land, like Moses, but without breaking my tablet, samsung, tesco. £130, great value.

    243. CameronB Brodie says:

      Re. describing Nicola as ‘shrill’. Social prejudice and inequality is established and transmitted through vocabularies of exclusion, frankly. 😉

      Gender As a Social Structure

      Gender and Social Movements

      The Mechanisms and Structure of Gender
      Discrimination in a Crowdfunding Market

    244. Dan123 says:

      As a student I can’t afford a lot but hopefully a few more like me donating a tenner will add up to a more substantial contribution. Hope it all goes well!

    245. brewsed says:

      Oh dear, things are getting shouty tonight.

      When people have stopped shouting at each other consider nearly £80,000 in about 36 hours Brilliant. That money is going to be need because Bitter Together Mk.II is getting geared up and a theme is developing, one which aims to divide those who support an independent Scotland so that they (we?) start fighting amongst themselves (ourselves?). Any little niggle will do. Any scratch will be scratched. Any minor disagreement will be blown out of proportion. It’s not going to be pleasant.

      So, don’t rise to the bait. Don’t feed the trolls.

      The theme the last few days has been the fairly ridiculous suggestion that roughly fifty percent of the voting population of Scotland are racist, one which has been fairly well debunked. There will be more, quite possible from Struth Harrison and her acolytes over the weekend.

      Tick Tock

    246. Rock says:


      “Im not sure about this Prof Curtice character sometimes. On TV this afternoon explaining how voting Green with regional vote didnt cost SNP their majority, oh no it didnt he says. He says it maybe cost the SNP ‘only one or two seats’.”

      Who heavily promoted the Greens and RISE before the election?

      The “independence supporting” The National and Bella.

      The National and Bella are now ganging up to promote the Greens and RISE at the expense of the SNP in the run up to the crucial council elections.

      The National which has not had one article by the Rev. Stuart Campbell.

      In my view, those who think that The National supports independence are more gullible than those who vote Labour thinking that it will protect them from the Tories.

      Don’t buy The National for the rest of the week and send the money saved to WOS.

    247. Dr Jim says:

      I’ve done the food so now the Terror!!!

      And it will be in Biblical proportions this time, nobody liked Davy Cameron and his bunch but this new set of rip roaring Nation Vandals is about to unleash the very depths of hell against us and how do we know this, because the FM has made no announcement about anything yet and already the forces of darkness have let go the reins of their abuse dogs and have already shown their tactics pretty clearly by going down the racist route, and that’s just their opening gambit

      So what’s to follow? Well pet lapdog Snackbeard the biscuit fetcher will follow his instructions from the Reichstag to zee letter, Ruth liar Harrison will amplify every instruction to her sectarian stormtroopers on the ground and fill the Telly airwaives with the help of her BBC propaganda unit
      Labour will distance itself from the Tories whilst saying exactly the same thing, but autonomously of course and STV will just report it all and look like they didn’t get the memo about any Yes information until it was too late for the six o’clock anyway (heard it)

      Theresa May and her new shiny Conservative party political broadcast made it perfectly clear she’s making it all about her versus Nicola Sturgeon which Mrs May will win outright
      (In England) Scotland way way not so much, but it’s a sign of the Prime Ministers arrogance and self importance surrounded by loudly clapping Brexiters telling her she’s great, but it should be pointed out, eh, Elvis died from that

      Hell will have no fury from this woman though because if Scotland votes Yes, Mrs May’s out of a job and she knows it just as our Nicola knows that too
      So expect to be outraged horrified and terrified at what’s coming

      It will be vile!

    248. G4jeepers says:

      Mundell was on the radio telling us Scotland will “definitely” get more, shinier, newer, powerful new powers “AFTER BREXIT”

      Aye, that will be shinin’ bright.

      What a joke of a man.

    249. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ heedtracker ‘…without breaking my tablet, samsung, tesco, £130, great value.‘

      Haha! Gave me a giggle there.

    250. Effijy says:

      Radio Shortbread headline at 16:45 – Fluffie Mundell apparently ‘absolutely guarantees’ that ‘more powers’ will come to Holyrood with Brexit.

      Fluffy is a lying little Uriah Heep impersonator.

      He insults Scotland’s most gullible by think that he can deliver a token something, like the ability for Scotland to gather an extra 1% of its Taxes as opposed to the current 30%.

      He will then tell us that this is the highest figure ever allowed by England in history and that we are all so lucky.

      Get tae F*** Fluffy!

    251. yesindyref2 says:

      I thought the same about the Rev, but after observation have come to the conclusion he knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m not saying any more than that 🙂

    252. HandandShrimp says:

      After Mundell’s attempts to stitch the Scottish budget up over the 2016 Bill I wouldn’t trust that man as far as I could throw him. He is Not Scotland’s man in the Cabinet. He is May’s poodle in Scotland.

    253. Rock says:


      “I’m one of the people who can identify trolls through PUBLIC records”

      “I also know what the effect of exposing that info on the internet is likely to have.”

      “You on the other hand appear to be one of the “pitchfork mob” who are no friend of indy.”

      The independence movement would be better off without the likes of you on its side.

      Your response to Dal Riata:

      “Get a grip of yourself” seemed to be aimed at Dal Riata.

      It should have been “Get a grip of himself/herself”.

      Instead of clarifying, you responded arrogantly to Dal Riata.

    254. yesindyref2 says:

      Onyways, I’m still trying to work out who it is has remarkable feet, unless it’s Paula perhaps. And why nobody pointed out to Rev that it’s not “A remarkable feet”, it’s either “A remarkable foot”, or “A pair of remarkable feet”.

      I’m very disappointed.

    255. Glamaig says:

      Scott @4:41pm

      interesting but am as wary of RT as I am the of BBC. On matters Scottish they can fcuk right off, they give us George Galloway and Robert McGregor FFS.

    256. stu mac says:

      @Dal Riata says

      Wow, a real hard man on the internet. Bet guys back off in fear of you when you enter the pub … not.

      You just proved your target was absolutely right in what they said but don’t have the self awareness to realise it.

    257. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dal Riata & Vestas.

      You’ve both been posting on Wings for a fair old time. IMHO, it ill behoves either of you to call the other the “T” word.

      Your wee spat reminded me of this…

    258. Robert Louis says:

      yesindyref2 at 809pm.

      Yip. Totally agree with you regarding REV Stu. And he’s doing it deliberately 🙂

      Meanwhile, and O/T, I am definitely looking excited about looking ‘sexier’ in my new ‘sexy’ WOS beanie hat, when it arrives.

    259. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Graf Midgehunter (if you’re reading).

      Re: flags. This could be of interest…

    260. yesindyref2 says:

      Dal Riata, Vestas and now stu mac

      Discord is raw meat to Rock, it loves the smell of blood in the evening. And on Ash Wednesday too!

    261. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I recall reading a quote from Rev Stu a couple of years ago. I’m paraphrasing but it went something like,

      “Twitter is my playground; Wings Over Scotland is my place of work.”

    262. yesindyref2 says:

      Sorry BDTT, didn’t see your post before I posted mines’s.

    263. Effijy says:

      Did anyone hear the most disgusting hatred explosion on EBC 5 Live this morning with some ignorant crackpot of a
      presenter, Emma Barnett?

      She would ask SNP’s Stephen Gethins a question and then interrupt, or talk over him, if not adding a snide comment in between, such as “Yeh in your opinion”.

      What a horrible nasty presenter on an equally horrible state propaganda channel.

      She hi jacked the end of the so called interview with a claim that a journalist has had to stop using twitter as she feels threatened by people claiming to be Scottish Nationalist supporters?

      They try to say that these nutters are the SNP-she says it so there. What is Stephen going to do about it?

      She wants to have a look at what Nicola Sturgeon or the Rev has to endure on a daily basis,
      If it isn’t 10 fold what this shrinking violet claims, I’d take my own life or even pay my license fee!

      What a sanctimonious cow.

    264. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bill Dale says: 1 March, 2017 at 5:26 pm:

      “Brander? He’s awa doon the stank then?”

      Aye! Bill, bit keech ayeways gans ben the jaw-hole.

      Isn’t Scots a very descriptive language? I always think that we Scots have more words to describe things, especially if we are insulting someone, than the English.

      Which is a surprising thing as both languages are mainly based upon, “Old English”, and their shared other sources are the same.

      The differences were that when we allied to a particular European country they would be at war with England. At a later time they might be allied to England and we would then be their enemy and allied to whoever had been allied to England previously.

      Like, for example, The Auld Alliance with France.

    265. heedtracker says:

      Fluffie and BBC vote NO Scotland have got more front than Selfridges, EVEL is the greatest shafting of Scotland so far, preventing our MP’s votes counting when it comes to passing legislation which applies to England and Wales only. And then they’re going to scrap who knows how many Scots seats with new boundary commision seat reductions, 650 to 600.

      You cant really invent a more brazen pack of UKOK shyters, than our imperial master baiters, like the Fluffster, BBC Scotland etc

      And to cap all that fraud on us,

      ‘She’s POWERLESS!’ Nicola Sturgeon’s fresh indyref2 bid slapped down by former Scottish MP

      A FORMER Scottish MP has slapped down Nicola Sturgeon’s frantic bid for another independence referendum.”

      That’s from a SLab goon that got also got booted last time.

    266. heedtracker says:

      Fluffie and BBC vote NO Scotland have got more front than Selfridges, EVEL is the greatest shafting of Scotland so far, preventing our MP’s votes counting when it comes to passing legislation which applies to England and Wales only. And then they’re going to scrap who knows how many Scots seats with new boundary commision seat reductions, 650 to 600.

      You cant really invent a more brazen pack of UKOK shyters, than our imperial master baiters, like the Fluffster, BBC Scotland etc

      And to cap all that fraud on us,

      ‘She’s POWERLESS!’ Nicola Sturgeon’s fresh indyref2 bid slapped down by former Scottish MP

      A FORMER Scottish MP has slapped down Nicola Sturgeon’s frantic bid for another independence referendum.”

      That’s from a SLab goon that got also got booted OUT last time.

    267. heraldnomore says:

      Shite, is it Paper Scissors time again. What a waste of time and energy. Off to watch the test card or something.

    268. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ yesindyref2 “A remarkable foot”

      How about ‘One of those remarkable feets’? I think that would be acceptable. But still, that would essentially still be referring to the one foot. Either way, sort it out Rev, bit embarrassing.

    269. Dal Riata says:


      Well, well, you really are up your own arsehole, aren’t you, eh. By the way, what’s it like up there, kind of dry, is it? What, it all came dribbling out your fingertips as you were bashing away at your keyboard…? Tsk! Och, I know. That can happen when you’re all pent up and so angry that you could skweam and skweam. Shame.

      “because I know you’re clueless here”

      Ochone, ochone! There you go again being all condescendingly prickish and just not nice at all at all. Your some boy you are, are ye no, eh.

      “You on the other hand appear to be one of the “pitchfork mob” who are no friend of indy.”

      “one of the “pitchfork mob”… “no friend of indy” LOLZ! And again, LOLZ!

      “You have NO IDEA who I am but you launch into abuse against him on the basis of what I say.”

      Using CAPITAL LETTERS there? Wooo, you must be SOMEONE SPECIAL!! Pure scary, man.

      “you launch into abuse against him on the basis of what I say”

      So, here you are now in protective mode, huh. The more pish ye spraff the more it seems like yer man Thrawn is a pal of yours. Weird that, eh.

      It’s an old troll tactic the one you’re playing:

      First troll makes abusive post; one or more respond; second troll, colluding with first troll, appears saying stuff like, don’t respond to him/her, and I know stuff about him/her anyway; a responder then thanks the unbeknownst to him second troll for info [Sic] about first troll, adding a somewhat abusive term regarding troll one as troll one is already known as being an abuser himself; instead of a pleasant response or no response at all, second troll then unexpectedly posts to responder in terms that he/she is now a troll/abuser; accusations then fly back and forth with the second troll becoming increasingly threatening and abusive looking for further responses; subject thread gets disrupted by the shenanigans. Meanwhile, troll two’s fellow-troll, troll one goes silent.

      You and your pal will have to do better than that pish poor effort there I’m afraid, sunshine. Think up a new troll rigmarole. Much better than getting your arse handed to you here.

      And finally:

      “You need to grow up or shut up because based on your posts you’re an idiot or a troll.”

      Tsk, tsk! Now that’s not very nice, is it now. Just a wee bit on the stroppy side there.

      What’s that, it’s just you doing the old troll-accusing-someone-else-of-being-a-troll trick…? Oh, right. Dearie , dearie me, poor, poor effort.

      Before you come on here again, do yourself a favour and read up on ‘Chicken soup for the troll’, or ‘All you ever wanted to know about trolling but were afraid to ask’, stuff like that. That’s your homework. Don’t be such an amateur next time – come prepared.

      Enough now. Away and do that all-important homework. Go on. Shoo! Shoo!

    270. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 1 March, 2017 at 5:57 pm:

      “… But here’s the thing – do some of the Yooneratsi actually believe Wings is false simply because it ‘does not compute’ as part of their world view. A blind faith. “Don’t confuse me with facts” argument? If so, there are some terribly sad people out there.”

      That is quite true, galamcennalath, After all there is the very basic facts that they will never face. It is so simple that a wee girl who used to visit me with her Granddad, asked me, “If the English are giving us their money – why do they want to keep us in England”?

      It got a bit out of hand then as it had never dawned upon the wee lass that there were lots of Scots who were Unionists. The wee lass saw the flaw in the unionist argument, though.

      Have you ever had an answer to that question, galamcennalath?

      I certainly haven’t.

    271. heedtracker says:

      Reluctant Nationalist says:
      1 March, 2017 at 8:06 pm
      @ heedtracker ‘…without breaking my tablet, samsung, tesco, £130, great value.‘

      Just trying to cheer up Rock in my own little way. Rock’s like the herpes of WoS, pops up when you least expect and its not much fun either. Takes every kind of people:D

    272. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Robert Peffers

      No way. I was just talking about the auld alliance with someone yesterday, and wasn’t entirely sure of the era. I said I thought it was around the start of the Plantagenet era, before The Wars of The Roses. It’s pretty shameful that I had to place it in the context of English history, but there you are. I’m too feart to go and check wikipedia in case I was wildly wrong. I’m sure I sounded convincing though.

    273. schrodingers cat says:

      Brian Doonthetoon
      Your wee spat reminded me of this…

      funny that, i was thinking along the lines of

      ie. dont you you you me 🙂

    274. Glamaig says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      1 March, 2017 at 9:00 pm
      “If the English are giving us their money – why do they want to keep us in England”?

      The same wee girl could probably also work out that the pound should have been boosted by the prospect of the UK economy being relieved of the terrible burden that is Scotland, and that pesky oil industry thats apparently costing the Treasury millions. But somehow it wasnt…

    275. Dal Riata says:

      @stu mac

      Christ, a member of the Vestas fanclub… they’re coming out of the woodwork from all over. Who knew?

      “Wow, a real hard man on the internet. Bet guys back off in fear of you when you enter the pub … not.”

      LOLZ! Listen to you. “a real hard man on the internet” Laugh Out bloody Loud! Yer one there, Vestas. A pal of yours, is he? Awww, sorry.. did ah get ye all upset’n’at.. Jings, crivens, ‘n’aw tha’.

      “Bet guys back off in fear of you when you enter the pub”

      Fucked if I know, I don’t drink alcohol, smararse.

      “not” LOLZ! Cause you’ll be there right at the front tae make us piss masel’, aye?… Oh, ye mean piss masel’ laughing at ye? Aye got ye now, pal, got ye now.

    276. Rock says:


      “Rock’s like the herpes of WoS, pops up when you least expect and its not much fun either. Takes every kind of people:D”

      I don’t make comments like this:


      “Rock, whatever you’re up to on WoS, listen up, the author of Wings over Scotland is not the messiah and he’s not going to win ref 2.”

      And I don’t equate the Rev. Stuart Campbell with every Yes voter:


      “Maybe every YES voter should do that Rock. Dickhead.”

      You have no respect for Wings over Scotland and its author.

      What are YOU upto on WOS?

    277. gerry parker says:

      Mundell’s was Carmichaels office boy at one time wasn’t he.

      He probably picked up the lying habit then when he was trying to impress the boss.

      More powers after Britexit?

      Aye right son, wir no daft.

    278. meg merrilees says:

      Effijy @8.34


      That interview deserves a complaint. Starts at 45 minutes in. Think Mr. Gethin did a brilliant job of keeping it sane, despite all the interruptions.

      The interviewer asks a few casual questions re Indy ref, then brings up Sadiq Khan, “London’s mayor”, and his views on racism… ( no attempt to quote the corrected speech).

      She accuses Stephen of not liking London, “sounds quite separate, them and us to me” then goes on to say at 53.10 that:

      “Hang on, by definition, we know, historically, nationalism is akin to there always being a group that is this and there being ‘other’. There always is another with Nationalism and it is a separate other and often it is viewed as “AN UNTERMENSCHEN”

      Stephen picks her up on her use of ‘the German word’ which she vehemently defends through its context historically.

      SHOCKING to hear that on a British radio network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Disgusting interview, Stephen was constantly interrupted – worse than Dumbledore on QT and you could hear her mocking tone throughout.

    279. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. I’d love to read Loki’s opinion on the Mayor of London’s speech, as I could then respond to him from the perspective of critical social theory.

      Suite you sir?

    280. Thepnr says:

      The Wings fundraiser now over £80,500 on Indiegogo and doesn’t include anything further raised through the donate button. That’s close to an additional £1000 per hour since this article was posted this morning.

      You can be sure that good use will be made of this money when the time comes. For me it’s all the small donations that are given to the likes of Wings or the London Calling dvd, the short No to Yes films being made by Phantom Power that are the most effective tools we have at our disposal to win the next referendum.

      The free headlines and power of the BBC are worth 10’s of millions to those that promote the UK status quo. The likes of Scotland In Union where are a single fundraising auction and dinner at £250 a head and helps them raise over £300,000 in a single night is the reality of what we are up against.

      We need more than just money, we need passion and we have it in spades. That’s why we’re still very much in the game.

    281. Graeme Doig says:

      Deary me. Some folk on here seem to know how put people off reading wings and make themselves look like a couple of twelve year olds puffing their chests out in the playground.

    282. Artyhetty says:

      Ok, for those getting embroiled in tit for tat stuff, the WOS fund is going very well. So share, ignore the trolls, widen your nets.

      Just (O/T) been reading and trying to watch vids on telesurtv re Trump, and the Christian right. The vid keeps cutting out, hmm. Here is a link for anyone interested. Telesurtv is worth looking out for, to see what a big bully neighbouring, greedy, dangerous country can do to get their own way, it ain’t nice.

      Ok to share I hope…

    283. Meg merrilees says:

      Schrodingers cat a@ 6.07pm were you responding to Glamaig @5.44 perhaps?

      I’ve not referred to Curtice at all today – curious.

      Do agree with you however GOTV is the most important thing to do for these elections. (t)Ruthless is already chasing the postal vote, shamelessly…
      For the record, I’m SNP – joined after the shambles over the Sewel Convention…

    284. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if WoS Fundraiser 2017 raised more than BLiS raised in membership fees in 2016?

      WoS £81,051 vs BLiS £108,024 with 29 days to go.

      I don’t think old Duncan Horsefeathers would cope 🙂

    285. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Hang on, by definition, we know, historically, nationalism is akin to there always being a group that is this and there being ‘other’. There always is another with Nationalism and it is a separate other and often it is viewed as “AN UNTERMENSCHEN”

      OFFS, Britain was formed through the political union of Scottish and English parliaments, in what was theoretically a partnership of equals. It is the British nationalists who are blind to their ethnic/cultural ‘insensitivity’ and totalitarian approach. Their ideology seeks to obliterate historical distinctiveness through increasingly crass and transparent argument.

      What about making a positive case for the Yoonion, yoons?

    286. aldo_macb says:

      My parents couldn’t use Indigogo with their Tablet. It wouldn’t let them input the country. Very annoying.

    287. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon 8.28

      I’ve been playing “catch-up” again and just saw your info about Ayemails flags. 🙂

      Grateful thanks to you for remembering my search. 😉

      I’ll fly ’em high..

    288. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “What about making a positive case for the Yoonion, yoons?” @CameronB Brodie says.

      They can’t CB, there isn’t one!

      Unless that was one o’ they rhetorical questions 🙂

    289. Not Convinced says:

      Glamaig saidat 9:14 pm
      The same wee girl could probably also work out that the pound should have been boosted by the prospect of the UK economy being relieved of the terrible burden that is Scotland, and that pesky oil industry thats apparently costing the Treasury millions. But somehow it wasnt…

      Well, quite … 🙂

      Let us imagine, just for a moment, that you’re the Tory PM and the whole “subsidy junkie” myth is actually 100% true. In such circumstances can you think of a policy that would be *better* for the Tory party than Scottish independence? You could cut the deficit, decrease taxes *and* increase pubic spending all at the time time – it would be the ultimate vote winner! Plus you’d get a hefty increase in your majority in the Commons! What’s not to like?

      Okay, somewhere to park Trident is a bit of a problem and you can’t get rid of it without people asking “So why are you a permanent member of the UN Security Council?”, but it’s not 100% insurmountable!

    290. CameronB Brodie says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker
      Nice of you to notice. 🙂

    291. Marie Clark says:

      I see oor Fluffy is offering us extra powers after brexit. Naw, noo stoap laughin, he really, really, really means it. Aye richt.

      Erm, did he no tell us already, that we were the most devolved and powerful parliament onywhaur in the world.

      Something disnae add up here Flufster, you widnae be tellin us porky pies here, wid ye?

      Oh dear, how daft does this eejit think we are. My they’re getting awfi shouty and desperate,you’d think they were feart or something.

      Well done on the fundraiser Rev, you’re worth every last penny.

    292. galamcennalath says:

      Someone should have a word with Mundell – his Vow2 is a worse offer than Vow1, which of course we are still waiting for.

      Perhaps he thinks we’ve all got goldfish memories.

    293. heedtracker says:

      What are YOU upto on WOS?

      That’s you that is Rock.

    294. Karen says:

      I will donate when I gat paid in a fortnights time, we need to win this next indyref or we can say bye bye to freedom forever, I want to see Indy before I go, to see my country, all the children and grandchildren free from this fascist UK before I kick the bucket, then I will die happy. Hail Alba.

    295. scotsbob says:

      I’m reading all about Mundell’s new powers. I can’t find the powers, can someone post a link to these new powers please

    296. Maria F says:

      “It’s amazing the number of galactic class cuntwits out there willing to throw their money away”

      Thank you whoever you are. Your kind words are such an inspiration. After reading your comment I couldn’t resist the urge of visiting the indiegogo page and “throwing my money away” by making a donation. Now I feel great.

      So slàinte to you and keep up with the good work. Your comments are a staple for the independence cause.

      By the way, did you know that the page says that the Rev has already raised over £81,000? Now there, there… let all those unionist tears flow unleashed when nobody is looking…

    297. Robert Peffers says:

      @CameronB Brodie says: 1 March, 2017 at 10:09 pm:

      ” … Their ideology seeks to obliterate historical distinctiveness through increasingly crass and transparent argument.”

      I just wrote a long post on the subject of English Nationalism. However it suddenly disappeared into the ether.

      It detailed the history of Europe’s very first pogrom against a whole group of people. This was the Jewish Edict of Edward I of England. This law remained in force until the rule of Cromwell even then Cromwell did not repeal the law but a group of Jews was allowed to remain in London.

      Not until well into the 1800s was the law that made Jews wear a distinctive form of dress repealed. Then the law was changed, well after Disraeli became an MP, that allowed Jews to become MPs.

      So not only was England the first country to expel a whole group of people, (Ethnic Cleansing), but the English were the first country in the World to use Concentration Camps. These were not, as so often claimed, just in South Africa but right across the entire, “British”, Empire.

      Furthermore they were very often slave Labour Camps to exploit the native populations. So there you go Westminster were the inventors of Ethnic Cleansing and Concentration Camps and Slave Labour. Not as you may have been taught in school the NAZIs and Hitler – who was only copying the things introduced by Westminster. That, of course, may explain for many people about how a large proportion of the English aristocracy, including the abdicated king, were NAZI supporters and how some of them actually joined the NAZI Party. Did you know that Prince Philip’s siblings were either NAZIs or married to NAZIs?

    298. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      I’m sure if Gethins walked out on that interview, he wouldn’t have lost face. Should’ve said, ‘No, Anderemenschen; seeing others as Untermenschen is your thing.‘

      L’esprit de l’escalier,though.

    299. CameronB Brodie says:

      Robert Peffers
      We have formed social relationships over the last three centuries of Yoonion, in an environment that sought to obliterate national difference. Unfortunately, the nature of British nationalist ideology has come to be dominated by an expansionist form of English nationalism. However, I think you’re perhaps stretching thinks a bit by suggesting England invented ‘ethnic cleansing’, which has been going on since settled peoples adopted warfare strategies from the nomadic ‘barbarians’ of the Asian step.

      Sorry Robert but let’s not give the Yoons what they want.

    300. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Scotsbob bbc2 11.15 Scottish Questions might be helpful

    301. Tam Jardine says:

      Here is an interesting wee contradiction I am trying to get an answer to. Pre EU ref Liz Truss, tory Lord Chancellor wrote a pretty strong document on why staying in the EU was essential for the prosperity of our whisky industry.

      “Leaving the EU would be a leap in the dark for our great British food and drink industry and could lead to years of negotiations on new trade deals – with no guarantees at the end. Our thriving Scotch industry and the wealth it brings to us all through jobs and investment will be stronger, safer and better off within a reformed EU.”

      Today the Scottish Conservatives have released this report from a group of “Experts” including 1 tory MEP, 2 tory MSPs,
      Gavin Hewitt, (former SWA chief exec and prominent Better Together supporter), CBI Iain MacMillan (another prominent yoon) and 2 others I hadn’t heard of Rhona Irving and Allan Hogarth.

      You will be amazed to hear this report concludes that we are better together etc etc but curiously features a case study on the whisky industry which is completely at odds with Liz Truss’ UK Government report.

      “The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is confident
      about certain tariff arrangements not changing
      regardless of the outcome of the negotiation. For
      example, Scotch Whisky will not face a tariff on
      exports to the EU. 0% is the current EU tariff and
      World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules mean it won’t

      In many other markets Scotch Whisky will also continue
      to benefit from existing zero tariffs, for example in
      the US, Canada, and Mexico, as these are offered to
      all countries already. Latest Scotch export statistics
      show that EU and North American exports accounted
      for approximately 55% of all Scotch exports in both
      volume and value.”

      So they canny both be right- leaving the EU can’t be an absolute nightmare for the industry with uncertainty, re-labelling and tariffs whilst at the same time being no big deal- WTO will suit us just fine.

      I suppose it highlights the vacuum at the heart of the Scottish Conservatives and the wider tory party. They will bend like a reed and can commit outrageous volte-face knowing that the big newspapers and the BBC will never report it let alone lead with it.

      I am struggling to wade through the rest of the tory report but will have another look the morn. Reading on the Scottish Conservatives website that the “Expert Group” they were referring to actually included 3 out of 7 who are actual conservative parliamentarians did give me laugh though.

    302. schrodingers cat says:

      Meg merrilees

      yes I was replying to glamaig

      humble apologies

    303. schrodingers cat says:

      on a point of format
      I prefer the guardian system of btl comments, whereby individual comments can have there own threads, eg, esoteric, but very important, comments about scotlands legal status by mr peffers may not interest everyone but they interest me, folk who wish to feed the trolls can do without disrupting other discussions. more importantly, an up/down vote on comments would enable the lurkers, 90% of the readership, who dont comment, to vote on comments, and direct what is generally a random conversation.

      more expensive stu, i realise this, but maybe wos can afford it?

    304. Graf Midgehunter says:

      That’s pretty impressive.

      On the Wings Twitter: in 36 hrs the total sum for the fundraiser 2016 was caught and passed. AND the money is still coming in.

      We’re seriously in line to beat the Slab 2016 membership income if it carries on like this.

      Now that would bust a few guts in the media and Dunc with his Labour pals would end up stark starring bonkers.

      That would be nice. 🙂

    305. Thepnr says:

      Following on from my earlier post about Scotland In Union raising £300,000 in a single night this is what the Times reported.

      The distinguished guests — who included Alistair Darling, the former Labour chancellor; Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats; and Andrew Dunlop, under-secretary of state for Scotland — paid £250 to attend the Scotland in Union charity dinner — and were ready to dig deeper to bolster the anti-independence war chest.

      Why was this described as a charity dinner”?

      As far as I know Scotland in Union are a limited company and not a charity. They really do take the piss and are at it all the time.

    306. schrodingers cat says:

      Tam Jardine

      good post, serious questions that should be examined here, but wont be

      question for all wngers. if treeza’s pre negotiation position is to leave the single market, as stated, where does that leave the uk?
      does this mean the uk adopts the wto rules as a default position?

      it is all well and good to say the uk is leaving the single market but by definition, it means the uk will assume another relationship. why has no one asked what that is?

    307. schrodingers cat says:

      Thepnr says:
      They really do take the piss and are at it all the time.

      yeah, it is unfair, tell us something we dont know, i dont like it, you dont like it even paula doesnt like it.

      but that is what we are up against. next time you post, tells us what you think we should do.


    308. Conan the Librarian says:

      @schrodingers cat

      A simple number attached to the post, like the very early incarnation of the Hootsmon, would do me.

    309. Thepnr says:

      @schrodingers cat

      I think you should donate that money you were going to spend on yer next pie supper to Wings and look after your waistline.

      Constructive enough 🙂

    310. TJenny says:

      The indiegogo page has crashed again, or is it just on my pc?

    311. Conan the Librarian says:


      That’s constructive.

    312. Thepnr says:

      @T Jenny

      Seems to have crashed again for me also.

    313. ian m says:

      Scotland will get extra powers after Brexit the Tories will keep their word.The powers will not be the ones we would need to help Scotland in any meaningful way but they will be extra
      That is how the Tories will fulfill their promise.
      The question has to be followed up “are we talking Fisheries and agriculture?”
      If a journalist writes a “clickbait” incendiary article that goes out to thousands of people and a whole bunch of people reply to her isn’t that what she was looking for? Her opinion reached many people and many people felt the need to respond.What is she complaining about?

    314. crazycat says:

      @ TJenny

      Not just you – I’m having the same problem.

    315. Yie’ve broke it again!

    316. TJenny says:

      Thepnr – are you or someone able to tweet Stu as he’s not mentioned it on WOS tl.

    317. Gerry says:

      Donations page is down FYI

    318. schrodingers cat says:

      Thepnr says:

      I think you should donate that money you were going to spend on yer next pie supper to Wings and look after your waistline.

      Constructive enough

      my body is a temple etc etc

      humor is always constructive and wins votes pnr 🙂

      Conan the Librarian says:
      A simple number attached to the post, like the very early incarnation of the Hootsmon, would do me.

      me too, although i unsure the wordpress that stu uses can do that, as i said, he can now afford to chose a different platform that can

    319. Thomas Valentine says:

      How much is this fundraiser in a currency we can all understand.
      Frozen deep pan pizzas.
      Irn Bru.
      Greggs Steak Slice.

    320. schrodingers cat says:

      TJenny says:
      1 March, 2017 at 11:57 pm

      Thepnr – are you or someone able to tweet Stu as he’s not mentioned it on WOS tl.

      can you translate that comment from gibberish into english for the benefit of wos readers?

    321. Thepnr says:

      @T Jenny


    322. schrodingers cat says:

      Conan the Librarian says:
      1 March, 2017 at 11:50 pm


      That’s constructive.

      pish conan, lego is childs play, meccano is not only what it is, it is also where it’s at

      you are so last century dude 🙂

    323. TJenny says:

      Thepnr – ta, and page is back again, like magic. The power of WOS, eh. 🙂

      SC – ?

    324. cynicalHighlander says:

      indego is up and running again,

    325. schrodingers cat says:

      maybe the page has crashed cos you keep rereshing the page?
      maybe you should take these comments offline into the OT section of wings, thus solving the problem

    326. ben madigan says:

      @ Thiepnr who said “We need more than just money, we need passion and we have it in spades. That’s why we’re still very much in the game”.

      Totally agree. Passion, enthusiasm and keeness are essential. However people need to aware of the dangers of being persuaded that they are affected by what appears to be the latest fashionable illness “Referendum/Voting fatigue”.

    327. schrodingers cat says:

      jenny says ?

      Thepnr – are you or someone able to tweet Stu as he’s not mentioned it on WOS tl.

      the cat merely asks what this means?

      are you or someone able…. in what universe is this comprehensble?

    328. Thepnr says:

      @ben madigan

      It’s a fact that we can’t match the No side for cash, they have the Government and Treasury on their side never mind the media barons, or the BBC state propaganda channel.

      As far as cash goes it’s David v Goliath. What we do have and is worth a lot more than cash is passion, commitment and brains.

      I’m not just talking of Rev Stuart who certainly has brains so too do Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, in fact all the SNP representatives in Westminster have great brains.

      Look at Mhari Black or Angus Robertson, we are blessed with brains, passion and commitment to see our country free of hateful Tory rule. That’s exactly what they are, just in the last couple of days you can read of them robbing the poor to hand it to the rich.

      Research shows plans to increase threshold at which tax is paid will overwhelmingly benefit rich families in south-east England

      £3.7bn in cuts to disability benefits needed to help cut the deficit, says cabinet minister

    329. CameronB Brodie says:

      schrodingers cat
      I get where your coming from but I also think TJenny may have reason to feel hurt by your directness. Just an observation.

    330. K1 says:

      Cat, gie it a rest, bit harsh eh? What Tjenny was saying was ‘is anyone able to tweet Stu on twitter to let him know that the fund raiser page had ‘disappeared’ as she hadn’t seen any mention of this on his time line on his twitter feed’

      Just cause you don’t understand it doesn’t mean others don’t. No need to object to Tjenny raising it on this thread either, as this thread directly relates to the fund raiser! 😉

    331. TJenny says:

      CBB – Thanks, my knight in shining armour. 🙂

      SC – well, sorry you didn’t understand, however, the person it was addressed to understood. So, barleys? (Don’t know how to do wee thumbs up signs).

    332. TJenny says:

      K1 – Ooh, my knights are mounting up. 🙂

    333. manandboy says:

      Before Ruth or Kez, or Willie what’s his name, comes out with more voter fatigue claptrap.
      If voter fatigue existed, the entire 820 members of the House of Lords would have died of exhaustion long ago. Of course, they have a cure for voter fatigue – £300 a day.

    334. schrodingers cat says:

      possibly cameron

      but i genuinely hadnt a scooby what she was saying?

    335. schrodingers cat says:

      her wish is my comand, consider it done

    336. Dr Jim says:

      Incredible news:

      Not every Tory actually votes Tory many of them vote SNP and many many Labour supporters vote SNP and voted Yes in the Scottish referendum also lots of Lib Dems just cry

      Polls, percentages, made up stats, ending in threats
      The only refuge the bitter together mob have got

      Plus in all their fotys they look miserable as.F…

    337. Dr Jim says:

      Incredible news:…

      Not every Tory actually votes Tory many of them vote SNP and many many Labour supporters vote SNP and voted Yes in the Scottish referendum also lots of Lib Dems just cry

      Polls, percentages, made up stats, ending in threats
      The only refuge the bitter together mob have got

      Plus in all their fotys they look miserable as.F…

    338. TJenny says:

      SC – x

    339. schrodingers cat says:

      K1 says:

      Just cause you don’t understand it doesn’t mean others don’t.

      since when has language been reduced to a crossword puzzle? I didnt understand, you did, have fukcin coconut. I merely pointed
      out that her comment didnt make any sense, now you point out, she was addressing those who are on twitter, since i run a twitter account with over 1500 followers, it would seem that I was the sort of bod she was addressing. how many followers do you have on twitter? and if you dont use twitter, whether you understood what jenny said or not is irrelevant, no?

      ps, I have tweeted stu

    340. TJenny says:

      SC – peace, please.

    341. schrodingers cat says:

      So, barleys? (Don’t know how to do wee thumbs up signs).

      soz jen, there is a phd in there for some young future phd student tasked with explaining the void between the authors probable intension, any future narrators emphasis and the possible range of readers understanding

    342. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Thrawn has been put in the moderation queue for abusive trolling. Please don’t make me do it to anyone else by threatening to reveal his or anyone else’s addresses or similar. That is not acceptable here.

      In general, can everyone calm down a wee bit and stop insulting each other? Thanks.

    343. CameronB Brodie says:

      Is that you giving the cat dog’s abuse? 😉

    344. schrodingers cat says:

      soz cameron

      only k9 gets to gie this cat dogs abuse……..
      i’ll get a jaiket

      night night

    345. TJenny says:

      Macart – WGD – Tears before bedtime but for all of the very best of reasons.

    346. CameronB Brodie says:

      Night night cat. You’ll put yourself out? 🙂

    347. CameronB Brodie says:

      Night night TJenny. Night night Jim Bob. Night night Sue…..

    348. TJenny says:

      Night, night all. Sweet dreams.

    349. Lobbey says:

      Possibly been mentioned elsewhere, but when you are donating and enter country as Scotland, it won’t let you proceed and comes back with; ‘… country not valid….’… UK works.

    350. K1 says:

      ‘have fukcin coconut’

      Grow up.

    351. Michael McCabe says:

      Did Somebody mention Coconut.

    352. Smallaxe says:

      Peace Always All WAYS!

    353. jockmcx says:

      wings was a newspaper…even once a week.

      it will still be needed after indy cause those bams won’t

    354. Nana says:

      One ratings agency has already ditched London for post-Brexit home

      Theresa May admits government’s social security experts were not consulted about disability benefit cuts

      A detailed resource on tory election fraud

    355. Smallaxe says:

      Nana: Good Morning,

      A  Lovely morning here and lovely links, Thank You. Kettle’s on!

      Peace Always

    356. Sinky says:

      Branch office of EBC repeatedly pushing prospect of hard border between Scotland and England in event of Indy this morning at 7.40 am on radio GMS

    357. Dorothy Devine says:

      This may be naïve but if England is out of the EU and Scotland remains in , will we not need a border hard or soft?

      ( And please can we make it Hadrian’s wall border so my pals don’t have to move to Scotland as Scotland will have moved to them?)

    358. Nana says:


      Good morning, looks like its not too bad weather wise.


      WGD had me blubbing,

    359. Nana says:

      Some of last night’s comments would make a new reader wary of staying never mind joining in to debate issues. The least we can do is keep it civil without name calling and bad language.

      BBC reporter making stuff up, what’s new

      Video about broken promises

    360. Davosa says:

      Have a donation Stu. Thrawn inspired me by being a total Yoon bawbag. Anyone who has Fluffy Mundell as a political influence is a complete loser twat.

      Talking of Yoon bawbags just heard that prick Gary Robertson on Radio Shortbread feed the leader of Highland Council a nice wee SNP bad line during an obviously rehearsed interview this am.

      Good luck bro and keep up the great anti-estab work.

    361. People Carrier says:

      Following on from the racist slur, we now have the UK Govt. suggesting another referendum won’t pass the ‘fairness’ test………………

      I think the YES movement needs to deal with these issues, but not to the detriment of more strategic matters i.e. we need to prioritise accordingly, focusing our energies to the more important topics e.g. currency, deficit, pensions, EU membership.

      We are being diverted, they are setting the agenda and framework for the coming debate. Let’s not fall into their trap.

      There will be indyref2. Let’s deal with the issues that lost us the last one.

    362. Betty Boop says:

      @ Nana

      Reading my way through this morning’s nanalinks. Some interesting stuff in there. Wish I had more time 🙂 Thanks x

    363. Ken500 says:

      On the best day of the year, some of the overnight comments are unfortunate.

      Thanks fur the links Nana.

      Re electoral fraud he Tories are not a legitimate government.

      The Tories couldn’t make a bigger mess. Labour are useless.

      The Tories are squandering £Billions on HS2, Hinkley Point, Heathrow and squint Trident. All a total waste of money. HS2 will make journeys throughout the UK longer. To shorten rail times in the UK. Journeys between the Northern cities and Scotland should be improved, Not London to Birmingham. 1.30 hours. Edinburgh/Glasgow to Aberdeen – 2.30hours. More to Inverness. Just ridiculous.

      Trident is obsolete and redundant. Hinkley Point is a total waste of money. There are better cheaper renewable alternatives. Humber Tidal barrage. £10Billion. Heathrow will be redundant before it is finished. Space travel flights are the future. 3 hours to Australia. London transport is subsidised by all UK Taxpayers, but it involves overnight stays etc.

      More direct flights make journeys easier and less congested. Thatcher economic policies centralised transport through London causing more congestion and pollution. Oil revenues were spent building Tilbury Dock and Canary Wharf, deregulating Banking etc.

      The Tories are ruining the world economy. Sanctioning and starving vulnerable people. Causing the biggest migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. They have cut NHS spending. Now they are cutting education spending. The most important sectors of the economy. Keeping people healthy and educated. Coming out of the EU will be disasterous. Independence is the only way for Scotland against the Tory intransigence.

      Well done Stu on the fundraiser. MSM ‘journalists’ are beside themselves with envy.

    364. Betty Boop says:

      @ Nana

      The video you mentioned about broken promises is quite good.

      We could do with more of the same from that source. Time to take the gloves off.

    365. DerekM says:

      Just imagine if everything the Conservative Gov’t has enacted since 2015 turns out to have no democratic legitimacy.

      Ahhh i just love some Tory Election Fraud first thing in the morning thanks Nana 🙂

    366. Macart says:


      Yes, that post may have resulted in a few dust in eye moments. It’s a rare thing today. We see so much hatred and rage in the news in general. So many loud shouty people telling you what to think and who to hate. Our own media certainly don’t spare either the Scottish Government, their support or the wider YES movement the rod either. Every single day our faces are into the gale.

      Then along comes a popular writer who talks of love and loss and love found again. A brief, an all too brief, lull in the storm. You get to lift your eyes from the dark stuff and glimpse the light, something rare and beautiful. A sudden break in the clouds kinda thing.

      Certainly a very rare moment indeed.

    367. gordoz says:

      Have to say delighted to hear influence of Brexit principles have now made significant changes to the rules of golf

      How did we manage without four masters advice for all these years – Golf safe now.

      Brexit makes so much sense to me now ; thankyou political elite. :\

    368. Nana says:

      @Betty Boop Indeed more videos like that one and phantom power vids is what we need.

      @Macart Rare and beautiful sums it up kinda well.

      WGD reduces me to tears quite often, mostly tears of laughter but that post, well people would need to be awful hard hearted to not be moved by it.

    369. starlaw says:

      OT Celtic have just announced the death of Tommy Gemmil .. one of the greats RIP

    370. Nana says:

      @Ken500 You are welcome Ken

      @DerekM We can only hope, but it does seem to be taking the police a long time to get the ball rolling. There is plenty evidence out there, really can not imagine why its taking so long [tongue in cheeck]
      I’ve been reading a lot about the met police corruption so it will not surprise me if documents are being shredded or lost as seems to be the case with all wrong doing by westminster.

      A few more links

      Nearly 30% Of Tory Party Activists Would Welcome Scottish Independence, New Poll Finds

    371. Breeks says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      2 March, 2017 at 8:01 am
      This may be naïve but if England is out of the EU and Scotland remains in , will we not need a border hard or soft?

      I’d say a flexible border. Free movement of people, but controlled movement of produce, especially if England starts dancing to the American tune of widespread deregulation, hormones, stimulants and steroids in meat and related products, genetically modified animal foodstuffs etc.

      We don’t need a prescribed Hard or soft border, we need a sovereign border which affords Scotland the means to protect its interests and react appropriately to the activities of a neighbour, for better or worse.

      Sounds bleak I know, but a case of hope for the best but prepare for the worst?

      Don’t know if you noticed this years Superbowl commercial remarkable for the blonde walking through a market ostensibly naked? Setting sexism to one side a moment, the ad also finds it necessary to declare its burgers have no antibiotics, added hormones, or steroids. Kinda implies doesn’t it that some other burgers do… doesn’t it? Yum, yum…. err.

    372. manandboy says:

      The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

      ‘Shortsighted & nonviable’: UK’s lack of dialogue with Russia slammed in new parliamentary report
      Published: 2 Mar 2017 | 00:18 GMT

      The report also did not elaborate much on what exactly the committee means by ‘taking action’, but suggested the Foreign Office should increase its support for “independent media” in order to “provide the Russian people and those living in neighboring states with a broad range of perspectives.”

      In Russia, yes. But in Scotland, no.

      Whenever attention is given elsewhere, Westminster MPs seem perfectly capable of thinking straight. It’s only when they turn to Scotland that straight thinking becomes unacceptable.

      That’s what happens when golden eggs are taken from Scotland every day and sent to Westminster.

    373. Betty Boop says:

      @ Macart, 8:06am

      WGD had me blubbing

      Me too. Brings us back to earth about what matters in life.

    374. Capella says:

      @ Nana – I saw the “promised” millions from Sir Michael Fallon a couple of weeks ago. He’s going to transfer the Black Watch to a base in Fife (millions) – I think they are currently based in Kent – and transfer more planes to Lossiemouth (millions). And transfer all UK submarines to Faslane and build a training school there (more millions).

      The sub transfer has been unaccountably delayed till 2020.

      Looks like these are all “promises” which will depend on us voting NO in any Independence referendum. Like the 23 frigates – no sorry 8 – er 5 – oh well screw together prefabricated parts made elsewhere.

      As for the new training school for submariners, I would be amazed if they don’t already train submariners there.

      We need to spell out what our defence requirements are in an independent Scotland. Becoming the No1 target for ICBMs isn’t one of them.

    375. Capella says:

      @ manandboy – by “Foreign Office” they mean MI6. By “dialogue” they mean Voice of America style propaganda megaphones – much the same as we enjoy in Scotland!

    376. Smallaxe says:


      What we will do with the Yoons!

      Leave Them All Behind

      Peace Always

    377. Nana says:


      I came across it while clearing out my inbox. You are right we must have these answers re defence ready. I’ve seen a good few posts and tweets sneering “how can an indy Scotland possibly defend itself against attack”

      I hope the scotgov or snp are working on it.

      The link for the defence paper that Golfnut spoke about last week should be updated for starters.

    378. DerekM says:

      Tory activists? is that another name for the Labour party?

      Yea Nana it is a total whitewash nothing to see here since they are all directly or indirectly implicated in the failure of the democratic process.

      Just another reason to vote for indy.

    379. Robert Graham says:

      The BBC merry go ride, almost every day for weeks now, the BBC Website has featured a story about the SNP failings in government, which inevitably features at the end some Tory MSP , asked this asked that, and to give the story some gravitas ” FOI ” is usually included, I guess the BBC are now at the beck and call of the Tory Party who command the dizzying heights of 20 % support here So the BBC report the story, then they refer to it as Questions are being asked, then go on to quote the original questioner and give a platform to reinforce the what could be a totally spurious story, then they start quoting the papers who have picked up the story, so the merry go round continues, it’s a f/in racket . Alternative facts , Christ it’s an alternative Universe.

    380. Nana says:

      @Smallaxe Leave them all behind, aye!

      Before I forget the Tom Harris article on labourhame is getting blasted in the comments. Dunc trying really hard to argue black is white.
      It’s just not fair lol

      Gavin’s comment at 8.25pm sums up slab perfectly

    381. Smallaxe says:


      “an army of activists with no patience for legalities or mandates or logic.”

      Who, Whit, Where?

      Peace Always

    382. Macart says:

      @ Nana

      No mandate…. Bwahahahahahahaha! 🙄

      RE: Mundell and unspecified woo.

      Winding up for VOW2 the return. May though has already refused to guarantee the return of full competences over farming and fisheries. Indeed she went out of her way in the recent white paper to say that fisheries would be part of her bargaining hand with the EU.

      Pretty much a case of there you have better togetherness writ large. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

      Still, pooling and sharing… etc.

    383. misteralz says:

      Nana @ 7:33

      That’s £147 per year I’ll be donating elsewhere… 😀

    384. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

      Dorothy Devine 8.01am
      “This may be naïve but if England is out of the EU and Scotland remains in , will we not need a border hard or soft?”

      I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. You would have a Hard border between England and France after Brexit so it seems plausible that we would need a Hard Border between England and Scotland after Brexit.

      But that is only if we are members of the EU.

      If we were members of EFTA then I don’t think you need a Hard Border.

      It will be interesting to see which option the Scottish government would go for. And remember that EFTA still gives you access to the Single Market.

    385. Robert Peffers says:

      @CameronB Brodie says: 1 March, 2017 at 10:57 pm:

      ” … However, I think you’re perhaps stretching thinks a bit by suggesting England invented ‘ethnic cleansing’, which has been going on since settled peoples adopted warfare strategies from the nomadic ‘barbarians’ of the Asian step.”

      I’m not stretching anything, Cameron. I’m only stating historic facts,

      Indeed there always was ethnic cleansing, and probably there always will be, but nothing previously along the lines of a national Royal Edict that went on the statute books.

      Also, of course there was always slavery and abuses, recently there was a couple in England convicted of domestic slavery, but nothing along the lines of an act of a national parliament and a statutory act to establish Concentration Camps by law.

      ” … Sorry Robert but let’s not give the Yoons what they want.”

      I have no intention, “Of giving them what they want”, and that includes both Brexit and the continuation of their abuses against my country and my country’s peoples.

      I would really welcome any yoon daft enough to challenge me on the history of the, “British Empire’s”, Concentration Camps and their use as slave labour camps and exploitation of the native people’s.

      Remember that when the American settlers were slaughtering the native American peoples they were doing so as invaders from Britain and the rest of Europe.

      Have a look at this :-

      Then you may be a little more aware of the truth and not of the, “Truth”, taught as history in the UK education systems.

      Matter of fact there is only one country in Europe that has never had an official legal pogrom against the Jews. That European country is Scotland. Scotland has had Jewish communities since before Edward I of England brought into law the expulsion from England of the Jews. Which I already stated was not repealed until the 1800s.

      It the Yoons wish to make something of it they will do so at their own risk for all evidence is against any attempts they could bring to refute what I stated.

      You should know by now that I do not make claims without being able to show they are correct. These things are documented and real.

    386. Nana says:

      @Smallaxe & Macart

      No mandate…… sides are still aching from reading it last night. Its a comedy fest, I wonder if they’re appearing at the fringe. lol

    387. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

      Robert Graham 9.33am

      We feel your pain Robert. You are not alone in your thinking.

    388. ScotteDog says:

      @BBC Scotland Tells Lies

      EFTA seems more practical but I’m not sure how welcoming current EFTA member states are towards Scotland. Does anyone know?

    389. Liz Rannoch says:

      Re: The Wee Ginger Dug.

      What a beautiful, beautiful piece. Twice I’ve tried to read it, but can’t see for tears. My sister and I are going through the same thing just now having lost our mum on 15 Dec – oh fir heavens sake, wet eyes just typing this.

      Right, this time, off to read the full piece, have a good blub, back later.

    390. Macart says:


      Dear sweet mother of…..

      Oh Nana check this out.

      Pay particular attention to the author the Heading and the subheading.

      Oh Jeez! 😯

    391. Conan the Librarian says:

      The usual mix of ignorance and arrogance on Alex Massie’s latest on the Spectator.

      They are even attacking Massie, the loons!

    392. Nana says:

      Same old suspects Sam, vowing vow2. Seriously doubt many will fall for it this time.

      What does that subheading even mean, ‘Sturgeon u-turns over claim of attack on Holyrood’ Geez I’m flabbergasted

    393. Nana says:

      Brextra brextra read all about it!!!!! Cons try the con again

      Good grief

    394. Macart says:


      The Cons try vow2 ably aided and abetted by Torcuil Crichton. Nu Noo New Labour adherent and a real admirer of Blair mind, gets jiggy with VOW2 and the Tories. Apparently has ZERO problem doing their sales pitch for them t’boot.


    395. Smallaxe says:

      Conservative i’ve got a feeling that they are not serving but helping Themselves!

      Peace Always

    396. Nana says:

      What are these people drinking or snorting? Some fantastic fantasies they are having.

    397. stu mac says:

      @Dal Riata

      I see the concept of the metaphor eludes you. But if you don’t drink you have made a good decision because you come across and having a really short fuse and possible anger management issues. Drink on top of that would be a real problem. I recommend you look up ways of calming yourself down and relaxing a bit. Using abuse doesn’t make you tough, doesn’t make you more “genuine” and certainly doesn’t make you right.

    398. schrodingers cat says:

      i doubt efta alone is an option for an indy scotland, the swiss are under huge pressure to adopt the EEA along with the other 3 efta countries, their present efta membership relies on over 100 speific deals to maintain their trade in the EEA. the eu has already catagorically ruled out efta membership for a brexiting uk. it isnt an option for an indy scotland

      after saying that though, i pretty certain that iceland and norway would agree to efta membership for an indy scotland but less certain of switzerland and lichtenstiens position.

      regarding EEA membership, i believe this would be more acceptable to the eu, it is after all what they want the swiss to adopt. I beleive that an indy scotland, applying as the successor state for the UKs EEA membership, via article 50, rather than 49, would only require a majority of the remaining 27 eu members to agree, not all of them.

      once treeza hits the brexit button, i think we will get a statement from the eu, regarding scotlands position within the uk and also what an indy scotlands will be

      but efta/eea is my prefered option

    399. Graf Midgehunter says:

      DON’T forget to watch the truth:

      FMQs 12.00 hrs, live from the Scot. Parliament.

      Starring in the lead role, Nicola Sturgeon.. 🙂

      For non Twitterers:

      You don’t need a Twitter account to follow some very, very good
      bloggers. See our very own Re. Stu.

      Also very, very good is Ross Colquhoun:

      He has some very interesting stuff about Scottish history and loads more besides.

      Have fun / viel Spass 🙂

    400. Jack Murphy says:

      heedtracker said at 8:39pm last night:
      “…..You cant really invent a more brazen pack of UKOK shyters, than our imperial master baiters, like the Fluffster, BBC Scotland etc
      And to cap all that fraud on us,

      ‘She’s POWERLESS!’ Nicola Sturgeon’s fresh indyref2 bid slapped down by former Scottish MP ”

      That is an Express Archived link,and this is part of the Express Wikipedia entry:
      “…..The paper was acquired by Richard Desmond in 2000. Hugh Whittow has served as the paper’s editor since February of 2011. The paper’s editorial stances are often seen as aligned to the UK Independence Party (UKIP)…..”

      ALSO from Wikipedia:
      “Political alignment
      Hard Euroscepticism
      Right-wing populism
      UKIP”. !!! 🙁

      Useful information so we know exactly it’s political stance, it’s owner and the people who read it.

    401. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      A vote of thanks to Nana, what would we do without her many links 🙂

    402. slackshoe says:

      “psflaps” appears to be a deeply tedious person. The brain-cripplingly boring fucker keeps popping up with wearying regularity in the conversations of people I follow on Twitter.

    403. Gandy MacKenzie says:

      I’ve had a run-in with Mr Psflaps on Twitter before. He was as odious in our exchange then as he was in the tweets above.

    404. George Gannon says:

      Remarkable feat, I call it bloody marvellous.

    405. Meg merrilees says:

      Just Nana’s link to Business insider this morning. This leapt off the page-

      “The wider British car industry is on edge, however, with Nissan warning this week that the government needs to invest at least £100 million to stimulate the auto part industry in the UK or risk an exodus.

      Guess what – a huge automotive parts plant planned for Lochaber smelter announced today in the Scottish highlands!

    406. Meg merrilees says:

      I still have the original page open:

      inky says:
      2 March, 2017 at 10:47 pm
      Ruthie now saying Sturgeon will lose Indyref2 by much larger margin

      galamcennalath says:
      2 March, 2017 at 10:58 pm
      Clydebuilt says:

      Several times a week Scotland gets different programmes from the rest of the U.K.

      They can make Scotland opt out for some home grown programming when it suits them!

      There is absolutely no technical or financial reason why a news programme couldn’t opt out at 6-7 every night. The opposition was 100% political. It is important for the Union that Scotland gets 30mins from a London perspective, then 30mins of ‘local’ murder and fitba avoiding a Scottish perspective on the world.

    407. Nana says:


      I posted the Lochaber one as well as lots more, all gone. Just hoping one of them did not contain a gremlin or I’ll be hammered!

    408. Meg merrilees says:

      I still have the original page from last night still open – with all the missing remarks. What do I do to save it?

      I have an Apple mac

    409. Meg merrilees says:

      Meindevon says:
      2 March, 2017 at 11:02 pm
      I’ve just seen this below the line on the Guardian.

      ‘A Scottish vote for independence would create an even greater legal tangle, since the UK that negotiated all those complicated EU treaties would not longer exist…’

      Blimey! Hold that thought!

      @ ronnieanderson

      Agree 100pc Nana should get a badge.

      I’ll race you…I’ve already donated but will make another one if and when it gets to just under the £100k mark. ?

      galamcennalath says:
      2 March, 2017 at 11:02 pm
      sinky says:

      Ruthie now saying Sturgeon will lose Indyref2 by much larger margin

      So, Ruthie has nothing to fear from IndyRef2?

      Perhaps she should do a Wendy Alexander and start shouting “bring it on”!

    410. Nana says:

      I have no idea how to save the page. There were comments on after 9am and then it crashed.

    411. Dorothy Devine says:

      damn! just back and ready to read Nana’s links and som’at has happened.

      Anyway , I hope you are pleased to know that one ‘ benefits family’ is to have its money DOUBLED.

    412. Dorothy Devine says:

      From the Independent , frothing about Trump , but hiding this wee gem

      to consider doubling the publicly funded income of the Royal Family took thirteen minutes to decide that, yes, … the Royal Family should indeed have its income doubled. The “Seventh Dedicated Legislation … to double the Royal Family’s income Royal family Buckingham Palace MPs take 13 minutes to decide …

    413. Bill says:

      Psflaps is Craig Fowler.

    414. Meg merrilees says:

      Don’t know how many heard this interview this morning on BBC R4, TODAY Prog just after 8.00am. (starts at 2hours- 10 minutes in)

      Stephen Gethin talks to John Humphreys followed immediately by David Mundell and Humphreys.
      Gethins makes a good representation but Humphreys only wants to know the date of the next ref. but it’s good natured.

      Mundell is his usual whiny self. Talks about synthetic grievances and the SNP shouldn’t have another ref.
      (Fluffy starts at 2hours 17 minutes in. Warning – you’ll shout at him – I did!)

      Especially when he finishes up saying that
      ” On Tuesday, the first Minister was out ‘banging on’ about independence, at the same time as she was withdrawing proposals to reform education in Scotland where standards are plummeting” What a LIAR!!!

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