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In your face

Posted on May 20, 2023 by

The SNP now seem to be involved in some sort of competition where they dare each other to come up with the most blatant insult to their own members and/or the wider independence movement and see just how much they can get people to put up with.

First up was this drivel:

Humza Yousaf is leader of the SNP, a political party whose defining purpose – arguably its SOLE real purpose – is the pursuit of Scottish independence, but his “vision for Scotland” didn’t include a single mention of it.

Instead, Yousaf intends to spend the next three years on “equality”, “opportunity” and “community”, three meaningless buzzwords which every political party on Earth would claim to be in favour of. He might as well have identified his key values as kittens, lollipops and hugs.

But it gets worse.

The web page accompanying the video did manage to mention independence, once, in passing, in a paragraph about devolution:

Make the case? That’s it? You’re going to make the case? You think people elected you to MAKE THE SODDING CASE? They elected you to deliver, sonny. You need to produce a vehicle for people to vote in, otherwise you can make all the cases in the world and they won’t amount to the steam off a bee’s piss-bucket.

You make the case in a campaign, and you have a campaign when there’s an event, and there’s an event when you make one happen. The Scottish Government has the power to do that right now, by dissolving the Parliament and calling a plebiscitary election, but the SNP has no intention of taking that path because that might threaten their next three years of comfy riding on the gravy bus.

How do we know they’re not going to? Because they just told us.

After almost two months in power Yousaf has finally remembered to reconvene the party’s “special conference” on indy strategy – which in a typical deliberate sabotage of the rest of the Yes movement is to be held a month from now, on the same date as the long-arranged AUOB march in Stirling.

But it’s difficult to see why he’s bothered, as depute leader Keith Brown has announced that the outcome has already been decided – it’s going to be “solely focused” on another referendum, a plan that’s deader than Dickie Davies.

That’s going to be a short conference.

– “So, is there any way we can have another referendum?”

– “No. The Supreme Court was pretty definite on that.”

– “Oh well, never mind. Same time next year?” 

Even Nicola Sturgeon knew that the referendum parrot had ceased to be, shuffled off this mortal coil, gone to meet its maker, kicked the bucket, run down the curtain and gone to join the choir invisible. She knew the game was up and some new snake oil was required for the suckers.

But now we’re being told the Norwegian Blue was just pining for the fjords and tired out after a prolonged squawk. Brown wasn’t done with fatuous guff, though.

The members? The ones you’ve lost 50,000 of in the last two years and of whom 20,000 couldn’t even be bothered to take 10 seconds to vote in the leadership election? Those guys? What in the balls do you expect THEM to be able to do about it, exactly? Mass an army and march on Rishi Sunak’s house? And if they’re the answer, how come you didn’t ask them in the last eight years, while you were methodically stripping them of any influence or input into party policy?

Dear God above.

(We presume, incidentally, that this puts the kibosh on Yousaf’s previous promises of a series of regional party assemblies on the subject. Limiting it to a single event at the Caird Hall means a maximum of a couple of thousand members out of the party’s supposed 75,000 can participate.)

[EDIT 21 May: Remarkably, it in fact appears that the assemblies ARE still going ahead, AFTER the strategy will have already been decided at the conference.]

But the final insult? The SNP’s house pamphlet The National this week punted the idea of a cross-party “independence convention” of the sort Alba has been advocating for months if not years. And which unifying voice of reason was leading this call?

You’ll never guess.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Pete Wishart, a man who for the last several years has dedicated his life to attacking, abusing and blocking anyone making even the tiniest criticism of the SNP’s inaction, and who regards Alba as a hate group, is apparently the new champion of collegiate co-operation.

But there’s a catch.

To be included in this great and glorious committee of comradeship, you’ll have to sign up to a “code of conduct”, which we know has already been drafted with the express purpose of excluding the entire rest of the Yes movement with the exception of the Scottish Greens.

Of course, Pete Wishart is a joke within the SNP, so none of this will come to pass. But that the clueless, ineffectual oaf even feels able to suggest it is a mark of the utter contempt the party now holds its voters and most of the rest of Scotland in. Its hubris is so undented by the total binfire currently surrounding it that it’s still happy to let Wishart spew out an endless series of Gerald Ratner moments, because it simply doesn’t care.

Humza Yousaf has finally openly abandoned the pursuit of independence. It forms no part, by his own assertion, of his “vision for Scotland”. The SNP’s purpose is now “using the powers we have” – that is, it is formally a devolutionist party.

We must admit, part of us is morbidly fascinated to see what they can come up with next. Who’ll win the contest? Maybe Yousaf will borrow Ian Murray’s Union Jack jaikit and open the special conference with a rousing singalong rendition of “The Billy Boys”. At this point, frankly, all bets are off.

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0 to “In your face”

  1. Morgatron

    Deader than Dickie Davis is the quote of the day.
    Sheer fucking class.
    There was beer consumed whilst writing that Stu.

  2. Ian Brotherhood

    Might not be actual blood but he’s up to his knees in something organic.

  3. 100%Yes

    Setting up a special conference in Dundee for the membership to except a legal and binding indyref2 when the supreme court has already ruled that the SNP cannot hold referendum ever, now we know why MSP Mairi McAllan was spouting the section 30 and gold standard again on QT.

    The SNP is block Scotland right to be Independent and we shouldn’t allow this to continue.

  4. Jason Smoothpiece

    SNP are pro devolution.

    Alba ISP and some others are pro independence.

    There is nothing to fall out over the SNP have evolved since the 2014 vote.

    Let’s us all tell the truth pro devolution folk vote SNP.

    Pro independence folk vote Alba and ISP.


  5. YesTVdotScot

    We were warned in 2013.

    “The group campaigning for a no vote in Scotland’s independence referendum has said it will embark on the most sophisticated targeting of voters seen in British political history.”

    “It will divide Scotland’s four million voters into 40 different tribes.”

    Most people assumed they meant “during #Indyref” – turns out it’s an ongoing project most effectively handled by the SNP and Greens.

  6. Grouser

    OK the SNP is a dead duck. The SNP hierarchy hailed that pathetic female’s performance on Question Time as some sort of triumph; I thought she was a rabbit caught in the headlights and only Alex Salmond saved her from drowning in her own confusion.
    Now Yousaf, having agreed to send a ‘senior SNP’ representative to the Stirling march cunningly sneaked in his own ‘convention’ (what is that?) for the same day to be held in Dundee. What senior SNP representative can he spare? I would suggest all of them, including himself, as they are all ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s. Bought and sold for what? Westminster doesn’t even have to pay them. They have sold themselves for a minesterial car and a couple of years to enjoy the trappings of Devolution.
    How can anybody have any faith in him and his cohort? Sturgeon did a great job getting rid of anybody with any ability. The SNP have so few to fall back on.
    I have no words to describe my contempt for the whole parcel of SNP MPs, MSPs, Councillors and Members.

  7. Galloway Lass

    This man is unbelievable! Why is he the First Minister of Scotland?! We all now the timetable of events leading up to his Election!

    It seems incredible to me that Scots – even if they are still members of the SNP – voted for a man who doesn’t even know the history of Scotland.

    It’s becoming quite obvious that he was “shoved” into the job and I think we’d all like to know who engineered this – who was it that called in GCHQ to engineer votes? It was Peter Murrell! We all know that Murrell is in a sham marriage with Nicola Sturgeon (the woman that claimed she had had a miscarriage – I’d love to see her Doctor’s Records!)

    We now have Sturgeon’s “besties” in the Scottish Parliament proclaiming that they are feminists and think it’s quite okay for predatory men to dress as women!

    I think the term “Feminist” has been abused. I am 76 years old and my grandmother and all her sisters were members of the Suffragette movement in Scotland. They got us women the right to vote, however I very much doubt that they envisaged that women like Nicola Sturgeon, Shona Robison and Mairi McAllen would suddenly decide that “men dressed as women” had the same right as the rest of us!

  8. Beauvais

    The Sunday Mail has North Lanarkshire Council SNP on the front page.

  9. Ian Brotherhood

    Dickie Davis canny be deid.

    If he was it would be trending.

  10. charlie

    A Greek tragedy in one part.
    SNP: We will work with any party for independence as long as it’s the Greens. Who don’t seem to care much about independence or green issues anymore, but that’s who we will work with, and everybody else. Unless the Greens have a problem with it.

    CROWD VOICE: Aw tae fuck. [ENDS]

    A short play for the Greens to direct, rewrite the script and produce. Respect to Stonewall for funding the whole thing, oh hang on, that was the Scottish Government who funded Stonewall and they skimmed off the profit. All good – Scotland is ‘progressive’ and utterly fuckin fucked.

  11. GlesgaJim

    If I were in space with Pishfart, I’d vent him from the airlock.

  12. Ian Brotherhood

    @Galloway Lass (11.30) –

    Hear hear hear and hear again.


  13. David Hannah

    He’s not listened. Humza hasn’t listened.

    It’s not an Independence convention. It’s a fake nationalist party sabotage operation self identifying as an Independence convention.

  14. Beauvais

    AUOB are staging a parade, while Humza’s staging a charade.

  15. Gordon Keane

    As others have said, this is an utterly pointless “convention” and a complete waste of everyone’s time.
    We did get a whiff of current SNP thinking the other night when when MSP McAllan came out with that “Gold” standard comment, and as Stu here, says, we thought SNP had given up on that idea.
    Well now we know they haven’t!
    SNP knows that London is never going to “allow” another Referendum.
    And why is SNP even going to ask to begin with?
    It is not up to London, and never has been.
    The only folks who seem to think it is, are pro Union politicians, and now, SNP ones.
    Alex Salmond made use of Section 30, because he knew how to go about it, and David Cameron knew he’d go it alone otherwise.
    But to keep going back to something that was done then, and considering the Brexit disaster, etc, one would have thought SNP would see change from this, today.
    But no, they keep wanting to go with a route that leads to nowhere.
    So it is clear that present SNP leadership, if we can call them that, is as pointed out are now a Devolutioninsit group first and foremost.

    Unless SNP changes this position, they will end up going the same way as Labour has in Scotland. They will be wiped out, and condemned as a group that betrayed us!

  16. David Hannah

    The SNP. Gold standard 18 carrot wankers.

  17. Craig

    How funny how we never hear the expression “Once in a generation” anymore but we hear fuckin plenty of “We will ask for a Section 30”.

    I will NEVER regret joining the SNP but I am delighted to have left it, I am definitely glad that I am one of the founding members of the ALBA party and have my wee badge of honour and piece of paper.

    We need more people to join the ALBA party, it’s only now that we are starting to get a foothold in the media and getting peoples attention.

  18. Stephen O'Brien

    The World of Sport. How many Dicks does it take to win a tug o’ war, against Westminster? Answers on a postcard. Keep them clean.

  19. Saffron Robe

    The SNP really ought to rebrand themselves as the Anti-Scottish Independence Party or ASIP for short – the asinine party! They are nothing but time wasters, money wasters and mandate wasters! In fact, along with the Greens, a party of wasters, although Freud would have another word for them!

  20. Effijy

    Who can forget this guy who set up French Gate for his unionist media partners.
    Used the civil service to back up his blatant lies and kept quiet will £1 million was wasted on a public enquiry found him guilty.

    As it defamed SNP the Westminster standards committee let him off Scott free.

    Now he is throwing rocks at Braverman who tried to use the civil service to stop her getting a 3 point speeding fine. She has speedily moved up the charts for nastiest Tory which has the toughest completion ever seen.

    Alistair Carmichael, the Lib Dems’ home affairs spokesman, said: “Suella Braverman should be urgently investigated by the ethics adviser and add her name to the near endless list of ministers who have had to undergo the same.”

  21. twathater

    As someone mentioned this convention (ha,ha) is really only a disguise for the perverts and deviants to have a party, it will be the same as the recent leadership contest with the participants all being reserved and specially invited consisting of the woke tartan taliban

    Being that this SPECIAL conference is only happening for 1 DAY there cannot be many things to discuss maybe Useless and his morons have already sorted out a plan and it only needs explained to the drones
    I wonder if there will be a DRESS code, maybe everyone will have to wear a dress in case they cause fear and alarm , or perhaps they might have to wear pronoun badges with their lanyards

    Anyway the convention is going to be a waste of time because INDY TRUCK DAVY is going to DEMAND an answer from his MSP Gray as to what is going on and if he doesn’t get a satisfactory answer from Gray he is going to go right to the top and DEMAND an answer from Humza Useless, that is according to Jockmcx’s utube link yesterday ,Thanks Jockmcx

    SO people we have all been worrying about nothing, we should have just contacted indy truck davy and asked him to demand nicla or humza get their fingers oot each others arse , DAVY’s got the POWER

  22. Frank Gillougley

    There already is a code of conduct. It’s written in the form of a small book called Animal Farm and it’s all about troughers.

  23. Robert Louis

    Heavens Rev Stu, I think you are being cruel. Don’t you realise these SNP grifters (MPs, councillors and MSPs), have expensive lifestyles to keep. Private school fees are going up, then what with the interest rates, the charges for their villas in portugal and Spain are going through the roof. On top of that they have the new ‘wing’ on their house in newton mearns to pay for, and my heavens the last repair to the Aston was over 7k. I mean, seriously, they are finding it tough.

    Honestly, these poor defenceless SNP grifters. If we go for independence now, they might have to get actual REAL f****ing jobs and actually do some freaking work.

    Nah, devolution for another three years works for them. Who cares about the actual people of Scotland? Certainly not them. We might call them Useless’ people.

  24. Debatable Lands

    It must be occurring to people that there is no sensible, moderate, trustworthy Scottish government on the other side of the independence door. The SNP, the Greens and Scottish Labour are as good as it gets. The country doomed to ownership by low calibre grifters and whacko activist groups who want to legitimise some nasty personal habit or impose their lentil and noble poverty nirvana on everyone.

    By force if necessary. It is for our own good. People do need to be careful what they wish for.

    I know people say independence at any cost. But really? At any cost? These people would immediately move to cement their grip on power and deny democratic challenge. The media, the law, all under party control. And the party under the control of cliques, cronies and zealots. Incompetent ones.

    There is little point in escaping one tyranny by running into the arms of a worse one.

    I think a lot of Scots who would vote for independence see this. The road to independence can’t avoid a route that involves fixing Scottish democracy and political life before getting there.

  25. ScottieDog

    At least giant haystacks and big daddy were entertaining. More and more people are realising that the SNP’s indy strategy is like the Trueman show. Tune in tomorrow..

  26. Stuart MacKay

    I don’t know whether it’s the scribes at The National or the SNP but what’s with the weasel words “independence convention”. There’s a clear attempt to hijack the language and reframe it so everything points to the haloed referendum – the one that can never be delivered. I’d imagine that soon we’ll hear of the SNP calling for a Convention of the Estates at which they will discuss, yes, you’ve guessed it.

    You can forgive the SNP for being incompetent and clueless but this is a deliberate attempt to limit the debate, exert control and push everything in a direction that can never deliver. Why?

    It’s possible that they’re sticking to the plan but it gets harder and harder to avoid the thought that they’ve been told to pursue this course, by someone of influence.

  27. Johnlm

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    Upton Sinclair

  28. Stephen O'Brien

    I look forward to the next YouTube video instalment, when attempting to put some kind of spin on SNPs self imposed impasse.

    Putting glitter on a turd, now a full-time job.

    Empowering SNP is no longer an option for anyone interested in gaining independence. The party needs cleansed. Lending them a vote, is not a solution. That much should be fucking obvious!

    The penny has now dropped but the next stage, the most difficult.

  29. Dan

    @ Grouser

    Re. A senior SNP rep attending Stirling AUOB.
    For years Stewart Hosie has regularly ridden with the YES Bikers who attend AUOB marches, and he sometimes gives a speech on the stage.
    It’s an increasingly difficult job for the privy council member to keep pro Scotland returning to self governance supporters in line, as he can’t carry a lot carrots on a motorcycle.

  30. FionaN

    Brilliant article, Stu, it voices our collective frustration with the nuSNP shenanigans perfectly! Made me laugh out loud.

    It is obvious that that nuSNP are worried about the growing support for Alex and Alba, and also for Salvo and, for changing direction completely in working towards indy. IIRC, this strategy of butting in and stealing the popular strategies and policies of other parties and growing movements is called ‘triangulation’ and has been used successfully by labour in particular over the decades to undermine support for the rising parties and movements. I think it has been used extensively in the US. They snatch the policies/strategies superficially to gain support from the other parties, then deliberately spoil or downplay these same policies till support for them is abandoned and the triangulators meantime have won back the drifting support. The stolen policies are never implemented successfully.

    NuSNP claim they are having a ‘convention’ to undermine the support that Alba/Salvo and others have for calling for a Convention to rebuild a vibrant united YES movement, but of course the nusnp are only having a small conference to discuss their favourite shades of lipstick.

  31. Lynn

    Arrogance from Mr W . More arrogance and a complete lack of insight into how wider society feel about their behaviour . I honestly don’t think the penny has dropped yet .
    I think they still believe they are a winning team and will throw a few crumbs in the wider independence movements direction purely to dictate how you should vote in the future . There is no partnership when they have already dictated the boundaries and direction .
    People are so embarrassed by them the entire narrative has changed over coffee in local shops , hairdressers and post office cues .
    If I was Nicola Sturgeon I would never lift my head again . We all have spoken to really disappointed loyal SNP supporters who are now so disaffected they will no longer vote .

  32. Ruby

    Galloway Lass says:

    I think the term “Feminist” has been abused

    I agree with that.

    Sturgeon destroyer of women’s rights & feminism.

    I wrote this on an earlier thread.

    I’m wondering if there aren’t a lot of so called ‘trans activists’ who don’t give a damn about ‘trans people’ but are unhappy with the way they have been treated by feminists.

    I haven’t been comfortable with feminism for quite a long time I felt they were being unfair to men. I think they went too far. All this ‘trans activism’ might be the backlash.

    This abuse of ‘feminism’ really showed during MeToo.

    Shona Robison said ‘trans community should not be punished for Andrew Miller’s crimes’

    Male community should not have been punished for Harvey Weinstein’s crimes.

    ie Alex Salmond, Mark MacDonald etc.

    Any feminism that believes all men are bastards is not for me.

  33. cammy

    More news about the motorhome today. How has no journalist or politician worked out what this is actually about?

    Simple. SNP bought the motorhome and it was then registered to a company owned by Murrell. The £110k loan Murrell gave SNP was not cash but the motorhome. Murrell was then given money from SNP tax free as a loan repayment.

    How is nobody linking the bought price of the motorhome with the amount he supposedly loaned? FFS even I can fathom this one out!

  34. David Hannah

    All Under one Banner should change the weekend of the march for Independence Stirling. Time to call the SNP bluff.

  35. Ottomanboi

    Oh no, not again..
    That queer taste of regurgitated ideas.

  36. Shug

    The fact that Westminster has said no to referendum multiple times and the SNP has accepted this decision really sets the precedent.

    You have accepted Westminster’s right to say no.

    They have kicked the can down the road so far, giving the snp time to mess up their record, a record that can now be used against them.

    Without doubt Nicola was the biggest waste of space ever encountered by the indy movement. During COVID I was her biggest fan as the comparison between Borris’ mumbling and bumbling his ramshackle response and Nicola was night and day. However the conspiracy to jail Salmond sealed her fate. By that action she became compromised if she was not already.

  37. TamC

    Perhaps “Debatable Lands” would care to enlighten us how he/she proposes to ensure the neutering of whacko groups et al, whilst still under the tutelage of Westminster. I know we mustn’t startle No voters, but …… I’ll settle for independence and work things out from there.

  38. Luigi

    I no longer care what the SNP say or do. I’m not voting for them. I never left the SNP, the SNP left me.

  39. dasBlimp

    I’m sure the English come here daily to have a laugh. We might as well all just piss off as it’s obvious there will be no independence in our grandchildren’s children’s lifetime. I’m off to potter in the garden!

  40. David Hannah

    I think Amber Heard ended the MeToo movement. The alphabetties for me never fooled me. They commited perjury in Scotland.

    There will be a backlash to juryless trials. There is a backlash to identity politics as people are sick of it. And in war there are no feminists only 300,000 dead Ukranian men.

  41. David Hannah

    I think most men like to stand up for women. The old fashioned way. Gentlemen.

    Only the woke bros are trying to cancel women in this country.

  42. Beauvais

    Ottomanboi @8:57 am

    Aye, how tiresome. It’s puff piece time again for Superned.

  43. 100%Yes


    Your so wrong about Nicola Sturgeon being a waste of space, in fact she been a formidable force in destroying the Yes movement and Independence without any backlash, so I’d say she achieved all of her goals. She still remain in the party laughing and pulling all of humza’s strings and the SNP in a Westminster election or a Holyrood election will still say a vote for us is a vote for Independence and the MSN will not blink a eyelid, because she and the NUSNP are keeping Scotland in this union.

    The AUOB march has to be cancelled and diverted to Dundee to protest directly at the SNP unionist stance.

  44. Ruby

    City of Edinburgh Council pays out more than £100,000 in legal fees in failed strip club fight

    This whole thing with strips clubs especially the ‘Burke & Hare’ was started by ‘The SNP all men are bastards feminists’ years ago.

    Anyone remember which ‘SNP Feminist’ was most vocal about it.
    Was it Shona Robison or Sturgeon?

    I wasn’t happy at the time with their highly moralistic stance re strip clubs I felt there was something just not right about it.

    Anyway they’ve lost their court battle with a further £100,000 cost to the taxpayer.

    Juryless trials that’s another ‘SNP Feminists all men are bastards’ initiative.

    Anyone surprise that men are joining the trans activists?

  45. Mia

    ” which in a typical deliberate sabotage of the rest of the Yes movement is to be held a month from now, on the same date as the long-arranged AUOB march in Stirling”

    It is clear as day Yousaf has been tasked to remove SNP members from the pro-independence marches in an attempt to shown less support for independence in Scotland than there really is.

    This is another obvious example of firefighting, Sturgeon’s only strategy. It is so blatantly obvious what that change of date is aiming to do that it suggests whoever is in control of the current SNP and of Yousaf’s strings is truly desperate for the real scale of support for independence in Scotland to not show.

    This is another sign of a captured party working against its own principles, and therefore a very valid reason as to why the SNP has to be laid down to rest for once and for all. It has become toxic to the yes movement.

    It is now a tool of the state/crown actively and deliberately jeopardising the progress of independence and the display of support for independence in Scotland.

    This move is rather interesting because tallies very well with Sturgeon’s approach. She never endorsed a march with her attendance and then is the issue of her exaggerate and draconian lockdowns. The fact that she could never be arsed with actually block the boundaries between Scotland and England to stop the virus flowing up proves her interest behind the lockdows was not stopping the virus entering Scotland. It was something else. In my view, her lockdowns were aimed to stop these marches more than anything else because they were getting far to big for her to be able to contain them just with a few carrots.

    If it is true there will be another coronation in Scotland to formally lend Charles the Scottish crown, then there was absolutely no excuse whatsoever for Yousaf to let the stone of destiny go down to England for the coronation of Charles with the English crown only. The stone of destiny has nothing to do with English coronations, only with Scottish ones. Yousaf cannot be so obtuse as to not realise of this, particularly when he claims to be a republican.

    The fact that he insulted Scotland by letting that stone go is a sign he is, just like Sturgeon was before him, another tool working for the interests of the crown and actively against of those of Scotland. Sending that stone down was an active and deliberate humiliation of the people of Scotland, and Yousaf just happily went with it. He is no leader.

    The crown is the main stakeholder in the preservation of the union, as it was the main stakeholder in its creation in 1706. It is not in the intersts of the crown to show the world the actual levels of support for independence in Scotland and how little support for the union is there. An evident little support for the union would jeopardise the UK interests in the event of trade deals being negotiated with other countries, particularly USA.

    It would be interesting to find out which part of the COPFS (if the Crown Office or the Procurator Fiscal Service) was behind the suppression of the whatsapp messages during Mr Salmond’s case and the protection of the perjurers, which part of the COPFS was behind the delay in the investigation of the SNP finances and which part of the COPFS has been letting Sturgeon off the hook on this.

  46. Achnababan

    To cede independence and even the devo max position to simply using the ‘powers we have’ is a total capitulation…I could go further and say BETRAYAL of the movement.

    The New Labour undergarments of the SNP leadership are now easy to see.

    I understand the section 30 problem but why not use the hiatus of the next 5-10 years while waiting for approval to make repeated calls for more powers to help Scotland work towards statehood?

    The SNP should be stretching every sinew to rebuild our nation….not create a dark fantasy world where child molesters can claim womanhood and the country is run by an English elite in the civil service.

    Off topic…any one else concerned about Sunak using his platform to monster China…this from a UK PM who is married to a woman whose family weilds very significant political and business influence in India….the traditional foe and rival of China?

  47. Beauvais

    The Bellshill by-election for NLC is on June 15th. This is the by-election caused by the resignation of Jordan Linden.

    Alba’s candidate is John Marshall. Yousaf was there yesterday, so the SNP must be worried. Not about losing a council seat to the unionists, but worried about the Alba vote.

  48. ALANM

    When your brand becomes tainted by scandal there’s only one thing to do. Rebrand. Greenland would be the most appropriate choice but that name has already been registered.

  49. Patsy Millar

    You have just expressed, far more eloquently than I could, the utter rage I feel with the betrayal after betrayal of everything the SNP was founded for. Thanks once again for helping to keep my blood pressure on a reasonably even keel.

  50. Mia

    “any one else concerned about Sunak using his platform to monster China”

    A pre-condition for a trade deal with USA?

  51. robertkknight

    Just when you think these a-holes couldn’t embarrass themselves any further, Humzey Yousless and his useless party of troughers and charlatans come up with another banger.

  52. Vivian O’Blivion

    Sally “Gravy bus” Donald and Kelly “intellectual challenged” Givens trip tae NYC fer Tartan day cost us £15k. Hope Air miles Angus got an … ahem “happy ending” out of it.

  53. Ottomanboi

    BEAUVAIS 08:57

    the «resurgent» sic Scottish labour party might make her an offer a struggle to refuse. Black’s worldview is genderist not nationalist, with genderism receding….
    Time will tell.
    What does Mogg see in her? A bit of Scotch rough? A dominatrix?

  54. Breeks

    ScottieDog says:
    21 May, 2023 at 7:45 am
    At least giant haystacks and big daddy were entertaining….

    Thing is, you begin to see an argument forming that this division in the YES Movement takes two to tango, and that both sides need their heads cracked together to sort themselves out.

    Unfortunately, it just isn’t accurate.

    The only thing ALBA is contributing to this “division” is creating an option by merely existing; an alternative home for those disillusioned by the SNP’s longstanding failures. What is their other choice? To remain in the SNP tolerating the intolerable?

    “ALL” of the division has it’s roots in Sturgeon’s lamentable performance as leader which has done NOTHING for Scotland except to take the SNP to a very dark place, and park Scottish Independence up a deathly quiet cul-de-sac. (Did I mention the intolerable things the SNP expected people to tolerate?)

    When Unionist’s talk about Unionism, what they actually want isn’t unionism at all, but Scotland’s acquiescence to it’s subjugation.

    The SNP is now similar. When they talk about unity and common cause across the Independence Movement, they don’t want unity, what they really mean is everyone’s supine acquiescence to whatever madness the SNP dictates. They don’t want loyalty, what they want is submission.

    It isn’t even extreme to be calling it madness, because a whole raft of SNP’s recent notions, interests, and cantankerous strategies are objectively unhinged and downright stupid. Calling it madness is actually a kindly euphemism.

    There aren’t two heads to be knocked together, and it doesn’t take two to tango. The blame for this fractured and divided Independence Movement does NOT have two masters, but lies squarely, and unequivocally, at the feet of the SNP. It is ALL a mess of their own making.

    The SNP needs the smelling salts of cold reality to bring it back to it’s senses, but frankly such belated self awareness occurring now might only instil panic.

    ALBA needs to trust it’s thick skin, and otherwise just keep doing what it’s already doing.

    Frankly, I don’t expect the decisive break in the damn to come from either. I believe it is ultimately SALVO, and a Constitutional initiative which will put Independence back on top of the political agenda.

    When that happens, I believe ALBA’s ideals and strategies will reveal themselves to be roundly compatible with such Constitutional developments, and unreserved in their desire to Scottish Independence delivered and an Independent Scotland thriving.

    I simply cannot say the same about the SNP, who frankly, have positioned themselves, (or have been positioned), as the essential right hand of the UK state, vital to the health of both Devolution and Scotland’s permanent subjugation.

    Yet even this, isn’t why I’m suspicious about “unity” in the Independence Movement. I have gravest misgivings about the SNP’s “security clearance” at the most basic level.

    Frankly, the SNP has the nature and hubris of a spoiled brat who believes their parents are expendable appendages who have outlived their usefulness, and treats their wisdom with scorn and contempt. No love.

    If you doubt that, just watch Alex Salmond speaking with wisdom and magnanimity on Question Time, and the contorted expressions on the face of Mairi McAllan as he did so.

    Alex Salmond would give it all for Scotland.

  55. Pot Ace

    The SNP are the now the wee boy who will take his ball home and stop everyone else from playing unless it’s by his rules

  56. Liz

    NuSNP is a busted flush.
    I care nothing for thir shenanigans.
    Their convention will be poorly attented, IMO.

    I don’t think AUOB should change the date, that would give the SNP too much credence.

    It’s all as Alf Baird said, they have made accomodation with the controlling power, therefore we abandon them.
    We move forward with true indy groups.

    It may take time but we have little alternative.

  57. Ottomanboi


    Global political tectonics are shifting, India, soon to displace China as most populous may not wish to play anymore with the declining «anglo-saxon» powers. From my reading the Saudis and Gulf states are moving into the diplomatic sphere, brokering agreements.

    The readmission of Syria, an ally of Russia, to the Arab League is highly suggestive of a new direction which the old imperial powers will hate.

    Interesting times, Scotland really needs to get its act perfected. Stuck in the backyard of old Britannia is not a good place.

  58. James Che

    The new attempts by Husaf to bring the yes movement together all under one label and heading is what NS TRIED, THEN IMMEDIATELY gave all the yes movement a Code of Conduct.

    Except the Yes movement are not one single political party, they a the people in Scotland, the Scots themselves, a nation.

    But I suppose the SNP under their bosses will keep on trying to corner the Scots into one group so new laws and legislation could curtail independence.

    But like many political parties in Scotland that seek financial rewards and ermine they never mention we left 300 years ago, We got chucked out and extinguished from the treaty with Englands parliament, and just to make sure we got the Message they then dissolved our our Scottish parliament in England.

    They are still attempting to capture the Scots under new corral laws and legislation, the Danial de Foe’s of our modern times.

  59. John Main

    So is there now universal acceptance that an afternoon marching, waving a saltire, followed by an evening in the pub, is not enough to deliver Indy?

    I sure hope so. Cos we could now move on to consideration of what more will be needed.

  60. A Scot Abroad

    Beyond being outraged at the SNP, is anyone doing any thinking about the boring stuff such as post-independence policies that would be needed to sustain an iScotland in a globalised world of trade and finance? Stuff that, if cannily constructed and eloquently argued, might persuade enough of the soft Noes to change their minds and support Yes?

    If not, then all of the above is futile blether.

  61. Ottomanboi

    In a French source I read that Yousaf’s ammi (mother) believed he needed to «toughen up» that he was «too sensitive».
    Any sign of the Hard Man or even a new broom?
    He really needs to listen to «ammi».

  62. JockMcT

    I’m with @Stuart MacKay.

    Beware Tractors carrying carrot-coloured watered-down lite versions of our new strategies to gain Indy, aka Not the Gold Standard Please Guv route, with their versions of Conventions and Estates and appeals to the Wider Yes movement (which must be firmly corralled with sign the rainbow pledges etc and told how to think and behave – woke style.)

    As we all know, theirs will leak like sieves and smell of Devo Max.

    They have form, and no doubt firm orders from above to preserve the union at all costs. Isn’t it time they were called out directly and challenged on this?

    NuSNP, You are a Unionist party, a plant, stooges with no interest in Independence. Prove us wrong.

  63. Katie

    So…. just watched the Martin Guissler show where he interviewed the independence minister. Sounds as though he doesn’t want to have anything to do with independence marches! So what’s the point of him? What’s going on?

  64. JockMcT

    So, the SNP have somewhere else to be on the day of the AUOB march, how convenient. I guess this will happen at the next march and the next march. They really don’t want to be associated with a wider YES movement that they can’t or don’t control. If they do send someone I hope it’s Smyth and he gets a go in the stocks.

  65. James Che

    One day the Scottish people will realise there Whiskey was stolen they have been fed moonshine ever Since.

    They ( Westminster ) and the monarch chucked Scotland out of the treaty of union.
    They enjoy watching Scotland still thinking it was captured, they hold great pleasure in continuing the pretence to watch the population of Scotland year after years for century’s being knocked back, and begging for freedom,

    The Colonial mind loves mental torture and teasing the serfs. They crack the political “We said No ” whip every few years.

    But it will never leave their lips to console a ” Scot” that they made a huge error in their arrogance and judgement more than 300 years ago,

    Cruelty and keeping a colonial control over a Scot still brings to them the greatest of delights.

    They chucked Scotland out of the Treaty 300 years past, they extinguished our parliament in England and dissolved our parliament in England.

    We are in actual fact free and independent since then.

  66. Izzie

    It used to be MSM that peddled SNPbad stories now it seems to be the dillusioned and the disaffected not to mention the mischievous. Stages of grief Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance. Alec Salmond is yesterday’s man as Robert Louis said a few threads previously thank god for the SNP

  67. David Hannah

    I think you should do a poll on the all under one banner march being changed dates.

    Yousaf will never attend. We know he fakes meetings with Pakistani councils to get out of gay marriage votes. We know he’s gone to the Coronation as well.

  68. David Hannah

    Last thing I’ll say. SNP say 50 per cent is not good enough. Our elected politicians, Mairi says we’ve got to get 55 now 60.

    They plan to drive up support for Independence. By doing what? They won’t be at the march. They are disgrace. Sabataurs of Independence. Clear as they. Their code of conduct should be removing themselves from office.

  69. Johnlm

    A Scot abroad @10.53am
    The answer to your question is no.
    Current Political gaslighting is deliberate and global.
    Scottish politics are just an eddy in the stream.
    When the new banking system is unveiled all the blather will be seen for what it is, a distraction,
    and then, when it is too late, we will be allowed our say.

  70. Antoine Bisset

    Ruby says: “Anyone surprise that men are joining the trans activists?”
    I cannot do that. I’ve been told I don’t look too feminine in a dress. Actual Words, “You will just look like a man wearing a dress”. It could be difficult to access my feminine side.
    Burt why am I making jokes about the insane? The people encouraging this insanity are in our government. They were voted in.
    Is there even a cure?

  71. Marjorie Thompson

    Sent to Sunday Herald


    Your correspondent Thom Cross cannot be serious when he claims that Alba is weakening the independence movement.

    Your readers will already be aware of the countless times the SNP under Sturgeon marched Scots up the hill then down again. Indeed, are we not meant to have a ‘no ifs no buts’ vote on 19 October? And why was there a poorly attended separate Greens/Republicans rally on Calton Hill addressed by Tommy Shepherd the same day as 20000 turned out at the AUOB Glasgow march? The next one scheduled for Stirling in June appears to clash with-quelle surprise- an SNP conference in Dundee!

    The final straw must surely be reports of Blackford ‘determined to fight for his seat’ and Flynn prematurely gifting support to a potential Starmer government without the promise of a referendum. Have they conveniently forgotten why they were elected in the first place?

    Cross implies there may be British state agents within Alba, which is utterly laughable when you consider the performance of a significant number of SNP MPs- there’s no need- they’re doing a fine job on their own with 2031 their new target date for an imaginary referendum.

  72. Dorothy Devine

    Bravo Marjorie!

    I wonder if they will print it??

  73. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Izzie at 11:09 am.

    You suggested,
    “Alec Salmond is yesterday’s man as Robert Louis said a few threads previously thank god for the SNP”

  74. Southernbystander

    I think it should be stated that many would vote for a party whose key values are ‘kittens, lollipops and hugs’; I know I would. Just add ‘independence’ and you’re sorted though I can see there would be arguments as to the word order.

  75. sarah

    @ Marjorie Thompson: excellent letter. I do hope they print it!

    Re-jig it and send into the National too – try to get some sense into their heads.

  76. Lee Floyd

    The clue is in the name, I think. ‘Indyref2’, as in second referendum, having lost that first ‘once in a generation ‘ one a while back…surely, surely you must see public opinion (now and in 2014)for what it is? Scots don’t want independence. Get on and govern yourselves responsibily.

  77. Robert Louis

    Izzie at 1109am,


  78. McDuff

    Great stuff rev.

  79. Ian McCubbin

    Same old carrots and stories.
    But some new persuasion tried.
    I dont believe any of it.
    Well explained and outed Stu.
    I hope all independence activists go to AUOB and avoid SNP convention.

  80. Lorna Campbell

    The saddest thing is that this all happened in Ireland 100 years ago. Redmond’s independence party is the present-day SNP – collaborationist, supine. Independence for Ireland came AFTER the demise of Redmond’s collaborationist party. Independence for Scotland will not come while the SNP commands from the depths of its own sleekit and moronic policies, most of which now emanate from the Green bum-hole. Many of the older activists who expended shoe leather on the old party have decamped to ALBA or one of the other independence parties. The SNP is now a relic. To quite deliberately make the special conference for the exact same date as the AUOB march was a statement of war, folks. Of supreme arrogance and spiteful viciousness, but also of war. We are officially a divided movement, just as happened in Ireland. Read the runes. Either they go and independence survives, or independence gos and they survive. Cannot have it both ways.

  81. Andrew Kidd

    AUOB now march behind a Make Poverty History banner rather than a Saltire or Independence Now banner.

  82. Cactus

    Wonder how long it’ll take them to re-postpone their infamous special conference till some other later ill-defined date. I trust their special needs conference will be a closed-set once again for only the chosen few.

    But then I guess for this Scottish Government, sabotage will always come before sovereignty.

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