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Cracking the code

Posted on July 31, 2022 by

First of all, congratulations to the Herald for only being eight days behind a retired website on this story. Unusually fast work, lads.

Now let’s deal with the spin.

Gillian Martin is an Aberdeenshire MSP who’s had her own run-ins with the SNP’s Tranish Inquisition and has absolutely no excuse for not knowing what the Aberdeen Independence Movement is, so this is purest idiot-feed:

And of course the party’s eternally gullible are lapping it up.

But there’s zero doubt about what’s going on here, because everyone involved has already told us exactly what they’re planning, in their own words.

Here’s the text of the motion, signed by a whole raft of the party’s worst slime, explicitly citing the AIM document as the model they want to follow:

Something reinforced by Stewart Hosie at the AIM’s recent mini-summit.

Indeed, the pledge was apparently co-authored by SNP President Mike Russell.

The same article contained the full text of the pledge, including this passage:

And what is the definition of transphobia? We know what it is according to the SNP, because they published it five months ago:

Let’s just pull a bit of it out:

So there you have it. It really couldn’t be much clearer. If you call a transwoman a biological man (which every single transwoman, by definition, is), then you are guilty of transphobia by the SNP’s definition, and if you’re guilty of transphobia you’re expelled from the Yes movement.

Which is exactly what the Herald’s uncharacteristically-accurate headline says, and exactly what Wings told you more than a week earlier.

We’d be wholly astonished if this motion was defeated at the party’s stage-managed “conference” in October, not least because anyone opposing it would be pretty much automatically guilty of “transphobia” and bundled from the stage by a shrieking mob of balaclava-clad, Stonewall-approved Rainbow Stormtroopers (Black Pampers Division).

(30 days after the end of Holy Pride Month, and almost at the end of a month which is supposed to be highlighting people with disabilities, the SNP’s Twitter avatar is still the LGBTIAQWERTY+ one. The party’s Twitter account didn’t make a single tweet about disability in the whole of July so far as we can tell.)

But since there isn’t actually going to be an independence campaign anyway (the “conference” isn’t even being allowed to discuss the Great Leader’s new referendum policy, let alone be consulted on it in advance), we don’t suppose it really matters.

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529 to “Cracking the code”

  1. Derek

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2022 at 10:17 pm

    A lot of it is greenwash pish anyway. There’s no DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) and CATs…

    Agreed. A pal of mine got into a huge argument with Skoda over a failed diesel engine; turns out that what the DPF does is clean itself with a wash of fuel. To do this the engine overfuels; you get incomplete combustion and – as a side-product – the diesel washes the oil from the cylinder walls, thus promoting wear and component overheating.

    Purely on vehicles; it’s better to keep an old vehicle going – in good order – for as long as possible, as the main environmental cost is in its manufacture. I have no vehicles that were made this century…

    As for treated wood, that’s bollocks. The Finns burn lots of wood, but they also manage their woods. My pal’s father-in-law maybe takes down two or three trees each year, but they’re the one’s that’re developing a lean or something. The tree management has a by-product of the house being warm – and there are still enough trees in the wood.

  2. Derek

    “…the one’s…”


  3. AberdeenPict

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2022 at 10:17 pm
    @ Aberdeen Pict

    Dan, thanks very much for clearing that up for me, and yes, I do seem to remember now that it was to do with particulates. And agree 100%, a lot of greenwashing shite as usual. I think also there was some more science done about it afterwards which suggested that the particulates were a lot lower than suggested.

    Thanks for replying.

  4. stuart mctavish

    Hatuey @11:09 pm

    Kiss principal:

    (a) if they accept submission from SNP its political and therefore nothing to do with an apolitical SC – begging question why its taking so long to say so (fee optimisation/ cunning plan?)

    (b) if they reject submission from SNP it could be political or legal. If its political see (a) but if its legal there is common knowledge and contemporaneous precedent from 2014 that it cannot be illegal to ask foreign residents, let alone Scots, should Scotland be an independent country – begging question why its taking so long to say so (fee optimisation/ cunning plan?)

  5. Robert Hughes

    ” In case you didn’t notice, by the way, the constitutional debate is effectively over. It’s no longer a question of independence or the Union. The new choice on offer is misery and poverty on one hand versus prosperity and happiness on the other.

    Independence is the means now, not the end. And that’s important.”

    Correct H .

    I seen a UK tabloid front page – forget which pile of shite one , not that it matters , they’re all the same – which sums-up the idiocy and cynicism of the Disunited Clowndom

    At the top of the page ….” The Bad News ” listing all the impending economic kicks in the collective balls ; below that

    ” The Good News ” ….A photo of a football player with the words …

    ” The Prem is back tonight ” .

    Ah well , that’s fine then . Those millionaires will pay everyone’s leccy bills eh ?

    England Isn’t Working .

    Anybody seen Sturgeon ? Oh, she’s still on holiday . Fair enough , she must be knackered remembering what bullshit she’s told who and that recent * Paper * didn’t write itself .

    They had to find a fairly literate 12 year old to produce that masterpiece of innocuous waffle

  6. Andy Ellis


    It seems to somewhat scupper the very argument they sent the Lord Advocate to make, does it not?

    It seems hard to argue against the contention in the application that the SNP – or indeed any other political party – is covered by rules 26 and 41 of the Supreme Court Rules (2009) though doesn’t it? The case for that is set out pretty clearly in the introduction to the application.

    In short, Dunlop questions a political intervention in a case to the supreme court that essentially hinges on the idea that the question of whether Holyrood has competence or not is a legal question, and not a political question.

    Isn’t that a separation of powers issue though? In what passes for our system the UK Supreme Court can’t in general strike down what parliament enacts, because the UK parliament regards itself as supreme. In other jurisdictions, SC’s would not hesitate, or indeed be obliged to intervene and if necessary over-rule a parliament which over-reached itself.

    If the SC’s focus is purely on legal questions and not political questions, then the application may be pointless, but on this particular issue (much like the Forstater and Bailey cases referred to above) the legal position isn’t always that clear, so it’s not unreasonable to allow “interested parties” to make representations. The SC’s own rules allow for such representations in the public interest or where they might be of assistance.

    From memory, there was a fair bit of discussion that the issue of whether Holyrood was “competent” to hold a referendum without a S30 Order was left deliberately vague by those drafting the wording at the time, and people highlighted then that it would potentially be an issue.

    Of course, whether you prefer a SC or a parliament to be the ultimate arbiter is a matter of choice. I’d sooner see a system with a proper separation of powers, and an independent SC or Constitutional Court which can where necessary over-rule parliament. Perhaps that should be something up for debate in Scotland’s new constitution post independence?

  7. Ottomanboi

    ‘Scotland would be at the heart of the Union under Truss’
    Nine Tory MSPs explain why they back Liz Truss for party leader and the next prime minister
    Times 1/08/22

    Really impressive that strong Scottish voice currently at the heart of the Union power structure.

    The Right Honorable, for life, Alister Jack. Sec. of State for Scotland. Phew!

  8. Ruby

    Research into reason for high prices not going well
    one article says UK well insulated from the supply issues an another article says
    Britain is facing a much bleaker economic outlook than either the US or eurozone

    Is it possible that we are being conned by these gas suppliers & supermarkets?

    What happens if redacted turns off Europe’s gas supply this winter?

    Could redacted’s cutoffs affect the UK?

    The UK imported just 4% of its gas needs from redacted last year and appears to be fairly well insulated from the supply issues. The combination of domestic gas supplies, piped supplies from Norway and LNG imports mean Britain is in a good position, although it will continue to be exposed to rocketing prices.

    However, the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has been attempting to ramp up domestic supply options in case there are knock-on supply problems this winter. This has included extending the lifetime of the West Burton A coal-fired power station in Nottinghamshire. The government is also in discussions with the British Gas owner, Centrica, to reopen the huge Rough gas storage site off the east coast of England, which was closed in 2017.
    What effect will this have on consumers?

    Consumers are unlikely to see any interruption to the energy supplies in the UK and Europe, as industrial use would be limited first. However, prices that are already high look likely to escalate. The price cap on annual energy bills is expected to hit £2,980 in October, and could reach £3,003 in January, research firm Cornwall Insight said this week. If redacted completely cuts off gas exports, it could be pushed even higher.

    The BoE’s move follows similarly aggressive steps by the European Central Bank and US Federal Reserve in the face of soaring inflation. But its forecasts suggest Britain is facing a much bleaker economic outlook than either the US or eurozone, because households are both more exposed to the energy price shock than in the US, and less protected by government measures than in the eurozone.

  9. Ruby

    My question regarding the Supreme Court malarky is how come the Lord Advocate doesn’t know the answer?

    Why are we paying her such high wages if she can’t answer what seems to be a pretty simple legal question.

  10. Dan

    National Grid’s CEO recently got a £1.1 million pay rise taking him to £6.5 million a year. So £125K a week.


  11. Ruby

    Is it possible all this supreme court malarky is all just a bit of a pantomime to give us fools the impression that Sturgeon is doing something to fulfill her manifesto promise?

    What are people expecting the supreme court to say?

  12. Scott

    Scotland already has Supreme Courts, Mr Ellis.

    The nobile officium of the Court of Session can issue any order to remedy a situation.

    I don’t see that changing any time soon, or ever.

  13. Dan

    One has to have standards in public office.

  14. stuart mctavish

    @Andy Ellis

    If in doubt you could always start with Art 26(1))(a) and compare and contrast the term ‘acting in the public interest’ with any party rules that put their members interest first etc.

    Could be that even something as benign as a code of conduct that risks excluding the sane falls foul of the concept, and that’s long before we get to psychological warfare of the type that still sees people wandering around in seasonal flu masks or being sued (Alex Jones) for causing hurt feelings via third parties supposedly influenced by his mistakes (despite being known as an over the top entertainer) when any actual damage was necessarily caused by authorities that were entrusted to be serious clearly failing -by accident or design – to adequately quash the conspiracy theory(s) in real time and, in any event, without any cover up of their own mistakes in the matter resulting in the shameful anti constitutional cancellation or ostracisation nonsense ultimately embraced.

  15. Hatuey

    In the concluding remarks of the Lord Advocate’s “Written Case” we find the assertion;

    “to what extent, if at all, the holding of a referendum relates to a “reserved matter” is a question of fundamental constitutional and public impo1tance. Despite the highly charged political context, it is a question of law.”

    But, then, SNP Business Convenor Oswlad describes the intervention in terms of raising a “fundamental issue of democracy – in line with the principle of self-determination, Scotland’s future must be decided by those who live here, not dictated by Westminster politicians….” (from a quote in The National)

    I haven’t read the SNP’s intervention argument in full. I fail to see how it could be interpreted as anything other than a distinctly political intervention, though, coming from the SNP on this subject, etc., etc.

    Contradictions like that are self-negating.

    As I said, it seems to scupper the whole purpose of the Lord Advocate’s mission. I can only guess that this will drag the issue out further and make it more likely that we will be beyond the next General Election before this is resolved. That is a guess, to be clear, and nobody would want that, would they?

  16. Republicofscotland

    “To be fair, European countries in their attempt to find alternative sources of energy, are buying off the international market which is making prices volatile. As the UK buys off the same international market, we are affected by it as well.”


    Its an impossible task, the likes of Germany doesn’t have a LNG port, the smart countries in Europe have converted to paying in said countries currency such as Hungary. The black gold that flows to Europe from said country cannot really be shunned by Europe as their sophisticated machinery is calibrated for this type of mineral, the largest economy in Europe (Germany) would collapse and they’d be mayhem on the streets of Berlin if said country stopped supply its oil and gas.

    Right now the Great Satan (US) is sending its oil, at a far greater price than said country’s, other oil/gas suppliers are already fulfilling per-Covid contracts around the world and are tied up for now.

  17. Daisy Walker


    Alba are having a street stall in Pitlochry today 1330 – 1530 ish.

    In the main street.

    All welcome.

  18. Republicofscotland

    Dan @9.15am.

    I wonder what the people of Iraq/Kurds think of Nadhim Zahawi, he’s Iraqi born, but is a UK deep state operative who has chaired Le Cercle.

    He’s also the founder of YouGov, which constantly puts out the lowest figures on support for independence.

  19. robbo

    Dan says:
    5 August, 2022 at 9:15 am
    One has to have standards in public office.


    No one said it was easy Dan, but every little helps eh!

    Scum, that’s what they are. Nowt more than Mexican or Colombian drug bandits and government and political troughers.

    Nothing changes eh.

  20. Effigy

    It’s so easy for corrupt politicians to embezzle enormous sum from the public and if cover ups fail they can use the Police, the Army or Hired Killers.

    Have a read at this version of events here in Europe

  21. Rob


    Germany has rented floating LNG infrastructure and is building more such terminals. I think they expect to have 5 before the end of the year.

  22. Republicofscotland

    The woke wing of the NuSNP wants to counter disinformation (truth more like) leaked from the party.

    “The group will propose to insert the following article into the party’s Code of Conduct:

    “Members of the Scottish National Party are expected not to knowingly redistribute
    disinformation on matters of public import in digital, print, or media form.

    There could also be the re-educating of those who don’t toe-the-line.

    “Out for Independence also wants the party to commit to implementing information resilience training insisting that tackling the “complex” scrouge of fake news requires a multi-faceted approach.”

    Of course there’s still this you’ll be ostracised from any indy campaign if you don’t believe a transman is a real woman.

    “It comes after a row broke out within the party and the wider independence movement over plans to adopt a definition of transphobia in the code of conduct of a future official Yes campaign, which will be established by the SNP.

    “Opponents claimed the proposal would mean those who said trans women remained biologically male would be excluded from the campaign.”

    But not to worry real women horsebox Mike Russell, who energetically backs the proposal, say women won’t be silenced if they believe that real women are well, real women, what an utter pr*ck Russell has become.

    The NuSNP’s carefully staged managed Cult Conference will take place between the 8th and 10th of October in Aberdeen.

    “Disinformation is defined here as deliberately misleading, biased or altogether false information, knowingly shared to distort and manipulate public debate and/or to discredit democratic institutions and processes.”

  23. Republicofscotland


    I know they were planning on building three LNG terminals as far as I’m aware the German ports are not yet compatible for the LNG carriers.

    The stupid Europeans and they are stupid, for they are sacrificing cheap oil and gas for the way more expensive US oil and gas, well, most are though definitely not Hungary, and India.

    The Great Satan will need to up its game.

    “In recent months, European imports of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, from the U.S. and elsewhere reached record levels at around 400 million cubic meters per day. To put that in perspective, a single LNG cargo ship can hold roughly 125,000-175,000 cubic meters of natural gas – enough energy to warm 17 million British homes for one winter day.”

    I doubt those who are ditching the gas that’s not from you know where, have enough regasification plants.

  24. Republicofscotland

    It makes you wonder what nations interests the Lord Advocate is really serving.

    “THE SNP were forced to attempt to intervene in the Supreme Court case on indyref2 because they were unimpressed with the “apostate” Lord Advocate’s submission for the Scottish Government, an Alba MP has claimed.

    MacAskill doesn’t miss Bain here.

    “Kenny MacAskill, a former justice secretary who defected from the SNP to Alex Salmond’s party, claimed it was clear Dorothy Bain, Scotland’s top law officer, “has no faith” in the Scottish Government’s argument it has the legal power to hold a second independence referendum without Westminster’s permission.”

    “Her submissions to the Supreme Court are the written equivalent of the legal cop-out of “my client advises me” i.e. I’m only saying what they tell me and I don’t believe a word of it myself.”

    It makes you wonder Eh? the previous LA did his best to thwart Mr Keatings on this matter, now the current LA follows suit by a different route.

    “He argued the SNP had effectively been embarrassed into action by the Lord Advocate’s submission to the court, saying this was why the party had applied to intervene to set out its own, more forceful case on why they believe their bill legal.”

    After what Sturgeon has done to Scotland, Id’ have thought that she was way way past the embarrassing stage.

  25. Republicofscotland

    I can only hope her dancing partner has to left feet and tramples on her toes, or pirouettes her so fast that she flies off and lands on Susan Calman.

    “TELEVISION and radio presenter Kaye Adams is the fourth celebrity confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

    The BBC Radio Scotland and Loose Women host announced the news on Friday’s show to the delight of fellow her fellow presenters.”

  26. Tinto Chiel

    “Anyway, even if you loathe the idea of Scottish independence surely you would want to see the truth spoken and fair and free trials with juries, lets not see more innocent folk sent to prison in the future in Scotland give Alba your vote from now on and get the NuSNP and Sturgeon out of office for good.”

    Unionists will be quite happy that Sturgeon is reducing Scotland to a nasty, vindictive wee country, RoS. It potentially destroys any case for independence by painting us as a banana republic without the sun or the rum.

    As others have said, a crowd funding effort for Mr Llewelyn is one of the few weapons The Wee Folk like us can muster without automatically criminalising us, since it is not a woke/gender issue.

    As Ian Brotherhood said, any of us could be next, so let’s not leave it until it’s too late.

    And it’s always later than you think, chinas.

    Have been having trouble posting because of Bad Gateway messages.

  27. Unwokey Bloke

    Weird position for the SNP to take if you don’t reject a biological fact then vote NO because the Yes movement isn’t for you.

    As Wings has told everyone repeatedly Sturgeon doesn’t give a flying monkeys about Independence.

    Sturgeon wants her name in the history books for having made a significant contribution to Scotland, that won’t happen based on anything that has been implemented by the SNP previously because most of what they list as achievements was done under Salmonds leadership. Clearly erasing women in favour of biological men is how Sturgeon intends to make her name, the current situation over Indy Ref 2 is intended to stop those that support Indy questioning the gender ideology BS.

    No doubt the next developments on the gender nonsense at Holyrood will be reported by Wings first whilst MSM deliberately chose to ignore it until it smacks them in the face.

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