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Good news is no news

Posted on July 13, 2017 by

In a month of positive statistics for Scotland – including unexpectedly high economic growth figures, continuing to lead the UK and hitting its own tough targets for hospital waiting times (which drew an incredibly petty and insulting response from Scottish Labour), and huge progress in rail punctuality (now also the best anywhere in the country) – perhaps the most welcome of all was the release yesterday of the lowest unemployment figures for quarter of a century.

(Again the best in the UK, and in fact the best in Scotland of all time, since separate Scottish records only started to be kept in 1992.)

The Scotsman commendably gave the glad tidings top billing on its front page.

But despite it being slow news season, the rest of the media was a little less excited.

The Herald relegated it to a quarter of page 9.

The Daily Record gave it a microscopic bottom-gutter slot on page 11.

The Courier couldn’t find any room before page 25.

The Press & Journal buried it even deeper, on page 32 – in the Business section, rather than normal news – and also managed to find a negative slant to put on it.

As did the Daily Mail’s eighth-of-a-page mini-piece on page 10.

And the Scottish Daily Express.

The Scottish Sun bizarrely managed to reduce the DWP stats to an “SNP claim”.

While the Times Scotland section and the Guardian simply didn’t report them at all.

And so far as we can tell, none of the papers – which just a few months ago were screaming that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE about a ScotRail “crisis” – could find even the tiniest corner to acknowledge the spectacular improvements that have seen a phenomenal 98% of trains arriving on time.

(And even those that were late were less late than the rest of the UK.)

We’re sure they’ll sort that out just as soon as they can find some aspect of it to be angry about, though. Look out for “CONGESTION APOCALYPSE AT STATIONS AS COMMUTERS ALL ARRIVE AT ONCE” any day now.

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    1. 13 07 17 20:56

      Good news is no news | speymouth

    96 to “Good news is no news”

    1. Az says:

      These treacherous “newspapers” are shameless in their hatred for anything that might link Scotland to the word “good”. The discourse could convince people to leave. Maybe that’s what they want.

      Impressed again at your ability to even siphon through that lot Stu. Thanks.

    2. sinky says:

      Unionist press will never give the SNP an even break. And on BBC Scotland coverage of EU talks Andrew Kerr points out that Nicola Sturgeon is powerless but not Jeremy Corbyn who was also featured. Suttle or what.

    3. Thepnr says:

      Lovin it, on fire at the minute Rev and while your at at mind keep taking their feet with you.

    4. Robert Louis says:

      Here’s how the thinking goes down in London where the so-called ‘Scottish’ media is actually controlled.

      ‘Look, we simply cannot have Scots feeling good about their country, or for that matter, thinking the SNP Scottish Government is performing better than ANY other within the United Kingdom, or within the entire the history of devolved Scottish Government’.

      ‘We simply MUST keep Scots on their knees, thinking their country is sh*te, and wholly dependent upon handouts from their ever benevolent British English colonial overlords’.

    5. Cadogan Enright says:

      The slightest bit of UKOK good news like this is covered in depth on the EBC in depth and mirrored in the foreign owned so-called English media – but hey . . . . we can’t have Scotland looking good

      If this leaves you looking for more good news about Scotland, you will find it every day at Prof John Roberson’s

      And if you want the BBC to be forced to report it go to

    6. Ian McCubbin says:

      Good on Scotsman for taking itself back to days of 1970s when it told more trurh. The rest mmm still a bit sceptical of.

    7. ian says:

      Well there you go all that positive economic news and we still have at least fifty percent of the population would prefer incompetent government to competent.

    8. JK says:

      It’s going to be a long road to independence if we have to wait for most unionist newspapers to report on anything positive for Scotland. We have shown time and again we are more than capable than most other countries who are already independent but the voters are still swayed by the news the unionists control. Patience is required as the younger generation find the truth on social media.

    9. Ken500 says:

      The majority in Scotland know how much better Scotland is run by the SNP (Gov). That is why the majority vote for them. Scotland has never been better run, despite the whining unionists and their corrupt parties. The non Dom tax evaders illegally in control of the Press.

      Westminster criminals bringing down the world economy and taking £20Billion+ from Scotland for the privilege. Rotten to the core. Just as well over 50%+ in Scotland, increasing all the time, realise what is going on and will vote accordingly. No matter what the MSM rotten liars say. Rotten to the core.

      Independence in the EU is the only way for Scottish Gov to manage the Scottish economy. In line with the majoritys’ wishes and the public interest. The useless unionists haven’t go a clue as they muck up the world economy. Devastating society. The new civil service could be used for independent Scottish administration. When Scotland votes for Independence soon.

    10. galamcennalath says:

      It’s an essential element of anti Indy propaganda that as many people as possible believe Scotland is shite. Shite by ever measure and shite from every perspective. The forces of The Union believe no country, full of people who perceive it as shite, would ever want or be able to stand on its own feet.

      Conversely, the same dark forces know that if more and more people see Scotland as a ‘can do’ country, growing, getting things done, making improvements, they will realise that the Union is a ball and chain and we would be better off out of it!

      So, good news needs to be buried!

    11. Andy-B says:

      Sshhh! Bury the good news, (always) promote the bad news (always).

      We can’t win, whilst part of this uneven, unfair, unjust, and hopefully soon to be unwanted onesided union.

    12. Capella says:

      Is the jobless fall down to people giving up, asks the Daily Mail. I don’t know. But I think I read recently that the number of people employed in Scotland has also risen to an all time high.

      Since I’m not a journalist, I won’t bother looking that up. Perhaps the Daily mail could employ a journalist to do that sort of thing. Give a school leaver a job.

    13. The Man in the Jar says:

      It will be interesting to watch them trying to play down the new Queensferry Crossing. They wont be able to help themselves.”Bridge what bridge?”

      I was having an on line “discussion” with a Yoon recently. They were giving it “whats the SNP ever done for us”. I checked their profile, they live in Rosyth! I “politely”suggested that they look out of their window.

    14. galamcennalath says:

      Capella says:

      whats the SNP ever done for us

      That gives an excuse to post ….

      …. for undecided lurkers 🙂

      Only a fraction of that gets reported by the msm.

    15. Valerie says:

      Sorry for Off Topic, but if you need a laugh.

      James Kelly said someone should set Fluffy highlights to Bonanza tune (as Fluffy has described the Repeal Bill)

      This lady has obliged.

    16. Capella says:

      @ galamcennalath – it was The Man in the Jar – but the point still stands. Monty Python springs to mind too!

    17. Martin says:

      Independence is inevitable. The under 40s are broadly in favour and I don’t see that changing. The papers are trying to delay delay delay by keeping the over 60s in their box. The tactics are born of fear.
      If history is repeated, as it often is, we will see increasingly ridiculous behaviour.

    18. Liz g says:

      What’s this Union ever done for us?
      Seriously one thing just one?

    19. Robert Peffers says:

      @The Man in the Jar says: 13 July, 2017 at 7:35 pm:

      “I was having an on line “discussion” with a Yoon recently. They were giving it “whats the SNP ever done for us”. I checked their profile, they live in Rosyth! I “politely”suggested that they look out of their window.”

      Believe it or not, Man in the jar, most homes in Rosyth cannot see the bridge from their windows.

    20. Thepnr says:

      @Liz g

      Gaelic road signs for one and stopped weans from drinking milk in their schools that could have been unpasteurised. So there.

    21. Glamaig says:

      galamcennalath says:
      13 July, 2017 at 7:45 pm
      Capella says:

      whats the SNP ever done for us

      That gives an excuse to post ….

      When out canvassing for the GE, I overheard my fellow canvasser at the next door. The conversation went like this:

      Voter, grumpy: ‘the SNP have done nothing for this country, nothing’

      Canvasser: ‘have a look at this leaflet, it happens to list 140 things the SNP have done, have a nice day’

      Those were leftover 2016 leaflets but still good.

    22. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ Liz g

      It’s given us the greatest reason ever for wanting to get our independence back again. 🙂

      G M (Chair, National Party of Scotland)

    23. Sinky says:

      No doubt the Scottish press columnists will highlight fact that Lord Strange who was sent to prison for his threatening tweet to Gina Miller is a member of the Scottish Tory Party and call on Col Davidson to condemn her online foot soldiers such as the Buchan fisherman’s leader etc?

    24. artyhetty says:

      Yep, amazing. Some yoon gimp had even put the National in front of the Scotsman today, at my local supermarket, obviously to hide the good news. So, some would rather have bad news, day in, day out, on the hour, every hour. Control the media and you…

      UKOK democracy, do as we say, do as we do, or else Scotland.

    25. Robert Graham says:

      Aye good news is NO news , every bloody thing the scottish government does is useless , to late , not enough , half hearted , not adequate ,Even Nicola Sturgeon’s visit today was greeted with the grudging ” whats does she hope to gain ” doing her job to try and safeguard our economy who does she think she is ?.
      Every single thing that the Scottish Government proposed to get Mayhem & Co out of their self induced mess , and was immediately refered to interference is now being considered by others as if they thought of it first , as long as its not proposed by anyone scottish its all ok and worthy of consideration,- Ba****ds .

    26. artyhetty says:

      The negative, ‘Scotland is crap’ meme has done a great job really. When I said to someone I knew, a couple of years ago, who was very much Edinburgh, Scottish Edinburgh, that Scotland has an absolutely amazing geological history and is a pilgrimage for geologists, she said, ‘eh, how, there must be more interesting places’. This from a couple of folks I knew who talked down their own country a lot, not healthy at all, for mind, body, or soul.

      Oh dear, I thought, goodbye.

    27. galamcennalath says:

      Glamaig says:

      …. 140 things the SNP have done … Those were leftover 2016 leaflets but still good.

      Indeed. I was giving them out to people at the GE.

      The best leaflet the SNP ever produced. They need to get it updated …. and add the Queensferry Crossing, among other things. 🙂

      Can anyone imagine a Tory equivalent? Well, I’m sure we could come up with 140 BAD things.

    28. Capella says:

      Good analysis from James Kelly of Tory moves to neutralise the Scottish Government and democracy.

    29. Still Positive says:

      Aye I still carry those SNP ‘Proud of what we have achieved’ leaflets in my handbag.

    30. Dr Jim says:

      I went to a good school where they taught English history English literature English Geography, I guess you’re getting the point by now, I never found out Scotland had any history about anything until I was about 16 years old and I did that myself after filtering out the absurdities and lies

      The lesson is, keep the electorate ignorant of the facts, keep them unaware of the truth, keep them blind to the machinations of those who would rule and use them, and you win constant power

      It’s how our older generation were mostly taught or not taught to be more accurate, and it’s how our media and overlords still behave

      Keep em ignorant and keep em angry at each other
      Sectarianism good, Bigotry good, Division good
      Oh and keep em worried about imminent war with somebody that we tell em is bad, anybody will do

      Just keep em from actually thinking for themselves
      Inglish democracy rules page 1 of 1

      Make sure every government and media agency gets a copy and we’ll rule for life

      Yours sincerely, Inglind

    31. yesindyref2 says:

      The Scotsman only has to read the comments btl to know which way the wind is blowing, and then look at the declining standard of comments on the Herald – and reporting on the Herald – to realise it has a chance to reverse its declining fortunes. I’ve noticed a fair improvement in its standards of reporting the few times I look.

      Herald’s on its way out, even the Unionists don’t like it. Torrance is about the best it’s got!

    32. AllyPally says:

      Unemployment is down. Employment is up.

      The number of inactive people is up. Not working, not seeking work. Who are they?

      Are they people like me, WASPI women with private pensions that kick in at originally planned retirement age, not yet entitled to state pension, not working, not seeking work?

      Maybe students, but how many students can afford not to work?

      Are they married to a worker, happy to keep the house? How many these days can afford to do that?

      Just curious. Who are these people?

    33. Liz g says:

      Thepnr @ 8.38
      LOL….. Right… the salmonella in the chickens & the mad (tarnished oor rep as well)cow thingy means over all..big picture… the Union disnt brook well for our farming.
      So there… right back at ya.
      As for the ” Garlic ” road signs… well they would think that wouldn’t they otherwise???…..this is from the organisation that originally banned it..still wondering when they will work out it’s no a vampire thing for the tourism but the actual Gaelic,then they will re-bann it!
      …… I am with Graf Midgiehunter @ 9.05 a good reason to leave it the only thing I can think of..

      Seriously I was always wondering in 2014 when a journalist was ever going to ask… what’s in the Union for the Scots?
      What exactly do we get,, especially when it was claimed as the most successful Union ever…EM successful for who,says I?

    34. Gary45% says:

      Did some contract work for Tory Yoon the last couple of days, (heil reader!!) the usual cranky comments and thinks the sun shines out of Col Blimps ar*e.
      I hate to say it but you can lead a Scottish horse to water, but will have to hold its head under the water to make it drink.( and then it would deliberately drown itself)
      I have no interest in the “Hootsmon”
      “been there done it.”

    35. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The TWTPTS script was effective when most of us had no real understanding of how The State works.

      Even a decade ago, anyone going on about mass media control, propaganda models, ‘manufacture of consent’ etc was regarded as a crank. Now, enough evidence has become common knowledge that the main players (e.g. BBC) are hypersensitive about any criticism, and try their best to accommodate ‘conspiracy theory’ within their preferred narratives.

      The more they do this now, the more they confirm their own precarious grip on mass consciousness – that should be cause for celebration. ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’? Dunno who said that, but if it’s true, consider how much effort has gone into putting our nation and people down. Over centuries. What would be an appropriate/expected ‘reaction’?

      The British State knows that – short of exterminating peoples altogether a la Tasmania- the reaction comes in time. It always has.

      In Scotland, thanks to a fundamental respect for ‘democratic’ processes, the reaction has been peaceful. And it’s working. The more they try to divide us with crude BTUKOK jingoism and sectarian shit-stirring, the closer we get to true independence.

      As anyone who’s ever been in a real fight will attest, there’s a big difference between ‘doing nothing’ and ‘keeping the heid’, even if, to the observer, they appear exactly the same.


    36. heedtracker says:

      Great title!

      “While the Times Scotland section and the Guardian simply didn’t report them at all.”

      Twa cheeks of the same tory arse. Wish to god stinky old Graun would go behind a paywall too though. Murdoch’s goons like Gillian Bowditch are no different from a pro liar like Carrell o the Graun, Scotland editor, of never printing anything much, about his Scotland at all, except vote Scotch tory, red and blue.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      There is a gap in the market for a straight honest newspaper in Scotland.

    38. auld highlander says:

      Liz g at 8.23

      It has let the residents around the Moray Firth have a good look at the new aircraft carrier which was stationary in the firth for three days between Balintore and Forres, now it’s in Invergordon and has been since last weekend. Seemingly there is a problem, a crew member said a shaft and someone else said a prop.

    39. Geromimo says:

      Most MSM are a waste of space… wonder their sales figures are diminishing. I now have to check the crossword to make sure they are accurate

    40. yesindyref2 says:

      @auld highlander
      Debris in the prop shaft I think.

      Probably needs a new UJ …

    41. dakk says:

      Nice expose Stuart.

      Brits and their media will only ever crab Scotland,but I’m surprised they decided not to link the economic successes as being due to some British beneficence like the’vow’.

      They probably couldn’t condense it into a nice banner headline so just buried it instead.

    42. auld highlander says:

      a Hardy Spicer one from a motor factors will do as the country is broke.

    43. David McCana says:

      And the awful thing is they are doing it deliberately!

    44. Seepy says:

      Is falling Daily Mail circulation due to people giving up?

      I’m going with….


    45. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’? Dunno who said that, but if it’s true…

      Yes it is true or at least not yet proven to be false 🙂 That is Newton’s 3rd Law. The other two are right as well although Einstein did through a bit of a spanner in the works with his Theory of Relativity.

      That’s OK though, Einstein could not have succeeded without the previous work of Edinburgh born and educated James Clerk Maxwell. One of the greatest physicists the world has known.

      In the millennium poll – a survey of the 100 most prominent physicists – Maxwell was voted the third greatest physicist of all time, behind only Newton and Einstein. On the centenary of Maxwell’s birthday, Einstein described Maxwell’s work as the “most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of Newton”.

      So there you you go, in science as in many other fields Scots can hold their own and can be rightfully proud. Only those that continually think we’re not good enough see us as being “too wee”. We’re not, far from it.

    46. Liz g says:

      auld highlander @ 11.39
      Well that’s it then…..a look at the aircraft carrier ye say?
      Turns oot ah wiz wrang!
      This Union has given us so much…some Scots got a look at an aircraft carrier,canny harly believe it.
      Colour me so grateful,this was worth waiting 310 years fur,and nearly given the weans unpasteurised milk, so it is!

      auld highlander…can ye tell me….what did the aircraft being carried on it look many plane’s were on it?
      Could ye see what colour they were…?
      I canny leave the Union noo, I have the protection of aw they plane’s…!So grateful!

    47. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Aye the P&J had some carrier coverage with photos showing the carrier”dwarfing the oil rigs” in the firth. What crap, the thing looks tiny compared to the rigs and it was dwarfed by the pipe laying ship that was there next to it.

    48. auld highlander says:

      Liz g at 12.17.

      Hilarious, maybe we will have to wait another three centuries plus ten years for them to steal the cash to kit it oot.

    49. Liz g says:

      Alan Mackintosh @ 12.25
      The plane’s Alan whit aboot the Union saving plane’s.

      Tell me tru did the oil Riggs kill them,that damm oil… killin the only guid thing about this Union.

      Ah well mibbi something else will turn out to be good for the Scots in this bloody Union….

    50. Liz g says:

      auld highlander @ 12.29
      Well em that’s the kind of mood ye get into while waiting on a young/auld highlander comming oan the telly.(Jamie Frasier in 1743)
      Outlander one 15 more 4…. don’t miss it every one!

    51. Cadogan Enright says:

      The fund-raiser has been stuck at 69% for the last hour or so.

      But not bad for first 24 hours – too much to expect it in a single day I suppose, even given the popular objective

    52. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says: 13 July, 2017 at 11:27 pm:

      ” … that should be cause for celebration. ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’? Dunno who said that, but if it’s true”

      Yep! It sure is true. The guy you quoted it from was, Sir Isaac Newton, an English mathematician, astronomer, physicist and one of science’s greats who wasn’t a Scot.

      It’s true that outside of Westminster the English, on the whole, aren’t really a bad lot. I’m sure, if we get shot of Westminster rule our two nations will get along just fine.

    53. Ghillie says:

      Scotland is being trolled by it’s ‘own’ media. Where else in the World does that happen?

      This is negative propaganda designed to keep a Nation’s people in a hopeless and depressed state of mental health. Bizarre.

      Except it’s really coming from the government/ruling elite of the so called partner in union trying to keep their neighbour down and bullied. That is abuse.

      And every individual, be they journalists, broadcasters or online trolls are complicit in that.

      And hastening their own ill health.

      To continualy and maliciously twist towards the negative and the dark must eat at their hearts, minds and souls. That is indeed a very dark path they tread.

      I pray for them. It’s not easy, but I do.

    54. Robert Peffers says:

      50 years working at Rosyth Dockyard and I believe I could diagnose the problem from here in Kelty and I’ve never even seen the carrier.

      Been on many shake down trials and the most common problem is tight bearings on the main shafts. It is really better to leave the bearings on the tight side and if/when they get hot open them up and scrape the high spots to size.

      The alternative is unthinkable and very bad workmanship. If the bearings are slack there is only one cure. New bearings and start the whole process again. By the way this is NOT ball bearings we are talking about.

    55. Liz g says:

      Robert Peffers @ 1.14
      I am so very sure you are right about our English cousins, Robert!
      Because,. as ….. Someone of note …. once said…better a good neighbor than a surly lodger…. don’t know if I got it exactly right Robert and I canny for the life of me think who said it… LOL…
      But the truth of it is undeniable… don’t ye think.

    56. crazycat says:

      @ Cadogan

      The fundraiser may have been stuck because of technical problems; I tried to make a donation and got an error message.

      After 3 attempts, I decided to try again in the morning.

    57. Thepnr says:


      Are you not in bed yet lol. Obviously I see your not and neither am I, their is a touch of eccentricity about Wings regulars and that’s a good thing.

      We are non conformists, we won’t stand in line because we’re told to, nor will we humbly accept a shit sandwich that the Tories are currently handing out.

      When you do get to bed eventually. Sweet dreams 🙂

    58. Az says:

      “…we seem to be having some technical issues here on EBC One. We’ll broadcast this episode of Panodramarama, “Why Brexit Will Leave You With No Pension” as soon as we can.

      This is EBC One.

      PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN, PAY ATTENTION. [music: Land of Hope and Glory]

      You have elected your leaders, and now you must leave them to do their jobs. These people are experts, and they are doing a job that lay-people cannot. Stop fighting democracy – just accept it, accept whatever deal our democratic government gets, because we’re all British and that’s how Great British democracy works. Stop worrying.

      EBC One. Shortly we have classic British comedy “Dad’s Barmy”, where Private Pikey gets in trouble with a faulty blackout torch!

      After that another feature length episode of the excellent “World War II in Colour and Stereo”, followed by the quarter-finals of the pie-on-eering show “British Masterpie”, where things are really heating up. Guest pie judges this week are none other than Roger Phatt of Formby Dale Pies, and pie afficionado Jacqueline Baillie from Helensburgh, up there in North Britain.

      Then it’s the radio on just in time for “Sailing By” and the shipping forecast, and remember to stand for the national anthem.

      Tomorrow, on EBC One, Adrian Chiles presents another in his moving series “An Inkling For A Tinkling” about life in a troupe of Lincolnshire-based Morris Dancers, Sue Barker presents another “Memories From Wimbers” and of course we’ll have full, uninterrupted coverage of England’s seventh test against Zimbabwe, where the boys hope to avoid a whitewash.

      [music – There’ll Always Be An England]


      EBC One, it’s two o’clock. Here are the headlies:

      The Queen has returned to Buckingham Palace after having a gallstone removed. Her majesty is said to be cheerful.

      President Trump offends people with Twitter tant.

      A new survey has found that Bridden is the best place ever.

      Phew! A tropical heatwave is on the way to the shores of Blighty.

      All coming up in full detail for you at four o’clock, as well as some more on the ongoing English city riots.

      You’re watching EBC One.

      [music: Jerusalem]

      I beseech you, viewer: lie back and think of England. The green and pleasant land of babbling brooks and twittering tits. Ignore the cities burning in riot. The call of the woodpigeon, viewer, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Yes, viewer, freshly cut grass.


      This is EBC One. Here are the headlies:

      Russian President Vladimir Putin has been blamed for American power-cuts.

      Prominent Tory Peer, Lord Saville-Glitter, has called for North British separatists to be banned from the internet.

      Historian proves that Bridden won the war more than anybody else,

      and in sport, England in wonderful win at rainy Edgbaston. Here’s our cricketing correspondent, Bob Agnew.

      Thank you Mike. Well I’m just looking at a stork wading on the crease here, and you’d have no idea of the fantastic scenes here earlier, and a good batting performance by England, all-out for 204 in tough conditions.

      The gods intervened after lunch and torrential rain saw the match end, England winning by three runs on the Duckworth-Lewis method, gloriously avoiding a series whitewash. Now, didn’t someone leave an EWCB brolly around here?! Back to you, Mike!

      Thanks Bob, and we’ll have in-depth analysis and extended higlights of England’s humbling of Zimbabwe, as well as some more on these so-called city riots across England in the news at ten o’clock.

      This is EBC One.

      [music: Rose of England]

      This royal throne of kings. This sceptred isle. We are all Briddish, across all of England, and on to North Bridden. A land of hope and of glory. We won the war because we’re jolly well stiff-upper-lipped. All the greatness of the greatest of Great Britishness – Winston, Victoria, Florence, Benjamin. Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag! Get into an Eton Mess after dinner! The university boat race! Spotted dick! Carry on laughing!


      EBC One. Here are the headlice:

      Vladimir Putin has been blamed for starting the minor scuffles in cities in England. Eyewitnesses say he has taken an active role.

      A scientist has proved that a town in England is the best place on Earth – but which town is it?

      Global demand for jam products is expected to soar, spelling good news for British industry.

      President Trump calls for North British separatists to be put on a travel ban.

      Washout! Britain is predicted to have weeks of torrential rain, with some areas being washed away entirely.

      All the top stories and more on the small scuffles around English cities later this evening. Plus another chance to see England’s superb win in the cricket.

      You’re watching EBC One. [music: Agincourt Carol]

      Coming up today on EBC one, we have “Hammer Over The Homes” with perky new host Martell Maxwell House, our afternoon movie “Sink The Bismarck”, followed by the eagerly awaited semi-final of “The Great British Casserole Contest”, where judge Stew Potts will expect the contestants to push the boundaries of creative casseroling.

      But first here on EBC One, we have a special programme speaking to Jeremiah Combine about the importance of independence to nations around the world. Jeremiah talks about in-depth about Tibet and Palestine. Except for viewers in North Britain.


      You’re watching EBC One.

      [music: The Lark Asending]

      Dear viewer, a crisp sunrise across the dewy green of England is like nothing on Earth. It is the greatest achievement by God himself, as we Great Britsh join in building our new Jerusalem. The minor scuffles are as nothing to this blessed island. All the…”

      ^ click ^

    59. Alison Rollo says:

      Where would we be without Wings?!! Sad we can’t get everyone in Scotland reading. You highlight the disgraceful discrepancies of our MSM brilliantly. Talking down Scotland constantly and if it’s not pointed out no one notices the slow drip drip feed of toxic bad news or blatent lack of positive news.
      Don’t stop Rev — we need you!!

    60. Macart says:

      Uh Huh!

      Worth reading this:-

      Don’t say people weren’t warned as far back as indyref 1 campaign. ‘Power devolved is power retained, not ceded’. Jack Straw

      Not seeing much evidence of partnership, respect or unity about a naked attempt to steal said partners resources and assets. That’s the word right? Steal? To appropriate without permission or prior agreement. Pretty much think most pro indy commentators may have mentioned a thing or two about Westminster’s track record on appropriation during indyref 1 and here we have a prime example of a QED moment.

      Better Together… not really living up to billing.

      We can stop this. We can put an end to these actions from ever happening again, but it needs your help. When (not if), the Scottish Government comes looking for your specific mandate and permission, the choice will be YOURS to make.

      Who do you trust with the stewardship of your resources, your interests, your lives, needs and aspirations? Westminster or Holyrood?

      What kind of country do you want to live in?

    61. Davy says:

      It may just be me but after the good news a couple of weeks back about how well our NHS is doing, their appears to be an effort by the MSM to deliberately start running it down again.

      Is it just me ?

    62. sinky says:

      Word has gone out to Yoon press to ensure negative coverage of Snp response to the repeal bill power grab and Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels.

      Both Scotsman and Herald have identical repeal bill Q n As which is from London bubble viewpoint

    63. Capella says:

      @ Az – that is a brilliant summary of the state broadcaster. You forgot “The Archers” and “Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover” but the tone is just right. Well done.

    64. Capella says:

      @ Ghillie 1.20
      Scotland is being trolled by it’s ‘own’ media. Where else in the World does that happen?

      The satellite states of the former Soviet Union. People used to feel sorry for us in the UK. At least they knew they were being lied to.
      Jews, socialists, trade unionists, Roma, people with disabilities in the former Nazi Germany. Most decent people knew they were being lied to.

      Native Venezuelans today. The media is mostly owned by wealthy white colonials (oil magnates for example) who detested the Chavez government.

      It’s probably quite common.
      In the former Soviet Union people produced “samizdat” alternative newspapers.
      We have the Internet. 🙂
      But watch out for Theresa May’s anti-net-neutrality laws.

    65. schrodingers cat says:


      john harris points out that brexit has to happen, a touch of realism creeping in to the msm

      i would add i can see no mechanism or anyone in westminster who can or is willing to stop it.

      treeza has few options, she can carry on negotiating a deal which she cant agree to and the uk will drop out to WTO rules in 18 months with no deal, or she can walk out sooner with the same consequences.

      it is now only a matter of when this happens, not if.

      it could be argued that walking out sooner is better than waiting 12 months with a backdrop of bad economic news and brexit stories.

      my money is on september after german elections.

    66. heedtracker says:

      BBC is Pravda.

      If youre in the mood for a bit of culture shock, UKOK wise, trot down to Pacific Quay, Clydeside, Govan, Glasgow, BBC’s £400+ million PFI studios. The BBC signs on either side of the glass box of great British anti Scottish democracy attack propaganda, are absolutely breathtaking huge.

      There is no other media corp, let alone public sector sign this big anywhere. Maybe MacDonalds big M but even that’s not as giant as the BBC Scotland sign on Pacific Quay.

    67. galamcennalath says:

      @Az @ 6:08

      Now you’ve confused me. Was than an actual transcript from recently?

      If so, I think I can detect a few of those undertones the SweatyNats keep moaning about!


    68. Ken500 says:

      The Tories are heading for less say for more money. The shambles of Brexit. Even more £Billions wasted. To line the Tory/Unionists pockets. More Quangos to fill their boots. They are just despicable.

      Imaging not having the SNP representation to stand up for Scotland. The Tory liars would try to walk all over Scotland, instead of getting the boot. What a shower. A warmongering Party of wets. poseurs in uniforms. Will they get called up? They will get called out.

      How long can this farce continue? The Westminster unionists and their cronies trying to destroy the world economy. Clueless sychophant ‘psycho bastards’. Their own discription. This pantomime continues on. Like some clueless saga. The Tories will be gone before long. Leaving their mess behind them. Another muck up. Wasting pubkic money like water. May has had her day. It will all end in tears. Not allay any fears. The Tories are eating themselves. Gorging and troughing on public money. An absolute disgrace.

    69. cearc says:


      I thought I was reading the Radio Times there.

      Not forgetting ‘Thought for Today’, God says, ‘Lie back and think of England and don’t forget Mrs. May is a vicar’s daughter.’

    70. galamcennalath says:

      ‘Scottish’ Daily Mail

      “SNP gangs up to derail Brexit”

      … same as everyone else not driven by rampant out of control Greater England Nationalism.

      I am now totally convinced the Establishment does not want to leave the single market and customs union. When the CBI is also ganging up to derail Brexit, you know business and industry isn’t for it. And the Tories, nutters aside, won’t defy the CBI.

      The problem is they need excuses to go soft. Hey, let’s blame the Scots!

    71. heedtracker says:

      2014 Project Fear raged at Scots, vote Naw Thanks or lose millions of finance jobs. How come none of this real world UKOK zone news, appears on BBC Scotland BetterTogether attack propaganda news?

    72. Come on in Rev, the water’s warm and comforting.

      I’ve been doing the good news thing for a few months on my Psych’s advice at

      No Bird or Campbell in my life and it feels better!

      The Prof as was

    73. Ken500 says:

      Thanks Prof

      That would be over 60% in the UK support Remain. The Tories are eating themselves. Gorging on public money. Shortly they will explode. It will all end in tears. Always does. They can’t help themselves. The excesses sycophants.

    74. heedtracker says:

      Nice example of our imperial masterdom/tory twit. This one’s on Ligger Neil’s BBC Politics Show, a lot! Here’s why.

      Daniel Hannan?Verified account @DanielJHannan 17h17 hours ago

      In Uganda to discuss post-EU trade opportunities. I wasn’t prepared for such a mood of optimism and enterprise. I wish I had come before.

      Daniel Hannan?Verified account @DanielJHannan Jul 10

      Theresa May holds out a hand to Labour on the EU. Labour peevishly bats it away. OK, brothers, we did try.

    75. gerry parker says:

      I gave out the last of my “Proud of what we have achieved” and NHS leaflets at the GE campaign. Could do with an update, good, non candidate specific material that can go out at any time to boost the independence campaign.

    76. Yerkitbreeks says:

      It’s a continuing London-centricity that means this is in the MSMs opinions just low grade local news.

      You didn’t have a take on the National ?

    77. Arthur Martin says:

      @ heedtracker
      Thanks for these links.

      That’s pretty grim reading, but has a double edge to my way of thinking. These types of headlines worked to good effect for Better Together during Indyref1 and caused many Scots to bottle it right at the end of the campaign.
      Should I castigate myself for hoping, assuming no Indyref2 before leaving the EU, that the effects of Brexit will cause great harm to Scotland which will ultimately lead to Scottish Independence?

      I hope that it doesn’t come to this and that ordinary Scots come to their senses and grab the opportunity of Independence when it is offered for a second time. One thing is becoming clearer with the passage of every day, if we stay in this dis-united Kingdom Scotland’s future will make the Thatcher years look like a walk in the park.

    78. Maybe the unionist media are working on the premise that by reporting all these good news stories, you can give Scots too much of a good thing.

      Which could give the people of Scotland ideas above their station?
      Now we can’t have that can we?

    79. Rock says:

      Front page headline news in the “independence supporting” The National I presume?

    80. jfngw says:

      The Stormer (aka This Week) had such a diverse set of inhabitants

      Andrew Neil
      Michael Portillo
      Ed Balls
      Nigel Farage

      The first three on the list along with a Corbyn ‘biographer’ gave their opinions how he should go forward, turns out he should be more right wing it seems.

      Then a bit of entertainment at the end when someone a bit left wing was rounded upon by Neil & Portillo. Portillo also claimed that Farage was elected, not quite correct Michael, as the u-boat captain said in Dad’s Army ‘his name will go on the list’.

    81. heedtracker says:

      Arthur Martin says:
      14 July, 2017 at 9:49 am
      @ heedtracker

      It is interesting that this is all from the tory press, but over a year after the EU ref. There’s much more too, except in Scotland, where everything is UK great/SNP bad.

      Its hard to see anything other than decline for the UK now, its not like the UK is another manufacturer like Germany or Japan.

      I think UK’s ranks 7 or 8 in world manufacturing nations share, which is great but stats wise, its a tight packed league placing, with loads of countries like the UK around 2%, from Russia to Mexico, Italy, France, and Canada.

      Is or was, EU membership the boost that’s kept the UK just ahead of the pack? We’re going to find out.

      USA’s got over 30%.

    82. TheWasp says:

      Every time I’ve watched Daniel Hannan on television he has talked down to everyone on the programme like he is mister neverwrong
      He must be one of the most obnoxious smarmy people on the planet. His Peruvian countrymen must be glad he bats for england now

    83. cearc says:

      John Robertson,

      A very good ScoopIt page it is. It is one of the start up tabs on my laptop.

      Lots of good news, excellent for starting ‘bus-stop conversations’.

    84. Muscleguy says:

      @Dr Jim

      I was 6 when my family moved from small town Ayrshire to Dunedin, New Zealand in ’72.

      My primary school there had a good one room library. Curious about the country of my birth I borrowed and read everything historical I could find there and in the public library.

      It wasn’t a particularly all encompassing learning experience but it sounds like I taught myself more than if I relied on being taught about it here in Scotland if we hadn’t emigrated.

      Dunedin was a Free Church of Scotland colony. First place in NZ to start a university scant years after landing and you can still hire or buy a kilt there (the city has its own tartan), used to have a distillery, a Burns society and there was one butcher would do a fullsized haggis to order. So books on Scottish history in the schools there is in retrospect no real surprise.

    85. Countering the negativity of the MSM is an uphill battle that plunges me into despair. Then I remember how successful the campaign for independence has been without their support – but with the growing influence of sites like Wings – and my optimism soars. We’ll get there.

    86. Robert Thomas says:

      It’s essential we have an honest news service. As a newly registered member I hope Wings will provide this.

    87. Mussolini says:

      I’m gobsmacked that no one has yet spotted the obvious spin on the trains news:

      Finally, proof that the SNP are fascists, they got the trains to run on time.

    88. Rob Smith says:

      “They” can’t do us down hard enough, can they?!
      Thanks for the great article.
      Best wishes. Rob S!

    89. Fred says:

      Thanks cearc, John Robertson now on my favourites bar, slainte’

    90. Liz g says:

      Robert Thompson @ 12.07
      Welcome aboard Robert

    91. Az says:

      Hey, I realise it’s 24 hrs and two posts later so no-one will read this, but thanks to those who enjoyed my rather long BBC pisstake post.

      I will reproduce this with corrections and maybe a few extras the next time it is not wildly OT

      Love to all, as always. xx

    92. MazMcG says:

      Great article.. x

    93. Corrado Mella says:

      I have a problem.
      I remember things.
      Things I read.
      Things I see.
      Things apparently unrelated.

      Then, I join the dots.
      And the picture I see is terrifying.

      One senior BBC news editor said they don’t report NHS Scotland great A&E performances, Scotrail trains 98% on time or other Scottish excellence because “it’s service as advertised”.

      So we’re getting on (well) with the day job, but the populace need not know, lest they could counter the latest Jackie Baillie vomit inducing lie.

      To get near a consensus on Independence, we need to neutralise these blatantly declared enemies, with ANY means possible. There, I said it.

      We are at war. Time to admit it.

    94. Neil Sinclair says:

      Thanks to the Rev for being the bain of MSM. Keep it up.

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