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A respectable scumbag

Posted on July 31, 2014 by

This man is still regularly invited on TV by both the BBC and STV as a serious pundit.


Were anyone to still be unsure of the fact that different rules of behaviour apply to Unionists and Yes supporters, we invite them to consider the evidence.









Take a second and imagine we’d said any of that, readers. But more even than the obvious offensiveness, consider what it says about the Scots. According to Ian Smart – an educated man who can’t claim ignorance as an excuse – Scottish people (or perhaps just nationalists or the SNP or Alex Salmond) apparently hate English people, Polish people, Pakistanis, Jews, Catholics, black people and all dead people.

Apparently it’s only the civilising influence of being ruled from London that stops us all being Neanderthal racist thugs. Within moments of a Yes vote angry mobs would be roaming the streets lynching all foreigners – even though it’s Mr Smart’s party that constantly denigrates anyone born abroad as an undesirable.

We gave up long ago the thought of this vile little man being held to account by the Scottish media in the same way that “cybernats” saying far less offensive things are. But is it really too much to at least hope that he stop being paid by the taxpayer to appear on our screens to spread such poison?

Sadly, it probably is.

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    1. 31 07 14 23:11

      A respectable scumbag | Scottish Independence News

    248 to “A respectable scumbag”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      He’s looking for a reaction it must be a psychological need he has look at me look at me..

    2. Minty says:

      An attention seeking idiot. He does often post this stuff in the evenings, which suggests he’s partaken of ‘refreshments’ before tapping out 140 characters designed to offend. Shouldn’t be getting a gig in the MSM after previous form, but this is Scotland…

    3. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Does anyone know how Ian Smart ever became a ‘serious pundit’ in the first place?

    4. Maureen says:

      I wouldn’t p..s on him if he was on fire! Ignorance, and arrogance – he deserves a place in Westminster!

    5. McHaggis says:

      Mr Smart is the epitome of the “attention whore”.

    6. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Alistair Darling needs to control this idiot and ensure that he keeps his poisonous comments to himself.

    7. Mikep67 says:

      What a total racist scumbag.

    8. Murray McCallum says:

      It’s his hatred of the First Minister, the SNP and Scottish cringe that guarantees his slots on news programmes. He has been a regular on BBC.

      This is why Ian Smart posts these things. It simply guarantees the producers that he will be “on message” when he is on TV.

    9. Patrician says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I think he was originally a Labour party spokesman, so he is teflon coated as far as the MSM is concerned.

    10. donald anderson says:

      Who is Ian Smart. The name appears with other lumpen comments regularly on the Scotsman. The standard of anti Scottish journalism is so low that it has attracted Old Firm type lumpens from the tabloids.

    11. Leo Foyle says:

      To Hell with the Scottish media holding Ian Smart to account – what are the police doing about this obvious hate speech?

    12. kininvie says:

      I saw that on Twitter without noticing who the author was. My first reaction was “No, Alec will be pleased, because it utterly proves the point that Scotland is not anti-English”

      Then I saw who wrote it – and to be honest I was even more puzzled, because the only possible interpretation is that Mr Smart thinks Alec – and by extension the rest of us – actually WANTS people to be anti-English.

      It beggars belief that, after so much evidence to the contrary, Darling – with his ‘blood and soil at heart’ and creatures like Smart still appear to think that there’s some kind of hidden racist agenda behind Yes.

      I don’t think it’s a sort of perverted spin for advantage. I think they genuinely believe it….

      It’s very worrying that educated people can so completely cut themselves off from the reality of what this is about.

    13. Harry McAye says:

      Oh dear. “Scumbag”, “vile little man”, Stu you will be “monstered” in the next few days and Smart’s tweets will be forgotten as he receives another late night invite from our wonderful media.

    14. heedtracker says:

      Every country that Britannia once ruled will have had their own version of twerps like Ian Smart. No doubt they all wished they’d listened to the cringing idiots, all 120 of them:D

    15. Black Douglas says:

      What an odious little man. 😮

    16. Calum MacKinnon says:

      Is this the same Ian Smart of, good, “reasonably”
      left wing politics, e.g. Anti-apartheid, etc.? And a Paisley Lawyer? Please tell me it isn’t!

    17. halftracknat says:

      the perturbing aspect of this of course is the fact that Ian Smart is a lawyer and past President of the Law Society of Scotland.

    18. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Patrician –


      I suppose we should now brace ourselves for an onslaught of tweets from Slabbers keen to distance themselves from this clown…shouldn’t we?

    19. He does seem like a classic case of ‘small man syndrome’. I imagine if he’d been born in Alabama, he’d be the first to don the bedsheet and pillowcase.

    20. Graeme Menzies says:

      Does anyone know if this creature is a member of any legal faculty like Alistair Darling? He professes to be some kind of Lawyer.

      Please advise, as I will gladly submit a complaint regarding his behaviour.

    21. HulloHulot says:

      Well, I guess I can look forward to reading about this as an unprovoked shameful cybernat attack on a popular political pundit in the Mail or whatever tomorrow.

    22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Is this the same Ian Smart of, good, “reasonably”
      left wing politics, e.g. Anti-apartheid, etc.? And a Paisley Lawyer? Please tell me it isn’t!”

      It is.

    23. JimnArlene says:

      I can quite well imagine the furore, that would ensue, if anyone one yes side said anything remotely like the above “Smart” comments. Utterly deplorable.

    24. Calum MacKinnon says:

      Oh! Thought so. So disappointed. Was good at one point. What happened, Promise of a seat?
      Perturbing- Aye – more than! Ed: I think we should be told – – -etc.

    25. JimnArlene says:

      On the

    26. David McCann says:

      You can almost smell him from here. I can only presume he hates his brother as much as he hates every other Yes supporter.

    27. MoJo says:

      never heard of him…….never want to….

    28. Susan says:

      The fact that Ian Smart mentions 2 black people shows how racist he himself is. Otherwise, why would he even mention the athlete’s skin colour?

    29. Ken500 says:

      It’s about time the Polis had a word. This is racist hatred. Why are Labour/Unionist lawyers above the Law? It’s disgusting.

    30. Alex Grant says:

      Smart regularly appears on TV with other interviewees who could use the opportunity to ‘call him out’? If this happened every time the media would stop using him??

    31. Calum MacKinnon says:

      Ach well we all change – but not that much! Ah, unless there was no change at all? errmmm

    32. Stakhanovite says:

      Ian Smart is a Cumbernauld solicitor, ex president of the Law Society of Scotland, and the son of an ex provost of Paisley.

    33. mary vasey says:

      What an obnoxious creep – was going to say odious but black Douglas got there before me.

    34. bookie from hell says:


    35. Brendan says:

      The Salmond / Darling debate will NOT be televised live by Borders TV.This is a disgrace. Can we start some kind of mass campaign to make Border TV aware of its responsibilities to its viewers in Scotland i.e north of Carlisle?

    36. I believe he was on the ‘sarah smith show’ last night,im sure the BBC are delighted with his tweets.

    37. Croompenstein says:

      What did it matter if they were black? is that supposed to make it worse? He seems to be saying that he believes the FM to be anti-English and also anti-black. Flipper must distance himself from this or else be guilty by association

    38. Stakhanovite says:

      Isn’t his brother Citizen Smart?

    39. Tam Jardine says:

      Honestly – who could watch the athletics tonight and come up with such a crass, offensive tweet.

      I think it’s called projection when you project your own prejudices onto someone else. Very sad, risible stuff. I suppose it must infuriate the No camp so much that the Scotland Ian Smart opposes is not racist, not bigoted or sexist.

      Somebody who cares about him needs to have a word and get him some help.

    40. Proud Cybernat says:

      Okay, from reading his twiits, Ian Smart is an odious little scumbag. How exactly does this move the debate forward?

      Just asking like.

    41. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Looking forward to reading Alan Cochranes comments.

      Ah took that too far, sorry peeps.

    42. Calum MacKinnon says:

      As far as the Nazi’s are concerned ask him about the Daily Mail (Rothermire) -, oh, all right then – the Queen Mother’s etc,. support for them! History re-written – -again!

    43. Davy says:

      Ah but, if the media actually have a go at him, he does a disappearing act to somewhere abroad, just like he did after his “poles & pakis” comments.

      Next thing thing we knew, was he went away on holiday, VERY suddenly, and if he thinks things are not going his way he also goes very very quiet for a few weeks.

      Smart by name, gutless by nature.

    44. G H Graham says:

      This appears to a subconscious effort by the Unionists to invoke even a microscopic example of bigotry, racism & homophobia by anyone from the YES side, especially during these international Commonwealth Games.

      Gutted that the English competitors didn’t get booed at the opening ceremony or indeed at any of the events since, they’ve been trying to encourage anyone to step out of line so that the media can assemble a social lynch mob, right in front of the Commonwealth.

      The fabricated claims about Mr. Bolt is just the latest attempt to create something from nothing, in the spiteful hope that the British media can expose for all the world to see, how mean spirited, small minded & bigoted Scots are.

      And while it has failed, it clearly demonstrates the depth with which the Unionist are willing to psychologically project their own bitter, narcissistic character.

    45. Calum MacKinnon says:

      OK – I’ll go for it, he’s pissed! — Allegedly.

    46. Croompenstein says:

      OT – Oh FFS Ebola virus at the Commonwealth Games!!

    47. Marcia says:


      He is.

    48. Paula Rose says:

      Does that Ian Smart realise his comments are on public display? – I’d be embarrassed to be related to him, is he an ordinary man?

    49. Calum MacKinnon says:

      Again. And – – – – – Allegedly.

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Do we know whether Ian Smart is available for after-dinner speaking engagements etc? Does he have an agent? If not, he should:

      “Smart’s proclivity for provocative post-post-modernist politically-suicidal polemic is, at times, Gervaisian in its audacity…”
      The Sunday Telegraph

      “He is a proper fud. Actually.”
      A citizen of Paisley.

    51. shug says:

      sounds to me like he is trying to incite hatred

      where are the police??

      oh yes chucking saltire flag holders out the games!!

    52. Paula Rose says:

      I have so enjoyed listening to the supporters at the games – this odious man is an embarassment.

    53. kendomacaroonbar says:

      He’s given Darling a huge PR problem if Alex decides to bring this up at the live TV debate.

    54. Stakhanovite says:

      It’s bizarre, his hatred. I knew him quite well, when he worked in Easterhouse for Ross Harper, and he was a genuinely nice guy then, all the local clients loved him, he’s become twisted, maybe he’s ill….

    55. Croompenstein says:

      Flipper will be giving it ‘blink blink look,look it’s just a bit of fun blink blink I mean look you know Ian is merely pointing out that blink blink the girls you know blink were cheered blink blink by the Scottish crowd who obviously believe blink blink we are look you know better together and that blink blink Salmond knows blink blink the game is up and we are better as part of look look something bigger..’

    56. Geoff Huijer says:

      Projection from a very bitter and twisted ‘man’.

      It also confirms my thoughts that a degree or
      ‘respectable’ job does not automatically mean
      someone is intelligent.

      No intelligent person could possibly come out with
      the kind of dross this guy spouts.

    57. Iain says:

      ‘Alistair Darling needs to control this idiot and ensure that he keeps his poisonous comments to himself.’

      Who’ll perform that function for Alistair though?

    58. McHaggis says:

      IIRC he also tweeted regularly, repeatedly and for a period of about a year that no referendum would ever take place.

      A bona fide nutjob.

    59. heedtracker says:

      Mad old Cockers is busy trying to psych out Salmond for the Flipper. This is how it ends for conservative right to rule Scotland, far right Torygraph desperate to boost up backbench Labour MP’s like Darling. And Flipper’s out of job soon, so how can a Labour backbencher such as the Flipper heading for the dole office, answer really big debate questions about the future of Scotland that only PM Cameron knows? Its not exactly a very firm foundation for Scotland debate, phone a friend Alistair?

    60. galamcennalath says:

      I suppose what is going on is that BritNats have deeply engrained xenophobic tendencies which are never far below the surface. They can’t understand that not everyone is the same. Their nationalism simply isn’t modern European civic nationalism.

    61. kendomacaroonbar says:

      You know, the reason that he continues to spout this pish is because he is allowed to get away with it.

      It’s about time that this guy gets a free hurl in a polis car.

    62. kendomacaroonbar says:


      A severe public finger wagging would be a good start, otherwise a creative use of a cattle prod might encourage a change of attitude. No ?

    63. heedtracker says:

      If its a Police matter, call them and make a complaint, which they are obliged to at least check out. Lawyers like Smart know exactly what they’re doing no matter how sozzled they are though.

    64. James S says:


      His brother says he is worse than racist:

      Came across a quote from a disreputable man, Hermann Goering, during his trial at Nuremberg.

      “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

      But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

      All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.


      –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

      It seems that educated Mr Smart, having failed to get selected for any political position, now just SHOUTS inferred hate against any particular group after the referendum.

      How was he ever president of the Scottish Law Society?

    65. BuckieBraes says:

      This is why I have nothing to do with Twitter. It turns sensible people into idiots and the likes of Ian Smart – who appear to be idiots to begin with – into even bigger ones.

    66. Greenmettle says:

      The Rev mentioned on Twitter that Ian Smart is a lawyer, if so is he not regulated by a professional body? I know with my job I have to be very careful with what I post online as if I posted anything like the comments above under my own name then I could be (if reported) hauled in front of a disciplinary panel and struck off the register for bringing my profession into disrepute. As a consequence, I very rarely post anything online and am very careful with what I say in case it could be used against me. Mr Smart seems to have difficult with self-regulating his behaviour and is not thinking about the future consequences of the things he says.

    67. Clootie says:

      What a sad man :@

    68. ScottieDog says:

      Nasty stuff.
      Sadly the govt and MSM pedal similar crap and people haven’t woken up.

      Here’s something all together more serious which people should read. An excellent piece by Chris Martenson..

    69. iccjock says:

      “How was he ever president of the Scottish Law Society?” This question is asked with surprising frequency.

    70. Calum MacKinnon says:

      Ach well, if Ian ever reads this and other things in response. Hell mend you! But I do hope that you are mended. You were good once. You can do it again!

    71. muttley79 says:

      It just shows how even close relatives have widely different views on independence. Alan Smart has been a stalwart supporter of the Yes campaign.

      Ian Smart of course claimed for a considerable amount of time that there was not even going to be a referendum. When this was proven to be absolute nonsense, Ian Smart’s comments have been getting more and more extreme. He is obviously a diehard British nationalist. He is trying to get a reaction from Yes supporters. Don’t give him what he wants.

      On this latest comment, it is bizarre. The talk in the media before the CG was that the English team would get booed. When they did not, the MSM have tried to play up the support given to home nations by the crowds. You could not make this up.

    72. abystander says:

      If these two young women had been booed around Hampden this would have proved that Scottish nationalism is racist in the minds of people like the inaptly named Smart. And indeed that too would have been Alex Salmond’s fault.

      So Scots cheer English athletes proves we are unionists.

      Scots boo English athletes proves we are racists.

      Another thing.
      The World Tonight
      BBC radio 4, has just run a piece on the Commonwealth Games , Scottish independence and how the world sees Scotland. The only politician interviewed was that clown MEP from UKIP. No politician from the YES camp.Outrageous.

    73. Graeme Doig says:

      Ian Smart your name was on the list already but it’s going on again. You have really embarrassed yourself son.
      Think someone needs to install some parental controls on this guys laptop to save him from himself.

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      @kendomacaroonbar says:31 July, 2014 at 10:07 pm:

      “Alistair Darling needs to control this idiot and ensure that he keeps his poisonous comments to himself.

      Jings! kendomacaroonbar, that was really hilarious. I nearly choked laughing! Comical Ali cannot control his own tongue, mind, eyelids or eyebrows never mind control someone else that he agrees with.

    75. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Alistair is the head fromage of the NO camp.. if he can’t keep his troops in order..yadda..yadda…yadda…

    76. allen ralston says:

      ive just had a thought the ” scottish cringe “would it not more accurate to call it the “unionist cringe” as i dont see any yes supporter cringing

    77. pa_broon74 says:

      Just goes to show, you can be as intelligent or well educated as you like, but there is no substitute for wisdom.*

      He reminds me of the ‘history woman’ character on Twitter – AKA the Katie Hopkins of the no campaign.

      * I say that as if I have my head up my own arse – I’m fully aware of my many, many shortcomings.

    78. Tartan Tory says:

      Had no ideas who he was before reading this piece. Don’t care to know who he is now either. Just another numptie who thinks he’s more important that he is(n’t). I’m sure his parents are proud of him, in that special kind of way…

    79. allen ralston says:

      roll up roll up roll up ,Ian Smarts circus is in town again

    80. Macandroid says:

      He is obviously in need of psychiatric help or is blootered or both.
      Even so the polis or the men in white coats should be involved.

    81. James S says:

      In slightly related news, the Poles #EatApples to annoy Putin:

      A protest that helps support their local producers and economy. Small country with bigger neighbour.

    82. Paula Rose says:

      @ allen ralston – the Union cringe – yep.

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’s that flea circus again…scratch, itch, claw, scrape…

    84. Paula Rose says:

      ( Tartan Tory love – is our big ride still happening? not smut Rev dear )

    85. Robert Peffers says:

      @Leo Foyle says: 31 July, 2014 at 10:16 pm:
      “To Hell with the Scottish media holding Ian Smart to account – what are the police doing about this obvious hate speech?”

      Before the police can take action they need an official complaint from someone. I put it to you that complaining may indeed see a charge brought against the, for lack of a more acceptable term, man. However, that means the police must investigate and submit a report to the Procurators Fiscal. Smart is, (God help his clients), a member of the legal profession and they are very well known for protecting their own. If by some miracle the Procurators Fiscal were to go ahead with charges then the next stage is a court case with the same point that the legal profession are well known to protect their own.

      By far the best advice is a bit like the little lambs, “Leave them alone and they’ll come home, Wagging their tales behing them.”.
      The tales, though, probably win more open minded folkd to YES than confirm closed minded folks to NO.

    86. kininvie says:

      @Tartan Tory

      How’s it going? Our canvass today caught a couple of people who were CON for 2011 who are voting Yes now. You are not alone!

    87. Defo says:

      Bletherskite Smart isn’t doing it by accident. Bowfin Bawbag !

      (i’m almost up to C in my Scots vernacular dictionary)

    88. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Greenmettle, he’s a past president of the Law Society. Maybe that makes him untouchable?

    89. Les Wilson says:

      He is a nasty, creepy, wee worm, of a “man?”. The police should be looking into his comments. I would rather like to see how he would cope in the Bar,L .

    90. Edulis says:

      When he comes out with these tweets I half think he is a secret Yesser displaying how loopy the BTNT can get.

      After all, no sane, educated person would be prepared to make themselves look so ridiculous. On the other hand maybe he does have metal condition. Can his brother enlighten us?

    91. Robert Peffers says:

      @Calum MacKinnon says: 31 July, 2014 at 10:19 pm:

      “Is this the same Ian Smart of, good, “reasonably”
      left wing politics, e.g. Anti-apartheid, etc.? And a Paisley Lawyer? Please tell me it isn’t!”

      o.k. Calum – it isn’t but that’s a lie and I only said so ’cause you pleaded to be told it wasn’t.
      Laughably the truth is it is one and the same Ian Smart.
      No matter how much one attempts to engage in debate with the numptie no one has yet managed to do so.

    92. Steve Quinn says:

      Nothing respectable about people who bend the truth so much that they break their own credibility. Gentleman no more. Scumbag more likely. Who will listen to this gibbering? Ian Smart would not know the truth if it were to save his life!

    93. Big Jock says:

      Well think about this.He would rather focus on the two English athletes than focus on Eildh Child winning a silver and doing a victory lap in her home nation.He cares not a jot about Scotland too busy looking for political gain .Racist bigoted little p,,ck.Next he will be singing we are more English than you aka the N eire Football fans.

    94. Paula Rose says:

      ( Tartan Tory will be at SeaFest demonstrating his fillit skills with me )

    95. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Let’s see, if the Scots audience boos the England team that proves we’re all evil racists and we should vote No to distance ourselves from that. Is that how it goes?

      But the Scots audience didn’t.

      So we should vote Yes, right?

      Ah, but it seems that if the Scots audience cheers a couple of English athletes, especially if they happen to be black, that proves Scotland loves the cuddly friendly union and so will vote No.


    96. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says:31 July, 2014 at 10:41 pm:

      “Does that Ian Smart realise his comments are on public display? – I’d be embarrassed to be related to him, is he an ordinary man?”

      Of course he is not an ordinary man, Paula Rose.
      He’s – a NO supporter.
      He’s – a lawyer.
      He’s – He’s Labour supporter.
      He’s – a bigot.
      He’s – a racist.
      He’s – full of hate.
      He’s – got a bad case of Scottish Cringe.
      Just how sub-normal can you get?

    97. sausage fingered luddite says:

      Romania Cunningham summed it up quite well- he wants the attention and a response on twitter.
      Bringing shame on my great town and football team ad well. I wonder if he’s a friend of Terry kelly?

    98. David Agnew says:

      A nabob of negativity who I think may very well explode with bile when we win.

    99. Big Jock says:

      Well all the signs are that the no side and the BBC are losing the plot.They are throwing Union Flags around Glasgow like confetti.Here’s a very interesting thing.When London had the Olympics every street had Union Flags.Glasgow has no street Saltires you get more in Tesco and Sainsburys!The supermarket an know their customers the council want to ignore theirs.Not one Saltire along the clydennor Buchanan street yet loads of commonwealth flags!

    100. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      You can’t expect any better from those who want “British jobs for British workers” and regularly castigate foreigners. Ian Smart is simply projecting his own disgusting prejudice onto those of us who are revolted by Blue Labour’s lurch to the right to try and appease UKIP voters and middle england.

    101. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Ian Smart – what an odious human being.

      Has he actually been at any CG events. I have and my family have and the Glasgow crowds have been amazing. I am so proud of my country and my countrymen who have supported all countries and creeds without favour.
      This is what true sportsmanship is all about and we should be proud of our people and our country.

      Hopefully, the CG boost will move the Yes campaign ever closer.

      This is why Ian Smart posted this appalling note – Scum.

    102. brian hay says:

      This man is a seriously damaged individual. Also a complete and utter arsehole.

      Is he on medication or something?

    103. Paula Rose says:

      ( Robert honey, sub-normal and the Rev’s allusion to learning disability are outwith my area of humour – note to all btw )

    104. caz-m says:

      McLeod of the Scottish Times got his BBC Scotland contract extended yesterday, Tomorrow Mr Smart will also get a contract extension to his BBC Scotland contract. Both of them rewarded for taking the fight to the evil Nats.

      @kininvie 11.21pm
      “Our canvass today caught a couple of people who were CON for 2011 who are voting Yes now”.

      It’s happening all over Scotland, slowly but surely people are beginning to realise that a YES vote is the only way we will take Scotland to the next level.

      And the British Red Cross guy who came to my door today, also told me that he has came over to YES only two weeks ago. He is still wondering how it took him so long to see the light.

    105. benarmine says:

      I wouldn’t call him zany comedy relief Stu. Somebody might click on it and the less oxygen he gets the better. I think I mean of publicity there.

    106. Robert Peffers says:

      @Defo says: 31 July, 2014 at 11:21 pm
      Bletherskite Smart isn’t doing it by accident. Bowfin Bawbag !

      (i’m almost up to C in my Scots vernacular dictionary)

      Weel then, Defo, ye micht hae cam aboot this ane : –
      clytach – n. = incomprehensible talk, originaly in a foreign language, (esp Gaelic), sensless chatter, balderdash.

      Now was that not a very handy Lallans word to learn in the context of the present topic?

    107. sausage fingered luddite says:

      Rosauna, not Romania. I Feckin hate smart phones!!!

    108. Big Jock says:

      BBC London are doing a great job for yes.I have never seen so many angry people at my work saying.Where are all the Scottish people in Glasgow have they been sent to Wick by the BBC.Its deplorable that they have an American in the studio from a non commonwealth country over having any Scots!I think we are the last slaves in western Europe.They used to say that about the Irish!

    109. macart763m says:

      What an appalling man.

      An exemplary advert for the status quo and no mistake.

    110. Paula Rose says:

      Robert as we are a bit O/T are you familiar with the work of Lorimer as regards the Scots language?

    111. crazycat says:

      @ caz-m

      Just so long as it isn’t too slowly! I’d be happier if the conversions speeded up a bit.

    112. Paula Rose says:

      crazycat doll – it’s up to us.

    113. crazycat says:

      I know Paula – I’m doing my best and having some success, but I’ve got a few intransigent ones who are resisting all blandishments!

    114. caz-m says:

      sausage fingered luddite
      “Rosauna, not Romania. I Feckin hate smart phones!!!”

      Brilliant! LOL.

    115. Paula Rose says:

      Today I shifted a No to undecided/Yes – we will do this.

    116. Oneironaut says:

      @Robert Peffers
      “Comical Ali cannot control his own tongue, mind, eyelids or eyebrows”

      To be fair, the eyebrows aren’t under his control.
      They’re actually a very rare species of large hairy caterpillar that he trained to sit still on his forehead, but they’ve been slowly driven insane over the years by having to listen to him spout his usual factless drivel all day long, so tend to fidget and move around a lot now…

      As for Ian so-called-“Smart”… I wouldn’t waste time calling the police on him.
      People like him have always been above the law, and right now they’re even more immune to the consequences of their actions and speech.

      Actually I quite like seeing their unhinged ranting… It means they’re scared. Very scared.
      Come independence day, all the power they love so much will evaporate into nothing as the Scottish people they walked all over for many years decide they’ve had enough of arrogant sneering bullies like him.

      Vote Yes, even if it’s just to bring this guy, and all the others like him, down! 😉

    117. JWil says:

      Yes he was on the BBC Scotland 2014 programme last night.

      I have noticed over several months that it is the BT dirty tricks brigade who write the rules of engagement, the lies the obfuscation and the misrepresentation, but, according to their cyberposters, it’s only they who are allowed to use such tactics.

    118. Paula Rose says:

      We are doing this to bring people up.

    119. Indy_Scot says:

      Ian Smart alone is reason enough for Independence.

    120. Paula Rose says:

      Wings over Scotland – cybernat central, there are many many people out there who will benefit from an Independent Scotland. That is what we work towards.

    121. Thepnr says:

      Here’s some good news. If you have read Wings for a while you would know of the fight I’ve been having to win over my Mother in Law to the Yes side.

      This is a battle that has been taking place for over a year. Well this week I had her on holiday in a wee cottage with me and the missus. I fed her lots of Yes facts not propaganda.

      She dithered, then yesterday we had a wee drive to Killin and stopped at the Falls of Dochart Inn for some grub. Now I had her in the right environment :).

      Once more she expressed her hatred of all things Salmond. I simply said “If Salmond was to drop dead on the 17th of September, would you then vote Yes?”

      She replied “How do you know what I’m going to vote, it could be Yes or No”. Hahaha she’s always been a No, seems like she is now undecided or even a Yes.

      Never give in!

    122. Paula Rose says:

      Ian Smart is a fucking idiot, I don’t do this with him in mind – I do it for people who are starving – that is an embarassment.

    123. caz-m says:

      A lot of us are showing signs of anger for no particular reason.

      I think I have the answer, it’s because we have been forced to watched so much BBC TV. They are the only organisation that are showing the Commonwealth Games, so we have no option.

      To most of us, it is a complete overdose of Bias television. Our minds are just not strong enough to take so much bullshit in such a short period of time.

    124. Paula Rose says:

      (thepnr xx)

    125. Paula Rose says:

      Nope caz-m I’m loving it- who needs any more encouragement than the fact that our country is again brimming with confidence – go for it my friends, we will be a nation again, silly PS I was born in England.

    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says: 31 July, 2014 at 11:57 pm:
      “( Robert honey, sub-normal and the Rev’s allusion to learning disability are outwith my area of humour – note to all btw )”

      Now! Now! Paula Rose. I’m normally very, very careful in my use of language. I will now quote you the Dictionary definition of the word : –
      ‘subnormal’ = adj. less than normal; having low intelligence. – subnormallity n. – subnormally adv.

      There is thus no connotation whatsoever of, “learning disability”, real or implied – simply exactly what I intended, ‘a person of lower than normal intelligence’.

      There are certain terms that often have their meanings abused.
      Here’s a couple of others : –
      vertigo – is an actual spinning sensation – it is NOT fear of heights, (acrophobia).
      geriatric – is simply elderly – it is NOT any form of a mental condition.

    127. Truth says:

      My usual response to things like this is “I prefer his brother”.

      And for those unfamiliar, it really is a case of chalk and cheese. His brother Alan is a yes supporting all round decent guy.

      Citizen Smart. Check him out.

    128. Rock says:

      Stuart you are doing a great job calling a scumbag a scumbag.

      I can’t wait for these scumbags to leave Scotland after a Yes vote.

      Please start a new article where we can make a list of the 700,000 who are going to leave so that it can be on record after a Yes vote and monitored for compliance.

    129. Paula Rose says:

      Robert – you are such a petal xx

    130. Indy_Scot says:

      The bizarrely ironic thing about all of this is, the more they try to make Independence not happen, the more likely they are to make it happen.

      As someone more wiser than me once said,

      ‘One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it’

    131. Grendel says:

      I learned a long time ago, never post on social media after a drinking session. Perhaps someone could point this out to Mr Smart.

    132. Paula Rose says:

      Grendel dear – I never do it sober, but then I have strong moral fibre.

    133. bookie from hell says:

      He’s a lawyer

      what’s his defence?

    134. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says: 1 August, 2014 at 12:06 am:

      “Robert as we are a bit O/T are you familiar with the work of Lorimer as regards the Scots language?”.

      Briefly. My Scottish Lallans Language was learned at my Grandmother’s knee. I was brought up on a farm and did not hear actual English spoken until I attended school. Imagine my sheer delight upon picking up a short story by R. L. Stevenson and finding I was more at home with his Scots than the English language.

      At secondary school I made a point of using Scots at least once in every class. I got Lochgellied for doing so but what really annoyed the dominies was that I was normally the top in English. With one terms exception when I had been seriously ill. That term I came second.

      That short Story was, “Thrawn Janet”. It can be read on-line here : –

      Enjoy a great read.

    135. Thepnr says:

      Who exactly are these sad people like Ian Smart, Grahamski, Duncan Wherewithall?

      They seem to me to be very bitter individuals who spit out the dummy when things don’t go their way.

      I am so ashamed now that I was once a strong Labour party supporter. These individuals posing as those that believe in equality, living wage, an NHS free from privatisation are two faced liars. They make me sick.

      I will never vote Labour again, they cannot possibly represent my beliefs. Liars, troughers and chancers describe perfectly those mentioned above.

    136. Wee Alec says:

      No desperately wanted the crowd to boo English competitors. It was never going to happen. They really don’t get it, do they.

      Mr Smart, if your reading or your followers are reading this, I’d recommend you go to this link.

      It end – Shall brothers be for a’ that.

      That poem alone sums up what Independence is about.

    137. Paula Rose says:

      Don’t worry doll (Thepnr), in the twittersphere they are getting desperate, one sight of my high heels and they turn to jelly!

    138. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says: 1 August, 2014 at 12:30 am:
      “PS I was born in England”.

      Now you are the very last person I thought I’d need to post this much posted information to, “The People of Scotland are those of any colour, creed or country of origin who are mainly resident in Scotland and are registered to vote in Scottish elections.

    139. Robert Peffers says:

      I though to say goodnight with a lesser known poem by Robert Burns. He might have written it if he had lived in Scotland today.

      Epigram On Rough Roads

      (Type: an Epigram).

      I’m now arrived-thanks to the gods!-
      Thro’ pathways rough and muddy,
      A certain sign that makin roads
      Is no this people’s study:
      Altho’ Im not wi’ Scripture cram’d,
      I’m sure the Bible says
      That heedless sinners shall be damn’d,
      Unless they mend their ways.

      By Robert Burns.

      Good night Err! Morning.

    140. tartanpigsy says:

      Guys please remember Ian does have a ‘Smart’ brother by the name of Alan aka ‘Citizen’ who is indeed a smart member of our ranks. It must be hard enough for him knowing what his brother tweets/ thinks.

      And there is, as we know, only one reason, desperation,

      “We’re on our way from misery to happiness again aha aha, aha aha…”

      Keep the heid, we’re doing this.

    141. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I have also had some minor success in turning a total anti-SNP labour supporter this week.
      He was looking for top ten points for and against the Union. Lots of reasons for Indy – could not think of one for the Union. He is one of my best friends and I think he will turn.

      So keep plugging away – it is slowly moving our way.
      If I can turn my staunch labour pal – we can turn anybody.
      (Well maybe not everyone – there are still some dimwit Tory and Libdems who are beyond any hope!)

    142. frazer allan whyte says:

      Instead of wasting the perfectly good word “pundit” on Mr Smart, why not use its anagram “dip-nut”? It seems to fit the nature of the beast.

    143. Marco McGinty says:

      Big Jock says:
      BBC London are doing a great job for yes. I have never seen so many angry people at my work saying. Where are all the Scottish people in Glasgow have they been sent to Wick by the BBC. Its deplorable that they have an American in the studio from a non commonwealth country over having any Scots! I think we are the last slaves in western Europe. They used to say that about the Irish!

      And did you hear the rubbish coming out of Johnson’s mouth on Tonight At The Games? He’s been working with the BBC for a few years now, so is probably conditioned to the Britain is England pish, either that or the BBC has demanded he makes some disparaging comments, but he managed to come out with the following;

      “It’s been a fantastic few nights, and tonight of course, well with Blessing [Okagbare], of course who starred there, and of course with the ENGLISH, I keep wanting to say British, the English girls – they are all British though actually, so English girls……………and it was a fantastic night, and then of course with Eilidh tonight, that was fantastic just being in the stadium…”

      Thankfully Kirani James was sat on the couch next to him, and when it came to his recollection of the games, he sang the praises of Scotland and the Scottish people. He’ll probably never be interviewed by the BBC again!

    144. JLT says:

      My God …and they say Nationalists are deluded, narrow-minded, tunnel visioned people. Seriously, in these last few years, and especially during the referendum debate, I have found those involved in the ‘Yes’ side are some of the most open minded, highly intellectual with a good deal of integrity about them.

      This guy Smart …jeez …does he not realise that God was having an ironic moment when he blessed this guy with his surname.

    145. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Well said.

    146. john king says:

      Kendomacaroonbar says
      “otherwise a creative use of a cattle prod might encourage a change of attitude. No ?”

      hhmmmmpppphhhh! 😉

      Graham Doig says
      “Ian Smart your name was on the list already but it’s going on again. You have really embarrassed yourself son.”

      this is my list
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart
      Ian Smart

      Nice to have met you the other day Graham you should have gone over to the wings stall and introduced yourself, remember if you ever need a lift along to PQ? 🙂

      Allen Ralston says
      ” “unionist cringe” as i dont see any yes supporter cringing”

      Unionist UNHINGED,
      there fixed that for you.

      Allen Ralston (again)
      “roll up roll up roll up ,Ian Smarts circus is in town”

      Funny you should say that, I was sitting at traffic lights yesterday behind a van with a circus advertised on it, (cant remember which one) and on the back it says
      “no clowns are kept in this van overnight”
      which I thought rather funny, but he’s clearly not in there (at least,not overnight) 🙂

      Paula Rose says
      “Tartan Tory love – is our big ride still happening? not smut Rev dear )”

      Are you talking about a convoy from Aberdeen to Glasgow?
      A guy called George Kempic is organising that on Facebook (you’ll not miss him)he’s got over a hundred vehicles signed up already (I would have gone if I wasnt working

      Paula Rose says
      “Tartan Tory will be at SeaFest demonstrating his fillit skills with me”

      ? Does this mean the next time we meet you’ll have an (ahem) enhanced cleavage?

      Sausage fingered luddite says
      “Romania Cunningham summed it up quite well- he wants the attention and a response on twitter.”

      Sausage fingers not getting any less sausage like, are they? 🙂
      edit;”Rosauna, not Romania. I Feckin hate smart phones!!!”

      Snigger, 🙂

      On visiting one of my favourite gardens (which shall remain nameless for reasons which will become apparent)
      I encountered my freind who is the head gardener and his cohorts who when he saw us his face spread into a beaming smile since we hadnt visited the garden for a while, he was concerned for our health, we spent half an hour talking to the the three gardeners and enjoying the very warm sunshine, but as we began our goodbyes the head gardener said “oh, we’re all for yes as well” the other two nodding in agreement,
      the confused look in my face was how did he know?
      Irene pointed to the little yes badge on my collar
      he went onto to say he was out every night canvassing with his little shopping trolly.
      (The gardeners being employed by a local authority is the reason I dont want to mention the garden)
      Irene and I left our dear freind (dearer that he was half an hour before)as the sun went behind a cloud, but we didnt care, the warmth was all around us and we felt happy.

    147. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      A few wee insights
      – you get to be president of the Law Society of Scptland by getting onto its Council (easy, because good lawyers are too busy to do it) and the the Buggins’ Turn principle; go to committee meetings long enough & shuffle the papers in the right order
      – I was a member of LSoS for 30 years and had never heard of Smart until his cretinous Tweets started – yes, his presidency was that distinguished
      – he has a 1 man band legal aid practice in Cumbernauld, and it will have been hit hard by recent legal aid cutbacks (necessitated by austerity, of course, but let’s blame Alicsammin);
      – he’s from the same Glasgow Uni Labour Party Club as the BBC’s Pacific Quay politbureau, hence the ability to be a “prominent” lawyer and walk on water (BTW, he’s not even prominent in Cumbernauld);
      – 2nd rate lawyers like Smart love the Presidency of the Law Society of Scotland; it’s a step on the greasy pole (sorry, couldn’t resist that) to being appointed a sheriff or some other well paid, well pensioned post; I suspect Smart reached the glass ceiling and may be bitter about that too
      – I suspect his presidency put him in the front line of negotiations with the Scottish Govt, and he got his miserable a*se kicked; more bile & bitterness, but he should take comfort form the fact that it happens to all presidents (apart from those wily enough to hide under the bed for 12 months).

    148. Vambomarbeleye says:

      I have a number of German friends. All born after 45. I have told them that I can now sympathise when getting called nazi. At least they don’t get called it by their own country men just ignorant auslanders.
      After the yes vote is it time for another ragnans roll?

    149. Haggis Hunter says:

      A man blinded with hatred supported by a simmilar state broadcaster and corrupted organisation(s). He is asocciated with hate crime and happy with the days of sectarian division.
      Sad excuse of a man and the media, if we can call it that, which is the final undoing of a corrupt psuedo union.

    150. Vestas says:

      Mr Smart is clearly a racist/hate speech enthusiast.

      He might think he’s ticked all the boxes to stop people saying that but his posts/tweets/drivel have all the authenticity of a “I’m not racist, I know black people but…”

      The fact he’s totally lost the plot is good news because he clearly thinks that No are losing.

      To steal a line from Eddi Reader :

      “there’s small-minded people all over this world”

      Mr Smart is the poster child of this.

    151. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland and GMS reminding us every five minutes this morning that there is no Ebola outbreak at the Commonwealth Games.

      They are reassuring us that their is NO Ebola outbreak at the Commonwealth Games. A BBC Scotland spooksperson said,

      “So just to re-cap what we said earlier, the athlete that was tested for Ebola has not got Ebola. I hope the word Ebola is not frightening you or causing you any panic.

      We did not intend to cause any panic or create another negative non-story about the Commonwealth Games, but we do have to keep the public informed.”

      It does remind you of the Usain Bolt non-story yesterday.

      I do wish BBC Scotland would stop running the Commonwealth Games into the ground. Shame on everyone of you at Pacific Quay who are behind these scare stories.

      Please Vote YES to rid us of these bastards at BBC Scotland once and for all.

    152. Grouse Beater says:

      ‘Scumbag’ is a good American colloqualism.

      Smart is on the establishment’s side, he can say what he wants. References to Nazism are welcomed as justified and indeed not something to be ashamed. Mosley would be proud.

      The deeper, more sinister implication of Smart’s toilet politics is knowing he expresses a hatred not only of the SNP, but above all of democracy, a loathing shared by the Labour party.

    153. Croompenstein says:

      Now into August..tick tock

    154. BigRik says:

      I only see a torrent of nazi abuse coming from one side , namely Mr Goebbels.. er.. Smart , sorry , easy to get them mixed up. Another who thinks by insulting at least half the population of Scotland , his side can win. Unlike him , i have a long memory , he should obviously seek medical help , after the court case for racist tweets of course. Perhaps if we vote YES , he will move away, to be closer to his UKIP and O/O buddies.

    155. EdinScot says:

      It speaks volumes that Smart cant bring himself to mention Eilidh Child setting Hampden alight with her silver medal. It obviously hurts to remind himself of this. Sad bitter twisted little man.

      The Ebc Anglo home nations coverage was a disgrace last night in particular. We only joined Eilidh Childs medal ceremony when she was already on the rostrum as they were speaking to an English male athlete who finished 7th in the 200m. Then when Ebc Scotland spoke to Eilidh Child directly beamed all around the stadium, auntie was caught with her knickers down as uber Britnat Gaby Roslin informed us they were unable to link up to the microphone. Aye right! So they ignored the scenes of saltires waving for Eilidh all around Hampden and interviewed other athletes while this was going on around them.

      We now know that too much Scottish success upsets the Ebc as they had to show us English flags non stop after Eilidhs race just so we know whos the boss.

      The Ebc have made a compelling case for us to pull out of the commonwealth and get rid of Betty. I must thank them for bringing that to everyones attention. The thing is they wanted to teach us that England rules the airwaves et al. Well do they Scotland? We will get our answer in 5 weeks time. The papers have seemed to have had a complete blackout on allowing letters of complaint about the CWG as i know of others who have sent them including myself.

      Their propagandisation of our Games will haunt them for all time and it was the stuff of desperados. It smacks of people who know they are beaten. You blew it Ebc. Cheerio.

    156. Hewitt83 says:

      Old school Labour duds like this just have a raw, seething hatred for Salmond and the SNP. And because they are never held to account for what comes out of their mouths they’ll get the venom gladly pour out.

      They are best ignored.

      For as long as I live, Labour will the last Party I would ever vote for and I include the Tories in that.

    157. toshtastic says:

      Im more disappointed with the number of retweets & favourites for that bile

    158. grahamlive says:

      A few commenters on here saying that Smart is, or at least used to be a nice, genuine guy. This seems to happen a lot with these Labour guys. A local Labour councillor I know is like that. A more decent guy you’d struggle to meet but mention Alex Salmond or the SNP and he turns into a swivel eyed loon.
      Anyway, astounded to learn that this guy is the brother of Alan “citizen” Smart. Baffling.

    159. big jock says:

      The Empire on it’s death throws got to love it. Glasgow will be remembered in history as the final end for Britain. Gabby has an agenda her hubbie is in Just Say Naw. You can imagine the conversations in their house. He wants a vote in the country he doesnt want to live in its so good under the UK rule! He is also known as a proud Scot. Seems to be a lotof rugby guys like this. But I suspect John Beattie is a good guy he just cant say it on BBC.

    160. Robert Peffers says:

      The point about people like Smart is they have no valid points to make. So, being a pointless exercise, what’s the point of trying to make a point of it? The point being Smart’s pointless points are best ignored so what’s the point of giving him attention? It points to a tactic of ignoring the guy as he does more harm to his own side than he does to ours – and that’s the real point.

      I’ll get my coat!

    161. John H. says:

      The UK government is pledging over £2million to rebuild Eastbourne Pier.Why?Surely it should be up to the local council and charity collections to raise the money.That’s how most money is raised these days, even for the most deserving causes, is it not?

    162. Brian Powell says:

      And never mentioned is the 1936 British Olympic team doing the Nazi salute at the opening ceremony march past, the British Legion officially meeting with German counterparts in the late 1930s, Oswold Mosley (in Labour and Conservative Parliaments), the King’s sympathies with Nazi Party, the Conservative and Unionist MP imprisoned for Nazi sympathises.

      It’s a not very funny old world. I think the BBC, who have him commenting on the political programs, and the newspapers who never challenge, are desperately hoping if they can only get through Sept with a No vote, it will all go away. Fat chance.

    163. Paul says:

      O/T A family member works at a well known polling company and she tells me that Yes/No are now both on 50% with the don’t knows heavily swinging to Yes. Look out for the next polls from others to see if this is uniform.

    164. Robert Peffers says:

      @grahamlive says: 1 August, 2014 at 9:04 am:
      “Anyway, astounded to learn that this guy is the brother of Alan “citizen” Smart. Baffling.

      Perhaps a case of acute sibling rivalry, grahamlive. Could it be that the good brother was his mother’s favourite? So there has been a lifelong compulsion for the bad brother to constantly seek attention? It is not unknown for children to misbehave in order to get attention as a substitute for affection.

    165. Free Scotland says:

      Smart? He certainly doesn’t live up to his name.

    166. gerry parker says:

      @Iain Taylor. 6:56

      Summed up nicely sir.

    167. Oneironaut says:

      “I simply said “If Salmond was to drop dead on the 17th of September, would you then vote Yes?””

      ooo, I like that. Might be the ideal line to try using on the disturbingly high number of Salmond-hating No voters in this town.

      At least it might give me an idea of how many of them are still capable of thinking for themselves and thus still salvageable.
      Thanks for that! 😀

      (Just hope none of them think I was making them an offer!) (O.o)

    168. Free Scotland says:

      Countdown conundrum: iansmart – martians, i.e. creepy, wee green men.

    169. goldenayr says:

      Bummer,just been banned from the BT FB page.And I wasn’t even half as offensive as Smart(misnomer).

      Don’t think they liked me being unconfrontational.

      Or because I kept posting links to favourable stories like this.

    170. caz-m says:

      The Edinburgh Festival starts today.

      I wonder if BBC Scotland and the festival organisers have any rules made up for this event regarding YES material.

      Will they ban YES badges or YES Saltires.

      C’mon Edinburgh, show the world that there is actually a referendum taking place in Scotland on 18th September.

      Unlike BBC Scotland, who don’t want to tell anyone of any Referendum.

    171. Ken500 says:

      Ian should seek help. A good AA rehab facilities should be available. Get back some self respect.

    172. ‘Leading Question’ – Ipsos Mori poll coming soon to a media outlet near you.

      My wife spent 30 mins answering very leading questions about how much Scotland will suffer if a YES vote occurs.
      And asking what areas are covered by ‘each’ government set up; (Scottish or UK).

      Many questions suggesting UK is responsible for NHS, Scotland cant use pound so whats the alternative ?, How will Scotland defend itself outside of UK, Europe and NATO ?

      How safe would you personally feel knowing that the RN would no longer defend Scotland?

      Who would defend finances in terms of a banking crash?

      How could Scotland defend itself against the ‘Four Horseman of the Apocalypse’ when they turn up on the 19th September ?, etc, etc.

      Would she be happy if Scotland benefitted and England suffered after Independence (honestly?)

      Please watch out for this one!!!

      She asked who was financing the poll / survey but they would not tell her anything other than it was being undertaken for IPSOS MORI; I thought thay had to tell you if you asked, could be wrong ?

      Anyway listen out for those ‘horses folks’. This is one where the questions must be fully released, cause they are shockers.

      Ian Smart apparantly originally had a double barralled last name (which he dropped in the name of socialism); can anyone guess what it is ?

    173. Robert Peffers says:

      @Brian Powell says: 1 August, 2014 at 9:19 am:

      ”And never mentioned is the 1936 British Olympic team doing the Nazi salute at the opening ceremony march past.”

      Here’s a list of most post WWI British Facist Parties: –

      The British Fascists, founded in 1923 as the British Fascisti was led by a woman, Rotha Lintorn-Orman, They supported Italian fascism from 1931 to their demise in 1936.

      The National Fascisti, a splinter-group of the BF founded in 1924. They fully supported the tactics of Benito Mussolini but fell away after the British National Fascisti, broke away from them.

      The Imperial Fascist League, also broke away from the BF. Formed by Arnold Leese in 1929 they embraced Nazism after Adolf Hitler came to power.

      The British Union of Fascists was formed, in 1932 ,by Oswald Mosley was the largest British fascist party. It absorbed other groups and had support from leading figures including members of the House of Lords, Commons, many Knights of the realm, as well as from the Daily Mail.

      The National Socialist League, a breakaway from the BUF, formed in 1937 by William Joyce and John Beckett, and not wound up until 1939 when Joyce emigrated to Nazi Germany to become Lord HawHaw.

    174. john j says:

      I like the bit about the SNP supporting the Nazis. In that era half the English Tory Establishment would have been happy with a Nazi victory and quite a few of the Royal family as well.

    175. chalks says:

      Couple of good indy stories from the herald…buried in amongst he business news is this from lloyds:

      Notice that the bbc is running with the rbs one….80% owned by uk gov…..lloyds 25%…..funny change of opinion from them both

      Then Shell promising to invest BILLIONS off Shetland

    176. Jim Marshall says:

      I am reminded of the 1960s tv series GET SMART in which Smart was a bungling secret service agent. Oddly enough Ian Smart closely resembles this tv character not only in looks but also in incompetence. Mind you the tv character was comical whereas Ian Smart is unfunny and very nasty.

    177. Edward says:

      John H

      You obviously haven’t heard yet of Boris Johnson’s new plan to build a high speed orbital railway around London

      A mere snip at an estimated cost of £ 200 BILLION

      Like the multi billion pound Cross Rail Project (recently featured on BBC2 (The Fifty Billion pound Railway) its to help London citizens move around easier

      Who will be paying? Like Cross Rail you and everyone in Scotland will be (as well as everyone else in England, Wales and N.Ireland) plus the oil revenues

      So now you realise why they want to ‘pool and share’ resources

    178. caz-m says:

      “O/T A family member works at a well known polling company and she tells me that Yes/No are now both on 50% with the don’t knows heavily swinging to Yes. Look out for the next polls from others to see if this is uniform.”

      Are you telling us we have slipped back to 50% of the vote Paul. We really are slipping up, must try harder.

      I am only half kidding Paul. But I would have said that we were on 50% of the vote over a year ago.

    179. Muscleguy says:

      @Marco McGinty

      One of the Jamaican woman 110m hurdlers last night has tartan ribbons in her hair. I’m not surprised by Kirani James’s comments. Lots of the Caribbean and African athletes have been very nice about Scotland.

    180. David Stevenson says:

      I quite enjoyed reading Mr. Smart’s comments. A sure sign that the No crew have gone beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are not running on empty but on excrement. They have nothing of value to offer the debate or the people. I expect the tsunami of lies, exaggeration, hyperbole and pure poison to get even worse and their media will delight in trying to engulf us.

      Heads up, combat and laugh at the most ridiculous propaganda and attention-seeking trawls like this offering.

      They are losing the people and the plot and they know it.

    181. @big jock

      I just wish the YES voting ‘Scottish’ rugby heroes of the past would get out there to counter the like’s of the BBBC’s Hasting’s, Sole & Nicholl ‘good guy Britnat, Proud Scot .. but bufty brigade’ There’s got to be some out there.

      If not, I’m pretty sure ‘Murrayfield’ numbers will go through the floor if the punters keep getting these ‘UKOK muppets’ representing the modern polished BBC face of Scottish rugby.

    182. big jock says:

      Does anyone know the best organisation to write to about Mr Smart. I believe that casual racism should be reported and not just highlighted.I don’t think this sort of unpleasent charachter should be allowed to appear on a state broadcaster. No point in me writing to the BBC.

    183. caz-m says:

      independiente 9.45am

      The Ipsos Mori poll is for STV. The result to be announced minutes before the debate between AS and AD on Tuesday night. An absolute scandal. And you won’t get a 50% YES vote on this poll.

      From STV website.,

      Salmond and Darling: The Debate will begin at 8pm with the results of a new Ipsos-MORI poll on voting intentions. This will be followed by opening statements and initial questioning of the speakers by STV’s Political Editor Bernard Ponsonby.

    184. ronnie anderson says:

      Just had a conversation with a Secretary of the Faculty of Advocates.

      !st Letter of complaint to the Person concerned ( Ian Smart), who has 28 days to reply to said complaint,failure to address complaint on his part,(stage 2).

      2nd. Complaint re addressed to Faculty of Advocates,
      (complaints many days left untill the 18th Sept,no enough to deal with Ian Smart & shut him up. But forward your complaints, & lets show the Smart man we,re SMARTER that the average muppet that listens to him.

    185. Thought it was a fix, just so sad it is a friendly fire situation yet again from STV.

      They really are an apalling lot to get into bed with UK govt, quite possible they’ll end up doing a better job of lobbying against Scotland than the BBC and that’s saying something.

      Just hope WoS get a hold of the leading questions to publish the fixed questions that were asked and ask why they won’t release who the material was for.

      Total stitch up of YES as we thought, think I’ll get out and canvass that night.

    186. Lene Kruhoffer says:

      Ian Smart is – for starters – bringing his profession into disrepute and a formal complaint really should be made to the Law Society of Scotland regarding this man’s behaviour. I am myself a member of the society and have to conduct myself at all times – both professionally and personally – in a manner which is in accordance with our code of conduct. I think a complaint to the police would be quite justifiable too! I really take great exception to this guy’s racist filth, being ‘a foreigner’ AND a SNP member!

    187. desimond says:

      Knock Knock!
      Who’s there?
      Ian Smart!
      Ian Smart who?

      Exactly!, now lets ignore such sad self-hating non-entities and get back to destroying the real enemy 🙂

    188. No no no...yes says:


      My family watched the Eilidh Child race and we were all enraged at their disrespect for her as an individual, for not showing the full medal ceremony. I phoned and complained to the bbc, tele no 03700 100 222.
      I posted this last night as well.
      This was the most blatant ignorance and disrespect of the whole event. I encourage others to view it and make your decision!

    189. John H. says:

      Edward 9.49am
      I had to change channels from the BBC2 railway programme before I blew a gasket.As for Boris Johnson, nothing he says surprises me any more.

      He wants London to be a city state.So maybe this new orbital railway is intended to be the city wall.The peasants to live outside the wall, only being allowed in to work.

      Paul 9.22am.
      I don’t think even 50% yes is an accurate picture of the position now.I think we’ve been ahead for some time.I’m tempted to put my money where my mouth is, and place a bet on Yes being over 55%.I’ve been saying for about a year now I think it will be 60% yes or more.

    190. desimond says:

      @Jim Marshall

      Our version would be called GIT SMART

    191. desimond says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Your Olympics point reminds me of the old Quiz question:

      Q: Which leader refused to congratulate Jessie Owen on his 1936 ganes victories?

      A: The President of the United States (FDR)

    192. John H. says:

      caz-m 10.01am.
      Salmond v Darling debate.Ponsonby – “Mr Salmond, the Ipsos Mori poll results show that yes are getting nowhere.Why don’t you just give up?”

    193. Robert Peffers says:

      @big jock says:1 August, 2014 at 9:58 am:
      “Does anyone know the best organisation to write to about Mr Smart.”

      The Scottish Police are the correct place to report alleged racist, (or and other form of abuse). However, think about it well before you do. Smart is a great asset for the YES campaign. The only ones who are NOT disgusted by his crass abuse are already dyed in the wool SLABs or Tory/Dems.

      If you speak to YES supporters they are angry but if you speak with those who are DK they tend to be swayed against such obvious hate and bile. Many Labour voters have been really sickened by Smart and he has helped greatly in swinging them AWAY from the union towards Labour for YES. It would be a shame to remove such a weapon for YES from within the NAW campaign.

    194. David Wardrope says:

      O/T sorry, but on the subject of the ipsos-mori poll, do no polls actually ask the question the way it will appear on the ballot any more? For me, any organisation who commissions a poll which does not ask this simple question without spin or trickery really doesn’t want to hear the honest answer.

    195. Peter Macbeastie says:

      What a truly horrible wee git.

      If any clarification was ever needed just what kind of people we are up against, he’s right at the forefront of them.

      A man who accuses Scottish Nationalists of being racists, anti Semites, calls us Nazis today because of what someone may or may not have wanted SEVENTY YEARS AGO.

      The only reason I would suggest not bothering with him at all is because he clearly wants to be abused so he can turn around and go ‘See, they really are all intolerant bigots’ and deny he did anything to attract it. The MSM, of course, would not bother printing anything that suggested he richly deserves every criticism levelled at him.

      I am a SNP member. If it was the party he describes I wouldn’t be. His comment about Salmond and black English athletes should be treated with utter contempt. It is slanderous, beyond doubt, and if Eck was so inclined he could haul the little git through the courts and win. I know he is unlikely to do that, but just occasionally I wish Eck would start hitting idiots like Smart where it hurts; in the courts.

    196. turnbull drier says:


      I also got that poll from Ipsos/mori last night.. I was expecting leading, negative questions but there was one in particular…


      Which of the following would you consider a risk to an Independent Scotland..

      HUGE LIST, each entry starting with “the risk to/of”

      Brilliant.. you really cannae make it up. I ask if none of the above was a valid answer.. They said Yes..

      They did ask “the” question in the form of “If it was tomorrow” which I think I’ve read encourages a negative response..

      Hey ho..

    197. Dcanmore says:

      A sad, lonely, twisted creep who wants bad things to happen at the Commonwealth Games, he must be a ProudScotBut.

    198. desimond says:

      What is it about Scottish Lawyers causing this country such embarrassment:-

      Darling ( resigning from Faculty of Advocates before being pushed due to his antics)

      Our “passionate and emotional friend in the Govan Law Society

      and now this attention seeking wannabee who seems to be suffering some version of 2nd child syndrome.

      ( )

      All brains and no common sense is the apt phrase I believe. That or “Aw yir brains are in your arse”

    199. Rev Stuart Campbell :-

      Labour MP and member of the National Executive Council of the Labour Party – Oswald Mosley.

      Attempted to become a Labour Party MP AGAIN in 1959 and in 1966.

      An inconvenient truth for SLAB scabs and Ian Smart.

      Ian Smart belies his surname.

    200. goldenayr says:

      The Smart(misnomer) tweets are evidence they’re getting jittery.Why else would you chance a court case unless you knew you won’t be in the same country.And if they win,there’s not a hope in hell when it reaches “Englands” Supreme Court,after he contests the charges,of him being found guilty.

      We’re up against the blackest of the black ops guys..expect worse to come.

    201. big jock says:

      This poll on the Scotsman involving John Curtice…does it have any credence or just another unioist negative poll to create disheart.

    202. msean says:

      I got phone polled yesterday,can’t remember who they said they were,it was about the 2015 UK GE,who would I vote for on a scale of 1-10. They ranked the “main parties”,as Lab,Con,Libdem and UKIP.UKIP,being counted as a main party,with no MPs.

    203. alex livingstone says:

      THE SNP and Scottish Government will not complain about this man,they are to frightened to stand up for themselves.And when is Alex Salmond going to start coming out fighting for a yes vote,Derek Bateman told us a few weeks ago the First minister will start to come out soon all guns blazing.Do we have to wait till September the 19thfor this to happen

    204. Training Day says:

      The SG – in the form of Salmond on Tuesday – really now need to break this framing of the Yes campaign as being perennially on the defensive. As predicted, STV and Ipsos-Mori have been working hand in glove to continue that perspective, to the extent of brazenly showing Ponsonby entering ‘briefings’ with Ipsos-Mori staff on STV news. Some ‘independent journalism’ that.

      Time to challenge and ridicule the legitimacy of both the pollsters and ‘our’ beloved broadcasters.

    205. Vambomarbeleye says:

      This could be a case give him enough rope and he will hang the no campaign.

    206. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Training Day

      Bang on the money.

    207. caz-m says:

      STV/Ponsonby are as bad as BBC Scotland.

      Jim Sillars is attending a debate out in the paisley area on Tuesday night, I think Sillars wins it.

      And a wee reminder that the BBC are also holding a marathon 12 hour remembrance for the start of WW1 the day before on Monday the 4th of August. (Same day as the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony).


      Gon yer sel Ronnie Anderson, I will get a complaint into the Law Society as well Ronnie about BBC Scotland pundit Ian Smart.

    208. TYRAN says:

      Look at his Twitter name, Ian SS Mart

    209. chalks says:

      Wouldn’t worry about Salmond, not the first time he has had to contend with a poll.

      I think we’ll all see the Salmond we voted for on Tuesday night.

      God help Alastair Darling as he is going to be questioned and shown up for the hypocritical fool we all know he is.

      His record in government will be on show, his parties record on government, the party he also represents (tories) will be on show and his full scottish cringe will be on show.

      Salmond will have the time of his life watching him squirm whilst he talks up Scotland.

    210. SquareHaggis says:

      A smart man walks into a bar an asks for a pint.

      Ian Smart walks into a bar and asks for a twelve bore, to which he then proceeds to shoot himself in both feet.

    211. Robert Peffers says:

      @john j says: 1 August, 2014 at 9:46 am:

      “I like the bit about the SNP supporting the Nazis.”

      In the first place the SNP never did support the NAZIs. Here is the proven truth : –

      In May 1941, during World War II, Donaldson’s home was raided by police who suspected him, and a number of other SNP figures, of “subversive activities”, due to their support for the Scottish Neutrality League. An informant of MI5 told desk officer Richard Brooman-White that Donaldson intended to set up a puppet government akin to that of Vidkun Quisling in the event of a Nazi invasion. Donaldson was arrested and interned under Defence Regulation 18B, He was held for six weeks.

      Under the release of old documents in 1994, after Donaldson’s death, MI5 papers that led to raids against several Scottish nationalists, claimed, “subversive literature” and a “large cache of weapons” were found in Donaldson’s house. The accusations were absolutely denied by his widow, Violet Donaldson, and by the leadership of the SNP at the time. Donaldson was never charged, and no evidence for the MI5 allegations has ever been produced. Now there’s a surprise.

      Donaldson’s arrest was explained by his protests against the conscription of Scottish women for work in factories in England. Donaldson was quite obviously, (and illegally), a political prisoner. Donaldson remained a member of the SNP throughout the 1940s and 1950s. After 1942, Donaldson became a leading SNP figure and stood as SNP candidate for Dundee at the 1945 general election. coming bottom.

    212. Graeme Doig says:


      Agreed. Salmond spent the last week and a half sharpening the knives. Darling making sure his health insurance paid up to date.

    213. desimond says:

      Ian Smart….an anagram of MARTIANS….the Truth is out there folks!

      Mulder out!

    214. chalks says:

      Also, hearing there is a panelbase poll coming out as well.

      So that maybe tells you all you need to know about the Ipsos Mori one.

    215. desimond says:

      @Chalks, @Graeme Doig

      Quite intriguing to try and guess the tactics of No campaign here – do they

      Play the man and hope Salmond bites and tries to turn it on Darling resulting in just a tit-for-tat in eyes of viewers

      Play the fear card which has already produced questionable results

      Play the Bigger better bluster and hope mentioning United nations, nato, EC enough will obscure the lack of any real facts.

      Play the promises promises card ( which i suspect may see an all-party agreement style announcement) and hope the people buy it and forget previous deceptions.

      Im sure Salmond can handle all tactics but we need a decent Ponsonby chair which I wouldnt expect in all honesty. I expect Darling to play low, loud and dirty.

      The games truly afoot!

    216. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Training day at 10.54
      Any particular reason why Bernard Ponsonby shouldn’t enter briefings with Ipsos Mori? That surely is his job.
      Whether he believes anything they tell him is a different matter
      No idea why that is a point.

      A little paranoia creeps into these posts from time to time. The Scottish Government, which does not own any of the media and has no control of it, is doing just fine as is the YES effort.
      I’ll happily rely on the testament of those who are actually out every night around the doors and who know exactly what is happening. They tell us we are winning

      Main thing is don’t believe the “polls” – they are based on unsuitable and out of date assumptions and cross sections – and don’t be misled by the trolls we get on here from time to time.

    217. Training Day says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill

      We’ve seen above how loaded are some of the questions Ipsos-Mori are asking. Ponsonby’s view of proceedings and conduct of the tenor of the debate on Tuesday is bound to be coloured by what he hears in these briefings, unless he has superhuman powers of objectivity (which he doesn’t).

      So the point is that information provided by Ipsos-Mori will be the main, if not sole, arbiter of the debate – and Ponsonby will be happy to conduct proceedings accordingly. That is not journalism, it’s embedded spoon feeding.

    218. Robert Louis says:

      Iain Smart in many ways is a dysfunctional product of the Labour party. In this interview (picked up by Guido fawkes), we see everything that is wrong with the Labour party, including the interviewees.

      Labour quote of the day: “you don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, you don’t actually win in politics without breaking legs”. at 6 minutes into the interview.

      The Labour party, Charming people. Iain Smart is in very good company.

    219. BigRik says:

      The reason AS is staying quiet is perhaps because there was an agreement about not politicising the CWG. However, the NAW side seem to not give a shit about it , showing , yet again , as if we needed to be reminded , that their words are meaningless.

    220. goldenayr says:

      Re the ipsos mori poll.

      Mibbees it’s the Scotlandshire guys doing a spoof to out the rabids?

      Certainly sounds like it from the Qs.

    221. chalks says:

      I doubt ponsonby will actually be the chair of the debate?

      Will it not be Rhona, or is she still rehabbing Carmichael?

      Anyways, Desimond, Darling will ask the usual questions, currency etc, try to make Salmond look like a fool.

      It will be a fear fest.

      It’ll incorporate everything you’ve said including the fluffy more powers bollocks they come out with.

      ‘So much uncertainty, so much risk.’

      I’m going to enjoy watching it and I hope the majority of Scotland is, as it will be enlightening.

    222. Morag says:

      If the Yes campaign has any sense at all, they will be ready with their own poll to release along with the STV one.

      Dave, I agree with you about the polls to some extent. Polling their own signed-up panels makes it difficult to pick up on grass-roots changes, especially in some demographics. (We also know that some companies are introducing spurious weightings to get the headline result closer to where they think it should be.) But I would also caution against this “testament of those who are actually out every night around the doors”.

      There seems to be quite a big variation in Yes support in different areas. Areas that are good for Yes naturally have more Yes activists and get canvassed more. Activists in less favourable areas (which are often more rural) are stretched delivering the newspapers and leaflets and do less canvassing.

      Not only that, the people getting the good canvass results tend to tweet about it and tell everybody. The ones getting the less good results only say they were out, and don’t mention the result. Check on twitter for these people.

      So there’s a danger of a false impression in the other direction too. The day someone tweets “Fantastic canvass evening in Selkirk last night, Yes 45% No 35% DK 20%” I’ll be stocking up the champagne.

    223. No no no...yes says:

      Whether or not you like Alex Salmond or not, we have to trust that he and the Yes strategists are quietly biding their time. Anyway, this all about what is happening on the ground.
      The polls are not to be believed,there is no precedent to weight their numbers,all spin.
      I am still doubtful that Darling will appear.

    224. Auld Rock says:

      Who is this guy Smart? Personally I wouldn’t waste oxygen or rations on him. As for these dodgy weightings – ‘Lies, Damned Lies and STATISTICS (OPINION POLLS)’.

      Auld Rock

    225. desimond says:


      Im sure it will be fine, and thats including having to deal with the boak-inducing “mention our plucky armed forces past and present every 90 seconds” remit that Alastair will be instructed to follow and whatever scandal is exposed in this coming Sundays papers no doubt.

    226. Robert Peffers says:

      @alex livingstone says: 1 August, 2014 at 10:52 am:
      “THE SNP and Scottish Government will not complain about this man,they are to frightened to stand up for themselves.”

      Methinks you miss the whole point, Alex Livingstone. Why would the the SNP, (a political party), or the Scottish Government, (the party at present in power), want to make a complaint when the attack is upon the cross party YES Campaign? This campaign has as its leader the non-party, Blair Jenkins and his second in command is an independent, Dennis Canavan.

      The fact is that such extreme attacks by total idiots like Ian Smart are a great asset to the YES campaign. The fact is that anyone capable of synaptic action can see that such idiocy as claiming the SNP are NAZIs doesn’t know what a NAZI is. Intelligent people therefore don’t get fooled by Smart and those who are fooled by him have their heads far into a rather dark, smelly and moist place as to be beyond the reach of any sensible argument.

    227. To further expose this specious slur that SNP had any support for Nazism.

      First MP for SNP was Robert McIntyre who won the Motherwell by-election in 1945.
      Lost the seat later that year in the Westminster General Election.

      Point being – with one MP AFTER THE WAR, it is a stretch for Smart to attribute any connection between SNP and fascists, unlike the Labour Party and many Conservatives (Monarchy) who actively supported Hitler all through the 1930`s and 1940`s.

      Like Joe Kennedy,Edward vii, MOSLEY (Labour MP)etc.

    228. Signally, the name missing from donations to the Maryhill Foodbank is our local scab SLAB MP – Ann McKechin – who happily plunders our taxes to feed her face via MP`s EXPENSES for her food.

      Lest we forget – under the direction of Crash and Alisdair, it was SLAB scabs who introduced FOODBANKS that are funded by Charity.

      Crash Gordon has serially abused Charity and Prudence.

    229. Anne Lawrie says:

      A wee Freudian slip by Claire Balding at the CG: We have two English swimmers in the race – one Scottish & one Welsh. Tee hee!

    230. alex livingstone says:

      Robert is does matter the comments are aimed at Alex salmond,he is one being called a NaZI,racist etc by this man.What is Blair Jenkins ,an ex Media insider, doing to counteract this crap and no Word from the Sunday Herald about online abuse from the No camp.

    231. muttley79 says:

      Article by Alan Smart on Bella Caledonia about his brother:

    232. Smart Alec says:

      Attention Graham Menzies

      If this guy is a lawyer then a complaint should be made to the Law Society about his online behaviour as in my opinion it is bringing the legal profession into disrepute.

      If you go here:

      Select ‘Find A Solicitor’ then type ‘Smart’ into the surname field there is an Ian Smart comes up as a lawyer in Cumbernauld. You would need to confirm it is actually him but a quick call to their office should do it.

      Then get back on the Law Society site and get the complaint form filled in. He will then be formally investigated and hopefully held to account for his nasty bile.

    233. North chiel says:

      Ref Cam-z slightly OT
      The transcript on BBC news website ref Bolt/times “interview” ,having
      Read this it is patently obvious that Bolt’s disparaging remarks (as he looked skywards
      ) referred to the rainy weather.
      Just another anti Scottish non story from this “shower” at the London

    234. Taranaich says:

      I appreciate the points in defense of Arthur Donaldson and the SNP in this post: even if you aren’t an SNP supporter, member or voter, the constant smearing of the only governing party in the UK which is actively and demonstrably anti-illegal-war, pro-equality, pro-immigration, pro-welfare, and generally left-of-centre, by comparing them to the NAZIS, is an affront to anyone and everyone. It maligns the SNP, it maligns the SNP’s voters, it even maligns Labour voters when you promote such poisonous lies – especially when UK Labour has abandoned its socialists roots altogether.

      Part of me wonders if it’s simple projection on the part of certain Labour folk: they’re often accused of being Nazis thanks to Blair’s illegal invasion, the destruction of public services started by them, and the fact they constantly harp on about being “tougher than the Tories” on welfare, so it makes sense that everything they accuse the SNP of, are things they actually do. Why else do they constantly bring up the SNP’s corporation tax plans when Gordon brown already slashed it twice? Why else do they accuse past SNP members of unproven Nazi sympathies when one of the most famous proven Nazi sympathisers in the UK was a former Labour MP?

      Not that this is unique to Labour, of course: you had plenty of establishment members like Hastings Russell, Hugh Grosvenor, Montagu Norman, Frank Tiarks, Lord McGowan, Lord Nuffield, William Strang, lord Rothermere, Sir Barry Edward DOmvile, Captain Ramsay MP, Avery Brundage, and Barry Domvile who ran the gamut from pro-German to full-on anti-Semite.

    235. Robert Peffers says:

      @alex livingstone says: 1 August, 2014 at 12:45 pm:
      “Robert is does matter the comments are aimed at Alex salmond,he is one being called a NaZI,racist etc by this man.What is Blair Jenkins ,an ex Media insider, doing to counteract this crap and no Word from the Sunday Herald about online abuse from the No camp”

      As I pointed out these attacks are not doing the SNP nor the YES campaign the slightest harm. They are, in fact, an asset. Several months ago I was in a group of around 15 who were talking informally about the referendum. It was a fairly good cross-section of local political support. (That is mainly Labour). I was, for once, being fairly quiet but listening and noting who was and was not YES supporting.

      Then this long term Labourite, (and Gordon Brown activist), got on to the Alex Salmond is a dictator, blah! Blah! Blah! I decided at this point to stick an oar in with, “That’ll be because Alex was elected democratically as an MSP. Democratically elected as leader of the party and democratically elected as First Minister of Holyrood, will it?

      He had no answer when I then challanged him to explain exactly how he came to his conclusion of the leader of the Scottish Parliament being a dictator. He, very lamely said, “Because he tells them all what to do”. I countered, “Did you not see the debate on TV from the SNP National Conference when they debated the NATO membership? I had the same number of votes in that debate as Salmond – ONE VOTE.

      His next bit of claptrap was that the SNP backed Hitler in WWII. I asked him how did he come to that conclusion and got the usual, “He was jailed for it”. This was eventually shot to bits when I asked him what he was actually jailed for and with what was he charged.

      He actually couldn’t answer so I informed everyone that no charges were ever brought and no evidence was ever found. An un-named informant had made an unfounded accusation and the accusation was based upon the man’s support for a protest group about how women were conscripted into working in munitions in England.

      A lady asked, “How did you know that, Bob”. I told the group, “My mother was a conscript in munittions in WWII”. The general feelings in the group of the mainly former Labour party members has been YES since that guy was shown to be totally ignorant of the facts he based his bigotry upon and had been preaching lies had been told to tell them. I’ve had regular questions to answer from that group ever since. Most now are Yessers and all but one other DK. Bet you can guess the one who is still a NAW voter?

    236. John says:
      Page 3, 8, 13. Lots more about communication.
      Not sure if it requires you to be a client to complain.
      But a deluge of complaints may stick.

    237. donald anderson says:

      I met Arthur Donaldson quite a few times when I was an SNP activist in the 60s. He is no more a Nazi/Fascist/Racist than Iain Smart is a socialist – unlike his brother Citizen Alan Smart: see his Scottish Republican CDs. I met Arthur’s nephew at the Arbroath annual rally this April. He is a Republican socialist and told me of the fits by British “Intelligence” on his Uncle.

      As for Bernard Ponsonby, a friend of mine (Hope that does not wreck his career chances. Despite him being a mad Celtic fan frae the Garngad and a Lib Dem (Green Brit) Unionist he is a great guy, very professional and fair. He doesn’t come from the Labour numpty stable. He didn’t do well as a Lib candidate in the Govan by election, which Jim Sillars won, but he was the best TV performer by dint of his personality and intelligence. It was obvious where his career lay after that.

      Robert MacIntyre the SNP victor of the Motherwell by election ex Labour. Up until 1945, when Viscount Earl Atlee reneged on his Home Rule promise, the SNP allowed dual membership and many Labour MP held a card as Home Rulers. The SNP was forced to end dual membership due to too many betrayals.

      No wonder Labour is so touchy of the word Quisling. Their Hootsmon has banned the word to protect the guilty.

    238. chalks says:

      Next time Salmond is accused of being a dictator, question why any Labour MSP/MP, Tory MSP, Lib Dem have been warned of being deselected and kicked out the party should they move to Yes.

    239. Regarding polls on Scottish Independence,the question on the ballot paper will be,’should scotland be an independent country’.

      When, oh when ,will the polling companies simply ask this question?

      After canvassing for six months now,I can see a poll asking this simple question being around 60% for YES.

    240. Taranaich says:

      @chalks: Next time Salmond is accused of being a dictator, question why any Labour MSP/MP, Tory MSP, Lib Dem have been warned of being deselected and kicked out the party should they move to Yes.

      I’ve heard this mentioned before, and I’ve seen bits and pieces on the net, but this sort of thing is really important to undecided Labour/LibDem/even Tory voters. Have any SNP/Green/SSP been warned of such an action if they move to No?

    241. Cuilean says:

      Should this lawyer not be reported to the Law Society of Scotland for bringing the legal profession into public disrepute?

    242. Cyborg-nat says:

      I have just read Allan Smart’s post on “Bella”. If ever a situation proved an old saying,
      “You can pick your friends but not your relatives” this is it.
      There’s aye a black sheep in every family and I hope with all my heart it’s not Allan.

    243. You and My Comb says:

      I happened to have an exchange on twitter with Chris Sheridan a solicitor in Buchanan st Glasgow just before Xmas. Unfortunately for him and his company I had been a customer of his father for some time and withdrew my business from them because of how he dealt with me (although I might have been offended by his support of the union and labour). These guys do need to be careful.

    244. Graeme Menzies says:

      @ Smart Alec.

      Thanks for the info…

    245. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      Just in case anyone picks up on the LSoS complaint idea, I tried that after Smart’s rivers of blood tweet last year. Was told I had to go through Smart’s firm’s internal complaints procedure first.

      At that point it wasn’t difficult to find something better to do with the rest of my life.

    246. Haggis Hunter says:

      Ian Smart’s brother, Alan, was the one issued with the brains. He loves life, music and people. Ian loves himself.

    247. Paula Rose says:

      @ Haggis Hunter – my tunes on Off-topic have you in mind xx

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