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What we’re reminded of

Posted on August 29, 2017 by

This is Kezia Dugdale in the Daily Record today:

But with the greatest respect to Scotland’s pioneering engineers, they’re not the thing we’re reminded of when we hear Scottish Labour talking about the new bridge. This is what we’re reminded of.

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    1. 29 08 17 10:56

      What we’re reminded of | speymouth

    88 to “What we’re reminded of”

    1. Proud Cybernat says:

      How the British Nationalist parties love to rewrite history.

      It won’t wash. We have your number, Kezzy-doll.

    2. Betty Boop says:

      The bridge that Labour didn’t want, carped about and, some of whom, now seem to be taking credit.

    3. TheBuchanLoony says:

      The spectacular new road bridge over the river Forth is a magnificent symbol of modern Scottish achievement. A superb demonstration of what Scotland can do when it controls its own destiny. A beautiful optimistic vision for the future. A 1.3billion engineering masterpiece completely financed by Scotland. This bridge’s only fault, if not changed, is it is going to have the most boring uninspiring name that could have been thought of.

      In 2013 an unelected panel chose five names they thought suitable from over seven thousand public suggestions. The Scottish Independence Referendum date the next year had already been announced and, as would be expected, ‘The Independence Bridge’ was one of the names submitted. Unfortunately it was never revealed how many multiple nominations from the public there was for The Independence Bridge name or for any of the other 7,600 unique entries. The five names to be voted on were entirely the personal choices of the panel. The reason why The Independence Bridge name was not chosen by the panel as one of the five to be voted on was never given. The reasons and motives for the five choices they did make were never given. From the five names this panel had selected, the most votes received of 12,039 was for ‘The Queensferry Crossing’. A little over 12,000 votes from a Scotland population of over five million is hardly a convincing endorsement of the Scottish people’s wish to give an extremely boring name to this wonderful new bridge.

      At the time of the naming voting, the Scottish people had almost no idea of how great an achievement this(the longest triple tower cable-stayed bridge in the world) was going to be. Anybody now looking at this work of engineering art in its present completed splendour would agree that ‘The Queensferry Crossing’ is a very poor, uninspiring and non event of a name and an injustice to the bridge’s prominent place in Scotland’s future heritage. This boring name hardly marks a time in history as a symbol of where Scotland’s future irreversibly changed for the better of all Scotland.

      I call on the Scottish Government who, quite rightly, can be very proud of their forethought and planning in creating this new and very much needed vital infrastructure for Scotland, to rename this bridge with the optimistic, proud and inspiring name of ‘The Independence Bridge’. A name looking forward to a new future with the many more positive opportunities for magnificent achievements from a proven competent, forward looking, richly creative and vibrant Scotland.

    4. Tinto Chiel says:

      No-one does shameless better than BLiS______d.

      And amnesia, of course.

    5. Capella says:

      Was it not Monica Lennon who first proposed to build a second road bridge at Queensferry?

    6. MajorBloodnok says:

      Remarkable, but not surprising, that SLab seem to be trying to take credit for the new bridge, whilst the SNP is being written out of the story.

    7. cirsium says:

      Useful reminder from the archives, Rev. Thanks for the work you do.

      I crossed the Forth Road Bridge recently. The new Bridge looks magnificent and the view of the three bridges is iconic- three bridges marking three centuries of engineering expertise. It is also felt like Scotland was a normal, modern European country. Well done the SNP and roll on independence.

    8. MajorBloodnok says:

      By the way, point of order, but the bridges cross the Firth of Forth, which, being a firth, is neither a river nor an estuary.

      Used to really piss me off that someone had come up with the ‘cheesy’ and unnecessarily anglicising acronym FETA, the Forth Estuary Transport Authority.

    9. Liz g says:

      Sometimes it’s very hard not to put a tinfoil hat on.

      If Labour,who were assumed to be the party of government in Holyrood for the duration.
      Had gotten their way.
      Where would Scotland be today,in relation to actually having a road crossing over the Fourth?
      I mean what were they thinking?

      They (Labour) must have had the same information that convinced the SNP to start building.
      And it’s looking like the new (and may I say magnificent) bridge was completed Only just in time.
      What kind of damage would have been done to Scotland’s economy had the old bridge failed and the result was no road crossing at all.

      Are they really that stupid…..or is it more sinister?
      Why on earth was the Trams seen as the preferred project?
      To coin (pardon the pun) a phrase,a pound spent on the bridge is far more valuable to the Scottish economy,than a pound spent on the Trams!

    10. heraldnomore says:

      A wee reminder of the ‘celebrating’ Kez’s mob were doing a few years ago:

    11. Bob Mack says:

      To watch them all grubbing around looking for some credit for something they totally opposed is quite something. I suggest replacing the word “something with “nauseating”.ugh!!

    12. Donald McGregor says:

      Thanks for the timely reminder of our own recent history.
      There will be a lot of people trying to take credit for this bridge.

    13. Desimond says:

      Quite a barbed statement from Kez or whoever wrote it for her…bridge closures and construction death comments.

      I’m shocked there’s only 1 UK reference.

    14. Valerie says:

      It makes m e sick that all sorts of Slabbers are coming out of the woodwork, notably Gorgon Brown, to claim they had a hand in erecting this Bridge.

      Rogue Coder on Twitter-

      Gordon Brown, the largest free standing, brass neck in the world.

    15. bobajock says:

      Its just more unionist crap – more repellent dross. But it does say that the SNP know what they are doing – without the media.

    16. Sandy W says:

      On the positive side, Gordon Brown will have to look at the new bridge every day from his house in North Queensferry. Let’s hope its a continual reminder to him of how the SNP government succeeds while his Labour party are a complete shambles.

    17. Artyhetty says:

      Excellent. Let’s all make sure to remind people that the britnats in Scotland rejected the building of this crucial lifeline for Scotland. It is not difficult to see why they didn’t want Scotland’s infrastructure to benefit Scotland since devolution.

      Labour, Tories, Libdums and the Greens would have us back in the dark ages.

      Sharing this widely. How dare the likes of Dugdale attempt to take credit in any way shape or form, for this absolutely necessary new bridge.

    18. Ian McGeechan says:

      Another big advantage of naming it Independence Bridge would be the fact that Buck House would’ve immediately filled the Queen’s diary with other stuff she was required to do that (naming) day.

    19. Davy says:

      This is oor bridge, this is not the UK’s or the bloody yoons bridge.

      Oor bridge, oor Scotland.

    20. Stoker says:

      To all lurkers:

      Try and avoid clicking on the direct link in the comment @11:22am, clicking on it helps that BUM rag to pull in advertising revenue which in turn pays for the anti-Scottish tripe they attack us and Scotland with.

    21. Legerwood says:

      From Ms Dugdale’s article: “This spectacular bridge was erected in the middle of the Forth…” Em she does know it goes all the way across doesn’t she? Not much use standing in the middle.

      On a more serious note. The bridge is magnificent. When you are up on the hill above South Queensferry and you look along the length of the bridge it looks like a proud gallon under full sail. Fantastic.

      When all the brouha blew up a couple of years ago when they unexpectedly had to close the Forth Road Bridge for emergency repair the way the road system in Central Scotland ground to a halt was proof, if proof was needed, that a new bridge was essential.

      At that time I read my way through the minutes, financial statements and engineering reports of FETA all of which were available on the Edinburgh Council web site so knew that they had not been kept short of money by the Scottish Government and had been prioritising repairs etc.

      At the time Labour were screaming for an inquiry, an immediate one. Strange how quite they were about calling for an inquiry when the their PFI schools started falling down.

      In fact right the way through Labour has adopted contrary positions on this issue. Just before the May 2007 they were for a new bridge and taking steps to initiate the project. Then after May they are agin it. Pure political posturing with not a thought given to dangers to the economic life of the country and its people.

      But enough of them just let’s enjoy the bridge.

    22. I’m Sure Kezia Dugdale would really like to take the credit for the new Queensferry crossing.

      Though my only surprise is, she is not griping about the Scottish Government not having taken Labour’s option instead and built a multi modal bridge.

      And if memory serves me correctly Labour’s option would have cost £4 billion and they wanted it paid for by PFI.

    23. Cauld Winton says:

      Gordon Goes Forth; Gordon Brown on Radio 4 last night:

    24. Juteman says:

      Now we need a deep water ferry terminal so Scottish goods can leave from a Scottish (Dundee) port.

    25. Smallaxe says:


      Your link archived for you, my friend.

    26. galamcennalath says:

      IF Labour had built a bridge, it would probably have used PFI.

      Today’s Courier reports that for the first time PFI costs have exceeded £1billion.

      ” Ash Denham, the SNP MSP, said: “The scale of PFI repayments are now absolutely staggering – showing the sheer incompetence and damaging legacy of the previous Labour and the Lib Dem executive which is holding Scotland back to this day.” “

      Scotland has a lot to be grateful about with SNP governments for 10years. The alternative would have been awful!

      Can’t wait to cross OOR NEW BRIDGE!

    27. starlaw says:

      The Queensferry Crossing is an apt name for the new bridge it is historically correct. The original Ferry was founded by Queen or St Margaret and was the original Queens crossing.
      Independence will come, there will be other buildings and features in keeping with any modern forward thinking country plenty time for Naming new structures, public parks etc. what ever we wish to name them.

    28. gordoz says:

      Can I just add my thanks to Moniker Lemon (Labour North) without who’s insight, vision & persuasive skills, this bridge would never have been constructed. 😉

    29. Dr Jim says:

      Scotlands media is ever so proud too that’s why it’s all over the TV the Newspapers the Radio
      Funnily enough the big Inglish media don’t seem to know it’s happened either

      If Scotland gets any wee’er poorer and uselesser foreign countries will be sending in news correspondents to report on whether Scottish people still actually exist, of course that’s if the Inglish government will grant them visas to get in, Johnny Foreigner and all that

      Maybe Attenborough could do a programme on us about our primitive ways

    30. Sunniva says:

      Our toils obscured.

    31. Petra says:

      ‘Marvel is more than just a Bridge’ … No thanks to the Labour Party in Scotland.


      And as a footnote is nobody on here feeling a bit sorry for Kezia Dugdale today, as it must have been an absolutely earth shattering experience for her putting a few words together that didn’t include SNP Baaaaaad. This must be a first for her, in fact an absolute marvel in its own right.

    32. gus1940 says:

      It can be re-named on Independence Day.

      The yanks re-named The Boulder Dam as The Hoover Dam.

      While the Rail Bridge is Cantilever somebody should tell Dugdale that the new one is a Cable Stayed Bridge.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      But I thought Monica Lennon built this bridge

    34. Macart says:

      More neck than a giraffe.

      They do hypocrisy so well.

    35. HandandShrimp says:

      I thought the saltire lightshow beamed onto the bridge sails last night looked superb. What a beautiful bridge.

      It seems to have further enraged the more deranged yoons who appear to be working from Scotland in Union “positive” script. Each post follows the same mantra

      Cheap slanty eyed steel
      Foreign workers
      English money

      You can almost hear their prayers that the bridge collapse (in-between racist cursing).

    36. Col says:

      In my opinion, Scottish unionist politicians live in a cultural bubble mostly of their own making where they exist to manage expectations and keep Scotland’s aspirations in check.
      Any progress should be of their making which is why they behave so oddly when real progress is made but they cannot claim to have played a constructive part.
      They care not for Scotland or its people if they can damage or attempt to damage the SNP.
      If we had a media worth its description real questions would be asked of their motives and the opportunity would be there for them to reflect and possibly even change for the better.
      Unionism will never keep up with the growing aspirations of Scotland as a country and we should point this out at any given chance. It’s only a matter of time before something changes in our collective psyche and the step to independence will probably feel like a small step. Who knows, the feeling down in Westminster may even be one of inevitability too by that point.

    37. harry mcaye says:

      BBC News 24 earlier had a good feature from Lorna Gordon on the new bridge. However, it’s always worth keeping your wits about you and keeping an eye on the captions at the bottom of the screen.

      “Costs reached £1.35 billion”

      Not that the bridge came in £245m under budget, no, COSTS REACHED. Snidey or what?

      Incidentally, what on earth is Kevin Hague prattling on about this morning on twitter, is he actually trying to say that this bridge was financed from Westminster?

    38. geeo says:

      I am walking the new bridge on Saturday, i shall be asking fellow walkers if they are thankful to the SNP for building such a grand structure.

      Anyone stating they voted for a non SNP Party will be informed their party fought AGAINST the bridge they stand on and asked how that makes them feel.

      Anyone voting tory should pack their trunks.

    39. Free Scotland says:

      Labour hate being linked to the PFI schools, which were built under their watch and are now crumbling round our ears. But they would love to be able to claim some sort of association with this new bridge, if only the Scottish public did not have the ammo to counter that.

      Reminds me of Yossarian in Catch 22:

      “Actually, there were many officers’ clubs that Yossarian had not helped build, but he was proudest of the one on Pianosa. It was a sturdy and complex monument to his powers of determination. Yossarian never went there to help until it was finished; then he went there often, so pleased was he with the large, fine, rambling, shingled building. It was truly a splendid structure, and Yossarian throbbed with a mighty sense of accomplishment each time he gazed at it and reflected that none of the work that had gone into it was his.”

    40. Ian says:

      The flip side of trying to take the credit for something that someone else did is of course their denial that anything that they did actually do, but which rapidly turned into a snafu, was actually done by them. Light touch financial regulation, PFI’s, North Sea oil, most privatisations …….

      They keep quiet about their actual track record and try to steal the credit for things that others have done. No substance as usual. Deceit and denial. It should be westminster’s motto.

    41. crazycat says:

      @ geeo

      What time are you crossing the bridge on Saturday? I’ll be there for the 15.50 shift.

    42. ronnie anderson says: Just in case its not be posted before.

    43. Bill Boyd says:

      ‘The workers who were hurt or died’. Sheesh

    44. Petra says:

      @ Harry at 12:29pm …. “Kevin Hague.”

      Kevin Hague on Twitter…. “If people of rUK were all as selfish as the “it’s our oil” nats, they’d make furious grievance out of helping pay for the new Forth Crossing.”

      Is this guy for real? Helped pay for? Taking it that the bridge cost a couple of billion I wonder what we could have done with the £300 billion (and the rest) that ‘greedy’ Westminster has virtually stolen from the ‘selfish’ Scots?

    45. Robert Graham says:

      its a real comfort when broon looks out his window he is presented with three big towers , yes three ,i wonder if it occurs to him this was no accident , it might have been four or even five .
      the subliminal message is there for all to see.


      I hope it makes yeh sick every time you see it yah Lying tosser .

      I really hope Nicola sticks the boot in tomorrow and makes a political statement pointing out the b/rds who opposed this crossing name and shame .

    46. Petra says:

      Are the lucky folks walking the bridge on Saturday going to be carrying our flag? Or has it been banned, lol?

    47. Muscleguy says:

      We are very, very fortunate with our friends in Edinburgh to have been successful in the ballot to walk over the new bridge on Sunday. We are really looking forward to it, especially since it will have no pedestrian or cycle facilities.

      Though the wind baffles promise to make it very much just a view of the bridge itself.

    48. orri says:

      Surprised there’s been no moves to have it renamed the,

      “Diane Princess of Wales Memorial Bridge” or something like it.

      Wait till there’s a unionist Holyrood government and it will be.

    49. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 August, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Your link archived for you, my friend.

      Severin Carrell hammer of the Graun Scots. A decade later and her’s won too, but he’s even an more aggressive tory yoon, in his Scotland region.

      “The bridge, which will stretch for more than a mile over the estuary to connect Edinburgh with Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen, will cost up to £4.22bn and be built alongside the existing but ageing road bridge, and its sister – the red steel and granite Forth rail bridge built nearly 120 years ago.”

      Aint no liar like a The Grauniad liar:D

    50. Andy-B says:

      I see that Kezia Dugdale the Britnat manageress of the Labour branch office is having a go at the Scottish government, for not adding £5 pounds to child benefit.

      Dugdale added that thousands of Scottish children are living in poverty. If memory serves me didn’t her party abstain on the Welfare bill, when they shouldve blocked the cutting and freezing of benefits.

      Nor do I recall hearing a peep from Dugdale as the Scottish block grant is cut year upon year, it’s down at least £3 billion.
      But up billions if you wear a sash and are in the loyal O/O, otherwise known as the DUP.

      Dugdale is attempting to make political hay over the new Queensferry crossing. Indeed the Greens aside all the other major parties at Holyrood are nothing more than Westminster’s sheep, kept to baa at the SNP.

    51. OT
      The next time Labour in Scotland attempts to criticise the Scottish Government over how it is managing the Scottish NHS.

      here is a story from walesonline today
      A dead patient was left on a busy hospital ward for eight hours.

      The University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff has apologised – and said an investigation has been launched.

      The elderly woman died at 7am but was still in her bed during afternoon visiting hours.

      The hospital launched an investigation into claims the delay was because of NHS staff shortages at weekends.

    52. Legerwood says:

      Muscleguy says:
      29 August, 2017 at 1:11 pm

      I could be wrong but I think the wind barriers on the sides are clear. Saw a clip on TV news last night of an interview with one of the engineers who mentioned them and pointed to them. They looked see through to me.

      You can confirm or otherwise when you get back.

    53. Dinnatouch says:

      @ geeo & crazycat

      I’ll be there at 4:50 on Saturday, looking forward to it immensely.

    54. Brian Powell says:

      Although Liz 2 will be opening the bridge there is a sting in the name, QueensFerry Crossing, as it was Mary, Queen of Scots, that QueensFerry was named after.

    55. heedtracker says:

      All the proud Scot but’s and cringers been going, “its too good for the likes of us” yet?

      Kevin Hague? @kevverage 4h

      the extraordinary logical contortions nats go thorough: achievements within current fiscal framework are posited as proof we don’t need it

    56. crazycat says:

      @ Dinnatouch, geeo, Muscleguy

      The official invitations are lovely, too, aren’t they?

      For those who haven’t seen them, they have a silver pop-up of the bridge in the fold.

      No flags, I’m sure – luggage is to be minimized. Badges would be ok though.

    57. crazycat says:

      @ Brian Powell at 1.46

      As someone mentioned above, the ferry is named after St. Margaret (died 1093), not MQofS.

    58. Dan Huil says:

      Excellent stuff from the Rev.

      Dugdale’s britnat hypocrisy there for all to see – if they want. Britnat media stench-merchants continue to spew out puke-inducing guff. Sickening.

      Websites like WOS are the genuine journalism of Scotland.

    59. Brian Powell says:

      Wrong Queen, though Mary did cross there it was in fact named for Margaret, Queen of Scots, several centuries earlier.

    60. heedtracker says:

      Even Britnat roasters at Eun Macspanner levels, can’t even begin tweet about the greatest bridge ever.

      Shurely there has to be some of their usual creepy anti Scottish misogyny, in a new bridge for these idiots:D

      Brian Spoze? @BrianSpanner1 35m35 minutes ago

      Brian Spoze Retweeted asonsypintle
      Bend the knee, Hothersall.

    61. harry mcaye says:

      Suzanne Allan there, “The billion pound bridge” were her first words, not “The spectacular new Queensferry Crossing gets set to open to the public” or any number of positive words, no, focus on the cost and wait till the third feature, from Steven Godden, to mention that it came in well under budget. We can see you, BBC Scotland, and we know what you are up to.

    62. dramfineday says:

      I’m reminded of the proverb “success has many fathers but failure is an orphan”.

      Hurrah, the bridge is up – a great british triumph and we made sure it happened etc.

      Oh,the PFI schools aren’t safe and are collapsing….mutter, mutter, nothing to do with me guv.

      And while we’re at the “it shall not happen cause we’re labour (subtext; forget having a decent transport infrastructure) I seem to recall that the proposed M8 improvements of the late 2000’s got the same treatment when labour came to power. Hence it only occuring recently? Perhaps someone with a better memory could confirm that? I wouldn’t like to traduce them if inappropriate. After all, there’s the Edinburgh West approach road to fume over too.

      Now, if only the transport people could turn their attention to the poor wee tourtured villages in Ayrshire (A77) and Dumfries and Galloway (A75) that have to endure the daily thunder of the Irish ferry traffic through their tiny streets….. that would be more money well spent.

    63. gus1940 says:

      Re The Bridge – big slip up on Lunchtime Misreporting Scotland.

      For years I have been trying to remember how much the construction estimates were during the years of argy bargying prior to the SNP win in 2007 and their subsequent go ahead decision with a construction budget of £1.35Billion.

      My recollection was that the figure was £3.5Billion but given the eventual cost surely my memory was playing me tricks.

      I can’t recall the original estimate ever having resurfaced in the media since the go-ahead was given – I wonder why.

      However, the cat was let out of the bag on the PQ news today when the original figure of £3.5Billion was quoted meaning that my memory was correct.

      There is one hell of a difference between £1.35 Billion and £3.5Billion and it makes one wonder what the intended destination of the difference was going to be and that ignores inflation.Alternatively it was intended to destroy the arguments for the bridge.

      Perhaps given the BBC’s enthusiasm for FOI Requests perhaps they could fire of a few in the direction of those who were involved in producing and plugging the original £3.5Billion estimate.

      Is it not curious that our beloved colonialist politicians and their fan club in the media have kept mum about the original construction estimate for all of 10 years until today’s PQ News.

    64. Betty Boop says:

      @ MajorBloodnok, 11:03am

      Used to really piss me off that someone had come up with the ‘cheesy’ and unnecessarily anglicising acronym FETA, the Forth Estuary Transport Authority.

      Did the same on the Clyde. The Anglicisation of Scotland continues apace.

      BTW, “used to…” ? Doesn’t it still stick in the craw?

    65. North chiel says:

      News blackout on anything ” Scottish” south of the border, until news of ” Queenie& Chooky” royal opening of new bridge.
      Previously pacific quay reported as SNP baad expensive project now changed to ” Britnat engineering wonderous icon. BBC ” bowing& scraping lapdogs” now hijacking Scotgov inspired magnificent achievement as ” better together ” union financed U.K. Engineering marvel. Quite surprised that Jeremy did not have his ” rally” with new bridge as backdrop .Then again possibly his trip was actually to confirm to himself that Scotland actually existed , before returning to his London bubble.

    66. Dorothy Devine says:

      A pretty good piece on the bridge with some good photos by Reuters.

    67. Andy-B says:

      Oor Nicola, is a wee scientific star.

      Apologies, tried several times to archive, only to be shown the message network error.

    68. Bob p says:

      What a two faced cowbag.

    69. galamcennalath says:

      OT The divorce settlement ….

      72% think £30 billion was too much to pay the EU

      65% think £20 billion too much

      41% say £10 billion is acceptable, but 40% say still too much

      Do they really think the UK should just walk away and default on its commitments?

      There’s some pretty weird thinking out there.

    70. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 16:12:

      There’s some pretty weird thinking out there.

      There isn’t any thinking out there except wishful thinking. That’s the basic problem.

      It’s Disney Wonderland. Denial turned up to 11. Except at midnight the coach is going to turn back into a pumpkin and the horses into rats.

      Whoever is prepared and ready will be the winner.

    71. Dan Huil says:

      Britnats and the britnat media are ratcheting up the anti-Europe rhetoric. Everyone will be forced to watch WWII films 24hrs a day.

    72. Bob p says:

      Juteman 11.38am. Agree,we need a deepwater port to export our own goods. That’ll clarify the true export figures for Scotland.

    73. Foonurt says:

      Yoan, People ah Turtle Island-hater, President/General U.S. Grant, veesitit thoan pre-disaster Tay Brig. Dae ye hink President Trump, wull veesit wurr new, braw brig ower thurr Forth?

      Hoo much urr thae monthly peiyments, fur wurr brig? Peiyt fur. Whit, nae Public Finance Initiative?

      Ah ferry, widdah din – musturt, rid in blue tories.

      Tak ah bow, wurr Scoattish [SNP] Government – Embra trams feeneesht, Queensberry brig, roads, railway, schulls, sport-centres, Road Equivalent Tariff, brig-tolls awaw, floakin tourists – Arn, Mull, Islay, Ooter Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland stouwt, social hoosin & inclusive public poalicies.

      Bliddae awfah, innit.

    74. Proud Cybernat says:

      Barnier tells British negotiators to get their act together and play the game…

    75. Calum McKay says:

      Is the Quensferry bridge evidence of getting on with the day job? Yes but also –

      – making a brave decision in the face of fierce opposition, opposition supported by press and bbc

      – having the courage of your convictions

      – looking at long term transport needs for Scotland

      – managing the risk that the existing bridge could fail at some point in the future

      – not courting popularity or bending to pressure to spend money’s on opposition preferences

      – listening to the people and businesses in Scotland

      – I could go on, but yes this is evidence of getting on with the day job

      P.S. mr brown must be spitting blood, he looks on to a monument each day of what Scotlamd can do for itself led by an SNP Government, whilst he knows his labour uk regime was a complete failure that has led to tory rule.

    76. chocolass says:

      OMG bbc shortbread just said the bridge came in well under budget…..

    77. TheWasp says:

      Anybody know what position in yoonery is held by Professor Tom Rye (English of course) of the transport research institute of Napier University? He just gave the whole gamut,except Police Scotland, of SNPBAD on disreporting Nicklaus, at the end of the bridge report

    78. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      I suspect @gus1940 says 29 August, 2017 at 2:28 pm in reply to your question:

      “There is one hell of a difference between £1.35 Billion and £3.5Billion and it makes one wonder what the intended destination of the difference was going to be”

      That the difference would be the traditional ‘International Socialist Brown Envelopes’ so beloved of BLiS when allocating taxpayers money at any level of Government.

      This additional £2.15Billion was obviously not required as it was an SNP Govt Build not a BLiS one!!


    79. yesindyref2 says:

      I’m getting very annoyed about this. It was me and my boys built this. We designed it ourselves, mined the ore and turned it into steel which we fabricated ourselves on a workbench with a hammer. We walked on water to put the thing together with a step ladder, got the sand from the beach and invented cement to built the piles, got the wires (cough, not saying where from), and all the money required came out of our own pockets.

      And now everyone is trying to take the credit for it 😡

    80. louis.b.argyll says:

      This additional £2.15Billion was obviously not required as it was an SNP Govt Build not a BLiS one!!


    81. yesindyref2 says:

      AND we still haven’t been paid our £100,000 by the Scottish Gvoernment.

    82. louis.b.argyll says:

      I built it, and so did my wife.

    83. Street Andrew says:

      I think you’ll find that it was Spartacus what built it.

      I am Spartacus. R U?

    84. Meg merrilees says:

      What a stunning bridge.

      I’m going to try and drive over tomorrow afternoon. Hope I’ll be able to get across.

      Watched some of the light show on various You tube postings. The BBC shamefully only show about 45 seconds of the footage ( 15 minute event).

      And i saw a wonderful still photo of it lit up blue and diagonal white in the design of the Saltire. Would love a copy of that!

      Don’t read Douglas Fraser’s article on the BBC Scotland website – it obviously ‘sticks in the craw’ to praise the bridge. He tries to make out that it is a tad superfluous because we should be concentrating on improving broadband.

      So what’s next? Well, both the Scottish and UK governments would probably reassure you that they’re on the case with roll-out of broadband – though not far or fast enough for some.
      Public transport campaigners want to see the balance of spend shift to rail, arguing that the Edinburgh-Perth services are running more slowly than they were 100 years ago, “due to under-investment”.

      Here’s his final sentence…

      Building a bridge between Fife and Lothian is an impressive achievement. Building a bridge to the educational demands of the future economy and society requires even more ingenuity.

      What saad people…Why can’t they just stand back and go ‘WOW’!

    85. Ghillie says:




    86. yesindyref2 says:

      @Meg Merrilees
      I read it after your comment, and after dismissing the Napier prof’s argument, and comparing it to the good effect of Dornoch and Kessock, he summarises the bridge this way: “Infrastructure helps the economy move more smoothly. It gets goods to customers, and workers to work.

      His article is a bit muddled, but the broadband comments are sensible in themselves, it needs both physical and electronic infrastructure to achieve economy growth. In that respect BT are now changing their parameters from rollout per percentage of population, to percentage of geography – and about time too!

      Not sure what the SG’s program currently is for fibre coverage, and perhaps Fraser isn’t either! The UK Gov had a rural based scheme, then concentrated on cities but is now maybe back to rural areas. It’s muddled too. Here’s one article I found:

      30mbps is actually primitive compared to a fair few countries which have 100mpbs and even some gigabit, but the UK as a whole started well behind much of the world. But yeah, we do need faster and better broadband so he’s right, but it takes deep pockets to make it happen, and time, specially over geographic Scotland.

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