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Walking the dog

Posted on October 31, 2015 by


Order “Welcome To Cairnstoon”, Chris’ compilation of Wings cartoons and more, here.

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    1. 31 10 15 08:44

      Walking the dog | Speymouth

    89 to “Walking the dog”

    1. john king says:

      Love it!

    2. Malky says:

      Fab. Slab just keep you going with endless material! 🙂

    3. Free Scotland says:

      Genius! I love the detail: the little bit of slack at the dog-end of the lead. Says it all. The temporary show of strength from that puny left arm will soon give way to the pull from the right.

    4. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Yappy LabDug

    5. Grouse Beater says:

      A problem for cartoonists must be that Labour is so adept at parodying itself it must be difficult to out-lampoon them. Good cartoon, Chris.

      Question: How many Labour members were bussed to the conference from darn sarf? Answer: Not enough. The conference was poorly attended.

      Your weekend reading:

    6. Free Scotland says:

      Compulsory microchipping for all dogs in Scotland comes into effect in April 2016, so Kezia will be “told what to think” in plenty of time for the Scottish elections in May.

    7. Tackety Beets says:

      I’m not in a position to criticise but I would have had a wee bit more Scottish title ? Maybe I’m missing the point ?

      ” Walking the Dug ”

      I’ll get ma coat .

      Thanks again Chris , just watched you video and had another wee ” Man tear ” again as you described the 19th Sept 2014 . It was indeed a very weird time.

      If we think back to the days following , we all dipped in and out of Wings , Rev was in a WTF cloud . Then eventually we got back on track SNP support soared daily and WOS finds itself being an even bigger “pain in the er$e ” to everyone except SNP & their supporters.

      It feels good to be part of the WOS / Rev Campbell’s church congregation.

    8. Random Switch says:

      Thank you, Mr Cairns, I had a real laugh out loud moment on sight of your incisive summation of Accounting Unit 001 in Scotland’s true Autonomy contrasting it’s delusional sense of ‘Freedom!’ ( choke! ).

    9. No no no...yes says:

      Corbyn has that wee growler and the branch office on a short lead and rightly so,given their inability to spell and ‘lose’ £10k.

      It’s also the only lead Labour in Scotland will see anytime soon.

    10. mealer says:

      Great cartoon.Thanks.

      I’ve just heard on radio that Slab are going to mitigate Tory cuts to tax credits by raising income tax for higher rate payers.Surely that means,under the legislation,they’ll have to raise the lower rate too.

    11. Ken500 says:

      The only reason people voted Labour was to keep the Tories out

      It didn’t

    12. Onwards says:

      I think that is only until the new bill goes through.

      The cartoon is funny, but labour trying to win back votes by competing on the left isn’t
      Especially if they propose high upper rate tax rises to pay for it.. enough to see the richest leave.

      This was part of the plan with limited devolution and welfare top up powers.
      Labour can be as irresponsible as they want if they don’t expect to govern.
      The point is simply to stop the SNP gaining a majority.

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      I want a badge of that one = Brian??!!

    14. Visitor says:

      For those interested, GA Ponsonby has an article covering BBC Scotland’s political news from the last week.

      You can read it here:

    15. Onwards says:

      @mealer, just saw the BBC report.

      Apparently no new taxes, but will be paid for with the proposed cut in APD that would have brought more tourists to Scotland.

      I guess the SNP will probably have to match it, at the expense of economic growth.

    16. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      Just brilliant – a perfect summation of Scottish Labour “autonomy”.

      Going to need a Cairnstoon Volume 2 book – hopefully coming out just before the SE elections next year.

      There will be some classics in it!

    17. ronnie anderson says:

      Brilliant toon Chris,youll have a busy weekend this week, every day will bring something new lol.

    18. heedtracker says:

      Historic red and blue tory BetterTogether BBC monstering of Scottish democracy last year’s all forgotten because SLab are now independent, shock.

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      Mealer: Heard on radio – Slab to mitigate Tory cuts to tax credits by raising income tax for higher rate payers

      But that doesn’t put more of your wages in your pocket. Surely it actually removes more money in circulation.

    20. caz-m says:

      Excellent Chris,

      Just like the “Chained Unicorn”, Scotland is under the control of the English Establishment.

      We can only work within the budget that England gives us, (which will be getting cut again in the massive cuts that will be announced in the November spending review).

      “Draw up 40% cuts plans, George Osborne tells Whitehall departments.”

    21. Almannysbunnet says:

      Walking the dug
      I’m just a walking the dug
      If you don’t know how to do it
      I’ll show you how to walk the dug

    22. donald anderson says:

      Not s much as a dug lead, but a Union Jack cage.

    23. Croompenstein says:

      Topper Chris, I really hope they vote against Trident and then we’ll see the leash getting yanked..

    24. dakk says:

      Nice one Chris 🙂

      Is that Jeremy Corbyn dragging the ‘Dug’ to the vets to have it put doon ?

    25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Walking the dug”


    26. heedtracker says:

      Usual big boost from these UKOK bullshitters. They’re not red tories and they are independent, so vote new SLab, yay for new SLab, we beg you, stop voting SNP.

    27. X_Sticks says:

      The usual brilliant observation of the reality of british unionism and it’s control of all things ‘Scottish’, Chris.

      Co-incidentally I just received my signed copy of Welcome to Cairnstoon yesterday. What a superb compilation of al the best toons from over the past few years. Going through them made me laugh out loud and caused me some blurry vision as well.

      Will make a superb Xmas pressie for those of independent mind. Anyone else interested can order a copy here:

      Huge thanks to you Chris, you’ve worked hard to make us all laugh on a Saturday morning and who could forget the Rev’s attempt at filling in when you were off on holiday. Thanks heaven you got back to work quickly!

    28. Sinky says:

      mealer says: at 8:18 am

      The Scottish government will lack the power to impose a new 50p top rate of tax on millionaires, without also increasing all the other tax bands on lower and middle income earners under the new Scottish rate that comes into force in 2016.

      But that’s something Labour won’t tell you while demanding that the SNP mitigates all the excesses of Westminster’s benefit reforms from Scotland’s fixed budget.

    29. john king says:

      “Walking the dug”


      Go on naebdy’ll notice. 😉

    30. caz-m says:

      I will await a detailed response to Scottish Labour’s proposals to mitigate the tax credit cuts planned for Scottish families.

      Kezia says she will implement this plan in 2017.

      But so many things will take place between now and 2017. The spending review in November is one huge elephant in the room. Then the Smith commission proposals might not even be accepted by the Scottish Government. Plus other tax powers from previous bills.

      Add to that the small matter of the Holyrood elections.

      So Kezia, calm down and stop getting so excited about a policy that you will NEVER be in a position to implement.

    31. Roughian says:


      Walking the Dug.

      Just do a SLAB and change the title to suit!

    32. Alastair says:

      Brill Chris. A lot clearer than Kezia’s policies.

      Is it me stupid.
      The Scottish Goverment propose reducing/ removing air passenger tax which generates £250M/year with a projection that the move could generate a return of more than that to the overall economy. More tourists, better place to do business etc. tax income neutral or hopefully tax gain.
      They don’t have £250M in the bank to pay to top up tax credits. The existing £250m tax is already being spent. So what Labour are actually saying they would reallocate the £250M APT to mitigating tax credits. So what do they cut by £250M/year
      Is it me stupid.

    33. mumsyhugs says:

      Great toon 🙂 and of course this b…. – erm I mean dug disnae stand a chance in a straight fight wi’ our own much loved Wee Ginger Dug! 🙂

      BTW got my copy of Welcome to Cairnstoon yesterday – absolutely brilliant. Had another wee greet at the snuffed out candle and riding off into the sunset – then another “yes ya beauty” moment at Hamish waiting round the corner for John Bull – just magic!

      Really pleased to see it says Volume 1 on the cover – hopefully more to come!!!

    34. Ruby says:

      Walking the dug!

      That is just brilliant!

      I love Hamish. He has the same expression on his face as the ‘silent majority’ had on QT.

    35. Onwards says:

      @Sinky, but even when we can raise the richest tax band in isolation, is that what we want as a country ?

      If you soak the rich too much, it dampens economic growth, and the very richest will simply move to England and pay tax there.

      And the opposite could apply.
      If the gap in benefits in Scotland becomes wide enough, then you could start to get the poorest from the rest of the UK move here for free education and free prescriptions and tax credits etc.

      So the rich Scots piss off and the poor English move here.
      Is that going to help the chances of independence?

    36. One_Scot says:

      Ian Murray – ‘The party in Scotland is buoyant’

      If he means buoyant in the same way as the Titanic, then he is probably right.

    37. gordoz says:


      OK here’s a weird unexplained one for Halloween (Spooooky !!!)
      Anyone else seen this from NY times ? ; on MSN website news ribbon (second story) check out the ‘Saltire’ in the desert of Kazakhstan.

      Now just sayin’; remember the biblical legend of the lost tribe of Israel being the Scots?

      Scythians ; known to themselves as the Scolotti (Scotti from Ulster ?)

      Look where present day Kazakhstan & ancient Scythia are on maps ?

      Come on … it is spooky No ?? Good for Halloween anyway.

    38. Lollysmum says:

      Chris another excellent cartoon that tells it’s own story in one frame. Very much on the money with this one thank you 🙂

      Haven’t got my Welcome to Cairntoon yet but being soooo patient as I know it’ll be worth waiting for.

      Sinky-you beat me to it. I was having exactly that argument on Twitter last night. Well actually not an argument as I persuaded a Lab cllr into looking for more fertile grounds elsewhere. SLab are using it as their current tactic but the Scotland Bill is very clear-alter one tax band & you have to alter them all by same percentage & at the same time.

      Labour don’t give a damn who gets damaged in the process of getting one over on SNP. Sad bast*rds-show ’em the door!

    39. Alastair says:

      Dakk@ 9.20

      Is that Jeremy Corburn taking the ‘Dug’ to the vets to be put down.

      Man asks ” is it mad” reply ” well it’s not best pleased. – Chick Murray.

    40. gordoz says:

      Oooops Sorry !!!

      Sorry all seems to have been a big mistake; UKOK say picture is actually an Old testament representation of a Union jack altered by Cybernats.

      NASA apologise for altered pics and say info is now identified by Scottish Expert Kez Dugdale as coming from from an unreputable website run by a an Evangelical Angry Nationalist blogger.

      Sorry Folks.

    41. Ruby says:

      No no no…yes says:

      It’s also the only lead Labour in Scotland will see anytime soon.

      Ruby replies

      That’s a good one too!

    42. Lollysmum says:

      D-Day is fast approaching for the Orkney 4.

      9th Nov is the trial date & it’s expected to run for 4 days but possibly more so we need to support them as much as we can. Dig deep folks & get yourself a Carmichael mug in the process.

    43. Clootie says:

      😀 – still laughing

    44. Ken500 says:

      Multinationals making vast profits tax evade through the City of London. The Oil sector has been taxed up to 80%. Westminster takes half of production. Thousands of jobs are being lost. Trident now estimated to cost £170Billion. £18-25Billion for Chinese Hickley Nuclear station. £70Billion for ‘white elephant’ HS2. Illegal wars and banking fraud.

      Labour raised £600Billion in tax revenues and borrowed and spent £120Billion = £720Billion

      The Tories are raising £466Billion in tax revenues and borrow and spending £90Billion = £556Billion

      Scotland raises £54Billion and get £50Billion? back. If Scotland cut Trident/illegal wars, put a tax on ‘loss leading’ drink, did not pay £4Billion on debts it doesn’t borrow or spend. Developed the Oil on the West coast = £10Billion+ Scotland would be better off. Scotland receives the lowest farming CAP payments in the EU as part of the UK.

      BP are to by-pass Sullom Voe and terminal Oil from the NS in Rotherdam.

      Westminster has secretly and illegally taken £220 Oil revenues from Scotland. Revenues already go from Scotland to London S/E.

    45. Helena Brown says:

      Aye Chris they think they are on one of them extending leads, not at all, it is one of them very short leads.

    46. Nana says:

      Excellent cartoon Chris, wish I had your talent.

    47. Ruby says:

      Oh! Oh!

      Is Labour in pizza trouble over conference slogan?

    48. Flower of Scotland says:

      Great, thanks Chris! A wee cartoon to help Kezia get her conference speech just right!


      Great piece from GA Ponsondy. I haven’t listened to BBC radio in Scotland since 19th Sept. last year. Listening to snippets posted, over the year by folks, still makes me grind my teeth in horror at their Pravda voices! Won’t be listening again anytime soon.

    49. Croompenstein says:

      Top unionist troll Brillo having a pop at Stu again on twitter.. what a wank

    50. caz-m says:

      Kezia wants to move money from one part of the limited Scottish budget and push towards mitigating tax credits. So it’s obvious that some department is going to lose out.

      Yet, she is quite happy to spend £167 Billion pounds on renewing Trident.

      I hope someone has the balls to ask her about that at today’s Scottish Labour Party conference.

    51. Nana says:

      Yesterday we heard Corbyn say “Human freedom is breaking down underScots gov”

      and today McDonnell says ” while trade unions had a right to protect their members, the SNP government should be blamed for shortcomings in local services in Scotland.

      “Overriding all of this, to be frank, what we’ve got to do is actually focus upon who is the real enemy and, to be frank, in Scotland, the real enemy is an SNP government,” said McDonnell.

      Hateful disgusting liars the lot of them.

    52. Capella says:

      Hamish is quite a character. How you manage to convey so much expression in a cartoon lion’s face is a mystery!
      A real tonic.

    53. Ruby says:

      Croompenstein says:
      31 October, 2015 at 10:33 am

      Top unionist troll Brillo having a pop at Stu again on twitter.. what a wank

      Ruby Replies

      It seems they all want to have a pop at Stu. They just don’t want their supporters reading Wings.

      They’ve probably never heard of the Streisand effect.

    54. marydoll says:

      Just heard on RS that Ruthie is to get her own indepth interview
      with Edie Stark……..she’s being made favourite again- tories to be opposition in new SP 2016

    55. DerekM says:

      He he brilliant and right on the money as usual Mr Cairns Hamish is my hero 🙂

    56. Reviresco says:

      It would seem Wings is now up to Level 3 – “then they come to fight you”

    57. HandandShrimp says:

      Hamish does understated incredulity beautifully


      Love it.

    58. Bob Mack says:


      Just heard from a friend that John McDonnell has publicly stated that the Tories are not the real enemy.
      According to John it is the SNP who are the real enemy.
      Who could make this shit up.

      John ,compare the records mate.You are a buffoon.
      What a slap in the mouth for all who oppose the excesses of this Tory government,and to all who have suffered at Tory hands

      The SNP try to mitigate these excesses.What the hell have you done apart from support them..

    59. HandandShrimp says:


      Labour have no option but to try and demonise the SNP. They know that the SNP are going to kick their butt in May. That is as much to do with the state of Scottish Labour than anything else but Corbyn and McDonnell will be judged on the results in May in Scotland Wales and the English local elections so will be back to politics as usual from Labour (“new politics” being an aspiration rather than a reality).

    60. Almannysbunnet says:

      Kezia says “you can’t spend trident savings 12 different ways.” Well if the Dug can’t think of 12 different ways to spend £167 BILLION then she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near government.

    61. Ruby says:

      I find I couldn’t care less what anyone from Labour says. They are a great source of amusement but that’s all.

    62. Chic McGregor says:

      Another great cartoon Chris.

      Came across this image of an emo Droopy Dog on deviant art, remind yous of anyone?

    63. Ruby says:

      Bob Mack He said he wants to mobilise anger.

      How much more angry can these ‘UKOK Better Together Hate Preaching Con Artists’ get?

      Does he want them to resort to violence?

    64. Angra Mainyu says:

      Bob, you just don’t get it, do you… You’re judging them by those old standards, aren’t you?

      Just try taking a fresh look, a really fresh look. I promise you’ll see things differently. Try and look at them with fresh eyes, like you’ve never set eyes upon them before — like you just encountered them for the very first time…

      Let me know if that helps. It worked for me.

      Anyone know how you go about joining ISIS, do they have a website or something?

    65. DerekM says:

      @ Tackety Beets

      Amen brother 😉

      @ X-sticks

      Oh come on X-sticks i thought the Rev showed some promise lol and now i have coffee all over my screen,i should know better its like a Saturday morning ritual getting lmao

    66. gordoz says:

      O/T Interesting wee reader poll on Scot goes Pop now

    67. gordoz says:

      J McDonell :

      Labour & priorities hmmmmmm ?

      Back to square one

    68. gordoz says:

      BBC Northland Comedy unit have to be congratulated on extent of coverage of Labour Branch conference in Northland. (Fairs fair)

      Don’t remember seeing SNP conf on both BBC2 & Parliament channel ?

      New guy improvements obviously now taking place.

    69. Jack Murphy says:

      A definite thumbs up for the briliant reality cartoon. 🙂

    70. gordoz says:


      Oh dear :

      How long before the Geordies & rest of North in England get demonised as the SNP do. Just a matter of time ?

    71. gordoz says:

      Has the hapless pooch been named yet ?

      Suggestion ” Dugless ” ?

    72. Macart says:

      Another winner Chris.

    73. dakk says:

      Alistair. 10.02

      ‘Is it mad ?’


      Sadly in this case the Dug is both mad,and unwanted by it’s owners.

      It is also a danger to the Scottish public.

    74. HandandShrimp says:

      Has Malcolm been on yet to say he doesn’t get it?


    75. handclapping says:

      And Hamish only has eyes for the owner of the hand. No flies on our Hamish!

      Another smashing entry for Volume 2, Chris.

    76. Valerie says:

      Great toon, as per. Just ordered my Cairnstoon book????

      As for John McDonnell s pronouncement – that didn’t take long.

      Bloody pathetic what an arid desert forms the internal brainscape of Labour.

      Just like Kezs tumbleweed moment.

    77. Helpmaboab says:

      I’ve just taken delivery of “Welcome to Cairnstoon.” A finely-designed book and early research indicates that Chris’ commentary will be just as entertaining as the cartoons themselves.


    78. mogabee says:

      Oh this made me laugh out loud this morning!

    79. asklair says:

      Hamish expression says it all, the fewer words the more powerful message.As someone said earlier “Another winner Chris”.

    80. mumsyhugs says:

      Please – can we have a Hamish cuddly toy? I so want one!!! 🙂

    81. bugsbunny says:

      It won’t be long until the Scottish Voters take control of the leash and wrap it round the mutts neck and throttle it.

      Scottish Labour is morphing into the Scottish Liberals. A total and utter irrelevance to the everyday lives of ordinary Scots. A conference devoid of attendees, of heart and soul, of humanity, of ideas, apart from SNPBAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

      It has went from a people’s party to a crony’s party, to a careerists party, and finally a hasbeens party. What next?

      I remember as a young man, George Foulkes coming to Dalmellington. You only seen him when he was touting votes. Miners and ex miners were expected to vote Labour without thinking, and indeed did. The old Tartan Tory tag was pinned on us all. The so called people’s party were so perfect, people thought the sun shone out of their arsehole. When I was a boy, it long ceased to be a people’s party, had morphed into the crony’s party, and even a long ago as 1986, you could see some aspects of the future careerist party being birthed.

      As the years went on, they lost any connection they had with their roots. Interlopers came in and like everything else took over. (I mean people not from the area, and that includes fellow Scot’s).

      There was no longer any heart and soul left, and as the cronies who were happy with a little power, (however imagined) were replaced with professionals, they started to lose members, even if they still had the voters. Now they don’t even have that, and are now the party of the damned, the hasbeens and the deluded. Oh, how the mighty has fallen.

      Hell mend the bloody lot of them. Roll on 2016, and 2017. The fun has just begun. I wonder what we could have achieved/will achieve if we even had half the media on our side, including an impartial BBC?


    82. Cadogan Enright says:

      Dug walking will never be fully exposed, nor bias in the media corrected while this goes on.

      Thank God for Ponsonby’ and the Rev and others.

      Ponsonby covers several complaints I phoned into the BBC in that week – but he articulates it so much better

      Given how many tens of thousands of people are now aware of the blatant BBC behaviour, one would have thought an internal review was in order for the BBC to at least think how to make their bias more subtle??

    83. yesindyref2 says:

      I see Downing Street has pulled Strathclyde from appearing on Andrew Neil’s politics twisting program.

      It would be ironic if all politicians boycotted the program and he was left interviewing the mad professor Tomkins every week. What a laugh we all had.

    84. yesindyref2 says:

      By the way, when’s our fundraiser signed book and badges due? Can’t wait!

    85. Tackety Beets says:

      Mumsyhugs @ 3.59pm on 31st

      Yes , even an auld fellar like me can see huge potential for a Hamish soft cuddly toy or whatever they are called these days.

      I have a gut feeling it could be winner there Chris.

    86. Ghillie says:

      Aye, but just wait till that big hand presses the fast rewind button!

      Great cartoon Chris!

    87. The Is the enemy of course they are your enemy labour ,the people of Scotland returned 56 snp mps so they are some thing that you have never been representatives of the people ,but I would not expect you to comprehend that

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