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Toys found some distance from pram

Posted on February 28, 2015 by

Perhaps we’re just being over-sensitive, readers, but we think the Daily Record might be a little bit upset with us.


That’s the editor of the semi-popular Scottish Labour fanzine, Murray Foote, pictured above this afternoon apparently issuing his own very special honours list, but it’s not the crankiest thing the Record’s published in the last 24 hours.


That’s the FOURTH article in the paper bitterly attacking Wings Over Scotland and its readers in the past week, coincidentally since we were responsible for the Independent Press Standards Organisation forcing the Record to publish a correction after telling its readers a £20 billion lie about the Smith Commission.

(We’re especially struck by the visceral language employed, all “sewage” and “buckets of bile”. We haven’t been insulted in quite such a, well, splashy way in a long time.)

The previous three can be read here:

“Wings Over Scotland website fuels hatred and paranoia”

“Disgraceful: Hard-working nurse Suzanne is branded a liar and an actress by cybernats after she speaks up for NHS”

“Ranting cybernat who posted hate messages about young NHS nurse is slapped down by First Minister”

The ostensible reason for the hysterically-worded series of monsterings was that we suggested in passing that a nurse who broke NHS rules by appearing on a Labour election leaflet in an NHS uniform might have been an actress, while making a much wider point about the law concerning political claims. The nurse later turned out to be an actress, something the Record appears to have forgotten to mention.

But the paper gave the game away somewhat by referencing the Smith correction in the first of its extraordinary swivel-eyed, spittle-flecked editorials. The Record got caught red-handed in a lie, and while the weasel-worded correction IPSO let it away with printing was microscopic (and the lie is, astonishingly, still present on the website), it’s clearly not in a mood to forgive the humiliation.

Nevertheless, we can’t let such a tissue of falsehoods pass unchallenged.

“Nicola Sturgeon has rightly come to the defence of the NHS nurse vilified by SNP supporters for daring to express her opinions about the NHS.”

1. Nobody was “vilified”. The worst insult the Record could find was someone making a pun on a traditional American banjo song to suggest that the nurse’s NHS claims were perhaps less than entirely true.

2. “SNP supporters” is a baseless assumption/political smear. This site’s comment threads do not identify readers’ party allegiances, if they have any.

3. Absolutely nobody objected to the expression of opinions. They pointed out, quite correctly, that public-sector employees are not supposed to appear in uniform on political literature, because it implies that the organisation supports a particular party. Forth Valley Royal Hospital confirmed the rule in an official statement.


“First, the Wings over Scotland website shamefully and wrongly suggests Suzanne Hunter was an actress masquerading as a nurse.”

4. There’s nothing “shameful” about being either an actress or a nurse, and therefore nothing wrong in suggesting that a person is either. The Record’s various fumings get inordinately worked up about the fact that two pictures of women used in our original article look quite dissimilar, to which we might offer Exhibit A below:


Both pictures are of the same woman, just months apart. We could easily find even more striking examples – particularly in the field of acting, where it’s somewhat the point – but the Uma Thurman one above is conveniently topical. (We might also point at this weekend’s worldwide controversy about whether a dress is gold-and-white or black-and-blue by way of comment on misleading visual impressions.)

5. We weren’t wrong. Suzanne Hunter (nee Duncan) is both a nurse and an actress.


“Then, grudgingly accepting this isn’t true, the site’s followers demand that Suzanne be carpeted by her bosses. Why? Because she wore her NHS uniform in a photo.”

6. We didn’t “accept” that it was untrue, “grudgingly” or otherwise, because it IS true.

7. We’re not responsible for our readers’ views, so long as they don’t break any laws. If you judged any newspaper’s website by its commenters you’d paint a picture of a world inhabited solely by lunatics.

But we repeatedly urged our readers NOT to seek disciplinary action against Suzanne Hunter – because she was wronged by Scottish Labour, who failed to remove the NHS logo from her pictures and then INSISTED on loudly drawing attention to the fact that she really was a nurse.

We hold Scottish Labour (especially Dr Richard Simpson) and the Record solely responsible for any disciplinary misfortune which befalls Suzanne Hunter. We wish to see none – she’s perfectly entitled to campaign for a political party, so long as she does so within the rules of her employment, and she clearly had a fair and reasonable expectation that Scottish Labour would protect her in that respect by removing her NHS insignia, as had been done in previous leaflets.

“And that’s just a toe in the sewage water of what the odious cybernats (most of them men by the looks of it) have thrown at a young woman because she simply expressed her point of view.

This is nothing less than a shameful attempt to stifle free speech.

Sadly, there are plenty of keyboard cowards hiding in braveheart anonymity ready to empty buckets of bile over anyone they stumble across.”

8. That’s an extraordinary playing of the “misogyny” card. But make your mind up – if these people are “anonymous” how can you tell what sex they are?

9. Nobody was subjected to “buckets of bile” (well, other than this site and its readers by the Record), and nobody was criticised simply for expressing a point of view. The Record has yet to identify a single abusive post, and the complaint was specifically about the prohibited use of an NHS uniform weaponising the health service.

Suzanne Hunter’s several previous appearances on leaflets – WITHOUT the NHS logo – passed without criticism, so it’s clearly not her opinion that’s being objected to, but the political use of the uniform. Those rules exist for a reason, and pointing them out is a perfectly legitimate comment.

“It is a debasing of political life with one aim – to dominate online activity and discourage the flow of contrary ideas.”

10. A group of people expressing perfectly valid opinions on a website in no way inhibits others from doing so. You can only “dominate online activity” if the other side chooses to let you.

11. Nobody called for Suzanne Hunter (or Scottish Labour) to be silenced. The only people attempting to “discourage the flow of contrary ideas” are the hacks of the Daily Record, by reacting to perfectly calm and reasoned articles and comments with shrieking, foaming tabloid hysteria, hurling around words like “outrageous”, “vile”, “shameful”, “disgraceful”, “hatred”, “sewage”,  “bullying”, “vicious”, “nasty” and more.

We invite readers to find any such intemperate language or tone in any of our posts about the leaflet. Only one party to this argument is shouting.

“The First Minister had little option yesterday but to go on the side of reason because she knows there is nothing ordinary people loathe more than bullying.”

12. The First Minister merely reiterated a position she and the SNP have expressed many times, which is that all abuse is wrong. We agree entirely with that position. She took no “side”. The Daily Record is part of a massive national publishing corporation with revenue in the hundreds of millions of pounds. Wings Over Scotland is a small website run by one man. Which is capable of “bullying” the other?

“Especially men bullying a woman – which is what this largely anonymous online rabble have been doing for the last two days.”

13. See (8).

“Sturgeon is savvy enough to know these vile motormouths do genuine damage to her cause. The ranters, though, are too busy spreading hate to realise it.”

14. We still await evidence of a single abusive comment from this site or its readers to Suzanne Hunter. But support for the SNP has surged enormously in recent months, while the Daily Record’s sales figures are on a long, steep slide, much like the poll ratings for the party it has slavishly supported for decades.

We invite readers to read our articles, read the Record’s, look at the figures and ponder whose cause is being damaged by “ranters”.

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    250 to “Toys found some distance from pram”

    1. AnneDon says:

      Remember Daily Record hacks railing against “internet bampots” defaming their beloved David Murray a couple of years ago? Old, corporate media caught on the wrong side of history. Again.

    2. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      Keep it up Stu, their reaction says everything!!

    3. another me says:

      “Disgraceful: Hard-working nurse Suzanne is branded a liar and an actress by cybernats after she speaks up for NHS”

      The leaflet is speaking up for the labour party not the NHS

    4. Beldie says:

      Trying to incite WFI perchance. They’re incandescent with rage. Keep it up.

    5. Croompenstein says:

      On the plus side Stu at least they didn’t mention Bath this time 🙂

    6. Jock Watson says:

      Can Wings Over Scotland not report the Daily Rancid to the Press Commission or something? I am disgusted by the aggressive and abusive language they have been using simply because they were caught out telling a lie, and as I see it they should be apologising not only to Wings but the Scottish people in general, and not the other way around.

    7. Camy says:

      Is it just me or do they seem to be having some kind of a breakdown?

    8. Barbara McKenzie says:

      Just do a comparison between what the man Rev. Stu has said about the woman Suzanne Hunter, and what the man Murray Foote has said about the women who follow Wings, and draw your own conclusions as to who is the ranting bully.

    9. Auld Rock says:

      And they wonder why their sales and their party are both in meltdown.

      Auld Rock

    10. Caroline Corfield says:

      It is quite telling that Wings has been targeted. It is, and this is one of the main reasons I frequent it, populated by rational commentators. Arguments take place using facts, it is rare that anyone is called anything worse than a potential troll, and usually again there is some evidence to back such claims.

      On Facebook there are more intemperate comments, worse arguments created and extolled, sometimes bad enough to make me wince, in the cause of Scottish independence, or indeed the nefarious activities of the Establisment.

      One can only assume the rationality of Wings is what the Record finds most threatening therefore, otherwise it would obviously be focusing on those fb pages instead (or maybe not since none of them have managed to complain to the IPSO and have the complaint upheld) . It’s attempts at smearing the site, it’s main author and we, the commenters below the line, can only be a desperate move to dissuade more people from viewing the site.

      It is unlikely to work, as Wings has long since superseded critical mass, a point which the Record is racing towards in the opposite direction and beyond which it becomes an irrelevant sports comic.

    11. Tatterdemelon says:

      Keep the sanity going – that’s another tenner in your pot from me!

    12. Lesley-Anne says:

      Funny I was thinking that Jock. 😛

      However, when you see how authoritive the IPSO has been over the LIES printed on the front page of the Daily Record over the Smith Commission, oops I forgot they haven’t 😉 , then I very much doubt we’d get much more than a similar microscopic apology correction at some point in the far and distant future at the bottom of page 2 underneath the weather and lottery results.

      I’m not saying that a complaint to IPSO should not be done just that I would be very surprised if they actually did anything. After all upholding Stu’s last complaint must have sorely tested their mettle. 😀

    13. robert urquhart says:

      You only have to add “fury” to the list of hysterical words and the record turns into the daily mail.

    14. Barbara McKenzie says:

      I can’t believe that either this incontinent rant, or Foote’s recommendation of the embarrassing @kevverage blog, will do the Daily Record any favours.

    15. Stoker says:

      Jock @ 5.50pm.

      I agree, Jock, this is the sort of article we should be putting lawyers onto to sue the fricken arses off them and also getting something done about IPSO for not appropriately dealing with this bunch of vile lying b@st@rds at The Daily Rectum.

      If only we could get a damn good law firm on-side to work pro bono.

      Really sick-fed-up of the serious lack of proper regulation of our so-called media.

    16. Paul says:

      Ever get the feeling you’re getting to them Stu?

    17. Marie clark says:

      They don’t like it up em, do they.

      I can say quite honestly that I have never been bullied by any of the men on this site. They’re a grand bunch. I always enjoy the humour amongst the wingers, it’s generally good natured.

      If anyone oversteps the mark, as we all can do if we get a bit worked up, the other wingers point it out and ask them to calm down. Usually works.

      I do object strongly to the portrayal of people on this site. I think the Daily Record and Mr Murray Foote had better tread carefully, we might just get annoyed enough with him to fund legal action.

    18. Mik says:

      i think that if the Record were to be in anyway seen as credible over their reporting, then they would leave comments open so that people could discuss why they are wrong …. but they haven’t so to me that is an admission of guilt for their inept style of shite ….

    19. Indigo says:

      I am personally offended by the vile hatred propagated by the Daily Record and would contribute to legal action against them for the baseless accusations made against the contributors to the website.

      I am deeply distressed by the accusations of a powerful male establishment figure against ordinary Scottish people, many of them women, nurses, careers and hard working parents, who, simply because of their contribution to this website are being viciously attacked, their character defamed and their right to freedom of expression being curtailed by ‘Scotland’s Champion’

    20. cearc says:

      They don’t like IPSOS up ’em.

      How’s the complaint, about the ruling of the previous complaint not being carried out properly, going?

    21. george says:

      “outrageous”, “vile”, “shameful”, “disgraceful”, “hatred”, “sewage”, “bullying”, “vicious”, “nasty”

      i’d be hurt, if i wasn’t laughing so much. just let me wipe the tears from my eyes.

      never mind “to” suzanne hunter, they wouldn’t be able to find an abusive comment “about” suzanne hunter: the only hateful screeching going on here comes from the record.

    22. Lollysmum says:

      Oh I see Mr Foote reckons that I changed sex in recent days. Funny that but I never noticed! How odd. Must make a GP appointment to find out what’s gone wrong.

      Grow up Murray-you’re the one doing the ranting & misrepresenting the truth to anyone that will listen but then that’s your track record isn’t it. Throwing your toys out of the pram seems to adequately describe your current demeanour.

      The pages in question are still here on this site for all the world to see every single one time stamped and dated. Anyone with half a brain can see that your articles on Wings this week are without foundation just as your Smith Commission article (the Vow Delivered) was & which IPSO found to be ‘significantly misleading’but is still displayed on your site despite being your ordered to correct it.

      You disrespect your readers by printing misleading articles & then have the gall to publicly attack an individual whe dares to point out the flaws.

      Sorry but your argument falls at the first hurdle, Wings has printed the truth as it happened with links to the evidence to prove it. You are the one doing the bullying here & at the behest of the Labour party’s own agenda.

      Journalism has always been a respected profession & been populated down the ages with people with obvious integrity for respecting the truth. Indeed, it’s whole ‘raison d’etre’ is to hold power to account. You are failing miserably in that regard & you know it.

      How you have the temerity to call it The Daily Record is beyond a joke when it should be The Incorrect Daily Record.

      Oh and before I forget thank you for your help this week with our crowdfunder. I’m sure we wouldn’t have made it to £79,000 in donations in 2 days without the magnificent contribution of your rants at Wings this week.My heartfelt thanks to you.It was really very kind of you and above and beyond the call of duty.

    23. Tarisgal says:

      Do the Daily Record really believe that their readership will pick up by talking about the Scottish people in such a manner? Is their hatred of the Scots and the way they refer to them so palpable they are not capable in the moment of writing of being able to assess the harm they are doing to themselves? Perhaps I’m being naive but – surely they want to recover some of those lost readers?

      Name calling and behaving in such a childish manner just leads me to believe that they are actively seeking to destroy themselves. Now why is that, I wonder? If their nasty vindictive name calling is purely to support the flagging labour party, surely it’s time to ask themselves, “what happened to the fair, balanced and unbiased journalist I started out to be?”. ‘Cause by golly, there is nothing about their present status that would tempt me to reconsider and read their paper or support their labour party!

    24. Indigo says:

      Over £80,000 now Lollysmum 🙂

    25. JPJ2 says:

      Beautifully and revealingly ironic that, unlike in the past, it appears that no-one is allowed any more to comment on Daily Record articles.

      So, anyone can comment on Wings articles about Suzanne Hunter/Duncan, but no-one can comment at the Daily Record website on their “We’ve taken complete leave of our senses”

      Everybody with the slightest political nous is now adays fully aware who is in the censorship came and it is not this website.

    26. ErinT says:

      The Daily Record has a considerable amount of cheek hinting at a gender bias, and discrimination thereof, after the appalling way in which they reported on the accident that Dr Kate Stone was involved in. 🙁

    27. Des says:

      More visits to this vile site from Daily Rectum readers 🙂

    28. Effijy says:

      Sorry Rev Stuart!

      I called Messiah Murphy “Fud”.

      It was intended to be a play on the common nom de plume
      Spud Murphy,

      I apolgise to Fuds everywhere as you didn’t deserve to be associated with this F..Feckless Fantasist.

      Will Mr Foot have a translator in his employ?
      He may not know if he himself could be regarded as a Fud?

      Yes I’m sure he does, if he is in charge of distorting the
      media on behalf of his £Millionair mates like Blair & Brown,
      he is bound to be on a nice wee earner.

      Ermine Robe down the line possibly?
      Just squeeze the Poor, Disabled or the Working Classes a bit more, if you would like us to pay for it.

    29. Paula Rose says:

      I have bullied some of the men on this site though.

    30. Stoker says:

      The Daily Rectum wrote:
      “It is a debasing of political life with one aim – to dominate online activity and discourage the flow of contrary ideas.”

      Rev wrote:
      “Absolutely nobody objected to the expression of opinions.”

      Who has the reputation for blocking comments, The Rectum or WOS?

      NUFF SAID.

    31. scotsbob says:

      On the plus side Wings has achieved over £80,000 thanks largely to the vilification by this daily comic posing as a newspaper

    32. Croompenstein says:

      The missus just said “That Murray Foote is that no him that sang One Night In Bangkok?”

      “Naw, it wiz Murray Head FFS, this yin just sings from Jim Murphy’s hymnsheet” 😀

    33. mary vasey says:

      This is totally disgusting language, I find it hilarious tho being called an ‘odious cybernat’ etc etc.
      Keep up the good work Stu AYE
      Fae a coffin-dodging auld wifie

    34. ErinT says:

      “Especially men bullying a woman – which is what this largely anonymous online rabble have been doing for the last two days.”

      That would involve some heavy cherrypicking of comments and ignoring the male and female commentators here that were disagreeing with certain language which was made by other, presumably, male and female commentators.

    35. Peter A Bell says:

      I got about about a third of the way through that tedious rant before giving up as the will to live ebbed.

      So long as British nationalist fanatics are attacking Wings Over Scotland we can reasonably assume that Stu Campbell is doing a good job for Scotland. It is surely no coincidence that this onslaught has intensified very significantly since Wings Over Scotland exposed the Daily Record’s lies about “The Vow”.

      I have no idea who Kevin Hague is, and care considerably less. That he so willingly lends himself to this campaign of vilification against a voice that does no more than challenge the orthodoxies of the British state in a perfectly reasonable manner marks him as someone unworthy of respect.

      I don’t doubt that Wings Over Scotland may make the occasional mistake. But the worst of those errors will be as nothing compared to the lies and the scaremongering and the hate-speak of the British nationalist propaganda machine.

    36. Lesley-Anne says:

      Paula Rose says:

      I have bullied some of the men on this site though.

      And boy have they all *ahem* enjoyed your bullying Paula. I know I’ve read their comments afterwards! 😀

    37. Dcanmore says:

      Daily Record proves they only exist to protect and promote the Labour Party by lashing out at those who criticise it. The Rev’s desciption of calling the Record a Labour Fanzine is the truth of the matter. It is no coincidence that both the Record and SLab are declining together, however what that brings out is increasing desperation.

      In this time we are witnessing huge change in attitudes in Scotland but it’s very telling that both The Daily Record and Scottish labour seem to be stuck in a timewarp.

      “Football, beer, and above all gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” ~ George Orwell, 1984

    38. M4rkyboy says:

      I know,one would think they sought to discourage the flow of contrary ideas.

    39. Mealer says:

      The Daily Record,sometimes referred to as the Daily Redcoat,really is losing the plot.The nurse/actress shouldn’t have appeared in Labour Party campaign literature whilst in uniform.Does the daily record have an opinion on this?

    40. indyracer2014 says:

      Lets not forget that this all started with the Labour Party campaigning in the Westminster election on a devolved matter. A further example of their contempt for the intelligence of the electorate.

    41. Kevin weir says:

      i feel embarrassed that for years i bought this paper,
      with the wings web site and their uptake on the truth, I see how bad their reporting was ( is )

    42. Stoker says:

      This articles title:
      “Toys found some distance from pram”

      Aye, and they were probably stolen, knowing the Labour Rectum.

      Just like all their policies.

    43. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Trinity Mirror Phone Hacking: Police Investigating After Liability Admission

      Eight newspapers pay libel damages to Christopher Jefferies

      And that’s just a toe in the water of what the odious tabloid hacks at Trinity Mirror (most of them men) have thrown at young women, young men, parents, pensioners, children or anyone at all they think they can lie about, smear and then wring a story from for profit.

      Sadly there are plenty of keyboard cowards hiding in byline/editorial anonymity ready to empty buckets of bile over anyone they stumble across.

      It’s debasing of political life, and as the mass of testimony to Leveson proved, these cowards masquerading as journalists will resort to corruption and outright illegality just as long as they can get their ‘story’.

      This relentless tabloid smearing, sensationalism, dumbing-down and corruption has but one aim – to dominate the media and discourage the flow of contrary ideas that diverge from their newspaper baron bosses small-minded prejudices.

      Nicola Sturgeon is trusted and very popular with the scottish public. That is is why tabloid hacks on the Record have to lie and distort her words since in opinion poll after opinion poll tabloid journalists are among the least trusted and most reviled bunch in the judgement of the scottish people and rUK.

      Opinion polls in scotland are also ALL showing truly massive SNP leads with some of them approaching 50%. This is self-evidently a cut-throat newspaper market where internet and mobile phone ubiquity means almost certain doom for any paper too stupid or too consumed with hatred to respond with respect to the market and their readership.

      So with approaching 50% of scots willing to vote for the SNP the Daily Record’s ignorant hatred of scotland’s most popular political party and it’s supporters is not just a grotesque example of a powerful media corporation trying to bully ordinary scots wjust for supporting a political party the Record despises – it is also unquestionably economic suicide.

      It will inevitably lead to yet more staff ‘downsizing’ and cuts at the Record by Trinity Mirror as they count the cost of indulging the pet-hatred and bile of a few of it’s senior editor’s and staff at the Record who can never hope to disguise their bias and unquestioning Labour party allegiance.

      The ranters at the Daily Record though, are too busy spreading hate to realise it.

    44. One_Scot says:

      The Daily Record seems to have a fixation with the word sewage. Probably has something to do with the fact they’re constantly surrounded by it.

      Clearly they have not yet twigged that everyone knows they are proven liars, who will write and say anything to mislead the public, so they and Scottish Labour can carry on riding the gravy train.

      Well, here’s the thing, Scotland has had enough of being lied to by Labour and the Daily Record, and that train is rapidly running out of track, better fasten those seat belts, the 7th of May will be messy, and I don’t mean the footballer.

    45. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Outrage is very important for editors of red top newspapers, the Telegraph and the Scotsman (now), and if you can fake it, you too can be in charge of a dying rag.

      Apologies to Groucho.

    46. Lollysmum says:

      Indigo-thanks for the correction.I was enjoying writing my post so much that I neglected to check it first. Sorry Rev I know I broke your golden rule but hey I was closer than the Record EVER is.

      Paula Rose-your bullying is by mutual consent indeed they are often queuing up awaiting participation 🙂

    47. ErinT says:

      “(We might also point at this weekend’s worldwide controversy about whether a dress is gold-and-white or black-and-blue by way of comment on misleading visual impressions.)”

      Gold and white.

    48. donald anderson says:

      My name is Donald Anderson and I am a Republican Socialst.

    49. davidb says:

      Stories are made up in the Daily Record – who knew?

      How much traffic is being driven to this site by all the publicity?

      The Nurse/actress/possible Clackmannan Labour Convenor squeeze controversy was not the main one about the leaflet. The leaflet was trash. No MP has any say whatever in Scottish health. Have we forgotten? The message wasn’t her NHS badge, it was bollocks from Team Skeletor.

      Since this website is far and away the most influential site in Scots politics ( has anyone else pulled such funding in a few hours – is there any other goto site?) it must be expected that it will be a target for the Unionists. I wouldn’t be surprised if GCHQ DNS’d it. I see its topped the Google search again for about a fortnight.

      I expect they are presently scraping the gutters looking for dirt on Rev Campbell. Lurid stories will be next.

      But we don’t read the Record. We don’t watch the MOT. We just knock doors and speak to voters and keep reminding ourselves of that Ghandi quote up on the top RHS below the links.

      The Daily Record. Wrapping fish and lining budgie cages for generations. Best use for it.

    50. cearc says:

      Paula Rose,

      Yes, but they asked you to. It doesn’t count.

    51. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Thank you Effijy for pricking my conscience about calling Jim Murphy MP BA )failed), a Smurfy.

      I must really apologise to real Smurfs everywhere.

      In my defence I have to say that they are the same hue of blue, so my confusion is understandable.

    52. mogabee says:

      Well Stu. Sometimes you do come across quite harshly…

      Especially when you shout “AT NON-PARAGRAPH BREAKERS”. lol

      But otherwise I find you pretty reasonable. ;D

    53. Dan Huil says:

      The Daily Record continues to sink lower and lower into ever-decreasing [not just in sales] circles of unionist desperation.

      It knows that more and more people in Scotland are rejecting its bullying pro-Labour, pro-Westminster narrow-mindedness. Like Labour in Scotland it is reduced to publishing bile-filled anti-SNP propaganda.

      I’m sorry, I’m sure there are decent open-minded people who work for the DR, but I honestly hope that rag prints its last edition in the very near future. Political debate in Scotland will be much improved when that happens.

    54. mogabee says:

      Oh, and I meant to say Murray seems to be choking on his “foote”…

    55. tooz says:

      the last death utterances from a long since discredited publication.
      goodbye, you were once a voice of the people.
      arse, door, way oot, don’t let it hit on.

    56. Doug Daniel says:

      I found that editorial to be one of the most stunning pieces of inaccurate, hypocritical ramblings I’ve seen in a long time – worthy of the Daily Mail comments section.

      And incredibly telling. The attempt to paint everyone as a bullying misogynist – and then try to tie that to the SNP – is the most blatantly naked electioneering since the referendum. It couldn’t have been more obvious if a Labour staffer had written it themselves – but then why bother when you have such loyal supporters like Murray Foote?

      This has nothing to do with Suzanne Hunter, this is about a discredited tabloid frantically trying to silence opponents to both it and its cause – the Labour party.

      Good luck with that, chaps!

    57. cearc says:

      Some of youse may remember that last year lots of
      nice people made extra donations that were clubbed together to buy a gold badge for Ronnie Anderson.

      Well, this year Roniie has nominated the famous,
      glamorous, unparalleled Paula Rose, for a crowd-funded gold badge.

      If you want to contribute to this amazingly deserving
      cause. Just make another wee (or not so wee)
      donation and put a post on the off-topic thread
      saying how much you sent. (£241 so far).

    58. Doug Daniel says:

      I can’t believe I said “supporters” and not “Footesoldiers”…

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      The Record is a gift that just doesn’t stop giving. Still not worth wrapping chips in though 🙂

    60. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      How weird.

      At the Wings Over Scotland get-together at Invergowrie last week, I just didn’t pick up that all those winged bodies, whom I thought were examples of the female of the species, were actually cross-dressers!

      Ummn’t I the naive one?

      If you want to see how easily I was fooled, look here:-

      I feel the urge to make another donation to the cause…

    61. Croompenstein says:

      OT – I know, I know it’s 38 degrees but I do agree with this one..

      Dear Croomp,

      Our democracy is under threat. Right now, corporate lobbyists and officials in Brussels are secretly negotiating a dangerous trade deal – a corporate power grab bigger than anything we’ve seen before. It would mean even more privatisation for our public services.

      It’s called TTIP. The movement against it is building, and we can stop it – but only if enough of us move fast.

      In Scotland we can lead the fight. You may not have heard of David Martin MEP, but he holds a powerful position in Brussels – and he represents all of Scotland in the European Parliament. He could help stop this dangerous deal if we persuade him to act.

      So will you join 38 Degrees members across Scotland and build a big people-powered petition telling David Martin MEP to stand against TTIP?

      The more we all learn about this shady trade deal, the more dangerous it looks. Yesterday, a leaked document seemed to confirm what many suspected – that our NHS is at risk in the deal. And it’s not just the NHS – the threat to all our public services is huge. MSPs have said they want to push back the tide of privatisation – but TTIP would make that impossible.

      At the moment David Martin is sitting on the fence. But he’s already feeling the pressure: when 38 Degrees members went to Brussels to question him on TTIP, he lost his cool and told them to “p*ss off”! So let’s make sure David understands – he’s elected to represent us, not the interests of big business.

      Just a year ago almost no one knew about TTIP. Thanks to people-powered campaigning the movement to stop TTIP is now millions strong. And in Scotland, nearly 30,000 of us pushed the First Minister to take a firmer position on TTIP. Let’s keep the momentum going by pressuring David Martin MEP to take a stand now:

      Thanks for being involved,

      Jen, Bex, Maddy & the 38 Degrees team

      P.S. Don’t take our word for it – the video of David Martin MEP losing his temper with 38 Degrees members is available online:

    62. Wee Jonny says:

      “The Daily Record is part of a massive national publishing corporation with revenue in the hundreds of millions of pounds. Wings Over Scotland is a small website run by one man” Yes and I know which form of media I trust. Go get ’em Stu.

      Murray F00te – You are a zoomer ©Stuart Campbell.

    63. cearc says:


      For the Paula Rose golf fund?

    64. cearc says:

      Errrmm..Gold fund of course.

      Rather flumpy fingers today.

      Still the thought of Paula Rose teetering around a golf course in her heels!

    65. Bill Steele says:

      How about suing the trash tabloid in question?

    66. Albaman says:

      So Stew,
      The battle is now well and truly “on”, and I feel this is one of those where “David” once more can beat “Goliath”.
      Mind you in this case David has an unseen army behind him!!.

    67. J. R. Tomlin says:

      THe one place I have to disagree with you is here: “We invite readers to read our articles, read the Record’s, look at the figures and ponder whose cause is being damaged by “ranters”.”

      I mean it is certainly your right to invite people to read the DR, but instead I suggest starving the nasty rags of both physical purchases and page views. It is essential to remember that page views are important for their selling advertising, so one of the best things possible is to deprive them of those.

      The only exception is archived articles which do not count as page views.

    68. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ve just been to off-topic, cearc.

    69. desimond says:

      That leaflet was in my postbox today.
      I didnt know whether to laugh or cry…much like a Scottish pensioner hearing Labours new tuition fee cut budget plans

    70. cearc says:


      You mean you didn’t realise that I am a misogynist? (can a women be a misogynist?)

      I think Foote might be surprised by the extraordinarily broad demographic of the WOS readership or maybe he knows and is just jealous.

    71. r esquierdo says:

      I have never used any name other than my real name to post anywhere on the internet.Mt Murray Foote should be charged by police Scotland for breaking the 2013 referendum act. He willing allowed his paper to publish the vow which was against the law.
      I asked Alex Salmond last week if Murray Foote had broken the 2013 referendum act and he said yes. So why have police Scotland not charged him?

    72. Stoker says:

      Croompenstein wrote:
      “So will you join 38 Degrees..”

      Not a snowballs chance in hell.

      Whether you agree with their cause or not, Croomp, after what they did to us with Crash Broon and his Unionist mates.

      I agree with a lot of their “causes” but after what they did with us i wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.


    73. galamcennalath says:

      I will buy the last ever printed edition of the Record just to keep and remind myself of just how shite splattered Scotland’s road to independence had been 🙂

    74. Cath says:

      “Just do a comparison between what the man Rev. Stu has said about the woman Suzanne Hunter, and what the man Murray Foote has said about the women who follow Wings, and draw your own conclusions as to who is the ranting bully.”

      Absolutely spot on Barbara. As a woman who supports independence I’ve felt bullied by very powerful and nasty men in the media and politics for 3 years now and this is just more of the same. They are the ones who are vile and poisonous. I’m only thankful we now have the odd site like Wings to give a tiny taste of it back at them.

    75. John Moss says:

      You should be all ashamed of yourself terrorising poor wee defensless actors…nurses…?

      Damned cyber-bullies, I’m telling Jim Murphy on you. So there!

    76. Ricky says:


      I canny comment. Each one of you has said exactly what i would say.

      And i know i should be angry at the cheek of the Daily Rancid but i can’t stop smiling and laughing because of the comments.

      Wingers your amazing.

    77. arthur thomson says:

      With the Record saying all those terrible things it’s just as well I don’t believe anything they write. I could easily feel hurt. But I am just pleased that they are becoming less and less consequential. How do these people live with themselves? I’m glad I’m not one of them.

    78. Rob James says:

      As Private Fraser from Dad’s Army would say –

      “They’re doomed.”

    79. Cuddis says:

      Absolutely stunning, Rev. A virtuoso display of logic overwhelming DR raving. A delight to read.

    80. Training Day says:

      The bile and invective seems to be coming from one direction only. Mr Foote appears to be a remarkably splenetic individual. Some might even call him ‘hate-filled’.

      Still, this is all good. We should welcome confirmation that London-run tabloids like the Retard are at war with at least 45% of the Scottish people.

    81. manandboy says:

      Imagine a football match, a really big game,
      of great importance to both clubs,
      but a matter of life and death to one of them.

      The fans of the team under threat of relegation
      from the top league
      are totally stressed and agitated.

      As the game progresses, they lose three goals
      in the first half.
      The fans lose control and mayhem ensues.
      Uncontrollable rage pours out from the crowd.
      They know they are going to lose this game
      and with it be consigned to the lower leagues.
      To the fans, this is more than they can bear.

      What is happening at The Record
      is similar to this football image.
      And connected to it.

      John McTernan & Murray Foote are the architects
      of what the Record is doing.
      This is a joint venture.
      Fuelled by hatred, politically motivated,
      and sanctioned by the British Government.

      The Unionist tradition don’t do relegation –
      it brings out the very worst in them.
      That’s what we are seeing here.

      McTernan is the driving force behind all this,
      He has the backing, not only of his Better Together Team,
      but also, more importantly, of Team Westminster
      with Captain Cameron giving the nod
      to let the attack dogs loose.

      As they see things, they MUST win
      for they are the People In Charge.

      They cannot and will not suffer relegation.

      They will defend their status
      with every last ounce of their rage and hate.

      It isn’t pleasant, but this is the way things are.

      In Bonnie Scotland.

      Anyway, not to worry.

      We’re 3 – 0 up.

      The Polls say so.

    82. TJenny says:

      DR should be renamed ‘The Daily Foote in Mouth’.

    83. Dr Jim says:

      BBC Scotlandshire are right
      Stookam Bell the evil bad terrorist and his followers the even badder Cybernatty Onliners

      Or should that be one liners coz that’s what lots of folk tune in for, this site is comedy gold, apart from the informative stuff
      Another reason this site is as popular as it is, is because it is very self policing, most posters are friendly, kind to each other and helpful to new folk, if it were not it would not have lasted as long as it has
      I for one am extremely proud and happy to be a small part of of Wings over Scotland it’s like being in the pub without drinking
      So Cheers to you all and thank you Stuart Campbell for a wonderful site
      Daily Record; you may try to convince others of your ranting nonsense but the more you do the more they read
      and then they learn and then you lose
      I thank you…..

    84. Bill Hume says:

      With the election such a short time away and the polls showing no sign of a “Murphy Bounce” why is anyone on this site surprised that the Daily Record has gone into shit overload.

      It can only get worse the closer we are to election day.

      “Brace yourselves”

    85. Cuddis says:

      @Caroline Corfield 5.56

      I agree with your line on rationality, Caroline

      Not surprisingly, the angry will never have a reasoned response to rational argument, especially when delivered in the studious, informed, intelligent and armour-piercing style of the Rev. I too depend on the facts and opinions of the site and its contributors to get a fix on what is really happening. I always considered myself knowledgeable about politics from my student days. But it has taken only a few months of tuning in to the discourses on this site to realise how little I actually knew.

    86. Kenny says:

      I can imagine someone in the Persian Empire 3000 years ago or maybe an inhabitant of Classical Athens 2500 years ago pondering over what the future would be like, what wonderful thoughts men and women would be expressing…. but they could never NEVER imagine that there would be, in that far-off future, a rag with endless “Rangers” articles and complete dross such as the Daily Record. I am ashamed to live in the same century, country, time-space as this insult to human intelligence!

    87. Take Idependence says:

      He can’t convince his readers as they are all leaving so he trying to convince the liebour Party that he winning the heart and minds of the Scottish people yeh he going to achieve this with that sort of Filth. Any decent human being would agree that the Daily Record is a gutter paper and doesn’t warrant being displayed in any descent store in Scotland Leave our shores and don’t come back.

    88. Macart says:

      Good grief.


      It appears that the Record did not enjoy being held to account over the now discredited vow.

    89. Dal Riata says:

      That piece of bilious gutter-speak masquerading as ‘opinion’ from the Daily Broken Record is one of the most extreme unionist rants I’ve read, and that really is something, considering they have been more or less non-stop for three years!

      It is no coincidence that the smearing and vilification of Stu, Wings, and commenters on the site has been of such ferocity since their ‘Vow’ lies were exposed by Stu and revealed for all the world to see via the internet.

      Their faux outrage over the nurse/actresses issue is but an excuse for them to rant, wail and froth at the mouth at Stu and Wings for exposing their lies and mendacity and being humiliated into having to print a retraction (even though they have done their damndest to hide it away from sight). If not this issue, they would have found something else to excuse their childish and perverted caterwauling.

      With this disgraceful behaviour (sanctioned, no doubt, by You-Know-Who at SLAB’s propaganda bunker) they have given us all another peek into the world of the British state and their workings, a world where corruption and cover-up with mainstream media collusion is de rigeur, and when any of its evils are exposed, go into full-attack mode to destroy the messenger or whistleblower.

    90. Dr Jim says:

      Apart from everything else this is a clear attempt to put The First Minister in an awkward position
      If she doesn’t condemn Wings then she must support
      My sense is though she’s already aware of The Daily Records motives as she is of the BBC and others
      Pretty tough gig having to fight everybody i wouldn’t have her job for Malcolm Rifkinds pension
      See… more comedy gold…Boom Boom…

    91. Capella says:

      How dare Murray Foote misrepresent us in such a vile tirade. An apology and correction is the least we should expect. It does illustrate how hysterical the Unionists are becoming. They obviously see the writing on the wall.

      IPSO should be following up its verdict on the Daily Record and enforcing its decision. The lack of compliance by the Daily Record is a slap in the face to any pretence at Press regulation. When will the Levison recommendations be enacted? it can be added to the long list of failed Inquiries into the corruption of the Establishment.

      Congratulations Stu. A palpable hit.

    92. Lollysmum says:

      Bill Hume
      Don’t worry-we’ve been expecting this treatment for weeks now. Water off a duck’s back, don’t you know & good fun to boot 🙂

      Besides which I quite like being called a vile, odious cybernat. I’ve always been a stroppy cow since I was born but it’s taken me to get to 63 years old before I found out what I really am. Oh well, I guess it’s downhill from hereon in 🙂

    93. Cuddis says:


    94. alan crerar says:

      A female misogynist. That would surely be a Ms-ogynist?

    95. AlexMcI says:

      This is hilarious, it’s a comedy show up there with Father Ted and Blackadder for how ludicrous it can get.
      So who is Balderick and Father Dougall in this production.
      We all know a certain baron of Cumnocks a stick on for Father Jack.
      Bravo Rev.

    96. Tinto Chiel says:

      I think anyone reading The Rev’s riposte to the DR’s synthetic, hysterical nonsense could only be impressed by his temperate, factual and logical approach. I do hope some DR “readers” have strayed onto this site and been impressed.

      Increasingly over the last few weeks, the ranting, incoherent and completely out-of-touch language employed by the DR in particular and the Unionist establishment in general, remind me of the last days of Ceausescu in Romania. Watching his panic, incomprehension and fear as his whole rotten house of cards collapsed around him in jig time, once the people had decided they had had enough, is something I have never forgotten. I believe we are close to such a tipping-point in Scotland, perhaps closer than we think. And this site has been instrumental in bringing us to this position.

      I have two words for all the retrograde and undemocratic forces ranged against us: Timisoara, Timisoara.

      @cearc: of course we knew you were a lady, hen. A little Gaelic comes in useful, sometimes. All the best.

    97. You and My Comb says:

      Sorry to go off topic here but I could do with some critical analysis of 2 websites that I have come across.

      Trouble is the 2nd one is full of misinformation and the first offers opportunities to correct the details. If you can spare a few moments to look at the SNP out picture posting contents I thought that we could fix the facts on it.

    98. Nana Smith says:

      I posted this on the last thread, didn’t realise you’d all moved over here!

      Anyway anyone got any pennies left?

    99. HandandShrimp says:

      While the Record goes into spittle flecked rants about Wings they are not bothering anyone else and they certainly don’t bother us as the fund raiser ably demonstrates 🙂

      Hey there Record we will be around for a good while yet to pick holes in your hide and seek game with veracity (a nice girl by all accounts).

    100. Gary says:

      I have contributed in the past – and saw the amount this time so was going to pass the requested amount by a long shot – so was going to give it a miss this time. However, the Daily Record have inspired me to donate once again.

      Thanks Murray, this one is on you.

      I look forward to my hardback copy of the WBB.

    101. donald anderson says:

      The Onionist meejah hates being bypassed or overtaken by the social media, where the punters can and do answer them back.

      The Record amd co owe us for all the years of lying hackery.

      Oor day has come!

    102. Lollysmum says:

      £81,000 barrier broken guys & gals. I did thank you didn’t I, Murray? I won’t call you Mr as that word confers some respect towards you. After this week’s shenanigans by you, I’m afraid that respect is positively the last thing you are due.

    103. The daily record is sounding more like the daily mail every day! Who the hell buys this rag?

    104. G4jeepers says:

      A few bawbees cowped intae the fund.

      For the Record 😀

    105. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      It’s interesting to compare the treatment of WOS by STV with the bile – and let’s admit it – the $hit-scarediness (is it a word?) of the Daily Record.

      According to Prof Robertson, STV has been a lot more unbiased in its news coverage for a while.

    106. James says:

      Said it before and I’ll say it again – the Daily Record is the single biggest source of cyber(Brit)nat online pollution. It’s content is online, Tweeted, re-Tweeted shared on social media. It’s editorial and journalistic commentary is full of bigotry, hate, anti-intellectualism, and, er, foot-drenched sewage. It aims to achieve exactly what it accuses Wings of doing – closing down debate. Crushing competing ideas. They HATE the fact Wings and other alternative media exist. They’d love this to be circa 1975 when folk bought and read the DR as if it was Scotland’s re-revised King James bible for Labour Scotland. We have to keep after them…they are beginning to crack ;-).

    107. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      AND there’s even a live link to the WOS fundraiser on the STV page!

    108. Brian Powell says:

      DR by their rant trying to link N Sturgeon, SNP and all to DR’s made up stories.

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      To the Tender set on WOS. Ladies (thats the wan’s that wear high heels awe the time)& to the wummin (the wan’s that wear gutties )onnyhows you’s aw remmember to wear TinFoil Hats & to cover up your Paranoia I would recommend ah Parasol.

      Did Murray Foote caw you,s the weaker sex,sos thats next week.

      In the words of Leonard Nimoy

      Live Long & Proliferate xx.

    110. K1 says:

      Thanks Nana, I’ll repost from last thread too 🙂

      Thanks for that link Nana!

      Can we all push this to get Alex’s seat in Gordon?

      It’s a different set up to indiego, but quite simple.

      Jusr create a username and password, or use the facebook thingy.

      Also the crowdfund model that is being used, creates a one off direct debit from your account, so It Does Not Take Your Money Right Away. It won’t come off your account till the project is successfull, if the project is not succesfull your money does not leave your account.

      In essence buy now pay later…maybe that’ll help people make the decision to pledge to Alex’s campaign at the same time as having just paid out for Wings?

    111. blackhack says:

      The daily record was doomed when Ewan Bain died and the world lost Angus Ogg and Big Lachie…..I stopped buy it then…..

    112. Lesley-Anne says:

      Before I forget I’ve just sent that loverly man Mr Foote and his EXCELLENT newspaper the Daily Record a wee personal tweet to say THANK YOU for all they have done to push me, and egg me on, to make a *ahem* small donation to some site or other called Wings Over Scotland. 😉

      I’ve never heard of this site myself but they, Mr Foote and the Daily Record, are of the opinion that it is the best thing since sliced bread came along in the world of on line news. 😛

      I just hope my *cough* wee bit is enough to keep the angry wolfs from their front door, who ever it is that runs that site! 😀

    113. Lollysmum says:

      Thanks Gary & G4jeepers-your contributions to our fighting fund are most welcome 😉

    114. Davy says:

      Well after that little rant by the Daily Redcoat I must say Stu you are slipping. Their is no mention of “paragrath breaks / hammers” or the threat of extreme violence with one if you miss doing the other in any of that rant by the Daily Redcoats chief rant’er.

      And where is my bucket of “bile”, surely you dont expect me to provide my own, na na things are begining to slip, this is not the standard I expect from WOS.

      If things continue in this fashion I will have no choice than to go back to reading the Daily Redcoat to get my daily scrappings from the bottom of the barrel, firmly mixed in with vile bile, odious characters and some pure unadulterated lies.

      Be warned I will not stand for high standards in journalism, grrrrrr, repent ye bastard.

    115. The Rough Bounds says:

      I wrote earlier that you have them by the short and curlies and I suggested that you twist them and get their eyes watering. Well they are more than watering; they are in floods of tears and it’s hurting them so badly that they are beginning to squeal…very loudly indeed.

      Well done Stu. The demise of the Daily Record can’t come soon enough for Scotland’s sake.

    116. Alba says:

      It seems it’s not just WoS readers that dislike DR!

    117. dakk says:

      Wings over Scotland gives us the people of Scotland a voice.

      The Daily Record gives us a pile a’ shite, end of.

    118. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Stu, if I were a woman, I’d have your babies.

    119. Lynne Grieve says:

      Brilliant once again Rev….this made me smile

    120. Dal Riata says:

      The Daily Record’s insane rantings should see it detained and sectioned under Section 5 of the Mental Act. Under the Mental Health Act, a person is subject to compulsory admission for assessment in a mental institution if a doctor fears they are “likely to cause harm to themselves or others”.

      Either that, or it is in danger of self-combustion such is the intense heat of its burning rage. But, then again, should it do so, it would allow us to hear those, usually, sombre words: ‘We commit the Daily Record’s body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’ That would be one funeral I would *gladly* attend. (And one day in the near future it *will* happen, not the metaphorical funeral, but the last ever edition of that manky, decrepit rag before it is finally put out of its misery… Amen to that!)

    121. Croompenstein says:

      A much better Scottish publication is the wonderful iscot magazine produced by our own kendomacaroonbar 🙂

      Hi there Croomp

      This e-mail is to let you know that all future issues of iScot Magazine will be shipped directly from our printers direct to your door.

      Our printers also host our online digital magazine since the artwork is exactly the same for the printed version they simply upload the PDF’s to their external server the same day the printing plates are made.

      We wanted to tell you as founder subscribers, that you have FREE unlimited access to our digital library and the follow information will allow you to access the digital version online whilst the magazine is being printed and shipped directly to your home address

      Please support Ken and the team

    122. Kevin evans says:

      To respond to the article. This is my real name. I am not annonomus. Secondly I don’t not hiding behind my keyboard in brave heart land and if the writer of the artical would like to meet up to discuss it face to face am completely up for that.

    123. Graham MacQueen says:

      Question to the DR: Could you please clarify what you mean when you say …genuine damage to HER cause.[…]? Never in my lifetime has any SNP leader ever expressed themselves in a way which would insinuate that the Independence movement is ‘their’ cause. It has been, and always will be, a cause supported by the PEOPLE of Scotland who are sick and tired of being treated like imbeciles BY imbeciles who are more than happy to line their own pockets with silver whilst watching their fellow countrymen/women suffer; yourselves included!!!!

    124. galamcennalath says:

      OT Alex and Tasmina in Auchterarder on Friday. This is what it’s really all about, folks.

    125. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      @ Kevin evans

      Your real name doesn’t have a Capital?

      Where would you like to meet? Narnia?

    126. Fiona says:

      It is interesting to see the reaction when there is a genuine alternative perspective on offer and it turns out to be popular. Just when our neoliberals were confident that they had made it impossible to present any other narrative than their own, by turning all the others into dirty words which cannot be mentioned in polite society, or in the Daily Record. I feel their frustration.

      They would have got away with it if it weren’t for those pesky wingers!

    127. Flower of Scotland says:

      So Murray Foote thinks I’m an odious cybernat, spewing sewage! I take exception to that Mr Foote!

      I have never spewed sewage in my life! By the way I’m a 68 year old woman and have never been so insulted in my life.

      You are certainly getting to them Rev. Showing them up for the Britnat/Labour/BBBC /Daily Rancid shower of hypocrites that they are! I’m angry but delighted that this will attract more people to Wings and some TRUTH! Something the Daily Record knows nothing about.

    128. Fiona says:

      Kevin evans says:
      28 February, 2015 at 8:35 pm
      To respond to the article. This is my real name. I am not annonomus. Secondly I don’t not hiding behind my keyboard in brave heart land and if the writer of the artical would like to meet up to discuss it face to face am completely up for that.

      You don’t do spelling or grammar or intelligibility, either, judging from the above post.

    129. heedtracker says:

      “The people are revolting!”

      Crichton, fire orf one of your THE VOW zingers, that will set the blighters straight. Is that ridiculous buffoon Torquuil or Crichton anyway. Classy guys though, real classy.

    130. Conan_the_Librarian says:


      Jist a wee unionist troll hen.

    131. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T here and apologies if this has been posted before.

      A labour M.E.P. showing the world why Labour are the best … at p*****g off the electorate!

    132. Dal Riata says:

      Haw!, the Scratched Record, Wings is at a total of £81K+, as of this moment, after two days of a fundraiser for £45K… with still 29 days to go!

      And look at the state of you and your rubbish rag – your numbers are going down the shitehole to oblivion month by month… and naeb’dy gies a fuck!


    133. Stoker says:

      @ Briandoonthetoon,

      Thanks for the photos & video, Brian, it’s good to be able to put some more faces to their names and posts.

      Just a couple of observations:

      (1)-Aye, Natasha even looks like a teacher, doesn’t she!

      (2)-Are Chipmonkey & Karen related (twins?) they look very alike?
      (9th picture from the top)

    134. Lesley-Anne says:

      Dear Mr Murray Foote.

      This is especially for you! 😉

    135. Both the DR and Slabber have overlords in London, both are used to delivering dictums unchallenged.

      WOS researches and discusses delivering a collective wisdom where those with knowledge deliver to those with less, challenged when appropriate.

      The referendum gave Scotland an insight into how were done and, I believe, Scotland has decided that Westmonster is in need of an enema to make things right. It’s a messy job, but somebody has to do it.

    136. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Caroline Corfield (5.56) –


      ‘…Wings has long since superseded critical mass, a point which the Record is racing towards in the opposite direction and beyond which it becomes an irrelevant sports comic.’

      Hear hear. 🙂

    137. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Slightly O/T, but you started it. Love your wee huttie in the foatie but what goes on in there? Is it a home brewery or a giant train set?

      Or the Scottish Whip Exchange?

      Blessings on your frosty pow, by the way.

    138. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi peeps.

      Why are you picking on Kevin evans?

      Because forgot to capitalise his surname?


    139. kiwimike says:

      ‘Toys found some distance from pram.’
      After reading this (here in sunny New Zealand) have just had to donate and will be writing (politely to the Daily Record (once sold over 700,000 copies a day now less than 200,000) pointing out what ‘journalists’ should actually attempt to do and what principles they should adhere to.

      I don’t think that I have ever read such a misrepresentation of facts from a western newspaper in my life, and I’m a septuagenarian. In fact, I have (I do read Scottish and English papers on-line) but not so glaringly foolish as to be so easily caught out.

      It is actually quite sad that a main stream media, make that ‘corporate stream media’, paper should employ such pejorative propaganda.

      The Record should be charged with giving examples of their claims.

      Wings Over Scotland, Moridura, Newsnet, etc., etc., do a marvellous job and all are more to believed than the Corporate Media.

    140. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Stoker.

      Chipmonkey has a hovelhold in the Blairgowrie area, not too far from Forfar.

      Karen has a brother who resides in another nearby ghetto called “Forfar”, where he ‘alarms the lieges’ by playing heavy metal at 11, at all hours of the day and night.

      That’s all the connection I know of.


    141. Stoker says:

      @ “Alba” (8.29pm).

      Why are you helping the Daily Rectum and their Unionist cause by providing direct links to their web site?

      Or is this when you “disappear” from your sock puppet alias (Alba) and revert back to your usual username?

      People need to stop helping these Unionist scum to rake in more money via advertising revenue.

      Standards have to be set or come the next referendum there will be no deterrent and more businesses than ever will crap all over us.

      You might fall for click bait traps but most of us don’t want feck all to do with them, thank you very much.

      You also could have archived the link but chose not to do so.

    142. Sinky says:

      Everyone who believes in a liberal social democratic vision for Scotland has to challenge the Daily Record, Herald, Scotsman, BBC at every opportunity via letters to the editor, press complaints and BBC Trust / Ofcom…eventually they will get the message!

    143. orri says:

      The essential thing to remember here is it does not matter a jot here whether the woman is an employee or not or even an aspiring actress looking for work in her spare time whilst working for the NHS.

      What matters is that by airbrushing out the NHS logo in previous publications the Labour party acknowledged that they were not allowed to use it in their publicity. It has fuck all to do with the person wearing the uniform.

      If anything the whole episode might be seen as some clever trap that we are in danger of falling for if we haven’t already done so. Labour, or at least the Record, are in effect using the nurse as a human shield.

      If can be investigated then surely the Labour party can also be investigated.

    144. Rigmac7 says:


      Easy tiger, wasn’t a link to the Rectum, was to Scots News Online, which has been posted already by others.

      I may be mistaken, but isn’t that website a wee bitty more independent than others?

    145. Tam Jardine says:

      Foote is a pretty unusual name – I had a wee glance at the origins of the name and there is a great wee list of interesting (I want to say Feet) prominent Footes in history.

      We find sailors, a soldier, a chaplain including 2 Victoria crosses, a US Senator, a composer, a couple of playwrights including a pulitzer and oscar winner.

      To that eclectic company of heroes and men of letters we can now add Murray Foote, heroic man of letters.

      Here we have a man who is presiding over the death of a newspaper and whose efforts to mislead the Scottish People into squandering our historic chance to regain our long lost independence through lies, smear, distortion and the most dishonest piece of political chicanery this country has ever seen are truly shameful.

      We have a man who can print a double page spread of lies then a microscopic retraction when forced. A man who smears this great website for printing something demonstrably true through a spasm of spiteful vengeance.

      The people who comment on this site will not be cowed by the likes of you, Mr Foote. If we are Odious to you, if we repulse you, if you find us repugnant then I am glad. To be found odious by someone who has lied to this country to keep us under Westminster’s control: that I will wear like Lieutenant Colonel Henry Robert Bowreman Foote and Captain John Weir Foote wore their Victoria Crosses.

    146. Bugger (the Panda ) says:


      Natasha is a teacher.


      Despite being married to one for about 25 years.

      Took me by surprise that did.

    147. You and My Comb says:

      Kevin Evans

      Hi Kev. I capitalised your second name. That’s auto correct fir you.

      Kevin, you can say what you want to say as if it were face to face. Typing on the screen doesn’t cost anything.

      It’s an unusual approach that you have chosen. What do you imagine are your chances of a face to face meeting are?

    148. You and My Comb says:

      Kevin Evans

      I take it you are the guy from Endura?

    149. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Have rev Stu’s babies?

      I just thought you were a bearded cross dresser, escaped from Chipperfield’s.


    150. Tom McAlister says:

      Oh My… That’s yon pack of “Daily Rectum”, rabid curs hysterically howling at the moon well and truly TELT.

    151. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tam Jardine –

      Well said that man.

      Perhaps Mr Foote will read your comment and blush accordingly. He’s not daft, so he must know that what he’s doing is indefensible.

    152. kiwimike says:

      Dal Riata
      Not complaining about your use of what some, may, call profanities or ‘four letter’ swears. How anyone talks in private or with friends and family is their own business.

      Just one question. Do you and others that use, what is culturally, (rightly or wrongly) considered ‘bad language’ actually believe that it wins ‘No Voters’ over to the Independence Cause? Would it be more inclined to put them off or gain their support? Some of the worse language on comments on pro-independent sites are perhaps ‘5th columnists’ trying to make ‘Cybernats’ an easier target for the corporate media. Just asking. If you think it’s a winner carry on but I can’t see the merit of perhaps upsetting anyone, when there‘s no need. I’m only talking about comments on web sites which are continually trying to persuade ‘newcomers’ to the ‘cause’.

    153. Stoker says:

      @ Rigmac7,

      Nope, it’s a part of the Rectum.

      It’s connected to the Rectum, check the URL.

    154. Stoker says:

      Cheers, Brian, i would have put money on them being related, just going by that picture.

    155. Xander says:

      @Alba – thank you so much for that link – It’s not looking good 🙂

    156. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well what do you know folks … that wee tin rattler that seems to have rattled more than a tin has just smashed through the £82,000 mark. 😀

      How’d ya like this news Mr Foote? 😉

    157. Clootie says:

      I was taught that in a debate you never, never let the opposition see your emotion – If you do you have lost. It indicates your arguement was false and probably bluff and bluster.

      I’m delighted that the Retard is in spin mode. They have now realised that they no longer control the information diet of the Scottish voter. The media wing of they Labour branch office is a “dead parrot”

    158. G H Graham says:

      The Daily Record can kiss my arse.

      Full name & address available by clicking my avatar.

    159. packhorse pete says:

      Evidence, Daily Record, evidence.Please sue. And if you don’t like anonymity, sue Derek Batemen, who rightfully called your “journalism” sewer, rather than gutter. We’ll be there to crowd fund any defence. And then look at the clock – for your silly little hate-filled rag, it’s 5 minutes to midnight.

    160. A MacRitchie says:

      I don’t understand why there is so much surprise at the tactics by DR here. Same tactics used re Project Fear used during ref’dum. Same tactics divide opinion scare and try to trash opposition. A lot of nonsense about this Suzanne Hunter I would be very surprised if she actually uttered a word of her supposed opinion of crisis in NHS A&E dept. Got payed for the use of photo to be used but comment was written by the Labour Party editor of the leaflet. Mind they are using the NHS because YES campaign used this to great effect in ref’dum. This has only just begun there is still 8 weeks of this to go. Project FEAR 2 is just starting.

    161. Tam Jardine says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Thanks Ian. I have no doubt whatsover that Mr Foote will read my comment but blush? ‘To tell the truth and shame the deil’? Surely you jest!

    162. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Things are surely going doon hill for the Daily Record when they have been for days giving it away freely (SPAR shop) in the DG12 6 postcode sector and by all appearances there has not been much of an uptake from astute members of the public.

    163. JLT says:

      This is truly baffling!

      What is it that the Record doesn’t get here? To keep banging the drum and highlighting an issue (..or two) in which the Record has found to be wrong, is not only bizarre, but also foolish. This is a case of the Record being handed a spade to keep on digging in the hole that it is in!

      Secondly, do they not realise that they are advertising Wings over Scotland. This is actually free publicity for the site. By having people curious enough to come here, they will only see the facts of the matter over the Nurse, her uniform, her acting career, as well as the Record having gotten it wrong.

      If folk do come here; do find the facts, then this may again, have an affect on the Record’s sales. Shouting from the rafters about a story that they have got horribly wrong, not only shows the bad journalism within the Record, but also that the paper could be seen as untrustworthy when it comes to reporting facts.

      All very odd …keep it up, Daily Record!

    164. Cuddis says:

      @Lollysmum 6.16
      That’s him telt. Brilliant, gutsy comeback. I hope he likes them apples!

    165. Tackety Beets says:

      Those of us who are anon , we are not invisible , we can all be traced .
      We are anon for many different reasons .
      I bet none hear are anon like myself so we can be a Nasty CyberNat ?

      Onywy , I’m addicted here an read 90% of wingers post .
      IMO , we are ruder to each other on the very rare occasion when the thread goes all t feck with a difference o opinion amongst ourselves .

      DR can only increase Wings readership by giving such wonderful exposure ( it only a pity DR readership is so s@@t ) I’m certain many of their readers will be thinking ” Jings crivens help ma Boab , what’s going on @ WOS , must check it out ” Sensible people will take a butchers and start wondering what all the fuss is about . Win some over ? Probably .

      Like Brian , I’m gonna defend Kevin evans and ask him to post again soon .
      This tablet has predictable text too and it’s not geared up for Aul Scots words yet .
      Ask yourself , how many times have you hit Submit Comment only to see it on screen With ERRORS ?

      In the words of Paula Rose , “Play nicely”

      I have written out many a post only to chicken out from posting .

      I ain’t had time to donate yet and ain’t read all the recent threads , ref PR badge .
      I want to donate and get a goodies package for myself , can I then add an extra few quid over and above for Paula then post in OT ? Is that the script ?

    166. Brian McNeill says:…/i-was-absolutely-shocked-a…/ watch and share this, sums labours attitude to scotland up share this video lets make it VIRAL! and send to the snp people it should be used in a nice wee video

    167. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T here but just seen this link on Twitter.

      I don’t know how this site lies between good and bad in terms of being “on the money” with all things election forecasts but they certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons with this.

    168. Now's the Hour says:

      There’s enough material in Foote’s rant for a PhD in psychoanalysis.

      Thing is, I actually believe Foote knows how utterly poor his piece was – he knows fine well he’s set himself up as a laughing stock – yet he felt he had to go ahead and publish it. How very, very sad.

      When the Redcoat finally goes out of business, one man, and one man alone, will look in the mirror and know that he provided the kiss of death.

    169. Cuddis says:

      Re swearing. I think you have something there. I have sworn since primary three I think, and to this day struggle not to do so habitually, though not on line I think (I’d better check!). I would be hypocritical to moan about bad language on line but on reflection, I have to say it would be better that we didn’t. Best left to everyone’s personal choice I think.

    170. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Rev,

      Why don’t you really really annoy them, by firing off a polite email to the Redcoat, asking how many of their journalists are men, and how many are women.

      If the ‘balance’ ends up being somewhat masculine, a little article telling the world about how vile and insulting the male dominated Daily Redcoat is, would I’m sure keep this fantastic free advertising campaign, you have got running, in a national newspaper, which can only be good for Wings.

      And it would send them into a complete froth…lol.

    171. cearc says:

      Tackety Beets,

      Yep, just donate and post on o/t how much (over your goodies pack) you have added for PR.

    172. frankieboy says:

      Murray Foote…Storms, Bemoans, Lauds, Blasts, Rocks, Thunders and any other misused headline word I’ve forgotten.

    173. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      When I feel the need to use ‘swearie wurdz’ online, I tend to substitute characters.

      Like, “CU? You’re justa †ü®d. Even more, you’re a $h!†. Nø øƒƒ€n©e…”

    174. Lollysmum says:

      Tackety beets
      Yes that’s how you do it but make sure you select the perks before completing the donation.

      When you’ve done it put a comment on O/T page for cearc to let her know how much you’ve donated towards PR’s gold badge.

    175. Albaman says:

      Keep the pressure on Stew, but beware of a potential “sting”, I don’t think thet Record is going to rest untill it crushes you.
      I have to say, that for them is a forlorn hope, you have more followers, than they have readers!!.

    176. Mosstrooper says:

      Readers may know the Thomas Huxley quote. and here I paraphrase.

      “If you put 100 monkeys in a room with 100 typewriters for 100 years they would eventually produce a Shakespearean sonnet.”

      Well it seems to have been attempted and failed, All they got was the Daily Record.

    177. Tattie-bogle says:

      Is this the Daily Record’s new theme song

    178. ronnie anderson says:

      murry foote There’s women scorned Then they’rs WINGER WOMEN scorned,some of them even play the piano an keep spare wires OCH.

    179. Tamson says:

      Always remember who the Record’s drivel is really aimed at, folks. People who aren’t online, and whose only prospect of going online is if they use the computer at their local library, or hit the wrong icon on their phone screen by accident.

      It’s all about scaring such people away from the internet: sure, they are risking the Streisand Effect right now, but they’ll consider it worthwhile.

    180. Lesley-Anne says:

      Inbhir Anainn says:

      Things are surely going doon hill for the Daily Record when they have been for days giving it away freely (SPAR shop) in the DG12 6 postcode sector and by all appearances there has not been much of an uptake from astute members of the public.


      We’re neighbour’s and don’t even know it Inbhir Anain. 😛

      We’ll be going to Gretna in the morning to see what we can do to help Emma and the crew do their “thing.” 😉

    181. crazycat says:

      @ Lesley-Anne

      Did you read the whole of that article you linked to?

      The author regards the outcome of the referendum as having “averted catastrophe”, proceeds to blame Westminster’s pandering to the SNP for the fact that it takes fewer voters to elect an SNP MP than a Green or UKIP one (he doesn’t appear to understand the consequences of First Past the Post), and also refers to SNP-Syriza in a way that reminds me of Ken Maginnis and his obsession with “Sinn Féin-IRA”.

      I gave up when he started ranting about Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants.

      So I never actually found out if he had anything sensible to say about the result in May!

    182. Tackety Beets says:

      Ref PR Badge ,Thank you everyone , I’ll get on it this weekend , need t shuv the bairns aff the MAC first !

      Bl@@dy Minecraft , ach well at least it keeps them aff the porno stuff ! ( judge everyone by ma self LOL )

    183. Cyborgnat says:

      aaawwww didums Murray is yer erse still smartin after gettin booted oot o’ Ibrox?
      Aye it’s sair when even the huns see through ye.

    184. Lesley-Anne says:

      To be honest crazycat I only got as far as the seat predictions, SNP 56 seats. I’m actually watching the Equaliser movie so get distracted easily, too easily sometimes my partner says. 😀

    185. Richardinho says:

      That was very kind of the Daily Record to give this site all that free publicity! I would be curious to learn how many of today’s visitors came here after reading that article?

    186. Ken500 says:

      Not a good sign when the Editor becomes the story and puts his foot in his mouth. Foote and big mouth. Keep taking the tablets Murray. It looks like they will be needed. A Record break down. The lying gutter Press. No one believed it any more.

    187. kiwimike says:

      Hi Caddis
      Thanks for that as I was wary some might think me a bit strait-laced or puritanical by commenting on ‘bad language’. People have the right to speak and even curse if they so wish but if one is hoping to win people over to one’s point of view or persuade them of anything, then better perhaps avoiding any language which might switch them off. Why take the ‘risk’ when there is absolutely no need.

      Instead of maybe giving Unionists ammunition by ’off-coloured’ language, the time typing might be better used, as the Rev does so well (with the odd swearie) providing a different slant on many of Labour’s misleading views and opinions. This will win voters over, especially us ‘oldies’ who have unfortunately a history of believing newspapers and their party.

      For example can we combat the smear that ‘Nationalism’ is somehow akin to Fascism. I have often read, mostly from labour politicians and party members, that they are Socialists and how they ‘hate‘ Nationalism.

      I then think, “what type of socialist are they? The socialism of Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong or Fabian Socialist, Utopian Socialists or Democratic Socialists. How come that they get to choose their definition but nationalists can’t’’.

      The history of Nationalism was the battles against Imperialism. Throughout 19th Century Europe, (especially 1848) small nations revolted against The Russian Empire, The Austrian-Hungarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, The British Empire and sadly, initially, lost. If there had been no Nationalism then today most people worldwide would still live under huge undemocratic empires. Is that what the Labour believes in.

      Let us strengthen the ‘fight’ against the falsehoods of the Corporate Media but don’t give them a reasons to claim we use ‘bile’ and ‘filthy’ language – this is what they want.

    188. Edward says:

      Regardless of his political views or reporting style
      Thoughts for a speedy recovery for Nick Robinson

      He is to have a bronchial carcinoid tumour removed from a lung, which has just been reported on the BBC website

    189. galamcennalath says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “I don’t know how this site lies between good and bad in terms of being “on the money” with all things”

      Their election forecast looks good from our perspective! But, they haven’t got a clue about Scotland. They say ….

      “Of course Scotland voted NO, for most Scots are not insane, though succeeded in having the fools in Westminister conned into making promises to increase the annual bribe to Scotland from mostly English tax payers.”

      … What utter nonsense ! However, maybe their election forecasting is better.

    190. george says:

      the sunday post’s front page headline – ***note headline rather than story*** – is based on a debunked neo-conservative internet meme falsely attributed to bill cosby. good grief.

    191. crazycat says:

      @ Lesley-Anne

      Glad you didn’t waste too much time on it and are enjoying yourself more profitably!

      galamcennalath and I have waded through it and seem to be of like mind on its insights.

    192. Ron says:

      Oh for fucks sake, is this STILL a thing?

    193. Pog says:

      Here is a link to a John Pilger article about the extent to which the mainstream media are lying to us. This makes chilling reading and leaves me fearful iabout whether Scotland will ever be ‘allowed’ to have a healthy thriving democracy.

    194. r baxter says:

      outbreak of foote and moothurray, Bernie the bolt.

    195. Swiss perspective says:

      Well, maybe it is time to get abusive: against the Daily Record!
      Bugger me dead if that is really what the Record published. I never read the newspaper, but I also never imagined that the style of writing was anything like that bad (and that is before we get to the veracity of its content), in that I can only assume the journalist and editor were fuming at the mouth as they penned it. It’s an insult to the intellect of its readers. I for one feel dumber for reading the one snippet provided here. I had formerly assumed this kind of writing would be unprintable.

    196. george says:

      Edward says:
      28 February, 2015 at 11:13 pm

      yeah. i don’t like nick robinson’s politics but that’s besides the point. cancer is an awful thing. i hope he gets well soon, and after that i can get back to disagreeing with him.

    197. K1 says:

      O/T I’m going to ‘punt’ this one last time tonight.

      Let’s help to get our former FM the seat in Gordon. By contributing a little to his campaign:

    198. Dumb Unicorn says:

      My tuppence worth on all this hullaballoo…

      The Daily Record’s assertions about the gender of the people who post on Wings tells us more about the Daily Record’s attitude than anything else.

      What difference does it make if the nurse in question is female? If it had been a male nurse what would that matter? It’s completely irrelevant and the story would still be the same.

      A lot of the names people post under on here are ‘gender neutral’ and to be honest I’ve never given much thought before as to whether posts were from a male or a female.

      For what it’s worth, I’m of the female variety of human and now that I’ve made the effort to analyse some of the names and comments I’d say I’m one of many who’ve commented on here. If it weren’t for the Daily Record, I doubt if I ever would have had a reason to mention it.

      Judging by the variety of writing styles and types of comments people make, coupled with occasional hints at people’s locations, vocations and backgrounds, we seem to be a pretty mixed bunch and that’s the way it should be.

      Vive la différence!

    199. Gary says:

      Never mind political pamphlets etc. It appears there are no rules against telling lies in the press either. I felt I had to check, the young lady in question was never criticised. There was discussion over whether rules had been broken and that Labour were not doing right by her. Judging sites by their commenters brings to mind the ‘right leaning’ Guido Fawkes blog. Most articles have comments below which will, within a few lines, become racist and anti-Muslim. Wings readers have a social conscience and recognise freedom of speech, unlike The Daily Record…

    200. ROSA ALBA says:

      I have to say (to anyone who is actually listening) that I object to the said nurse whose name matters not to me, wearing the uniform that is not a uniform in the Better Together leaflets too.
      The uniform that is not a uniform is still a uniform with the NHS logo removed because that wee trick is about as effective as an ostrich with its head in an nurses outfit.
      And why I object is the authority that wearing the uniform (or the uniform that is not a uniform) gives the speak to speak about the NHS in the eyes of … well most of us would lend a little more credence to the wifie in a nurse’s uniform (or nurse’s uniform that is not a uniform) than to an apparent lay person.
      It is posturing. It is polticking. It is disingenuous of Better Side With The Tories to pretend otherwise.

      And more even than that I object to the weaponising of the NHS>

    201. Stoker says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “To be honest crazycat I only got as far as the seat predictions, SNP 56 seats. I’m actually watching the Equaliser movie…”

      HAW YOU, that’s far enough, not another word.

      I loved the series with Edward Woodward, but i’ve not seen the movie yet, with Denzel Washington, so wheesht.

    202. Lesley-Anne says:

      Stoker says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “To be honest crazycat I only got as far as the seat predictions, SNP 56 seats. I’m actually watching the Equaliser movie…”

      HAW YOU, that’s far enough, not another word.

      I loved the series with Edward Woodward, but i’ve not seen the movie yet, with Denzel Washington, so wheesht.

      WHIT? 😉

      What did I do?

      All I said was I was watching the Equaliser! 😛

      As you haven’t seen it then I’ll stay stoompf … for now … but for everyone else … the Hamster gets it in the end! 😀

    203. Karmanaut says:

      Every time the Record do this, their sales drop, as reasonable people learn the truth and desert them.

      Just as every time Labour lie to voters, they lose voters.

      So chill.

      This is all as it should be. The world is working just fine.

      Have a nice night.

    204. Robert Peffers says:

      @:Barbara McKenzie says:28 February, 2015 at 6:03 pm:

      “I can’t believe that either this incontinent rant, or Foote’s recommendation of the embarrassing @kevverage blog, will do the Daily Record any favours.

      Indeed so, Barbara. As the great man once said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistakes”.

    205. Robert Peffers says:

      @Paula Rose says:28 February, 2015 at 6:21 pm:

      “I have bullied some of the men on this site though.”

      Yeah! Lass,But we love it.

      Some, it seems, more than others, though.
      And others say, “Chance would be a fine thing”

    206. HandandShrimp says:

      Unfortunately for the Record their continual hissy fit about being made to apologise for their lies over the Vow and their attempt to demonise Wings is resulting in people coming here to look and see for themselves.

      That isn’t going to work out all that well for the Record because it will become quickly apparent that no one is bullying Suzanne. It was Labour MSPs and the Record that were determined to name her and say she is a real nurse and appeared in the leaflet as a real nurse rather than as a model. The fact that the latter is much better for Suzanne on both counts of being a nurse and a model seems to have passed them by in their rush to have a go at Wings.

      However, our issue is with the contradictions in the content of the Labour NHS leaflet and Labour’s incompetence. Our issue is also with the Record for its total aversion to the truth and its appallingly bad journalism.

    207. Karmanaut says:

      My thoughts also go out to Nick Robinson tonight.

      It’s a scary, horrible thing he’s going through. I know how brutal and frightening cancer can be, and I’ll be thinking about him and his family. Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery.

    208. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dcanmore says:28 February, 2015 at 6:26 pm:

      “In this time we are witnessing huge change in attitudes in Scotland but it’s very telling that both The Daily Record and Scottish labour seem to be stuck in a timewarp.”

      Of that there is little doubt but, Dcanmore, the question remains – which of the two is dragging the other down with them? Could it be they are both guilty? A bit like a brick shackled to a boulder and thus both sinking with the other?

    209. Tarisgal says:

      Thinking of Nick Robinson and his family tonight. Cancer is a very scary thing, and know myself how he must be feeling. Sending healing wishes his way. While Mr Robinson and I don’t agree on our politics, that’s okay. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!

    210. Kevin Evans says:

      @fiona. Give me a break. It was typed on my phone while on a bus.

    211. KennyG says:

      I admit, I am a bit of an arsehole, but how dare they assume that!

    212. Dal Riata says:


      Oh, get over yourself. This is 2015, not 1915.

      You say you’re in your 70s. Fair enough, those being of an older generation may not be used to the use of so-called profanities as there was less usage of such back in the day, and sensibilities to ‘swear words’ will undoubtedly still linger.

      But, hey ho, language and its expression moves on apace, especially English as, at this moment in history, it is deemed to be the lingua franca of mass-communication.

      The word ‘fuck’, which you appear to be so upset about, is, whether you agree or not, now in common usage. A certain well-known chef appears on TV programmes occasioning sentences that, if not containing a ‘fuck’ here or there, are a surprise. The Guardian website, one of the world’s most read sites, will, occasionally have ‘fuck’ in a *headline*, not just within the body of an article itself.

      And another thing. I’m Scottish. Scots swear a lot. It enriches our expressiveness. If you don’t like it, tough shit. That’s just the way it is. And you know, I’m fine with it, no matter what anyone fucking says.

      Finally, the donation of invective is not given gratuitously, it has to be well deserved. In this instance, the disgusting, heinous and vile Daily Record has earned the right to have as many fucks thrown its way as possible. Never were they more deserved.

    213. jock mc X says:

      Imagine a wee blue dvd!

    214. Shuggy says:

      @Conan_the_Librarian 8:40 pm

      @Fiona 8:43 pm

      Since when did Kevin evans become a troll?

      In his own words:
      20 September, 2014 at 3:40 pm:

      Folks stop the aggression – it’s exactly what they want.

    215. kiwimike says:

      Dal Riata says
      “kiwimike – Oh, get over yourself. This is 2015, not 1915.
      The word ‘fuck’, which you appear to be so upset about, is, whether you agree or not, now in common usage.”

      I wondered if you would misunderstand my post.

      I tried to make it clear that I was not ‘upset’ by people’s personal usage of ‘certain words’ but asked does it win anyone to their opinion?

      If you wish to persuade people to your cause – maybe being polite may help. If you were a professional salesperson, trying to sell a product (or an idea) would you use words ( and I emphasised, ‘rightly or wrongly‘) ‘upset’ some people?

      The anger and name calling demonstrated by politicians is one of the reasons people are ‘turned-off’ politics but even most of them realise using certain words or phrase would not win them any votes.

      A well-know chef and many comedians already have their audience and don’t really care if they ‘upset’ others. They are not trying to ‘get them on their side’.

      “Scots swear a lot.” So do most cultures but social linguistics tends towards their use at certain times and with certain people, were ‘swearing’ is acceptable. Perhaps not in front of your headmaster, arresting police officer, judge or puritan granny. Maybe you would?

      Anyway you seem angry and I apologise if suggesting that we consider using language and arguments (my later post) that would help the cause of Scottish sovereignty.

      Almost bedtime in NZ.

      Goodnight Dal Riata. Please check my posts. I asked if it helps or hinders the cause by using these words. You seem to feel it helps. OK that is an opinion and what I asked for.

    216. Fiona says:


      Your point is worth considering, and has been discussed on this site before. Many agree with you.

      I don’t agree with you and I will explain why.

      You are correct that “bad words” are in common useage and yet, in polite society they are not acceptable, particularly in contexts you mention. For me there is a question as to why that is, and that view leads me to the opposite conclusion to your own.

      The “establishment” do not own the language. The bar on the speech of ordinary people is a divisive thing, and it does not primarily matter because of Swear words. It matters because it is a hurdle to participation by those who normally speak in one “register” rather than another.

      It is certainly true that we are taught two “registers” and expected to adopt the mainstream one when talking to authority figures. But what does that say? I do not know if you are familiar with Liz Lochead’s poem Bairnsang?

      I think it is instructive in the context of this discussion.

      You say that “The anger and name calling demonstrated by politicians is one of the reasons people are ‘turned-off’ politics but even most of them realise using certain words or phrase would not win them any votes.”

      Again I disagree. To me it is clear that there is more dishonesty and more to turn me off in the “anger and name calling” than in any speech which is a sincere and honest expression of opinion. For it is plain to me that the politicians’ anger is manufactured and their name calling is childish.

      I believe that one of the sources of the upsurge in interest in politics is the very fact that people can hear their own language in the debate and can recognise folk like themselves participating.

      I do not accept that “swearing” is aggressive by definition, though it can be. But so too can “acceptable” language and a focus on particular words is primarily for purposes of exclusion.

      I realise many people accept what they were taught: that there are “bad” words and that those words are a marker of poor education and poor thinking. But it is not true.

      I put it to you that for everyone turned off by “swearing” there is at least one who is turned on by the fact that their first language is used when talking to them. That is a definition of courtesy, or so it seems to me

    217. Barbara McKenzie says:

      Scots swear a lot but so do most cultures?

      I don’t think you understand the situation at all. Can you find an NZ comedian who uses the same language as Frankie Boyle? (Leaving aside the question of whether you can find an NZ comedian). And Americans swear far less even than the English, not to mention the Scots, or Irish.
      Barbara, from somewhere in NZ

    218. kiwimike says:

      Dal Riata + Fiona
      Last thoughts and I honestly am not aiming at you personally but there are only a few who use and again I emphasised, ‘rightly or wrongly‘ what some consider ‘offensive’ words in their posts.

      Swearing culturally is often considered insulting or aggressive. For example in one language saying “she has a neck like a swan’ can be considered a compliment but in an other an insult and cause a violent outburst. It is not the actual words or combination of letters that ‘upsets’ but they are associated with uncouth and insulting behaviour ie., ‘impolite’.

      Very few people use these words in political posts, (or in polite conversation). Unfortunately YouTube (great as it is) does and allows ‘profanities even on kids’ nursery rhyme clips, (one of the reasons that I wonder why people feel the need to use them).

      Only a minority of WoS posters us them but let’s imaging most did. If say 90% of posters here or on other Pro-Independence websites used F***ing C**t, etc., etc., would they get more or less people logging on?

      If WoS, Newsnet Scotland and others had a proliferation of ‘swearing’ would this aid independence or aid the likes of the Daily Record? The Unionist media would love it, shaking their righteous heads and denouncing the ‘foul mouth’ separatists.

      So can I try to explain again it is not the words that ‘upset’ me but whether they win or loose voters to the ‘cause’.

      Please let us not spat over this ‘opinion’ as I’m sure that there are many other views we may agree on.

      Aroha, (M?ori for love),


    219. Fiona says:


      I understand your position, I think

      I just don’t agree with it, for the reasons I outlined above.

      So again in answer to your question: I think the use of “swear words” as they are normally employed in our culture and our language is more likely to win people to the cause than to put them off.

      We have an honest disagreement here and there is not much more to be said about it. Let each make their own decision about how best to communicate. Eh? 🙂

    220. Almannysbunnet says:

      Quote of the day from our friend over at the weegingerdug. “Political parties are like nappies, they need to be changed regularly, and for the exact same reasons”. The quote should also apply to newspaper owners.

    221. orri says:

      Not sure who started using devolved issues in this electoral campaign but it’s kind of too late to put the worms back in the can. Especially when the SNP have already said they will vote on devolved issues at Westminster in cases where doing so has a consequential effect on Scotland’s budget. Regardless of whether Labour “started it” their including the NHS and making it as prominent in their campaign literature concedes to the SNP the right to do so.

      Actually if you want to look into it I seem to remember that at one time UKIP had a policy of splitting the NHS into local subdivisions each of which would be independent of control at a higher level so if they had their way it’d no longer be controlled by Holyrood. You might take a cynical view of the city level devolution as being more of the same. Just as challenging Holyrood to match funding is a way to remove those decisions.

      More fun would be had with UKIPs modified proposal to somehow merge Holyrood back into Westminster thus avoiding having to abolish it entirely. I suspect these days, if not originally, the temptation would be to have the place of Scotland’s MPs taken by a delegation from Holyrood. The fact that they’d be elected under a PR system and thus increase right wing representation at Westminster would simply be an unavoidable side effect.

      Regardless of anything all Labour are doing is admitting that devolved powers are still constrained by the overall budgeting decisions made at Westminster. If by some chance they, as in central command, do need a coalition with the SNP to form a government and Murphy is still an MP will we see him advocate said coalition in order to save the NHS or not?

    222. Broch Landers says:

      The revolution will not be televised, because it’s already available online.

    223. Illy says:

      If you’re in need of a pro-bono lawyer when you’re trying to be silenced about anything (online or otherwise), “PopeHat” can probably either find one or recommend someone you should talk to.

      Just sayin’.

    224. Grendel says:

      I’d be interested to see some of the comments on the Records Facebook page which accompany their articles. I imagine there’s far worse on there. Sadly I’m blocked as I say nice things about independence and bad things about the Record…

    225. MJC says:

      Aristotle quoted the “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

      People in Scotland are now seeking the truth in other ways than had always been the norm. A vacuum of truth in nearly all of the MSM outlets has been filled naturally by sites like Wings etc..

      All the Rev is doing in running this site, is filling the vacuum out there for truth, question and debate. I for one think he is doing a very excellent job at realising this.

      Its a funny thing nature, as it has a inner force bigger than any mere mortal and will prevail against others that are rooted to the spot.

      The term the “Old Days” are inevitable, as sure as the sun rises in the morn.

      The vacuum is being filled by truth seekers that are bored to rebellion by the players in the “Old Days.”

      Change is difficult for some, however change is constant and should be welcomed. Keep up the good work Rev, you are definitely a REAL truth seeker that inspires others to SEE the change and in essence BE the change.


    226. Effijy says:

      The Daily Rancid’s micro apology, lost somewhere in the depths of the couldn’t care less snips, is further proof that IPSO has no teeth.

      Our courts seem to run along these lines: when someone steels a sum of cash by force, they are not get an opportunity to return some of that cash, to then be at liberty to carry out that same crime on their way home.

      I cannot accept that the Rancid makes great political benefit to their cause my extolling lies and deceit, and all they have to do, months after being unequivocally certain that their figures, and their message, is completely devoid of Truth.

      As in our train of thought regarding any other crime, the punishment must be greater than their misdemeanor.

      The retraction and apology must be published in a more prominent
      position with the newspaper, I use the term loosely,and in a greater font size, and in detail give an account of the damage their original article could have caused.

      There should also be a fine reflective of the misdemeanor and
      taking cognisance of the damage done, the speed in which they tried to resolve the issue, and of any previous history of similar offences.

      We could help preserve democracy and truth by imposing a term of imprisonment for any Editor repeatedly overstepping the mark.

      This would be justice!
      This is a how a fair society would operate.
      This is what IPSO and the Law show no sign of delivering.

    227. Labhrainn says:

      Would the Record article, with it’s buckets of bile, be something IPSO would review? If so, it could be rather amusing for all…

    228. Pignut says:

      Inbhir Anainn says:

      “Things are surely going doon hill for the Daily Record when they have been for days giving it away freely (SPAR shop) in the DG12 6 postcode sector and by all appearances there has not been much of an uptake from astute members of the public.”

      My partner saw this in another Spar in Dumfries and Galloway. When you spent £5 you were offered a free Record. Everyone refused it, but the sales assistant still rang the unwanted papers through the till, and chucked them onto another pile.

      Have they always done this to make circulation look higher?

    229. Lollysmum says:

      I think it’s worth finding out, don’t you?

      Crowdfunder is through £84,000 total now. Think Project Red might be getting more funds than originally anticipated in the run up to this election 🙂

    230. Dal Riata says:


      You’re still going on about the swearing non-issue…? ‘ sake man, gies peace!

      “If you wish to persuade people to your cause – maybe being polite may help.”

      “your cause”… What cause? I’m not trying to “persuade” anyone to any cause. The Daily Record are a fucking disgrace. Why the hell should I be polite about that piece of trash?

      I’m not a politician. I’m not trying to win votes. If I were, I would use certain words in certain circumstances, that’s only common sense. This is a public forum on a website. I follow the rules of this website. I believe it is not verboten to use, what is termed ‘swear words’ when posting. I would not use swear words in a defamatory situation ie verbally attacking another poster: for that I’d rightfully be banned.

      “A well-know chef and many comedians already have their audience and don’t really care if they ‘upset’ others. They are not trying to ‘get them on their side’.”

      I don’t really care if I upset others by what I say, either. Of course, family and friends and what have you they have my respect. But those who have (and are) actively participated (-ing) in attempting to degrade me, my country and its people as part of their quest to stop my country from gaining its rightful independence…? Respect? Not a fucking chance!

      I’m not trying to get anyone on my “side”. Take it or leave it, I don’t give a shit. I know who my country’s enemies are, as I know who my country’s friends are.

      ““Scots swear a lot.” So do most cultures but…

      “but” what? Here’s a thing. I speak Scottish Gaelic, a language with remarkably few swear words. Strange, eh? I also speak Chinese, another language with remarkably few swear words. Again, strange, eh? And then there’s English, littered with swear words!

      And my point? My point is that what we have in the English language is an exceptional ability to express ourselves in many forms. That Scots tend to use swear words in their common speech, perhaps more than other nationalities, is widely accepted among lexicographers and such. Some have theorised the reason for this peculiarity is through linguistic discourse with the likes of the Vikings who were dominant in Scotland for many years. Just a theory, but who knows, maybe there is no reason and its just the way we are.

      “Anyway you seem angry”

      No, not angry. Just replying to your ‘Awww… You swore! How terrible!’ post directed at me.

      “You seem to feel it [swearing] helps.”

      No, I don’t. Now you’re making things up. When did I say it “helps”? I will use a swear word when, or if, the need for it arises. The digraceful, offensive and abusive rant from the Daily Record which is aimed at *all of us* here, and, in its way, *everyone* who supports an independent Scotland is most definitely a time when I have no qualms whatsoever in dishing out ‘a sweary’. If you don’t like it, close your eyes for five seconds – Fuck you, Daily Record! – okay you can open them now, the deed is done.

      One last thing. Yes, let’s keep being polite whenever possible, but know this. The referendum was won by Better Together. And which side was the one that maintained, under severe provocation, it’s civility, good manners and politeness at all times? The losers. This is a war, not a hot one, but one of propaganda lies, misinformation, smearing and fearmongering by the British state and its actors upon Scotland, its people and their right to self-determination. Nicey, nicey, as proven, will get us nowhere. The gloves are off. If some people with sensitive ears get upset along the way then tough fucking shit.

      Anyway, enough already. Now gies peace.

    231. Stoker says:

      @ Dal Riata (2.01pm).

      One of the best posts i’ve come across, thank you.

      btw, can i just add, i find it quite insulting when some folk tend to lecture on our choice of language used and by doing so are insinuating that we don’t have the cerebral capacity to know when to be polite and when to keep our anger in check.

      Just for the record, my background is dominated by folk who litter everyday language with expletives, it’s more common than the English one they’re expected to speak, and they vote too.

      Horses for courses!

    232. orri says:

      Seem to remember research that showed people who used a moderate amount of swearing were viewed as more honest and trustworthy than those who didn’t. It’s a bit like when you hear some scots, not necessarily just glaswegians, carefully controlling the way they speak in order to be understood. It’s also why Thatchers elocution kind of worked against her. You can end up sounding fake as fuck if you try to keep your language clean. Obviously that doesn’t mean you should swear like a trooper as that risks your being dismissed as inarticulate.

    233. orri says:

      Before I forget to mention though. If you zoom in that B/W photo as far as possible and look down from right of her iris and across from where her nostril curves into the bridge of her nose you can just about see a slightly darker area consistent with a mole or freckle being concealed with make up. Why bother with Photoshop when you can hide a blemish in the first place. Although if you do that then it’s kind of hard to claim you’re not fake.

    234. ScotsCanuck says:

      oh! boy, the beast has been wounded eh! … press home the attack on that vile rag Rev.

    235. Cadogan Enright says:

      @Rev – Pleeeze – another press complaint – pleeeeze – them post result on wings

    236. Deansy says:

      Hell hath no fury like a rag losing it’s rag !!. The ‘R*tard’ constantly proving it’s more than deserving of it’s name.

    237. Christian Schmidt says:

      So the Record is making factually incorrect statements again. Another case for IPSO I guess.

      But the Record also made a factually incorrect statement about you again. One for the lawyers?

    238. Barbara McKenzie says:

      I still don’t understand why you as a New Zealander would want to dictate to Scots about the Scottish use of language, and what is acceptable to other Scots, who are after all the voters in this case.

      Contrary to what you claim, different cultures apply language differently: the French for example use the f-word constantly, and students in NZ are encouraged not to translate it literally.

    239. donald anderson says:

      Barbara McKenzie says:
      “I still don’t understand why you as a New Zealander would want to dictate to Scots about the Scottish use of language, and what is acceptable to other Scots, who are after all the voters in this case”.

      One of the rules of public speaking is not to use foul language. Another is not to lose your temper or you have lost your argument. It does not matter if you are a New Zealander, Scottish or whatever. It has nothing to do with the venracular, or dialect, rt nationality.

      It is especially worse in writing, as your opponent can use it against you for ever and the Record and Lord Fuchs, et al, use it as an exmapke of aggressive bullying. It does not matter if that was not the intention. They have won the argument on that score and concentrate on that to th detrement of all else you have said. You don’t have to do it and should learn to control your arguments better. Especially when the other guy has the whip and the whole MSM at their disposal. We know what language they use against us in private and what lies. Now and again some Labour numpty uses the “F” word, fascist”, outside of their peer group where it accepeted and lauded. They then have to make the usual backhanded public apologies, such as, “What I meant to say was … Blah,Blah, waffle” and lies.

      In Palgrave’s Handbooks, or public speaking and meetings procedures, it is described as “unparliamentary language” andveboten. So get a grip youse iggerent basturts.

    240. kiwimike says:

      To donald anderson,
      Thanks, you get the point I was ‘questioning‘.

      To Barbara McKenzie, Dal Riata, Fiona

      This ‘last’ reply may be to late but it is sad how you can misconstrue my, ‘question’.

      In politics the matter of the sovereignty of all nations especially small nations (which all indicators show are among the most prosperous in the world) has been an important issue to me for most of my life.

      I would love to debate with those (mostly in the Labour Party) who align ‘Nationalism’; (as in my earlier post) with Fascism and appear to know little about the history of nationalist movements, especially in the European revolutions against the imperialistic powers of the 19th century.

      Dal Riata stated, “You’re still going on about the swearing non-issue…? ‘ sake man, gies peace!”

      I would like this matter to drop but as long as posters seem to continually misunderstand my ‘question’ then I will reply and you will be glad to know for the last time.

      1 “..why you as a New Zealander would want to dictate to Scots about the Scottish use of language.”
      How can you or ‘anyone, have read my posts and surmise that I was in any way ‘dictating’; to Scots (what the whole nation?) about their use of language???

      2 I do not care if you wish to ‘swear’ to your granny, you clergyman/person, your MSP, your teacher or you neighbour’s weans, (although they might). I only asked (and I hope politely) whether certain language would persuade people or not to come around to your opinion or whether it would give ‘ammunition’ to an opposing view. That is all. Does it help or hinder???

      The answer could have been ‘Yes‘, ‘No’ or “I don’t care’. That is not dictating.

      3 “Contrary to what you claim, different cultures apply language differently.” I do believe that is what I mentioned. A compliment in one culture could be an insult in another and provoke anger.

      4 “..why you as a New Zealander.” Like many people living in NZ, I am Scottish, (or foreigners as I believe, Margaret Patricia Curran would describe us) born and raised in Glasgow and still interested in Scottish politics. In fact my wife and I met up with two of our children last year in Scotland as we all travelled over for the referendum.

      I am incensed as many are about the bias and false innuendo that appears in the Scottish corporate media but in future will make no comments in which language you feel appropriate to use against them’

    241. kiwimike says:

      “…may be to late..” “…may be too late..”

    242. Paula Rose says:

      kwimikie dear – some folk on here are proud to have mastered the nuances of their mother tongue – dinnae fret or fash, you just comment away – carry on.

    243. donald anderson says:

      Reply to kiwimike

      I’ve postit this afore. Lenin defined the difference between the nationalism of the oppressed and the oppressor. The Brit Nat left never seem to get it. They just didn’t understand the nationalsm of Imperialism, which they actually adhere to by supporting the Brutish State.

      Incidentally, I once jumped ship in Auckland and ended up joining it in Mount Manganui in the 60’s. Can’t remember the correct spelling.

    244. kiwimike says:

      donald anderson
      Hi Donald,
      Getting late over there and I should be out gardening.

      ‘Mount Maunganui, (is a beach city in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. (Thanks Wikipedia).
      I’m in Wanganui/Whanganui, controversial two spellings, depending whether one is Maori or Pakeha (European). See even a letter or lack of it can cause quite heated and bitter debate. To be on the safe side I write W(h)anganu – Big Harbour.

      Why so many Scottish voters still believe, “We’re too wee, too poor, we can’t run ourselves”. If they truthfully believe that they are subsidised by English taxpayers then they should be ashamed of themselves.

      The answers MAY be found in Paulo Freire’s book, ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’, analyses the relationship between ‘the colonizer‘ and ‘the colonized‘. Prior to the Scottish Parliament, most Scots perhaps felt everyone in the UK was equal when in fact Scotland and the Scots played no part of English learning or awareness, (I wonder how many, in England, would ever click onto the Scotland link on the BBC’s webpage).

      Many Scots, ‘felt’ embarrassed by the way they spoke and as we are aware many tried to speak like their ‘betters’ (being a bit tongue in cheek now) down south. This is what Freire meant, certain cultures did not realise or accept that they felt to a degree below the ‘upper classes’ and even ashamed of their culture, history and speech (unaware, they were at least to some degree, ‘oppressed’).

      We listen to logical fallacies (statement given as a fact with absolutely no evidence) such as, “Scotland is part of the greatest union (UK) that the world has ever seen” and no one questions that statement or many other similar fallacies. It is accepted as coming from ‘up-high’.

      Many Scots, (as the Referendum results showed) just didn’t have enough confidence in the nation’s ability. This may be an indication that we, may, have been culturally oppressed for decades with out fully realising it.

      This is NOT anti-English, that despite what unionist politicians say for most of the period of the Union people down south though little of the Scots, Welsh or Irish, (Jocks, Taffies and Paddies).

      Most didn’t despise or dislike us – just never gave us much thought. The UK and Britain were synonymous with England as it was in most of the world. When I lived in Germany in the late 60’s it was a struggled to persuade the authorities that I was not ein Engländer.

      Despite so many Scots and high percentage of even Maori with Scottish ancestors – little (as in most countries) is ever mentioned about Scotland. This has somewhat changed since the rise of the SNP and the Referendum. Suddenly ‘some’ people around the globe began (not entirely) to realise that Scotland was not part of England. One thing for certain, Alex Salmond has done more to make people, worldwide be a bit more aware of Scotland than every Scottish unionist parties did in a hundred years.

      It still amazes my Kiwi wife and friends who fallow politics how much bile is thrown at Alex Salmond, as most who have heard him here would vote for him – given the chance.

      Anyway these Pro-Independent websites are brilliant for us ‘foreigners over here, just sorry I caused offence to the swearers.

    245. donald anderson says:

      I met lots of Scots Kiwis over there and enjoyed their hopitalites. Amazing how far a case of Kippers goes there. I fell asleep (drunk) on the dockside when some Maoaris and Pakahas tried to mug me. One of them called me English and I set about the lot of them and the polis had to rescue them They were both Weegie polis and put me up for the night in an open cell with some more booze and saw me on the bus to Mount Maunganui to catch my ship to Brisbane and through the Panama.

      The Kiwi Scots thought more of Scotland than the hameallday wans did.

    246. kiwimike says:

      donald anderson

      Kia Ora Donald, (M?ori greeting not the orange juice)

      Aaha – so It was you that gave us SKFs (Scottish Kiwi Foreigners)a bad name.
      And here was I thinking it was Tony and Gordon!!

      M? te w? (goodbye for now)


    247. kiwimike says:

      Ma te wa (goodbye for now)
      Can’t type Macrons.

    248. Macca73 says:

      Well done Rev for not having to rise to this nonsense. As you rightly posted on your own page.

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.” (MK Gandhi)

      They are backing the wrong horse and they know it. Labour who they so deeply care for in thier writing are about to be put to the voting sword and there’s not a thing they can do about it.

    249. Ken Mair says:

      To lie to their readers is unforgivable but to believe their own lies is insanity.

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