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Labour reaches out to voters again

Posted on February 28, 2015 by

Scottish Labour MEP David Martin chats to the audience about TTIP.

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    1. 01 03 15 00:41

      Labour reaches out to voters again - Speymouth

    134 to “Labour reaches out to voters again”

    1. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

      He’s been too long at the trough. Why should he have to answer to mere voters …

    2. cearc says:

      ‘You’re here to listen’. It’s the Britnat way!

    3. malkie mcintyre says:

      pathetic their days are numbered in Scotland and they know it

    4. Garrion says:

      oof. Pretty much sums up the whole Labour philosophy towards voters. “If you’re not here to listen, piss off”.



    5. Lesley-Anne says:

      YOU voted for ME!

      YOU will listen to ME!

      I am your M.E.P. and what I say goes no if’s, and’s or but’s!

      YOU do NOT tell ME what to do, what to say or how to vote!

      Ed Milliband does all of that so why dou you miserable little oink just shut the #@%$ up and leave me to count my mega expenses in peace and quiet!

    6. Bian Cosford says:

      TTIP, the dodgy EU-US trade deal, threatens our NHS and our democracy but so far our politicians are sitting on the fence. David Martin, one of our MEPs in Scotland, is a leading figure in the EU and could lead the way to stop TTIP – if enough of us persuade him to take action now.

    7. Lollysmum says:

      Well I knew UKIP were bad but this guy has reached a new low.At next Euroean elections voters need to tell him to p**s off by not voting for him.

      Despicable behaviour from an elected representative.

    8. A MacRitchie says:

      Watch the shock reaction from the guy sitting to his R. Absolutely priceless couldn’t stop laughing nearly pissed myself. Just shows you the contempt these career politicians have for the mere mortals

    9. Lollysmum says:

      Correction to my earlier post.

      Should have said Labour.Clearly a friend of Eggs Murphy!

    10. Croompenstein says:

      Saw this earlier Stu, I linked to 38 degrees petition and I don’t agree with the way they hijacked the vow petition for Gordzilla but I am really worried about TTIP and the way this trougher dismisses folk is just more evidence of how Labour view the electorate, can you imagine if this had been an SNP MEP we would all be watching sweaty Brewer going scripto tomorrow on LabourBBC

    11. A MacRitchie says:

      Why is an English slabber representing Scotland as an MEP?

    12. M4rkyboy says:

      Derek Bateman mentioned this dude a while back in a post if i remember correctly.

      The gist of it was that Martin was writing a report seeking to get Scotland and Catalonia blocked from continuing EU membership.

      Who needs enemies with friends like this,eh?

      Unfortunately this didn’t receive coverage and he was re-elected.

    13. Jenni says:

      And THIS is the guy 38 degrees have just asked me to petition to save Scotland from the worst effects of TTIP. I signed but I knew it was a forlorn hope the instant I realised a Labour MP represents the entirety of Scotland at the European Parliament. THAT needs to change asap!

    14. Dr Jim says:

      Does that count as bullying
      Or is it only if we say it
      Not sure of the rules
      Or is this one of those times where “Britain Waves the Rules”
      and it’s OK

    15. Gary Reilly says:

      Ooft! he’s no a happy happy is he!

    16. Jenni says:

      @ Croompenstein @11.47

      Actually it was Gordzilla who hijacked the 38 degrees petition. I recall signing that within hours of the announcement – certainly days before GB decided he needed backup.

      I’ve been a member of 38 degrees for a couple of years now. I’ve always found them approachable and helpful. And there wasn’t a peep from them ever about ‘let’s plead with Scotland to stay’ – which counts for something in my book.

    17. mogabee says:

      How very dare we mere hoi polloi?

      Question more says RT, how fucking right they are. Can anyone tell I’m fuming?

      They won’t know what’ll hit them soon…figuratively of course!

    18. Marie clark says:

      Oh my. Labour representaion in Europe.

      I thought when I saw the plea to sign 38 degrees petition earlier it had to be a wind up.

      David Martin! I’ve scraped better off my shoe.

    19. crazycat says:

      @ Jenni

      David Martin represents “the whole of Scotland” only insofar as the entire country is a single constituency; he is one of 6 MEPs, each of whom could be considered to represent one sixth of the country, although this stopped being literally true when first past the post elections for specific seats (I was in South of Scotland) were replaced by PR and the total number reduced.

    20. OT: It looks like the UK economy is going for an all time high.

    21. ronnie anderson says:

      Daily Retarded is on top of that story SMOTHERING IT. How can MEPs talk to people like that & get away with it oh aye Distance & NON Reporting by our British BIAS MEDIA.

      Ah keep forgetting, yon pinging the elastic band on the wrist dizna work tae remember things, ah,ll need tae try slaping masel on the puss tae see if that works, or ah could get Mr Martin tae slap me.

      The last time a Labour person slapped a table in responce to my input was Tom Clarke MP, when he was the Provest of Coatbridge.

      Ah goat ma ain back ah slapped the back of his hand with my fist so years later in Imperial Works Airdrie & still kept my job, dispite the efforts of the Labour Convener & Union threatening to call a strike if I wasent sacked.

      Result no strike,no Sammy Harty will be perusing this site HELLO SAMMY. Secretary ma erse.

    22. muttley79 says:

      @A MacRitchie

      I have no idea what your comment was trying to achieve. There is loads of people from England in the SNP.

    23. heedtracker says:

      A lot of these guys are thugs with a weird sense of entitlement but the main thing is not to bite. Look at the clown show at the Daily Record entertaining us. Trouble is good for our imperial masters and of course Westminster, who are also currently trying to terrorise teamGB with their wars on terror.

      Don’t get mad, get rid of them.

    24. A MacRitchie says:

      Still don’t understand why this guy is representing Scotland and who voted him into this position?

    25. Jenni says:

      Btw the rest of our MEPs are by no means ‘sitting on the fence’.

      David Cameron is trying to rush the deal through –

      (don’t know how to do the archive thing, sorry)

      Interestingly though, Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated he would remove the toxic ISDS clause – which the UK wholeheartedly supports.

    26. crazycat says:

      @ A McRitchie

      What makes you think David Martin is English? He’s from Edinburgh, and to my ear at least has a Scottish accent.

      (Incidentally, for those keeping tabs on the BBC/SLab connections, when I checked DM’s birthplace, I discovered that his current wife, who had previously been the partner of an MSP, “has worked as an STV political correspondent, as a BBC political correspondent, and for the Labour Party in Scotland. She also worked at the Daily Mirror and is currently working for the Scottish edition of The Times.”)

    27. crazycat says:

      Apologies – I meant A MacRitchie.

      He was elected (again) last May by all the people who voted Labour in the Euro elections.

    28. K1 says:

      Jenni, Place your cursor over any given article you want to archive, then right click on your mouse or pad, a drop down menu appears, click ‘copy url’. Then open an archive today page:

      Place your cursor into the red bordered rectangle box. Then right click, drop down menu appears, click ‘paste url’.

      Click ‘submit url’ at the far right hand side of the box. Let it do it’s coverting. Hey presto! An archived copy!

    29. David Stevenson says:

      A MacRitchie: David Martin isn’t English so not sure why you ask that question at all. Labour’s other MEP elected from Scotland isn’t English either btw.

    30. A MacRitchie says:

      Unionist/most English politicians do not have Scotland’s best interests at heart as we all know. Thus as a spokes person for Scotland you would have thought he would have been elected in Scotland as an MEP. Never mind being English but he’s Labour as well. If you were English and a member of the SNP then I would assume you would have Scotland’s best interest at heart as there would be no point in being in a Scottish National Independence party. What I was trying to ascertain was is this guy an elected English MEP? If so why is he representing Scotland? Do the unionist parties not have Scottish MEPs to chair whatever this guy is supposed to representing? However being one of Six Scottish MEPs I will assume he has been elected in Scotland. However his attitude says it all really.

    31. RascalRachael says:

      Given the light-hearted nature in which your above excerpt was intended I wonder if you would forgive the extended nature of my second post to your site Rev? Recently some genius put together the following comedy responses to a readers poll on an SNPout website.
      Many of your readers may have missed this – but I hope will enjoy.
      [I can claim no credit as I just followed a tweet and saved the page]

      POLL: Which Holyrood leader is most effective in their role?

      Which Holyrood leader is most effective in their role?
      Nicola Sturgeon
      Kezia Dugdale
      Ruth Davidson
      Willie Rennie

      Nicola Sturgeon 98.98%
      Kezia Dugdale 0.73%
      Ruth Davidson 0.15%
      Willie Rennie 0.14%

      Maybe change your title to SNP great gov.
      It’s a fair cop. Nicola is ace.
      Wee William
      Where am I? What’s going on?
      Wille Rennie
      Ruth, Kezia and I all voted for Nicola. She’s fab.
      Jim Murphy
      I don’t understand the question.
      David Cameron
      Thank you, thank you, 7 of my Conservative MP’s in Scotland would be great, keep up the good work! PS. Ed’s a bit miffed with you though haha!
      Laughing Panda
      You’ll be lucky to get one MP again you incompetent out of touch tory twit.
      I’m astonished.
      SNP Out
      We really need SNP Out because Nicola Sturgeon is best suited to lead Scotland!!!
      Oh, wait. I’m confused.
      History woman
      Right Effie if I want Ruth I vote Nicola ?Trying to follow your tactical voting
      If you want Ruth you need to vote for Wullie. I’m not entirely sure why, Hothersall did start to explain it to me but
      you know what he’s like. One glimpse of his unrequited love in Bath and he loses the plot.
      Jim Edwin Murphy
      I’ve never met a girl like you (Nicola) before
      Willie Rennie
      I want to have Nicolas babies
      Patrick Harvey
      Whit about me? Obviously Nicloa is an outstanding FM and has led her party to 100,000 members and topping every poll but
      my Party and I helped!
      Duncan Hothersall
      You’re all horrid horrid monsters. I’m going to hold my breath until you apologise.
      (I might stamp my feet a little too)
      Iain Gray
      Where do all the votes for a poll come from?
      Jackie Bird
      Don’t worry troops, I’ve got your back, and your press release.
      Spin coming up.
      Blair McDougall
      Are we there yet?
      Murray Foote
      How dare you publicise the name of that poor girl who represents Scottish Labour at Holyrood? You are the man
      responsible for the monstering that she’s about to get from those bastirt CyberNazis!
      Jim Murphy MP
      How ever many votes Nicola Sturgeon Gets I promise to match that amount and add 1000 extra votes for Me
      Aye you will all believe in me soon wont you
      Daily Rectum
      Blow for Nicola as she fails to get 100% in poll
      SPN Out
      You’re not playing fair!
      Ed Miliband
      Now guys, listen, I’ve got something to say.
      Guys, please, this is important.
      Please guys, I’m your leader. I want to say something.
      Lord Foulkes
      Good to see my wee Kezia has increased her popularity by leaps and bounds since assuming her new rรดle as whinger in chief at Holyrood.
      Jim Murphy
      You are almost my dream girl Nicola, but I must confess Maggie Thatcher stole my heart!
      Ed Miliband
      Guys, I believe we need to look at the important issues here. I mean it is easy to overlook what is evidently staring us in the face and to come to the wrong conclusion. There is no doubt that we can view this through a real time political lens which provides us with clarity and enables, no empowers us in ways we believe are right….
      wee willie
      Awww come on guys , someone vote for me
      Suzanne Duncan Hunter
      Gie’s a job.
      Sorry, I haven’t got time for this type of thing, I’m a busy woman holding down three jobs – Nursing, Modelling and Acting!
      Johann Lamont (Ex-Lab Leader Scotland Branch)
      I am not genetically programmed to make decisions that are hard like this so i am abstaining from this vote
      SNP IN IN IN
      This isn’t exactly going as planned for the SNPout zoomers, is it?
      Lord Green
      Would you like to earn a tax free income from the comfort of your own home? Special interest paying tax free offshore accounts. Just pop into any branch of HSBC & say Gideon sent you.
      Jim Murphy
      Nicola, how much can I claim in expenses if I become a MSP, I want to be First Minister come on, gie’s a job, I can do that!
      Jim Murphy
      Who the hell put Kezia up there and not me? Tactical voting gone wrong, just put my name up.
      Maggie Thatcher
      I’m not surprised a woman is winning. But why isn’t it Ruth? Scotland was my favourite testing ground for new policies. Thank feck I’m not there. How’s the coal mines doing by the way?

    32. caz-m says:

      Scottish Labour, a shower of gangsters and thugs.

      They have bullied Scotland for the last time.

    33. Jenni says:


      To clarify I meant the UK Govt supports the clause, not its removal. Sorry.

    34. caz-m says:


      have you fell asleep?

      Wakey! Wakey!

    35. Lesley-Anne says:

      Here are the archived versions Jenni.

      If you want to archive something download archive [dot] is

      Every time you link to a page you want to archive, once the page comes up press the link to archive sit back and wait. In a short period of time the archived version appears.

      I think that explains how to archive Jenni. If not the sound you hear will be me getting my face slapped by someone who knows better. ๐Ÿ˜€

    36. Brian Powell says:

      We were there in Brussels!

    37. Robert Louis says:

      Why are people still posting links to 38 degrees???

      38 degrees, are NO friends of the independence movement, as has been discussed on here at great length in the past, MANY,MANY,MANY TIMES!

      Previously they failed to act in response to BBC anti SNP Bias – as if I remember correctly, it ‘wasn’t a UK issue, just Scotland’. They also, only a few months ago, handed the referendum petition over to Gordon Brown.

      People should check who it is behind such organisations, and how they operate, before posting links to them.

    38. Robert Louis says:

      Bian Cosford at 1140PM,

      Did you actually watch the video above? It features the very same David Martin of the Labour party, who you are urging people to petition via the petition website that handed the independence petition over to Gordon Brown.

      I assume you just made a mistake.

    39. Stoker says:

      @ Jenni.

      Now you do.

      These Labour scumbags really do think they are something, eh!

      Dim Jim likes to tell folk to Fuck Off.

      Now we have this maggot telling voters to Piss Off.

      I know, how about this, the Daily Rectum, 38 Degrees, the BBC and the LibLabCons can all GTF and p!ss off out of Scotland.

      Adios ya bunch of ("Tractor" - Ed)s, yer ship is going down.

    40. A MacRitchie says:

      My mistake I apologise he was indeed born in Edinburgh.

    41. crazycat says:

      I un-subscribed from 38 degrees after the Brown petition fiasco (and never got a satisfactory response to my complaints), so I shall not sign up again for this one.

      Nevertheless, I did meet one of their Scottish staff (who is I think one of the signatories to the appeal that has been quoted on here about TTIP) at a RIC event and she seemed reasonable enough. I had intended to try to talk to her about their organization but didn’t find the time.

    42. Malcolm says:

      Can you imagine the Daily Redcoats reaction if this was an SNP politician?

    43. Brian Powell says:

      We went to Brussels to talk to our MEPs, demonstrate against TTIP, along with other Europeans opposing TTIP (and CETA).

      Stihler didn’t know anything about TTIP really and this was David Martin’s attitude, ‘Why are you here, what are you on about’.

      His attitude had changed when he was confronted at Holyrood a week or so ago! Lord Livinston, one of the UK Governments negotiators, was at a committee meeting to tell MSPs don’t worry your little heads.

      Martin was at a discussion later that day.

    44. Jenni says:

      @ K1, @Lesley-Anne and @Stoker

      Thank you all very kindly for instruction – shall endeavour not to make the same mistake again. ๐Ÿ™‚

      @Robert Louis
      Re 38 degrees – I never expected them to do anything about BBC bias during the Referendum or to take a position in favour of Scottish Independence – they are a UK-wide community and I can imagine that would have been a highly divisive issue for the community as a whole. I DO however appreciate them staying out of it while it was going on. They certainly didn’t work against us – so far as I’m aware.

      I don’t know why they gave GB control of the petition – perhaps he just claimed it – I have no idea of the actual facts here.

      But by and large, I generally sign what they send me because I agree with what they’re saying.

      I’m on benefits and thus a limited income so I don’t donate to them – I did send ยฃ25 to Wings yesterday morning.

      Hope that shows my heart is in the right place!

    45. HandandShrimp says:

      It must be very tiresome for the real people like MEPs to have to talk to mere voters much less actually be asked questions by them. We should be grateful he turned up.

    46. Lesley-Anne says:

      Don’t worry about the money Jenni. It isn’t all about the money, nice though it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It is of far more importance to spread the word about Wings. Only by getting others to come on here and read the blogs, and yes maybe even the posts, that we can try and convince people that there is more to life than believing every word on a newspaper or uttered by the BBC.

      Don’t concern yourself about how much you can or can not donate here. Everyone understands that we are all in different financial situations. There is no expectation, nor has there ever been, that every one on here must make a donation. We do not work like that and Stu definitively will not expect us to either.

    47. call me dave says:

      When asked by this newspaper (The Herald) whether Murphy would serve a full-term as an MP, a party spokesman dodged the question: “We are taking one election at a time. Jim is focused on getting re-elected in May. It would be presumptuous to start talking about what happens after that.”

      The spokesman added that Murphy would “under no circumstances” take “wages from two parliaments at the same time.”

      Senior party figures believe Murphy could win the Westminster seat in May and resign after a year, triggering a Westminster by-election on the same day as the Holyrood poll.

      However, a Labour source said the move would be viewed as “cynical”.

      It’s a no brainer! Not talking about Murphy either, are the voters in E. Renfrewshire fitted with buttons on the back of their heads.

    48. Valerie says:

      The clip of Mr Martin was doing the rounds on FB early this morning.

      A fine, classy example of SLab behaviour.

      ‘Soon the time for honouring yourself, will be at an end’
      Maximus Decimus

    49. frankieboy says:

      At least with it showing on here then those at The Daily Record will get to see it. *Waves at Record editing team*

    50. jock mc X says:

      Imagine a wee blue dvd!

    51. Macart says:

      Well that’s one way of holding a ‘meaningful dialogue’, ‘really listening to people’s concerns’, ‘reaching out’ (Labour TM) etc. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Oh jeez and they wonder why their stock has fallen with the voter?

      Here’s a wee hint for the Labour political wonks who I’m sure must scan these threads. When you’re trying to do the whole reaching out, holding a dialogue/meaningful conversation, building bridges thing?

      Do not, under ANY circumstances, do what Mr Martin did. Fair ruins the the whole carin’, sharin’ and concerned line so it does.

      Here tae help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    52. Clootie says:

      They prefer the days when they didn’t even need to attend a public meeting. The public support vote was an entitlement and you simply followed the instructions from above either in reading a briefing paper or on how to vote on a particular issue.

      This democracy thing is very uncomfortable for them!

      He was returning to his comfort zone – he reads and you listen. Nobody has to think and the added bonus is that he gets to “trouser” a load of cash with plenty of time for advisory work.

      New Campaign “Vote Labour, Don’t think”

    53. john king says:

      Thats not the way to get peoples attention Macart,

      you do it this way ๐Ÿ™‚

    54. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Arrogant Slabber trougher.

      Out of his depthe and soon to be out of a job.

      I need to look after myself better so I can see all this through.

      It will be the sweetest of revenge.

    55. john king says:

      This is a laugh,
      BBC reporting on an American congressman who appears to have all the taste of a New Orleans hooker (not that Aa wid ken ye unnerstaun) painting his office bright red, it would appear the interest the BBC seems to have in the (non) story is that he seems to (in someones fevered imagination) have copied the style of Downton Abby, the thrust of the piece being spending American taxpayers money on his own (23 y/o) vanity,

      but the office appears to have stuff you would get from a pound store the most expensive thing was probably the paint on the walls, since the picture appeared to be the generic type things you get in cheap shops (I shop at Jenners, poorer relatives have told me) with a smiling guy/girl/family crappy looking wall mounted candelabra and a bunch of feathers (probably from the roadkill he and his hillbilly family feasted on the previous night)

      I wonder how much money the BBC spent sending a crew to Washington to cover this (NON) story? probably a damn sight more than a silly wee Congressmans office refurb cost.

    56. Mealer says:

      David Martin MEP.Abysmal.

    57. Macart says:

      @ John King

      ๐Ÿ˜€ Anger management issues right enough.

    58. Dave says:

      SO, if the SNP are responsible for internet bampots calling people silly names, I assume Jim Murphy will take a very dim view of elected representatives swearing at voters.

      Remember the outrage over the “book burning”.

    59. Mealer says:

      Mr Martin loses it and folk laugh at him.

    60. Rigmac7 says:

      Eat your cereal

    61. R-type Grunt says:

      If he spoke to me like that he’d be eating through a straw.

    62. Ken500 says:

      @ John Pilger – Absolutely Brilliant

    63. john king says:

      1. the act of increasing one’s own power, importance, etc, esp in an aggressive or ruthless manner
      ?self-ag?gran?dizing adj

    64. mumsyhugs says:

      Is that the Imperial Masters theme tune I hear playing as mood music in the background?

    65. Robert Louis says:

      Jenni at 102 am,

      Sorry but your comments are wrong regarding 38 degrees. They did indeed hand the petition over to Gordon Brown, something which was covered extensively here.

      As regards the BBC in Scotland, there was a petition raised on 38 degrees many, many years ago, which I was onvolved in before the referendum was even announced, indeed prior to the SNP majority Government of 2011. The required number of signatures were obtained quickly, but 38 degrees refused totally to even cover the issue, as it was ‘only a Scottish issue’.

      Their are other reported instances of similar things.

      38 degrees are a waste of space so far as the independence campaign is concerned, and others have documnented their ties to Labour. You are of course free to ‘sign anything they send you’, and tell yourself they are helping if that makes you feel good.

      Their are many other GOOD petition sites, but I and others here would NOT consider 38 degrees as trustworthy.

    66. Ken500 says:

      The EU/US free trade agreement is nothing to do with privatising the SHS.

      The US has a protectionist market. Thry use tariffs and patents to block free trade with Europe. US multinationals want free trade with the world but want to protect their own markets. Ie block (European) companies trading with their home Market.

      The Agreement will earn Scotland ยฃBillions. A million diaspora market for all things Scottish. Valued Scottish products. Enough to fund an even better publicly funded SHS.

      It is only Governmrnts that can privatise a healthcare system, not trade agreements. The SHS will never be privatised, by voting SNP.

      Junckers is a crook and a liar. He should be sacked. Broke every EU Law on fair and equal trade practices. Operated Luxembourg as a tax haven when PM. Junckers is a cheat and a fraud.

    67. The Isolator says:

      Stay classy…it’s the Labour way.The enemy of the Scottish people as always.


    68. Free Scotland says:

      If Scottish Labour’s expenses claim for celebration banners in May amounts to anything more than zero, it should immediately trigger a fraud investigation.

    69. Clootie says:

      Dave says:
      1 March, 2015 at 7:50 am

      “..I assume Jim Murphy will take a very dim view”

      What other kind of view could he take?
      He is named Dim Jim for good reason ๐Ÿ™‚

    70. JLT says:

      David Martin has got this horribly wrong. He seems to have forgotten the old rule in politics; an MP is raised to office to serve the public, not the public to serve his self-interests.

      To tell a member of the public to ‘piss off’ is not only a mark of disrespect, but also a display of arrogance.

      This could of course could be put down to the new political landscape, where after 7 years of SNP popularity, that the pressure is building on politicians like Martin within the Labour Party. They have seen Labour decimated in the Scottish Elections of 2011; they could be on the verge of seeing Labour wiped out badly in the General Election; then there could be a serious wipeout in a years time …so maybe the next time round for the European Elections, he knows he could be in serious trouble.

      No matter what though …to use bad language on a member of the audience, in a filled hall, with camera’s rolling, only means more bad publicity for Labour.

    71. donnywho says:

      O/T the herald today is saying that Gordon Brown is giving all his wages from speaking events to charity. Nearly one and a half million to this year.

      This is very commendable, but then my spin detector started flashing when I noted that the ” charity ” was none other than his own, Sarah & Gordon Brown.

      Now the reason I am pointing this out is my own inadequacy in tax and charity related matters… The point is are all donations to charities tax free… Do charities have to give an set amount to good works or can their costs … Wages transport, mobiles, entertainment be higher than their good works? Can a charity invest and benefit from tax free unearned income.

      In short is the Sarah & Gordon Brown Charity a glossy front for tax avoidance?

      Please help there must be some Tax and Charity lawyers out there and their charity must lodge books somewhere!

    72. john king says:

      Can we take a moment to wish Nick Robinson well after revelations he’s suffering from cancer,
      we’re NOT the BT CAMP!

    73. Fiona says:


      I could not disagree with you more.

      TTIP is certainly to do with privatising the NHS, and it follows from the GPA, which does not get so much attention.

    74. Gavin says:

      Quality, you couldn’t write this stuff.
      I thought it was a major part of his job to listen, maybe we will all get together soon and make him piss off!

    75. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John King My sentiments exacly John anybody who has a Family member suffer any form of cancer would have the same sentiments. I do hope he recovers,& no recurrence.

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      John King

      Yes, I agree. A safe and speedy recovery to Nick Robinson.

    77. Brian Powell says:


      That’s not the experience of countries involved so far. The corporations, shareholders, lobbyists and lawyers get millions and billions, people in jobs in the real economy do not do so well.

      With NAFTA the US lost 650, 000 jobs, moved to Mexico.

    78. lumilumi says:

      @ John King 9.23am

      I hope Nick Robinson’s operation is successful and he makes a full recovery.

      He should give himself enough time to recuperate (say, until June).

    79. ronnie anderson says:

      @ donnywho Recent events ( kilt walk ) spent more on orginizing events administration costs ect , than what the donate to other charities (walking kilt or no kilt DOSENT cost money ) & this charity should be investigated by OSCR.

      I ran a football club with charitable status & spent a lot of money Hirinh pitch’s, school halls, transport, & I could still afford to give the kids easter eggs,christmas parties with tables stuffed with food,& I still had money to keep the club solvent,all on ยฃ5 membership + donations mainly for kit.
      I hope thats of some help, OSCR are rigorous in examining accounts, but I doubt Mr Brown & Sarah would be registered in Scotland.

    80. Now's the Hour says:

      Given Murray Foote’s recent declaration on men bullying women and curtailing free speech and opposite opinions,no doubt the Redcoat will be featuring this prominently any day now.

      oh wait, there goes a flying piggy.

    81. The Man in the Jar says:


      “The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown” “Charity” Off the top of my head so all figures approximate and may contain inaccuracies but this may get you started..

      It has taken in ยฃ3,500,000 and payed out ยฃ900,000.

      Sarah and Gordon take ยฃ10,000 per month as a “Salary” (Each or between them I dont know)

      It pays for their first class air fares and five star hotels as they jet around the world giving speeches at ยฃ25,000 a time.

      Good work if you can get it! Sorry if this is a bit vague but it is a start. Hopefully someone can point you to something a bit more substantial.

    82. cearc says:

      On Nick Robertson, absolutely agree. I wish him all the best.

      The ball and the man are seperate issues. Perhaps Stu could put up a wee ‘get well soon’ thread.

    83. Fiona says:


      I have no idea about Gordon Brown’s charity: but the answer to your broader question about whether charities can be misused in terms of tax etc is clearly yes

      Consider this

      The elite corrupt everything they touch. In that sense their view of human nature is self fulfilling for they are intent on destroying our trust and cooperation in every field

    84. Lesley-Anne says:

      I would just like to echo the thoughts of HaS and JK regarding Nick Robinson. No matter what we all think of him regarding his treatment of independence supporting politicians, you know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰ , I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy, well maybe my actual worst but that’s another story. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Having been through cancer myself, not the same as Nick, I don’t do *ahem* common cancer I only do *cough* rare cancer thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ , I know it can turn your life and that of your family and friends inside out and upside down.

      Like everyone else I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    85. Now's the Hour says:

      Saddened to hear of Nick Robinson’s illness. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Unlike many in Bitter Together, I wish no ill on those who hold other opinions, or (even) have lied against us. Health is much bigger than that.

    86. Lollysmum says:

      That may only have been your second post here but it really was a belter ๐Ÿ™‚

      With posts like that you are welcome anytime time. A good laugh for a Sunday morning-what’s not to like.

      Well done

    87. Lenny Hartley says:

      Re Brown and charity. After the million plus expenses per annum in costs, 1st class flights,5star hotels etc, keeping Mrs Broon in the style she is acustomed too etc there is little left to ve allocated to charity.

      Im on my phone and cant work out how to have two internet sessions at the same time but if you google im sure you will find exact amounts.

      It should be a scandal but thanks to the msm is swept under the carpet.

    88. Dan Huil says:

      Interesting that the audience laughed at Martin and didn’t get angry towards him. Labour in Scotland have reached the “being ridiculed” stage. No wonder labour politicians are desperate.

    89. Macart says:

      @ Lesley-Ann, JK and others

      Well said on Nick Robinson and fully agree.

      Wishing the man a speedy and full recovery.

    90. K1 says:

      Ronnie, here’s the archived copy of that article. Unbelievably and unusually it actually did archive!

    91. farrochie says:

      What and where was that meeting David Martin was addressing?

    92. Onwards says:

      I wonder if Gordon Browns charity pays out more than the 40% he would be otherwise paying in tax?

    93. Ken500 says:

      Who needs the jobs more Mexico or US? A fairer distribution of wealth.

      Europe pop 500million. US population 300million. Mexico

      It is only governments that can privatise public services. They make the rules.

      Trade and give Aid. Do not invade.

      Vote SNP to protect public services. It saves lives and money. Cost-effective.

    94. Ken500 says:

      Mexican population 122Million – risen 1Million from 2013 – 2014

      Japan population 122Million (densely populated)

    95. Fiona says:


      Do you honestly believe that the corporates are taking jobs to Mexico or anywhere else in order to provide employment and a better distribution of the world’s wealth?

      Do you honestly believe that our government and our corporates are separate? That their interests diverge?

      If you do believe that these things are true then I can only say that I disagree

      If TTIF goes through the governments will not be able to resist the privatisation of the NHS: it wont matter to this government for they do not wish to resist. But it will matter to future governments because they will not be able to reverse the decision, at least not with the ease which should attach to a sovereign government.

      That is what GPA ensures and it is what TTIF will extend.

    96. Ken500 says:

      Blair and Brown should be in jail. The Chilcot verdict is being blocked by unelected civil servants.

    97. Stoker says:

      @ K1 (10.58pm).

      Thanks for that.

      “Mr.Jhund’s snobbish comments about Glasgow to Eton pupils are way off the mark – Jim Murphy should disown them immediately.”

      AH, but will he? I’ll no be holding my breath, i value life.

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      @ K1 thanks for that,I meant to ask somebody to archive it,ah keep getting lost in archiving,ah end up pressing button B an getting ma money back( wan fur us aulder yins ) younger Wingers ask yer Granda/Granny.

    99. Ken500 says:

      The European governments have total control over their health services. The majority are public services open to all and other Europeans. TTIF is a trade agreement. There will be more money for the SHS.

      An SNP Scottish will never privatise the SNH services. The voters will never let them.

    100. donnywho says:

      It seems the office of s&g brown is a reg company. Don’t know if you have to have a charity no or if a co can be a charity as well. There office expenses are on the high side at about ยฃ500,000 pa… But from their website

      “Neither Mr nor Mrs Brown receive salary, dividends, or profits from The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown, which was constituted solely for and remains only for the purpose of employing staff to further their charitable and public service work and donating to good causes both locally and internationally.”

      So maybe I am utterly wrong or it warrants further delving, it just seems wrong a charity/corporation spending ยฃยฃ500,000 promoting charity, that’s 20 members of staff on average wage. The website is anodyne on what they actually do, the talk of others the promote, not note financially support.

    101. Fiona says:

      @Stoker and K1

      If you are in any doubt about the poisonous impact of McKinsey in all of this you may be interested in this report about the health service in Northern Ireland

      I propose that we ban the word “reform” as it is currently used: it is the candy which covers the shit

    102. One_Scot says:

      I never tire of the media telling us that Andy said he would support anyone but England, but always for some reason fail to mention that it was in response to a reporter basically saying that the Scottish football team were crap.

      Donโ€™t you just love the unionist media.

    103. Ken500 says:

      Nick Robinson will appreciate the NHS care.

    104. Fiona says:

      @ Ken500

      Can you show how TTIF will not pave the way for further privatisation in the same way that the GPA does?

      It is no good repeating your assertions without explaining how you envisage the safeguards which will prevent privatisation, and the suing of sovereign states by corporates who will claim they have lost money through legislation preventing their involvement in services which have a private element already. Not suing through the existing courts, bear in mind.

    105. K1 says:

      Alex Salmond’s campaign fund, to help win the seat in Gordon.

      This is a different set up from indiego, you just set up a user name and password, then pledge your amount.

      A one off direct debit is set up, but will not come off your account till the fundraiser closes after the 28th March, for those who have just donated to Wings, this means it’s not a big hit right away, kinda buy now pay later.

      Let’s give as much as we can to get our former FM back into Westminster!

    106. Macart says:

      @ RascalRachel

      Read both your posts one reminded me of where I was about thirty years ago in how I felt we should be governed and the second made me laugh out loud.

      Welcome aboard. ๐Ÿ™‚

    107. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T the Revs gonna shoot me soon. Daily Rancid yer no getting ah scoop on the vile ( I will kill you with hammers )Rev Stuart Campbell.

      He knows ah like Cinnimon Baws, fire away Rev.

    108. K1 says:

      Yer welcome Ronnie, re archivingโ€ฆit’s no easy sometimes to get one’s heid around these things ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to repeatedly archive whenever anyone can’t manage it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    109. Lollysmum says:

      The Rev will have to include Lesley Anne & me in the killing alongside you because we posted it here days ago and I went on to post it on Twitter just because it was simply hiarious.

      His arm is going to ache mightily if he has to kill 3 of us with hammers. More power to your elbow Rev, perhaps you need to start exercising those muscles in readiness for the event ๐Ÿ™‚

    110. Ken500 says:

      Governments license who will operate in their countries. Governments give licence to trade and make the trade/business rules. It is corrupt governments who break the rules. The electorate can vote them out. ConDems elected to protect NHS/Education cut funding to both.

      Mexico unemployment 4%? Are the figures accountable. US unemployment 5%.?

      A corporate cannot privatise Healthcare, it can only be governments. The Gov pays the Bill.

    111. ronnie anderson says:

      @ K1 at the risk of Briandoonthetoon & Pete the Camera anither badge fur me ( insy winnsey spider ),
      ah huv tried & tried & tried again.

      Its awe Doug Daniels

    112. Ken500 says:

      Corporates can’t sue Government unless the Gov make that the rule – Law. No corporate is stronger than any Government. It is Gov makes the Law. Some countries are not democratic, people do not have the vote to chose the Government.

      Some governments are corrupt, it is up to the electorate to create change.

    113. orri says:

      Going by the comment that Murphy won’t draw two salaries at the same time can we assume that that doesn’t preclude the possibility that he’ll qualify for both. I seriously doubt that he’ll stand down from his Westminster seat should he win one at Holyrood if there’s any chance that Labour might lose it in a bye-election.

    114. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Lollysmum after reading ma post the Rev will gie you,s the option Hammers or Shot,an dont awe choose Cinnimon baws,other flavours available who,s fur Aniseed or Soor Plooms ( hurry tae get the latter, or Mr Foote will get them awe ).

    115. Robert Peffers says:

      @A MacRitchie says:28 February, 2015 at 11:51 pm:

      “Why is an English slabber representing Scotland as an MEP?”


      They are, “The Establishment”, and all unionists together who believe that, not just the UK but the entire British Isles, are all one country and they also believe that the terms, United Kingdom, Great Britain and Britain are all synonymous one to the other but are also all synonymous with the term England. Note that the definition of, conservative”, is : –

      Conservative :

      adjective: – holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

      noun : noun: conservative; plural noun: conservatives

      a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

      Now you also know why people think of the Labour Party as Red Tories. All Westminster Unionist Parties are part of the Establishment who always will close ranks against non-unionists.

    116. Fiona says:


      You are living in a fantasy land, I think

      TTIP supersedes domestic law, as does the GPA. That is what is written in to the treaty, and that is how it will work.

    117. Robert Peffers says:

      @muttley79 says: 1 March, 2015 at 12:10 am

      “I have no idea what your comment was trying to achieve. There is loads of people from England in the SNP.”

      Aye! muttley79, but there is a very great difference between the two definitions. One lot believes that Britain, the UK and England are synonymous terms and thus to be English is to be British and the same thing. These are Unionists.

      The others are English born but are now some of, “The sovereign people of Scotland”. As are all the other immigrants who have enriched our wee nation since time began. I once nearly married a girl of Italian extraction from an Italian family that arrived in Scotland when Italians first began to arrive on Scottish shores in numbers back in the late 19th century. For many of these Scotland was a just a stopping point en route to the Americas but for others they liked what they found and stayed to became part of the people of Scotland.

      Initially these immigrant Italians came from northern areas such as Tuscany, but emigration spread to the south (Naples region) by the 1900s. There can hardly be a city, town, village or hamlet in Scotland that doesn’t have their own Italian chippie, Ice Cream Parlour or Garage. I wonder, for example, how many Demarco families there are in Scotland. Many of whom were great musicians, actors or artists.

    118. DickieT says:

      It’s just a reflection of the Murphy/Mcternan school of politics.

      Total disdain for the electorate who they see as fools to be won over by pathetic conciliatory voice (Murphy) and blatant PR disinformation (McTernan)

    119. Craig Evans says:

      Is there any other video of this meeting to discuss TTIF? I would like to see how the response from the MEP developed and how the meeting went on from part the clip shows.

    120. CameronB Brodie says:

      Ken 500

      I’m certainly no legal expert,but I’m pretty sure Fiona is correct. The way I understand things, EU law has supremacy over national law and international agreements have supremacy over EU law.

      IMO, the TTIP is a charter for global fascism and the EU is powerless to stop it.

      The supremacy (sometimes referred to as primacy) of EU law is a principle by which the laws of European Union member states that conflict with laws of the European Union must be ignored by national courts so that the European Union law can take effect. The legal doctrine emerged from the European Court of Justice through a number of decisions.

      Direct Effect of International Agreements of the European Union
      The European Journal of International Law Vol. 25 no. 1

    121. Alexandra-M- says:

      Wow… What a lovely man.

    122. John says:

      Who the bloody hell does this man think he is?
      How dare he speak to anyone like this in his capacity as an MEP.
      It have already contacted Mr Martin to make a formal complaint about his conduct and for details on how to make a formal complaint to the European Parluament. I’ve also complained directly to Jim Murphy and asked him for details on how to complain to the parliament.

    123. BrianW says:

      Damn you impudent member of the audience asking a question..

      How bloody dare you.. Bet he was like the Victorian Dad from Viz..


    124. Foonurt says:

      Thirty-eight degrees. Fuck that. Betturr wae dungarees, wae nicky-tams, tae wade through awe yon shite tae 7th May 2015.

      SNP the wan.

    125. Ken500 says:

      TTIP is a trade agreement to stop US multinationals dominance in the EU market. The US puts up trade barriers to trade from other countries. Uses patents, tax tariffs to discriminated against trade and goods from other countries. Ie the EU was going to introduce barriers and tariffs against US companies, if there was no agreement. European companies will be able to equally access to US Market. EU Law is mainly based on social Laws and equal trading agreements between member States, an attempt to make equal fair free trade laws throughout the EU.

      Eg The US doesn’t allow beef imports from the UK/Scotland etc. The Irish Gov has just negotiated a new agreement to re export beef to the US.

      Any privatisation is an entirely separate issue. It is up to individual member States how they organise their Healthcare arrangements.

      The increased trade with the US from Scotland could finance an even better Healthcare sector. The Scottish diaspora in the US is a large Market for Scottish goods, music and food exports.

    126. Ken500 says:

      In many EU States EU Law does not have precedent above their Constitution. A get out clause, to not fully implementing EU Laws. The link gave examples of countries where EU Law cannot have precedence above the Constitution.

      ‘Direct Effects of International Agreements of the European Union’

    127. Joan Edington says:

      For once I am not going to join the Labour-bashers on this one. David Martin is in fact one of the better of the breed. His attendance record in Brussels is exemplary, he is a member of various committees, including that of human rights, has written several reports, made plenty speeches and asked numerous questions. He was the longest serving Vice-President of the European Parliament. He is far from a trougher. In fact he is leading against the secret dispute settlement part of TTIP and for the exclusion of the NHS. OK, he lost it this time, but the heckling was being carried out without giving him any chance to put his position.

    128. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Nice try Joan!, this is the kind of behaviour you’d expect in a primary school classroom.

      Labour’s utter contempt for their electorate will have a knock on effect at the coming General Election in May.

      Hollyrood 2016 Scottish Elections should see a cleaning out of the byre of this efflurnce.

    129. Alan says:

      I’ve just had Gemma Doyle ,West Dunbartonshire’s sitting Labour Westminster MP at my door canvassing for my vote.She voted with the Tories along with 27 other Scottish Labour MPs on the 13th January for ยฃ75 billion in cuts and Tax rises for continued austerity.

      She blatently lied to my face and denied that she did that. Oh really Gemma?The MSM that published the list outed you on that lie as did the SNP.

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