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The Record’s Revenge

Posted on February 25, 2015 by

You can never accuse the Scottish media of being knowingly underhysterical.


Tonight the Daily Record snuck out its semi-apology for telling the Scottish people the biggest lie we’ve seen on the front page of a newspaper since its parent the Mirror published fake pictures of soldiers urinating on Iraqi prisoners.

You can tell they’re not awfully pleased we forced them to make that “correction” by reporting the lie to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, because they even reference it in the editorial above.

Speaking of which – well, heck, where do we even start?

We ran two posts today about a Scottish Labour NHS leaflet. The Record has apparently only seen the first one, in which we dared to suggest in passing (while making a much broader point about political advertising) that a nurse pictured in it might be an actress, on the grounds that she had an NHS uniform on and you’re not allowed to do political campaigning in the uniform of a public-sector organisation, in case it’s interpreted as that organisation supporting a particular political party.

(And also on the grounds of a coincidentally-named actress of about the same age, who happened to have said something in her casting bio that would have been amusingly apt if it had been her.)

It turned out that she was a real nurse [EDIT: But see here], which we reported in the second article. But by then the Record had already gone off the deep end:

“This brand of politics isn’t unique to Scotland, though it has no parallel in the rest of the UK. It has echoes of far-right US Republicanism that seeks to undermine anyone with an opposite view by inciting online mobs, hatred and vilification.

This is a world of conspiracy theories, hatred and paranoia. This is a brand of nationalism that seeks to peddle falsehoods and unfounded allegations against anyone who isn’t a believer. It is nasty, sewage politics that debases public life.”

Jings. Some lunatic on Twitter even accused us of endangering the very NHS itself.


Remember, readers, what we’d done was suggest that someone MIGHT be an actress posing for a picture in a leaflet, before going on to talk about something else. The most vicious thing we’d said about her was:

“While they have very similarly-shaped faces and features, we have no idea whether the two Suzannes are the same person or if it’s just a strange and potentially amusing coincidence.”

It’s not exactly “BURN THE WITCH!!”, is it?

But then things got really weird. As well as the editorial, the Record ran a full-blown shock-horror outrage piece about the first article. It made our comically innocuous comments sound as bad as it could (tacking on a run-down of our vile-cybernattery Greatest Hits in a classic tabloid monstering), and accused commenters of launching a “disgraceful” and “outrageous” attack comprising “a shocking series of unfounded rants and personal insults” at the poor broken woman.

Of these, the worst the paper could find to quote was:

“Oh Suzanna, don’t you lie for me”

(A play on a line from a traditional American folk song about a banjo.)

The Record claimed she was called Suzanne Hunter, which was curious as she’d twice been named by “Better Together” last year as “Suzanne Duncan”. It said she’d worked as “a nurse for the last eight years at Forth Valley Hospital in Larbert”, which is also strange as Forth Valley Hospital only opened in 2010.

We have no idea which of the names is right. Both could be, of course – people get married, or un-married, or change their names for other reasons. But one of the people who identified her as “Suzanne Duncan” was Craig Miller, a parliamentary assistant to Labour MSP Richard Simpson, who’d started the lynch-mob.

And Craig Miller seems to know Suzanne pretty well.


So to be honest we’re none the wiser. All we know is that by so prominently exposing Suzanne Duncan/Hunter’s real identity, Scottish Labour and the Daily Record have recklessly put her in the firing line for breaking the rules about campaigning in an identifiable NHS uniform. Any chance of the issue blowing over now is surely out of the window.

We haven’t said a single mean thing about her, nor did we reveal her identity – it turned out she’d been appearing on No-campaign leaflets as “Suzanne Duncan from Forth Valley” for months, so if the name was some sort of attempt at a disguise it was a pretty feeble one.

The Record’s deranged reaction to the mild passing suggestion that political parties might sometimes employ actors reveals nothing more than how incredibly annoyed they are at having been caught red-handed in an appalling lie. The attempt to blow something so absurdly trivial into a multi-page scandal on the same day they had to print a humiliating apology is nothing more than a decoy aimed at distracting readers from the declining paper’s own embarrassment and shame.

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205 to “The Record’s Revenge”

  1. Lenny Hartley says:

    They don’t like it up them Mr Campbell!!

    Keep up the good work, when is the fund raiser due,sometime soon I hope, we will show those lying torag’s at the Record that people are prepared to pay for quality journalism.

  2. Will the real Suzanne please step forward to claim your err prize?

  3. Apache says:

    Intersting to see if she gets carpeted and if so who gets the blame. Helmets on.

  4. manandboy says:

    Can’t you just feel the propaganda war heating up!

  5. SqueuedPerspextive says:

    Outrageous! How dare you present ‘facts and evidence’ to support your argument!

    Everyone is entitled to their own ‘facts and evidence’! Oh, wait a minute. I may have gone and gotten ‘facts and evidence’ mixed up with ‘opinions and bias’ again…Oops, soz I had my DR head on for a sec.

  6. Zen Broon says:

    Well at least we know now the Daily Record hacks read Wings.
    Hey, they might learn something…

  7. camy says:

    AND they’ve forgotten to leave the ‘comments’ on… so careless…

  8. Croompenstein says:

    Wid it be disgraceful or outrageous to say she scrubs up no too bad 🙂

  9. Joemcg says:

    lol! My totally innocuous comment was mentioned too! Gave me a laugh!

  10. Training Day says:

    On the basis of this censure from Scotland’s Champion, I have to be honest and say I won’t be contributing what I intended to the upcoming fundraiser.

    I’ll be doubling it.

  11. G. Campbell says:

    They had style, they had grace
    NHS Suzanne gives excellent Kezia face

  12. G. Campbell says:

    Did Stu drag Madonna down the stairs earlier. I bet he did.

  13. mary vasey says:

    Well done Stu, shows just how much you’ve got to them.
    AYE vote SNP to get rid of Tories- no matter the hue

  14. Ally says:

    I wish I bought the Record!!

    (So that I could boycott it!)

  15. heedtracker says:

    Just when you thought they couldn’t make even bigger fools of themselves… Bet the big bosses in London are watching with alarm at another childish melt down.

    Tick tock, Crichton Torquil/Torquil Chricton.

  16. Cadogan Enright says:

    Will Craig Millar be making a public policy for exposing Suzanne to disciplinary action with her employers? Will slabber MSP Richard Simpson put Craig on suspension?

    Can someone ask Suzanne if this is true? >

    Or is this true? >

  17. I'm Spartacus. says:

    Fuck me.

    I mean fuck. Me.

    Rev Campbell, I have no idea who you really are, nor what you look like, but you’re pretty much the most significant and feared politician in the UK right now.

    God forbid, but if you “mysteriously disappeared” I would not be surprised.

    This is a direct threat from MSM to you mate. No joke.

    Show no fear and keep at it for Christ’s sake.
    You’d get damn near to First Minister with the Wings support alone.

  18. Murray McCallum says:

    “The blogger behind the website, Stuart Campbell, who lives in Bath, Somerset …”

    That’s a massive scoop right there for the senior editorial team at the Daily Record. Who knew!

    Stuart lives in England. That would be the part of the UK that ultimately decides who governs it. Daily Record readers must surely respect that.

  19. Doug Daniel says:

    Being accused of peddling falsehoods on the day the Record has to apologise for trying to help deceive the whole country? You must be LOVING that!

    I wonder if it was really Richard Simpson who complained about your article? It’s hardly unheard of for an MSP’s assistant to do their tweeting for them, after all…

  20. No no no...Yes says:

    The Daily Record senior editorial staff will need the NHS to treat their blood pressure tonight.You can just sense the rage at the meeting to discuss the wording of the apology,which grudgingly acknowledges the deed. They even managed to beat that with the nurse story. Boy,they don’t like being challenged.Keep up the good work!

  21. haud on the noo says:

    Its becoming difficult to decide which is more desestable and embsrassing , BBC Scotland or the record.

    Jeex its a tough choice.

    Im sure you’re all reading this so hope you can all sleep well knowing how much you hate your own country.

    So bloody sad.

  22. mogatrons says:

    que surprise .. Suzanne is associated with the higher echelons of Labour party Scottish branch … and I’m sure that HAD NO PART in her decision to ‘speak out’ … *sigh*

    FYI Scottish NHS trusts social media policies are far more stringent in their view of unauthorised ‘uniformed’ photography of staff AND bringing the trust in to disrepute than NMC rules. It’s unlikely Suzanne will be struck off the NMC register, but I wouldn’t like to be her union rep in the inevitable disciplinary investigation she’ll now face with her employers.

    Certainly in NHS Lothian it is considered gross industrial misconduct. I would imagine Forth Valley is the same …

    Doubtless tomorrows media will be full of stories about Labour destroying a nurses career (not)

  23. Joemcg says:

    G.Campbell-good yin! Can hear the Rectums photie man saying “sad face hen,sad face… Naw sadder!”

  24. SqueuedPerspextive says:

    @haud on the noo @11.35pm

    Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

  25. CameronB Brodie says:

    ” Come and see the violence inherent in the system.
    Help, help, I’m being repressed!” – Dennis 🙂

  26. One_Scot says:

    My View : Daily Records newspaper fuels lies, misleading information and is no more than a hate fuelled, vindictive, twisted vile Labour propaganda pamphlet not fit to be used as toilet roll.

    Did I miss anything?

  27. G. Campbell says:

    Eleanor Bradford: SNP under pressure over haggis waiting time increase

  28. HandandShrimp says:

    The Record are obviously very touchy about their now proven lies over the Vow. However as revenge goes I think they have simply shot themselves in the foot. The contradictions in the nurse’s Better Together and Labour party pamphlets, the real nub of this matter, simply prove that Record still can’t differentiate between truth and lies.

    Compulsive liars perhaps?

  29. Camz says:

    Ahh, you’ve declared war on the Labour-infested rag, otherwise known as the Record. They’ll be nipping at you for blood from now until May 7th.

    The bad news is that if you respond in kind, you’ll be playing by their rules.

    The good news is they know you’re watching everything they say, and are prepared to fight them on anything dodgy, so had better be careful what they say about you.

    Newspapers like a dirty election. Regardless of who wins or loses, newspapers win. I wouldn’t give them the circulation.

  30. manandboy says:

    I wonder how many calls per day John McTernan makes to
    Murray Foote, the Editor of the Daily Record.
    He certainly made one after Stu’s exposé.

    But before we start fuming, let’s put the kettle on.

    As in the Referendum, McTernan is targetting the over 65’s.
    Approx. 1,000,000 of them.

    Think – what is very dear to the hearts of the elderly.
    Answer – the NHS.

    McTernan’s strategy right now,
    being played out before our very eyes,
    as Arthur Askey used to say,
    is to FRIGHTEN the elderly with SCARE stories about the NHS

    McTernan is telling the elderly, primarily through the BBC,
    that the NHS is in great danger under the SNP Gov.

    As in IndyRef, the elderly get frightened.

    Who’s going to take care of them
    with all their aches and pains
    and hip replacements and knee replacements;
    their arthritis and back pain,
    and on and on and on.

    So much of what is going on daily with the elderly
    is all about the NHS.

    Labour know that.

    And so McTernan attacks the SNP on the NHS with lies galore – on the BBC.
    The elderly hear it and a vote for Labour is stirred.

    I remain to be convinced that the SNP get this.

    So, to sum up.
    What is McTernan’s plan – to scare the elderly,
    just as in Indy, and get them to vote Labour.

    All 1,000,000 of them.

    End of story.

  31. gillie says:

    Suzanne whatshername has allowed herself to become the story and on that basis she cannot do her job as a nurse. I would say a bit of gardening leave is now in order to allow Forth Valley NHS to decide her future.

  32. fred blogger says:

    nope, i’ve been furiously listening to banjo music and ditties for the last 20mins, not been offended yet.
    it’s really quite pleasant.
    (in small doses)

  33. crisiscult says:

    I would like to comment on this. However, as it appears Daily Record writers may be reading, I’m worried I might be quoted in a future edition.

    Which reminds me, can we get willie Rennie to write to the Record to ask how many times Record Writers accessed wings this year? I fear they may become ’embedded’.

  34. Dr Jim says:

    Really? Really?
    I’m not sure i know who’s complaining about what though
    Is it because she’s a nurse? or an actress? or that she’s a friend or relative of someone in the Labour Party or’
    is it because if you’re going to use your image to support a political cause you should remain anonymous?
    Did this young woman not realize when she allowed herself to be shoved through every letterbox in the land that there may be interest of the type that may not favour her particular view of the Scottish government and that as has been demonstrated in all the polls is in fact completely contrary to hers and the Labour Party’s
    So is it The Labour Record or The BBC Party who’s complaining or Miss Duncan/Hunter, or maybe people who don’t want their rubbish pushed through their letterboxes should perhaps feel the most aggrieved or
    To use the usual Unionist argument
    Get over it….

  35. Murray McCallum says:

    “Wings over Scotland website fuels hatred and paranoia”

    I don’t know what makes me angrier – that headline or the mysterious people that have been following for the last 12 months!

    Daily Record get over yourselves.

  36. cearc says:

    Maybe we are slightly misjudging The Redcoat. They may only have included the ‘lives in Bath’ bit to boost his appeal to Jane Austen fans.

  37. crisiscult says:

    I’ve just realised this site is written 300 miles away (from ? Daily Record office? Canary Wharf?). I’m now outraged.

  38. Hope no-one wearing an SNP badge ever has to be treated at Forth Valley Hospital. Given this nonsense, their reputation could well be in tatters for allowing this. I want a health service where politics don’t enter into treatment, and sadly this nurse has allowed SLAB to drag our health service into the mire. The Scottish NHS now needs to make clear that it favours no party.

    Perhaps their meltdown might have something to do with the figures in the latest Survation poll –

  39. Alastair Campbell says:

    Stu -you cannot go out to play tomorrow “you’ve been a very naughty boy”.

  40. robertknight says:

    Suzanne Duncan/Hunter is perfectly entitled to appear in any Labour Party/Better Together campaign literature. She is also entitled to say who she is emplyed by, should she wish to do so; we’re not talking GCHQ here. She is also entitled to eat haggis with whoever she pleases, including other members of the Scottish Labour Party who just happen to work in the Scottish Parliament for Dr Richard Simpson MSP, Labour Shadow Minister for Public Health.

    What she is NOT entitled to do is appear in NHS uniform as part of a political campaign – a fact which someone in the Better Together camp was apprently aware of when they photo-shopped the NHS logo out of the image of Suzanne which was used in the Better Together literature.

    The fact that the Labour Party are too incompetent/sneaky to bother to do so, thereby leaving Suzanne open to potential disciplinary proceedings on the part of her employer, is entirely down to them.

    Perhaps Craig Miller’s next dish should comprise a rather large helping of humble pie, together with an apology to Suzanne on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party.

  41. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Something odd going on here – the photos look to be from the same photo shoot.

    NHS logo has been cut from the earlier ones in the No campaign but left in the Labour leafet ones.

    And she is best pals with the Labour Health MSP assistant just by pure coincidence.

    No accidents here – NHS logo has been left in, or photo-shopped in again, for maximum propaganda effect this time most likely with the approval of the Labour MSP and Health spokesman who should know better.

    Something for the NHS disciplinary committee and the RCN to sort out here – I would think, as it is an obvious breech of their rules.

    Well Done – Rev Stu. More Labour duplicity exposed.

  42. HandandShrimp says:

    As an observation, I only know of one person in the office that still reads the Record and I asked him what he thought of its politics to which the answer came, “I never read that stuff, I buy it for the sport.”

    Other than John McTernan and ourselves, few might read the editorial and Suzanne could be safe. I’m damned sure the senior officials in her hospital don’t waste their time reading Record editorials.

  43. Rob Outram says:

    “And she shows you where to look
    Among the garbage and the flowers
    There are heroes in the seaweed
    There are children in the morning
    They are leaning out for love
    And they will lean that way forever
    While Suzanne holds the mirror
    And you want to travel with her
    And you want to travel blind
    And you know that you can trust her
    For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind.”

    Duno…seemed appropriate somehow. Hope this nurse isn’t turned into a victim of press and political power games.

    One of my favourite songs btw …being married to a Suzanne it would be.

  44. crisiscult says:

    @manandboy I think you are bang on there. We should have learned from the indy ref that tweeting and educating others outside the control of MSM isn’t going to do it because too many of the people that regularly vote just do what they’re told, especially by the BBC. You only have to listen to GMS to hear a constant barrage about the NHS, now that we’re in the lead up to the election and that SNP are doing so well in the polls.

    I keep repeating it, we need to get into people’s homes with proverbial sledgehammers, especially of OAPS.

    Crowdfunder? Can we get enough to pay for huge mail shots?

  45. Clootie says:


    G. Campbell says:
    25 February, 2015 at 11:43 pm
    Eleanor Bradford: SNP under pressure over haggis waiting time increase
    🙂 🙂

    It appears our “nurse” is well connected in Labour circles and therefore I now have little sympathy for her. She lied in order to mislead people simply to push her party.

    A good time to launch the fund raiser. I plan to follow the example stated earlier of doubling my planned contribution.

  46. I feel really sorry for the lassie. Caught between wings – all innocent act – and the record’s – all enraged act – the poor lassie may well lose her job. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that regardless of her political allegiance she needs a wage like the rest of us. This whole episode is shameful for all parties.

    She should never have been put in this position. Perhaps she was naive and was played, but she shouldn’t be denigrated for her allegiances.

  47. M4rkyboy says:

    Not that i give the bleeps any hits on their webpage but last time i accidently clicked a link i noticed that you can’t comment on any of their politics stories now.
    It makes lying and misleading so much easier when you cant be brought to task for it.

  48. Phronesis says:

    Highlighting that the differing ideological paths re the NHS are well established North and South of the border needs to remain at the centre of this political maelstrom. The MSM should be reminded of the 30 year project to dismantle NHS England that is almost complete. Successive Tory Labour and WM coalition governments have all pursued this ideology – NHS Scotland remains nationalised.

  49. Grant says:

    “Cyber Nat” is splashed around as a derogatory term.

    Simultaneously subscribing to an internet service provider AND holding leanings towards independence? If only I could reform and stick to socially acceptable things like repeated lying to 5 million people.

  50. Aos says:

    Rabble-rousing Record regresses rapidly into ruinous refuse. You write something like that in jest, with no intention of printing. No wonder their circulation has fallen by 50k over the last 24 months, if it’s edited by someone who considers it a piece of fine journalism!

  51. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    I have just had another thought…

    Could the NHS logo just have been left in by gross incompetence by the Labour Party.

    Ahh – That would explain it. 🙂

  52. Thursday ,Wings will have thousands of Record readers checking out the website it would be a good day to set them straight on what a corrupt mouthpiece for the Red Torys it has become,a whole day of slaughtering the Record.

    This could be the time to give the Record the `coup de grâce`.

    Finish them Stu!

  53. chris kilby says:

    “This brand of politics isn’t unique to Scotland, though it has no parallel in the rest of the UK. It has echoes of far-right US Republicanism that seeks to undermine anyone with an opposite view by inciting online mobs, hatred and vilification.

    This is a world of conspiracy theories, hatred and paranoia. This is a brand of nationalism that seeks to peddle falsehoods and unfounded allegations against anyone who isn’t a believer. It is nasty, sewage politics that debases public life.”

    Who? Wings Over Scotland? Or The Record?

    How utterly bizarre. Not to mention hysterical. In every sense. Do you think you’re getting to them, Stu…?

  54. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. for me the unintended stupidity is that the Record has just flashed the “Wings” website to all who read the rag. It cannot be beyond comprehension that many traditional Labour voters are questioning the suspect edicts being handed down from St.Jim & his apostles, where to go for balance ? …… well thank-you Record !!!! Honestly, it’s like watching a drunken Cossack decide to play a game of Russian Roulette and load all six chambers of the Revolver !!!

  55. Dr Jim says:

    What’s dearest to pensioners hearts
    Money Food and God…Oh and Professional Outrage..
    Did you just hear that

  56. robertknight says:

    Could this be the same Suzanne Duncan who two years ago donated to Craig Miller’s half-marathon for charity which he ran in Alloa back in March 2013?

    This being the Craig Miller from “Clackmannanshire”; “Member of the Scottish Labour Party. Work in the Scottish Parliament for Dr Richard Simpson MSP”. (Dr Richard Simpson MSP being “Labour Shadow Minister for Public Health”).

    And here was me thinking “Suzanne from Clackmannanshire” was just some random punter who works as a nurse and just happens to have a view on the NHS which is sympathetic to Labour’s.

    To quote John Lyden, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated”.

  57. BJ says:

    No defence really for her. If she is a nurse then she would have known the consequences of her actions.

    It’s starting to get nasty.

  58. frankieboy says:

    Daily Record, eating chips. Incompatible.

  59. Tamson says:

    manandboy nails it: this stuff is about mobilising the pensioner vote, especially poorer pensioners. Proportionately these voters are less likely to be online: even if they are, they are more easily “scared” out of visiting certain sites due to residual trust in newspapers and, of course, the BBC. Therefore, leaflets like this are more likely to influence them, and I’m sure not many will realise the significance of someone actually being pictured in their uniform. They’re out of the workplace environment now, so codes of conduct mean little. They’ll just see a “wee nurse telling it like she sees it”.

    How to fight this? It’s tough, and I’m no politician or spin-doctor. I wish I knew how to beat it.

  60. Tackety Beets says:

    Glad to see the DR giving Wings a plug . Let’s remember there will be some readers who will be very curious and take a wee deek on here to see what kinda ” nasty” stuff we are posting .

    They are gonna be in for a big shock when they find articulate , intelligent and often comical comments .

    I’m sure some will join us and become as addicted as we are .
    Every cloud has a silver lining , eh .

    Rev , you suggested earlier in the month you had a wee surprise up your sleeve for us nearer the end o the month . Seams like there are a good few o us ready to donate , send button poised , eager and excited !

  61. Dcanmore says:

    It’s not The Record’s Revenge, more like a meltdown.
    Derek Bateman has just went ballistic at The Record over on his blog

    ‘Gutter Press’

  62. desimond says:

    Je suis Stu or Suzanne…ah cannae remember

    I await brave Suzanne the whistleblower being on Kaye Adams show soon announcing how her beloved has proposed and all will be sunny again in their world after this recent atrocity. Jim Murphy will be Best Man live on the Bbc.

  63. Grouse Beater says:

    Classic trolling by The Record.

    Project onto the target all the malicious tactics and behaviour you indulge in. Hurt and be cruel in judgment. Smear the other person by claiming you are being smeared. Accuse the other person of harassment.

    Always assume the role of victim.

    Infantile crapology from an infantile tabloid.

  64. george says:

    soooo. it’s quite possible that this chap has at least colluded with getting a close friend fired? i mean it’s not like that’s happened in slab circles recently . . . um, wait

  65. The Man in the Jar says:

    Think I will have to start wearing my “Alert Reader” badge again. 🙂

    That and an extra tenner in the crowdfund.

    The Daily Record and the BBC two major dogturds on the path towards decency and democracy.

  66. Robert Peffers says:

    So the Daily Record carries the headline : –

    Record View: Wings Over Scotland website fuels hatred and paranoia.

    Wah Hay! At last! At Last! Big Headlines Tomorrow.


    There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they got that 100% correct – Who would have thought it?

    I’m absolutely certain that Wings over Scotland does indeed fuel hatred and paranoia and every bit of the hatred and paranoia is coming directly from the front pages of the Daily Record, (and from the London Labour Branch Office in Scotland).

    You can feel it as it oozes across the entire Kingdom of Scotland. You can find it in the pages of The Record, The Scotsman and other members of the gutter press media outlets. It comes across in the on-line social media and it is accompanied by their obvious abject fear.

    There is no doubt that fear is well known to engender both hatred and paranoia. Mind you the definition of paranoia is : –
    a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system.

    It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.

    Now it must be said that if there is real persecution, or unwarranted jealousy, and the object of these is indeed important then the condition cannot be defined as paranoia. To be paranoia it must be delusional. In the case of the Daily Record it undoubtedly is delusional.

    I can honestly state that I have not detected a single real instance of either hate or paranoid behaviour in these hallowed pages. Well excepting a few quite obvious Trolls here to cause trouble but these are usually treated more with amusement that anything else. One certain thing about WoS is the good natured humour and fellowship.

    Detestation, loathing, abhorrence, or perhaps even odium of the Daily Record, can often be found among these comments. Often even great amusement but hate and paranoia – most certainly not.

    Then we must take into consideration, that with the above Daily Record article, we have the evidence that we could not technically be paranoid as the whole headline and article proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that the Daily Record staff responsible for them are very much attacking both the Rev Stu and the website but also the commenters who post here. As we are all being attacked there is no way we can be paranoid.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up – but the Daily Record regularly does so.

  67. Ron says:

    Well I do hate the Daily Record so they’re at least partly correct about something.

  68. Democracy Reborn says:

    “Newspapers are quite properly accountable – in public – for any mistakes they make”

    Yep, demonstrably truthful statement:-

    The ‘Zinoviev’ letter (Daily Mail, 1924 GE)
    The Birmingham Six
    The Guildford Four
    Falklands War coverage (The Sun, ‘Gotcha’ headline)
    The Hitler Diaries (Sunday Times)
    Barry George (wrongfully convicted of murder of Jill Dando, recipient of substantial libel damages from taboos newspapers)
    Iraq War (The Mirror, false story of British soldiers mistreatment of Iraqis)
    Hacking scandal/Met Police accepting payment from tabloids for info/Leverson Inquiry
    And last but not least….. The Vow

    Remember though, Stu : there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    PS. “Real (or should that be feart?) Scots read the Record!”

  69. Greg D says:

    Stuart, are you SURE you guys didn’t know these were two different people from the start? Hmmmm? 😉 I wouldn’t be surprised if you simply lay a honey pot and waited for “Scotland’s Champions” (Champions of the village idiots that is) and Mensa rejects The Scottish Labour party to dive straight in there and join up all the dots! Stitched up like a kipper! Genius! 🙂

  70. kev says:

    i have to admit their type of journalism leaves a lot to be desired, i questioned them on twitter and got blocked for my trouble , so in reply to first commentor “no they dont capt mannering” lol

  71. Truthnotlies says:


  72. Mac an sealgair says:

    Couldnt help noticing that in this great defender of democracy and protector of the people against “sewage politics”, yes the same one that simultaneously issued an appology for lieing to the people about its Vow, doesnt allow comments. Say what they like with no right to reply.

  73. Bootsy81 says:

    The most amusing thing about the record article is that her quotes are almost a word for word rehash of the quote on the Labour leaflet that sparked the whole thing. So she’s not only been in a Labour leaflet in her NHS uniform saying Labour are the only way to save the NHS and to vote for them on May 7th, she’s now been pictured in a National newspaper in her uniform saying almost the same thing. Nice bit of free publicity for Labour though right?

    As I said in the comments of the original article, no one wants to see a nurse dragged over the coals. Every right thinking person respects the vocation and how hard they work. The people who are really at fault here are Labour for using her this way, using the NHS this way and for putting the woman in this position when they really should have known better. Although she should have as well to be fair.

    Will be interesting to see how all this plays out now, ideally Labour will be called out for being irresponsible and she gets away with a slap on the wrist but sadly it may work out the other way around… Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen that way.

  74. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for O/T here, well sort of, stick with it and you might see why. 😉

    We know from earlier that the newspaper that is *ahem* Scotland’s Champion has finally post on line its apology, sort of, for *ahem* misleading the general public over what clearly has not happened with respect to *cough* new powers for Holyrood.

    The first question I have is … will they publish the same apology in their printed version or is that too much to ask?

    The second question is … are we surprised by this faux outrage?

    Perhaps this faux outrage is destined to be a cover for the fact that they may NOT have printed their apology. 😀

  75. Fiona says:

    nothing more than a decoy aimed at distracting readers from the declining paper’s own embarrassment and shame.

    Is this some new definition of “embarrassment and shame”, I haven’t heard of yet? Is it the same “embarrassment and shame” so ably displayed by Malcolm Rifkind this week?

    I can’t keep up with the changes to the language these days 🙁

  76. Macart says:

    The only people who have endangered the NHS are the press and the narratives they willingly peddle for their party of choice.

    Spookily the only title forced into an admission of misleading the public is Scotland’s Champion.

    Life’s weird like that.

  77. Who released the initial report that the leaflet was a stitch up, was it slabber or the DR, knowing the fuss it would cause.

    Here dear, put this vest on and off you go, you’ll be alright. Sounds familiar.

  78. Barbara McKenzie says:

    ‘inciting online mobs, hatred and vilification’

    It’s us they’re talking about, you realise. We are an online mob, full of hatred and vilification. The Daily Record article is an extension of the No campaign, slagging off anyone who supported independence. I can’t see that this tactic will benefit them – the pensioners who voted No purely out of fear will have children and grandchildren who voted Yes and are probably reading Wings.

    In any case, Stu should be flattered that the Daily Record can’t ignore Wings’ existence.

  79. Tattie-bogle says:

    Coming soon to a Wings near you “Tinfoil hats” 🙂

  80. ScottieDog says:

    Did a check on rac route planner.
    Bath is closer to me than london so this press must be more local than the source of pish churned out by the retard.

  81. osakisushi says:

    O/T but perhaps the Record will pick up on it.

    Surely, we now have an ideal situation for a Joint Chair to handle the Child Abuse inquiry from Westminster.

    Both Straw and Rifkind are looking for a new job. One is Labour and the other Conservative. One is English and the other isn’t. Basically, all bases are covered and this honourable duo would be ideal for a multi-party position.
    Surely Mrs May must be considering binning this NX bimbo she was thinking of importing?

    Ok, back to Fawkes!

  82. Lesley-Anne says:

    Grant says:

    “Cyber Nat” is splashed around as a derogatory term.

    Simultaneously subscribing to an internet service provider AND holding leanings towards independence? If only I could reform and stick to socially acceptable things like repeated lying to 5 million people.

    To be fair Grant the *ahem* other side cast the name CyberNat around in their attempt to be derogatory towards us. However, as everyone found out last year, those of us who are CyberNats did not, much to loud waily from the NO side, as a derogatory term we actually latched on to it and *cough* claimed it for ourselves.

    In fact if I can ever build up the strength to face the needle I may very well be having my first tattoo … of a CyberNat of course what else could it be … only time will tel just don’t hold your breath folks! 😀

  83. Onwards says:

    I notice the Daily Record website has stopped allowing readers comments for the last few months.

    They were getting hammered by their own readers on their biased political stories, so chose to silence them.

    No wonder the paper is going down the tubes.

    I wonder if they will have a special on the Labour politicians urging people to vote Tory !!

  84. Gordie says:

    Was a cheap shot anyway. So what if they had employed an actress big deal, stick to playing the ball or you just end up giving the cheapest most twisted of news trash in Scotland to take the piss out of its readers

  85. K1 says:

    For some inexplicable reason…this tune just kept going round in my head today. 🙂

    Sung to the music of ‘Spiderman’

    Cybernats, Cybernats
    Doin’ what all Cybernats can
    Catching liars in the act
    Destroying lies wi a simple fact

    Look Out!
    Here Come The Cybernats

    Are there many?
    Listen Pal
    They can fill a concert hall
    They’re jist like you and a lot like me
    They want us all to be free

    Hey There
    We Are The Cybernats

    When we’re aw so confused
    By the lies in the News
    Like a bolt from the blue
    They will tell you the truth

    Cybernats, Cybernats
    Friendly Scottish Cybernats
    They can smear us all day long
    But we’ll just keep righting their wrongs

    To Us – Scotland is worth sticking up for
    We offer liars no succour

    We Are The Cybernats!

  86. Dr Jim says:

    Woke up after a bad dream there
    Dreamed someone was pushing a Daily Record through my door and it was crawling up the hallway and into my bedroom, like that movie Slither
    Terrifying eh?


  87. alexicon says:

    If Suzanne thinks voting Labour will save the NHS, then maybe she could give us an explanation as to what is going on in Labour controlled Wales?

    Oh the Daily Record who practically had hung drawn and quartered a poor innocent Landlord, Christopher Jefferies, of a most heinous crime.

  88. Mark says:

    “And Craig Miller seems to know Suzanne pretty well.”

    There’s a Craig Miller listed as living on the same road as a Suzanne Duncan, both listings with same postcode, in a town in the Wee County.

  89. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy my comment

  90. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    bring on the fundraiser

  91. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    all requests for selfies and autographs will be considered… for a small fee

  92. Clootie says:

    Macart says:
    26 February, 2015 at 1:32 am
    The only people who have endangered the NHS are the press and the narratives they willingly peddle for their party of choice.

    “Spookily the only title forced into an admission of misleading the public is Scotland’s Champion.”


    That is a critical point well made. Only the Retard has been found guilty of misleading the Scottish public.

    After the Vow and the Smith commission twist on “…more powers and money” I wouldn’t believe them if they told me that their sale/circulation numbers were down 😉

  93. heedtracker says:

    At least we don’t have to buy the Daily Record but BBC R4 news just there say they are switching from tv licencing to a “levy” on all houses.

    Why the nice news lady didn’t say a new tv tax is coming is another teamGB mystery but it does make it impossible to not pay for the Vote SLab Daily Record style on your tv pouring out of Pacific Quay soon enough.

    You cant avoid a roof tax for the BBC and Westminster needs to keep rewarding loyalty.

  94. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    This is how Trinity Mirror – parent of the Record – behaves.

    They denied the phone hacking for years despite their massive hypocrisy over Murdoch’s papers doing it. Then they had to finally admit they had been at it all along and behaving just like the Murdoch papers.

    So when it comes to lying, spying on ordinary members of the public illegally, and making up any old nonsense to try and cover their tracks while hoping they wouldn’t get caught..

    “This is a world of conspiracy theories, hatred and paranoia. This is a brand of journalism that seeks to peddle falsehoods and unfounded allegations against anyone who isn’t a believer. It is nasty, sewage tabloid behaviour that debases public life.”

    I think that about covers it. 😉

  95. Ken500 says:

    Resuscitation for the Daily Record in total meltdown. Quick get the nurse. Could it get any worse?

  96. Take Independence says:

    The paper calls its self Scotland’s champion well I never voted it that, when it deosn’t repersents all the Scottish population and is a voice for a English political party Labour or Labour/Redtories as they become to be known. I Never buy the paper would never read it so I aint going to listen to anything it has to say.

  97. Effijy says:

    How rude and insulting to say someone looked like a pretty actress. How will this woman cope in A & E where some people swear
    at the nurses?

    NHS Scotland has to cope with the most rural issues in the UK, the worst diet in the UK, and being poorer than our Southern masters,
    greater restraints on the choice of Heat or Food.

    We seem to manage to see 9 out of 10 patients within the 4 hour period, while Labour, who control NHS Wales manage only 8 out of 10.

    There we have it, vote Labour, get petty headlines in your newspaper, shit Health Services, and politicians who put their own pockets before everything else.

    It’s SNP for me!

  98. Graeme Purves says:

    What a splendid tribute to your efforts, Stu! You must be very proud!

  99. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    I don’t read the Record much obviously, but on the same page as its *ahem* apology, under the heading “Recommended On The Record” there are seven articles.

    Four of them are about Rangers FC…

  100. Soda says:

    lol Well played sir. Obviously you had a good idea how all this would turn out and how certain people would react and oh boy, they didnt disapoint did they?

  101. Tony Little says:

    Good article by Derek Batemen on the DR

  102. Clootie says:

    I wonder how many “concerned individuals” over the past 20 years have actually been Labour members/supporters.

    They have conned people for years. With only a handful of activists they have relied on a tame MSM publishing their press releases as NEWS. They have set up “think tanks” stuffed with party supporters to produce financial assessments which are merely Labour Party spin machines. They have care workers and nurses presented as “members of the public” when they are political activists.

    The Press is not doing their job and by surrendering that duty they can hardly complain when someone else does a bit of investigative journalism.

    The speed with which Labour outrage appears as a BBC or Daily Record headline story is truly amazing…you would almost think they had a direct line!

  103. Mealer says:

    It’s all quite amusing,really.The stooshie will cause readers to tune into wIngs to see what’s going on.It won’t cause Wingers to buy a Record.

  104. Paul says:

    The Daily Retard like the Puppet party it supports will soon be consigned to history as they are actively in the process of doing as was once quoted by Michael Foot “The longest suicide note in history”

  105. Andrew Walker says:

    I have to disagree with the majority of opinion here.

    I read this site every day, and it regularly shows up the bare faced lying that the mainstream get up to. Long may this site and newsnet continue to do that.

    But the “this actress might be this nurse” piece detracts from the site. Had the piece been exposing a real actress pretending to be a nurse it would have been different. I groaned inwardly as I read it.

    The problem is that, poor pieces like this and others detract from the decent articles and can turn people off. I think Stu needs to, in rock band terms, ‘tighten up, or the site will merely preach to the converted.

  106. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    Wings follower Findlay Farquaharson posted: “Oh Suzanna, don’t you lie for me” cant tell you how proud i am

  107. Ken500 says:

    The DR editor should get censored for breaking the Law. Breaking purdah and the electoral rules agreed for The Referendum. Giving misinformation to the Electorate. The Vow was a lie.

  108. Macart says:

    @ Clootie

    Down and continuing to fall.

    Doesn’t help when in response to having your misdirections officially outed you accuse pretty much everyone who visits this sight of being hate filled and fuelled. Now out of our electorate and regular readers of this site, that’s a lot of people to insult.

    I’d hazard a guess that a lot of them still even bought a Record right up until that point. But that’s the press for you, seeking to pigeonhole, influence opinion and affect results.

  109. caz-m says:

    “Trust In Me”.

    Gary Robertson of BBC Scotland GMS fame, reminds me of “Kaa” the SNAKE, from the movie “Jungle Book”.

    Quick reminder,

  110. Famous15 says:

    If “our” MP’s think they can reward the BBC by forcing every householder to pay for broadcasting what amounts to the Establishment line in the UK and the Labour line in Scotland,they have another thing coming.

    I will never pay for propaganda against my dearest philosophy.

    Scotland deserves better, Scotland please vote SNP!

  111. john king says:

    Croompenstein says
    “Wid it be disgraceful or outrageous to say she scrubs up no too bad ”

    Nice cans
    what? 😉
    G Campbell says
    “Eleanor Bradford: SNP under pressure over haggis waiting time increase”

    Eleanor Bradford: NHS Scotland found to be giving short measures, people getting less than a pint during blood transfusions!!!!
    Fred Blogger says
    “nope, i’ve been furiously listening to banjo music and ditties for the last 20mins, not been offended yet.”

    Mcternan plays a mean banjo himself

    Alasdair Martin says
    “She should never have been put in this position. Perhaps she was naive and was played, but she shouldn’t be denigrated for her allegiances.”

    Get over yourself, she put herself in that position, Im sure she wasn’t forced to wear her uniform for the photoshoot, she clearly used her position willingly to further the cause of a political party in breach of her employers regulations which she would have been absolutely clear about as with most employers (certainly mine) employees are required to read and sign an acknowledgement of the prime requirements of their terms of employment,

    If she willfully ignored those terms

    Scot Finlayson says
    “This could be the time to give the Record the `coup de grâce`.

    Finish them Stu!”

    Can you tell me Scot how you put an accent over a letter?
    I still don’t know how to do it. 🙁

  112. Ken500 says:

    The Daily Record website is incompetent, like the management. It is inaccessible it just freezes. Maybe they don’t people to read it. They certainly do not like comments. Banned since the VOW.

    Could anyone give the so called, printed?, ‘apology’ for the lying, illegal VOW? Thanks

  113. Nana Smith says:

    I have’nt commented on this nurse until now.

    My main concern lies with the health board which employs her. Were they aware she was allowing her uniform to be politised and in doing so who urged her to ‘help’ labour tell lies.

    She seemed to be very happy doing BT’s dirty work during the indyref and appears willing to ‘carry on nurse’ for slab.

    If I was the health minister I would want to know.

    Other staff must have known what was going on or is this hospital such an enormous beast that no one can keep track of what is happening. I somehow doubt that.

    …and another thing, where was she photographed. Did she go out of hospital grounds wearing the uniform as doing so used to be forbidden.

  114. scotspine says:


    Didn’t see or hear the announcement about a new levy for the BBC. Maybe I’m being thick and missing a joke in your post.

    I stopped watching the skewed, partisan bilge on BBC for that reason and stopped paying their tax (now watch catch up TV from other sources instead).

    If what you say is true and everyone is going to have to contribute to keep the BBC and it’s shills alive, I suggest a crowdfunded class action or a case submitted to the European Court on a human rights basis.

    Why the fuck should anyone have to pay a tax to assist an establishment propaganda outlet suppress democracy?

  115. Wulls says:

    Let’s keep things in perspective here.
    The most realistic consequence of this storm in a d cup is this nurse loosing her job.
    But focus on where it started. She appeared in a BT campaign in an NHS tunic albeit with the logo removed. Let’s be honest here that was cynical manipulation of the rules. Everyone who works (or has been a recent customer) in Scotland’s biggest employer knows what an NHS tunic looks like.
    BT started it…….. ScotLab picked up the ball and ran with it.
    I honestly do not know who’s worse.

  116. HandandShrimp says:


    Labour are worse. At least BT were savy enough to remove the logo which while perhaps not ideal from an employer’s point of view was at least a perceptible nod in the direction of the rules.

    Having an actress wearing the logo would obviously also be OK, if somewhat dishonest in terms of the leaflet’s content.

  117. Macart says:

    @ Nana

    Doesn’t matter really Nana. Labour and the Record have had a sore month and they’re looking for some retribution. The young woman, willing campaigner or not, has been used to deflect attention from both Labour’s car crash campaign and currently the only member of the press forced into admitting to misdirection and poor practice.

    Its sadly only to be expected of both press and political parties.

  118. Helena Brown says:

    Thank You Wulls, I was just about to say the same thing, and lets remember how good the Daily Retard and all are at attacking those, see title, who they see as their enemy. Imagine what would happen to anyone daring to support the SNP, though I doubt that we have anyone as stupid as to do what Ms Duncan/Hunter, what ever her name is. She is a serial offender who for what ever reason got off with it, we will see if the same thing happens here, one law for one and one for the other methinks.
    Stu, do not beat yourself up over this, you did no damage, Labour, Stupid Branch did that.

  119. Wulls says:

    Who was it that said “like being savaged by a dead sheep ”
    Surely these are the death throes of a once proud journal………

  120. Fred says:

    This cunning MCTernan stunt has backfired, they would have been better advised featuring a scrubbed-up Jackie Bailley in a nurses uniform.

  121. One_Scot says:

    Clearly the Daily Record has never heard the saying “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

    They were so desperate to get back at Wings for exposing their lies, that they took their eye off the ball and jumped in head first.

    All their over the top, exaggerated, fuel raged meltdown has done is show everyone the true colours of their gutter journalism, and put at risk the employment and career of a young impressionable lady.

    Nice one Daily Record, you must be so proud.

  122. ronnie anderson says:

    Hud the front page.Tommorows front page of Daily Rectum

    Wings Over Scotland caught in HoneyTrap

    They must be Fizzin no Buzzin doon at the clydeside,ach weil all aboard the Funicular its gone doon.

  123. Molly says:

    I actually think the nonsense Jenny Marra was spouting on GMS yesterday about the NHS deserves more scrutiny personally.

    The three areas highlighted holding up discharge , black spots I think she called them – Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Aberdeen – councils.

    Discharge seven days a week ? Yup , when you live in rural Scotland , the snow up to your knees , the usual services are all closed until Monday, your 40 miles ( or more) from home, an ambulance can hardly get through far less a carer in a wee car and your elderly partner has health issues – but Jenny says discharge home to stop ‘bed blocking’

    Her piece de resistance – normal service Monday – Sunday . Hands up who wants to be operated on by a surgeon whose just worked a full week ?

  124. Mealer says:

    The record seem to be doing their level best to alienate between 45 and 55 percent of their readership.

  125. manandboy says:

    The National has some good stuff today.

    Scot Gov apparently considering the award of a contract
    to supply water to Scotland’s schools and hospitals etc –

    David Cameron lifts the lid on how under worked
    an MP is.
    He says:-
    “To be honest,
    I do constituency work every day,
    but I would be misleading the House,
    if I said I spent more time on my constituency work
    than being Prime Minister
    and I think that’s worth reflecting on.”

    What he is unconsciously admitting to
    is that being an MP is a part time job.
    There’s just not enough to do to fill out a working day
    he seems to be confessing.
    So another job is perfectly OK.

    So now we know that MP’s are being paid £67,000
    plus >£200,000 expenses for working the equivalent of 2/3 days a week.

    Troughers just doesn’t describe these people.

    Worth reflecting on alright.

  126. Robert Louis says:

    My,my the greetin faced ‘journalists’ of the paper that has just been officially caught out and reprimanded for deceiving the people of Scotland. How they girn and greet. Good.

    Derek Bateman (a REAL journalist) really hits the nail on the head regarding the rank hypocrisy of the daily record, in his article today. The last line really sums it up;

    QUOTE “When the Record tries to lecture Scotland on morality and behaviour, it does so not from the gutter but from the sewer. It ceded the high ground a long time ago”


  127. caz-m says:

    The next time you bump into a Scottish NHS nurse, I would explain to them that the Daily Record, BBC Scotland and Scottish Labour are portraying, them, on a daily basis, as a shower of incompetent, useless bastards.

    I am sure that will go down well with these honest, caring, hardworking people.

  128. manandboy says:

    When you get yourself organised this morning,
    ask not ‘ What’s in the news today, I wonder’
    but ask instead ‘ What has John McTernan decided will be in the news today.

    It really does make a difference to one’s perspective.

  129. Welcome to all the Record readers who might’ve come here for the first time after reading that stuff in their “paper”. Not so bad here is it?

    Feel free to stick some contrary opinions in via the comments. You’ll find the editorial policy somewhat different from what you’ve been used to.

  130. HandandShrimp says:

    As I recall the Record donates money to the Labour Party and has been a Labour Party supporting for 50 years. Any suggestion that they are an impartial honest broker is purely accidental


  131. Robert Peffers says:

    @Democracy Reborn says:26 February, 2015 at 1:06 am:

    ” … PS. “Real (or should that be feart?) Scots read the Record”.

    Nah! Democracy reborn it should be, “Real feart Scots read the Record”.

  132. HandandShrimp says:

    “When the Record tries to lecture Scotland on morality and behaviour, it does so not from the gutter but from the sewer. It ceded the high ground a long time ago”

    The notion that the Record ceded the high ground of the gutter made me smile. I have always enjoyed Derek’s writing. His sense of humour is excellent.

  133. Sandra says:

    You’ve got them running scared, Stu.
    Great article by Derek Bateman. Thanks for linking, @Robert Louis.

  134. galamcennalath says:

    Molly says:
    “I actually think the nonsense Jenny Marra was spouting on GMS yesterday about the NHS deserves more scrutiny personally.The three areas highlighted holding up discharge , black spots I think she called them – Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Aberdeen – councils.”

    ….. a correlation between the political party running the council, its ability to provide home care and the knock on effect in NHS bed blocking? Worth exploring, I think.

  135. Lenny Hartley says:

    O/T re bbc, somebody has got it wrong and a few of u are fetting in a tither.

    Manx radio reporting this morning that commitee recommends scrapping of license fee and move to subscription service

    Report goes on to say that issue is ensuring those who dont pay sub dont get to watch and therefore it will be mid twenties before new system in place.

    We will be independent by then so will not affect us 🙂

    You would have thought that they would have sussed that subscription services were available via digi box over a decade ago, 25 years for the beeb to catch up sounds about right.

  136. gillie says:

    The Daily Record coming out of the sewer to claim the gutter as high moral ground must be one of the most funniest things ever. .

    As for Suzanne ‘whatshername’ she has found herself, her profession and her employers in the centre of a spiteful political spat. She is more than willing to sacrifice the reputation and the work of the NHS for the Labour party. Now there is loyalty.

    Labour party first, NHS second.

  137. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Wulls

    It was Dennis Healey in response to being criticised by Geoffrey Howe.

    He later repeated but even more dryly when he described Geoffrey Howe’s resignation from Margaret Thatcher’s government when he proceded to eviscerate her in the HoC during his resignation speech

  138. AlexMcI says:

    I have just had the realization that I hate the Labour Party more than the Tories, they are a slimy mob, no doubt about it.

  139. Kenny says:

    I just went and re-read “The Vow DELIVERED” on the Record website. The headline is pretty much the opposite of what the article actually says. The headline tells us unions welcomed the Smith recommendations, but the only quote from a union source is the STUC saying they proposals don’t got far enough. The Free Church is bizarrely noted as “welcoming the beginning of a process to devolve abortion” while the subsequent quote just says “it doesn’t make sense to devolve health policy but NOT abortion.” There are also negative responses from Inclusion Scotland and, for quite different reasons, fairly negative responses from the Institute for Ecomonic Affairs, Willie Walsh and ABTA. It’s unfortunate that there’s no law against grossly misleading headlines.

  140. Desimond says:

    When asked “Are you waving or drowning?”, The Daily Record exclaimed “Neither, we’re trying to wring the Revs bloody neck!”

  141. gerry parker says:

    @ Fred at 9:17.
    “a scrubbed-up Jackie Bailley in a nurses uniform”

    Fred, I’ve just had my breakfast.


  142. BrianW says:

    I love how they say “It has echoes of far-right US Republicanism”

    Oh, how they forget their Scottish Labour messiah in waiting has links to the Henry Jackson Society.

    That really made me laugh.. and I can’t wait to see their Editorial linking Dim Jim to the awful RIGHT WING CIA funded organisation..

    They should be typing up about now I think.

  143. Nana Smith says:

    Why an SNP surge at Westminster could mean the end of Britain.

    Aw diddums the poor unionists

  144. ErinT says:

    I didn’t really agree with the story regarding the nurse. I don’t think stuff like that is really anyone’s business beyond pointing out the similarities between the nurse and the actor and the Labour politician’s pressing the issue has been awful.

    That said, the Daily Record is something I agree with even less. Horrible paper that is just there to trot out whatever spin McTernan has deemed appropriate. Speaking of which, I hope that Labour lose a considerable number of seats and Labour finally realise how poisonous McTernan is to their campaigns.

  145. Good to see you’ve got them annoyed.
    A shameles mouthpiece of a paper for the corrupt.
    Only a matter of time for this dishcloth

  146. Bob Mack says:

    Had this story remained confined to Wings,then it would perhaps have gone no further.It was after all predominantly a question of was she a real nurse or an actress,which caused much conjecture among those who contribute to Wings. The real problem emerged when Dr Simpson and Mr Miller saw an opportunity to have a self satisfied gloat over the situation.
    Their need to score petty political “we showed you” points has identified the young woman beyond conjecture,and placed her in a precarious position regarding her employment.The Daily Record has further compounded this situation in utilising the story to try and malign Wings. The young woman has been sacrificed on the alter of political need, and I doubt many tears are being shed by any of those who placed her upon it. Rather sad really,and so very thoughtless.

  147. One_Scot says:

    I’m not sure how these things work out, but I think the hysterical rant from the Daily Record has probably just doubled your fundraiser.

  148. ronnie anderson says:

    @ manandboy 9.30. ma resistance is low,went awe day yesterday wie nae TinHat oan,onnyhows he,s never furgoaten MacTornerse

  149. Christian Schmidt says:

    “This brand of politics … has no parallel in the rest of the UK” is surely the most ridiculous bit of it…

  150. Grouse Beater says:

    Inane BBC comment on new statue of Mary Queen of Scots:

    “Her reign resulted only in disastrous marriages, murder, and war.”

    Yes, and Beethoven’s musical career resulted only in failed relationships, bad skin, and profound deafness.

  151. David Wardrope says:

    If the slightly irresponsible leaflet picture does land this lady in trouble with her employers (and I hope it does not), will Jim Murphy change his pledge to 1001 extra nurses?

  152. Luigi says:

    One_Scot says:

    26 February, 2015 at 9:18 am

    Clearly the Daily Record has never heard the saying “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

    They were so desperate to get back at Wings for exposing their lies, that they took their eye off the ball and jumped in head first.

    All their over the top, exaggerated, fuel raged meltdown has done is show everyone the true colours of their gutter journalism, and put at risk the employment and career of a young impressionable lady.

    Nice one Daily Record, you must be so proud.

    Yep, they certainly jumped in before testing the water. The DR, BBC Labour and other supporters of the union have certainly been behaving very strangely since 2011. It’s like they still cannot accept that things have changed forever.

    That is the one big weakness, the fatal flaw that will ultimately lead the union to destruction. Unionism is full of inflexible, reactionary zealots. They invariably jump first and check later. They will now have to divert resources away from the SG/SNP battle and fight the WoS rebels. And we can fight back on a number of levels.

    Well done Stu, keep up the pressure. They are crumbling.
    It’s only a matter of time.

  153. Robert Peffers says:

    @Fiona says:26 February, 2015 at 1:31 am:

    ” … I can’t keep up with the changes to the language these days.”

    You are not alone, Fiona, in that respect.
    I woke this morning and as usual read the news while having breakfast.

    Here’s some of what I read and not a single item of it that surprised me : –

    “State owned RBS makes £3.5Bn loss”, so we, the taxpayers must bear the costs. – Again.

    “No future for TV Licence”, The House of Commons, ‘Culture, Media & Sports Committee’, suggest every household should pay a compulsory levy instead. So even if you don’t ever tune into any broadcasts they will make you pay for their propaganda.

    “EU-US trade deal draft leaked to BBC, (TTIP)”. It includes the wording of what UK Ministers claim will protect the NHS from Privatisation – Anti-TTIP campaigners think otherwise.

    “MPs defeat call for second jobs ban”. Aye! Richt!

    “Longannet could close within a year”, Scottish Generators must pay to put electricity into the grid but English generators get paid to do so. A benefit of the Better Together Union.

    “Offshore wind farm project in Outer Moray Firth NOT to get a deal on a UK Government subsidy”. Southern off-shore sites get subsidised so another Better Together Benefit.

    You would think, with a GE looming the Establishment would have learned a thing or two about how the Scottish vote is stacking up against them – but they have not.

    Let’s all make sure that news is not spun as good news ny our wonderful MSM and broadcasters. Remember that every unionist endorses those UK government decisions and will be voting for them at the GE.

  154. Camz says:


    “No wonder their circulation has fallen by 50k over the last 24 months”


  155. Roger Mexico says:

    But Stu, you must admit that Wings does “fuel hatred and paranoia”. The Record is showing considerable signs of both and it definitely seems to have got worse when you pointed out their mistakes. Not of course that the editorial admits that it was you who got the “correction” out of them.

    Of course if they’d have waited a day or two after printing that before going ballistic over this, their vindictiveness would be less obvious.

    Something does strike me about their ‘apology’ though. In the past when papers were forced to print a correction by the industry body, weren’t they were obliged to do so in the context of that ruling? To say they had been found guilty in other words. Here all they have done is correct it, giving the impression that they realised themselves and our changing things out of the goodness of their heart and their own integrity. It suggests the new system of newspaper self-regulation is even more useless than the old one.

    I’m also struck by the fact that the photo used to illustrate the editorial online appears to be a different one from that used to illustrate the leaflets. So Labour must have provide yet more shots. It seems an odd way to protect the privacy that you claim to be so concerned about.

    Still at least my worries that Ms Hunter had not OK’s the wording have been assuaged. Clearly that was what young Mr Miller was doing when he took her out on Burns Night (bless).

  156. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    caz-m at 9.30

    And the Herald

  157. ronnie anderson says:

    Lets all work hard and Deliver this Country into the hands of the People of Scotland.

  158. bookie from hell says:

    Buying Daily Record Today

    hissyfit(So ott,REV must be estatic)
    retraction(cutting out,putting it on my fridge)

  159. Brian Powell says:

    I was staggered to find Johann Lamont on twitter, not a parody account, saying ” Have an honest, open debate.” ?????!!!!!!??????

    Like the one Labour wouldn’t allow, have, countenance, accept during the Referendum.

    Apparently the memory of calling Yes voters viruses, not genetically programmed to make political decisions and nazis, have all slipped away.

    Though, she thinks the abuse should stop, that is the ‘Nats’ abuse.

  160. Robert Peffers says:

    @Scot Finlayson says

    “Can you tell me Scot how you put an accent over a letter?”

    I’ll tell you the easy way to put ANY kind of character into ANY text document.

    Go to (Start):
    Select (All Programs); (Accessories); (system Tools), and click on (Character Map).

    The Character Map has access to every Character set on your computer and on it you can select any font and any character within that font. It has buttons to select and to copy that character to then paste into your chosen document. You can, of course, allow Character Map to remain on your desktop to select any character whatsoever when you need it.

  161. Thistle says:


    Would you know anybody who would be interested in this…

    your own livestream show on runup to May elections discussing whatever you want. Would be your little contribution to OUR/YOUR citizen livestream channel. We want people and groups to start doing their own content for the channel and we are currently talking to Veterans for Independence, Comedy Stand in Glasgow, Craig Murray etc

    If we can get more people producing their own content we will grow the viewers watching the citizen livesteram channel and try and create something as an alternative to the MSM.

    You can be part of it.


  162. Ronnie says:

    And on a Mac please, Robert?

  163. Proud Cybernat says:

    If you’re reading this, Suzanne, sorry you might get hauled over the coals for this–really, don’t want you to lose your job. Scotland neerds good nurses. Just think you might take a wee look at the company you keep. They’re certainly not watching out for your back.

    As for the Daily Redcoat. Oh do keep it up. The sooner your rotten, malignant tentacles are wrenched out of the fabric of Scottish society, the better this country will be. Long may your sales plummet.

    Oh, and GIRFUY.

  164. Robert Peffers says:

    @Fred says: 26 February, 2015 at 9:17 am:

    “they would have been better advised featuring a scrubbed-up Jackie Bailley in a nurses uniform.”

    Aaaaargh! Oh! No! Fred.
    Did you really, really have to post that?

    I have enough problems getting a good night’s sleep without that horrible vision becoming part of the nightmare.

  165. call me dave says:

    @Nana Smith

    Two great links… thanks. 🙂

    Meanwhile for all you boffins / legal eagles of TTIP. Ive glanced through it but it’s a weighty tome.

    A leaked draft of what the European Union wants excluded from a new trade deal with the United States has been obtained by the BBC.

    The document describes itself as the EU’s “initial offer” in negotiations over the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).

    It includes the wording that UK ministers have said will protect the NHS from privatisation.

  166. Grouse Beater says:

    Nana: Aw diddums the poor unionists

    Alex Massie, terrible columnist.

    He takes half his article to relate obvious facts, and then devotes the second half to his own prejudicial conjecture.

    For example, plucking out of the air the accusation the SNP will “be free to be mischievous” could just as easily have read, “free to be constructive.”

    Either way you’re duty bound to provide evidence. Blind bigotry won’t do.

    It’s just bloody awful journalism.

  167. The Man in the Jar says:

    Reading an article in “The Spectator” by Alex Massie. Thanks for the link whoever posted it.

    I like this wee line.

    “Nicola Sturgeon’s party has more members than the British army has soldiers.”

    Here`s the link.

  168. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Ronnie says:

    Just hold down the key you want to accent and a POP UP window opens a list of various accents on the letter. Slide mouse cursor over and the original changes to the âç?éñtëd.

  169. john king says:

    Your a toff Robert,
    thanks. 🙂

  170. karmanaut says:

    I imagine the Record piece would have brought a lot of people to Wings to read the “vile cybernat abuse” which those people will discover is not, erm, actually there.

    So this temper tantrum by the Record’s article writers has probably done more to highlight their own juvenile attitude and their custom of spreading lies to support thier cause.

    I feel sorry for this nurse who Labour “outed” in response to the Wings article. She could lose her job because they distributed photos of her wearing the NHS logo.

  171. Dal Riata says:

    So, for getting exposed as the corrupt liars that you are, Daily Record, what do you do?…apologize?… have an honest [sic] debate about why you lied?…beg forgiveness to the people of Scotland, many who believe that you and your ‘Vow’ are responsible for losing them their country?…

    No, you turn on the whistleblower, so to speak, by falsely and maliciously accusing him of all sorts of evil deeds done willingly and with malice aforethought.

    How noble! How very grown up of you! How proud you must feel to be part of that glorious profession called journalism!

    Fuck you Daily Record, you are what puts ‘gutter’ into the gutter press. May your demise come soon, for the good of Scotland, its people and society.

    You have my permission to print this comment in your excuse-for-a-newspaper… go on, I dare you to!

  172. Proud Cybernat says:

    No doubt Union Jack(ie) Bird will be all over this tonight on SLABBC’s misReporting Scotland.

    Bring it on!

  173. Ken500 says:

    The Trade Deal is to open up the ‘protectionist’ US Market to equal trade opportunity for EU companies. The US protects it’s own markets, through Patents and restrictive practices, while exploiting trade markets worldwide. The trade agreement will make Scotland £Billions.

    The US will have to open up their market to free trade with Europe. That is an equal trade deal for Europe. It’s nothing about opening up NHS to privatisation. European Public services are protected by their governments, if that is their policies.

    Scotland is half empty (because of Westminster economic policies). There will be places where is safe to frack.

  174. Ronnie says:


    Many thanks. I have so much to learn now that I’ve ditched Windows.

    No regrets, though.

    Pratique pour les expressions françaises!

  175. Captain Caveman says:

    Sorry guys, got to be honest here. I support this site and have maintained my subscription over many years; I have openly praised its many interesting articles even where (i.e. most of the time) I don’t agree with them.

    This, though, has rather left a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. OK I may not fully understand the facts of the situation, but outing a private individual for wearing a nurse’s uniform whilst expressing support for a mainstream political party ain’t exactly Watergate, and hardly worth potentially affecting their livelihood, if that is indeed what we’re potentially talking about here? (Sorry I am assuming this could be the case)

    Politicians, journalists, prominent bloggers – they’re all in the public eye and fair game, frankly, and I don’t have any issues when they have to take flak. They know what they’ve signed up for and , much as it’s an ideal for us all to “play the ball, not the man”, there will, of course, be occasions when the going gets rough. I’m not at all comfortable with this kind of stuff though, and actually, I don’t think it does this site, or your collective cause any favours at all (although if I were that cynical, I’d be ‘pleased’ about this, but of course I am not, as stated).

    Sorry, just my 10p’s worth.

  176. Les Wilson says:

    Love this line in the article by Massie in the spectator
    “Every device intended to kill Scottish nationalism has ended up making it stronger.”

    Well I am well happy with that. The article is worth a read.

    It also says that the SNP have more voters than the UK has soldiers. Hmm. While earching for something a while ago, I came across an article which mentioned that a force under 100,000 soldiers is called a “militia” not an army.
    Is that what defence they really have for the UK?

  177. The Rough Bounds says:

    You have them by the short and curlies and they’re hurting like hell. Don’t let the bastards go; twist till their eyes water.

  178. @john king
    `Can you tell me Scot how you put an accent over a letter?
    I still don’t know how to do it.`

    Sorry mate but it was copy/paste from Wiki so no idea.

    Hopefully Mr Peffers solution helps.

  179. handclapping says:


    Thanks for the Spectator piece.

    few English Tories, whose arrogance is matched only by their ignorance, are aware that Labour is merely the opposition, whereas the SNP is the enemy. makes me think that a National Coalition Government after May is not as far fetched as some of us may think.

  180. Nana Smith says:

    @Grouse Beater

    awful journalism…seems to me Massie learnt his ‘trade’ in the same ‘selective’ stable as Carrel, Nelson, & Gardham.

    They take their sound bites from politicians mouths and make no attempt at investigation which time after time proves their worthlessness.

    The sneering contempt for the SNP isn’t even between the lines or subtle. Ach they’re pitiful.

  181. Grouse Beater says:

    Ken: It’s nothing about opening up NHS to privatisation.

    Within it regulations is the ominous clause (small print) that forbids a government or local authority (council) from blocking privatisation of any part of a health service if some element in it is already privatised.

    In other words, if the precedent is set the governing body loses the democratic right to resist further encroachment or reverse precedent. Their (our) rights are negated.

    The minimum consequence of this legislation is expensive court cases to judge whether private car parks at public hospitals constitute privatisation. Councils strapped for cash will avoid going to court and accept the inevitable.

    (Coincidentally, my local private hospital has free parking.)

  182. Jim says:

    “The Wings Over Scotland website has been endorsed by several SNP MSPs.”
    When, where? SNP bad.

    “Wings follower Findlay Farquaharson posted: “Oh Suzanna, don’t you lie for me”.
    Finlay, you should be chief headline writer, lol.

    “Cybernat followers of the site seized on the “revelation” with many spouting online bile at Suzanne, who is not even a Labour member, for her supposed deception.
    Wings followers then launched into a shocking series of unfounded rants and personal insults aimed at 28-year-old Suzanne, a nurse for eight years who works at Forth Valley Hospital in Larbert.”

    Where oh where is the evidence of online bile, unfounded rants and personal insults?

    “It’s a smear on my character. The people writing all this nasty stuff don’t know me and they don’t know what they are talking about.”

    It would have been better if she was an actress but where is the smear when the truth is that a SNHS nurse appeared in a labour party political leaflet wearing her uniform which is against her employer’s rules.
    She should be castigating those that she trusted that named her and whoever got her into this sorry mess in the first place, when you lay down with dogs you get fleas.

  183. Jim says:

    @john king
    `Can you tell me Scot how you put an accent over a letter?
    I still don’t know how to do it.`
    Press ctrl, alt and the letter you want the accent over.

  184. Dal Riata says:

    The lady in question will, hopefully, not lose her job. If anything, a wee word in the ear should do.

    But, fly with the crows, etc. you can’t really complain if you get shot, though maybe just wounded in this case.

    During the referendum campaign, those that I knew were working for the NHS in Scotland would not disclose which way they were inclined to vote, Yay or Nay. Even the few whom I knew personally would not disclose their affiliations, no matter how much I cajoled or pressed them with stuff like, “Ach, come on, you can tell me…!” they wouldn’t budge. I was told, “I can’t do that. I’m not allowed to discuss that issue.” It used to drive me daft, but at the same time I did admire their fortitude and duty to their service.

    Yet, with great thanks to Labour in Scotland, we find the lady in question, Suzanne, openly voicing her politics and affiliations to Labour in a leaflet sent to thousands of Scottish households… while pictured wearing an NHS uniform.

    Again, to reiterate, I do not wish to see this person lose their job. But, I do wish to see Labour in Scotland act with a sense of decency, admit that mistakes were made in this case – by them – and accept responsibility.

    Yet, what do we get? Labour in Scotland’s pack of press-releasing troll-Orcs led by Sauron McTernan using one of Scotland’s servile Labour-friendly newspapers [sic] to, basically, hysterically troll the people of Scotland, blaming this site, its administrator and posters as the evil ‘others’ …

    The Daily Record’s faux outrage of the nurse/Labour activist outing is such an obvious ‘Look, squirrel!’ distraction of their having to print a stingy little ‘apology’ for their ‘Vow’ lying, and at the same time blame the whistleblowing messenger in their vile articles is so blatantly obvious its laughable. And fucking pathetic.

  185. Robert Peffers says:

    @Molly says:26 February, 2015 at 9:19 am:

    “Her piece de resistance – normal service Monday – Sunday . Hands up who wants to be operated on by a surgeon whose just worked a full week?

    All very correct, Molly, but before attempting to analyse Wassa Marra’s statements one must first understand where she is coming from – for it necessarily must come from the diametrically opposite viewpoint than your own.

    You look intelligently at the well known problem from the viewpoint of attempting to find ways to alleviate, or at least to reduce the numbers, with the aim of what is best for the patient, your country and your country’s peoples.

    Not so Wassa Marra her view is idiotically from her, and her party’s, narrow viewpoint. Her aim is thus to blame the hated SNP Scottish Government and expressly of aiding her London based Establishment Unionist political party.

    We readers need only observe, that while you see and highlight the problems faced by the Ambulance Service, or indeed the hard pressed carers, in transferring patients to their homes from the Hospital Services and taking into account the adverse weather conditions and other external problems.

    Not so Wassa Marra, and her party, for they see only the vague chance to use those adverse factors as a muckle stick with which to beat their hated enemy and to hell with the patients, carers, Ambulance Service, Hospital Service and all the hard pressed road services struggling to overcome the adverse conditions that are the real cause, particularly in the more remote areas, for patients remaining in Hospital in the first place.

    I’m only surprised that Wassa Marra has not suggested these absolutely bad, bad, bed blocking NHS patients, who deliberately refuse to return to their cold uncomfortable and filthy hovels, preferring instead to be danced upon, hand and foot, by the unwilling and uncaring NHS staff, be thrown out into the inclement weather conditions which are, in fact, the obvious real cause of the bleak midwinter crisis that have struck Health Boards every single year since ever records were kept.

    What’s more is Wassa suggesting these patients are all independence supporters deliberately remaining in hospital to spite the London Labour Party, (Scottish Branch Office), and other Unionist Political Parties?

  186. Fiona says:

    Captain Caveman says:
    26 February, 2015 at 11:31 am

    This, though, has rather left a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. OK I may not fully understand the facts of the situation, but outing a private individual for wearing a nurse’s uniform whilst expressing support for a mainstream political party ain’t exactly Watergate, and hardly worth potentially affecting their livelihood, if that is indeed what we’re potentially talking about here? (Sorry I am assuming this could be the case)

    Politicians, journalists, prominent bloggers – they’re all in the public eye and fair game, frankly, and I don’t have any issues when they have to take flak. They know what they’ve signed up for and , much as it’s an ideal for us all to “play the ball, not the man”, there will, of course, be occasions when the going gets rough. I’m not at all comfortable with this kind of stuff though, and actually, I don’t think it does this site, or your collective cause any favours at all (although if I were that cynical, I’d be ‘pleased’ about this, but of course I am not, as stated).

    Sorry, just my 10p’s worth.

    The fact is that public servants are not allowed to make party political statements in public while using their position to lend authority to their words.

    This is not unusual, it is pretty much universal. You will find such provisions in the contracts of teachers, civil servants, health workers and on and on.

    You may disagree with that, and you may have good grounds for doing so. But before you leap to the conclusion that there is no case for those provisions have a think about why they are so widespread across public service, and what the reasons for them might be.

    Do you really want our public servants to present their party political views in the media, or in campaigning material, as a matter of course? What would be the point of seeing “Mary, a nurse of 8 years standing, sees the problems of the inadequate block grant every day, and will vote SNP at the next election” beside “Duncan, a nurse of 8 years standing, sees the problems of a devolved NHS every day, and will vote Conservative at the next election”?

    The woman got a platform precisely because those rules debar public servants from behaving in this way and so her contribution carried authority as a supposedly objective voice based on her professional status. It would not have been worthy of note without those rules; for we would be awash with such statements from public servants on all sides.

    At the same time it is obvious that certain matters are deeply felt and there is a danger that the worker in question will sour her relationship with at least a small number of her patients, who think otherwise. That may not be sensible, but it is a likely outcome in a few cases. Yet our health service, education service, civil service etc are there to serve us all and there should be no question of partisan behaviour in the context of those workplaces.

    Are you happy to allow our teachers to make party political statements, and if so should that be confined to outside the classroom? What about religious people? Is it ok for a civil servant to support a policy of enforced repatriation of second generation immigrants in public?

    Rules like these can look pernicketty. But they have been developed over many many years of experience and there are usually good reasons for them (though of course some become outmoded, and there is a resistance to change at times). One of the things which depresses me is that very superficial analysis leads to what appear to be simple and cheap answers to complex issues. Headline writers depend on that fact. We do well to start from the position that very generally accepted rules are not there because of whims: they are usually in place because something happened in the past which led to the need for them. That is not to deny that “bad cases make bad law” when we jump on a single incident and bow to (usually press led) pressure to pass an ill thought out law. But case of this sort are not that: they are in place across a wide range of agencies and that did not happen overnight.

    Be careful what you wish for

  187. manandboy says:

    With the Referendum, a new political foundation was created and poured in concrete.

    Scotland’s political future will be built on that foundation.

    Right now we are witnessing a whole new political awakening
    by 1.6 million people, most of whom were asleep before.

    So that from now on, the unionist burglars will not be able
    to break into Scotland and take what they like any more,
    because Scots now know what Westminster has been up to
    in the same way we now know
    what Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have been doing.

    For the Unionist SLAB party to be ‘successful’ in Scotland,
    the population had to be fast asleep – but not any more.
    Almost 2 million are now up and dressed – and wide awake
    and they’re not going back to bed.

    Things will never be the same again for Jack Straw & Malcolm Rifkind,
    and in the same way,
    things will never be the same again
    for the Unionist Labour Party in Scotland.

    The three of them are finished,
    the first two caught with their trousers down,
    and Labour found in bed with the Tories,
    along with the BBC & the Daily Record it must be said.

  188. Fred says:

    @Robert Peffers, JB complete with rubber gloves & apron!

    @Grouse Beater, you’d think the BBC would have their hands full with Henry VIII.

  189. crazycat says:

    @ Fiona

    Excellent post – I hope the Captain reads it and takes heed (and that others do so too).

  190. Patrick Roden says:

    So Rev,

    We will all be expecting an update of Wings viewer figures for the days following the Redcoats, ‘explosive expose’


    ‘The man who runs his blog from the same country where We print our newspaper. and Labour has it’s election leaflets printed’!

  191. manandboy says:

    Would you get on board a cruise liner or a ferry,
    without knowing where it was going?

    Two million NO voters did on Sept 18th last year.

    Seemingly, they didn’t care where they were going,
    just as long as Captain Cameron
    and vice Captain Brown were on the bridge
    that was enough for them.

    Trouble is – they know the good ship United Kingdom
    is heading for the rocks named the National Debt.
    There is no escape as the steering wheel is jammed.

    And, sorry about the shortages on the voyage,
    but austerity is a must –
    how else will the rich get any richer.
    But we are still all in this together, right!

    But Dave and Gordon have a plan – they have their getaway boats all ready, stashed full with everything they need.
    No austerity for them. Oh no.

    Maybe next time, the NO voters will ask a few questions about those rocks we’re all heading for.

    Vote SNP and for Scotland.

  192. Captain Caveman says:

    Yeah, good post Fiona, fair comment and points very well made.

    Whilst I take your global points, certainly, I still have a bit of an issue on a personal level where specific individuals are concerned. For me, there are just too many stories out there these days where people’s livelihoods are threatened by stuff they’ve said online, on Twitter or whatever; their fault perhaps, but by heck it’s just SO easy these days to land yerself right in it. I hate that.

  193. Bootsy81 says:

    Received a reply from NHS Forth Valley just a minute ago. It reads as follows:

    “Good afternoon Mr MyName

    Please see the statement below

    “All staff working in the NHS are obviously entitled to their own personal views and opinions and can support any political party of their choice. As the majority of NHS nursing staff in Scotland wear a national uniform which bears the NHS Scotland logo, staff should avoid wearing their uniform in any situation which could potentially align NHS Scotland with any political party or campaign. NHS staff should also follow organisational polices and relevant professional codes of conduct, which for nurses are set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We are aware of the leaflet and are work is underway to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding this issue”.”

  194. Fred says:

    Anent Mrs Murrell? nice to see Nicola upholding the old Scots practice and not changing her name. 🙂

  195. labhrainn macfhearguis says:

    Call their bluff.
    Talk to your solicitor with a view to getting in touch with IPSO in order to submit to IPSO’s standards and authority.
    Request that IPSO review your article in light of DR’s accusations.

  196. Fiona says:

    I still have a bit of an issue on a personal level where specific individuals are concerned. For me, there are just too many stories out there these days where people’s livelihoods are threatened by stuff they’ve said online, on Twitter or whatever; their fault perhaps, but by heck it’s just SO easy these days to land yerself right in it. I hate that.

    I understand that. But the fact remains that this person was not commenting as a private individual. That is the point of the tunic with logo: she is commenting as a professional and using that status to make more impact. And that is what the rules for public servants are designed to prevent.

    Nor, if she is a nurse, can she be unaware of this. It is known throughout the public service that this is not permitted. It can be frustrating until you realise that there is nothing at all to prevent you taking a user name and commenting to your heart’s content so long as you do not trade on your employment status. That is, free speech as the rest of us understand it is in no way impaired.

    Free speech as the MSM and politicians understand it is impaired: they like to pretend that their platform and access is not relevant to the principle of free speech. That is nonsense on its face, as anyone can see. Is your capacity to exercise free speech the same as Rupert Murdoch’s or David Cameron’s or party’s press officer’s? I think you would have to acknowledge it is not. Once again separate things are conflated for the benefit of an elite. And that elite will grant you some of their privilege when it suits them, as this case shows. They are not granting free speech when they do so: you and they have that already. Do not fall for the pretense that this is what we are talking about. They don’t bother posting anonymously on internet boards (with the possible exception of trolling to an agenda) because it is not an effective use of their time and effort. That alone tells you we are talking about two things, not one

  197. Andy-B says:

    The Canary Wharf owned, Daily Record is the ugly face of Britnats.

    Like its sister paper, it hasn’t printed the truth in years, don’t buy the Daily Record ever again.

    Its a complete waste of your money.

  198. Captain Caveman says:

    To be fair, Fiona, I’m not really sure where you’re coming from now? I’m not denying that public servants cannot make party political statements and there was nothing in my original post to suggest otherwise. So with respect, you’re arguing a completely different point to the one I was actually making and it’s all a bit of a straw man?

    What I did say was that, in my personal opinion, any ‘transgression’ in this case was surely small potatoes and not worth potentially landing someone in it over? It’s my view, you’re welcome to disagree of course, but like I say, you guys surely have bigger fish to fry?

  199. bruce says:

    Ms Duncan/Miller Whatshername will not lose her registration as a result of her being in the leallet/news.The relevant clause in the NMC Code of Conduct is:

    21.5 never use your professional status to promote causes that
    are not related to health.

    It’s sufficiently vague to allow any union rep’ with half a brain to argue to the NMC that ‘the cause’ is related to health (albeit tenuously).

    She is more at risk of receiving a warning from Forth Valley on the basis of bringing her employer into disrepute, but at most that should be a written warning (for innappropriate conduct).

    In any case the whole business is just being used as a pretext to attack vile cybernats for picking on a poor wee nurse,to give McTeirnan’s negative campaign some heft. He knows that Labour only need to soften up the vote in a dozen key constituencies and reverse the swing by a few percentage points to save some seats. Damage limitation strategy.

    Yours sincerely
    A vile cybernat and registered nurse -out and proud

  200. Will Podmore says:

    ‘Rev’ Stu, you alleged that a nurse might be an actress. She wasn’t. You got it wrong. People point out that you got it wrong. You whinge.

  201. Croompenstein says:

    @Will Podmore –

    you alleged that a nurse might be an actress. She wasn’t

    Eh! Will, she is 😀

  202. Suzanne says:

    If they had to use all that space to make an entire mountain range out of one molehill of an observation, it only goes to prove one thing. They have an awful lot of space to fill, and nothing worthwhile to say.

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