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A better offer

Posted on January 21, 2023 by

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  1. Bugger the Panda says:

    Don’t think Sturgeon is allowed to wear that paraphernalia

  2. SusanAHF says:

    Good one Chris

  3. 100%Yes says:

    She’ll leave it a couple of weeks and then tell these 0.34% she done all she can do, we’ll have to wait until we become Independent. I bet she already moved on just like every other project she ever done.

  4. Geoff Anderson says:

    @ Bugger the Panda

    You can be anything you want and wear anything you want now….keep up

  5. Jacqueline says:

    At the very least this perverts charter is getting more coverage…hopefully
    Cheers Chris and Stu

  6. Stuart MacKay says:

    0.34%. As high as that? I thought the true-trans number was at least an order of magnitude lower. Lorna?

  7. Effijy says:

    As she and her party obviously have zero ability to understand the parameters set with political and legal legislation couldn’t she just hire a top KC to informer her of what she can
    and can’t do?

    The time and money wasted on trying to stitch up Salmond, make S30 requested with boomerangs attached, fake promises of referendums and Trans Laws that were clearly outwith her remit.

    Thank goodness there are no issues with having a fascist Tory government we never voted for, or being dragged out of Europe against our will, or double digit inflation, the death of the NHS, 8 mortgage rate increases in 1 year, Foodbanks and Heatbanks on top of across the board strikes.

    So pathetic it’s unbelievable from SNP.

  8. Kevin Cargill says:

    Bet she forgets to fill in their legal aid forms in time!!

  9. socratesmacsporran says:

    One of the greater joys of having full fat Wings back is that surge of expectation on a Saturday morning: “What has Chris Cairns drawn this week – or is he on-holiday again.”

  10. Republicofscotland says:

    Nailed it with this one Chris, and I thought we couldn’t get an LA any worse that Wolffe, boy was I wrong.

    This reminds of Craig Murray’s excellent article a snippet from it a warning if you like.

    “A Scottish government, whether arising from the Scottish Parliament or from another body, needs in declaring Independence to ensure it has practical control of Scotland.

    That means that the organs of the state have to acknowledge the Scottish state. All taxes collected must go to Edinburgh, not to Westminster. The judiciary must apply Scottish laws and not Westminster ones, where they conflict, and specifically apply all new laws post the Declaration of Independence. The police must answer only to Scottish authorities. Ultimately so must the military stationed in Scotland.

    At the time Independence is declared, immediate action must be taken to ensure all civil servants, judges, police and military take an oath of loyalty to the people of Scotland and its new government, and renounce any previous loyalty to Crown and to UK political institutions. Anybody refusing must be summarily dismissed from their positions.

    We have the example of Catalonia before us. We also have the example of Egypt’s only ever democratically elected leader, President Morsi, who died horribly in jail after being overthrown by a CIA coup because he failed to take the elementary precaution of dismissing and imprisoning all the military regime’s corrupt judges. He should have learnt from Fritz Bauer.

    Let us not make those mistakes.”

  11. Davy says:

    Regards oaths

    The oath should be to the people and the constitution of Scotland, not the government.
    Governments in the West particular are too easily captured by malign forced as the current situation ably demonstrates.
    We absolutely cannot rely on the good intentions of a political class that largely has none

  12. SusanAHF says:

    Craig Murray is hardly a must read. He’s just another right-on lefty Liberal who knows a cross- dresser and thinks men in women’s spaces is just fine. He’s not an asset to Alba, in fact I view him as a trojan horse all set to infiltrate Alba with his genderist nonsense. If he can’t be trusted on basic biological fact, why trust his judgement on anything else?

  13. Republicofscotland says:

    As the SNP ran Glasgow City Council cuts funding to FoodTrain, a charity that feeds Scots who find it difficult to get out or they suffer from conditions that leave them housebound, the SNP GCC has also cut all funding to the charity The Coach House Trust, which like FoodTrain will now need to close after a quarter of a century helping folk in Scotland.

    “It offers workshops for adults aged 16 and over, in skills including gardening, woodwork art, computing, music and healthy eating.

    It said funding “will assist isolated people who suffer from mental health issues, learning disabilities, addiction and homelessness to reduce isolation and loneliness and improve self-confidence and esteem”.”

    But rest assured LBTQI (etc) Youth, received £190,000 pounds a fortnight ago. It’s good to see that the SNP ran GCC has its priorities in order.

    Like I’ve said get the SNP out at all levels, from council to MP to MSP.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  14. Lorna Campbell says:

    SusanAHF: I tend to agree with you on this. Craig Murray is the perfect example of the leftist-liberal male consensus around this issue. It is something that is very worrying because these people seem to really believe this bilge, and it leaves me wondering whether they actually have their feet on the ground on other issues. Many, of course, pay lip service to issues. A report in The National, I think, today, or it could have been The Scotsman, about yet another ‘trans’ identifying male who is accused of rape using his lady d**k. He will end up in the female prison estate if he is convicted. But, hey, this never happens, eh?

    Stuart: no, that is about the percentage that official statistics show to be ‘trans’. It is now becoming very evident that the numbers of paraphilic men who would be eligible to claim a GRC via self-ID is actually very, very much higher. The SG stated that it expected that GRC uptake would rise ten-fold immediately after the bill passed. I think it would be no exaggeration to say that it might be wise to take the SG’s figures with a pinch of salt, and multiply them by around 100 at a very minimum.

  15. robertkknight says:

    Solicitors and Politicians are just professional bullshitters… one seeks to confound the Jury, the other the Electorate.

    The performance at the Salmond enquiry displayed all you need know on that score – a bullshitter’s masterclass befitting of any Moot Court.

  16. Shug says:

    Now is not the time!

    She has self identified as a unionist

    Give she has disabled the party it is for the MSP and MP to oust her, and it must be done now

  17. Wee Chid says:

    Got dead excited at the headline. Thought she had gone.

  18. Geoff Anderson says:

    From a year ago…article below.
    Funding comes with certain conditions and “expectations”

  19. David R says:

    Very succinct summing-up of the SNP official view which has recently been trailed by a number of MSPs/MPs with a lack of enthusiasm for any plebiscitary election(excepting Angus MacNeil of course and maybe some others). Good artwork too with NS and her brand of feminine glamour- if I’m allowed to say that these orwellian days 🙂

  20. JGedd says:

    SusanAHF @10.51am

    I do read Craig Murray and agree with him in just about everything until it comes to his attitude to the trans ideology.

    It is puzzling why someone who is so clearsighted as to the dangers to our civil liberties posed by governments’ and elite establishments’ many incursions in a global sense as well as at home, yet seems blind to the dangers of trans ideology. It’s almost as if he simply sees it as ‘only pertaining to women’.

    He wouldn’t be the first male from the left who suffered from selective myopia when it comes to women’s issues. I did notice also that when he did mention the ‘obsessions’ of Sturgeon’s leadership claque that he chose to see them as ‘feminists’. ( I can well understand his attitude to the anonymous women who sought to bring down Alex Salmond but it seems to support his idea that they are driven by feminism.) Therefore he can’t seem to perceive them as opposed to many feminists on the issue of trans ideology which can’t possibly be about feminism when it encroaches on women’s rights ( However, there are proposed implications in the pipeline like the recent report on Conversion Practices which will have chilling effects on everybody’s rights especially if you are a parent. I wonder if Craig has noticed this yet?)

    Instead the support women receive on this issue from men who comment here is based on their understanding of how acutely this legislation will impinge on the safety of women and children. Yet Craig appears to skirt carefully around the implications for these groups while acknowledging that GRRB is not popular with the electorate in general and with the confirmed independence supporters who have left the SNP in droves. He acknowledges that the loss of those activists has weakened the appetite within the remaining SNP for actual independence but doesn’t really address why GRRB is so unpopular.

    He correctly recognises that the SNP has altered over the years because it is now dominated by gradualists and those who simply wish to have gender related demands met and that the SNP led by Sturgeon’s controlling group are more concerned with remaining in government than advancing independence which again he sees, like commenters on this site, would mean the end of their comfortable lifestyles.

    On so much, I find myself on the same page as Craig Murray and admire his stance against those who would remove our civil liberties and that above all, he actually went to prison for telling the truth about the Salmond trial which is proof of his willingness to put everything, including his own liberty on the line, because of his desire to see a higher justice served.

    And yet, his inability to see the GRRB and the intolerance of those who demand these changes as a wedge issue which has significant implications for women is jarring. (His mention of the SNP’s hate crime legislation focusses on ‘misogyny’ as a
    proposed hate crime as if that is what irritates him about that authoritarian piece of overreach. It will have a chilling effect but it is unsettling that Craig picked out that particular aspect.)

    His assessment of where we are now on the whole direction of travel is insightful and trenchant but it is troubling that he seems to assume that it is feminism which is at the heart of Sturgeon’s control and seems unaware that it puts her at odds with many feminists. Her professed feminism has simply been utilised, like the transgender issue, as a means of maximising control over the population and that’s why Sturgeon can appear to be calling herself a ‘feminist to her fingertips’ while at the same time alienating many women by furthering a cause antipathetical to women’s rights. She will use any support available to her to exercise the control she appears to need and while proposing abolishing jury trials for sex crimes which Craig seems to see as emanating from her ‘feminism’ she is driven by the absolutism of her transgender followers to bring in GRR and fight it every inch of the way to the detriment of women and children. She is no feminist, I wish Craig could see that.

    But I don’t see him as a Trojan Horse. He is an influential figure but I can’t see that transgenderism is a major issue for him. Unfortunately he sees it merely as an issue of social justice which needs a little adjustment. ( Yes, I know that’s exactly what apologists say about this kind of legislation but I can’t see Craig becoming a serious advocate for trans ideology.)

  21. panda paws says:

    Can someone with a twitter account capture the following National video showing Alison Thewliss, Kirsten Oswald, Stewart MacDonald, all SNP MPs (one of them mine!) and Kaubab Stewart SNP MSP standing in front of signs saying “I eat TERFs” and “Decapitate TERFS) before it disappears please!

  22. Willie says:

    Here Chris Cairns. You’ve shown Surgeon with a solicitors cape on and a judge our councils wig on.

    That’s a bit generous sir. Sturgeon is not a solicitor. She chucked it before she got defrocked for maladministration and behaviours unbecoming of a solictor.

    You have been too kind to the charlatan. It’s the Dock she should be in. But otherwise of your generosity this fine Saturday morning the toon is absolutely bang on. Absolutely tolicsl
    Keep up the good work.

  23. Independant says:

    Hello Rev Stu.
    Sorry off topic but I could not send it via the contact page.

    See below.

    Looks like Perth MP and MSP’s could be in re-election trouble.


    I’m writing to ask if you would consider assisting the branch.

    At the last AGM and past two branch meetings we have had nobody willing to take on the role of branch Secretary.

    Secretary is a small but vital role which we require to carry out branch functions including issuing notice of meetings and registering delegates to conference.

    Our next meeting is in March and if we don’t fill the Secretary role I will be obliged to write to the Constituency Association notifying them of our intention to place the branch into abeyance.

    This would be a shame as the branch is in fact very healthy with over 200 members and over 20 regular activists.

    The strength of the SNP in the Carse is a key factor in delivering SNP electoral success throughout Perthshire.

    I hope you can consider helping.

    Yours for Scotland

    Nicky MacCrimmon

  24. Ruby says:

    panda paws says:
    21 January, 2023 at 2:10 pm

    Can someone with a twitter account capture the following National video

    If you go here:

    Click download on quality/size you want and when and when that opens in the browser right click and select save video as.

    I’ve saved the highest quality one 1280×720.

    Highest quality best if you want to do any image manipulation.

  25. tridentitycrisis says:

    In 1938, the year of Crystal Night and the stepping up of excluding Jews from German society because they were deemed a threat to decent people, the Jewish community made up 0.34% of the population, the exact same figure as used in the cartoon. I suspect that few people reading Wings think that Jewish discrimination should have been ignored because their numbers were so small…

  26. Ruby says:

    Ooops sorry panda paws that didn’t work out as I thought it would.
    Firstly you need to right click on the original video and

    copy video address and post that here:

    Then click download on quality/size you want and when and when that opens in the browser right click and select save video as.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    panda paws@2.10pm.

    Utterly disgraceful if you ask me, come the next GE we must vote out SNP MPs and give or votes to Alba candidates.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  28. Merganser says:

    J Gedd @1.53

    Your post about Craig Murray reflected some of my feelings, although I think you have let him off lightly on the trans issue. Whilst he could be harmful to Alba, they could perhaps make use of him to say they don’t agree with the SNP stance, but they are not averse to people putting their view – unlike the SNP bigots.

    The proposed abolition of jury trials raises interesting questions. Will there be an exception for defendants who identify as trans? Sounds far fetched I know, but so is the legislation that has been passed so far.

  29. PacMan says:

    tridentitycrisis says: 21 January, 2023 at 2:54 pm

    In 1938, the year of Crystal Night and the stepping up of excluding Jews from German society because they were deemed a threat to decent people, the Jewish community made up 0.34% of the population, the exact same figure as used in the cartoon. I suspect that few people reading Wings think that Jewish discrimination should have been ignored because their numbers were so small…

    Ah, the SNP groomers are starting to come out.

    You need a blow torch to start the light you are using for your gaslighting.

  30. JGedd says:

    identitycrisis @ 2.54pm

    That is an utterly shameless appropriation of the terrible history of the Jews in Germany. How dare you make such a false equivalence.

    No one is advocating the discriminating laws brought in by the Nazi regime. What complete insensitivity to pretend that those who do not agree with the demands of trans activism are acting the same way. Yours is a disgusting comment but unfortunately typical of your side of the argument.

  31. Stuart MacKay says:

    JGedd @1:53pm, SusanAHF @10.51am

    Murray is a man of principle and seeker of justice – an international socialist who has signed up to the entire left-wing package – and completely lacking in common sense. If the trans thing was came from the right then he’d be dead against it. As for being a Trojan Horse – he’s too well meaning for that.

    I am going to do him an injustice but wondering whether a strong commitment to socialist principles means that he might have second thoughts about Scottish independence if the whole sovereignty thing moved away from the left, for example, if the other 50% finally decided that independence was the right idea and wanted to build a free market economy with it.

    Jason McCann is another example. Strong principles but lacking in common sense when it comes to the trans issue. The whole debate is so toxic it’s caused many people to self-immolate.

    Lorna Campbell @11:46am Thanks for that. Yes, I’m sure the numbers will balloon dramatically. Sturgeon will be hailed as the person who delivered independence for Scots – from biology and reality, sadly.

  32. Alf Baird says:

    tridentitycrisis @ 2:54 pm

    “In 1938, the year of Crystal Night”

    In Scotland’s case the national party has been hijacked by those representing the 0.34% group/agenda. That’s why most of us left the party.

  33. ronald says:

    Independent 2.42

    Your hivin ah larff help out a SNP branch I.ll play MacCrimmonds lament for yous LoL .

  34. Ruby says:


    One good thing about Sturgeon’s GRRB is that it’s got everyone talking about gender recognition & all things trans.

    One of the placards in the video states ‘trans healthcare now’

    What kind of healthcare do you suppose they want? Do they expect to get it all free of charge on the SNHS?

    Obviously it’s not mental health care as that would be considered ‘conversion therapy’ so they must mean cosmetic surgery & genital/breast mutilation etc.

    Are they really saying that it’s a man/boy’s human right to be made into a woman/girl or a woman/girl’s right to be made into a boy/man

    Are the SNHS really in a position to be carrying out all these surgeries?

    Maybe they think if they decapitate & eat all the terfs then the SNHS will be in a better position to carry out their castrations, mastectomies & all the other surgeries required for them to change sex.

    They’d better hope that there will be enough ‘non terfs’ left to carry out their healthcare.

    Transwomen hate women and so do our politicians

  35. Alf Baird says:

    SusanAHF @ 10:51 am

    “Craig Murray”

    With respect, I would suggest you read Craig’s insightful article again, which is clearly about a great deal more than the GRR diversion.

    Anyone who has lost their liberty or has been otherwise persecuted by the oppressor during our struggle cannot be doubted as to their support for the national cause, or the extent of the threat they pose to the status quo.

    The cause of independence has also benefitted greatly from Craig’s unique knowledge and insights over the years and will continue to do so. He was a senior diplomat/British Ambassador, you know, and there are gey few such people active in the independence movement. I expect his role in helping secure and then negotiating independence will be crucial.

  36. Ruby says:

    Wasn’t it the case that Craig Murray a high profile Alba member made his views clear by having a very public spat with JK Rowling & the ladies who had lunch together in the run up to the Holyrood election?

    I can’t remember the full details but I thought at the time he hadn’t helped the Alba vote who were trying to attract women’s votes.

    I thought that was grounds for him to be expelled from Alba.

    Wasn’t he knocked back by the SNP because they thought he wasn’t a team player.

    I think that is correct Craig Murray isn’t a team player.

    Wasn’t he banned from speaking by AUOB?

    PS Anyone remember what it was Nicola Sturgeon had to apologise for ages ago regarding writing a letter for a constituent? I vaguely remember here saying she had forgotten she wasn’t in her former job or something similar.

  37. Lenny Hartley says:

    Alf Baird 4.11 pm, agree, Craig Murray is a massive asset to the Independence movement.
    The Colonial Masters dont change one of the basic tenets of the Law that we are all equal to Jail somebody if they dont consider them to be a massive threat.

  38. panda paws says:


    Thanks – the more people that have a copy of that video the better. Some online are already asking if the screenshots are fake.

  39. Merganser says:

    Alf Baird @ 4.11.

    Craig Murray was my hero. I hung on every word he wrote. He did as much as he could to expose the iniquity of the Salmond affair, and has done so much more in support of independence. He is intellectually head and shoulders above 95% of MSP’s and MP’s.

    Then he jumped off the pedestal I had put him on with his views on the trans issue, which made me begin to doubt my judgement of him, so I can understand why other people are not so enthusiastic about him now.

  40. Andrew scott says:

    Is “decapitate TERFS” not a hate crime??

  41. Roger says:


    Your comparison of the trans issue with Krystal Nacht and the Holocaust is disgusting hyperbole. Nobody is stripping trans people of their human rights or citizenship let alone sending them to gas champers.

    So drop the cheap, lazy and disgusting comparisons and grow TF up!

  42. David Holden says:

    Not sure how a very good cartoon by our artist in residence wandered off to be a thread about Craig Murray. Indyref I stood with a lot of people I could not stand both in terms of their politics and in some cases because I flat out did not like the buggers but stand with them I did. If you are calling for Craig Murray to be booted out of Alba because of his views on one issue I suggest you join or re-join the SNP as that is how they work. Given his efforts I think we can cut Craig a little slack on his views on the trans issue which for the record I think he is wrong about.

  43. SusanAHF says:

    Oh dear twitter is agog at SNP morons standing with apes displaying ‘decapitate TERFs’ placards…Good move there

  44. Mac says:

    Craig Murray is an extremely intelligent and principled man. Salmond could not have picked a better person to confide in about the stitch-up. At certain points and at great peril to himself he demonstrated several times that despite his woolly jumper softie image the guy has a massive pair of steel balls on him. I have a great deal of admiration for Craig Murray and what he did in Salmond’s darkest hours… I’d want someone like that watching my back in a foxhole or anywhere my life depended on it.

    That said I think he talks pish at times. I can think of at least three occasions his posts have really pissed me off. He has a particular blind spot when it comes to the big country in the east whose population enjoys a potato based spirit and wears furry hats. Told him so.

    So what? It is childish and puritanical to expect us all to agree on everything all the time just because we see eye to eye on Scottish politics. Craig Murray walked the walk while we all mostly just talk it.

  45. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Apart from his views on the trans issue, I support Criag Murray. As others have said he has sacrificed a lot for the causes fairness liberty and independence.
    Even someone as intelligent as Craig can get one thing wrong. He is an asset to the independence movement. And remember, he left Sturgeon’s tranny SNP for ALBA.

  46. George+Gannon says:

    David Holden
    I agree with you 100%. I’ve met Craig at ALAB, many times, a very kind and pleasant man, a pleasure to meet and talk to.

    I like to think that people on this site have seen the antics of the SNP. I ask you to please do not infect this site with the SNP intolerance.

  47. James Barr Gardner says:

    In Scotland a figure of 24,000 trans has been banded about, however little has been made of the figure of 240,000 Scottish children living in poverty, increasing by at least 1200 per year.

    This is in a Country called Scotland that is rich in all things bar the sense to get out of a toxic Union that is damaging children.

    Priority must be shown to vastly reduce child povery in Scotland only Independence will achieve that anything else is tinkering and cynical.

  48. Merganser says:

    David Holden @ 5.26.

    Tolerance is a wonderful attribute. But I can sympathise with the 51% of people in Scotland who, because of their female sex, cannot be as relaxed as you are about the trans issue. A large majority of men feel the same too.

    This issue is related to the cartoon.

  49. Merganser says:

    Mac @ 5.40.

    Do you really think that Scottish men and women who have strong views on the the trans issue should be described as ‘childish and puritanical’?

    I may be just about able to tolerate Craig Murray despite his stance on the trans issue, but I respect all those who say it would be a step too far for them.

    There is nothing childish or puritanical about how they feel. That is their considered position, and they should not be denigrated by emotive language such as this.

  50. Breastplate says:

    James Barr Gardener,

    I quite agree, a lot of time, effort and money has been spent on the trans issue which is a tiny niche group that should accept their lot in life of being in the right body but in the wrong mind or out of it, depending on your view.

    The depth of child poverty in this country should be seen as an abomination and independence should be seen as an opportunity to correct many wrongs, especially when it comes to kids.
    Unfortunately there are some among us who would like to know the name of the currency these kids don’t have before they would even lift a finger to change anything.

  51. Geri says:

    Re hate Crime.

    Debatable. They seem to look on & whistle when they go daft in public. But isn’t it on pause cause Police Scotland can’t implement it?

    Well one thing to Criags credit is that he at least acknowledges it’s unpopular with voters. Something the woo woo dogmatically refuse to accept & plough on.

    I deffo didn’t agree with his emotive choice of language ‘segrigation’ ‘apartheid’ etc.
    Gies a break!

    Women have segregation because they need it. Children need segregation because they need it. Both forms are safeguarding.

    You don’t throw open the doors in the woo woo belief that ‘its only the bad actors & we’re all absolutely not one of them’ Even tho the evidence is all there that IS exactly what they are.

    It reminds me of the Big Yin’s Lionesses joke.*No yer not, you’re a fkn Zebra* 😀

    They’re not trans. They’re pedophiles & men suffering autogynephilia. Masquerading in plain sight under the trans umbrella. Sexualising children & want free reign to expose themselves wherever women & children can be found without fear of the law.

    The end, or so you’d think.

    Genuine trans already have laws protecting them. If they were genuine trans they’d accept the need for thier own safe spaces but they (angry yoofy trans activists) flat out reject that on the trans behalf. They only want the women’s. Why?

    It’d kill the debate stone dead. Everybody’s happy. They have thier own spaces, own sports events etc – why don’t they get behind that cause?


    It appears to me they want the SNHS to pander to thier whims & force hospital boards on neverendum training courses that’ll rake in the £££££s on how to give birth through a woman’s imaginary penis. How to have cervical swab through yer imaginary penis etc.

    A whole lot of pish on an already overstretched system. If I were a midwife I’d make sure those feckers didn’t receive thier epidural on time cause I’m evil ..then start talking soothing woo woo nonsense about thier penis is doing well while they screamed blue murder. Moral of the tale being you don’t give a fk for pleasantries during blood, pain, vomit & shit! Obviously the training is provided by men whose only job seems to think its eating the tea & toast & half time. 😀

  52. David Holden says:

    Merganser @5.26 As a supporter of the female sex and against the gender madness promoted by the SNP I am not sure what your point if any is other than to have a pop whether at me or Craig Murray. If you have a problem with Craig take it up with him but calls for him to be booted out of a party are over the top and helps nobody. We are all entitled to our opinions.

  53. Geri says:

    Scotland didn’t vote for it.
    The Greens (self-ID) was rejected at the ballot box.
    The consultation (twice) was carried out outside of Scotland.
    The Equality Act is reserved.
    The SNP did not have a mandate for it.

    Five good reasons this should never have gone any further.
    Five good reasons Trans activists & their apologists should dry thier eyes & pack away thier rainbow studded baseball bats.

    It was completely undemocratic from the get go. Another Sturgeon Fail of promising shit from her broom cupboard that she couldn’t deliver – but oh well, It gifted her another 5 yrs in her castle.

  54. Ruby says:

    David Holden says:

    If you are calling for Craig Murray to be booted out of Alba because of his views on one issue one issue I suggest you join or re-join the SNP as that is how they work.

    What if that one issue caused the party to lose votes?

    At the time Craig Murray was having a spat with high profile gender critical women with a lot of influence on Twitter Alba were trying to win women’s votes promising ‘to protect and preserve women’s rights’

    There was someone expelled from Alba around that same time for his views on one issue. I think it may have been something to do with his views on Pu*tin.

  55. SusanAHF says:

    Geri we all know why they don’t want 3rd spaces, the mentally ill want validation of their delusion, the paraphiliacs want access to women and children to parade their fetishism in front of a captive audience for pleasure and the misogynists just want to intimidate and belittle their targets to ameliorate their beta male status.

  56. Merganser says:

    David Holden @ 6.46pm

    I have not called for Craig to be booted out of a party. You have invented that line yourself. But if that is the opinion of some, then as you say, ‘We are all entitled to our opinions’

    I don’t care for your earlier suggestion that I should ‘join or re-join the SNP’. A rather cheap unjustified jibe from such a tolerant person as you.

  57. David Holden says:

    OK Merganser we will have to agree to disagree but I have better things to do on A Saturday night than argue with a duck. Good night .

  58. SteepBrae says:

    SusanAHF at 10.51am:
    Attempting to dismiss Craig Murray as “another right-on lefty Liberal” says nothing about him but betrays a lack of understanding of the breadth and depth of his work. Maybe you’d like to quote where he said that “men in women’s spaces is just fine”?
    As a Scottish woman, I abhor the callous dismissal of genuine concerns about the safety of women and children and am thankful for the courage of those who have taken a stand. But from reading Wings and Craig Murray I hope I also see more clearly how this bill is part of a more complex picture. We all want independence, but by falling into the trap of singling out a view we disagree with and taking offence we play right into the hands of those who would destroy the drive for independence.
    Alf Baird at 4.11pm got it right with “GRR diversion” because that’s exactly how this has been used: to divert from the job that should be getting done.

  59. George Ferguson says:

    Great cartoon Chris. Rightly concentrated on the issue of the day. I have recently joined Alba. I decided to focus on the policies I agree with and not the polices I am more circumspect on. I am a principled Independence supporter, avidly GC but also an advocate of a Public Energy Company. So I will help in the areas I have expertise in. The movement is however about more than one person. We should all do our bit and accept there are areas of disagreement. Which reflects Scottish society as a whole.

  60. Robert Louis says:

    Poor Hamish, let down by Sturgeon yet again. So many broken promises, so many lies about holding indyref.

  61. Merganser says:

    Goodnight David Holden.

    Try using sensible reasoned arguments next time you post. I suggest you don’t falsely attribute things which haven’t been said, and practise what you preach about tolerance.

    As for your childish reference to a duck – pathetic.

  62. Dan says:

    @ George Ferguson

    Re. Public Energy Company.
    Health is a devolved power. We have had 800 Scots being admitted to hospital recently with hypothermia because they can’t afford to heat their homes to a satisfactory level. An extra burden oor already struggling health service could really do without.

    Scotland is currently generating enough for oorselves (approx 3.7GW), and still generating over and above oor needs and exporting 5GW down south.

    Pity oor First Minster of Scotland isn’t driven or concerned enough to take on Westminster on the reserved matter of energy, instead choosing to go full tonto over the genderwoo.

  63. robertkknight says:

    Doesn’t calling for someone to be “decapitated” constitute a criminal act?

    “This section creates an offence of engaging in ‘threatening or abusive behaviour’. Subsection (1) provides that it is an offence for a person to behave in a threatening or abusive manner where that behaviour would be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm and he or she either intends by the behaviour to cause fear or alarm or is reckless as to whether the behaviour would cause fear or alarm.”

    Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010

  64. David Hannah says:

    Kirsten Oswald posing with the I eat and decapitate terfs poster at the trans rally in Glasgow today is the reason why Scotland didn’t want to pass the male rapists into female jails charter.

    I feel sorry for the women tonight in Glasgow’s gay district. Stay safe. Watch out for the lesbians with penises.

  65. Alf Baird says:

    Ruby @ 4:21 pm

    “Wasn’t he knocked back by the SNP because they thought he wasn’t a team player.”

    My recollection is that Craig (and many others) may have ‘failed’ the SNP parliamentary candidate ‘test’ because he rightly considered the role of a nationalist MP was to settle up with Westminster, not to settle in. The SNP clearly did not want candidates who were committed to settle up. That’s why the independence movement has ended up being represented by duds. Had people with the right commitment such as Craig been elected, we would now be independent.

    Didn’t JK Rowling advocate a ‘No’ vote in 2014? What she thinks about the GRR diversion therefore seems neither here nor there, its still a needless diversion.

  66. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 8:05pm
    Agreed a lot of political capital wasted on the GRRB. But the Scot Gov are all presentation and no substance. The cost of living crisis is probably the biggest priority for the average Scot right now. (OK GRRB is up there to) And that includes energy poverty. Although Energy is reserved the recent decisions by the Scot Gov are just plain wrong. Driven by the Greens we will all being going to hell in a handcart. Who is running the Scot Gov?.

  67. Ruby says:

    Alf Baird says:
    21 January, 2023 at 8:16 pm

    Didn’t JK Rowling advocate a ‘No’ vote in 2014? What she thinks about the GRR diversion therefore seems neither here nor there, its still a needless diversion.

    To you maybe I think what she says vis a vis women’s rights is spot on.

    Didn’t NF Sturgeon advocate a ‘Yes’ vote in 2014? Does this mean what she thinks about the GRRB has merit?

  68. Ruby says:

    Alf Baird says:
    21 January, 2023 at 8:16 pm

    Ruby @ 4:21 pm

    “Wasn’t he knocked back by the SNP because they thought he wasn’t a team player.”

    My recollection is that Craig (and many others) may have ‘failed’ the SNP parliamentary candidate ‘test’ because he rightly considered the role of a nationalist MP was to settle up with Westminster, not to settle in. The SNP clearly did not want candidates who were committed to settle up.

    Although I think you may have just made that up it does prove the point that he wasn’t a team player.

  69. Ruby says:

    I see David Holden has scarpered without addressing my point.

    I wondered what his excuse would be.

    Better things to do on a Saturday night than argue with ‘precious gems’. 🙂

  70. Iain More says:

    0.34% is an exaggeration.

  71. Iain More says:

    0.34% is an exaggeration. It is more like 0.000000000034%

  72. Merganser says:

    Ruby @ 9.03.

    Political parties do need people who are not just team players.

    Team SNP is run by the Murrels (the Directors), it is their ball, they buy the players, they pick the team, Nicola is captain, Peter is coach, they choose who they will play against, and say in advance what the score will be. Thus they always win and their supporters are happy because winning is all they want. Except the prize is never independence – it’s always another term of office and another promise which won’t be kept.

  73. Humerme says:

    Totally in agreement with Republic of Scotland. The corrupt pork barrelling SNP Glasgow City Council would rather funnel cash to rainbow rockets most of whom are middle class transient blow-ins , than help citizens with genuine needs. The fact that food train which helps housebound people 9who could end up in hospital,) was dumped, shows me that they are hard-hearted grifters. The sooner Alba starts to attack them and the green doom goblins the better.

  74. Merganser says:

    Ruby: re David Holden.

    He was called out by a duck and left in a huff.

  75. Geri says:

    Alf is right. Once Sturgeon was in charge she went all out to distance herself from the independence movement. Even making the GE *not a vote for indyref* less than a yr later it was a dirty word never to be uttered.

    One thing Sturgeon excelled at was surrounding herself with flying monkeys straight out the starting blocks of her reign – spreading rumour & misinformation. (I’m thinking of Sillars here too who seen right through Swinney/ Sturgeon etc) Anytime ppl in indy said anything they were described as crackpots who’d failed selection & had a grudge against St Nicola. Just for us to ignore thier ramblings..

    Naw, they were wrong on who the crackpot was. It was the control freak known as Sturgeon.

  76. Brian says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but enjoyed watching Alan Bissettt on bbc Scotland and beyond burns

  77. Independant says:

    Hi Ronnie Anderson,

    Maybe you missed my irony in the first 4 lines??

    Yours for proper Independence.

    C’Mon Alba

  78. Ebok says:


    A further indicator of how ALBA is registering with the electorate will come in the interesting Aberdeen Council by-election next month.
    There was support for four parties in May last year, with SNP ahead in first preference votes over CONS and LAB*.

    If SNP is on a backward trajectory, this is exactly the type of contest to give a tangible clue. Should their candidate fail to reach the quota on the first round, then voters 2nd, 3rd, etc. preferences come into play, and if my understanding is correct, then it is possible for the winner to be one who did not get the most ‘FPP’ votes.

    It’s a formidable challenge for ALBA once again, but it would be nice to see the local candidate getting a good return at the expense of SNP, and for ALBA to draw first blood.

    May 2022 Returns

    SNP (2 CANDIDATES) >2700
    CONS (2 CANDIDATES) > 1700
    ABERDEEN LAB <1200
    LIB <600
    GREEN <300

    *I note that the labour candidate is prefixed ‘Aberdeen’. Are Aberdeen still suspended from ‘the’ labour party?

  79. ben+madigan says:

    Edinburgh sex offender (abducted and raped his care worker) requests transfer to women’s prison before release.

    Bald Albert Caballero, 50, is requesting to be known as Claire which has stunned his guards at HMP Edinburgh. It is understood that he has asked for lipstick and eye make-up.

    Queries: How does that make him a woman?
    See what’s happening, SNP and greens?

  80. SusanAHF says:

    David Hannah, I haven’t been out on the gay scene in Glasgow for years, but I sure don’t fancy risking it now. I believe it’s open season on the gender critical.

  81. James Barr Gardner says:

    Well it’s nearly 2 years, yes 2 whole years does’nt time fly since Police Scotland were made aware of £600,000 pounds of ring fenced money given by the People of Scotland (not all of there folk were SNP, lots came from Yessers) to the SNP towards the Campaign for Independence, it has since been said that it was woven thro’ the accounts, Aye Right !

    Well not a lot has been disclosed on this matter over these years, however, given that they allocated 22 officers and over 2 years to collate evidence against to put Alex Salmond in jail who icidently was found innocent of all charges it seems more than bit tardy by them, why the delay ?

    What has been emerging is a fairy story that they have to ask for permission from the Scottish Office because politicians may be involved.

    To my knowledge Peter Murrel SNP CEO or SNP President Michael Russell is not a politician, however SNP Treasurer Colin Beattie is an MSP.

    So when does the the Law in Scotland require permission to investigate from a Westminster controlled Tory Secretary of State, to carry out straight forward Police Inquiries. Power devolved is power retained, and don’t We all know it !

    How much interference in Scottish Affairs by Westminster will the People of Scotland stand for, Enough is Enough ! End London Rule, NOW !

  82. George Ferguson says:

    I think the site is compromised. I replied to James Barr Gardner with an explanation of the 600k and the duality of the Scot roles. Message disappeared completely and not moderated.

  83. James Barr Gardner says:

    If the £600,000 is returned to all of the People who donated that would be a step in the right direction, as they already have returned monies to those who requested the return of their donations. So either SNP return it all or be damned !

  84. Geri says:

    Geoff Anderson

    The one further down that thread is sickening.

    Didn’t those tossers authorise a code of conduct?

    That’s another fail. Eejits.

  85. PhilM says:

    Been reading a few of the earlier comments…where people have got the idea that Craig Murray is a socialist is news to me. As far as he ever mentions his personal take on ideology, he has stated that on social matters he is a full-on liberal. As there’s a significant streak of left authoritarianism, he certainly does not fit well with anything of that ilk and so his stance on trans issues seems to me to be more about live and let live. The idea that he is a trojan horse or some kind of entryist for trans issues is risible. Neither of these ways of surreptitious influence work if you are stating out loud for all to hear your stance on a particular issue.
    Thinking about this a bit more…
    I remember reading something where he discussed his early background and talked about the Liberal party of the 70s. I managed to find the article in question and it was published less than six months ago, so it’s unlikely a sixty-something guy is going to undergo a revolution in his thinking between now and then. One quote stands out,
    ‘But the point of this self-absorbed drivel is that I am not a Marxist and do not come from an organised labour or socialist background or mindset.’ However the article is actually titled ‘Marx was right’ and in it he elaborates a thesis that neo-liberal capitalism has run its course. That is not a controversial proposition nor does it make him some kind of left-wing internationalist if you read the article which is a piece of evidence completely lacking in some of the contributions above.
    That’ll be a tenner then Craig…

  86. Willie says:

    George Ferguson 12.53AM

    You are most certainly not the only one to have your posts dissappear. It has been happening to me too.

    There is now a clear theme of interference with independence blog sites. It has been happening with Yours For Scotland and Barrhead Boy. Subscriber mailings with latest articles very often do not land in recipient mail boxes.

    Interference and manipulation of electronic communications is of course child’s play and the shadow of the dark hand of disruptor is very real.

    And the monitoring of sites as who is contributing, who is saying what, the sentiments expressed, and the matching of readers across their online a activities, is a other issue again.

    But yes,comments are vanishing from Wings.

  87. Robert Louis says:

    As I have suggested before, the question needs asked, just WHY is Sturgeon and some of her cabal trying so very hard to trash the indy movement and make the SNP unelectable.

    All of this rubbish, is NOT happening by chance. Spooks a plenty within the SNP leadership methinks.

    Oh, and Craig murray is entitled to his opinion. It is called freedom of speech, no more, no less. Folk on here need to stop greetin aboot it.

  88. Breeks says:

    I don’t know Craig Murray, but my instincts towards him are sympathetic. He has made massive personal sacrifices to do the right thing, whether that’s standing up to the British Establishment at it’s nefarious worst over the use of torture, the entire Julian Assange fiasco, Scottish Independence, or the grotesque conspiracy to stitch up Alex Salmond.

    His first concern about prison? Family first, naturally, but then it’s the tragic impoverishment of those incarcerated beside him, and how they system failed them. How can the system be improved? He thinks of others.

    I am not the least bit tolerant of these Trans shysters who have infiltrated and subverted the SNP and Scottish Independence for their own ends, but even in my unforgiving state of mind, even I still recognise there’s a difference between people who feel born in the wrong body and need our compassion, and these militant, immature, deranged cretins declaring themselves above science and biology, and who are ready to punch any woman who disagrees with them in the throat.

    To be perfectly frank, I find Craig Murray a bit of an enigma at times. At times he seems driven to do things with no regard of the consequences, and with no malice or criticism intended, that creates a tension between martyrdom, and someone volunteering for martyrdom. It’s a personal thing, and none of my business, but I wonder if Craig sees self sacrifice as a penance of some sort.

    What I found grotesque was the alacrity from some, both from inside and outside the Establishment, who seemed to enjoy the imprisonment of a brave journalist doing his job and telling the truth about some very murky and deeply unsettling shenanigans.

    Craig’s “conviction” seemed far removed from any recognised form of justice, and it felt much closer to a Police or Army Snatch Squad plunging into the crowd, “our” crowd, to arrest “somebody” and then fitting them up by manufacturing a case around them. Dorian should be ashamed of herself, but somehow I bet she isn’t.

    The cruelty continues because I think Craig’s technical status as a journalist is still disputed, when the reality is, journalists everywhere should be forming a human shield around Craig. Isn’t it clear enough to see that the forces who want Julian Assange destroyed are the same forces who wanted Alex Salmond destroyed, and who also want Craig Murray destroyed? Apart from anything else, look at the MO of the Establishment.

    There’s some very basic arithmetic to all of this, but not many people are doing it.

    Craig Murray is a danger to himself in how far he will go, and how much of himself he will give, to see justice for what he believes in. He believes in Scottish Independence, and we can be sure that belief is absolutely sincere.

    He also knows our enemy like no other, because this man has been to heart of the British Establishment and knows how it ticks. He has seen the inside of their defences. When Craig recommends action to be taken or strategy to be considered, we should listen and listen carefully. His voice is the voice of the Establishment, but telling us things which the Establishment would rather he didn’t.

    Craig is both strong and vulnerable at the same time, but I believe he is one of us and can be trusted. That, sadly, is all too rare a phenomenon.

  89. David Holden says:

    As usual Breeks eloquently sums up my own thoughts on Craig Murray. Bravo.

  90. akenaton says:

    I too have had a post moderated recently, not complaining, as I presumed that I may have inadvertently used a “naughty” word.

    This is one of the most lightly moderated sites on the net, and we are fortunate to have this platform at our disposal. We should think twice before complaining, as our views are only worth the time it takes to write them, whereas Mr Campbell and his friends who provide us with this space are trying to do a job here under extreme circumstances, the threat of police action and even jail hangs over them like a dark cloud.
    Stoap yer moanin!

  91. Scotsrenewables says:

    Great piece in Craig Murray, Breeks.

    The people on here who viciously attack him because they disagree with him on a single issue need to have a serious word with themselves.

  92. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breeks , most excellent , well said.

  93. robertkknight says:

    Robert Louis…

    “As I have suggested before, the question needs asked, just WHY is Sturgeon and some of her cabal trying so very hard to trash the indy movement and make the SNP unelectable”

    Because the person we thought was our First Minister Sturgeon, actually turned out to be their First Minister Sturgeon.

  94. Mac says:

    There is a photo kicking about of one or more SNP MSPs and/or MPs (4 of them I understand) at a demonstration somewhere standing in front of some bloke dressed as a woman who is holding a sign saying “Decapitate TERFs” with a picture of a guillotine next to it.

    So we have SNP elected representatives standing in front a man holding a sign saying ‘kill women with big shit eating grins on their clinically obese faces.

    It would be funny but the mentally ill arsehole holding the sign is a thug. Of course once you start advocating violence against others you become fair game for it yourself. Not hard to see how many of these trans-extremists ended up with their heads kicked in acting like this. If any man was to go around threatening to beat up or kill women how long do you think it would be before someone knocked fuck out of them. Again they are cashing in on their ‘womanface’ to avoid a swift kick to the baws by pretending to be a woman. Doesn’t really add up when they start threatening real women with murder though.

    Just goes to show the depths of insanity that ideologies can drive people into… Standing there smiling away in front a man essentially holding a sign saying ‘kill women’ and totally oblivious to how grotesque they appear.

  95. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:

    Craig is both strong and vulnerable at the same time, but I believe he is one of us and can be trusted.

    Even with women’s rights?

    Me thinks the laddies doth protest to much with regards to Craig Murray.

    I believe he may have caused Alba to lose votes in the run up to the last Holyrood election.

    Am I wrong?

    Are we now expected to ‘wheest for Indy’ with regards to Alba & Craig Murray.

    I thought this issue with Craig Murray was done and dusted ages ago.

    What has happened has he been spouting off again about his views on gender recognition?

    Why was he banned from speaking at the AUOB march?

  96. SusanAHF says:

    Ruby he believes the GRRB just needs some slight adjustments… I believe there should be no men in women’s spaces, irrespective of how they identify. The time for “kindness” is long gone.

  97. Ruby says:

    Have a look at these comments made on The National by a poster whose name will trigger moderation here on Wings.

    He is a regular poster on ‘Wee Dog site’

  98. Mac says:

    Just on a personal note, man I have really come to despise of these wanky labels they use to pigeon hole everyone based on their (woo woo) ‘gender’.

    ‘CIS’ and ‘TERF’ for example. Just fuck off.

    It will be a cold day in hell when I recognise or adopt their bullshit language. It is the hallmark of a 24ct moron.

    Apart from being fundamentally nuts they are so incredibly boring, as soon as they starting mouthing off with all this gender rubbish, you find yourself glazing over almost instantly, you can see they are still gobbing away but their annoying tedious voice has morphed into just a series of unintelligible sounds…

    It really is amazing all this exists because one woman has hijacked the SNP and independence movement and turned it into a vehicle for her crazy personal beliefs, beliefs which are not shared at all by the people who voted for the SNP.

    None of this era of tranny madness would have occurred had Salmond stayed in charge post 2014. None of it. It all down to Sturgeon (and her backers). It all flowed from her. And now the SNP is near enough submerged by it.

  99. socratesmacsporran says:

    Laura Keunssberg v Nicola Sturgeon was a Europa Conference League encounter. This was followed by Martin Geissler v Anas Sarwar – which was definitely the Govan Sunday League level in comparison.

    Sarwar and Ian Murray – the Dumb and Dumber of Scottish politics.

  100. akenaton says:

    I’m getting old and dim. What is a TERF?
    I take it that it describes a “category” of woman?
    I always presumed that men were men and women were women, and any alternative beliefs were simply shades of psychological affliction. Just like “Gay marriage” really.

  101. Dorothy Devine says:

    Mac , submerged indeed , sunk three fathoms down.

  102. John Main says:

    @PhilM 3:29

    It is not just neo-liberal capitalism that may have run its course. Plenty of perceptive commentators believe that the era of democracy is itself all but over.

    It’s not just the ludicrous idea that harnessing the collective stupidity of millions of voters will somehow magically lead to wise and beneficial outcomes. It’s the realisation that even to start to solve the complex problems we face needs months or years of investigation and analysis, and that no voter can ever be expected to put that work in.

    Then, there is the trivial fickleness of so many voters. Did you spot the dissing of the fragrant Jacinda just a couple of days ago? Hardly any time since she walked on water on this site, with frequent calls for Scotland and NS to get with the program and follow her lead!

    Last but not least, we have to consider the thorny subject of multi-culturalism and the celebration of diversity. Take the rights of women, for example. Nobody on here is questioning women’s rights, and rightly so, yet an ever-growing strand of society just “knows” that women do not deserve equal rights to men. That “knowledge” is not something that can be voted away democratically.

    When I look at democratic systems throughout the west, and see that over and over, electorates vote for substantial change, yet nothing much ever changes, I see clear evidence that the days of democracy are over.

    Can Scotland buck this trend? Maybes. It’s one of the big questions defining our time.

  103. Geoff Anderson says:

    A movement becomes a Party, that becomes a Business, that becomes a racket.
    The SNP are not the first to follow that path but I would hope an Independent Scotland would make it much harder for a bully and Cultist like Sturgeon to ever again do it so easily.
    She wants to rule….not serve the People.

  104. Christopher Pike says:

    I warned you lot before that an independent Scotland would become a woke obsessed nightmare, but you all ignored me.

    As a Muslim, I consider anything LGBTQ to be haram and this gender ideology is yet another sign of the cultural decadence of the west.

  105. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    22 January, 2023 at 10:21 am

    I’m getting old and dim. What is a TERF?

    Basically it’s a term for those who do not believe that trans women are women.

    TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. First recorded in 2008, the term was originally used to distinguish trans-inclusive feminists from a group of radical feminists who reject the assertion that trans women are women, the inclusion of trans women in women’s spaces, and transgender rights legislation. Trans-inclusive feminists assert that these ideas are transphobic. The use of the term TERF has since broadened to include reference to people with trans-exclusionary views who are not necessarily involved with radical feminism.

  106. Mac says:

    Everything about the trans-craziness hinges on you accepting that a man saying he is a woman makes him a woman.

    From that acceptance it opens pandora’s box… ‘well if he is a woman then s/he must be allowed the same rights as other women etc etc and you are firmly on the path to hell, the ‘logic’ follows from and is built upon the acceptance of the deeply false premise.

    Everything hinges on the definition of a woman being enlarged to include men who say they are women. So that has to be completely and totally rejected.

    They are not women, they are men, and no amount of make-up, dresses or surgery will ever change the fact they are men and not women.

    That is why they created the hate bill – to bully people into accepting this definition – they know everything hinges on it and once people are bullied into accepting we are on the logical road to hell with no chance of turning back.

    This is why it is crucially important we reject this bogus definition of what a woman is.

    The Sturgeon SNP came within a ball hair of this legislation being enacted.

    Look at the sate of them FFS.

  107. Shug says:

    The MPs and MSPs need to remove her now.

    The idea any of them will have a job when she runs a plebisitary UK election is laughable

    Half of them will lose their jobs.

    They need to sack he clear the spooks out her office and move on.

    It is a shame because some of them work hard but it is what it is

    The friends I have in the polis are quite clear there is a lot of dirt to come out on this one. I no longer doubt them. This led to blackmail which led to as and all the other cul-de-sacs.

    Get her out now

  108. akenaton says:

    Thanks Ruby, I wish I never asked. Suppose I must be a TERM? :0(

    Great post by Mr Main, really thought provoking and a reinforcement of my view that “Equality” is a word without meaning and simply a tool of any powerful minority. Without doubt much of the grief we have brought upon ourselves came through channels which were nominally in the cause of “Equality”, but were in essence deeply divisive.

  109. akenaton says:


    Totally agree with every word of that post (10.54 am)

  110. Shug says:

    Just reading an article in the national about bringing back beavers.

    I am totally fed up hearing about the environment, restore beavers, bring back wolves, restore this Forrest.
    What about people. Our people faced the same degree of extermination as these species but there is no campaign to bring back people.

    We need a growing economy the only way you get that is more people

    What have the Scottish government done about affordable housing in the Highlands and Islands or managing the number of holiday homes. Have they made a difference?
    Here we have Lorna slater banging on about beavers

    These people have no future after the GE thank god but we will still have a Tory government

  111. Republicofscotland says:

    A few comments on Craig Murray, Murray has done more for the indy movement than most, the trans issue is no win situation and anyone who voices an opinion for either side will come under attack from one side or another.

    Murray lost his liberty for the indy cause, how many of you can say that, if wasn’t for him attending the Alex Salmond fit up every day and reporting on it to us on his blog, many folk would be none the wiser as to what was going on.

    You might not agree with him on the trans issue, but his commitment to Scottish independence is in my opinion undoubtable.

  112. SusanAHF says:

    Christopher Pike I consider Islam a misogynistic pile of crap so we know where we stand on this issue.

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    This is scary these people are in positions of influence with regards to our kids.

  114. sarah says:

    O/T is discussing individual personalities of people who are NOT the ones denying our right to a vote on independence.

    Criticise those responsible for keeping Scotland subservient, by all means, and advocate ways of dealing with that situation.

    1. Email MSP/MPs to point out that Murray Foote is lying – again.

    2. Spread the word on 1.

    3. Sign up to,, Chain of Freedom, any petition to Holyrood and Westminster that you want to.

    4. Spread the word on 3.

  115. John Main says:

    @Shug says:22 January, 2023 at 11:23 am

    I have been following the “Who Owns Scotland” programmes with interest.

    Last week they interviewed a landowner on the shores of Loch Ness who is planning re-introduction of the ancient Caledonian Pine forest, along with indigenous species, etc. etc.

    All very innarestin, and just a few years ago, I would have been onside.

    But now I am convinced by the arguments of the climate change people. Just before Xmas there was another programme on, with young Scots pointing out that they won’t get to retire in the towns and cities of their birth, because many of them will be under water.

    So these shores of Loch Ness will be populated with re-sited Scots from the lower lying areas of Scotland, along with our share of the migrants that are expected to double the population of Europe. A pro-rata doubling of the population of Europe means 5.5 million New Scots. Again, all within the lifetimes of the young Scots living now in our families and neighbourhoods.

    There are enormously powerful forces in play right now. The only hope for the people of Scotland is Indy. That is the only route that will allow us to mitigate the worst effects of what is heading towards us.

    And I mean Independence, I don’t mean a new “pretendy” status within the EU. If we surrender our hard-won Indy to the EU, we will thoroughly deserve the exploitation of our energy resources and sparsely populated living spaces that will surely follow.

  116. SusanAHF says:

    RoS, an independent Scotland with gender ideology ruling is not worth it.

  117. Ruby says:

    I don’t care that much anymore about Craig Murray’s views on gender recognition. I did way back when I was hoping Alba would win votes but now I’ve lost interest in Alba.

    I’m not sure why he finds it necessary to make his views on GRA public.

    What is he trying to achieve?

    Is he trying to convince others that ‘transwomen are women’?

  118. akenaton says:

    I think most of us are aware of why the new SNP are so keen to connect with the EU, from whence came the impetus for all the social idiocy we see around us.
    The process alluded to by Mr Main is already in operation here in “Wild Argyll”

  119. Ruby says:

    John Main says:

    The only hope for the people of Scotland is Indy. That is the only route that will allow us to mitigate the worst effects of what is heading towards us.

    Is that right pal? Better start showing us the money then!

    I keep getting these ‘racist’ vibes from your posts.

    Are you racist?

  120. ronald says:

    12.10 pm .

    Save your convoluted ramblings for other sites , your crystal gazing doesn’t impress .

  121. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    Did you spot the dissing of the fragrant Jacinda just a couple of days ago? Hardly any time since she walked on water on this site, with frequent calls for Scotland and NS to get with the program and follow her lead!

    No I didn’t. I think you just made that up!

    If as you say the days of democracy are over how would you suggest Scotland becomes independent?

  122. Republicofscotland says:

    Susan AHF @12.11pm.


    I don’t know if you’ve read any of my comments on the GRRB, just for clarity I’m against the unamended GRRB, which allows rapists and paedos into women and children’s safe spaces.

    However if a man or woman wants to dress as the opposite sex that’s their business, but when a man dressed as a woman (without having undergone complete surgery to remove you know what) wants access to women and children’s safe spaces dressed as a pretendy woman then that’s not on.

    None of the above affects my desire for a independent Scotland I’ll always be indy until I die regardless of who is FM, as Alex Salmond said, the Dream Will Never Die.

    As for those having a go at Craig Murray, they are entitled to their opinions of the man, but in my opinion if he were FM after Salmond, we’d more than likely be an independent nation by now.

    Ask yourselves why the SNP under Sturgeon shunned him at every opportunity, he spoke some hard truths on how to obtain independence that’s why, and Sturgeon and her clique didn’t like it one bit.

  123. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile the Judas Sturgeon has no plans to stand down and claims she has plenty of fuel left in the tank to fight an indyref, cue the dangling carrots.

  124. fruitella the hun says:

    “We need a growing economy the only way you get that is more people”

    I don’t know any English-origin people who voted Yes in the 2014 referendum. Europe and the environment were more important to them. Perhaps they understood, deep down, how ruthlessly the British Establishment will protect its interests, Ireland being the obvious example. but there are (too) many more. Pushing the old empire back to our doorstep, freshly-deprived of our resource’s, would not feel safe at all.

    That is the reality of growth economies – the expansion is only peaceful if resources – energy, raw materials, labour – are plentiful and cheap. As soon as scarcity begins to bite competition gets rough. Either we fight each other for them, forming what wee alliances we can, or we have one big alliance of humans dedicated to extracting all the wood, minerals, fish, fertiliser, and fossil energy we need to produce food clothes and shelter like we do now. It is a war on Nature with, as we learn from physics, chemistry and biology, horrible results.

    Many, probably most, see economic growth – the continued destruction of the ecosystems that we evolved with and ultimately depend on – as preferable to an expansion of the current war in eastern Europe. Few yet support curtailing our appetite for destructive consumption and anyone who suggests that gets savaged.

    The Greens were a party built around biological reality with the job of explaining ways to live within environmental limits. But the industrial and centralist Left, with its core of (dubious or plain daft) sociological theories about what people are and what they need, entered and wrecked them. Obviously this suits the corporate behemoths very well, probably why they back many “Progressive” foundations.

    Plenty people would be willing to try a more ecological existence had they a wee plot of land to work. We need to make that possible, not waste time chasing discredited notions of economic growth at any cost.

  125. Ruby says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    22 January, 2023 at 1:17 pm

    However if a man or woman wants to dress as the opposite sex that’s their business

    I don’t agree.

    I think a man masquerading as a woman should be made a hate crime or at least it should be shunned in the same way as ‘black face’

    I find ‘woman face’ deeply offensive.

  126. Liz says:

    @shug not kidding about a lot of dirt to come out.
    Been reading a lot about Pickle Bee or whatever he calls himself.

    He seems well in with some Scottish politicians and not just SNP.

    This is the knife weilding thug, clapped by politicians, some standing ovation, at Holyrood after GRR passed.

    He’s a kink sex worker, just saying.

    BTW for those saying posts disappear, Ive noticed this happens if there’s a yellow line enclosing the comment box.

  127. David Holden says:

    I see on twitter some seem to think the person holding the sign behind Oswald and co is one of those in the public gallery applauded by MSPs after the gender bill passed. Third from the left according to twitter. I also see our host is going to produce a joint post with Glinner on all this nonsense so that should be fun. Get the popcorn in.

  128. James Barr Gardner says:

    Reference Banners.

    Nicola Sturgeon was furious in 2019 when Independence Supporters carried a banner “England get out of Scotland”.

    “And people who put up banners like that I don’t want them in the SNP, I’m sorry if that offends them but I don’t want them.” Nicola Sturgeon.

    The folk involved with the banner (Note. Anti Westminster not anti English) were not SNP members.

    So far as I have seen the banner with Decapitate TERFS (Defo, hate banner, pure and simple) has had minimal coverage, tiny photo, if anything blurred, usually all photographers have long lenses to capture things in close detail. Media trying to play down things ?

    I strongly suspect that the recent banner holders are fully paid up SNP members so expect many articles in the media on how furious Nicola is with them and of their expulsion from the Party by her, Aye Right !

    The SNP has called for Code of Conduct for the wider Yes Movement, patronising or what ! SNP members are bound by a code of conduct, in regard to that how about the SNP sort themselves out and be seen to be doing it !

  129. George Gannon says:

    Hi Rev, put up post yesterday afternoon, said it was in moderation, it has not appeared.

  130. Bob Mack says:

    Women seem to be expendale. If you introduced a Bill outlawing over 50 percent of dog breeds you would cause more uproar in the public than this Gender nonsense.

    I suppose it only affects you when you get bitten by it!

  131. sarah says:

    Is Jim Fairlie the answer to our troubles?

    He abstained once during the GRR process, and voted against the GRR Bill [I think].

    He is a new MSP who stands out in the farming community as being an independence supporter so he has a strong character, is intelligent, and must be well organised.

    He raised the point two years ago that Scotland’s Constitution is the route to independence, not Westminster. See Yours for Scotland blog today.

    We should be emailing him to advise that Murray Foote is lying – again – and that Jim could propose a rule change so an election be called via a majority vote.

  132. Jim Fairlie abstained during the process but voted against the bill itself.

  133. sarah says:

    @ Margaret: thanks for the confirmation of Jim Fairlie’s vote against the GRR Bill.

    What do you think – is he a champion for independence who can help us at Holyrood?

  134. Maureen says:

    If the rumours about who the SNP in Aberdeen have chosen to contest the Dyce, Bucksburn & Danestone by-election door chapping will be interesting.

  135. SusanAHF says:

    Not weirdo Mennie, Maureen? Will his mummy appear to berate me?

  136. John Main says:

    @Ronald Anderson 12:42

    Wow, you certainly dissected my facts-based points there, logically refuting each and every one of my conclusions.

    What’s your byline then? Through Ignorance to Independence? Maybes it will sound better translated.

  137. John Main says:

    Ruby deploys the ‘r’ word at 12:37, then takes cover, confidently expecting to see nothing left standing in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

    Soz Ruby.

  138. Maureen says:

    Maybe he’ll take her with him when he’s chapping doors for support.

  139. Sara
    I am not sufficiently in touch to be able to make such a forecast, I’m afraid. However, the reply I received from another MSP is relevant and perhaps encouraging in a way. The 9 so-called rebels in the SNP who voted against the Bill were working together, a much better tactic than being completely isolated as one individual.They stated that the support of the wider public including myself was so encouraging.
    There were also 2 Labour MSPs who voted against, so it is my opinion that it is definitely worthwhile to make an individual and respectful contact with our elected representatives.
    It does take time, but that is all I have these days. But this is the most serious situation I have experienced in a long lifetime.

  140. SusanAHF says:

    What a scary thought Maureen

  141. David Hannah says:

    Death threats in Gaelic made to JK Rowling and Rosie Duffield. A man fantasies about driving a car into a women’s rights group in Glasgow. Reportedly says he wants to kill JK Rowling with a hammer as he hates her so much.

    This is what happens when SNP MPs pose in front of violent threatening signs. They have fanned the flames of hatred against women and girls.

  142. David Hannah says:

    A paedophile convention will take to the streets to intimate women and girls on the 5th of February. Absolutely sickening.

    I read somewhere on twitter they are staying at the Crown Plaza.

    Someone should alert the hotel. Make sure they don’t tolerate the men in diapers brigade. Sickening what Sturgeon’s done to Scotland.

    Welcome to Scotland says Nicola.

  143. John Main says:

    @fruitella the hun 1:33

    You might enjoy the innarestin article on the Guardian Online “The Last Generation”, looking at the Chinese subversive “lying flat” philosophy that has captured many of their young people.

    Even the Chinese government now accepts their population is declining.

  144. Republicofscotland says:

    They’re going after your kids.

  145. David Hannah says:

    3rd – 6th Crown Plaza. Coming to intimate women and girls in Glasgow wearing their adult diapers. Disgusting.

    As advertised by the trans agressor that Holyrood applauded in the public gallery.

  146. Republicofscotland says:

    Here we go, the SNP MPs involved are now backtracking like a Ferrari in reverse gear.

    “Police are investigating after reports of “hateful signs” at a rally in protest against the UK Government’s blocking of Scottish gender recognition reforms.

    Hundreds of people gathered in Glasgow on Saturday to take part in the Rally for Trans Equality on Buchanan Street.”

  147. SusanAHF says:

    Just as an aside LGB people currently have equality. What’s being fought for now is privileges for the TQ+ perverts, hence all the talk about not “kink shaming” and trying to rebrand paedophiles as ” minor attracted persons”. Not in my name. L without the T is the way to go.

  148. David Hannah says:

    It gets worse. Libs of Tik Tok teachers has finally hit Scotland.

    School kid kicked out of class for saying there’s only two genders. Teacher going mental at him.

    Absolutely sickening.

  149. Daisy Walker says:

    OT – I’m writing to make you aware of what is beginning to look like a major public health issue.

    The following information is taken from Dr John Campbell’s You Tube channel. I highly recommend it, and bring it as a matter of urgency to the attention of the Alba Party. ( John Campbell’s CV is as a Nurse, Staff Nurse, Nursing Teacher and Science based Doctorate). This episode takes its figures from the Actuaries figures.

    A person in the funeral business in the Lothian area anecdotally can confirm the following: Funerals are running at double the numbers at this time of year than normal, there are zero mortuary slabs available throughout the whole of Scotland, such is the shortage, they are bringing back the mobile freezers they hired (but fortunately did not need during Covid). As the Booster Vax is rolled out town by town in this area, within the following 2 months there is a spike in sudden deaths in people who had no ongoing health issues, many of them young, from sudden heart attacks, specifically in these towns.

    I then contacted a former colleague who is now retrained within the health service – at a training course the Consultant Cardiologist told them, ‘I can’t prove it, but my workload has gone through the roof since the vaccine roll out and not due to Covid’. I’ve heard from another source that – in Scotland – serious cardiac incidents are up by 25% (however I cannot locate my source for this information at the moment).

    As the data becomes available, there now appears to be a responsible and pressing need for formal enquiry.

    Dr John Campbell’s video link is below and the stats from same written out.

    In 2022, 7.8% more young adults died than in 2019, this is outrageous and demands an official (credible) explanation…

    Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) is publishing frequent UK mortality analysis Today’s updates cover week 1 of 2023 (to 6 January)

    Mortality for 2022 as a whole was 4.5% higher than 2019,

    but 7.8% lower than in 2020

    2.2% lower than in 2021 – both Covid peak years.

    There is a striking difference in how mortality rates in 2022 compare to 2019 at different ages

    2.5% higher for ages 75-84

    7.8% higher for ages 20-44

    In the UK, there have been around 155,300 more deaths from all causes than expected from the start of the pandemic to 6 January 2023

    Of these 72,900 occurred in 2020

    47,500 in 2021

    31,000 in 2022

    In the UK, the second half of 2022 26,300 excess deaths, compared to 4,700 in the first half of 2022

    The number of deaths registered in England & Wales in week 1 of 2023 3,437 higher than if mortality rates had been the same as in week 1 of 2019;

    equivalent to 30% more deaths than expected

    Cobus Daneel, Chair of the CMI Mortality Projections Committee, ‘Although weekly excess mortality in the second half of 2022 wasn’t nearly as high as the peaks earlier in the pandemic, it was persistent.’

    This led to more excess deaths in the second half of 2022 than in the second half of any year since 2010. Excess mortality has been particularly high recently with more than 7,000 excess deaths over the three weeks to 6 January 2023.

    Folks, we have a problem. Also, what is it about Campbells coming to the rescue with hard facts. Thank goodness for them and their like. Keep well folks.

  150. fruitella the hun says:

    John Main says:
    22 January, 2023 at 5:57 pm
    @fruitella the hun 1:33

    You might enjoy the innarestin article on the Guardian Online “The Last Generation”, looking at the Chinese subversive “lying flat”

    Yes, I’ve known couples here who have not had kids for the same reasons. I never mentioned population policies but even the vague smell of it tends to bring communists out in hives (unless they are Chinese). I’m not persuaded that any of the predicted population fall-offs will bring down carbon generation levels to a desirable figure. Eco-damage rises with economic growth and is now critical. Business as usual is not an option, however much traditional nationalists want it to be.

  151. fruitella the hun says:

    John Main

    My reply to you was pre-moderated – don’t know why. If it doesn’t turn up tomorrow I’ll draft another on this thread.

  152. Cactus says:

    Times were simpler when everybody was one of either HLGB only.

    “It’s just a ride”

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