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The turncoat

Posted on June 02, 2018 by

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    42 to “The turncoat”

    1. cearc says:


    2. Robert Louis says:

      Just when you think Chris Cairns has made his best ever cartoon, he produces this. What a truly magnificent concise representation of the mendacious nature of Current events and British colonial rule of Scotland. Excellent.

      Well done.

      Make no mistake, the Tories will sell out our whisky industry.

    3. Dorothy Devine says:

      That’s a perfect wee snit of a british nationalist.

    4. Bobp says:

      They’ll sell out the whisky industry , the food industry, the fishing industry, the farming industry. Then when there’s nothing left to sell and Scotland is an impoverished northern region of England, will the PSB’S finally have the scales removed from their eyes. Still they can always fly their flegs and beat their lambegs when the arse is hanging out their trousers.

    5. Fillofficer says:

      Scotch will not be top o the list, I fear.
      The big carrot is the NHS which the vile UK gov are desperate to sell off.
      I can’t help thinking that the whole Brexit shitstorm was caused by the collapse of the TTIP negotiations.
      We must be freed

    6. Robert Louis says:

      Fillofice at 0751am,

      Aye, the NHS will be high on the list. You only need to observe how Tories have changed their language regarding the health service. They no longer talk of private companies, but rather prefer to use the term ‘the independent health sector’. They only talk about healthcare being ‘free at the point of delivery’, so that doesn’t mean publicly owned, i.e it could be private.

      The NHS in England is currently being very rapidly privatised on a piecemeal basis. The Tories know that it cannot be done all at once, as people would object, so they are doing it bit by bit. Once complete, they will simply say, look, for heavens sake, what difference does it make, these ‘independent sector’ (private) healthcare companies have been doing this for years, and doing it very well, etc.. etc..

    7. Joe says:

      Love your work Reverend.

    8. Breeks says:

      Aye, the UK there, trying to deliver the maximum the price on alcohol…

    9. Shamur says:

      Don’t forget our Water.

    10. Bob Mack says:

      How accurate chris. Britain has become the wee barra who holds their coats and fawns over the winner, failing to realise it loses either way. A joke nation reduced to sycophancy to survive.

    11. starlaw says:

      Robert louis 8.29

      N H S will be sold off piece meal, that’s the way Westminster works they did this with British Leyland, North British Steel, Rosyth Royal Navy base ,RAF Leuchars etc, all were closed section by section, Squadron by Squadron, and ships sailing out and never returning. Ambulances in England already appear to belong to an American Company. Licensed Fishing fleet will only operate from Grimsby, the processing factories are already moving there. If it can be sold … it will.

    12. Street Andrew says:

      Spot-on, Chris.

      Hole in one. (But you don’t have to buy everyone a pint !!)

    13. Les Wilson says:

      Oh how those who think they were mighty, have fallen.

    14. Garrioch David says:

      Good debate in the Euro Parliament which Westminster would do well to follow.

      The new tarriffs are a way of getting TTIP back on the agenda. Look out NHS if we go along the US route.

    15. Grouse Beater says:

      For some reason, Chris, I had to look for your signature so unsure was I the cartoon is the work of another cartoonist. I think it’s the characters that threw me.

      You’re essential weekend reading:
      A tilt at the Growth Report:
      Scotland’s Powers explained:

    16. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent image. Most of all the diminutive UKOK wanting to swap affiliation with the big players.

      Scotland doesn’t want (understatement) to leave the EU then end up with a TTIP style deal. Destruction of NHSS and shops full of food which is currently condemned as unfit for human consumption.

    17. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Bit of exercise this morning. Opened my National. Extracted the Bella Caledonia magazine. Threw it in the bin. (Wonder if I can get my 20p back?)

      Sat back and enjoyed my National,particularly the long and informative interview with Andrew Wilson.

      I retain my strong reservations about presenting the Growth Commission Report in this way but as I make my way through it it is very impressive in its presentation and the very well articulated position on the currency has actually removed the potentially damaging “currency question”.

    18. heraldnomore says:

      Ditto DMH, but after reading Cameron McNeish.

      The Wilson interview was excellent. Look forward to second instalment on Monday.

    19. Meg merrilees says:


      The NHS in England has already been sold off- leastways, large chunks of it.

      Google Richard Branson and the NHS and you’ll be shocked how much he now owns – apparently ‘they’ have decided to keep the NHS uniforms just now so that patients don’t get confused even though Branson is running the business.

      On top of that, there has been a plan implemented whereby most if not every hospital has had to sell off any unused land and buildings to raise cash, SO now that the ‘family silver’ has been sold for 30 pieces of silver and probably most of it languishes at sea on the yachts of Tory Grandees the government, which has presided over the biggest performance drop ever through lack of funding, has come up with the plan to increase taxes to ‘save the NHS’.

      Of course, most people will readily hand over more cash to preserve our magnificent NHS but the question which no-one is asking is
      ‘What has happened to all the cash that was raised from Branson’s purchases and from the asset stripping?’

      Meanwhile, on a daily basis, non UK nurses doctors and other essential staff are leaving the country because of Brexit and others trying to come here are being denied visas.

      Shambles? Yip!

      Brilliant cartoon Chris, if ‘ Madame Europaea’ had red hair I would swear she was modelled on Sam Heughan from Outlander.

    20. Meg merrilees says:

      Hope the March is as stunning a sight in Dumfries today as it was a few weeks back in Glasgow.

      What do you bet there’ll be more ‘Union Jackery’ or will they just run and hide under the nearest stone?

      ‘It’s coming for a’ that’ and we’re the generation being gifted the ‘Opporchancity ‘ to set the Unicorn free.

      Dance your way through the streets into history. Proud to be YES.

    21. Brian Powell says:

      A little bloated man does sum up England these days.

    22. Calum McKay says:

      Whisky, salmon, steel, fish and a host of other iconic Scottish industries will be negatively impacted by brexit!

      That hasn’t stopped Davisdon jumping to the pro brexit camp, it’s a crucular and recurring disscussion, but where are the Scottish press regards the many stances of Davidson?

      Davidson and Foster share many traits, one being the press give them a free ride! Why?

    23. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Thats excellent Chris.

      Agree with others NHS and Scottish Water will be sold when Labour or Tories get in up here, I dont think theres much else left to sell.

      Selling the NHS and Scottish water will allow greater flexibility in obtaining investment then both organisations can pay their CEOs much more money and Tory shareholders will sing nice songs like were in the money.

      The proles should not complain because we will get new curtains in the cubicles in hospitals and as the private water companies wont invest in new infrastructure no more roads dug up, win for all.

    24. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      What we have to do now is force Davidson and Leonard up against a wall on whether we are entitled to have another referendum and make them oppose our democratic right (as enshrined in the United Nations Charter).

    25. Jim Clark says:

      I have long wondered how many Leavers would be happy as the 51st state. At least they speak English (almost) unlike Johnnie the foreigners in France, Germany, Italy, etc.

    26. yerkitbreeks says:

      Westminster would do well to look at the Euro Parliament debate on the new tariffs – possibly a ruse to re-kindle the TTIP programme.

      Bearing in mind what that entails for our Scottish NHS, pity John Bull is looking to his left !!

    27. Andy-B says:

      Nice one Chris, Europa looks like she’s up to the task.

    28. louis.b.argyll says:

      Anyone remember the stats/article relating to –


      Brexit will give PRIVATISATION the levers needed to escape PROTECTED AND RING-FENCED
      essential services, it’s disgusting ELITIST profiteering, disguised as DEMOCRACY.

    29. msean says:

      Good one!

    30. Artyhetty says:

      Great image Chris, hard hitting, and sad but true message.

      Re; Jason Smoothpiece@11am

      ‘I don’t think there’s much else left to sell’. Oh there’s plenty left to sell, exploit and squander alright, especially in Scotland. That’s our whole problem, Scotland is no subsidy junkie, quite the opposite, and the Britnats know that perfectly well.

      The gold miners are moving in, we have masses of land, and sea, and renewable energy.

      England has been ruined for most people, and even London landfill sites are full. Most of England have reduced their recycling so they are chucking their rubbish into landfill, again. Scotland has done the opposite, which is how it should be.

      The britnats in south of England will be rubbing their dirty scheming hands together at the thought of exploiting and selling off Scotland, not just the Whisky, or oil.

      They will lay waste to Scotland, Scotland’s land and sea, and people, if we don’t break out of their clutches. No doubt deals have already be made with their dodgy pals around the globe, but it’s still not too late for Scotland, much to their annoyance.

      In Edinburgh it’s the Meadows festival this weekend all, there are SNP and Indy stalls, if anyone can make it along. Have a good weekend Wingers!

    31. Nana says:

      Excellent cartoon as always Mr Cairns.

      March starting in a few minutes

      Links on previous thread for anyone interested

    32. Jack Murphy says:

      Thanks Nana for that link. 🙂
      Altogether there are four Cams!
      Another link to the four Cams at the March: 🙂

    33. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It’s a big bad world out there, as Trumpamerica First is now demonstrating, and what price are the Leavers going to pay now for getting their illusory “control” back?

      It was always staringly obvious that many of those Tories who railed publicly against the “EU federal superstate” were always secretly hankering to belong to the real federal superstate across the Atlantic.

      Not to forget all those green ink letters to the National decrying the EU as a conspiracy against the people. Well, nothing’s perfect, but now we’ll be thoroughly asset-stripped instead unless we do something about it pretty damn quick.

    34. Orri says:

      The NHS will not be sold off. Like everything else that can be rendered out to public contract it’ll be. With the same potential for disaster as when cleaning was. As has been mentioned there are those in power who can arrange things so the companies they’ve links with benefit and they get their cut.

      Long story short, they’ll try to con is with the idea that the NHS would be cheaper if sub contracted to the lowest bidder. True if wages and standards are pushed to the floor so the owners get their slice of the pie.

    35. Auld Rock says:

      If anyone is still in any doubt that ‘Private’ is best and ‘Public’ is shit then take a look at the current balls-up on the railways, with all their computers they can’t even produce a workable timetable. Many years ago I met an old boy who was responsible for producing the old BR, Southern Region Timetable and he did by one, having a photo-graphic memory and reams upon reams of paper —– but it worked!!!

    36. Jack Murphy says:

      Independence Livestream.

      March for Indy in Dumfries TODAY.

      Gathering and start of March is now Archived and available to view here. 🙂

    37. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Jack Murphy –

      Cheers for the link.

      Great stuff, very moving indeed.


    38. Dan Huil says:

      Excellent cartoon on britnat desperation

    39. Robert Peffers says:

      @Shamur says: 2 June, 2018 at 8:46 am:

      “Don’t forget our Water.”

      We may forget it but they won’t, Shamur.

      I meant to comment a couple of days ago there was an item on the BBC text service that the MSM have been quite reticent about. The item briefly mentioned a study had predicted a shortage of water would affect England by 2050. Now England is already stealing Welsh water and The Boris was blethering on about a water main between Scotland and England a while back.

      There is little doubt they have their eyes of Scottish water.

      We need out of this unequal union as soon as we can get a majority of Scots to tell the Kingdom of England to Push Off.(did I spell that right?)

    40. gus1940 says:

      RP @2.58

      I don’t mind them having our water as long as they pay for it – after all we have plenty of the stuff.

      Some time ago I suggested that Scotland should build a national water grid not only to eliminate the occasional local shortage but with extensions to the border at Gretna and Berwick so that we could sell our surplus to England provided that it did not handicap our own requirements at any time of drought.

      Scotland’s needs first every time.

      It would be a nice wee earner as the only competition would be France and they wouldn’t be over generous to our beloved Poms.+

    41. gus1940 says:

      Let England pay for the construction 100% of our water grid although the grid would be wholly owned by Scottish Water.

      Perhaps we could be generous and offer them a discount for a few years to help pay for the construction costs.

      In the long term 100% of the cost of maintenance of 100% of the grid would be included in what we charge them.

    42. Orri says:

      Speaking of water mains.

      England has a notoriously poor water infrastructure that leaks like sieve. Privatisation was introduced as a means of introducing private capital in order to address the waste of an increasingly scarce resource. Something that, incredible as it may seem, never happened.

      Given that it’s already buggered would the micro tremors and shifts fraking introduced make all that difference? In Scotland it’s a different story. Deliberately engaging in activity that could cause a loss of water isn’t a route we’d want to go down. Especially if we could sell our excess to a country bent on self destruction.

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