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The Taking Of Holyrood 129

Posted on May 09, 2021 by

So here’s your majority:

And we know because they told us.

It only took a matter of hours for two million votes for independence to be hijacked as endorsements for trans ideology.

This piece of Wildean wit was Stewart McDonald’s “humour”, btw:

(He defended it indignantly and “unapologetically” for a few hours, then deleted it.)

McDonald and Black, of course, owe their entire lucrative Westminster careers to Alex Salmond, but gratitude and decency are alien concepts to the modern SNP.

Spear doesn’t owe Salmond her political career, because she doesn’t have one. Every time she tries to get herself elected the SNP membership recoils in total horror. But we already know that her claim of Nicola Sturgeon delivering a “consistent increase in support for independence” is absolute hogwash. Support for independence is exactly where it was when Sturgeon came to power on the back of Alex Salmond’s leadership and mentoring six and a half years ago, despite the sort of favourable political circumstances Salmond could only have dreamed of being handed.

Indeed, Sturgeon’s failure to win an absolute majority on Thursday was by any sort of detached and fair analysis a rotten performance. Up against two wet-behind-the-ears new branch office managers in Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar, following on from two of the most ineffectual ones in Scottish history (Jackson Carlaw and Reinhard Leinster, if you’ve already forgotten their names), and contrasting herself with the most unpopular UK Tory leader in 40 years – a man mired in corruption and responsible for over 120,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic – Sturgeon needed a net gain of just TWO seats to win an absolute majority, and still couldn’t manage it.

In any event, Sturgeon had already disavowed any notion of votes for the SNP at the election being votes for a second indyref, but just for her personally.

GLENN CAMPBELL: What are [voters] meant to do if they want you but don’t want independence?

NICOLA STURGEON: They should vote for me.

But none of that matters, because Sturgeon never needed or really wanted a majority of either seats or votes. Between them the SNP and Greens can comfortably achieve everything that they actually intend to achieve, which is the furtherance of a social-engineering agenda based around Queer Theory and enforced by “hate crime” law.

She’s already signalled that there won’t even be any kind of token attempt to pursue independence until 2023, and if and when that happens it’ll be swallowed up in legal conflict until the next UK election in 2024, at which point the SNP will of course plead for one more mandate and another lovely term of opposition in the Commons for the likes of Blackman, McDonald and Black.

In the meantime the legal concept of a woman will have been abolished, Queer Theory will be enshrined in Scots law and dissenters intimidated into silence by the threat of prosecution and ruination, with Alex Salmond having been made the example.

The tweets above couldn’t make that analysis any more obvious. Now that they’ve got your votes and secured their seats and their real agenda for a few more years, the SNP are barely even bothering to pretend.

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310 to “The Taking Of Holyrood 129”

  1. kapelmeister says:

    Oh aye. Scotland rejected the party it never got to hear from in the campaign. They don’t do logic in the SNP and Greens these days.

  2. panda paws says:

    “Now that they’ve got your votes and secured their seats”

    They didn’t get my votes. Either of them. They do not speak for me.

  3. Aulbea1 says:

    Emigration it is, then – only regret I did not go sooner.

  4. Daisy Walker says:

    If you decide to take a break – and god knows you’ve earned it – and then come back – the information you provide may no longer be ‘publishable’ without criminal law repercussions.

    I would be very grateful to receive the information you provide via e-mail.

    By standing up for womens rights, as a political party – Alba have painted an international target on their backs, and hope in many peoples hearts.

    One reason the public are sleepwalking into this, is that there are so few trans people in the world, that much of this new bonkers legislation doesn’t affect them – yet.

    Another thing Alba has done – is give avenue for the Yes Movement to come out and play. And that is incredible.

  5. Lady Lyon says:

    Knew they’d use this an endorsement despite many of us saying before the election that it wouldn’t be. Don’t know if there’s a way to force them to reveal the full horror of their plans and stop it because many have no idea what’s behind the sweet sugar coating they sell it as. Who’d have guessed a few years we’d be urging the opposition to fight against them. Crazy times

  6. J.o.e says:

    How many genders am I holding up, Winston?

  7. Luigi says:

    That is the most horrific cartoon ever. Stuff of nightmares. Well it seems the lunatics are doubling down – ungracious in their pyrrhic victory,they now seem really desperate for ALBA and As to go away. All the more reason to stick around. 🙂

  8. kapelmeister says:

    Stewart McDonald is the laughing placeman.

  9. ClanDonald says:

    Just found this (very) long thread on twitter showing the utterly horrifying state of the SNP, it really does appear to have morphed into a Men’s Sexual Rights Movement, just like the Green Party. I knew about quite a lot of this but I’m struggling to take all this in when you see it all at once in one place:

  10. Red says:

    and dissenters intimidated into silence by the threat of prosecution and ruination,

    So they think.

    I’m not a public figure like our host, or Alex Salmond, or Craig Murray, or Manny Singh. Never wanted to be, the only thing that got me interested in politics was independence. Probably not as brave as any of those men either.

    But I’m not going to tell lies, or shut up, just because the law says so. And, as a father with school aged weans, I’m probably going to have to do Dad stuff when the regime tries to fill my children’s heads with Queer Theory in the guise of “education”.

    I don’t think I’m unusual. And they can’t jail us all even if they wanted to. And if they did, well, even Nelson Mandela went to prison.

    So, they’re on tae plums. Scotland doesn’t belong to the SNP or the Greens. It belongs to us.

  11. Effigy says:

    People like Spear can’t do joined up thinking
    or Arithmetic.

    She is only a diagnosed mental disorder away from
    being a prime SNP candidate.

  12. Willie says:

    Sturgeon is a failure. The SNP are a minority party and 1,094,300 list votes were cast to achieve two seats.

    The wee wummin is going no where. Johnson and Westminster will dismiss her, wiper her off their shoes.

    This is not success. But it could have been. And the 1.1 million wasted votes. Well that’s what she campaigned for. Suck it up folks, just suck it up, good times are here again

  13. Franky says:

    If only we knew of this Perverted stuff BEFORE the election,,,oh wait…

    Hands up if you voted this shower back in?

    C’mon, be honest!!!

    Now, do you feel like the biggest arsehole in the place?

    Roll on 2031, when we might have a chance of getting indyRef2 up and running.

    By the time we get all the official bumf out of the way, Scotland might be able to call herself an independent nation by about 2034.

    It’ll fly in.

  14. Ron Maclean says:


    The Constitution of the Scottish National Party

    The Party

    1 Name
    The Party’s name is the Scottish National Party.

    2 Aims
    The aims of the Party are—

    (a)  Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the people of Scotland to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment. ?
    (b)  the furtherance of all Scottish interests.


  15. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The more visible these characters become, the harder it is for them to hide and/or escape debate.

    They managed to get through the whole election campaign without having to do a head-to-head with anyone from forwomenscot e.g. Marion Calder. The closest we saw to that was when Patrick Harvie ignored her during a phone-in.

    If Alba is a truly welcoming space for those opposed to the madness then word will spread quickly. The June conference is a nice target – by then the disappointment will have receded and the public generally will be noticing that the SNP/Greens can’t and won’t ‘do’ debate on the issue. That’s an unsustainable position.

  16. PhilM says:

    If Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear ever get their desired meeting with Mi5, these two and their new friends can all have a big old laugh in their bunker at the statesman who got us within a whisker of independence. Birds of a feather…

  17. Robert Graham says:

    well fk me this is going to be interesting eh

    I wonder if the SNP voters will still be smiling when they find out what a bunch of fkn weirdos they have just voted for .

    This is the first time in my life I haven’t voted for the SNP and all this shite thats been hidden will start to come out all the stuff this lot have carefully hidden because it would sicken people they are intent in changing society whether you like it or not , the future aint bright its fkn scarey

  18. Andy Ellis says:

    I’m too old to emigrate. I moved back to Scotland in 2018 after 25 years in England full of hope that before too long I’d see an independent Scotland. I’m resigned now to it not happening before I retire which is still 5 or 10 years away (more likely 10 given economic circumstances). If I had Irish grandparents I’d have taken Irish citizenship: sadly my Irish ancestry is further back than that!

    My advice to younger Scots who are not happy with the direction of travel of the SNP and Green parties is to think hard whether you want to make alternative arrangements. Either the prospect of staying in Scotland as part of broken Britain, or seeing independence under the SNP and Greens, fills me with horror.

    I’m luckier than most to be reasonably secure and not have to worry about a mortgage or young children. I’ll play my part in the next few years as an Alba member to try and change the current direction of travel, but it’s hard today not to feel disheartened particularly as it was a train wreck some of us could see coming and warned about long since.

    Sadly it seems the general population is only going to learn from bitter experience. Whether they rise to the challenge, or sink back into the kind of torpor we see in England in the face of the Tories remains to be seen. The New SNP is little different to New Labour. We can only hope that like Labour the SNP will end up eating itself from within.

  19. Lorna Campbell says:

    Great result for the SNP leadership and handmaidens of both sexes who will now be able to suck the marrow out of Scotland for another five years while their ally at Westminster, Johnson, dismantles devolution around them. But that was the plan anyway, wasn’t it? Nicola Sturgeon, the feminist, having destroyed all that she surveys for independistas and for her own sex, will skip off into sunnier climes at an enhanced remuneration once she has handed her crown over to the crown prince/princess. That will be her legacy.

    Literally, what they have done, with the help of the electorate for whom they show scant respect, is: 1. probably ensured that Scotland will never leave the Union except by force of arms in the future, a la Northern Ireland, and who wants that?; 2. that the most controversial policies ever to disgrace a British administration of any hue will be pushed through with the help of the Green trans warriors, and, although eventually, the whole stinking mess will explode all over the place, it will be too late for women and girls. Thi stuff is, again literally, a rapists’ and paedophiles’ charter. That will emerge, but too late, as per.

    I don’t know about others, but I am so sick of politicians who grow fat on milking the public milch cow while they force divisive and brutal policies on us – a la Blair. I want these bloated creatures to take responsibility for the misery and pain they cause. Instead of a Nuremberg-style bringing to account after the fact, it makes far greater sense and a greater impact on these soulless, political ghouls if they are forced to take personal responsibility for their ‘crimes against humanity’ before the fact. Scottish independence, and women and girls are now shafted by these people.

    As for that poor excuse for a human being, Stewart McDonald, let his dick fall off. It’s evidently where his brain resides. He can always transition into a ‘woman’ – not just any woman, but a real Scottish woman. It’s easy, thanks to his party The handmaidens, Mhairi Black and Kirsty Blackman, are a disgrace to their sex and we won’t forget it.

  20. Athanasius says:

    People as insane as this will obviously destroy themselves in time, but the question is, how much damage will they do first?

  21. Stella says:

    Luigi, glad you like my cartoon, even if it’s “horrific”.
    You can see my earlier cartoon, “The dream being poisoned” here:

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    Yeah there’s a bit of gloating going on.

    I think the result suits Sturgeon the Betrayer, she has the Greens to fall back on and she can now get on with her day job of continually selling Scotland out.

    The majority of the folk in Scotland don’t even know what they’ve done by reelecting Sturgeon the Betrayer, and shunning the Alba party with help from the anti-Scottish media.

    A similar scenario happened in England when the electorate rejected Corbyn, Johnson went on to, and continues to reek havoc.

    The next five years will see Scottish women’s rights diminished and replaced by trans/crossdressers, and COPFS will enforce this via the ever obedient Police Scotland.

    It will be five years of Dante’s purgatory.

  23. Mia says:

    “Alex Salmond lost us independence back in 2014”

    And so did Sturgeon. Was she not right in the middle of it?

    I still remember like today her faux tears when on 16 June 2014 she approached a lectern to present the draft of Scotland’s constitution.

    She clearly has forgotten all about it because its opening line was:

    “In Scotland, the people are sovereign.”

    Ms Sturgeon however poo pooed all over that opening line of the constitution she was “so emotional” to present when for the last 6 years she chose to let our perfectly legitimate mandate for indyref from 2016 to expire, she chose to use our pro indy votes to preserve the union, she chose to go against the expressed democratic will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU by allowing Johnson to force Brexit on us without resistance and she used our SNP votes to hand England MPs our powers.

    So Ms Spears would do well to actually think before she speaks rubbish, because Mr Salmond may have lost a referendum but AT LEAST SHE GAVE US THE CHANCE TO VOTE ON ONE. The only thing Sturgeon has given us, besides losing Mr Salmond’s referendum, is toxic policies, erosion of females’ rights, division, waste of majorities and mandates and erosion of our sovereignty and erosion of our democracy.

  24. Matt Seattle says:

    49.5 % rather than 50% plus pro-Independence votes – possibly because many Independence supporters could not, despite Alec’s encouragement, vote for SNP with a clear conscience.

  25. Scott says:

    Rev, please say that there is still some kind of hope for us out there. I’m really struggling to find anything to be positive about at the moment… 🙁

  26. Spear,Black,Blackman and Sturgeon are what are called in the feminist and lesbian community as Handmaidens of the Patriarchy,

    even during the time of the suffragettes there were woman who supported the patriarchy and against female votes,

    called Anti-suffragism.

  27. Famous15 says:

    Some musings on the Tory MSP’s.

    Annie Wells is made to look like a genius.

    Russel Finlay,brave investigative journalist,is handed a scoop per day.

    D Ross will have a permanent smug smile.


  28. AnneDon says:

    That’s how it works, isn’t it? A woman destroys womens’ rights, Labour destroy working class society, Conservatives don’t conserve anything, and the SNP destroy the yes movement.

    I’ve actually closed down my twitter account. I was almost crying last night at the triumphalism and ignorance of Sturgeon loyalists. They have destroyed the united Yes movement for petty parliamentary careers, and they’re actually proud of it. Loyalty to the party is more important than belief in the cause, and they won’t work with anyone who doesn’t bend the knee to their beliefs. I actually saw SNP folk on twitter saying they wouldn’t support AUOB because they weren’t SNP supporters, despite AUOB not taking a position on any independence party.

    Robin McAlpine told us in 2016 that the SNP couldn’t win independence without the Yes movement, but the Yes movement couldn’t win without the SNP.

    The SNP no longer have independence as a priority, so we’ll have to hope he was wrong about the second.

    I’ll lick my wounds for a few days. Then I’ll either get on with my life, or hope that Now Scotland take the initiative. If we can get 3.5% of the population onto the streets, we can effect change.

    But we’ll be demonised all the way by the so-called “leaders” of our movement.

  29. Gman1424 says:

    Unfortunately, you are spot on Rev. I’m 56 and won’t ever see independence for myself and it’ll be up to my children’s generation to decide if they wish to pursue this ambition and dream for our country?

    What I do know is this generation of SNP politicians don’t have a hope in hell of achieving independence. Even this morning, NS was risible on the Marr show discussing a Scottish currency and central bank and she’s had since 2014 to put together something vaguely credible, but can’t be arsed to do that.

    It’s all soundbites and bollox, she’s timid, fearful and lacks the necessary leadership skills and vision to actually challenge the UK Government and take the rest of Scotland with her.

    As for Alba, because there’s fcuk all else to do, I’m sticking with them, mainly because it’ll allow me an opportunity to annoy like fuck, goons like Spear, MacDonald, Black and all the rest of them.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the very best of success.

  30. Wee Chid says:

    OK – so I’ve just spoken to “Both votes SNP” voters who don’t trust Alex Salmond because he “admitted to bad behaviour” but would trust Nicola Sturgeon with women’s rights much more. When I pointed out that Sturgeon was for self ID. was willing to throw women under the bus and that the SNP wanted to stand Mridul on a female only ticket (they don’t agree with his appointment to ERCC) I got the “Can’t discuss politics with you” line. People just don’t seem to want to hear a bad word said against the Wokemeister General – who, by the way , they still think will deliver indy – or “she is finished”. Tried to point out the damage that could be done by her and Harvey in that time but “It will sort itself out after independence”. I could f*****g cry.

  31. Mia says:

    Let the gloating continue. It is bound to make more than one sick.

    The SNP and Green voters had a chance to refuse this and the majority chose not to. Well, so be it. Whatever damage these toxic policies do from now on will have to be in the SNP2 and Green2 voters’ consciences and their consciences alone.

    At least we know that 50,000 yes voters (if you are to believe the result of this election, which I don’t) were brave enough to stand up to the SNP by voting ALBA. It is a start and a big one. 50,000 votes is not insignificant (even when I am convinced ALBA got many more). In some constituencies they got even more votes than the libdems. We will do better in the council elections and even better in the GE 2024, because there is no doubt allergic to independence Sturgeon and Harvie will still keep us trapped in the union by then without having moved even an inch forward.

    As the time passes us by and the scale of Nicola Sturgeon’s and her praetorian guard’s deception becomes evident, that number is only going to increase.

    My conscience is clear. My list vote was for ALBA and a direct rejection to those toxic policies and to Sturgeon’s deliberate kicking the can of independence down the road.

    As far as I am concerned, when somebody approaches me in the future and moans about these toxic polices, my response will be blunt: you should have voted against it when you were given the chance by choosing ALBA. Now it is the time to live with your choices or fight against it by rejecting the SNP and voting ALBA from now on. The choice is in your hands.

  32. oneliner says:

    Alas, Alex Salmond’s mid-life crisis was aired in public by a gloating media who were unable or unwilling to report objectively on his successful defence. Sadly, I fear that will continue to impinge upon any positive perception of the Alba Party.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s mid-life crisis (court injunctions notwithstanding) is centred on (forced?) errors of constitutional management. She will continue to walk a tightrope until one end gives. The fact that she is supported by clowns like Spear and MacDonald only increases the slack.

  33. LaingB French says:

    5 more years of mutton feeders and their flocks of meh! what a waste of time and effort to teach the electorate the strange political voting system and how to take advantage of it tactically but instead they resort to enjoy the meadow grass and bleat incoherent noises.
    welcome to the corrupt state of snp run Scotland.

  34. Mia says:

    “I could f*****g cry”

    Don’t. It is wasted tears. We have to let the things follow its course (give them enough rope…). The time will come when you can tell them: “tried to tell you so, but you chose not to listen. Are you ready to listen now?” And have no doubt, that day will come.

    There is only so far somebody can go with their fingers in their ears and their eyes closed.

  35. Doug says:

    If the SNP leadership doesn’t deliver independence during this parliament’s lifetime they will rightly go down in history as ("Tractor" - Ed)s to Scotland.

  36. susanXX says:

    True Stu, but thoroughly depressing. What a bunch of small minded cunts the SNP have become. TRAs/MRAs are doctrinaire perverts and the SNP and Greens are full of them. I’ll stick with Alba, a party grounded in reality.

  37. Wendy says:

    The reason I didn’t vote for the SNP is that doing so endorses any policies, good or bad that they push through.

    They are no longer to be trusted, especially the FM, who is a liar, a manipulator and captain of the gravy train. She fooled all the poor dumb souls who couldn’t be bothered to find out how their own country actually works, voting-wise.

    This election had shown that at the moment, independence under the SNP would be a mistake.

  38. Duchess says:

    This may be the last time I bother voting. I might give my vote as a proxy to someone I trust to vote sensibly, but I’m done. Scotland doesn’t give a shit about women. Scotland’s mother’s, wives, sisters and daughters are being told day after day that our safety and dignity are not important, that our rights and needs make us “bigots”, that we choose our lot by wearing the wrong costume, that crimes committed against us by rapists and nonces are our crimes because they say so, and now this: a million votes for misogyny. I see the SNP 1&2 lot are already claiming they didn’t vote for self ID or whatever other insane degenerate bollocks the SNP will do now. Do you people not have eyes and ears? Or do you just not have a spine between you? Anyone looking sees what you voted for and it’s not independence. Doubly so for those who voted Green.

    I was a strong Yes. I am wavering. If I wanted what some of these woke shitheads appear to want I would simply move to the wonderful progressive rainbow eutopia that is Iran. That is the kind of country they appear to want Scotland to be. Hell mend them.

  39. Mungo Armstrong says:

    Doesn’t really gift Boris Johnson the “moral high ground” 40% of Labour voters are pro Indy etc. But aye they’ll certainly spin it that way. But then they just spin anything however they like.

  40. 100%Yes says:

    I’m sure Mr Salmond is quite happy for the SNP to now delivery a referendum and win it, after all Sturgeon can’t afford to lose two and neither can Angus Robertson nor the SNP. Laugh for now (SNP) but I’m sure it won’t last for long not if Westminster has anything to do with it, you might just end up wishing (SNP) had Alex Salmond on its side.

  41. Stephen says:

    Blackford said today on LBC that Scotland will not go the wildcat independence route but will approach London in the “constitutional” way.
    Boris says that he will reject this request if it is made.
    Gove has now said that there will be talks.

    This is all stage managed with London knowing that the SNP leadership do not want independence.

    This is a parlour game designed to kid the Scottish electorate.

  42. Saffron Robe says:

    And so the status quo is maintained allowing the SNP to proceed with their sinister agenda and offer no defence to Westminster’s aggression.

    It looks as though Nikola Tesla’s prophesy is about to come true:

    “You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.”

  43. Stoker says:

    Rhiannon Spear, the serial liar & loser, states “Alex Salmond lost us independence back in 2014…”

    Would that be the same team Sturgeon & her Stasi were all a part of? No point in asking just how thick Spear is, she should be renamed Rhiannon Dumbell. And for her information it was largely down to a discredited & corrupt media that we lost it. A discredited & corrupt media that she, and all the other Sturgeon sycophants, continues to promote and financially support. And not a penny given to pro-indy outlets. She conveniently forgets the final 2 weeks of the campaign where ‘Yes’ started putting the willies up the ‘No’ camp. A day of reckoning will come for them all and we will never forget their part.

    And in other “news” – I see Downing Street still showing they have the measure of egomaniac Sturgeon. Our election results weren’t even complete when they retained the initiative and got the BBC to announce a grand (empty) gesture by inviting Sturgeon to a “DEVOLUTION SUMMIT”.

    Playing straight to her thirst for publicity and need to feel important whilst making it look as though they take devolution seriously. The headline was, as you can expect, utterly misleading because it’s apparently to discuss the financial impact of the pandemic and our joint way out of it. Not a hint about the damage being done due to Brexit.

    Sturgeon of course will jump at the chance to get in front of the cameras again and a largely unsuspecting public will fall for this Brexit cover-up deception both Sturgeon and her London pals are spinning. A grand empty gesture indeed but Sturgeon’s that far up her own arse she can’t see Gove & Co are dribbling rings around her and making her look more of a lapdog than Blair was to Bush.

  44. JGedd says:

    Most ordinary voters do not pay much attention to what’s in a manifesto anyway. They vote on the basis of usually one issue and vague impressions filtered by the media.

    I spoke to some ordinary folk, people with busy lives that I guessed correctly had little interest in politics – and it was really depressing. The issues surrounding the Salmond case, revealing the internal corruption and authoritarianism of The SNP had not made any impression on them at all. The media did an excellent job because since they professed not to follow the news either in the press or TV, they did vaguely ‘know’ that Alex Salmond was deeply suspect.

    Those odious people in the tweets above, the usual suspects to the rest of us, are totally unknown to most of the public, so they can indulge in ugly triumphalism with impunity. People might be surprised at what they voted for since their votes have been hi-jacked for a hidden agenda. That’s how democracies are subverted, by stealth.

    Until ordinary voters can become enraged at the abuse of democracy demonstrated in the Holyrood parliament and in the courts against the likes of Craig Murray, then these culprits can press on with their projects. Now, they will become bolder, buoyed up with success and barely concealed contempt for democracy. To paraphrase New Labour, “Things Can Only Get Worse”.

  45. James Che. says:

    Well as horrible as it is to say this what did you expect,
    If the unionist and trolls convince you not to vote for NS cos she’s bad ( which fitted in with her plans of getting greens in as support and a few unionists)
    AND, AS, is given little or no media coverage for Alba’S new party including on here.
    The picture was painted
    That’s reality. To be a more successful outcome it had to be snp1 and Alba 2,
    There were only foot soldiers trying to advertise Alba. and yet everyone had been shouting “ if only Alex was back in politics. We would all be ok,
    Then most of the voters followed unionist opinion is stead AS opinion,
    I am also angry at the wee worm fake snp who told me the results of the election two days before we voted, and rubbed the same message the next day across to us, outside the election place before the vote,, but assured us he would be in there when the counting was to take place.
    How can you emphatically tell someone what the results of an election will be two days before it takes place, smiling I may add.
    Well most of you did what you were told not what you were advised by AS.
    Perhaps waiting to comment for a few days before posting might have been a good idea.
    But I am frustrated even at you stu.

  46. John Martini says:

    Once you understand that your role in life is not to be on a mission to save the world it makes much more sense.

    The ruling group can do anything they want and you cannot prevent them from projecting their will.

    Sturgeon will never have another referendum as the rumours would then manifest as truths. If she ever loses power she is done.

  47. Ottomanboi says:

    Stewart McDonald calendar age 34+
    Behavioural age?
    The genderist lobby are a genitally fixated, total pain.
    Why dont they form a party of their own?
    Looks like they do love a party. .×683.jpg

  48. Ross says:

    On the topic of total indy/anti indy votes a London hack queried: “what indy supporter wouldn’t vote snp on constituency?”

    The list seat was a majority for yes. But yes lost a tiny fraction on the constituency vote.

    Could it be this site telling people not to vote snp wot did it?

    Regardless, the list is the more reflective vote and it’s pro indy. The constituency vote includes disgruntled wings readers spoiling ballots that went Alba.

  49. 100%Yes says:

    I know one thing for a fact the SNP will not get any money from this household, referendum or not.

  50. Republicofscotland says:

    Its all a charade if you ask me, unionist presenters asking Sturgeon the Betrayer, if and when she’s thinking of holding an indyref, and she replying that she will when the time is right.

    The media knows fine well she won’t hold one as does Sturgeon the Betrayer, but the game must be played out before our very eyes to make it look and sound convincing.

    Meanwhile the masses are enthralled with it all and come down on the side of Sturgeon, as though she’s the goodie in a pantomime, and the BritNat media and Johnson are the arch villans, stopping Scotland from spreading its now duckling wings, to its beautiful and garceful swan like wings.

    This charade will be played out before our very eyes for decades, oh some of the major players will change, and many of the enthralled masses will die without ever realising what’s going on, nor will they have seen an indy Scotland. The real winners are those that hold the power, they reap the benefits, with comfortable life styles, celebrity status, often immunity from prosecution, and most importantly to us they dream up the policies that become law that we need to abide by.

    This is why they fear Alex Salmond and the Alba party, who want to break the cosy set up between Holyrood and Westminster and actually deliver independence without fear or favour to the people of Scotland.

  51. Ross says:

    Ps why combine total constituency and list votes? Makes no sense.

    Negates spoiled pro indy votes in the constituency.

    Poor seeing wings trying to airbrush the more reflective list vote with dodgy numbers.

  52. Mia says:

    “yes, I am guilty of gloating that a man whose TV show is broadcast in RT”


    So are we to understand that Mr Stewart McDonald MP is also gloating and laughing at the voters in his own constituency who cast a vote for ALBA and have concerns for the erosion of the rights of females and children? Is he dismissing our concerns as ridiculous?

    Does he normally laugh at his constituents who do not vote SNP or do not think the way he thinks? I thought MPs were expected to represent ALL their constituents, not just those who vote the way Mr McDonald likes.

    The last time I checked Scotland was a democracy. This means that if none of the political parties available actually stand for what you want them to stand, you are perfectly free to set up another party, and that is what Mr Salmond has done. Does Mr McDonald, besides showing appalling contempt for his fellow countrymen and constituents, also shows full contempt and disrespect for democracy? What is Scotland for Mr McDonald then, a dictatorship where everybody has to vote SNP even with the individual they maintain as leader is on a course to destroy the party and to hand Scotland’s assets to Westminster? And what are his Scottish countrymen then? the cannon fodder who are fool enough to pay his undeserved salary?

    And what problem does Mr McDonald have exactly with RT? It is a broadcasting, a paying broadcasting. Mr Salmond is doing a job. Does Mr McDonald think it would be better for Mr Salmond to live on subsides?

    There is no difference between RT an the BBC. The BBC has demonstrated in the way they have blocked Alba and how they have pounced on an innocent man to help the British state and Sturgeon to stop him getting back into HOlyrood that the BBC is nothing but a propaganda tool for the British state.

    So under what angle exactly is Mr McDonald criticising RT? Russian or British propaganda is propaganda after all. British propaganda is not any better than Russian propaganda. It is just peddled from a different angle. So what exactly is the faux moral stance Mr McDonald is attempting to take here?

    And what is next for Mr McDonald? is he going to embarrass himself by laughing in social media at and disrespect those constituents who do not have a job HE “approves”?

    “My solidarity goes beyond the boundaries of Scotland”

    And ain’t that a shame? Isn’t it a shame that this man’s “solidarity” only goes beyond the boundaries of Scotland instead of TOWARDS Scotland and his fellow countrymen?

    Whose interests is Mr McDonald representing, those of Scotland or those of someone “beyond the boundaries of Scotland”? He was not elected to act as the pet or useful idiot of any other country and that includes England. He was elected to represent the interests of a constituency IN SCOTLAND. Gloating and making fun of his fellow countrymen because they do not share his political ideas, his job interests, the receptors of “his solidarity” or his taste for propaganda doesn’t do honour to the position he is holding.

    Oh dear. Sturgeon has clearly surrounded herself of idiots who forget to engage their brains before they open their mouths. What a beacon of integrity, respectfulness, empathy and good manners for the SNP Mr McDonald is. A true mirror reflection of his party leader.

  53. Grouse Beater says:

    Whatever happened to Bonnie Prince Bob? (Askin’ fir him.)

  54. Shocked says:

    I’d be tempted to say to the SNP1 crowd, “I told you so… and so incidentally did the Rev multiple times”… but to say that would me ignoring the fact that these people are in on it.

    They knew exactly what they were doing and the last few years that have been the flaming oil tanker wreck surrounding Nicola Sturgeon are nothing compared to what is coming next. In 5 years time our country will be virtually unrecognisable. Freedom of speech will be gone, a free media will be a distant memory, the criminal justice system will be morphed Ito its new role of protecting the party and attacking its opponents, non-men will be firmly at the bottom of the social hierarchy and women’s sport will be replaced by hairy arsed blokes in dresses.

    Meanwhile Queen Nicola will be prepping herself to bugger off to some non job in an organisation dedicated to ramming woke bullshit down peoples necks and we will be left with the odious corrupt bastard Angus “rear admiral” Robertson and his even more odious wife.

    What an utter shit show. If only Eck had taken the gloves off instead of convincing himself he could work with sturgeon again. The fact he tries to see good in people backfired on him because the people he was dealing with are the lowest of the low. Mind you, I have to say that the continual smearing od Eck may end up being Sturgeon’s ultimate downfall as I can’t see him continuing to take this without fighting back. All it would take is a information dump on a foreign based website. There is enough dirt out there to send a whole raft of people to prison, the sooner these people are gone the better. It needs to happen now before things settle down after the election.

  55. Republicofscotland says:

    “Grouse Beater says:
    9 May, 2021 at 12:55 pm
    Whatever happened to Bonnie Prince Bob? (Askin’ fir him.)”

    He got around 300 votes if I recall.

  56. ScottieDog says:

    “ Indeed, Sturgeon’s failure to win an absolute majority on Thursday was by any sort of detached and fair analysis a rotten performance.”

    Correct. In the current climate, a majority of constituency seats was there for the taking. There is less than 3 years (perhaps much less if boris decides to cement his position) to a WM campaign.
    Parties like Alba must paint a positive picture of an independent Scotland.
    The SNP’s position on currency and the EU is embarrassing but they don’t care because they’re not really serious about independence and failure to act will see people walk away from the party.

  57. Papko says:

    Reading Wings everyday for years.
    I always considered it the cutting edge of the independence debate; which must be entirely due to the Rev’s accessible articles and powerful analysis which undermined many a Yoon argument.
    Genuinely surprised therefore that spite of that Alba garnered only 38k votes.

  58. Allium says:


    That thread you link to is horrifying. I feel truly sickened. The SNP is practically an MRA group, hiding in plain sight.

  59. Hugh Jarse says:

    He’s going back to presenting duff history telly shows GB.

  60. Liz says:

    I was a polling agent. Standing along with Lab, Greens, SNP were too posh to stand in the rain, they just kept driving by in limos shouting at everyone, both votes etc, no sign of the Cons.

    Anyway got chatting to the nice wee Green girl, from Texas – BTW, there seems to be a largeish number of Yanks in southside Glasgow.

    To cut a long story short, I wanted to know her position on Green women’s rights.
    I got the full right on message, we are all fighting the patriarchy, TWAW, there is a 3rd sex.

    I came to the conclusion, that nice but dim women think that by some men being TW, they are giving up their maleness and thus are no longer part of the dreaded patriarchy.

    This is due to crap education, no critical thinking.
    I see on a previous thread, some saying their Uni educated relatives couldn’t see past the propaganda re Alex S.

    They might change their minds when women’s spaces become dangerous but I won’t hold my breath

  61. Shocked says:

    Bonnie Prince Bob will be back adorning his favourite shop doorway. 363 votes iirc, what a waste of time that idiot is/

  62. Bob Mack says:

    Time is on my side. Not perhaps in life years, but in the inevitability that the SNP will again fail to deliver the much promised referendum.

    The pied piper of Holyrood has again got the people beguiled by her tune, but it is a tune with no ending. Snappy chorus which everybody remembers, but no finale .

    It wil! go out of fashion soon enough, and they better have something written to replace it, or Indy folk will turn on them.

    Keep going Rev. Take a long break but come back. We need you. Scotland will need you as never before in days to come when these discussed introduce their Legislation for lotus eaters.

  63. Gav says:

    Unfortunately the dice is rolled and deference to scientific fact and general sanity have been shunned. So be it. One of the questions those doing the wokey cokey have never been able to answer to any kind of satisfaction is “how many will be too many?”. By that I mean how many woman/children/both being attacked by a predator whom has gamed the self id rules to gain access to what was previously a woman’s only space will be too many for you to continue to support self id? Fair chance we might find out sometime during the next 5 years.

  64. James Che. says:

    Even if NS had been voted in on a super majority, with no support from greens or any one else,
    There would have been no one else’s head on the chopping block for the responsibility of voting to leave the uk,
    The independence movement could and would have put her head on that block.
    Now she can excuse herself under the coalition she wanted, she does not have to stand alone.
    The independence movement were already angry with and at her at wasteing mandates , she would have metaphorically and politically swung within a year.
    AS, theory would have supplied a win win for the independence movement, if he got in, he had a reason to to show her up after all she had done to him and his family, but if she got in on her own, she could not blame or turn to anyone else for denying the independence of our country,
    Now we have greens, labour, tories and libdems, thanks stu,for all your hard work.

  65. Al Hunter says:

    Look ‘the Alba voters’ got the independence parties over the 50% of the vote share in the regional vote.
    Here is how it went.
    In 2021 we had the highest ever turnout in a Scottish Parliamentary Election at 63.2%
    The SNP won 64 seats – only one short of an outright majority but one more than it won in 2016
    The Vote Share
    The SNP gained a massive 47.7% of the 63.2% turnout in the Constituency and a very healthy vote share of 40.3% of the same 63.2%
    The Greens gained 1.3%/ 63.2% and 8.1%/ 63.2%
    The Independence Parties together collected 49% of the Constituency vote share
    All of the above regional votes coupled with ”Alba” who gained 1.7% of the 63.2% makes 50.1% of the vote share of the regions going to Independence supporting parties.
    So, Alba actually came in quite useful there.

  66. Morgatron says:

    Bonnie Prince Boab, last seen walking down the Royal Mile with some sheep and hitting them with a stick. Apparently he’s been arrested for flogging his mutton.

  67. Freddie French says:

    When you communicate with people like that, you are intruding on a zone of closed minds and minimal thought processes. All you get is their slime all over you.

  68. David A. says:

    Sturgeon’s lockdowns played in her and the unionist favour as people couldn’t meet up and talk or socialise any more and people are more isolated and relying on the media to spoonfeed them what is happening more than ever. If it wasn’t for that perhaps Alba could have got more of a grassroots and word of mouth action going. When everyone’s isolated though? Not a chance. It’s a very politically useful tool to simply handwave away the rights to assemble and associate. At the same time you can make it both too expensive to try to work around it (by having mass leafleting and all sorts of other probably inferior and expensive ways to work around it) and downright near impossible to access the usual media you need by them keeping the door closed.

    Sadly, I don’t think the average public will ever understand what is going on with the woke agenda or corruption and the increasing dictatorial situation we’re heading into. They rely too much upon being spoonfed and make last second judgements based on very little. They are still relatively comfortable and have something to lose so don’t want to rock the boat. The mainstream is telling them that if they disagree with the agenda supported by the government and corporations they are evil, so they will keep quiet and letting it expand slowly as to do otherwise is to be “immoral” by the future standards.

    I fear we’ll have to build something grassroots and wait until the incompetent crash it themselves and the rest of us have to pick up the pieces and start off in a much worse position than we’d hoped for to build.

  69. Ottomanboi says:

    When might we expect the first msp defections to ALBA.

    «Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
    Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
    Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
    Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
    Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
    Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
    Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.»
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  70. MaggieC says:

    From Women.Scot twitter account ,

    “ To cheer us all up! “

    James Dreyfuss is fantastic , LOL .

  71. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Shocked – ‘Freedom of speech will be gone, a free media will be a distant memory, the criminal justice system will be morphed into its new role of protecting the party’. Whoever you are, sir/madam, I couldn’t agree more. I said more or less exactly the same thing yesterday and so have a few others.

  72. Robert Graham says:

    I agree with a few comments up thread .

    Take the gloves off Alex let Scotland know exactly what and who she is and I hope Evans doesn’t disappear before she is called to give evidence , evidence that could nail sturgeon to the wall

    As for the arse licking tossers on the doging site you will be getting asked for money to repair the roof fix the garden in the house you mugs funded , and your reward will be some snarky snide remarks twice a week while you are getting on with your knitting and gossiping about sweet fk all

  73. Natal XX and proud says:

    @ Lorna Campbell
    Except Kirtsy Blackman and Mhairi Blackguard are not Handmaidens, they are Aunties.

  74. David A. says:

    At this point I can see Scots in some kind of self imposed foreign exile being who we rely upon to speak out against what is happening and coming as they’ll be the only ones with the freedom of speech to do so.

  75. mel says:

    @ Daisy

    why not publishable? Stu gets a lot of stick for living in Bath, but it means that he is beyond the fingers of the Scottish Government, at least as along as the UK government upholds free speech.

    Though it will be a lot of fun seeing them try and fail.

  76. Karen says:

    The establishment when under threat always finds a way to destroy it from within. For example, Corbyn, was a threat to them.

    This is whats happened to Alex’S SNP, Nicola was the viper in the nest. With the help of Greens the disasters coming belong to just them.

    We MUST highlight everything they are doing – to the public who are unaware. The ripple effect.

    This is our job for the next 5 years

  77. Karen says:

    We need an online chat shop like Twitter (but not twitter they have really stupid bots) where we can organise.

  78. Dorothy Devine says:

    Liz, for some reason the word Hermaphrodite keeps popping into my brain.

  79. James Che. says:

    Who is angry yet at our naff voting system,
    You play one set of votes against the other,
    To tally up a different outcome.
    It should be solely on the amount of votes each individual receives, end of.

  80. Dan says:

    @ Liz at 1:06 pm

    Re. Lack of awareness on what the Self ID and Hate Crime Act will mean for Scottish society.
    Clearly the BBC and MSM have held back skewering the SNP and Greens over this, they are currently giving the Scottish Government Administratiors of Devolved Powers enough rope to hang themselves. But folk would be incredibly naive to think these subjects won’t be weaponised as and when required.
    Some may recall Jo Swinson getting demolished in an interview when she had to attempt to answer questions relating Self ID / GRA.

    So, if this is being allowed to go under the radar then why not wake up wider society to the realities of these policies by embracing them to the max and let merry hell break lose as it finally dawns on folk what is going on.

    In a form of uncivil obedience I’ve been swithering with transing out of my current superstraight male monkey mode, and instead bravely morphing into a stunning woman.
    If we are going to get fucked for the next parliamentary session then I might as well embrace the option of enjoying multiple orgasms!
    Plus I could enter some women’s races now too, seeing as my once male superfit testosterone fueled body and fitness and strength level are diminishing to a more crumbling boned and wheezing asthmatic status, I reckon I could still be competitive against my fellow ladies though.

    If I make it onto the podium like Rachel McKinnon / Veronica Ivy or whatever he is calling himself these days, I would of course not accept the medal and instead make my point that blokes shouldn’t be entering women’s sports.

    Ian Brotherhood eluded that “they” may be up for some civil disobedience. I therefore await with anticipation, and a degree of trepidation, a certain Juanita Sisterhood cutting a dash on the Scottish scene. 🙂

  81. DJ says:

    Shocked @ 12.57 pm

    I’d be tempted to say to the SNP1 crowd, “I told you so… and so incidentally did the Rev multiple times”…

    And if we’d all listened to you, what difference would it have made? Precisely, none. The SNP would have still won the same number of seats on the constituency. And you know it. So move on. Do something a bit more positive than moan.

    And the latest from Alba, thousands of people are contacting them with “positive and uplifting” messages of support. Now that’s something to shout about.

  82. Mia says:

    “I’d be tempted to say to the SNP1 crowd…”

    It is not the SNP 1 crowd who is the problem. It is the SNP2 crowd and those in the SNP who encouraged voters to go for SNP2 when they knew they were asking their voters at all practical effects to waste their votes.

    From where I am standing, that is incredibly dishonest and yet we are still to hear an apology from Sturgeon or her praetorian guard for such an unforgivable sacrifice of pro indy votes.

    Not voting SNP1 would have led to pro independence parties not having even the largest share of the seats in the chamber. That would only interest unionists. Are you an unionist, then?

    As it is, the unionist parties only have some sort of representation today because because Nicola Sturgeon asked SNP voters to waste over one million of their votes for the unionists’ sake.

    In other words, Nicola Sturgeon asked SNP voters to pay with over a million of their pro indy votes to return 46 unionist seats and forcing some unionist representation in Holyrood to keep the pretence of a union. Over one million pro indy votes is the price that Nicola Sturgeon thought was worth for SNP voters to pay to stop Alba getting in Holyrood and expose her for the political fraud she is.

    From where I am standing, to sacrifice 1 million pro indy votes to get 46 unionist seats by the back door to massage her overinflated ego seems like a rather raw deal and certainly not value per vote.

  83. Ruby says:

    Ruby says:
    9 May, 2021 at 2:03 pm
    Here we go! What will she/her say to that?

    “Michael Gove says majority voted for parties opposed to a second independence referendum

    Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that independence was not a priority for the people of Scotland.

    Gove told Andrew Marr that “a majority of people who voted in the constituencies voted for parties that were opposed to a referendum” and that Nicola Sturgeon didn’t secure a majority as Alex Salmond did in 2011.

  84. Mark Boyle says:

    Karen says:
    9 May, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    The establishment when under threat always finds a way to destroy it from within. For example, Corbyn, was a threat to them.

    This is whats happened to Alex’S SNP, Nicola was the viper in the nest. With the help of Greens the disasters coming belong to just them.

    We MUST highlight everything they are doing – to the public who are unaware. The ripple effect.

    This is our job for the next 5 years

    No, it isn’t. Our job is not to provide the Sturgeon Cult or the Eco-Nappy Fetish Cult with pantomime baddies for them to point to and distract those who don’t want to know they made a bad choice with a scapegoat, like Napoleon with “Jones will come back!” in Animal Farm.

    Let events take their course.

    The die is cast, and as with Labour, time for the great Scottish public – with more access to sources of information than ever before, yet still more interested in reality TV shows, Corrie and their half of the Old Firm to care less about grown up topics – to take the consequences of what they have consented for others to do unto them.

    If that means people get hurt, so be it.

    H L Menchken dryly remarked that democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. The only way too many ever learn is the hard way – particularly the younger generation today, which unlike previous younger generations you literally can’t tell them anything lest it “triggers” or “traumatises” them and you end up prosecuted or fired because of it.

    It takes the ruthlessness of the real world and its priorities (food, heat and shelter) to drag them out of airy-fairy land, although considering the way so many psychictric drugs are dished out like Smarties, even that’s not a given.

    This isn’t defeatist, this is long-term rationality. They’ve made their bed, let them lie in it with Sturgeon and Harvie farting and shoving their heads under wanting them to smell it.

  85. Michael B says:

    Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Willie Rennie: ‘We need to end the division. We need to come together.’
    Me: ‘How do we do that?’
    Douglas: ‘People who disagree with me just have to change completely and agree with me.’
    Anas: ‘No, agree with me,’
    Willie: ‘No, with me.’

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like a clear admission from James Kelly (Scot goes Pop) that Sturgeon has no intentions of pushing for independence.

  87. Republicofscotland says:

    “Michael Gove says majority voted for parties opposed to a second independence referendum”

    It doesn’t look that way to me.

    “SNP + Green + Alba: 1,359,611
    Tories + Labour + LDs + Alliance for Unity: 1,283,401”

  88. stuart mctavish says:


    BBC reckons there were 20 labour and 26 conservative msps v 2 snp and 8 greens on the list so presumably the indy majority to which you refer is one of independent mind – but only in the sense that 26 is the biggest number.

    A more significant element of the apparent attempt at suicide by footshooting is that the potential 20 to 40 Alba assistants that could have been employed to assist the alleged objective, via each new MSPs £60,000 members support allowance, will now be replaced by even more people determined to sabotage it under the guise of due diligence.

    On topic – Salmond looks great in that photo considering everything he’s been put through.

  89. Breeks says:

    I can’t figure out why these lunatics and science deniers hate Scotland so much they will line up to hijack the YES movements political representation and sacrifice Scottish Independence on the altar of their irrational Transgender Extremism.

    Do they hate Scotland so very much? Or was it simply that the SNP was dumb enough to let them do it?

    Nobody asked these weirdos to compromise the binary simplicity of Scottish Independence, nor saddle YES with this nasty, mind numbing stupidity that spreads itself throughout the movement like a necrosis.

    They are like the Mafia moving in on a successful burgeoning enterprise, displacing it’s honest vitality and enthusiasm with their grubby money laundering racket which just needs a respectable public facade.


  90. Nemisis Benn says:

    Yes, I think that “there is something of the night” about Alex Salmond, but in contrast to the current leadership of the SNP, I think that he is purer than the driven snow.
    As for the matter of 120,000 deaths from covid, would Bliar, Corbyn, Starmer (ha, ha) have been more successful? Would any one of them committed to ordering vaccines last year when the EU said “NON”?

  91. Andrew F says:

    In a weird way, this is all Alex Salmond’s fault.

    Nicola Sturgeon didn’t just suddenly turn into a sociopath the day she took over. His lack of judgment allowed her to get up under his guard over many years and – perhaps playing to his ego – make him believe he was her “mentor” when in fact he allowed himself to be her facilitator.

    And again with this “RT” crap. I’ve been a reader/watcher of RT for years, simply because – with all the usual faults and biases of any broadcaster – it’s still a country mile ahead of any of our “Establishment Media” here within the US Empire if you want any idea of what’s actually going on in the world.

    I’ve long said that if the Russian government is using RT to “undermine” the “West”, they are simply doing it the easy way – by telling the truth about us.

  92. Grafter says:

    Am off to join my old mate Rip Van Winkle. Independence ? You can forget it.

  93. Cenchos says:

    Now the tories have an overwhelming majority of 22 percent will D Ross be the new FM?

  94. Cenchos says:

    Ugh. Was watching BBC again.

  95. Robert Graham says:

    A previous thread “ Nothing has changed “

    This SNP are in the same position as they were on Wednesday night the night before the vote for the new parliament as they were for the whole of the last parliamentary session .

    They did nothing then and they will carry on as if nothing has happened the only difference is we now have probably increased the number of really questionable individuals on the Payroll

    The very thought of my taxes going to these characters is beyond a fkn joke , what happened to the normal people in the SNP have they all been castrated everyone lost their balls that was a reference to the men but then again who the fk knows now the party I once knew has been high jacked .

  96. robbo says:

    Medusa has been exposed and heads will roll soon. These wokes will be so consumed in their vitriolic jubilance against Alba, Alex and it’s supporters will destroy them. They will literally eat themselves(like a new queer fetish) and implode.

    Alba is rising but not with 100, but with 50,000 just for starters. Let the contest begin.

    The normal SNP supporters who have been hoodwinked will soon realise to their horror what has transpired when their kids come from school and tell them what their teacher is teaching them today at school in Swinney’s new brand of “curriculum for wokeness.
    When they can’t access female toilets because there filled with men in cubicles. Teaching them about fetishes instead of the big bad wolf predator’s that they are.

    Jimmy Saville was a horrible evil man who did his evil deeds ,mostly hidden and protected by the establishment. These people are worse. They’re doing it in plain site.

    That’ll be the start of the hell they’ll create for Scotland. We must rise up and tell them – not in our name you won’t.

  97. steph says:

    Thatcher’s ghost can now congratulate herself on her achievements of Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon.

    I can’t follow politics anymore, my MH won’t take it. Just wanted to express some thanks to Stu for all the effort, but most of all for honesty, which we are unlikely to see in Scottish politics for the foreseeable future.

    Keep well everybody.

  98. James Che. says:

    David A,
    Covid issue. There are people whom have sadly passed away and died of covid, and genuinely my heartfelt sympathies lie with those families.
    But I agree with you that covid has been extended as a political weapon by the politicians for control of people now,
    It’s a well known fact that continually covering your face leads to you recycling your own breath that your body has already used and no longer considers safe. So nature expels it normally away from your body,
    However this natural safety mechanism is impeded and ignored by mask wearing, if a baby can be smothered by not being able to breath normally so can adults,
    People die from lack of fresh oxygen into their lungs, and if we talk of the less extreme end of the clean new oxygen going into lungs, what slow long term damage can mask wearing be having on the lack of new oxygen going into the bloodstream, to the brain, or heart etc,
    As an asthmatic I notice the difference immediately in health when I have to use my mask going into shops, for me it is sudden and obvious, but for those normal and healthy it would take a while for them to see long term hidden damage to their lungs, maybe two or three years time or as they get older,
    The obvious being said about recycling your own breath thereby reducing fresh oxygen to you’re bloodstream, brain &lungs etc, behind your mask,
    how it applies to politics can be seen as an evident political weapon with the way in which barely out of lock down, not yet acknowledged in politics, by SAGE, or WHO, that covid and variants are over, we were all able to go to polling stations and vote.
    How the demise happened in time for elections makes you absolutely in wonder an amazed by nature.
    However we have to realise that covid does not think it is safe to hold a Scottish independence referendum in any day soon where you would have to go to polling place to vote.
    and that politicians in Scotland will apply this covid variety politically and with a good deal political decisions,
    That business recovery comes before voting, and health recovery comes before voting, and the Scottish government will build back better so voting can only take place further in the future,
    We only had a bad dream on Thursday that we voted in an election while covid was not over.

  99. Ann Rayner says:

    Al Huntter and Stuart, I am struggling with the figures for the pro- and anti-Indy votes on the list and have not been able to find the figures for all the parties who gained list votes.
    They were read out when the announcements were made but too quickly for me to get them. Stuart suggests the anti-Indy votes had over 50% whereas Al says the opposite.
    I got 1,359,611 pro and 1,315,398 anti from a comment on a National article but have no idea where the figures came from or about their accuracy. Why are all the voote numbers not easily available? I think they were in the past.
    As I have seen Alba quoted as getting ‘over 40,000 votes’ while the difference bewteen the figures given above is 44, 313 it is possible that Alba played a significant role in achieving this slender majority, if there were such a thing!
    I am actually very concerned that these figures about the votes are not readily available to anyone.
    In a democracy they should be.

  100. Mia says:

    “this is all Alex Salmond’s fault”

    Don’t be ridiculous. Mr Salmond was not leader or deputy leader of the SNP since 2014. I think you find Robertson and Brown after him were. Did they not see what she was doing?

    Mr Salmond has not been part of the SNP since 30 August 2018. WTF have the SNP MPs and MSPs been waiting for for the last 3 years to kick this political fraud out of the driving seat?

    What happened to the SNP in the last 3 years is not Mr Salmond’s fault and there is no way you can ping that on him. He might have made a mistake trusting this woman back in 2014, even that we don’t know when she became a puppet of Westminster, it may have been after that. But for the last 3 years, which is when she has inflicted the worse damage on the party, the onus lands completely in the SNP members, the SNP MPs, the sNP executive and MSPs for not removing her of the post and leave her instead to eviscerate the democratic structures of the party from within.

    There is always a delay in voters catching up. But catch up they will. Let’s wait and see in 2024 how many SNP MPs survive their folly of not removing this fraud out of the driving seat when they had the chance.

  101. Ruby says:

    ‘The Third IndyRef Pantomime’ is going to be pretty much a repeat of the 1st & 2nd pantomime.

    1st was ‘Now is the time!’
    Oh no it isn’t now is not the time!
    Oh yes it is

    2nd was “Once in a generation’
    Now is the time!
    Oh no it isn’t. It’s once in a generation.
    Oh yes it is.

    3rd will be ‘No mandate’
    We have a mandate
    On no you haven’t
    Oh yes we have.

    The third will have a starring role for the two dames shown in the above cartoon.

  102. akenaton says:

    What the Rev said in his introductory piece was the whole truth and has been already projected by quite a few on this forum; the election was not about Independence, it was about reinforcing the lie which is the Murrells.
    Why did Alex not see this before starting a new party and giving the SNP a free pass into the bargain?
    As this article demonstrates, we are now completely in the hands of the woke lunatics who will be out for blood and the reputations of more than Alex’s will be badly damaged, if not sunk.

    Once more it must be obvious that no progress can be made until these people are removed and in the meantime the strongest possible opposition to the Hate Crime Bill and the GRA must be brought forward. It may not yet be too late but it will mean getting out on the street and voicing our opposition on every platform available to us.
    Forget Indy for a couple of years and start fighting Sturgeon, because that is where the Indy votes are going via middle aged women and young idiots.

  103. Mark Boyle says:

    @Andrew F says: 9 May, 2021 at 2:25 pm

    In a weird way, this is all Alex Salmond’s fault.

    Nicola Sturgeon didn’t just suddenly turn into a sociopath the day she took over.

    She was one long before ever meeting Salmond. His only failing is a soft spot for clever women to the detriment of common sense. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh would be debarred from representing any other party at an election after being found guilty of professional misconduct by the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal, but oh no, not Salmond – history repeating itself as had happened with Sturgeon. See also Corri Wilson.

    Ask those unfortunate enough to have dealings with her in her student politics days. Ask why Barry Ferguson was the only GUSNA leader to drop out of politics altogether even though he was a shoe-in for party fast-tracking (and as ex-Strathallen School would have made MP or MSP long before now).

    Ask why the Gay and Lesbian Society and the bloody Christian Union went into electoral alliance with the two uni unions to keep her and Labour out of the Student Council because they were such bloody trainwrecks. As one joker remarked at the time, it was as if Tolkien had written a story where the elves and orcs were forced into alliance with one another against something too evil for them to remain divided against!

  104. JimuckMac says:

    James Che, nobody has passed away or sadly died of Covid and here is why.

    On the 19th March 2020, the four nations of the U.K.removed Covid 19 from its Pandemic Register because of it’s ‘low mortality’ rate. That mortality rate was 0.

  105. anon says:

    I’ve thought of how to make an independence referendum palatable to everybody involved.

    All the Government need to do is pass legislation stating that the moment Scotland passes new referendum legislation in its regional assembly, they’re de facto stating that they no longer need financial support from England, and that the Barnett Formula can thus (and will with immediate effect) be ended.

    Nobody supporting Scottish independence can possibly have an issue with that.

  106. Shocked says:


    If you don’t get it I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain it again.

  107. Ruby says:

    I wish people would refer to GRA reforms and not just GRA

    The GRA has been law since 2004.

    The reforms include self-id which is the big problem.

  108. Tannadice Boy says:

    A clever cartoon and post from you in keeping with your Avant Garde approach to journalism. Having decades of family service to the SNP I can’t help feeling we have lost something. On the streets in 2014 the same questions are arising that have done so today. Currency etc. Nicola is in her comfort zone. Arguing about process rather than the case for Independence. I heard Andy MacIver today state the case for IndyRef2 because Unionists were dying off (BBC Scotland). But so are Independence supporters albeit in less numbers. The world doesn’t revolve around 16 year olds. My team is oot the cup so maybe I just feeling doon. Keep going..

  109. Ruby says:

    This is for Black & Blackman to read:

    “Women prisoners have enough problems. Self-ID will worsen them”

    The big problem with self-id are the people who pretend to be transexual.

  110. Shocked says:

    @Mark Boyle

    Once you delve into Sturgeons past it becomes clear that she has never been suitable for politics and that the behaviour we see today is just a continuation of how she has always behaved.

    Salmond probably thought he could use her psychopathic tendencies to his advantage, he didn’t realise that she was playing him from day 1 and that from the moment he took her under his wing she was biding her time to plunge the knife into his back.

    Alex Salmond is a good man at heart, he just didn’t legislate for the evil that is inside Nicola Sturgeon but to be fair to him psychopaths like her are very good at hiding their true selves and manipulating people. It’s what they do.

  111. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dan (1.51) –


    Juanita Sisterhood does have a ring to it.

    Someone once misheard my name and thought I was called Dean Rubbergloves. If I do decide to become trans then I can easily change that, to Jean.

    So watch out for that name in years ahead and remember where you heard it first!


  112. Red says:

    MaggieC says:
    9 May, 2021 at 1:19 pm
    From Women.Scot twitter account ,

    “ To cheer us all up! “

    James Dreyfuss is fantastic , LOL .

    Laugh? I nearly pished myself 🙂

  113. Ruby says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    9 May, 2021 at 3:13 pm
    If I do decide to become trans then I can easily change that, to Jean.


    Why not Ina? Too old fashioned.

    PS Jean is a male name across the channel. You risk being mis-gendered when you go on your hols to St Tropez.

  114. AAD says:

    Alex Salmond lost us the referendum in 2014? Silly me, I thought he was the one who got the referendum for us and who very nearly won it with us.
    Where was Rhiannon Spears in 2014? She sure as shooting was not around Pollok during the campaign. I am sure I would have rememered her. Where did she campaign for Independence in 2014? Does anyone remember?
    She was parachuted in to Pollok in 2015 for the Council election over the heads of many local and better qualified activists and has been something of a vacant space ever since. (Too busy sucking up to important people in the SNP?)
    Her organisation skills are such that she tried to take control of the local SNP branch at an AGM and quite simply ran into a shut door with her eyes open.

  115. Anton Decadent says:

    Re university educations mentioned in the previous thread. I was at college in the recent past and amongst the students was someone who acted as a selfappointed moderator of their classmates social media feeds. They would demand words be removed from posts made by people significantly younger than them and would, rightly, be told to GTF. The qualification aspect of the course seemed to be less important than gaining positions of power within the student union which the vast majority of students couldn’t care less about, they were there to gain a qualification and try to have a life outside of education. It’s the lack of interest which makes it so easy for absolute wallopers to get a foothold of political power which they will never relinquish and seek to consolidate for the rest of their working lives as it pays more than a degree and requires less work. I have to say they were aided and abetted by tutors who also seemed to have more interest in politics than the subject they were supposed to be teaching.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    The simple but often overlooked fact is, that Scotland will never be allowed to leave this union. Its just too valuable an asset to Westminster.

    Westminster will never agree to a second indyref, the first one gave them one hell of a fright, and that can never be allowed to happen again.

    Think about it our parliament in packed full of of MSPs who favour the union, our state and corporate media is controlled by other countries, none of whom want to see an independent Scotland. I’d go as far as to say our universities police and crown all support the union as well.

    Our parliament gives off the illusion that we control our destiny, we don’t bar a Scottish revolution, and the folk of Scotland are far too meek for that, nothing will change.

    But I here you say 64 seats for the SNP so Scots must want independence, but how many Labour voters gave their vote to the SNP because they think Sturgeons doing a good job, but don’t actually want independence, the same goes for SNP voters and Tory and Green voters.

  117. wee monkey says:

    I’ll be honest with you all.

    I would love scotland to be independent.

    Independent of the cunts who have dragged her to where she is now.

    All parties are to blame for the state MY NATION is now in.

    All of them.

    Given the Covid ‘leadership’ bounce for Johnson, I think Sturgeon will be disappointed BIG TIME.

    With a daily PPB for over a year, with BBCScotland/STVNews fawning over her every emission, she must have expected to do even better.

    So what’s to do?

    The opportunity to reset scottish politics away from the fucking absolute failures [all of them] of the last decades has been squandered, yet fucking again.

    I don’t care WHO makes the changes required to end deprivation, poverty, unemployment.

    Eliminate those and Scotland CAN and WILL make the move towards Independence, as a unified nation, unstoppable as one body.

    until then..

    ..Dividea et imperia as always.

  118. Breeks says:

    At least ALBA had the courage to stand up for what it believed in, unlike the Trans-nutters who had to bushwhack the Independence Movement, nick it’s electoral mandate, then pass it off as their own.

    Some democracies would call that a scam.

  119. Breeks says:

    Actually, maybe that’s not a bad idea. Demand a referendum on GRA reform and call their bluff with a real vote with their toxic agenda centre stage.

    If they can fuck up our agenda, maybe we should expose theirs to the very public scrutiny it’s trying to run away from.

    Yeah, I DEMAND an immediate referendum on GRA reform.

  120. Contrary says:

    Was there a debate on GRA reform? Did I miss it? Was it in the SNP manifesto?

    The general public never got to hear about any of Alba’s policies so the public haven’t rejected anything. If, perhaps, the establishment had allowed Alba a fair hearing, they could have used that line, but silencing a party, trashing their reputation based on lies, then trying to pretend the public rejected the party on something no one knew anything about is pure fantastical thinking.

    The SNP are a narrow focus ideological minority party, not one that represents the majority population – they are still selling themselves on vote-winning policies that they have no interest in, not exactly a morally superior position to take, when they seem to be unwilling to come clean and state what their extremist flat-earther style ideology is. If they can’t sell what their true goals are in public, openly and honestly, then it must be that they know the public are not going to be in favour of them. To deceive people in such a manner but claim the moral high ground is unrealistic; to have that behaviour associated with independence is not going to be benificial.

    Deception-wise, the SNP seem to be worse than the Tories.

    Anyway, I have no interest in the SNP – it’s a unionist party, with extremist weirdo values – and it’s pointless appealing to them for reason. I notice that many SNP supporters, after voting in a ton of unionist (straight up ones that admit they are unionist) MSPs, with no shame, are making comments like ‘you’d better be nice to me or I won’t support Alba’ (and things like, all Alba people say nasty things) – ah so the emotional blackmail continues. Well, we have a choice of political party now, and if they don’t agree with a party’s policies or culture, then don’t support them – what has ‘being nice’ got to do with anything? Particularly when ‘being nice’ seems to actually mean ‘never criticise me even if I’ve been a complete arsehole’.

    As far as I’m concerned, no one has to unite in anything – if we ever get a choice of Yes or No to the constitutional question, some coordinated action in campaigning will be good, but we are unlikely to get that choice anytime soon – as long as I have a choice of parties to vote for that includes a de facto pro-Indy stance, I don’t need to even contemplate the small minded factionalism, and frankly unpleasant, politics of one party. I reserve the right to criticise who I like, as a reasonable observer, and to not have to be ‘nice’ to anyone to curry favour that isn’t really favour but a form of coercion to stifle opinion and free expression. To homogenise us all into the SNP ideology robotic mantras.

  121. Dan says:

    @ Juanita Sisterhood at 3:13 pm

    Get on the trans wagon asap and shed all those pesky drawbacks of being male. Think of cheaper car insurance premiums as woman are supposedly less risky drivers.
    Plus Chardonnay is stronger than beer so you won’t have to piss as much, and when you do you dinnae hav tae stand as you can sit down and get “wee rest”.

    I’ve obviously still got some way to go on my latest trans journey though, ran out of milk for a coffee and tried squeezing my chest but couldn’t get a drip oot. Had to cycle 5 miles to shop for some coo. 🙁
    But I’ll take that as training to get my fitness back for the races. 😉

  122. Chris Downie says:

    Putting aside all of our personal views on Salmond, should we not ask why the odious neoliberal, pro-Israel apartheid, pro-neocon worldview of McDonald isn’t being exposed, far less challenged, by the mainstream media?

    I’ve said for years, the SNP happy clappers need to have the honest conversation among themselves as to why, despite the SNP heirarchy being afforded airtime and a modicum of respect by the mainstream media and establishment, the actual concept of independence hasn’t won a single ounce of reprieve. Not one ounce.

  123. panda paws says:

    “new referendum legislation in its regional assembly, they’re de facto stating that they no longer need financial support from England, and that the Barnett Formula can thus (and will with immediate effect) be ended.”

    Obvious troll is obvious, it’s neither regional nor assembly. There is no financial support from England when the UK government borrows or prints money it is not England that is doing it.

    By all means abolish the Barnett formula IF at the same time full fiscal autonomy is introduced and England stops charging a population share of its expenditure on Scotland AND Scotland can veto UK spending that it does not agree with or else Scotland is not charged for said expenditure.

  124. Dan says:

    @ Chris Downie

    Indeed, this link provides some info on that subject.

  125. Breeks says:

    Contrary says:
    9 May, 2021 at 3:43 pm
    Was there a debate on GRA reform? Did I miss it? Was it in the SNP manifesto?

    Didn’t see it. But let’s have the debate now, right at the top of the agenda, in the public’s face, and demand a referendum on GRA Reform and throwback to the dark ages. Let’s get the Transweirdos standing up for their own mandate instead of just hijacking ours.

    GRA-Referendum NOW!

  126. Pixywine says:

    The SNPs arse looks enormous in that dress.

  127. paul says:

    Chris Downie says:
    9 May, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    Putting aside all of our personal views on Salmond,

    How personal are those views?
    I have never met the man, I have been privy to basic facts, obscured by the unpopular media

    should we not ask why the odious neoliberal, pro-Israel apartheid, pro-neocon worldview of McDonald isn’t being exposed, far less challenged, by the mainstream media?

    To ask the question is to answer it.
    It is far from their interests.

    I’ve said for years, the SNP happy clappers need to have the honest conversation among themselves as to why, despite the SNP heirarchy being afforded airtime and a modicum of respect by the mainstream media and establishment, the actual concept of independence hasn’t won a single ounce of reprieve. Not one ounce.

    They (new SNP or media owners) will never want, let alone care.

  128. Stephen says:

    The public aren’t interested in debating these issues.

    However an individual case can capture the public imagination.

    If Sky or a tabloid runs with, for example, a teenager regretting his sex change then the whole policy could be called into question and the politicians responsible defenistrated.

  129. Stoker says:

    For those who haven’t seen it ‘ALBA is Here To Stay’ and the fight starts for Scotland’s local council elections next year. Please get the word out and commence battle now. Pass it on!

  130. David A. says:

    I’ve known people who knew Dear Leader during her student days and they weren’t particularly complimentary about her, shall we say. Got to wonder how she was allowed to rise to where she is if she seems to have the track record and personality she has. Terrible filtering and common sense in action.

  131. J.o.e says:

    @Breeks 2:22pm

    All of this emanating from and being reinforced by corporate power.


    Because the biggest barrier to corporate power are nations with a strong sense of their identity and heritage, with a society that rubs along with each other who maintains solid protective institutions for their people.

    It is no coincidence that these very same issues are being pushed in the 1st world countries, along with mass immigration coupled with the woke narrative that being native European is some sort of original sin.

    There was a film I watched once where a line was ‘ We just have to pray that peace doesn’t break out in the Middle East’. Basically because that would present less easy opportunities to defraud people and countries

    Societies/nations that are united are not in the interests of international money. This is all about chaos and social disorder. The creation of dysfunctional societies.

    Not going to go there but there are other books and sources that explain what the general idea is that are not allegorical in the way that 1984 is.

    The SNP have become pawns, agents for the slow destruction of the Nation of Scotland.

  132. Red says:

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  133. Moira Girvan says:

    There won’t be a ‘debate’ on GRA. Just as there was very little discussion in the Scottish media of the HCB. For many in the public sphere open discussion of GRA is to be avoided at all costs. It’s toxic – given the level of abuse that will be directed to any individuals or organisations who dare to make even the most modest of criticisms. People have lost their jobs. Been ‘cancelled’. Authors have had their books unpublished. Most of us know all of this. So, it’s a topic that’s intentionally avoided in the media. This, of course, suits the so-called ‘trans lobby’ in the SNP and in wider society. GRA ‘reform’ will be here and on the statute books before the wider public knows what’s happening.

  134. Dan says:

    Dr Craig Dalzell’s assessment of the election and what may transpire from it.

  135. Confused says:

    A study on elections from the Joseph Rowantree foundation

    – it details, in dry academic terms, all the bad smells and dodgy practices that we get twitchy about and get accused of “conspirological thinking” and “bad loser”-ism, when we mention it.

    It’s from 2008 – so, clearly, no one has ANY interest in fixing the system. Just assume that things have gotten worse, that the “fiddlers” have honed their art. Postal voting is mentioned, over and over and over.

    The focus is on low-level, mostly local dodginess – but I don’t think he tackles the problem of widescale fraud by govt agencies manufacturing numbers to order and doing so with expertise and resources as to make it practically undetectable. 2008 is, in technological terms, the stone age.

    Polls beforehand had put Alba in a range 2/4/6/8; in the end, they settled at the lowest level, while the greens were about 2-3% above their usual.

  136. Allium says:

    To be fair to NS, determination and ruthlessness are two of her strongest abilities. Its not surprising she rose.

    Wasn’t she going to stand as leader when AS decided that he’d like another crack at the top job? He phoned her, and asked her to stand as his deputy instead, and promised to do all in his power to assist her to the leadership afterwards. He kept his word, which is a pity.

    I always wished he hadn’t stood down so quickly after indyref, it was a bad mistake. When Michael Howard remained Tory leader for a few months, so a full, unrushed debate could be had in the interim, he did the Conservatives a big favour. I understand Salmond thought he was behaving with honour, and he was, but what a price.

    Nicola will do the same, but for different reasons – she wants to annoint her successor for control reasons, and to settle scores.

  137. Meg merrilees says:

    Grouse beater @ 12.55 Bonnie Prince Bob got about 300 + votes.

  138. wull says:

    One SNP MSP promised me back at the beginning of this year – February, I think (I can check it out) – that if a GRA Reform Bill was introduced at Holyrood, he would vote against it. I have it in writing. He was re-elected on May 6th.

    So, yes, let’s (encourage other people to) campaign for GRA Reform. Then those of us who are disinclined can campaign for a referendum on GRA Reform. Let’s make it high profile: since independence is not going to be such a top priority, from Day 1 of the new parliament (now that Alba is not there), let’s make GRA Reform the talking point instead.

    Left, right and centre.

    And let’s see which way the likes of my anti-GRA Reform MSP will vote.

    Basically, let’s shame them all. From Day One. Let’s see what they are made of!

    Just a thought … (Maybe not a very serious one, but a thought all the same …)

  139. Don says:

    “Alex Salmond lost Independence in 2014 ? ”

    Well thats strange because research for Sturgeon’s Biography stated thatit was Sturgeon Herself that was wholly tasked with producing the 2014 White Paper, if anyone was responsible for Indy being lost in 2014 it can only be Sturgeon herself.

    “The book reveals how Miss Sturgeon took almost full control of the referendum campaign plans and preparing the independence White Paper.
    “That was her baby she was in charge of the whole thing,” recalls one ministerial colleague.”

  140. akenaton says:

    No point in harping on about voter fraud or postal voting. Although it happened in small densely populated areas of five or six states and lost Donal-John the election, the demographics are completely different and it just could not happen here.
    In America many of the inner cities are populated by immigrants living in hell hole conditions, many whom are unable to speak English these areas are ruled by militias like BLM and Antifa and they make bloody sure that the immigrants and most of the poor people vote Democrat or ELSE.
    The distribution of mail in voting forms to everyone regardless whether they requested them or not, greatly assisted this enterprise.

    Our election was not stolen the blame lies squarely on ourselves.

  141. Dan says:

    Don’s Sunday Post link archived.

  142. stonefree says:

    @ Ottomanboi at 1:18 pm

    “When might we expect the first msp defections to ALBA.”

    I posted a couple of days ago, regarding Hanvey, and jumping ship.
    as this is similar, I don’t see any deflections, the slippers are getting warmed up and settling in (again)

  143. Onwards says:

    “49.5% for indy parties and 50.5% for Unionist ones. That’s a tiny but hugely significant margin”

    The LIST vote with a pro-indy majority is the one that counts for the “will of the people”.

    That’s where people vote for parties and manifestos, and where ALBA took us just over the vital 50% even if falling short for seats.

    The constituency vote % will be used as propaganda however. Partly why Salmond encouraged SNP as the first vote.

    The GRA nonsense can be voted down at a later date, when folks become more aware of the reality.
    Everyone knows transwomen are biologically men.
    But women are more naturally empathic and find it kinder to indulge the fantasy. Some feminists are probably secretly flattered.

    I don’t agree with the softly softly approach, but the female vote is vital to winning independence should Nicola ever have the strength and courage to get us a referendum.

  144. Contrary says:

    Breeks says “But let’s have the debate now, right at the top of the agenda, in the public’s face, and demand a referendum on GRA Reform and throwback to the dark ages. Let’s get the Transweirdos standing up for their own mandate instead of just hijacking ours.

    GRA-Referendum NOW!”

    I’m up for that – a true public consultation with live debates on the BBC & STV – I wonder what the general public will make of it? Even if there are no opposition in the debates it will be interesting to see how the public react. If they vote for it, then fair doos, we are stuck with it – but at least it won’t be secretly imposed on us.

  145. katherine hamilton says:

    To give her the benefit of the doubt she has up to the next GE to call the referendum. I think they will tank then. I for one will go back to voting Labour. Fuck them. A collapse in SNP at Westminster will prove Scots don’t want Indy. Game over.

  146. Dan says:

    Out of interest, is there anywhere else on planet Earth where over a million votes cast for a single Party would return just two seats?

    Meanwhile the Emz be like.

  147. Big Jock says:

    Its funny isn’t it. The similarity between the gloating no voters in 2014, and the SNP in 2021.

    What do they think they have won? Sure they did manage to con Scotland on a national level. The same as no in 2014.

    I know I wasn’t conned, again!!

  148. Breeks says:

    akenaton says:
    9 May, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    …Our election was not stolen the blame lies squarely on ourselves.

    I’m not sure you can call it “our” election given the State monopoly on media propaganda and indoctrination which has the brass neck to airbrush ALBA out of the picture and prevent a former Scottish First Minister from joining the Leaders Debates broadcast into every home.

    How can Scotland ever hold fair elections when the Scottish people is force fed a toxic diet UK Indoctrination and denied any independent Scottish Broadcasting, and the UK Electoral Commission and OFCOM rubber stamp the UK bias and prejudices every vote?

    Is it really any wonder so many people do not trust the Establishment when it comes to Election probity?

  149. dramfineday says:

    Excellent Cartoon supported by a first class exposé.

    Some sad, some mad (angry), some attempts to raise spirits and some cold steel replies……just why I love Wings.

    For the record, spoiled 1 (first in my long life) and Alba 2 in Edinburgh SW. Increased vote for the incumbent.

    Now, what next?

  150. Steve davison says:

    Still can’t belief the state of Scottish politics is in ,the sense of pride and national identity that the independence movement generated has been hijacked by the SNP
    Opposition to any of the policies and actions is to be unscottish and disloyal ,left in the dark by the MSM and lapping up the blame the English culture
    The narrative requires change if independence is to move forward but 5 more years of this lot and Scotland’s broke and a dictatorship on and yes I feel Alba,s SNP first giving permission to them still clinging on to the hope it can change has helped cause this You get what you vote for in the end

  151. jockmcx says:

    If anyone in the snp or the yes movement is interested,
    perhaps the indy car guys or wee ginger dug… this is how
    i now see the leadership of the snp in particuler and certain of the individuals in it’s employ…

    If you think you will achieve anything good through them…

    you have been driven quite mad…

    It;s spelled out here in case you never learned.
    A definition from the free dictionary

    adj. e·vil·er, e·vil·est
    1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant.
    2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful: the evil effects of a poor diet.
    3. Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous: evil omens.
    4. Bad or blameworthy by report; infamous: an evil reputation.
    5. Characterized by anger or spite; malicious: an evil temper.
    1. The quality of being morally bad or wrong; wickedness.
    2. That which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction: a leader’s power to do both good and evil.
    3. An evil force, power, or personification.
    4. Something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction: the social evils of poverty and injustice.
    adv. Archaic
    In an evil manner.

    40 years…over and out!…… hope you wake up some day
    good luck!

  152. Breeks says:

    Contrary says:
    9 May, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    If they vote for it, then fair doos, we are stuck with it – but at least it won’t be secretly imposed on us..

    Aye, but how sweet would it be to purge every last drop of this toxic divisive garbage out of the Independence Debate and just be rid of these interfering, freeloading mandate usurpers?

  153. Mia says:

    “Our election was not stolen”

    Prove it with evidence, not words:

    1. Where are the exit polls that demonstrate the result is accurate?
    2. Where is the uninterrupted footage that follows the trail of all the peach ballot boxes for the constituencies of the North East Scotland Region since 9:55 pm, including the moment they were locked down, including their transportation to the place where they would remain for the next 12 hours, continuous surveillance during the 12 hours, and continuous surveillance since the time they left that storage place until the moment they were opened at the counting place?

    Without an exit poll you don’t have a threshold to assess if the vote is truthful or not. Without an exit poll anybody can go and swap ballots and you are none the wiser. In my own constituency, the two people sitting by the box didn’t even bother in ensuring I had casted my two ballots. They just assumed I did. So how the hell did they know what is the total number that should be in the box when the counting takes place?

    Without the footage you do not have guarantees that the boxes were not tampered with.

    In other democratic European countries, the thought of leaving the boxes overnight for 12 hours before counting, the thought of them changing hands before counting and the thought of moving them from the polling stations without officially counting the ballots in front of witnesses of all parties would be just unthinkable and a reason to challenge the election. I don’t see why these sloppy practices should be considered acceptable here.

    CoVID was not the reason to delay the counting. It was a poor excuse. If you count the ballots at the polling places where the people cast their vote as in other countries is done (which takes an hour tops, and I am talking from experience), this counting can be done by the 2 official people that are in charge of the box while it is witnessed by representatives of the political parties and one from the government that may report the result of the first 100 ballots counted directly to the government as an exit poll. There is no need whatsoever to wait 48 h for the result. That was ridiculous.

    The risk of infection and rigging is far less by counting the boxes in situ than exposing the people looking after the boxes to someone else sealing the boxes, handing them to someone to transporting them to a resting place and then move them again to a counting place and handing them to a counter. So COVID was never the reason for the delay.

    Without those 2 pieces of evidence I ask for above, you cannot simply state “our election was not stolen”. You may wish it was not stolen, you may like to believe it was not stolen, you may trust it was not stolen. But the reality is that you just don’t have the certainty nor you have a way to prove it.

    We are asked here to have faith in a proven flawed system after the British state in collusion with the SGov and the COPFS threw the kitchen sink and the bath, brought dodgy witnesses of alleged cases taking place almost a decade ago, some of them seemingly lying under oath but protected by a blanket of anonymity that then allowed the COPFS and government to suppress information, wasted millions of pounds of Scottish taxpayers’ money attempting to stop Mr Salmond coming back to politics, after each and every MSM outlet and broadcasters were complicit in a coordinated blackout of ALBA and campaign of disinformation and smearing of Mr Salmond, and after the COPFS seemingly abused power to remove the dentures of a parliamentary inquiry and suppress evidence that might have seen Sgov ministers and civil servants sitting in a court of law and not as witnesses.

    Sorry, but quite frankly expecting trust in the system after all of the above is just a tad too much to ask.

    Provide those two pieces of evidence and I might consider believing this election was not rigged.

  154. Freya says:

    Met this morning with a friend of mine who is an SNP member, high up enough to have attended three meetings with Nicola, Peter & co. and lots with the SYP in the past. He was telling me people within the party were fuming after John Mason’s speech yesterday, whatsapps back and forth between one another with some of them already asking when he will be sacked, and that a huge number of SNP members are sick and tired of the trans agenda and how it’s pretty much forced down their throats.

    My friend has also confirmed there are lots of young people not keen on the trans agenda by any stretch of the imagination either but they’re afraid to speak up. What I got from this chat is that there are lots of party members who will put pressure on Nicola to call for a second independence referendum within the next two years and that the party from within is in turmoil, completely split in two bands.

    Another SNP member I know, this time from Dundee, phoned me this morning to tell me pretty much the same thing. People are growing really impatient.

    I would recommend all of those who are friends with SNP members – I voted SNP1 Alba2 but I am a member of neither; I find being a member of pressure groups far more effective – to have a candid chat with them. In my case it has made me feel a bit more hopeful again that we won’t have to wait for a full decade for independence as that numpty Mason would like us to.

  155. Dan says:

    @ Freya

    It seems Mason’s speech seemed to piss off allsorts.

  156. Fred says:

    Stoker says:
    9 May, 2021 at 4:27 pm
    “For those who haven’t seen it ‘ALBA is Here To Stay’”

    Yes, but will AS be? I think Alba will need to do a lot of thinking as to whether having him as the face of the alternative independence campaign is ultimately a good thing. I’ve been pilloried before on Wings for daring to even raise this – and i genuinely don’t have any issues with him personally; however, it’s very clear that the voting public do – and have done so since 2017 when his own constituents decided to elect a Tory rather than re-elect him.
    It’ll get worse for him before it gets better too, given the concerted character assassination campaign that the SNP have now embarked upon.
    They are now very clearly determined to finish him off completely – and it ain’t going to be pretty.

  157. Ann Rayner says:

    Onwards, the numbers I have seen are the other way round but i have no way of knowing whether they are accurate or not. Where is this information available?

  158. James Che. says:

    Forgetting and ignoring the constant unionist interruptions telling us to forget about a freedom to chose the right to self determination,
    I heard NS state that the people of Scotland are sovereign, and they will chose their future on independence.( that puts payed to those whom claimed it had been given away). and if she believes that as law, then she’s scuppered,
    Depending on what we want to do,
    Let’s break this down a bit further into details.
    As far as law goes our sovereignty does not fall below parliament,
    Sovereignty is above parliament if it’s up to us as she says,
    Well sovereignty does not have to go through parliament, otherwise it is not sovereignty by logic or law,
    It is up to the sovereign people of Scotland what to chose next.
    We do not, need Scottish government at all, that by logic is a ploy, a red herring.
    It’s a twisting of factual based information by any government in the whole of Britain.
    You, we are either totally sovereign and can chose the right to self determination as she says and as the claim of right which was renewed through Westminster a few years ago for the people of Scotland says, and wether the unionist members like it or not on here, the union was also entered into supposedly voluntary by two countries,
    We have the right to withdraw from the union if it was a voluntary treaty, in the same way tories/ Westminster/ the parliament of Great Britain has done many times themselves over years,
    Unless Westminster considers it a hostage situation with Scotland,
    Acknowledged Sovereignty of the people of Scotland by governments does NO longer mean that governments dictate, it’s the people choice,
    With the acknowledged right for people to chose the right to self determination in the un,
    What facts are left out?
    We do not have to go begging the Scottish goverment in elections to prove we have a mandate, any more than NS has to go begging Johnston for a referendum,
    Perpetually leaving it up to decide our independence, it’s a ruse, a red herring, a verbal wool over the eyes,
    The Westminster parliament does not have a set constitution for Britain, it is not wrote down.
    Therefore the devolved government in Scotland by logic hangs on a shoogley peg. It can come and go at a whim of whomever is the decision maker in office of the day.
    The one steady long running factor is that the Scottish people hold sovereignty above parliament.agreed by both parliaments over a very long period of time
    We have been missing and ignoring a really vital piece of law here, the only steady piece of law we need, We are sovereign to chose, we do not need or have to go begging, we do not need permission from Sturgeon, the greens or any single party or political goverment.
    We decide and when.
    Now let’s break down the difference between a legal entity like a government declaring UDI.
    And a sovereign people of a nation in their own country claiming UDI.
    Basically even a devolved government cannot legally claim UDI from its larger entity or government without consent. This is the position NS has taken as a subordinate Scottish government to Westminster. No consent given.
    Now the sovereign people are above the legal position of the Scottish government, as the Scottish government has to follow our advice if we want self determination. ( if we chose to go that route) big IF.
    We are already sovereign as both the Scottish government and the English government have agreed on this, ( wrote in legislation and in the Scotland act.) we have the right to chose,)
    However as sovereign people we do not have to chose that route at all. As sovereign people living in our own country and a nation already, we can do away with the nonsense, by stating in a legal manner we are sovereign And no longer are continuing in the treaty of the union.
    It is not illegal for a recognised sovereign people to state what they are chosen for their future, it by any legal sense cannot be declared UDI, when you are already sovereign,
    it’s a matter for negotiations afterwards or Everything is returned to the country as it was prior to the union.
    It’s a lot of reading I know,
    But you’re either sovereign or you’re not, you can not be half way sovereign

  159. Mia says:


    Would there be a way to ask your SNP friends to, on the quiet, find out roughly (and of course anonymously) how many SNP members actually voted for ALba and how many voted for Greens?

    It would be interesting if the Alba members were to enquire among friends and family how many of them voted Alba. I am not a member and yet me and my husband voted ALBA.

    If Alba has already 5000 members and allegedly, less than 45,000 people cast their vote for Alba, this means that per member, they got less than 8 extra votes. This seems very little when you think about family members, friends, neighbours and all the work done by activists during the campaigning. The projections on the buildings were awesome and their leaflet was very good. The desperation of the BBC and MSM for suppression and the pre-election polling does not support such a low vote.

    It does not ring true either when you look at the enormous excitement that Mr Salmond brought when the party was launched. Those 2 SNP MPs and councillors cannot be the only SNP members voting Alba. It does not ring true either that the unionists got the message about d’Hondt (I got a leaflet from the tank commander explaining how to stop indyref by pooling tory votes) but none of the SNP voters, did.

    It does not ring true the result in Sturgeon’s constituency. All her constituency votes are almost spot on to the regional votes for SNP + Greens. But then there are over 600 votes for ALba in that seat. So what did those 600 Alba voters voted for in the constituency? Are we expected to believe that not one of them voted SNP?

    I am convinced we were sold a pup with this election results and it would be good to find a way of proving it.

  160. Wee Chid says:

    Ross says:
    9 May, 2021 at 12:49 pm
    On the topic of total indy/anti indy votes a London hack queried: “what indy supporter wouldn’t vote snp on constituency?”

    A woman who doesn’t want to see her rights disappear? Or, anyone who actually wants to see independence this decade.

  161. Dan says:

    Swindler’s List – Episode 2 – The Chronicles of Roddick

    Blatant showing off as Emma(North) manages to post on internet without her rats having gnawed through connection cables. Stu needs to up his game!

    Points immediately deducted for Emma(North) though as she shows off hamper containing Tunnock’s and Mackies products…

  162. James Che. says:

    We asked Alex Salmond if the people of Scotland were sovereign, He said yes,
    Nicola sturgeon in a interview yesterday also stated that the people are sovereign,
    Two, past and present first ministers both stated that the Scottish people are sovereign.
    It cannot be given away by someone else, other than yourself,

  163. Red says:

    Yes, but will AS be? I think Alba will need to do a lot of thinking as to whether having him as the face of the alternative independence campaign is ultimately a good thing.

    I like Alex Salmond, he fights.

    If someone else wants to have a go, and has the charisma and capability to lead, I’m sure Alex won’t stand in their way. He’s 66 and has suffered a lot. He deserves a rest.

    But we’re not exactly drawing from a deep bench in Scottish politics. If we were, the Scottish Parliament wouldn’t be full of absolute fuckmuppets who would probably die of starvation if they mistakenly wandered into a hedge maze.

  164. Don says:

    @James Che. 9 May, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    “…….It’s a lot of reading I know,But you’re either sovereign or you’re not, you can not be half way sovereign”

    TLDR : You are one confused soul James and that was nothing but a poorly informed rant. Do you know what “UK Supreme Court will uphold the supremacy of the Westminster parliament.” means ?

  165. Ottomanboi says:

    England based media, Guardian excepted, have effectively cancelled Scotland. All about Starmer and Hartlepool and crushing some rebellious North Britons.
    That’s the precious union in all its condescending metropolitan perspective.
    Contemplating their own red white and blue fundament….and the onanistic pleasure of blinkered ignorance.

  166. MaggieC says:

    The dial-in details for Craig Murray’s case have been published .

    High Court of Justiciary

    Case: Sentencing Hearing – Petition and Complaint re Craig Murray

    Date: 11 May, 2021: Time 9.45am

    Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149

    Access code: 137 361 4070

  167. Angry Weegie says:

    For exactly the reason given by Stu, I couldn’t bring myself to vote SNP on the constituency. I wouldn’t vote unionist, so spoiled my vote. Voted Alba on the list, unfortunately one of the too few.

    The noise coming from some pro-SNP types is truly awful, but they are just telling us what is going to happen in the next couple of years. All those who voted SNP to get Indy are now taken as endorsing their identity politics. Will they even notice when women become non-persons? Will they just accept Nicola Sturgeon’s latest excuse for non-action on independence? Probably.

    Is there any way to stop her? Probably not when folk chose to ignore what’s happening.

  168. David A. says:

    The sad fact is that there’s slim pickings for leadership and suppporters right now. Most people care more about social media and takeaway pizza deliveries. At Bannockburn we had a leader brave enough to lead from the front and stand firm before a lance charge and win and an army of people also brave enough to hold the line against vastly greater numbers for two days of battle and still win.

    Now people have it all laid out before them with resources and information to hand that would astonish their ancestors and people spend roughtly 30 seconds decicing who to vote for on the basis of what TV told them to think before ordering a pizza, if they can even be bothered to turn up or post their vote in the first place. Taking things for granted barely covers it.

  169. Don says:

    @Mia 9 May, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    “The projections on the buildings were awesome and their leaflet was very good. The desperation of the BBC and MSM for suppression and the pre-election polling does not support such a low vote.
    It does not ring true either when you look at the enormous excitement that Mr Salmond brought when the party was launched. Those 2 SNP MPs and councillors cannot be the only SNP members voting Alba. It does not ring true either that the unionists got the message about d’Hondt.
    I am convinced we were sold a pup with this election results and it would be good to find a way of proving it.”

    FFS “I am convinced we were sold a pup with this election results….” The rocket fuelled conspiracy theorists here never ever learn anything do they ? But unlike the wayward Chinese squib it doesn’t look like they will be rejoining planet Earth any time soon.

  170. David A. says:

    Apparently we are to call the patients in materinity wards “birthing people”. They are no longer women somehow. All to fit the woke agenda once again. Orwell, please forgive us.

  171. James Che. says:

    Stu, if you want to get rid of snp, and the awful woke gender woo greens in Scotland, the quickest route to that is through sovereignty, it enables us to by pass the rule of Scottish government and Westminster’s government.
    For those who are new here or don’t understand how their sovereignty works in Scotland can you help, on how achieve independence.
    It needs your input on a massive scale to by pass stupidity on this issue and by pass politics and political parties,
    There are so many people I have tried to explain to to no avail, that you’re sovereignty cannot be given away by Nicola sturgeon.

  172. Captain Yossarian says:

    @James Che. 9 May, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    The problem we have James is that 50% want a referendum and 50% don’t.

    Of the 50% that do, 50% of them don’t want it within the next 2 years.

    In the meantime, this country is riddled with Holyrood corruption; from all parties.

    Sovereign means absolute power and the electorate do not have that. No matter who they vote, or and in what numbers.

  173. MaggieC says:

    Re all the discussion about the GRA reforms , it’s worth reading .’s website ,

    And their twitter account ,

    It’s an excellent website with great information .

  174. Stephen P says:

    You can find all the region totals on twitter @BallotBoxScot as well as individual constituency list totals if you look through all the posts.

    The Alba votes totalled 46,538 giving a (1.72%) national avg

    Central 5345 (1.6%)
    Glasgow 5408 (1.8%)
    H&I 3828 (1.6%)
    Lothian 6141 (1.6)%
    Mid Scot/Fife 5893 (1.7%)
    NE 8269 (2.3%)
    South 5521 (1.5%)
    West 6133 (1.6)%

    The highest share I’m aware of was 3.5% in Banff and Buchan (1135 votes) which helped the SNP to narrowly win the constituency seat if 770 of them voted SNP1. Similarly the SNP1/Alba2 votes helped to win Ayr.

  175. Dan says:

    Meanwhile, in other news… The lego headed imp acknowledges unionist tactical voting, but failed to have the foresight to put in place measures to counter it by spouting BothVotesSNP pish.
    This genius strategy resulted in the best part of a million SNP Regional List votes being spaffed up the wall rather than those votes assisting removing unionists and instead electing other pro-indy voices into Holyrood, which would help move discussion in the Parliament towards healthy democratic processes of an Indy Scotland, rather than continual union constitutional wrangling and grievancing.

    #BothVotesSNP = #ListVoteNonsense = #TacticalImbecile

  176. alistair x says:

    Why dont we mobilise our huge and wealthy exiled distopia, think out the box,multiple attacks, build a way to get to get to the general public.

  177. Mia says:

    “what indy supporter wouldn’t vote snp on constituency?”

    Well, all Alba supporters in Sturgeon’s constituency, if we are to believe the results.

  178. Intractable Potsherd says:

    I’ve had the chance to leave Scotland since February. I didn’t want to take it, and was actively looking at ways to stay even though it would be very inconvenient for me and my family. Not now. I’m going. I won’t stop fighting for Scottish independence, and I won’t stop denying biological reality and telling the truth that there is no such thing as a woman with a penis. I’ll be doing it from somewhere the woke lunatics can’t get me, though.

    Whether the tears I shed as I physically leave Scotland will be as big as the ones I’m shedding because Scottish governance has left me remains to be seen.

  179. Cenchos says:

    Captain Yossarian says

    ‘50% want a referendum and 50% don’t’

    But what about the other 30%?

    Asking for M. Hunter.

  180. Franky says:

    Is this it?

    The comments above are boring, repetitive and pathetic.

    Are you just going to post the same words, only in a different order for the next five years?

    The SNP voters amongst us fucked up big time, just admit it.

    It doesn’t matter what you or the Rev posts from now on in, it will be ignored.

    Indy will be there for the taking in 2031.

    By then the Rev will be CEO of some huge Media organization in the south of France.

    And you lot will still be pushing for your “Vote SNP 1 and ALBA 2” pish and your “Supermajority”.

    You lot were told not to touch the SNP, and what do you do? go out and vote SNP, and also tell anybody that would listen to you to vote SNP.

    Sad but true.

    You lot sum up the definition of being an idiot perfectly.

  181. Mia says:

    “The highest share I’m aware of was 3.5% in Banff and Buchan (1135 votes)”

    See that is, I think, another oddity. Banff and Buchan voted conservative in 2019 and 2017 GEs and the SNP won the Banffshire and Buchan Coast constituency by less than 800 votes. You would expect the highest share of ALBA in firmly yes places like Glasgow and Dundee, where the percentage of pro indy votes was, if I am not mistaken over 60% both in the constituency and list.

    If 3.5% had been the percentage across all the constituencies, would ALBA get seats?

    It would be interesting to see the percentage of ALBA in each constituency. I have been trying to find this information but it is very difficult. Why is it so difficult? There are lots of constituencies where the constituency seat result is available but not the list one. Why not?

  182. Stuart says:

    David A,

    You are mostly correct in your appraisal of the situation, however goes back to the old lines I am getting sick to death of repeating. To win anything politically you can only deal with reality at that time, and its true as ever that “perception is reality” Abolutely useless moaning about the purveyors of this “perception”, which is with all due respect why I find it incredible that so called “statesman ” ignore this in the year 2021 and revert to blaming the voters, their opponents and uncle Tom cobbly (aka in this context M15 lol) as so many below the line feel so much comfort in doing.

    I’ve said till I’m blue in the face(ironic eh), that though I realise you despise it, learn some lessons from people who share these Islands. Instead of labelling people from the “Red Wall” as fascists, racists, morons, low information etc” which I can assure you living in that part of the world could not be further from the truth, learn never-ending how “intellectually superior” you feel that “your truth” or that of the BBC, Guardian etc never ever trumps (ironically) “The Truth” or reality.

    Herein endeth the lesson.

  183. Stephen says:

    Well there are two schools of thought.

    Sovereignty resides in the people and they elect representatives who collectively constitute a parliament which is the repository of the people’s transfered sovereignty.

    Then there is a rather older idea, vestiges of which survive, whereby the crown is sovereign and parliament acts in the crown’s name.

  184. Republicofscotland says:

    Did anyone witness the charade on STV between Bernard Ponsonby and Nicola Sturgeon. It was a thing of beauty with regards to viewer deception. Ponsonby aiming questions at Sturgeon whilst he knew fine well her answers before she spoke them.

    The narrative was one of Ponsonby not so much championing the union but stating its position, and Sturgeons position, was one of the peoples champion.

    Neither shone any light on what would happen IF Sturgeon proceeded with providing the people of Scotland with a choice on constitutional matters, namely an indyref. But of course we all know that Sturgeon has no intentions of holding an indyref, and the sane man in the room Colin Mackay actually pointed this out, that it would be years before Sturgeon actually made a move, if at all.

    But I bet viewers of an indy minded persuasion, who believe in Sturgeon lapped it up, reinforcing their decision to give both votes SNP, as the right thing to do.

    This kind of Q&A session with Sturgeon and other SNP MSPs/MPs will continue in this vain of questioning for months even years to come, and it will placate the both votes SNP crowd, who’ll see it as Sturgeon paving the way for an indyref. We’ve even had the nice touch of a SNP MP already asking Sturgeon to bring forward the necessary legislation to get the ball rolling, a master stroke if you ask me, it will have the both votes SNP acolytes trembling with anticipation.

    So expect this tennis match between the SNP government and the British media, and British government for that matter, to continue back and forth in the longest rally ever witnessed in Scotland, with neither of the parties ever moving to advantage, never mind game set and match.

  185. Breeks says:

    Freya says:
    9 May, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    ….. He was telling me people within the party were fuming after John Mason’s speech yesterday, whatsapps back and forth between one another…

    Amazing how brave people get once it’s too late to matter. ALBA had a degree of courage, conviction and backbone, stood up for their principles, stood up for Scotland, and the SNP knifed them in the ribs. That’s what people should be angry about.

    Feigned ‘outrage’ about Mason? Why are they “upset”? Because Mason was wrong, or because Mason had a big mouth and blabbed on their endless dithering which was meant to be a secret?

  186. Stuart says:

    James Che,

    If its your view of “sovereignty ” being the route to Independance, what do you say to the approximately 50% of your fellow citizens who don’t hold your view?

    Its actually a brilliant strategy in a way, as you seem to have convinced a lot of people south of the border that the WHOLE of Scotland wants Independance, which is actually untrue, but “crack on”, just don’t be surprised what inevitably happens if you get YOUR way!! And its no use just saying “we’ll worry about that down the road ” can’t think of anywhere, where that’s worked out well, especially in the North of Ireland from a polar opposite viewpoint if you actually think about it.

  187. Alf Baird says:

    “Over 50% of voters on the Regional List voted for Independence.”

    This amounts to a majority of voters (as well as a majority of seats/members of parliament) in a national election supporting independence, which is normally sufficient for a declaration of independence of any country/people.

    And more especially in a situation where a people are continually being denied a referendum, one would expect the National Party to deploy that democratic election result to full effect. However we know the SNP will settle in and take their seats, oaths and salaries this week – rather than take sovereignty back.

  188. Stuart MacKay says:


    And Gove says the UK government will not challenge a referendum bill in court, All sounds a little too cosy.

    Well look the bright side. The carrot polishers over at The National will be happy. The smart ones probably have all the stories for the next five years written already.

  189. Stuart says:

    Intractable Potshead,

    Thats all fine and dandy, doing what is right for your family is what motivates most normal people.

    As one who has lived all over the world, that the two best places to get away from this “pish”, are China and Russia ironically. Having lived in both believe me it feels (despite their other western imagined problems) like having one long refreshing shower , each and every day. Its so liberating to be among people who take no notice of the shyte that permeates not just Scotland but the rest of the west.

    Wish you happiness in whatever you choose to do, or go. Best Regards. Stuart

  190. Franky says:

    Alba’s biggest weakness is Alex Salmond.

    He is too divisive to be the leader of any national Party.

    And that was BEFORE the Court cases.

    Now he is toxic.

    To be leader of the YES Movement, you have to, by the very nature of the job, bring people together. Alex Salmond does NOT bring people together.

    He does the very opposite.

    And after the allegations that were made against him at his trial, he is a gift to any opposition Parties, especially Sturgeon’s SNP.

    She would have tore him to shreds in the Scottish Parliament.

    So for his own sake, he would probably have missed a bullet by not getting elected.

    To make in roads into the Yes Movement, a new leader will have to have absolutely no baggage, otherwise the opposition and media will chew them up and spit them out.

  191. Ron Maclean says:

    Welcome to Hotel Caledonia!

    An all expenses paid, five year relaxing holiday on full salary courtesy of Westminster and the Scottish voters. Who would want to check out?

    “… it is legally possible for the UK Government to react to the passage of a Bill in the Scottish Parliament by making a reference and then persuading the UK Parliament to amend the Scotland Act so as to render the Bill invalid.” Lord Reed, then Deputy President of the Supreme Court.

    We have been unquestioning volunteers in an unequal political system for over three hundred years. We renewed our ‘Vow’ in 2014. During six, otherwise fruitless years since, our only realistic means of escape ensured preservation of the unionist system with its in-built largesse and corruption. The Scottish colony is run by a cabal of tamed native collaborators, colonists and settlers determined to deceive the indigenes and keep them subjugated and inferior.

    What now? A shameful return of highly paid imposters, charlatans and chancers, missing-in-inaction while betraying their country? A First Minister unable to resolve the conflict between her responsibilities as Leader of the SNP and her obligation to obey Westminster?

    ‘Corrupt politicians get the other ten percent a bad name.’ Henry Kissinger

    Enjoy your stay!

  192. MaggieC says:

    Mia @ 7.22 pm

    “ The highest share I’m aware of was 3.5% in Banff and Buchan (1135 votes)” “

    The vote would be higher in Banff and Buchan as that is the area Alex Salmond lives in .

  193. Mia says:

    “Alba’s biggest weakness is Alex Salmond”

    Don’t be ridiculous. Alba’s biggest THREAT to the status quo is Alex Salmond and for that reason and given the fact that the British state in collusion with Scotland’s gov and COPFs threw the kitchen sink and millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to try to stop him coming back into politics, until the time I see irrefutable evidence that proves the ballot boxes were not tampered with or swapped before the counting, I will believe the results are only what the powers that be want us to believe they are.

    Any idea where I can find the regional list votes of every constituency? in particular I am interested in those of the region North East Scotland, where Mr Salmond was a candidate. But I would like to have the regional list results from the unionist constituency seats as a reference. It would be fascinating to find out that the percentage of Alba in the list is higher in some unionist seat than in those in Glasgow or Dundee.

    I have been searching for hours in internet but I cannot find it. I could find the ones for glasgow city council and a few others, but not all. In Wikipedia, I can find many constituencies where the constituency votes are included but not the regional ones. It is like those including the results suddenly lost interest when they had to report Alba’s results.

  194. Lochside says:

    Sturgeon’s mendacity has been clearly demonstrated by the fraudulent ‘Two votes SNP’ equals 2 seats outcome in the list vote part of the Election.
    Even the most gullible ‘Nikla’ sychophants must be questioning this outcome.

    But let them. Lat all 1 million plus duped SNP voters reflect further on the imminent GRA reform Bill and the implementation of the Hate Bill. The possible jailing of Craig Murray and the Liberal ‘seig heil’ numpties will slowly perculate into their subconscious that things are changing but not for the better in Scotland.

    The malicious absurdity, that is Sturgeon and her virtue signalling medieval insurgents will fail miserably to accomplish any ‘Indy’ legislation whatsoever. Simply because her little accounting unit talking shop can produce diddly squat as a subordinate impotent assembly that Bozo the evil clown will squash with impunity at will. Then the Fanclub of cognitive dissonance that support her and her coterie will become enraged as always occurs in the end.

    Whether it is by design by these two in concert or because she is a useless narcissistic sociopath who is focused only on manipulating as much out of the system as she can before bailing out no longer matters.

    Our job is to fan the flames, by doing what the ‘queer theory’ mob do: undermine, expose Sturgeon’s dishonest tropes and strategies where ever we can. Organised phone ins and social media messages telling the truth about their untruths. A rebuttal unit by Alba must be a necessity. Constant attrition of their credibility until the whole rotten edifice of lies crumbles beneath them.

  195. robbo says:

    That’s it folks. Our resident alien is our master tactician, he knows it all. We’re doomed.

    “Frankie goes to Holyrood” has spoken. Franky will tell her how it is LMAO.

    Beam me up Scotty, as my head is about to explode.

  196. Big Jock says:

    Gove has conceded that that the Tories won’t take the SG to court if they bring their own referendum.

    Something is afoot. Is Nicola’s bluff being called. If she doesn’t bring the bill knowing there will be no challenge. Then we know she has absolutely no intention!

    Do the Tories want a quick referendum?

  197. Heaver says:


    As of now list votes are not up. If they’re not up in 48hrs I’d cry foul.

  198. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Dan 6:57pm
    Interesting article. A good find.

  199. Daisy Walker says:

    OT – a wee thought re self id, particularly around male prisoners self identifying in order to get placed in womens prisons.

    The Prison should place them in a separate wing. An extra womanly wing, full of other ‘women’.

    They will complain, they will moan, and whine.

    But legally, in order to claim they are being discriminated against – they will have to have the law changed, to define them as somehow different from other women.

    Not only that, but in order to prove that they’ve been placed in a wing exclusively occupied by other transgender’s – they will have to ‘dead name them’, and then point out that they’re not real ‘women’ in order for it to be an issue – after all transwomen are women – according to the script, so they can’t really have an issue, can they?

    It will of course lead to prison riots, and it will probably need major structural changes to the womans prisons to accomodate them. But hey.

    If you see what I mean. Not sure I’ve explained it right.

  200. Meg merrilees says:

    Mia @7.22
    The BBC link will give you a round up of total Regional and total constituency votes. There is also an A-Z section where you can get the information on each constituency seat.

    Regional votes and much more on this site:

    all the voting information you could want is on this brilliant Ballot box Scotland website, plus he breaks down every region into its component parts on the list vote and quotes all the figures. It is a huge amount of work.

    Central Scotland Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 148399 (45.3%, -2.4)
    Lab ~ 77623 (23.7%, -1.1)
    Con ~ 59896 (18.3%, +2.2)
    Grn ~ 19512 (6%, +1.3)
    Lib Dem ~ 6337 (1.9%, +0.1)
    Alba ~ 5345 (1.6%, +1.6)
    AFU ~ 2712 (0.8%, +0.8)
    Others ~ 7668 (2.3%, -2.5)

    Glasgow Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 133917 (43.9%, -0.9)
    Labour ~ 74088 (24.3%, +0.5)
    Con ~ 37027 (12.1%, +0.2)
    Green ~ 36114 (11.8%, +2.4)
    Lib Dem ~ 6079 (2%, -0.4)
    Alba ~ 5408 (1.8%, +1.8)
    AFU ~ 2562 (0.8%, +0.8)
    Others ~ 9749 (3.2%, -4.5)


    Highlands & Islands Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 96413 (40.4%, +0.6)
    Con ~ 60779 (25.4%, +3.7)
    LD ~ 26771 (11.2%, -2.1)
    Lab ~ 22713 (9.5%, -1.6)
    Grn ~ 17729 (7.4%, +0.2)
    Alba ~ 3828 (1.6%, +1.6)
    AFU ~ 1540 (0.6%, +0.6)
    Others ~ 9057 (3.8%, -3.1)
    Lothian Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 141478 (35.9%, -0.4)
    Con ~ 78595 (19.9%, -3)
    Labour ~ 76689 (19.4%, -1.3)
    Green ~ 49984 (12.7%, +2.1)
    Lib Dem ~ 28433 (7.2%, +1.6)
    Alba ~ 6141 (1.6%, +1.6)
    AFU ~ 2423 (0.6%, +0.6)
    Others ~ 10633 (2.7%, -1.2)

    Mid Scotland & Fife Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 136825 (39.8%, -1.5)
    Con ~ 85909 (25%, -0.2)
    Lab ~ 52626 (15.3%, -2.3)
    Green ~ 28654 (8.3%, +2.2)
    LD ~ 25489 (7.4%, +0.4)
    Alba ~ 5893 (1.7%, +1.7)
    AFU ~ 2578 (0.7%, +0.7)
    Others ~ 6085 (1.8%, -1)

    North East Scotland Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 147910 (40.9%, -3.7)
    Con ~ 110555 (30.6%, 2.6)
    Lab ~ 41062 (11.4%, -1.3)
    Grn ~ 22735 (6.3%, +1.4)
    Lib Dem ~ 18050 (5%, -1)
    Alba ~ 8269 (2.3%, +2.3)
    AFU ~ 2561 (0.7%, +0.7)
    Others ~ 10090 (2.8%, -1)

    South Scotland Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 136741 (37.6%, -0.7)
    Con ~ 121730 (33.5%, +1.4)
    Labour ~ 57236 (15.7%, -2.1)
    Green ~ 18964 (5.2%, +0.5)
    LD ~ 12422 (3.4%, -0.3)
    Alba ~ 3896 (1.1%, +1.1)
    AFU ~ 5521 (1.5%, +1.5)
    Others ~ 7338 (2%, -1.4)

    West Scotland Region List Vote:

    SNP ~ 152671 (40.4%, -1.8)
    Lab ~ 83775 (22.2%, -0.3)
    Con ~ 82650 (21.9%, -0.3)
    Grn ~ 26632 (7.1%, +1.7)
    Lib Dem ~ 13570 (3.6%, -0.2)
    Alba ~ 6133 (1.6%, +1.6)
    AFU ~ 3372 (0.9%, +0.9)
    Others ~ 8895 (2.4%, -1.6)


  201. Heaver says:

    @ Mia

    More info there. Karen Adam would have lost to the tory if Alex had not said SNP 1, ALBA 2.

    Think I’ll write her a wee letter pointing out her next 4 years on £64,470 per annum is thanks to Alex Salmond. She’ll reply, if she does, no it isn’t. I’ll reply, imagine a world without Alex Salmond, where would you be, what would you be? Thanks where it is due, or you are not of the people. I voted for you because Alex Salmond asked me to.

  202. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What if went all ‘Spartacus’ and say, I dunno, five thousand of us indy-supporting men suddenly decided that we’re ‘female’ and have flashmobs where we all decide to go to M&S at the same time to peruse their latest undergarments, or descend on Home Bargains and buy all of their make-up. And five thousand indy-supporting women start telling everyone they’re guys etc and gather together to do something typically ‘male’, I can’t even imagine what…maybe go to B&Q to complain about something, or sit around in the IKEA cafe looking at their watches.

    How could they stop us?

    Every day that passes is bringing us closer to The Bottom Inspectors (copyright, Viz comic) anyway so we might as well just mock it.

  203. mike cassidy says:

    The shape of things to come

  204. Ruby says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:17 pm

    If you see what I mean. Not sure I’ve explained it right.

    You’ve explained it brilliantly. Sounds like an excellent solution.

  205. KiwiScot says:

    Hi there.

    OK sorry you guys lost but it was a good fight and well done.

    I rather expect that the real battle has now begun.

    Straight one on one between the Scottish SNP and the UK Conservative Party.

    Alex has been sidelined. So Tories are winning 1-0. That game is over.

    Gove has fired the first salvo. “We aint going to court so bring it on.” Nicola has zip in the armoury. No plan.

    So we enter the phony war.

    I truly admire your support of Alex and Independence et al and I truly hope we have a lovely summer to give you salve.

    Thank you for all your care over the last six weeks.

    Proper fight now.

    Don’t worry about all the cocks in frocks stuff, it is window dressing. Just sad mental deficients having their moment in the sun.

    Nz had it first transvestite MP in 1999. I believe it is the country Scotland could have been. Truly independent of mind and spirit and steadily growing a wonderful global reputation. We also had mixed toilets. Nobody died.

    Good luck.

  206. Cenchos says:

    Could a transman who has worked in a job with an unequal pay structure favouring males claim historical back pay based on their new legal gender status?

    How might gender self-ID impact ongoing equal pay court cases?

  207. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Daisy Walker 8:17pm
    Women voted for this so I have no sympathy. You cannot interpret the election results any other way. My conscience is clear. No votes SNP. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink. Women need to own this result. Women voted for Nicola Sturgeon. It’s now in your court to do something about it.

  208. Dan says:

    Yay! It looks like Juanita Sisterhood is tempted to embrace the benefits of imbibing the Chardonnay… 🙂

    Update: The next part of my brave transing involves trying to find my gravatar login and whacking up a rainbow avatar of some sort as that appears to be a mandatory requirement.

    Then I need to find out my bra size. Tricky formula stuff to work it out but after initial calculations I think I require a 44A.

  209. Big Jock says:

    Kiwi – Gove is basically saying. They wont consent to a section 30, but won’t stand in the way of a Holywood referendum. Which seems contradictory.

    Then it dawned on me. There are 2 things at play. Seeing if Sturgeon is bluffing. Then if not. They will ask all unionists to boycott the referendum as its unsanctioned.

    So I see this as. No you are not getting a section 30. Nicola forced to put a non binding referendum through …or not. Then the Tories claiming illegitimate as not enough voters.

  210. Disillusioned says:

    I’m glad I spoiled my constituency ballot paper. It’s going to be a long five years.

  211. PacMan says:

    There has been a lot of talk that Alex Salmond is yesterdays man and his ways are out of date.

    It does look like Nicola Sturgeon is doing it her way with a softly softly approach.

    Guess what? That didn’t work because despite all the softly softly approach and all talk, we Scots were taken out of Europe.

    You simply can’t reason with the current lot in Westminster. They were willing to break an international agreement to get their way FFS and Nicola Sturgeon thinks if she pouts and says the will of the Scottish people won’t be denied that Westminster will give in?

    I just don’t know why these SNP supporters who support Nicola Sturgeon say they are for independence with a straight face.

  212. Carol Neill says:

    Thanks to those on previous thread for birthday wishes
    I still believe Eck has a plan

  213. Ruby says:

    Juanita Sisterhood

    You could take advantage of the bra fitting service in M&S
    & have your make up applied in Jenners etc.
    I think they also offer Brazilian waxing.

    Manspreading might be something women could do although we might have to wait until there is no more social distancing for it to have any impact.

    Join men’s conversations about football & sex.

    Use men’s toilets to brush hair, apply make-up and spray perfume all over the place. Men using same toilet might have to explain why they went home stinking of women’s perfum.

  214. David Hannah says:

    I’ve not felt this dejected since 2014. There’s a real feeling of injustice to the election result.

    Made worse with another character assassination on Salmond from woman Fs husband, as the main story in the record.

    These people are truly twisted.

    I found Angus Robertson’s electoral speech quite chilling. I will never be able to get behind that man.

    Salmond’s not finished yet. I hope his case against Leslie Evans goes well. No doubt we’ll be hearing from the alphabetties ramping up their demented smears and innuendos, and playing victim once again, closer to the time.

    We all know that the SNP aren’t going to deliver Independence in the next 5 years. There at least remains a working Independence Parliamentary majority.

    Now is the time to expose the corruption that went into destroying Alex Salmond. It will come out one way or the other.

    If Boris Johnson was intelligent – which he isn’t – he would ask about the conspiracy messages seen by David Davis. He would be able to use that as a cast iron guarantee to control Nicola Sturgeon for life.

  215. Dan says:


    Test for new Trans rainbow avatar.

  216. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ian Brotherhood , I am enjoying the vision in my head of you in a frock with bunnet on the heid!

  217. highseastim says:

    So much hurt and hate on these pages these days, it gets more like a unionists haven by the day!!

  218. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Ruby (9.10) –

    It sounds like a crazy plan…

    …but it might just work!


  219. Andy Ellis says:

    @Franky 7.49pm

    You’re almost certainly wrong. It’s not 2014 anymore. Given the outcome of the election we’re likely to have 5 more years of stasis, and when it comes to achieving independence we don’t know how that’s going to happen now do we? Will it be a referendum or plebiscitary elections? You may feel Salmond is a liability, but many would disagree with you.

    We don’t even know if there will be a Yes2 movement. I suspect the joyous movement of disparate and fissiparous independence supporters of the 2012-14 campaign is a dead duck. Many of us will find it very hard to fight shoulder to shoulder with people in the SNP and Greens who are abusing us for being transphobes, bigots and socially conservative. Sharing the same ultimate goal may no longer be enough.

    Alba doesn’t need to replace the SNP, it just needs it to reach escape velocity and be big enough. Those who continually retry Alex Salmond will never change: he’ll never be fit for office in their eyes, and they’ll never stop banging on about it. Those of us who accept the decisions of juries and who believe he is innocent and has been subject to a disgraceful attempt to fit him up will never accept the judgement of those who conspired against him. Similarly, we’re not going to accept the deeply regressive, a-scientific and misogynistic views of the TRA’s who have captured the upper echelons of both the SNP and Greens.

    The media is as the media does. We aren’t going to change them. We increased the Yes vote between 2012-14 despite them. We can’t let them set the agenda going forward: the establishment and MSM managed to stifle Alba’s voice in the few weeks up to the election, but they can’t do it for 5 years.

    There’s work to be done.

  220. Scott says:

    Don says:
    9 May, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    @James Che. 9 May, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    “…….It’s a lot of reading I know,But you’re either sovereign or you’re not, you can not be half way sovereign”

    TLDR : You are one confused soul James and that was nothing but a poorly informed rant. Do you know what “UK Supreme Court will uphold the supremacy of the Westminster parliament.” means ?

    A referendum isn’t needed. bit would be the polite way of going about things.
    Negotiations between Scottish Government and Alister Jack (or his replacement, Baroness Narcissist of Ruthania) to set the ball rolling is another option. SOS of Scotland may be a Minister of State of UK, but they’re a conduit between the 2 Governments too, acting in the interests of the people of Scotland at all times, allegedly.


    If a private citizen runs the referendum, the vote is YES then starts a case at the Court of Session, there’s fuck all the UK Supreme Court can do about it. Scots Law is supreme in Scotland. WM can’t interfere using English Law.

    The Crown of Scotland may be in a union with the Crowns of England & Ireland but *it* still has a duty to act in the expressed wishes of the sovereign people.

    Have a nice night.

  221. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dorothy Devine –

    My intention is to identify as a young attractive woman who identifies as a knackered-looking middle-aged man.

  222. PacMan says:

    David Hannah says: 9 May, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    Made worse with another character assassination on Salmond from woman Fs husband, as the main story in the record.

    A rather good way of getting off on the pat and mick for a good while.

    Just on the subject of Mental health which was mentioned in previous threads, Mental health for the rest of us is having to get on with it. If we reported this in the work place and had to take time off work due to it, we would be told to get a grip or get managed out of the door.

  223. mel says:

    Dorothy Devine says:
    9 May, 2021 at 1:42 pm
    Liz, for some reason the word Hermaphrodite keeps popping into my brain.

    Sorry but the wokerati have nothing to do with hermaphrodites. So rare that, statistically, there will be about 5 or 6 intersex people in Scotland. I have a family member who is one.

    Nothing to do with trans, being intersex is not a mental problem or an need to be different. It is not about dysmorphia nor freedom of choice. It is probably the most heartbreaking of human conditions, and is almost certainly of no great interest to the trans community. It is though, not a third sex. Just a complicated combination of both sexes.

    Please never ever confuse intersex with all the letters of the LGBT etc where people have the notion that they are three quarters male and one quarter female, because these people are making choices and choosing titles of their own volition, nor where pronouns can create hate crimes, intersex people, at least until recently, have their pronound decided for them.

    It is so very much more profound – and sad – than that!

    And, even more sad, it that the very people who need help and understanding will be the ones left behind.

  224. Mia says:

    “The vote would be higher in Banff and Buchan as that is the area Alex Salmond lives in”

    Then I would expect a much higher vote for him there.

  225. Scott says:

    PacMan says:
    9 May, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    David Hannah says: 9 May, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    Made worse with another character assassination on Salmond from woman Fs husband, as the main story in the record.

    A rather good way of getting off on the pat and mick for a good while.

    Just on the subject of Mental health which was mentioned in previous threads, Mental health for the rest of us is having to get on with it. If we reported this in the work place and had to take time off work due to it, we would be told to get a grip or get managed out of the door.

    It’s nice that you don’t have any debilitating mental health issues you condescending fuckwit. I would have called you a cunt but I chose not to.

  226. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ian , and a great success you will be!

    Mel , I do know the difference – excuse the flippant remark.

  227. Ruby says:

    Alex Salmond has been put in a position where he has absolutely nothing to lose.

    If I were one of his enemies I would probably be ‘incapacitated by depression’

  228. Maureen says:

    Dorothy Devine
    Between Ian Brotherhood and Dan, am in bits here!

  229. Meg merrilees says:

    Mia –

    Aberdeenshire East (North East) List Vote:

    Con ~ 15112 (36.8%, +6.1)
    SNP ~ 14873 (36.2%, -7.4)
    Lab ~ 3092 (7.5%, +1.1)
    Lib Dem ~ 3007 (7.3%, -4.4)
    Grn ~ 2326 (5.7%, +1.6)
    Alba ~ 1235 (3%, +3)
    AFU ~ 284 (0.7%, +0.7)
    Others ~ 1143 (2.8%, -0.8)

    as you can see Alex polled 3% there.

  230. PacMan says:

    Scott says: 9 May, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    It’s nice that you don’t have any debilitating mental health issues you condescending fuckwit. I would have called you a cunt but I chose not to.

    As somebody who had suffered from extreme stress at work, had to take time off work but had to come back even though I wasn’t totally right, you’re entitled to your opinion.

  231. Wee Chid says:

    Cenchos says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:41 pm
    “Could a transman who has worked in a job with an unequal pay structure favouring males claim historical back pay based on their new legal gender status?

    How might gender self-ID impact ongoing equal pay court cases?”

    Wondering if that was part of the reasoning for raising the pension age for women – to stop men claiming at 60 by declaring their “womanhood”.

    Mind you, if people can change their sex, why not their age. I could claim to be 66 now (I bloody feel a lot older after all this shite) and get my pension paid straight away – after all what’s a birth certificate if not just a piece of paper that you can now change details on and re-write history.

  232. Dorothy Devine says:

    Maureen , they certainly present a ‘pretty ‘ picture!

  233. Maureen says:

    Dorothy Devine

    I think we need a bit of a laugh today

  234. alan turner says:

    Having talked with a few SNP supporters I got the feeling they were voting for Nicola not independence. Not all but definitely a few.. it was if they were part of a great club or cult to put it another way. She is very popular but so was Thatcher I see the end result being the same. Covid gave her a audiance but that will faid don’t think she will last the full term.what years I have left will be spent in the sun.

  235. Mia says:

    Meg Merriless thank you for this. This is the kind of info I was looking for. That will keep me entertained for a while!

  236. Scott says:

    PacMan says:
    9 May, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    As somebody who had suffered from extreme stress at work, had to take time off work but had to come back even though I wasn’t totally right

    What you wanting, a parade?

  237. David Caledonia says:

    The philippines has told China to fuck off, one of their main guys actually said it like that, plain and simple, he said you cannot speak nice to these people as they look at it as a weakness.
    I love the people there, they are my kind of people, if only the oil in the north sea had been discovered in the philippines all those decades ago, they would not have let any thieves like the bushy eyebrow Dennis the menace healey anywhere near it.
    They don’t have foodbanks there, can’t afford them you see, they have got no food to spare for others, its a struggle just trying to have any food at all in your own belly.
    For years I have been telling a lot of the young folk there how great scotland is and they should come here and get a career.
    Never again will I do that, I will not say why, but I will not encourage any of those beautiful people to come here, they are very family orientated and I would be ashamed to ask any of them to come here now.
    I will never be ashamed of scotland, but I am sorry to say at this moment in time I could not seriousley encourage them to come here, for a holiday yes, they could come and holiday with me when I’m here, or even have the run of my house when I am away, my dream for them has died and that on its own really makes me so very, very, sad for them

    Philippines Gu Bra

  238. Famous15 says:

    When not if!

  239. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Of course Gove and the Tories will not go to court to scupper any SNP Independence referendum.

    Once the SNP announces the referendum, which, if they ever do, will not be any time soon – the Tories will immediately amend the Scotland Act to thwart this theoretic referendum.

  240. Alan McHarg says:

    I had never spoiled a paper until Thursday and as bitter sweet as the experience was, my conscience would not allow me to do anything else. I know that I voted for ALBA and independence, and I know that I am in no way responsible for the coming 5 years. I will work with ALBA to fight for a better Scotland. I am enjoying reminding people that their vote returned 43 unionist MSP’s to the Scottish parliament in opposition to independence. Just imagine if those had been pro-indy ALBA MSP’s the continuous wrangling over the constitution would have been at an end, in Scotland at least.

  241. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Looks like Bellacaledonia has fingered Chris Cairns!

  242. PacMan says:

    Scott says: 9 May, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    What you wanting, a parade?

    It sounds like you have issues.

    P.S. I won’t be continuing this conversation.

  243. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Tannadice Boy says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    @Daisy Walker 8:17pm
    Women voted for this so I have no sympathy. You cannot interpret the election results any other way. My conscience is clear. No votes SNP. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink. Women need to own this result. Women voted for Nicola Sturgeon. It’s now in your court to do something about it.’

    Ummm, not too sure why your lashing out at me Tannadice Boy and I’m a bit puggled from leafleting every single day for the last 3 weeks. For Alba.

    As for ‘women voted for this, so I have no sympathy’ Fairly sure I saw quite a few men voting too, and they weren’t wearing skirts.

    But you are correct – Nicola, Kit Kat Mhairi, Blackman and co – handmaidens to this. Most assuredly.

    Trouble with trying to make them ‘own’ it, as you say, is they will not be the ones to suffer from it.

    It will not be their child – male or female – to be abused, and it will not be them who cannot get a job, or a promotion, because they are ‘of child bearing age’ and a cock in a frock is so much more convenient for the employer to take on. And it will not be them, the victim of rape, forced to refer to their attacker as ‘she’ when they give evidence in the court.

    There are so many decent, decent people in all the services, and this bonkers policy is being pushed down their throats, with little or no scrutiny (deliberately so, as we know thanks to this site) – but when it comes to implementing it, they will also be the ones to suffer.

    The female police officers forced to carry out a strip search on a self identifying ‘woman’ arrested, suspected of concealing drugs – when that person kicks off, he will have a physical strength advantage that will very likely mean injury to the Police women – not to mention him getting his rocks off exposing his penis to them.

    And the same for the staff in the prison service, and the nurses forced to carry out gynie procedures on a self identifying woman – legalised indecent exposure is another way of refering to it.

    And lets not even talk about the female prisoners who will be raped…

    And so far, the women who do speak out (in a lawful and sensible manner I might add), are the ones getting horrific abuse on social media, getting stalked and slandered to their bosses, getting sacked.

    I don’t know, is that ‘owning it’ would you say?

    You’re a bloke, so I don’t expect you to care or to understand, not until it’s your wife, or your daughter, or your mother, or grandson.

    ‘Women need to own this result’. So do the men TB, so do the men. But on the plus side the men are a lot less likely to be on the receiving end of the physical abuse in the first instance.

    Incidentally you say, ‘Women voted for this so I have no sympathy. You cannot interpret the election results any other way.’

    Of the 1 million plus list votes for the SNP – please, please show me where it identifies them as male or female? Provide those statistics and we can then discuss ‘interpretation’.

    Anyway, everyone is tired, the GRA reforms are scary and horrific, that so many (M and F) have been fooled into supporting them is heartbreaking.

    One bit of decency at a time. It’s the thing they cannot take from us.

    If the female prisons put transgenger ‘women’ into one part of the prison and keep them separate from the ‘menstrating women’, their only lawful way of registering a complaint of discrimination will be to legally argue that there is a difference between the ‘transgender women are women’ they are locked up with, and the cis women they are trying to get at.

    Which is the polar opposite of what they’ve been arguing for all this time. And while doing it, the prison will be keeping the natal women safe. What’s not to like.

  244. Franky says:

    Is that the same Ruby above as the Ruby who was voting SNP 1 and 2?

    Jesus fuck, you’ve got some neck showing your face on Wings hen.

    So you’re Perverted hero won the day.

    Should you not be on some Trans Pervy website with “Like minded people”, as you weirdos put it.

  245. Alasdair Roy says:

    There is an unpleasant triumphalism about these tweets, but worst of them is the HAHA… contribution from Stewart McDonald. This is the intellectual level of a man who sits on our behalf on the Foreign Affairs Committee at Westminster among some pretty high powered folk. He is also our Defence spokesman. People like this with the intellectual depth of a puddle on the pavement may be negotiating independence on our behalf as well as trying to negotiate us back in to the EU. Do we really want this? Scotland is not Israel, we have a dearth of smart people representing us in national politics. The Rev Campbell exposes their calibre. Do we really want a push for independence under the leadership of these intellectual midgets?

  246. Scott says:

    PacMan says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    Scott says: 9 May, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    What you wanting, a parade?

    It sounds like you have issues.

    P.S. I won’t be continuing this conversation.

    Everybody has issues of some sort you stoopid cunt. I was going to call you a fuckwit but I’d already done that.

    Thanks for providing further proof that group therapy is a bag of shite.

  247. PacMan says:

    David Caledonia says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:18 pm

    The philippines has told China to fuck off, one of their main guys actually said it like that, plain and simple, he said you cannot speak nice to these people as they look at it as a weakness.

    That was Duterte’s Foreign secretary. Ironically Duterte was trying to gravitate the Philippines towards China and Russia which seemed to be working but from what I gather, things have turned sour under the new Chinese leadership.

    It does highlight a bit what I was trying to say earlier about the SNP’s softly softly approach towards independence. It didn’t work with Brexit and it won’t work now.

    In an ideal world it would be great for two sides to sit down calmly and rationally discuss things and get agreements. However, life isn’t like that. There are times with certain people you just can’t do that and need to frankly fight fire with fire to force your point through. That’s is what you need with the current lot in Westminster.

    Of course you need to have a strategy beforehand and outmaneuver them. From what I’ve listened to him, that is what Alex Salmond did to get the Section 30, not pout on camera’s and say don’t defy the will of the Scottish people.

  248. Franky says:

    Tannadice boy 8.42pm

    Good point, Sturgeon probably got massive support from the not so bright women in our society.

    The Covid Queen conned them.

    So when guys start using their private places,,, tough, you lot voted for it.

    Women are on their fuckin own.

    They voted for Sturgeon, so they own the baggage that she brings to the party.

  249. Tannadice Boy says:

    @David Hannah 9:15pm
    Women please own this result. I will be looking after my own women and nobody else. Each chiel to his own. The voters voted for GRA and HCB, so own it. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever.
    None. We were no votes SNP. Not on our watch. Women voted for Nicola Sturgeon reap the reward. No complaints now. For men that voted for Nickla I offer you nothing. Dae yer ane thing.

  250. Meg merrilees says:

    Mia – a lot of the ballotbox tweets were made in real time on Friday and saturday as the results came in so , as yet, they have not been indexed.
    You have to just keep trying to click on all sorts of leads and keep refreshing the ‘ballotbox’ title on the top a thread to get back to the main pages but you should eventually find the info you seek – it’s all there.

  251. Franky says:

    And if I remember correctly, it was Scots women who played their part in us losing in the 2014 indyRef.

    They just couldn’t live without their soap operas, which was all part of project fear.

  252. PacMan says:

    Franky says: 9 May, 2021 at 10:46 pm

    Tannadice boy 8.42pm
    Good point, Sturgeon probably got massive support from the not so bright women in our society.

    It would be interesting if there was a breakdown of demographics for female Sturgeon voters because most of the woman I know haven’t a good word to say about Sturgeon. In fact, you should have heard some of the things said about her, most of it is about how she was poncing about and that was before her Covid briefings.

  253. PacMan says:

    Some real intellectual giants in tonight.

    Too much for me. Need to go now, don’t want to embarrass myself in the company of such greatness.

  254. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Franky & Tannadice Boy –

    No, women are not ‘on their own’.

    If you choose to bail out of the fight ahead, fair do’s, but blaming and abandoning ‘women’ is pathetic.

    The behaviour of the SNP activists over the past few days has opened up new possibilities. The Yes movement which was so exciting just a few years ago will now be leaner because the SNP1&2ers will not want to be involved. And that suits us fine.

    We have ALBA, we have Now Scotland, we have ForWomenScotland, and ever-growing support from folk who are, only now, starting to realise what all this TRA shite is really all about.

    The June ALBA gathering will help gather and focus all of the interested parties.

    Aye, we’re all feeling it right now, but there’s plenty to look forward to.


  255. Auld Jock says:

    Me and the wife voted Alba on the list. But couldn’t stand the SNP getting in in Dumbarton our votes went to Baillie and glad we did as it was a 2 horse race..dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. I do hope AS stays on and provides his experience. Gutted though but what the hell.

  256. Clavie Cheil says:

    Moray – SNP gets 19,987 votes in the constituency count, the SNP received 16,600 votes on the list. So 3,387 of their votes in Moray minimum transferred their votes on the list. So roughly 17 percent transferred their vote trying not to waste it or keep out a Sturgeonite Wokist who is no champion of Scots Indy. I have been told that 738 voters voted for Alba on the Moray list. I hoped it would be more. I suspect that most of the SNP transfers went to the Wokist Greens – Disappointing that.

    I am cheered by the fact that Alba Party isn’t going to go meekly into the night though.

  257. Scott says:

    Franky & PacMan up a tree…B,O,R,I,N,G FANNIES

  258. J.o.e says:

    SNP popularity – where I am I used to see posters and stickers. I remember the houses and cars with them on because i’d think ‘fanny’ as I passed. For about 4 or 5 months ive seen none. A couple for the greens, but thats all

    Women voting for Sturgeon – so the women can ‘own it’ can they? What about the ones that didnt vote for them? Speaking personally as a bloke im utterly sick to death of the bullshit coming from feminists – it has become an anti human cult of screeching, deluded, miserable harpies that, like all marxist organisations, is based on enmity for the out group rather than compassion for the in group. But when it comes to the majority of women i’m happy to say that without them we don’t have a nation and im happy to back them to the hilt. I’ll even back the so-called feminists who try to make this one of those ‘all men’ things – caustic, vile hypocrites that they often are, because we pretty much need to prioritise our arguments.

  259. Dandee says:

    Franky.,I think you will find this results is not down to only Scots woman as you say, and we have more in our lives than soap operas,grow up little boy.

  260. Franky says:

    Ian brothhood

    Have women lost their tongues?

    Are all your bitches going to come along at the back of you falling at your feet?

    Don’t be a dick

    It is a known fact that a huge majority of Scots women bottled it in 2014.

    Don’t annoy me with all your white charger shite.

    Women voted again for Sturgeon knowing all these weird and wonderful new laws will be coming in.

    So when that happens, those same women better no start looking for support, when it was those same women who voted for Sturgeon.

  261. Red says:

    I see the resident troll-with-a-thousand-faces “Franky”/kcor/andy/market forces/etc. has pivoted from abusive messages about voting for Sarwar to abusive messages against Scots women.

    Willie Rennie is right, it’s a damn shame how underfunded mental health services are in this country.

  262. MaggieC says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 11.01 pm ,

    “ No, women are not ‘on their own “

    Thank you for saying this , as I’m sure the WOMEN of Scotland with the support of their husbands ,fathers will join together to let as many people know about the proposed GRA reforms .


  263. Franky says:

    Ian brothhood

    Your first bimbo can’t thank you enough,,,lol

    That is fuckin embarrassing.

  264. President Xiden says:

    The revolution always eats itself.Always.

  265. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 11:01pm
    You have not been listening to the debate. My women (as if I control of anything they do) are not on their own. Yours are. Any woman that voted for GRA and NS I have no sympathy for. The worse is to come for them.

  266. Red says:

    Big Jock says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:53 pm
    Kiwi – Gove is basically saying. They wont consent to a section 30, but won’t stand in the way of a Holywood referendum. Which seems contradictory.

    Then it dawned on me. There are 2 things at play. Seeing if Sturgeon is bluffing. Then if not. They will ask all unionists to boycott the referendum as its unsanctioned.

    Michael Gove is clever-sleekit, Nicola is stupid-sleekit.

    He already knows she’s bluffing. That’s why he’s calling her bluff.

    Incidentally, the SNP regime controls the police, the civil service, the sprawling taxpayer funded third sector, and much of the media. And Westminster is weak. Forget the cheap photo opp of a couple of gunboats in Jersey, these people couldn’t even stop the Met kneeling to rioters.

    They have zero appetite for a Spanish style crackdown. The British state is strictly passive-aggressive. The days of 80’s coppers beating up miners are long gone. The British Army is no longer capable of a Northern Ireland style occupation.

    So if the Scottish Government wanted a referendum, nobody would stop them. But Gove knows what we know – this is pure kabuki. The Unionist response will be to politely say no and quote Nicola’s words back at her about now not being the time.

  267. Scott says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:39 pm

    @Ian Brotherhood 11:01pm
    You have not been listening to the debate. My women (as if I control of anything they do) are not on their own. Yours are. Any woman that voted for GRA and NS I have no sympathy for. The worse is to come for them.

    Now, I like Tannadice Boy’s women but then I also like Ian Brotherhood’s women, but which is better?

    There’s only one way to find out…

  268. Maureen says:

    Euan is none too happy with Alistair Mcconnachie, aka Manky Jaikit.
    Seems he stole some seats!

  269. Franky says:

    The resident pest Al Stuart/Red and whatever he is called tonight thinks that anyone with an alternative opinion is Troll.

    And adds that person onto a strange list that he will now stalk.

    How many names do you use Red/Al Stuart.

    Please don’t chase me down to the bottom of the page,, I can’t be arsed with you.

    Why is it always you who seems to pick out so called Trolls, even when no one had said a word to you personally?

    You’re a Strange wee man.

  270. Stuart says:

    Alex Salmond, why would you take any notice of a “yoon” like me ar any other description you have or your supporters have for “us”, you know the circa 50% you need to win a democratic vote?

    If you don’t mind bearing in mind the “messiah” status some of the more imbalanced commentators here take, if I may could I perhaps suggest that getting the Holy grail of 51% , might just happen if you’d been as courageous as the owner of this blog with your convictions and message from upon on high, however you decided to take a different tack… fair enough

    But however you find yourself in the position now as many of us had warned of putting Independance beyond moral decency (ask Mia). You should look at the owner of this blog and realise that nothing absolutely nothing is better than the rights of men, woman and children, especially woman and children as they have a physical disadvantage, but honestly and I appreciate your an honest person you put some amorphous concept of Independance ahead of this. Am not going to say “shame on you” enough wankers doing that as I don’t believe you saw it that way.

    My “advice” for what its worth as a Unionist is regroup take a look at what works and doesn’t in REALITY, not history, give a vision of Scotland that isn’t a negative reaction to an England that no longer exists.

    If I may be so bold, give a wholly positive take on Scotland, as friends of the people South of the border who suffer the same unequalities that Scots people do, stop with the anti-english bile you get from the romanticism you get from eejits across the sea just because you think it gives you an advantage…… it doesn’t. In fact it defeats you because if you think about it why do Protestant Unionists think as
    they do? And whatever you like to think there’s lots of them in Scotland

    Finally as a “yoon” give me and maybe a couple of million other Scots a reason not emotional but rational to trust you, not slogans but hard economics, social consequences and everything else that makes up a properly Independant nation , unlike going on how you are victims from some distopian colony which is bollucks on every measure if your honest.

    Most of the commentators on here will naturally dismiss everything I say (sad but true) but unfortunately for you they don’t live with reality in any of its forms whether legally or voters wise, and so they’ll keep on banging on about wars hundreds of years ago where somehow the Scottish cannon fodder were more noble than the English cannon fodder.

    And on it goes people actually keep on being deluded bother leaders Scots or English but in reality the world over.

  271. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Scott 11:48pm
    You are not man enough I am guessing..
    It’s a big job. Is it my granddaughter or daughter? If your SNP you are out we against the diminished rights for women.

  272. Red says:

    Maureen says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:52 pm
    Euan is none too happy with Alistair Mcconnachie, aka Manky Jaikit.
    Seems he stole some seats!

    Wtf I love Alistair Mcconnachie now? 😀

    Seems these green bigots can’t accept that he identifies as an independent green voice.

  273. Scott says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    @Scott 11:48pm
    You are not man enough I am guessing..
    It’s a big job. Is it my granddaughter or daughter? If your SNP you are out we against the diminished rights for women.

    Calm down ya baby. Did TV Burp die in vain?

  274. Hatuey says:

    Red: “They have zero appetite for a Spanish style crackdown.”

    They have zero need for one. You can bet the British State has enough shit on Sturgeon to destroy her whenever it suits them to do so.

    You can further bet that the reason they haven’t deployed that shit yet is because they like Sturgeon — she plays by their rules and as long as she remains in office, Scotland is going nowhere.

    She keeps the rabble in line for them, basically, and in these sort of situations it’s important that your puppet leader of choice enjoys the confidence of the rabble, which Sturgeon does.

    This stuff has been refined to something resembling a science over the years.

    As I have said before, there’s a good chance Sturgeon will fight and win the next Holyrood election as SNP leader too. These sort of relationships often last decades.

  275. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Scott 12:03pm
    TV Burp I have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to the porn channels real women are beyond you.

  276. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Franky & Tannadice Boy –


    Big hard-man tag-team.


    In the next few months it’s quite likely that there will be gatherings of women (and supportive men) who object to GRA/HCB.

    Can we expect to see either of you there to argue your case?

    (PS to Franky (11.23) – I don’t know what part of Scotland you’re from, or what age you are, but to people of my age, from where I was brought up, ‘bitch’ is just about the worst term anyone can use when referring to a woman or girl. Please don’t use it again if you’re addressing me. Thanks.)

  277. David A. says:

    If the state wants to destroy someone they can just make them isolated, ostracised and then penniless. Trivial for them now and even easier soon once cash money is gone and you rely on corporations and the government to not cut you off to starve or lower your Chinese-style “social credit” score into the dirt. The powers they have in the modern era, especially post-lockdown world, have increased and they don’t really need to do anything that make get them bad press like it used to, such as the suggested beatings by police truncheons or soldiers.

    Near last resort they’d get some proxy to get their hands dirty to scare or hurt you instead (oops this organisation that somehow gets free reign to do stuff just when it suits is totally did X without us knowing). They’d only ever resort to inelegant tactics of violence in the most extreme situations where they couldn’t wait or there was no alternative. You’d have to be someone with power for that to ever even be on the books, like a hypothetical stubborn weapons inspector otherwise protected by the public eye holding up a big war you had planned or something.

    Other states tend to resort to the “accidently killed himself by cutting his own head off while shaving” or “commited sucide by shooting himself fifteen times in the back of the head with a revolver he didn’t own and using a broken hand that was in a cast” rather more quickly as they lack the more developed apparatus of state intelligence and tricks. Hard to say if this is a good or bad thing, to be honest.

  278. Franky says:

    Ian brothhood

    Remember you have to sober up in the morning and face your demons LoL

    You should try to avoid getting “heavy” when drunk.

    Drop it wee man.

  279. David A. says:

    That’s how states maintains power. Give power to people you have dirt on and you own them forever with the threat and the gratitude as bestower of gifts. The state will keep giving them nuggets of wealth and power as long as they behave and the longer they go, the deeper in the hole to the state controllers they are. Any potential usurpers can find themselves with a lot of well funded opposition, given virtually free loans or some other arrangement of support. Anyone misbehaves and you can start calling in loans and leaking dirt.

  280. CyberMidgie says:

    Bella Caledonia dropping a clanger again:

  281. DJ says:

    Stuart @ 11.55 pm
    …give a vision of Scotland that isn’t a negative reaction to an England that no longer exists.

    What, should we never mention the likes of the Declaration of Arbroath and the like? Fine, but as long as your fellow unionists don’t mention the Magna Carta, Nelson, Shakespeare, the benificence of the British Empire, how England won the Battle of Britain and England’s 1966 World Cup win ad nauseam.

    The truth is you do it, I do it, as do thousands of others, both north and south of the border. Some make reference to history occasionally and others more often. So what`s the big deal? Should we now not mention any of it?

  282. Scott says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    10 May, 2021 at 12:14 am

    @Scott 12:03pm
    TV Burp I have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to the porn channels real women are beyond you.

    porn channels I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Stick to the *whatever would be funny* channels real jokes are beyond you.

  283. Mark Boyle says:

    @CyberMidgie says: 10 May, 2021 at 12:41 am

    Bella Caledonia dropping a clanger again:

    Bella Caledonia? The people who put their shirts on Bonnie Prince Bob? Never were the brightest bulbs in the box.

  284. Red says:

    Hatuey – I’m sure you’re right.

    Alex Salmond got the sort of treatment Trump and Corbyn did. They were regarded as threats to TPTB, hence the full-court, full-spectrum monstering, followed up by media blackout. We were led to believe Alex Salmond was some sort of rapist, the President of the United States was a secret Russian spy, and the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition was an “existential threat to Jewish life”.

    We know they know Nicola is not a threat, because of how she’s treated. Op Eds in the Guardian, free daily PPBs via the BBC, scores of questionable financial and legal issues swept under the carpet. If they wanted to, HM Gov could easily have weaponised David Davis’ revelations into a judge-led inquiry. But they didn’t.

    No idea if she’ll still be around at the next election. You probably don’t like my theory that the Long Peace of 1945-present is a historical anomaly, but can I interest you in another?

    These are unusually unstable times. Culturally, socially, economically, demographically and politically. There’s a lot of chickens circling the roost, and they look pissed off. Much of what was taken for granted can’t be. Stuff like Brexit and Covid is just the intro music to the bigger realignments to come. Rather than trying to stabilise the situation, the decision makers in Western countries are accelerationists. Nothing they’re doing or planning to do promises to slow down this roller coaster ride. Including the SNP’s genius plan of always promising independence manana.

    Can you dig it?

    Nobody knows anything, including our new unhappy lords and trans-lords. Hari Seldon doesn’t even real. But we do know that it’s ch ch ch changing. And I’d make a bet the size of Nicola’s left eyebag that we’re going to see more exciting events in the next few years, which means opportunity.

    Turn and face the strange, Hatuey.

  285. Al-Stuart says:

    This is 19th September 2014 all over again.



    Until Nicola Stagnant got he grubby little hands on the levers of power.

    My Wings friends, please take a wee dram with me and raise a glass.

    Why? you may ask.

    My rejoinder: when we were all gut wrenchingly sick at losing IndyRef1, can you remember what happened next?

    The (old decent) SNP saw membership rocket.

    The pathetic 11 Westminster MPs became a massive phalanx of 56 SNP MPs.

    We won several mandates to hold IndyRef2 (still virginal mint in box – any buyers).

    My friends, please take some solace from our deja vu day after the Holyrood election.

    I have no beef with the Trans lobby. One of my friends is ex Army. He transitioned. The full job. Chopped his bits off and I have to say is a fine looking lady. He had a helluva journey. She despises the Creeps who have dishonestly highjacked the SNP and is fearful of a huge backlash when he truth comes out.

    I agree with my transitioned friend and loathe cheats, liars and thieves.

    A minority of unemployables joined the trans lobby and highjacked the SNP. They stole our future.

    Worse, the minority-trans infiltrators stole the future of my children.

    That will be remedied. Legally, fairly and will wipe the smug look look off of the gloats above.

    As for the lickspittle sacked holiday rep Stewart McDonald who was utterly unemployable until he found the SNP gravy train?

    Stewart McDonald, best you think on what you did when you were younger? It took me just three phone calls to my former colleagues who served with me in Strathclyde Police to discover you REALLY SHOULDN’T be throwing stones at glass houses.

    Stewart, I was going to refer your conduct as bringing the office you hold at Westminster Parliament into disrepute. In fact I recommend another Winger take up that case.

    Nope, Stewart, fortunately I am minted, so first thing Monday morning, a private detective will be contracted in Glasgow and a counterpart PI abroad where you were a holiday rep. I don’t like rumours, but I do believe in investigative leads. Babylon Disco and Andersons in Tenerife still have people there that remember you. YOU will know what I mean when ALL FOUR police force liaison officers in Tenerife are precognosed? It may just be malicious gossip. I am happy to pay good money to find out Stewart. You may not be writing “HaHaHaHa” much longer.

    As for your jibes at the only man in Scotland who kept his word about securing an Independence Referendum and upon whose coat tails you slithered into parliament? McDonald, you are a cheap suited disgusting example of a human being. You are unfit to hold highly paid office. By all accounts you are particularly unfit to be a holiday rep in Tenerife.

    So after I’ve happily burnt through a few grand checking out whether what they say about your younger days is true, we may get to meet face to face in HM Court or even in the Spanish judicial system? Will your legal fees be paid by SNP donations topped up by £600,000 like your Big Daddy crush?

    Stewart, you are part of a dishonest, illegal cabal who have gerrymandered the political system. Your Queen Nick is culpable for £600,000 which her bearded hubby is trying to camouflage with a clumsy switcheroo.

    But the real polis, not the bent bosses at Nicola’s table, the real polis know how to do their jobs.

    Also, think on this McDonald: the Spanish are none too keen on the SNP. Catalonia and all that jazz. So you won’t be able to gerrymander their legal system.

    Stewart McDonald and all those of his ilk, lap it up, enjoy your gloating.

    But understand this one simple thing…

    The truth will out.

    The worse the dishinesty, the harder the criminals fall. The longer their jail time.

    Be seeing you soon Stewart. In court.

  286. DJ says:

    Al-Stuart @ 12.50 am

    Not worth wasting your time or money. The truth will emerge, sooner or later.

  287. James Che. says:

    I apologise for not responding to anyone’s comments including the new resident ILL mannered folk whom are persistent in their verbal abuse to others through attempts at brow beating rather then intellectual debate,
    Deny what ever you want if its to scary for you to accept, deny checking and thoroughly investigating Scots law, you will find it in you’re precious treaty of the union, That its Scots law used and accepted in Scotland that counts, and English law in England, as wrote down and agreed by both sides, its in writing, you can’t miss it, its in the treaty of the union,
    You know, the one you want to keep!
    Sovereignty does lie with the Scottish people, the Scottish first ministers have always legally stated that, even the first ministers that were not snp, its wrote down, do you’re research,
    And of corse Westminster allowed it to go through Westminster as a pass that the Scots people have the right to chose their goverment.
    The pass Westminster gave the Scottish people to chose their own government does not come with any stipulation that would restrict the Scottish people from throwing the whole Devolved goverment out by its ear,
    As I recall when I watched it being broadcast direct from Westminster by MSM most of the southern parties forgot to turn up, or were rather busy else where with Brexit discussions , so it passed,
    Go look up Westminster’s archives or search MSM archives.
    And perhaps while you’re doing your research in to fact checking you may wish to check the Scotland act.
    If the Westminster parliament try make any changes with a new British constitution, they themselves immediately break the 1707 treaty of the union.
    And finally the right to self determination is also in writing, go do you’re research on that to.
    When all you’re efforts are genuinely finished and then you comment here in facts that cannot be denied, I will consider, and only then will I consider you’re comments worthy of appraisal and intelligently well enough researched as information and not propaganda to brow beat others,
    You will have to earn my respect, it is never given freely.
    And brow beating won’t cut the mustard with me, as I consider those who can’t think intelligently so often turn to bullying as a frustrated outlet of expression.

  288. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Red,

    Many thanks for one of the best BTL comments on this thread…

    Red says:
    9 May, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.


    James Che at 1.54am

    I feel your pain about the Unionist idiots on each thread.

    The latest one is hilarious. Complaining about repetitive posts when the GangRapeAdvocate Troll is the master baiter of repetitive repetitive repetitive durge.

    BTW the GangRapeAdvocate Troll is now calling himself Franky.

    Meanwhile Red is on a role tonight as he spotted the Yoon roaster earlier…


    Red says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    I see the resident troll-with-a-thousand-faces “Franky”/kcor/andy/market forces/PatrickJones/Stainless Steel/Gordon/Davie170/Hudson/Eugene Henderson/Labour4Indy/etc. has pivoted from abusive messages about voting for Sarwar to abusive messages against Scots women.

    Willie Rennie is right, it’s a damn shame how underfunded mental health services are in this country.

  289. Don says:

    @Alasdair Roy 9 May, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    “There is an unpleasant triumphalism about these tweets, but worst of them is the HAHA… contribution from Stewart McDonald. This is the intellectual level of a man who sits on our behalf on the Foreign Affairs Committee at Westminster among some pretty high powered folk. He is also our Defence spokesman. People like this with the intellectual depth of a puddle on the pavement may be negotiating independence on our behalf as well as trying to negotiate us back in to the EU. Do we really want this? Scotland is not Israel, we have a dearth of smart people representing us in national politics. The Rev Campbell exposes their calibre. Do we really want a push for independence under the leadership of these intellectual midgets?”

    True, IIRC Stewart McDonald’s CV boasts “Holiday Rep” as his previous employment before he bought a Pet Unicorn and achieved Political greatness.

  290. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi DJ,

    I appreciate the thoughtful post at 1.06am about not wasting time and money with private investigators looking into ex-holiday rep Stewart McDonald MPs activities at some well known “nightspots” in Tenerife.

    However, even if half of what happened in McDonald’s “relaxed” world of “sleepy time” at Tenerife, has any substance, then if it was either of my sons at the other end of that creep’s alleged activities: QEFTSG, I would be relieved if someone gave long overdue justice a nudge.

    It’s been a while since I was in the same room as McDonald, so if any Wingers are anywhere near this creep, please can they have a look to see if his nasal septum is deteriorated? In all seriousness, that would be helpful.


    Original message from DJ:

  291. Don says:

    @Scott says:
    9 May, 2021 at 9:22 pm

    “If a private citizen runs the referendum, the vote is YES then starts a case at the Court of Session, there’s fuck all the UK Supreme Court can do about it. Scots Law is supreme in Scotland. WM can’t interfere using English Law.

    The Crown of Scotland may be in a union with the Crowns of England & Ireland but *it* still has a duty to act in the expressed wishes of the sovereign people.”

    More nonsense, the Scottish Electorate wouldn’t pay any attention to a pretend referendum. Most people have real lives to be getting on with and won’t waste their time on idiots playing silly games. Making stuff up just to keep you own head happy or choosing to beleive garbage you have read on other “Blogs” doesn’t actually make them true or ever going to happen in the real World

  292. Hatuey says:

    Red: “These are unusually unstable times. Culturally, socially, economically, demographically and politically.”

    I forget who said that it was sometimes necessary to destabilise in order to create stability. Kissinger, I think. It’s the sort of crazy thing Milo Minderbinder would say, but it’s true.

    The US-UK world system is collapsing along with our economies. If it wasn’t for offshore banking and the arms trade, we’d have nothing but cabbage to offer the world.

    The rise of Asia and our relative decline can’t be stopped. It’s in full swing. People are starting to feel the pinch. Check out the price of lamb chops, if you don’t believe me.

  293. Scott says:

    Don says:
    10 May, 2021 at 2:50 am

    Making stuff up…

    Scots Law not your specialised subject?

    What about the role of The Crown of Scotland?

  294. Richard Hunter says:

    I don’t like to see SNP politicians gloating over Alex Salmond. Fair enough for the likes of George Foulkes, Brian Wilson, or the Director General of the BBC in Scotland to do it, but people who call themselves Scottish Nationalists should show some modicum of respect to a living legend, even if they are in violent disagreement with his current political strategy.

  295. Willie says:

    Couldn’t agree more that this is the start of the phoney war.

    Nicola kicks off with the tag line that it’s a question of when not if for a referendum. Gove et al stutter and stammer on whether or will or won’t grant a referendum to a minority SNP who don’t have a parliamentary majority.

    And so we’ll have a good couple of years kicking this can down the road whilst all the while the other government, the one we definitely didn’t vote for in Westminster does as it pleases. And then without a referendum, or more importantly without having challenged the union in other ways, we’ll be on to the next election for the next pretendy Scots Parliament which by 5hat time will have been stripped of powers and will have achieved diddly squat of significance.

    But oh, how it could have been so different. Our pretendy minority SNP backed up by nine Greens could have been backed up by dozens of ex SNP elected on an Alba badge. But no, Nicola preferred to have dozens of unionist MSPs retained. She deliberately promoted the squandering of 1,094,300 wasted SNP votes.

    The phoney Parliament is what she aimed for and that is how it will continue. Say one thing, do another, she”s Westminster’s girl in Scotland.

  296. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Franky says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:33 pm

    Ian brothhood

    Your first bimbo can’t thank you enough,,,lol

    That is fuckin embarrassing.’

    Ian – your second bimbo can’t thank you enough either. lol

  297. Alex says:

    If you can get out, then get out now.

    It’s going to get MUCH worse.

  298. PaulaJ says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    9 May, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    “Spear,Black,Blackman and Sturgeon are what are called in the feminist and lesbian community as Handmaidens of the Patriarchy,”

    Handmaidens of the Perviarchy, surely?

  299. mikkelmak says:

    Well that’s pretty much it then.

    Despite years of the Wings trying to educate the electorate, the voters ultimately had no clue about how the list system worked. Furthermore, they had no clue about what has been going on in the SNP under NS for the past few years. No clue about how AS was wronged, and how his new party could help push independence forward.

    The Mainstream Media truly have a frightening hold on the public and they will support Nicola to the hilt, as she clearly poses no threat to the status quo. The only thing which will be changing in Scotland in future is women’s rights. Bud sadly this is the same all across the liberal western world.

    So what’s to be done? I don’t think there’s anything left which can be done. Better packing away the Alba leaflets and taking up a new hobby. Seriously. Or getting out the atlas to see where might be a better place to live, – but escaping this mad, modern world won’t be easy.

    As for the SNP, when it is lead by someone who hates the party name, and indeed is happy to work alongside Labour, then that is all that needs to be said regards to her commitment to independence. She will be in charge for at least another seven years, and after that will be replaced by another gradualist, more intent on achieving politically correct outcomes than fighting Westminster.

    And as long as the people have their Netflix and free prescriptions, they won’t really bother about who is really in control of their country and its massive wealth. In fact most of them don’t even know what Holyrood controls and what it doesn’t, let alone who to blame for the state their country is in.

    So that’s it for me. Thanks to Stu for all his hard work over the years. Thanks to the people who contributed to the site and who believed in the dream. Time for me now to find something else to dream about.


  300. Charloch says:

    Any woman voting SNP was worse than a turkey voting for Christmas. It is our daughters who will pay.

  301. Daisy Walker says:

    We need to let the SNP voters alone. Big time. And get on with positive stuff.

    Now that the dust has settled, it now makes sense why all the SNP posters and Yes stickers were removed from doors and windows. All of them.

    The SNP voters, knew that Alba would be looking to canvass them, and they knew – on some level – they were betraying Yes by what they were doing.

    Now they are sore, and bitter, and they very much want to put the blame of it on Alba.

    Alba needs to leave the all the way alone, and get on with positive stuff.

    Couple of things to notice also – Brexit and Plebiscite Election – both have vanished from our screens.

    Nicla’s token efforts about an Indy ref are just scripted nonsense to keep the punters happy.

  302. robbo says:

    What always amazes me with elections is why people don’t vote at all.

    If you look at the wiki update 4,280,785 people were registered to vote.

    2,716,547 actually voted on the list vote as an example.

    Now that’s 1,564,238 voters registered to vote never got up off the couch to bother- why?

    I can’t believe people solely just REGISTER to vote so they can get on voters roll so they can obtain a mortgage of credit or other? Only when as near as 100% of people vote will you ever get the true intentions of voters of any country.

    Or what ?

  303. PaulaJ says:

    Franky says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    And if I remember correctly, it was Scots women who played their part in us losing in the 2014 indyRef.”

    Well, since we’re 50% or more of the electorate, I suppose we should shoulder at least half of the blame.

  304. crazycat says:

    @ robbo at 11.21

    Theoretically, it’s illegal not to register to vote.

    Years ago, someone I knew was employed to visit addresses where no-one had registered, to chase them up, and my (now deceased) neighbour, who never registered and was rarely in residence, used to received three or four reminders every year. He got away with it, but most people will comply.

  305. Brian says:

    So 2 month old party gets no seats. Not massively suprising.

    2 month old party scares current SNP leadership who will now become complacent.

    However looks like SNP 1 & 2 is proven to be a waste of a vote but the SNP supporters won’t see it.

    Was it 1 list seat they won?

  306. Dan says:

    @ Brian at 4.45pm

    No, the 1,094,374 SNP Regional List votes got a pair of Emmas. Namely Roddick in Highlands & Islands, and Harper in South Scotland regions.

    Loads of stats in this link.

    Tack on a tune dedicated to all the pro-indy folk that were told their Regional List votes could be cast in a way that would be more beneficial for the cause, but voted SNP with their List vote anyway.
    If you hadn’t previously grasped the voting system the unionists put in place when the Scottish Parliament reconvened in 1999 to make it extremely difficult for any single Party to gain a majority, maybe you will now.

    The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So

  307. Onlooker says:

    How come gay and trans folk these days, or their collaborators – sorry, ‘allies’ – are always sneering and trying to order folk to do stuff, according to their cunty faux-American morality? “…time you left politics…reassess your priorities…” I mean, who do these fucking clowns think they are, to condescendingly talk to older adults like underlings and simpletons?

    “Do as I say, peon, because I am a Bearer Of The New Corporate American Reality (TM) and my arbitrary shithead musings are The New Dynamic. Reject my religious extremism and be prosecuted under the Hate Crime Bill. We have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE.”

    This country is going rapidly down the tubes with these worthless, horrible cunts in control, it really is. Why do these idiots even care about Scotland anyway? Not like they will have kids or have a stake in its future, after all, which is why I guess independence means fuck all to them.

  308. John Brown says:

    If it is possible to self decide one’s sex will it then be possible to do the same for race and age?

  309. Dave Somerville says:

    Extraordinary David Millar Arial view video of the Kenmure St incident which forced the Police to retreat.

    Hope link works.

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