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The takeover bid

Posted on January 10, 2014 by

Chapter 8 of “The Claim Of Scotland”.


Quote Of The Chapter:

“Scotland is expected to swallow the medicines, certainly distasteful and probably harmful, which are devised to cure ailments other than her own.”

Hey, you think we just throw this thing together?

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    1. 10 01 14 20:13

      Scotlands Date With Destiny ¦ 18/09/2014 ¦ The takeover bid

    37 to “The takeover bid”

    1. thomas says:

      What a brilliant quote Rev.
      Slightly off topic , but on the subject of quotes , just been reading the book by P.B.Ellis
      “The Celts”

      And on the subject of celtic women , i quote the classical writer Ammianus Marcellinus
      “A whole troop of foreigners would not be able to withstand a single celt if he called his wife to assistance. The wife is even more formidable. She is usually very strong and has blue eyes , in rage her neck veins swell , she gnashes her teeth and brandishes her snow white arms.
      She then begins to strike blows mingled with kicks , as if they were so many missles sent from a string of catapult.
      Also , the voices of these women are formidable and threatening , even when they are not angry but being friendly .”

      Fuck me , sounds like my mother , aunties , sister and daughter were alive 2000 years ago.
      Woman of Scotland , i think its time to give Westminster a taste of your medicine!

    2. Lobeydosser says:

      If I wasn’t so angry, I’d be swamped with such sadness for what has been done to our country. What a fantastic find this book is.

    3. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The more of these extracts I read, the angrier I get.
      Are we to believe that, for the past five decades or more, the politicians and MSM of Scotland were unaware of this material? Or that they simply didn’t understand it? Didn’t think it worthy of discussion?
      Please, let’s ensure that every politician and journalist with the slightest interest in the Referendum is sent a copy of this book, in such a way that they must acknowledge receipt. 
      Then, when they bleat about ‘having a real debate’, we can refer them to The Claim of Scotland by H. J. Paton and ask which chapter they’d like to start with.

    4. benarmine says:

      The best chapter yet. If it were possible to get this read and understood widely there would be no need for another eight months of campaigning. People must realise that this is not a party political war but a long standing denigration of our country.

    5. thomas says:

      @ Ian
      Well said but remember , don`t get angry , get even.
      Claim of Scotland is great but we don`t need a book to tell us how bad Westminster rule has been for Scotland these past centuries. Yet another example of confirming what we already know.
      Thanks once again to the rev . What a great chapter.

    6. scottish_skier says:

      I know this is also o/t , but this is news to me.
      Best ignored. Way off on demographics (national identity 15% or more out skewed to British compared to census and SSAS data). Down to telephone polling. Same problem as MORI. ITV just wasted a few grand to be told shite.
      Border constituencies are more borderline, however they constitute 4.9% of the population.

    7. Paula Rose says:

      I was born in England – I chose to live in Scotland, all of this book is about the injustice heaped upon real people by psychopathic feudal villains – I hope the people of Scotland will vote yes, and show the way forward – there is another way.

    8. patronsaintofcats says:

      Re the ComRes South of Scotland/Borders poll: I got a call and declined to do the poll (was just heading out the door). Later on I twigged this was probably an Indy ref poll, and sure enough on our new ITV Borders scottish programme Representing Scotland they did a feature on this. I’m not worried. I remember in 2011 the doorstep surveys we got very positive feedback on independence from Labour and Conservative voters. I’m more concerned about women voters, but we have 9 months to go and I think a lot of people recoil with the “if the vote were tomorrow” lead on the question.
      Good recent polls from farmers, they are definitely breaking towards Yes.  They also represent a big chunk of the vote down here. Sorry, don’t have the link but I caught it on Facebook from one of the pro Indy sites, Paul Wheelhouse was commenting on two recent polls of farmers.

    9. Andrew Morton says:

      It’s a great book, but none of this is news to those of us who were around then. This was the stuff of everyday conversation and if you care to read the Scottish newspapers of the day (and they were Scottish owned then) you’ll find that all this stuff was in them.
      Who to blame for all this? I pin the blame fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the post 1945 Labour Party. Atlee dropped Home Rule like a stone when he got in and the Labour Party were the biggest centralisers of them all (nationalisation anyone?). They were also the party of the bureaucrat and as you can see from the book it was the Whitehall bureaucrat who was Scotland’s worst enemy.
      Just look at people like Manny Shinwell, a Scot who began his life as a revolutionary socialist on Red Clydeside then morphed into a Labour organisation man and, not immune to the scent of ermine, ended his life as a class ("Tractor" - Ed), sneering at the desire of his fellow Scots for self determination from his seat in the House of Lords. Don’t even get me sarted on the subject of Willie Ross who ruled Scotland like Stalin in the 1970s, treating his fellow countrymen like children who should stay in line to wait and see what he’d give them. The post war Labour Party has only ever had the interests of the Labour Party at heart, they care nothing for Scotland or the Scots.

    10. john king says:

      I wonder what the French experience was like under Nazi domination during the occupation?
      It could hardly have been any more despicable and demeaning than we have faced under Westminster hegemony.

    11. Andrew Morton says:

      However, I get my revenge, my handle on the Guardian is Willie Ross!

    12. patronsaintofcats says:

      Hope this works – forgive the length
      Farmers Poll Highlights Move Towards Yes – 47% Back Independence

      Paul Wheelhouse, SNP MSP for South Scotland region, has welcomed a new poll by The Scottish Farmer showing that 47% of respondents already state they will vote Yes in the Scottish independence referendum.

      The poll comes further to another Scottish Farmer poll in November which showed that 74% of respondents believed they were more likely to vote Yes in next year’s independence referendum after Defra’s inexcusable decision to withhold money from Scottish farmers that had only been awarded to the UK to specifically ensure funding for direct payments to Scottish farmers was harmonised to the average per hectare across Europe.

      Paul said:

      “This is a very encouraging poll result which shows that farmers are very much aware of the advantages to them and the rural economy of a “Yes” vote in the referendum on 18th September and are now leading the way towards securing Scotland’s independence and the chance to have a direct voice and to gain from EU funding convergence proposals.

      “Scotland’s famers and our rural communities in the Scottish Borders have had a particularly bad deal from Westminster, from a UK Government that does not believe they deserve the funding support that the European Commission determined should be distributed equally across all member states on a per hectare basis. 

      “It is clear that farmers increasingly are recognising that independence offers a much better alternative and indeed the only alternative that will ensure Scotland’s farmers are no longer treated as second class citizens by Westminster.

      “Westminster just doesn’t understand the needs of our rural communities, and as a result they are massively disadvantaged on a range of issues.

      “It is a matter of undeniable fact that if Scotland was already a Member State of the EU in its own right, like Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Ireland, then Scotland too would have benefited from EU rules that all Member States reach average payments of €196 per hectare by 2019. Scotland, as a result of its membership of the UK, gets just 48% of this figure. If we had matched other Member States, then an extra €1 billion of direct support to farmers coming to Scotland over the Common Agricultural Policy convergence period, with additional, wider economic impacts within the rural economy. Instead of our farmers getting the same support as others across Europe, Westminster Ministers have negotiated Scotland to the bottom of the CAP funding league.

      “The economic vitality of our rural communities across Scotland is underpinned by our agricultural industries and the food and drink processing and distribution sectors that derive from them, yet Scottish Borders farmers are hindered as they do not receive their due share of EU Common Agricultural payments. This is not just an issue for farmers and their families, but everyone who is in the supply chain or who benefits from farmers’ spending power. It is fundamental to the vitality of our region and our farmers seem to realise that.

      “In September we have a choice of two futures. It’s becoming increasingly clear that a Yes vote is essential for the future prosperity of Scotland’s rural communities.

      Poll in today’s (Friday 10 Jan) Scottish Farmer – p8

    13. Andy A says:

      40 years to get the Forth Road Bridge built – I had no idea.   Each day as I read a new chapter I am amazed how much of this book resonates today.

      Herbert James Paton deserves to be post-humously awarded one of the first honours in an independent Scotland.

    14. john king says:

      I remember some sort of assurance back in the 70’s when we were paying bridge tolls for the forth bridge that they would soon be removed and crossing the forth would be free once the loans on the bridge were paid off.
      Then when they had paid for the bridge the Labour lot decided they would have to keep the tolls to pay for its upkeep, and only when the SNP took power did the tolls get removed. 
      The rule as to when tolls can be charged is when a bridge or tunnel is only ONE means of getting from A to B and there are other alternatives otherwise it should be treated as an integral part of the road system, so it was deemed to be an addition to the previous transport system not a replacement, anyone remember going over the forth from north to south Queensferry on the little ferry I’m sure it could only hold about 4 cars and a lorry and could take hours queuing to get across. 

    15. edulis says:

      I just wish the Rev had discovered this book a couple of years ago and we could have crowd funded publishing it for general distribution. Even the title chimes with what the ‘Yes’ side of the debate is saying. A final sequel chapter written by Jimmie Reid or Stephen Maxwell before their deaths respectively would have been dynamite.

    16. Andrew Morton says:

      John King
      I remember the ferries very well. In 1961 we were coming back from a fortnight’s holiday in Craill and the queue for the ferries was so long that my father drove us all the way up to the Kincardine Bridge so that we could get across there.

    17. KOF says:

      Re the poll Drygrangebull linked to. Anyone notice the bit in the related news section
      Anybody got any questions for her? 🙂

    18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Thanks once again to the rev . What a great chapter.”

      He, it’s Wilma who did all the work. I just stick it on the page 🙂

    19. creigs1707repeal says:

      Apologies – O/T
      You allow your neighbour to look after your finances. You discover that for every £1000 pounds of your money s/he ‘looked after’, they only gave you back £700 (having spent £300 on themselves).
      Having discovered the truth of this would you allow such a situation to continue?
      Of course you wouldn’t in which case you must vote YES to return full financial and economic control to Scotland.

    20. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just noticed there that the number of comments on WoS since it started is now at 133,375.
      Someone will correct me here, but isn’t that still quite a way short of the number of Scottish soldiers ‘lost’ in WW1?
      Difficult to imagine such numbers, but even harder when you try to pin the name of a person to each and every one, then countenance the trauma and horror involved.
      The British State will go ahead with the WWI ‘commemoration’ plans, and will exploit Glasgow/Scotland as far as it can. We will, of course, protest in peaceful ways, but they’ll get to wave their UJs and have the best PR people money can buy to ‘sell’ it to the rest of the planet.
      But we’re here. We live here, and so did our grandparents, and those before them. We’ll have the final say, in September – then they can take their flag back to Whitehall/Westminster, build a big monument, and hope that the tourists will come to see it.
      We’ll be busy refreshing our nation – the best tribute we can pay to all the families who’ve been bereaved and robbed by this putrid ‘Union’.

    21. msean says:

      “…they touch nothing which they do not deform.” Well put. While reading the part re Prestwick airport,I couldn’t help but think that if Yes prevails, the £1 spent on buying the airport and its debts will be a great investment. If Trident leaves and oil is found in decent quantity in the Firth of Clyde,you have an airport capable of taking the biggest transport planes and passengers as well very close by.

    22. handclapping says:

      I thought the “celebration” of the War to End All Wars was that Westminster would build us a Land Fit for Heroes. We are still waiting.

    23. Papadocx says:

      Westminster is a parasite! It can only live and thrive by sucking the life out of its donors, and we are it’s largest donor! Hence the panic and vehemence coming from our “friends” in London. Labour hitched its wagon to the old capitalist bandwagon in the pursuit of power and treasure and A Blair changed labour into Tory 2. So whether you vote for tory1 or 2 makes NO difference. Westminster only worries about Westminster and it’s friends, in the establishment. The MSM and media have to play Westminster’s game or their oot the bunch. Westminster has to play the bankers game or they are in real trouble, They all have to follow USA instructions or the whole house of cards (credit?) will come crashing down, as it will do in the near future for sure, but people will follow it till it drops dead in front of their eyes.
      So we are needed to feed London.

    24. Lanarkist says:

      Reading this book puts the MCCrone Report into perspective, the information it contained and how the Establishment went to great lengths to keep it under lock and key.
      The ‘big picture’ is asset strip, denude and then colonise. Scotland becomes U.K market garden  ,general grocer, fresh water well and coal bunker thinly populated by bankers/CEO’s, Corporatists and Politicians in grand residencies in remote splendour. Oh wait a minute…
      Can we not pamphleteer this book to post or pass round, chapter by chapter. If it can make me angry with my limited knowledge of Scotland’s plight it will disgust people with no prior knowledge at all. Pure raging!

    25. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Rev –
      If yer no in it, ye canny win it, and the deadline for entries is next Wednesday:

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …and this is the relevant bit:
      Journalism Prize Submissions
      38. A submission for the Journalism Prize should consist of between four and six items. This might consist of, for example, six printed articles, six television or radio broadcasts, six blog entries, or a combination of different media making six items (e.g. three printed articles, one television package, and two blog entries).
      Remember rangerstaxcase?
      Go for it mister.

    27. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Has anybody got a copy of the marvelous David Murray of Cambuslang’s book of how the nationalisation of the Scottish Steel industry would result in the death of it.
      He forecast that nationalisation and the removal of Scottish control over what was a totally integrated Scottish industry would lead to rationalisation of its function then parts of its function moved south, then eventual closure as it all moved south to provide jobs for political reasons in the south.
      He wrote this in the 50s. He was right. We have never been without people telling us the truth. Nor have we been without those who concealed it from us for favour of our UK establishment 

    28. Andrew Morton says:

      “We have never been without people telling us the truth”
      The British establishment didn’t care that we knew the truth, the trick they pulled off time and again was to keep the lid on it. And if we vote No, they’ll have done it again. 
      What they really hate is the sight of the SNP administration making a success of government. This was never meant to happen and the Lib Lab administrations were there to lower our expectations. That example has given us dangerous ideas.

    29. Weedeochandorris says:

      @Caesar!mac For the life of me I cant find the site you put up for downloading the chapters of Claim of Scotland?  Gone all the way back and no luck, prob need new specs. Would you mind putting it up again? Thanks.

    30. CameronB says:

      @ Weedeochandoms
      Thanks Caesar!mac

    31. CameronB says:

      That’s it. Specks tomorrow.

    32. john king says:

      Andrew Morton says
      “Willie Ross who ruled Scotland like Stalin in the 1970s, ”
      Sorry Andrew your older than you think,
      Willie Ross was SS  from 1964 to 1970 🙂

    33. john king says:

      Talking about unguarded comments on twitter hows this for a doozy 
      some called bustanut91 says
      “Single maw just sat across from me. Look right dirty. Both unwashed and cock daft. She has, at most 7 fake nails on. 3 normal fingers”
      Oor Bernard responds
      “did you offer her ‘tha boaby’?”
      made 19 minutes ago
      ur ye gonny wipe it off wi some tissues Bernard? woops too late

      I haz a screen dump 🙂

    34. john king says:

      I would post the screen dump but the rev would have me propping up a motorway flyover before the day is out 🙁

    35. Weedeochandorris says:

      @ CameronB Thanks…..& specsavers here I come.  Aye, thanks as weel Caesar!mac.

    36. E. says:

      Rev –

      Seems like this chapter doesn’t show up in the ‘complete series’ page. Something to do with its tags?

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