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The papier-mache press

Posted on September 28, 2017 by

As readers who were once children will probably recall, papier-mache is a substance in which incredibly flimsy material – such as tissue paper or newspaper – is turned into something rather more hard and durable by dint of combining multiple layers of it with a simple flour-and-water solution.

What’s less well-known is that the process also happens IN newspapers.

For a case study, let’s look at this article in today’s Times.

The unusually cagey headline offers an immediate clue into the fact that the “story” is wafer-thin from the off, and so it transpires.

ISD is nothing to do with “Holyrood” – it’s part of NHS Scotland. And eight paragraphs into the piece, we find that the UK Statistics Authority had actually concluded that there HADN’T been any political interference, just that people (we’re not told which people precisely) might wrongly think there had been.

Naturally, that doesn’t stop Scottish Labour issuing an outraged quote:

Note the sudden shift in those two paragraphs. In the first, Smith says “if” there were to be any interference – which the UKSA has just told us there hasn’t been – it should be resisted. But by the next paragraph it’s magically become a fact (“this is just one example”), and then embellished by a raft of completely imaginary ones (“there may be many more”).

The article concludes – and alert readers will remember that most people will have already stopped reading by this point – with a more extensive quote from the head of UKSA, in which he again makes it clear that any shortcomings of the stats are the responsibility of ISD, and absolutely nothing to do with the Scottish Government.

There’s also no actual suggestion that the stats are wrong or misleading. Humpherson says that some unspecified decisions have “reduced the usefulness and accessibility of the statistics for users”, but not that they conceal anything sinister.

It is, then, an incredibly weak “revelation”. But the Times knows that full well, so by this point it’s already tried to beef it up by making it part of a trend:

The other two stories were every bit as limp. Both of them concerned the independent statistical body Audit Scotland, and attempted to create scandals out of the normal process of consultation between the organisation and the Scottish Government, in which civil servants and ministers will check draft reports for factual errors and request corrections and clarifications where necessary.

In both cases the civil servants and ministers had made requests for alterations – as they’re supposed to do – and Audit Scotland had accepted some of them and rejected others according to their validity, as it’s supposed to do. (The Scottish Government has no power whatsoever to FORCE Audit Scotland to do anything.)

Each of the three articles is a feeble collection of vague innuendo hinting at some dark chicanery without ever actually identifying any. Each attempts to present transparent standard practice as shady dealing, and to groundlessly portray the diligent staff of Audit Scotland, honestly attempting to produce the most accurate reports possible, as victims of bullying by the vile SNP.

None stands up in its own right, but by glueing them all together the Times hopes to create something sturdier. In each case the lurid shock-horror quotes from Unionist politicians are the flour and water binding together the tatty scraps of, well, newspaper.

But just like papier mache, while it might look solid to a casual glance, it’s not actually very hard to pull apart.

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    1. 28 09 17 12:57

      The papier-mache press | speymouth

    107 to “The papier-mache press”

    1. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent article, Stu.

      Makes me wonder – which propaganda technique is most effective at creating misinformed opinion?

      Is it the more subtle approach of innuendo we see here?

      Or, is it the blantant lies highlighted in the previous article?

      I would suggested the un-alert are more likely to be taken in by the style highlighted in this article. That makes this the more dangerous.

      I would opine that no other country in Europe is subjected to the level of fake news and propaganda that Scotland currently is.

    2. Grouse Beater says:

      Usual right-wing bastards do the usual right-wing things.

    3. gordoz says:

      ~Thank you so much for the great analysis REV.

      This is why Nick Robinson fears your work.

      No more they’re just rubbish hacks.

      Sinister manipulation ‘of or by’ the press; it doesn’t matter it Scotland’s press core – with few exceptions remain a sinister strange ‘agency’ of Westminster and her overseas funder’s / friends.

      How do they sleep at night ?

      ‘Not for anybody, Just Us Few’ ?

    4. Proud Cybernat says:

      Brilliant, Rev. God they must totally hate you for dissecting their rubbish like this.

      For those lurkers in any doubt – the MSM in the UK (and ESPECIALLY in Scotland) cannot be trusted to print honest facts/truth about anything to do with the SNP governance of Scotland. Don’t be fooled by them.

    5. bobajock says:

      How on earth does the BritNat press work?

      Do they threaten blackballing to ‘journalists’ who dont spout this crap? Or do they simply only employ idiots that cannot think for themselves, or can constructively lie?

      What a strange corrupted world we live in.

    6. Legerwood says:

      The Herald covered this story about the ISD today buy did not try to widen it to throw doubt on the entirety of the ISD’s output. The Herald made clear it related to the waiting time figures for chronic pain treatment.

      Their report also said that the actual figures had been given but not in a way that was easily accessible and that had been the main thrust of the regulators comments.

      From the Herald report it seems that it was a cross party complaint about the figures that prompted the regulator to look into the matter.

      Typical of Labour to try to use it to through doubt on all of the ISD’s output.

    7. gordoz says:

      Serious question.

      Can anyone recall the last SNPgood story ? or at least the SNPno’bad story ?

      On BBC years ago surely ? STV last year maybe ?

    8. MajorBloodnok says:

      Flour and generic Ballie-pish more like.

    9. Street Andrew says:

      It’s to be hoped that Elaine Smith MSP removed her knickers before making that statement because if she didn’t they’ll be in need of a good wesh.

    10. Macart says:

      The only pattern of abuse of statistics on evidence, indeed the only trend evident, is that the Times is no different from any other mainstream outlet.

      Corporately and politically compromised, societally polarized and politically biased. They pull their socks on one foot at a time like the rest of us. They’re no different. Hold no moral high ground and are clearly a damn sight less than honest with their motivations.

      You looking in Mr Robinson?

      THAT is why we don’t trust the mainstream. Just so you know like.

    11. Street Andrew says:

      ” this had ‘led to the statistical commentary catering for the needs of policy officials’

      FFS who else might one produce statistics for?

      Certainly not patients. When did anyone reading this blog ever go to their GP surgery or Hospital seeking an emergency prescription for some statistics?

      [Sighs despairingly and exits to Kitchen]

    12. Robert Graham says:

      Oh f/k I give up.
      This bleedn dripping tap .
      Drip Drip bloody Drip Drip
      I wonder how many useless and pointless hours are wasted trying to make a point , look look I dented the SNP armour ,
      If this is the sum of these people’s dally efforts, I honestly question their sanity, doing this on a daily basis must sap their very soul , this relentless quest for drivel and in the end useless pointless junk, more or less sums up this Unionist cause , Instilling hopeless thoughts in people’s dismal lives .

    13. Roboscot says:

      So why do the Scottish Government take noa ction over this. If they are being deliberately smeared then they should take this newspaper to court for defamation. As they should every time this is done in the English media ie the media. They won’t because the SNP are COWARDS led by BOTTLER Sturgeon.

    14. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Help needed…..!

      Parliament TV

      “Currently no live broadcasts” …….???

      Business bulletin says 12.00 FMQs

      The mornings committees videos can be accessed no prob. General questions at 11.40 only stored video access after FMQs started..!

      Am I missing some cancellations or has the site changed its access..?????

    15. jfngw says:

      I would be expecting a “Questions are being asked…” Rep Scot headline, but you may have spiked any story here.

      This is how the msm works, someone generates a story the other then cite the others stories as proof of the facts. Then the likes of Nick Robinson or Andrew Neil start quoting these as documented facts.

      Remember these people are no longer journalists but vastly paid celebrities pretending to have the public good at heart. We should remember this when they are telling us how unpopular taxes on higher rates are

    16. Graf Midgehunter says:

      FMQS live suddenly there at 12.40 during Leonards rant..!

      Had some Bar****d capped the connection through the Channel?

    17. The problem is if the Scottish Government were to take legal action against one of Murdoch’s newspapers it would be costly not just in terms of expense but also to its reputation.

      Because the unionist media would have a field running endless stories about how the Government was trying to silence the free press.

    18. ClanDonald says:

      Nice analogy, Rev.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      This is why the Times is such a popular Tome in the closes and on the stairheids of Scotlands major cities
      Bingo halls are awash with this newspaper as weemin to and fro to each other in deep concern over the daily mutterings of the rag
      Outside our pubs and restaurants groups gather to discuss the latest SNP Baad story contained therein

      This newspaper is aimed at and only seen by the bonkers bunch it’s aimed at like the Mail and Express it’s a comic for the comical

    20. As with all these media lies I laughed so much the tears ran down my legs

    21. Jack Murphy says:

      Scottish Parliament TV. TODAY. 28/09/2017


      Archived and available to view:

    22. dandy dons 1903 says:

      The Crimes of London (very apt name) indeed. Thats all these britnat rags are interested in is sniping at the Scottish Government and doing Scotland and its people down. An abusive marriage is what this union is and always has been.

    23. Bob Mack says:

      Allegations become facts even without proof.
      Suspicions become certainties without evidence.
      Truth could mean anything you like.
      Quotes become whatever you want them to be.

      Think I have got the hang of this politics thing now.

    24. As has often been pointed out by others,newspapers rely on people seeing the headlines on the news stands and not them reading the whole article to see that the headline
      is misleading.

    25. Robert Graham says:

      Drifting slightly o/t – Nanas item on Glasgow City Council , I wonder if there is a final bill for the engaging of Lawyers and QCs and how this relates to the amount that should have been paid to these women .
      The Equal Pay Act 1970 introduced by a Labour government, then wilfully strangled by a scottish labour council .
      How does this fit ” The Many Not The Few ” Tripe that the Messiah has been preaching recently ?
      Jeremy a snake oil salesman knowingly promising things he cant deliver , to people who are obviously devoid of short and long term memory retention .

      I believe LIAR covers most of his preachings .

    26. Arbroath1320 says:

      Hmm …

      So what we have here it seems to me is a typical non-story being turned into a SNP BAAAD story by a brainless clueless non entityof a non journalist from a Scotland hating “paper” in London then. 😀

      She isn’t related to dear comrade Corbyn by any chance? 😉

      I only ask because shec appears to have about as much “knowledge” about Scotland as he does! 😀

    27. Robert Peffers says:

      @Roboscot says: 28 September, 2017 at 12:27 pm:

      “So why do the Scottish Government take noa ction over this.”

      Ah! There it is – I thought they had missed it today?

      The usual leftie/unionist/SLaber/tory/LibDem false flag waver attack on the SNP via Wings and it is the usual load of utter pish.

      ” … If they are being deliberately smeared …” There are no if’s or buts – you lot are indeed deliberately smearing them. ” … then they should take this newspaper to court for defamation.”

      Aye! So they should, Roboscot, but who do you want to pay the very steep legal bills? Do you expect the SNP , (they are a member funded political party), to spend their rather less than the London Unionist parties, funds on lawyer’s fees? Perhaps you were expecting the SNP, (the Party), to have the Scottish Government, (SNP led ATM), pay the legal bills?

      In either case you would be right in there bleating that The SNP shouldn’t be spending money like that instead of using it to counter unionist austerity. You must think us all daft.

      “… As they should every time this is done in the English media ie the media. They won’t because the SNP are COWARDS led by BOTTLER Sturgeon”:-

      And here we are at the real motive for your vile innuendo.

      Now I will have to follow through and go search for whatever it is the unionists are attempting to divert attention away from – I’ll be back in a wee while …

      Ah! Got a couple of things here:-

      “Two neo-Nazi groups added to the banned list”

      Scottish Dawn & NS131 which are both aliases for neo-Nazi group, “National Action”. Is that it, Roboscot?

      Wait! Though!

      There’s this – MSP faces sanctions over Interest breach – Tory Alexander Burnett has had the Standards Committee rule against him for the second time in two weeks – is that the thing you are attempting to divert attention from?

      Wait again though! I haven’t checked the UK news, “Where they are”, – Oh! Look!, “Davis claims decisive steps forward on Brexit” … However, Barnier says, “Big gaps exist between the sides on some withdrawal issues and it could take months before they move to the next stage of the matter”. Is that what you are trying to divert us from, Roboscot?

      Maybe it is the statements made by Corbyn that are quite ridiculous you want to hide?

      No matter, it is quite obvious your motive is the usual unionist SNPBAAD! The usual empty claims of unionist sheeple.

    28. Valerie says:

      Great dissection Rev, and its a badge of honour that Auld Nick, singles out you and The Canary, shows he’s reading.

      Hiya, Nick, any comment on this latest analysis of the shite passing as ‘news’?

      Nick, you say we are in our social media bubble, but I say you and the rest are in your right wing, fear mongering, scare mongering, islamophobic, manipulative, Britnat, imperialist, xenophobic, anti science, propaganda machines.

      Apart from that, you’re wasting trees.

    29. David says:


      Right wing? What has that got to do with anything?

      Do you mean ‘right wing bastard propagandists who are against the SNP and Scottish interests?’ Or simply ‘right wing?’

    30. geeo says:

      Surprised to see a “Scottish Tory bad” story on BBC news online…!!

      Alexander Burnett failing to declare interests…again..!

    31. David Mills says:

      Well it nice see my paper x is a vital resource to the papier-mache industry & only the papier-mache industry” being built on. Well it nice to be an inspiration ?

    32. David Mills says:

      Well it nice see my paper x is a vital resource to the papier-mache industry & only the papier-mache industry” being built on. Well it nice to be an inspiration ?

    33. Dan Huil says:

      Great stuff from the Rev. The british nationalist press is without doubt corrupt. Boycott.

    34. Scott says:

      Mundell Quote.

      The UK Government knows the huge importance of Scotch whisky to the UK economy.

      Just one reason why they don’t want us to go.

      You wont see this reported on the BBC maybe we should ask Nick Robinson why not.

    35. Mike Williams says:

      A mention by Old Nick in the press, eh? Well, they do say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    36. Dan Huil says:

      Great stuff from Nicola Sturgeon in FMQs. Red Tories, like the blue ones, however uhinged in their British nationalist xenophobia, just can’t get away from “Pish-gate”.

    37. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s one for the sociopaths who appear to inhabit Scotland’s media.

      Patrick Star – I Wrote This Song

    38. Clootie says:

      The media today is on a par with the old “wash hoose” gossip….somebody heard it from a friend who has a cousin who read it on a shit house door…..and you know there is no smoke without fire!

      Journalism is now reduced to malicious gossip in the hope that the drip, drip of inference will impact public opinion…a pack of hacks hoping to keep their union masters happy and therefore keep a job

    39. manandboy says:

      Great work, Stu. You remain the best at media analysis and Scotland owes you big time.

      I am one of those who stopped watching TV altogether in response to the British Nationalist campaign in 2014 and subsequently, to deprive Scotland of its independence.

      Having no TV licence, I have received regular warnings and threats and all manner of intimidation through the post, but without any follow through whatsoever.

      Life without TV is so much better than with. I’m £145 better off; my blood pressure is lower; my head is free from BritNat indoctrination ; I have lots of time now for lots of things which wasn’t the case with TV ; I don’t miss it one bit.

      I no longer have a crowd of British Nationalists come into my living room several times a day on TV, lying to me about Scotland and telling me that everything in Scotland is rubbish except Unionism.

      I’m sure there’s a few really interesting and entertaining programmes on TV, but I don’t miss them either. Actually, real life is often far more interesting and entertaining than anything on the telly. And let’s not forget the Internet.

      In the UK, television is the Westminster Government’s main weapon in the propaganda war, hence the reason why they are so desperate for as many as possible to watch TV as much as possible.
      Through TV the Westminster Establishment seeks to control not only what the population thinks, but what it will think about.
      After 60 years of television in the UK, could anyone seriously suggest that the public are not brainwashed?
      Could anyone stand on the beach during a tsunami and remain dry?
      Remember, the primary evidence for your brainwashing is the belief that it hasn’t happened to you.

      Q. TV, who needs it?

      A. The UK Government.

    40. geeo says:

      Saw this on RT, about Ted Heath and his alleged activities.

      Police ask staff of ex-PM Ted Heath if he smuggled young boys into Downing Street
      “According to reports, the summary, expected to be published on October 5, will likely say the police gathered enough evidence to interview Heath under caution had he still been alive, as detectives working as part of Operation Conifer have credible testimonies from seven complainants”.

    41. manandboy says:

      Asked if she thought it being a snap election had been a “significant factor” in the party’s poll drubbing, May said: “I think it was, because by definition in a snap election you’ve not been able to prepare people for it. So out there people have to work quite quickly to put their local campaigns together, and you do get slightly more of a central approach.”
      Except in Scotland.

    42. Nana says:


      Press statement by Michel Barnier following the fourth round of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom

      Spain must respect fundamental rights in response to Catalan referendum, UN rights experts

    43. Andy-B says:

      Well done Rev, on dissecting more Britnat press chicanery. The Times reputation is shot to pieces in my opinion, especially when it comes to political matters in Scotland.

      It’s now, more than ever patently obvious why the Britnat press keep publications north of the border going.

    44. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      As with the NHS as with the schools, they’re not perfect but the vast majority of people who have come into contact with either for real know right away that all those screaming headlines, and all the furiously huffing BritNats on the telly, are PLAIN WRONG.

      Lies and distortions from a self-appointed and unelected opposition. To paraphrase Kipling: “Power without responsibility, the prerogative of the presstitute”.

      We are real, Old Nick, and our real experiences daily contradict the effluent that you and your fellow-travellers are trying to foist upon us.

      Well, we ain’t having it. Which is why people like Stu are admired and churnalists like you, Nick, are held in such complete contempt.

    45. Robert Graham says:

      A bit more political side swiping today from Nicola Sturgeon .

      And Mr Macintosh didn’t like it one little bit ,
      while he let Ruth the mooth ramble on about what was supposed to be a ,eh Question he looked pretty tetchy when Nicolas Guns were trained on Labour ,
      I wonder what it would take to show the presiding officer’s true colours , because he looked decidedly nervous when his party were receiving flack .

      Neutral ? AYE RIGHT .

    46. Albaman says:

      You continually amaze me Rev with your forensic bisection of news reports in the unionist press,
      I honestly don’t know what we could without you, who else could we rely on for this type of information, which I’m sure all on here copies these to as many sites as we can.

    47. The unfortunate thing is that this constant tirade of negative spin by the press does have impact and the people who read it only see a headline and look no further into the facts. Earlier this week I read the outcome of a survey about satisfaction levels with Scottish public services which found a relatively high level of dissatisfaction with education in Scottish schools. What was very revealing to me, however, was that among the people surveyed who had children who are at school, the satisfaction rating was high at 88%. From this it is clear that the impression created by the press is not reflecting the experience and reality of the vast bulk of people who actually use the services, but the constant message of negativity has impact.

      Yesterday I listened to Tom Watson of the Labour Party criticise the Health Service in Scotland without challenge from the person interviewing him. Yet in the one country in the UK where Labour controls the NHS (in Wales) its performance is miles behind that of Scotland. Tom Watson should have been asked about this. A similar situation prevails throughout much of the NHS in many other parts of the UK, yet the people of Scotland are seldom made aware of this. The Scottish Government is far from perfect but I think the vast bulk of our population knows that it is actually on the side of the Scottish people. It might not be a Scottish characteristic to blow one’s own trumpet but I don’t think it would harm its cause if the SNP started to regularly highlight its achievements against those of other parts of the UK and bring them to the attention of the Scottish people.

    48. heedtracker says:

      All to get Colonel Ruth as their yoon FM. Slimy gits, doesn’t come close to UKOK hackdom.

      At least Murdoch’s liggers and goons are private corp bare faced liars and con artists, working for the man.

      BBC r4 gimp network were chuntering on and on today how capitalism is the only way to go for teamGB Today show wise, with slimy old Nic Robinson wheezing on and on about how great it is.

      Yet all the relentless BBC vote tory/SNP bad propaganda farted out minute by BBC minute, comes from one of the biggest public sector financed outfits going, in teamGB. They’re all civil servants, every last tory gimp one of them at the BBC but they have the gall to rave about capitalism.

    49. Jamie Arriere says:

      When I was little bitty boy at school, I made a papier-mache pig around a balloon in the middle. Painted it pink, put on a tail etc.

      However as a little boy with endless energy, and a lack of understanding of the point of this creative craft, I kicked seven shades of shite out of said pig, until it was a gruesome clumpy mess of gluey shards.

      The Rev has just done the same to this pathetic article, but with all the understanding anyone needs

    50. Dr Jim says:

      Here comes the BLACKMAIL threat:

      Theresa May in an interview with BBC Scotland says she will meet with Nicola Sturgeon about the further devolution of more powers post Brexit…if she commits to remaining part of the UK

      LOWER THAN A SLUGS BELLY including the trailing scum!

      Once again the Tories use the media to release their story BEFORE they talk to the FM

      Maximum damage

    51. call me dave says:

      Shortbread site won’t archive:


      Theresa May has said she will speak to Scotland’s first minster in a bid to end the Brexit deadlock between the two governments.

      The Scottish government has accused the UK government of using Brexit as an excuse for a “power grab” on the devolved parliaments.
      It has said it cannot back the prime minister’s Brexit bill without changes being made.

      Mrs May said she will have talks with Nicola Sturgeon on the issue.

      In an interview with BBC Scotland ahead of the Conservative party conference, the prime minister said the UK government was already talking to the Scottish government “in a whole variety of ways” during the Brexit process.

    52. call me dave says:

      Took a bit longer than usual but here it is:

    53. Dr Jim says:

      Wait for it, Theresa May thinks she’s Don Corleone

      Take the offer and look bad, refuse the offer and look bad
      either way you’re out of office

      That’s what this is all about

    54. stewartb says:

      On the topic of the complaint against the way Chronic Pain waiting times performance has been communicated by NHS Scotland, the link below is to a letter dated 27 September, 2017 from the Head of Profession for Statistics, NHS Scotland to the Director General for Regulation, Office for Statistics Regulation in London, the independent watchdog which investigated the original complaint.

      ( )

      So there was a legitimate complaint by a patients’ advocate about the way a specific commentary to a particular data release was written. It was duly investigated and recommendations for a change to the form of future commentary and for further engagement with patients/public stakeholders over the design of future communications advised.

      Due process followed: no incompetence or scandal revealed! What has been revealed by WoS is that the once revered publication, The Times (of London) appears happy for its journalism in Scotland to scrape along the bottom of the slime barrel. A small reputational price to pay when playing its part in seeking to undermine confidence in Scotland’s institutions and government on behalf of the British state?

      For context, below is a link to a letter dated 2 March, 2017 from the same London-based watchdog to the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland praising the latter’s work and endorsing the quality standards of its statistical output.

      ( )

    55. yesindyref2 says:

      This article is great because primarily it focusses on the media misreporting. It also points to Elaine Smith doing party political politicking.

      The key part of this whole thing, apart from the rights and wrongs of the atual issue, is this:

      cross party group at Holyrood

      By making politics out of this at this stage, Elain Smith is undermining the whole principle of “cross-party”, where petty party politics are supposed to be put aside in the interest of getting to the numb of an issue, AND having action taken in an appropriate way.

      We’ve seen complaints about the SNP over-riding committee reports, even in the days the SNP actually had a majority over the committee, but it takes two to tango, and the opposition need to do their part to clean up Holyrood.

      It might be fun, all this political slagging, and if it doesn’t affect the atual business of Parliament, it helps to pass the day away with a laugh or two.

      But if it gets in the way of issues being addressed in a sensible, proper and full manner, then it is devastatingly bad for the People of Scotland – whatever party we might vote for, or not bother voting at all.

      Meanwhile it seems none of these politicians actually give a fsk about the people who have to return to clinics and instead of being give some sort of priority perhaps, ate shunted to the back of the queue for what is a repeat opertaion or injection, and therefore would presumably be able to be done with less time spent.

    56. Proud Cybernat says:

      Maybot with The VOW2 there.

      Must think the FM is mentally deficient or somethin’.

      Can’t wait to see how the FM gets the Maybot telt.

    57. manandboy says:


      “The Scottish government’s Brexit secretary, Michael Russell, said he was “always willing to talk” with his UK government counterparts over how best to move forward.
      He added: “But the situation can be sorted very quickly – it doesn’t need the prime minister to meet with the first minister.
      “It needs an acknowledgement that the devolution settlement is important and that any changes to it would be negotiated and discussed.
      “And if they can withdraw the parts of the bill that the Welsh and ourselves cannot agree to, then the solution is found.”
      Anything else is a power grab by Perfidious Albion, home to the world’s most treacherous Government.

      Remember The Vow.

    58. Monica Worley says:

      As a chronic pain sufferer, I have had no problem whatsoever getting the help I need from the SNHS. Just FYI.

    59. yesindyref2 says:

      @Monica Worley
      I got one of these invitations to some aneroid aneruthingy screening and actually went down for the appointment, a few minute early.

      It was totally disgraceful, disgusting, the waiting, it was so short I didn’t even have time to read the small leaflet through, though it seems I’m one of the 19 out of 20 who are fine, and found out from the scan operator I’m one of the 66% who actually turn up 🙂

    60. manandboy says:

      I just can’t imagine Theresa May ever being truthful and just plain honest. Not even under oath. To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? No way. Not May.

      Odius. Should be on the Tories coat of arms.

    61. mike d says:

      More powers devolved,are powers retained.

    62. yesindyref2 says:

      nub, not numb. Oh well, as they used to say in Germany when I was learning German and asked for corrections “Everyone knows what you mean”.

    63. ronnie anderson says:

      A good use of paper mache only they should be Britnat Politicians heads .

    64. dandy dons 1903 says:

      Westminster promises from unionists arent worth anything, as we know only too well, they are obviously terrified by the prospect of another indyref. Sturgeon should hold her ground and tell May and her band of toerags where to go.

    65. Abulhaq says:

      Images on itv news of saltire waving members of a neonazi organization called Scottish Dawn; never heard of it.
      Very nice means of smearing ‘nationalism’ per se and particularly our rather anodyne version.
      What does not exist ‘they’ will contrive to invent.

    66. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T ( am no fur turnin so hud yer fire ) I must compliment Amber Rudd for her decision to put Scottish Dawn on the Terrorist list, we dont need these people flying they’re flags at our Indy events .

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      @ronnie anderson
      Absolutely agree. And dare I say it, Amber Rudd has done us a favour.

    68. mike d says:

      Scottish dawn ?.these scum should stick to flying their butchers apron,instead of sullying our saltire.

    69. Tinto Chiel says:

      That was a masterly dissection, Rev.

      Does the UK have the worst Press in Europe?

      We already have the best state propagandist TV service, mind you. Makes you proud to be UKOKian.

      Health warning: just seen BBC Shortbread clip on Hugh Heffener in Aged Neighbour’s. James Cook is now sporting a David Torrance hipster beard. Gwoosome, simply gwoosome.

      Chaos on the streets of Beverly Hills…

      And something else: lovely, lingering smear on the independence movement (from ITV I think) with pictures of Scottish Dawn fascists (all masks and dark glasses) waving saltires and Scottish royal standards. Voice over: concern over growing threat of extreme right-wingers, yadayadayada.

      Job done for The Union.

      *grinds teeth*

    70. ronnie anderson says:

      call me dave 5.30.
      Any future meeting between May & Nicola should be held at Bute House & not in any out of the way hotel.

      Git her telt Nicola .

    71. gus1940 says:

      Good article on RT re Nick Robinson’s ridiculous article criticising attacks on the BBC for political bias by on-line sites including Wings.

    72. mike d says:

      Scottish dawn.wonder how many are uda members?

    73. Andy-B says:

      mike d says:

      “Scottish dawn.wonder how many are uda members?”

      Here’s a big clue Mike d.

      The news clip showed a blonde woman from the group finish her xenophobic tirade with the words “No surrender.”

    74. mike d says:

      Andy-b.aye doesnt surprise me.

    75. call me dave says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Absolutely: Bute house or nothing and tell her “Fishing and Agriculture +99 other things we already have thanks”

      Then tell her “Yer teas oot”

    76. laukat says:

      I don’t profess to know much about this but if the trade in gold distorts the UK trade balance withe EU does it not also distort the difference between Scotland and rUK?

    77. Orri says:

      The ‘power grab’ is possible because on withdrawal from the EU control over areas direct controlled by the EU parliament returns to the UK. There’s also areas that are the remit of Westminster or even the UK government.

      Now my own feeling would be that returning those powers to a FPTP assembly rather than a PR one is less than desirable.

      Fortunately Devolution says everything is devolved except in specific areas. As far as the EU goes they are specifically mentioned. The only justification for Westminster interception of those powers would be as part of an ongoing membership of the EU single market. Even then there is absolutely no justification for stepping in to the shoes of our MEPs.

    78. Brian Powell says:

      After 2007 Labour wouldn’t work with the SNP unless it gave up on Independence for Scotland. We saw where that got Labour in Scotland.

      Now May with her attempt at blackmail, devolution talks if you give up on Independence.

      We know about the previous 12 offers of devolution over the years, all empty rhetoric.

      We know the whole Brit establishment are liars. We know May is a liar.

      May is heading the same way as Labour in 2007.

    79. Rock says:

      The “independence supporting” The National should have hard hitting headlines which catch people’s attention even if they don’t buy the paper.

      Otherwise the 8,000 diehard independence supporters who buy The National should stop buying it.

      And use the money saved to print WOS articles and distribute them to the public.

    80. Colin Alexander says:

      The NHS is amazing. Lifesavers.

      But when they get it wrong, the Health Boards get away with deliberate lies and dishonestly. Cover ups and malicious actions go unpunished. Staff at the highest levels of health boards are untouchable.

      The SPSO is a total sham as an ombudsman. They investigate maladministration.

      But they don’t have a definition for maladministration. So, they can say anything is NOT maladministration, as there is no definition, no litmus test standard.

      That’s not the SNP or the Scottish Govt and the SPSO and health boards were not set up by the SNP.

      However, there are very serious failings in accountability. Patients and their families are treated shamefully if they have complaints about doctors or other NHS staff. Misconduct is covered up. Those guilty of serious abused are defended and protected.

      The Govt don’t want to know when this happens, even though they are ultimately responsible.

    81. Marker Post says:

      Got to feel a little bit sorry for Jackie Bailie, having been hung out to dry by her own party, and ridiculed in Holyrood today.

    82. Dan Huil says:

      @laukat 7:28pm

      It wouldn’t surprise me if it did, laukat. The more Westminster’s finances, the warped publication of britnat figures, are investigated the more it looks like cooking the books.

    83. North chiel says:

      Ref recent posts Manandboy 0548 pm and dandy dons@ 0628 pm . TM meeting with FM . Firstly , has Barnier been ” leaning on” Davis ( and therefore May) to engage with devolved governments?
      Secondly, after our FM categorically informs May that Indyref2 will take place ” when the Brexit outcome is clarified”, ( and before the next Holyrood election, as per mandate), she can make her own ” counter-offer to May ” as regards ” calling off” Indyref2 . If May is ” proposing” something that our FM cannot except then I am quite sure that our FM can propose ” something that ” the PM would find ” extremely difficult to swallow”. That being the case then Indyref 2 ” goes ahead”. Nicola holds a ” winning hand” .
      Footnote : I noted that May as regards recent tv interview responding to ” disastrous” news on
      ” Bombardier 200 per cent tariff “appeared to me to be under ” stess & pressure on this ” trade deal” and the strong impression was that she was possibly having difficulty ” holding things together”. Perhaps now would be the ideal time for our Scottish government to ” ramp up the pressure “?

    84. Gregor says:

      BBC’s attack and smear against Wings (et al), and the ongoing war against the realms of social and alternative media (freedom, information and liberty etc.) has inspired me to participate in this blog more often.

      The public should be aware – apparently BBC isn’t MSM (BBC directly told me so).

      I’ve also challenged the BBC to define what ‘Fake News’ is (since it is making such a hysterical fuss and a prominent facilitator of the debate), and it steadfast refused to oblige.

      Given that Wings now receives a greater volume of online traffic than certain (terminally declining) tabloid rags, I guess that means that Wings is now the mainstream, and social/alternative media are the new future…

      I better go now, I’ve got emails to check from OFCOM and IPSO, and need to think about where best to invest my efficiency savings from ditching my BBC licence propaganda tax.

    85. Glamaig says:

      heedtracker says:
      28 September, 2017 at 5:13 pm

      BBC r4 gimp network were chuntering on and on today how capitalism is the only way to go for teamGB

      Not a peep of any such thing on BBC Scotland of course. Not a word against JC, their useful idiot for taking seats off the SNP and saving the union. Its quite fun hopping between R4 and Shortbread to hear their different agendas.

    86. stewartb says:

      laukat @ 7:28 pm

      Thanks for the link on gold and its place in UK trade figures – really fascinating (albeit with the necessary caveat concerning the source!!)

      ( )

      A few things come to mind: (i) the context here is that the UK actually has no ‘shine’ on its overall trade balance – calculated to be a trade deficit of £2.87 billion in July 2017 (; (ii) stripping out this gold-related anomaly must only make the scale of ‘real’ exports from Scotland even more significant to overall UK trade figures; and (iii) the loss of Scotland’s oil post-independence i.e. the rUK being almost entirely dependent on importing oil (and much of its gas) from Scotland or elsewhere, becomes even more impactful on balance of payments than it would already be if this this gold anomaly is stripped out.

      Its no wonder then given the state of the UK’s balance of payments, and its need to finance its enormous debt, that every effort will be made by the UK state to remove any possibility of Scotland’s independence. And they still peddle the scare that its Scotland that is too poor and vulnerable!

    87. Ghillie says:

      Clear as mud.

      And like papier-mache will disintegrate and float away with a good soaking and cleansing on the Rev Stu cycle 🙂

    88. Chick McGregor says:


      Used Car Salesman: “At least I am not an Estate Agent.”
      Estate Agent: “At least I am not a Lawyer.”
      Lawyer: “At least I am not a Journalist.”
      Journalist: “At least I am not a Politician.”
      Politician: “At least I don’t give a fuck.”

    89. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Marker Post Slap yer puss wie ah wet haddie , that might bring you tae yer senses [ feeling sorry fur Jackie Baillie ] . Feel sorry fur aw the People who are subjected tae her piss gusher ( mooth) . Baillie deserves every ridicule she get & more .

    90. Ottomanboi says:

      Consider this, banning this faction may simply be a ploy of the unionist propaganda machine. How do we know that they [Scottish Dawn] are not some bogus outfit, agents provocateurs, set up to do damage. The Scottish right, as we know, has no sympathy for independence. The big lie tactic, however, is as old as the negative propaganda hills. Makes sense in the light of the forthcoming Catalan ref. and its possible resonance in Scotland. Scottish flags waved by Nazis. Oh, so its true, chirps the anglo-media, Scottish independence has a Nazi, racist, blood and soil streak, just like ‘during the war’. And all this displayed on UK tv.
      Prepare for a colourful ‘exposé’ in the DM.

    91. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Ronnie Anderson –

      Thursday night teaser: which would you find more fanciable? Jackie Bird dressed up as Keith Richards or vice versa?


    92. yesindyref2 says:

      Problem with that idea is this

      On Wednesday, 11 men were arrested under anti-terror laws as part of a national investigation into National Action. All were suspected National Action members. ” (predecessor to Scottish Dawn)

    93. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood Jackie Bird smothered in a orange sauce roasting in the oven , she’s a fowl bird but the orange sauce might make her palatable .

    94. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Ronnie Anderson –

      Aye, cheers, just threw up on my keyboard.

    95. Scott says:

      This is yet another fantastic piece of analysis exposing the dishonest, misleading and amoral “journalism” that characterizes the so-called mainstream media.

      What’s truly alarming is that so many people believe this stuff without question, and allow themselves to be misled.

      The only solution is to keep raising general awareness of what is going on, and be patient.

    96. Robert Peffers says:

      @Peter McCulloch says: 28 September, 2017 at 2:14 pm:

      ” As has often been pointed out by others, newspapers rely on people seeing the headlines on the news stands and not them reading the whole article to see that the headline
      is misleading.”

      However, Peter, the self-evident truth, which these evil rags fail to realise, is where that particular dishonest trait ultimately leads.

      It leads, of course, to a certain percentage of the readership discovering, either by their own further reading or pointed out by those the publication has failed to fool, that the publication is disseminating what today’s media calls, “false news”, and the rest of us call, “utter pish”.

      At which point the publication’s circulation goes down by one reader and that factor is repeated across the whole media spectrum.

    97. Ghillie says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 8.48 pm

      Keith Richards wearing whatever wherever !! 🙂

    98. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Nick Robuinson
      You are a proven liar and I think you need to refresh yourself about what ethical normative practice entails.

      N.B. All men do not share the same notion of good. Beliefs do not provide ethical justification of the normative.

      Ethics: a general introduction

    99. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      It doesn’t seem so long ago the The Times was read by the better harrumphing well educated types. If one wished to appear clever one bought a Times

      I used to read it on occasion, it is actually a bit sad that it is now regarded in the same league as the Record, Star and Sun.

      Must be painful for any real newspaper sorts left in the shell of a once credible title.

    100. James Barr Gardner says:

      O/T Instead of PVA glue or wallpaper paste and water with newspaper to make paper mache (english version) why not make the Scottish Version strong brown paper and araldite, tougher, stronger, waterproof and lasts a damn sight longer!

    101. geeo says:

      @call me dave.

      Re archiving BBC articles.

      I have noticed that they put a wee speil before the http on some BBC articles.
      Goes as follows…

      I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it

      Then the web address.

      Stops it archiving unless you remove the preamble.

    102. Janet says:

      The UK Statistics Authority, headquartered alongside the Scotland Office at the British Embassy in Edinburgh, says Google Maps.

    103. @Robert Peffers
      28 September, 2017 at 9:58 pm

      Your right, but the newspaper headlines on the
      newsstands is like subliminal messaging.
      It’s retained in the memory.

      Of course there maybe people who decide to
      read the whole article to find out if its true
      or not.

      The only good thing is that the numbers reading
      these rags is falling,and it will get worse for
      Them when the older generation has died off.

      Because most young people don’t read newspapers.
      they use tablets and their iphones instead.

    104. Ottomanboi says:

      National Action is I understand a British nationalist outfit therefore unionist.
      As this Scottish faction has links to it the media description ‘Scottish nationalist’ smells of dirty tricks. I stand by what I wrote. British state agents provocateurs are at work here. The use of the name of former SNP leader Arthur Donaldson in connexion with this group suggests ‘smear’.
      We do need to be on our guard.

    105. Jack Murphy says:

      CATALONIA. Poster Nana said at 4:18pm yesterday:

      “…….Spain must respect fundamental rights in response to Catalan referendum, UN rights experts

      Thankyou for that link to GENEVA 28th September 2017.
      The United Nations
      Human Rights
      Office of the High Commissioner

      I quote in part:

      “UN experts have called on the Spanish authorities to ensure that measures taken ahead of the Catalan referendum on 1 October do not interfere with the fundamental rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association, and public participation.

      The Catalan government has scheduled a referendum on independence for the autonomous region for 1 October. However, the Constitutional Court of Spain decided on 6 September that the referendum would be unconstitutional.

      “Regardless of the lawfulness of the referendum, the Spanish authorities have a responsibility to respect those rights that are essential to democratic societies,” the experts said.

      Since the ruling, hundreds of thousands of Catalans have taken to the streets in protests.

      Tensions have escalated, with the authorities searching print houses and seizing referendum material.

      Websites have been blocked, and political meetings stopped.

      Politicians have been arrested, and leaders of the mass protests have been charged with sedition, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment…….”

      Approximately four days ago Members of the Scottish Parliament expressed “grave concern” at the actions of the Spanish state in a letter to Spain’s Prime Minister.

      The letter to Mariano Rajoy was signed by MSPs from the Greens, Labour, SNP and Lib Dems.

      The Right-Wing Tories signatures were conspicuous by their absence. No surprise there.

      BBC Scotland TV News continues a News Blackout……

    106. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Semiotics and Its Role in Journalistic Texts’ Headlines
      in Iran

      This article is an analytical-descriptive study of semiotics in journalistic language and pursues the assessment of news headlines. In this study, we sought to answer the following questions: what semiotic techniques the journalistic texts use in the course of preparing the news headlines for presentation? And what are the most important linguistic and Meta linguistic tools which are used in the preparation of journalistic headlines? Based on the findings of this study, it was found that verbal signs (the exercise of power and particular ideology by the use of specific words) and nonverbal signs (political, cultural and social orientation and affiliation) are being used in preparing the news headlines in newspapers; and the most important tools used in the preparation of news headlines include linguistic tools (word selection, highlighting, signs of exercise of power, metaphors, hyperbole, hyponym, pre assumptions, removing the verb and the subject from sentence, etc.) and Metalinguistic tools (headline color, text font, title format, etc.). Findings also showed that the use of passive sentences and ignoring the structural arrangement of sentences (shifting or removing verb and subject) are among the most frequent verbal signs which are used in the writing of news headlines. In all of the analyzed news, fonts of the news headlines were black colored and almost identical, which indicates the use of formal font, color and style is writing news headlines.

      Semiotics Newspapers

      A Semiotic Analysis of Newspaper Front-Page Photographs

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