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Nothing like the truth

Posted on September 27, 2017 by

The Scottish Daily Mail almost explodes with fury over new crime statistics today:

Which is weird. Because there’s less crime in Scotland than there’s ever been at any time in modern history. How do we know that? Because the Mail tells us so.

The paper’s strapline and opening paragraph make a huge deal over the fact that the headline figures for “crimes” exclude a similar number of less serious matters which are categorised as “offences”. But that’s not a sudden piece of devious SNP chicanery – it’s been the case since the 1930s:

And the really strange thing is that in any event, the article acknowledges that both “crime” AND “offences” have gone down:

In fact, “offences” have declined by a frankly phenomenal 15% in just a year, on top of the 3% decrease in “crimes”. It is, by any conceivable rational measure, good news, and the Mail is reduced to desperation in its attempts to spin it in a negative light by cherry-picking individual areas that have shown increases.

It then goes on to create an entirely fictional threat of job losses based on what the paper imagines might possibly happen if completely imaginary future pay rises (of an unspecified size) were to be paid for solely by cutting officer numbers.

For its final flourish, readers get an editorial leader column describing – remember – THE LOWEST CRIME FIGURES IN SCOTLAND FOR OVER 40 YEARS as “SNP’s crime shame”, and screaming that recording the figures in exactly the same way as they’ve always been recorded is “mendacious spin” and “a disgraceful outrage”:

But if you combine “crime” and “offences” – as the Mail appears to want – the overall decrease is 10% in a single year (585,436 down to 527,612), not the headline 3%. By claiming crime is down 3% the SNP are in fact massively underselling the decrease.

(And since the Nats took power in 2007 the all-categories total is down by almost 50%, from 1,026,663 in 2006/07, reversing what had been a 60-year upward trend.)

Imagine what the Mail will say if crime ever actually goes up.

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    1. 27 09 17 12:56

      Nothing like the truth | speymouth

    177 to “Nothing like the truth”

    1. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ?????

    2. Proud Cybernat says:

      And the British Nationalist zoomers will lap this up without question.

      Can’t wait to see the Burd’s faux outrage tonight on Misreporting Scotland.

    3. Gaelstorm says:

      I can think of a few things I’d do to the Daily Fail, it’s tax-dodging owner and staff, that would certainy put the crime figures up, if that helps….

    4. Iain says:

      This, surely, is a gross misrepresentation to be reported to IPSO. Let’s do it.

    5. R4 says:

      The truth, the whole truth and nothing like the truth.

    6. Michael Fadian says:

      And the Daily Fail are responsible for every hate crime in those figures lolz

    7. Old Pete says:

      The Daily Mail, not fit for toilet paper!

    8. Street Andrew says:

      “…very few criminals face serious sentences…”

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the Scottish Daily Mail printed ‘serious sentences’ instead of the torrent of shite that is their stock in trade?

    9. Capella says:

      Foreign owned press hysteria levels rising? We must be winning in the polls. Keep up the samizdat output!

    10. scunner says:

      Again this morning I scanned the MSM front pages, spotted this (and I believe the Express were on the same theme), correctly assumed “Bullshit” and cursed loudly.

      Only then did I glance around and realise, red-faced, that the shop was full of high-school kids. At least no really wee kids heard me.

      Silent cursing next time…

    11. gus1940 says:

      The Mail and Express are ‘The Enema Within’.

    12. G says:

      And of course they are against the creation of Police Scotland, which allowed efficiency savings to be made in a time of austerity without cutting police officers, when thousands were being cut in England.

      Not to mention Police Scotland would have more money if they weren’t being charged VAT by HMRC.

    13. Welsh Sion says:

      For Iain @ 12.47 (and others).

      IPSO -Editors’ Code of Practice

      1. Accuracy

      i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information or images, including headlines not supported by the text.

      ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and — where appropriate — an apology published. In cases involving IPSO, due prominence should be as required by the regulator.

      iii) A fair opportunity to reply to significant inaccuracies should be given, when reasonably called for.

      iv) The Press, while free to editorialise and campaign, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact.

      v) A publication must report fairly and accurately the outcome of an action for defamation to which it has been a party, unless an agreed settlement states otherwise, or an agreed statement is published.

      IPSO – Making a complaint.

      (Wishing you better luck than I gfot when I complained about a Daily Telegraph article attacking Nicola Sturgeon.)

    14. Dr Jim says:

      Even the few racist mentals who buy this rag roll it inside out from embarrassment before they take it to the counter in case anybody human sees what they’re buying

    15. Street Andrew says:

      Iain @ 12.47

      Who exactly is the ‘us’ implied in ‘Let’s do it’?

      Any relation to the ‘we’ in ‘We want an independent Scotland’?

    16. Robert Peffers says:

      @Iain says: 27 September, 2017 at 12:47 pm:

      “This, surely, is a gross misrepresentation to be reported to IPSO. Let’s do it.”

      Why bother, Iain?
      I’m sure this laughably described, “News Paper”, is doing a fine job – of driving its circulation into single figures and all nine of their readers will be Daily Fail (cough!), journalists.

    17. joannie says:

      After our weekend of hosting several hundred Celtic fans, most of whom were Scottish, and all of whom seriously challenged their livers on Friday and Saturday night, I have to conclude that the Scots are extraordinarily well behaved, so where is all this SNP ‘crime shame’ coming from?

      The Gardaí were patrolling everywhere from Thursday to Monday and had pretty much nothing to do apart from giving a warning to two eejits who were finger pointing at each other outside the hotel foyer on Friday night. If you lot are this well behaved at home, Police Scotland must have a very easy job.

    18. Martin Wood says:

      The graph from 1971 to 2017on page 10 and 11 show the decrease

    19. galamcennalath says:

      gus1940 says:

      The Mail and Express are ‘The Enema Within’.

      Indeed. And don’t forget the Telegraph which pretends to make shifting shite posh.

    20. Ruglonian says:

      This is really quite extraordinary.
      When you don’t buy papers or watch the telly, you kinda forget just how mental the media is.

      I pity the folk reading this nonsense (and it’s condensed version in the metro) just to pass the time.

      What to do about it’s insidious influence? Sorry, I don’t know.
      Until folk realise that they’re exposing themselves to unnecessary bs and find an alternative source of news (btw Euronews is a brilliant example – great tv channel & website with straight reporting rather than endless opinion/spin/speculation etc) then we have to hope that they’re buying these papers purely for the crosswords, or to win the dream cottages! 😉

    21. GORDON FORREST says:

      I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing like the truth…..The real criminality here is the reporters? impersonating journalists if they had an ounce of credibility they would find a newspaper to work for rather that that rag

    22. Sinky says:

      Can’t find the quote from 100 years ago … Daily Mail is for people who can read but not think.

    23. orri says:

      Laughably the rise in online sexual offences is linked to the introduction of specific laws to cover them just as the rise in people being done for driving whilst on their hand held mobile only happened after it became a specific offence rather than a generic dangerous driving or without care and attention kind of thing.

      One thing to bear in mind though. When Scotland gets to keep half of VAT receipts that’ll include public spending including on the police so dampen the damage caused by Westminster intransigence.

    24. Lenny Hartley says:

      O/T a wee bit but as it concerns the press not that far off the mark , Kevin McKenna in today’s National says that Laura Kuensberg has an armed guard at the Labour Party Conference, Jon Snow on Channel Four news last night berated Corbyrn that she needed a bodyguard, he didn’t mention that it was an armed Bodyguard. Who is providing this armed bodyguard? Are Civilians allowed to carry guns in public? If it is not a Civillian Organisation providing this Armed Bodyguard protection it must be either the Polce or Military. should taxpayer’s be funding protection for Journalists?

    25. Robert Peffers says:

      You really need to see the funny side of these numpties who run business’ supposedly to provide services to the public, (at a profit – of course).

      I just had my usual second cold call of each day from just such a clueless business. I can guarantee to at least get two identical calls each day from what seems to be the exact same business.

      Thing is I really cannot manage to decipher voices over a phone line due to an acute hearing problem of noises generated by my inner ears – acute Tinnitus.

      To get round the problem I use a phone/Fax/answering machine that tells any caller that I cannot hear their phone call but can be contacted via my mobile by text only, by email and, (I quote my email address), or by FAX on the number they just called.

      It is absolutely amazing just how many callers listen to that message yet still go ahead and leave a message that I just told them I cannot decipher.

      This particular business though is in quite a different league of stupidity. They are obviously using computer apps, or calling machines, to make their cold calls and probably illegally obtaining phone numbers to cold call.

      I may not be able to decipher a voice call but I can recognise the voice as being the same voice. Not only that but if it was a real human being making the call they would listen to my recorded message and wait for the beep when the answering message ends.

      These machine calls just carry right on with the message they have had recorded on the machine and that means the first part of their message is not recorded – only what is said after the beep.

      Which, according to my step-son, goes. … if you want to sign up for our service press button #?; If you wish to be removed from our calling list then press button #?? – and so on.

      Now just why would I want to stop them wasting their money on several identical calls every day? If they do not have the savvy to realise calling the same person several times per day will only anger a hearing person but won’t bother a hearing impaired person who can, and has, set their machine to silent rings, silent messages and silent replies?

      It just flashes a wee red light once for each call it has recorded and it isn’t any bother to erase the calls now and then.

      I find it hilarious that two dumb machines are talking, and replying to each other, and neither has a clue what is going on. Seems the business in question is as dumb, or dumber, than their calling machine.

      The cold callers that were actual humans stopped calling after realizing they were calling a machine. I see no real harm in a business attempting to drum up business either by phone, computer or mail shot but this lot are ridiculous.

    26. Ken says:

      Thanks for this Stu.

      Given that keeping track of this is a full time occupation for you at present, that you are shocked says much.

      Their desperation has ventured into territory usually occupied by postmodern irony, but this isn’t funny.

      BBC4 is repeating historian Lucy Worsley’s series, “British History’s Biggest Fibs”. The lie behind the so-called beneficent Raj being one.

      The parallels are stark and the language so familiar.

      I would imagine the British establishment are taking notes on the situation in Catalonia and judging what they can get away with in the present century.

      Luckily for the Catalans, and the Kurds, they don’t have to shovel their way through a daily delivery of propaganda shit.

      It’s a dirty job, thankfully we have you and others who do most of the digging for us.

    27. Tam the Bam. says:

      O/T…Labour Party Conference.

      My lasting impression wont be Corbyn’s speech but the sight of Paul Sweeney MP singing ‘Jerusalem!’…..Jeezuz.

    28. Macart says:

      The Mail and the truth are complete strangers near as I can tell.

      The UK meeja, eh? (Is loathsome the right word or too strong?)

    29. Valerie says:

      @ Tam the Bam

      I thought Corbyns speech was a masterclass in vagueness, but they are ready.

      That Jerusalem anthem was incredibly cringey.

    30. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ruglonian says: 27 September, 2017 at 1:13 pm:

      ” … we have to hope that they’re buying these papers purely for the crosswords, or to win the dream cottages! ?”

      Nah! Probably they buy it for the Nags, dugs and Rangers and/or Celtic, (Note:- not for the football. per se, just for Rangers or Celtic, and not necessarily in that order).

    31. Andy-B says:

      The Express, is just one of many wee nasty prevaricating anti-Scottish rags, desperately trying to do down the SNP.

      In my opinion, the Express (I loathe to use the word newspaper) is aimed at Scotland’s Uncle Tam’s.

    32. Bob Mack says:

      There is “spin” and there is “spin”. When I was a small boy I had a spinning top that could not keep up with these idiots.

      A spinning cavalcade of waltzers that would attempt to leave you completely disorientated from reality.

      Ahem, we have Wings.

    33. Bob Mack says:

      Corbyn is to reality as Diazepam is to activity.

    34. Street Andrew says:

      Lenny Hartley says: Laura Kuensberg (sic) has an armed guard at the Labour Party Conference..etc.

      Anyone who is interested in this ‘story’ (because that may be all it is) might wish to read extensive (yawn) discussion of it on Richard Murphy’s blog. (There are considerably more interesting things to read on Richard’s blog)

      There are important issues, but a lot of hot air being expelled (from both ends of the human digestive tract) on this topic right across the media.

    35. shug says:

      this simply reflects the BBC campaign to reflect the position the SNP government is “not doing its day job”.

      Until the next referendum we will be subject to this message daily until everyone believes it.

      We have had years of the police are bad, the NHS is bad, the teachers are bad

      I could understand the righteous indignation of the BBC had I never heard the name Savell

    36. Alex Clark says:

      (And since the Nats took power in 2007 the all-categories total is down by almost 50%, from 1,026,663 in 2006/07, reversing what had been a 60-year upward trend.)

      This is probably the most remarkable statistic of all, total crime and offences down 50% in 10 years of SNP governance. I demand to know what Willie Rennie has to say on this tremendous achievement by the Scottish government and Police Scotland.

    37. Tinto Chiel says:

      I also noticed in the newsagent’s today that the super,soaraway 40p i-paper has a headline on increased levels of dissatisfaction in Scotland with public services.

      Didn’t buy it, of course, to see if it was one of those articles which actually contradicts the headline.

      I actually hear lots of positive stories from friends and family re Scottish NHS.

      If it’s a genuine survey, it may indicate the perpetual Yoon attack propaganda on education, health and the police is actually having an effect, despite all data to the contrary.

      When the Story of Scotland’s Independence is finally being written, the authors will have to devise an even lower level to Dante’s Hell for Auld Scotia’s MSM churnalists/presstitutes (copyright: Ian Brotherhood?).

    38. David McDowell says:

      Scottish Sun fitting up Rowley for plotting to replace Kez with Leonard. Looks like a ploy to make people doubt she was simply sacked by Corbyn during his sell out Scottish tour.

    39. joannie says:

      @AndyB – I think the Express is actually aimed at mad people. I don’t think anybody sane could take that rag seriously, no matter how dodgy their politics.

    40. starlaw says:

      Jerusalem Anthem
      Tells where the Labour hearts lie In ENGLANDS green and pleasant lands.
      Vote for us ya Scottish mugs.

    41. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if I could sue The Daily Heil and The Daily Slug for the psychological injury caused by merely glancing at the headlines of their typical daily f***wittery as I pass by to get an actual newspaper.

      Maybe they should have to be put on the top shelf, above everything else. Only suitable for adults with seriously diminished sensibilities.

    42. Robert Graham says:

      A touch O/T – I was listening to the Messiah’s speech on 5 live , i know i know , anyway the things the great one is promising seem fine and well and the audience clapped and cheered at the end of every pronouncement of this fine intent .

      Then i remembered the gut wrenching story about glasgow city council , on a previous post that is well worth a read its heart breaking for the folk involved and the lengths they went to over a period of some years just to prove they could .

      Everything this wondrous being said , I compared to Labour in scotland and their record when they had their little handies in the Till , i came to the conclusion PISH PISH and More PISH , if this Corbyn guy dosent know or has been misinformed about his labour party in scotland , he is either bleedn stupid , or totally abdicating his responsibility,

      whats more this will be broadcast nationwide , and the fools here will lap it up believing labour has returned , how about the Billion pound PFI debt + the Massive legal bill labour in glasgow has incurred + and who knows what Aberdeen council are up too , how do you explain that Jeremy ?. yah f/n idiot & liar.

    43. Dan Huil says:

      @David McDowell 2:32pm

      National has this on the story:

      Kezia says, “Crime!”

    44. Andy-B says:

      So Corbyn said at the Labour conference that “Labour are on their way back in Scotland.”

      We know that to be completely false.

      Meanwhile the stand in branch office manager of Labour in Scotland Alex Rowley has been recorded (allegedly by a news rag with poor sales in Liverpool) saying that he favours Mr Leonard as the next branch manager of SLAB in Scotland.

      Could that be, because his daughter is Leonard’s campaign manager?

      Jackie Baillie has (allegedly) said that she’s very disappointed in Rowley, and claims, his comments are hypocrisy.

      Baillie is a zealous backer of Anas Sarwar.

    45. One_Scot says:

      Just saw a French News report saying if the Catalans are determined to go ahead with the vote on Sunday Spain main cut off electricity to polling station.

      Beginning to think Spain means business.

    46. orri says:

      Another point. If the decline in reports is linked to an increase in cases being solved, as a percentage, that takes place after the merging of the individual authorities then that might be down to that merger making it easier to track offenders due to the integrated information sharing.

      If that’s so then all the threats about not sharing information unless the UK get’s it’s own way have a bit of bite until you realise that the UK will get it’s own share of that rise. In fact we’d probably be more badly hit. Probably another reason why flat out denial is the way Brexiteers want to go.

    47. Chick McGregor says:

      It is not an anagram of ‘ill malady’ for nothing.

    48. heedtracker says:

      Heil creeps are appalling British fascists though. There really is no sewer they wont find a ghastly home in.

      I love the fact that all Scottish cop shops have Scotland flags flying over them. It would be awful if it was union jacks.

    49. FTDmail says:

      IPSO complaint filed. Perhaps this has to become a daily task. Quite happy to be a nuisance to the DM newsroom.

    50. Alex Clark says:

      Without the ability of the media in Scotland including the BBC to twist every fact and figure into an SNP BAAD story support for Independence would likely be above 60%.

      The only positive I can take from this is that the outrageous spinning of the truth has become farcical as exposed today about the Mail and yesterday about the GCC scandal over equal pay.

      This is everyday surely more Scots are realising what is going on?

    51. LesRoches says:

      I think the only statistic these unionist papers should be blowing a fuse with is their circulation figures…with those there really is no room to lie about…..Ho Ho Ho

    52. drawdeaddave says:

      A mate of mine went into a shop to buy a Scottish Daily Mail, & came back out with a box of condoms, when i asked him what happened, he said, the shopkeeper asked him what he wanted & he bottled it, rather than getting a rid-neck asking for a daily mail in front of everyone, he just asked for some condoms instead…

    53. Alex Clark says:

      It’s a very long and hard slog considering what we are up against and it is only thanks to pro Independence social media sites that we even get the opportunity to expose their lies.

      Others are trying too so a wee plug for the current Inform Scotland fundraiser who brought us the Mis-reporting Scotland billboards last year won’t go amiss.

    54. Hamish100 says:

      Robert Peffers
      “I find it hilarious that two dumb machines are talking, and replying to each other, and neither has a clue what is going on. Seems the business in question is as dumb, or dumber, than their calling machine.”

      Have you been listening in to Ruth Davidson and Mundell telephone conversations again. You wil get into trouble with mfi or is it ikea?

    55. Marcia says:

      I would class it an offence to buy that offensive paper. Using data supplied by the newspaper circulation body, ABC, there are less offences being committed each week.

    56. scunner says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Used to read the “I” (not that I paid for it :-)), but since Johnston Press acquisition, wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.
      Just a mini-me of the Scotsman now.

    57. Clootie says:


      I’m becoming less and less inclined to react to these articles of fiction.
      My hope is that the next generation will be less influenced by unionist propaganda as the BBC and dead tree press influence declines.

      The simple fact that 99percent of the media in Scotland backs the unionist case should set alarm bells ringing for everyone…unfortunately this is not the case and my fellow Scots continue to soak up the dependency myth and SNPbad sound bite.

      The new policy is to push the wonderful revival of the Labour Party to save the UK…in reality it is another devide and rule tactic…reduce the SNP vote and cry “..interest in Independence falls”

      What will it take for Scots to wake up? My fellow countrymen voted to send Tories to Westminster to prop up May and co. instead of MPs who would fight for the rights of those in need in their own nation.

      …my hopes now lie with the young. Perhaps they will have more guts than the current fearties who have the vote.

    58. SeanW92 says:

      Very O/T, just tried to follow the last link published on the thread to the national and was greeted by a pay-wall.

      While I can appreciate that we live in a capitalist society and its the way the world works but, I cant help but feel as though The National, while undoubtedly supported by very committed people be it readers or contributors, is just profiteering off of a niche market. I know several people who consume all their information online, buying a newspaper is something their granddad did, but a pay-wall would stop them in their tracks.

      With the might of the British establishment and their MSM cohorts blasting pish over the airwaves, we literally & figuratively cannot afford to alienate anybody. I may be naïve in saying this but when a date is locked in a good will gesture would be to lift the pay-wall and allow independence supporting material to have a far wider reach.

      I invite anyone to comment on this, we will only have one shot the next time around.

    59. Sinky says:

      Tinto Chiel says:@ 2.32.

      It’s worth noting that when the figures on education satisfaction were analysed it was found that among those with children in education, 90% were satisfied but the vast majority without kids in education were unsatisfied no doubt thanks to reading the unionist press.

    60. yesindyref2 says:

      Problem is that most people don’t buy a paper for the politics, or even the news. My wife used to buy the Mail for its celeb stuff, others buy papers for the sport or the horse racing. Or even the crossword. When I worked in London I used to get the Standard for its chess, crossword and puzzles. Helped to pass the drain and trains away.

    61. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For those who may have missed it, Petra’s 7.04 comment a couple of threads back is an important one – a timely reminder of what ‘Labour’ means when you’re Scottish, Glasgwegian, and involved in trying to care for the most vulnerable among us.

    62. Robert Graham says:

      Trying to stay on/topic , for a change ,
      These papers and the unionist media know , Once someone wakes up and sees through the sometimes subliminal interference , and half truths combined with downright lies , they never return they never go back to digesting the daily fix of protect the union guff we have to endure ,
      I think they have figured this out , so probably expect even more bizarre headlines in the near future .
      Thats why the BBC in Scotland news is now referred to in my wee hoose as get that f/n junk off , it never sees the light of day .

    63. mike cassidy says:

      Kurdistan votes for independent state.

      Reporting a 92% ‘yes’ vote.

      Worth reading this for specific background on Kurdistan.

      And this for general info.

    64. louis.b.argyll says:

      What’s the Unionist’s put in their reasons for overtime pay requests?

      Additional lying time?

    65. twathater says:

      Re the msm does the SG not have the ability to summon the heads of the 2 main broadcasting TV channels to explain their constant LIES and misinformation being broadcast as news on a daily basis to STV and BBC Scottish viewers.

      I know that those heads would not admit their bias but worked appropriately the SNP reps on these panels could highlight the immutable FACTS that PFI ,EDINBURGH TRAMS , WASPI DISGRACE , GCC LEGAL CATASTROFCUK are ALL down to liebours mismanagement , these panels are almost always recorded and played back via the news , edited of course , but some of it would have to be included and it would possibly leak out to the mainstream

      I know it’s not perfect but anythings worth a try

    66. Robert Graham says:

      Ian Brotherhood _ a timely reminder of a very good heart breaking post , a post that should shame every single supporter of the labour party .
      This misuse of public funds in a vindictive mission to silence shames them all .
      Its one of these things so big and so important it wont be and cant be hidden , despite the best efforts this will grow legs , someone will cover it ,
      A front page on the National if ever i saw one .

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      Kind of half on-topic, a relative in-law not in Scotland or the UK, still waiting after more than 7 hours in A&E. Not an immediate life-threatener, but still a long wait. A quote I found: “A&E waiting times in [redacted] are again the worst in Europe, followed by Poland, Greece and the UK, the report, published today, reveals.” (Euro Health Consumer Index Jan 2017)

      That’s UK as in UK of course, not Scotland.

    68. Alex Clark says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Petra’s post was eye opening, a very long read but not one you would skip to get to the end. It says a lot and could have been an article here on Wings by itself.

      Thanks to Petra for taking the time to write it and make us all better informed with the truth on what happened in the past and is still happening now in many other areas.

    69. Ken500 says:

      Too many innocent people are ‘charged’ and put in cells overnight on charges that can never come to court. Traumatising half the population.

      Too many people with additional needs are not given support and end up in prison. One chance total abstinence rehab is cheaper than prison for those addicted to drink or drugs. Much crime is linked to drink/drug abuse. Costing too much public money. Policing Orange marches which should be banned etc.

    70. yesindyref2 says:

      Yup, having read it, add my voice to the multitude. If you have the time to only read one single long post over the weeks and months, it has to be this one by Petra:

      Indy is the beginning, the work for a just and fair society starts then.

    71. yesindyref2 says:


      To get a direct link to a comment, right click on the date and time stamp at the bottom of the posting, and select something like “Copy Link Location” depending on browser (mines’s Firefox).

      And yeah, I should have said “really starts then”, as it should of course be happening now even though severely hamstrung by limited devolution of powers not providing anywhere near enough of the tools for the job.

    72. Craig P says:

      Imagine what the Mail will say if crime ever actually goes up.

      Oh (in England at least, maybe here too), thanks to the promotion of Brexit by the Daily Mail, hate crimes have gone up.

      Horrible newspaper.

    73. TheWasp says:

      That British labour in Scotland ppb, what a load of fucking lies and slab hypocrisy

    74. Andy-B says:

      Re Petra’s excellent, touching comment, more on the machinations of a once ran Labour Glasgow City Council.

    75. yesindyref2 says:

      Gone quiet, wondered about ‘net activity, so I did a

      Ping 39ms, down 8.19mbps, up 0.93mbps. Zen, Billion router, plugged in not using wireless, optimised.

      Normal, and about the best I can get without fibre. 19.09.

    76. Colin Alexander says:

      O/T for me: praise for the SNP.

      “A national campaign raising awareness of sepsis has been announced by Health Secretary Shona Robison.” reports the BBC. O

      As I had previously criticised the SNP for refusing an awareness campaign, I would like to take this opportunity to say well done if the Scot Govt runs an effective SEPSIS awareness campaign; it could save lives.

    77. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I agree with all the comments re Petra’s post.

      It has to be a ‘must read’ for all Wingers.

    78. Andy-B says:

      More on GCC, some of which is rather shocking.

      The SNP government paid over 80% of the funding required for the Glasgow Commonwealth games.

      Tried to archive, keep getting “network error message.”

    79. starlaw says:

      Petra’s Post.

      Well said, Scotland needs Labour back like a hole in the head, the entire purpose of Labour was to prevent social justice, kid the workers on that they wee the new champions, not the Red Clydesiders, John McLean, and honest people like them. Labours great moment came with the foundation of the welfare state, this was allowed as the Tories feared a backlash from trained soldiers returning from war to the abject poverty they had gone or were forced to fight in.

      The end of WW1 had seen the finish of the Kaiser, the Czar, and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The 1920s were a close run thing for the British Crown, they lost Ireland. Following WW2 The British were running scared the Labour Party rode to the rescue and did nothing ever since.

      SNP have had ten years of running Scotland Successfully despite the best efforts of all the Unionist parties. Scotland is better off being run by Scots for Scots.

    80. ronnie anderson says:

      I’ve long since said the SNP should have a Forensic examination of the GCC books & the same for other Labour Councils .

    81. Still Positive says:

      Re Petra’s post reposted @ 7.30 by Brian Doonthetoon.

      I worked for GCC as an English teacher for 16 years until I retired 6 years ago.

      For a long time there were substantial numbers of teachers on temporary contracts working in most schools, even covering vacancies that were not advertised.

      Eventually one such teacher took them to court and she won her case with the Sheriff stating that all such teachers who had at least one year’s satisfactory service should be put on a permanent contract.

      GCC threatened to appeal, but I can’t remember if they actually did or not. The upshot was that I and all others were made permanent teachers at last.

      I had been on a temporary contract from Aug 1995 and was made permanent on 1st September 2003. 8 years on a temporary contract despite having been in the same school for 5 years without a break.

      The funny side was that in mid-September 2003 we were paid for the 2 weeks we worked in August and at the end of September we were paid a whole month’s salary. It was like Christmas had come early for us.

    82. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Forget IPSOS.

      This shit shows we are way overdue for the UN to be petitioned on Scotland being denied it’s Article 10 Freedom of expression rights by the UK Government.

      Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides the right to freedom of expression and information, subject to certain restrictions that are “in accordance with law” and “necessary in a democratic society”.

      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

      This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to RECEIVE and impart INFORMATION and ideas WITHOUT INTERFERENCE BY PUBLIC AUTHORITY and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

      Pretty sure that BBC Shortbread is in breach of this Article as they are interfering in the imparting of truthful information to the People of Scotland by omission and down right propaganda broadcasts and when called out default to their generic complaints response.

      I’m channelling my inner CameronB Brodie it appears 😉

    83. Glamaig says:

      Are BBC Scotland stepping up their offensive? I can’t remember hearing so many SNP bad smear and insinuation stories in one day before, with so little substance. Reporting Scotland was even seamlessly followed by a Labour PPB. Is an election imminent?

    84. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      I concur with those above on Petra’s post.

      Very powerful and cuts through the sanitised image of BritNat Labour in Scotland which the UKOK Media Machine are trying to sell to the gullible or less politically aware.

      Petra, this deserves to be recorded for posterity in a book (or at the very least a WoS Article saved on as it is a contemporary record of the hypocritical treatment of workers by the ‘International Socialist Workers Party’ when they ran GCC.

    85. call me dave says:


      No doubt about that, the BBC hairdryer is plugged in and set at about 8/10 on the scorched earth scale. But here’s Jeremy to rub on some salvation for us all North of the wall.

      Lots more to come too.

    86. Chick McGregor says:

      Ian & Alex, thanks for pointing out a great and moving post by Petra.
      Petra, just thanks.

      All I can add is that in a forum long, long ago (possibly scotpol or scottishlpolitics) someone posted documents which showed the emaciation of Glasgow was a deliberate post war decision by Westminster/Whitehall.

      Perhaps some of the other old hands have a better memory of ity.

    87. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      If it is @Glamaig says at 8:12 pm

      “Are BBC Scotland stepping up their offensive?….so many SNP bad smear and insinuation stories in one day….seamlessly followed by a Labour PPB. Is an election imminent?”

      Ladbrokes currently giving 12/1 on a 2017 UK GE so if it is imminent it’ll make you a few quid.

    88. heedtracker says:

      Ladbrokes currently giving 12/1 on a 2017 UK GE so if it is imminent it’ll make you a few quid.

      If you were a toryboy, and after losing their last snap GE, what they said they would never do, would you hold a GE anytime soon?

      Next teamGB GE wont be until 5 May 2022, when old Corbyn may as well be 102. It is interesting that BBC Scotland gimp network lives in the UKOK moment though.

    89. Legerwood says:

      Andy-B says:
      27 September, 2017 at 7:44 pm
      More on GCC, some of which is rather shocking.

      The SNP government paid over 80% of the funding required for the Glasgow Commonwealth games.

      Tried to archive, keep getting “network error message.”

      Then there is this, the city/regional deal. In 2014 during indyref David Cameron announced £500 million to Glasgow (Over 20 years, in small print).

      The Scottish Government said they would match the £500 million and another £130 million was offered as part of a regional fund. Total of £1.13 billion.

      Anyone know what the money has been spent on?

    90. Legerwood says:

      Chick McGregor says:
      27 September, 2017 at 8:24 pm
      Ian & Alex, thanks for pointing out a great and moving post by Petra.
      Petra, just thanks.

      All I can add is that in a forum long, long ago (possibly scotpol or scottishlpolitics) someone posted documents which showed the emaciation of Glasgow was a deliberate post war decision by Westminster/Whitehall.

      Perhaps some of the other old hands have a better memory of ity.

      If memory serves me right Glasgow Corporation (Labour) and their Easterhouse, Drumchapel schemes were willing helpers in the break up of communities in Glasgow.

    91. Inkall says:

      So the long story short is that labour GCC didn’t give a damn about anyone’s rights and cut the legs out from anyone who tried to make a stand?

      I am highly unsurprised.

    92. heedtracker says:

      Anyone know what the money has been spent on?

      There’s a social housing building boom in Glasgow at the moment. Although, it is all being buried by the BBC tory gimp network crew in Scotland. Cant think why.

    93. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Chick McG et al –

      This discussion about Glasgow, the behaviour of ‘GCC’ and Labour down the decades isn’t really even off-topic when you consider how important criminality is in the whole image of ‘No Mean City’, and the continued efforts of mainstream novelists and dramatists to portray Scotland’s largest city as a terrifying den of vice, favoured haunt of serial killers etc etc ad fucking nauseum.

      (BTW, if you happen to be Glaswegian – just as a matter of interest: do you know many killers, thugs, or criminals generally? I don’t think so…)

      Yes, Glasgow was a fucking midden for a long time. Parts of it still are rotten, and perhaps always will be. It’s not that long ago we discussed the outbreak of bubonic plague in the Gorbals, only a century ago. Anyone who’s ever read Edwin Muir’s autobiography can’t easily dismiss his descriptions of the place, what it did to his loved ones in an astonishingly short time.

      I can’t help ‘loving’ Glasgow because I was born and brought up there, but I despise the way its people have been treated by their own representatives, people from among them, and that feeds into a more general disdain for a population which permitted such degradation and pessimism to continue decade after decade, entire generations doomed to relentless fucking misery with no realistic hope of escape for the majority.

      Petra’s post deserves wide exposure and close reading, but it reveals nothing ‘extraordinary’ when it comes to discussion of disgraceful ‘Corpy’ behaviour. I can remember overhearing – as a seven-yr old child visiting grandparents in Castlemilk – a discussion where ‘cooncillurs’ were damned, utterly cursed for their treatment of some now-forgotten local problem. That was approx 1970.

      GCC, under an SNP administration, deserves the opportunity to repair some of the profound damage done to the city. Woe betide any hack who dares make that job more difficult by manoeuvring to reinstall the putrid network which damaged so many lives for so long.

    94. Cactus says:

      Crime schmime, either way, crime is going down (in pre iScotland.)

      Last dibs fur yer Hamish:

      Will all be gone by the morning, get in there.

      The real truth is very addictive.

    95. Valerie says:

      Petras post on the other thread is indeed a good read, but sadly unsurprising to those of those that knew how Labour operated at Local level.

      So many of the local Labour councillors from the 80s and 90s, really did come from working class. They were considered to have done well when they got elected. However, rather than view it as a chance to change the area, they felt ‘elevated’, automatically deserving of adulation, or they hopped onto the gravy train.

      I worked with Tory and Labour councillors during this period. The Tories were polite and mannerly to officers. Labour councillors bullied, swore and threatened officers. Useless making a complaint about it, you were brushed aside.

      They really did treat the Council as their fiefdom, power and position always more important than actively applying themselves to running the area for betterment. They really hated any officer who wasn’t obsequious, so over the years, a number of Labour councillors complained about me.

      Things improved greatly from late 90s, when workplace safety, and employee safety became more prevalent.

      Petras story should be written down. It will serve as a reminder about the corruption of power, and using power to crush ordinary, valued people without power.

      I have a real hobby horse about how politicians should serve, their conduct, their attitudes and conduct towards those they serve.

    96. Alex Clark says:

      You have to laugh at this “fake news” carry on, it would appear to that as far as Scotland is concerned all the political news carried by the media is indeed fake.

      Instead they use fake news to attack the internet and social media which in many many cases is the only source of the truth.

      We have them worried, seriously we do. Let’s continue to spread the truth of “their news” which isn’t news at all. Just the usual lies.

    97. mogabee says:

      No need to worry, readers of that rag will no doubt be far more interested in the fact that some actress is deid.

    98. heedtracker says:

      SLabour ran up a debt for Glasgow at over £2bn. But compare that comparatively to the Aberdeen SLabour ACC debt at £1.2bn now, run by UKOK SLab catastrofuck of the millenium, local regional contender, finance convener Sir Wullie Young.

      Two hundred thousand Aberdonians now have proportionally much more SLabour debt to pay off than six hundred thousand Glaswegians.

      Its probably not that much of a coincidence that Sir Wullie Young and his yoon friends in ACC use their giant debt to terrify voters in Aberdeen, that if we did vote YES, we could never pay off our giant debt, what they ran up, on complete and utter shite too.

      And ofcourse, Sir Wullie is minted too.

    99. Brian Powell says:

      What a strange obsession Corbyn has with the word Scotland, a kind of tourettes, he says it without knowing what he’s saying or why he’s saying it.

    100. Dr Jim says:

      I just found this out today

      The BBC are beaming in British “NEWS” to North Korea against the wishes of the North Korean Government who are trying to block them doing it but the BBC reports that it will continue with it’s efforts

      Now I don’t know the legalities of what the BBC are doing there but I do know that the BBC call the North Koreans liars and say that they misreport and misrepresent the truth but the North Koreans say that about the BBC too

      Given that I KNOW the BBC ARE liars I don’t know whether I blame the North Koreans or not for being annoyed at a bunch of world renowned broadcasting liars seemingly illegally broadcasting British propaganda into their country or do I believe the North Koreans are really Baad, BUT then again they don’t try to broadcast their propaganda into my country, but the BBC do and make people pay for it against many peoples will

      Scratching stubble and looking confused here, who’s the Baaddest?

    101. Alex Clark says:

      Corbyn is a fake, just as Blair and Brown were. We’ve had fakes running the Labour party for so long it would be difficult now to spot a true Socialist. The ideology on which the Labour party was founded.

      We have them here in Scotland too, fake Socialists such as Jackie Baillie and Anas Sarwar who now hope to rule the roost and that ordinary Labour members will be persuaded to elect them.

      It is my hope that the great majority of Scots are seeing through the deceit of today’s Scottish Labour. They are damaged goods living on small gains made decades ago by the Socialists that preceded them.

      Scotland has moved on, or at least the voters have. They are now toast and if it wasn’t for Tory voters lending them their votes in the last election then they would be toast now.

      I look forward to Sarwar winning the leadership election as there surely could be no one in the history of Scottish Labour who would have been less competent as a leader.

      I give my vote (if I had one) to Sarwar.

    102. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Valerie (9.25) –

      ‘I have a real hobby horse about how politicians should serve, their conduct, their attitudes and conduct towards those they serve.’

      Would you collaborate with Petra on finding a way to do that?

      If youse did something together, you know you’d get great support right here, in all sorts of ways.

      Just a suggestion.


    103. Cadogan Enright says:

      here is how the BBC headlined the increase in police numbers since 2007

      here is the link to the Battle BBC Bias fundraiser

    104. artyhetty says:

      Just read Petra’s comment from 7.30am this morn. It sounds like Labour managed to con the people of Glasgow, and much of Scotland, into thinking they were a lefty, support the workers party, when in fact they went to massive lengths to deny people even a fair wage for the work they did, for a very long time. Not just that, but they used bullying, and underhand tactics to get their way. Must have been so awful for those women and their families, trying to fight for what was rightfully there’s, and to land up in debt. Just disgraceful. Never mind the Dagenham women workers, we need a play to show this injustice to the world!

      Labour deserve nothing but contempt for the way they have treated people and kept Scotland poor.

      It would be a very good idea to have an investigation into GCC and others, to find out what went on and what happened to any money that can’t be fully accounted for.

    105. Tinto Chiel says:

      IanB@9.15: well said. I am not a Glaswegian but have spent a lot of time in the city, walking around large parts of it, and never had any serious trouble. Ironically, when my childhood friend from the same background went through to Embra to work in the 80s he experienced a few hairy moments on late-night buses.

      Harry Burns, CMO, identifies hopelessness as the main constituent of the poor health of Glasgow. In the 20/30s there was the hopelessness of the grinding poverty in well-established communities (e.g. The Gorbals). Post-war there was the hopelessness of the rootless alienation in the new schemes like Castlemilk or Drumchapel. A work colleague dates his mother’s serious mental health deterioration from the time her house in New City Road was bulldozed in the 60s and she lost contact with long-term friends.

      Ironically, many writers of gritty-shitty Glasgow Noir will spend most of their time padding about Byres Road looking for a turmeric latte and wouldn’t be seen dead east of Glesca Cross.

      Great post, Petra.

    106. dakk says:

      The Daily Mail along with all the other msm commit crimes against the people of Scotland (and rUK for that matter) on a daily basis with their endless misinformation and spin.

      They do far more indirect harm to the welfare of the Scottish people in propagating their loaded agenda than the vast majority of petty crimes committed in Scotland.

    107. mike cassidy says:

      Dr Jim 9.51

      This appears to be the source of the ‘North Korea jams BBC’ story.

      The BBC claim that foreign office funding of this sort of broadcasting does not impair their impartiality is sufficient in itself to always have doubts about the BBC.

    108. budwiser says:

      Alex Rowley’s daughter is campaign manager for Richard Leonard.

      “Labour’s Richard Leonard appoints Danielle Rowley as leadership campaign chief”

    109. mike cassidy says:

      I’ll bet Richard Leonard is happy is name is on this.

    110. budwiser says:

      Headlines tonight:

      “May threatens US with Trade War”

      Here was me thinking they were best mates. LOL

    111. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      The conflation of ‘No Mean City’/Tartan Noir imagery is powerful, and few seem prepared or able to counter it to any significant degree – recent efforts have just resulted in yet more cliches. (The savvy Weegie comedian who finds MSM acclaim has now become one of them…)

      James Joyce was asked about the image of the Irish ‘man’ as a drunk given to violence. His response was (this isn’t verbatim): ‘…not my experience at all…a very gentle people…’

      That’s been my experience of ‘Glasgow’. I saw and/or worked in some of the ‘rough’ bits, but, not being a local, I wasn’t hurt. ‘They only hurt the ones they love the most’, right? That’s the cliche. And in Glasgow, so far as I ever saw, that was the truth.

    112. mike cassidy says:

      Teresa May’s trade war.

      Is it shoogly nail time for the coalition?

      Or just another big bribe for the DUP?

    113. budwiser says:

      Tomorrow’s National:

      “It’s Civil War” (Scottish Labour)

    114. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah well, it’s the attitude people have, not just the media. From an article:

      The North Korean [navy] with a total of 11 Frigates, 2 Corvettes, and 76 submarines, 438 patrol craft and 25 mine warfare vessels.” [Some patrol boats just have machine guns, some inaccurate rocket launchers, some torpedo launchers.]

      and then

      While its fleet of small diesel submarines and torpedo boats may be able to inflict limited damage upon the enemy, it will only be able to frustrate its movements, rather than totally destroy the opposing force.

      Really? What if they managed somehow to get most of that lot in position to launch a full spread of torpedoes from all directions, say 1,000 of them, at say the QE, 2xT45, 2xT26 and 2xAstutes? But they’d have really modern multi-clustering [1] anti-torpedo defence capable of taking care of it all, right? Oh dear, from elsewhere:

      That’s about the state of the art in ATD. Not very impressive for all the years that we’ve had to work on it and the enormous destructive potential of the torpedo threat. As with mines, the Navy seems to have largely ignored the threat in favor of building shiny new ships.

      Oh. So much for the innate complacent superiority complex then.

      [1] I may have invented that term

    115. Alex Clark says:


      Oh ouch! “Jackie Baillie pish” on a front page. Even a quote LOL.

    116. Rosd says:

      We’re liviing with half as much crime sounds too good to be tru.

    117. yesindyref2 says:

      Lab Conf on and Corbyn helping to spread the word for the bias of media: “[media] … with their tax exile owners trashing Labour at every turn”.

      Substitute “Indy” and “SNP”, and he’s reaching the Labour voters in Scotland who’ve had practically wall to wall support in the Scottish media for decades, telling them the media is biased.

      Thanks Jeremy, keep up the good work.

    118. Brian Powell says:

      The UK Government gives the BBC extra money to broadcast abroad, why wouldn’t the Scottish Office give a quiet bung to the Herald or Scotsman to keep its propaganda going?

    119. Cactus says:

      Je suis Si Catalonia!

      Four and counting.

      Good luck 2U.

      Hold tight.



    120. Cactus says:

      Hold each other tight.


    121. Legerwood says:

      Mr Corbyn was interviewed by Jon Snow on CH4 news on Tuesday evening. Mr Snow pushed/ challenged him on various areas. Mr Corbyn did not like it which is something I have noticed before when he, Mr Corbyn, is being interviewed. He seems to expect his pronouncements to be accepted without question.

      Worth a look. I thought at one point he was going to walk out yet the questions he was being asked were legitimate ones. A bit of a fragile personality perhaps if things don’t go his way.

    122. So many good comments,I have not finished reading them,I must go to bed as I am needing my sleep.The Daily(Scottish??) the Daily Express (Scottish??,are rags,every morning when I buy The National,I glance at these rags that pass for sensible and honest reporting,some make me steam others make me laugh,within earshot I refer to their ethnic background. The further south and east you travel,the only knowledge they have is Scotland is north of England.Following the Conservative and Labour Parties is like trailing a drunk,staggering left and right,and never getting sober !!

    123. Tam the Bam. says:

      Brian Powell @11-30pm

      Valid point Brian.

    124. Capella says:

      Decades ago, a national newspaper, maybe the Observer, sent journalists to various locations to survive with no money and experience homelessness. The guy who got the short straw was sent to Glasgow. He was terrified.
      He wasn’t shivering in his doorway for long before a couple came along on their way to the pub. They insisted he join them, bought him beer and food, then took him home and gave him a bed.
      His appreciation was very obvious. He even quoted the bible, something about – as you treat even the least of us so you treat me. None of the other journalusts had such a positive experience.
      Those mean city stereotypes don’t survive a encounter with the ordinary Glasgow people.

    125. Cactus says:

      We have always owned midnight.


    126. Cactus says:

      As a ‘horizontal stream’ of incense stick smoke drifts across my screen…

      “Coffee with a Danish…”

      Thank U Admiral Street. G.

      Hell Yes!

    127. Still Positive says:

      Capella @ 11.58

      Glasgow people are the salt of the earth. I think in spite of or because of their difficulties.

      I taught many pupils from the most deprived areas of Glasgow – some are positive and hopeful but most are demoralised and the teenagers angry.

      I think the only way to break this cycle is with independence.

    128. Cactus says:

      Ahm fae Glasgow, SO are you Glasgow, SO are you Edinburgh.

    129. Big Phil says:

      I was born and raised in Lilybank,Parkheid. The fourth world according to Magnus Magnussen. Glesga an proud. 😉

    130. Liz g says:

      I have no mibbi lived within the city limits but all ma postcodes are Glesga.
      But better than that aw ma weans Rottenrow born.
      So as a family…we are Glasgow thru and thru and wouldn’t hiv it ony ither wie
      You could actually say that I belong to Glasgow…..or is it Glasgow belongs to..em well …Big Phil?

    131. Cactus says:

      Hey foxy lady Eva Lees of Celtic Music Radio.

      Sexy voice you.


      “There ain’t nothing like the truth.”

      Coffee with a Scottish?

    132. Big Phil says:

      @ Liz g,
      Rottenrow, not heard that for ages, a few of my sibblings born there, I was a wee belvidere baby . Glesda belongs tae me when a get drunk on a saterday night Liz. lol

    133. Liz g says:

      Big Phil @ 1am
      You look after it now my friend x

    134. crazycat says:

      Just about on-topic:

      Nick Robinson is whingeing that alternative media sites are “waging guerilla war on the BBC” (Wings gets a passing mention):

    135. yesindyref2 says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Nick Robinson.

      It should be the truth acording to the BBC, the whole truth acording to the BBC, and nothing like the truth acording to the BBC, so help me Nick.

    136. Dr Jim says:

      Labour Party enforcer Neil Findlay claims he’ll chib Anas Sarwar if he wins, Johann Lamont’s got a new knife, Kezia wants her job back to bring stability, Jackie Baillie’s selling the pies for the whole event and Monica Lennon says she started it first, James Kelly refuses to sit down …again,,, Richard Lemonade still has his limp fist raised in defiance…comrades

      Question 2 to whoever’s deputy to the deputy today or somebody says the Presiding officer

      John Swinneys head bounces up and down off his desk in an uncontrollable laughter fit and Nicola Sturgeons shoes fly off due to kicking her legs in the air with apoplectic glee

      Just another fun day in Holyrood at FMQs Thursday at 12 Noon followed by Piddling Doon the Noo with high praise for Gruppenfuhrer Davidson for something she never said that was totally unimportant anyway, except to herself

    137. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ yesindyref2, re: North Korean Navy

      Also, the Koreans have form when it comes to naval battles. At the Battle of Myongnyang in 1597, the Korean Joseon Navy of just twelve ships led by Admiral Yi victoriously held the aforementioned strait against ~two-hundred Japanese ships, and sunk thirty of their warships, And how many ships did the Koreans have lefr at the end?


    138. Dorothy Devine says:

      Crazycat, thanks for that it made me smirk with pleasure that ‘alternative media’ have got up his nose so much that this liar feels he has to deliver a lecture on the dangers to the BBBC.

      Time to revive that press conference with Alex Salmond to remind the arrogant reporter that that is what he is supposed to be – a reporter NOT the opposition , not the font of all knowledge but an IMPARTIAL reporter.

      I have not watched a BBBC news in the last two years and have no intention of doing so again. I also avoid QT and any politics show and I feel so much better for it!

      Unfortunately , I don’t think JOHN MACKAY and his team of wafflers are much better and their prioritising of feeble tales at length makes me think they are avoiding the task of informing Scotland.

      I no longer feel the need of any input from the herald and have never bothered with the DM, DE or DR. Wings and Wee Ginger Dug et al remain the sources which inform and educate me.

    139. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dorothy Devine
      This one? (Nick Robinson lying)

      or this one?

      @Reluctant Nationalist
      Looked that up, very interesting. Goes to show, never understimate the “enemy”. The Yanks did that in Vietnam.

    140. Dorothy Devine says:

      yesindyref2, those are they! Just made myself angry revisiting them.

      The utter audacity and arrogance of the man , heckling on and on trying to make himself big and important.

      The one thing that bothers me is I never did find out about any follow up about the leaking of information by person or persons unknown and the BBBC colluding.

    141. Ken500 says:

      Nick Robinson is BBC’s problem. Overpaid prima Donna’s who think they are the News. £3,7Billion for nonsense. What a waste of public money. £1Billion could relieve poverty. £Millionaire salaries. Totally out of touch. Defrauding public money and breaking tax Laws. Totally nonsense economic reports. ‘The piper pays the tune’.

      The MSM are on another planet, Tyoing themselves out of a job. Regurgitated nonsense. They can’t even research a few facts on the internet for five or ten minutes to know they are factually incorrect. Useless. Non Dom tax evadering criminals illegally own the Press worldwide. Murdoch should be put in jail for bribing public officials. A criminal act anywhere in the world under US legislation, Murdoch is a US citizen under investigation. A criminal organisation, MSM.

    142. Hamish100 says:

      Re the issue of bombardier.

      The Torieshave known about this for months. So how come the pathetic defence secretary appears in Belfast as the the labour conference ends. Just by chance of course to bury the bad news. What wasn’t stated by Corbyn or the Tories is the Boeing have promised to expand their activities in Sheffield, England. Oops — the ukippers have upset everyone. The DUP ain’t happy but then they never are. Tories try and sweet talk them and labour can onl put their hands up in false angst while accepting US dollar in the North — of England

    143. Robert Louis says:

      Hahahaha. A biased partisan brodacaster of the blatantly biased propagandist BBC is whinging about how people are now talking about the blatant bias and lies of the blatantly biased BBC.

      Here’s a wee example of BBC bias. During the indy ref, they constantly referred to Spain and how it may block Scotland entering the EU (this was a lie) due to Catalonian independence. Right now their is a fascist crackdown on democracy in Catalonia because of independence. Despite the fact that it is well known that many Scots bravely fought against the fascists in Franco’s dictatorship and its brutal suppression of catalonia (their is a monument to it on the River Clyde, not far from pathetic quay), and the fact that many Scots actively support independence for Catalonia, the BBC ‘where you are’, has not covered this. Not a freaking peep.

      Nick Robinson got the criticism he deserved when he said Alex Salmond ‘didn’t answer’, on the main 6pm news broadcast about the First Minister of Scotland just a few weeks before the indy referendum vote. I watched the live press conference in question and saw Alex Salmond address the question from Nick twice, in some considerable depth.

      There is a difference between not answering a question and a BBC presenter NOT getting the answer he wants.

      The BBC are blatant anti Scotland anti SNP liars and that is just a fact. They report everything from a London English viewpoint, and take ZERO pride in Scotland’s achievements. Every single night their is usually at least two SNP baaaad stories from some hubristic and wholly untrue press release from the Labour party. The BBC would not know the truth if it bit them on the nose. Nothing good to report about Scotland, ever. The rest of the time, it is just jingoistic pro Britannia propaganda.


      Where do we start. Oh I know, let’s just take a look at last night’s programme listings for BBC Four (TV) AS SEEN IN SCOTLAND.

      730pm Timothy Spall back at sea – A trip around “his beloved Britain‘. Episode 4 – ‘Scotch mist’. (yet another Englishman patronises his way around Scotland), as one part of a ‘Britain‘ series.

      9pm Britain’s lost masterpieces

      11pm Britain in focus.

      12pm (midnight) Hidden histories – Britain’s oldest family businesses.

      1am Britain’s Pompeii: a village lost in time.

      2am Carved with love : The genius of Britishwoodwork.

      Propaganda writ large.

      That is all just from ONE night on ONE channel of the blatantly biased BBC. The whole lot of them should be run out of Scotland.

      Official listings link

    144. Robert Louis says:

      Wow the whole mainstream media falling over themselves to talk lovingly of a man who made a personal fortune selling w**k mags. (sighs).

    145. Macart says:


      The Bombardier piece in the Graun is good as far as it goes Nana, but it’s missing very volatile and crucial facets of political consequences.

      Bombarier is one of NI’s prize manufacturing assets. It’s tied into the very fabric of its community. UK gov are tied hip and thigh to the DUP through one of the most mahoosively obvious bungs in political history. If UK gov can’t change the US tariff verdict with the US. What happens then?

      How many folk at that plant put their faith in both the DUP and UK gov d’you think? If the worst comes to the worst and the the business either loses jobs or is forced to close. What d’you reckon will be the fallout? From devastated communities through to Commons chamber, it won’t be good. Bombardier was worth £400m a year to NI’s economy on an ongoing basis. The DUP’s deal with May, a one off(?) £1.5bn. A little over three years contribution from that company whose contract loss could have secured work for years to come.

      As for the Brexit angle? That is what being part of a powerful trading block is all about. Had the UK still been an active party to the EU, the weight of the entire trading block could have been brought to bear both economically and politically against the US giant Boeing and by extension US gov. As a UK struggling to look for trading partners of its own and no longer associated with any powerful and politically supportive trading block? Outlook doesn’t look so rosey.

      Its pretty much standard practice for such firms to have governmental support through development and marketing stages of new products, mainly because banks won’t lend on such high risk, long term investments. It can take a decade or more to develop and build your product, ready your market and find willing buyers.

      The hypocrisy of Boeing who basically enjoy subsidy from US gov through military contracts isn’t lost on the casual observer, but somehow I don’t think they care overmuch. They saw a threat to their dominance and profit from a company who could provide a cheaper and better product. Their instant reaction was always going to be act aggressively toward a threat.

      Point being, the UK government doesn’t have the teeth to take on US gov, nevermind Boeing, on its own for a trade war. As for diplomacy and the ‘special relationship’ coming to save the day for those folks? A hae ma doubts, is pretty much a catch all.

    146. Jock McDonnell says:

      @Dr Jim

      Do you really believe she would ever, ever sell a pie ?

    147. Robert Louis says:

      Macart at 820,

      Regarding Bombardier, it is a sign of things to come. Within the EU, you have considerable ‘muscle’ for negotiating trade agreements. Outside the EU, of course Westminster will get a trade deal with the USA, but it will be on the USA’s terms only. The meeting will go like this;

      TRUMP (in the oval office) : “Hi Boris Johnson, bend over and think of England, this will only hurt a little”.

      Rule ‘Britannia’ indeed.

      Scotland needs out of BREXIT ASAP, and long BEFORE it happens.

    148. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Big Phil at 1am

      “Route du roi” , Phil, to give it its proper name.

    149. Muscleguy says:

      @Tinto Chiel

      We may have to update the old aphorism (and cut the lawyers some slack) and conclude that the progress of civilisation will never be secure until the last last journalist is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

      We may have to wrest the Rev’s press card and NUM membership and persuade him he is just a blogger first though.

    150. Alba 46 says:

      O/T Scottish Health Service.
      My wife of over 50 years has had problems with her hip for a long time.On 10th July she asked for a referral to a specialist.On the 15th and 17 of August she saw a specialist at the Golden Jubilee at Clydebank.

      Yesterday 27th September she had a total hip replacement at the hospital. From initial referral to the operation was 11 weeks, and from seeing the specialist to the operation was 5 weeks. By anybody’s standard that is excellent service. A service that they can only dream about in England according to our son who lives their.

      With fantastic service like this it makes me so angry of the constant bombardment of criticism from the Britnat media of our Health service in Scotland and how really bad it is. These people are not interested in facts only the constant peddling of lies and misinformation.

      I have written to Shona Robison to thank the NHS staff and her for the good work that they are doing for the people of Scotland. They really deserve it.

    151. Calum McKay says:

      If similar headlines appeared for a uk goverment that had reduced crime, the editor would be invited to downing st to explain him or her self.

      The press and bbc are toxic and causing unjust damage to the most peaceful independence movement in the world. When will the SNP stop pussyfooting with the press and strike back?

    152. Dr Jim says:

      @Jock McDonnell

      She surely cannae be allowed tae eat aw the pies

      Some aye

    153. auld highlander says:

      Meanwhile, down the road at the labour party conference the bbc waste money on bodyguards for their reporter.

    154. Tinto Chiel says:

      “And cut the lawyers some slack.”

      You’ve taken that too far, Muscleguy *looks ruefully at bank balance*. 😛

      You’re all being beastly to Nick Robinson. I have to thank him because it was his blatant lying about Alex Salmond (and those lies repeated by his creepy sidekick Norman Smith at 6 o’clock that day), which finally made me realise that the BBC tells bare-faced lies,is completely unreliable, and is merely the state propagandist, dancing to the Establishment’s tune. What’s pathetic is that it took me 60 years to finally see through it all. I know some will say, “What took you, Poindexter?” but at least I got there in the end.

      Re The Jon Snow Corbyn Interview (what jolly japes, two saints in the one room!), I think the Establishment Thing for the foreseeable future will be to portray the Labour Left (!) as vile thugs in England, while in Scotland independence supporters will continue to get this smear.

    155. Ghillie says:

      Caesar! 46 @ 8.51 am

      That was a really good gesture =)

      So many of us have so much to thank our Scottish Health Service for, and all the people that work there who look after us all so well, but never get around to actualy writing to say thank you.

      I wish your wife a swift and excellent recovery =)

    156. Breeks says:

      Sorry. Incandescent with rage time again.

      Nick “BBC Bloomers on fire” Robinson is whining about social media fighting a guerrilla war against the BBC, while the BBC is on a virtual war footing against Scotland, and is now trying to pour its filth into North Korea to aggressively interfere and manipulate perceptions there. Let’s not even start on the decades of Middle East “news” coverage and manipulation.

      I don’t think I have the human capacity to hold the BBC in any greater contempt than I currently do.

      There are proper journalists in the world risking their lives, the agonies of torture, murder and simple disappearance in some very dark and dangerous places just to get truth out and exposed to as great an audience as possible, and at the other end of the spectrum, far, far, away, you have the BBC who take minders along to stand outside one party conference, while being invited to speak at another, and spread categoric lies about what is said at a third.

      There is simply no room in any decent society for this weapons grade BBC propaganda. It is a monster running out of control. The best World Service the BBC could provide is just to stop broadcasting.

    157. Al Dossary says:

      Heard one yesterday on the radio here in the desert. The figures were something like 25% of the Arab world believe the UK news is correct, 39% do not believe the UK news and reviews 36% do not have an opinion one way or another.

      So even in this desert Kingdom more people think the IR news is bullshit than actually believe it to be trusted.

    158. Al Dossary says:

      Follow on with the “Arab tus of UK news”, actual article.

    159. Al Dossary says:

      Follow on with the “Arab trust of UK news”, actual article.

    160. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker says: 27 September, 2017 at 8:18 pm:

      “I concur with those above on Petra’s post.
      Very powerful and cuts through the sanitised image of BritNat Labour in Scotland which the UKOK Media Machine are trying to sell to the gullible or less politically aware.”

      The truth is, Jockanese Wind Talker, that as powerful as the yet untold Petra story is, it only scratches the surface of the evil doings of those decades of Glasgow Labour Party Councillors.

      Perhaps, and it is a big perhaps, the worse excesses of their time in office was the very many, “Arms Length”, set-ups, (ALEOs), they set up. At the head of each of these set-ups was a, paid for by the tax payers of Glasgow, chairperson who was paid big bucks on top of their other councillor expenses and perks.

      Those arms that reached were all reaching into the pockets of the people of Glasgow and were very, very long indeed. Many of these ALEOs are registered as Charitable Organisations and thus evade paying taxes.

    161. Robert Peffers says:

      @crazycat says: 28 September, 2017 at 1:21 am:

      “Nick Robinson is whingeing that alternative media sites are “waging guerilla war on the BBC” (Wings gets a passing mention):”

      That caught out BBC liar, Nick Robinson, may not be the biggest BBC liar in the BBC organisation but he is the one that was caught out doing so and he, personally, has done more damage to the BBC than all the rest of them put together.

      Here’s a YouTube clip I did when Nick Robinson bare faced lied that, Alex Salmond, “Had not Answered”, his, (Nick Robinson’s), question.

      And the bare faced liar is still at it today with that idiotic claim. It’s a bit like, “Auld Nick himself”, complaining about it being too hot in Hell.

    162. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “We’re liviing with half as much crime sounds too good to be tru.”

      The stats are what they are.

    163. Fred says:

      @ Dr Jim, lest we forget Frank McAveety who ate aw the pies!

    164. Legerwood says:

      Re Laura Keunssberg and her bodyguards. The BBC has made much of this and the threats to her from Social Media but have been pretty coy about reminding people that M&s Keunssberg had been reprimanded by the BBC Trust because she had been innacurate in one of her reports about Mr Corbyn.

      Not an excuse in any way for physical threats but certainly gives context about why she is the subject of criticism.

      Bombardier and Boeing.
      Good interview on CH4 news with Mr Gardiner, Shadow International Trade Minister. He had some pretty trenchant comments about the whole thing and Fallon’s escalation of the issue. First part of the interview is about Bombardier

    165. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Parliament TV

      “Currently no live broadcasts”

      Business bulletin says 12.00 FMQs

      Am I missing some cancellation..?????

    166. Neil Anderson says:

      I feel sorry for the poor wee trees that get killed and pulped then covered in this shit. There should be a law to drop a few full grown ones on top of Dacre + Murdoch + co. every time they do this, so many times each day – until they stop.

    167. yesindyref2 says:

      @Neil Anderson

      The government reached an agreement with the newspaper publishers who decided to increase the percentage of used recycled paper to nearly 80 percent by the end of year 2011.

      And the media do even better with recycling the content of their papers, with over 90% of stories being recycled, allegedly.

    168. Ghillie says:

      Robert Peffers and Petra and Jockanese Wind Talker,

      There is a great deal of history for Scotland yet to be writen, some ancient, some fairly modern.

      You guys up for it? Or at least to get the ball rolling 🙂

    169. Robert Louis says:

      This guff by the hate mail is just plain old vanilla lying. The real problem is that so-called’journalists in England, who might take a cursory glance at the paper headlines in Scotland, will just assume everything in Scotland is as bad as it is in England.

      This is what Scots are up against, lies upon lies upon lies, printed day in, day out by what are laughingly called ‘news’ papers.

      Many decades ago, of course different news outlets might put their own slant on figures, but what we have nowadays is just straightforward lying. Today the Mail tells you the EXACT opposite of the truth. Those who write in the Mail, all know full well they are just lying. They are cravne people, who would happily sell their granny to the devil for a free latte.

      It is a very odd state of affairs therefore, that the same folks will complain that the public no longer take ‘journalists’ seriously. Like I say, a very odd state of affairs, especially in Scotland where the people are lied to by almost all ‘news’ papers and the state controlled BBC 24/7.

      I guess they took their cue from both the Tory and LABOUR governments who willfully lied about Scotland’s oil wealth in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s, and still do to this day.

      I think many people do not realise just what an odd situation Scotland is in right now.

      For example,one of the more unpopular politicians in Scotland, the odius Ruth Davidson, is being whisked from TV studio to TV studio to hear people state that she is ‘really popular in Scotland’. Of course that is just tosh of the very highest order, but because of the constant repeated media lies about Ruth Davidson, presenters in London actually believe she is super popular. The EXACT opposite of the truth.

      Another example is Scotland’s oil, constantly misrepresented in the media from London, where, it seems, many presenters think the revenue comes to Scotland, when in reality every single f***ing penny goes to London, England. And of course their is the biggest lie, told to me by the likes of the state controlled BBC, that the oil in Scotland is running out in just a few years. Odd that they have said that since the 1970’s. They still say it to this day. Pure baloney.

      Scotland is a wealthy country, if only we could break free of English colonial undemocratic control, and their many, many journalists paid liars .

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