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We are lost for words

Posted on November 06, 2019 by

It doesn’t happen often, but it has today. Because Nick Robinson said this:

You know, Nick Robinson. It was Nick Robinson who just complained about someone misleadingly editing an interview to make it look as though someone hadn’t answered a question. Seriously, the actual Nick Robinson.

We’ve got nothing, folks.

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294 to “We are lost for words”

  1. Neil Mackenzie says:

    I can help you out, there. The word is hypocrisy.

  2. mogabee says:

    Not surprised. I’m into guffawing most of the time now, jeez.

  3. Ahundredthidiot says:

    what the tory party did was normal – anyone saying otherwise is a conspiracy theorist!

  4. winifred mccartney says:

    The question is: will there be any tories left to elect?

    As for Nick well he is well named ‘old nick’ the master of deceit.

  5. callmedave says:

    Aye but!…that was then and this is now kinda thing.

    They really are a shower a blowlamp on their brass necks wouldn’t heat it up on these liars.

  6. MajorBloodnok says:

    Hypocrisy is the defining characteristic of the British Establishment.

  7. galamcennalath says:

    A propagandist posing as a journalist. How can you tell? They claim other people’s output is fake news. Theirs never is, of course.

  8. Ruglonian says:

    The Nick Robinson unedited clip was something that I shared with the more distant members of my family that I hadn’t yet discussed the IndyRef with – 100% disgust was the reaction – sent them all into a tailspin of educating themselves and ultimately voting Yes!

    Five years on and they’re all still politicised, still sharing that visceral disgust within their own extended circles, and – especially since brexit – always eager to report back their indy converts every time I see them 🙂

    Sometimes it’s worth us taking a wee step back from our frustrated activist viewpoint and remembering that ‘average’ Scotland has changed beyond all recognition in it’s view towards independence in the past 5 years.

  9. Clapper57 says:

    Yeh but HE, Nick Robinson, did it to the SNP so that doesn’t count..cause their not a UK WIDE party…simples

  10. One_Scot says:

    He is either a stupid F*** or he is taking the piss.

  11. Capella says:

    Perhaps the outcry on social media was too great to ignore. Labour is a UK party with many seats in London. So listen up everybody.

    I just posted on the previous thread the BBC live feed on their website where they are still calling the SNP the Scottish NATIONALIST Party. We know that they know that the word is NATIONAL.

    BBC – Nationalist Troll Broadcasting Service.

  12. Fergus Green says:

    Gross misconduct in my book. Either a sacking offence or a resignation issue.

  13. mike cassidy says:

    How I was ambushed by Nick Robinson

    I didn’t ‘ambush’ Douglas Murray

  14. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We’re gobsmacked, of course, but then we’re political anoraks concerned with Scottish affairs.

    Few in rUK will feel the slightest surprise because they won’t remember the incident with Alex Salmond.

    Robinson knows that and won’t give a fuck what anyone thinks anyway – he’s got his feet under the desk at one of the most prestigious gigs in broadcasting and if he plays his cards right (and lasts as long as Humphrys) he’ll be there for the next 20 years.

  15. kapelmeister says:

    The hypocritical BBC grilling the autocratic Tory Party over their treatment of the shambolic Labour Party as the duplicitous Liberal Democrats try to capitalise by pretending to be different and better.

    Who cares what they say anymore in London?

  16. Colin Alexander says:

    As in almost all aspects of the campaign for independence, there has been no apparent preparatory work done to defeat the Empire’s media battalions.

    This GE just highlights this. In the unexpected event of an indyref being held. ALL media battalions’ guns will be trained on blowing the YES campaign out of the water. Same as in 2014.

    Nicola wants a re-run of 2014. If indyref2 happens, that’s what she’ll get. British Empire Bias, bias and more bias.

    Just like the SNP fail to answer the questions about why s30 is being portrayed as the only legal way, they also fail to answer why a British s30 indyref campaign could be any less biased and corrupt than last time.

    Instead, the SNP, and NS in particular, continues to wax lyrical about the fantasy of indyref1 being the gold standard of democracy that must be repeated.

  17. kapelmeister says:

    Colin Alexander

    “media battalions”

    Do you not mean media brigades?

  18. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Ah! But, Nick Robinson is a BBC Insider, a fully bought and paid-for Establishment media lackey.

    He lives by the rules: “Don’t do as we do, do as we tell you, and vote Tory.”

  19. Muscleguy says:

    I will never forget the sound of the international press corps laughing at Nick Robinson while Alex was lecturing him on how the tax system actually worked.

    Even before Brexit was the rest of the world knew the BBC News people were ignorant propagandists.

  20. Old Pete says:

    Boris Johnson is a vile, disgusting man. He is an absolute disgrace anybody voting Tory really needs to have a hard look at themselves. He offers nothing and in fact will take back powers from our devolved government.
    If the SNP cannot break us free now then we really are in for hard times ahead. It seems that sadly apart from pleading with the English overlords to allow us to have another referendum on Independence the SNP leadership has no other visible alternative.
    The meeting last night only confirmed my worst fears, 5 years and basically all we have got is asking an English dominated government in London to please, please allow us to have a referendum. Is this all we have ? With all the brain power in the Independence movement surely there is some legal way for us to escape and break up the UK, if not we really are screwed.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    They’re only complaining because they’re doing to each other now instead of their common enemy the SNP, as soon as they’ve sorted themselves out they’ll double back down on to the SNP again
    At the moment they’ve excluded the SNP and made them invisible

  22. David Mooney says:

    Kay (spit) Burley, empty chairs Cleverly while he’s in the same studio after refusing to be interviewed.

    Car crash doesn’t come close to covering it for the Tories today. You’ve got to have a chuckle at the Tories discomfort. Hope it continues until December 12th and beyond.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon attacked for fake guitar playing because she doesn’t possess the skills of Eric Clapton or the dancing ability of Ginger Rodgers, she’s also been seen wearing a hard hat and not building things

    Is Scotland content with a FM who couldn’t win Britains got talent

  24. HandandShrimp says:

    To be fair he is best placed to spot it being done. Takes a thief to catch a thief or whatever.

  25. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson continues to monitor BBC drivel so we don’t have to. This time with the assistance of Legerwood – late of this parish. BBC using dodgy graphs to illustrate hospital A&E waiting times to make the Englih NHS look better than it is.

  26. Republicofscotland says:

    Trust beady eyed Robinson to come out with that, he made a right arse of himself over the Salmond question debacle.

  27. Artyhetty says:

    Yep, a liar is a liar is a liar. I had to search on WOS yesterday for that liar Nicky saying, ‘he didn’t arrnswer’ ( his accent) clip to share with English folk on twitter who were up in arms that the media were faking news.

    Re;Old Pete@1.14pm

    Indeed, but Scotland doesn’t want to ‘break up the UK’ Scotland simply wants independence from rUK, and to give England a chance to sort themselves out and stand on their own two feet. Independence is normal, being shackled to a bullying neighbour, who takes all your cash and steals your resources and meanwhile denies you any sort of equal position in that so called ‘union’, is far from normal, it’s colonisation.

    Taking of which I have an English, very well off and very nasty no voting neighbour, ( not the only one) who has harrassed me dreadfully, and they twist my ‘Scotland’ t-towels around the shared washing line, so I untwist them, and it goes on. They cannot stand seeing the name of the country they live in, on a t-towel, it’s pathetic. The t-towel is staying anyway, until they stop interefering with my washing.

  28. desimond says:

    If this then going after the Tories, just wait till they go after Corbyn…no one will remember this video affair in 6 weeks.

    I dont think they will even bother trying to smear Nicola or Joanna Cherry. They will simply ignore them unless they can specifically benefit a Unionist candidate in a particular Scottish seat..cue some tub-thumping Scottish NHS coverage soon from The Swinsonator 2000 (in full Skatland accent mode).

    It is what it is and exactly what Scotland voted for.

    The question now is what can and will we do about it?

  29. Giving Goose says:


    If you need some help with the bully next door then perhaps someone who lives close by and reads Wings could assist with some visible pro Scottish activity in support of your washing?

  30. ElGordo says:

    @ Agent Colin Alexander / Nicola and Alex ER:

    You really need to up the game in your persistently poor attempts to sow voter apathy.

    We know that :
    – We need to act.
    – We need to encourage others to act.
    – Our votes are important.
    – Our votes will make a difference.
    – We are voting for a positive outcome.
    – We will be on the winning side.

    We trust in OUR representatives to deliver on their commitments to us.

  31. HandandShrimp says:

    I see SLab want to build 120,000 houses. Commendable given they built sod all when in power. The Tories want to employ 20,000 police officers…it was they who laid of 21,000 of the same.

    I have a feeling this is going to be an election where the Abbott abacus gets well laid into and numbers start to mean nothing.

  32. kapelmeister says:

    So here’s to you Janus Robinson
    Goebbels loves you more than you will know
    Whoa whoa whoa

  33. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 13:14,

    How true. And the FibDems haven’t even paused, working in cahoots with their supposed Tory “opponents” to help each other displace SNP MPs, and thereby try to bolster their tawdry joint fiction that “Scotland doesn’t want another indyref”.

    As for the English-based media, their strategy seems to have changed from telling desperate emergency lies à la Robinson to pretending that we and the SNP don’t actually exist. The FibDems are “the third largest party in the country”, doncha know (courtesy of R4 lunchtime news yesterday).

  34. twathater says:

    Watched the bbc politics at 12.01pm coburn had Co convener of GP on , he was openly admitting that they were colluding with the various parties to ensure that CERTAIN members of other parties would gain an advantage for election , in Scotland we have the 3 amigo unionist parties openly proposing the same thing to disadvantage the SNP and our chances of independence

    Where is the Electoral Commission in this deliberate misuse of democracy and voters rights , it is no wonder that it is more difficult to get people to come out and vote when they see this corruption , no wonder they say they are ALL the same it’s not worth making the effort to vote

    Yet on here not so long ago Stu’s suggestion of another indy party was denigrated and rubbished as GAMING the system , I know it was for the HE but these corrupt barstewards will do ANYTHING legally or illegally to ensure we continue to be owned by engerland , we similarly have to adopt the same mentality or we are doomed doomed I tell ye

  35. twathater says:

    RJS I hadn’t read your comment while writing mine ,

  36. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    twathater @ 15:38,

    Such happens. “Great minds”, eh? =grin=

    But the conclusions aren’t exactly hard to draw, are they?

    And your contrast with Stu’s “alt-indy” proposal is interesting. Funnily enough, I was musing on the same subject myself earlier this afternoon, and IMO what (our) James Kelly was missing in his own comparison with RISE, etc. was that to succeed, Stu’s notion would necessarily require a wide popular understanding and the consequent active co-operation of SNP voters. Alas, at the moment at least – premature as it all still is – that understanding and active co-operation does not appear to be forthcoming. Au contraire.

    Though JK is also right in a way, because the BritNat parties could attempt to react for the Holyrood constituency elections in exactly the same way as they are (and have been) doing for the WM elections, ie. fielding dummy candidates and conceding to others in some carefully pre-arranged manner. I guess they have the “advantage” of having increasingly-desperate followers who are prepared to cast their votes promiscuously in order to stem the perceived deluge.

    With the BritNat parties all slowly “withering on the vine” in Scotland, maybe the honest reaction for the bunch of them would be to combine into a single Unionist Party.

    Tom Harris, you could lead the way! =laugh=

  37. Dr Jim says:

    Even the Daily Record has turned their wrath on to Swinson and the Lib Dems for their dodgy doings

    Well I guess they should know, they let Labour away with it for the last…..ever

  38. Golfnut says:

    Just a thought, but I think SKy etc are legally on a hiding to nothing ‘re the exclusion of the SNP from the debates for the reason they have given. There only UK political party’s, the Tories and Labour are registered in England, UK. The SNP are registered in Scotland, UK. Forget the branch offices. British Labour are saying they don’t have enough candidates to contest 30 UK constituencies so are not covering all of the UK and the Greens are standing aside to allow the Libdems a clear run in at least one constituency. However this election is solely about electing MP’s from UK constituencies to serve in a UK Parliament, to exclude the 3rd largest party to their electoral disadvantage is to gerrymander the result.

  39. Terry callachan says:

    To artyhetty…do you live in the Dundee area ?
    If you do I could deliver them some nice Scottish independence leaflets etc

  40. Colin Alexander says:


    If you want to challenge the id I use to comment, is ElGordo your real identity?

    I think the people that read Wings are already committed SNP voters, so won’t be influenced by what I say in the slightest.

    The pundits are saying a big win for the SNP based on opinion polls. Unless the SNP come up with something NEW, progress on indy, I don’t see that happening at all.

    I’ve no doubt they’ll win. However, So far, I don’t see the half million stay at home SNP voters in 2017 being motivated by anything the SNP have said – so far at least.

    The British Unionist cooperation and tactical voting will be even further refined, so I expect the SNP to lose some and gain some
    (cos of the further crash of Labour in Scotland) and end up with the same or slightly more seats but less than 50.

    The reality is, even if the SNP won every seat, it’s meaningless to the Empire. Colonial Scotland MPs don’t matter.

    I would vote SNP even if they said they won’t take their seats at WM. But more of the “Strong Voice At Westminster” garbage is embarrassing and false advertising.

  41. galamcennalath says:

    In the past Lab and Con have had their dodgy graphs on leaflets. Also doing a bit of spin on facts, and a lot of omission.

    However, my impression is the LibDems are taking it to a whole different level of deceitful leafleting.

    The crazy thing is, it’s going to backfire on them when they had a good solid Remain message (especially in England) to campaign with.

  42. twathater says:

    RJS 4.09pm I know what you mean re JK but if you never do you will never find out , as for the other parties their integrity is legendary ( laughs maniacly ) as I said they have no restrictions on what they would do to win , meanwhile we are left reacting rather than proactively leading

    BTW I fully endorse and support a wings or other named new pro independence party both for the HE and a GE , when independent we need choices

  43. callmedave says:

    My partner got a survey online from the conservatives.
    Asked what country in the UK you lived in to get started.

    I don’t ask about the Q’s because she wont tell me but she was mumping about a question that asked best PM for the country.

    Boris or Jeremy or don’t know.


  44. Old Pete yes and they still want to allow these Incomers a vote in the future of Scotland they move up here to get all the benefits that the SNP have given to the people and then bad mouth the SNP and vote against the Scottish people having their freedom remember 80per cent of Incomers voted no in 2014 thus swinging the vote for no when most native Scots had voted yes no other country would allow Incomers a vote in the future of their country so no postal votes and only those who were born and live in Scotland allowed to vote on the future of THEIR country do not make the same mistakes as last time

  45. David says:

    All those attacks on the BBC who at least cover FMQS live but nothing about SKY ITN

  46. Clapper57 says:

    Re collusion of Unionist parties to try and oust SNP MP’s…you know I remember clearly in 2015 there was a lot of talk about tactical voting…the BBC2 Scottish politics show…which was dropped…. had a woman on…long blonde hair…not a politician..cannot remember her name or what organisation she was from who was trying to orchestrate tactical voting to elect Tories….then other people kept mentioning and promoting tactical voting.

    The SNP got 56 seats in Scotland that year…and that was post Indy Ref in 2014…so Scots were definitely en masse sending a message to WM…but more importantly disregarding the message to vote tactically for Unionist candidates… so if I was a Unionist politician or individual I would be very careful about promoting or indeed implementing obvious tactics to elect someone other than the current SNP MP…more so someone from an opposing political party to your own…very dodgy…because like Brexit and the lies/cheating that achieved it…the last thing people want is dirty politics being blatantly played out again…especially after what has occurred since 2016 where more information on tactics deployed by Vote Leave organisations that
    include certain prominent Tories.

    I would also be very wary of trying to oust someone from a party who as an individual and whose party (SNP) has promoted Remain pre and post 2016 and who has also supported the votes cast to remain , by a majority , of Scots in EU Ref…to do this just to elect another candidate ….or rather to elect a Unionist MP…thus in doing so ensuring that Scotland in WM will continue to be ignored and will be guaranteed to leave, like the rest of the UK, the EU.

    No Thanks. SNP and then Indy then Scots decide if still want to be in the EU….not have it decided for them….which is what will happen if you elect Unionists to represent you in WM.

  47. euan0709 says:

    I have even worse news Guys……….Susan Calman (yes Wee Susan Calman) is presenting the BBC Shortbread Hogmanay Show, Crikey jings and help Ma Boab !

  48. Welsh Sion says:

    So the Minister ‘Responsible’ for Western Colonies resigns after being found guilty of lying. Who next?

  49. sassenach says:

    Blair Patterson @4-51

    Same old arguments that we’ve had from you before.

    I came to Scotland over 60 years ago, and have lived and worked here ever since. Have never voted for any party but SNP ( and brought my family up the same way!).

    I have educated thousands of Scots pupils, married a Scots lassie and sired four sons, and now have six grandkids (and we all live and work in Scotland) – but, according to you, I should not be allowed to vote. If I was not allowed to vote, I can assure you the SNP would lose the seven votes of my family, in protest.

    But , of coures that is exactly your plan, I suppose. You are bawbag.

  50. RM says:

    Speaking to two polish joiners today, asked what they were thinking of the Brexit carry on, the general election and independence, they said as far as their concerned it’s only a matter for Scottish people because someday they might go back to Poland, is that not the way it should be really any new people to Scotland should really have to be here for maybe 10 years I think that would be fair.

  51. manandboy says:

    To various :

    If you’re not for Independence, or for the SNP, or for the Scottish Government, or for the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon,

    then you are against Independence, against the Yes Movement, against the SNP and against Nicola Sturgeon.

    For or against.

    Make up your mind. One or the other. You can’t be a bit of both; a bit of ‘for’ and a bit of ‘against’ .

    You can’t say, for instance, I like the front of the train but I don’t like the back of the train, so I’m no’ getting on it.

    Independence is spelt ‘Scottish National Unity’.

    Division spells Unionist colonial victory.

  52. Davosa says:

    What a turgid little prick Robinson is. The biggest liar on this campaign and he works as a errrr… presenter in the BBC’s flagship radio news programme. Fake news you dirty little propagandist !

  53. Heraldnomore says:

    I see the blue Tories are not standing in East Dunbartonshire. Go Jo then, please go.

    And Hogmanay, it’s the Al-ba Ceilidh all the way, even before the green gnome announcement.

  54. dadsarmy says:

    Anyone wanting to be given a reason to turn out and vote for the SNP this time, only need read the manic and deranged unionist comments on this thread to be desperate to vote SNP on Dec 12th:—nicola-sturgeon/

    They’re doing our job for us.

  55. Bob Mack says:

    You may be lost for words Stu, but Im not.

    They are al! bloody liars, every one of them .

  56. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Heraldnomore @ 17:48,

    The Better Together Remainer-Leaver Alliance strikes again. This time for the sake of “future PM” Jo Swindle. As pathetically-predictable as it is contemptible.

    Are the FibDems and Tories offering the same courtesy to “Morningside Radical” Ian Murray, I wonder?

    Keep in mind though the wise words of Prof Curtice. If you can get >50% of the votes, no amount of opposition finagling can beat you.

    (Hence the increasingly-twisted activities of the likes of Lord Hee Haw on here.)

  57. Clapper57 says:

    Kirstene Hair on BBC QT Glasgow tomorrow..oh my giddy the Scottish Tories not WANT to win any seats in Scotland Lol….was too complicated for her to vote in EU Ref but she’s expecting it to be EASY on THIS particular BBC ‘politics’ ( small p) show where audience get to ask ‘questions’ to a panel of politicians (small p for some..incl Kirstene)…she has no worries as she has her SNPBAD script ready and dodgy non facts and figures….Hans Kirstene Andersen she be with the fairy stories…one would need to be away wae the fairies to believe her version of reality against the fantasy she will spew out.

    Fortunately for her this programme is renowned for packed Unionist bias audiences, who always seem to be ‘lucky’ to be selected to make an SNPBAD comment by Fiona the Bruce by name not by nature, when in Scotland….

    As it is in Glasgow we can expect many of Manky shirt’s congregation to have applied , and be successful, for tickets to be in the the company who makes this programme are, shall we say, somewhat RIGHT WING…usually these specimens who represent the HATE in our society are the most gobby and never actually make a valid fact based point…. more a succession of unfounded allegations and rants against the SNP which to normal Scots is not recognised as facts in relation to anything they associate with the Scottish government….but these specimens of hatred see this as getting a ‘Job Done’ in publicly smearing a party whose aspirations does not fit with the BritNat ideology of the football club that they support….as basic as that…oh my God….there are brains that operate at a fraction of their potential….could be inside their arses instead of their heads for all of the sheeite they believe and speak…Lol

    May also get Jane Lax types who are involved in some way with the Tories here in Scotland…perhaps even the odd Tory Councillor…cause they are never slow off the mark when it comes to an opportunity to spout hatred against the SNP on this particular Unionist mouthpiece of a programme.

    Then we have Barry (yawn) Gardiner who takes an absolute age to make his point…so he will probably take up half the show’s time in his responses…but will also be SNPBAD and INDYREF-BAD

    We also have Angela Haggerty…not sure what angle she will take…hopefully won’t be the same one where on a BBC politics she praised the Scottish Tories for their support for and stance on the Scottish fisherman on Brexit…which shortly after proved to be a premature position for her to take when it was exposed that five wealthy families own the rights to half of Scotland’s fishing rights…’The Cod Fathers’…so Angela that is why the Tories in Scotland were supporting them NOT the poor wee fishermen trying to make a living…you were suckered….try not to be tomorrow.

    Not sure I will watch it…will wait for reviews to see what the BBC have decided to do…play fair or same old same old Unionist bias………

  58. admiral says:

    BoJo apparently speaking in Edinburgh tonight – staying at Caledonian Hotel.

  59. mr thms says:

    I hope the SNP make a complaint about Reporting Scotland who have, just now, made the GE about devolved government.

    The GE is about the reserved powers held Westminster, Brexit and Independence absolutely not about the Scotland sending 59 Tory MPs but Jeanne Freeman being responsible NHS Scotland.

    Brian Taylor is a clown.

  60. Clapper57 says:

    Wait until you see who is on the Debate night programme tonight…well I won’t be watching…I will see , I am sure, the edited versions on Twitter tomorrow via various Indy Twitter a/c’s.

    Like many others I am burnt out as far as watching certain ‘political’ debate shows and news programmes….too much political spin …..a lot of it frustratingly unchallenged by the journalist/presenter especially where the more obvious challenges could be made to expose the lies spouted…

    But for some reason though certain false and unsubstantiated claims are allowed to be made by politicians with no follow up question….which leaves the viewer feeling frustrated and disappointed at the missed opportunity…the open goal…but instead the questioner chooses NOT to follow through what could be a winning goal via the KILLER question…. but instead kicks it out of touch…much to the relief of the politician being questioned….who must be thankful that he/she has been allowed to avoid real scrutiny…..easy ride for some…but others…you know who…not given the same courtesy.

    So I will not be watching it…me blood pressure too precious and need my telly for Xmas time….i.e. potential boot through the screen possibility…..Lol

  61. Dr Jim says:

    One wonders if the Tories by not standing against Swinson in East Dunbartonshire feel that somehow that will make Tory voters vote Liberal Democrat and will the Tories be out campaigning for Swinson

    I’m not so sure East Dunbartonshire is as cut and dried as they think it is especially as the place will be covered in anti Swinson literature and pretty pictures of the FM smiling

    I’m printing it as I type

  62. manandboy says:

    Question Time is not what it used to be as an election campaign tool, but that was before the Internet, Facebook and the proliferation of handheld devices.

    The Tories have assembled an impressive team of talented and experienced people at Party HQ. This GE19 battle will be fought on different ground.

  63. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Re the comments section at The Herald.

    Jim Murphy with half a dozen aliases?

  64. Ghillie says:

    Yesers have long and strong memories.

    Silly Nickerless.

    His undies burned off long since.

  65. Nothing new,

    nearly 100 years ago (1926) during the General Strike the BBC was complicit in redacting a pro Strike story at the behest of the Tory Gov,

    the BBC has been contaminated by the establishment from day 1.

  66. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 18:58,

    Just like Murray in Edinburgh, Swinson has long depended on crossover Tory anti-SNP votes. (As you probably know.) This merely makes the situation more visible. Tiresome doorstep hints no longer required. So I guess Bitter Together must be a little worried, or at least wanting to make sure about their no.1 client.

    I wish I shared your optimism here, though. Ousting her would be a major coup for the SNP and indy, but it will be difficult to achieve, since the BT Alliance will defend her to the hilt, mass-dumped spare leaflets and all.

  67. ElGordo says:

    Colin Alexander says:
    6 November, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    I don’t see the half million stay at home SNP voters in 2017 being motivated by anything the SNP have said.

    The reality is, even if the SNP won every seat, it’s meaningless to the Empire. Colonial Scotland MPs don’t matter.


    You really need to up the game in your persistently poor attempts to sow voter apathy.

    We know that :
    – We need to act.
    – We need to encourage others to act.
    – Our votes are important.
    – Our votes will make a difference.
    – We are voting for a positive outcome.
    – We will be on the winning side.

    We trust in OUR representatives to deliver on their commitments to us.

  68. Mark Russell says:

    And it’s goodnight, Tom Watson. If only every other MP did the same thing, then trust in politics might be a little bit restored. One can fantasise, I guess..

  69. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Looks like The Blue Tories hoping The Yellow Tory can get some of their 7,563 votes this time round:

    General election 2017: East Dunbartonshire

    Party Candidate Votes % ±

    Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson 21,023 40.6 + 4.3
    SNP John Nicolson 15,684 30.3 -10.0
    Conservative Sheila Mechan 7,563 14.6 + 6.0
    Labour Callum McNally 7,531 14.5 + 2.2

    Majority 5,339 10.3

    Turnout 51,801 78.8 – 3.1

    Also wonder how many Pro Indy votes The Scottish Greens (who didn’t stand a Candidate in 2017), candidate Carolynn Scrimgeour will take from the SNPs Amy Callaghan this time?

    Labour candidate is same as 2017 Callum McNally unsure on his personal vote loyalty.

  70. robertknight says:

    Remind me, how is it that we are supposed to tell when the state media’s journalists propagandists are lying? Something to do with lips moving wasn’t it?

  71. Davy says:

    The funny thing about the leader of labour in Scotland saying labours going to build 120,000 social houses , is , social house building in Scotland is controlled by a Holyrood government not a Westminster government.

    Surely even the dimmest of Politian’s can understand that.

    Then again he is now claiming the SNP has no mandate for an independence referendum even if they win the 2021 Scottish election.

    If their was a fair Scottish media the unionist parties would be on the cartoon pages.

  72. galamcennalath says:

    “We have not made any specific recommendations in Scotland. Please vote for any candidate who supports staying in the EU.”

    … even this alleged anti Brexit site seems to be anti SNP!

    EVER ONE of the currently held Tory seats here have the SNP in second place. Only the SNP can oust these pro Brexit Tories. It suggests ”any candidate who supports staying in the EU” which is obviously nonsense.

    So, tactical voting is fine and dandy across the UK but they won’t explicitly say “vote SNP” where that is the ‘right’ thing for a Remainer to do.

    Then what about Lab-SNP contests? Surely, again the SNP is the only anti Brexit party which can remove a (softer-)Brexiter?

    And finally LibDem-SNP contests? Since the site’s objective is anti Brexit tactical voting it would be fair enough to suggest the incumbent.

  73. manandboy says:


    Lynton Crosby protege positioned at heart of Tory election machine
    Isaac Levido takes up role in central ‘pod of power’ at Tory HQ

    “Over at Matthew Parker Street, the Conservative party’s headquarters, Levido is sitting next to Michael Brooks, a pollster who worked with him on Scott Morrison’s unexpected victory for the Liberals in Australia earlier this year, and the two young New Zealanders, Sean Topham and Ben Guerin, who are running the campaign’s digital media strategy. The pair previously helped run a controversial Facebook propaganda network while working as contractors for Crosby’s CTF Partners.

    Alongside them sits Darren Mott, the director of campaigning and a veteran Tory with experience of battleground seats, who had to make room for Levido when the newcomer was appointed over the summer.”

    ” And there’s a recognition it will be a digitally focused campaign.”

    The tens of millions of TV addicts, plus smartphone addicts, guarantee rich pickings for any campaign, such as the Tories, based on data harvesting and micro-targeting. And the technology is improving all the time.

    We live in a post-democracy age. In the UK, democracy is a fully dressed corpse. Its name is Westminster.

    Fatally infected with the disease better known as lying, Democracy is now just a myth.

    GE19 is a Democracy tribute act.

  74. galamcennalath says:

    robertknight says:

    Remind me, how is it that we are supposed to tell when the state media’s journalists propagandists are lying?

    …. and moving a pen, tapping a keyboard … getting out of bed in the morning!

  75. scotspatriot says:

    Very disappointed the greens are standing in East Dunbartonshire …..that’s all !
    Sometime in the future Scots will get it together, maybe !
    Anyway, onwards and upwards !!

  76. Terry callachan says:

    There are a lot of people in Scotland who are not interested in politics and pay no attention at all to what is going on , those who are unionists but also want to remain in the EU are annoyed , they want both things they want to stay in the U.K. and stay in the EU and nearly all of them give priority to staying in the EU however the Labour voters amongst them have been let down by Corbyn so the options available to them if they don’t want to vote Labour is Tory Lib Dem greens or SNP.

    They won’t vote Tory or SNP their socialist principles stop them voting Tory and their unionist principles stop them voting SNP.
    They will split themselves between Lib Dem’s and greens neither of which will prevent brexit but both are anti Scottish independence choices

  77. manandboy says:

    The Results of the East Dunbartonshire Parliamentary Constituency – declared by Returning Officer Gerry Cornes at 2.40am on Friday 9 June 2017:

    Callum McNally Scottish Labour Party 7,531 votes
    Sheila Mechan Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party 7,563 votes
    John Nicolson Scottish National Party (SNP) 15,684 votes
    Jo Swinson Scottish Liberal Democrats 21,023 votes

    Majority 5,339
    Electorate 66,300
    Turnout 51,869 (78.23%)
    Rejected Papers 68

    The Greens have a reason for standing in East Dunbartonshire.
    They should tell us what it is.

  78. ahundredthidiot says:

    Never trust a Greenie

    Nuts all of ’em

  79. jfngw says:

    From lies on the side of a bus to a liar on the side of a bus, nothing really changes in politics.

  80. gullaneno4 says:

    Is there a case for the two Unionist parties leaders debate to be banned from showing in Scotland.
    Most of what they will be discussing will be ‘England only’ issues and may influence Scots voting in Scotland.
    At the very least the TV stations should give out a clear warning to Scots viewers that some of what they are discussing may have no significance or major significance to Scotland.

  81. AndyMcKangry says:

    If anyone votes for the greens in this election then they are not serious about independence, no matter what they say in public.
    If you want Independence then the only party in Scotland under FPTP that can win seats and deliver Independence is the SNP.
    That’s not opinion it’s a fact. If any unionist party wins a close contest against the SNP in any seat and the greens stood. Then I for one better not hear excuses from green voters when their agendas are binned under Tory Westminster rule, it will serve them right for their stupidity.

  82. mr thms says:

    Just spotted this

    “What does the latest YouGov poll tell us about support for Welsh independence?”

    “The poll, for ITV-Cymru Wales and Cardiff University, had a sample of 1,136 Welsh adults and was carried out by YouGov from 31 October to 4 November 2019.”

    A new Scottish poll would be welcome.

  83. Angry Weegie says:

    Takes one to know one. With all his experience, he can tell a fake video a mile away.

  84. Jock McDonnell says:

    No Tory Candidate in true blue Milngavie & Bearsden – So the tories are also not standing everywhere in this precious precious union ?
    The SNP should make capital out of that.

    Maybe a wee opportunity for the Brexit Party or the SUP to grab some votes.

  85. Liam says:

    “and only those who were born and live in Scotland allowed to vote on the future of THEIR country do not make the same mistakes as last time”


    I moved here 30 years ago have voted SNP at every opportunity. I have three kids born here. I shouldn’t get a vote to get my kids the freedom they deserve? I was at a meeting organising campaigning for our sitting SNP MP last night. His Election Agent is an incomer from continental Europe. She shouldn’t get a vote? Scotland is OUR country too. Enough of this shite.

  86. dadsarmy says:

    I happen to have Peston on the TV while I’m busy doing stuff. Dear God, he’s allowing Hunt to give a half-hour PPB on behalf of the Tories.

  87. manandboy says:


    Boris Johnson launched the Conservative election campaign today with a sewer of lies

    The lies poured forth like open sewage, or a catastrophic explosion at the start of a disaster movie.

    “Out they tumbled at such speed it was impossible to know where one began and one ended. At times, actual, self-contained lies could be made out, like bodies on the current of a deadly river.

    At others, the lies had coagulated to form a kind of very slow-cooked bulls**t casserole, the false meat and the untrue gravy forming a kind of unctuous slop.”

    ” It’s all lies, all of it, but it doesn’t matter. Not in the slightest.

    There’ll be six more weeks of it, hammered home, relentless, time and time and time again until it is too boring even to point out that the lies are lies, and then the finish line will be in sight, and the lies won’t matter.

    This is the way of things now. It is futile even to try and resist.”

    In the film, The Shawshank Redemption, the innocent hero’s only avenue of escape is through the prison sewer. Today, the sewer is English Unionist Colonialist politics. To find freedom from the prison of English Rule, Scotland too, must endure the political sewer of this General Election campaign.

    Don’t forget to shower when it’s over.

  88. Capella says:

    @ euan0709 – I saw that Susan Calman has been appointed to host Hogmanay on the BBC. A fitting appointment.
    I never watch it. It hasn’t been the same since they dropped The White Heather Club.

  89. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 11.58
    BBC ( I know ) Alba often put out a surprisingly good Hogmanay programme 🙂

  90. Liz g says:

    Oops obviously BBC A-L-B-A 🙂

  91. Dan says:

    I live in a rural area with poor public transport.
    Therefore if anyone sees a bus with some shit plastered on the side can you please let me know what it said so I can make up my mind what to vote for.

    In all seriousness though, it feels like it’s actually getting to the point for me where having a bewilderingly uninformed electorate is actually a benefit as it saves me having to attempt to explain some of the absurd crap the supposed good folk are up to…

    The YES movement have been working oor butts aff over the last 5 years as we were asked to do by “the management” to progress the Indy cause.
    We had the depth of character to pick the ball out of our own net in late 2014 after our opposition “scored” a highly dubious strike.
    We have responded by steadily working our way back up the field of play and now find ourselves in an attacking position and we’re about to pass the ball to our forward line to kick it into our opposition’s goal…
    But what’s this? Our strikers appear distracted and have hamstrung themselves in tedious woke pish like whether it is ethically right to kick the ball cause it is made of leather and coos have rights you know, so kicking the ball is effectively a posthumous assault on said coo…

    Some Scots supposedly Indy politicians earn a mint compared to the general public that vote them into their position solely because they were the only viable choice to progress the Indy cause, and not because of their own personal policies.
    Those politicians would be wise to understand there is a big difference between tictacs and tactics. Concentrate on the latter or you may find the supply of the former dries up.

  92. Dr Jim says:

    In East Dunbartonshire if my age group haven’t voted by 4pm they won’t likely be voting in any numbers unless the Lib Dems put on a free bus to drive them the few hundred yards to each polling station because it’ll be pitch black by 4pm

    As for the Greens I really have nothing to say to or about those people that would be fit for human consumption in this election where the only purpose is they can’t win or even take votes from the Lib Dems so all they’re doing is diluting the voting power of the SNP who are the only party who has a chance to take the seat back

  93. Liz g says:

    Dan @ 12.05
    Ha Ha well said Dan 🙂

  94. Capella says:

    @ Liz g – if I’m out at someone’s house and they have a TV licence I’ll suggest BBC A-L-B-A, once I’ve finished lecturing them about having a TV licence, been escorted off the premises, then first footed them to get back in to watch the telly. (We make our own amusements in these rural backwaters).

  95. HandandShrimp says:

    Saw a wee bit of Andrew Neil tonight

    Neil – lists misdemeanors of first day campaigning

    Tory – but they apologised

    Neil – no consequences, they just say stuff and an apology is supposed to put it right

    Tory – that is not true we have suspended loads of people

    Politics today in a nutshell.

  96. Kangaroo says:

    My Chris Cairns goodies arrived just in time for my holiday to Norfolk Island tomorrow.

    Go Hamish, You Yes yet?

  97. Dorothy Devine says:

    To those who claim that they cannot vote SNP because of the transgender self ID issues ,may I just ask whether they have noticed what is happening around the ‘civilised’ world on this issue?

    Have the noticed the ‘woman cricketer ‘ of the year in Kent ?

    Have they noticed Humbersides police statements about ‘hate ‘ crime ?

    Have they noticed Canada tying itself in knots over beauty salons refusing to strip the testes of a trans gender?

    Have they noticed the winners in world weightlifting, running and cycling?

    This is not just something dumped at the Scottish Governments door – it is all pervasive and whether you accept or deny the outcomes has little to do with only the SNP but is being used as a tacky stick with which to beat them.

  98. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    BBC Shortbreid doing a “General Election Battle Ground” tour

    Basically a guide to tactical voting for BritNat voters!

  99. RM says:

    Everyone who wants independence, SNP, GREEN party, LABOUR and Conservative should join together as independents as this might be the best chance to get Independence, once we get it then fight among yourselves to see who wins, if they keep fighting each other we’ll never get Independence, Scotland has to do things differently that’ll be the start of a truly Independent country.

  100. IZZIE says:

    Re Tactical voting. There is as yet no Labour candidate in Angus. A ploy to allow the Tory to glean anti Indy votes?

  101. Abulhaq says:

    Forget election pacts, that is simply playing Brit politicks, the way to independence ought to be by voting SNP, ought to be….
    It is after all the only truly non-unionist political party on the list, is it not?

  102. Bob Mack says:

    Corbyn has so many knives in his back this morning he looks like a porcupine. Et tu Austin? How easily some former Labour MPs slip into the mantle of Conservatism.

    Corbyn is in reality very bad at leadership. He is indecisive, and speaks with impassioned monotony.

    The Establishment is alive and well. Do we really want this shower in English partys to govern us? No we dont.

    Make your vote count. Make your vote SNP.

  103. sassenach says:

    What is wrong with Scots? Only 50% for Indy?

    Surely it’s now obvious that a vote for anything but the SNP is to say, please, England, do what the hell you like to us, forever!!

    For God’s sake, stand up and dump this Union.

  104. galamcennalath says:

    Tactical voting in Scotland (BritNat instigated) assumes that voters will choose the strongest BritNat candidate to deny the SNP the seat. I think this is based on 2014 strategy rather than post EURef reality.

    It probably still worked to an extent in 2017, though I would opine the SNP lost votes and seats then mainly by not pushing Indy and YES voters stayed home.

    Now we have Indy as a solution to Boris’ far right Brexit. If the SNP push (as they seem to be) IndyRef2 ( and therefore Indy) as the way to avoid Brexit, then it’s a strategy to win a broad church of voters.

    40% of Labour voters want Indy, polls imply. These folks need to be encouraged to vote SNP for IndyRef2. The choice between self determination for Scotland, which many want, and mad bad Boris’ Brexit is a political landscape quite different from even 2017.

    Tory and LibDems are at opposite ends of the Brexit spectrum. Anyone tactically voting between them would have to be fanatically pro Union.

    I just don’t see BritNat tactical voting being significant.

  105. SilverDarling says:

    60 seats possibly going LIb Dems way thanks to the Greens and Plaid.

    Plaid what are you doing?

    Brexit obviously the for now their biggest concern but it might facilitate the SNP losing 3rd party status. Jo Swinson is not interested in being the biggest Party – just the 3rd biggest Party.

  106. Famous15 says:

    The real tragedy of the “entryist” views on human rights and the rights of women is that the tiny number of people with gender dysphoria are being denied the caring compassion they need as their condition is being weaponised.

    The LBGT community has been hijacked just at the time the world has come up to date with acceptance and dare I say,love. The only hate I now see comes from a perverse group of questionable integrity. The whole of society,not just the SNP, has been hijacked by these horrible,yes horrible people.

  107. Welsh Sion says:

    SilverDarling @ 9.20 am.

    This from the Party.

    Dear Sion

    Tonight we can confirm that we in Plaid Cymru, together with the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, have reached an historic agreement in this December’s general election.

    Our discussions with the other parties have been ongoing for some months, and a lot of hard work has gone into securing an arrangement that offers Wales the opportunity to elect a large number of MPs from pro-Remain parties.

    This is the right thing to do in the national interest. In the face of Brexit, we – as Wales’ lead Remain party – must show sensible and mature leadership which puts Wales first. That’s what this arrangement represents.

    This election is different to others, and the stakes have never been higher for the future of Wales.

    By reaching this agreement, we are maximising the possibility of electing more pro-Remain MPs from Wales to keep up the fight against Brexit, and to keep Wales in the EU.

    This election also offers us the best opportunity we’ve ever had to elect the largest number of Plaid Cymru MPs in our party’s history to stand up to Westminster establishment – and put Wales first.

    Because that’s what Plaid Cymru always does. Our country, our communities, and the best interests of our nation are always our first and foremost priority.

    This a huge opportunity. Let’s seize it.

  108. SilverDarling says:

    @Welsh Sion 9.42 am

    I really hope Plaid get something out of this because if the LibDems hoover up the majority of these seats then we are in trouble up here.

    Swinson knows Plaid want Independence too? Does she just not see them as much of a threat as the SNP?

  109. carjamtic says:

    Icarus, lend me your ears…..

    The best case Indy outcome, is that voters in an Independent Scotland, aim and work, to share all it’s benefits with everyone, leaving no-one out.

    Achieving this aim while protecting diversity in the celebration and joy of life, as a normal country (and in the best that all cultures have to offer in art, music, cuisine, languages…..)

    This is not a Utopian goal, it is realisable, all that is required is the will and how willing we all are, at this exact moment in time, to wise up.

    But, what about the planet?

    Icarus, we all know you want to be the super hero’s here (and we all love you for it) but if I am curt with you it is because time is a factor.

    Only in an Independent Scotland, can you realise your potential and fly, in any other outcome, you will remain stuck where you are now, as a side kick, watching on, as the planet goes into meltdown.

    And since nobody wants to see tragic failure at the hands of hubris …..please, pretty fukcing please, with sugar on top….

    1. Save Scotland
    2. Save Planet

  110. call me dave says:

    But! But you’ve not done anything here (NE Fife) to improve the roads states radio shortbread to Gethins as she diverts her interview away from GE issues like Brexit. 🙁

    A rainy day in St Andrews. ?

  111. McBoxheid says:

    sassenach says:
    6 November, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Blair Patterson @4-51

    Same old arguments that we’ve had from you before.

    Hi Blair,

    I agree with Sassenach. My family is Scottish and of Irish extraction, my father was born in India as were 5 generations of his family before him. They are, or were Irish and not Indian. As it turned out the second generation had no official nationality or passports even. In 1947 they had to return to the UK and apply for passports. My father joined the army at 14. Yeah, he was very young at the time.

    I was born in Germany in a military hospital and none of my six siblings were born in Scotland. There are many Scots who chose to leave Scotland in the late seventies to look for work abroad, due to Thatcherism. I joined up as I didn’t want to sign on. My brother joined up at sixteen. We both joined up in Inverness after going to Scottish schools. Are you denying us the right to be Scottish, to live and vote in Scotland if we so choose?

    What about embassy worker’s bairns that are born overseas? They actually have a better understanding of the world as they see how other countries work as they (and I) have lived all over the place.

    What about folk in the borders whose nearest maternity hospital was in England, so they went there for an emergency birth. Do you consider them English and therefore not allowed to vote in Scotland?

    What about those who go on a trip abroad and have a premature child born in the country they were visiting? You see how inflexible your argument begins to sound?

    Those of us fortunate enough to have seen other lands and cultures tend to have an international outlook on things and tend to see foreigners in a different light to many who have never left their home country. We want fairness in trade deals, we want peace and many other things that an iScotland should want. We see people as people and not as foreigners.

    The SNP want anyone who lives and works in Scotland and wish to make Scotland their home to have the right to vote. They are quite right too.

    You on the other hand, would deny many Scots the right to vote and want to deny those who come and live in Scotland the right to vote in a land where they pay their taxes. Your obsession with foreigners getting the vote makes you look more and more like a fan of the present tory party cabinet, with your casual racism.

    I bet you don’t even consider yourself a racist. May be you’re not. Maybe it is just a case of being narrow minded. Where did you get it from? The Britnat media, probably. Most things you seem to have rejected from their narrative. Some things have stuck. It is not suprising really. You have probably been subjected to it 24/7/365 all your life.

    Scotland is outlooking. The Scottish government and most modern Scots generally don`t discriminate against anyone for their colour, creed or sexuality. That is why the SNP get bashed on here for their gender politics. The situation will sort it self out, eventually. Meanwhile may be you should think of what your attitude is making you look like. We cannot be outward looking if we don’t accept internationalism.

    Check out many of young folk today. They have had the ability to roam the EU all their lives. They have friends from all over and many think that a national identity is nothing more than a label.

    Hating people because they are born elsewhere is anethma to me and many others like me. It is illogical, you don’t even know them all, so you can’t possibly know how they voted, or the reasons for it.

    Many native born Scots, as well as incomers believed the promises made at the 2014 indy ref, but things have changed since then. People see things differently now than they did before they had the hindsight we have now. The National and many blogs like this one have open many folk’s eyes, regardless of where they came from, countrywise or politically. I have always believed in our right to be independent if we as a nation choose to be. I never heard of WoS before the first referendum and found it by accident they day after the vote to remain in the UK.

    Have a wee think about your beliefs and if they still fit the vision most of us on here have for an iScotland. Once you see it as it is, you won’t look back.

  112. SilverDarling says:

    43 – LibDem
    10 – Green
    7 – Plaid

    Obviously no guarantee they will achieve those and the Brexit Party may stand aside to let the Tories contest. 3 way split with Brexit Labour and Tory in some seats so a reasonable chance of some of them going the way the Alliance want want.

  113. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Twelve hours until the programme airs, and I still have not received a reply to my application for an audience place on QT from Glasgow tonight. I don’t think I have made the cut.

    Ach well! Another failure to be picked. Do you think I should maybe tell them I am a Rangers-supporting Tory voter, rather than a rugby-loving SNP one, and I might have more chance of getting on?

  114. Socrates – no point in lamenting the absence of a ticket – my guess is that the audience list was already chosen before they committed to the idea of a programme from Scotland.
    They couldn’t risk leaving the audience selection to choice after all could they?

    Co-incidence it happens on the day when the aspiring PM visits north to save ‘Our preciousss Onion”

    I think we should AT ALL COSTS resist the apparent urge to refer to our upcoming indy bid as ‘Scexit”. It is an ugly, awful word but most importantly it brings overtones of the chaos, division and frustration of ‘Brexit’ and the inefficiency and bluster that currently exists around that topic.

    Nope, this is Scotland’s choice so we’ll name it thank you!

    Good to see Nicola at the rally last weekend but given the lack of access to scottish/any media perhaps she might benefit from a few more high profile events before December

  115. SilverDarling says:

    The more I think about the Alliance stance of the LibDems in England and Wales the more the hypocrisy of the Swinson with regard to the SNP annoys me.

    And don’t get me started on the Scottish Greens…

  116. SilverDarling says:

    *the Swinson!

  117. McBoxheid says:

    sassenach says:
    7 November, 2019 at 9:06 am

    What is wrong with Scots? Only 50% for Indy?

    Surely it’s now obvious that a vote for anything but the SNP is to say, please, England, do what the hell you like to us, forever!!

    For God’s sake, stand up and dump this Union.
    Indy bloggers that are split among themselves as to what is or isn’t the right way to go are not helping the independence cause. All those going on the marches hope for indy, but their message is not reaching others, or the numbers are manipulated to give false numbers. We haven’t found a viable working solution to this dilema yet.

    When a leading blogger appears to be saying that the SNP is Baad in many aspects of their work and that his new party, that isn’t yet formed is the way to go, then its little wonder that people are confused.

    Be polite, explain why an iScotland would be good. Don’t force your beliefs on others, they will start resenting you and what you stand for.

    Go back to first principles; all peoples have the right to govern themselves. The message that iScotland can work is not reaching everyone yet. Many folk don’t know what to do, so they become disinterested and don’t answer people wanting to poll them.

    Be aware that some of these polling companies have their funding coming from unionist parties and so they ask questions to folk in tory voting areas, but don’t specify exactly where they come from. Questions may be leading in subtle ways. If you get a two way choice their is often not a third option except don’t know. People don’t like to answer don’t know, so they make a choice from the options given.

    Indyref 2 like it’s predecessor will be one binary question. There will be be no confusing questions that are only given to a selected few to answer.

    If 50% want to vote yes. How many will actually vote no, 30-40%? 50% looks like a healthy lead to me. Those that don’t turn up loose their vote, it doesn’t automatically go to the no side.

    Scotland is large in population in comparison to those actually asked. It may be the next indyref will be a landslide despite the ressults polls to date. Please don’t give up hope. Please don’t stop spreading the goodness.

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    Greens will not field candidates in most Tory constituencies in Scotland including those of David Mundell, Douglas Ross and Alister Jack.

    Just what are the Greens up to? Why?

  119. Dr Jim says:

    Today in a speech in Scotland Boris Johnson is to say a vote for the Conservatives will stop Nicola Sturgeon’s Independence referendum in 2020

    Oh but hold on, him and his supporters keep saying there will never be another vote on Independence because he won’t give *permission*

    Like I’ve been saying for a long time the referendum will happen and Boris Johnson will authorise the transfer of power to carry that out, and he’ll do it with his lip tremblin but he’ll do it or why would he be coming to Scotland to ask everybody to vote against it to stop it before it happens

    Tories tell lies, he knows he can’t refuse the transfer or England is a dictatorship and particularly right now in the middle of his Tory Brexit he can’t afford to annoy the democratic opinion of the rest of the world

    Maybe when Big Treeza and Wee Nicola agreed between them back then that *now is not the time* they agreed that *Now would be absolutely the right time*

  120. McBoxheid says:

    SilverDarling says:
    7 November, 2019 at 10:52 am

    The more I think about the Alliance stance of the LibDems in England and Wales the more the hypocrisy of the Swinson with regard to the SNP annoys me.

    And don’t get me started on the Scottish Greens…
    If folk vote Green, as is their democratic right, their votes will still go to the total that want independence even if they don’t get any seats in the HoC. if independence for Scotland is in the Green party manifesto. If there is a majority of people voting for an independence party, it will prove unequivocally that there is a mandate for inyref2. The independence movement is larger than just one party. It is made up of all parties and none.

  121. Republicofscotland says:

    Dr Jim.

    As far as I know Boris Johnson is heading for Moray a current Tory held seat, one in which the encumbent Douglas Ross, woukd rather run the line at football matches than listen to his constituents worries.

  122. SilverDarling says:


    It is FPTP. Seats count.

    Or are we now confusing seats and votes claiming one means the other when we know the rules of the Westminster election?

    Of course, vote for who you want but don’t pretend you don’t know the implications of your vote in Scotland.

    Do the Greens in Scotland have Independence as their main aim are they going to say on their manifesto that a vote for them is a vote for Independence? No, so a vote for them cannot by proxy be used as support for Independence and they and you know that.

    And also to claim the WoS is responsible for only 50% of people in Scotland wanting Independence is a bit much. You know the WoS Party is a Holyrood possibility only assuming the SNP vote is nobbled by Greens and others in this election.

    Anyway, don’t you know no one bothers with WoS anymore – they are all over on other sites – or so some would have you believe.

    Peevish detractors of WoS can’t have it both ways – either it is influential or not.

  123. Dr Jim says:

    I wouldn’t pay attention to what polls show because I don’t believe they’ll ever show anything different, because the pollsters don’t want them to

    I was selected for Prof Poultice survey what Scotland thinks and had a visit from a person involved which took around 90 minutes to complete a survey based on 1-10 questions and a whole load of ambiguous questions to which there could be multiple answers but there was no provision for ambiguity in the answers, so interpretations of polls by algorythm or even by a human can be a mile from what anybody thought they meant when filling the forms in

    I felt many of the questions were as dodgy as hell but you had to assign a numbered answer to questions you would normally have answered *none of the above* thereby creating an opinion on something you had no opinion on

    There was even a question on polls, now I think polls are manipulation tools but there was no box to tick or rate for that opinion so I had to like them or not between 1-10, you couldn’t not like them

  124. auld highlander says:

    No matter what Boris, Jeremy or that other ones tell us
    I will vote SNP, even if it’s pouring rain or driving snow I will crawl the mile and a half in the dark to the polling station to vote SNP.

  125. Abulhaq says:

    One of the gaps in the independence construct as presented by the contemporary SNP is that Scotland’s cultural identities are rarely, if ever knowingly, mentioned.
    Unionists are prone to dismissing the Scottish identities as minor compared to the greater ethnicity of ‘being British’. Scots and English are essentially the same, only the accent is different. Under the kilt the Scots are simply a type of northern English, with whom we are supposed to have so much in common according to the likes of Rory, ie Ruaraidh, Stewart.
    The purveyors of this notion may also exhibit a pathological prejudice against Gaelic culture, especially the language, viewing it as ‘alien’ and/or a ‘waste of money’. MI-rùn mòr nan gall revisited.
    Viewed from a cultural nationalist perspective the SNP seems loath to frighten the cultural horses. All English signage at party assemblies is signally suggestive of that.
    There is a monocultural bias within the SNP, in that it aids and abets the suffocating, ethnic British unionism we are all supposed to detest.
    The SNP movers and shakers do need to chill and loosen those sturdy lowland presbyterian corsets.
    An independent Scotland will need a powerful ministry of culture and national education for there is much de-anglicisation and mental de-colonisation be done.

  126. Dr Jim says:

    Culture is voluntary and the SNP don’t and won’t force anybody to adopt a culture that doesn’t suit them

    The divorce from England is a political and economic matter not an ethnic one

  127. Dorothy Devine says:

    Thanks Capella and jeezo!

  128. Effijy says:

    Dear God how short sighted are Plaid?

    Do they have a memory of Scotland sending 56 out of 59 SNP- MPs
    down to Westminster?

    They were ignored, insulted, refused access to speak on occasions
    and when speaking the house emptied in denial of what they had to contribute before filling again to vote against anything and everything that we put forward.

    If every Welsh MP was from Plaid, what the hell do they think they would do different.

    Do they see how their new Fake Friends the Libs are also working in a pack with the Tories?
    Do they remember the Tories were propped up by a Lib Pack just a few years ago just to give clowns like Clegg and Danny Alexander Knighthoods.

    Has Plaid read anything about Swinton’s voting record?

    UK Politics is rotten to the Core.
    Get Scotland out of there no matter what and as quick as you can.

  129. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @auld highlander –

    Your comment reminded me of a question…

    Are there any plans to help voters who, for whatever reason, will have difficulty getting to polling stations?

  130. galamcennalath says:

    I used to wish Labour MPs replaced by SNP ones because they had been so useless – doing nothing for Scotland at times when she needed action.

    I used to wish Tory MPs replaced by SNP ones because of their colonial attitudes towards Scotland. We clean them out once, they slinked back, they need to be removed again.

    And now I find the LibDems here acting in everyone’s interests EXCEPT their Scottish constituents! I fear, however, they are going to survive this election and maybe even pick up a seat or two.

    Still, purging some/most/all of the red and blue Tories would be achievement enough.

  131. auld highlander, I’m in your gang.

  132. HandandShrimp says:

    I take Moray is a milkshake free zone?

    I wondered if Boris would, like May, hide somewhere as Tory friendly as possible on his visit to Scotland. With Balmoral likely off limits to the fibber and Ross Thomson an embarrassment I guess Moray was his safest alternative.

    No chance of Boris doing a walk about in the streets of Scotland’s cities. In fact that may not even happen in England.

  133. galamcennalath says:

    auld highlander says:

    even if it’s pouring rain

    Indeed. This morning I spent almost two hours in the rain, at 4C, delivering leaflets. We’ve just got to get out and do what needs to be done.

    Our problem, if we have one, is going to be getting enough voters out into the cold.

    Talking of leafleting, despite a large membership SNP branches seem to have difficulty finding leafleters. Anyone who is fit enough and cares about Indy, should volunteer. Your country needs you! As the recruitment posters used to say.

  134. galamcennalath says:

    BBC Radio presenter Nick Conrad has been selected as a Conservative candidate (in deepest Englanshire).

    The Tories certainly know how to pick ’em. The deserve the title ‘nasty party’ with good reason.

  135. Bob Mack says:

    Hoole dropped by Labour. She now has more time to spray the bleach on her sinks rathef than Ms Cherry.

  136. Bob Mack says:

    Hoole dropped by Labour. She now has more time to spray the bleach on her sinks rather than Ms Cherry.

  137. Sinky says:

    BBC TV One o Clock News has no mention of the third largest party in the last House of Commons.

  138. mike cassidy says:


    As a slight break from the politics

    But as an illustration of the WTF media we have in Scotland

    Boy, 10, taken from Edinburgh street and made to fight for life by teen knife gang

    You wouldn’t guess from that headline that the poor kid was rescued by a sixty-five year old woman shouting “Oi!”

  139. Jack Murphy says:

    Sinky said at 12:03 pm today:

    ” Good stuff here from Business for Scotland

    Thanks for that link to Business for Scotland.The article is broken down into seven main components:

    1. Homelessness and rough sleeping is on the rise in the rest of the UK, while figures fall in Scotland

    2. Child poverty levels increasing faster in rest of the UK than in Scotland

    3. The use of food banks in the rest of the UK exceeds numbers in Scotland

    4. Scottish local authorities set for budget increase, while English local governments suffer massive 49.1% reduction in funding.

    5. Carers in Scotland given £452.40 more a year than those in the rest of the UK

    6. Police numbers rise in Scotland by 0.28% and fall by 14% in England and Wales, while recorded crime is on the rise in the UK and decreasing in Scotland.

    7. A huge number of affordable houses made available under SNP Government, while Conservatives fail to deliver any of the promised homes.

    Full article is well worth a read.

  140. laukat says:

    Is it just me or are Labour and the Tories both trying to avoid winning this election?

    Is it possible Boris is deliberately trying to get a result that produces a hung parliament where no one can form a government within 6 weeks of the election and no one can get another ‘Benn act’ through parliament which would mean we accidently hard Brexit on 31st January?

    I’m trying to think which party that scenario doesn’t suit and I can’t think of one. For the Tories they get what they want (hard Brexit) and its not their fault. For Labour they get Brexit done and its not their Fault. For the Lib Dems they can then position as the party to take us back into Europe and gain support in England. For the SNP the aftermath of a hard Brexit makes Scotland’s choices very clear. For Plaid likewise in Wales.

  141. winifred mccartney says:

    Debate night last night Danielle Rowley was at the Labour Conference and knew nothing of the attempt to oust Deputy Leader Tom Watson – ignorance or lies or both and she was an mp – heaven help us – nepotism of the lowest form – an outrage.

  142. crazycat says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 12.19

    It’s usual for political parties to offer lifts to the polls – the biggest problem is making this known to those who might benefit.

    It’s also open to abuse, of course. The father of one of my schoolteachers used to phone the Tories and ask them to take him, a pensioner who had difficulty walking, to and from the polling station. Once inside, he would take as long as possible to vote for the Communist candidate, with the Tories waiting outside all the while. 🙂

  143. Clapper57 says:

    Well the prominent ‘liberal’ minded remainers are all worked up and so excited at the ‘REMAIN alliance’ between Lib Dems, Plaid & The Greens in England & Wales.

    You know the alliance to OUST Brexit TORIES in Wales & England.

    Some even have a LIST of areas where alliances are happening.

    Funnily enough saying NOWT about Scotland..NADA..ZILCH..NOTHING.

    So let me get this straight… EU Ref was a UK wide vote….Scotland voted REMAIN…England & Wales voted LEAVE….BUT no REMAIN alliance in Scotland but a REMAIN alliance in England & Wales…WTAF…okay really..that makes no sense and is blatantly unjust and discriminates against Scotland…like we are NOT a part of THEIR, the remainers, UKOK…does that sound FAIR ?….well perhaps in Planet Hypocrisy…but here…not so much.

    In fact what IS happening in Scotland is the Lib Dems are in a Unionist alliance with the Brexit Tories to oust the REMAIN SNP MP’s….AND the Scottish Green’s seem to be aiding them by placing their candidates in marginal SNP seats that they, the Greens, CANNOT win but could , through taking votes, end up ushering in a Tory BREXIT MP….sounds logical…NOT.

    People’s vote…ah yes I remember when they came up to Edinburgh for yon wee rally to PERSUADE us Scots….you know us Scots who actually, via a majority voted REMAIN in EU Ref in 2016,…to vote REMAIN in People’s vote….

    Now it’s like …we have nothing to say about Lib Dem / Tory alliance to oust SNP MP’s in Scotland….however they will expect US..the SCOTS…to support their people’s vote…should it happen..WON’T HAPPEN…BUT….no support from them for the way Lib Dems aligning with Tories here in Scotland to oust SNP…a REMAIN party…Do they remember Joanna Cherry…you know The Cherry case ..Scottish court.

    See this is why WOS owner was dissing the SNP on their position to SAVE UKOK on Brexit…cause look what is happening…we, AND THE SNP’s contributions at their Remain rallies and efforts in HOC… are forgotten…. cause none of them are interested in us in Scotland getting our independence…they see England as being vulnerable via Brexit and that is who they want to SAVE.Their real priorities and loyalty is for a sham remain party, the Lib Dems, because there is no other party BIG enough to offer those desperate remainers down south a smidgen of a chance to reverse Brexit….BUT…we in Scotland know they are putting too much faith in a party (Lib Dems) that , historically, lets people down….Lib Dems broken promises they expect to be forgiven for via…their ……REGRET….perhaps if they did what they promised there would be no need for regret…but then that would mean they would need to be HONEST and not LIE…impossible.

    Also NONE of them mentioning Nicola not being in TV Leaders debate….you know Nicola…leader of the SNP…the SNP who fought with them in their REMAIN fight…Nicola who attended their REMAIN rally in London and spoke at said rally…together with other prominent REMAIN SNP MP’s….see they want OUR help but ignore us when it does not affect them….

    F*%* their People’s vote….F*%* their Remain for UKOK.

    We, in Scotland, should only fight for OUR independence and OUR place in EU…true colours are now being shown….so time we thought about ourselves….cause it is so blatantly obvious NO ONE ELSE IN UKOK IS……….or ever will.

    ps. Labour also aiding Lib Dems to oust SNP MP’s…so they too can GTF.

  144. Capella says:

    OT – I watched “The King” on Netflix last night. It’s about Henry V of England and the battle of Agincourt.

    Good production, actors and story although the script is not quite as good as Shakespeare’s! The details differ from the Shakespeare play too.

    But I read its Wikipedia entry with interest. Unlike any film released dealing with Scottish historical events and characters, there is no section on “historical accuracy”. Which is odd considering the differences with previous plays on this subject.

  145. Dr Jim says:

    Clapper 57

    I’m in East Dunbartonshire where the Tories aren’t putting up any opposition to Jo Swinson to help her win, (that’s understandable she’s one of them) but the Greens are standing where they have not a chance of winning this seat and never have had in the history of the world, so whose votes are they after because it’s not Labour voters

    Something rotten’s going on when a party who has no chance of doing anything in a constituencey is prepared to lose money, so where’s the money coming from that the Greens are prepared to throw away on this, if they had a chance of winning you couldn’t argue, but they don’t

    Apparently it’s not just East Dunbartonshire

  146. callmedave says:


    Now don’t you hold back there expressing your views get it out. 🙂

    Same old stuff today on the news.

    I’m getting really annoyed now with big Brian and Glenn speaking over our FM who’s out campaigning and them telling us what they think she said. 🙁

    The oxygen of free speech directly to the viewers denied to the SG leader by all the MSM.

  147. Dorothy Devine says:

    callmedave, the SNP are partly to blame for the media abuse in that they didn’t get stuck in to them after the referendum and allowed them to get away with the abuse and dismissal.
    Whatever happened to the rebuttal unit?

    Being nice doesn’t work and that should have been clear in the days when Alex Salmond was being likened to Pol Pot by an insulting Paxman.

    As for having to tolerate Glen Campbell , Brian Taylor skewing words , tearing up manifesto’s , searching the length and breadth of America to find someone who would say evil and unfair things about Megrahi’s release, and the ‘clever ‘ interpretations of the First Ministers speeches – past time to see their lawyers.

  148. Clapper57 says:

    @ Dr Jim @ 2.31pm

    Indeed Dr Jim.

    Labour and Tories also standing down to help elect a Lib Dem in Ian Blackford’s seat……..

    And as for the Green party….well they should know how politically engaged us Scots are who want Independence and we will be tallying up the votes they get together with other parties in each seat this GE……..if they end up losing the seat for an SNP candidate……then I for one , and my husband, wil never ever lend them my vote….even if SNP were not to stand in a seat I will not vote for them…..they will pay the price in 2021 Holyrood elections.

    Sorry but now is not the time for ego…this election is crucial and if the Greens sit in marginally held SNP seats and the result is that a Unionist Tory (yellow or Blue) wins that seat then they are no friends to independence…they are simply Tory (yellow and blue) Unionist enablers and will, as a result, have played a part in ensuring Scotland is continued to be ignored and then Scotland will have to leave the EU with the rest of the UKOK…..because if the SNP do not win a majority in Scotland the Unionists and media will present it as Scots NOT wanting Indy ….this is how THEY will justify it….now that is going to be a major REGRET for them, the Greens, but also one where they will never be forgiven by us Scots who want independence.

    Now is NOT the time to F*%* everything up via splitting the Independent parties votes….Green party… that and you are finished in Scotland….surely the Greens can see this is the game the Unionists are playing in this GE ?

  149. Clapper57 says:

    @ callmedave @ 2.36pm

    Lol…soapbox out and fully operational…Lol

    Hold me back…hold me back..let me at ’em…let me at ’em…Lol

    Have a good day

    Oops you too, have a good day, Dr Jim …forgot to add onto my reply to you in my above comment @ 3.03pm.

    Peace on Earth…well some parts..others not so much…Lol

  150. Dr Jim says:

    It’s the same when at FMQs there’s a couple of minutes before it starts where other Ministers are answering questions on various things but the BBC commentator talks all over what’s being said

    That doesn’t happen when the HOC is on, the BBC doesn’t talk all over the really big important parliament people in that place and I think I know why, the BBC in Scotland thinks it’s more important than our parliament and in a way it is because it actually has the power of Britishness behind it and our parliament has no power over the BBC or any of the broadcasters for that matter

    In England some BBC services are charged at 4% but in Scotland the same services are charged at 16% because Donalda says Scotland is more *challenging*

    Oh and they’re very happy at the way the new Scottish channel 9 is progressing and everybody loves all day repeats and duplications of BBC1 and BBC2 all day, and if you turn it on at any time you’ll see Nick Nairn cooking the same shite he’s been cooking since day one with Dougie Vipond in attendance, or releasing the same animals into the wild that are probably dead of old age by now, or the baby seal who doesn’t eat well but was released three years ago and if I have to see that funny cop sliding down the kids play area one more time chasing the fake funny bad guy every time I flick through that channel I’ll be in need of mental health services

    The BBC are charging Scotland money for this then telling us we like it, no wonder all the kids are watching Utube and Netflix, in fact anything but the BBC

    I need a lie down now

  151. Gary45% says:

    Mike Cassidy@1.19
    I hope the plod get their fingers out and apprehend the scum who attacked the lad.
    Birching is not enough for them. I suppose this is the result of the “kids are adults” new era generation, where the feral scum neds know their rights.
    My wife and I had to step in and help a young lad last year as he was getting set upon by 3 scum + 2 female scum.(in broad daylight, in front of tourists in the local high street), a great advert for friendly Scotland!!!
    Indy Scotland better rid itself of such behaviour or we will be just the same as the other parasite countries.
    If anyone is offended by the use of scum or neds, go and do one.

  152. twathater says:

    Clapper57 no surprise but I AGREE with all your posts , but you will have to calm down , if the greens are tooooo stupid to see what they are doing , or DELIBERATELY doing it for some unknown reason , and knowingly or unknowingly sabotage the independence movement they will reap a deserved whirlwind of anger and outrage .

    It is one thing to be sympathetic and supportive of their green credentials and another thing when they are deliberately being obstructive and duplicitous to the indy cause , we have seen on numerous occasions the narcissistic tendencies of PH and RG and not forgetting AW support of the dug . Christ now i’ll have to go and calm doon

  153. Clapper57 says:

    @ twathater @ 3.53pm

    ” Christ now i’ll have to go and calm doon ”

    Lol twathater…yep know what you mean…sometimes I do go overboard way me comments and they can be like Mr Angry or MRS …Lol….I’ve stopped watching news and political shows now…it’s so liberating….just need to wean myself off political twitter and blogs….Lol

    I’m nearly…almost…just reaching burnt out point …Lol

    Actually have a wee project want to do…that might take my mind off this politics malarkey….something has to…Lol

    Have a good day twathater….now I’ll have to LIE down…LIE as in sleep not as in speak a LIE…..Lol

  154. robertknight says:

    The job of the BBC is to keep all us in the dark and feed us bullshit. Then we can be easily packed in a box, have a big Union Flag slapped on us, and all be charged for the privilege.

    You’ll find us on supermarket shelves… Buttons-up-the-back-of-the-head Mushrooms

  155. Giving Goose says:

    Regarding the Tories standing aside for Jo Swinson and not putting in effort in Ross, Skye & Lochaber, this could back fire on them.

    It does display to the voter that multi party democracy in Scotland does not exist and also confirms that there is only one Unionist entity in Scottish politics.

    People casually use the terms Blue, Red & Yellow/Orange Tories to describe the Conservative, Labour & LibDem parties but it is actually based on fact.

    I would like confirmation of the facts in Ross, Skye & Lochaber. Is it the case that the Unionists are fielding paper candidates and not putting the effort into canvassing etc?

    Or are they genuinely withdrawing their candidates to leave the LibDems a free run at the constituency?

    If it is the 1st option then it will not be full proof as people will still vote for their historical party of choice or they may just not vote.

    The 2nd option is equally risky as there is a danger that Brexit supporters will choose not to vote as they will not have a Brexit supporting party to support.
    The Leave vote was 43%!

    Would non LibDems hold their noses and lend them the vote?

    If nothing else it will be a test of the strength of Unionism in the constituency.

  156. dadsarmy says:

    I wonder if Bojo when in Scotland, wore his British Legion 3 petal with leaf poppy, or did he have the cop-on to buy and wear a PoppyScotland 4 petal one WITHOUT leaf?

    Haven’t seen any pictures so far …

  157. ScotsRenewables says:

    I’m doing a shift in my local SNP election hub and the convener of the Green Party for this constituency has just been in offering to help. (No Green standing here)

    I asked him why the Greens were standing against Pete Wishart and he said he had no idea, it was stupid and he had written to Patrick saying so.

    I believe he is not the only Green to feel like this.

  158. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    He wore his British Legion 3 petal with leaf NOT the Scottish one of course @ dadsarmy says at 4:32 pm

    Also reckons Brexit will be great for the Scotch Whisky industry despite US and other countries like Paraguay wanting to call their stuff Scotch.

  159. manandboy says:


    The judgement on the greens is already in.

    Just by being a candidate in East Dunbartonshire will please the Tories – and demonstrates that Independence is not the Green’s priority.

    With some exceptions, the Greens in Scotland are just another Unionist colonial party.

  160. Dr Jim says:

    Michael Russell just said in Holyrood that the Tories were completely contemptuous of the people of Scotland and the Scottish parliament, and he said of Labour that he knows they cannot support Independence for Scotland because it would mean they would have to admit to the fact that Labour carrying out the wishes of the Tories had caused the problems in Scotland

    Murdo Fraser and Adam Tomkins were unhappy that *Nationalist* parties are in control of Scotland and the people don’t want that

    Which is comical seeing as how SNP and Green are the folk we vote for, and in Murdo Fraser and Tomkins case nobody votes for them at all, they’re list MSPs so their arses get free seats, free money, and free opinions for no work

    Oh and Labour’s Neil Findlay wanted to fight as usual but everybody laughed at him

    And the Referendum bill just passed the debate stage 65-55
    They can’t stop it and they know they can’t so they just keep shouting Blaaargh Bloink Ptshawft and other words made up at random

  161. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @crazycat (1.56) –

    Cheers for response.

    I know I shouldn’t have laughed but I did.


  162. manandboy says:

    Why have the Tories created a team of experts in digital advertising from across the world?

    Why are the Tories spending £millions on Facebook advertising?

    Listen in on the above link.

  163. ALANM says:


    Glad you’ve gone to the trouble of typing all that. I completely agree with everything you’ve said but can no longer be arsed making the argument myself.

    btw when are the SNP going to call time on these parochial election debates organised by bbc and itv outposts in Glasgow?

  164. mike cassidy says:


    Start reading

    Shoshana Zuboff — The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism

    The big digital companies realised personal data was a goldmine.

    For example, the Google founders were contemptuous of the idea of advertising as a driving force of their activities

    Until the venture capital funding began to dry up.

    The politicians are happy to pay them to digitally surf their way to the voters.

  165. crazycat says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood

    I fully intended you (and anyone else) to laugh. I certainly did when I was first told about it.

  166. Gary says:

    If ‘Nick The Liar’ calls you a liar is that a compliment?

    Maybe he thinks the lie wasn’t BIG or BRAZEN enough?

    Still, they’re both dyed in the wool Tories with the same aim..

  167. Republicofscotland says:

    First stage vote for laying the ground work for indyref 2 passed an hour ago at Holyrood by 65 votes to 55 votes. The SNP and the Greens carried the vote.

    We’re on our way.

  168. galamcennalath says:

    The LibDems have no principles. Con merchants.

    In England and Wales they have joined a Remain cabal to fight the Tories.

    In Scotland they have joined a NO cabal WITH those same Tories to fight the SNP, who are of course Remain.

    You couldn’t make it up!

    Many voters in Scotland will see through this, but how many in England will be aware of LibDem hypocrisy and duplicity?

    This could be made to work in our favour. The msm in England is mainly pro Brexit and pro Tory. If we point out the double standards widely enough, English media may use this to attack the LibDems. And since Scotland has no msm worth speaking about, we will get any anti LibDem attacks via in bound English media.

    The SNP need to highlight LibDem double dealing, and the rest of us need to spread the reality online.

  169. mike cassidy says:


    This article from last month is a good primer about the digital dimension of any election.

    And a reflection of what the Conservatives are trying to do.

    Trump Is Winning the Online War

  170. Dan says:

    It seems appropriate to link to Craig Murray’s latest article as it yet again highlights the BBC antics.

  171. IZZIE says:

    Tory Candidate Kirstene Hair on Question Time tonight. This is the woman who did not vote in Brexit referendum she ‘left it to others because it was incredibly difficult’.

  172. Dr Jim says:

    STV in full campaign mode deliberately misquoting Boris Johnson in the opening sequence saying he would *never allow* then rolling back with Colin McKay’s factual report in which he said *I see no reason* which are two entirely different things, and mean two entirely different things

    BBC Scotland were their usual crafty approach by having the FM say something then giving right of reply to all three of the opposition, like they use footage out of time eg Michael Russell spoke last in the Parliament today but BBC switched it round to make it look like Adam Tomkins had the final say appearing to tell Mike Russell off when he in fact had spoken much earlier in the debate, two different conversations stitched together to report the news how they want it to be and not how it is

    Notice they do that a lot, never the other way round by having the opposition say sonething then rebutted by three members of the SNP or even Greens

  173. galamcennalath says:

    Dr Jim says

    BBC Scotland were their usual crafty approach … Notice they do that a lot

    And it won’t change until Indyday!

    To ensure this undermining democracy shenanigans stops on that day, I hope the Scottish Government will take robust action. IMO they mustn’t just take over BBC staff as they stand to be the foundation of our own state broadcaster. Many have proven beyond doubt they can’t be trusted to put Scotland first.

    There should be a re-hiring exercise into a new organisation and anyone who doesn’t have an imprecable record should be dumped. It’s too big a risk. Perhaps there will be jobs down south for them (but I doubt that).

    Anyone who has clearly nailed their colours to the anti Scottish / pro London mast, be gone.

  174. Effijy says:

    Rev, Dr Jim a few moments ago nails yet again the entirely corrupt opposition that is the BBC.

    I recall how you were allowed to visit propaganda quay and listen to denial and smoke screen
    about their actions being misconstrued.

    Can you forward them this and make it plane that more and more of Scots see their treachery.

  175. Capella says:

    And yet, funnily enough, the Media Show, hosted by John Beattie, discussed this very issue of media duplicity. Stu Cosgrave, Eamonn O’Neill and Anna Burnside were outraged at the doctored video of Keir Starmer which the Tories mendaciously circulated on social media. The topic of this thread.
    They omitted any mention of the numerous times the BBC resort to these tactics EVERY DAY, even during an election period.

    They agreed that the “watchdogs” are toothless and useless.

  176. Heart of Galloway says:

    Dr Jim@5.22

    Aye, another Rubicon crossed. And now it goes on to stage 2: back to the finance and constitution committee for line by line analysis and possible amendment.

    I reckon the timescale for this will be short – perhaps 3 weeks or so – before it comes back to parliament for final approval.

    Queen’s assent will be granted and the bill will become an act providing a framework for staging IndyRef2 in the latter half of next year.

    The committee has a 6-5 majority, mirrored by the 65-55 vote to back the bill today.

    That most weasly of weasels, Adam Tompkins will attempt to wreck the bill’s progress – and will fail.

    One lever the unionists will try to pull us is to hand the Electorl Commission a role in framing the question on the ballot paper.

    Mike Russell has agreed to “consult” them and will do so. It will be a paper exercise: the EC will seek to spike the timescale and to make a case for changing the 2014 question.

    The ScotGov will state that if “Should Scotland be an independent country?” was good enough first time around then the tried and tested wording is good enough now.

    In short, the EC will be told in no uncertain terms to feck off.

    Once the bill becomes law agreement will be sought for a Section 30 order from whoever is the next PM after 12/12.

    The chances are it will be BawJaws whose colonial power hardwiring suggests he will refuse. But will he?

    In the happy event of a GE SNP win, not only will the ScotGov have a reinforced mandate, there will be legislation in place to hold IR2, legislation which will put the Referendum “beyond legal dispute”.

    Yet still we have BBC Shortbread’s Glenn Campbell tonight claiming that the ScotGov “would need consent from Westminster”.

    This is NOT reporting – it is a naked attempt to set a false narrative of Scottish inferiority.

    And having tried to fix that untruth in the public mind, the “impartial” broadcaster will then do all it can to undermine the legitimacy of any IR2 staged without Westminster’s say-so.

    Because this is what they do. All the time.

    But Scottish popular sovereignty will prevail despite our national broadcaster seeking to suppress it.

    The ScotGov will go all in on this. IndyRef2 will be held – and won! – next year. Get persuading, get campaigning. Lay on, lay on, they fail!

  177. Dr Jim says:

    Heart of Galloway

    Keep telling the people they’re inferior they’re less they’re not important enough to have a say and eventually a certain amount of people will just comply like the Borg collective

    It’s this same narrative that has for years seen the Scots shrug their shoulders look down and accept their lot in life as that of losers who forget their own history of the enlightenment and invention of the modern world in mathematics engineering medicine, no country in the world since the Greeks has given more to the world than Scotland

    By virtue of being small we are inventive resilient and innovative
    By being part of the UK we allowed all that to be stolen and renamed British

  178. I remember David Attenborough and the BBC getting into trouble for faking wildlife footage for his various Life on Earth broadcasts,

    the whole world assumed the Life on Earth footage was all filmed in the wild,

    but turns out they were filming/faking certain parts in studios and attatching them to the live filming,

    only after they were caught did David and the BBC admit they were faking some shots,

    from newspaper,

    `It was one of the most memorable moments of legendary wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet series.

    But scenes which apparently showed a polar bear giving birth in the wild saw the BBC accused of fakery by furious viewers after it was revealed that the footage had in fact been shot in a Dutch zoo.`

    did even Trump no call out the BBC for being `fake news` or something.

  179. Sinky says:

    Second Labour candidate in Scotland dropped today. This time in Gordon for posting antisemtic remarks. She is on executive council of Unison.

    Also front page of P& J has report of court case when someone threatened to shoot Nicolas Sturgeon

  180. Capella says:

    I think our inventiveness comes from two things:

    1 The Protestant revolution. Once free from the mental shackles of Catholic doctrine, Scots were able to inquire into the nature of the natural world without blinkers. e.g. Galileo was dragged in front of the Inquisition and shown the torture instruments. He agreed that the earth stood still and the sun and planets moved round it. Wouldn’t you?

    2 Education – one principle the Protestant church was firm on was the “school in every parish”. University access was open to the sons (not the daughters of course) of all classes who could pay. In England, you couldn’t get an education at Oxford or Cambridge unless you were a member of the Church of England.

    I’m not a fan of John Knox and the Reformation and they certainly did women no favours. But in the scientific field they were very useful.

    Came across another Scottish inventor – Robert Watson-Watt, responsible for setting up the radar arrays which secured the Battle of Britain victory.

  181. Sandy says:

    So Boris the Buffoon still cannot get the name of what recently was the third largest party at Westminster.

  182. Dan says:

    Ha ha, two posts from me being critical of the BBC in last couple of days and I just checked my post to find I’m rewarded with yet another letter in festive season red chasing “The Present Owner” from TV Licensing.

    The letter will remain unopened as unfortunately I’m not currently the owner of any presents…
    (though still eagerly awaiting Wings donor pack delivery)

    Anyway, I’m guessing the delay according to twitter might be because Stu is busy dealing with the results of his greasy chips and kebab diet… as it appears he may be well on the way to further infamy by creating Bath’s first fatberg!

    Can’t believe he can handle the incessant river of effluent flowing out of the MSM, but cannot manage a quick U bend clean!

  183. t42 says:

    Just heard Greens and Plaid Cymru are going to drop candidates for the libdems!
    Green fraggle Caroline Lucas still hasn’t told us who secretly offered £250000 to drop a candidate

  184. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Regarding the Tories standing aside for Jo Swinson and not putting in effort in Ross, Skye & Lochaber……I would like confirmation of the facts in Ross, Skye & Lochaber. Is it the case that the Unionists are fielding paper candidates and not putting the effort into canvassing etc?”

    Here is the latest @Giving Goose says at 4:18 pm

    General Election 2019 Candidates; Ross, Skye and Lochaber:

    SNP – Ian Blackford

    Labour – John Erskine

    Liberal Democrat – Craig Harrow

    Why no Green Candidate in the mix, is it a Lib, Green Pact thing?

  185. Heart of Galloway says:

    Dr Jim@8.39

    In our favour is that IndyRef1 changed everything and gave the Scottish cringe a mighty kick in the ba’s.

    Nothing that has happened since has changed that – just the opposite in fact.

    So day by day this rotting UK prison shop dies a wee bit more in the eyes of the people.

    And day by day the UKOK media’s attempts to shore up “the precious union” grow more desperate.

    Channel 4, meanwhile, tries another trusted approach – ignoring Scotland completely.

    Of the Referendums Bill passage, or even BoJo’s “visit” to Moray, nada, niente, rien.

    I hope somebody amang oor high heid yins are on the case.

  186. Joe says:

    Things starting to turn? Hope its true.

    I then hope so called ‘parents’, ‘doctors’, ‘therapists’, activists groups and pharmaceutical companies that promote it start getting landed with legal action. Might just start putting away spare change in case crowd funding requests start to appear.

  187. SilverDarling says:

    @ Jockanese Wind Talker

    I think all the pacts in Scotland will be done behind closed doors between Unionists.

    The Greens are not standing candidates in that many seats which makes the marginal SNP seats they are standing in all the more puzzling.

    It does seem like they are making a point that they are not in the pocket of the SNP – but no one ever really believed they were.

    Anyone got any contacts on Twitter who have tickets for QT tonight? I was wondering if we will get any hint of how massive the stitch up is tonight before it is broadcast. Mentorn will surely pull out all the stops to produce another alternate reality for the masses. I am looking forward to seeing a blanket show of hands saying how they all want Swinson as PM!

  188. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Keep telling the people they’re inferior they’re less they’re not important enough to have a say and eventually a certain amount of people will just comply like the Borg collective. It’s this same narrative that has for years”

    Aye, you are correct @Dr Jim says at 8:39 pm that’s the root of Jockholhm Syndrome aka “The Cringe”.

    Your comment made me think of this one as well:

    “Deprive the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”

    Reinhard Heidrich, SS-Gruppenfuhrer
    Director of the Reich Main Security Office
    Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia
    Senior officer at a the “Final Solution” meeting of the RSHA, 10th of October 1941.

    I suspect he’d have been a shoe in for Scottish Secretary under BawJaws seeing as us “Scotch are a verminous race who deserve not merely isolation, but comprehensive extermination” according to the Spectator piece the PM allowed to be published whilst editor.

  189. exile says:

    Heart of Galloway @ 9.54 pm

    Channel 4 News also omitted Scotland from its map of “the country”.

  190. Another Union Dividend says:

    Ian Murray sending out 1000s of unsolicited personal letters from Gordon Brown (in working class areas) and Alistair Darling (in leavy suburbs) all printed and posted in Northumberland.

    Does this not count as a massage election expense?

  191. Liz g says:

    I reckon Nicola would garner a whole load of extra votes,if she put Labour and the Torys on notice that all this extra cash they are promising to borrow to splash around after this election.
    Wont be included in Scotland’s liabilities after Indy!!

  192. Tam Fae somewhere says:

    Does Question Time not know the Scottish poppy is different from down south?

  193. Sinky says:

    Looks like QT is a Labour and Tory bun fight with no one else getting a look in

  194. call me dave says:


    From all those stories & references over the last two day looks like the last chance saloon for the unionist parties, going all in for an unholy alliance as a last resort to retain their precious precious union and squander Scotland’s resources for a bit longer.

    🙁 5 weeks of radio shortbread & cold porridge to go.


    Watched both games on the ‘unofficial’ computer streams both teams played well to win.

    Wee ‘more-or-less’ for Queen’s eleven snatched a good goal to start getting the job done.

    Earlier Celtic first away win for ages already through to the play off stages now. 🙂

    But the game of the week is Friday night Dundee Derby. 🙂

    Am I listening to QT on radio 5 now….. No Thanks!

  195. Phronesis says:

    Are we dying in a ditch, getting out of a rut or microwaving the scrambled Brexit .Is the PM’s comedic strategy of mixing up his metaphors merely a reflection of his limited inability to express his hotchpotch of ideas or is it deliberate, to detract from the real issue.

    ‘UK services and institutions played a significant role in some of the biggest corruption scandals as they allowed 325 billion pounds (US$412 billion) of suspect transactions to flow through the country’s financial system, Transparency International UK revealed in its latest research…The findings exposed “how weak oversight has provided an environment that facilitates harmful abuses of power abroad and allows dirty money to impact almost every part of the UK economy,” the TI report said…The watchdog identified only a small piece of a much larger puzzle and called for a radical overhaul of the “UK’s anti-money laundering supervisory regime to establish a credible deterrent against British firms turning a blind eye or actively helping corrupt individuals, and urgent action to establish the true extent of the unregulated sector’s exposure to dirty money’

    Protecting Scotland’s economy, institutions, citizens, legal system, environment,enormous potential as a small thriving independent country requires a radical break from the clutches of the UK money laundering Ponzi Scheme. It is not a difficult choice to make.

  196. Katie says:

    @ Tam Fae Somewhere: In the fear of showing ignorance.. actually I didn’t know that there was a difference in poppies as far as rememberence day is concerned. Maybe you can let me know. I am also watching Question Time. Humza Yousaf is a star. Its a shame he’s not on more political TV shows. (I know were talking about QT on BBC here but anyway… you get my jist! ) We are so lucky to have these type of personalities leading our country unlike the numpties in Westminster!

  197. SilverDarling says:


    Excruciatingly awful. Barry Gardiner alluding to the upcoming trial despite being warned off by Humza Yousaf. The usual devolved/reserved fudge. Lots of audience shots of people rolling their eyes when Humza speaking or looking cartoon Yoon angry. Humza is quite jumpy and jittery.

    Kirstene Hair pursing her mean mouth so much she has almost turned inside out.

    Some of the audience doing their best.

  198. Socrates MacSporran says:

    For Fuck Sake – Hamza Yusuf just sat and managed the near-impossible – he didn’t interrupt and made Katrine Hair appear intelligent.

    She lied, distorted and was allowed to preach, and he did nothing.

  199. Gary45% says:

    “Scotland omitted from its map of “the country”, time to accuse the empire of Anti-Jockism. If we continually repeat the accusation and say it louder each time, the gullible media will buy into it.

  200. Sinky says:

    After a long monologue attacking the SNP, Fiona Bruce then allows Kristine Hair to respond on Indy Question points made by Angela Hegarity but didn’t ivite Humza to respond on the SNP record on devolved issues.

    Humza also not invited to respond on the Indy questions.

    More BBC bias

  201. ScotsRenewables says:

    That’s a pro-independence audience even after going through the BBC filters.

  202. Heart of Galloway says:

    QT audience on balance pro Indy. Humza brilliant, Angela Haggerty feisty, Hair pure murder.

    Yes on the front foot despite the BBC’s best efforts it would seem.

    We must have slipped a few in under the radar.,,

  203. Effijy says:

    Humza why do you let them go uninterrupted and put straight
    About our NHS outperforming the Tory and Labour ones by a mile.

    Why do viewers not know 95% of our kids leave school to go to a positive
    Destination of further education, a job or training. FFS.

    BBC cameraman on QT is always set up to focus on the Unionist members
    Of the audience shaking their head as any positive statement is made for Independence.

    We voted to stay in the EU, Our currency can be the pound if we chose it to be as they say we are equal partners in the UK and The UK bank used the pound.
    What will Scotland’s economy be like, a great deal better than what Westminster has ever given and one more like very rich Norway has with oil like ours and Zero debt.

  204. SilverDarling says:

    Kirstene Hair was an absolute Tory bot, monotone and strident. Humza tried to interrupt but she did that ‘do not interrupt me’ thing and was allowed to carry on her monologue.

    The businessman was a bit wet and Angela Haggerty was surprisingly OK. Barry Gardiner was bitter and used his platform to rubbish devolved stuff that Humza was not allowed to respond to.

    We never see the Tories challenged on their record on Education or the NHS, they are always quick off the mark to deflect. They need to pinned down and Scotland made aware that is what they would do to us given the chance.

    The audience had a few plants , the smooth dark haired Tory and the NI woman but on the whole it felt a sympathetic Indy audience.

    Kirstene Hair though, what a mad woman, she will probably think she did well!

  205. euan0709 says:

    Just finished watching QT for the first time in many, many years.
    Patronising Gardiner and Hair were allowed to witter on for ages uninterrupted and took over the Prog !
    What a shock when the Tory businessman stated he was against Independence.
    Haggerty was fine ,but did not set the heather on fire. As for Humza Yousef,he was bloody awful.
    Great to see the big fat guy with his arms folded, in the Blue jersey and Orange polo shirt. He looked a barrel load o laff,s.Could he have been a True Blue ???

  206. Jock McDonnell says:

    @ Capella

    Yes, and there is the ironic anecdote of him being stopped by a Canadian Police Officer with a speed gun.

  207. euan0709 says:

    Hair, Anderson, Gardiner and Bruce all wearing English Poppies as per Johnston on his flying visit to Moray.

  208. ben madigan says:

    slightly O/T – but I was interested in remarks above about an anti-SNP pact in the upcoming election. here are some thoughts on the issue and voting patterns being shaken up

  209. Liz g says:

    I thought Humza read the room right.
    He interrupted the Tory, but, once he worked out the room wasn’t too loaded he held back from giving her the victim status of ” don’t interrupt me,I didn’t interrupt you “.
    Infact by letting her go on she earned herself the humiliating laugh at her claim Johnstone cares about Scotland.

    The heavy guy in the blue jumper, orange collar, didn’t get asked for his British Nationalist contribution,despite his growling indication wanted to!

    I think we’ve had our “roughly balanced Question Time” so we’re due One more a few weeks out from Indy Ref two….
    Until then normal service will be resumed.

  210. Jock McDonnell says:

    re QT

    I’ve seen worse. We are never really going to get a fair hearing on there. Gone are the days when Eck would skelp everything for a 6. We are in a new World now.

    Truth be told we must proceed with the understanding that its ourselves alone, and nobody else. If we want Independence, we have to take it. Inch by inch. We have no friends, that’s not how politics & diplomacy work.

    Its tiring, time consuming & seemingly interminable. So, Do you want Independence ?

    I bloody do.

  211. Dr Jim says:

    I heard something today that shocked me and so far I’m not sure whether it’s correct or not, but it seems a political party can hire as many *staff* as they want and it’s not counted as election expences

    I’m usually up on this stuff but I’m stumped here, does anybody know the facts of this because if it’s correct huge fraud over expences can be made easy and it reminded me of the amount of people the Tories and Labour bussed up from England during the 2014 ref to deliver leaflets and campaign for them at I believe around £25 per day

  212. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Joe @ 22:02,

    Linking to breitbart now? You really are a shameless piece.

    And if it wasn’t already obvious, on a stinking foreign agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with independence.

  213. Footsoldier says:

    Thought QT was fair tonight and Humza did a great job reading things spot on.

  214. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 00:08,

    I don’t think that’s true. The Tories got into trouble (well, maybe a “wee wrist-slap” kind of trouble) after C4 revealed that bussed-in party workers were being accounted for within national spending limits when it should have been accounted-for under more restrictive local limits. It was back when the Tories were desperate to see off UKIP in particular places where the latter was defending some convert MPs, IIRC.

    The current penalties though are so pathetic that anyone well-funded and brazen enough to transgress could shrug the fine off as just another instalment towards buying the win. Deeply cynical, but can you possibly think of anyone who might be up for it?

    Some infringer needs to go to jail and an election re-run before this increasingly-rotten WM system will even begin to improve.

  215. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 00:08,

    I seem to recall that in IR1, Bitter Together with their big-name and multiple “funny money” donations hit their allowed spending ceiling, so they could well afford to bring in hired help from down south. (Not to mention the media “volunteers” who gave their services for free under the guise of public service broadcasting.)

    All perfectly legal – as long as you have a peg over your nose and a blindfold over both eyes as far as funding is concerned. And that was just a practice warm-up for the one to follow in 2016.

  216. chicmac says:

    IMO our best QT for some time. That’s not saying a lot mind and I expect ‘adjustments’ will be restored for the next one in Scotland.

  217. Artyhetty says:


    Just read a short article on about Sheffield wanting ‘devolution’ to borrow money to start reducing CO2 emissions. Rather interesting, ‘ambitious devolution deal’, hmm. Borrowing powers for the ‘regions’, hmm.

  218. James Barr Gardner says:

    Tam Fae somewhere says:
    7 November, 2019 at 10:50 pm
    Does Question Time not know the Scottish poppy is different from down south?

    The Scottish Poppy should be the White Peace Poppy. It’s time to call a halt on this distorted commercialism of the red poppy. No more Foreign Wars for Scotland.

  219. dadsarmy says:

    I actually saw QT as I was doing a load of tidying papers. It went great, a strongly maybe 2/3rds pro-Indy audience. Yousaf rightly left them to it. Haggerty was spot-on, maybe she’s been acting the part to get invited onto BBC more.

    Hair sounded very scripted and even Bruce asked her to answer the question. After Hair had finished 5 or 6 times, not one single clap from the audience. Not one. The Labour guy Gardiner helped by being anti-Tory, quite surprisingly so – and the Tories are the ones that need to be cut down to size. Haggerty did point out the Better Together reunion for a laugh.

    More like that please.

  220. dadsarmy says:

    Re S30, going well I think, constant mention, neither Labour nor the Tories will have a choice once it’s demanded, though they’ll hmm and haw for a time I daresay. If Indy Ref 2 goes ahead without an S30, whichever it is as PM will be totally and abjectly humiliated – and Sturgeon and the merry crew won’t be holding back on the reminders.

    But it’s vital for EVERYONE to get out and vote SNP – even including the Green candidates in Scotland. They’ll have had their platform for their policies, which is supposed to be the reason for their standing of candidates, but shouldn’t waste their votes on the day itself. Make it so Patrick.

  221. Sinky says:

    QT was another missed opportunity to tell viewers that despite Tory austerity our public services are much better than Tory England or Labour Wales.

  222. RM says:

    The SNP need to start getting posters, car stickers out you can’t get to speak to anyone anymore it’s all computer. That’s ok for younger folk what about the older folk who still have and want a say?

  223. North chiel says:

    Party political broadcast for the Tory party on BBC “ Breakfast” this morning with Priti Pratel being allowed to “ prattle on” about visa schemes for the NHS and “ selective immigration” . Seems you get the green light as long as you can “ pay” for this “ visa” . A “ tax now on immigrants” ?? Pathetic “ patsy” questioning.

  224. starlaw says:

    Boris’s one man ,one hour invasion of Scotland yesterday, plus all the financial promises from both him and Jeremey to the North-East of England seem to imply that they have given up on Scotland. If however Scotland are stupid enough to stick around then the Scots can have Eight Per Cent of the Debt.

  225. John Boyes says:

    Listened earlier to a ridiculously aggressive interview of Dr Philippa Whitford by Nicky (I’m a proud Scot but..) Campbell’s sidekick Rachel Burden. She was incredibly well prepared spouting all sorts of “facts” about the operation of the Scottish NHS and the performance record of the Scottish Government. To her credit although you could sense her annoyance at many points, Ms Whitford held her own throughout where many others would have wilted – good on you Phillipa ! I could just imagine Campbell cringing in the background where he remained silent. His phone-in after 9am is on the subject of “smells”. It’s very tempting.

  226. Joe says:

    @ North Chiel

    Whats wrong with getting people to pay? I had to pay social security AND compulsory private medical insurance in Europe to register as a resident.

  227. Joe says:

    Theres a lot of people support visa free travel to the UK along with a generous open welfare system.

    Its a sign of how truly stupid the left is that they think both can be possible at the same time and the system not crumble to the detriment of the poor and the cost of the taxpayer.

  228. Kirstene Hair getting prompted through wearing an earpiece in her right ear last night on question time.

    I wish I knew how to upload a photo onto this comment.

  229. Got it.

    Kirstene wearing her earpiece on BBCQT to be prompted.

  230. Joe says:

    @ Robert J Sutherland

    Ill let WOS decide what I can post. Thanks. Also if you think that the trans issue hasnt (negatively) affected Scotlands chances already then you are more stupid and trapped in your little virtuous, righteous bubble of grievance and outrage than I gave you credit for

  231. Ottomanboi says:

    Put your anti Catholic prejudices aside and view the links.
    The Knoxian ‘reformation’ simply stood on the shoulders of a vibrant, extant Catholic attitude to learning.
    The establishment of parish schools was concerned with extirpating Catholicism.
    The so-called reformation paved the way for Scotland’s assimilation into the ‘anglosphere’, divided and weakened the country and prepared the way for the union.
    The reformation did Scotland no favours.

  232. John says:

    QT or should I say The Kirsten Hair Show , she was given a very nice platform by Fiona Bruce to hammer Nicola Sturgeon , her policies and independence I would say that show last night was a coup for the Tories .

  233. Terrycallachan says:

    This is interesting.

    Community land ownership in Scotland

    I just read an article on iPad Apple news app about a Scottish island near Mull called ULVA
    Apparently there were 7 inhabitants one of them owned the island his mum bought it for ten thousand pounds a few decades ago , crazy isn’t it , they buy and sell our Scottish islands as if they are sweeties in a shop , anyway the six did a community buy out the owner who’s defence was they would never get more people to come live on ULVA left in a huff.

    The article I refer to says there has now been a huge number of applications from people to live on ULVA.
    Being a scot who lives in Scotland I’m a little perturbed by this article , how come I never heard of ULVA how come I didn’t know about being able to apply for residence now that it is community owned where is it advertised when applications are invited ?
    The only thing I could find was a programme about it on BBC radio 4 , yes BBC radio 4 how many people in Scotland listen to BBC radio 4 ?

    If you don’t know about it you are not going to apply.

    Anyone ever hear about this opportunity before ?

  234. Swami Backverandah says:

    Yoo Hoo

    “A second Scottish Labour election candidate has been dropped after she posted an image on Twitter which appeared to threaten the Scottish National party candidate Joanna Cherry, who is defending her seat of Edinburgh South West”

  235. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Terrycallachan
    Yes it was newsworthy about a year ago when it happened. Their (limited!) website is Details on there.

    Lovely part of the world with a small shuttle ferry from Mull to the island. About 3 minutes!. About a 25 minute drive from Craignure, the ferry terminal on Mull to the connection.

  236. galamcennalath says:

    A free and balanced media is an essential component in democracy. Providing impartial information, facilitating open debate, and calling out fakery should be their role.

    In the UK the media falls short, in Scotland it’s a dismal failure.

    One obvious area is where most folks (politicians included) don’t have a clear understanding about how devolution works – what’s reserved, and what’s devolved. If broadcasting had been devolved then coverage would have been focused, appropriate, and understanding would be far greater.

    So, cock up or design? Of course it is the way it is by design. The UK couldn’t function nor survive in its present form with a full informed population! A high percentage of voters MUST be fed bullshit and believe it for the corrupt system to work.

  237. Dorothy Devine says:

    I see the Spanish Inquisition is still hard at work.

    I find it hard to believe that a supposedly ‘civilised ‘ country can behave in such a manner and there is no sanction being applied by the EU countries or the rest of the ‘civilised ‘ world.

  238. Terrycallachan says:

    Thanks Katherine

  239. mike cassidy says:


    From March this year.

  240. Famous15 says:

    Kirstene Hair Tory MP was wearing a Secret Service ear piece on BBC QT.

    This is unbelievable !

    What antidemocratic madness will BBC allow next?

  241. heraldnomore says:

    Terry, you’ve never been to Ulva? Whatever next…

  242. Boudicca says:

    There was some good coverage of The Ulva buy out on Scotland Outdoors, (6.30 am on Saturdays on radio Scotland, or download the podcast). Excellent programme that covers all sorts of obscure things around Scotland that bypass MSM.

  243. HandandShrimp says:

    Didn’t watch QT mainly because it is a tedious format poorly executed and with a track record of manipulation and corruption.

    Can believe Hair was wired for sound. If you were a Tory Malcolm Tucker would you let her loose with no guidance? Devoid of original thought, she is a perfect candidate for remote control. 🙂

  244. callmedave says:

    The FM kicks off the SNP GE campaign with a good solid speech and performance.

    Big BBC Brian gets to ask the first question and then Colin for STV.

    Her lips moved and I heard her speak…the novelty!

  245. galamcennalath says:

    If it’s true that a QT panel member was being ‘kept right’ via an earpiece, that should be massive news.


  246. callmedave says:

    Off from the FM Q&A session quickly before the viewers get too many ideas to hear BBC Norman Smith mansplain what the FM said!

    However he was pretty fair in his summing up. 🙂

  247. Nana says:

    Hoping this works

    SNP election launch from around 30.27

  248. Republicofscotland says:

    Oh no it looks like the SNP are going to back down and allow the dodgy Electoral Commission to retest the YES/NO indyref question again.

    Whilst unionist are hoping to change the question to a loaded, LEAVE or REMAIN in the UK.

  249. callmedave says:


    Your right there as it leads to lots of big questions.

    Did Auntie know?
    Who was directing her feed to her answers.
    Did the chair lead and feed pre-arranged questions / topics to her

    Will there be a Tory and/or BBC statement re: the allegation.


    The BBC is the most trusted source of the ‘nations’ news says the BBC.

  250. Tom says:

    @Capella – I tweeted them, asking them if they were going to apologise for getting the name wrong. No reply as yet.

  251. Joe says:

    @ Dorothy Divine

    I know, right? One would almost start to think that the EU and its main members didnt give a single rotten turd about the rights and lives of ordinary European people.

    Im sure its just an anomaly though. It cant possibly be the case. No doubt they will get on the backs of the Spanish establishment oppressing democratic expression with violence and harsh prison sentences this very afternoon.

    After all, we Scots are counting on them to reward us for our loyalty. I have no doubt that if there is no Brexit or a EU friendy Brexit deal that the next step on their agenda will be to look after their little Scottish pals who harmed their chances at achieving independence to keep one of the main EU economies in the club.

    Anyway, my unicorn needs taken for a walk.

  252. Liz g says:

    Republicofscotland @ 11.52
    I get the impression that the British Nationalists in Holyrood know fine well that the Electoral Commission will be compelled to find that “YES” has to be the affirmative word for independence in indy ref 2.
    Mainly because the word as a logo and identifying aspect for the Independence side has been used since indy ref 1.

    I suspect this is a play for time,once in the hands of the UK electoral commission the Scottish Government cannot be seen to pressure them!!
    They would get to take their own sweet time over it,giving the Electoral Commission power to influence a delay in our decision.

    This should not be agreed without a time constraint on the Electoral Commission…. After all this is a past tested question.

  253. callmedave says:

    Jonathan Munroe Head of BBC news gathering just announced a debate between Boris and Jeremy in the last days of GE.

    Nick Robinson to chair.

    Other debates to feature Sturgeon and Swinson and with others in Scotland. (No Boris or Jeremy? didn’t say)

    Carlaw and Leonard… naw shurley shome mishtake! 🙁

  254. Capella says:

    @ Nana – works great thanks! Nicola Sturgeon is by far the best party leader in the UK. Brilliant start to the campaign. On my screen I scrolled to – 1:40 near the end of the clip.

  255. Joe says:

    @ Capella

    To be fair I could probably go to Edinburgh Zoo primate enclosure and pick better party leaders for the UK…

  256. HYUFD says:

    James Barr Gardiner So you would have gone down the De Valera route and stayed neutral in WW2, Dr Valera even sent condolonces to the German embassy on Hitler’s death? I am sure Putin would take note too especially with that Scottish oil you talk about so much

  257. Brian Lucey says:

    There is no legal, constitutional, method in Spain for a region to secede. Whether there should be or not, there is now not. There IS in the UK.

  258. callmedave says:

    BBC Scottish debate GE will have four in the debate

    Sturgeon. Johnston. Swinson and Corbyn.

    Also 7 way debate in Wales?

  259. HYUFD says:

    Brian Lucey There is if a state declares UDI and fights for it, Westminster could block indyref2 for ever and the SNP could not do much about it other than try and declare UDI

  260. HYUFD says:

    The Catalan government recently tried to do that and declare UDI from Spain

  261. Joe says:

    @ HYUFD

    When it comes to Putin – I like the guy. After the fall of the USSR western corporations were rubbing their hands with glee at the massive resources that could be exploited if they just got the right people (corrupt oligarchs) into power.

    Along comes Putin and kicks out the oligarchs and tells western big money to go ‘f’ themselves.

    If Putin had opened the doors to Russia’s resources to the Western financial cabal he could have been at one of Epsteins pedo parties with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and nobody would have batted an eyelid.

    In fact he could well have been one of the many ‘donors’ to the Clinton Foundation and got favors from Secretary of State Hillary via US state apparatus.

    Maybe he could also have been in on the FISA warrant abuse where the Obama administration got foreign powers (mainly the UK) to use their intelligence agencies to spy on the election campaigns of certain opposing politicians. Im sure being ex KGB he could have assisted on getting something dirty about Trump where the rest of the incompetent monkeys failed.

    He might have been able to access that unsecure email server Hillary was using for official business and that pretty much anybody who knew of it could hack into and retrieve classified U.S data.

    Maybe he could have gotten in on the action in Afghanistan when after the U.S/U.K invasion poppy production increased by about 900% compared with the Taliban.

    Instead he kept the doors locked on Russia’s wealth and I hear he is now influencing Scottish independence, Brexit, the Yellow Vests in France, Salvini, Orban, Le Penn, the Republican Party (or at least the Trump loyalists). Apparently he is also an evil anti semite for having an arrest warrant on George Soros (that billionaire who collapses small economies in order to short sell the currency and who also happens to be funding Remain groups and parties in the UK).

    I guess i’ll just believe U.S and U.K media.

  262. Sarah says:

    @Nana and Capella at 1.56: on my version of the YouTube link to Sky, Nicola’s speech came around -1.15.

  263. Dr Jim says:

    Mike Russell says he’s open minded to talk to the Electoral Commission but he’s not going to change the question from YES/NO because it’s been asked in the same way since 2014 56 times, Mike Russell went on to say (sarcastically) I don’t know what the Unionists are complaining about the question for anyway, they won with NO last time and they were happy with the circumstances of that so why now complain about YES being a better word giving us a better chance

    Just listened to SKY news and the presenter talked about the three main parties having set out their stalls for the election, then went on once again to name the Liberal Democrats as one of those three parties

    We hear the Lib Dems bang on about their 18 or so MPs but of course the Lib Dems don’t have 18 MPs they have around 10 or so, the rest have never been elected as Liberal Democrat MPs because they’re Tories who joined that party so haven’t been elected or tested at all except in the parties they used to be in

    As we all know the SNP are the third largest party in the UK with 35 MPs,the largest party in Scotland, the Government in Scotland, the party of most councillors in Scotland plus a membership of around 130.000, so compared to the SNP the Liberal Democrats barely exist and of course they are the fifth and bottom party in Scotland behind the Greens, so arrogance on a grand scale there from Lib Dems with promotion of that arrogance from the broadcasters

    Which proves conclusively this is not a general election in the UK this is a fraud election for the benefit of England and England alone because they couldn’t care less what’s happening in Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland as they see themselves as the UKs master race and no matter what happens in this election England will pay a heavy price when it’s all over for their overbearing arrogance just as other parties did in the past in another country who went down this road in the 1930s

    Once a people see dictatorship no matter how slowly they catch on, they move to stop it eventually and England’s time has just about come, unfortunately around half of England’s population will be tarred by the same brush as the arrogant other half and as we know moderate people’s voices tend to be quieter

    Until they’re riled

  264. Brian Lucey says:

    Of course Catalonia, or Scotland, or Rutland, or Thessaly could declare UDI. But that doesn’t mean anyone will treat them as independent countries. ESPECIALLY not the EU wherein they might like to be.
    Its not 1921 lads.

  265. sassenach says:

    I see the unionists, FUD and joe, are tag-teaming again.

    Do they really believe we ‘button up the back’!!

  266. Colin Alexander says:

    Brian Lucey said:

    “There is no legal, constitutional, method in Spain for a region to secede. Whether there should be or not, there is now not. There IS in the UK”.

    An interesting point.

    There’s only one part of the UK that has ever left the (Union of) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: The Republic of Ireland.

    That’s the only one legal precedent:

    1. Sinn Féin sought a mandate for independence and won a clear majority in the election of December 1919.

    2. They created a new Irish Parliament (the UK had abolished the previous Irish Parliament) and they declared independence.

    3. Eventually, in 1922, a treaty was made between Irish and British to establish the Irish Free state. However, it was still a Crown dominion.

    4. In 1931 Westminster legislated that UK Parliament relinquished most of the rights of legislating for dominions, so this affected the Irish Free State too. It effectively became independent.

    5. The Irish themselves, in 1937, without any need of consent from UK Parliament, later held their own referendum on a new constitution, which was approved by the people of Ireland: Ireland became the state.

    The SNP are peddling a falsehood about s30 indyref being the only legal route to independence.

  267. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Joe @ 08:54,

    I’m very happy to let the astute readers of this site decide for themselves just how much of an irrelevant insincere scummy shit-stirrer you actually are.

    Like Putin? Why am I not in the least surprised? You’re probably being paid by him.

  268. Republicofscotland says:

    Dr Jim @1.47pm.

    “The Electoral Commission could get to test the question for indyref2 after ministers indicated they were prepared to back down in a row with the watchdog.”

  269. callmedave says:


    The Lib/Dems drop the word ‘largest’ to the word ‘strongest’ remain party in UK there on big auntie news.

  270. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    HOY FUD!

    Article 65 of The Vienna Convention

    UN General Assembly resolution on the right to self-determination

    The UKs unwritten constitution as interpreted by a NeoFascist Right Wing British Nationalist Government doesn’t hold any water.

  271. Angry Weegie says:

    Slight OT. Some other thoughts on issues surrounding IndyRef2020.

  272. Dr Jim says:


    I watched the debate at Holyrood and the stage one committee meeting and Mike Russell agreed that he would talk and listen to anybody including the electoral commission but reminded the committee and Parliament that the electoral commission does not have the final say, that final say should be with Ministers and as to the question I am not minded to change it

    He went on to give all the reasons why the Tories and Labour want it changed
    The funny thing about this is the electoral commission haven’t said yet that they do want to change the question it just seems they want to exercise what they believe is their right to be consulted so it could all be a mini storm in a wee cup from the hopeful opposition

    What they seem to want to do is confuse folk by applying the remain/leave option to an already established franchise of YES/NO so that folk become confused over what they’re leaving and what they’re remaining in

    A case of injecting as much mud as they can into a simple question

  273. Liz g says:

    RepublicofScotland @ 2.13 & Dr Jim @ 1.47

    Mike Russell didn’t ” back down “, he said he would try to reach an agreement with the Electoral Commission,which is a different thing.
    This UK body should not be handed the power to affect the timing of a referendum that has had time constraints placed on it by Brexit…. Especially to go over ground they had been paid to examine at leisure in 2014!
    If the Electoral Commission can do their work without becoming an instrument of the delay the British State are pushing for them fair enough.
    I’m sure Mike Russell can get that “done” if anyone can. 🙂

  274. Golfnut says:

    @ RepublicofScotland.

    I’ve noted the National regularly mimic the Herald with misleading headlines, and this is just another. I have even asked them on Facebook if Herald editors were in control on some occasions.
    The National is doing a pretty good job for the Indy movement, but somehow just can’t help themselves going down the speculative route. It’s not exactly a slow news week, so why?

  275. Effijy says:

    At lunch time I caught a bit of ITV News.
    “Today in Edinburgh, Nicola Sturgeon launched the the SNP Election manifesto.”
    From there it was a full 5 minutes of Swansong and Libs has n Fife and how they
    We’re mighty in Scotland they are taking on the rotten incumbent SNP

  276. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    To be a tad pedantic…

    The question could never be along the lines of Leave/Remain.

    If the majority were for Remain, fair enough; that works. However, Scotland CANNOT Leave the UK – there is no UK without Scotland’s presence in the union.

    Therefore, the question, if not the simple, well known “Yes/No” would have to be along the lines of,
    Should Scotland remain in the UK or become an independent country?
    Scotland should remain in the UK. [box 1]
    Yes, Scotland should become an independent country. [box 2]

  277. North chiel says:

    “ RJS @ 0205 pm” perhaps Rev Stu should consider a “ visa fee” to be levied on obvious “ Britnat trolls” to post on his site . The funds raised could then be used towards “ start up costs” for his proposed new political party. Would say £400 seem appropriate?

  278. galamcennalath says:

    Colin Alexander @ 2:03

    You miss out two highly significant steps …

    2b) the UK effectively lost control of most of Ireland in the War of Indpendence.

    3b) the even more violent Civil War followed

    Ireland is the perfect example of how NOT to gain independence.

    And to this day Ireland remains partitioned.

  279. ScotsRenewables says:

    Colin Alexander says:
    The SNP are peddling a falsehood about s30 indyref being the only legal route to independence.

    Coco, it is you who is peddling a falsehood.

    The SNP have said no such thing. They have said a Section 30 order is ‘the gold standard’. They have not said it is the ‘only legal route to independence’

  280. Liz g says:

    Briandoonthetoon @ 2.44
    Everybody knows this Brian,up to and including the Electoral Commission.
    The activities of the Yes movement alone since 2014 demand the Yes/No answer.
    The media and politicians reference Yes/No sides.
    Even comedians do it……
    At best the Electoral Commission are touting for well paid work to just rubber stamp what we all already know, and at worst they are a part of an effort to delay the Indy Ref!
    The British Nationalists certainly want a dely,they even suggested yesterday in Parliament that a Scottish Electoral Commission be set up…. I think they think we’re stupid.
    As for the Scottish public …..
    I don’t think the British shouting that it’s not the right question will fly,if Mike Russel went ahead on the 2014 question.
    “Away and no be sa bloody stupit” I’d wager, would be the consensus. : -)

  281. Gary45% says:

    Colin A@2.03
    Have you been overdosing on the Horlicks again, take a wee Ovaltine to bring yourself back down to earth, time for a wee nap son, try again later.

  282. manandboy says:

    Across the UK, Labour are in deep trouble at this point in time.

    “The SNP continue to dominate in Scotland, having actually increased their share of the vote from 37% in 2017 to 42% now. Tory support has fallen seven points to 22%, while Labour support has collapsed from 27% to just 12%, meaning the party is currently in fourth place behind the Lib Dems (13%). Should this figure remain the same on election day it will be the worst Labour result in Scotland for more than 100 years.”

  283. Jack Murphy says:

    Robert Peston of ITV News is in Scotland today speaking to Nicola Sturgeon:


    6 minutes.

  284. dadsarmy says:

    If you google – ulva application residence – you’ll see plenty of links including an application pdf, and if you visit Mull you’ll see directions for the wee ferry to get there in Salen and probably Dervaig as well, can’t remember. There’s no conspiracy there!

  285. Iain mhor says:

    @Brian Lucey 1:50pm

    True enough. Though I’d like to remind people that ‘non-recognition’ or even being a non-EU member state is no bar to trade relations with the EU or other countries, up to and including free, tariff free trade.

    There is a recognised framework for it, in fact the EU utilised it, as the then fledgling EEC (ECSC) ironically in order to trade with the UK; which had decided it wanted heehaw to do with the ECSC/EEC.
    This will be the process put in place to trade with the UK (rUK?) again, tariff free, post Brexit – unless the UK jumps into bed with the USA/WTO instead of course, whuch it will.

    “European Union Association Agreement (for short, Association Agreement or AA) is a treaty between the European Union (EU), its Member States and a non-EU country that creates a framework for co-operation between them. Areas frequently covered by such agreements include the development of political, trade, social, cultural and security links…”

    An example of its current use in relation to ‘non-recognised states’ would be Transnistria, among others.

  286. Republicofscotland says:

    To all who’ve commented on it I hope Mike Russell stands his ground with regards to the Electoral commission.

  287. Robert Kerr says:

    Come on peeps.

    When Scotland is an Independent Country AGAIN there is NO United Kingdom.

    It’s in the Treaty! Two Kingdoms united as one.

    The Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England plus the annexed Principality and two thirds of a Province is the United Kingdom!

    Just for fun The Treaty of Union is of the same vintage as the Treaty of Utrecht which defines the status of Gibraltar. The yoons can only have both or neither., 1707 and 1713. Google it if you must.

    You taught well Mr Peffers!

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