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Fingers on the pulse

Posted on February 24, 2023 by

BBC NEWS: [abysmal, unprofessional disgrace to broadcasting]

ITV NEWS: Hold our beer!

(Still not deleted/fixed seven hours later.)


TEAM REGAN: [no video online nine hours after the speech]

Screw this idiot show, we’re off to get drunk.

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0 to “Fingers on the pulse”

  1. Giesabrek says:

    Well, as if we needed any confirmation, it’s clear so the establishment want and don’t want. It’ll only get worse and more obvious.

  2. sarah says:

    Rev, just step in and run Ash’s campaign. Please.

  3. Soda says:

    Think i’ll join ya… cheers!!

  4. Andrew scott says:


  5. Dorothy Devine says:

    Good idea Rev – I’m about to hit the gin bottle.

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    Its obvious that the Britnats and their media are running scared of Ash Regan, and will do their utmost to hinder her campaign, this kind of chicanary should make us and those who have the vote in this leadership contest get even more behind Regan.

    This kind of thing also highlights the sheer bias of the Britnat media against a candidate who supports an independent Scotland.

  7. Linda McFarlane says:

    I’ll join you.

  8. 100%Yes says:

    Drink in and keep us informed, I hear Mhairi Black has had a go at Forbes, hope her faith keeps Forbe strong and she doesn’t cave in.

  9. Stoker says:

    And the BBC in Scotland has a piece about Ash Regan questioning Murrell’s role in this campaign. I think Ash may be considering joining ALBA once this is all over. LOL!

  10. Stoker says:

    And the BBC in Scotland Text Service has a piece about Ash Regan questioning Murrell’s role in this campaign. I think Ash may be considering joining ALBA once this is all over. LOL!

  11. Haud says:

    It does mention the 3 , 1 of which is wee Nicola. Might she un-resign? Is there another plan afoot ?

    WTAF is going on.

  12. sarah says:

    Ash has got a facebook site for her campaign and that has a video of her launch speech. [I’ve not watched it yet so don’t know how long or good it is.]

  13. Stoker says:

    I think the most important point, over and above this side-show, is what is the indy movement going to do once Hoozat Useless is appointed?

    If it’s him who wins then shame on anyone still a member of the SNP if you’re claiming to be pro-indy. That’s all i can say.

    Way back when everyone started deserting Sturgeon’s Nonce Party there was a group of folk spouting pish about staying a member because “it’s better to fight from the inside”. Well, several years later and we’re still waiting to see that fight.

    That’s as bad as the guy who blames keeping the TV licence on his wife’s love of the Soaps. Shame on all of you. There can be no justifiable reason for helping to keep that corrupt vessel afloat, whether you’re a member or a politician.

  14. Stuart MacKay says:

    Is Ashten Regan the Joanna Cherry we always wanted and longed for? Will she get the boot once this is over? I doubt she’ll be tolerated for being “off message” if Useless gets the job. Same goes for Forbes. If Useless has learned anything from his mentor it will be to execute the opposition as quickly as possible.

    Oh dear, my glass is empty…

  15. Big Jock says:

    When you are in a hole Humza. Stop digging. I have had enough of this, really scunnered with the charade.

  16. David Hannah says:

    Just watched her speech there.

    I wish her well. I would have mentioned the Bridge however. The Queensferry crossing is the biggest engineering project in modern Scotland. The land of invention. The potential Scotland has and I’m bringing you hear to build bridges.

    PR needs to do better. Get the videos made, the press questions and answers are important.

  17. robertkknight says:

    What’s the difference between the MSM in Scotland and the SNP?

    One’s run by f**kwits whose only achievement is to make a monumental cluster-f**k of everything and anything they care to put their collective, retarded little minds to.

    The other… erm…gimme a minute…erm… it’ll come to me…erm…sod it!

    I’ll get me coat…

  18. John Main says:

    Soz, I am just not getting it.

    Is that Regan self-id-Ing as Sturgeon, or Sturgeon self-id-ing as Regan?


  19. Gavin McInnes says:

    Who cares? She is a *TERRIBLE* candidate! I am disheartened at the choice. Imagine thinking a few weeks ago that Sturgeon would resign and someone suggested these three would be the trio slugging it out?! Comical.

    Independence is over for a generation – again.

  20. Big Jock says:

    When you watch Ash. You realise that Forbes isn’t ready for leadership. Ash is impeccably spoken, confident and absolutely sure footed.

  21. David Hannah says:

    @big jock. Ahaha. Looks like Yousaf has been another PR disaster. Brilliant.

    Ash Regan, I hope she wins. Her campaign will get better. It’s good news they have all signed up for a TV debate on STV.

    She should get Wings to run her campaign it would help her massively. And the Indy blogs and podcasts.

  22. Ruby says:

    Rev Stu – Highlander has some info for you

  23. Big Jock says:

    Humza is basically just a trained dummy. This is actually quite tragic. It makes me squirm.

  24. Tommo says:

    As a supporter of the Union I listened to her address; quite impressive if a little stilted-however it’s not a university debating situation; the one glaring admission as I see it is the pledge to that ‘in the first hundred days’ her government would demonstrate ‘wisely fairly and competently’ good government; what conceivable difference could three months make to the balance of public wellbeing such as would shift the balance for independence ?
    Anyway a blessed relief from looking at Wee Jeannie

  25. Alf Baird says:

    Stuart MacKay @ 8:07 pm

    “if Useless gets the job.”

    Will he be elected FM though?

    Back on the SNP website its all about hersel and naethin on the leadership ‘campaign’, like it disnae exist:

    Assume ‘nicolas-top-60-achievements’ wis in the cv for the big UN? job starting this Summer, courtesy of UK Gov.

  26. Ted says:

    @RepublicofScotland. You are mistaken: the media in England are not running scared of Ash, in fact she is regarded as a joke, albeit not a clown joke like Hamza but a joke nonetheless since her UDI speech and total confusion when asked fairly straightforward questions. The real threat to the Union from the point of view of this Unionist is Kate. Think about it. She has been shown to be that rare thing which is honest and courageous. She is leading the cultural fight back despite her best intentions and despite her fundamentalist religious views. She might just surprise you in that she will have the ear of sensible anti woke Scots (ie the vast majority). She might just get the same resonance in Scotland as Kemi gets in England. If she can leap over the narrow electoral base of the rotten SNP my gut tells me the Scots will love her. And that spells danger for my side of the argument. I think even if she does well but loses, she will have played a brilliant role in the struggle for the culture throughout the UK. So I would like her to do well and then lose to either of the other two.

  27. Rab Feely says:

    Sturgeon was Indy’s only hope. Sad I know. But if all of us voted for her and had the bottle to see beyond division we’d have ousted her practically immediately in an independent Scotland. That’s what pisses me off most: folk don’t see a big picture. They’re just too riven with petty partisan politics. It’s cost us dear.

  28. osakisushi says:

    Must admit, I’ve returned to actually caring about Scottish politics again, despite the SNP appearing to be trying involuntary assisted suicide…

  29. Big Jock says:

    Osaki. Until Humza gets elected. Then most of us will implode with rage.

  30. Andrew scott says:

    Sorry ash has declared UDI if scotland votes enough
    Sorry next day
    No barnet funds
    No negotiations
    Funds for benefits.?
    Hard border ‘cause anyone can fly into scotland then go south to engerland
    Not on your life
    It’s useless now

  31. laukat says:

    Regan needs to get a bit better a delivery. I suspect she is a bit nervous speaking in front of that type of audience and that once she gets one or two under her belt I think she will get better. I think she may well perform very well in the leaders debate rather than set pieces.

    Also needs to get slicker at using the media. The soundbites on Murrell were good at raising her profile but having a campaign launch required a bigger fanfare, bigger room, bigger audience etc.

    Interested in Regan thanking the “people endorsing in the days and weeks to come”. Suggests there are a few MSPs lined up to support her which would be good. Also could be useful if the likes of Robin McAlpine was one of those.

    She is certainly saying the rights thing, just hope her message gets through to enough.

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    “You are mistaken: the media in England are not running scared of Ash”


    They should be, have you read Regan’s Mission statement? independence is at the front and centre if she becomes leader and that’s what matters that’s why many Scots voted for the SNP in the first place.

    Forbes gave an interview to Andrew Kerr of the BBC a couple of days ago and she said that she wasn’t too keen on the 50+1% victory at elections and that she’d rather wait (however long) to build up support to a larger enough figure that Westminster couldn’t ignore us, we’ve waited long enough.

  33. Mac says:

    I am really trying to get a handle on Kate Forbes and Ash Regan.

    Been looking for things I can watch online where it is just them speaking and not some BBC wank telling you what they allegedly said (through their ‘Trust me, I’m not a BBC wank’ filters).

    Ash Regan is almost invisible media wise. That seems to be how they are dealing with her.

    Kate Forbes however is getting the Salmond treatment before she even gets the job.

    So I am going for Forbes at this point but this is my SNP, who gives a shit, vote.

    I will gladly vote ALBA 1 / ALBA 2 for the only true statesmen in Scotland at this point. Alex Salmond.

    I do hope we will have an ALBA 1 option next time as I ain’t voting SNP 1,2,3,fucking anything if it is Humza Twoface.

  34. Ron Clark says:

    Big Jock

    Surely if the SNP elect Yousaf, then they will implode?

    The SNP CANNOT exist as a credible entity with that utterly useless numpty at the helm.

  35. David Hannah says:

    Humza looked like he’d launched his campaign from inside the Bute House bunker.

    Kate Forbes had the Cuillin mountains in her video.

    Regan’s was also much better. Full of colour in front of the Queensferry crossing.

    He’s no match for these ladies.

  36. Ebok says:

    All the outrage on Wings, all the anger, all the foreboding, I fear counts for nothing. The electorate have just TOLD US we’re wasting our time.

    At a time of historic lows in moralities in Scottish and UK politics, when living standards are being savaged, corruption is endemic, freedoms are being criminalised, outrageous TV propaganda, and a host of other previously accepted norms being eroded, what reaction has there been from the public?

    Well, on a dry, pleasant day, with a 15-hour voting window, almost three quarters of the electorate in one of Aberdeen’s wards couldn’t be bothered to give 15 minutes of their time to pop along to the local polling booth to give their verdict on the current sickness that engulfs HR and WM.

    Worse still for Independence and ALBA is that now SNPs downward spiral has begun, their support is not automatically going to ALBA, the clear indication is that voters are giving up on Independence and returning to from whence they came.
    SNP lost 11% of their vote yesterday, Slab gained 8%, while ALBA, who didn’t contest last time, improved by only 2%, based on figures from other recent elections.

    As I’ve been warning for more than a year, the electorate may conclude SNP/bad therefore Indy/bad, with ALBA being piggy in the middle.
    Wingers who wish to see the total destruction of SNP now seem likely to get that wish, but with it will come a very long uphill struggle for Indy, while the remainder of us cling to one last hope. Cometh the hour, cometh the woman?

  37. Merganser says:

    The one on the left in the photo (white coat, giving the V sign) looks vaguely familiar, I’m sure she tried to sell me a ferry for £600,000. recently. Can’t remember her name though.

  38. Doug says:

    Alex Neil more or less calling Yousaf a liar on twitter. This leadership contest is sorting out the true nationalists from the careerist fellow travellers. Not before time. I still want Regan to win but if she can establish a political partnership with Forbes post election, a la McDonald and O’Neill, that would be acceptable.

  39. Ron Clark says:

    Ash Regan needs to invest in a top class PR Company, immediately, (like tonight).

  40. Stoker says:

    Big Jock says on 24 February, 2023 at 9:05 pm:
    “The beginning of the end for the Murrels.”

    OOOoooo! The plot thickens… Remember a few of us at the time suggesting the missing £600K possibly being used in the production/publication of Skanky Sturgeon’s book. I hope that’s the case. I really do. Oh brother where art thou? I feel a song coming on. ‘You’re in the jailhouse now’… OK! I’m no George Clooney but i’ll give it a go. LOL!

    Remember, folks, how the BritNat media would slip certain stories out under the radar usually on a Friday night when most folk were at the boozers or otherwise engaged and couldn’t give a flying f@ck about politics? Or they’d sneak it out under a more popular story the nation was hooked on?

    Well, looks like old habits die hard. The BBC in Scotland Text Service gives brief mention to Hoozat Useless missing the final vote on same sex marriage. Apparently he was at an “unavoidable” meeting about a death penalty case in *PAKISTAN*.

    Former minister Alex Neil is quoted as saying “Mr Yousaf arranged a meeting as cover in February 2014.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Aye! You read it right, folks, 2014. Nearly 10-years ago. Surely a misprint? No?

  41. Livionian says:

    Almost feels like the good old days. It’s good to feel like we are a thorn in the British establishment’s side again gang. Here’s for a tough slog

  42. Doug says:

    @Ebok 9:18pm

    So that’s that then. From now on all elections will have a turnout of 25%.The people of Dyce have spoken – just. Independence is dead.It has been carved in granite. Jings! Help ma boab! PC Murdoch!

  43. akenaton says:

    Completely underwhelmed by Regan. Anyone who thinks that independence will be achieved through the ballot box in her timescale is living in cloud cuckoo land.
    Imagine if the present shower of clowns and perverts had by some miracle rigged a vote for independence by accident and been left to implement it!
    Scotland would really have been finished. People would be leaving in droves.
    Forget the Braveheart glory trip and listen to what Kate Forbes is saying “softly softly catchee monkey”

  44. Mac says:

    Just noticed Mhairi Black wore ‘manface’ to her own wedding.

    I find that weird.

    Surely if you were confident in your identity you would not feel the need to legitimize or normalize your marriage by making yourself look like the ‘man’ in the wedding.

    I am really bored of Mhairi Black.

  45. Big Jock says:

    Akhenaten. No I disagree.

    We have had 8 years of softly softly. The polls have barely moved. People will come over to yes if they believe its more than theoretical. You do that in a campaign.

    The SNP have muddied the waters. Sturgeon told them a vote for the SNP wasn’t a vote for independence.

    Ash is going to say it actually is, and every election is about independence. If the SNP lose they campaign again in the next election. This was SNP policy since the 1940s.

    It’s not about winning the most votes in Holyrood by dropping independence. That’s dishonest and dissengenuous to the majority of SNP voters. Its about being up front. That way when you win. There is no way anyone can say they didn’t know they were voting for independence.

    It’s what we needto go to the UN and declare it. We don’t ask WM for a mandate. We present our mandate and declare our intention to proceed to independence.

  46. Big Jock says:

    Mac – Mhairi Black is a jumped up ned,who pretends to be a working class hero. She is full of inverted snobbery and aggressive secularism. Not a very nice human being.

  47. Ron Clark says:

    I remember the days when Mhairi Black was getting touted by top SNP officials as a “future leader”.

    And the crazy fuckin thing about is, we all bought into it as well.

  48. Breastplate says:

    Andrew Scott,
    You’ve done well to be pished before 9:04pm

  49. Bob Mack says:

    If that letter from Strident publishing is right,Sturgeon and advisor Todd and several HIE employees are going to jail for fraud. Taking money from the Highland and islands grant by exagerrating and overflating the score to qualify to achieve the grant.

    If true this puts any doubts about Sturgeon to bed. Cornton Vale anyone?

  50. sarah says:

    @ Big Jock at 10.23: “..every election is about independence.”

    Agreed. This talk of waiting until there’s a settled majority for Yes makes my blood run cold. That is the thinking that has held us back for 8 years. With the immigration from England continuing it will just make getting that clear majority even harder to get.

    A campaign requires action, inspiration, drive, not waiting around for the voters to do the decent thing.

    If the politicians won’t act then it leaves us solely with the route. At least that is something we can all help with and doesn’t rely on our politicians.

  51. Confused says:

    backseat driving here, but Regan got in a bit of a fluster from some obvious nonsense from the media C-team tonite; she should have been ready for it

    [nationalist politician explains plan for indy based on democratic mandate]

    media hack : “what will you do if the UK govmnt dont recognise … ”

    [cuts in with immediate rebuttal]


    – then we declare our independence at the UN and take it to a vote of the international community


    … we shall see where the chips fall and take it from there

    … blah … blah …










    … and so on

    something along those lines would shut the cunts up, put them on the back foot, then you do the talking

    [we’re not fucking around this time and we aren’t waiting till 2050]

  52. Fireproofjim says:

    OT. The National has an article on its website explaining the weird ballot stuffing on votes for the three candidates for FM.
    There were 125000 for Humza Yousef from a server in Edinburgh and,strangely, about 300,000 from servers in Algeria, Pakistan and Copenhagen for the others.
    All very odd and unlike any similar poll run by the National. They say.

  53. Ebok says:

    Doug @9.41pm

    No point in shooting the messenger Doug.
    The evidence is all pointing in the same direction, ALBA, for reasons I can’t understand, is simply not attracting support, we’ve stagnated for some time. 1.8% has been the norm, this time 3.7%. That’s good, and we’re now ahead of the Greens up there, but what is happening is that ex SNP members are disengaging from politics and disappearing without trace. 50,000 members just gone.

    SNP support is falling, Labour is making some headway at their expense, ALBA little movement. Nearly all polls are based on around 1000 opinions. Dyce was an opinion poll of nearly 5,000. There is no reason to suppose that the result isn’t an accurate guide or that a 100% turn-out would have produced anything different.

    Maybe I’m more exasperated than angered by another failure, but I’m with ALBA, with SALVO, I’ll never give up on Indy. Regan might win and start purging, but other than that, like you, I can only wait and hope.

  54. Liz says:

    Turnout in the by election was low – but that is nothing unusual for council by elections unfortunately. People seem to fail to understand the importance of councils (and therefore councillors they elect) on their everyday lives. It is rare these days to see turnout higher than 30%. I think people have given up on local politics – they don’t see any difference regardless of who they vote for.

  55. DJ says:

    akenaton says:
    24 February, 2023 at 9:54 pm
    Completely underwhelmed by Regan

    What tv channel were you watching? Ash was a breath of fresh air, promising every election would, in all but name, be a de facto referendum.

    We’ve tried graduallism – for years. It doesn’t work. Time to turn up the heat.

  56. ronald says:

    akenaton 9.54

    That’s the problem with the Snp they catchee to many monkeys & give them jobs that their ill equipped to do

  57. bluegrass banjo says:

    600k indyref2 fund

    needs to be returned to depositers

  58. mark says:

    Ash Regan is nothing for the Yoons to be scared of. She is a fundamentalist who appeals to a small section of the electorate and will frighten off middle Scotland – the people whose votes you need – with her endless plebescitary election nonsense. She is a total novice whose only claim to any sort of renown is resigning. Before then no one had heard of her.

    And still she is better than Useless.

    What a joke your constitutional obsession on behalf of a minority of voters you have all made Scotland become.

  59. Big Jock says:

    Apparently Humza begged Salmond to get out of voting in the equal marriage bill. He said he was under heavy pressure from the Mosque. He knew weeks and weeks before and then arranged a meeting about a Scot arrested in Pakistan on vote day. His feeble excuse being he voted on stage 1 of the bill.

    People are not stupid. He is an opportunist. A complete non entity promoted beyond his pay grade.

  60. charlie says:

    Ash Regan can come after the media can’t cope with Forbes’ beliefs and yer man is judged on his record. Just trying to be hopeful.

  61. David Hannah says:

    It’s clear from Mhairi Black tweet she’s got no intentions of helping empower her sisters into the top job in the country.

    “The idea that Kate is being ‘persecuted’, or that there is a ‘witch hunt’ or ‘unionist media plot’ against her is utterly fanciful at best and a dangerous conspiracy theory at worst. (5/10)”

    Forbes and Regan are women, in the same party working to advance our cause of Independence. I think they are inspirational. The sexism and mysogynistic comments, and down right nutter fringe attacks will be like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

    We all share the common goal of Independence. Regan and Forbes deserve our support and admiration.

    Black’s no feminist that’s for sure. She should be empowering her sisters, any other field of work she’d be disciplined for bumping her gums online.

    Sorry *rubbing Kitkat in her gums on live TV in Parliament.

  62. highlander says:

    Ruby says:
    24 February, 2023 at 8:28 pm

    Rev Stu – Highlander has some info for you


    just need a e-mail address

  63. David Hannah says:

    Mhairi Black once made a video about mean tweets if I remember correctly. So she’ll know all too well about how they can make you feel.

    And now she comes out and says Kate Forbes brings it on herself. It’s what she’s essentially saying.

    I think it’s appalling to be honest. Team Humza are toxic.

  64. Breastplate says:

    Mark @ 11:55pm,

    “.. with her endless plebescitary election nonsense.”

    Ongoing democracy! That could never work in Scotland, could it? We Scots should just shut up and eat our porridge.

  65. SusanAHF says:

    Mhairi Black is toxic waste and a disgrace

  66. DJ says:

    mark says:
    24 February, 2023 at 11:55 pm
    Ash Regan is nothing for the Yoons to be scared of. She is a fundamentalist who appeals to a small section of the electorate

    Silliest comment I’ve read in a long time. Fundamentalist? Then I must be one, too, along with around half the country.

  67. PhilM says:

    Well Marky Mark McMarkface…
    We can either concentrate on our constitutional obsession or drop it altogether and become part of England’s post-imperial constitutional obsession through the Brexit torture chamber. Some bright spark might actually say we had our constitutional obsession forced on us after the Brexit vote and as for middle Scotland (if it actually existed which it doesn’t), the middling people are currently coming to terms with the kind of tightening of the purse strings that only the poorer people have had to deal with in the past.
    See…if you frame it like that, it kind of makes sense rather than some emotionally unhinged bitter and twisted rant about Scotland.

  68. Breeks says:

    Ebok says:
    24 February, 2023 at 9:18 pm
    Wingers who wish to see the total destruction of SNP now seem likely to get that wish…

    I don’t believe Wingers ever did wish to see the destruction of the SNP. It is the rank stupidity and corruption of Nicola Sturgeon which took it upon herself to restructure the SNP, which has effectively destroyed the SNP. The whole party was stolen from the YES Movement and repurposed as Sturgeon’s personal vehicle for promoting her Transgender Dystopia.

    Wingers didn’t want the destruction of the SNP. Wingers wanted to stop Sturgeon’s hubris and narcissism from destroying the SNP, but for eight years, the sheep in the SNP didn’t want to believe their messiah was a false prophet, but were all too happy to believe the smears against Alex Salmond, and to demonise Rev Stu for Wings Over Scotland’s Casandra style warnings that Sturgeon was going to have a devastating impact on the prospect of Independence.

    Any accusation that Wings or Wingers weren’t “real” Independence supporters or actually “wanted” the SNP destroyed is more typical of the farcical delusion of the WGD types and other douche bags in the “Easily Led” collective who have all done so much to facilitate Sturgeon’s eight year long cynical filleting of everything decent which the SNP ever stood for.

    Who the fuck in their right mind wants Scotland’s desperately needed Independence to be associated with a sleazy Pervert’s Charter which indulges the weird sexual fantasies and fetishes of Queer Theory pedophiles and misogynists? They’re asking our school kids whether they’ve had an-bad word-al sex for fuck’s sake, physically putting convicted rapists in jail beside women, and all the SNP “duggers” are clapping like seals and refusing to hear the groans of revulsion in any right thinking person.

    Sturgeon turned the mighty and honourable SNP into the immoral spoiled brat fraternity who helped themselves to everything that didn’t belong to them, denied themselves nothing, and viciously attacked anyone and everyone who objected to their orgy of corruption, greed, risible incompetence and obnoxious narcissism.

    Wingers are NOT the ones who’ve been taken for fools by Sturgeon and her pervert’s entourage. Wingers are the ones who saw all this coming and for eight thankless and painful years have tried to steer the SNP off this trajectory towards the self immolation of Sturgeon’s SNP.

    WE WANT AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND, but what we got was an eight year long exhibition of political delinquency, and a First Minister who could scarcely have done more, and more lasting damage to Scotland had she been sworn in to specifically destroy the place and burn everything to the ground.

    Scotland’s Independence was there, in our grasp in 2016. All Sturgeon had to do was defend the Claim of Right, the sovereignty of Scotland’s people, and Brexit would have destroyed the Union. ONLY Scotland’s capitulation and abdication of sovereignty would let Westminster wriggle off the hook. May you burn in Hell for that capitulation Nicola Sturgeon and squandering the freedom of our Nation when it was won.

    ALBA. was never a threat to the SNP. ALBA was Scotland’s self defence mechanism kicking in; pure survival instinct. The Independence spirit was gravely imperilled where it was, and it needed a safe refuge and sanctuary from danger. But we know how little regard the SNP has for such delicate sensibilities don’t we? No self restraint or contrition, just boorish abuse and withering depreciation… poor ALBA didn’t deserve it.

    You’re quite wrong Ebok. Wingers are not getting what they wished for. Wingers saw the future in Galadriel’s mirror, but the warnings were all ignored and now the nightmare has all but come true.

    Can it be saved from the brink? Of course it can. We must now wake Scotland up from her slumber, and help that noble old lady get back on her feet and recover her strength. She will take back her sovereignty, because she and she alone, is it’s rightful owner. It is the Community of the Realm which is sovereign in Scotland, nobody else.

    Holyrood is no good to us filled with Unionists betraying our nation. But the distinction between braying Unionist and treacherous Devolutionist is blurred, and a Vichy assembly is hardly any more use to us under the SNP that it was under Labour. The 1998 Scotland Act remains ONLY the constitution of a political assembly. It is NOT the Constitution of our Nation.

    One day, soon, people will understand what that means, and recognise the treachery codified into the heart of Scotland’s Holyrood “Parliament” by the colonial Scotland Act.

  69. Burgh says:

    “Ash Regan is nothing for the Yoons to be scared of. She is a fundamentalist”

    Disagree. The SNP need to solidify the message to voters , a vote for the SNP is a vote in support of independence. That was SNP policy for decades. Then the gradualists came in and it became all about asking the UK government for permission or caring about polling.

    The only polls that matters are elections. Let there be no ambiguity at the next one , no more of this “not every SNP voter supports independence” narrative. The driving principle of the SNP should be independence, without conditions. That means EVERY election is run with achieving that goal, if 50% isn’t achieved then strong middle of the road government until the next opportunity. We must never relent.

  70. Babushka says:

    I find it disconcerting that people in here still don’t fancy Ash as the new FM despite all of your usual clever well researched articles. Ash won’t happen as nothing good ever happens anymore and it has been this way since the 2014 independence vote. The whole world seems to be on the bad guys vibe and I have resigned myself to useless winning.

  71. Robert Louis says:

    I see loads of folk defending Kate, because ‘her views are private, and…‘religious’.

    The problem is, her views are NOT private, she made them public. She is NOT a regular member of the public, she has been elected to public office. Her views have power, and can reinforce or give succour to REAL hateful bigots (and we can see them all right now in Scotland running out of the sewers), however she may dress them up. Opposing the right of gay folk to marry is homophobic, regardless of whether you are just a bigot, ill-educated, or were told so by an invisible magic man in the sky.

    Had Kate kept her views private, it wouldn’t be an issue, but she didn’t. When you start spouting hateful rhetoric about gay folk, or children born out of marriage, you kind of get what you deserve.

    Honestly, now she has made her views about abortion and gay marriage and children born outside of marriage public, she deserves criticism. Those were the views held high in Scotland about sixty years ago, and held us back. Scotland has moved on. Whilst some folk cling still to such views, they are a vote loser. Do we really want to drag Scotland backwards, to make it one of the most regressive countries in Europe??

    Some folk in political parties might hold views like Kate, but, and THIS is the really important part, THEY KEEP THEM TO THEMSELVES.

  72. SusanAHF says:

    Robert Louis, religion is a protected belief and she has every right to voice those beliefs. As an atheist and a lesbian I disagree with those views but I will defend her right to hold them and speak them. It is not a “regressive” step so get down off your high horse.

  73. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis, she was asked the question what would you have her do ? Lie ? Prevaricate?

    She gave honest answers – something missing from the politics of Scotland for a long time.
    She didn’t demand everyone should adhere to her view – she merely stated hers honestly.

  74. Caesar Luath says:

    Nah, the English press’ ridiculing of Regan demonstrates that she is the candidate they fear. Regan knocks back stupid questions for the nonsense they are, then the Wapping Wonders all scream “the crazy woman demands independence”!

  75. Caesar Luath says:

    One could be forgiven for thinking that you’ve always thought it was useless.

  76. Caesar Luath says:

    It’s really surprising that when people drop their support for the SNP they don’t sign up with the CND/ Free Palestine Citizen Smiths in ALBA and the ISP. I just can’t fathom it.

  77. Caesar Luath says:

    Have you ever thought, Ebok, that while CND /Free Palestine student politics may be catnip to the activists in ALBA, people abandoning the SNP might have had enough of that rubbish?

  78. akenaton says:

    Listen folks. I appreciate your defence of a candidate who seems intent on bulldozing independence next week, but I have lived long enough to know that constitutional affairs take time and depend on the mass of the population being involved in the process.
    There is a world of difference between what politicians say and what they actually do just as there is a world of difference between Kate Forbes and Nicola Sturgeon…..and I’m sorry to say, Ash Regan.
    Kate Forbes is laying down her guiding principles, principles which are likely to appeal to a rapidly changing voting demographic in Scotland over the next few years.
    Regan’s view is to try to deliver Independence within the same social framework used by Sturgeon for selfish and alleged monetary reasons. At the next UK election the SNP will be decimated unless there is a huge shake up of social policy and a return to reality by those who govern this nation.

    We all wanted rid of M&Co, we all knew this would adversely affect the political strength of the SNP, we all knew it would mean pushing back Independence for a few years, but we all agreed that we could not in any circumstances live in Sturgeons vision of an Independent Scotland.

  79. Breastplate says:

    Caesar Luath,

    What have you got against Palestinian people and what have you got against the idea of a world free of nuclear weapons?
    I’m very interested in your opinion and how you came to that opinion.

  80. Liz says:

    Some of the comments on here are really irritating.
    All these people telling Ash what she should and shouldn’t do.
    She’s chosen her team, either get behind her or stop bloody moaning.

    It wouldn’t matter who her team were, she’ll still get the same treatment

    Of course she’s being sidelined by the MSM, cos she is the best candidate.

  81. John Main says:

    @Robert Louis 7:08

    Not a Forbes fan, then?

    It’s Saturday, take some time off, stroll along your local High Street, take in the litter, the homeless, the druggies, the yobbos, the unhealthy, unfit and infirm, the vandalism, the sense of suppressed fear and resigned despair that the downwards spiral is inexorable.

    After you have done that, come back on here and pen us another paean in praise of your beloved progressive policies.

    There’s good reasons why “reactionary” forces are gaining traction throughout Europe and the western world. People are neither blind, nor stupid.

    If it’s “progressive” to have to lie about what you think and see, ordinary people will inevitably reject progressivism. Soz, but that’s how people work.

  82. John Main says:

    @BP 10:14

    I will get 100% behind the Palestinians just as soon as they (and their allies) renounce genocide.

    That would also help with the nuclear weapons question. Meantime, just for you, I am going to close my eyes, cross my fingers, and spin widershins 3 times, while wishing for their abolition.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you check if it worked and report back on here? I have to go to work.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  83. Ruby says:

    Robert Louis says:
    25 February, 2023 at 7:08 am

    The problem is, her views are NOT private, she made them public. She is NOT a regular member of the public, she has been elected to public office. Her views have power, and can reinforce or give succour to REAL hateful bigots

    You should start a campaign to close down all the churches, mosques, chapels, temples etc they are all preaching & making their views public.

    Then there’s the BBC etc who broadcast all these religious programmes.

    Easter is not far off you could maybe campaign to have the Pope banned from TV.

    I can’t see that happening it looks as if all the LGBT+++ crybabies are good for is attacking women.

  84. sadscot says:

    @ Ted
    I agree re Regan’s media stuff yesterday. She struggled really badly in places.

  85. Mia says:

    “constitutional affairs take time”

    Drinking a pint of beer can take a hell of a long time if you choose to have it with a expresso coffee spoon instead of actually drinking it.

    8 years of majorities is more than enough time. Scotland should have been independent since May 2015, but for that you need a real pro-independence leader committed to independence instead of a political fraud acting as the useful idiot of the British establishment.

    That we have had no progress forward since November 2014 was not a matter of lack of time. It was a matter of either the most embarrassing incompetence Scotland has ever seen, or consistent, deliberate collusion between the party in power, the parties in the opposition and the arms of the crown to frustrate the progress of Scotland’s autonomy. I choose to believe the second option.

  86. gregor says:

    “He is the longest currently-serving Scottish National Party MP…”


    Pete Wishart (25/02/2023): Twit:

    “Geez! This is the central mission of the SNP and the independence movement she’s trying (very, very badly) to set out here. We deserve so much better than this when we are under such scrutiny.”:

  87. gregor says:

    ScottishBillsMafiaJason (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “This is what happens when you live with the knowledge that you’ve sold your principles for a WM salary. Pete Wishart blocked me this week for saying he was a gravy-train politician. The SNP has seriously lost its way and needs to get back to pre-2014 campaigning.”:

  88. Breastplate says:

    John Main,

    Utopia is a destination we can never reach but we should all take the journey.

  89. David says:

    How will they persuade the UK Gov to allow an Indy Ref

  90. gregor says:

    Grouse Beater (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Oh dear. Stewart McDonald is shutting people down on Twitter.

    Fate arrives in many forms, even an hello in a wee tweet.”:

  91. gregor says:

    Ian Bruce (2014): The King Has Landed: Ye Jacobites By Name:

    “…Ye Jacobites by name, give an ear
    Ye Jacobites by name
    Your fautes I will proclaim
    Your doctrines I maun blame, you shall hear, you shall hear…”:

  92. Alf Baird says:

    Liz @ 10:31 am

    “Of course she’s being sidelined by the MSM, cos she is the best candidate.”

    True, but the key factor here is that she’s the only candidate offering Scots a rapid route to independence.

  93. gregor says:

    Mhairi Hunter, quotes (2018):

    “There are different points of view…”

    “…we really need to think much – much harder…”

    “It’s about educating boys, and girls… equality and respect…”:

    Mhairi Hunter (25/02/2023): Twit:

    “I see Murdo Fraser responding to the Daily Record story…. He is an absolute moron. The outcome of all this could be people of faith being less inclined to get involved in politics.”

    “Kate Forbes to voluntarily introduce her religious beliefs… I’m clear her views are unacceptable…”:

  94. gregor says:


    “In a voluntary way (= done, made, or given willingly).”


    “In a way that shows that you are happy to do something if it is needed.”

    “They will not willingly give up their profits or their power.”

  95. Jamie says:

    I’m not really surprised by Ash Regans lacklustre campaign. She was my MSP when I lived in East Edinburgh and she never replied to my emails when I contacted her and that was when I was an SNP member.

    Also, I attended a local event she failed to attend and I hear that is common practise for her.

    I still hope she wins but she will need to put the effort in and I’m not sure she is up to it.

    It will be hard enough with the Yoon media against her she can’t dig her own holes too.

  96. Ian McCubbin says:

    Yeah Stu as Sarah says, just step in and run Ash Regans campaign, please.

  97. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oh and Breeks has said it all in his post. Amen to that would make a great FB post in its own right.
    Also while this is a safe space, everyone well nearly who contributes has sense and realising for our cause and country.
    Just so hope the right people come through for the work to get us independence
    That work requires,
    An irrefutable route to the UN

    Embassies ready in at least 5 supporting countries.
    A financial package including what we demand from rUK
    Defence policy
    Economic policy
    Foreign policy
    Nato Membership position.
    EFTA application and of EU application.
    These are minimum and must be done ASAP.

  98. gregor says:

    The People of Scotland (2021): Twitter:

    “Pete Wishart, the man who put the moron in oxymoron”:

  99. Ruby says:

    David says:
    25 February, 2023 at 1:01 pm

    How will they persuade the UK Gov to allow an Indy Ref

    That is an interesting question.

    What have they done up to now?

    Absolutely nothing?

    Yes supporters haven’t done much either.

    Maybe we need more Sean Clerkins.

  100. Minekiller says:

    The only people who should be scared by any of the three candidates are the membership of the SNP and SNP voters. They’re all completely useless. And you know it.

  101. North+chiel says:

    “ Ebok says at 1101 pm “ as regards the Dyce election result and the drop in SNP support , it’s quite possibly linked to the current SNP/Green policy on Oil&gas . I rather suspect a similar trend across the North east due to this . However , not necessarily across the other areas of Scotland . Perhaps the Forbes/Regan scenario of “ downgrading” the Slater/Harvey influence over NS & co might an idea ?

  102. Breastplate says:

    Your comment begs the question, which politicians do you know that aren’t useless?

    Because if they’re all useless, we are only left with the option of the least worst.
    So the best of a bad bunch is all we have unless you know differently.

  103. DMcV says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    24 February, 2023 at 7:51 pm
    “Its obvious that the Britnats and their media are running scared of Ash Regan, and will do their utmost to hinder her campaign, this kind of chicanary should make us and those who have the vote in this leadership contest get even more behind Regan.

    This kind of thing also highlights the sheer bias of the Britnat media against a candidate who supports an independent Scotland.”

    Oh, dear, where to begin with this farrago of nonsense…

  104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    DMcV – yir gibberin’ Braille.

  105. DJ says:

    DMcV – So you have great political insight? Enlighten us, please, or get you gone.

  106. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda: Systematic Racism:

    “Racism poses a public health threat to millions worldwide. Here’s how…”:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Agenda: How racism spread around the world alongside COVID-19:

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an increase in reports of racist incidents around the world. The crisis feeds fear, which in turn is manifesting itself in xenophobia and discrimination…”:

    BBC (28/02/2023): Covid inquiry: Race should be at its core, say campaigners:

    “Race should be made a central part of the UK’s independent public inquiry into the pandemic, campaigners say. A letter seen by BBC News, sent to the chairwoman of the Covid-19 inquiry, calls for it to look at “racism as a key issue” at every stage…

    …signed by 26 other organisations – a mix of equality campaigners…”:

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