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The master of detail

Posted on February 19, 2019 by

Unionists have been in a purple frenzy of rage in the last couple of weeks that the First Minister has dared to leave the country not once but twice in order to try to improve relations and trade links with Scotland’s business partners. Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton – a man who still thinks the Queensferry Crossing isn’t finished a year and a half after traffic started using it – tried a different tack.

And that’s a zinger of a point unless oh dear what’s this?

That wasn’t even three weeks ago.

The next day.

Opened less than two years ago.

Readers, the leadership has changed hands again.

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69 to “The master of detail”

  1. Doug_Bryce says:

    The fact that Alex Cole Hamilton believes pro-SNP = anti-English says far more about him than anyone else.

    It is the brit-nats who are threatening to refuse trade with Scotland should we ever vote for independence. Not the other way round!

  2. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Poor laddie. Must feel a proper numpty. If he doesn’t, he should!

  3. Dr Jim says:

    Alex Troll Hamilton MSP and his constituent

    A man barely alone

  4. Fairliered says:

    If Alex Fool Hamilton shut his mouth occasionally, global warming would instantly reduce.

  5. defo says:

    All very commendable, but when will she get on with the day job?
    What she’s doing is ‘normalizing’.
    It works, despite our useful idiot’s, and their MSM ‘friends’ bestest efforts.

  6. Dr Jim says:

    For around the last ten years the SNP have taken no wage increases (although they are taxed on them) to put back in to the running and needs of Scotland, and to date this has amounted to around £250.000

    What has Alex Troll Hamilton done with his wage increases

  7. Capella says:

    Alex Cole Hamilton must be an avid watcher of BBC Scotland where no positive news about the SNP is ever broadcast. No wonder he is in the dark.

    Poor lad.

  8. gordoz says:

    Cole Bumbleton really is a fatuous clown.
    All he ever does is scream luke a toddler who’s ice cream has hit the pavement.
    A real flighty bumpkin …..

  9. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Given the overwhelming ranks of the untalented on the BritNat Alliance benches at Holyrood, well done to young master AC-H on reaching top spot.

    But, what exactly does James Kelly, the standard-bearer for the BNA Reds faction have to do to claim top spot?

  10. Clydebuilt says:

    Dr. Jim

    Well Droll Hamilton hasn’t stuffed them in his gob. . . . That’s obvious

  11. Jock says:

    I had the, ahem, good fortune to go to the same primary and secondary school as Mr Cole-Hamilton. As One of my first memories of him was the day after the 1987 General Election. He ran onto the playing field waiving a tiny Conservative Union Jack in celebration. Seems not much has changed in the intervening 32 years.

  12. Truth says:

    Much of the time of these visits was taken up during the Scottish Parliamentary recess.

    What did Alex Troll Hamilton do for Scotland during the recess?

  13. Facts are the last thing Labour or Libdems here in Scotland are interested in.

    There’s no story they won’t distort to suit their agenda in undermining the Scottish Government’s efforts to attract more business and jobs to Scotland.

    We only have to remember how they reacted to the Scottish Government signing a memorandum of understanding with Chinese company.

  14. johnj says:

    Och, Stuart! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. it’s no fair on the puir sowls.

  15. winifred mccartney says:

    How can you be a msp and be so ignorant of what your govt is doing. Agree global warming would be seriously reduced if he just kept quiet.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    The FM has been stacking up handers for Scotland every time she goes anywhere, the world loves Nicola Sturgeon and that means the world loves Scotland for electing her

    When it comes to the crunch what’s Theresa May going to say to the world when they turn up in Scotland to stand behind Nicola Sturgeon in solidarity over Scotland’s interests to choose what it wants

    Say *Now is not the time Treeza* see what happens

  17. Willie says:

    I’m also relaxed about the First Minister going on occasional missions to strengthen ties with our top flight trading partners. What I’m not relaxed about is the Windsor family swanning about the world at the tax-payers expense.

  18. galamcennalath says:

    Kind of sums up so much of politics in Scotland.

    BritNats politicians a clutch in desperation at everything to try to make SNPBaaaad points. They are so panicked they speak/write before thinking.

    There is relentless anti SG/SNP/Scotland propaganda from media. Much of the effort is simply omission of real news. Looks like even BritNat politicians don’t know what’s going on!

  19. Mike Lothian says:

    Nicola already got him telt on twitter

  20. Scott says:

    Cole-Ham,Kelly and Murdo are all trying to outdo each other they have no interest in promoting Scotland just moan about the FM and spout s++++ all the time.

    Short prison sentences in England is Murdo in favour of this someone should ask him at FMQs,if I remember Goldie was against it at one time.

  21. Giving Goose says:

    I’m a voter.

    I believe in Scotland.

    When I see evidence placed in front of me of people helping to assist Scotland’s standing in the world, and helping to improve the economy, business etc – I applaud.

    I actually don’t care what their political persuasion is. If it works for Scotland, then well done.

    What Alex Cole-Hamilton and the LibDems need to understand is that when I see them doing the polar opposite of promoting Scotland, by deliberately doing Scotland down, then I react.

    I react by doing a very simple thing – I tell my friends, colleagues, and anyone else that I choose to engage with about Alex Cole-Hamilton and his LibDems.

    And I don’t hold back.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton and the LibDems need to understand that when they indulge in this type of misinformation and spreading of lies, then there are consequences for their standing in the Scottish community. Outside of Alex C-H’s little bubble ordinary Scots are going about putting the record straight.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton is a very unpleasant person indeed.
    His party is corrupt.
    The LibDems want to do great harm to the Scottish people.
    Spread the word. I do.

  22. Ken says:

    There is a rumour that Ruth Davidson was contacted to lead the super 7, otherwise known as TIG. The source pointed out that since she has at least half a brain and a wholly developed sense of self-preservation, she refused.

  23. HandandShrimp says:

    With Kelly, Annie Wells, Willie and Murdo it is sometimes easy to overlook Alex…a zoomer’s zoomer if there ever was one.

  24. Marie Clark says:

    Ah well Mr Cole-Hamilton, you Britnats are always demanding that the FM gets on with the day job. Seems to, me that is exactly what she is doing. Ah, I forgot, she’s not supposed to look after Scotland and big it up, is she? Not according to you greetin faced Britnats. You really seem to be very unhappy people, always trying to put Scotland down. But then Scotland is not your country is it.

    Oh well, the rest of us will carry on with the fight to regain our independence, and when we win, where will you Britnats go then. Not into our parliament at Holyrood, cause you’ll need to be people that put Scotland first. That ain’t any of you lot is it?

  25. Cactus says:

    Shame on you, SiU’s Alex Cole-Hamilton, he’s a tainted Tory.

    As most former no voters NOW know, the people that were telling them the whole “let’s give the ukUnion one last chance” spiel, was a complete and utter devious fit-up.

    Eitherway and regardless, that outcome has now come to pass. THAT demographic is a biggy and should be FULLY on board now!

    It’s the previous ‘non-voters’ and women that will swing WIN it for indyref2.

  26. Arbroath1320 says:

    Awe bless his little cotton socks. He’s jealous cause the First Minister is away on a wee two day break to Paris and she didnae invite him along. Well it’s not as if she will be up to much …

    to name just a “few” things Nicola Sturgeon has been doing. I wonder what wee ACH has been doing … apart from crying into his tea and twiddling his thumbs!

    Oh and one other wee gem to rub wee ACH up the wrong way Nicola will be talking in the Assemblee Nationale. (lower house of the two assembly Parliament of France) Very few people get an invite such as this. I wonder … has Feartie spoken in the Assemblee Nationale? I don’t think so!

  27. Ann Rayner says:

    A C-H who couldn’t manage to do the sums to separate the expenses he encurred while contesting a Holyrood constituency in West Edinburgh and for the regional list vote.
    I still remember getting just short of 20 separate mailings or items pushed through my door while I was tramping the streets, unpaid, for the SNP candidate.

  28. panda paws says:

    I have every faith in our Brit Nat Tories to know that Alex’s lead at the top will be short lived.

    After all Adam Tomkins has just asked Mike Russell, Brexit minister what he has been doing for the past 2 years. Yes really.

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    The new business hub in London was pretty high profile, but not only that involves a significant expenditure by the Scottish Government.

    You’d think an opposition MSP whose job it is to hold Government to account, would have been on top of this, and if any concerns over such expenditure by the Scot Gov, have raised it in Holyrood.

    I have a feeling Alex Cole-Hamilton’s reply to that would, however be:

    “Zzzzzzzz” – sleeping on the job.

  30. Petra says:

    You’d think Mr Cole-Hamilton would have to say something about zoomer May wheeching around Europe wasting tax-payers money, hand over fist, and in the process, over and above making us a laughing stock, seeing one company after another leaving the country / closing down following her visits. If the English Unionist don’t look out they won’t have anything left to export at all and be totally reliant on our exports. That or freeze and starve.

    Meanwhile the Lib-dems, such as himself, come across as a lazy, useless, bunch of carping idiots. The money for nothing men who are a real drag on Scotland. His London based Unionist bosses, Cable and Farron, couldn’t even travel to the Commons for an extremely crucial Brexit vote. Too busy sneaking around trying to find support to resussitate their mortally wounded political party. Deflect, deflect is the name of the game for Cole-Hamilton.‘missed-key

  31. Col says:

    Did the secretary against Scotland not once propose that Alex Salmond should be banned from travelling abroad to seek out opportunities for Scotland? I agree that these people are truly warped in their thinking and what it shows is that they really do not care for the country which they were born in. Sadly in so many ways they are actually anti-Scottish.

  32. frogesque says:

    I know, but they are doing it deliberately!

  33. Cactus says:

    As ever… NOW is the time to get and be ready.

    As each day passes and draws closer to decisions day, another ukUnionist politician scandal will probably come to light, someone will lose the heid, just as other and further big companies will announce their immediate closure or relocation to mainland Europe.

    THIS is all part of the ‘to learn’ process. As each of these days pass, former no voters learn of the reality and are able to make an informed choice through their own self-education.

    If that disnae concentrate the People’s minds… what will?

    LOVE your mainland Scotland and all of her islands xx.

  34. Clapper57 says:

    Posted the below comment in August 2018 about Mr Cole-Hamilton in response to his snide observations on Alex Salmond fundraiser ….however it is indeed relevant to all of those he targets with such a malicious intent :

    Didn’t hear Alex C Hamilton voice his opinion on the proven liar Carmichael’s fundraiser instigated by one of his colleagues….Alex Cole-Hamilton should shut his trap because his election campaign material was shocking and if he had any decency he should apologise to Michelle Thomson.

    Having said that the people who voted for him should seriously question why they felt he was the best choice , given his campaign leaflets were predominantly more about the character assassination of a person from an opposition party, who incidentally was NOT questioned, arrested or charged by the police with what the leaflet was inferring was the case, yet this was the focus of his shocking campaign.

    The voters who voted for him have voted for someone who deployed despicable methods to further his own inauspicious career which seems to consist largely of snide comments and irrelevant points with no purpose other than to disrupt and demean .

    Personally I look for a candidate with more savvy and who actually has something constructive to offer as a representative of the area he or she has been elected in. I guess not everyone seeks quality in their chosen MSP but surely some must be questioning some of his antics which fall far short of what one should expect from someone who has been bestowed with the job of representing his constituency as opposed to being seen as a perpetual grievance monkey carping from the sidelines.

    There is a pattern developing with the Lib Dems in the methods they use and I suspect , like others, it is because even they recognise that they are bereft of both policies and honour and like other unionist parties they are dominated by an HQ driven agenda which is more preoccupied with what benefits….shall we say…another more dominant country ?

    He is like most Lib Dems an irrelevance and an irritant whose only purpose in the Scottish parliament is to demean the position and trust he has undeservedly been given. Tick Tock time for him I think as he has failed to deliver anything other than petty and fruitless jibes at the SNP especially upon their innovative and productive achievements such as the Queensferry crossing.

    If his constituents who voted for him cannot see this then they are condoning his behavior and therefore deserve to be represented by him. He should do the rest of us a favour and keep his unwanted and malicious opinion to himself then the world and Scottish politics would for once reap some benefit from him via his mouth being shut and his opinions unexpressed.

  35. yesindyref2 says:

    This was from Murdo Fraser about Sturgeon’s trip to France:

    It’s understandable that the First Minister is keen to keep her distance from the most unpopular SNP policies. Nicola Sturgeon has broken her promise to the Scottish people and is raising taxes – running away will not fool anyone.

    But the context is opening a business hub in France, and going over with representatives from the food and drink sector, tourism and hospitality – maybe 20% or more of employment and our economy, in total.

    You’t think people in those sectors would know the positive boost such a visit, given even more importance by the attendance of Scotland’s top politician, could be to the businesses which they own or which they work for.

    And perhaps they do, which is why Murdo Fraser is possibly the best spokesperson for the SNP – and Independence.

  36. Luigi says:

    Is England really our biggest trading partner?

    The reason I ask is because a heck of a lot of Scottish produce is actually exported through England and not to England as the final destination. An unfortunate state of affairs, brought about because the foreign-owned Scottish ports have been left to rot through lack of investment.

    Besides, even if England is our biggest trading partner – would this all be lost if Scotland became independent. Methinks England would have far more to loose than Scotland, if that happened. 🙂

  37. Robert Peffers says:

    These self-important, self-promoting, self-serving sufferers from the Scottish Cringe have long had their ammunition magazines emptied of all live ammunition and have been firing blanks lang syne.

    It long ago reached the point where the general public saw right through them and every time they fire yet another blank their political standing in Scotland sinks into the mire of Westminster political errors another little bit further.

    I said it long ago but I’ll say it again – give them enough rope are they will hang themselves. The relentless march of the legally sovereign people of Scotland towards independence may be a slow-march but slow marches are made by the living who mourn for the already dead.

    However, those who campaign for Scotland’s independence are not mourning and marching slowly as has been demonstrated by the several AUOB marches to date. The slow marchers are the remnants of the unionist party support that is slowly drifting towards independence.

    The unionist funded and controlled media has become little more than Auld Firm publicity outlets and sheer comedy gold and politically very comical.

  38. Cactus says:

    Yesindyref2, aye, Murdo Fraser is a can’t (say in a Glasgow accent.)

    Murdo Fraser is a ‘true tory’.

    ACH is a wannabe tory.

    Still tainted.


  39. Bob Mack says:


    Yes England is our main trading partner. What they don’t say however is that without Scotland ,their gas cookers and fires would go out as would a large section of their electricity and oil fired heating. .

    Their water and food supplies would also suffer.

    In other words, most of what we trade is absolutely vital to keeping England functioning, and not for luxuries.

    They want to stop trading? Go ahead.

  40. K1 says:

    Yes I suppose their moaning whingeing cringeing hate for the FM and our Scottish government regardless of the benefits the SNP has bestowed upon Scotland itself does indeed keep the FM in the wider msm spotlight. And it shows them up for the total wankers that they are. Job done.

  41. Republicofscotland says:

    Cole-Hamilton, must surely know by now that he has no credibility left with the public, his utterances are irrelevant.

  42. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    My position is not very mature or constructive but I will opine the man appears to be an arse.

  43. sandy says:

    Time to regularly update & publish the league table for the most inept occupier of a seat in Holywood, perhaps along the lines of footie, with comments attached as to why & wherefores should positions change.

  44. Cactus says:

    Alex Hole-Cameltoen is a can’t too, we saw him sleekitley crawlin’ in tae their SiU Burns Supper in Glasgow, smarmy anti-Scottish git.

    Scotland’s First Minister is oor masterful missus and gets things done in style, for Scotland.

  45. McDuff says:

    The UK is Ireland’S biggest market so why would Scotland be different, why the threats against us.
    The answer is money of course, if Scotland leaves England will lose a lot of money,prestige, land and resources.

  46. Daisy Walker says:

    Re, is England our biggest trading partner… or the Scotland trades 4 x as much with England than the EU schtick… they won’t trade with us if we go Indy.

    The answer is ‘Yes and a great big chunk of what we export to England is electricity… what are they going to do without it… sit round a candle.”

    I may have put this reply on here before, but not sorry, I think its a good one.

    Cheerie to all.

  47. Daisy Walker says:

    Having said that though,

    If its No Deal, Chaos, State of Emergency, Holyrood closed – then Electricity production and exportation, will Immediately come under WM Government management.

    Hold onto your stats folks, they won’t produce any more of them (that we can use) after that.

    How many days till Brexit.

  48. admiral says:

    Truth says:
    19 February, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    What did Alex Troll Hamilton do for Scotland during the recess?

    Is that a trick question, Truth?

    The answer, of course, is “bugger all, as usual”.

    BTW, Yoons are the true separatists. They want to exclude Scotland from any and every interaction with the rest of the world and keep us in a box marked “too wee, too poor, too stupid”.

  49. Some may call this lying charlatan an effete popinjay; I couldn’t possibly comment.
    Is it no’ his turn to be leader of the Yellow Tory Branch Office yet?
    The Red Tories have their Insignificant Seven now.
    The Yellow Tories are our Pointless Five.

  50. Gary45% says:

    Lib “DUMBs”, A.C.H
    February’s FUD of the month.
    A few days still to go for the usual suspects to own the crown.

  51. Dorothy Devine says:

    Jason Smoothpiece , it may indeed be an immature and not particularly constructive BUT it is perfectly accurate therefore more than acceptable.

  52. Legerwood says:

    These overseas visits are important and do bear fruit in terms of exports, inward investment and goodwill towards Scotland and a greater awareness of what is happening in Scotland and what it has to offer.

    Look at the location of the hubs to date – the groundwork for future consulates/embassies of an independent Scotland? Look at the recent export figures. An increase of 5% overall but the biggest increase was in exports to the EU. Exports to the USA have also increased. Note: Figures dont include oil and gas. You can get full summary here:

    Latest unemployment figure is 3.5% one of the lowest ever. And for the UK as a whole it is 4%

    Remind me again where the FM has travelled to over the last few years?

    England may still be the biggest market but the gap between exports to England and to the rest of the world is closing.

    Then there is the UN and the visits there and UN conferences held here.

    Raising the profile of Scotland ready for that push for independence

    All useful groundwork for the Indy campaign and as a buffer against the effects of Brexit – important in the interim.

    Ambulance service. Someone mentioned it on a previous thread. Thought you might like to hear the latest

  53. But no!!! Can’t believe Hole-Camilton’s snatched it back.
    Poor Jamie Greene tried so hard and is rumoured to have gone and got a display cabinet made for his award.

  54. Hamilton’s is actually a variation of ‘If Scotland (and it surely shall now) opts for Self Determination’ England will cease to trade with us’
    Perhaps we’ll be supplying them with shiny new Hondas, Toyotas and Jaguars, when the world looks North to Independent Scotland within the EU and relocate here.
    The BBC in particular is flogging the notion that it’s not Brexit, but diesels and world slump that is causing the car manufacturers to pull out of England.
    Aye, rricht.
    Cole Hamilton appears to be addressing a thick ill educated Great Unwashed.
    The rest of us, the vast vast majority of Scots citizens know that he, and Sweeney, and Carlaw, and Rennie, and Leonard spout arrant lies and nonsense.
    Thank the chief the likes of WoS is here to ridicule and expose this bunch of Brit Nat Enemies of the people of Scotland.
    They demonstrate by their incessant lying and threats that they actually hate Scotland and are working against the Health wealth and social cohesion of their country, Scotland.
    Roll on the day when we see the back of these money grubbing little Bratzis.

  55. yesindyref2 says:

    “Export Statistics Scotland 2017” + “Published 30th January 2019”. So 2018 which has gone already, due next January.

    I wonder if there’s any way of extrapolating next year’s from any published figures, or comparisons with HMRC data, with estimates for the unknown?

    Mmmm, thinks …

  56. Clootie says:

    ACH is more Tory than most Tories.
    Red, Yellow Nd Blue Tories still united in BT

  57. Legerwood says:

    indyref2 @ 5.51pm
    Given the recent employment figures then it might indicate exports rec may be holding up. Have not seen recent GDP for Scotland though just UK.

  58. sandy says:

    Further to my point at 4.50 pm, perhaps the points system could be as such:-

    4 points for being an absolute idiot.
    3 points for a down-right lie.
    2 points for deliberately misleading.
    1 point for turning up.

    Bonus points could be available for the most idiotic instance of the week.

    Winner to be given a seat in the HOL.

  59. yesindyref2 says:

    This is a bit of a plea, considering we might be nearing the endgame.

    There’s a bit of a thing I happened to notice, going around on twitter and probably elsewhere, and could I ask people to approach it with extreme caution – first read the article which I’m NOT going to link to (or full report)?

    It has a military aspect and while I totally understand the “doing down the UK” bit, having followed the military thing very closely for years the overall conclusion, even considering its source about which some people might have doubts, is likely one I’d have come to myself (pre Brexit anyway).

    Perhaps after a quick look, it doesn’t properly consider the negative effect of the Brexit shambles, but basically it concludes that the UK is second in the world for “Geopolitical Capability’. Military is a part of it, not all of it, and care to be accurate is needed if anyone thinks of doing down the UK capability.

    Why is it important? Because we need to use reality, not critical fantasy, in our arguments. The people we are trying to woo over to YES may well have a realistic and fairly favourable view of the UK’s military capability – which is just part of the report. By all means tackle the rest of it 🙂

  60. jezza says:

    “And finally” strikes again.

    You are making it so obvious now ya numpty.

  61. gus1940 says:

    -Bob Mack@4.22

    Let us not exaggerate England’s dependence on Scottish Exports. We should stick to hard facts unlike our colonial masters.

    We do not currently supply them with water except for the bottled variety although building a pipeline in the future when Indy is a good idea.

    England has a gas pipeline direct from the Norwegian Sector so are not dependent on Scotland.

    Currently Oil from Scotland does not affect the Balance of Payments but once we are Indy it would be an Import to England meaning that if they purchased Oil elsewhere it would make no difference to The BOP.

  62. Petra says:

    Did anyone hear Mr Cole-Hamilton complain about the Scottish Tories visiting Israel and more so the Golan Heights? Did Ruth Davidson ever respond to this letter to explain the purpose of the visit to the Golan Heights? To enhance our relationship, promote exports and inward investment for Scotland? Or just to stir up animosity at the bequest of their bosses based in London?

  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi gus1940.

    Don’t know if you’re aware of this:-

    EU funding boost for Scotland-Norway power cable
    24 February 2017

  64. gus1940 says:

    For men there is in the sartorial stakes being smartly dressed and there is overdressing like an immaculate tailor’s dummy.

    ACH is the latter and I have a deep aversion to and mistrust of tailor’s dummies.

  65. chicmac says:

    I think I posted the following on a previous occasion this subject came up but not sure if it appeared
    There is a phenomena dubbed the ‘Rotterdam Effect’. It is so called because of the large percentage of UK exports and imports going through Europe’s largest port which is in The Netherlands.

    As a result, and because of low tracking visibility, the apparent trade volume of the UK with the Netherlands is on a par with that of the much larger countries like Germany or France (actually seemingly between those two) which clearly is highly unlikely to be the actual case.

    The doubt this cast on the true trading figures with The Netherlands opened a window of opportunity for Brexiteers during the brexit campaign

    Brexiteers made much of this during the Brexit campaign. Their main motivation in doing so was because they could, and did, imply that much of those exports not only moved on from The Netherlands but actually went furth of the EU altogether, ultimately. Their aim being to claim that UK exports to the EU were significantly less than those being quoted by remainers.

    Post Brexit referena in depth analysis shows that, indeed, much of the apparent exports to The Netherlands from the UK ends up elsewhere but also suggested that this was still within the EU and only a small single figure percentage of UK exports through Rotterdam ended up outside the EU. However it served a useful purpose for the Brexiteer’s purpose at the time.

    The reason Rotterdam is used for much of the UK’s exports is simply down to transport logistics. It is the logical point of entry for serving much of Northern mainland Europe and is a short haul from the UK’s SE ports . However it should be noted that there are several other major European ports on Europe’s Western shores which are also used by English counterparts. Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Antwerp serving middle to North and Le Havre and Algeciras which are actually more logistically suited to serving mid and Southern Europe. Rotterdam is simply the largest, best facilitated and best placed.

    If we consider noe, the transport logistics of Scotland’s exports, yes, despite being further away than ports in the SE we still have a much smaller actual ‘Rotterdam Effect’ (apparently inflated trade with The Netherlands) however we also have a similar but hugely larger effect because the logical route for nearly all of Scottish exports to the main continental mass of Europe, for us, goes through England.

    The potential, therefore, for Scottish trade with England to be exaggerated above reality is far, far greater for us, in percentage terms, than any Rotterdam Effect does for apparent trade between the UK and The Netherlands. That is point one.

    Point two is, that, unlike Brexiteers, we are not concerned where apparent trade with England ends up outside England, only that in volume it must be very significant in percentage of Scottish exports, much more so than the Rotterdam Effect distorts the apparent percentage of UK exports to The Netherlands.

    Whimsically, I refer to this much greater, in percentage terms, phenomena as the ‘Rotherham Effect’.

  66. exile says:

    chicmac @ 8.14 Thank you for your very clear post on a very important point.

  67. Peter Swain says:

    Posters on this site: – let’s stop giving free publicity to people like Cole-Hamilton and their pathetic complaints about the SNP. Just ignore them !

  68. Graeme J McAllan says:

    Coal-Hamilton been sniffing, or drinking, from the Miners lamp 😉

  69. SilverDarling says:

    @Peter Swain

    The article is about Cole-Hamilton.

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