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The Lowest Low

Posted on November 16, 2023 by

This is officially the most embarrassed to be Scottish we’ve ever been.

And we’re including both the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony AND the time Craig Levein played 4-6-0 against the Czech Republic in that.

We have a government of clowns. Please, somebody, make it stop.

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0 to “The Lowest Low”

  1. Tommo says:

    Oh, come on-sensible policies for a happier Scotland, surely…
    On a serious note however ,who gives a monkey’s what ‘Scottish trans’ believe; surely this has no ‘assembly’ input? Or does it ?

  2. ?Karen says:

    Ach weel, at the theatre and just heard a fellow Alba memberbehind me discussing election strategy.

  3. Geri says:

    How the hell are they going to enforce this voodoo shit into employment law?

    Fcking beam me up. This is embarrassing.

    Nice timing tho for the General election.

  4. John H says:

    This is no longer recognisable as the SNP. These people are imposters and misfits. Fifth columnists masquerading as nationalists. Well done Sturgeon. I’ll have nothing to do with them.

  5. Black Joan says:

    What does this MEAN (other than imminent End Times)?:

    “fund training for fertility preservation providers on trans and non-binary healthcare needs and meaningfully include non-binary people in decision-making by making processes accessible”

  6. John Main says:

    Oh ye of little faith!

    The only non-binary I know of is the Holy Trinity.

    Could this be ScotGov announcing the imminent birth of our very own tartan deity? Less than 6 weeks to Xmas – that’s got to be significant.

    Now, can anybody think of any prominent Scot who might just be capable of an immaculate conception? Somebody maternal, maybes “mammie” material?

    Somebody who suddenly stepped down unexpectedly from public life to take a wee breather?

    I’m counting the months from 28th March 2023 and I don’t mind admitting, I’m getting fecking goosebumps! We’re in Dan Brown territory.

    You read it here first, folks.

  7. Merganser says:

    “The two categories man and woman”.Interesting phrase.

    I know what this should mean. What is their definition?

    “Fluctuating between man and woman”.

    What is the correct way to address such a fluctuator? If you get it wrong because the fluctuator is a woman today, but was a man yesterday, which is why you called him/her “he”, have you mis-gendered him/her and committed a hate crime?

  8. David Hannah says:

    Emma Roddick is behind this policy. She’s a joke figure isn’t she?

    She’s definitely not right. I’m glad she’s non binary. They can keep her.

  9. Garrion says:

    Meanwhile, in actual Scotland, where we have some of the very worst stats on addiction, structural poverty, quality of life years (that’s a QUALY), etc.

    Guess that stuff doesn’t get the Greens breathing heavily.

    There isn’t a curse or epithet dark enough…

  10. Bobbyp says:

    C’mon lets face up to reality here, Scottish indy is never going to happen ever, southern demographic ‘expat’ input, interal ‘ proudscots but’ cancer tearing our country apart,
    We need the the sons of glynddwr up here, sending these bar stewards with their no voting holiday homes to fuck off and leave us Scots to vote for indy, OR ELSE.

  11. David Hannah says:

    Emma Roddick is an attention seeker.

    She should hit the gym, and ask a girl out on a date.

    This non binary bollocks screams to me, homophobic islander parents.

    If only they loved her more. Then Scotland wouldn’t be in this mess.

  12. John C says:

    There’s serious discrimination and problems disabled people face every day. People in poverty struggle to work out whether to eat or go cold. Asylum seekers are still treated like vermin while our human rights are under risk from an increasingly vicious Tory Party who seem intent to spend their last months before the election wrecking everything so any government following will be stuck trying to repair the damage for a decade at least.

    But here’s the Scottish Government doing this which reads like a Stonewall wish list. They spend pages talking of how ‘LGBTIQ+’ has reached a level of equality which is ignoring the centuries LGB people have had to fight to stop being killed to get to the point they had for a few short years before Trans ideology rendered same-sex relationships ‘bigoted’.

  13. David Hannah says:

    Emma Roddick. Get yourself down to Demomicas, Speakeasy and AXM in Glasgow for a big lesbian love affair.

    When you’re alone, and life is making you lonely you can always go.

    Down town!

    It’s always shining for you!

  14. Simon says:

    There’s a helpful feedback section at the bottom of every page. It says “was this helpful?”. If you choose “no” it gives you options including “hard to understand” and “wrong” (though you can’t select both which seems a technical oversight). Then there is a box where you can explain why it is wrong or hard to understand (é.g. “this is fucking nonce-sense” or something a bit more fruity).

    Who reads this feedback stuff. Can we do a FoI to find out what responses have been typed in?

  15. Dan says:

    …in-between or beyond the two categories “man” and “woman…”

    I’m picking up a bit of a Star Trek vibe to that.

    To boldly go where no man has gone before… The ladies toilets…

    But “beyond man and woman” sounds like they have at least incorporated my brave and stunning SuperTrans status, which means I can morph into multiple things at multiple points in time.
    I found the limitations of common or garden basic “Trans” and its defining terminology only focusing and revolving around gender expression to be particularly regressive and stifling to my innate sense of being.

  16. George Ferguson says:

    Just as relevant is why has the Scottish Government financially supported Woke Read in South Ayrshire? Due to be extended to yours truly. It’s a basic critical race program. One of the fundamentals is no white person can claim racial discrimination. Ditto gender woo woo. I claimed on the back of current financial projections from the SNP Conference a 2 billion pound black hole in public finances. An Independent organisation has concluded 1.9 billion deficit but a later year than me. They didn’t factor in electoral giveaways.

  17. Merganser says:

    A fluctuating transman from Troon
    Took a genderless Green to his room.
    They argued all night,
    As to who had the right,
    To do what, and how, and to whom.

  18. Bobbyp says:

    David hannah, i love going ‘downtown’ with either lesbian or straight, pussy is pussy.WOW

  19. David Hannah says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Vicar. What that Emma Roddick needs to get a night on the tiles down at the polo lounge.

    I’ve been waiting for a girl like you. To come into my life.

  20. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s a pity Spike Milligan isn’t alive, they could’ve commissioned him to provide illustrations and gags.

    Queen Victoria: ‘I say, is anything worn under the kilt?’
    John Brown: ‘No ma’am, it’s all in perfect working order.’


  21. Effijy says:

    SNP are a NonVotable entity neither left or right but shoving it right up the Centre
    of the General Public who have this guff just outside the millionth and first priority.

    Could we give these people who don’t know what they or when they are a grant to go live in England?

    Let’s all focus on do we call them him, her, it, nobody, unidentified person, thing, the great unknown.

    Thank God there is nothing important going on for the masses.

  22. WingsOverFrance says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m just about done with Scotland. I suspect the author feels much the same. Civil disobedience works. It’s been proven through time. If I Google Scotland I need to see at least something about independence. We are being eradicated.

  23. Robbie says:

    Absolutely total pish, the world has gone bonkers, people in real need, I can’t get a *ucking doctor’s appointment unless I give a week’s notice and then I can only request said appointment between 8am and 9.00am in the morning, and yet we are spending taxpayers money on these misfits.

  24. Mike d says:

    David hannah , as a tic supporter davy, i love going down town, prob is my wife keeps saying i keep scratching her with my stubble. Lol

  25. peterswain says:

    It’s taken a long time, but now it’s finally happened – the lunatics really have over the asylum !

  26. Carol Neill says:

    I’m use be really old , or really old fashioned , you’ve either got a fanny or you are one , this shit makes me really depressed ,someone will be along sooner or later to say it’s all 300 years old

  27. Sven says:

    Well, I guess that’s it then. I’m now officially guilty of hate thought, hate crime and goodness knows what else.
    Just because I believe only biological women should be in women’s toilets, changing rooms etc.
    I can only hope that WOS will not forsake me and you’ll send me in some sweeties when I get dragged off to the new Bar L. I’m assured it’ll be ready just shortly after the two overdue Ferries.

  28. Bobbyp says:

    Wings over francw,9.28pm. Cmon ffs lets face it, Scottish people think they are hard, lmfao, but their cognitive dissonance is a fucking pisstake, these people are thick as pig shit. Lmfao.

  29. David Hannah says:

    To think Michael Matheson could have gotten away with it. We’re it not for those pesky kids!


    Oh dear. The security services, MI5 have a duty to sieze his laptop. He’s a security risk.

    Dorothy Bain in Scotland is going to look like a right mug now. Get it up her. Trying to cover up for Matheson’s misdemeanors in Morroco. The proven liar, fraudster and Worst Dad of the Year.

  30. Carol neill says:


  31. David Hannah says:

    Michael Matheson.

    A security risk. Call in Special branch.

    Dorothy Sain, the corrupt Lord Advocate is going to look like a scooby doo villian now.

    How dare she try and cover up Matheson’s tracks.

    She makes me sick. I can’t believe the corrupt Scottish cabal tried to cover up Matheson’s proven fucking fraud and lies.

    Get them all to fuck.

  32. Lorna Campbell says:

    None of this is actually legal. The Scottish government tramples on established law every day now. Every day. They are totally insane – and so now is anyone who continues to vote for them or support them.

    I was in a shop recently with my young grandson. A young assistant, with very, very short hair, appeared and I addressed the young woman, and told my grandson to ask ‘her’ something he wanted to know about the merchandise. ‘She’ scowled at me. I could see a pair of breasts, small, but still breasts. I hesitated and said, sorry, is it ‘he’ thinking I had mistaken the sex?

    The assistant responded with yet another scowl, so I said, maybe he/she could help? He/she was definitely female judging by the voice, but looked a feminine kind of male in build and clothes. I was totally stumped. I thanked the assistant politely (he/she had tried to be helpful) and just told my grandson that we were going somewhere else. It was so disorientating, not at all like genuinely mistaking a boy with long hair for a girl, as could happen in the past, but being aware all the time that you could be reported to the police for innocently misgendering a person.

    These politicians who facilitate and enable this kind of psychological warfare and torture on the Scottish population need to be jailed. The people who claim these ludicrous identities need to be taken into a secure facility and given the proper, psychological treatment they so desperately need. That so many of these youngsters are neurologically diverse or the victims of sexual abuse or some other childhood trauma is a tragedy when you see how they are led up a path by cruel and thoughtless Svengali adults. This practising of social/sexual eugenics on our children needs to stop forthwith.

  33. Bobbyp says:

    Supporting scottish indy,?. Get your f/ing scottish arses on the streets like people have done down here in london for the palestinian cause, nah, your’re to infiltrated by dirty scottish unionist zionist bar stewards.

  34. David Hannah says:

    Dorothy Bain. Lower than a snakes belly…

    Nothing to see here.

    Matheson is a security risk. The laptop must be handed over. Bring in London HQ. Special branch.

  35. Peter A Bell says:

    That definition covers everybody. Including those that don’t exist.

  36. George Ferguson says:

    Apparently the FMs wife Nads is in Turkey at the behest of the wife of Erdo?an. I hope she is negotiating the release of wee Kfir. One act of humanity can change perceptions.

  37. Alice Tiimmons says:

    No,no,no! I’m really happy! I’ve always thought the gender identity stuff was a load of pish because I’ve never had one. Now I find out I’m actually non binary and I’ve been really speshull all along. Oh happy days!!

  38. Joan Savage says:

    It isn’t only farcical nonsense, it’s perilous.
    Thus we can expect a male convict to decide he’s ‘fluctuating’ into femininity in order to access entry to the female prison estate. Following release, hey presto he fluctuates back to being a man.

  39. Red says:

    This non-binary action plan sounds a bit Manichean to me.

    But that’s because I had a Scottish education when Scottish education was quite good.

    Have you seen how poorly educated the well educated now are?

    You wouldn’t hire them as Arse/Elbow Coordinators. But they’re government ministers. Help ma boaby (it might be illegal soon).

  40. Mike d says:

    Effijy,9.23pm i’m sure we could provide free transportation for all these Scotland hating bastards to fuck off to their beloved engerland,

  41. A Scot Abroad says:

    Meanwhile, what about the ferries? Are they in service yet, on time and on budget? Because that’s more important to more Scots than any of this gender woo-woo shit.

  42. President Xiden says:

    Is it just me who has the feeling Matheson still hasnt told the truth about this ipad business ?

  43. McDuff says:

    What i don`t understand is that it is evident that all these SNP MP/MSP`s are only interested in keeping their jobs for the financial return but in supporting things like this lunacy they are going to get kick out early come election time.
    The sooner the better.

  44. Mike d says:

    George ferguson 9.18pm why has the scottish gov financially supported woke read in south ayrshire?
    south ayrshire. ORANGE COUNTY. Thats why

  45. John Main says:

    @George Ferguson says:16 November, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    Nads has no legitimacy to act in any capacity as a representative for Scotland.

    But then, coincidentally, neither has Humza. That’s an insurmountable hurdle when the process that elected you leader of the SNP and hence FM of Scotland was a flawed and fraudulent one.

    That said though, is there any chance her purpose is as you suggest? At least then there would be a tiny bit of silver lining to what is a very big black cloud.

  46. Shug says:

    A scot abroad

    are the Ajax vehicles in service yet
    Is hHS2 in service yet.

    Where is michelle moan and £200million


  47. Shug says:

    Someone should tell Mathieson it was not his son that tried to claim the data roaming charge.

    He was responsible for the i pad, he made the claim, he denied non gov usage and of course he will repay the money.

    He made a large, fraudulent claim, he lied to the first minister and he lied to parliament.

    He should go now

    These fuckers are just embarrassing now

  48. A Scot Abroad says:


    you wouldn’t expect ScotGov to comment on other people’s failures, but you could expect them to comment on their own failures.

    They are the ones who should be behaving properly with Scottish taxpayers’ money, although at this rate the ferries just might be less delayed than any comment on Branchform.

  49. Dundee Scot says:

    Can’t we somehow blame the English for this?

  50. Karen says:

    Ach well, just back from the theatre where I heard a man behind me discussing Alba’s electoral strategy. Happy days.

  51. Mike d says:

    We can all talk till we’re blue in the face about transgenders, lgbt all that shite etc? But i know as a heterosexual male what i want to see in front of my face is a gorgeous hairy pussy, no offence to shaven ones.

  52. AnneDon says:

    EVERYONE is non-binary. You don’t have to have pastel-coloured hair. All it means is that you don’t live by gender stereotypes, and no-one actually does.

    Just another way for the most privileged people in society to claim victimhood.

  53. Mike d says:

    George ferguson,9,59pm. Re we Kfir and negotiating his release, there will be no release for all the wee palestinian wee Kfir’s buried underneath the palestinian rubble.
    So fuck off you zionist troll.

  54. Keefer says:

    All you need to know: “We are grateful for funding from the Scottish Government”. This country.

  55. Mike d says:

    Dundee scot 10. 53 pm, no you dont need to blame the english,
    If your not happy living in scotland , just fuck off to england you prick.

  56. Mike d says:

    I see no unionist c**ts contradicting my previous posts, what no debate? Where are you main, and ass hole abroad?

  57. David Hannah says:

    Well Mike D! Watch out for those women on the SNPs all female shortlist, such as candiate, Amber Roberts.

    Unless you’re into being choke slammed by stone cold Steve Austin when you’re down below the Adams apple.

  58. A Scot Abroad says:

    Karen, at 10:56 pm,

    “Alba’s electoral strategy”? Is that the electoral strategy whereby they don’t stand candidates in winnable seats such as Rutherglen and Hamilton West?

    Aye. That’s the path to government. Stand no candidates. You can’t lose then.

  59. David Hannah says:

    The women of the SNP deserve better than a self declared BDSM sadomasochist male that’s had a grc certificate rejected 3 times.

    It ain’t pretty!

  60. Geri says:

    We can blame the English.
    It was those feckers who introduced this bollocks to parliament. Lily Madigan was the name. Labour party. First TRA woman’s officer.

    This stuff should be banned. It’s confusing to children & young adults who may already suffer learning disabilities. Now it’s the law to learn a whole new freak speak or be apprehended by the TQWERTY2SIMAPS+++ freak police FFS. Lesbian Nana proved that.

    I don’t see many Scots comply with this

    This was always going to be the next cause on the time wasters agenda. Roddick was practically wailing in Holyrood, inbetween spitting venom at opposition, that non binary hadn’t been included with the last freak show that was passed.

    Get these roasters voted out.

  61. charlie says:

    Craig Levein used to be the answer to the first line and still is the most obvious answer but mebbe we should move on 😉

  62. charlie says:

    now I think about it did Levein and Sturgeon work hand in hand tae fuck Scotland,and hopefully Hertz 😉

  63. Mike d says:

    Its about time scots got off their fuckin lethargic arses and marched for their independence like the english 800,000 march last week for palestine in london which i took part in

  64. A Scot Abroad says:


    it may well have first been introduced as a concept in England, but there’s no doubt that it’s now Scottish nationalist politicians that are enthusiastically pushing this weird agenda. A bit the same in Wales, as well.

    What the hell is it with pro-Indy parties that causes them to advance an agenda that very few want to be advanced, and that does the prime cause of Indy no good whatsoever, as it just revolts normal people?

  65. Geri says:

    Black Joan 8:52

    I’m assuming it’s Trans fertility clinics where idiots in the UK think the NHS (an actual emergency service for sick people) should provide them with fertility options like private care do in America.

    They’re Freezing sperm/eggs & the NHS will pay for indefinite storage facilities while the NHS will also pay for them to chop off perfectly functioning bits of their anatomy in order to have a baby someday in Frankenstein’s NHS laboratory. All free of charge. Trans IVF.

    Anything *Cis* can do – they must do too..

  66. Geri says:

    Aye. It’s almost like it’s deliberate eh?

    This was championed by Leslie Evans. A BRITISH permanent secretary. Policy advisor. Saboteur & chief Stitcher Upper.

    Lest we forget Sturgeons sick bag carrier & chief of staff, Liz Lloyd. Another britnat.

    It’s not hard to see where the wheels came off & why Holyrood is a complete shambles. Only independence will end the britnat interference.

  67. Tom says:

    Mike d

    Like your style Mike,,,not afraid to call the scum to the south of our border, English bastards.

  68. Observer says:

    Mike D – the Read Woke rubbish, imported from America as usual, has nothing to do with South Ayrshire being an ‘orange county’ as you put it. Even if you’re joking, I think the reason for this braindead, racist swill being set up in Ayrshire is far simpler than that.

    Nicola Sturgeon is from Ayrshire, the wee closeted psycho that fancies itself a writer, and is writing her shitey egostroking memoirs. She’s always sniffing about authors and book festivals for vicarious PR and literary kudos, and blabbing about PC books she supposedly reads. She’s been known to go into schools to have photos taken with ethnic and sexual minorities supporting the Read Woke reading initiative. It’s literally her initiative; see story linked below.

    She’s forced her own shit reading ‘tastes’ onto kids in South Ayrshire, for her own damaged personal and personality reasons. So now Scottish kids can read books by black Americans about how dangerous it is growing up in Yank ghettos, like that shit has any relevance whatsoever to our kids. Only one single Read Woke book is by a Scottish writer; they’re mostly gay and black American and English PC drivel. Sturgeon is a fucking liability. One of the worst Scots who ever lived. Her syphilitic legacy continues to negatively affect the country beyond its idiotic reign.

  69. A Scot Abroad says:


    you’ll have to do better than that, because you are making unevidenced assertions that Lesley Evans is a Brit Nat, despite her having served since 1985 in the Scottish Civil Service, and having been promoted to senior positions, worked very closely with SNP ministers for a decade. Don’t you think someone in the SNP would have noticed that she was a Brit Nat, and stopped promoting her?

    No. As ever, you are bluffing and pulling material out of your backside.

  70. Geri says:


    it’s not just pro indy parties.

    It’s widespread.

    You obviously haven’t peaked outside yer bedroom door to see what’s happening in the world. Posie Parker is on police speed dial for her speakers corner events for yrs & Westminster is knee deep in this shit but suffers a media blackout /sympathetic media coverage because they’re absent at the wheel.

    Labour have piped down lately but no one should be fooled by kid starver going quiet – he’s a genocide to cream over at the moment. If they win the next GE this shit will be forced through. He’s on record women can have a penis. There is funding from Pharma lobbyists that make these eejits say anything.

  71. Geri says:

    Everyone in Scotland knows that Scotland doesn’t have a civil service.

    We have Scottish people who work for the UK prime minister & the monarchy.

    Leslie Evans Boss was Theresa Mayhem.
    Appointed 2015.

    Stop spinning yarns they’re not Britnats. Holyrood & everyone in it works for Westminster under the Scotland Act.

    It’s a britnat branch office.

    Some tackety boot soldier you are..

  72. Geri says:

    ***because you are making unevidenced assertions that Lesley Evans is a Brit Nat,***

    Whit an idiot you are.

    The permanent secretary is feck all to do with the SNP.
    She is appointed by Westminster to THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT.

    Feck all to do with a political party.
    She isn’t even Scottish.

    Her boss is the prime minister. That’s why no one could sack her or force her to resign over her shocking mishandling of the complaints that cost scotgov over £600k in court.

    Back in yer box, ASS. You know nothing of Scotland.

  73. Carmen's mum says:

    Enough of this trans shi!. The world is changing around us. And not for the better. Stu, enough of your focus on the trans issue….Womens groups will take this forward. The world is on fire…the fascists are stompin over all our human rights, we Scots are being dragged into this and culpable in genocide via our dated obeisance to the English Crown. We need to reject it…WINGS is the voice for many of us in the YES movement. Call out the Scottish Labour MPs who refrained for voting for a ceasefire…all 2 of them. Demand a recall and by election…and support Liberation.Scot. We can have a second Scottish Enlightenment which can serve as a beacon of hope to the colonised world. Gaza is Flodden writ large! A massacre of a people by greater numbers and more heavily armed opponents. No more massacres of people seeking self determination. We defeat the fascists by coming together. Scotland’s Voice on the World Stage advocates Peace and Reconciliation. CEASEFIRE NOW!

  74. SusanAHF says:

    Non binary is a lot of vacuous bullshit for mediocre people who want to be treated as special.

  75. A Scot Abroad says:


    No Scottish civil service?

    ScotGov disagrees:

    Who appoints the Permanent Secretary? The First Minister. Who appoints the 8 Directors General? The First Minister and Ministers. Who appoints the others in the senior leadership team? ScotGov.

    Some of those appointed may indeed come from rUK civil service roles. That’s called open competition when roles are advertised. But they are appointed by ScotGov.

    Not that it will make any difference to you. You are basically lying to yourself, but that won’t matter to you.

  76. I. Despair says:

    Merganser says:
    16 November, 2023 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks for updating Matt McGinn! He’d have no shortage of material in this mad world.

  77. PeedOffScot says:

    The Scottish Government website starts with this proud boast “First plan in the UK to improve the lives of non-binary people.”

    Is it any surprise that no other part of the United Kingdoms has even looked at such a proposal?

    The SG website goes on to say “The actions we will take to improve equality and bring about real, positive and lasting change to the lives of non-binary people in Scotland”

    Our MSPs should be asking the Scottish Government how much has been spent on this “Non-Binary Equality Action Plan but of course none of them will be willing to do so as that would invite attack from TransTrolls.

    Have they published how many “non-binary” people there are living in Scotland? Or, is it impossible because non-binary people fluctuate between genders? Everyone has human rights but some appear to be more equal than others.

    There are over 1 million people in Scotland who are disabled and suffering due to the UK Tory government abuse and 25% of our children are living in poverty and yet they spend time and our money on this unnecessary nonsense.

    At the bottom of the page it asks people to email “” so I wonder why they have not already changed to “lgbtin”? Is that not a hate crime by excluding the tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of non-binary people living in Scotland? Shame on you Scottish Government!

  78. Stuart MacKay says:

    This isn’t about equality, it’s about keeping the flow of your money to academics, non-government organisations and the like. The five year plan is just to get to the point where they might decide to do something. The money is going to be spent on research, advocacy, and probably yes, more planning. In return there will be plenty of press releases promoting the various organisations and saying how wonderful it is to have the progressive SNP in power, fighting every day for equality. Vic Valentine knows exactly who is buttering his bread. Nothing much in the way of actual change will happen. The gravy must flow. The applies to pretty much everything the SNP does. Your taxes are just their advertising budget.

  79. John Main says:

    No much goin oan here.

    Ah’ve jist flitted tae WGD fer a nosy. He’s poured an entire bottle o Scotch intae aboot a dozen drams. And he’s been greetin in every wan!

    WGD BTL just as good as ever – there’s even somebody defending Matheson, through his own sympathetic tears.

    Man, was there ever a nation as oppressed as Bonny Scotia? First, Wallace, tortured and killed by the English, and now Matheson, forced to pay back his 11K, even as his heart is breaking asunder.

    As ma OM used to say (may he rest in peace), it wid bring a tear tae a gless eye.

  80. John Main says:

    @Stuart MacKay says:17 November, 2023 at 6:34 am

    pretty much everything the SNP does. Your taxes are just their advertising budget

    A partial amen to that, brother.

    You’ve forgotten those occasions when our New Pretender, HY, jets off to the likes of New York to scatter Scottish tax payer’s money at his pet personal projects.

    That will be him advertising his own personal profile, laying the foundations for the glittering international career his ego will be expecting when Scotland becomes too small a sandpit for his “ginormous talent”.

  81. robertkknight says:

    Instead of pandering to these individuals whose world seems to comprise rainbows and unicorns, why doesn’t Scot Gov fund some psychiatric outreach centres to help those who, frankly, are in need of counselling – not drugs, hormone treatment or an arsehole administration who thinks that just because someone says that they think they’re X, Y or Z, doesn’t make it so, and doesn’t require wider society to turn everything upside down to accommodate each and every whim…

  82. Tom says:

    All these headlines about Westminster voting on whether there should be an Israeli ceasefire or not in Gaza.

    Utter fuckin bullshit.

    Israel will cease the Gaza turkey shoot when Israel decides to end the Gaza turkey shoot,,,and no SNP or Labour or Tory politician will have one iota of input into what Israel decides to do.

    No one around the world gives a flying fuck what happens in that irrelevant dump they call the English parliament.

    The only clowns the English parliament has any influence over are the Scottish clowns in that jumped up council chamber they call Holyrood.

  83. Frank Gillougley says:

    All we need for a slam dunk now is an action plan for the deceased. I don’t see why they should be discriminated against.

  84. sarah says:

    Could somebody report to the Rev the 3 people who are posting pornographic comments on here? I’m not on twitter so can’t tell him.

  85. Ruby says:

    We have a government of clowns. Please, somebody, make it stop.

    You are being unfair to clowns!

    Clowns are entertaining the mentally unstable are scary especially when they take over the asylum!

  86. Den says:

    The gender agenda in government can be sorted be and fully reversed, remember these idiots are in position prioritising this guff because they have been voted into the role of MSP by the general public, every person who voted SNP (even after the Salmond affair)own this, you have brought us to this point .We need to start looking very hard at who we are voting for vote for, SNP candidates all had a free ride and avoided scrutiny in their personal lifestyles because many said they supported the Indy cause and that was enough for many of the Scottish electorate. This has gotten us to the point were the Scottish Government is being held up as a beacon of success by fucking Stonewall ffs well Hell slap it in tae ye.

  87. Tom says:

    Sarah 8.20am

    FFS grow a pair (not literally).

    Arse, fanny, tits, bawz.

    Are you gonnae report me as well?

    Ignore comments from posters you don’t agree with.

    I would say the crap the resident Trolls post is far more offensive than somebody posting a comment relating to a female’s bits.

  88. Mac says:

    What I find particularly revolting about these woke arseholes is their belief that they can go around defining everyone else.

    Real women are TERFs
    You are SIS Males
    We are non-binary…

    Away and take a long hard fuck to yourselves you jumped up wanksplashes.

    I completely and totally reject are your insidious little definitions and your entire fucked-up and poisonous ideology which is just a nonce enabling perv’s charter as usual, shocker.

  89. Ruby says:

    Would the Andrew Miller aka the ‘Trans Butcher’ be a good example of the ‘non binary person’ the SG want to help?

    Someone who fluctuates between being man and a woman?

    Perhaps it’s to make cross dressing more acceptable. Man at work and ‘woman’ in the evening?

    The problem I have with ‘cross dressers’ aka autogynephiles is that it’s insulting to women in exactly the same way as ‘black face’ is to people of colour.

  90. Ruby says:

    Den says:
    17 November, 2023 at 8:37 am

    The gender agenda in government can be sorted be and fully reversed, remember these idiots are in position prioritising this guff because they have been voted into the role of MSP by the general public,

    Which political party is going to reverse the GRA?

    If you are looking to blame the general public would the ones responsible for everything happening in Scotland not be the ones who voted NO in 2014?

  91. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 6:46 am

    “Matheson, forced to pay back his 11K”

    Aye, ‘show us the money’ right enough. People don’t need any more evidence to see that the SNP elected UK-state payroll are only in it for the money.

    They are all part of the ‘colonial racket’. ‘Colonialism secures their services…by pensioning them off at a ransom price’ (Fanon). In return they hold back the movement.

    Works every time! Until the people realise they have been deceived….

  92. Mac says:

    And while I am here…there are two kinds of Scots if you want to make it a simple football based analogy…

    You have your Craig Leveins and you have your Steve Clarkes.

    One fundamentally does not believe in themselves and the other fundamentally does believe in themselves.

    Craig Levein was beat in his head before anyone walked on the pitch. Gordon Strachan was also leaning towards the Craig Levein end of the spectrum at times.

    Steve Clarke is a breath of fresh air. We need politicians like that.

    Oh yes we had one and he was stitched-up by a rodent, forgot there for a nanosecond.

    No surprises that Sturgeon is so far on the Craig Levein end of the spectrum that she is actually up his arse.

  93. TURABDIN says:

    GQ mag. Genitally Queer
    As with conspicuous anti caucasian racism in advertising so with the anti male trope in journalism and politics.
    Keep an ice cool head when all around you seem hell bent on deliberately losing it.

  94. Anthem says:

    Den, remember, labour, libdems & greens also support and enable this nonsense. So, yes. Agreed!

  95. Dan says:

    This is a good site for those with even a passing interest in energy generation.
    You can zoom in and out and move around, click on specific areas to see live data transfers, and the colouring of the countries / states highlights climate impact by area ranked by carbon intensity of electricity consumed (gCO?eq/kWh)

    The UK state is shown as brown (rather fitting for a shit state!), but it would be interesting if the internal energy generation data for the UK could be extrapolated out to show how the constituency parts are actually performing.
    I suspect if that was done Scotland would then shift from brown to green, similar to Iceland and some Scandinavian countries. Poland is shown as black due to massive coal usage for their leccy generation.
    Scotland being tied to England which is burning significant amounts of gas and even coal will be dragging Scotland’s eco credentials down, and similarly, Scotland’s significant renewable generation will be improving England’s rating.

  96. Stravaiger says:

    WTAF is “in-between or beyond the two categories ‘man’ or ‘woman'”? That literally makes no sense whatsoever, and yet that’s part of the Scottish trans Alliance definition, and has made its way into a Scottish Government action plan.

    Does nobody question this crap? Maybe nobody reads it. Maybe nobody in government has a brain. Maybe it’s all three.

    We’re doomed, and we deserve our fate. We sleep-walked into this hellscape.

  97. Mac says:

    I was at the 4-6-0 game so I know a national embarrassment when I see it but for some reason I completely missed the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth games.

    And frankly I was thinking to myself reading this ‘how could that possibly rank alongside the 4-6-0 night of shame’… well I was wrong.

    I had to put it on pause at the 6.37 mark. Just a few seconds into when the real insanity starts. I am not sure I will be able to watch anymore. I can only assume it gets much worse after a start like that…

  98. socratesmacsporran says:

    Re Scottish embarrassment – thr 2014 opening ceremony wasn’t all bad; I enjoyed the two Scottish Ballet dancers dancing to 500 miles.

    And the 4-6-0 game was nothing like as embarrassing as drawing with Iran and Luxembourg backk in the day,and only beating England 3-2 in 1967. If Baxter had played for goals rather than to take the piss out of Alan Ball, we could have put four or five on them that day.

  99. Ian McCubbin says:

    It’s not even representing any voters its woke woo woo word compiling at its worst.
    No hope for SNP now

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    The audacity of this pr*ck is astonishing, we ALL know why Scotland and its generations continues to slide down the slippy slope of poverty and hopelessness.

    Sturgeon and her party betrayed us big time, I wish we knew more about Robertson, he is a dark horse and possibly a behind the curtains string puller but not for the benefit of Scots.

    “BREXIT “robbed the next generation of Scots”, according to External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson ahead of the unveiling of a new independence paper on Europe.”

  101. Dorothy Devine says:

    Trouble is if we don’t vote some bugger will get in anyway, even if it’s with 1% .
    if there was an enormous volume of spoilt ballot papers would the election be considered null and void – does anyone know?

  102. Anton Decadent says:

    Questioning the panderdemic is a hate crime.

    @Turbadin, a year or two ago 4Chan decided to put the most innocuous statement they could come up with into the public sphere to see the ADL/NGO’s/Non Profits/Charities/Media/politicians etc lose their collective shit about it. The phrase they chose was It Is Okay To Be White and it was indeed declared hate speech.

    @John Main, I previously referred you to Barbara Roche and her statement re feeling safer as a j woman in a London with less yt people in it after her disastrous period as Minister of Immigration. To further depress you look up Bill Maher being interviewed first by Sharon Osbourne in which they both gloat at London and other English cities now being yt minority and call it “progress” then his interview with Triggernometry in which he makes the same snide gloat and bemoans his people not being recognised and celebrated for being behind this achievement.

  103. Ridiculous says:

    Antin Decadent, it’s fucking WHITE, not fucking ‘yt.’ W-H-I-T-E. Any other spelling is anti-white racist, insulting Yank chimpery. I know why it’s spelled like that there. I also know America is a syphilis destroying brains and communication – look at the Scottish government, after all. KNOCK THIS RACIST YANK SHIT OFF.

  104. Black Joan says:

    Meanwhile “talking therapy” is proposed for actual women’s actual physical conditions. Because of a shortage of appropriate medication? (Eye-roll emoji)

    “The advice – the first update in almost a decade – says cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can help with hot flushes, and sleep and mood changes.”

  105. Eric says:

    I’m surprised Matheson is still in post.

    Allowing unauthorised people to access what should have been a secure account/device ought to be sacked.

    But the one time transport minister caught driving without car insurance thinks Matheson is a man of honesty and integrity.

  106. Dan says:

    Ach, at least the near perma-rage of watching what is being done with our resources distracts you from feeling the cold in our energy rich country.

  107. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main @7:20am

    I think we have Blair and Clinton to thank for personal brand politics. Now everybody wants in on the act and the gravy train.

    When it comes to the hard part, like making sure sheets of steel get welded together to make something that floats, they are totally out of their depth. Press releases is about the sum of their abilities. Same goes for the NGOs which should be renamed Extended Government Organisations. It’s a symbiotic relationship which preys on the populace.

  108. Geri says:

    The very fact a ceasefire has to be debated in parliament shows that the UK is not run by the UK. It’s moral compass is dead in a ditch somewhere & can only be found via fax instruction.

    What an utter embarrassment the UK is. No spine or backbone. Whether to call off a genocide goes without saying. It needs no parliament debate. The UK is run by two nutters (Biden & Netanyahu) & a hostile foreign media. They can’t think outside the script or they risk being toppled FFS

    What does the UK get out of this arrangement? (Apart from weapons trade) to sell their country to the yanks.
    The UK can’t have an opinion until America says so.

    The EU is easier to explain – they’ve fcked up their energy source & the NATO mafia has them comply..

  109. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony – Team Scotland Entrance – 35 seconds in the tunnel.

  110. Geri says:

    I liked Freedom come all ye & Rod at Celtic park with the real ppl of Glasgow attempting a spontaneous flash mob that was anything but spontaneous lol

    WTF ever thought Muriel Gray was the right person for hosting this? I’m surprised she didn’t torch the stupid floats.

    I was half way through a nice Prosecco so it looked passable to me as it went on lol

  111. Cuilean says:

    This is mental illness being validated and even promoted by a govt, a body which enacts law and controls us. Do we want to be controlled by lunatics? The lunacy is supported by SNP, Labour, Libdems, Greens, & to almost the same extent, by Tories.

    The only party opposed to this lunacy and which will rid us of it from all corridors of power, is Alba.

    Next election, any election, only vote Alba, if you don’t want to be controlled by lunatics.

  112. KITTYBEE says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    17 November, 2023 at 12:22 am

    “Alba’s electoral strategy”? Is that the electoral strategy whereby they don’t stand candidates in winnable seats such as Rutherglen and Hamilton West?

    They were not winnable seats. Have you ever heard the expression ‘keeping your powder dry’?. It was better to allow those elecorates to see what a SNP vote will lead to!!

  113. Kevin Cargill says:

    This is quite clearly the point where they’ve decided to disband the SNP without actually saying it. This policy will see them annihilated at the next GE and the SNP must surely give up after that.

  114. Red says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    17 November, 2023 at 10:28 am
    The audacity of this pr*ck is astonishing, we ALL know why Scotland and its generations continues to slide down the slippy slope of poverty and hopelessness.

    Net Zero driving up the cost of everything? A decade of central bank funny money to paper over the last financial crisis? Massive and out of control migration that makes everyone in this country poorer as they compete for a shrinking pool of housing, school places and jobs? Unprecedented governmental bloat, hiring hordes of civil servants even as services get worse every year? Idiots such as Humza and the Tories handing over our cash to foreign regimes?

    Naw, the real problem is

    “BREXIT “robbed the next generation of Scots”, according to External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson ahead of the unveiling of a new independence paper on Europe.”

    Scotland: an EU region, or a desert! 😀 😀

  115. Geri says:

    Yes, they’re the only answer.

    The next FM needs to knock all this nonsense on the nut & especially completely cut off funding to this organisation who has splintered into many other groups to claim government funding. It’s a racket for the idle.

    & The Tories are a big bit to blame. They’ve allowed this nonsense to fester & allowed it into school curriculum, universities & the police force. So much for the party of patriotism (Is USAs bitch) & the party of law & order. (Pronoun freaks & Vajazzled uniforms) welding pepper spray lol

  116. James Che says:

    Keep your eye on the goal if you want independence.

    All the strange weirdos in the England sub devolved government would be gone in a instant if we got independence.

    Set up a parallel but real Scottish parliament.

    Our last one was dissolved in England. By a Monarch that still to this day swears an oath to the parliament of England.

    No, new parliament in Scotland can be bound by any business of the previous parliament.

    Your being played by yoons getting to you to talk about every topic under the sun even wars, everything but your own Countries independence direct route,

    It you want balance and common sense to return to Scotland and chuck these perverts and money launders out.
    Get long term Scottish indigenous independence supporters together and start a real Scottish .parliament

    That is your quick legal route without riots or marches that could turn violent,

  117. Geri says:

    Alba didn’t stand in Hamilton because the party voted not to.
    Simple as that – common decency & democracy.

    The SNP & Labour were circling like vultures over Margaret Ferries seat & she hadn’t even vacated it.

    Why interrupt a mouthy arsewipe getting a good public drubbing? Lol! I think the misogynist flag was the maraschino cherry on top methinks lmao! That would’ve definitely put paid to anyone having second thoughts to stick to the plan..

    Activists on the doorstep reported the ppl of Hamilton were boycotting in protest. They voted for Ferrier & she was a good MP who didn’t deserve the treatment she received with excessive punishments & Dumbza throwing her under a bus.

    If ppl tell you they’re boycotting to make a point to the SNP – Listen to them. It’s not difficult eh? Ass has zero morals & wouldn’t know solidarity if it bit him on his arse.

  118. James Che says:

    It can’t be so hard to accomplish.

    The way the devolved Scotland government is being run right now is just like a big mis managed fraudulent unnaccountable corrupt Council,

    Surely the serious people in Scotland can do a much better job themselves.

    No need to wait for a rigged carrot dangling section 30 referendum that never happens,

    After the parliament has been set up of just indigenous Scots, then the first ( restricted-to long term residents- evidence-based-only elections) could be held to sort the wheat from the chaff in the new parliament.

    Instead of the free for all Scottish elections that have been taken place these last few years.

    Start the parliament by indigenous Scots people putting their names forward,

  119. Ebok says:

    (Mother)…WELL, another humiliating result for Alba last night. 66 bloody votes!

    That number will be inclusive of family, friends, workmates, neighbours, social media followers, associated club members, fellow Motherwell footy supporters, all those persuaded by the local campaign, and every local member or supporter of the Alba Party.
    Some of the above is, of course, presuming it was a LOCAL candidate and not someone parachuted in. If he was local, why are we even fielding candidates in any elections who don’t have a standing in the community that would ensure reasonable support? If someone can’t persuade more than 66 people known to them to give them their vote, why are they even there?

    Or could be that recent headlines have had a negative impact: –

    ‘There are a lot of good people within SNP’ (Alex Salmond)
    ‘ALBA Party gave the SNP a free run in Rutherglen and Hamilton West to allow them the maximum opportunity to prevent a unionist victory.’ (Chris McEleny)
    ‘Scotland as a whole did benefit, and in that way we all benefited.’ (Kenny MacAskill)
    ‘Chris McEleny has reported Sunak to Police Scotland for making derisory jokes about Sturgeon’
    ‘Alba call for inquiry into refereeing decision in a football match’.

    Something has gone badly wrong in the strategic engine room at Alba HQ when the best we can come up with is the above and the third-rate slogan ‘Scotland United’ (AKA get into bed with SNP).

    The dormancy of the party and failure to give direction or rally support around issues important to folks is the reason they have flopped. There needs to be a radical re-think and change of direction within Alba: forget the GE next year (a forlorn hope anyway) and start creating here in Scotland. There are MANY issues to champion, so many open goals, so many failures at HR and WM to attack, and hundreds of thousands now politically homeless. Go figure.

  120. Kat says:

    Good grief Charlie Brown but that non binary equality action plan is a dogs dinner of rainbow washing and forced teaming. Someone will eventually take scotgov to court if they aren’t careful.

    I noticed they have plans around gender identity services so we should all keep a close eye on that as they seem to think non binary people will need fertility preservation. You only need to consider that if you are having cross sex hormones pushed on you.

    Scotland is headed down a dark path and our government is being led by dangerous idiots.

  121. Geri says:

    James Che

    We should have a permanent convention that sits & scrutinises the shit going through both parliaments in regards to Scotland, her constitution & Scots law.

    That is where funding should go. Not on this deviant shit of networking time wasters sucking the life out of government funding.

  122. James Che says:

    The route Alba are taken is the wrong route, with a free for all election process where indigenous resident Scots are outnumbered and unlikely to win.
    This is about you…your Country

    The Route Salvo are taken is more or less the correct one, the Scottish people are Sovereign, act upon your Sovereignty don’t go begging for something you already have,

    The only thing wrong with Salvo’s approach is THEY are ALSO begging (someone else ) for approval to recognised as Sovereign.
    That is not the Actions of a Sovereign person or nation,

    No one person or nation is Sovereign as long you are requiring some one else’s to give you that Sovereignty permission.

    You take your own action based upon your own Sovereignty.

  123. Dan says:

    @ Ebok

    Aye, as in the past when we have broached this subject, I’m tended to agree with what you say.
    That so many supposedly sharp political operators haven’t noticed the elephant in the room of turnouts being so low, and they’re not seemingly able to think outside the box and begin to tap into this significant sector of potential voters is concerning.
    They have in effect lost the room, but then this is party political animals we are talking about, and I think that they are clinging to a still sinking ship due to the possibly irreparably damaged reputations of all Parties.
    They have taking the piss out of the electorate for some time now, and politicians simply jumping ship when it suits them only to tie themselves to the mast of another Party’s agenda, rather than just standing as independent candidates representing their constituents is in my view an ongoing issue.

    At least local genuine honest representation and being accountable to their constituents would begin to kerb so many of the issues we are enduring.
    Actually name checked you last week on the subject.

    But all the “big players” in Scottish politics just keep posting what’s become almost repetitive output and saying “there’s nothing going on”, instead of possibly considering that just maybe they need to consider changing tack because doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is… the very reason we find ourselves in this stasis.

  124. Merganser says:

    Angus Robertson supports liar Matheson. Not surprising.

    Lie down with dogs and you’ll get up with fleas.

    The masculine includes the feminine.

  125. TURABDIN says:

    There is a scorpion in the «Made in Palestine» ointment. HAMAS and FATAH are enemies.
    Clearing the former from Ghazzah would please the latter.
    This is a view voiced on the «Arab street» which the engaged politicians backing ceasefires etc never hear.
    Levantine politics can be quite Byzantine.

  126. BLMac says:

    “A Scot Abroad says:
    16 November, 2023 at 10:11 pm
    Meanwhile, what about the ferries?…”

    The SNP have allowed the ferries to self-ID as piers so they won’t be going to sea again.

    Be careful not to misgender them because there’s a special police squad to jail criminals who do that.

    On another topic, it’s strange how Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” have morphed from being a humorous terrible warning into a humorless manual for government, isn’t it?

    Are books allowed to self-ID as well?

  127. George Ferguson says:

    @Ebok 1:45pm
    I agree the Alba vote in the Motherwell Council bye election was disappointing at 66. Its no consolation the SNP vote dropped by over a 1000 on a low turnout. I have just voted in the latest election for Alba officials. Again a smooth digital experience. On current trend Alba might get 6 List MSPs at best in 2026.

  128. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    two problems in your proposal are immediately evident: firstly, your proposed Parliament would be deemed illegal, and secondly nobody can define what an indigenous Scot is without endless arguing and demanding proofs.

    So it won’t happen.

  129. TURABDIN says:

    Bear in mind that the majority of people with mental health issues, the disturbed people you may see in the street or maybe encounter advocating idiosyncratic ideas and lifestyles on social media, are white European.
    At what point does «anti racism» become itself a manifestation of «racism» or worse, self hate?
    At what point does obsession with race, gender, sexuality, identity become a mental problem that organizations such as MIND were established for?
    Perhaps «eccentric» mental states are all now considered normal behaviour, give them a name, a cause, a raison d’être and miraculously what was once deemed irregular is the new normality.
    The flight from reason into the «care» of maudlin, hurt conscious, sentimentality.

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 10.28am comment the paywall bypass isn’t allowing a cut-n-paste so here’s the archive version.

    Meanwhile get yourselves down here on Saturday, and show the world that what the Zionists are doing in Gaza is appalling.

    “A MAJOR pro-Palestine demonstration is to be held in Scotland’s biggest city this weekend with people urged to “join the outcry for humanity”.

    The protest on Glasgow Green on Saturday – which will demand a ceasefire in the Middle East –has been organised by the Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee and is being dubbed Scotland’s national demonstration “against Palestinian genocide”.

    It will take place at 1pm near the Nelson Monument, with participants being asked to enter via The Arches Saltmarket side.

    Organisers have said: “Join us at Glasgow Green to halt the Palestinian genocide.”

  131. holymacmoses says:

    Headless and hopeless as well as sexless

  132. TURABDIN says:

    See my comment above.
    I am from the Middle East, I know the mentality, the resolution of the areas ills will take more than sloganizing about genocide, Zionists etc.
    HAMAS leaves no one in any doubt as to its aims, no Jewish state in the Middle East.
    Happy with that and its consequences?
    Western involvement in the region has a bad history. Two decades ago I was born into a conflict that was supposed to sort a problem and didn’t.

  133. Luigi says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    17 November, 2023 at 3:06 pm

    The terms “legal” and “illegal” are themselves increasingly difficult to define these days. Seems to depend on whatever suits the political establishment at the time.

  134. ronald says:

    Does anybudy know how much Massey Ferguson charge for visiting their Tractor site cause they ones Mathison used were two costly .

  135. Dan says:

    Hmm, picked this one up from the site feed.

    It’s all a bit fuzzy and simplistic though. Nobody knows what sort of “deal” Scotland as a self-governing country would actually have as a new EU member. And the compromise position is not default EU membership for a self governing Scotland for numerous reasons. You have no mandate for a start, so get tae with your dictating to the plebs attitude.

    And if we had the “Stronger for Scotland” twats that have already shown themselves to be less than competent in selling off the ScotWind blocks for a pittance, and more recently creating a hydrogen deal that is basically gaslighting us, then why should we have any faith that they wouldn’t just capitulate and sell us and our resources out yet again and set us up with yet another shite deal.

  136. Anton Decadent says:

    @Turabdin, thanks for the link to the MIND site, well spotted.

  137. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:17 November, 2023 at 3:39 pm

    A MAJOR pro-Palestine demonstration is to be held

    Isn’t that a big bit out of order? Two sides are engaged in a murderous, genocidal conflict. It seems extraordinarily daft to be cheering one of the sides on.

    demand a ceasefire in the Middle East

    Will it though? I have a hunch it will demand that only one side stops fighting – refer to my earlier point about the demo being “pro” the other side.

    Join us at Glasgow Green to halt the Palestinian genocide

    Uh-oh. Very poor use of language there. I bet they mean “Israeli genocide”, but I’m guessing maybes they don’t speak English too well.

    But I could be wrong on my last point, and will reserve judgement until I see the pics. Often lots of debate on here about who is an indigenous, Sovereign Scot and who isn’t, but sometimes it is indeed a no-brainer.

    Anyhoo, to stave off the usual insults from the mouth-breathers, I will repeat my calls for a negotiated cease fire on both sides, with the release of all hostages, dead, raped, beheaded, tortured, or alive, and the establishment of safe corridors for delivering all essentials to the civilians of Gaza.

    I will also call for Scotland and the Scots to keep out of a conflict where both sides have vowed to eliminate the other from the face of the Earth.

    Any outsider trying to separate these sides will end up a stain in the sand. That’s not the kind of blood-and-soil we Scots need.

  138. John Main says:

    @Dan says:17 November, 2023 at 4:35 pm

    You’re looking at this the wrong way.

    The salaries, career prospects, expenses, pensions, etc are all better in Brussels than they are in Edinburgh.

    And as for the dining opportunities (on expenses), Brussels alone has more Michelin three-star restaurants than all of the UK.

    You think the current crop of HR troughers are so out-of-touch with reality that they believe every Scottish family pays £11K to take their iPad abroad? Pray you never have to encounter them when they can spend every week in Brussels.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    ” I know the mentality, the resolution of the areas ills will take more than sloganizing about genocide, Zionists etc.”


    Yes that I’m well aware of but first and foremost is stopping the slaughter, its not slogans its an appeal to humanity (what’s left of it) to do the right thing, the Zionist regime knows that its under immense pressure from out side to stop murdering innocent civilians.

    “HAMAS leaves no one in any doubt as to its aims, no Jewish state in the Middle East.
    Happy with that and its consequences?”

    I find the above utterly amusing, simply because I couldn’t picture the English or French or Germans allowing the Zionists to physically remove them from their lands and murder, torture and oppress them for nigh on eighty years then not say no Jewish state in their lands, that applies tom ALL countries

    Back to reality, the people of Palestine will settle for a two-state solution if one can be thrashed out, in my opinion its the only way that the dispossessed and oppressed people of Palestine can feel some sort of safety, granted there will in my opinion from time to time be skirmishes between a Israeli state and a Palestinian one its only natural considering what’s happened.

    Again in my opinion I’d wager that the Israeli hierarchy are utterly opposed to ceding any stolen Palestinian lands, and with the US the EU and the dis-united kingdom firmly behind the oppressive apartheid military regime known as Israel, I don’t see any relief for the Palestinian people anytime soon.

  140. Young Lochinvar says:

    Classic new age doublespeak.

    Michael Mathewson clearly missed a trick here; he should have claimed his kids were watching the football, weren’t watching the football, never/ can’t watch the football, didn’t/ don’t know when they are watching the football or just drifted between watching and not watching the football as they don’t recognise the concept.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    We all knew the Yanks and the Brits (thank God I’m Scottish and not a Brit) are supplying the Zionist regime known as Israel with a vast array of weapons some banned such as White Phosphorus.

    Here its been shown that these weapons are used to kill women, children and even babies in hospitals, are being flown in from a RAF base in Cyprus.

    “Respected Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported that over 40 US transport aircraft, 20 British transport aircraft and seven heavy transport helicopters have flown to RAF Akrotiri, Britain’s vast base on Cyprus, carrying equipment, arms and forces.

    RAF Akrotiri has long been the staging post for British military operations and bombing campaigns in the Middle East. It sits 180 miles from Tel Aviv with a flight time of 40 minutes.

    The planes have been loaded with cargo from strategic depots belonging to the US and NATO in Europe, Haaretz reported. Around half the US flights are said to be “delivering military aid”.

    Declassified has found these US weapons and equipment are likely being delivered to RAF Akrotiri from US bases in Turkey, Spain and Germany.”

    Like it or not the dis-united kingdom’s government which represents in most part the people of the UK is aiding and abetting in war crimes against innocent civilians, and it reflects badly on the dis-united kingdoms citizens in the wider community.

  142. shug says:

    The real joke is that all the gender stuff that is coming out has been generated by the UK government gender rights bill back in 2020.

    None of the stuff the Scottish Government is doing is anything other than complying with UK legislation as the SNP legislation was rejected.

    Funny that – you would never know it from the BBC or the women wont wheesht

    Had Nicola resisted the gender rights stuff she could have been in the position of attacking Ross and his team for this nonsense. Ross could have been put on the spot about his government tolerating the rapist chap and the one in the Borders.

    But no. She has a bunch of empty headed dunderheeds whose stupidity is only exceeded by their egos (and the their expenses claims).

    Soon we will see Continuity Humza crash over the same cliff helpfully guided by Michael Mathieson (a wee boy did it and ran away, aww help me I’m going to greet).

    The caliber of these clowns is truly astonishing.

  143. TURABDIN says:

    People who talk of «zionists» are I suspect lost to further argument.
    The term is semantically «loaded».
    The history of the levant is one of occupations. The Arabs arrived/invaded in the 7th century.
    In the first century the population was definitely Jewish. Even the Qur’an acknowledges that from references to the Torah.
    But the Jews like the Christians did not submit to the revelation of the Prophet of Islam, that is where things became very messy.
    The culture of the arabophone world is about submission in one form or another, that is why a civil society based on democratic responsibilities and duties struggles for existence.
    As regards «humanity» why has the killing in Yemen or Somalia or North Sudan not stirred the same revulsion?
    Just Arab killing Arab or Muslim killing Muslim is that the reason?
    Nothing to do with us.
    A projected iScotland would be faced with international events of this kind, I do trust wise and mature counsel would prevail. Emotional «something must be done» reaction is counterproductive.

  144. twathater says:

    @ Ebok and Dan, TBQH I find it absolutely disgusting and sickening every time I listen to politicians and wannabe politicians advocating for a Scotland United that even hints at the inclusion of the Scum Nonce Party, the disgusting shower of deviants and perverts daily introducing perverted and reviled nonsense that WOS highlights and EXPOSES

    Is it any wonder that voters are suspicious of ALBA and their policies and positions when they align themselves with and include the scum party in going forward for Scotland , don’t forget people think that Salmond handed over control to sturgeon,he was her mentor, HE trained her, her policies were a continuation of his policies, he supported her to get the crown, WE all know she stabbed him ,BUT they still believe THE LIES and will continue to do so until HE REVEALS EVERYTHING
    For a supposed tactical genius to continue to associate themselves and their party in the eyes of the electorate with a shower of deviants and perverts is lunacy , his support and continued insistence on the defeatist franchise and their lukewarm and apologist proposals to protect females and their safety leave many wary and suspicious

    TBQH I see no passion or anger from ALBA at what the scum snp have done to the independence movement , and what they continue to do to Scotland and Scots, FFS they would rather align themselves with the nonces and perverts than herald any association with SALVO , SSRG OR LIBERATION.SCOT

  145. Dan says:

    Some knitting action to liven up Friday nicht!

    Is it just me or is Grouse Beater transitioning into elder statesman womble Great Uncle Bulgaria.

    Maybe Margret could quickly knit a Hamish for the morra seeing as Cairns is probably still milking that sore back.
    Get a bike Chris, I was plagued with bad backs for decades but since I started cycling a couple of times a week it built up and corrected the muscle imbalance that was canting my pelvis to the point my posture was out and I had a tendency to nip nerves and end up in spasm for weeks.
    My back has been rock solid in over ten years now, and was even lifting engine blocks into the back of my car through the week with no after effects.

  146. Republicofscotland says:

    “People who talk of «zionists» are I suspect lost to further argument.
    The term is semantically «loaded»”


    Not quite sure what your point is above, Zionists are not necessarily Jewish or Israeli, infact I’d wager there are more Christian Zionists than Jewish ones.

    Things became messy as you put it when Europeans decided that their churches compelled them to invade the ME, in what became more of murder and asset stealing exercise than a religious one, but the church said you can expunge your sins if you pay us x-amount.

    “As regards «humanity» why has the killing in Yemen or Somalia or North Sudan not stirred the same revulsion?”

    Because Zionist groups such as the AIPAC in the US help set the agenda in Washington and the Pentagon, which filters down to the compliant Western media, the EU parliament has now been captured by the US and so has Westminster, that’s why Hamas is a proscribed group in the West and the IDF are a brave and courageous defensive force trying to save lives in Israel, well that’s the official narrative.

    Yemeni’s and Somalians don’t get the same coverage, the murders by the West and their proxy groups of both sets of people is hushed up because again, its suits their narrative, in stark comparison we had a year of running commentary on all media channels of how brave the U—–ans are, and how evil the R—-ans are, the compliant Western media always follows the official narrative.

  147. James Che says:


    That was a vague blank statement with no links and no explanation to my comment earliar today

    Can you confirm your statement and give a proper explanation to everyone here why YOU think it would be illegal position for Scotland to start its own parliament??..

    Rather than a Colonial attitude towards owning the people and their territory of Scotland.

  148. James Che says:

    The point of the conversation over opening our own Scottish parliament is that it was the parliament of England in 1707 That dissolved our parliament from England
    It has however no obligation to remain dissolved in Scotland,

  149. James Che says:


    Of Course indigenous Scots could run their own parliament if it coincides with them having always resided in Scotland,
    It would be racist to suggest indigenous people to their Country are inferior, illegal and unable to run there own parliament,
    As long as it can be proven that they have always lived and are indigenous in their Country and protecting their minority culture and language.

  150. James Che says:

    The Great Britain parliament once created and opened was the only agreement that the dodgy Queen of Englands commissioners agreed upon.

    They never agreed to the parliament of England dissolving the Scottish parliament,
    End of treaty of parliamentary union.

  151. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 7:08pm
    I just heard some good news about the Wick District Heating Scheme. The scheme is to be extended to 123 Council Houses in fuel poverty. A Capital Grant of 500K from the Council. The average bill for current users for heating and hot water is £500 per annum. Changed days from the time I visited the plant and houses and walked into one house with all the windows opened. Too hot for the resident as temperature control was non existent. Local community action is the way ahead. It’s only taken over 20 years. But all good now. I particularly like the aspect of focusing on fuel poverty Council Houses. The SNP Scottish Government prefer to dream about World Class Hydrogen Schemes to benefit Germany. Local action for local problems gets the thumbs up from me.

  152. Republicofscotland says:

    Is it any wonder POTUS Biden refuses point blank to call for a ceasefire on Gaza, here he openly calls for the murder of women and children, Id’ like to say I’m shocked at this, but I’m not.

  153. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    neither England nor Scotland have their own Parliaments. Nor do Wales nor Northern Ireland. Instead, there is a single Parliament for the United Kingdom set up in 1707, and further amended when the Irish Parliament was stood down, an Assembly in Edinburgh, a Senedd in Cardiff, and an Assembly in Belfast. None have the powers of a Parliament, because devolution limits those in various ways.

    I don’t particularly care if you have completely misunderstood the reality, or want to spend the entire rest of your life writing total nonsense about what you’ve misunderstood, or wasting hours of everyone’s time writing about Queen Anne. The fact is that you are entirely wrong about all of that, and more to the point, not a single constitutional expert takes your line or advances your argument. It’s all totally irrelevant in the real world.

    There is only one legal Parliament in the U.K. It’s in London. Trying to set up a rival would be illegal under the three Acts of Union (as enacted in London, Edinburgh and Dublin). Deal with facts, man, not produce nonsense based on your misunderstanding.

  154. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TURABDIN (6.41) –

    Like ROS, I’m wondering what your point is.

    We shouldn’t be discussing zionism?

    Why not?

    Are we not capable of discussing the situation objectively? Do you believe that we’re all confused when zionism is conflated with Judaism? Are we all so upset by the images emerging from Gaza that our critical faculties vanish?

    Zionism, so far as I understand it, has always been a political movement and has little or nothing to do with ‘religion’. Its aims, under Herzl, just happened to coincide with those of the major world powers at the time, one in decline, the other thriving. No prizes for guessing which was which and why they still back Israel’s every move without question.

    The very fact that Israel has been allowed to maintain so-called ‘ambiguity’ about its nuclear arsenal gives some indication of how much sway Tel Aviv holds over the West. Netanyahu has openly boasted of it for decades. Thanks to the disgusting Epstein saga (and *still* no charges brought against any of the child rapists/killers) we know something of the methods used to entrap and blackmail some of the most powerful people on the planet.

    The power of zionist-favouring media is such that even the now-discredited stories about Oct 7th (beheaded babies, rapes etc) continue to be recycled ad nauseum. It’s almost as if the powers-that-be know that they just have to fool most of the people some of the time to keep things ticking along quite nicely thanks, and when you have a five-year election cycle with the same handful of families/dynasties supplying the candidates, all relying on Israeli lobby-groups for campaign finance, there won’t ever be any big surprises. And we all know how much big business hates ‘surprises’.

    You finished your comment with:

    ‘A projected iScotland would be faced with international events of this kind, I do trust wise and mature counsel would prevail. Emotional «something must be done» reaction is counterproductive.’

    I’m not sure if it’s just the wording you used, perhaps I’m misreading it completely, but are you suggesting that wanting ‘something to be done’ about the genocide ongoing is wrong because it is ’emotional’?

    Let me suggest that decoupling one from the other is the kind of ‘pragmatism’ that has made the USA and the UK two of the most feared and despised nations in history. We Scots have been umbilically linked to both for centuries but that doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t raise strong objection to their behaviour as and when common humanity and decency demands it.

  155. Tommo says:

    ‘A Scot Abroad says:’There is only one legal Parliament in the U.K. It’s in London. Trying to set up a rival would be illegal under the three Acts of Union (as enacted in London, Edinburgh and Dublin). Deal with facts, man, not produce nonsense based on your misunderstanding.’

    Oh-whoever you are-and however cogent your points may be (and they are)-PLEASE don’t set him off again. Tolerance has it’s limits.

  156. Dan says:

    @ George Ferguson

    The significant logistical effort and costs of extending the district heating scheme to serve a load more properties to help those in fuel poverty suggests that these folk will be stuck in fuel poverty for the foreseeable.
    Will the plumbing to these properties then be removed when it is deemed the folk are no longer in fuel poverty?
    Would it not be better to just get the folk out of fuel and other poverty in the first place.

    Did you clock my post the other day on clear and blatant failings in the EPC Register, making a mockery of analysis and assessing how thermally efficient Scotland’s properties are? the data has been corrupted by all this greenwashing shite being rolled out where dodgy surveys have been done. The crazy thing is the assessor’s details are actually clearly visible when you search each property so kind of self incriminating and banged to rights on that score.
    A 250 year auld hoose with single glazing and very little insulation is A rated, just get tae fuck with that pish as a new build packed with insulation would struggle to get that rating. I also know it is a load of bullshit because if it was that thermally efficient then the bastarding air source heatpump wouldn’t be running and droning away nearly all the fucking time making the village sound like an industrial zone.

    Sick of saying this but we just need to concentrate on insulating the properties to the best level we can and use the green leccy we generate through renewables for heating.
    Of course this mental Scottish “Government” might as well just come out and “fix” fuel poverty by telling folk to Self ID as warm seeing as they think folk can change their state by nothing more than the power of thought.

  157. Stevie says:

    It’ll stop soon as will indy for 20 years.

  158. James Che says:


    Your analysis of the parliament of England not Existting is incorrect.

    The monarch under the coronation oath still swears its oath to the parliament of England as is in evidence from the Cambridge university.
    Also the treaty with Ireland in 1800 was created by the parliament of England not the one parliament of Great Britain,
    As was the Anglo-American trade agreement with America,

    The parliament of England was not dissolved on the same date as the parliament of Scotland. In fact there is no evidence of the parliament of England officially ever being dissolved
    Hence the Scotland of parliament could not meet head on in a union with the parliament of England.
    There is ample evidence that the parliament of England still Exists and is active within the new named parliament of britain since 1707,

  159. John Main says:

    Just wondering what around the other half of all the flights RoS is blathering about are doing.

    Just wondering who is doing around half of all the desperate fighting going on in Gaza right now. Unless the IDF are shooting at mirrors, eh?

    Just wondering why nobody is calling on the ham boys to cease fire, and give up their hostages. This could all be over 24 hours from now if they did.

    But let me guess. From the standpoint of ideological purity, that’s not an acceptable way for the war to end for the usual suspects on here.

    Just wondering what IB’s plans are for the 9.5 million refugees heading our way if he gets what he wants. Guess I’ll be wondering a long time.

  160. David Hannah says:

    Alba Party on the rise. Ash Regan. Yes mam.

    The most gorgeous woman in the history of Scottish Politics.

    Eyes they shine like diamonds, and hair, like a red red rose, that’s sweetly sprung In June.

    Everything this country needs to take us to Independence. I’m with her all the way.

    Scotland United. The SNP will soon get with the program.

  161. John Main says:

    TH 6:56

    Careful there TH, your entire post is one LONG moan from start TO finish.

    Motes AND beams TH, eh?

    But dinna listen TO me. Get a friend to BREAK IT to you gently.

  162. David Hannah says:

    I’ve just voted for Yvonne Ridley as office convenor for the women’s role in the Alba Party. I’d love to meet her. She’s incredible as well and shake her hand. I loved her speech at all under one banner. Incredible.

    And I’ve voted for Eva Comrie as the equalities convenor another incredible honest and kind woman. The lawyer. I love the passion on the prism show some incredible speeches. Her Bannockburn speech was incredible.

    Thank goodness I’ve joined the Alba Party. The strongest feminist voices in Scotland.

    Ash Regan. Our leader in Holyrood. You sae the picture of her standing up to Sturgeon outside the For Women Scotland banner.

    She’s the leader the SNP doesn’t have.

    Here we go.

  163. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 8:49pm
    A Council trying to help local residents. Of course if their circumstances change the infrastructure will not be removed. I did see your post on EPC but think you missed the real point. Since the SNP changed the leglisation and put the onus on the sellers for home reports and valuations the system was corruptible. Many posts from me on WoS about that before. Which is why I want a detailed list of SNP members and their property portfolios. And at what point they bought those properties. The property market has responded in their own way which is probably why we have an Emergency declared in Edinburgh with other Cities to follow. You do realise a homeless declaration Emergency opens up powers for the Scottish Government to enforce. Anyway my team are getting beat in the McDiddy Cup far more important than the systematic corruption of the Scottish Government.

  164. Chas says:


    I have an idea.
    Find a solicitor to take your case for the dissolution of the Union to the highest court in the land. Provide said solicitor with all the facts and evidence that you have diligently researched.
    I actually know a solicitor who is not too busy at present. Her name is Ms Nicola Sturgeon and she claims to be really up for Independence. I am sure she will be interested.
    Just in case your are baulking at the possible fees involved you could ask the stalwarts on here to ‘crowd fund’ you. I would be willing to donate. Just tell me where I need to send my 50p and it will be with you in a couple of hours.
    If you are not prepared to take this course of action can I suggest that you desist with your repetitive pish and give us all a break.
    Many thanks.

  165. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che.

    You are wrong. The text of the Coronation Oath makes zero reference to the Parliament of England. The text instead requires the one being crowned to be a member of the Church of England and to uphold it. Why not try reading it, rather than making things up, and repeating them 373,582 times?

    Jesus. It couldn’t be simpler. Parliament of the U.K. and the Church of England are separate things.

  166. Southernbystander says:

    English scum bastard here – happy to take the blame, take one for the team and all that.

    John Main, I believe angels are non-binary.

  167. Alf Baird says:

    Chas @ 9:53 pm

    “Her name is Ms Nicola Sturgeon and she claims to be really up for Independence.”

    The long since infiltrated SNP’s deceit in delaying independence is what has intentionally caused the rupture in the movement. Much as postcolonial theory predicts the behaviour of a dominant national party, which ‘lacks courage at the decisive moment’, notably after the UKGE in 2015 and the election of 56 nationalist MPs in Scotland, with just 3 MPs ‘for’ the union!; instead ‘the party draws ever closer to colonialism’ and ‘holds the people back’, becoming ‘an instrument of coercion’ (Fanon).

    This is a sickening realisation indeed, for at least half the membership who have since departed the party, and the mass of the people still wondering about the purpose of its ‘mystifying’ policies whilst the most urgent matter, liberation of the people, is no longer prioritised.

  168. President Xiden says:

    Matheson, what a hollowed out skull of a man. If he is prepared to throw his family under bus, how much mor is he prepared to promote the globalist ‘take their cars off them’ agenda? What a disgusting cattle truck loader.

  169. Dan says:

    @ George Ferguson

    Why do you want to see a detailed list of the property portfolios of only SNP politicians when there are plenty other MSPs of different Parties that could have similar interests in property and might as you hint at be motivated to have tweakable EPC ratings for their own benefit.
    But the way I see it is there is little need for them to do that because taxpayers are paying for much of the “upgrading” of properties anyway through various schemes to help landlords meet the legislation those MSPs passed.

    The register of interests of our past and present MSPs is easy enough to check through. Just click on an MSP and their declared register of interests is clickable from the box on the left hand side.

    Or there is a whole page of links of info from over the years which can be downloaded to view.

  170. John Main says:


    Not convinced about angels myself, but feel free to post links if you have them.

    I understand the word “angel” in the original Greek simply meant “messenger”. Nothing supernatural or metaphysical at all.

    That being the case, I guess all sorts can be angels.

  171. David Hannah says:

    Scottish women ask:

    “Michael Matheson says he lied to protect his children, where was the protection for our children when he voted through self ID including sexual abusers?”

    I couldn’t agree more. He’s the worst I’ve ever seen. He reminds me of Frank Gallacher from shameless without the alcohol. His poor soulless children will be dead inside after his comments. Think of the bullying they’ll receive at school.

    All thanks to him. He’s despicable. Really fucked in the head.

  172. David Hannah says:

    If I were Matheson’s wife. I’d be packing his bags into a black bin bag. And throwing his dirty laundry out onto the steet.

    I’d be changing the locks and keeping the dog.

    They will grow up damaged because of his actions. Worse still. Criminals like Matheson. The gangster family.

  173. David Hannah says:

    Worst Dad. Nothing more brutal than growing up with shame and family embrassment. Thanks to their father.

  174. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird, at 10:28 pm

    yet again, more throwaway and unevidenced stuff. You “academics” are meant to be good at providing evidence, rather than just making lazy assertions. I’m sure that a proper Professor can give you some lessons in the basics of that.

    “The long since infiltrated SNP’s deceit in delaying independence is what has intentionally caused the rupture in the movement.”

    OK, much to unpack. Who infiltrated the SNP, when, any evidence of deliberate deceit, or of a positive intention to cause a rupture? No names, no date, no details of deceit, no evidence of intention, no evidence of motive.

    “Much as postcolonial theory predicts the behaviour of a dominant national party…”

    It’s always theory with you. Nothing ever practical. Perhaps that is because you haven’t got a Scooby about any of this shit that you literally make up with each comment. You haven’t got the background or training to be worth taking seriously on matters of colonialism, all you’ve got is an axe to grind. Utterly worthless.

  175. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 11:24pm
    We have just gone through a pantomine in the last few weeks of a stated position that changed several times. The EPC is a small part of the problem and doesn’t address the fundamental problem of the change of legislation that led to the system being corruptible. Corrupt Governments are not transparent. Members will hide their interests as we have just witnessed. The State of the housing market both ownership and rental proves the case. QED. Of course the powers now available after the Emergency declaration will enable their true agenda.

  176. James Che says:


    I suggest you read all of the Cambridge universities Oath statement for the monarchy from start to finish.

    How the oath is the laws of England from pre fallacious union from 1688 statue, any other Oath is contrary to that statutory form,
    The Oath taken by the present Sovereign ( Queen Elizabeth) omitted the promise to govern according to the Statues Agreed in parliament…..(Parliament of England Statue 1688)
    The most of important clause was the Williamite settlement
    The coronation Oath Act 1688 must include 3 questions.
    Will you solemnly swear to governe the people of the kingdom of England and the dominions thereto belonging according to the Statues in parlyment agreed on the laws and customs of the Same.

    And the point that Cambridge university were making was that a few of those monarchs Oaths were not correct and legal and there was a need for a back story cover up.

    And they were looking for a back track wriggle room on how to make them confirmed legal monarchs of England, never mind great Britain,
    So that the next monarch would be legal.

    You really should really read it throughly. ASA.

  177. James Che says:


    If the Pre – fallacious union, England parliament Act of 1688 sttill being used, must be followed to confirm a monarch it also has to be sworn to the people and kingdom of England,

  178. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che.

    I’m not interested in your misunderstood nonsense. Nobody else on WoS appears to be. No constitutional experts are. The lawyers and the Parliament of the U.K. are not. At some point, you need to realise that you are just repetitively spouting utter bollocks that nobody is going to do anything about. And that your spouting of total nonsense is a total waste of literally everybody’s time.

  179. twathater says:

    @ John MOAN 9.02pm what’s the matter John are ye feart I will steal your crown for the most incessant negative poster on WOS, but dinnae fash yersel John I wid hiv tae post an awful lot more negative denigrating demonising pish like you tae even come close tae stealin yir crown

    BTW John dae ye think ye and yer good unionist pals could point out the fucking money that the engerlish parliament is showering us with

  180. Geri says:


    “No constitutional experts are.”


    There are websites & blogs dedicated to constitutional law. You should go join & thrill everyone with yer pish that it’s all outdated guff no one is interested in. I’m sure they’d welcome yer feedback.

    “The lawyers and the Parliament of the U.K. are not.”

    Wrong again. They’ve actually been working/sounding out a new Act of Union & have been since 2015. Kinda makes a mockery of that Cinderella *forever & ever* pish that yoons like to spit claiming the union can never be broken like we’re fcking married or something but it did confirm we’re not locked in. Oh deary, Lisa Franco Nandy was so disappointed lol

    Parliament & HoL is constantly having discussions. Dewar & Salmond had a few themselves over the Scotland Bill.

    You talk shite eh?

    “At some point, you need to realise that you are just repetitively spouting utter bollocks that nobody is going to do anything about.”

    Then do one. The only thing repetitive is your pish that everyone is repetitive & irrelevant. Why do you even bother signing in? You’re never right about anything. You know zero about Scotland & you won’t ever change our minds that the Union isn’t dead.

    You can’t even be a positive voice for the Union can you? Why don’t you give us all a laugh & start listing some attributes?

    We’d be all ears!

  181. The Isolator says:

    To be fair to Craig Levein, all he did was play an extreme version of Cattenaccio which was unfashionable at the time but has made a bit of a comeback in European terms over the last few seasons . FFS when Scottish teams venture into Europe even Rangers & Celtic adopt it, in fact when The Rangers miraculously made the final a couple of years ago they had mastered a very unsophisticated version of it.

    As for the clowns in government and I include both Holyrood & Westminster then you would think they were doing so badly deliberately and you’d be right. The world has gone completely mad. Still it gives the wee unionistas a playground to play in.

  182. TURABDIN says:

    It gets tedious to repeat it but the Zionist Genocider faction tend not to read what HAMAS has to say about Jews. All negative, submit or face the consequences. Jews/Zionism the difference is in practice inconsequential. Israel, the restored ancient homeland, should not exist. Convert or pay the tax or face death. Simple set of equations.
    Islam, and Islam informs both HAMAS and FATAH to varying degrees, is quite clear regarding the place of those who do not submit is.
    There are only a handful of Jews in the dar al islam and Christian communities are shrinking. Tolerance? on their terms only.

  183. Mac says:

    Very interesting chat (while we wait for something to happen in Scotland).

  184. stuart mctavish says:

    @Dave Hannah

    Ach, there can be few dads that’s let themselves into a more embarrassing state than me these days but to extend the metaphor further – the quid pro quo of a magic money orchard being probity in financial office, it might be cool to discover if the holyrood purser and their team are dads, mums,inbetweenies, 12 year old kids etc since a national procurement office that’s unable to use its clout to tell Morocco telecom to go do one is one thing – but paying the bill on our behalf then asking the victim to reimburse it for political expediency is quite another

  185. Johnlm says:


    In the words of Inigo Montoya – “ You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

    Zionism is political, about keeping the ME destabilised.

    BTW H4MAS in their General Principles and Policies (section 16. & 17.) appear to take pains to differentiate between Zionism and Judaism.

    They were helped into power by the very Zionists they say they oppose.

  186. James says:

    John Daily Mail Main doesn’t do irony.

    Who knew?

  187. John Main says:

    @TH 3:58

    Innarestin choice of language. I have you down as a traditional nationalist, which means red socialism, EU rule, and republicanism. Which means the grinning face of pretendy FM HY on the stamps. Thank feck they come pre-glued, eh? Who’d be wanting to lick the erse end o that?

    Anyhoo, if it’s crowns you’re offering I’ll take that one. You CAN have the crown for most pointless USE of caps.

    I’m guessing you’re still applying “chip shop domestic” rules, where Indy is regarded as a tight-knit family, outsiders can get to feck, and if members of that family have a domestic in public, they unite and turn on anybody unrelated who intervenes to break it up.

    Soz an a’ that, TH, but the Indy “family” has trashed its own self, and trashed Scotland, her institutions and her heritage. You had your 10 years to do it your way, you right royally fecked it up.

    Scotland’s goanny no do it your way from now on.

  188. Dan says:

    Plus a decent comment from vivianoblivion7 which again raises the matter of urgency which I fully agree with, and that flies in the face of those that say there is nothing going on.
    I really don’t understand why so many of our supposed brightest and best are continuing to say “nothing is going on” and are frozen like a rabbit in the headlights.
    Why are they seemingly happy to allow the continual exploitation of our people and resources with barely a whimper of protest. Please be honest, are you all just too broken with it all or too comfortable and insulated from the harsh realities that you just can’t be arsed getting torn into the likes of Angus Robertson and that recent hydrogen deal.
    Robin McAlpine has been dutifully continuing to bring to light stuff that should have the masses rising up if more folk knew about what is going on.
    Christ, it’s not like Angus doesn’t have plenty baggage with all he has been embroiled in, and surely that is motivation enough to hold him to account.

  189. John Main says:


    interesting and instructive posts.

    Keep up the good work!

  190. Anton Decadent says:

    @JohnIm, I remember reading an article in Private Eye about twenty years ago. It stated that the PA (Palestinian Authority) had broken up a recruiting cell for AQ (Al Qaida) in one of the massive resettlement camps. They got to it early when it still consisted of low single figures and found out that every single member was in the pay of Mossad.

    A radical Islamist Palestine is how Israel wishes to portray it to the West. No more wars for Israel.

  191. socratesmacsporran says:

    Saturday simply isn’t Saturday without a Cairnstoon.

  192. John Main says:

    Anton Decadent

    Israel must be kicking itself, eh?

    Instead of being portrayed as a radical Islamist Palestine, as you claim they want, the world is seeing a bunch of deranged, foaming at the month madmen, shouting “God is great” while snatching babies, imprisoning children, and gunning down daft teenagers who just want to dance and hang out with their pals.

    Man, it’s like turning up at a pop concert and blowing up a bunch of kids who just want to see and sing along to their favourite act.

    Do you think maybes Mossad was behind that one too?

  193. John Main says:

    @Dan 1:19

    I read it.

    Worrying about the climate – something Scotland always will be powerless to do anything about, and also something where Scotland is likely to be a net beneficiary of the predicted changes, if we secure our borders to keep the grifters, sorry refugees, out.

    Greetin about the EU – for fecks sake – with nary a mention of just how much the EU has mutated since the UK left, and just how much further it will have to mutate if it is to survive the withdrawal of US military defence, and the growth of Russti imperial ambition.

    In short, another worthy living in the past. Feck all to offer for the present and the future.

    Indy really does have to up its game if it wishes to become relevant for ordinary, Sovereign and New Scots.

  194. James Che says:


    That is called wilful ignorance on your part.
    Because all the information is from Englands historical records and Englands top universities.
    So I have hardly shown any bias with the information,
    And I provided the appropriate information on where to go read them for yourself.
    And it goes without saying that Westminster and politicians down south would be the last people to shout it from the roof tops,

    It would appear hot (denial) and chosen ignorance of Englands academic papers and Westminster records is your new chosen path for learning.

    It is not ( I ) that is being shown up as unable to learn from research papers and a multitude of sources of records.
    Fancy that, all those official people in England misunderstanding all that information all these years.

  195. James Che says:


    You have to question why they need a new English treaty of union With a 300 year old dissolved Scottish parliament,
    And of course whom the heck will be the other partner to this new Treaty if there is only a one united parliament.

    My personal interpretation is that the old one from 1707 is no use.

  196. Johnlm says:

    By Jove, the idiot Main may have stumbled on the truth.
    “Do you think maybes Mossad was behind that one too?”
    From the mouths of babes, eh?

    All these radical Muslim groups seem to have been set up by the West.
    The Muslim Brotherhood tried to assassinate Nasser.
    The Mujeheddin (later to become Al Quaeda) set up by the Carter Administration.
    M16 hiring AQ to assassinate Ghadaffi
    ISIS capturing Mosul with under 1000 men, and having meetings with John McCain.
    Then there are false flags such as The Lavon Affair and other similar, USS Liberty,

    And what about those dancing Israeli students on 911?

  197. TURABDIN says:

    @whoever is interested.

    ARTICLE 28 of the foundational HAMAS covenant 1988.

    Israel, Judaism and Jews challenge Islam and the Moslem people. “May the cowards never sleep.”

    Later versions, in English, play down the Qur’an quotes but the intent is still clear.

    Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).
    Hassan al Banna founder of the Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood. His Islamist ideas are the essence of HAMAS and others.

  198. Dundee Scot says:

    The “true” independence party (Alba–at least, according to many here) just finished 7th in the Motherwell by-election, with a derisory 2.1% of the vote.
    Unionist parties won 60% of the vote.
    Only 66 people voted Alba–less than voted for the British Unionist Party!
    And only 20% of voters bothered to turn out.
    For Alba fanatics, this has got to be embarrassing.

  199. Anton Decadent says:

    @John Main

    Religious fundamentalists of any type are a concern particularly when they are given agency to run a country/culture. Both sides in Israel/Palestine are in that situation and my country, unfortunately, had a part to play in creating the situation and maintains a role which I would prefer was ended.

    Last year when reading up on Jewish organisations in the UK on their own websites I read that they wanted any kind of criticism of the undue influence wielded by the likes of the Rothschild or Soros families classed as anti semitism and therefore a criminal offence in the UK. Reading todays jewish owned Herald I saw one of its resident jewish authors looking to paint any desire for white people to have any kind of agency and influence in their own countries as far Right white supremacy and an editorial one assumes on behalf of the jewish owners of the once broadsheet now tabloid calling for increased immigration into Scotland. I do not see any editorials calling for increased non jewish immigration into Israel for some reason which makes it look like either rank hypocrisy and double standards or an active concerted plan against nations of white European Christian status.

  200. Dan says:

    @ John Main

    You’ll note that I did only state the comment below the article was decent.
    As soon as I read “climate” I rolled my eyes. What don’t people get, Scotland is already very green, and the sensible thing would be to simply implement changes to use the abundance of leccy generated by renewables to heat our buildings and power our industries.
    Economies of scale keep this relatively simple, it’s when folk start incorporating all sorts of other elements into the mix that a future self-governing Scotland will have way more shite to sort out trying to better regulate and manage a myriad different energy generators and providers.
    I mentioned a small hydro scheme the other week which is basically only being built to furnish the large estate landowner with an income stream. He gets paid for putting energy into the grid, and the big energy corporates will sell it back to the locals for their usual exorbitant profiteering rate. That really isn’t much of a benefit to the locals at all as they have to deal with the often inevitable issues such schemes can have. If the locals had been able to buy the green energy at a cheaper rate then it might make sense.

    Energy policy is reserved to London Rule, so all these initiatives like the small hydro scheme and that Council installing a district heating system mentioned last night, are really just expensive sticking plasters on a much bigger wound.
    The district heating system will to some extent mitigate heating issues for a few, but fuel poverty is experienced by a far larger number nationwide and what do they get.
    The more initiatives put in place to mitigate the symptoms rather than address the primary causes, the less desire there will be for people to be angry and motivated to properly fix the underlying cause, which is for Scotland to end London Rule and regain full control of all necessary powers to forge its own path.
    Scotland is already very green in the scheme of things as I’d hope folk would realise by now.

  201. Dundee Scot says:

    I get a chuckle when some commenters here assert that only “ethnic indigenous Scots” should be allowed to vote in Scottish elections.
    Do they realize that qualification would mean that the leaders of the SNP (Yousaf and Flynn), Labour (Sarwar), and LibDem (Cole-Hamilton) Parties wouldn’t be eligible to vote? Neither would Ash Regan of Alba.
    Of the major party leaders, only Doug Ross of the Unionists is an ethnic Scot, born in Scotland.

  202. Cherrybank says:

    Anton Decadent@ 12.38pm I would be interested to read your evidence that the Herald is Jewish owned.

  203. James Che says:

    The ladies are quiet while men talk of war.

    Come on ladies Scotland is your Country too and your opinion counts, I am sorry you have been ousted out by the constant war mongering talk.

    I enjoy all your contributions on wings.

  204. Geri says:

    Dundee Nyaff


  205. Geri says:

    James 12:14

    Nah, the 1707 one is just fine.

    The new one they’re exploring is to lock us in or to make it near impossible to meet the criteria to exit.

    They can’t do it without directly breaking the terms of a voluntary union/Claim of right.

    It went quiet but that’s not to say it’s on hold,imo.
    The UK is lurching ultra right & could try & just force it.

    As for Alba Election. It’s council. Does anyone care about those? They’re always a wasted effort. More worrying is WTF keeps voting SNP? 900+ votes & 2nd place FFS!!

  206. James Che says:


    “Scotland is already green, why don’t people get it.”

    I have no idea why they don’t get, it is pretty obvious, all the need to do is to observe the scenary around them and the lack of industry in Scotland and the vast acres of natural habitats,

    So I was wondering what Charlie king of England was doing or thinking by selling of all his highland cattle and such to England from Balmoral in the papers this week?

  207. sam says:

    Note the “British public” surveyed.

    “The British public seems to share Braverman’s approval of the plan to send people who seek asylum in the UK to Rwanda, although they do not share her fervour. Almost half (46%) of respondents to a Deltapoll survey commissioned by the Mail on Sunday said they support this policy, compared to just a third (33%) who oppose it. Conservative voters from the 2019 general election are the only political group among which a plurality supports the policy, but the margin is substantial: more than six in ten (62%) are in favour with only one fifth (20%) against.”

    That is just one of the questions polled.

  208. James Che says:

    Alf Baird,

    Come on now Alf,

    ASA qoute,
    “Yet again more throwaway and unevidenced stuff, You Academics are meant to be good at providing Evidence rather than just making lazy assertions,”

    You’ll nae win with this ones intellectual thinking.
    When the academic evidenced papers from Cambridge University is put before him, thats nae guid enough either.

    He is superior to all knowledge but his own narrow learning ability.

  209. Effijy says:

    The British poll results should be better tagged right wing extremists who buy right wing newspapers notorious for distortion and lies who are entirely aligned with Boris the Britain Breaker think that Johnny Foreigner should be sent anywhere far from God’s chosen elite.

    What chance does an Afghanistan facing death for helping the Western Forces have when Boris stated that he would eliminate the verminous Scot’s held in a ghetto.

    That poll only confirms the reasons why Scot’s never vote Tory or accept their colonisation.

  210. Effijy says:

    If Westminster would allow asylum applications from abroad it would reduce the boats but they refuse to do so.

    We could legitimately deport false applications if the workforce was put in place to process them but they refuse to do that.

    If you would allow those with skills to work in the 1 million job vacancies they would be helping the economy and be paying for their own accommodation.

    Short of housing, how about they work to build their own homes and maybe for our homeless.

    How many could be the crop pickers and abattoir workers, care workers, porters, taxi drivers

  211. James Che says:


    Are you suggesting the old one in 1707 does not lock us in to a treaty of union,

    Then why are we asking for a referendum? A section 30, Or independence if we already have the voluntary right to walk away,

    Like Dan on climate issues I parallel him on his question,
    I don’t understand why people just don’t get it? When it relates to the silliness of their position.

  212. James Che says:


    This is non binary is it?

    We ( Scotland ) are either in a voluntary union with Englands parliament.
    We are not because we were disqualified, when our scottish parliament was dissolved by Englands parliament prior to the creation of the British parliament.

    We not a hokey cokey Country. Half in and half out.

  213. James Che says:


    You are speaking common to much sense and logic for the politicians of GB.
    Good grief they have made most British youngsters work for pennies or subsidise them through the rest of their lives, protected from big bad words,

    Perhaps the government prefer the migration of a mostly young male population across the channel for training future pawn foot Soldiers to be ready for war, rather than normal work,

  214. sam says:

    The date is 2021.

    “The new report, coordinated by the Runnymede Trust, found that racism is ‘systemic’ in England and that legislation, institutional practices and society’s customs continue to combine to harm ethnic minority groups.

    Under Section 60, Black people are around 18 times more likely to be searched than their white counterparts.
    Ethnic minority children make up over half of the child population in prison (28% are Black). This is an increase of 15% over the past decade.
    By the end of secondary school, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils are almost three years behind their white counterparts, and Black Caribbean students are 11 months behind their White British counterparts.
    Black and ethnic minority people with learning disabilities die younger than their white counterparts; there is a 26-year difference between white and people of colour with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
    Had the white population experienced the same risk of death from Covid-19 as Black groups, there would have been an estimated 58,000 additional deaths between March-May 2020.”

  215. Ebok says:

    Geri says:
    18 November, 2023 at 2:30 pm

    ‘As for Alba Election. It’s council. Does anyone care about those? They’re always a wasted effort’.

    It’s true that council elections take low priority compared with other forms of voting, which is a great pity for several reasons.
    The first is that the provision of local services affects everyone, in many cases more so than decisions taken at national level.
    Then there is the generally accepted view that STV (single transferable vote) is the fairest of all voting systems, and elects councillors in accordance with the opinions of the majority.

    Another good reason is that local councillors are far more likely to reside in the area and consequently be known to or be accessible and more accountable to their electorate.

    But the main reason that the electorate SHOULD care is one that disenfranchised voters ought to pay great attention to: –

    Council elections provide the only realistic hope of distancing oneself from the malaise of lies, greed, and corruption that has engulfed all political parties.

    This can be achieved by voting for independent candidates, those who owe no allegiance to any party, and whose stated aims align with that of the elector.
    The reason that most folks dismiss local elections is almost certainly due to historic nepotism and cronyism within council chambers, brought about by decades of (mainly) Labour party control. Few people seriously believe that any local authority can be influenced by reason, or public pressure, or anything else. They are a law unto themselves.
    If only the public could be bothered to vote, and vote for non-party affiliated candidates, we’d be rid of party troughers overnight.

    The public now KNOW that the country is broken, that politicians have sunk below sewer level, but until they take all forms of democracy seriously, nothing will change.
    And it isn’t good enough to apply this rationale only to local politics: don’t vote for the least bad candidate at national level, don’t spoil your paper or not bother to vote, get to the polling booth, and vote for independents.

    Note, though, that the scam of D’Hondt/AMS doesn’t permit voting for independents on the list vote. The list is anti-democratic and reserved.

  216. Republicofscotland says:

    An interesting article apparently both Biden and Blinken favour a two-state approach, well in public they do, possibly knowing fine well it will never happen with Netanyahu and his mad dog far right coalition in power, on top of this huge barrier we have the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons and nuclear subs, Mordechai Vanunu blowing the whistle on that one, and whilst such a far right coalition governs Israel there is very little chance of peace, and the development of a two-state solution.

    Its claimed that France provided uranium and a nuclear reactor to Israel, while Germany was the source of funding for the Israeli nuclear weapons development.

    As for Israel having nukes there is a precedence in this matter, of an oppressive apartheid regime developing nukes and then giving them up under the NPT, it is of course South Africa, but in that instance the white South African government feared that a black South African president would inherit the nukes, and thus South Africa joined the NTP in 1991, three years later the nukes were dismantled.

    I don’t foresee Israel ever giving up its nukes, it fears the likes of Iran has them as well, and it would under certain circumstances use them against Israel. However what is required is for the people of Israel to elect a moderate government that will work with which ever body it chooses to thrash out a two-state solution, but that won’t happen whilst Netanyahu and his bloodthirsty political partners in government hold office.

  217. sam says:

    From 2022.Study by GCPH

    “Bearing the burden of austerity: how do changingnmortality rates in the UK compare between men and women?”

    “Co-author Ruth Dundas, professor of social epidemiology at the University of Glasgow, said: “This study shows that in the UK a great many more deaths are likely to have been caused by UK government economic policy than by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

    The total excess deaths included 237,855 among males in England and Wales, and 12,735 among men in Scotland. There were 77,173 excess female deaths in England and Wales, and 6,564 in Scotland.

    Death rates among women living in the 20% most deprived areas of England increased by 3% after a 14% decline over the previous decade. In Scotland, premature deaths in the fifth most deprived areas increased by 6% to 7% among men and women, after previous decreases of 10% to 20%.

    Previous studies have linked austerity spending policies in health and social care to excess deaths in England, as well as a slowdown in life expectancy among the most deprived individuals.”

  218. Sven says:

    Ebok @ 17.16

    Perfectly articulated reasons why I’ve not only never missed an STV local authority election, but have never felt required to spoil my ballot paper, as on occasion I have on other elections.
    Unforunately I fear that disillusion with both politics generally and the unfortunate results of the D’Hondt closed list system has now become endemic in our poor, broken country.

  219. Dan says:

    Forget modern polling companies trying to manipulate and influence the narrative to steer the future of what’s left of our society.
    instead, best tune in to Killing Joke. Accurately narrating the coming dystopian hellscape for 40+ years.

    This is one of their songs chosen for no particular reason other than I like this song and this explanation of it’s lyrics.

    The song “Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke is a passionate call to take action and fight for one’s beliefs despite the shortness and fragility of life.
    In the song, the singer urges us to be fearless and to take action in the pursuit of justice, no matter the consequences.
    The “rose in full bloom” symbolizes the need to join in solidarity and stand together, as love is more powerful than hate.
    The chorus states “a love like blood” symbolizing the power of joining together and unifying, where our collective struggles are greater than any individuals’.
    The song serves as a call to action, to come together and fight for what we believe in, to create a better world for all.

  220. TURABDIN says:

    the employment of terms such as «apartheid» is not helpful.
    A sizeable component of the population of the state of Israel are descendants of people who lived in the dar al islam but were required to leave as the political climate changed.
    Well before « zionism» was a term, the Jews in the Islamic world had to be cautious not to become «uppity».
    My minority know the form, head below parapet is best.

  221. Merganser says:

    Desperation Time.

    Reading Mike Russel’s desperate attempt to take the heat of the lying Matheson just illustrates the depth to which the SNP has sunk.They will do anything to protect one of the inner circle of troughers. The facts are incidental to any issue they are willing to address.

    First it was Robertson. Now Russsel. Who next to try and justify the unjustifiable? They are desparate to save Matheson: if he goes, Humza is very vulnerable too, as he nailed his colours firmly to Matheson’s mast. He must be regretting that now. What an idiot – as usual.

    Who next to come out and try another diversion tactic?

    Anything but honesty and decency from them. Anything to save their own skins. It really is pathetic seeing the depths to which they have sunk. And tragic seeing how they have been getting away with it for so long. But not for much longer.

    The blocked pipe will be cleared out with an almighty whoosh in the not too distant future. And good riddance to the ton of shit which has been ruining Scotland for the past 9 years.

    No doubt it will be out with the old shit and in with the new shit, but at least the new shit will deprive the old shit of a continued life of luxury.

    Despondent? Too bloody true.

  222. Anton Decadent says:


  223. JockMcT says:

    Mike Russell has turned out to be sturgeon level tractor. How many carrots topped with eleven step recipes and campervans or sheep trailers left to rust is this man responsible for. Worst of the worst.

  224. Anton Decadent says:

    Re last post, Chairman and CEO of Gannett.

    With regard to Yousaf being a future leader cover star of TIME magazine it is owned by a jewish member of the WEF and its chief editor is also jewish.

    With regard to the John Smith Institute placing New Scots into the public sector the finance is from jewish banking families. I have already previously posted the link to that.

  225. Anton Decadent says:

    @Dan, the first Killing Joke record I bought.

  226. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    18 November, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    I don’t foresee Israel ever giving up its nukes, it fears the likes of Iran has them as well, and it would under certain circumstances use them against Israel…

    I’ve a lot of time for Scott Ritter, but found that piece a bit uncharacteristically light.

    I have neither his insight nor contacts, but I think the BRICS factor is going to impact hugely on Middle Eastern politics, and perhaps be the decisive factor leading to “peace”, or at least diffused stalemate.

    Israel is more or less the same size a Wales, though in fairness, I don’t know if that includes occupied territories which don’t belong to them. It’s a pimple on the arse of the planet. Nukes aren’t so clever when you’re already eyeball to eyeball with the enemy.

    Unless of course, all is lost already and turning your own country into a contaminated sheet-of-glass, wasteland is your last “great” act of defiance. Stark thing to consider. Nobody’s that stupid, unless we’re dealing with deranged, religious, fanatical nut jobs…. Oh.

    “IF” the US dollar is ostracised and abandoned by the growing BRICS community, which potentially, it could be, then America might very quickly have its own domestic issues to take care of before venturing abroad. It might in fact be a long time before the USA ventures anywhere.

    Churchill quipped the only thing worse than fighting a war with allies was fighting a war without them.

    Personally, I sense there’s a growing realisation that this whole cesspit has dragged on long enough and needs a permanent solution. I was going to say a final solution but caught myself just in time.

    Truthfully I genuinely believe it’s the duplicitous “West” which has lost it’s way, and urgently needs to recalibrate its appreciation of good and evil, and then take a long hard look in the mirror. But will it?

    And let’s suppose for a minute that the USA suddenly wanted to reset itself to factory conditions, wipe the slate clean and rediscover it’s moral integrity… Do you think our nasty and twisted Western media would let it happen?

    Like it or not, we missed a golden opportunity to embrace a better world back in the 90’s when we should have seized upon the fall on Communism to restore and normalise relations with Ruskia, our staunch and mighty Ally in two World Wars… yes, our ally. Remember?

  227. Dan says:

    @ sam

    Just wondering what you want me to do about all those stats you’ve posted?
    It’s just that me and most of my pals are so politically disenfranchised these days that piling more shit we have absolutely no influence in addressing onto us basically serves no purpose other than to make our lives even less tolerable, so thanks for that.
    We’re struggling to get by as it is and can’t even get our roads and drains adequately maintained, so not sure how you expect us to rectify such highfalutin issues caused by the complexities of multiculturalism and immigration melded with the biological issues relating to ethnic genealogy.
    FYI all that stuff is a wee bit above our low pay grades.

    But if it helps I would suggest folk stop eating and drinking what they have been culturally assimilated into ingesting. It’s no wonder so many folk are screwed up and require big pharma’s medicinal “cures” because they continue to ask their bodies to cope with large amounts of foodstuffs that are known to be bad for them. It ain’t rocket science.

  228. Republicofscotland says:

    On BRICS Breeks, as P—N said and, then Xi reiterated, we are moving towards (and in some case we are already there a multipolar world, one thing is for sure many countries are moving away from the US dollar as the basis for dealing in, not to mention that an alternative to the SWIFT payment system is close to becoming a reality.

    US influence in the ME, and the global south is on the wane, whereas Chinese influence is growing, as is Russian and Chinese influence in Africa.

    As Henry Kissinger once said.

    To be the USA’s enemy is dangerous, to be its friend is fatal.

    On Gaza and the possibility of a two-state solution, it won’t happen with Netanyahu and his mad dogs in office, it might not even happen with a moderate Israeli PM in office either, history has shown us that some don’t want peace at any cost.

    This for example, assassinations to stop a two-state solution have happened before.

    Nothing shall be left seems to be the Zionist approach. They bulldozed the monument to Yasser Arafat in the West Bank a few days ago – Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 along with Yitshak Rabin, and Shimon Peres all strove for a two-state solution.

    It’s more than likely Arafat was poisoned with Polonium, and the dirty deed was carried out by Israel. George Galloway swears blind that Arafat was poisoned by Polonium, he was at his bedside when he (Arafat) died.

    To further exacerbate the situation the US Congress is now beholden to Zionist lobby groups such as the AIPAC.

    Read this to see the extent of their grip on Washington, and Washington hold sway over the EU and the dis-united kingdom.

  229. Dan says:

    As I suspected and alluded to earlier…
    As wind generation has increased today after a lull period, and as a result the UK (England) has reduced burning gas to generate 14% of its leccy demand.

    The UK has changed colour from brown to yellow.

    Now as Scotland is generating enough leccy predominantly through renewables to power ourselves (3GW) and is still managing to export more than that amount (3.3GW) to England.

    It means we would undoubtedly be shown as green on the energy map of that first link if this was taken into account. So England is dragging Scotland down due to many decades of shitey London Rule badly managing UK energy generation policy.

  230. sam says:


    “FYI all that stuff is a wee bit above our low pay grades.”

    I can see that.

    “But if it helps I would suggest folk stop eating and drinking what they have been culturally assimilated into ingesting.”

    Which “folks” you talking about?

  231. sam says:

    @ Anton Decadent

    Thanks.Big link between inequality and homicide. Reasons violence gets triggered to do with disrespect, loss of face, looked down upon.

  232. A Scot Abroad says:

    Anybody who thinks the BRICS are going anywhere clearly hasn’t been paying attention.

    Brazil is flat economically, and forecast to go into recession for a decade long period. It’s not politically stable.

    The R place is going bust quite quickly.

    India is doing reasonably.

    China has some very serious systemic issues that will see its population dwindle down to around 750 million over two decades. Catastrophic demographics. On top of that, it’s manufacturing and consumption bases will fall by around 35-40% as the workforce ages. As a net importer of 80% of its food and 75% of its energy, but no capable navy that can operate at oceanic scale, it is uniquely vulnerable to sanctions and blockade.

    As for the other nations interested in joining BRICS, look at their motives. Saudi Arabia is also going down the tubes in 30-40 years as global demand for oil diminishes (and they don’t have that much gas): the country has the capacity to support about 3 million people without massive imports. There are currently around 30 million people in Saudi Arabia, most of them not Saudis. The foreign workers will go back home. And then it’s curtains for the Saudi economy.

  233. Republicofscotland says:

    “Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin addressed the JCIT’s opening session. He set the tone by claiming Western state violence was ultimately “a fight for freedom or liberation” and, therefore, fundamentally opposed to “terrorism.” He concluded his remarks by imploring the assembled throng to go forth and promote the conference’s message once it was over. And they did.”

    How Washington and the Pentagon lied about detente with regards to the fall of the Soviet Union, and decided that terrorism (not Western Terrorism) had to be stamped out.

    Interestingly in 1983 when Netanyahu was Israel’s UN envoy, he said that if you miss a target and a bomb drops on a children’s hospital that IS NOT terrorism.

    Israeli joined and hosted the call to arms against terrorism in 1979.

    “Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) in Jerusalem’s Hilton Hotel. It gathered together a 700-strong mob of Israeli government officials, U.S. lawmakers, intelligence operatives from across the ‘Five Eyes’ global spying network, and Western foreign policy apparatchiks.”

    Possibly it gave the likes of the US Europe and the dis-untied kingdom carte blanche to enter countries mainly populated by brown skinned people under the guise of hunting for terrorists, later the same culprits would asset steal, and regime change to suit their needs, this still goes on in todays world.

  234. TURABDIN says:

    «Zionism» is about returning to an ancient and ancestral homeland.
    I’d like to return to mine except others now live there.
    Familiar (tedious) story?

  235. Chas says:


    Scotland produces No electricity, oil or gas. The mainly foreign owned companies with a base in Scotland do. They then sell it at market rates. Can you not understand this?

  236. Dan says:

    @ sam

    So you’re not bothering to explain to the neds what I am meant to do about the stats you posted. Or are you one of these elite types that doesn’t interact with those you see as lowly dumb plebs.
    FYI I live in an area of a State that does not have control over immigration and pretty much any other significant powers to address the complex issues you brought up.
    The politicians in my area apparently can’t even state the dictionary definition of a woman, know how to use a laptop without getting stung £11K in roaming charges, see no issue with clagging solar PV panels on a north facing roof, and I am somehow to put my faith and trust that these individuals will some how hold the depth of comprehension to resolve the issue you mention.

    And regards the latter point, I’ll bother my arse to state that it would be all folks, unless of course they are the special* ones that are deluded enough to think they can fill their bodies with anyone old toxic low grade shit and expect it not to cause any issues down the line.

    *Not special, but only realising this fact when the cold hard slap in the pus of reality hits them.

  237. The Flying Iron of Doom says:

    sam says:
    18 November, 2023 at 7:52 pm

    @ Anton Decadent

    Thanks.Big link between inequality and homicide. Reasons violence gets triggered to do with disrespect, loss of face, looked down upon.

    So nothing to do with lack of good character, poor impulse control or any other such woolly nonsense?

  238. Dan says:

    @ Chas

    Perfect timing you rocking up. Yes, I’m aware of that. But I’m not sure your quick respond is the big win you think it is. So that being the case maybe you could defend London Rule and explain why so much of the UK’s assets are owned by foreign interests with little to no benefit to UK citizens.
    It’s just that I note you didn’t respond to this previous request for the same info on the last thread.

  239. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TURABDIN (8.03) –

    «Zionism» is about returning to an ancient and ancestral homeland.

    No it isn’t.

    As pointed-out repeatedly, ‘Zionism’ is, in historical terms, no older than Marxism.

    Why are you punting this misleading rubbish?

    Do you think that professed familial connections to the region give you the right to spout Israeli propaganda?

    Do you think that the whole ‘country without a people for a people without a country’ schtick is going to work here?

    How do you account for the utter rejection of ‘Israel’ by orthodox Jewry as represented by organisations like Neturei Karta?

    What’s your game TURABDIN?

  240. sam says:


    You aren’t meant to do anything with what i write.So you can do just what you are doing.

    I don’t regard you as a pleb.Are you trying to put words in my mouth?

    What I wrote about was happening in England and part of what a Tory government has been doing to minority groups. England is deeply racist and its racism does not exclude Scots.

    What the hell does it matter if you and people around you can’t do anything about subjects that are not complex at all? Most everybody in a neoliberal world is in the same boat.

    Statistics are useful when they help to show the scale of a problem.

    Subject to the Rev I’ll say what I want. You can save your breath. It’s just something else you can do nothing about.

  241. Chas says:


    I am not sure what I am supposed to answer? I am not and have never been a defender of ‘London rule’ therefore it makes it impossible to respond. Although I would add what do you expect Westminster to do? Extract or generate themselves?

    I seem to recall that Saint Nicola of Sturgeon was going to set up some Scottish Energy Company. What happened to that?

    A wise boss once told me- ‘Finding problems with anything is simple. Finding solutions to the problems is a bit more difficult’!

    Blaming London or the Tory’s is easy. We can all do that in our sleep. Convincing enough Scots to vote for Independence-showing that it will be better for us all-now there’s a problem. What is your solution Dan?

    Do you think that producing a bunch of meaningless statistics again and again is the answer?

  242. Johnlm says:

    Category 2

    ‘Finding problems with anything is simple. Finding solutions to the problems is a bit more difficult’

    Wish some people would take their own advice.

  243. Shug says:

    What’s the next web site visited by Mathieson’s I Pad.

    You can believe the unionists know already and these SNP muppets think he can still survive.

    In one sense they might not finish him off, but only because it will be great material in the coming election.

    If they had any senese of strategy they would dump him.

    I do wonder if the “compromise” was to promote the people the security services know are muppets and isolate and jail ones with tallent.

  244. Ian Brotherhood says:


    I asked you, at 8.37, five questions.

    It would be civil of you to acknowledge that, even if you decline to answer any of them.

    Your contributions here seem to follow a pattern, part of which is to skirt direct questions, preferring to respond in abstract terms after the passage of many hours.

    Perhaps that is a ‘cultural’ thing? You don’t like answering questions directly? Or is it perhaps considered ill-mannered to respond to someone by name?

    FWIW, I don’t mind you taking your time or referring to my questions obliquely, but I would appreciate a response – addressed to me, if you don’t mind – regardless of how long it takes.


  245. Dan says:

    Okay Chas,

    You mention the stats I have posted previously that show Scotland has a considerably better resources to population figure compared to England, so why didn’t you or won’t you address what I also posted along with them. Namely that a self-governing Scotland could just emulate current Westminster policies.
    The proffered example that I included along with the stats makes no suggestion of altering the ownership status of those assets and resources located in Scotland’s geographical area, instead the change of Scotland returning to self-governance would mean that the revenue streams generated by the licensing and taxation of those assets and resources in Scottish jurisdictional areas would be diverted to a Scottish Treasury, to be used and distributed across Scottish society made up of 5.4 million folk, rather than them flowing into the UK Treasury which serves 67 million folk.

  246. Bernard de Linton says:

    Ian Brotherhood, While your waiting ,whats your take on the 44,000 terror attacks since 9 / 11.

  247. Billy Carlin says:

    Got to laugh at how the Mafias that own and control most of this planet including EVERY single Religion and Secret Society – both the EXACT same OCCULT – have got everyone divided and fighting each other over Religion and especially with regard to Israel/Palestine where the Israelis are ethnically cleansing the Palestinians out of Gaza via the totally FAKE Hamas rocket attacks created in the media only for that purpose. I already provided the EVIDENCE via links of ow they FAKE these rocket attacks and the totally FAKE Israeli Iron Dome fireworks pretending to shoot these FAKE rockets down but Stu did not allow that comment.

    Plenty of independent media such as Redacted on Youtube etc exposing the real reason for Israel attacking Gaza and that is to clear out the Palestinians because of all of the OIL and GAS under the sea off the Gaza coast – lots of FAKE news and DISINFO coming out of Gaza from both sides as part of this agenda and not surprising since Hamas and as I have said all of the Religions are owned and controlled by the Mafias behind everything that is going on. This is also why they tried to use the ISIS they set up to take take out Syria and their government because of that oil and gas off their coast as well that the Syrian government refused permission to drill for.

    There is a reason that there is Christian Freemasons and other Secret Societies and also Jewish Freemasons and other Secret Societies and Islamic Freemasons and other Secret Societies and in all of the other Religions as well and why the Freemasons and other Secret Societies and Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormons and many other Religions, Satanism etc all use the Hexagram/Star of Remphan and that is because they are all the EXACT same OCCULT owned and controlled by the same Mafias that own and control the CORRUPT Banking/Financial System, Legal System, Political System etc in most countries on this planet and who are using everything that is going on that they created to steal all resources and to help bring in their One World Government COMMUNIST Social Credit System and Digital Currency and Digital ID with NO cash to control EVERYTHING that we do and buy etc that THEY decide that we can have – we are all going to be happy owning NOTHING while THEY will be happy own everything as per THEIR World Economic Forum and United Nations.

    While the dumb are arguing for one side or the other re Israel/Palestine or Jew/Muslim the Religious leaders under their boss – the Pope – are creating their new One World Religion CHRISLAM and new “saviour” for the soon to be Age of Aquarius – LUCIFER – because they always create a new Religion and “saviour” for every new Age of the ZODIAC. Jesus who was created to represent Pisces is even telling everyone this at Luke 22:10 where you have to WATCH OUT FOR THE MAN BEARING A PITCHER OF WATER and to Follow him into the HOUSE he enters into. The “end times” are the end of the House of Pisces as we move into the House of Aquarius. You will find this new Religion being reported under this “CHRISLAM UPDATE: SEE THE FIRST IMAGES OF CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS ON ABRAHAMIC FAMILY HOUSE IN ABU DHABI OF THE ONE WORLD RELIGION HEADQUARTERS” on the gospelnewsnetwork website. These Mafias have people fighting each other over religion, sex, colour etc to stop the people seeing who is the real enemy on this planet and what they are up to and they have their paid shills out their stoking up all of this as well – wake up and see what is really going on.

  248. Bernard de Linton says:

    Ian Brotherhood,did you go on the march today?

  249. John says:

    @Dan 11:08.
    Away with yer common sense shite. They have a minister for that now.

  250. John says:

    So it’s Scotland’s year in Germany next summer

  251. Dan says:

    @ sam

    I initially asked what you wanted me to do about the stats you posted. I mentioned being disenfranchised and therefore we’re really not currently empowered enough to do much about the issues you mention. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a reasonable grasp of how poverty and divisive policies can play out and manifest into the metrics in those statistics.
    I guess you missed the sarcasm when I stated “FYI all that stuff is a wee bit above our low pay grades.

    You respond with “I can see that. which I took as just a curt personal dig rather than you actually promoting any discourse on ways to begin to get to a point where we could do much about it. Hence my feeling like a lowly pleb…
    Maybe we could just chalk this one up as a failing of the expressed written word rather than hold a grudge over it.

    FYI I come from a very unsettled beginning in life as my parents split up when I was very young, this then entailed much moving around and struggling to make ends meet. There was a point we even had to squat in a flat in Albert Street off Leith Walk. That constant disruption during my upbringing could have gone either way, but fortunately through all that time I was very lucky to still have loving parents and their friends that were able to juggle taking turns of looking after my sister and I.
    The good news is that rather than go down a path of despair and drugs like others I knew, I instead learnt to be resilient and resourceful and thrived with all the new life experiences that came our way.
    People are people and most aren’t inherently evil, more that they occasionally can display a prejudice which is a product of their upbringing and surroundings. But in my view there is sometimes legitimate resentment involved as a factor in how folk form their views. But the powers that be dictate and control the narrative that breeds resentment and division in our society. And it’s just another win for the elites when we end up bickering amongst ourselves about how we deal with our fellow citizens that were turned into racists or classists, etc.

  252. PhilM says:

    Is it a full moon tonight?
    I can’t think of any other explanation…

  253. A Scot Abroad says:

    PhilM, re the 11:19pm comment,

    it may be a result of a temporary failure of care in the community. Sometimes the nutters run free. They enjoy it. I’m not convinced that anyone takes them seriously.

  254. Willie says:

    And meanwhile in France the huge corporate Lidl are being reported for relabeling foods to disguise the country of origin of the product which is Israel.

    That a German corporate can sanction this is outrageous. It’s probably as much a deliberate policy to mislead in France as it is elsewhere.

    For me stores like that are best avoided. What else would they do.

  255. A Scot Abroad says:

    This won’t be to the taste of any pro-Indy supporters, as it involves an American conservative think tank, and geo-strategic analysis that is aimed to show big bad American pension funds and oil companies and generally hard-nosed people what the world’s going to be like in 10,20,30 etc years time. This particular think tank don’t get it right all of the time, but they’ve got a pretty reasonable record of being about 90% correct over the years, and they are well-wired into the western system at levels where money and leadership read their reports.

    Anyway, they are neither pro, nor anti, Scots Indy. They don’t take a view as to polling and trends, they just observe what might happen. And their latest report (September, I only just got around to reading it) on Scots Indy is an absolute humdinger.

    Demographics of Scotland: dreadful. Older, less healthy, fewer children per couple than rUK (which ain’t great by itself), serious social health issues with drink and drugs. If Indy, would be the oldest population in continental Europe. Those are unarguable facts, it’s the consequences and costs that are in the political sphere.

    Joining the EU? Currently fail 14 of 15 principal considerations. Even joining EFTA is unlikely.

    Economic stability? Unlikely, as they believe that up to 200,000 middle class taxpaying Scots would leave Scotland even before Indy. Which makes the demography, health, social and pension issue worse.

    Currency is moot. Scotland could use whatever it wants to, and any choice of mainstream currencies is better than setting up a Scottish currency that ain’t backed by anything or a government with no credit rating. But the corollary is that Edinburgh gets no say at all in things like interest rates. That puts about 3.5% additional onto Scottish interest rates, at the least.

    They haven’t set out to trash Indy as a proposition. They’ve just looked at the data, and done some forecasting.

  256. twathater says:

    Re a Twat abroad 2.49 thank you for those figures you have done Scotland a great service we can all go home now and sit and shiver in our hovels waiting for death to claim us, as a fellow Scotchman would there be a possibility that you could take pity on a former independence supporter who has now seen the light due to your repudiation of all the misinformation that us poor unfortunates have been fed and put me and my wife up in your palace, we would be most grateful and if we were to find employment even within your palace we may possibly be able to contribute financially towards our keep
    I know your close friends John MOAN and his cherub Chas will be so disappointed that there is NO FUCKING MONEY in Scotchland maybe you could have a word with Das Blimp and see if he would give them accommodation and support them

    Hope to hear from you soon Sir ASA

  257. PhilM says:

    We’re on opposite sides of the debate but some of the stuff on here helps no-one. One of the posters on this website doesn’t seem to realise it but they might actually be seriously unwell.
    There used to be a guy from Kelso, a retired professor of Chemistry (I think), who used to post videos on YouTube about all of the conspiracies that do the rounds and it was obvious he had completely lost it. There were stories in the papers about him for a brief period. It was honestly a real shame.
    The way I view things is that there aren’t any real major major conspiracies and anything that looks like one can be fairly easily explained and has been done so already.
    You won’t find these things explained on most YouTube videos, instead you have to make the effort to read books written by journalists and researchers who speak the languages needed to understand different cultures. These books with their Indexes, End Notes and Bibliographies are where the knowledge is but very few can be bothered any more to spend hours reading words and thinking actively about what they’ve read.
    That’s the sad truth.

  258. David Hannah says:

    I didn’t realise Michael Matheson had integrity or a reputation. And neither does Angus Robertson.

    I wonder what today’s scandal will be in the Sunday papers.

    I’ll be celebrating regardless. Today is a party day. Scotland is off to the Euros. We’ve qualified. I’m going to have myself a pint from 3pm onwards. Then off to raise the roof at Hampden Park.

    Yessss. Here we go. We’ll be coming the road. When you hear the noise of the Tartan Army Boys we’ll be coming down the road! Ah canny believe it. Here we come!

  259. David Hannah says:

    There’s a love that’s everywhere. And I can feel it. There’s a magic atmosphere. I guess you know it’s true?

    Yess. Here we go. Steve Clarke. The living legend! I’m so proud to be Scottish today. This is rare. Let’s enjoy it like never before.

  260. Robert Louis says:

    Honestly, the world has gone mad.

    This ‘non-binary’ pish is just a fad. Ten years from now the very same young people who claim they are ‘non-binary’ right now, will look back and laugh at how stupid it all was. It is baloney on an epic scale. History shows us that such things come and go with young folk. The same is true of the ‘tell me your pronouns’ nonsense. All of it will be seen with hindsight as a daft phase young folk indulged in.

    That is unfair, however, because not all young folk agree with it. Their are an increasing number of young folk, who also sneer at this nonsense. They see the gender nonsense for exactly what it is, nonsense.

    It was a fad. Ten years from now it will be of zero importance to anybody.

    These ‘non-binary’ people, we are told, sometimes have a ‘gender,’ sometimes don’t have a ‘gender’, or may be a man or a woman only part of the time, or, AND THEY SAY THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, neither a man or a woman.

    It is a load of old bollocks. I refuse to take anybody seriously if they say they are ‘non-binary’. Such people are either completely nuts, or are simply a young person who has never had a serious relationship with anybody, and needs to grow up.

    The fact that the Scottish government takes this at all seriously, shows us what utter dimwits they truly are.

  261. Breeks says:

    Jesus wept. I don’t reply to trolls, but the Ascot Hat is now making the case for Scottish Independence. Who’d a thunk it?

    Scotland’s demographics are dreadful, too old, less healthy… blah, blah, blah. Witness the consequences when your children grow up disadvantaged and encouraged to believe their life prospects are infinitely better if they move abroad? They have to move to escape the economically polarised UK, where a North / South disparity in wealth has been deliberately orchestrated as an exercise in social engineering to turn Scotland into a de-industrialised retirement village for rich English pensioners who will never vote YES to Independence. Solution? Independence and rejection of London rule and NeoLiberal greed, and all similar back-door Anglicisation and colonisation.

    Joining the EU? Now a massive hurdle for Scotland (apparently), but a massive hurdle of course which would never have existed if Scotland’s sovereignty, democracy, and emphatic will was actually respected, rather than cynically subjugated by a foreign government. Solution? Replace the colonially opportunist “government” with a Scottish Government which has its lawful, extant sovereignty respected under International Law. Shame on Michel Barnier for not doing so, but what other choice did he have given Sturgeon the Betrayer’s supine abdication of responsibility? Fk you Sturgeon.

    Economic stability??? Ha! Economic stability delivered by the proliferation of Unionist gatekeepers and Civil Servants dictating Scotland’s economic policy and direction. Witness the asset stripping or skewed disadvantage suffered upon Scottish Industry, spanning decades, whether it’s Rosyth losing tenders it properly won to Devonport, or Stuart Ballantyne’s catamaran ferries held in abeyance because the Civil Servants dictate who can be spoken to.

    For “economic stability” read “unchecked deregulation” through Freeport policy imposed by a right wing English government, and long term divergence away from EU standards and criteria, and Scotland’s traditional ports and trade links left to atrophy or go through England. Solution? A Scottish Government putting Scotland’s interests first, changing direction, and embracing foreign trade and exports.

    An Independent Scottish Currency is viable, and backed by Scotland’s material and thankfully immovable assets, (fixed thank god or they’d already be stolen), and an economic vitality that would no longer be exploited to profit the Westminster treasury, but a Scottish treasury with economic interests of Scotland’s people defended, rather than witnessing Scotland’s prosperity stolen and our peoples’ individual prosperity harvested like a cash crop.

    Just consider how much of a family’s wage packet now goes to pay a mortgage company outwith Scotland, – money which once circulated in our local communities, then multiply that family by the number of similar households in that street, times the number of streets, times the number of towns and villages.

    There are eye watering billions being syphoned out of Scotland, facilitated by a Ponzi-style housing racket, where the product is a housing stock designed to deliver the most money out for the least money in, sold at astronomic prices, held artificially high because of heightened demand created by acute under supply. Witness Edinburgh’s housing crisis, which is merely the tip of the iceberg.

    The UK solution? Build more homes, and hand over yet more profit to the Corporate House builders, and see more and more virgin green belt or farm land lost to the economic sprawl of trash, stick built housing of unprecedented banality. It’s insane. These parasites already have enough land banked for development for decades. A Scottish Government should take it off them to build old style built-to-last “proper” housing that provides the population with a stable place to live, not a second income for the greedy “haves” through but to let or AirBnB.

    Who’d have thought that a blinkered mouthpiece like the Ascot Hat would take the lead in arguing the case for Scottish Independence? But as they say, even a broken cock is right twice a day…

  262. SteepBrae says:

    Being reminded now and again of the harsh reality of living in a society impoverished by imposed austerity is no bad thing. Maybe there’s not much an ordinary mortal can do about it but seeing the stark figures can certainly focus the mind; it’s another reminder of why this country needs independence.

    Looking at the summary of excess death figures posted by sam (18 Nov 5.22pm) is depressing. It should be depressing. It should also be motivating. Whereas the rate of premature death in socially deprived areas had been slowing down, it has now risen – more so in Scotland than in England.

    The Glasgow study also concludes that “a great many more deaths are likely to have been caused by UK government economic policy than by the Covid-19 pandemic.” That needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

    We base our opinions on a wide range of things – experience, reports, anecdotes etc – but good old stats inform and underpin our opinions. So do books, as PhilM 4.24am points out. Always worth seeking out and spending the time contemplating well-researched info. After all, it’s what Wings is about.

    Oh, and all the best to the Scotland team today!

  263. President Xiden says:

    Does anyone seriously believe that expensive though they are, watching a single football match would incur roaming charges of £11 000? Really? Seriously?

  264. Sven says:

    President Xiden @ 08.20.

    Erm, no, actually. Not one single person I know. In fact, I find it challenging to even imagine what type of site would have those type of charges, even on a public holiday.
    Last time I stayed in a fairly cheap hotel in the Canaries many years ago we had free wi fi supplied.
    It’s a mystery.

  265. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breeks , I’m sure you meant clock – or did you???

  266. sam says:


    Wish you well, Dan – always.

  267. Den says:

    £600m given to Fergusons so far for two fucking ferries. In addition they want more investment from the Scottish Government for the yard expansion. These boats are going to be nearer £1B before they are running, in anyone’s book that is a colossal amount of Scottish taxpayer money. In other news Scottish ministers have been forced to increase their provision for the potential collapse of the Lochaber smelter to £135 million due to a drop in the value in the assets connected to the deal. But hey a UK first for THE Scottish Government has which announced a five-year action plan to improve the lives of non-binary people. Seriously we need to be rid of the SNP today.

  268. Dan says:

    @ Den

    Do you have a link for that Lochaber story to ascertain what the drop in value of the assets relates to?
    I wonder if it might be due to the proposed windfarm GUPTA GFG Alliance was planning to build on Nevis Range getting knocked back.

    Plenty previous chatter btl on GUPTA in this thread. Use CTRL F and search GUPTA and toggle through results.

    Plus this post has info on the ongoing investigation.

  269. Dan says:

    Will also tack on this archived link which gives a bit of an overview to the GUPTA story in Scotland.

  270. Republicofscotland says:

    As the SNP opens embassies within British embassies in Europe staffed with unionists, back home councils are setting debt collectors on parents who can’t afford to pay for school meals, it looks like thousands of Scottish children are skipping meals because of the cost of living crisis.

  271. stuart mctavish says:

    President Xiden @8:20

    Enjoyed streaming a french version of Braveheart* on the bus back from Grenoble last night and obliged to conclude there were no Moroccans among my fellow passengers since they’d surely have taken a private jet for such a journey (if only to limit their time spent roaming).

    * That bit where Bruce had his mask ripped off didnt half hurt again this time around, for whatever reason – but suspect it augurs well for next decade regardless 🙂

  272. Republicofscotland says:

    It looks like documents on how the Scottish government handled Covid on care homes still hasn’t been handed over to the Covid Inquiry

  273. James Che says:


    The resulting economic condition of Scotland and its non regeneration population falls under the 330 year colonial rule of Westminster parliament.
    The burden for that responsablity does not rest with Scotland.
    Westnminster Flying a false treaty of union flag with a Scottish parliament that the English parliament Dissolved.

    One day Scots will get it,

    That a dissolved parliament has no legal Status. No members.
    Scotlands parliament 1707 not in a treaty of union with Englands parliament ?

    That any new successor parliament in Scotland is not bound by the previous Scottish parliament from 1707.

    Instant independence.

    One day……….Scotland will use knowledge and wisdom and Sovereignty, When the penny makes the long over due drop.

  274. David Hannah says:

    When Fergus Ewing voted against the SNP it was enough for him to have the whip removed from him and suspended from the SNP!!

    If Michael Matheson is not removed from office for what he has done, then Humza should resign at the first opportunity.

    Not fit for office any of them.

    Kick their doors in I say. Sieze the laptop. Get David Davis to say something about it in Westminster.

    We know Dorothy Stain is in bed with Nicola and and Lady Doughball.

    And previous lord Advocates in bed with the house of Murrell.

    The cabal think they are untouchable.

    Call in Special branch. Sieze the 11k laptop.

    Angus Robertson. Defend that one you wanker.

  275. Merganser says:

    Billy Carlin @ 11.19

    Thank you for another entertaining read.

    Would you like to know the real explanation behind the man with the pitcher of water? Well here it is anyway:

    The carrying of water in those days was the (almost) exclusive province of women. A man carrying water would have stood out from the crowd, and that was the intention – he was the man to lead the companions of Jesus to the safe house, and they needed to know how to recognise him. This was the answer. Simples.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  276. David Hannah says:

    I heard a rumour that Peter Murrell has been banging James Wolfe. Just a rumour through the grape vine.

    They are an insestuous cabal.

  277. David Hannah says:

    They think no one knows their dirty secrets. Their plotting. Their conspiring. These people are the scum of the earth.

    That fucking laptop better be handed over.

    Before Michael Matheson blames his kids again for watching the Scotland game.

    He talks utter pish doesn’t he?

    Health secretary. Get to fuck.

  278. David Hannah says:

    Michael Matheson. Sitting with an onion on his desk as the tears stream down his face. Blubbering.

    He’s a criminal. Who’s facing a vote of no confidence.

    A proven liar that stole 11k.

    He’s lied.

    Defend a criminal Humza? Fucking defend that you prick!

  279. David Hannah says:

    As for Mike Russell. He has Rolfe Harris vibes about him.

    A crooked old man.

    Defend that you prick!

  280. David Hannah says:

    They’ll be getting Linda Fabinani on the phone soon, for another Whitewash.

    “Hello Linda. Can you send the painters around to Michael Matheson’s.

    His children have been drawing on his walls with crayons.”

    Sorry. There’s not enough fucking white paint in Scotland to cover up the stains of Jackson Entry.

  281. socratesmacsporran says:

    Watching the Matheson case from afar, one is almost nostalgic for the old days, of One-Nation Conservatism; the days when public servants such as John Profumo or Lord Carrington would resign on a point of principle, in that they had erred and had to go.

    Today’s politicians, of all parties, seem to think, whatever they do, even if it found to be wrong – well, it’s only a little white lie or “a mistake” which the public will not understand.

    The lunatics are not running the asylum – we, the general public – are the lunatics for letting them away from it.

    It almost justifies Peter Cook’s famous dictum: “Don’t votee, it only encourages them.”

  282. Effijy says:

    Tory levelling up isn’t going too well is it

    The Tory policies will have killed a million people before their time.

    The questions is- how many more million will they take out.

    Let’s hope most of them were the idiots who voted for them.

  283. Shug says:

    The more they stick to the line “it was the kids wat done it “the less plausible they become.

    We dont care what the kids did. You made the claim and arranged the split if charges to your office and government. You did it Mathieson.

    Go you stupid plonker before you cause more damage and by the way you holed Humza below the waterline too.

  284. Republicofscotland says:

    I’d like to know Alf’s opinion on this one whether its a good thing or not? with in mind that the Scottish government can’t even build a ferry without bankrupting the taxpayer.

  285. Republicofscotland says:

    This massive waste of taxpayer cash make the Scottish Greens look positively competent, even we though we know they are not.

    “THE Tories have “wasted” nearly £100 billion of taxpayers money in the last four years, according to a new report.

    Most of the spending – on axed or “dubious” projects like a new helicopter – came under Rishi Sunak in his previous role of chancellor or his current job of Prime Minister.

    Best for Britain calculated the Government “wastefully spent or dubiously allocated” around £99.4bn of taxpayers’ money since 2019 in a report published ahead of the Budget on Thursday.

    This includes £140 million on the botched Rwanda deal and £2.3bn on the scrapped parts of HS2.

    Another £1.7m was said to have been spent on painting the Prime Minister’s planes as well as slightly less than £15bn on unused or unusable healthcare safety gear during the pandemic.”

    This doesn’t include billions wasted and misappropriated with PPE in mind.

  286. Republicofscotland says:

    If Labour get into Number Ten at the next GE this is what they have planned for the NHS in England.

    “LABOUR shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has said he would “hold the door wide open” to the NHS for the private sector if his party was to win the general election.”

    There is absolutely no difference between Labour and the Tories.

    Vote Alba Join Alba.

  287. James Che says:

    Are the Scots colonial brain been washed so thoroughly that they cannot think things through in logical terms for them selves anymore,?
    We are doing the Hokey Cokey with our Country here in Scotland.
    Were in it but we are not part of it,
    This is stupid thinking

    We are either dissolved out of the treaty of union in 1707 with no members and no Constituents in Westminster parliament since 1707.

    Or we are fully in it and Scotland can voluntary leave.
    it can and should be creating a new Scottish parliament that is not bound by its predecessor 1707 Scottish parliament that was dissolved.

    and before some numpty union person jumps in and claims that it is illegal to have more than one parliament in Britain,
    I will just point you in the direction of the devolved parliaments at the moment in Britain, that all breached the agreed treaty of union requirement of one united parliament of GB

    The devolved scottish parliament can and does pass separate legislation in Scotland from England and change Scots laws,
    So is a Acting second parliament of Great Britain.

    your Colonised minds have to make a logical choice of your own, do you want to be continuely brain washed.or can you work it out for yourselves,

    Just a wee reminder before you think logically,

    A dissolved parliament is a parliament that no longer exists,
    A dissolved parliament NO longer has any lagal parliament members.
    A dissolved parliament cannot legally represent its constituents once dissolved.
    A dissolved parliament cannot….. (Bind )…….its successor parliament.
    A dissolved parliament cannot be in a union with any other legal entity because the dissolved parliament legally does not exist,

    The Scottish parliament was dissolved in Westminster parliament of England, which had no authority or jurisdiction over the kingdom Country of Scotland, to do so in England.

    The 1707 Scottish dissolved parliament in the kingdom of England could no longer legally enter or complete its process journey into a union of parliaments with Englands parliament.

    This is the hokey cokey position that Scots are taken.
    We are in, but we are also out. We did not complete the procedure to be in a parliamentary union with the parliament of England.
    But Englands parliament of Westminster is still our boss in Scotland,
    No logic or legal presidence except excepting wanting to be ruled by a parliament in England that Scotland was dissolved from uniting with in 1707.

    Do the Hokey Cokey, Scotland, put your left foot in, let Westminster take your left foot out, do the hokey cokey, and turn around, thats what its all about.

    Scotland confused as to where it stands after a few turnarounds.

  288. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 2:04 pm

    “Whether its a good thing or not?”

    You are right to cast doubts, RoS. Whilst ‘colonialism remains imperiled’, and with a UK GE upcoming, everything the SNP Scottish Gov now touches seems destined to fail, or more likely is intended and planned to fail. A continental ferry would be no different from the ongoing mess that is domestic ferries, or state efforts at shipbuilding, or the burgeoning list of failed SNP policies on most other ‘initiatives’.

    There are endless ways the many British state actors active within the colonial governance system here can ensure this all ends badly and Scots are made to look hopeless. That is how colonialism ‘works’ efter aw, ‘by debasing the colonized’ (Memmi).

    Doug Chapman should really be aware of these institutional barriers to progress in a colony, I would have thought. But then, the national party ‘has never undertaken a reasoned study of colonial society’, hence its understanding and that of the people ‘remains rudimentary’ (Fanon).

    There is as we know only one remedy for colonialism – liberation. Until then a colonial society remains in a state of ‘petrifaction’ where nothing much changes, or is allowed to change, far less challenge the status quo.

  289. President Xiden says:

    It appears that the Scottish Government have not supplied the Covid inquiry with certain pertinent documents . Could that be because it would expose them to charges of corporate manslaughter?

  290. Lorna Campbell says:

    SusanAHF says: “… Non binary is a lot of vacuous bullshit for mediocre people who want to be treated as special… ” Spot on, Susan.

    What really worries me is that these young people have allowed their natural instincts to be undermined. As a very young child, I would have run a mile from a man in a frock. It would have been so off the wall that my every instinct would have been telling me something was wrong. My instinct would have been right.

    I think that Stonewall has deliberately set out to destroy the natural self-preservation instincts of children and young people (and women) so that they could introduce this bull, and all the other bull, which is of benefit to no one but men with a desire to be predators. All animals, faced with a predator, runs in the opposite direction, even the higher primates; they do not invite them in so that they might be devoured more easily.

    I am saddened that so many men on this site have deliberately strayed from the topic in hand to pontificate about violence in Gaza. Violence against your own wives, girlfriends, female children and grandchildren, and relatives and friends, is happening right here. It might be boring stuff, not full of armchair excitement and glamour like talking of Gaza and genocide, but it is far more insidious. It might be of interest to… someone?… anyone… that the vast majority of the dead and captured Israelis are women and children; the vast majority of the slaughtered in Gaza are women and children. Many of the Israel women had been tied to beds in the kibbutzes and gang-raped, then tortured with knives and other instruments thrust into their vaginas.

    Co-incidence? Nah! Tediously repetitive in all conflicts, in every part of the world, in every era. Nearly half a million females die at the hands of men, in the domestic sphere, let alone war, all across the world in every single year. Over a ten-year period, that is five million females, not counting the aborted female foetuses, the war casualties, those murdered by strangers. That is a holocaust by any measure, but it’s just women (and children).

    What is happening in Gaza needs to be condemned out of hand. The slaughter is contrary to international human rights legislation but many are desperate to implicate the Israelis I’m the death toll of their own people. Witnesses testimonies beg to differ. It was the ways in which the people were killed – and even Al Jazeera has confirmed most of the videos as authentic – and that was by sheer barbarism. We all need to step back and reassess what happened instead of jumping in with both feet.

  291. Johnlm says:

    Lorna Campbell
    We all need to step back and reassess what happened instead of jumping in with both feet.

  292. Dan says:

    Let’s see if this gets Stu’s attention…

    BLONDIE “Atomic” (Apollo Theatre – Glasgow, 1979)

    More of a Hanging on the Telephone, Heart of Glass, and Union City Blue tune favourites for me though.

    Has there been any developments on the Progress Scotland front? It’s just that Angus Robertson seems to have involvement with an ever growing list of questionable matters. The recent hydrogen deal being the most recent I am aware of.

  293. Stoker says:

    For Dan & Co. Thought Yous might find this interesting, if Yous haven’t already seen it:

    “Suck carbon from the air? US facility launches novel climate solution”

  294. John Main says:

    19 November 3:51 am

    And, believe it or not, twathater has me on his mind.

    Aw, bless.

    Still, TH, 3:51 am. Sure you’re OK?

  295. Republicofscotland says:

    Thanks Alf @2.37pm.

    The SNP government under Sturgeon and now Yousaf definitely has the anti-Midas touch everything they touch turns to shite, but of course as you say the idea is to make the colonised (you me and every other Scot) think that we are too incompetent to run our own affairs.

    The SNP under Sturgeon and now Yousaf have done terrible damage to Scotland and the and movement.

  296. John Main says:

    Alf Baird

    I can think of at least 2 other remedies for colonialism, and in fact, the two I can think of are the two remedies most often employed across history.

    I would list them, but A) I can’t be ersed and B) some mouth breather would immediately reply by writing “John Main’s calling for …”.

    Still, it’s a no-brainer, so why are you getting it wrong in your post?

  297. Dan says:

    @ Stoker

    As methane is considered worse for the environment than CO2, it’s rather ironic that someone originating from India (home of the curry) is focusing on CO2.

    I’m going to start the planet saving #JustStopCurry hashtag in the hope folk will reduce their methane outputs.

  298. James Che says:

    A Big Hear Hear to SusanAHF and Lorna Campbell.

    And Shame on the Men of Scotland Who are looking far away to another Country war mongering, instigated by the same people weapon suppliers that are making it legal to attack women and children here in Scotland to do the same to their very own families that are being abused at home.

    The yoons fairly keep men talking of war, not peace, violence and human rights abuses far away while it slips under their radar at home.
    Why are you not angry enough to protect your own women and children?

  299. A Scot Abroad says:


    there isn’t a debate regarding different approaches to delivering healthcare in the UK, or an iScotland and an iEngland. There’s a debate about basic affordability at the national level over future time.

    People (mostly on the left, doesn’t matter about that) wax lyrical about the NHS, free at the point of need, a contract for health decency with society. Some even somewhat mistakenly clare the NHS to be the envy of the world.

    Well it certainly ain’t the envy of the world, because if it was, there’d be many other nations with their own NHS. And there aren’t, because other countries have worked out that it’s actually a parasite on the national body. Healthcare inflation, for a variety of reasons, runs about 2% a year ahead of general inflation. Which means that year by year, the proportion of spending on the NHS goes up. Applying some simple maths sees that by around 2060, spending on an “as-is” and unreformed NHS would be about total national government expenditure, unless government expenditure itself is increased to pay for everything else such as pensions and education, which means the tax burden goes up and up and up. No wonder no other nation has copied the UK’s NHS. It’s simply unaffordable.

    The NHS needs to be broken up, and a proper insurance-based model adopted. Not the American one, which is equally useless. But try Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, all of which have better health outcomes, and sustainable health models.

  300. John Main says:


    Your post about excess deaths is a bit of a dog’s breakfast. It isn’t possible to make much sense with the numbers you list, given the lack of context.

    One question occurs to me though. Every year the UK takes on hundreds of thousands of incomers, many of them from places with no health care. Whilst it may well be the case that average life expectancies are declining, how do we know it’s not as a result of importing masses of people with pre-existing health conditions?

    It’s much the same situation as applies with these people (you?) who bang on about kids getting smaller on average. As indigenous Brits, by and large, aren’t breeding, the average height of kids is skewed by the average height of the kids of the new ethnic groups that make up the majority.

    It’s perfectly possible for their average height to be lower, with absolutely SFA to be concerned about.

  301. John Main says:


    I listened to a wonderful radio programme, around a decade ago, about the NHS. A pre-natal care nurse was interviewed, a lovely woman. She explained how she has a large world map on the wall of her consulting room, and for just about every expectant mum she sees for the first time, she asks her to point on the map to the country she comes from.

    I realised at that moment, the NHS is doomed.

    A colleague I used to work with, a heavy smoker, justified his habit by saying he expected medical treatments to improve and advance at the same rate as his health declined, and thus he saw no need to stop smoking.

    It was at that time that I first realised how people would drive their cars if the repairs for all accidents, scrapes, bumps, etc were made free at the point of demand.

    Our NHS allows millions to abdicate all responsibility for their own health. It acts as a magnet for immigrants and health tourists who hijack treatments and money that should be made available to those who have been funding it.

    And worst of all, it’s a bit crap for millions of Brits. Patient outcomes for many conditions and diseases are a lot worse than in many comparable European countries.

    It can’t go on as it is.

  302. twathater says:

    @ John MOAN 5.08 pm thank you for worrying about me John, I am braw, but you are getting lazy in your attempt at educating people on WOS, your reply to Alf stated you couldn’t be arsed,surely that’s not a representation of your purpose on WOS, meanwhile your chum asa is busy showering contempt and abuse at the NHS, GO ASA, you will convince many ,I remember the good old days when that was your job John have you fallen out of favour or is asa a higher rank than you and gets to pick his subjects

  303. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 5:16 pm

    “I can think of at least 2 other remedies for colonialism”

    Sure you can. I’ll settle for liberation, given that: “the liquidation of colonization is nothing but a prelude to complete liberation, to self-recovery. In order to free himself from colonization, the colonized must start with his oppression, the deficiencies of his group. In order that his liberation may be complete, he must free himself from those inevitable conditions of his struggle” (Memmi).

  304. James Che says:

    There is more than one way to swing a cat, and it would not be the implied actions of JM, which would possibly injure people in Scotland.

    The problem here is there are plenty of keyboard warriors that whine a lot and constantly talk of war while waiting for a hero to turn up in Scotland to pass the time.
    No Whinnie Ewens in sight, no fire in their bellies.

    I am in No position financially or with my spouses health at the moment, (by god i wish I was) but I have done years of work towards that aim. To be active in finding another legal route to go independent without the Snp or the civil service in a colonial devolved parliament.

    And if my circumstances should change over the next year regardless of my age, I will find the funding and well become the unorthodox hero you are all twiddling you thumbs for.

    Get a grip all you Sovereign people in Scotland, up talking war like big boys.
    At least metaphorically remember to fight for your own people, families, their culture and your own Country with as much enthusiasm,

  305. John Main says:

    Over on Craig Murray’s blog, the refrain appears to be that enthusiastic adoption of the Palestinian cause is the key to reinvigorating the Indy movement.

    I would tend to the view that it would just be a divisive and ultimately futile distraction myself, but WTF, let’s see how it pans out in the coming weeks and months.

    CM makes the claim that it’s Islamophobic to be opposed to HY. I refute that. He gets no free pass from criticism of the fraudulent and corrupt process that put him in his exalted place, just because of his ethnic background.

    And that’s before we look at his embarrassing and pathetic record in the various offices he has mismanaged on his ascent to the top spot.

  306. SteepBrae says:

    Epidemiologists control for that sort of thing so no need to be wondering. For context, look up the paper. The info is in the comment. Reports of premature deaths resulting from austerity would not be dismissed in a civilised society.

  307. James says:

    The Two Twats are on here agreeing with each other that the NHS must be privatized. W*ankers.

  308. George Ferguson says:

    @John Main 6:33pm
    My view was stated at the beginning of the conflict that Scotland should adopt and even hand. Broadly speaking HY achieved that at the outset but straying a tad from the centre line now. The Independence movement has shown resilience in denying the total authority of the SNP. An exclusive pro Palestinian stance will jeopardise the movement. A bit like voting for the SNP1 and SNP2 policy Craig promoted. As noted by another contributor (Lorna) the barbarism of the 7th October cannot be washed away. I still support equity in the handling of the conflict.

  309. John Main says:

    @George Ferguson 7:05

    I continue to believe a third-party brokered cease fire, honoured by both sides, with a complete and unconditional release of all hostages and prisoners held by both sides, would end this.

    There are some encouraging reports that this may be on the cards. We can but hope.

  310. Dan says:

    @ James

    Who’d have thought it eh. John Main saying the NHS can’t go on as it is without requiring anybody to showing him how much money alternative health provision might cost him.

  311. John Main says:

    @SteepBrae 6:40

    A couple of years back, a retired GP of my acquaintance told me that your normal Scots new born will be inoculated/vaccinated against more than 50 diseases and debilitating conditions by the time they become old enough to decide for themselves if that’s what they really want.

    Just imagine. 50+ expensive NHS treatments (and more vaxes are added yearly) ruled out for every adult Scot by these childhood jabs.

    And just think. Your average immigrant from anywhere in the third world will have had few or none of these jabs.

  312. George Ferguson says:

    @John Main 7:13pm
    I read those same reports about negotiations being hopeful. I still favour a two state solution with genuine Palestinian autonomy and Gaza and the West Bank being geographically connected. An insurmountable solution given the behaviour of both sides. Too many people have been killed already. But one has to remain optimistic about the future. Regarding our previous discussions about HYs wife attending the International Conference in Turkey. According to the Sunday Times write up she did very well. She might be an International celebrity before oor Nickla. The irony in that.

  313. John Main says:


    The figures are easy to find online by anybody who isn’t just interested in pointless points scoring.

    For the UK to reach average European per capita expenditure, it would cost me an extra £600 per annum.

    For that, I would expect to be able to see a doctor in much less than a fortnight, and probably get a decent yearly check up which would pay for itself by finding issues before they become debilitating, expensive problems.

    Money well spent, eh?

    That’s the great thing about seeing the money – it makes the decision making process easy and quick.


  314. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Norway v Scotland free stream alternative.

  315. SteepBrae says:

    Well, that’s quite the non sequitur.

  316. James says:

    Daily Mail Main;

    That right, aye?

  317. James Che says:

    The of Women of Scotland are going to have to save Scotlands families and communities while the men from Scotland are of fighting a psychological war in the ether.
    Judging by the last two weeks of conversation they have even forgot which country they are supposed to be saving.
    Come on women of Scotland, we need you to fill the gap where the big boys are gone missing, to Save the Country from poverty, drugs and perverts.

    Lets Just avoid the stonewall woke puppet women like the snp women. And civil servants.

  318. A Scot Abroad says:

    James, at 6:59pm,

    go on then, you tell us us how a future iScotland in say 2030 or beyond, is going to be able to afford an NHS with such a pathetic revenue stream, and starting from a very low base of poor health and self-inflicted and expensive conditions.

    You can’t. There ain’t no way on God’s green earth that iScotland could do that. Not enough revenue, too much demand.

    Until you acknowledge that, and instead keep insisting on more of the same, you ain’t worth being taken seriously.

    The only one w*nking here is you. As stupid as fuck.

  319. Anthem says:

    ASA. Stop talking shite.

  320. A Scot Abroad says:


    well you tell us how iScotland can afford the world’s worst socialised health service, starting with shonky and probably declining revenues, and a very poor health base to start with.

  321. Shug says:

    A scot abroad
    What ruffian have they got sitting at your desk tonight with language like that!!!

  322. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    RE: Norway v Scotland free stream and alternative.

    Did anyone use them and how did you find them?

  323. Anton Decadent says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon, the first was blocked by my AV as a known dodgy link and the second had no live action but I was charged £11,000 regardless.

  324. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Anton Decadent –


  325. A Scot Abroad says:

    Shug, at 11:35pm,

    It’s always a struggle to quite live up to the sentiment of Kipling’s “If”. 95% of the way there, but I do slip up now and then.

  326. President Xiden says:

    The first clown says he was not misled by Matheson. For once he is probably telling the truth .Like everyone else he knew what was being claimed was nonsense and thus was not listed. Still he hasn’t sacked him. Clown world.

  327. Tommo says:

    ‘A Scot Abroad says:

    It’s always a struggle to quite live up to the sentiment of Kipling’s “If”.’

    IF you can keep your head
    Whilst all around you are losing theirs-
    Perhaps you haven’t fully grasped the seriousness of the situation…!

  328. Luigi says:

    Sigh. The thing about today’s over-achieving, career politicians caught misbehaving (or just being really stupid) is that they will cling on desperately to their exalted position, right to the bitter end. No honour among rogues – don’t expect any of the current bunch to do the right thing and resign. If Humza and his accident-prone cronies were under the unwritten rules of 20 years ago, they would have been long gone by now. Not today. That’s the great risk of electing (or installing) a dope politician – you may be stuck with him or her for a long time. When stuck in a deep hole they just panic and keep digging faster and faster. Desperate stuff. Sales of popcorn must have risen dramatically since Humza took the reigns.

  329. John Main says:

    Quiet as the grave on here today.

    Meantime, out in the real world, a political outsider has come from nowhere, in hardly any time at all, and this morning will be arranging to move his furniture into the Presidential Palace.

    Let’s all put our hands together for President Milei of Argentina.

    Just another in the long list of new politicians, new parties, new alignments and new policies that are gaining power all over Europe and the rest of the world. While we greet aboot roamin charges.

    Maybes time for Scotland to ditch the old, discredited has-beens and find some new faces? Maybes some new ideas too?

    Haha, we could start with the oldest, yet still most popular policy in the book – put more cold, hard, dosh into the pockets of the voting punters.

    Worked in Roman times, never went out of fashion in the two millennia since, and still good today.

  330. TURABDIN says:

    For every action there is a reaction, and another, and another……
    Your land is my land.
    Why it is not all just about «palestinians».

    Scotland. Merely territory to be lost to the asset stock.

  331. Republicofscotland says:

    The Scottish government drop the ball on land reform, no surprise there then.

  332. stuart mctavish says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Thanks for the link Brian – had seen a few of the matches on the equipe channel but they were showing Spain last night so yours was a timely intervention and much appreciated at this end.

    Loved the fact they’d already qualified with ease so the t-shirts could all be printed up front, & hope it was a cracking night for everyone lucky enough to be there.

  333. Republicofscotland says:

    BP and BAE Systems set to make huge profits, the former from gas in the Eastern Med as Israel gives the company licences, the second out of parts for weapons used to kill civilians in Gaza.

    British energy giant BP and arms firm BAE Systems are set to profit from Israel amid its ongoing destruction of Gaza, Declassified has found.

    While Israel’s military has killed over 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza, its government has announced the award to BP of a lucrative contract to explore for natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    “Meanwhile, arms firm BAE Systems, which manufactures key parts of the F-35 jets being used to support strikes on Gaza, has seen its share price rise in recent weeks.

    A number of British Conservative MPs who rejected last week’s parliamentary motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza have shares in BP and BAE, which are both strongly linked to the UK government.”

    Its also well known that BP is staging post and safe haven for UK spooks.

    “BP’s interests have long been strongly supported by the UK government around the world and a former head of the secret intelligence service MI6, Sir John Sawers, has served on its board since 2015.”

  334. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:20 November, 2023 at 9:45 am

    A number of British Conservative MPs who rejected last week’s parliamentary motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza have shares in BP and BAE

    Hundreds of thousands of Sovereign Scots too. Actively, through their informed investment decisions, and passively, through investments made on their behalf by pension funds, etc.

    Maybes me, I have no idea.

    Maybe you too, eh RoS? Or are you subsisting in glorious ideological purity on a pile of BRICS from under your mattress?

    So what does that make us, according to you? Co-conspirators in genocide?

    There’s the real world, RoS, and then there’s the online fantasy world of Student Grant political posturing you cling to.

  335. TURABDIN says:

    Gazing, gazahing, at your own navel brings something like contentment to the practitioner.
    The problem is there are a billions of other navels. The majority less likely to calm the spirit.
    Loosely defined «genocide» is very common in human history but the big players do tend to slough off the guilt. Autochthonous peoples get a very raw deal. Land grabs are the norm. The law may be relied upon to approve transfers of ownership, however ancient and well documented.
    Who remembers the Armenians?
    Who knows anything of my ethnicity….or cares.
    Scots, beware!

  336. Lorna Campbell says:

    I do not believe that our independence cause has all things in common with the Gazan cause, although I support a two-state solution which I am not stupid enough or naive enough to believe will not take huge compromises by both sides.

    Would the on-going mess that the area is in, the thousands of deaths and maimings on a regular basis, be preferable to compromising? Perhaps Israel does want all the oil and gas deposits off the shore of Gaza. Perhaps it would be willing to negotiate? What is certain is that Israel will not stop until it feels it has crippled Hamas.

    I feel sickened by those who claim that the October atrocities never happened. It is Holocaust denial all over again, on a much smaller scale, admittedly. Some are blaming Israel for shooting their own people. These things do happen in the heat of warfare, but the mass rapes and the beheadings and burnings – which might all have been exaggerated somewhat, we do not know – do appear to have happened. Are some saying that Israel carried these kinds of barbarous atrocities on its own population?

    We have to be even-handed until irrefutable proof exists that Israel is lying about the atrocities. I do not believe that the Israelis are lying, that the eye witness accounts are lies or that the doctors and nurses who had to collect the body parts were lying. Fake news and edited footage is almost inevitable on social media, propaganda infuses all news coverage of conflicts, but the Hamas videos have been authenticated, largely, as have those depicting the suffering of the Palestinian people. If we want this endless cycle of death to end, were have to push for a negotiated two-state settlement because there is no other solution that will work. The extremists on both sides need to be corralled for the sake of peace.

  337. Confused says:

    In real life I imagine ASA speaking – a massive fat tongue hangs over his bottom lip as he showers folks in saliva, his trousers are too tight and his shoes too pointy; he wears a holland cooper cheltenham coat and looks every inch the cunt he is. Aping the english cuntry gent, of course.

    why is he here anyway? Surely it is antisemitic for british soldiers not to be down tunnels fighting for israel?

    and curious how israel has made that other war with the guy in the t shirt who asks for money all the time, seem totally unimportant; the IDF needs those shells.

    – if the fuckpig-wankstain community BTL want to up their game, it’s up to them. Disruptive, low grade REPETITIVE bullshit, is just dragging the whole thing down; well done. Don’t expect people to engage you on your terms. Insults are fun anyway; I don’t have to offer summaries of 100 page PDFs to -cunts-.

    The number of decent “effort posts” is very low. Billy Carlin has a go, mind, but is largely incoherent; he’s a bit much for me and I’ve read Fritz Springmeiers “satanic bloodlines of the illuminati”

    Despite what the rev says – there is plenty to talk about, especially in respect of causes and history.

  338. Stoker says:

    Confused says: “In real life I imagine ASA speaking – a massive fat tongue hangs over his bottom lip as he showers folks in saliva,”

    Spitting Images Roy Hattersley style. LOL!

  339. John Main says:

    @Confused says:20 November, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    if the fuckpig-wankstain community BTL want to up their game, it’s up to them. Disruptive, low grade REPETITIVE bullshit, is just dragging the whole thing down; Insults are fun anyway; I don’t have to offer summaries of 100 page PDFs to -cunts-

    Burns, To A Louse, final verse, first two lines.

    Sure, insults are fun, but there are sound reasons why serious people grow up and stop using them.

    As for you summarising documents, alert readers will assume it’s far more the case that you can’t, rather than that you don’t. A simple statement of fact BTW, no insult intended.

    Anyhoo, it’s all going just fine in Scotland for us Sovereign Scots, Confused, so you stick to your winning formula.

  340. twathater says:

    Confused ,I think you will find that most people btl are quite in agreement with your descriptions of certain repetitive bullshitters who can ONLY demean and denigrate Scotland and Scots
    For an independence supporting blog that excels at EXPOSING the lies and corruption of the reviled unionist lackeys it attracts fair amounts of those same collaborators desperate to undermine the independence cause , YET not one of these brits (aka desperate to be engerlish) can highlight ANY benefit of Scotland remaining in this union

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