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Posted on November 14, 2023 by

While we’re not talking about politics, here’s something else. I’ve just returned from Bath’s fine Royal United Hospital, where I’ve been getting a test done. (So as to avoid unnecessary dramatic tension, as far as anyone knows everything’s fine.)

A while ago I was having some intermittent but rather alarming trouble with swallowing – behave yourselves at the back, there – as well as a bit of general alimentary-canal oddness and mild discomfort, and went to see my doctor. She thought it was probably acid reflux and gave me omeprazole (which fixed the swallowing thing straight away), but just for safety also scheduled me for a barium scan at the hospital.

I’m a bit of a Nervous Nelly when it comes to any sort of medical procedure – this was my first time in a hospital on my own account – and went Googling to see what to expect. I found about 14 different leaflets from various NHS trusts, no two of which said the same thing, which wasn’t exactly reassuring.

What I wanted was a first-hand account or two from actual people who’d had it done, and rather to my surprise I couldn’t find any anywhere on the internet. So since I have a moderately widely-read website, I’m going to write one here for the benefit of not only Wings readers, but anyone else who might find themselves searching for one.

Stand by for some HOT REPORTING. (The above is a genuine RUH sign.)

To again avoid unnecessary dramatic tension, the tl;dr version is it’s a total skoosh. It’s not painful or uncomfortable or anything to fret about. It took about five minutes from walking in the door to walking back out. Here’s how it goes.

You go in and put your jacket, bag, phone, keys and so on – anything with metal in it – out of the way and get up onto a step in front of a big metal platform. (I didn’t even have to take my shirt off, let alone wear a hospital gown like the lady below.)

A couple of nice lads give you a little plastic cup – the standard sort of thing you get from a watercooler – about two-thirds full of a thick white liquid, which startlingly weighs about as much as a medium-sized Land Rover, and tell you to take a drink. (Just a dessert-spoonful or so, you don’t have to chug the whole thing in a oner.)

It’s a bit gritty and sticky (by design, because its purpose is to cling to your tubes for a bit and show up on the X-rays they’re about to take), but it doesn’t taste unpleasant – it’s bland, more or less like plain yogurt in both taste and consistency, and I’ve had milkshakes that were harder to get down.

They repeat this a few times, then tell you to turn round and face the platform with your hands on it. It then tilts you down from vertical to horizontal, which feels MUCH MUCH weirder than you might expect it to. Again, not unpleasantly so, just incredibly strange – you don’t know where to put your weight. But it’s fine.

Eventually you’re horizontal and they do some more X-rays. Then you have to lie on your side and drink some final mouthfuls of goop through a straw while they X-ray you some more, then you lie on your back for yet more X-rays.

Finally the machine tilts you back upright, which feels EVEN WEIRDER than being tilted down the way. It has a couple of handles to hold onto, because you feel like you’re vertical long before you actually are, and it feels like it’s trying to tip you forward onto the ground. (They tell you all this stuff in advance so it doesn’t freak you out.)

Then you get a couple more X-rays and you’re all done. They tell you to go home and eat and drink normally, making sure you get plenty liquids because otherwise the goop might make you a little constipated, and to expect the results from your doc in about a week.

They also tell you that your poop will be white for the next couple of days while the barium goo works its way out of your system, because it’s designed not to be absorbed because you don’t want radioactive intestines.

And as I’ve coincidentally reached the exciting phase of life where the NHS has just sent me a letter saying it’s going to be popping a bowel-cancer screening kit through my letterbox in the next few days, that’s going to be a fun surprise for them.

So there you go. If you or anyone you know ever has to go for a barium swallow, that’s what it’s like. Even for a total quivering blouse like myself – my heart was doing 105 in the waiting room – it’s a complete doddle, and no part of it is at all distressing. (Other than the fact that you can’t eat or drink for six hours beforehand.) So stay frosty, and stay hydrated.


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  1. Carol Neill says:

    Hope alls ok
    I’ve had this , not entirely unpleasant but bluech

  2. Mac says:

    Speaking from personal experience with the NHS I’d get anything they say that is serious double checked at a private hospital.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Well done Stuart.
    Have a baby and you literally (if you’re unfortunate enough) get all that lot up the bahooky. Hope you’re okay. I’m moderated anyways 🙁

  4. sarah says:

    That is very helpful, Rev. And you’ve made it entertaining as well!

    Mind you, you got off lightly. The two versions I’ve had recently involved a lot more drinking of not very tasty goo, a day of no food at all, and multiple visits to the loo. However, we are lucky to live now when they can just scan to find out what’s wrong.

  5. sarah says:

    I forgot to say that the NHS staff were all very pleasant and very supportive.

  6. johnlm says:

    Sounds like Endometriosis.

  7. Republicofscotland says:

    I take one 20mg Omeprazole daily, its a proton pump inhibitor that reduces acid levels in your stomach. Omeprazole can also be used for (GERD) a gastric reflux disease that causes acid to well up in your throat, giving you that burning feeling.

    Sometimes the problem arises in the stomach and your doctor might recommend you get and Endoscopy a camera down your throat that looks inside your stomach for any problems.

    Back to (GERD) but not to worry you though, it can sometimes lead to Barrett’s Esophagus Cancer, so if turns out you have (GERD) get yearly checks on it just to be safe.

    Oh, and Omeprazole, if used long term can reduce magnesium in the body, a supplement may be needed, and Omeprazole long term use can also mask symptoms of cancer in the stomach and the Duodenal.

  8. sarah says:

    And I also forgot to say wishing you all the best.

  9. Wee Chid says:

    Lucky you. My OH has had the same problems and has had an ENT person look down his throat as far as his vocal cords and a speech therapist check his swallow by feeling his neck and getting him to exercise his tongue. That’s it. They assume reflux causing inflamation of the esophagus and have prescribed Gaviscon on a repeat basis. Scottish NHS.

  10. Stuart Manson says:

    Remember back in the 70s, you used to see white dog poo in the street? Don’t see it anymore, they must have a better diet ?

  11. I. Despair says:

    Useful info. All of us have had increasing trouble swallowing over the last few years with all the shite emanating from elected officials.

  12. ForgotMath says:

    Pro Tip – use someone else’s toilet until you’re sure it’s passed.

    I had to move flats ‘cos I couldn’t move the lump. Faded to white, eventually.

  13. Janelochleven says:

    Ditch the omeprazole and any other anti acids … your stomach is meant to be acidic, it becomes less so as you get older. Which means the valve to your oesophagous doesn’t close. Take apple cider vinegar capsules before bed… and if necessary after meals. Give it two weeks… your acid reflux will be gone. It works. Check out DrBerg YouTube. You’ll be fine!

  14. sarah says:

    @ Stuart Manson: I associate white dog poo with white poodles. Can anyone confirm that white poodles produce white poo?

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Ditch the omeprazole and any other anti acids”

    No thanks. The swallowing thing was really horrible. I get plenty vinegar in my diet.

  16. ForgotMath says:

    Another tip – I had, for many years, occasional burning stomach pain, lived on Rennies and Gaviscon.

    Eventually, I got tested for h. pyroli, the bacteria that causes ulcers. Tested positive, so spent a week on large doses of antibiotics and on the toilet. Issue went away.

    However, the bacteria can come back, which it did, and as I was talking small dose aspirin because I’m diabetic, I ended up in HDU getting 12 or 13 pints of O- over 3 days and a new bathroom for biohazard reasons.

  17. Name (required) says:

    cant wait for your prostate exam story
    or your first colonoscopy

  18. Effijy says:

    My gut instinct tells me I don’t have the stomach for medical stories.

    Get well soon Rev!

    We need you.

  19. John Main says:

    @sarah says:14 November, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    Can anyone confirm that white poodles produce white poo?

    Afraid I can’t, but I do have a chocolate lab and she produces brown poo (mostly).

    TBH, I don’t know if that’s significant.

  20. sarah says:

    @ John Main: Thank you! My mostly white terrier produces various shades of brown. I have since googled the question and it says that dog food used in the 1970’s to contain a lot of calcium hence white poo – so my association of it with white poodles must just be a coincidence.

  21. Johnlm says:

    I know: There’s no political news.
    You’re just going through the motions.

  22. velofello says:

    At Ayr hospital a patient was resting having a colonoscopy procedure. The nurse breezed in, right Mr..XXX, time for your endoscopy (camera down the throat)…Mr XXX, I hope ye’ve wa..ashed yer camera.

  23. Geri says:

    I was in hospital for three weeks during COVID lockdown waiting on a scope. I’d been admitted vomiting blood. I’d been ill a while & it was at that stage) They wouldn’t let me leave until I had it done cause I may not get back in cause of Covid restrictions/bed.

    So I was crapping myself for three weeks what exactly was involved beyond the ‘Ach, You’ll be fine’ Communication very poor in that regard.

    I can confirm it was fine. A fast beforehand but could rinse yer mouth with water & spit. Lay on the table. A gumshield type thing in yer gob, lay on yer side facing about 5 monitors & it feels like a second later they’re removing the gumshield saying it’s all over.
    Side effects: drowsy & slept it off for an hour or two in the ward.

    Just saying incase that’s yer next step of investigation. Nowt to it. Woke up hungry.

    I’m also on the max dose of Omeprazole. I have seen warning vid headlines about that drug on YouTube but can’t bring myself to watch them other that one saying it shouldn’t be used long term.. just brilliant! LOL

  24. sarah says:

    @ Effijy, Johnlm – 🙂 🙂

  25. Geri says:


    My sister was on that antibiotic thing. Supposed to be groundbreaking at the time that they’d discovered it was a bacteria rather than the old wives tale it was stress related but it didn’t cure her either. Her symptoms soon returned.

  26. FionaN says:

    Re white dog poo, happens when dogs eat a lot of bone and marrow. (calcium). Mine regularly poop white as I give them raw beef knuckle bones regularly – it helps clean their teeth as well as fulfilling their need to chew as a standard activity. In days gone by, it was the done thing to give dogs bones. Now everyone is too scared of BSE and OMG! bacteria, and also expect dogs to lead highly unnatural lives but remain perfectly behaved, in human terms.

    Re Revs medical experience, it gave me quite a laugh. I used to work as a clinical physiologist in a gastro-intestinal Unit and saw it all. At least he didnt get 24-hour ambulatory pH monitoring which involves passage of a nasogastric tube (can be painful) which is kept in for 24 hours as the patient goes about their everyday business.As part of my research, I had to pass nasogastric tubes and inject salmonella typhii (attenuated) into the patient stomach then suck it back out again to see how well the gastric acid killed the bacteria, and whether green leafy veg (high nitrate) improved the bactericide effect.

    By the way, commenter speaking about H. Pylori, they are not H pyroli. And they are very common. Most people are unaware of their presence.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    “Take apple cider vinegar capsules before bed”

    The again maybe not.

    “Studies and case reports suggest that ingesting apple cider vinegar can lead to upset stomach, throat irritation, low potassium and erosion of tooth enamel. Apple cider vinegar pills may have similar side effects.”

  28. John Main says:

    @sarah says:14 November, 2023 at 7:57 pm

    I have “fond” memories of dog poo fights on the way home from primary school.

    What have we done to our kids? Most of the dog poo now is in these stinking red boxes. Nobody wants to rake through that in search of ammo.

    Yes, there used to be white ones. They were always easier to find when you were under attack and scratching about in the fallen leaves for the means to fight back.

    Ah, those were the days.

    Actually, I’m just wondering if I have the makings of a computer game here, for today’s mollycoddled kids!

  29. holymacmoses says:

    Most thoughtful of you Mr Wings. I’m sure there will be those, in the future, who appreciate this gesture.
    Take care and eat well

  30. Lorna Campbell says:

    Stay well, Rev.

  31. Rab says:

    I get this in Japan every year as part of my medical check up. They also say don’t burp (after drinking the white stuff) to release any gas build up as allegedly keeping gas inside helps with movie the barium through your stomach.

  32. Republicofscotland says:


    John Main talking shite again, who’d have thought it eh.

  33. Derek says:

    “Sounds like Endometriosis”

    No it doesn’t.

  34. mike cassidy says:

    Just be glad you are ‘young’ enough to experience the new advanced bowel-cancer test kit

    One sample and post

    The original involved you acquiring three samples over three days using lollipop sticks

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    About time, lets all oust the SNP troughers come the next GE.

    “Alex Salmond has said Alba will stand as many candidates at the next general election as it “credibly can” after his call for an alliance of pro-independence parties was ignored.

    The former first minister claimed today his party was now the only one offering Scots a “straightforward proposition” on ending the Union.”

  36. Scott Shaw says:

    Try Activated Charcoal instead of omeprazole it works lot better and its natural. I managed to stop taking esomeprazole using it, my wife had the same results also.

  37. Donald says:

    Omeprazole is the cheapest drug in its class so it’s always the first the doctor offers you. Unfortunately for men, it can also make you grow breasts. Seriously, look it up. More expensive alternatives can avoid this unfortunate side effect.

  38. Robert Baxter says:

    I suffered from gastric reflux syndrome for over 10 years.
    The problem was cured by drinking a glass of cranberry
    Juice before breakfast every morning,a hint I read about in a magazine.

  39. PhilM says:

    I know all about endoscopies…ask me any question.
    When they finally give in and allow me on Mastermind, endoscopy procedures will be my specialist subject. Caecum, duodenal bulb, Midazolam, Flumazenil…knowledge at my very fingertips…Philip McCartney, you have 42 points and no passes, a Mastermind record…
    I have to say…this is probably the strangest post on Wings for quite a while. Although the dentist sagas were kind of similar I suppose. Takes you back…
    Like many an old-timer, I remember the first golden era of Wings when the giants of Bullseye would grace these digital pages (wipes away a nostalgic tear…). I could really do with a speedboat now as well.
    Maybe ASA could petition the UK parliament to bring Bully back…now that petition would get 29 signatures within an hour!

  40. Shetto Al says:

    Looking forward to a similar report on the colonoscopy that could follow on from you returning your jobbie sample.

  41. David Hannah says:

    I wish you well with all your tests and good health.

  42. David Hannah says:

    It doesn’t sound pleasant.

    I hope that Humza Yousaf never needs to go for a barium swallow. I think I can say with certainty that he wouldn’t like what he sees coming out his other end!

  43. A Scot Sbroad says:

    I’ve always had a very undefendable view of personal medicine. I don’t like doctors, don’t ever see one (the last time 20 years ago when I had to in order to get my pension from the Army), and I once had a seriously very fucking close to death experience on a battlefield, so everything since then has been a bonus. I’m not even registered with the NHS now.

    We are all going to die of something. It’s the modern way. I am genuinely not interested in whether I’m healthy or not internally, or whether I due tomorrow or in 40 years. I’m healthy and fit enough and keep myself active. If I get a cancer or have a car accident or find myself in the path of a rolling boulder or struck by a tree branch falling, so be it. If I live to 100, that is up to the big Feller upstairs. Couldn’t give two hoots. Take two aspirin if something is painful, then carry on.

    My better half is horrified by such thinking, but we’ve agreed that she doesn’t nag me about it.

    That said, all good wishes to you Rev Stu.

  44. A Scot Abroad says:

    I’ve always had a very undefendable view of personal medicine. I don’t like doctors, don’t ever see one (the last time 20 years ago when I had to in order to get my pension from the Army), and I once had a seriously very close to death experience on a battlefield, so everything since then has been a bonus. I’m not even registered with the NHS now.

    We are all going to die of something. It’s the modern way. I am genuinely not interested in whether I’m healthy or not internally, or whether I due tomorrow or in 40 years. I’m healthy and fit enough and keep myself active. If I get a cancer or have a car accident or find myself in the path of a rolling boulder or struck by a tree branch falling, so be it. If I live to 100, that is up to the big Feller upstairs. Couldn’t give two hoots. Take two aspirin if something is painful, then carry on.

    My better half is horrified by such thinking, but we’ve agreed that she doesn’t nag me about it.

    That said, all good wishes to you Rev Stu.

  45. Colin Dawson says:

    An increasing number of doctors now believe that acid reflux is caused by insufficient stomach acid (hypochlorhydria), not by an excess of it. When stomach acid is not strong enough, they believe that this allows the lower esophageal sphincter to relax which allows acid to rise into the esophagus. They believe that the cure is to increase stomach acid which triggers the lower esophageal sphincter to close properly and therefore prevent the acid from rising into the esophagus.

    Stomach acid can be increase by using Betaine HCL which is available without a prescription but its appropriateness for an individual and correct dosage needs to be determined with medical advice.

    Among the many dangers of medications or other conditions that reduce the strength of stomach acid is that they result in poor digestion of food and therefore nutrient deficiencies. These nutrient deficiencies can cause a multitude of significant problems.

    This is not medical advice and everyone is different. Do your own research and talk to your doctor.

  46. John Main says:

    Another good article on Unherd today “David Cameron destroyed the Tories”. Worth a read to understand what has happened politically south of the border, and by analogy, what is happening here, where a similarly overwhelmed, talent-free administration has dissolved into peevish, back-stabbing, troughing irrelevance.

    In both locations, the doctor’s prescription is a 5-year course of Starmerite Labour, may Gawd help us all.

    And RoS, don’t you read it, your health can’t stand exposure to reality, reason, truth and sanity. There will be a fancy medical term for your condition, no doubt about that.

    We need you hale and hearty, spouting green bile from all orifices, so that you can continue to provide the yardstick of lunacy against which the rational posters can calibrate themselves.

  47. SteepBrae says:

    Good comment, Colin Dawson 5.47am.

    Apologies to sweetie lovers (most of us!) but excess sugar plays havoc with acid levels and causes all sorts of metabolic problems. Sweeteners are not the answer. Cutting down on sugar works wonders.

  48. stuart mctavish says:

    Name required @7;14

    Once the magic genie’s finished building olympic sized empty boxes in the garden (and filled them with filtered water*, wave generators, pool bars and the like) it might be excellent timing to get the nurses round and write it in the style of Hugh Heffner –
    assuming always that their dedication to sugar and spice and all things that work hasnt left them asking THEIR genie for too many penises or, perhaps equally disturbing, bigger and better tools!

    *help mitigate risk of JMs poo flew meets angry karens app going global and crossing into reality

  49. Johnlm says:

    Richard Medhurst joins the dots re Gaza
    Look for
    Is Israel’s War on Gaza Actually About Gas? | Ft. Richard Medhurst (YouTube)

    How to damage a society, – get the k1ds.
    Look for
    Defamation – movie by Yoav Shamir (YouTube)

  50. Karen says:

    I had a colonoscopy, it was fine. The hardest part was the doctor couldn’t get a needle into the back of my hand for the sedative. I went for gas and air and blethered a load of nonsense. The wierd part is you can feel them touching your outside buttocks, but nothing really inside.

    A week later I went for a hysteroscopy, having been told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen. This was horrible. Painful, stuff-and-nonsense (female) doctor tutted everytime I winced. And then you have to shuffle across the floor trailing lots of blood to get your clothes. Months later I signed a petition going round women demanding more pain relief during hysteroscopies.

  51. Garavelli Princip says:

    I had a barium enema a few years back.

    The goop route of administration was a a bit more – er – problematic.

    A wee drink of goop sounds much better!

    Toilet afterwards was ‘interesting’.

    I’m sure all will be well, Stu.

  52. Morag says:

    You want a blow-by-blow account of what it’s like to have the lenses in both your eyes liquefied and sucked out and replaced by bits of plastic?

    Because that’s a total skoosh too.

  53. Iain More says:

    Apple cider vinegar – no thanks, it gave me the shits. I will stick with the Omazperole.

  54. willie says:

    Reinforces the utter importance of having an NHS free at the point of delivery where people in need pf treatment or a test can rock up to get the treatment needed without the fear of having no or limited private insurance health cover.

    And Starmer, the great Labour leader wants to introduce two tier service where those who can pay get NHS priority access whilst those who cannot pay wait or are denied service.

    Toriws and New Labour same cheeks of the same arse. But Scotland will get what ever England decides and no Pretendie Scottish NHS and Pretendie Scottish Parliamentwith its fifth colunist SNP will change what’s comong.

  55. fruitella the hun says:

    From their website:

    “Unlike many others, the Guardian has no shareholders and no billionaire owner. Just the determination and passion to deliver high-impact global reporting, always free from commercial or political influence. Reporting like this is vital for democracy, for fairness and to demand better from the powerful.”

    But then it folds in little bits of journalism aimed particularly at environmental topics that are funded by billionaires, as this policy explains

    The article above it today is a description of how climate change (extra-cold winters) is destroying the viability of traditional grazing in Mongolia. But it then goes on to say

    “having historically hovered around 20 million, the number more than tripled to 71 million by 2022.” this being, due to various political changes and market opportunities. Not only that but owners have biased their herds’ composition towards goats.

    The physics, the economics the biology and the politics are always jumbled together in the reality. Thus might be why economists make such a hash of policy advice.

  56. Gordon says:

    I’m with janelochleven and Colin Dawson on this from my own personal experience. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)bears no resemblance to distilled white vinegar. It is raw and unpasteurised and contains “the mother”, which is the enzymes from the fruit. Reflux is due to insufficient stomach acid, causing stomach churn as it looks for acid to digest the food. Using antacid in an insufficiently acidic environment makes no sense, and causes undigested food in the digestive tract. ACV is very acidic and a great aid to digestion. It also performs other functions – counter-intuitively, when metabolised it makes your blood more alkaline and can help with conditions like gout.

    I use Willy’s (no sniggering!), they do one with Turmeric & lemon which is much more palatable than plain ACV, also OSU from Japan with blueberry and pomegranate, and “Natural Umber” (all available on Amazon). A tablespoon in a full glass of warm water 15 minutes before breakfast and you’re good to go.

  57. A Scot Abroad says:

    Willie, at 9:52 am

    Health has been entirely devolved in Scotland since 1999. If ScotGov wanted, it could retain the principle of health care free at the point of need, and even introduce a £1,000 payment and a bunch of SNP coloured balloons just for turning up for your treatment. Nothing to do with England.

  58. Cuilean says:

    Dear Stu,

    take best care. You are very much needed by Scotland. keep scanning the northern skies for the signal.

    Being a republican, I always laugh (hollowly) that hospital boards (or as I prefer, ‘give me a gong’ boards) call NHS funded hospitals after so called ‘royalty’, whick goes private for its health.

    Couldn’t Scotland with its unparelled gift of medical knowledge to the world, stop grovelling to ‘an idiot race to honour lost’ (the English royal family as descibed by Robert Burms), and call hospitals after worthy Scots doctors? e.g. James Lister, Elsie Inglis, Arthur Conan Doyle, David Bruce, the list is endless.

    Tt’s a mad, mad, mad world.

  59. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    NHS Scotland as ALWAYS been independent of NHS England.

    It was founded by the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1947 (since repealed by the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978) and was launched on 5 July 1948, under the control of the Secretary of State for Scotland. As a result of the Scotland Act 1998, control over NHS Scotland transferred to the Scottish Government and Parliament in 1999.

    Prior to the creation of Scotland’s NHS in 1948, the state was involved with the provision of healthcare, though it was not universal. Half of Scotland’s landmass was already covered by the Highlands and Islands Medical Service, a state-funded health system run directly from Edinburgh, which had been set up 35 years earlier.

    In addition, there had been a substantial state-funded hospital building programme during the war years. Scotland also had its own distinctive medical tradition, centred on its medical schools rather than private practice, and a detailed plan for the future of health provision based on the Cathcart report.

  60. James says:


    Away and take a flying fcuk to yourself. Yet more bollocks. The Scottish NHS budget (aka “some of our own money back”) is affected directly by privatisation-caused budget cuts to the NHS in Engerland.
    Now, if we were independent and had control of our own resources (i.e. revenues and taxes) there would be no problem. But you know that already, don’t you. Lap-dog lickspittle that you are.

  61. Frank Gillougley says:

    One for the army of armchair pharmacists out there, following my heart attack of ten years ago (brought on by stress) in order to swallow my array of pharmaceuticals of course I too needed omeprazole in order to keep them all down. So after 10 years taking this medication, i an si wi sol ut e ctai nty hat it ne ver don e me a ny har m.

    Good luck to you stuart, the only investigative journalist in Scotland.

  62. dearieme says:

    A few years ago I went to the hospital for an outpatient procedure: the replacement of my pacemaker. Alas, either the gas man was incompetent or the surgeon was slow.

    I regained consciousness and the buggers were still guddling around in my chest. It was a wee bit sore.

    Happily the SNP runs the Scottish NHS so well that such an event is unthinkable north of the border, eh? Flee Bath, Mr Wings, try fair Scotia.

  63. Douglas says:

    Info Point:

    ‘… you don’t want radioactive intestines.’

    The Barium isn’t radioactive…just weirdly heavy
    Just incase anyone worried about it, the only radiation is the brief x-ray

  64. Geri says:

    Reasons to be an independent country part 1,000,000,000, 000

    Scotlands NHS is devolved.
    It’s budget IS NOT.
    When England spends less on NHS England – Scotland gets less.
    That’s how the bastard Union works & something that seems consistently above the heads of yoons.

    When England moves into private healthcare so will Scotland be forced to unless yoons have a magic money tree stashed up sarwars arse.

    As usual they know hee-haw about Scotland.

  65. A Scot Abroad says:

    James, at 12:01 pm,

    rather than invective, why don’t you try not lying?

    Healthcare spending across the U.K. has increased by more than inflation for each of the last 27 years. Healthcare spending per capita in Scotland is around 5% more than in England, has been so since 1999.

    If you want better healthcare in Scotland than what is currently delivered, ask your MSP to lobby Ministers in Holyrood for it. Scotland has the legislative competence and budgetary authority to do that.

    But no, for utter idiots like you, it’s always better to be sweary, to ignore facts, and to blame the English. It’s the real reason that Alf Baird observes that Scotland is hauden doun: a high proportion of Scots cannot think properly.

  66. Iain mhor says:

    Glad it’s apparently not serious.

    The most important information – the taking of the “The Keech” afterwards.

    That this is in capitals, and inverted commas is self explanatory.

    It is “The Keech” not “a keech”

    It will forever after, be the measure against which all subsequent keechs shall be weighed – and found wanting.

    Enjoy, and good health.

  67. Chas says:


    ‘Now, if we were independent and had control of our own resources (i.e. revenues and taxes) there would be no problem’. Are you saying that money may have it’s use’s after all James?

    Great stuff. I would be interested to learn how you know this?
    Please enlighten me and other readers of this blog. Some figures would be helpful.

    It would also be interesting to know who the ‘WE’ is you refer to. Do you mean the Scottish Government, or possibly patriots like your goodself or is it every Scot? Maybe you are thinking of standing in the next Scottish election?

    I await with baited breath.

  68. Merganser says:

    when I used to play golf with the “seniors” many years ago I quickly learned never to greet anyone withe the words “Hello, how are you?”. This question invariably led to several minutes of ear bashing as every medical problem and treatment was recounted in great detail by way of answer.

    A simple “hello” was a much better greeting, although it was often met with a disappointed look as the opportunity to give a detailed update on the latest medical issue had not been broached.

    When people say “Hello, how are you?” to me I reply “How long have you got”. The reaction to this determines whether they really want a long answer to a short question.

  69. James says:

    Jesus wept they’re standing by at all times in barracks.

    The pair of you – read it and weep;

    Well said, Geri;

    “Scotlands NHS is devolved.
    It’s budget IS NOT.
    When England spends less on NHS England – Scotland gets less.
    That’s how the bastard Union works & something that seems consistently above the heads of yoons.

    When England moves into private healthcare so will Scotland be forced to unless yoons have a magic money tree stashed up sarwars arse.

    As usual they know hee-haw about Scotland”.

    I might add what they don’t know they just make up.

  70. Morgatron says:

    Look after yourself Stu. Your country does and will need you.

  71. James Che says:

    I will not give you any medical advise as everyones life experiences and reactions to life vary,
    But say a big thank to those like yourself whom have had the thoughtfulness to clearly explain the procedure to others whom may be approaching the same medical procedure, it will give them comfort in advance.
    Lying down at different angles and taking gloopy medicine is not so frightening,

    Been through it a few time myself and I also can assure people that the approaching unknown is more worrying than the actual procedure,

    I wish you lots of luck and a good outcome with your results,

    The only advice I give to stop hospital appointment worries, is to take one day at a time, then break that day up into hours or minutes while being extremely busy planning what you are going to be when your appointment is finished or plan your next few days or weeks ahead in detail.

    Or encourage some cheerful chappie to go with you to pass time.
    Time passes much quicker and unnoticed if the mind is busy,
    We are going through many hospital appointments right now for my Spouse, I understand the hospital or appointment worry,
    Just thankful they are not x raying your willie 😉

  72. A Scot Abroad says:

    Geri, at 12:46 pm,

    as usual, you know hee-haw about anything, so let me put this in terms that even someone like you should be able to understand:

    1. Scotland get a baseline budget per person for health based on the English budget per person.

    2. Holyrood is at total liberty to increase that amount by increasing taxation on Scottish residents. It has full legislative competence to do so.

    3. If spending per head in Scotland isn’t as much as you’d like, shout at ScotGov, because they’ve got the power to change it.

  73. James says:

    Jock; ” Holyrood is at total liberty to increase that amount by increasing taxation on Scottish residents…”

    Oh aye, very good, and get a double whammy of less of our own money back plus higher taxes. You lot would love that eh?


  74. James Che says:

    ASA ,

    You also know hee haw about the way things work,

    I suggest you revisiting Stu post on, “To be thought a fool” and the further evidence that Scotland is not in the Union with England.

    And as I suggested,
    No need to talk about these small details of Scotlands economy but to turn our attention to larger financial matters like Reparations, compensation and Damages from Colonialism over Scotland from England-to-Scotland for the big three hundred year Hoax,

    That should start the kingdom of Scotland of to a fine financially start and re-balance Scotlands books for a long time to come.

    Tut tut you know hee haw,

  75. Chas says:


    I’m waiting for your response to my post at 12.52. Don’t keep me in suspense. Maybe your pal Geri could help you if you are not good with figures! Although, I am afraid to say, he/she/it seems a bit clueless also.

  76. Anton Decadent says:

    Look this up on YT, a hard hitting short documentary on the NHS.

    The Unfixable Thought Machine | David Firth’s Health Reminder (Ep 3)

  77. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    in the event of any future Indy, negotiations would start from the basis of Scotland assuming responsibility of a proportionate share of the U.K. national debt.

    Any talk of compensation, damages and compensation from rUK to Scotland would be laughed at. There’s no basis for it.

    Why is it that Scottish separatists are so unfailingly ill-informed? They are like credulous toddlers at a crooked Texan casino. If they persist in silly ideas, they’re going to get fleeced, but they don’t know it yet.

  78. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 12:50 pm

    “a high proportion of Scots cannot think properly.”

    Indeed, a ‘colonial mindset’ convinces certain groups within an oppressed people to reject even their own liberation, and to remain dependent on the oppressor who dominates them. And there we have the Scottish ‘No’ voter.

    Once liberated and no longer subject to colonialism they should be able to think straight. So they first have to remove colonialism (and its mindset) to be a normal independent thinking people.

  79. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “in the event of any future Indy, negotiations would start from the basis of Scotland assuming responsibility of a proportionate share of the U.K. national debt.”

    No they wouldn’t. Why would they? Why would we take on any of someone else’s debt?

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    Thankfully the Supreme court in England ruled that the Tories Rwanda plan is unlawful, around £140 million pounds of taxpayers cash has been wasted so far on this crackpot scheme, to send immigrants who have arrived in the UK to a country where they wouldn’t be safe.

    However this Tory government are still intent on finding a way to sent immigrants entering the UK to Rwanda. The Tory government have been making noises that they might break the rule of law, and rewrite domestic laws to suit their vile agenda, into this mix the Tory government will add a a treaty with Rwanda to get around the Supreme courts ruling.

    The UK government is no stranger to breaking International laws, the Chaggosian ruling is just one prime example of a long list of the UK governments breaking International laws even after rulings. UK PM Rishi Sunak’s unelected tenure as PM looks more vulnerable by the day, can his new Home Secretary James Cleverly come up with a plan to bypass the Supreme courts judgement to remove what this Tory government, and the right wing media call boat people, a dehumanising term if you ask me.

  81. Geri says:


    Raise taxes = deducted from budget.

    You know absolutely zero of Scotland.

    Devolution is a WM trap & always reverts back to square one.
    The hamster on the wheel never getting anywhere. Any advance is punished & deducted at source.

    Maybe if you listened to Alf a bit more you wouldn’t be such a thicko & maybe you’d learn something.
    The native isn’t supposed to benefit. The tax raising powers are absolutely useless & that’s exactly what they’re designed to be so that idiots like you can craw about them & try to sound important. Try Richard Murphy. It’s a poisoned chalice.

    Yer union is dead. Get used to it.

  82. James Che says:

    The Westminster parliament of England was not mentioned as the successor parliament to Scotlands 1707 parliament as a interlude in the treaty of union Articles. Prior the the creation of the Great Britain parliament creation.

    Both parliaments were supposed to cease on the same day, to create the parliament of Great Britain.

    Nor did the treaty agreement or Articles mention that the Westminster parliament of England could authoritatively Dissolve the Parliament of Scotland from England.

    The monarch of Great Britain=England has been swearing a coronation Oath to the parliament of England for the past Three hundred years.

    Making the monarch a Monarch of England only.

    Under and using pre-union laws of England for Coronations of Monarchies of England connected directly to the Statues of the old English parliament

    This is the source from which that Westminster parliament claims its Sovereignty, from the Oath of the monarch of England.

    Continuing the old Westminster parliament of England into, as the sole heir to the rebranded named parliament of Great Britain,

    Hence ( Not a union of two Crowns, not a union of two parliaments, not a union of two kingdoms )

    It has been a fallacious colonising hoax played on Scotland through wilful deceit by the parliament of England, and through the crown oath only to the parliament of England.

    Scotland today is a still a territorial independent kingdom in its own right, albeit without a present monarch.
    The monarchy question is up to the Sovereign people of Scotland to decide

  83. Bob Mack says:

    Probably a bar of Toblerone you’ve guzzled .

  84. A Scot Abroad says:

    Rev Stu,

    a “proportionate share” of the UK national debt (generally assumed to be based on population) was the start point of the negotiations that led to the Edinburgh Agreement before the 2014 Indy referendum. It’s an interesting case to argue against, because not only is it now precedent, but it hasn’t been challenged since.

    There’s a moral case, too. It’s reasonably easy to demonstrate that UK public spending is allocated on a per capita basis, that that has been mostly the case for 317 years and explicitly so since 1911, that Scotland has a certain % of the overall population that gets the benefit of the spending, and indeed that Scotsmen themselves have been the distributors of national budgets (Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling being only the most recent two). So why would Scotland not accept that proportionate share?

    There’s also the practical case. Any attempt by Edinburgh to shirk its proportionate share is going to result in No Deal, no trade relationship, the cold shoulder from Brussels and from every single financial trader. There’s a lesson in life: if someone walks away from their debts, Cerberus comes up and bites them on the rear end. And keeps chewing his way on up until he reaches the back of the head. Other mafia allusions are available, but you’ll get the point.

    Who’d want to live in an iScotland on the tag end of Europe with a hard border, no trade deals, no friends, no financial institutions, no currency of its own, and no lenders?

  85. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    here’s a proposed deal:

    You don’t propose any further irrelevant and misunderstood ancient rubbish to me, and I’ll not have to read it.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    It looks like Australian military whistleblower James McBride will go to prison, McBride blew the whistle on Aussie troops indiscriminately murdering Afghani’s during his two tours of the country.

    Australia which is the tip of the USA’s spear if a war with China breaks out, Pine Gap which is at the heart of Australia, is a US listening post which is currently relaying information to Israel on the movements and air traffic of the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

    With today’s current ruling against Sunak’s bonkers Rwanda plan by the Supreme court that it is unlawful, Australian navy warships go out to sea and meet immigrants trying to reach Australia by sea, they then tie the boats to the warships and tow them back to the countries that they came from.

    Australia premier Anthony Albanese could give Sunak a run for his money on nasty plans given the nod, ex-Aussie PM Paul Keating appears to be one of the more sensible people who held the post.

  87. James Che says:


    I totally agree with Stu on this whole heartedly.

    Why would we take on someone else’s debt,

    That was the agreement made if Scotland joined its parliament and its monarchy as and in one united kingdom of Great Britain,

    This did not Happen.

    The Westminster Parliament of England prior to the creation of the British parliament with no Authority to do so, dissolved the Scottish parliament from the treaty of union…from England,

    Stu may have extra reasoning to mineor add to mine, But, NO Scotland or its 1707 dissolved parliament from England has no obligation to take on Englands debt once that dissolution occurred in England,
    A dissolved 1707 Scottish parliament cannot even send representative from it Constituents according to the Institute of Governance papers,

    The rest is explained above in my previous comments,

  88. sarah says:

    “He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases.”

    Please, folk, don’t respond to btl comments that annoy. The perpetrators will give up if they are ignored.

  89. A Scot Abroad says:


    it’s beyond ridiculous to suggest that a U.S. intelligence asset in Australia, about 150 degrees of latitude offset from Gaza, and dealing in high frequency directional emissions, is listening into movements and air traffic in Gaza and the West Bank.

    For a start, there’s no air traffic over there that isn’t already Israeli. Secondly, behind the USA and U.K., Israel is the world’s third most capable country for electronic surveillance, and is literally next door. There’s no capability for anything based in Australia to directly gather electronic intelligence in Gaza, and no need to either.

  90. Republicofscotland says:

    Well there’s no surprise in knowing that the (OIM) Optional Image Mark, as the Electoral Commission described “Scottish” Labour, in the context that it doesn’t exist its just London Labour by another name, backing their London boss the millionaire knight of the realm Sir Kid Starver (Sir Keir Starmer) in not backing calls for a ceasefire on the oppressed people of Gaza.

    Well one big reason could be that the Labour party’s biggest ever donor Gary Lubner who has given the party a whopping £6 million quid is pro-Israeli, or it could be that many in Sir Kid Starver’s party are funded by pro-Israeli lobby groups including Starmer himself.

  91. David Hannah says:

    The dying days of the British State.

    “Brexit means brexit. And we are going to make a success of leaving the European Union. We’re going to leave on the 31st of March and take back control of our borders.”

    “Sssssscooootland will not be dragged out the EU against our will.”

    “No deal is, better than, a bad deal! It’s what the British people want.”

  92. David Hannah says:

    The Tories are finished. Absolutely finished.

    Personally, I have no problem with the Rwanda policy.

    Charity starts at home for me. Where is my humanity?

    I want a house. I want affordable housing for Scottish men. First and foremost. Before Johnny Foreigner is given a free house. Pops out a Wayne. Unable to deport back to where they came from.

    The French are the clearly giving them life jackets and rubber dingys. The French are people traffickers. If I were 2 snacks.

    I’d ban all French trawlers from British waters.

    The salmon is brrritish.

  93. David Hannah says:

    There used to be a camp at Calais. Now they are actively sending them on their way.

    I think that’s the real crime. Wage war. On the people traffickers. If that means starting a trade war with France then so be it.

  94. David Hannah says:

    There’s a beautiful song by Paddy Reilly, and a Woodie Guthrie, called Deportees. It’s about the Mexican farms workers being sent back from the USA. It’s sad.

    My conscience says, let them stay. But it’s not said on everyone that lives here.

    I know they want us to be angry at the immigrants. Because they’ve failed to build enough houses. So it’s a fools argument.

    I know they are humans.

  95. David Hannah says:

    It sounds like the Tories want us to pull out of international law now to ensure that the Deportees will be on the flight out.

    Well. The British Government have lost control. I can absolutely say with certainty is that is to happen they’ll be 100,000 people on the streets causing utter mayhem.

  96. David Hannah says:

    I have also just opened a Gillette 5 pack of Razers. For £10. I foolishly thought the 5 blade razer was 5 replacement heads.

    The cost of Razers is unbelievable.

    I hate paying for them. But I don’t want to look like a caveman. I want to look professional.

    The woke SNP are happy to give women sanitary towels for free. In the men’s bathroom. Just incase the transgenders don’t feel safe.

    Where the hell is the free razors for men. A sanitary product?

    Where’s the equality. I want free razors.

  97. Dorothy Devine says:

    When you have the desire to use the loo after this procedure , my advise is similar to anothers -,perhaps use a public loo , flushing the unflushable is no fun.

  98. James Che says:

    What ASA is wilfully ignoring is the claim to intellect, The Devolution government sent up to Scotland is in fact an extension parliament of the parliament of England under legislation from England,
    Both the parliament of England and the sub parliament in Scotland can argue internally with itself until the cows come home.

    But when it comes to Scotland sharing Englands debt, Englands parliament kindly and prematurely Dissolved Scotlands liability in 1707.

    A dead, ceased, extinguished, dissolved Scottish parliament cannot repay any debt, it has no members since 1707,
    It has no parliament since 1707.
    It has no representatives of its constituents of Scotland in Westminster parliament of England.
    It cannot be bound or bind its successor parliament,
    All arrangements, bills that are unfinished at the time of Dissolution fall. Ie, cannot be bound over to the next parliament.
    That would include Englands debt.

    So with no Scottish parliament in the parliament of Westminster in England, who is Westminster going to chase and negotiate with for this national debt. Since it dissolved Scotland parliament from all liability in 1707.

    Mmm the sub parliament of Englands parliament in Scotland. That legally breached the treaty of union articles anyway if the treaty of union had proceeded,

    Is that the parliament ASA means,

    We must also remember that the people whom gave their names to the treaty of union were…… (no longer members of the dissolved parliament in Scotland,) and could not any longer represent any one in Scotland other than themselves.
    They were commissioners of the Queen of England who Swore the Oath to the parliament of England.

    So those family names are the only ones in a personal union with the Westminster parliament of England, and liable to share Englands debt as they promised. They signed up for it.

    Not the dissolved extinguished Scottish parliament from Westminster parliament parliament of England,
    nor its sovereign people of the territorial kingdom of Scots whom have had no monarch since king Charles11.
    And are not legally in the treaty of union. Then or now.

  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Corbyn speaking outside HoC right now.

  100. Chas says:

    Rev Stu

    An Independent Scotland COULD walk away from taking it’s share of UK debt. It therefore follows that it would also have to walk away from it’s share of UK assets. Army, Navy, Air force immediately spring to mind. We might need some sodjers, ships and planes! There are countless other examples.

    On walking away, On day 1 after Independence Scotland would need a substantial amount of cash available immediately. Where will it come from? Who will lend to Scotland, which will essentially be a start up with no track record. Forget about oil, gas, electricity as some form of security-all produced by mainly foreign owned companies. There is also questions regarding who forms an honest competent Government. Do you think that any of SNP/Alba/Labour/Tories qualify in this respect? If you seriously think that England will pay Old Age Pensions/benefits etc for ever more if Scotland simply walks away you will be in for a surprise. English voters will demand their politicians, from whatever party, immediately cease.

    Rightly or wrongly Scotland’s biggest market for its goods and services is England. If Scotland goes it alone do you think that English Companies/people will keep buying Scottish?

    I was not living or working in the UK in 2014 therefore did not have a vote. The financial projections for an Independent Scotland, at that time were, at best, optimistic. I have not seen any updates on the economic/financial case for Independence since that time despite all the protestations from the deluded faithful that it is ‘out there’ if I care to do some research.

    The financial/economic case for Independence should be hammered home every day to all Scots but, and it is a big but, does it actually exist. If it does where is it?

    I have said previously, I am not averse to Independence, but I, along with millions of fellow Scots want to be convinced. Nobody is currently doing just that.

    My mind is open unlike far too many.

  101. North chiel says:

    “ republic of Scotland says@ 0411 pm “ perhaps some of our posters should have a look at the Wikipedia entry for Sir Keir and family ?

  102. Republicofscotland says:


    I don’t know why I keep replying to an establishment mouthpiece like you, maybe its to show others what idiots haunt Hubble road and Denison.

    As for aircraft I said air traffic, communications, chatter etc..


    “The Pine Gap US surveillance base located outside of Alice Springs in Australia is collecting an enormous range of communications and electronic intelligence from the brutal Gaza-Israel battlefield – and this data is being provided to the Israel Defence Forces.

    Two large Orion geosynchronous signals intelligence satellites, belonging to the US and operated from Pine Gap, are located 36,000 kms above the equator over the Indian Ocean. From there, they look down on the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and gather huge amounts of intelligence data to beam back to the Pine Gap base.”

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile radio news claims that anyone Labour MP voting for the motion (a ceasefire in Gaza) in tonight’s vote at the HoC, will find themselves sacked in the morning.

    Lets see how many Labour MPs vote for the motion and how many don’t vote for it, I’d wager Labour are as morally corrupt as the Tories and, few will put their careers on the line to do the right thing, a sign of the times I think.

  104. Red says:

    Republicofscotland says:

    With today’s current ruling against Sunak’s bonkers Rwanda plan by the Supreme court that it is unlawful, Australian navy warships go out to sea and meet immigrants trying to reach Australia by sea, they then tie the boats to the warships and tow them back to the countries that they came from.

    How many millions of foreign terrorists, rapists and benefits claimants – plus all their relatives – do you think Scottish taxpayers should be forced to put up in what we are still pleased to call our country?

    Was the first Operation Cerrar not enough for you?

  105. Republicofscotland says:


    Firstly the right wing media love to demonise brown skinned people, and no doubt this paedo gang did commit heinous crimes against children and there’s no defending such vile actions.

    However, white skinned Scots are just as bad and commit similar crimes against children.

    Also I find it insulting that you tar every immigrant as a terrorist, rapist and benefit claimant when they are not.

    I’m sure Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson would be proud of your rant against brown skinned people.

  106. stewart gunn says:

    You will have big white stools which may require breaking up with a stick or somesuch to see them away. A bit like certain SNP

  107. twathater says:

    ROS I usually agree with most of your posts and thoughts but please don’t insinuate that everyone agrees with uncontrolled immigration or open borders for refugees , if you look around you in the uk and elsewhere in the broader European context there are massive confrontations and violent protests coming from the ever increasing numbers of opposing cultures who want to impose their cultures their beliefs and their rules on the indigenous people’s
    I may or may not agree with the tories attempts to address the influx of migrants and refugees by sending them to Rwanda but the reality is that ALL the parties who have formed the government’s in the uk have REFUSED to discus ANY sensible or reasonable constraints, preferring to call anyone who raises the subject a racist much like the situation with anyone who criticises zionism
    Unfortunately as anyone can see most of this displacement of people is and has been caused by the constant war mongering hawks in various governments desperate to steal and rob the riches of others on behalf of capitalism and enrich the arms industry in the process
    When your fraudulent fm feels enabled to stand up in your parliament and utter racist comments without fear of being called out for reverse racism you know something is wrong

  108. A Scot Abroad says:

    David Hannah, at 4:59 pm,

    The cost of razors is the original and still extant business model of Mr Gillette, well over 100 years ago in the USA. He realised that you could virtually give away the razor handles, and if you made the blades from low grade steel and also with a proprietary fastening, then they would get dull quickly, but require you to buy new blades which were expensively priced.

    It’s the same with inkjet printers. Virtually give away the hardware, make the cartridges hellishly expensive.

  109. Red says:

    Republicofscotland says:

    We can’t protect Scottish children, because that would be racist.

    Good thinking there, Batman.

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    News reporting that Glasgow’s (LEZ) Low Emissions Zone made a whopping half a million quid in sixteen weeks off the backs of Glasgow’s drivers. What a money spinner this latest tax is on drivers who enter the city centre and don’t meet Tammany Hall’s criteria. I fully expect this gold mine to be rolled out further across Glasgow.

    Meanwhile Tammany Hall aka Glasgow City Council has launched a new gimmick, (Litter Lotto) you download the app and you take a piccy of yourself putting rubbish you’ve found on the streets into the bin, you send this piccy to the GCC and you could win £100 quid.

    If successful expect a cut in bin lorries and binmen.

  111. David Hannah says:

    This is rigged have attacked the stone of Destiny.

    Deport the bastards.

  112. David Hannah says:

    Thanks for the reply a scot abroad.

    Do you think if I were to buy an old fashioned, blade style razer you get in the Turkish barbers, it wouldn’t blunt? You could save money. Is that what I need?

    I think buying razors is really something I begrudge. I hate the 2 blade. They are so shit. You get cuts. You get spots. It’s horrible.

  113. David Hannah says:

    I want to know what’s on Michael Matheson’s I pad. Yet the judiciary says nothing to see here.

    What have they got to hide?

    Dorothy Bain. What are you hiding from the Scottish public on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon?

  114. Lenny Hartley says:

    Wait till u have a crap, its as hard as concrete! Telling you from a friend 🙂

  115. Lenny Hartley says:

    Republic of scotland, im on two x 30 mg a day og Lansoprazole, plus a big bottle of Gaviscon used to be on omeprosal but they switched me, interestingly after a recent wee stay in Hospital they sent me a letter about my bloods, i have a rarish blood group about 7.7% of population have it, i have known it was sorta rare since I was a boy, but when I checked with Dr Google recently it says that people with this blood group have a tendency towards excess stomach acid production and auto immune system diseases (got both) also have Barratts but camera doon throat is only every two years!

  116. Andy Storrie says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, squire. In the meantime, console yourself with the fact that you would have been charged $25,000 in America for the exact same procedure.

    And if Scots do not escape the clutches of the odd-bodies, parasites and perverts in London… we will be paying similar prices sooner or later as well.

    £7k for 15 stitches. Tae hell wae that for a game of toy soldiers, sir! No thanks. It’s no secret that a helluva lot of parasite Fake capitalists in London are just dying to leech and gorge on sick folk.

  117. Lenny Hartley says:

    Republicofscotland over twenty years ago, i had a ex spook work for me, he told me that he used to from his base in Cheltenham follow known players around Cairo and note who they met whilst travelling outdoors .
    THis was via satellites.

  118. James says:

    “Chas says:
    15 November, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    I’m waiting for your response to my post at 12.52.”

    Lol. Yer gonna have a long wait, you slavering servile c*nt.

  119. David Hannah says:

    Michael Matheson’s phone bill FOI. Leaked. As revealed by Tory MSP Stephen Kerr.

    He claimed to be conducting government business. Yet the highest rate of gigabytes was on public holiday dates. With government closed.

    What has this potential dirty swine been watching?

    We know he’s a liar that’s a proven fact. What’s he hiding?

    Why is Dorothy Stain, of the Clown office of Clowns, Scotland’s most corrupt lord Advocate in history covering up for Murrell?

    Was he on facetime to Patrick Grady?

    These people make me sick!

  120. Geri says:


    It’s the asylum seeker/refugees right to go & live exactly where they please. That is the conditions of the treaty the UK signed up to & is international law. It’s not up to politicians. It’s not up to britnats. It’s not up to France to police it.

    France did have a camp at Calais, the jungle, & guess what? The Brits did their usual & stiffed them out of their bill owing the French government £millions so the French obviously thought, fck it, let them sort their own refugee crisis – it’s those fckers who cause it anyway. Cameron’s answer was he’d help with tents LOL Get yerself tae fck was the obvious answer. Next Patel though she’d ask for some French land for a sorting base.. honestly, how fcking arrogant do you need to be?

    Scotlands debt.

    Very easy. We can’t borrow so owe nothing. Shared assets already paid for through annual deductions/GERS. Anything after that & we’ll gladly pay once we see all the receipts & proof of payment. Simple.

  121. Geri says:


    The problem the UK has is it refuses to pay the money to sort out & process immigration.
    It’s at breaking point because successive Tory governments let it get to this stage, refused to pay it’s debts to others or shut down safe routes hoping they’d just go away. Not because they don’t have rules they could implement but because it’s that age old English exceptionalisim – it’s someone else. The Tories are to blame for the mess & they shouldn’t sign up to international treaties if they don’t intend to follow the rules…oh, wait..

  122. A Scot Abroad says:

    David Hannah, at 7:00 pm,

    you’ll have to forgive me, I’m not used to giving other men grooming advice, nor do I use a cut throat razor myself. But in general terms, a cut throat razor _should_ be better for your purposes than the Gillette (or Wilkinson, etc) disposable blades. May cost you more up front, but you can re-sharpen blades fairly easily using a whetstone and a leather strop. I have two stones in different grits, and keep the kitchen knives and my axe and hatchet sharp with them.

    You might also want to look at Harry’s razors (Google) , which I do use. I get 8 new blades every two months for under £15 which arrive via post. I’ve found them to be good, better quality than Gillettes, also I don’t have to think about buying new blades. I’m not a salesman for that company, it’s just what I use.

  123. Republicofscotland says:

    “ROS I usually agree with most of your posts and thoughts but please don’t insinuate that everyone agrees with uncontrolled immigration or open borders for refugees”


    Please point out where I said I’m all for unfettered immigration, I’m not. You know as I do that Scots don’t even have a say on who can and can’t live in Scotland, such is their apathy on the subject (present company excluded of course).

    One recent event that saw a plethora of people from other nations leave Scotland and indeed the UK was Brexit, we know how that’s panning out, its a bloody disaster. Folk that done the jobs that most Brits felt themselves above left and didn’t come back.

    Its not racist to talk about limiting immigration or finding genuine ways to reduce it, but sending out go home vans or trying to send immigrants to Rwanda where they could be murdered is just plain cruel, as is housing them in filthy hovels.

  124. Stoker says:

    Rev, your wee story backs up the image i have of you in your dotage. Sitting back in your heated recliner, feet up on your desk, surrounded with newspaper articles everywhere, sleeves rolled up, trilby down over the eyes resting on the bridge of the nose with a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and a packet of Rennies by your side. LOL!

  125. Stoker says:


    The new two-way ultra speed cameras:

  126. Republicofscotland says:

    Lenny Hartley @7.24pm.

    Lenny sorry to read about your Barretts it good that you are getting it checked regularly. My stomach problems arose via H.Pylori, in which I had to take 21,000 mg of anti-biotics over a period of time it killed it off, but H.Pylori under the microscope looks similar to a corkscrew, it burrows into the lining of your stomach and can damage it, in my case it did, that’s why I take Omeprazole.

    In this day and age autoimmune disorders are common, you’re born with them, I think, so you are stuck with them, such as say psoriasis.

    Keep well.

  127. Chas says:


    Many thanks for your belated response. To be honest, it was just as I expected from someone with a very limited vocabulary and few functioning brain cells. Rational thought is obviously not within your compass.
    Your wee pals on here will be proud.

  128. Brak the barbarian says:

    Hi Rev, an excellent article. As a former radiographer I’d just like to add tha the stuff you were drinking was not in the least radioactive so there’s no chance of radioactivity getting into your system at all. What you were chugging is Barium Sulphate which is closely related to chalk (there are radioactive forms of barium but this ain’t it). They use barium rather than calcium, which is in chalk, because it’s a much better absorber of X-rays.

    The stuff does just pass straight through as you were told, so you’ve couple of days of harmless but interesting experiences in the loo but no more than that. Remember too that is a good idea to keep your fluid intake -and that beer is a fluid. Have a speedy and enjoyable recovery.

  129. Shug says:

    I suppose we should be grateful that Mathieson was only watching the football!!!

    What the f… Was he thinking trying to claim the charge.if he had just paid it he could have been in the clear.

    He should gave been sacked in the spot by Humza for crass stupidity. Sadly continuity does not cut it.

    I will say again the only come back for the snp will involve taking a totally ruthless approach to the vietnam group and all the other self entitled dafties. Woman H’s head on a spike outside HQ (metaphorically speaking)

  130. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:15 November, 2023 at 3:33 pm

    Yay! Let’s hear it for the Ozzies.

    My confidence in them took a knock during the Covid years, but fair dinkum, they can spot a dinghy full of grifters and crims at a distance of 100 miles.

    We all got a preview of how this open borders experiment is heading last weekend. Scotland is fortunate in that most of the freeloaders still choose to stay south of our own border.

    But running a serious government on luck just won’t work forever. At some point, we will need some Scottish grownups prepared to accept the reality that you can have open borders, or you can have a generous benefits and health care system, but you sure as feck can’t have both.

    It’s a shame that this forum is so narrow and parochial. All over the EU, the borders are being hardened, Schengen is being de facto repealed, and even other countries are negotiating their own repatriation deals with Rwanda and other similar countries. But you won’t hear about any of that here.

    Change is coming, and it’s long overdue.

  131. Brak the barbarian says:

    I’ve just seen the thread about white poodles producing white pop. No they don’t, all dogs have brown poo.
    UNLESS they have been eating too many bones. All bones contain calcium and calcium is similar to the barium of the barium meal – the affect on the canine system is similar to that of consuming a lot of barium That’s enough of that.

  132. Brak the barbarian says:

    I’ve just seen the thread about white poodles producing white pop. No they don’t, all dogs have brown poo.
    UNLESS they have been eating too many bones. All bones contain calcium and calcium is similar to the barium of the barium meal – the affect on the canine system is similar to that of consuming a lot of barium That’s enough of that.

  133. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:15 November, 2023 at 8:24 pm

    plain cruel, as is housing them in filthy hovels

    Nobody houses legal immigrants in filthy hovels.

    It’s only the illegal ones. They are a mixture of crims, grifters, and asylum seekers fleeing persecution.

    The crims and grifters deserve filthy hovels. The asylum seekers, if genuine, will prefer their safe but filthy hovel to the filthy death that awaits them in the cesspit they are fleeing from.

    Although, as the vast majority of illegal immigrants are boating in from one of Scotland’s most favourite holiday destinations, France, it’s debatable just how much of a cesspit it really is. The third-world slums of France’s major cities excluded, natch.

  134. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:15 November, 2023 at 6:26 pm

    the right wing media love to demonise brown skinned people

    white skinned Scots are just as bad

    Look everybody, classic whataboutery!

    But we’re not importing those white skinned Scots, are we RoS. And even if we were, the chances of them having a religious conviction that indigenous Scots are inferior beings in the sight of God would be vanishingly small.

    As you told us a few weeks ago, your religious, faith-based belief system has no sky fairy in it. But most of the people we import do think there is a sky fairy up there, authorising and blessing their behaviour.

    And that’s bad, RoS, very bad for us indigenous Sovereign Scots.

  135. Confused says:

    matheson and his browser history, yet another mystery of scotland, along with whatsapp messages, campervans, the dunblane files, marco negri, fettesgate and willie macraes briefcase …

    I wonder how much gay tranny porn 11k will get you? Did he make a separate claim for the babywipes?

    any more talk of back door action BTL, and Patrick Harvie will appear

  136. David Hannah says:

    The Matheson story is hilarious. I actually burst out laughing when I seen that Humza said he has absolute confidence in his competent health secretary “steering the NHS through the worst crisis in modern times.”

    Only for Stephen Kerr MSP to unviel an FOI later in the day proving that Matheson has lied.

    He said it was government businesses. He’s absolutely lied. He was using most of the data on public holidays.

    People think he’s been watching football games?

    Even still. You don’t rack up 11,000 in roaming charges! Utter nonsense.

    What has he got to hide? What dodgy websites have you been clicking on Michael Matheson?

    Why is Dorothy Stain of the clown office of clowns saying “Nothing to see here. Sweep sweep. Sweep sweep.”

    Why is the clown office in bed with Humza, Nicola and Peter Murrell in the cabinet?

    The cabal are getting away with murder. I suspect Dorothy Bain has been burying the bodies! It seems that way? Doesn’t it?

  137. David Hannah says:

    Dorothy Stain.

    Cleaning up after Matheson of Morroco.

    Where’s the rainbow police in Scotland when you need them?

    Calling our racist, sexist, and mysogynistic police force and Officer Karen… Sorry. Officer Karen. I meant officer Jo Farrell.

    Where the hell is the police in all of this? Why aren’t they investigating.

    Hand over the laptop to special branch in or Manchester Police. You know the police force investigating the massive scale fraud of the SNP.

  138. David Hannah says:

    The heat ramps up. Yet nothing to see here. Police not to investigate. Orders came from Sturgeon herself.

    I think its an absolute abuse of power for the lord Advocate to sit in cabinet. Law accountable to government, and not the other way around.

    It is a scandal. They can fuck our country with impunity knowing that the head of legal is living in Bute House, she’s having afternoon tea and scones around the cabinet table…

    Irs a disgrace. Hand over the laptop to a police force willing to do their jobs.

  139. Martin Girvan says:

    I had the exact same issue with struggling to swallow and had the exact same test procedure that you described. The good news was that nothing sinister was found, the not so good news was that no one was able to tell me why I had trouble swallowing from time to time.

    Eventually I decided to catalogue absolutely everything that I ate and drank. After a while I managed to narrow it down to a couple of things which I now avoid and I haven’t had any issues for many months now.

  140. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “a “proportionate share” of the UK national debt (generally assumed to be based on population) was the start point of the negotiations that led to the Edinburgh Agreement before the 2014 Indy referendum”

    Was it? What page of the Agreement is that on?

    Scotland is not obliged by any law, or any moral, to take on some of anyone else’s debt.

  141. A Scot Abroad says:

    Rev Stu, at 1:45 am,

    It’s not minuted in the Edinburgh Agreement, but it was a precursor to the agreement. If it hadn’t have been pre-agreed, there wouldn’t have been an agreement, and so no referendum at all in 2014.

    Scotland isn’t obliged to do anything. But if it wants to be a grown-up independent country operating on a level of equals and trustworthiness with other countries, then it needs to understand where it has come from. Denying your historical debts puts you well well back on that score, and that’s poor politics for any Indy leader, which is why Salmond acknowledged that in 2014.

  142. John Main says:

    I guess there’s debt, and then there’s debt.

    Take the EU divorce bill, for example, some humungous amount that I can’t be ersed to investigate, spread over decades with the final payments for some of the eye-watering extortions not due until long after we will all be deid.

    Ah, but somebody says, why should iScotland pay a proportionate share of that – we were dragged oot agin oor will.

    But, I say, we want back in, just as soon as the SNP cretinous crooks in HR can drop the hot tattie of Indy into the hands of the Brussels bureaucrats for them to rule us.

    Not a good look though, begging the EU to let us in, while welshing on the debts we ran up last time around.

    I think we’ll pay. When all’s said and done, it’s taxpayer’s dosh, and all politicians know it grows on trees.

  143. George Ferguson says:

    Stu, Although not Law the white paper, Scotlands Future published in November 2013, Part 4 Transition. Outlines the proposed treatment of debt in the event of a Yes vote. Either as a historic contribution or as a proportion based on population size. Its also states a share of UK assets maybe set against this apportionment of debt. The calculation of the debt/GDP would be lower for Scotland than the rest of the UK was the claim. This question came up the streets for me just once in 2014. Sorry to hear about your medical condition. I will swop you a Barium meal for a ten hour stint of childminding. I am glad the Scotland kick off is at 5pm. I will be in my bed by 7pm tonight. So that’s me out for the rest of the day!

  144. Oneliner says:

    So there you have it.

    The people in Gaza are suffering – they’re just not doing it in a politically correct way. Up yours Westminster.

  145. John Main says:

    Innarestin article on Unherd today: “Britain is ruled by a judicial elite”. Here’s a wee quote:

    “the European Court usurps the functions of democratic institutions, just as the EU does”

    As long as Scotland remains embedded in the UK, we should all educate ourselves about the shadowy groups working full-time to subvert our popular democratic representatives.

    Once we are iScotland, we all need to make sure that these shadowy groups are excised from our ruling political classes.

    Or nothing will change.

  146. James Che says:


    “Denying our Historical Debt”

    Is this the “Ancient historical Guff Debt”.?

    The guff that is to old to be bothering you with? how far back does ancient historical guff go for money,

  147. Ruby says:

    Why Westminster would owe us a massive discount on our debt

    Why are Unionists so keen to rehash the 2014 IndyRef debate?

    Are they testing our memories or their own?

  148. Red says:

    John Main says:

    Aye it’s one of the more depressing things about today’s world that Paris is no longer a safe place for French women or Europeans in general. Just a big, horrible slum now full of wee neds from North Africa.

    Glasgow is going the same direction, already has the continental style foreign pickpockets and local coppers who don’t give a toss about stopping them. And fat local politicians who love wallowing in diversity, LEZ and other woke stigmata that have nothing to do with collecting bins and fixing potholes.

    The very basic minimum for Scottish nationalism to succeed is for the Scottish nation to persist, something that is now in serious doubt because of our persistently high and uncontrolled levels of immigration.

    Wha’s like us? Lots of deid nations that let themselves be overrun.

  149. sam says:

    Piece by Richard Murphy on Scottish “debt” on Scottish independence.There is rather more to Mr Murphy’s article than the summary.

    “It is usually claimed by Unionists and those opposed to independence that Scotland could not afford whatever debt might be due, or the interest on it. In summary in this post I argue seven things.

    First, the debt owing must be adjusted for quantitative easing (QE).

    Second, it must be adjusted for oil surpluses.

    Third, it must be adjusted so that interest is only charged on the debt having allowed for these issues, after which it seems likely that the rest of the UK will owe Scotland, and Scotland will have no debt.

    Fourth, come what may, Scotland has no legal obligation to pay any debt at all, and London has already conceded this.

    Fifth, in that case all that can be due is a compensation payment, and legally a recipient of a compensation payment is not allowed to profit from it. London could not do that then. And since almost no UK debt is ever repaid Scotland cannot owe anything at all until any of that debt is actually ever repaid, and then only proportionately so. For all practical purposes this means Scotland will probably never have to make a capital repayment to the UK, whatever notional sum might be agreed to be owing.

    And, sixth, since any interest due is also a compensation payment nothing more than current long term interest rates (which are 0.6% at most) can be due and this could never, whatever might be negotiated, ever reasonably give rise to an interest liability of more than 1% of an independent Scottish government’s budget, with the actual sum likely to be vastly lower than that.

    Whilst, seventh, whatever is owing must be agreed to be due in Scottish pounds, fixed at independence.

    The result is that this debt debate effectively becomes a non-issue when discussing independence.”

  150. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    16 November, 2023 at 4:22 am

    Rev Stu, at 1:45 am,

    It’s not minuted in the Edinburgh Agreement, but it was a precursor to the agreement. If it hadn’t have been pre-agreed, there wouldn’t have been an agreement, and so no referendum at all in 2014.

    What kind of debate can you have with someone who just makes stuff up?

  151. James Che says:

    George Ferguson,

    The “Scottish devolved government from ENGLAND under English legislation and Statues” with all the reservations of Westminster parliament restrictions on Scotlands devolved government from england moves. Will negotiate on behalf of Scotland?

    Send up the hangman to Scotland, while England parliament negotiates with Englands sub parliament on Scotlands behalf.

    Would it not be wiser for Scotland to negotiate on its own behalf, instead?
    what would be strange about Scotland and its people no longer under colonialism having its “own parliament” from Scotland to negotiate?

    Scotland immediately would lose in any negotiations if we used the Sub English parliament sent to Scotland.
    What is the point of being independent any still using a parliament from Westminster,

    We would need better thinking brains than that to help Scotland.
    Remember the old parliament of Scotland was dissolved in 1707. And Scotland could open a completely new one,

    Nothing is binding from a old parliament, to or on a new successor parliament, that is the law of governance

  152. James Che says:


    Some points missed,


    The bank of England connected to the Exchequer and treasury in the parliament of England Was never the Bank of one united Great Britain kingdom.
    So who holds the national Debt?

  153. A Scot Abroad says:

    Sam, at 9:51 am,

    That long comment (I appreciate its someone else’s thought) is very largely garbage, and hopeful thinking.

    Unless Scotland agrees to a proportionate share of historic UK debt, there ain’t going to be any deal at all. And no deal would be horrific for Scotland. Far, far worse than no deal would have been for the UK in the Brexit negotiations.

  154. James Che says:


    When the Parliament of Scotland was dissolved by the parliament of England in 1707, the Ex now ceased, extinguished parliament of Scotland of, that old parliament of Scotland is no longer legally obligated to carry on its business or finances from it previous dissolved parliament

    Read the Institute of Governance, uk.

  155. Ruby says:

    UK Government unable to control their borders?

    Good argument for iScotland having a controlled border?

    Are we going to be going back for those with memories problems to discuss what was said regarding borders during the 2014 IndyRef debate?

    Remember Ed Milliband complaining that his children would need a passport to visit Scotland?

    I have a suggestion for Chas, Scot Abroad, John Main & all the many Unionist currently asking questions here on Wings:

    Why not go back and read all the coverage about the IndyRef between 2011 and 2014?

  156. stuart mctavish says:


    BBC reporting that leader of Hamas lives in Qatar – not far from a huge nuclear plant, and the Al Udeid air base (FFS).

    ie Presumably genuine friends of Israel/Palestine could have simply (and publicly) arrested his arse weeks ago in bid to talk them back from the abyss – and possibly help prevent anger and fear turning Israel (and by extension the holy land) into its nemesis.

    Little wonder Humza is beyond angry, ideally Sarwar (and Saudi Arabia) is now too, and indy can be declared by lunchtime (albeit assuming Sarwar can forgive Humza for sabotaging the Rutherglenn MP to help double the number of high profile supporters of genocide he now has to kick out of, ahem, Scottish Labour)

  157. Dan says:

    Debt discussion.
    There might be some leverage here…

  158. Shug says:

    Scot abroad our share of the debt sees your use of faslane for 5 to 10 years

    Thank you no debt

    Btw it is a paper debt with the bank of england which is wholly owned by the english government.

  159. Xaracen says:

    James Che said;
    ” ASA’s ‘Denying our Historical Debt’

    Is this the “Ancient historical Guff Debt”?

    The guff that is to old to be bothering you with? how far back does ancient historical guff go for money?”

    Touché, James, touché! 😀

  160. Ruby says:

    This could be quite an interesting topic to discuss.

    I’m wondering if there should be a campaign for men to have free razors?

    There could be wee boxes of razors in all the ladies & gents toilets?

  161. A Scot Abroad says:

    Dan and Shug,

    the nuclear weapons location issue is greatly overplayed. There are no less than 6 alternative locations for the base in England. Granted, none as “ideal” as Faslane, but workable, and there’s a cost to moving everything. Not impossible.

  162. Alf Baird says:

    Dan @ 10:30 am

    “Debt discussion”

    Yes, a colonial balance sheet needs to properly reconciled, and contains many aspects accountants remain ignorant of.

    In colonialism, a people, their lands and resources have been plundered for a very lengthy period, their economy ravaged, the people subject to high prices, their culture and languages destroyed, and the people displaced.

    This comes at great cost to the colonised people; aside from the psychological damage, it includes the opportunity cost of what might have been. i.e. a natural population of perhaps double what it is, and several times greater GDP.

  163. Republicofscotland says:

    Sir Keir Starmer will be furious today as 56 of his MPs defied his authority and voted with the motion to call for a ceasefire on Gaza, not only that eight Shadow Ministers quit their posts as well, the most notable being Jess Phillips.

    It would appear that Starmer’s loyalty to the Zionist oppressive regime in Israel is utterly unwavering, no matter what the cost to his party or indeed the lives of the oppressed Palestinian people.

    I have sympathy for the people of England and Wales, who have little choice between the Tories and Labour.

    At least we in Scotland have the choice of the Alba party.

  164. A Scot Abroad says:

    RoS, at 11:20 am,

    Is that the same Alba Party as the Alba Party that doesn’t bother standing candidates in winnable elections?

  165. Johnlm says:

    With the approaching banking failures and reset, the end of the petrodollar, the rise of BRICS commodity based economies etc. ; all discussion about Scottish debt could well become irrelevant as AngloAmerican Zionist Empire collapses.
    Fingers crossed.

  166. Shug says:

    Scot abroad

    In any case i heard the english treasury claiming all the debt in 2014

    There is no alternative to faslane as you well know.

    300 years of english rule has left the 13th largest oil producer in the world a share of a 3 trillion doller debt. Thank you labour and conservative parties that was really well managed

    Takes a lot of tallent to be that bad

  167. stuart mctavish says:

    I just checked the speed on my new broadband (admitedly we’re extremely late to the party because I had to dig the trench myself with a spoon, etc etc) but its 140 MB/s.

    According to some of the numbers I’ve seen (about a DVD’s worth of data), that means I should be able to stiff at least some of the customers* for about £20,000 a minute once the magic genie gets the camp site & water park up and running..


    *assuming its posh enough for MSPs and anyone else in the public sector who thinks that sort of billing is more appropriate than asking someone in accounts to have a word 🙂

  168. A Scot Abroad says:


    someone I know quite reasonably well commanded a nuclear missile boat. He was also the CO of Perisher, the course all submarine captains have to pass before being given command of a sub. So in my view, he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s the source of the information.

    Faslane is ideal for the purpose, the best place in the U.K. for it, but other places could be used. It would also be possible to construct a semi-permanent mooring 5 miles offshore somewhere. The same engineering that gives us oil rigs in 200 metres of North Sea waters.

    Yes, there would be a cost to moving the berthing, onshore facilities and everything else. But it ain’t impossible. And so the assumption that keeping Faslane going allows Scotland to walk away from debt is flawed.

  169. Luigi says:

    Shug says:
    16 November, 2023 at 12:11 pm

    There is no alternative to Faslane as you well know.

    Indeed – can you imagine any region of England accepting nukes on their doorstep? Not going to happen – ever. There would be riots. Politically a non-starter. Just plant them up north, in the Jockland colony. After all, they don’t need our votes.

    300 years of English rule has left the 13th largest oil producer in the world a share of a 3 trillion dollar debt. Thank you labour and conservative parties that was really well managed.

    Steady Shug, you will have our resident yoons sticking their fingers in their ears and whistling into the wind. They really don’t want to know this. They already have a bad taste in their mouths with all the recent (very large) Gaza ceasefire demos. Truth hurts.

    There are several ways this can happen, but the UK will, sooner or later, implode. The Commando books are long past their sell-by date. Truth hurts.

  170. TURABDIN says:

    When political unions break up there is the vexed matter of division of assets and debts.
    It is a game of give and take played to the edge. Having the «right team» is vital.
    Cometh the hour, cometh the team?

  171. robertkknight says:

    Subs can be parked anywhere. There’s only 4 boomers and at least one is always at sea. Kings Bay is also available, at the discretion of the “cousins”.

    So it’s not where to berth the boats that’s an issue, but what to do about all that infrastructure in Glen Douglas. That’s a far more difficult conundrum for any English Government, as finding/building alternatives elsewhere, in such close proximity to the boats themselves, would be both extremely difficult and extremely costly.

  172. James Che says:

    I am just Back from x ray with spouse and before our appointment with the nurse at 2: pm and doctor at 3: pm I thought I would pop back into Wings over a revival cuppy o tea,

    We need to apply our heads and historical research records, along with all the knowledge every one here holds together.

    First of all we have to deal with wether there was ever a binding treaty of union. For if the Monarchy has been swearing an Oath to the parliament of England for over three hundred years and up to our present modern date, as Cambridge University state, in 2017,

    While the parliament of Scotland was dissolved by the parliament of England in 1707, there (was not) and (could not) have been a union of the two parliaments.

    This is important issue for any beginnings of negotiations.
    It is also very important as it ascertains WHO holds all the aces in negotiations,

    A little while ago here on Wings someone had the audacity to suggest that by the continuing years of acceptance from Scotland, Scotland has been complicit in agreeing to the treaty of union,

    There is a huge opposing difference to being complicit similar to a tacit agreement and being lied to and defrauded by deceit,

    The first One has some legal bearing in any court , while the latter one is totally illegal, it is called fraud in all courts in Britain,

    With the growing evidence from various historical records and many official papers, it would certainly appear that fraud and deceit for financial gain and control of Scotland and its territory by the parliament of England whom knowingly omitted details and some rather important historical facts to Scotland, Fraud had been played out on Scots and Scotland for a excessively long period of time,
    So could not be considered a slight error by the parliament of England covering more than two years or ten years or a hundred years but actually long standing as it is over three hundred years,
    This is a hard one for the parliament of England to dispute, as the parliament of England still exists and the monarch still swears an oath to the parliament of England,

    With the Scottish parliament being dissolved in 1707 by the parliament of England,

    Scotland could not have a better starting point as it is no longer in a treaty of parliamentary union with England. Having been Dissolved.
    And could open a new Scottish parliament in Scotland not being bound by the predecessor parliament of Scotland under (The Institute of Governance).

    There are stages to be followed with out a doubt,
    But the way things are standing right now it would appear that Scotland is not in a parliamentary treaty union with Englands parliament or with the Present monarch,

    Scotland could walk away right now and leave the Expenses to the parliament of England to contest its position in the union and why it dissolved Scotlands position in a union prior to the creation of the One parliament of Great Britain,
    It would also have to explain why the parliament of England acted as a successor to the parliament of Scotland to the UN or the rest of the world,
    While the agreement, the treaty terms and ratification itself name the new parliament that was to succeed both Scotlands and Englands was specifically named as the parliament of the United kingdom of Great Britain.

    We need those good old fashioned logical thinking heads of Scots to make Scotland in a instantly superior position than the continued parliament of England wrongs.

  173. A Scot Abroad says:


    Expensive, yes, time-consuming, yes, but not impossible.

    I believe that there’s around 8,000 to 11,000 jobs directly dependent on Faslane (see link below), all of them reasonably well-paid. A county such as Cornwall might welcome such an opportunity that’s not tourism dependent and looks likely to generate £270 million of spending into the local economy. Equally, if Faslane and other facilities in Coulport and other places were to go away, that’s a blow to the west Highlands economy.

  174. Dramfineday says:

    Top tip 1: have a loo brush ready to assist the heavy weight stool round the bend otherwise it’ll just sit there soaking up the ambiance of your toilet.

    Top tip 2: Bowel testing kit: Use some bridging material across the toilet to catch the sample, closing the seat to anchor the material….tin foil / cling film, that sort of thing. TT2A) hope to heaven that you have no blood on your poo when the test kit results come back, as that’ll lead to Top tips 3 onwards…..argh.

  175. PhilM says:

    @James Che
    I hope your spouse is OK and your good self.

  176. James says:

    More bollocks from the JockAbroad that was debunked years ago. There’s around 200 ‘local’ jobs at Faslane – easily supplanted by alternative quality employment after independence (Scottish navy base maybe) – the rest are based elsewhere (bristol area mostly).

    The clue to his BS is in the title ‘UK defence journal’. Lolz.

  177. A Scot Abroad says:


    unlike you, other people know what they are talking about, and back up their statements with facts and figures.

    You are a sorry excuse for the Indy movement. Embarrassing to Scotland, naïve, gullible, and shouty and sweary.

  178. Luigi says:

    James says:
    16 November, 2023 at 3:23 pm
    More bollocks from the Jock Abroad that was debunked years ago. There’s around 200 ‘local’ jobs at Faslane – easily supplanted by alternative quality employment after independence (Scottish navy base maybe) – the rest are based elsewhere (Bristol area mostly).

    The clue to his BS is in the title ‘UK defence journal’. Lolz.

    Indeed, that was deeply mined, ancient BS that ASA recycled. Must have taken quite an effort to dig that awful stuff up lol. Desperate stuff.

  179. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:


    A perhaps still relevant article from a year before the 2014 referendum:


    “BRITAIN has previous form with sovereign base areas, but this time it could be used to exact a heavy price in any independence talks, writes George Kerevan.” (12-7-2013)

  180. Shug says:

    Michael mathieson

    A wee boy did it and ran away!!

    Ha ha ha ha

    What a joke. Humza should sack him for passing it for payment by holyrood, covering it up, misleading us oh and and being a tit

  181. TURABDIN says:

    The link by an expat Scot to article in the UKDJ is hardly «impartial».
    The idea that the people of Cornwall, the locals that is, would benefit from any relocation is rather naïve. The well paid positions would go, as is customary, to outsiders, the locals would be menials.
    A much better solution would be that of an iScotland «charging the earth» for sites such as Faslane, Rosyth and Lossiemouth. How desperate would rUK be to avoid the hassle of relocation?
    I assume iScotland would have a government with the chutzpah to tender the offer.
    A link in a comment above elaborates on the possibility of doing a mutually beneficial deal.

  182. Republicofscotland says:

    So long term SNP trougher and Health secretary Michael Matheson wants us to believe that he didn’t know his kids helped rack up a an £11,000 pounds bill on a government issued iPad.

    Only last week Matheson swore blind that the work related iPad was used for government business and government business only, however, only a few hours ago Matheson himself finally admitted the truth, and that what he told parliament last week was an out and out lie, though he didn’t say that.

    According to Matheson his kids were watching football matches on the government business only iPad, dates suggest that one of those games could’ve been a New Year Old Firm game, still even so an £11,000 pounds bill suggests that it was used for more than just some football matches.

    Matheson did his best today in the chamber to portray himself as the good father, and anguished dad, that how has this has happened to him and his family, even pausing two or three times and welling up, as if he was about to cry into his well prepared excuse as to why he was quite content to charge the Scottish taxpayer £11,000.

    There’s not a chance in hell that Michael Matheson will do the decent thing and resign for basically being found out, its just not the done thing these days within the troughing SNP. No Matheson will ride out the flack no matter how difficult it becomes, because like the rest of those troughing SNP MSPs he’s not a person of substance.

    As for his boss Humza Yousaf, he backed Matheson 100% last week that Matheson used the iPad for Government business and nothing else, and even at FMQ’s today Yousaf was fully behind the beleaguered Matheson’s explanation of events, this was evident in his replies to Tory Douglas Ross.

    Half way through Yousaf decided to say that he (Matheson) would make a statement to the chamber later on today (earlier this afternoon) and that’s when Matheson had to admit that he lied about how the £11,000 pounds charge came about.

    The usual rhetoric was forthcoming, it was an honest mistake, and I didn’t know at the time. In most other walks of life in the business world you’d have been sacked, but not in the SNP, a compliant trougher knows they have the backing of the party because the party is full of them.

  183. Merganser says:

    Sug @ 4.03.

    He is a lying bastard who didn’t need to blame his sons. He could have said “It was used to watch football” from the outset. No names. No false claims that it was all spent on constituency matters. No trying to get out of paying it all back from the outset.

    He has chosen to name his sons, no-one else. And he’s still trying to claim he paid it back straight away. A complete bastard.

  184. James Che says:


    Thank you for you kindness in asking after my spouses health,
    Diagnosed last year with lower colon Cancer which we are managing from day to day basis,
    And this last three weeks with infection of the bones of toe and quickly spread to other parts of feet, foot is toes and now foot turning black.
    My father was a Medic during his time in the Army, and passed a lot of medical knowledge down to his family, so I can cope with most things medical in way of dressings and monitoring for Septicemia and and gangarine ,

    Hence all the urgent medical appointments one after the other at the moment. And more in the pipe line,

    PhilM, researching info, listening and chatting to you all on wings is a great consolation while I am the carer mostly having to remain around the home, for my Spouses needs,
    It was good that Stu posted the medical procedure he had to go through and sometimes the worries that run ahead of diagnose,
    One day at a time,
    Again thank you for your kind concern, I will let spouse know you were asking to cheer em up 🙂
    Keep posting your own comments too, always good to see and hear opinions from other people.
    Were all jock tamsons bairins,

  185. Sven says:

    So, a Minister in the Green/SNP administration spends more in a couple of days on his “official” Ipad whilst holidaying abroad than we pensioners have as a yearly pension to exist on.
    And we wonder why more voters won’t turn out and vote for Independence Parties at elections.

  186. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    For info, the George Kerevan FASLANE article originally published by the SCOTSMAN (see link above @ 3.54pm), was subsequently copied as the following blog piece —


  187. James Che says:


    And charging until the buried and dumped waste products have been cleared up from Scotlands land and sea.

  188. President Xiden says:

    Defending his colleague Matheson, SNP president Michael Russell responded: “Unspeakable horrors in Gaza, impending cease fire vote, their party planning to leave ECHR and plenty more around that should engage & absorb all those charged with representative responsibilities – yet this is where the Tories in Holyrood prefer to wallow.”

    Looks like another example of the people of Gaza being used as a human shield. Utterly shameful.

  189. Shug says:

    I think if we were to take a share of the debt we should take a share if the nuclear weapons and retain the seat on the security council .

    We beed the security look at our neighbours

  190. Lenny Hartley says:

    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh ! An American U2 spy plane, crashed on take off from Akrotiri in the 80’s, it crashed into the control tower killing folk working there, that was when they had to admit its existance, it used to take off st dawn and not return until dark so nobody could see its movements.
    As for Scotlands share of England’s debt, what planet is he on!

  191. A Scot Abroad says:


    Defence equipment is designed to be mobile. Defence infrastructure isn’t, but can be recreated. Yes, pricey, but doable.

    I suspect that in the event of an Indy Ref succeeding, every bit of drivable, sailable and flyable piece of defence equipment based in Scotland would be driven, sailed or flown south the following day, and every Scot in the Forces given the option to transfer to rUK forces, which most of them would take. I certainly would have done. I didn’t join the Army back in the 80s to hang around in Scotland. I wanted to get out in the world.

  192. Republicofscotland says:

    On the murderous actions of the oppressive apartheid occupying military force known as Israel.

    “The UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Red Cross have all highlighted cases over the last month where Israel may have committed war crimes in Gaza.”

    To add to this John Deverell CBE, an ex-British army Brigadier has grave concerns that that Israel is committing war crimes against the oppressed Palestinians.

    “These warnings have led some to remind the UK Foreign Office of its legal obligations when granting export licences for arms sales to Israel.

    Relevant is a paper that Brigadier Deverell – former Director Defence Diplomacy in the MOD and veteran of the Middle East where he served for over a decade – was commissioned to write for Oxfam.

    In the paper, Deverell sets out steps ministers should take to ensure they do not grant a licence “if there is a clear risk that the items might be used in the commission of a serious violation of international humanitarian law.””

    It seems pretty clear to mean and others that Israeli IS committing war crimes against the oppressed Palestinians, and that no arms should be exported to Israel on the basis that they are being used on the civilian population in Gaza.

    As far as I’m aware UK weapons are being transported to Cyprus and then on to Israel.

    “The UK has approved the export of weapons to Israel worth at least £146m in the last five years, but Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) believes the total value is much higher.

    The group said British industry “provides 15% of the components for the F35 stealth combat aircraft that Israel is currently using in the bombardment of Gaza,” in a contract worth hundreds of millions of pounds alone.”

    “During Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in 2014, Declassified understands that Britain’s business secretary, Sir Vince Cable, wanted to suspend arms exports to the IDF.

    Cable received backing from officials in his department and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

    However, Conservative ministers in David Cameron’s coalition government disagreed, and ultimately only 12 licences were temporarily suspended.

    These covered components for tanks, combat aircraft, targeting equipment, military radars and munition launching equipment, which were thought to be directly relevant to the IDF operation.

    The internal wrangling took so long that the bombardment had stopped by the time a decision was taken. Foreign minister Sayeeda Warsi resigned in protest over the government’s inaction.”

  193. Lenny Hartley says:

    Republicofscotland, cheers well used to the varios auto immune issues, over two decades now, been a good customer of NHS Scotland who have saved me by urgent operations twice.
    I do owe my life to their skills and dedication. Incredible people.

  194. TURABDIN says:

    the million + tons of munitions dumped by the MOD and the nuclear waste lying in the Beaufort trench?

  195. John Main says:

    @TURABDIN says:16 November, 2023 at 4:13 pm

    an iScotland «charging the earth» for sites such as Faslane, Rosyth and Lossiemouth. How desperate would rUK be to avoid the hassle of relocation?

    Good question. Here’s another one:

    How desperate will iScotland be for the military capability needed to protect our only real sources of wealth; oil, gas & renewable energy, which mostly share the misfortune of being hundreds of miles out to sea?

    Very desperate, so that’s shaping up to be a marriage made in heaven, where rUK retains access to the bases, and iScotland subcontracts practical defence to the Air Force & Navy of rUK.

    That just leaves Faslane, which will be needed to share the nuclear deterrent the re-arming EU will be expanding if it is to be ever taken as a serious player on the world stage.

    There’s some great horse trading and compromising to be done, if iScotland is to be any kind of a serious country.

    Thank feck our current crop of politicos have such a solid track record of excellence in the negotiating sphere.

    Haha, I crack me up.

  196. Republicofscotland says:

    Lenny Hartley.

    Akrotiri in Cyprus, is and has been an RAF staging post for years, in which it has bombed the likes of Syria and Iraq from, the RAF is still bombing Syria from it, flying over Israeli airspace in the process.

    Operation Shader.

    “For seven and a half years now, armed British warplanes have been overflying Israel from Cyprus on a daily basis to bomb targets in Syria and Iraq.

    This operational detail, which the British and Israeli governments tried to hide, has been revealed following the publication of a new book by a former senior British officer who commanded some of the missions.”

  197. John Main says:

    Fair play to Matheson! In a nation famed for its people’s ability to spend hours greetin into their drams, the man showed some top class blubbing the day.

    Matheson could greet for Scotland at international level.

    And he just did, as the stirring sight of a thrifty Scot blubbing over money goes viral. How could anybody have the heart to lever his snout out of the trough after that master class in self pity?

    An at Xmas tae. Ah can hardly see the screen fer tears as I type.

    Justice for the iPad One!

  198. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:16 November, 2023 at 6:00 pm

    For seven and a half years now, armed British warplanes have been overflying Israel from Cyprus on a daily basis to bomb targets in Syria and Iraq

    Naw, they hivnae.

  199. twathater says:

    O/T I went online last night to respond to some comments and could see on the laptop that there were updates for the win11 operating system , I downloaded them and they installed themselves , when I looked there was something not right on my lower task bar , for info I know nothing about pc’s but this didn’t look right , long story short I spent over 3 f***king hours trying to find ways to get rid of this shit item even on microsoft’s help pages ,it is called Co Pilot and automatically downloads on updates and there is no way to uninstall it , it is MS’s AI or information stealer ,
    The reason I post this is can anyone advise if Linux ubuntu is as good as windows and on installation can I totally remove windows , any help appreciated

  200. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:16 November, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    The UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Red Cross have all highlighted cases over the last month where Israel may have committed war crimes in Gaza

    I don’t doubt they’ve done that highlighting, RoS, but the operative word is may, so as it’s a binary, we also have to accept they may not have committed war crimes.

    Not that I’m expecting you to be able or willing to see this. Your track record of unreasonable, enthusiastic bias is clear enough.

    In the interests of fairness though, you should post a few links about the war crimes committed by Hamas – the taking of hostages is crystal clear. I’ll hold my breath while you do that.

    Haha, I already know you operate a strict double standard; one set of carte blanche permissions for your favoured side; and a second set of iron-clad restrictions for the side you want eliminated.

  201. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 6pm link I see its not working here it is in archive.

    “Naw, they hivnae.”

    John Main @613pm.

    Now lets see believe you, or believe an RAF Commander who flew the missions… a no brainer I think.

  202. Johnlm says:

    Inaressin article in today’s Unherd.
    ‘John Main is a tool’

  203. George Ferguson says:

    A draw I guess I am not that disappointed. What is a disappointment to me is the freefall in the standards of the Scottish Parliament. Consider the cases of Henry McLeish, David McLetchie or Wendy Alexander all resigned for circumstances considerably less than Michael Matheson. Greeting to save his 120k job and throwing his children under a bus in the process. The SNP think they can get away with anything. Pantomime season has arrived early.

  204. A Scot Abroad says:

    I don’t care about what Matheson thought that he’d get out of his “defence” of his data roaming excuses, but I do know that no decent man would throw his own children into the fire of a political scandal. He’s an absolute moral vacuum.

  205. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:16 November, 2023 at 6:56 pm

    Ordinarily, you wouldn’t give anybody in the RAF the steam aff yer pish. And nor would you credit anything coming out of Israel, or published in Haaretz. So if you are suddenly doing both now, it’s just to stir it, spread your bigoted lies, and sow confusion.

    There’s plenty of info online about Operation Shader, if anybody wants to know the truth.

    For seven and a half years now, armed British warplanes have been overflying Israel from Cyprus on a daily basis to bomb targets in Syria and Iraq

    Naw, they hivnae.

  206. Republicofscotland says:

    France urges Iran to stop a wider conflict in the region, whilst the US urges China to force Iran to do the same.

    The chutzpah of these two is breathtaking, we know which oppressive regimes war crimes will ignite a possible regional war and its not Iran’s.

    French colonial interests have already been badly damaged albeit in Africa, the USA’s overseas staging posts in West Asia have found themselves coming under sporadic attacks, Biden and the mad dogs at the Pentagon know those attacks could occur more frequently due to what the evil Zionists are doing to the oppressed Palestinians.

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already visited many ME nations governments, probably to entice them, or warn them not to intervene in the ongoing Zionist genocide of the civilians in Gaza.

    However going by the concerns of the French and the Americans it would appear they fear a wider conflict, which could weaken US influence in the region.

  207. Johnlm says:

    Ad hom.
    Any evidence?

  208. Den says:

    Matheson is a disgrace, throws his own weans under the bus in an attempt to save his own skin. He is typical of what the SNP have come to represent, entitled , deluded, carpetbaggers at every level

  209. Geri says:

    James Che 9:38am


    Nice one..

    Scotland would have no debt. We didn’t play in role in the purchasing decisions. If yoons gonna cry about it, fine, furnish receipts & proof it was paid. Simple.

    You wouldn’t get away with that shit in a divorce. Magically producing fictitious bills.

    Scotland is deducted her share of the bills annually. Nearly half is retained. No one pays twice for the same shit.

    Scotland would be owed money on shared assets.

  210. David Hannah says:

    Michael Matheson. Throwing his children under the bus. And admitting fraud.

    A liar. And a fraudster. To claim that on Parliamentary expenses.

    What a piece of human filth.

    Sack him.

  211. David Hannah says:

    Worst Dad in Scotland. Michael Matheson. Blame it on the kids. Call in social services and kick that man’s door down. The cops need to act.

  212. A Scot Abroad says:


    There’s remarkably little of Syria or Iraq that’s in a direct line from Cyprus, and there are refuelling tankers based in Turkey, an allied nation. I don’t claim any knowledge of U.K. air operations in those areas, but it seems unlikely to me that we’d have used Israeli airspace. In fact, the reverse: why get Israel involved at all? It just complicates matters. The U.K. can transit Turkish airspace under NATO agreements, or we can easily cross Lebanon because they don’t have a functioning air force.

  213. Merganser says:

    On tonight’s Match of the day:

    Starmer: “Labour is united on the Israel-Hamas war”.


    Matheson: ” The laptop was only used on official Government

    Who gets the points for being the biggest liar?

  214. Dan says:

    We’re told “Naebody will want Scottish gas…

    … As GB Grid is currently generating 60% of leccy demand by burning gas. With a retro throwback of 4% being generated by coal.

    A wee reminder that Scotland has about 10% of the UK population, but approximately 50% of domestic UK gas production comes from within Scottish geographic areas.

    So what do defenders of London Rule actually think of Westminster’s shocking ongoing management of our energy resources and generation infrastructure, seeing as so much of it has been sold off and is now owned by and benefits other countries more than the UK?

  215. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:16 November, 2023 at 7:33 pm

    we know which oppressive regimes war crimes will ignite a possible regional war and its Iran’s

    There you go RoS, fixed it for you.

    And here’s some info about your bosom buddies in Iran:

    “Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Guidance Patrol on 13 September 2022 for allegedly violating Iran’s mandatory hijab law by wearing her hijab “improperly” while visiting Tehran from Saqqez. According to eyewitnesses, she was severely beaten by Guidance Patrol officers (this was denied by Iranian authorities). She subsequently collapsed, was hospitalized and died three days later, sparking nationwide protests”

    “At least 551 people, including 68 minors, had been killed as a result of the government’s intervention in the protests, as of 15 September 2023”

    Persistent reports in the MSM of riot police deliberately shooting women in the face, breasts and genitals. I don’t like your Iranian pals at all, RoS.

    I won’t believe any decent Scots like them either.

  216. Billy Carlin says:

    Republic of Scotland 14 Nov 9.22pm

    “Studies and case reports suggest that ingesting apple cider vinegar can lead to upset stomach, throat irritation, low potassium and erosion of tooth enamel. Apple cider vinegar pills may have similar side effects.”

    Oh Dear! WHO funded these studies and case reports? Science is DECIDED by the people who FUND the studies and case reports etc – usually the very people who set up the SCAM they are trying to protect in the first place such as the Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s etc who created the SCAM medical system as a massive customer for the TOXIC drugs made from THEIR petroleum and chemical companies. The scientists and universities etc rely on these CORRUPT people for their funding and thus find the RIGHT results that these CORRUPT people want. The entire medical education system is funded and controlled by these CORRUPT people as well and the doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, ophthalmologists/optometrists etc are BRAINWASHED quacks who are the MAIN cause of so called disease etc on this planet who are involved in a SCAM medical system blocking and hiding the REAL cures etc – doctors are actually the THIRD cause of DEATH on this planet after heart disease and cancer and you will find that they are actually the FIRST cause of DEATH because most of that heart disease and cancer is caused by the totally TOXIC drugs and vaccines that these doctors are prescribing on behalf of the drug companies PROFITS.

    This health system should be totally shut down – the only part that does any good is the emergency departments that save lives re accidents. These doctors, psychiatrists and medical system MAKE up diseases etc.

    People are responsible for their own health and what they put into themselves and most people are NOT responsible sticking all the crap junk food, smoking, drinking, drugs and microwaving themselves with mobile phones, wi-fi and all smart devices and they do not care if they are being warned about all of these things as they prefer their ADDICTIONS and when these things start to affect them they think that they can just go to their doctor who just dishes out TOXIC drugs that mask the symptoms that then cause other so called diseases that the doctors then dish out more TOXIC drugs for until they are on lots of different drugs for lots of “diseases” for life until they are pensioners with boxes of different drugs they have to take every day or they end up dying of cancer from all of these TOXINS.

    This SCAM medical system has conned the dumb masses into thinking that virus are real and that bacteria are harmful when they are at least 20% of what we are made of and help us to digest our food etc and are natures cleanup crew that gobble up the TOXINS that the people are stupid enough to put into themselves and if they continue to do so these bacteria cannot cope and the TOXINS are then stored around the body that cause the symptoms of ALL so called diseases.

    Books such as “WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL? – WHY EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT DISEASE IS WRONG”, “DEADLY MEDICINES AND ORGANISED CRIME – HOW BIG PHARMA HAS CORRUPTED HEALTHCARE”, “THE CONTAGION MYTH” “VIRUS MANIA – HOW THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY CONTINUALLY INVENTS EPIDEMICS CREATING BILLION-DOLLAR PROFITS AT OUR EXPENSE” etc have been totally exposing all of this for decades as has many doctors such as Dr John Bergman on Youtube, Dr Tom Cowan on Bitchute, Dr Sam Bailey and her husband Dr Mark Bailey on Odysee – they have both given up their massive doctor salaries to expose this scam medical system especially since they learnt the LIES of this totally FAKE Covid pandemic, Dr Suzanne Humphries on Odysee and especially her book DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS that totally exposes the health and vaccine SCAMS.

    “The public has become a race of brainwashed drug addicts, with doctors acting as unpaid salesmen for gigantic drug combines. Their victims pay the salesmen. And neither salesmen or victim will listen – Dr Ulric Williams”.

    The National Health Service is a PRIVATE CORPORATION just like our Governments, Councils etc listed on Dun & Bradstreet and being traded on the New York Stock Exchange for PROFIT as is every Hospital, Ambulance Service etc as well as I have already exposed in my video THE DEMOCRACY ILLUSION – EVERYTHING IS WAS A CORPORATION on Youtube etc.

  217. John Main says:

    @Dan says:16 November, 2023 at 8:36 pm

    I think “Westminster’s shocking ongoing management of our energy resources and generation infrastructure, seeing as so much of it has been sold off and is now owned by and benefits other countries more than the UK” is, well, shocking, and I don’t defend it.

    What I do is ask how iScotland is going to purchase all of that back from its legal owners at market valuation, further invest in its development for the benefit and profit of us Scots, and maybes find the wiggle room to lower the prices we in Scotland pay for our energy.

    I don’t claim we’re too thick or daft (despite the evidence coming daily out of HR). I just claim that the plausible, worked out, independently verified sums have yet to be done.

    So until they are done, and we have been shown the money, I won’t just have faith.

    Cos the only people that can command widespread faith are those with a solid track record of competence, honesty, integrity, etc. And that’s not the Scottish political establishment, more’s the pity.

  218. Mike d says:

    David hannah 9.09pm ‘ going downtown’ as a tic supporter davy, my second wife (protestant) loves me going downtown. As did my catholic ex wife, ps, they all taste gorgeous irrespective of their religious differences, lol, COYBIG

  219. twathater says:

    @ Dan 5.09pm Dan you well know John MOAN is not here to genuinely debate and discuss Scotland’s independence and a better way forward , he and his fellow unionist brit nats repeated questions have been answered time and time again
    YET they like to rinse and repeat, never producing any positive aspects of remaining with this reviled union

    I thought his comment about mathieson greetin and bubbling about money in HR was funny but it was also very ironic as him and his wee cherub Chas are the very ones who CONTINUOUSLY scweem on here to show us the fucking money

  220. John Main says:

    Yeah TH, show us the feckin money.

    Some of the alert readers are starting to think it disnae exist, but you could put them right in a trice, by simply showing them the feckin money.

    Sae fits the problem?

  221. Roger says:

    ‘Mister Stuart’? Mister? They’ve mis-reverended you; surely that’s some form of hate crime.

  222. Chas says:


    I am not a Unionist Brit Nat.

    I have asked umpteen times where I can find the answers to the questions I pose. Maybe you could finally point me in the right direction, as nobody else can.

    The easiest way not to answer a question is simply to ignore it. It could well be ignorance-in your case I don’t doubt it!

  223. Old Jim says:

    One thing surprises me about this examination you had, Rev. Except for one minor detail, it was exactly the same as the one I had done at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. I had been suffering from pretty severe heartburn for a week or more. The doctor who examined me sent me along to have the barium meal business done, “just to make sure it’s not stomach cancer. But it isn’t, I can assure you of that.” He gave me a prescription right away and by the time of my hospital appointment, which was about a fortnight later, I was no longer feeling any pain at all.

    What surprises me is that I had my x-rays done nearly thirty years ago, in the middle of 1995. From the account you’ve given here, it looks suspiciously as though there hasn’t been a single technological advance in all that time.

    The minor detail that was different in my case is that there was no moving platform. For some of the x-rays I stood up against the screen and for others I lay down on a bed. And there was only one technician, if that’s the right word, operating the machinery instead of two.

  224. NeilyBoy says:

    If you would like to cure GERD/Acid Reflux, as opposed to medicate it, you should consider adopting a ketogenic diet.
    These ailments are caused by nerve damage from a high carbohydrate diet and serve as a warning that you (like a majority of the population, myself included at one time) are pre-diabetic. Heed that warning. Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes itself (type 2) are both easily reversible for the vast majority of people.
    You will hear fuck all from your doctor on lifestyle change as an alternative to medication, they’ll just stick you on Omeprazole and eventually, Metformin,too – then you know you’re fucked.
    Yes, I know I’m being an insensitive arsehole, but I’m happy to bear that arseholish burden if it means just one person reads this post and decides to research for themselves whether I’m talking shite, or not.

  225. Michael Bruce says:

    Just wait until they decide you need a colonoscopy. The preparation for thst really is a skoosh case – literally – and Billy Connolly’s routine on it (available on YouTube) is pretty accurate. It’s even ‘funnier’ when you have a stoma.
    PS Esomeprazole is easier to take than omeprazole for some folk.

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