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The grave robber

Posted on February 22, 2021 by

As a spinoff from the hysterical Scottish media witch-hunt over last week’s piece on Neil Mackay, today we found ourselves listening to a podcast from last May by Courier editor Davie Clegg and former Scottish Labour branch manager Kezia Dugdale.

While it was obviously of personal interest, we had a specific reason for listening – we suspected it might contain some helpful information that our lawyers had been looking for (which as it happened it did).

But there was also something else really interesting that we weren’t expecting.

(We could in truth write a 10,000-word piece on all the hilariously one-sided, dishonest, ironic or flat-out untrue comments from both Clegg and Dugdale during the 45-minute episode, but you’d get bored and we’re going to focus on one in particular.)

At almost the very end (38m 40s), Clegg references an article we wrote after losing the appeal against the original sheriff’s finding. It mentioned the fact that Dugdale changed her “principle” about donating all her extra-Parliamentary earnings to Motor Neurone Disease Scotland, a charity championed by her best friend and former Labour/Better Together activist Gordon Aikman, who was tragically killed by the awful disease.

The change, which was made in the summer of 2017, meant that Dugdale trousered all the money from her appearance – which Labour had in fact refused her permission for – on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” that November, which would otherwise have gone (after tax) to the charity “as a matter of principle”.

That meant MNDS lost out on around £45,000 to fight the monstrous and incurable disease, which currently afflicts former Scotland rugby international Doddie Weir.

But Dugdale has never offered any sort of defence or explanation of why she did so – partly of course because a fawning Scottish media has never asked her for one, even during literally hours of airtime and many column inches in which she’s been allowed to give her side of the case unchallenged – a privilege never offered to us by anyone.

But on the podcast she does, and it’s startling.

“I changed [the register of interests] because I was being sued, and I needed to be able to get myself in a situation where I could, if I needed to, earn enough money to pay legal bills.”

(The Stooshie, 29 May 2020)

So in essence Dugdale is, remarkably, blaming Wings for the fact that she pocketed £45,000 that should have gone to MND Scotland,

Now, even on the superficial level that’s a massive lie, because the court case wasn’t costing Dugdale a penny – as she notes in the interview, all her legal fees were being picked up by the Labour Party and then by the Daily Record. But let’s take it at face value just for the sake of argument.

Because as we know, Dugdale won the case. She had no legal fees to pay. (We, in fact, are paying her legal fees.) So if she wanted to she could have given the money to MND Scotland then, when any threat of costs was gone.

But she didn’t. Because by that point – rather than holding onto it to pay any potential legal bills that might have arisen from our appeal, which wasn’t heard until April 2020 – she’d already blown it on buying herself a house, almost two years earlier.

This, we might remind viewers, is someone who claimed yesterday to be an exemplar of “decency”, and whose stated job is to restore public faith and trust in politicians.

Dugdale is very well paid for being the Director of the John Smith Centre For Public Service – her salary isn’t disclosed publicly but is widely believed to be higher than the £62,000 that she got as an MSP when she wasn’t off abandoning her constituents to debase herself in the jungle.

That’s a pretty tasty wedge, especially as she now lives with SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth, and therefore has a household income well in excess of £120,000 a year.

So we’re pretty sure that to help out with the restoration of faith and trust in politics she could easily afford to donate £1000 a month to MND Scotland for the next four years to replace the money her conveniently vanished “principles” cheated them out of.

If she does, rest assured we’ll place our sincere approval on the record.

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101 to “The grave robber”

  1. Tony O'Neill says:

    I won’t hold my breath Stu.

  2. Breastplate says:

    The Clegg and Dug would be a good name for a pub or a cartoon strip.

  3. Caledonia says:

    Politicians you just cant trust any.
    Does anyone know of a politician in any party with integrity?

  4. Frazerio says:

    Quiet river runs deep. Dugdale is like a fountain.

  5. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Always thought she was classic Labour.

    A warning to those of you for some unknown reason are tempted to vote Labour at any stage especially now as the SNP sinks.

    Repeat after me I must not vote Labour.

    As you already know you will burn in hell if you vote Tory.

    Lib what? Ha ha.

  6. Sharon says:

    “ lives with SNP MSP…”. I’ve got nothing against having friends from different factions but this reminds me that Duncan Hothersall said last year that he has several friends in Edinburgh Central SNP. Has the SNP been working with Labour all this time? Idk but I don’t trust either party now!

  7. Effijy says:

    Who would have have thought Dippy was dipping the charity’s till?
    Well Me!

    She and Boris would be podium finishers on a pathological liars completition.

  8. Hatuey says:

    Hilarious. I’m embarrassed for her. And we know she reads this site, they all do.

    I’m sure I remember she was criticised for going on that TV show, did she respond to criticism by saying she was doing it for charity?

    Nice little mechanism, if she did…

  9. Effijy says:

    Seriously, are there any students at Uni who give Dippy Dugdale
    any credibility having seen her track record?

    Any students approaching her likely ask what Ant & Dec are like.

  10. Anonymoose says:

    So we’re pretty sure that to help with the restoration of faith and trust in politics she could easily afford to donate £1000 a month to MND Scotland for the next four years to replace the money her conveniently vanished “principles” cheated them out of.

    Even if she did promise to do that, she’d no doubt do the same I’m-not-a-celeb-cash tactic yet again so she doesn’t spend any money.

    If she promied to donate to MND Scotland, she would probably have to divert the money to emergency medical treatment for the garden toad or some other far flung alibi in a bid to not stay true to her words, again.

    Giving with one hand and taking away with the other, she has no principles, nor respect, nor decency for anyone who has been debilitated by MND.

  11. SilverDarling says:

    This allegiance goes way back it seems.

    Was the trip to the US the start of the SNP rot? You might almost feel sorry if certain SNP people have been manipulated by the two above.

    I think there are few people in politics more despicable than Dugdale.

  12. Kenny says:

    Man, they must really hate your existence, holding them to account, exposing their true character.

    You’re winning, Stuart – we’re winning off the back of you – we’re the good in Scotland whilst they are the dregs, the bottom-feeders, the used-to-getting-away-with-it carpetbaggers.

    Wire-into them, mate.
    Btw, have money, will crowdfund.

  13. kapelmeister says:

    She doesn’t like to talk about what she does for charidee.

  14. Sharny Dubs says:

    If they are not kissing babies they are stealing their lollipops.

    But grandstanding on a charity then not following through has to be a new low.

    B’astard is alive and well

  15. twathater says:

    As you and many others are aware to do any such thing that you propose would require INTEGRITY,HONESTY,EMPATHY and a desire to be charitable, something which is sadly lacking if not totally missing in most of the people like dugdale who pose as politicians with the false narrative that they work for the benefit of those who elect them

    For Scots to think that they are a politically aware nation when we can elect people of such morality combined with the unfeeling self serving amoral zombies that reside within the Scottish Parliament and our Scottish Government contradicts that view

  16. ScottieDog says:

    But he role now is bringing decency into politics. I guess clegg dances to her tune – a New York State of mind.

  17. michael donnelly says:

    Wings should do a crowdfund for MND Scotland and get them the £45,000 she kept.

  18. FiferJP says:

    Nice editing on the audio. 😉

    Getting the blame for everything aren’t you? Bet the SNP will blame you for independence too.

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    I’d forgotten all about Dugdale trousering the booty from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She really is a low life, the lowest of the low, to promise a charity trying to find cures for such a horrible affliction, the cash and then to effectively say to them f*ck you, I’m buying myself a house, is nothing short of sickening.

    A vile nasty wee creature like her shouldn’t ever, be able to hold a public position ever again.

  20. alzyerpal says:

    Cleg – Parasite. Horsefly
    Dugdale – Parasite. Horse’s arse.

  21. Republicofscotland says:


    Our old pal Dougie Daniels writes a piece for the new wokeratti blog The Blether. Oh and Daniels wants both your votes for the SNP.

  22. Brian says:

    Utter c**ts the pair of them. Scotland needs a massive overhaul of it’s political and legal system.

  23. Terry says:

    Feckin sick of the lot of them – labour/Snp – just on the make and the take.

    There are some good ones who aren’t – and we know who they are. How do we know them? Well they tend to be the ones whom their own party vilifies and who have the temerity to speak out for science, the truth, women and oh, what was that other thing? Scotland.

    Hell mend the rest of them – and the ones who stay silent so they can pick up their pay cheque at our expense. Disgraceful

    Nicola is to the SNP and independence what Tony Blair was to Labour and socialism. Theresa May’s biggest success was our Nicola, just like Blair was Maggie Thatcher’s.

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    O/T might be important.

    This looks like a coordinated attempt to suppress Alex Salmond’s info from getting out there on Wednesday.

  25. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Brian – They are one and the same thing, Brian. That’s the problem. They should be separate but they are not. Special Measures required for our legal profession I’m afraid. We pay them top money for feck-all.

  26. Gman1424 says:

    Now say what you like about the Tories, but there’s no ambiguity with those boys, every single one of them is in politics to get( even) richer, no pretence, no shielding it.

    Whereas Labour pols are a bunch of hypocritical, two faced, phoney and duplicitous tossers to a person. This story being just the latest example in an extremely long line of Labour MP’s who gravitate, post politics, into very comfortable sinecures’ or the House of Lords, which is utterly disgraceful, but sadly predictable.

    Not one vote will they ever get from me in the future

  27. Allium says:

    I love that the Blether is basically the SNP recreating that Scot Labour Red Robin thing from years ago to try to compete with Wings. So progressive, so Pravda. I wonder who it was on salary that came up with it (and did they really have no better ideas?)

  28. Scott Shaw says:

    The Clegg on the Dug mair like Breastplate.

  29. Andy Ellis says:

    @Republicofscotland 4.56pm

    “blether” (NOUN) Scottish
    1) mass noun – Long-winded talk with no real substance.

    Bang to rights OED!

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    The twenty-two strong Police Scotland Alex Salmond dirt finding team is still actively looking for dirt on Salmond, a continuing witch hunt I say, why, we probably know that answer, but how much is it costing the taxpayer.

    Meanwhile Police Scotland are to haul Craig Murray in for questioning, with regards to Murrell, as if the man’s not under enough pressure waiting for the outcome of his court appearance.

  31. kapelmeister says:

    RepofScot @5:08

    One of those calling on the Holyrood Corporate Body to stop publication is Sarah Masson, who is the SNP candidate for Edinburgh Western in May’s election.

  32. Scott Shaw says:

    ROS, that looks like Sarah Masson will be losing at least 2 votes then and more if I can help it.

  33. Kerfuffle says:

    Stu, You are mistaken, tax isn’t paid on charitable donations so the charity would have been paid the full appearance money£70k.

  34. Skip_NC says:

    RepublicofScotland, there was quite a nice response to that:

  35. Andy Ellis says:

    @Republicofscotland 5.08pm

    I see @_sarahmasson the prospective candidate for Edinburgh West (and failed candidate for the same place WM in 2019) is one of the cut and paste fluffers trying to stop open government.

    I always knew she was a wrong ‘un: she issued a lengthy non-answer when I emailed her prior to the WM election asking about her views on the GRA, self-ID etc., tho it was always fairly obvious from her twitter feed, likes re-tweets and friends where she stood.

    She’s a prime example of the kind of person we don’t want in Holyrood, or indeed anywhere else remotely near power or influence.

  36. stonefree says:

    “I changed [the register of interests] because I was being sued, and I needed to be able to get myself in a situation where I could, if I needed to, earn enough money to pay legal bills.”

    OK then Did she not get her legal bills paid by first the Labour Party and then the Daily Rascal or visa versa.
    Clegg ?? Was he not best buddies with the Dug on a junket?

    Anyway a politician makes a financial promise and welches on the promise,bit like what’s his face

  37. Craig P says:

    Ah, the John Smith Centre. I’d forgotten about them until now. As far as I am aware their job is to restore trust in politics, but maybe they’re just waiting until things get *really* bad.

    Coincidentally was there any truth in the rumour – as far as I am aware it was only a rumour – that Kezia once ran an internet troll account called Fifi la Bon Bon?

  38. Cenchos says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Dugdale. As do my acquaintances down at the Talking Mongoose Appreciation Society.

  39. Captain Yossarian says:

    @stonefree – I understand that Clegg carried out several deep-dives on our dug on a junket. Both Clegg and the dug are still alive and well and still in our faces.

  40. 100%Yes says:

    The Redtories are having a go at WingsoverScotland because their chances of trying to find a policy that works for them and translates into the electorate not voting Tory (and allows the redtories to come in second place in the Holyrood election)is impossible. The redtories are also trying to distance themselves from Labour in England, in a desperate hope of convincing the electorate, that’s why Monica (Labour leader hopeful) keeps contradicting Keir’s policy and views.

  41. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Scunnersome woman just scunnersome.

  42. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Coincidentally was there any truth in the rumour – as far as I am aware it was only a rumour – that Kezia once ran an internet troll account called Fifi la Bon Bon?”

    Pretty much everyone thinks so but nobody’s ever proved it.

  43. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stu, You are mistaken, tax isn’t paid on charitable donations so the charity would have been paid the full appearance money£70k.”

    So is she lying when she said she got taxed on the Daily Record column fees that she DID give to MND Scotland?

  44. Allium says:

    I vaguely remember a politician having a column in the Record(?) years ago, that he had to pay tax on despite donating the fee somewhere else. I think he gave the column up because of this.

  45. kapelmeister says:

    Rev Stu @5:44

    Since she profited from money promised to a charity perhaps she should have been Simony la Bon Bon.

  46. Garrion says:

    what a truly reprehensible specimen of a human being. Fifi started her illustrious career in the sewer and just kept digging.

  47. willie says:

    I believe there is tax relief for charitable giving. What limit I I don’t actually know.

    Anyway, say one thing do another, its the way!

  48. Skip_NC says:

    Rev Stu @ 5:44pm, maybe she doesn’t understand Payroll Giving or perhaps the Daily Record doesn’t operate a scheme. Also, she may have been using the term “tax” loosely and including NIC in there. If I recall Payroll Giving correctly, there is no relief from NIC. So, if she wanted to avoid a negative paycheck, she would be unable to donate the full wage to charity.

    So, I suppose one could view her statement in the register of interest as correct. That does not get her off the hook with her Celebrity earnings.

  49. Skip_NC says:

    I mean her statement as it relates to Daily Record earnings.

  50. Effijy says:

    Just been sent a screen shot of a Sunday Times
    story by loathsome English house boy and history
    adjuster Neil Oliver.

    It seems SNP make him sick to his stomach.

    Sickening doesn’t quite fit his description of the Highland
    Clearances where many died some burned to death within
    their home – he suggests they were given new opportunities
    to travel.

    Scum of the earth Oliver.
    Thankfully I think you would crawl down South under a nice stone on Scottish independence.

  51. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Thon Sarah Masson .Is she a clone of
    S-A-Sommerville ?

  52. Elmac says:


    Re comment at 5.44. I assume the Dug’s contributions to the charity would be under gift aid and therefore treated as being received by them net of tax. This allows the charity to recover basic rate tax from the Government and, assuming the Dug was a higher rate taxpayer for that tax year, she would be able to reclaim the higher rate tax element herself. I can understand why the Dug would think she had paid tax on what she donated but that is not actually the case.

  53. Rock on Scotland says:

    So is she lying when she said she got taxed on the Daily Record column fees that she DID give to MND Scotland?

    Depends how you interpret the pledge to donate all income: you would be taxed at source for the income, then include it as ‘gift aid’ in your annual tax return, thus reducing overall taxable income and therefore liability. As such the tax would effectively be claimed back, so there would be a double counting if both reducing the donation to the net amount and then offsetting against one’s wider tax liability.

  54. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    I see you can’t send a reply to Sarah Masson on twitter either. Some fucking candidate for the SNP that eh ?

  55. Morag says:

    That’s an enormous income. I’m very comfortable on a fraction of that. If she can’t donate £1000 a month for a few years to a charity that’s as close to her heart as she claims this one is, she doesn’t have a heart. She could even gift-aid it.

  56. xx and proud says:

    She would pay tax on any earnings but the Charity would be able to claim it back if the money was donated to them.

  57. Big Jock says:

    Quite extraordinary really.

    The woman who spent her career banging on about Labour values, whatever they are. Is rolling in filthy dosh earned by ill gotten gains.

  58. Big Jock says:

    Stu I don’t know if you have heard the Glen Campbell interview with Sturgeon on radio Scotland.

    It’s one for you to rip apart. The absolute brass neck of Sturgeon:” Salmond has to answer to all the people who were loyal to him”. The word loyal coming out of that woman’s mouth!!

    Seriously don’t fall off your chair.

  59. Dorothy Devine says:

    effigy , he once described the clearances as emigration – a pillock of the first order and well and truly awfy pleased with himself.

  60. Effijy says:

    I see the BBC are now reporting 53 Covid Deaths
    for Scotland?

    At all other times they have reported over the last 24 Hours
    but quickly they add that it’s 53 since Friday.

    Doesn’t make the bad English figures looks so bad that way!

  61. Effijy says:

    BBC England in Scotland’s Glen Campbell framing Alex Salmond on TV
    just now.
    Although a great deal of detail given, they seem to have missed out the fact
    that he was cleared by a jury on All Counts.

    Working on Nicola being guilty too and essentially both guilty as are SNP
    and Scotland in general.

  62. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Got a very nice reply from Joanna Cherry to an email which I sent to her basically offering kind words of support.

    She is undoubtedly an extremely busy person and I did not expect a reply to a very short email.

    This is one nice lady, a future first minister hopefully.

    There are nice folk out there you know.

    I feel very important now getting emails from my famous pals.

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    On Sarah Masson, its sad to see Tommy Sheppard get behind her as SNP candidate for Edinburgh Western.

  64. Breeks says:

    Brian says:
    22 February, 2021 at 4:58 pm
    Utter c**ts the pair of them. Scotland needs a massive overhaul of it’s political and legal system

    Absolutely. And a root and branch reform at that.

    Ask anyone who in the last 20 years has pursued a complaint against their Local Authority, or gone anywhere near any Ombudsman of any description, and suddenly all the Scottish Governments obfuscation, non-cooperation, and sophistry trying to cover up their Complaints Conspiracy suddenly begins to make sense and doesn’t seem at all surprising.

    I once had a letter from Swinney waffling a load of pish which bore no relation whatsoever to the issue he’d been asked to investigate, and when the complaint was restated, again, with aching clarity and written evidence, again, he just ducked the questions completely, again, and said he’d “nothing to add to the reply we’d already been given”. He came across as a real Tosser. It comes as no surprise to me he’s the preferred mouthpiece for the SNP coverup. It’ll be his years of experience doing it, but then again, behind the gloss, they’re all the same c**ts on the make.

    You’re absolutely right Brian. Scottish public life and society needs a good scrub with wire wool and Domestos, made to wear a tick collar to address the more stubborn parasites, and given a re-education about the value of integrity and honesty in public life. The endemic corruption that is rife in Scotland destroys a little more of our Nation every day it goes unchallenged.

    Truth be known, it’s a big part of why I want Scottish Independence, so there’s at least a chance of using the Independence process to overhaul the sad, poor excuse which passes for Local Government in Scotland. It now seems pretty unequivocal that the SNP are the very last people to be put in charge of any such reform.

    Far from our champions, turns out hey’re the worst and most corrupt troughers of the lot, and are utterly shameless about using Scottish Independence for deflection and cover. Who knew?

    Well me actually. I knew.

  65. Rob says:

    That horrible woman Sturgeon on the News saying Alex came to her house on 2nd April to tell her the all the Gory details for the first time.

    What a disgrace, what an excuse for a First Minister, she is now telling the public that pinging some ones hair is a Gory detail. That was the last straw for me. I will give my vote to the Tories before I vote this abomination of a party.

  66. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Breeks – I think a judge led inquiry is needed into the affairs of John Swinney. There are at least two cases ongoing at the moment the details of which are shocking. He’s the primary reason Holyrood will never work for Scots. We’re taking about criminal law, not nuisance-value stuff.

  67. Mr Bonobo says:

    It’s a staggering illustration of the state of Scottish institutions that you could be made director of a university centre of public service, after only 15 years work experience entirely dedicated to self advancement within the public sphere.

    You might expect it would go to someone with genuine achievements in life, that had also made some sacrifices for public benefit, not a dismal, wannabe political hack.

  68. Breeks says:

    Big Jock says:
    22 February, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    Man alive, her brass neck gives me the boak. Lady Muck sitting there taunting Alex Salmond about evidence after her and her minions suppressing all the evidence of their dirty coverup, month after month, after promise after to promise to cooperate fully with the inquiry, and ignoring the will of the Parliament. What a fucking disgrace she is.

    I’m not a hitter of women, nor am I prone to violence at all, but I’d make an exception of a lifetime just to slap her face, not to hurt as such, but just to register my profound disgust with the creature.

  69. ahundredthidiot says:

    Wretched Woman

    and a manky wee thievin bint to boot.

  70. wee monkey says:

    Wow! what a fucking brass neck [and wobbly heid] she has!

  71. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Big Jock@6.47

    Ah yes the Edinburgh airport incident the one time Mr Salmond let himself down.

    This sad incident is often slipped into interviews etc who here can ever forgive Mr Salmond for this incident, the only one he has not been found NOT GUILY of.

    He cannot deny that he clearly said “she has killer heels” can he not be jailed for this abuse?

    Imagine someone saying that, killer heels, is it just me or is the madness running rampant?

    Mr Salmond needs to prove his allegations aye if the Scottish Government stopped trying to block everything he tries to produce as evidence.

    Here is a surprise for folk Mr Salmond ripped 1/2 Million GBP from the corrupt Scottish SNP Government. As they were found to be acting in an outrageous manner. No argument about that.

    Alex Salmond was found to be innocent of all charges against him said the High Court.

    Hello Ms Sturgeon did you get that?

    Mr Salmond is the victim here despite efforts to prove otherwise and I hope the evil scum who attempted to set him up see the inside of a prison cell.

  72. Cenchos says:

    Aye. This would give you the cauld grue.

  73. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Will folk stop talking mince and say they’d vote Tory. Get a fecking life.Let the tories earn their own wretched votes, not in our name ffs.

  74. David Earl says:

    Is that the same David Clegg who loves a bit of “slap and tickle” and “how’s yer father” with SNP Chief of Staff and close friend of Nicola, Liz Lloyd? Asking for a friend

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    Police Scotland hauling dozens of folk in, and questioning them to find out who leaked to Kenny MacAskill, Murrell’s texts on putting pressure the Police and CPS.

    No such investigation or hauling in, on who leaked the Salmond allegations to Clegg is underway.

  76. Beaker says:

    @Republicofscotland says:
    22 February, 2021 at 5:08 pm
    “O/T might be important.
    This looks like a coordinated attempt to suppress Alex Salmond’s info from getting out there on Wednesday.”

    All at the same time, including people who haven’t posted on Twitter for months.

    Can you imagine a Westminster inquiry putting up with that?

  77. Dan says:

    @ David Earl at 7:19 pm

    Well there’s this…

  78. wee monkey says:

    I counted 58 blinks [once only] with a full eye closure and stumble at blink count 21 @ 00:18 on the time line to the words “his opportunity”

  79. Robert Hughes says:

    From this – hopefully misplaced – bravado can we assume Sturgeon is confident they have been able to suppress the crucial parts of Salmond’s evidence ?

  80. Mike says:

    Not sure where you can buy a plush flat for 200K in Edinburgh.

    Regardless, no idea how someone can renege ion a charitable commitment like that.

  81. John James Boyes says:

    A Dugdale heir? Mair like an Airdale Dug.

  82. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon’s defence against Alex Salmond.

    “Nicola Sturgeon says she doesn’t believe her predecessor Alex Salmond can show evidence of a conspiracy against him because his claims are ‘not true”.

  83. Mia says:

    wee monkey

    In that BBC video Sturgeon says “the burden of proof remains with him”.

    Well, no, it does not actually. There is more than enough evidence in the public domain to prove that this was a conspiracy against him that started as a smearing campaign that continues today. And that is even with the tons of evidence this woman’s government and aids in Government, UK civil service, Westminster and COPFS have suppressed. Therefore the burden of proof lies on Sturgeon and the conspirators to demonstrate otherwise.

    This woman is a liar. Frankly, to stand there and defy Alex Salmond to prove there was a conspiracy when this woman’s government has been so evidently suppressing the evidence takes guts, I give her that. But to expect you are going to be believed, is either taking the public for fools or being unbelievably arrogant.

    There is not a shadow of a doubt that they are really concerned that Mr Salmond is going to endorse or worse, front a party and that is why they are desperate to destroy him.

    This conspiracy and smearing is not the brainchild of this corrupt woman. This is the British state using her as a pawn to destroy Salmond.

  84. Dounie says:

    It is alleged that Dugdale is donating the 45 grand gregory to Lawyers Without Yachts

  85. holymacmoses says:

    I’ve never heard this interview before Wings and certain things interest me. Incidences/coincidence/chance and pattern have been the stuff of my life and I’m in the process of writing them. This interview reveals quite a few notable examples of all.

    Anti-Mr Salmond
    Clegg ( & other pressmen) , Yoons/Labour/SNP party ALL Bar room buddies
    The dates in relation to the Salmond case,
    Women with little experience outside Holyrood BUT with personal ambitions
    Relationship of Dugdale and Jenny Gilruth
    Legal Depts willingness to aid


    KILL Independence and head for a Federation SNP and Labour Party closely aligned in many ways.

    I think I’ve been watching many games
    Alex won in the courts. I hope he’s REALLY prepared for just what lying, devious ratbags these people are prepared to be. NOTHING would surprise me about Sturgeon’s behavious UNLESS it involved a moment of decency.

  86. Toz says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    22 February, 2021 at 5:44 pm
    “Stu, You are mistaken, tax isn’t paid on charitable donations so the charity would have been paid the full appearance money£70k.”

    So is she lying when she said she got taxed on the Daily Record column fees that she DID give to MND Scotland?

    The DR would have to have been making the donation directly to MND ( which they easily could have done in Dugdales name). If the money was first paid to Dugdale it would be taxable

  87. wee monkey says:


    “This conspiracy and smearing is not the brainchild of this corrupt woman. This is the British state using her as a pawn to destroy Salmond.”

    You are perfectly free, for the time being, in Scotland, to think and say these thoughts.

    However what politician, of what party, wishes to stop you doing just this?

    Is EVERY civil servant, police officer, et al, all part of this “brit state” conspiracy of yours??

    You would be better providing some evidence instead.

    Perhaps checking to see if the same DI that ran the case against Mark Meechan [aka count dankula aka nazi pug trainer] was involved with the interrogation of some 400 people [note playing safe by not saying “women”] in the fruitless trawl to smear Salmond.

    Come back and let us know what you find.

    Perhaps it might be Occam’s Razor ….

  88. Bob Mack says:

    Evans is toast. Everything supported by documentary evidence.

    SNP hierarchy fishing for complaints after the police investigation had begun. Murrell is toast.

    There will be some very concerned folkss tonight on the Committee. How can they ignore this?


  89. Mia says:

    “Is EVERY civil servant, police officer, et al, all part of this “brit state” conspiracy of yours??”

    Well what do you think?

    “You would be better providing some evidence instead”

    The evidence is already in the public domain. You just have to read it. For instance, why was there a fishing expedition against Mr Salmond in place by 31 October 2017 when the first draft of the “complaints procedure” was not written until about a week later and not signed until almost 2 months later and the first complaint did not arrive until November?

    or how could Hynd consider there was such an obvious “gap” in the current procedure of complaints at the time regarding former ministers but he never thought there was also an even more obvious gap in the complaints procedure regarding former civil servants and SPADS?

    Or why was it deemed to be a gap at all when former ministers are not covered by the ministerial code?

    Or how it can ever be conceivable that Nicola Sturgeon did not know about the complaints communicated in November to members of her government when every email communication between the civil servants at the time those complaints arrived in November and submitted to the inquiry stipulated that the FM had to be informed?

    How it can be conceivable that Woman H contacted the HQ of the SNP to put a complaint against Mr Salmond on the 5th November 2017 and Sturgeon, the leader of the party, was not informed?

    “Perhaps it might be Occam’s Razor”

    Absolutely, the simplest explanation is often the correct one. let’s see:

    1. What is the simplest explanation for the collusion of Sturgeon’s ministers, the Uk civil service, the SNP HQ and the COPFS to suppress information?

    That they have something to hide

    2. What is the simplest explanation for the intervention of the UK civil service, the COPFS, the Crown Agent, the police and the SNP executive in a conspiracy to jail Mr Salmond and to smear him beyond the point he can ever come back to politics?

    That the British State needs to get rid of the only man who has brought Scotland anywhere near independence, because while he might have failed in 2014, in 2021 with a majority of SNP MPs and over 50% of the vote for independence, he will not fail.

    3. What is the simplest explanation for Nicola Sturgeon pulling the breaks on independence, undermining our mandates, pushing indyref away, allowing the indiref money to evaporate, destroying the SnP from within, blocking the best candidates from accessing seats, alienating half of the electorate with the genderwoowoo, attempting to derail Keating’s case and attempting to push away the man that would take us to independence?

    That she is working for the British state.

    4. What is the simplest explanation for the police and the COPFS to be so desperate to hide from the public the whatsapp messages of Murrell, Ruddick and the Vietnam Group when according to what Craig Murray published in his affidavit those whatsapp messages appear to show they were deliberately trying to stitch Mr Salmond up?

    that those individuals are also working for the British state

    5. What is the simplest explanation for the MSM and the opposition parties to help Sturgeon to smear Mr Salmond?

    That Sturgeon is in the exact same team as those opposition parties and the MSM

    6. What is the simplest explanation to the opposition parties and indeed Wesminster allowing Fabiani’s farce to proceed with half of the seats taken by the SNP demonstrating an enormous conflict of interest?

    that Holyrood is a micky mouse parliament and the British state never wanted Sturgeon’s breach of the ministerial code and the conspiracy against Mr Salmond exposed.

    7. What is the simplest explanation to the fact that evidence regarding the complaints procedure is being deliberately suppressed from the public with the excuse it will add to jigsaw identification?

    That some of those conspirators acted as accusers in the Criminal Trial

    8. What is the simplest explanation for the conspirators to act as accusers in the criminal trial?
    That they sought anonymity

    9. What is the simplest explanation as to why they sought anonymity?
    That with their enforced anonymity every piece of evidence where with their names on it could be suppressed from the public.

    The number of actors and institutions involved on this conspiracy and smearing exercise is so large that Occam’s Razor says it can only be the brainchild of something with the power and resources of the British state.

  90. McDuff says:

    These people have no principles and are defended by a equally immoral media.

  91. Adam says:

    How much have you donated to MNS,Stuart?

  92. ElGordo says:

    Adam says:*


  93. holymacmoses says:

    Adam says:
    22 February, 2021 at 10:37 pm
    How much have you donated to MNS,Stuart?

    Is that you asking Wings to be on a Tv show?

  94. TOMMY SHERIDAN says:

    Until and unless a new and credible independence party is launched, registered and capable of competing in every constituency seat in May I will continue to argue that independence supporters should vote SNP with their 1s vote, their constituency vote, regardless of the obvious failings of the current leadership. The SNP as a party has been severely weakened as tens of thousands have departed in disgust at misplaced priorities, missed opportunities and the revelations of devious conspiracies against former leader and First Minister Alex Salmond. However many decent independence warriors still hold SNP membership cards and they , de facto, remain the biggest independence supporting party in Scotland, even if increasingly only in words. Without the rapid emergence of a new force we should collectively hold our noses and vote SNP on the constituency section to deliver a pro-independence majority and back that up with a super Indy majority by using 2nd votes for the Dave Thompson led Action For Independence (AFI). Even if some of the Indy family choose another Indy supporting option on the List it will be more productive than wasting 2nd votes on the SNP. If you have a spare three minutes please watch and perhaps share the attached short video with independence supporting friends and groups

  95. Al-Stuart says:

    Dear Kezia,

    You promised to donate £45,000 to the charity of your dead friend.

    You basked in the glory of hero-worshipping newspapers as they lauded your kindness and amazing generosity.

    Then that greedy selfish spoiled little girl in you saw all that money and took it from a dead person to whom you had given your solemn word.

    Kezia Ruth Ursula Dugdale, you are a grave robbing embezzler.

    You know it and now thanks to the honest man whom you despise (for thickos, I refer to Stuart Campbell) the whole world knows it.

    Kezia, you got away in court with the drooling imbecile act once when you were up against Stuart Campbell.

    It’s an old Glasgow Polis saying, but your time will come again. By that I mean HM Courts will see your face again and you may not get away with the idiot act routine again.

    Karma means that money you stole has to go to charity. By God it WILL go to charity. You are cursed every hour on every day whilst you have that money you stole from the MND charity.

    Different dishonesty but justice caught up with another lowlife over-promoted piece of political detritus…

    Kezia, you are a cheap thief who won the grave robber lottery. A wee bit of advice hen, maybe keep quiet and no persist in reminding people what a loathesome piece of political has-been excrement you really are.

    Methinks you protesteth too much.

    Then again, maybe it’s time for an encore at court. I know where you can find another dying man to screw. You do know there is a word for people like you who do things like that. It’s the “N” word. Decency prevents me from writing the full word.

    Kezia Dugdale, eater of animal anus. Euuuucchhh.

    Your father must be so proud of you.

  96. Al-Stuart says:


    Is it true your wee pal Kezia DugAGraveRobber once said of you…

    “Wings Over Scotland is as relevant a source as the Financial Times.”
    – Kezia Dugdale (former leader, Scottish Labour Party)


    The reason I ask is that Kezia should take a wee bit of advice from some of those here at The Wings Over Scotland Financial Times supplement who are qualified to give it.

    “If yer gonnae be a cheapskate Burke and Hare tribute act Kez., best not advertise the fact on Radio Bloodsucking Clegg that you kept the dead man’s money you dug up and paid off your bidey-in pal.

    Even grave robbing anus-eating ghouls like Kezia Dugdale have rights.

    “Ms Dugdale, You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you dug up and stole, which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

    Frank, get ma spade…

  97. Stéphane Séchaud says:

    I just want on remark on the fact the of how an SNP MSP and a former Labour MSP could be so cosy. It is because their politics lacks any ideological spine beyond the preservation of private property and capitalism. Any political representative of people who genuinely claims to fight for their material interests would never be able to associate themselves with those who materially diminish & under value the interests of those they represent.

  98. Patsy Millar says:

    ‘The Blether’ isn’t exactly riveting reading, is it?

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